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My USB ports aren't working past boot on my acer windows 8

Q: My USB ports aren't working past boot on my acer windows 8

A week ago or so a problem started when I booted up my windows 8 acer desktop and once it got to the log in screen the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work... Although I got that fixed somehow and it didn't happen again... until now. I've tried everything I can think of but it doesn't fix it. Please I need help fast

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Preferred Solution: My USB ports aren't working past boot on my acer windows 8

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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A week ago or so a problem started when I booted up my windows 8 acer desktop and once it got to the log in screen the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work... Although I got that fixed somehow and it didn't happen again... until now. I've tried everything I can think of but it doesn't fix it. Please I need help fast


A:My USB ports aren't working past boot on my acer windows 8. HELP PLEASE. IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO?

Can anyone help? Please I need to do work
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A week ago or so a problem started when I booted up my windows 8 acer desktop and once it got to the log in screen the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work... Although I got that fixed somehow and it didn't happen again... until now. I've tried everything I can think of but it doesn't fix it. Please I need help fast


A:My USB ports aren't working past boot on my acer windows 8... HELP PLEASE... I NEED TO DO WORK

Can anyone help? Please I need to do work
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I have upgraded from Win8 to 8.1 and still doesn't work. can someone please help me? I use this laptop for work and school! Have also been advised to upgrade the BIOS, which I don't really know the importance and I have done it. Still doesn't work! Help me Acer family...
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Ok so here's the deal I have a Powerspec V305,

and its not the greatest computer ever, but it works pretty decently w/o too much error. Three days ago I installed Registry Mechanic and now my USB ports in front don't work, the ones in the rear, do work. but the ones in front where I very often attach my Iphone and camera no longer work at all it seems. I used the restore option on the registry luck...I did a complete system restore no luck. Any ideas?

A:My USB ports aren't working...PLEASE HELP!

Try the device manager. See if any errors are logged against any usb entries. If there are, then try reinstalling the usb drivers, there should be an option with the device propities somewhere.
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OK, so I'll try to keep this as brief as I can,

I have a L4VXA2 motherboard and operate on windows XP SP3. (if that info is needed at all)

Currently, my usb ports have not been recognizing anything I plug into them.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers twice, still nothing works.
When I try and fix it, it keeps telling me the INF is formatted for windows 95 or later (or something like that)

So now, I have downloaded a VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller, extracted the files, everything was going fine, but now the setup wont run! For the first few times I clicked on it, it kept saying "the setup has detected that unInstallShield is in use. Please close uninstall shield and restart setup Error 432". I rebooted the computer and tried again multiple times. Now the error message doesn't even show up.

I have NO idea what to do, please, PLEASE help :'(

A:My USB ports aren't working???

Welcome to TSF....

What is the make and model of computer?
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A couple days ago my ports started acting odd getting weird disconnectinos here and there and now nothing will connect at all All the ports give me an error of quot USB Device Not Recognized quot I'm not using any new devices and these devices have been in use for about a year now They do not work in Safe Mode either Things I've tried - Uninstall Reinstall all the drivers for the USB Hubs and the drivers for the external USB devices - Reformat - Cleaning out all the ports with compressed air Working Aren't USB Ports Other information about my computer HP Pavillion dv z Entertainment Notebook Windows Vista Home Premium GB RAM Ghz AMD Turion x Nvidia GeForce Go MB Devices Used Western Digital GB Essential Edition External Hard Drive Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse Reciever Logitech Dual Action Joypad If anyone has any kind of help it'd be appreciated I'm just hoping this isn't a hardware issue even though it's becoming apparent that it very well might be

A:USB Ports Aren't Working

There can be many explanations for this, probably most commonly a virus of some sort. Or, there might be a problem within your computer, depending on how everything is connected. If it becomes necessary, you may need to bring it into a repair shop.
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I have total USB ports built into my computer Two in the front and four in the back They have magically stopped working I cannot connect to the net with it using my USB network adapter it will not recognize my external HDD though ports my USB aren't working??? Why this laptop does it will not recognize my MP player It will however recognize my XBOX controller I have been using forever and a day This problem just happened within the past hrs of me posting this At first I thought it might be a virus preventing my from Why aren't my USB ports working??? using my USB ports but I ve been doing some research and other people have had this problem almost I am running Windows XP SP I have checked the device manager and it says that everything is running correctly When I unplug a USB device and plug it back in a small usb icon appears next to the clock I double click on it and brings up a window that says that there is an quot unknown device quot plugged in I ve tried reinstalling the drivers and nothing seems to help The strangest thing about this whole problem is that they all didn t go bad at the same time First it was the front two then the others went bad When the front two went bad I was still able to connect to the net using my usb network adapter which was plugged into the back Now none of them work I m very frustrated because I cannot afford to get anything fixed I m quite poor I only have net because it comes free with the apt complex I live in Please help me Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Why aren't my USB ports working???

Have you tried doing a system restore to a date prior to when the problem started?
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Hello everyone I've always come to this forum for answers and I've been able to solve most of them but right now I needed to make an account to explain my issue because I'm out of My to working ports aren't as supposed 3.0 ideas First of all I saw a thread similar to this but the solution they gave didn't accomplish much I have a Lenovo E it has usb ports and all of them are I have a Samsung M Slimline TB USB Portable Hard Drive with its cable So this is what happens I use my office internet to download movies games etc then I place them on my M to bring it to home The speed I get in my computer office which is a decent computer is about - mbps which is fine I guess because I connect my M to a port but when I get home My 3.0 ports aren't working as supposed to no My 3.0 ports aren't working as supposed to matter which port I My 3.0 ports aren't working as supposed to use since all of them are I guess about the same transfer speed or maybe less sometimes even mbps I wondered if my hard drive was faulty because sometimes it will take a while for my laptop to recognize it when in my office it does almost right away and my office computer is lower than my laptop I downloaded my usb ports drivers from the manufacture website Lenovo and realized it was the same that the Windows installed by itself so I did some tests like uninstall the ones that Windows installed and then manually reinstall I did that then restarted the computer After that just less than mins I would get a blue screen error showing some issue with a file which is the one I just installed from the drivers downloaded in Lenovo so I had to be quick and uninstall everything so I would stop having this blue screen error Now I'm back with the ones that Windows install when it realized I don't have still the same driver name and everything so I don't know what's the difference between them Yesterday I was transfering a game folder and at first was about - mbps then it increases a to mbps Does this laptop needs to be upgraded to or since maybe and just maybe its drivers are not fully supported in Windows I don't like Windows I have an original Windows Pro which I tried It was good and got a good feeling to it at first but then out of the blue after I installed some stuffs and needed to restart my drivers went off I mean my wireless drivers and lan ones were uninstalled also my latest graphics drivers were uninstalled and I couldn't figure it out why that happened since I was just installing normal stuffs and I like to restart after installing stuffs So I brush it off and went back to Windows If you might wonder no I don't remember how much transfer speed I was getting while using Windows I think I didn't even use my M since my hard drive had a partition when I installed Windows so I didn't need to plug it So that's pretty much everything till now I've been thinking if I should try Windows again but I'm afraid I would stumble upon that issue again and also updating in Windows was a really really pain in the armpit it was hellish slow and weekend just started and I wouldn't like to spend - hours just updating tonight I hope I can sort things out Thank you very much in advance
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2 weeks ago, I think it was a Monday, my sister turned off the computer for the night... the next morning she turned it on and the mouse didn't work.

The mouse is USB connected and isn't responding. The red light on the bottom is turned on, but it won't move the cursor. When I plugged in my Mp3 player, it didn't really respond, just the Charging screen flashes every few seconds, then turns off again...

And when I go to 'My Computer', the places where 'Driver E-J' usually is, is gone. It's just blank slots where they should be, then shows 'Erin's Documents', 'Shelly's Documents' files....

Is this a virus or something else?

We've been running the full version of Stop Sign over and over again hoping it would find something, but it doesn't pick anything up.

A:Mouse, USB ports, and Drivers aren't working.

Hi xErin and welcome to TSF

It seems that you might have an issue with drivers on your computer so we will now do a check with the Windows Device Manager to make sure of this. Please follow the steps below:

Windows XP Method
Click Start
Click Run
Type in devmgmt.msc and click Ok

In your next post report back if you see yellow exclamation marks, or red X's on any icon in the Device Manager.
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Today I decided I was going to restore grub and get Ubuntu 8 tools not Windows aren't and working will boot boot repair Windows Windows 8 will not boot and boot repair tools aren't working and OS X all booting from it that turned out to be Windows 8 will not boot and boot repair tools aren't working a mistake First what I did was boot into the old grub menu with my bios and I loaded up Ubuntu I decided to run sudo grub-install dev sda which I think is where I went wrong then sudo update-grub that seemed to work at first but my grub menu didn t update so I ran the boot repair utility in ubuntu and after that grub seemed fine Grub loaded up with my operating systems detected and eveything The first thing I did after that was load up Windows and it seemed to be working I saw the boot screen and the spinner with no messages under it so I just held the power button because I wanted to test OS X booting At that point OS X loaded up and wanted to do a check disk on the windows partition and I didn t let it because I didn t want to wait I decided to go back into windows and it wouldn t boot I was told to do a system restore and I tried it but the repair utility said simply that an error occured I rebooted and the next time it gave me the option of shutting down or opening advanced options I opened the advanced options and opened up the familiar system restore point utility It told me that it couldn t do a system restore because I needed to enable system protection on my C drive The only thing I could find for that was a powershell command which Windows 8 will not boot and boot repair tools aren't working I can t run from the repair console and some other site saying to run chkdsk R which I ran At the end it told me it could not transfer the log file because error occurred I also tried a refresh which told me it couldn t complete do to an error I think the problem is when I ran grub-install because the log from the boot-repair utility metioned something about MBR which makes me think that grub ignored the EFI system in place and wrote an MBR which could be messing with the windows boot process Is there any more information I can provide to solve this and is there any way I can avoid re-installing windows from scratch Can I even do that with an upgrade license Thanks in advance

A:Windows 8 will not boot and boot repair tools aren't working

I have to agree with your assumption that the MBR was most likely changed, which is causing issues with Windows booting.

Can you post the line from the log that makes you think the MBR was modified?
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I have an ACER extensa 5630Z. It's been running all day, and I looked over and it had restarted and got stuck at a blank screen with a blink cursur, Every reboot will show the Acer splash screen, then straight to the blank screen with the blinking cursor. Any ideas what I can do to fix this? I've hit F2 and can get into the bios, but other than that I don't know what to do... Please help... Let me know if you need more information...
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

A:Windows 7 won't boot past Acer splash screen

Does the drive show in BIOS?

I would run diagnostics on the hard drive
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can anyone help, i restarted my aspire 1642wlmi last night. when i restarted it everything was going normal untill it got to the blue screen that says acer aspire series, before the users of the computer show up. it just freezes on that screen. i've restored all the default settings and that hasn't done any good. thanks for your help on the matter. i do appreciate any info that you can give me.
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I have tried everything I can think of I have already read through a few other threads with the same issue but none of the fixes work for me It gets to the acer screen logo not boot Acer will Acer Aspire E15 past loads that little loading circle then it just goes black I have tried pushing Alt F and it got to the acer screen and said please wait then the screen went black again I have installed Windows on a USB drive and have went into the bios and enabled the boot menu as well as change the order Acer Aspire E15 will not boot past Acer logo of the boot to the USB This got me a bit closer but still stuck After about minutes it finally went to a purple screen and a window popped up asking to install I selected my language and clicked install it went to another screen that says setup is starting and it's been sitting this way for about minutes now I'm out of ideas Don't have a clue why this is going on This is a friend of mines computer he said he was in the middle of playing a game and the laptop froze then something came up and then it shut off When it booted up it wouldn't load past the acer screen

A:Acer Aspire E15 will not boot past Acer logo

Try booting to Memtest86 you can burn a CD and I think it can also be run from a USB bootable flash drive. This will test your memory for problems and also let you know that the hardware in general will run (except the hard drive which is ignored at this stage.If the memory is good, then boot to your hard drive mfg's utility or Seatools from Seagate (DOS version) the same as Memtest but it tests your hard drive to see if it is just the drive that you cannot install on.If the memory and hard drive tests OK then you may just need to delete all current partitions on the hard drive before trying to install.If the memory does not test good, try cleaning the contacts on the memory with a soft pencil eraser and snapping them in and out 5 or 6 times to also burnish the slot's contacts. Then try memtest again on one stick at a time in case one stick is bad, swap and try again.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.
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Hi all I'm hoping someone can give me a little help. Windows 10 needed to do a large update and I could'nt create enough space on the drive for this so I decided to do a system reset rather than uninstall everthing to create the space. As it stands now when powering on the logo screen comes on for a while then goes off and comes back on this loops indefinitely. So this is what I've tried:I can access the BIOS and have moved boot from USB FDD to the top because it made me feel betterCreated a windows 10 boot drive but it won't boot from it.Alt F10 takes me to recovery page which tells me its broke and required media is missingI can acces boot manager but the only option is to boot with windows boot managerAny help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Aspire E 11 wont boot past Acer logo

the first bootable device must be windows boot manager. if your windows 10 installation media is not booting, that means is not UEFI compatible. download the windows 10 iso file using the official Microsoft tool: once done, use Rufus to create the bootable USB flash drive, use the settings in its website main plug the USB to your laptop, press F12 at boot and choose the USB flash drive.
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Hi past Acer Aspire E1-572G boot logo can't Acer community nbsp I have a new E - G laptop Long story short I installed Win on it and after that Ubuntu I had issues with bootloader but after fiddling around with legacy UEFI booting secure boot and things like that I almost successfully configured the laptop When I selected the ubuntu uefi bootmgr in the bios in secure boot mode I rebooted the laptop for what I thought the last time but then it did not go past the Acer logo Only combination that works is ctrl alt delete If I remove the hdd then the acer logo flashes for half a second and a black screen appears with a static console cursor at the left upper corner nbsp I searched a lot in the topic wanted to reset the bios but Aspire E1-572G can't boot past Acer logo there is no jumper for this nor can I remove the bios battery I wanted to reflash the bios but I could not find proper instructions on this nbsp Please help me if there is any solution I could try at home Solved Go to Solution

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Hello Everyone.

I have an Acer Asprire 7540 which wil not boot any further than the bios.

I can enter the bios and change settings but once this is done all I get is a black screen.

I have changed the boot up sequence to CD in order that I can reformat or re-load the recovery disc, but this has no joy - still black screen after the save and exit.

The problem started after a reboot. I had previously been downloading a torrent before the re-boot. No warnings from an up to date AV.

Hope you can help.


A:Acer Aspire 7540 will not boot past BIOS

Should have mentioned the OS is Windows 7
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I am currently running an Acer Aspire 5536 with Windows Vista x64.
I have been having problems with my USB ports for some time now, I have four ports altogether. Two stopped working many months ago and another one a couple of weeks ago, leaving my with a single USB port which is not ideal. I have tried installing the correct driver, the first listed under USB Driver on the following page:

Also, a few months ago, I tried formatting my hardrive and reinstalling my operating system in order to fix this but with no effect. I would appreciate any help and advice on the matter.


A:Acer Aspire 5536 - USB PORTS NOT WORKING.

Do not install any drivers other than the ones provided by Windows and Windows Update. Third-party drivers are already included.

What does Device Manager show for the USB ports? Are any of them physically damaged?
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I have an Acer V - laptop originally w Windows Home 1... Acer of Windows V3-571 get past 22% laptop won't which I updated to Windows Acer website says this laptop will support the Win Anniversary Update Tried to download Anniversary Update from online but reverted back to Win Switched to Windows Media Creator for next download attempt I uninstalled my avast Internet Security Again reverted back Then used Win Media Creator again after I Acer V3-571 laptop won't get past 22% of Windows 1... also deleted Malwarebytes Anti-malware amp also Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit amp SuperAntiSpyware After fully downloading Anniv Update Win AND Updates reverted back after new Win and of updates And then AGAIN after I had disabled Bluetooth drivers I downloaded Anniv Update amp again at the mark of the updates to the new Win Anniv download reverted my machine back to the previous Win Anyone heard of this Any suggestions Why is it at the mark that the machine restarts which is the second restart during the Anniv installation and displays that my machine is being returned to previous version of Windows Thanks in advance To clarify After the entire Anniversary Update downloads without problem the Windows Anniversary part installs without problem Then Updates begin installing at the mark of these Updates installing the machine restarts amp reverts back to previous Windows installation
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Laptop is a 4 year old Alienware M5500 with the Intel Centrino 2.0. Let me know if anything else is relevant and needed.

My computer decided to perform some kind of fatal error while I was converting some music in Itune and then entered my Jump Drive into the computer. It shut itself off and wouldn't boot. I reformatted and reload my OS and it still wouldn't load. So I reset the bios by removing the battery and the back-up battery (little round one). And then the computer booted as usual.

Is there away to get them working again without having to re-format and reload the OS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Everything is fine so far, just that my USB ports aren't functioning as USB 2.0 ports anymore. I tried resetting the bios once more (thought I did this in the past but can't really remember...)

A:My USB ports aren't recognized as USB 2.0 after reboot

Try this update..
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Yesterday, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. All went good, and I'm fully satisfied with Windows 10, but when I called a friend on Skype, I couldn't hear him at all. Not in my headphones. I searched on Google and saw on a lot of forums that if I unninstal that "VIA HD Audio (Win 10) it will fix my problem, but it didn't.[/B] They're still not working, even after I updated the driver back. I also installed Realtek HD Audio driver, after seeing on other forum, but it still didn't work at all. When I click on the speaker icon, go to playback devices, it's not showing headphones, but only speakers. Do you guys know what I can do ? Do you got any idea? I don't want to go back to Windows 7 just because of this.
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Everytime I want to hibernate my computer to leave it on overnight, it goes into updates. It updates, then restarts about once or twice saying that the updates weren't configured correctly, and it must revert the changes. It's happened about 5 times and I'd like to fix this.

A:Windows updates aren't working.

hi go to start control panel in classic view,windows update,on the lefthand side,change settings,click the install updates automatically and change the time for update to be downloaed and installed.or change to download and let me choose
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Hello TSG So I ve been trying to solve this since it randomly happened yesterday but to no avail I have a Samsung Q Intel i with Windows x Home Premium SP and the computer randomly started to lag so I restarted it It logged in successfully the first few times but became extremely laggy after login until it froze up completely each time I then tried the recovery CD and it worked working get either not recovery boot, CDs Computer cannot past the first time but nothing changed and it was still laggy However the computer could not even get past the black loading screen anymore and began on a continuous reboot cycle each time ending with a flash of a BSOD that I couldn t catch It restarts to two options Launch startup repair or Start windows normally both of which end up freezing and restarting I have tried -Safe Mode worked first time but was laggy and now it just freezes during loading -Last Known good configuration nothing happened -Recovery CD becomes stuck while trying to find the OS says quot Drive E bytes windows and never finishes loading -Installation CD stuck at entering setup screen Computer cannot get past boot, recovery CDs not working either The only thing Computer cannot get past boot, recovery CDs not working either that really works is the Ubuntu Live CD So any suggestions nbsp

A:Computer cannot get past boot, recovery CDs not working either

Hi and welcome,
While waiting for someone to read this who knows 'bout W7, why not use that Ubuntu live CD to backup all your important docs, pics, tunes etc etc to an external hard drive (if you haven't already?!) just in case ...

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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I have an older Toshiba satellite laptop I was cleaning it up the other day removing lots of old programs and I also unchecked several startup processes aren't options Windows other load, working won't I believe Windows won't load, other options aren't working I reviewed all of them and did not uncheck anything for the system I don t know if it was that or something else but now the computer will not Windows won't load, other options aren't working load windows XP Pro It will go to the windows loading screen then goes blank shuts down and tries again over and over Pressing F I have tried all the options start in safe mode start in debugging start with last known good configuration and the rest all result in the same thing - windows loading screen black and power down I can get to the recovery console but don t know how to use this to try and start or fix or find the problem I do not have a boot disk to use either I m traveling I have a USB with me but from what I have just read this would not be so easy to make work Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Windows won't load, other options aren't working

In recovery mode "fixboot" may solve the problem
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Yesterday after visiting a website that working aren't Windows-based services All may not have been secure I found my Windows Security Center was turned off Shortly after this McAfee removed a trojan from my computer After doing a scan of my computer I re-opened Security Center When I clicked quot Turn on now quot it said quot The Security Center service can't be started quot Following another thread's advice I did Start gt Search 'services' gt Security Center which has nothing under Status and Disabled under Start-up type gt Properties and though I could change Disabled to Automatic Delayed Start when I clicked OK and re-clicked Properties it had turned itself back to disabled All Windows-based services aren't working Also under Service Status it says Stopped yet I cannot click Start I also found that All Windows-based services aren't working Windows Firewall was not using the recommended settings When I click Update Settings it says quot Windows Firewall was unable to make the requested updates quot Clicking 'Turn Windows Firewall on or off' a box saying quot Windows Firewall settings cannot be displayed because the associated service is not running Do you want to start the Windows Firewall service quot I click yes and it opens the settings box however it says I am using the recommended settings To add to my problems clicking on Windows Defender on the side menu brings up this message quot Application failed to initialize x ba A problem caused this program's service to stop To start the service restart your computer or search Help and Support for how to start a service manually quot Since then my computer has been restarted twice and still no luck Lastly whether it is a connected issue I'm not sure however my Windows Live Messenger when attempting to sign in will begin to load then stop working and close itself Restarting didn't help this either Any advice at all on what might have caused this or how to fix any of these problems would be greatly appreciated

A:All Windows-based services aren't working

Go back one week before the problem with system restore.
System Restore - How to
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I am trying to get my computer to boot but having problems. It gets to the title page of windows xp and stays there...I wanted to do a system restore but when I go onto log on page my mouse isn't working either.....what should I do?

A:can't boot past log in safe mode mouse not working

try another mouse.
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Vista Ultimate -bit ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard USB mouse and keyboard connected in back ports Two things Back ports working, partially ethernet) working front ports stopped (USB, happened Avira antivirus warned me of some threats which I either ignored or deleted Windows Update Back ports (USB, ethernet) stopped working, front ports partially working had some updates ready although I m not sure if it updated I turned off my PC for a couple of hours turned it back on and realized that my USB keyboard was not working on the password screen I eventually unplugged it from the back and plugged it into the front where it worked However my USB mouse did not work when plugged into the second front port nor did it work when plugged into the front port in which the keyboard worked I accessed System Restore using my keyboard and restored to one day previously When it finished both keyboard and mouse worked although I got a pop-up message alerting me that the quot drivers for your device could not be installed quot When I clicked quot OK quot the mouse stopped working again I have checked BIOS and both mouse and keyboard are recognized so it does not appear to be a hardware issue nbsp
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I googled how to open ports and it told me go in to windows firewall>advanced setting>new rule etc. I want to install a game so I need certain ports to be open and unrestricted. When I used online port checker sites they all say the required ports aren't open. What's the deal here?

A:Online port checker sites saying ports aren't open

Hi how are you connected to the internet, is it directly or do you have a router?
If you have a router you will have to do a port forwarding on it, to your ip address.
If you are connected directly you will have to call your ISP, and have them open the ports.
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Please Help!!!!

I'm running Win XP Home Edition SP2 and I've searched Google and Win knowledge base to no avail...also Kelly's Corner web site.

When the PC is turned on and off the default Start Windows
and Exit Windows sound is not played through the speakers
which are turned on. All other Windows sounds are played
I have checked the sound properties in Control
Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices /Properties and the Windows
Default Sound Scheme is selected. The corresponding .wav
files are in place i.e. Windows XP Shutdown.wav and
Windows XP Startup.wav.
Please advise how I can rectify this fault.

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Computer froze then this message keeps telling me to log out. It will try to fix it for next sign on but it is an endless loop. Please help me.
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I am on Dell Optiplex 780 running Windows 7 Professional. I recently obtained this computer from a family member. However, they could not remember the log in for it (when you first turn it on you go through ctrl-alt-del then are prompted to enter password).
 I tried Ophcrack, it said it was not able to crack any passwords.
 I also tried Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. This did not work either. I had a little bit of trouble with it- the username listed in the welcome screen was not one of those listed when I ran the tool. So, if someone is familiar enough with it maybe they can help me figure out what I am doing wrong? If not, some other way for me to recover or reset my password?
 Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Forgot pw- recovery/reset programs aren't working (Windows 7 Professional)

Use Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to enable the Hidden Administrator Account. Once that is enabled you can change the password of the the other accounts using the Administrator Account.
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when I turn on my acer desktop with windows 7, it won't boot past the Microsoft corporation black screen. I had just run windows updates and was rebooting. For months now,, the computer has taken roughly 7 minutes to boot up. I don't know why. And now I get nothing.

A:acer desktop windows 7 computer won't get past the microsoft corporation balck screen

Boot from a Windows 7 DVD and use System Restore to roll back Windows to a point in time when your computer was functioning correctly. It allows you to undo system changes without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos.
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   I use my front ports as there isn't enough on the back for two more items, the two front ports stopped working so I can't use them. I just switched to windows 10 and they were working then stopped. How do I go about getting them to work again?  Just tried them again, now they are working.  Thanks, Dave

A:windows 10 - front USB ports don't work, Acer Veri...

Just to clarify, are the USB ports working like they should be?
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   I use my front ports as there isn't enough on the back for two more items, the two front ports stopped working so I can't use them. I just switched to windows 10 and they were working then stopped. How do I go about getting them to work again?  Just tried them again, now they are working.  Thanks, Dave

A:windows 10 - front USB ports don't work, Acer Veri...

Just to clarify, are the USB ports working like they should be?
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Hi basically this probem arose from nowhere I came back from holiday days ago and my pc took longer than i remember to boot Only till i realised the next day and day after it was getting longer and some times not loading past the Windows screen Each time when it hasn t loaded fully I turn it off and re-boot pressing F to get up safe mode which doesn t work at all It gets stuck on avgdiseh doesn t load past and will stay like that till turned off Start up repair does absolutely nothing it asks to do System up Start Windows boot boot past and safe Screen, mode won't wont restore which then Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode errors and reboots if i press cancel it stays on the Scanning screen for hours hours today I ve now seemed to run into another problem trying to boot from my CD drive First time I loaded everything correctly got to install windows screen clicked start up repair which did nothing Ever since that windows won t detect my CD drive even though it opens and did read CD s watched a film on it the other day I ve looked online and other people have had the same problems and clearly i haven t found a solution yet I ve tried cleaning the inside of my case double checking connections changing boot options From what i ve read its either a failed HDD failed RAM or failed CD drive in the case of my second dilemma I m just curious as to whether anyone can pin point what the problem is If its an easy fix or whether it is possible to fix Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode

it's the one following avgdiseh that is the problem

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive
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WIndows 7 premium home version on a lenovo laptop freezing at splash screen. I can boot into safe mode just fine. Whereby I have to run a system restore back to an older date but the issue still comes back up and this seems to be especially true when trying to wake it from sleep mode. beyond the appcrash is there something else i should upload to help diagnose issue?

A:windows7 wont boot past windows splash screen - will boot to safe mod

A hasty fly by...
See if the link is of help.

Windows 7 won't boot after welcome screen. - Microsoft Answers
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I have a HP Pavilion m n It came past boot screen Now Windows not will MS Letter, XP Drive Changed Boot with Vista but Changed Boot Drive Letter, Now will not boot past MS Windows XP screen I formatted and put on XP I was having a lot of problems a few years after switching due to viruses and what not so I had a friend attach my HD to his computer to completely format it We put it back into my comp put XP back on it and installed drivers A couple months later I went to HP to get a driver for the media part of the comp When I tried to install it it said that I had to free up memory on my C Drive When we put the drive back into my comp and reinstalled everything my HD set up a H not C I went looking on how to change my drive letter back to C and followed these instructions http support microsoft com kb I followed them exactly When I rebooted it came up to a screen that looks like the user choice screen with no users I can not click anything and my keyboard only beeps at me I cannot boot into safe mode and I tried clearing the boot proticals by moving the jumper Any ideas on how to correct with out reformatting again Thank you You can also reach me on IM MSN lt Email removed gt nbsp

A:Changed Boot Drive Letter, Now will not boot past MS Windows XP screen
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I'm trying to fix a Windows XP machine right now and I'm stuck.

It boots just fine up to the Windows XP logo screen, then the monitor goes black as if it's going to continue to the next screen...and it doesn't. The screen just stays black.

When I try to boot it up in Safe Mode, it loads to a black screen with the "Safe Mode" label on each corner on the screen & the version information at the top. The cursor loads...and that's it.


A:Windows XP won't boot past the boot screen

Have you made any new hardware/software changes recently?

Also, have you tried loading the last known good do you have your Windows installation disc?
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I had a laptop with Win 10 pre installed, but I want to completely replace it with Linux Mint 17.3. I installed it from a live USB, but when I restarted and unplugged the drive, it did not find the HDD with a bootable OS. I followed other advice and created a supervisor password and supposedly disabled Secure Boot, but it still read that the mode was 'standard', with no way to change that. I am practically ripping my hair out with this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Secure Boot Disable 'not working' on Acer E17

After you create your supervisor password, add the appropriate entry (grub) in your BIOS/UEFI.  You don't need to disable secure boot. See eelcoherders post. Make sure you create recovery media first in case you ever want to put the computer back to factory condition. Also, make sure you have the latest UEFI/BIOS. If your going to have both Windows and Linux installed, then you'll need to enable the F12 boot menu in the UEFI.
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Please help me if you can... I'm using a 4 year old laptop, Compaq Presario 2500. When I turn it on, it gets stuck at the Windows XP screen (the one with dark blue bars at the top and bottom. The mouse still works, but it won't go any further. I went to safe mode - entered my password - and 'reset defaults' hoping that would help, but nothing...
I'm a novice, so any help in layman's language would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Howdy Past Computer Does not Boot Windows I built my computer in October of so I ve had it Computer Does not Boot Past Windows for about months Now whenever I boot up my computer it gets to right when I can see my desktop in Windows XP pro and it either shuts off completely or restarts I have been reading up on these forums for a possible solution but can t find an exact Computer Does not Boot Past Windows match to my problem I was thinking it was a PSU problem Computer Does not Boot Past Windows because when it starts loading up everything the problem occurs I have an AMD XP and have had no problems up until about weeks ago Randomly it will start up but when I go to do something on my computer it just restarts or shuts off In my BIOS the temperature stays around C so I didn t think it is a overheating problem because AMD s usually run a little hotter than Intels Sometimes when my computer does shut off my motherboard and keyboard lights stay on but my computer is not on When this happens I cannot turn my computer back on This did not happen when my computer was running correctly The lights don t shut off until I physically unplug my power cord and wait about ten seconds Then my computer will turn back on until the problem occurs again Do you think my PSU is worn out even though it s only months old Could it be a grounding issue with my case Any suggestions would greatly appreciated Here are my Computer s Specs AMD XP Gigabyte Socket A Motherboard GA- VT -L G DDR RAM DVD-Writer CD-Writer W PSU Radeon ATI Thanks Gravy

A:Computer Does not Boot Past Windows

It may be possible that one of you sticks of ram may be bad. It has happened to me on numerous occasions, and just recently a brand new 256 on a Gigabyte mobo gave me the same symptoms that you are getting so I took it out and used a stick of 128 and everything was ok. You could just take one out at a time or replace them to see if they are bad.:mdskull:
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Well - I'm new at this... please be patient with me. I've got a 4year old laptop - Compaq Presario 2500. When I turn it on, it begins to boot, but then freezes on the Windows XP screen (the one with the dark blue bar at the top and bottom). The mouse still works, but it just sits there. I've tried hitting keys, but nothing. I got in the safemode (entered my password), and 'reset defaults', but still nothing - same screen. Anybody have an idea? Please reply in layman's terms. Thanks in advance for your time!

Hellooooo...anyone out there? I got into Safe Mode (I think) and chose 'last good configuration'...thought this would be the ticket, but nope - back to the same screen again....

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Hi hoping someone could help.the computer is a home computer dell dimension and everytime i start it it goes to windows boot manager
windows failed to start.A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix the problem

1. insert your windows installation disk and restart your computer
2. choose your language settings ,and click next
3 Click " repair your computer"

If you do not have disk contact your system administarator or computer manufacturer for assistance
File \boot\BCD
Status; 0xc000000f

info, an error occurred while attemping to read the boot configuration data

I have the disk and inserted it and restarted but it still comes back to the windows boot manager with the same error.
I'm at a loss as what to do next.does anyone have any ideas. Thanks I'm really stuck

A:cant get past windows boot manager

got it working thanks anywat

that was ment to read thanks anyway
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Hi I went to turn on my PC tonight and Windows XP gets XP Past Pro Windows Loading Boot Bar Won't to the Windows XP Pro Won't Boot Past Loading Bar loading bar as it usually does but then goes directly to a blank black screen No cursor nothing I tried booting into Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Command Prompt but with no luck Each time I try those methods it gets to the point where it starts to load the files but then it just gets hung up on that screen I also tried to Windows XP Pro Won't Boot Past Loading Bar boot from the Windows XP operating CD but I get the same as though it wasn t even there - Windows XP starts to load showing the loading bar and then the screen goes black I m running Windows XP Pro with SP My PC was working fine last night when I shut it off and I haven t installed or downloaded anything that I m aware of that would cause this problem Does anyone have any suggestions Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello all,

My ACER Aspire pc won't boot past the Windows Logo. I tried to boot in safe mode but had the same problem. I am running XP home addition. It just keeps going round in circles, I get the Acer logo, then Windows and keeps repeating itself. I tried all the f8 options ie safe mode and starting from last known config but to no avail.

I would appreciate some advise, thank you.

A:PC won't boot past Windows Logo

According to me Your operating system has got corrupt..........
the best option is to take a backup of ur data and re reinstall the Xp........
This will definatly solve your problem...........
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Hey guys:

I left my computer on overnight and all was fine. When I woke up this morning the Desktop Screen saver was frozen. So I did a hard re-boot. When it gets to Windows XP boot screen, the blinking dashes just keep scrolling. It gets no further.

I can get on through the safe mode with network connections, however, I can't connect to the network. Also I tried a system restore in the safe mode and restored it back a week ago and that didn't change anything.

Any ideas?


A:Can't get past the Windows boot-up screen??

Take a look in Event see what errors have been noted since the system last worked properly?How To Use Event Viewer - What error messages do you receive...when attempting to connect online from Safe Mode With Networking?Try initiating chkdsk /r from safe mode? Start/Run...type chkdsk /r (space between k and /) and hit Enter. Type Y in response to onscreen query and hit Enter.Try to reboot the system...chkdsk /r should run/execute, then reboot.Louis
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hello this is very strange Today I turned my computer on and it stopped at log won't windows boot past Strange..Pc the quot Windows Error Recovery quot From the options given I chose quot Start Windows Normally quot After pressing Enter it will not go beyond Strange..Pc won't boot past windows log the black screen where it says quot Starting Windows quot and inmediately reboots to the quot Strange..Pc won't boot past windows log Windows Error Recovery quot again I then Strange..Pc won't boot past windows log chose the other option which is quot Launch Startup Repair quot entered the Disk wait for it to load system files but it reboots to the Disk loading the files again like an eternal loop Tried the F Advance booting options chose quot boot in safe mode with command prompt quot it starts loading but then it reboots itself again I don t know what is going on this is very strange yesterday I worked all day in the computer My system specs are these gt XFX Nforce i SLI gt Intel Core Quad Q MHz gt x gb Corsair CM X - C DIMM DDR PC - U DDR - - - - - - - gt ATI Radeon HD Series gt WD Caviar Blue gb Thanks a lot

A:Strange..Pc won't boot past windows log

Hello amoretam,

Try this tutorial: Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

After that, to boot to the advanced boot option screen, use this method: Advanced Boot Options

You can then use startup repair, Run SFC at startup, or boot into Safe Mode.
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This is a brand new custom built PC for web browsing for a motel lobby.

Win7 Home Premium
AMD A4-3300 Llano
MSI A55M-P33 FM1
Rosewill FBM-02 MicroATX Mini Tower

Running latest BIOS and latest drivers downloaded directly from manufacturer's website.

I tried switching between all 3 internal headers and none of them would detect the flash drive.

If I plug the drive in the rear ports it detects right away leading me to suspect the case's ports might be defective but I don't have another USB 2.0 card lying around to confirm.

Based on this info does it seem likely that the front ports themselves are faulty?

A:Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

You might check to see if the case end of the USB cables are properly plugged into the front panel holding the headers. Some board need more than one brand of USB drivers, Renesas, NEC, etc.
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ok so this is what I have I have windows and linux mint on my desktop I built my computer myself and it works great My girlfriend asked me to help her put songs onto her ports not in USB windows working iPhone G this weekend USB ports not working in windows so I plugged it into my computer while in windows and a little bubble popped up saying a usb port was using too much power or something along those lines I didn't think anything of it because nothing else happened The iPhone had been acting really strange lately so in the end no music got put onto it I restarted my computer and none of my USB ports work anymore My mouse and keyboard are USB and now I can't log onto windows because I can't type in my password So then I booted into linux mint and everything works great no problems at all I figured I would try windows again and still no luck I tried unplugging everything from the usb ports and booting the just plugging in the keyboard and still no luck Obviously it is a problem with windows because my mouse and keyboard both work in the bios and linux Has anyone else had this kind of problem or know of a way to fix it Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks a bunch

A:USB ports not working in windows

Have you tried safe mode then system restore? It seems you have corrupted something - that would be my first choice assuming the keyboard and mouse would work in safe mode. Tough one thats for sure - thats why a system image is always good in these situations otherwise you would need to reinstall w7.
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I have three USB ports on my Gateway laptop and none of them are working. I've tried un-installing them through the Device Manager, but the action gets hung up and I have to stop it (I've let it run for 10+ minutes) through the task manager. When I re-open the Device Manager the USB all the controllers are still there.

I bought an expansion drive because I wanted to back up my photos and other files. After I did that I was going to reinstall a clean version of Windows 7 as my laptop hasn't been working well lately.

Any help on fixing the USB ports would be greatly appreciated.


A:Usb ports not working on Windows 7

Do you have the original operating system on that machine, with all the drivers from Gateway installed?

Is there any problem with anything in Device Manager? Are any of the ports broken or loose?

Do any USB devices work? What happens when you plug one in?
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Ok, so I know this is a all Windows forum and I love windows as much as the next guy.
I am on a MacBook and I installed Windows 7 via Bootcamp. It is working amazingly. I love all the new features and the look.
But all my usb devices are not working. I have a external HD and a Zune and a printer plugged in and nothing shows up.
I have tried with my usb hub and without. Doesn't make a difference.
BUT, they do show up in the Hardware and Devices place. Like I can remove them but not explore them.
I have installed all the drivers for bootcamp and everything.

Please help.
Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards,

A:USB Ports are not working in Windows 7

Repair install.

This kind of thing, you could troubleshoot forever and not resolve. Too many variables. Corrupted reg keys etc...By time you figure it out, repair install would have been long done already.

So skip over, do repair install.

Repair Install
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My laptop had both USB 2 and USB 3 ports on it and for nearly a year it has been working fine. Recently however, the USB 3 ports have stopped working. They are powered and will still work for charging my phone or such through them, but anything involving data transfer or even basic functionality (Mouse, USB Drive, Cable to by harddrive etc) does not work at all (Storage media doesn't even show up when plugged into one of these, but works perfectly in the USB 2 slots.)

It being a laptop, I only have two USB 2 ports and both of these are used in regular use (Mouse and External Hard Drive) so if I have need of anything which uses USB ports, it's a big inconvenience. Does anyone know why they might not be working, and how I can fix it?

A:[Windows 7]USB 3 Ports not working.

Reinstalling the driver would probably fix this.
Hit the manufacturer of your laptop's website and see if there are any updates for your machine
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The problem blank welcome to windows Can't past get boot screen computer is running XP Pro -bit SP with all the latest updates This problem happened last night My fiancee says she was on my computer and she unintentionally sent the computer into standby She thought the computer had gone into hibernate instead and hit the power button which shut down the machine When I came home I booted up the computer but everything was weird The explorer windows had no address bar I Can't get windows to boot past blank welcome screen was unable to get the start Can't get windows to boot past blank welcome screen menu to pop up and Can't get windows to boot past blank welcome screen a couple programs gave some dll errors The system also couldn t detect that I had any audio card drivers installed I was unable to access display properties but task manager seemed to work fine I did a critical area scan with Kaspersky but nothing was found I decided to restore my backup registry from earlier in the day and reboot to see if it helped Upon reboot windows won t go past the welcome screen There are no users listed just the blue background the dark blue borders on the top and bottom and the XP logo in the center I can move the mouse cursor but I can t access anything including task manager The only keyboard combo I ve found to work is ALT TAB which I tried at the suggestion of this microsoft support article http support microsoft com default aspx scid kb en-us All the symptoms under the quot CAUSE quot section are true for my machine When I try to ALT TAB however I only see two choices titled quot Log Onto Windows quot and quot Windows Logon quot if I tab to quot Log Onto Windows quot nothing happens but if I choose quot Windows Logon quot then the ALT TAB box no longer shows up and I can t do anything except move the mouse cursor around I do notice occasional HDD activity so the system doesn t seem frozen and if I wait a minute after the welcome screen appears I am able to access my network shares from another computer I ve tried rebooting several times and waiting for several minutes at a time but it never goes past this point Safe mode yields the same results as well as starting with last known good configuration I ran the recovery console and ran chkdsk p it said it found errors so I ran chkdsk r let it run for hours until it was done but it didn t help my problem I am able to access the filesystem through the recovery console and at a glance it all looks to be intact I suspect some system file has been corrupted but I m not sure where to go from this point because I don t want to make the problem any worse than it is Any advice nbsp

A:Can't get windows to boot past blank welcome screen

Well, after searching for hours on end for an answer, trying various things I decided to do a repair install of windows. I managed to save my main hard drive's contents but one of my attempts to install windows on my slave drive resulted in death to everything it contained. Oh well, the irreplaceable data is safe so I don't mind too much because it could have been worse.
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my laptop froze, i turned it off, and when i started it, it said to go to repar thing, but then it said theres an error, and that i have to put in vista disc, which i havnt got, and when i tried loading vista, it wouldnt,

the slider just keeps going back and forth, nothing happens, ive waited 15 mins now,

the same thing happend to my brothers laptop, which is exactly the same, but his loaded after some time, did disk repair, and then restarted, still took a while to get past boot screen, but it came and everything loaded

right, change, my laptop has now loaded, after what...15-20 mins, why is that?

hardware error, what should i do to make the startup time faster

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My Dell Dimension 4500S kept opening an empty Microsoft file folder on start up so I made changes to the registry using regdit following the instruction to solve the problem. Now the computer boots fine but won't go past the logon screen. I have tried to boot from the CD and the same thing happens. Tried starting in safe mode and the same thing happens.

I don't have the password for the Administrator so the CD won't allow changes?

AM I seriously screwed?

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I've been Vista Windows boot won't past PC icon having trouble booting up and powering down for a while Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to boot up it freezes on the blue screen and sometimes it tells me that it's powering down indefinitely for hours until I just have to shut it off Suddenly yesterday I couldn't get my computer to boot up no matter how many times I tried I get the black screen that identifies my video card then it goes to the blue screen as usual but the blue screen disappears very quickly more quickly than Vista PC won't boot past Windows icon normal This is followed by a black screen for a couple of minutes and eventually I may or may not get the Windows symbol fading in which is what always happens right before my Windows login screen appears However now the Windows symbol just flashes briefly in the middle of the black screen It disappears after that and the login screen never actually loads -- the screen just stays black indefinitely Finally I'll power it down by pressing in the power button and holding it This is different than when it would get stuck on the blue screen booting up Then I would just press the power button briefly and the computer would shut off I tried replacing the power supply to no avail it does the exact same thing I can't even get into the BIOS when I press F while booting up Any idea what the problem could be
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Hello, so i downloaded an updated Realtek driver yesterday and faced the problem of having my sound not work afterward. I tried everything from and read a couple things on restarting my BIOS to factory setting by taking the motherboard battery out and putting it back after 60 sec. I placed it back into its component and put my computer back together and plugged it in and turned it on. I noticed that when i started it up it made 2 beep sounds instead of the usual 3(I also looked up that AMI motherboards with 2 beeps means faulty RAM so i replaced it with diffrent RAM and didnt work . Afterwards when the problem still persisted i tried the System repair tool with no luck either and dont know what to do next? If you have any insight on the matter please let me know Thank You
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Ok so iv put this computer together installed windows Ultimate bit and i got it up and running perfect for like a day The next morning i boot screen! HELP! will loading not past Windows up 7 switched it on and was working good for couple of hours then it seemed like the whole computer started to slow down and i got a blue screen error so i rebooted and tried to start windows but HELP! Windows 7 will not boot up past loading screen! it then says windows is loading files then goes to the logo loading and after that it just goes to a black screen iv tried everything to get it back running safe mode low res mode repair boot from disk etc but nothing So i thought i would try and put the HD in another computer and wipe it to re-install windows but when i put it in another comp it does the same thing does the logo loading and then to black screen Iv found that when i remove the HD from my PC and boot from the windows disk then it gets to the windows installation bit so do you think it could be a problem with the HD Sorry for long post just trying to give as much detail as i can Any help would be appreciated thanks Daniel

A:HELP! Windows 7 will not boot up past loading screen!

That is my bet.. If you removed the Hard Drive and now you are able to boot to the CD.. It is most likely the Hard Drive..

Hope this Helps..
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My problem is that windows 7 wont get past the loading screen when its loading the OS. I have noticed that it will work when i have only 2GB(one stick) in but when i try to put all 8GB(4 sticks) in, it wont work. This same thing happened when i was trying to install windows 7 from a fresh install.

I would really like to get this problem solved, so if anyone has some advice. Please let me know.

Please & Thank You,

A:Windows 7 won't boot past the loading screen

Hello there, Madog Welcome to the Se7enforums!

You would think that little over 2gb-3gb problem seen with the 64bit Vista would have been solved for 7 which for most it has. I run the 64bit 7 RC with 4gb without a glitch! With the larger number of dimms however you may have run into some bad memory which would be a cause to consider since the 64bit 7 supports a larger amount of ram over that seen with the 64bit predacessor.

One fast way to at least isolate the one or more bad dimms if that's the case would be trying the other two you removed without the working pair in. If you mixed pairs of dimms by a different brand seeing a different timings that will cause problems.
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I'll try to make this very short I cleaned my keyboard about a week ago by vacuuming it and wiping Windows, Starting won't 7 or past CLASSPNP boot Win it down with some baby wipes After that I've been having a lot of Win 7 won't boot past Starting Windows, or CLASSPNP issues My main issue is that my computer has gradually been taking longer to boot up and now it's getting stuck at Starting Windows screen When it WAS booting it would get stuck at installing updates after shutting down or sometimes wouldn't let me open my control panel to do a system restore I've ran my virus software and I got some tracking cookies that were deleted which I believe to have been from sites I had open streaming videos while it ran It was taking about - minutes to boot to the login screen alone then about - minutes to get to my actual desktop Currently my PC isn't booting past the Starting Windows screen I've tried multiple things like spamming F to run in safe mode repair my computer safe mode with networking and currently trying safe mode with command prompt When starting in safe mode it gets stuck at CLASSPNP SYS and takes about minutes to load into safe mode I've read that when starting in safe mode with command prompt and entering quot rstrui exe quot opens the System Restore option Currently I've been sitting here for about minutes until it finally loaded and sitting here for an additional minutes as it quot loads quot My computer came pre-installed with Windows and I want to do a factory condition restore to get it back I don't mind losing all my files as I don't have anything truly important Just about - games from Steam I don't even really play that I'd just have to re-install and a couple images I could grab from e-mails My parents have a Windows install disc I'm sure from their HP they bought a year or so ago but I don't see how that would help me as I don't know the specific serial key for my Windows copy as it was pre-installed Forgot to mention I tried the run from last known good config option and it just sat at the windows starting screen as well Halp pl x Edit - I lied I found a disc copy of Windows and I'M GLAD I didn't do a factory restore I forgot I had ONE item I truly want that I would've been upset to lose My text copy of item sales profits on Steam

A:Win 7 won't boot past Starting Windows, or CLASSPNP

Work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot including the hardware tests since you might have gotten a static burst from vacuum.

You can test if the OS and /or Hard drive are responsible and thereby clear the rest of the hardware by running for awhile with a boot disk like Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup - Windows 7 Forums If it still bogs then disable the HD in BIOS setup to see if it clears up.
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The other day my sis was on my pc and was playing a game on the net and apparently the screen just turned off.. now when i start it up it gets to the windows xp boot screen but after that just goes black. i can start it up in safe mode so i can safely say it is not a monitor issue but i have no idea what it could be. i have tried all the different system restore checkpoints and it is still not working. i have tried just leaving it running and after aboput 45-60 min still nothing. any help would be very appreciated.

A:PC wont boot past windows xp screen..

Change any drivers with a yellow in device manager.
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okay so for maybe 2 days i had this problem..
yesterday my computer shut off or seemed to shut off on its own while i while chatting.
the monitor went black and the monitor light was blinking and the tower lights were orange like if it was still busy or loading?
today i had to try for a hour before it actually rebooted but then shut off again after maybe 2hours
i try to reboot but i cant get past the boot screen part before this happens again?
what could be causing this?
how can i fix it?
thanks for any help

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i cant access system recovery or most of the advance boot options i have tried useing repair cds and install cds but the computer refuses to boot from cd drive my laptop is an hp model g61 i dont really know what other specs you need i have noticed it always stops when loading a certain driver atipcie.sys
The full error I get is:

stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is missing from your computer try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.

I'm not even sure what that program is

A:windows will not boot past the microsoft logo

Precisely what cd/dvd did you try to boot from.

How did you tell your bios to boot from a Cd/DVD?

Can you boot into the bios? Yes/No
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first of all i am in my vista system as i write this because i load XP past not boot Windows screen does have HDs XP is my primary system but yesterday something happened i usually leave it on hibernation when i have to leave and come back but when i did that and turn on the pc it went just fine but after the quot windows is resuming quot nothing happened just blank so i restarted the pc Windows XP does not load past boot screen by holding the power button then i usual i see the bios screen etc then Windows XP does not load past boot screen it asks me what system i want to load i choose XP and i get the quot windows did not start normally quot so i pick start windows normal option i get the windows loading screen then nothing so i get frustrated i unplug my pc leave it for a while then restart go through the same steps bios screen systems etc after picking XP again i get the same quot windows did not start normally quot and i choose safe mode it starts ok go inside check somethings and decided to do system restore so i restore back days i restart and this time i am able to get in normally but today i had to do this at least times and now it just doesnt work i know the hard drive is ok because i can browse through it while in this system nbsp
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I came to my computer and the screen looked pixelated I manually restarted my computer and the Computer 'starting windows' boot past will not fun started The computer boots up to 'starting windows' at which time it either restarts itself or it hangs at a black screen never booting I can access safe mode with networking Things I have tried Reinstalling Nvidia drivers manually and using specific programs Reformating x over Trying earlier versions of drivers Putting video card in another computer and receiving same results Checked the ntbtlog txt that shows no nvidia drivers are able to load Moving PCI-E slots and using other psu Computer will not boot past 'starting windows' cords Trying different versions of windows home ultimate etc Removing video card removing drivers re installing drivers and reinserting video card After reformating i updated windows and ever driver before the nvidia drivers Removed CMOS for a few minutes The second computer is has an older PSU so I am not sure if it is the PSU that can no longer power the video card or the card itself The PSU i was using is a w the second computer giving the same Computer will not boot past 'starting windows' issue has a w I can not pinpoit what caused this only that my computer was running fine left for a few hours came back and it had restarted and was pixelated but i could still see the log in screen

A:Computer will not boot past 'starting windows'

try the following link and see if it helps ya out any:

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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I just got this laptop from my dad, and for some reason every time i turn it on, it goes from the gateway screen straight to the Windows Boot Manager screen. Please help.

A:Computer won't go past Windows Boot Manager

What do you mean by boot manager screen ?

Then what happens, any error messages?
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We are using Windows XP Pro, no service paks, and it won't boot up past the blue windows welcome screen before you even get to log on as a user. It is almost like it gets caught there and won't go any further. We have tried reseating the RAM chip, checked the mother board for possible problems, and pulled all the USB devices. We tried using the windows boot disk to repair the OS, that only initiated a reboot and back to the above mentioned issue. We tried booting in safe still wouldn't get past that point. We tried "last known good configuration", still the same result.

She is an older computer, but she has always been our most reliable system and she does things our other computer won't do...we would really hate to lose her. Any help would be very much appreciated!


A:Won't Boot Up Past The Blue Windows Welcome Screen

Cristy, Do the following.

Your CMOS may be corrupt. Go into the BIOS setup screen and copy down all the settings as you want them. with the power off, open the unit and move the CMOS erase jumper to the clear position for however long the instruction book say to leave it there. Move the jumper back to the normal position and turn the unit on. The PC should report something like CMOS error -- defaults loaded and the real-time clock will be reset. Go into the BIOS setup and re-enter your desired values. Let us know what happens.

Thank you Jitaa
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I am working on a Dell Optiplex GX270 that will not boot past the splash screen in normal mode, nor will it go into safe mode. I'm not getting any errors, just a very faint splash screen.

So far I've tried (with no success):
1) changing power supplies
2) put in a new video card
3) put in a different hard drive with a fresh Windows XP install
4) different memory

What am I missing?



A:Windows XP won't boot past splash screen

so the new drive with a new copy of XP wont boot?
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I have a broken laptop that refuses to boot. No BIOS screen or anything is displayed when the power button is pressed. I have removed the hard drive from the laptop and put it into a working desktop PC. I started it in safe mode and the computer restarts. I used the F8 key to prevent it from shutting down on errors and received the following Stop error code:
0x0000007B (0xFFFFF880009A9928, 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)

So far I've used a boot cd to run chkdsk on the drive, and I've tried restoring to a previous point.

I do Not have an installation disk for Windows 7.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Windows 7 STOP: 0x7B Refuses to boot past the windows logo screen

Edit: Thanks for moving this to BSoD, my mistake.
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Good Day Forum Name is Ivan I guess I'll start of with some details about my system and the issue I'm having It is a bit unique given the OS isn't the usual XP it is Windows XP Embedded but I'm hoping it's not something that will Keyboard XP screen, Windows splash disabled. won't Windows Embedded, past boot hinder Windows XP Embedded, Windows won't boot past splash screen, Keyboard disabled. your Windows XP Embedded, Windows won't boot past splash screen, Keyboard disabled. ability to help me Now the issue is and I'll be straight up honest I'm assuming has to do with a P P filesharing and is very similar in it's essence to the FBI virus The USB keyboard locked out and render the naviagation keys useless upon entering the Boot Menu Windows does not boot past the splashscreen I was able to get the keyboard to work by using a PS Adapter I had on hand giving me the ability to navigate through the Boot Menu and moved on to the next step Since my problem symptoms closely resembled the virus mentioned I have proceded to follow the basic solution people use Downloaded HitmanPro App and attempted to make a bootable flashdrive But unfortunately the only other computer I have is a bit Windows machine and I couldn't run a bit version I would need to use for the Infected I'm assuming machine With the Hitman app off the list of quick solutions I turned to AVG Rescue tool which is said to be less sensitive to the version of OS and was faced with yet another issue When in Boot Menu and attempting to choose USB FDD Flashdrive or any other option the machine still attempts to boot from HDD and I'm hit with the windows splashscreen that loads for a few seconds and screen goes dark I'm kinda limited in what I can do given this machine has no CD drive so I'm limited to using USB for any tools however if needed Im willing to go ahead and install a cd dvd drive or gain access to a bit machine to make the bootable Hitman flashdrive or anything else if it brings us closer to resolving the issue Hope I'm posting in th right forum and not being a pest Looking forward to hearing from you guys I need to fix this machine since I use it for work and my ability to pay bills depends on it directly Thanks Ivan

A:Windows XP Embedded, Windows won't boot past splash screen, Keyboard disabled.


Got a 32bit version of Hitman app and made bootable Flash drive.

Got into Boot menu with a PS/2 keyboard.
Took a few tries to get it to boot from flashdrive, but in the end Windows started up and let me log in.
Prior to log in I get an Error titled "savedump.exe - Entry Point Not Found" ...and message:

The procedure entry point SymSetSymWithAddr64 could not be located in the dynamic link library DBGHELP.dll
Mouse works, but the system stopped recognizng PS/2 keyboard, so I hooked up one through USB and was able to log in.
Everything loads up alright and seems to be in order, except a few files system files missing (i.e.; i8042prt.sys) and I get a message to insert a Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 (never had one)
I have scanned the system with Hitman - no threats found except a few tracking cookies.
I'm not exactly computer savvy when it comes to dealing with anything that wouldn't let Windows boot, but overall a very strange case here. I don't even know what happened or if the tools I used are responsible for my problem's resolution.
I got no responces anywhere I went online...perhaps because I have weird Windows chopped up speciffically to deal with my machine's firmare (it's a desktop Dental 3D Scanner), I just have a message to anyone having any problems - Don't give up. ;)
Not to say this forum didn't help me at all, lots of great material here and I'll be sticking around to read up more. Thank you all for being here, keep up the great work.
All Best,
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I have a DELL optiplex 320 which after rebooting the mouse and keyboard stop working when the windows xp starts loading. I have read lots of forums but none of them have the answer. I would like to know if this issue have an answers, if not , then i will just install the win xp again.

thanks in advance!


A:usb ports not working after windows xp boots

Have you tried to start your computer using safe mode? If not, give that a try and see if you can reinstall the motherboard disk drivers again while in safe mode.
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Hi I recently upgraded my Windows PC from 32bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. The only problem is, all of the USB ports on the back of the computer don't work at all, while the ones on the front work fine. I've upgraded my BIOS, and installed drivers, but still nothing. What else can I do?

A:USB Ports not working after upgrading Windows

Hi ozza Welcome to Seven Forums.
To help all of us would you please add your systems specs? Here's how: System Info - See Your System Specs
Under System Manufacturer/Model Number add desktop or laptop and whether self built.

You can easily copy/paste from within the app, no install required.

You could try uninstalling all USB drivers, reboot and see if Windows Update will fix them. This is odd since the back ports are attached to the motherboard.
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I am using Windows 8.1 on an ASUS X550C. All my USB ports (2 USB2.0 and 1 3.0) have suddenly stopped working. External drives when connected show a light but are not recognised. Graphics tablet and printers also do not work, though they do when attached
to another printer.
I have not recently done anything by way of software installations.
I have done a clean boot, but no difference. I have ensured the latest Windows Updates are installed.
In Other Devices, the USB Root HUB (xHCl) has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. Searching for an updated driver produces no result.
Everything else on the machine seems to be working ok.
Advice please.

A:Windows 8.1 USB ports stopped working.

Device Type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: on Intel(R) USB3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 01.00 (Microsoft)
Device Status:
The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).
"Update Driver" produces no results.

In the Intel download center, we can only find the driver for Windows 7
And the link below mentioned that Windows 8* has a native in-box USB 3.0 driver.
Windows 8* has a native in-box USB 3.0 driver.
since we're unable to to install the driver via Windows update or download it from manufacture website, but the driver must be corrupted in your system for some unknown reason, so I suggest you return the system to a previous point at which everything is
function fine with restore point.
response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you.
does not control these sites and has not tested any software or information found on these sites.

Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support
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I have been having a problem lately where non of my usb ports will work except for the mouse and keyboard sometime. Non of my external hard drives are recognized. Went into device manager and the computer don't show hard drives. After either restarting several times or clicking scan for hard drive changes it will finally work. I have tried several different fixes people have posted to permanently fix with no success. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows 7 usb ports not working all the time

I'm not sure what the issue is with W7. But I know my Seagate FreeAgent USB 2.0 external could be left plugged in between boots on Vista x64 SP1. Not so on Windows Seven Ultimate. I don't know if it's even been fixed via update or whatever. I only have W8 on a Laptop to play with now.
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I have a Yoga 900 laptop, and after installing the Windows 10 update today (Sept 30 2016), my USB ports stopped working.  Any suggestions?
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Hello, I just installed Windows 7 64 bit from a computer that had windows 8. It works great, only problem is that the USB 3.0 Ports will not work. My 2.0 port works but not the two 3.0's I have on the other side.

My Computer is a Asus K55N DB81. Can anyone please help me solve this problem and get them working?

Thanks in Advance.

A:USB 3.0 Ports Not working on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Do the USB 3.0 ports show up in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation mark, needing drivers for Win7?

If you provide the hardware ID from those problem devices, possibly the Win7 version of the needed drivers can be found.

Right click on Computer, then select Properties, then select Device Manager. Go down and expand either the USB group, or perhaps the "unknown devices" group, to find the problem USB ports which don't have drivers installed. Right-click on the problem item, select Properties, then click on the Details tab, and drop-down the list for "Property" and select the second item in the dropdown list... Hardware ID.

Provide the complete Hardware ID strings here. It's possible the driver for this hardware is available from the manufacturer if not from ASUS.

Did you not get all your Win7 drivers from this ASUS download support site for the K55N? Did you install the "AMD chipset" for the motherboard? I would have thought that's where the USB drivers would have been included.
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I have purchased new Laptop Model No: E5-574G. It comes with windows 10 I am not feeling comfortable with windows 10 so, I have installed windows 7 but after installing windows 7 and I have installed all drivers even USB driver but USB is not showing/detecting with laptop. I see when I go BIOS the attached usb shows in boot sequence. I have also followed the process of uninstalling the driver and then restart the windows but this doesn't solve this problem. Let me know how can I solve this. Thanks Kind Regard,Mufasil.
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Hi There

All the USB ports in my HP Pavilion dv6-3122sa PC stopped working a few weeks ago. I tried to revert to a restore point but no luck.

I have now reinstalled the Windows 7 O/S and the USB ports are still not working.

Can you please suggest any resolution?

A:USB ports in HP Pavilion Windows 7 not working

Could be the ports have failed, they are part of the motherboard. I'd get a Linux LiveCD or LiveDVD .iso/image file to use in creating a bootable disc and boot to it, see if the ports work. There's several good ones and are free, I use the Linux Mint flavor, have version 13 on an older Notebook with Centrino [won't support a newer version] and version 17 on a newer Notebook. Doing so will determine if it's a hardwire problem or not. If not hardware then it must be the drivers for the motherboard such as for the chipset or other.
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USB ports not working after re-installing Windows 7.. CS:GO is not working after i reinstalled Windows. Game just opens and closes and shows as Running.
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Hi, My laptop's USB 3.0 ports are not working now. They worked earlier. I enabled automatic OS updates and see few updates are installed. i m using below driver. Please help ASAP. But when i connect my moto g mobile, it was detected in 3.0 port and i can transfer files to phone and phone was charging through that port too, and when i connect my hp 16GB pendrive, it didnt issues with 2.0 port though.  Please help ASAP.
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Sunday, everything was perfectly fine. Monday, I didn't use my computer. Yesterday, I went to start it up and once the log in screen came on all of my devices (mouse, keyboard, USB mic) would not work. I've googled this problem for hours, tried everything I can understand, nothing is working.

I can access BIOS and my keyboard and mouse work perfectly fine. They do not work in safe mode. I'm really not sure what the problem is, and I really need help. I can't try to download any drivers or anything because neither my keyboard or my mouse will work.

I've tried to do system restore, but every time I get "An unspecified error occurred during System Restore. (0x80070002)"
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Acer Aspire 5532-5534
Windows 7 Home Premium

I can't get the laptop to boot past the glowing window logo that says "Starting Windows". It doesn't freeze it just hangs there forever. I tried booting into safe mode and it hangs at windows\system32\drivers\atipcie.sys and then restarts.

I don't need to save anything on the computer so easiest way to get it up and running will work. I don't have any discs to restore.

Thank you in advance.

A:can't get laptop to boot past starting windows logo

Sure you don't mind to loose everything?!
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My PC is running Windows XP and last week I started up my computer and as it was booting up it stopped at the Microsoft Windows green status bar It just sits there for hours scrolling left to right I tried to boot up in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with C prompt or last known successful start but it simply scrolls through a bunch of drivers and then halts At the bottom left it then says to wait but this goes past Windows green boot Computer the status bar won't nowhere Something has gone wrong and I don t know what So I then got out my XP software CD and tried to run the Repair Console My problem here is that when its done loading the drivers and I select option C Windows and it goes to Computer won't boot past the Windows green status bar the next screen it asks me for an Administrative password I have had this computer for over a year and have NEVER put a password on it My friend built it for me and he also states that he never put a password on it either I tried leaving that blank too and it just gives you three tries and then reboots So as you can see I am in a little bit of a predicament I share this with my wife and kids so the stress level is mounting Does anyone have any ideas on how I Computer won't boot past the Windows green status bar can resolve this issue HELP nbsp

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Hello there I have a year old Dell Dimension computer It has Windows XP bit with gigs of ram Recently I have installed several new software programs Mostly utility applications and stuff to play video files Things of that nature My computer froze up yesterday when I had a few applications running I let it sit there for a while and it never unlocked itself and would not can't XP it Windows Computer won't the up past make boot screen way...... the all respond to anything I typed on the keyboard I turned the power off and then turned it back on When I turn the power on it starts up the boot process It displays the manufacturer information then it goes to the Windows page then I get a green screen of death then it goes to a black screen with white text telling me that my system has crashed and asking me if I want to start up Computer won't boot up all the way...... can't make it past the Windows XP screen in safe mode or regular mode etc I have tried safe and regular but neither one will boot up beyond the Windows XP screen Any ideas on how I can resolve this Do I need to create a CD boot disk and try to use that to load Windows properly Thank you so much in advance TC

A:Computer won't boot up all the way...... can't make it past the Windows XP screen

Hi True Colors

You get a green screen? Are you sure it isn't blue? If it is, select the disable automatic restart on system failure option and write down the error code and any drivers mentioned.
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My computer got shut down during the loading part of a system restore. It will start loading but can't get to the desktop. Tried all commands on boot screen. Still will not go pass blue windows screen, mouse is still on screen and can e moved around. I have the CDs that came with put both home edition and xp pro. in hopes of repairing windows, but still nothing same blue screen with windows logo. Please help, on my phone doing this now, really aggravating. TY

A:Help. Computer won't boot past blue windows screen.

Boot off of the XP CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
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ChkDsk got interrupter during an unplanned scan. I left it continue but knocked the power cord. I remember it saying deleting ****** and now i cant boot. Safe mode is a no go. Half loads. My wireless keyboard does not like Fkeys and only got into safe mode once. Got a CD here that can gain access to recovery console but i know nothing about using. Any ideas before i reformat?

I assume i can create a new partition next to an existing windows and then move all my files across before deleting that partition?

A:ChkDsk ran at boot - Now only boots past windows loading,

I noticed ChkDsk can be found in the console. Ran it in the console and rebooted. Let the normal windows scan complete this time away from my power cord :D seems to be working fine again. Might be worth reading up on the console. Never needed it before.
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So I have encountered a computer problem go figure The issue started yesterday and still persists today Background I am running windows on a boot solid state drive for my desktop I won't repair Microsoft 7 boot startup past windows recently yesterday installed two drivers One for a wacom intuos tablet and one fore a wacom bamboo touch tablet all drivers were gotten from the offical wacom website Further back I installed adobe Photoshop cs and adobe premiere pro cc I do not have a restore point and my network back up drive is not functioning at the moment shame on me I know The system was fine before and after the adobe installs and there seemed to be no issues The system was running great I had restarted a few times Microsoft windows 7 won't boot past startup repair in that period and not problems The issue started after I installed the wacom table drivers after I went to restart The Problem Upon the restart windows will not boot After the motherboard screen flashes a black screen appears and says windows is loading files Then a green block style bar appears and shows Microsoft windows 7 won't boot past startup repair a loading pattern After that the system goes into startup repair and tries to search for the Microsoft windows 7 won't boot past startup repair problem as well as attempting repairs Once that is complete I get a message that says Start up repair cannot repair this computer automatically I have the option to send a report or not The problem details show Problem signature Problem Event Name StartupRepairOffline Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature unknown Problem Signature Problem Signature AutoFailover Problem Signature Problem Signature NoOsInstalled Os Version Local ID Read our privacy statement online Link to Microsoft If online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline Another link After closing that window I can then view the stratup repair which still says windows cannot repair this computer automatically Form here I can view diagnostic and repair details view advanced options for system recovery and support finish and cancel If I click on view advanced options for system recovery and support I get the options to choose a recovery tool Under that prompt it displays Operating systems windows on E Local Disk Then there are the following options Startup repair System Restore System image recovery Windows memory diagnostic Command Prompt and the options to restart or shutdown The Diagnosis and repair details that startup repair gives Startup Repair diagnosis and repair log ------------------------------ Number of repair attempts Session details ------------------------------ System Disk Device Harddisk Windows directory E Windows AutoChk Run Number of root causes Test Performed ---------------------------- Name System disk test Result Completed successfully Error code x Time taken ms Test Performed --------------------------- Name Disk metadata test Result Completed successfully Error code x Time taken ms Test Performed ---------------------------- Name Volume content check Result Completed successfully Error code x Time taken ms Root cause found -------------------------- No OS files found on disk Repair action Partition table repair Result Failed Error code x Time taken ms ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Now yesterday after the problem started I hooked the drive to my laptop via esata and a bench supply and was able to read the drive from my laptop I got the IMPORTANT data off that I didn t want to lose The file structure looked like it was all there to me at least not too versed in software better with hardware I did find the wacom drivers and took them off to see if that fixed it to no avail Then I ran avast on the drive as a removable drive and it found infected files I do not have the names of them It was able to remove several but not all of the files that had a problem I can boot to the laptop and rerun avast on... Read more

A:Microsoft windows 7 won't boot past startup repair

Do you have a Windows 7 installation CD?
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I was getting what I thought was the google redirect virus. I ran a malware scan but it did not find anything. I had this problem once before and we had used combofix. I ran combofix and after it scanned, all of my icons were gone. I rebooted and now I can not get past the blue windows startup screen. I can not boot into safe mode either. I read several posts but got conflicting information on whether or not to run the recovery console. Also, I read that this could just be a missing registry file. I can not access info on the computer for more information. I do know that it is a WIndows XP Pro operating system.

ALSO - I have tried to boot from my XP disc but it does not show me the C:windows XP Professional with a repair option. It shows C:partition1 [NTFS]

Any guidance would be GREAT!
Thanks in advance.

A:XP Pro Can not boot past the blue windows screen after using Combo Fix

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Please do this even if you have previously posted logs for us.If you were unable to produce the logs originally please try once more.If you are unable to create a log please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system. If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available. Upon completing the above steps and posting a reply, another staff member will review your topic and do their best to resolve your issues.Thank you for your patience, and again sorry for the delay.*************************************************** We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan again: Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links if you no longer have it available. Save it to your desktop.DDS.comDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run. A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running. Notepad will open with the results. Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results. Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HERE We also need a new log from the GMER anti-rootkit Scanner. Please note that if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you should not bother creating a GMER log. Please first disable any CD emulation programs using the steps found in this topic: Why we request you disable CD Emulation when receiving Malware Removal Advice Then create another GMER log and post it as an attachment to the reply where you post your new DDS log. Instructions on how to properly create a GMER log can be found here: How to create a GMER logAs I am just a silly... Read more
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Hi Guys hope you can help with this Our family computer won't boot beyond the 'Verifying DMI pool data' screen It gets to this point then the PCI devices listing and other text above becomes corrupted random characters become highlighted in random colours and these same characters 'Verifying data' Windows pool won't DMI past boot change to random letters or symbols some of them flashing I tried to run a Ubuntu Linux liveCD to get at the hard drive as it hadn't been backed up At first this would Windows won't boot past 'Verifying DMI pool data' boot to the menu screen then restart when the 'try ' button was pressed I ran Memtest from the disk which Windows won't boot past 'Verifying DMI pool data' showed Windows won't boot past 'Verifying DMI pool data' up loads of errors so I tried removing a stick of RAM we have x GB and after this Ubuntu booted okay so I've managed to copy our entire C drive onto an external HDD I've tried searching the forums and found several threads but none mentioning the corrupted screen described above As advised to others I've tried removing the CMOS battery for mins but this made no difference As I have all our data on an external drive I'm considering re-installing windows but would like to make sure there's no other solution before doing so Thanks in advance for any help you can provide it will be greatly appreciated

A:Windows won't boot past 'Verifying DMI pool data'

Did you Memtest86 the single stick you left in?

Have you tried entering Bios and using Default (or whatever it sets at for auto-optimizing)?
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After a visit to the wonderful land of pornography, my dell (about 5 years old) has decided that it doesn't want to boot past the loading screen. Just before this happened, I booted up and the screen froze on the desktop, flashing some distorted lines across the center of the screen.

I have tried rebooting multiple times and running diagnostics, but nothing appeared wrong. I'm going to assume its virus related.

I'm not that computer savvy, so I could really use some help. =) Thanks in advance.