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DVD-RW drive reads as blank CD drive when disc is inserted

Q: DVD-RW drive reads as blank CD drive when disc is inserted

Ok im having this problem on 2 desktops. The drives are both DVD-RW drives. They show up properly in device manager and in my computer. That is, untill I stick a disc in it. Then it will spin and act like its about to read then it says its a CD drive with nothing inserted into it. If I explore the drive there is nothing in it. I went to device manager disabled and enabled it. also updated the driver and rolled back the driver they still do the same thing. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or solutions

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Preferred Solution: DVD-RW drive reads as blank CD drive when disc is inserted

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DVD-RW drive reads as blank CD drive when disc is inserted

What sort of CD are you using? it could just be that your drive can't read the specific type of disk.
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When I change discs in my dvd drive, the pc doesnt recognise the 2nd disc and still flags up the information for the first disc.  I have to restart if I want to change!!!
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I am running Win 7, but my DVD-RW does not recognize a DVD disc when inserted in connection with a burn project. It calls for insertion of a writeable CD. I have disabled the UAC, as recommended elsewhere, to no effect.
The DVD disc drive is a Samsung HD502HJ.
Are there any fixes for this? 

A:DVD-RW fails to recognize DVD-RW disc when inserted in drive.

This kind of issue may be caused by filter driver. Please access the following link to resolve it. Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?
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First Merry Christmas Cds blank drive reads Cd/RW won't/sometimes to everyone Those who don t belive and those facing hardships as well please remember them as you spend time with your families I just discovered this issue My Drive wouldn t recognize my disk when i was trying to create an audio cd At first i though it was just windows media player so i tried quot My Computer quot and got the same prompt to quot insert a disk quot I suspect this is because I recently used a MiniCd to install Datec s Max Drive for the playstation I just found out I left it Cd/RW drive won't/sometimes reads blank Cds in all Cd/RW drive won't/sometimes reads blank Cds this time Over a week I m thinking maybe it s possible my drive is now quot Set quot to read this format of cd I could think that logically the disk laser reader had to move to read this smaller cd I was able to burn a few cd s by first loading this MiniCd then switching out to a regular CD-R after Drive E opened Any ideas on what happened here I test out a few game disks and the loaded fine although autoplay didn t come on Any help nbsp

A:Cd/RW drive won't/sometimes reads blank Cds

The size of the CD has nothing to do with your read/write problem. The drive may be dirty or failing. You can try one of those ROM cleaning CD's and it may work. Usually when a CD ROM drive reads one day and then fails to "see" anything the next, that is a sign the drive may be failing. Also, some people never re-boot. Did you try a reboot after you removed the mini cd and before trying a blank?
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When I put a dvd in my drive, it comes up as a blank dvd. When I go into my computer and right click on the dvd drive, it shows an empty disc. It was working fine and then when I tried to use the drive a couple of hours later, I had problems. Should I try to restore from yesterday? If so, I forgot how so I need help with that. I tried doing a dvd drive check through my computer program and it kept asking for a full disc not a blank when in fact it was a full disc so that didn't work. It's always something! I have a hp media and I am running xp. Thanks... Liz

A:Movie in DVD drive reads as blank

Okay you should try a system Restore first. To do this go;
Start>All programs>accessories>system Tools> System Restore
System restore will open up,
It will show you a calendar, choose a date of your choice. Before this started happening tho.
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Sorry to start a new thread but my old one will not come up on my computer. I have HP Media and I am running XP. My drive will not read the movies and every disc I put in there reads blank. If I right click on the drive, it shows that there is nothing on the disc twhen in fact there is. I did a restore to an earlier date before the problem as recommended and that did not fix the problem. Also, when I push the button to open the drive door, it opens and closes and doesn't stay open as it should. Everything was fine one day and then the next day for no reason, the drive is malfunctioning. I hope it is something simple and will not require a new drive ugh! Thanks...Liz

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Step 1: I clicked start and my computer
Step 2: I right clicked my DVD-RW drive and clicked properties
step 3: I clicked the recording tab... I should be able to click DVD-RW drive as the default recorder but the ONLY default recorder I have listed is the C: drive which is my hard drive...

How can I fix this?

A:DVD/CD-RW drive reads disks with content but doesn't read blank discs

Somebody please help me...
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Hi apologies if this question has already been asked and answered i did search but found nothing that helped me This problem started when i first bought my computer bought it without an operating system installed drivers and windows myself as CD's HELP!! Fine! disc! blank Reads Other My CD drive won t read pro evolution soccer or pro evolution soccer It also doesn t read the free game that i got with the computer cant find it and cant remember what it is is a driving game though but the problem is the same with these CD s I put the CD in the drive and it whirrs and makes noises then comes up quot blank disc quot and gives me a list of options e g write to disc take no action etc If i HELP!! Reads as blank disc! Other CD's Fine! restart the computer then windows will not load until the disc is taken out of the CD drive It HELP!! Reads as blank disc! Other CD's Fine! is not a CD problem as both pro evolution and work in my brothers computer Other games I have battlefield medal of honour pacific assault tropico Sims etc all work fine and it can read and play DVDs So i dont think there is a problem with reading a particular type of disc This problem is bugging me as im just itching to play pro evo Any help or feedback would be appreciated thanks My CD drive is called quot Maxtor L M quot I run windows XP nbsp

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Hi All,
I know this is 'against the rules' as I have posted this in another section as well but I got no replies so thought I would try this instead.

I have a toshiba satellite L750 running Windows 7 home premium, when trying to burn anything onto a blank disc I get as far as selecting my items and asking it to burn but it keeps telling me to insert a blank disc (which obviously I have). I have tried several different types of blank disc but it dosnt seem to recognise any of them.

Would be very greatful if someone could help.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Burning content - disc drive not recognising blank disc

Hmmm tricky are you sure they are blank? your drive also may need a firmware update.
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I am new to the forums on this web site and hopefully someone can help me I am very literate with computer lingo but I am but Blank Cd Recognizing Disc Rom Drive Not in high school so dont take offense to some of my questiosn I am running a HP computer I know minimal about it it was passed down to me and rebuilt it used to be a small server for my fathers buisness and our home network The only think I can think of that has been done to it is new RAM and Hard drives like no other But I run Itunes Songbird WMP and Quicktime for my media usage My disc drive not sure what it is but can find out if it is a needed piece of information will play anything sometimes has a hard time with it But for the most part it will not Cd Rom Drive Not Recognizing Blank Disc burn CD s and a fan of music myself being a musician and a fond listener to everything love to mix and burn my own music Should I go ahead and buy an external disc drive that will play and burn Or should I just try and fix it with a new driver or get a new internal drive I can install all of this myself but am clueless as to what to get Any response would be greatly appreciated speaking I have not a clue Thank You Tuba Travis

A:Cd Rom Drive Not Recognizing Blank Disc

There are two things I would try:

1. Get one of those CD drive cleaning kits and use it.

2. Try another brand of blank CD. Some CD drives are fussy about the type of CD you use.
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Just upgraded win98 to XP and added a harddrive and now I cannot get my cd rom drives, R or RW, to see files on my backup cds in Windows Explorer. CD drives do work for installing software and they do see some bmp files on one cd but nothing on the others. Shows them as blank or corrupted even tho we've always used them as backups before. Everything is still installed on original harddrive but with new os. Is something goofy with XP that I don't know about or did I just miss something in the upgrade??

Gateway Select Desktop
Athlon 750
20gb WD master
80gb Seagate Barracuda slave-empty
Windows XP Pro
128 mb ram

A:[resolved]CD drive says blank disc when they're not.

Were the CDs written with "packet writing" software (such as Nero InCD or Adaptec DirectCD) that allowed "drag and drop" writing of files?

If so, you will need to reinstall that software to read the disks, as it uses a different format to the normal CD writing software
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Please help me to make my dvd drive working.I ve tried lots of different things I ve seen here but nothing worked well enough.It started with getting a brand new dvd drive after the first stoped working,then go to start menu >run>regedit>...,downloading regfix..and now my dvd drive can read data from disc,but I still get the error msg :"Windows cannot read the disc in drive E:\ Make sure the disc uses the format that windows recognizes.If the disc is unformated you need to format it before using it."
It drives me nuts as i tried it in another pc and that can recognize it with no problem,and when i get this msg and i go to start>computer> it shows i have a dvd+r disc in the drive.I have removed some programs from my pc recently (including roxio).Thanks.

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Windows XP reads a DVD Drive just fine -including in Device Manager -and plays 'em, too......just as long as I don't insert a blank DVD into the drive (a BenQ DW-1670).

But once I insert the blank DVD, hey presto!! My "DVD Drive" changes into a "CD Drive and programs like Nero even (temporarily) wipe that drive off the list of available DVD Drives!!
Went to the BenQ Website just to be safe and make sure that I missed no troubleshooting steps...but no cigar: the Firmware Updates -the only type of DLs available to this device -can't be used on it.

Funny thing is, I am somehow certain that the overall problem is solely in XP.

(Out of necessity, I was forced to recently re-install Windows, my HW configuration hasn't at all changed, and the problem persists whether or not I roll back SP2.)



A:WinXP says "CD Drive" if blank DVD inserted

The reason XP shows it as a CD drive, is that the native burning software in XP does not handle and cannot understand DVD media, only CD. Vista changes this and DVD is recognised.

But Nero etc should recognise the drive fine and burn a DVD on it. But the problem is not with the computer changing to CD drive with a DVD in it, XP does that.

After you reinstalled Windows, did you reload all the motherboard drivers? It may be to do with the default Windows IDE driver.
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Hello I have Dell computer with HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H73N SCSI CdRom Device...never had a problem with it now all of a sudden it wont recognize a blank will play a dvd movie with no problem...I uninstalled and then reinstalled the drivers which did nothing...also uninstalled the drive completely which didnt help either...any possible solutions would be appreciated

A:DVD+RW drive doesnt recognize blank disc

Did you format the disk?

Open up Disk Management. Right click in My Computer. Manage or type in diskmgmt.msc in Start menu/Run.

Right click on disk and select Format, unselect Quick Format and proceed, if not try Quick Format.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467, The DVD/RW drive is a Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-850S ATA Device and it will not read blank CD's or Cd's that have been burnt. It will read everything else what do I do?

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Drive in Question LightScribe Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVD R RW Double Layer Computer in Question Hp Pavilion dv us Issue I have bought both DVD Disc Drive Won't DVDs. Blank Recognize R and DVD-R Memorex x GB min and tried them on my computer My drive recognizes neither of them It also wouldn t recognize my Fight Club Discs Legit Collector s Edition It s fine with Audio CD s Game CD s and other movies I insert the discs I here them spinning Disc Drive Won't Recognize Blank DVDs. for a little while then it just stops I click quot Open quot or quot Explore quot on the drives and it ejects the drive asking me to insert a CD I have tried messing around with the drives My Computer gt BD-ROM Drive E gt Properties then Fiddling around with all the drives I have uninstalled my Disc Drives and reinstalled I have updated the drivers I have called HP Tech Support this was a heavily scripted event guided by an Indian woman I m guessing reading off of another computer She led me through seemingly vague steps not really knowing anything about my problem http h www hp com ewfrf wc amp dlc en amp cc us amp product amp os amp lang en http h www hp com ewfrf wc amp dlc en amp cc us amp lang en amp os amp product http h www hp com ewfrf wc amp dlc en amp cc us amp lang en amp os amp product The above are things she had me download The middle one did not work It is extremely frustrating to spend a lot of money on something and have it not work correctly Even more frustrating when you cannot seem to find a solution and the company puts you in the hands of someone unable to truly help A theory of mine silly is that it is the Memorex brand I am going to return the discs I have tomorrow and try two different brands nbsp

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Problem 1
having an issue since some time now

the transfer of files from one hard disk to another has become extremely slow

2 mins for a 200 mb file

the transfer is both ways. One HDD is PATA, the other SATA

Please help

Drive 1: SATA: 446GB, Free - 7GB (But the problem is persisting since the time there was much more space left)
Drive 2: PATA: 465GB, Free - 132GB

I have just reinstalled windows but the problems are still there

Problem 2

The drive when attached directly to the motherboard and now attached to the USB does not read a blank disc, hence i cannot burn it.

It is able to read a disc which already has data on it.

It is a Reader cum Writer with up to date drivers but can only read and not write



A:Transfer of files is very slow, Drive will not read blank disc

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Hi this is a very odd thing happening to me - which I ll probably solve by a fine reinstall i mean replacing my C with a rescue image made by Drive Image XML I run XP SP - I have Nero installed - but it works not corrupted I checked my won't DVD drive - no drive discs reads PC read disks in dvd it by the Nero info tool so a new DVD drive won't read discs - no dvd drive reads disks in my PC dvd drive writer just failed it stopped reading the disks which disks disks it used to read I had DVD drive won't read discs - no dvd drive reads disks in my PC some dvd burning to do so I took it out and replaced by another dvd drive - another writer It did the burnings everything went okay much later like weeks this burner stopped reading when I needed it the most okay I go to the garage and get my old dvd rom drive back I put it in system recognizes it installs it s ready to be used but it won t read the disks of course I changed the HDD cable nothing DVD drive won't read discs - no dvd drive reads disks in my PC s changed okay here comes the twist I put this dvd drive into my friend s PC same XP SP and it works fine with the same disks so I had to copy the content on a pen drive to get it into my machine I m sure that not everybody had this before because if a drive fails like this we d just think it s dead right Why would we give it this second chance and also now that everybody is running laptops it s not as easy to get another PC that you can climb into for testing what do you think Peter nbsp

A:DVD drive won't read discs - no dvd drive reads disks in my PC

Remove Nero 8 completely. You don't need it... Update XP to SP3 and see if your DVD drive works again
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I purchased 2 500gb Maxtor SATA hard drives. The first I installed internally, and it works fine. The second I installed inside an Xstrastor dual-bay external enclosure. The enclosure can connect via eSATA or USB. This drive is detected but is read as being only 8gb, whether connected via eSATA or USB. The enclosure is a raid enclosure, but I thought that if only one drive was installed in the enclosure, it would just be read as a single drive. I think I remember reading something about an 8gb limit on some old hardware, so perhaps I need a driver. My equipment is fairly new - MSI P6N Diamond motherboard, NX8800GT video card, 4gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 memory...anyone have any ideas?


A:500gb drive in Xtrastor enclosure, drive reads as 8gb

Well, this was fixed, sort of. After holding down a reset button for 10 seconds, my drive is being detected via USB. However, it is no longer detected at all through onboard eSATA or eSATA adapter.
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Probably a really simple fix, but I am unable to reset the "automatically perform this task" box that used to pop up when a blank disc was inserted. Somehow it was set to automatically open RecordNow to create an audio cd.
Windows XP Home
Thank you in advance for your replies.

A:Resetting "perform this task when blank disc is inserted"

Go to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, Set Program Access and Defaults
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If your machine won't read CDs (but can eg, play DVDs) and gives a "prepare this blank disc" error message, there is probably a driver conflict. After several warranty calls to Dell, much good advice, updating drivers and firmware,and installing a new CD Drive (Optiarc) it would work for a bit then crash again.

After a bit more research - see the closed thread at 'Prepare This Blank Disc' Problem, which is useful but failed, I decided to uninstall Roxio 9, which unfortunately came preinstalled.

Make sure every reference to Roxio is deleted. Search the computer and registry. Maybe uninstall the CD drive and reinstall, reboot, then it may work. Mine did! I then installed ImgBurn which does a fine job of copying CDs.

All other options (eg, relating to upper and lower filters) failed in my case. I think the problem started with Vista Business SP1 install. Good luck.

A:"Prepare this blank disc" DVD drive error message

thanks dude...i tired all options except this gad not worked...this did...:P
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I've been having this rather annoying problem for nearly 2 months now and have tried several things to fix it, as mentioned in some simmilar old posts on here.
Basically my CD drive suddenly decided not to recognise blank lists so I can't write files to CD. I tend to use itunes but it doesn't work in WMP either.
The message displayed is "Please insert a blank disc"
I am using a Sony Vaio VGN-NS20M / Windows Vista Home Premium
The disc drive is MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ880AS

So far I have tried uninstalling and rebooting, checking for updates, doing a system restore to before the problem started... none of this has worked and it's driving me mad!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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When i saw my computer, the whole screen turn black, and it said in a one sentence statement, that the disk drive needs to be inserted, I can't remember exactly but yea. So I restarted my computer and it will just show the company who made the computer compaq logo on the screen and that's it. i turn it on and off like every 4 hours or so and still shows that, please help.

A:Disk drive needs to be inserted.

What model Compaq?

Can you access the BIOS (F10 at the Compaq logo)

Appears that your hard drive is not being detected.
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Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I've tried multiple cd's in my DVD-RW drive and it will read, for example, a MS Office installer...however, when I insert another CD, software for a camera, or a CD that has PDF files on it, it does not read the disc. I've used the quick fix tool, but just said the disc couldn't be read....any ideas?


A:DVD-RW drive only reads certain cd's

Hi clarkie789,

Please provide a bit more information so we better assist you. Did the DVD-RW read every CD or DVD you insert in it before? Also please provide the brand/model of your computer DVD-RW drive, thank you.
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im trying to burn videos to dvd-rs but my D: drive only reads cd-rs so when i put in a dvd-r it thinks no disk is in the D: drive my drive is SONY CD-R/W (D: )

please help

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after boot up both the cd and dvd-r drives function ok. when the media is changed the dives still think that the old media is still in place.
The on;y way around is a reboot.
I have removed and reinstalled the hardware even changing slave and master
all to no avail

Please Help
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my DVD drive is reading my blank 4.7 GB DVD's as 308 MB CD's and i need some assistance fixing it
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This is kind of an old issue that I never got resolved with my laptop. My DVD/CD ROM drive on my computer that I originally got with my HP Pavillion dv1040us after about 3 months of use stopped playing DVDs. It could play CDs fine, but not DVD or DVD ROM. I had this replaced for free through HP. However, about 5 or 6 months after this I had the same exact problem with the new drive. I don't really understand, are these drives just not meant to last or is it possible that the drive is not broken after all. Why would it play CDs but not DVDs? Thanks.

A:Dvd drive that reads only cds.

They do seem to fail often, I have replace two in the last couple of weeks.
They are not quite as robust as the ones in desktops
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Hi I actually posted a thread about this a while ago thinking it was the Samsung drive I had just installed Unfortunately it took me some time to get the opportunity to strip my pc and fiddle with it Anyways this is the deal I have a tower which I built myself which worked perfectly with a Sony DVD-RW and a Samsung old but DVD-RW as or DVD-RAM reads CD-ROM drive still reliable Combo Drive My boyfriend flashed the Sony drive to DVD-RW reads as DVD-RAM or CD-ROM drive try and adjust the bitrate and ever since the Sony drive would not read any discs or burn We replaced DVD-RW reads as DVD-RAM or CD-ROM drive the Sony with a new Dual Layer Samsung but this would not install properly only as a DVD-RAM drive or CD-ROM Thinking it might be a conflict between the Samsungs its taken me a couple of months but I have now taken the old one out and replaced with another working Lite-On from another tower Now both the new Samsung and the Lite-On read as either DVD-RAM or CD-ROm drives The Samsung managed to read my XP disc to repair my installation in case that was the cause - NO LOL I have tried updating drivers etc as well no luck there either I really don't want to have to reformat so does anyone have any other ideas how to fix this Thanks in advance Tigz
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Hi Guys,

My DVD RW drive only plays certain DVD's and wont even acknowledge any CD's or PC games even exist in the drive when i put the disk in, it just tries to boot it up but then starts beeping.

When i look on My Computer it says my 'd' drive is a DVD RAM, which its not.

How do i get my DVD drive back to normal????

Many Thanks


A:DVD drive reads different

What is the Make and Model of the drive. Most newer DVD Rw drives are actually DVD Ram Capable, and as such will show up in "My Computer" or in Device Manager s such.
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G'Day All I have just compteted building a new system and have discovered my BD drive Samsung SH-B L x BD-ROM reads Blu-Ray disks fine and DVD's fine but will BD,DVD not but BD reads CD?? Drive not recognize CD's Wondering if anyone has any suggestions that I might try I have read through the forums and this is BD Drive reads BD,DVD but not CD?? what I have tried so far Used the regedit to get rid of lowerfilters and there were no upperfilters to remove Used the Fixit from Windows support with no luck The BD drive recognises boot disk from both Windows XP disk and BD Drive reads BD,DVD but not CD?? Windows Professional I am assuming one of these would be a CD and according to other forum posts this helps BD Drive reads BD,DVD but not CD?? determine if the CD laser is malfunctioning Unistalled the drive and reinstalled the drive several times with no luck Installed another CD DVD drive on the same system and it recognizes the same CDs that the BD drive would not Swapped cables and power cables with other drive From the forums I have read it sounds like a driver problem of some sort so I thought I would ask for help here Cheers Rut

A:BD Drive reads BD,DVD but not CD??

It could be a faulty drive.
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I run a laptop with an "Optiarc DVD RW AD-7560A ATA" Drive. I run Windows 7 (upgrade from Vista, when I had Vista it worked fine, few months later, heres the tale:

So one day after a few months of perfection, I insert a DVD and... nothing happens! Can't read. I take it out, check its clean, reinsert it. Nothing, A few attempts later, it works! Annoying and for a few weeks it continues like this, some discs are recognised better than others. Finally they stop recognising AT ALL. No more DVDs, I am stuck with CDs and few films/games are in CD form.

Help please!

A:DVD Drive only reads CDs HELP!

Best place to start is swapping with a spare DVD drive if you have one.
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Hello everyone,

I have a computer that acts as a home media server with 8 storage drives in it (ranging from 1-4TB). I have windows 8 x64 Pro installed. I wanted to simplify my system and use Dynamic Disc to span across several drives as I now use Drive Pool to do this.

In drive pool, if a drive crashes I don't loose all my files on the other drives with in the pool. Is this how dynamic discs work in Windows 8? What risks am I taking by using Dynamic Disc option instead of Drive Bender?


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I have a HP PAVILLION a n /new crash drive master drive/ no reboot Solved: disc hard PROD EG AA-ABA SN MXK NH WINDOWS XP MEDIA CENTER can anyone help The comp want reboot never got disc tryed the f but still will not reboot gave the drive to comp tec they said its fried bought new drive sata ter and tryed to use my windows pro to bring it up want come up do I have to buy a new windows xp disc can some one give me a hand i used the Solved: master reboot hard drive crash /new drive/ no disc comp in my shop for doing graphics in airbrushing to make templets i lost a lot of data from it the old drive still spins are short right now but want the comp backup does anyone have disc for the master reboot of hp hp says they dont have the drive that was in was same as new one except for space I live back in the sticks so town is aways away and a city is hrs away thanks again thank you nbsp
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I use a CD RW disc for back up of my Quicken program. After the CD RW disk has been inactive in the drive for a while (I don't know how long it takes for this condition to occur) I cannot access the contents of my hard drive (the cursor becomes a hourglass) until I eject the CD or put an unused CD RW disk in the drive.

What causes this problem and how do I prevent it?
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Every time I try to put a CD or DVD in the DVD-RAM drive my computor shuts down. It tries to reboot but will not come back on until CD is out of the drive? Help

A:Computer shut down when CD is inserted in DVD drive

Hi and welcome to TSG
be sure connections are good to the drive...or unplug and reattach
drives are cheap the even the drive is faulty and its shutting down the pc,,you can try another drive from another pc or get an elcheapo at walmarts.
if problem persists then you have problems on the board
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My DVD drive has stopped reconising any disc inserted into it. it worked fine yesterday but now it doesnt pick up that there is a disc in the drive.

any ideas?

its a Matshita sw9584D
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I have a Sony Vaio - Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2.

I have tried, successfully in the past, to transfer pictures to a CD but now the E drive does not recognize when I insert a writable disk.

Everything works fine until the Wizard window reads : There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a writable disk.

When I do insert a disk, the window remains and I cannot proceed.

In the past, I removed the lower and upper filters in the hope it would help. It has not.

I no longer have Windows Internet use Mozilla Firefox. Could that be the cause of my problem?

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

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This may be the weirdest thing I ve ever seen I recently had to do a quot Repair quot install on an XP SP system since the repair it won t start unless there s a CD blank or not in the drive or a flash drive plugged in not unless booting, XP drive flash CD or inserted??? Even with the system drive set as the first boot drive it only shows a black screen after POST unless the external media is inserted - no white bar no Windows splash it just XP not booting, unless CD or flash drive inserted??? finishes POST then goes blank So far I ve tried changing boot sequences available boot devices ie remove everything BUT the system drive I ve done a FIXMBR FIXBOOT and I ve manually checked the BOOT INI all looks normal Motherboard is an ASUS P H -M Pro and DOES have suitable XP drivers I know pretty good for a newer i board it WAS working before the repair install BIOS is at the latest release Only thing I can think of is a SATA driver issue I m checking for the latest versions now but even then it should at least START to load give me the white bottom bar and then generally bluescreen if the driver is no good and just having some other removable media inserted should NOT be able to bypass that Any other thoughts nbsp
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Sometimes when I put in a CD in the drive, most of the time it doesn't show up on My Computer. Other times it works perfectly, reading the CD straight away.

What could be the reason for this?

A:DVD Drive doens't always show up the CD inserted

Quote: Originally Posted by saroy94

Sometimes when I put in a CD in the drive, most of the time it doesn't show up on My Computer. Other times it works perfectly, reading the CD straight away.

What could be the reason for this?

If the player is more than six months old its probably dirt. GENTLY blow out the drive with compressed air making sure you dont get and of the propellant on the lens.

It could also be a driver or conflict.

1- use the below to help identify which.

2-check event viewer (type eventvwr in search). go to the windows log>application tab. Look for critical errors (they have red in the left hand column) that say app hang, app crash, or anything related to the problem.

When you find them note the event ID and source codes and tell us hat they are.

3-boot into safe mode (with networking). Does it still do it then? If not it is probably a software conflict.

4- go into device manager (type device manager in search). Are there any "unknown drivers" with yellow question marks on them?

Let us know the answers

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My mother-in-law has purchased a HP laptop with windows which has since updated to and we think when drive refreshing new inserted. disk DVD not update - there is nothing to say update on it but it does have a power icon on the tiles screen When a DVD data or film is inserted the drive spins up - but not to full speed - and the icon in My Computer DVD drive not refreshing when new disk inserted. doesn't change to show the drive is no longer empty or changed from a previous disc At one point after installing a Canon printer I switched out the install DVD for a film As per DVD drive not refreshing when new disk inserted. usual the icon did not update I refreshed with F but nothing changed When I double clicked the drive icon it opened up but showed the files from the install DVD and not the Film that was in the drive It even went as far as to open up on of the smaller files off the DVD that was no longer in the drive As though it had cached it for some reason It was only when I retried to run the setup executable did it poll the drive and find out there was a new disc in there and finally allowed us to watch the Film The film in this case was Life of Pi - we also tried Skyfall - both of which are off-the-shelf commercial DVD's and not home-brew DVD films Is there any setting that can be changed I have changed the autoplay settings to ask everytime for everything but that had no effect

A:DVD drive not refreshing when new disk inserted.

If you right click the drive icon while there is a disc in it, what shows in bold in the context menu? Is it Play or Open? I had a similar problem on Windows 7. I had to right click data discs and click Open from the context menu. I forget how I changed the default from Play to Open though. After that it would open on double click or Enter to show me the files.

Edit: Not exactly the same problem but it did keep the icon from the previous disc as in your case.
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I have a DELL 2400 running XP Pro SP 2.

I installed a DVD burner months ago. I have no problem burning CDs or DVDs as long as the .mp3, .avi, etc is on my hard drive.

However, when I put a DVD in the drive to either view or copy - the machine crashes. Gives me a stack dump, etc.

It is not a single DVD causing the problem. I have tried several store bought - with the same results.

Any suggestions on how to start troubleshooting this problem?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

A:Sytem crashes when DVD is inserted into drive

Run eventvwr.msc and look for the errors in the Systems and Applications logs.

Double click them to see the details. There is a copy icon in the details window that can copy them to the clipboard.

You can research them at:

And if you are getting a Blue Screen STOP message copy the error parameters and driver name if given.

Did you install burning software than came with the drive? If you did, and there was older software installed, it should have been removed first. You might have a conflict between two different burning programs.
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Hi everyone / anyone,

I'm not particularly computer literate, however my desktop computer won't read discs. Whether it be a DVD, a set-up disc or even music CD's, there's a 1 in 10 chance that it will see it is there. On the odd occasion it opens, it works fine.

Currently an issue as I am trying to install wireless stick software but the disc will not load.

Hope this is understandable..



A:D Drive won't recognise any discs inserted

Hi Max

How long has this issue been a problem?
If you go to "My Computer" does it say that you have a disc drive?

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Hello The DVD RW writer on my laptop doesn t recognize the CD that I insert When ever I insert a new or used CD a message box appears quot please insert CD quot I cannot read write or make back up s at all Please help me fix this problem It s a Sony Vaio laptop with a Vista Home Premium doesn't DVD/RW CD inserted. the recognize drive OS The DVD RW drive was working just fine when I tried about - months ago So restoring to a point doesn t help much as I can t remember the exact date it was working and the DVD/RW drive doesn't recognize the CD inserted. Vista restore points are of very recent dates I have done the following Clean boot of the system to see if any start up items are interfering with the running of the DVD RW drive but that is not the case When I check the DVD RW drive properties it shows device is working properly Checked the upper lower filters as suggested by someone on this forum but these filters don t seem to exist Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver again just in case but nothing works Thanks in plite nbsp

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Hi all,

My fundamental problem is that I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) off of a DVD. Since this upgrade, I have been able to read any DVD (burned or not) but no CDs whatsoever. Trying it in Safe Mode only changes the icon from DVD drive to CD-ROM drive, but no change in ability to read that a CD is there.

I have tried the Upper / Lower Filters in the registry solution but in


I do not have Upper or Lower filters so I am unable to delete them.

My DVD drive is a Matshita UJ-850S.

I am sorry to place this question but other solutions on other threads have not worked for me. I would really appreciate any help at all. Let me know if there is any other information I need to provide.


A:DVD drive reads DVDs, but not CDs

Quote: Originally Posted by pianoguy345

Hi all,

My fundamental problem is that I recently upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) off of a DVD. Since this upgrade, I have been able to read any DVD (burned or not) but no CDs whatsoever. Trying it in Safe Mode only changes the icon from DVD drive to CD-ROM drive, but no change in ability to read that a CD is there.

I have tried the Upper / Lower Filters in the registry solution but in


I do not have Upper or Lower filters so I am unable to delete them.

My DVD drive is a Matshita UJ-850S.

I am sorry to place this question but other solutions on other threads have not worked for me. I would really appreciate any help at all. Let me know if there is any other information I need to provide.


I am assuming you have updated the driver, have you?
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MY cd drive reads cd's but it reads only some dvd's. When i insert a dvd nothing happens,its SONY DVD RW AW-G170A. Any solutions.

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For a few weeks my dvd drive had been perfectly ok Now it only reads CD s When using a dvd either Genuine movie data pre-burned discs whatever it does not detect only... dvd drive Solved: cds reads anything It ll spin for a little while the light flashing now and again and then stop Clicking on My Computer and looking at the drive it shows that there is no DVD present I have uninstalled the Solved: dvd drive reads cds only... Controller to no avail There are no log reports of errors in the Event viewer no error messages pop up after the DVD Solved: dvd drive reads cds only... has been inserted The cables attached to the dvd drive have not been touched but I have checked this again as well I have read around for answers when searching through the net and have Solved: dvd drive reads cds only... found no direction there Most people suggest updating the firmware Though I fail to see the reasoning behind this If it had been working well and no changes had taken place on the system but now it fails to work I can t see how Firmware has anything to do with it This drive is only a few weeks old nbsp

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The combo CDRW/DVD-ROM on my laptop will read DVD's just fine but will not recognize any CD. It's definitely not a windows problem since it will also no longer recognize a bootable CD. Tried updating the firmware but no luck. Also tried cleaning with no change. The drive is a QSI DVD/CDRW model SBW-081.
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can anyone please help me out i have toshiba sattlelite a45 151 i have windows home servie pack 1 my drive is dvd-rom sd-r2412 it's a combo drive with cd burner it use to work fine but all of the sudden it dont even play dvds or data disk only some cds and audio cds work but the it reads cd roms iv tried reinstaling it i tride renewing the drivers and nothing its says evrything is working fine but it dont and before in my computer it use to say dvd/cd rw but now it just says cd drive wheing in i put in a disc there nothing there i tride cleanig the drive with a lens claener disk and still nothing is my drive fried!

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i have dvd drive that seems to read cds but not dvds, ive opened the drive up cleaned the lens done nothing, is there anything else i can try before i buy a new one?

could it be a software problem of some kind, ive tried uninstalling the drivers etc..
any registry that could do anything?

im running a compaq presario sr5219, windows vista 32bit

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Something went fubar on my slave drive and now it reads empty - xp pops a message asking if i want to format.
Data recovery software got some of the files back and then some of those were corrupt;
fixmbr from the recovery console did nothing.
All the data is there - just windows thinks it isn't....
any thoughts?

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Ok so here s the low down M le from quot Virus Trojan Spyware and Malware Removal Logs quot directed me here for further assistance CD-ROM intermittently "reads" drive System is apparently clean now but I am having problems with the CD-ROM drive before CD-ROM drive "reads" intermittently as well as after the cleaning AFTER RUNNING RogueKiller I lost functionality of both autoplay amp autorun After running quot Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard quot and going through the methods in KB The AutoRun feature or the AutoPlay feature does not work when you insert a CD-ROM in the CD drive I was able to regain functionality of AutoPlay I also ran tests on the drive from Dell s Support Center DVD Linear Seek Test FAILED I ran the test on commercially made self made and blank CD-ROM drive "reads" intermittently disks The drive HL-DT-ST DVD - RW GSA-H N DL should be able to write to DVD RW but I cannot I couldn t even do a backup to CD-RW disks Drivers I m totally clueless about them I did a driver update several months ago but today I m wondering if it is even the right driver for my system or for the reading problem The driver I updated showed as recommended on Dell s download page for my service tag It was listed under the category of AUDIO and the drive listed is similar but not exact to what is found listed in quot Device Manager quot Device Manager lists driver as version The update I did was for HLDS GSA-H N HH DVD - RW x SATA firmware C driver R Nothing matches between PC and Dell s webpage This all has me confused Is the driver I installed just for audio files thus maybe I need to try updating the driver for the drive itself Can info drawn for a service tag be different than what is found on the physical machine What s strange too is that I had this disk failure problem before and found an easy fix after many hours of searching and trial and error Don t remember what the fix was Can t find the sheet I printed and can t find that same solution It does seem to me though that the problem was a commonly known problem either with the hardware itself or within XP This drive is rarely used times at the most per year Can someone please help to get this drive functioning properly Autorun reading amp writing

A:CD-ROM drive "reads" intermittently

Have you tried this drive in another computer? If you can do this it will quickly point out whether this is a software or hardware problem.

The optical drive is a "plug and play" type of device, the drivers for this are native to the operating system. If you haven't tried uninstalling the drivers from the Device Manager I would suggest trying this. Go to the Device Manager (Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Device Manager), scroll down to DVD/CD-ROM drives, expand the menu to see your drive, double click on it and click on the Driver tab and uninstall the drivers. When you restart the computer the installation wizard will recognize this as "found new hardware" and assign the proper drivers for it.
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I dumped my main harddrive and reinstalled Windows XP. Now my main drive is F and my second harddrive (used for storage) reads C. How can I correct this ??

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Does anyone know how to fix this the hard drive I have is western digital,
running XP obviously...
Id appreciate any help at all

A:Have a 250 GB hard drive only reads as 150

do you have xp sp2 update installed?
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sony vaio vpceb24en using MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ890AS is not any cd or dvd but reads cd dvd, what to do

A:dvd drive not burning but reads cd/dvd

What program are you using to burn discs? Have you tried Windows 7's built-in burner?

ImgBurn is a great free program: The Official ImgBurn Website

You could also download the latest firmware update for the Matshita drive: UJ890AS MATSHITA

I've also noticed you are using Windows 7 Basic, which probably explains why you can't burn to disc.

Download ImgBurn and you'll be fine with that, and don't forget that USB flash drives are coming down in price so using them could be an alternative to CD/DVD storage.
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Hi I just got a new Acer Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz Media Center Computer (AM5630-E5300A). The DVD burner works fine with DVDs but it doesnt respond to any audio or software CDs. There is no error message at all and the computer does not hang. Anything I can do to fix this problem? According to the spec the optical drive is 16X DVD+/-RW. I dont know the model of the DVD burner. Thanks for help.

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Since changing the harddrive in the pc, it wont install the usb wirelss modem. It shows up in the tray as the correct thing - Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem - but when you go into my computer, it shows up as a cd drive???? I know that the modem is ok as it works on the laptop. Can someone please tell me how to fix this??????? Thanks heaps
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First hello I m not and now drive 500GB RAW...HELP!! 1.5TB reads really sure what happened and I m in a little bit of a panic cause of my data on the drive I was in the Windows Disk Manager XP Pro assigning different drive letters to some other devices and trying to activate some old drives I had connected After some fiddling around I happened 1.5TB drive now reads 500GB and RAW...HELP!! to notice that my secondary drive a TB SATA I ve been using for almost a year and was NOT fiddling with in disk manager was reporting as only GB Further still in Windows properties it was showing as quot bytes quot and said it needed to be formated RAW AHHHH I poked at it a bit tried it in an external USB case then tried it attached to another computer a Vista laptop and all results were the same GB -bytes RAW requesting formatting Needless to say I m not interested in formatting the drive cause I have data on it I haven t had a chance to backup yet I know I know I should have a better backup solution I know I grabbed SeaTools for Windows it s a Seagate drive and did some of the basic checks but they turned up nothing I then made a boot disk for the SeaTools for DOS and I started the Long Test took hours In the details pane it shows the drive as GB with the right ST bit etc Long Test completed and a Short Test was run after automatically Both returned PASSED Max Native Address lt -- no idea what this is There was no change in the drive s behavior in the OS In the SeaTools DOS app there s a command to set the drive to the Max Native Capacity I m not sure how quot data safe quot that is or if it will fix the problem Some searching on my part leads me to think the drive s got a corrupted front file so it doesn t know its own partition and formatting fyi the TB drive is a single partition NTFS of course and is NOT the system boot drive It s a second drive This leads me to suspect there s some simple fix for this If this was a junk drive or was fully backed up I d be more inclined to poke at things and see what happens Unfortunately I neither know enough about this stuff nor feel confident enough to poke at this on my own I don t want to risk the data I m not sure what to do next I need a bit of guidance since I m running scared through this HELP Thanks Edit System Info AMD Athlon X Gigabyte M SLI-S NVIDIA Geforce GTS Creative SB X-Fi HDD by Seagate Windows XP Pro SP bit PS - I ve already committed myself to building a better backup solution once I m through this nightmare nbsp

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hi there i think i have deleted somthing of the pen drive i shouldnt have its a samsung 4gig usb pen drive and now only shows as a 1.95mb removable disc does anyone now how or were i can find the software for this and it is possible to reinstall it or have i just knackered it please any help is welcome thanks gadgetkeith

A:4 gig usb pen drive only reads 1.95mb

Has to be re-formated with FAT32 there is some sort of info about that here on TechSpot in one of the stickys.. Or you just got a bad samsung with bad memory only showing 1/2.
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Hi there guys, I've got yet another problem that you'll hopefully have the solution to. You always seem to! =D

I have a Dell Inspiron 2600 Laptop with an XP operating system, and my DVD-Rom drive has always been working fine, playing DVDs and CDs and whatnot. However, the past few days it's suddenly stopped working. It won't read music CDs, DVD movies, or any data discs, CD or DVD-wise.
I've run Spybot and AdAware and cleared out everything, and I've even tried restarting because that seems to cure a lot of problems, but nothing's helping. Could anybody possibly give me a solution?


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hey my cd-rom drives one is a AOPEN CRW5232/AAO PRO and the other is HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8523b my wc3FT was working fine and then one day i try to play it cds in the drive i open it and it opens thens it says i need to put the cd in the cd-rom so i try my otrher drive and it does the same thing it reads the cd it says FT in my computer but it can't open it can anyone help me with this problem thanx
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My laptop DVD drive (HP CDDVDW TS-L633N) does not play DVDs but it does play CDs. My laptop is HP G62-107SA, Windows 7. I have tried Microsoft fixit but to no avail. Can anyone help me fix this or do I need to replace it?

Many thanks,


A:My drive reads CDs, but not DVDs

Doesn't play dvds or doesn't read dvds? There is an important difference in those 2.

I'm going to assume you meant it can't read dvds. If that is the case, if you have a bootable DVD, such as a Windows install dvd, try to boot from that. That will tell you if it is a hardware issue or software issue.

DVD and CD use different lasers, occationally one or the other will die leaving you with a drive that only does one of the two. So that may have happened here.
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Since changing the harddrive in the pc, it wont install the usb wirelss modem. It shows up in the tray as the correct thing - Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem - but when you go into my computer, it shows up as a cd drive???? I know that the modem is ok as it works on the laptop. Can someone please tell me how to fix this??????? Thanks heaps

A:reads usb modem as cd drive

What is in your CD-ROM?
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For some reason my Blu Ray Drive (HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CA10N SCSI) is only reading cd's. I've tried DVD games and movies, as well as Blu Ray Movies, all which are either brand new or i am 100% positive they work. I am given the "Please insert disk into Drive D" message. I have tried updating the drivers and uninstalling the drive from device manager. The properties says that the drive is working properly.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Blu Ray Drive only reads CD roms

The drive could simply be faulty. The surest way to verify that is to try the drive in someone else's computer, that will rule out all software and hardware in your computer.
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Are there any DVD readers for computers that will read both sides of a DVD-R disk without turning it over? If so, how do I know this when looking at models on the dealar sites or at other places on the 'net?

I have been looking at DVD readers for sevaral days now and I have not seen anything about this anywhere.

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I cant figure this drives have simply disappeared from my computer suddenly.
The last time I took it to Geek Squad got made fun of then they fixed it and said iTunes messed it up. Well I would like how to fix it myself or attempt to before my pride has to take another blow

A:Solved: Disc Drive and External Drive AWOL

What drives do you have in/on this machine and are ALL of your drives not listed including the C drive?
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For some reason, when I insert a disc onto my E: Drive, it doesn't recognise the disc as being there. The E: Drive is listed where it should be in My Computer, but doesn't recognise a disc when inserted into it. I uninstalled the E: Drive which reinstalled automatically on reboot, but the problem remains. Can anyone recommend what steps I should take to remedy this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

A:E: Drive doesn't recognise discs inserted

It doesn't recognize a specific cd or any cd?

Let's make sure the driver works. Insert a BOOTABLE disc, make sure the optical drive is the first device in your bios boot order, and reboot. Does the system see the drive at boot?
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I have a when not is recordable disk drive does recognize inserted CD Sony Vaio - Windows XP Professional Service Pack DVD CD drive QSI CD-ROM SCR My CD Drive E reads music disks yet I cannot copy any files or pictures to recordable disks The CD Drive E does not recognize when I insert a writable disk The pop-up window reads quot CD drive does not recognize when recordable disk is inserted Please insert a disk in Drive E quot When I do insert a disk the window remains and I cannot proceed I have removed the lower and upper filters in the hope it would help It has not In My Computer the drive icon is named quot CD Drive E quot yet when I want to copy files the pop-up window asks for a disk in quot Drive E quot I have a feeling it refers to another drive Does this make sense Could there be a mix-up between quot Drive E quot and quot CD DRIVE E quot Also I no longer have Windows Internet Explorer now use Mozilla Firefox Could that be the cause of my problem Any and all suggestions will be appreciated Kenneth nbsp

A:CD drive does not recognize when recordable disk is inserted

Burners are usually labeled CD-R. You appear to have a read-only drive, not a writer.
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Hi, I have a small question regarding the security of any one of my many flash thumb drives.
I fear that I may, one day, plug my thumb drive into a computer that has some form of malware on it, and this virus/malware will spread and infect my thumb drive.
Is there anything, maybe a portable app, that I can install on my thumb drive that will protect it from harm that may come from other computers? I know there are portable apps like ClamWin portable that can scan a computer for viruses and such, but is there something that can offer real-time protection for my thumb drive from known threats?


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Hello everyone. From the device manager, I changed the setting for my flash drive from Optimize for Performance to Optimize for Quick Removal.

This basically means that I don't have to safely remove the flash drive when I'm done, I just remove it.

however, the annoying thing with this is everytime I insert that flash drive, Vista gives an annoying prompt asking if it should Scan and Fix my flash drive. It tells me there might have been a problem with files on this device and that this can happen if I remove the device before files are written. It then gives me the option to Scan and Fix or to Continue without scanning.

Is there a way to get rid of this prompt everytime I use my flash drive?

A:Annoying message when flash drive is inserted

I get those sometimes, but I have never made any changes except going from ReadyBoost and back--never using the quick remove setting. I wonder if setting the drive the way you want and formatting would do the trick.
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Hi, I just installed a memorex 16x dvd dual layer internally. I noticed that it reads blank cd and dvd's but it doesnt burn dvd's. I used nero to burn and it seems like its burning but once I put the finished dvd back into the drive it says its a blank???

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I have an hl-dt-st dvd+-rw gsa-h31n that came with the Inspiron 531 I bought almost 3 years ago. It reads all CDs, DVD-R + RWs, and I've recently used it to burn projects onto DVDs. However it will not read commercial DVDs. It literally won't recognize anything in the drive. I've tried googling and searching these forums, but I haven't found a solution to this specific problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have an Acer Aspire 3000 Series Laptop running windows xp.
I have just replaced my own cd drive With one from another broken 3000 series laptop.
This was because my one wasn't burning cd's properly. I used it predominantly for audio cd's, and when i played them it was ok for the first tracks on the cd, but towards the end of the cd the tracks would deteriorated severly in quality as though the laser was out of line

The 'new' drive is (MATHSHITA UJDA760 DVD/CDRW)

The problem im having is that while the drive will read cd's, It wont burn cd's, it doesn't even initalize the cd's so im thinking it might need to be set up or calibrated properly, but im not sure what to do or how to do that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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I'm not real sure whats happened but xp only reads 4 of my 80 gig hard drive and half the processor speed. The bios see's them properly though.
Can anyone help?

A:Xp only reads 4 of my 80Gig hard drive

If you have a fast internet connection (broadband), run an online virus scan at TrendMicro. Make sure to select the Autoclean option. Otherwise, make sure your antivirus program has the latest definitions and run a full system scan.
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I have an LG HL-DT-ST 4521B Combo Drive that reads DVDs and burns CDs. I had not used the drive for quite a while. Then, I tried to burn a CD, but when I click burn in nero, it asks me to insert a CD, even though one is already there. However, it reads all my DVDs. It does not read even new scratch less CDs no matter they are blank or full. Is there a solution to my problem?

A:Combo Drive reads only DVDs

Can you boot off a cd in that drive? If not its a hardware issue (since it works with dvds, I doubt its a cable issue) and the drive is dead or at least that part. If it does boot, you've got a software conflict in Windows, good luck.
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I have a DVD/CD RW Combo Drive from NEC (NEC ND-2500a).

The drive used to work without any problems, however, it started giving me some issues that I was hoping to get some help with.

The drive reads CDs just fine, but when I try to put in a DVD (either movie or data), the drive will not recognize that a DVD is in the drive. It eventually times out. But - I can take that same DVD and plug it into another computer and it works fine.

I have deleted the DVD from the XP Pro Device manager and it was reinstalled the next time I booted, but I still have the same problem.

Any ideas why the drive would read CDs just fine, but choke on reading a DVD?

Thanks in advance for any help...
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hi, I have an issue with my dvd drive, i can no longer burn dvds or watch dvds. but!!!! it reads CDs!! i dont understand that. anyways the type of hardware that I have is HL-DT-ST DVD=-RW GSA-H21N ATA and my operating system is vista premium. has anyone had the same issue and fixed it or know how to fix it, if so can u please help me. thank you
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Hello all,
I'm trying to fix a problem on an old P. Bell PC. It is P3 with 60gb HD, 256mb ram, a cd/rw and a dvd drive.
Whenever a CD or DVD is inserted it reads it as empty - ie as a blank disk. It does it with cds in the cd drive and in the dvd drive, also with DVDs in the DVD drive.
I replaced the CDRW drive with a brand new one - same happens.
I replaced the ribbon cable to the m/board - same.
I connected the drive as master, slave and cable connect - same.
I connected the drive as slave with the HD IDE - same.

But the weirdest thing is this: I plugged in a fully working EXTERNAL cd/DVD drive via usb and it acts exactly the same!!!

So the problem must be somewhere other than the drives themselves. Any ideas?

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I have this dvd burner on an acer laptop thats reading dvd's but doesnt read cd's. Any solutions to fix this?
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i have a p3 500 and just got a 250 gig hard drive but only reads 120 gig just wonder if i have to flash or have to flash bios

A:hard drive reads half

Might have a BIOS limit LBA? You might have to partition that drive as two 120GBs instead.. Is this going to be the MASTER with OS/Programs or SLAVE?
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Hi I'm running Windows XP and noticed recently when I tried to install a new game that my disk drive doesn't want to read DVDs - I've tried many different DVDs, but the drive ends up making the same noise it makes when I click the open button (doesn't even spin the DVDs). It reads CDs fine so I don't think it has anything to do with drivers.

Help much appreciated

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I have a Compaq desktop that is little over a year old. My problem is with the CD/DVD drive. It plays audio CDs normally. However, when I insert a data CD it just stalls. At first the cursor becomes a hourglass but then becomes an arrow again. The light on the CD/DVD drive window comes on and remains on even after the hourglass becomes an arrow again.

I looked online for possible solutions. I tried two that did not work. One involved going into the registry and modifying values. The other involved going to the device manager and changing the option for the secondary IDE? from DMA if available to PIO.

Again, the problem is the CD/DVD Drive reads audio CDs but not data CDs.

Any help or ideas on what may be wrong?

Thanks for your help!!

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my dvd drive reads commerical dvds but not those i burned, help! i have a gateway pc with xp. my dvd drive used to read any disk but not anymore.

A:dvd drive only reads commerical dvds

Try different mediaTry a different programimgburn:
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I had to re-install Windows XP and afterwards my CD/DVD combo drive only reads CD's and doesn't read DVD's anymore

The drive is a : HL-DT-ST DVD +-RW GSA-H31N

It's on a 2 year old Dell Machine which worked fine proior to the re-install

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Here's the info on the computer:
ACPI x86-based PC
Hitachi HDP725016GLA SCSI Disk Device
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7203S SCSI
Windows Vista Home Basic
Service Pack 1
AMD Athlon LE-1620 2.40GHz
Memory (RAM) 2.00 GB
32-Bit Operating System
The Problem:
Only reads bootable disks in D: drive
I've tried:
1) Online - downloading other drives posted to work with this DVD
2) Advice online about changing and add different values to the registry
3) Reinstalling Windows Vista Home Basic (which came with this system)
4) Delete Windows Vista Home Basic and Install Windows 7
Still no luck

A:D: drive reads bootable disks only

Assuming 1) is supposed to read "drivers", not "drives". In which case, there aren't any new drivers. Windows supplies and uses generic drivers for ALL CD/DVD drives.

What is the drive status in Device Manager? What happens when a disc is inserted? Can you view the disc contents using My Computer or Windows Explorer?
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I just got a new ASUS laptop that came with Windows 8. Being the computer geek I am the very first thing I did was upgrade to Pro with Media Center. The problem I'm having now is that every 20 minutes or so the system will read the DVD drive regardless if I have anything in it or not. I've tried uninstalling all the ASUS bloatware and still the drive reads fairly regularly.  The only AV software I have installed is Windows Defender and It appears not to be scanning the optical drive. I'm at a loss here.
Thanks in advance for all your help.

A:Windows 8 Constantly reads the DVD ROM drive

Is there any media in the drive?
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I just built myself a new PC and I put in a WD 500gb hdd and for some reason its reading as a 127gb hard drive and I have no idea why or what I need to do to fix it.

The hard drive is SATA not IDE.

A:Hard drive reads wrong

Nevermind... Ignore this post I fixed my problem :)
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A year after I bought my PC my DVD writer stopped writing but it still read and played DVDs so I didn t mess with it until a year ago when I needed to copy some files I updated the DVD RW thinking it would be fixed but it didn t and the update made some generic drives show up on my drive list I recently bought Star Wars Empire at War Gold Pack and noticed that my PC will no longer read DVDs longer but CD. drive DVD reading DVD, reads still no It didn t read the game so I put a good DVD in there and it didn t read it either It s like a switch DVD drive no longer reading DVD, but still reads CD. for DVDs was turned off I noticed that a new drive has popped up on my list that wasn t there before DVD drive L I ve taken good care of my PC physically but I m afraid it s going to hell spiritually Specs HP Pavilion a n -Aug- was DVD drive no longer reading DVD, but still reads CD. it s production date processor Athlon GHz Chipset ATI Radeon XPress x DVD - R RW - R DL LightScribe drive HP DVD Writer b My DVD drive the General tab is basically empty The Drivers tab showing more than just my DVD drive The list of my drivers the bottem one is the DVD drive that just showed up recently it doesn t actually exist I only have disc drives a DVD CD and a DVD writer I have no idea why all those drives showed up and it makes no sense to me why I have an extra DVD drive there and my other drives won t read DVDs Anyone have any ideas Thanks in advance nbsp
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My DVD/CD player always worked with no problem. Then all of a sudden my CDs will not work. I put one in and go to read on it and it shoots it out and says "Insert CD" I have tried 100s of CDs so I know it isn't them. Wont read them and can not burn on blank ones. Also have a Memorex External DVD/CD hooked up to my computer and it is doing the same thing. Reads DVDs and burns them but not CDs. I am thinking it is software or Vista downloads that has messed this up.. Please help I have tried everything to deleting drivers, restarting and letting them download again to deleting upper and lower filters. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted on how to remedy this problem.. Started about 6 months ago...
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Hope someone can help me out here just upgraded PC from Win Vista to Win reads but drive DVD has writing ok, trouble Bought new Nero burning software as I was at it All read write functions of the optical drive Plextor PX- A work fine but I can't burn DVDs Yes reading DVDs is ok The errors I get are quot Focus or tracking error quot quot Power Calibration Error quot quot Session fixation DVD drive reads ok, but has trouble writing error quot and quot Burn process failed quot Things I've already tried - Turned down the burn speed - Cleaned the lens with a special cleaner CD - Updated the drives firmware from to - Updated the drivers - Cleaned the Windows registry - Fixed some corrupt files by running SFC Scannow command - Used both types of single layer DVD drive reads ok, but has trouble writing disc DVD-R and DVD R - Attempted burn with different settings UDF DVD copy and UDF ISO the only thing that has worked once is changing the blank media discs from TDK to Verbatim Is this a sign that the optics in the drive are on the way out Is there some way to find out how many hours the drive has been used for through some diagnostic menu I really don't think I've logged that much time on the drive Thanks any ideas welcome EDIT just to add I've tried the built-in windows burning tool too but no joy

A:DVD drive reads ok, but has trouble writing

I would suspect a defective drive. From your description it sounds like the Laser is not strong enough. DVD burner drives are relatively inexpensive (in the US) and I would suggest replacing it, especially considering the age of the Dimension 8300 (old XP hardware).

The optical drive in the 8300 is a PATA type (IDE). Make sure you get the correct type and NOT a SATA drive.
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I was burnin a cd a while ago it messed up as nero usually does.. and all of the suddon i noticed i couldnt read the cdrs.. its my sis's laptop and she took it to college with her and she called me to tell me it cant read any cds other than dvds, when she brought it home i played around and it cant, and i dunno what to do.. i wont even read the reinstaller for XP when starting up.. ive tried deleting it from device manager but nothing is working..


A:CD/DVD Drive on Laptop reads dvds but nothing else