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USB flash drive is recognized, but still can't acess - Windows 7

Q: USB flash drive is recognized, but still can't acess - Windows 7

My USB drive is enabled. The USB flash drive or any other storage device is recognized when connected to my laptop. But when I click on the drive in windows explorer, it says access denied. The same works fine in other laptops. I have admistror previlages. There is no local group policy set up on Removable storage access. I have searched multiple forums and tried out various options, but still cant connect to my USB drive. The drivers are successfully installed and are the latest. This happens even when I connect my camera or mobile phone. It shows up as 'Removable Disk' in windows explorer, but cant access it. I have given authorization to the drive as well. Please help.
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Preferred Solution: USB flash drive is recognized, but still can't acess - Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Is there are possibility that flash drive or external hdd can't recognized by windows because of different volt between back and front usb ports? Or could it be the usb cable have different volt? If yes.. how this could happened? I?ve read Flash drive recovery procedures (by Tedster) and view other threads but I can't get my answer.

A:Flash drive can't recognized by windows

Yes, an external hard drive may not get enough power from an USB port. That's why they come with two USB connector or an AC adapter.

Flash devices and externally powered hard drives do not have this problem.
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When I plug in my flash drive windows recognizes it and tries to run some kind of setup utility that came on the flash drive. I exit that and just go to my computer but my flash drive is not seen there. When I go to disk management it is seen there and says online. I've tried changing the drive path but no matter what I do it brings me the error "The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up to date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. I the problem persists close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer."
I've refreshed, restarted the comp.. still same problem. I've downloaded and used the USB clean up utility here on Techspot and still same problem.

A:USB flash drive recognized but Windows can't see it

tries to run some kind of setup utility that came on the flash driveClick to expand...

Allow Windows to finish the installation of the USB flash drive driver.

Try clearing your mountpoints

DL and run Autorun Protector and clear the Mountpoints.

...or you can manually delete Mountpoints2 entries in your registry. Create a backup of your registry before doing so.
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I have an HP laptop which I recently upgraded from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7.

The flash drive (Lexar Firelfy 2GB) I was using on the XP OS can no longer be read under the W7 OS.

Information are stored in it (I am able to access it with computers other than mine), but my computer does not see them.

I have also tried different flash drives with the same results.

Under disk management, my computer detects the flash drive but is unable to read it.


A:Flash Drive not recognized under Windows 7

What do you have the flash drive formatted as? Also, does the flash drive have a letter next to it in disk management?
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This machine will nor recognize an OCZ 8gb flash drive. It tries to install the drive and fails. When you try to update the driver it gives a This operation requires an "interactive window station" error. Have searched extensively for a fix. The drive works on other windows machines and the USB ports are fine. I have powered down and tried numerous other tricks to no avail. Need help.

Best regards,


A:Flash Drive Not Recognized By Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Sounds as though it might be a permissions issue (C:\Windows\System32\drivers) on your machine. Do you only have a problem with the OCZ 8gb flash drive?

Another place might be in Device Manager. First setup up an environment variale to show devices not present per this tutorial:
Device Manager : Hidden Devices

Then carefully delete any ghost USB devices (greyed out in Device Manager) and reboot your system.

Then try the OCZ 8gb flash drive again.
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I recently purchased a 32 GB San Disk Flash Drive. The security files pre-installed on the drive were junk, and I could not delete them so I formatted the drive to remove them. This cleaned the disk, and it holds data, but I'm not sure if this is part of my problem. I am trying to load my copy of windows 7 onto this disk, and using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool, I can select my ISO file, but when I go to select my USB drive, my computer does not recognize the flash drive as a flash drive. Is there a way to change the Flash Drive so Windows will recognize my Flash Drive as removable media? Smaller USB drives still work on my computer, so its not the computer. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Removable Flash Drive Recognized as a Local Disk and not a Flash Drive

Hello masonta. Welcome to the forum.

Let's start with this: can you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window, expanded so we can read everything, with the USB stick installed?

You also might check in Device Manager to see if the stick shows up as a USB device, or a hard disk.
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Googled all day and no answer to my specific question I have some software that requires the USB pen drive to be inserted for the software to work The chinese I bought it from have some how made the recognized USB drive flash not drive INVISIBLE I mean it does not show in MY COMPUTER it does not show in DISK MANAGEMENT Tried various CMD lines tried various software INC TWEAKUI and others No joy As I say its a working drive as its needed to run my software It seems the chinese are doing this often now as I have bought other items from china and all have these silly drives with the software you buy I just want to be able to read whats on the drive so I can clone it USB flash drive not recognized in case it breaks on me in the future Or better still copy whats on it onto my HDD so that the software works without the damn FLASH DRIVE I hate to have to always have a pen drive sticking out my laptop nbsp

A:USB flash drive not recognized

Try a different USB port.
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I installed the Chrome OS IMG file on my flash drive and tried to boot from it, but it turns out my flash drive is now un-recognizable. I tried assigning a different drive letter in computer management, but it doesn't show up there. Sometimes it will show up and Windows will say that I need to format it, but the format always fails. Other flash drives are recognized by my computer. I am using a Lexar Jump Drive, but I'm not sure what model it is. Thanks for the help!

A:Flash Drive Not Recognized

Try your flash drive on another pc and another OS. If it works or not follow clean disk command.
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A Trancend 8 gb will not be recognized by any means,tried trough command(even in safe mode),registry edits,trancend software,hp software,nada.Disk management lets me assign a new letter but nothing more,windows says please insert a disk into removable disk "H".It was fully operational until yesterday.I dont mind formatting as long its gonna work again.Anybody got a hint,a clue,anything?

A:USB flash drive not recognized

Is there someplace that will do a virus scan of the drive cheap? I wouldn't plug it into a friend's computer to test it because if there's a virus on it they may not be a friend much longer.

I'd say the possibilities are:

a) something physical in the drive. They are not the most rugged. Electronic stuff may be intermittently connected.

b) the drive picked up a virus

c) the USB port or system you are plugging into is flaky.

First thing I'd do is try to get it tested for virus at a PC store and while they are at it maybe run some other tests, that is if the place doesn't charge a lot for that service.

Once you rule out the virus then you may try some diagnostics like plugging it into a different PC.
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Windows XP, new first time used / Memorex 1g minitravel , - I plugged in the flash drive into a USB Port but it does not showup in my computer or applications.

A:Flash Drive not being recognized


Right click on My Computer, select Manage. Click Disk Management. Look and see if your dive is listed in the lower/right pane. If it is, see if it has a drive letter assigned. If no drive letter, right click the drive and select Change drive letter and path and then assign your usb drive a letter.

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Today I bought a Kingston MB DataTraveler Flash Drive I have a Dell desktop with OS Windows XP and also a Dell notebook with OS Windows Vista I used the flash drive with my notebook to save a document I was working on It worked fine Then I plugged the flash drive into desktop and saved several other documents Flash isn't Drive recognized and pictures to it I proceeded to plug my flash drive back into my notebook to transfer the files to it Before the F drive had been displaying KINGSTON F Now when I go to My Computer on both the desktop amp notebook the F drive displays REMOVABLE DISK F And when I click on it to open my flash drive or to save to it an error message Flash Drive isn't recognized appears saying Please insert a disk into Removable Drive F -The new Kingston flash drive IS compatible with Flash Drive isn't recognized both Vista amp XP -I also have an older Memorex flash drive that I have used to transfer files from my desktop to notebook It has worked just fine -I have no idea what is wrong Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am using the flash drive for my college classes and need it this week nbsp

A:Flash Drive isn't recognized

Does this new flash drive have "u3" software on it?
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Hi I ve got a flash drive with some document from my collegue few days ago When I plugged the flash drive for Flash drive not recognized the first Flash drive not recognized time everything went well I did what I needed and then ejected and unplugged the drive After few hours when I connected it again Windows did not show anything and after few minutes it showed a disc with an grey icon and impossible to use or explore So far there are three flash drives I ve tested Kingston DataTraveler GB brand new A-DATA GB and GOODRAM GB All three are working perfectly fine on an older pc with Windows XP and on a laptop with Windows -bit On my pc A-DATA is the one taking long time to appear and then working fine shown and possible to explore and GOODRAM is the same case Kingston appears only with a grey icon after probably same amount of time and it s not possible to work with In the disk management A-DATA and GOODRAM are shown normally Kingston is shown but without the memory information It shows G as a letter of a drive but there is quot no medium quot sign It does not matter whether I connect the flash drives to both usb ports in the front panel or any from the rear panel I ve been using the GOODRAM mainly in the past and it worked without any problem The flash drive was shown immediately I connected it to the pc Then there could have been a month I haven t used any flash drive because I somehow didn t need to And then those problems started to appear Meanwhile I ve installed pretty old webcamera which was actually not working with the Windows drivers so I made it work with drivers for Windows Vista Could this be the source of the problems But still I ve uninstalled all the drivers for the webcam already Other devices are working fine Even external hard drive is working well It s possible to use the disc again if I uninstall all the drivers for it in the device manager then it s connected as a new one but everything happens again if plugging again the second time I ve also tried uninstalling all the drivers for devices which had been used sometimes in the past through the USBDeview software and also uninstalling all the usb drivers for the motherboard and then updating the drivers for chipset but didn t bring any help I m running Windows -bit and having Gigabyte GA-H M-UD H motherboard Does anyone have an idea where the problem could be Thanks a lot for any hints nbsp
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Windows XP does not display mapped drive for USB flash drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer. However, it is displayed when looking at hardware devices and if you type drive letter (e.g. "F:" ) on command line or in "Run", the flash drives folders and files are displayed. How can I fix Explorer and My Computer to recognize flash drive.

A:Flash Drive not recognized

I have the same problem with win xp, the system shows my device but won't let me access it ! however, I didn't have this problem with 98, or 2k !
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i have a 128 mb usb flash drive
it is not recognized on my computer. i have tried it on two other computers as well, it just will not show up as anything.
is there any way to find it on my computer or is the flash drive shot?

A:flash drive not recognized

It sounds as if your pc doesn't have the drivers for your flash-drive. Try looking at the website of the manufacturer of your flash-drive or if no luck there then the Windows support website. Once these are installed your pc should recognise and be able to work with it.
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my SanDisk micro cruzer is not recognized by my Toshiba notebook that runs on Windows millenium. when i looked for drivers on the san disk site, it stated that the USB flash did not need drivers to work with millenium. Anyone have any ideas why my notebook doesn't recognize it?

A:Flash Drive not recognized

I have a Cruzer Mini and I know for a fact it needs drivers in 98, so you may try dling their drivers for 98 and installing them. ME and 98 are very similar.
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Any USB flash drive that I have purchased, my computer hp-1040n with XP will not recognize. You don't hear the USB noise when you plug them into the port. I've tried plugging them into every USB port, but it still never shows it. The lights on the Flash drive will flash at first, then nothing.

All of these do work on my laptop with XP.

The USB ports on the HP 1040n do recognize my mp3 player, joy stick, epson printer, Hp scanner, and other usb devices. So the ports are working.

I also have tried an extrenal hard drive, the HP 1040n will not recognized that either, but again, my lap top does.

It appears that it doesn't like storage drives.

Any sugguestions?


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A:Flash Drive Not Recognized

Remove the USB controllers in the Device Manager, reboot and let Windows install them once again...
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I have used many USB products, and I know that Windows XP is supposed to recognize them automatically and install the drivers for the product. Today I got a new USB flash drive, plugged it in, and nothing happened. I plugged it into another computer with windows xp and it worked fine. Why did my first computer not recognize it and how do I fix that error??? Thanks....

A:Flash Drive not recognized

Arazr said:

I have used many USB products, and I know that Windows XP is supposed to recognize them automatically and install the drivers for the product. Today I got a new USB flash drive, plugged it in, and nothing happened. I plugged it into another computer with windows xp and it worked fine. Why did my first computer not recognize it and how do I fix that error??? Thanks....Click to expand...

I have noticed a similar post elsewhere in the group
and the answer was...

Go into Device manager and remove all items related to USB such as Root Hub and USB controller, do this by right clicking each item and choosing uninstall,

Once all done, reboot and let Windows find the USB items, then try your USB stick.

Incidentally if you see anything with a Yellow Exclamation mark then remove that as well it might be the USB stick after it had failed install, and as such wont be redetected when plugged in.

Might work for you as well.
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I have three different USB flashdrives. I can read and write to them from two of my computers, but my Compaq does not recognize them. The light comes on, but the eject arrow does not appear on my task bar? It worked on the Compaq until recently. Other USB devices seem to work correctly on the Compaq.

A:Flash drive not recognized

This happens from time to time and the last fix was made by formatting the drives to FAT and then reformatting them to NTFS if you want to. However, given that there are 3 drives all with the same symptoms you should check that the USB ports are not showing a fault in device manager (Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager). Do other USB devices work OK in the Compaq?
I am assuming that the Compaq does not show the drives in Explorer?
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I removed the Sirefef virus yesterday and now my flash drive isn't recognized on this computer. It works on others.

When I plug it in it makes the noise that it's getting plugged in, but nothing happens.
When I click on disk management there's nothing under volume at the top of the screen,

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium x64-bit on a Sony Vaio VPCEB11FM laptop.

Please help! Thank you!

A:Flash drive not recognized

See if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers.
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I have a problem with a USB thumb drive Machine is an old laptop PII running W K I have just done not drive recognized flash USB a complete re-install of the OS I have a D-Link USB PCMCIA card When I plug the flash drive in the computer recognizes it goes through the usual quot finding new hardware quot then I open My Computer and it shows up as a removable disk so far so good When I open the disk several things happen first it shows me the contents of the drive and usually pauses long enough to let me select a file Then I simultaneously get a quot Sytem Settings Change quot box quot Windows has finished installing new devices You must restart quot and the quot Unsafe Removal USB flash drive not recognized of Device quot box warning me that I unplugged a device without stopping it Following this double message windows can no longer access the drive claiming that it is not formatted and offering to format it Sometimes if I follow through with the format it can see it again but not always Any suggestions nbsp

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I can't get the Kingston Data Travler (DT1/1GB) to be recognized in the front USB ports. This happens on two machines running XP Pro. It says new hardware found, then unknown usb device then message that it is not recognized rather then the message that it will run in USB 1. The memory stick works fine in the rear port.
I tried it in two machines running W2K and it works in front and back.
I installed the drivers from the mother board CD and updated to SP2 for XP but no help.
The flast drive uses 50ma in the rear port. I know the front ports are ok as I can use two other flast drives in either of the ports and a Logitech camera that uses 100ma.
Anyone have an idea? I'm tired of looking for the port in the back under my desk.


A:Flash drive not recognized with XP

Its possible the front USB ports are just faulty.

But try the solution posted here by Johnwill:

An easy work around would be to buy an USB extension cable, connect it into the back port and then bring it up front to connect the USB key too.
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Using a Compaq computer running Windows Vista Home drive flash not recognized Premium when I load a flash drive into either of the ports I get a message saying quot USB device not recognized quot I have tried reinstalling the device with the same result There is power to the device When I open quot My Computer quot it does not display the device only the DVD drive quot E quot In quot System tools quot I can open the quot Universal Serial Bus controller quot which tells me that no drivers are installed for this device The Flashdrive is not corrupt or defective it works just fine in other computers I would like to be able to access the files on this device from this computer Any help in doing so would be very much appreciated Please keep it very simple - step by step is best If I need to install some software to run this device where can I find it Safely and preferably for free Thanks in advance nbsp

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I m having a problem with one specific USB flash drive I ve read hundreds of posts about this topic and have attempted many of the suggested solutions but alas no luck I have a Windows bit laptop The USB drive in question is made by Dane Elec It has a Gb capacity It is compatible with Win bit according to the Windows website Whenever I attempt to use the drive in the laptop I get a message from Windows that the drive has malfunctioned and the driver Not Flash Recognized Drive USB was not loaded This happens on any of the usb ports However other usb flash drives operate flawlessly in any of the ports In addition the usb flash drive in question DOES work on other computers Windows XP desktop Windows XP laptop Windows bit HP All-in-One PC I have updated the BIOS and Intel chipset drivers and the USB drivers are up to date I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the USB controller in Device Manager I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb drive Windows reports that the drive in question is an quot Unknown Device quot without success I have tried the quot power off quot trick mentioned in several places on the internet In addition I have changed many of the applicable USB Flash Drive Not Recognized Windows services that would interface with usb drives from quot manual quot to quot automatic quot I read one post perhaps on this forum that suggested a registry tweak to one of the timeout parameters but I haven t been able to find this post again At this point I am open to any suggestions nbsp

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I have a flash drive. When I insert it I get an error message which tells me that it is not recognized. I have data stored on the flash drive which I do not want to lose.What seems to be the problem and is there a fix for it?

A:Flash drive not recognized

What operating system are you using?
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Today I bought a Kingston MB DataTraveler Flash Drive I have a Dell desktop with OS Windows XP and also a Dell notebook with OS Windows Vista I used the flash drive with my notebook to save a document I was working on It worked isn't Flash recognized Drive fine Then I plugged the flash drive into desktop and saved several other documents and pictures to it I proceeded to plug my flash drive back into my notebook to transfer the files to it Before the F drive had been displaying KINGSTON F Now when I go to My Computer on both the desktop amp notebook the F drive displays Flash Drive isn't recognized REMOVABLE DISK F And when I click on it to open my flash drive or to save to it an error message appears saying Please insert a disk into Removable Drive F -The new Kingston flash drive IS compatible with both Vista amp XP -I also have an older Memorex flash drive that I have used to transfer files from my desktop to notebook It has worked just fine -I have no idea what is wrong Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am using the flash drive for my college classes and need it this week nbsp
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All of a sudden, my flash drive isn't working. It's just a few months old (Samsung 16gb). I've tried using it in several computers, and none of them will recognize it. No lights, not in My Computer, etc.

Is there any way for me to do anything about this? Should I take it to a professional? Or will that even work?
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I just installed Windows 7 and it is not recognizing my flash drive. I suspect part of the problem is the U3 Launchpad. When I located a drive in Explorer, I tried to access it but it said u3dapi10.dll is missing and to re-install it. I believe that came from the U3 software on the flash drive, but it apparently isn't working correctly.

I'm not very familiar with these kinds of problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Memorex Flash Drive NOT recognized.

Can you access the drive from another computer? If you can, do so and format it to NTFS. Then try again via the Win7 computer. Most if not all flash drives should connect to windows automatically. They kind of have to. They'd be completely useless if you had to install drivers for each one.
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I have a 4 gig Usb flash drive. It is a no name brand I got on ebay (for 86 bucks too!) It works fine at home (WinXP SP1) but at work it shows up in the tray as a new USB storage device but when I go to My Computer it does not appear anywhere. The work Computer is running WinXP SP2(I think but not positive on SP2?) and my other old 64 meg USB Flash drive worked fine at work on the same PC/OS.

Any ideas?

P.S. anyone know a good free prog to find the device info/manufacurer?

A:USB Flash Drive not recognized at work

Try this on the work computer, reboot and see if it then recognizes the USB drive.

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.
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My PC is DELL win XP new computer and all good and working I bought MB PNY - attache Flash drive which Drive 256MB NOT Flash recognized was working good and 256MB Flash Drive NOT recognized had some files in it worked well for months I used it to a damaged HD computer and something was over written there and now that flash drive is not recognized any where I tried in many computers many times In explorer it shows as removable drive with letter H but I can not open or format it I cant do disk defrag format open or nothing tried with - diff computers If I right click on H and say property it shows as RAW should not it be FAT How do I get back in FAT system Any software to format this flash drive its PNY How do I fix it and get back to FAT or make it recognized MY pc is working with other flash drives pretty good and have NO driver problems Pl help how to format this flash drive and make it FAT from RAW I am ready to lose the data but want to get it working THx

A:256MB Flash Drive NOT recognized

Hi, and welcome to TSF. Since this item is treated as a drive, it has to be looked at as having a partition. That partition is identified as having an MBR (Master Boot Record), a way of keeping track of the arrangement of the filesystem therein. If that MBR gets corrupted or overwritten, then any files there can't be found. You will need to repair the partition, or replace it if it can't be recovered. If you can repair, then you can read the files again. If it comes down to re-partitioning, then the files will be lost, and you will need also to re-format the drive. When working with the partitioning and format tools, be sure you are addressing this drive and this drive only.
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I have an 8gb PNY flash drive, that I just connectd to a new computer - Windows 7 Professional.

The first time I connected it, it was recognized.
Now, it is not.
I tried different USB ports - 2.0 and 3.0.
I know it is good because I connected it to my Blu-ray player and it is fine.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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I am using Windows XP Home Edition OS. I have recently upgraded my desk top PC and installed a USB 2.0 Port (4 slots). When using a Sandisk USB 2.0 512 MB Cruzer Micro Flash drive the USB 2.0 port does not recognize it even though it shows up in my bottom task bar. If I plug it into a 1.1 port I get an indication that the device would work faster if I plugged it into a 2.0 port and then proceeds to show that I have such ports installed. It works fine in the old 1.1 port. It doesn't appear to be a problem with the USB 2.0 port itself because I have a 1MB Creative Labs MP3 player (USB 2.0) with flash memory operating on that Port without any problem.

Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Regards and Happy New Year,


A:Solved: USB 2.0 Flash drive not recognized


Try the Sandisk Cruzer on another machine to check that it is working proprtly.

Try unplugging all other USB devices.

Personally I would think the USB flash drive may have failed.


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I have had my PNY 8G flash drive for several month using it with no problem on my laptop. Last week I attempted to plug it in and it wasn't recognized. I attempted to plug it in on another computer and same thing. HELP, I really need the information on the flash drive. Suggestions?

A:My PNY 8G USB Flash drive is not recognized by my computer

Try a different computer other than what you have there at home. Is the light coming on?
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Hi guys. I bought a no name 2gb usb flash drive recently on a visit to China. Initially my pc was able to recognize it and I was able to view properties and see the drive size of 1.95gb. I downloaded a sample file and everything seemed fine, but when I next used it I received a response " please insert a disc into drive G ". I went to device manager and found generic usb flash drive, it said the device was working properly. I uninstalled it and plugged in flash drive again. It was then recognized again and got the response "hardware installed and ready for use", but again could not access the drive. I tried the website of the company that manufactured it but no driver downloads were available. Any ideas or will I have to throw this hardware out?

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I have been using an Attache MB flash jump drive for a while with my computer my lap top and PCs at school This was gifted to me after my last jump drive was broken beyond repair by my school s computer settings so I have only used Jump/Flash recognized drive not it in our school library instead of Jump/Flash drive not recognized the computer lab which doesn t have crazy security So naturally when the tool that does our computer networking found out he Jump/Flash drive not recognized upped the settings in the library and after I tried to use my jump drive at school today it seems to only half-work It works in my lap top where I made a back up of its contents but not on my home computer When I plug it into a USB port I have tried two and both ports are working fine the PC gives me an error message saying that a device has been plugged in but it doesn t recognize the device When I click the message for help the great advice I get is to reinsert the device and then replace it if that doesnt work So if anyone has any idea how to fix this I will be much obliged nbsp

A:Jump/Flash drive not recognized

your flash drive is hosed.

I have had this happen to me before. Your chip either got low-level formatted in which case you'll have to send it to the factory to fix (might be more expensive than replacing it)

OR (even worse)

static zapped the chip.

ALWAYS stop the device before removing it and always remove it when formatting other drives.
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Okay nbsp I have a Patriot S-Mini GB flash drive that my Windows HP Slimline - is not recognizing I believe it recognized it once and has refused to do so since My laptop Windows Toshiba recognizes it just fine nbsp nbsp All other USB devices function perfectly on this computer USB mouse keyboard USB Hub Apple iPhone cable nbsp I have tried unplugging all other USB devices before trying this one FAIL nbsp I have gone to Device Management and the USB drive does not appear in the list FAIL nbsp I have uninstalled the USB Root Hubs and restarted the computer FAIL nbsp I have tried plugging the USB drive into the rear ports that plug directly into the motherboard FAIL nbsp I have updated the drivers computer. USB drive Have by recognized tried all flash o... not and have been unable to find a BIOS update as the link on the HP website downloads and USB flash drive not recognized by computer. Have tried all o... says that it is incompatible for my computer FAIL nbsp so what the bloody nbsp gorram heck do I do now nbsp Solved View Solution

A:USB flash drive not recognized by computer. Have tried all o...

Okay, and in the most ridiculous way I have ever solved a technical problem... The USB flash cannot be inserted ALL the way into the port. It has to be inserted slowly, so that the contacts line up.  I figured this out by trying to connect it into my USB hub and noticing that the red indicator light was going on and off as I inserted the USB drive, flickering on as I inserted it and then off once it was all the way in.  Weird. But hey. It works now.
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I just joined this forum today It looks like it has a plethora of useful information I am hoping someone might be able not recognized, flash drive USB boot can't to help me out I have a PLEOMAX GB Flash Thumb drive that I ve used for several years without issue Just two days ago I plugged it in and when the USB flash drive not recognized, can't boot AutoPlay window popped up Windows x SP I clicked the quot Open Folder to View Files quot but it stopped responding the window faded to white and said quot Not Responding quot So I pulled the drive out manually and now when I plug it in it is NOT recognized anywhere except in Device Manager as quot CORNICE Mass USB USB flash drive not recognized, can't boot Storage quot or something like that It doesn t work on other USB ports or on other computers all of them show up on Device Manager but nowhere else It doesn t even show up in Disk Management I have some very important files on that drive that I need so what do I do to get the drive to work properly again Please help nbsp

A:USB flash drive not recognized, can't boot

PC Now won't even BOOT! HELP!!!

I tried to fix this issue myself and it looks like I got into more trouble with the whole thing!

I looked at the "Filter" thread thinking the USB drive is not being recognized because of the UpperLimit and LowerLimit filters in the registry. On this site, someone had posted a tutorial on how to remove those filters to see if the USB drive(s) work again.

I followed that tutorial and found one UpperLimit filter for the Class GUID of my USB/Thumb drive. I deleted it and when I rebooted, the computer won't even BOOT to desktop! What's worse, it won't even boot in Safe Mode now!


I am so frustrated right now. I really need my PC and can't believe this is happening because of a single deleted registry entry.

Someone, please help me!
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I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with multiple USB ports. None of the ports recognize any flash drive I plug in: Cosair, Cruzer, etc. I went into disk management and there was no recognition of the drives there. In device manager under USB controllers it shows the USB 2.0 to be enhanced, thus it is working. At the bottom of that list it will show the name of the flash drive. I clicked on properties and it says the device is not confgured correctly as though it is missing a driver. I never got a driver with any flash drive before, they are simply plug in and use. They plug in to my three other computers and work immediately. What could the problem be?

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I have a PNY flash drive that was recognized when I installed it 2 days ago.
It does not now.
Asus told me to go to Universal Controllers and un check the box to allow this device to shut the computer down.
It then said "drivers successfully installed" when I plugged the flash in, but is still not recognized in My Computer or Disc Mgmt.
Any advice?


Plugged into rear of computer - recognized instantly.
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I have a flash drive Kingston DT Mini Fun. I had been using it for six months, but since a week ago none of my computers recognize it, I have a Dell with Windows XP and a Apple G5. Whenever I insert the flash drive the light it has at the back does not turn on, looks like it is dead, I do not mind buying a new one, the problem is all the data that I have stored in it. Is there any way of making it work again? Thanks!

A:USB Flash Drive not recognized by computer

Those do go bad eventually, but it seems odd that it went bad so quickly! Not sure the data is recoverable.
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I just plugged a flash drive into my stand-alone DVD player to listen to music.

I came back to comp and it is not recognized.
Tried all different USB ports.
Not showing in Dev Mgr.

I thought it might have failed, so went back to my DVD player and it is fine.

A:Flash drive no longer recognized

Have you tested in another PC?
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My PNY 256MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive is no longer recognized by my Windows XP-SP2 system (Sony Vaio RZ14G), Mac OS 9.2.2 system (iBook) or Mac OS X system (iMac).

When I plug the flash drive into my Macs, the activity light on the device flashes for a short time and then nothing. No recognition.

When I plug the flash drive into my PC, I get the following pop-up message:

"USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it. Recommendation: Try reconnecting the device if Windows still does not recognize it replace the device."

The drive may have suffered from a static discharge. Before the trouble, I could easily go between five different systems with no problems.

Any solutions to resurrrect the flash drive or at least retrieve the saved data?

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I've created the ISO file and moved it to the 4g drive using the AWESOME guide found here. However, the BIOS doesn't seem to recognize that the device is present. I've done some research and found that some usb drives aren't compatible with the BIOS? I made usb storage the only available boot option and nothing showed up. However when I look at the drive while in Vista through my computer->G: It shows up as a windows system. I've also seen somewhere about enabling "Legacy usb"? I didn't find anything like that. Should I just got buy another flash drive and try again? Thanks. -Zach

A:Flash drive not recognized when trying to boot Win7

Has nothing to do with type of drive. The option should be there as one of the choices in bios. Sometimes it's obscured and difficult to figure out which one it is. If you want, write them down, boot to Windows and post here with all the choices you have.

We can tell then most likely.
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I have a homemade computer WinXp sp that I drive as Flash recognized no existing longer just recently had to reformat and reinstall the OS What a PAIN I have several USB and Flash Drives Flash drive no longer recognized as existing that I use and they are Flash drive no longer recognized as existing all visible in Explorer window EXCEPT for the GB flashdrive Of course it has the most important stuff on it I reinstalled the OS because of unrelated issues this particular flash drive was working just fine until I reinstalled the OS What could be causing this problem The drive is almost new and the warranty or replacement cost isn t the issue at the very least I need Flash drive no longer recognized as existing to recapture the data that is on the drive if I can find out why the drive isn t being seen by the computer and fix it that would be OK also The data may still be intact and on the drive but unless I can access the drive it is meaningless If in fact the drive has become damaged or corrupted is there any way I can get to the information last time nbsp

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Hello all....Help ...I can't seem to access my USB flash drive on my computer (XP professional operating system) once I insert it into the usb computer acknowledges that there is a mass media device however when I go to My computer to access it there is no Letter associated with it..all my network drives and device drives are listed but no letter associated with my USB flash drive...How do I assign a letter to it so I can access it?



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Hello, I have Silicon Power Blaze B20 flash drive, which is not recognized by my desktop PC's both USB 3.0 ports. The flash drive's light blinks when pugged in, but no reaction from PC's side. I have tried to plug cord between flash drive and PC, but no change. It does recognize the device when plugged in any other USB 2.0 port. And the device is being recognized by other computer's both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, so I assume it is PC's fault, but I have no idea what it is. My PC's USB 3.0 ports do recognize any other USB 3.0 devices - my external HDD, other USB 3.0 devices but this drive.

Thank you!

A:USB 3.0 flash drive not recognized in one PCs USB3.0 ports

I had a Lexar USB 3.0 thumb drive do something similar to that. It worked fine in my laptops USB 3 and USB 2 ports but wouldn't work in my desktops USB 2 ports. It didn't have any USB 3 ports. I ended up returning it.
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Hey everyone I have a PNY GB Flash Drive that I've had for a few years There are a lot of important pictures and documents on it and I am unable to access it When I plug it into of my USB ports in my Vaio laptop it is not recognized under Computer as a storage device but it does show up as quot Unspecified quot in Devices and Printers The flash drive lights up when it is plugged in which I assume means that the connection itself is alright moving bending the flash drive does not help I have tried this flash drive on multiple computers to no avail I have used the troubleshoot wizard that came from right-clicking on the quot Unspecified quot device under Devices and Printers and it always fails to successfully install the driver quot USB Flash PNY 16GB no longer recognized Drive being Mass Storage Device quot I have also gone into Device Manager and uninstalled the USB Drivers Is there anything else that I can do PNY 16GB Flash Drive no longer being recognized

A:PNY 16GB Flash Drive no longer being recognized

You can save the flash drive but probably not the data on it.

Try this:
Plug the flash drive in.
Unplug all other flash drives if any are plugged in. (ideally only usb device should be the broken flash drive.)
Download, unzip, and run the exe found here.
Copy and paste the output of the program and post it here. Then we can move on to step 2.
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Hey all I recently bought a MB PNY Flash Drive USB brought it home and it worked great for about a week Then all of sudden yesterday it Flash Not Yesterday, Drive Recognized USB Today refused to be recognized I run Windows XP home USB Flash Drive Recognized Yesterday, Not Today so it SHOULD have the driver for the device Here s what happens I plug it in and it says quot Found new device quot Then it says quot USB Flash Drive Recognized Yesterday, Not Today There was an error installing the device You should re-plug the device or replace the device quot Ha false on count The device is still good because it is recognized on other computers I tried uninstalling the driver but then as soon as I plug the drive back in it just repeats itself So I checked in Device Manager It s listed as quot Unknown Device quot under the USB category but there is no exclamation point to it I click on it and it says there s no driver for it And yet Windows HAS the driver hm Any help is appreciated thank you nbsp
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It was the first time I tried to insert a USB flash drive onto the front panel port and it was not recognized by the PC. So what I did was to insert at the rear USB port and "no problem" it detected the flash drive. I tested the USB front panel port by plugging the printer (with usb plug) and it worked fine, I was able to sample print.

Question: How is this? I 'm a newbie on this (USB) Why doesn't the front USB port recognize the flash drive while it can on the rear? (I think front panel port are ok coz' of printer test)

Under Universal Serial Bus controller (device manager)
USB Printing support
(3) USB Root Hub
(3) VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller
VIA USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller
Windows XP SP 2

acknowledging your advise. thanks.

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Does anybody know how to fix this problem? I am using Window XP Pro, have tried uninstalling/reinstalling cd/dvd burner. No problem recognizing after restarting, but OS should recognized after inserting disc, card. All working properly in device manager: cd/dvd burner, USB ports. Will not show up in Explorer until after restart.

A:Data cd/dvd/flash drive/photo card not recognized without restarting

Perhaps you could tell us a lot more about your system, please?
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i was using my computer today, and accidentally bumped a flash drive on my computer. no problem, plug it back in. of course, that's too simple for the people at microsoft and now every file (and we're talking over 20 gb of stuff here) on the thing is corrupted. /run doesn't work, recovery programs don't work, the blacktext window doesn't work, nothing is happening. could use a hand here.

A:Volume does not contain a recognized file system-a flash drive adventure.

Was that flash drive your system drive (boot drive)? Will the computer still boot if you disconnect the flash-drive?
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Hi all, any help would be appreciated.

Using Windows 2000 Professinal SP4. I have beenusing a Lexar Jumpro flash with no problems for a while now. Suddenly today it no longer is recognized by the system. With the Device Manager showing, I insert the flash, the Device Manager window goes blank with an hourglass spinning. It will stay like this indefinitely. When I try clicking on the "Unplug or Eject Hardware" icon in the Task Bar lower left of my screen nothing happens. When I finally pull the USB flash the system comes alive again - meaning the Device Manager window refreshes and the Warning message about pulling a USB Mass Storage Device without first stopping it.


A:USB Flash no longer recognized by Windows 2000

you probably static-shocked the usb drive, thus destroying it and hanging your system.
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Please Help I have windows XP HOME installed on the C drive of my laptop and Windows XP Pro installed on the E drive Both E and C drives had password protections Few weeks ago I removed the password protection for E drive But now when I try to access E drive through my C drive by going to My Computer gt E gt Documents and Settings gt Jake it is showing a quot access is denied quot window Why is this I am able to access the contents of my E drive if I boot up windows XP pro because the XP pro is installed on the E drive Some other information that might be helpful Before I added passwords to both these drives I was freely able to access the contents of both the drives and transfer files between them It is C not trying to accessible drive E acess Solved: when drive through only after I installed Solved: E drive not accessible when trying to acess through C drive the password and then removed it from my e drive that the problem started I have accounts on both these drives Mine and my sister s I am able to access my sister s account on E drive I also have a rd drive- the f drive which doesn amp t have Solved: E drive not accessible when trying to acess through C drive any OS installed on it I use this drive to back up my important files The exact error message that I get is this quot E Documents and Settings Jake is not accessible Access is denied quot C drive still has password protection Thnx - Jake nbsp

A:Solved: E drive not accessible when trying to acess through C drive

read there !!!
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I just rebuilt an old system using Windows 7 Home Premium after using WinXP pro for many years. The primary hard drive is WDC 150 Mg and Win7 is installed and updated to current with SP1. I dropped a second WDC hard drive in, formatted and was going to use it for a 2nd backup unit. Both of these are sata. Both hard drives are recognized by Disk Management but when I select Computer on the start menu ONLY the primary 150 Mg drive is recognized. If I plug in an external drive, both Computer and Disk Management recognizes the external drive. How do I have Win7 recognize my backup WDC drive so I can use it.

Thank you

A:hard drive NOT recognized in computer but IS recognized in disk mgmnt.

Quote: Originally Posted by PERSIL

I just rebuilt an old system using Windows 7 Home Premium after using WinXP pro for many years. The primary hard drive is WDC 150 Mg and Win7 is installed and updated to current with SP1. I dropped a second WDC hard drive in, formatted and was going to use it for a 2nd backup unit. Both of these are sata. Both hard drives are recognized by Disk Management but when I select Computer on the start menu ONLY the primary 150 Mg drive is recognized. If I plug in an external drive, both Computer and Disk Management recognizes the external drive. How do I have Win7 recognize my backup WDC drive so I can use it.

Thank you

Had similarities on my pc.

Goto BIOS, there you have 4 options.

Primary Master
Secondary Master

Primary Slave
Secondary Slave

Set it as follows:

Primary Master -----> Main Boot HDD
Secondary Master -----> EMPTY

Primary Slave -----> CD/DVD RAM
Secondary Slave -----> Secondary backup HDD
Hpe it helps!

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In my PC Windows Professional - Bit Operatins System - Service Pack installed whenever I plug in Flash Drive the system creates short cut for all the folders in the Flash Drive The folders and its contents are safe But I am unable to Safely Dismount the Flash Drive and the Flash Cut Safe Dismount Folders Creates Flash Drive Short to - - for Unable Drive system on choosing Eject the Drive will display quot This device is currently in use Close any programs or windows that might be using the device and Flash Drive - Creates Short Cut for Folders - Unable to Safe Dismount Flash Drive then try again quot message If I go through My Computer - Right Click on Flash Drive and then Eject the system shows the following message quot F is Currently in Use Save any Open Files on this disc and then close the files or programs using the files before trying again If you choose to continue the files will be closed which might cause data to be lost Cancel Try Again Continue quot If we choose Continue system displays quot Safe to Remove Hardware quot WHY THIS IS HAPPENING I am having a laptop with same OS and there when I plug in the flash drive it does not create any short cut and no such problems Both the systems are having Symantec Endpoint Protection version and are upto date on Virus Siglature update nbsp
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I am the only user on my laptop and am the admin. If i try to delete some files, programs, or icons i get an "access is denied ; C: is not accessible" How do i fix this?

A:acess is denied to C: drive

All files? or specific files?

- If specific locked files, you could 'Take ownership' of the file. (Google 'How to Take Ownership of a file windows 7')
- You could also try logging on as the local 'Administrator' (If account is active) and see if it still denies you.

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Not sure if my drive crashed or if I just let it get full to 100% capacity.
Drive is still recognized and shows under disk management in XP as health but no free space. Also shows as RAW instead of NTFS file system.

Can't access it to remove files. Tried to access in DOS but get a cyclical redundancy error.

Is a slave drive and doesn't contain the OS.

Any ideas how I can access to remove some of the files to free up space?


A:drive full & can't acess

You could give Ubantu a try. Create a bootable flash drive as instructed here. Boot with the flash drive and you should be able to access the files on the drive. This site may also be of some help.
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So I bought this used LG storage IDE CD/Drive and installed it in my case. My specs are below. The drive powers up and opens but when I start my system up the BIOS doesn't recognize the drive. I've tried switching the jumpers without any luck. The only problem I can see is that the IDE cable I am using came with my motherboard it is an ASUS IDE cable and it says HDD on it which might be the problem however it fits on the drive perfectely? Or maybe my ASUS sata CD/DVD drive is screwing up something? It would be nice to figure this out


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Hello to all I recently installed windows professional on my Dell Inspiron laptop which I had purchased a little over a year ago At the time it came with Windows Vista Home Edition but with licensing through my university I was able to get Windows installed on the computer and for the most part things have been running great One thing that wasn t working after installation was my touchpad scroll function and I assumed it was a dell driver So I went to the website downloaded their mouse and keyboard drivers restarted and sure enough the function was back My new problem is that my computer is having trouble recognizing my cd drive I first noticed this when installing my copy of Microsoft Office It took several attempts to install because the setup kept aborting I would recieve a message saying the setup files could not be located I went to my computer and it showed no signs of a cd drive So I tried ejecting and reinserting the disk 7 CD isn't after drive windows recognized several times before I actually made it through the entire setup At first I thought it was just microsoft office that was giving me troubles But after recently trying to install new software and having the same trouble I ve decided it s definitely something CD drive isn't recognized after windows 7 with the computer My first intuition was that it was a driver issue again since installing dell drivers worked for the touchpad function I ve gone to the dell website downloaded the update for my cd drive TSSTcopr DVD -RW TS-L B ATA Device and tried to update the driver but I keep getting a message that says no disc found I then tried putting in a blank dvd to see if that would help The computer did recognize the drive but the CD drive isn't recognized after windows 7 driver setup said quot please eject the disk to begin driver installation quot After ejecting the disk the cd drive was no longer recognized I have gone to my device manager and it is no where to be found there CD drive isn't recognized after windows 7 I tried putting in a blank dvd once more The drive was then recognized and I right-clicked and went to properties and then to hardware For about a minute everything looked normal When I went to the device status it said this device is working properly However while looking at this window the message suddenly changed the drive disappeared from my computer and a new message came up under device status quot Currently this harware device is not connected to the computer Code To fix this problem reconnect this hardware device to the computer quot I have been through a lot of this forum but couldn t find a problem or a solution that has worked so far I have seen solutions dealing with editing the registry but those were all with windows vista editions and wanted to post before making any changes like that Thanks in advance to anyone who can give some insight to this problem nbsp

A:CD drive isn't recognized after windows 7

Looks like your not the only one having problems with that drive.
Might try this,as it looks like you are running a samsung drive.
Run the live update program to see if you can
get the firmware updated on the drive.
Try to be careful with this.
An incomplete firmware update can cause problems with the drive.
Sorry,link didn't bring up the page.
Click the live update program link on that page for information.
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I recently had to purchase a new DVD-RW drive for my computer. I purchased a Lite On SATA DVD-RW drive and proceeded to do the installation. Nothing special about this, it's something I've done plenty of times before on various computers.

What hasn't happened before, however, was Windows XP not even recognizing that there has been a drive installed. The BIOS shows that it is indeed there, but when Windows boots it's not in My Computer, there's no unrecognized hardware detected, I can't manually add it. Nothing. As far as XP is concerned, the drive simply doesn't exist.

Any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks in advance for your help My operating system was windows I have hard drives in my computer A few days ago I installed windows XP professional in drive C It was installed in NTFS Drive D is fat Windows XP did not recognize drive D In the computer management window I can see hard drives both are online In the explorer window no hard drive The drive is there I was able to acess it throught linux live CD The files are there The only problem is that windows does not show it on the explorer window tree neither I have acess to it through windows xp Something I noticed While disc C has a letter in the computer management window the second disk has no letter CD rom is disk D No letter was assigned to the second hard drive the one that does not show up in explorer window Operating System System Model Windows XP Professional Service Pack build No details available Processor a Main cannot I slave drive installing acess after XP Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Pentium kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board ASUSTeK Computer INC P S REV I cannot acess slave drive after installing XP xx Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Award Software Inc ASUS P S ACPI BIOS Revision C Drives Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space PLEXTOR I cannot acess slave drive after installing XP CD-R PX-W A CD-ROM drive Unidade de disquete Floppy drive ST A Hard drive I cannot acess slave drive after installing XP GB -- drive s n JVG AS rev SMART Status Healthy WDC WD BB- CAA Hard drive GB -- drive s n WD-WMA C rev V SMART Status Healthy

A:I cannot acess slave drive after installing XP

Hi and welcome to TSF.
In Drive Management, try assigning a letter to the drive.
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Okay so here is the situation I m trying to install windows XP on my new SATA hard drive The problem is when I put the windows CD and boot from it I press ENTER to install windows and it said it couldn t recognize a proper hard drive to install on It tells me to press F to quit This is what I ve noticed tried I checked to make sure there are no cap switches on any of the hard drive pins I checked the BIOs and the hard drive IS properly detected I put in the CD that came with the hard drive and format than created an NTFS partition I tried other SATA slots on the motherboard I have an extra hard drive with XP? recognized windows drive Hard being not by windows already installed I put the old hard drive in and left the new one out When I tried Hard drive not being recognized by windows XP? to enter recovery console with the windows XP CD i got the same message about how it couldn t recognize the hard drive Any ideas I am completely lost nbsp

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I searched and couldn't find the answer....

I'm running XP and currently keep all of my photos/vids on a second drive. When I do a clean install of Windows 7 on my primary drive, can I simply re-connect the second drive I used under XP and will Windows 7 recognize it? Or will I need to back up everything on my second drive and start fresh? Hoping to just wipe the primary drive. Thanks!

A:Secondary XP drive recognized by Windows 7

yes you can reconnect it to access your files.

I would recommend that if your hard drives are connected internally, power off the computer before disconnecting/reconnecting them.
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I installed windows 8 pro and my dvd drive has not been recognised. I get a message

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I tried that FIX IT thing on Microsoft and it failed to do anything. tried unplugging switching sata ports and nothing. tried to update drivers and nothing.

what do I do?

A:Installed windows 8 pro but dvd drive not recognized

Have you tried:
1. SFC /SCANNOW on Command Prompt (Admin)
2. Refresh Windows 8 if the above did not fix the problem
3. Reset Windows 8 if both of above did not work.

WARNING! Doing No. 2 and/or 3 will uninstall all programs that you downloaded or installed from CD.
WARNING! Doing No. 3 will delete all Data on the drive Windows was installed. Please backup any data you want to preserve.
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Have a new Dell laptop. worked great till I fussed with installing & reinstalling my IQ3600. Now, Computer will not recognize my CD/DVD drive at all. What can I do?

A:Solved: CD Drive not recognized in Windows 7

You can try this Fix It from Microsoft:
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I was trying to plug in a jump drive that had a school project on it but it didn't nothing and it didn't even acknowledge that anything was plugged it. I also have windows 8
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Hello I recently installed Windows Professional bit on Windows in Lightscribe Recognized CD/DVD Drive 7 Not my computer I actually installed it clean because I had Ultimate on it unfortunately the copy I obtained was not genuine so I got a genuine Professional in its stead This problem started initially when I first put Windows on my computer but I figured when I got a genuine copy of Windows it would be fixed No such luck My CD drive doesn't even open when the button is pressed I have to stick a paperclip in the manual eject hole The Device Manager Lightscribe CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized in Windows 7 doesn't even show that a CD Drive is installed neither does any other program I tried editing the registry myself and deleting the quot upper filters quot line or whatever it is but that Lightscribe CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized in Windows 7 didn't work I have been attempting to find drivers tools or anything else that could help with this but nothing seems to be working I was wondering if anyone could offer a solution for me Here are the specs for my computer Product Specifications HP Pavilion dv se Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care United States - English

A:Lightscribe CD/DVD Drive Not Recognized in Windows 7

The tray should open, whether Windows 7 recognizes it or not. It sounds to me that it is either a dead drive, or the power cable to it is bad or loose.
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I been haveing this promblem for some tome no. CD drive is missing or is not recognized by windows. Did some research find something about checking the registry for upper and lower lifters. Now I dont have any of them. Is there a way to add them. Also is there a way to restore the registry back to is orginal setting. I do not have the CD for windows.

(Default) REG_SZ DVD/CD-ROM drives


EnumPropPages32 REG_SZ MmSys.Cpl,MediaPropPageProvider

Icon REG_SZ -51

Installer32 REG_SZ storprop.dll,DvdClassInstaller

NoInstallClass REG_SZ 1

SilentInstall REG_SZ 1

troubleShooter-0 REG_SZ hcp://help/tshoot/tsdrive.htm
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I have a Dell T with one hard drive I want to Recognized in Not 7 Drive Windows Hard add a nd SATA hard drive I'm running Win -bit in a non RAID configuration My C drive is connected to the SATA- port on the mobo I installed the nd drive and connected it to the SATA- on the mobo First question does this Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows 7 matter Do I have to order them nicely SATA- SATA- etc or not At first my nd hard disk was not visible in Windows Explorer It wasn't even visible in Disk Management But I managed to solve that myself I Googled it and turns out you have to F your way into the BIOS and there are checkboxes which SATA is activated or not Turns out SATA- was deactivated So I activated it Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows 7 and could not boot Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and changed the boot sequence in the BIOS Back in business So now my hard disk is recognized and visible in Disk Management Second question do I have to format it The nd hard disk is shown in Disk Management as Disk It has volumes GB Healthy GB Healthy MB Unallocated GB Healthy Right clicking the Healthy volumes only shows one option Delete Volume The rest is greyed out Right clicking the Unallocated volume shows one option New Simple Volume Third Hard Drive Not Recognized in Windows 7 question now what Can I reduce the number of volumes
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Hi everyone, I'm facing problems with my HP Pavillion s5340nl after upgrading to Windows 8: the DVD-drive is not working. Apparantly it is the HLDS GH40L which is installed in these models, but there aren't any Windows 8 drivers available?Some observations:- The drive is recognized in the BIOS;- The Device manager does not show the drive, until the option hide unavailable devices is unchecked, then it becomes visible;- Error code: 45 device not attached or no communication (translated from Dutch);- Driver version 6.3.9600.16384 date 21-06-2006 (??? this PC is from 2010 I think). Looking for a driver update using the Windows option doesn't result in a new driver found. Of course, I would be grateful for any help I could get to get 'this thing' to work.  Best,Luc 

A:DVD-drive of s5340nl not recognized using Windows 8

Here are the specs for your HP Pavilion Slimline s5340nl Desktop Computer. According to the specs, this model shipped from the factory with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed. CD/DVD drivers are native to Windows and aren't available from HP. Please see Microsoft - Error codes in Device Manager in Windows for troubleshooting information, and Error codes in Device Manager in Windows - Code 45 for an explanation of this code. Please see CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected (Windows 7) for additional troubleshooting steps. While this guide isn't specifically for Windows 8 / 8.1, most of the information still pertains. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the white KUDOS star to show your appreciation
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I been haveing this promblem for sometime now. Not sure how to fix it. CD ROM drive is missing and is not recognized by windows. I check the registry for the upper and lower lifter. But there is none.
(Default) REG_SZ DVD/CD-ROM drives


EnumPropPages32 REG_SZ MmSys.Cpl,MediaPropPageProvider

Icon REG_SZ -51

Installer32 REG_SZ storprop.dll,DvdClassInstaller

NoInstallClass REG_SZ 1

SilentInstall REG_SZ 1

troubleShooter-0 REG_SZ hcp://help/tshoot/tsdrive.htm

A:CD Drive is missing or is not recognized by windows

Forgot to mention when I went into the registry this all that was there
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i'm asking for a buddy, i was not there when i tried this everything is by word of mouth, but he said that he connected the flash drive thru the usb port and it recognized it and the little box popped up by the clock, and so he x'd out of that. and never used it just pulled it out. the next time he tried to use it, the computer told him it was unrecognizable and wouldn't open it. and just to be sure it wasn't the drive he used it in another computer, and it was fine. should i have him change the intel usb drivers to standard usb device? or what would yall suggest?

A:thumb drive not recognized in windows

tell him to plug the thumb drive in another usb port. also might wanna update the chipset drivers for the computer.
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The DVD drive worked fine prior to installing Win 10 - now the computer doesn't recognize it. Win 10 apparently thinks it is a removable drive. The CD-DVD drive is recognized in BIOS.

How do I diagnose the problem??


A:CD/DVD Drive not recognized after installing windows 10

Put something in the drive! That's it! See for yourself with a look at the two images of two separate File Explorer windows in view one for the host pc and another from a second remote pc kept the same while the view changes on the first.

The first screen shows something similar while you can still see a difference in drives on two separate machines entirely the "Unspecified" area of the explorer windows still show optical drives there and not above. Seems 10 has put those into a different category entirely!

Now when hitting one little arrow to close up the hard drives section what's this? Since both sections to look as far as optical drives are kept apart you now see a totally separate optical drive come into view being the second of the two dvd drives on the main build here which just happens to have something in it namely a recovery cd used only when booted live from it in order to restore a system image. Otherwise without anything in the D drive it would be seen down below along side the E drive. with the I drive being the virtual not physical drive included.

If you right click on an ISO file and select the Mount option you would see it opened in the I drive. That would likely be seen above as well. But essentially since something was in the D drive it is seen by Windows 10 as being an "active" drive not simply one more external drive left plugged in. In the first screen you will also notice a K drive which a hard drive inside an external enclosure using a usb port at present until later seeing the eSata ports connected on the case itself.
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HP elitebook 8540w
Windows 10 (64-bit)

I almost have a complete system under W10 - no thanks to HP.............
When I plug a USB3 flash drive into either USB3 port the message is Windows does not recognize it.
If I plug the same drive into another computer USB3 port everything is fine.
If I partially plug the drive in so that it only hits the USB2 contacts it works fine.
If I plug it into a USB2 port it works fine.
The drivers are installed. I uninstalled them and let it reinstall - same thing.
how do I make this work???
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Hi there,

So I've been searching through the threads and probably missed what amounts to an easy answer.

I just reinstalled Windows 7 after upgrading my mobo, ram and cpu. As it stands my Maxtor 300gb hard drive, is showing up in the Bios. In fact it shows up in the Device Manager in windows. But when I go to the Computer Management to try and assign a drive letter to it, it's not there. My main drive was assigned D, probably due to my external hard drive being plugged in during the install. Whoops.

But does anyone know why I can't get windows to see it? Even though Bios and the Device Manager see it.


A:Hard drive not recognized in Windows

Is the Maxtor 300gb the external drive ?
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Hello I ve been trying to fix my mom drive running ME Windows recognized... CD-ROM not s computer for a week or two now The CD-ROM drive stopped working awhile back It doesn t show under quot my computer quot and it wasn t listed under device manager in systems from the control panel either when I checked that I m not sure if this is a driver malfunction or what This computer was purchased from Gateway and I tried going to their site to locate a CD-ROM drive not recognized... running Windows ME new driver for the cd-rom but I couldn t find one I am completely stumped as to what I should do here I m not a techie CD-ROM drive not recognized... running Windows ME at all when it comes to computer hardware I can tell you that the cd-rom drive tray does CD-ROM drive not recognized... running Windows ME open and close on it s own and if I put an audio cd in it the quot disc in quot light stays on steady green so I know it s not a power issue Anyone have any idea how I can fix this thing thanks David nbsp

A:CD-ROM drive not recognized... running Windows ME

Welcome to Techspot!
Boot the computer into the bios screens and confirm that the CD is recognized there (the bios must recognize the drive before the O/S will). If it is not , you can try checking connective wires in the case are seated properly & jumpers set correctly.
If this does not correct the problem It may be that the drive is just gone bad.It would be good to confirm this by putting the drive into another computer.
Drivers for cd roms are native to the O/S ,but most Cd writers have Firmware files that sometimes need updating.
Get back to us as to how things worked out.
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Hello all It has been a while since I ve needed help but my run of luck has recognized/password not drive recognized Internal not hit an ugly downturn Moved my computer three weeks ago and had not plugged it all back together till last night All these years I had used it without a password to log in but a few months back a tech friend expressed horror at this so I started using one Last night no matter what I did it wouldn t Internal drive not recognized/password not recognized let me log in saying incorrect password Today as I messed around again I went through the steps of asking it to reset password even though I didn t have disc for reset and realized it does not seem to be recognizing my internal drive If one of my externals are on they come up but if I turn off externals I get a bubble that says No Drive This feature requires removable media etc My drive seems to be running and the Windows logos do appear during boot My keyboard seems to be functioning to type password but when I hit F while rebooting I get no reaction so cannot boot to safe mode just goes right back to log in page I have had mold moisture issues in this new house but have had a dehumidifier running since just a few days after computer arrived here However I do see some evidence of mold or dust in the case not a lot but some Not sure what the root of this problem is but I am trying hard not to panic Any ideas nbsp

A:Internal drive not recognized/password not recognized

Your tech. friend may have mis-understood when you need a password.
If you are at home and only you and you trusted family have access to you computer, there is no need whatsoever for a logon password.
The only time I have ever needed one is when I was using my own laptop on clients site when I was contracting and I would leave it on the desk over lunch.
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Why is it that any program that touches the drive becomes intensly laggy when heavy drive acess happens? I mean, is it really that much of a stretch on the CPU to copy and *nix iso from drive to drive? Is it a hardware setup problem?

Same sort of thing happens when I use a USB key, so I don't think so. Any ideas?

A:Drive acess nukes program speed.

Should not happen in either xp or *nix.

Wait a min. Is it hard disk access? If so, then you google for how to speed up the hard disk in *nix. The default is usually the slowest.
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I got a problem with my external HDD from Memup, it's 1TB disk and I got tons of importante backup into there.

So please all help is appreciated.

What's happening is when I connect the external HDD to USB port and passing some time it appear on My PC but I can't click there, otherwise all will get blocked.

Almost all the time after I remove the USB of external HDD from PC it says I have to format the disk, but how if I already removed?

I tried another PC, cables, all, but no sucess, my primary goal is to backup all data from this HDD and put it into a new, and how can I retrieve all my data from this supposed damaged disk to another?

So the drive is recognized but I can't access.


Looks like my external HDD is RAW, really strange how can I get back to normal?

A:Problem with external drive showing but can't acess under

Short of taking it to a professional recovery firm (no guarantee), all you can do is try some of the recovery programs available.
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Hi there - When I click on My Computer on the C drive or any of the removable media drives I get a Infected - 'open drive acess. on disk with' PC windows message dialgoue box asking open with and a list of applications to choose Infected PC - 'open with' on disk drive acess. from This does not always happen but most times it Infected PC - 'open with' on disk drive acess. does From google search this sounds like a virus which I can t seem to get rid of Please Infected PC - 'open with' on disk drive acess. can you help Thank you Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe C WINDOWS stsystra exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager Iaanotif exe C WINDOWS System DLA DLACTRLW EXE C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE CLI EXE C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr Acrotray exe C Program Files Google Google Talk googletalk exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files PowerISO PWRISOVM EXE C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C PROGRA MICROS wcescomm exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMBgMonitor exe C PROGRA MICROS rapimgr exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Update GoogleUpdate exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exe C Program Files Common Files InterVideo DeviceService DevSvc exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files MailAlert MailAlert exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager Iaantmon exe C Program Files CyberLink Shared files RichVideo exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exe C PROGRA WIDCOMM BLUETO BTSTAC EXE C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Ulead Systems DVD ULCDRSvr exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMIndexingService exe C WINDOWS eHome ehmsas exe C WINDOWS system dllhost exe C Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMIndexStoreSvr exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files HandBrake HandBrake exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C WINDOWS system CMD exe C Program Files HandBrake HandBrakeCLI exe C Program Files lotus wordpro wordpro exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Documents and Settings S Baker Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google co uk webhp sourceid gd amp rls GGLD GGLD - GGLD en-GB amp hl en amp oe UTF- amp q amp tab xw R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software ... Read more
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I had a problem with my windows When ever I plug in my Flash drive i got a few kingston data traveller gig pendrive mb etc onto my usb port Window will be able to detect the drive had been plug in I can see the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot icon on the right side of my task bar But i cannot see the drive appearing in quot My Computer quot If I double click on the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot icon and try to view the external drive information I can see that its already detected and being assign doesnt XP show My - Computer Windows Sp2 drive drive flash with drive E Even if I open a windows explorer and type in E it will throw Windows XP Sp2 - My Computer doesnt show flash drive drive me an error quot Cannot find file E Make sure the path or Internet address is correct quot But if I were to restart my computer Windows XP Sp2 - My Computer doesnt show flash drive drive then i can see it for the first time If I disconnect it thru Windows XP Sp2 - My Computer doesnt show flash drive drive the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot and plug it back in or plug another flash drive I cant see the external drive Causing I had to restart my computer multiple time a day Can anyone help me on this nbsp

A:Windows XP Sp2 - My Computer doesnt show flash drive drive

I would be tempted to reload the motherboard chipset drivers. They control the USB I/O and if they are just the default WIndows ones, they may not be 100% OK with the specific motherboard hardware.
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Hi I have a problem where my computer as stated in the title has no network acess limited acess even though I have all bars of strength full It also has a little yellow triangle with a in it If I reset the router I'm acess acess/limited network have I no connected for about minutes but then it goes back to the little yellow triangle thing I only have this problem on one network It works fine on any other network I have all the correct information entered SSID password security type and encryption stuff like that so i'm sure its not that When I ran the diagnostics it said to investigate router or acess point issues and told me to reset the router which of course I've tried millions of times I don't have IPv or IPv connectivity if that helps The strange thing is it didn't used to do that before this year I haven't changed my computer at all so its not that I don't know whats wrong so I hope you fine people do Thanks in advance P S I'm running windows home premium -bit

A:I have no network acess/limited acess

If you can post a screen shot of your ipconfig/all it will help me to diagnose the problem.
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I have an asus a7v600-x mobo, with 512 mb of pc3200 ram. i am using a maxtor diamondMax plus 9 80gb SATA hard drive. everything is brand new, fresh out of the box from tiger direct. here's my problem . . .

during the installation process of win xp (or 2kpro, cause i tried it, too), after the setup files have been loaded, and the screen changes to the option to install xp or repair on lod installation, i press enter to install, and i am told there is no hard drive, then the entire computer just shuts down! the sata drive is recognized during POST, so i am confused. the mobo came with a cdrom that has drivers, etc on it, but with no OS, i can't run it. this very same process has occured about twenty times, with me trying to find something in BIOS to tweak to get it to run.

help me, please!!!!!

A:SATA Drive not recognized by windows during install

There is an option to load other drivers by pressing F6, you may need to consult the MB manual to get the drivers off the CD that came with it and put them on a floppy disk.
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Segate Hard drive not recognized I recently used a USB hard drive of TB drive Segate 7-64 windows bit Hard recognized for not i used to Segate Hard drive not recognized for windows 7-64 bit access this drive since last year and suddenly I tried to access it later at home I encountered a problem I m unable to read anything on the USB Hard disk as my computer now doesn t recognize the device When attempting to print an error message appears as follows One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it I ve looked into the port location and it indicates that no drivers are installed for this device The device is enabled and I ve performed the Toubleshoot without any success I have checked the cables and all connections appear OK I ve looked through the Device Manager and checked the USB Controllers For the unknown device I proceeded through Properties into the Driver section which indicates No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device I have checked each USB Root port and noted that This device is still not working The same applies for each USB Open Host Controller - This device is Not working at all Please help me nbsp

A:Segate Hard drive not recognized for windows 7-64 bit

Closing duplicate thread, please only start one thread per issue. Here's your other thread:
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Hello All,

I have an external 1.5 TB harddrive that windows will not recognize. Disk Management sees the drive but I cant access it through My Computer.

I have photos that I would like to keep on this drive so any help to retain this would be appreciated.

Under disk management the only option that I see on the drive is to format...



A:External Hard drive not recognized in Windows 7

You may want to format it if there is nothing on the external drive already.
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I recently reinstalled windows xp and found that both my second hard drive and dvd-rom drive are not recognized under either device manager or in my computer. Both are recognized in the BIOS. Before reinstalling xp both were recognized. Please help. Thanks.

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Hey all I had hard drives connected to my pc with IDE for booting windows and the other and the other SATA and IDE Hard windows by not Drive bios, but recognized for storage I did a reinstall of windows and now my IDE storage drive is not recognized by windows I looked at the hard drives under computer management but it does Hard Drive recognized by bios, but not windows not appear at all It does show up in the bios though I checked the jumper setting and even tried connecting via usb with an external enclosure With Hard Drive recognized by bios, but not windows the enclosure it just found the hardware but no drive on different computers Recovering the information on the drive is ideal but not necessary That said does anyone have any idea how to fix this If I do not find a solution is there any way to format the hard drive without windows I thought about installing a different OS on another computer just to format the drive but was not sure if this would work or if there was an easier way Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Hard Drive recognized by bios, but not windows

If you are using Vista/XP/Server 2003 or Seven, you can look in Disk Management.

Go to computer management (right-click computer then Manage)

On the left of the window, select Disk Management.

This will show not just the drives, but also the partitions on the drives.

It may be that the drive has become corrupt or is formatted in a way that Windows does not understand. Alternatively, it may just need to be assigned a drive letter.
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I noticed that sometime after I installed windows that my dvd optical drive Recognized or DVD Not Drive Windows BIOS Optical in was not showing up DVD Optical Drive Not Recognized in Windows or BIOS I DVD Optical Drive Not Recognized in Windows or BIOS have done a lot of research on the matter and have yet to find a working solution I checked my BIOS and the drive is not listed there but I'm pretty sure it is properly connected I have an HP Pavillion dv so the drive just plugs into the slot directed connected to the motherboard and can be removed by unscrewing a single screw When the laptop is on I am able to open the drive and it lights up so I know it is getting power I have tried DVD Optical Drive Not Recognized in Windows or BIOS everything under the sun to fix the problem - checking cleaning the connection port deleting the upperfilters value from the registry which many people have said worked for them however for me it only gave me an warning message in itunes telling me the registry files for burning importing cd's was missing reinstalling gear drivers and running the microsoft fixit programs they just tell me they can't find the drive or that it isn't there - thanks microsoft Nothing has worked and it's driving me crazy not being able to use my dvd drive Has anyone had this problem to the same degree as me found a solution to it

A:DVD Optical Drive Not Recognized in Windows or BIOS

Of the BIOS cannot see it, no software fix will help including other drivers. It is probably a connection problem. If the disk works, then the mobo controller is OK because the optical drive uses the same controller in the chipset.
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Alright well I ve been working on trying to get this work for what seems to be forever now At least a good week or so Here s the deal I built this computer myself years ago and my current hard drive just fried and i had to replace it So i bought a new Hard Drive gig hitatchi deskstar model number HDT VLA and plugged it into the computer bought a new Windows XP XP! my SATA Can't recognized Windows by drive get hard CD old one was scrached for some reason and started to run Windows XP so i could get everything back up and running I go through Press F on the screen that comes up to install SCSI RAID drivers and such Hit S to download from a floppy then select the driver that has Windows XP next to it hit enter sends Can't get my SATA hard drive recognized by Windows XP! me back to the same screen i hit S on then i hit enter again to continue Here s where the problem kicks in window then sends me to the screen where you hit hinter to install a new windows and then R to repair I hit enter and then it says quot setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer quot The drivers i tried to install are the Windows XP drivers not the windows XP bit that are on MSI s website for the motherboard I have K T neo MS- E ver So since it couldn t detect my hard drive I have been on an everlasting quest to find out what I need to do to get my computer back up and running p s Is there a way to see through bios if my hard drive disk is even being detected by the computer at all p s s Could there be any other problem besides poor installation or bad drivers nbsp

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Hi there I have an Acer Aspire laptop Windows died recently and if reinstalling USB Windows after not Hard Drive recognized I use the Acer recovery program I will lose the contents of my hard drives - something I am very keen to avoid So I got my hands on a Windows XP USB Hard Drive not recognized after reinstalling Windows Pro CD and have installed Windows The problem is now I cannot for the life of me get it to recognize my Maxtor USB external hard drive I ve installed every little thing I can find on the Acer Intel Microsoft Maxtor websites etc but still USB Hard Drive not recognized after reinstalling Windows nothing I ve tried uninstalling the USB ports and reinstalling them - USB Hard Drive not recognized after reinstalling Windows still nothing I ve checked device manager to see if it s recognized but not mapping correctly - it s not in device manager I went into my BIOS to ensure that USB was enabled and it s not an option in the menu I have PhoenixBIOS I have tested the External Hard Drive on other PC s and it works fine When I plug it into my notebook it plays the sound to say it s recognized a USB input and then the USB symbol displays in the Task Bar with the Message quot Device Not Recognized quot - what can I do to get this to work - I ve spent hours so far and nothing has worked and it would take me forever to back GB onto DVDs Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I have a Dell Optiplex GX SD When I first purchased the PC it came with (Windows not Vista) OS recognized drive DVD BIOS by neither nor being a CD-ROM drive and Windows XP Professional pre-installed A few months after purchasing the computer I decided to upgrade my CD-ROM to a DVD-RW CD-RW I purchased a brand new DVD-RW CD-RW drive and replaced my CD-ROM with it Everything worked well I was able to play CD s burn movies etc A month later I decided to upgrade my Windows XP with Windows Vista Home Premium I purchased the DVD and installed it with no problems My DVD-RW drive worked fine even after installing Windows DVD drive not being recognized by neither BIOS nor OS (Windows Vista) Vista Then a week or two later I tried playing a CD I opened my DVD-RW CD-RW tray placed the CD inside then closed it Usually when I place a CD into my DVD-RW CD-RW drive and close it a window pops up asking me what I want to do however this time it didn t I went to My Computer and noticed that there was no DVD drive icon under Devices and Removable Storage I tried restarting my computer in hope that it would reappear but it didn t I went to Microsoft s website to try and figure out what was the problem One option was to go to Registry Editor HKEY LOCAL MACHINES SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Class D E -E - CE-BFC - BE and delete both upper filter and lower filter however I was only able to delete upper filter because there was no lower filter I restarted my computer but unfortunately it didn t work So I restarted my computer and went to Setup then to Boot sequence and besides On Board or USB CD-ROM drive it says not present I m assuming that means it s not recognizing my DVD-RW CD-RW drive I shutdown my computer unplugged the power cable and disconnected the DVD drive then I reconnected it and made sure everything was securely connected After plugging the power cable back into the computer I turned on the computer but it still didn t recognize the DVD drive Then I thought to myself quot maybe the drive is dead quot but that couldn t be right because once it s connected to the computer I m able to open and close it Then I decided to uninstall the DVD drive and install my CD-ROM to see if it would recognize it but it didn t I can t think of any other reasons why it wouldn t recognize my DVD drive What should I do Any suggestions nbsp

A:DVD drive not being recognized by neither BIOS nor OS (Windows Vista)

Hi lechevarria89,

Is the drive SATA or IDE? You've established that it is getting power to the driver, but not the information. And since it is not showing in BIOS, but was previously. We start looking at the physical information connector. SATA cables quite often fail, plus make sure the cable isn't bent at a 90 degree angle, with SATA the rule of thumb is "Mess is good!"

Let me know the update