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Graphics card and Wlan card stop working from time to time?

Q: Graphics card and Wlan card stop working from time to time?

TLDR Graphics card and wlan card randomly stop working I ve Wlan time? working time from card and card to Graphics stop posted this on other forums Graphics card and Wlan card stop working from time to time? so far no help so heres my problem I use my computer on average - hours a day I usually play games or im surfing the net now sometimes Graphics card and Wlan card stop working from time to time? my wlan card and my graphics card just stop working they both dont appear in the device manager I cant plug in my monitor through Graphics card and Wlan card stop working from time to time? the graphics card coz the screen just stays black and the wireless internet icon on the bottom right of the windows screen just says quot no connections available quot Im not on this but it seems like this occurs after playing games for long periods of time im pretty sure the games I play arent too heavy for my system empire total war skyrim etc I took my pc to the repair shop before and everything was working fine when they tried it I dont think its a problem with the wlan or graphics card coz sometimes they work perfectly then suddenly they just stop working when this happens it usually gets fixed when I wait for a day open up the pc and clean everything then perform a system restore I have no idea whats wrong Is everything compatible could it be overheating could the motherboard be faulty Its very unlikely that both these parts just stop working at the same time Noteworth -Sometimes when the wlan card stops working the light on the card itself isnt lit up but sometimes it is -These problems dont always occur at the same time Specs Motherboard Asus M N T-M LE V Graphics Radeon HD Wlan card D-link DWA Processor AMD athlon II x PSU Cant see the brand I think its a stock PSU Max watts Thanks for the help nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Graphics card and Wlan card stop working from time to time?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My friend had been having some trouble with his graphics card it kept crashing during games and eventually seemed to burn out all together So he bought a new one When he installed it the network was gone he had to reinstall his network card drivers then he updated his graphics card drivers Everything seems peachy He loaded up starcraft II and the game crashes to desktop everytime He can t even select a mode to play So he uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them Now the game loaded at work dont' and same card network card time. the graphics up just fine and he can play BUT when network card and graphics card dont' work at the same time. it loads up the network crashes and he has to reinstall the network drivers After the computer restarts he loaded up starcraft II and now it crashes again So it seems like everytime he updates the network drivers it screws up the graphics card and everytime he updates the graphics card drivers it network card and graphics card dont' work at the same time. screws up the network card I ve never heard of a problem like this so I m at a loss to help nbsp

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I'm new to having a dedicated graphics card.

I've had my new laptop for a while now and realised I've never looked into how to use my graphics card. Although I don't play games, I am a graphic designer so thought it would be suitable.

The graphics card came with the laptop - Nvidia Geforce GT 540M.

I have the control panel but I'm not sure how to use the settings to make sure I get the best experience with it, I haven't found any user guides.

I'm assuming that so far I've been using the Intel HD graphics card, but I'd like some help using the Nvidia card for my Adobe software and maybe when I'm watching videos online through my browser?

A:First time using Graphics Card

If you want to change the settings (which is really not required), it is best to experiment. Everybody has a different opinion on an 'optimal picture' and it is hard to say what would suit you. Just do not make any drastic changes at each time. Move the sliders just a little bit. And when you do not like it, you can always hit the 'Default' button.
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Hello to everyone in this forum. You've helped me on my quest in finding the right graphics card for my Sony Vaio RS610. I ended up getting the XFX GEForce 6200 256MB. My question to you before I install it is, is there something I have to uninstall with the Integrated Intel Extreme 3D Graphics that is in the system already? Or can I just attach this card and go from there? I mean there isn't a physical card for me to remove, so do I even have to uninstall the drivers or whatever it has? Or will by me installing this graphics card into the AGP slot take over for it automatically? Any help will be much appreciated!

A:First Time Installing A Graphics Card, HELP!

i've done this before, so i can tell you it's actually a lot easier than you think.

ok, there is a specific order to do things in to make things easy.

1) first i'd plug the chip into the slot. make sure it is seated snugly, and tighten the screws so it doesn't move too much.

2) now, notice you have two monitor connections. one from your newly installed card, and the old one connected to your integrated graphics. for now, LEAVE IT plugged into the integrated graphics plug.

this is because you haven't yet installed the software, and told your computer there's new hardware in it.

3) turn your computer on and run the cd and have it install all the drivers and stuff.

4) go into your device manager, and now disable the integrated graphics. if you dunno how to navigate there, here's how.

start > control panel > system > hardware tab > device manager

go into your display adapters and right click the integrated graphics chip and select disable. make sure your newly installed graphics card is in the list, and fully enabled.

5) turn off your computer.

6) plug the monitor cable into the video card plug.

7) turn it on

you don't have to uninstall anything. you just have to leave it disabled. it's also better if you don't uninstall anything because you may need that integrated graphics chip to install other graphics chips, or use it for trouble shooting purposes.
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Hi Folks,

my question/query is: how can 1 identify that he/she needs a new graphic card or the graphic card is dead??? because i get this flickering while working on my laptop just under normal condition - no games,no programming,no photoshop just normal work on comp., it just flicker in every 2-3 mins. Does that mean my graphic card is at the end of its life???

Need some help & is there any way to check this without opening my laptop also, if not then the obvious....

A:How to check its time to get a new graphics card?

Quote: Originally Posted by deepakumar

Hi Folks,

my question/query is: how can 1 identify that he/she needs a new graphic card or the graphic card is dead??? because i get this flickering while working on my laptop just under normal condition - no games,no programming,no photoshop just normal work on comp., it just flicker in every 2-3 mins. Does that mean my graphic card is at the end of its life???

Need some help & is there any way to check this without opening my laptop also, if not then the obvious....

Probably not the card but rather heat. Download Cpu-z, and Gpu-z (both free) to keep an eye on the temps. You can also blow out the laptop with compressed air
Ken J
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So basicly my graphics card is always at an extremely high temperature (over100c!).
After many failed attempts at fixing it i hav decided to get a new one. My current one is a 9300 GE.
My computer is an HP m8530f KT334AA-ABA
I want one that is more of a gaming card.
AMD Phenom 9550 Quad 2.20 GHz
64bit OS

Edit: forgot to mention, MUST have a fan built onto it. lol im tired of this cheap crap

A:Time for a new graphics card. Suggestions?

how much do you want to spend, and are you willing to upgrade your power supply if needed.
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i'm confused. i need a good graphics card, primarily for my google earth,and i dont know if i need AGP, PCI,What chipset type i need, or even i might need a power supply upgrade!
i'm waiting for 2x512 mb memory modules in the post, but otherwise my specs are (deep breath)....

pc HP Compaq (vectra) VL600
p3 processor
cpu speed 666mhz-front side bus speed 133mhz
current memory 128mb

and my graphics card
matrox millenium G250 AGP
chip type-MGA G250
DAC type- integrated, 250 mhz
memory size 8mb
bios info v2.5.019
device type- display adapters
location- PCI Bus 1,device 0, function 0

any help appreciated

A:first time graphics card buyer-please help!

please people!!!!!
a crucial scan revealed this also

Your Graphics Card
Card Type (Bus Type)

my computer-820 chipset-RDRAM
WHat other hurdles could arise?
power supply upgrade? 4x?8x?
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I'm preparing my system for a Win 10 upgrade. Installed a new motherboard-memory-cpu etc
With the new graphics card Geforce GT 740 sc (2 gig) the system initiates...but then nothing

If I remove new card and replace it with the old Geforce GT 630... and system works fine - replace with new GT 740 and nothing happens at start up ? Card is seated properly in on card spins...but no video

Do I need to unistall the Gt 630 drivers...etc and then install the new GT 740..? Or what else would keep the New GT 740 from initializing at system start up ?

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Greetings and thanks for taking a minute -

Every so often I upgrade another piece of this old beast (so far I've done the cpu, ram, hdd(s), and optical drives):

HP a1100y [CTO] - (XP Pro)
Intel Pentium 4 650 @ 3400 MHz
2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM PC2-5300 (333 MHz) - [DDR2-666]
Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

The integrated graphics aren't quite keeping up and I'd genuinely appreciate it if you could point me toward a decent, mid-range, graphics card (PCI since there's no home for AGP).

Hope I've provided enough info (please let me know if I haven't)

Thanks a grip,

A:Solved: Time for a Graphics Card - your advice appreciated...
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I have GF2 MX 400(64 Mb).and want to upgrade .I use my Pc for Gaming.Recently I got POP--Sands of Time but the game does not run on my system(no Vertex and Pixel Shader support).I initially wanted to go in for GF 4 Ti 4200 but the card is not available in my country (India).Can anyone suggest an alternative to GF 4 Ti 4200 .(The price should be more or less comparable to GF 4 Ti 4200 )

A:.Graphics Card Upgrade.Also Will POP-Sands of Time run on GF4MX440?

Ati Radeon with 128MB from model 9600 upwards
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Hello everyone, I came to this site because I'm having a problem with my
desktop pc and I really can't afford a paid technician right now. My problem is the
following: I have a Radeon 7870 connected to my samsung LED TV, it
always worked flawlessly until one day It suddenly stopped detecting the TV. I
tried new cables, using a DVI cable on the DVI port, using older and newer
drivers, I also formatted and reinstalled the SO (win7) but nothing, it never
detects the TV (the tv is fine, because laptops connecting to it detect it just fine)

Do you guys think the GPU simply got defective or something? Sorry for my ****** english
and thank you
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hello I have problem with intel hd 4600 graphic card always after I install driver (I try from hp site,intel site also I try auto detect or windows 10 updating) always same IGFX stop working and computer turn off but if I turn off windows aero its working. I try different OS like linux (distrubutions like mint working because no aero but ubuntu with aero screen start lag apier dots all kind of colours until compiuter restart, also I try   Mac os 10.9.5 mavericks (hackintosh) its also screen blinking appier dots on screen). I think maybe hd 4600 graphics processor burn it  ?.... Also is geforce GT 740m witch I cant run without intel HD 4600 drivers on Windows OS but with Ubuntu I can install geforce drivers and choose use just geforce GPU and its working perfect... Its posible maybe some how turn off intel IGPU and 100% use geforce ?
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hello all,

whenever i start my machine, the clock time in the system tray shows me odd time. it continues from where i last shut down my pc. where cud the problem be?

eg. rite now say its 8am. i shut down my pc at 8am and restart at 11am. the time shown in the tray is 8am and not 11am.

wat shud be done?


i have another problem. i have nvidia graphix card which is isntalled, and is shown in the display properties as well. the computer graphix are displayed normally, but everytime i startup my machine, it says "new hardware found" at PCI slot. sometimes it says a VGA device is the new hardware found.

wat shud i do?

A:clock time not working n display card error

I have found that when the pc fails to keep correct internal time,
this is an symptom of the motherboard battery going bad. Power off
PC, open case, find, and replace battery. It's looks like an thick
dime. After replacing, set time manually with date command and it
should be fine.
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Hello I have as I see it a very unique problem with Sound of Card (Driver?) time amount random working stops after my computer I turn my computer on and sound works I can turn on winamp play music etc But after random amount of time my sound driver just disappears when go to Control Panel and Sound and Audio Devices it says I have no driver sound Sound Card (Driver?) stops working after random amount of time card Funny thing is when I open winamp at the beginning when it works it continues to play music even when it already says I have no sound I can even add more stuff to winamp but ONCE I turn it off It wont open again because I have no sound drivers The amount of time before this happens varies once it was hour and a half but not it was only minutes Of course Im still listening to music because I havent turned off winamp yet although any other program I start after the malfunction sound wont work with it I tried to reinstall my drivers but I couldnt find a way how to remove everything from Device manager under quot Sound Audio and Gaming Devices quot but nothing changed When I removed what I could windows found it as new hardware but didnt want to install new drivers since quot the latest possible version is installed quot Sound of course wasnt working until I installed drivers I downloaded from the net but then it just returned to where it is now Also right now device manager tells me everything runs ok but quot Sound quot in Control Panel says I have no drivers I have no idea what this is and I want to use system reinstall as last resort so please could anyone help me here or give any ideas Either how to really remove sound drivers so I can put brand new ones in or anything else that would come on your mind I am using Win XP with i guess SP on an ASUS F T laptop my sound card is onboard Realtek HD the system runs for year and a half without formatting I would really appreciate any help possible and I thank you forwardly ne gen nbsp

A:Sound Card (Driver?) stops working after random amount of time

You may be infected with a virus or other malware. What protection are you running?
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My graphics display suddenly stopped for my computer. My PC is not even recognising my monitor, I tested my monitor with some other PC's and it is working properly. I though graphics card not working.??

But since my existing graphics card is gone and there is no on board graphics card on my PC I am not able to uninstall existing graphics card and install new one.

Could some one please suggest me what to do in this situation to see some thing in monitor so that in can start doing Uninstall/Installtions.?

Thank you very much for your replies in advance. I really apprecite it.


A:How to install graphics card when the existing graphics card in not working.

You could always stick the new one in and boot up in safe mode. Then proceed to uninstall all the remnant drivers. That *shouldn't* cause any problems, but it may be choppy when you boot up.(I've had this happen before, swapping a Riva TNT2 for a GF6600).
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Hi everyone Current PC specs listed above to get it out Time RAM choices?? card upgrade.. input / on to upgrade of the way I am a gamer This upgrade is to allow me to play some of the newer Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices?? games such as The Witcher and also to enable me to utilize DX when I eventually upgrade to Vista RAM this is what I have found I do not overclock Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices?? and I am very happy with the matched pair of Corasir XMS MB Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices?? C running at that I currently have so I figured the safe bet is in just jumping to a matched pair of MB sticks of the same http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Graphics card I do have a budget and from the reviews I have read this card should carry me through the gaming world for at least the next year hopefully I like eVGA and I have nothing but good things to say about the eVGA GS that I am currently using But if anyone has some input as to problems with the card listed below or if you know of another card that will perform just as well or better for around the same price I would like to hear about it http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Time to upgrade.. input on card / RAM upgrade choices??
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Hi first of all thanks for taking an interest it s been a difficult few days for me trying to understand what s going on with my laptop s WLAN card My Laptop is an ACER ASPIRE running Vista Home Premium SP The WLAN Card is the Atheros x one Solved: WLAN isn't Card working. I ve heard has had many problems Ok so here s what had happened I reformatted my PC and everything was brilliant Updated everything WLAN card was working Solved: WLAN Card isn't working. GPU drivers installed etc nothing was going wrong I decided to dual-boot my vista laptop with Ubuntu something which I had done before I did it successfully keeping the wubi exe installation file to be able to uninstall Ubuntu whenever i saw fit I managed to get my Atheros x WLAN card to work in Ubuntu a rare-feat with the card I have currently as some of you Linux users will know I shutdown my Laptop that evening feeling quite happy with myself that I d done it successfully when others have such difficulty with the Atheros cards even if you type in google Atheros WLAN card problem it ll be linux forums which will flood the page Anyway I turned on my laptop in the morning and i booted Ubuntu Now with ubuntu the WLAN Card didn t needed to be switched on or off with my WLAN button I have on my ACER ASPIRE it would stay on until the laptop was shut down The strange thing is that it wasn t picking anything up and to me it seemed on as the LED light doesn t turn on I assumed so I thought hmm played around a bit I ll see what it is like on my main Vista boot I loaded up Vista and my WLAN LED wasn t turning on or turning off although when clicking the button on the screen it would say WLAN Disabled Enabled but it was having no effect I went into drastic measures and restored windows using ACERS eRestore manager again and did a fresh install Updated all the drivers from ACER s support site for vista and then when I did a windows update for SP It s still not working and I m having to use an Ethernet cable It seems so out-dated and I m sure there is a way to get around this Help please nbsp

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I have a Medion MAM laptop i dont know much about it because it was given to me I recently did a complete reformat deleting partition and creating a new one and since then I ahvent been able to pick up my wireless network unsecured prior to reformatting the laptop would reformat WLAN working Card not after detect the network and connect to it automatically The OS is Vista Home Premium bit I believe it may just be a driver that needs to be installed but i have googled the laptop and not found anything useful it must be discontinued so i do not know what kind of WLAN card it uses I would rather resolve this issue without taking it down the road to Nexus and paying plus VAT Laptops are not my speciality and to b WLAN Card not working after reformat honest i dont like them but ive been given one that i could make use of so id like it WLAN Card not working after reformat to work properly Most of my knowledge lies with PCs nbsp

A:WLAN Card not working after reformat

Right click my computer > properties > hardware tab, then device manager. See if there are any devices with a yellow asterisks next to them. Medion are a particularly bad manufacture to try and find drivers for. You could try here but its in german! Notebook-140.html
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Hello Folks!
I got "WLAN card has stopped working" alert at my DELL inspiron E1505, I'm using Windows Vista home premium. How can I fix this? I updated my WLAN card via drivers update but my internet still doesn't work.
What do you suggest for me to do?
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it happens time to time and is usually when i open adobe photoshop,aftereffects. Also i cannot seem to open any kind of games on my new computer like fifa 13 ,nfs etc. I have an i7 3770 and 8 gb ddr3 corsair RAM with 1 tb hdd and motherboard is msi B75MA-P45 and geforce gtx560 for graphics card. my FSB: DRAM reads 1:6 on cpuz, does this have anything to do with the blue screen ? should i do anything in the BIOS settings ?

A:New built computer bsod's time to time.stop error 0x000000a

Hello Sonam.

Nice configuration. But it is the display driver that caused here.

fffff880`0a48fb88 fffff880`0ffb47c9Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
What I have seen, the October edition is somehow problematic on a lot of machines. So I would suggest you to do what I did myself.....
Uninstall nVidia display driver using Driver Fusion , and then install an older version which was stable there.

And, you should install Service Pack 1.

Let us know the results.
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I am running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit and I have a networked copier and a couple of local printers for my computer. I have recently set them up - have the correct drivers for these printers and they work - most of the time.

The problems that I am having is the printers will suddenly stop working. If I go into the Devices and Printer Control Panel they are still there but they are faded like they are off line, even when they are on and running. I have found that the only thing I can do is to restart the whole system to get them on-line again. This is happening at least once a day but with infrequent intervals - It happened in the first five minutes after I turned on my computers this morning. But after about 6 hours yesterday.

Any suggestions?

A:Printer - Time Out/ Stop Working

FOLLOW UP: So after talking to a couple of my IT people. I found out that my default printer was going to sleep and so it was messing up all my other printers and having them freeze and not be able to work even though they were ready to print. So I changed my printer default and that should help the problem. we will see what happens next...
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I have an HP dv5t pavillion notebook and after having my browsers open for a while they wnt connect to any websites. AIM still wrks so I know its not my internet. Everything that goes through browser stops connecting to the internet. Im thing its a software problem, maybe something I have installed on my comp is causing this. Its very annoying because the only way to fix it temporarily is to restart my comp.

A:Browsers stop working afte some time

hi try the suggestion here
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I`m having an BSOD error, and it also refuses to write a minidump and kerneldump.
So I can`t use any analysis tools. And yes, it`s enabled!

Stop message:
*** STOP: 0x00000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA800F209B30, 0xFFFFFA800F209E10, 0xFFFFF80003787240)

After restart it sometimes does not find the primary harddrive.

The error pops up from time to time. Sometimes from browsing the web, downloading or playing a game. It even pops up while I`m not doing anything at all.

I did a checkdisk and it turned out clean.


A:BSOD - STOP: 0x000000F4 from time to time

Hello Exi and welcome to Sevenforums.

I did not find any crashdumps. Make sure they're enabled.

To ensure minidumps are enabled:

* Press Start, in the Search Box type: "sysdm.cpl" (without the quotes), press Enter.
* Select the Advanced tab, click on Startup and Recovery Settings.
* Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
* Under the Write Debugging Information headline select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box.
* Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
* OK till you're out of the dialogue.
* Reboot if changes have been made.

Copy all the content from %systemroot%\Minidump, zip it all, and upload it.

Best Regards,
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After about 24 hours of normal usage (web browsing, viewing/editing images etc) my PC can't display system menus anymore. It doesn't report errors, simply doesn't do it. After a while, I even can't open explorer windows anymore too.
I have 512 Megs (Windows2000), and still about 300M free, so it's not a simple "out of memory" situation.

I can't even imagine the reason for this behaviour and my previous PCs and the ones I use at work never had a similar problem, despite I install almost the same apps.

Someone talks about memory leaks, but I don't know how to know which app is doing this.

Please give me some advice, thanks...

A:System menus and GUI elements stop working after some time

There is a free utility out there, MaxMem from
This checks your memory at regular intervals to keep it fresh. You can also manually 'nudge' it to free up more memory.
I run W2K with this util, and it is rock-steady.
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Hi guys,
I'm having issues with installing adobe product. namely: adobe dreamweaver. It allows me to install it, but as soon as i open my computer again, it just disappears from the system the icon becomes white and doesn't open anything, and i need to set it up again, install it again to make it work. I'm getting annoyed with this. Also, I had problems with installing different sort of updates from Windows but i manage to sort it out, but problems with software remain. what can be a reason for this, how to fix it?
I'm using windows 7, 64 bits and i'm the administrator.

A:Adobe products stop working the next time I open my PC

Check your PC is showing the correct date.
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So I've been having this problem for about two weeks now nbsp I don't think I've noticed this before and I am not sure what is causing it nbsp First time at Keyboard Mouse and working / same stop hang off let me put in the specs for my Mouse and Keyboard hang / stop working at same time computer nbsp I'm running - HP Pavilion HPE h - t CTO Desktop PC with Windows bit nbsp nbsp I'm having issues with my umb mouse and keyboard nbsp They work on my laptop without error nbsp I'm also using a USB wired headset I'm throwing this in because it might help in trying to figure out whats going on nbsp nbsp The problem happens when I'm running a gaming Mouse and Keyboard hang / stop working at same time program nbsp I can't exactly say when it happens because it seems random but when it happens my mouse and keyboard stop working nbsp The computer runs smoothly and all processes seem to run normally nbsp I sometimes run firefox as well using pandora and pandora still runs when this happens thus nothing is stalling besides my keyboard and mouse nbsp In addition my USB headset still responds although I use a push to talk key from the keyboard so I can't talk on the headset nbsp nbsp Just some additional information nbsp When I unplug my keyboard mouse nbsp I would typically hear the sound telling my that it was unplugged nbsp When this bug happens I don't hear any sounds of that sort when I unplug plug in my USB devices nbsp All other sounds are running though such as pandora game sounds etc nbsp nbsp Let me know if you have any solutions nbsp Thank youPeter

A:Mouse and Keyboard hang / stop working at same time

Kagerou313, welcome to the forum. Here are some guides for troubleshooting USB problems: Give them a try to see if any of them help solve your problem. Please click "Accept as Solution" if your problem is solved.
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My USB keyboard and USB mouse stop working at the same time at random times.

The only working workaround for now is to plug them to another free USB ports.
Checked event logs ...

Attached is the export from Event log UserPnp events are the only that appear during this issue.
(zipped file)

A:USB Keyboard and mouse stop working at the same time at random times

Hi sekac, Welcome to Seven forums.

Try to update the drivers of the keyboard and mouse. Plug in different keyboard and mouse and check if the issue still persist. And when you say they hang, does the PC hangs as well?

To be on safer side. Run a memtest. Here's how. RAM - Test with Memtest86+
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Hi all I am using Windows bit Using the MS Keyboard Layout Creator I generated a customized keyboard layout in which I assigned certain special characters to keyboard combinations with the Alt and Ctrl keys e g Alt Ctrl to get the German letter ' ' Everything works fine up to some point - for reasons I don't understand the keyboard assignments suddenly stop working if I then press the corresponding combination no keyboard output is generated at all Strangely enough this occurs individually for each program for example the shortcuts stopped working in say Firefox but may still be operational in say Word or vice versa Moreover closing and restarting the program restores the proper keyboard function albeit only until the next occurrence of the custom-defined some working stop time keys alt+ctrl after problem As I said I haven't figured out why and how this happens sometimes it takes custom-defined alt+ctrl keys stop working after some time a couple of hours sometimes only minutes custom-defined alt+ctrl keys stop working after some time Did anybody experience similar problems does anyone have a solution Thanks in advance and best A

A:custom-defined alt+ctrl keys stop working after some time

press ALT + 0226 = ?
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ok im sick of always buying crappy cards that cant run my games so im sick of this. ok here are my choices

ati radeon 9800 pro (i know its old but its still awesome, and its cheap)

evga geforce 6800 (im not a huge fan of nvidia but i love doom 3, kinda expensive)

sapphire x800 pro (REALLY expensive but such awesome quality)


what do you guys think i should get. my main games are diablo 2 and counter strike, both regular and source.

i do play hl2 sometimes and i do play doom 3 sometimes

A:Time for a new card. and i need a little help here.

I'd heavily recommend a 6600GT AGP.
it out performed even the 9800XT all around for a ~$220 price in US$
it performs just a tad lower then the 6800 non overclocked.

example: XFX @ newegg:
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!!!I want to make a simple but pro looking electronic time card.
Date, hours worked, and some detail of each. Its that possible ,somehow simple ?
Its for a friend of mine. He has the info on anything from a envelope to a napkin, and would like something printed out.( like a napkin wont do or something). He needs it by 11-24-04, I need it NOW. LOL
Any help ? Thanks

A:Time Card

Err, what programs does he have? , possibly.
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Hi, i was considering purchasing an Nvidia GTX275 next month(Mid July) for around 200. I am now thinking of buying a GTX285 instead for around 250-290. Whats the best bang for buck version of this card? Will this card give me a significant increase in gaming power over the GTX275? Also can you recommend a reasonably priced PSU with the required power connectors for the above card? My specs E8500 3.17Ghz, ASUS P5N32-E SLI, 4Gb DDR2 677Mhz, ASUS EN9600GT 512Mb DDR3, Trust 570W PSU Duel fan, Artic Frezzer Pro 7

A:New card time again

the gtx 285 is not a big performance increase over the gtx 275 especially if you overclock the 275 and about the brand get an evga or xfx version of the card. a psu i would recommend is CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W.
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Hey guys I've had this problem forever now and nothing I try has fixed it I'd SOOOO appreciate any help I can get I have a Rocketfish Wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they have worked ALL :( Bluetooth working TIME!! Mouse/Keyboard Wireless THE stop HID randomly great for quite a while but not anymore I forget exactly when the problem started but I have upgraded my motherboard and everything else that matters in my computer and reinstalled a valid windows vista Wireless Bluetooth HID Mouse/Keyboard randomly stop working ALL THE TIME!! :( basic OS on my PC and the problem still persists So the problem is that both the mouse and keyboard keep freezing throughout the day usually at the same time as each other or one after the other But after about - seconds they start working again I notice it happens more frequently when I'm running more apps or playing a high demanding game but my computer always has leftover resources for anything that may need them So makes no sense After this this problem occurs Event Viewer will show two similar errors Warning Source HidBth Event ID quot Bluetooth HID device fe ec either went out of range or became unresponsive quot and quot Bluetooth HID device e either went out of range or became unresponsive quot Notice the only difference are the device numbers I figure one for the mouse and one for the keyboard I've tried everything that I know to do I have the latest drivers from Microsoft although I have tried to install product drivers for my Rocketfish Bluetooth EDR Class II Wireless USB Adapter from the rocketfish web site They were here http www rocketfishproducts com pc- - - sb-adapter aspxBut when I tried to run the installer it says it I need to uninstall the current drivers restart windows and try again But when I uninstall the drivers and reboot windows installs them again automatically even when I tell it not to Some people have suggested that it could be the power saving options but I checked that out and the settings are fine I even had Microsoft Tech support try and help He told me he Installed the driver for the HID mouse and HID keyboard from the HID Compliant drivers But of course that didn't work So at this point I am out of ideas If someone can help me out it would be great Lots of people may check this thread out in the future because everywhere else I looked no one had the answer I hope that we get this issue fixed and it helps lots of others This problem is causing issues with my employer because I work from home Ok well thanks in advance everyone Colin

A:Wireless Bluetooth HID Mouse/Keyboard randomly stop working ALL THE TIME!! :(

Awww man, seriously? No one has any ideas huh? It's the biggest hassle ever and the problem doesn't even seem THAT complicated... but I guess it is. I'm completely stuck and don't know where to go from here Again, if anyone has any suggestions or even an idea of where to go online for some help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again,
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I'm using a Athlon 700 oc'd to 900 and 256MB of RAM.
Upgrading from a Voodoo3 3000.


A:At this time, what's the best video card for < $200?

gforce mx in my mind, good card for the price. Or better yet a GForce2GTS(son has one, very nice card, makes my ddr look real old) kids get all the good stuff
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Well I just went out and bought Splinter Cell installed it on my computer and new video a for card Time realized that my old GeForce can t handle the game Turns out when I bought the game that I completely missed the chipsets supported by the game and Time for a new video card my card isn t MX So like any good PC owner I m using this as an excuse to upgrade my video card I ve been looking at the FX XT-TD My system is an Athlon with MB DDR RAM I m not a serious gamer but Time for a new video card I do like getting decent performance from the games I ve got Any recommendations on a card to buy The FX is about - Canadian on dealsdirect ca The FX is or so I ve been looking at MSI and Chaintech cards - does the manufacturer really matter Anyone know of other websites I can shop at I d consider American web sites as well if the price matches up with the exchange rate and delivery factored in How do ATI cards in that price range stack up to GeForce nbsp

A:Time for a new video card

As long as you stick with a decent (nvidia recommended) manufactor you will be fine
(From Anandtech)

Aopen America, Inc
ASUS Computer International
BFG Technologies, Inc.
Chaintech Computer Co. Ltd. Corporation
Gainward Co. Ltd.
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd
Leadtek Research Inc.
MSI Computer Corporation
Palit Microsystems, Inc. <- I have never heard of these people
PNY Technologies, Inc.
the difference only really comes in the bundle (useless utilities and old games) and the cooling system - but if your not seriously into gaming/overclocking the cooling doesn't really matter as long as it works.
At the price range you are looking at (sub $150 ish) then there is not really alot of choice, there is not a great deal of difference between them. Have a look around, there is guarnetted to be some benchmarks of low end cards somewhere (try

Hope that helps

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How can I use 2 sound cards on one computer? I have one that came with the computer and I put in a new one but only the new one is working and old one do not now. How to make both of them to work at the same time with two separate app.... one for DVD and one for CD player.

A:i want to use 2 sound card at the same time

you have to go into advanced sound options through the control panel. I was using two at one point as well, that's how I did it, used one for ventrilo and another for my surround sound.
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My birthday is in 1 im getting about 150-200 dollars. I looked up cards, read on forums and i odnt konw which of these to choose.

(and this one if i get more)

im not saying these exact brand (but if i got the 9600xt id go for the gigabyte)

which would you choose and why? also any good brands?

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Hello I ve installed video cards on my machine One is an ATI card the other is an NVIDIA card I want to use the ATI card for my three displays since it has Eyefinity and I want to use the other for purely CUDA programming I ve installed them and time the an NVIDIA at card ATI Using same and the machine works fine until I try Using an NVIDIA and ATI card at the same time to run CUDA code and every now and then i get Using an NVIDIA and ATI card at the same time a quot device out of memory quot error This doesn t seem to make sense to me since I m only using the card for my code and I don t have anything in the memory at the time of the error I know that having both cards can cause all sorts of problems but here s what I d like to try first Since both are serving different purposes I was wondering if there was an easy way to turn off all functions on the NVIDIA card except for CUDA code so that they don t interfere with eachother This would also ensure that nothing is going on with the NVIDIA GPU except for my code Anybody Thanks -mrcherry nbsp

A:Using an NVIDIA and ATI card at the same time

It's not a good idea to have two graphics cards installed from different manufacturers as they can conflict with each other.
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Just wanted to get a little advise on Capture Cards for recording gameplay from a Xbox 360. Does anyone know any good cheap ones, maybe like this one: was looking to spend up to 50, reason being that basically this will be used just for personal fun use, I'm not looking to live stream my gaming, i'm not looking to record in full HD or nothing like that, just record gameplay which will be between 2-3 minutes long and put up on Youtube, simple as that.
I have Windows 7 Premium edition, a Dual Core processor, 128 GB SSD drive plus 2 other hard drives, 4GB RAM, and am in the process of getting a decent graphics card (one I have at precent is NVIDIA GEForce 8400, old I know).
Many thanks for those that can assist.

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Is there any free software available that I can download to keep track of my work hours? Just a simple program where I can input 'time in' and 'time out' and have it add up total hours worked for the day/week. I've been searching freeware sites for some time and I'm not coming up with anything.

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I just bought a brand new bamboo touch & Pen graphics tablet.

I tryed it on adobe photoshop CS4 with the pen presure on opacity so the brush should be lighter or darker depending on how hard you press.

This works about half the time when drawing strait lines at the same pressure, the other half it draws a solid dark line at full pressure without me changing the pressure I put into the physical pen (this is not meant to happen).

If anyone can help me I would be very grateful, thanks.

A:Solved: Graphics tablet working half the time, (brand new)

found out there is new driver software out fixing the problem
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Hello everyone,

For the second time within the past two weeks I've had quite an annoying problem regarding my left mouse button on my synaptics pointing device, all of a sudden the left mouse button will stop working. The right mouse button and the rest of the touchpad will work apart from being able to click the LMB function. I've had this happen once before quite a few months ago but thought nothing of it at the time. This occurs for around half a minute to sometimes a minute before returning to normal and being able to use the LMB. I am using a Lenovo Z580 if that is any help to anyone.

I have tried searching around the internet for any information regarding this problem but I have not been able to find any solution or information connected to my issue.

Thank you in advance!

A:Left Mouse Button - Stops working from time to time.

Hello LO mate when you click the button do you hear an audible click from inside the mouse it could be something as simple as a stuck micro switch.

Also if it is a wired one check the USB contacts too - in the plug and socket. You can clean them gently with a strip (about 5 mm with the corners rounded off) of old credit card with some lint free cloth around the end of it moistened very lightly with some alcohol

By the way just how old is the mouse?
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Hi,I need to calculate the difference in working days / hours between 2 date / time stamps.Some simple example data which spans a weekend.01/07/2016 18:0004/07/2016 09:30(Working hours are 08:30-17:00 Monday - Friday)In this example the first date / time stamp is when an email was recieved (out of hours) and the second is when the email was replied to (1 hour into workiing hours) So the formula should return 00:01:00:00 (dd:hh:mm:ss)Thank you for your help!!

A:Calculating working time between 2 date/time stamps in Excel

It's a rather lengthy formula and needs explanation, so see here: you have further questions, please ask.MIKE
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Hi there,

This is my new laptop. I got it just one week. However, USB 3.0 port is very weird. It always stop working when i used it for several hours. I try to update the driver, but i still seems not working.

are there any other solutions?

A:Satellite R830 - USB3.0 port stop working after long time usage

> It always stop working when i used it for several hours.
How do you know this? Is some external device connected and you use it several hours for data transfer or something similar?
And after notebook restart everything is OK again?
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Right now i have integrated graphics from ATI. Now that was fine for older games but it just isnt cutting it for counter-strike and F.E.A.R. I have a Pci-express slot and my budget is around 100 bucks. Also, does my integrated graphics being ATi mean that i can only upgrade to an ATI based card? or can i get nvidia? thanks for the help...

A:time for a video card upgrade...

Do you know if you have a pci-e x1 or a pci-e x 16 slot? X16 is used for graphics and x1 is used for add in cards, but some systems only have x1 slots, and can't have upgraded graphics. Assuming you do have a x16 slot, a nvidia 6600, or ati x800gt or x1300pro, should all suit you pretty well.
You can use ati or nvidia cards.
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My video card is a Chaintech 6600GT PCI-Express OCed from 500MHz core clock frequency to 540MHz and 1.00GHz memory clock frequency to 1.08GHz. This overclocking is stable, I don't get artifacts, crashes or anything wrong. There's an option in the clock settings section called "Apply thses settings at startup" and I wonder if I should enable it. The point is that I don't play that much... often I use my computer only to go on internet or to work. Should I let my clock settings a stock speed and OC my video card only when I'm about to play a game so my video card will live longer (not sure about that) or does changing the clocks speed often can lower my video card longevity even more?

Sorry for my poor english...

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Hello everybody Last night Time Card Sound Problem...BIG I was doing a HUGE event on my internet radio stations welcoming my nd and newest station and it was simulcast on both stations I had another DJ from somewhere else in the world broadcasting which was linked to my main mixing console from another computer I use only for that purpose Then the output of my mixing console goes into the Line Input of the computer that runs Sound Card Problem...BIG Time special DJ software with my Sound Blaster Augidy Platinum card This method has worked for me for years but ever since I got my Augidy Platinum wierd things have been happening whenever I try Sound Card Problem...BIG Time to broadcast I notice if I have yahoo messenger open when I open up the DJ software the line input Sound Card Problem...BIG Time signal is totally choppy and unrecognizable Then sometimes it sounds like a chipmunk with a very elevated pitch So back to me explaining the issue Last night I left the stream on my brand new station because the DJ wanted to go all night It was all going well for the - minutes I was relaxing to a little television reading but then this morning when I head into the studio I hear dead air I assume he disconnected his server and I lost his feed which happened but what also happened was the real fast tempo pitch thing that this Audigy Platinum does I try to put on a record to fill some space and all I hear when monitoring the LIVE AIR feed from the line out on the computer is the fast chipmunk sounding version of what I was playing no pitch settings were incorrect because it was locked on my turntables So my question here is if anyone has any ideas why all this is happening with my SB Audigy Platinum I know installing it was a real pain in the neck took many calls to Creative and then they finally said install DirectX but that was BETA then I think My DirectX Version is If I think of anything else I ll edit it in because i m not totally awake yet -Mark nbsp

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Okay this is what happend i was playin call of duty it workd fine i installed area to card HELP time problem PLEASE Big video test for a friend Big time video card problem PLEASE HELP cuz he wanted to know if the graphics look better on my comp cuz i have a gt when i started playin the game the graphics looked kinda week and the game was acting kind of funny the gun was twiching when i looked around closed out area and uninstalled it cuz its a crap game I went to go play call of duty and Big time video card problem PLEASE HELP noticed i can see a butch of jaggyz i couldnt see before because i can run the game on maximum detail So i check the Setting all the setting Are correct So i Try counter strike source world of warcraft and Fear It was worse and worse By going to fear i was able to tell a little bit more of what was goin on Thier was no detail the shadows were blocky it was basicaly like i have everything on very low when realy i had every thing on high and everything looked muddy So I started trubleshooting what i thought could be the problems this is what i ve done so far and nothing has fixed the problem I ve completely reinstalled my video card took it out and everything ive updated the Video card Drivers I Checked my monitor I checked my Video settings I ve tryed changing lots of Setting in the Video card options all it does is basically try to cover up the problem still jaggys and can still tell it doesnt have as much detail as it should I completely removed all the area files I Reinstalled Direct X just to make sure not sure if it automatically activates tho I System restored to the day before And Thats basically all i can think of to do IF some one can Tell me what to do i was be Ever so greatful I really enjoyed my video card but ive only got to enjoy it for like weeks not ready for it to crap out on me i know the game must have messed with some kind of other files and screwed with my comp Only other thing i can think of is that windows updates installed also but im almost sure that had nothin to do with it nbsp

A:Big time video card problem PLEASE HELP

seems like you at a loose end...there i would give up put fresh install in.
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I'd like some opinions on when to upgrade video cards. I have a Leadtek Ti500 and thought I had a keeper for at least a year but it seems the Geforce4 has really passed the Ti500 by. I'd have no problem with an upgrade now but talk has it that bigger and better is coming in the fall and I don't want to upgrade every 6 months. Any input would be welcome.

A:Correct time for vid card upgrade?

well, i would start off by reading this thread:

then you really have to think about spending 400.00 on something that will be replaced in September. I think your card is fine and unless you want to run your games in 4X AA at 1280x1024 all day long I wouldnt upgrade to the GF4.

I have a regular GF3 and I think Im going to wait till the fall when the updated version of the GF4 comes out. I really want a Geforce card that makes use of 3DFX's Anti Aliasing technology.
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I believe that answer is no but I d like to confirm w the experts If I have a destop or laptop for that matter connected to the Internet via Comcast cable modem can and using card at time cable internet same air I plug in a Sprint usb Air Card and switch my access to the Internet using the Air Card and possibly toggle back and forth My thought is that any computer can only be assigned one IP address at a time and that I d have to disable my Comcast Network Connection and then run the Sprint connection then disconnect the Sprint Air Card and re-enable the Comcast Network Connection to be able to toggle between the two connections I ve got a couple of clients asking detailed questions about the Air Card which I ve not used before I want to do some testing comparisons to give them detailed answers and toggling back and forth between the connections would save me some time Thanks in advance for your expertise on this nbsp

A:using air card and cable internet at same time

You can have and use multiple connections. The catch is that Windows will choose one of the Default Gateways and use that as THE DEFAULT Gateway; hence your internet access will be through whichever Windows chooses. It will choose the wired connection (in every instance that I've seen so far).

So using the two you've mentioned should mean that your internet tests will be with the cable, and you will need to disable that connection to test the Air Card. Keep a Network Connections window open and the toggling shouldn't be too much effort.
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Well, I have a Radeon 9800 and I love it to death but now since newer games are comming out; is it time to upgrade? And if so im thinking about upgradeing to a X850 Pro 256MB (yes I perfer Ati over Nvidia) Thanks!

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As it says above really, i want to upgrade my graphics card so that games dont crash. I get a message something a long the lines of 'display driver has stopped responding and has been successfully recovered'. Cheers
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Okay I m really depending missing card, Overheating, and adapter graphics graphics not VGA working. on you guys to help me out here So my computer is overheating at temps above C My Nvidia Geforce GT m wont update from the nvidia download page nor from device manager I was just simply updating my drivers from Device Manager when I went Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. to update my VGA Graphics a screen came up and said an error was encountered with Nvidia GeForce GT m Now device manager says VGA Standard graphics adapter cannot start Could this be causing overheating I m also getting strange crashes in League of Legends Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. since this happened where I get a Black Screen and need to hard reboot my Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. computer sometimes after games Anyway its like my Nvidia graphics card is quot missing quot or something P S I also have an under laptop cooling fan Edit Also would restoring to factory settings return my drivers to default again and possibly fix this problem Here are my Computer Specs quot Model Alienware M xR Intel R Core TM i CPU U GHz Installed RAM GB usable Windows bit Display adapters Intel R HD Graphics and Standard VGA graphics adapter nbsp

A:Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working.
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I previously started a thread about this at Determine what happens on start up But that's days ago I apologize if I should NOT start a new thread instead of adding to the old one The issue is that from time to time say at least once an hour or more certain functions on the computer stop I cannot access the Internet I cannot ping I cannot launch a new application If I am already in say Word I can continue to edit Time From Stops Sort Windows Working of Time to that file But of course I cannot print Originally when this started it seemed to last as much as minutes Now it lasts about minute I've tried to write a batch file which will ping Google endlessly and note the times Windows Sort of Stops Working From Time to Time but that didn't work it echoed the time then pinged then echoed the time but the time didn't change echo off set i FOR L i IN DO echo time ping Google echo time Anyway a friend of mine who is in Windows Sort of Stops Working From Time to Time IT Support thinks this is an SMM virus That would be very bad news I think I've run MalwareBytes and Kaspersky and also Combofix and they all report no problems Does anyone have an idea where to go from here As for the ping failure the cable modem appears to continue to work in that my WiFi is not affected by this I am running an app called AirAndroid just started about days ago so well after this problem started And even though just now my session seemed to freeze this app correctly popped up a message it does when I get a text message on my phone So the Internet connection is working and apps can work Just not when they are initiated by user action AM And this morning seems much worse It's happened times at least already The last one at least minutes RON
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I am putting together a new build (first time builder). I purchased MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail. The video card I purchased was SAPPHIRE 100172L Radeon X1550 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail. My question is whether these are compatible? The mother board says NVIDIA and the video card says ATI chipset.

A:New build video card help (1st time builder)?

Not to worry the card is quite compatible!
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I am having some issues cord at ethernet air a Using card the and same time wireless I am new to windows and was very hesistant to switch Work bought me a new computer and i had no choice Here is my setup At work we have multiple laptops running on Verizon Wireless g Air Cards Our printer in plugged into a Netgear VPN Firewall When running XP i was able to be connected to the g Air Card and have the ethernet cord plugged in allowing me to print and scan The g Air Card connects via a quot lan adapter quot With Using a wireless air card and ethernet cord at the same time Windows I can no longer do this When i am connect via the air card i have no issues as soon as I plug in the ethernet cord i dont have any internet connection It says it is connected but I cannot visit any websites As soon as I unplug the ethernet cord everything works fine Does anyone know of a fix to this problem I am sorry if there is already an answer for this somewhere else but I couldn't find it in the forums Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer

A:Using a wireless air card and ethernet cord at the same time

You will need to edit your routing tables in windows to tell it to route internet traffic over the wimax.

You might also be able to set the metrics for the cards setting the wimax card to 1 and the others to 9999. This may work but it most likely will be flakey.
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Hi there,

For some reason I am asked to re-install my wireless LAN card drivers every time I restart window. This is very irritating and I am not sure if there is some setting which I need to enable for the driver to remain stored every time I restart.

Thanks in advance
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I'm running my sound through a Line 6 KB37 interface and out through some studio monitors. However yesterday after having Spotify on from 30 - 60mins the sound stopped, Spotify crashed, i tried to restart and explorer.exe couldn't shutdown because it was stuck trying to play the logoff sound. I force restarted it and it turned into a BSOD. Today the same thing has happened after about 30mins of watching a film. The sound stopped and media player crashed. I tried to watch a youtube video after this and it wouldn't buffer it and crashed my browser. I checked my device manager and it said all my sound devices were working properly. Any ideas?

A:Sound Card Seems to Shut Off After a Certain Amount of Time

I doubt that it's the sound that is causing it. There is some other system problems.

(I have a studio currently with Sonar X1 but I recently installed PT MP9 and will be moving to Pro Tools later).
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Hello! I am looking to put in a card that will allow me the use of USB.

I KNOW the card pictured here

will fit perfectly because it matches my other cards.
But I'd prefer to buy from US seller so that it will arrive sooner rather than 10-20 weeks (yes, exaggeration).

Will THIS card work?

It has a different looking slot but both cards say pci and maybe it will still fit.

Thank you!

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my slim pc only allows half-height video cards..
Would it be bad if i just kinda.. deliberately broke off part of the case so that i could shove a full sized in it?
i know i can just buy a new case, but if this is ok to do.. i'd rather do it instead :slurp:

A:Is it bad to leave a video card half-exposed all the time?

I wouldn't. If you accidentally brushed up against it or something it could give you nice jolt I suppose. Its just not a good idea all around.
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I have a HT Omega Claro sound card that I've been having problems with. One issue that I have is after I uninstall the driver and try to reinstall it. It takes several attempts to install successfully.

Does this mean that the sound card is fualty? I'm not sure exactly how a driver works but i'm thinking it would try to comunicate with the hardware it's intended for and if there is a problem with the hardware that might cause the driver to have a dificult time installing.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Sound Card Driver Has a Dificult Time Installing

I have an HT Omega Striker 7.1 sound card.

But regardless of the brand of sound card, if you uninstall a driver (actually a driver or program for anything) you need to restart the PC before reinstalling. If you don't restart before reinstalling, results can be iffy (and if there was a problem, the problem may still be there).

If you are having problems with the HT sound card, contact their support. I've had good response from them.
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I have a toshiba satelite 205 that has a SD slot. When I insert the card to transfer files I get the error: Semaphore time period has expired......
I read somewhere that if you lock the card that you can view the files, but you still cannot write to or from the disk. Does anyone know of a fix for this? Please help, I really need to use this disk.

A:sd card gets semaphore time period expired error

Hi Ishead!!

I went to toshiba's website and it gives instructions on how to use the card reader properly. I am wondering has the card reader ever worked for you before? How old is the laptop? Maybe it's under warrenty? Need some info to help you out. Thanks

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Hi, I have a EVGA e-GeForce 7600GT 256 MB PCIe Video Card which supports the SLI technology allowing me to link up 2 or more graphics cards for greater performance. Now this card has DDR3 memory. I wanted to know if I can link it up with a DDR2 memory graphics card which also supports SLI. If I can, how will this difference affect performance?

A:Linking a DDR2 memory graphics card with DDR3 SLI graphics card?

Now this card has DDR3 memoryClick to expand...

Which card?? "A card with DDR3 memory", or "A thingy with a red switch on it" tell us just as much.
But if it's not another 7600 GT you're trying to SLi, just forget it, especially if you're going to buy the other card.
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I use QuattroPro 9 for spreadsheets. From time to time, it stops working and I have to reinstall the programme before I can use it again, and then it works for some more time. I usually use Vista Home premium, but a similar situations arises on a computer with XP (Home edition). This only happens with QuattroPro and not with WordPerfect which I use for word processing (rather than MS word).

Any help will be very much appreciated. I have tried the compatability option for the programme, but this does not help.

A:Solved: QuattroPro 9 not working from time to time

This happened again now. The message that I get is the following:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: qpw.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 39bcabe8
Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
Fault Module Timestamp: 49e037dd
Exception Code: e06d7363
Exception Offset: 0003fbae
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 3d7d
Additional Information 2: 2965d1e1e676236b4f1733c4410e3d39
Additional Information 3: 4b42
Additional Information 4: bb29aab62cb483a879bc3ce39e212ebf
Thank you for your help.
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I have dual booted windows 7 on pre-installed windows 8.1

but when I updated the video card it shows Bsod everytime I boot to windows 7 but windows 8.1 is fine

I have dual booted using WinNT setup ( I don't use\have any DVD or USB )

A:updated video card it shows Bsod every time I boot

What do you mean by "updated"? Do you mean updated drivers or new video card?

Can you boot into safe mode on 7? Also did you uninstall old graphics card before putting new one in?
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A Puzzle for you Hardware Gurus First I will list my original drive setup IDE Master HDD boot promise Sloow card installation after time [Solved] Slave HDD IDE Master CD-ROM Slave CD-RW A friend sent me an old Promise card I installed it along with the drivers then rearranged my drives this way IDE Master HDD IDE Master HDD [Solved] Sloow boot time after promise card installation Promise IDE Master CD-RW Slave CD-ROM Now when I boot it takes a very long time for IDE detection then it goes through a very long Promise detection which informs me the promise is not loaded [Solved] Sloow boot time after promise card installation because there were no drives detected When the system finally boots all drives [Solved] Sloow boot time after promise card installation are detected and function normally I timed it and IDE detection takes secs and Promise detection takes secs Question Do Promise setups normally act that way or have I set it up wrong I wanted to set up the drives that way to have the two HDDs are separate IDE channels so that they would run faster If you see a flaw in my reasoning or setup please advise nbsp

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Hi I have at the moment desktop-pc laptop and wireless printer running in a homegroup network via wlan IPV is set + Filetransfer via + at LAN I-NET Time and LAN the same WLAN to auto on the pc's and the ip's are reserved via mac-adresses in the wlan-router inbuild switch modem voip Everything is working fine I can't connect the computers via LAN to the router because the router is sitting in the kitchen and the computers are in different rooms over two WLAN + LAN + I-NET at the same Time and Filetransfer via LAN floors To get better speed for moving files over the network without disconnecting the i-net via wlan I bought a switch Now I tried to connect parallel to the running WLAN + LAN + I-NET at the same Time and Filetransfer via LAN wlan-homegroup-network-inet-connection for the beginning two of this computers via network-cards over a switch but I was not lucky My research brought me not really clear answers Some people say that's not possible to run wlan lan at the same time other people like a guy out of my pc store are saying that it's possible It should be possible to run the homegroup via IPV over wlan router inet and the second network via IPV over lan switch First problem is that I have no knowledge about the config via IPV and I have the additional problem that the lan get's always setup as a public network and not as another homenetwork Is here someone who could tell me step by step how to setup the second network via IPV switch and how to send the files I want to move only over the lan-connection lan-network but the wlan inet has to be still aktive and I don't want can't install a server The lan-network doesn't need inet-access EDIT ------ ok I am a little bit further up LAN WLAN are both aktiv and I-Net over WLAN is working too LAN x WLAN x Homegroup is aktiv and working all the shared folders files are still aktiv if I run LAN only LAN get's still recognized as a quot unindentified Network quot even if I run LAN only LAN get's set to quot public network quot and if I change it to quot home network quot LAN only it get's automatically changed back to quot public network quot after a computer restart if LAN WLAN is aktiv and I try to move files between the computers it will be allways used the WLAN only is there a way to tell windows- -ultimate-x x to use LAN only to move files between the computers Cheers

A:WLAN + LAN + I-NET at the same Time and Filetransfer via LAN

... I changed the metric of the LAN-Adapter from "auto" to "1" and the metric of the WLAN-Adapter from "auto" to "254" and now it's working fine ... :-)

... I had never to change this in a double-LAN-network under XP ...

Best Regards
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I m in uni accomodation and there s one network slot in the room which connects me up to the building s network and the time in and same vista at the LAN WLAN internet LAN and WLAN at the same time in vista I m not joining a network here just popping in the cable and I have internet Now this PC which is connected to the network is effectively my TV but I thought it d also be clever to use it as a router and create an ad-hoc network to share it with my mac laptop My PC running vista has the lan network and the wireless card these are both bridged Then it connects to an-hoc wireless network which my laptop can see and that s all successful My macbook then gets the internet so clearly that s working successfully However the PC then disconnects and lists the network as local only although it still passes through the internet connection to the mac and the internet no longer works on the PC What I want is this solution but with the internet on the PC working and despite having a local connection between the two it to remained connected to the internet I guess it must be if it is passing the connection but why does the internet not remain And as a final aside when I set a wpa- personal password for the ad-hoc network the only option available and try to connect the mac it always says invalid password Thanks in advance for your help ed nbsp
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Hi i have Win XP SP 2 with following config:

866 mhz
D815 Dual Bios
Creative Sound Blaster PCI
EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI Compatable For PC MAnagement

The Problem is when i start my pc most of the time Lan And Sound drivers stop working i try to uninstall and re-install them but no luck... after shutting down my pc for atleast 2 to 3 hours they both start working again please i am sick and tired of this how do i solve this problem and make both of them work regularly...

i need a prof help

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My built in card reader has stopped working The Laptop use to be Vista home start x I had it upgraded to Windows Ultm x The Laptop is an Acer Asprie z Ok the problem is I have re install the drivers it works but for only gb Card the other cards Card stop Reader working will not work Also if I take the working card out the card reader says the card is still in Also if I pop in a diffirent card It acts like Card Reader stop working the st card is still in It worked fine till I went to reformat Card Reader stop working of my cards and something went wrong Can some one please help me get this fix I start school next week Card Reader stop working and some of my class are Online and I have to have the card reader working so I keep my home work and everthing on the cards one more thing it use to say secure digital storage device or Removable Disk E now it says SD MMC I was told on another site that doing a system restore would help me is this true

A:Card Reader stop working

Hello jawsisra. Welcome to the forum.

If the device was working fine and then *something happened* and then it's not working fine then a System Restore could very well correct the issue.
That is if the issue is OS/Software related. Choose a date from before *something happened*.

It would help to know what happened. The window disappeared? The computer shut down? Sparks and Smoke? This information is helpful for us to determine if this could be a hardware or a software issue so we are not running in circles!
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I installed an AMD Radeon HD 6450 today and when i booted my computer up my sreen was blue from the getgo. When I tried to install a driver for the new graphics card, it didnt detect the program or OS or the graphics card. The imbedded graphics card also isnt disabled. The catalyst AMD driver program doesnt install also for some reason. Nothing is going my way.
UPDATE: The blue screen issue was resolved, but the rest of the problem still applies.

A:Graphics card not working

Welcome to the forums.

Do you see anything on the screen at all? Like the bootup logos or anything?

You'll probably have to turn off the integrated graphics before you can use the 6450 graphics card, or install the drivers.

A little more detail in your system specs would help, too. Like the model of your motherboard/processor. It will make helping you a lot easier.
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Hi im new to the site.

I have just got a EVGA 660GTX 2GB TI Card. I have tried to install the card but nothing came up on the screen.
I also got a 600 watt PSU to run the card because my computer has got the MSI GT630 4GB card working on a 300 watt PSU.

Any help would be great to get this working because i got the card for the new Ryse Son Of Rome & the GT630 card is very slow motion running game.


A:New Graphics card not working..?

First thing to do in cases like this is make sure the card is fully into the PCIe slot and that you have all the necessary cables connected. I'm not sure if the 660 needs 1 or 2 AUX power cables, but those are an easy thing to overlook if you're new to the process. Do you see any activity from the fans, does your computer beep or make any other signs of booting up? Are you trying to use any kind of DVI->VGA adapter? We need some details about what you've done and tried so far.
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Hello i have recently purchased a Nvidia GeForce GS MB AGP x for my Desktop PC Packard Bell I-Media i have tried to install the graphics card to the computer but so far unsuccesfully i followed the instructions in the manual and disabled my Intergrated Graphics first and then powered down the computer i removed the side panel and inserted the Graphics card into the Graphics New not card working AGP slot i connected the power cable to the card and my monitor to the back of the card When i powered up my computer all of the lights come on New Graphics card not working but the screen says no signal and if i change the screen back to the intergrated port it does the same thing unless i physically remove the graphics card from the cmputer it doesnt work Also when the card is inserted into the slot the fan above the processor spins quickly at start up and then just stops all together but the fan on the graphics card keeps going Here is a link to the tech spec for my PC http support packardbell com uk item m home amp sn Any Ideas on how to solve this Thanks in Advance nbsp
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I just bought a GeForce 8400GS yesterday but after slotting in the card, my monitor won't display anything! I've made sure to connect the monitor cable into the VGA slot, as well as ensuring the card properly fitted. The power LED on my PC lights up (non-blinking) but that's about it. I'm guessing there isn't enough power with my standard power supply unit (230 VAC) but I could be wrong, so before buying a new PSU I might as well ask for opinions.

The motherboard I'm using is ASUS P5GZ-MX, and this VGA card is the only modification so far. Also, according to the ASUS site, there are 2 PCI slots, 1 PCI-E x1 slot, and 1 PCI-E x16 slot. I only see two PCI slots and a black slot, which PCI-E is the black slot and where is the other one suppose to be?

A:New graphics card not working?


I am having similar problem with a new machine build, and am also using EN 8400GS on ASUS P5LD2 SE MB.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I just brought an old Zotac G210 from my friend to try it out.

I don't have graphics card in my PC.
There is an onboard which is ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series.

Now when I connected my GPU and connected it with The VGA cable the screen is blank.

Nothing Happens. Everything is working fine but no screen.Even when I connect the VGA into the motherboard slot.

But When i remove the Card, everything works fine.

A:Graphics Card not Working...

I suppose the card could have a resource conflict causing the on-board graphics to fail.
But fist I would go into BIOS and check the settings for your graphics. Most systems I've seen have a setting to use "first", either on-board or PCI graphics. Some have a setting to automatically look for discrete graphics card and use that if found, also there may be a setting to use both (such as hyper-SLI).
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Good afternoon.HP notebook 4730s OS is win 7,two videokarty Intel hd3000 and AMD 7470m,AMD does not work the reason I don't immediately noticed after the installation of the wood reload icon appears Windows and then black screen with a blinking space.the sunset through the safe demolition of the wood all the rules raboaet for Intel.tell me what's the problem? Through the task Manager sees the card,can be burned chip?Or BIOS could be the problem?
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A couple of days ago my graphics card was not working. card is Graphics not working - it had alternating fan speeds when I started my computer it would be really loud for a couple of seconds then would sound normal and repeat No display would come up on screen I finally fixed it by giving it a clean and adding an extra screw connecting to the casing for support I ve been having issues with my memory for awhile so under a friends advice I installed MSI Graphics card is not working. Afterburner and all I did with that was adjust the fan speed from to I also installed AMD Catalyst Control Center in case my drivers were outdated That was two days ago now today after shutting my computer off properly and leaving it for about hours when I turned it on my graphics card is making a loud noise constantly Now I m currently using the motherboard s VGA and that is working Also AMD Catalyst Control Center is now coming up with this error http puu sh chllF d d cd f png What I ve done to try and solve it - Cleaned my graphics card and motherboard again - Plugged in a different cable into the graphics card - Uninstalled MSI Afterburner - Tried to do a Windows Restore BUT knowing my luck I have no restore points to go back to - Left my computer for about another hours Specs Graphics Card Asus HD PSU XFX Pro w OS Windows Motherboard ASUS m a l-m Any help would be brilliant thanks nbsp

A:Graphics card is not working.

I would guess that you have a hardware problem, possibly a faulty / failed graphics card. Its quite possible that the clean up etc that you originally did was nothing more than coincedence that it 'fixed' the original problem.

Installing MSI Afterburner and adjusting the fan speed is unlikely to cause a problem as you describe, in my opinion.

The noise from the GPU I assume is a fan, as that should be the only moving mechanical parts that can make a noise? Or is it something else?

You could try going into Safe Mode and totally uninstalling the Cataclyst Control Center and the graphics drivers but I don't think that would make any difference. Do you have access to any other, known working graphics card you can test with? Either from another PC or just borrow one from a friend, all you need to do is install it and power up the system to see if it boost from that card.
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Here is a link to my computer:

Compaq Presario SR5600 Desktop PC series*-* Compaq Presario SR5602FH Desktop PC Product Specifications - c01547875 - HP Business Support Center

This is the graphics card I am trying to get to work

Reviews : ATI Radeon X600 SE 128MB DDR PCI Express (PCIe) DVI Video Card w/TV-Out | Bestselling Video Card

Please help me to get this to work.


A:I need to get this graphics card working! *HELP*

We going to need more info than that, like have you even tried fitting it? What is your problem with it?
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I recently aquired a graphics card from a friend. This particular card is a PNY Geforce 730 GT, I have tried the card in my friends computer and it works no problem, so it's not a dud or damaged in any way.  My issues are..... When the graphics card is installed the computer will not pass the HP splash screen on start up. The keyboard also does not work so there is no way to enter the startup/bios menu. I have checked and the fan is running on the card when I start up the computer. Is there some kind of compatability issue with this particular card and my motherboard?
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I bought a HP p - w Desktop the other day After finding out the quot gb quot video card only had mb of dedicated video memory I bought a VisionTek Radeon HD gb graphics card I installed it and ran the install disk and everything It works but doesn't fit my monitor I am using the HDMI input I have advanced system care on my computer and decided to use it to look at my system info because the graphics weren't running like they should have According to ASC 's system info tool I have bytes of video memory How can I fix this ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name JORDAN-HP Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model p - w BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Card Graphics not working. Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card Graphics Card not working. name VisionTek Radeon HD Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI display adapter x E DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV E amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name HP Series Wide LCD Monitor Monitor Model HP Monitor Id HWP A Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HDMI Driver Name aticfx dll aticfx dll aticfx dll aticfx aticfx aticfx atiumd dll atidxx dll atidxx dll atiumdag atidxx atidxx atiumdva atiumd a cap atitmm dll Driver File Version English Driver Graphics Card not working. Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B EE - BA - CF-C - A BEC C Vendor ID x Device ID x E SubSys ID x Graphics Card not working. Revision ID x Driver Strong Name oem inf ATI Mfg NTamd ati mtag ManhattanP ci ven amp dev e amp subsys Rank Of Driver E Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C Deinterlace Caps E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps C C - FB - F - - BF EE D Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive C DAD-CCBC- B- C - CF F A Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out NV x e Frame... Read more

A:Graphics Card not working.

Niccu32, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Why HDMI and not DVI? HDMI is fine if you're sending audio as well as video, and seeing as that monitor doesn't have speakers,

Product Specifications HP 2311x 23 inch Diagonal LED Monitor - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

It also has a tendency to have scaling issues where DVI usually doesn't. There is also no difference technically between HDMI and DVI as far as video goes. Easiest solution would be to use DVI instead, or you have to start playing around scaling options and possibly custom resolutions to sort it with HDMI.

According to ASC4's system info tool, I have 0 bytes of video memory. How can I fix this?

Other than uninstalling it, ignore it as it is reporting wrong info. You dxdiag log quite clearly shows that there is video memory,

Card name: VisionTek Radeon HD 5450
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Chip type: ATI display adapter (0x68E1)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_68E1&SUBSYS_54501545&REV_00
Display Memory: 1776 MB
Dedicated Memory: 2032 MB
Shared Memory: 3839 MB

The bold part is the memory on the card and the number above and below it are explained here,

Video Memory Virtualization - A Brief Guide
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Evening all,

I got a Radeon HD 3870 x2 last week for 165 from ebuyer and its not giving any output signal to my monitor. The cards DVI and the monitor is VGA but there were adapters provided. I've plugged to two 4 pin power plugs into the card and its starting up as the fan on the card does spin.

I sent the card back and ebayer have just sent the same one back so it must be working.


Asus crosshair mobo
amd 6000+ duel core
2GB crosshair ddr ram
600wat OCZ power supply which cost about 40 so its a good one.

Any ideas?

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I have a HP Pavilion A1410Y, 1.5GB Of Ram, 500W PSU. I just bought a GeForce 210 512MB DDR2, PCI Express. Which only requires 300W PSU Minimum To Run. I Just Changed My Setup To PCI-E. And When My Computer Starts Up, It Shows My Graphics Card Info Then when i get to the next page on starting my computer up, it just stops.
It Gets To This Page And Doesnt Go Any Futher.

A:PCI to PCI-E Graphics Card Is'nt Working

I've replied to your other thread concerning this problem.

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I reinstalled Vista on my laptop, and all my drivers etc. are gone...

I don't know how to reinstall my NVIDIA card and get it working, i scan for software etc. and it only finds some basic VGA thing.

Any help is appreciateD!

A:Graphics Card Not Working?

Go to the web site of the Laptop manufacturer and download the drivers.
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I recently got a new rig my again card can't working get graphics I m giving my brother my old can't get my graphics card working again one VAIO PCV-RS G Ghz G ram P WinXP-pro Not long before getting my new system I upgraded my graphics card from a Radeon x to a newer one that I ve put in my new system I had a system crash and had to rebuild my old system and when i did it it was with the new graphics card can't get my graphics card working again now i m trying to get the x card to work in my old system so he can use it for some gaming his ancient laptop can t even run UT when i run my old system it doesn t seem to load the video drivers for either the onboard graphics or the x card i ve tried reinstalling the catalyst program and all of the drivers i can find for the x as well as any video drivers for the onboard but nothing seems to work and i keep getting the error in device manager under multimedia video controller video controller and video controller VGA compatible any ideas jtn nbsp
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I have just recently acquired a new radeon HD 7870 to replace my two old gtx 260's. I have installed the new hardware but the monitors are not picking up a signal and I have been trying for hours to fix the problem and nothing has happened. The graphics card has 6 mini DP outputs but I am using VGA monitors, I have used mini DP to DVI adapters which connects to DVI to VGA them a standard VGA cable to my monitors. (I am using two monitors) I tried my old cards to see if it was a problem with he monitors but they worked fine. Thanks for your time.

A:New graphics card not working

The problem is that displayport is a digital connection and you can't use adapters to go from digital to analogue (VGA). You need to use converters instead.

One thing is that one of the DVI ports on the new card will support VGA via adapter, but it is unlikely that the other will.
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I got a new graphics card put it in my computet and the screen was blank and it started beeping . The graphics card is a evga 2gb ddr3 geforce gt 610. My computer is a hp pavilion 500-217c.
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Will an nvidia gt work on my pc i took it to bestbuy and they said that it wont but i checked the pc spects and card Graphics working!!! not it seems like it will help specs for my pc Specifications The following table provides the specifications for the Gateway GM E desktop computer Feature Specification Processor Intel Core amp Q quad core processor with VT Each core operates at GHz x MB L Graphics card not working!!! cache MHz front side bus Chipset Intel G Memory Installed MB DDR MHz PC - dual channel memory two MB modules Expandable to GB DDR DIMM slots Hard Drive GB RPM SATA II hard drive Support for up to two hard drives Optical Drive DVD RW X multi-format dual layer drive up to GB Write max X DVD R X DVD R DL X DVD-R DL X DVD RW X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X CD-R X CD-RW Read max X DVD-ROM X CD-ROM Supports Labelflash on disc printing req Labelflash media Media Card Reader -in- high speed digital media manager supporting the following Compact Flash CF I II IBM Microdrive amp MD SmartMedia Card SMC Memory Stick amp MS Memory Stick Duo MS Duo Memory Stick PRO MS PRO Memory Stick PRO Duo MS PRO Duo Secure Digital amp SD Mini Secure Digital MiniSD Multi Media Card MMC RS Multi Media Card RS-MMC need adapter Multi Media Plus Card MMC Plus Multi Media Mobile Card MMC Mobile xD-Picture Card xD Smart copy Integrated IR receiver Video NVIDIA GeForce GT MB video memory DirectX BluRay HD-DVD capable HDCP capable Ports One DVI-I includes DVI-VGA Dongle One HDMI One S-Video Audio Integrated -Channel High Definition Audio Network Support Integrated Intel Mbps Ethernet LAN Modem K ITU V ready Fax Modem Power Supply watt Add-in Card Slots One PCI Express graphics interface Two PCI Express One PCI conventional External Connectors One PS keyboard port One PS mouse port One VGA monitor port Eight USB ports six rear two front Two IEEE a port one rear one front One RJ- Ethernet LAN port Seven audio jacks five rear two front Three front RCA jacks one video two audio One S PDIF optical audio port Drive Bays Five total Two external -inch One external -inch with a docking bay for optional Gateway -inch removable USB hard drive Two internal -inch hard drive Physical Dimensions H W D inches Weight Unpackaged Minimum lbs varies with configuration nbsp

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I just got my ATI X1900 XTX "taken straight off a new system" from eBay today. I installed it and ran a few games, and it seems okay.

However, during bootup (after the windows loading screen but before the select user screen), it always displays a second of graphical corruption. In addition to this, the screen flickers kind of weirdly when opening the ATI Control Center. However none of the games had any problems and neither did windows (except for bootup). Do you think I should return it? I have three days.

A broader question is how can you tell if a new graphics card is working? I mean other than waiting for something obvious to happen. Do you just play a lot of instensive games on it? Is there a better way?

A:How can you tell if your new graphics card is working well?

Not quite enough information. What graphics driver are you using and how did you install it? Did you uninstall the previous graphics driver prior to installing the new one?
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I have installed windows 8 pro with media center-64bit,on my pc . I think my graphics card is not running, none of my games are running,I think my pc is using onboard graphics .
help me frndz,running win 8 on inteldh55pj motherboard,ati Radeon 5770 graphics card

A:Graphics card not working,win 8 pro

Did you install the driver for your 5770 GPU?
AMD Graphics Drivers & Software
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Hi im having this really annoying problem with my ATI radeon HD 4670 G-card. the fan went on it about 3 months ago so i went back to using my stock one. i finally replaced the fan on it with a zalman one. so i uninstalled my drivers for my stock card thats built into my motherboard and then tried to install the ATI radeon card. the thing is it wont display anything. i rebooted it about 6 times and once out of those 6 times it showed the menu where i can acess the bios but then after 2 seconds it stopped displaying. is my ATI Radeon card possibly broken or whats going on, or is there something i have to do in the bios before i install the better card? if someone could please help me with this it would be of huge help.

A:Graphics card not working

Try using integrated graphics if you have them and installing the latest drivers for the card.