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All newborn photos corrupt on external hard drive

Q: All newborn photos corrupt on external hard drive

Guys I need all the expert help I can get I ve got a Western Digital quot My Book quot i think it was called that that has had every picture that me and my girlfriend have ever corrupt drive hard photos All on newborn external taken including when we first met holidays pets and most importantly pictures of All newborn photos corrupt on external hard drive my girlfriends pregnancy and s of photo s of our month old son that have all gone missing and even some other photo s that still show the thumbnail image don t open because I get an error saying that photo s are corrupt or damaged my girlfriend is already going mad and I don t know what software to get them back At present i ve tried opening with different picture veiwers like photoshop no luck I ve tried EASEUS Photo recovery software but then cancelled because I read that Recova could do a better job turns out recova doesn t work on external drives NOW NOTHING WILL OPEN ON THE EXTERNAL HDD I need some expert advise on what program WORKS to try and recovery these files A S A P because otherwise we will be devistated I don t wanna buy loads diferent software only to find that i m doing more damage nbsp

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Preferred Solution: All newborn photos corrupt on external hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: All newborn photos corrupt on external hard drive

try pc inspector file recovery.

ALWAYS back up photos to more than one device.
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I have accidently imported my photos from my phone to the hp photo section on my notebook. I didn't want them to be on the computer but i wanted them on my external harddrive. I have been into the folder and highlighted all photos, copied them but when i try to paste them it wont allow me to paste them anywhere but in the photo's gallery where they already are. Any ideas how to remove them from the computer and put them onto my external hardrive?
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I have just bought a WD external hard drive to store my photos on and I have plugged it in to the laptop but how do I transfer the pictures to it?

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Ok so here is the deal its really quite simple it Corrupt Drive Hard External seems that the external hard drive forgot what its system was When I check all my hard drive say FAT or NTFS when I check this one doesn t have anything written down at all the column for Corrupt External Hard Drive its file system is just blank I ran stellar phoenix and it basically said it was either to corrupt or invalid I m not really sure what i should be doing should I format it and then run a file recovery software and hope for the best or is there any way to remind it of what its file system was before the issue It happened after a friend of mine connected it to a Wii Also under properties it says its RAW Apparently alot of hard drive have been forgettin their size and it might of happened to this one since its GB but properties registers it as bytes which was what i was hoping was the issue but when i ran HDD capacity Restore which i believe is the correct program for the drive just didn t show nbsp

A:Corrupt External Hard Drive

hopefully there is nothing important on it, I would reformat it completely. First run the disk check utility on it though, make sure you have it checked to fix corrupted blocks. If check disk doesn't find anything format.
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I need to recover some files from my external hard drive as i cant access them. What software shall i use? I have some priceless pitures on there please help.

It is a Lacie Hard drive and comes up as the f:
Whenever i try to open the f: it comes up as the drive needs formatting and shows me theres nothing on it. Please suggest what i should do. I really dont want to lose my pictures

Thanks in advanced.

A:External Hard Drive Corrupt

what was the last thing you did to your system (either hardware or software) before this happened?

Is your computer a desktop, and if so, can you install it as a slave drive inside your computer and try to access it from there??
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Hi im new here so I don t know if im posting in the right forum but I bought a TB western digtal Elements external hard drive at the start of and weeks ago I plugged it into my xbox to put some photos on to it and when I was finish with it days later after I used external drive Corrupt hard it on my xbox I plugged it Corrupt external hard drive into my Corrupt external hard drive laptop and find none of my files what was on my extrnal hard drive was there so I tired all alot of programs to try and get my data back but none of them worked all I got was this external hard is badly corrupt so im wonding is there any hope for me that I can recover my files as they are important to me as im working towards being a photographer and I always back my videos I got or my photos I took on the External hard drive aswell as my docs and all my music what is like or more songs on it so im just wonding what can I do to get my files off in one piece nbsp

A:Corrupt external hard drive

Yeah! dear you can recover your all photos. I want to ask you that did you try any data recovery or photo recovery software till now? if not then you should I am assuring you will get back your all files . If you want I can help you by suggesting some renowned photo recovery software.
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Hi all I know this is a topic that generates questions all the time but I haven't yet found a solution that works from all the searching I've done My external hard drive TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex is as far as I can tell corrupted in some manner I don't remember exactly the circumstances involved--from when it was fine to when it was no longer recognized--but suffice it to say that Windows was involved never had a drive become unreadable under OS X or Linux this is the second time while using Windows that it's happened I've attached some drive external need rescue to hard corrupt(?) relevant screenshots When I connect the drive it doesnt' appear in Explorer It also doesn't appear when I connect in Ubuntu I currently dual boot Win and Ubuntu However when I look it up in Device Manager sometimes it appears sometimes it doesn't When it does appear it is listed as quot Disk Drive quot I've tried a number of things but nothing seems to get it working Oh also when I turn on the external hard drive even if it need to rescue corrupt(?) external hard drive is not plugged into the USB port I can feel need to rescue corrupt(?) external hard drive the disk spinning and every few seconds or seconds I can feel it grind that's the best way to describe it It doesn't make noise it's just a consistent spin spin spin grind spin spin spin grind at - second intervals as if it's stuck in a pattern of not locating a file and just spinning mindlessly need to rescue corrupt(?) external hard drive What else can I use I'd rather use something free than have to pay I tried KNOPPIX before realizing it was for internal drives Any help is appreciated I want to rescue the data and get the drive functioning again I'm upgrading my computer and need to back everything up

A:need to rescue corrupt(?) external hard drive

Does the drive appear under disk management?
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Ok, So, today I left my computer on while i went out for a little while as it was making an archive of a file (located on my internal hard drive). I came home to find the computer locked up on the screen saver, tried a "Ctrl-Alt-Del", and nothing happened. I waited a little bit to see if it would load, because he screen was off and came on when I moved my mouse. Still nothing. So I did a hard shut-off, then rebooted. Soon after, I came to find that my external hard-drive was screwed up. I can't rename anything, open any folders, or anything. I have very important stuff on here, can anybody help me? is there a way that like OS X or Linux could still read it? (It happened to me once before, but it only said the drive needed to be formatted, nothing like this.)

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Hi all I recently got myself a new external hard drive and proceed to move all my data to the new bigger one During this process I used a fantastic program called quot Beyond Compare quot to check the integrity of data between the old and new drive which resulted in me realising that I had lots of corrupt JPG files I have drive corrupt - hard on help JPGs external three gb external drives with identical data on help - corrupt JPGs on external hard drive each thus managed to recover most of the files from each of the three drives I found a good but relativity unstable JPG error checking program called quot Badpeggy quot and wondered if anyone knows a stable free program to scan through hundreds of GB of JPG RAW and AVI files to check for errors why the files may have been damaged and what is the best way to protect them in the future if its worth backing them help - corrupt JPGs on external hard drive up help - corrupt JPGs on external hard drive to DVD GB for reliable archive I d appreciate your expert advice as I m now very worried of loosing the pictures of my little boy as they re all digital Thanks in advance Reggie

A:help - corrupt JPGs on external hard drive

1) anyone knows a stable free program to scan through hundreds of GB of JPG, RAW and AVI files to check for errors?Well...first thing is to somewhat understand some of the things which may result in file damage/corruption of data.Causes of Data Corruption - Data corruption and loss causes and avoidance - As you can's difficult to pin down an exact cause for every case of data corruption. I would say that the general tool used for attempting to overcome such...would be the chkdsk /r command within Windows, the general file system tool.Back in the floppy disk era...files on floppies might possibly become corrupt at some time...the general fix was to run ScanDisk (precursor of chkdsk /r command) on the floppy and hope for the best.2) why the files may have been damaged, and what is the best way to protect them in the future?Covered above.3) if its worth backing them up to DVD (350GB) for reliable archive?"Reliable" is a word I seldom associate with any type of media...hard drive, CD, DVD, USB device...because there are too many unknowns. "Reasonable" would be the concept I apply to computer storage.Every user has a preference...indulge in yours, being aware that nothing lasts forever or is guaranteed to be there when you want it. I prefer using hard drives to make clones of my valued CD/DVDs or other media. No guarantee that a given drive will work when I want it to, but it's what I have confidence in.If you do any research, you can see that CDs and DVDs cannot be expected to last forever, nor can hard drives. But each provides a reasonable attempt at storing valued files and that's all that I believe that I should expect. My take on data storage is that...the goal is to provide at least one additional copy of the things I consider valued...for the time when things go wrong with my system. I assume that things will go wrong, as opposed to those who do not believe such...and who do not backup their files in any routine manner.Some Google Links that may help you determine how you want to approach backing up.Louis
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Hello I am using a Dell laptop Inspiron running Windows XP Service Pack I am using GB of RAM and I have a GB primary harddrive The processor is a GHz Pentium A little over a year ago I purchased a GB Western Digital MyBook WD AA and created a single partition so that I would have two drives one for crucial backups and Drive a Corrupt Hard External Formatting one for normal media storage This arrangement worked fine up until about weeks ago when I started getting an enormous number of MFT read errors I am not sure but it is possible that this had something to do with my video creation When the problem started I was using Windows Movie Maker to splice a large number of high quality videos all of which were Formatting a Corrupt External Hard Drive located on the external hard drive I am not sure of the Formatting a Corrupt External Hard Drive ultimate cause of the problem though All I know is that the problem was temporarily fixable by doing a cold boot on everything including the external However the amount of time I had before the drive started experiencing errors diminished day by day and I was unable to find any solutions for this problem I have purchased a new external hard drive WD MyBook GB and transfered what I could to it my iPod came in very handy since a lot of my media was also on there However before I could transfer everything the WD finally stopped working The computer Formatting a Corrupt External Hard Drive still recognizes that there is something there but only reads it as a single drive and cannot see the contents At this point I have gotten enough off of my old external that I would be fine formatting it to see if it fixed the problem Unfortunately the computer will not let me format it I do not receive an error message I simply right click on the drive click format and nothing happens The Computer Manager utility has been recognizing the drive on and off At the moment Computer Manager does not show the drive at all although a single drive still appears in My Computer My goal at this point is to just format the thing or do anything else you might think that could help I am not particularly fussed about the remaining data it s all replacable Any advice Is there anything else you need to know about my system in order to help nbsp

A:Formatting a Corrupt External Hard Drive

Pull the drive out of the enclosure and connect it to a desktop computer that has the connection you need either SATA or IDE. If the drive works in the desktop unit then the problem is in the enclosure adapter.

If the drive works in the desktop machine download the Western Digital diagnostic utility and test the drive. If the drive tests good with the Western Digital utility since there have been some problems with the drive, the Western Digital utility has a zero fill option. If there is no other data you need, zero fill the drive, and when you resuse it in another enclosure and are ready to format it, Windows will find it as a new-unformatted drive and you should be able to reuse it with no problems.
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Currently I'm typing this up on my Dell laptop My old CompUSA purchased PC decided to hate me about half a year ago and one of the system files was corrupted right now I don't know exactly which one but hear me out I looked it up and studied what to do about this issue and determined that I needed to use a system start-up disk to get things back in order Fine and dandy except that I don't have one I don't think one was ever sent with any of my family's computers and certainly not my PC In fact the version of XP I'm running on that computer was loaded & Files An Drive Corrupt External Hard System by some tech guys who came over once to fix my dad's computer a long time ago So I know what to do with that as long as I can get my hands on one of those CDs Unless my other fear that the Corrupt System Files & An External Hard Drive CD drive is busted - a good possibility as it has given me trouble in the past Now onto the good part My fancy-schmancy Dell laptop is filling up and is actually slowing down due to the Corrupt System Files & An External Hard Drive amount of stuff I have on here I can't see myself being able to delete enough to free up enough space for it to run properly so I got into my head that I could not only get an external hard drive but build one myself out of that old busted PC It doesn't look too hard But I have concerns hence this thread My question is Will a corrupted Windows XP system file affect the Corrupt System Files & An External Hard Drive hard drive if I convert it into an external drive for my laptop I would want to retrieve some of the documents and pictures off of the hard drive before completely formatting it for storage space so would that corrupted file prevent me from doing that And would it prevent me from wiping the drive later

A:Corrupt System Files & An External Hard Drive

Hi thejlar and welcome to TSF !

No problem using that old drive in an external enclosure provided the drive itself is not physically damaged.

First thing is to run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility on that drive. You'll find the make and model on the sticker that's on the drive itself if you don't know. Create the boot CD or floppy and boot the computer with it. You'll have to enter the BIOS to set the boot device priority to CD-rom first. Try to press the del key during startup to enter the BIOS, if that doesn't work then check this site. Run the long/extended test and report here if you get any error message or bad clusters on the drive.

If you get no errors then you can put the drive in an external USB enclosure (note that these ones are for 3.5'' IDE drives, make sure the enclosure will work with your drive before you buy it) and hook it to your laptop to retrieve your old documents.
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I got a 'windows root system hal dll missing or corrupt' error message on external drive missing/corrupt, hard inaccessible system32/hal.dll my laptop Nothing using the recovery disc worked and reinstalling was not an option so I got an enclosure and hooked up the hard drive to my desktop to try to fix it that way The computer recognizes the extra drive but I can't get in to it It says it's 'not formatted would you like to format now' Well no I don't want to system32/hal.dll missing/corrupt, external hard drive inaccessible lose anything This is what I wanted to attempt to do- Display contents of system folders Show Hidden Files and Folders UN-check Hide Protected OS Files Go to D open Boot ini in NOTEPAD remove the Extra OS system32/hal.dll missing/corrupt, external hard drive inaccessible s added with option Close and Save changes to Boot ini Go to My Computer Right click on D select SEARCH D Search All or Part of the File Name hal Hal dll may or may not be found in D WINDOWS System either way it s no good A working copy of hal dll WILL be found in C WINDOWS ServicePackFiles i COPY THAT FILE D WINDOWS ServicePackFiles i hal dll And Paste it to D WINDOWS System folder if it asks to overwrite say YES It's the only thing left I haven't tried but how do I access the drive Is there a way to backup the files and then format Is the hard drive just totally This seems to be a very common problem with XP but no one has any answers Also when I checked 'Properties' on the drive it said 'File System RAW' I don't know what to do

A:system32/hal.dll missing/corrupt, external hard drive inaccessible

found this
What to do if HAL is missingDid you ever get an error message that says "HAL.DLL is missing or corrupt"? HAL is the Hardware Abstraction Layer; this is the operating system component that XP uses to interact with the hardware. If this file is really missing or corrupt, you won't be able to boot into XP. Often, though, this message appears when the real problem is a misconfiguration of your BOOT.INI file (the file that tells XP's boot process where to find important files.) If you get this message, try the following before you resort to reinstalling XP: Boot from your XP installation CD. Press the R key when you're given the option. R=Repair. Press the number that designates the installation of XP that you want to repair (if you only have one instance of the operating system, this will be 1). Type bootcfg /list This shows you the entries in your BOOT.INI file. To repair the file, type bootcfg /rebuild Type Exit
for raw
in disk management run the error check on the drive
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Hi there,

I won't get too deeply into the harrowing saga of how two external hard drives of mine died within days of each other. Rather, I'll just say that I would like to do a virus scan on several external hard drives (including/especially the one I just got to replace the others). In other words, I want to find out if there was a virus or something in the material that I'm putting on the hard drives that makes them die. Could this be possible? If so, how can I conduct a virus scan specifically on the external drives?


A:Scanning an external hard drive for viruses? External Hard drive DRAMA!

In My Computer . . right click the external drive and select Scan with { name of AV }
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I am trying to view photos on my external drive, which is connected.

I am unable to view them the same as I could in WIN XP and VISTA.

I have tried WINDOWS EXPLORER and navigated to the folder of my photos on external hard drive, opened library and clicked EASY ACCESS, and INCLUDE IN LIBRARY cannot be CLICKED.

How can I view my external drive photos the same as I did in WIN XP and VISTA.

At present moment I can only view one photo at a time, and this OS is messy, time consuming, and not user-friendly.

I don't have the functions I had in WIN XP and VISTA to rename, edit, crop, or fix or resize or turn or anything.

Why is this so?

I downloaded ESSENTIALS, all to no avail.

A:Viewing External Drive Photos

if you have Essentials, it means you have Photo Gallery which can do all those editing things.

you also still have Windows Photo Viewer in Win8, just like Vista. so you can always use that just like before.
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Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

A:Satellite click mini not reconising external hard drive or external DVD drive

Originally Posted by rachel.nickells

Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

Is it usb powered? If so does the hard drive spin up? Are there any clicking noises from the drive?
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I want to get an external hard drive dvd burner combo if there is such a thing To make this question as simple as possible I need a drive/dvd-rw External OR Solved: combo? External drive Hard Hard hard drive that my camera can be plugged into with the firewire I also need the hard drive that is able to plug in to the USB slot on my computer Solved: External Hard drive OR External Hard drive/dvd-rw combo? because my new Dell doesn t seem to tolerate a firewire card which I installed and then took out and returned to the store It froze my computer and I tried everything to stabilize it but had no luck It did work long enough to download min or so of video and I burned that onto a cd Thats when I found out I had a dvd-rom not a dvd burner long story I know Sorry I just want to figure out the most economical way now to save my movies and burn them to dvd also using either another external dvd burner or maybe there is a hard drive dvd burner combo Or should I just get two separate externals Again I need the hard drive burner to plug into my computer with usb Then the firewire from the camera would go into the hard drive burner to download the movies nbsp

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My sister recently got engaged, I took loads of photos of the big night, stuck them on the PC and cleared the memory card. Upon actually looking at them, they are all corrupted - they appear to have mixed with other pictures.

The thumbnails are fine but obivously this is a different part of the file.

A lot of the software I have come across is designed to recoved lost files rather than repair corrupt images - can someone please help!?!

I have uploaded an example here: http:[email protected]/3997977288/

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My old laptop has given up on me and doesn't turn on - even with charger plugged in. I would like to rescue my photos from the hard drive. Could some kind person tell me how to do this

A:take photos from hard drive

you will need to remove the harddrive from the old laptop and connect it to another PC
use a usb cable - some thing like (not a recommendation, as i have never used this cable)
then you can connect any type of drive to the USB
you will have a 2,5 drive in a laptop - but it could be IDE or SATA

then connect up to another PC USB and copy your photos

if the old drive had
XP look in “documents and settings” under the user name you had on the PC
Vista/Windows 7 look in “user” under the user name you had on the PC
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Hi All,

I've added my Photos folder from my 2nd hard drive to Libraries. I go into the Photos App and it says I have no photos. I don't have any photos in my 1st Hard Drive C:\ but I have loads in my 2nd hard drive.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


A:Photos App can't see my 2nd Hard Drive

I have pictures across multiple HDD's (3) and the Photos apps sees them.

Now that you've added your photos to the library, maybe you can uninstall the Photo apps and redownload it from the Windows Store. That will force the app to scan the library again. But there must be a way to refresh the search for pics within the app. Maybe I'll explore it again.
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I have a corrupt Recycle Bin on an external hard drive a BUSLink drive I use for storage drive designation is L and it works fine except for the Bin malfunctions Among other things the corrupted Bin prevents me from defragging that drive I understand if I delete the Recycle Bin from L it will be rebuilt on reboot Can this be done from a command prompt and what should my entry be Recycle Bin operation on my main drive is fine partitioned C D and E For what it is worth with my external drive turned off under the Desktop Recycle Bin File menu and the Bin being empty the words Empty Recycle Bin are grayed out However if I turn on the external L drive those words are not grayed out though no files are shown in the Bin and if I Drive On External Recycle Bin Corrupt select Empty Corrupt Recycle Bin On External Drive Recycle Bin I then get a message asking if I am sure I want do delete Windows As an alternative plan B if I simply select the Format option from the context menu of that L drive will L be detected without problem by the system when I boot In other words is this step in essence much like formatting a floppy disk Naturally I would copy the data stored on L to another destination before taking this step Using XP Home with MB Ram nbsp
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I am trying to move all my files from my computer to my new external hard drive, but whenever I try and move a file over 4 GB in size i get this error message...
"The file is too large for the destination file system"... anyone know how I can get around this so I can move those files over?

A:Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Get ahold of some software that will break up the file into chunks.
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Hey a Hard Drive Drive External an please! 80gb Enclosure, Zune help in Hard Putting guys My Zune gb stopped working a while back It wouldn t charge So I thought I would take Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please! out the hard drive and use it as an external gb hard drive So I bought an quot ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it All appears good with the installation When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on amp the disk starts spinning Then Windows Vista does the whole quot Install new Hardware quot thing and calls it a quot Disk Drive quot and a quot USB Mass Storage Device quot and says hardware is installed and ready for use But the problem is I can t seem to access the drive I can t find it anywhere It doesn t show up as a drive I can use or anything I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn t it couldn t find it either I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it but the Mac doesn t recognize it as anything Back in Vista Using Device Manager Vista notices the drive under the quot Disk Drives quot option as a quot Disk Drive quot and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft since it has the Zune firmware on it but I can t do anything with it And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists I can t reformat it or anything Can anyone help me I thought I read somewhere that the problem is the zune firmware Is there anyway I can wipe it Please help I have spent hours searching online and can t seem to get anywhere If I have posted this is in the wrong forum I am sorry Thank you Timothy nbsp

A:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!

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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive
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On my computer I have images scattered from here to kingdom come in different files, folders, and locations. And most of the images are duplicates of each other. I don't know how I did this, but it has become a huge problem for me trying to find a photo when i want one. I am sure it also eats up a lot of disk space. I am talking jpeg images numbering in the thousands.

Is there a program I can download that will scan my computer and sort the images out and remove the duplicates, or can condense the images somehow so i can delete the ones i don't want to retain?

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I've tried everything I can find about removing a corrupt recycle bin but it won't stay gone. I don't know if the fact that it is on my external drive makes a difference or not.

There are three hidden files that don't exist in the bin that are causing the problem. It comes up every night during the automatic backup.

I've renamed the recycle bin and then deleted it. I've told the prompt that 'yes' I wanted to empty it and gone through the song and dance of skipping the files it can't find, etc. I've gone to an elevated prompt and typed: RD/S pathname (RD/s F:\$RECYCLE.BIN). I've also typed RD/S /Q F:\$Recycle.bin from an elevated prompt.

All of these methods eventually allow me to delete the bin. But it always returns the next night. Any suggestions?

Running Win7Premium SP1.


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I need an external hard drive for taking regular backups of all of my data.
When i searched the internet I got two options:
1. Porable HDD [high cost, slower speed but don't need external power]
2. Desktop HDD [low cost, higher speed but need external power]

I want to know that...
1. Which hard disk's live longer? Porable or Desktop.
2. I heared that pulling off USB cable of Portable HDD may cause data lose because it also supplies power to hdd.
What will happpen if Power goes off from Desktop HDD? Will my data/Hard disk remain protected?
3. Level of safety of data on moving or shaking on both Desktop and Portable HDD.
4. Can we install os and boot from portable and desktop external hdd?

A:Need Advice : External Desktop Hard drive vs Portable Hard drive?

Unless you really need to go portable with a Laptop .. I'd not use a USB powered External.
You cannot boot from a USB External .. But there's another option if you're capable of physically changing HDDs ..

Get a good external Enclosure (with a fan for cooling) .. Install a good HDD ... with a 5 year warranty
and make the HDD in the enclosure a bootable backup .. where you could swap HDDs if/when needed ..
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I recently formatted my c drive and now i am reinstalling all the software. I keep all the setups of software in my external hard drive. For installing the software I coy the setup folder of the required software on my laptop, then install it.

Is straightaway installing the software by accessing the external hard drive okay? Does it make any difference in the installation time or any reduction in life of hard disk performance.

Or should I always install through my laptop hard drive?

I am running windows 8.1 pro

A:installation software from external hard drive or internal hard drive

Your method is as good as any. If it works, keep doing it.
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Had to re-format hard drive after using a free utility to clean free space on my hard drive. After cleaning system would not boot, got message "New Technology Loader" missing. Dell techs advised me to re-format hard drive and reinstall OS (XP Pro). Did so and of course lost everything including photos of my now departed mother-in-law. I'm in big trouble if I can't get these photos back! Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Recover photos from re-formatted hard drive

helstonian said:

Had to re-format hard drive after using a free utility to clean free space on my hard drive. After cleaning system would not boot, got message "New Technology Loader" missing. Dell techs advised me to re-format hard drive and reinstall OS (XP Pro). Did so and of course lost everything including photos of my now departed mother-in-law. I'm in big trouble if I can't get these photos back! Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Click to expand...

If it is worth that much to you, might be best to take it in to a pro.

In the meantime, don't use it so as to avoid overwriting the files anymore than they already are.
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Im just wondering if anyone can help me solve a problem I'm having opening photos on my hard drive. Some photos are opening but most I click on and on the screen it says" failed to load photo" I have also tried to move some photos into a folded and an error comes up saying " error moving file or folder cannot move img: access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use" just wondering if these two errors are connected. Thankyou

A:Photos failing to load on hard drive

Try opening the files with a different application. You can try a third party app such as Irfanview (free).

Two likely possible causes, the app used for viewing or the files are corrupt. Based on the fact that you can't move the files, I suspect the files are corrupt.
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I just bought a Kodak EasyShare camera, and I just finished downloading some photos from it to my computer. The Kodak EasyShare program includes a program for emailing the photos and when I email a photo to myself at Hotmail it comes through fine but when I email a photo to myself at my ATT address the photo doesn't display. Then, I wanted to copy the photo from the EasyShare software to the My Pictures folder but I don't know how to or if I can. I can't find anything in Explorer or by using Search to show that I have any kind of EasyShare software or photos on my computer. So are the EasyShare photos stored at Kodak rather than on my hard drive or what? If so, is the only way to get the photos on my hard drive to email them to myself?

Confused, grandpaw7

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Looking to buy an external hard drive for backup. This will be used only to backup data periodically. This is certainly a good price ($140):

I've never heard of it. Anyone have any experience with that brand?

A:Opinions on BeyondMicro External Hard Drive?-or recommendations on External Case?
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So I want to clone one external 2TB with another. So one drive is the main use one and another the backup one. So I copy everything over to backup and i store the backup at another house and then I start using the main: deleting and adding/editing files. What is the best software or whatever to allow me, after some time, synchronize/clone the externals again without deleting all on the backup drive and recopying? (main to backup) and make them clones again? ..Adding and deleting or replacing any nonidentical files.. Like where i can press a button on some software and it do the work for me.
Sorry if this is confusing

A:Best external to external hard drive synchronized backup plan?

There's a bunch of applications that can do that.

They all work pretty much the same way, but would differ in how easy they are to understand and configure---the interfaces would differ and the help files would differ.

I use FreeFileSync from

Others are Syncback, Folder Clone, Karen's Replicator, FBackup, Second Copy, and Synchromagic.

You should be able to configure them to do one or the other of the following:

1: If you delete or modify a file on the "original", it will also be deleted or modified on the backup.

2: If you delete a file on the "original", it will be retained on the backup. If you modify a file, both the modified and unmodified file will be retained on the backup.

It's up to you which choice you prefer. I use the first method, which is often called "mirroring"--one drive is an exact match of the other.
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Hi, for nearly a year now I've been using a Buffalo 500GB external hard drive.
Just yesterday though, after unplugging it from my PC, using it on another Windows 7 machine and then attempting to reconnect it the my PC, it began to show up on My Computer as a Local Disk rather than an external. In addition, when I try to access it, it gives me this message: E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. My question is, is there any way to return the drive to it's original state or recover the data inside? The data is of extreme importance.
Thanks for any help.
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I earlier posted about the Aspire AST -UP A be internal external Can drive hard full used hard drive? for having GB hard drive I since then contacted Aspire chat support Apparently not being tech savy we didn t realize gb hard drive only c drive is able to be used the d data drive holds the programs to run the computer I didn t mean can I use the external hard drive internally I meant if I hook it up externally would it work in place of the internal hard drive Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? that is nearly full except for around GB So unfortunately the computer Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? isn t as big as you believe But I wanted to know if I purchase I was looking at Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? western digital elements TB external hard drive Can we use it for this computer It will not run itunes or anything like that but we can obviously go online My brother wants to buy a new computer but I know that is probably not the way to go Should we get an internal hard drive installed and other memory or something or can we use the external hard drive I would appreciate any informed help on this since we do not no technical info on computers Can t really afford to buy another computer right now Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive?

If you want to take out the drive from external hard drive case and install it in your desktop/laptop, then usually you can. Usually external hard drives are just ordinary hard drives accompanied by some extra controller to make it able to "talk" via general ports (e.g. USB). However I am not familiar with digital elements 2TB , so I can not confirm it. But I do have WD external drive, which I had positively confirm that its real drive is just ordinary hard drive.

Note that if you decide to do this, I suggest to find experience people to work on extracting the drive. If you do it yourself you will risk to damage it, and you don't want that since usually opening the closure means voiding the warranty.
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I had been using my Hitachi 320g external HD for 2yrs.It had not problem until yesterday I transfering some files from my Drive C to Hitachi HD when the computer hang.I unpluged the external HD and restart PC.When I pluged in the external HD again it was recognised as interrnal HD.I've problem accessing the files.The PC detected it was FAT32 since my system was NTFS and asked me to reformat my external HD.I tried connect to other PC but no different.
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I have an internal hard disk not in use ,and I would like to make it as external disk !
I looked on the net and I found I should have the " encelsure " butt I think I wont find it here in my city .
So is there another way ? like usb -esata cable ?

A:how to make your internal hard drive into and external hard drive ?

Firstly, where are you based (Which country)? I would get the part of the internet, I trust we are talking about a 3.5" drive? Do you have an esata port on your pc? I would get something similar to this, I think: - Buy CiT 35M17SEF 3.5 inch SATA / USB / Firewire / eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!
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I am unsure about what happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive... Let's say the internal HDD was your only laptop HDD and you replaced it with a SSD. If you convert your old internal HDD to an external HDD, what would happen when you open it up on your newly installed OS (on the SSD)?

I am trying to download a new OS but us my old internal HDD as an external drive just to access specific files. However, I don't want any other data/programs/settings/etc. downloaded onto my new SSD. Do I need to delete my old OS when I convert my old internal HDD into an external HDD or does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?

If anyone is able to clarify these questions that would be fantastic!

A:What happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive?

does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?Click to expand...

it will just be seen as a data drive and you would need to goto the directory for your data
it wont run as an OS at all
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I currently am running windows x bit and I am thinking of copying my entire hard drive consisting of C amp D drives using a total of GB of space nbsp And wanting to external as Drive Complete drive a Copying to hard b... an Hard get a Western Digital External Hard Drive with TB Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b... of space nbsp I have been led to believe that windows has a utility called System Image Back Up Utility located in the Control Panel nbsp I have also been led to believe that this can be done completely using a bit by bit copy of the entire hard drive programs files drivers apps utilities etc nbsp But I can not fine enough info on doing this And there are still questions such as How do you transfer the copy from the external hard drive back onto the PC if it should completely crash I do have a five disk recovery set I made when I purchased my PC but still want an additional source of a back up system nbsp I can not find the procedures for copying the copy from the external hard drive to the crashed PC and are ther better and Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b... safer programs out there to use instead of the windows system Image back up utility nbsp I would add that I am somewhat of an intermediate user useing PCs since windows but there are obviously issues that I need to research before attempting something this complicated and advanced nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp Thanks in Advance Solved View Solution

A:Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b...

A description of System Image Backup can be found here.  If you want both C and D, I would suggest a clone program. Both Seagate and WD offer a free Disk Wizard Program. With the cloning process, you use an external case to perform the clone.  When disaster strikes, you swap out the drives, and continue. Personally, I make clones of my primary desktops every 30-45 days.
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Hi guys I'm new on any sort of Drive an Internal like External acting Hard Hard Drive forums so go easy if it's a stupid question but here goes Me and my brother built me a new computer from scratch he did the building - i did the watching To cut a long story short - I purchased an internal hard drive from Overclockers UK It's a Samsung TB drive I also have a Solid-state drive in there as my primary hard drive that Windows was installed on and a couple of programs are installed on My storage disk the TB disk is for all my music films etc Whenever I drag and drop a file into the Samsung hard-drive - it copies it rather than moves it instantly When I had Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive a laptop I had external hard drives and this is the way it copied files onto them Does anyone know how I can get the Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive internal drive to stop acting like an external drive Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive

This is the way it works. I have an 80GB SSD and an internal HDD and the same happens if the file/folder is large enough. If you just copy a few MBs, you will not see the window with the green stripe running. But if e.g. you copy 500MBs, you will see it. It physically moves the data. That is different if you copy on the same volume from one folder to another. Then it only makes an entry in the MFT.
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Hello I recently had a PC meltdown My hard drive is toast and my only possible saving grace or so I thought is my Ipod g video I have successfully transferred my tunes from Ipod????? PC Hard to Crash...Can Photos Back I Drive AHHH! Transfer over to my new PC but I have been having a terrible time transferring my pictures I have tons of pictures that are very important and I really want them back I tried CopyPod but when I got the pics transferred over they were really pixelated and weird The quality was terrible I downloaded Xplay photo browser and the browser does not recognize that there are ANY pics on the Ipod at all When I access the Ipod data manually by exploring it the photo AHHH! Hard Drive Crash...Can I Transfer Photos Back to PC from Ipod????? file has a folder that says quot thumbs quot and there are some files in there that have a strange extension ithmb that my PC won t read I am at my wits end If anybody has any info or advice on the matter it would be so greatfully appreciated Cagedheat nbsp

A:AHHH! Hard Drive Crash...Can I Transfer Photos Back to PC from Ipod?????

when in windows explorer go to tools menu to select folder options. then go to third
tab called file type to add ithmb to known files listed.
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I m not sure if I should have put this in quot Hardware quot or not so I am by far a professional at this so hang in there with me if I confuse you A few months ago my children broke the screen on my laptop and for a few weeks I was trying to use the External Monitor so it would show up on a monitor my sister gave me Well I finally got that up and working however now when I connect my external hard drive to the laptop it will not show up on the desktop monitor The external hard drive is Western Digital This external monitor is a new thing for me actually I knew you could do it but with Help Hard External External and Monitor Drive didn t try it as an option until my nephew - who is much younger than me - thought of it lol Anyway I have Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive pictures and such on my external hard drive that were put onto the external by Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive the very laptop I am using I m not totally sure of the montior I am using all I can tell you at the moment is it s a Dell The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A S the laptop has Vista Home Basic bit and I believe the desktop monitor is running with Vista too but I m not sure if that s important since it is only serving as a quot view quot Anyway I would love some help with why the drive may not be working with this set up Thanks Kerri nbsp

A:Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive

This may seem like a silly question, have you tried the HD on another PC to see if the issue is with that?
Also, are you saying it's not showing up in 'My Computer', or are you not getting the option to open files?
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Hi there I have this pc HTML http support packardbell com uk item m home amp pn PB I wanted to do a FULL system ! corrupt HELP drive Hard restore so i backed up my important stuff and then restarted the PC It has a built in restore feature so i opened it before the OS loaded I chose FULL RESTORE To return the Hard drive corrupt HELP ! PC to the state it was in when i purchased it I got so far along the progress bar and then stopped and gave me an ERROR I attempted to reboot to see what had happened but the OS didnt load up It took me straight to the System restore screen and wanted me to do a full restore again I have tried about times and it keps soing the same thing The hard drive files have been half wiped off but it just wont work anymore Can somebody help me fix it Thank You if you can help Scott nbsp

A:Hard drive corrupt HELP !

If it's under warranty take it back to the shop, otherwise contact them to see about getting a product recovery disk; it's likely that the recovery image on the hard drive has been corrupted.

There's a small possibility that you might be able to fix the recovery image, by running scandisk with the surface scan option on the recovery partition. To do this you'll need a bootdisk of some form with scandisk or similar included. Try BartPE.


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I have a GX-280. I have tried to ghost or format. I could not do either. So I placed the hard drive in another system formatted and then ghosted it. I have other systems running the ghost, so I am not looking at it. I traded the hard drive from the good sys while I was formatting the hard drive, by the time I finished and put it back the good hard drive would not come up and gave me errors. Any ideas??
I may send it back for replacement at this point.

A:Corrupt hard drive

"I may send it back for replacement at this point"...

Please do...
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good evening all. here is the strangest problem i have encountered. i have a 30 gig MAXTOR hard drive. somehow, things got messed up with windows (surprise surprise) and i had to reformat. so, i did. i reinstalled windows, and it barely works. anytime i install ANYTHING i get a blue screen. i figured "ok, lets just forget it and upgrade to XP." so, i upgrade it. except that it gives me a blue screen and cant copy all the files. so, im stuck. i have reformatted, installed, low leveled, partitioned, everyhting. it has been 7 days of trial and error and im out of ideas. anyone got anything?

A:corrupt hard drive?

Hi covax
My first suspicion would be the memory. Here is a small program to test is out......

Otherwise, you might want to change it out with a known good stick of ram.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure if I am posting this in the right place but here goes anyway. My 120GB hard drive just crashed on me so I went out and bought another one and put an operating system on it then slaved the one that crashed on me in hopes of being able to read it. I have some stuff that is very important to me. Can anyone tell me of any software or anything that I can do to recover this drive. I am using winXP Home.


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I have to reformat my hdd drive (Seagate -80gb) every 2nd day because on every boot there is disk check that removes many .dll and index entries . it makes my system unstable and all functionaries start disappearing one by one. I bought fresh window xp cd so that there might not be any doubt but no help either. please help...

A:Is my hard drive corrupt?

Download the ISO image for Seatools for DOS and burn it to a CD using IMGBurn boot off of the newly created CD and run the HDD short and extended diagnostic tests.
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I called in the Gateway tech support today and was told my hard drive was corrupt To give you some background as to why I called I ll give you a brief synopsis of what happened Yesterday I started my computer only to find that Avast antivirus caught a Trojan downloaded to the computer I followed instructions for removal For some reason that didn t work and Spybot asked me if I wanted to allow the modification of registry entries I chose not to allow it and I got repeating messages that registry entry modification was denied I went along for a little while until Avast Drive Hard Corrupt kept on showing me some trojan and virus that needed some attention so I chose to delete such files Some were in the Temporary Internet Files folder others I do not recall So I thought just reformat it I took the factory CD and put it in today booted from the CD and ran the repartition when Hard Drive Corrupt it rebooted to install all the factory settings I got this error message that said the quot self install package quot could not install and they were quot sorry for the inconvenience quot I just kept clicking the Don t Send button knowing it wouldn t make a difference Once that went through the XP setup came through and I kept on getting an error message from the factory installed McAfee software that a quot suspicious file quot was found and needed to be deleted I don t recall what it said exactly I kept clicking ok to see how far I d get but once I was done with that all I had was a default background picture and nothing else I thought hell I ll just redo it so I did and the same thing happened I decided to call Gateway to see what I could do to fix this problem After about hours they told me that I had a corrupt hard drive and needed to get a new one for GB Now I know that s a decent deal but I was wondering do I really need to get a new hard drive or can I just completely wipe the hard drive and put in that recovery disk to install XP Media Center edition I need to consult the missus to see if we want to invest in a new HD but it d be rather pointless if I was to purchase it only to figure out I didn t need to Your help is appreciated nbsp
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I have a western digital Gb hard-drive that I pulled from my old gateway and enclosed to use as an external to swap the data to my new systems It has been working fine I last used it Thursday was not in Hard-drive? Corrupt the office on friday and attempted to use it today monday and I received a quot cannot access because of I O device error quot mesage I ran the chkdsk and it did a bunch of whirring and clicking and now I can see it in my computer and get the properties up by right clicking but now if I try to access it I get an quot incorrect parameter quot error message and in the properties it says there is no data and no space available Also when I hooked it back up to the gateway it wont boot just gives me a blinking cursor and a red smiley face in the lower left corner Any ideas I have a lot of files on there I need Any chance to recover or am I just screwed nbsp

A:Corrupt Hard-drive?

External enclosures are well known for frying hard drives. I suspect a data recovery specialist is the only way you will get your data back and that will be expensive.
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Hi there Hopefully someone can help me a few weeks ago my wife tried to boot her Dell desktop running Windows Vista and it came up with a screen warning that the hard drive had gone into self monitoring due to a parameter exceeding it s normal operating range It gives the option of pressing f to retry boot which just causes a loop or f for setup utility which runs BIOS If you run BIOS and discard changes it boots ok After getting it to boot I Drive Hard Corrupt downloaded SeaTools for DOS and ran Corrupt Hard Drive some tests and basically found that a new hard drive was needed as SMART was tripped I only got round to ordering a replacement drive a couple of days ago as have been very busy with work and after going through BIOS the computer has been running fine until last night when the computer just hangs on the screen just before the Windows logo flashes up where there is a green progress bar just under centre of the screen Eventually she gave up and turned the power off now whenever you try to boot it goes through the normal self monitoring warning then BIOS discard and now offers an option to Launch Startup Repair or Boot As Normal due to power loss during boot last time Whichever option I choose it just hangs on the green progress bar which keeps scrolling Can t boot into safe mode by pressing f This would probably be a bit easier if the wife could find her Windows cd but she can t locate it at the moment So there are two problems really firstly getting the pc to boot secondly when the new drive arrives will I simply be able to copy all info across from the old drive or will the new drive then end up with the same problem currently affecting the old drive Thanks for any help any of you can offer nbsp

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I have Windows 7 RC installed on my computer. It's been running fine since I installed it soon after it was released.

Now, it won't boot up anymore. I've done some testing and it seems that the MBR is corrupt. Windows Startup Repair can't fix it, and when I use the command prompt to restore the MBR (E:\boot>bootsect /nt60 c: /mbr) it gives an I/O device error.

When I run Parted Magic, it reads the HDD just fine. Worst case scenario, I transfer all of my music, pictures, and movies to a new drive, then reformat and reinstall.

However, I would like to fix it if possible. Any suggestions?

btw, it's a fairly new 500GB Seagate HDD. I don't think there's anything physically wrong with the drive.

Thanks, I appreciate any help you can give me.

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Hi I have a corrup external hard drive that has suddenly stopped working. It is not recognised in my computer, i have no access to it to format it and can't change drive letters and it is also an unknown device in disk manager. Any help would be very appreciated.

A:Corrupt Hard Drive

Take the hdd out of its case and purchase another enclosure to make it usable again.
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I Corrupt Hard Drive have a western digital gb e that Corrupt Hard Drive I recently purchased and use for storing large files hence its formated to ntfs And its become corrupt somehow its appearantly now raw I ve tried using Active Partition Recovery but it says the boot sector is corrupt and cant see anything I think Bitlord may be responsible for whats happened I was downloading a file larger than gb so I had to save it on my Corrupt Hard Drive e Recently for some unknown reason when bitlord was connected and downloading my modem would drop connection and wouldnt work until I shutdown and then restarted However not all the files I was downloading were being saved on my gb some where going to my c drive which is a different harddrive and still working fine Thats the only thing I can come up with except of course a faulty harddrive and before anyone suggests my returning it it was bought while I was in sydney and I m from adelaide sort of So if I can find a way to fix it that d be good Any suggestions on some programs I can use to at least try to recover whats left Thank you nbsp

A:Corrupt Hard Drive

you can try
start/run (type in ) cmd
command prompt type
cd c:\windows> type in FIXBOOT and press Enter. Then answer "Y"
theres a lot of file recovery software out there
some better than others
I use filescavenger ,but I also have 2 more as backups as they don't all work the same

how much was on the 320gb drive? it would take over a
day to run most recovery utilitys
I have noticed some drive errors when encountering alloction corruption as a jumbled type of overwrite
or allowing a chkdsk operation to run,sadly, I have noticed chkdsk to cause more errors than fix them,unless I have done the tasking myself
I don't think any dos utility will get back large files
any takes on this,anyone?
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Is there anything I can do with a corrupt hard drive? Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong spot.

A:Corrupt Hard drive

As far as I know, not much, because corrupt harddrive usually implies some physical problem, which can't be fixed. So backing up your files and replacing it would be the best option.
Then use the harddrive for something else, like holding books or something.
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When I turned on my computer the other day I saw that in the My Computer folder my so called Backup drive F Drive said it was corrupt and I could not access it I m just clueless as to how that could happen and whether there s any way I can myself repair restore the drive without formatting it I do not want to format The drive itself was a hand me down from my father who had initially bought the same PC as me Compaq SR UK He basically gave me spare parts as he bought a new dedicated gamer s PC outright The two disks I now had were both GB disks one WD one Maxtor I m presuming that the disk my father gave me was the one that went corrupt as Windows still loads up Both of these disks initially had partitions which was used for to store a full PC factory settings restore Before I added the new disk Corrupt Drive is Hard the disk I had had a separated partition of course Then when I added the new disk I got rid of the backup partition as I was going to Hard Drive is Corrupt use the new added disk to store the WindowsImageBackup file as well as GBs of my documents music downloads etc Never Hard Drive is Corrupt did I think that the disk which was not the boot disk would fail And as I used my so-called Backup Disk to store all my documents music downloads etc without putting any first on the C Disk I m really stuck Help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Hard Drive is Corrupt

First try Checkdisk Xp, or Checkdisk Vista instructions

Then run a Drive Diagnostics on your HardDrive
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Can someone explain to me what is going on with a hard drive because I can t explain it I had a pc with a GB hard drive which was full so decided to fit a GB drive I hard Corrupt drive installedit but before I turned on the pc I decided to disconnect the old drive I then formatted the new Corrupt hard drive drive and loaded windows Corrupt hard drive onto it I then reconnected up the old drive having checked jumper settings were correct and booted up the computer The BIOS detected both drives but once in windows the old drive was not shown in quot My Computer quot it was there in device manager and in quot disk management quot but was showing as offline and unformatted I then booted up from a cd with puppy linux on it and the small drive was not detected at all I am at a loss as to what has happened to the drive as all I have done is disconnect it and then connect it up again How do I get at the information on the old drive nbsp

A:Corrupt hard drive

Can you attach a screen capture .jpg file of what you're seeing in Disk Management?

Your problem might be that windows doesn't think your drive is formatted. (could be the filesystem is corrupt)
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Gday I have Hard & Paragon Hard External Disk Suite Manager Drive USB emailed Paragon and am awaiting there reply but you guys seem to know a lot more and try and solve the problem Up to this point I have used either Acronis or Paragon for my backups I prefer Paragon over Acronis mainly because the restore by Paragon is far quicker I have both bootable CD's but in this instance I would like to concentrate on Paragon I downloaded Paragon's Advanced Recovery CD Build Put it in my rom and booted looked at a black screen for minutes Removed it and rebooted it got stuck at the loading of Vista then I got another black screen no hard drive movement Rebooted again this time with the regular Paragon bootable CD It booted into the recovery console Now this is where things go from bad to worse I tried finding my OS after a lengthy period I received an error disk i o fault no operating system found Now disk is my external hard drive where my backups are kept So I rebooted with the CD in went into the recovery console and clicked on quot safe restore quot after playing the waiting game I get a message disk i o fault Took out the Paragon CD put in the Vista one tried a repair but there was no OS to repair So I installed Vista and because I didn't want to have to reinstall all of my programs again yer lazy I know but that's what backup's are for Checked with the fresh install that my two external hard drives had there drivers and were present They were both accounted for in Vista So put back in the Paragon bootable CD got to the recovery console tried a quot normal restore quot and once again got disk i o fault So I tried a quot safe restore quot same error message Back tracked to see if my OS was still there and IT HAD GONE So again I installed Vista checked with the fresh install that my two external hard drives had there drivers and were present They were both accounted for in Vista Put back in the Paragon bootable CD got to the recovery console tried a quot safe restore quot and once again got disk i o fault Back tracked to see if my OS was still there and IT HAD GONE AGAIN So yet again I installed Vista this time I tried copying over the latest backup to a partition that the Paragon recovery console could read Tried again and yup you guessed it lost the OS again this time the error message was disk i o fault Once again I installed Vista this time however I installed the Paragon software initially it wouldn't find my backups but I was like a dog with a bone and eventually got Paragon Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite & USB External Hard Drive to locate them This time I tried a restore from the Windows environment crossed my fingers my eyes and my legs eventually Paragon said it needed to reboot to continue the operation I rebooted and the recovery looked promising but I could not sit there and watch it waiting for it to fail so I went and watched the TV for a couple of hours I came back to my PC and OMG shock horror EVERYTHING WAS BACK Now for the question I have used the recovery console before and it found my USB external hard drives why this time could it not Footnote I also tried my Acronis bootable CD it loaded then the screen went black I have since done a backup to my external just to make sure it was still viable it worked without a hitch I also did a backup on a partition that is on a different hard drive to my OS just in case I run into this problem again Whether or not it will be read is a whole different story

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hi there..

my name is Anis...i just bought external hard drive 500gb...but after I formatted's just about 400++ gb can be used..i would like to to use the extra/reserve space for my ext hard disk?by any means, i want to fully use my 500gb space for the external...please help me...thank you...

A:How to fully use the extra hard disk space for external hard drive?

It should have about 465GB, what are you seeing?

You will not have 500GB due to the conversion between binary and decimal for reporting sizes.
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Seriously need help External hard disk causes hard drive failures amp OS crashes The thread is rather long Only read what you think important Skip the rest We have a serious but mysterious problem We have spent already one week but drawing a blank Two hard drives drive External failures & need causes disk crashes hard OS hard help] [Seriously have been crashed and failed unreadable One [Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes computer has hung a few times unexpectedly and had one weird restart no memory dump produced I suspect all the recent problems have to do with the new USB external hard disk Buffalo MiniStation Lite HD-PE [Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes U Formatting USB external hard disk Originally I would like to [Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes use the program given by Buffalo to format the external drive once but we failed We simply used Windows to reformat the drive into NTFS I did not use the TurboSpeed advertised by Buffalo or run its free program Case A Multi-transfer causes system crashes The first time we met the problem We were trying to help a friend to backup data on an old drive about a few years old We plugged in the Buffalo USB portable hard drive and transferred a whole lot of files to the drive Several cop cut-and-paste operations were active at that time The whole system completely froze up It doesn t respond at all Only a hard restart could help Restarted Tranferred again Several cop cut-and-paste operations were active Hard drive crashed - the beginning of the nightmare Windows restarted Chkdsk was running Saw many lines of messages with quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot Chkdsk run very long time perhaps a hour or so complaining that some couldn t be fixed some okay Initially I thought it was simply because it so happened that the hard drive failed in the middle of transfer But the same nightmare occurred when we tried to plug it into another computer Case B Open folder causes system crashes I plugged in the Buffalo USB external hard disk on a laptop computer I tried to check if transferred files were safe I have no ideas how to check but it looked okay Some files were transferred to and from the external hard drive I made sure only copy-paste operation was active this time Then computer hung for a while and displayed Blue Screen of Death I recorded the message on a piece of paper but it was lost later Restarted I believed chkdsk was automatically run and fixed some errors found not too sure about this I resumed the work I made sure only copy-paste operation was active this time The system hung this time when I double clicked on a folder to see what contents inside Another Blue Screen of Death popped up later KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR x xC E xC E x x C Info on this BSOF http support microsoft com default aspx scid kb en-us Q Computer restarted Chkdsk was automatically run Nightmare again quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot Chkdsk attempted to fix the problem but it complained quot not sufficient space quot Then I received STOP C a Unknown Hard Error Oh my gosh What s up I don t believe it so happened AGAIN the hard drive failed when some actions were performed between the hard drive and the USB external hard disk I started to feel something went very wrong Is it virus Case C Scanning for virus causes system crashes Searching on the net didn t find any case which was similar to mine I tried again on a new computer Fresh Windows copy New hard drive less than year old Only a handful of programs were installed I downloaded Avira and did on-demand scan for my internal hard drive first No virus was found Was I safe now I plugged in... Read more

A:[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
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So there s this problem drive Solved: Hard corrupt with my hard drive let me tell you what happened I want to erase my drive a copy a clean windows on it While windows setup Solved: Hard drive corrupt is copying the files my drive stops reading the W disk I shut down boot to install again Solved: Hard drive corrupt this time no drive I take out the drive connect it externally to my other comp It gives me letters mb and the other blank I try to format either of the partitions but I just get stuck when I right click on the drive I try cmd diskpart but every time I enter diskpart it freezes if the drive is connected I figured the files on the drive are completely corrupt Solved: Hard drive corrupt and windows is having a hard time making any sense of it I put in a different drive into my laptop and formatted with a thumb drive W boot and it worked perfect I still want to save this hard drive as it has gb but no matter what I try it gets stuck when my comp tries to read the drive I could really use some help with this hence the reason why I m here It s been about hrs now I m going back and forth Much love to anyone with a solution to this very frustrating problem nbsp

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I have 3 hard drives in my system. My boot drive is a WD 36gig 10000rpm sata drive. Then i have a WD 160gig IDE and a WD 250 gig IDE. The 160 gig is my master and the 250 is my slave drive. For some reason the 250 gig drives files randomly become corrupt forcing me to format. It can't be a failing drive because i have replaced it three times with brand new drives and all three of them have had the same problem. I have also tried partitioning the drive with one full partition and 2 partitions less than 137gigs. I am out of ideas. Currently running SP2 on XP.
Please help.

Also: Ran MemTest, didn't detect any memory problems. How many passes should I let it go? I only did 1 pass.

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I got a problem with my Maxtor gb Hard drive and I cannot use it because it loads to the point where is loads windows then shows a error message that a problem exists in the MBR master boot record After which i bought a new gb corrupt Drive MBR Solved: Hard Hard drive but i want to find a way to transfer my data like pictures to my new one i bought I tried connecting the damaged HD as a secondary Hard drive but it doesnt show up Solved: Hard Drive MBR corrupt in my computer as the partitions i had It has no visual damage and i have not dropped it Before this happened i was experiencing unexpected freezing Solved: Hard Drive MBR corrupt and i had to manually restart the PC from the button on the case This happened a few times then it just stopped opperating The message i get when i try to boot windows is that there is Bad Sector on the Hard drive If anyone can help me I would very much appriciate it Thank you nbsp

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I have a laptop, HDD is formatted into two partitions. On my non windows partition, when i do file copying over to it, or renaming a certain one file it will hang and I will get a BSOD. I can only assume that the hard drive, has some bad sectors or whatever on it, where that partition is physically.

I tried defragging that partition, it just BSOD again. Is there a way I can get the operating system to know that this area is bad and avoid using it. Better yet, shouldnt the hard drive be reporting errors to the OS so it knows?

I only know how to run a chkdisk while logged into windows through the GUI but it says the hard drive is in use so I cant, so how do I run one before booting windows. Will that fix my problem?

A:BSOD [Corrupt hard drive?]

Check your HD.
Disk Check

Check with a hard drive diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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I have a folder called music on my portable hard drive, which i am unable to acess.
I get the error message 'The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable.'

As you can see on the image, i am playing music from that folder, i right clicked Music and selected add to windows VLC media player play list.

I right click properties and it shows me how many files are there, help?

When i try to delete the folder i get this error message.

A:Folder Corrupt on hard drive

Have you tried to run chkdsk on that drive?
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I have a Dell PC with Windows XP. It freezes on startup at the message "Loading PBR for descriptor 2...done". The only options are F2 and F12. I did some research and found that some people had success booting from their recovery disk and entering the "fixboot" command ( Before I can enter "R" for repair though, I get an error saying that intelide.sys is corrupt, setup failed.

What are my options? I need everything back to the way it was. Doing a clean wipe is not an option.

Thank you!

A:Hard drive corrupt data

Have you tried to connect the drive to another computer to recover the data? That should be step one for attempting data recovery.

Also, if you are booting from a CD and get a file error message then there's likely a problem with the CD or the CD drive.
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Hy everybody I have received a huge problem One day Unmountuble corrupt hard drive i had left Unmountuble corrupt hard drive my windows running Unmountuble corrupt hard drive and later when i came back i saw black screen with ctr alt delete After rebooting a disccheck went trough and i saw an error message quot Recovering orphaned file xxxx Insufficient disk space to recover lost data quot It tried to recover a few files but it didnt manage to Since then my OS doesnt boot only black srceen with reboot I have tried to run chkdsk on my harddrive but it sad that the drive is corrupt and it couldnt fix it I have tried every command which could make any changes put no use So i booted from Gparted and it saw my volumes and determined as NTFS partitions I tried to fix with that but got another error massage quot MFT read error quot So basically it doesnt do anything even formatting To day the whole drive got invisible Neither Gparted Windows or any OS recognize it If i run chkdsk C f x Command Prompt says quot Cannot access the drive directly quot The BIOS shows my hard drive and eve SMART Monitoring is available During Gparted boot it writes out things like quot Input Output error UNC error and cannot access to sda quot PLEASE HELP Im a noob and really confused I only want to save my data from volume D i have a lot of important file there My hard drive is a Seagate gb Is my hdd is screwed up Is there any fix Do i have a physical hard drive fail I tried to save my data with True Image but it doesnt see the partitions or anything Thanks in advance Joey

A:Unmountuble corrupt hard drive

I think that your HD is toast. But there is a little glimmer of hope. After you have tried everything and you are ready to destroy it, put it in the freezer over night. The next morning, see if you can get the data. I got this information from Kim Komando, famous radio show host for computer call in questions. Of course this is the last step, before you destroy it. Hope it all works out for you.
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Hello I recently upgraded my laptop's hard drive from the stock files rid of Cannot hard corrupt get drive from HDD to a SSD On the HDD I had some corrupted files that I couldn't get rid of I cloned my old hard Cannot get rid of corrupt files from hard drive drive to the new SSD hoping that the files wouldn't transfer but they did So I still have about directories on my new SSD that are 'corrupt and cannot be read' that I want to get rid of I have tried running the Cannot get rid of corrupt files from hard drive chkdsk function to no avail What I've seen in the forms is that I need to run the chkdsk function from within the Advanced Booting Options menu in the BIOS however I cannot access this because I do not have the F option to access this from startup Additionally I do not have my Windows Boot disc from when I purchases this laptop years ago What I'd really like to know is why the F option does not appear on the boot screen and if how I can still get to the Advanced Booting Options menu in the Cannot get rid of corrupt files from hard drive BIOS to get at my problem Or any other methods to getting rid of my corrupted files Thanks

A:Cannot get rid of corrupt files from hard drive

Try this tool function of SAS.
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My Old Laptop has a corrupt hard drive Long story but the short version is that I was having all kinds of problems with it so the BBB made HP replace the entire thing When I had it a shop to try to recover corrupt drive about Need hard advice some lost files the guy said the main problem was there was a corrupt hard drive in it and it was in there for a while He was amazed that HP had it times and didn Need advice about corrupt hard drive t once notice a bad hard drive- it somehow ate half of each and every file that was missing so they were all un-revocerable He said he never saw a problem when exactly half of every file in the My Documents had disappeared like that What I m thinking of doing is getting a new hard drive and then leaving that laptop at work for my work stuff rather than bringing my good laptop back and forth Here s the question- before the laptop totally died I tried turning it on to put a couple old games on it for the kids at the afterschool program and it said it had no operating system then said it couldn t read the CD drive when I tired re-installing windows I was having problems with the mousepad and the keyboard not working corrctly Is that something that the hard drive could have caused or is that a totally different problem I guess I need advice about if it s worth buying a new hard drive for or if the other problems are seperate from the hard drive and it would be better to save the money and put it towards a newer laptop so I can make my current one the quot old stay at work one quot nbsp

A:Need advice about corrupt hard drive

With the variety of issues you're having, sounds like it could be the motherboard and an uneconomic repair.
It may be worth getting a proper technician to look at it (if you can find one).
Depends how rich you are.....
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Alright guys I decided to join the boards after reading for a while My hard drive started having problems about a week ago and I knew it was on its way out It kept clicking and spinning and the comp would lock and unlock it was bad Anyway it finally few Hard Corrupt Drive A questions. -- bit the dust two days ago I tried doing everything but I came to the conclusion its Corrupt Hard Drive -- A few questions. done Its corrupt I have three hard drives this was my primary They are each Western Corrupt Hard Drive -- A few questions. Digital IDE I have a few questions I have already ordered a new Corrupt Hard Drive -- A few questions. HD http www tigerdirect com applications searchtools item-Details asp EdpNo amp sku THD- A and did something pretty stupid I ordered without reading all about it and I noticed it was EIDE Will this work with my current system even though the other two drives are IDE Also I am probably going to change the positions of the hard drives when I install the new one Plug different IDE cables into IDE ports will this do anything to the data on the drives Also when I install the new drive I will have to install the O S XP Home as well as the BIOS I dont think I have the BIOS CD anymore so how should I go about doing this The MB I have is the Lan Party Pro Also will installing a new drive and O S do anything to the data on the other drives Thanks nbsp

A:Corrupt Hard Drive -- A few questions.

yes it will work
yes you will have to plug it into your normal ide cable
no its not going to mess up your old data
no you won't have to do anything wierd in the bios
yes you will have to install XP to it if you don't have it installed on one of your other 2 drives
yes you posted this in the wrong forum and I'm moving it
yes you should read the link in my signature
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My SimpleTech External Hard Drive actually mounts and can be seen on my PC.

But when I click on the icon to go into the drive I get an error message saying, " Not accessible, the file or directory is corrupt and unrecognizable."

Tech Guy please help me. I have Tons and I mean Tons of music on the drive and it will all be lost if I can't figure a way to recover it.

Any ideas?

A:SimpleTech Ext Hard Drive Corrupt

Remove the drive from the enclosure. Set the drive as master. unplug any optical drives you have and run it as a single drive on that IDE channel and see if you can access the data.

You could also set it as a slave and run it with the installed hard drive on the primary IDE channel but by running it as a single drive on the secondary IDE channel you avoid any potential conflicts.
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Hi all I recently helped someone save the documents off of their computer after it crashed it was missing a Windows file I tried the repair command and it wouldn t work so I decided Corrupt Drive Files Hard - What to do? to save the files and reformat the hard drive I plugged the hard drive into a working computer and pulled all the documents off of it VERY slowly onto an external hard Corrupt Hard Drive Files - What to do? drive Every once Corrupt Hard Drive Files - What to do? in awhile I wouldn t be able to pull a picture or document off because of a cyclic redundancy check error I just moved on and saved what I could I assumed it was because the hard drive was already bad so I just moved what I could Now I want to put this Corrupt Hard Drive Files - What to do? information on a regular computer but the information goes over very slowly if at all It will get stuck on pictures and stop transferring Now after some documents have been moved onto my computer they open up alright It s transferring that s the huge problem To make a long story short if I have some corrupted documents is there any free software to try to get them to cooperate Thank you Christian nbsp

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d no problems with Vista in another partition nor with XP.
I scanned the (two year old) hard drive with tool downloaded from Seagate
and found no problem.
I have just installed the newly released Windows 7 on a different partition and the same problem is happening. Any clues as to why this is happening and why should it only happen to Windows 7 and why now?

A:Corrupt Hard Drive With Window 7

What is happening exactly?

How do you know there is corruption? What are error messages or symptoms?
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I have a laptop with XP SP2 installed on it. Yesterday, the hard drive apparently became corrupt (took to a local tech who tried to open it through a USB connection, and through installing it as a second HDD in his laptop). Is there anyway of getting some information off, at least some of it, before reinstalling Windows and formatting the HDD? I have heard of things such as the UBCD and UBCD4WIN. Will any of those help? Thanks.

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I was hoping somebody here might be able to help advise me what is wrong with my hard drive as I have a feeling drive, is Advice on it my hard corrupt/damaged? it is corrupt Basically I bought my Kingston v ssd as a boot drive for my computer around to moths ago soon afterwords problems started occurring and windows files started to randomly go missing with dll files disappearing and a number of registry issues occuring until it reached the point where my pc was virtually unusable and even Advice on my hard drive, is it corrupt/damaged? system restore wouldn t solve the problem so I had to reinstall windows This solved the problem or so it Advice on my hard drive, is it corrupt/damaged? seemed A Advice on my hard drive, is it corrupt/damaged? few weeks ago the same issues started arising with important files mysteriously going missing and no viruses showing up in any scans It started this time with scripted diagnostics host stopping working and things rapidly declined from there It reached the point where now none of my devices show up in device manger and my drivers have disappeared making windows think my copy now isn t genuine I can t enable plug and play to recognize them again so I can t reinstall windows When I try to do this from the cd in windows it says windows can t get any information about my disks so it wont let me go any further I now can t even boot my pc from a cd when the ssd is connected no matter what I set my boot order to it just boots up from the ssd I have a second hard drive I use for storage so I disconnected my ssd and booted up my pc again this time it booted fine from my windows cd and started the setup to install windows Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to try and give as detailed account of my problem as possible For anybody that might know does this sound like it is my ssd that has an issue or might something else be causing this like a virus My kingston ssd is still fairly new so it is covered by warranty however I just wanted to check first that it is an issue that would be covered by warranty before I send it off I will be extremely great for any advice anybody has on the matter nbsp
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My hp laptop with OS XP crashed and i had no files backed up I had a new hard drive installed and How extract hard corrupt data from a drive? to a new operating system Vista It is now working properly I have my old corrupted hard drive in an enclosure and am trying to connect and extract my files from it However when i connect it to my laptop it instantly goes to the blue screen of death Stop error x c f and continues to restart the computer over and over again When it goes to the blue How to extract data from a corrupt hard drive? screen it states quot collecting data for crash dump beginning dump of physical memory and dumping physical memory to disk Then it continues to restart itself over and over again I disconnect the external hard drive and my laptop starts up normal thankfully Any advice on how to get the data to show or at least let me see what i have without it restarting itself and going to the BSOD Thank you all in advance nbsp

A:How to extract data from a corrupt hard drive?

If the HDD can't be connected to the laptop without causing a crash, there isn't much that you can do. The drive would need to be connected AND properly recognized by the PC before you could attempt data recovery.

Test with a different PC, but the results likely won't be any different.
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Hi Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section Windows Reinstall Corrupt Hard on Drive A few weeks ago my Lenovo G froze and refused to start I have tried a number of solutions and I think I am getting somewhere but I could do with some pointers I will outline what I have done so far - I have tried the system repair which failed to fix the problem - I then downloaded system repair disc and put it onto a bootable USB Reinstall Windows on Corrupt Hard Drive but this still didn't fix the problem - I have taken my hard drive out and put it into a case I plugged it into a second laptop running windows vista bit When I plugged it in it claims that the hard drive is corrupt so I have started recovering data which I haven't backed up using photorec This is working and I think I will need to completely reinstall windows on my Lenovo - I have downloaded the windows bit iso but when using the windows USB DVD download tool to write the ISP to a USB it fails saying it is unable to run bootsect I have looked around and I think this might be due to a incompatibility between and bit systems I do have a bit work computer running windows but I would rather not use that it policies etc My questions are can I use easybcd to write the iso I downloaded for reinstalling windows are there any suggestions for what I could do next should I have done anything differently Any help would be greatly appreciated I have a image backup from about months ago if that helps anything I am relatively new to all this and I have definitely learnt my lesson about backing up everything and creating discs BEFORE these problems happen but in the mean time I have a few problems to fix Thanks Ben

A:Reinstall Windows on Corrupt Hard Drive

Try this to write the .iso to the flash drive.
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i used dariks nuke and boot to erase my hard drive because i had a virus i couldn't delete now me har drive is sayin that file dmadmin.exe is missing or corrupt what do i do?

A:My Hard Drive Says That Dmadmin.exe Is Missing Or Corrupt

run sfc /scannow from the recovery console. dmadmin.exe is your disk manager snap in from the administrative tools.
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I have a HP Notebook that has two hard drives One C drive and one D drive I have my windows XP Partition on the C Drive I am trying to extract all the info from my D Drive and put it onto an External Hard drive For some reason it is just not letting me transfer the files I have tried to send and copy them over with no luck I have tried using Acronis T Image but doesn t work tells me that there hard data drive Extracting corrupt from a is bad sectors and Extracting data from a corrupt hard drive can t transfer Tried using bootable disks UBCD Win Drive XML Norton partition manager etc As soon as I start extracting files it gives me and error message and asks if I want to ignore retry etc What would you suggest I was going to run a disk check on this D drive but I am afraid of it wiping out some of my files Is there another bootable disk that I should use for extracting my files Thanks for the help

A:Extracting data from a corrupt hard drive

If you've already received an error message indicating that data files are in bad sectors of the hard drive...I don't see where you have any choice but to try to run chkdsk /r to move files from bad sectors to good sectors.

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Hello everyone I hope that you can shed some light on my problem that I have recently got into at my own stupidity Windows was performing a disk check CHKDSK when I restarted it as I couldn't wait Yeah I know not the smartest thing to do Anyway After the restart the Boot Table MBR Hard Corrupt Partition / MFT / Drive Manager Hard Drive Partition Table / MBR / MFT Corrupt said that it could not locate Windows etc etc I then did everything from using Hard Drive Partition Table / MBR / MFT Corrupt the Repair function on the DVD to manually writing a new Boot table but no luck I then installed W on another HDD and everything worked fine but the HDD which it was installed previously is not wanting to format within W to use it as a logical drive In Disk Management it shows the HDD there saying that it's status is quot Unknown quot and the space is quot Unallocated quot Initializing the HDD does nothing even when you select MBR or GPT from the pop-up window After I press OK it still shows that is not initialized I went and installed utilities from Maxtor to see if they could help but no luck I also tried other utilities such as Zero Recovery Recover TestDisk etc but no luck Running TestDisk Deep Scan did not bring up anything only the error message quot No Partitions Found quot and another scan said Boot sector Bad Backup boot sector Bad First sectors Boot code and partition information are not identical Second sectors cluster information are not identical A valid FAT Boot sector must be present in order to access any data even if the partition is not bootable I am not trying to recover the data all I want to is to reset the HDD and just use it as a logical drive I just do not know how to reset format re-configure either the MFT MBR or the Partition Table I'm guessing that the HDD is in good working order as it is detected by the BIOS and Windows I just can't use it Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Hard Drive Partition Table / MBR / MFT Corrupt

In Disk Management, right click the drive and select New Simple Volume.

This will create a partition.
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Is it possible to recover data from corrupted hard-drive?

A:Recover Data From Corrupt Hard-Drive

Sometimes, yes

Depends on the corruption cause as to mechanical or electronic.
If the data is critical, then there are data recovery companies specialising in that field, but they are not cheap. Think in figures around $1,000 or so
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First we currently have Windows Vista, our ext. hard drive is about 2 years old, recently it was making noises and would fail to be recognized as a active drive. And when we could get it to recognize the pictures/files would show on the screen but when we tried to save them to another file we would get a mesg saying the files are no longer there. We did a transfer the last time we were able to get the computer to read the HD and only retrieved about 100 of the thousand or so pics. I am desperate to save these pics...we live in Okinawa Japan and have limited access to english speaking help.

A:Ext. Hard Drive corrupt data...can't retrieve. HELP!

Welcome to TSG
A gal that has call in radio show here in the states (also on armed forces radio) says that sometimes if one will put the HD in a ziplock bag in the freezer for 24-48 hours they are able to activate it enought to save their data. I have not tried it, but have talked to some who have had success.
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I m running a year old MacBook Pro with OSX and i recently got a new Lacie TB hard drive in which i put about gigs worth of files on Something happened i or corrupt dying? files Drive just Hard dunno if i disconnected it while i was transferring them or if the hard drive did it after the matter but of the stuff on that hard drive is now screwed up By screwed up i mean that the files mainly Pictures and videos are either unreadable Hard Drive dying? or files just corrupt or readable but have lines through them example http img imageshack us img img l jpg The working i had transfered at a later date Things to note -The thumbnails for Hard Drive dying? or files just corrupt the images look fine but when you actually open the image they reveal to be corrupt -When accessing the corrupt data my processor locks out at full usage and finder crashes until i restart -Other Hard Drive dying? or files just corrupt files on my hard drive are fine i even reformatted using that drive -My hard drive runs in RAID but im not sure if its RAID or RAID I m pretty sure its RAID since i have access to the full TB What i have already tried -Using MacKeeper to try and undelete the files from where i originally copied them from but that failed -Using Drive Genius to run an Integrity Check on the drive with the corrupt files which seemed to turn out ok So am i screwed or is there any chance in saving these files nbsp

A:Hard Drive dying? or files just corrupt

It looks like a problem with your graphics card displaying them, probably not the files themselves. Do you have access to another computer to view the same files?
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I m having a PC nightmare My system will no longer boot Everything was working fine I had not made any hardware or Windows changes and now when I switch on the following happens XP loading screen appears progress bar starts to scroll and then continues to remain in Solved: XP Hard Drive / Corrupt lockup the same state for Solved: Corrupt Hard Drive / XP lockup eternity After pressing reset I tried to enter Last Known Good Configuration to no avail After booting into Safe Mode the system starts listing it s procedures but gets stuck at the same line each time multi disk rdisk partition windows system Drivers Mup sys I have tried running Recovery Console then CHKDSK the following appears quot The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable portions quot Please don t tell me my harddisk is terminal - I can t afford another I could reformat and reinstall which I ve had to do before but I will lose loads of data and pull my hair out Any saints out there nbsp

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Hi all!

I have a damaged hard drive from which i can read the file structure and all in Explorer, but i cannot copy files to my healthy drive. On this hd there is very precious mailboxes(dbx, mbx or whatever outlook express uses) i can view the files in Total Commanders Quick View, but not copy them. Please help me! Is there any nice tools for this sort of problems?

A:Recover mail from corrupt hard drive

What kind of error do you get?
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Hi all My problem started a few days ago for no apparent reason When I switch on drive data hard recovery from corrupt my PC it seems to be loading windows XP as usual but before data recovery from corrupt hard drive I get to the login page it keeps rebooting i e never gets beyond a certain point I have therefore installed Windows XP home on another data recovery from corrupt hard drive hard drive and here I am I have now attached the faulty disk as a slave This drive is completely unreadable and I have not been able to access it at all Therefore I have not written anything or read anything off this drive As most of my important files are on this drive amp my last backup was over months ago I am desperate to recover this data Could someone tell me if there are any good on-line tools that I could use to recover my files I don t my spending a bit on this as I am very desperate and want a good recovery tool Thanks as usual for your support Regards Harsha nbsp

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Hi guys When I turn on my computer it never loads Windows XP It just stays on the black boot up screen and a message appears quot Disk error Press any key to restart quot But pressing any key does not restart Boot Hard Drive or Sequence Corrupt it You have to press ctrl alt del to restart it What I tried to do without success load windows recovery console using Windows XP disc and used fixboot and fixmbr command Used testdisk but it just returns as both boot sector and backup boot sector as identical and both OK The funny thing is if I use an all-in-one boot up recovery disc to boot up on a USB I got it to boot up on a USB using HP format tool and windows boot files and also grub dos program and I select to Corrupt Hard Drive or Boot Sequence boot up my hard disk using the option of booting up Windows XP NTLDR I can load into Windows XP and everything is fine The only problem is that I have to use the USB every time to get past the quot Disk error Press any key to restart quot message Then everything is fine Please help me fix this problem Thank you nbsp

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I shut down the computer that was running windows 7 on a WD black caviar 640 GB SATA drive. When I tried to turn it back on I kept getting messages about needing to repair windows. I tried numerous times. I was able yesterday to get it to run on this computer downstairs that is an older HP also with a SATA drive. I got some things that I needed off on an external hard drive.
Then I connected it back up to my other one and tried to re-install windows 7 32 bit. It would get to the end and then give me the need for repair messages again. Now I can't get it to run on either machine and can't re-install windows XP or 7. What can I do next short of a new hard drive ?

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Can someone help this one has been driving me crazy I am trying to upgrade and old Celeron box to win xp from I get a problem with the installation corrupting the hard disk If 2000 and installs Win XP corrupt drive hard I do get to the stage where its up and running with XP or then the next install of a service pack or broadband software will corrupt the o s files Sometimes it complains that it can t read files on the CD during installation but I can still nurse it through to completion However with XP the catalog files will be corrupt or on all will seem ok and I can Win 2000 and XP installs corrupt hard drive quot click quot around window but as soon as I try to install sp or addtional software it will corrupt the windows installation and stop it booting I think its just luck how far it goes I have had memory tests running overnight tried alternative CD drives Win 2000 and XP installs corrupt hard drive upgraded the BIOS all to no avail After nearly months and s of installs I m at a loss Any ideas nbsp

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So I have this corrupt hard drive I'm trying to get information out of. I have the program but I'm running into problems hooking in this hard drive to one of my older computers. This computer works fine with original hard drive, then when I put the corrupt hard drive on the slave the BIOS can't detect any hard drives at all.

Why is this?

Also I'm not sure why this is but when it's just the original hard drive and a CD-Rom drive I can't boot from disk. It asks to press any key to load so I press many keys at once and then it boots the O.S. I'm trying to get Windows back on there since that's what my application is for.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Corrupt hard drive putting in another computer

You cant see ANY disks, because the system cant see past the bad one, honestly this is where you should just pay a company to retrieve your data, its basically your only hope.
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HP laptop - Kids thought HD crashed.
After some playing with it, I got the user names and avatars up. However, when you click on one and enter a password, it stalls or you get either a black screen or a white one (depending on the user) and desktop never loads.
Any clue or know of a back door to run diagnostics or something?

A:HP Laptop Possible Corrupt Hard Drive or Files?

For starters, you could shut down then restart while tapping the F8 key to get into Safe Mode with networking.
As Safe Mode runs a very minimilistic group of services, you'll be more empowered to attack any and all problems.
From there, you could scan for malware with free programs like Malwarebytes and Superantispyware.
Or you could do a diskcheck/repair first, before scanning for malware, by opening a Command Promt with Admin rights and type in,
chkdsk /r c:
Then hit Enter, then Y for yes and Enter again, to schedule it at the next reboot.
And you could also do another command in that windows, to try to repair some Windows processes, by copying and pasting in the following,
sfc /scannow   then hit Enter
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I have a friends Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I did some diagnostics on the hard drive. The results came back with bad sectors. So I went and purchased a new hard drive for her, reinstalled vista and updated. I plugged the old drive into a USB to SATA Drive adapter. After searching through the drive, there is NO user files whatsoever, not even the user's profile folder within the USERS folder, only the Public folder which is empty. My question is, what are my available options to try and retrieve the files? I'm crossing my fingers in hope that all her personal files are not lost. Maybe next time she will think about backing up.....

A:Corrupt hard drive. Attempting to recover

There's only one possibility that I can think of: Try this ...How to see hidden files in Windows Vista