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Windows 7 can't see Epson TM-u220pd

Q: Windows 7 can't see Epson TM-u220pd

We have a Windows 7 machine with a SUNIX LPT Port that appears to be working properly. A previous printer (same model) was fried when hit by lightning, but the computer is working normally. We have a new printer and new cable, but windows 7 does not see the printer attached. I have un-installed all Epson APD drivers and re-installed, but get an error

Unable to create printer port for EPSON TM-U220 Receipt. Error Code = 1608. Unknown property.

Could the parallel port have gotten fried also? If so, is there a way to test it? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 can't see Epson TM-u220pd

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 can't see Epson TM-u220pd

Other sites recommend running SFC /SCANNOW
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The Epson Perfection Scanner 1250 which is installed on my PC with Windows XP SP2, used to work but no longer does. I have re-installed the scanner software from the CD supplied with the scanner, but when I try and use it I get a message : Epson Twain 5 Scanner Model not supported by Epson Twain. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Epson Perfection 1250 & Epson Twain %

I spoke to Epson. They told me to download a new driver. Shouldn't be a problem, but first I have to install Winzip. I think it is best to regard the problem as Solved. Will
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Since I was last on the forum I had problems with the computer continually blinking all the time as if programme was running in background continually I had installed Secunia PIS and believed that it may have caused the problem I then had problem uninstalling Secuni and found that I was able to sort it out using REGEDIT in the Software section user software and machine software click and deleted the programme The continual blinking saga is still there But at the same time I am having problems with printing any documents with the Epson C which would take at least three minutes to complete the spooling and printing function I didn t have this problem before I spoke to Epson support and sadly they were no help except to advise me to uninstall and reinstall the programme I thought Will Epson of REMOVE Epson not Software components Printer that possibly my WORD programme could be part of the problem which is WORD SR- that is fully updated to SR- I then uninstalled WORD and reinstalled WORD as per Microsoft Download site for software and printing problem was still the same I also have an Epson TX I decided to install the TX and use it as the default printer but the same printing problem Epson components of Epson Printer Software Will not REMOVE existed I then decided to uninstall all EPSON printers completely via ADD REMOVE The EPSON Software was listed under many components I REMOVED each component one at a time but the following four components wouldn t remove and kept on coming up with and ERROR messages stating Specific Module Not Found Epson Print CD mb Print Ware Framer Tool Printer Software Empty Web to Page mb After removing Secunia the Secunia forum suggested to go into REGEDIT and do the same to any Epson software entry that appears in the user machine software section I found the Epson entries and deleted the same as I did with the Secunia software I then went to ADD REMOVE and four Epson components were still there I can t remember if I had the printers disconnected or not at the time I uninstalled the printers are disconnected from the computer now How can I completely remove these four components entirely as I want to reinstall the EPSON TX and I am not game to reinstall while those four components are still there I totally forgot and I just remembered now to go to C Drive quot Program Files quot and I found EPSON Folder with seven other sub-folders EPSON Print CD with a multitude of all sorts of folders and files EPSON Software which was empty The plot thickens can anyone help and advise how to overcome this problem and be greatly appreciated Regards and thanks

A:Epson components of Epson Printer Software Will not REMOVE

I have taken further steps from many answers found on the Google search engine.

(1) I ran Microsoft fix-it on uninstalling problems,and I fixed one EPSON item that wasn't neither of the components that are still listed on ADD/REMOVE.

(2) I went REGEDIT Hkey-Local-Machine-Software-microsoft windonw- current version-uninstall and scrolled down to those EPSON components, and hit the DELETE button.

(3) I then went to C Drive-Programme Files and clicked on three EPSON files that were still listed and deleted them.

I assumed after all of that it would remove all in total, but those entries are still listed on the ADD/REMOVE population. Any idea how to delete these, or even if they are there and it appears that all EPSON components have been DELETED, would it be okay to download the TX110 printer again?

Thanks and regards
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Since I was last on the forum I had problems with the computer continually blinking all the time as if programme was running in background continually I had installed Secunia PIS and believed that it may have caused the problem I then had problem uninstalling Secuni and found that Will Printer REMOVE Epson components of Software not Epson I was able to sort it out using REGEDIT in the Software section user software and machine software click and deleted the programme The continual blinking saga is Epson components of Epson Printer Software Will not REMOVE still there But at the same time I am having problems with printing any documents with the Epson C which would take at least three minutes to complete the spooling and printing function I didn t have this problem before I spoke to Epson support and sadly they were no help except to advise me to uninstall and reinstall the programme I thought that possibly my WORD programme could be part of the problem which is WORD SR- that is fully updated to SR- I then uninstalled WORD and reinstalled WORD as per Microsoft Download site for software and printing problem was still the same I also have an Epson TX I decided to install the TX and use it as the default printer but the same printing problem existed I then decided to uninstall all EPSON printers completely via ADD REMOVE The EPSON Software was listed under many components I REMOVED each component one at a time but the following four components wouldn t remove and kept on coming up with and ERROR messages stating Specific Module Not Found Epson Print CD mb Print Ware Framer Tool Printer Software Empty Web to Page mb After removing Secunia the Secunia forum suggested to go into REGEDIT and do the same to any Epson software entry that appears in the user machine software section I found the Epson entries and deleted the same as I did with the Secunia software I then went to ADD REMOVE and four Epson components were still there I can t remember if I had the printers disconnected or not at the time I uninstalled the printers are disconnected from the computer now How can I completely remove these four components entirely as I want to reinstall the EPSON TX and I am not game to reinstall while those four components are still there Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated Regards and thanks nbsp

A:Epson components of Epson Printer Software Will not REMOVE

I still have the blinking computer saga, but I was able to ADD/REMOVE the four problematic programmes by doing this:

Click Control Panel – ADD/REMOVE

Programme won’t remove/uninstall and an ERROR appears stating “specific module not found” or any other form of ERROR Message that stops the component being uninstalled.

Steps (Before doing anything on each step, back up and restore):

(1) Go to Microsoft Uninstall Problem Trouble-shooter KB2438651 or later version, and RUN the “FIX IT” download, and if it doesn’t “FIX IT”, then do the following steps.

(2) Click START, go to RUN, type in REGEDIT and go to:
HKey_current_user-software and then find FOLDER and DELETE Folder.
Hkey_current_local_machine-software find FOLDER and DELETE folder.

(3) Go to Hkey_local_machine-software-microsoft-windows-current version, then click (+) for UNINSTALL, scroll down to programme-RIGHT CLICK-DELETE.
(Note: The programme or whatever you are trying to remove from ADD/REMOVE many not be listed under its NAME, then highlight the individual “registry keying information” one at a time and the NAME will be listed in the right column, then RIGHT CLICK and DELETE. Keep going down the “registry keying information”, highlighting each as you go find the name of the problematic programmes, and deleting.

(4) Go to C DRIVE –Program Files and click to see if any other remanent files of the problematic programme is listed. If so DELETE the folders sending them to the RECYCLE BIN.

(5) Restart computer and the problematic programmes that you couldn’t uninstall will be removed from ADD/REMOVE population.

I hope this works for you.

But, can anyone give me some information why the computer light is continually blinking as if something is running in the background, like a possible hidden programme, spyware, or virus.

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Hi I am hoping that some one can help solve this problem for me we have just upgraded our computer and it has windows as the OS we scan Epson epson and cx3900 used XP previously The printer scanner works fineas a printer however my problem is that the scanner part will only work with windows fax scan I used to scan using epson scan on the old computer and I find this much more flexable than the windows fax scan however it will not run on the new computer I have Epson cx3900 and epson scan down loaded the bit driver as we are using windows bit Epson cx3900 and epson scan and installed it but when I try to start epson scan I get quot epson scan cannot be started quot quot try trouble shooting quot which I have done and have set the compatibility settings to use XP service pack and run as administrator And this does not help Can anyone offer some suggestions how I may get this to work and also explain the solution in step by step process as i only have a basic knowledge when it comes to computers Thanks Jason

A:Epson cx3900 and epson scan

You can try some freeware graphics programs that have scan support such as
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So I recently replaced my ageing printer with an Epson XP-432 and my O/S is Windows 7, I got it up and running and software installed all ok.
Now I'm trying to establsh an issue with the Epson Scan software but for some or known reason it's not launching, I've tried re-installing the software but no change.
Has anyone else had the same issue?
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I just bought a new computer with Windows 8 pre-installed and I have been having a hard time getting my Epson Workforce 845 to print more than one page. I have installed the Windows 7 printer drivers (the Epson site suggests these printer drivers since the Windows 8 drivers aren't out yet). Everytime I try to print something with more than one page, the first page will be printed but after that I will get an error saying "incorrect paper size." I've been using my old Windows 7 laptop to print things. Is there anyway to fix this or should I just wait until the windows 8 drivers come out (if they ever do...)?

A:Windows 8 and Epson 845

There are Windows 8 drivers for the WorkForce 845 here (just select Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit in the drop-down box, and wait for the page to refesh:

I hope it fixes the problem.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor AMD E - APU with Radeon TM HD Graphics AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card KB C N- Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard AFD Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled I have had a Epson stylus CX F printer for some time and it has been working perfectly I recently bought a HP Pavilion P all in one computer with windows Having installed all of the files associated with the printer including the latest drivers it refuses to work I ve tried everything including compatibility issues without success but it says that the printer will not work with this version of windows I ve checked the list of Epson printers that are compatible with win and it says that my printer is OK Epson 8 windows for support Now before I go to Epson again I would like to know if anyone with the above printer has had success with it on win I find it difficult to believe that Epson cannot build a printer that is incompatible with modern technology nbsp

A:Epson support for windows 8

have you tried downloading the driver from this site
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I wonder if you could help me with installing a driver for my new scanner: Epson Style SX215 I use Window XP? The printer is working fine, but the scanner is not installed, it shows an error: " Could not find files required for setup".
Epson said it's a Microsoft error and they could not help.
I would appreciate your help.

A:Windows XP and new Epson scanner

Hello Hutia and welcome to the forums

Thank you for starting a new thread with your problem, this way others can benefit from the solution.

You should take a look at this:

Drivers for the Epson Stylus SX215 Printers and All-in-Ones

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Can anyone help me with Epson LX-800 driver for Windows 7? Where can I possibly get this driver?

Thanks in advance

A:Epson LX-800 driver for Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by ghaile


Can anyone help me with Epson LX-800 driver for Windows 7? Where can I possibly get this driver?

Thanks in advance

You can use older drivers if installed in compatibility mode. GO to Epson and see if they have a vista driver, or at worst an XP one.

to install in compat

right click the installer>properties>compatibility>choose OS

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My sysinfo is Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel and Workforce Epson 840 Windows 7 R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G G Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB L Total - MB Free - MB M Total - MB Free - MB N Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION Benicia Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled I recently bought an Epson Workforce and whenever I try to install it I get as far as Fax installation and then is says D Access Denied I am then invited to click next and continue to install printer and it comes up with Installation Failed So far I have tried installing it with Ethernet USB and Wireless Network setting report as Excellent I got on to Epson and spent nearly three hours one day trying all their ideas I even tried a start in Safe mode but he same error occurred then someone at Epson asked if I had another computer I had a laptop so tried installing the software on that It went in first time and is operating perfectly clearly the problem is not in the software or the printer but either in my version of windows or something buried in the computer - I ve done a deep scan with Avast which found some minor malware but nothing that has made any difference HELP - I m out of ideas Donmarita nbsp

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How do I get Windows 10, word 16 and Epson wf 3620 printer to print a folded booklet? No matter how I turn it manually it is wrong. Worked with Windows 7 and word 3. Pls help. I've spent days with this.
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Hope this is in the right place
Upgraded from XP to Widows 7 on an old computer.
Cannot find installation disks for my Epson DX6050
I have got the printer working / scanning etc etc by installing a driver that now shows it as ESC /P-R in my devices
Problem is it seems to be stuck on printing best quality ( I assume this because of the speed ), I do not get the ink levels and maintenance options and more annoyingly I cannot get into the print set up to change settings as before. All I can do is basic orientation and page nos etc.

I have searched and searched for a work around but no luck.
Assuming that the original disk fails to appear is there anything else I can do because Epson site does not seem to have the original drivers for this printer.

Thank you

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hi I have just bought an Epson PX W all in px710w Epson windows Problems 7 one printer and have installed it on my sytems They are as follows Desktop Running Window XP printer connected Via USB all working Fine Desktop Running Windows Home connected wireless all working fine Laptop Running Windows professional this is where the problems start when installing the printer via the supplied CD the Laptop see s the printer and installes is ok windows 7 Epson px710w Problems but if you try to print it just hangs the printer and a quot error printing comes quot up and locks out the printer from the desktop running you have to delete the print from the queue and turn off the printer and back on again I thought this might be a problem because I have upgraded the Laptop from Vixta home to Vista buiness and now Pro but I have done complete new install on another hard drive with Windows Pro still have the same problem I am using a SKY Router Can any one help Epson don t seem to be able to fix it thanks in advance Teknix nbsp
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I hope somebody may be able to help.

I have had to buy a new laptop which has Windows 8. I am getting myself familiar with Windows 8 etc.

I have an Epson SX515W printer which is in perfect working order and I want it to work with my new laptop.

The driver CD I have says it isn't compatible with Windows 8! I have looked on the Epson website and not been able to find anything!

I did find an Epson SX510W driver which I have installed and got working via a USB cable.

I have used the Epson SX515W on my previous laptop via WiFi and would like it working via WiFi with my new laptop.

I also need to be able to use the scanner too.

I can't find where Windows 8 stores the programs so do not know if the SX510W driver has also installed the scanner driver.

Can anybody help?


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My Epson 4000 worked fine with the Windows 7 RC.

Now that I'e installed the real thing, I'm having serious problems. I had to turn off spooling to get it to work at all.

Note that I am connected through network router (Epson 4000 has a network interface card that plugs right into the router).

I haven't found anything on Google.

Any help or ideas?

A:Problem with Epson 4000 on Windows 7 RTM

What is the actual symptom?
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hi ive hooked up my puter and downloaded the software easy photo and modules prompted it says printing but nothing is happening with the printer when i look at printers it doesnt come up epson it comes up xp documant writer and it asks me to save as xps document but when i click the save button nothing happens and if i keep the window open for both easy photo and the printer the easy photo window says printing and the printer says zero qued for printing what could it be epson printer has no info screen so im at a loss also the buttons are flashing and it doesnt have abook with it to say working for epson not r265 windows what epson r265 not working for windows that means it says if they flash wag this grey peice up but ive done that and nothing if anyone knows if i can see an online version of the booklet that im sure it should have had for instructions that would be great or if you have had this problem id be delighted thanks nbsp
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I don't know if I am at the right place here but it is worth a try. I have just transferred from XP to Win 8 OS. I cannot get my Epson CX6900F printer to work on it. Every time I try to tell Epson about it on their specially designed form I get a stupid ad flashing over the 'continue' or 'submit' box and I cannot get past it. I have downloaded the driver OK but I need to install the software. The software disc for XP will not work on Win 8.Some items from the internet state that Win 8 does not support my printer. I find this impossible to believe. If someone can assure me that it does, I will continue to annoy Epson until I get some sense out of them.

A:Using Epson CX6900F printer on Windows 8

have you tried this site
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I am trying to set up an Epson Stylus C printer with a new laptop that has Windows -bit The Epson site said that if the install doesn t happen automatically then do the manual install to C88+ (64-bit) Can't get Stylus 8.1 Epson under print Windows I had to do the manual Can't get Epson Stylus C88+ to print under Windows 8.1 (64-bit) install The install seemed to go well I chose to not have it on a network and chose the generic Epson Stylus C driver What I found strange was that the port selection section did not have USB only things like LPT The printer is hooked up via one of the USB ports I Can't get Epson Stylus C88+ to print under Windows 8.1 (64-bit) chose LPT After adding the printer the Devices and Printers page under control panel shows the printer installed and has set it as a default When I try to print a test page an error occurs no real info and the document is stuck in the printer queue which I clear I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer but am having the same results I cycled power on the laptop I unhooked the printer from the computer and did a test page on the printer as a stand alone device hold certain buttons on power up and that test page looks fine I m not sure what to do next Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Can't get Epson Stylus C88+ to print under Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Try manually installing using the driver from the Epson website.

Also, LPT1 is the common designation for a parallel port. So that's why it's not printing.
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This is more of a solution than a problem. I was running Windows 8 on my old windows 7 box, and the printer would work perfectly. I then upgraded my windows 7 box to a new MB, SSD, and more RAM and the printer would not work via the USB port. I tried the latest drivers and nothing seemed to work.

Then the light bulb came on...the old MB only had USB 2.0 ports and the new MB has USB 3.0 ports except for the two front USB ports. Moved the printer to the front USB port and it will now work as advertised.

Hope this might help someone else!
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Hi. we have an epson TX100 printer scanner. and cannot get this to load onto windows 7. I havetreied plugging in the printer and trying to find the printer. I have tried the disk but this is not recognised, I have lloked for downloads. nothing works .


A:Loading Epson TX100 on to Windows 7

A search only gives a model sold in the Philippines. And even Epson's local site doesn't provide any information. I'm guessing it's pretty old, and it just isn't going to work on a Windows 7 computer.
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I have a computer running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with 8GB RAM.

We have an Epson Perfection 2480 Photo scanner, and cannot get the driver to work (we managed to find the Smart Panel software).

I have tried to download the Epson Scan program from the Epson website, but this will not work. Does anyone know how I can get my scanner to work with Windows 7?

With thanks,

A:Solved: Epson Scanner & Windows 7

Here is a post from Epson
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I have tried the suggested fixes but I cannot get Epson Scan to open. I have Windows 7 Priemium 64 bit and Epson Perfection Scanner V300. The software that came withe the scanner has no driver for windows 7 but I have the updated software from the Epson site for Windows 7.

I have uninstalled the driver in the device manager and loaded the updated software but Epson Scan still will not open.

Can guess I not doing something in the correct order.

Can someone help.


A:Epson Scan Will Not Open In Windows 7

Hi ..
Welcome to Seven Forum
Do you get any error messages while opening the program
Can you check the Event log to see if any errors are recorded ??
Start > under search Type Event viewer > Windows Log > Application
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Does anyone have the Windows 7 64-bit driver of the Epson Perfection 660 scanner?
It isn't available on Epson's homepage and I can't find it anywhere.

A:Epson Perfection 660 Driver Windows 7 64-bit

I do not believe Epson has created a Windows 7 driver for that scanner.
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I am trying to get my friend's old printer to work with his new Windows 7 OS 64 bit. The printer is an Epson Stylus Photo 700. I can't find the necessary driver on the Epson site. Can anybody help please?

A:epson photo 700 driver for 64bit windows 7 os


I think you are going to be very lucky Thats a very old printer as standards go!

The newest driver I can see (quick look) for it is Windows XP

What version of Windows 7 is installed, 32bit or 64bit?

If 64bit the info i've seen on web suggests the Vista drivers work very well with the Epson hardware..
Maybe even the 32bit Vista drivers will too
Might be time for a new printer if you can't find one!
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Is there a driver for my Epson Perfection 1670 Scanner to allow me to use it on my windows 10 laptop ? Thanks

A:Driver for epson perfection scanner for windows 10

click here
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Can anyone help me out with printing to my Epson Stylus Pro 7000 from windows 7 64 bit?

There is no Vista or windows 7 driver available so I have tried running the XP driver in compatibility mode but I don't think it likes the 64 bit OS.

Is there a generic print driver that might work? Any suggesgions would be great!


A:Epson Stylus Pro 7000 Windows 7 Compatibility

Welcome to windows seven forum: Unfortunately it looks like your going to be in the market for a new printer. How old is your printer? I only ask since I see drivers going back to win 95. The XP driver is dated 12/10/01. Fabe
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i got a packard bell pc today and for some reason when i plug my printer into it it says device unrecognizable, no matter what port i use. other usb devices such as the mouse and hard drive will work fine, with no problems, just the printer, epson dx4450

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I have an Epson stylus photo R printer that I am having difficulty installing on a Compaq Presario computer running Windows XP When I follow the installation instructions provided with the install CD I keep getting the message quot Error the printer driver is unknown quot I have tried to uninstall all other printers and their drivers as well as AOL quot Safety on Problem Epson Install Printer XP Windows and Security quot programming as I read Epson Printer Install Problem on Windows XP somewhere that this may Epson Printer Install Problem on Windows XP conflict with the printer driver installation but no success I have spent countless hours with both Epson and Epson Printer Install Problem on Windows XP HP Tech support personnel but no success in resolving the problem I was able to successfully install this same printer on a different computer running Windows XP also with AOL installed on that computer so know it is not a problem with the printer or the installation software The Compaq Presario is only two years old and has a GHz celeron processer so there should not be compatibility issues with the computer Any help nbsp

A:Epson Printer Install Problem on Windows XP

Is the other computer you connected it to an older or newer system? Jazz
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Hello not windows 2000 stylus in epson behaving 820 All I have been having issues with my epson photo stylus at first it wouldnt ever print a full picture it would print a portion of the picture and then shoot the page out as if it epson stylus 820 not behaving in windows 2000 were done printing I read some where online where someone was having similiar problems and they had epson stylus 820 not behaving in windows 2000 to turn off the part of the printer that communicates with the computer like tells how much ink is left etc its a check box in the preferences Anyway i disabled that and it now prints word documents fine however it is still just printing a portion of the pictures or even text documents from any other program and spits out the page I have to send it to print copies in order to just get good copy the first one spits out messed up and then the nd one prints fine PLEASE help i have already returned this printer once this is the second one so it must be either a bug or something i have set up wrong i am in desperate need of help thanks much nbsp

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How do I share an Epson printer on windows 7 with my other computer that has windows xp? Again thanks for your help

A:Share Epson printer on windows 7 with my other XP computer?

On the assumption the printer is hard wired (e.g. USB ) to the W7 computer, go to the printer properties and the sharing tab and give it a share name. Then, on the XP machine, add a printer, network printer or local port and add..... \\W7 computer name\share name - add.
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If anybody knows how. My Epson DX6050 Scanner is not recognising on my PC runnning Windows 7. Am I missing something?

Any ideas?

A:Epson DX6050 Scanner not recognised in Windows 7

We'll need a bit more info please - How To Ask For Help

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hp  notebook 15-ba0113cl,amd quad-core A8-7401 accelerated processor.  followed instructions to install myepson XP-620 printer wirelessly.  setup printer according to their instructions.  hp notebook shows correct printer whenI add a printer, but won't connect to it.  printer is on.  cannot print wirelessly. thank youclbkenyon

A:cannot connect my hp windows 10 notebook to wireless epson x...

Hi, Welcome to HP support forum, Epson printer is not from HP. Please use the following forum: Regards.
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HP HDX Epson Photo RX I recently upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows Home Premium bit I ran a system installation problem epson onto scan with Windows 7 recovery and fully updated installation problem with epson scan onto Windows 7 Vista before upgrading installation problem with epson scan onto Windows 7 into Windows Once I tried to install Epson Scan software I downloaded off from Epson website the following messages came out - quot could not copy files check the setup disk then run the setup again quot - quot C Users BENJAM AppData Local Temp setup exe quot My only option at this point was to click ok Then a nd message came out - quot an error occured during setup restart your computer then run setup again quot I ended up not able to install the Epson Scan at all I tried installing the scanner driver first before installing the printer driver and before plug in the printer to the laptop It didn t work I tried the troubleshoot compatibility feature on the installation file and chose to install the application under Vista verson It didn t work I also copied the Epson Scan application off from the installation CD onto desktop and installed it from there by using troubleshoot compatibility feature Still didn t work at all I wrote to Epson tech support all they told me to do was to download the correct files at the support page for Windows and they also replied me with this - From your email it seems like you are having issue with the installation of the Epson Scan and Twain Driver for the Stylus Photo RX on Windows This seems to be a system related issue We ran a test with the Stylus Photo RX on Windows and Bit and we were not able to replicate this is issue If you have another system I would suggest you try to install it on another system Like everyone said Epson Scan is a great software and I want to keep using it after upgraded my OS to Windows So please heeeeeelp I greatly appreciated Ben

A:installation problem with epson scan onto Windows 7

I have an RX680 and everything is working in Win 7.

I would suggest uninstalling the 680 and all the Epson software, including the printer drivers and the scan program. Physically disconnect the 680 from the PC then restart the PC. After Windows 7 starts, do a new install starting with the printer drivers and ONLY connect the 680 to the PC when the Epson install program tells you (if you connect it first either the install will fail or incorrect drivers can be installed by Windows). After you have the printer drivers installed and the 680 has been detected and installed, THEN install the scanner drivers.
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I need someone to please help me I am somewhat okay around computers but apparently have bitten off more than I can chew I recently thought to upgrade my small business with a POS printer an Epson TM-T ii to be exact I am running bit windows on the computer that it is hooked to I had to install a parallel port Vantec serial and parallel PCI Host Card into my desktop to run this POS printer and now I am starting to see what POS really stands for I have a regular parallel printer cable and a null modem parallel printer Windows Epson POS Issues Driver 7 for Printer cable On top Epson POS Printer Driver Issues for Windows 7 of everything else this printer is no longer supported by Epson so finding a driver for it that will work with bit Windows seems to be impossible I have tried various drivers and even a generic text only driver and I cannot get anything to work I know the printer works because I can print the page where you hold down the feed button when you power the printer on Please help if you can or let me know if I am just wasting my time nbsp

A:Epson POS Printer Driver Issues for Windows 7

Problem is you bought an ancient and unsupported printer. Buying a current supported model would be the way to go.

If you want to try to make that one work, try the TM-88III driver:

Or the Advanced OPOS software with the TM-88III or IV printer selection:
This creates a special printer using the software and not all software can utilize it, but POS generally can.
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I have a Gateway computer that I bought in 1999 an it had windows 98. I've given it to my 8 year old daughter. AT&T said that it could get the internet with the wireless modem an network with other computer. But I don't know if the printer will work with it. Before it will work with the wireless modem the system have to be upgraded to windows 2000. Will Epson Stylus 640 work with Windows 2000?

A:will Epson Stylus 640 work with windows 2000?
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My Epson Stylus Photo R800 now prints only a basic text mode, and doesn't show the complete preference options - e.g., draft, text, photo, best photo etc.... Epson says, that in Windows 8, it's up to Microsoft to fix this, and there is no Epson driver for this model in Windows 8. The printer worked fine in Windows 7. Any ideas?

A:Epson R800 and Windows 8 - only very basic printing available

Hi MaryB,

From this site it looks like they are indeed available:

Try it and please be sure to post back with your results.
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Can anyone tell me what I need to do to print from my iphone 5 to Epson wf-3520 all in one printer. I bought this printer for this reason but iphone 5 cannot find any airprint printers. I'm using windows 7. Anyone have a clue?

A:how do I print to epson wf-3520 from iphone 5 windows 7

Do you have Epson Connect Installed ?

Epson America, Inc. - EPSON Support - Download Survey
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I have a new computer from Mesh (Elite 3470 Intel Core Quad Core Processor 64 bit. I have been using an EPSON Colour Printer DX8400. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is possible to link this device to the computer or will I have to buy a new colour printer ?

Thanks. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:EPSON Dx8400 compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium ?

Hi Windymiller, welcome to the forums According to the Epson website ,Win7 64bit drivers are available Drivers & Support - Epson Stylus DX8400 - Epson
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I've been experimenting with Windows using a VM VirtualBox before in Scanner Windows 1200 Install How 10 Perfection Old to Epson upgrading One challenge has been to see if How to Install Old Epson Perfection 1200 Scanner in Windows 10 I could get my old Epson Perfection scanner working in Windows since Epson do not provide any bit drivers I discovered you can use the Epson bit drivers for the Perfection and they work fine with the Perfection The Epson Scan program is fully functional for normal reflective scans and film scanning if you have the attachment The built in Windows scan program also works This fix also works in Windows Here is how to do it Download and install the Perfection U drivers from Epson USA version A http www epson com cgi-bin Store s rm OSF W - Connect and turn on your scannerRun Device ManagerThe Perfection U will be shown under under Other DevicesSelect Update DriverChoose 'Browse my computer for driver software quot Choose 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'UNCHECK the 'Show compatible hardware'Click on 'Epson' in the Manufacturer box and the scroll down through model until you find quot Epson Perfection ' and choose that and press NextIgnore the 'Update Driver warning - choose 'Yes' to continue to install The Perfection will now be shown in Device Manager Note that the Perfection will still be shown under Devices amp PrintersRun Epson Scan and test the scanner You may need to log out and log in again for program to work

A:How to Install Old Epson Perfection 1200 Scanner in Windows 10

Many thanks to Steve C for his suggestion. This worked perfectly for me, so now I don't have to keep Windows 7 on my old laptop.
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After being offline for 3 years (ax.), my Epson Color Stylus 440 Printer's finally reloaded with twin ink carts & paper, but since I changed my pc from Win95 (lemon) to WinXP, I was "delighted" to find that the Epson Printer Drivers download page doesn't have ANYTHING that supports my o/s!!

After doing it (like a government) I finally found that the driver for Win2000 the closest thing that works --- now I find a brand-new problem: -

I can't get the ink to flow on the paper (print ANYTHING). Oh, it goes thru 'the motions', but there's no print!

Any ideas, Troops? Please help me. I've got a s***load of stuff that NEEDS to be printed!!

Relevancy 39.99%

This is a new computer all updates have been downloaded Its an ASUS N J running Vista Home Premium sp The Printer is an Epson Stylus Photo driver version The cables are fine the printer works fine on my Macbook Pro and it worked fine on my Sony Vaio prior to it getting stolen When I go to print the carriage moves vs SP2 Windows Epson stylus photo Vista 1400 around like its about to start printing but then it stops the print manager pops up and the blue bar fills up like its printing but nothing is happening on the printer then the carriage moves around a couple more times and its done nothing printed no error messages the print log is empty Printing a test page little box pops up and says it is sent to printer but the carriage does the same thing i just described before any ideas I sent this to Windows Vista SP2 vs Epson stylus photo 1400 Epson support and ASUS support forum too so far nobody knows Seeing how it works fine on the Mac and worked fine on the Sony I'm thinking it's gotta be something with the vista settings I have looked through all the printer settings I could find in preferences and Advanced I'm stumped It's running on the USB virtual printer port thats the only one that the printer responds at all to
Relevancy 39.99%

how do I check ink levels epson C66 on windows 7, one cartridge has run out and I don't know which one, thank you. Donald Pridham

A:Checking Ink levels of Epson Stylus C66 printer in windows 7

Is your Google working? User
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My Epson V scanner was working perfectly in Windows x and before that Vista SP x and Windows x After upgrading to Windows it still functions but I can't get into the Epson Scan software I uninstalled and reinstalled the software latest version with no improvement If I software working Scan 8.1 Windows Epson not in properly press the Scan button on the scanner or click on the Epson Scan icon I see the splash screen for Epson Scan A as it loads and the Epson Scan icon appears in the system tray However the Epson Scan software doesn't visibly open Pressing the Scan button causes the scanner to scan a document at the default settings and it is saved to the Pictures folder When I right-click the Epson Scan icon in the system tray and choose Epson Scan I see a blank page in the small window that pops up The new Scan function in Metro works so at least I can continue scanning in although with reduced functionality and the necessity of looking at the miserable Metro display which I have otherwise killed Metro desperately needs an Invert Colors switch and the ability to blow up the text - to make it easier to read The only other serious problem with Windows is that some programs Epson Scan software not working properly in Windows 8.1 including iTunes Epson Scan software not working properly in Windows 8.1 and Epson Scan software not working properly in Windows 8.1 OpenOffice as well as some internal screens such as printer setup display poorly with low resolution They all displayed properly in Windows I wonder if somebody at Microsoft will get a huge bonus for breaking OpenOffice and iTunes Update Epson Customer Service provided a solution -- a cleaner utility to delete leftover Epson scan files and registry entries After running this utility I reinstalled Epson Scan and it now works

A:Epson Scan software not working properly in Windows 8.1

A similar problem here with my Epson 4990. It previously worked in Windows 8x64 but in 8.1 I'm getting the error 'Epson scan cannot be started'.
The scanner appears in the Device Manager and works fine with VueScan.
I've removed the TWAIN folder, and all Epson references in the registry, and reinstalled to no avail. The same problem occurred when I installed it on a laptop also running Windows 8.1, and which didn't have Epson Scan on it previously.
Otherwise all three of my Windows 8.1 upgrades went very smoothly despite some of the ancient software I'm still running e.g. Word 97.
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Hi there,

I've recently purchased a new pc with Windows 7.

All is good except I can not get the scanner to install.

I have an Epson Stylus SX415. I've used the installation disk and also files from the Epson Website but the Epson Scanner will not install, it keeps comming up with failed and this is really annoying me now.

Im not affraid on messing with PC and have a decent knowledge on computers but this I am struggling with.

Can somebody please offer some assistance.


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It works well on 7000, but yesterday I upgraded to 7057, it seems does not work though I reinstalled it many times. And my webcam (Logitech E3500) driver has some problems too but I fixed it just now.

Here's the problem details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: escndv.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 440b9451
Fault Module Name: StackHash_f9ac
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000
OS Version: 6.1.7057.
Locale ID: 2052
Additional Information 1: f9ac
Additional Information 2: f9ac85ad1856d941cbe9106603c69278
Additional Information 3: 385f
Additional Information 4: 385fb89702a464fefca2eca306f312e9
Read our privacy statement online:
If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Could anybody help me solve this problem?

A:HELP! Epson Scanner for CX4600 does not work on Windows 7 x86-7057

I have the exact same problem with my Epson Perfection 4990 Photo. Any solutions would be appreciated. Silver
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Salve sto cercando in driver per uno scanner Epson Perfection 1660 per windows 7 64 bit. Ho letto che vanno bene anche quelli per Vista 64 ma non riesco a trovarli neanche sul sito ufficiale della epson c'? qualcuno cosi gentile da darmi qualche indicazione? Grazie!!!!!!!!!!! : D
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Hello to all I hope someone can help with this major printer problem If this is not the correct area for this post I apologize in advance please point me to where I should be Thanks Here is my problem Ive got a Windows Acer Aspire Laptop bit Epson R printer Apple Airport Extreme I downloaded the latest drivers from Epson and Bonjour for Windows Ive hooked the Epson directly to EPSON Apple 7- R280-Windows Extreme Airport the Acer and have been printing with no problems what so ever The problem comes when trying to print wirelessly through the airport It was EPSON R280-Windows 7- Apple Airport Extreme working fine a few months ago then just started acting EPSON R280-Windows 7- Apple Airport Extreme up I would hit print it would print maybe one page then start the second page and get hung up in the middle now it will get hung up at the end of a first page Lights are all flashing on the printer See whats printing is showing an error message Its all quit maddening Things Ive done Uninstalled installed reinstalled used the original software disk uninstalled and reinstalled using just the current driver uninstalled and reinstalled Bonjour Noda Ive changed IP addresses port numbers added printers turned off bio directional printing added new ports deleted new ports added and deleted new LPT ports Ive tried everything I have found on the web that has worked for others but not for me Absolutely nothing Ive tried works Im getting beyond ticked and ready to throw the damned thing out What irritates me the most is that it was working at one point So what changed Ive added nothing else what could it be Im very stubborn which is why I haven t pitch this sucker I feel Im missing something and my stubbornness is blinding me to what it is Any and all advice is so gratefully accepted and needed Also Im PLEADING AND BEGGING SOMEONE FOR HELP Thank you all so much in advance Mac

A:EPSON R280-Windows 7- Apple Airport Extreme

I might be a little late on this but I was having a similar issue with my HP F4400 deskjet not completing its print jobs also. In the printer properties, under the 'advanced' tab try changing the print processor settings but keep the Default Data Type as it is ( probably RAW type)
Also, there was another step I took but Im sure it wasn't the one that fixed the issue; even though in advanced tab it shows your printer type, click 'New Driver..." anyway and use the wiz to select (or re-select) your printer.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck,
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merci de m'envoyer le lien pour t?l?charger le pilote pour la version Windows 7 32 bits.


A:Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner Windows 7 32 bits

Bonjour pickatshou et bienvenue sur les Seven Forums.

Je pense que c'est ce que vous voulez. Je ne sais pas si ce pilote 32-bit a ete fait pour Windows 7. Il peut avoir ete fait pour Vista ou XP. Vous devrez peut-etre l'installer en Mode de compatibilite. Desole pour mon mediocre francais.

Epson Perfection 1260, Drivers & Downloads - Technical Support - Epson America, Inc.

Compatibility Mode

- - - - - - - - - -
Very rough translation: Hello pickatshou and welcome to Seven Forums. I think this link is what you need. I don't know if the 32-bit driver was made for Windows 7 or for Vista or XP. If it doesn't work you might have to use compatibility mode. Sorry for my lousy French.
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merci de m'envoyer le lien pour t?l?charger le pilote pour la version Windows 8 32 bits.

A:Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner Windows 8 32 bits


Epson Perfection 1260, Drivers & Downloads - Technical Support - Epson America, Inc.

1260 Photo:

Epson Perfection 1260 Photo, Drivers & Downloads - Technical Support - Epson America, Inc.

Things seem different at the French site, though.
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I have a Stylus Photo 1200 A3 printer c. 1999. Epson only provide drivers for Windows XP which don't work in Windows 8 (64 bit). Windows 8 has installed a basic printer driver which works. However, there is no monitoring of ink levels. Has anyone found a better driver for using the printer in Windows 8 and found a way of monitoring the ink levels?
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The Epson website shows this printer only working through Windows 8. I want to scan many photos to my Windows 10 PC as digital files.
Relevancy 39.56%

I could never used my Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner after I got my new computer several years ago with Windows 7 64 bit. After googling for answers and finding one that might work that was third party and around $80, I packed it up and stored it for years in the bottom of my closet. Today I drug it out, thinking of donating it in case someone else can get it to work. It was a great scanner, and would do slides and great high resolution. Now that it is time to upgrade to Windows 10, I'm not sure if it would work on that if I did manage to get it working on my current Windows 7 64 bit. Does anyone have any experience getting their same Epson scanner working on Windows 7 or 10 64 bit? I sure hate to end up junking the scanner!

A:Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner driver for Windows 7 64 bit?

Hi Carrie,
Thats coz its a 32 bit equipement, i take it the company was Hamrock / Vuescan.
You could try installing it in compatability mode.

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Edit See solution below second post I have a WorkForce When I try to run the Epson Scan program I receive an error message telling me that I need a WIA driver Yep lots of those bugs out there While I can work around this issue on my Workforce and have done so in the past it did not occur to me until today what the problem is with Windows and these scanner issues I had previously removed the network access to my Workforce which restored the driver issue On Saturday October I decided to reinstall the scanner drivers and try to get it working over the USB cable which is the way I want it set up AS I was installing the driver I noticed that the scanner driver gave me an unsigned driver error message As installed and uninstalled the driver I decided to run the scanner setup exe after the printer driver had been installed and the system was searching for the printer When the warning message came up I clicked the install driver anyway button after the driver had finished Epson cause 7 Windows network Driver workaround needed Scanner WIA installing I plugged the machine in and allowed the system to load the drivers Windows 7 WIA Driver needed Epson Scanner cause network workaround after which Windows 7 WIA Driver needed Epson Scanner cause network workaround everything worked I was able to run Epson scan with no problems That is no problems until after I rebooted the system The reason Windows won't load the scanner driver is due to the fact that the scanner is not digitally signed Both Microsoft and Epson are at fault with this Epson for failing to purchase the needed digital signature and Microsoft for not providing a white list for unsigned drivers that the user or admin knows is from a valid and trustworthy organization But then such a white list would cause companies to refrain from purchasing the digital signature from Microsoft In a nutshell this is more of a money grab by Microsoft than it is a concern on the part of Microsoft for the security of your system So how do we get past this digital signature issue First if your machine has network capability and you have a home network all you need to do is setup the networking configuration on the machine and access it from their insure that the Epson scan settings are set to network and your device Once these two steps are followed you should be able to run Epson scan without a problem Workaround two is to disable the digital signature requirement in Windows Here are some links to do so Permanently disable driver signature enforcement on Win x Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider b How to I turn off digital signature - Microsoft Answers The third thing you can do is contact your scanner manufacturer and demand that they release a digitally signed driver for the scanner like they should have done in the first place Scott A Tovey

A:Windows 7 WIA Driver needed Epson Scanner cause network workaround

7/28/2012 Edit
See solution below this post:

I did some toying with my system today and found the following workaround that enabled Epson scan to run over the USB port as long as it runs as administrator.

I found that there is a conflict between Epson scan and the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service. To test this on your system, first log into your administrator account. This will just make it easier since Epson scan will only run as administrator.

Open your services panel:
Start - All programs - Accessories - Services

Click in the list and then press the W key,
This will take you down to the Ws.

Scroll down to Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

Right click on Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) and click properties.

Click the "Start up type" drop down box and select disable.

Under Service Status click the Stop button and wait until the service shows that it is

Once the service has stopped

We need to set Epson scan compatibility mode to run under XP(Service Pack 3)
Right click the Epson Scan icon and then click on the compatibility tab.
Click the "Run program in compatibility mode" check box.
Click the drop-down box and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
Click the OK button to apply changes and close the properties window.
Start Epson scan.

If you are not logged in as Administrator, you must run Epson scan as administrator by right clicking the icon and choosing "Run as Administrator". In addition you must run under XP(Service Pack 3) compatibility mode.

I suspect that this is all that needs to be done to get Epson scan working.

If Epson scan runs, right click the Epson scan icon and then click properties.
If the Short cut tab is not selected, select it.
Click the Advanced button and click on the box next to "Run As Administrator".
click the OK buttons to apply and close the options window.

Things to note:
When you disable and stop the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service and then right click on the printer in Devices and Printers, the "Start scan" command will not be present. This is not an issue for people having this problem because clicking that menu option only causes the (You need a WIA Driver) error to load.

When you open Epson scan settings as a regular user and click the test button, Epson scan settings will not find the scanner. If you run Epson scan settings as Administrator, Epson scan settings will detect the scanner and show it as ready. In addition to this, starting the Event Manager will only cause the "Epson Scan cannot be started" error dialog to open up.
This is just a work around, so what's the solution to this problem?
It is quite simple. The solution is for Epson to get off their cheep lazy backsides and refactor Epson scan, Epson scan settings, and Event Manager to run as regular users on Windows Vista and above.
If the above does not work take these extra steps: Open Programs and Features from control panel.
Click the "Turn Windows Features on and off" link.
Scroll down to Print and Document Services and click the plus sign next to it.
While I found this unnecessary on my system, UN-check the Scan Management and Windows Fax and Scan as well as any other checked items in the list and click OK.

Hope this works for people.

Scott A. Tovey
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Hi, having some problems with Windows Default scanner interface. Epson SX410 networked printer (connected to a router and serves a number of PC's, all Win7 64bit).

We have some specific software used to scan customer information into the program, sadly its been designed to use Windows default scanner interface.

The scanner does work through Epson Scan, and a few months ago I had successfully added so it functioned through "Scanners and Camera", accept since then the router has been swapped and for the life of me I can't figure out what, and how I'd managed to do it?

The device is simply not detected by "Microsoft Scan Service".

So the scanner works fine, accept not through the default windows 7 scanning software which is what I need.

Any suggestions?

Ive tried obviously re-adding the printer.

Thanks, James

A:Epson BX310 network printer - windows default scanner.

Hello and welcome Gorlist mate rather obvious I know but have you tried reinstalling the drivers??
Epson Stylus SX410 : Drivers & Software
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Am unable to re-install my Epson "Perfection" 3170 photo scanner in my newly-"UPDATED" Windows XP Home.(just installed sp2) Epson Scan program hangs up, even after I check the USB and my device is working properly stuff!!!!!!!!!! There's an error in event viewer that shows "InverseLaunchIPI" under the source column. HELP PLEASE We suspect an "ini" problem but haven't a clue or cannot find any good advice from Microsoft Windows XP source, big surprise.

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I have tried numerous times to get my epson perfection 1200U running with windows me. I've gone to Epson and they've told me how to remove old drivers and install new ones. But windows me still doesn't recognize that I have a scanner. Every time I come online it says "unknown device" and it loads appropriate drivers -- but not the ones that get my scanner to work.

Does anyone know how to get this model scanner to work with windows me? Epson has been of no help.


A:epson perfection 1200U scanner doesn't work with windows me

Hi dayleclaire, welcome to TSG.

Do you have any other USB devices working correctly?

Any exclamation marks on USB controller or hub in the control panel, system, device manager?;en-us;q278289
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Epson website does not have a Windows 7 64 bit driver for my Epson Perfection 2480 Photo Scanner, can anyone help?

A:Windows 7 64 bit driver required for EPSON 2490 Photo scanner

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Is your Scanner a 2490 or 2480 ? ...
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Hi I have problem getting the same color printout from using OSX and XP For both computers i use the same printer Epson Stylus T use Adobe Acrobat Pro to Printout Color XP, Inkjet, Windows Crazy Problem Epson Gutenprint print with Color Profile setting as sRGB IEC - and the same pdf file The PDF file was created using OSX OSX uses gutenprint drivers whereas XP uses the driver downloaded from Epson Printout from OSX is the same as what i see on the monitor However the color printout using XP is different from the monitor display and the color is a lot lighter I ve tried changing the color management settings in Epson printing preferences in XP Changing to ICM with Windows XP, Epson Inkjet, Gutenprint Crazy Color Printout Problem No color adjustment makes the printout a lot darker Selecting Color Controls with color mode Adobe RGB and Gamma causes the printout to be a lot lighter Using the default Color mode Epson VIVID and adding more cyan or magenta or yellow does not change the color printout in any way the printout still prints out a lot lighter However if i use GIMP in XP and import the PDF file using the Print with Gutenprint the printout is exactly the same as the printout from OSX But this solution is not good because i have to import the PDF document page by page PDF file with pages imported by GIMP will result in image files SOMEONE please HELP ME nbsp
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Use old driver, Twain Driver V5.60A, epson10404.

1. Load Epson Smart Panel and PhotoImpression software from your CD.
2. In Device Manager, uninstall reference to scanner from under IMAGING DEVICE and/or UNKNOWN or
OTHERS DEVICES by right-clicking on it.
3. Disconnect the scanner USB cable. Close all open windows.
4. In Program and Features, uninstall Epson Twain by right-clicking on it.
5. Restart the computer.
6. Run the epson10404 driver file in compatibility mode of Windows XP SP3.
7. Click FINISH when installation is complete.
8. Reconnect scanner USB cable.
9. Windows will automatically load the new hardware and complete the install.
10. Your scanner should now be ready for use.
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My Epson 3-in-1 CX4800's scanner stopped working (copying and printing is fine). I have tried (with live phone help from Epson) several times to reinstall scanner drivers, but, even after downloading them, the message comes up: Windows failed to install drivers. Cannot find file specified. Epson had me find the file folder, click on the file (which obviously was there), try again, but same message. They finally said it is an OS issue, mine is vista home premium 32 bit. Can someone help me with this? Thanks a lot!

A:Epson CX4800 -- error: Windows failed to install drivers. Cannot find file specified

have you tried to uninstall the drivers and program, reboot the pc, than try to reinstall the dirvers and program?
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Q: epson

epson expression home xp 305,i have been trying to add this printer to vista but it wont install,i am using the cd that came with it but it gets stuck on final screen checkin connection from laptop to printer?


i can install the printer on another windows 7 machine and i can install a brother priner on the lapto but i cant install the printer on this laptop it says its installed but a communication error
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Hi,I`m having problems with installing Epson SX 105.Everything is installed great except printer driver(it worked with Vista great) but with Windows 7 x86 I can`t install it.Now it has a default microsoft driver but with it I can`t see printer preferences and ink levels and other stuff.Any solution?

A:Epson SX 105 All In One

Hi roby777 and welcome to Se7en Forums

As you can see from my System Specs I have the same model of printer/scanner as you. I have only installed the drivers in my Vista installations, but am using the default drivers in W7. This is the same situation as I had with my previous printer/scanner (an HP model). This had drivers for XP, but not Vista (except for the built-in ones). Apart from the lack of specific monitoring software, I have had no trouble with them. It is possible that Epson might release specific drivers for W7, so it would be worth checking the website ocassionally for any updates. However, since the device works with the default driver this is unlikely.
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Hi ..I just purchased an Epson c 62, I installed it fine...but my pc has gone up the crashes about every 10 mins, so I tired uninstalling the printer and the pc works fine, no crashes...anybody have any ideas as to what might be going on...? It driving me nuts. thanks

A:Epson c62

Download here the latest driver and try again.
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Hi I have a friends epson 580 usb printer, when you bootup the computer the printer does it first little test, checking the heads. then it returns to the rest position. when you send a test page to print it comes up with "an error has occured contact your dealer" and that is all we get out of it. any help??? as to what it could be as you know it will be cheaper to buy a new one if this one could not be fixed rather than bring in the dealers.

A:epson 580 help

As with most printers, if at first it don't work, try re-installing the driver.

Epson drivers available from here
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My Epson 640 was running low on ink so I changed the cartridge and now it won't print anything. Was printing black, but now nothing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help

Relevancy 32.25%

any one got a tool to reset my printer pads
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I just bought a new Epson C62 printer because I broke my old C60. I have some unopened C60 black ink cartridges and I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not I can use them in my new C62? I am only asking about the black ink cartridges, not the colour cartridges.

Hope someone can help =-)

A:Epson C60 ink in a C62?

The 60 takes #T028201 and the 62 takes #T040120, so the answer would be no.
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I have an Epson R220 printer. It works fine when I print on paper or photos but when I try to print on cd I always receive that dreaded message PAPER JAM.
Can Anyone help me?

A:Epson R 220

This might sound obvious but you need to have a clearance of at least 6 inches(maybe more) at the back of your printer with no obstructions so the CD tray can move back and forth freely. Sorry if this was too lame to mention but it is something easily overlooked.
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We have an old Packard Bell i-media that we had to restore to factory settings due to various problems and general operation slowness. In putting necessary software back on we have hit a problem with the installation of the Epson D88 printer. We can get the computer to accept the installation of drivers by telling it to use LPT 1 ( this is either by using Installation Disc or driver package from Epson website). But even though it says that the installation was successful when you do a trial print it starts loading but does not complete, and the ink status monitor is not working.

Can anyone give some guidance.
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i have a Epson lq 870 dot-matrix printer and i can't install it on a win7 machine. is there a possibility to install it on a other way. On the Epson website i didn't find the drivers.
I thougt to install a virtual machine with my inventory software that needs the printer. I read somewhere that windows 7 has a modus to emulate winxp. does it work also for drivers or only for software?

A:Epson lq 870

Quote: Originally Posted by saimen

i have a Epson lq 870 dot-matrix printer and i can't install it on a win7 machine. is there a possibility to install it on a other way. On the Epson website i didn't find the drivers.
I thougt to install a virtual machine with my inventory software that needs the printer. I read somewhere that windows 7 has a modus to emulate winxp. does it work also for drivers or only for software?

As long as you have Hardware Virtualization available to you [only about 2/3 of processors have that option built into them] you can run anything pretty much within Windows XP Mode.

However, you also need to take into account that the LQ 870 is a damn old printer. The last operating system it was supported on was Windows 98 & Windows NT 4. So much has changed since then within Windows and how it handles drivers, I'd honestly say you have a 1 in 1000 chance it'll work correctly. With XP mode, given you meet the hardware requirements [you can find out by following Step 2 HERE] I'd say 1 in 5 chance then.
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My Epson xp-400 printer is cutting off the top section of my text. I've already reloaded the utilities and drivers, cleaned the nozzles and the heads. It has new Epson ink cartridges, and no error messages.
Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know what's wrong? it is on a wireless network.

Relevancy 31.82%

I have recently purchased a HP Pavilion PC with Windows XP. I tried using my Epson color 400 with an adapter for the cable, but it won't print text and does a lousy job with pictures. I would like to use the Epson as the HP printer won't feed certain Xmas card envelopes properly.
I wrote two letters to Epson, but have not received any response.
Not much point in me writing HP about their printer as it has obviously a poorly designed feed.
All suggestions gratefully accepted. You people are a great bunch.

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I have installed a Epson SX515W printer the printer is working fine when I try to use the scanner it says USB not connected this is connected.
When I start up my computer a message appears EProManager Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme also downloaded the driver to ensure I am using the correct one to no avail.
I have been in touch with Epson but they could not help
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I cant reinstall my printer onto my system using instalation discs. I have a software disc but i am asked to also install disc 2. to my knowladge there is only 1 disc what do i do to reinstall my printer please.

A:Epson stylus 460

Ive tried getting info from epson and it seems that its my system that has a problem because when i try to install my printer i get the message ' a usable port for this printer cannot be found' flashes up. what can you suggest i do now?
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Does anyone know if Epson PhotoQuicker is available for Vista? If so how do I get it? I have tried the Epson wbsite, and cannot get an answer. Alternately is there a comparable alternative? Allan.

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I wonder if anyone can help I recently bought an Epson Scanner Epson standard scanner and the optional x Film Adaptor When I try to scan it will not accept any resolution other than dpi when I try to scan at any resolution above this I get the error message quot Not enough memory or disc space quot I have an Athlon processor and Mb Sdram and a Epson Scanner Gb H D when I was scanning I had no other applications running apart from Norton An E-Mail to the Epson Tech support a week ago has so far had no reply and I have little hope of getting anywhere with them There was no Manual in the box when I opened it and instructions as to how to use the film adaptor only said quot See the scanner manual quot Has anyone had any experience with this scanner or the Epson Tech support I would be very grateful for any help or advice Tom nbsp

A:Epson Scanner

Have you tried any of these?
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Hello My friend has been having some trouble trying to install an Epson PX W printer and I have been trying to help them but not having much success over the phone so I PX710W Epson was wondering if anyone would be able to help me The printer installs fine on the first computer with Windows installed on it It has been installed using the CD that came with it going through the tutorial given Epson PX710W But when it is installed onto a laptop with Windows Vista as the printer is being installed via the CD the computer loses the connection to the printer and then neither the laptop or the computer will work with the printer I have tried getting her to change the IP settings on the printer incase there was a conflict there but that does not seem to work The printer is being installed on both pc s via Wifi - they have a Netgear router If you need any more information let me know I really would appreciate the help because I recommended this printer to her so feel a bit guilty Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Epson PX710W

do you often get wireless drop outs - is the wireless signal good ???
can you try with a cable connection from the laptop to the router ?
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Will the Epson C46 printer (USB) run on Win XP without the installation CD (the person I'm helping has mislaid it).
My HP3300C scanner runs on XP using the operating system's drivers and was wondering
if printers can run in the same way.
Any help would be appreciated,

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I have an Epson Stylus Color 777 ESC/P 2 printer that I've used for a while now. All of a sudden it's not printing anymore. I tried deleting the printer in Start>Settings>Printers and Faxes and the computer picked it up and reinstalled it when I plugged it in. It says it is working properly. The ink didn't look empty the last time it printed, however it is a possibility. The power light is on solid and the error light is on solid. I've run all the tests Epson recommends and I've tried to print a test page, but I get no movement on the print heads, even for testing nozzles and such. I am confused... Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Epson 777 problem...

No movement is not good. Have you tried removing the ink cartridges and reinserting them/it?

Also try turning it off, completely unplugging it, and turning it back on. If it's connected via a parallel port, restart the computer as well.
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everytime i install a new ink cartridge it prints for a while then says the cartridge is not compatible with the printer. i am using epson cartridges. ive tried reinstalling the catridge because it is not empty and resetting the printer but the only way to get round it seems to be installing a new cartridge.. so what is causing this problem??
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I need an Epson C88+ driver.

My x64 ultimate has generic drivers but they don't print on both sides of the page.

I downloaded what epson has on their site but that's only a print program with no drivers.

Can someone help ? It is appreciated.

A:I need an Epson C88+ driver.

If Epson doesn't list one then one isn't available, have you tried the XP driver?
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Hi...........does anyone know how to factory reset an epson stylus 880 printer.


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Trying to print XL spreadsheet. When I set up the page, the printer changes it. It makes it's own page breaks. It has printed up in the left hand corner in font size too small to read....
Any ideas?


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Just purchased an SD-800 to replace a dead dual 3.5/5.25 drive on an old 486 machine. I can use the 3.5 as A: (with some startup problems), but B: is directed to the 3.5 also. The drive came with no documentation and I suspect I need to set the jumpers. There is a 6 year old thread on this problem, but the links given are dead (404 errors).

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There seem to be two different black ink cartridges available for the 800:
SO 20108
SO 20025.
What might be the difference betwwen them?
Which might be better for graphics printing?

A:Ink for Epson stylus 800

Epson website shows only the SO 20025 works with the 800, so I would go with that one. click here
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Hello there.
Nothing wrong with my printer (Epson Stylus DX4450), per se...
But I can't get it to let me change the ink cartridges!

I changed to non-brand compatible cartridges as soon as I could and am generally happy with them, but the printer can't tell me when a colour cartridge is empty and if it doesn't think it's empty, it won't present the cartridges so that I can change the obviously empty cartridge (I only have yellow left at the moment which is very frustrating.)
How can I force the printer to let me change the cartridges?


A:Epson ink trouble

That is the problem of using no genuine epson cartridges
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As a rule, I avoid Epson printers like the plague. (When I was working as a service tech, I went through Epson training, which was also a joke). Although we purchased an Artisan 810 to print on CD's, I know I will be asked to print some photos. I have experimented with different paper and have found that if you want good results printing photos, you better be using Epson paper. The black ink does not dry at all on Dell photo paper, Kodiak is a little better but still not as good as Epson paper.

Anyone had any experience with this? I am looking for photo paper, either matt or high gloss finish that actually works in these printers without having to purchase from Epson.

The beatings will continue until morale imporves!
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I have used an Epson Stylus SX510W for several years without problems. Now I cannot get the black ink to print, despite cleaning. Help !

A:Epson printer

Epson Stylus SX510W

Read here.

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Hi all
When I try to scan or copy a page, it prints out with two black 1/2 inch wide stripes from top to bottom on top of the copy.
However, if I print a document from the computer, it prints fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Epson printer

If you have a ADF clean the slit glass with windex (or similar) if you are using the ADF, otherwise the bulb may have something on it. I wouldn't recommend opening the glass section up if you are uncomfortable with it
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I had 4 pc's connected to a switch box to use one epson stylus 800 printer and it worked fine. It finally died so I got an epson stylus color 900 and connected it to the switch box. Now, whenever I switch between pc's the printer says its 'out of paper' and only after I shut it off and unplug and replug it, will it print on the next pc....any ideas?

A:epson stylus 900

have you tried contacting epson to see what they say?