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Get a error on laptop needs driver for acpi\pnpocof\1 Lenovo t410-2537

Q: Get a error on laptop needs driver for acpi\pnpocof\1 Lenovo t410-2537

I was trying to go thrue non working drivers and it popped up one bad thing acpi\pnpocof\1 dosent have a driver?? I don't have a clue what this is or I could fix it. Anyone please help win 7 pro 32 bit intel core 5 on a Lenovo thinkpad T-410 -2537

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Preferred Solution: Get a error on laptop needs driver for acpi\pnpocof\1 Lenovo t410-2537

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Get a error on laptop needs driver for acpi\pnpocof\1 Lenovo t410-2537

I recommend that you post in the Win 7 forum since this is a Vista forum.
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Hi Guys,

I got Lenovo T410, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, and it function well besides that I don't have comunication, no WiFi nor by cable. I assume driver is missing. Any suggestion?

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I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and was wondering where I could get the fingerprint reader, bluetooth and thinkvantage drivers for my Thinkpad. I'm not really sure which drivers to get online.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Driver Help

Quote: Originally Posted by verbatim20

I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and was wondering where I could get the fingerprint reader, bluetooth and thinkvantage drivers for my Thinkpad. I'm not really sure which drivers to get online.

Hi verbatim, you can find the drivers here Lenovo Support - Download Drivers and Software (GB)? if you need further help post back
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System information:

- Lenovo T410
- Bought December 2010
- Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OEM
- Hitachi 500 GB hard drive
- NVIDIA NVS 3100m Optimus Graphics 512MB DDR3 with AMT
- 4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1067MHz SODIMM Memory (2 DIMM) + I installed another 4 GB

I have not reinstalled the OS. The laptop had BSOD's right out of the box. They are unpredictable and occur 1-4 times per day. I disabled the switchable graphics, which seemed to reduce the frequency of the BSODs a little. I've updated the system via Lenovo's System Update tool. I called Lenovo's technical service and they ran through their stock checks and it didn't help.

I've attached the dump and system file collection + system diagnostics.

Thanks for any insight,

A:Frequent BSOD - new Lenovo T410 laptop

Hi davevoyageur and Welcome.

For a stable set up your Ram should ideally be matched. Same Manufacturer. Type. Model. Size. Batch. Timings. Etc..
Have you tried uninstalling the one stick and seeing if the blue screens continue?
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I have Lenovo G50-70 Laptop Running Windows 10 OS. Few Days Back, While doing Clean install with Windows Anniversary Update, I downloaded all Latest Driver from but while checking Today For latest Driver for my system on ACPI Driver is missing from Support Site and There is no Lenovo Energy Manager also as it was in Windows 8.1. Can anybody Help me is it necessary to install ACPI Driver if no why Lenovo Removed it?? And where can I get Lenovo Energy Manager so that I can keep system in Conservation Mode as it was in Windows 8.1??

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hello folks, i have another problem with a lenovo product!lenovo yoga 20FQthere is a device in the devicemanager i am not able to find a driver for that.1.) this driver is NOT included in enterprise management package2.) this driver is NOT listed on so where can i get this driver? devicename: ACPI\MSFT0101 need fast help.thanks!

A:lenovo yoga acpi driver windows 7

problem solved! intel PTT does not work with windows 7 - i have disabled it in bios!
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I download the :Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver, from the Lenovo website: The link for the driver ( for Lenovo y700-15ISK) :
 Click here
I download, give permission to run, then nothing happens; no installation wizard, nothing. This is the only driver I haven't been able to update, and it is the one that is causing me serious problems with audio latency, as Latencymon v 6.50 tells me. I get crackling sound from speakers, but when I disable the ACPI driver, the crackling goes away. The problem is that if I disable the ACPI driver, I am no longer able to see my battery status. So it is important that I update this driver. However, I don't know how it is possible that the driver provided by Lenovo does absolutely nothing at all.
Mod Edit: Corrected the text format so message displayed correctly

A:Lenovo y700 ACPI Driver, not installing

The fix for this is to go to safe mode (on windows 10) : Settings-> Update & Security-> Recovery : press restart now -> After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options >Startup Settings > Restart-> After your PC restarts, you'll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode. then in safe mode go to device manager ->System devices  right click on Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller  -> Uninstall  Double click on the ACPI Driver you downloaded. this should fix the problem.
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I noticed that new drivers were released for G580. The drivers (Lenovo Enegry Management Driver) canot install because when the installer starts up, it immediatelly closes. Do I have an issue somewhere? Windows 10 (1511, Build 10568.17)Lenovo G580 (20157)

A:Lenovo G580 Windows 10 ACPI Driver not installing?

hi acemod13,
I looked at the Lenovo Energy Management driver for Windows 10 and upon observing the installer behavior, it extract the ACPI driver files (58KB) to C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\ACPIDriver (this may explain why the installer closes right after extracting).
If you're seing an Unknown Device in the Device Manager with an ACPI hardware ID (see image below) then try to update the driver manually and point it to the C:\ProgramData\Lenovo\ACPIDriver folder
 - Sample image
If you're unable to see the driver files, I've uploaded them here.
Let me know how it goes.
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Lenovo Ideapad 710S's ACPI driver just got updated on 14 Sep 2016. However, I can't get it to install. Its installer closes immediately upon launch, similar to the cases here: Lenovo G580 Windows 10 ACPI Driver not installing and Y500 ACPI driver not installing. ACPI driver: Laptops-and-netbooks :: 700-Series :: 710S-13isk - Lenovo Support (SG) -Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) ... Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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I'm having Lenovo ACPI H500 i do matter Error no BIOS what a nbsp problem with a Lenovo H desktop nbsp It will not boot nbsp I get an ACPI BIOS ERROR and it automatically restarts nbsp It originally had Windows and was upgraded to Windows about year ago nbsp I've created bootable USB sticks for windows windows and windows and i get the same message with all ACPI BIOS ERROR nbsp I made a linux Lenovo H500 ACPI BIOS Error no matter what i do bootable and it too won't run due to an ACPI problem nbsp The only thing i can run is the Lenovo bootable USB diagnostic tool nbsp All tests check ok with the tool nbsp nbsp I've tried every imaginable bios setting and nothing works nbsp I removed the HDD and hooked it up to another computer via a usb cable and was able to at least copy all my files nbsp I can see that everything on the HDD including the recovery partition is still intact nbsp I am out of ideas nbsp I would love to re-flash the bios but that is impossible without being able to boot the computer nbsp Unfortunatly I don't have a recovery disk or I would try that nbsp Anyone have any ideas
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i have an ibm thinkpad a21m that was put together (mobo, hd, ram, cd, floppy, etc.). installed xp. worked fine. it had "unknown device" on device manager. i used msinfo32 to identify that it needed acpi (advanced configuration power interface). i installed it. the unknown device error went away. when i restarted the system, it keeps going into hybernation after 2-3 minutes. i unplugged cmos and main battery. reset hybernation option to never, reset all the bios to default. still goes into hybernation. my question is: would it go into hybernation if the cpu gets hot? or is there another problem that i'm overlooking?

A:Ibm laptop going into hybernation after installing acpi driver

Most likely an overheating issue. Someone answered your post on another forum with good info so I won't retype it:
Also look at the bios settings to disable anything related to Hibernation.
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I have been getting regularly occurring BSODs with various errors. Looking for help please.
The dump output from BSOD program and performance monitor data are attached.

The system is:
Lenovo T410
Current OS is Windows 7 and is the one that came with the system.
System is 3 or 4 years old.

The BSODs seem to occur during heavy browser usage. Having multiple tabs opened and switching back and forth between tabs, the browser, and desktop apps. But almost always (if not always), when I am in a browser window.


Paul T.

A:BSOD Lenovo T410

Additional info ... The internet browser being used seems to be unimportant. I get BSODs with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Paul T.
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Hi everyone,
Need a new laptop for my computer science degree, considered quite a few. Was just wondering if anyone has an oppinion on the Lenovo ThinkPad T410 2516, I would upgrade it as follows:
i5-460m processor
windows 7 home premium 64
320GB 7200rpm hard drive
9 cell battery
Anyone think i should upgrade it differently, I'd like to get it a little cheaper so where if anywhere should i make the cuts in upgrades?
Has anyone got this laptop? is it particularly heavy to carry around?

A:What do you think of the Lenovo ThinkPad T410?

what the difference in 3 and 4GB memory - i would not expect you to use that amount of memory unless you are using some special heavy memory programs

what other choice of CPUs do you have
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I need some help please I keep getting Consistant I5 BSOD T410 Lenovo a BSOD like clockwork on my Laptop The Laptop can run in safe mode with no issues Tested this last night and this it was still on this morning I initially thought it was the ram so I removed the onboard Gb and replaced it with a new chip Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410 I thought it Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410 was the video drivers so I tried all Lenovo's recommended Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410 drivers but it doesnt work cause according to the drivers I dont have a graphics card I reloaded windows to bit by doing a clean install and have not loaded any other drivers except the ones thats generic by windows I am clueless as I have tried every angle possible Anyone pls Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP BCP C C C BCP F EA BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Danie AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt

A:Consistant BSOD Lenovo I5 T410

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP
We could also use some system information, which you can get easily by running msinfo32.
To do that go to start>run>type msinfo32>enter

When it is finished running go to file>save>name it and upload to us here.
You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
*If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
* Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK your way out.
* Reboot if changes have been made.
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Hi Can I use Battery from Lenovo ThinkPad T410 in Thinkpad T400?

A:Can I use Battery from Lenovo ThinkPad T410 in T40...

No.  It is a different shape
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My lenonvo thinkpad t is stuck in startup I was checking email and I noticed that my screen was freezing up a bit when an error message box came on up loop stuck in start T410 Lenovo screen unfortunately I did not take note of what it said and my computer began to shut down by itself I hit the power button to make sure it wouldnt restart and gave it minutes before i went to turn it back on Now when i try to turn it on it shows the lenovo splash screen but then goes black and shows the splash screen again never proceeding to windows I have spent most of the say looking up possible solutions but while many people have had similar problems most other posts involve system recovery options which do not appear on my screen It is allowing me to boot into BIOS but I have not been able to find a solution there Do I need to reinstall Windows Please help nbsp

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hi, i have a laptop lenovo T410 that run on window xp.
After running the window, i am prompted to log in but i forgot the password.
So what must i do. How do i reset the laptop to its original factory setting.

A:how to reset lenovo T410 to factory setting.

All your files will be lost. Do you want to recover them first?

Do you know the Administrator password?

Do you have a blue button above the keyboard?
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HelloI am planning to update my t410 with an egpu adapter.What interface should I consider? Express card or maybe pcie?Which version of the express card is in that platform (t410)?And I really want to know the same about pcie.
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The thinkpad hasn't been used for nearly a year and two months since i purchased it from my friend. Lenovo Power Manager recongnized the battery for a few seconds then says:  Could not detect battery, please reinsert battery or recharge the battery. I applied double sided tape to the thinkpad battery so it wouldn't wobble. Still the same problem. Battery was purchased 2014-06-04.It is an aftermarket battery.
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I am having trouble getting the built-in wireless adapter on this laptop to get connected to the internet. I have installed the following driver:
but have had no luck. there are no available wireless connections I can connect to.
I have also tried to use USB wireless adapter TP-LINK TL-WN725N to connect to internet. It is able to find available connections but when it tries to connect it says unable to connect and give options to troubleshoot. Once troubleshoot is complete it says to investigate router or access point issues. I have reset the router many times. Other devices are working fine with the internet just not this laptop.
I am running windows 7 64Bit.
Please help.

A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410 wireless issue

Can you connect the laptop to the router using a cable at all ?

using just the laptop wireless adapter
unlikely to be this as it is reporting NO networks available - but check anyway please
Check the wireless is switched ON
theres often a physical switch or a combination of the FN and one of the F keys to toggle the wireless on/off
often F2 is used - but note , not always - look for a symbol that looks a little like (( i ))

is the wireless on?


can we see an ipconfig /all - see how below
do a tcp/ip reset - see how below
post a screen shot of xirrus please - see how below


ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above those entries

For Windows 8 or Windows 10
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop.
Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

Now press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt ​
It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the notepad should now appear in the forum reply.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

For Windows Vista through to Windows 10
Start> Programs> Accessories> and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on the screen )​
For Windows 8 & 10
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following commands:

Note: Type only the text in bold and red for the following commands.
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log and press enter
​ReStart (reboot) the machine.

If you receive the message
The requested operation requires elevation.
Then please open the command prompt as administrator - as requested ... Read more
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Recently my T410 laptop has had issues with charging the battery, the battery is plugged in and not charging.I have attempted updating the firmware for the battery, it failes half way through as the battery cannot be not identified.The lenovo power mannager does not resolve the issue either as it cannot detect the battery. Any advice on diagnostics or resolutions would be greatly appreciated, as after contacting lenovo support, they simply told me to replace the battery. Which I am happy to do but only as a last resort.
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Hi there, I have attached the grab all data in the hope someone will be able to advise.

My laptop has been giving BSOD for months now, Iv'e uploaded a multitude of drivers and performed registry cleaning etc

It happens without much warning apart from a very short freeze, I really need to sort it out as I have important university work to complete!

Hope you can help and thank you in advance


A:Random BSOD Lenovo T410 WER-70590-0.sysdata.xml

Welcome to the Forum.

Start Menu\Programs\DAEMON Tools Lite Public:Start Menu\Programs\DAEMON Tools Lite Public
Daemon Tools/Alchohol is known to cause BSODs:
How to remove sptd.sys from system
Registry and SPTD problems | DAEMON Pro Help

Start Menu\Programs\Norton Internet Security Public:Start Menu\Programs\Norton Internet Security Public

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.2.9200.20512 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Usra\Downloads\sam699\SF_22-02-2014\022214-19172-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*C:\SymCache*
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.18247.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.130828-1532
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`0324e000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`034916d0
Debug session time: Sat Feb 22 15:12:52.272 2014 (UTC + 6:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:03:26.505
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {0, 2, 1, fffff800032ccc3f}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SYMNETS.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SYMNETS.SYS
Probably caused by : NETIO.SYS ( NETIO!WfpExpireEntryLru+17 )

Followup: MachineOwner
Norton is a known cause of BSOD's. Please remove it for testing purpose. Use Microsoft Security Essentials.

Recommended from a strict BSOD perspective, compatibility & stability compared to other security software:

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

Malwarebytes - Free

Good and Free system security combination.

Scan with Kaspersky TDSSKiller:Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller

ESET online scanner: Free Online Virus Scanner | ESET

Reduce items at start-up: Startup Programs - Change

Perform a clean boot: Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

Run a System file check (SFC): SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Post screenshot(s) of your Hard Drive(s) using Crystal Disk Info Software: CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World

Run a Hard Drive test:

Run Disk Check on your Hard Drive(s): Disk Check

Check for heating issues using Speccy or HWmonitor

Upload a screen shot: Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Keep us posted.
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In our company we have migrated from Toshiba to Lenovo laptops/tablets.  Recently users have been reporting that their T410 laptops are very very slow.  Most of the time they over estimate the slowness time, but this time it's not.  I checked the device and it takes 4-5 minutes from powering on the device to getting the ctrl+alt+del screen.  In that time, there is a few seconds where the screen goes completely black, then comes back. After logging in, it takes another 5-6 minutes to get to the desktop.  I've checked the Hard Drive, memory, spyware, etc. and everything checks out.  The user states that this only started happening a couple of weeks ago.  He's had the device for about a year. Anyone else noticing this type of slowness and what could be causing this issue? Thanks 

A:Lenovo T410 slow to boot up and sluggish once logg...

What happens if you load a program such as HWInfo32 to ensure that the CPU isn't running too slowly? When running HWInfo32, the CPU speed should match or exceed the adverstised speed of the laptop whenever some program is actively using the CPU.
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Hello Everyone Odd thing to after 520 ssd on intel series Lenovo win7proSP1 upgrade T410 BSOD i've experienced yesterday upgraded lenovo t laptop to intel ssd drive GB and decided to instal win pro with integrated sp In BSOD win7proSP1 on Lenovo T410 after upgrade to intel ssd 520 series the post installation stage while setting username and computer name computer crashed with BSOD It happen - times Even booting in the safe mode i experienced times complete freeze where i had to manually power off laptop I continued installing drivers BSOD win7proSP1 on Lenovo T410 after upgrade to intel ssd 520 series on notebook and seams that issue is no longer present I have different problem now windows shuts down unexpectedly without any bsod dumps happen also several times in past h In attach you will see in system logs only single entry as i cleared event logs to find last occurrence easily Note that with Hitachi disk that was in laptop before I never experienced bsod true is that i got laptop with installed win proSP on it with all drivers installed I used lenovo system update tool to get all drivers to the system I am suspecting that new hardware intel ssd series might be cause of this or the drivers either on sata controller or on disk according to ssd toolbox firmware on disk is latest Run Disk Full test with Intel ssd toolbox and finished successfully Also checked with malwarebytesand scanned system no issues found Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware amp Internet Security Software Scan Date Scan Time AM Logfile Administrator No Version Malware Database v Rootkit Database v License Free Malware Protection Disabled Malicious Website Protection Disabled Self-protection Disabled OS Windows Service Pack CPU x File System NTFS User refa Scan Type Threat Scan Result Completed Objects Scanned Time Elapsed min sec Memory Enabled Startup Enabled Filesystem Enabled Archives Enabled Rootkits Disabled Heuristics Enabled PUP Enabled PUM Enabled Processes No malicious items detected Modules No malicious items detected Registry Keys No malicious items detected Registry Values No malicious items detected Registry Data No malicious items detected Folders No malicious items detected Files No malicious items detected Physical Sectors No malicious items detected end P S after first BSOD while creating first user and naming pc i decided to name laptop evil

A:BSOD win7proSP1 on Lenovo T410 after upgrade to intel ssd 520 series

ssd tool full test passed with success
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Good afternoon all,

I have been in the process of making my laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad T410, a much better device to use. While I've been having HDD issues, my main issue right now is the battery that I had purchased. With the IBM Power Manager software, the battery is listed as a Sanyo 42T4710. It is a 9 cell battery and I will provide any other information you need.

When I had first purchased the device, after charging for awhile the battery icon on the laptop would begin to flash amber. It will not charge to 100%, and usually stops at 96%. With the battery manager, the charge threshold is set to "Always Full Charge (Start when below 96% and end at 100%). I tried to run the battery gauge reset option, however the laptop permanently stayed at 96% and never discharged lower than that.

Are there any recommendations that you can make for what I should do with the battery?


A:Lenovo Thinkpad T410: Bought a different battery, issues reporting %

Does it charge to 100 when laptop is shutdown?
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When i updated from Windows 7 to 8 i found that this driver had a problem. Error Code 28

Can Anyone Help?

A:Error Code 28 - Unknown Driver Microsoft ACPI-Compliant

To know how to identify unknown devices, find and download, install
follow this link… How To Find Unknown Device Drivers By Their Vendor & Device ID
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Hello I have a Toshiba A -S laptop whose specs can be seen here http cdgenp csd toshiba com content product pdf acpi or overheating error? Laptop files detailed specs satellite A -S pdf Recently it has been shutting down on me when I play games Specifically I think that it is overheating or it s a heat related issue as the computer tries to throttle down my speed hence acpi problem Anyway I ve been playing games on it for over a year but only now does Laptop overheating or acpi error? it start to fail on me Laptop overheating or acpi error? Non-coincidentally this starts happening after I installed windows The computer came with vista which I never used and windows XP is what I ran the first year which worked without a hitch When I scroll through the windows error logs there is an error which coincides with the shutting down The embedded controller EC did not respond within the specified timeout period This may indicate that there is an error in the EC hardware or firmware or that the BIOS is accessing the EC incorrectly You should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS In some situations this error may cause the computer to function incorrectly Click to expand Anyway I have narrowed down my problem to a few culprits -dried out thermal grease apparently can be a problem with toshiba -driver bios problem -Windows Since this didn t happen till windows I am thinking that it is the latter There is a BIOS update available but I don t see anything in it which would apply to me http www csd toshiba com cgi-bin tais support jsp downloadDetail jsp soid amp pf true In any case I was wondering if anyone knows the meaning of my error message and had any suggestions on how to fix it Thanks Veni nbsp
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I have a Satellite Pro L300 with Windows Vista and it has been temperamental to say the least, causing me to reboot the whole system a few times.
The last couple of times, it has since not stopped coming up with an error message saying 'Can't open ACPI ATK0100 Kernel Mode Driver', and I understand that this may be what is causing it to have subsequent problems.

I have tried updating the BIOS, reinstalling drivers, and, searching for answers and, of course, reinstalling the whole system, but I still get this message every time I turn my laptop on and I really don't want it to give me blue screen of death again - please help me!


A:Satellite Pro L300 shows ACPI ATK0100 Kernel Mode Driver error

Wait a moment.

You?ve made clean Vista installation using original recovery DVD and you get this error anyway (no additional software is installed)?
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I have had to reload W7 and cannot find drivers on the driver page for these:? Any help appreciatted!Device manager?

A:T410 driver issue

Welcome to the forum!
Install and run Lenovo System Update, it should take care of the missing drivers: click me!
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I have a Lenovo G50-70 with Windows 10, and I can't get the Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver to install. When I double-click the file, the UAC prompt appears, but when I click "Yes" nothing happens.
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Hi, is anyone else experiencing daily video accelerator crashing on T410 Windows 10?  I have two units and they both crash after resuming the display after auto screen turn off.  I have tried all the suggestions online from all over the web and nothing works.  I hope that Lenovo will do something about this.  Or, does anyone know how to stop this annoyance?  Many thanks.

A:T410 Windows 10 Intel Video Driver Crashing

Welcome Gigglez
1. Is your T410 comes with only Intel GPU or both Intel / NVIDIA Optimus?
2. Is your existing drivers installed automatically by Windows or is it downloaded and installed from Lenovo Support?3. You could download and install a newer version of Intel HD Drivers*. Download and install NVIDIA driver also if it comes with it.*As T410 is already more than 5 years old, Intel and Lenovo may not provide supports and newer drivers to match newer version of Windows.If this 3 steps does not resolve your problem, you may have to revert your T410 to Windows 7. 
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Hi everyone I hope someone here can help me as I can't seem to solve this problem I'm having Basically I have two laptops here There is my brother's Toshiba Equium L - and a HP Compaq s I made an image of the hard drive Mode Driver" "Can't error Open ATK0100 ACPI at boot. kernel in the Toshiba laptop "Can't Open ACPI ATK0100 kernel Mode Driver" error at boot. and restored that image to the HP laptop I have spent the afternoon installing most of the necessary drivers so that the OS from the Toshiba "Can't Open ACPI ATK0100 kernel Mode Driver" error at boot. laptop can run on the HP laptop The error I am having as stated in the title is that the message quot Can't Open "Can't Open ACPI ATK0100 kernel Mode Driver" error at boot. ACPI ATK kernel Mode Driver quot appears every time the system loads I have tried researching this error but I didn't have much luck As suggested on various sites around the web I have tried a few versions of the driver for the display adapter quot Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family quot but none seem to resolve the error Nothing in Device Manager has a triangle to indicate an error Any insight into the situation would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Tom

A:"Can't Open ACPI ATK0100 kernel Mode Driver" error at boot.

I'm surprised this has worked at all for you to be honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin on all the problems you are likely to have with this scenario.

...wouldn't be surprised if authentication fails on you either.
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Having problem with this laptop. Can not boot or repair windows 7 on this laptop---always getting bsod a5 error_the BIOS in the system is not fully ACPI compliant. On the support page there is no bios update for this laptop. Can i get some feedback for that from the support? Thanks in advance


DId this just suddenly start, or have you change anything recently such as updating/reinstallling Windows or added RAM etc? Can you boot to safe mode by holding down F8 while turning on the System? Have you tried re-setting the BIOS to Startup Defaults? Do you have a Windows 7 System Repair Disk, or can you create one on another Windows 7/8/10 computer?    Note:  If you computer was running the 64-bit version of 7, the Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer you make the CD must also be running a 64-bit OS as well  See Backup and Restore the Control Panel to create the System Repair Disk.    Requires one CD-R If so, you can boot to the Windows 7 System Repair Disk and run System Restore, or Automatic Repair from there
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I m trying to get autocad to card driver, lenovo graphic laptop recognize the graphics card of my new laptop autocad tests numerous cards for compatibility and on their website my card is listed as a certified recommended card But when I run the autocad tunelog it lists D Device --------- Name Manufacturer Chip set Memory Driver Your machine contains a D graphic card driver, lenovo laptop Device that is not certified The driver that autocad tested the card with is different than my laptop s graphics card drive Perhaps that s the problem The comments section for my particular card says This driver is supported on HP Compaq w laptops and can be downloaded from here Now I wonder if I should actually install this driver if that driver would work with a different laptop I m afraid that might be a problem because from what I understand it is only recommended to use driver updates provided by the laptop maker Does installing a different graphic card driver void warranties on laptops is it reversible by a restore point My notebook specs Lenovo T p Windows XP professional Intel Core Duo CPU T GHz GB RAM GB hard drive space Nvidia Quadro FX M nbsp
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I have windows 7 and im new in using it. I recieved error acpi\pnpocof\i, when i used my archos 404 to download pics i had saved off an old computer operating with windows xp. What does it mean and how do i fix it.
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SO I just got a new hard drive for my lenovo v570 laptop, I was able to find and install the wireless driver fine, but whenever I install the intel graphics driver, it causes a bluescreen on startup. (If I posted in the wrong place, let me know)
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plz help me as my sound driver realtek is not getting installed.
my laptop is lenovo and my OS is MS windows XP professional

A:I'm unable to install Realtek sound driver on Lenovo laptop

Are you running XP SP2 or SP3?
> If you're still SP2 you may be missing a Windows driver you needed for High Definition (HD) audio that comes in SP3. It's required by the Realtek HD driver will work

If SP3, see if Windows can find and install the right driver for you. Open Device Manager. Do you see your sound card? (Probably listed with a yellow icon) right click it, select Update Driver and let Windows search for the right driver
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Good morning SF and BSOD teams I've been suffering from random BSODs on my Lenovo V laptop running BSOD - Random Lenovo mgmt driver V570 laptop - power Win Home Premium -bit on numerous occasions This issue currently springs up at seemingly-random times although there might be some correlation with me trying music-related activities e g opening WinAmp Google Play Music etc The on-screen BSOD information consistently mentions power management driver hence the reference in this post's title Some history with this laptop I purchased it new Random BSOD - Lenovo V570 laptop - power mgmt driver in Sept - no Random BSOD - Lenovo V570 laptop - power mgmt driver issues Shortly thereafter I installed Ubuntu with a full disk wipe re-format and re-partition After frustrations with Linux I reinstalled Win with a freshly-purchased retail full license e g not the OEM recovery disk Note it was after this event that the BSODs started to occur blockquote I've since reinstalled Linux and Win at least one or two times each time with a full disk wipe format re-partition and seemingly successful installation One additional note during each of the Win installs it seems as though virtually none of the expected drivers are available I have to manually install ethernet wi-fi graphics etc before the thing starts behaving as expected Again this was all using the legitimate retail full Win install disk and drivers directly from Lenovo's support site In any event I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue Thanks -Danny

A:Random BSOD - Lenovo V570 laptop - power mgmt driver

Welcome aboard.

kd> !irp fffffa8005af41c0
Irp is active with 10 stacks 9 is current (= 0xfffffa8005af44d0)
No Mdl: No System Buffer: Thread 00000000: Irp stack trace.
cmd flg cl Device File Completion-Context
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-00000000

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
>[ 16, 2] 0 e1 fffffa8007c87060 00000000 fffff800034bab40-fffffa8005f74a10 Success Error Cancel pending
\Driver\usbhub nt!IopUnloadSafeCompletion
Args: 00051100 00000001 00000001 00000002
[ 0, 0] 0 0 00000000 00000000 00000000-fffffa8005dcf770

Args: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Is there any USB devices connected? What is it? Remove it (if it is anything other than the keyboard and mouse) and see it the situation changes.

Also, Disable USB Selective Suspense.
USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

Also, Free up the startup.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept the restart.
Let us know the results.
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Hi AllT410 gave fan error and stop workingI replaced with new one and now fan works perfectly. (I hear it works and blows)Now I have totally black screen problem, nothing on screen even no dots.The power button is green (for me yellow), fan works,BUT I see nothing on screen.Any idea?
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Hi AllT410 gave fan error and stop workingI replaced with new one and now fan works perfectly. (I hear it works and blows)Now I have totally black screen problem, nothing on screen even no dots.The power button is green (for me yellow), fan works,BUT I see nothing on screen.Any idea?
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Hello, I am having the same issue with my M800 that someone else had with a M900 in the post below.... that post it was mentioned....."the Lenovo Application Interface driver ACPI\LEN4001 does install via task sequence properly with the latest SCCM Pack linked above, however, the APS driver for Windows ACPI\LEN4002 will have to be downloaded, extracted and then imported into your MDT/SCCM driver repository manually at this time. Optionally, you can install it via task sequence using "setup.exe -s" I downloaded the stand-alone copy of the same driver from here.... and ran the exe, but nothing changed in Device Manager. My question is where can I download the Windows ACPI\LEN4002 to replace the current ACPI\LEN4001 that came in the SCCM driver pack for the M800? Thank you,wwill93
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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T which I left outdoors overnight boot Pls help: Thinkpad T410 problem? Simple error after a BBQ No rain but likely some humidity nbsp Symptoms Initially screen remains black nothing happens Simple problem? Pls help: Thinkpad T410 boot error upon pressing power button However computer is still alive Simple problem? Pls help: Thinkpad T410 boot error since power button is shinin- After Unplugging reconnecting the CMOS battery cable machine booting showing following two errors after some Simple problem? Pls help: Thinkpad T410 boot error time Date and time error Neither the date nor the time is set in the computer Solution in the manual Run BIOS Setup Utility to reset the time and date System CMOS checksum bad Default configuration used Solution in the manual Charge the backup battery for more than hours by connecting the ac adapter Replace the backup battery and run BIOS Setup Utility to reset the time and date nbsp I tried Removing The backup battery CMOS Replacing the backup battery CMOS - I bought a new oneBattery only running on DC-powerHDDRAM x DVD-driveKeyboardPower button discharge as suggested on various sites to discharge or whatever the power To press the power button times followed by pressing it for sec I tried to reset the time in the BIOS however I'm unable to navigate with the keys gt nothing happens when I try going up and down between the options with the keyboard - I tried pressing many keys simultaneously and I do get the familiar beep when you press a lot of keys randomly so the keyboard is working fine Then I noticed incidentally that the screen light goes up and down if I press the keys changing this meaning it's like the Fn function key is constantly pressed So I also tried cleaning the keyboard and removing the CTRL and Fn key but this didn't help either nbsp In fact my problem is identical to those in nbsp https forums lenovo com t ThinkPad-T -and-prior-T-series T -Hangs-on-boot-up-screen td-p The solution there was to try pressing the GPU however its not dedicate one can't see that would help nbsp Many many thanks nbsp
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My Lenovo g580 webcam is not opening as in device manager its showing yellow Exclamation on driver which says that: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)Please help as i had many things but its not helping.Do suggest.
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When I try install TurboV for my mother board I get "fail to install ACPI Driver"

Any ideas?

A:ACPI Driver help

i have the same problem, i updated my p5k-e bios first and then install but its there the same error
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I installed windows 8 dev privew on my netbook (Asus EEEPC 1001PX)
After installing keyboard filter and hotkey service in order to use Fn hotkeys(both from Asus), an error message that sayid "missing ACPI driver" kept popping out evertytime a key was pressed. So I tried installing the latest version of ACPI driver from Asus's website hoping it would fix the problem. However during the last step of installation, it would fail and rollback the installation. I have also tried a few different versions of the driver as well as running them under compatibility mode. Unfortunately none of them worked. Any suggestion?

A:ACPI driver

Try replacing the drivers with \Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ACPI two files acpi.sys and acpi.inf
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I just purchased a Lenovo Laptop recently (specifically lenovo Z50-70). From the second day since I switched on the laptop, I began to get an error as follows:
"Your computer ran into an error and needs to restart. We are collecting some info, and then we'll restart for you"

I have done only 2 major changes to the laptop. Firstly, I updated windows 8.1. Secondly, I moved some space from local disk C to D.

I have no idea why is this error caused.

1. Is the error caused due to windows 8 (or) some driver files?
2. Is it because of some deleted windows files? (Although I have not deleted anything!!)
3. Can a simple re-installation of windows 8.1 solve this issue?
4. Is it because of some hardware issue?

Can someone please help me with this issue? Any help will be highly appreciated.


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Hi I'm becoming crazy I bought a lenovo laptop N a week ago and it came with Windows Vista Home basic bit It worked almost perfectly until now and for any reason this blue screen with this x e error appears lenovo laptop on PLEASE error HELP!!0x0000007e I tried EVERYTHING in pressing F and triying to do the repair stuff and then triying to run from the last successful session but it only gets worse I don't have the cd of the OS so I can't reinstall it and if I search for backups there is nothing I know this all sounds very stupid but PLEASE HELP!!0x0000007e error on lenovo laptop I can't understand how a brand new computer can turn into this As additional info i installed some programs like winamp and open office and they worked very well in the beggining but then i believed they where the cause of this thing but i can't PLEASE HELP!!0x0000007e error on lenovo laptop find the meaning As I said before the machine is a Lenovo N with mb of RAM GHZ Thanks for reading and any help will be VERY appreciated

A:PLEASE HELP!!0x0000007e error on lenovo laptop

Check this and see if it applies to you:
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Where can I find the ACPI driver for my E1-572G laptop? I have some fan-related problems and I want to reinstall the ACPI driver for Windows 10.
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Can anyone tell me why I'm getting these? (see screenshots)

A:Unknown driver, ACPI, & VPC

Originally Posted by urbanra5cal

Can anyone tell me why I'm getting these? (see screenshots)

Hi urbanra5cal, Welcome to the Forum.

You do not have all of your device drivers installed,

You need to visit the Lenovo site and download the necessary drivers for your model, (if you do not know which ones then install all drivers that you do not understand) alternatively if you have a device driver cd you can use that

I hope this helps

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after I uninstall it it comes back again. how do I stop it from coming back.
can the windows work without the acpi compliant control method ?
some advice is needed.
I find it kills my battery or the charging circuit inside the laptop misbehaves
in reporting battery status and yellow light blinking. upon uninstalling acpi control driver restarting battery works fine only until next cold restart
or I want a bat file to remove the acpi driver every time I shut down the computer my laptop for the night.
can anybody help ?
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Where can I find the ACPI driver for my E1-572G laptop? I have some fan-related problems and I want to reinstall the ACPI driver for Windows 10.
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Hello everyone, I am back again. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. ASUS A85XM-A Motherboard.
AMD A4-5300 dual core processor. AMD Display Adapter 7480D. I posted a few weeks ago about the
ACPI Driver being Microsoft driver 6.1.7600.16385, and the AMD A4-5300 processor has the same driver.
How to find the correct ACPI Driver from ASUS, as the Microsoft driver is starting to cause boot up errors,
and it does say in event log 6.1.7600.16385. I cannot remember what ACPI Driver I had before. Under
system info it says SYSTEM MANUFACTURER - SYSTEM MANUFACTURER. I have looked on ASUS sites,
and do not really know what I am looking for.
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so im getting this error in even viewer everytime i boot up my pc acpi issue? driver what i tried installing asus probe set driver to start automatic reinstall windows Lognavn System Kilde Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP Dato - - H ndelses-id Opgavekategori Niveau Advarsel N gleord Bruger SYSTEM Computer patrick-Pc Beskrivelse Driveren Driver WUDFRd kunne ikke indl se enheden ACPI PNP A A amp daba ff amp H ndelses-Xml lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP quot Guid quot C A - - D-ABD -E C quot gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level acpi driver issue? gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt patrick-Pc lt Computer gt lt Security UserID quot S- - - quot gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data Name quot DriverNameLength quot gt lt Data gt lt Data Name quot DriverName quot gt ACPI PNP A A amp amp daba ff amp amp lt Data gt lt Data Name quot Status quot gt lt Data gt lt Data Name quot FailureNameLength quot gt lt Data gt lt Data Name quot FailureName quot gt Driver WUDFRd lt Data gt lt Data Name quot Version quot gt lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt

A:acpi driver issue?

Hi ... Unfortunately i doubt that you will find a Solution to your issue ... Read the Link below ...

help ACPI Error on every bootup
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Ok here is the problem I have a Lenovo G560 running Windows 7 64bit and I am missing the ACPI\VPC2004 driver, I know what I need to download but everywhere I search the download links are dead or it is the wrong.  I am hoping someone can help me with this.

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A:ACPI\VPC2004 driver

Hi CompSol,
Welcome to the Lenovo Community.
That ACPI\PC2004 driver for the Lenovo G560 is for the Lenovo Energy Management.
Try this link:Lenovo Energy Management - IN1EGC15WW6.exe - 7.91 MB Windows 7 64bit v5.4.0.8
Let us know if you get any error installing the driver.
Hope this helps.
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Someone please comment on these screenshots. They're all from the same branch in device manager
I've installed the latest chipset drivers from Intel, and all compatible lenovo drivers as well.

A:Unknown driver, ACPI, & VPC

Uninstall the device and reinstall it, and see if it finds any drivers for the device.
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Good afternoon every oneyesterday  by using lenovo solution center the hardware scan couldn't pass very well i get failed at iRQ in motherboard section with error code IQR ERROR by Lenovo Solution Center Result code WMB01R010-RL7YJEand i tried to search in google but no one had the same problemplease if there is any solution to this help me on itthanxxx and best regards

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A:Z51-70 Laptop IQR ERROR by Lenovo Solution Center ...

Hi Ghyathoo,  
Welcome to the Community Forums.
To decode for Result code WMB01R010-RL7YJE , since this is an internal code best that you call in lenovo tech support for the recommendation and interpretation.
Would you experience any problems like freeze up or BSOD?
Are you using virtualization?
Can you try to check if virtualization is enable in the BIOS , 
To access the BIOS , turn off and use the One key botton or Novo key (item2 page 82) to power on . 
Novo menu would offer BIOS set up , check on the Configuration/ Advance tab  to disable. 
Similar discussion here .
Re run individual diagnostics online and if needed , to update LSC .  
Running alternate diagnostics like belarc and speccy can also help if there is a synonymous error then have it reported immediately for recommended fix. 
Update us how things go. 
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Just installed Win 7 RTM 64bit on my Toshiba x205-9359 laptop.

It's working and found almost all the hardware except one:

When I go to Printers & Devices, I get an "!" mark next to the computer icon. It says unknown device


Where can I get a driver for this device? I tried reinstalling the Intel Drivers but that didn't work.

A:ACPI\CPL0001 Driver for Win 7 64bit?

Yes,dude.I too installed windows 7 64 bit in my lenovo 3000 series laptop,and had the same problem.After some search,i came to one lenovo webpage.: Lenovo Support - Drivers & Downloads
This is energy management software for windows 7 64 bit for lenovo 3000 series.If you have Y series,better search the site for y-series acpi driver.That shall do the job.
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To run a certain software on my laptop (Vista 32 bit) I had to update my computer driver manually from what I think was "ACPI X86 Based PC" to just simply an ACPI PC. When I was finished I tried to revert back to my old computer driver, but it did no appear under the list of implemented drivers for my computer.

Since I am pretty much computer illiterate, I have no idea what the difference is between my old driver and my current one (ACPI). However I have noticed that some games and applications run somewhat slower.

It would be great if you guys could help me out by telling me if the current driver is fine, or if there's a better one available that would make things run a lot smoother.

Thanks in advance.
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Notebook HP Pavilion dm3-1140erWindows 7Need driver for Driver for ACPI\HPQ0004\3&33FD14CA&0

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A:Driver for ACPI\HPQ0004\3&33FD14CA&0

Hi, Could be Quick Lauch Buttons or ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection (most likely) Regards.
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I can't find ACPI driver for lenovo g40-80. I tried the win10 version but it didn't work. Could anyone kindly help?
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Device manager revealed only one driver in red, that being, ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering reg key_hkey_local_machine\enum\ACPI\*PNPOCOF\00000003 driver- system\0023 driver date-4-23-99. not really sure how to repair driver or do i get another onehelp would be appreciated
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where can i get this driver for windows 7 ?-> ACPI\MSFT0101i didn't see it in lenovo support page..
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Need a driver for 600-1120 I need ACPI\HPQ4000 specifically... is this driver included in bundled drivers? Any help appreciated

A:Need ACPI\Hpq4000 driver for 600-1120

 Hi, ACPI\HPQ4000\4&15DD6BE&0  Original Fintek eHome Transceiver Driver
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Recently i have updated my windows to 10. Intially ACPI battery driver of microsoft is not letting the battery to charge. Then i have disabled the Microsoft ACPI driver. And now the battery status itself not showing. I have found ACPI driver for y500 series here its not installing. After the permission dialogue the installation window just disappears. Please help on this!

A:Y500 ACPI driver not installing

Try enabling the MS driver you disabled. You shouldn't turn it off. You are likely running non ACPI mode and getting it back may be a problem now. If you have a restore point from before it was disabled it would be you best approach and then try to update that with the Lenovo driver.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GBZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Window 8.1 64bit FHD 17.3 inch Display, Nvidia G840 w/2GB memory
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Welcome to Sevenforums
If you would go to device manager>propertie>details tab>drop down menu> hardware id.

Copy and paste the hardware id string for the missing hardware we can look for the drivers.

I'm not completely confident that we'll be able to find 64bit drivers for your netbook though but we can try.

Thanks Fabe
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I am looking  for a driver for the unknown device "ACPI\HPQ6007" on the HP EliteBook 840 G3 for WIndows 7 64-bit OS. And I am not sure what driver is this. Any help will be appreaciated. Thanks in advance.

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A:Driver for HP Elitebook 840 G3 for ACPI\HPQ6007 on Windows 7

Hi: Try the link from your notebook's support on the blue download button on the right side of the page.
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I need the ACPI/HPQ00?04 driver for HP Pavilion dm3-1170es, please.

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A:ACPI/HPQ00​04 driver for HP Pavilion dm3-1170es

Hi: You need this driver... This will install HP 3D DriveGuard, which provides protection for a notebook computer's internal disk drive if the computer is accidentally dropped or abruptly hits another object. This package is available on supported notebooks with supported operating systems. File name: sp53462.exe
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Gelieve te helpen bij het vinden van de driver voor:
ACPI \ VEN_HPQ & DEV_0004 ACPI \ HPQ0004 * HPQ0004
HP Pavilion dv6-6b50ed Entertainment Notebook Serienummer:   [edited Serial Number by Moderator] Productnummer:   QG795EA Windows 8.1 - 64-???

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A:ACPI\VEN_HPQ&DEV_0004 - Driver for Windows 8.1

Hi, Did you also get the same with driver on the link below? HP 3D DriveGuard. Regards, DP-K
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My system was upgraded to windows 10 but froze when I installed a corrupt update from Microsoft so I have reinstalled windows 8.1. All of my drivers are current exept one... located under "Other Devices/ Unknown device". The "Hardware ID" value is ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8820 (located on PCI Express Root Complex). I have found a few sources online that profess to have the needed driver (DriverPack Solutions) but i want to be sure to get this needed driver from a reliable source. Can anyone help? Thanks

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A:Travelmate P653M - Need driver update for ACPI\VEN...

Thank you for your response.... just what i needed. problem resolved.  

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My system was upgraded to windows 10 but froze when I installed a corrupt update from Microsoft so I have reinstalled windows 8.1. All of my drivers are current exept one... located under "Other Devices/ Unknown device". The "Hardware ID" value is ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8820 (located on PCI Express Root Complex). I have found a few sources online that profess to have the needed driver (DriverPack Solutions) but i want to be sure to get this needed driver from a reliable source. Can anyone help? Thanks

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A:Travelmate P653M - Need driver update for ACPI\VEN...

Thank you for your response.... just what i needed. problem resolved.  

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I am not sure if this question goes here, but I didn't find any forums dedicated to softwares in laptops. My apologies in advance!
I recently purchased this second-hand Dell laptop. I was told it was upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10, and so far everything's worked fine! But while checking the device manager, I noticed it has this unknown driver installed and I haven't been able to figure out what it is or get it fixed.
Here's a screenshot: 

Does anyone know where can I download this specific driver? I tried Dell's auto-detect-tool but it didn't work/ detect this one driver. 
Thanks in advance!

A:Unknown Driver ACPI VEN_SMB&DEV_0001

This is likely for the SMBus and is either included in the chip set driver or possibly the GPU driver for the model of your notebook.  Please reply with the model of the notebook and the version of Windows installed and I will be happy to look for specific drivers. 

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I recently upgraded my HP 15-f085wm laptop to windows 10.I have an Unknown device: acpi ven_asd&dev_0001 and I'm unable to locate drivers for it. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

A:Windows 10 driver for: acpi ven_asd&dev_0001

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome.Please download the following file, unzip it to Device Manager, select the missing device needing driver above.Click on the driver tab.Click on Update Driver.Select the Browse my computer for driverSelect the above driver folder (after unzipped).#hpexpertdayRegards;DebashishI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.
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My system was upgraded to windows 10 but froze when I installed a corrupt update from Microsoft so I have reinstalled windows 8.1. All of my drivers are current exept one... located under "Other Devices/ Unknown device". The "Hardware ID" value is ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8820 (located on PCI Express Root Complex). I have found a few sources online that profess to have the needed driver (DriverPack Solutions) but i want to be sure to get this needed driver from a reliable source. Can anyone help? Thanks

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A:Travelmate P653M - Need driver update for ACPI\VEN...

Thank you for your response.... just what i needed. problem resolved.  

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Hello, I am looking for a driver for the "Unknown device" ACPI\HPQ6007 on HP ENVY m6-k010dx Sleekbook for Windows 7 64-bit. Is there any available driver for this device?  Thanks

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A:Driver for HP m6-k010dx for ACPI\HPQ6007 on Windows 7

Hi: Yes, there is. This one.
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I have relied on Harmony to keep me updated, but I found this update in Lenovo support. It does not appear to be installed. Should I install it? Are there any precautions? Why did Harmony not install it? Any insights most appreciated.
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Hi all, I've bought a brand new Yoga 900 ISK2 and realized as with my previous laptops, I cannot use Windows 10. So I've downgraded it to Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit and installed all drivers except the ACPI ones. I've tried installing the Lenovo Energy Managment Driver from the support page but nothing happens and the device is still not recognized. Furthermore, I cannot charge my laptop, it only works while the power supply is connected. I do not want to go back to Windows 10 so please don't tell me I've wasted a big amount of money on a laptop I can't use.  Please help,Dennis
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After updating to windows 10 I've got one unkown device lingering about the device manager. Instance path: ACPI\HPQ0004\3&2411E6FE&0 Device IDs:ACPI\VEN_HPQ&DEV_0004ACPI\HPQ0004*HPQ0004 Ive searched high and low but nothing comes up. 

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A:ACPI\HPQ0004\3&2411E6FE&0 Missing driver

Hi: You need this driver...The W8.1 version will work.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2720QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16331 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305142 MB, Free - 181548 MB;
Motherboard: Alienware, M17xR3
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I am currently having quite a nasty problem. After playing league of legends once, I got a BSoD and since then my computer periodically crashes every 10-15 minutes. I have attached the most recent dump files. All of my drivers are up to date (I believe) because I downloaded them fresh from the dell website just a week ago.

If anyone could help that would be great.


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Hi,I 've just bought pavilion 510-P013L, missing driver ACPI\INT345D\3&11583659&0,pls help.

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After install all drivers from Lenovo support site,My Ideapad S400 Device manager still show 1 Unknow device .The Hardware Id is"ACPI\AOA2011" .How to correct this problem? Thanks. 

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A:S400 missing ACPI\AOA2011 driver

Actually that is Lenovo Smart Connect (Update), the driver file is missing in the support site. It is found on the Lenovo China Support Site.The link to the file is: is for both Windows 7 32bit and 64bit Edition.File Size: 4.74 MBVersion:1.0.29
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I just reinstall a fresh copy of windows and I can't find the driver for ACPI\QCI0701
tell me which driver I should use

fine thank you

A:Satellite T110-107 - need driver for ACPI\QCI0701

And can you tell us which windows you have installed?

By the way ? check
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Hello, I did a fresh install of a vanilla Windows 8.1 on my Lenovo X1 Carbon Now there is an unknown device listed.Device instance path:ACPI\LEN0078\5&2890D699&0Location: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller I found a hint to install the power management drivers, that did not help. Now I installed all drivers listed for the Lenovo X1 but the problem still exists. Any further advice? Thank you very much!Tobias


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A:Missing driver for ACPI\LEN0078\5&2890D699&0

Just ran into this myself.. it's Lenovo HID HW Radio Driver for Windows 8.1 (32-bit , 64-bit), 8 (32-bit , 64-bit) - ThinkPad
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Hello fellow forum members,
im having a problem with my asus eee pc 1201n with a running wind7 x32 bit.
I had to reinstall it due some technical issues and the most things run pretty smoothly.
The only problem Im having is, I can use my fn keys to change volume and stuff. So I searched for the driver I needed and tried to install it, but I failed.
It cant complete :-(
I tried it with admin modus, other windows version but it just wont work.
I hope you can help me to find a solution.
Best regards,


A:ACPI Driver for Win7 x32 isnt working at all

IIRC it's in a program called "Hotkey service" or "Hotkey Utility". Before you install the new one you're supposed to uninstall the old driver (or so I've heard)

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Hello.I've seen that there is an update from yesterday called Lenovo Energy Management driver for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)  that is supposed  to update acpi driver in windows 10. I have windows 10 since august but when i execute the file nothing happens. Any suggestion?

A:Lenovo g510 Lenovo Energy Management driver for Wi...

Same here. Suspicious too that the download is only 1MB when the actual Energy Management install is about 55MBs.
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Hello everyone I'm having a few code problems, laptop lenovo Activation error 0xC004E003, problems with activating my windows professional and I'd greatly appreciate Activation problems, error code 0xC004E003, lenovo laptop some help I've done plenty of searches on the web to try some of the methods provided by Microsoft support pages and other sites So I guess I will start with my story before providing the diagnostic report that I found in a thread on here So a friend got an older laptop from his work and gave it to me because I could use it I'm not sure of everything but I know he told me that he changed out the harddrive to try and get it to work again He also put windows professional on the laptop So great I get a laptop but I find that it's not activated I didn't have the CD key just the product ID so I used a key finder to retrieve that After entering in the CD key I find that it appears to work before I get an error code xc E The description said quot The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed quot I then look online for some solutions and find the MS support pages but none of the methods work including the automated phone system I'm using a older lenovo laptop and there is no option for quot Use Automated Phone system quot after clicking on quot Activate Windows now quot Only a link to Lenovos' support numbers Which I tried and never got a real person after an hour of waiting So I'm stumped I'd appreciate any help Also one more thing it says it's going to attempt to automatically activate in two days I'm worried because if I can't manually activate then how is it going to be able to automatically activate Thank you And here are the results Diagnostic Report ----------------------------------------- Windows Validation Data-- gt Validation Code Cached Online Validation Code x Windows Product Key - -MV MH- QJM- Windows Product Key Hash wgci Gdejx esg zTOe LWF Windows Product ID -OEM- - Windows Product ID Type Windows License Type OEM SLP Windows OS version ID E F C B- B C- E - EC- BB F Is Admin Yes TestCab x LegitcheckControl ActiveX N A hr x Signed By N A hr x Product Name Windows Professional Architecture x Build lab win sp gdr - TTS Error Validation Diagnostic Resolution Status N A Vista WgaER Data-- gt ThreatID s N A hr x Version N A hr x Windows XP Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x File Exists No Version N A hr x WgaTray exe Signed By N A hr x WgaLogon dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Notifications Data-- gt Cached Result N A hr x Version N A hr x OGAExec exe Signed By N A hr x OGAAddin dll Signed By N A hr x OGA Data-- gt Office Status N A OGA Version N A x Signed By N A hr x Office Diagnostics D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - D FF - - Browser Data-- gt Proxy settings N A User Agent Mozilla compatible MSIE Win Default Browser C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe Download signed ActiveX controls Prompt Download unsigned ActiveX controls Disabled Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Allowed Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Disabled Allow scripting of Internet Explorer Webbrowser control Disabled Active scripting Allowed Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting Allowed File Scan Data-- gt Other data-- gt Office Details lt GenuineResults gt lt MachineData gt lt UGUID gt E F C B- B C- E - EC- BB F lt UGUID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt OS gt lt OS gt lt Architecture gt x lt Architecture gt lt PKey gt - - - - lt PKey gt lt PID gt -OEM- - lt PID gt lt PIDType gt lt PIDType gt lt SID gt S- - - - - - lt SID gt lt SYSTEM gt lt Manufacturer gt LENOVO lt Manufacturer gt lt Model gt A lt Model gt lt SYSTEM gt lt BIOS gt lt Manufacturer gt LENOVO lt Manufacturer gt lt Version gt LETB WW lt Version gt lt SMBIOSVersion major quot quot minor quot quot gt lt Date gt lt Date gt lt BIOS gt lt HWID gt BF E EA lt HWID gt lt UserLCID gt lt UserLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt SystemLCID gt lt TimeZone gt Eastern Standard Ti... Read more

A:Activation problems, error code 0xC004E003, lenovo laptop

I also visited this site: Genuine Windows - Microsoft Windows. It did say my copy was genuine.
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Hi everybody !

I'm a new *Satellite X200-25A* owner.

I've just finished installing Windows XP Professional (32-bit) on my new X200-25A.
I've installed succesfully EVERY Driver found on the Official Toshiba Site for WinXP,
and everything seems to work fine.

Just a question :

When I open Windows Device Manager, and choose to see also all Hidden Devices,
I see there is still something without driver support :

1. An unknown Non-Plug & Play Device.
The only piece of information about this is : *ACPI/CPL0001/2&DABA3FF&0*

2. A Non-Plug & Play Driver called "Serial".
The only piece of information about this is : *Serial ROOT\LEGACY_SERIAL\0000*

Please someone tell how I could fix this problem.

Thanks by now to all community !

A:Satellite X200-25A - Need ACPI Driver For Hidden Device

Can't believe there's no answer. So difficult ?

At least, is there a support mail I could use to
contact someone from Toshiba and ask for this simple problem ?

I mean an "official" support mail for questions like mine...

Thanks, however...
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I read a few posts on here and it seems there was no answer.1 . No description for this installation.2 . After installation, the build number is not changed. How to install : (ACPI) Driver for Windows 10Open : Device Manager/System DevicesUninstall : Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power ControllerInstall the current version of the driver.

Y700-15ISK Touch/BIOS: CDCN35WWi7-6700HQ/GTX 960M/(RAM) 16,0 /LITEON CV1-8B512
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Hi there, I need a driver for an unknown device in the device manager of my newly installed Win 10 x64 HP 255 G4.The Vendor / Hardware ID is the following: ACPI\VEN_ASD&DEV_0001 Didn`t find anything in the download section.Can you help me to fix that issue? Thank you.
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I have a problem with the new build, PC doesn't wake up from sleep,
I tried everything you can possibly think about and I narrowed it down to
my last chance: in device manager I see un unknown device,
is the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System driver that is missing.

I tried downloading the Asus (mobo is Asus H81M-K) ATK pack which should've been
enough to fix it but it didn't the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System driver is missing,
hence my question:

where can I find Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System driver for Windows 7 64 bit?
Windows auto search for drivers didn't find it, Intel Driver utility didn't find it either
So I'm lost

everything I read redirect to problems with laptops and they all have their fix
on the manufacturer site, but this is a desktop and so...

any help will be much appreciated.
thank you!

A:Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System driver missing W7 64

Hi .. Select the Device right click select Property's / Details Tab ... Are there any PCI VEN numbers there ? ...