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Replacing a dead 360 DVD drive

Q: Replacing a dead 360 DVD drive

So my DVD drive has died on my and I hear if u get a new one off Ebay u have to get the key from the old one DVD a drive 360 dead Replacing and stick it on the new so your Xbox will read it thats all well and good if your drive would work be picked up by PC The drive is dead and there is no way of getting the key Now if my logic is right the key is stored on one of the Microchips in the board so If I can get the chip off the board by heating it up what piece of Hardware would I need to read it and software to get the Needed information off in order to flash it onto the new XBox drive I plan to order I don t want to shell out on a new console as its in full working order despite DVD drive and doing it said way would be cheaper Yes Also if anyoen knows which chip it is on the Xbox Ben Q VAD Drive I be very happy I Plan on replacing it with another benQ drive I point out I do not intend to play pirated games I just want to be able to replace my DVD drive which may be against MS EuLA but I don t care as its not breaking UK law I will use it to back my games up again fully within UK law Thanks in advanced for replys nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Replacing a dead 360 DVD drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacing a dead 360 DVD drive

If you're positive that the old drive is dead (i.e. no power to the drive) then getting the key is impossible. if the drive has already been flashed then the key should have been saved. i'm quite positive there is no way to retrieve the key from the motherboard itself, without the use of specialized equipment, that you don't have access to anyways.

buy a new console and keep the old one for parts or sell it as is
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Hello, I was recently given an HP M9340f desktop that was not working. When started, it gets to the HP splash screen and stops. It will not respond to any key strokes and will not enter system recovery. Doing a little research revealed that the particular Seagate 750gb 7200.11 drive that shipped with this had a firmware issue. Seagate issued an update but if a particular user did not do the fw update the drive had a possibility of dying. I am guessing that this is what happened with this computer.

Now, if I were to purchase a new, retail hdd and order the recovery DVDs from HP, could I use them to reinstall vista on the new drive without any use of the old hdd since it is dead? I have googled and searched but have gotten an equal number of yes and no answers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Replacing dead hard drive

Welcome to TSG Rsmith03,
Yes, you can install Vista using the HP recovery disks on a new hard drive.
You can order the HP Vista recovery disks from this LINK.
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My hard drive on my Dell Studio 1745 running Windows 7 SP1 has died and will not boot. I purchased an SSD and want to know if I need to align or do anything other than remove the dead HDD replace it with the SSD and run boot with the Windows Installation CD that came with my laptop.



A:replacing dead laptop HDD with new SSD

Hi djrobison22

Do read

SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

If you do not know then post here for someone may provide you the answer.

Hope this help you.
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My power supply went dead, it was a 250w ATX - Does that mean that ANY 250w ATX power supply will be a sufficient replacement? I tried a 300w ps that I had and it would turn on the fans and drives but would not boot the bios.

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My system is as follows:
NVidia GeForce4 MX440 graphics with AGP8X
Thermaltake PSU
Philips 17" Flatscreen Monitor

OK so my monitor has bit the dust. I dont want to upgrade any of my computer components because its too old. About 9.5 yrs. I want an LCD monitor thats going to overlap from now until I buy a complete new system. I dont want to buy a monitor that will be underspec'd for the new system. Im not very knowledgeable on their resolutions and whats not compatible or why, nor about aspect ratios and compatibility.

- My Video Card has a max resolution 1024x768 pix . Can I use a 16.9 and the standard resolutions of today?

Thanks for any help.

A:Replacing dead monitor for older system

You can use any monitor with any graphics card, with 2 caveats; must have compatible ports (DVI,VGA,HDMI,DisplayPort) or use an adapter, and your resolution will be limited to the component with the smaller value (your card's 1024x768). So until you build the new system, it will display the same size as your old one, with a wide black bar on either side (but should look better anyway). The sweet spot these days is 23" widescreen (less than $150), 24" under $200, and 27" start at $250. I have an Acer 23" and it's big enough for me. Remember, though, when you have a bigger monitor it will run at lower frame rates with a given video card, so keep that in mind when spec'ing the new system. Until 3 months ago I was where you are (Pentium 4 3.4 GHz). I gradually upgraded my parts until I ended up with this;

Asus P8Z77-V, Intel [email protected] GHz, Kingston HyperX [email protected] MHz, EVGA GTX 550 Ti [email protected] MHZ/2257 MHz, Corsair H100 liquid cooling, Ultra X4 750w, Corsair Carbide 400R, 2 x WDC Green 2TB, 1 x WDC Blue 500GB, 1 x Hitachi 400 GB, 1 x Hitachi 1TB external, LG M-Disc Super Multi DVD, 6 x 120mm case fans, Acer 23" [email protected], Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

I've got about $1400 total in it (plus many months of research and list-making, which was half the fun) and it's so much faster I can hardly believe it, even without an SSD (soon!). So you can get a monitor now, then find a case you like and move into it, get your fans set up the way you want, then one day get a Z77 mobo and i5-3570K and switch everything over. You'll need a new hard drive, your old one is IDE and the new mobos are SATA. Later you can get a decent video card, faster RAM, an SSD, etc. BTW, the integrated Intel HD 4000 video on the 3570K is awesome, I used it for a week just to try it out, and it played most of my games okay. I envy you - for you, the fun is just beginning. New hardware aimed at the enthusiast market is a multi-billion dollar business now, so competition is fierce, prices are low, and great new stuff comes out almost daily. Do the research, read the reviews, and have fun.
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Hi all,

I've attached a picture of the display on a Sony VAIO model PCG-5J1L.
The laptop is fully functional, apart from the screen. This is what it shows after Windows finishes loading.

Is this a case of clear-cut "sure, you need to replace p/n xyz and voila" or a more complex case of "this could be one of several things" ?


A:Dead VAIO notebook display. What needs replacing?

Since the screen is lit up i dont think its the ribbon cable, backlights, or inverter. So im thinking graphics, chipset, or video drivers are corrupted or the video card has gone get a proper diagnosis i would take it somewhere and then you will know what failed or what needs replaced and go from there.
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Hi - virgin post so hope it s in the right place Had to replace Maxtor SATA dead Dell after (clicking) 8400 HD BSODs replacing GB HD after it started clicking and BSODs Now using TrekStor SATA GB HD but after installing Win XP it crashed at the very end of the install XP install seems fine and has continued blue screening every few minutes since though works fine in Safe Mode and also has passed every one of the Dell Diagnostic tests full version Have installed Dell 8400 BSODs after replacing dead (clicking) HD the latest drivers at far as I know for chipset etc but still frequent BSODs Have a selection of minidump files - unsure how to analyse them - not always the same message - sometimes involving iastore sys sometimes not Recommended to this site though I m not a techie prepared to have a go Machine months outside yr warranty - what a pain Would really appreciate advice on what to do next - have spent days researching to no avail nbsp

A:Dell 8400 BSODs after replacing dead (clicking) HD

Is this a 2004 system? Have you tried updating the motherboards bios?
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A good while back I built my father a system using an Asus A V X It was recently thwacked by a lightning strike so I m going to replace it I originally bought and used some of the A V X features Firewire RAID etc but version slightly of dead same with capable mobo A7V8X: the replacing less he doesn t need any of that The only thing I can find available quickly is the A V X-X which is the same board but does NOT have RAID or firewire The whole point of using the same mobo is to make it software compatible -- no reinstall necessary If I replace the A V X with an A V X-X I m hoping that the only Bad Things that will happen is windows complaining that the firewire port and the SATA RAID controller have gone quot missing quot and that s all -- which is no problem for me Does anyone know if this is actually what will happen Thanks much nbsp

A:A7V8X: replacing dead mobo with slightly less capable version of the same

Boards are essentially the same.

ljwobker said:

If I replace the A7V8X with an A7V8X-X, I'm *hoping* that the only Bad Things that will happen is windows complaining that the firewire port and the SATA RAID controller have gone "missing" and that's all -- which is no problem for me.Click to expand...

I just parted ways with my own A7V8X after years of reliable use. Good board. I didn't have the SATA or RAID though.

Assuming you are running XP, and weren't using the RAID controller, you should have no problem swaping out boards. When XP doesn't find the controllers, it will simply remove the devices from the Device Manager.

If however you *were* using the RAID to run two drives in parallel (stripe-0) to speed things up, you'll have to connect those drives to another RAID to accesses them or else you loose everything.

But since you say you weren't using them, you're fine (I've changed MB's completely with the same C: drive and XP just configured everything automatically.
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Here s is hard drive When dead a dead not a first for me usually when a hard drive dies it s dead end of story I have had hard When is a dead hard drive not dead drives in my system A brand new one When is a dead hard drive not dead gig and since my bios doesn t support over the ish limit I used an overlay program to get the drive recognized Before this I also had hard drives all varying sizes with no overlay programs As each hard drive had an operating system I could access my bios setup and boot from either of the three After I installed the gig with the ezbios yes I installed it on the other two drives as well everything was happy except for the fact I could no longer boot independently to the other drives When is a dead hard drive not dead I thought no biggie Still everything happy This morning turned on computer tried to access the gig hard drive for some files and the click click hard time trying to access but finally it did sooooooooo then I rebooted and guess what no gig drive Wonderful disconnected the other drives tried to boot to that one no operating system rebooted again physical medium error not going to be a good day Tried booting with a boot disk fdisk politely tells me no fixed c drive present lovely Downloaded the recovery program recommended by Slithy thanks hope you re reading this too and it would not even acknowledge that the drive existed The drive was still being seen in the bios correctly Downloaded the Maxtor drive diagnostics and got all the lovely you re in deep doodoo error messages so went to the RMA site and proceeded to request RMA as the drive has one more year on warranty There REALLY isn t that much on the drive of importance As the RMA page needed info from the top of the drive I removed the drive from my system it was quite warm to the touch but I didn t give that too much more thought A few hours later I thought what the heck I m going to try it in my other computer before I call in the chariots and it boots up after running thru scandisk warning me of shutdown errors and requesting I run scandisk in Windows I am now transferring files over the network to another hard drive Any ideas why it would report dead in so many ways and then boot up like nothing happened And I didn t even put it in the freezer God I hope Alex Ethridge doesn t see this thread he ll blame it on my overlay program nbsp

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*as Noel tidy beard would say?

i have just been given a 200Gb Western Digital HDDm which appears to be faulty
after connecting it it storts to whir as it spins, then makes a clicking noise (as though a gear has been dropped) and stops.

does this mean it's dead or could it be salvageable?


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I told my sister I'd help her replace the broken hard drive in her year old HP laptop G - US We plan to restore the Vista OS that's on the restore disk which came with the machine I was concerned about finding a hard drive with the same Replacing Drive. Potential Problem? a a Geometry Hard Laptop Is Drive geometry as the existing drive because I know that was a potential problem some time ago But then I became convinced that it doesn't matter because There's no geometry info on the hard drive currently installed in the laptop which is a GB WD Sellers of laptop replacement hard drives don't say anything about the geometry of the Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive. Is Drive Geometry a Potential Problem? drives they sell and I found this below on an HP site but nothing about geometry considerations other then the new AF sector size quot Customers using original HP supplied recovery discs on systems that have had the -byte sector drives replaced with a new Advanced Format HDD may experience issues and may not be able to re-image their system The most common issue customers will see is that they will not be able to use their current recovery media if they try to install Windows Vista or Windows on AF Drives quot I found other HP info which said only that you need to replace a laptop HD with one of equal or larger capacity But then I was looking at hard drives from Discount an Amazon seller and their web site said that once you've replaced a HD with one of their drives you have to do a full OS install you cannot use the restore disk I asked about that and got this response quot Recovery disk is design to restore exact HD size and brand Does not work with different size and brand quot So does any know do I have to worry about HD geometry or not Thanks very much Bob

A:Replacing a Laptop Hard Drive. Is Drive Geometry a Potential Problem?

Sorry for tAking so long, a laptop drive is any 2.5" drive, either regular or ssd will be fine.

You will need to reinstall your OS, if you have the disks, just load from there. I believe your quote is referring to using the HP recovery disks, but your disk may be different.

Honestly, your best solution is to get a copy of vista and use your serial to install a clean copy, though you will need to get your drivers from HP.
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I replaced the harddrive on my HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop. I have the original disks that came with the computer. I set bios to boot from cd. However when I turn the computer on with the xp cd in the optical drive, I just get a blank screen. I can here the cd drive start and stop. Any suggestions on what the problem may be?

A:Blank screen after replacing hard drive w/XP boot disk in CD drive

Hi , Is the hard drive you have fitted brand new, nothing on it? Or does it have an OS on it from previous PC? In the BIOS does the new drive show in the list ? And are you using a genuine MS Windows disc, or the HP recovery disc, (as supplied with a new PC?).
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I have an HP Pavilion p6240f desktop purchased in 2010 that came with a 750GB C: drive. I'd like to replace the drive with a new 3TB drive using a cloning program to copy the old drive contents to the new drive. I've read that to access and boot from drives larger than 2TB "your system must be UEFI-capable".

I've looked around on HP sites and other places to determine if my desktop is UEFI-capable but have been unsuccessful. Can anyone tell me if my desktop will work properly with a 3TB drive?


A:Problem Replacing 750GB Boot Drive with 3TB Drive on older Desktop?

You can plug in the drive alone, attempt in Disk Mgmt to initialize it MBR creating a partition smaller than 2tb. If it will allow this then you'll be able to clone or image over the old install to that partition.

You might even be able to create other partitions once you initialize it with a partition smaller than 2tb for Windows.
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I have read conflicting advice regarding replacing the existing mSATA 32gb drive on my Inspiron 15R SE 7520 laptop. Some say larger drives (upto 480/500gb) will work some say they won't.
I was trying to buy the following drive from Dell's web-site:
Samsung mSATA 250gb Manufacturer Part # MZ-M5E250BW, Dell part # A8313020.
Can Dell support confirm if this mSATA SSD is compatible with my 7520 before I buy this item.
Is there a video available to show how I can replace my existing mSATA drive as I could only find videos on replacing the 1TB hard drive.
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My Fujitsu Amilo Li1705 laptop has been reaching full capacity (80gb) for a while so I decided to get a new hard drive.

I've updated the RAM from 1gb to 2gb with no problem.

My hard drive has arrived but with no cables, instructions etc. and searching the web has proved just as unfruitful as most sites refer to external hard drives.

I don't have an external disc so was wondering if there's any way of copying everything over. I've heard of temporarily taking the CD drive out to have the two drives at once but wouldn't know where to start.

Any help/ instructions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


A:Replacing Fujitsu hard drive - how to copy without external drive?

Obviously you did not build a Recovery Disc originally?

You can just order a Recovery Disc from HERE

If your machine is not supported, then then sometimes the Fujitsu forum members will help, at Their Forum

That's 3 ways of getting your Recovery media. I hope it helps
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Looks that way.

Ever since the technician replaced my defective CD drive, I've been noticing a quick flash of a message saying "diskette drive failure" while I launch Windows. The screen goes by too fast for me to read it, but when I put a floppy disk into my drive, the computer prompted me to insert a floppy disk.

What could have the technician done? I was never getting this error or problem before he came.

He only said his name was Allan. No phone number or anything to contact him.

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I have 4 - 250gb SATA drives on my WIN7 machine. One has WIN7, One has Vista (I dual boot) and the other two are used for storage. I want to replace one of the storage drives with a larger capacity drive 1TB.

In looking inside the cabinet I cant tell which drive has what on it.

Can I just unplug the cable on one drive at a time and identify it that way? Or would it create a problem, such as, Windows renaming the 3 remaining drives?

What's the best way to do this?



A:Replacing a existing drive with a larger drive

Enter BIOs setup and look at HD's to determine which HD is plugged into which port 0, 1, 2, 3.

If this isn't enough, type CMD into Start Search box, rightclick to run as Admin, type "Diskpart," , then "list disk"

Now copy down which drive is in which slot judging by size and content.
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Hello there,

First off thanks in advance for reading this! I would really appreciate some advice

I have a 17inch Macbook pro i7 laptop.

I was looking at the possibility of replacing the optical drive with a SSD drive (i never really use the optical drive anyways)

I found a place online where one can purchase the SSD drive and case so it fits into where the optical drive is also.

My question is has anybody else done this? and if so is it a good /bad idea?

And also once I replace the optical drive with SSD can I have it so my OS is working off of the new SSD drive and my original 5400rpm HDD will appear up as a separate drive for storage.
Im not sure if its relevant or not but here are the specs of my laptop

Mac osx 10.6.8
2.66 GHZ i7
8gb 1067 MHz DDR3

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I have a 2014 xps 13 with LITEONIT LMT-128M6M mSATA 128GB (119 GB)
I want to upgrade it to a 256 SSD, any idea/recommendations as to what model should I get ? 
Is this model from cruicial compatible and recommended ? 

A:Replacing the SSD drive on my xps 13

I realize you are looking to upgrade only to a 256 GB SSD and so my response here is not actually on-point (so nobody designate this as an answer).
I was able to upgrade the SSD on my XPS 13 (9343) to a Transcend 512 GB SATA III 6Gb/s MTS800 80 mm M.2 SSD Solid State Drive TS512GMTS800 It works great.
GSHANI, I hope you find the answer and the SSD you need. Anecdotally I've usually found Crucial's web site to be correct, when it returns compatible recommendations based on a make and model you supply.
There's good tear down instructions for the XPS here.
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Background Info http forums techguy org hardware -cd-drive-wont-open html Basically my problem is that out of the blue a couple days ago my CD-RW drive has decided to act up on me Sometimes the drive will open if I hit the eject CD-RW Replacing a Drive button use My Computer to eject it- but sometimes it will decide to get stuck Obviously this can t be happening so I m going to have to replace the drive I currently have a Samsung SW- S drive According to the Samsung website this model of drive has been discontinued I m still under warranty with Dell so they should be able to send out a replacement drive It probably won t be the same make and model so this is why I m posting this thread What are the steps involved in replacing one Replacing a CD-RW Drive CD-RW Replacing a CD-RW Drive drive with a different one I know that if it was the exact same make and model it would be relatively easy and all I would have to do is take out the old drive and Replacing a CD-RW Drive put the new one in But because it probably will be a different make of drive would I first have to remove the drive from Device Manager before installing it How does that work And after I physically put the new drive in is there any software or drivers I need to configure I also have Sonic RecordNow currently installed on my computer The Samsung site recommended removing any burning software before replacing the drive Is this true Do I have to remove RecordNow before installing the drive I d appreciate any input from you guys I ve never had to do this before nbsp

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Hello everyone Im new here and hope I followed the with Replacing drive HDD CD-ROM rules about posting properly Im upgrading my current HDD to a SSD that I pulled Replacing CD-ROM drive with HDD from a laptops who mother board took a dump since its on the smaller side I was going to use it as my boot drive I also saw an interesting article about a company that offers an adapter where you can remove your CD-ROM drive and put a drive in there I was planning on putting my current drive in this adapter The main question I have now is using this second drive going to be exactly the same as a external Ive never been on a computer with drives Thank you for the help in advance P S a second question I thought of does anyone have a good cloning software they would recommend Most of the ones Ive used take up way too much storage for a recovery and partition the drives in a way that I dont like Thanks again in advance nbsp

A:Replacing CD-ROM drive with HDD

How large is the SSD? If you look carefully, most cases come with 2 HDD slots, so there's no need to buy a 5 1/4 to HDD adapter
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i have 2 DVD drives on my PC. and would like to replace one with a blu ray drive. do i need to do any thing special. to replace one. or do i just unplug the old one and install the new?

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It appears my DVD/CD drive has bit the dust, at least it will not recognize any CD but will play a movie DVD. This drive is an IDE.
Thinking about replacing it with a SATA DVD/CD drive as they are now less expensive then IDE drives.
My MB has an extra SATA connection available, the other one is used by the SATA HDD.
Question: can I do this replacement and is it essentially a "plug and play" in the set-up?
Does anything need to changed in the BIOS?
OS: Windows 2000Pro w/SP4
Any direction is appreciated.
Thank you

A:Replacing DVD/CD Drive

According to the description of your setup, yes, it is basically a plug and play deal.
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Replaced a small Drive letters replacing C drive after hd ata with a sata internal drive connected to a host sata card Partitioned the new drive into primary partitions Will use the first partition for the system and the next for programs and data files While partitioning the new hd left the old drive connected and then cloned the contents of the old hd--C drive to the new drive partition reserved for the system files There are no open Drive letters after replacing C drive bays therefore I used the old drive bay Windows XP will not Drive letters after replacing C drive allow the naming of the new partition drive to be labeled quot C quot therefore it reverts to the next available letter in this case quot D quot but I want it to be quot C quot Checked hardware devices and the new drive is listed along with the old C drive which hasn t been disconnected yet Disabling the old drive won t work since it calls for a reboot Turned off the computer removed the old drive and started the computer Bios recognized the new drive -- enabled thru the sata card OK for now Will not boot XP amp asks for a system disk or click F Clicking F takes me to bios setup but can t see a way to designate the quot D quot drive to become the new system quot C quot drive What am I missing What is the fix nbsp

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I have a Dell Dimension 8200, running XP SP2. It has a 40GB HD, but it's almost full. Recently I bought a 160GB HD with a USB 2.0 external box, and got it running. Now, I would like to copy everything (I mean everything) on the C drive to the external drive, make the external drive bootable and mount it internally, replacing the old C drive. How do I do it?

A:Need help with replacing hard drive

Are you talking about removing the 160 out of it's USB case and connecting it to the IDE channel inside the CPU case ?
Then it should work as long as you can get the correct parameters off of the HDD.
You will have to install it first and use a drive copy software to copy the 40 on to it.Don't forget XP's dis taste for hardware changes.
I would just do a fresh install and then use Windows file retrieve software to copy off of the the old drive.
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Hi everyone My son brought me his laptop to replace the hard drive I am pretty good at fixing things if I have instructions etc I have replaced lcd screens on laptops touch screens on ipods and on touch phones So I can figure things out My problem is that I want to look to find the replacement on line and I am having trouble If I put exactly the model of the computer I dont get very many choices Does it have to be the exact same hard drive or are they a little more universal I also dont want to spend a lot of course Here are Drive***** Hard ***Replacing my first the specs on all of it The computer is a Compaq Presario CQ WM Yes the cheapy from Walmart The hard drive was a Seagate Momentus Serial ATA Disc ***Replacing my first Hard Drive***** Drive Below ***Replacing my first Hard Drive***** it says Replace with HP Spare - F He lives near Chicago and the place he took it to wanted to fix it He told him that lightning had got it and it had black residue on it It does not have that It looks fine to the eye He is getting the message No bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key Also he was told he had to buy a new operating system This laptop had windows but he needs to save money so he would be happy with Windows XP if it would save him money So can you send me in the direction of finding a hard drive to fit this computer and an OS that wont break his bank We were hoping to fix it for to Yes going to buy another one for makes more sense but he just cannot do that at this time thank you so much for any help you can provide me Beth nbsp

A:***Replacing my first Hard Drive*****

When I did a research on Compaq Presario CQ62 219 WM in the Internet it came back with the following spec for the hard disk

250 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 5400 rpm

Nowadays the laptop hard disks are mostly Sata II with speed up to 300Mb/s or twice as fast your old hard disk. Its 150 means 150Mb/s. The latest Sata is Sata III capable of 600Mb/s.

Usually you can buy any Sata II 2.5" hard disk and it should be backward compatible, meaning it can run at both 150 or 300Mb/s speed. It may be difficult to buy the old Sata I hard disks as they are obsolete and can be out of stock in the shops.

You can use any brand as they are all compatible. I use all of them and never have any preference between Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu, Western Digital, Seagate or Toshiba, though WD is known to be reliable whereas Samsung is the quiet one. The size doesn't matter either and you can install 1TB hard disk if you can afford it. The speed is only for higher performance. 5400rpm is pretty standard. 7200rpm gives you a faster response and a SSD (solid state hard disk with only ram inside) is the fastest 2.5" laptop hard disk you can buy at a premium.

If you are strap for cash you can download a Linux distro and use it. I have several PC running only Linux. They are free open source software and are more powerful than the MS proprietary OS. A good choice will be Ubuntu. You go to their web site, say, and download an iso file with which you burn it into a CD. Just about every Linux can run as a Live CD as a full blown operating system without being installed into the hard disk. Only if you like it then you can install it into the hard disk.

A laptop hard disk can be removed usually by 3 to 4 screws. Replacing one should take no more than 5 minutes and I can do it in one as I keep of a fleet of 15 of them.
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Good day to all I have a windows desktop home premium The C dive has only the operating system and all program files etc All my data is on another drive windows Replacing SSD my with C 7 a in TB internal HDD Now my plan is if its possible is to change the existing C drive with a SSD one as the C drive is GD storage its wasting time as it is as you know the OS and program files don't take a lot of space I think my C drive is Replacing my C drive with a SSD in windows 7 only GD so the rest is waste Now want to change that drive to a SSD one so I can utalise the old C one for backups etc Been looking on google about replacing the drive and there are so many options Replacing my C drive with a SSD in windows 7 available I do have a backup of my C drive on another hdd by means of Macrium backup software Is this project going to be a simple one as I'm not very techy involved I have had a lot of help from here over the past few years Maybe someone can put me on the correct path for this project Please Many Thanks David

A:Replacing my C drive with a SSD in windows 7

I did almost exactly the same thing -- migrated Win7 from HDD to SDD -- and did is using Macrium Reflect.

Made a current backup of Win7OS partition to an external drive.

Connected the SSD. Did a "restore" of the backup to the SSD.

Shutdown the machine, inserted the SSD, rebooted and changed boot to the SSD.

Came up, everything worked OK.
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So my desktop fell off the desk and the original hard drive no longer works; can't be accessed at all, it's toast. I've have an old hdd from a Dell desktop that I stopped using because of a blue screen, but it still works and I can access the files. Can I use the backup disk to install Windows 7 on the dell hdd? Or do I just need to buy a hdd with windows already installed?
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HelloI am wishing to upgrade the DVD drive that came with this PC.  It is vertically mounted, slimmer than standard.  I am hoping to find a faster burning drive.  The current DVD drive is HP TSST DVDRW SU-208 HB SATA.What model type should I look for? Thanks. Dean Mieras

A:Replacing a DVD drive in my Desktop PC

The only models in the 9.5mm size are either 6x or 8x burn. The read is 24X.Your computer, the DVD drive, spec for same, a USB3.0 external drive.
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If I replace my hard drive and re-install XP, will I have to re-certify XP with Microsoft and if so how do I go about it.

A:replacing hard drive

I'd suggest useing the drives software to copy XP to the new drive without reinstalling.
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i,m pondering about replacing the hard drive in my 17 in H.P. laptop
is this something i can do myself ??any help will sure be appreciated.
and advice too.

A:replacing the hard drive can i do it myself??1/15/10

should be able to - HP used to be quite easy to get the harddrive in and out -
whats the exact model
often theres a slot at the side - and screw underneath to removed the HDD
in order to put the software back on you will need to have the recovery Cds or a Windows CD
Also while its working check all the hardware on the PC and make sure you have a copy of all the drivers - should give you all the information about your PC

also the size of the HDD old v New depending on the motherboard bios how big a harddrive it will detect there are limits which different versions of bios would see
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I've got to replace my C drive and I understand that "Ghosting" it would be the easiest way. From my understanding, "Ghosting, cloning, imaging" all do the same thing.

My problem is which program to use. I'm told that Norton Ghost is no longer a ghosting program but a backup utility and after reading about on the Symantec web site, they were right.

Symantec's new "Ghosting" program is called Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. Problem is I can only find it as minimum 5 license use. The new version is 2.0. I've seen some 1.1 versions out there but its description leaves me baffled.

Last, but not least, is Acronis True Image. I've also seen some older versions out there.

I've got my new hard drive ready to lock and load. Just need to know where to start.

A:Replacing Hard Drive

Imaging and cloning while similar are not the same thing.
If you intend on doing regular backups [very recommended] I would buy acronis true image. If this is a one time thing, drive makers have software that will clone your drive for you. It is not as easy to use as acronis however it works.

FWIW the apps to use for this task are; 1 Acronis TI and 2 Paragon Hard Disk Manager. I will not even mention symantec
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I fell in love with my Laptop and it broke down 3 months ago. Motherboard and HDD failed, so I replaced the Motherboard and it no longer shuts off (Works again) but now I have to replace the HDD
Error: No booting device, enter boot device and press any key.

I have a DELL INSPIRON 15R 5520
What 1tb Hard drive should I purchase?
My old deceased HDD is:
Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1 TB Hard Drive
5VDC: 0.55A
R/N: 77183
DATE: 24 Sep 2012
WWN: 50014EE6582574BF
MY- 0G2J3X-12555-290-C2UL-A00
C/0 MY
Thanks in advance!
[I'm aware that I have to buy a fresh copy of Windows]

A:Replacing my Hard Drive

You may not need a new drive.  Check the system setup to make sure the SATA operation is set correctly - it was probably in AHCI mode initially and the replacement board may have the drive set for a different mode (RAID, ATA, etc.).  If AHCI doesn't work, try RAID -- chances are the drive is just fine.  F2 at powerup to get into system setup to check/adjust the setting.
If you do need a drive,
Any standard 2.5" 7 or 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive will work.
If you don't have a set of recovery media, you will need to contact Dell for one.
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Damaged my external hard drive that I use to make backups of my File History. When connecting a new drive will it capture all the files or just where I left off when using my old drive? Using Windows 10 anniversary. Thanks
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My sis in laws computer has a damaged hard drive so she asked me if I could replace it for her if she bought a new one. I know I can replace it but my problem is how do I find out which ones are compatable with here computer? She has an HP Pavilion 6540. She has a new computer but she wants to keep this one running for the kids to share cuz they're always fighting over who gets to get on the computer next ( they have 6 kids). She just wants an inexpensive one, so any thoughts?
Also, once we install the HD will she be able to reinstall her OS from the disks that came with her computer?


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I have a Pavilion dv - TX Win It was upgraded to Win courtesy of Windows and recently tried to upgrade unsuccessfully to Win Anniversary Whatever happened after trying all solutions my hard drive is dead The hard Replacing Hard Drive drive I need to replace is a WD Scorpio Blue TB RPM WD TPVT and Replacing Hard Drive seems to be mm I need to know where to get a replacement and do I need the same one I've seen some on Amazon but they're only mm Replacing Hard Drive I'm a novice in this area and need help Also when I install the new hard drive I'm not really sure how to install everything again I don't have anything worth saving on the old drive so I'm starting fresh I have the Win recovery discs from HP but it was already updated to Win I also made a Win ISO Do I need to start again with Win and install all the drivers again Basically I'm not sure about the whole process as I'm not a computer person and this is the first time at attempting something like this I can understand about replacing the actual hard drive but what do I do next Firstly though I need to find the right hard drive Does HP sell them or can I buy any brand

A:Replacing Hard Drive

PC99 Any 2 1/2" laptop hard drive will work, and my experience with the newer thin drives is that they often come with a plastic spacer so they fit laptop drive compartments snuggly. As to restoring your PC, since it was already registered running Win10, you could reinstall Win10 and it will automatically reactivate once it is online, just be sure to skip over the screen where it wants a product key. Realize, though, that with Win10, we no longer have the option to permanently refuse Windows updates or upgrades, so eventually, MS it going to force the Anniversary Update on your laptop.Good Luck
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I have a Compaq D510 ssf that HP said the hard drive was bad. It was making outer space noises after the user signed on. (I think it was a virus because the virus program then detected a virus in the logon.exe file & deleted it. It hasn't made the noise since) Anyway HP said to go ahead & replace the hard drive since I had it. This PC is attached to a network. Just downloaded Norton Ghost thinking it would help. HP said to format the drive by using the Restore cd. This will load the operating system. Am I correct in thinking if I do that I will not be able to use Ghost. I will have to load or copy everthing seperately? Is Ghost even an option. The more I read on Ghost the more confused I get. Could anyone explain how to use it in my instance? Thanks in advance for your help!!!

A:Replacing hard drive

Ghost is used for making an image of the current system. Then, at a later date you can restore that system back to that state with ghost. I dont think ghost is an option at this time.

It sounds doubtful that the hard drive is bad, because of what you said about the virus.

Go to the website of the hard drive manufacture and get their diagnostic utility and test the drive to be safe.

But if you needed to restore the system, I would use the restore cd as the tech said. Once you get the system up and running, then you could create a ghost image to use as an customized restore solution.
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I have 2 20GB Hard Drives in my Computer, I want to transfer data, or copy in entirity, the 2nd hard drive to an external HD. Then I want to replace the drive and then copy the data Back to the new drive. Do I need any special programs or is there a trick to it?

A:Replacing Hard Drive?

If the 2nd HD just has data on it and not an OS then its easy to do, just buy an external HD caddy with a drive big enough in it, most have a USB connector, plug it in and use explorer to copy the files to the new drive.

If however the 2nd HD has an operating system on it, then you will need to use a program such as Norton Ghost or Arcronis True Image to copy the drive, this is easier to do if the drive is connected to an IDE cable rather than on an external drive as it can take an age to copy an entire 20GB drive across USB.

Most external drive caddy's take the small 2.5" laptop drive as you plan to put the copied drive back in you will need to get an external cage for a 3.5" drive, these require a seperate power supply.

But I would do away with the external drive Idea and just fit the new 3.5" drive into the PC, you can connect it to the CDRom IDE cable as a temp measure whilst you copy the data over.

DOnt forget that once you remove the old drive make sure the jumpers are set correctly.

I think that covers it...

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I am needing to replace a hard drive in an HP Pavilion desktop. I know I need an IDE type. The one I am replacing is a 20GB 5400 RPM. I was told that I have to replace with another 5400 RPM hard drive. Others have told me that it didn't matter. I can use a faster speed. Which is it? I don't want to buy one and find out I got the wrong one or that I could have gone with a faster hard drive. I am trying to go up to a 40GB. I know my computer can support it.

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I recently replaced the hard drive of my gateway notebook.
After reinstalling windows vista home premium the bulit in webcam and microphone was not working. I redownloaded the drivers that I needed. The webcam is up &&running again but not my bulit in microphone. I dont know what to do. I downloaded the audio driver off gateway's site but the microphone isnt working. I check to see if its on and it is but as I test it out by trying to record myself I can barely hear myself there is all this cloud like static I hear and my voice far in the background. Could barely hear it.

What could it be?
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Hey guys long time no chat! Listen i bought a new Blank OEM Western Digital Hard Drive. Installed it in place of the old Hard Drive, but i can't get past the BIOS to recognize, format or partition the new hard drive. Western Digital (WD Scorpio Black, 320 GB 7200 RPM). Dell Inspiron 1720 Notebook.. Windows Vista...Note: I have all the installation CD'S that came with the computer... THANKS a Million in advance...

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I've been using this ever since it came with my pc :TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSH492b, and i would like to replace it with a compatible DVD-/+r drive so i can write and read 4.7gb blank discs any help would be great. Thanks.

Looking for one with a price range of $30-70 if possible.

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Ok, I have a hard drive that my system is showing needs to be replaced soon. When I install the new hard drive, hopefully before the old one dies, can I transfer all of the data, including the OS onto the new one? Or can I install the OS on the new drive and then trasfer updates and other files to the new hard drive. I have seen cloning programs that seem to do this, as well as freeware I stay away from freeware??

A:Replacing bad hard drive

I would make an image with Macrium Reflect Free

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
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Hey guys Got this issue I am trying to resolve Here is what I need to do gt Have a system with Windows Professional with SSD drives of GB in size that the D drive is running out of space one drive larger a Replacing with a on I need to replace the D drive with a larger Gb SSD drive of a different brand C Drive contains the operating system D Drive contains a directory where I have installed all my games on and that is it As far as I know there are no paging spaces etc on this drive used by the system gt I Tried to just copy all the data to the newer Gb drive and replace Replacing a drive with a larger one the D drive with it and that did not work system say Replacing a drive with a larger one while booting up that I need to insert the OS Disk into the cdrom and fix the install as there is a missing hardware device gt Ive looked for a Backup tool that will make an image of the D drive and then restore it to the new drive but Im finding that none that I find can make an image and restore it to a different drive Does anyone know Is what Im trying possible or am I going to have to reload the system entirely with the new drive installed as D If I can make an image backup of the D Drive what FREE program can I use to do that Will that process work D drive is the GB SSD drive and E Drive is the Gb SSD drive C drive is the OS Only Any help on this would be great and Thanks in advance nbsp

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I also have questions on replacing hard drive. Can you use Macrium Reflect as recommended when the new drive is in an enclosure, usb-attached to computer which has the going bad hard drive? Or must it be installed in a bay in tower? Once you have your clone, are there any issues as far as if you ever need to do repair/install on your OEM XP on that new hard drive with the cloned image? This is assuming I reformat the old, bad hard drive and only use it for storage, so xp is now only installed on the new drive. Also, if it is possible to make your hard drive copy while new drive is in enclosure, must the hard drive be installed in tower to boot up?

A:Replacing hard drive

Hello Terri13th,You have many questions, maybe I can answer a couple.Macrim Reflect is a disk imaging software. It digitally takes a picture of any drive you have installed on your computer. I have not used this software, but I would guess it does the same thing as most others. It should take a digital picture of your drive, as it is at the time of capture, and transfer ALL the information to another drive you specify.If you clone your HDD to a new drive, the new drive should be exactly the same as your old one...exactly! Once the new cloned HDD is inserted as the master drive on your same machine in place of the old one, it should act exactly as your old one did in the same machine if all goes well.A clone is just that...a clone. It is the exact replica of any drive you just cloned.It does not matter where your clone target drive is installed. You tell the software to clone a drive to another drive, and that's what it does. Provided the drive you clone from, is smaller than the drive you clone to.Have a quick look at this site on Macrium Reflect and what it's used for.Hope this helps your understanding on this subject! bloopie
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I believe my hard drive may be getting tired. Sometimes it makes strange whining noises. I tried to copy my entire C: to a second hard drive but got error messages that it couldn't copy some files. (I was hoping to be able do that then reconfigure the second drive as master and boot to it.) I have made a backup of all of the C: drive on DVDs. What strategy should I use to minimize the pain of replacing the hard drive that I normally boot to? I am running WinXP Pro.

Thanks for your help.


A:What ti do before replacing hard drive?

Download the free disk utilities from the HDD manufacturer and use them to copy the whole drive/partition across.

If you do it in Windows or XP the OS wouldn't like it because of the shared files violation. Even the famous Norton Ghost (paid, not free) has to do it outside the Windows in Command mode.

With cloning the drive there is no need to do a back up (unless the disk fails during the cloning process) because you do not touch the old HDD except use it to read the data.

You need to set the jumper for the new unit (no jumper reset if you are doing it in "cable select")and run until you are satisfied, then you can do what you like with the old unit.
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My HD is making bad clicking noises when it hits certain sections on the drive so I want to replace it before it dies. From what I read here trying to just duplicate the drive with the OS can be a pain.
So is this the easiest solution:
Place new drive in system as master, format and boot from WinXP cd
Install XP on new drive
Copy all relevant programs to the new drive.
Remove old drive.

Since defrag moves files around I can't imagine many programs are referencing the addresses of files so any doc's, programs, saved games, etc should all work since they are referencing the file name not location.

Or am I heavily confused?

A:Replacing Hard Drive

Download and use Macrium Reflect to create an image of your drive and then restore it to the new drive
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Sorry if this is super-basic but I have been having problems with my PC for a while now and am looking to fix it as soon as possible.

I was wondering if buying a new hard drive would basically fix it as the problem is most likely with my software. I have addressed the actual issue in another thread here:

I am not rich or anything I am just desperate to get my PC back working as I need it for my Music studies!

Appreciate any help.

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I have a Dell Inspiron r Laptop nbsp I am attempting to replace my Hard Drive I found a good Hard Drive with the same brand as my own Here goes my Replacing Drive Hard Mine Western Digital TB Hard Drive WD JPVT VDC A R N DCX SA X FYP DCM EB VJBK DATE Sep WWN EE BF S N WXF E SPDX MDL WD JPVT- A YT MY- G J X- - -C UL-A C MY DP N G J X TB The one I plan to buy WD JPVT VDC A R N DCX JA Replacing my Hard Drive X WYJ DCM EB TJBN DATE JUN WWN EE DC E S N WXQ E JJMX MDL WD JPVT- A YT It reads Advanced Format Drive To achieve full performance -Windows XP Multi partition and cloning software users- use WD Align software available on some link All other OS Configurations Okay Now that that is taken care of question time If the Hard Drive is compatible with my Laptop the seller says no OS is Replacing my Hard Drive installed on this Drive you will need to install the OS do I have to actually buy a new OS for this I m just replacing the HARD DRIVE I heard the Motherboard has a installment of my windows is that true The computer Replacing my Hard Drive was purchased on QVC with Windows pre installed nbsp Thanks for answering my questions Have a good day

A:Replacing my Hard Drive

1.  It's not clear why you'd want to buy a drive that's already three years old (the date of manufacture is 2013) . You can easily find brand-new drives:
2.  You will either need the recovery media you made when you received the system, or if you did not prepare a set ahead of time, you'll need either to purchase one from Dell, or consider using Windows 10 TH2 (you can download this for free from Microsoft and use it to do a free install of Windows 10 -- this free installation expires on July 29, 2016).
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My Drive Help? DVD Troubles. Replacing computer DVD Drive Replacing Troubles. Help? had a SAMSUNG CD-R RW SW- S and a SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD- but the dvd drive burnt out so i got a Pioneer DVR DBK Not knowing to much about drives and such i swapped it in I didn t know about jumper settings or master drives untill i read more into it later When i turned on my computer the drives would open and the light was on At the time both were set to Master In my computer it read my DVR but when i clicked eject it ejected both of them I went to the pioneer website and installed the firmware Then i restarted and it wouldn t read both and it was stuck after quot detecting IDE devices quot at a black screen Currently i try to set my CD-ROM to master and DVR to slave and it doesn t read whenever the CD-ROM is plugged in It ll read when the CD-ROM isn t plugged in When the CD-ROM is plugged in it doesn t even look like it has power I hope i didn t meess the drive up somehow Please help I want to have them both setup nbsp

A:DVD Drive Replacing Troubles. Help?

Well your explanation is certainly confusing but i think i get what you mean.
First thing id recommend trying would be swapping drives over to dvr being master and cdrom being slave.

see what happens.
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My computer had a SAMSUNG CD-R RW SW- S and a SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD- but the dvd drive burnt out so i got a Pioneer DVR Drive DVD Replacing Troubles a DBK Not knowing to much about drives and such i swapped it in I didn t know about jumper settings or master drives untill i read more into it later When i turned on my computer the drives would open and the Replacing a DVD Drive Troubles light was on At the time both were set to Master In my computer it read my DVR but when i clicked eject it ejected both of Replacing a DVD Drive Troubles them I went to the pioneer website and installed the firmware Then i restarted and it wouldn t read both and it was stuck after quot detecting IDE devices quot at a black screen Currently i try to set my CD-ROM to master and DVR to slave and it doesn t read whenever the CD-ROM is plugged in It ll read when the CD-ROM isn t plugged in When the CD-ROM is plugged in it doesn t even look like it has power I hope i didn t meess the drive up somehow Please help I want to have them both setup nbsp

A:Replacing a DVD Drive Troubles

You can't physically damage the drives by setting the jumpers incorrectly so you are safe there.

Re-check the jumpers again, your problem still sounds like a jumper issue. If you are sure you are right, switch the jumpers on both drives to CS. Or try another IDE ribbon.
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Evidently, i have a bad hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 1501 and need to replace it.
Any ideas on the best place to obtain a hard drive and what size I should opt for
My system currently has 1.37 of place as far as quality and price.
I would prefer to not spend over 50.00 if possible. Is it something that a novice like myself
can do as far as replacing the hard drive myself????

A couple of other questions if I may......I have another DELL INSPIRON 1525 that I need
to repace the LCD screen (it is cracked) place to get a replacement LCD as far
as price is concerned. Again, is this something that a novice like myself can do as far as
replacing the new LCD screen myself???

Would the screens of the Dell 1501 and 1525 be interchangable?? As well as the hard

Thanks for all the help

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I have an old Dell Dimension 4600 running XP and lately the drive has been making an especially loud humming noise almost constantly. I read online somewhere that this could be a sign that the hard drive is about to go. In preparation for that, I am asking if the hard drive can be simply replaced on my computer and if so, where can I buy one for a reasonable price and how do I perform the actual replacement. Thank you all for any advice.

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I have a HP envy 15 and still have the receipt its about 3yrs old but its a great system. I was getting blue screen saying ntfs_system_maintenance and it just kept rebooting over and over again. So I decided to upgrade to an ssd drive but don't have the
windows 8 product key that I need to make the usb boot up driver to make the new ssd work. Would someone help me to get the product key for my windows 8 and any other tips would be massively helpful cause I'm doing all of this for the first time and not sure
of anything. Thank you.
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Not sure if this goes in here but anyway I m thinking of replacing my ps s Drive PS3 Hard Replacing GB HDD for a bigger one So far I ve read that the ps supports only inch rpm laptop drives I m thinking of getting either one of these http www memoryexpress com Products PID-MX ME aspx curtab or http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Could anyone confirm the information above rpm etc is correct Also i m looking for about - price range And suggest a size I still don t know how much i need but i know GB isn t enough And as far as I can tell Replacing PS3 Hard Drive it s any capacity so long it s rpm and inches Please confirm reject add info suggest tell me if mine are good if you have a better deal hard Replacing PS3 Hard Drive drives I m new to hardware shopping and since I m planning on getting a gaming pc soon I guess it pays to know this stuff So suggest good sites for this kind of thing Thanks it advance Alias nbsp

A:Replacing PS3 Hard Drive

Alias50 said:

Not sure if this goes in here but anyway...

I'm thinking of replacing my ps3's 60GB HDD for a bigger one. So far I've read that the ps3 supports only 2.5 inch 5400 rpm (laptop drives.) I'm thinking of getting either one of these.

Could anyone confirm the information above (5400rpm) etc. is correct? Also, i'm looking for about $100-150 price range. And suggest a size. I still don't know how much i need, but i know 60GB isn't enough. And as far as I can tell, it's any capacity, so long it's 5400 rpm and 2.5 inches.

Please confirm/reject/add info, suggest/tell me if mine are good/if you have a better deal\ hard drives.

I'm new to hardware shopping, and since I'm planning on getting a gaming pc soon I guess it pays to know this stuff. So suggest good sites for this kind of thing.

Thanks it advance,

Alias50Click to expand...

I think the link to Newegg is a desktop HDD so it will not work, though will go with the gaming PC you want

As to the other, I don't think there any limitations so the 320GB should work.

If you are planning to play a lot of games and have lots of saves, the 60GB should be ok.
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Hello. My XBOX needs a new DVD Drive. Right now it has the Thomson drive it in. I want to get the new Samsung. The Thomson drive has been giving me problems and has problems reading games. The Samsung is the best drive out there for Xbox right now. I was reading how to install it and I need to FLASH it than soilder wires and junk. Anyone know where I can buy a new Samsung Drive for XBOX with it already flashed and wired? Becuase I am not going to try to soilder and if I mess up throw it out and waste 80 bucks on it.
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Beleive it or not I am still working with a 4.1gig HD
However I am about to purchase a larger HD
I know I can slave it, fdisk and format it to use as storage.
However I would like to know if there is a way I can directly move/copy my entire setup onto the new drive to be able to do without the old drive?

A:Replacing Hard drive

The drive you buy should have an installation disk with it, Or it can be downloaded from the manufacturers site.
The installation disk will help you set up the new drive, copy the old to the new.

You will need to set the drive up as slave first, then use the software to partition, format, and copy the old drive. Then it's just a matter of changing the jumpers on the drive master/slave making the new drive master.
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Hi, how do I go about instaling a new and bigger hard drive? I play WOW and need a bit more space on the drive.

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I love hp products and my laptop, but... The optical drive has performed poorly since purchase. When I load a DVD, it searches and grinds. Data is retrievable, but video does not play. I can retrieve data from CD-R's, but the drive also makes awful noises and is prohibitively slow. The computer is less than one month old. The drive has never worked acceptably. Before the negative experience I rarely used optical media which leads me to my question: Can I replace the DVDRW DU8A5SH SATA with a Solid State Drive or a combo HDD/SSD? Kind thanks for your thoughts and time.
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So I have a HP Media Center computer running Windows XP Media Center Edition. Recently the hard drive gave out and I'm looking to replace it. I have a few questions before I start this though.

I keep reading that I will have to re-install the OS after replacing the hard drive. What CD would I use for that? The recovery disc?

Also this computer has a D: drive which it says has 8 GBs and I've heard that this is the partition where the OS files are on. Does this mean I won't need the CD's and it will reinstall the OS itself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So I am trying to replace a hard drive in a Lenovo all in one desktop because it's previous drive was failing. The replacement drive is just a standard 3.5in drive: 2 TB Western Digital Green.
So I took the old drive out and put the new one in, but I get an error when I try to boot into my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 disk.
From the Windows Boot Manager it says the following:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0x00000e9
Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.

It also talks about unplugging any external drives but there aren't any connected in this case.

What should I do?


A:Replacing a hard drive

Sorry, its a bit unclear. Are you replacing the boot drive, or just a storage drive in the system?
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Hello My current setup is

80 gb Windows 7 ultimate drive
300 gb applications drive
1 tb data drive
How can I replace my existing OS drive with a new installation of windows 7 on an ssd?

If I just replace the existing drive with a new one in it's place (e.g. 'C:') will my old applications still be able to function?

I see the tutorial for exporting registry settings and importing them. Im wondering if I need to export my current registry settings, replace and reinstall drives and then import my registry in order to get my current apps to run against the new windows 7 install



A:Replacing current OS drive with new one

you will need to clone the drive. try this Miray Software - HDClone - Hard disk copy, hard disk backup, hard disk rescue!
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My older Windows drive is beginning to fail It seems to just stop I get an OS error when I reboot and the drive is gone from CMOS After messing with it for a while I Replacing C: failing drive was able to get it going It s a WD ultra ATA gig drive connected to my P Replacing failing C: drive P se board that I use as a Windows drive btw In my haste to get a new drive while I could I ordered a new drive from Ecost Problem is I ordered a SATA Seagate gb instead if the ATA version Now my mobo does SATA and I thought I had it figured out so I imaged my C drive to the new drive and it worked for a while Then my machine started crashing I have since been using the old drive while the new drive just sits Well now the old drive is messing up again so I switched back to the SATA drive but CMOS doesn t see it as a boot device It is listed as a fourth IDE drive is a Gb Seagate programs drive amp are burners but it s not listed in the boot sequence list or the Hd list on the same page Question is should I have cloned the old drive instead of imaged Wouldn t that have created a gb partition on my new gb drive I guess this is the most important question here Thanks Mark Specs g P on an ASUS P P se gigs of ram Win XP pro sp Radeon X pro Audigy ZS gamer WD Caviar gb ata Seagate gb ata Seagate gb SATA Liteon DVD burner Liteon CD burner nbsp

A:Replacing failing C: drive

I can't answer your question, but one thing point that you mentioned raised a question in my mind. You said that the bios recognizes the drive, but it didn't appear in the boot sequence. On my bios, there is two different sections, one to choose which drives appear in the sequence and the second to select which is first, second, etc. I have no idea of how your's is setup.
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I think this question should be an easy one for the computer buffs.
I would like to replace my hard drive with a new and bigger one. but I don't want to lose anything I already have on the old drive.
Can anyone go through the procedure for me. Not the physical installation, I'm more than happy with that, but the software side of things. So when I remove the smaller/older drive nothing will have change except the size..... I hear size does matter.
My system is a Compaq, 20gegdrive with ME.


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I need new hard drive for power spec pc pentium 2

I know less than nothing about hard drives but I do have technical aptitude and can replace it myself.

Question: How interchangeable are hard drives? I see one for 73 dollars from an advertiser...40 gbyte.Maxtor.# 6EO40L0
I'd buy this one if some tech herein will confirm that some or most of these are intercgangeable.


One added comment..I also have an e machine from 1999 vintage that needs a hard drive as wqell, thoguh this particular one will still work intermittently.... any suggestions???


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I took a HD from with a working Vista Home Premium O.S. from a Sony Vaio and put it in a Dell Dimension
The system worked fine for several days. Then a message appeared saying that I may have an illegal copy of windows.
it will not let me activate windows nor let me do any windows update.
Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated


A:Replacing Hard Drive

The copy of Windows Vista that came with the Sony Vaio is not licensed to be used on another computer. If you don't have a license and key for the Dell, you'll have to buy one.
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The ID 0 drive on a Serveraid 6i card went defunct the other day.

Everything was set up as Raid5 so nothing was lost. However, it wont let me replace the drive in that slot. Even though I have removed the drive it continues to report it as defunct and the old serial number. If I install the new drive it keeps the attention light on and reports the old drive's serial number. I have put the new drive in another open slot and it rebuild the Raid set. I even added another driver as a hot spare but it wouldn't go in the 0 slot.

How do I get it to accept a new drive at ID 0?
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Hi there I have an old HP Pavilion a c PC windows XP Service Pack I replaced my old IDE CD DVD drive with a new SATA CD DVD drive which I hear is faster than IDE old drives problem is that I does not shows my new cd dvd on windows anywhere I look but I does shows on BIOS I double checked cables and connections to be well connected and pluged to a SATA port on the motherboard I found and delete upper and lower filters on registry as per others suggest but still I don't see my new CD DVD drive on windows since I have an old IDE drive and PC was configured to on old SATA Replacing PC CD/DVD Drive new work with IDE format drive do I need to make some changes on BIOS or what do I need to make it work do I need to delete IDE drives to make work the Replacing new SATA CD/DVD Drive on old PC SATA drives I have PTGD-LA PTGD -LA PTGD Replacing new SATA CD/DVD Drive on old PC -LA motherboard with SATA ports available SATA port used with my new TB hard drive more ports available I did also BIOS update from HP still not shows on windows what kind of SATA drives do I need I feel going crazy everything was OK prior I replaced a new hard drive TB on this PC Please kindly help me if you know how I can fix this problem Any help will be greatly appreciate Thank you God bless you all

A:Replacing new SATA CD/DVD Drive on old PC

Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager, do you have a listing for CD/DVDRW drives? Are there any yellow flags next to these devices?
Also, go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Disk Management window, is your CD/DVD drive showing here? If so, right click it and choose Change Drive Letter or Path. Change the drive letter one not being used.
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Have a Maxtor 7200 ATA/EIDE 80GB. hard drive. Software that came with it was suppose to copy old drive to new but the program said "NTFS/HPFS partitions was found on drive 1 (old drive) cannot process these partition types"
Not sure what to do, also I have Win2000 professional that came with the computer but no disk, will it copy over to new HD?

A:replacing hard drive

Hi Don, try downloading and make a bootable disc with MaxBlast 3 and see if that works with your OS:
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I have a Dimension 8200 with Windows XP Home. Hard drive is complete dead. BIOS reads external hard drive, but sees nothing in C: Drive. I've done other checks. I'm certain hard drive is dead. The hard drive is a Maxtor Viper 80 G, I, 1N, 7.2K 40G/P. ... A friend says I have to know what type that is before I order a replacement. Not sure what that means. Also, can I try to use the 160 Gig External Drive as a substitute hard drive? Load Windows XP/drivers into that, tell BIOS that's the main hard drive now? Any help greatly appreciated.
-- Desperate in Miami

A:Replacing Hard Drive

It seems you know all you need to know for ordering a replacement drive.

XP can't be installed to an external, and you would need a machine that would boot from an external drive, anyway.

If the external fits, you could use it after removing it from its case and putting it in the machine. But you'd be better off getting a new one.
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Is it Ok to replace 9.5mm hard drive with a 7mm?

(Laptop, Vista OS)

A:Replacing the Hard Drive

On 99.9% of laptops you will NOT have a problem as the mounting holes in the HDD on a 7.5 are in the same depth position on the drive as those in a 9.5
On a few laptops the drive was held in place in the carrier not by screws but by clips on top of the drive
If yours happens to be one of those pads are available to cater for the slimmer drive
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I have an old comp with 7.89gb hard drive and 384mb ram. It is a gateway but I don't have any more specs. on it. I'm trying to get an OS to work on it but am having to get a new disk.
Can I install a hard drive that is a slight bit larger, like say a 10gb?

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my son has an old pc with very limited hard drive 6gb can any body tell me how hard it is to replace with bigger hard drive is it as easy as just 1 out 1 in then running windows from disc : remember im an idiot (old man)

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I cant remove keyboard pad to replace hard drive on a Averatec 3200 laptop
Tank You

A:Replacing hard drive

Are you sure it is not accessible from the bottom?
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I want to upgrade to maybe and 80 gb or 40 gb, so I can have more space, cause Im at the wdge of my space everyday, like deleting stuff I still want, I never have more than a gig free anymore, and I wanna burn dvd's, but I need 4 gigs to do that......

So Im gonna upgrade hdd's, I want to replace the one I have now, with a bigger one, but I want to transfer all of the stuff I have on here now to the new one, without moving a single thing, like, keep all program files intact and everything just want more space and I only have one computer to work with.

Can sumone tell me how this is possible? Thanx in advance

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Hey I recently bought a new Western Digital 1TB Hard drive to replace a 300GB Maxtor Drive which is only for storage but when I power up PC the Windows Logo shows up very light and then restarts. If I use <Tab> into Raid Options it tells me that there are not enough Hard Drives for RAID!!! and the new drive is not showing.

Is this a fault with the drive because as soon as I connect the old drive back, everything works fine again.

Any ideas?

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Here is my problem I have Replacing drive hard a a compaq presario Replacing a hard drive us with gig hard drive The hard drive is having problems and since the comp is under warranty compaq is sending me a replacement hard drive Once it gets here I have days to send the defective one back I would like suggestions of a way to transfer the contents of my existing drive to the new drive I really don t want to have to reinstall everything and spend hours getting my system back to the way I like it Unfortunately I do not have an extra drive bay I am seeking a solution that will enable me to do this without a large expense It will cost to have an authorized service center transfer the contents and that seems absurd to me I would be willing though not happily to spend up to in hardware to accomplish this but I would like to be able to use it after this one-time problem For example if I bought an external hard drive case so I could connect the new hard drive via usb or firewire I would want the case to also support a desktop hard drive This way after I make the transfer and send the old hard drive back to compaq I would be able to buy an inexpensive internal hard drive install it in the case and have a drive for backup purposes Other suggestions are very welcome Thanks nbsp

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Hello I verified today that my hard drive, Help a replacing please! hard drive on my desktop has crapped out I am now shopping around on newegg com for a new one and I found two I am eyeballing One is the exact same hard drive as the one I am going to be replacing Seagate GB rpm MB cache and GB sec it is The other that I found Western Digital Cavalier Blue GB rpm MB cache and GB sec it is also Right off the bat I am thinking that the western digital is going to be a better buy as it is the same price but has MB cache compared to the MB cache of the Seagate as well as it having GB sec transfer rate compared to the GB sec transfer rate of the Seagate However my knowledge about hard drives is pretty minimal so I just want to ask for a more professional opinion on that Another issue I am running into with this is that it is going to be a brand new hard disk of course and the computer it will be going into did not have any windows disks included with it when I purchased it I know Help replacing a hard drive, please! I should have made a windows disk on it while it was still working However I have another computer that I purchased recently with windows the windows was a fresh install without all the bulkware crap of a PC Help replacing a hard drive, please! from say - BestBuy and required me to input the serial code upon my first boot of the PC I am wondering if Help replacing a hard drive, please! when I get my new hard drive installed on the computer if I would be able to use my windows disk to install windows on the new hard drive Or am I absolutely going to have to go out and purchase windows again Thanks for any input on the matter nbsp

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can i replace my optic drive with a eMMC/ssd in hp au084tx?

A:replacing optic drive

Hi, The following link shows its specs: Yes, you can replace the ODD (CD/DVD drive) with a normal HDD or SSD but please note (a) You need a right caddy for it,(b) You can't boot from that. Please read the following article first:     Regards.
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I bought a pre-assembled computer a while back and it came with a 30GB SSD for the OS (which is Windows 7 64-bit if it's of any relevance). Unfortunately this is incredibly small and between security updates and bits and pieces from various programs that refused to install on anything but the boot drive I've found myself with only about 2GB left. I want to buy a bigger drive to replace the SSD but I'm not sure of the best way to all the data I need on the new drive. Should I try some kind of cloning software or is it better just to do a fresh install of the OS.

I was also wondering, since SSDs are pretty price, if I would lose a significant amount of speed if I got a standard platter hard drive instead. Would most things other than boot time be unaffected?

A:Replacing SSD boot drive

What popped into my head when I read your post was Acronis. There are others, of course. You might want to hang around a bit and wait for more suggestions. Personally, however, I'd do a clean install. But that's me and I like to keep things simple and straightforward so as to avoid complications. Do wait for the advice and opinion of more knowledgeable members on this.

Juuke said:

I was also wondering, since SSDs are pretty price, if I would lose a significant amount of speed if I got a standard platter hard drive instead. Would most things other than boot time be unaffected?Click to expand...

A good-sized, well-priced SSD will run rings around a platter drive many times over, in my opinion. Makes for a faster PC all-around. But then do you really need that much performance for your purposes? What do you use your PC for? My desktop at work has a platter hard drive and it suits its purpose just fine.

Can't you keep your SSD and maybe get a standard platter drive for your archives and maybe some apps? If you're on a laptop, have you considered maybe getting an external HDD? Sorry if I've missed a point somewhere.
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I am looking to replace my hard drive with a ssd.I have a acer aspire all-in one z5610
I am doing research on what/which ssd is best ?
which will fit my system?
what size is best 256?
I have looked at crucial and kingston

the all-in-one is very similar to a laptop(no spare bays)
I would like to use the existing sata drive but it will almost certainly have to be external.
would the old drive as an external require power?
I have an esata option on my pc could I use this for the old drive?

are the connectors on a ssd the same as a sata drive?
will my system support sata3 6gb?
I think the existing drive is a 2.5" probably in a tray
will the new ssd fit straight in its place?
is it worth it?

A:replacing a hard drive

I cant recommend any but i would say corsair or seagate drives. You would have to buy an enclosure and yes it will need power. The ssd should fit right in because the connectors are the same. I will answer the rest when i go on my computer
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I recently replaced my hard drive in my Hp notebook 2000. I lost my product key number. But still have my install disc. How do I reinstall windows on my new hard drive? And how do I purchase another key ? And how much do they cost now. Thx.

A:How to reinstall windows after replacing that drive

Hi, Your notebook shipped with Windows 8, which means the product key is stored in your machines firmware - if you use your Recovery Discs to reinstall Windows 8 on the new drive, this key is read during the process and Windows will activate automatically - you will not need to enter anything. A guide on using Recovery Media to reinstall the operating system can be found on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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I think I've mentioned it in here before. Its an older HP compaq Presario Model # 17XL4
Original OS was Win ME. When I first got it 5 or 6 years ago, it had a bogus XP Pro OS on it & I put a genuine copy on it & it was working fine till the harddrive died one day.
I know the harddrive is a goner because I've tried putting XP Pro on it a couple times since & its a no go.
I'd like to find a new/rebuilt harddrive for it so I can get it back up & running. It'll be used for email & reading only. Any ideas?
I don't have a ton of $$$ so......TIA

A:HP laptop hard drive needs replacing Has IDE hard drive for laptops for 25.00
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I want to replace the optical drive in my 4340s. I can change the drive but how do I remove the original bezel to fit to my replacement?

A:replacing optical drive bezel

 Hi, Check the video from minute 2:10:
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We have a Dell Latitude C640 laptop that we bought reconditioned a couple of years ago and I would like to upgrade the cd/dvd drive. I am not interested in burning dvds, only cds. I have replaced drives in desk tops before but never in a laptop. Is changing out the drive in a laptop more difficult?
Thanks, John

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ive had problems with viruses in the past and the computer doesn't run as smoothly as it used to and there always seems to be little problem notifications popping up like "couldn't find this" or "couldnt open that". Will getting a new hard drive help.

A:Thinking about Replacing Hard Drive

Short answer - maybe.
What's the operating system?
What's the security software?
Are both current?
What scans have you run?
(replacing the motor on a vehicle with flat tires won't make it run better)
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I'm at my wit's end here So I've had a computer now for about two years I use it to the a hard BSOD, I get replacing despite drive do schoolwork play tf post on a forum nothing major But I swear it's like whatever I use with the computer only has a short amount of life before failing I got the computer from a more savvy friend He I get a BSOD, despite replacing the hard drive constructed it from a lot of spare parts but I know he knew what he was doing as he'd been working at a computer repair shop for multiple years at the time Only a few months after receiving the computer I started having problems used Google and learned the problem was one of the RAM sticks had failed I found the defective one took it out and thought nothing of it Since the two years have passed I have had the power supply explode installed a new fan since the computer ended up overheating lost the use of a usb port ended up losing usb devices any time I turned off the computer and left them attached took out another ram stick and now I'm getting hard disk problems Each time I started up my computer it's a crap shoot When it's working there's about a th of a chance it won't boot up and I have to spend at least an hour getting it working again by unplugging everything but the keyboard or enabling bios settings or using chkdsk Speaking of chkdsk the damn thing is detecting tons of errors constantly No matter how many times it fixes it it comes up with new ones the next time Right now I've got very little money Fortunately I won a dollar external hard drive in a silent auction The plan was to attach it to my computer make it bootable and wipe my hard drive clean I only paid bucks for it as opposed to but it was still pretty aggravating to see it fail on the first try I got an I O device communication error and it wasn't working with any other computers either Just a day ago I discovered a new error I'm now blue-screening due to either a bad boot header pool or a irql neither-greater-or-less error Now it's impossible to start up the computer By using another site I was able to determine the culprit behind my failing parts was my Ultra Lifetime series PSU I had gotten the same kind after the first exploded since at the time I was unfamiliar with PSUs and wanted something I knew was appropriate for the computer However I'm still unable to recover my computer I even tried using another hard drive and yet I still get the same blue screen I have two sticks of RAM and have tried to see if either is corrupt I took one out and it behaved normally I put the first one back in and took the second out and this time the computer just freezes before giving me a blue screen What on earth is malfunctioning Everything

A:I get a BSOD, despite replacing the hard drive

Hello Plec, welcome to SF!

Looks like you have not been lucky with this system. No offence but it also looks like your friend that built it, was not that savvy... or should have told what the risks are in the way he apparently did the build. We know about Murphy's here but this sounds as a bit too much.

It is really hard to give you good advice on the info you gave. Your story is clear enough but we need detailed technical spec's of ALL components to be able to suggest anything....

Some advice offhand... if you yourself are not into computer electronics/parts... then don't add anything to it until you are sure of what you are doing....You wouldn't want a faulty PSU to burn your new HDD.
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I use a trayless hot swap rack. I have dear old XP3 on one drive which I swap for one with W7. The W7 hard drive is showing its age and so I have bought another drive. I still have my original W7 installation pack together with the product key. My desktop is to stay the same apart from my probably increasing the RAM from 2GB upto 4GB.
My questions are: My new drive is the latest Seagate 1TB......should I go for 32Bit or 64Bit?
Am I likely to encounter any problems in the installation of W7 on the drive whilst it is still on the old drive?

A:Replacing hard drive and installing W7

I would use 32 bit for up to 4gb RAM for best performance. Your hardware will use some RAM so that all will be accessible.

Delete all partitions on the HD during the booted install, with all other HD's unplugged. Boot your choice of HD's from the BIOS if you ever plug in more than one.

Look over these same steps for Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 compilng what's worked best in tens of thousands of installs we've directly helped with here.
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Hey there, I would like to replace the internal hard dive of my laptop which is easy enough to do, but would I need to buy a new version of Windows 7 to install or would I be able to use the External Recovery Media disc that came with the laptop when I brought it?

A:Replacing laptop hard drive?

If the discs contain all you need to restore the OS you should be fine. If the discs require a recovery partition on the current laptop drive, you'll need to do some work to get that onto the new drive.
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This is probably a really stupid question but here it goes. I know someone who has an old dell laptop with this hardrive:

The hard drive died and they want to replace it with a new 40 GB hard drive. The new hard drive is an ata-6 and I know the old HDD was definantly not anywhere close to that speed. Will an ata-6 hard drive work in the place of the hard drive link above. If not, are there any newer HDD that will replace it.

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My aunt has a Dell Inspiron 9300. It works great, but she keeps getting windows notices saying she is low on disk space (28 MB to be exact).
I uninstalled some useless programs for her to give her an extra 4GBs.
She understands she needs to replace her hard drive.

How would I copy all of her settings, programs, user accounts, etc. to her new hard drive?
I do not have an external hard drive to back everything up. But I do have a desktop with plenty of space, and an amply supply of various cables.

What are my options? How can I clone the hard drive?
Also, what tools should I use? I know XP has a settings and file transfer wizard.

A:replacing laptop hard drive.

Is she using your network to get online wirelessly? If she is, all you would need to do is bring up the Windows Network Wizard and activate the Shared Files and Printers function. You could copy everything you want over to the desktop that way. Otherwise, if you get a network crossover cable, you can directly connect the two computers together through the Network jacks and do the same thing.

Really though, you may just want to invest in an external HD and clear the flotsam out of the laptop for more elbow room. But, if you're going for that internal replacement option, these folks ( say that your system can go all the way up to 250GBs of warehouse space - the problem is you need to find out whether your system is ATA or SATA, as Dell made them both ways in this machine.