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Running off slave drive

Q: Running off slave drive

I put together a comp. with parts of my brothers old comp. For my brother to have a new 1 ,but he wanted programs like office "which is on his old Hard drive" and my widows vista business that I have doesn't have office . So I thought maybe I could put his old hard drive as a slave drive and he would have all his old programs ,but it say's they won't run on that OS. Is there any way around this or am I better off getting office somewhere and fresh installing it ?His old Comp. was a Dell.

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Preferred Solution: Running off slave drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Running off slave drive

What you want to do can't be done. Has to be installed on that Windows install.

Does he really need "Microsoft Office"? because there are a few pretty solid free office suites out there, just for some of the more complex formatting causes problems sharing with people that use Microsoft Office.
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Is it possible to run hjt on a slave drive ?

A:Running Hjt On A Slave Drive

HJT runs against your system, not an individual hard drive.
If the other hard drive has another operating system (i.e you choose between the two at startup), then you would have to boot into that OS to run HJT
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Will running a HDD as slave drive corrupt its OS??

I have two hard disks, same capacity, brand, etc. They are both installed with Windows 7 Professional.

If I run one as the master hard disk (ie I'm using the OS on it) while the other as a slave hard disk (ie its OS isn't being used and I can see the Reserve System volume that I normally won't be able to) for storing media files, will the OS installed in the slave hard disk get corrupted if:

(a) you simply have it as the slave drive and turn the PC on
(b) the OS in the master hard disk gets corrupted, eg registry keys get corrupted or deleted by accident
(c) there is a power failure and the OS in the master hard disk gets corrupted
{d} the main hard disk hangs while in use and you have to shut the PC down improperly

A:Will running a HDD as slave drive corrupt its OS??

None of the above. Your hard drive should be fine.

The exception is D. If you have to shut down improperly, no matter what configuration the drive is in, you risk data loss if it is being written to.
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I ve seen your answers and you programs slave running a drive from ve said it can t be done but more time I was running W on a G HD Someone gave me the same make and model machine with a G HD running W I put the G in my machine as master and made the G the slave Everything is fine I can access both drives I try to run an Office program from the slave and get the following message quot This application must be installed to run Please run Setup from the LOCATION WHERE YOU running programs from a slave drive ORIGINALLY installed the application quot Caps are mine The message seems to infer that the programs can be installed from their current locations on the D drive I go to running programs from a slave drive the directory and do a start gt run gt setup but get a message that quot setup quot can t be found Is this as stupid as not being able to find the ANY key I ve read previous post which have said the programs must be reinstalled from the original media onto the new master but this message appears to counter that Any comments nbsp

A:running programs from a slave drive

Let me get this straight, you are trying to run a program that was previously installed on the c drive when the c drive was the system/boot drive. You took that drive out and put it into a slave position, and dont boot from it but from another drive the new c drive, right so far?

In this case any software installed on the old c drive will now not work. Its just a storage drive the OS installed there does nothing. unless its booted into.

You will either have to reinstall the softwre on the new boot drive,(or actually you can also install it on the spare drive but while using the new c drive) or setup a dual boot thing where you can chose which drive you want to boot into. Search tej forum archives for "dual boot" "boot loader" etc
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I just installed a new SATA drive as as drive slave an SATA? a IDE Running to my master drive and I have another SATA drive installed as well I have two IDE drives I also want to add but everytime I connect Running an IDE drive as slave to a SATA? them my computer sees the IDE drive as master and boots to it XP is installed on it My boot setup is like this CDROM SCSI HDD- I've googled for help and a couple of other places say you can't run anything on your IDE channel if you have SATA as master Is this true I need all the hard drive space I can get and wanted my Gb sata drive as master It will suck if I can't use the two additional Gb IDE drives I have Also right now they're both set to cable select and running on the same IDE ribbon to an Asus A N X Deluxe mobo I know nothing about Raid arrays and don't have mine setup for one Thanks for any help

A:Running an IDE drive as slave to a SATA?

Well, that's total BS, it's not problem with a modern MB to run the SATA drive as the boot drive and have one or more IDE drives. If that were not true, I couldn't be typing this!

The trick is to get the drive controllers properly configured in the BIOS. There should be a setting that allows all the drives to be active, then you have to make sure you have the SATA drive as the first boot device.
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I have a 2.5" HDD installed in a desktop in a 3.5" Bay with an adapter. Now I see only black screen. I badly need your help.thanks

A:I set up a slave drive in the desktop but after running there was a black screen

ATA or Serial ATA drive?

check the jumper settings (master/slave).
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I just installed Windows Xp on a brand new HDD. The previous hard drive had Windows 2000, and since I didn't want to lose any files I installed that drive as the slave. But when I boot the machine up. And select the slave drive, none of the files, such as pictures, word docs, etc. are there. The folders are blank. What am I doing wrong? The jumper pin setting is correct because the picture is right on the label for the drive. Can anybody help?



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I was wondering...

If I run a program/game on my slave hd, will I have worse performance than installing it on the main hd where xp is installed??

A:Running programs on slave hd

Well, you probably won't notice any real change ... But, if anything, it should run a tad better, seeing as the system can do OS and APP calls at the same time.
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Have just installed a new 8.7 Maxtor in a P100. This drive is set as master and partitioned into 5 which assigns drive letters c,d,e,f,g . If I re-install the old 500mb drive unit as a slave ( Quantum Maverick) it assigns itself as drive letter D. I want this drive to show up as drive H . If I go to Device manager, hard drives, double click on generic ide type 47, settings, for this drive the drive letter assignment is there, but I cannot change it. Any ideas please.

A:{SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

I don't think you can change it. Normally the bios will take the primary of the 1st ide drive as c, the primary of the second ide as d, the next partition of the primary ide drive as e, etc.
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Thank you for reading my tale of woe I recently had data Problems drive Outlook slave 2007 with & to new drive settings getting from some malware infections that I simply could not remove using a huge arsenal of AV scans amp removers so I got a new hard drive quot H quot and attached old one quot C quot as a slave After configuring quot H quot with new XP Pro OS Avira AV Comodo Firewall Problems with getting Outlook 2007 data & settings from slave drive to new drive I used my original Outlook CD to install it I got the basics done importing pst files but there are a whole lot of details that aren t moving to the new Outlook I have gone through the Problems with getting Outlook 2007 data & settings from slave drive to new drive Microsoft support pages which normally I find super helpful but this time I seem to be going in circles I am anxious to get the data off C so we can re-format it I hate having the infected drive around If anyone can provide any insights into any of the following obstacles I would be most appreciative -Install went apparently well but when I tried to install an Outlook add-on Calender Print Assistant from Microsoft download center I got a message that my copy of Outlook could not be validated quot Problem The validation process could not be completed because a copy of Microsoft Office on this computer has not been activated quot Following the Microsoft instructions led me in circles warning that my copy might be counterfeit I purchased it new from Amazon over a year ago All the Microsoft support pages tell me that I must use the Activation Wizard during installation to enter product key which I did and it was accepted Even the phone number to activate it over the phone is listed in the Wizard which told me the software was activated correctly so the phone number was not given -My imported data are in quot Contacts in Personal Settings quot and quot Calender in Personal Settings quot instead of quot Contacts quot and quot Calender quot I know I read somewhere last night how to fix this while I was trying to fix the missing data problem and I think Microsoft support said you cannot just drag and drop to rearrange the folders It seems the Emails are similarly disorganized Now I cannot find the support article again -Only about of my contacts seem to have imported I cannot tell what these contacts might have in common with one another -My settings for categories seem to be missing and the few categories that are showing up say quot Not in Master Category List quot I rely heavily on the color-coded categories to manage my large family s schedule so I really need to fix it even if I have to go through manually -I have gone into all the options customize settings and made changes that were available but there are some settings which would be very time-consuming to enter manually like email rules for sorting junk mail and forwarding -I run Windows Mobile on my cell phone and synchronize tasks contacts and calenders to Outlook not email I don t want to even install the cell phone software and synch it till Outlook is perfect so that I don t loose any data The Windows Mobile data is stripped and incomplete so I d rather not use it to restore the Outlook data -In an effort to get access to the missing data I tried to run Outlook program using Run dialog in the start menu choosing the Outlook program on the C slave drive but the data files it accessed and settings it used were the ones on the H new OS drive including excluding the missing data My family really relies on Outlook to manage our bill due dates school assignments specialist MD appointments email and contacts in addition to the emails for my hobby selling my handcrafts online Any help would be so appreciated nbsp
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When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one?

I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site, any idea?


I had just had this recommended, I wonder is it a safe site, safe program?


A:How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

Yes sourceforge is safe.

That is where I get many programs myself.

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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

A:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!

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Hey guys Recently my windows xp OS hard drive crashed on me In desperation I installed a new HD with windows XP making my crashed drive the slave So I can still salvage my files So far so good until I tried to get into a few folders of mine that I had protected by Everstrike s Universal Shield When I try to view these folders I get access denied I ve tried logging in as administrator safe mode going through the registry to try and manual uninstall re-downloading installing and uninstalling Universal Shield- all to no avail The uninstall freezes up on me every time What I believe is happening is that Universal shield must still be installed on my slave drive still protecting those folders that I had it slave? old How now Crashed, you've hidden drive OS old on OS is drive HD files find when to lock How can I get rid of Universal shield on my slave drive giving me access to the folders I need to back up HD Crashed, How to find files you've hidden on old OS drive when old OS drive is now slave? Any ideas Thanks a lot hope we can get this figured out

A:HD Crashed, How to find files you've hidden on old OS drive when old OS drive is now slave?

If I can't figure this out, i'm going to lose about 5 years worth of pictures and documents I've wanted to save. Anyone have any thing to help?
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hi guys. the external hard drive, here at work, cannot be detected by any of the computers. my thoughts are that the data was wiped clean. i've removed the hard drive from the case and installed it onto my computer as a slave drive. a) how can i view if these files still exist. and b) if they are missing, can you recommend a software recovery program?

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I bought a new PC tonight, with a SATA drive that I've installed Windows on and an IDE drive. The IDE drive showed up during the Windows install, with both partitions appearing, and I can see them in My Computer. However, I can't access anything on the drives, instead I get an error message with something about an I/O device error. Booting takes around 10 minutes but when I unplug the drive I can boot in roughly 30 seconds.

Desperate for help, please guys. >_<

A:New computer running extremely slowly, can't access slave HD (I/O error)
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Hello all I m hoping you can help me A couple weeks ago my hp pavilion dv crashed again Last time this happened I was able recover drive drive crashed Sata to USB slave to recover to an old restore point wih my vista recovery disk and save my files but no luck this time I m a writer and I have a decent amount of writing that I ll lose if I can t recover my files Sata USB slave drive to recover crashed drive I have a sata USB cable that I m using to connect the drive to my old working pc windows xp When I hook it up I hear the drive powering up and the computer makes the USB detect sound but the drive never shows up in my computer How can I get my pc to detect the drive Is all lost thanks so much for any help I know more than average about computers but I m mostly a beginner so please explain in simple terms Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Sata USB slave drive to recover crashed drive

the noise you are hearing is a good sign, but maybe windows is assigning the drive a letter that is already in use? if you right click "my computer" and go to manage. then click on disk management, take a screen shot of that and attach it to a post on here..i might be able to help.
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I have Windows XP installed as the master drive (hda) and Mandriva 10.2 Linux on the slave drive (hdb). I want to physically remove the WinXP hard drive from my computer and make Linux the only drive. I boot up the computer using LILO, which is installed on hda. So how do I do all of this without messing up the bootloader settings?

A:Changing Linux on Slave Drive to Master Drive

First, save the existing /etc/lilo.conf; cp /etc/lilo.conf /etc/lilo.0901705.conf

Second, read manpage re mkbootdisk. you may need this to recover the as-is configuration

Third, I found it a lot safer to work out my LILO configuration using a floppy boot disk rather than my hard disk. To do this, you must replace the boot=/dev/hda with boot=/dev/fd0 in the lilo.conf file. That way, if I messed up any of the configuration in my lilo.conf file, I could take out the boot disk and boot into Linux as before. Once I was happy everything booted fine using the floppy disk, I then changed my lilo.conf back to use boot=/dev/hda and ran /sbin/lilo a final time to upload my changes.

man 8 lilo explains the program options
man 5 lilo.conf explains each line in the conf file

before you make changes, issue the following as documentation
later, this command will show /dev/hda? on / type ext2 (r/w)
when you're successful

Your existing LILO config should be at /etc/lilo.conf and will contain
items like:
boot = /dev/hdb? (first HD, some partition number suffix)
... bunch of stuff best left alone
image = ... whatever it says
.label = ... your lilo prompt at boot time
.root = ... /dev/hdb? (note it matches line 1)
other = /dev/hda1 (first HD, 1 partition)
.label = WinXP (the lilo prompt for XP)
.table = /dev/hda

delete the lines from OTHER to the bottom,
change hdb? to hda? (ie the same partition number, just different drive)
save the modification to disk

create the LILO floppy: try the -t option to see what it would do before doing it,
and use boot= /dev/fd0 until you're pleased with the result.

power down and move the 2hd to the end of the cable (cable select)
and set as master if needed. the first hd can be used later via /etc/fstab

insert the floppy and boot from it (you may need to change BIOS)

if all is well, you will see your full system running and the command mount
will verify the results.
Now you can change the boot= /dev/fd0 back to boot= /dev/hda?
and do the update for real.

booting from the HD should be safe and give you what you want.

ISSUE: /etc/fstab lines containing HDxy will need adjusting
If you have several MOUNTABLE devices, this table may interfer with your
Until booting the HD works, rename this file with the 'mv' command.

Moving the cable connector will swap hda and hdb notations.
When you recable the original HD, you have two options:
use the space as DOS FAT or reformat as Linux ext{2,3}
If you reformat the original, then all hda entries can be deleted.
Any hdb entries in the saved fstab file need to become hda

Modifications to /etc/fstab can be utilized immediately via
login as root or the su command

The new hdb will need a mount-point, so cd /
mkdir /originalHD
and then you can mount eg 'mount /dev/hdb /originalHD'
Another typical location for mounts is /var/mnt/xxx
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I need to retrieve data from a SATA drive but can only achieve this if I can connect it as a slave drive to a machine with a master PATA drive. The motherboard will accept both devices. Is this possible? and if so how?

A:Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.
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Win 7 machine having problem with Windows update 80070002, I have stopped update in services and removed data then restarted. Every time I restart machine it wants to update, gives me errors sometimes having to unplug machine and restart again. Once machine gets past win splash screen I get message that machine is updating, it gets to 35% then fails, reverts and boots. Upon boot I see windows has dropped my slave drive, rebooting is mind numbing as it can take as long as ten minuets. I cannot seem to rid this virus. Please help and I thank you in advance for any help you can send my way.
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Hi Yesterday I tried to install Drive Master Slave Drive To Changing a new C drive because mine was running slow The idea was to install a new C drive without much on it and use my old C drive which was pretty full as a secondary slave Changing Master Drive To Slave Drive drive deleting Windows of it and just keeping my files I installed Windows on the new drive OK but when I started up with my old C drive attached as a slave drive I was told there was an error with it and it needed to run chkdsk I let it do that and it proceeded to delete almost all Changing Master Drive To Slave Drive my files from my old C drive I ve now restored from my backup which I made a week ago meaning I ve only lost a week s work so it s not too bad Does anyone know if it s possible to do what I was trying to do and if so how to go about it Thanks Joe

A:Changing Master Drive To Slave Drive

There is a reason why your old drive was running slow. Did you ever figure out why, or what was wrong with it? Perhaps the drive itself is going bad.Go to the manufacturer's website and download their disk utility to check the hard drive out: Fujitsu "FJDT" DOWNLOAD Works with fujitsu models only.
Hitachi / IBM - DFT "Drive Fitness Test" DOWNLOAD Works with all manufacturers.
Maxtor "Powermax" DOWNLOAD Works with all manufacturers.
Samsung "hutil" DOWNLOAD Compatability unknown.
Seagate "Seatools" DOWNLOAD Works with Seagate drives only.
Toshiba - N/A There are no tools available for Toshiba, but you may be able to use IBM or Maxtor's.
Western Digital "Data Lifeguard" DOWNLOAD Works with WD drives only.
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Hi! I need to reformat my computer and I have 2 seperate hard drives. If I reformat my C drive, will everything on my H drive still be safe? I had to reformat once before and went to the trouble of saving everything and backing it up to my other computers on my home network, only to find after the reformat that my entire H drive was totally intact. I don't want to *assume* that it will always be that way and then lose everything in a reformat. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

A:Reformat hard drive with XP and slave drive

yes, H will be safe
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Hi! I have this hard drive, which was put in a pc that didn't work due to power supply failure. The OS is windows 7 ultimate (with password).
And I want to install this into a different pc (OS: windows xp) as a slave drive, I just need to take out the data from drive D and E.. How to set my hard drive as a slave drive in this pc which has different OS too? my hard drive is a SATA, and the PC does have SATA port..

Do I need to set the BIOS too? and How?

Help needed! Please include the steps, I'm a newbie.. Thank you!

A:How to set my hard drive as a slave drive in a different system?

This link might help you.

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old pc: with the toggle set in 'slave' position & having a 40 pin connector (actually 39, with bottom center slot blanked on the connector cable/drive):

new pc:
- does it matter if another single channel connector has 40 pins or should there be the 39/with blanked out connector?

- does the toggle get moved to 'master' position, is it pulled altogether, or where does the toggle go on a new single channel setup (other drives are SATA) where it will be used as the only IDE for backup purposes only?

A:moving IDE slave drive to new pc backup drive

If there is nothing else on the IDE Cable but the hdd then the jumper should be set to master.
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This is a long post but it is a VERY strange problem I have been having some major problems with the same PC This is my mom s computer and it has the same problem over and over and Here is the system setup MSI K N Delta Platinum MOBO AMD Athlon Gb PC RAM sticks Mbps on-board LAN GB Western Digital IDE ATA Primary Master NTFS GB WD IDE ATA drives Primary Slave amp Secondary Master NTFS x Lite-On IDE DVD -R RW Secondary Slave Linksys USB Wireless G network adapter used because the built-in NIC won slave won't Drive drive after boot was removed t work now Drive won't boot after slave drive was removed floppy Drive won't boot after slave drive was removed W -in- USB Media Reader LCD Monitor XP Professional with all updates Norton AV The original install did not have the GB drives they were added after the setup was complete The Gb drive is partitioned into Gb and Gb The Gb being the system drive and the other for storage I installed XP Pro then Norton AV Google month free version then ran updates for XP I then installed all the software that was needed open office GIMP MS Money etc Next the GB drives were installed and shared on the network I used these extra drives as backup for Office files and MS Money files Everything seemed to be working well I then needed to re-flash my Linksys router WRT G I installed an open source firmware for more control To flash the router I disconnected all cables from the router and ran a direct cable to my PC The flash worked great I then hooked the patch cables back up as the were before exactly as before all cables going to a Gigabit switch then an uplink from the switch to the router my PC would not get back on line I tried disabling the NIC re-installing it changing the IP addy etc I worked on this for hours After being disabled the NIC on the mobo was enabling itself on reboot It was also setting it s own IP addy to something unknown It turned out to be an ICANN DNS in Philly I think No matter what I did the IP address would not work and I couldn t get access to the net I don t remember if I could email as I used web-mail at that point I do believe that I could ping The strange thing is that this is the second time I have had this NIC issue It happened months before on this same PC and I thought it was a Virus trojan spyware because it was setting the IP addy to the same address all the time Fearing the worse here I backed up data on my PC and did a pass DoD level wipe on my HDD I re-installed everything the same as above and had the NIC issue AGAIN Not wanting to deal with this again I installed a Linksys USB Wireless G network adapter and was able to get net access I found another GB drive amp wanted to check its contents I disconnected all the HD s from my machine power and IDE cable hooked the new drive up as Pri Master and ran the OS that was on there This drive was an old XP Install from a few months ago I burned some files to DVD re-booted with a DBAN CD hard drive wiping utility and wiped the only installed HD which was the new HDD I then removed the CD and powered down I then removed the new HDD re-connected the HDD s all cables were place EXACTLY AS BEFORE powered back up The system hung It finally booted after sitting there for mins detecting the IDE HDD s After this initial delay all seemed ok I decided that I wanted to remove the GB drives and install the extra I backed up the s across the network and powered down I disconnected the IDE cable from the Primary Master HDD placed the DBAN CD in the DVD drive and wiped the two s I removed the drives and the DBAN CD I then connected the original which had the OS on it and tried to boot and the computer hung while looking for the IDE drives After an unknown period of time it came to a screen that said this DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER Now I am stuck trying to figure out what is wrong with this PC There are no words that come close to describing how angry I am I would like to restore the dist and pull some data off... Read more
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i am using windows xp but i had another hard drive that had xp on it drive slave too it was a good hard drive but xp was slave drive taking up room on it so i went to it slave drive like you do with like a flash drive and i clicked format and it eraced every thing and when i restarted my computer it said that it did not work or it did not have the right software on it to work right and it said something like press any butten to boot without the slave slave drive drive and i did but when i went to try to put things on the slave drive it did not show up so i tried to unplug my hard drive and just leave the slave drive in and tried to put the windows xp cd in and reinstall xp but it did not let me boot from the cd so is there any thing i can do to get my compleatly blank hard drive to work again PLEAS HELP

A:slave drive

Duplicate question:

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My computer just hits the skids. The power supply went and when i left it plugged in to go to the stotre to buy a new one it fried the rest of the PC. The hard drive I am assuming is in perfect working order I just need to get the info from it. Does anyone know how to turn an old exsisting hard drive into a slave drive or at least get the info from it and put it on the new hard drive?

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ok I m panicked Slave PRI please!?!??!?! help Drive I have an old Gateway computer and although I don t know much about the inner working of the computer I tried to add more RAM I had instructions that seemed easy enough I found the old RAM disks PRI Slave Drive help please!?!??!?! and removed them then got chicken and put them back in to be sure I had the right spot I closed the quot tower quot up re-connected all cords and tried starting is up again I would get the Gateway picture and then it would just sit there Then I get an error saying that a drive was missing I tried again Next I hit tab it said to hit TAB for messages and it said quot PRI Slave Drive Incompatible quot After that when I tried to turn the PC back on I got nothing but a black screen with a blinking white cursor and the computer would not shut off w o un-plugging it Please help but try to simplify I DON T KNOW WHAT I DID Thanks nbsp

A:PRI Slave Drive help please!?!??!?!

Reopen the case and check that the primary data cable is correctly and securely connected to your slave drive. Also check for any bent pins on the drive.
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I recently took an old hard drive from work to supplement my rather meagre hard drive at home. About the same time, I upgraded to a new motherboard and processor.

Now, everything seems OK, except my slave drive is not showing up in My Computer and My Documents.

BIOS detected the drive OK. It shows up when I go to system on Control Panel but, it gets it's name wrong. Instead of saying 'Quantum Prodrive' it says 'Quajtqm'. My other drive shows up OK as a 'Quantum lps540a'.

Also, and I don't know if this is connected, but I'm showing 2 direct memory access controllers. I've tried deleting the one with the error message (it complains that the other one is using the resources) but my PC keeps insisting on installing another!

Where did it all go wrong?!

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added slave drive.its listed as F drive. it should be D right? when using C drive having problem sending to new slave drive

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I re installed xp on my computor and it was a clean install. now i cannot access my slave back up and it has info i need IE my back up. the computor says it is unallocated.. help'


A:Cannot see my slave drive

Raw: The volume filesystem type information is unavailable

Just follow the guide
I feel you have removed the Partion, inadvertently, on the slave Drive

In future, physically unplug any other drives, before doing major work (Partion/Format/Windows Setup) on another Drive
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My friend built a new comp. and used his old hardrive as a slave drive.Basically so he could keep his old pics and music on it but it had 2 diff. acct.'s on it his and his wifes.It will only let him get into his wifes folder and not his anyone know why?

A:Slave Drive help

How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP
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i have a hard drive that i wanted to hook up as a slave and i set the jumper and wen i boot the computer it shows up in bios but then it comes to an error that reads" NTLDR is missing press crnt alt del to restart." anyone know what to do.. when i dont run the slave it boots up fine

A:help with slave drive

Well right off I'd assume you didn't set the jumper correctly It's telling you it's trying to boot from a non bootable source.
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i have just installed xp home onto my other computer, all is going well except i cant get windows to pick up on my second 80gig hdd "my master hdd is also a 80gig". The system recoginises it is there, while loading up before windows. but windows wont see it. i have tried swapping them around with diff jumper settings with no success.
any help would be awsome cheers. mk

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I need to get a new hard drive but want to keep my existing one. Would i need to set up one of the drives as a slave drive? If so, would the new one be best as the primary hard drive as it will be faster (or is there another way?) If one does need to be a slave should i put the OS on the primary hard drive only or does it need to be on both drives? I have an AMD Duron 1.1Mhz and 128Mb RAM, is this powerful enough for 2 drives or would i better off ditching the old drive?

Any help is very much appreciated!!


A:Help with a slave drive?

Use the new drive as master, it will probably be faster and have a bigger capacity.

On the drive, you will find a jumper. It can be set in three positions: Master, Slave or Cable Select (CS)

You basically have two options:
1) Set the new drive to master, the old drive to slave
2) Set both drives to cable select. PC will determine automatically which one is the master.

Adding harddrives doesn't really require more pc power, so don't worry about that. Your PC will handle two drives fine.

One other thing though, if you use the new drive as master, you will need to install an operating system on this drive. Again, you have two possibilities:
1) Clean install of the OS on the new drive. Remember that you will have to reinstall all your drivers and applications
2) Copy the entire content of the old drive on the new one. Some harddrive manufacturers provide a tool that does this with their new drives, otherwise you will need a 3rd party tool such as Norton Ghost
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I just installed a new harddrive, i am trying to make my old HD the slave drive to my new HD... the new hd works but i can't access my old HD... The connections are right i am using win 98. the old one had win nt 4.0
(Old i know). Why doesn't it work?

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I've got my new computer hooked up to my old hardrive (on the cable marked slave) I've set the jumper I have to have a power plug from my new computer plugged into my old hard drive as well? Cause I dont know and I cant seem to get the old hard drive to show up on my new computer. help please!!


A:Slave Drive help!!!

You need to plug in power for the drive to work, yes.

That would be the next step, hopefully the bios are set to auto detect
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What do I do if my Hard Drive cannot detect a slave drive? I went to the Motherboard BIOS but it said it wasnt there...I wanted to reformat my old Hard drive and I was wondering if there were any tips someone to give me as in what to do.

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I formatted my C drive, and now windows don't see my slave drive, on boot up its there and also in the bios. can someone please help to have my windows see it, OS in win 98

A:slave drive

OK, if it;s OK in BIOS try booting with a DOS disk and see if you can see it there. If so it's definitely a windows issue.

have a look and see if the device is listed in device manager. If so are there any worningd/conflicts on it?

Is the slave drive formatted etc ok?

let us know what you find.
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When I start up my computer which is running win xp pro I can't see my secondary hard drive in my computer, only when I restart the computer does it seem to register. Any ideas please

A:cant see slave drive

Can you see it the device manager? Also right click my computer and go to manage. While in this console select disk managment under storage. You should be able to see it from here and format the drive if you have not already.
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I have an Intel i815 motherboard on my computer. The slave plug (on the ribbon cable) was working fine, until now. I have done nothing different. I have tried 2 cables. The master plug works fine, but the slave does not. I have removed the motherboard battery. It didn't help.

Should I try to find a bios update?

Any ideas?

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I have a home built pc which has sata HD's and connectors. I also have a laptop HD that is sata also. The cd-rom drive on the laptop is broken and I need to install windows 7 on it as I just bought the OS. How do I set it up so I can install windows 7 on my laptop HD through my regular PC?

A:How to do a slave drive

The easiest way to install W7 on your laptop (or any other PC for that matter) is to do a USB install. All you need to do this is a 4GB or larger USB Flashdrive and follow these instructions from MS here: I do all of my W7 installs this way as it is much faster than using a disc and the DVD drive.
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I am trying to install an old hard drive from an old computer we had to our new computer so I can retreive all of our drive slave pictures The old computer cd drives wont read or write disks now so I cant burn them on a data disk and I slave drive tried using a flash drive to copy them slave drive to but the computer wont recognize that without a driver and it doesnt come with a driver it works fine on my new computer so I guess the old one is just to quot old quot lol OK new computer is a HP Pavilion AMD Athlon Processor GHz MB RAM running Windows XP Home Edition version with service pack Old computer is a compaq presario intel pentium III processor running windows thats about all I know The old computer hard drive doesnt have a diagram on the back with slave master cable etc its has a diagram and says jumper J Master Single On Slave Off Can all drives be made slave or some not I have moved the jumper plastic thingy to all possible spots and everytime I start the computer back up and go to my computer the drive is not showing up Is there something else I am suppose to do I removed the cd drive cable so I could use that port not sure of the technical name for the cord or the place you plug it in but I know where and what they are because I heard it would be quicker to transfer files if I disconnected the cd drive So its plugged in snug and as I said I tried the jumper in all spots which look like this there is one place with only a top wire and no bottom so I though maybe that was it but nadda If I need to supply more info on something let me know THANKS nbsp

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All of a sudden My Computer stopped recognizing my second hard drive. What could have happened. It was working fine until a few minutes ago. I ran Super AntiSpyware just before this happened if this is of any help.
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Can I plug my compaq "quantum" hard drive into my new Dell "XP" on the middle clip of ribbon. A scribble labeled "auto" I hope means it doesn't need a jumper to designate itself as "slave." ???? Then I understand from reading I find a new power lead and plug it into old drive, then possibly follow directions in "disk management" segment to create "partition?" I simply want to be able to edit and print old files written in ancient "works" windows 95. Real dumb about this stuff, guy. Please help.

A:Slave drive

Last time I worked on a DELL, they are configuring their hard drives as CABLE SELECT. Which means you should be able to take that slave drive and boot it up and the DELL BIOS should find it ok, pluggin it into the middle connector on the same IDE channel. "grey color"

You do not create a parition. If the drive already has data on it, then a parition was created long ago. Lucky for you, Windows XP can read a FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS partition.

So when you get into Windows, your drive will appear as the next drive letter providing the DELL BIOS auto detected the slave drive in cable select mode.
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I want to put in a hard drive from another computer to run some diagnostics on it but, I can't see anything. When I click on the D drive i get do you want to format now. The hard drive is a working XP install. I can plug the hard drive in the original system and boot it and its fine. There is no Norton Goback. How can I get it to work as a slave?
This is the Boot ini file if there is any thing to change in there.
I also took a screen shot of the working hard drive in the disk management.
I don't know if the extra recovery partition is the problem.
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Whistler Personal" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

A:Can't see Slave drive

Before you attached the IDE cable did you set the jumper to slave on the hard drive that you want to be slave? Did you look in the cmos or bios to see if the slave drive was recognized?
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I have a 60GB Maxtor as my slave drive. it was working fine up until a few days ago. then I went to access it to get a few songs in my playlist & it said E: drive is corrupt & unreadable. i have also gotten errors sayin the parameter is incorrect, & 1 said Hard Drive is not formatted, would i like to format it now? i clicked no. i have alot of files on there i dont want to lose. under disk management it says healthy. i just tried [email protected] partition recovery (demo) which still shows the correct amount of available space from before it got corrupted. any help will be appriaciated... if you need any other info just let me know... thx

BTW: i have been able to get into the slave drive 2 times, since this first happened. but i am not able to access it at all

A:Slave Drive Help

You may not have many more chances to get at your files.
Your could try the following - it has been known to work:
Remove the drive and wrap it in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer for the night.
Leave it in the bag to keep it cold & reconnect the following morning - if it works, copy your data from it at once.
If this fails your only remaining option is a professional data restore shop.
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Hi all,

I just bought a new hard drive + Win 7, installed Win 7, and have now attached another drive that would not boot properly (has winxp OS on it)

Windows 7 doesn't seem to be able to 'see' the slave drive, is there anything else I need to do to let Win 7 see the slave drive?


A:Win 7 - Can't see slave drive

Welcome Meltdown

What kind of HD's IDE, SATA, etc.

Does it show up it the Bios boot up screen ?

Other hardware specs would help.
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I was trying to install my USB port, and after I did, everytime that I start my PC I gey the message Pri Slave Drive - ATAPI Incompatible Press F1 to resume. So I do, and when I try to use my new USB card, the program that I'm trying to use says that I'm not connected. I checked in my control panel to see if I downloaded the driver correctly, and it says that it was downloaded, but there was a problem. Please help!!!!!!! I've downloaded the driver 4 times and it still doesn't work!!!

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I just got a new pc and would like to use my old hard drive as a slave drive to transfer items from it to the new hard drive (I have 3 programs to back up this pc and none will work). I know that I have to do something in bios for this, but I dont know what. Can someone help?


A:Slave drive & bios

Could we get some more information?

What is the model # of the HP PC? Is it a desktop?
What kind of hard drive(s) are in the new PC - SATA or IDE?
What kind of hard drive is the "old" hard drive - SATA or IDE?

When you say that you have tried programs to back up, what are you trying to back up?
Care to expand on "none will work"?
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I received my new SDD today and installed Windows on it After I was all done installing all drivers and updates I plugged my slave drive back in that contains all my media At first when I would boot into windows I was getting a quot recycle bin on E is corrupted quot message and the slave drive kept on connecting and disconnecting while in Windows I decided to boot into my old installation of Windows drive serious having Slave problems that is on my old mechanical drive I can access the files on the slave drive but the drive tends to hang a Slave drive having serious problems lot and it won t let me copy any files off of it I ran a chkdsk f that finished but when I try to run a chkdsk r it gets stuck on stage I am really hoping that I do not lose any of this data as it is not backed up I was waiting on this new SSD to I can back it all up and now it seems I can t If anyone could help me with this it would be appreciated I really hope this drive is not dying on me nbsp

A:Slave drive having serious problems

Probably a failing disk. Try different IDE/SATA port or different IDE/SATA cable, make sure they are securely connected.
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Have a slave drive (no OS mounted) used a for data storage only
and need to delete files however when I attempt to deleye a file -not all lise are affected - a message "the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable"
shows up. What do I need to do to remove the affected file?


- run windows explorer
- right-click on drive letter of your slave drive
- click Properties...
- click Tools tab
- click Check Now...
- check the automatically fix box
- click start
If you get a message about disk check scheduled, then reboot and wait for check to complete.

If this doesn't help, then repeat procedure, but also check the scan for and attempt recovery of... box. (This will take some time).

If none of the above helps, then it is likely that your hard drive is on the way out. In any case, I'd recommend that you make backups of any data that you have on that drive.
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I just replaced my old hard drive with a bigger one.

I am using my old hard drive as a slave. Can I erase all of the info on the drive?

If I completely erase everything on the drive, could it have a new O.S. installed with out any problems, at a later date.

I can only assume a slave is just extra storage, and all of the old data can be completely erased.

A:Slave Drive Question

If you install a new os, the data on it will be erased (Formated)
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I had a slave drive on my last pc that I backed up all my photography/music on. When I got a different pc I get major trouble when trying to connect this back up drive. The primary drive works fine but as soon as I connect the slave and power up my pc won't recognize either of them. So does this mean that the slave drive is shorted out? dead? I'm screwed? I have over 2 years worth of my photography on there but I can't even get my pc to boot up with it connected. I've tried switching the jumper on the slave only as the new pc is a dell and the hard drives are mounted vertically....thus a pain in the......lets just say a pain. Anyway any info that anyone has is welcome, I really can't loose all my work! Thanks.

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I'm trying to install a former slave drive as a slave again in a different computer. Win 2000 OS. Should it be recognized automatically? Do I need software, drivers? Thanks

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I have a compaq SR2010nx with a 120g serial hd.
I want to add a WD800 (western digital 80g HD) that connects using a parallel cable. It's full of files I need to get at.
I connected it per Compaq's user guide - installed, set jumper for cable select, and plugged in power cord and parallel cable.
PC refused to boot.
Any ideas?

A:adding a slave drive

What happens when you try to boot? Check in BIOS to see what's listed as the boot drive.
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I`m trying to format a slave drive on a system that is running wxp on the master drive. The drive has been in use but lately when i boot up the pc i get a message saying that the slave drive (D) needs to be checked for errors, and so the pc does a chkdsk.
When i try and run fdisk it won`t work. Is there another way to format my slave drive?
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I have a Dell XPS T it is ancient I upgraded from SE to XP Home I added on ram for a total count of mb SDRAM I added on an Audigy soundcard and finally I put in a GB Maxtor Y L something like that Hardrive Now I installed it a while back and I probably found! Drive be Slave My cannot have GB being used I always keep - GB comfort space at least Now my comp out of nowhere has been going SLOOWWWW as hell I uninstalled some programs one day applications I have downloaded and then the slowness began the next day Upon startup scandisk would want to check my Slave drive F but it went so slow I just restarted and skipped tha check Now my comp is slow as hell the only thing that is fast My Slave Drive cannot be found! is browsing My Slave Drive cannot be found! However I need to recover my F drive I don t know if it could be a problem with not updating the drivers at all or if it got loose when I installed it it was hanging there or what I cannot lose all my mp s videos and documents on this drive It would be devastating I have gotten prompts that said The F Drive has not been formatted Format now with yes and no options I chose no I really don t know what to do to recover my harddrive or to make my comp faster MY C drive has GB free out of GB Total I cannot defrag so I m stuck there all help is hugely appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

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I never used a slave drive before but since I had a couple of extra drives I decieded to try it. Moved the jumper to slave posistion as marked on the drive. Hooked it up and booted. The drive is recoginized and when I tried to open it it told me it was not formated. I clicked OK it formated and shows only 54 mb of space on the drive. Both drives did this one is a 20 GB and one is a 40 GB. What am I doing wrong?

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Motherboard on old PC stopped working last week, so doing a rebuild. It needed it anyway so not too sad.

Mostly backed up, but a few things I'd like to get off of my old hard drive, plus might be handy to have the extra storage space. Is it as simple as plugging it into the motherboard and selecting not to boot from it in BIOS? Old drive has Vista 32, whereas new system will have Windows 7 64bit.

Both drives SATA.

Thanks! First build I have done myself so double checking everything!

A:Solved: Old drive as slave?

After the new rig is up and running with windows installed. Shut down, unplug PSU and hook up the old drive. Then restart it will then show as drive "F" or whatever.
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Hello all I recently began having trouble with windows XP home when I could no longer get futher than the first logo'd screen Black with small windows icon Everytime I booted I got a black screen saying quot windows was not shut down correctly quot with options Boot in safe mode start as normal etc When trying any option I would get no further than the black logo'd screen As I did not know how to repair windows from this stage I decided to get an old drive format it and then use the drive i needed as a slave This all worked great for restoring my father's and sister's documents Unfortunately my documents were protected from other people on different accounts So this means as I cannot log in as my old self on my old HDD I can now not access my documents I wouldn't really care but I have months worth of a college project on there that needs to be in next week I'm really hoping that there is somehow a way to either bypass the security or fix the XP install on the slave drive Any help would be vastly appreciated here Helpful stuff maybe OS - XP home with SP Drive - the one i need to access - maxtor gig rpm Drive - new master - Old gig fujitsu probably rpm Processer - P gig Hope that's enough stuff If not feel free to ask I am at your mercy Also when I view the properties of my documents the restricted ones it says files I had gigs worth of photoshop work in there and loads of college work Oh also the gig drive i need is NTFS and the one I don't need is FAT Hope I didn't leave anything out and that this made sense Kind regards Ash PS New here Hi all shy

A:XP security and slave drive...

Welcome to TSF!

Each account will have a GUID associated with it. No two accounts will share one, and once that GUID is lost, it's never regenerated.

Check the properties of the folder, and check the Security tab. If the Security tab is not present, go to Folder Options/View and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended), then go back to the properties of the folder.

On the Security tab, check to see if Administrators or System shows up in the user list. If either does, you can try to "Take Ownership" of the folder. This will allow you to establish yourself as a user with access to that folder. Click the Advanced button, go to the Owner (or Ownership) tab, and select your name from the list, put a check in the box so that it pushes to all files and subfolders, then hit OK.

Hope this helps.
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I have 2 PC's with two seperate hard drives both with a lot of data on them. Can I set one as a slave and install it in the first machine.
So when I boot the machine the second hard drive will show up as an extra drive and I can retrieve docs from it and store them back to there??? Basically what I want to do is use the one PC but keep the data on the 2 hard drives seperate.
Or will I have some issue with programs working using the second drive?
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I have xp on my master hd...wana install slave drive with do i boot up from my slave drive if I wanted to?

Thanks guys

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I have a slave drive that I'd fdisk and formated. It was my old drive (20g) and now i have a new drive (40G). The drive is completely empty, the problem I'm having is that I can't install any programs or download anything to the drive. It gives me a message saying there is not enough space but when i go to My Computer it says I have 19G free.

I'm running WinMe on the new drive but there is no OS on the old drive. Do I have to install ME on the old drive?

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I'm wondering if I can install XP onto a slave drive without disconnecting the master and changing the jumpers. If I can't then that's fine I can handle that but I was just wondering if I can avoid that at all. Thanks.

A:Install XP onto slave drive?

Pick a place to install it, and go to town. XP will happily (? ) install and work on any partition you choose.
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I just installed a new drive in XP system and moved old drive to slave position. Now I want to format the old drive but when I go to format, I get a message that it is being used by another program and need to quit and then try again.
I do not see anything running but it won't format.
What am I doing wrong??
I just tried to format from the dos prompt and this is what I got:
Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another
process. Format may run if this volume is dismounted first
Would you like to force a dismount on this volume? (Y/N) Y
Cannot lock the drive. The volume is still in use.
What the heck am I doing wrong?

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my brother tried to install a cd player used one with no driver and drive slave phantom messed his comp al up I been trying to fix it for him After hooking up the wires correctly I finnally got it to boot but i get a message quot secondary slave dive is not ATAPI compatible quot then is says hit F to resume but nothing happens no matter what i hit it does recognize the hard drive but is stuck on this slave drive that doesn t exsist I have disconnected all devices except the hard drive i made sure jumper on harddrive is set to master i even switche dthe cable from a dual drive to a single drive scsi i cant seem to get into the bios set up i tried every combo i know F F Delete shift-F still can get it to open up set up i took out the battery phantom slave drive for a while reseated the processor took out and replaced all the ram was clutching at straws it s a and i beleive he was running WIN nbsp

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I just bought a new hard drive for my pc, seagate 80 gig, to slave off my master hard drive.

I have my jumper settings correct and have installed. I am running Windows XP Pro. I have never done this before, but was expecting to see my new drive under My Computer and be able to format it here. When I go into My Computer I do not see my new drive, but I can see it under Drives in Device Manager as the model number, ST380011A. Windows says this device is working properly.

I guess I should have looked into this a little before actually doing, but is there any information out there that will tell me how to format, acess and begin using this new drive?


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K I bought this GB YAHOO HDD drive it Drive Hard Help! Slave s western digital I wanna install it so that it s a slave drive so then I followed the instructions I was provided with a jumper which I placed on the HDD Western Digital drive in the quot slave position quot then I used the cable ribbon they provided me it was thingy heads the things that you place into a HDD sry dun know name anywayz the middle one according to the manuel was to be connected Slave Hard Drive Help! to the slave and the one side to the master and the other side to the motherboard next I rebooted my computer but this is what I got quot Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter quot so I placed the CD ROM provided by western digital pressed enter took a while to read chickened out and shut off my computer now here s the thing I believe my computer should have recognized the drive so I shouldn t get this error and as for the CD ROM western digital provided I should only use that to install the drive right that s after my system has detected the new drive right so hmm what s wrong lol Ciao o O

A:Slave Hard Drive Help!

Sounds to me like you did everything right (even the chickening out part).

Your original drive might not have had it's jumper set to master, even though that sounds kinda far-fetched. Or, the slave jump wasn't right. (I kid you not, I've sworn I did it right, only to find I was off to one side or the other)

I say that because that message seems like the computer read the unformatted western digital and thought "hey, no can boot to this!"

Your new hard drive is not formatted yet.
The CD is used for that, but other ways exist also.

If, for instance you were to unplug the original drive ...
Use just the new WD 250MB hard drive.

The OS is gone, and so you'd have to load it on.
To do that, you'd have to format it. partition it, and then you could
load the windows onto it.

If you have a windows CD, then all that could be done.
A fresh load.
If you think ahead, you make three partitions at the point in the "pre-loading"
that asks you what you want.
You say:
A primary partition of 20GB.
It does it, and then you are back to that screen to make another decision.
An extended partition, this time.
Say, 30GB. It does it.
(You also had to say to those DOS questions, use the large drive option, since 250GB is more than the 30GB max for "small drives", but you only say that once)

One more time, and you make the rest of the drive (about 200GB) the second extended partition.

Not exact in my examples, but close.

Now, you have a formated (for windows, large drives, I presume NTFS file system) and partitioned drive, but no windows.

If you stop there, the drive is now a "windows type formatted drive" and if you put the original drive back into the master position and the 250 in slave, your situation has changed.

You will have a master drive, seen as a primary drive with a windows operaring system on it. It will boot up. The slave will be seen as a drive that windows recognizes, because it is formated and partitioned.

Now, another thing is this:

The BIOS should see that drive no matter what (formatted or not).
It should also be seen as HD1, not HD0. Your BIOS has a boot sequence.
That sequence is some combination of these threee 'devices"

the floppy disk drive.
the CD-Rom (or any optical drive)
the Hard Drive (now it's two of them)
so it has to be the HD0 (the original one) check that, to be sure.

Back to the other part.

As long as the 250GB drive is in the slave postion (actually any slave position HD) you may have an operating system on it, that will not be booted to.

So, you could have continued to load your winXP (or which version do you have?)
onto it and to that 20GB partition at that. You'd then have a spare, fresh, backup complete OS to use if you ever wanted to put the 250 into the master position.
And still have 230 more GBs to freely use.

anyway, I say what I've done, to illustrate matters.

That CD from Western Digital is the key.
You should be able to read what it can & can not do.

I used a Maxtor MaxBlast disk when I added a 120GB drive.
Probably similar.

Seems the first time I used it I installed it to my original drive.
It "told me" I couldn't use it to partition/format any boot drive.
Then I added the second one just like you did, unformatted.

Then I checked BIOS, and after that, I let it boot.
I opened up the installed Maxtor program and it saw the HD, asked me what I wanted to do.

I said make it a "storage disk" and proceeded to divide it into a piechart
three partition job using the nice and easy program.

10 minutes later the OS saw everything it wanted to see.
I double checked in the system administrative tools-->computer management-->disk mangement and saw the confirming data presented, just like I wanted to see.

So... thats no answer, you say.
You are right, it isn't.

I think I just talked about winXP pro from a CD using Maxtor HD, two of them.

I do think you have the ... Read more
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I have installed a maxtor hard drive as a slave it says it's working properly but i cannot access it in any way(it is suppose to be drive(F). i have windows XP. when i go to "run" and browse it says it's in "my computer" but it doesn't show an (f) drive anymore.
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I was trying to reinstall my original operating system on my master drive and I believe that I erroneously created a Master Boot Record on my Slave Drive. I can detect the drive in Disk Management; it is present with a single partition and an EISA configuration. Now I cannot access the data on the slave drive, I believe the data is still there as it shows that approximately 250gb of the 500gb capacity is still available (the MBR would not be that big).

Can someone help me remvoe the MBR, or access the data on the slave drive so I can back it up to another drive. I don't want to run the risk of losing the data on the slave drive by reformatting it.

A:Remove MBR from Slave Drive

System manufacturer and model?

The only way that an MBR can be on a slave if that drive reflects an O/S.

Go to Disk Management (Start/Run...type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter).

Use the Print Screen key to take a snapshot so that all drives attached are reflected.

Post the screenshot as an attachment.

How To Capture And Edit A Screen Shot. -

The only thing Windows can do with an EISA delete it. Cannot read anything on such.

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I have a second hard drive installed on my Dell. I've had it installed for at least 3 years now. I've used it many times. I went to go retrieve a file from it and it's not listed as a drive. I went to Disk Management to assign a drive letter to it and it doesn't give me the option to do so. I was working fine 4 days ago. How do I get my drive back?
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I have win xp pro, recently it won't see any media in the slave drive, the drive is a dvd burner and the master is also a dvd burner, but I had the problem before both burners were installed, I've replaced the ide cable but I still have the same result. I've got computer geek block, just can't get through it, any help would be much appreciated.
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Hello Tech Guys,

I have a slave drive problem.

I successfully installed a 250GB Western Digital hard drive as a slave drive using their Data Lifeguard Tools Disc. I then moved all of my data to the 250GB drive.

Then I did a total reinstall of Windows XP on my C drive. Now XP does not recognize the slave drive. When I went to use the Data Lifeguard Tools Disc to see if that was what was needed, the menu said it was going to reformat the slave drive and erase all the data on it. To make matters worse even XP says the slave drive needs to be formatted.

I do not want to lose the data or better put I cannot lose this data.

Are there products that will allow me to recover my data from the slave drive?

Thank you


A:slave drive problem and XP

This is a common problem when using the install disk. It is because ez bios is [or was] installed.
List your exact specs and what version of xp are you using ie sp1, sp2.

You may need a bios update to use the drive without a driver overlay [ez bios]
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I replaced my Maxtor 80 gb master drive, with the same type drive. My Slave drive, a WD 80 Gb, has not been seen in "My Computer" since. It shows up in the Bios and Device Manager. There is no OS on the slave, just data I would like to retrieve.

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I was recently trying to recover files from my buddies hard drive that i believed to be corrupted by attaching it to my pc as a slave. I unplugged my current slave and was able to recover some files from his hard drive. Although when i rebooted and plugged my slave back in and booted up the OS didnt see the hard drive; but the bios did. I can also see the hard drive in the device manager just not My Computer. How could would i fix this. my os is XP.

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Computer is booting up to the from Drive??? up Booting Slave Slave drive My HDD Booting up from Slave Drive??? is gig Have of memory see below my post for my system details Is it the Memory I sorta ruled out Over Heating as this is the first bootup this morning I did a TSG search and read several Threads regarding freeze-ups because that is what mine has been doing for some time Unexplainable but refer to pinkfloyd s thread started today She has described the same thing And from reading the responses a driver might be my problem there is a CD driver error window that pops up each time I bootup It states that it may cause problems and instability This has been like this for over months and I have tried to Booting up from Slave Drive??? find where the driver is located and what driver it is so I Booting up from Slave Drive??? can fix it Yesterday I went to the links that were supplied by the Microsoft Help support pertaining to Roxio MediaPlayer and Real Player When I clicked on the links provided the MediaPlayer link stated that the files had been updated and I needed to do nothing The Real player wanted to update to RealPlayer I have an older version the Roxio I have been to that link and it is impossible to get support through that avenue Does this shed some light on what is going on with my computer I have had slowdowns and weird stuff happening I posted my Highjacklog and nothing was found in there I have Norton up to date and my MS updates Various Spyware stuff installed SW Guard SW Blaster Adaware latest etc This is not the first time this has happened but last time I kept rebooting and it quot repaired quot itself I can t figure it out Can anyone tell me what I should do besides carry it to the dumpster after applying sledge hammer nbsp

A:Booting up from Slave Drive??? is the link to my very recent thread with the Highjacklog. NOT: I am using my laptop while Desktop PC is crashed.
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I have a slave drive that I had to unplug. Believe to have a virus on it?? How can I scan it for a virus when it locks up my entire computer before Windows is completely loaded?? I unplugged it and my computer is fine now.. but still need to access certain things on that drive and obviously can't. How do I run a virus scan on just that drive... and/or how do I find the corrupt file on that drive when it's inaccessible at this time??

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated..

A:ok, need help, slave drive problems

Hi tinygirl63, welcome to TSG.

I replied to your email as well, but will post some of my questions here too:

Does the slave drive have an operating system on it?
What makes you think it has a virus on it?
Was anyone changing anything inside of the computer?
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Hello all,

I think I am having a brain-fart here, but I just installed and formatted a slave drive on my computer, and am trying to install XP on the slave drive, but everytime I put the XP disk in the cd drive it just wants to install it on my master HD. How do I install this on the slave drive?


A:Installing XP on slave drive

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Disconnect your current master drive and make the slave drive master and install Windows.

Then, make the drive slave again and reconnect your master drive.

You can then edit the boot.ini file for a dual boot system if you want. That`s exactly the set up I have.

Edit: Here`s how my boot.ini looks.

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I had a dual boot Fedora/XP machine using GRUB. I installed PCI Card recently. Then restarting I go to a screen with GRUB on it no cursor and no options. So I download and use Super GRUB. Since I wasn't using Fedora I decided to boot only Windows XP. XP came up but I can't get to my second hard drive which use to work just fine. I checked the BIOS and the BIOS isn't seeing it and checked Disk Management and didn't see it there.

Any recommendations?


A:Not Seeing Second/Slave Hard Drive

If you right click on "My Computer" and then select properties, you'll see the system properties window. Under Advanced settings->Start up and Recovery, click on the Settings button. From there you can modify the text file that lists your OS to see the aditional partitions/drives. Try not to mess it up!
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Hi there I am hoping Solved: Slave drive? that someone out there can give me some advice I installed a new hard drive today it s a Maxtor GB SATAII RPM MB Cache - OEM I had no trouble installing Windows XP however I have a secondary hard drive I d like to install a Western Digital Protege WD EB GB IDE as a secondary drive just as a place where I can store pictures etc I tried to install it earlier but came up with an error saying quot NTLDR is missing quot error so I uninstalled it and Solved: Slave drive? rebooted my Solved: Slave drive? computer My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA P -G and at present I am not sure what RAM I have on my PC I ve just switched it off as my brain was melting and am using my laptop to post What I would like to know if it is at all possible to have a master drive being an SATA drive with the slave being IDE IF it is possible please point me in the right direction for help on what I need to do Thanks Aimsxxx nbsp

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I have my PC set up so Microsoft notifies me whenever updates are available with their auto update. I approved the updates and had them installed. During the installation my PC crashed. When I reboot, my slave drive (D appears but I cannot access it or anything on it and get the following error message when I double-click on it in My Computer:

D:/ is not accessible
Error performing inpage operation

I have a lot of important documentation on that drive and need to access it pretty quick. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

A:Cannot find slave drive

You have system restore correct? Have you already tried restoring to the point before the update? If this isn't an option for you or does not work can you try the drive in another system?
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Someone please help. I have 3 hard drives on my computer. In order to install the third I had to purchase a ATA Adapter. I originally installed the ATA adapter and the 3rd drive while running Windows 2000. All worked fine until I upgraded to XP.

Now my system detects the hardware, but I cannot locate the drive in 'My Computer'. I went into the disk manager, but the only option it gives me is to convert the disc to a 'Basic Disk' (I installed it originally as a Dynamic Disc).

I have information on the drive that I do not want to lose. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

A:Undetectable Slave Drive

If this is XP Home, you cannot use a dynamic disk on this version of XP.

Open Disk Management and right click the dynamic drive, select Import
Foreign Disks from the menu. This should make the volume visible.
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Do I need to do anything to prepare it? My other drive has ubuntu 9.10 on it and I want to put the drive in my computer with windows XP on it.

do i need to install windows on the other drive on a partition? any guidance would be helpful.. i need more space

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Microsoft has done it to me again.

Yesterday my Microsoft auto update recommend several updates, which I downloaded. Now, I can see my slave drive (D drive) but can only access my C Drive. When I try to access the D: drive I am told I don't have permission to access it, only the administrator does. But I am the administrator and am logged on as such.
Further, when I go under Disk Management in Computer Management, it says I have 100 percent free space on my D: drive.
So, how can I fix this so I can access the D: drive. I keep all my business documents and such on that drive to segregate it from the crap everyone else puts on the C: Drive.
I run Windows 2000 Professional.

Thanks in advance.
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Have a Sony Vaio PCV-RX860, running XP-SP2. After reinstalling XP cannot find/access D drive. Have reset BIOS to default per Sony.
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Can I use an external HDD as a slave drive?
Can't seem to be able to install as slave in comp as new HDD is sata and master is ide.
Just bought and installed a pci card with a sata cord but still can't connect new HDD to master HDD.
Watched many vids on how to do the master slave in comp but I seem to be missing a connector cable to join the two HDD's to each other,hence I was curious about using new HDD as slave.

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How do I get my computer to recognize a slave drive.I just installed it but the only thing I see is that has affected my D drive which is my DVD drive.

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About six months ago I installed an 80g slave drive. Sometimes when I boot the drive has disappeared from "My Computer", this may happen for a few days. Then suddenly it reappeares and will be there for a month or two. I use it to backup my wifes documents, we haven't lost anything yet but I know the day may come when it doesn't reappear. When it disappears I look in disc managment and it's not there either.
I hope someone out there can help.

A:Disappearing Slave Drive.

the drive has to get recognized at bootup by bios, sometimes a weak power connection won't give it enough juice to spin up and be seen and passed on to windows

try changing the power connections around?

make sure the cable(ide or sata) is fastened good

if ide/pata, that cable position and master/slave jumpers match
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Yesterday my computer failed to find my DVD drive, so I used the fix found in this thread. It worked fine, but now the hard drive containing all my music is nowhere to be found in My Computer. Is there a similar trick I can use for this problem?

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I have a Pentium III 500 running win 98. I want to install a secondary IDE slave hard drive. I changed the pins to the slave configuration and set my bios to auto detect (i think). Anyway, when I boot my system it shows that it recognizes the drive but then it gives me an unable to read c: drive. If I remove the drive and only leave my c: drive it works. I want to run Norton Ghost to make a duplicate of a failing hard drive. Can anyone give me some pointers?


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I switched my slave drive (20G, WesternDigital) from my IBM Aptiva L31 initially running on WIN 95, updated to WIN 98. Installed it into a new IBM NetVisat A22p, usining WIN XP home addition. When it boots, says it does not have a driver associated with it. Request your advise on how to fix this problem. Thank you, John

A:Win Xp won't recoginize my Slave Drive

A driver associated with what? Are you trying to install XP on the drive or just plopping it into the new system as master? The problem description is a little vague and confusing.