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Help using a VGA monitor with a DVI-D port on computer

Q: Help using a VGA monitor with a DVI-D port on computer

I recently bought several Dell Optiplex GX computers online for repair I usually do a thorough review of what I am getting but this was a a with VGA Help DVI-D on port computer monitor using a cheap deal on a big lot and a few things slipped by me For one it takes a special power cord that I can t find for less than and there were none Help using a VGA monitor with a DVI-D port on computer with the lot I ordered one to test them with for now but that is not my main problem but if anyone knows where I can get those DA- adapter power cords any cheaper please let me know where My main problem is that these are the small form factor cases so they have no card slots I am dependent upon the motherboard options only So here is my problem the only connector for a monitor on the back of the computer is for a DVI-D which would be great if I had monitors with those connections The only connections I have on my monitors are the VGA I bought some adapters from e-bay that were supposed to convert the DVI port to the VGA which the connector did but I have no screen using this adapter and I am thinking that I was cheated Can this even be done this way I have always just changed the video card but this computer has no way I can see to do that it is all in the motherboard Does anyone know what I can do here I put a fresh install of io xp pro on several of then since that is what they came with They only have pentium s with hyperthreading and single core processors and I didn t think windows would help any If anyone knows what I can do to use these VGA monitors please tell me because without being able to put a video card in it I am lost sincerely cableman nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Help using a VGA monitor with a DVI-D port on computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help using a VGA monitor with a DVI-D port on computer

Your best bet for Global spares is

As to the DVI to D-Sub you did the right thing in buying an adapter. It should work period. Did you get the joblot from eBay? Was it sold as untested? Are the PCs even powering on? Maybe there are issues with memory/cpu/motherboard....

Yes you have to be very careful when upgrading the CPUs for this unit as they follow a narrower roadmap. Top line CPU would appear to be a Pentium D3.4Ghz which worked in a GX620 usff with bios revision A11.

Good luck!
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hey... My computer switches on when i press the power button but no power is going to to the key board or mouse and there is no picture on the monitor........ this all started when i changed one of the settings on the F2(bios setting) and it switched off...... when i switch off the computer all fans are working all lights are working just no picture and power to mouse and key board. how do i undo what i have done. please help

A:computer tower port workin .no picture on the monitor and key board not wo

Can you see the POST screen to enter back into the BIOS? You may need to go back in with the manual for the PC and make sure everything is properly set. If you used F2 to enter the BIOS, it should work, but you will need to make sure the display setting is supported. If you disable on board video, you will need to get a stand a lone video card to make the change.
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Has anyone had any issues with the Precision 7510 only outputting through one DisplayPort output on the E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator?Our organization recently started to introduce Precision 7510 units to our employees, and we're finding that they will only output to one single monitor connected via DisplayPort through the E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicators - even though there are two monitors connected into the two DisplayPort outputs on the E-Port Plus APR. If the monitors are connected via DVI, the Precision 7510 is able to output to both of them through the E-Port Plus APR. We have tried Precision M4800, Latitude E7450, and Latitude E7470 units in these E-Port Plus APR's with two monitors connected into the two DisplayPort outputs - and they all work correctly.The Precision 7510 units have the NVIDIA Quadro M1000M video cards, and the E-Port Plus APR's are connected to either a pair of P2417 monitors or a pair of U2414 monitors.
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I have dual monitors my primary display monitor is a Chimei CMV D My secondary display monitor is an Acer AL W My graphics card is an HD ATI Radeon PROBLEM My primary display monitor which usually has a display resolution of x is currently stuck on x and in the property settings it won't let me fine works monitor stuck 640x480 of port port res on DVI is VGA change the resolution The cable running from the Graphics card is an HDMI cable with DVI port on monitor is stuck res of 640x480 VGA port works fine a HDMI DVI converter I have also tried using the DVI port of the video card to the DVI port of the PC which comes up with same problem Using a DVI VGA converter and a VGA cable the VGA port on the monitor works fine SOOOO long story short there is definitely something going on with the monitors DVI port This randomly occurred overnight and is driving me insane to know what I need to fix I have used different cables and to no such luck My secondary monitor is just humming away just fine But DVI port on monitor is stuck res of 640x480 VGA port works fine I really need my primary display I've uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers for the graphics card which is the Catalyst control centre suite and all monitor drivers appear to be up to date WHY oh why is my monitor locked at this resolution How to fix please help

A:DVI port on monitor is stuck res of 640x480 VGA port works fine

Never mind!!!!


Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates
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My pc monitor doesn't have an hdmi port / dvi. Can I use a female hdmi to male vga converter So that I'll add an male-male extension(i have this extension cable) between dock and converter.
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I just got a new computer (haven't hooked anything up yet), and it has two monitor ports: a VGA, and a DVI-D. I've always used two monitors, and was planning to put my dual head video card in the new computer, but maybe I don't have to? Will this set-up run two monitors (not both with the same view, but as an extended desktop) simultaneously? Second, I'm cheap...I didn't buy a new monitor, but planned to use my existing VGA ones. Is there an adaptor that will allow a VGA monitor to run off the DVI-D port? Computer is a Sony Vaio desktop with Windows XP Home.

A:VGA monitor with DVI-D port?

You can use an adapter to go from DVI to VGA, and I think I've seen several people on here talk about using them exactly like you mentioned.
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just curious. I've heard yes and I've heard no. So I ask of you, this question:
if you have a monitor that allows you to connect an item via usb such as keyboard, mouse, camera etc
can you connect both keyboard and mouse to the monitor usb port,
assuming it has two ports available to use?
is only one or the other allowed? the keyboard or the mouse?

I personally don't see why not for both to be allowed to connect to the monitor if you have 2 open ports

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Does anyone know of any good port monitoring programs that can force a port closed or give you a choice which port to close?

I have been using x-netstat 5 but looking for something better, thanks all in advance


A:port monitor program

There is one here called "Active Ports" ... I've not used it so I have no personal experience with it ... it's a freeware program and it may just be what you are looking for, I hope it's of some help to you

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Machine Lenovo - Ideacentre S Desktop - Intel Core i - GB Memory - GB Hard Drive OS Windows Processor VGA Second Not Monitor to Broadcasting Port Model Intel th Generation Core i Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics Backstory I had my computer setup and working properly with dual monitors I needed to use my work computer with the my monitors so I unplugged both without shutting down my desktop When I went to plug in the monitors I had some trouble getting them to display I eventually got my primary monitor working via a HDMI cable However the VGA connected monitor was not being detected Problem I've tried to use the Windows Key P to setup the computer VGA Port Not Broadcasting to Second Monitor for extended desktops However the monitor is still not detecting a signal from VGA Port Not Broadcasting to Second Monitor my machine and the machine does not detect the monitor I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers on the graphics card I've tried a system restore to a period prior to the problem I tried purchasing a cable that converts the VGA port to an HDMI connection at the monitor and that didn't help I'm somewhat proficient with computers and at a point where I don't know of any other solutions I talked with somebody at Best Buy where I purchased the machine and the suggested it could be faulty hardware Given the number of people experiencing the same problem I suspect that's not the case Anybody have suggestions Thank you very much in advance for your help
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For a while i've noticed that my monitor hasn't been working properly... but I just thought the computer was getting old.

But, when I went to clean my computer I noticed that one monitor ports is missing a nut/screw.
I'm not entirely sure how to describe this since i'm new so, i've provided a link to a picture:

Is there anyway I can fix this... or do I need to buy a new tower?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.

A:Monitor Port broken?

Those little nuts actually screw into the card, and let the cable screw into it.
If you had any old computer card laying around with one, you could use a small pair of pliers to remove it.
However, I have used plenty of cables with only 1 screw holding them in.
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I currently want to connect a 2nd monitor to my computer. My graphics card has one VGA output, which is what my main monitor is connected to, and an HDMI output too.

The other monitor I have only has a VGA input, I'm wondering if there's a cable or converter I can get so that I can connect my 2nd VGA monitor to the HDMI output?



A:VGA monitor, but HDMI port

I think,as your 2nd monitor is not hdmi compatable then your hdmi out form your computer may not give hi def capabilities.
You can get a converter transcoder here that might do the trick. Could be right for your situation.
Please hang around here and see if anyone else can chip in with suggestions.
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Hi my port) no (DVI-I Monitor signal dual monitor setup used to work and one of my monitors stopped working once I moved my PC to a different room and putting back together the peripherals I have a GTX My card comes with a DVI-I port and a DVI-D port Both my monitors Monitor no signal (DVI-I port) work on the DVI-D port Neither works on the DVI-I port If I start my computer with one monitor connected to the DVI-I port I will see the Monitor no signal (DVI-I port) bios screen windows loading screen and then it turns off and says no signal I can however press F before and load it up in safe mode and it works find on the DVI-I port This made me think it was a driver issue So I uninstalled the driver for the video card I Monitor no signal (DVI-I port) then restarted my computer and it loaded up fine on the DVI-I port but I had no video driver Once windows loaded it automatically started installing the video drivers for my GTX It then asked me to restart Once restarted it went back to the same issues I had before Not sure what to do now nbsp
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I have a 19 inch flat screen Dell. It has a usb port on the rear of it. It does not work at this time. When I installed the monitor it was plug and play. I do have a disk for it though. The disk says ... html user documentation, drivers(inf,icm and cat files).
I would like to use the port. If I use the disk will it add what I need or will it mess up my working monitor?

Thank you

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I recently bought an adapter to convert component video adapter does DVI fit on monitor in DVI not port to DVI so I could plug my Xbox into the back of my monitor to use that instead of TV So I DVI adapter does not fit in DVI port on monitor got this DVI plug and I plugged the male ends of the component into the back of this Component to DVI adapter and then tried plugging it into the DVI port on DVI adapter does not fit in DVI port on monitor the back of my monitor for some reason though it doesn t work DVI adapter does not fit in DVI port on monitor as in it doesn t fit in there I know it s a female end on the monitor because I m using it right now for my PC but why would it not fit into it half of it the adapter fits in so I know it s the female end Is there more than one type of DVI port out there with different amounts of pins meaning they d fit in specific DVI ports If I can t do that for whatever reason would it be possible to just plug it the back of my graphics card and run it through my hardware instead because I ve got an extra DVI slot available nbsp

A:DVI adapter does not fit in DVI port on monitor

It sounds like you are trying to connect DVI-D to DVI-I
Take a look at this wiki page and under "Connectors" you will see the various layouts.
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My computer has 2 monitor ports to allow for multiple monitors. Right now, my monitor is plugged into the secondary port. I'm not sure but I think that it can't use the graphics adaptor when its in the secondary port. There is huge lag when watching videos or even scrolling on the internet or in folders. When I plug the monitor into the primary port, nothing happens - the computer doesn't seem to recognize that there is anything there. help!

A:monitor port issue

May need more info, as in, by two ports do you mean there is a video card and a port on the motherboard?

If so the one on the motherboard should be disabled and if it is, and thats the one that you say doesnt work, you should be using the video card.

I dont exactly know what you mean by cant use the "graphics adapter"
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My laptop has a monitor out port (as most laptops do) But whenever I plug a monitor into my laptop, nothing comes up on the screen except for my desktop wallpaper. No icons or start menu or anything. And when I open a program, nothing still comes up. What could the problem be? If you need to know, I have a Compaq 2188CL notebook. Thanx.

A:Laptop Monitor Out Port

Hmm, sounds like perhaps it's extending your desktop to the monitor. Try checking under display properties / advanced for an option on how it handles the second display.
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Hey guys,
I am having a really tough time finding the port monitor files for windows XP. I deleted the USB monitor by accident while repairing another problem with the spooler. Now the comp doesnt recognize new usb attatched devices. Any help?

A:Port monitor files

Port monitor files? What's the "USB Monitor"?
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Does any one know of a way to monitor a serial port? I dont really need to send or receive data I just need something that will tell me when a serial port is active or not (ie if the port is in use or not)
Thanks, Gary

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When I connect 60" LG monitor and duplicate my laptop screen I can only see the bottom toolbar on the monitor. The Laptop screen is fine. Any ideas??

A:Monitor display problem on VGA port

Does an extended desktop work, or does it do the same?
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We are using the display port for a second monitor.  It works for a while but eventually locks the computer up.  we have to disconnect the display port cable, log back in and then reconnect the display port cable, and it works fine again.  We've switch the display port cable to the main monitor, however the problem follows the displayport cable.  The frequency is once every week, and we about 20 computer utilizing the dual monitor setup.  The second monitor is always using the VGA port.
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Hi I DVI Monitor problem port Dual have browsed this forum for over an hour now looking for a solution for my dual monitor problem still no luck I want to use dvi- gt hdmi cables to connect my monitor and my TV both got Dual Monitor DVI port problem p resolutions but I can't get them to detect at all in windows I only get the first one So I know the cables are good the screens are good and that the card is supposed to support this I have no f-ing clue why this is not working I got a mini hdmi output on my card aswell but I cant use it since the adapter that I got with the card does not work when I have to use the dvi port next to it After running the tutorial found here Force DVI HDMI resolutions and refresh rates I can run my Dual Monitor DVI port problem monitor on vga after a dvi-vga adapter on the correct resolution so this shows that both dvi ports on the card are correct I think So why the can't I use both div connections at once Rob

A:Dual Monitor DVI port problem

Not sure with Nvidia cards but with ATI/AMD cards, when you use the HDMI port, you loose one of the DVI ports, since they are the same except sound from the HDMI. As to which DVI port is port 1 and port 2, I'm not sure. Does your TV have a HDMI port? If so, go HDMI to HDMI to GPU for the TV and then go DVI to DVI for the monitor. Then trail and error as to which DVI port is 1 and 2 on the GPU.
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I've just bought an old desktop but when I tried to plug in my monitor I found there was no db15 port to plug into. There's only two serial ports on the back, one has the IOIOI symbol and the other has a rectangular symbol. Does anyone know if I can connect a vga monitor to it?

I don't want to buy a cable and then find out it's no good!


A:Can I connect monitor to serial port?

VGA ports have been standard for quite some time. However, it's possible that the old computer doesn't have a video card. There has to be a female VGA port to connect the monitor to.
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I have an HP Pavilion a n with a ATi all-in-one PRO capture card usually ever since i got both of them non-working a monitor enable port?. How to Ive been using the capture card as my monitor port using a special output adapter but recently my output adapter broke a pin and it ed my color up on my monitor I m pretty much screwed since Ati wont replace my adapter and i don t have a credit card to get another but my computer came with a monitor port shown here in this similar pic its the dark blue one I tried activating it but all that shows up in the display settings is quot ALL IN WONDER PRO quot amp quot ALL IN WONDER PRO SEC family quot all in wonder pro is the capture card s output adapter port and SEC family does nothing when i switch to it just makes the screen black for a second How to enable a non-working monitor port?. my display settings look similar to this I tried looking in the device manager and there was nothing there either its How to enable a non-working monitor port?. like this port doesn t exist according to the computer I heard it may involve switching my bios and ing up my configuration and disabling my capture card but i don t want that happening So guys how do i enable this monitor port on my computer disable the capture card output adapter s port and not anything up including disabling my capture card I have windows XP SP pro any other infomation you need let me know Thanks for helping me nbsp

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Advanced System Optimizer shows the following result in a scan Monitoring Serial-Port-Monitor Infections When I clean it and scan again it s still there I ve tried Spybot Ad-aware ESET Spyware Doctor to name but a few to no avail Something is also trying to change my IE homepage when I reboot HJT log as follows MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system taskhost exe C Program Files Spyware Doctor pctsTray exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr acrotray Infections) (11 Monitoring.Serial-Port-Monitor.3.31 exe C Program Files Realtek InstallShield AzMixerSel exe C Windows System ico exe C Program Files Sony VAIO Power Management SPMgr exe C Program Files ESET ESET Smart Security egui exe C Program Files Common Files PC Tools sMonitor SSDMonitor exe C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe C Program Files thinkbroadband com tbbMeter tbbMeter exe C Program Files Acronis TrueImageHome TrueImageMonitor exe C Program Files Common Files Acronis Schedule schedhlp exe C Windows ALCMTR EXE C Program Files Monitoring.Serial-Port-Monitor.3.31 (11 Infections) Webroot WebrootSecurity SpySweeperUI exe C Program Files SUPERAntiSpyware SUPERAntiSpyware exe C Windows System mobsync exe C Program Files Advanced System Optimizer systemprotector exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware Ad-Aware exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware AAWTray exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files Advanced System Optimizer ASO exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files PeerBlock peerblock exe C Program Files Vuze Azureus exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google co uk firefox client firefox-a amp rls org mozilla en-US official R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Monitoring.Serial-Port-Monitor.3.31 (11 Infections) Browser Defender BHO - A F D B- - FF -B - CCE E - C Program Files Spyware Doctor BDT PCTBrowserDefender dll O - BHO QFX Software KeyScrambler - B F - A - - E -C B BC E - C Program Files KeyScrambler KeyScramblerIE dll O - BHO McAfee SiteAdvisor BHO - B E -A B - A -B - CD E A FF - c Monitoring.Serial-Port-Monitor.3.31 (11 Infections) PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl - E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - C Program Files Java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll O - Toolbar McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - Toolbar PC Tools Browser Guard - EA- A- B-ADF - D E CC - C Program Files Spyware Doctor BDT PCTBrowserDefender dll O - HKLM Run Acrobat Assistant quot C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr Acrotray exe quot O - HKLM Run AzMixerSel C Program Files Realtek InstallShield AzMixerSel exe O - HKLM Run Hcontrol C WINDOWS ATK Hcontrol exe O - HKLM Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware reboot quot C Program Files Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe quot runcleanupscript O - HKLM Run Mouse Suite Daemon ICO EXE O - HKLM Run SonyPowerCfg C Program Files Sony VAIO Power Management SPMgr exe O - HKLM Run Switcher exe C Program Files Sony Wireless Switch Setting Utility Switcher exe O - HKLM Run egui quot C Program Files ESET ESET Smart Security egui exe quot hide waitservice O - HKLM Run SSDMonitor C Program Files Common Files PC Tools sMonitor SSDMonitor exe O - HKLM Run RtHDVCpl C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe -s O - HKLM Run tbbMeter C Program Files thinkbroadband com tbbMeter tbbmeter exe O - HKLM Run TrueImageMonitor exe C Program Files Acronis TrueImageHome TrueImageMonitor... Read more
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I am on a laptop with a gtx 765m. I am trying to connect a thunderbolt port to a display port monitor. My understanding is that thunderbolt is backwards compatible with display port. But, for the life of me I can not get it to work.

I am using a minidisplay port -> display port cord.

I have ended up hooking the monitor up with an hdmi cord for now. FYI the monitor is a 2560x1440 monitor if that matters.


A:Thunderbolt to display port monitor. GTX 765m

Do you know for sure the video is ported through the Thunderbolt connector?

Any chance we could get your computer model number?
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I am trying to find a good program that can monitor ports and show me which are open and where my TCP/IP is currently connected to. Can any of you recommend a good one?

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I have Lenovo B All-In-One Windows whose monitor is cracked and the screen is black I m trying to still use the computer or at least access the hard drive by attaching a second monitor through the HDMI Out connect slot in the back my to Port) Monitor All-in-One (via HDMI How Recognize External have So I purchased the quot DVI-D to HDMI or vice versa quot cable Dynex brand for from BestBuy and made the connection to my DVI monitor Well Lenovo turns How to have my All-in-One Recognize External Monitor (via HDMI Port) on but is not recognizing the second monitor Should it automatically recognize the second monitor or are there some steps involved like pressing down on certain function keys like you would in laptops I ve perused Lenovo s hardware support manual but they don t explain proper steps Does anyone know what the proper steps are when the original monitor is not working I know for sure the computer itself is working it s making all the right Windows start-up noise No the computer is not passworded so it should go in straight Would it be easier to connect to the TV via HDMI Would I then need HDMI cables Thanks everyone for any suggestions you might have to offer nbsp

A:How to have my All-in-One Recognize External Monitor (via HDMI Port)

To switch between monitors press the "windows key" + "p". repeat this a few time and see if at any point anything shows up on the external monitor.
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I have an i5-based DG67BL intel motherboard computer that has a DVI and HDMI ports with one DVI monitor connected to the DVI port.

I added an GeFORCE 210 graphics card to it that has a VGA and a DVI ports and connected additional two monitors to it.

So far computer is working fine with three monitors configured in windows as extended desktop.

This motherboard has just one PCIeX16 slot. It has 2 PCIeX1 and a PCI slot that are vacant.

I need to connect yet another DVI monitor. I took a HDMI<->DVI cable, connected it to the onboard HDMI port. the monitor was not detected.

I tried various combinations of monitors and bios settings in vain. Under no circumstances the HDMI port drove the DVI monitor.

The cable is working fine elsewhere.

What did I do wrong ? Is there something I need to buy/replace for this to work ?

Thanks !

A:How to connect additional DVI monitor to HDMI port

you 'need' to connect a 4th monitor? I recommend getting graphics card(s) to support your endeaver, but up to you.

Why don't you get a dvi to vga or maybe its a vga to dvi cord and connect the dvi monitor to the graphics card vga port?

Does it have to go into the HDMI port? HDMI carries sound as well as the video signal, dvi only carries video, and vga carries a lesser quality video
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I ve Working Not Correctly Port Blue Monitor had this problem since I got my computer last june but it s only becoming a problem now because I want a dual monitor display Here are my specs Problem explained below gt CPU Sckt Intel R Pentium R D Dual-Core CPU GHz FSB gt x MB L Cache EM T gt HDD GB SATA-II Gb s M Cache RPM Hard Drive gt MOTHERBOARD GigaByte GA- N-SLI nForce SLI Chipset LGA FSB gt DDR SATA Dual PCI-E Mainboard w Blue Monitor Port Not Working Correctly GbLAN USB amp Audio gt MEMORY GB x MB PC DDR Dual Channel Memory Corsair Value Select gt Blue Monitor Port Not Working Correctly OS Microsoft R Windows R XP Professional w Service Pack gt POWERSUPPLY STANDARD CASE POWER SUPPLY gt VIDEO ATI Radeon X Pro X PCI-E MB VIDEO CARD Both monitors are ViewSonic Optiquest Q and they both work Whenever a monitor is plugged in to the blue normal monitor port it doesn t display anything however the computer recognizes that it s there To see a display I have to plug the monitor into an adapter for the white monitor port If both monitors are plugged in white and blue ports only the one with the adapter shows anything But like I mentioned the computer knows the other is there If I set Extend Desktop it does it I know this because the mouse spends time off the screen as if it were continued and I took a screenshot and it came back how the display should have looked only I can t see the right half Thinking it was the video card I called tech support and they sent me a new one It does the same thing I have the newest monitor and video card drivers I don t know why it s doing this Any ideas nbsp

A:Blue Monitor Port Not Working Correctly

kwabou said:

Whenever a monitor is plugged in to the blue (normal) monitor port it doesn't display anything however the computer recognizes that it's there.Click to expand...

When do you plug in the monitors? Before booting, after booting or in Windows?

Does it display anything if you plug it in before you start your computer?

You may need to fiddle with the Catalyst Control Center to get any picture from both connectors. I remember when I had similar problems with my work laptop and an external monitor, I solved them by uninstalling CCC and setting the monitors the "old-fashioned way", like in Win9x, from Control Panel's display settings.
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Hi I'm new here and I have a problem. I recently followed instructions on a website to speed up windows xp and I disabled some service/processes. I wanted to know which process is used to connect an IBM Thinkpad R40 laptop with XP SP3 to an external TV. I tried several cables and monitors and tvs, but nothing works! It worked a few days ago. My lower palmrest and lower buttons were removed before this happened- could this be a cause? I already tried all the Display things and everything, but it doesn't work. My TV says 'PC' under sources, but then it just shows a black screen whenever I go on it and press FN and F7 and turn it on in the Display window. I also tried other monitors and they still don't work. PLEASE HELP ME THANKS A BUNCH

A:What service/process is used to connect to an external monitor/TV through DVI port?

Are you using the correct DVI cable (there are several configurations of DVI connectors).
See this: All About DVI

Also, avoid the use of a VGA-to-DVI adaptor -- they are very unreliable.
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Hi I m wondering if someone possibly help as I m not sure where to go next I have a Dell U H monitor connected to a XFX Radeon via its DisplayPort and I m having problems with random flickering where the monitor picture goes black for a few seconds I have another port on monitor U2311H Display Dell flicker monitor an old HP connected via DVI and a p Sony LCD TV connected via HDMI I have had the Dell and HP monitors connected via DVI for months without any problems but I wanted to Display port flicker on Dell U2311H monitor extend my Win desktop to all displays and I believe you can t do Display port flicker on Dell U2311H monitor that using DVI DVI and HDMI hence why I want to use the display port I have tried different displayport cables so I don t think it is that I don t have another gfx card or Display port flicker on Dell U2311H monitor monitor to try to eliminate from the process One thing I did notice is that if I change the resolution from p to p it seems to fix the problem I m wondering if it could be something to do with the displays running at different resolutions Although I did try both the TV and Dell running at p but there was still a problem Any suggestions greatly received Thanks nbsp

A:Display port flicker on Dell U2311H monitor


I happen to see this thread when searching for solution for the same problem. I am using 3 monitor display setup, using U2311H connected with displayport to HD 5770 graphic card and 2 samsung 940b monitor connected with DVI to the same HD 5770 graphic card.

U2311H flickers (screen become totally black) for 1 to 2 sec at random times and return to normal.

I did not try any other display port cable yet because I did not have time to buy another one.

Seems like adbarnes have the same problem, I am wondering if it is because we are using 3 display setup? or display port? Or maybe there is something wrong with U2311h?

I have been using U2311H for some time, this flicker problem happens recently.

adbarnes, have you discovered how to solve the flicker problem?

My dell U2311H is using 1920x1080 (recommended) resolution
My samsung 940B is using 1280x1024 (recommended) resolution
(all using the recommended resolutions)
using win 7

Thanks everyone for helping
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HiI cant get a picture on my monitor using the mini display port, i am using a mini dislay port too hdmi cable, but i dont get anything on the monitor.  My notrebook is a Lenovo L540 with only Intel HD4600 graphic and windows 10.
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I have a lenovo b570e laptop and am running Windows 8.1.

I recently bought a new monitor (ASUS ve248h) to use as a dual monitor along side my own laptop however upon connecting the HDMI cable with the monitor it doesn't appear to work. I have tried updating the drivers and the hdmi port does work while I am connecting to my LG tv using the hdmi port. I have used various cables including the one that connects it to the tv however so far without success.

I am a bit clueless as to why it would work with the tv and not the monitor also my brothers laptop (which has Ubuntu) does successfully connect to the monitor.

Any help would be much appreciated and Thanks in Advanced

A:HDMI port not working/detecting external monitor

Welcome to the forum!

Are there any settings in the monitor menu that might affect it?
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Greetings nbsp I'm experiencing a problem on what appears to be HP Prodesk G computers exclusively nbsp nbsp Intermittently when the computer wakes from sleep or standby the computer loses its monitor drivers When the computer wakes the monitor is now in x Prodesk display with graphics two monitor... problem G2 HP port resolution and if you look in the Screen Resolution window it shows the current driver is the Generic Non-PnP Monitor HP Prodesk G2 graphics problem with two display port monitor... nbsp These computers are hooked up with dual HP displays of like model and when it happens the fix seems to be to simply restart the computer HP Prodesk G2 graphics problem with two display port monitor... While this is easy enough it is extremely disruptive to the work of our users and so I've been tasked with finding a real fix to this problem nbsp To that end I have updated the computer with the latest BIOS from HP as well as the latest Intel graphics drivers from HP's website Intel Graphics chipset but to no avail We have also tried using different monitors and it continues to occur intermittently Also we have many HP Prodesk G 's in the building and none of these have this problem This leads me to suspect that this is a problem exclusive to the Prodesk G 's and not with Windows or the monitors we are using It should also be noted that both monitors are connected using the on-board display ports My hunch is that it is the Intel Graphics onboard graphics chipset that that's the problem but I don't think we should have to buy a seperate graphics card to get two displays to work on these computers especially when it's so clear that the computer was clearly built with that functionality in mind nbsp nbsp Any advice welcome nbsp Thanks nbsp Jason
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We have a large monitor Dell wfpt connected to a Dell Precision M laptop The large monitor only works with DVI-Dual Link so we have a Display related, adapter? usb BSOD hub monitor port or display Port to DVI-D adapter Accell UltraAV DP to DVI-D The user of this machine was working in Outlook on this BSOD usb related, monitor hub or display port adapter? external monitor right after a fresh boot and BSOD usb related, monitor hub or display port adapter? noticed the mouse cursor was moving very slowly Eventually the external monitor froze completely and the laptop monitor showed a BSOD whilethe external monitor showed the same frozen static windows outlook image I checked the crash files and noticed two dumps although he only noticed one crash Both dump files seem to point to a USB device This Accell adapter uses displayport and usb for power BSOD usb related, monitor hub or display port adapter? Could someone check and confirm if this is the case through the dump files The only other USB devices is a Logitech wireless receiver and a USB hub card reader that is built onto the Dell monitor This usb hub on the monitor does not have anything plugged into it Thoughts Could it be the monitor usb hub card reader Or the displayport adapter If it's the adapter then would an external powered usb hub be a fix for that Thanks

A:BSOD usb related, monitor hub or display port adapter?

Hi Rogue75.

First of all, Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs. Otherwise, stop 9x9F cannot be successfully prevented.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus and the touchpad "Apoint".
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
Next come to the BSOD. Do you use the webcam?
(c:\program files (x86)\dell webcam\dell webcam central\webcamdell2.exe)

Better you disable the webcam in device manager. See how it goes. Observe if there is any more BSOD after freeing up the startup items and disabling the webcam.

But, the webcam might be necessary for you. Search for any possible updates in Support | Dell US for your Dell Precision M4800. If any update to the webcam is there, apply it.

Report us for any further BSOD.

BugCheck 9F, {3, fffffa80113cba00, fffff80000ba2748, fffffa8013a14010}

Probably caused by : usbccgp.sys

Followup: MachineOwner

>[ 16, 2] 0 e1 fffffa80113cba00 00000000 fffff88004051fd4-fffffa8011558340 Success Error Cancel pending
\Driver\usbccgp ks!CKsDevice::CompleteDevicePowerIrp
Args: 00000000 00000001 00000001 00000000
[ 16, 2] 0 1 fffffa801148b6c0 00000000 00000000-00000000 pending
Args: 00000000 00000001 00000001 00000000
[ 16, 2] 0 e1 fffffa8011479630 00000000 00000000-00000000 pending
Args: 00000000 00000001 00000001 00000000
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I currently have a Z that I used with the older USB Dynadock p device to get x on my quot monitor from dynadock4K port monitor and with/without ext or replicator Portege Z30 resolution the z Now I am looking at the Z They seem to have different specs for Portege Z30 and ext monitor resolution with/without port replicator or dynadock4K maximum external video modes even though Portege Z30 and ext monitor resolution with/without port replicator or dynadock4K both have the built in screen resolution of x Z specs on External Video Modes say Max Resolution x Max Refresh Rate Hz Non-interlaced resolution with max refresh rate x Z specs on External Video Modes say max resolution x max refresh rate Hz non-interlaced resolution with max refresh rate x I originally bought the Dynadock because it had quot a built in video card quot so I could run it with the z on a quot monitor at x which I did and it worked fine but x was the max the laptop would go to with the Dynadock Now with the Z I am wondering if I ever really needed the Dynadock on the Z but I see there is now a Dynadock K for th Z And now there is also a HighSpeed PortReplicator III no port replicators for the Z Z but the port replicator doesn't have an actual HW video card built into it like the DynaDock K I just want to make sure I can drive a quot monitor at x with a new Z Do I even need a port replicator or Dynadock K to do that Can I just plug hdmi direct to the monitor and get that The one thing that worries me is the Z has this quot non-interlaced resolution with max refresh rate quot at x same as max I could get with the z and Dynadock While the Z says its quot non-interlaced resolution with max refresh rate quot is only x which makes me think that the Z will only output x to my quot monitor Does the Dynadock K really have a quot built in video card quot as advertised that would let a new Z actually display x of even higher say a full K even if the Z can't do it by itself If I cant get at least x direct with the laptop via HDMI and I have to buy either a port replicator or dynadock will only the Dynadock k will guarantee I can drive monitors at x and up to K Thanks for any help experiences with the Z
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Sorry about how long this is but I don't want you to miss any details that could've caused this issue Alright so I have a Sceptre X WG Naga quot monitor on a DVI connection with my EVGA GTX card I was using it yesterday while studying for finals and decided to hook up my quot Westinghouse TV via VGA connection using a VGA-to-DVI converter to plug into the graphics card as the card only has dual-DVI and mini-HDMI outputs It was working grand as a second screen no issue at all Now today I turned on my computer and my Sceptre Monitor wasn't outputting any images at all it just said no signal detected and then went to sleep though my computer was still on So I turned on the TV out of curiosity and found that the TV was now the main screen still with the VGA connection and I hadn't unplugged anything since yesterday with Port DVI Windows longer works, AND detect no won't monitor DVI So I logged in and right-clicked on the desktop went to screen resolution and here it says that the TV DVI Port no longer works, AND Windows won't detect monitor with DVI is the only screen detected even after hitting detect So I unplugged the VGA from to TV and plugged it into the Sceptre Monitor Turned on the computer and the monitor worked like a charm on the VGA cable I also plugged the DVI cable that I was using for the monitor into the TV and that worked like a champ too The only reason this is bugging me is because I won't always be using the TV as a main DVI Port no longer works, AND Windows won't detect monitor with DVI display DVI Port no longer works, AND Windows won't detect monitor with DVI because it's kinda of a pain to sit close to a screen that big So I am currently on this forum while my monitor is using the VGA connection It also seems to vary from which DVI port I use on the videocard because if I plug the VGA cable with converter into the nd port there is no video output but if it's in the first port works great I'm going to try just the DVI cable to the TV on each card port to see what the deal is there I'll update with an edit So basically The cable isn't the problem The VGA needs to be in the st DVI port on the card to work The DVI doesn't work at all when hooked up to the monitor What I want is to be able to use DVI on the monitor and VGA on the TV Specs Intel Core Quad Kentsfield Q GHz GHz Gb Kingston ValuRam DDR - Asus P G T-M LX Mobo EVGA GTX x Dual link DVI and x mini HDMI Windows Professional x Please ask questions if you have them I want to resolve this ASAP Thanks for looking

A:DVI Port no longer works, AND Windows won't detect monitor with DVI

MustangFX93 welcome to the Seven Forums.

As you discovered only the first DVI port (DVI-I, analogue and digital) on the card will work with the DVI-VGA adapter and the second being DVI only (DVI-D, digital only). It also makes it that no matter what you do the first port is considered the primary port by the video card, with the only way around it is to try and modify the bios of the video card to change which it thinks is the primary port (not recommended); there is nothing you can do from within Windows to change this.

About the only thing you can do is from within Windows set the monitor as the primary display and then use the Windows key + P to set it how you want it (computer only, or extended displays for example).
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I have an HP ZR22w monitor with three inputs: VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort. I want to hook up a computer to the DisplayPort, but my video card id HDMI out. All the cables are sold as DisplayPort source out to HDmi monitor in. Are these cables reversible?
Can you recommend the right way to hook this up? Is there a cable that exists for this situation? Do I need a combination cable/adapter?
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I just went from Vista to Win 7 as I had a hard drive crash. However, now as I am reloading programs, after a restart I have to change my monitor to the other port on my graphics card. I went into device manager to check for a conflict and found none, but while there I clicked on "details" on the device tab and the screen went dark! I swapped the cable to the other port and my display was there. Also right click on desktop to check screen res and when I click on detect or monitor it swaps again. Any ideas on this?

I have newest driver ATI 8,821.0 too.

A:Monitor port changes after boot and at random ATI Radeon HD5700 HIS.

That's a weird one. If you're using a single monitor it shouldn't be jumping around. Have you checked to see if the drivers for the monitor is installed?
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if I connect external Monitor in HDMI port and check my sound device on right coner of the screen it will show 2 selection only 1) HP speakers and 2) Intel Display Audio and No HDMI option.
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Hello all I was talking on skype and lost internet connectivity while talking I received the error above Firewall Settings HTTP port HTTPS port FTP port error message I am running a laptop with windows XP and IE and my antivirus is AVG and I also have Ad-Aware I m not much of a computer person but I did some research online and tried a few things I turned off the option on skype s advanced settings for it to listen on Port and then rebooted I also ran a command netstat -aon and did not find a listing of or which seems to imply that nothing should be affecting port or I also downloaded firefox and it cannot access the internet either The only way I m able to access the internet 21 Settings port port Firewall (port 443 error FTP message HTTP 80) HTTPS at the hotel I m located at was to call the hotel s tech support and they had me go into the LAN settings of internet options and manually select port Any more suggestions would be greatly Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message appreciated Thanks Mike

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Some info on common ports used, don't know much about connectivity problems...but it seems to me that...if you never had this problem before and your system connects properly outside of this hotel...the hotel/location may be the problem.Worth a read, IMO:
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I am a beginner really and got this message after eliminating (hopefully) a prgram called Antivirus Action from my computer. I can't get on the internet because I keep getting this message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan settings > Proxy server > Advanced. Delete the proxy server settings under HTTP, HTTPS (secure) and FTP (and Socks, if any). Then, under Proxy server, uncheck all boxed.

If running Firefox too, disable proxy server.
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I have suddenly gotten this on my main computer. (Windows XP)
A previous techguy thread (expired) said to check my dns numbers with "jpconfig /all"
However, my computer will not allow me to run that program in safe mode.
Is it a bug issue... or will that program only run in full mode?

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Dear mulebit,
It actually is " ipconfig /all " i.e replace" j"with "i".Please go to command prompt under Start--> Programs-->accessories. No need for "safe mode" to carry out this task. Can you kindly provide details of your computer specifications? Are you using a third party firewall and if so which brand? What security software are you running?
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Please help i cannot connect to internet explorer!

I am getting the error message

Check the Firewall settings for HTTP port 80, HTTPs port 443 and FTP port 21.

My provider is tiscali and i have done the trouble shooting with them to no avail, Also tried to disable the Norton firewall functions and still didnt connect. My broadband connection is showing excellent between the router and pc with both wireless or with the lead.

I have Spybot and Ad-aware on my computer and norton internet security 2006.

Do i have to clear the Firewall settings for these ports or can anyone help me .... please!

Thanks a million


A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message
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I have a T450s and since I updated to Windows 10 I don't get anything out of the mini-display port. I have tried installing all new drivers and updating the BIOS per Lenovo's support website but I still can't get an external display to work over the mini-display port. Please provide a solution to this problem!
Moderator note: Post moved to T series forum.  Model added to subject.
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HP15 Notebook HDMI port fails to provide a signal to external VGA monitor via HDMI-to-VGA adapter. All necessary monitor drivers have been installed.
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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!
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I bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 in December and I wanted to connect it to an external monitor via the thunderbolt port. I bought an type c to hdmi adapter off amazon and it connects. (Actually bought 2 and the problem persists). But occasionally both my screen and laptop will turn black then back on again. This causes my video that i'm playing to either freeze/crash (netflix/youtube) which is SUPER annoying. It goes from occasional to quite often. It's really random.

My drivers are up to date, cable is new and the monitor is new from boxing day. 

Any help is appreciated :)

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Connecting external monitor via thunderbolt port

There are several posts on this forum about this issue.
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i installed a rage 128 video card and i want to go back to my original on-board video but whenever i plug my monitor in it, i get a black a screen..does anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

A:No picture when monitor is plugged into eMachines on-board graphics port

You probably need to enable on-brd graphics again in the BIOS. Plug monitor bk into rage card reboot, press DEL key to enter BIOS. It will be the Standard CMOS set-up or the PCI/Plug n Play menu.
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I need to setup my laptop Toshiba U945-S4110 to be connected to the VGA input of a monitor display.
What do I need?

Is it enough for this HDMI to VGA active converter =1-4&keywords=hdmi+to+vga+adapter

then a VGA to VGA cable

A:Need to connect Satellite U945-S4110 to external monitor's VGA-IN port

> What do I need?

Well, the notebook supports only the HDMI out port. This port sends the digital video and audio signal.

In case your external monitor supports only the RGB-in (VGA) port, you would need to use some kind of adapter/converter which would be able to convert the HDMI digital signal to VGA analogue signal.

I don?t know if the adaptor would work but you will not get the sound because VGA does not support the audio signal, only video.
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I have a Tecra A7 (Mod.No. PTA71E) I use with often on an Advanced port replicator III and an external 19" monitor (1280x1024).

Now Ichanged the monitor with a new LCD 22" Samsung 223BW with a 1680x1050 resolution.

Attached to the VGA I have a lot of flickering problems bu the reolution it's OK.
Attached to the DVI I haven't any flickering but the monitor get a resolution of 1280x1024 with a desktop of 1680x1050 which scroll according to the mouse position.

How can I use the DVI and get the right resolution (like in VGA mode) but without flickering ?

Davide Rubbiani

A:Tecra A7 with port replicator - wrong external monitor resolution


I guess the Toshiba ATI driver does not support the 1680x1050 resolution.
The only way to get the 1680x1050 resolution is to install another driver.

maybe you will find here a working one.
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I have a Latitude E6530 config:

Intel Core i5
Intel HD 4000 graphics
E-Port Plus APR (2 DisplayPorts)

I'd like to buy a 4K Monitor for use with this config. Will I be able to use it on 4K resolution?
I use a Dual Display. 1st is my laptop's built in FullHD screen, and the 2nd would be the 4K monitor.
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On the XPS 15 9550, can an external monitor with Displayport inputs be connect directly into the laptop's USB-C Thunderbolt output using a straight miniDisplayport-to-Displayport cable?  Similarly, can a miniDisplayPort to VGA adapter cable be plugged directly into the USB-C Thunderbolt port to drive older monitors/projectors? Or is the TB15 Dock mandatory in order to get the computer talking to  external video devices through its Thunderbolt port output?
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Hello everyone,

I am having some trouble with my Tecra M11 with an external monitor going through a Express Port Replicator II.

It is very specific, but i am running texlive 2010 on my laptop for writing a thesis. Whenever i use my laptop screen the functionality is fine, and it runs very quickly, with no lag when i compile my document. Upon docking it into my docking station at work to use on a large monitor, whenever i use the same program, it slows up a lot, eventually causing the program to crash. Its frustrating to lose lots of your thesis like this! When i connect the external screen straight to the laptop, it works fine again.

Something is going wrong in the docking station. Does anyone know how i can correct this? Im a little confused, and out of ideas. maybe i driver or something im not aware of. Maybe my docking station is defective?



A:Tecra M11-LaTeX runs slow on external monitor using Express Port Replicator

Which port do you use on port replicator? VGA or DVI?

It will not be easy to offer answer to your question. It is not possible to test all available software with docking station and search for solutions.
I would say: bad luck.
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Running a Portege R930-1d0 through High speed port replicatior II.
Is it possible to output to dual displays?


A:Portege R930-1D0 + High speed port replicator II - dual monitor support

By ?dual display? do you mean the internal + external display or do you mean two external monitors?
The Hi speed port replicator II supports the RGB port as well as the display port and HDMI port but both (display port and HDMI) cannot be used simultaneously.

You can use the internal notebook?s HDMI port and for example one of the Hi speed port replicator II ports to connect another external monitor.
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I have the Portege R930 (pt331a-01w001) running window 7. Everything on the laptop works as expected, however when I plug the laptop into a high resolution monitor (2560x1440) via the HDMI port I get blue screen of death.
I can use the HDMI port to connect to my 1080p LCD TV and my work monitor which is a lower resolution and it works ok.

I have tried multiple cables and different monitors of the same resolution.

Can anyone assist?

A:Portege R930 - BSOD when connecting high resolution monitor to HDMI port


Simply said: the notebook does not crash using external monitor with lower resolution than 2560x1440. Right?

Found your notebook model.
[Portege R930 PT331A-01W00101 |]

and it seems that the unit supports the Intel? QM77 Express Chipset and Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator QM77

I would recommend updating the graphic card driver.
On the Toshiba page you can find the Intel display driver v8.15.10.2712 (Win 7)
Also you could test the version downloaded from Intel page.
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Hi I saw this problem listed but My issue is a bit different and the previous solution didn t work for me Please forgive me if any of my posts offend as I am new to this site I don t intend to be rude but my ignorace may anger some Also forgive the length of the post I wish port (80), port the HTTP FTP Firewall Port and HTTPS (443), for settings (21) to be thorough as to avoid getting possible solutions that I have already tried or are not relavent I recently had some repairs done on my computer which involved reformatting my hard drive and when I got it back started having trouble accessing some internet sites Unlike the previous person s post with this issue i can still access the internet and of sites but a select and seemingly random few give the IE cannot access website error When I run the networking Diagnostics for Windows XP get the following error Check the Firewall settings for the HTTP Port HTTPS port and FTP port The only firewalls I know of Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21) on my computer are Windows and my router both of which I have disabled i have also tried Firefox and it craps out at the same exact sites In addition to selected sites some third party programs are having trouble accessing the internet This includes Nortons Installer I haven t been able to install my antivirus yet because of Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21) this error and I haven t been abble to register Microsoft office after I installed because it cannot access the internet for ID Key Verification I have tried turning off all LAN proxy settings and power cycling my modem and router as those Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21) were two possible solutions to this problem that other people used Neither worked There is a fair chance that my computer was connected to the internet through another computer when it was being fixed If this matters I am runnign Windows XP and IE Like I said it also doesn t work on firefox so I think the browser is not an issue I can provide any requested information Thanks nbsp

A:Firewall settings for the HTTP Port (80), HTTPS port (443), and FTP port (21)
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Well this has me baffled My Bell Internet Security Services Activation I just installed it on a computer not used for some or months popped up a window saying Help! FTP (443), HTTPS Solved: (21) port port port HTTP for Settings (80), quot Waiting Solved: Help! Settings for HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443), FTP port (21) for Internet connection quot and waiting and waiting But my Netgear wireless connection to the router in the house indicates Solved: Help! Settings for HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443), FTP port (21) quot very good quot signal strength which I thought meant I was connected Obviously not I tried opening IE quot Internet Explorer cannot display the web page quot much as I expected Clicked the button which was showing on the IE cannot connect page quot Diagnose connection problems quot and followed the instructions The final diagnostic is quot Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP HTTPS or FTP This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer Check the firewall settings for the ports HTTP etc quot Where on this earth are they I checked the Windows Firewall settings and found it quot off not recommended quot so I switched it on I re-ran the diagnostic on the IE page and nothing has changed My question is How do I check the settings for HTTP port and HTTPS port and FTP port Also what do I set them to Many thanks in advance for a solution to my problem nbsp

A:Solved: Help! Settings for HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443), FTP port (21)

So you just installed an Internet Security Suite which has a Firewall built-in and then you enabled XP' built-in firewall? I am baffled as to why you would do that. The new software you installed has to be blocking it somehow. I would search their website for known issues.

Or just uninstall it and use something different.
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Hi I recently got a monitor from one of my friends saying that it was broken Its a Dell in LCD I have my main monitor a in Samsung wide screen So i just plugged it into the not my display is stuck dual Computer in monitor will Samsung and monitor mode second Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor DVI slot on my graphics Card When i went into the display config i set up dual monitors just to see if it was working The dell monitor would blink up then quit on me When i was messing with the Display settings I made the Dell Not my Samsung the Default Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor Monitor I Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor unpluged the broken Dell and restarted Now my computer regognizes the Samsung as the second monitor and it just shuts it off and recognizes nothing as the main I managed to get it into safe mode and it recognized the samsung but every time i try go back to Normal Start the screen is blank How can i get it to recognize the Samsung as my main nbsp

A:Computer is stuck in dual monitor mode and will not display my Samsung monitor

You might try reinstalling your cards video drivers
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I searched the forums and the only posts involved the AMD card and I have an Nvidia card.  I couldn't find any information on the K4000M so I called tech support and they told me it was 2560x1600.  But then I found another forum where they said even the K1000M can do 4k.
I hooked up my 4k TV to the HDMI and used the Nvidia custom resolution to set up 3840x2160 at 30 hz and the display works.  The graphics look great, but the text is super fuzzy.  The TV supports 4K at 60Hz, but I'm not sure if the HDMI port on the back of my M6700 supports 60Hz.
Does the HDMI support 60Hz at 4k?  What about the display port?  Any idea why my text is super fuzzy while the graphics are razor sharp?

A:Precision M6700 Nvidia Quadro K4000M max resolution 4K monitor display port hdmi refresh rate

First, I'm going to refer you to this article from Nvidia discussing Ultra 4k Resolution.  The important statement is this:

The current HDMI 1.4 standard only has bandwidth for 4K at 30hz. HDMI 2.0 will add support for 4K at 60Hz. Details should become clearer in late 2013. There are a few TVs on sale today that support 4K @ 30Hz through HDMI.

Now, according to this review and article about the K4000m card specifications, it states that the card has HDMI 1.4 connections, which means it won't, theoretically, handle Ultra 4k resolution at the 60Hz bandwidth.
I also found this on documentation online about the Precision 6700.   

The Precision™ M4700 & M6700 incorporates HDMI version 1.4. Features

So, unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that card will support the higher refresh rate needed.   
As for Display port 

DisplayPort cables are much simpler to define: There’s just one type! The current version, DisplayPort 1.2, delivers enough bandwidth to carry video resolutions of up to 3840 by 2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 60Hz

So Display Port would be a much better option for you, if available.
I hope this answers your questions.
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My old Windows desktop sounds normal on booting up but I can't see anything on the monitor I may not have the monitor connected properly A couple of years ago I bought a used corporate desktop PC with Windows and used it for a while Then I bought a new laptop and I haven't used the desktop since Now I need to get a couple of / computer monitor desktop start on 2 shows monitor Win7 after Nothing programs off the desktop But when I turn it on nothing shows on the monitor The computer sounds like it's booting up okay I am using the very same monitor that I used before when it was working And yes it works and I have it turned on I am typing on this monitor right now with the newer computer This desktop has a large port for a monitor that you connect a splitter connector to and then connect the monitor Nothing shows on monitor after start computer / 2 monitor Win7 desktop to one of the two smaller jacks coming out of the splitter connector As I recall when I first bought the computer I connected my monitor to a monitor port on the computer which fit the monitor's cable and it didn't work I contacted the seller who told me to connect it to one of the splits and it worked But for some reason now it's not working It could be something simple It may have something to do with the -monitor configuration of which I know little So my question is how can I proceed toward seeing what's going on on this Windows desktop computer enough to retrieve several Visual Basic programs

A:Nothing shows on monitor after start computer / 2 monitor Win7 desktop

Project mate soem system specs on that desktop would be handy ie what graphic hook ups does it have on the I/O panel and the monitor too.

One alternative is to take out the hard drive hook it up using a USB to (I assume it is SATA) to SATA drive gadget and view it as an external drive. If it is an IDE one the gadget will still do it. See pic.
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I tried turning my computer on today on Christmas Day and everything booted up fine I was surfing the web and monitor a monitor problem on, turns though) blank...(Not Computer but on my regular programs for about Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though) minutes Then all out of a sudden it appears that my monitor is freaking out I was seeing colors changing green lines going up and down the screen as if it appeared something had occurred with the monitor I go back and forth switching VGA and DVI cables from Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though) my monitor to my compute r with no luck I tried restarting the computer manually a few times as well and one time I was lucky to get back to the desktop only to have it freeze on me and turn off One other time it allowed me to get to the f f boot menu but when I tried to possibly boot up in safe mode it froze again and appeared to show more freakups with the monitor I then took the vga cable from my monitor into my laptop and it is working perfect Not a problem at all so this is making me believe the computer is the problem What could possibly affect this over night I've never experienced anything similar to this It's as if it is making the monitor appear Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though) that something has burned out but in reality it is the computer that is not working correctly When the computer does start up which it clearly is my monitor is saying it does not detect the DVI VGA Other times like right now it appears as if the computer is starting up fine but if the past minutes tells me anything it will freeze again and the computer will shut off by itself EDIT I was able to sign into the guest user before this While I was on the guest account alt cntrl delete would not work nor would trying to click on system restore as it would never pop up I tried doing a system restore with the disc but while it was loading the disc the monitor decided to flicker and go blank again then the computer would turn off Could this be virus related or perhaps some faulty hardware inside the computer Thank you for any of the help

A:Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though)

I should also mention I finally did manage to get through a system restore, to about a week ago, and I still managed to experience the same monitor / freezing problem.
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I tried turning my computer on today on Christmas Day and everything booted up fine I was surfing the web and on my regular programs for about minutes Then all out of a sudden it appears that my monitor is freaking out I was seeing colors changing green lines going up and down the screen as if it appeared something had occurred with the monitor I go back and though) on, problem blank...(Not monitor turns Computer a monitor but forth switching VGA and DVI cables from my monitor to my compute r with no luck I Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though) tried restarting the computer manually a few times as well and one time I was lucky to get back to the desktop only to have it freeze on me and turn off One other Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though) time it allowed me to get to the f f boot menu but when I tried to possibly boot up in safe mode it froze again and appeared to show more freakups with the monitor I then took the vga cable from my monitor into my laptop and it is working perfect Not a problem at all so this is making me believe the computer is the problem What could possibly affect this over night I've never experienced anything similar to this It's as if it is making the monitor appear that something has burned out but in reality it is the computer that is not working correctly When the computer does start up which it clearly is my monitor is saying it does not detect the DVI VGA Other times like right now it appears as if the computer is starting up fine but if the past minutes tells me anything it will freeze again and the computer will shut off by itself EDIT I was able to sign into the guest user before this While I was on the guest account alt cntrl delete would not work nor would trying to click on system restore as it would never pop up I tried doing a system restore with the disc but while it was loading the disc the monitor decided to flicker and go blank again then the computer would turn off Could of been a coincidense though as it seems to come and go Could this be virus related or perhaps some faulty hardware inside the computer Thank you for any of the help

A:Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though)

I should also mention I finally did manage to get through a system restore, to about a week ago, and I still managed to experience the same monitor / freezing problem.
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'HDTV as a monitor' versus Computer Monitor

i am looking to buy a monitor for my computer
It seems a small HDTV is about the same price as a traditional monitor

I am leaning towards a HDTV because although i have an HDTV,sometime in the future a small screen HDTV may come in handy.

Are there any big differences between an 'HDTV as a monitor' vs. a computer Monitor?

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I have an HP monitor HP w 2207 that comes with a VGA cord. It worked great with my windows 7 laptop but
now that I have a new windows 10 that does not come with only usb connections I bought an adapter VGA
to USB and connected the monitor to a USB 3 port.
The monitor comes on for a second and says Monitor Going to Sleep and then the screen turns black.
The VGA adapter said I didn't have to install any drivers so I don't know what to do now. Help!
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I recently rebuilt a computer for my sister using a KT600-A motherboard. I went to plug-in the monitor and I discovered that the motherboard didn't have an onboard VGA connection, only 2 serial-com 9-pin ports.

My buddy initially built the computer and I'm not sure how he got the video working. Is there some type of adapter out there? I have a PCI Video card installed but of course I need to get to the BIOS through the motherboard to get it recognized.

Please help me figure this out!

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Hello all I just put a new hard drive on my system and did a whole new install of win xp pro I added a new western digital gig hard drive I have a gateway that is loaded but I dont think that matters Anyway with the new hard drive installed usb ports dont work All the ports in the back of the computer are fine This is the two ports in the front of the computer you can plug stuff into I feel that this is somehow related but cant figure it out The gateway drive was a seagate and it was connected to the computer with those new style of connectors which I dont know their name but are small thin port. usb seeing Computer not black connectors that just slip into the drive The western digital one I connected using the pin cable that they supplied to my motherboard Is there any reason this would cause my computer to not see the front usb ports or am I on the wrong track Thanks Norman nbsp

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Hello First thank you for your help Second I'm new to the forum world This is my first post so bear with me My supervisor purchased a new monster computer for me I run CAD programs and possibly in the future will be running BIM software Therefore before purchasing the monster computer the CAD and BIM software specs and manufacturer were consulted to ensure the new computer would service all needs It is a wonderful computer This supervisor also purchased two amazing monitors Dell UltraSharp Monitor with PremierColor suggested when purchasing the computer The problem MY new monitor computer, New work won't New monitor, but OS has been downgraded by IT from Windows to Windows New computer, New monitor, but monitor won't work office IT rules and now one of the new monitors will not function properly The monitor will work for a moment then go blank if bumped or moved The IT office told me every time the monitor is bumped it resets the BIOS therefore I cannot use one of my new monitors Now I'm working with one good monitor and one shitty monitor New computer, New monitor, but monitor won't work This is liking asking someone to ride a bike with one good tire and one flat And completely ridiculous to have a brand new monitor thrown into storage to collect dust IT cannot figure out how to make the new monitor to work Their solution was to give me a lesser quality monitor and refused to figure out how to correct the problem This attitude is not acceptable especially when good money has been spend on very nice equipment I know there is a way to correct the problem I don't have the experience or knowledge to figure this out on my own This is why I'm asking for help How to I get both of my monitors to function with my new computer without one of the monitors to go blank every time it is bumped or moved Thank you Thank you for any and all help It is much appreciated
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Without having to rebuild the computer & buying another MOBO, what is the easiest way to add a 3.0 USB port to the computer?

I have a 3.5" removable internal bay that I currently have a 52/1 card reader & USB port combo, which is very handy.

Is there something along the same lines, but with 3.0 installed that will easily connect to my computer & fit in the 3.5" bay?

A:Adding a 3.0 USB port to the computer?

Do you have a free slot, PCI or PCI-E? - Add-On Cards,usb 3.0
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I have purchased a new laptop and wonder how to find the addressbook, favorites file from IE and Outlook from the old machine so that I can move them to the new one? I would love to be able to move my folders (with saved old mail) and address book to the new machine in one step. I know about import and export, but don't know where to look for these files on the old drive. HELP!!

A:How to Port Old Files to New Computer

Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Files & Settings Transfer Wizard

even a caveman could do it
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Does anyone know how to connect radio device into the back of the computer?What I am actually trying to do is to record a news from a local radio station but dont want background sound be captured also.Using Audicity, I am trying to save the sound in my computer with radio device placed beside computer's speaker. However, I thought the record will be perfect and clear without sounds from the sorroundings.Thank you in advance.

A:How To Port Radio Into The Computer

3.5mm male to male cable.
Plug one end in the headphone jack of the radio,
the other end into the mic port on the back of your computer.
WalMart or Radio Shack should have them.
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parellel port to usb computer

A:parellel port to usb computer

Don't be afraid to post complete questions, we don't charge users by the number of words in their posts - more is usually better.

You can USB to parallel adapters such as this:

You can also get PCI or PCI-Express cards with a parallel port as well.
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Okay so, I need to download music onto my ipod touch from itunes but everytime I plug it in it tells me that my device could perform better if I got a hi-speed usb port....And that is exactly what I did, I finally bought one and plugged it in to my computer...When I plug in the ipod touch it still says the same thing even though I have the hi-speed USB port 2.0....Can somebody PLEASE HELP ME?

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I have a high speed SD/SDHC/MMC card reader/writer that allows me to use photo cards that are 2.0 and greater. Without it my usb port on computer will not work with them. I
I now have a i-pad2 that my computer does not recognize when I plug into usp port, I assume because my usb port is too slow. is there a high speed converter so I can plug my i-pad into usb port?
I run windows XP.
Thank You

A:usb port on computer is <2.0, is there a converter?

Hi there,
Does your computer support USB 2.0 ports? What's your computer's motherboard? You can find some pretty cheap PCI Expansion Cards on the market, which will add a few USB 2.0 Ports in your computer.

But let me ask you first, are you sure that USB 2.0 is enabled by your BIOS? I had encountered a similar problem in the past, and it was simply fixed by enabling USB 2.0 Support in the BIOS.
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Hello all I am trying to figure out what is going on and quite stumped seems as if the OS is blocking outbound port requests and sending back tcp resets Firefox says the connection was reset for every site anything going to port http making an https connection works just as it should DNS works nslooiup as does ping and tracert to various sites both local and offsite I wouldn t care so much about this but this is the third computer that this has happened to and the woman that is the IT person at the office can only reinstall XP as her only recourse so I am trying to help At first I thought it was a virus (third rst different computer) xp tcp port 80 pro outbound or some malware but everything works fine in safe mode sdfix doesn t find anything and neither does prevx prevx com I had to setup putty to tunnel socks to another host to get Internet access If I were to setup an http server on the local machine and try and connect via loopback still says connection reset so it s a very interesting problem if one thinks network problems with XP are interesting but again all these problems so away in safe mode so it still sounds like a virus or some malware The only main thing I can see is that they are outbound port 80 tcp rst (third different xp pro computer) NOT running IE IE running ghost and AVG Other than that they are all bare metal up XP installs from Dell The boxes are varying years old but all had been reformatted when they came from Dell and had XP Pro reinstalled without extra things from Dell If anyone could help and offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated
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I have an older Dimension E310 and have been experiencing a complete shutdown when anything enters or exits my front USB ports. It can either be a camera cable, thumb drive, and even a cable hooked up to nothing. It's as if someone literally pulls the power cord.

The rear USB ports are fine. If I boot up with something in the port the PC runs fine. WHen the port is "jiggled" the device shuts down. It's behaving like a some sort of electrical short. Any ideas?

A:USB port shutting down my computer

no due to to virus....which media y inserted have got viruses ,,thata only..
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Hi how can i free a computer port on my PC. How is this done?

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Apparently this is impossible using a router? My house has a small network with 4 computers on it using a netgear router, me and my housemate want to play Company of heroes online, but need to forward ports to do so. so, is there any setup we can use that will allow us to do this? its probably going to involve replacing the router with something, but what? and how would you set it up?

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The remote computer isn?t responding to connections on port 80 possibly due to firewall or security policy settings, or because it might be temporarily unavailable. Windows couldn?t find any problems with the firewall on your computer.

How to fix this??

A:Computer isnít responding to connections on port 80

Did you enable remote connectivity on the other machine?
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Bought a used HPE-201f but it does not have a parallel printer port 25 pin for my old Hp lazer printer. Can i just install a Parallel card in the computer and install drivers etc. ?

A:HPE-201f computer no parallel port

check if your motherboard has a parallel pinout. It'll be cheaper than getting a PCI card as then you just need this: - StarTech PLATE25F 25-pin Parallel to 25-pin Header Slot Plate
No drivers required iirc.
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I have a proxy server w/ SUSE providing internet access to a 48 port switch. How can I see which fixed IP address is operating at each port of the switch? Is there a way to do this from the server? (What application?)

I simply want to know the IP or IPs that are connected to that port within my internal network.

Thanks amigos.


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Specs Win x Q stock GB ram ATI HD MB stock My computer would blue screen rather go to a black screen with no display because the monitor would not detect input and my GPU fan would got and it would stay like that until I hit reset Then I get the bcccode upon the crash message Computer USB crashes port... touching on that comes up on windows start So I did some research on my own Computer crashes on touching USB port... and I know its a hardware issue Computer crashes on touching USB port... its not a thermal event because even under load the temps dont get above - degrees My GPU isnt too hot either cause I keep the fan high to keep it down However I went messing with the clocks on my GPU in the Catalyst ATI Overdrive app when I started getting the crash I couldnt seem to duplicate the problem so I just reset the clocks to default Now I can duplicate the problem for some stupid reason the USB ports on the side of my computer are jacked If you touch it not even plug anything in put so much as touch it with a USB device i e a headset the computer crashes with this error and the monitor loses connection Could me messing with the clocks some how screwed the MOBO or could it be the card is screwed I attached the latest dmp files Thanks in advance for the help nbsp
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This is a weird problem and Im not really sure what to do I ve been having problems getting quot Tribes Ascend quot to connect to the update server on my computer and the only solution seemed to be malware blocking ports I tried a few different port scans on different sites but the scans timed out due to the ports being quot blocked quot the scans even reported that port was blocked even though i am able to scanning Computer HELP from blocked port access the internet I ran Combofix which deleted some HELP Computer blocked from port scanning stuff but didnt fix the problem I think the problem may be connected to the ports Whenever I try to run a port scan on any of the major sites it says not connected or that ALL of my ports are closed Which cant really be true if I m using the net right now Anyone have any idea of what this is or how to fix it Im assuming some piece of malware is blocking my computer from port scans somehow Any ideas Starting Points Theres a chance my problem may not even be the port thing but it does seem like a good possibility to me used Rkill MB came up empty Then used ComboFix I don t think I m allowed to post the log in this forum but I can if it would be useful I m pretty pretty handy with CMD Networking and a lot of standard IT programs so any suggestions would be appreciated

A:HELP Computer blocked from port scanning

HiCombofix is not a toy and not for everyday use.ComboFix SHOULD NOT be used unless requested by a forum helperSince you have run Combofix without Supervision ..------------------------Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<== starting at Step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include a description of your computer issues, what you have done to resolve them, and a link to this topic.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal. Good luck and be patient.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.
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I've signed up for Verizon DSL and I was reading over some other customers observations regarding the USB connection vs. Ethernet. My HP (5 yrs. 0ld)
doesn't have an ethernet card. I have seen cards that need to be installed such as Radio Shack's D-Link? 10/100M LAN Card, but don't want to install any more cards into my computer. I was wondering if there is an
external ethernet available? I want the best speed and reliability possible, thats why I'm looking into this.

Or, would USB work ok? I know there I have read posts regarding USB being slower than ethernet, and that USB is less reliable. Any suggestions would be great!

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I have WIN Xp. I have AT&T Uverse. I am trying to forward a port inside the 2wire Gateway. I am familiar with how to do it and got instructions on

However, when I get inside my gateway to do the operation, I don't see the IP listed in the drop down bos. I see the series of 64,65,66 and 67. When I run an IPCONFIG, it says I am 71.

Any help appreciated.


A:Solved: Port Forward, cannot see computer

I dont know much about the router you are using, but when you port forward to a device, you want that device to have a static IP address. after being static try to manually input the IP you are forwarding to.
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I want to cry because I've had my All-in-One PC via HP for about years and I've never tried to Port use in All-in-One cannot HP HDMI Computer detect use the HDMI port it came with Today my bf gave me his TV to use as an external HP All-in-One Computer cannot detect HDMI Port in use monitor except it doesn't work I looked up many forums and directions from HP to random computer forums with questions on the same issue with no success First I nbsp Tried turning on TV Vizio and plugging HDMI cable in then plugging other end into computer already on -didn't workTried turning on TV and plugging HDMI cable in shut computer off plugged HDMI cable in and then turned PC on-didn't workI used the windows key C to select nbsp Devices - gt Project Aware now that's for projector not TV - gt Second Screen- gt Duplicate I even followed those same steps but tried to add a device and it found my Android Phone across the room via WiFi but not the plugged in TV nbsp I tried Right clicking my background and going into Personalize - gt Display - gt Change display settings- gt Hit Detect and it says Another Display Not Detected nbsp I then tried to follow the suggestion made on the forum linked below that actually resolved the inquirer's issue who was having the same problem I have to no avail http h www hp com t Desktop-Video-Display-and-Touch HDMI-in-port-switch-not-working td-p nbsp I was getting frustrated I then thought perhaps there's something wrong with the TV HDMI cable HDMI input output and or in TV etc To disprove this theory I tried using my TV that's functional via HDMI with my gaming consoles and refollowed aforementioned steps with cord I know to be working My PC still doesn't detect the connection I now know that for whatever reason my PC is just not even seeing the connection at all and I'm wondering if it's a driver sofware hardware issue Please help me all I want is to use a TV as an external monitor

A:HP All-in-One Computer cannot detect HDMI Port in use

Hi @IPOnUrWiFi,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the HDMI port. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me and I will help you.
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I am watching my network logs and keep seeing attempted outgoing connections on port 137. I have that port blocked, so it's not happening. Every IP it tries to connect to is outside my network.

I have scanned the heck out of my system, to make sure it's not a zombie. Is there any legitimate reason my system would be trying to do this?

A:Computer trying to send data on port 137

As you may already know, 137 is assigned to the NetBios naming service, so I suppose it could be a legitimate Windows service;

However, I have read that there is nothing to stop the authors of malware from providing for their creations to use 'legitimate' ports, so 137 would look like a good choice if you were trying to 'sneak' some stolen information out. Keeping 137 closed seems like a good idea!
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i bought a canon pixma mg3250 wireless printer it has a cd but i do not have a cd on my computer its an Eee all in one

A:i do not have a CD port on my computer to download canon pix here if you need them::mike
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My custom built desktop is not recognizing an ethernet cord. The lights are not coming on when I plug it in. The device manager does not show network adapters. Im not sure where to find it/ not sure its there.
Plz Help.

Im on windows 7.

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Hi this is my computer specs:

Compaq Presario SR5027UK Desktop PC*-* Product Specifications - HP technical support (United Kingdom - English)

Just wondering have i got a free sata port in my computer?
IM not sure if i have and would liek to know if anyone could help me out with this information i have provided.

Look forward to hear from you,

Regards Paul

A:Have i got a free sata port in my computer?

Looking at the specs for the board and pc I would say No - there are two SATA ports on the board - the HDD and the DVD drive are both SATA so would not leave any ports free