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Q: Windows 8.1 Graphics?

Hey, I recently upgraded my computer to windows 8.1 and I'm having issues recently with fuzzy stuff in my screen.
sometimes this would happen when im browsing a forum..
It's not only this forum its every site with colors and this is an image of the place
after I scroll up.

My system properties..
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Preferred Solution: Windows 8.1 Graphics?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I get this error over 8(R) stopped.. Intel for Drivers Windows 10: Graphics driver Display windows HD times a day display driver stopped responding and has recovered Display driver Intel HD Graphics Drivers for windows reg stopped responding and has successfully recovered Usually this happens when using firefox and gives me a black firefox window Usually I can hit F to go full screen and back to restore everything to functioning However sometimes firefox locks up and other times without any error at all my Windows 10: Display driver Intel HD Graphics Drivers for windows 8(R) stopped.. mouse gets slow and then the whole computer locks up requiring a hard reset Windows Home x Acer Aspire VN - G Bios v Core i - HQ GB Ram Intel HD Graphics also Nvidia GeForce GTX M but I don't think it is Windows 10: Display driver Intel HD Graphics Drivers for windows 8(R) stopped.. ever active My laptop is an I updated to windows immediately when purchasing this laptop Apparently Acer has a special intel graphics driver when I tried to update to the newest generic Intel driver I got the message that I have to use the driver Acer customized for my laptop I can't use the OEM I would be grateful for any knowledgeable advice
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Hi I recently installed Windows thanks to these forums over a Windows installation on a new laptop However the system cannot now locate the GTX M graphics card I tried downloading an nvidia driver but that install instructed me to download an intel driver that install cameup with a compatibility error I tried getting Windows card more 7 graphics install over Windows 10 Windows to look for new devices and drivers but it located nothing I am now at a loss Here's a spec I produced when Windows was still installed Windows Windows Version Build Memory RAM MB CPU Info Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz CPU Speed MHz Sound Card Speakers - Realtek High Defin Display Adapters Intel R HD Graphics Intel R HD Graphics Intel R HD Graphics Monitors x Generic PnP Monitor Screen Resolution X - bit Network Network Present Network Adapters Windows 7 install over Windows 10 more graphics card Intel R Dual Band Wireless-AC Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter Killer e Gigabit Ethernet Controller Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network CD DVD Drives x E E HL-DT-STDVDRAM GUB N Ports COM Ports NOT Present LPT Port NOT Present Mouse Button Wheel Mouse Present Hard Disks C GB D GB Hard Disks - Free C GB D GB USB Controllers host controllers Firewire Not Detected Manufacturer American Megatrends Inc Product Make GE QF AC Power Status OnLine BIOS Info Time Zone GMT Standard Time Battery Status Unknown Motherboard Micro-Star International Co Ltd MS- J Host Name MSI SM BIOS E J IMS F Showing my ignorance here but even on that Windows output I don't see the Card even though it is advertised on the box and the apache pro sticker by the keyboard Any ideas Thanks F UPDATE I got a little further by going into Device Manager select Display Adapters right clicking to get properties and then selecting the update driver button This downloaded an updated driver for the built-in intel graphics I think P Now the Nvidia gpu is appearing aswell currently installing driver

A:Windows 7 install over Windows 10 more graphics card

Yep had to have an issue surface

You'll have to search the computer manufactures website using the snid or model... to get drivers for the chip set
Post the exact model but Intel will not be the place to find them.
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Hello I run an ideapad z with Ati Radeon hd series gpu Amd dual-core ghz graphics 8 fixed 7 Windows in problem Windows Strange / in phenom gb ram I play online Gta San Andreas whiich is pretty simple not very gpu intensive everytime I've played on win it lags in a way thats kind of hard to describe Its like jitters in the graphics which makes gameplay very hard because if I'm driving and make a turn when it acts up and glitches then it skips ahead and I end up hitting a tree or something Such a strange problem that I can't pin point in windows I've done updates to DX installed performance updates through win update and optimized the hard drive to its best performance But no luck the system is fast but the game still has problems Which brings me to windows I'll install windows and install the game and boom works perfect So basically I'm stuck with windows I've tried going back to but everytime I do I encounter problems when playing the game Of course it only acts up on the online part not the normal single player mode But for me on my laptop I can feel the difference in performance win is very good and fast So I'm glad windows runs it perfect I just don't understand why a laptop built for windows with a good cpu and gpu can't run an older game smoothly Whatever the inconsistency is in windows its seems like its been addressed and fixed in windows Vista was the same as windows too with poor game performance of gta san andreas online Xp was decent but I can't benifit from DX on Xp Plus Xp dosen't have some advanced features like newer windows does I run the darkness and assassins creed which are DX
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Hi My name is Apoorva I am from India Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for an onboard graphics card and an external graphics card for a Laptop What could be a major difference Also for Onboard graphics it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto MB shared So say for instance if I go between External graphics Graphics Shared) Card Difference (384MB (128/256M & Onboard for an external graphics card for a new Difference between Onboard graphics (384MB Shared) & External Graphics Card (128/256M laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this external graphic card is MB or MB Difference between Onboard graphics (384MB Shared) & External Graphics Card (128/256M and as Onboard graphic card already provides MB shared memory therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing MB deliver better performance as compared to Onbard graphics which sizes MB shared Also how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance mobility amp stability The Laptop which I am looking for falls under series and is a business series laptop Waiting eagerly for a reply Apoorva nbsp
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Hey everyone I m in dire need computer to card up fine graphics Graphics post monitor, my doesn't boots any of some help with my PC The computer turns on fine and boots up can hear the windows start up tune Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine but I can t see anything on the monitor Here s the details I was playing a computer game on friday and during that it crashed I have no idea if this is when things started or not but I restarted and it was fine On sunday I had another crash only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor about inches apart in a perfect pattern When I restarted there were no graphics on the monitor The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode I took the computer apart unplugged everything and put it all back together and for whatever reason it worked fine for about hours The next day I turned the computer on and it loaded fine but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern These were flickering furiosly I tried restarting my computer and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor However the computer booted up fine and I heard the start up tune and minutes later I shut it down by pressing the quot Power Off quot button on my keyboard I tried another monitor and again got nothing I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again only this time it didn t help I ve taken my graphics card out put it back in used both the monitor cable ports left the computer off all night without the power cable in and I can t get anywhere I ve taken my old card GeForce GTX out and borrowed my landlords GTX which is working fine at the moment I would go and buy a new card but I don t want to risk this happening again if I don t know why it s happening Fingers crossed I don t break my landlords graphics card by putting it in my pc I would like to know what s causing this if it is my graphics card or whether my motherboard will just start eating future graphics cards A friend of mine had a scenario not long ago where his motherboard kept breaking his graphics cards some how How would I know it would be safe to splash out on a new card My computer worked fine for years until now I d also like to point out that the fans didn t go into faster mode at any point they all remained pretty calm so I don t think it was overheating My computer s spec is OS Windows XP GPU GeForce gtx DVD Sony DVD-RW Q A Networking Nvidia nForce Networking Controller Processor Intel r Core tm Quad CPU GHz Motherboard nForce i SLI PSU Enermax Galaxy watt Thank you everyone nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.
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OK so admin at warrock said try the forum the forum kept yielding advice that was no help I have tried uninstalling reinstalling downloading setup from different places I have updated my winxp in a futile attempt to get it working but still have problem The one remedy I couldn t try was change compatibility mode to xp but for some reason my xp compatibility options only range to win The open warrock on warrock graphics Black load no Issue sounds but Screen Graphics file works Graphics Issue on warrock Black Screen sounds load but no graphics then the g page comes up and I press the enter Graphics Issue on warrock Black Screen sounds load but no graphics button hackshield starts fine then I get the wallpaper before you get to logon screen with servers at this point ratherthan tabs to choose from I get a black screen I can hear the image maps respond but cant see anything please help ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name BLACK-PC Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer INTEL System Model D GRGK BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab The file vinyl sys is not digitally signed which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft s Windows Hardware Quality Labs WHQL You may be able to get a WHQL logo d driver from the hardware manufacturer Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce MX Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce MX DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Default Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD nv mini sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- - BA C CB Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG B ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D Deinterlace Caps DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech MedianFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech MedianFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech MedianFiltering AA E- - A - C - F FA... Read more
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Does anyone know a good Graphics card for use for medium gaming, but mostly on using Adobe Software, for example, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Please find below link to Upgrade options I'm looking at for my old PC:

Recomended the entry level 6600GT lineup for Gaming

I'll list too, in case break in link:

Processor: Athlon 64 3000
Heatsink and Fan: Original Manufacturer
Memory: 1x 512MB 184 PIN 2.5V 400MHZ
Motherboard: NF4UK8AA-8EKRS
Socket Type: 939
Memory Slots: 4x DDR
Chipset: NVIDIA nForce4 (CK8-04) Ultra
AGP Slots N/A
16x PCI-Express Slots 1
1x PCI-Express Slots 2
PCI Slots: 4
CNR Slots: N/A
Onboard Sound: 7.1 channel AC97 (Realtek)
LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) MAC + PHY (Vitesse)
Onboard Graphics: No
USB Ports: 4
Parallel Ports: 1
Serial Ports: 1
Form Factor: ATX

Look forward to hearing on your advise, Best Regards

A:Whats a Good Graphics card for Gaming and using Adobe Software-Graphics


I've done a lot of research on this because I built a new system back in August. While I am not much of a gamer, I needed a very good NLE machine. However, the card I chose is quite the gamer card but had all the extras I needed to run Adobe Video Collection.

I picked the Connect 3D Radeon X850XT Platinum card from Tigerdirect. At the time it was $350 but I know it's cheaper now. It's got everything you need for a demanding application like Premiere Pro 1.5 and its related software. 256MB of GDDR3 memory and dual DVI outs. I highly recommend this card. I've been using it since the start of September with Adobe and it's great.

Your CPU and memory are a bit more of an important factor with rendering and burning though. My new PC has a 3.4Ghz P4 and 2GB of 533Mhz dual channel RAM. It's an exceptional increase in speed and productivity over my old 2.4Ghz and 512 Rambus.
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Hi I am Techsavy from India Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for Dedicated Between Card Onboard Graphics Graphics a Difference Solved: an onboard graphics card and a dedicated graphics card for a Laptop What could be a major difference Also for Onboard graphics it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto MB shared So say for instance if I go for a dedicated graphics card for a new laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this dedicated graphic card is MB or MB and Onboard graphic card on the other hand provides MB shared memory therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing MB deliver better performance as Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card compared to Onbard graphics which sizes MB shared Also how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance mobility amp stability The Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop which I am looking for Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card falls under series and is a business series laptop Waiting eagerly for a reply Techsavy nbsp

A:Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card
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Hello nbsp Let me start Ha... Driver Unable Compatible To Graphics Nvidia Find Graphics by saying that I'm not all that knowledgable about graphic cards graphic drivers and my current issue nbsp I bought this PC roughly years ago and customized it so it's i - MQ GHz GB DDR TB HDD AND it's suppose to have Gb Nvidia GeForce GT M dedicated graphics I just recently started getting into PC gaming i e Steam Rocket League H Z etc I've only had seldom issues playing rocket league but the problems arose to when nbsp I tried playing H Z It was very Nvidia Graphics Driver Unable To Find Compatible Graphics Ha... slow and my fps weren't high either even on low medium setting nbsp I started doing some research about why that would happen and it has to do with the graphics so I tried checking out the graphics on my PC but all I could find was the intel HD graphics info and control panel Nvidia Graphics Driver Unable To Find Compatible Graphics Ha... I've read information that sometimes there could be two graphics in a PC so it either uses one or the other but I can't seem to detect the nvidia hardware through the driver nor find any control panel It says processor graphics in use is intel HD graphics I believe this laptop would've had the graphics incorporated with the motherboard or something so it would not be replaceable or removeable but I don't seem to have it at all nbsp My PC even has a little Nvidia GeForce sticker logo on it under where the intel inside core i sticker is next to the fingerprint reader nbsp I currently have windows nbsp Does anyone know what the issue is or was I just ripped by HP or something What can I do now nbsp EDIT I would also like to add that sometimes my laptop screen would freeze and blank for a few seconds then a pop up message appears that my graphics stopped working or something and just restored then it's back to normal this would happen sometimes often when doing extensive online games

A:Nvidia Graphics Driver Unable To Find Compatible Graphics Ha...

@Brisk1? This is the Nvidia driver for you laptop. REO
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Okay I m really depending missing card, Overheating, and adapter graphics graphics not VGA working. on you guys to help me out here So my computer is overheating at temps above C My Nvidia Geforce GT m wont update from the nvidia download page nor from device manager I was just simply updating my drivers from Device Manager when I went Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. to update my VGA Graphics a screen came up and said an error was encountered with Nvidia GeForce GT m Now device manager says VGA Standard graphics adapter cannot start Could this be causing overheating I m also getting strange crashes in League of Legends Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. since this happened where I get a Black Screen and need to hard reboot my Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. computer sometimes after games Anyway its like my Nvidia graphics card is quot missing quot or something P S I also have an under laptop cooling fan Edit Also would restoring to factory settings return my drivers to default again and possibly fix this problem Here are my Computer Specs quot Model Alienware M xR Intel R Core TM i CPU U GHz Installed RAM GB usable Windows bit Display adapters Intel R HD Graphics and Standard VGA graphics adapter nbsp

A:Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working.
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Hi all Video card appears to be reaching the end of the road with regular crashes of x type After extensive attempts card Enabling method onboard graphics graphics/Disabling to fix it the conclusion is that the card needs to be replaced I plan to acquire a completely new computer when I go overseas in days time Until then a band-aid solution occurred to me to last this week use the onboard graphics integrated in the motherboard instead of the failing discrete graphics card Some background info Motherboard is GA-G M-ES L Graphics card is nVidia GT Current display interface is DVI connected to graphics card VGA cable available My method is Update motherboard GA-G M-ES L drivers Uninstall discrete graphics card nVidia GT drivers Reboot and access BIOS Via BIOS disable graphics card and enable onboard graphics Save and shutdown Disconnect DVI monitor cable from graphics card also from monitor Connect VGA monitor cable to motherboard also to monitor Boot Enabling onboard graphics/Disabling graphics card method I would lke your opinion on this planned course of action which potentially could be nigh unfixable

A:Enabling onboard graphics/Disabling graphics card method

That is just how you should do that, it's unremarkable.

Should not be a problem at all, it's routine, you could add another card later and be just fine after disabling on-board again.
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I usually make a habit of checking Event Viewer EV on a regular basis having installed new drivers and a new graphics card this morning without a hitch I decided to check EV since this was a rather big change to the system Sure enough there was some new entries However Graphics Event related??) new entries Viewer graphics (NOT Card New when I looked into them they offered little information as to what the problem was When I used the link to see what online information was available the Microsoft site came back New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??) with no information fixes for this problem These errors do not seem to be affecting anything but I just wanted to know how you folks think I should proceed Here are the two errors and what info I could pull from EV Device Center New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??) - - System - Provider Name DeviceCenter - EventID Qualifiers Level Task Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z EventRecordID Channel Application Computer PC Security - EventData Unknown Node text -- gt Second error will be in the next post

A:New Graphics Card new Event Viewer entries (NOT graphics related??)

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\CdRom0.

+ System
- EventData
0E00800001000000000000000B0004C001010000000000000000000008480700000000000000000005B9060000000000FFFF FFFF02000000580000840204000001200612080100000000000004010000000000000000000040538B0A80FAFFFF00000000 0000000010B0830A80FAFFFF000000000000000000000000000000001B000000020000000000000000000000700004000000 000A00000000530000000000000000000000
Binary data:

In Words

0000: 0080000E 00000001 00000000 C004000B
0008: 00000101 00000000 00000000 00074808
0010: 00000000 00000000 0006B905 00000000
0018: FFFFFFFF 00000002 84000058 00000402
0020: 12062001 00000108 00000000 00000104
0028: 00000000 00000000 0A8B5340 FFFFFA80
0030: 00000000 00000000 0A83B010 FFFFFA80
0038: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
0040: 0000001B 00000002 00000000 00000000
0048: 00040070 0A000000 00000000 00000053
0050: 00000000 00000000

In Bytes

0000: 0E 00 80 00 01 00 00 00 ..?.....
0008: 00 00 00 00 0B 00 04 C0 .......?
0010: 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0018: 00 00 00 00 08 48 07 00 .....H..
0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0028: 05 B9 06 00 00 00 00 00 .?......
0030: FF FF FF FF 02 00 00 00 ????....
0038: 58 00 00 84 02 04 00 00 X..?....
0040: 01 20 06 12 08 01 00 00 . ......
0048: 00 00 00 00 04 01 00 00 ........
0050: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0058: 40 53 8B 0A 80 FA FF FF @S?.????
0060: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0068: 10 B0 83 0A 80 FA FF FF .??.????
0070: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0078: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0080: 1B 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 ........
0088: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0090: 70 00 04 00 00 00 00 0A p.......
0098: 00 00 00 00 53 00 00 00 ....S...
00a0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........

I just wanted to add that when I go into Device Manager there is no problem with the CD/DVD. I tried updating the driver through DM and Windows says the driver is up to date. I popped in a CD and it reads and plays no problem.
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I m having a problem others seem to encouter but can t get it resolved I bought a ATI Radeon X Pro MB PCI-E card I have an Emachine T computer with built in ati xpress Specs found herehttp www emachines com support product support html cat desktop amp subcat T-Series amp model T My problem graphics on new installing card Emachine/onboard-graphics Problem is after installing the card my computer doesn t recognize the hardware As soon as I put Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics the card in my monitor will not work The computer boots up and the monitor has power but no picture The card fan is working i can hear it Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics I take the card out and it works fine Here is what I have tried -Called emachines for support and after disabling my onboard graphics still doesn t work they say call ATI -Tried support from ATI no help they say its the computer -Tried disabling in BIOS but it doesn t offer a selection for that It also does t have a PNP feature Only first initial display which I tried on PCIEX -Plug Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics monitor to both card and onboard -Check MSI website and I do have updated BIOS I can tell that the onboard graphics are disabled due to large scale print I tried uninstalling the drivers but when i turn it on it detects and installs the built in graphics I just can t get the monitor to work whenever the card is inserted If it would work I could manually install the hardware and drivers I m thinking I need a different BIOS that would let me use PNP and disable onboard graphics Any help I would greatly appreciate this is my first time to this website and I thought I would try it before taking my computer to a shop to see if they can fix it Just scared of what they might charge since I only paid about for the card Thanks in advance Kevin nbsp

A:Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics

An extreme option

As you do have the option of a working computer prior to installing the new card I would back up any files that are important to you..
Then, before I would pay someone else BIG bucks, I would put in the new card and try a fresh install of windows. Force it to recognise your new card. The drivers that Windows will pick should suffice until the install is done and you can then install the card specific drivers from your disk.
This is given ONLY as a choice. I am not sure this will solve your problem but IT IS something this cheap bas____ would try before paying someone else.

Good Luck and check back, maybe someone else will contribute a better idea.
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Good day All
first post so I hope it is in the correct place.
I upgraded from W7 to W10 and the only problem I had with fsx was that my 2nd monitor(acer AL1715) will only show the right hand half of the screen when I drag a screenshot from the No1 monitor(Samsung syncmaster p2350).
When NOT in fsx the 2nd monitor shows full screen if I drag from No1 screen.
Seems like it is a compatibility problem if it will work ok when not in fsx.
I know the acer is old monitor but W10 must have accepted the old driver for this if it shows ok when not in fsx.
I have asked this question in the FS forums but no suggestions.
can anyone help please
I thanks
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Hi ,
I have turbo C++ which starts in dos box0.74.
All the other program are running but when i write a proram for drawing a circle, it won't work.
Please help!!!!!
thanking you

A:C++ graphics in windows 7

Could please clarify on what the problem is? Does your complier work?

Are you sure you've written the correct code? Check for any errors indicated by your complier in your source code.

If your having problems with creating a circle, then this may be of help to you - Creating a circle - C++ Forum
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I recently installed windows 7 ultimate on my pc a dell demension 3000. Everything is working fine however as they dont make drivers for even vista for my intel 865g graphics controller i cant get out of 640 by 480 resolution with 256 colors..Its very annoying. Anybody know of any hacked drivers or maybe anything universal that would run my graphics chip in windows 7? I bought a video card only to realize that when i open my case there is noplace to install it(goddamn dell!!) All i have on my mobo are the three smaller slots and even though there is an opening in the back for where the video card is supposed to go there is just an empty space where the pci slot should be...Can anybody help???

A:Help with graphics in windows 7

HAve you tried installing the XP drivers to see what happens? Windows 7 is pretty good about discovering compatibility issues and working around them.
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I own an Hp e9120y desktop which came installed with Vista. Graphics card on this desktop came with an ATI radeon HD 4350. This graphics card worked great for several months with windows vista. I decided to upgrade to windows 7 and the fan on the graphics card stopped working. I have tried to reinstall drivers both from ATI's website and from Hp's website, both to no success. I am curious to know if its a hardware malfunction or something fixable. Any advice is much appreciated!!

A:ATI Graphics & Windows 7 Help Please

Have you visually checked that there is not a foreign object blocking the fan from spinning, most likely dust?

Are you still able to get a signal from the card to your monitor?
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Okay so I recently upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, and have an Asus with an nvidia geforce gt graphics card. The computer is working fine, all except my graphics. Windows 8.1 is beautiful and looks crystal clear and wonderful and then I open Google Chrome and I'm looking at fuzz city. Same with opening Steam or really just about any application that didn't come with the computer. Then I tried to play Skyrim, and it tried to tell me that I needed the lowest resolution when before I played on High. I've upgraded my graphics card drivers. What have I missed?

A:Windows 8.1 and my graphics...

FYI, you are not alone as many are complaining about the exact same issues. Do you by chance have a GTX 5xx or higher graphic card? If so, I would go back to NVIDIA and find out what they might know about a possible 8.1 hardware compatibility issue here. And while you're at it, make sure your GTX can handle the GOP protocol, and if not, ask them when you are going to get a firmware update to fix that issue as well. Good luck.
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my MSI chipset driver was damaged long time ago.After that i had to format my pc.The problem is ,on playing videos they are getting stuck.i dont have the graphics driver nor i am using external graphics card.I am using windows xp.are there any free versions of these drivers available??please help.

A:appropriate graphics for windows xp

Check in Device manager for any yellow call outs.

To open "Device Manager", right click on "My Computer" (Computer in Vista/Win7) select Properties, On the Hardware tab Select Device Manager, if you see any yellow question marks, right click on the device and select properties, on the Details tab select Hardware IDs copy the PCI/VEN and DEV numbers and post them on your next post.
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Hello there, I am looking for a dirt cheap, Windows 7 suitable graphics card for use with a PC designed for multimedia purposes (watching films, listening to music etc). I would like to be able to use the full visual effects Windows 7 has to offer. It must have an S-video output and be compatible with the Asus M3A78-CM Motherboard. I have 1 PCI Express x 1 slot free and 2 x PCI 2.2 slots free.

Please provide some suggestions, doesn't have to be brand new.

Either that, or something like the Gadmei XGA/VGA LCD TV BOX. I want to connect my PC with the motherboard mentioned previously to my CRT TV (Panasonic TX-28PL4 Quintrix). The motherboard has onboard graphics via dvi and vga outputs. The TV has an S-VHS plug on the front, as well as RCA Audio/Video sockets. On the rear, it has 1 spare scart input.

What are your thoughts?

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Hi there, so I just installed windows 7 on my friend's computer. Previously they had a ATI graphics card (not sure which version) but now it says it has a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Because of this, the resolution isn't displayed correctly and everything is enlarged. This is very annoying. Can anyone help please?? >-<

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Hey everyone How r u all Nice to meet u all well my friend bought a laptop it has on board graphics and also a additional nvidia graphics now when I run game the on board graphics card is getting detected and not the nvidia card I tried in bios but in the display part there are only options is optimus whic allows bot nvidia vga and intel vga to work and the other one allows only the intel vga to work so is there a way to make games recognise nvidia or can I disable onboard graphics through device manager laptop model lenovo ideapad z graphics card Nvidia geforce gt Solved: On board Detected Graphics card Graphics not m and one more thing In one of the game I checked PES it shows as its using onboard graphics and I tried arkham city and tried enabling hardware acceleration physx but it said Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card the laptops hardware doesnt support it one more thing I just went to nvidia control panel and in there d settings and there global settings its written there preferred graphics processor is integrated graphics and I couldnt change Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card it Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card can I disable the onboard graphics card in device manager thanks nbsp

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I recently purchased an Acer Veriton M G desktop which has an i - processor Windows Pro bit and Intel HD to PCI-E Graphics to HD graphics install disable how card Intel Graphics listed as the video card I also purchased a PNY nVIDIA Quadro FX PCI-E card for improved picture editing and home video viewing and editing I have already replaced the original wattt how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card power supply to a watt Antec Truepower I had on hand and boosted the RAM to gigs from the original Question Am I getting any improvement in visual quality or system speed with the Quadro or is it a waste of money and I should just save up to buy a bigger video card This card was on sale for If I am getting improvement then I need to ask another question Question Instructions for the Quadro installation are as follows --Uninstall the existing VGA driver -Remove the existing Display Driver via quot Add or Remove Porgrams quot -Shut down your computer --Remove your Existing Graphics Board or Disable Integrated D Graphics Controller skipping instructions on how to remove existing graphics board -Systems with integrated also know as on-board D graphics may require you to disable the integrated D graphics system Consult the owners or vendor manual that came with your PC on how to properly do this So how do I disable the onboard just uninstall the driver The only driver how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card I can find on the uninstall menu is quot Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver quot does this sound correct I did find the option in BIOS and it is currently grayed out I assume it will activate when it senses another graphics card Acer wants me to access their Pay for support system to learn how to disable the onboard so I m searching elsewhere now Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card

It's likely to be an improvement, but check it and see.
Onboard graphics are disabled in the BIOS (Try looking under "Integrated Peripherals" or something similar.
You probably don't need to do this, but it's nice to know how.
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I recently installed a PCIe graphics card nVidia GTX Ti on my ASUS P Z -V MB running Windows and an Intel ONLY enabled when integrated graphics PCIe graphics works i processor The goal was to get displayport so I PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled could use a higher resolution monitor In the BIOS I changed the quot system agent quot graphics setting to make the PCIe graphics card the primary video When I do that the machine seems to boot and the MB splash screen offering the option to enter BIOS comes up on a monitor attached to the PCIe videocard but Windows never fires up the PCIe videocard If I set the MB to enable integrated graphics the machine boots into Windows fine and Windows uses the videocard Monitors attached to the videocard get the Windows display and if no monitors are attached to the Intel integrated graphics the Intel graphics software does not run The problem is that with the Intel integrated video set to be the primary video I don't get the splash screen on monitors attached to the PCIe card nor I PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled suspect would I see Windows recovery screens should something go wrong though I don't PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled know If I attach a monitor to the Intel integrated video then Intel's graphic engine runs in Windows and I'd rather it did not As per usual I don't know if this is a Windows problem or a MB problem or a graphics card problem Since the MB bios splash screen goes to the right monitor for the MB setting I am presuming the problem is in Windows But I cannot imagine what that would be I did the usual updates on general principles so latest MB bios latest Intel and nVidia drivers all Windows updates Any help thinking this thru would be appreciated

A:PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled

Not sure how your motherboard works but may need the Intel graphics enabled for the dedicated card to work. Do you have the latest Intel graphics drivers installed? Have you tried installing the Nvidia drivers when on the Intel graphics?

Could also try reverting to the basic graphics drivers in Device Manager when on the Intel, then switch to the dedicated in BIOS and see if it will boot with the basic driver installed.
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I just plugged my monitor into the new card (HD4770) and it works, did not disable or uninstall the integrated graphics. the integrated is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE chipset. The performance index went higher on paper but other than having better resolution I don't see a huge improvment. I still have video lag trying to watch streaming hd movies and my new camera (Panasonic Lumix ZS7) wont play video in HD over my computer. Must I disable and even uninstall the old integrated graphics too or am I missing something else?

A:I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

Have a look in your bios to see if it has an option to boot from pci-e or intergrated.
What is the motherboard you are using?
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What I really want to know is how to disable my Radeon HD 4350 graphics card, so that I can swap to Intel HD on-board graphics.

This is so I can compare the two on their Windows Experience Index.


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Hello there, I am looking for a dirt cheap, Windows 7 suitable graphics card for use with a PC designed for multimedia purposes (watching films, listening to music etc). I would like to be able to use the full visual effects Windows 7 has to offer. It must have an S-video output and be compatible with the Asus M3A78-CM Motherboard. I have 1 PCI Express x 1 slot free and 2 x PCI 2.2 slots free.

Please provide some suggestions, doesn't have to be brand new.

Either that, or something like the Gadmei XGA/VGA LCD TV BOX. I want to connect my PC with the motherboard mentioned previously to my CRT TV (Panasonic TX-28PL4 Quintrix). The motherboard has onboard graphics via dvi and vga outputs. The TV has an S-VHS plug on the front, as well as RCA Audio/Video sockets. On the rear, it has 1 spare scart input.

What are your thoughts?

A:Graphics Card/Onboard Graphics for Media Centre PC

the graphics card listed in my specs may only be 64MB, but it surprisingly runs aero.
If that seems to be not quite what you're looking for, another card I would recommend is the nvidia 8400GS. It may be 512MB, but thats about as high as it's specs go, but you will need a more powerful PSU (300W+). The 8400GS is about ?30 and a vga to RCA adapter seems to be about ?5 (i recommend you buy the adapter before the card).
The one in my specs just has a VGA port, but the 8400GS has vga, dvi and hdmi (i think the hdmi may need some further cabling in the case, not sure though)

NB (the card listed in my system specs may actually be the GeForce 7200GS, all system information programs tell me that it could be both and there's no sticker on it. all i know for (kinda) certain is that its 64MB )
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I'm running a dell inspiron 1545 (vista 32).

When trying to open the intel graphics driver properties it won't open (no error message)
When I try to change the display settings I get the error message "the currently selected graphics driver can not be used (written for a older version of windows)
When I run dixdiag I get the error that direct input isn't responding.
I tried to download drivers from intel but I got the error message that my machine doesen't meet the system requirements (I'm not entirly sure I picked the right software)

All the drivers from the dell site appear to do nothing and I've updated from direct 9 to 11.

Still no fix

If anyone can help me fix it give me your email and I'll gift you a itunes voucher or something, this problem is causing huge problems for me.

Much appreciated

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i am looking to buy a new graphics card to upgrade from the integrated crap that is ati x200 series 64 mb which although i didnt realize really wasnt what i needed to play battlefield 2142 and battlefield 2 so please help me i don have a clue what im doing in this area i have pci-e slots and a £100 budget
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Lately I have been having graphics problems in games. There are these " artifacts", wierd shapes, triangles, ect that appear and "shot" through my screen. it is hard to explain what it looks like, except that it is NOT normal.

It is hard to say when these appeared. I have recently got a different monitor. It is not new. It is a Dell CRT monitor. I replaced 1 CRT with another because I am cheap .

I have the latest drivers, I think, for my graphics card ( GeForce 5700 LE ). Not great , but not terrible. I play the games with either low or medium settings. I ran a benchmark test that was terrible.

Any ideas as to weather it is the card or monitor?

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I have a H535 and added a PCI GeForce GT610 that will support up to 2 monitors. I can get both onboard and PCI to work using 3 monitors, except when I have to turn off the computer.  Then the onboard graphics card fails to activate.   Here is what I have to do to get it working correctly again (I call it "the shuffle").Turn off computerUnplug PCI cardTurn on computer (boots using onboard graphics)Turn off computerInstall PCI cardTurn on computer Then everything works fine again until I have to turn off the computer at which point I have to do the shuffle again.
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I completely rebooted windows xp a week ago. I didn't have the drivers on discs, so my roommate downloaded them for me and installed them via flashdrive. My computer has not displayed the graphics on websites correctly since (such as the youtube logo). It's hard to describe, so i attached some screenshots. (Hopefully I did that correctly)
The same problem occurs with firefox AND internet explorer.
Any ideas?

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114463 MB, Free - 36946 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0YD479
Antivirus: None

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I know my GFX card is absolute rubbish, but W7 won't even let me use custom Aero themes because it claims it is so rubbish!

I've tried updating drivers but I can't seem to find out what my GFX card even is.

Could anyone help?

A:Windows 7 messed up my graphics...

We should know what graphics card you have!
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Hi all,

Got a problem with a computer, i have just set it back to factory settings because it was full of viruses and many other problems and so it was the easiest option. After reinstalling the colours on the screen are not right, I tried 2 screens and they both seem to have the same problem, I thought it might just need the drivers updating so i tried to open windows update but it came up with the window update screen but no options. Looked like it had not loaded properly. Is there away to reinstall windows update application?

The graphics card in the machine is nvidia Ge Force 8400 gs and the computer is running vista 32bit

All advice would be great, Thanks


A:Windows Updage and Graphics

Hi JP this may help
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I recently upgraded MSI GT gaming Windows using graphics not 8 card laptop from Windows to Windows Everything worked flawlessly with Win I tried to run games like CoD Black Ops and Battlefield after upgrading and I needed to update the drivers I installed version with no problems and restarted After installing the new update I cannot Windows 8 not using graphics card use my GTX M card It will show up in device manager but no programs or games will use it I have tried setting as the default for certain programs but it still will not run I can only use my on board Intel HD graphics I have tried disabling the Intel graphics and enabling only the GTX but still nothing I have tried uninstalling everything that has to do with Nvidia on my PC and doing a fresh install of everything and still no progress In Windows I could run all games around FPS Now I am lucky to get around FPS with using the Intel I am not sure if this is a Windows problem that will be addressed in an update or if there is anything I can do to work around it I feel like I have tried just about everything and I would hate to downgrade and go back to Windows If anyone can shed some light on this problem it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

A:Windows 8 not using graphics card

I have the same problem.
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I'm a Mac user (OS 10.4.10) trying to send photo attachments to a Windows XP user. She says when she clicks on the photo, she gets a message asking her what program she'd like to use to open the picture. But she doesn't have any graphics programs to use. I send photos to several Windows friends and none of them have problems. On a Mac, you click on a photo and it pops up in a Preview window. You can then choose to save to desktop. I would think Windows has a similar function. Like I said, none of my other Windows users have any such problem.

Would love to be able to tell my friend what her problem is. She's a low-end user and doesn't know about going to forums or getting support on-line.


A:Mac graphics to Windows XP trouble

Welcome to TSF....

She does not have a program associated with the graphic format that you are sending her. The usual graphic that is easily sent between a Mac and a PC is a GIF. Is that what you are sending her?
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Hello everyone first post

So Windows 7 gives me a graphics rating of 1.0, when I have no graphics card in the computer. Will a 16MB graphics card get it up to at least 3.0?

Many thanks,


A:Windows 7 gives a graphics rating of 1.0

Nope. Win 7 needs a minimum gpu of 256Mb to even run aero. With what you have you cant. Bet your Ram is thin as well.

Could tell you more if you put in your system specs.
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I have an old Gateway 506GR Desktop that meets all the minimum requirements except for the graphics. My OS is XP 32 bit at the moment. Right now the built in graphics is only 32MB. I have an add on graphics slot open. If it makes any difference the cpu is an Intel Pentium 4 3.4 Ghz. The expansion slot has a PCI Express x 16 connector. My power supply is 300 Watts. The only thing I do is a little photo editing ( Paint Shop Pro). I would like to stay under $50.00 if possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

A:Need help with upgrading my graphics for Windows 7

Any one of these should fit the bill. - Computer Hardware, Video Cards & Video Devices, Desktop Graphics Cards, $25 - $50
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1600MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 4200 Go (Dell Mobile), 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 51893 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation, , , . . .
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

My windows are enlarged when I log in and the icons also. My web page windows graphics are so large it won't fit the page. I am not computer savvy but I can navigate a bit if you have any answers. I haven't been able to figure it out nor find too many answers. I did have a memory error pop up when closing windows but I don't know what it was now.

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Hi I am experiencing graphics driver problems for the past two weeks graphics memory is shown as in an Asus intel i with intel hd graphics and Graphics bit Windows 64 Problems 7 Nvidia m the driver upgrades installation crashes with error reports antivirus scanning showed some infections which were removed successfully to no avail System restore points are deleted windows desktop manager not working icons are not properly displayed system file checker reported error in luafv sys file Windows 7 64 bit Graphics Problems but dont know how to fix this I cannot do a format and clean install as many important programs and files are stored in this and reinstalling all the programs may not be possible The Hijack this logfile is as follows Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on -Jul- Platform Windows 7 64 bit Graphics Problems Unknown Windows WinNT SP MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C Windows SysWOW UMonit exe C Windows 7 64 bit Graphics Problems Program Files x Intel Intel reg USB eXtensible Host Controller Driver Application iusb mon exe G Windows old Program Files Smart PC Solutions Smart Driver Updater SDUSchedule exe C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATK Hotkey HControlUser exe g windows old Program Files PC Tools PC Tools Security pctsGui exe C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATKOSD ATKOSD exe C Program Files x ASUS ATK Package ATK Media DMedia exe G Program Files AVG AVG avgui exe C Program Files x Real RealPlayer Update realsched exe C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Rapid Storage Technology IAStorIcon exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users USER AppData Local Google Google Talk Plugin googletalkplugin exe B downloads Software caffeine caffeine exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files x Google Chrome Application chrome exe G HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www qvo com utm source b amp utm medium ild amp from ild amp uid HitachiXHTS A E TA VDPS SV DPS SVX amp ts R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www delta- search com babsrc HP ss amp mntrId B E FE DE EB amp affID amp tsp R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www qvo com utm source b amp utm medium ild amp from ild amp uid HitachiXHTS A E TA VDPS SV DPS SVX amp ts R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www qvo com utm source b amp utm medium ild amp from ild amp uid HitachiXHTS A E TA VDPS SV DPS SVX amp ts R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook PC Tools Browser Guard - EA- A- b-ADF - D E CC - g windows old Program Files PC Tools PC Tools Security BDT PCTBrowserDefender dll F - REG system ini UserInit userinit exe O - BHO IDM Helper - C - - B-A BF- B C A A - no file O - BHO Browser Guard BHO - A F D B- - FF -B - CCE E - g windows old Program Files PC Tools PC Tools Security BDT PCTBrowserDefender dll O - BHO RealNetworks Download and Record Plugin for Internet E... Read more

A:Windows 7 64 bit Graphics Problems

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Hi there I am having numerous graphics driver or card -related issues with my laptop It s a ASUS ROG GL gaming laptop have 10 Graphics Windows Crashing had it for about months Here Windows 10 Graphics Crashing are the specs Windows -bit TWO Display adapters chips nVidia GeForce GTX M latest driver version just updated today Intel R HD Graphics driver version RAM GB CPU Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHZ GHz So I ve been having a LOT of crashing episodes The most common crash message is quot Display driver Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows R stopped responding and has successfully recovered quot This happens when I am playing a game browsing the web or watching Youtube videos I get this a LOT when I play Minecraft it will just crash the client If I am browsing the web it will make Firefox completely white I have to drag the browser for the content to re-render Also sometimes my computer will just plain freeze it will make this weird noise - probably the last bit of the background music that was playing - and I will have to hold the power button down to fix it This just happened to me today when I was moving the slider of a youtube video it just crashed right then and there So I tried updating my nvidia driver but that has not done anything Then I realized I actually have two graphics chips Why do I have two In any case I tried to update the drivers for my Intel chip but the updater said that my version is newer than the version it was trying to install which makes NO sense So I uninstalled the Intel driver but it did nothing it still shows in Device Manager - gt Display Adapters And now when I run the update utility it says something like a computer manufacturer graphics driver is installed instead of the Intel graphics driver and I can t update my Intel drivers I tried adding a QWORD in Regedit called TdrDelay with a value of because someone said it would fix the Intel crashes but it has done nothing so far Just my type of day - I even tried submitting a support ticket to Asus and at the end of the form I clicked Submit and it said Sorry servers are not responding try it again later thanks Jesus Please help nbsp
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I recently put together my new cpu using the advice of old geekster and sdh. I have the os on a intel 320 ssd and have 3 300gb sas drives for storage. Problem now is the Quadro fx 3400 video card works but no drivers are availableto run the dual dvi display option. I have tried almost every nvidia driver and either the os will not allow install of the driver or the driver says the monitors are not connected to any nvidia card. will have to make another investment, but want to be sure everything is compatable with windows 10. looking at nvidia quadro fx cards. any knowledge about which are the good models that will work in my system. Thanks in advance for any info.

A:windows 10 graphics card

Hi: I think the problem is you need the HP driver for that card. Try manually installing the latest driver from your PC's support page as follows... Download and save, but do not run this graphics driver. TITLE: NVIDIA Quadro Professional Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7 64-Bit Operating Systems Then download and install this free file utility.  The 2nd file on the list is for 64 bit. After you install 7-Zip, right click on the graphics driver you downloaded.  Select 7-zip from the menu. Have 7-Zip extract to:  and let it extract the driver to its folder name (sp47854). Then go to the device manager, click to expand the display adapters device category.  Click on the driver tab, click on Update Driver. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option and browse to the driver folder you unzipped. Make sure the Include subfolders box is checked and see if the driver installs that way.
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I am having some trouble with graphics glicthes on websites and i need some help to figure what is doing this and how to fix it, i have 3 screenshots showing what happens.
So far i have updated drivers and checked if anything was loose inside the pc.

Quick Specs:
GPU: GeForce GTX 680 x2
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k 3.50GHz

A:Windows 7 Graphics Problem.

You did not attach your screenshots. How to Post a Screenshot | Tech Support Forum
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I?m not sure if it?s a Windows problem or a graphics problem so I?m going to post this on different forums.
Problem: When doing a hard boot the graphics settings are lost and I have to reinstall my graphics drivers all over again and then adjust the screen mode, rearrange desktop and then be able to start work.
Computer: See spec.
I don?t recall when exactly this started but it?s been going on for over a week. I uninstall using amd_cleanup_util_1.2.1.0 before reinstalling drivers. I have tried older versions of CCC but all have the same result, so my thoughts are leaning towards a Windows problem.

Thanks in advance,

A:Graphics or Windows problem - not sure

Although the drivers may be older, since this is a Dell Alienware system, have you tried reinstalling the drivers on the Dell downloads for your specific PC and see if it does it with those drivers? If not give that a try and see what happens. Use your service tag number to access the downloads.
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I have just upgraded windows 7 ultimate to windows 10 pro.
My laptop has become significantly slow and I am unable to install graphics. When I try to install nvidia graphics, it says to install intel first. When I try to install Intel graphics, it says, 'The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software'. What do I do ? Help me please.

A:Help with installing graphics on windows 10

hello ,it been awhile since I had that issue,on an older computer, I looked and looked and never did find a fix. did you try going to intel website and getting latest driver
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Hi all,
I just installed the Windows 7. I want to change the screen resolution. I tried in the changed resolution option. But the resolution has only 16bit selected. No other option. What to do ?

A:Windows Graphics Driver

Welcome to seven forums danasegarane: Here are the latest video driver for your system. They are for XP and might install in compatibility mode. Drivers compatibility mode Compatibility Mode Good luck hope they work for you. Fabe
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I have a hp pavillion g6 laptop. And i have 2gb of NVDIA graphics. And it all worked fine when i was using windows 7.
But now when i have upgraded to windows 8 i cant use it. The computer just shuts down from the welcome screen showing "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE" and now i am using it by running the computer to safe mode and disabling the graphics driver.
And i have also tried downloading new graphics drivers but it all doesnt work.

Awaiting a SOlution,

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Hi to all,

I have noticed that my graphics have gone a little distorted; the icons on the system tray are bigger than they usually are and also a little distorted. Additionally, I notice that any video/movie I play has a lower quality; it appears to be grainy, though not much but the effect is easily noticeable.

Another important detail-- recently I installed VirtualBox for working on RedHat Linux on it, after installation and also each time I run it, VB shows a message that it currently is running in 24 bit mode and would perform better in 32 bit mode. This distortion in graphics occurred after VirtualBox only...if I remember correctly.

Please help me out

A:Graphics gone distorted in my Windows XP

Have you checked the display settings?
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Greetings I have been following the thread and so Pro Windows under Switchable RTM HP Graphics !!! 8.1 forth on the switchable graphics and anything to do with windows for the longest time I got one of those laptops where HP claims it doesnt support windows and so forth HP Envy nr with beats audio AMD gb amp Intel HD Video FG First Generation Before the previews and all that I actually got it to work under Leshcat and I have tried all the other methods but I found this a buggy approach for me and tried many times just wasnt satisified So i put my project on hold and all hope to me was lost with Win on this laptop At times HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM !!! I was deciding to sell this laptop on CL Hence it is a great gaming laptop under Windows Then Windows Preview came out I said ok lets go back and try this again No luck Same results And then I was all doom and gloom once again RTM became avail on MSDN So I downloaded it and Installed it on my desktop impressed And So just yesterday I installed it in the HP laptop Clean install of course Well no conflicts and this is working Using the WDM Drivers provided by microsoft I think which is version So is it using the AMD driver with no cautions Does it show the Intel driver with no cautions and so forth Yes and Yes and Yes My only gripe is they dont in include the Catalyst Control Panel in the WDM version no more So I gotta find which one would be compatible with this I am open for suggestions So after I got this installed I decided to try the switchable graphics I know I dont have any red x's or caution I think it still using the AMD and doesnt switch over I need to run some tests on this and I will let you all know But the end result if you want a stable WDM driver that works Windows RTM is your answer I ran passmark tests and the preformance was not impacted if anything getting better scores with Windows RTM than Windows tbh TBH I dont care bout the switchable graphics part I do but i am not really mobile that much So having mine on the AMD is just fine Tho like I said i will test this out more i figure if i can get a hold of a CCC that will work with the WDM in from M I think it might actualy switch Maybe it did switch I was kinda tired but i gotta test So for all you who lost hope and are in the same boat as me No worries PG Edit one thing Also I wouild like to add too is I did goto the notebook review site and there is a link for the AMD for my modem I think that is the right version And I did install the catalyst which picked up everything Was massively scrambled under metro at first but after a reboot this was fixed But it didnt switch over since those drivers are not really the switchable and its the AMD straight driver But I well tell you this it did work But I did remove it because I got better benchmark results with the AMD than the driver that is up there intended for windows Also I would like to add that I think this can be solved As I mentioned I have a st generation Intel HD card with the AMD inside this laptop All the drivers I seen are for SG Second Generation and rd for Windows x So I would like to try and find a HP SP exe AMD Intel switchable graphics driver package for Wn x for the st geenration Intel HD with AMD I have a feeling this would work If anyone knows of any out there please let me know I dont mean a Win driver either but a true Windows Intel AMD st generation intel hd I am going to do some more research into this and perhaps there is one from Dell Sony Acer or Lenovo who might have a driver package I am looking for EDIT More info What's new for Windows Preview display drivers WDDM What's new for Windows Preview display drivers WDDM Windows Drivers Which means this is based off the version the WDDM is version So today when I go home I will test this and let you all know if I can get the CCC installed with this EDIT So I am thinking Ok install Pro RTM x Use the WDDM which Windows Updates picks up Which causes no conflicts or error cod... Read more

A:HP Switchable Graphics under Windows 8.1 Pro RTM !!!

Ok So here is my results....

Does brightness control work?
No. But it does work under intel when switched over to it. Which is normal.

Is there any error codes on the drivers?

Does the switchable graphics feature work?
Yes and No. If you do the automatic switching it will switch for you but trying to get it back into the other mode, you would have to force a hard reboot to get it back. However a temp work around is to switch to the intel gpu, manually which it will and to switch back plug in the charger and reboot.

So I wouldn't consider this fully work yet. However we are getting close.... No errors in the wdm drivers and the 13.10 drivers at all! This is good news previously would get error codes on the drivers in 8 and 8.1 preview.

Games do work just fine. As I said earlier big performance difference compared to 7. I think we might see a fix for the hybrid graphics in the future tho.

I did manage to install the Catalyst Control Panel from the 13.10 beta and all the nice video features and other features worked. App profiles, LCD Over Drive, Color Profiles, Gfx adjustments such as a AMD Optimization, and everything.

Even tho its not fully fixed I am quite happy that there is no caution, error code 48s on the intel or amd driver and games and everything else works jut fine.

Below is the information from the CCC v13.10

Driver Packaging Version
Provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2D Driver Version
2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0000
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
AMD Catalyst Control Center Version 2013.0905.312.3832


Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD
Graphics Chipset AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series
Device ID 68C1
Vendor ID 1002
Subsystem ID 1436
Subsystem Vendor ID 103C
Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express
Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express x16
BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number BR039990.001
BIOS Date 2011/02/17
Memory Size 1024 MB
Memory Type DDR3
Core Clock in MHz 450 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 800 MHz
Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 25.6 GByte/s
I didn't install the 13.10 drivers on my working profile I just used the M$ WDDM Driver 1.3 which is picked up by windows update now along with the CCC v13.10

I did run a second test on a bare install with 13.10 full package with no previous remains of amd before install and I didn't run any benchmark but the same info above however no option for switchable graphics like they claim in the beta.
But if you install the WDDM 1.3 from windows update and the CCC 13.10 you will see it.

The CCC has been taken out of the WDDM.

So this is good news for some of us hp legacy users (1st gen) with AMD video. At least its somewhat useable and error free in the device manager. For some of us that don't want to mess with leshcat. But I am sure it will come in handy. I wish hp would just release bios updates and support win8 in the older envy series but oh well this is fine.

OS: Windows 8.1 Pro x64 MSDN RTM
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Hi. Thanks in advance for your time.

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I can't switch graphics on my Y560.
The light that indicates if my AMD card is active is always on. Hitting the hardware switch does nothing. My notification shows both my Intel and the AMD icons.
Right clicking the desktop and selecting "Configure switchable graphics" take me to the picture attached.

Please advise.

A:Can't switch graphics on Windows 10

Sorry to tell you this, but unless Lenovov has Win10 drivers for your laptop, you're probably out of luck. Switchable graphics requires both special hardware and special drivers -- both of which come preinstalled on a prebuilt laptop. When you replace that OS with a different one, you removed the special drivers -- replacing them with basic ones from Microsoft.

You should check the Lenovo website for your laptop and also see if they have a support forum -- and see what options you have. Unless Lenovo is working on Win10 drivers for your laptop, to get switchable graphics back, you may have to consider going back to the OS the laptop came with preinstalled.
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I am running Windows 7 service Pack 1, 32-bit on a HP Pavilion, Pentium 4, 3.0 ghz, 1.0GB memory, 250w power source. I had a ATI Radeon 9250 PCI graphics card, 256MB ran great on XP. I know its not compatable with W.7. I play only a few older games, like EA Sports NHL 2008 & Tiger Woods Golf, is there any PCI card I could buy that will work with Windows 7?

A:PCI Graphics card for Windows 7

i just grabbed this one. i literally just installed it and had a noticeable improvement. IMO you cant beat it for the price
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I am new to the Windows API. I am wanting to be able to display pictures and graphics in various formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc and am having trouble. If I try and use Windows GDI, it will only be able to open BMPs. If I use GDI+, it can open everything but its incredible slow (re)drawing the images.

Any suggestions for another library or something for me to use to be able to display images correctly? I know DirectX is good, but thats over the top for what I am wanting to do.


A:Displaying Graphics with Windows API

Having a little google around led to this page:

"On certain versions of Microsoft Windows, the StretchDIBits and SetDIBitsToDevice functions allow JPEG and PNG images to be passed as the source image"

On the other hand, if you did go down the DirectX route, it sounds like you'd only need the 2D elements like Direct2D or DirectDraw. Those are easier to code than a full blown 3D DirectX app. That will add another dependency to your code - a version of DirectX installed.

There must be a 3rd party/open source option...but I've not had cause to use it.
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only Vgasave. nothing else....pls help. under adapter's tab, all are unavailable

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 759 Mb
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C: Total - 19067 MB, Free - 15796 MB; D: Total - 19075 MB, Free - 15038 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., 8I845GVMRZ
Antivirus: None
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How to run C++ Graphics program in Windows 7 ?? This problem persists in my other friends' system also. Mine is 32 bit OS.

Plz help me out......
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I was playing total war shogun 2 on windows 7. Diagonal lines started shooting out of the characters, square block patterns start flashing all over the place. The graphics got progressevley worse and worse so i took in. They tested the graphics card and it was fine so they restarted the computer and then windows crashed. They reinstalled windows 7 and i started putting everything back together.

I just put total war back on my computer and started playing and its started again. I restarted my computer and all that came back was a blinking undersscore. Luckily i shutdown and it started normally but the graphics are still messed up.

Any help would be great.

A:Windows 7 graphics broken

Take out the graphics card and use integrated graphics if you have it.

See if the problems presents then.
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My PC had a AMD Firepro V graphic card when I did the upgrade to Win Pro 10 issue Graphics Windows from Win Pro via an ISO image disk Shortly after the upgrade was completed Windows 10 Graphics issue I had some graphic errors and when I checked the PC I found that the fan on the graphic card was not working could barely move it by hand So I purchased a new graphics card an Nvida Geforce GT uninstalled all the AMD Catalyst software and installed the Nvidia software along with the latest driver from the web site not the supplied CD Now while the graphics are much improved I keep getting a little shimmer running horizontally across the screen from time to time not the whole screen just a narrow band I know the monitor Hanns G HL is OK as I use a KVM switch and the other two PC's that use the same monitor do not show this issue it is only seen on my Windows It was not happening when I was running Windows so I don't know if this is a Windows related issue or a Nvidia related issue or both Can anybody advise please
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Hi Having a issue with that i can not play bluraymovies on my computer I have HP dv with intel i gb ram intel hd graphics switchable ati radeon and windows premium x I bought a LG BE LU burner to play my movies I have tried software players to play my movies Powerdvd Arcsoft and Corel media theatre but none of them can play my bluraymovies despite they are made for that Powerdvd have a program BD Advisor that checks compability and hardware to play bluray on your computer The program set markings in my intel hd graphics and the processor i it dont detects my radeon at all It's is a little funny that my other now years older computer can play bluray with ease grrrrI dont know where the problem is Windows my bluray burner graphics card and so on is uppgraded with latest firmware drivers but that does not help The blurayburner can write read data but not play movies Any suggestions

A:Graphics card or windows 7?

Its a outside chance but maybe the drive is bad...have you tried the drive in the other computer?
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I wanted to know if i can run windows 7 with a
Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller
i did download the windows 7 upgrade advisor but it had a question mark next to it so i want to know if itll run with that. help please

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I am running windows 7 in an older system that has an available a AGP and PCI slot with 2 gig memory . Could someone please recommend a few different video cards in different price ranges that would give me the most bang for my buck and would be compatible with that system

Thanks Jeff

A:AGP graphics card windows 7

My specs. Because of the memory and oc abilities, even better/faster than 4670 (all 4xxx) AGP. Perhaps best you can get. 7.0 on both WEI ratings.

If you can't find one for sale, go with the HD 4xxx series.

This is the HIS 4670 and gpu speed is slightly higher at 750 MHz, with only 128 bit memory. The 3850 before manual overclocking is 720 MHz gpu and 1820 MHz GDDR3 256 bit. I get it easily to 800/2200 with overhead.
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Okay so I finally got my new build put together with the specs below and I just ran into another brick wall I am trying to run a nvidia nx gts on my Win XP system and apparently it doesn t like the video card because once I get my POST beep and BIOS splash everything goes kaput and the computer just hangs at a black screen I have narrowed it down to the video card because I currently have my system running with the below specs except Won't Graphics Run My Windows Card I am using a Geforce GT Windows Won't Run My Graphics Card instead of the so I know every other component is functioning I have already tired going into my BIOS and setting it to run off onboard graphics with the card still inside and then installing updates for windows and drivers for the card but that didn t help any So now I have a few questions that I am asking myself Does windows XP even support nvidias series cards Would a broken video card still show the BIOS and if so is my graphics card just broken Or am I just completely forgetting a step to installing a new video card because im a newby with computers Thank you to anyone who can shed some light my problem but I am on a strict budget so upgrading OS or buying a new video card is not really an option System Specs OS - Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit CPU - Intel Core Quad GHz RAM - x GB PNY DDR running at GPU - NVIDIA GeForce NX GTS PSU - RaidMax watt RX SS Motherboard - Asus P G T-M LX PLUS nbsp

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I had friend that upgraded my PC from Win 95 to 98. Graphics fine on 95, now on all programs, I have incomplete graphics in 98. BeLarc Advisor say in Display I have Standard PCI (VGA) graphics adapter. In properties it shows I have 16 colors. Do I need more, Do I need to upgrade adapter? If so, does anyone know a working free site to download & what do I download? I'm sure more info needed, so can email me @ [email protected]. Graphics bad on this site also. Very hard to read board but very clear in chat! Could it also be a driver? Had new drivers installed w/98 version.
Any & all help respectfully appreciated
Broke in Sorrysota, Fla.

A:Upgraded to windows 98 now bad graphics

Control panel>display>settings.....set your screen area to 800X600 pixels and see if that helps.

If not, I'm sure someone will have a better answer.

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Hi everyone.
If you look at my specs *Which SHOULD be showing * My graphics card is rubbish!
If i want to run a game i have to run it in a tiny window and it is still barely playable!
I want to start a gaming channel on youtube *Click here!* and i can't do it with this happening!
So i am going to buy a new graphics card! If you look at my specs all my info is there, and the main question i wanted to ask was will it be compatible? (The one i wanted to buy was a GeForce GTX 650)

A:New graphics card for Windows 8

I wasn't able to find much information about the iMedia S3270 online.

There are two likely sticking points:

The 650 requires a minimum power supply of 400W with 20A on the +12V line. I think that your machine has perhaps a 250W supply. Worse, it probably isn't a standard ATX type supply, so your upgrade choices may be limited. (I think that replacement PSUs exist, though.) If you can open the case, there should be a sticker on the PSU that lists its power and the +12V rating. (This assumes that the PSU is mounted in such a way that you can read the sticker.)

Second problem: while the system has a PCI-E X16 slot, you'll need to find out whether it can take full-height cards. As this is a compact system, there's a chance that it can't. There are a variety of low profile cards available, but not (as far as I know) the 650. Low-profile cards tend to be relatively low-end cards.

Sorry that I wasn't' able to find the information online. (Makes me glad that Packard Bell quit the US market. Cheesy *******s.) Sorrier yet that I can't be encouraging.

The S3720 looks like an adequate machine for its intended purpose. It's not made for easy upgrades, though.
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Hope someone can help.

I have a Acer TravelMate 4020 and have upgraded to Windows 7.

The problem is the graphics card drivers wont download from Windows and the Acer website is useless!

Any one got a solution?? The chipset is Intel® 915GM

A:Graphics Drivers - Windows 7

The Intel GMA 915 is not supported in Windows 7.

You'll have to force an older driver to "work", see here for a possible solution:
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I recently upgraded my HP Laptop conputer from Vista 64 to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and keep getting a WARNING concerning my ATI graphics driver. I have a Radeon HD 3200 Graphics card. I have tried to upgrade the driver from ATI but no luck. Still receive the WARNING.

A:ATI Graphics Driver Windows 7

What is the warning exactly? and what version of the driver do you have?
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After a few unfruitful days of searching various forums attempting to solve my problem I've decided to make an account and post the problem to see if I can get some answers Let me introduce you to my system and current configuration I have a Dell XPS M that I bought about years ago At that time it came with Vista Home by card Graphics not 7 seen Windows Premium bit and a GB hard drive I dropped it while it was on about months ago and the hard drive got messed up so I bought a new GB hard drive Graphics card not seen by Windows 7 I reloaded Vista with my old CD that came with the computer and then decided to buy through my university Windows Ultimate x I did a clean sweep upgrade I really haven't used my laptop for anything other than word processing and internet since then A few days ago however I was attempting to play a game that would actually require some graphics power I got an error about pixel shading or some nonsense Anyways I realized that my computer never Graphics card not seen by Windows 7 recognized my graphics card after the clean sweep install of My graphics card is an nVidia GeForce M GT So I went to the nVidia website to download the driver and I eventually had to use a third party site to download the correct driver due to corrupted files from nVidia The driver will go through the initial install sequence and then once the nVidia program pops up to actually install the driver it gives me an error that Graphics card not seen by Windows 7 says quot This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware quot I am suspicious that there is some issue with Windows not being able to see my hardware or something Any help Thanks in advance I'll be checking back periodically to answer any questions

A:Graphics card not seen by Windows 7

Hi johnlhooker, Welcome to the forums, Have you checked in the bios to make sure the onboard graphics is disabled, is the nvidia card shown in device manager? there is a possibility the graphic card has come loose from its socket when you dropped the lappy
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I m trying to get the correct driver for Windows Aero I can t seem to find the correct one I tried troubleshooting the problem and it comes up with my Video Driver not being compatible with Windows Aero I know my card is but not my driver Here s my Display settings Code System Information report written at System Name JOSH-PC Display Item Value Name LogMeIn Mirror Driver PNP Device ID ROOT DISPLAY Adapter Type Not Available LogMeIn Inc compatible Adapter Description LogMeIn Mirror Driver Adapter RAM Not Available Installed Drivers Not Available Driver Version INF File lmimirr inf lmimirr section Color Planes Not Available Color Table Entries Not Available Resolution Not Available Bits Pixel Not Available Driver c windows system drivers lmimirr sys KB bytes PM Name Standard VGA Graphics Adapter PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp E DD amp amp Adapter Type Graphics Windows Driver. 7 Not Available Standard display types compatible Adapter Description Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Adapter RAM Windows 7 Graphics Driver. Not Available Installed Drivers Not Available Driver Version INF File display inf vga section Color Planes Not Available Color Table Entries Not Available Resolution Not Available Bits Pixel Not Available Memory Address xE - xEFFFFFFF Memory Address xFEB - xFEBFFFFF I O Port x ED - x ED F I O Port x B - x BB I O Port x C - x DF Memory Address xA - xBFFFF Driver c windows system drivers vgapnp sys KB bytes PM My System Settings now Code System Information report written at System Name JOSH-PC System Summary Item Value OS Name Microsoft Windows Ultimate Version Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name JOSH-PC System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation System Model Dimension C System Type X -based PC Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Computer Corporation A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot User Name Josh-PC Josh Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Installed Physical Memory RAM MB Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Any idea on what driver I need and if it will get my screen resolution higher than x and get me Windows Aero Thanks in advance nbsp

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OK so I have been playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 since it came out, in XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 without any problems, now I install Win 10 and it says my Gforce 760 w/ 2 GIG DDR5 RAM Graphics card is not compatible and does not have enough memory. And this is supposed to be the OS to solve all OS problems, as I see it so far it is a piece of crap. Anyone have an idea on what the problem may be, and yes I have tried Admin and compatibility modes, NADA

A:Windows 10 Graphics Issue

Try re-installing your NVidia driver or download it at:
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I have a newly installed Windows 7 on my laptop but why can't I view the graphics when I open websites like serialsadkeys? Is there any codec I miss installing?

A:Can't view graphics in Windows 7

i also can't see, I think there is a problem in the site.
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I have a couple of games on my computer, and one of them is GTA San Andreas. Here's a picture of what's going on.

I also have Borderlands 2, and the same problem with the models occurs.

My graphics info:
In Device Manager, Display Adapters, I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series (Engineering Sample - WDDM v1.1).

Where can I start?

A:Graphics Problem with Windows 8 RP x64?

Did you get the driver for your particular graphic card?
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DWM and WDDM When Windows Vista shipped it included a new driver model called the Windows Display Driver Model That was version It's required for the Desktop Window Manager DWM to render the desktop using DirectX giving you the neat Aero Glass user interface and Flip D and such WDDM is being upgraded to WDDM which will be required for some of the new DWM features in Windows Windows will still run with WDDM drivers and XP drivers for that matter but with WDDM drivers you won't get any of the DWM improvements and with XP drivers you don't get Aero Glass or any of its features at all just as it is with Vista So what do you get with WDDM For starters the DWM will use DirectX instead of and offer some nice performance enhancements DWM will now use the same consistent amount of system memory no matter how many windows are open Your graphics card memory usage will still increase as you open more windows but that amount of memory is cut in half Next-Gen Graphics Windows Microsoft 7 relative to Vista The end result is that Windows will use dramatically less memory as you open additional Microsoft Windows 7 Next-Gen Graphics windows on your desktop It should also be faster and more efficient at rendering the desktop Windows will introduce Direct D a sort of accelerated D replacement for Microsoft Windows 7 Next-Gen Graphics GDI used for drawing D graphics lines splines etc It runs on top of Direct D and requires WDDM drivers This has been long awaited and future applications should see snappier windows performance in standard applications not just D apps DirectX games should see a performance improvement with WDDM drivers mostly centered around Microsoft Windows 7 Next-Gen Graphics memory management It's still far too early for Microsoft to share any sort of numbers but it seems to suggest that the performance difference will vary by title Microsoft Microsoft Windows Next-Gen Graphics Cutting Edge Graphics - DWM and WDDM - OS Software amp Networking by ExtremeTech

A:Microsoft Windows 7 Next-Gen Graphics

Interesting read, thanks Echrada.
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Lately we've had a pretty maddening problem with our desktop PC at home It used to come and go but now it's basically wall-to-wall What happens is most of the red color is lost from the display so the display is severely discolored and things that are supposed to be red appear black Not only is it immensely annoying and probably not good for the eyes but it also prevents us from being able to do some photo processing work for our business The PC is an HP Pavilion a n from Windows Card Graphics Get New See to Can't My that I upgraded to Windows Ultimate -bit a couple years ago Its video pretty much comes from the motherboard It is NVIDIA GeForce LE The monitor and VGA cable are relatively new and I have been able to eliminate them as possible sources of this problem I had tried shutting the computer down and removing power from it completely for a short period Can't Get Windows to See My New Graphics Card of time then restoring power and booting back up After doing this it used to be okay for a time but then go discolored again Now after all of my trying yesterday to get a new graphics card to work discussed below it is pretty much discolored all the time Yesterday I went to Best Buy and bought a Galaxy GeForce graphics card and stuck it in the PCI Express slot Windows didn't even see it even after I installed the drivers and there's no video coming from it I Can't Get Windows to See My New Graphics Card took it back today and exchanged it for a GeForce GS and so far I'm getting the same result I've gone into the BIOS and changed the quot Primary Video Adapter quot to quot PCI-E quot and I still have the problem I've gone into Device Manager and selected quot Disable quot on the NVIDIA LE while in Safe mode and that doesn't help it just gives me the basic low-resolution setting but the video still comes out from the old port I've tried making Windows scan for new hardware in Device Manager again no workie I don't believe either the card I had yesterday or the one I have today require auxiliary power The fan on the card is running I just can't get Windows to see it or use it I've also tried updating the drivers for the existing LE system but that didn't fix the original discoloration problem My wife and I will probably buy a new desktop but that's a few months down the road Is there anything we can do with this PC in the meantime The discoloration renders it practically useless I'm pretty sure the onboard video is shot and there's no practical way of fix it and now that I've gone out and bought it I guess I'd like to just get the new card to work Any help you can give will be appreciated Thanks

A:Can't Get Windows to See My New Graphics Card

Hp monitors are infamous for popping capacitors, which results in all kinds of strange behavior.
Your problem could also be a bad cable from the computer to the monitor.

Outside of that it seems entirely possible you got a dud card.
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I have Windows XP SP few with (graphics) Windows problem Big XP days ago i update security packages Windows works perfect in last months Few days ago i had some problem with malwares I fixed that but consequence has stayed I do not know is that bcz malaweres or bcz something other Here are pictures which i took from mobile phone to see what are happened After some time sometimes it happens for min sometimes for h Everything starts to disappear text buttons tabs etc Then i have to restart Win After restart it is all ok some time Here is forum search results you can't see nothing text is disappeared you can see too tabs have start to disappear text which pages are etc I tried to update the lattest drivers for my graphic card it is and everything is the Big problem with Windows XP (graphics) same Big problem with Windows XP (graphics) again When i had problem with viruses guy who helped me is pro for malwares His jobs on forums are to help against malwares He said it is probably something other

A:Big problem with Windows XP (graphics)


Try this:
Put the Windows CD in the tray, open a command prompt window and type:
sfc /scannow

This way you can see if any windows' files are corrupt.

Hello again

Found that from Microsoft
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I have an ati/amd radeon hd 6370 graphics card but it won't work on windows 8 RTM since the old drivers won't even install properly on windows 8(they install but don't seem to work). Can i get updated drivers(switchable graphics) for the ati graphics card?

Also are there any updated drivers for intel i5 first generation chips(this is mostly for the intel HD integrated graphics) for windows 8 RTM?
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Hi I have just installed windows7 ultimate. Now my graphics card Nvidia Geforce 8400 gs is not working. when I go to the device manager it tells me that windows has stopped it from working because it has problems code 43. If I try to bring up the Nvidia control panel it tells me that I am not running a nvidia cpu. I have gone to the nvidia driver down load site & downloaded the latest windows 7/ 64bit drivers several times to no avail. I have set up this PC to dual boot XP/7. when boot up to XP every thing works fine. So I do not think the graphic card is at fault. My Pc is a home built rig with a dual core amd 64 processor, M2A-VM mother board , 4gig ram & corsair 750 power supply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Graphics card/windows 7

your best bet is to download driver sweeper and clean all the gpu drivers then reboot and proceed to install the driver from the site it should fix the issue

if you have a problem finding driver sweeper just go to they have it there good luck
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hi pc/graphics Serious with card/windows probrem everyone k this is my first time posting in a forum Serious probrem with pc/graphics card/windows for help but i cant seem to get Serious probrem with pc/graphics card/windows help anywhere else ok ill start off with the small problem first --------Pc Lagging in Windows--------- After sometime don t remember when Serious probrem with pc/graphics card/windows or clearly my pc started having occasional slow-downs I thought it might be spyware so i cleared out all baddies on my comp and plus reformating it After everythings done mind you i did the proper format not a quick one and a clean windows xp installation booting it from the cd i thought well woohoo problem gone After MINUTES it started playing up again i didnt connect the net yet I ve been told to update drivers but i find no use in that if they worked fine before and all the games i run work with my drivers plus i have the latest anyways This problem is most noticable when music is played and a distinctive static noise is heard but its not the track how could all my songs be corrupt including videos and games and when the mouse is moved it moves normally then freezes for a second and returns to normal but this is a loop and goes on forever so every other second it freezes Urgent help as this is driving me insane and forcing me to do all my school work on my other pc no big probrem but other one is much faster Hope you could understand that problem Now onto the major one ----------------------Can t have graphics too high or pc locks up ------ This one i came across when i got my new graphics card worked fine for a couple of days until it would drop-out in games I E black screen long static noise The screen would go orange the LED indicating that its either off or on standby and the keyboard and mouse would lock-up Reset would nt fix it either So I upgraded mobo s to this one and now i can reset when this happens but the main problem is still there It mostly happens when im playing real graphic intensive games with decent settings e g Doom on x -High Quality Ultra Quality NFS U x - x anti-aliasing xantisoptric filtering Unreal Tounament U x - x anti-aliasing xantisoptric filtering And occasionly with just normal games Whenever I put my reso up so it looks good and runs fast settings above got me fps on Doom on U and - on UT these are perfect for me The games work fine until it locks up what makes me even more insane is the fact that both of these probs mixed with the anxious panic that it might lock-up makes LAN gaming horribly boring and stupid It usually takes around - mins to lock-up and sometimes min on hot days or Doom Please help i ve thought it might either be an overheating problem but ive checked temps C - System on average - C - CPU on average and also ive thought it might be my hard drive but not sure as ive had not had that much experience with these problems btw system build by hand parts bought seperately Sorry for this long post ive tried to give all the information possible It would be great to get some help so i can fix this PC specs AMD Athlon XP FSB DDR-RAM generic MSI NVidia GeForce FX MB VT DR Seagate GB H D D Creative Sound Blaster Live Gigabyte Pro- NForce mobo Win XP SP i think that ll be all the info needed Thanks Neo nbsp

A:Serious probrem with pc/graphics card/windows


Hmm... Coincidental that the day I join the forum, I run across a problem that I've confronted before.

To me, even before you had suggested it, I felt that it sounded very much like an overheating problem. And even though I am no expert in computers, between me and my friends we have seen our fair share of problems. And the "big" problem as you described your graphics card trouble, sounds exactly the time my friends geforce 5200fx did the same thing. Crash, lag, twich, slow start ups ect. We also tried a reformat/spyware removal. And that failed. Eventually I suggested overheating, and we removed the side of the case, and used a housefan to cool the computer. lol. It seems to work a little better than before, but still not up to snuff.

Another potential diagnoses?:
About 3 months ago I spent my summers earnings on my dream computer (or as close as I could afford). I went to a shop in town that specializes in custom builds, and they would provide you with a tech support guy who would guide you through part picking, and then the computer would be done a couple days later. When I was picking my graphics card, I decided on the ATI Sapphire Radeon 9600 pro 256mb lite re card. The computer guy suggested that I then upgrade my power supply to avoid problems. I have a 480 watt power supply. Could the problem be that you dont have enough power to run your hardware?.

Like I said before, I am NOT a computer expert of any kind. But I thought that since my new system is very similar to yours, I would relay some of the hints and suggestions I recieved. Hopefully that can explain the seemingly pointless backround stories. Good-luck whatever you make of this!
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I m very close to opening can't Windows graphics find card up the case pointing the hard drive to the card and saying quot RIGHT THERE IDIOT THERE S THE CARD quot With that out of my system here s the issue I had on-board graphics S ProSavage DDR which never seemed Windows can't find graphics card to be found The drivers were installed however Windows Device Manager said that the device could not be found I purchased a new card - MSI MX -T MB DDR bit - and installed it I have a display and Windows finds the card drivers can be installed from the CD it came with or Windows installs them itself and then it finishes with quot Windows cannot find the hardware device quot So I tried new drivers Nothing I tried unistalling and going back Windows can't find graphics card to the on-board graphics Same issue Granted this was a pipe dream since they had the same issue as the new card I m running XP Home SP I have an ESC motherboard with a Windows can't find graphics card Via p vmm chipset P GHz and MB RAM I m software savvy but hardware petrified so any help I can get will be appreciated nbsp

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The problem A few weeks ago I began to notice that upon booting up my computer the animation 7 graphics bit Windows slow motion 64 that opens and closes windows on Windows 7 64 bit slow motion graphics my Windows 7 64 bit slow motion graphics desktop was being displayed in extreme slow motion Slow enough that I could clearly see every frame of animation In addition I was pretty surprised to see that any game I played would similarly run in slow motion My frame rate was excellent but everything on the screen would be going no faster than of its normal speed For a while rebooting once fixed the problem Then I had to reboot twice then three times in order to fix the issue Finally this morning no amount of rebooting will resolve the issue Things I have already tried Turning it off then on again Completely removing the catalyst control center and drivers and reinstalling the latest version A file integrity scan using CMD exe A checkdisk scan A furmark GPU stress test which confirms my graphics card is likely not damaged or failing A rollback to a previous configuration - this did nothing and was an enormous pain Ran a registry cleaning tool Ran a disk defrag Disabled aero which only masks the underlying problem as long as you don't try to play a game I am now at the point where I am faced with a complete reinstall which I not only absolutely do not want to do but which I am also not certain will work given the number of software related solutions that have failed to correct the issue what ever it is If anyone has any knowledge of what this problem is and how to solve it I would be grateful I have included my DxDiag in this post Thanks

A:Windows 7 64 bit slow motion graphics

Consider the following...

Anything done to the system shortly before this started happening? (ANY new apps/updates or games?)

Did this ever system ever get overclocked to your knowledge in any way shape or form?

Anyone been into the BIOS and make ANY changes there, before this began happening?

Done a full virus/trojan/malware scan lately?

Suffer from brownouts, blackouts, or voltage fluctuation in your area, at all?

You get NO BSODs and no instant system shutdowns or reboots, random or otherwise?

That sounds way too much like a driver issue, you have reinstalled the latest chipset driver for your motherboard and Direct-X, also?

I'd try another Catalyst version then the current, after a full uninstall of course. [ has tons of choice and reliable site, been using for years] You have run the tools to be sure you have a clean uninstall? I use's Driver Fusion for this now.
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Have been running Win on my little Samsung N laptot more or less as a test bed to see how well it can run on underpowered machines I was in the insider programme so was running it on everything I could Had this old laptot kicking around everyone had forgotten the password for so stuck it on here as well Had to install the GB memory before it 3150 10 graphics Windows Intel vs would accept updates but it was plodding along quite successfully if not quickly until recently Now running eval build The login screen is now a block of white any text is black squares The start menu looks like this and I can't get into the settings page through Intel 3150 vs Windows 10 graphics the button on the start menu However if I type control panel into search I can get into the old style no problem so it's something with the fancy win graphics and displays I know Intel 3150 vs Windows 10 graphics it's the GMA driver somehow if I manually go into device manager and update the driver to the Microsoft basic display adapter it all works I can see the start menu etc but I can't increase the resolution above x Have tried the quot latest quot drivers off Intel's site It doesn't list as an OS option so tried the recommended Win - drivers Warning that they were older than what I had which I ignored Intel 3150 vs Windows 10 graphics but same outcome Is this as far as this laptot can go with Win
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I'm stumped as to what my problem is--starting by posting in the Graphic Card area Two weeks ago my computer freaked out I'm running W Bit I had IE at the time but have since gone back to IE problem didn't correct itself The problem is everything I see on my screen in IE and some in Sarari and Netscape --- well it's not appearing as it should I see quot outlines quot around everything text that should be displayed isn't displayed pictures don't show up The Facebook hme page is missing the Facebook logo that kind of thing I Graphics, or problem Mail IE, Windows or have screen shots but am not sure how to share them--I'll try to attach a sample of a page in IE I know ZIP about computers so I'm stumped on how to know what is wrong I thought maybe I could reinstall IE and Windows Mail and see if that would fix it but can't find how to do that either All my auto-updates show that everything is updated Also---I have a lot of folders in Explorer with padlocks next to them and they didn't use to have padlocks next to them My quot desktop quot folder in Explorer is gone---thank goodness I had backed up the contents to another folder before that but it's not convenient to have the Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem folder Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem gone My recycle bin vanished from the desktop too and has a padlock on Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem it Stumped Please--can anyone help

A:Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

The padlocks on the folders concerned is telling you that you cannot view the contents without first having permission.

Do not attempt to change these folders as they are not real folders, they are just junction points that Windows 7 uses to ensure compatibility with legacy applications.

For you to see them your folder options must have been changed so that you can see hidden folders and protected system files.

I'm just wondering if you have a virus infection and because of that I'd suggest running a scan with Malwarebytes, which is very good.
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ever since I upgraded to windows 10 pc keeps crashing, ive got a ati radeon HD 4650 1gb
the only I can stop pc crashing is to disable the card, any way to stop this

A:graphics card crashing on windows 10

What driver version are you using?
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Hi everyone,
i really need help with my graphics card sis mirage 3.
Basically i upgraded from vista home basic to windows 7 proffesional.
When the installation finished the screen resulotion now is 1024x768
this resulotion is not good because on vista the resolution was 1280x768
and now windows 7 has given me 1024x768(highest)
i updated the igu driver and restarted.
when i restarted the screen kept on scrolling down several times.
so i had to use system restore point to take me back to where i was on the computer.Plz help me..

A:sis mirage 3 graphics problem with windows 7

Silicon Integrated Systems (hereafter as “SiS”) is the chipset provider for computers, motherboards, VGA cards, network adapters and/ or other electrical devices in Taiwan. You may download the driver or software of the chipset in this website for test purpose. IF YOU NEED THE DRIVER OR SOFTWARE OF THE CHIPSET, SIS HEREBY RECOMMEND YOU TO OBTAIN TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND DRIVERS OR SOFTWARE FROM THE DISTRIBUTOR OR MANUFACTURER OF YOUR HARDWARE DEVICE FIRST BEFORE INSTALLING SIS DRIVER OR SOFTWARE FROM THIS WEBSITE.


Please provide make, exact model and all info available for your computer for assistance please.
Adding the info to "My Sysyem Specs" is preferable.
Click UserCP tab at top of this page.

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On July I installed Windows Pro -bit on my T with ATI Radeon X graphics The driver installed during the upgrade was a Microsoft generic driver that made icons tiles and text grossly distorted driver for 10 T60 graphics Windows card nbsp The T60 graphics card driver for Windows 10 solution is to download and install the Lenovo Vista version for -bit and -bit systems of the ATI Mobility Radeon driver for the listed Lenovo computers nbsp http support lenovo com T60 graphics card driver for Windows 10 us en downloads ds nbsp Alternatively to find the above link do a Google search for T Vista ATI driver nbsp This package installs the software display driver to enable the following video chips on the system board - ATI Mobility Radeon X - ATI Mobility Radeon X - ATI Mobility FireGL V - ATI Mobility FireGL V Supported ThinkPad systems with ATI video chipsets - R - T T p Machine types xx xx xx - Z m Z pAlthough the Supported Operating Systems are - Microsoft Windows Vista -bit- Microsoft Windows Vista -bit ThinkPad R ThinkPad T T p Machine types xx xx xx and ThinkPad Z m Z p the driver works on Windows and undoubtedly on Windows nbsp Update the system BIOS to nbsp nbsp nbsp ThinkPad T T p Version a or higher nbsp nbsp nbsp ThinkPad T T p widescreen Version or higher nbsp nbsp nbsp ThinkPad Z m Z p Version or higher nbsp nbsp nbsp ThinkPad R Version or higherThis driver package requires the Microsoft NET Framework nbsp Microsoft NET Framework installs if it is not installed on your system nbsp Instructions for checking BIOS version https support lenovo com us en documents ht nbsp My Installation instructions it may be prudent to read the ReadMe txt file at the download site are slightly different from the ReadMe txt instructions however these are steps I needed to follow to install the driver nbsp Download the version driver d ww exe Click Save as and save it to a new folder e g Vista ATI Radeon Driver After the download finishes it happens quickly Double Click d ww exe and allow it to runI recommend writing down the path during this operation as your path may differ from the path that followsNavigate to Local Disk C Drivers Win Video where the setup file will be locatedDouble click setup exe logged on with administrative privileges As I recall the file extracts and then installs the driverFollow the instructions on the screenDuring the installation you should notice the desktop icons changing size shapeAt the Select Components screen click ExpressClick FinishRestart Windows A red ATI icon ATI Catalyst Control Center appears in the tray Right click it to open Catalyst Control Center The displayed default settings work fine on my T nbsp The downside after rebooting or restarting my T a warning about Catalyst Control Center being unsupported appears Clicking OK hides the warning until the next restart nbsp nbsp Obviously this is untrue as ATI Catalyst Control Center appears in the tray I assume this is an artifact of using a Vista driver nbsp I tried updating the driver The result showed the installed driver to be the newest version so I wouldn t bother doing this Leave well enough alone nbsp To verify that the ATI adapter is enabled Right click the Start button gt select Device Manager gt expand Display adapters gt right click ATI Mobility Radeon gt select Properties Click the Driver tab Verify that the device is enabled The driver can also be updated from here
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My system is

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit
Graphics Card: AMD Sapphire HD6570
Motherboard: Intel DG33BU

I've bought the graphics card recently, and after replacing it my system doesn't recognise there's a graphics card, I've changed the BIOS to PCE-I but it doesn't pick up. I can't install the drivers as the PC doesn't recognise that I have a graphics card in (I'm using integrated graphics). The graphics card itself seems to be working because the fan spins.

Tried to update anything, though a program I used did say that my BIOS wasn't updated, though I couldn't find drivers to update it (using Welcome to BIOSAgentPlus) so any thoughts?

A:Graphics Card not being picked up, Windows 7, 32 bit

Go into the BIOS and disable the onboard video, that should work!
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I recently upgraded my OS to windows 10 and was looking for Drivers. All the other drivers are working fine except NVIDYA HD Graphics Drivers (prompted as corrupted on my laptop)  for hp15-r245tx. I would request you to replace the software with the working one. thanks
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Hi My problem I've been having random blue screens during boot for around a month While starting Windows sometimes it would freeze during the quot Starting Windows quot screen and fail to boot The crashes are occasional Besides I would get occasional flashes distortions when I run games Here are the system specs OS - Windows x Motherboard - GIGABYTE EP -US L Video Card - Nvidia Geforce GTX Ti around months old upgraded from GT Power Supply - GTR AP- X W around BSODs driver Graphics - Windows 7 months old Custom build What Graphics driver BSODs - Windows 7 I did After analyzing the dump files with quot BlueScreenView quot from Graphics driver BSODs - Windows 7 NirSoft I suspected that quot nvlddmkm sys quot was causing the crashes which turned out to be Nvidia related I re-installed Graphics driver BSODs - Windows 7 the Nvidia graphics driver and seemed to solve the problem for to weeks Unfortunately the blue screens came back a few days ago I tried updating the Nvidia driver to install with disc and rolling it back to but still crashes occur Right now I can only boot into Safe Mode or when the Nvidia drivers are uninstalled Attached are the documents required by the Instructions Thread Thanks for any advice

A:Graphics driver BSODs - Windows 7


"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception".

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have caused earlier OS's like XP to crash.

As a last resort, the TDR subsystem sends the video driver a "please restart yourself now!" command and waits a few seconds.

If there's no response, the OS concludes that the video driver/hardware combo has truly collapsed in a heap, and it fires off that stop 0x116 BSOD.

If playing with video driver versions hasn't helped, make sure the box is not overheating.

Try removing a side panel and aiming a big mains fan straight at the motherboard and GPU.

Run it like that for a few hours or days - long enough to ascertain whether cooler temperatures make a difference.

If so, it might be as simple as dust buildup and subsequently inadequate cooling.

I would download cpu-z and gpu-z (both free) and keep an eye on the video temps
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I upgraded my system to Windows a couple of months ago and everything seemed to be working OK A few weeks ago however I started having various problems Windows S50-B-15N Satellite issue Graphics 10 booting the system - usually black screen Uninstalling the AMD Radeon R M driver usually results in the system booting with a windows driver error message however windows keeps updating the driver and then the system fails Satellite S50-B-15N Windows 10 Graphics issue to boot again Using Toshiba service station does not indicate there are any driver updates available so everything seems to be up to date I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing the Intel HD Graphics Satellite S50-B-15N Windows 10 Graphics issue driver too and that also seems to have some effect of temporarily allowing the system to boot but with a Windows AMD driver error message and again eventually Windows updates the drivers to latest version and then the system no longer works again The only way I can get the thing to work is to boot into safe mode and disable the AMD Radeon R M driver Are there known issues with Windows and the graphics drivers This is driving me nuts
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I downloaded a Windows update which included optional AMD updates.  Since then, I'm having graphics problems when playing games on Facebook.  It also updated IE to 10 even when I unchecked the box.
I did a Windows System Recovery but it's still not fixed.
I'm running Windows 7 x64 and have Norton 360 and use CCleaner on a regular basis.  I was using AdAware but uninstalled it when I got a pop-up from Norton about a conflict.  Earlier today I installed Malwarebyte with no threats detected in a Quick Scan.  I try to be diligent but I guess something got by me.
If you need any other info, please let me know.

A:Graphics problem after Windows update

updating drivers from Windows update should be done only if there is no updated driver is available from the manufacturer's site (or you have a problem with the driver provided by manufacturer). If you have a desktop, ATI and NVidia drivers can be downloaded from their site.
So uninstall the AMD driver currently installed (control Panel --> Programs) and download the latest driver from below link.
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I have an older video card with AMD HD Radeon Graphics My Windows system has dual P displays In windows it was necessary to use the Scaling option found in the AMD Catalyst Control Center CCC to properly size the image on the HDMI display picture attached If I update to Windows the CCC and the old driver will be removed 4000 10. AMD graphics Windows on HD series by Windows and AMD HD 4000 series graphics on Windows 10. a new Windows driver AMD HD 4000 series graphics on Windows 10. will be installed but with no CCC I would like to take advantage of the free Windows upgrade but I m not sure if the Windows driver will include this Scaling Option The Windows driver does not use CCC where scaling was found in Windows The driver is dated Jan and is version It looks like AMD provided the driver specifically to support HD series cards on Windows While AMD provided the driver my understanding is that it is only available thru Windows Update and is the only driver for AMD HD series Graphics with Windows support Information about the driver is found here https community amd com docs DOC- scroll down to where it first mentions HD and Series Graphics Can anyone tell me if this Windows driver version supports the scaling feature

A:AMD HD 4000 series graphics on Windows 10.

Solved ATI Radeon HD 4200 driver for 64-bit Windows 10? - Windows 10 Forums

Especially posts #8 and #18

However, are you sure you HDTV doesn't have an overscan aspect setting? My cheap Westinghouse TV from Target has an overscan aspect setting that makes the 1920 x 1080p resolution from my HD 4650 fill the screen perfectly with the Windows 10 drivers (which doesn't have scaling settings).
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Hi Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question but the problem started after activating my copy of Windows so I guess so but could equally be hardware issue perhaps read on My PC is a new build activating windows 7 after graphics jerky only software installed besides the OS is a game Fallout plus Firefox and a few applications that were shipped with the motherboard graphics card etc I ran the system for a month or so offline without activating Windows as I did not want to run a cable from the router Eventually I got fed jerky graphics after activating windows 7 up of the implied accusation of being a software pirate for all and sundry to see that you will know about if you have run a non-activated version of win so I got a wireless PCI adaptor After installing first thing I did was to activate Win and run Windows update This is where jerky graphics after activating windows 7 my problem started Now I m not new to computers but neither am I fluent and I m not a great problem solver But it makes sense to me that the problem is either due to a hardware conflict of some kind after installing the network card Linksys wmp n or otherwise the activate updated Win components are disagreeing with my system in some way What I can say is that my system was running as sweetly as I had hoped after spending quite a bit of cash on the components but after installing the wmp n and activating updating Win things went wrong Its unfortunate that I did these two things quickly in succession removing my chance to eliminate one or the other as the cause I m completely new to vista so could really do with some help to fix this Oh yeah - the problem The graphics has become jerky This is apparent if in Windows itself or gaming actually game is now unplayable First became apparent as the mouse pointer jerking sticking every few seconds - I thought it was a mouse problem at first but then I started to move around windows a bit and noticed that it is as if the whole pc pauses for a fraction of a second ever - seconds or so Help and advice will be gratefully received Drivers are all up to date to best of my knowledge Thanks nbsp