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How to increase volume on C drive

Q: How to increase volume on C drive

Hi all!
C drive on my computer is almost full, I keep receiving notifications regarding no or less space in C drive. I have Partitioned my hard disk into 3 parts.
C drive is only 25 GB :/
D drive is 80 GB
E is close to 150 GB

I would like to increase my C drive space from 25 GB to 100 GB cutting E drive down . I am unable to do so through disk management. The option Extend Volume is grayed out. Please suggest an alternate way to increase the volume of my C drive. The OS I have is Windows 7 ultimate!!
Thank you in advance.

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Preferred Solution: How to increase volume on C drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to increase volume on C drive

0. Make sure you have everything you can't afford to lose backed up.
1. Get Easeus Partition Master (the free one for home use)
2. Shrink E
3. Expand D
4. Shrink D
5. Expand C

Partition Master may let you just shrink E and expand C, but if you have a traditional partition layout the steps I listed will have to occur (even if PM hides the middle ones).

Personally, I would do 1 step at a time and reboot between each. This way if something goes wrong your chances of recovering are much greater.
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My hard disk was partitioned into 1 primary partition[C drive of 28 GB] and 4 logical partitions[19.5, 39, 39 and 107 GB]. I want to delete one of the logical partition [19.5 GB] to increase the volume of C drive.
Is it possible??? Please help me out.

A:Delete a LOGICAL PARTITION to increase volume of C drive.

Hi Joe and welcome to Seven Forums.

The built in Disk Management might be able to do exactly what you want depending on where the 19.5GB partition is located in relation to the C: partition.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

If the 19.5 partition is immediately to the right of the C: partition ( in other words, if the hard drive is set up as C: | 19.5 | 39 | 39 | 107 ) you could format or shrink the 19.5 partition changing it to unallocated space. Then the C: partition could then be extended to incorporate the unallocated space. It's a somewhat complicated process.

Resize a partition in Vista/Windows 7

Or you could use a different free utility called MiniTool Partition Wizard to do the same thing with a lot less hassle and without worrying about where the 19.5 partition is in relation to the C: partition. This tutorial shows exactly how to extend the C: partition.

Extend partition with partition magic software ? MiniTool Partition Wizard.
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I use W7's volume control for the studio monitors I use. It's not practical to use the knob on the monitors since it is located in the back.

The max volume (100%) in W7 is not loud enough while the minimum volume (0%) still makes sound when Id like it to be mute if it's at 0%

How can this be done?

A:How to increase max volume and decrease minimum volume

Did you make sure you upadated your sound card drivers from the manfacuter's website?
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On two computers of mine the volume of my speakers is very low. I have the speakers volume maxed out as well as the volume control in the control panel. Is there any way to fix this so I can get them louder, or is it an issue with the speakers themselves. I have a pair of Altec Lansing on my main system and they get very loud.


A:increase volume

You're connecting the speakers to your main system through the PCI/ISA sound card or onboard sound?
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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

When you go to a theatre the volume always seems too loud. That's so you can hear the quiet parts. But in XP Pro I've maxed out the volume in Sound and Audio and I've turned up the volume all the way on my speakers. But to no avail. I still can't hear the quiet parts. I have to go into Linux to watch a movie but I like the player I have in Windows better.

Is there a way to increase the volume past what is seemingly normal?


A:How to increase the volume in XP Pro

royeo said:

I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

When you go to a theatre the volume always seems too loud. That's so you can hear the quiet parts. But in XP Pro I've maxed out the volume in Sound and Audio and I've turned up the volume all the way on my speakers. But to no avail. I still can't hear the quiet parts. I have to go into Linux to watch a movie but I like the player I have in Windows better.

Is there a way to increase the volume past what is seemingly normal?

royeoClick to expand...
What kind of sound card do you have? My old PC seemed to suck with sound quality and volume, but when I got my new PC it was much louder and sounded so much more clear.
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I have WMP, and the sound there is maxed out and the computer sound (the bottom right corner) thingy is maxed out.
Is there any program that could increase it even more?

A:how do I increase my volume even more?

Answer is No.... buy powered speaker set...
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how can i increase the volume?? the volume bar is at the top in the volume control and windows media volume bar too!! since the media (movie) i am watching, have an ac3 something codec the volume is really low!!! when i click on something the sound of the click is massive, one more thing, i am using a laptop so i can turn the volume manually of the speakers because they are built-in. is there is any software that can increase the volume?

A:Increase the volume of a movie...

Try downloading this codec for windows.

Good luck.
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How can I increase speaker volume beyond the max settings in volume control?


A:How to further increase speaker volume?

buy a sound system that connects to your computer and has it's own amplifiier
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Just wondering how to increase the maximum volume on my machine, if possible?

Win7 Ultimate 64 bit.


A:How do I increase maximum volume?

Maximum sound volume?

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I need to higher the overall sound volume output of my pc.VLC does it I know,but the sound is distorted.Can U suggest any apps?

A:Increase sound volume

there are no apps, you need to get speakers with a volume control to increase the volume.
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Alright so this is about a sound problem but my tests make me think it's something to do with Windows Here's the issue I have a SteelSeries Merc Stealth keyboard with buttons for increasing and decreasing volume The decreasing volume works but the increasing does not So if I want to increase the volume in a game for instance I would have to alt-tab I thought this was because my keyboard was somehow broken and that particular button didn't work anymore However I just received a brand new pair of Corsair HS headphone On the cable of the headphones are buttons to increase and decrease the volume of Windows So as you may guess the decreasing button works but not the increasing one Since the probably of having two defective items one being but can't increase decrease Can volume, new for the exact same problem being so slim my guess is that something in Windows is off So can anyone help Here's my specs Gigabyte X A-UD R Intel i Quad Core GHz Corsair TX W PSU Corsair Vengeance x BG CL Can decrease volume, but can't increase - - Gigabyte Radeon HD Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR - CL - - - Triple Channel Windows -bits w Service pack

A:Can decrease volume, but can't increase

Just to specify as a proof the buttons work, when I use a program that enable Global keys like Winamp, the volume of that program will increase or decrease. It's the Windows volume that doesn't increase.
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How do you increase or decrease a volume in Windows 8?

A:Volume increase or decrease

I go to the Desktop and click on the speaker icon bottom right.
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I was curious if there's a way to boost the audio level for a browser, specifically Firefox.

To be used with YouTube videos, etc.

I know that VLC player has that audio booster in the program, so I'm not looking for a media player that will do this, just a program that can raise the audio level for Firefox.


A:A way to increase the volume on Firefox?

Ff does not, I think, "play" the videos, but the file is played by different applications; the sound should be adjusted with the controls available on those.
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I have a TV Tuner card (Pinnacle TVCenter Pro to be exact) and watching TV on my computer. But there is one problem. The sound coming from the program is wayyy too quite compared to my other programs on my computer. Rather than lower the volume off all the other programs, is there a program that can boost the sound outputted from the program?


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Hello i have a few questions FIrstly Is there any way i can boost the max volume like when i put the volume all the way up can i make it go further to better explain i shall use an example I have a WM x cell phone in the Windows directory there is a volume file simple excel file that controls the volume you can boost the volume until your heart is content or until you blow the speakers For simplicity i wish to change the different volume levels on my System Increase volume laptop almost double everything so when im at full volume now i want it to be at volume after the quot hack quot Secondly i have an HP DV - us with beats audio love it Increase System volume THere are a total of speakers two under the monitor and two on the very front of the device im wondering if some way i can increase JUST the front speakers however im guessing they just wired those two front speakers into the two speakers under the monitor i would love to increase just the front two that would be awesome Thanks guys Seth

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When I import music or podcasts into iTunes I manually increase the volume with the 'volume adjuster' up two clicks. Is there a way to have itunes do this automatically?

I know about the 'sound enhancer' option, but I don't think that is fact, what does 'sound enhancer' do?

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I was on WORD 2013 and could not increase volume realtek high definition audio. I accidentally pushed the wrong button and now there is no audio. What should i do ?message edited by lucy1973

A:I was on word 2013 and I tried to increase the volume, now t

Look for a wee icon bottom right of the screen (there will be quite a lof mini icons there); see if one is loudspeaker... If it's there, right click on it and see if you have simply "muted" the audio/sound output. If so uncheck the tick box...This "walk though" may also be of help; as it takes you (step by step) though the whole windows-7 audio/sound controls system: click on the "arrow head" to the right of the initial image to step through it all.
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Hi Guys!

Can someone help me with my problem. I'm planning to install dual boot in my laptop (Windows and ubuntu) but sad to say my shrink volume is very little. Is there any software or way to increase it. Please help me.

Thank you!

A:Increase my Shrink volume in partition

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I'd use free mini tool personally
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free

I'd also not dual boot on the same disk and share data disks or partitions with linux
If you want to dual boot do it the old fashion way and install linux on it's own drive all by it's self
I use one of these one slot for the iso's and one for data disks Vantec 2.5-Inch Dual Bay Trayless SATA III - 6G Mobile Rack (MRK-225S6-BK): Computers & Accessories

I like a simple life and the linux grub there is nothing simple about it when it goes badly

On a laptop there is always cd/ dvd conversion trays.
But it's best to use VMWare and run linux in that environment.
VMware Player - Install and Setup Zorin
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Hi Guys!

Can someone help me with my problem. I'm planning to install dual boot in my laptop (Windows and ubuntu) but sad to say my shrink volume is very little. Is there any software or way to increase it. Please help me.

Thank you!
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Is there a way to increase the volume of an mp3 file, other than turning the knob on the speaker or moving the slide up on the icon by the clock in the tray?
I have tried converting the mp3 file to a wave file & opening it in Talk Works Editor & then increasing the volume there, but it was not really successful as the gain was very little.
Thanks for any help.

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Hi TSG members. cud i know the way to increase volume in video clips. i have some video songs with low sound levels. plz suggest me to increase them...

please suggest any softwae.

thanks in advance

A:How to increase volume in Video Clips

You can bring them into a program like Audacity or Sound Forge, and play with the assorted filters and normalization parameters. Remember, the sound out can be improved but not by that much---crap in crap out.
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Is there a way to stop windows 10 volume control settings via keyboard commands from increasing and decreasing by 2 numbers. Instead, by 1 ?
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I've inserted WMF video clips into PowerPoint, but the volume is low. They're from DVcam tapes of a seminar recorded by someone else and captured from a Sony Handycam. Suggestions, please? Need to put the presentations on CDs to hand out. Thanks.

A:Increase WMF audio volume in PowerPoint

You wouild have to rerecord it and do it in a program where you could adjust the volume.

That might mean changing the format and then changing it back.

not sure if winamp would or could do this or not but you might check.
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I've recently purchase a turntable/software that purports to record LPs (records) into my computer via the USB port. My first attempt resulted in a volume level that is way too low. I need to increase the input volume but can't find the mechanism for doing so.

The install instructions say to select my SoundMax card for playback; to select the USB Audio CODEC device/driver for input. The SoundMax card has volume levels but no line input control; the USB Audio CODEC device has no controls whatsover.

My gut says that the USB Audio CODEC device (which is controlling input) is where I should be able to increase volume but I can't.

Suggestions? Thanks.
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is there any way to increase the output volume of my sound card? it's a built in soundcard (Realtek ALC655 6-Channel audio CODEC)
;motherboard ecs K8T800-A (1.0).
and could i also enable the treble and bass options to be accessed,it's grayed out when i open sound panel.thanks!

in addition,i am planning on buying 5.1 inspire speaker system from creative,
do i need to purchase a new soundcard? thanks again for your time.
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A:How to Increase and Decrease Volume through registry in windows 7

Use the volume control in the system tray.
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Hello I really don t Need software audio volume with CaseCATalyst increase my want where to post this I am a notereader-scopist and I use CaseCATalyst edit software for court reporters and scopists It s pretty cool actually Anyway I have what is called AudioSync from my court reporters where I download large audio files BTW I have a Dell computer Dimension which works really good Have XP Here s the thing My audio works really good on anything else like listening to music It will almost blast you away if I have the volume turned up all the way like I do for my AudioSync This audio allows me to listen to depositions and edit those depositions instead of using my transcriber that I use cassette tapes with See what Need audio volume increase with my CaseCATalyst software I m saying I can plug into my computer and listen to the audio I m sure you know what I m talking about Anyway my audio on this computer just isn t loud enough on AudioSync I have everything turned up that I possibly can My husband has a cheaper Dell computer than I do he bought his used and his sound is strong on the AudioSync So I don t Need audio volume increase with my CaseCATalyst software understand why mine is this way Basically I m wondering if you know if there s some Need audio volume increase with my CaseCATalyst software kind of a sound blaster for my computer or whatever that can give me more increase in audio volume Thanks Tiza nbsp
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is there any conversion software that can allow me to increase the volume of my real media files? i have a few videos that are barely audible at maximum volume

A:Software to increase the volume of real media files?

You would want something like this was:

Who knows, a little searching might turn it up still.
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Hi all I currently have a VirtualBox VM virtual machine of Windows Professional volume in system-wide Windows to 7? Software increase audio running on a host Windows Ultimate both -bit I am in a situation where I am finding the audio output from my VM is simply too low in volume even with the VM Windows's volume set to maximum at While a simple answer would be to increase my host Windows's volume further Software to increase system-wide audio volume in Windows 7? it's at and or just crank up the volume on my speakers this skews with the host system's volume where I have set everything perfectly where I want it So I am looking for a software-based alternative that can boost the volume of Windows's audio in the OS itself inside the VM Googling has only brought up the quot answer quot of turning on Loudness Equalization which is inadequate for my needs as it introduces audio distortion and is not the exact answer to my problem at any rate While I will have to resort to the Loudness Equalisation thing if all else fails I'm looking for something with a more refined approach Does anyone know of a piece of software driver that can for example serve as an equalizer or in-between filter that sits directly in Windows 's audio subsystem not unlike Realtek's equalizer on their HD Audio drivers For reference the VirtualBox VM is emulating an Intel HD Audio sound card chip This can be changed to AC' or Soundblaster if required This is also a virtualized environment if it wasn't clear already so any concerns of blown speakers and hardware are not applicable short of something completely ridiculous Thanks to everyone for reading and hopefully someone can enlighten me

A:Software to increase system-wide audio volume in Windows 7?

I guess, judging from the lack of responses, what I'd inquired about is unfeasible at this time. Oh well, was worth a shot! :)
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Hi I'm not very familiar with HDDs and partition software so if there is an explanation doing it in plain English or step by step would be partitioning by size D:Drive do increase of I C:Drive How appreciated Windows bit My boot drive and the one with most off my stuff is C but it only has around GBs out of GB left My D drive currently has around GB GB free and I'd like to resize it and merge the unallocated space with C drive I tried using the built in Windows disk manager and after no success I downloaded 'EaseUS partition manager' but it runs into the exact same problem as windows I can resize How do I increase size of C:Drive by partitioning D:Drive D drive and make some unallocated space for example decreasing D by GB and getting the same amount as unallocated space but on both the downloaded and windows partition manager I cannot merge the unallocated space with C drive It doesn't give me an error it just doesn't appear as an option I can merge the unallocated space back with D drive and restore it to original size but I can't add it to C Curiously I can merge C with the whole of D drive as an option but I'm not going to do that Here's a screenie of the downloaded software I'll put more How do I increase size of C:Drive by partitioning D:Drive info on if requested Any help would be awesome as my C drive free space is shrinking rapidly due to game patches etc E is just a partition from D I made It can remerge with D but it cannot do so with C As you can see when I tick the box of E to How do I increase size of C:Drive by partitioning D:Drive merge the C box instantly greys out Last image is a screenshot from Windows disk management here I've gotten rid of E by merging it back with D

A:How do I increase size of C:Drive by partitioning D:Drive

There used to be a time where you couldn't merge, extend or remove individual partitions at all without the use of often expensive third party software or some very in-depth technical know how.

I believe I have done something similar to what you are trying to achieve with software called partition merger or something along those lines, but I recommend you avoid this type of thing altogether in the future.
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I want to know that how can i increase my C drive.In the disk management it is showing 23.75 G.B. but in my computers it is showing 12.74 G.B. only please help me .and apart from this i have F drive which is fully empty can i utilise it?

A:To increase C drive

If you post your current set up in the disk manager similar to the pics below it will be easier.

EDIT: If you have free space right(when you look at the screen) of C partition, Right click C partition in Disk Management and extend C.
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Recently, I just keep receiving a ?low message space? message on my computer. I have a drive E that has plenty of free space (about 86GB). How can I add the space to my C drive? Or do you have another way for me to increase my C drive? I am using Windows 7. Please, help me!

A:How to increase c drive?

Go to Start/Search and type diskmgmt.msc right click the diskmgmt results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Disk Management window, is you C: drive/partition on the same Disk as your E: drive? Please attach a screenshot of the disk management window in your next post.
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Hello: I have only 3.89 free GB left on C-drive. the original was 16 GB. I have 16 GB free on d drive original was 99.GB.

Can I somehow move items on c to d drive? I have already removed some things things from c and re-installed to D but I need more space on c. Win xp Thanks PS-partition the drives is to complicated for me to do.

A:How can i increase space on c drive?


Which files/folders do you have on the C: drive exactly?
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I have a Lap Top 50 GB C drive.........Can I increase its size ??


A:Add ons to increase size of C drive

Hi broomelodge,

In order to increase your harddrive size you need to get a larger harddrive, or an additional external harddrive. If that's what you mean..

If you have several Partitions (C:\, D:\ etc) you can shrink / Remove partitions and make one larger partition, however you can never exceed the total HDD space without getting a larger harddrive.
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Hello everyone, I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 15 Inch which comes with 1TB HD + 128 SSD but now I am facing a problem with C Driver space because it's only 96Gb and i want at least 500gb for C drive, can anyone give a solution for this ?? 

A:How to increase C drive space

Hi chmosama , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Before you decide on changing the partitioning , it would be best that you back up your data and create your recovery media first as changing the partition may cause failure of the One Key Recovery (factory reset feature) to work .
You can follow this guide to resize it  as it is similarly discussed on this thread.
Hope this helped answer your query. 
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I have 23 GB of free space in my D drive where as only 239 MB in C drive. How do I increase the free space of my C drive which contains all the windows driver & system files.

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I am using XP O/S in my system.Now i want to increase the O/S drive space. How to do?


A:how to Increase the O/S drive space

Buy a new hard drive?
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Im trying to install a game onto my (E drive but it says there is not enough room. It says i have 4.97GB but I need 31.60GB. How do i increase the memory in that drive so i can install the game properly?

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Running Windows 7 Professional SP1 on a Dell 1764.

My hard drive is partitioned as follows: C:\ = 99.9gig with 20gig free, D:\ = 365gig with 312gig free. Seeing that my laptop is a Dell, another partition exists with the operating system which could be used to put the computer back to factory settings.

With only 20gigs of free space on the C:\ drive, my laptop is running slow. I've been told the only way to increase space on C:\ is to wipe the drive, re-partition it, and reinstall everything.

A work colleague mentioned that he had used Partition Magic to transfer space from his D:\ drive and add it to his C:\ drive.

Any recommendations would greatly be appreciated.


A:Increase size of C:\ drive

Your system is running slow because the minimum recommendation for Windows 7 32-bit is 16GB of HDD space rising to 20GB for Windows 7 64-bit, while it's thought you need nearer 40GB for a normal installation.

What you would need to to is reduce the size of the D drive on the left-hand size of the drive instead of the right, and then extend the C drive to take up the resulting free space.

Unfortunately, Windows 7's disk management tool is too basic and won't allow you to do that.

You need something like Acronis Disk Director, Paragon Partition Wizard or Easus Partition Manager - just do a search on Google for them.

You might want to check through the tutorials here on WSF as they are a mine of information.

A word of warning, before you start, backup everything including a complete system image before you start.
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hey please tell me how to increase the size of my drive c... i tried many software but they did not work at all.. please help me....
Waiting for a positive reply...


A:i cannot increase my size of drive c...

Have you tried Partition Wizard?
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Dear Sir,

I am using MS OUTLOOK 2007 for my emails & many software's are installed on my computer. now my PC windows drive C spare space near of 2GB I want to extend its volume because after some days my emails will be cover spare space due to up coming emails so please guide me how to extend drive C space?

A:How to Increase my Partition drive C?

You might be able to do it with Windows Disk Management.

Can you post a picture of your Disk Management screen so we can see your current partition arrangement?
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Do you know how to increase my C drive without deleting some important data or programs? In fact, yesterday, when I attempted to install a newly download program, a message popped out and told me there was a low disk space problem. I had also checked my C drive space. There was really 597MB of free space left. So, I just want to increase this drive successfully. Do you how I can do that? Any advice could be greatly appreciated here. Thank you!

A:How to increase my C drive without deleting something?

Open up My Computer and tell us if there is any available space on another hard drive.
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I use windows xp. There is sufficient space in D,E and F drives.
But there is only less space in my C drive. I am unable to install or delete
any programs and my system in now in poor performance.
If anyone can help me kindly provide fruitful informations.
Email: [email protected]

A:How to increase space in drive C ?

This will prove invaluable to you...
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i have partitioned hard drive c is 10 gb and d is 25 gb e is 25 gb f is 10 gb how can i merge c with another partition?

A:How can i increase size of C drive

Hello zuber146

You will need 3rd party software to do that in XP.
Such as
(not free) (free)

Back up all your files first just to be on the safe side.

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Hi there,
My HDD is approx 120gb and has been divided between C:/ and a D:/.
My problem is that after putting a lot on the C drive I have only a small % of space left, however on the D drive I have only used 1% of drive volume.
Is it possible to increase the size of drive C by taking it from drive D. and if so, how do I do it.


A:How can i increase size of C drive

your D partition on your h/drive is for your system restore. and only a small amount of space is used for D. you need to either get an external h/drive or a new larger lnternal one
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i was just wondering as the title says---
is there any way to increase the efficiency of my CD drive?
for some reasons--- sometimes it works slowly while other times it works really fast...

im not sure whats going on..

as uneducated as it sounds--- is there anyway to "defrag" or at least have the same speed up effect, a cd drive?

any tips on how to make it run faster or better would be nice..

it's pretty old so i dont think it has any new drivers either..

A:any way to increase efficiency of my CD drive?

No, there's nothing to defrag since the data is stored on discs that can't be defraged. I'd check the CD's for smudges or scratches.

It might just be time for a new drive, a plain is very inexpensive and you can step up to a DVD burner that will read and write both CD's and DVD's for $27:
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I want to extend the size of C drive. Pls advise how to do that. Attached the screenshot from Disk Management screen for your perusal.

Many thanks

A:Need to increase the size of C drive

Windows disk management inbuilt tools i believe will only let you extend to space directly next to the desired partition if you want to add the unallocated space to C you will need to use 3rd party software like partition magic
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how can i increase the size of C drive?

A:how to increase size of C drive

the home version is free:
Best FREE Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32 bit & 64 bit. EASEUS free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.
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I found downloads of porn on our server and it wont let me delete it. I tried to install virus 2005 for Norton and it wouldnt let me because IE was not up graded. I am very worried that the server has been tampered with and I need to get it back to safe and secure environment. Any advise you can give me will be helpful. Also

How do you increase hard drive space on a server from 2GB to at least 10GB. I can not download the upgrades of IE6 and I can install Norton fire wall and virus software. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Looking for help. I have a Compac Presario several years old running Windows XP (updates are current). The system came with the hard drive partitioned at 70gb for general use and 4gb for system recovery files ("D Drive", file system FAT32). Over time I've noticed the D drive free space drop to 600mb and I'm no longer able to run defrag's as there isn't enough space. I'm running system suite ver 8 professional for firewall/virus/utilities and I'm now getting system warning messages about the size of the D drive.

Is there anyway I can repartition the D drive to 6 or 8GB? I've got 43GB of free space on the C drive so there's plenty of room.

Any help appreciated

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I hope I have asked my question in the right place. Here is my issue. Recently, I often receive the low disk space error that says my C drive has only 5% of free space left. In order not to cause negative impact on my computer performance, I should extend its space quickly. But, I am not so familiar with the extending problem and don?t know what to do. Do you have any idea for me? What should I take care in the process of expanding? Please, help me!

A:Have you guys ever tried to increase C drive space?

Welcome to the forum,

Let's start with a picture of your disk management window before any further advice,

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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my dell inspiron mini having windows 7 starter installed
it has tow drives
(C) drive 14.8GB
and (D) drive 212 GB
now how to increase my C drive space
please help me

A:how to increase C drive space in windows 7

Here is a KB on how to extend the C drive as well:
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Hi all new to the forums,

I recently installed windows 7 on a 1TB hdd. When I went about downloading programs from the internet and stuff i noticed my harddrive was partitioned badly in that I have 80 MBs of free space on my C drive that has 7 on it and the D drive has the rest of the space.

There doesn't seem to be any way of increasing the C drive using windows tools, I tried unallocating space from D and increasing C but the option is greyed out for C.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

A:Increase partition size of my C drive?

The best tool for Resizing partitions in Windows 7 which Disk Management cannot do is free Partition Wizard bootable CD.
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How to increase drive c size because it is running out of space. PLEASE HELP

A:Windows 7 - Increase size of C:\ drive

I want to increase size of C drive without loosing data! How to do this
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hai every body.....

I want to know the list of applications(freeware on which I can realy) to increase the hard drive space of the Computer.

thanks in advance....

A:Increase hard drive space

Try under properties of your hard drive and the general tab - tick the box for "compress this drive to save disk space".
But realy it is much more efficient to purchase another hard drive.

regards Steve. M.
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I would like to increase my computers hard drive memory which is currently 50gigs. I admit I have little knowledge regarding this, please could someone advise how to increase this.
I have a bog standard Packard Bell.
Also what is the best way to increase from 196Mb to 256Mb?
Sorry if my questions are on the ignorant side!

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running out of c:\drive space on a 1TB drive that has 5 partitions, would like to move space from 1 partition to increase c:\drive

A:How to increase h/drive partition size in win7

There are a variety of ways to do that - depending on your disk layout. Why don't you post a picture of your disk management. Than we can give you a more intelligent suggestion.

PS: there is an easy way and a hard way. But the easy way requires to run with a free OEM program from a CD. Do you think you could handle this - download the .iso, burn to CD, boot from CD ?? We would give you the links.
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Disk Management shows Disk 0 (my old HDD) and Disk 1 (my new SSD, onto which I cloned the OEM, recovery, and boot partitions from the HDD). After some mucking about in Disk 0, Disk Manager shows an OEM partition, an unallocated area, then my D: logical drive which contains all my data. (screenshot) I want to expand D: to use all the space on Disk 0 (minus the 39MB OEM partition). I select "Extend volume", follow the promots, then get a warning that this will convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk. This should be no problem, since I have no intention of installing Windows on Disk 0. Still, I thought I'd ask before continuing: am I doing it wrong?


A:Can I increase of a logical drive by using unallocated space BEFORE?

Use Partition Wizard to Resize Partition to the left. I'd also delete the old Dell OEM Diagnostics partition using PW since it has no purpose on the old HD now and old bootable partitions should be deleted or have their HD wiped to be sure they won't interfere in the future.

Did you test to see that the Dell Bootable Diagnostics (booted from the OEM partition) or Recovery partition even works on the new SSD or is just wasting space? I would try triggering DIagnostics from Dell F12 key to see if it runs, and try queuing up Dell Windows 7 PC Restore to see if it boots and offers the various Recovery options. If not they are wasting space and can be deleted and likewise resized with PW.

But be aware that the Factory Preinstalled Win7 is the worst possible install one can have, larded with bloatware and duplicate utilities which interfere with better versions built into Win7. That's why most tech enthusiasts prefer to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 to instead have the best install one can have, especially to enjoy the new SSD speeds.
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I'm trying to capture video with a Dazzle DVC 150. The captured video is sometimes choppy and I found out that it was because my hard drive transfer rate wasn't good enough to handle it. So I closed all programs and last night I did a disk defrag but the video is still choppy. Are there any other ways to increase this?

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Hi, I am running Windows XP Pro 32 bit SP3. My HDD is partitioned into 3 partitions, all under Windows XP i.e. C, D and E drives. My C Drive i.e. my root drive is getting full. (It is of 40 GB and has a few hundred MB remaining.) The other drives have at least 50% free. I have resized partitions on Windows Vista using GParted (on the Linux live CD). I am wondering if anyone knows if this would work on the root partition. Feel free to suggest other tools that are more well known or work well. I intend to do this over this weekend if possible. Thanks to you guys,O. O.

A:Resize i.e. Increase size of Root Parition/Drive

First, the correct terminology is "system partition" not "root partition". And yes, you can do what you want using a third party app such as GParted. But as is always the case when performing any drive level function you should make sure all critical data is backed up just in case there is some problem during the operation.
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Hello again..
i have anough space left on the other data partition and i need to redistribute some of it to my system partition. paragon partition manager can't finish the task due to some x64 conflict.. can someone please link me or advice me on the best safe way to do it?


A:simple and safe way to increase system drive size partition?

i'm trying to do it with windows disk managment (by first shrinking the big partition) but it's showing the mouse "working" logo for a long time with no change.. don't even know if i should stop this and how..
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I just installed a Western Digital VelociRaptor 1 TB hard drive and did not gain any speed according to the Windows Experience Index of 5.9. I then purchased a HighPoint Rocket 620 PCI-Express 2.0 x1 SATA III (6.0Gb/s) Controller Card thinking that since my motherboard is not SATA III, that was the problem. Exact same results. I have an Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard which is not AHCI compliant. Could that be the problem? From what I have read, AHCI will make the drive hot-swappable but not increase the performance that much. I thought the 10,000 RPM drive alone would make a big difference. Are there better (free) tests that I can run besides the Windows Experience. It bothers me that I have invested all of this money and did not increase the index at all.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Installed SATA III card & 10,000 RPM drive and no speed increase
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Normal Drive letter vs Mounting a volume as an empty folder


I was wondering what the prime uses for a logical drive (just assigning it as the letter F: for example ) might be vs. Mounting the logical drive as an empty folder that supports drive paths?

And why someone would want to use one option vs. the latter? (common uses).

thanks for any ideas.

(I only have one hard drive, so this would be an extended partition on the same disk)

A:Solved: Logical drive question: Normal Drive letter vs Mounting as a volume as empty folder

Here's a link to explain it:,_FAT,NTFS))

Good luck.
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Hi Ok here s the situation I want to install XP Pro on a former XP HE I say former letter (formerly drive xp C) on E system or reinstall drive volume change because there are so many corrupt damaged system files that no Win DVD or live CDs can recognize it on a Vaio VGN-A B laptop I would prefer to do a factory recovery from the recovery partition but there seem to be some problems too it can t set up properly In short I got the error quot unmountable drive quot after a system crash After trying unsuccessfully to repair it with the recovery console doing chkdsk fixboot fixmbr I tried to replace the files using the repair xp reinstall on drive E (formerly drive C) or change system volume letter option on a xp reinstall on drive E (formerly drive C) or change system volume letter Win DVD not from the recovery console but it couldn t see any previous Windows installations and only listed the partitions leaving me with set up create delete options I made a BartPE DVD to copy and save some personal files on an external drive Unfortunately BartPE completely messed up the drive partition letters xp reinstall on drive E (formerly drive C) or change system volume letter and gave the letter E to the external drive but E was the hidden vaio recovery partition so C was assigned to it After restarting the laptop and unplugging the external drive the vaio recovery partition kept the letter C and E was given to the system volume So now I am left with a laptop that tries to boot from the unworking recovery partition it worked before the letter change and a useless system volume that doesn t work I tried to change the letters and give back the E to the vaio recovery partition hoping that it would work but I can t I tried diskpart using ERD commander seemed to work but when I rebooted nothing was changed I can t load the registry since windows isn t recognized so I can t change them from there either So now I think that all I m left with is using the XP DVD to reinstall the OS but I can t install it on C since it s the recovery partition MB in size so I don t have many options I must install it on E there s D too but I wish to keep it intact Would it be a problem Does anyone know of a way to change the partition letters knowing that I can t load the registry in a live CD and that doing diskpart from a cmd prompt in a live CD didn t change anything nbsp
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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?

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hey , i nid help wat shuld i do to increase fps in game(League Of Legends)my highest fps is only 21fps ...
- Operating System : Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit
- Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
- Memory : 1024MB RAM
-Graphic Card :intel(R) Express Chipset Family
pls reply , ty ..

A:Suggestions to increase my PC's performance (increase fps)

First thing I would suggest is a new system, anything with a P4 in it needs to be upgraded to a new platform.
Second thing I would suggest is a dedicated graphics card, if you are using the machine for gaming.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

2 GHz processor
1 GB RAM (Windows Vista and 7 users will want 2 GB of RAM or more)
2 GB available hard disk space
Shader version 2.0 capable video card
Support for DirectX v9.0c or better
Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (Mac OS and Linux are currently not supported)
Recommended System Requirements

3 GHz processor
2 GB of RAM (Windows Vista and 7 users will want 4 GB of RAM or more)
6 GB available hard disk space
GeForce 8800 or equivalent video card (Dedicated GPU with 512MB+ Video Memory(VRAM))
Support for DirectX v9.0c or better.
Windows XP with the latest service pack installed, Windows Vista with the latest service pack installed, or Windows 7 (Mac OS and Linux are currently not supported)
The latest update to .NET Framework from Microsoft
Click to expand...

Why are you using Windows 7 Enterprise?
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Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can Not Read

Found this in my Event Viewer on each start/restart. I don't have any Volumes that I have encrypted. Is this malware? I've run everything prior to noticing including Windows Offline Defender.
Not sure if this is even the correct area to post this!

A:Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can't read

I'm going to take a guess, please upload a screenshot of the disk manager (Windows Key+R to open the Run dialog, type diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter).
Posting the actual entry from the Event Viewer can help.
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I took my Acer Laptop to the computer shop to get my SSD fixed and when they finished it and got it home i noticed my drives where split into 2 drives of 50GB approximately; C: & D:.
I have been trying to merge or at least give some space to drive C: , but my extend volume button in the partition manager is gray, even tho i have allocated space.
please give me some advice.

A:Extend Volume on C: Drive grayed out, can't extend volume.

Disk Management will not do the extension, but Partition Wizard will do it.
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I have two SATA drives.... a 250Gig as C and an 80 gig currently as E. Both drives have been buklt with the XP Home Edition image as I wanted to make sure each drive was funtioning. Of course, through careful planning, I would
now like to change the 250 gig drive and make it something else, D for example, and then make the 80 gig drive my default boot disk, C.
Microsofy articles frown on changing these. Is there anyway to change these without having to reformat and rebuild?

Thanks much

A:XP Drive Volume Changes

Do you mean within windows or for setting up of windows?

For setting up windows, the easiest thing to do is just have the one you want windows on installed only.

Within windows you can right click on "my computer", select manage, then storage, then disk management, and change drive letters to your hearts content. Ive found xp to be pretty good at sorting programs out when drive letters are changed unlike most other versions of windows. ( I said most, not all, because i haven't used all versions of windows).
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When I installed windows 7, I accidentally had my storage drives plugged in, so the system reserved partition went on a different drive than my OS boot drive. I'm trying to move it from the storage drive to my boot drive. I'm trying to shrink the volume of my boot drive to transfer the existing system reserved, but it says 0MB for the volume size. It has 17GB of free space. I'm only trying to make a 100MB partition. I ran CCleaner, Windows Error-checking, and Defraggler.

Disk Specs:

x1 OS boot drive (120GB SanDisk SSD)

x2 Storage drive (500GB WD)

A:Can't shrink volume of C:\ drive

If you download EaseUS Partition Master Home - EPM which is (FREE) and install it...

Download EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition - MajorGeeks

Withall normal drives in place...

Open/Run EPM and when the Disk map is opened - click on your C: drive > Choose resize and
DRAG the LEFT side towards the right... just over 100Mb > click OK

Right Click the 'empty' 100Mb and choose Create - choose PRIMARY NTFS > click OK
Right Click the 'empty 100Mb and choose Format > click OK
Right Click the new 100Mb partition and choose re-name > name it SYSTEM - click OK

So far nothing has happened you've only told the program what to do...

Now click the TICK on the top menu (Apply) - it will reboot the computer to carry out the tasks...

When Windows is running again...

Make sure all hidden and system files are visible (Tools > Folders menu)

Using Windows Explorer... Copy the contents of the 'wrong' system reserved files to the C: drive SYSTEM partition

Using EPM again - remove drive letter from SYSTEM (it will 'hide' it) > close EPM and -

With your WINDOWS Install DVD in the DVD Drive and selected as first boot - Restart the computer...

Do NOT Install Windows... do a Start up Repair... when it finishes... your computer should restart as normal.

You can then delete the D: Drive system reserved files partition AND expand the D drive to use those extra 100 Mb using EPM...

Hope this was helpful - I just had to do it myself - for the exact same reason as yourself...
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I frequently get this approximate (not exact words) message when attempting to use drive A or B:
The volume/drive is in use by another application/process.
This happens after I have finished using that drive for a previous purpose. For instance, I have copied files to the drive and have removed the disk and inserted another. Or, maybe I have formatted the disk and are attempting to copy files to it. It also happens when I am creating a boot disk or another type of disk using a disk imaging program.

So, it seems there is no connection to any particular program and that Windows 2000 is the common denominator. Also, it never happens under Windows 98 on the same machine.

Any suggestions what this might be and how to prevent it?
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Hi guys first time poster here so hopefully this will be at least somewhat bearable OK so here is what I wanted to do I was looking around the net and stumbled on to some videos about software RAID with USB drives I know it isn't a very elegant or practical solution but I thought it would just be cool to see it working So I found this article How to Create a Software RAID Array in Windows and figured that since disk management in both are essentially the same it wouldn't be a problem I then went to delete the volumes on the flash drives and saw the option was grayed out So in that state the drives cannot be used for what I wanted them to be used for I did notice that on his tutorial his drives were described as quot Basic quot and my drives are described as quot Removable quot I think that somewhere along the line I saw something about removable drives being hard to work with in disk management so that may be it So if anyone knows how to do this all help is greatly appreciated

A:USB Drive Volume Not cannot be Deleted.

Minitool partition wizard free edition should be able to set up your USB drives anyway you want them. Unless they are encrypted.
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So I want to add/extend two disk into one:
Disk 2 to Disk 0 (I want to extend C drive)
Disk 3 to Disk 1 (I want to extend D drive)
Can I add them without formatting C/D drive?

Here is the screenshot

A:How do I add/extend volume to C drive?

I use a program called Paragon Disk Manager for all my HD tinkering. I'd make new partitions on the raw disks of the size you want, then clone the existing C / D onto the new partitions (or backup and restore to the new target partitions.) You might have to reset your BIOS to correspond to the new boot drive, but that's not too difficult (Press DEL / F11 at boot.) Then, you'd have the partitions (drives) like you want them, and also have backups too if you kept the old partitions.
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I would like to change my drive D from Dynamic to Basic and delete the OEM partition and recover the 39 MB. I have tried several times with no success. Thanks.


A:Hard Drive Volume

Finally got it fixed. The only program that would fix it was AOMEI Partition assistant.
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Running Windows XP not Drive volume CD refreshing Pro My CD drive has recently been acting up CD Drive volume not refreshing and my ever-diligent Google searches have revealed nothing even when keywording the keywords Seems that when I eject a data CD the CD s contents still show in Explorer I hit F still nothing I insert another CD and it still refuses to change the contents I log off log back on and the same contents are still showing I have Explorer refresh rate set to fastest speed in the registry Seems that only when I either restart the machine or flip back and forth between drives several times will Explorer CD Drive volume not refreshing finally change the contents to reflect the new CD s contents I have auto-play off and would rather keep it that way At first I suspected that it had to do with my burned data CDs but it is doing it with commercial CDs also Any body have a clue Perhaps a stubborn cache somewhere that I can get rid of CDFS cache maybe I realize that Windows has always had a glitch with Explorer refreeshing but this is ridiculous nbsp

A:CD Drive volume not refreshing

Just FYI for anyone else encountering this problem: I read a blurb elsewhere regarding a different problem where someone suggested that Nero Burning Rom (what I use) may have conflicts with Roxio Easy CD. The Windows XP CD writing utility is a watered down version of Roxio. So I went into Services and shut down the XP CD Writing service--don't use it anyway. Now the CD drive contents refresh normally. Problem solved.
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I have 2 hard drives on my PC. I had to format them both and I firstly had to juggle data from one HDD to the other and back again. My problem is that I had to install XP on both drives to allow me to do this. Now I have 1 system volume drive and 1 boot drive. Becasue of this I can't format my original c: drive. I want to format it, change the partioning and change the drive letter. Can you please tell me how I do plain english please as I am a novice.

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I have a problem.

I am attempting to dual boot a Dell vostro 1500 laptop w/ 500 gig hd.
I am doing a fresh install of windows 7, and then shrinking the volume to create a new partition. when I do the xp install, why is the xp volume defaulting to a E drive? It has the system reserved as the C: and my 7 installation as the D: drive, this is what Im seeing in My Computer on XP.


A:Why is the xp volume defaulting to a E drive?

That is the drive letter which is available. If you want it to take the C letter, then remove it from the System Reserved partition (as it shouldn't have one) in Win7 Disk Management then reinstall XP after full format of partition.

After install EasyBCD 2.0 should autoconfigure the Dual Boot - if not then give SysReserved another letter.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
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Hey there specs are as Dell XPS Intel Core Quad CPU Q GHz GHz GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTS Anyways I seem whenever I boot up my comp a message constantly occurs a box appears and on top it says quot CorelOMonitor exe - Not Found quot and below that inside the box it states The Wrong Volume Is In The Drive Please insert Disk into drive Z Thinking The Is Wrong The Volume Drive... In it was Corel Snapfire I had inserted Corel Snapfire installation cd it said a similar statement but at least it was on the same track as being a similar issue Because my iPod is connected via my ubs port it always pops up whenever my iPod is connected Even though this is small issue it can get very annoying as The Wrong Volume Is In The Drive... it is constant I had done a full scan The Wrong Volume Is In The Drive... using AVG and had solved some issues but not this I had tried changing the partition using quot Diskmgmt msc quot in my RUN program on the start menu and still no avail also trying this going under an admin user Hopefully this is some what understandable I mean green on these sorts of issues and would really would like some support thanks any more info just ask nbsp

A:The Wrong Volume Is In The Drive...

Sounds like it is trying to boot from this drive 'Z' - enter Boot Order in Bios and make it NOT so!
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OK heres one for ya I recently installed vista incorrect? volume Drive bit on my new comp had problems with connection which turned out to be a conflict with vista and my motherboard but b Drive volume incorrect? i figured this out i tried reinstalling vista this creates a folder with all old files in called windows old i Drive volume incorrect? had installed a few games etc and had used about gb of my hard drive b reinstallation after this i just deleted the windows old folder but then accidentaly deleted my recycle bin i managed to get the recycle bin back but when i did it was empty the quot windows old quot folder has done from my drive i cant find it in any searches Drive volume incorrect? or anything which isnt a bad thing cuz i wanted it deleting but my drive is still missing that gb and with about gb i have used up since its showing ive used gb showing gb to be exact any ideas why it showing wrong volume or y i cant find whatever is taking the gb up Any ideas or suggestions appreciated Thanks nbsp
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hi peeps, how can I extend my C drive volume? i tried using disk management, but the "Extend volume" option for C drives fade off, but not other drives. any idea how to extend the drive?

A:how to extend my C drive volume

I would try Partition Wizard free version. It's more versatile than disk management. From the screen shot it looks like C: is right up against D:. With disk management to expand a partition you need free space immediately to the "right" in the diagram. It's probably easier and safer to use Partition Wizard to move the other partitions and give the new free space to C:. The main consideration may be if D: is installed games you may want to check with the publishers to make sure moving the partition a bit doesn't mess up any registration/copy protection/licensing schemes the games use.
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Hi so I got an OCZ Agility gb SDD for cheap while I was building my computer thinking that Windows couldn't possibly use all of that and that I'd be able to prevent the possible expand volume? to another Is with C:\ it drive programs from installing into my C drive I tried and tried but somehow my C drive is now at GB Is it possible to expand the C:\ drive with another volume? remaining and I'm afraid that it'll run out soon is it possible to expand my C drive using another volume I have a tb Seagate Is it possible to expand the C:\ drive with another volume? that I honestly don't have anything on and I'd like to allocate my C drive maybe gb if it's not possible does anyone have any recommendations to help keep my C drive as empty as possible Thanks a lot for your help I've Is it possible to expand the C:\ drive with another volume? been running CCleaner but it only helps a tiny bit I've heard about converting the two drives in question to a dynamic drive and spanning the two but I don't know if that's safe for a drive containing the OS

A:Is it possible to expand the C:\ drive with another volume?

A volume can only be extended to unallocated space on the same physical drive.
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I run WinXP on a pc with hard drives and an external hard drive for back-ups It was working perfectly Recently I had the Gb C drive replaced with an Gb one When I formatted Drive & letter Volume No Mix-up and re-installed XP the Drive letters were haywire - C had No Drive letter & Volume Mix-up become H My supplier came and unplugged the second hard drive and I re-installed XP which then showed correctly as C He then revisited and reconnected the second hard drive but it did not show in My Computer though he said the computer recognised a second volume After he d retreated saying he was baffled I just thought I d restart again and to my delighted surprise the two drives both then showed up in My Computer BUT now in Computer Management D is called a USB Removable Storage Drive and the external drive has no drive letter and is viewed as a Logical Drive If I double-click on it the menu is greyed-out except for Delete Partition If I click that it warns that deleting the partition will lose all data which I certainly don t want to do although I can t now access it If I disconnect the external drive the D drive disappears from My Computer How can I get the computer to label the drives correctly and make all accessible Thanks for reading this and for any help nbsp

A:No Drive letter & Volume Mix-up

Lisa-Marya said:

I run WinXP on a pc with 2 hard drives, and an external hard drive for back-ups. It was working perfectly.Click to expand...

solve them one at a time; keep the USB in the box (ie disconnected) until
your C:\ & D:\ are correct -- THEN address the USB issue.
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i got error message says

windows- wrong volume is in the drive ... this only happens when i try to install Applications with 2 discs

example :

i installed an application from disc1 called (DV1) when it needs the other disc (DV2) i insert the second disc

and press ok ... after a while the error message appears and says :

wrong volume is in the drive insert DV1 and try again .. HELP ME PLEASE !!

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Mod Edit:  Split from - Hamluis.
I also have a new "volume drive" listing which shows needing optimizing, but it won't defrag.   This is Windows 8.1.  It wasn't there prior to the upgrade.  It doesn't show up in Disk Management, .
I cannot find this "volume" drive elsewhere.  What to do?  I'm a new member.  Appreciate your time and help.

 ScreenHunter_258 Apr. 06 00.14.jpg   64.69KB
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How loud should a laptop's hard drive be? I just wonder; I recall (perhaps falsely) that when I first got my laptop (a first gen Macbook), I had to struggle to hear the hard drive. Now, that drive went bad, which I noticed it vibrated excessively, and I had to have it replaced under Apple Care. Now that I have it back, with the new hard drive, I can still hear it all the time, but I don't know if it's just that my ears have become accustomed to it or what.

The drive is a 60 GB Toshiba MK6034GSX, 5400rpm.

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Once I have installed OpenSuse OS on my HP laptop. Now I removed it. I have separate partition left with it. I want to extend it to my C Drive but after shrinking it, I am not able to extend that partition to my C drive. I have very less space left with my C Drive. Please tell me how to extend that partition to my C Drive.

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I have a spanned volume setup with 4 drives. One of the drives is starting to throw read errors which is preventing WHS from backing it up (Yikes!).

Is it possible to clone the drive with the errors and to reinsert a new drive into the array?

Can the new drive be bigger?


A:Can I clone a drive from a spanned volume?

You may end up cloning the errors as well. An imaging program capable of handling all four drives at once like the Acronis True Image server edition would be able to handle Dynamic volumes if that's what you are working with there.

The best time for any imaging however is while everything is working 100% to make your backup of the entire setup just in case something like this comes up. The imaging program used would back up each block to be restored on the new identical replacement drive in order to work.
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For backup purposes, I want to take two 1 TB hard drives, make them dynamic disks, then mirror them using the disk manager in Win7. After I do this, of course, it looks like one drive to the OS, not two. So I'm writing my data to them, storing music and movies and whatever on them so now there is an identical copy of the data on both drives. Now what if one drive fails or I just yank one drive out of the machine. When I reboot the computer, will Windows just see the one drive that's still working, and just make the data available on it like nothing ever happened? Perhaps I would simply need to convert the disk back into a "normal disk" with Disk Manager?

A:What happens to the data on a mirrored volume when one drive goes bad?

Offhand, I wonder why you are using such a method.

You may have a good reason, I don't know.

Normal practice would be to write to drive A and then separately back A up to B, without dynamic disks.

If I understand you correctly, you are writing to A and B simultaneously?

What's the advantage to that?
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I'd appreciate some help I'm setting up x Western Digital RE s in RAID for Data Storage in a Win Ultimate bit system that is using a single SSD for the OS The Drive Volume Letter No For RAID 1 two RE s have been set up in the option ROM and when the OS completes startup Rapid Storage Technology indicates that the drives were set up correctly in RAID The drives have been No Drive Letter For RAID 1 Volume initialized However the RAID Volume is not being seen by the OS Here s what I ve tried I right-click on Computer left-click on Manage which takes me into Computer Management I then left-click on disk management which provides a graphic on the right side of the screen of No Drive Letter For RAID 1 Volume the unallocated RAID volume Right-clicking on the unallocated graphic provides the choice of New Simple Volume New Spanned Volume New Striped Volume New Mirrored Volume Properties No Drive Letter For RAID 1 Volume and Help Note Change drive letter and path is NOT available as an option From there I m not sure how to proceed The graphical representation of the unallocated volume is the RAID Array I don t want to create another RAID Volume Any help is appreciated Thanks Sndz

A:No Drive Letter For RAID 1 Volume


You need to select New Mirrored Volume.

RAID0 = striped
RAID1 = mirrored

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I have W8.1 x64, I have a 1TB drive attached on USB 3.0 port, the disk has four partitions, two are not allocated, I am trying to extend the volume on one of the active partitions, a Healthy, Primary partition but I get a message
"The operation you selected will turn the selected disk(s) to Dynamic disk(s).

I'm not sure what it means but how do I get the extended volume to be a Basic volume?



A:Cannot extend volume on External Drive

There's no such thing as an "unallocated partition". There is allocated space (partitions) and unallocated space. The latter is OUTSIDE any partitions.

Since you already have 4 partitions, any attempt to create another is going to force the conversion of ALL the partitions into Dynamic Disks.