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Replacement motherboard - some advice?

Q: Replacement motherboard - some advice?

Hi there,

I'm new the forum and could use some advice. I have experience with removing and replacing all parts of the computer except motherboards.

Cutting the long story short, I tried updating my BIOS last night and I have now ended up with a corrupt BIOS and everytime I try to boot from my Windows 7 CD it blue screens.

I think its time for an upgrade and therefore I would like some suggestions on a new motherboard. I have already bought a 1TB SATAII HDD which is on its way. I would like to replace the motherboard.

I currently have a ASUS P5N73-AM

My computer has a Quad-Core processor, I don't need the built-in Graphics card as I have a stand-alone ATI card. I have 4GB of RAM, but if possible would like to upgrade to 6 or 8.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for you help in advance,


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Preferred Solution: Replacement motherboard - some advice?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacement motherboard - some advice?

We need to know the exact model of CPU, but from what you've said, you have a LGA775 motherboard, and DDR2 RAM. Your CPU is likely a Core2Quad, but it doesn't hurt to confirm exactly what CPU you have.

You will be limited by the fact your current motherboard is also mATX, and because most DDR2 motherboards in that format for your CPU have only two slots available, and a max RAM of 4GB - it looks like your at your maximum already.

That said, here are some I would consider (I prefer Gigabyte over everything else but its personal preference):

1. Asus P5KPL-AM EPU iG31 Socket 775 onboard VGA 6 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard £32.94 from eBuyer
2. Asrock G31M-S R2.0 G31 Socket 775 VGA Out 6 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard This supports 8GB RAM £32.99 from eBuyer
3. Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L iG31 Socket 775 onboard VGA 7.1 channel audio mATX Motherboard £33.00 from eBuyer
4. Asus P5QPL-AM iG41 Socket 775 onboard VGA 6 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard this supports 8GB RAM £34.90 from eBuyer

You will need to ensure you check your CPU is supported by the motherboards above if you wish to purchase them - or let us know and we can confirm for your peace of mind.
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My computer recently crashed and at first I thought the power supply blew but after replacing it it is still not working. I am fairly certain my motherboard is the problem and I was wondering if someone could help me find a good cheap replacement.

I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L motherboard currently
an Intel E5200 CPU
A Geforce 9600 GSO GPU
G SKill 4gb ram
An Antec earthwatts EA500 500w PSU
I'm looking for a decent cheap alternative, I am very short on money at the moment. Obviously I need something with an LGA 775 socket capable of running a dual core duo CPU and also a PCI Express 2.0 slot for my GPU.

A:Need advice on replacement motherboard

How can you be certain you won't replace the board and find to your dismay that it is the processor that is bad and not the board?
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I have a 4 year old MESH PC with a dead motherboard-its an ASUS A8N-SLI (socket 939), the processor is an ATHLON 64X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+. Ideally I don't want to have to change the CPU as it seems fast enough for my requirements at the moment. I also want to reuse the 1024mb of DDR400 PC3200 memory. The A8N board was a bit overspecified for my requirements- I don't need SLI. My video card is a NVIDIA Geforce 7600GT PCI Express. I aslo have a Creative sound card. Would be looking for reliability as a prime concern-the ASUS board was always flaky

Any recommendations please?

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My current Motherboard has only 2 USB ports that are not working. The network adapter seems to be having some problems too.
I am thinking of replacing the mobo.
How much of an undertaking is this.
I am in A+ Hardware and OS class now and have some background in this area.
Besides the mobo, what else do I need to buy? I have two CD drives, a HDD, Floppy, Video Card.

Thanks for your input

A:Motherboard Replacement? Advice Needed

Are you sure you don't just have driver issues? Do you have updated chipset drivers for your MB?

Personally, Unless I wanted to upgrade memory speed and/or CPU, I would add a USB expansion card before I'd replace a motherboard. It's cheaper and and a lot less can go wrong.

Not sure what you mean by saying your network interface is "having problems". Generally, it works or it doesn't. How are you networked? To a router or modem? If my network is droping out intermentantly, I'd look at the router first. Have you performed any network performance tests?
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I need to replace the motherboard on a Compaq Presario nx specs below and I am looking for some help From all of my troubleshooting I have determined that the MB is dead Swapped out the memory power supply video card flashed the bios and still nothing Should I upgrade the MB and Replacement Needed Advice Motherboard maybe the CPU while I am at it or just get a near identical replacement I don Motherboard Replacement Advice Needed t have much money to spend so the upgrade wouldn t be drastic anyway I have read a few posts about replacing the MB by uninstalling drivers etc so that it would be a clean swap out but that requires me to be able to boot up and I can t even get into the bios What do I have to look forward to when I replace the MB and possibly the CPU Specs Celeron C GHz MHz front side bus Socket Chipset - ATI Radeon Xpress for Intel Processors Motherboard-Manufacturer ECS Name RC ST-HM HP Compaq motherboard name Alhena -GL Vista Home Basic gb memory Thank you nbsp

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Could someone help me find a good replacement motherboard for the rest of my components This is a looong story sorry in advance Here is what's going on I had a motherboard die MSI K SLI Platinum Yeah it's a MUCH older board A capacitor decided to start bulging and I had everything setup how I liked it so I found an exact Please replacement advice give on motherboard replacement Long story short the board I found was used and was cheap I put it all together with a new Watt PS and ran it for a few days Everything Please give advice on replacement motherboard seemed fine then for no reason the computer just shuts down no warning nothing Power light on the front of the case is flashing and the only way I can restart the machine is by switching off the PSU and unplugging it waiting till it discharges and then plug it back in and then it switched back on I thought it was some overheating problem after doing some research So I bought one of those pretty good Thermaltake SpinQ fans I thought I had figured out the problem and maybe the mainboard was shutting down because of heat A week ago it decided to shut down in the middle of work no warning It wasn't hot at all CPU was barely at c and the system was a few degrees warmer So I cross this out I check the BIOS on the MOBO and it's the last one they put out for this board I found a bunch of threads on a forum talking about MSI boards and this shutting down for no reason problem I didn't find a solution Computer was acting fine until today Today it decided to act up like a red-headed step child It shut down - times before I boot it in safe mode and backed up all my stuff While in safe mode it was fine It didn't shut down or act up I rebooted into windows and seconds after Event Viewer it shut down again Thinking I had some kind of weird stuff going on I rebooted back into safe mode and started looking for some kind of sign However when the power shuts down abruptly there's nothing you can see here I found some errors on Windows Indexing files being corrupt At this point after all was backed up I wrote zeroes to the drive and reinstalled a clean Windows seconds into a fresh install in Normal mode and it shuts down again I went BACK into safe mode and it was stable To me this makes no sense at all I would like to guess it was the power supply because it's not a name brand high power unit But if it was the power supply wouldn't it kill over in safe mode just the same So at this point I'm guessing it's the motherboard What I would like for you guys to do is offer me some advice for a replacement motherboard I don't have a ton of money to throw into this thing because eventually it will get left behind here when I move back to the states My system OS Windows Ultimate CPU AMD Athlon X Dual Core Motherboard MSI K Platinum SLI JUNK Memory G-Skill PC - GB Graphics Card s MSI GeForce GTS OC X SLI Sound Card M-Audio Delta PCI Monitor s Displays X Acer quot LDC Screen Resolution X Hard Drives X Hitachi SATA GB Thanks in advance

A:Please give advice on replacement motherboard

In safe mode the drivers for your video card are not active....I would try a power supply....
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Hi replacement on Deluxe P6T ASUS V2 Motherboard please. Advice for All After trying just about everything to sort out the regular USB failure on my ASUS P T Deluxe V Advice on replacement for ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard please. I decided it was a motherboard fault and replaced the motherboard processor and RAM to rebuild my Video Editing Suite pc running monitors as all the other components in the tower were still relevant graphics cards Blu-ray writer etc I chose an Advice on replacement for ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard please. ASUS P Z -V Pro with an i - K processor and GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM This Editing pc is now up and running perfectly but I now have an i - x Ghz processor with GB of Corsair XMS DDR MHz RAM going spare My other everyday quot General purpose quot pc -ASUS P W DH Deluxe Pentium D GB of RAM - works faultlessly but is quite old dating from October Despite this pc working faultlessly I am now thinking of rebuilding the pc around a new motherboard which will use up my now spare i - processor Intel CPU Cooler and GB RAM Ideally I would have liked to simply use a new ASUS P T Deluxe V but sadly they are no longer made I can pick up a factory reconditioned one on ebay or a regular used one on ebay but I was wondering if there is perhaps another suitable motherboard even better than the P T Deluxe V which I can buy brand new and get a full warranty of course I use Windows Ultimate edition bit on my Video Editing pc and will want to use this also on the new build I can only do bit on the current P W DH Deluxe general machine I use a couple of DVD writers and Icy Box caddies for my many HDDs There is a floppy drive but I could lose that and I am happy to use just twin monitors on the new build I have a spare NVidia Geforce graphics card My question then is should I go for a reconditioned used P T Deluxe V or a new motherboard If I go new probably my preferred route which motherboard will give me excellent performance I believe I need a socket X board but I'm sure the members here know far more about this than I do so could I please ask for your recommendations and suggestions as to my best way forward Many thanks Paolo

A:Advice on replacement for ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard please.

Hi this is one possible suggestion Micro Center - Computers, Electronics, Computer Parts, Networking, Gaming, Software, and more! you can find more boards here
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Well I Just Bought A Broken Emachines I Thought The Capacitors Where Blown But They Look Fine The Problem Is It Wont Post It Has A Via Chipset Thats Probly The Problem I Dont Want To Get The Emachines Replacement Because It Costs 2 Much The Emachine Is A T2200 If Any Body Could Help Me Find A Great Fit Motherboard That You Can Hook Up The Front Usb Port To The Motherboard That Would Be Great It Has A Amd Processor And I Would Like It To Have Onboard Video It Dosent Matter What Ram It Takes

A:Emachines Bad Motherboard Whats A Good Replacement Motherboard

Need a motherboard here too

for the same model that is
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Well After years my MB has passed away To many swollen capacitors so now I have to replace it It was a old socket Asus A N -SLI Deluxe and I m really gonna miss it Now it s time to move on and I need some advice on what to replace it with I have a budget of around to replace the MB For MB Advice/Opinion Replacement Need CPU Ram and DVD CD Burner and I done some research and I think the following components are compatible with each other Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Cpu http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Ram http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CD Burner http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E OS System http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I had my Need Advice/Opinion For MB Replacement power supply Gpu and HDD checked and all tests were fine with them I have a old Nvidia GTX for my gpu and I just replaced my HDD around months ago I have a watt power supply made by Thermaltake here is the model http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E The MB I m thinking of buying says It needs a pin power connector and I m not sure If my power supply has this due to the age I m not sure if these links will work but I m not the greatest and linking Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Need Advice/Opinion For MB Replacement

Good selections, but you could always scale back on the CPU (like a 955 Black Edition) and a cheaper Gigabyte AM3 board and go for a 8GB RAM package.

All in all, nothing really to complain about the choices you have.
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Hmmm been looking at whats out there and havnt found anything that fits, this is what I would like to do...
I will have a Dell XPS 15 with 2xslidenjoy screens.
Want to replace using real paper, looked at Livescribe pens and thier competitors, they all require an Apple device, something im not willing to do. I tried using a Surface Pro 4, the issue is the screen is too small and the battery wont last all day. Ipad Pro seems to have the right size screen, the pen looks too basic.
Anyone had any experience or can recommend a solution, thanks!
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Hi. Very soon I'll be doing a major overhaul of my computer, looking to future-proof my gear. ANYWAY, damn near everything except the CD-ROM drive and the Hard Drives are being switched out. I know I'll have to uninstall the video card drivers and prepare to reactivate Windows, but will I run into any show-stopping issues with the Mobo and CPU change?


A:Advice about hardware replacement

I assume you are intending to use the existing hard drive with XP already installed?

It's really kind of hit and miss (mostly miss). Sometimes you can get it to boot in safe mode and then do a repair install causing Windows to detect the new hardware. Chances are better if the old and new CPU and chipsets are similar (eg: AMD CPU with nVidia chipset) but you'd be better off reinstalling.
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I have a Dell Precision Workstation with Dual Xeon Ghz processors GB RAM and an AGP PRO video slot I was running XP Pro on it but with End-of-Life looming AGP Need replacement on card advice Video thought I had better upgrade Need advice on replacement AGP Video card it Upgraded first to Vista Business in-place in order to preserve the environment and then immediately upgraded to Windows Pro installed SP and performed all the updates The problem is with my video card It is an Nvidia Quadro NVS SD driving DVI connections to a pair of iH quot displays at x However I quickly started having BSODs indicating a problem with NV MINI SYS NV MINI SYS Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Need advice on replacement AGP Video card Additional information about the Need advice on replacement AGP Video card problem BCCode BCP FCEA D BCP BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product The current driver that kind of works between BSODs is V which is the W K XP driver I was using before I tried to use the Vista driver V but couldn't get the Dual Monitors at x resolution to work So the question is is there some way to get the Quadro NVS to work or will I have to change to a different board And if change is required what W supported board would be recommended I already tried a Radeon X Pro board that I had in another system but couldn't get it to even display POST Thanks in advance for your help Andy Tabor

A:Need advice on replacement AGP Video card

Any AMD or nVidia AGP card that supports W7 should work. Use Tigerdirect or Newegg to search for one.

Video / Graphics Cards at

Video Cards, Desktop Video Cards -
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Aloha I have a mature circa gateway xl running xp pro with a ati radeon series mb agp video card I ve been getting several error messages blue screen shut downs etc that seem to point to a failing video card replaced once while under warranty Gateway email support weak reviewed my error codes and concurred w my assesement card on the out replace Also I ve turned off the acceleration in the display control panel amp updated my driver from advice replacement card video the ati site after completely uninstalling the old software I ve read multiple forums regarding comparable replacements and it seems that several of the main contenders are the Radeon pro read about noisy fans x pro or GeForce gt video card replacement advice Most of these are available as mb agp to fit my board When I read that stats they all seem to require power of - w my existing power supply is w I do not wish to throw good money at old equipment until I need to replace the whole thing but for now wish to keep this alive spend as little as I need to and maintain the same or close to the same level of quality for my graphic use primarily photoshop amp some video editing Questions Card choice for functionality which of the above or others are recommended Re radeon cards can I expect equal quality from the ati manufacturers e g sapphire vs diamond vs vision tech etc What about the power requirements Are there any compatible decent agp cards dvi monitor that will run on w power Again I don t really want to begin adding piles of new equipment to an old machine Advice amp feedback much appreciated If you need more stats on my machine advise and I ll post if that assists in getting sound feedback Mahalo nbsp

A:video card replacement advice

Decision made....

I found a new 9800 pro agp on ebay for about $60 w/ shipping. I was scrambling since as of a few days ago I only found used replacements or an excessive price. Hopefully case closed.
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I d like some input- Here s what I ve got Intel D GLC motherboard Pro network P ghz MHz fsb level Replacement Video Card Advice? cache kb level cache mb gb x Corsair XMS PC DDR matched pair Sound Blaster Audigy zs sound card GeForce Ti Ultra xp- mb DDR oc-memory email protected core email protected AGP x LiteOn x DVD -R -RW R double layer Writer ReWriter Asus x x x CD-ReWriter Generic A Drive Antec w true blue power supply gb Western Digital Caviar hard drive rpm mb cache OK- I have read quite a few reviews on Video Card Replacement Advice? the ATI X XT all-in-wonder video card mb GDDR AGP x TV-Tuner MHz core speed MHz GDDR memory speed pixel pipelines gb peak memory bandwidth All of the reviews have said quot still one of the fastest D cards none of the shortcomings of previous Video Card Replacement Advice? A-I-W cards quot etc If I replace my video card with the x xt a-i-w will I really see much of a difference I have been content with my GeForce Ti and it hasn t given me any problems but I m ready to move up What kind of graphics speed overall performance improvements will or won t this card give me over my current one All information amp opinions welcome nbsp

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Hi nbsp I recently cracked my x resolution diagonal HD Brightview LED display screen on my dv - cl laptop and need advice on a replacement nbsp The model on a seller's screen with the same laptop is B RW v nbsp H W A nbsp F W made by AU Optronics nbsp Does the voltage have to be the same v nbsp I've seen other screens with v v and v nbsp How important are the H W and F W and do they have to match nbsp I've seen the H W being offered in A A and A too nbsp What do I need to know about the back light and number of pins nbsp How many pins should the connector have nbsp Several sellers have warned to make sure that the backlight lines up nbsp What does that mean nbsp Does glossy or matte matter nbsp I think I have glossy now so I am leaning towards Glossy nbsp Are their other brands besides AU Optronics that will work Need laptop advice screen my for replacement with my laptop nbsp Can you provide specific model s nbsp Please tell me everything I need to know to make Need screen replacement advice for my laptop this purchase nbsp Thank you
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This is my motherboard specs They do ot make this board any more Can I use a differant board to replace this one or am I looking at a new computer My problem is the USB Contoler is gone in mine and they can t fix it Garry email protected HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications K S-LA Salmon Motherboard specifications table Motherboard layout and photos Clearing the CMOS settings Clearing the BIOS password Motherboard specifications table Form factor Micro-ATX form factor in x in System BIOS Replacement Motherboard Supplier Award Processor AMD Athlon processor with HyperTransport support Processor socket type Socket Processor front side bus frequency MT s MHz Motherboard Replacement Maximum approved processor Athlon AMD Motherboard Replacement Athlon Chipset quot North Bridge quot SiS Chipset quot South Bridge quot SiS Memory type PC or PC DDR Memory sockets x -pin DDR DIMM Maximum Memory GB Graphics None Graphics configuration Up Graphics connector AGP AGP x Audio Integrated AC AC CODEC Device Realtek ALC C -channel CODEC Audio Jacks Legend below M F B LI F B LO Headphone connector Ethernet LAN supplier Realtek RTL CL LAN PHY Fast Ethernet LAN controller Ethernet configuration Integrated Down IEE VIA VT IEE Front Back Options F B SATA connectors SATA connectors supports a total of drives serial ATA- disk drive on each connector IDE UDMA modes x UDMA Expansion slots AGP PCI Exten AGP PCI USB ports Up to USB Front Back Options Up to F B Serial parallel floppy PS keyboard and mouse S P F PS K M Available manufacturing options Legend below ULE Manufacturing options Legend Legend Meaning -Channel audio A Audio down on motherboard C External L cache on motherboard E on motherboard G Graphics down on motherboard or in chipset L LAN on motherboard Ethernet P - PCMCIA slot LI Line In LO Line out M Microphone M G Midi Game S S power management support S O Speaker T TV-out on motherboard U Graphics card up not on motherboard W Microsoft Windows XP hardware compliant Motherboard layout and photos Figure Layout Figure Photo Figure View of back panel connectors - PS mouse - Parallel port - IEEE connector - RJ- connector - Line in jack - Line out jack - Microphone jack - USB connectors - USB connectors - VGS connector - Serial connector - PS Keyboard Clearing the CMOS settings CAUTION Do not change any jumper setting while the PC is running Damage to the motherboard may result The J jumper allows you to clear the Real Time Clock RTC RAM in CMOS You can clear the CMOS memory of date time and system setup parameters by erasing the CMOS RTC RAM data The onboard button cell battery powers the RAM data in CMOS which includes system setup information Turn off the PC and unplug the power cord Move the J jumper cap from pins - Normal to pins - Clear CMOS Keep the jumper on pins - for about seconds then move the cap back to pins - Plug the power cord and turn on the PC Clearing the BIOS password The BIOS password protects the BIOS from undesired changes If password checking is enabled and you need to disable it use the following steps CAUTION Do not change any jumper setting while the PC is running Damage to the motherboard may result Turn off the PC and unplug the power cord Move the jumper from pins - Normal to pins - Clear Password Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer As soon as you see the first logo screen turn off the computer Move the jumper from pins - to back to pins - Turn on the PC and enter the BIOS to verify that the password is clear nbsp

A:Motherboard Replacement

If the sole problem that is making you consider all of this is the USB controller, you can buy a good, 4-port USB PCI card for less than $20.
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I have tried to obtain replace my defective mobo with an identical mobo for my machine but can't.
What are the issues if I get a motherboard which has the same form factor and processor socket and swap into my machine using the same peripherals I currently use. I don't want to have to re-install operating systems etc. Are there any issues that I may encounter in doing this?? Many thank AL..

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Hello Everyone I am taking advantage of Christmas Motherboard/HD help please replacement lol and gonna treat myself to some sort of upgrade to my PC Problem is I have no clue how to tell which part needs it the most gt lt my Motherboard or Hard drive and if i should even bother if they are not broke Like they say quot Motherboard/HD replacement help please If it ain t broke leave it alone quot lol My Pc is a HP Pavilion a y today i saw a Seagate Barracuda GB Hard Drive - Motherboard/HD replacement help please MB Serial ATA- for I currently have a ST- A Barracuda GB Ultra ATA I have no clue on differance between Ultra Ata and Serial Ata- or whats even compatible Motherboard/HD replacement help please or what i need to look for My motherboard is currently a ASUS P SD-LA which i think HP calls it a Yale-UL E Heres the link i found for more specs http h www hp com ewfrf wc document docname c amp lc en amp cc us amp man lang zh-hant amp dlc amp product amp printable no Any help would be appreciated to give me a clue on how severly outdated these are and if they could surely use a upgrade or are they ok for another year or two One question i had is is there a way to move everything from HD to a new one or will i have to reinstall everything including OS And will i have to do the same with a new MB Well thank you again nbsp

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I have Windows XP and the Motherboard is described as Eveshamvale - no other model number or info given I am getting an intermittent dual tone beep and I think this is caused by the fan failing to run full Motherboard Replacement Fan speed Motherboard Fan Replacement Is this a correct assumption first of all Do the beeps appear when perhaps the temperature rises because of the slowing down on the fan blades I have undone the four screws that keep the fan blades attached to the rest of the fan housing and have oiled it sparingly Although the beep will often go away for hours at a time they do return I am not conversant with motherboards at all although I have installed DVD Drives etc How difficult is it to replace the fan with a new one and how would I go about getting one My system is getting on in age years old but I want to keep it going until next year if poss when Windows will have been out for some time Any advice would be greatly appreciated you tech guys Wen nbsp

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My motherboard is died. Have an HP A724n and want to replace the motherboard. It has an LGA 775 socket set with a Micro-ATX form factor. How do I know I am picking the equivalent or better motherboard from different manufactures? Are there recommend sites you world have me look at? How do I translate the different speeds and specifications?

Thank you for your help

A:Motherboard replacement

Basically any socket 775 micro Atx board will fit but will it boot? You have to see if the front jumpers (power, reset, hard drive led etc are one plug or a series of loose wires to attach because if it is one plug, you will never get it to start. The other issue is change the board and you have to buy Windows as you cannot use the HP restore disks on a new motherboard which won't contain the bios switch to allow that and is illegal anyway.
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Can you tell me the motherboard part number for my machine and how I can order a replacement?
Product #:   A3G47AV
Serial # :   [personal information removed]
OS :   Win 7 Pro 64bit
Proc :   Intel i7-3610 QM
Memory :   DDR3 2 Dimm
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Hello!  i want to replace my motherboard and i am from greece! I would like to know where i can find this VX958EA model and how much will it cost!!! 

A:motherboard replacement!

Hi, This is a very old computer, its cost can be very cheap but can be very expensive. Please use part number on page 4-37 of the 14th manual on the following link:   You can buy from: or try Amazon Regards.
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Hi, I bought a HP ENVY - 15t Laptop G0T95AV on September 2014.The laptop stopped suddenly couple of days ago andsince then it stopped working completely.The LED light glows when connected with the power supply bit on pressing the power key nothing happens.I tried to repair it but they said the motherboard is difficult to find. Can you please tell me the estimated price of the motherboard? Or should I buy a new laptop?  

A:Motherboard replacement

Hi, HP Envy 15t is a CTO machine, I can't find G0T95AV (zero) and GOT95AV (letter O - oh). Please check again, what is it ? Regards.
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pc info:

asus A8N-E socket 939
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
EN 8400gs silent
Kingston 2x 512mb value ram
win xp

I may need to replace the motherboard or CPU. If one of these 2 needs to be replaced, is it still possible to maintain all other parts? Are there still (new) parts available that would fit in this setting? The price does not matter, the cheapest one that fits in this system would be ok.

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i need to replace an ibm motherboard for ***

ThinkCentre M50 8189-MEU
Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz (512KB), 800MHz FSB, 512MB, 40GB 7200RPM IDE HDD, PCI Tower (4x5), Intel 865G, 48x CD-ROM, Intel 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Windows XP Professional *******

ibm wants $300 for motherboard is there any other inexpensive compatible motherboard i can replace it with.

thanks in advance for your help


A:IBM p4 motherboard replacement

any Intel based 865PE board should work. the kicker is the IBM provided XP is not going to install on a regular Mobo since it is going to look at the bios on the board see it isnt IBM and refuse to install. but for the price IBM is asking you can buy a nice Asus P4P800 SE (Intel 865PE chipset) AND a OEM copy of XP pro for about 230.00
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Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if any of you can redirect this for me id appreciate it. Recently my HP Pavilion Media Center m8000e had its motherboard died... ASUS: M2N68-LA. I do not know enough the subject, but i would like to know what i can replace this board with, since i can not find another one of the same type. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post back.

A:Motherboard Replacement

It's a trap. You can probably use almost any Am2 motherboard but if you don't buy it from HP where it will be at least 4 times what it is worth, then you will wind up buying a new copy of Windows because your restore disks will only work with an HP supplied motherboard. So you can see what they have but most likely you will be better off using the components, buying a new case, motherboard and copy of Windows.
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My friend has a Compaq SR1000 that uses a 939 socket motherboard. The motherboard stopped working a while ago. My question is, can I pick out any 939 socket motherboard that I can find on Ebay to replace the non working motherboard?

A:Motherboard replacement?

Most likely no. Big box systems like dell, hp, etc use proprietary parts. That is they are made to the system builders specs NOT standard atx type specs.

While a standard atx type board might "work" it may also have problems lining up with the existing case.

FWIW socket 939 is pretty old technology and IMO NOT worth putting any money into. In addition ebay is about the last place to buy parts.
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Hey guys, I'm gonna replace my motherboard in the near future and I was wondering if anybody knew a way of not needing to reinstall windows from scratch.

A:Motherboard Replacement

Unfortunately you will probably need to. If you replace your motherboard XP will reconize this as a new piece of hardware and you may even be required to purchase a new license. Microsoft may see this as a new computer. You will probably not even be able to boot with the current o.s. installed on the drive.
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Hi all.

I need to replace my current Asus P5ND2-SLI Motherboard which died recently. I have already spent what seems like endless money on other components recently, so need a reasonably priced replacement to get up and running again.

My CPU is a Intel 3Ghz Dual Core (D) and the RAM is DDR2 6400. Board is LGA775 socket for IntelĀ® Pentium 4/Celeron CPU
Compatible with IntelĀ® 6XX, 5XX and 3XX processors.

It needs to be PCI-E as well. Now, I am clueless with most PC hardware, and there seems to be a ton of options on somewhere like, so some advice would be really helpful!


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I have an Hp Pavilion laptop whose warranty period has expired.Few days ago,it got shut down and never started again.At the service centre,I learnt that the motherboard of the laptop is faulty and needs replacement.Can I get my motherboard replaced?If yes,then what could be the costs involved to get a new motherboard if my PC has an Intel i5 4th generation processor?Will HP company replace the part at the authorized service centre?

A:HP motherboard replacement

Yes HP will do paid out of warranty service but it is very expensive. Your best bet is to procure the motherboard and either do it yourself, which I understand most people do not want to do or take it to a local independent service shop. Expect the whole thing to cost perhaps $200-300. HP would charge at the top end if that range or perhaps slightly more. I do not speck for them however so you should call. They will quote you a price for motherboard replacement. If you want to try self-help post back and we can locate you a motherboard but we will also need to know the country you live in,
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Hello everyone I need thoughts on whether or not the problem is the motherboard even though I did some tests and it does seem so but I would like your thoughts Here s the story I have an eMachines T Desktop computer Here s a link to the Computer s Specs http www e me com products products html prod T nothing has been changed except for the Motherboard Replacement? Power Supply which is now a Codegen Dual- w The Problem with the computer is that it no longer turns On The lights of the PC won t turn on but the Fan of the processor the one on the back and the PSU all turn on but nothing appears on screen Pressing and Holding the Power button sometimes shuts down the Fan of the Processors Fan and the one on the back I do not know what the name of that fan but the PSU Fan Motherboard Replacement? still spins Before this behavior started to happen the PC worked normal there were no Performance issues everything just worked until it started to shut down Motherboard Replacement? unexpectedly and ultimately refusing to turn on I already tested the RAM Hard Drive and PSU on another desktop computer and it all worked the RAM and Hard Drive all came out with no errors I also used a Power Supply from another computer to the eMachines computer and RAM and nothing still the same problem So is this Mother Board related Will replacing the Motherboard fix the problem Thanks in Advance nbsp

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Wondering if anyone has come across this motherboard before:
"Kobian PVM890M 1.0"

I purchased a number of clone PC's in an auction for schools in Africa, and some of them have been diagnosed with Faulty Motherboards, and these PC's are fitted with this motherboard.

Running Windows XP Pro

I would like to replace these motherboards, using the same Processors and Memory that came with the PC's.
I am told the Processor fitted is "Socket Type", and the Power Supply that goes on the motherboard has "10 pins".
Could anyone help identify the type of MotherBoard, which replacement type should I be looking for, and if anyone can point me in the direction of a source of supply for this,

Grateful thank you.

A:Replacement MotherBoard

Would this be the one?
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Where can I buy a replacement Joshua H61 motherboard and I7 cpu. The board was manufactured by Foxcomm

A:Replacement motherboard and cpu

Hi, The Joshua H61 that is supplied in HP PCs is an OEM model made to HP's specifications. You can try the HP Parts Store or Ebay for the exact motherboard. Even if you buy the exact motherboard, I would suggest that you that it to an authorized HP repair shop and have the motherboard prep'd. This is a list of the HP approved processors for the Joshua motherboard. The UEFI BIOS for the Joshua can be found here.
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My computer is giving me problems with random freezes/restarts and POST failures. I tried the stuff mentioned in the POST failure guide, but still have problems.

Replacing the PSU didn't work, I considering replacing the Motherboard, but don;t know which one to get. My old Board was an Intel 865GBF which had an P4 @ 2.4 gigahertz.

Any suggestions on which board to get so I can transfer the ram graphic card etc.. to the new board?
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My motherborad is not functioning suddenly. As this motherboard is not available in my country of residance, is it possible to replace the motherborad by any other models? Thanks
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Hi I had problems with my computer and after a long epic of taking it back and forth to the shop they have decided to replace my MB. I had an ASUS P8H61-M LE/USB3 and it is being replaced by a GIGABYTE Z77MX-D3H. I'm being charged extra as they said it is a slightly better board. Opinions and info about this welcome. Thanks.

A:Replacement Motherboard

What are you wanting to know?

The Asus is discontinued, so they can't replace it. And based on current prices, the Gigabyte is more expensive.
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I am wanting to upgrade an old AST advantage adventure 575 which is an old flat style box. I like the flat box because it saves space by fitting under my flat screen. The processor and MB are P133mhz and deminsions of 8" x 13". The PNP devices such as modem and lan are plugged into a seperate unit which vertically plugs into the MB. I want to upgrade the whole thing but finding a MB is tops. Thanks

A:Replacement Motherboard

youre going to need more info, is pc running?, if so download and run Everest Home Edition, do a google, this will tell you info you will need to look for stuff. what are you planning on upgrading?, that old case will not support new hardware.
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Hello friends, love your very informative forum. I have an issue i believe you can help me with, i am setting up my old desktop computer for a family member, but its motherboard is not working. The motherboard was Gigabyte Ga-m68m-S2P and they are long out of the market. Since a DDR2 motherboard is very expensive in my country (about 110 euros) could i just buy a new motherboard and new rams and swap them? It would save me half the money but i am not sure what happens about compatibility. The cpu is an old athlon II and the gpu was an old geforce i dont remember the right model. Can you inform me about the subject and answer me if this is doable?
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I have a problem wth my motherboard and I am getting ready to replace it. What motherboard should I buy? It needs to handle a AMD Athlon 1.4 266 fsb socket A, 2 dimms(512 and 128 PC133). Also needs usb, at least 3 pci slots or an integrated nic and 2 pci slots, and one AGP Slot. I have been looking at Biostar motheboards, are they any good? Thanks

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My computer tech says I need a new motherboard to cure my freeze at start-up.My motherboard is an Athlon EP-7KXA KX133K7.He says it's obsolete and I'll have to buy a new motherboard,processor and power supply.Being 'puter illiterate,is he trying to rip me off?

A:replacement motherboard?

If he is trying to get you to buy from him I might be a little leary. Although if he is telling you this with the knowledge you are going to buy elsewhere he maybe being straight with you. What is the freeze problem you are experiencing?
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I have a Dell XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 2 computer that needs a motherboard. I have contacted Dell support and they will sell me a new one for $170 that is an exact replacement. Is there a way to upgrade the motherboard or am I stuck with having to replace it with the original? I am running Windows XP. The processor is 3.0G, 512, 800FSB.

A:motherboard replacement

You will have to do a lot of research on that current motherboard in order to make sure you get one that is compatible.

I would call back DELL and ask them if the one they are offerening you is a refurb or is it brand new? Dell has a habit of selling refurb parts.

Also ask them for the make/model number of the motherboard and I can help you do some research if you like?
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I have Which motherboard? replacement an old Time TOWER TYPE PC The capacitors were the type that exploded This has been well documented The mother board was an Albatron KM PRO I Which replacement motherboard? replaced the caps and tried to re-load XP Pro OS It hangs at Setup is loading Windows Advice was that it may be a HD problem so I Which replacement motherboard? replaced that Still XP will not load It seems that the Motherboard must be damaged beyond just the caps so I have decided to change it I need to know which would be a compatible board and will I need a combined board CPU or just a board and use my existing CPU The existing spec as I remember it is as follows - Albatron KM Pro January Product Info FiringSquad Article Web Reviews User Review Image Gallery Discuss Description Feature AMD Athlon amp Athlon amp XP Duron amp Processor Socket with FSB MHz DDR Memory Sockets channel AC Audio ATA Channels up to ATA IDE Devices USB Ports ports by optional cable Integrated D Graphics Engine Processor Socket AMD Athlon amp Athlon amp XP Duron amp Processor FSB MHz Chipset North Bridge VIA KM VT South Bridge VIA VT I O Chip Winbond W HF Memory DDR sockets DDR DDR unbuffered ECC none-ECC DDR SDRAM up to GB Expansion Slots x AGP X slot V Only x PCI slots PCI compliant x CNR slot AMR Type IDE Connectors ATA channels up to ATA IDE devices Onboard I O Connectors x Floppy Connector x USB header ports USB cable optional x CD IN header x COM serial port header Optional COM cable x S PDIF in out header S PDIF in out cable optional x CPU fan header with fan rotation detection function x System fan headers with fan rotation detection function x pin system panel header Intel spec x Front audio header Intel spec x IrDA header x Case Open detection header x Wake on LAN I O via Back Panel PS keyboard mouse x USB xVGA x Com serial x Parallel x Game Line-in Line-out MIC Power -pin ATX power connector BIOS Feature Mb Flash EEPROM Award BIOS with ACPI DMI PnP WfM Green Suspend to RAM S Suspend to Disk S Wake on keyboard Wake on LAN RTC Timer Hardware Monitoring FAN sensors CPU System voltages and temperature monitoring Special Feature Form Factor Micro-ATX mm x mm I just want a cheapish motherboard to get it up and running for my daughter to use Regards Chris Arnfield STOCKPORT nbsp

A:Which replacement motherboard?

You are not going to find any new socket A type boards any longer. If you want to stay with that cpu, then you would need to buy one used. You might find a deal on an old board from a local shop OR you can try ebay. One big problem is that boards from that era, almost all used the same bad caps. If you do find one, you may have the same problem down the road.

FWIW I would just get a modern motherboard, cpu, ram, and pw supply and be done with the issue. Note unless you buy a board with onboard video, you will need a new video card as well.
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Hi I currently have an HP 255 G1 with an AMD E2 - 1800 APU and I know that this can't be upgraded without replacing the motherboard, so I was hoping I could get some possible motherboard replacements as I wish to upgrade to at least an i5 or the AMD equivalent.  Thanks

View Solution.

A:Possible motherboard replacement

Here's the Manual: Service Manual If you try to go Intel you will need to buy a motherboard, and a processor and a heatsink/fan.  If you go AMD all you need is the motherboard since your cooling fan/heatsink can be ported over, and the processor is soldered to the board.  This is the motherboard you want: System board (includes replacement thermal materials): For use only with models with an AMD A6-5200 processor ? Models with Windows 8 Standard 730670-501 ? Models with Windows 8 Professional 730670-601 I am going to assume you have Windows standard.  HP does not have the A6 AMD board in the store....they only have the A4 board and it is stupid expensive: Since you do not have one to exchange, it is going to cost close to $500. I can find you a good used Intel 250 G1 for that price.  You can find the board for $67 on eBay: I know you wanted something a bit more powerful but the A4 will be a major improvement over what you have. The seller laptopaid, is one of the best on eBay for this kind of thing. I can't count how much stuff I have purchased from them.  Post back if you need any more help. The Manual shows just how to replace the motherboard. Port your fan, memory, wireless card over. You will have to reinstall original Windows but the motherboard has a Key Code embedded in the BIOS and will just activate. If your hard drive still has the original HP install it should activate itself when first connected to the internet but be prepared if necessary to do a system restore. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I have old Dimension 4600 having E210882 motherboard and AA label says C23438-404. The board has been dead and I am going to replace it. But on eBay I could find few mobos with C23438-502 or C23438-500. Are they valid replacement? What is difference?

A:Motherboard replacement

Those are not Dell part numbers so I cannot speak to them. The Dell motherboard part numbers for the 13 year old Dimension 4600 are =HY008, Northwood CPUsXM970, Prescott CPUs
But finding them on the internet may be an issue.
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This is very basic question, but I am not too knowledgable about motherboards.

I am replacing my motherboard this weekend due to dead L2 cache and was wondering if I had to get the exact same board, or if I could use something comprable. My board is a DFI K6bV3+ Rev A+ for a K6-2 300mhz - AT Socket 7.

Can I just use any AT Socket 7 board? Of course, I would also make sure that it takes the memory that I already have, plus has the correct slots for all of my cards.



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hi there i m trying to replace the motherboard in my computer it s an hp replacement motherboard for looking pavilion a rs i ve attached a couple of pictures of the motherboard i ve searched around the internet for replacements but i m having a looking for motherboard replacement problem if you look at the photos you can see that the heatsink on this unit is quite large and it s the type that you can t just unscrew from the top or the bottom of the board it s got plastic pegs that poke through the bottom of the board but i can t figure out any way to dislodge the heatsink from the board looking for motherboard replacement i tried to move them and maybe push them through and they don t budge at all so i guess that s the main question do you have any ideas about how i looking for motherboard replacement can get the heatsink off this motherboard and also the replacements i ve seen for this board online all have the holes around the cpu thing where you can attach the heatsink to the board but those holes form a perfect square the holes on the bottom of my motherboard definitely form a rectangle geez now i m more confused than ever i ve replaced these things before so i know how to do it but this oversized heatsink that s like stamped onto the board is giving me grief please help i m desperate thankyou nbsp

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I got a used Dell XPS system with a blue case It was sold as is w o any warranty Got it real motherboard Replacement cheap Got it home and plugged it in and all the fans start running the network connection light comes on but don t get anything on the monitor Reseated all the cards no luck Replaced the monitor card with a known good one and no luck Finally noticed there Replacement motherboard are little lights on the back that I Replacement motherboard think are for the Replacement motherboard POST None of them come on so I figure the mobo is dead I need help identifying the motherboard and what I could use as a replacement Service tag is mangled so no way to read it to get info from Dell The mobo has some numbers on it Here they are AA-C - D S N My- u - - v- br C O MY The CPU has the following on it P GHz v SC VH Costa Rica A - The CPU socket has this on the plastic MPGA B Appreciate help identifying this board and what other boards I could use as a replacment Thanks nbsp

A:Replacement motherboard

the only way to find that board is used, or direct from Dell, si i would just find a pentium 4 board that is as close to your board as possible, and replace it with that?

other than that im not quite sure, but feel free to message me and i will get ahold of some people and see what we can come up with...
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Hi all,
I have recently had hardware failure in my DIY PC (most likely the motherboard).
I have taken it to a repair shop to have it diagnosed and was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a new motherboard if it turns out to be that.
I use my PC for heavy gaming as well as geometric map design and need a reliable (relatively cheap) board that is capable of supporting the hardware I am currently using (9800gt asus overclocked) pentium 2 2.8ghz processor.
asus Xonar D2x Audio (pcie).
It should also be noted that my old motherboard was a socket 775. (and the new one should be the same).
Can you reccomend one without an nforce chipset as well as these seem to be useless.
Thanks for your responses

A:Looking for a replacement motherboard

Something like this would do the Job
(I am assuming that you mean Pentium 4 2.8GHz)
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Hello. I have a custom-built computer with a Gigabyte GA-KN8SC-939 motherboard with a Athlon64 3500+ processor. The motherboard had been having problems starting about a few years ago with random crashes occurring whenever devices were plugged in to now crashing and freezing up on a regular basis. I suspected it was the motherboard (no other devices were having problems, and the memory wasn't faulty), so I believe I need to replace the motherboard. However, knowing the age of this computer, I don't know if it's possible. Do you guys know of a motherboard that would have performance similar to this one and also work with a Socket 939 Athlon64 3500+ processor?

A:Need help a replacement motherboard

About the only place you will find a 939 board these days is ebay or at a computer shop that deals in used hardware. For less than $150 you can get an AM3 board Athlon II X2 and 4GB DDR3 If you want to go that route.
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0GHz
Motherboard: ASRock M3A770DE AM3
RAM:Crucial 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333

A setup such as this while not exceptionally powerful by todays standards, would run circles around that old socket 930 Athlon64 3500+ processor.
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I got a Sony Vaio PCV-RS 420 it wont beep or boot.
Think I need a new Motherboard ASUS P4SD-VX or alternative.
I have 4 2GB total 333MHZ PC-2700 DDR DIMM RAM. (need 4 slots)
And a Intel pentium 4 Processor.
Need onboard ethernet port.
can someone direct link me to something on newegg or anything.

A:Motherboard Replacement?
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hi i currently use a 15 inch hp g6 1b79dx andi wanted to replacemy motherboard and cpuy and was able to locate both parts when finally recieving the motherboard and trying to instal it it did not fit into the bottom case. there arent any alternative repolacement parts for this can you plase help?  the motherboard is replacement part 636375 intel hm65cpu i5-2540m if you could refer me to model that had this configuration  it would help me find that case easier

View Solution.

A:motherboard replacement

Hi, The following links shows specs of your machine: And it uses PC board (motherboard part number   653087-001 as shown: Now you are trying to use a TOTALLY different motherboard and different CPU that why it won't fit .  636375 is not a complete part number. Asuming it is 636375-001,  there are 98 models/products use this board including many g6's: Regards.
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Hello All,
Requesting assistance in replacing a Foxconn 45CM-5A Motherboard.
Unable to find another one online and want to replace but be able to re-use
both CPU and RAM from the old board.
Does any one know of a board that will enable me to do this ?
Thanks in advance.
Mick C.

A:Replacement Motherboard

Your spec's say you have a Asus, not a Foxconn.
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I have an HP model - c The issue I have is the motherboard has an integrated graphics card which cannot be updated motherboard replacement according to a couple of computer people I have spoken to It also has an external power source as well I would like to replace it with a motherboard which can allow you motherboard replacement to motherboard replacement upgrade the graphics card for gaming Can someone recommend a moderately priced motherboard around dollars or so which I could purchase and replace the one I currently have The processor I currently have is an intel pentium R cpu G T Ghz Mhz cores logical processors I have MB of ram as well with TB of hard drive The game I am wanting to run is Train Simulator and these are the minimum requirements OS Windows XP Vista Processor Processor GHz Core Duo GHz Core Duo recommended AMD Athlon MP multiprocessor variant or comparable processors Memory GB RAM Graphics MB with Pixel Shader AGP PCIe only DirectX c Hard Drive GB HD space Sound Direct X c compatible Internet connection I am currently running Windows so I am good there Please excuse my ignorance on any thing I posted I am rather new to working on computers and really need some assistance nbsp

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The Motherboard in my Gateway is burned, according to BestBuy Geek Squad. It is the KTBC51G-LF. I would like to replace it myself and have found a replacement on-line for over $200. That seems too expensive.

My question is; do they make replacements for the original manufactored part? that would be cheaper. Or maybe used, refurbished parts? Does anyone know where I can find such parts?


A:Motherboard Replacement

You need to look at the motherboard you have and find out the manufacturer and model number. It should be silk screened on the motherboard. It is very possibly an ECS or PcChips motherboard, as Gateway and Emachines (same company) are famous for using. And see if you can find one new at New Egg or some place like that.

Taking a computer to the Geek Squad is not a recommended thing. Often they do inferior work and frequently talk people into letting them make repairs that are not necessary and sometimes do not work.
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Ok, so recently I bought an EVGA 9400 GT vid card, and with some research found out that my Dimension E310 Mobo is crap. In the BIOS I can't directly select which card to use. Also when I set it on auto detect the EVGA freezes and gives me errors and a whole bunch of crap. Anyways, I need to replace my motherboard but I am not sure what to get.

Compatibility Needs:

Pentium 4 Processor
DDR2 800MH Ram

The only real question I need answered is that say I find a mobo on newegg that says it supports DDR2 1200 memory standard. Will it support my 4GB of DDR2 MH800?

A:Need Replacement Motherboard

Hockeydude said:

The only real question I need answered is that say I find a mobo on newegg that says it supports DDR2 1200 memory standard. Will it support my 4GB of DDR2 MH800?Click to expand...

For your only real question, DDR2 800 Should work on mobos supporting DDR2 1200. As for whether it supports 4GB or not the specifications page of the product you choose should answer the question.
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To make a long story short, I have a Gateway computer in which I found to have a bad motherboard. I have purchased a used Asus P4 motherboard/2.4 mhz CPU combo to breathe life back into her. The hard drive already has Windows XP Home installed on it and I would like to continue using everything currently installed on the hard drive, as well as the operating system already in place, as is. Realizing that Windows XP Home is going to find LOTS of new hardware installed when I finally boot this thing up, what is the best approach to this upgrade? I do have the driver disk for the board on hand. Should I simply boot it up and let it search for the drivers on the CD, or is this going to be a much more difficult upgrade? Does anyone have any suggestions outside this approach? Thanks, a bunch, in advance!

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I have a comp. with an ASUS PSN-MX motherboard and it needs to be replaced. I couldn't find one online. Any recommendations on another mobo that would work in place of this one on a small budget?

A:Motherboard replacement

You sure it's not the ASUS P5N-MX you're talking about? there's plenty of them online, just type it in Google.
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decided to replace the motherboard of my old pc just to keep it alive...confused if the old intex cabinet support any type of motherboard or not ?

this is the current cabinet :
CPU : Intel Pentium 4
RAM : 1.00GB DDR @ 166MHz
Motherboard : Intel D845GVSR
Model : D845GVS1

This is the replacement motherboard with apu... plz review it :
MOTHER BOARD MSI AM1I + CPU AMD SEMPRON 2650 Duel Core 1.45Ghz Combo
and do i need to install other Fan for the above mb ?

Plz Help!!!

A:Motherboard replacement help !

It is a faster configuration compared to your current Pentium 4 PC and the graphics support is light years ahead compared to your old Intel 845 graphics controller. You can use the stock heatsink/cooler that comes with the APU which is sufficient. But one thing you should keep in mind that the configuration is pretty basic and wont perform great on demanding applications and can be used best for light load usage like word processing, Internet browsing etc. Since the AMD APU had good graphics hardware you can enjoy HD videos too without issues. For such a low price it is a worthy replacement if you cant go with a more capable hardware like Core i3 platform which costs close to 3 times than the Combo you said. Also add 8 GB of DDR3 RAM to make sure every thing perform maximum possible.
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Hi all,
I am having to replace the motherboard on an old HP M8417c AMD Athlon 64 x3 Asus M2N68-LA GLE Narra3 motherboard which died without warning. I am replacing with the same motherboard as original, unfortunately. Will I have to reinstall windows? I did not get a disc with system only on hard drive. Running Vista 64 home premium. I do have backup disc on secondary drive but am hoping I don't have to use it, not real sure how reliable software used to backup is and hoping not to have to find out. Thanks for the help.

A:Motherboard Replacement

If the motherboard is the same, then it shouldn't require a reinstall, or re-activation, although a change in MAC address can trigger the latter anyhow
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Hi First time here and it s an easy place to find your way around I m hoping somebody problem/replacement? on Advice drive hard can help me with a problem I have a Windows XP machine with hard drives Advice on hard drive problem/replacement? one Advice on hard drive problem/replacement? of Gb which is split into partitions Partition C contains Windows and Partition E contains all my photos and graphics The other hard drive Gb is split into Partition F and G both of which I use rather haphazardly for backups Last Friday I started to tidy the E drive with a view to backing it up to an external drive I was about to buy On Saturday I couldn t access E at all although thankfully C was OK I took it to the local PC repair shop where they saved the data on E and copied it back successfully However on loading I keep getting Advice on hard drive problem/replacement? a warning that the drive is abou to fail So I need to replace the Gb drive I have bought an external network drive and used Acronis TrueImage to create a copy of E I now need to buy a new drive to replace the failing one I have looked to see what is available and don t know whether I need an IDE or SATA I did do a search on here about it and found a question but didn t understand the answer If someone could explain that to me I d be grateful Once I have bought a replacement drive any recommendation I am in the UK how do I go about replacing my main drive I have tried running Acronis TrueImage just found out I m running version - time for an upgrade on the C drive but it keeps failing after a while and telling me that something is running and to shut it down but I can t see what it is Sorry to ramble on but I m getting myself confused Any help gratefully received nbsp

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Hello all I'm installing a SSD drive in my old Gateway GT and would like to know if there is available or if it's even worth upgrading to a board that includes SATA GB s ports The present Motherboard Worth Replacement board is the stock Gateway Foxconn Bengal RS Motherboard with SATA II only I'm only considering this because this PC has many upgrades and has been pretty good to me over the years I know the SSD drive will work with my present on-board SATAII Ports the question is will there be a noticeable difference that would make it worth changing my mother board to go full speed I recently read about a sata Worth Motherboard Replacement expansion card for PCIe Worth Motherboard Replacement to sata but but a video card uses that connection My thoughts were if I could find a compatible board that would take all my other hardware but offer sata I could just mount the new board and plug all my old hardware in and be done with it Any advise Thanks N

A:Worth Motherboard Replacement

Another thing to think about is your licence it is tied to your motherboard,ie new motherboard new licence,. (unless its retail)

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I am in need of suggestions for a replacement of the ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP AiLifestyle Series P35 Socket 775 Socket eSATA 8 channel Audio ATX Motherboard.

It needs to be currently sold and similar, particularly to work with the hardware I have installed. I use the built in audio SPDIF, so that is needed too.

Please give me some suggestions, I can't use my PC until I get this ordered and install it. The study is a right mess, the PC is simply lying flat on its side and takes up a lot of space.

Thank you so much for your help (in advance).

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Hey guys Motherboard questions replacement Gateway Rig CPU AMD Athlon X Motherboard Foxconn C GU Motherboard Ram Speed size and sticks MB DDR Dual Channel sticks two dead either actual ram or motherboard error not sure GPU BFG NVIDIA GeForce GT OC MB PCIe PSU PC Power amp Cooling watt brand New OS Microsoft Windows XP This is my current computer The motherboard on my computer is acting kinda crazy so i need to replace it I was wondering If i can replace it with an AM AM motherboard such that i can use my current processor and eventually buy a phenom II or something Motherboard replacement questions along those lines Do these AM AM motherboard work well with either processor or is there a catch to them I realize that then I would need to buy new RAM most likely But would i have to for example reinstall the OS or is that something that doesn t matter if i just switch the motherboard Also I was wondering Motherboard replacement questions how standard the cooling unit screw are on the motherboard To see if I could also skip from buying one Motherboard replacement questions of those Also while I m at it would you buy one GB stick of memory or two GB Or is the processor too much of a bottleneck Either way I was intending to buy the phenom II processor in like a year or two Thx for the help nbsp

A:Motherboard replacement questions

if you get an AM2/AM3 motherboard you wont be able to use your CPU. and yes you will need to reinstall your OS when replacing the motherboard.

Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-MA78LM-S2H $59.99
CPU AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz $56.99
RAM G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) $84.99
Subtotal: $201.97

if this over your budget let me know
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Hi All,

I recently sleeved all the cables in my computer case and in the process, I ended up breaking the plastic USB connector (pictured below) for my computers front panel. I figured I could just order an extra connector but after searching for quite sometime, I cannot find anything.

Would anyone happen to know if these little plastic connectors can actually be purchased or what they are even called? I get a feeling that they have a specific name which is why my search is revealing nothing. Any help would be much appreciated. Feel free to let me know if you need anymore details or have any questions.

Thanks in advance,

A:Replacement USB to Motherboard Connector

Is this what you are looking for ?

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Once again thanks to all that tried to help with disabling my onboard video After trying and doing some research it appears that the MB I have is not a good choice for what I want to do I have decided replacement motherboard PC Chips to quot trash quot my existing MB and try to find a replacement to install my components on My existing system PC Chips M LMR v MB on board sound video Meg PC RAM Gig HD Celeron mhz Processor FGA- BX F SL Win SE Watt Power supply I have a Ati PCI video card that I also want PC Chips motherboard replacement to install at the same time Could someone suggest a user friendly board that would work with the components I have I know that the parts I have are rather outdated but for what I PC Chips motherboard replacement want it for it will be good enough Hopefully I can find a used one on Ebay if I know what I am looking for Thanks Al Thanks nbsp
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Hi recently i posted in this forum that my PSU blew up from the responses i got here apparently my suggestions motherboard Replacement mobo got fried as well http www techspot com vb topic html now i am on a VERY tight budget and i can Replacement motherboard suggestions t afford to get new processor gpu etc i can only replace my psu and my mobo so i have a Radeon HD x DDR gb ram and a AMD athlon processor what mobo can i get which is the equivalent or better than my old mobo Asus M N -SLI that can support everything that i already have and also a similar PSU Also someone Replacement motherboard suggestions told me in this forum that the only way i can check if my HD and other stuff got burned is by testing them on another machine but is it possible in Replacement motherboard suggestions any way to check it without another pc i dont have any money to spend right now and i need to check if it s that i won t have to replace anything else on my pc Thanks guys my pc is burned for weeks now and i work with my pc so two weeks without working i am desperate nbsp

A:Replacement motherboard suggestions

What is your budget?

This seems like a very decent motherboard and should suit your needs.

As for your HDD, you will need a working computer to test it.
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Hello all, Yesterday my girlfriend accidentally spilt juice on her laptop. Needless to say, it's toast. It won't turn on or anything so I'm thinking the mobo is fried.The laptop is the Acer Aspire R14 (R5471T-51UN). Because we are both on extremely limited incomes, I am considering purchasing a replacement motherboard for it and attempting the repair myself.Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to locate a replacement motherboard easily. But I did manage to find one website that has a board advertised as"NB.G7W11.00P - MAINBOARD R5-471T I5, R5-471T-52EE For Aspire R5-471T-52EE / R5-471T-52EE Notebook" It's the closest thing I can find and looks a lot like the one in the laptop. Can anyone confirm or comment/recommend me anything? Thank you all so very much.
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Greetings Didn t know which category to post this in Couldn t find the answer in my search I would like to install a new motherboard processor to upgrade my P-II system I have a number of programs on the hard drive that I don t want to lose during the upgrade downloaded no CD s Is there a way to save all my settings email addresses internet favorites desktop setting while replacing the motherboard bundle What I would like to do is uninstall the old motherboard processor install the new bundle have windows detect the new hardware install the new drivers and be back to the quot same system quot as before except a faster processor better video and sound I found a post that talked about deleting the quot Enum key quot under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Will this work or does anyone have any suggestions The same post also mentions that the quot VMM quot file will not be rebuilt Is this a concern Thanks nbsp
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I'm trying to find a replacement motherboard for my laptop.  I've had 2 different computer shops tell me it's fried.  I have no idea how to go about finding the correct motherboard.  Any help would be greatly appreiciated!  
Model: e3s24ua
[personal information removed]
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I currently have a Geforce 8200A motherboard and i want to get a 780i sli is vista going to recognize the motherboard or am i going to have to reinstall everything over again ?

A:Motherboard replacement question

No just a Repair

Vista Repair:
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I have an aspire V with a video card that is going out.  My son has opened it up and worked on it so I'm sure the warranty is void.  Where can I get a replacement motherboard?

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Swapped out the older ASUS motherboard when it apparently died - was also told that by a repair shop A sympathetic person donated his quot old quot ASUS P WD complete with PCU and RAM and heat sink for the cost of shipping so went to work He said he had upgraded to a more powerful setup and that this all worked when he removed it and stored it I had upgraded the power supply a few years ago to an ULTRA d watt when I added a couple Replacement up won't power motherboard drives and it always seemed to work I printed out the instruction manual for the P and not having done a lot of work on PC s for some years other than adding drives etc followed it very closely The plugs from the case were labeled so I m pretty sure I got the power amp interrupt switches case lights and fans etc all hooked up right Also the main cable to the board from the power supply and a secondary power supply cable to a socket near the CPU Also got the C drive EIDE and the additional SATA drives hooked up to the board and Replacement motherboard won't power up to the power supply and believe I have them right Maybe a question on the C drive There a set of sockets for EIDE drives incl one designated as a Primary and another Primary socket for an Replacement motherboard won't power up IDE drive If I recall my C drive is an EIDE so I should have connected to the right socket on the board Even if not shouldn t the CPU and case lights and fans power up When the big moment came to hit the switch it was an anti-climax Nothing happened The only sign of life is the green power LED on the board no CPU fan or anything No case lights or fans either I checked all the connections I mentioned and believe I have them right Being there s virtually no sign of life other than the green LED power light when I switch on the power supply could it be the power supply may have been the problem the whole time How can I test it - I have a digital meter Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:Replacement motherboard won't power up

Short the 2 power switch pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver.
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I just got a replacement Foxconn motherboard since my other one fried. I went to reinstall it, made all the connections, and turned it on. Everything powers up but I can't get anything to display. The fan on my graphics card spins at 100% and doesn't die down, so that's a sign that it isn't getting past the bios. Is there something I need to do that I'm missing? I upgraded to this mobo before without any problems...

I've cleared cmos, ran the board out of the case to see if it was grounding out, ran with the bare essentials, and have checked all connections. The led debug indicators on the motherboard usually say FF, meaning it boots successfully. Now they don't say anything, just - -. Any help is appreciated...thanks!

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Hello all My desktop was showing no signs of power I pressed the on switch and nothing happened I took the computer into a shop and they said the motherboard is toast The board shows a green light on it when it is plugged in Would this light shine green if the board was fried I am shopping for a new motherboard and was wondering if I should replace it with the exact same one or if there was a benefit to choosing a new board or a new board and processor I currently have an Intel DP LT and am running a E Intel processor Also I have RAM slots and two of them are filled with Gig of DDR cards for a total of gigs of ram I ve read that the board can upgrade to a total of gigs I would like to have at least gigs but I m a little confused about the RAM slots I ve read that if you want gigs you have to run gig cards that run at Is this slower Would it be better to have gig cards running at or gig cards running at If I buy replacement and fried RAM Motherboard two more gig cards can I just put them in the remaining two slots ie plug and pray Thanks and I hope this isn t too confusing Eric nbsp

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After I replaced the battery in the motherboard (an old machine; 300MHZ) I no longer have any signal to the monitor. It worked perfectly well before the replacemant. The monitor works OK with another machine that I have so that is not the problem. I removed the video card and replaced it to no avail. Any suggestions as to what I should try to re-establish a signal?

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Is it easy to replace a motherboard in a pc

A:Motherboard replacement in my laptop

In a PC? Yes. In a Laptop? No, unless you have experience. Most times you would be stuck replacing it with an exact duplicate of what you have now. Cases may look the same but on closer look there are differences in the cases according to model, and the cases are pretty much designed to have a particular motherboard installed.
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so when picking a motherboard what exactly should I be looking at?

First I would like to give my current set up:
intel core 2 duo E4400
Nvidia 8600GT
500watt PSU
2 SATA drives
1 DVD connected via IDE
4 GB ram
(details available upon request i didnt memorize the other details like RAM speed and such)

and as depressing as it may sound I am only looking for a motherboard that supports my current set up and nothing future proof / support upgrading to newer CPU/GPU. Mainly because I now realize how school stole my childhood time of playing computer games
Actually the only upgrades I might make on it is adding a few more DVD burner drives
so yeah what makes one particular motherboard better than the next?

A:So my motherboard died and I need a replacement, which one should I get?
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Dear forum members nbsp nbsp I bought a Yoga from Best buy It has international warranty During my recent visit to India for unknown reason the laptop started 900 Replacement Yoga Motherboard behaving wierdly It used to shut down when plugged in to the Yoga 900 Motherboard Replacement power source and would run fine when not plugged in nbsp Since it has international warranty I took it to the service center in India and got to know that the motherboard needs to be replaced But they dont have the same motherboard as the architecture Lenovo uses in India is different than the states nbsp nbsp Since I am not returning to US for next few months traveling to Europe I would want to get it fixed in India nbsp nbsp The result is that they are ready to replace the motherboard with the Indian variant however it has GB RAM instead of GB RAM I had on the original motherboard nbsp nbsp Now the question is should I go for this replacement If yes then what would be the impact of the downgrade of RAM And finally would it affect any other parts in the laptop possible compatibility issues nbsp Any suggestions comments are welcome nbsp -AJ
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Hey folks I need a little help getting an XP computer running again after I replaced a fried power supply and motherboard When I start up the computer now it displays Reactivate after Motherboard replacement XP the lists of users as normal but after I select one it says that windows needs to be activated I tell it to go ahead and do so and it thinks for a moment then tells me that it s already activated and loops back to the login screen I ve tried Reactivate XP after Motherboard replacement starting up in Safe Mode to try to get around it somehow Regular safe mode just tells me that I need to be in normal windows login to activate and reboots Safe Mode with command prompt does the same but I can get into windows settings with the cpl files so I m hopeful that there s something in here I can do in here to kill this activation window I ve asked around a few other places and been told to try creating a new hardware profile and see if it ll start up that way to just call MS and wait on hold and see what they say or to use the system restore disks that came with the guy s computer eMachine W I don t think the disks will Reactivate XP after Motherboard replacement work as OEM restore CDs are generally keyed to the manufacturer s hardware and since the motherboard I put in is compatible but not the exact same as what the computer came with I d most likely end up with the same problem after restoring Any other suggestions I d sure hate to spend god knows how long on the phone waiting for MS support to tell me a quick little thing to fix it or that I need to buy a new copy of Windows any bets on which they ll say I d appreciate any suggestions Scott nbsp

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Due to a failure I need to replace my Gigabyte Replacement motherboard Solved: GA- VAXP Ultra motherboard Since these are no longer sold I need to find something that is compatible with my existing components I wouldn t mind replacing the CPU AMD XP socket A as long as the new MB could still use my existing ram as I have almost gigs of it This box is my main workstation so I want as much performance as I can get I also occasionally play games Only interested in MB s Solved: Replacement motherboard with AMD CPU s and at least SATA ports I would like it to have Firewire support as well but this isn t an absolute Here is the gear I would like to reuse ATI Radeon AGP X RAM DDR PC CL UNBUFFERED NON-ECC DDR V Creative Sound Blaster Audigy ZS IDE hard drives SATA HD Sony DVD Burner AOpen CDROM Floppy drive Also if possible specify a source where I can purchase the recommended board nbsp

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256k l2 cache
533mhz fsb
256 ddr sdram

I'm looking for a motherboard replacement for this case
I am not certain at this point if the processor works
I was wondering what would be the best way to do this without ordering from e-machines
I like the case because it has front highspeed usb and sound mike connectors

A:EMachineT3624 motherboard replacement

I'm assuming that your emachine uses a micro atx form factor motherboard. If so, then this would be a nice cheap replacement that should work with your current parts.
It may not be 100% compatible with your case though, it depends if emachines uses proprietary connectors for their front panel(usb, mic, power button, leds) connections or not.
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Hi all,I'm trying to find a motherboard for lenovo E420 which has long expired warranty. My motherboard FRU 04W0462, and all that I found on ebay are 04W0712 and 04W0394. Visually it is the same motherboard but I am not sure whether there is a difference because it is not the same FRU. Any help is welcome. Sorry for my bad English.My E420 is: Machine type model114179GMachine infoi3-2310M(2.1GHz), 4GB RAM, 500GB 7200rpm HD, 14in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics,  Ty
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Thank you all for your posts here and help.

A:eMachine motherboard replacement HELP Please?

Emachines suck!!
I have an emachines and the motherboard died when the power supply went out. I can not buy the exact motherboard from emachines. There for I lost all my data on my hard drive since emachines has a license agreement with windows that wont allow the windows that came with the machine to run with any other mothboard then the one it came with. Best thing for me to do and what I would suggest to you is take the parts you have and build another computer and buy your own windows CD. These billion dollor companies love stickin it to us.........
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I RMA'd the motherboard of a new system I am building because one of its' two banks of DIMM slots was defective.

Is it necessary for me to re-install of the OS once I have the same replacement motherboard installed? If it is necessary for me to re-install, am I going to have issues with my licensed copy of Windows 7, since in theory it is being installed on another system?

BTW, the OS installed fine and the system appears to be stable running off 16GB of memory. Nevertheless, I returned the mobo because I couldn't get my system to recognize the other 16GB of memory installed. I am a PC convert after having spent the last 15 years working with Macs so my knowledge of PC OSs is not terribly sophisticated. This is my second PC build (the first being a hybrid with a mac OS).

A:Replacement Motherboard--Do I need to reinstall OS?

Hi dMathers, Welcome to the forums, If you are replacing "like for like" then there should be no problem as long as you are using a retail copy of win7, if by chance you are using an OEM version then you may have issues where the mobo is tied to the OEM version these are not unsurmountable but may require a phone call to Microsoft to activate the OS
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I purchased an HP Envy - with Windows pre-installed from Amazon in July of It has been after Motherboard Replacement Re-activation an amazing computer since then and when the free upgrade from Windows to Windows rolled out I immediately did it Just recently however the motherboard failed on the computer It wouldn't even pass POST and after much troubleshooting I finally decided on replacing the motherboard Now that the computer is functional again I guess the Re-activation after Motherboard Replacement change of the motherboard was enough for the OS to think that it is no longer activated I was never provided with an OS Activation Key as Win was pre-installed and Microsoft has suggested I get in touch with HP about Re-activation after Motherboard Replacement finding the original key Re-activation after Motherboard Replacement I have searched all over the chassis and inside the tower for a valid Windows activation key to nbsp no avail I tried finding a phone number to call for support but my product is outside of warranty I don't need troubleshooting advice or guidance so I won't be paying the all I need is my valid Windows Activation Key based on my product serial number Does anyone know of the best way of reaching HP with this issue and having it resolved nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp JC Solved View Solution

A:Re-activation after Motherboard Replacement

jcontino889 The unfortunate fact is that your original product key was embedded into the UEFI firmware of the original motherboard by HP when the PC was built.  There is no way to retrieve that key, now. HP does not keep a record of individual product keys matching individual PCs, so they are not going to be able to provide you the original key -- and they are under no obligation to provide you a SECOND key, as you did not have HP do the hardware replacement. With the product now being out of warranty, it is really HP's call whether or not to charge you for support -- and from the experiences I have had with older equipment -- they are going to do that, there is just no way around id. HP Customer Support is really the only avenue you have for getting support.  If they won't help you for free, because your PC is out of warranty, there is nothing we can do about that on this forum.
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The motherboard on one of my old pc's recently went belly up. With that in mind, I was wondering what my best & least expensive options were.
PC is a Compaq Presario 4400US (Prior to merge with HP), with a 1.3 Ghz Intel Celeron processor, 512RAM, CDRW. I've found an OEM (refurbished) motherboard & am astonished at the price of $695.00.
What do I need to know in regards to finding a compatible motherboard?

A:Motherboard Replacement Options

It depends on the form factor. If that case can hold an ATX or a micro ATX motherboard then you can pick anything that supports your CPU and RAM.
If the motherboard is proprietary form factor then you are better off getting an ATX case and putting your components there with a standard mobo.
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I have a emachines T2385 desktop and the motherboard is done they are not made anymore it is a trigen imperial glve what can you replace it with

please help emachines and gateway were no help at all

A:replacement for t2385 motherboard

You may be able to fit a standard micro ATX motherboard in the case, but odds are that front panel connections like power switch, power LED, hard drive LED and USB ports are not going to just fit with out some re-wiring. You could buy any socket 478 motherboard and a new case then reuse the old CPU, drives and other parts. But then you may as well upgrade from the Celeron too.
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I'm in the process of trying to select a motherboard for another PC.
Is it possible to have a mobo which allows for a replacement BIOS so that if the BIOS ever needs flashing and it fails, I can plug a backup BIOS in?

A:Motherboard with replacement BIOS

Yes, most mobos will let you replace the bios chip. You can get more info at these sites.


Replacing your BIOS chip - how to update your system BIOS - PCTechGuide.Com

PC BIOS reprogramming, replacement, recovery

having said that, I've flashed bios innumerable times with a 100 % success rate. You just have to be careful and follow instructions to the T.
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My replacement motherboard disaster problem is with a motherboard replacement disaster tower Windows Professional system that is only about four years old After returning from a lengthy vacation I found that my tower system would no longer boot After some card swapping we determined that the motherboard had gone south and so I replaced it the CPU and CPU fan That wasn t all that hard and it seemed to come up right away The problem is that when it attempts to come up on C WINNT it asks me to insert my Windows Professional CD but when I do it immediately asks me to enter the Product Code - but the keyboard is dead The mouse works but the keyboard will not enter any characters of the Product Code Thus I can t do any kind of boot to repair the system So in desperation I did a clean install - but this time into C WIN K and this worked just fine and I could enter the Product Code and everything Good news right Well yes the system comes up and Win K looks O K - BUT I VE LOST ALL MY ICONS THE REGISTRY AND ALL INFORMATION ABOUT MY INSTALLED APPLICATIONS This is not good and I m getting very desperate to come up with a way to recover this information I realize that I COULD try to find all my applications and see if I can re-installed them BUT I REALLY DON T WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS LEVEL OF PAIN The system comes up and prompts me to choose one of two operating systems If I choose C WINNT I eventually get to a screen demanding the product code and I m sunk If I choose C WIN K the system comes up and the keyboard is O K but my applications are really not available What do you think about this situation and do you see any alternatives that I might try to get back up on the C WINNT system Thanks Joe Hall nbsp

A:motherboard replacement disaster

Question: Do you use an USB keyboard??
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I have been informed that my HP Envy 17T-K200 CTO probably has a broken motherboard.  When I searched the HP Part Store I learned that there are two boards listed.  They are part number 793272-601 and 793272-501.  The parts store also tells me that I must "Contact Reseller".  I assume this means that the part is not available from HP.  OK, so I send a request to the "reseller" and learn that part number 793272-501 is not available.  I wrote back and asked about 793272-601 but have not had a reply. Now the question is - if the Motherboard is broken and if this "reseller" cannot supply the part, where can I go to purchase the needed replacement?
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I'll be replacing a faulty desktop MOBO (Intel D945PVS) with an Intel DG965WH , upgrading processor (Pentium D) with Core 2 Duo but keeping all other components intact including installed full retail version of Vista Home Premium on HDD #1 (C:\) and data on HDD's #2 & #3. Can anyone tell me what to expect upon initial bootup ? Will Vista recognize the HDDs & automatically boot off the boot drive or do I have to boot up using the Vista software ? Should I keep HDD 2&3 disconnected initially ? Has anyone had any experience with this before ?

A:Motherboard/Processor replacement

Experience with this? Lots of it.

Chances the installed OS will boot off another board are very, very, very unlikely. And even if it does, you'll have sporadic run problems until you do a clean install of the OS on the new board.

Exceptions to this rule: Exact replacement board.