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Monitor stopped working after uninstall

Q: Monitor stopped working after uninstall

My son was using my computer temporarily for work. He was uninstalling Abobe Illustrator and needed to restart to complete the uninstall. When the computer restarted, the monitor ceased to get a signal from the computer. Have tried unplugging the monitor for a bit, tried restarting in safe mode - nothing has worked. Has the monitor somehow been fried from just a restart?

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Preferred Solution: Monitor stopped working after uninstall

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor stopped working after uninstall

Really I don't think it fried from a restart. It just may have went bad. Have you tried another monitor to make sure. It could also be your on board Graphics or graphics card.
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I tried to uninstall sp b c I work fr home and the software that I test on does not work well w sp So I thought I would uninstall it Now my computer XP SP2 fr. computer has stopped uninstall working just keeps rebooting but I never get to my desktop It says windows is starting up and then reboots again and I get the Dell logo and you can hear it trying to do something So I tried to reinstall XP last night Put my disk in and it started up I tried repair first but it didn t work I then just tried to reinstall knowing I would lose what was on my hard drive but I can t work til this is fixed I was part way through the install and got this msg - Unregmp exe - Entry Point Not Found The Procedure entry XP SP2 uninstall has stopped computer fr. working point GetIUMS could not be located in the dynamic link library MSDART DLL I can t search for this file b c I cannot get to my desktop or drives Is there anyway to fix this I called Best Buy and they want just to walk in my house For another more I can almost get a new computer What do I do nbsp

A:XP SP2 uninstall has stopped computer fr. working

Are you working from a Dell recovery CD? For a lot less than the prices you've been quoted, you would probably have more success by buying an genuine upgrade version of XP and running the second of the two "R" options. So long as you have a valid Product Key, I believe it would even be permissable to borrow an XP CD, run the Repair option and force a reactivation when it's completed. Then you can use the Change Product Key option to revert to your original key and explain why you had to do this on the telephone to the Microsoft Activation Line.
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I am having trouble with my camera software program. Windows is telling me it can't load the specified file. It won't open it at all, so I decided to uninstall it and try again. But I keep getting a message saying "setup.exe has stopped working and it's searching for a solution" but it never finds one.

So.....I can't open the photo program....but I can't uninstall it, either. Is there any other way to uninstall a program besides control panel. We tried to find every file regarding the program, but that didn't remove it from the control panel list either. When I try to install it from the disk, it tells me to uninstall it first.
We have had a trojan horse message pop up the last few days, so I am wondering if this is all related. That's a whole other topic........

A:Setup.exe stopped working during uninstall

Hello MamaDee6, welcome to Vista Forums!

The first thing to do is to download, install and run a full scan using the free malware scanner at the link below, then let us know what it comes up with.

Malwarebytes Free Malware Scanner

You can do a system restore to a point before you first installed the camera software, that should remove it, have a look at the tutorial at the link below.

Be sure to post back to keep us informed.

How to Do a System Restore in Vista
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my google chrome isn't working. I can get to the internet through Firefox not google now. Google chrome worked about a week ago but now doesn't. Should I uninstall it?

A:Google Chrome stopped working - Shall I uninstall it?

Yes, then re-install it if you wish to see if a new installation works okay.
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I get this error message when I try to update some program like JAVA but others, too.
"ASI EVE CL Monitor has stopped working." Then it says Windows has closed the program to save my computer. Is there something I should be doing to get this to stop shutting down? Is this an important thing? I close the little window and everything else seems to work ok. Thanks for any help. Oh...I have Windows Vista 64-bit (whatever that is) .
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Hey all looking for some guidance again My brothers monitor is acting up Actually I think it is his computer but let me break it down About a week ago his working..... Monitor stopped monitor stopped working It has power Monitor stopped working..... and everything but Monitor stopped working..... nothing is appearing on the screen other than a quot no signal quot message I took the computer home with me and hooked it up to my monitor Monitor stopped working..... to find out that the video card doesn t seem to be sending anything to the monitor I hooked the monitor up to the onboard monitor jack and it worked so I figured it was the video card After a day or so the monitor stopped working again so I had him try with a different monitor and it worked so I figured that the monitor gave out Well that monitor stopped working as well on both the video card jacks and onboard monitor jacks I took his monitor home and plugged it into my computer and it works fine so this leads me to believe that there is something going on with his PC but I have no clue what it could be Any ideas I figured that even if the video card wasn t working the onboard should work which it did for awhile but gave out I can usually do minor repairs on hardware type issues but this one has me stumped Thanks everyone nbsp

A:Monitor stopped working.....

Look in device manager>what showing in display adapters? any ! yellow mark
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Hi there. My monitor was working fine, and I left the room and when I
came back in a half hour later the screen was blank and it was making a squeaking sound.
The green light was not on as it should have been. When i turned it off, the noise stopped and
when i turned it back on, same thing: blank screen and squeaking noise. I read a previous post
about the speakers being a potential problem, so I unplugged my speakers, but it did not
do anything to help. I have a Sony monitor and haven't had any problems in the 4 years
I've had it until now. Thanks in advance!!

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There are a few other posts about second monitors not working when upgrading to Windows however in my case it was working back in December but has since failed I didn't try it again until March as I didn't need a second monitor at the time Second working stopped monitor but now I do nbsp I connect over a HDMI to DVI cable When I plug the cable in the monitor goes from Check Signal Cable to just a black screen In both windows display and the Intel HD Graphics properties there is no monitor detected and no way to select anything other than single monitor from the multiple display Second monitor stopped working options nbsp I've tried rolling back drivers updating drivers even the latest beta manually installing drivers - nothing works nbsp Second monitor stopped working As I said when I first tried it there was no problem - connected the cable and there it was So what's happened nbsp Ok I've tried this with my work monitor and it's fine so maybe something has happened to my hardware

A:Second monitor stopped working

Hi @Andy2K16,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the second monitor. I will be glad to help you. Did you uses the same cable at home and at work?if yes, then it is the monitor. Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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I'm running Windows 7 64bit and have 2x Radeon 4870's crossfired, been running dual monitors fine on it since the day I've had it.

Shut my computer down before I went to bed last night and wake up this morning turn it on and my second display will no longer detect.

I've unplugged them both and turned off my computer for 20mins, checked and verified the plugs were fine numerous times over, installed the CCC tried the force detect and still nothing picks it up and I'm at my wits end someone help me before I break it pls!

A:Second monitor stopped working

Hi, have you tried switching the monitors around so they are both plugged into the VGA/DVI/HDMI they are not usually in?

This will identify if it is a GPU problem or a Monitor Problem.

If it is a GPU problem you may consider doing a system restore to yesterday or the day before and see if that fixes anything.

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My system consists of a dell dimension w/Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 Hz. It has 512 MB of ram and a 140 GB hd. I'm running XP home 2002, sp3. I'm connected through ATT DSL elite. My monitor suddenly stopped working. I tried another monitor and it did not work either. I tried the dead monitor on another pc and it worked???

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My monitor is black, however, the power light is on. I've recently installed Linux in a dual boot and was working fine until yesterday when I tried to use it and nothing came on the screen. I tried booting from both the Windows and Linux CD's to see if one was the problem or the other and nothing changes the monitor.

How do I tell if it's the monitor or something else with a monitor to see what's going on?

A:Monitor Stopped working

Try that monitor on another computer known to be working.

Check the video cord connections, maybe no video signal.

Swap another working monitor on to that particular computer.

Should quickly tell you if it is that particular monitor or something else.
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After an update just few minutes ago(including BIOS update) the computer/windows does not recognize my second Lg monitor. The monitor is working because I tested on another notebook. Tried several things and the laptop does not reconize. i dont know if the HDMI stopped working or else.
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Last night everything was working fine but this morning I woke up and turned my computer on and the second monitor is no longer displaying anything.

On the screen resolution settings its detected as just Display device on:VGA but when i go into the Device Manager it isn't detected at all. This has happened once before but that time it was still detected on the Device Manager. I've been looking for a fix for a couple of hours now I have already tried re installing graphics drivers. I'm using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 and running windows 7. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

A:Second Monitor stopped working

I cant explain why but randomly out of nowhere trying this fix four times earlier i unplugged and re pluged the monitor and detected and it worked all of the sudden
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For no apparant reason. My computer rebooted to update some virus software and the monitor just did not come back on. THere is no response from it whatsoever- The light is off.

It's not that old, and I thought LG was a reliable name. I just got it maybe a yr ago and paid good money for it.

Any thoughts on what the problem might be and how to fix it?

A:LG monitor stopped working

What's the warranty on it?
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I have recently cleared my pc of dust and what not. There was no possible way it could have been effected by a static charge however my monitor will no longer work, it justs stays on the orange standby light. It did work previous to this. I have tried other monitors with my PC and they dont work either so it is a problem with the system itself, can anybody tell me what has happened and how i may sort it? Thanks

A:My PC monitor has stopped working

Is it plugged into a graphics card or the motherboard chip? Maybe your graphics card just died, or that your motherboard chip got damaged.
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Hello everyone,

I've been using my TV (The brand is Olevia, I can get the model number if it's needed) as a second monitor while playing video games on my laptop (A Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 running Windows Vista) via HDMI cable.

It worked out for a while, but then my computer crashed while I was playing, and it hasn't worked since.

Whenever I plug it in, the screen goes black as if it were working, but the TV displays "Invalid Format".

The biggest change I can see is that under Display Settings, it always says that there is a second monitor plugged in, when there is not.

Screenshot attached.

Any help? Please and thankyou.
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Okay last night me and my hubby decided to rearrange the room and I just now hooked up the PC and the monitor light stays orange for about minutes and then my desktop background will show stopped working Monitor up with icons There s no task bar and the icons that show Monitor stopped working up I never had installed before I have no idea why its doing this when it was working perfectly fine yesterday before we moved the room I don t know if its the plugs we ve had power outages all day because this is a really old apartment and we don t know what we can have on all together and what we can t or not So can anyone help me with this EDIT Well I got the mouse to work so I right clicked and went to properties and nothing loaded I also tried putting in the XP disc and nothing loaded I created a new folder and went to quot open with quot and clicked on the XP disc but still got nothing I saw all of my files when I went to open with so I know they re all still there Also when I turn on the monitor I don t see the XP logo and can t access safety mode Monitor stopped working or anything the light just stays orange and then turns green and loads my desktop background along with three icons EDIT Well its not the monitor I switched monitors and it still won t work so it must be the hard drive Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be The graphics card looked fine to me when I looked at it so I have no idea what it is nbsp

A:Monitor stopped working

Your correct it`s not the monitor Or the Video card.

It sounds like either the move or the power cuts have put errors on the Hard Drive.

First thing to try is run Checkdisk -

In normal mode,if you can,or from the Recovery console.See HERE for normal mode and HERE for the Console.

You have to go into the BIOS first and set the CD as first in the boot order.Press Del or F1 at start up.See HERE

That may not help,but it`s what I`d do first.
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Hello I have a KDSUSA K s p quot monitior and the other day it mysteriously stopped working I was LCD Working Stopped Monitor reading the update from bungie net Halo s website LCD Monitor Stopped Working and LCD Monitor Stopped Working suddenly it went kapoot The monitor was not moved at all when it happened I had previously had some trouble with the VGA cord which plugs directly into the back of the monitor s motherboard so to speak where there was a severe lack of green color I narrowed down the section of the cord where the faulty LCD Monitor Stopped Working green color was but I was unable to find a break there was a big red blue and grey wire hopefully the grey had green in the cord I then wrapped it up in electrical tape somehow it corrected the lack of green So everything was fine and then suddenly just like that I heard a little noise and then the monitor went black I opened it up to try and see what was the problem and I could not find any I even went as far as the actual liquid crystals to see if there was a problem Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong BTW there are no faulty capacitors as far as I could see Thank you nbsp
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My Reliability monitor stopped working. If i open it, it just stays at the loading screen forever. I have done nothing to the system lately expect for deleting a registy item for Internet Explorer. Does anyone know a way to get it to work, or would a repair instaill be the best option?

A:Reliability monitor stopped working

Reliability Monitor - Reset - Vista Forums
I believe that works in win 7 as well.
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Hello I'm a network Admin and I'm upgrading all our companies computers to Win I've been doing it a month or so now with no issues until last Friday - All our computers are Dell Optiplex 's 's and 's - Win - x - GB ram I have an image of the build which I use Acronis to install a separate image stopped out blue... the monitor 2nd of working... for 2nd monitor stopped working... out of the blue... each model I run Sysprep after the image is made uniquely assign a machine name etc All the 's have the ATI Radeon 2nd monitor stopped working... out of the blue... HD series video 2nd monitor stopped working... out of the blue... cards the kind that requires a dongle for dual output Suddenly all my builds boot up into Windows - and the nd monitor is gone - meaning that Windows sees it - but the monitor itself gets no signal - and yet Windows detects it and even allows for monitor swapping as far as the primary screen My image has NOT changed - so all the computers I've imaged in the past few weeks which work are the same as the one I created minutes ago - which doesn't work Trouble shooting steps taken - video card driver - latest according to AMD website - Swapped dual monitor dongle with several different knows good ones - Swapped like video cards or times - problem stays which hints at a driver issue - Swapped monitors with different known good ones Curiously - if I trade cables on the dongle goes into dongle and goes in to dongle the non-working monitor works and the working one doesn't It's as if the second dongle output isn't sending a signal - even though Win detects a monitor there as long as one is plugged in I can't figure it out - especially since nothing has changed Ideas

A:2nd monitor stopped working... out of the blue...

I actually re-imaged one with an older image - and it too doesn't work.
 - I suspect a "bug", but don't know where it could have come from
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I have a dual screen set up, a 22" 1680x1050 as my main, and an 18" 1280x1024 as my left side monitor. My left monitor has worked fine since the day I started using it, and last night I shut my computer down it was still working fine.

However this morning when I turned on my computer, it was all colours and lines, not even a hint of what it should be displaying, and its not my computer, because when it's not connected to my computer, it doesnt even say "no signal" just shows these colours/lines, the menu doesnt come up either, so somehow the physical screen seems to have broken over night I've done nothing to it, no impacts or anything.

Does anyone have any idea what's caused this? or what I can do to fix it?

Many thanks, it's a lovely screen and would hate to see it go

A:Monitor stopped working over night :(

My old monitor used to do that. When it happened, I just do the most basic thing. Unplug the power adapter, the video connector, plug back it in, and normally that's all it takes.
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Operating windows 7, I have been using a second monitor through HD lead for months with no problems, it has now stopped working,, cable ok, monitor ok.
Detecting monitors works properly, mouse moves off screen to other monitor's area.
However, the monitor reports 'no signal', displays no image or sound. Disconnecting the monitor also worked as expected, and the system would reconfigure for single monitor mode.
I reconfigured system to an earlier date but problem still here.
Any suggestions and im no computer expert :)

Thanks in advance

A:Dual monitor stopped working

For the issue, please try the methods listed as below.
1.The laptop has an Function key (Fn key next to the windows start key) on the keyboard. Press and hold the key, and hit the F5 or F8 key or that F key which has the monitor icon on it (it is F5 on toshiba and F8 on dell).

2.Sometimes a high resolution to an extended screen can also be a cause of non-display. Just reduce the resolution of the additional monitor to 800X600 .

3.unplug power cables and video cables from wall socket and back of computer and monitor, wait for 10 minutes and plug all cables back in.

4.If these methods still don't fix, then just as Balaji
said, your next bet is reinstalling your display device drivers.
Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly

Hope this helps,
Ada Liu
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I was playing stopped Keyboard monitor and working a game on steam yesterday and my keyboard stopped working all of the sudden So I decided to turn it off and go back on later Keyboard and monitor stopped working but I had to turn it off during the game I could not exit without using the keyboard Later on I turned it back on and the computer started as normal but the monitor was not receiving from the HDMI and the keyboard still wasn t working mouse still works I checked everything inside and the plugs are all tight and fine I took out the ram sticks and put them back in I tried unplugging the power cord and tried it the next morning and troubleshooted almost every part I m not sure how this happened so if anyone has any advice help would be appreciated Also the computer shut off when I unplugged my printer USB from it I bought it from cyberpowerpc if that makes any difference their customer service is terrible Specs BLUETOOTH None CABLE None CAS Thermaltake Core V Extreme Full-Tower Gaming case w Fully Modular HDD cages amp Side-Panel Window CASUPGRADE None CC None CD X Double Layer Dual Format DVD -R -RW CD-R RW Drive BLACK COLOR CD None COOLANT Standard Coolant CPU Intel R Core i - GHz MB Intel Smart Cache LGA CS FAN Default case fans DOCKINGSTATION None ENGRAVING None FA HDD Vigor iSURF II Hard Disk Drive Cooling System x System FAN V Voltair High Performance Thermoelectric CPU Cooler with TEC Technology FLASHMEDIA None FREEBIE CU None HD M PCIE None HD M SATA None HDD TB SATA-III Gb s MB Cache RPM HDD Single Drive HDD None HEADSET None HS HANGER None IUSB Built-in USB Ports KEYBOARD AZZA Multimedia USB Gaming Keyboard MB SRT GB ADATA SP SATA-III Gb s - MB s Read amp MB s Write Single Drive MEMORY GB GBx DDR MHz Dual Channel Memory G SKILL Ripjaws X MONITOR quot Sceptre E BV-FMD LED x HDTV HDMI DisplayPort Gaming Monitor Single Monitor MOPAD Corsair Gaming MM Mouse Mat - Standard Edition PN CH- -WW MOTHERBOARD MSI Z S SLI Krait Edition ATX w GIGABit LAN PCIe x PCIe x x M x SATA GB s All Venom OC Certified - MOUSE AZZA Optical dpi Gaming Mouse with Weight Adjustable Cartridge NETWORK Onboard Gigabit LAN Network NFC None OS Windows Free upgrade to Windows when it is released OVERCLOCK No Overclocking POWERSUPPLY Watts - LEPA G -MA Plus Gold Certified Modular Power Supply RUSH Standard Process Time Ship within Business Day SERVICE STANDARD WARRANTY -YEAR Year Labor Year Parts LIMITED WARRANTY PLUS LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT SLI BRIDGE EVGA Pro SLI Bridge V -Way SLI SOFT McAfee AntiVirus Plus SOUND HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD AUDIO SPEAKERS None TEMP None TUNING None TVRC None USBFLASH None USBHD None USBX NZXT Internal USB -PORT Expansion Module VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce GTX GB GDDR PCIe x Maxwell Dual Card SLI WNC None WTV None nbsp

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Ive been using an external monitor along side my winxp HP laptop for months via a VGA cord. I decided to connect my tv to my laptop using the same VGA cable and it didnt work. so i plugged it back into my laptop and that no longer worked as well!
took 30 seconds for my monitor to become useless.
Ive bought two other VGA cables thinking maybe my tv fried the cable, but still nothing works.

i don't think its drivers because it worked fine one minute and didn't the next. No signal is going to the monitor at all. no sign of the monitor even being connected.
anything i can do? Thanksssss.

A:2nd display monitor stopped working?

It sounds that more than likely the VGA port going out from the laptop was switched off during one of the changes. Most laptops now have a shortcut to turn this port on (since I believe it is off by default to save power) For example, mine is Fn+F5. What kind of laptop you have will determine this shortcut key. What is the model of the HP laptop are you using?

There might also be something wrong with the monitor though that is very unlikely. Does the monitor power on still and simply go into standby due to no signal? If the monitor has multiple inputs, it could be trying to find a signal from one of the other inputs. There should be a menu option to make sure the monitor is on VGA.

This is likely what was wrong with the TV as well, either it was looking at the wrong input or your laptop wasn't giving the proper output.

Hope this helps.
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have a 32" HD TV which I use as my Primary Monitor(connected using HDMI) and a Lenova 17" as a Secondary(connected with vga cable). I shut the desktop down, unplugged the 17" to use on another pc.
When I reconnect the 17" to my main desktop it now does not pick up
Any Suggestions?

A:Secondary Monitor stopped working

Whenever you disconnect the monitor you will have to reconnectr manually.

(WIN) P ____ then choose extend to extend to both screens
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Was playing music then i went afk and it stopped. Checked all wires restarted computer and no sound is coming but when i plug in my headset the music/sound is fine.

A:Sound just stopped working in Monitor

Where do you plug your headset, a socket on the monitor, or do you unplug the lead from the monitor & plug the headset straight into the computer?

If you plug into the monitor, and the headset works OK, then looks like either the monitor speakers have stopped working, or maybe a little switch in the socket has stuck sending the sound to the headset, & doesn't switch back to speaker when the headset is unplugged.

If you have to plug the headset straight into the computer, then the lead carrying the sound to the monitor might have failed, or the sound circuit inside the monitor has a problem. Or there is a hidden volume control on the monitor that has muted the monitor sound - button, knob or menu option?
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I am sure someone has post this before. I apologize for the repetition. I have a 3.5 year old Benq LCD monitor and it just shut down this morning without any warning. I can't turn it back on. I mean I can turn the power on and everything looks normal except there's nothing on the screen. I have read that it could be the back light went out, but wouldn't it happen gradually over the time? So is it the back light or is it something else?

There's no dealer/service support at where I live and I really need a monitor to get some work done...AND it's snowing. So screwed!!!

A:LCD Monitor stopped working without warning

Will the monitor menu come up if you press the button?

Either the backlight has died or the power section for it has died.

Sounds like you need a new monitor, they are fairly cheap these days.

wouldn't it happen gradually over the time?Click to expand...

not always, sometimes they just fail unexpectedly : - (

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Had this monitor for exactly 30 days - suddenly the usb3 outputs on the back have stopped working - they won't charge an iphone and nither do they allow a webcam or a disk drive to connect through  the display's hub - but they used to! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Simon
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Am assuming this is an MS Server side issue but tonight my two children logged into their accounts on the PC. They have child accounts. Absolutely no issues using the machine, browsing etc. I then logged back into my main acc after. As I was checking a few things I went into reliability history and noted two messages for each time my children logged into their accounts saying 'family safety monitor stopped working'. I guess most don't check or will notice but wondered if anyone had picked up on the same?

We didn't see any adverse affects but I was more curious than anything else about this little anomaly
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I use my laptop with a second monitor (HP Pavillion 22xw) connected by HDMI. It was working fine until yesterday (including yesterday it worked), when an automatic HP upgrade message was shown informing that the system should be reinitiated. After that, my second monitor stopped working. The system won't identify it anymore. I've tried another cable, I've rebooted many times, I've tried updating the specific Intel Graphics driver, I've tried uninstalling it and installing manually another one ( I can't get this one done because when I'm running the manually downloaded driver there's a message saying I have to contact the manufacturer). Please advise as I need my second monitor to be fully functional!
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My brother was having with his reliability monitor that stopped working His os is Vista Ultimate Here is what worked to get his reliability monitor working again Go to control panel click classic view click administrative tools then click event viewer In the first column expand quot stopped solution. working?...One Reliability Monitor Windows Logs quot and click quot System quot In the rd column under quot Actions quot click quot Clear Log quot then quot Clear and Save quot The center column had a quot data is invalid quot error when he accessed the event viewer After reading some posts along with some trial and error we finally got the above solution to solve his problem He noticed in a few minutes that it updated to Then a little while later it was showing history to By the next morning his reliability monitor was updated to the current date of All his previous data was saved and he has a fully functioning reliability monitor I am happy to report that mine has been working fine for over a year I just wanted to share the solution I hope this helps someone in the same situation
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I have a Windows 10 laptop and an external monitor. The monitor was working perfectly for a few weeks, until one day I switched on the laptop to find that the monitor was no longer working. Going to 'Display Settings' only showed one monitor, and pressing 'Detect' said 'Didn't detect another display'.

After updating all drivers, then purchasing new leads and adapters for the monitor, I still couldn't get it to work. Then I stumbled upon the 'Hardware and devices' troubleshooter which, after restarting my computer, made it work.

Less than a week later, I just restarted my machine and suddenly it's not working again. This time, the troubleshooter isn't fixing it. Every time, it just says to restart my computer to finish applying updates/drivers but restarting doesn't help.

Anyone have ideas how I can fix this?

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I have upgraded to Windows 10 first my laptop and, more recently, my desktop. I use Reliability Monitor daily. Three days into Windows 10, Reliability Monitor on my desktop reported an application failure yesterday: "Cortana - stopped working". There are two further such reports today within a minute of one another. My laptop has not reported this event so far. Everything in Windows+S>Settings is set to off on both machines - I do not want Cortana. Settings>Privacy is set to much the same on both machines, except in Speech, inking and typing. I see that my desktop is set to "Get to know me" and my laptop is set to "Stop getting to know me". I wonder if any other users have advice to overcome my issue in this minefield of settings that Windows 10 offers.
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I already posted something about this to other topic so you can just ignore that.

So, I have an external monitor (Benq G series), which worked just fine on my Win XP. This morning I installed Win 7 on my computer and it stopped working. It says No signal and it cannot be detected no matter what I try.

So could it be the drivers or something? I used to have some ATI graphic card, don't remember which one, but now it says I have:

Standard VGA graphics adapter
8 bit

Graphic memory usable 16 MB

So this has changed? What can I do to get back what I had before and will this help fixing the monitor problem?
Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Ok problem solved! If anyone else has the same problem follow the link: Standard VGA Drivers??

A:Installed Win7 and ext. monitor stopped working

You need to install your ATI drivers first to use your ext monitor
HP has not updated their graphics driver for your laptop
Use vista driver instead:
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We have several user accounts setup on each of our machines including some child accounts. We have noticed for the last 3 days that when logging into our child accounts that the little family safety icon that normally resides in the system tray in bottom right has been missing in action. A quick check in reliability history reports that 'family safety monitor' stopped working everytime we logged into a child acc consistently for three days solid. As this is happening on all our machines I presume it's not a local issue but an MS server side issue. I just wondered if anyone else uses child accounts and are noticing the same?
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I left my computer on for about half an hour whilst I went downstairs to do something when I came back I had found my monitor had turned off and the power button light for it was flashing The computer Mouse and keyboard monitor working , stopped was still on but it hadn't slept I'm not sure of the settings I had it set to but I tried to wake it by moving the mouse and pressing the keyboard however it still Mouse , monitor and keyboard stopped working didn't respond so I turned it off Mouse , monitor and keyboard stopped working manually by holding the power button When I turned it on again the same thing happened the mouse and keyboard were unresponsive and the monitor light kept flashing I thought at first it was just my mouse so I unplugged it and tried a different port still didn't work I tried every available port on my computer and the mouse didn't work I tried it on another computer and the mice and keyboard worked there so I knew it was a problem with my PC I unplugged everything removed the cover on my case and pretty much cleared the dust out using my air blower turned on the comp again and the fans were running fine GPu fan was running and so were the other fans No beeps from the computer either Not really sure what's going on but I really hate to say this but I think it could be a hardware problem PC is not overclocked Specs Asus p q-e mb Corsair hx w psu Ocz reaper gb mem Win ultimate bit Intel core quad e ghz ATI FireGL Almost forgot when I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in then turned on my comp it turned on for a few seconds then turned off then on again Any help appreciated

A:Mouse , monitor and keyboard stopped working

That is strange. -- First try a System Restore to a date before you had the problem. This will put your PC exactly like it was as of the date you choose.
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New to this forum. Hope you can help.

I have been using an external monitor (Samsung PX2370) with my Toshiba laptop (about 2 years old), connected via an HDMI cable. Up until today it has been working fine. This morning the audio stopped working. Now the laptop does not find the external monitor at all when connected via HDMI. I can connect fine with the VGA cable. I have tried a new HDMI cable but it doesn't help.

Any ideas would be most welcome



A:HDMI connection to second monitor has stopped working

Is there anything blocking the HDMI ports on the computer and the monitor? you may want to clean them with compressed air.

If that doesn't help try connecting the laptop to another monitor or TV via HDMI so you can determine if it is the HDMI on the computer or the monitor.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58, x86 Family 15 Model 104 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Xpress 1150, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 50006 MB, Free - 34693 MB; E: Total - 15178 MB, Free - 6248 MB; G: Total - 49285 MB, Free - 14287 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0UW744, , .DWD23F1.CN486437B80061.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

As the title says, both features simply stopped working for reasons I am unable to ascertain. Ran mbam, SAS and Security Essentials scans... No joy. When trying screensaver and clicking p\ "Preview", the selected screensaver appears for a few seconds and goes off. Like I moved the mouse or hit a key (and I didn't).

Any ideas????

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I recently got a ,message at the bottom of my screen saying that my display driver had stopped working.
This occurred after opening an online game, after the pop up my screen flashed and then my PC re-booted.
When it re-booted my screen was messed up and has been since, i have no clue on what is going on so help would be much appreciated.

A:Monitor Problems after display driver stopped working.

That doesn't look too good! The fact that the display is like that outside of windows probably points to a hardware fault. Does it look like it as soon as the machine is switched on? I.e. prior to windows starting?
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I've been running this Z for a year or so and updated to Windows a couple of months ago Both the laptop display and an external monitor HPw vga have been working fine The other day the external monitor just stopped working nbsp nbsp I check the device manager and the Intel HD Graphics display adapter is disabled due to a Code I have tried rolling back to stopped - Ideapad External Z580 working monitor an earlier restore point I've uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of the Intel graphics adapter up through the current compatible one The most recent display adapter driver from Intel is apparently not hardware compatible with this adapter nbsp The funny thing is that the driver nbsp wants to work On booting while the black and white Lenovo Ideapad Z580 - External monitor stopped working splash screen is displayed with the little circular Windows logo circling around I can move the cursor back and forth between monitors As soon as the screen turns blue I assume with Windows drivers loading the external monitor blanks out and I'm back to one screen nbsp nbsp Based on that behavior I'm wondering if it's not a display driver that is specfically the problem since I've loaded up the latest drivers several times but if maybe a recent Windows update has sneaked in a driver or component for something else that is causing the Intel driver to crash Any thoughts nbsp nbsp Back in earlier versions of Windows you could have the system load one component at a time during boot so you could check for incompatibilities So if the display crashes I could experiement with disabling other services to see what would happen Anybody know how to boot up with this feature enabled in W nbsp Thanks

A:Ideapad Z580 - External monitor stopped working

Right click on it and uninstall.Reboot .Worth a try
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Received the error message "Windows Live ID Service Monitor has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.". So far my calendar in Hotmail does not function since I have gotten this error message. How can I correct this situation?

A:Windows Live ID Service Monitor has stopped working

You need to download and reinstall windows live ID or install windows essential live 2011.. its a good one with all that you need..
Download details: Windows Live Essentials 2011
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Yesterday I got a balloon notification saying that there were some Windows Updates available I like to keep my PC up-to-date and since I wasn t in the middle of anything urgent I had my Windows -bit PC download Windows Updates Stopped Working 2nd - Installed Monitor and install them WU asked to reboot my computer so I got to a stopping point and clicked reboot When I Installed Windows Updates - 2nd Monitor Stopped Working rebooted my PC my nd monitor stopped working and wouldn t detect So I downloaded installed the latest drivers and restarted nothing Tried rolling back to a restore point before the updates nothing Uninstalled the video card and rebooted nothing I have an ATI Raedon Series video card installed into a Dell Optiplex running Dell quot LCD monitors Nothing super fancy or extravagant going on here I am a bit at a loss I was going to maybe take out the video card and try reinstalling it physically and quot softwarically quot But I do not think that will actually help It was working fine for months and so I am guessing it has something to do with the Windows Updates that were installed Anyone else experiencing similar issues Anyone have any ideas Thanks

A:Installed Windows Updates - 2nd Monitor Stopped Working

I tried installing a new video card, which wasn't much luck. But after I put the Radeon 3650 back in the internal video card was detected. I hooked up my second monitor to that one, which since I do not run any graphics intensive programs on this computer isn't a big deal.

Not my favorite fix, but it works so. Yeah.
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So this happened before. I bring my computer over to a friends house for a couple days, then when bringing it back to my house and hooking it back up the mic does not want to work with skype or any program that records.

Had this happen last week then it just fixed itself. As of right now everything is plugged in the right spot, all the checks and green bars move when i talk into it in the windows settings. Even when I go to monitor mic option i can hear fine, it is working.

Just for some reason it is not working with any chat program. It is not working in skype, steam, and windows recording. WTF is going on here

A:Mic stopped working with programs, works fine with monitor check?!

Check that the device the mic is currently plugged into is set as the default device:

The level indicator and monitoring functions will still work for non default devices, but only the default device will be used with applications (unless the applications themselves have the option to override this).
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Hello I have a windows professional bit system oddities stopped multi monitor working - display system ATI Radeon HD Video card driver version multi monitor display oddities - system stopped working from ATI dated I have an LCD multi monitor display oddities - system stopped working TV located in another room hooked up to the HDMI port and a monitor hooked up to the DVI port For whatever reason the tv has always been detected as monitor In normal use the monitor is used for the computer with the desktop icons and the task bar and the tv is used to play movies The system has been in place and operating fine for well over a year There have been no OS updates in the last week or two no driver updates for much longer than that I use the win-p keyboard shortcut to switch back and forth between projector standard monitor and extend I went to start a movie tonight and switched the display from projector tv is detected as monitor to extend and the monitor became the secondary display and the tv became the primary display To rephrase normally the monitor is the primary display and always has the task bar and desktop icons the tv is turned on as desired in extend mode for playing movies and will only show the wallpaper if no program window is open today the monitor shows exactly what I expect until I change to extend mode at which time the TV shows the desktop icons and task bar and the monitor shows only the wallpaper I have checked all the settings under Control panel gt Display gt Screen resolution and all settings appear unchanged I'm not even sure what to try next If I have left out any relevant details just ask Any suggestions or insight would be very much appreciated Thanks Ray

A:multi monitor display oddities - system stopped working

Hello rst Welcome to the Seven Forums!

When running a player or even the software viewer for the tv tuner/capture card here and moving it over from the primary display to the second with the extended desktop the full screen playback is still only seen on the primary.

Here I use the UltraMon program for dusl display where you have the option to switch which monitor or in your case tv or monitor will be the primary with a right click and check off the monitor 1 or monitor 2 item in the right click menu's Set Primary option for setting which will be the default display.

UltraMon, DisplayFusion, and others are 3rd party help for things like that or offering a Smart type task bar extension over to the second monitor when extending the desktop. For full screen playback there you would temporary set the primary for the tv when going to watch anything full screen.
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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!
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Hello All I m new to the site and after having been tasked to fix my girlfriends computer I m left scratching my head I don t know what she or her son did to this machine but everything I have tried has not worked So any help would be greatly appreciated Machine - Dell Inspriron INSP OS - Vista -bit SP Issues - Cannot start internet browsers outside of safe mode Every time I have tried I get an APPCRASH Error IE - Internet Explorer has stopped working Problem Signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name iexplore exe Application Version Application Timestamp d d Fault Module Name iexplore exe Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp d d Exception Code c Exception Offset d OS Version Locale ID Additional Information fd Additional Information ea f fe aaa d f Additional Information fd Additional Information ea f fe aaa d f Firefox Stopped stopped starting Process Client DNS Host Errors. IE and Working, APPCRASH working has Firefox, (Rundll32) Has and When - Firefox has Stopped Working Problem Signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name firefox exe Application Version Application Timestamp fda Fault Module Name firefox exe Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp fda Exception Code c Exception Offset b OS Version Locale ID Additional Information fd Additional Information ea f fe APPCRASH When starting IE and Firefox, DNS Client Has Stopped Working, and Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working Errors. aaa d f Additional Information fd Additional Information ea f fe aaa d f When trying to get into Control Panel gt Internet Options Windows host process Rundll has stopped working Problem Signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name rundll exe Application Version Application Timestamp b e Fault Module Name rundll APPCRASH When starting IE and Firefox, DNS Client Has Stopped Working, and Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working Errors. exe Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp b e Exception Code c d Exception Offset a OS Version Locale ID Additional Information fd Additional Information ea f fe aaa d f Additional Information fd Additional Information ea f fe aaa d f Intermittently after logging in DNS Client has stopped working Hasn t happened since I APPCRASH When starting IE and Firefox, DNS Client Has Stopped Working, and Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working Errors. ran AVG PC Tuneup I do not have a problem signature at this time Though I do remember the fault was in svchost exe DNS or something like that I will post it if it happens again What I ve done is install AVG Malwarebytes Spybot S amp D and AVG PC tuneup All have found problems And fixed some of them though I still cannot get online I have tried to do a startup repair without the Windows Disk but I cannot log in Any ideas or help you may have would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

A:APPCRASH When starting IE and Firefox, DNS Client Has Stopped Working, and Host Process (Rundll32) has stopped working Errors.

Here is the DNS client has stopped working error

DNS Client has stopped working

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: svchost.exe_Dnscache
Application Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47918b89
Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18327
Fault Module Timestamp: 4cb73436
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000250fb
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 7373
Additional Information 2: 38d9ec761cde35dc7ff9a3014cbc1e9a
Additional Information 3: 007a
Additional Information 4: f2126b35ab5de9a1c961e83e18b5e24b
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HI I'VE INSTTALED WINDOWS PROF ON MY PC I M TRYING TO INSTALL WINDOWS ULTIMATE BY CLICKING ON SETUP EXE AN ERROR MASSAGE APPEARED SAYING WINDOWS INSTALLER HAS STOPPED WORKING THEN I TRIED TO INSTALL WINDOWS ON MY PC Windows has working stopped working has stopped or installer setup.exe BUT THE ERROR MASSAGE APPEARED SAYING SAME THING WINDOWS INSTALLER HAS STOPPED WORKING AND ALL OTHER SETUP IN THAT DRIVE ARE SAYING SAME THING DON'T KNOW WTTD HHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP I'M IN BIG TROUBLE NOTHING IS GOING TO INSTALL ERROR Problem signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name setup exe Microsoft Windows Operating System Application Version Application Timestamp a Fault Module Name setup exe Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp a Exception Code c Exception Offset f OS Version Locale ID Additional Information a e Additional Information a e d b ad b a e Additional Information Windows installer has stopped working or setup.exe has stopped working a e Additional Information a e d b ad b a e Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline E Windows system en-US erofflps txt

A:Windows installer has stopped working or setup.exe has stopped working


Lets start here:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click 'Copy' - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the validation tool here in your next reply

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this morning i got those 2 errors pop up, and i cannot get into system info, cannot do a system restore
running windows 7
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I couldn t see a thread about the same issue I have so I signed up Before I start I d like to point out that I am not IT savvy working" suddenly Monitor "stopped cars trucks household appliances - yes computers - no so please avoid IT jargon if possible The problem Our Windows computer has been working fine Monitor suddenly "stopped working" nothing has been changed or added The computer Monitor suddenly "stopped working" was in use this morning and left unattended for a while and as usual had gone dormant When the mouse was wriggled to quot wake it up quot nothing happened - the monitor remained blank Eventually we tried the quot universal fix quot of turning it off amp turning it back on but it Monitor suddenly "stopped working" still did not work The quot no signal quot message popped up on the screen as it went off and when it was turned back on the quot Windows was not closed correctly quot message briefly appeared it does not do that now I m using a lap top to send this as I cannot use the desk top Any ideas nbsp

A:Monitor suddenly "stopped working"

Try a different monitor if you can.
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I get these two error messages every time I start my computer, is there any help? I have an Acer 4810T
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Hey, Fellas, I'm back.
Lately when I've tried looking at different folders and files on my hard drives I keep getting "Windows Explorer has stopped working and will restart." It's driving me nuts, I can barely do anything.
Also, same thing with Internet Explorer...I'm getting real sick of Vista's shoddiness..

A:Windows Explorer Stopped Working, Internet Explorer Stopped Working, what DOES work?

Have a look at the events log and make a virus scan too.
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When I go to open HP MediaSmart, on the drop down menu I click on Video. It opens briefly and about 5 seconds I get the message "HP Media Video has stopped working. A problem stopped the prgram to stop working correctly. Windows will notify me if a solution is available.  I ran the sfc.exe (system file checker tool from microsoft as administrator)  and it passed with result of "windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations".I can play a DVD, i can open my photos but I can't view my videos or load any new ones using HP MediaSmart.I have restarted the computer several times with no help.Any suggestions?
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My new cx Epson Multi-function to uninstall cx6600 fine, stopped worked want - Epson then printer has been working off my Win K pro OS for a couple of months with no problems then today the printer decided it Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall wasn t going to print Am able to run the test print on it and it copies o k but any prints sent to it are held in the spool queue I tried cancelling all the prints rebooting both the computer and printer and reseating all connections From these symptoms I have deduced that there probably is a software problem Following EPSON advice I decided to uninstall and re-install the software Following the usual add remove process the os refuses to remove the software due to a missing or corrupted info file According to the experience of Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall other individuals I have to manually remove all references to the printer manually from both the registry and the files on the HDD and then re-install Wonder if someone has an answer to the following two questions - Question What specific things do I need to change in the registry I have worked with it before but this looks like a big job Would rather go in with a laser tool rather than with a sledge hammer so I don t screw it up Question Is there something in WIN K that also needs to be addressed when something like this happens Any help would be appreciated Thanks - Dave - Mostly Perplexed nbsp

A:Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall

You overlooked something.... resolution

The problem is solved.... Two problems..... I had forgotten to sign on as an administrator, so it would give me an error every time. I signed on as administrator in my system win2k and I then began to remove all the epson applications. The printer software, however, is listed together in the add/remove program section and I had several epson entries. I was inadvertently trying to remove an epson c860 which has been dead for awhile. It gave me a window to reply , but it was hidden under other windows. When I discovered it, I realized that when I asked to remove the epson printer it was pointing to c860 instead of the cx6600. When I didn't reply to the small window to confirm c860 removal, it seemed to go off into lala land, so I would just cancel the whole thing. AFter I pointed to the right printer (cx6600 series), it removed it, but gave no indication that it did. I checked the register and all references to it were removed, so I proceeded to install the printer again. This time it worked, and everything is o.k.
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computer 1 and monitor 1 were working fine
took another monitor (was attached to computer 2 and working) and plugged into computer 1
new monitor from computer 2 does not work, have checked power supply and data cable
the CPU goes on, the monitor is on - with a blinking yellow light but a blank screen - totally black
tried another monitor but same story


A:Solved: switched a working monitor to different CPU - monitor not working
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The mouse started to stray and stopped working in the middle of doing something, i.e. eBay, typing word and etc. which is very annoying and first of all, I lose all of the work done due to stopping of the mouse.

However, the mouse started working as if nothing wrong, once I restarted by 'force' restart ..... pushing the button in the middle of the PC. Otherwise, the PC is all fine and working OK.

I did apply Malwarebytes to combat the issue, however the issue does not resolve.

Any help on this would be truoly appreciated.


A:Mouse stopped working in the middle of working, i.e. eBay, typing word, etc.

Did you try a different mouse? If you still have the same problem with a new mouse, see if there are any drivers for the mouse from it's manufacturers web site.
Also try a Clean Boot, if that works, then add one startup item at a time till the mouse acts weird again, then you know that is the problematic program.
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Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me I have been having a lot of issues with my computer and using the internet I keep getting messages such as windows explorer has stopped working and Host process for windows services stopped working I haven t been able to stream services for Host stopped Windows / working explorer process stopped has windows videos with the exception of youtube download certain programs and browsing sites is slow I remember my computer being fine until a window update but I don t know if that s a coincidence or not I have tired uninstalling windows explorer and system restore to no avail I would really appreciate any help or Windows explorer has stopped working / Host process for windows services stopped advice Here is a report for one of the error messages I received Description A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows Problem signature Problem Event Name AppHangXProcB Application Name iexplore exe Application Version Application Timestamp cf Hang Signature Hang Type Waiting on Application Name iexplore exe Waiting on Application Version OS Version Locale ID Additional Hang Signature a d f b ae b adee Additional Hang Signature e Additional Hang Signature e ab c eaf fc a fd Additional Hang Signature Additional Hang Signature a d Windows explorer has stopped working / Host process for windows services stopped f b ae b adee Additional Hang Signature e Additional Hang Signature e ab c eaf fc a fd

A:Windows explorer has stopped working / Host process for windows services stopped

Do things get better if you boot into Safe Mode with Networking?
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I have had a rather large problem over the last couple of days It started earlier in the week when one drive stopped working Not a big problem I ve had drives fail before disks so i can handle one less for a little while i though Not so though while still waiting for my new drive using my computer like usual with less load on unit D i suddenly start getting as Disks - Volume working, RAID the but Stopped Working 5 listed are write-errors to D and the Intel Matrix Storage Console RAID 5 - Disks are working, but the Volume listed as Stopped Working lists it as Stopped Working instead of Degraded Nothing changed RAID 5 - Disks are working, but the Volume listed as Stopped Working except for the status of the Volume all the disks read the same as before fully functional I have very little experience with these sort of matters This is the first time I ve lost a drive where i might lose data as well and i have pretty much no idea where to go from here I ve tried to replace the faulty disk with another GB drive but the RAID-setup in BIOS just tells me there isn t enough space and the Console in Windows places the new drive as a Non-RAID drive I can mark it as reserve but that seems to be all i can do with it I m not hopefully asking for miracles I have just two things that i really need to retrieve from the Volume my Firefox sessions saved in a separate folder at the root of the drive and my Thunderbird mail stored in their standard location as my whole Windows-profile is on that drive Everything else i can get again Well not really i have stuff stored up from - years back from people who has withdrawn from the net and taken everything with them or died Old stuff that is no longer available on the net and so on But i could live with that loss It would be hard but i could do it The mail though stretch almost the whole way to when i first started using internet back in DOS and the Firefox sessions contain close to a hundred windows in total and probably over a thousand tabs Most i will never be able to find again no matter how long or hard i search That s a pretty devastating blow The thought of loosing all that is making me nauseous Any help i can get to retrieve the data is appreciated I couldn t put into words how thankful i would be if i got it back ASUS Maximus Formula SE motherboard now x Western Digital GB Caviar Anyting else you need to know please ask Any help at all is welcome nbsp

A:RAID 5 - Disks are working, but the Volume listed as Stopped Working
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So one day I was using a laptop wirelessly when the internet just suddenly turned off. I checked my modem and it was working fine but when I checked my router, the lights were on but not blinking. it was just a steady light. when I checked for a wireless network the name of the network I usually use didnt show up.

I tried unplugging everything and plugging everything back in again and I tried pressing the reset button on the back of the router. Can anyone help?

Thanks so much

P.S. my router is a linksys WRT300N Wireless-N Broadband router

A:Wireless router suddenly stopped working (Lights still working though)

what devices do you have connected the router anything else wireless
make and model of the pc

does the PC work if you connect to the router by a cable ?
if not
try connecting directly to the modem and see if that works OK

we need to see some details, which will mean you need to copy to a working PC
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Direct link to the program is here
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
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Okay this is the weirdest problem I ve ever hard with computers Here s what happened I had a few years old Pentium D GHz processor running on Asus P VDC-X mobo PQI MHz DDR and GF GS mb PCI-E W power I updated the mobo to Asus P L-MX to support faster PCI-E cards Everything worked fine despite the processor stopped working, working suddenly old mobo mobos New ran too hot C on high use Because of the overheating I replaced the thermal paste but it New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working had no effect on the temperature I thought I used too much paste so I replaced the paste again --- Bang no video when I turn on the computer I tried taking off everything part by part but nothing worked It didn t work even when I only had processor and used the integrated graphics port Tried resetting the bios too Nothing worked so I put back the old P VDC-X and it worked like charm I thought it was logical that the problem was caused because of the mobo so I bought New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working a new one Asrock G M-S No video Did the same steps to this one too It also had integrated gfx but it didn t work either The old P VDC-X still works So I have no idea what s causing the problem Is it the CPU Mobo PSU RAM I have no speaker on my case so I can t hear any beeps but it won t start loading the OS from the hardrive and my USB mouse won t turn on Tried using a differen t monitor too The main point is why it stopped working suddenly on new mobo s but still works with the old P VDC-X Any ideas Let me know if I forgot to mention something important nbsp

A:New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working

Two new motherboards tells us you made the same simple install error in both of them.
Tell us more about power supply, memory, cable.
Did you make sure the memory was correct for both new boards, and what is the memory on the old board. Would also like to know the power supply and other hard ware.
What happens with the most basic, simple install. Does everything light up?

If you used the same hard drive with the same Windows install on the two motherboards, that is the problem. Windows has detected that you have changed the motherboard and will not operate unless you reinstall Windows on the drive on each new motherboard... One install for each motherboard.
My guess is that you will be fine if you change hard drives or do reinstalls or repair installs of the Windows on the new motherboard.
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Hi! I am repeatedly getting the error "Internet Explorer not working" / Windows checking for solution/Last browsing closed unexpectedly , then Restore Session. I went to google to find a fix for this error .I'm being told to Press Window + W key then type in Troubleshooting in the Search box , then enter View All ,then Click IE Performance, then click Advanced etc..... The problem is that when I get to the Search box I start to type in the Troubleshooting and after one keystroke of the T, the computer automatically goes back to my desktop home page. The search engine box will not let me fix this problem. Can somebody help me ? Thanks so much! I have IE 10 and recently upgraded to the windows 8.1 from the Windows 8 about 3 weeks ago.

A:IE 10 stopped Working error / Search engine not working

Are you sure you have Windows 8.1? If you were you would have IE 11
From the Charms bar search System and verify if indeed you have Windows 8.1
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I want to uninstall Process Monitor. I don't use it. I don't need it. I just had it up a minute ago to look through it and after I closed it, it started grabbing 90% to 100% of the CPU. I've also had a couple of programs object to the fact that I had a debugger running - when I didn't know there was a debugger running or even realize I had such a thing. SO - I am thinking - maybe that issue is related. I'm pretty sure I can just reboot and get Process Monitor to stop hogging all my system resources. The issue is, I just want rid of it and can find no way to uninstall. No listing in Add/Remove Programs. It doesn't show up in Revo Uninstaller. No uninstaller came with the program. Can anybody help?Thanks.Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:How do I UNINSTALL Process Monitor?

SysInternals' ProcessMonitor comes either in ZIP or ZIP SFX distribution archive. It has no setup program. You just unzip/extract the contents to a folder and start using it. As such, it cannot be uninstalled. If you no longer want it, then you may delete it.
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I recently bought a DVI cable to plug my external LG monitor to my laptop to run nVidia's DualView (stretch format) across the two monitors. I'm using a beta driver (169.04 from, and when I enter nVidia control panel and go into the setup additional monitors tab, it only lets me choose "choose only ONE monitor". So I did that just to test that my monitor was plugged in right, and it worked. So I KNOW that my monitor is working and is being recognized by Vista. But when going into display settings byt right clicking on my desktop, it also only recognizes 1 monitor. Is it my beta display driver messing my Vista up? Or what could it be?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

A:Solved: Dual monitor in Vista not working. Only showing 1 monitor.

for drivers to work properly in vista i'm pretty sure you have to have signed drivers, since it's beta are you sure they are signed?
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this is a horrid problem I m setting up a new-to-me hp system I have a somewhat oldish compaq flat panel monitor it looked fine with the old system I had planned to remove now reconsidering the display looks HORRIBLE with the new system using two different videos onboard intel and or PCI x nvidia geforce gs The problem seems to be that I How a Registry, and to Monitor uninstall different from install one installed the monitor driver that HP provided on their site and its not good so I try to uninstall it - it was one of those big packaged things that installs a folder then a bunch of stuff and presumably driver drivers I found it in the list of How to uninstall Monitor from Registry, and install a different one programs and did a Windows XP control panel quot remove quot using the Add Remove programs function It removed a bunch of stuff but left the video drivers Windows Registry will not let me manually remove the reg entries because the drivers load everytime no matter what monitor I use i have a lab monitor that I use to work on things a generic quot flat panel no matter how I try to work around using safe mode or any other means I cannot get the driver excised So I thought quot why not just install another driver quot I managed to get windows controls to let me pick quot Plug and PLay monitor quot but it isn t really using the generic driver if I look in the device manager it shows quot plug amp play quot but if i use the video card or embedded display panel that intel and nvidia provide it shows quot compaq quot monitor and everytime I restart windows it says quot can t find file quot for the compaq monitor I m at the hair pulling stage I found a generic COMPAQ driver called quot monitcpq quot that gets pretty good reviews on the various forums but the batch file fails its looking for the whole wad of stuff to be in one particular folder but it doesn t bother to instruct me as to what folder all these files should be in so I ve had no success trying to get the stuff loaded This batch file and group of files includes a number of monitors and I suppose I ll just pick the generic Presario quot monitor and give it a shot So can you help pls the onboard video looks fine on the quot generic monitor in case you were wondering I dunno how the nvidia would look with it since the strange little card defaults to DVI which the generic monitor does not support and the secondary vga dongle does not default as the primary monitor it assumes dual monitor and its number thanks for any advice my next move is to dump this whole idea and go back to my old system z nbsp

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I don't have that old optical drive anymore that came with my x51 so is it needed anymore the intel odd eject software listed as MSI odd monitor in add remove programs, since i have my x51 in my new case with a new pioneer top end BD drive writer. was wondering if i need this anymore here is what dell says on it and i dont have the old slot load drive anymore as i have it all in a new case, here is link to driver i'm talking about. Intel ODD Eject Software Driver Driver Details | Dell US what do you think can i remove it ? it loads a service that tells the drive to eject as the system had a slot load but now its all in a new case.

A:can i uninstall this MSI_ODD monitor driver?

Try it and see. Re-install if you have a problem.
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i have a notebook lenovo y570 that has a intel 3000 and a nvidia gt 555m card. My external asus vg248 monitor used to work through hdmi, but now it doesnt. I test with another laptop and the monitor works through hdmi... i must have changed some setting in my lenovo. The monitor says no hdmi signal.

I think something is wrong here:

help please!!

A:Asus monitor not working as external monitor for notebook

See if this helps:

Extending the desktop to the attached monitor with Microsoft Windows Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.
In the Display Properties dialog box, select the Settings tab.
Click the Display list and select your external monitor.
Note: For help identifying the monitors, click Identify.
Select Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor, then click Apply or OK.
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My Dell Dimension stopped sending anything to the monitor I installes anything has to monitor PC sending the stopped Windows successfully after giving up on XP The PC has bees stable with a newer Video Card upgrade and much more memory installed The PC came without a Floppy Drive and when I start the PC I have to press F to proceed to Windows It was very annoying so I asked a friend and told me to disable it in BIOS and I did Immediately after I did that the PC stopped sending anything to the monitor I tried two other monitor to no avail I also tried an older PCI express Video Card and a newer one and got no reception still even though all the light indicators tells me that the PC is on The drives are on plus the start up sound I hear when I turn it on Don t know what else to do it feels like a hit the wall Any tip help will be very much appreciated Hobet

A:PC has stopped sending anything to the monitor

It seems like you've eliminated everything except the video cable. If replacing the VGA cable doesn't work, then try resetting the CMOS. Use this reference guide from Dell on how to do this.
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my monitor recently stopped turning on. the green light just flashes. iv tried it on another computer and the monitor works fine with it. iv tried different graphics cards, tested the psu in another computer and tried reconnecting all internal cables, reseating components and placing graphics cards in different slots but the monitor stays blank and only flashes the green light at me. im using the same monitor cable that works with one computer but not the other. any ideas where the problem is?

A:monitor stopped turning on

iv tried it on another computer and the monitor works fine with it.

Are both the computers running Windows 7?
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I'm working on a computer that needed more RAM. I got the correct RAM and installed. When I turned on the computer, the monitor wasn't working. I uninstalled the RAM, checked all the monitor connections, tried three different monitors but the monitor still would not work.

I must be missing a connection for the monitor. It is placed directly into the slots in the computer - similar to adding RAM. That is the only connection. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

A:Monitor stopped after RAM install

Similar to adding RAM?
Are you talking about an AGP card, PCI card?
What MOBO and video do you have.
Did you disconnect anything when you installed the RAM, did you make sure you reconnected everything?
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After 4 days of data the reliability Monitor has stopped working. No entries recorded since 2/12/2009. I did find the WERSvc disabled in the services msc.
However I set the service to auto and started and still no entries in the Reliability Monitor for three days. I do no several apps should have been recorded in that time.

Any ideas on how to correct

A:Reliability Monitor Stopped

I had the same problem and the only way I could fix it was with a repair install.

Repair Install
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Yesterday, my monitor stopped displaying anything. This started happening a few days ago but after a few reboots it would display again. However, it has permanently not displayed anything since yesterday.

I have two spare monitors which I have tried to use. However, the plugs do not match; therefore, I can't test it out on a different monitor.

The possible parts which I think could be causing the problem are the video card, PSU, motherboard, or the monitor. When I boot the computer, the video card fan is spinning so I am not sure if that is the problem.

I would like some suggestions and opinions on this. Thanks

A:Monitor stopped displaying

Take a look at this :

Hope it helps in some way.
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I guess this belongs in hardware. Anyway, basically here's what happened. A few weeks ago the monitor worked fine. I went to sleep and my mom came in in the morning to use my computer to pay bills. My Ethernet cable was hooked up to my PS2 and I didn't want to get out of bed, so I told her how to plug it into the computer. Next she turned on my computer and all the sudden the monitor stopped turning on. It's a nice flat panel monitor and I'd rather not have to get rid of it. I've tried plugging it in and out of the computer, blew the dust off, etc.
Still won't work.
Is there any hope for this monitor?

A:My monitor stopped turning on

Try disconnecting it from the computer and turning it on. You should get some indication, at least for a few moments, that it's not connected to the computer. Failing that, something probably is wrong with the hardware.
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OK I have To Driver help!!!! Monitor Laptop No please Uninstall after Signal a HP Pavilion DV It has a ATI Radeon mobility video card Thing is it has had a broken screen for the past month or so So I have been just using a external monitor via VGA Yesteday I thought it would be a great idea to update the video card driver So I uninstalled the old CCC then it asked me to reboot When I reboot there is no signal at all comeing from my monitor I can hear it being booted up from the boot up sounds from the laptop speakers The screen is smashed so I cant even see what is on the screen I can see that the laptop screen has some sort of signal during the bootup but as soon as it gets to the enter password screen The laptop screen turns off completly I am just waiting for my new screen to come in the mail should be here next week I just have some important files and of course games on there id like to be playing haha Is there anyone out there that can help me get a signal of some sort to my external monitor so I can reinstall the new video driver There is no signal whatsoever not even the OS bootup screen or Laptop To Monitor No Signal after Driver Uninstall please help!!!! anything on the smashed up LCD display there is some signal But as soon as the password screen comes on the Laptop To Monitor No Signal after Driver Uninstall please help!!!! display completly turns off PLease help I hope i am explaining this well I just need signal or enough signal to get it working on my external monitor so i can instal the new driver nbsp

A:Laptop To Monitor No Signal after Driver Uninstall please help!!!!
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Hi everyone I had a sweet thing going in the fact that i had both my pc and laptop hooked up to my monitor via a VGA data transfer switch All i had to do was plug in the vga cable into the spare output of the laptop monitor... Stopped clone to used now...??! onto HP Pavilion 2nd flip the switch and it cloned perfectly However for no apparent reason its stopped doing that I haven t changed any settings installed anything new It just stopped cloning it I have tried using ultramon to get the HP Pavilion used to clone onto 2nd monitor... Stopped now...??! same result but the emulation is slow buggy and won t support object dock Sometimes if the monitor is connected when the laptop boots i get the boot screen on my mointor and nothing on the lappy screen but that about it Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem so i can go back to how it was Matt ----------- PC AMD Athlon XP Asus A N X-D mobo gb RAM x Maxtor - gb - gb HDD s Sun Sony GDM-FW CRT monitor quot Max Res x Ratio - beauty Win XP Corporate SP Laptop HP Pavillion ZE S Intel Celeron Mobile GHz mb RAM gb HDD Win XP Corporate SP nbsp
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Hello,i took my pc to a tech and when conected it to his monitor eveything was great.when i came back and conected it to my monitor and didnt get sicnal.then i connected my monitor to my other pc and got signal.what can be the problem this all happend in less than an hour.

A:CPU stopped sending signal to monitor

are you using HDMI cable????
how old is the monitor????

does your graphics card say if its HDCP compliant????

Google HDCP---
HDMI handshake problem????

seems to be a major problem if
all your components aren't brand new.
If one has HDCP & one doesn't

this is movie studios big idea to keep people from stealing DVD content.
makes a head ache for everybody else.
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Windows Vista has stopped recognizing my monitor This happened after a normal shutdown and otherwise normal startup The monitor which is the only one that has ever been used with this computer both were purchased new in Dec is an HP w e but it is now listed as quot Generic Non-PnP Monitor quot in Device Manager I can adjust resolution but the picture still Recognizing Monitor Stopped Vista doesn't look right - since this is a widescreen monitor everything appears quot stretched quot Plus it doesn't quot remember quot icon positions on the desktop There is no option to add Monitor in Add Hardware Rebooting does not help Unplugging the monitor from the computer and plugging it back in doesn't help The HP website does not offer any driver downloads for Vista Stopped Recognizing Monitor the w e Please help Thanks Vista Home Premium Compaq SR X HP w e LCD monitor Intel R Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report Driver Version Operating System Windows Vista TM Home Premium Default Language English DirectX Version Physical Memory MB Minimum Graphics Memory MB Maximum Graphics Memory MB Graphics Memory in Use MB Processor x family Model Stepping Processor Speed MHZ Vendor ID Device ID Device Revision Accelerator Information Accelerator in Use Intel R G Express Chipset Family Video BIOS Current Graphics Mode by True Color Hz Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners

A:Vista Stopped Recognizing Monitor

If it came with a cd can't you just reinstall the software?
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I have just built myself a new computer. Everything worked fine, I powered it up for the first time and used my existing hard drive. It booted the OS and logged me in. When I did this the monitor went blank. I resarted the PC and now nothing is appearing on the monitor at all. I have reseated the graphics card, and even unplugged everything on the motherboard and plugged it all back in. Still, it will not show anything on the monitor. I have tried the monitor on another computer and it works, so I know it isnt the monitor.

Please help ???

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Alright new to the boards and apparently a much bigger newb then I thought because this one stumps me The problem is that suddenly my monitor stopped getting a signal from my rig I didn t download any new software I didn t buy any new hardware- just all of the sudden I m surfing the web and my moniter turns off like I ve hit the sleep button And it has yet to turn back on I ve tried Signal A Stopped Getting Suddenly Monitor rebooting powering down completely then rebooting opening the BIOS which doesn t work because the screen doesn t even show me that removing and re-inserting the video card and Monitor Suddenly Stopped Getting A Signal plugging in the monitor cable into my laptop to see what happens works fine As for details about my rig It s an HP Pavilion running an AMD dual core and a nVidia GT It s an LCD moniter VGA- though I m using a DVI to VGA converter to get from the card to the monitor Don t think it s a compatibility Monitor Suddenly Stopped Getting A Signal issue thought because as I ve said I ve run this set-up for a long time now with nothing wrong nbsp

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Updated X1 Carbon to the windows 10. Stopped showing an external monitor. Help. Where to get nauzhny driver?
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Hello Been having an issue with High CPU usage lately and while trying to narrow some things down I uninstalled Google Chrome because it showed several processes listed under image as Uzopurd exe and under Description as Google Chrome I uninstalled it yesterday but when I started things up this morning after a bit I got a pop up saying that the tab had crashed and asked if I wanted to launch it again along with the google chrome image in the task bar I opened up the resource monitor and it still has the Uzopurd exe under image associated with Google Chrome under description I cannot find any information associated with Uzopurd exe and am not sure why it still shows up in the resource monitor associated with Google uninstall in resource after Google Chrome monitor shows up Chrome after it had been uninstalled It shows up as Uzopurd Google Chrome shows up in resource monitor after uninstall exe under processes in the task manager I started looking into this because I received a popup regarding my computer being low on memory and suggesting a couple programs be shut down Google Chrome shows up in resource monitor after uninstall to restore needed memory Anyone else experience this

A:Google Chrome shows up in resource monitor after uninstall

I must apologize for starting this topic. I ran a scan the other day and it found nothing but decided to do one for the heck of it and MBAM has detected Trojan.Chrome.INJ..... I should have figured as much since it was showing up in my resource monitor after uninstalling chrome.
Off to deal with this issue...
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My usb gamepad stopped working suddenly and never work again in this computer

I tried the gamepad in other computers and it works good, but not in this computer, I tried to reinstall windows several times, install all kind of drivers, I tried to configure it in different ways and its not working yet.

I get error code 43 all time in this computer.

any idea how can I fix it?

Thank you
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Hi Today I plugged an hdmi to vga monitor not - Extended and working monitor Help laptop - cable into my Win sony vaio and I plugged the other VGA side of the cable into an acee quot monitor I then chose from the right hand windows panel to quot extend to monitor quot the laptop screen went black the monitor screen remained without signal extended screen did not show on monitor and now the laptop screen is black I am now stuck and - Help - Extended monitor and laptop monitor not working both laptop and monitor screen not working I tried unplugging cable pressing fn and all the f to f shift windows button but nothing is working I pressed off button then switched laptop back on and it showed the sony vaio logo on laptop then the screen went black again Please tell me how - Help - Extended monitor and laptop monitor not working could I return my laptop screen to work and stop the screen extension which is not working and which I am sure is the case Any buttons on keyboard to click at all Any solution is highly appreciated Thank you W

A:- Help - Extended monitor and laptop monitor not working

It's stuck in an extended screen it seems, boot into Safe Mode while you have all external monitors unplugged - Your Display is probably set to a resolution too high for both the external monitor and the laptop monitor, so you'll have to try "Boot to VGA mode" and I don't know where that is in the Windows 8 Boot GUI, if it is even in there at all.
Here is is- There are several ways to get to that from the Boot screen:

Advanced "Startup Settings" - Boot to in Windows 8
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I have recently built a new box with a clean install of Windows 7. Initially I only had 1 monitor and things worked fine. I decided to add a second monitor and that is when the problems started.

When the system boots both monitors display all of the bootup information and and both monitors display the Windows 7 Startup screens. This tells me both monitors and connections are good.

Once Windows loads only monitor 2 has a display on it. Monitor 1 is blank. I have check and both monitors are running the same, and latest drivers. I have gone into windows and it shows two monitors, but I can not get a display on monitor 1.

This is the first time I have had dual monitors so it may very well be a user error, but I am pretty computer literate.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Dual Monitor Problem - Only 1 monitor working

Go to Control Panel>>Display and then go to Change Display Settings. Under Multiple Displays go for "Extend these displays".
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My HP monitor works on old HP pc with windows 8. It does not work on HP - Pavilion 550-179na Desktop PC with windows 10. I get a 'not connected' message. All products are HP. The new PC works with a borrowed monitor. Any help gratefully received.

A:HP monitor not working with new Pavilion. Monitor DOES work ...

Hi there @Beelady11, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel.  I understand that one display is not working with your new computer, but it works with an older one without trouble. I am happy to help you with this. What is the model of the display you are trying to use?Have you checked for drivers for that display?What type of connection are you using to the computer? (VGA/DVI/HDMI)Are you using the exact same connection on the computer when you test with another display? There is a possibility that if you are testing using different connectors, that the ones on the board itself are disabled. This would depend on whether a video card is installed or if you are using the integrated display adapter.See the: HP Pavilion 550-179na Desktop PC Product Specifications and you will seethe following note for the integrated graphics adapter.Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed.This means that the on-board video connections, linked to the integrated adapter would be disabled. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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Hello I'm new to the forum Thanks for building this forum Here is my problem I have a quot regular quot Intel Graphics card on my HP desktop It has a VGA port and a DVI port When I connect one monitor a VIZIO quot LED working! DUAL not PROBLEM- monitor MONITOR second LCD TV to the VGA port everthing is good I tried to connect a second monitor the same TV model but it didn't work here's what happened I connected a DVI to VGA adapter into the DVI slot on the PC then a VGA cable to the VGA port on the TV and it wouldn't even detect it The next thing I tried is I connected a DVI cable to the DVI port on the PC and on the other end I used a DVI to HDMI adapter and connected it to the HDMI port on the TV well NOW the second DUAL MONITOR PROBLEM- second monitor not working! monitor is detected in the quot change display quot options where you quot extend quot the view BUT my second monitor keeps shutting off it's on PC input automatically because it doesn't get a quot signal quot from the PC I tried to quot extend quot the monitor but nothing happens I only have a blue screen that says quot no siganl quot on the second monitor Does anyone have any idea what I can do Will I need another graphics card Any insight is truly appreciated as I am not very versed in technology Thanks for your time and best regards Beto

A:DUAL MONITOR PROBLEM- second monitor not working!

BTW, the drivers are up to date...

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I have an ASUS VS247HR monitor plugged into my pc with a hdmi cable which worked fine, until suddenly my screen went black and it didnt work anymore. I wasnt doing anything with it when it happened. Eventually I got it working with a VGA cable but it doesnt recognize my monitor any longer as an ASUS monitor, it just says "Generic PnP Monitor". I checked for driver updates if that had screwed things up and it did, so I rolled it back but I still have the problemI would really like to be able to use my HDMI cable because VGA lowers my resolution to 1024x768

A:W10 PC suddenly stopped recognizing ASUS monitor

That's strange, according to what I saw in Google the native resolution for that monitor is 1920x1080. I use a monitor with the same native resolution on Win 10 (previously Win 8.1) and it is happy to select that as default without HDMI.It might be worth trying the monitor on another computer to see how it behaves because right now I'm not sure whether it is the monitor or computer that is at fault.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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Hope this is the right place to post I have a Acer Aspire M Processor Intel Core Quad Q Memory capacity MB GPU ATI Radeon HD Pro http www hardware info en-US produ T N E TTYR For more detailed specs if needed I ve had it for almost two years and had no real problems A a few days ago after leaving the computer idle for a few hours I came back and couldn t get any display so I restarted and It went back to normal The next day the same thing happened after being left idle for awhile long enough for the monitor to go into is power save mode or w e it is I wasn t able to get the display back I pushed the power button as that seems to initiate a reset and the picture came back just as it was turning off Now I m not able to get any picture at all on monitor Computer displaying Solved: stopped tried different monitors that work on other computers and the same thing I know the computers on it makes the little chime sound when it starts up i can hear the sound when i click on folders and i can turn it off using the windows key arrows and my own memory of the layout Anything I can do nbsp

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Last year my Toshiba laptop's VGA input broke so I have been using an adapter that lets me plug a VGA cable from my Dell monitor to the laptop's USB input. It worked perfectly from the start then last week it stopped working.

I sent it back to the retailer for repair but they said it worked fine once they installed the drivers, and sent it back to me. I've installed those drivers and the third monitor did briefly pick up a signal but after I rebooted the monitor is no longer to be seen.

My mouse runs off the laptop monitor as if it's going somewhere but it's definitely not to the Dell monitor. In CP/Display settings the Dell monitor is not found.

I've tried different combinations of monitors and cables but no go. Please can someone suggest a fix?

Thanks in advance

A:Third monitor on j5Create adapter stopped showing up

Hi again, since submitting this request I have some new information about the problem. On the advice of the retailer I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted and then managed to get the third monitor working.
However, after an hour it kept disconnecting and reconnecting, disconnecting and reconnecting so I have pulled it out again.
This morning when I plug it back in my laptop doesn't react to the new USB device and it is not showing the third monitor.

The retailer is saying it's a driver issue but to me it sounds like the device is faulty, especially as it gets quite hot to touch.
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I am running XP Home and had a trojan get in from a download. I saw it come in and removed it, but it had already messed with my display drivers. The last time I saw anything on the screen, the adapter driver was 'unknown' and the monitor driver was 'unknown'. I have restarted in safe mode and also loaded the boot options menu and started xp with 'last known good configuration'. Still nothing. When bios is loading, I can see the screen just fine. When xp starts loading, the screen goes blank, no matter if in safe mode or not, and thats it. How do I make the saveVGA enabled or reinstall my adapter driver without being able to see the screen?
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I am running XP Home and had a trojan get in from a download. I saw it come in and removed it, but it had already messed with my display drivers. The last time I saw anything on the screen, the adapter driver was 'unknown' and the monitor driver was 'unknown'. I have restarted in safe mode and also loaded the boot options menu and started xp with 'last known good configuration'. Still nothing. When bios is loading, I can see the screen just fine. When xp starts loading, the screen goes blank, no matter if in safe mode or not, and thats it. How do I make the saveVGA enabled or reinstall my adapter driver without being able to see the screen?
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Ok so here is my situation i changed my heatsink and cpu fan and then i connected ever thing back AMD and then when i started it back up my monitor was not getting any signal from my video card radon X I have a asus a n-sli mother board pci slot for the video card Ok so the fan and everything is running fine it is just the card that is not sending a signal i tried connceting cables to the blue connector and the white connector on the video card and none of them are sending signals sorry i do not know the offical names for the connectors on the vieo card I tried swithing pci slots but when i put in it in the secondary slot the error light on in the motherboard goes on I noticed that when i was hooking it sending monitor My my to videocard stopped signal up on the second pci slot that the metal tip on the card and the metal on the case touched and the lights on my computer fan powersupply and case would go on i dont know if that My videocard stopped sending signal to my monitor is relevent but just in case F y i i have an antex case please help i need to know if this might be fixbel or if need My videocard stopped sending signal to my monitor a new card thanks nbsp

A:My videocard stopped sending signal to my monitor

it sounds like you may have fried something. For future reference, always make sure there is no power going to the motherboard before you work on anything hardware related. This means either turning off the switch on the back of the power supply, or unplugging the power cable.
At this point your best bet is to try a different video card so you can find out what is at fault.
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I cannot eyefinity 3 Monitor (Dell 22'')
AMD Radeon HD 6570 Model Graphich Card
Graphich Card have Port3: 1.VGA - 2. DVI - 3.HDMI

1. Monitor connected VGA -----to------VGA
2. Monitor connected HDMI -----to------HDMI
3. Monitor connected DVI -----to------HDMI (cable)

3 Monitor eyefinity Working good to Linux Mint 17

But Windows 10 Only working 2 Monitor ( exchange display to other Monitor)

how to solve the problem.

I using win10 updated driver.