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Pavilion dv6 6c50se beats audio, front speakers aren't work...

Q: Pavilion dv6 6c50se beats audio, front speakers aren't work...

hi I own a Pavilion dv6 notebook 6c50se series. I just found that both speakers on the front (marked with BeatsAudio logo on the right one) are not working. I've tried checking with 'HP recovery manager' and also looked for the 'Beats Audio software' and still couldn't find a solution. Kindly help me with this. Thanks & regards Aqui

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Preferred Solution: Pavilion dv6 6c50se beats audio, front speakers aren't work...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Pavilion dv6 6c50se beats audio, front speakers aren't work...

Hello Aqui,

I see that you are having problems with the sound from your HP computer. I have a couple of suggestions that may help with this issue.

Here is a link to some troubleshooting steps for no sound issues. Follow the steps in the link and it may hep with this issue.

How long have you been without sound? Have you made any recent changes to the computer?
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My speakers (the ones in the front that have the Beats logo next to them) recently stopped working. I have audio still but it is playing from inside the computer, not on my speakers. I have a Pavilion dv7 Laptop, i5 Intel Core, Windows 7, PLEASE help. The inside speaker is nothing but muffling.

A:my external speakers aren't working (hp beats audio)- pavili...

Hi, Try reinstalling the IDT sound driver ( which also contains the Beats Audio interface ) using Recovery Manager - see the link below. Regards, DP-K
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Heya I've got an HP dv t- I've a recent clean install on it and I cannot get the speakers to work properly This work speakers get Beats properly. Audio Cannot to particular machine comes with a pair of Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofers which means that it has two run of Cannot get Beats Audio speakers to work properly. the mill laptop speakers and an additional subwoofer for each I have installed the latest Cannot get Beats Audio speakers to work properly. drivers from the manufacturer They actually don't have drivers for Win so I'm using the Win ones The installation runs smoothly and I can see the Beats Audio control panel However only the normal laptop speakers are being driven No sound comes out of the subwoofers After a lot of attempts with the manufacturer's drivers installing with compatibility mode on telling windows to update the drivers from the Cannot get Beats Audio speakers to work properly. device manager and tweaking every possible setting in the sound controls I wound up in this thread I followed the steps essentially replacing the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC that came with the manufacturer's drivers with Win 's generic High Definition Audio Driver Naturally this has removed the Beats Audio control panel since it removed the previous drivers that came with it Win 's generic drivers made the left subwoofer work but it stopped driving all of the right laptop speakers the right subwoofer never actually worked There are sound devices according to the device manager High Definition Audio Device Intel Audio and nVidia Audio These names may not be accurate I have no access to my computer right now I suspect the Intel device manages HDMI audio this might be completely wrong however I've tried installing Win 's generic drivers to check if it had anything to do with the problem to no avail I have not tampered with the nVidia drivers as they didn't seem to be related I'd appreciate anything you can come up with as I am at a loss as to what to try next
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Heya I've got an HP dv t- I've a recent Win clean install on it and I cannot get the speakers to work properly This particular machine comes with a pair of Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofers which means it has two run of the mill laptop speakers and an additional subwoofer under each speaker I have installed the latest drivers from HP's driver page They actually don't have drivers for Win so I'm using the Win ones The installation runs smoothly and I can see the Beats Audio control panel However only the normal laptop speakers are being driven No sound comes with Audio Beats 10 work speakers Cannot to get Windows out of the subwoofers After a lot of Cannot get Beats Audio speakers to work with Windows 10 attempts with HP's drivers installing with compatibility mode on telling windows to update the drivers from the device manager and tweaking every possible setting in the sound controls I wound up in this reddit nbsp thread I followed the steps essentially replacing the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC that came with HP's drivers with Win 's generic High Definition Audio Driver Naturally this has removed the Beats Audio control panel since it removed the previous drivers that came with it There are sound devices according to the device manager High Definition Audio Device Speakers Intel Audio and nVidia Audio These names may not be accurate I have no access to my computer right now I suspect the Intel device manages HDMI audio this may be completely off however I've tried installing Win 's generic drivers to check if it had anything to do with the problem to no avail I have not tampered with the nVidia drivers as they didn't seem to be related Win 's generic drivers made the left subwoofer work but it stopped driving all of the right laptop speakers the right subwoofer never actually worked Balance is Cannot get Beats Audio speakers to work with Windows 10 at for both sides and no sound settings have made a difference The option to have a sound setup is grayed out in the configuration panel and only the traditional two-speaker setup is available Most recently I have installed the Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver as I was indicated lacking this could make Windows not detect all of the connected devices Unfortunately it has not helped I believe the problem lies in the fact that Windows does not detect that there's more than two speakers and it is not powering all of them as a result But I am guessing at this point I'd appreciate anything you can come up with as I am at a loss as to what to try next

A:Cannot get Beats Audio speakers to work with Windows 10

Hi: See if this driver works for you...install and restart the PC. This package contains the driver that enables the IDTHigh-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that arerunning a supported operating system. File name: sp63555.exe And yes, the Intel HD audio is for the HDMI port and not the onboard PC speakers.
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Hello. So, I have installed the Windows 10 recently, and then I downloaded the audio drivers through this page, although only the Windows 7 was present. When I installed the audio drivers (6.10.6292.0 Rev. -- Mar 1, 2016), the audio works fine, but the equalization settings don't have any affect anymore regardless of the setting. How to fix this issue? Is this driver only available for Windows 7? Where can I download the appropriate driver for Windows 10?
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So I'm having a very confusing problem I've tried searching for a solution via google and have not found any real solution Aren't Connected Audio Beats When Headphones They or at least a solution that has worked for me I have an HP Pavilion Dv with Beats Audio Windows Fully Updated Normally I have headphones plugged in while playing my games as to not disturb other people around me but the built-in speakers were sorta still are working In the middle of a game session AVG update popped up and suddenly audio was coming from the speakers instead of the headphones that were plugged in Beats Audio Headphones Connected When They Aren't The only time Beats Audio Headphones Connected When They Aren't this is happening is every time AVG pops up with it's update notification Since yesterday it happened however now even with the headphones unplugged there is NO sound coming from the speakers at all The beats audio control panel is saying headphones are connected when they aren't and all sound is being routed to headphones that aren't even plugged Beats Audio Headphones Connected When They Aren't in When I plug in the headphones the sound is coming threw the headphones perfectly fine For some reason the computer is not recognizing that the headphones are unplugged Now again today the AVG update popped up and sound started playing out of the speakers I immediately unplugged the headphones to allow the sound to continue playing threw the speakers thinking maybe is fixed itself The sound cut in and out a few times and completely went out Again I checked the beats audio and it has said the headphones are connected when I hadn't connected them since the sound started coming out the speakers Steps I've taken I manually updated the driver for my beats audio sound card I've completely uninstalled and deleted the driver for my beats audio sound card to allow windows to use the generic driver to control sound I've ran the sound troubleshooter for playback audio no issues found I've tried disabling the headphones in playback sounds so therefore the audio would be forced to come threw the speakers but it isn't I know the speakers work because I got proof today when sound came blasting out temporarily but as I've stated the computer doesn't recognize that the headphones have been unplugged Any and all help appreciated If I don't answer back today I will be looking for responses tomorrow Thank you everyone

A:Beats Audio Headphones Connected When They Aren't

Try a System Restore back to an available restore date that is before this first happened. See if that corrects it.

Since AVG appears to be the source of the problem, or at least the updater part, disable the update function and see if it makes any difference. Restart the PC after disabling the updater.

Although it is a sound problem, it appears from your description that something other than sound is causing the problem.
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I cannot get beats audio working via front speaker headphone jack following upgrade to windows 10. Can you provide a link to the relevant drivers please? Error Message from windows update : ? IDT - Audio Device - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - Error 0x8007001f

A:Beats Audio not working on front headphone jack

I tried to download drivers from HP but keep finding this message: HP encountered an error while trying to scan your product.Please verify your product is powered on and connected, then try again in a few minutes.Or, view all available drivers for your product below. HP has no problems identifying my PC, details as below: Product name = h9-1335eaProduct Number = C5V41EASerial Number = [Personal Information Removed]
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Front headphone jack is now assigned as a communications device (basically call-center style headphones & mic).  I am unable to use this jack for regular headphones any longer.  I am unable to change the assignment back to simply 'headphones' -- the original setting when the PC was manufactured by HP.  Also, Beats Audio (and its Control Panel) no longer works and HP has no software download for my PC for it ("cannot find .startup file!").  How do I reassign the front 3.5mm headphone jack to be what it used to be and how do I get Beats Audio from HP if their support website doesn't even let me choose the software?
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Front headphone jack is now assigned as a communications device (basically call-center style headphones & mic).  I am unable to use this jack for regular headphones any longer.  I am unable to change the assignment back to simply 'headphones' -- the original setting when the PC was manufactured by HP.  Also, Beats Audio (and its Control Panel) no longer works and HP has no software download for my PC for it ("cannot find .startup file!").  How do I reassign the front 3.5mm headphone jack to be what it used to be and how do I get Beats Audio from HP if their support website doesn't even let me choose the software?

A:Front Headphone Jack Reassigned; Beats Audio No Longer Avail...

Welcome to the HP Support Forums @maadiman70! I understand that you were having an issue getting your headphones to work. I will do my absolute best to help you resolve the problem on your HP Pavilion HPE h8-1300z CTO Desktop PC.  As you know the HP Pavilion HPE h8-1300z CTO Desktop PC software and driver page does not have supported drivers for Windows 10 available.  When did the headphone jack stop working?When did the Beats Audio stop working?Have you tried to do a System Restore back to when they were working?Have you tried using the Windows troubleshooting tool?Have you tried to see if the headphones are recognized by the Desktop? Here is a document called No Sound from the Speakers or Headphones. There are some steps in it that may help you.  The best thing you can do because there are no Windows 10 drivers available for you at this point, is to do your Windows Updates and the HP Support Assistant updates. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. If this reply resolves your issue, please share the good news! Let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button at the bottom of this post. To simply say thanks, please click the Thumbs up below! If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with the results of the troubleshooting and any other information you can provide to help me assist you in a resolution.  Thanks for joining the HP Support Community! Have a great day!
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ok, downloaded wimdows 10... now i have amajor beats audio is completley gone, poof, see ya.. dosent exist in this laptop.. and to make matters even better  according to my sound or volume mixer  my laptop has no speakers what so ever... tried to update  driver for audio  and it is giving me the error there was a problem messege... ready to go back to windows 8.1 and say the heck with this... so any help would be greatly appriciated

A:windows 10 speakers are gone, beats audio is gone

ok .. lol figures it out.. at least gettin sound... device manager  .. sound  and game controllers... idt codec ... right click .. update drivers .. find drivers on my puter manually.. hd  def codec.. update driver ..  as far as beats audio goes.. well its gone... when and how can i get it back....
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HP ENVY 20-d094 TouchSmart Desktop

How can I use 'external speakers' (using the external speaker jack on the back of my touchscreen) ...

AND NOT have it over-ride the BEATS audio.?
Once plugged in , the external speaker are heard BUT the BEATS AUDIO is muted. ! (OFF)

Is there a way to have BOTH speaker 'sets' be heard ??
the Touchscreens Beats Audio & my external Boston Acoustics speakers ?



A:Using Desktop Beats Audio AND External Speakers -Possible?

Connect the speakers, assuming the BA speakers have an analog connection, to the headphone jack instead of the line out. Beats audio should be available on the headphone jack. This doesn't address why Beats audio is not available on the line out jack, unless HP has it set up for the internal speakers only, and you would need to contact HP about that.

As far as both the internal speakers and the external (or headphone), that depends on what options you have for the IDT configuration. Some internal sound systems (such as my RealTek) have options to either have the speakers muted when the headphone is connected or have both the speakers and headphone.
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I updated my HP Pavilion 13-r010dx x2 to windows 10 and now I have basic "Realtek High Definition Audio" which is not what I want.  How to I reinstall Beats Audio software? 

A:How to reinstall BEATS AUDIO SOFTWARE on HP Pavilion 13-r01...

Hi, Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver for Windows 10 from the following link contains Beats Regards.
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I had misplaced the Beats Audio Not Pavilion 1090-se) Working m6 (HP drivers CD which came with my laptop but I didn't realize until I had to do a fresh install of OS I went for it anyways hoping that I'd download the drivers Beats Audio Not Working (HP Pavilion m6 1090-se) off the internet and won't be a problem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The basic issue is HP has not provided drivers for Beats Audio IDT Audio Codec under the Windows section -The one provided under the Windows section is I've downloaded that one and installed it It works fine until I perform a system shutdown everytime I turn on my PC and actually reach the desktop the system stops producing any sounds afterwards I can hear the Windows Startup sound though The one which gets played before reaching the login screen but no sound after I actually log inTo solve this I always have to uninstall everything related to IDT Audio Codec and then sounds get back on but the beats subwoofer located under my laptop stops working The sound is pretty low without the subwoofer so I actually need to install the drivers I've downloaded like ten or so different drivers from the internet tried every single one but encounter the exact same problem every time nbsp I'm using Windows Ultimate bit The exact model of the laptop is HP Pavilion m -se Entertainment Notebook PC Please help me if possible Regards Hannan

A:Beats Audio Not Working (HP Pavilion m6 1090-se)

Hi: See if this driver works... TITLE: IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio DriverVERSION: 6.10.6392.0DESCRIPTION:This package contains the driver that enables the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audioin supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.PURPOSE: RoutineSOFTPAQ FILE NAME: sp56953.exeSOFTPAQ MD5: 94e6b68c40c6fb955d5a3d62a015a2a5SUPERSEDES: NoneEFFECTIVE DATE: May 04, 2012CATEGORY: Driver-AudioSSM SUPPORTED: YesPRODUCT TYPE(S):NotebooksHARDWARE PRODUCT MODEL(S):HP Pavilion m6 Notebook PCOPERATING SYSTEM(S):Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 64 EditionMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Basic 64 EditionMicrosoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 EditionMicrosoft Windows 7 Professional 64 EditionMicrosoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Edition This package contains the driver that enables the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. You may have to reinstall W7 since you have tried so many drivers and the registry may have become corrupted.
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Hello I've got a problem I've bought this laptop less than a year ago and it started having some performance issues For HP Beats 15 Audio performance Pavilion Edition bad example the boot is sluggish when I go to the folder it usually hangs a bit before showing the contents of the folder programs take a few seconds to even start and HP Pavilion 15 Beats Audio Edition bad performance I have very bad performance in games even the not so demanding ones like Minecraft Terraria CSGO Unturned etc I uninstalled all the bloatware but the issue presisted I thought that it could be the system I upgraded it HP Pavilion 15 Beats Audio Edition bad performance from to and I did several system resets and still the same I installed Ubuntu now hoping that it will be better but no it is the same It was overheating a bit and shutting down unexpectedly so I cleaned it with the can of compressed air but it didn't help that much I've got the Please use proper Smart AC adapter message a couple of times but i don't know it nbsp that is the issue I am using the original charger BTW Thanks in advance nbsp P S Sorry if i posted in the wrong section it is my first time I am using this forum nbsp
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i have HP pavilion notebook 15-p-141ne but after windows 10 beats audio is not working i tried to install driver of win 8 but still getting error plz help
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I apologize for being a bit of a newbie on the subject, but I'll try my best to explain. I'm trying to get my Beats Audio to work on Linux.  I found a way that has worked for some people which involves remapping certain audio pins, but I don't know what pins to map to what.  Here are the pins that show up for me: 0x120x130x140x150x160x170x180x190x1a0x1b0x1d0x1e
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Beats Audio for Pavilion dv7-6135dx    please and  card reader driver.  Thanks..

A:Beats Audio Driver for Pavilion dv7-6135dx ?

Hi, If you haven't done so already, first install the Chipset driver on the following link. When this has completed, restart the notebook. Then download and install the following. Regards, DP-K
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So, i have reinstalled my laptop, installed all the driver and etc, sounds had working great, but because i thought "This is beats audio it's a shame if i didn't used it's full potential" i installed the beats driver. At first i didn't notice it, i gone to play Skyrim but the intro sound seems to be a bit odd, then i decided to exit and open the Groove Music and play songs, AND THIS is where i know Something is wrong. I usually play EDM-genre Music, and at the beats drop it seemed odd, the volume is shrinking, but when it's on an slow part it's volume went up again. I Tried using other songs and every song has the same problem, how do i fix this?Information:- i have tried using the fix where you change the frequency of the audio and it did not fix the issue- i'm using Rev.A driver (sp7341)
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HP Pavilion 15 Notebook - Windows 8.1 (64bit)Hi there, I am having trouble removing Beats Audio from my laptop. I do a lot of work recording sound and part of that means I need to have a completely flat frequency response coming out of my laptop. I've tried disabling Beats Audio (unticking the box) but even when it is unticked, the faders for the EQ can still be manipulated and still have an effect on the audio. There is also no option to uninstall Beats in the control panel.P.S - I have tried following similar suggestions to uninstall the IDT driver, but I do not have an IDT driver. My drivers are AMD High Definition Audio Device, Cyberlink WebCam Virtual Driver and Realtek High Definition AudioKind regards,-Martin.

A:HP Pavilion 15 Notebook - Completely remove Beats Audio

Hi @IronhideG    Welcome to the HP Forums!It is a terrific place to find answers.For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide Learn How to Post and More   I understand that you would like to completely remove the Beats Audio.  Would you please try the steps posted by @Great-Deku-Tree remove beats.  Where it refers to IDT drivers your will  substitute AMD as you stated you do not have IDT.  If you this has not resolved the issue, please reply back with the results from your troubleshooting. Good Luck!
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i formatted the Laptop and now my beat audio sound is no where to be found. i have searched online on several occasions yet i cannot find it. i want you to help me retrieve the beats audio drivers for my machine.
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Hiafter reinstalling windows 8.1 ,the speaker sound level isn't loud as before , and beats audio setting disappeared, I guess i need to reinstall the driver. any sugestions ??

A:Pavilion 15-p009ne Notebook PC beats audio driver

Hi, Download and reinstall the Realtek HD Audio software package on the link below - this will also reinstall the Beats gui. Regards, DP-K
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Hi all,

I'd be grateful for any advice to my problem....

Last month I bought a new PC, a Dell XPS 8500 with an Intel Core i7-3770 processor. The PC has onboard audio (Realtek High Definition Audio).

I didn't buy new speakers as I have a perfectly usable set of Creative 6.1 speakers.

My problem is that although my computer plays Windows event sounds through all the speakers, applications such as iTunes only emit sound through the front pair.

I have googled the problem and as a result have configured the Realtek to use 7.1 audio but without the side pair.

Also, I have disabled the Realtek driver and have reloaded by asking Windows to select the best available.

But still the problem persists.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


A:No audio except front speakers (Dell, Realtek Audio)

First, for proper operation you must use the Dell supplied sound driver. Non-Dell will either not work or install or will not work properly, and that includes the basic function Windows installed HD Audio Codec.

6.1 is an oddball speaker configuration for current technology systems, its either 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1.

I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users forum (community) and recall that certain applications will only play audio through "stereo" speakers only. My experience on the Dell forum (I had over 37,000 posts and am still registered) also is the reason I note the Dell supplied sound driver.

You could also post on the Dell community Desktop hardware section and one of the user experts there may have more suggestions.

Desktop - Dell Community
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Hello, I'm new and wondering if i can be helped on this.

I have an audigy sound card with altec lansing 4.1 speakers. I want to listen to music, watch dvds, and all i ever seem to get is sound from the front 2 speakers. I have looked at the creative speaker diagnostic and set it up for 4.1 use and have run a sound test and all speakers work properly! i've then made sure this is synchronised with control panel (quadspeakers). However when playing audio -cd's,other only plays from 2 speakers.

any reasons why? solutions?


A:audio does not play from all speakers, but only front 2.

Stereo encoded audio is intended to only play out of the front channels, no problem there. For multichannel playback you need a multichannel source, e.g. 3D Audio supporting game, multi-channel audio (Certain music formats, not CD) & in the case of DVD your DVD player needs to support 4.1 output.
Beyond that, if sound test works fine there's nothing wrong.
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My front panel speakers(side of the tower case) dont work when i try plug my headphones in. i also have a soundcard which i run my normal speakers with, does this have to do with the problem? any suggestions?

Comp spec.
3.2 pentium 4
1.5 gig ram
5.1 creative
sound card: Cmedia (CMI8738)
gfx: radeon 9600 XT
OS: XP sp2
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I've connected the front audio panel output for my headphones. I know that when doing so the rear speakers should be disabled automatically but in my case they still work. I hear the sound in both the front headphones and the back speakers in the same time. How can I fix the problem so when I plug the headphones in the sound of the speakers is disabled and only is activated after I unplug them?
And also there is an annoying noise from the earphones when I plug them in even when not playing sound. (They're perfectly fine on stereo-systems so It's not a problem of the earphones but rather of the front audio connectors).

* I have an Asus motherboard and I've configured AC'97 pin definition according to my manual.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

A:Speakers still work with front panel

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Well a temp fix is to plug headphones in the back.
There may be a jumper on the Mobo, look in the manual for this.
What model asus?
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hello all found your site looking for help so here goes dell dimension c intel pentium ghz windows xp home gb ram sigma tel high definition audio codec my speakers have stopped working Front Speakers Only Jack In Work from the rear green jack point but they do work fine Speakers Only Work In Front Jack from the front jack point I have used dell pc checker and trouble shooter but no good pc checker did not even pick up any errors I have checked all the properties for crosses or exclamation marks all ok i have uninstalled updated Speakers Only Work In Front Jack re-installed rolled back the drivers for the sigma tel but no go All volume controls and setting are ok remember the speakers and sound are fine when plugged in the front of the pc Speakers Only Work In Front Jack No trauma to the pc so could be software but thought fixing drivers would repair this fault Pc is months old Sound was ok only noticed the fault when son who used to plug headphones in the front jack to override the speakers to listen to music while we watch tv unplugged the headphone speakers from the front jack and the sound never came back on to the speakers Only get sound now when we remove jack from rear and plug it into the front HELP

A:Speakers Only Work In Front Jack

Welcome to BC
The speaker jack in the back is built into the motherboard. The jack in front is connected by wires to the motherboard. Since the front jack works, we can assume the sound card/onboard sound is working and the speakers are OK. I'd probably try to update the audio driver, just to make sure. Either the rear jack is damaged or the front jack could be wearing out (depending how it is internally connected) If you're comfortable in doing it, try disconnecting the front jack and see if the rear works. You might have to move a jumper to do this. I'll have to look at their manual to make sure
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The equalizer in the Beats Audio Control panel does not work. I reinstalled the IDT Audio Driver as many people suggest on this forum, but this did not help. Windows 8.1 x64 Pro, Beats Audio CP version is the following:  Any fresh ideas how to fix that?

A:Beats Audio Equalizer does not work

Did the Beats Contol stop working after an HP or Microsoft Windows update? Use system restore to roll back the system to a date or checkpoint before the update occurred. This will not affect any data(photos, music or documents) on your notebook and is completely reversable.
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Dear all I have been reading s of posts on the net for Channel speakers giving outputs only through the front left and right Sound Speakers Audio Front Channel and Left 5.1 - only from Right speakers Well I am no exception - Connected all the cables correctly to the respective jacks but still - Tried atleast different of HD Audio Drivers including the latest by the onboard device maker VIA - v a as well as the Microsoft generic HD Audio driver Installed Completely wiped Reinstalled all possible combinations but still - Tried adding the Sound Blaster Channel PCI Card SB VX but still - Tweaked all possible 'Playback Devices' options but still - Tried different Channel testing audio files but still But still still my speakers brand new iBall MJ - iBall's latest model doesn't play Channel 5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers Audio Following is my system specifications CPU - Intel Core Duo E GHz Package platform ID - Socket LGA Mainboard Model - P KPL-CM Northbridge - Intel P G G rev A Southbridge - 5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers Intel GB ICH R rev A Onboard Audio - VIA VT B -CH High Definition Audio Memory Type - DDR Memory Size - MBytes OS - Windows Ultimate Bit Though this board supports Channel audio even Channel is not being played when an audio file or video file is played all speakers flare up playing the audio is all speakers this is NOT channel audio this is just 'Speaker Fill' playing the same sound in all the speakers tried disabling 'Speaker Fill' option in the VIA Audio Panel NOTHING WORKS After reading through s of posts on the net about this issue I think I have no other option but to change upgrade my mother board so please advice me Which motherboard that is compatible with my processor will play genuine channel audio when run on Windows Intel lists the following Compatible Chipsets Intel G Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel X Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel X Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Intel P Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel Q Express Chipset Intel G Express Chipset Which among the above will really play GENUINE Channel audio If anyone has other suggestions than changing the motherboard please let me know Awaiting some 'REAL' help Pramod

A:5.1 Channel Audio - Sound only from Front Left and Right Speakers

I assume you are using something like this,

or similar cables to connect from the 6 RCA input jacks on the system to the 3 mini jacks on the computer (one each for the front left/right, sub/center and rear left/right).

Also is the audio you are trying to play stereo or 5.1? If it is only stereo then it requires using speaker fill to get sound from all speakers.
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Hello I'm Artekis A year ago sevenforums helped solved my BSOD problem Now I'm back for help on audio problems I recently noticed that the front not working speakers/cup right sided Jack, Audio Front audio ports of my Windows PC do not work properly I plugged in both speakers and my headset and the right side of the speakers do not work as well as the right side Front Audio Jack, right sided speakers/cup not working of the headset cups The back Front Audio Jack, right sided speakers/cup not working audio ports work perfectly fine for Front Audio Jack, right sided speakers/cup not working both my headset and speakers As a result I can safely say that it's a problem with my front audio ports According to the Sound tab I have VIA HD Audio which is integrated audio on my ASUS motherboard There also seems to be NVIDIA High Definition Audio in the sound controllers section of the device manager According to some people on Sevenforums it's used if you want to use a HDMI cable to connect audio from my PC to the TV Is this correct So what should I do to get my front audio ports to work I will gladly provide any information that can help solve my problem Thanks -Artekis Edit Just a little update but the front audio panel worked perfectly fine from both cups of my headset for a couple of seconds after I restarted my computer But it quickly switched back to the left cup working only However the mic jack in the front doesn't work at all

A:Front Audio Jack, right sided speakers/cup not working

Check the front panel connection on the motherboard. Reseat the connection (unplug and then plug back in).
The front panel headphone jack may have developed a problem, which is not uncommon.
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I?m having a problem with the front panel audio of my new Antec One case. While the headphone jack plays sound fine the problem is that it doesn?t detect when headphones are plugged in and does not mute the rear speakers. Jack Sensing is not working at all and Realtek HD Audio Manger marks both the headphone and mic jack as permanently plugged in.

I?ve tried re-installing the audio drivers many times and can verify that an HD Audio header is plugged into the mobo and not an AC?97.

Anyone else have any ideas what the problem could be? This is a very minor but rather annoying problem. Thanks.

A:Front panel audio jacks not muting speakers

On some systems, The RealTek HD Audio Manager will give you the option of muting the speakers when you plug in a headset or give you the option not to mute the speakers.

Its found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound. I'm not sure how to access this in Win 8 without a Start button. I have an add on program (Start8) that adds the Start Button and Windows 7 look so I can access it on my Win 8 system.
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Model #: H0E11EAHP Pavilion p7-1016ukm Desktop hi i have tried every thing i can think of but cant get beats audio to work after the windows 10 install and i cant find any driver or software updates for this pc model. can anybody help with a solution please

A:beats audio doesnt work on windows 10

Hi: See if this IDT HD driver works.  Install and restart the PC... This package provides the IDT Tempo High Definition Audio Driver for supported desktop models that are running a supported operating system. File name: sp71717.exe
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Laptop Specs- HP Envy 14 TouchsmartProcessor- Intel 4th Gen i5Graphics- NVIDIA GEFORCE Hey there,  I recently updated my laptop to Windows 8.1, and it has been problems galore ever since. Beats Audio has stopped working. Rather, it seems it is always turned on even if I don't want it to be. Using fn+B does not help, neither does enabling or disabling it through the Beats Audio Control Panel. Initially  I could not even check the box under the 'Listening Experience' tab in the control panel; after following the steps from this thread- I can now manage to check or uncheck the option from the control panel but there is NO EFFECT.  This is turning out to be extremely annoying, please help me figure this out.   

View Solution.

A:Beats Audio does not work!!!! Functionality lost fully!!!

Hello piezoelectron


I am sorry that it has taken so long but I think I have the solution for you here. I updated a Notebook here to 8.1 and after several attempts got the same issue you have. To resolve it I simply used the recovery manager to update the HP Quick Launch Software that came on the Notebook. Try following the steps below to see if this resolves your issue.


Step 1. At the Tiles menu type "Recovery"

Step 2. Choose Recovery Manager

Step 3. Drivers and Applications Reinstall

Step 4. Choose HP Quick Launch Software

Step 5. Install

Step 6. Restart your computer


Now this did not bring the Beats Audio Control Panel up for me but it did turn Beats Audio on and off in the Listening Experience which is what I believe you are after.


I would like to once again thank you for posting on the HP Forums and hope this solution resolves your issue. Have a great weekend!
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Good Evening Friends,

I have had this problem for a long while now but essentially I am forced to use a headphone setup for my desktop but would really like to use external speakers instead of this current set up. What is confusing me is that these external speakers worked for a good long while then stopped working suddenly. Furthermore I switched monitors to a HP w2207 and was wondering if that had anything to do with it. I have updated Realtek to the current drivers and the premise remains the same. Any help would be much appreciated.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHZ
RAM: 4.00 GB Ram
System Type: 64 bit Operating system Windows 7

A:Sound Plays in Headphones in front jack but ext speakers do not work

Right click the small speaker in the lower right corner of your task bar. Click Playback devices. Is there a device shown with a green checkmark? Post an image of that window, if you can. (Use Windows Snipping Tool then attach the image using the Paperclip icon in the message text header.)

Forgot to mention: When you plug headphones into the front jack, the default action is to turn off the external speakers so that Windows action is normal.
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Ever since I upgraded my HP Envy Recline 23-m230, when I plug in my subwoofer, the sound goes out completely and I have to restart to get it to work again (without the subwoofer.  When I hit Reset Default Settings in Beats I get the message IDTNGUI.exe has stopped working.  I paid to have HP help with the problem with no resolution.  It is very frustrating!  Anyone?  Thanks.
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Volume on desktop is unstable and will drop to inaudible then back to normal volume sporatically.. Will uninstalling and reinstalling  Beats fix this and how do I do that?

A:beats audio volume unstable Will re-installing beats fix an...

Hi there @exrxfillr, May the Forums be with you!  It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand that your audio volume is fluctuating in playback.   I am happy to help with this. It is possible that installing the audio drivers and/or Beats Audio again could help, but first you can try: 1) Right click on the volume icon Image in the System Tray2) Select "Playback devices"3) Double click on "Speakers"4) Click the Enhancements tab5) Check "Disable all sound effects"6) Click OK Test again and see if there is a change in the sound volume. Otherwise try using this: HP PCs - Using Recovery Manager to Restore Software and Drivers (Windows 8), to reload the audio drivers and the Beats Audio software. Please let me know whether that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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The front audio jacks of my tower won't work. The USB ports are working fine. I opened the casing and re-checked the wiring, and everything is where it should be, but still I don't get a detection from the Realtek software. The back panel works btw.

Could anyone please help with this issue?

A:Front Audio Jacks won't work

Can anybody help?
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Hello everyone I have an hp media center PC m n and I have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows I also installed a new graphics card AMD Radeon HD When I was working on Windows XP audio work front does panel not my front panel audio was working for my headsets and microphone Since I've upgraded my headsets and microphone don't work anymore I tried many different things but didn't work I first checked the connections inside the PC then I upgraded to the last Realtek HD driver I looked in the bios nothing there to be done I don't even have an option for front panel The only option I have is onboard audio- auto enable and disable which only works on enable Then I looked in Realtek audio manager and front panel audio does not work the front panel connectors are greyed out or lighter than all the other connectors When I plug in front panel audio does not work my headsets and microphone nothing happens and speakers still work I checked mark disable back connectors when headsets are plugged in and nothing changes The only change I have is when I check out mute microphone boost I have a squelching sound in my headsets All the forums talk about Bios and front panel enabled and alc which I do not have as an option Please help or I will go crazy after month of reading all forums and trying every possible option that doesn't work

A:front panel audio does not work

Do you have the correct sound driver installed? You need a Vista/Windows 7 driver as the old XP drivers won't work (Vista/Windows 7 handles some of the sound functions differently). You need the HP supplied driver for your PC, if available, as many times non-Vendor drivers either do not work or do not work correctly.

Check with HP for a Vista/Windows 7 sound driver as a first step.
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Ok so I have a Xion Green and Black case, has two Front USB ports(Which were upside down,easily fixed) and a front audio port, a headphone and mic jack. Well it's all plugged in right, but it's 100% not working... any ideas?

A:Front Audio ports won't work...

if you recently made a fresh OS install,

1. install the sound driver (comes with the mainboard CD)
2. go to BIOS & enable your onboard sound.
3. please get a windows update.
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Use Monsoon speakers that came with Micron pc years ago. Still use on Dell laptop (XP)-unbelievable sound.

Got a new Pavilion WIN7 w/Integrated ALC888S-VD audio - music sounds tinny - like an old plastic portable radio; speech is so muffled Netflix, etc. that I can't understand unless I use a headset.

Is it the computer/Win7/sound card that's incompatible? If must get new speakers, please recommend what would have best full range sound with this sound card (which I cannot afford to replace)? Enjoy all music, incl lots of classical. Not a gamer

Many thanks.

A:Monsoon speakers don't work with new Pavilion p6710f

Make sure you have the latest driver with full audio software package from the HP webpage for your model. Play with the settings in the software to see if you can enhance the sound.

In some rare cases with onboard sound chips the actual manufacturer may have better driver or software on their own website.

If not then you may have to add a sound card or take it back for another model with better sound.
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Hi I have just built a computer and the case needs AC 97 audio. The mother board is set to Digital I think. I cant find the option to change this any where in my bios. I have a Gigabyte M61PME-S2.

Any Help on fiixing this would be great

A:Front Audio Port Doesn't Work

Some MB boards u hav to set the jumpers differently to route the
audio to the front ports. Did u chk ur MB manual for this to see ?
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When I setup my older PC for a friend, I noticed that I was missing my motherboard driver disc. The motherboard is an ASUS A8N Premium SLI. The front audio and mic inputs no longer work, but the USB inputs on the front do work.

I checked out this site - - but I don't know which drivers I need to download.

These inputs were working fine for me and I think it's a driver issue. Does anyone know which drivers I need to download to fix this problem?


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i recently put together a new computer and i am having trouble with the audio panels and the audio its self, from either aux cords, headphones and optical audio cables nothing is working. i know the headphones work because i use them when plugged into the monitor its self the mother board wiring is all correct into the hd audio slot and so forth. if anyone can help me please and thankyou

A:Audio from the front and back panels don't work...

Hi, do you still need help with your audio problem?
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I just upgraded from windows XP to Windoes 7 & installed all the latest available motherboard drivers from intel.
Everything is working fine but there is no audio via my front audio jack. Even Realteck Audio Manager is even not recognizing any pluggen in jack in the front audio panel.

Have installed the latest drivers & checked the Realteck Sound Manager settings. There everything is OK but don't know whats wrong.

Will be thankful if any of you genius people give the solution.

Configuration: - Intel P4 C2D Processor
Intel DG33FB Motherboard


A:Front Audio Doesn't work - Windows 7

Use the Windows Update drivers. Don't use the ones from your CD
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I m a bit confused here My mobo is an MSI K N-Ultra Currently the connectors on the motherboard for the front audio panel look like this see attached document jaud jpg Here s a description of each connector from to MIC L Microphone - Left Channel GND Ground MIC R Microphone - Right channel PRESENCE Active low signal-signals BIOS that a High Definition Audio dongle is connected to the analog header PRESENCE when a High Definition Audio dongle is connected LINEout R Analog Port - Right channel MIC JD Jack detection return from front panel microphone JACK Front JD Jack detection sense line from to help getting jacks panel Need audio front work the High Defintiion Audio CODEC jack detection resistor network NC No control you can see from the attached diagram that its empty LINE out L Analog Port - Left channel LINEout JD Jack detection return from front panel JACK However for the wires from my casing all I have are L OUT R OUT L OUT R OUT MIC IN MIC POWER GROUND in total Yes it s not a typo - I have x L OUTs and R OUTs I have no idea what wires to attach to which connectors Need help getting front panel audio jacks to work besides GROUND I ve tried various combinations but I can t get Need help getting front panel audio jacks to work my audio jacks especially the microphone one to work I really need some help here please nbsp

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The Specifications Computer type PC Desktop Computer Manufacturer Model Number Custom Build OS Windows Ultimate x CPU i - K Motherboard X -A Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX x GB DDR Graphics Card s Either GTX STRIX or GT Monitor s Displays BenQ GL H Screen Resolution x Hard Drives A Front Audio Don't Realtek Issues Jacks Work; WD EZRX that is still trying to tell me Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues it has TB of memory Yeah yeah PSU Corsair CS M Internet Speed Optimistic Please tell me Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues if you need anything else on this front The Issue So I'm finally finishing up on installing a load of new components and the last pressing issue seems to be that for some Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues reason my audio jacks do not work Both the front and back ports do not register my headphones or my speakers Neither of these are defective and I've tried them in a friend's laptop to verify this I tried reinstalling both my NVIDIA Audio Drivers as well as the Realtek ones that came with the motherboard NVIDIA reinstalled fine but Realtek comes up with errors during the install such as x FF but 'completes' regardless That is to say when I restart it can be found and uninstalled via Control Panel but it can't be found in device manager I'm pretty sure that's the culpit but I've no idea how to deal with the issue Side Note Due to the issues laid out in this thread I am working on backdated NVIDIA drivers I don't think that's the issue but if they are updating them at least to their latest version might be a bad idea

A:Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues

The audio jacks don't work, obviously because the sound driver is not installing.
Does the Windows installed "High Definition Audio driver" install? (instead of the regular hardware Realtek) If that is not installing there would seem to be a hardware problem or that the sound is disabled in the BIOS.

Another remote possibility is that you are using the HDMI port, which in that case Windows automatically switches to the HDMI for audio. The regular sound should still install, but this is one remote possibility.

The last possibility is a hardware problem on the motherboard.
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For some reason my speakers aren't getting any power from the computer, I tried them with my other computer, they worked fine. Tried the speakers from my other computer on this one, and they didn't work either.

Any idea what's wrong? I'm guessing the connection inside the actualy computer is loose. Is there an easy and quick way to fix this problem? Or is it not even fixable?


A:Speakers getting no power, SPEAKERS AREN'T BROKEN.

Where do your speakers draw power from? Is it from usb, or another connector?
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I am fairly new with W7 so please excuse my inexperience with this.

I have headphones connected to front headphone jack (Dell Inspiron 560 W7 Home 64). I want to have cable connected to rear jack (for speakers in other room). I can't get audio from the rear if anything is connected to the front jack. I do get about one second with the rear pink jack and the yellow jack - but not the green jack - but after one second it stops.

The sound card is RealTek High Definition Audio, driver from 10/09 Vers

Note that when making a similar connection to my XP machine the RealTek card/jacks do play in both front and rear at the same time.

I have attached screenshots of the Control Panel ->RealTek image (annotated with mouseover text) and the Volume->Properties image.

A:Can't get Rear Audio jacks to work While cable connected to front jack

I do a lot of support on the Dell users forum. Dell uses a custom implementation of the RealTek audio, only the Dell RealTek audio drivers will work or work properly. Some models of the RealTek audio chip have the capability to do what you want and some do not, on others it's up to the PC/Motherboard vendor whether to implement certain functions or not. It may be possible but I don't recall seeing any posts on the Dell forum about this particular item.

Usually, the default setup is to mute the rear connected speakers when a headphone (or whatever) is plugged into the front headphone jack.

Here is the Dell on-line manuals for the 560/570 models
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Hey there,

I'm using the onboard sound of my ASUS P7P55D motherboard.
The back audio connectors work fine, but I somehow can't use the front panel that I connected to the mobo (yellow cable).

Is there a trick or any setting to activate it with win7 professional x64?

I also tried changing to AC97 in BIOS, didn't help...


A:Front audio Panel doesn't work (ASUS P7P55D motherboard)

Check which it is that the csae has as they are wired differently between HD Audio and AC97,

It is also possible that that fpaudio block is wired wrong and neither will work. If that is what it is it will take pulling and reseating the various wires in the block; not easy but can be done.
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I have realtek ALC part of gigabyte Z UD h mobo windows ultimate bit Rear jack speakers always work sound always works But after sleep the front panel audio jack does not work ie headphones silent Workaround go to device manager disable realtek high definition audio then enable it then front panel audio jack works properly workaround restart the computer and it works again I tried disabling sleep and using hibernate since I read somewhere that hibernate is like a restart but apparently it is not Using hibernate once it resumes from hibernate front jack still doesnt work just like using sleep mode It sounds like resuming from sleep mode or hibernate mode that windows is failing to reinitialize some of the realtek audio drivers after jack panel front until restart audio mode work doesnt sleep at least those associated with front panel audio jack for headphones So have to restart front panel audio jack doesnt work after sleep mode until restart or disable enable realtek high def audio in device manager I have most recent realtek drivers tried both from realtek and most recent from Gigabyte both have same issue My windows is fully up to date Any other suggestions for a permanent fix Am I right in this is just failure of to reinitialize some drivers

A:front panel audio jack doesnt work after sleep mode until restart

Hi, I believe you are quite right about the driver(s) not reinitializing, it's quite common but failing a driver update I don't know what you can do about it.
Personally I would put a splitter on the audio out line and use that.
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There is no audio on my computer. My speakers worked one minute and then I jsut started my computer and they wouldn't! I don't know if this helps but when I start my iTunes, it tells me, "iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration, Audio/Video playback may not operate properly." And it won't play music or play any other sounds. I went to Cintrol Panel and then the Audio tab, and its says there are no devices detected when I have my speakers plugged in.

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It's a Packard bell computer
Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz

My audio isn't working, I've tried updating drivers and other thing but no luck, I have just bought speakers yesterday and they don't work. Hit a brick wall, help

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Dell Inspirion Windows - bit Intel core i - CPU GHz GB RAM Speakers Logitech S Headphones Skullcandy Uproar Hey all So i ve been fighting with my computer for hours tonight I just cant seem to figure out what is going wrong here I m about to go crazy lol I can t get audio to work at all I m getting no sound coming from my computer Just a few days ago my audio plugged not Says are to get ... work Can't in speakers audio was working perfectly fine I ll give you a list of whats wrong and everything I ve tried I have tried google searching and trying just about everything to no avail Before I tried all of this I did a full factory restore on my computer just to make sure I Can't get audio to work ... Says speakers are not plugged in didn t mess up some settings somewhere or something Which it was restored back to Windows Still nothing had changed when i did a reset I was getting the same error message as before My speaker icon in the bottom right displays a red quot X quot Icon and when I double click the icon is says quot Detecting Problems quot Then pops up with quot The peripheral does not appear to be plugged in Check the connection nbsp Proceed to next step to finish quot I ve included a screenshot below I was told to update all my audio drivers which I went Can't get audio to work ... Says speakers are not plugged in to the dell website and downloaded the RealTek driver specifically for my inspirion installed it then restarted my computer as prompted and it didn t fix it I was then told to uninstall all my audio drivers and restart my Can't get audio to work ... Says speakers are not plugged in computer which I just did I included a screenshot below of what my audio drivers display now Still no sound coming from my computer still the same error message I was then told to press F at start up and check my BIOS to make sure my onboard sound was set to enabled which it is I pressed F to restore all defaults and then proceeded to boot my computer still nothing changed If anyone could help me out with this I would be SO HAPPY Thank you
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Hi there,
I have a small problem, with my dvd speakers. It's all connected with my computer but it seems that all speakers won't work! Just two speakers are playing (with the woofer, three), but the rest 2 won't work! It's freaking me out!

My sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio, the driver is rtkhdaud.sys, working with Windows XP. What shold i do? It's spmething to do with Sound and audio devices (in control panel) or something with Realtek Manger!



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I have an external speaker that for some unknown reason I have to plug it into the headphones external when in work into... I the plug Audio doesn't speakers jack in the front of my desktop pc But when I'm through using it I unplug it so our puppy won't accidentally ruin it while nbsp smashing into it Audio doesn't work when I plug in the external speakers into... while playing with our other dog I don't know if it makes any difference whether I disable the nbsp audio before I unplug it or not I haven't been disabling the audio first But everytime actually only the second time it's happened I plug nbsp the speaker nbsp back in Audio doesn't work when I plug in the external speakers into... I don't get any sound even with turning the audio way up So I've had to access the Sound troubleshooter Then after awhile it works It should always work So this time I disabled Audio doesn't work when I plug in the external speakers into... the audio from the system tray icon and will try plugging the speaker in again and then enabling the audio We'll see will let y'all know what the outcome is and if I need any more help

A:Audio doesn't work when I plug in the external speakers into...

Well, I tried turning it off (the audio), then unplugging the external speaker. Then did more stuff - can't remember what all I did, though . Then, I unplugged it without disabling the audio, and plugging it back it and it works. But if, for some reason, it doesn't work again after awhile I'll try something else and let y'all know (And I'll try to remember what I did. Better yet, I'll try to remember to take screen shots of what I did to make it work ALL the time and EVERY time I plug it back in. Here's hoping!
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msi ms-7548

Motherboard Specifications, MSI MS-7548 (Aspen) | HP? Support

this is a cable i have

plugging in for a test wont short the board?
I am interested if you can have front audio and spdiff output sound.

HP says ---> One 9-pin audio header for headphone-out and microphone-in (yellow, Vista capable, requires matching front audio jack module)

also HP says ---> "Supports one S/PDIF digital connection"
the board has an internal and external spdif, so what is HP saying?

Integrated Realtek ALC888S Audio
*Integrated audio is not available if a sound card is installed.
Audio CODEC: Realtek ALC888S
High Definition 8 channel audio
Supports one S/PDIF digital connection

shows the external spdif #2 rca jack which I use hooked up to a sony receiver.

A:AC 97 front audio cables on this mb front audio? msi ms-7548

An AC97 connection will work in place of an HD Audio connection to the motherboard sound connection. The AC 97 doesn't support some jack sensing that the HD Audio does.

It should work OK to test if you can get front panel audio and S/PDIF at the same time.
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Evening Gang wow havent had to post here for a LONG time I searched and while I found a few instances of very similar nature none of them were ever solved The problem is this my PC s sound was all working fine for me the other night I watched a movie online due to bad sound I had to use the headphones to hear it decently so I did enjoyed the movie but now my Laptop speakers no longer work Did all the usual stuff Hardware manager checked all the levels no mutes turned on nothing This is strange as hell I cannot see the jack going the PC is very mildly used an ACER TravelMate BTW running XP dont HD Realtek Speakers work, Audio ? problem, Heaphones Pro Does anyone have any ideas anything I might try I mean aside form the regular things I would normally do checking all the properties I did update the Realtek HD driver today no help Totally Befuddled Thanks for your time -Mike PS I joined in this site taught me so much about PC maintenance how to solve problems install XP keep XP clean and running fast and on and on Thanks for all the support all you Tech Guys always give it is much appreciated nbsp

A:Realtek Audio HD problem, Heaphones work, Speakers dont ?

Okay not getting any play on this, can anyone suggest where a might get help, is this just the black hole of computer problems, or should I post it in another section. Seemed most likely an OS problem, but perhaps another sectioon might get some results.
Not trying to be pushy, just really enjoyed hearing sound come from my PC.
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An automatic update occured, and a blank box popped up continuously(Titled: C:/swsetup/sp59654/IDTSetup.exe)
I was using my USB headset during that update, then all of a sudden they stop working and only my speakers were working, and no devices were being shown under playback devices nor under recording devices.
I have show disabled/disconnected devices checked.

A:Speakers Work, but it shows "No audio devices are installe

it sounds like a buggy sound driver download from HP , not the first time this has happened.

Try going back to a previous restore point.
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I basically dropped my laptop onthe carpet with the earphones in. Now  the audio jack is pushed inward.  Whats the best way to go about  fixing this issue without me having to take my laptop apart?
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built a new comp klipsch cant work on with hd manager asus realtek get to fully audio speakers 5.1 with the asus p w dh deluxe with its channel or whatever audio capabilities installed the RealTek HD Audio manager but i cant get my cant get klipsch 5.1 speakers to fully work on asus with realtek hd audio manager subwoofer to do anything everything comes down to the front speakers in terms of bass ive tried a number of switches but now im thinking maybe they just wont do the last batch of klipsch i had were thx certified older models of the ones i have now so i figure these are as well but the retarded realtek only does dolby im sure that has nothing to do with it but it wont list on its options as a note i get sound out of my center speaker but again nothign out the subwoofer i have a soundcard a soundblaster from way back in that supports but i figured this would do a better job setup is core duo geil gig asus p w dh deluxe HIS x gto trying to get to xl sata ata and a dying gig trying to get as much stuff out of it as possible before i throw it away dvd burner nbsp

A:cant get klipsch 5.1 speakers to fully work on asus with realtek hd audio manager

I could be way off, but the Realtek audio software usually gangs the sub into the speakers. So, 5.1 = 6 speaker config. 7.1 = 8 speaker config.

Not sure how you have things wired back/panel and in the software, but perhaps trying the 6 speaker setting may fix things.. unless it's for Dolby surround only (which expects your speakers to do the crossover/encoding).
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hello,  I have recently re-installed windows 8.1 after my notebook went blue. However , the audio now is clearly lower than before. I am not sure if i had a beats icon before but now, after looking for it, i clearly don't. And it doesn't pop up in the control panel after i search for it. What i have understood from my humble research that there is no seperate software for beats audio for my model. I have IDT high definition audio installled and up to date. ctrl+fn+b doesn't work .
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So, my speaker drivers are updated and installed. My speakers are plugged in correctly ( I think). If I put the speaker at full blast I can hear the on, but no music or sound. Help please!! I can be reached on AIM at Illidansowner

Or you can just post here

A:Speakers aren't working :(

Two things to try left click on speaker icon in task bar and see if mute is checked for some reason this happens fairly often if it is uncheck it. Did the speakers ever work? Recheck all connections and try a system restore back to when they worked All this is assuming you're using xp.
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Just today, while I was going on YouTube to watch some videos, I turned on my speakers and played the video. For some reason, the sound didn't come out. I turned the speakers on and off, but that didn't work. I unplugged the wire hooking it up to the computer, but that didn't work either.

Please, someone help me fix this problem. I don't want to resort to buying new ones.

A:Speakers aren't working

Why not start with some details about the configuration? Also, did you try plugging earphones in the speaker jack to see if it's the computer or the speakers? I'd do that before I bought new speakers!
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i reinstalled windows xp professional because of viruses. Now for some reason i cannot change my video settings and the display adapters arent showing up in my device manager. there is no display adapter tab. Also i cann ot get my speakers to work. the computer doesnt see that i am connecting speakers in the back of my computer but it does recognize my headset that is pluggged into the front.

A:Speakers aren't working

Did you reinstall all of the motherboard drivers and chipset drivers? These would all have to reinstalled after a fresh reinstallation of windows.
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Hey guys, I have a strange problem, so earlier today i decided to unplug everything from my Laptop and clean my desk, when I plugged everything back in my speakers were no longer being recognized in the tray and only my built in laptop speakers are being recognized.

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I have Logitech Z506 surround sound speakers for my pc. They worked fine until I put together a new build. Now, only my rear speakers put out sound. I've tested them and configured them properly, but still no good. Anybody know a fix?
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I have an ADC (or AOC, can't read the font) monitor with built in speakers. Today, they have suddenly stopped working. I checked all the sound controls, made sure everything was plugged in, and even restarted a few times. I also fiddled around with everything in between.

And yet, I still get no sound. I've learned that while im listening to music, if I turn my monitor off, I can catch a quick millisecond of sound from the speakers. The same also happens if I turn my monitor on, so I'm pretty sure nothing's truly broken. In any case, I'd reaaaally like some help on this problem, pleeease.

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I have the Philips MMS205 which consists of 4 satellite speakers and a subwoofer. My sound card is a Soundblaster Live! X-Gamer. My satellites are properly hooked up to the subwoofer. The line IN on the subwoofer is connected to the line OUT on the computer, and the surround IN is connected to the Rear OUT on the computer. However, the problem is that only ONE of the satelites and the subwoofer are working, the other three satelites are not emitting any sounds. Please reply if you know what is wrong and/or what i can try. Thanks.

A:satellite speakers aren't working

1) Can you try the speakers on another computer? They may be bad.

2) Try the front out to the surround speakers and see if they both work.

This should pin the problem down.

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I purchased a HP refurbished Envy 17-K224NR that has Realtek HD audio in divice manager, but it also has Beats Audio Console, but the console has very little sliders, such as the slider to control bass and voices.  Should I uninstall the realtek drivers and reinstall the BEats Audio Drivers to get the full Beats Audio conTHe system came with WIndows 10 and has sionce been updated with the anniversay update.
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My hp pavilion beats saying enter administrator password? Disabled code is 91c39df9

A:My hp pavilion beats saying enter administrator password? Di...

Hi, Your notebook is producing a hexadecimal halt code which is stored in ram as a 'one off' and will be re-calculated after a reboot.  This indicates you have one of the later AMI bios's and unfortunately none of the current code generators will work for this - surprisingly, you can usually still remove a power on password from the machine by removing the rtc cell ( leave the power board connected ) then hold down the power button for 60 seconds before re-inserting the rtc. The bad news is that the rtc is usually on the 'wrong' side of the system board so will require quite a lot of disassembly . The only other option would be to Contact HP regarding this. Regards, DP-K
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Hello This problem has been plaguing me all afternoon I tried to update my chipset I have an HP No Vista, it aren't plugged says sound in in my speakers as I ve also been having problems with blue-screening related to my Nvidia drivers when I game but that s another story No sound in Vista, it says my speakers aren't plugged in It said quot system not compatible quot and exited out After that I had no sound It says that my speakers aren t plugged in when they are I can t do the fix I found online that involved going into the Realtek HD Audio Manager and disabling something with the front jack because No sound in Vista, it says my speakers aren't plugged in there s no folder to click on in mine Other things I have tried System restore Downloading different codecs Uninstalling reinstalling drivers multiple times Switching jacks And yes I ve made sure nothing is simply muted I ve never upgraded my sound card and I did re-seat my graphics card a few days ago but the sound worked perfectly so I don t think that s it I m not a tech noob but I just can t figure this out Any help would be excellent System specs OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC Benicia MS C R nbsp

A:No sound in Vista, it says my speakers aren't plugged in

What's the model name and model number of your HP?

What's the product number(P/N) that's on the sticker?

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Would anyone know why Windows would be detecting speakers under playback devices when absolutely no speakers are plugged in in? detects aren't that plugged Windows speakers The result is I can not get sound out of any speakers I plug in presumably because Windows is trying to use these phantom nonexistent speakers USB headphones work fine but USB speakers do not Guessing because headphones show up as a different type of device I've tried disconnecting everything from the system not required to boot into Windows so the Windows detects speakers that aren't plugged in? only output Windows detects speakers that aren't plugged in? device is coming Windows detects speakers that aren't plugged in? from my video card to a standard VGA monitor If it provides any additional info I get no audio booting into a Linux Mint live OS either but I didn't do too much troubleshooting when I was in there more just wanted to check and see if it was exclusive to Windows The board is a ASRock Extreme with RealTek audio I've tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and restoring BIOS defaults neither made any difference This seems like the onboard audio card is completely malfunctioning but I hope there is some other explanation Thanks

A:Windows detects speakers that aren't plugged in?

Have they ever worked or did they just stop recently? If they just stopped recently, you might try a System Restore to a date when they were working.
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I'm trying to install the drivers of the HP envy touchsmart audio, that it is a beats audio technology.When I downloaded the file from hp drivers page it gives me this error: the hardware detected is not supported by this idt software package  Can you please send me the proper file? Thanks in advance.

A:Audio Drivers for HP envy beats audio

Dear Customer, Download the IDT Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. When done, hold down the Windows key and press RInto the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the IDT device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall and restart.When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the IDT installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook and let windows fully load. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Hello my friends ! My sister got a new headset,the Medusa NX 5.1 Surround Sound . It wasn't working on her laptop,so as a good brother that I am,I decided to help her. I plugged them in,and they didn't work. I was messing around with the settings in ''Sounds'' and ''Volume Control Center''. They finnaly started working,but my speakers aren't anymore. When I start a song,the bar at the bottom right corner is green,which indicates that it's working,but the sound isn't coming out of the speakers.
Any help would be appreciated.
Cheers,my friends !! )

A:Logitech Speakers Aren't Working After Changing Some Settings !

Have a look at the Playback tab in Sound and see if the speakers are enabled.

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Previously, we could get the sound to work on our Bose speakers for our computer but no sound would come from the TV when we connected it to the PC with and HDMI cable. But now overnight, it's swapped; we can now get sound on the TV when we're using the HDMI cable but no sound is coming through on the speakers when we just want to watch/listen to thing on the PC. 
Any ideas are suggestions are REALLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance!! 
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????? ?????????????  ??????? ?? ???? ???????? Beats audio    ?????????? ??????? Fn +b  ? ???????? ???? ??????? ?????? ???. ??? ???????? ???????? ? ????? HP  after reinstalling Windows I can't enable Beats audio with a combination of keys FN +b and a strange sound of emptiness so to speak. all drivers downloaded from the HP website
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Hello, my name is John and I have a HP notebook that came with Windows 7 installed on it. I got the free windows 10 update they gave a while back. So I decided to update and see how it was. My sound was working and I noticed that the sound sounded different. I found out that my Beats Audio was no longer on the computer. I deleted the driver and restarted the computer but that didnt do anything. I was wondering how to re-install Beats Audio for my compute?

A:beats audio

Hi, John: See if installing this audio driver restores the Beats Audio feature in W10... This package contains the driver that enables the IDTHigh-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that arerunning a supported operating system. File name: sp63555.exe Restart the PC after installing the driver.
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Hello, I was wondering where would I go to reinstall beats audio. After formatting hard drive and doing clean install my speakers are not as loud as they used to be, I have already reinstalled the IDT audio driver but has not helped. Thanks in advance.

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A:Beats Audio

Hi, The product no. is fine  Try the following. First, download and install the Chipset driver on the following link. When the installation has completed, restart the notebook. When windows has reloaded, download and install the IDT HD Audio software package on the link below - this should also reinstall the Beats gui. Again, when the installation has completed, restart the notebook. Regards, DP-K
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So, my Envy has beats audio in it, along with a mixer program. Once I updated to windows 10 however, this program disappeared from my pc entirely, and now my audio doesnt sound normal, and can sometimes cancel out some sounds due to previous music settings i had in the Beats IDT Audio program for music. I'd lke to know how I can get this program back, or if I can find it in my pc.

A:Beats IDT Audio

Hi, Please try the following software and driver: Regards.
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My beats audio has been removed from my pc?is it because im using window 10 how can i reload it?my volume is very low atm


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A:My beats audio is gone

Hi, Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K
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Not sure where to put this one so if a with Hp audio Beats moderator wants to move it feel free to This is for anyone that has any HP laptop with Beats Audio integrated in it I have an HP ENVY dv with Beats Audio Does anyone else with these laptops have anything weird going on with their volume I can play a song at a normal level and then all of a sudden the volume seems Hp with Beats audio to go lower for a minute then comes back up I have played around with the sound settings as well as the Beats Audio control panel It has done this since I got it last year My laptop has the subwoofer in it and I wonder if it has anything to do with it It also does it when I have headphones on so I don t think it s anything with the actual speakers or the subwoofer Nothing critical just annoys me sometimes Thanks in advance Thanks Adam nbsp

A:Hp with Beats audio

Is this the same laptop that you are having trouble with the power adapter? If so, did you do a full purchase from Aarons or on contract? If contract, I would return to Aarons and have them make it right. I have always had good luck with their repair policy.
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Ive recently downgraded my windows 10 to windows 7 professional (64bit) ive had beats audio install ive look throw the website and google i couldnt find it would you please help me?
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Hi, I'm looking for drivers for my beatsaudio on win7 64 bit. My Notebook is HP ENVY Notebook - m7-k211dxTnx

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A:Beats Audio

Hi, Try the following. Download the Realtek Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. When done, hold down the Windows key and press R.  Into the Run box type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. Expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the Realtek device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall. When complete, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the following link. When the chipset reinstallation has completed, shutdown the notebook. Start the notebook and when Windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the Realtek Audio installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook again. Regards, DP-K
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I have a HP envy 15t-j000 PC and recently lost my hard drive and had to install a new one. I wasn't able to use a recovery cd or usb so I took it to Best Buy and had then install windows ten, which I had previously  updated from window 8, and now I don't have my beats audio , the app or any of the settings for it, my computer sounds very low, I can bearly hear. Can someone please help me out?
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Hello,Beats Audio control panel dissappeared from my system. 17-j178ca Thank you for your help.

A:beats audio

Hi, Please try: Regards.
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After the updating i can't find Beats Icon. what happened?
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Have Hp laptop with win7, it came with beats audio installed. I had to have the hard drive replaced
an now I have lost Beats audio. Is there a way to get it back. The so called free down loads add
Things to the computer that you can't get rid of. The shop that replaced the hard drive
Is closed

A:Beats audio

You need to check the HP downloads for your specific model. If nothing is there, contact HP about getting the Beats Audio download.

I'm not familiar with how HP controls added software such as the Beats Audio. Dell has a "my downloads" download page that customers can download the additional software if needed. If you are lucky HP will also have something similar.
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I recently bought HP dv6-6102sa laptop which comes with beats audio. Does anyone know if I have to do some settings to make sound better or it will only work with beats headsets. I've tried normal headsets and I didn't noticed any difference sound quality.

Also in quick guide, it says laptop got 4 speakers but I only notice sound coming out of 2 when I play audio.

Anyone here knows about beats audio who can help will he highly appreciated.


A:Beats Audio

A google search for beats audio should answer your questions. Many think it's just a gimmick.
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I work as a medical transcriber, and I am telling you this is the worst audio I have ever dealt with, I can hardly hear my dictators.   Is there anything I can do to boost the volume?  It is like they are talking from under blankets.  Please do not tell me to go to the "enhancements" tab, as it does not exist on this operating system.  PLEASE HELP!

A:Beats Audio

Hi there @kissme123,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the beat sound. I will be glad to help you. Here are some links to youtube that show how to set the sound.Best Realtek Audio Driver setting (for high quality sound)Beats Audio Settings For Best Bass on Headphones in Hp Laptops Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below! Thanks.
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i have a new custom case and need a diagram or description to help with plugging in the the mic and speakers on the front of the case if anyone can offer some advice im clueless on the matter and would be greatfull


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I have A Creative Inspire 5.1 hooked up to my Realtek sound on board via S/dif digital optical, have tried latest drivers, tried different settings, only 2 spekers work.

A:Sound Only From Front 2 speakers

SOME Integrated Audio systems have a digital output but that output is only two channel stereo. As that is all you are getting it may be your sound is 5.1 surround in analog but not digital.
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I have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS card and AVIA 5.1 surround sound. Ive ran speaker tests to ensure everything is plugged in correctly and all speakers work and are where they should be. The problem is only the front two speakers work unless I run Half-Life 2. Ive tried putting in a DVD and running it on Cyber DVD (with the 6 speaker setting enabled) and that doesnt work. Ive also ensured that my speaker settings are set on 5.1 surround sound. Could somebody please explain how to get my sound to come out of all my 5.1 surround sound. Thanks.

I downloaded a plugin for Winamp that allows it to output 5.1. The only difference this made was that now the center speaker has sound as well as the front. The rear still do not work

A:Only front speakers working on 5.1

what's avia 5.1 surround sound?

what's 1/2 life 2?

what's cyber dvd?

i've got a 5.1 sb live card and run 4.1 klipsch speakers thru the creative software and when i do the test of r front, l front, r rear, l rear they all work properly so it sounds like you have things that aren't needed and are mucking up the works.