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Mouse: Roccat kone drivers problem

Q: Mouse: Roccat kone drivers problem


I havent got roccat kone drivers to work, anyone else had problem with mouse? Should i install first drivers then connect usb cable ?

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Preferred Solution: Mouse: Roccat kone drivers problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mouse: Roccat kone drivers problem

yes install drivers first then plug in.
You may need to reboot also
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Hey there to jump right in i got myself a whole new system win x with all new peripherals including a Roccat Kone Now after first installing Windows and afterwards the drivers for the mouse as well it was working flawless with both kind of drivers - windows roccat ones after i changed the LED colors of the mouse it failed to move buttons would work mouse wheel is fully funtional - only the cursor won't move by now i figured out that this is due to the surface on which the mouse lies on my mousepad multi-colored - nothing on my desk wodden brownish tones - only very flickery on the black-colored quot shiny quot user manual - working but on the black-colored quot not shiny quot backside of my mousepad - again nothing i did try to calibrate turned calibration on off un- and reinstalled the drivers tried with only windows standard drivers everything possible really i can't really believe that something broke down hardware-like as i said i have been using problem Mouse - Roccat Kone the mouse normally untill i simply switched the colors config-wise the mouse did not fell down didn't bump into anything or vice versa no liquids involved or whatsoever so this might not be totally related Mouse problem - Roccat Kone to win but maybe someone could still shed some light into this currently i'm rather desperate since i only got a spare laptop mouse which leaves me with approx cm Mouse problem - Roccat Kone of space to move the mouse around since its cable is too short every help is appreciate and my apologies if this is too off-topic regards jan

A:Mouse problem - Roccat Kone

This is a first, had not seen anyone with this problem before. Did you remove both the Roccat and MS mouse drivers, if not try that then install only the Roccat drivers. Wish I could be of more help.

Also, BTW, Welcome To The Seven Forums, and thank you for filling in your system specs.
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So, my wonderful mouse Roccat Kone doesn't work. I've read that other people have used Kone succesfully under W7, but I just can't understand why it isn't working for me. I installed the driver and then launched the 64-bit version of DPInst.exe. The LED's are working just fine, they're emitting the blue light, but the cursos won't move anywhere when I move the mouse.

Any ideas on how should I start to solve this or how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Roccat Kone not working

Maybe this helps you:

Mouse: Roccat kone drivers problem

For the guy here it worked
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Hello, I Recently Bought A Roccat Kone And When I Am Using It, The Cursor Shakes Like If There Would Be An Earthquake... Ive Tryed Using Tcu And I Calibrated Like.. 6 Times.. Any Help Here ? -Thanks

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Ok so just last week I bought me a new computer to play games on I plugged in my brand new Roccat Kone and started using it It worked like a charm So today I decided to install the their driver to optimize my mouse and all that I first downloaded their latest driver V FW But when the download finished I apparently didn't have all the required files to install the driver so I needed to download the torrent again This happened a lot of times ruined my Roccat computer Kone+ and eventually I decided rather to download the nd newest driver Roccat Kone+ ruined my computer V FW This torrent had all the files it needed to be install and I immediately I installed it I ran the setup with the Roccat Mouse connected to the computer I didn't find out that I where supposed to do that without the mouse connected to the computer So when the installer was finished the mouse stopped working The LED lights turned themselves off and yeah it pretty much stopped I tried to restart my computer a number of times but it didn't work I've been to Device Roccat Kone+ ruined my computer Manager and it says that my mouse is located by the computer but just not working So I hooked up another mouse to the computer to see if the problem lies in the mice or it's driver itself but that mice didn't work any better than the Kone Roccat Kone+ ruined my computer did I went to get my laptop Windows Vista and plugged in the Kone there but no it didn't work their either But the odd thing is that my nd mouse worked on the laptop And on my new computer I've reinstalled the driver a bunch of times but it just won't fix it Is there anyone that can help me solve this problem Any help will be appreciated Sincerely A Scandinavian in need

A:Roccat Kone+ ruined my computer

Why did you download a torrent file to get the driver? Did you try going to the manufacturers web site for the driver?
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i am not able to download roccat kone drivers from this site
ROCCAT STUDIOS V3.0 - SUPPORT » ROCCAT Kone » Driver Download
and after googling a lot i am not able to find on net either .If some have plz mail me or upload on rapidshare.Been trying for 3 days no success.

thx in advance

A:roccat kone driver download

Hi iam (and I'm sure you're not) a very warm welcome to seven forums.
I have a Roccat Kone mouse and got it when they first came out. I think they are great in every way apart from the drivers.
I'm at work now so I can't tell you which driver I am using but I doubt it's the most recent.
I always had problems when re-installing the OS. I would download the Roccat driver, put it on a USB stick but it wouldn't install.
I found the only way to install it was a fresh download from the Roccat site.
But you are unable to download it at all?
Perhaps the Roccat site is having problems.
If I were you I'd google "cannot download Roccat Kone driver" and see what comes up.
I'm working all night tonight but when I get home tomorrow I will certainly send you the driver I am using.
As I say I don't know whether it's the latest but it's working perfectly in all 3 x64 OSs I'm using.
But, as I've also said, I never was able to install the driver from a USB or from my documents. It just seemed that it had to be straight from Roccat and installed straight away.
Very odd really.
I'll check this thread tomorrow to see if you've sorted it, if not I'll send you mine and you can try that.
Cheers, John
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Im looking at getting a new mouse, and i'v got it dwindled down to the 3 above, i tried a mouse recently that took the strength of ten men to press the mouse wheel button down, and would then release itself whilst i was still pressing it, or it would activate the scrolling action, this was really frustrating as with my old mouse this was not a problem, so i got rid of it.
Which of these is in your opinions is the better gameing mouse? And which has a mouse wheel button thats easy to press but doesnt activate the wheel? I realise everyone will use different pressures with their mice but im just looking for a guide. (I also use the claw grip.)
Cheers all.

Iv trawled the net for reviews and am currently leaning towards the kone.
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Hello, ive been using my Roccat Kone for like 1 month. Then the other day ive rebooted my computer, and it just stopped working. Ive been reinstalling the driver and so on but didnt help. I installed everything again, and when im gonna update the FirmWare, it says "Update Fails"

please help.


A:Roccat Kone FW Update Fail

I have the same problem.
I have a Toshiba laptop and windows 7 x64.
Tried to reinstall multiple times with each version of the drivers, but the computer just doesn't detect the mouse : I don't get any message when I plug the USB so mouse doesn't even light up because there is no power supply :s I've installed the mouse on another computer 1 week ago (and i just tried to plug it on another laptop on which I got the message of usb detection) so i think it is not a hardware problem.
The driver program doesn't launch, the Firmware update option fails, and when I install the Dpinst.exe 64 it says the hardware is ready to be plugged.
Windows is up to date and everything else woks fine.

I don't know what to do, is there a way to force the detection of an usb port? Or a way to fully remove roccat kone drivers (that may not be deleted with the uninstall) to try a new install?

Thank you for help, I'm desperate with my funky old mouse.
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Ok, so I'm running Windows 8 on a Mac via Parallels. I don't think that part matters, but I thought I'd say it anyway. I got the mouse a few days ago, and it works fine I can plug it in and use for League with no problem. The problem occurs when I download the driver. It downloads, and I try to change the sensitivity, or colors or anything and I'll click apply, it will seem to change but nothing actually changes at all. I can't even calibrate the TCU.

Can someone please help me with this problem? It's been driving me nuts!!!

And if it's not for Windows 8, when will it come out???
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Hi So i have been searching a while for a new mouse and my eyes has been stuck to the Roccat Kone Xtd Though it has Xtd buying Roccat vs? for i laser Should or optical Kone worth wait a laser sensor and i dont know how much it has been improved since Roccat Kone Xtd laser worth buying or Should i wait for optical vs? the time they had way to much acceleration I have been using some cheap laser mice and well they work but Geez they are soo terrible like Roccat Kone Xtd laser worth buying or Should i wait for optical vs? I cant controll it While my Optical Gaming mice is super precise Now The laser mice is puerly cheap garbage but i wonder The roccat kone xtd's sensor is a very high performce sensor but when i look at the specs it has G of acceleration It this good or bad im a total newbie to mouse sensors And if you know Will the roccat's sensor be better than my Razer Deathadder G's Will i notice a difference becouse i have accually got some problems with my optical razer not beeing able to give me enough dpi i need over K sometimes And last There is an optical version of the Roccat but i really want to be able to use it on pretty much every surface and not having the mouse to freak out becouse it doesent like the surface so for me Laser kone or Optical Kone

A:Roccat Kone Xtd laser worth buying or Should i wait for optical vs?

i use a wireless R.A.T 9 (wired version is a rat 7) it has a laser sensor and has a DPI of 6400 (at that speed i cant control it in game!!) As well as 50g of acceleration.. i dont think my arm can move that fast.. It uses a twin beam method one records the x and the other the y axis, so it give pin point accuracy. Ive tried many of mouse of the years and this is by far the best.
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Hello anyone know if there is drivers for Windows 8 x64 build 8250 for a Roccat Kone?

A:Drivers for Roccat Mouse

I have the Roccat Kova+ and the drivers for it work on Win 8
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Hi Folks.

I've got a very odd problem.
I have a Roccat Kone mouse which I am delighted with. However, since installing W7 (lots of builds over the last 6 months but now alleged RTM),
I've noticed that my mouse pointer flickers in and out of existence when browsing
This is so bad that I cannot use the site.
I thought it was just in W7 but now when I boot into Vista x64 I get the same problem with Digg.
I'm not sure how long this problem has been there. I only noticed it with the latest RTM leak and then I checked Vista, which I hadn't been using much, and it's happening there too.
I contacted Roccat and they say the usual stuff about not supporting W7 yet and then go on to say they have no idea why it's happening in Vista and with (so far) just one website.
Anybody got any ideas?

Cheers, John

A:V.strange Digg/Kone Mouse problem

deja vu?

i'm sure i've heard this one before...

try this, or this (if you haven't already )- good luck!
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A few minutes ago I got a BSOD palying Battlefield I haven't seen a bsod since i stopped overclocking months ago The cpu and everything are (Roccat BF4 mouse?) BSOD not overclocked and are on stock settings in the bios I suspect it's the new Mouse i got today the Roccat Kone XTD I installed the latest driver and used the software to set up and experiment with profiles and such Then about minutes into a game I toggled the profiles and dpi a few times and the game froze and immediately went BF4 BSOD (Roccat mouse?) to bsod I have since gone back to my old mouse and uninstalled the new mouse drivers and software our of fear that they're causing it Here's a picture Attachment I do have bluescreenview but I don't know how to do it or attach any info about it Can anyone help Bluescreens freak me out because I rely on this pc for everything Thanks guys so much Edit I found how to attach the log thing So here it is Attachment Edit after uninstalling new mouse stuff I started playing bf again and It froze after about minutes but this time no BSOD just a quot Battlefield has stopped working quot message and closed it with task manager So could it just be Bf I was playing it earlier today with no issues Installing the mouse software started this it seems Edit I restarted the PC and performed a Repair Game of bf from Origin just in case it was a game bug After that I played for the past minutes without any freeze or bsod Does that mean I possibly fixed it

A:BF4 BSOD (Roccat mouse?)

Ok and update.
Today I updated the bios and chipset to the latest versions as supplied by the Mobo manufacturer (Asus). I also ran memtest86+ for a single pass, and found no issues. I ran prime95 for about an hour, just to see if any quick problems came up, and none did. I'm still on stock clocks. So far no BSOD with a half hour of game.
I also set the bios to run the default xmp profile for my 1600mhz ram. I'm not sure if I did that before...

I suspect that it could either be the mouse itself, or possibly the new mouse's software interfering with the old mouses software, but is that even possible?
Today and tomorrow, I'll test it with and without the mouse, and see if any issues come up.

I also thought that this could be a random occurrence of my mobo not supplying enough voltage to the cpu in an effort to save power like a built in power saving mode. Why it happened now instead of anytime in the past months is simply because of randomness. Just a possibility.
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Hello everybody!
So today I received my new Roccat Kiro Gaming mouse and I unboxed it and then of course plugged it in my laptop. Everything worked fine. Then I decided to install official Roccat software that would allow me to change some settings on the mouse. I had to update the software and mouse's Firmware as well. But then it said that I have to unplug and plug in the USB connector. I did it and it said that Firmware Update Failed. After that my mouse doesn't work at all. My laptop doesn't detect it and I don't know what to do. I contacted Roccat Support and the shop that I purchased my mouse from. If you have any idea how could I bring back my mouse back to life, then please tell me. I would like to hear anything that comes in your mind.
Thank you for answers.
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Does anyone know where to get a replacement microphone piece for this? I found one place that used to supply them but doesn't anymore, and googling "roccat kave microphone replacement" or similar just gets forum posts about people asking if the roccat kave is a good replacement for X headset.
The problem is that after muting it and unmuting it yesterday the microphone has become really insensitive and now if i press the mute button it makes a loud pop that anyone I'm in a call with can hear.
Is this fixable or does the mic part need to just be replaced?
(I bought this from amazon last month)
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I have purchased a Roccat Kone XTD Gaming mouse last night and I am having some problems installing the drivers for it. (Alien FX)
When I am about to start the installation, the setup program freezes as in it does not allow me to advance with the installation. It makes a Windows sound every time I try clicking Next or anywhere else on the window as if something else was open from the same program, however there was nothing. I have tried running it multiple times, I tried restarting my pc, I also tried a custom installation but that resulted into the same problem shortly after.
I have a Lenovo Y500 Laptop, with Windows 10 64bit OS.
Here are two screenshots of the program on the point where I am unable to continue;
Is there a solution for this? Does this happen often? Hopefully someone can help me. :)
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This all started like last week i plugged my iphone in and then suddenly my keyboard was not working i tryed to unplug and replug it in but nothing so i decided to reset after trying to turn it back on my monitor and keyboard were not starting i didnt hear the beep sound from my motherboard either it takes like - times of turning my computer off and on to get it to finaly work So everytime i turn it off theres a chance then drivers mouse,keyboard,monitor,usb random problem either my monitor mouse keyboard or usb slots arent working i have windows xp sp AMD mouse,keyboard,monitor,usb drivers random problem phenom II X processor SAPPHIRE HDMI Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Hard Drive Kingston HyperX GB x GB -Pin mouse,keyboard,monitor,usb drivers random problem DDR SDRAM DDR Desktop Memory Model KHX D K G GIGABYTE GA-MA -UD AM AM AMD ATX AMD Motherboard PS i built this computer myself my brother pretty much put it together back in like may and this problem just started also something i noticed is that when i open my disc drive i sometimes lose my wireless connection EDIT now my computer will not turn on at all the light blinks and all the fans run for about seconds and thats it Update i tryed to go thro and unplug things to see what the problem is and it seems like when i take out the processor the computer actually runs but if i keep it in and unplug something like the video card it doesnt work soo would this be a processor problem or a power supply problem nbsp
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Hey all I had a recent round of Windows updates for Vista and one of them apparently killed my mouse I have a generic Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard The keyboard Recent and/or kill mouse update mouse windows drivers operation continued to work just fine but not the mouse Vista recognizes the mouse as a quot HID-compliant mouse quot My guess is that something happens to the drivers after one of the updates Anyway I used System Restore to return my Recent windows update kill mouse drivers and/or mouse operation computer to the period just before installing the updates and the mouse worked again Here is a list of the updates--I presume one of them is the cause Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer in Windows Vista KB Security Update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows Vista KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Security Update for Windows Vista KB Update for Windows Vista KB Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - April KB Update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter April KB Security Update for Microsoft Office Visio KB Update for Microsoft Office Outlook Junk Email Filter KB Update for the Microsoft Office System KB Obviously my next step would be to install each update individually and try to identify the potential cause but before doing that I thought I'd come here and see if anyone has heard about this sort of thing happening before and how to work around it Thanks in advance

A:Recent windows update kill mouse drivers and/or mouse operation

Bump to the top.
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Hi, sorry, not very good at this sort of thing, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

1) Thursday night - mouse was working. Sunday evening, mouse is not working.
2) In the device manager it tells me I have two HID-compliant mouse drivers, location: "On USB Input Device" - I only have one USB input for my mouse. I tried disabling one of the drivers to see if it was a conflict problem. No luck.

Any ideas? The mouse is a "Wireless Optical Mouse M/N:SM-502C"

Thanks for reading

A:Mouse stopped working after weekend away/appear to have two mouse drivers?

If you Goggle / bing / yahoo this info you you get ??

ciderlout said:

The mouse is a "Wireless Optical Mouse M/N:SM-502C"Click to expand...

I got this

The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
Click to expand...
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Its a cicero mini mouse, it works fine on desktop but notthe laptop. Its USB, and I have even tried disabling my touchpad.
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If you require drivers for windows 10 for ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital headset, try their German site:
ROCCAT® ? Set the Rules \

A:ROCCAT Kave XTD Driver

Thanks for the link! It worked like a champ for me!
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Hi guys New here so I hope I'm not out of line asking for help and that I'm asking correctly I've exhausted my own ideas on this but the problem is driving me IN SANE THE ISSUE When using an external USB mouse with my ASUS Win laptop the mouse randomly lifts up and re-clicks while clicking or while dragging despite the button remaining consistently depressed resulting in selection of the wrong objects inadvertent double-clicks and incorrect dragging From what I can tell this affects only the left click and not the right WHAT I'VE TRIED Laptop touchpad - no problem Everything works fine with the built-in touchpad Another mouse - same problem These are wired mice so it's not a battery or connection issue Another USB port - same problem in all four There's no visible issue with the motion of the mouse cursor so it seems to be communicating OK via USB Safe Mode - no problem from what I can tell The wired USB mouse seems to click and drag as normal in Safe mouse. Mouse external Mode. OK. OK problem: Mouse Any Touchpad in Safe Mode Mouse Settings - no effect Adjusting the click double-click drag settings doesn't seem to change anything System Resources - no effect Clicking dragging seems to show the same results in the RAM CPU monitors whether I'm Mouse problem: Any external mouse. Touchpad OK. Mouse OK in Safe Mode. having the problem with the mouse or performing the same actions without the problem with the trackpad WHAT I CANNOT FIGURE OUT What Mouse problem: Any external mouse. Touchpad OK. Mouse OK in Safe Mode. haven't I ruled out What else could be causing the issue The problem came on suddenly after about a year but I can't pinpoint the moment because I didn't use an external mouse for a while maybe eight weeks and when I plugged it in again the problem had appeared In that time I don't think I had installed any new software or made significant voluntary changes to the PC As a designer illustrator it's frustrating to use the touchpad for detailed vector work so I'm pretty crippled by the loss of the external mouse Does anyone have any ideas at all about what I've overlooked Even a clever workaround would be really helpful if there is such a thing I'll be very grateful Thanks

A:Mouse problem: Any external mouse. Touchpad OK. Mouse OK in Safe Mode.

Hey mate, and welcome,

Possible problem:
1. Mouse itself is bad. Either the button itself or internally
2. Driver is not at its best

Going to the mouse manufacture website to download the most recent driver for your Windows 7, either 32 or 64 bit. If it doesn't work, try without any driver (so that windows driver takes over).
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Which of these two headsets is best for gaming and music? Which has better bass?

Thanks, James.
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My question kave headset 5.1 Roccat roccat kave headset works fine on my main computer because it has Roccat kave 5.1 headset question all mm jacks Roccat kave 5.1 headset question and the usb close enough and they re all the right colour But if I want to use it with my laptop I have a slight problem my laptop s soundcard has a pink a green and a blue mm port it s a pretty old soundcard made for basic mics with just a pink and green or black mm jack Roccat kave 5.1 headset question On the roccat kave Pink jack microphone Green jack front speakers in headset Black Jack rear speakers in headset Orange jack centre speakers and subwoofer Which jack should I plug into which port to get the best possible result My current theory pink jack goes into pink port to match mic with mic and then it doesn t matter which one goes into the green port it will only determine which of the speakers the sound is played out of because the soundcard is designed to play all the sound out of the green port I have no clue what the blue port does I would also like to thank the person who helped me on here last time I had a problem which was with my graphics card about a year ago where my computer would shut down in any game that had even a slightly high demand for graphics nbsp

A:Roccat kave 5.1 headset question

The blue port is usually Line In. Unless your sound card has a control for the port assignment, you would not be able to use it for your headphones.
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ive recently received a pair of roccat kave headset. it uses 5 connectors. usb, pink, green, black and orange. So as you can see, a 5.1 surround sound card is required. Upon purchasing my pc I had selected the on board 7.1 sound option. However I only have 3 jacks on the rear. green pink and blue. I do have a mic and headphone jackat the front which arent coloured

I was wondering if I have to purchase a 5.1 surround sound card to use the headset or is there something else that I can do.

my motherboard: Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
case: zalman z9
os: windows 7 home premium 64bit

link to headset: [...] 5-1/#crb_2
link to motherboard: [...] 15&dl=1#sp

any feedback is much appreciated

A:Roccat Kave 5.1 jack connection query

The motherboard specs says it does support 5.1 audio. You should be able to configure the audio ports through the audio settings in the control panel for 5.1 audio. The roccat kave headset should work fine using the 3 rear audio ports... Does the roccat kave headset have any instructions included?
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As the title says roccat kave xtd 5.1 analog static noise, gets worst when i move my mouse.

Any ideas what could be causing this?
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I have the Asrock Z68 Pro3-M motherboard, is it compatible with the Roccat Kave headset? The headset uses real 5.1 surround sound and I would like to utilize this feature.
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Is the Roccat Kave headset compatible with my motherboard?

Your motherboard has an integrated 7.1 sound adapter, so yes you can use a 5.1 sound device on it. Any sound or speaker system up to 7.1 is compatible with that motherboard's sound adapter. With a 5.1 sound device it just means you don't use all four speaker output jacks on the PC, you just use three of them.
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I had put my laptop into hibernation with my basic optical mouse plugged in. When I took the computer out of hibernation, the mouse lit up but did not work. The add new hardware wizard also popped up. Now windows doesn't recognize the mouse anymore, and it doesn't show up in the control pannel or the device mamager. It did not come with a driver CD and I cannot find drivers. Any suggestions?

A:PnP Mouse drivers gone

Try Windows Update...may have the driver you need there :-)
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I have an optical mouse I want to use with my Dell laptop. Unfortunately when I plug into the USB port the system fails to recognise and install any drivers for the mouse.

The mouse is a novelty mouse - hence no specific details of manufacturer - but assume is pretty standard under the surface.

Any clues how to make the mouse work?
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I purchased a new Toshiba laptop that has an touch pad mouse I want to be able to change settings on it but driver is just standard windows no ability to stop tap of pad or scroll on pad


A:mouse pad drivers

Try looking on their website to see if they have an update for the Mouse only...
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hi, is it possible that my pc has got dos drivers only for mouse? it is plugged into a serial port,but there is no serial port or input devices on my pc when you look in system info. No other mouse will work on the pc only the one which came with it,(I was given this pc,so do not know much about it).only that it is quite old,has internet access,runs win98,office 2000 ect. slow processor,dont know the motherboard............I need to enable the serial port but do not know how as I think this is reason I can not change mouse,It is a ps/2 mouse with adapter to change it to serial and I have treid various others but pc did not detect mouse ect.can anyone help,it is driving me mad
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I am bald now after 2 days of pulling my hair out. I have checked with, ASUS, Yahoo and went through google and I can not find these drivers. I have a Win98 machine and the PS2 isn't a card per si, but one that ties into the motherboard.

It is an ASUS TX97-E motherboard and it's for a PS2 mouse....any ideas on finding the drivers?


A:PS2 Mouse drivers

Well, Windows has all the required drivers for a PS2 port and mouse, you should ne need to install any to get the mouse to function.

I Have two suggestions
1). try a different mouse
2). Check in the BIOS to see if the PS2 port is enabled.

This is a very old port socket 7 board, which was made around the time when PS2 mice were just becoming the standard, if all else fails, get a Serial mouse.
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I've had a strange issue recently, where my mouse drivers (Logitech Setpoint and Synaptics Touchpad Enhancements) suddently started using up one entire CPU core, which of course slowed my whole system down immensely. After killing the processes in Task Manager everything went back to normal.

Is there any known problem with these drivers? I'm on Windows 7 Pro x64.

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I use a Dell USB Optical Mouse, M/N M-UVDEL1, with my Dimension 4700. The mouse doesn't seem to be working right. I can't find a CD for the mouse that came with the system, and when I check the Dell site for drivers in the Mouse and Keyboard section, it doesn't list any (for either Mouse or Keyboard). How should I find the driver for the mouse, or alternatively, how do I improve, or repair, the mouse behavior? Thanks.Larry

A:USB Optical Mouse Drivers???

You shouldn't need any drivers for a plain-old 3 button mouse.  Windows should handle it fine with the built in drivers.   I would try the mouse on another system.  It could be broken. (I got a Dell optical mouse from another system, plugged it into this one and it worked fine without any drivers)  Peter
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I am using a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800, and a Logitech M510 mouse, and noticed that there are two HID compliant Microsoft drivers installed for each in the Device Manager. On boot, the BIOS reports 2 keyboards and 2 mice.

I found this when trying fix the problem of an occasionally frozen keyboard, on trying to select a boot on the GRUB menu, or even to access the BIOS. This problem also occurs with Logitech keyboards as well. This is a dual boot Windows 7 and Xubuntu.
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Background I'm somewhat of a techie not much Been playing around with Windows recently bit Just need some help advice I Up PS/2 Mouse Drivers Messed have an old Logitech MX mouse and I wanted to install the Logitech Messed Up Mouse PS/2 Drivers software so I could program the buttons Turns out Logitech doesn't offer anything past XP So I downloaded the XP versionof the software and ran it on my Windows in compatibility mode for XP SP as administrator Everything installed but the mouse software didn't work Windows driver was overriding Logitech probably because it was more recent So I tried uninstalling the logitech stuff seeing as it didn't work Unfortunately I got an error saying I was missing a file i prt sys and therefore the software could not be uninstalled Hm I looked up the file and supposedly it should be in Windows System Drivers I didn't have it so I thought I'd be smart I copied the file from my old Windows XP directories and pasted it into the correct location ran the uninstall and everything was removed easily Cool so after that was done I thought that well I shouldn't leave a random file around in my systems folder so I tried deleting it Turns out I couldn't delete the file I had pasted i prt sys because I no longer had permission As administrator this was kinda weird so I looked at who had permission Only System and TrustedInstaller I'm guessing this came from the Logitech software installer had full permission As admin I could only read and execute Looked around at some of the other files I have in my Drivers folder and the permissions were all similar Administrator didn't have permission for most of the files but TrustedInstaller did So anyone know if this is a problem or anything Everything seems to be working fine but it kinda irks me that even as admin I can't touch many files On a side note I'm curious to know if the i prt sys file was there originally and got deleted or if it's only there because I put it there I would appreciate if anyone running Windows could check and lemme know Thanks Edit Also this is still a pretty fresh install so no system restore points before the incident

A:Messed Up Mouse PS/2 Drivers

Ah, I kinda figured it out looking at other people's posts. I learned how to take control of the files. Removed TrustedInstaller from the list, gave it to administrator and my account. Then I went ahead and deleted the file i8042prt.sys. Everything still works fine so I think I'm good...
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OK I have a GE dual scroll optical mouse model# ho97769 my system is vista home

premium 32-bit and I dont think the mouse was intended for that is there any where they

make a driver for this Id like ti be able to use all the different features on this mouse and

cant do that with the standard windows drivers thanks
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I have a wireless Logitech Mouse and Keyboard combo I've had for ~3 years I've had this computer. I recently installed XP SP3 and now my mouse doesn't always work when my computer loads. The laser is on, I can reconnect w/ the base, but the pointer still doesn't move. I have gotten in the habit of using my keyboard to change which mouse drivers are selected, restarting upon the prompt, and getting my mouse back after the restart. However, my computer still frequently starts in the morning with the mouse not working, and even after resetting the drivers, the mouse won't always work upon restart. Any tips? I've looked for new drivers on logitech but have no idea what to use, given that the lable on the bottom of the mouse has completely worn off. Thanks for any help!

A:Logitech Mouse Drivers

usually windows will know if some sort of update is needed for a wireless mouse if you go -start-all programs- windows update or microsoft update when your on the site click custom instead of the reccomended one and see if there is any updates available download everyone you available to download and tell me if that works.
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I am using sony vaio laptop with mousepad running in ALPS driver,,,
can i change it to synaptics touchpad driver . To enable various multitouch facilities,,
I am using windows 7 home basic 32 bit,,

A:change mouse pad drivers;

I don't think that's possible. Drivers are hardware specific and released exclusively by the hardware manufacturer, in this case ALPS.

If you can, look up the ALPS website for the latest driver and touchpad related software.
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ive had this Chic mouse for a year or now and i last updated its driver months ago and its finnaly come back to bite me in the rump ive been researching this problem i have for screwed Mouse drivers a while now so i understand most of the problem but ive repeated the many diferrent resolutions several times and come into many snags not having a mouse limits my ability to use this thing here is what ive established from my endless tinkering someone suggested i delete the msmouse inf files i have but that suggestion got buggered over by the quot you are the admin of this computer and your Mouse drivers screwed not allowed to touch your own files quot error grrr i did manage to get one mouse i have different ones working on my computer by some miracle and it was fine until of the little ones ran past and pulled the mouse cord out when i plugged it back in i was ruined again dang kids and yea ive tried auto updating and manually choosing the inf file updating in the device manager several hundred times lawl well if anyone has a very specific sure fire way to fix this with only a keyboard omfg please help me i will give you any information you need within reason of course xD i appreciate any help whether it works or not that anyone gives me also dont expect any fast replies from me im not exactly the best at controling a puter with only my tab button p s i have teamviewer if anyone can help me through that nbsp
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I have recently upgraded to Win. Me.
I have a Microsoft IntelliPoint lazor mouse (intelli eye). The software that came with this mouse is ver# 3.0 I tried twice to download ver#3.2 from a microsoft site. Each download took more than an hour, and each time it was corrupted. Does any one know if in fact I need new drivers and if so, where can I get them? Tnx Dave.

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My desktop uses a USB wired mouse the mouse worked fine for a month or two then just started glitching out Right clicks act as both left and right at the same time ikr it's weird and left clicks often refuse to go through I'm assuming that it's the driver not the mouse but I could be wrong I haven't gotten a chance Buggy/corrupted drivers mouse to test the mouse on other systems but I will try and update this post when I do The mouse is only a few months old as is the desktop so I doubt that the mouse itself is broken Buggy/corrupted mouse drivers and if it was faulty it wouldn't have worked very well the first time I booted the tower In attempts to fix the driver I have uninstalled the device and deleted the drivers then unplugged and replugged works for a few minutes then goes back to glitches I can't seem to find a driver download on the Asus website for the model mouse I have just a user manual I've also done numerous virus scans with programs like Hitman pro Malwarebytes and the service I pay for Kasperksy Any ideas as to why this happens I have exhausted my troubleshooting for now and don't have a clue please leave suggestions thanks
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Hey all. I recently bought a Surface Pro 2. I later bought a Surface Arc Mouse. Long story short, I had to return my Surface. So, as of now I am on my laptop and I found out that it is not compatible with Windows 7...
I tried googling around and couldn't find anything. Am I stuck?

A:Any Arc Surface Mouse Drivers for Windows 7?

It works with Windows, the issue is the Surface Edition of the mouse doesn't come with the bluetooth dongle. Your computer either need bluetooth builtin or you'll have to get a bluetooth dongle.
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I have a mouse, the Razer Abyssus, which comes with its own drivers. The default Windows mouse controls seems to be conflicting with the Razer drivers. Both drivers seem to be active, and the settings available in both are similar. For example, I can control the pointer movement speed in my Windows mouse settings and also in my Razer settings. They do not interect in a predictable way, though. Sometimes when I change the pointer speed setting in one driver, the same setting in the other driver will automatically change in a seemingly random way.

Is there a way to disable the Windows 7 drivers, or limit them so that I don't have these duplicate settings?

A:Mouse: How do I disable Windows drivers?

Locate the problematic driver in the device manager, right click and uninstall: What is Device Manager?

Windows Outreach
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Just got the new mouse home, but to enable aim precision and other programmable buttons and need to get the drivers. When I try to download them it says plug in the device, which is already plugged in and I have also tried in different usb ports and safe mode. Anyone with this mouse got it to work?
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S2X Serioux
Rating:5v -- 15 mA

Where can i download drivers for this optical mouse?

Sorry i'm a xp user but i thought here i could get some help.

A:Where can i download drivers for Serioux mouse?

Unknown device, have a look here.
Hardware Identification - Windows 7 Forums
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Both my mouse and keyboard drivers freeze up and if I change to another USB ports then it will work but again mouse freeze up keyboard and drivers after some random time could be an hour to couple of days it will freeze up Then I switch to another set of USP ports Again it works for some random time and then it freezes If I use the prior USB ports they dont work So ultimately I have to re-start my PC and start my routine again I have been using my PC withe same mouse and keyboard for the past - years without any issues This problem just surfaced about - weeks ago In the event file I do see this error TWICE Task Scheduler service failed to load tasks at service startup Additional Data Error Value I ran the DDS from this posting Download to mouse and keyboard drivers freeze up Desktop DDS by sUBs from one of these locations http download bleepingcomputer com sUBs dds com http download bleepingcomputer com sUBs dds scr double click DDS scr to run When complete DDS txt will open Save both reports to your desktop DDS txt Attach txt post the contents of mouse and keyboard drivers freeze up both logs back here so here are the contents DDS TXT DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by Naren-new at on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT - AV AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Enabled Updated E C - B - FA - AB - E CB ECD SP Windows Defender Disabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF SP AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Enabled Updated B F C - - E- - BB D A Running Processes C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system nvvsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k GPSvcGroup C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Display NvXDSync exe C Windows system nvvsvc exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM armsvc exe C Program Files x Anvisoft Cloud System Booster CSBSvc exe C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files x Anvisoft Anvi Smart Defender ASD Srv exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgidsagent exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files x Skype Toolbars AutoUpdate SkypeC CAutoUpdateSvc exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Program Files x Skype Toolbars PNRSvc SkypeC CPNRSvc exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamservice exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Program Files x AVG AVG avgnsa exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgemca exe C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe C Windows system svchost exe -k SDRSVC C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files x TeamViewer Version TeamViewer Service exe C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgrsa exe C Program Files x Intel Intel R Rapid Storage Technology IAStorDataMgrSvc exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgcsrva exe C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVCpl exe C WINDOWS System rundll exe C WINDOWS System rundll exe C Program Files x Yahoo Messenger YahooMessenger exe C Users Naren-new AppData Roaming Dropbox bin Dropbox exe C Program Files x Intel Intel R Rapid Storage Technology IAStorIcon exe C Program Files x Multimedia Card Reader ShwiconXP exe C Program Files x Roxio OEM Roxio Burn RoxioBurnLauncher exe C Program Files x Anvisoft Cloud System Booster CloudSystemBooster exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgui exe C Program Files x Yahoo Messenger YahooM... Read more
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Ok I have a mac and installed win a keyboard drivers without How using mouse!!!...???? reinstall or to xp pro onto it too i installed parallels to use windows within mac os x but it cause me problems one big problem included having no ability to connect to the internet over wifi using parallels or booting up natively so i tried to reinstall all drivers in an effort to quot kickstart quot the wifi drivers to work properly i did this by uninstalling certain drivers through the device manager unfortunately i uninstalled the usb drivers not knowing that apple's drivers for the macbook pro's keyboard and mouse trackpad work through connecting as usb devices i had to power off the computer and reboot when windows desktop came How to reinstall drivers without using a keyboard or mouse!!!...???? up it started reinstalling drivers unfortunately it found other hardware than the usb ports first and so it asks if i want to continue installing unsigned drivers for my processor every time i try to boot up windows now i have no idea what to do i tried booting up with the 'last known good configuration' setting but it doesn't work for whatever How to reinstall drivers without using a keyboard or mouse!!!...???? reason safe mode doesn't work either because i need the usb access for the keyboard and trackpad to work i couldn't boot up through parallels either so in uninstalled that application now i am wondering if there is a way someway that i can let ALL drivers reinstall themselves without the need for any input from a keyboard or mouse trackpad obviously any help would be extremely helpful because i really want to resolve this without having to reinstall windows AGAIN and reinstall and reconfigure all my games etc thank you in advance to all the experts out there Steve
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Have an older machine running Win95. I know that when you plug in a new mouse in Win98, the machine finds the driver automatically and it works. This doesn't seem to be happening with this older Win95 machine. Is there a generic mouse driver update I can install that will correct this problem? Thanks.

A:Generic mouse drivers for Win95?

Is this a PS2 or serial mouse? Was there a mouse previously installed? On a couple of occasions I have disconnected the mouse (machine off), restarted and allowed it to find the generic drivers built in. Its worth a shot. Some times our smart machines are confused Also, have you checked the manufactures site for drivers and FAQs?

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I updated the drivers and have now discovered it was the wrong ones. The mouse won't work! I have reinserted the original disc but it won't spin up. I botted in safe mode but that didn't go anywhere. In order to shut the cpu down I have to turn it off with the button 'cause the mouse isn't working.

A:mouse not working after installing new drivers

Boot to Advanced Boot Options (usually by pressing F8 every second or so at boot (may be different for your particular machine) and choose Last Known Good Configuration.
If this does not help, use another (different) mouse or keyboard to navigate to Device Manager and roll back the driver that you feel is causing the issue.
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So yesterday I got a new Deathadder 2013, and when I plugged it in, windows tried to find the drivers, blah blah blah, and then it said that it was unable to find the drivers. So, being as it is the solution to everything, I just restart my computer and boom; the mouse worked after.

But today, when I start my computer, the mouse was once again, not working. After checking device manager, it told me that the drivers were missing. I've tried uninstalling the mouse via the device manager and plugging it back in, and restarting my computer to no avail. I tried the solution posted here Unable to install any USB devices as well.

I have however, tried to use the mouse on my other computers and that has proved successful. So, I was wondering if anyone knew where the mouse drivers are stored, if it works that way.

and I do have razer synapse installed.

A:Unable to install mouse drivers

Maybe Razer Synapse is conflicting with the Windows drivers, you could try un-installing Razer Synapse and then seeing if Windows recognizes and installs the drivers.

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Machine is an OptiPlex 755.  Upgraded from Windows XP (32 bit) to Windows 7 (32).  While trying to update drivers, inadvertently removed drivers for keyboard & mouse. Windows 7 starts up no problem but I cannot use machine since keyboard & mouse inoperable.  Tried using wireless keyboard & mouse without success.  Any ideas on getting keyboard & mouse functionality back?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Missing keyboard & mouse drivers

Hi bobnsea Is it possible for you to press on F8 right before the Windows boot, but after your Dell splashscreen? This will get you in the "Advanced Boot Menu". From there, select the "Last Good Known Configuration" mode and see if your keyboard and mouse are detected on boot.
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Need some help finding Win2k drivers for an HP optical mouse.

Model U8131-0.

Searched the net, hp site, driver guide, other forums etc. Couldn't find anything.

Anybody know what company actually makes the mouse (if not hp)?

The mouse works with the basic drivers provided by the os, but need actual drivers to enable the extra configuration settings. (the mouse doesn't require any drivers to work, but they has to be a driver from a different manufacturer that will provide all the tweaks)

The mouse looks like a basic logitech optical mouse, however logitech drivers do not work right with the mouse. (the drivers work, but all the configuration settings are greyed out.

I found on the net awhile ago where someone said that the mice are made by logitech, but I have no confirmation on it.

any help would be appreciated.

This is the mouse

A:Trouble Finding Mouse Drivers

I can confirm this is a logitech mouse.

Try this driver.
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Ok I have a mac and installed win xp pro onto it too i installed parallels to reinstall a or to How drivers keyboard mouse!!!... without using use windows within mac os x but it cause me problems one big problem included having no ability to connect to the internet over wifi using parallels or booting up natively so i tried to reinstall all drivers in an effort to quot kickstart quot the wifi drivers to work properly i did this by uninstalling certain drivers through the device manager unfortunately i uninstalled the usb drivers not knowing that apple s drivers How to reinstall drivers without using a keyboard or mouse!!!... for the macbook pro s keyboard and mouse trackpad work through How to reinstall drivers without using a keyboard or mouse!!!... connecting as usb devices i had to power off the computer and reboot when windows desktop came up it started reinstalling drivers unfortunately it found other hardware than the usb ports first and so it asks if i want to continue installing unsigned drivers for my processor every time i try to boot up windows now i have no idea what to do i tried booting up with the last known good configuration setting but it doesn t work for whatever reason safe mode doesn t work either because i need the usb access for the keyboard and trackpad to work i couldn t boot up through parallels either so in uninstalled that application now i am wondering if there is a way someway that i can let ALL drivers reinstall themselves without the need for any input from a keyboard or mouse trackpad obviously any help would be extremely helpful because i really want to resolve this without having to reinstall windows AGAIN and reinstall and reconfigure all my games etc thank you in advance to all the experts out there Steve nbsp
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I installed a new wireless desktop, Microsoft Wireless 3050 Desktop, and noticed that I've got multiple drivers installed in device manager. I uninstalled the duplicate drivers and rebooted and they all appear to have reinstalled. The screen shot posted below shows the drivers. Is this normal? If not, what is the fix so the system doesn't install duplicate drivers?

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Background After installing a new dvd writer in my laptop I began getting errors on the USB port quot mouse... without Solved: drivers Reinstalling One of the USB devices Solved: Reinstalling drivers without mouse... attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it quot Now my keyboard did sustain a minor spill in the past thanks to small kids and a small amount got onto the motherboard and possibly when I took my computer apart I disturbed this by blasting air inside who knows but the usb ports are still recognized and would supply power until that message popped up I tried all workaround fixes I could find and still the usb ports do not work if I plug one thing in multiple unknown devices quot appear in the device manager I tried reinstalling windows without a reformat and that did not solve my problem and the installation failed somehow and I was unable to reinstall the network drivers because of error messages nor was I able to delete some of the ones that showed drivers but were not working properly So as a last ditch effort I decided to format my hard drive and reinstall windows Now not only can I not use the usb ports my touchpad is no longer working properly I can move the cursor around but the buttons are not working I have tried to navigate using the keyboard functions alt and windows keys but my computer isn t always opening the windows menus I want or getting to where I want to go I do not care about the touchpad or usb ports if I am able to get to the point that I can buy an express card for the slot on my laptop but I m having great difficulty loading drivers and so far have only installed dell s notebook software My computer Dell Vostro XP service pack Pentium Core duo gb Ram Can drivers be successfully installed at command line Or is there a way to access some workaround in windows similar to onscreen keyboard but for the mouse or something Thanks nbsp

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On one of my notebooks, I cannot load any drivers and the mouse (usb and mousepad) is not working. I also suspect the system is infected with a virus or malware due to continued attempts to update the hosts file and other requested system changes.

Compaq Presario r3000
Windows XP Home with SP3

I have tried a virus scan (Avast) and also Malwarebytes, however I cannot update the library since the mouse is not working(Page not available without a mouse). I have also tried removing the drivers, and the system does identify the hardware on boot, but will not load any drivers. I have also noticed that I cannot run regedit.

The system does also have winpatrol and I can send a hijack report if requested.

Life without a moue is hard, please help.

A:mouse not working - Unable to load any drivers

Welcome to BC
Any chance of getting an inexpensive corded mouse?

I'm not familiar with Winpatrol but let's see a log
Same for mbam, even though it's outdated
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So I got a Blackweb Grim Gaming Mouse from a friend, no box it was used a bit. Is there any software available for it or a manual online? I've tried googling with no luck.
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I'm running XP Pro. I just did a clean install.

I recently bought a 9800Gx2. This is my first nVidia card.

When I install 174.74 my mouse pointer becomes wonky. It no longer displays the hand when over links. And in explorer (and in other times) it frequently displays the arrow + hourglass. I have even removed the hourglass symbol from the pointer options in the control panel. But it still comes up.

Furthermore, Logitech setpoint doesn't work properly when I have 174.74 installed. It works - but it won't bring up the picture of the mouse and the "ok" , "cancel" and "apply" buttons at the bottom of the logitech settings window are transparent. They still seem to work. But something isn't right.

The mouse issue is annoying me, But I cannot seem to fix it. Has anyone heard of this problem?

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I have an Acer M5630 desktop, running Vista Home Premium, which came with an Acer cordless mouse (Model MG-0570T) and keyboard (Model KG-0570).

Although the Acer documentation refers to the driver providing task bar icons for low battery power, upper case lock, etc. there were no Acer drivers provided. The machine as delivered is using the standard Microsoft drivers which do not provide taskbar icons. I have contacted Acer and they say they do not provide drivers!

I would really like a battery low indication as the batteries don't seem to last all that long!

I am not sure where to go from here. Is Microsoft Intellipoint the answer? There are lots of downloads for Logitech mouse/keyboard drivers - would they do the job - I guess it depends how compatible the Acer keyboard/mouse combo is with Logitech?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

A:Acer cordless mouse / keyboard drivers

Originally Posted by lesmoore

I have an Acer M5630 desktop, running Vista Home Premium, which came with an Acer cordless mouse (Model MG-0570T) and keyboard (Model KG-0570).

Although the Acer documentation refers to the driver providing task bar icons for low battery power, upper case lock, etc. there were no Acer drivers provided. The machine as delivered is using the standard Microsoft drivers which do not provide taskbar icons. I have contacted Acer and they say they do not provide drivers!

I would really like a battery low indication as the batteries don't seem to last all that long!

I am not sure where to go from here. Is Microsoft Intellipoint the answer? There are lots of downloads for Logitech mouse/keyboard drivers - would they do the job - I guess it depends how compatible the Acer keyboard/mouse combo is with Logitech?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

The battery tray icon can be had by right clicking the taskbar and selecting properties > then going to the Notification tab > checking the Power box > closing it then rebooting. As far as the rest, I'm not sure.
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Hi everyone drivers windows installed mouse without and Getting keyboard into This is kind of Getting into windows without keyboard and mouse drivers installed a unique problem in that we are fixing a computer for a client but that client s computer has two users That means that when Getting into windows without keyboard and mouse drivers installed the computer starts up we have to select a user Getting into windows without keyboard and mouse drivers installed However this computer is a Dell and only has usb ports However the keyboard and mouse that we plug into into it are not installed and therefor the computer can t get into windows Because it can t get into Windows it can t install the drivers for the usb mouse or keyboard that we plug into it We could just get the client s keyboard and mouse that are already installed but they are away for a few days So I am wondering if there is a way to get the keyboard and mouse installed without getting into windows Basically I need a way to get our usb keyboard and mouse to work If there isn t a way to do this it doesn t really matter because the clients will be back soon but it would just be nice to be able to fix this without bothering them Thanks nbsp

A:Getting into windows without keyboard and mouse drivers installed

Without any PS2 sockets you will need the original keyboard and mouse. Another Dell keyboard and mouse may work.
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I had a bug that deleted the mouse and keyboard drivers when it executed. I restarted the computer but cannot use the mouse of keyboard at all. therefore cannot use the computer. i have tried using the 6 disk setup for xp sp1 but when i select 1 for the drive it stops. i also cannot boot from the xp cd. i can however access the cd-rom using a boot floppy. but i do not know the actual names of the drives i am trying to reinstall. someone please help! i'm out of ideas!

A:XP Pro has missing or corrupt mouse and keyboard drivers

Get all the info you can on your keyboard and mouse - make, model, serial no etc. If u have access to another computer, try to go the the manufacturer's site and download the drivers from there. If not try Good luck!
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I Please keyboard mouse help, USB don't uninstalled, drivers work and have a big problem with my USB ports I uninstalled USB drivers and devices in device manager after following instructions Please help, USB drivers uninstalled, keyboard and mouse don't work from a an article on Microsoft's site Now the keyboard and mouse don't work and I can't do anything The USB ports work fine in BIOS They don't work in safe mode and they don't work after selecting repair my computer or whatever it's called I've been searching the internet extensively and found no satisfying solutions In fact I'm becoming really nervous that I messed something up for good after reading somewhere that deleting the host controllers makes the USB ports unrecognized by the motherboard I have a single PS slot and will buy a mouse tomorrow but I still don't know what I have to do to fix the USB problem even if that mouse works ' HELP EDIT Windows AsRock H m Pro mobo Intel USB drivers previously installed I think I deleted the root hub and the host controller

A:Please help, USB drivers uninstalled, keyboard and mouse don't work

You can try running windows may have the drivers.....
or...can you do a system restore ? there any chance that you have a backup on an external hard drive...?
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I just bought a used Microsoft Serial mouse over the internet through an auction because I have a really old baby AT motherboard and it only have one AT keyboard port and nothing at all for the mouse. Anyway, it's just a basic two-button Microsoft mouse with no scroll wheel, but I plug it in and Windows starts up saying it is detecting some new PS/2 compatible mouse. Then, it says it can't see any mouse hooked up to the computer. So I'm guessing I need a driver for it, but I can't find one. So, if anybody knows where I can download a driver for a serial two-button Microsoft mouse, I'd REALLY appreciate it, as navigating through Windows is a real task with only a keyboard!

Thanks again.

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I just noticed this when I installed Nvidia's latest Drivers... When I move my mouse its a bit laggy, also when loading a program such as the startup of a game the mouse is extremely laggy..
I was wondering WHAT THE **** is up with it

Dj E-Mo

A:New Display drivers Make Mouse Laggie

control panel
pointer options tab
then on top , increase moving speed

i dont know if this will help but give it a try if u have not already.... also try to redownload this driver if it is not working like you say,(make sure it matches up with the right OS)
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Hello All I m working on Laptop Mouse Drivers Question Integrated my toshiba tecra It s a great laptop with a really stupid problem The laptop has a little joystick mouse in the middle much like the thinkpads or armadas often have Often this mouse only lets me Laptop Integrated Mouse Drivers Question move to the right and left not up or down The device manager says I m currently on the quot Standard PS Port Mouse quot driver Has anyone had a similar problem What can I do What I ve Tried Reinstalling the driver didn t do anything Waiting Sometimes it will just decide to work especially after booting up or coming out of standby but just now it starting working Laptop Integrated Mouse Drivers Question for no reason Changing the driver I changed it to a different generic PS driver and it worked perfectly for a day or so but then one day after I came out of standby it did the same thing Other Issues Often when it does work it has some calibration issues and will drift slightly I think it is a driver problem because it does work perfectly sometimes working right now Possible Causes I installed xp professional on it it had but it seemed to work for awhile after that We can t remember the first time we plugged a USB mouse into it I don t know whether that may have caused the problem Thanks All I hope someone has had some experience with this -sean nbsp

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I recently replaced a Logitech mouse with a MS Wireless 5000. After initially installing the 5000, I found that in device manager it was listed twice. This didn't seem to be causing any problems and I left it alone but have since had a few BSODs. Wasn't having any problems before the mouse install.

So I went into device manager and uninstalled one of the entries but did not delete the drivers.

On reboot, there are now two entries again but one is "HID compliant mouse" and the other is "Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Mosue (IntelliPoint)".

Is it normal to have both of these items listed? If not, how do I stop Windows from installing the second driver on every reboot?

A:2 mouse drivers listed in device manager

Both entries refer to the same mouse and should be left alone.

Your new mouse is a "HID compliant mouse" like every modern mouse, so Windows loads it's own driver for that.

But you've also installed the Intellipoint driver which accounts for the second entry in the 'Mice' category of Device Manager.

I also use a MS wireless mouse but I didn't have to install a driver for it. Windows took care of that (Windows 7), so my Device Manager shows only one mouse entry which is "HID compliant device".

Unless your MS mouse has any special functions with extra buttons, it should work perfectly well for standard functions without the Intellipoint software & driver, in which case you too would have only one mouse entry in Device Manager.
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Microsoft Intellitype and Intellipoint 7.0 drivers released.

Software Download

A:Intellitype/Intellipoint Mouse/Keyboard 7.0 Drivers

Thanks, Aaron. I've been waiting for these as, although the Vista drivers do work to a certain extent, they have their limitations. I look forward to installing these later.
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I'm having a lot of quot fun quot with a rd-party Dell with Windows Pro x installed The complaint was that a fake support company had locked Windows with an unknown password The first thing I did was make a full backup of the Keyboard Not USB Mouse Drivers Properly Loading & drive USB Keyboard & Mouse Drivers Not Loading Properly so we're good there I connected the drive to another machine and scanned it with MWB and Windows Defender MWB removed some junk but WD found nothing I replaced the registry hives from the RegBack folder and with the drive back in its own machine the password prompt was now gone Windows logs in automatically straight to the desktop The problem now is that I have been unable to get a mouse or keyboard working in Windows The board has no ps port so I'm limited to USB devices there is a serial port but I don't have a serial mouse If I boot with the keyboard or mouse plugged in there is nothing unusual observed about the boot process other than that Windows is delaying login with an activation prompt If I move the kb or mouse to another USB port or plug them in after login I see the notification that Windows is installing a driver for the device This is eventually replaced by the prompt quot device driver software was not successfully installed quot The keyboard and mouse both work in the BIOS setup They both work when I boot from a Windows Installer USB When I boot into safe mode they don't work the mouse optic turns off when quot classpnp sys quot is the last line displayed When I boot into Windows recovery they work but there is no restore point to go back to I reset the BIOS to defaults and checked that everything to do with USB is set correctly I tried dropping the BIOS updater exe file into the user startup folder but the installer won't complete without interaction I tried opening the admin network shares from another machine on the network but this doesn't work due to the user having no password psexec fails for the same reason I considered dropping a batch file into the startup folder to initiate sysprep with generalisation but I haven't tried it yet I'm not sure it will work without privilege escalation I'm also wondering if I can activate the admin account with a password from a recovery command line Can anybody suggest how to get kb and mouse working on this machine without reinstalling Windows

A:USB Keyboard & Mouse Drivers Not Loading Properly

Who`s PC is this ? Why all the trouble ?

What is a 3rd party Dell ?

Is this PC new to you ?

In my opinion, why DON`T you reinstall windows, it would be best.

Sorry for the blatant questions, but when we see people trying to bypass passwords, circumnavigate this, find ways around that etc, we tend to get suspicious, we are not allowed to help people get around passwords and such.

Updating the bios will help nothing.

Why the hesitation about reinstalling windows ? It`s the best thing you can do.

Does the PC have a COA with a readable activation key ?

Answer some simple questions and we`ll be on our way to helping you.
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I have a problem where it says it has installed my mouse drivers, for setting hot keys on my mouse etc, but it just makes a folder with nothing in it. It didn't do this with Windows XP. The mouse model is Logitech 518.

A:[SOLVED] Mouse drivers won't work with Vista

is this the driver you have tried
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Hello geeks and gurus I'm using a Logitech DiNovo Media Desktop a mouse keyboard combo connected with bluetooth to my computer I have installed the latest drivers and Logitech Setpoint software Setpoint installation uses my computers internal bluetooth so the included bluetooth dongle is not connected Mouse and keyboard work fine and without any problems until I Logitech reinstall drivers reboot mouse/kb after must reboot After reboot both mouse and kb refuse to connect Logitech Bluetooth Connection Assistant finds them but refuses to connect Waking up sleep or hibernate causes no problems mouse and kb connect and work This issue occurs only after reboot every time I have found a workaround but it is PITA If I disconnect all USB devices two HD's DVD and Blue-Ray before booting mouse and kb are Logitech mouse/kb must reinstall drivers after reboot still not working but the Logitech Bluetooth Connection Assistant application finds them and reinstalls the drivers After that I Logitech mouse/kb must reinstall drivers after reboot can connect mouse and kb and only after that the disconnected USB devices It takes an extra to minutes every time I reboot Luckily I normally hibernate instead of shutting down but for example after installing updates I have to reboot And the circus begins Short version it seems I'm loosing drivers for my bluetooth mouse and kb every time I shut down the machine I am not able to reinstall drivers if any external USB device is connected Any ideas Kari

A:Logitech mouse/kb must reinstall drivers after reboot

Any RF nearby (wireless router, monitor) that could be interferring with the Bluetooth?

Doesn't Logitech have the keyboard and mouse go into sleep mode in order to conserve battery life when the system is off? Can you change that?
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I have a Logitech MX I downloaded special driver from Logitech - the Logitech Gaming Software This let's me give it a default dpi and I can change the dpi buttons to do something else Problem is that windows Default 10 broken mouse drivers after about a minute the mouse gets stuck for a second and suddenly those settings are forgotten Even though LGS is still running When I open it Default windows 10 mouse drivers broken up Default windows 10 mouse drivers broken it 'remembers' them again LGS settings are always the same ones I put in but only temporarily Even worse after my inputted settings are forgotten the mouse keeps randomly getting stuck and changes the dpi I think there is some sort of a conflict between the default drivers and the LGS One of the problems is also that when I uninstall LGS it goes back to the default drivers And weirdly the default drivers do have the dpi function - the buttons scale it either up or down But I have no idea where I can change what they do it's not in any windows settings I could find This is incredibly annoying Any ideas

A:Default windows 10 mouse drivers broken

What driver version did you install? I used the latest. LGS_8.75.30_x64. I can use the windows drivers w/o issue. Yes, I can change DPI but, cannot set default. You cannot remap the M4 and M5. They are forward and back. However, my games recognize this and I can assign whatever I wish. I really installed the Logitech drivers for my G710+ keyboard.
Link to these drivers is :
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2 weeks ago, I think it was a Monday, my sister turned off the computer for the night... the next morning she turned it on and the mouse didn't work.

The mouse is USB connected and isn't responding. The red light on the bottom is turned on, but it won't move the cursor. When I plugged in my Mp3 player, it didn't really respond, just the Charging screen flashes every few seconds, then turns off again...

And when I go to 'My Computer', the places where 'Driver E-J' usually is, is gone. It's just blank slots where they should be, then shows 'Erin's Documents', 'Shelly's Documents' files....

Is this a virus or something else?

We've been running the full version of Stop Sign over and over again hoping it would find something, but it doesn't pick anything up.

A:Mouse, USB ports, and Drivers aren't working.

Hi xErin and welcome to TSF

It seems that you might have an issue with drivers on your computer so we will now do a check with the Windows Device Manager to make sure of this. Please follow the steps below:

Windows XP Method
Click Start
Click Run
Type in devmgmt.msc and click Ok

In your next post report back if you see yellow exclamation marks, or red X's on any icon in the Device Manager.
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Hi Chaps Have reformatted an Evesham pc running Windows se after a series of problems but have one problem outstanding The cordless keyboard and mouse are and drivers keyboard cordless mouse logitech Logitech Itouch and Mouseman respectively but have no drivers I have a drivers disk for everything else and have loaded these successfully but I guess the Logitech devices were an add on at some stage and the drivers disk has gone missing The problem is getting them to recognise anything I have loaded down drivers onto my desktop that I think are correct from the Logitech website and executed the file which then puts logitech cordless mouse and keyboard drivers the drivers in place but everytime I try to point the quot USB Receiver device quot in Device Manager at a file path or to try and reinstall drivers I am continually asked to either load a Logitech Control devices driver disk or Windows disk Whatever I load it cannot find different Sys files The only way I can do anything is to have another mouse plugged into the usual mouse port The cordless mouse and keyboard are plugged into logitech cordless mouse and keyboard drivers the USB ports I have tried turning pc off and plugging in and then turning on pc but I just get mouse not detected until I plug in the corded mouse and reboot again Is there a separate driver for the Receiver device I am sure there must be a simple solution but at the moment I feel like a man with no arms dead nbsp

A:logitech cordless mouse and keyboard drivers

This might be an issue with Win98. Try installing WinXP.
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Greetings the issue began to occur around days ago My OS is W x mouse and are for randomly crashing USB keyboard mouse drivers and keyboard USB drivers for mouse and keyboard are crashing randomly are USB and they randomly stop working after some time since PC startup At first I had no idea whats going on keyboard simply gave no signs of life mouse's optical lights were blinking weirdly I figured it were drivers because after I was restarting PC in attempt to fix the issue and right after the restart it was telling me that some USB drivers were successfully installed So far restart has always been helping but after some time they just crash again All other devices connected by USB are working normally I tried to switch those devices' ports with mouse and keyboard but it gave no result mouse and keyboard USB drivers were still crashing and other devices worked like nothing happened Also sometimes keyboard and mouse stop working momentarily but after few seconds they continue to work fine Whenever this or complete crash happens there is a quot windows device plug off quot sounds played on the background I tried to google my issue for couple days but found nothing what could help Im not pro at PCs halp

A:USB drivers for mouse and keyboard are crashing randomly

Hello Lexander,

Welcome to Seven forums.

You must check if the Mouse and keyboard are connected in USB 3.0 ports. If yes, then please try updating the drivers for USB 3.0 and chipset from the manufacturer’s website.

If the issue keeps re-occurring after multiple attempts of drivers update, then you may consider windows re-installation after backing up your data.
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Hi When mouse was just plugged it automatically got drivers from microsoft compliant drivers But of late i am having problem on freezing of total computer including mouse which does not allow any action but forced power off The result is file system get corrupted and i have to resort to repair the computer and it it fails boot in to safe mode and then do the chkdsk to somehow retrieve the system back on to normal stage If suppose i wish to use the vendors drivers then i have to disable the mice drivers in the device manager Once install from mouse from how vendor? the drivers downloaded exe to if i do that i could not use the mouse in the session Without mouse i could not do anything Is there any alternative of how to install the drivers from vendor if i click the update drivers it shows that it has the correct drivers compliant with the mouse that i have and in turn it turns out to be microsoft mice drivers I have downloaded and kept the driver in a folder

A:how to install mouse drivers from the exe downloaded from vendor?

Hi Jraju,
Go to the driver
Select Browse my comp >> LET me chose > point it to your download location.

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Hi When mouse was just plugged it automatically got drivers from microsoft compliant drivers But of late i am downloaded to install exe drivers mouse from how vendor? the from having problem on freezing of total computer including mouse which does not allow any action but forced power off The result is file system get corrupted and i have to resort to repair the computer and it it fails boot in to safe mode and then do the chkdsk to somehow retrieve the system back on to normal stage how to install mouse drivers from the exe downloaded from vendor? If suppose i wish to use the vendors drivers then i have to disable the mice drivers in the device manager Once if i do that i could not use the mouse in the session Without mouse i could not do anything Is there any alternative of how to install the drivers from vendor if i click the update drivers it shows that it has the correct drivers compliant with the mouse that i have and in turn it turns out to be microsoft mice drivers I have downloaded and kept the driver in a folder

A:how to install mouse drivers from the exe downloaded from vendor?

Hi Jraju,
Go to the driver
Select Browse my comp >> LET me chose > point it to your download location.

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i have a razer copperhead mouse and i was wondering if anyone was able to find drivers for this yet, because the only other mouse i have is a ball mouse and it is starting to get old

A:razer copperhead mouse 64 bit drivers wanted
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Hello, recently my computer has been crashing to a desktop without any of my icons, or when the disc drive trys to burn something. So i tried to do a system restore and all that happened was my Audio stopped working as well as my mouse. Ive managed to fix the mouse, have run a virus scan and presumably cleaned whatever the problem is, yet i still cant install drivers for my realtek audio, nvidia hd audio and my DVD burner. Ive tried installing in safe mode, uninstalling/disabling the drivers. My windows updater seems to be screwed up as well since i cannoy manually activate it. Any suggestions?

A:Mouse/Audio/Disc Drivers stopped working

There are no drivers required for any optical drives including your DVD burner. They are provided by the Windows OS.
Go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc Right click the devmgmt results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager, do you have any devices with Yellow flags? If so, these devices need drivers installed.
What is the make and model# of your computer? Go to the manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in your make and model# or your service tag # and download the Chipset driver first and any other drivers you need from the Device Manager.
If your computer boots to a blank desktop with no icons, then press CTRL+ALT+DEL and start the Task Manager. Go up to File/New Task (Run...) and type in explorer.exe and press enter. This should bring back your icons.
If you have a desktop, go to Start/Search and type CMD right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y for Yes and reboot the computer. Check Disk will start at next bootup and go through 5 stages. It will take a while. It should repair any problems.
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Hey everyone. Looking for some help with this. I uninstalled my video drivers, and put in a new card (BFG 8800 GT). When I reboot my keyboard and mouse are frozen. I tried putting the old card back in, same thing. I tried safe mode, same thing. I tried clearing the cmos, same thing, I tried a different keyboard and mouse, same thing. I cannot install the new drivers because of this so I am stuck. Any suggestions? Motherboard is Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe with the latest BIOS update.

A:mouse/keyboard freeze after uninstalling video drivers

are they ps/2 or usb ???
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Hi everyone, this might be a stupid question, but everytime i plug in my MS Optical mouse into my pc it has to go through the whole process of finding the correct driver for it:

But when i plug it into my laptop it just starts working straight off without any need to go through the installation of drivers again.

Any idea how i can get this to stop on my pc?
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can someone link me a direct download to the firmware and software for the g600 im using win7 64bit

dnt know why the site doesnt load it just has a blank page with no error messages on it

thanks so much

A:need g600 mmo mouse drivers but site wont load

Logitech G600

You will need to Choose OS and 32-bit/64-bit for the Drivers for your system.

32-bit :
64-bit :

32-bit :
64-bit :

You may have blocked the site?
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I recently have been experiencing BSOD with BUGCODE USB error. Machine freezes on startup, then sometimes automatically reboots. Sometimes freezes on startup at different points and has to be unplgged for about an hour before it restarts properly. I read on several threads to uninstall the USB drivers and on startup, the drivers will reinstall automatically. The only problem is the keyboard and mouse are USB and on startup, none of the USB ports work so I can't enter the password to start windows properly so that it can load the drivers. Hindsight is 20/20 but I now realize that was pretty stupid as I have no other ports to plug the keyboard and mouse to.

A:Deleted bad USB drivers, now on startup, USB keyboard and mouse inop

Ok. I let it sit for about an hour and it fired up. Keyboard and mouse work OK after startup. Still will not shut down properly and locks on the shutdown screen. Will not reboot unless you leave it for about an hour. I am currently using the machine as I type this and it seems to work OK. It just locks up during shutdown and locks up sometimes during startup. I'm guessing a bad USB driver but not sure.
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I've just upgraded both my computers to Windows 8. On the laptop it's great, but on the HTPC my input device is showing it's limits.

I have a Logitech k400, which i like because it's a one piece keyboard with built in trackpad. the problem is that the trackpad is crap. it doesn't support any multitouch scrolling is done in the firmware and is... erratic and imprecise.
The closest equivalment would be an apple keyboard and trackpad hooked together by this thing: Twelve South MagicWand - Apple Store (Canada)
Problem is, I don't think the drivers will support advanced features like edge swiping, like synaptics trackpads will once the new driver rolls out.

Is it possible to use synaptics drivers? because that would solve my problems.


A:Is the Apple Magic mouse compatible with synaptics drivers?

Hmm, interesting. When I get home, i will try to remember to borrow the magic mouse from my mac mini and test on my laptop.
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On a magazine recommendation I installed DriverMax I ran it and selected one option to drivers of non-functioning Mouse & due Keyboard 'update' Drivermax usb to update a microsoft t selected installing an updated mouse driver I have usb Mouse & Keyboard non-functioning due to Drivermax 'update' of drivers win XP SP I also have a Microsoft Wireless USB keyboard and mouse set What has happened is that the wireless kb and mouse is now inoperative - but works during boot sequence I have an Asus P TD mobo and can select pre-boot options for this board via mouse In fact NO USB mouse works after boot sequence is complete The frustration I have is I cannot access the DriverMax program through the keyboard only commands because it only responds to mouse clicks I had wanted to try to fix the errors by rolling back a driver within DriverMax because the program only allows mouse input and I cannot use any mouse ANY help you can offer would be gratefully accepted I figure that the only way to proceed from here is to reinstall Windows XP Having removed all kb and mouse drivers from the hardware list a couple of times downloaded the latest Microsoft drivers software for the usb wireless keyboard etc etc I cannot make a dent in the behaviour This as you might guess is likely to be a pain in the proverbial to maintain all my software in working order and to re-upgrade to SP nbsp

A:usb Mouse & Keyboard non-functioning due to Drivermax 'update' of drivers
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I recently updated the Windows XP Nvidia drivers for MSI P7N SLI Platinum motherboard. The Nvidia driver download updated video, usb, network, and ide, etc.

When I rebooted I no longer had video, keyboard, network, etc.

I have a upek usb fingerprint reader which allows me to log on to Windows when I reboot using vga mode. However I can only get into windows, I can't control the mouse or keyboard. I suspect because Windows is trying to detect new hardware and it's waiting for a response. Problem is I don't have controls to tell it skip so it can detect my updates for my mouse, keyboard, video, etc.

I've tried a usb & ps2 mouse and keyboard and have the same problem.

Has anybody had this same problem?

Any help would be appreciated as I am about to go buy an external drive so get the data off before I restore my hard drive from backup.

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I have a Logitech MX518 mouse, using with Vista Home Premium. I downloaded and installed the 64-bit driver (setpoint), and set the hotkeys on the mouse to numpad 7-8. In firefox, the new key assignments work fine- if I hit the mouse buttons while in a text box or something (search bar, whatever) I get the correct key assignment. But when I open up a full-screen game (WCIII: Frozen Throne), it fails to operate- with or without numlock on, tried with game detection on and off (when set to on, it is set to keep all settings and assignments). But in-game, the new key assignments do nothing! I didn't have this problem with the same mouse and setup on xp. All the settings look the same, and I think I have the right driver, since it works in in everything EXCEPT full screen games. help?
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Hi I recently downloaded the new Nvidia drivers before installing however I uninstalled ALL previous Nvidia drivers i was using when asked to restart i did so and on booting keyboard uninstalling and mouse drivers roblems after nvidia up the windows logo stayed on for a much longer time than usual at the welcome screen i get a beep from my PC and a message saying that since windows was installed on this computer the hardware has changed dramaticly and that i need to reactivate within days with a yes no button however my keyboard and mouse do not respond i was using a wireless USB keyboard and thought this may be the problem since then i have tried PS keyboards and PS mice and still keyboard and mouse roblems after uninstalling nvidia drivers recieve the same problem i CAN enter setup but as soon as the windows logo appears the keyboard stops responding i can tell this by pressing caps lock over and over again to make the light keyboard and mouse roblems after uninstalling nvidia drivers flash but this stops when the logo appears I have tried entering safe mode but again the mouse and keyboard stop responding i had no problems with them before this I figured this is more of a windows problem rather than nvidia PC is pretty much just used for games and I have all the CD s so if I have to lose data to fix this it s not such a big problem I am usuing windows keyboard and mouse roblems after uninstalling nvidia drivers XP professional service pack Specs are AMD athlon dual core XFX nvidia GT mb ASUS M N SLI Deluxe motherboard GB RAM Can t remember the name of the HDD but it s GB Any help at all would be VERY much appreciated Thanks in advance Dan nbsp
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I had an issue with a PC and scanning. Was updating the drivers that needed to be updating and the PC froze. Now, I do not have a keyboard or a mouse. I am running 2000 Pro in a Optiplex GX 280. I have all the required SPs and prior updates. Thanks in advance.

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I recented acquired a toshiba satellite l650-01H which came with an illegal copy of Windows 7
I downgraded to Windows Vista and the network controller driver was not compatible. I downloaded DriverScanner
from Uniblue and updated all my drivers and now my keyboard and mousepad won't work so I can't
even log into my computer now.

Can someone tell me how I can fix this?

A:Solved: Downgraded Windows, downloaded drivers, keyboard mouse now not working
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bought an old Dell Optiplex GX280, booted up, usb mouse and keyboard are seen and im asked to click continue [or similar] to install drivers for them. but of coarse i cant as they dont work in the first place. same problem with a serial mouse,,,any ideas anyone

what is topic description/title for

A:Optiplex GX280 keyboard & mouse not working becuase i cant install drivers

Hi, I'm guessing that this is not a new install of Windows XP?

Do some test. Turn on the Power and when the Dell logo appears Press the F2 key for the Bios Setup and see if that works, Same with F12. F12 is the boot device menu. If so then that is good. If not then report back. That will determine if the Keyboard is working at all.

Is your GX280 one of the ones that has a PS2 port for the Keyboard and Mouse? If So borrow them if You can and use them to click to install the USB ones. This is an example.
I do not vouch for this vendor, I only use them as an example.

The reason I asked about the PS2 ports is there are several versions of the GX280 as I remember the model. Some have PS2 ports in the card slots area. Those hook up to the motherboard with a cable.

Quite often if you let it sit at the login screen and then tap, Not Hold, the power button so it shuts off, The keyboard and mouse will work on the reboot.
Good Luck