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Power button not working... mobo issue?

Q: Power button not working... mobo issue?

Hey guys I had some contractors doing some work on my house today and they needed to shut the circuit off to the room my computer was in The computer was on at the time so it shut off when the power was cut Now it won t go back on Power button does nothing at all and I don t know if it s the power supply mobo or switch I ve got a power supply tester which causes my computers fans to start up when it s plugged in so the power supply does respond not Power mobo button working... issue? The results are in the attached file It shows LL which means to low to register voltage for the - V line I honestly don t know if I even have that line so I don t know if that s bad I attached the label on my power supply too Would Power button not working... mobo issue? no voltage cause a computer to completely not respond Because the fans DO start up when the power supply tester is plugged in I don t think the switch is the problem because I tried to short the power switch jumpers with a paper clip and nothing happened I also took the CMOS battery out for a while and then tried it again and that didn t work Any ideas on whether I need a mobo or a power supply I don t have an extra PSU around to test with but I may try to find one before ordering a new mobo thanks in advance -mike nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Power button not working... mobo issue?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Power button not working... mobo issue?

Not the switch. Could be the motherboard or PSU, but I don't have any good insight.

I would unplug the PSU and flip the 120/240V switch to 240V, then flip it back before plugging it in. To me, this doesn't make any logical sense, but over about 16 years of playing with PCs I have seen it work twice.
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My machine runs as normal, all the fans are working. My PSU and Video Card is quite new, I upgraded them over a year ago. No problems since today my computer wont boot up.

My moniter is blank, there is no light on the keyboard, so Im assuming it has something to do with the MOBO. But the there is a GREEN LIGHT on in the MOBO

Already tried unplugging the Jumpers, the CMOS battery, RAM, the 4pin and 24pin connectors. Holding the Power button for 30-60 secs(with Power cord off)

I tried everything I could think of.

Any help Folks?

CPU: Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9400 at 2.66 GHz
GPU: GTX 760 4GB DirectCU II
Memory RAM: 6GB
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
PSU: Corsair CX750M

A:No LED lights on Power button, PC wont boot.Fans working and MOBO

Have you tried having different Ram setups like only having 4GB?
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In reference to the following posting,
I am not the individual who initiated this query but I did have the same issue with my Dell Inspiron 5547, where it wouldn't turn on after a power button shut down.
I followed Hema's instructions by removing the battery and charger and then holding down the power button for a few seconds, and then putting back the parts. It seemed to have done the trick... At least for now. Is this just a temporary fix?
While doing a Google search for a solution I seem to have encountered a number of people who experienced the same issue. Can you also explain why this happens with this particular Dell laptop? Is it a model flaw?
Thank you
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So I ve been having some problems with the power button I m not sure if its the mobo or the cases problem? (mobo) Power button button itself Obviously i hope its the button but everytime I want to turn on the PC i have to press the power button several times to make it turn on It almost always requires - button pushes for it to recognize i want it to turn on Any ideas if this could be a button mobo or maybe even a psu issue thx for any help EDIT Power button (mobo) problem? I have checked the PSU with SIW to see if there s any psu related problems All rails are reporting within almost EXACT specs Infact I have never seen the rails look so close to the min-max as they do before now So it can t be the psu EDIT I m not sure if this will help in any way but I ll just say it Upon pushing the button down the CLICK on the button thats on the case is pretty loud There has never been once a time where the click has never came out It has always clicked of the time Its just to rule out any possibility someone might think that the button might not be making sufficient contact with whatever it needs to turn on the pc nbsp

A:Power button (mobo) problem?

Which case brand do you have. We have seen power switch problems with at least three popular brands of computer cases..
Unfortunately, we have found no obvious fix because the case makers to not repair switches or replace parts.
On some a small plastic part breaks. On others the switch grounds itself against the case wall or panel.
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Can I damage my motherboard by plugging in the case power button connecter backwards? Neither my case nor my motherboard specifies what is negative and what is positive.

Can I damage my motherboard by turning it on with nothing in it? (Ram, processor...)

I attached a picture of my current set up and a scanned diagram of my mobo manual.

Current set up:

A:Damage mobo by plugging in power button backwards.

The case power switch is just a switch which shorts the two pins on the mobo via the leads and case switch. Short answer : no it doesn't matter which direct the case power switch leads plug into the mobo.

Can you damage the mobo by turning it on without RAM and, but why would you want to? Really destroyed RAM or CPU which looks like a short (electrically), yes! time to buy new mobo. But no RAM or CPU is just an open circuit so you'll just hear alot of beeping from the BIOS.
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I just got this mobo out of a different comp and i can't seem to figure out where to hook up a few thing's like the power switch the power led hdd led and so own the modle number on my mobo is d865perl intel desktop board im not to sure the modle number of my case though thanks

A:New mobo need to find out where to hook stuff up lick power button

Look up the new motherboards model number on Google and see if you can find a manual for the board
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Late night I was in bed then I shock Static button... mobo case power fried? remembered that I needed to pay a bill that was due the next day So I jump out of bed and right to my PC I reach for the power Static shock case power button... mobo fried? button with my static charged finger unawares and get a shocking surprise I didnt actually press the button but the PC fired up anyway only to power down seconds later So I ground myself too late and press the power button Nothing no response Next I open the case and press the power button on the mobo no response The power and reset button on the mobo are lit up btw So then I unplug my power cord from the psu wait for the pc to drain completely then plug the cord back in Right when I plug the power cord back in the pc fires up then dies seconds later I ve tried -shorting out the battery -resetting cmos -screwdriver to the case power pin -bench test All with the same result Heres my hardware CASE Thermaltake MK-I Chaser CPU Intel Core i k GHz GPU EVGA GeForce GTX GB MOBO Asus P Z V PRO GEN MEM Corsair Vengeance GB DDR - x SSD Crucial M GB HDD Western Digital Caviar Black TB Windows Home Dont know what to do next I bought everything in February of so everything should be under warranty if qualified Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Static shock case power button... mobo fried?

Sounds like you've fried something important. You could probably try getting an RMA on the board, but they might realize what has happened.

I feel for you bro. I did a similar thing with a motherboard not too long ago.
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A:Lumia 1520 power button not working, only works when i press volume down and then power sometimes.

could be a hardware failure, take the device to nearest authorized service center for an inspection as such behavior usually point sot a damaged power key.
If you need additional help or want to reply to this thread , learn how to join windows central.
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Hello I am facing a problem with my pc during the last week I worked MOBO failed starts.Powersupply, Button, start, Pc Power for it mins Or 30 leave to it in connecting PCs for years and Pc failed to start, leave it for 30 mins it starts.Powersupply, Power Button, Or MOBO I know what I m doing its my own pc I had years ago problem begun when I tried to start my pc one day and it failed to start no fans activity and dead slience played with the vga card rams processor s heat sink nothing so I removed the only pci card Pc failed to start, leave it for 30 mins it starts.Powersupply, Power Button, Or MOBO I got quot a modem quot unplugged all power plugs from HD and cd floppy left just the ATX power and the aux cleared cmos nothing happened Pc failed to start, leave it for 30 mins it starts.Powersupply, Power Button, Or MOBO still dead so I got the Motherboard out of the chassis and after some trials its back to life so I got it back to the chassis and it worked from that point my pc always fail to shutdown or restart when I try to shut down it stops responding on windows is shutting down even when I hit the restart button on the chassis the display don t come back and I hear random beeps out of the chassis speaker not sign to anything just random and no POST so I have always to unplug the powerplug from PSU coz it has no power switch and even after I unplug power and replug it and i press power button sometimes fans goes on with no POST and no display and sometimes nothing like no fans activity unplug the power from PSU and replug again and I make a lil surge with it while plugging and then fans are back working with no POST and no display continously trying gets no use what I am doing currently is to unplug the power plug from the PSU and leave the pc like Mins and then plug the power plug hit the power button Traa and everything is working normally But while pc is working don t ever think to restart or shutdown because if I do I will have to wait another mins to get it back working S S S Is this is the PSU or my motherboard is touching the chassis chassis power button if it is why it works after mins waiting without making a single change Is it related to static electricity the CPU heat is always normal and my pc never act wierdly while running problems just starts when trying to shutdown so it won t be back to life before a while like mins unplugging the powerplug off the PSU do I have to change the PSU before it fries my MOBO or its just a mean static electricity issue or what I just upgraded RAM and the PC performance got significantly improved but this problem is headache I m doubting the PSU and even the power cable please advise I m getting mad Configuration is Pentium MB RD-RAM samsung MHZ RIMMs amp MB and RIMMS amp MB MOBO Gigabyte GA- ITX http www gigabyte co za Products Motherboard Products Spec aspx ProductID Motorolla SM fax ATX w PSU nbsp

A:Pc failed to start, leave it for 30 mins it starts.Powersupply, Power Button, Or MOBO

i think it has to do with either mobo or PSU.
power button alone i don;t think would be the issue because your computer starts at 20-30 mins afterwards... if the power button is out of order, i don't even think you could start the computer..

so.. basically i could say that your pc is quite old., 3-5 years old perhaps.... which indicate that psu might be gtting bad....
try to swap a new PSU and see whether it works...

or rather wait what some people comment about this...
anyway, welcome to techspot!!
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Hi all i just wanna know that is it safe if i press the power button to turn off the PC manually when the HDD is not connected and the PC shows to invalid bla bla insert boot media msg after the Logo screen on start up? coz today when i did the PC went off for 2 seconds and restarted again.... aaah im using chinese casing and it's fine thought but sometimes i have to press and hold power button a very very bit hard than normal for about 1 or 2 seconds to boot up the computer.

i mean i pressed the button to turn off for couple of seconds and pc shutdowned and turned back on right after 1 or 2 seconds than on 2nd attempt it turned of properly... Is it ok for hardware or it can damage anytihng inside pc? im just curious...

A:Power Button Issue!

It's called a hard shutdown if you hold the start button in until the computer shuts down and it really doesn't hurt anything to do it once in awhile, if you have to do it very often then i would start looking into why.
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Hey there,
Had my PC for quite a while now and this issue hasnt been bothering me, but now that i'm thinking of selling it i'd like to fix the problem...

Basically if I just press the power button on my computer then all the fans start up (including graphics card fan) but nothing appears on the screen... However, if i press the Reset button on the front of my PC about 3 seconds after pressing the power button, then the fans all get quieter and the PC boots as it should...

As I said, this has never been a problem for me as it only takes a few seconds, but it is quite annoying... What could be the cause of this? The only thing i can think is that the power buttons arent connected to the motherboard correctly...


A:PC power button issue

Is this a self-built or custom built PC or one made by a major manufacturer such as Dell, eMachines, Gateway, HP, etc.? If it's a self or custom built, do you have a Gigabyte motherboard?
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I have a Inspiron 5458 laptop and the power button is stuck in a down position.  It was working fine last night, but when I arrived at school this morning the button was depressed and is not popping back up regardless of what I try to do. What should my next step be? 

A:Issue with Power Button

Hi Jmoore814
Thanks for writing to us.
That sounds like a mechanical issue.
If the system is under warranty and less than one year old, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private
conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). If
there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
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I seem to have a problem that quite a few people have mentioned but no working solution has been found that I can find After plugging everything in and then flicking the power switch on my power supply mobo new issue up Power with not on the PC box all the fans start Power up issue with new mobo up but it seems like nobody is at home No beeps and only one green light on the box that doesn t flash or flicker Monitor doesn t register anything and no POST or bios information shows up My specs are Asrock AM NF -VSTA Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz ELSA GLADIAC GT AGP MB GT GB PGI DDR - RAM MHz GB DDR PC - Elixir MHz Western Digital GB HHD ENERMAX EG P-VE FMA ATX V W Power Supply I bought the board because my AGP is still strong enough for what I need but I wanted to start using a bit processor I ve tried switching RAM sticks and slots and using only one chip and but no change The power seems to start up as soon as the PS is switched on Holding down the power button on the box does t shut it down and the reset button doesn t seem to have any effect either Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Power up issue with new mobo

I have seen this on one or more occasions and it turned out to be a bad motherboard. Also, if I had another power supply to test with;I would try that too. Its possible you may have a standby problem. Do you have a power supply checker?
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Hello folks, I was using this machine perfectly since 2012. today morning when i started turned it on it start giving me issue it doesn't start i thought there might be due to battery. i plugged in for a hour and started again, still no response. very annoying i looked into this form for various people for who are facing same thing i have tried almost all possible ways result nothing. power button still doing nothing. in meanwhile i just pressed quickweb button accidentally and power light lights up for ~5 second i thought it is starting now but it turns off and charging light starts as orange for ~1 second and turn off .. still trying to know whats wrong with this machine..  thanks a lot folks ..

A:8560w Power Button issue

Remove the battery and plug in the power adapter. Press the power button. Does the notebook boot to the   BIOS post and Windows login now? If it does, there is a battery not charging issue.
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Hello Alright I am kind of screwed at the moment so any help would be really great Let me start this story So I have this desktop that was put together and am having problems Some background this desktop has had some issues for a while with cmos errors causing me to have to clear it Usually when I cleared the cmos the computer worked reasonably well after There is also some trouble when the power goes out I believe that the mobo battery is dead so when the power goes out it goes all wonky and I have to again clear the cmos One day after a power loss the same problem occurred Tried to start the computer and received checksum error When this happens I have to clear cmos mess with the or power PSU, motherboard, issue Having button bios a little and the computer will work This time though I was in the bios and it kind of froze This happens sometimes but the fix I found out was to restart and get into Having motherboard, PSU, or power button issue hte bios again and load a profile Anyway when I tried to hold the power button down to turn it off it didn t work So I was stuck in a frozen bios I flipped the power supply button to turn it off I flipped it back and tried the power button No go Nothing So this is where my problem began All of the other issues that I have described checksum error cmos clear bios problems I have been able to work around before But now I am totally lost After research I am thinking that my problems are the following Either a fried dead motherboard The motherboard shows power there is an LED light as well as a little code thing that lights up to show post problems These light up but when I hit the power button there is no response The lights on the mobo are on but the power button does nothing Bad power button I looked at the power button and it shows no signs of being broken This is very frustrating because I can t figure out what else it could be All of a sudden this power button doesn t work anymore I read that if it was broken i could use a screwdriver to touch the pins carefully I carefully tried this and no response Power Supply The PSU gives power to the system i e the mobo has lights that turn on But it won t show any signs of trying to boot So what do you think is the issue here The mobo is a ab pro CPU core duo What else would cause a sudden no boot situation Other noteables The little pin that you use to clear the cmos is bent a little Other than that I can t really think of anything I need to get this system back running but I can t afford to buy a bunch of different parts to figure out what the problem is Hopefully my best bet is to buy a new mobo but how do I know that it isn t the stupid little power button or even the cpu I am so frustrated right now so hopefully I can get some more info from here Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:Having motherboard, PSU, or power button issue

Change the CMOS battery.
If still dead, sounds like the PSU may have 5v standby working, but nothing else.
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Hi All,

You may have seen my ramblings earlier on a six month old thread.... :blush:

Well, I've sorted out the case to motherboard wiring best I can but when I power up, the CPU fan spins for less than a second then nothing.

I have tried an alternative ATX power supply (300W, I think the original was 250W) which I know works in another machine but with no joy.

Can anyone give me a few pointers to look at our is something on the motherboard goosed.....


Ps. it's an old TIME (UK Company) supplied mini tower with 2*128Mb PC100 RAM and an AMDK6-2 500Mhz CPU

A:Help please - power issue with MS-5182 MoBo ?

mmm... faulty power switch?... faulty PSU conector on the MoBo?...
Check out the power connector of the floppy... make sure its well connected...
Make sure that the PSU isnt in short.... tighten every single screw that your board has... (that is the solution to power issues in many cases... still dont know why... but anyhow... hahaha i got my system running!!!).
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Hello there,
The other day I started my computer, like anyone else would, by pressing the power button in front. It worked, but the next day I started it again and it stood still on the first screen of bootup which shows the motherboard logo. I then had to do a hard shut down. After that the power button up front would not work, so I flicked the on/off switch in the back. And it started but in a safe mode.

What could be wrong with the power button up front? Even when I start it using the switch from back it does not bbot up right.


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I have a hp pavilion 6000 series computer. We had a lot of lightning one night and the computer wont power on now.
This has happened before but I cant remember how I fixed it. The hp has a built in surge protector or something like that. It shuts the computer down in case of a power surge. I also have it hooked up to a surge protector. The computer is sitting there dead but I know there is an easy fix to get it up and running again. Help Please!!!

A:power button not working

Hold the button in for a few secons...10 or longer
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If  I shut off my computer p7-1054, when I want to turn it back on I press the power button.  I hear the fan going but the computer will not turn on.  I have to pull the power supply cord out wait a few seconds.  Then it will power back on.
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i have this wake up issue. after checking the event viewer, it said that the cause is the power button. how can i fix it?

thanks in advance.

A:How to fix wake up issue caused by power button?

have u tried the methods mentioned in the thread ??

Could you post the event log of System and Application for us to review.

have you tried using the below in the command prompt

powercfg lastwake
this will list the item that woke the system last.

Type the below to see what devices have the property to wake the system
powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

Let us know what you see here

NOTE: if it says power button.... it means you have pressed the power button on the laptop or desktop to wake from sleep.. This is just an log entry in Event Viewer and not an error.
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Hi, I recently picked up this computer second hand. 

Every so often, sometimes after 6 hours sometimes after 36, the computer will act as though it has lost power. The power button is unresponsive and has no indicator light showing, the status LEDs on the power supply and the ethernet port are solid (I did not note what colours they were, I shall update next time it happens).
To get the machine to reboot I have to remove the power cable and then hold the power button until the PSU and network light go out (They turn off suddenly rather than dim). After this I can reattach the power cable and the computer will boot and act normally for another period of time.

Any ideas?
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my PC did not power up when I pressed power button. The motherboard has lights (leds). turning power on at psu lights up leds. pressing power on pc button fires up the fans for < 1 second and then stop, boot process doesnt proceed but lights remain on board.

So I buy a new psu (another 800 watt). I unplug all but bare essentials on board. same issue. I then take out the 8 pin adapter (so only the 24 pin is connected) and leds remains on and boot up starts (yipee). I then put the 8 pin in again and it fails in the same manner as before.

Gigabyte GA EP45 DQ6 mobo
4 hard drives
2 dvd
intel q550 ( I think)
4 x 2 gb RAM
800 watt psu

any idea where fault lies? I assume board.

A:PC won't boot... power issue or mobo fault

...then go after the motherboard
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We went away on vacation for weeks I unplugged my computer but my father-in-law left his in plugged into a surge protector We come back from our vacation and his computer won t turn on I take it downstairs plug it in and as soon as I plug it in the light on the motherboard comes on and the fan turns on but that s it No post no running hard drive I tested each stick of RAM individually with no results In order to turn the computer off I have to unplug it The power button is orange should be green unless Dell changed that for some reason and the hard drive light stays on though it isn t running No matter how long I hold the power button nothing happens His computer is a Dell Optiplex GX service tag R H That s all the info I can give ya EDIT forgot to mentioned that I issue? issue? Power mobo checked the mobo for any burn marks and didn t find anything And everything is plugged in good Took it all out and plugged it all back in nbsp

A:Power issue? mobo issue?

So far from what i've been able to tell, it appears to be automatically turning on and booting into stand-by mode, and just won't come out of it.
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My cabinet power Button is not working. When i start my PC it autonatically starts up without having to press the Power Button. And during ShutDown also the Power Light do not goes off and i have to manually switch off the UPS.

After having such problem i opened my cabinet and tried to manually short the Power Button pins given on the motherboard but it also doesn't worked. It seems that the motherboard is not enabling the Power Pins to be shorted for startup.

The Reset switch is working good but having the problem only with power button. The problem started when i replaced ny SMPS after cleaning the Cabinet and according to my knowledge i have Assembled all my PC correctly.
Plz Help....................!

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I was messing around wi my laptop and pulled the top part off (the part with the power button) a small white strap connecting the power button and motherboard came out. It's still intact but I don't know if it can even be reconnected, can it?

A:Compaq power button not working?

It sounds like from your description you pulled the ribbon out of the connector. You can slip the ribbon back in the socket.
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When I press the power button to power the PC on, it's not working. If I use the on/off switch on my PSU and then press the power button quickly, the PC starts up. I usually do this for a few minutes before I manage to power it up. I've had the PC for a few months and the issues started last week.

I opened up my case and made sure everything is connected properly.
If the PC is on and I press the power button, it turns off just fine, so this means is connected properly.

I think it might be an issue with my PSU, but I'm not sure.
Any tips?
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I have an XPS 8700.  It has been stored for about 14 months without use.  Tried to start it up today and there is no light behind the power button and pressing the button has no effect.  If I hold down the diagnostic power button on the back the PC boots up as normal and and allows me to login and use the computer without issue - BUT only provided I keep the diagnostic button pressed.  The top power button lights up with a constant white light.
When I let the diagnostic button go the PC shuts down immediately.
I've tried different power cables and power sockets.  I've replaced the CMOS 3v battery with a new one.
Does anyone have any ideas?  Is it just a faulty power button module (F7M7N) that needs replacing?

A:XPS 8700 power button not working

Did you disconnect/reconnect the power button module cable to the motherboard? Constant white power button = The system is fully functional and in the On state.
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Dell is lt ADMIN NOTE Profanity removed per policy gt Brand Value going down customer experience going down Customer care needs education and training within two 5559 Issue inspiron Button : Power dell months of my brand new laptop I ended up with issues I wont take up any more To summarize my experience so far - Bought laptop on - Dell Inspiron - within couple of months I started getting issues on my new brand laptop - First Issue wifi issue which vivek was trying to address and I ended up with laptop formatting - Second Issue On follow up call regarding the Power Button Issue : dell inspiron 5559 same sushil identified a Bios mismatch and I followed the advice and ended up AGAIN with laptop nbsp formatting - Third time Power button issue its identified and qualified by your service engineer at site that there was an issue with power button and needs replacement of nbsp the component till software formatting I can bear and manage my effort loss But when it comes to hardware part replacement I want to differ I don t want to open the brand new laptop for any reason whatsoever which is just - months old I need a replacement of my laptop if not please redirect me to the concern team person with whom I can discuss with During nbsp conversation I noticed the supervior addressing my concerns in a sarcastically manner saying quot Electronics items will not ask you before going Bad quot I truly disappointed to hear people making fun of their customer being in service industry by additional un-wanted additional adjective adverbs ask you I really feel offended I had been loosing my weekends past couple of weeks addressing my laptop issues on my new branded laptop rather than focusing on the my work now the system is not starting as expected sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn t because of the power button lt ADMIN NOTE Legalistic removed per policy gt nbsp I may need few details regarding warranty terms and conditions Can u please share the PDFs Loss From the time the issue qualified power button issue till its get rectified nbsp I am not able work which is leading to financial losses which I will add while filling the case hour
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Hi, I've just noticed today that the power button is blinking constantly while I'm using my laptop. It never did this before as it was just a static light. When I put the computer to sleep it pulsates as normal. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can they offer any advice as to why this is happening - is this potentially a problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello I have a common problem but I can t seem to find the right answers I am fairly even or after PC won't turn issue on Mobo My troubleshooting. supply power experienced with PC hardware I ve been troubleshooting this problem for a couple of hours now I checked if everything was installed properly on my My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue motherboard and everything is plugged in quite snug I m torn between it being a power supply problem or a motherboard problem Let me tell My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue you the series of events that happened within the last week About days ago I noticed that a TON of dust was caked on my heat sink fan and dust had formed a nice layer on my motherboard and graphics card I My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue gently cleaned it out with canned air and cleaned out the dust from my heat sink with a q tip pretty much just collecting dust slowly My PC was abnormally cool as it was so after the clean up it was doing great Last night I was up until about AM doing work and my PC was running perfectly It was cool it was running smooth I left it on over night so I didn t have to exit the work I had left open I knew I was getting up rather early in the morning to continue I went to go back to work at AM and my PC was off I thought someone in my house had turned off my PC to conserve power or it magically decided to turn off It decided to magically turn off and break Hah My motherboard and ethernet connection slots have little green lights on Power is going through While troubleshooting I came across this interesting occurrence When I left my power supply off for more than seconds and turn it back on my heat sink and cooling fans would temporarily spin for about a second I can hear a very slight hum for a bit and it would end My PC won t turn on at all Nothing hums when I press the power button the screen doesn t flash nothing budges I hope I was descriptive enough If anyone could help a poor girl fix her PC that would be wonderful Oh also here is what I m working with DG GT Intel motherboard LSP Ultra Power Supply EVGA GSO video card I can t quite remember my processor off-hand but it s an intel quad or something X Thank you again I would adore some help nbsp

A:My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue

You really have to completely disassemble the heat sink from the CPU in order to properly clean it. Q-Tips cannot reach where the dust lies next to the CPU, the most important area to clean. You were most likely too late, in doing this much needed cleaning and the CPU or the motherboard itself has fried
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Hello I have a common problem but I can t seem to find the right answers I am fairly experienced with PC hardware I ve been troubleshooting this problem for a couple of hours now I checked if everything was installed properly on my motherboard and everything is plugged in quite or on supply troubleshooting. after issue even PC My won't power Mobo turn snug I m torn between it being a power supply problem or a motherboard problem Let me tell you the series of events that happened within the last week About days ago I noticed that a TON of dust was caked on my heat sink fan and dust had formed a nice layer on my motherboard and graphics card I gently cleaned it out with canned air and cleaned out the dust from my heat sink with a q tip pretty much just collecting dust slowly My PC was abnormally cool as it was so after the clean up it was doing great Last night I was up until about AM doing work and my PC was running perfectly It was cool it was running smooth I left it on over night so I didn t have to exit the work I had left open I knew I was getting up rather early in the morning to continue I went to go back to work at AM and my PC was off I thought someone in my house had turned off my PC to conserve power or it magically decided to turn off It decided to magically turn off and break Hah My motherboard and ethernet connection slots have little green lights on Power is going through While troubleshooting I came across this interesting occurrence When I left my power supply off for more than seconds and turn it back on my heat sink and cooling fans would temporarily spin for about a second I can hear My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue a very slight hum for a bit and My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue it would end My PC won t turn on at all Nothing hums when I press the power button the screen doesn t flash nothing budges I hope I was descriptive enough If anyone could My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue help a poor girl fix her PC that would be wonderful Oh also here is what I m working with DG GT Intel motherboard LSP Ultra Power Supply EVGA GSO video card I can t quite remember my processor off-hand but it s an intel quantum something X Thank you again I would adore some help nbsp

A:My PC won't turn on even after troubleshooting. Mobo or power supply issue

Oops.... a double post
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Win XP, SP2, 1Gb memory, nothing else special.

Those pretty little buttons have stopped firing up software. The only function seems to work is that the one next to the power button turns the machine on!

Any Ideas?

The only recent change is I upgraded Microsoft Office 2003 recently.

The buttons ARE set to fire software up.

A:A 200 - The 3 little buttons by the power button stopped working


Well, I don?t know why it doesn?t work but these 3 little buttons are Toshiba Controls.
Did you try to update the controls driver? You can find it on the Toshiba website under and ?Support & Downloads?.

Furthermore you can check the settings. I?m not sure but I think you can find them in ?Control Panel? .

Relevancy 63.21%

I was facing the problem first when I start my game, my screen appeared some lines of words (it is really small so I can't read that) and my computer was totally crashed. mouse , keyboard and the "power" button on CPU were not working for that. I had to cut the electricity and start my computer again. I thought that was the viruses, so I'd formatted and re-install windows 7, but the problem still exists. What should I do? the problem is now occur randomly (sometimes it happen even I am not playing games, just on websites)

A:My computer get crashed and the power button on CPU is not working

Hello jun2306 and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please follow the BSOD posting instructions. You'll have to configure your computer to create dump files and then post those files in this thread for someone to analyze. Thanks.
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Specs nbsp Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga HD Core i - Y GB GB nbsp All is fine when the machine is on or in sleep Yoga power (?) working not button IdeaPad mode The problems start when it shuts down or goes to some deeper hibernation whatever nbsp happens when the machine has been in sleep mode long enough Then the machine won't start up anymore even if the power is connected nbsp After some googling we decided to try to disconnect the battery This didn't help and there was no BIOS update for this particular model but while disassembling the machine we found out that when the front panel power button power light motherboard connection was detached the machine powered up All was again fine until the machine shut down So the machine can be jump-started by detaching the cable but either the front panel IdeaPad Yoga power button not working (?) circuit or connection seems to be broken nbsp Any ideas what to do nbsp The following picture illustrates the issue nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:IdeaPad Yoga power button not working (?)

Hi andefoo , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
WOuld you have the machine number (check on the machine number from the sticker or check it from here ,just keep your serial number confidential) based on the image that it would look more of a Yoga 11s  instead of yoga11  which have different structure specially with the power board. 
WIll it turn on if you use the Novo button instead of the power button? If same non powering issue probable point of failure would be both on power cable and board that needs to be check. You can have it sent for repair or if you have the tools and skill to use the hardware manual  (yoga 11s) for the guide along listed is the FRU number if needed , 
Update us how it would work best for you. 
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So i was trying to install Sierra on my HP pavilion with i3 , 4GB. in UEFI mode.So i forced shutdown the laptop by holding down the power button and now when i press it no lights comes on. The charging LED is on but the power button won't light up & nothing turns on. I tried both AC only and battery Things I tried:-Removing battery and power cord and holding power button for 5 mins to discharge (didnt work)Removing and resetting RAM.(didnt work).Please help. The power button just worked 3-4 times a minute ago and now its not working.
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The power button on my PC has stopped working as it used to Pressing the power button on my PC would PC stopped Button correctly Power working normally PC Power Button stopped working correctly send the PC to sleep then pressing it again would wake it PC Power Button stopped working correctly Two things I have noticed My PC stopped automatically going to sleep like it used to after hour as set in the power setting's of the control panel - I have to manually quot Shut Down quot or quot Sleep quot from start menu now Pressing the power button now just restart's the computer greeting me with a quot Windows did not shut down correctly quot message after the BIOS post After the initial install of windows if I remember correctly the power button did not do anything unitl the ACPI drivers where installed giving a message in the action centre saying quot You need to install the power management quot after installing the ACPI drivers Cool amp Quiet from the ASUS site the power button appeared to work as expected Then randomly a while ago I got another message in the Action Centre again saying quot You need to install the power management quot but I archived the message and am not sure how to view it again Im not sure as to why this would start happening as it would suggest something has happened with the ACPI drivers and I dont know how I can actually check ACPI drivers in the device manager console Any suggesstions on what I should do and what might of caused it to suddenly stop working Also is cool n quiet something specific to ASUS motherboards I dont think I had this problem with a previous MSI board Windows Professional x AMD X BE Any help appreciated

A:PC Power Button stopped working correctly

I have never used or knew you could use a power button in the fashion you want but I do know if you fill in your complete specs, (My System Specs) it will others help you.
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Hi all. First time posting here. I have a Elitebook 8460p that works fine apart from the power button not working.Pressing the power button does nothing at all. No blinking lights etc.I'm currently turning it on via the info button which boots into Quickweb. From there I use the Quickweb menu to boot into windows.Like I said it runs fine. I have it plugged into my TV and use it most of the day for games and the web.The battery died ages ago so I just run it on AC power with it removed. All I can think is something has broken around the button area.Has anyone had issues with the power button on these laptops before?
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Few years back my Nokia lumia 920's screen broke.But now I got the interest to revive it.So,I ordered a LCD digitizer and replaced the screen myself.But after I plugged in, I noticed the power button wasn't working.Then I did a soft reset but still didn't resolve.After few hours of usage,I noticed even the auto brightness and the capacitive icons on the lower screen wasn't working/glowing.I can't do a hard reset as I need the power button for it.Please help & thanks in advance.

A:Nokia lumia 920 power button not working

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Few years back my Nokia lumia 920's screen broke.But now I got the interest to revive it.So,I ordered a LCD digitizer and replaced the screen myself.But after I plugged in, I noticed the power button wasn't working.Then I did a soft reset but still didn't resolve.After few hours of usage,I noticed even the auto brightness and the capacitive icons on the lower screen wasn't working/glowing.I can't do a hard reset as I need the power button for it.Please help & thanks in advance. I fear something gone wrong during reassemble, only way is opening the case again
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I am using my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop for the past 4 years and recently changed the laptop keyboard at Sim Lim square.
Now Power-on- button is not working. But I had another "Home" button but when I press it it takes me to "Dell Media Direct" page in which I can play only music and watching movies. I am unable to boot my WINDOWS VISTA OS due to this.

How much cost will take in order to change my Power-on- button for my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop?
Where can I change it?


A:Dell Vostro 1500 power on button not working

Cost can vary by region and what is actually wrong. As for who can change it, you should find a Dell authorized repair center.
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laptop is an asus g53jw, about 5 years old and out of warranty, but works well once fiddling with power button actually boots it up.

so power button no longer properly working on laptop with win7, i think mb prob. so, i am wondering if:

1/. could configure another button to be the power button?
2/. a recommendation of usb keyboard that could work with power button, (already tried wireless logitech one and did not work)
3/. another solution?


A:power button no longer working on laptop win7

hi most likely you will have to get the power button assembly replaced.
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I'm not sure how this happened but all of a sudden 1. The lock screen has been disabled or something. e.g shutting the lid, (Windows button + L wont do anything either. 2. when pressing the power button it sleeps the laptop but now it does nothing but if i hold it it forces it to turn off.

this is really frustrating that things like this happen to it. its only 5 months old.

Windows 8 64 bit
4gb ram
Intel Core i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40 GHz
Samsung Notebook Series 3 (350E5c-A02)

A:Lack of Lock screen and power button not working

Ok so the power button has randomly started working again. Im not sure why but the lockscreen is still gone.
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i have a dell dimension e521.. the other day i tried to turn my pc on.. it would not turn on.. hit the power button several times and it started... worked fine for a few days... this morning no response at all... is there a way to over ride this switch... the switch is on a card that has my mic and head phone plugs and 2 usb ports on it... do i need to contact dell to get a new card... thanks for your help

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Hi nbsp I have bought y straight from lenovo com I've been reseting it to factory settings about times for now It is because of some updates but i'm too busy to take a deeper look for that nbsp nbsp Now I had another problem after a while of drawing with Autocad keyboard stops to work When I try and working 17" stop button Y700 power Keyboard to reboot Y700 17" Keyboard and power button stop working it there comes window where I should select starting options But I couldn't do that because the keyboard doesn't work When I wait that battery ends and put back the charger I'm again able to use keyboard And again it goes broken when i'm doing something with the computer like on hour or two nbsp nbsp Don't try to put this on Y700 17" Keyboard and power button stop working Autocad or any other program issue Keyboard brokes even with factory settings Don't suggest usb keyboard because that doesn't solve the problem nbsp Problem is Lenovo customer service or better to call lack of it I need my laptop every day so I bought a new one which works perfectly FUJITSU So I'm trying to get answer from Lenovo that how can I get my money back and return this travesty of computer back to Lenovo nbsp nbsp Any help in here nbsp -Matti
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Hey, About 5 months ago i decided to swap my HDD for an SSD, for some extra speed. However, when opening the laptop i broke the ribbon cable off the power button board. In the last 5 months i tried buying a replacement from ebay. I have bought boards from 3 different sellers, and not one of them worked. They all showed the same behavior; plugging and then unplugging the cable from the motherboard started the computer, and as soon as i put the cable back in, the computer shut down. I used a multimeter to see what was going on, and it turns out the new boards did not switch anything, whereas the original board switched when the button was pushed (of course). Is there a way i can purchase an official replacement?  Thanks in advance!
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After a power surge, a Gateway DX4200-09 with an upgraded processor stopped working. Due to limited funds, i bought a Used power supply and replaced it. I also bought a refurbished motherboard stock for the computer, and put it in. The computer turns on , fans on the motherboard spin, but the monitor displays nothing. The power supply fan is NOT spinning. Is this an indicator that the Power supply is bad? Power on the motherboard panel ( USB ports and etc., ) the components will "flicker" and then not work period, unless i tamper with the wire , unplug it replug it in. then it will flicker again. CDROM pulls in and out. Wiring all done correctly. Could this also be a processor problem? I am so aggravated
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hey guys,

when i press the power button on my laptop which is a dell inspiron 1420 it comes up to loading windows vista and then blue screens.. But when i press the button next to it with a little home thing on it.. it loads the media center thing and then loads vista fine..

can someone help me find out this problem? im looking to sell it soon so i think i should fix it before i sell

Here what im running:

2GB ram
intel core 2 duo 2GHZ
120GB hard drive

the model is a dell inspiron 1420 btw..

A:Dell inspiron 1420 Power button not working but Home turning on latop

im not sure if this is a hardware or software issue
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I download slimcleaner software to get rid of many unused programs because my laptop was very slow. Since then I don't have sound. I tried to restart is but I got error 1722 the RPC is unavailable and also the power option button doesn't work.
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T7600 and T5600 were working fine. i stored them away for year. i opened them and now they both do not start. shows yellow 3 and 4 with power button lit. what could be the issue? 

A:T7600 and T5600 were working fine. i stored them away for year. i opened them and now they both do not start. shows yellow 3 and 4 with power button lit

Start off by replacing the motherboard batteries on both because they're probably dead.

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case, remove battery (see each model's service manual on Dell's Support site for details)
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Install fresh 3-volt CR2032 lithium ion battery (~$2)
Close case and try to boot with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected
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Hi every one Recently I purchased new PC After installing windows XP Pro SP I found that there is a missing button in Power option properties The missing button is When I Button my is not option (When press sleep in button) Power [SOLVED] pr of available I press the sleep button on my computer I can find only When I press the power button on my computer My system configuration is as follow Mother board Gigabyte EP -UD R Rev My graphic card is ATI Radeon HD Windows XP SP RAM Gb Kingston DDRII CPU Core Quad GHz It worth saying that I can shutdown hibernate or put my PC into sleep mode so the functions are working but only the button is missing I [SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr will appreciated very much if some can advise me how to restore the missing button Is there some option in BIOS that [SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr will enable this button I contacted Gigabyte customer support but they directed me to Microsoft I also contacted ATI but they directed me to Microsoft or BIOS settings In my BIOS I can't find any option that may affect this button Any advise will be appreciated Best regards

A:[SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr

Does the case actually have a separate Sleep Button? I suspect it's not even connected, as the motherboard manual doesn't show a connection for a Sleep Button, only a Power Button.
Windows Power Options won't list it, as it doesn't exist.

If you have a Sleep Button on the keyboard, it might not be listed in Power Options either. That would be up to the Driver software to add that option. You may have to use the software that came with the keyboard to configure the sleep button on the keyboard.
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Background: Dell Dimension 4500 recently re-formatted and reinstalled XP and Service Pack 2 (I did not do this, I hired a techie); Added new external hard drive connected through rear USB port

Problem: since installing new ex hard drive, none of the other USB ports work (except of course for the one with the monitor). They do work when the ex hard drive is off or disconnected. Can this be a power issue?

Fixes Tried: I've deleted all the USB ports in device manager and shut down computer and rebooted. Still no recognition of devices, although all the Dev Mngr messages say that everything is working.

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hi guys the on /off button on the wifes laptop broke up and was replaced with a new betzel incorperateing the buttons, it was also noted that the button on the pcb underneath was badly damaged also replaced this part
however laptop will now not start at all, battery charge light on, and on/off button feels mechanically sound .

any thoughts greatly appreciated ( be gentle and plz anwser in plain simple terms as im not a techhead)

A:Solved: hp g60 lap top won't turn on after power button betzel & button pcb
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I know this is possible, because I've done it before (a long time ago). How do I change which browser comes up when pressing the web browser button that's to the right of the power button?  Google doesn't have an answer. 

View Solution.

A:Web Browser hard button (next to power button)--how to chang...

Hey Peregrin72,  Great question! You could first try changing your default Internet Browser setting in Windows.  1. Click the Start button 2. Type 'default'3. Click Default Programs4. Click Set Your Default Programs5. Click on the desired browser and then click Set this program as default.  Let me know the results of that change. There is also a registry change that may help.
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Hi, I am having a problem with booting up my computer. Everytime I turn the computer on, the HDD light comes on but the power light doesn't. When I press the reset button, everything starts working and the computer boots up. I think the problem might be the wires that get plugged into the motherboard. I don't know how to correctly install them and the manual that came with the motherboard doesn't help at all. I have a GA-7IXE4 motherboard with 1000 MHZ AMD and 256 MB RAM. If anybody could assist me with this problem, please do so. If anybody knows how the wires are suppose to be plugged into the motherboard correctly, please let me know because I think that might be the main problem. Thanks.

A:Reset button acts as power button

It shows the proper connections on page 15 of the manual.

Neither the power on or reset button need any polarity concerns when connecting, they are both use open/closed type switches.

The reset connector is label RE, THE power connector is labeled PW.
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Hey I recently put together a PC and I ve been having problems with it since When I initially built it the specs were i GHz Asus p t Motherboard gb RAM gb Sata II HD ATI Radeon Mobo issue? during restart PC PSU issue? tasks. issue? graphic-intensive GPU HD x the card PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue? with with GPU s W unbranded PSU added m coolermaster fan Shortly after I started using my PC there was a power surge that knocked the power supply out I recently got a new PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue? power supply A PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue? W Silverstone PSU that I thought was more than enough for this The problem that would occur now is that the computer would restart during games and sometimes while processing rendering videos in adobe premiere When I would enable the crossfire option on my card to enable both GPU s to work the computer would no longer just restart the entire screen would hang or the colours would go out of sync shortly after which I d have to restart the computer This having happened I assumed the problem was with the graphics card not the new W silverstone I got I upgraded to a newer card Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX mb The specs are now as follows i GHz Asus p t Motherboard gb RAM gb Sata II HD Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX mb W silverstone PSU added m coolermaster fan After upgrading games like modern warfare will restart in missions that has a lot of smoke during a standard windows assessment process the computer will also restart There is no overheating issue the temperatures are normal Total power requirement falls well below W The graphics card is brand new So now I m thinking it is either the PSU that is faulty or the mobo that got screwed during the surge or possibly given my general luck in things the new graphics card is faulty but since i was having the exact same problem with the old graphics card that seems unlikely Any help would be appreciated I ve been at this for over weeks now with no end Thanks -A nbsp

A:PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue?

You've got Asus motherboard, hence the first thing I'll look at considering the issues you are having, is at RAM settings/voltage in the board's BIOS, these should be exactly the same as on RAM packaging, but even that doesn't guarantee that it may not be the issue, so basically you'll need to fiddle around a bit with settings/voltage in case default specs doesn't work.

You may also consider stress testing your graphic card using OCCT (including vRam). Regards
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recently bought a Dell Inspiron 14 5459 on June 12, 2016 and first thing I noticed is that to turn on the laptop I need to press and hold down the power button at least for 3 seconds in order for the laptop to boot up, this seems strange, I brought up this issue at the Dell Store where I bought the laptop and the sales people there told me that they noticed this in most Inspiron models.  Is this normal?

A:Dell Inspiron 14 5459 power button needs 3 seconds long press to power up?

Thank you for writing to us!
This is unusual we would suggest you to check with another system to see if the same happens.
Kindly provide us with the service tag and email address.
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Toshiba Satellite A25-S2792 w/ XP & P4 has greenpower chord is lit and yellow battery light is flashing when power chord is plugged in. After I press the power button, the power chord light changes to yellow, begins flashing and the battery light goes out. Removing the battery gives the same results. Pressing and holding power button down for 20 seconds w/ battery out yields same result as well. Suggestions?

A:A25-S2792 doesn't power up yellow light flashes after pressing power button

The motherboard is bad. Have you tried reseating the memory?
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Hello After putting my computer into sleep mode last night I was unable to get it to boot into windows this morning When i pressed the power blank (unable to power button) sleep power with mode screen Windows off 7 after buttong everything turn on and working all fans are functional gpu power led is on all hard drives amp cd drives are functional Windows 7 blank screen after sleep mode (unable to power off with power button) But the problem is the screen to my monitor is blank I also noticed that my usb Windows 7 blank screen after sleep mode (unable to power off with power button) aren't working mouse connection light isn't on I tried a soft Windows 7 blank screen after sleep mode (unable to power off with power button) power off by holding down the power button but no luck The system does not turn off no matter how long I hold it The only way to turn it off is by pulling the power supply cord or turning the power supply switch off My pc build AMD FX- GHz Socket AM core processor ASUS ENGTX DCII OC DI GD Geforce GTX ASUS M A LE R Motherboard COOLMAX ZU- B W ATX V Power Supply G SKILL Ripjaws X Series GB x GB -pin DDR SDRAM PC Prolimatech PRO Panther mm CPU Cooler NZXT Phantom PHAN- RD case THE PROBLEM Computer turn on with everything running as usual but shows blank screen on monitor Cannot soft power off by pressing power button Things I tried Clear CMOS by removing battery and switching pins Running with GB RAM instead of move the ram around the slots amp alternate which Ram is used Check my monitor by testing it with another computer Tried pulling the PS plug and holding the computer power button for min Test the GPU with another computer amp it runs fine I tried removing all USB and excess drive and booting up with only the essential GPU CPU HD Ram Checked all connection between Motherboard and Power supply Checked all connection within the PC From my research I noticed that many people are saying that there is something to do with the ASUS motherboard bios that need to be updated And since I cannot even get into the boot screen I can't update the bios Please let me know if there is anything I can do try to troubleshoot the problem Thank you so much Kevin

A:Windows 7 blank screen after sleep mode (unable to power off with power button)


Is it possible that you can test with another compatible PSU? I would strongly suggest doing so.

Also try the following steps:
?Make sure that the (internal) speaker is connected to the motherboard
?Remove all memory and attempt to boot the PC
?You should get the no memory beep errors

If the Power Supply is in working order and no beeps are present then it can be indicative of a faulty motherboard.

For troubleshooting purposes it may be a good idea to remove the components from the case and bench test to rule out a short.

How to Bench Test / Troubleshoot Your System
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Hello Hoping someone here can offer some advice I own a Dell Dell amber shutdown on won't random button power power XPS solid studio xps t- that is a couple years old I recently replaced my harddrive and since then don t know if it s a coincidence or not I m having another problem After I installed it the first time my computer went into sleep mode hibernation I couldn t wake it up Power light was Dell XPS random shutdown won't power on solid amber power button flashing white Eventually I shut it down manually and then it wouldn t boot Had a solid amber light no power except the power supply Fans not working I unplugged everything and made sure it was all good Wouldn t start Left it overnight and plugged it in the next morning Started up Worked great for about hours and then just randomly shut down no errors or anything Same deal Wouldn t start amber solid power light Let it sit for awhile reseated everything and wouldn t start Gave up for awhile tried a few hours later and it started I read a few boards pointing to the power supply being bad or not powerful enough However I replaced the power supply about months ago with a Corsair which is plenty power Could still be an issue perhaps but seems odd it would die in that little time I also replaced my graphics card if that matters Finally the last time I checked all the plugs I also took out the board batter for a few minutes to try and quot reset quot things Not sure if that matters either So I m at a loss where to go from here I could replace the power supply and I have read it could be a board issue but I don t know why it would still power up occasionally Any thoughts would be fabulous I need my computer for all jobs and it s creating a huge problem for me Thanks nbsp

A:Dell XPS random shutdown won't power on solid amber power button

Memory can cause the problems you are having. Make sure the memory is seated , Then run a memory program such as memtest on It let it run for a while and see if it shows you any errors.Also check and make sure you are not having a overheating problem
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Why does shutting down the computer removing the AC Adapter removing power sources, hold down remove all computer, button power Shut down the battery if it is a laptop and holding down the power button for seconds fix problems in one's computer I was recently corrected in a post of mine that this does not actually do anything unless one removes the volt battery from the motherboard but I know this is Shut down computer, remove all power sources, hold down power button not true from experience Here is the correction I am referring to from a more experienced member nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by TVeblen I'm sorry but I feel I need to correct misinformation Lots of folks read these posts The motherboard has a volt battery installed in it This battery provides just enough power to retain all of the BIOS settings regardless of the state of the main power or the power supply Following the steps above will not reset the BIOS or the CMOS chip You can reset the BIOS defaults by selecting that option from within the BIOS settings Usually on the Exit menu To reset the CMOS Clear the CMOS chip there will be either a jumper on the motherboard to perform this function with or newer boards have an actual reset button The above procedure will work to restore the BIOS defaults if you add the step b - remove the v battery But it will not clear the CMOS The reason I know that doing the hardware reset I described initially works I have a laptop that occasionally suffers from a USB Device Error issue Every port gives me the message that the USB Device Is Not Recognized If I follow the steps initially outlined in this post it fixes my issue I have done this at least times My roommate a few years ago was unable to load Windows from his brand new laptop after just six months of owning the machine The screen would not even show the BIOS options We tried a half dozen times to get it to load by turning it off and back on Finally I turned it off unplugged the AC adapter then unplugged the battery and held down the power button for seconds Plugged the battery back in plugged the AC adapter back in and presto Windows ran like nothing had ever been wrong I have been doing troubleshooting with my girlfriend's laptop and her family's computers four laptops and a desktop and have fixed all four laptops from various boot issues and crash issues using the method that apparently does not perform any sort of reset I have asked computer people why the method works I have asked electrical engineers why the method works The only answer that makes sense to me is an electrical engineer told me that holding down the power button with no power going into the machine allows the capacitors to drain by closing the circuit I have yet to get an entirely satisfactory answer other than it performs some sort of hardware BIOS CMOS reset which apparently is incorrect So is it magic Or does someone out there actually know what it does

A:Shut down computer, remove all power sources, hold down power button

Further information; this is what my manufacturer of my laptop suggested for my USB issues View Document. After step B. of the power cycle directions, my computer works fine.

Edit: I have skipped all the steps prior to the power cycle, and it still fixes my problem. It is not a software update that is fixing the problem.
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My g laptop is years old so probably time for a new one BUT I'd like to get some more life out of this if I could nbsp nbsp Currently I'm running only on battery power The G570 flashing when cord plugged... power button power power button upper left right above the F key is solid white however when I plug it in it'll start charging for about seconds and then it stops charging and the power button starts flashing white nbsp G570 power button flashing when power cord plugged... nbsp I've tried the shutting down taking out the battery and pressing the power button and also holding the button to discharge Still the same outcome nbsp I've also tried turning it on with the battery removed and just the AC G570 power button flashing when power cord plugged... power source and it turns out and makes it past the Lenovo splash screen but loses power before getting to the windows loading screen nbsp nbsp G570 power button flashing when power cord plugged... Any other suggestions Or should I just assume the charging circuit on the motherboard has failed and I should rescue my data while I can
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My laptop will no longer turn on.  When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light is white indicating power is arriving at the laptop. However, nothing happens when I push the power button. Troubleshooting steps I have completed already include: Hard reset (several times including after each step below)Tried starting without the batteryRemoved all removable components and reseated themRemoved all removable components as well as bottom cover. Cleaned with compressed air. Put everything back.Nothing appears wrong and nothing happened between the last time it turned on and this time that I am aware of. The laptop is out of warranty, and I am pretty handy with computers. Is there anything that can be suggested short of a hardware replacement that would help get this resolved? TIA

A:Envy 15-j100 receives power from adapter but power button do...

 @jthayne Welcome to HP Forums, this is a great place to get support, find answers and tips, Thank you for posting your query, I'll be more than glad to help you out  As I understand the computer receives power from adapter but power button does not work,Don't worry, please perform the below steps to resolve the issue: If the computer does not start, the LED lights do not glow, and the display is black, you can perform one or more of the following actions to resolve the no power issue:  1. Examine the adapter and power cord for physical damage2. Test the power from the AC wall outlet to the notebook connector3. Start computer using the battery only4. Check that the lid switch moves freely5. When you have completed the troubleshooting steps covered in this document, there should be power available to the computer. When you press the power button, the LEDs should glow, and you should hear the sounds of the fan and the hard drive spinning. * If the battery does not accept the charge or the notebook does not turn on without the AC adapter, contact HP to order a replacement battery. * If the LEDs do not glow, and there are no other indicators of power being available to the computer, contact HP for technical assistance in troubleshooting a potential problem with the AC power connection or the system board.* If the LEDs blink or the computer beeps, but it does not start, go to HP Notebook PCs - Troubleshooting LED Blink Codes or Beep Codes During Startup or Boot. * If the LEDs glow but the computer does not start on either battery or AC power, go to Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot. Eager to help, I hope you have a good day ahead, And Feel free to ask your queries as this forum has some of the best people in the world available and ready to help.Regards,
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Just got a dell inspiron running vista home premium 64. works fine, except each morning the power button is blinking blue and unit has to be unplugged- mouse does not wake it, pressing power button kicks all the cooling fans into high gear, but nothing more. i suspect that this happens when unit goes into sleep or hibernate mode. under 'power plan', "dell recommended" is checked.


thank-you for any expert advice that you can offer

A:Dell- blinking power button- vista power mgmt?

Is it a desktop or Laptop?

Dell desktops are well known to have dodgy power units (hardware) installed.

Have you tried a cold reboot to see what happens?.....If you continue to have power issues call the Dell customer support and they'll send you a new power supply (for desktop).

Not sure about the laptops though.
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I have had my Hp laptop for 3 years now. It has been working perfectly, up until 2 weeks ago. It would not turn on when I clicked the power button. After clicking the power button, 15 minutes later I noticed it just came to life. Sometimes it doesn't turn on at all for days, but sometimes I click the power button and it boots within 15-30 minutes. When i click the power button, nothing happens at all for that duration. No fans, no lights nothing. The only light on is the power cord button that is always on when i plug it in. I did replace the power cord, and tried cleaning out the insides, it did nothing. Should i just replace the motherboard?

Ps. Hp pavilion dv6-6c43cl

A:Hp laptop takes 15 minutes to power on after clicking the power button

See if your mobo has a power switch on the actual board itself. Power it on that way and see if the problem persists
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Please let me know the difference between sleep button and power button

Is sleep button the one which will be on the keyboard?

On the CPU there will 2 buttons one will be to start the computer and another one to restart computer?

Can these buttons be used to work like to enter in sleep mode, hibernate mode etc(Making changes in power options in control panel)

I'm having windows 7 computer

A:Power button and sleep button

sleep buttons depend on the manufacturers to where they go. most laptops sleep function is assigned to an F key and used in conjuction with the function or "fn" button. usually on F2 or F3.
These buttons are not programmable via the power options in control panel.

if its a desktop and doesnt have a dedicated sleep button you can reasign the task to either the restart or power button within control panel and or set it to sleep/hybernate after a given time.
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Hello i have a HP G60-447Cl notebook that came with Vista Home Premium and I ran a hard drive test from the HP setup utility which failed at 82% which i was kind of expecting but when i hit <esc> to back out my screen froze where it was at and when i tried to hold the power/reset button to shut it down nothing happens.My battery is non-removable so that option is out. Short of just lettting the battery run out I have no clue how to turn it off. Does any one know of any thing that can help me or have a theory as to what caused this in the first place.
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I recently upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10. When I power down the system from the menu, my computer does not completely turn off. The procedure I use is described below:

Click Windows_Start_button > Power > Shutdown

The system closes applications and appears to initiate a shutdown procedure. Everything appears to be shut off, but my mouse is still lit up. I do notice that the fan stops and everything else appears to be completely shut down. When I was running Windows 7 before my upgrade, my system completely powered down.

I have a dual boot system with Linux, and when I power down from Linux, the shutdown is complete, so I don't think I accidentally did anything to the hardware or BIOS.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm pretty sure there is some tweak in Windows 10 that would fix this, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to offer.

A:Power down button does not completely turn computer power off

I found the solution on another thread. If you have this problem try the following:
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. Right click the Menu button.
3. Left click -> Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power button does > Change settings that are currently unavailable
4. Uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup (recommended)
5. Make sure Hibernate is unchecked.
6. Left click Save changes.
The next time you shut down the computer, it will be completely powered off. At least this worked on my machine.
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Please I need help, my system power light comes on and goes off immediately after I press the power button. Please what should I do?
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Hey folks Thanks for checking out my post I've looked online but couldn't find a solution so I thought I'd make my own post nbsp Some details This laptop is an HP DV - ca It was purchased refurbished about a year ago and has had almost no problems to this point I was at a friend's house using my laptop and everything was working fine Shut down packed it ... response NO No from power DV6-3000 HP button Getting power. up took it home pulled it out pushed the power button and nothing I didn't leave it in HP DV6-3000 Getting NO power. No response from power button ... the sun or bump it on anything Just brought it home and it wouldn't turn on with no warning signs or anything nbsp Now I looked into power issues and I can guarantee my battery as well as the AC adapter are perfectly fine I also tried the hard reset but still get nothing The light by the DC jack does not turn on when I plug it in HP DV6-3000 Getting NO power. No response from power button ... Now I'm relatively tech-savvy and since my laptop was no longer under warrantee I figured I'd check HP DV6-3000 Getting NO power. No response from power button ... it out for myself Don't really have the resources to take it to a repair shop The DC jack looked like it might have had some wear on it so I ordered a new one from a reputable seller on eBay replaced the old one and nothing changed nbsp I'm completely at a loss here Weird thing is when I have the laptop opened and plugged in I can feel the motherboard heat up a bit Not sure if it's supposed to do that but I know there is power going to it even though the DC jack light still does not light up nbsp If anybody has any insight PLEASE let me know and if you need any more information I'll happily give it Thanks for your attention

A:HP DV6-3000 Getting NO power. No response from power button ...

Bannor,  The LED on the DC jack usually is an indicator of whether the AC adapter is working properly.  That light is on a different circuit and does not require a good system board.  If the light does not come on usually the adapter is bad. If you've already tested or replaced the adapter then the dc jack is the next step however when HP replaces this part in the repair depot they usually replace the entire board (with jack soldered on) at once.  You might consider replacing the entire board. Wes
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Hi everybody I tried to search on google about this but it s not really help and it never happen to me before so I post here My PC was running normally for a long time just couple weeks ago I sent supply or button problem? power Power my faulty video card xfx nvidia ultra to get warranty service and they sent me back another The new one works fine but Power supply or power button problem? a week later I tried to turn on my computer and there s no power at all No lights on Power supply or power button problem? no fan running just no sign of power So I check inside if there s any wire from the PSU is unplugged but everything looks good nothing seems wrong I m sure the power from the wall is good and the power switch on the back is on So I tried to check the wired again push the power cable to the mother harder and press the button it worked But that doesnt solve the problem if I put something heavy near the PC or the desk is vibrating a little bit the power turns off I press the power button again it would not turn on until I open the case and press the power cable to the motherboard harder it s on I then close the side panel it s off no power This is really annoyed me I dont know what else to do What caused this problem The power supply or the power button Can somebody help me My system specs ECS G T-M mobo Intel E Duo x GB RAM x SATA HD nVidia ultra video card ULTRA s watt PSU nbsp

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Hi, Im sending this from a different computer. Two days ago, after my comp got stuck, I turned off the power button on when press it, only name of company(gateway) appears briefly, then just a black screen with a little white cursor in top left corner---tried to enter into safe mode, no luck---is it power buttton?
---any ideas? thanks

A:computer wont power up/power button?

I had a similar problem once and someone told me its a virus attack.... Its probably the same for you too. I had to format the C: drive and re-install the OS then. You may try that too...
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I first logged out of my computer and came back and I noticed an power on turn There on. light is won't button b... Power the no orange light on the power button I shut it of and turn it back on about two times with the same results of an orange light I then shut of the the extension that houses plugs When Power button won't turn on. There is no light on the power b... I turned on the extension I turned on the computer the power button didn't give off a blue light or orange light The VGA cable mouse keyboard Ethernet cable are all plugged in I later removed all the connects to the computer gave it a minute and Power button won't turn on. There is no light on the power b... plugged it all back in There is a solid green light on the back under the power cable The fans turn on there is noise coming from inside the computer a soft humming and light fan from the back of the computer But the power button will not turn on The monitor light is orange and says No Input signal Input Go to Power Save When I switch to input it reads Cable Disconnected Go to Power Save What internal issue could this be
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need help please picked up a hp g - sa laptop the laptop had been just freshly factory reset so when i got it home i installed all my bits rubish ect then ran windows update well it took ages but founds lots of updates but it froze up when downloading could turn laptop off or anything so pulled power supply and pulled out battery which by power power will starts when but button not ... hp g6-1326sa turned it of so then batter back in power supply in press power button nothing double hp g6-1326sa will not power by power button but starts when ... checked battery all in ect and light was on power suply ect still wouldnt power read a few tricks ie takeing battery out holding power button for secs up to min in some hp g6-1326sa will not power by power button but starts when ... cases then power supply in with out batter turn on nothig got miffed then started hitting alll keys the pressed f the world sign then it started to boot but came up with hp web quick start up or something like that and asks for a password but i have no password asked previous owner if there was any password they said no they restored and never put any password on so the only option i get is shut down which i do and it still wont start by poer button but if i hit f nbsp get same again any idea please i picked up for my kids for homework and its starting to turn out more hassle than it was worth thanks in adavance for any desperate help or advice needed
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Gateway DX4640 with onboard vid, CPU/PSU fans spin but no signal to monitor whatsoever, no LED lights on mobo.

Owner took it to GeekSquat who said mobo is fried, but Power Button when pressed once starts blinking. When HD is unplugged it does the same, so I guess it can't be Windows sleeping.

Haven't seen this before - what does it mean when fully powered, power button blinks after being depressed with no OS/HD connected? It will hard shutdown, too. Anything else to check? Thanks, hardware amateur here.

A:GeekSquad sez mobo shot, but pwr button stands-by

just the normal.
Make sure that bios is up-to-date. Seldom is on a new board.

Listen for bios beep signals.

Disconnect everything that isn't essential.

Go to mobo mfg site to see if any faq or driver update.

Set/restore bios to defaults.

Check mobo for correct and solid connections.
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st of all sory if posting to wrong thread which i cant find for suitable for my topic I have a computer that is used my friend which he always press the reset button the a badluck happen which my desktop computer has no monitor appearance It was working fine only after he reset the problem came Upon turning other Devices? button Hardware or Pressing restart MOBO damage could on the computer only the brand of the monitor appear after a black screen only Cannot enter bios menu Please dont advice me about the windows Shut Down option which i know this Try clean the mobo memorycard videocard used a blower No monitor appearance Try replug the videocard No monitor appearance Try plugging to built in videocard No monitor appearance Try replug the memory card and change the slot No monitor appearance Try insert the monitor to different computer Good Didnt try replug the CMOS battery Reason below No beep sound on turn Pressing restart button could damage MOBO or other Hardware Devices? on So basically its in MOBO has the problem The brand is Asus P KPL-AM SE Im deciding to bring it to the computer Pressing restart button could damage MOBO or other Hardware Devices? shop On my pass MOBO issues Try ubove troubleshoot No fix I read the forum which CMOS battery could reset it but i did this on my past MOBO and didnt fix Went to computer shop and the technician did was resetting the MOBO and fixed the No Screen Appearance and i dont know how he do it My questionis does the reset button could damage the computer i mean pressing repeatedly or like times in hours used How Pressing restart button could damage MOBO or other Hardware Devices? many numbers can i Press the standard RESET Button Per day lets assume the computer is always used for about hours per day Appreciate you help

A:Pressing restart button could damage MOBO or other Hardware Devices?


For the MOBO (CMOS settings reset), turn off the computer, unplug form the socket, remove the MOBO battery and shorten the two poles of the MOBO battery socket with a screw driver or any other conductor (be careful not to touch anything else) and replace the battery with a new one (just to check if it's not dead). If this don't help, there should be a jumper on the MOBO, dedicated on CMOS reset. Read your MOBO manual. Try ASUS support site.

Second, try to update your BIOS to the latest version available. Again, try ASUS support site.

To be honest, I don't know the limit of hard restarts, but I'm sure it's kind of stressful for the PC.
Try to find the defective component. I'd suggest to replace the video card with another one (even the cheapest you can find) in order to check if the problem persists.

Hope I've been of some help!

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My power button action random changed to "shut down" a few days ago. It used to be lock.

I accidentally clicked it at the time and couldn't abort shutdown in time.

Computer shut down and installed windows updates (I don't recall having seen pending updates, but could have missed it).

Now this button is stuck on "shut down"... and it has the shield mark thing beside it.

Any idea what this means?

A:Power button button forced to "Shut down"

The shield icon is a part of windows update; and basically means if you tell the system to shut down; before it shuts down; it will install the updates first; and if you boot back up after it shuts down; before you get to the logon screen; it may say windows is configuring updates.
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Suddenly pc doesnt boot up we change with new psu and from that time pc power up by the time we connect the psu with power ,

i remove all cables i left connection psu with motherboard but still the pc power up by him self , i remove the cpu and then didnt power up ...
what the problem

A:Pc power up without press power button

Go into the bios and find something like "Self Power on" and disable it, then it shouldn't happen anymore.
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Ok so i do know what the no Power and supply 100%, mobo are power problem is this is more about what i can do to use my computer until i can fix the problem Ill start off with what the problem is My computer wont turn on from the get go i knew the power supply was okay Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power because the mother board has a green light on it showing that its getting power of course just in case i tried putting a new supply in but there were no changes At first glance the mother board looked good No blown resistors or anything of that sort i sent it to a friend to check it out though once again just to be thorough and sure Finally after Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power hours of tedious searching i found the problem The chip that the power button plugs into has blown out Very happy thats all it is Now my question to all of you is is there anyway to bypass using that board so i can run my computer until i replace it if i just unplug the little board that the button is a part of the computer obviously does not turn on when i attach the computer to power and i dont know how i can trick it into turning on without having the use of the power button Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ryan nbsp

A:Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power

There are some motherboards that have a power on button directly on the motherboard. I don't suppose you have one of those? There are some BIOS' that can enable the keyboard to power on the PC by pressing any key. I'm using one of them now. Of course, the problem with that is to get the PC started in the first place so you can change the BIOS setting (if it has that setting).

What motherboard do you have?
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I just did a clean install on W10 and change my bios to UEFI (which it supports.) I'm having this intermittent problem with the Windows "Start" Button in the lower left. It just stops working - left clicking doesn't do anything, although right-clicking does. I just have the basics installed now.

Also, my Windows "Start" key on my keyboard stops working as well. I checked on a keyboard checker and the key itself is fine. I have to log out/back in to get it to work again. Annoying!

Any thoughts?

A:"Start" virtual button & keyboard button stop working

bump, anyone? keeps happening. I get one or two clicks on the Start button, then left click quits working
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Okay this is the weirdest problem I ve ever hard with computers Here s what happened I had a few years old Pentium D GHz processor running on Asus P VDC-X mobo PQI MHz DDR and GF GS mb PCI-E W power I updated the mobo to Asus P L-MX to support faster PCI-E cards Everything worked fine despite the processor stopped working, working suddenly old mobo mobos New ran too hot C on high use Because of the overheating I replaced the thermal paste but it New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working had no effect on the temperature I thought I used too much paste so I replaced the paste again --- Bang no video when I turn on the computer I tried taking off everything part by part but nothing worked It didn t work even when I only had processor and used the integrated graphics port Tried resetting the bios too Nothing worked so I put back the old P VDC-X and it worked like charm I thought it was logical that the problem was caused because of the mobo so I bought New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working a new one Asrock G M-S No video Did the same steps to this one too It also had integrated gfx but it didn t work either The old P VDC-X still works So I have no idea what s causing the problem Is it the CPU Mobo PSU RAM I have no speaker on my case so I can t hear any beeps but it won t start loading the OS from the hardrive and my USB mouse won t turn on Tried using a differen t monitor too The main point is why it stopped working suddenly on new mobo s but still works with the old P VDC-X Any ideas Let me know if I forgot to mention something important nbsp

A:New mobos suddenly stopped working, old mobo working

Two new motherboards tells us you made the same simple install error in both of them.
Tell us more about power supply, memory, cable.
Did you make sure the memory was correct for both new boards, and what is the memory on the old board. Would also like to know the power supply and other hard ware.
What happens with the most basic, simple install. Does everything light up?

If you used the same hard drive with the same Windows install on the two motherboards, that is the problem. Windows has detected that you have changed the motherboard and will not operate unless you reinstall Windows on the drive on each new motherboard... One install for each motherboard.
My guess is that you will be fine if you change hard drives or do reinstalls or repair installs of the Windows on the new motherboard.
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Can anyone tell me why my power button has disappeared from vista start menu?

A:power button

You can change which icon displays in the Start menu by right-clicking on any blank space within the start menu, selecting properties, and the prompt is right there.

Hope this helps,

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First I may know what my problem is, but I want to make sure,before i replace a Power supply. After a normal shutdown, Windows XP, if I restart right away, there is no Problem. But if I wait 15 min, or longer, I must hold in the Power button 5 sec, take my finger off, then press, and computer starts. This is like a Hard shutdown. I repair my Computer, but try to get a print of a Compter, good luck.

A:Power Up Button

Sounds like the BIOS is set up to use power management. Turn all of the PM features off and it should work the way you want.
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Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a win 7/8 GPO tweak to FORCE a log off when the Power Button is pressed ?
ex. if a user is logged on and has an unsaved document, the windows will not log off, it will ask to wait.
I need to FORCE log off...

any ideas ?

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HI does any one have a fix for the power button in the start menu? if I click it the icon blinks but does not show up to shut down or restart at all Thanks for any help

A:power button

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question HI does any one have a fix for the power button in the start menu? if I click it the icon blinks but does not show up to shut down or restart at all Thanks for any help
Paul Right click on Start menu -> Close or Unconnect -> Reboot pc
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My neighbor has a Gateway 506GR. She says it's about 3 or 4 years old. She says she got a BSOD and shut down the computor... doesn't recall what the error was. Now, when we push the start button the PSU will act as if it is starting to power up as long as we hold the power button in. Even so, the PSU fan will begin to spin, stop, begin to spin, stop... as long as we hold in the start button. I'm thinking it needs a new PSU, but I don't want to get one and find out its the start button. I've disconnected the HD and CD player and it still doesn't start. It's a 300w PSU.
Any thoughts?

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My power button works fine but the switch thingy that needs to be plugged in all the way, which is under my keyboard (it's the one right above the screw with the label M2.5L4) is loose so any time I need to power up my laptop I have to take my keyboard off and push it in all the way then push the power button. Any tips to fix this or help in any way would be lovely
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I have a Dell L C The unit seems to overheat when the machine is on for a long period of time It wont turn back on so the user had this great idea of constantly hitting the power button until it did Which for some reason seems to work After he hits it about times the unit turns back on I have checked the wires and made sure the connections inside the machine and outside the machine are ok I am not sure that its the power button but it would seem that even if the unit was on for long periods it should restart by hitting the power button Unless its overheating would excess heat cause the unit not to boot The workstation is in a small office in a shipping and recieving area its not next to a heater and the office isnt kept at hot conditions I am wondering if bad ram or a bad cpu can keep the unit from booting up after its been on or should I just order a new power button then power supply and do a process of elemination Thanks Eli nbsp

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Hi I have a compaq presario see below for specs It does not want to turn on intermittently I have to shut it off and play with the cables hard drive power button cd drive and then it turns on It does not get to the ram check part of the startup Is there a way to diagnose this problem I think it might be the startup button on off button Would a Bad Button? Power pci pc diagnostic card find this problem I might have fixed this issue for now since I messed with the cables recently but I m thinking it will start up again when my wife tries and uses the PC Thanks for any ideas Steve Operating System System Model Windows XP Professional build Compaq Compaq PC CTODEAAA System Serial Number DTYZL Processor a Main Circuit Board board megahertz Intel Pentium III kilobyte primary memory Bad Power Button? cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Board Compaq C h Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Compaq C nbsp

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whne i am pressing power button then lights on for only 2-3 sec then it is turn off after some times its on and starting pc i dont know why and also when my pc wents in seep and i tuch the mouse pad then its wents in shut down can any one give me solution for that
Relevancy 47.73%

Usually when I put my computer into sleep mode the power button goes orange but now when I turn my computer into sleep mode the color is blue and its flickering at first I didn't notice because I left the PC but when I came back its flickering on and off I thought an error happened but when I pressed it, it woke up normally. Is their anyway to fix this? Because its annoying, I think it has nothing to do with any software or programs. I didn't touch any hardware parts except for the RAM that I cleaned.
HP Pavilion P6640D
Windows 7 Home Basic 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
Pentium? Dual Core CPU E6700 @ 3.20 GHz
2048 MB RAM Samsung 2rx8 PC3 10600u
Intel? G41 Express Chipset

A:The Power Button

You touched the RAM? How did you clean it? A flashing blue light may be an indication of a hardware issue.

I would power off the computer completely, unplug it, then press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. Next, open it up and remove the RAM, then install it again. Be sure it is installed evenly and securely. Re-assemble the casing, plug it in, and see if the flashing blue light is gone. If it does not, then try running diagnostics. HP provides them on their website for download.

WARNING: Because of the cold weather, be sure to use a grounding strap before touching the RAM. If you don't have one, then at least try to be sure you're electrically discharged by touching a metal object.
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Sorry, I mistakenly posted this in the Win 7 forum.
Attempting to create a SHUT DOWN or POWER button for Win 8.0. and have tried several solutions. No matter what I type into the NEW SHORTCUT window such as, POWER BUTTON or POWER BUTTON. Exe
I get an error message saying ?The File Cannot Be Found?. What am I doing wrong here?
Thanks for your help, eddie460

A:Win 8.0 Power Button

The Windows 8.1 upgrade has a better way to turn off the system with the right-click lower-left of the screen (or Win-X) menu. Also, the small $5 app Start8 will bring back a Windows 7-like Start menu, complete with a shutdown command. I would recommend these two.

However, if you have the basic Windows 8, you can also create shutdown, restart, etc. commands and add them to the Win-X menu or run them from a shortcut or batch file too.



%windir%\System32\powercfg -hibernate off
%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0
%windir%\System32\powercfg -hibernate on


C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState


C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Shut Down

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00
How to Add Shutdown / Restart / Sleep to the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

Add Shutdown and Reboot to the Windows 8 Win+X Menu