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My Dell Demension e510's (Window's XP) keyboard and mouse don't work

Q: My Dell Demension e510's (Window's XP) keyboard and mouse don't work

Neither my keyboard or mouse are working on any of the 7 USB ports on my computer. My mouse was initially working, but I read somewhere if you delete the keyboard drivers you can reinstall them and it will work again. BUT when I was doing that I stupidly uninstalled my mouse driver so now NOTHING works. I can't try if it works in safe mode because my keyboard doesn't respond when I hit f12 during boot up.

When I plug in the mouse or keyboard, I get a window that pops up asking if I want to install the hardware, but it's impossible for me to do anything because my mouse and keyboard don't work! If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: My Dell Demension e510's (Window's XP) keyboard and mouse don't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My Dell Demension e510's (Window's XP) keyboard and mouse don't work

First I would try to find a different working keyboard because you should at less be able to boot into safe mode because the drivers don't even load until windows start loading.
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Hello all, I have a Dell Dimension E510, with a problem. Two of my five speakers wont work. I have tried disconecting and reconecting but no luck. Here is my system info. Audio Card: SB Audigy 2ZS Audio (CC80) Speaker System: 5.1 (dell) Thank you for any help! Huasopodrido

A:Dell Demision E510, 2 of 5 speakers wont work

Which two speakers aren't working?

I'm assuming the center channel and sub-woofer are working and the two speakers that aren't working are a pair of satellites.
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Going to try and get this solved again. I had submitted before, same issue.
My USB port SEEMS to be functioning. I hear the "chime" of connection. I can see the device when I go in though Disk Management. It SAYS its an "F" drive. But that is the only way to access. Right clicking I can open it.

But I don't see it in Windows Explorer, nor do I see it thru clicking "My Computer" on the desk top.

Any thoughts?

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I don't have disc for demension 2400 so I formatted ad put windows xp demension 8300 on it. Everything went find
but can't get sound drivers to load. W hile i loaded the 8300 it didn't ask for windows product key? but not able to load the drivers for sound and couple other controllers? If I put on xp with sp2 would have better luck with putting on drivers?
thank you

A:need help with dell demension 2400

What's the 7-character "service tag number" on the sticker of that Dell Dimension 2400?


Right-click MY COMPUTER, then click Properties - Hardware - Device Manager.

If there's a heading named Other Devices, advise the name of the entries in it.

Do the headings for
Display Adapters
Network Adapters
Sound Video And Game Controllers
show any entries with a ! or ? or X next to them?

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I am using windows 8.1.
1. Go to Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Tab HardwareIn list Devices is null.
2. Go to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Tab Hardware
In list Devices is null.
How to fix this error.
Thank you!
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Hello everyone I am new here and my name is Bryan I have my friends Dell Dimension here at my place It was acting funny and turning off randomly I searched the internet and found that the power supply normally is the issue I bought a Antec w Power supply from the local repair shop no 4700 Demension Dell video buy their suggestion I also replaced the CMOS battery and FAN I took everything out of the computer and cleaned off the old dust and stuff Using Compress air in a can and some electronics cleaner I put everything back together and when I turn the computer on I am not getting any VIDEO Mouse Keyboard nothing No beeps no flashing lights etc If I plug the mouse in and out of the spot it briefly flashes and Dell Demension 4700 no video then goes dead I don t even think the HD is turning on as the light doesn t do anything either The power light is on steadily and Amber in color The diagnostic Lights in the back do not light up or flash either How ever there is a extremely small green light next to the main power connector at the Motherboard The PCM fan turns on high and stays on I searched the internet and came across a post to remove and reinstall the RAM I did this with no help I do have to mention that I did remove the Chip to ensure that no compound go stuck under it When I reinstalled the cooling block back to the chip I did use compound No I didn t spray the chip down with electronic cleaner Any and all assistance would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Dell Demension 4700 no video

The motherboard is bad
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I have an old Dell Demension 8200 P4 2g Processor with 1 half gig of ram. I want to add another half gig of ram but i get conflicting answer's as to the exact type that is in my pc now. It's original ram from Dell when I purchased it new from them. I was on their web-site, entered my service tag number, but the info was vague and not enough for me to be sure what I need to buy. I even got into on-line chat with one of their on-line chat techs. She said it was RDRAM PC800 NON-ECC. So I went to several web-sellers and used their on-line RAM calculators. I don't get the same answere from everyone.

Does it say on the RAM stick what type it is?...any suggestions?...

A:Old Dell Demension 8200 Ram upgrade

the RAM sticks should have the relevant information on them; crack your case open and give it a look. rdram is crazy expensive though, it'll run you ~200 for that extra half-gig.

...and be careful of ESD if you're gonna go poking around in there. there are plenty of posts on how to avoid it.
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Can i put any power suply in it?

A:Dell demension 4500 question

Hi gaming_wiz,

May I ask, what is the issue with your computer?
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this is still considered a demension 3000 because im using the stock CPU, Motherboard, and case... however... as far as my knowledge goes... its the best running demension 3000 ever...
Processor - P4 HT 3.0GHz
Motherboard - Stock
Graphics Card - BFG Nvidia 6200 OC
Sound Card - Creative Soundblaster 24bit (soon to be X-Fi)
Cooling - Stock cooling + 120MM green led fan @ 1500RPM + 92mm fan @ 4000RPM
Lighting - The Fan like i said... and im debating getting green cold cathode 12" tubes... and putting a window in the door...
what you guys think eh?

A:Dell Demension 3000 That actually OWNS!!

Nothing really stands out in this build.

I wouldn't waste money on an X-Fi unless you're really picky about your sound. Most people probably won't hear the difference, or have the hardware to truly appreciate Hi-Fi sound.
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Hi I have a dell demension 4500 I got from my mother just a few days ago. She said my cousin was reinstalling a driver for speakers. After she installed is and left my mom tried to turn it on and she said it went to either a blue screen or black. We talked to two dell people. One said it was the hard-drive and the other said it was the motherboard,The hard-drive did not work and I dont have enough money for the motherboard. I have all of the disks to reinstall the OS,Apps,and all of that but it gets halfway through installation and freezes and I dont know what the problem is. Please help!

A:Problem with dell demension 4500

Where during the installation does it freeze?

If you plug in the old hard drive, what exactly happens? What did the blue screen say?
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Purchased 8300 Feb 2004. Intel Pentium 4 processor at 3.0GHz with HT Tech-
nology. Came with Radeon 9800 pro (125mb). The video card is bad, almost positve. The left had side of the monitor has large vertical lines that change
colors, to the point that I can't see things on this side. The right side of the
monitor also has problems with fronts, etc... Note: the monitor works just fine
when i "plug" in to another computer. I took the 9800 pro card out and then
reinstalled it, same crazy screen.
1) What type of AGP connector/slot does the Dell 8300 have?
a) agp 3.0, agp 2.0 or a univeral apg?

2) I'm looking at a BFG Tech BFGR76512GSOC 7600 GS 512MB 128-bit
GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X card to replace the old 9800 Pro.
a) will it work with the dell 8300?
b) does the dell 8300 have enough power for this card?
Thank you for your time. Please help.

A:Dell Demension 8300 & BFG 7600 GS

HI mavic,
welcome to Techspot
it appears that your dimension 8300 has an agp x8 interface see here :

the documentation on your system says that the 8300 came with either a 250w or a 305w psu.
(you will have to check the psu tag to find out which yours is) the power requirements for the 7600 GS is as follows from the manufacturer:
A minimum 350W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 20A or more)

so it looks as if you would need a new power supply for your 7600 GS upgrade.
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Ok yesterday I started my comp for it to go to a blue screen of death I feel that I m pretty good with comps so anyway I restart after blue screen I get to the windows xp logo and after that the screen just goes black and does nothing So I ran a diag on hard drives and I have one hard drive from Dell Demension 8400 tdidis32.sys??? dell the GB that come with the comp That one passes the diag test and then I bought a WD GB internal Dell Demension 8400 tdidis32.sys??? hard drive and when I diag that it gives me a fail response and code SO I m pretty sure that this Trojan I have has corrupted a registry file during start up FYI the operating system is installed on the GB drive So i unplugged the wd drive and system responds different it goes clear into the startup and after I put my password in you see my desktop and then of course blue screen with error message tdidid sys I know it s a Trojan So I got frustrated and tried to install a fresh copy of windows and when I do that it says it does not see and hard drives available WHAT DO I DO

A:Dell Demension 8400 tdidis32.sys???

Boot into your Bios and look for a Hard Drive setting set that is set to AHCI mode, and change it to EIDE, Legacy or Compatibility Mode. If you can't find this setting then you need to slipstream your SATA drivers for your Motherboard into your XP disc using nLite.
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I was trying to get more memory on my pc ,by deleteing things and must have deleted a vital part of my computer and now it wants a security password ,do you have a solution

A:I need a dell demension security password.

Without knowing what is asking for the password (it could be your hard drive is locked, the BIOS, Windows or a 3rd party program) it is impossible to even start helping and then many passwords are, by definition, not easy to circumvent.So when, exactly, does the system ask for a password?"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd
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I have a Dell Dimension I am working on It won t boot The trouble lights on the back are A Green B Amber C Amber D Green This seems to be the only combination that Dell doesn t cover in their service manual Anyone know what that code might signify I have tired all of the standard remedies Reset RAM removed peripheral cards unplugged drives The only one that seem to make a difference is that if I unplug the floppy I get an error message that the floppy wasn t detected If I try to go to setup to disable the floppy I just end up Dell 4600 Lights Trouble Demension with the same message that the floppy can t be detected and it won t go to setup If I put a known good floppy in I get the same condition With the floppy installed I get the power and activity lights along with it checking the DVD s It then hangs with the floppy light and the power Dell Demension 4600 Trouble Lights and activity lights lit It just sets in the boot Dell Demension 4600 Trouble Lights up screen with the activity bar about complete and doesn t do anything else Any suggestions would be appreciated nbsp
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I just wrote zero's to the hard drive and reloaded windows on the subject PC. In the device manager I have an Ethernet Controller and a MultiMedia Audio Controller that I cannot find the the drivers for. (Yellow Question marks next to them). I installed another nic card so I could access the internet.

I have been unable to find them on the Dell disks (which disk contains them?) and I have had no luck finding them on the Dell website.



A:Dell Demension 2350 Ethernet Controller
I'm assuming XP
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System is a Dell Dell Intermittent C521 Demension no-POST Dimension C - Svc Tag q X C BIOS vers Processor is Intermittent no-POST Dell Demension C521 an AMD Athlon clocked at Ghz Bus Mhz L Cache Kb Memory MB Mhz Single Channel DDR SDRAM OS is XP Media Center SP with mb memory System has all SATA connections PCI slot contains a VGA display card slot a modem card System frequently but intermittently fails during pre-POST Startup will sometimes appear to check for HDD and go no further leaving the start button a steady amber Other times there appears to be no check of HDD before it stops the start button again is steady amber Sometimes the system starts as normal Have checked power supply voltages all OK Checked PWS function by stripping down board and re-adding all cards and drives drives one at a time System indicated no problems with each addition and started once HDD was re-added The next boot it resumed the intermittent no-POSTs Suspected bad SATA cables on HHD so replaced exchanged with no change in symptoms Have reseated all connections System will start w o issue once POST is successful and runs with out any problems I have not worked on any C s and wondered if anyone with experience with one of these systems knows of any problems with BIOS MoBos etc that could be causing the no-post situation Dell s trouble shooting screens do not appear to address this situation Thanks nbsp

A:Intermittent no-POST Dell Demension C521

Receiving not even one reply on this post leaves me with the feeling that no one anywhere has ever worked on a 521C, so that makes me the expert, huh?
Anyway, I ended up trying another (new) power supply and this turned out to be the solution. Apparently, the old one was not producing a consistent 12v at start up when under load, even though it did test out that way on the meter when running solo. Being that this is a Dell (proprietary) with a narrow frame to boot, I had to order a specific replacement for the 521C. Fortunately, ebay had several to choose from considerably less expensive than Dell.
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What is maximum memory agp video card that can be instaled on 1.5ghz dell dimension 8100? AGP aperture shows max 256mb (32, 64, 128, 256) is this the maximum the chipset will support?

A:Video card for dell demension 8100 1.5ghz

Additional question

I would like to install a ATI Radeon HD2600 Pro GPU. THe question is "board requires the "motherboard with open AGP slot and correct chipset driver" . The first part (AGP SLOT) is simple but the correct chipset driver is not. How do I determine which chipset driver I have so I can see if it meets requirement?
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The Dell in question will not boot up. The power light has a blinking amber light. I googled for information for troubleshooting lights on the power supply and it could be a power supply failure, bad motherboard, or bad hard drive. I turned it off, unplugged everything, then rebooted. Nothing. There are two lights by the ethernet port that are normally green and now one is red and the other is amber. I personally suspect it is the power supply because the fan does not come on.

The machine is a Dell Dimension 4700C, Intel Pentium 4, running Windows XP. Can anyone be more specific? The machine is no longer under warranty so we'd have to decide if getting the computer repaired is better than the purchase of a new one. Thank you!

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I am having an issue regarding installing all the needed drivers on a Dimension 4600C. I recently reformatted this computer for a friend (XP, not vista but that would explain driver issues ) and I had no problem getting the computer up and running again. Video/ethernet/printer drivers have installed flawlessly so far but the audio drivers are giving me a bit of annoyance. I install them, reboot and still so sound after 2 tries.I believe this Dell has an integrated "ADI 198x" and the drivers were located at Dells support site at (sorry for the tinyurl but that was like 300 letters) I have already done the standard make sure the cords are plugged in and the speakers are on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

A:Solved: Dell Demension 4600C Audio Driver Issues

can you see the speaker in the task bar?, if not go into control panel and go into sound devices and ensure its not muted?
If all ok there go into control panel/system/hardware/device manager and check sound drivers are enabled and working correctly.
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I have been having a few problems with my Dells and they were about the same Kept looping on startup I fixed the by installing a clean HD and I would like to try that with the How do I wipe it clean I did delete the windows partition on the last XP install Mouse/Keyboard after window turn XP off tried it a couple times no go So on the I start it up and it cycles to the XP window and it may give me a message to hit any key or it will go through a scan routine and cycle again When I hit any key it cycles to the desktop only one time After the first time the mouse and keyboard turn off Also I have to press F after bios load to get it going but it would still start Also this problem STARTED after I unplugged it to work on the other computer bad battery At the very least what program Mouse/Keyboard turn off after XP window could I use to wipe the drive and start with a clean slate nbsp

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I've got a PS2 compatable mouse, 2 buttons with a scroll wheel in the middle.
Here's my problems:

1) Occasionally the computer will go into scroll mode like I'm holding the wheel down, but I'm not holding the wheel down; also, it doesn't appear that the wheel is a button too...its just a wheel

2) Often I will be able to move the cursor with the mouse, but cannot activate certain open windows...usually I'm o.k. with the one that I'm currently in, but not always. CTR/ALT/DEL fixes this, after I close the Task Manager window.


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I upgraded my PC from windows 7 to Window 10 and now my wireless keyboard and mouse are frozen. Does not work. All I get on start up is a blue screen with 1. Welcome back Gerry 2. I'm not Gerry and 3. Next. But I cannot respond cuz my wireless keyboard and mouse are frozen and do not respond. Please help me

A:Window 10 upgrade froze my wireless mouse and keyboard

Cripes - never heard of a name change creeping in. Silly question and maybe too hopeful but have you tried turning the computer off and on again? Hold the Power Off button until it goes off if necessary.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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Problem was originally that I had the flashing LED light and it wouldn't power up. Searched and found one solution to replace the battery. Popped out the battery, ended up trying to just put it back in and low and behold it powered back up again. But now I am getting error codes of 1 and 3 on the front AND my monitor won't go on although yellow LED light on that is showing. Desperate at this point... looked up the error codes online in the dell owners manual via my laptop but didn't make any sense to me. Thanks so much in advance.

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My dell E will not boot-up completely It goes to then freezes at the Dell screen The and leds are on on the front panel I have tried a few things and nothing has worked so far I have tried to remove the CMOS battery and reinstall after minutes I have tried to boot-up in setup using F and F and the keyboard does not respond I have unplugged all expansion boards and peripherials no luck I tried to put the restore cd in the cd drive and boot but it does not go to it and I cannot change the boot sequence because the keyboard does not respond I removed one of the memory sticks no boot I Dell E510 also tried to Dell E510 umplug the front panel and it still does not boot up completely I also reseated all connectors no change I am thinking it could be the motherboard because of the non-working USB keyboard and mouse Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Dell E510

Any chance it is still under warranty? If not, how far out of warranty is it? To far out to extend the warranty?
Run the Dell installed scans that you startup by pressing F12?
Everything you tell us is consistent with a bad board. Too bad. I am sorry.
A new board is about $75 on eBay... if you still want to use the Dell recovery disk set which need that EEPROM
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I have a dell e510 desktop pc when I turn it on the dell logo shows then the screen goes flashing curser.
any sujestions?

A:dell e510

Is the black screen just a flashing curser?

You could try the fixmbr command. You'd need a XP CD though.
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Hello, this is my first post on these forums

My problem is that after using my dell mouse and keyboard for upwards of 2 years now, my keyboard has stopped working - despite changing batteries and ensuring they are properly working. My mouse is working fine wirelessly.

I have Googled my problem a dozen times, so far i have found that i need to access something called a 'BIOS' which i have no idea how i can find this, or what to do with it.

Please help!!

- Glen


I am a complete computer novice, please don't ask for my system's details (without pointing me in the right direction to find them), because i simply won't know them!
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I already have the issue that when I put my E to sleep and wake it up again that the keyboard and touchpad do not work So I have disable the sleep options in the BIOS Now I run into different issues Yesterday I booted the laptop and it hang on the DELL logo After a while it stated that - External to - resons E5570 do display/keyboard/mouse work display, Black Latitude no keyboard/touchpad my EFI file would not be correct Force reboot and it booted straight to Windows What s more annoying is the fact Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work that the laptop boot the DELL logo is shown and then the screens go s black as if it s not connected SO it looks like it hangs BUT an external monitor through HDMI does work and show the windows logon The keyboard and touchpad also do not work External mouse and keyboard do work So pretty much I got a brick when I do not have external display keyboard and mouse available When I reboot the laptop it works fine again Am I the only one with this Loads of issues with the laptop and wondering if I just have a faulty laptop Clean Windows Pro install is done times Used the nbsp DELL Command Update to install all drivers and patches Issues keep existing

A:Latitude E5570 - Black display, no resons to keyboard/touchpad - External display/keyboard/mouse do work

I have been spending a lot of hours in troubleshooting this week.
Diagnostics are 100% ok.
Reinstalled Windows 10 about 15 times.Installing drivers by hands, installing drives trhough the dell update management application.The issues keeps existing.
To sum the them up:- Cold boot (laptop is off) to Windows. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and they work again)- Resume from sleep. Keyboard/Touchpad do not work. (Reboot and the work again)
After I got the laptop I installed 32Gb of RAM and an 512Gb Samsung 950Pro PCIE M.2 NVME drive.The drive should be support as Dell states on the product page and in the manual that PCIE with NVME is supported.
"Advanced features, like industry-leading M.2 SATA and M.2 PCIe/NVME solid state drives, provide data transfer speeds up to 4x faster over traditional hard drivers. "
In order to get the drive visible and running on PCIe I had to disable the sata controller in the BIOS.This way the drive is detected in Windows as an PCIe NVME capable drive.
Just to verify if the issues I went back to default with the delivered 256Gb M.2 sata drive and 8Gb RAM.To install Windows I had to turn the Sata controller back on.
Installed the drivers manually updated WIndows and tested.The issues do NOT occur.
Retested by installing the drivers using the Dell Update Application.The issues do NOT occur.
So I figured out that the SATA controller somehow is the guilty part for all the issues.I mean when enabled to ACHI or RAID the sleep and non working keyboard/touchpad issues do not occur.
When disable the issues DO occur.

So DELL can you please tell me how I can fix this as you state PCIe NVME drives are supported??
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ok i want a new video card for my computer. problem being that all i have is 4 pci slots(one now occupied by a geforce fx5500). I need to find to find a mobo with a pic-e x16 slot. I have been looking at some mobos but i dont know what form factor i have and what board would work well enough. so suggestions?

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I have a Dell e510, which started having the same BSOD "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
Stop: 0x0000000A (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x8052272C)". Unfortunately, it even shows up in safe mode. It shows up during recovery mode after booting the WinXP CDROM. When I run the Dell diagnostics CDROM, it crashes on NBTherm.mdm, which may be a bad temperature sensor.

A:Dell e510 BSOD

Can you re-install Windows fresh?
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I was planing to to upgrade my psu for a high end graphic card Ati Raedon X1950 pro which certainly requires more then 305 watts supplied by the E510 psu

I did a research, browsed the forums, many posts stated
Antec SmartPower 2.0 should work fine and fit, but after checking the reviews for that psu it turned out, most of the people did'nt had a good experience with it, either the psu stopped working or took out the whole motherboard

Can any one suggest me a nice, reliable psu
I was looking at Ultra X finity but not sure,
Any help would be appreciated.


A:Dell E510 PSu upgrade

Still waiting for an advice
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Hi I have a Dell E that will not power up at all I E510 Dell start won't have all periperhals unplugged I have tried re-seating the memory and hard drivers and Dell E510 won't start DVD drive When I plug in the power cord in the back the computer attempts to start up and then immediately shuts down Depending on how long the power cord has been unplugged say a day or more the series of green lights can be seen on the front no amber that I noticed and then it immediately shuts down After that if I unplug and wait say mins and then re-plug it in the power starts for a second and then immediately shuts down Note I am not touching the power button on the front at all - just plugging in the cord starts the computer I have tried replacing the power supply and I have the same exact result I just tried reseating the CPU and still the same result Fans are all running My next attempt was going to be to replace the thermal paste But is this even a possible cause given that the computer does not start up at all other than for about seconds Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp

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hey everyone. I have a delll E510. It won't turn on, the light on the motherboard is on. I've tried reseting the memory sticks, cmos battery and even replaced the psu. Still nothing. Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch guys

A:Dell E510 won't turn on

This sounds like it could be either your power button or your motherboard check your power button you may need to take your laptop apart to check them both.
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I have had this problem for awhile now Before I could just mess with it a little bit and it would randomly turn back on Well I had to turn it off days ago and move it somewhere else and of course it wouldn t start I got the usual blinking amber LED I heard a solution for some people was that a USB port shorted and it stops it from starting up on E510 won't turn Dell I happen to have a broken USB port The problem is yesterday I was unplugging it and taking cords out of the back I also took out the Mobo battery thing and put it back in which is what I had done before After awhile of this the LED wouldn t even blink Amber anymore so I can t check to see Dell E510 won't turn on if the USB is causing the problem Is it possible that by unplugging and plugging it back in so many times I really messed up the PSU However the Mobo light stays a normal steady green whenever I have the PC plugged in Dell E510 won't turn on making me think it isn t the PSU Sorry for wall of text any replay would be appreciated I have read many threads about this problem with many different solutions It Dell E510 won't turn on isn t an easy problem to fix nbsp

A:Dell E510 won't turn on

Follow this guide first:

There appear to be a number of people pointing to failure of the front usb/audio control panel and/or power button. Part#'s- front bezel (includes power button)- X8637, control panel - X8682 (you should independantl;y confirm the part numbers).

It appears the control panel could be disconnected for troubleshooting purposes. The power button could also be disconnected - having never done this, someone else will have to advise you on how to start the comp with it disconnected.


edit: the other prevailing suggestion is, with the unit unplugged, to switch the voltage selector fully to 220 then back to 110. Apparently these switches can 'migrate' a bit.
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Have a dell dimensions e510 just did a xp reinstall. i am a novice at this and i think i may have jacked up my computer. I have to push f1 or f2 because of a floppy diskette seek failure, make it past log on screen and attempt to engage mouse to open start menu and the screen freezes. Help, Need to get up and running as soon as possible, need computer for online courses. is there anyway to "backdoor" the system and allow a "qualified tech" to check it out?

A:Dell Dimensions E510 Help!!!!

Hi and welcome to TSF does it have a floppy disk drive is it connected properly both the power cable and ide
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I have a Dell E510, There seems to be a power problem. The computer will not boot after a power interruption. The only way to get it to boot is to remove battery wait a few minutes and the replace the battery. I then replug the power cord and push the computer power button. At this time the power button wll blink amber and the other indicator lights wil blink. After abount 30 to 45 seconds the power button wll turn green and the computer boots up. I am thinking it is a power supply problem anyone have a thought?

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My keyboard and mouse are USB HID type devices. When I try to boot to safemode, etc, the software for the kb & mouse don't load, so I'm dead in the water with being able to communcate with the system.

Is there a way to "activate" these devices during dignostic modes?


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2 days ago i was just surfing the internet and checking my mail.then suddenly,my keyboard and mouse stopped working.i tried doing something in BIOS setup,but i just can't come up with an answer.can someone help me with my problem?
thank you!

A:keyboard and mouse don't work

Quote: Originally Posted by simik

2 days ago i was just surfing the internet and checking my mail.then suddenly,my keyboard and mouse stopped working.i tried doing something in BIOS setup,but i just can't come up with an answer.can someone help me with my problem?
thank you!

Welcome to SevenForums!

-Did you tried unplug the devices, stop the computer and re-plug everything and restart the computer?
-Check the battery of each connected devices
-Does the light on the connected key still blinking?
-Run a full scan for malwares & virus
-Test on another computer if does works
-Then, if not go to the retailler ask and test the wireless/bluetooth key for an exchange.
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I just moved, and when I set up my computer (which I might add was working fine at the old house), everything worked fine until my friend and I tried to set up dual monitors. The mouse worked for a few minutes, and then quit. My tablet came to the rescue, and I've been using that ever since. Well, when I finally dug a mouse out of one of the boxes and hooked it up, not only did the mouse not work, but the keyboard refuses to work now as well. Please help me here, I'm desperate to get back on my own computer!


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My computer was working fine this morning, then it went into hybernation mode. I tried moving the mouse, but nothing happened, so I rebooted. It went to the welcome screen and neither the mouse (serial) nor the keyboard (usb) would work.

I tried the keyboard and mouse (also serial) and the keyboard (serial) from another computer and they wouldn't work either.

I cannot get into the BIOS settings because the keyboard won't let me push F2. It won't let me get into the boot menu because it won't let me push F10. I tried the restore disk, but it asks me to press R to restore and none of the keys work.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Keyboard and mouse won't work

At first when I read this I thought you may want to try disconecting any peripherals, usb's etc. and that may solve the conflict. But since they won't work on another PC, It could be something else, could you reach the post on the other pc. Its unlikely for mouse and keyboard to be damaged like together.
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I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NE mobo and use a Logitech MX700 cordless mouse attached to a usb port. When I attach my keyboard to the PS2 port windows reports that the device cannot start and it won't work. If I uninstall it and reboot it works until next time. If I plug my mouse into the PS mouse port the both work but the mouse says for best results it should be plugged into a usb port. At the moment I have an old PS2 mouse plugged in and am using the logitech on a usb port. It is working but I wondered if anyone could suggest another solution please?
Thank you in advance

A:PS2 keyboard won't work with usb mouse

"At the moment I have an old PS2 mouse plugged in and am using the logitech on a usb port"

Confused by this statement. Two mice plugged in? Or do you also have a logitech keyboard? I have the same mouse. With the adapter it's plugged into the PS2 port and has been for years.
Works fine. Although someone may have the answer to your problem, I won't worry about it and just leave the Mx700 plugged into the PS2 port. Do you have a lot of USB devices plugged in and are you using the MB USB ports or a hub?
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The USB Keyboard & mouse work outside the OS in the bios or if I boot to a diagnostic screen. Both the mouse and keyboard stop working (lights go out) as soon as the OS hits the splash screen during bootup. The keyboard and mouse also don't work in safe mode. This is a Dell XPS 200 Running WinXP Media edition sp2. Diagnostic mode can be accessed and all USB, keyboard and mouse functions pass diagnostics.

This computer was getting a Stop 24 BSOD and I had to physically remove the HD and connect it to another computer so I could run chkdsk. Once chkdsk finished and the HD was moved back to the original computer it booted all the way up but neither the mouse or keyboard works. Windows firewall is preventing me from getting into it remotely so I am stuck. The computer is just sitting on the Welcome screen.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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My computer was operating fine until I unplugged the Logitech USB mouse from the front USB to move it to a rear USB. Now niether my mouse or keyboard will function. I've tried another mouse with no success. I've restarted the computer using a restart button on the tower, no success there either. When I turn it on my screen shows no error messages and looks normal.

I tested my USB using a flash drive. Usually the computer will recognize it and will ask me what to do with it (i.e. open a folder etc.). It does not recognize that I put the drive in.

My computer is running on XP. It was built about two years ago by a tech guy. I have no reboot CD.

I am a novice at computers, what can I do to even access the unit to address this problem?

Relevancy 63.21%

Here is the skinny I Keyboard Mouse and DO WORK NOT was using my computer today and went out Mouse and Keyboard DO NOT WORK for a bit and when I came back the mouse and keyboard did not work It does that sometimes when my moniter goes into power Mouse and Keyboard DO NOT WORK saving mode and when I reboot the problem is fixed This time however I rebooted and it still did not work The mouse and keyboard were on and detected but would not respond to any mouse movemet mouse clicks or keyboard commands so I could not enter windows I decided to boot into safe mode and did Even in safe mode they did not work I noticed that the keyboard and mouse worked fine in BIOS and bootup screens and pretty much anything before loading windows I then noticed that the mouse and keyboard turned off at some point during the windows loading process which they did not do before It is noteworthy to mention that I got a BSOD with the IRQL driver not equal to or less than error before but ignored it and kept using my computer as it was not a repeatable error that I had noticed So I decided maybe it was just the ports and to switch to different USB ports This also had no effect I cannot run the CHKDSK as I cannot use it without a keyboard or mouse I also ran the built in hardware checking tool and it found nothing wrong with the USB ports Could this be a driver conflict of some sort If so how can I fix it without booting into windows My comp is a Dell XPS running Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP

A:Mouse and Keyboard DO NOT WORK

I ran CHKDSK from a boot CD, that did not fix it either. Any help here? (Please read my post and dont just pass this topic thinking I am some idiot who does not have them plugged in or something.)
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I have an old computer probably about 5 or 6 years old but I didn't make note of the brand. I have a few that have been used for workstations and one of them recently started beeping really fast while booting during the memory check but would go through post and but would finally hang while windows was starting.

Tried some different memory, with same result. But if you unplug the keyboard & mouse or at least one of the two, you don't get the rapid beeps during the memory check and it starts windows 2000 normally. Kind of sucks without a either the key board or mouse though?

Tried another keyboard & mouse but nothing changed.

The computer is old so I don't want to waste too much time on it but has anyone else ever had this happen?

I think I had something similar once and reloaded the os & then it worked again.


A:Don't work with mouse AND keyboard

Mayby it wouldn't hurt to check for updated drivers, just in case.
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So I have a Lenovo y410p and to not burn out my battery I take it out and keep it plugged in. Well while I was playing a game my friend unplugged it and it instantly shut down. I started it back up and my mouse pad doesn't work, my mouse cursor in gone completely(never shows up at all.) I'm stuck on metro ui. My plugin mouse doesn't work, only thing that works on my keyboard is The brightness up and down, and the airplane mode. I restarted it like 50 times and nothing works. Don't know how the hell to get to recovery or anything because I cannot access the computer without a mouse and keyboard. The computer starts up fine. I've never seen anything like this.. Please help me..

A:Please help!! Mouse pad and keyboard will not work.

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
Well while I was playing a game my friend unplugged it and it instantly shut down. Click to expand...

That was a bit desperate - were you winning
3. At this time, the only immediate suggestion I have is to shut down, disconnect power, hold down power button for a full 20 seconds.
Reconnect power and try again.
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I just gave a friend of mine an older computer that hasn't been used in about 18 months. The last time it was used there were no issues. But, when I hooked it up for him neither the mouse nor the keyboard worked in the PS/2 ports. He bought a new mouse that uses a USB port and it worked. So now he is going to try a keyboard that uses USB. But, this will take up all of his USB ports and he wont be able to use his thumb drive with the computer.

So, my question is this -- Is there a way to get the PS/2 ports up and running again with out taking it in to be repaired?

Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated.


A:Keyboard & Mouse won't work

Try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the latest version from the manufacturers website.

When you turn the computer on boot to BIOS with the problematic kb + mouse plugged in. To boot to BIOS you usually tap F2. Does the keyboard respond in BIOS? If so then you do not have a faulty controller or keyboard, it will be a problem with the drivers or OS. To remedy you could then install a fresh OS which should sort it out for you.
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On my laptop when it is turned on Vistaboots up to the login screen.
But the touchpad and keyboard don't respond to any commands.
I can't get into the Bios because the keyboard doesn't work. Even a mouse
connected via the usb won't work.
I've tried the Power off/remove battery/Hold 10 Second trick... and nothing happened.... what now?


A:Keyboard & Mouse Do Not Work At All!!!

Make and Model of the laptop please. Anything happen prior to this - left the laptop in the car, spilled drink, haven't turned it on in a few days, etc. The more information the easier it is to get some advice.
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I have a cpu (Dell Optiplex) running windows XP Pro that I just saved from the recycle pile. It's not that old and could be a good machine. However, a service takes care of these cpus and makes them so that people can't add anything to the cpus such as more memory or new keyboards or mice. Does anyone know how to unblock something like this? I tried restore factory settings in bios but that didn't work. Please let me know if you can help.

A:Mouse and Keyboard won't work

Hi wimtalker, and welcome to BleepingComputer.

In the movie "Cool Hand Luke" there is a famous quote... "What we have here is failure to communicate". And I suspect that is part of what is happening here.

First, when you refer to a CPU, are you referring to a PC (Personal Computer)?

What service are you referring to?

Adding RAM or making any other physical changes that don't involve changes to the BIOS that the manufacturer may have locked can be made.

Would you please post the model of the computer?
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Hello days ago I was uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security after reboot mouse and keyboard don t work kb is ps and mouse USB and after turning off the PC with power button keyboard was still on and I could turn on the computer with any button on keyboard Never had something like that Keyboard works in Bios I disable option to turn on the computer with keyboard - that doesn t change a thing work. mouse keyboard and don't First what i did is put CD with win xp turn on recovery consol and from there mouse and keyboard don't work. I replaced files sam security system default software from restore folder with date before this issue but that dosen t fix my problem mouse and keyboard still don t work which is odd Then I repleced the driver i sys but this also do nothing Then my firend told me to repair partion with windows xp by windows xp CD I did that and during instalation of devices i ve got an error quot Failed to install one of the core mouse and keyboard don't work. component which may affect driver functionality The most recent driver that worked will now be restored quot and I have to click OK Thing is in this installation mouse and keyboard also don t work and I can t finish repair because I can t give a command to proceed I ve check different mouses and keyboards with USB and PS ports also check all the ports Nothing On my other hard drive I have win consumer preview and in this system keyboard and mouse work Why I think this is the issue with motherboard is that after turning off the pc kayboard was still on Lights etc and I could start computer with keyboard Before this issue when shouting down the pc keyboard was also shouting down That explains why restoring registry files from date before malfunction and switching keyboard driver i sys didn t fix it Windows didn t show any errors Sad thing mouse and keyboard don't work. is that by trying to repair partion with xp win dissapeared from boot menu also hard drive with win IDE drive dissapeard from BIOS In order to boot win I had to dissconnect the hard drive with xp Now i don t know what to do to boot win and that other hard drive with xp in order to at least have acces to my files this hard drive with XP Sata drive was my main hd this with win is old IDE drive But I think if i can change something in motherboard that leaves keyboard on after shouting down the pc it will fix the issue and let finish repair of partition with windows XP It have to be motherboard cause what else could leave kayboard on when pc is turned down Dunno have chaos in my head I spend many hours on google and find somebody with simmiliar problem and in that person cause Even formating the hard drive didn t fix the issue I don t know much about working of the motherboard i assume it have somewhere section which is resposible of manage the power which cause the keyboard to be on after shouting down the PC add to that XP which possible can t manage that kind of behavior and shouting down controls I hope you can help my in some way and that my english is good enough nbsp

A:mouse and keyboard don't work.

Hello, mehow89 and welcome to TSG.

I've taken the trouble to put your post into a certain paragraph structure, lest any reader gets as breathless as your original version sounded. And just gives up after reading the first 10 per cent.

I think your English is fairly good and should now be more easy to decipher.

Although "shouting" down keyboard and PC is rarely a solution and merely annoys the neighborhood.

But readers may now also understand that you meant "shutting down"

Please be patient for reply.
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I really need someone to help me please!
i bought a new case and installed my Asrock motherboard it will not recognize the mouse nor the i borowed from a friend a ps2 keyboard and mouse it will not work either.
what can i do....i really need your help!!!!
the computer starts and goes to the log in windows xp but i can't use any of the usbs or ps2.

A:My Ps2 keyboard or mouse won't work!!

So fundamental an error, that you must get an answer out of Asrock, or return the motherboard. Get on the phone with their tech support. They will most likely have you return it after a couple of tests.
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Have a home built computer which was a great machine, but now the mouse and keyboard will not work either in the usb ports or the ps-2 ports. The computer will boot up to windows xp login but not further. Help!

A:Mouse and keyboard will not work at all


sounds like windows has stuffed its drivers, boot from your XP CD and run the repair option.
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I installed a new video card and uninstalled my old video card drivers yesterday. When I restarted my computer my mouse and keyboard wouldn't work(lights weren't on either). So I tried different usb slots and unplugging and plugging Em back in and nothing was working. I've since realized that it has to be a software problem because when I go into bios its reading them both and I can use both of them while I'm in bios, but when I go into windows they don't work or light up. Any help please!!

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hi iv had vista installed on my laptop(acer aspire 3100) for a while now it was broke at first then i managed to fix it but now the problem is my mouse and keyboard no longer work in addition to that my usb ports do not work aswell so i cant plug any spare ones in iv tried fn+f7 people have told me to try and run bios but i dont think they understand the fact of my keyboard and mouse dont work and if the usb dosent work aswell how am i suppose to get their so im pretty stuck

A:Keyboard and mouse don't work

try starting the computer in safe mode, power on and start tapping the f8 key ...see if the keyboard/mouse will work there.
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I just recently received my computer back from my neighbor who supposedly fixed my Windows XP E-Machine T- I got a Don't Mouse / Keyboard Work virus on the computer and the only way to fix it Mouse / Keyboard Don't Work was to install new software I had Windows XP Media Edition on it but my neighbor installed Windows Professional Edition I hooked up my wireless keyboard and mouse to the correct ports in back and they wont work I even tried a wired mouse and keyboard in the ports and they don't work either From what I was told my neighbor installed a completely new motherboard because my old one either burned out or wasn't installed Mouse / Keyboard Don't Work correctly My wireless keyboard and mouse run through the same cord - one plugs into a USB slot and the other is green that plugs into the mouse port Batteries are brand new so there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work I am decently computer savvy and I know my basics Someone please help I would greatly appreciate it Thanks D

A:Mouse / Keyboard Don't Work

Did you install the Wireless drivers for WinXP?
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I've got Windows XP Home installed on a PC. The owner of the PC, after Windows prompted him to install some sort of mouse/keyboard software used with new hardware, lost the use of his mouse and keyboard. This may or may not be the problem, as he's had the same mouse/keyboard/computer combination for about 2 years.
I can't get past the welcome/log in screen (the same thing even happens in safe mode). Both the keyboard and the mouse are plugged in via the green and purple ports on the back of the computer (sorry, I can't remember what that's called at the moment). The mouse is optical and my brother (the computer owner) says that the red light on the bottom of the mouse came on in Safe Mode, but it still would not work (nor would the keyboard).

Any and all help would be very much appreciated.

A:Mouse and Keyboard don't work

Is it possible to uninstall that sotware thru the Contol Panel's Add/Remove Programs.Another option may be to use System Restore and roll the system back to a date prior to installing the software.See..Windows XP System Restore Guide
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I have a dell optiplexe sx280, Win xp pro, Sp2. I had removed the mouse to use on another pc. Put the mouse back and now the keyboard and mouse does not workin Windows. Did this with power off. PC boots up ok, but gets to a point where windows give a message "found new hardware and asked if I want to let it find it one time. But I can't get the mouse to move. Can't use the keyboard either. But I can get it to work while its in the test dianogtics mode. Doen't work in Safe Mode. I just can't seem to get it to work in windows.

A:Mouse / Keyboard don't work in Win xp

Is the mouse plugged into the same USB slot as it was before?
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I'm having A software issue. I have tested my PC with both USB and Standard Mouse and Keyboards. The USB Mouse is the only one working.

What caused the problem?

I have an idea as to where it may have started.
I loaned one of my Computers to A friend for A couple of months.
Out of gratitude, he upgraded my OS from perfectly working and legitimate copy of XP, to A pirated copy of XPpro. I'm not exactly sure how he went about it.

I want to reset my computer, but I'm not sure how to do it without A keyboard.

Any help would greatly appreciated.

A:Help! Keyboard and Mouse will not work.

Stay away from pirated versions. They will cause you problems. If you still have your original XP installation disc, reformat your HD from DOS and reinstall you legit version of XP. If your USB mouse is working, you should be able to backup your data before doing the reformat. If you have a second HD move your data there. If not, and you have a CD burner, move them to a CD, otherwise, move them to floppies. It's tedious, but better than losing your data. Once you've backed up your data, run start/run/cmd and enter format C. Otherwise, reboot and keep pressing F8. This will give you the option to go to command mode Again enter format C.
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My keyboard and mouse won't work since Windows 10 did an update yesterday.

A:Keyboard and mouse won't work

Help us to help you by providing the following information. 1.  The complete Model Name. or Product Number. of the notebook - see This HP web document if you don't how to locate the model number and\or product number.
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ok it all started with me using imesh lite, i think that caused it. but after i opened the program, my msword got modified. when i restart comp. my hal.dll got corrupted so i had to use xp disc to repair along with some oher sys files needed to boot up comp. Afterwards my keyboard and mouse don't work. it says: This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12). so i been uninstal the driver and disable it, but no use. the keyboard actually work on start-up but after windows load it stops working. Right now i have to use on-screen keyboard and usb mouse. i don't wanna just format harddrive, so if theres other prossible solution. l hope some an help me out with this. Thanks.

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A friend of mine has been having some problems with his computer.
He has a Compaq...its about 3 years old.... The mouse and keyboard are detected fine......just the keyboard will not work at all.....the mouse will let you click once and then it will not work at all......We have tried hundreds of things.....

Let me know If you can suggest anything?

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ok it all started with me using imesh lite, i think that caused it. but after i opened the program, my msword got modified. when i restart comp. my hal.dll got corrupted so i had to use xp disc to repair along with some oher sys files needed to boot up comp. Afterwards my keyboard and mouse don't work. it says: This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12). so i been uninstal the driver and disable it, but no use. the keyboard actually work on start-up but after windows load it stops working. Right now i have to use on-screen keyboard and usb mouse. l hope some an help me out with this. Thanks.

A:Keyboard & mouse don't work!


Originally Posted by ecko

ok it all started with me using imesh lite, i think that caused it. but after i opened the program, my msword got modified. when i restart comp. my hal.dll got corrupted so i had to use xp disc to repair along with some oher sys files needed to boot up comp. Afterwards my keyboard and mouse don't work. it says: This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12). so i been uninstal the driver and disable it, but no use. the keyboard actually work on start-up but after windows load it stops working. Right now i have to use on-screen keyboard and usb mouse. l hope some an help me out with this. Thanks.

What you have now has a technical term for it. It's known as "A Mess"
Not your fault, really: You didn't know what to do and so you did what you thought was the right thing.

What you should have done is run anti-mallware software (Sybot S&D TX, Spyblaster, AdAware SE) or a specific iMesh removal tool. (if there is one).
(I have no idea what iMesh is, but I'm assuming its yet another peice of malware/spyware/adware junk)

But, it's too late for that. Now you've got a mess in your system registry and more than likely you also have an infected (maliciously modified) kernel.

What to do? Well, I hope you backed up your files before you did whatever it was you did, becaue everything on your os-resident drive (that is, the drive where Windows is residing) has got to be wiped out. Usualy, that's the C: drive. If there's a secondary drive (that is, a second physical hard drive, not just a second partition on the main phisical drive) it may be safe to retain that drive and you may not have to wipe it out as well.

You're goning to have to get the Hard Drive Mfgs. drive management utility. Get the version that makes you a bootable floppy, and then boot from that floppy. That will allow you to zero-sum-fill the drive (that is, write zeros to every cluster in every sector of that drive, including the Master Boot Sector.) This is more secure than simply re-formating the drive becasue it leaves no trace of any information from before the zero-sum-fill, ensuring a "virgin" drive for you to work with.
Next step: install Windows XP again. If your hardware is in good working order, this shouldn't be a problem. (asuming yiou have a valid copy of XP and still have the CD Key). If you have an WinXP SP2 Slipstream CD, youse that. Otherwise, use either Windows Update, Automatic Updates, or a SP2 install CD to take the machine to Service Pack 2. Then, get the post-sp2 updates, re-install your office software, patch the office software, stop using IE and switch to Firefox, and get whatever other software you want on your new install of XP.

And then don't take chances with untrustworthy software again, so ka?
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When I tried to recover my Windows XP files, I got this pop-up message after recovering and restarting my computer:

(in the installation window)

" The file "asms" on Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 CD is needed.
Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.

Copy files from:

The problem is that I CAN'T click OK because neither my mouse or the keyboard is working at that part of the installation... What do I do? How can I press "OK"?


A:Mouse And Keyboard Don't Work

What are you using, wireless mouse and keyboard?

If so you may have to use a more generic keyboard and mouse to install xp, then switch back once done.
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I'm not sure which category this should be under so I just picked one. We have a Dell Dimension 3000 that is used as a backup computer. However, just recently it's not recognizing any keyboard or mouse plugged into the usb ports. We've tried each port but to no avail. What would cause this? Is this something that I would have to have it serviced? For financial reasons, I'm hoping not. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Keyboard and mouse won't work


does it recognise any device such as a webcam or a pendrive..?
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I was using my laptop and then put it to sleep. A while later, I opened the lid and my keyboard & built-in mouse aren't working. I restarted it to no avail. Device Manager says, "This device cannot start. (code 10)" when I click on the mouse in the device list, but it says the keyboard is working. I re-installed the mouse driver, also to no avail. Not even system restore (to a restore point made two days ago) worked. Kaspersky found nothing.

I have HijackThis and DSS logs, if that means anything. I'm running Vista Business on an HP Pavilion dv2500 Entertainment PC.
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hey guys, i just inserted an older pci e graphics card compatible with an old system im rebuilding, it recognises it fine and works, however when my pc logs on after boot my keyboard and mouse (USB) don't work at all, not recognised it seems, at first i thought it was power, or the lack of it, so i replaced the stock 300watt with an OCZ 750watt psu and tried again, still the same, any idea why my usb devices arent active?

A:USB keyboard and mouse don't work

bios must have reset and keyboard etc not enabled have a look in there
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My mouse was behaving erratically, and I saw that the device manager had about 5 copies of HID drivers with triangles warnings. I uninstalled one of them, and now I can't use my usb mouse or keyboard in windows. I can boot up to cd rom with BartPE and have keyboard and mouse control, and can f8 into safe mode, but then keyboard and mouse no longer work.

Is there a driver file I can copy over the corrupted version to correct this?

A:HELP! Mouse and Keyboard don't work

Uninstall all the drivers with yellow triangles beside them and reboot.
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I am having a problem with the USB keyboard and mouse. Simply they are not responding. However, I do not have PS/2 connectors. The desktop is frozen. I am willing to reformat the hard drive but I do not know how. Any feedback is welcome.

I've read it might have something to do with the lithium-ion battery, is this true? I have removed it, waited for 24hrs but still did not reset. Please help !!!

A:Dell XPS 400 USB keyboard and mouse not working


Thank you for responding. I have plugged in my flash drive in the front ports but there is no response. As far as the BIOS, I do not recall the settings however, all ports were working before so I assume the settings remained.
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Have a dell computer that asking me to hint F1 or F2, however, the use keyboard is not recognize in dos mode. I readed a lot of forums, it seems like I might have to buy a new motherboard. For a month I been trying everything; nothing is working for me. However. I can across this site, and found this part " Syba PCI 32-bit High Speed USB 2.0 2x Ports and 2x PS2 Port Combo Card ". I would like to know if this part would help me out?


A:USB keyboard and mouse-Dell Computer

Do you have PS/2 ports on your computer already? If so, all you may need is a very inexpensive PS/2 keyboard. I'd go to some mom/pop store and get the cheapest one available (or just borrow one). Be aware that some boards do not enable the PCI bus until after the system boots past the CMOS setup.

When you are able to get into the BIOS, enable legacy USB support.

Relevancy 63.21%

It is a 4 year old desktop with XP.

I have brought it home to fix for someone, and just discovered none of my USB devices work with it.

It has no PS2 sockets for the usual keyboards and mice

Just wondered if there was a workaround ?


A:Dell 5100 and USB Keyboard/Mouse

Check your bios settings to see if usb support is enabled. What is the reason you are working on this?
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I've read this is a common problem, but nothing has lead me to a conclusion. I'm working on a computer (Dell E310 with WMCE 2005) and my USB mouse and keyboard will not work (no PS2 ports ). I have made sure the USB ports are turned on in BIOS and have tried multiple mice and keyboards. The customer reports that theirs had worked fine, but mine will not. The weird thing is...they will work fine if I load a BootCD and run off of that. I have tried Safe Mode (every one), Debugging Mode, Last Good Config., everything I could think of and nothing works. I can't get to the Device Manager to even uninstall the USB devices in case they are corrupt. I am desperately in need of help here, thanks!!

A:Dell E-310 Mouse & Keyboard Problem

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My husband locked his keyboard yesterday to prevent the cat from typing, came back to a black screen, rebooted his PC, and got a Windows Resume Loader screen, with the options: "Continue with system resume" and "Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu"; "Enter=choose".
But the keyboard is completely unresponsive. We tried plugging in my USB-keyboard (his is wireless), but that didn't respond either. We tried plugging it in with a PS2 converter, since the solutions on the web appear to point to using a PS2 keyboard, but that one didn't respond either.

He runs Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit on an Alienware with an Intel quadcore processor and 8G DDR2 RAM.

Any thoughts, oh wise people?

Edit: We managed to solve it by taking out the CMOS battery and replacing it, as described here:
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Hi everyone this is my mouse dell 22 Catch [SOLVED] keyboard no or first post [SOLVED] Catch 22 dell no keyboard or mouse so please go easy on me I have in my office a Dell Dimension that had a faulty motherboard blown capacitors x so I got a new one exactly the same off [SOLVED] Catch 22 dell no keyboard or mouse the Bay My problem is that when booting into windows xp the found new hardware comes up to install everything this got so far and is stuck at audio device asking for me to click next which i cannot do because the keyboard or mouse does not work yet because they are not getting installed before everything else they work in the bios they work using UBCD win there is no legacy support for usb option in the bios there are no PS on this tower and no serials either This problem existed before the replacement motherboard as the only keyboard and mouse that would work was the original ones in the original usb ports already installed any new usb ones tried to install but needed to click next at found new hardware wizard catch safe mode is exactly the same the only thing i can think of is a pci ps card if they exist but i want to get this dell out of my office quicker than waiting weeks for it to arrive Does anyone know why xp is insisting on manual installation of every device even my monitor apparently needs installing I have tried a few different usb keyboards and mice but same result I have the original dell ones here but they are so far down the cue or being installed please any ideas help would be greatly appreciated

A:[SOLVED] Catch 22 dell no keyboard or mouse

Have you tried disabling the on-board audio in Bios and then re-booting ; that may stop the audio device from requiring drivers be loaded.
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thought I had virus because no files would the keyboard and mouse won't move. this dell xps 400 is four years old.I think motherboard is gone
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The mouse and keyboard on my DELL XPS410 have stopped functioning. After coming on the screen asks for my password. Any ideas? Thank you, Jack

A:DELL XPS 410 desktop mouse and keyboard not functioning

If you're using a PS/2 keyboard and mouse, make sure they're plugged into the correct ports. If you're using USB keyboard and mouse, try PS/2 hardware instead--if it has PS/2 ports. If it has no PS/2 ports try different USB ports.Did anything happen to it or did you make any changes between the last time it worked OK and the first time it didn't?
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I m trying to help Dimension turn Dell on, E510 help won't please my friend to figure out why her Dell Dimension E won t turn on anymore I plugged in the power cord to a working wall outlet and pressed on the power button and nothing happens not even the blink orange LED lights as most people have mentioned Dell Dimension E510 won't turn on, please help in the forums The only light I see is a solid green light on the mobo I tried to take out the CMOS battery and put it back in and didn t help I unplugged the power connector from the PSU that goes into the mobo and replugged it back in and I see the computer was getting power for a few seconds as the front panel power lid up for a few secs and then it just shuts back down again I tried this a few times and same results every time Do you think the problem is in the PSU Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks ccnyc nbsp

A:Dell Dimension E510 won't turn on, please help

Starting with the obvious-Is the 4 pin ATX12V1 power plugged in ?
CMOS battery could be dead.
Have you tried clearing CMOS (RTCRST Jumper pins 1 and 2)
PSU could be dead.
I presume that the four diagnostic lights on the rear I/O panel are non-functional ?
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Ok, So the computer got the blue screen of death, and i was planning on fixing that but when I wake up my sister has decided to open the side and dust the computer...So now when i connect the desktop to the monitor the computer first flashes orange the second i hit the power then turns green makes some beeps then runs normally or so it seems. The only problem is that the monitor isnt getting a feed and remains in powersave mode; also, the UsB ports dont seem to be working because the keyboard doesn't work or anything else to my knowledge... could my sister have unplugged anything? the numbers lit up on the front of the comp are 3 and 4

A:Dell Dimension E510 not powering

any help would be appreciated.. also there is power comming from the usb ports but nothing is working (keyboard) ,because when i plug in this light up mouse pad it works
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I'm working on a Dell and here is the problem I'm having. I get a Keyboard Failure a Floppy Diskette Failure a Strike the F1 key to Continue and a F2 to Run Set Up Utility.
I know the keyboard works. I tried a new Power Supply..Dut I can not get past that screen.
Help Please

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find the best CPU Upgrade for my Dell e510. I wish to upgrade from the current processor that I have which is a Intel Pentinum D 2.66 ghz. I have been to sites where they say that my computer may be or may not be compatible with an Intel Core 2 Duo. I am completely confused. I do not know what latest processor is my computer compatible with. The manual of my computer is located here listing all the specs:

I would appreciate any help from people that are really knowledgble on this topic.


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This Dell garbled Sound is E510 E was bought last Jan and is now out Dell E510 Sound is garbled of warranty During the first year I have had at least occasions where Dell E510 Sound is garbled the sound becomes garbled The first time Dell Dell E510 Sound is garbled CS took remote control of the pc and repaired a file but did not save the repari file to the pc for future use The second time Dell CS did not know what I was talking about when I referenced the first repair method and a system restore was required to fix the problem The third time Dell CS had a tech come out and replace the motherboard to fix the problem Now that the waranty has expired the pc did it again last night Sound on boot up was garbled and WMP and iTunes could not play music At first it was garbled then no sound at all Sound alternates at best To me it sounds like a software or driver problem Maybe even something in the BIOS I am no tech and seek any advice at this point I am ready to make an anchor of this pc as it has hacked me off too many times Help please nbsp

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One of my Dell E desktops won t turn on It was working fine no prior symptoms I have Windows XP sp I pushed the quot on off quot button E510 Solved: on won't turn Dell Nothing happened I held the button - the amber light blinked repeatedly I swapped power supplies with my identical E The one I took out worked fine in the other machine and the one I put in did not work So it s not the power supply Solved: Dell E510 won't turn on I replaced the CMOS battery No help Now the symptoms changed slightly The amber light blinks ALL the time when the machine is plugged in and I see and hear the power supply fan making a very slight attempt to turn It doesn t The on off button does nothing The only way to stop the blinking amber Solved: Dell E510 won't turn on light and fan attempt is to unplug the machine I checked the obvious connections All computer parts are original I see nothing obviously fried on the motherboard My wife is yelling at me Any suggestions Thanks nbsp

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I just got a new video card and power supply to support the video card, but i don't know how many watts my motherboard can take. Could anyone help me figure that out because i couldn't find it on my bios.

A:Help with Upgrading a Dell Dimension E510

The M/b will only take how much watts it needs, even if you had a thousand watt PowerSupply.
It came with a 305 W Power Supply
Anything better than that will do
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When i try to turn on my DELL Dimension E510 the Power On button just keeping blinking. I have change the power supply and I have change the battery on the motherboard but no change. Can anyone please help to figure out what wrong with it?

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my e510 came with dual core 3 ghz processor 64 bit
1 gb ram upgraded to 3 gb
80 gb hdd added second 320 gb, total 400gb 2 hdd
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Hello all I am having a problem with my Dell Dimension E During the boot process it stops with the Dell logo screen and with and LEDs on The task bar is about an inch form complete It doesn t see the F nor F keys pressed When I first had problems I saw the and LEDs on about half the time Info on the PC Model H N System Dell DM BIOS version A Service tag KXW Express service code Things I have tried replaced the power supply removed modem card reseated memory sticks disconnected CD and DVD Dell E510 boot problem drives disconnected front panel card readers removed checked and reinstalled Dell E510 boot problem battery reads v replaced SATA cable replaced HDD tried keyboard on other USB ports only ever worked out of on day one - gave up trying to get Dell help from Indians reseated video card reseated cable to front panel LEDs and USB ports About a year ago had problems powering on Noticed the Dell E510 boot problem power supply voltage ran a little low about V Found that the problem did not occur with the side panel off so left it off The new power supply v is also slightly less than v I am Dell E510 boot problem thinking I can pull the mother brd out and bench test it by checking voltage at solder pads and component leads for cold solder joints Any suggestions would be appreciated HarryA nbsp

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Hello I've read posts on here before that have helped me and I have seen a few like this but none that really were able to help This is my current situation I have a Dell E with Windows XP I believe SP installed I had moved my desktop to another room and when I set it back up my keyboard and mouse no longer work once Windows loads where they were before They still work when [SOLVED] and Keyboard won't USB Mouse work going into the BIOS but not Windows safe mode or any other mode They are USB mouse [SOLVED] USB Keyboard and Mouse won't work and keyboard There are no PS ports to try those I have tried many different keyboards and mice and all USB ports Have even tried [SOLVED] USB Keyboard and Mouse won't work with the keyboard and mouse that came with the computer I don't have the retail XP cd but have tried using another bootable cd with multiple versions of windows able to be installed I tried selecting the different XP installs and performing a repair with no luck Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:[SOLVED] USB Keyboard and Mouse won't work

Control Panel> System> Hardware> Device Manager - Delete all drivers associated with the keyboard, mouse and usb drivers in question. Reboot, it will ask to reinstall drivers automatically.
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Help!! I was running several applications and my computer seemed to crash--the screen went blank and I got no response from the mouse or keyboard. When I pushed the power button, the screen came on & windows shut down normally. Upon restart, neither the keyboard or mouse would work after windows started. I turned it off and restarted again, going into BIOS and the keyboard worked fine. Upon exiting and continuing startup, again no response from mouse or keyboard. Possible contributing factor: about half an hour before the mouse/keyboard problem started, I got a huge static shock when I touched my mouse. But then I used the mouse with no problem for ~30 min. ?? Any ideas? BTW, I'm running XP Home on a Compaq Presario. Thanks.

A:XP: Keyboard and mouse won't work after startup

something similiar with me one time
remove everything from computer (power, mouse, keyboard, speakers, modem , anything physically connected to the PC) Now press and hold the power button on the PC for about 25 - 30 secs.
reconnect the mouse, monitor, keyboard and power
now turn on PC and see if this will help, if so shut down properly and connect your other devices
Turn on to make sure still working

By doing this, you release any static electricity that may be in the computer
Hope this works
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my old pc's mobo died so i got a new board, intel trinity valley, i then put my old hdd into the new built system , not re-installing windows but just putting the drivers and registry entry in so thatt it would boot and not give a stop error far it boots up into windows, then it starts installing devices but starts with the processor fisrt and not keyboard and mouse the processor install screen it ssays driver not signed and i gota click continue anyway but i cant coz it didnt install the mouse now im stuck

A:old hdd put into new pc now mouse and keyboard doesnt work

Are you using a usb keyboard and mouse? Sometimes they don't load up as quickly as a ps2 type. Might see if you can borrow from a friend, or get a cheap set for this purpose.
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A friend of mine bought a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop V Keyboard amp Wireless work 'always' MS don't keyboard/mouse Mouse USB PS combo on my recommendation and it s acting well wierd and therefore making me look a clown but that s not a first Basically she plugged mouse amp keyboard combo in followed the instructions in the pdf file that told her to download the intellipoint software and install hit the sync buttons and voila the mouse and keyboard worked fine No problem there However every time since then that she boots up her pc it s hit and miss whether the mouse keyboard will work or not She often will have to reboot ie hold Wireless MS keyboard/mouse don't 'always' work in the power button on her pc up to times before the mouse keyboard work ok Sometimes like once in boots it works first time The wierd thing is the usb transmitter with the flashing lights on top if when the pc boots up there are no lights the combo works fine if one of the lights stays lit they don t work Any ideas System AMD XP Asus A V X mobo via VT apollo KT chipset Wireless MS keyboard/mouse don't 'always' work MB pc DER SDRAM DIMM GeForce Wireless MS keyboard/mouse don't 'always' work FX agp onboard AC sound Maxtor GB rpm hd ata Sony DVD RW DW-D a DVD ROM NIC rj through to D-link -port router for MB BB Award Bios revision XP home tvm nbsp

A:Wireless MS keyboard/mouse don't 'always' work

Many people experience this type of problem. A lot of it has to do with electrical interference and/or radio and TV. The electrical lines in the wall messed up mine. You might first try making sure that there are no electrical cords, radio, TV near by. If that doesn't work try moving the computer to a different location and farther away from the monitor.
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I'll start from scratch on what I did I installed a doesnt work Mouse & KeyBoard program to irecovery exe I think this is what killed usb drives Once i restarted my computer my mouse and keyboard wasn t recognizing on my machine Windows would load up but I couldnt move my mouse or type in my password I read online that my usb drives were uninstalled and I would need to use a ps mouse keyboard to access my computer After trying different usb slots and then getting a ps to USB converter Nothing KeyBoard & Mouse doesnt work works Then i read online that the next best way to go about this issue is into bios either hitting F or delete Now my problem is always i've never seen the bios screen It would just KeyBoard & Mouse doesnt work stay dark until the window screen would load If i press delete or F it will just stay blank the screen if i dont touch anything then it loads to windwos but i cant move my mouse What do i do next Windows

A:KeyBoard & Mouse doesnt work

If you have managed to remove the USB drivers I would imagine the easiest way forward would be to do a repair install from your Windows 7 install disk.

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I recently had some problems with a bad PSU and I stripped down the system to just run with mobo RAM CPU amp GPU to find the problem didn t know which part was faulty I got a new PSU installed everything and booted While POSTing the lights on the keyboard go on and out which is normal but when it says quot press DEL to enter BIOS setup quot it has already stopped working It goes on booting POST Mouse/Keyboard after work don't into Windows where I found out the mouse doesn t work either When I plug the keyboard out whilst in Windows Mouse/Keyboard don't work after POST and then back in the PC gives one short beep it does not do this for the mouse however After the beep it still does not respond though There was a quot found new hardware quot dialog open but I don t know what it was for and since I can t use any of the peripherals mouse amp keyboard I can t install it either So then I tried clearing the CMOS I have an MSI K N Diamond Plus with a handy red button When I boot it gives me a screen that says quot CMOS Checksum Bad quot Accompanied with my obvious swearing and cursing it gave me two options either go into setup or load the system defaults But the keyboard doesn t work so I m stuck So yeah after five weeks without PC I finally get it to boot and then this happens Please help me out nbsp

A:Mouse/Keyboard don't work after POST

Do your mouse and keyboard have ps2 or usb plugs?
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As soon as I plugged a USB drive into my computer... The keboard and mouse stopped working. The screen still shows things happening (such as when its booting up). I have restarted the computer multiple times and still nothing. I don't know much about BIOS so I'm not really sure what to do. Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Mouse and Keyboard do not work


Do you have your Windows 7 disc handy? If so I would boot from that, go into Startup Repair and try a System Restore.


If your Keyboard works during boot then tap F8 until you see the Advanced boot menu and try going into Safe Mode

Let me know