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Problems with motherboard detecting HD as secondary

Q: Problems with motherboard detecting HD as secondary

I am migrating my motherboard (IWILL - KK266) over from an old case with a 300WT Power supply to a new case and a different HD. I'm having a problem with the Motherboard recognizing the 40G HD as a primary master. It's showing up as secondary drive and won't boot. I tried switching cables; pin assignments and using a good drive that works on one of my other PCs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Problems with motherboard detecting HD as secondary

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Wow do not BIOS and Primary/Secondary Master Slave detecting I need help I have been working on BIOS not detecting Primary/Secondary Master and Slave computers all week on my spare time I have an old Dell Dimension from that I wanted to fix up for my daughter but kept getting during installing the operating system on the hard drive quot set up does not detect BIOS not detecting Primary/Secondary Master and Slave hard drive disks quot or whatever The drive I was trying to use was once the primary Wester Digital Drive that came in it from Dell and I upgraded to a gig and made that one my slave drive So I was BIOS not detecting Primary/Secondary Master and Slave going to take out the gig and put it in a computer that I am building for my son and put the gig back in the Dell as the Primary Drive but kept getting that message Take it back out and put back in the gig that already had the operating system and it would work fine So that is how I found this website I did everything others suggested My BIOS didn t have the options that worked for so many others I formated the hard drive ran error check on it and so on and so on until I finally gave up and just used the gig I had and went and bought another at Best Buy they have a good deal on it right now bucks Anyway now to my new problem I have everything for my sons computer It has a INTEL P MOTHERBOARD amp CELERON D GHz CPU FAN COMBO and here are the specs CPU Socket support Intel Pentium Prescott processor Hyper-Threading support FSB MHz Chipset SiS GX amp L Memory x -pin DIMMs support DDR Memory Max capacity GB Slots x AGP X x PCI slots x CNR slot IDE x UltraDMA Audio C-Media CMI A -channel audio Codec Video Embedded Real E D Graphics with M share memory LAN Realtek RTL BL Mbps Fast Ethernet PHY Ports x USB Ports x headers x PS ports x Parallel Port x Serial Port x VGA port x RJ- Port x Audio I O Line-in Line-out and Mic-in Form Factor Micro-ATX x mm Package Retail I bought it on ebay I hooked it up to a powmax tower I hooked up the new gig hard drive right the DVD CD Drive floppy and graphics card When I turn it on it turns on lights up and than in the BIOS it says it does not detect the Primary Master and the Secondary Master I don t have slaves on them Funny thing is I will let it sit for a little go in and hit power and it will detect them for a few seconds maybe a minute and than stop Even start to run the windows CD I have in the DVD and than just stop I don t know what is up I tried clearing the CMOS but that does not work I just have to go back into BIOS to set the clock and date again and still no detection Can anyone please help me with this I am spending way to much time on these computers my wife is about to kick my nbsp

A:BIOS not detecting Primary/Secondary Master and Slave

hello and welcome to TS.

what brand and model is that motherboard? assuming that you did in fact do everything right, it does sound like a problem with the motherboard.

the power supply could also be causing this. what brand and model is it?
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So I m running XP Pro SP upgraded from Win and then installed SP and SP never had any serious problems with my computer Yesterday when i booted up the usual checks ran but after the secondary slave is detected nothing It just sits there No messages no warnings no bad mechanical noises from the tower Also useful to note I did nothing out of the ordinary the last time it was up and running all that i downloaded was an updated driver for my mp player What I thought i would do is boot in safe mode and rollback to a different configuration the problem here is I can t boot in safe mode i can t even get to the advanced startup options i press F right from the second I hit the power button and nothing happens All looks fine in BIOS i even reloaded the default settings no change I put the XP upgrade CD in the drive and restarted no difference Changed the boot order to check the CD first no change I don t know if the upgrade CDs operate differently than the full version XP CDs do or if the boot up sequence is even getting to the primary/secondary masters XP Startup after detecting stalls and - Pro slaves point of checking the drive SO what s the deal here any ideas I checked a dozen different forums and websites and all they have to say is to go to XP Pro - Startup stalls after detecting primary/secondary masters and slaves safe mode or reinstall from the original installation CD do i go back to the Windows Install CD boot disk I put in the first of the XP boot disk with the XP upgrade CD but nothing seemed to happen in that scenario either maybe the boot disk is corrupted GAH i could attach the drive as an external slave to my laptop and pull what i need off of it and then reformat if the drive didn t go bad I can go and reinstall everything from scratch but I m trying to save myself from losing all my digital pictures and music I ve accumulated since my last backup sadly almost six months now Okay Have at it folks what are your suggestions am I crazy for being so stingy as to not just ditch both of these outdated comps and buy a new cheap laptop to simplify my life I am so close to doing that right now anyways I m all ears nbsp

A:XP Pro - Startup stalls after detecting primary/secondary masters and slaves

I would open up the case and make sure all drive cables are well seated at both ends. If still no boot disconnect the slave drive [both data and power cable] in question and see if the system comes up
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I connected each one by itelf and they all work on their own, but they dont work together. It supposed to be 16 GB of ram, but only shows up 3.25 GB.

Here is my motherboard:
Here is my RAM:

A:Motherboard not detecting RAM! please help!

Hi and welcome to TSG.

What operating system are you using and is it 32 or 64 bit? Based on the fact you say it is only showing as 3.25Gb I would suspect that you only have a 32bit operating system. The only way you will be able to use more than that is to upgrade to 64 bit.
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I have soni vaio laptop in which motherboard is not detecting hdd.
i checked hdd on other system, it was working.
Pls help.

A:motherboard is not detecting hdd

Hello and welcome arv I take it you mean it isn't being seen in the BIOS? Plus how old is the machine and is this the original Hard drive??
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Hey I have a eMachine, D3123 (

The issue is: when I start the system, all the fans and lights run but I get a long beep pause continuously.

Before this current problem, the system would just start but not boot up. The fans and lights would run but nothing happened. I reseated the CPU and heatsink. Now the beeping occurs. I only have 1 stick of RAM. I've tried reseating still the same thing.

I also took out the RAM and got the same thing.

I guess the motherboard is not detecting any RAM at all.

The PSU works fine, the power fan spins.
The CPU heats up nicely without fan. I was careful not to over heat.
I've removed all extra cards.

A:Motherboard not detecting RAM

Sounds like it could be ram - try a different stick, or try it in a different slot (depending on the specs of your computer)
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I m currently in the process of rebuilding my computer around a detecting new partition motherboard, 1 not new er motherboard After swapping assorted components from my old motherboard to my new one I ve got the system up and running I m using it right now but I cannot boot into my primary operating system Windows XP Pro After booting into Windows and going through the various driver installs I can see that the rd partition on my hard drive apparently is not detecting Normally my system would show C Win D Win K E WinXP F Storage Unfortunately I am seeing C Win D new motherboard, 1 partition not detecting Win K E Storage The new motherboard is an Emachines board a Lomita and I new motherboard, 1 partition not detecting have RAM in it The processor is about gig I don t have more precise data on it handy at the moment My HDD is a Maxtor G DiamondMax Plus Any help would be greatly appreciated EDIT Apparently when I reinstalled XP a while back I accidentally formatted its partition as NTFS making it undetectable to So I ll be trying to find clues as to the actual reason it won t boot now nbsp
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Hi I have MSI A Motherboard with AMD A - APU in my Home PC Yesterday my PC got switched off automatically and never restarted Then I went to the local repairing shop who told me that SMPS is faulty and repaired the SMPS in few bucks After that he showed me that PC is working fine When I came back home and connected all the wires with PC and started my PC then I came to know about one issue that the LAN cable is not detected on the PC However rest everything like USB Ports HDD FANs DVD-ROM etc are working correctly I don't know how this happened Can this be due to any fault left while repairing the SMPS or some short circuit happened inside the motherboard Please help I am using workaround at this moment using USB Wifi to connect to the internet Can someone please help me what's wrong with this motherboard or setting PS I have checked my modem as the same LAN Cable works for internet in my Laptop but in the PC the AMD LAN A8-3850 not on MSI Motherboard with A75 detecting LAN cable is not detected Also I have checked the BIOS settings which shows the LAN as enabled

A:LAN not detecting on MSI A75 Motherboard with AMD A8-3850

It was a Motherboard Problem, and I got it repaired by the Service Center.
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Ok heres my story PSU went out on my computer and took the motherboard with it comp would not power up even with new PSU I got hard SATA Motherboard not detecting drives a new motherboard exact same model as before so my windows xp would work installed it and it powered up Everything gets recognized except my hard drives I have Western Digital SE gb hard drives that had in a RAID I have them both plugged into master just like it was on the other MB I have set sata as Motherboard not detecting SATA hard drives RAID set in the BIOS I ve checked the connections which seems pretty simple so I am at a loss Am I missing something I have never replaced a motherboard before so I am just wondering Could my old PSU have taken BOTH HDs out along with the old MB Thanks for any insight you can offer Here are my over all specs ASUS P GD mb P ghz cpu Western Digital SE gb HDs Windows XP Home nbsp
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I have an Asus K V-VM I have MB of memory installed sticks of MB of which MB Detecting Not Solved: Capacity Memory Motherboard Full is available Not sure what to do from here I d like to have it register all the memory of course but it hasn t caused any crashes YET It s a client s computer so of course when I return it something will go wrong and it will be because of the memory if I don t nip it now Here s what I ve tried Memtest on individual memory sticks Switching memory sticks out with one known good one Kingston same Solved: Motherboard Not Detecting Full Memory Capacity problem MB of MB detected Putting only one memory stick in at a time in different banks Updated BIOS IMPORTANT This problem exists from the BIOS forward so Solved: Motherboard Not Detecting Full Memory Capacity it exists independent of the OS but for kicks it is XP Home fully updated Also the memory sticks are rated as DDR but the board doesn t seem to get it the frequency sits at MHz I can t manually change the settings and the BIOS screen is different from the manual This is true regardless of which memory stick is in there nbsp

A:Solved: Motherboard Not Detecting Full Memory Capacity

You have 64MB of RAM going towards onboard video. Onboard video shares the system RAM since there is no dedicated RAM available for the onboard video. On most BIOS's, you can set how much RAM gets shared with the video card. Hope this helps.
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I recently bought a Epox 9NPA Ultra Mobo, although ive had a few problems to say the least

The 2nd IDE controller doesnt seem to detect anything that i plug into it. The 1st controller is fine but the 2nd doesnt seem to work. Ive tried replacing cables, changing whats plugged into each port, but everything i try, i find that anything plugged into IDE2 doesnt get detected by the bios. The strangest thing is, that when i first installed the mobo, IDE2 worked whenever i cleared the CMOS and booted, but a restart would mean that it was no longer detected. After flashing to latest bios, IDE2 wouldnt work at all.

Is this a faulty mobo, or caused by something else?

Any help would be appreciated


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I'm using and 800 Athlon, 128 megs of ram. Everything worked fine until I downloaded a few windows update files. Upon restarting the machine, it hangs on the windows splash screen. Using safe mode,I disabled and enabled items in the device manager. I have isolated the problem to the Secondary IDE Controller. If I enable it, windows immediately crashes. What can I do to fix this problem? Thanks so much for your help.

A:Secondary IDE Controller problems

What motherboard brand / model are you using? You probably need to download and install the IDE drivers for it.
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Well heres Secondary With Problems Machine the deal I have a secondary computer which is a AMD XP SE mb of PC ram and GA- VKMP mobo I know its really crap but it performs e-mail and browsing tasks fast enough Currently there are two problems with the machine firstly the XP default clocks at FSB Mhz it will on clock to a max FSB of around Mhz resulting in an approx XP speed but when I clock above that speed the system becomes unstable and anything above Mhz means I get quot no signal detected quot message appearing on screen I know it isn t heat because the CPU has never been hotter than degrees C so I really have no idea what it could be Secondly there Problems With Secondary Machine is a problem with the ram it is in mb sticks one memtek double-sided PC- one samsung PC- when I insert the samsung stick the computer runs fine and everything is dandy Problems With Secondary Machine however when I try to insert the memtek stick in slot I get a quot no signal detected quot message once agin I can insert the memtek ram in slot one and even have both ram sticks running at the same time but the memtek stick has to be in slot one for it to work and it only works for a short period of time before coming up with an error message PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA and a STOP message x xE B x xBF A x I am pretty sure the ram isnt faulty as I have tested it on my primary rig and everything works fine without error and I have also tested it with memtest going up to coverage with errors I am hoping someone has some idea of what the problem might be even though it is a very inexpensive system I would really like to try and fix these problems Cheers nbsp

A:Problems With Secondary Machine

I think you will find that your MB supports up to PC2100 (266Mhz)
It should run OK with the PC2100 in Dimm Slot 1.If not there may be a prop with that stick.
Also the PC3200 will be running at 266Mhz.

I also believe that the PC3200 is unsuitable.It will run for a period then Black Sceen.

So I think if you were to have a good stick of PC2100 in Dimm Slot 1 it should be fine.At which point you should be able to shift the FSB to 12.5 X 133
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ok i restored my c drive to an earlier time but did not have my d drive restore turned on. now my computer will not read my d drive. i ran some file recovery software and all my files are in tact but will not open in xp. it wants me to format the d drive. is there a way to just do some kind of registry fix or a bootlog i can apply to get xp to read my drive.
by the way in my computer my d drive is regognized but cant open it, when i try it says it needs to be formatted.
man i hope someone can help me with this please i would really appreciate it

A:secondary hard drive problems?please


Why not take the drive back (restore it back) to where you had it and see if everything is O.K. with that. You might even select a date that is not so far back and see if you can do a restore with that and see if your D drive works that way.
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Hi all was well and then days ago my system would pause at start-up and won t even get to Windows booting It hangs during the DOS window and doesn t even get to the hangs problems/CD Secondary IDE DVD/Boot intializing part where it displays Master and Slave Drive info etc Then sometimes it ll let me in I installed SP just in case and got it up again after that just fine Now today it has started hanging again at the same spot In DOS before the drive info Primary Secondary Secondary IDE problems/CD DVD/Boot hangs Master Slave stuff is displayed and Windows won t even boot When I can get into BIOS it says that all Prim Master Slave Secondary IDE problems/CD DVD/Boot hangs and Sec Master Slave are auto detected My two HDs are Primary Boot and Slave my CD Rom is the Secondary Master and DVD is Secondary Slave When I go into MY COMPUTER neither the CD Rom or DVD is visible as Removabel Storage When I look in Device Manager the DVD is visible but the CD Rom isn t All lights are on on both the CD Rom drive and DVD drive When I place a CD in the READ light blinks but then it stops and doesn t read it So is the CD ROM Master Dead and therefor DVD isn t accesible Is it the secondary IDE Channel and XP SP Is it a cable Why would is screw up my system booting properly Fallon nbsp

A:Secondary IDE problems/CD DVD/Boot hangs

SP2 is not related to this problem which is happening before Windows loads.

Check your connections to the optical drives and also try a new cable. If the problem continues remove one of the optical drives (perhaps the CDROM first) at a time. Remember of course to make the necessary master/slave jumper changes or position changes if you are using cable select.
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i recently added a second hard drive to my system as a seems to work fine until i reset the system....anytime i reboot i can still see the drive but when i try to access the drive i keep getting a mssg saying drive is not formated will you like to format it now ....i have already formated the drive and it has info stored on it...i have done this a cople of times and keep going around in circles.....all help will be greatfully welcomed

A:secondary hard drive problems

how did you format drive
what kind of drive
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On my X-axis, I have the year. I have two different values on my Y-axis. I am able to have one value on the left, and one on the right, but my problem arises when I want to switch the sides.

I double click the data, and have tried changing Series Order and adding the Secondary Axis option, but it still stays the same (even if the preview picture shows otherwise)

I have the file attached... it's on the second sheet (Q2) and it's the graph called "Canadian Trade Openness & Custom Duties". I need the Indexed Trade Openness on the left and Normalized Import Duties on the right.

Any help?

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I looked [SOLVED] Primary and HDD Problems Secondary around but [SOLVED] Primary and Secondary HDD Problems did not see any thread remotely close to the call for help I am about to post All the particulars on my AMD Athlon are in my sig I am still on win SE I have always been under the misguided impression that when Device Manager is opened and if I see no yellow or yellow all is well Not so as I learned last night I now know that I have to click on the beside the device to see the real story Well neither my DVD nor the burner is recognized only a generic floppy drive My Primary [SOLVED] Primary and Secondary HDD Problems and Secondary HDD have a Yellow by each Whatever happened occurred since this past Monday night because I used both the DVD and the burner then FWIW I get a message on a solid blue screen with these words and I have paraphrased in some places quot Multi-function device Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller has some devices using bit drivers and others using compatibility-mode drivers This is not supported After rebooting windows will use compatibility-mode drivers for each child device attached to this multi-function device If you want to use bit drives you may be able to obtain an updated driver for the device that caused the problem by contacting the hardware manufacturer or disable the device quot Now here is the kicker we have no children here and I haven t a clue what the above paragraph is supposed to mean to me Can quot IT quot be disabled and if so where can quot IT quot be found Never have I seen any such words as these As usual TIA BTW as you probably know I am able to surf and visit our forum so what am I missing---other than the use of the DVD amp burner and that is more than I want to miss nbsp

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I m new to the forums so I ll do the best I can to convey this problem I recently made the mistake of attempting to disconnecting an external hard drive from my DELL XPS while it was shutting down Drive with Problems Hard Secondary and configuring Problems with Secondary Hard Drive some windows updates Not only did I remove the power supply to the external HD I accidently flipped the power switch on my surge protecter while I was doing it Upon rebooting the computer would attempting to configure the updates upon restart as it would have under normal circumstances This process would simply stay stuck on until the system decided to reboot and try again thus repeating the cycle I worked with Dell s tech support for quite a while until they decided to send me a factory image replacement Hard Drive The new HD is working just fine but I have Problems with Secondary Hard Drive not been able to get the computer to recognize the old HD which is now plugged into the second slot in the XPS There are things that on this old HD that I really need and I m hoping that you guys have some suggestions for me nbsp

A:Problems with Secondary Hard Drive

Right click on the drive in My Computer (unless it's not showing there?). Choose properties. Choose tools.

You'll see the options to check the disk.

Otherwise, do it from the command prompt:
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ok i restored my c drive to an earlier time but did not have my d drive restore turned on. now my computer will not read my d drive. i ran some file recovery software and all my files are in tact but will not open in xp. it wants me to format the d drive. is there a way to just do some kind of registry fix or a bootlog i can apply to get xp to read my drive.
by the way in my computer my d drive is regognized but cant open it, when i try it says it needs to be formatted.
man i hope someone can help me with this please i would really appreciate it

A:secondary hard drive problems please help

Lets get some more information regarding the D: HDD:

Go to Disk Management and in the upper right pane, post what is shown under the headings, LAYOUT, FILE SYSTEM & STATUS. In the lower right pane, what does it show as the type of partition (e.g. is it blue, for primary?)?

Go to the following registry key and look to see if the D: HDD is registered with a partition signature, as follows:


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Hello again I recently bought a biostar M NCD motherboard and a AMD XP processor have had some kinks here and there but overall has been good A couple of days ago I noticed that my CD ROM would nt work checked connections first then looked in device manager and noticed that my primary and secondary IDE controllers are exclamated new word maybe and the CD ROM isn t even being recognized see attached screen capture Well I would love to try and reinstall a driver or two if need be may have to download them until CD ROM fixed There is an underlying problem though I assume and I haven t been able ROM problems!!! controllers CD & Primary/Secondary IDE to figure it out Already scanned for viruses and did a system check with Norton Primary/Secondary IDE controllers & CD ROM problems!!! if that does anything of value so I would appreciate any help or suggestions Almost forgot under the performance tab see attached there are compatibility mode paging and compatibility mode file system issues listed I await all of your wisdom Biostar M NCD motherboard AMD XP MB DDR RAM Western Digital GB HD partitioned in two parts Nividia Riva TNT model video card Have external Primary/Secondary IDE controllers & CD ROM problems!!! burner but I can t get the drivers loaded to use it everything else is just your basic stuff nbsp

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I was having alot of problems with my hard drive, so I bought another one and decided to use the old one as a secondary on my new machine. Oh, while I was at it I incorporated a p4.
Anyway my real problem is that I can not get my old files off my old hard drive to my new hard drive. When I try it takes forever to access anything off it and trying to run scan disk or defrag is a joke. It will sit there idel for ever and then not respond.
All I want is to get the files I need off the secondary hard drive, then I'd be ok with formating it.

A:Secondary Hard Drive Problems

sounds like a failing drive. You had trouble with it so you replaced it and now its giving you problems as a slave drive but everything else has changed in the system right? I had a similiar problem with a 20 gig maxtor - slow as hell but no errors at all, not even a smart failure. I had to be patient with it until i got the data off they sent it away for warranty. If your in a similiar situation formating it won't help.
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I have a couple of hard drives from previous systems that I'd like to use as slave or USB drives. Vista doesn't recognize them, and they crash the system when I use them as a USB drive. I don't know if it matters, but they have embedded recovery code from the old system. These HDDs were partitioned from the manufacturer so that C: is the data partition and D: was the recovery partition. When using it with Vista, I've tried, cable select mode as well as slave only mode. When using it as USB drive in an enclosure, it shuts the system down as soon as the systems boots up. I don't need the data on the disks. Any solutions?
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When I had my latest PC built, I had them transfer the old hard drive out of my previous machine into this one as a second hard drive, so I could retain all my old files. I have run into problems lately when restarting my PC, I get a message saying my disk needs to be checked for consistancy
(E) . When I let this check run it ran for about ten hours or so and shut down before completing it's task. I would like to remove or disable this drive so I don't have the problems it is causing. I know nothing about the innerds of a PC, or how to remove a hard drive. Is it possible to disable the drive from my desktop and if so, by doing so, would it cause any problems with the performance of my PC?

A:Solved: Problems with secondary hard drive (E).

You could leave the drive inplace and just disconnect the cables from this drive. It will then be disabled. The bios will not even detect it. Usually no problems.
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Just installed Windows pro bit clean full version on a brand spanking new WD SATA drive It secondary hard with drives 7 problems Windows having seems to have lots of problems with hard drives though First it wouldn t instal unless I disconnected all hard drives except the destination and the DVD Gave me format errors Odd thing was that I formated it on my old XP OS drive then nothing then the big disconnect and voila I use a lot of music recording software and have always used Windows 7 having problems with secondary hard drives a leaner OS drive - GB and a secondary for storage and back up TB atm At first windows seven didn t see the other drives although bios recognized them but the TB SATA drive showed up under device manager After updates and who knows what after a new start it gave me an error message that it found a new HD but it needed to be formatted in order to use it This is the TB SATA drive I also have my old IDE drives one an another back up and the old OS XP pro drive that I thought I might be able to run and import emails and passwords and such from but they only show up in Bios st question can windows read and xp drive like u used to be able to with xp if it were a slave drive I used to when upgrading to a bigger drive do that and import old emails and passwords and bookmarks and so nd since I formatted the new drive with XP and installed win on it with no problems why won t it recognize my back up drive that was formatted with XP It may be a SATA issue With old IDE drives you could always set master and slave and the PC knew which to run as a boot drive with OS and the other which was only data I don t know there is no such jumper settings I really hope to save some time sending everything on my big drive to an online back up service reformat and then re-download G of data Any know if that s my only option I have installed xp compatibilty Shouldn t the drive also work in XP compatibilty mode It s just a dump drive for stuff to big for my main drive It has no programs on it It did however seem to be where xp chose for my recycle bin for some reason Maybe that s something Would dual boot help in this situation never tried it Maybe it s a raid controller issue also I have no idea about or ever monkey d with Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Windows 7 having problems with secondary hard drives

Nobody has any ideas about windows 7 and secondary hard drives with data only?
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I have a Windows 7 Ultimate PC with a VTX3D Radeon HD5450 1GB PCIe DVI graphics card connected to a Panasonic TX-32LZD85 TV, set up as a secondary monitor, via an HDMI cable.
I recently reinstalled Windows and before I did, when I watched a video on the TV the sound came out of the TV speakers, but now it just comes out of the PC speakers. Please can someone tell me how to get the sound to come out of the TV as well as the picture?

A:Connecting PC To TV As Secondary Monitor (Audio Problems)

Go to sound devices and set your TV as the default device.
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I've just done a clean install with Win Pro x and want to install my printer Brother DCP- CDN but so fare without any luck My printer is connected directly to my router Zyxel Problems detecting printer P- HW with an ethernet cable and the DHCP server in my router is Problems detecting printer active The problem is that Windows doesn't detect the printer at all I've tried with Windows firewall both on and off and UAC both on and UAC off I've assigned an IP address in my router for my printers MAC address and I have tried with the printer LAN config in both auto and static with the specific IP address entered I've tried to replace the ethernet cable I've tried to install BRAdmin Light a Brother network printing admin tool According to Brother's how-to-succeed book then I'm doing everything right and it should work except it doesn't I'm pretty sure it's me doing something wrong as it's the first time I'm trying to install a network printer Hopefully somebody out there know's more about this stuff than me and can tell me what I'm doing wrong

A:Problems detecting printer

Does the printer get an IP? Print a config sheet to ensure your printer is grabbing an IP... then once it does, "add local printer" through printers/devices... uncheck scan for plug and plays... create a new port / TCP/IP and add the ip address for the printer.
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Hi, is anyone able to help?

I have a problem with connecting Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD70 to PC with Windows 7 and graphic card MSI Nvidia Gforce GTX560 TI.

I have tried using Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, and also DFI to HDMI, but none of them work. I have only one HDMI socket in the TV. And on the card there is only mini HDMI and two DFI sockets.

In Nvidia Contro Panel there is an option to find the second screen, but it does not detect it. I have also tried to find it in Screen Resolution options, but it also does not see it.

I have had this TV connected in the past, but since upgrading to Win 7 (and also buying a new pc) I have been unable to do it.

I have also all the recent drivers for the graphic card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Problems with detecting Panasonic TV by PC

Did you select HDMI in the Panasonic's on-screen input signal menu?
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Hi I really hope I m problems switched now having Hard drive failure, to secondary, doing this right My TB Seagate hard drive recently preducted it would fail So I backed up pictures drivers etc and switched to my old GB Maxtor hard drive My failing hard drive Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now was experiencing random Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now restarts services terminating data being lost blue screens it also hung on start up and when it loaded the desktop the task bar took forever to load and the screen would randomly go black I m on my Maxtor drive now and while it boots up much faster and according Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now to blarc advisor is considered healthy the screen randomly goes black as well and it seems to freeze The screen only goes black when a lot needs to be loaded or processed If I go on a heavily flash based site for example it wouldn t take it too well The system itself is very old and wasn t always mine I only have it because someone gave it to me when my other old computer s processer died unexpectedly I want to buy a new computer but I can t afford one as of yet so I really want to figure out the problem with this one Everything else seems to be running fairly normally although I DO have to activate this copy of windows for some reason after I installed the new drivers it wanted me to activate it again I m planning on doing that tomorrow by phone because it says this key has been used on this system too much OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation Activation Status Activation Pending days remaining System Name HOME- F D C System Manufacturer GBT System Model AWRDACPI System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date Award Software International Inc F SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C windows System Directory C windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name HOME- F D C Ally Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys As you can see above it wants activated again I don t know why all I did was install the drivers for my graphics card internet and sound Also for some reason the boot ini file on this seems to be corrupt or something Is there a way I could fix that and could it be a contributing problem Also the TB is still hooked up I haven t removed it yet and it s still accessible from this drive I don t know if any of this is needed but I thought I d try to give you as much information as possible If you need anything else please let me know and I ll be happy to give you it EDIT I d also like to add that I ve been getting memory management blue screens Thanks and sorry for the long description nbsp

A:Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now

I think all you can do is start all over and do another reinstall because i dont think you can just transfer one operating system from one hard drive to another harddrive and have it work or be activated.or you can get restore/recovery disks for your model of computer and unless im wrong those rarely if ever have to be activated unless a motherboard gets changed.
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My issue is that my sony vaio VPECH laptop windows wont start like it used to this issue arised a few days ago basically the problem is that everytime i start my laptop it gives me two options Launch startup repair which was recommended Or start windows normally i chose the recommended option So the startup repair is detecting problems and it did warn me that it would thats and repair it! else! startup just detecting nothing problems is take over an hour or so so i waited and waited and came to check up on it and it still said the same thing now its been a whole day and it startup repair is just detecting problems and thats it! nothing else! still has that same mesage along with that there is a black empty screen its was minimised at first i just maximised it to see what it startup repair is just detecting problems and thats it! nothing else! was I just dont know what i should do i have a ton of essays saved on the laptop have no idea if the files are backed up or anything like that Please id really appreciate any kind of help i did try to start the laptop normally thing is everytime ig reached the windows logo it just oaused for a minute and then a quick flash of a blue screen appeared then disdisappeared and started the whole process again thats my issue please any help i would really appreciate

A:startup repair is just detecting problems and thats it! nothing else!


Have you tried booting in to "Safe Mode" ?. If not and you don't know how to, please read the below tutorial.

Safe Mode

Let us know whether the system can boot to "Safe Mode" without issues.
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Hi all Sevenuser here I need some helps Pc running very fast at startup But after running not detecting!! queries Problems!!Lag,slow and Some and Some applications or games or browser it becomes a bit laggy Annoying Dont tell about virus ccleaner temp recent tree clean ram etc Please suggest some thing Already checked those My Internet's speed is MB s but Its just too slow But works fine on my fathers laptop and other pc's Help How to clear cookies Want to Some queries and Problems!!Lag,slow and not detecting!! record Gameplay videos I use Fraps But when recording its too laggy any help I wanna record with commentary so i need to use micro phone But I go to sound settings then to reocrd devices and then to microphone but here i find no jack information cant configure also the bar shows beside microphone should be going up and down but its is standing still MY PC CANT DETECT MICROPHONE HELP Helpplease Thanks My pc specs - Intel Celeron ghz Ram gb GPU mb Windows bit

A:Some queries and Problems!!Lag,slow and not detecting!!

At the risk of repeating what you know, "Not enough RAM". That's why your system might start fine, but then starts to choke.
Open Resource Manager and click on the Memory tab. If possible post a picture of the graphics on that window.
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hi there all, im running a dual boot configuration with xp64 and vista 64 ultimate i have just updated my processor to dual core amd 64 4400.
wonder if any any 1 can help me out please? i have just flashed my bios (had to do this to get vista to recognize new processor dont ask but it works now) Cant work out how to change my bios setting to say ddr400
ihave 4 strips of ddr 400 installed and when i boot up screen comes up ddr333 i have never had problem before till flashed bios! im running a dfi infinity nf4 sli motherboard but cant figure out what setting in my bios to change to get it to say ddr 400 instead of ddr333. my pc keeps freezing randomly in vista with a clean install but when i boot into xp64 it runs fine.
Please help thank you.

A:Memory problems !!bios detecting wrong ram

There is not a significant detectable difference between DDR333 and DDR400.
Does it work ok otherwise?
You might want to try flashing the BIOS one more time to see if it will accept the BIOS update. Often the motherboard will reject the flash if the BIOS is the same.
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Can anyone help me. I cannot detect my library's wifi unsecure system I can detect all other secure systems in the area. I've spoken to one person about this and they tell me this is a problem with vista and the only solution is to change to XP. I don't want to do this, I've paid money for vista so I don't want to pay out for onther system.
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I just purchased a new Seagate gb hd and new SATA Problems my in drive Windows... detecting in addition to it Problems detecting my new SATA drive in Windows... a STLab Serial ATA PCI Card I already had WD gb hd s running in RAID before this purchase So i installed the SATA card in order to add my rd drive since my mobo only supports Originally i left my original drives attached to the mobo SATA connectors and put the new gb on the card however this cause the pc to try and boot from the new drive i guess the PCI slot must have higher boot priority than the mobo SATA connectors I switched my old drives over to the Problems detecting my new SATA drive in Windows... new card and hooked up the new drive to the mobo Everything booted up fine and in the boot sequence all drives were detected however when i got into Windows i could not see my new gb drive in Windows Explorer Should I not be able to see it here and have the option to format it etc through Windows Explorer If someone could enlighten me as to what is going wrong it would be greatly appreciated Thx nbsp

A:Problems detecting my new SATA drive in Windows...

You will first have to create one or more partitions on it, won't you?

Use Disk Management to do so: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management. Your new (empty) drive will show up there.

I think you could have modified the boot priority of the S-ATA card vs. the on-board S-ATA, but that will likely depend on the BIOS - both the one on the mainboard and the one on the card.
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Hello everyone new here and I have a problem I'm trying to install a gig Western Digital Hard Drive WD New detecting computer with drive.. old Problems hard AAJB into my wife's new Dell XPS It has all of her Problems with New computer detecting old hard drive.. photography photos a few years worth on this hard drive so it is extremely important to her and me as well Hope my terminology is somewhat accurate haha I ordered this product to help me convert the old EIDE hard drive to a SATA connection Newegg com - Rosewill RC- IDE to SATA Mini Vertical Bridge for IDE device And I also ordered this cable Newegg com - Vinpower Digital quot SATA Cable With Right Angle Connector And Metal Clip Model CAB - -L S I have the hd physically installed in the computer at the moment Windows is recognizing the hard drive in device manager as drive letter Q However if I double click on it it says that my access is denied I also checked in the BIOS start up to detect it and SATA port I and II are shown but port III where the new drive is plugged in is not detected We looked around but cannot find the install disk that came with the hd but I'm under the impression that I shouldn't necessarily need it I tried the EIDE to SATA adapter on both jumper settings with the hd set on slave jumpers Go easy on me my computer skills are lagging behind a bit haha I'm at a loss as to what to do next so any help or advice will be greatly appreciated Heading to bed now I will check this post tomorrow Thanks for any help

A:Problems with New computer detecting old hard drive..

Welcome Bob,

Can you give us a screen snip of Disk Management ?
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Hi I recently came to you for help with a problem The problem was resolved and I took all the precautionary measures not to become reinfected I'm using Avira and updating regularly and also using WinPatrol and WOT safesearch but Avira has recently been detecting threats which has completely baffled me because I thought my computer was well protected I tried running GMER times twice I got Blue Screen and the rd time my computer just became unresponsive and I had to do a manual reboot DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by jean at on but computer problems Took all possible Malware is advice detecting again. on Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic GMT AV AntiVir Desktop Enabled Updated F C - CE- C F- C- B A B Took on all advice but computer is detecting possible Malware problems again. SP Windows Defender Disabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF SP AntiVir Desktop Enabled Updated B E DCD- F - E - D C- CF DCF A Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Windows system svchost exe -k hpdevmgmt C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared PIF B E DD - - c -B F- F FCA A PIFSvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Program Files Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack SeaPort SeaPort exe C Program Files Virgin Media HUB ServicepointService exe C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Windows system DRIVERS xaudio exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqwmiex exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files Hp HP Software Update hpwuschd exe C Program Files Hp QuickPlay QPService exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons QLBCTRL exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Wireless Assistant HPWAMain exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Wireless Assistant WiFiMsg exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared PIF B E DD - - c -B F- F FCA A PIFSvc exe C Program Files Virgin Media HUB VirginMediaHUB exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files BillP Studios WinPatrol WinPatrol exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C Program Files DAEMON Tools Lite daemon exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Windows system wbem unsecapp exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared HpqToaster exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Health Check hphc service exe C Windows system wuauclt exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avguard exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avshadow exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop sched exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Virgin Media HUB VirginMediaHUBComHandler exe C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader AcroRd exe C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C Users jean Downloads dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google co uk mStart Page hxxp ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale EN US amp c amp bd PRESARIO amp pf laptop mURLSearchHooks H - No File BHO HP Print Clips f -dc - -a c- f d c - c program files hewlett-packard smart web pr... Read more

A:Took on all advice but computer is detecting possible Malware problems again.

Bump, please
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Has anyone else noticed that Nero in Windows even the latest update when you are burning a disc has a problem detecting what has problems 7 Windows 9 detecting drive Nero speed? in speed the disc should use At first I thought it was a problem with my DVD burner in my laptop it was only allowing me to choose X speeds when my drive supports X speeds maximum Then I thought it was the media that I was Nero 9 in Windows 7 has problems detecting drive speed? using nope it's X media so it should support X speeds easily I've narrowed it down to two problems either Nero has a 'bug' in it when used with Windows and it isn't detecting the drive speed correctly now confirmed by using it's 'settings' options to see what it is detecting the maximum drive write speed as it's only listed as X or the drive isn't detecting that the media is X media this has been disproven now by taking the drive out of one computer and putting it in another and getting full speeds in Vista -bit with Nero 's latest update This is a severe problem and I was wondering if I should contact Nero and tell them about this or since Windows is still in the quot RC quot stage wait until the ACTUAL Windows comes out and then inform them of this issue

A:Nero 9 in Windows 7 has problems detecting drive speed?

I have great problems to burn DVD with Nero 9. I have just upgraded my PC from Vista 64 bit with the same problem.
Wheh I have selected what files to include, and press Burn nothing happens. I run 64 bits in Windows 7 and have no other problems.

Anyone solution to this problem?

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Hello everyone First of all this is my first post on the Windows forums I've had this laptop for weeks now and for the most part I'm starting to get used to However there are still a few problems that make me feel terribly powerless detecting headphone problems! sound volume Lowering and For one whenever I plug in my headphones Lowering sound volume and detecting headphone problems! the sound neatly comes out of them However I want to be able to put some of the sound on the headphones and some on the speakers This is not possible for the simple reason that the system does not recognize my headphones It still tells me I am using speakers Realtek High Definition Audio while I have headphones plugged in and sound coming through them Is there anything I can do about this I tried Lowering sound volume and detecting headphone problems! updating some drivers they were apparently all up to date An even worse problem is the following Whenever my Lowering sound volume and detecting headphone problems! computer detects a communications device it cuts the volume of all other applications to Now before someone comes with the obvious 'Control Panel - gt Sound - gt Communications - gt 'Do nothing' - gt apply - gt fixed' I already did this and still it happens It happens with Skype but it also happens with games I play and it even happens when I just go to 'Recording Devices' Anytime the computer realises my microphone is being used it lowers my sound and I do not know what to do about it Is there anyone who can help me with this Thanks in advance for either problem Mithra

A:Lowering sound volume and detecting headphone problems!

First, to have both the headphones and speaker at the same time. Many RealTek HD Audio Manager panels (found in Control Panel/Hardware and Sound) have an option to either mute the speakers or not mute them when a headset is plugged in. This is found in the "Device Advanced Settings", if your PC Vendor included this. If you do not have this option, you may be out of luck as some PC vendors have customized sound configurations.

Not showing the headphones, is not an issue since it is working properly.

Third, reducing volume may be a function of some running software application, such as Skype, or games and not a "problem" with the PC. However, one issue in the Recording section, normally the "Stereo Mix" is set as the default recording device, rather than an individual device, such as a microphone. In addition, you need Stereo Mix if you ever want to record audio from the internet. If the Stereo Mix is not set as default recording device, and it is shown enable it and make it the default. If it is not shown (and many PC vendors initially have it hid), RIGHT click in a blank area in the Recording Panel and then click to show "disabled" and "disconnected" devices. Stereo Mix should now show and you can enable it. This may or may not resolve the low volume.
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Ok so I recently bent the pins on my socket p northwood sle ey fsb and rendered it useless but i however didnt know that one of the pins broke completely off and ran my computer for about seconds with it in and im hopeing i didnt do any serious damage With that said I luckily found a compatiable processor that i pulled from my girlfriends dell that Ram Problems BlueScreen Shutdown Startup. On Then Detecting Intermittent Sock478 Then was socket but ran at fsb after upgrading the my bios it worked but my usb Sock478 Intermittent BlueScreen Then Shutdown Then Problems Detecting Ram On Startup. ports didnt work so i tryed a few different bios for my motherboard of course and found that Revision worked with my processor and my usb ports worked and yes i did apply thermal grease Several Times Also I usually leave my computer running to take stress of the hardrives and have been doing so for about years now With that said heres where the problems start to arise Every so often when i have more then or so tabs open trying to convert a Sock478 Intermittent BlueScreen Then Shutdown Then Problems Detecting Ram On Startup. video to divx or playing a game called stepmania which Sock478 Intermittent BlueScreen Then Shutdown Then Problems Detecting Ram On Startup. is hardly processor or graphically intensive i ran it on a p with mb onboard video my computer will make a smoke detector sound go to blue white then black and shutdown and restart Upon its restart it sometimes will read the ram incorrectly saying i only have mb of ram or a different number other then mb and will not boot I shut off the power to my computer completely for a few seconds and it will restart without any problems Now as long as dont do any of the things stated above it will usually run fine for a few days and sometime will even run stepmania flawlessly but other times like yesterday it will shutdown when im doing something as simple as checking my email and watching a youtube video I thought it was over heating at first but with my old processor i never reapplyed thermal grease once and it was fine and the new processor iv wiped and reapplied thermal grease every week for the past month or so to try to fix the overheating problem so that cant be it Another thought was that the proccessor isnt completely compatible with my motherboard even tho it runs fine and my model is stated to accept fsb the other thought was that my ram stick was bad so i did ram tests for about hours and nothing i even tryed running each stick individually and they both ran fine at times allowing stepmania to start and multiple tabs and then other times would both cause the system to crash very inconsistent results and the final thing i thought would be causing it is that when i ran my old processor with a broken pin it damaged the ram slots or motherboard in some slight way I have been troublshooting this for weeks and cant seem to pinpoint the problem a new board is with shipping on ebay and if thats not the problem and my proccesor is not compatiable a new proccesor like my old one p ghz fsb is very expensive dollars and if i just got a bad proccessor a new p ghz fsb new egg has it for i think but its allot of money to trouble shoot My gut is that its the mobo but im including three mini dumps error reports in a zip for anyone that can help thank you very very much nbsp

A:Sock478 Intermittent BlueScreen Then Shutdown Then Problems Detecting Ram On Startup.
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I am having problems with my browser The pop detecting not system running slow/norton working + blocker up problems pop up blocker I installed cox and others is not working and the browser itself is running slow I have tried reinstalling the cox pop-up blocker but the installation fails Also Norton is detecting multiple viruses Help would be appreciated Mike Hijackthis log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Citrix ICA Client ssonsvr exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Support com bin tgcmd exe C Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mmtask exe C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService issch exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C WINDOWS kdx KHost exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exe c program files cox applications app CurtainsSysSvcNt exe C Program Files Quicken bagent exe C Program system running slow/norton detecting problems + pop up blocker not working Files WinZip WZQKPICK EXE C Program Files Common Files Command Software dvpapi exe C Program Files SpywareGuard sgmain exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus SAVScan exe C Program Files SpywareGuard sgbhp exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center SymWSC exe C Documents and Settings michael roblee Desktop Mike scan stuff HijackThis exe O - BHO SpywareGuard system running slow/norton detecting problems + pop up blocker not working Download Protection - A E - F- - B - B DDD DB - C Program Files SpywareGuard dlprotect dll O - BHO AuthBHO cBHO - A D - CB system running slow/norton detecting problems + pop up blocker not working - - C -A AB D A D - C Program Files Cox Applications app AuthBHO dll O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar Cox Popup Blocker - -B EA- B - B - D C - C Program Files Cox Applications app AuthBHO dll O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run BJCFD C Program Files BroadJump Client Foundation CFD exe O - HKLM Run tgcmd quot C Program Files Support com bin tgcmd exe quot server O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run mmtask C Program Files MUSICMATCH MUSICMATCH Jukebox mmtask exe O - HKLM Run AdaptecDirectCD quot C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe quot O - HKLM Run ISUSPM Startup C PROGRA COMMON INSTAL UPDATE ISUSPM exe -startup O - HKLM Run ISUSScheduler quot C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService issch exe quot -start O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run AuthConsoleStart C Program Files Cox Applications app cox exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run kdx C WINDOWS kdx KHost exe O - HKLM Run UserFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -u O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NVMCTRAY DLL NvTaskbarInit O - Startup SpywareGuard lnk C Program Files SpywareGuard sgmain exe O - Global Startup Adobe Gamma Loader exe lnk C Pr... Read more
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Well today when I came home my wife with problems, Please Keyboard help! problems Motherboard/BIOS. and told me the computer computer A kept crashing today and now it says there is no keyboard present and it won t boot up I confirmed this it said keyboard error or no keyboard present It was a USB keyboard I tested that keyboard with this our other computer and it worked with this computer I tried all USB ports on Computer A with no luck The lights on the keyboard would not come on I went out and bought a keyboard with a PS plug The lights on this keyboard do light up Now the computer comes to the screen where it Keyboard problems, and problems with Motherboard/BIOS. Please help! asks me to choose between Safe Mode and starting Windows normally but it won t let me choose or even press Enter If I wait until it defaults to quot Start Windows normally quot it attempts to boot Windows but I get a blue screen saying that the BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant It gives me this Keyboard problems, and problems with Motherboard/BIOS. Please help! STOP x A x x x x I put in the Windows XP Professional recovery disk and rebooted and now it gives me the option quot Press any key to boot from CD quot but again the keyboard does not seem to work The motherboard is an ASUS P Keyboard problems, and problems with Motherboard/BIOS. Please help! N-E SLI I m going to call the company that built the computer tomorrow and talk to their tech support But I hate waiting so I was hoping someone here might be able to at least tell me what is wrong with my computer If you need any other information in order to help me just ask I m more computer literate than the average person but not a pro Thanks I hope you can help me nbsp

A:Keyboard problems, and problems with Motherboard/BIOS. Please help!

Hmm i've seen this ACPI not compliant blue screen more than a few times and often a BIOS update will fix the problem.

Its not really an easy problem to fix and if your computer is under warranty i would let the company who built it, fix it.
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Hi guys i had before motherboard msi 975 x platinium power up edition this main board start to have a problem all usb stoped to work so i changed this to mainboard gigabyte s-series wich supportin all types of cpu so this is my problem my computer wont to turn on when i am pressig on the turn on button just nothing heppening i have connect evreything

my system ifnormation
intel pentium dual core 3.4
main board wich wont startup gigabyte s-series ga-p35-s3g, chipset 35 express
graphic card 8800 gts 512mb ddr3
4gb ddr2
3 hard disks each one 320 gb
2 dvd rooms
and power supplayer 500w

so please help me couse i am breaking here my head where is the problem

A:Motherboard problems

'i have connect evreything'

If troubleshooting, disconnect almost all that stuff and start with 1 hard drive, 1 cd drive, 1 ram stick.

Both 24 pin and 4 pin power supplies connected?

Voltage selector on whatever voltage you use (220 or 110)?
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I have a laptop Acer Extensa 390
I installed the wrong drivers for the cd rom and now when I turn the laptop on it shows the Acer Extensa screen then does nothing I booted into safemode and checked device manager and it had a red x on motherboard resources. I need some help I can't boot into windows anymore.
What do you suggest?

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Hi I am having problems with my motherboard Motherboard problems I just bought I am building my own PC and I bought everything brand new When I installed everything following the steps in all manuals very carefully my new computer didn t start like not even the fans of the case Motherboard problems and CPU started working However my motherboard LED light was on so I knew that there was power applied When I pressed the power button on the case I heard a loud and quick noise like something shortening out I unplugged everything and trased back all my work Nothing was wrong except the fact that I might have overpowered the motherboard My motherboard powers through two outlets- one -pin and one or optional -pin outlet I connected the -pin power cable from the supply to the board and then I wasn t sure if I should use the -pin connection or the full -pin one My PSU had both options So I did used the -pin connection Is overpowering possible and if it is does that mean that my board is toasted I dismounted everything and nothing was burned shorted or just plain looking wrong I corrected my mistake and the computer didn t started again I don t know what to do I ask for help from anyone If you need more information please let me know Thank you nbsp

A:Motherboard problems

Sounds like you may have fried something. What motherboard are you using?
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I have a Compaq Presario 5660. I cleared the cmos by moveing the jumper and now my PC want do anything, it acts like its dead.

A:Motherboard problems

Did you put it back the same way?
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Hello I m facing a problem that is driving me crazy problems Motherboard IDE I have to repair a computer that all of a sudden doesn t recognize the HDD it shows the comon error message when no HDD present quot Reboot and select proper boot device quot First time I replaced the IDE cables and changed the jumpers from CS to Master and Slave HDD amp DVD-RW respectively it seemed to work fine but weeks later the same problem ocurr Motherboard IDE problems Now I just swapped the cables from one channel to another and then they worked just fine but I know something was wrong with this system doing this randomly I reset BIOS settings since the first time the PC was built about months ago so it s not that old so I turned off the system and next day I turn it on again IDE HDD was not recognized but DVD-RW was ok so I took the HDD to another good system and run diagnostic tools from WD without any problems I installed new windows and boot up perfectly on a different computer So I m guessing the motherboard IDE ports are defective I installed a SATA HDD on that mobo and it boot up perfectly but then the DVD-RW under windows and BIOS was not recognized even using only one IDE channel it recognizes the drives randomly I ve seen this problem with defective cables but this cables were just replaced weeks ago am I missing something what could cause the motherboard won t work with IDE drives I know the fast solution right now is replace the motherboard since it s a cheap ECS but I wonder if this is accurate I don t want to return this system as fixed and then come back again with the same issue All help highly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Motherboard IDE problems

Sometimes it can be a faulty CD/DVD Drive causing it too.

You should also confirm that all IDE (ATA) Drives are jupered to CS (Cable Select) on the end of the actual drive.
I suppose the computer has already been sent back to the customer by now?
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Hi all,

I just recently bought another computer for work and was built with Asus motherboard (P5VD2MX SE). I have been quite loyal to their brand. I have had it for just one week but there have been so many problems with it and Windows XP.

For instance:
1) keep getting this wms.exe error msg when trying to shutdown.


2) When trying to open attachments from outlook email it takes like 1 minute for word and excel files to open. Kind of hangs and then 1 minute later opens. On the outlook it will in fact say "not responding" but then reverts back to okay once the word or excel file opens.

I have never had problems with Asus and am wondering if it could be the hardware that is causing the problems?

Computer Config:
P4 630
2x 150GB HD running on RAID

Any suggestions on what is wrong?

A:Motherboard problems?

This may appear unimportant but you didn't mention the power supply.

The PSU is a very overlooked component in a PC. How many watts is yours, and what brand is it.
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How can I test my motherboard. I change my power suply and my motherboard stop working. It is a way that I can test to see if the motherboard is Ok?

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I am getting errors on all 4 of my ram sticks, which I was told could mean it is a motherboard problem. Also my games have been lagging so it is a problem with the computer. It also made sure its not a grafics card problem or anything else, its definantly and memory or motherboard problem.

For some reason my computer will not boot if i have 3 ram sticks in the computer. It will boot with 1 ram sticks in, 2, and 4, but not 3 for some reason. It just makes that 3 short beeping noise when there is 3 in.

What I am trying to figure out is if I have a memory problem or a motherboard problem.

My motherboard is an SK8V ASUS, and my 4 memory sticks are CMX512RE-3200LLAW, thats Corsair by the way, with a total of 2GB of ram.

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ok I installed my new motherboard and tried changing the ram no luck it now says not able to load operating system on bootup....can someone please tell me what to do to get this crap working I tried flashing the BIOS and also I tried reformatting the C drive but for some reason it says to me "Setup was unable to format Drive C. the hard disk may be damaged.make sure the disk is properly connected to y our computer." what do I need to do ...this is driving me crazy

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My brother got mad an dpulled all the plugs from the motherboard! Can anyone provide a description or picture of where each plug should go?

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So Ever since I bought this pc from my buddy( which was working perfectly fine before I got it) it's had said harddrive failure immanent so the presses of booting up my pc is that I had to go through HP PC HARDWARE DIAGNOSTICS UEFI, and now the pc won't go pass Initializing diagnostics, so I swapped out the hard drive and reinstalled windows onto and ssd thinking that would be the fix. Now my pc still has hard disk failure and it won't load pass it, I believe it was a motherboard problem or maybe bios, please help.
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hello i do so hope that somebody can help me

my old motherboard died so i bought a bundle m/b and processor from maplins. when i switch on the hd led light flashes but nothing else happens. i have taken the mb out of the case and put it on the box to see if there is shorting but still the same thing happens

have i bought a dud m/b

any help would be appreciated



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Hi there,

I have installed a new motherboard, processor and ram and although I have got the system running it seems to be slower than my old one!. I have fiddled with the bios and I think I have the right settings for the processor and ram (although not 100% sure) I am not sure what I need to do next as I am new to upgrading hardware.

My old system:

Epox motherboard
duron 700
128 meg ram
5400 hd
geforce 2mx
Windows 2000

new system

asus motherboard
athlon xp2600+
256 meg ram
same hd and graphics card
windows 2000

Any help much appreciated

A:motherboard problems

Front side bus set at 166mhz????
Check in device manager, make sure the hard drives are using udma

If your not sure go to start/run/type dxdiag, it should show your processor speed on the front tab.
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I have an ECS C GM-M motherboard with an AMD AM Socket bit X Processor and the Graphics card is a PNY GeForce PCI-e mb I have everything plugged in assuming all the standard peripherals keyboard mouse vga lead etc My HDD is an IDE i have a DVD RW also IDE Now Motherboard problems When i attempt to start the computer And yes the v ATX pin plug is also in it resets itself after an inconsistent amount of time between and seconds However when i unplug the IDE HDD it boots up and Motherboard problems obviously attempting to load Motherboard problems an OS fails However with it plugged in i can never even get to the bios The PSU is a VCool W and so i can see no problems there Help is MUCH needed i ve tried EVERYTHING i can think of I have put a support ticket on ECS s website aswell but knowing these firms most of the people Motherboard problems who reply don t know what they re on about and will most probably tell me to go and get a refund or pay to have it sent in and refabricated I d rather it not get to that I bought the new Mobo ram CPU PSU and GFx card only yesterday saturday upgrading from an old set It s now sunday and no go Many thanks Ben nbsp

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I just bought my new MSI MS880 Neo - FSR,
and it seems to have quite the problem, during moderate CPU usage, or even sometimes without, it will cut the power, and restart. I have recently tried everything I could think of to fix it, updated BIOS, got new RAM, everything. So if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

A:MSI Motherboard Problems

Some things to check.

Download and run a ram tester like memtest86.

Have you checked your temps ie processor and mb temp?

What brand and wattage of power supply do you have?

Was this a clean install of the os and have all drivers been installed?

Does this happen in safe mode as well?
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Well, for x-mas I got a Celeron 1.8Ghz processor with a new ECS P4VSASD2 motherboard. I'm pretty sure I installed everything correctly, but I have some problems:

1) I have no sound. [Motherboard uses onboard sound]

2) Windows can detect my USB Logitech iFeel mouse, but not my Logitech gamepad that is hooked up to the adjacent USB port.

3) Whenever I try to run the AutoSetup utility on the CD that came with my motherboard, the setup program doesn't do anything after I agree to the terms & conditions.

I just did a full system virus scan, so I know its not that. Any suggestions on what to do?

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A few weeks ago my system was hit with a power surge which blew out my motherboard Thinking it was time for an upgrade anyway I got a new MB processor fan RAM and power supply The problem is that I can t seem to get the new system running correctly When I turn on the computer everything comes on but I get the following error CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded Warning CPU has been changed or CPU Ratio changed fail Please re-enter CPU settings motherboard New problems in the CMOS setup and remember to save before quit Press F to Enable System Configuration Press F to Select Booting Device after POST Press F to continue DEL to enter SETUP -P M P- - A L B C- At this point the keyboard is unresponsive and pressing any key has no effect I ve tried New motherboard problems a different keyboard with the same result I have also tried to reset the CMOS jumper and restart New motherboard problems but I get the same result Any suggestions are appreciated nbsp

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I recently bought a bare bones SFF computer with new motherboard, CPU, and memory. I took the DVD-Rom and hard drive out of my old computer and installed them in the new one. The old HDD has Win XP on it with all of my programs. I would like to be able to use this HDD w/o having to reformat and lose all of my stuff. When I power up the new system I get nothing. The fans come on, but that is it. My screen is black. The DVD-Rom won't open to put in my Windows CD(which is an OEM version that came with my old computer).
I'm sure that this is a problem with XP and new moherboard, but I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm sort of a newbie trying to build my first time. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is the list of components I have bought for a PC with RAM/motherboard Problems I am intending to Problems with RAM/motherboard use for gaming Motherboard ASUS M A X EVO Original RAM Corsair XMS DDR ID - CMX GX M A C Replacement RAM Corsair Problems with RAM/motherboard Dominator ID - CMP GX M A C CPU AMD Phenom II X Black Edition GHz Socket AM MB L Cache Cache W Retail Boxed Processor Video Card PowerColor HD V GB GDDR DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card PSU Corsair W CX Builder Series Plus Bronze PSU Year Warranty Anyway here s a short version of what happened and what is happening currently I bought the components and attempted to put my PC together I managed to get all the components together but couldn t get anything to display on my TV I had some trouble fitting the RAM because I m an idiot and managed to damage the XMS DDR RAM I had purchased My motherboard has a system of LED lights which light up and indicate what component is causing the problem and the lights indicated it was the RAM so naturally I thought it was because I had damaged the RAM and bought replacements of the exact same model They arrived and I still had the same error I checked the motherboard manual and found out that this type of RAM wasn t compatible with my motherboard so I bought a set that was in the QVL They arrived and again I had the same error the PC seems to start up the power LED is on the motherboard but a red LED remains glowing next to the RAM slots and there is no display whatsoever on my TV I have attempted to seat the RAM in all of the slots both in the blue slots both in the black slots singularly in a blue slot and singularly in a black slot but nothing seems to work I have tried using the MemOK button while starting the system with the RAM in various slot positions and it still doesn t work I heard that the computer should beep when starting up if there is an error but it has never made any beeping noises and I have checked if the speaker is plugged into the mobo and it is Just to give a clear picture of what set up I m using I m attempting to display through an HDTV using an HDMI cable both of which I have never had display issues with However I have noticed that upon starting up the fan on my video card doesn t spin at all I m not sure if it ever has or not or that this is an indication of it being improperly placed All of the other fans lights and doodads seem to work but the error LED light remains lit up next to the RAM lights regardless of whether the RAM is in the slots or not Any help will be much appreciated Oh and this is my first PC build so please be gentle I really have no grasp of technical jargon so if you could be as layman as possible that d be great Thanks I will also happily upload a video of me attempting to boot the PC if anyone doesn t understand what the problem is or thinks it might help diagnose it nbsp

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Well now the wireless has a hard time finding the networks anyplace. Sometimes it finds all and other times it finds none. Then 20 mins later bingo it found the network right here next to the laptop. The router is 20 feet away. Never had a problem with the wifi until now when I got the machine back. Did some more research and find the AMD chip running Vista on HP machines has been a problem. I have a question, buying a wireless card and turning off my wifi button on my DV2214 laptop, would that fix the problem?? Seems sending the machine back again is well ... And if a 40 dollar wireless card is a fix why not???
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I did a fresh install of xp, with a asus a7n8x-x motherboard, amdxp 2800, 512ram. the usb mouse didnt work through the installation, and none of the usbs worked when windows had installed. device manager had no yellow question marks to do with usb. Have tried istalling lastest drivers , and checked bios but that seems all in order, i have resetted bios settings stil hasnt made any difference. I am running out of ideas. Thanks for any help that you can give me

A:usb on motherboard problems

Well if you have a ps/2 mouse, I would use that until you get the usb mouse up and going. I'm going to say most likely it is the driver. Try going to the manufacturer's website or even a quick google search of the model should do it.
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Problem: Just bought a new Intel motherboard d865glc W pentium 4 . when I put it all togather it worked long enough for me to install the motherboard information as well as the hard drive but afterwards it was unable to read the cd drive. Both connections have been made from the 350 watt atx 2v power supply , I am pretty sure it's not a ram issue as I get no beeps, I am also pretty sure that it's not a cpu issue because I can get to the bios . also the bios sees the hd as well as the cd driver. So when I boot I get the bios and then a blinking curser. No opersating system has been installed yet? I have tryed taking the intire thing apart 4 times now and I am at my witts end....Please help....

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So my brother asked me to look into why is computer wasn't working. When i press the power button the lights and fans will come on sometimes they will only come on for a little while. But nothing shows up on the monitor at all. I have tried different monitors so i cant see that being the problem. The only things I can think of are the motherboard is toast, the video card is toast or that the power supply is done. Any opinions on things i can try to fix this problem would be of great help.


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I am building a new system. I ordered a MSI 651M-L mobo that supports Socket 478 P4 (Willimate 478 and Northwood 478/Celeron 478) with 400/533 MHz. I also ordered a Celeron 1.7 CPU. I am trying to load Windows XP Home (not upgrade) and when setup starts it will begin copying files to hard drive then system freezes. I shut off computer and when I start it again it tells me that the CPU settings have been lost, defaults loaded.
First is this CPU ok for this board?
If so any ideas for correcting the problem.


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Hello, I just baught a new nvidia nforce 650i ultra motherboard.

I currently have a stock compaq.

Ok well i plug in everything, and this is what happens...

The power button doesn't even light up on the front of the PC. The mobo's green and orange lights come on. The fan for the processor(intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz)/video card(nvidia 7600GT) don't go on. There is nothing on the screen either.
My guess is that this is a power problem. Should I need a new power supply with more watts?
Or is it a problem with anything else?

A:New motherboard problems

It's possible. In general brand systems have power supplies that are on the small size. Please review the sticky at the start of the forum: "Troubleshooting guide for problem builds" by crjdriver.
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I bought an ASUS A N X mobo and i thought it has some issues that need to be fixed with a new bios version from the ASUS website To find the pcb version i looked by the pci slots found it then noticed a scratch going thorugh about - traces next to the Processer about o clock It looks like a clean straight cut Motherboard Problems? so Motherboard Problems? i cannot classify whether or not it was from the factory or Motherboard Problems? from putting in the proccessor with a screwdriver Their might be a short too The problems i have are -Floppy allways on -Cpu sometimes doesn t turn on when i press on switch but i have plenty of power and nothings loose -Can t read hard drive sometimes -If i try to install an os like or xp pro it stops at the quot executing hard drive quot command yes the hard drive is petitioned into complete hard drive The mobo says -setupdd sys could not be loaded the error code is -Incorrect parameters -checksum error Only one more question would having sticks of quot dual quot drr pc mhz memory in the mobo slots and before having an os cause the problem nbsp

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i installed a new motherboard it's a EPOX 850e chipset it will boot up passed post but will not let operating software take over i have a 2.8meg. cpu with 512mb rambus memory, a geforce 3 graphics card, powered by 400 watt power supply ,XP pro software

A:Motherboard Problems

Just one possible cause I have seen: The partition on the hard disk was created using a main board other than the one that it is attached to now. If this is the cause of the problem, the only solution I know would be to back up your data, re-FDisk the drive, format and start over.

Other possible cause: BIOS settings are incompatible with the hardware you are running. There are two sets of defaults in the COMS setup. One is for optimal speed and the other for optimal safety/stability. They aren't named that way in the BIOS menus and the titles of those lines vary from system to system. However, if you carefully read the selections from the main BIOS screen, it is easy to figure out which are the two I write of. Try one and then the other and see if either works.

Get back to us.
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I've found out that I've fried my motherboard. Everything else I've found to be in working order like my processor, power supply and all of that. I'm having trouble finding a compatible motherboard with my computer. I've found the specs for the motherboard from the manufacturer's (emachines) website.

I just can't find one anywhere. Any help?

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I just put a MSI PM8M-V motherboard in a netvista case. the usb pins, power button pins,and led lights where all different. I looked up the information i needed to get the wires in the right places and am positive they are where they should be. My power button doesn't work except every now and again. The only power going to the board i can find with my test light is a black wire in the 20 pin atx . there is no power going to the power button pin but every now and again it will turn on. Do you have any idea whats going on here?

A:New Motherboard new problems

My guess is that the board isn't getting enough power. Probably nothing to do with the power button...test this by carefully shorting across the 2 pins it connects to...

Did you plug power into the 4 pin socket as well on the board? It's next to the main power hook-up. If not, then it is probably your problem. You will need an adapter for it, about $3.00 at a local pc store.

If you do have the power to the 4pin socket...then I'd check the power supply rating...or even if it's compatible with the mobo...don't forget, it's an IBM case, right?... check if the pin-out on the power supply is the same as a standard one?....I know some HP machines were different, and you could only use HP PS units or mobo's.....(but yours is probbly fine).

Let us know how it goes.

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I ve got one which has me talking to myself I recently picked up motherboard problems a Intel copermine cache cpu which I motherboard problems know was a working cpu so I bought a Asus TUSI-M mainboard when I installed the cpu and fired up the system and went to the bios to do set up the system crashed and the onboard video failed to work well I took the board back and my supplier replaced the board Lo and behold when I went to set up the second board the bios let me in and allowed me to select the proper cpu speed under the auto setting but as I went further into the bios the video started to go bad and give me only partial screen the system would not exit the bios or for that matter power down forcing me to pull the plug Now the sytem refuses to post no video no post nothing except the power supply the cpu fan and power to the motherboard problems drives no post code motherboard problems beep I tried other ram know to be good A diognostic tester to the board says the pci chip is most probably gone bad I know its unlikely that two boards in a row should go bad but I don t know what to think here Would powering down the system when in the bios cause them to be corrupted Would this cause the pci chipset to go bad This is a new one on me I m not a novice to computer systems but this one has me stumped and I would appreciate any feedback anyone could give P S There is to this point no operating system or anything on this system I didn t even get to that point so its simply the Asus board the copermine socket cpu and of ram nbsp

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I recently bought a ECS848P-A7 motherboard along with a Intel Penitium 4 Processor 506+ (2.66GHZ, 533MHS FSB, 1MB L2Cache) as well as a 1GB DDR400. When i start the computer, the Videocard thing shows (i.e 128MB of Ram, Nvidia..etc) then it goes to the next screen which is the memory test thing, after that my monitor just goes black and it goes back to the Videocard thing. While this is occuring, the CPU fan still spins, it doesnt slow down at all. Im in need of help because i need this computer to work by monday. Please help and thank you in advance.

A:New motherboard and CPU. SOO MUCH PROBLEMS

What kind of hard drives and os do you have?
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Just had my motherboard replaced, and now have a few problems. My computer WAS an HP Pavilion XT936, Windows ME, AMD Athlon 1Ghz processor.

The new motherboard is an MSI Mainboard, Micro-ATX. The new processor is an AMD Athlon 2400+

The problems:
1. My speakers won't work. They are just Polk Audio speakers. What would be wrong?

2. Certain buttons on the keyboard don't always work. For example...... sometimes my left shift key won't work when I try to type a capital letter, but the right shift key WILL work?! Very odd.

3. My 2 USB ports in the front no longer work.

Any ideas???? Thanks!

A:New motherboard, now have problems.....

Did HP replace the motherboard? The reason I ask is because HP stuff is properietary. Hence the front USB ports may not be connected to the motherboard beacuse the plugs are different - you can rewire the ports if you know which pin is which.

As for the rest of the problems, was Windows re-installed after the motherboard replacement? If not then thats likely why. Windows doesn't always work properly after replacing a motherboard. Sometimes you may get lucky, and in that case all you need to do is install the correct sound drivers for the new motherboard. Same goes for the kwyboard, reinstall the software for the keyboard from HP.

Now if your speakers are not amplified, as many Compaq speakers weren't, then you'll need to get a new set. If they have their own power adaptor then they should be fine.

If this was doen by a store or someone else then they should fix all these problems for you or have made you aware of them before they started. You should also be aware that theres a very good chance that your HP Recovery CD's will no longer work - this is because of HP making their CD's extremely specific to the original computer they were supplied with.
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Having a problem where my windows ME machine freezes on boot, 4-5 times before it will actually get me to my desktop. Each time I have to power off and power on to get it a little further. Each time is freezes I get this higher pitch whining noise. The machine will also freeze at multiple times during a session. I assumed a bad hard drive and last night I spent 2-3 hours installing a new Maxtor drive. (kept freezing during file copy)

Well its not the hard drive, same problem, same noise. Next I would suspect the motherboard, but what could be making that whining noise on the motherboard and is there any diagnostic tools I can get that will help me pinpoint the problem? Thanks. -k

A:motherboard problems

Check the capacitors on the motherboard for bulging/leaking tops. They are known to whistle when they go bad. If any are bulging, you can either replace the board, or find someone to replace the capacitors on the board.
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Hi again
I've had this problem for a while now but never bothered with it before and am now gettin a new motherboard anyways but I would still like to know what happened to my other one
One day I just started my computer up and it just didn't beep
Everything else worked fine as I could hear the HDD boot up and stuff
I have tried different RAM in it but did not work
I have also tried the CPU in a different computer and it worked
I tried removing all added on stuff like my graphics card but still nothing
I would really love to get this working so I don't need to get a new motherboard
This motherboard is a few years old
Can anyone help pls
Thx in advance

A:Problems with motherboard

Your PSU might have broke and isnt giving your computer enough power, try another PSU.
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I just bought a ASUS K8N motherboard and a Raidmax Cobra case. The case has a mic, headphones and 2 usb plugs in the front and im not sure where to hook them up.

Ive hooked up the speaker, reset switch and power switch up but still need to hook up the HDD activity light usbs and mic and headphones.

The cables are labeled MIC2, BLINE.OUT.L, AGND, BLINE.OUT.R, MIC PWR, LINEOUT_L and LINEOUT_R which i think all relates to the headphones and mic plugs.

Then theres 2 sets of the following USB+5V, USB_P2+, GND, NC and USB_P2-
which im guessing is for the two USB's in the front.

As for the HDD LED theres a plug labeled IDE LED and another labeled POWER LED.

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just recently i bought a new motherboard and a new psu to new problems motherboard/psu solve some of my more difficult computer problems got them both installed and was happy to see something show up on the screen it only lasted for about half a second however and then the board started making some crazy beeping alternating high and low beeps that do not end and last about a second each i cant find anywhere what these beeps mean i ve reseated video and ram checked processor and i am new motherboard/psu problems at a complete loss motherboard epox ep- k a psu coolmax w also a little note if i reboot the system nothing shows on the monitor and it goes straight to beeping but if i take out the motherboard battery and let it sit for a couple minutes and then put new motherboard/psu problems it back in new motherboard/psu problems and reboot it pops the bios on the screen for just a second like the first time any ideas nbsp

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i am posting this message for my bro.....

We sent the labtop in find out the problem with it.

The report was that the motherboard was gone.

Here is

Make = Compaq Presario V6000

Can any one tell me what motherboard to get to replace it. I'm not to bad with computers but really wouldn't know what to replace it with. Wether it would have to be compaq one.

The labtop is nearly 2yrs old. And is Xp

A:MotherBoard Problems

It has the the same one thats in there now, laptops are not standard designs. Your best bet is to buy a used one on eBay, new replacement boards from Compaq if still available are going to exceed what the laptop is worth. Or just buy a new laptop.
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Ive just finished buildin my new computer and im having a few slight problems.

Specs :

Gigabyte Triton K8NS PRO (754)
Sempron64 2800+
Gecube X800 GTO
1GB DDR 400.
160 maxtor SATA drive
COLORSit 550w psu

After assembling everything and uploading windows xp onto the sata drive, everything is working normal. Now my problems are that only 1/4 of my ram is being detected within windows and the motherboard will not save the bios once i have changed some settings. I save the settings and the computer restarts but it then doesnt come back on, just the monitor light flashes and then i have to hit the restart buttom. Once i re enter the bios all the options i changed have defaulted back to their original settings.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


A:Problems with new motherboard

A quick update:

Just flashed the newest bios for my board and the bios problem has gone, the computer restarts normally now. However the ram problem is still there, but now windows sees 512mb of ram instead of the 256mb beforehand. On the motherboard itself the ram led just above the dimm slot is shinning which may indicate a problem with the ram i am using.

Any help is appreciated

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I recently built a new gaming pc Problems due to motherboard? however almost all of my games I experience problems In halo and in Company of heroes every few seconds it seems like it skips a few frames forward for a split second and then skips back to what it was I also experience freezing every - seconds or so for just a split second I have this problem in Half Life as well The only game that I have no problems with is Crysis In some of my games like Company of Heroes and Half Life the game almost always freezes for a split second if I turn the camera in a direction that I haven t looked at yet would this be a problem with loading Whatever it is that is causing these problems I really want to fix it I have the Problems due to motherboard? latest drivers for everything One thing I thought might be causing the problem was the motherboard because one of the reviews for it said quot Cons Not the best gaming board - I experienced periodic freezes in even older games like World of Warcraft quot Is periodic freezes a problem that can be caused by the motherboard or is the reviewer maybe mistaken If you guys think it is a problem with my motherboard than I still have a few weeks to return it and get a different kind But what I really don t want is to exchange my motherboard for a different one and then have it turn out that it wasn t a problem with the motherboard at all So what do you guys think is causing my problem Do you guys think it is a problem with the motherboard like the reviewer said Any ideas on things I could do so that I was sure that my problem is being caused by the motherboard Or do you guys think it is something else causing my problem Specs Motherboard Intel p CPU E GPU HD Ram gb PSU CORSAIR CMPSU- TX W OS Vista bit Harddrive Western Digital gb Thanks nbsp
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Before I start here are my specs All parts purchased from NewEgg Motherboard MSI P N Diamond deactivated on NewEgg CPU Intel Q GHz with stock fan RAM OCZ DII x GB Video Card BFG Tech GT MB then BFG Tech GT Hard drive Western Digital Caviar GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s deactivated on NewEgg Case Antec Sonata Plus with Watt PSU deactivated on NewEgg Operating System Vista SP now SP but it was installed after the problem occurred This computer is a little over year old A month or so ago my brother was playing video games The computer hung for a moment and then the monitor redisplayed a low resolution picture with vertical pixelated lines all over the screen A reboot fixed the problem but the next day it happened again and the day after Motherboard problems? that the computer booted like that permanently Even the bios screen was messed up I suspected the video card was breaking so I checked Vista s hardware list The video card was reporting an error Code I contacted BFG Tech support and the representative immediately agreed the video card was broken because the error occurred before and after windows started I was given an RMA number I sent the card to BFG and received a GT in return I seated it plugged it into the power supply and booted the computer It worked But only for minutes The computer froze as I tried to uninstall a program When I restarted my vertical lines came back I called BFG but the man on the other end couldn t help me at this point He only suggested to try to update Motherboard problems? the bios on my motherboard I did so or at least I tried using MSI Motherboard problems? s LiveUpdate tool As far as I can tell Motherboard problems? the bios version didn t change I am stuck I think that the motherboard is causing the video cards to die but I can t definitively say that MSI has authorized to replace my motherboard for plus shipping there Unfortunately when I asked if the motherboard was the issue they only responded that they were willing to issue an RMA The computer was usable just at low resolutions The vertical lines only appear on the bios screen on boot and on the vista start up screens The desktop is viewable with the GT However the computer started randomly restarting just a few days ago Is my motherboard to blame or is something else amiss The only other thing that I can figure is the power supply but I know nothing about them I think if the motherboard needs to be replaced I d rather buy a new one with integrated video to have a usable computer until either BFG is kind enough to send me another card or I buy a new one from them Does anyone have any suggestions for a new motherboard with integrated graphics that is compatible with my RAM Thank you for all the help I need it nbsp

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I tryed to up grade my computer from windows 95 to windows 98,but I had to take out the harddrive and put it in another computer to put windows on it,then I put the harddrive back in my computer,now everything works except the monitor,I have tryed reseating everything,changed cards for the monitor,but nothing happens all I see is a black screen,and the power light on the monitor is yellowish instead of green,and i did try a new monitor.What should I do?

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I have just installed a new motherboard [pm800-m2 from ecs] with a new p4 2.4 processor with 2 2 pny 256 ddr333 memory cards. Every time i turn on my computer it will boot all the way to win98 startup and then it turns off and i have to unplug it before it will restart. W hen i restart it does the same thing over and over.

A:new motherboard problems

The first thing that comes to mind is to pull a stick of RAM and try with just one - in fact pull everything not needed to get the computer to run. Use 1 RAM, 1 HD, 1 CD, 1 Floppy etc. If it doesn't work then switch sticks and try again - if it still doesn't work then try a different RAM slot.
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I just bought a barebone cpu with motherboard ASRock P4VM800 pentium 4 2.4ghz 512 memory 400watt power & floppy I installed my cd & DVD burner 60g maxtor harddrive and I have a registered windowXP pro so I formatted the harddrive and now Im having problems it doesnt take my xp & I tried installing 98 it installs but only opens in safemode is the motherboard damaged or I did something wrong, before i formatted I install the harddrive and it ask me to reactivate windows so I did but I was getting errors so I formatted it and here I am. thanks for your help very desperate to fix it..... or return it if I have to.

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Dear all

I have just upgraded to a MSI K8T Neo2 with an AMD 400 939. I have tried to fathom out how to connect the front panel connectors and the front usb connectors. When I tried to boot up nothing happened. Is it because it is supposed to have 400 DDR ran fitted? The reason I ask is that I am not sure what my ram and haven't a clue what it is out how to find out, or maybe I have wired it wrong please help!!!


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I am using MSI Intel865PE Neo2 motherboard. It runs on 8xAGP, 400mhz RAM.
Currently, i couple it with 2*256 333mhz kingston DDR ram. It works fine(the salesperson doesnt recommend 400mhz,as its unstable). Feeling 512mb isnt enough, i add another 2*256 333mhz kingston DDR ram, that makes it 4*256 333mhz. Seems that the motherboard cant take it. I am using Windows 98 2nd edition. After the windows loading page, i have onli a few seconds to look at the desktop and a blue fatal error screen will shop up. I didnt took down the error code
Even running with 3*256 gives me some PC-Cillin or any other error loading.

Any1 might know the problem n solution? Pls reply

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Hi all I have just bought a new motherboard and processor and the OS doesn't seem to be booting I first bought the Gigabyte GA- A-DS I put this in along with my new processor the Bulldozer FX after placing them and problems Motherboard CPU New in my computer correctly and as Windows Ultimate started up it stopped at the loading screen I then referred back to the Gigabyte website and noticed that my processor was not supported i know silly mistake I then went on to buy the New Motherboard and CPU problems MSI A-G as all my past motherboards have been MSI i did check to see if my processor was supported first Upon placing it in my computer it did exactly the same thing and stopped on the loading screen it the rebooted and suggested that I run System repair this did nothing Also I was hoping to install the drivers after I had the computer up and running as i cannot connect my very old DVD drive off the internet but i will hopefully have a new DVD drive by the end of today and shall see what happens can anyone please help me

A:New Motherboard and CPU problems

Hiyya MC and welcome Mate am not real sure of what you are asking here for instance the OS is this a new OEM, retail, or what for the MSI board?

If you installed an OS on the Giga mobo then it will be tied to that one, so that OS will not be accepted by Microsoft as a genuine copy on the MSI board. I know this doesn't answer your query per se' but it's a start.
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Here is the issue I recently bought an Intel DP TL as my old motherboard fried itself as soon as I got it I plugged everything in correctly following the instructions given I am pretty computer savvy not a genious problems motherboard New but I know my computers I have built a few now as I got to the point of actually turning it on I configured my BIOS first did that now I went on to booting at first I got a blue screen of death realized I had a two HD s connected and New motherboard problems one shouldnt haven t been fixed that then I loaded up to XP and now I am in a constant restart loop So far I have taken a few actions I attempted to reformat my HD but when I use the XP installation Disc is doesnt even go to the partitioning screen it goes through the loading and then just runs windows just the same it has never done that to me before next I tried to load from my other HD re jumpering to make it the master other the slave and baam blue screen of death every which way my final step was to only plug in the necessities ram HD video card you know and that didnt work then I tired to Update Bios and do a Recovery BIOS I have researched this forever no answers PLEASE HELP I can not tell if my HD is broken or if I got a faulty motherboard also when turning on the bottom right hand side of my screen shows A SB SA different number letter combinations Not sure what they mean nbsp

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Guys I m in a really sticky situation here I was supposed to be done with this custom computer by tonight but everything has gone wrong Yesterday when the parts came for a new computer from newegg I began piecing them together right away As I put all Motherboard problems! the parts together I plugged it into an outlet to test it out Unfortunately it wouldn t even start I checked the front panel module wires if it had been correctly put in in the motherboard It seemed fine and I was confused So then I switched computer cases with my old and new computer checking if the wires were defected in the new case I basically used Motherboard problems! my old computer s power switch wires on the new motherboard and hit power it didn t turn on Then i proceeded to plug in the new power switch wires into the old motherboard it worked So then I knew it wasn t the power switch wires I ran some other tests to see what was the problem and i came to conclude it was the motherboard s problem I set out to quickly buy a new motherboard at frys electronics right before they closed I hoped the new motherboard worked and thankfully it did I installed windows and everything in my new computer The next morning it was still working and i was about to deliver this computer to my family friend thats who i made it for But as i set it up there and tried to turn it on it had the EXACT same problem as the first motherboard Although this time the computer actually turned on successfully like times out of times not exaggerating might even be a little too generous with I was really confused i ran the exact same tests i did yesterday again and i think its the motherboard again So i set out AGAIN to buy ANOTHER motherboard I quickly went home and reassembled the computer it still wouldn t turn on I am really confused the last two motherboards were from frys and they were open boxed they were returned to the store but quot checked and ran tests quot on these motherboards so i don t know if that has to do with it being broken The first motherboard that I received in the mail was the GIGABYTE GA-EP -UD R P The nd motherboard the one i got from frys was a GIGABYTE EP -UD P The rd one i got which was from frys was a GIGABYTE EP -UD LR So please I really don t want to go out and buy another motherboard Is it even the motherboard s problem Is it possible there is a piece of hardware that is messing every motherboard it touches TLDR TOO LONG DIDN T READ Bought parts for new computer Computer wouldn t turn on I think the motherboard came dead Went to store to buy new motherboard New motherboard worked Next day taking the computer to someone s house The computer wouldn t turn on Did same tests to determine if the motherboard was broken I thought the motherboard was broken so i went to the store and bought another Reassembled computer won t turn on still Seeking assistance T T Please this is very urgent it is important that he gets the computer in time he needs it for work Thanks Andrew nbsp

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Hey, I just bought an ASUS K8-SE Deluxe motherboard and I'm having some trouble hooking up the chassis fan (CHA_FAN) and the power supply fan (PWR_FAN). First off my chassis fans cord isn't long enough to reach its slot on the motherboard. Is there some sort of extender that I can buy to solve this problem? What should I do??!?!? Also, my power supply doesn't seem to have the little cord that plugs in the same way the CPU and CHA fan plug into the mobo. It's a chiefmax 450W power supply which says it is ATX compatible which my motherboard is. This is my first time building my own computer, am I missing something or is this just a bad power supply? Please help me as soon as possible. Thanks

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My motherboard took a bad flash a while back so I had to buy a new one so yeah it s not like I had the chance to back up everything on my C partition of PROBLEMS = New + hdd old motherboard my hdd I have a Samsung sv n and I just bought an Abit AI I m running Windows XP Pro This is my problem The Abit DOES recognize my hdd when it s set as master and gives me one of two errors one is the ntldr error the other I can t actually remember lol but they re common errors you get when you hook up a hdd that was in a different motherboard When I tried popping the Windows XP cd in it first of all didn t detect my other partitions just my C partition and to my understanding if it doesn t detect my other something gigs it ll install as if they don t exist and ruin the data that s on them Tell me if I m wrong on this Anyways the second problem is that Windows will New motherboard + old hdd = PROBLEMS not give me a repair option and will not let me simply install the OS over the top of the OS that s there It tells me that the hdd is either corrupted or too full too full sounds more like it the New motherboard + old hdd = PROBLEMS entire something gigs is full since I used all the empty space in that partition to back up some data for my boyfriend and that I have to completely format it to install Windows I don t New motherboard + old hdd = PROBLEMS want to loose the data I backed up on it but I will if I have to ONLY if I have to I m mainly worried about the other two partitions on there that Windows isn t detecting Now this is where it gets really wierd If I slave it in my boyfriend s computer the hdd and all the partitions show up Right now on my new motherboard I m using a gig which has enough space on it for me to move the data from the C partition on my old hdd on to it so I can install Windows on my old hdd BUT when I try slaving my old hdd to the gig it doesn t show up The BIOS doesn t even recognize it s there Can someone PLEASE help me out on this I m completely boggled by it nbsp