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Media in DVD Drive is not readable

Q: Media in DVD Drive is not readable

I burn a fair amount of DVR disks with games, movies, and personal files. The drive works just fine. I can play DVDs and it reads other disk. However, I have one disk that just isn't reading at all. I ran the Windows Fix it says the media is not readable. When I insert the disk it is loading in the My Computer screen, and then makes a load funny sound and just doesn't read the disk. When it finishes, the drive ejects when you click on it and says to insert a disk. I looked at ISObuster and it also picks up nothing. I'm not 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure the disk was readable at one time. The disk doesn't appear to have any scratches, cracks, etc. Is there anything I can do to get the disk to be readable and work again? It has unreplaceable personal items. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Preferred Solution: Media in DVD Drive is not readable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Media in DVD Drive is not readable

Have you tried using the disk in another machine, preferably a machine that has a newer drive? Is the disc a name brand disk that you know was bought from a reputable store?
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Hi everyone,
I keep getting the error message from the FixIt program that says media in CD/DVD drive is not readable. I have searched online and have done a system restore, deleted the Upper and Lower filters and restarted my system but CD/DVD drive is still not able to read disc's. Below is my SysInfo any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU 530 @ 1.73GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 22 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 106822 MB, Free - 54275 MB; D: Total - 7648 MB, Free - 1733 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard , 30C6, 78.11, CND74304VK
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable.

The drive may be burned out.

All disks?

(You will not be protected against the latest threats unless you keep your antivirus updated.)
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my computer is not reading CD or DVD or do any installation how do i fix it please i need help.i am unable to run a DC or dvd

A:Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable

You could try this "Fix It": Do commercial CD's play on it?2. With a disc inserted can you see the drive in "Computer"?3. Any errors showing in Device Manager > DVD/CD ROM Drives?It could be that the drive itself has died of-course.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I have a windows XP, this computer I used spy bot, mcfee virus remover, and most of the bad stuff came off. A few Spam-Mespam, Downloader-ZQ, Backdoor-CXJ but now my computer is very slow and no media drives 3 1/2 floppy, usb flash drive or CR-RW will read, I can write to the floppy I had highjackthis on that computer and have a file. I just need to get to save some documents but it will not write to the drives. Any help will be real nice here is the highjack this file.

A:Win XP, malware, no media readable

ok I got dds to work, what a mess I have, extra file.
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My hard drive failed last Saturday reading quot operating system not found readable) hard drive? recovery an old (failed vista using of new a partition still Installing the drive on but quot BIOS testing resulted in error Installing vista on a new hard drive using the recovery partition of an old (failed but still readable) drive? replace hard drive At this point the drive won t boot but data can still be read I have a new hard drive The backup disk I made for Vista isn t working I thought of borrowing one from a friend but my OEM key on the bottom has completely worn off Installing vista on a new hard drive using the recovery partition of an old (failed but still readable) drive? HP says they cannot help and Microsoft wants me to pay for a replacement key I d like to avoid that if possible Is there any way to use the recovery partition on the old drive to install Vista on the new drive My laptop has two hard drive bays but I only have one caddy so ideally I d like to connect it using an enclosure Also I do have access to another computer that I could use as a quot go-between quot if needed For example if it s possible to simply copy and paste the recovery partition files I could use the enclosure to copy them from the old drive to the working computer then put the new drive in the enclosure and copy the files onto that Any advice appreciated Thanks
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I have a HP Notebook Pavilion N It is used sparingly I basically use it for on the road when we drive readable sometimes DVD/CD-R go out of DVD/CD-R drive readable sometimes town on trips with kids for sports and sometimes to work So its not over used At times the Dvd Cd-R drive appears in my computer and sometimes it does not When it does appear it does not always read disc that is put into drive though Done the update driver un-install re-install process When drive does appear and I check properties it reads quot device is working properly quot I came across this board looking for answers I found similar topics but not exact I tried using compressed air and cleaning the laser from a similar topic and wow that worked for now But I think there is more too it Sounds to me like there might be a loose connection inside not sure Does anyone have any advice or have experienced anything like this I would appreciate it Thanks Tony nbsp

A:DVD/CD-R drive readable sometimes

Laptop CD/RW drives are much more subject to shock than desktop drives. It may just be going bad. It is possible that it may be loose too. There are usually screws on the bottom of the laptop that hold the CD drive in place. These screws might be inside the hard drive bay, battery or even in the memory bays
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I have recently bought an external Hard disk by Seagate of 1tb. Now I have a desktop as my home which has the hard disk capacity of 500 GB. The problem has started is that the moment I plug in the External disc it fails to load and do not auto run either, where as any other Capacity hard disk freely loads and auto runs by uitself. I dont understand why. Now again I run the same Disk (1TB) to other system of less capacity storage it runs smooth without any flaws, please suggest


A:My 1TB Seagate drive not readable

Try to download/install/run seagate discwizard from or seagate seatools for diagnostics from

entertain the possibility of a failing usb port.
try to use other usb ports on the back of the motherboard and not the usb ports located in the front panel of your (desktop) computer.
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Since having joined tech support guy my laptop has apparently crashed It s DVDs drive not in RW readable DVD years old now It won t even boot and I DVDs not readable in DVD RW drive know in times past buying a new battery solves is Laptops with bad batteries won t boot and they lock up it locks up the mother board Just weird and stupid The situation -DVD RW drive external won t play the -R disc Anyway I m using my wives five yr old laptop its a Compaq precario c and having problems with it to First I learned that the original DVD player burner quit working so my brother in law puts in a CD rw drive burns cds plays dvds and it won t recognize any disc that is inserted So I decided to disable that sun of a gun In fact when I put any disc in the drive letter disappears in my computer Because its pretty limited see as to what I can do on here web browsing And I can t install DVDs not readable in DVD RW drive any software if the drive ain t working I disable the built in dvd rom cd burner drive and connect this I O Magic usb slim line dvd burner driv and after much trouble finally got it to work Loaded a trail program on here because apparently its worthless if there is no dvd player software to read it See I had windows media player and without installing that program it should of auto played and started playing the movie well after I load this program on I can finally watch a store bought dvd but some one made me one on a -R single layer dvd and I DVDs not readable in DVD RW drive get the same error The problem is that the external dvd burner just spins the disc and the drive itself goes away as long as the disc is in But pop the disc out and it goes back to to showing up in my computer We know at a its installed correctly b that I have all the latest manufacture driver updates and c all the latest windows vista home edition updates Its just it is so stupid and the disk works on my home dvd player but what is causing this and why LOL I hate computers And I can t get much info on the drive itself my first guess is that -r discs are not compatible with this i o magic drive or that there is some free dvd player out there that I have to download and install that will support this type of media nbsp

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I know that this question is not associated with this topic but i need help.Ive typed in following command in command prompt bootsect /nt60 and my flash drive is not readable any there any command to reverse mentioned command?I was trying to make bootable usb drive and now i cant access my usb flash anymore and i had some important files on that flash.Anyone help please?

A:my flash drive is not readable any more

Quote: Originally Posted by drgluta

I know that this question is not associated with this topic but i need help.Ive typed in following command in command prompt bootsect /nt60 and my flash drive is not readable any there any command to reverse mentioned command?I was trying to make bootable usb drive and now i cant access my usb flash anymore and i had some important files on that flash.Anyone help please?

You should really post this in Vista Forums. I am unfamiliar, but did some googling. Suggest post in Vista Forums, in the general forum. Give them some background on why you ran this command, and hopefully it is reversible.

Bootsect Command-Line Options

How to Make/Create a Bootable USB Flash Disk Windows Vista Installer - UnlockForUs

A Guy
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If this topic is not in the right section sorry I couldn t find a section that I thought would fit this more then this section I have had my computer for years In the last - months it has been acting strangely It randomly gets very slow Sometimes it is because svchost exe PID is using up of the computer Then sometimes it just goes slow for no reason it seems I have tried many anti-virus software but it I never find any virus I have tried several types of spybot s and only find cookies Then upon reading about several people with slow computers and they had a cluttered up computer I first tried a check disk I got a crud load of errors Then I did a system Defrag but my system did not need it But it seems like the errors Hard Drive readable sometimes not come back every time i restart my computer So in order to get the errors gone for good I tried Uniblue Hard Drive not readable sometimes Registry Mechanic It found over errors and i got them fixed In order to fix them my computer had to restart My computer shut down fine but didn t start up again I could get into bios but nothing else it seems like I tried to reinstal windows but when i put my windows cd in It could not find a hard drive to reformat I then got the idea to take a look at my hard drive It looks fine but is soo hot it burns I then got the idea that I should let it cool down But that did not work Then i tried to unplug the wires from my hard drive and plug them back in That worked Now it seems like whenever i leave my computer alone for any amount of time It shuts off on me and i have to unplug and plug in my hard drive every time Now heres my question Is it a problem with my Hard Drive Is it a problem with Uniblue Registry Mechanic nbsp

A:Hard Drive not readable sometimes

if you suspect your HDD, then download a disc diagnostic utility from the manufacturer of your HDD. Run it from its bootable form (burn it to a cd or something) and it will tell you if your HDD is about to fail or if its ok.
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I have a storebought CD that I can't read on one of my computers.

On laptop A (a Toshiba), I put in this CD and the CD-writable Toshiba drive won't detect the CD. I put the CD in the external DVD-writable drive, and that one doesn't detect the CD either.

On laptop B (a Dell), I put the CD in the plain-Jane CD-Rom drive (not writable like the other drives) and the CD can be read. I plug the external DVD-writable drive into laptop B, and the CD is not recognized.

So... do you think this CD is encoded to not be read on writable drives? Anyone heard of such a thing?? Any patches for this at all (because I love to listen to music on my laptop).

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Hi all,

The situation is fairly simple. This morning I :

1: Unmounted and unplugged my external drive which is a WD My Book Essential 2TB
2: Took it to a colleague and tried to connect it to his IMac4 which has OS X
3: Nothing worked, we could see the drive but couldn't access it even with the help of somme tools made for that.
4: Took it back home, plug it in....nothing. It doesn't show in My Computer and according to Disk Management and Paragon Partition Manager the space is unallocated.

What do you think is happening?


A:External drive was readable, now it is unallocated?

What tools did you try on the Mac to make the drive readable?
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kind off messed up my d drive (of the lenovo r61 laptop)…i was trying to install another linux distro(already have dual booted vista with fedora) and made a mistake…now my d drive had become an NTFS:Linux native 0X83 partition insteadof just ntfs…so i doesnt show up on windows(doesn't give any error on startup) but shows up in fedora

10.can u please help me out so that i can see it in windows without loosing the data

I have uploaded some screen shots which should help in making the problem more clear
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I'm using WIN95. CDROM drive is drive F: (Have hard disk drive C: and second partition disk - drives D: and E . My problem is that I can see the contents of all CDROM, and can even play music CD's through CDPLayer(not autorun) But I cannot install or copy anything from the CDROM.

If I try to run setup.exe, which I can see of the CD, I get the ERROR: [PROGRAM NOT FOUND- windows cannot find setup.exe. This program is needed to for opening files of type application.]

Any clues?

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Hi guys I have no choice but to get some help in still Solved: it External is recognised but drive readable? this A lot of stuff on this drive is backed up however there are still some important Solved: External drive still recognised but is it readable? things on there that have yet to be baCked up I know I should have backed up a backup of a backup thats kept in a vault but I was caught short on this one It s Solved: External drive still recognised but is it readable? my tb samsung story external hard drive It was dropped today by a colleague So after the drop it was working fine still but after a couple of hours I came back to write some more data to it and it had crashed out In my computer instead of saying the drives name and displaying its samsung icon it simply said local disk followed by available letter G Now I ve tried plugging and unplugging the device in several computers at the office Every single makes the registering noise that windows makes when you plug in a USB It even claims that the drivers are installed However every time I click local disc it should say samsung tb I get nothing Just crashes out and needs me to reboot explorer exe So i get home and try the drive in my xp desktop Nothing at first but I decide to leave it I come back after about an hour and it s running the auto run exe feat But it s running through the files painfully slow I leave that running to see itf it gets any where while I also try and access the files on the hard drive to start copying them over After mins I was able to navigate to what I needed to backup It s still several gigs of files And copying across some jpegs took a good few minutes The images were a smaller resolution and file size to what they used to be which is odd Anyway I did one folder of images and then soon after it disconected making the windows noise but only to reconnect immediately after again making the newly plugged in device noise It s just now it just says local disk g When I click it Xp tells me that the semaphore time-out period has expired I apollogise for any spelling and grammar errors Im using someone s iPad to type this Data recovery isn t an option as that costs too much Also the drive does make a ticking noises in a slighty fasted paced clock tick tock rhythm The led still works so it can t be the power supply Any help or insight into what can be done would be greatly appreciated Many thanks guys nbsp

A:Solved: External drive still recognised but is it readable?

Problem fixed. After the drive was dropped it still worked. The issue unknown to me at the time was that the power cable came out. Thereby crashing the drive. I was setting out to fix this today after researching last night, but the drive now works on the computer it origionally crashed on. Everything is accessible, read And write speeds are back to normal. All I did was plug in as normal but this time the prayer was answered. An Error checking of the disc has come back with no faults. I Never received a reply for my query but thanks for taking the time to check out my problem.
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Greetings all First of all I would like to apologize should I be posting in the incorrect section if so please some mod move this thread to the appropriate section So a few days ago my a files from readable drive. Recovering Hard GB Hard drive in my Lenovo Y laptop failed due to my setting it on sleep for a long time and taking the laptop with me outside for a prolonged amount of time When I got back home I tried to turn on the laptop and I got or clicks quot Click of death quot I believe so I bought a new TB Harddrive and used Lenovo recovery disks to get the laptop back to working order Moving on I bought a SATA to USB enclosure so that I might try to recover some files from my failed Harddrive now the thing is when I connect it it doesn't give the click sounds anymore and it seems to read however here's the weird part it only shows me the Lenovo recovery part of the drive Here's how it looks like in my computer and disk management So Recovering files from a readable Hard drive. my question is what does the quot OEM Partition quot mean on my failed HDD Disk and do you think it's possible to recover any data or does this mean all is lost and if there is a chance of recovery how can I open up the part of the drive where the data was which apparently in this case is the OEM paritition Right clicking on the OEM part only gives me the quot Help quot option Best Regards Raficoo

A:Recovering files from a readable Hard drive.

Hi Raficoo,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Without asking any questions - there are many I would like to ask - let me directly get into action.

Please download, install and run MiniTools Partition Wizard Free Edition 9. MiniTool Partition Manager Software for Windows PC and Server

Does the File System of the 654.69GB partition of your "old failed hard drive" show as NTFS in the disk list?

If yes, rightclick on it > Explore. Do you see the files? Close Partition Explorer.

Rightclick on it again > Unhide Partition. In the next screen assign a drive letter > OK

Two operations will be pending.

Click on APPLY in the top menu bar. When changes are completed > OK and then close Partition Wizard.

Can you see and read the drive now?
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I've been trying to watch my Big Bang Theory Season 4 DVDs. I've started watching discs 1,2 and two and they're recognized fine in my drive but disc 3 isn't even recognized and the drive says please insert a disc.

A:DVD Drive unable to read certain DVDs but most of them are readable.

Hum maybe something wrong with the codec or damage to the initial read area - look at the very inner "start" surface as they read disks from the centre to the outside just like the old vinyl records used to read from out to in ( a very long spiral).

Look for scuffs and scratches though they tend to have to be pretty bad on DVD's. Blu ray disks are a little more susceptible because they use a finer "burn" line than the ordinary DVD's

I don't know where you are but if the problem is damage either take it back to the seller or try and repair the damage by buffing with some silver cleaning polish DON'T use brass cleaner as it uses solvents and will "melt" the disk surface the silver polish like Silvo is water based.
It takes a bit of elbow grease but works fine for me on DVD's and CD's and sue mainly an in to out cleaning action (straight strokes) .

You can but cleaning kits but in my experience they do more damage than good especially the ones that use a spinning disk that "wanders in an elliptical fashion over the disk surface

It could also just be a bad manufactured disk.
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Hi all,

My old hard drive gave out, but in a manner that allows me to copy files off of it still for about 10 minutes at a time. I'm not sure what is wrong with it, but I can't repair it. I would like to recreate the Windows environment (installed programs, customized settings, etc.). I have copied just about all of the files off of the drive, but my question now is: How do I recreate it? I have created a fresh install of Windows 7 on a spare hard drive, but wanted to see if it is as simple as just copying all the files over to the new drive ( I don't think so)?

Thanks for any and all advice!


A:Restore Windows 7 from *barely* readable drive

I would just copy out your personal data & reinstall all the programs.
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I have a windows 8 laptop that won't boot from either the Hard Drive or Optical Drive. I have taken the Hard drive out and connected it to my desktop that runs Windows 7. I have tried with an USB external adapter and connected directly to the motherboard with SATA and power cables. Neither way has produced a readable drive that I can see any files on.

I have tried to search this problem and cannot find any useable information on either Google or Bing. I need to know if there is an issue with reading Windows 8 formated hard drives in a windows 7 enviroment or is there something wrong with this hard drive?

Thank you

A:Is a Laptop hard drive readable from a Windows 7 desktop?

Hello theeye, and welcome to Eight Forums

Sounds like there's something wrong with the HDD. Possibly a dead hard drive.

When it's connected to your Windows 7 PC, open Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) to see if it's listed, and post a screenshot showing it in Disk Management if it is.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

What brand is the hard drive? You might also download a drive testing program from the manufacturer's site to test the drive with to see if it fails. If it fails, then it's a dead or dying a driving.

Hope this helps for now,
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Did a backup of files for all users on CD in the D drive. (10 disks in all) Did a factory re install on computer.
When that was done and I had antivirus and malware programs back on I tried to restore the files using backup restore in Windows 7.
The first disk ran fine. Inserted the second disk, went through the same steps, the installing screen came on for a couple of seconds, showing files being installed. Then it stopped and I got the message
CD Label media in the dirve is not the requested media. Please insert the media with the following lable into D:\
ourlaptop 10/10/2013 9:00 PM Drive 1

When I look at what is in the D drive it appears to be labeled the same as the first disk

ourlaptop 10/10/2013 9:00 PM Dri

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i put my documents on a cd yesterday, coz i wanted to format my computer. i burnt the cd using neo 5.5.10, the whole burn process went fine, except for the endtrack. nero returned an error saying "EndTrack on Track 1 failed: the disc is unusable. burn another?" well, i didnt burn another because i could see all my files on the disk. so i formatted my pc, and now that ive installed windows again, i can see all the files on the disc, but cant read or copy them. nero's track viewer can see all the physical data correpsonding to the files, but says that the CDFS is corrupt. is there anyway i can extract the files off te cd?

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I used my sata dvd drive the other day to recover my vista install which had gone after win7 installation, it failed to find it. Today i was trying bf2 in win7 which failed so i uninstalled core and bf2 and went back to try and rescue my vista but found my disk is unrecogoniseable in explorer, only options on right click are format and eject . I went into my bios and set cd to boot and the first boot from cd line pops up but then it skips straight to booting win7. The win7 instalation is only a few days old so very little is installed. Drive shows up as cdrom in device manager but wont populate and no upper and lower filters are visible in regedit

A:Dvd not readable in win 7

Just tried booting a ubuntoo usb with no success, boot ignored "boot others no" and went into windows7, double clicking dvd in my computer causes eject to operate. My drive doesnt show in explorer but does in MyComp as a dvdrw
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I wrote a DVD a using Nero. The DVD was succesfully written but after that whenverit put the DVD in DVD ROM it does not read it. Even i checked it in other computer also but same problem. I tried viewing the DVD using ISOBuster but still no joy. its shows that the whole DVD is blank.

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Hello forum.

I have a problem, got a program I wish to install, but I cant read the text. I got windows 7 x64bit in English Language.
Please note:
I know its Russian.
I can read Russian.
The text displayed in that picture is nothing but gibberish.
I do not wish to change my OS language to Russian, am perfectly fine having it in English. All I want is for that text to become understandable.

How can I make that readable? Do I have to download a Language Interface Pack for Russian?
Where from?

A:How can I make this readable?

Open Windows Update, click on the link for "Optional Updates". You will find the Russian Language Pack there.
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i need help with my cd/dvd rom. i wont read my disk i put in. and idk if i should uninstall the cd rom but i dont know what it will do to my computer. i also dont know how to reboot my computer. i checked everything and it says its working proberly but it realy isnt so ppplllzzz someone help me

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 215 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595439 MB, Free - 511261 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0F896N, A03, ..CN7360496301C8.
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated and Enabled

A:Cd/ DVD not readable problem HELP !!!!

I had a problem like this with my computer I fixed it by clearing the buffers of the disk drive in the registry. I can't remember how to do it and I can't remember where the guide on how to do it was. I can't even find anything about it anymore on the internet but that is how I did it on my computer.

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After burning a cd on a Creative CDRW-rw8438e
, it says the cd burns successfully but then when i try and verify the cd it says its still blank. But if i look at the cd you can see that is has been written to. I am using nero. Thanks

A:CD burns but not readable

For data you have to either close the session or close the disc. For audio you have to close the disc.

I take it your are trying to read it in the burner. You need to provide more information.

Are you using CDR or RW? If RW did you format for packet writing? Recording on the fly or from the HD? Data or audio? AMD processor?
if you can keep your head while others around you are losing theirs then there is something you don't know
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I have WD My Book 1110 Media (1.5TB) which I purchased last year. It was working fine until yesterday but when I plugged it in my computer, it did not show up.

When I removed the USB cable manually, computer asked me to Format the Disk. I then plugged it in my Macbook Pro and it said "The device is not readable by this computer" although Disk Utilities is showing the HD but none of the options like Repair Disk, Verify Disk are available. Also on my PC it does not appear in the My Computer window but is showing up in the Disk Management section and it says "Unallocated Space"

Please help if possible.. There are some very valuable videos and photographs of my grandfather who passed away a few years ago..

A:WD HD not readable anymore

Are you willing to open the case of your WD? If so try connect it as a slave drive on another PC.
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Hi, I recently bought an LG 16x 10x 40x CD writer, and I've encountered a few problems, of which the source I am not sure. P.S., I'm using Easy CD creator.

The problem:

- I copy files to the cd
- My friends read the cd, can play all the files from the cd (.avi), but one of the few files cannot be copied their computer
- I reburn the files, and the same problem is encountered with the same files
- I have compared file sizes, and I do not believe the files are corrupt or damaged

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I recently received a couple of pictures that came as an "MIM" file. After downloading it, I cannot seem to open the pictures at all with anything i have! IRfan, paint, ie4 , etc... how can i see these pictures i downloaded??? thanks.

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I just started using a CD burner, problem is that when I go back to add more info it says "Read only"....another question, can I also delete and add more to these disks or is it a 1 time thing?

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I have a friend next door with huge space on his hard disk running as a primary master on his computer. I have a dard disk with 60 GB and running xp as wel.

I got his HD and fit in my computer as primary slave, I can see his HD in my computer and windows explorer, but when i try to get into it or try to backup all my data on it. it says 'format' I cannot access into the disk without formatting it.

But I have an OS and other files already in that disk, How can I backup all my files on that hard disk?

A:how to make it readable?

What Windows are you both running? How are they formatted... NTFS or FAT32?
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Hi, I am using windows 8 and local administrator account is not activated on it. My personal account type is administrator using which i denied access to HDD drives for users. I thought it would not apply to my account but it did. Now i can not access any drive. I tried activating local administrator through power shell but it would not let me in to C:/

Your suggestion are requested
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The DVD/CD Write drive on my IBM Netvista will write a CD which it can read, but is not readable on any other drive, including the CD drive on the same machine. Windows explorer says the disc is empty. This behaviour just started a couple of days ago. Is there anything useful to try before buying a new drive?

I have discovered hat tat machine has been formatting discs using IBM DLA, which results in a file format of UDF. My laptop and other machines I have written discs on format as CDFS, which is apparently universally readable. How do I change the desktop to format as CDFS?
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I have an old Compaq 5423 desktop PC running XP Home that has the following video card:

64MB nVidia GeForce2 MX Graphic Card ( TV-Out )

Three weeks ago i bought a new (nice) 22" monitor and everything's been cool. Then, 3 weeks later the monitor is totally NOT readable... flashing, crazy characters, 'some' resemblance of Windows XP trying to show you stuff.... but NOTHING is readable.

I did try a different monitor and same problem, so i know it's not the new monitor.

Does this sound like a video card problem ? Other ? What can i do to get back control of my monitor so that i can 'do anything' ? I wanted to check with you guys before i go sink 100 bucks in a video card and probably find out i can't display it anyway to install it.

Please help. Thank you.


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After recording an event for 30 minutes, I found that my computer is unable to read my SONY DVD+RW Accucore DPW30S2. Maybe I did not format the disk and just started recording? Was I supposed to format the DVD in the camera first?
Could anyone please help?

A:SONY DVD+RW Not Readable

DPW30S2 - Sony DVD+RW for Handycam

Sony Media discs:

Format first? Possibly if they are re-writable discs. (that you can use again and again)
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I tried loadding one of my old files created with CD burner in old computer in XP to current computer using Vista (CD/DVD Burner). The file is not there anymore. Then, I tried all many old files created in the old computer, but none of them worked. When I popped the CD in, the only things shown was the REMAINING free space of the disk, but nothing else. There is no file whatsoever in any of the old disks. These old disks are actually not that old, but just maybe one year old created by the old computer.

Why are they all lost? How can I retrieve them? What's the problem? What do I do??????? All those files are gone................................................

Thank you......


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I have a CD master that currently has files readable only by a PC machine Windows The files are a combination of streaming video don t know what format as I don t have the PC by with a and CD Creating a Mac files both a readable master in hand yet PowerPoint Creating a CD with files readable by both a PC and a Mac presentations HTTP pages and possibly MS Word files I need to create a new master CD that contains these same files but they need to be readable by both a PC Windows machine and a Mac machine How do I create Mac compatible files so Creating a CD with files readable by both a PC and a Mac as to include them with the Windows compatible files and thus create a new CD that is compatible with both platforms Is it that I d have to create separate Mac compatible files and include them with the PC Windows compatible files on one CD OR Would I have to make two separate CD masters one PC compatible one Mac compatible When inserting the CD into a Mac or Windows machine if it Creating a CD with files readable by both a PC and a Mac has both platform file formats and having the CD auto-start if the CD has both PC and Mac compatible files on it will the correct files be accessed depending on which machine platform is being used to read the files Thanks in advance for any feedback D nbsp

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I had my Os disk crash on me and eventually went the route of putting two SATA disks in together with the Raid single 250GB disk. The problem i have now is that the raid disk which has some 150gb of info on cannot be accessed. Windows XP asks me if i want to format the disk?

I run a Asus P4C 800 Delux mobo, 1 gig of ram.

1 x 120gb on SATA 1
1 x 80gb on SATA 2
1 x 250gb on raid connection.

Is there anyway that i can get access to shift the files on this disk to my 300gb mobile disk?

MAny thanks
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I have Windows 8.1 on an HP Pavilion. I try to insert an SD Card into the sd card slot and it lights up like it is supposed to and appears in Windows Explorer. However, when I try to open it from Windows Explorer I get the message: "Please insert a disk into SD Card (F: )."

I have opened Device Manager and located "SD Card" there and tried to update the driver but it tells me my driver is already up to date.

A:SD Card recognized but not readable

Is this SD card readable in a different machine?
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Every month or so I try again to get help at The font size is so big that I can't see all of the word Microsoft on my full size screen. The top level navigation buttons in the upper left are fine but that is the only readable part of the page. And when I click them it takes me only to pages that have the same enlarged ego problem. This is not a joke however. It makes the entire MS support site unavailable to me. I am in Windows XP. This has never happened on any other website from any company.

A:MS Support Page is Not Readable

I have no idea why you are having problems with this. Try KBAlertz and see if you can access Knowledge base articles through them.

Since you have specified a specific article, here it is:
OL2002: Posts Do Not Honor Line Breaks in Plain Text Format
The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Outlook 2002

This article was previously published under Q287816
When you create a new plain text formatted post that contains line breaks, the line breaks are removed when the Auto Remove Line Breaks feature is enabled unless there are two successive line breaks. However, the posts do not display any indication that this has occurred, other than the change in formatting. The information bar message about extra line breaks does not appear, either in the Preview pane or when you read the post. This processing appears to happen when the message is initially posted.

Message items display the information bar as expected when the line breaks are removed.
Use one of the following methods to work around this problem.

NOTE: If you edit the existing post and you save the changes before you use one of the following methods, the line breaks are lost and can only be replaced manually.
Disable the feature that removes extra line breaks. Make note that this method disables the feature for all plain text items. To do this:
Open Outlook 2002.
On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Preferences tab, click the E-mail Options button.
Click to clear the Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages check box.
Click OK twice.
Use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) or Microsoft Outlook Rich Text formats. You change the format for individual messages, or for all messages. Use the following steps to change the format for all messages:
Open Outlook.
On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click the Mail Format tab.
Click either HTML or Rich Text in the Message Format section.
Click OK.
Use the following steps to change the format for individual messages (when you create a post item):
Open Outlook.
On the File menu, click New, and then click Post in This Folder.
Click Format, click HTML or Format, and then click Rich Text (if the desired option is missing, click Plain Text first, and both options appear).
For existing items, click Edit, and then click Revise Contents while in the post item before you change the format.

Click to clear the Unwrap Text check box that is inside the post item. This method allows you to restore the line breaks that were removed. To do this:
Open Outlook.
Open the post item.
Click Format.
Click to clear the Unwrap Text check box.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article. Click to expand...
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On vacation with my wife, and laptop. I brought along the internal HDD out of my desktop computer as well as a docking station to slave it to the laptop. I'd like to do some work with the desktop HDD but not sure if the data on the drive would be writeable or just readable.



A:Is my external HDD writeable or just readable

It should be writable BUT if your desktop is running Win 7, you may need to "take ownership" of the files before you can have write access. Here's a tutorial about taking ownership: Take Ownership - Allow or Prevent Users and Groups To
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Microsoft please make .gif readable like in XP.

I could put a .gif as a wallpaper in XP, in 7 I cant the gif stays stuck on the first frame of the .gif.

I only had to double click on a .gif to make it work in the default windows photo viewer,in seven it stays stuck on the first frame of the .gif.

A:Microsoft please make .gif readable like in XP

Welcome to the Seven Forums
This may help DreamScene - Install in Windows 7 and Vista

And this for viewing .gif it works very well
Windows 7 Gif Viewer Works perfectly
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Whenever I go to a website, the ensuing pages are too large to read and adjusting text size won't solve the problem. It's unresponsive and unfixable. Help me please.
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I ve been burning Bootable CDs in Nero for years but I recently ran into a problem in readable mode. Bootable not DOS CDs that made me change to Easy Media Creator I burned several bootable CDs with Easy Media Creator and they worked fine as a DOS bootable CD Bootable CDs not readable in DOS mode. and they were Bootable CDs not readable in DOS mode. fully readable Now for no apparent reason the disks I burn with Easy Media aren t readable in DOS When I do a DIR command in DOS the folder names don t match what shows in Windows Example The Drivers folder should show in DOS as all upper case but it shows in DOS mode as upper case D and the rest in lower case The EXE folder is named NEWFOL and the Original filder also shows as NEWFOL Now it is supposed to be impossible to have two folders by the same name but there it is--two folders with the same quot NEWFOL quot name Any ideas By the way as I typed this Nero just finished burning a bootable CD perfectly readable in DOS mode So what s with Easy Media all of a sudden nbsp
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I've got a problem! I just purchased a new installation disk with Windows XP SP2 and it is not readable!!! I tryed to open it on the others computers - no luck! I am running Ubuntu 8.10 right now - but also wanted to windows on the same machine for my business.
So what can I do? Buy another Windows???
Very Upset!! Hoping for some ideas from you.

A:new installation disk XP is not readable!!

Remember, its read only on a boot up, (computer boots to cd drive b4 hard drive) and the cd is in the tray when you power up the computer.
It wont read the cd if you have the computer on and try to use it as a normal cd.
If it truly wont be read, I would start with the store/online company you got it from.
Next stop would be Microsoft.
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hello guys i have a problem here that one of my drivers is not working and when i click it to open it show this message quot the file or directory is corrupted and un readable and when i open any thing like an IE page or my computre or any thing a message in the task bar beside the icons appears say that the driver quot h quot is unreadable un is The readable corrupt file and or corrupt please run check disk then when i run it it says something like the file is using by another process and click yes or no if u want to run chk dsk next time u restart then i restart my pc and nothing happen i realy dont care if i format it cuz its size is GB and the used space is mb but when i click format to drive quot h The file is corrupt and un readable quot it start to format it but when it is almost finish the message quot windos cannot format quot or something like that i cant remember the exact words another thing when i start yahoo and log in suddunly a message appears says quot that a file in my yahoo cache is corrupted then it restarts my pc without i click anything it just restart it suddenly gt i removed yahoo messenger from add remove progamms and then downloaded the last version of yahoo quot yahoo quot but the same thing happen please tell me what to do quot and please know that my english is not good so use words i understand and i dont know much quot or even less quot about computer please help thank u in advance name nbsp

A:The file is corrupt and un readable

You may have a bad hard drive. When you right-click on the hard drive in My Computer, choose Tools, Check the disk for errors. Then you check the box fo automatic fixing, select check disc on restart...
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A friend of mine has downloaded some texts from his mobile because he needs proof of something for a court case, this means dates of the texts are needed. It's downloaded as an xml file but it comes up as a bunch of code. The only really readable thing are the texts themselves but the dates are just a string of numbers now. Is there anything that can make this readable?

Here's a screen of the file opened in Internet Explorer

A:Need To Convert An XML File Into Something Readable

Try opening it with Microsoft Excel.
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So say I have a video in .avi format.
How do I convert this so it runs on Quick Time on a Mac OS X?

A:Converting .avi to a Mac-readable format

You can try this AVI to MOV Convertor

DivX Doctor II
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I recently purchased a DVD player burner which works with RAM, RW and -R. I played all of my 8mm tapes through the machine and recorded each DVD in -R format. Unfortunately, the only devise which can read this DVD is the one which burned it. Even my computer cannot see any files on it.

I would like to take the DVD's and convert the files over to a more usable format. Then I would like to edit the DVD and reburn from my computer.

Can this be done or Is there a better way?


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I ve had a Toshiba SD-MO G memory card GB for close to a year now without any problems It s been taken in and out of the camera to be placed in my laptop as well Card Not Memory Readable SD as the media card reader in our desktop to view copy and move pictures off of it About a week ago I placed the card into a Kodak picture frame to show some family members some pictures we took on vacation and they appeared just fine in the frame I put the card back in our camera and figured everything was OK When I turned the camera back on a few days later I got a quot SD Memory Card Not Readable Memory Card Error quot SD Memory Card Not Readable message and my camera could no longer see any of the pictures on the card I took the card out and placed it in my laptop It didn t even recognize that I had inserted the SD card into the media reader I then tried the card reader on our desktop and it could not recognize the card either It s not the camera because I put in a SanDisk SD card and the camera and laptop desktop can see the contents of that card just fine I m truly at a loss here and hoping that someone will tell me some way to retrieve the pictures off of the card I ve never had a problem with the card until now and can t figure out how why a card would just stop working all together like that without any warning Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone that replies to this message I could really use your help nbsp

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I'm not even sure if I'm posting on the right forum.
Please pardon me for the ignorance. I'm sure this is very simple.
If someone send me a Word attachment, I click on it, it opens but it's not readable. If I try to open or save a document or Word attachment it doesn't open! Well it opens but It's like it's encrypted. A dialog box appears " File Conversion" Select the encoding that makes your document readable." I tried everything Windows, MS-DOS, other encoding. What can I do?

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Does Windows 7 keep a readable system log to help trace problems etc?

A:Does Windows 7 keep a readable system log?

Event Viewer should help with problems.

Event Viewer - Open and Use in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums
Event Viewer is a tool that displays detailed information about significant events on your computer. Event Viewer can be helpful when troubleshooting problems and errors with Windows and other programs.
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hello guys hope u can help me with this yahoo. messengers massage is not readable..i can see the person on-line but the messages that was sent to me and the replied that i made is not visible my screen was totally blank...hope u can help me fixing this probs.....

best regards

A:yahoo messenger massage is not readable

Maybe you have set the font colour to white?

Try selecting the "blank" text in the conversation window.
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Hi this will be a bit of a ramble and have un-initialized Hard drives un-readable! become but let me set the scene Hard drives have become un-initialized and un-readable! The harddrive in my computer has become sluggish over the last few weeks and my computer has been behaving oddly which i didnt really mind as i dont do anything useful with this computer However this morning when attempting to retrieve some uni files my computer would repeatedly freeze when getting to desktop I took my harddrive down to the family computer and tried running the harddrive as a slave with that and neither drive would load checked jumper settings etc I then tried an old and what i thought was broken harddrive present in my computer and low and behold it still worked silly me all this for nothing Ive linked my knackered hard drive to my working one and it hasnt corrupted it or anything which was my first suspition with the family one When attached both unreadable harddrives are listed in bios and windows system tools but independantly they will not load their OS and ask for boot info early in the load process Is there any hope for either harddrive the fact they both have the same problem at the same time seems too coincidental for it to be a mechanical problem Thanks in advance nbsp

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I have a form made in Excel that I need to email people. I want them to be able to complete the information on the emailed copy.

Is there any way that those without Excel can access this form? If not, what software would you recommend I do the form in to make it accessible to most folks?


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I have occasionally recorded live music with a Sony Walkman Professional WM-D C and subsequently transferred the recordings to c d They are edited in Cool Edit Pro if necessary Sometimes the whole track of a cassette has been transferred to c d as one file others I have separated items into separate no longer readable track names c.d. files so that each of them can be assigned a c.d. track names no longer readable name which will appear in for example Windows Media Player With a view to extracting one or two of the tracks from one such c d c.d. track names no longer readable recorded a few years c.d. track names no longer readable ago which had individual names to the tracks I put it in the c d drive and track names and durations were displayed in Windows Media Player For reasons which completely escape me the tracks appeared out of order in the player s list are those I remember and they included a music track which was of a completely different genre and a sound effects file which also surprised me I was able to select either of these two tracks and play them The disc was put aside for a while When I next put it in the drive and looked at the files only one file is shown as Track cda bytes with no name Media Player displays it as Track and shows the full duration of it Furthermore the odd music item and the sound effect aren t apparently there any more at least the c d plays through and I hear only the main genre of music which I should have been there Most mysterious I wasn t drunk I don t take drugs Does anybody know what might have happened

A:c.d. track names no longer readable

It could be that your tracks appeared out of order because of the way WMP sorted them. If they were sorted by name, it's highly unlikely that the tracks would also be in numerical order. Did you try sorting by the columns?

If an audio CD has been made, you cannot treat the file like a Windows file. It's a long time since I delved into all that but the cda file is basically a pointer, it's not the audio itself. Put the CD into a player and it will be interpreted correctly. If that one track has a number of tunes on it, you will probably have to rip the audio CD into a wav file (using dBpoweramp, CDex etc), separate the tunes to individual wavs and store in whatever format you desire. You can probably do that in Cool Edit Pro.

Audio CDs have very little information on them, not even the track titles are stored on the CD. The player only knows the track number off the CD. The CD format was set in the mid 70s before the age of PCs. People played CDs on stereo systems which were dumb, no operating system there. You had to look at the jewel case sleeve to see the track titles. As PCs became household items, an internal player could play as a dumb player through the sound card. As software players were invented to complement the hardware, the ability to store track information, album art etc was born. These days you download all that stuff online eg freedb. None of that is on a standard audio CD (but may be on hybrid disks).
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I enclose a screenshot of what I mean. I'm talking about the icons on the 'sky' background, which I have great difficulty in reading. Is it possible to have so;id clour for those icons (all of the desktop icons)?

I'm using Win 7 64 HP. I've tried using Fences and Iconoid, but couldn't make much sense of them!

Thank you,

A:Make my desktop icons more readable!

Hello Bertie,

You might see how the icon text looks to you after turning off drop shadows for them.

Desktop Icon Labels - Turn Drop Shadows On or Off

In addition, you might open the Advanced Appearance Settings, select the Icon item, then adjust either it's font, font size, and try bold or unbold to see if it may help. I marked them in red in the screenshot below to help. The screenshot shows the default settings for the "Icon" item. This will change the text for all icons though, and not just on your desktop.

Hope this helps,
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I have a number of .wav Music files I'd like to convert so they'd be playable on a home or computer cd player's.
How would I do this, what kind of program would be needed, & are there any good freeware prog.'s which do this

A:Converting music .wav's to being readable on a cd player?

I’ve never done it, but your burner software should accept wave files and record them as audio CD just fine. I take it you must have tried that and failed – what burner software do you use?
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I'm using Office 2003 and when I try to open some Word documents, I get a pop-up screen that says 'select the encoding that makes your document readable'.

Text encoding:
o Windows default o MS DOS o Other encoding

The problem is none of the choices make my document readable. I have also followed Microsoft's Instructions and installed additional fonts by going to Advanced Customization...Office Shared Features...International Support...but this doesn't make the document readable either. I have also uninstalled and then reinstalled Office 2003, but the problem remains. Although this problem affects only a few documents, I want to know how to remedy it effectively. Any help will be appreciated.

A:some WORD documents aren't readable

Are you sure that they are WORD documents?

Where did you get these documents?
If you made them, what version of Word did you use to make them?
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I need help to convert the value in registry which contains Date.

In registry data value is: b6 92 d0 a8 e5 c0 00 00

Could you please tell me what that value means (in calender date format)?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi All,

My computer wasn't booting, saying something about drive not accessible so took out HDD and plugged it into another PC, it tried to run chkdsk but wasn't allowed because "corrupt master file table". Tried to access it on another computer and came up with "Disk structure is corrupt and not readable". I have since formatted the HDD, read another post on this forum as to how to recover files and fix the problem but what i really want to know is, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? And how can i prevent it from happening again? Is my HDD on its way out and need to be replaced? Did i do something wrong cause i only formatted it about a week ago due to viruses...

Any help greatly appreciated!

A:Disk structure is corrupt and not readable

I would replace that hard drive, then save the exisiting one for saving data or special projects... but beware that you may have some other serious, but intermittent, problem with the computer... Likely a power supply, or cable jack, or other issue.
You didn't tell us the age of your system, or brand, or brand or hard drive. It is always easy to speculate about the computer of somebody else...
You can possibly prevent it by spending some money for an uninterruptible power supply with battery that connects between your computer and the wall, being sure you have a quality power supply, assuring that all people who use that computer follow good procedures for shut down, backing up your data religiously, installing more memory than you need, replacing your optical drive every year whether it seems bad or not, and thinking pure thoughts.
Good luck to you. If anything goes awry, please let us know.
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I have a zip file inside in a navigation program.
The .zip file contanins some files in UTF-8 format and some in Ansi format.
When the navi run, it goes and read the .zip file and use it while the navi run.

The problem:
I want to hide (or to encrypt) some files inside the .zip file (not to be readable from anyone, but to be readble from the navi program).

If I lock the .zip file with a password, then the program don't run (it gives intialization error).

If I encrypt the file I want not to be readable then the program run but the files inside the .zip file can not be readable from the program.

Do you know how can I encrypt (in order not to be readable by anyone ) those file inside the .zip file but on the other hand to be readable (from the running program) .

Thanks in advace.

A:How to encrypt .zip file that will be readable from the program

You cannot. You have to decrypt the data for the program to read it.
If no one can read it, nothing can read it. A program is somebody (logically).
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When I entered a cd in the CD drive it wont be readable. Nothing would pop up on the screen. How do I fix this problem?

A:My CDDrive is not readable. How can I make it work?

Put in the CD then go to "Computer" and see if the drive is visible - see if you can explore the disk. If so, it's just not popping up which can easily be sorted it you pop back.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I have a new Drive that was formatted while attached to an External USB2 dock. I successfully moved about 1.5G of data onto it. But when I put it into a USB3 enclosure, it shows as uninitialized. Taking it out of that enclosure and putting it back in the USB2 dock, it reads fine. I have tried two other drives in the USB3 enclosure, and it reads them fine.

Any clue why the USB3 enclosure can't read a drive initialized under USB2?


A:External HDD is readable via USB2, but not USB3

No. The USB speed should have nothing to do with it.

Most likely the problem lies in the enclosure(s) itself.
You don't say how large the problem drive is compared to the other drives, but if it is larger than 2.2TB, and the USB2 enclosure is older, then the enclosure's driver may be using a software "fix" to read large drives, and that software is unrecognizable on the other enclosure.

Could be something else related to the enclosure, but that is the common problem.
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I have an extra hard disk 500GB I found unused so I bought an enclosure for it to make it like external hard drive.

The issue is, when plug it to computer and try to transfer files around 200MB it starts with decent speed then slows down to about 1 hour or less.
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I have an extra hard disk 500GB I found unused so I bought an enclosure for it to make it like external hard drive.

The issue is, when plug it to computer and try to transfer files around 200MB it starts with decent speed then slows down to about 1 hour or less.
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Hello I have several floppy disks made on an old IBM Thinkpad using an external floppy drive. Are these guaranteed to read on a newer floppy drive connected through a USB port on my current computer? (I haven't bought one yet.)

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I've got a database file (so i assume) that has been stored as a .bin file. Is it possible to convert this file from binary to a readable format?

I have a hex editor that converts this .bin file to hex and to ascii, but the ascii is not readable. Is there such a thing as a ASCII to Char conversion tool that I can use to interpret this ascii code?? Any links or help would be great. thank you.



A:.bin file conversion to readable format - is it possible?

ASCII is readable text...what exactly are you expecting to get out of the file?
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hello, im a little stuck on soemthing ive previously had no problems with - im trying to take a home movie in .avi format and put it onto disc to watch on a dvd player. The dvd player i have states it can recognise cd-r and cd-rw in divx format, so i converted it and it wont play. Ive looked through the operating instructions for the dvd player and it says it plays "DivX video files of format conforming to ISO 9660 Level 1/Level 2, or its extended format Joliet". Im guessing where ive gone wrong is that it doeant conform to this format, so how do I convert an avi to this format?

Many thanks x

A:converting avi to dvd readable format - stuck!

ISO 9660 Level 1/Level 2, or its extended format Joliet are not formats for the video file, these are specifications that deal with the burning process. This really shouldn't have any affect on your video.

What did you use to convert your .avi to Divx? What format is the .avi file in originally?

You may find some additional help at
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I sent a guy a file that I downloaded from a publishing house-- and he said it was blank. I re-sent the file and the same thing happened.

I re-checked the file for a third time and it works great with Foxit Reader & PDF Xchange Viewer-- but I wondered what program he was using; so I tried Adobe Reader. Indeed, the file is not readable with Adobe Reader (version 8)

I will certainly have him download one of the working programs- but wondering what might be up (as I thought the idea of Foxit & PDF Xchange Viewers was compatiblity)?

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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I burned a CD for my niece (various files & pics from documents, and misc). I run W98SE and she has XP. I closed out the CD-R so it would be readable in CD-ROM drives, but she can't read it (she lives in another state, so she can't come over here and view these things). I've heard that Adaptec Direct CD (which I have) is not compatible with XP. If that is true, is there still a way I could burn this CD for her so she can read it, or would I need some special hardware? Thanks for any help

A:98SE Burned Disk Not Readable On XP

You need to use a CD burning application and just burn a standard data CD, don't use packet writing software if you want it to be portable.
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Both my Copernic desktop search and X1 desktop search when indexing my collection of OTR MP3s crashed my system. I assume that both of them reach a file which is malformed and not being able to process it close everything. Unfortunately they do not provide an error log.

I hope there is a utility which will test the files and record any file that is irregular.

If you know of such a product I would appreciate your sharing the information.

Thank you

A:Utility to Verify Files Are Readable?

i don't know of a tool you ask about.. but here's a couple alternate suggestions

1) Can you delete the current indices for your desktop search tools. Then try re-indexing from scratch to see if the problem still exists
2) Look at the Windows Event Logs to see if any clues/information were left there. I believe you'll want to look at both the System and Application log files for any recent ERROR or WARNING events that might be relevant. Also note the entries are timestamped so you can also see if they were generated while the desktop search / indexing engine was running
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Sigh I have a Western Digital Caviar GB SATAII running as my master hard drive and then I have a Maxtor GB IDE hard drive running as a slave for storage I used the Maxtor for backing up all my files and where I kept all corrupt readable and Disk is structure not my installation executables on so if I Disk structure is corrupt and not readable ever reformatted I wouldn t have to raid the Internet Disk structure is corrupt and not readable for everything since I could just reinstall it all right away from the Maxtor I don t recall anything to important fortunately but to save me many pain staking hours I would really like to know if I could get it back On to the problem I was defragmenting my hard drives and decided to run quot CHKDSK quot on startup I m not sure If any errors occurred because I went for a cat nap as it did its thing I came downstairs to discover that when I went into quot My computer quot and tried to open quot D quot Maxtor hard drive this error shows up which hadn t happened before D is not accessable The disk structure is corrupt and unreadable I don t know about you but this doesn t sound like a good thing While the drive is still displayed in quot My computer quot its no longer on the defraging list in Diskeeper I ll go look it up on google but are their any suggestions on what I should do now to get the information back NEW INFO It appears that my D drive has decided it doesn t like the NTFS file format so it ditched me and turned into RAW I heard their is some way to extract the files from it so I ll let you know how it goes don t hold back to tell me anything though I guess if worst comes to worst I ll have to reformat the drive T T nbsp

A:Disk structure is corrupt and not readable

Hard Drive diagnostic programs
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My system crashed. I do not have any recovery CDs. Therefore, the hard disk is readable, I can see the recovery partition. But system does not starts normally due to windows is bad or missing necessary OS entities; when the laptop-computer starts, it indicates to Install Operating System. Please advice me.
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I have been in contact with several "women" from Ghana, and others who keep me on myspace while I open my email on gmail, and they approach invisible, and put my email in a loop, to somehow be able to read my files, how is this done and how can I stop it. This has happened at least three times and I wind up with my own ID in my contacts list as a result to show it was in a loop. it always happens when I open a chat window, and the text is sent as a email that I typed supposed to go to who I was attempting to chat, and they are mimmicking me, and reading my files. Any suggestions [email protected]? JosephfromNC
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My Dell Inspiron 580MT is 6 years old. Recently the monitor has suddenly gone very pale with text hardly readable.  Two weeks ago, someone lent me another monitor to try and eliminate the problem and that seemed to cure it.  No further problem until now.  The problem has happened again!  Could it be a sick graphics card?  Occasionally the problem rights itself and the picture returns to normal for a short time with a little flickering.
The card is 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 5450.
I didn't know which forum to post to, but thought I would start here and hopefully someone will redirect me.  Any help would be much appreciated - not too technical please.

A:Monitor suddenly goes very pale, hardly readable.

Honestly, if that's it, I say just take that graphics card out & use the integrated graphics.
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Once upon a time I did a back up of XP prior to doing a clean install of up a on Win case? Will machine, in another back 7 be readable just Win I was unable to open and use the Windows back up I suspect it was quot chained quot to the XP serial number and for security would not allow me to open it fortunately Will a Win 7 back up be readable on another machine, just in case? I had DVD back up's to save me So my question is if I back up with Win and do a clean install for Win is Microsoft going to quot protect quot me and not let me use my backed up data to reconstitute quot Users quot folders docs photos music etc My test of a back up has always been to plug my back up drive into another computer to see if I can read it but thats not doable for me right now Or should I just keep Will a Win 7 back up be readable on another machine, just in case? it simple and do the Win as an upgrade I'm not anyone who has confidential documents etc beyond my dog's shot record Thanks in advance

A:Will a Win 7 back up be readable on another machine, just in case?

Take a system image with Macrium Reflect as linked in my signature, if you don't like Windows 10 then you can restore the image of Windows 7 so you'll be back where you were before the upgrade.

Imaging with free Macrium
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Hi there I have a HP Pavilion 15 p239sa laptop, bought last year with Windows 10 pre-installed Ive never needed to use the built-in SD card reader until yesterday, and its not working. The computer plays the 'new thing connected' noise when I insert an SD card, but it doenst appear as a drive in This PC, and it doesnt appear in Disk Management. In Device Manager, Ive updated  the Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller. No joy Ive tried installing various versions of the Realtek driver, including the one from the HP website. No joy. Ive tried different SD cards - sometimes it plays the 'new thing connected' sound but the disk doesnt appear, sometimes it does nothing at all. Its basically like the Card Reader doesnt exist. according to my laptop. What do I do now? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated
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Both my Copernic desktop search and X1 desktop search when indexing my collection of OTR MP3s crashed my system. I assume that both of them reach a file which is malformed and not being able to process it close everything. Unfortunately they do not provide an error log.

I hope there is a utility which will test the files and record any file that is irregular.

If you know of such a product I would appreciate your sharing the information.

Thank you

A:Solved: Utility to Verify Files Are Readable?

Run MP3Test and it will show you which mp3's have errors and what type of errors. The program is a free trial and when 30 days are up you can still use it but with a nag screen.

Most errors are from garbage at the front or the end of the file. You can usually fix them with mpTrim, however the free version only lets you edit one file at a time.

If you have a lot of files to fix try MP3 Repair Tool.
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I have a huge volume of messages piled during the last years I would like to move into a CD or an external HD, while I relase my OE from the unnecessary size of so many messages. Do you have any idea what software or program can I use to have these messages filed into a readable format quite like you read them at OE ?

Thanks for your help.


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The CD and DVD drives (two different drives) on this HP Media Center system with Windows XP are fully functional and readable in DOS mode but not in Windows. This tells me there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

In Windows, we insert a CD or DVD and the cursor blinks a few times over 10 seconds or so, alternating between a simple pointer and a pointer accompanied with a CD. After a few seconds, it settles down but, when we open that drive letter, it is simply an empty window. Typing the setup command from a DOS or Run box results in nothing happening.

If I open a DOS box and log to the CD or DVD drive letter, I get an "Incorrect function" error. Logging to hard drives works okay, though.

I've scanned for viruses via Bart's PE and McAfee and it comes up clean.

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Hello, unfortunately while cleaning my home I accidently dropped a bunch of Utility and OS CDs. My Windows XP Professional SP1 fell and got scratched, I put the disk in my computer and checked many of the files. Seems readable, but I want to make sure. Any recommendations for:

- Software that can make sure the data on the disk is readable.
- Repair the one significant scratches on the disk even though it is readable. Any recommendations for CD/DVD scratch repair kits?
- I've decided to put all the OS and utility disk CDs in a sleve and/or sleve case.

In case you're woundering, I made a backup copy of the XP Pro disk the day I opened it. Aways used the backup and never original disk. Tonight I'll copy the original to make sure the disk is readable, or should I hold off on that?

Suggestions, comments, recommendations...

Thank you.

A:Windows XP Professional CD Scratched - Seems Readable - Need Asistances - Etc.
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I get emails from a couple different people that display in what looks like code.  How can I make it readable?  I'm using Outlook 2002.  Thanks in advance.
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2 Days Ago I Bought A New Graphics Card ATI Radeon 6450HD,And Installed It In My PC And Installed The Drivers.
But After Installing The ATI Catalyst Drivers I Found That The Text Was Not Readable(Blur) And The Icons Are Also Looking Blur.
I Also Tried To Update The Drivers But No Success.
Please Help.

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at first excuse my bad english, please. :)

I bought my L500-208 a few years ago, with Windows7 64bit.
My activation-Key is on the bottom, but its not really readable completely anymore. I still got the bill included the bill of the license key (Windows7 64bit).
How do i get my activatino-key back. Is there any way to get it?

Thank you for your helpp,


A:Win7 Windows key on my Satellite L500 is not readable

Maybe it sounds stupid now but it is not important if this product key is readable or not. It is just evidence that you have bought notebook with preinstalled OS and valid licence key.

This key belongs to original preinstalled OS (recovery image) and this original recovery image must not be activated. You can install it 1000 times and it will be activated every time after clean installation.

In case that you want to install other OS version this key cannot be used for activation. Simply put, this key is useless.
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I want to scan a newspaper article with multiple segments into one easily readable file. Using Adobe Reader XI, I have scanned(HP 3050 J610 Series) each part into my computer. Having multiple pdf files is not useful to me. In Adobe Reader I have taken a snapshot of each segment and pasted each into Word. Part of the article is too wide to fit on the printed page, and shrinking the print is not an option - so this won't work. If I could get the entire article into one, easy to read, pdf file - that would work. Buying additional software is not an option at this time. Also, I need to be able to email this file as an attachment or as a link with Google Drive. ?

A:How can I combine multiple scans into one easily readable file?

PDFBinder is a free, simple tool to combine multiple pdfs into one pdf
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I have had a GigaSave SATA IDE USB Hard Disk connected to my lap top via USB for maybe months with no problems Some time ago I realised the DVD drive was not working properly but didnt worry as I was not really using it I no Storage Device Solved: longer readable...HELP External bought a new Lexmark printer scanner copier and needed to install the software which meant I had to fix the DVD thing I searched the net and found a solution in fixit stating toshiba satellite lap tops with Vista were creating problems with the DVD Mat a DVD device I went Solved: External Storage Device no longer readable...HELP through the process mentioned which included going into regedit system current control control class and deleting upper and lower filters whatever they are This corrected the problem with the DVD immediately and I installed the new software I then went to locate my External Storage Disk and the Solved: External Storage Device no longer readable...HELP pathway had disappeared It does not show up in my computer It does show up in Device Manager under USB devices as Mass Storage Device and also under DISK DRIVES as USB device I tried going to disk management where it shows Solved: External Storage Device no longer readable...HELP up as Disk unknown and unreadable When I initially added the device to the Lap Top it selected it as D Drive When I fixed the DVD problem it reverted to D drive and seems to have overridden the Ext Storage Disk pathway I have gone though the reboot uninstall reinstall drivers reboot unplug plug in turn on turn off How can I reloacte the External Hard Disk again and give it a pathway I dont want to lose my stored information naturally I have also renamed the DVD drive as E drive which didnt help Please help me Pene nbsp

A:Solved: External Storage Device no longer readable...HELP

First of all, plug the external into another system to test. If it works there, then we can continue to attempt getting it to work. If it is not read/recognized in another system, then you have a different problem.
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My System OS Windows XP Professional w SP Hardware ECS motherboard yes I can confirm ECS sucks Intel Core Duo CPU GB RAM IDE Hard Drives GB connected to PATA controller on motherboard GB GB GB GB connected to PCI IDE controller card Description of Problem My system has been freezing up about - times a of After drives HELP! not hard XP a couple my freeze, are Windows readable. week on average for the past few months I reboot and just continue my business as usual After such a freeze today I rebooted the system When it came After Windows XP freeze, a couple of my hard drives are not readable. HELP! back up my torrent program which starts automatically with Windows reported some errors with not being able to find certain directories I used Windows Explorer to check just one of my hard drives the GB and yes some directories were empty when there should have been files there So I rebooted Windows again and this time Windows gave me the blue screen where it automatically performed chkdsk Hundreds of files scrolled by with a message saying something like quot orphaned file quot so all those directories which I thought were lost were being recovered so I was relieved When I got back into Windows the directories I checked were correct on the GB hard drive which I checked before HOWEVER now I noticed that for my two GB drives which I did not examine before Windows Explorer didn't list their custom volume name next to their drive letters like it did for my other drives for those two drives it said Local Disk F and Local Disk H When I click on the drives I get this message for both drives The disk in drive F H is not formatted Do you want to format it now YES NO Of course I click no When I right click for the properties of the drive it says the file system is RAW All my drives should be NTFS format So the question is what do I need to do to get Window XP to recognize these drives again I'm sure the problem is software and not hardware since they are two different drives and I experienced data problems with the other drive too after the freeze but it got corrected by Windows I am praying I can recover these two drives as they contain most of my media family photos and music Please help

A:After Windows XP freeze, a couple of my hard drives are not readable. HELP!

Try this:Boot to your WinXP Setup CD
At the 1st window with the Repair option on the bottom Statusbar, do that to open the Repair Console
When you get to the Repair Console's Command Prompt enter CHKDSK C: /R (the R is not a typo)
Let CHKDSK do its thing, then reboot
Repeat this procedure, CHKDSK drv: /R, for every hard drive in your system, including reboot after each HD.

Also, running CHKDSK from the desktop (via Start menu, Accessories, Command Prompt) by entering CHKDSK C: /F (the F is not a typo), occasionally. This should be part of your general system maintenance routine. Note that this will require a reboot to actually run for C:.

Hope this helps.
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I have about 800MB of .dbx files how to I convert these into an easily reable format for
an non-IT person?

A:How do I convert .dbx files into an easily readable format for an non-IT person?
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I own a Toshiba Satellite P200-1FC and its running original Windows Vista Home premium edition (originally Installed when I bought it). I do have the original CDs that came in the box.

I want to reformat the Hard drive and reinstall Windows Vista but the sticker under my notebook is not readable any more. Do I need it if I reinstall windows vista with the recovery disks that came with the notebook? If I need them in installation process how can I retrieve my instalation key since sticker is all wiped clean and not readable? Is it somewhere in some file on my computer or do I need to get microsoft to retrieve it for me?

Please help me I do not want to take chance to ruin perfect system just because of instalation key. Thank you

A:Satellite P200-1FC - Vista product key not readable anymore, do I need it?


If you have to install windows with recovery disk, you don't need installation key:) But if you want to retrieve it before installation, you can use a program like Keyfinder. It retrieves Windows and Office serial key
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how to make smb in windows (the sharing of folders) only readable and not writable? it seems nothing i do solve it

A:making sharing folders only readable on home network (Win10)

These links may help: