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Hard Drive partitions lost - Need to recover data

Q: Hard Drive partitions lost - Need to recover data

I data Need - lost partitions Hard to Drive recover just flew overseas to study abroad for a semester and brought my laptop and Hard Drive partitions lost - Need to recover data my external hard drive with me Well after I arrived I hooked up my external Hard Drive partitions lost - Need to recover data hd and fired it up but Windows wouldn t show it in My Computer so I went into diskmanager and it shows that the drive is unpartitioned It s a Maxtor gb disk and had partitions on it a FAT and two NTSF partitions But non of them show up I also tried accessing the disk through Knoppix but no luck I have files on their that I really don t want to loose how can I recover the partitions or at least get the files off and then make new partitions Also why would the drive have done this Maybe the x-ray at the airport I have partition magic would that be of any help Note I can t use Partition Magic right now because my laptop isn t booting into Windows right now but thats another problem if you want to help me with that search through my other posts I m about to start a thread for that too Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Hard Drive partitions lost - Need to recover data

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I accidentally reformatted the wrong hard drive, I lost all my information on D. I was wondering if there was any solid method of recovering some if not all of the lost files on that drive. Thank you.

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I appreciate the help with this issue I did something stupid I freely admit that Now I need help to fix the problem My laptop running Windows updated to the latest build and would not boot I kept getting Missing boot manager missing Eventually I removed the drive and replaced it with my backup clone but that backup is missing a week of a lot of work so I was hooked the original and partitions lost data Recover laptop drive to my pc Short story I confused the laptop drive with another disc I a working on and went into admin tools storage and deleted the three partitions on the laptop drive Since I have tried to recover the partitions with Acronis Disc Manager but the volumes it identifies do not fit Recover lost partitions and data There are three partitions The primary the HP recovery and the HP Tools Total disc is GB The primary partition is The results I get have seven or eight partitions sizing various sizes between - GB They all seem to intersect i them tried the free EaseUS app which lists multiple versions of every file ever deleted Is there any easy way to do this I still would need to fix Recover lost partitions and data the original problem regardless Thank you for any input

A:Recover lost partitions and data

Hello MountainDoc Welcome to the Ten Forums!

What you may well be seeing there is often referred to as "Phantoms" or falsely positive ghosting type volumes when try to scanning for missing volumes. boot sectors, etc. Some information about that is provided by a recovery program called ZAR you can look over at Partition recovery - understanding and recovering partitions.

EaseUS however is a much more familiar program that offers a free version as well as the usual paid for you can download from Free Data Recovery Software Download to Recover Deleted Files - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition

Many on the forums here as well as the sibling forums at EightForums, SevenForms, VistaForums, and the PC Help Forums will recommend that one quite often. Personally I have been looking at the Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 Free Edition here as well as their other programs. Sometimes it might take more then one in order to see a full recovery as far as the data you are trying to rescue. At other times especially with a drive failing you might take the drive to to a data recovery service or repair shop with that option.

Lately when going to use a 4yr. old 7 laptop upgraded to 10 the first thought of the integrated graphics chip on the board going was a thought and not finding the information on how to clear the bios I ordered a larger replacement hard drive and put that in in case the original drive stuffed which apparently it did! When putting in a usb enclosure the led lights up to show power coming in from the usb port but no device connect sound heard as you would with an external hard drive enclosure when turning the ac power on/off switch on and the drive inside is detected indicating the drive went!

Besides a possible flaky upgrade that went bad on you the likelihood of the drive failing on you can't be ruled out either! That seems to be a more commonly seen problem with laptop drives due to how frail those tend to be in comparison to the larger 3.5" drives you see in desktops. The fact that a 500gb drive is seeing 8 partitions out of the blue does seem to point that way as a failing drive loaded with bad sectors will act strangely until it goes doa on you!
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Hello I was redirected to start a new thread in this section of the forum Basically I have hard drives One SSD for the primary and one TB drive for the secondary My secondary drive was partitioned into parts In the last month the secondary had of recover do RAW 3 4 partitions to partitions/data I gone How status. been disappearing I could see it in safe mode And when I scanned 3 of 4 partitions gone to RAW status. How do I recover partitions/data for hardware via rapid storage technology it would pop up in Windows Explorer during normal mode The only problem besides disappearing after shutting down restarting was that it would freeze the computer if kept on Today I tried to do the old Rapid Storage trick Everything was visible again except one drive It was saying access is denied when i tried to open it in windows explorer I tried swapping SATA cables for the current one I also tried connecting it to other ports I read somewhere that flashing the BIOS would solve the problem I flashed my BIOS with Gigabyte's BIOS with the latest BIOS The latest BIOS was for quot Better SATA compatibility quot It didn't do much all it did was cause Rapid Storage Technology to see less ports which I believe were the would be partitions on the secondary drive So I disconnected the secondary drive and tried connecting it to the PC with a SATA to USB adapter It saw the HDD except partitions were empty And even in the 3 of 4 partitions gone to RAW status. How do I recover partitions/data partition the folders housing the bigger files that took up most of the drive is empty Sorry for typing up so much I just wanted to get everything out there If anyone can help me that would be 3 of 4 partitions gone to RAW status. How do I recover partitions/data much appreciated
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I just lost 3 partitions from my main hard drive. I use to have C, F, G and H drives, now only have C. Using Disk Management under Computer Management, I see only 1 drive (C) with 114 Gig. I figure that the problem has something to do with the MBR but any not sure what or how to correct.
Have XP home w/SP2 and all current updates.

Thanks for any help.

A:Lost partitions from hard drive

What lead up to the lost partitions.
You may need to resort to a data recovery program to retrieve any files from the partitions.
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My year old was playing with my computer s mouse and when Hard and Lost partitions files drive I got her away from the computer I noticed that my hard Lost Hard drive partitions and files drive partitions were gone I have a gb drive Western Digital drive that I set up to have equal partitions C D E when I installed it As of right now when I view the drive I only have drive C Drive D shows in windows explorer however when Lost Hard drive partitions and files I click on it or try to access any files that are on it I get a device not ready message My E drive does not appear anywhere I went to DOS and tried to browse the files in DOS but the same thing I got a Drive not ready message with the dreaded retry abort fail option I am not a happy camper as you would guess I am glad my C drive is working because I can still use the PC and beg you for help Please let me know asap because I have some valuable stuff on those drive letters that I would hate to lose Thank you in advance nbsp

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last week i got W32.ElKern.4926 virus.

I was out of town and my Dad told me that something wrong with my computer. I came home and immediately upgrade NAV.

NAV completely remove all viruses from my backup hard disk. After one restart I cant read from the VERY important partition!!!

I HAVE LOT LOT LOT of important stuff on it and win2000 ask me to format it!!!

What can I do???
I need 2 folders max. 1Gb.
it is a 13.9G HD - (4G & 9G)



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Earlier today I clean re-installed Windows XP Professional. I backed up alot of useful data on my second hard drive, and proceeded with the reinstallation. Everything went smooth, but when I double clicked my second hard drive in My Computer, it gave the message:

"The disk in drive D is not formatted.

Do you want to format it now?"

If i proceed with this, all the data on that hard drive will be wiped out.

Is there any possible way to recover the date from the hard drive?

A:Is there any way to recover data from this hard drive?!

what File System are you using? ie: Fat32 or NTFS?
Make sure that both hd's have the same file system, otherwise you're going to have to reinstall on the same fs.
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Earlier today I clean re-installed Windows XP Professional. I backed up alot of useful data on my second hard drive, and proceeded with the reinstallation. Everything went smooth, but when I double clicked my second hard drive in My Computer, it gave the message:

"The disk in drive D is not formatted.

Do you want to format it now?"

If i proceed with this, all the data on that hard drive will be wiped out.

Is there any possible way to recover the date from the hard drive?

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On my system I have a 120gig and a 40 gig hard drives. (I run dual boot with 98se and XP pro). I was reinstalling both operating systems and my 40gig (which is my documents drive) got messed up by win 98 setup. . I formatted the 120gig and ran win 98 setup. When win 98 setup ran scandisk it found errors on drive E (my documents drive) and I accidently hit "fix the errors" instead of "don't fix the errors" which now makes it show up as unformatted. Is there anything I can do to recover the data?

A:Help!! Must recover data on hard drive

Do a "recovery" search on the forum, this subject came up recently.
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OK hard I my recover Can data from my drive? here s my setup Athlon XP MB DDR RAM GB Primary IDE master - C with OS installed GB Primary IDE slave - D no OS - data and other stuff CD CDRW Secondary IDE Win SE Everything has been working fine for about a year now and then suddenly this weekend I hit some problems While my computer was sitting Can I recover my data from my hard drive? idle I noticed it suddenly went to a blue screen that said something like quot error writing to C drive quot So I rebooted and then the BIOS Phoenix started hanging on the quot Detecting IDE drives quot POST message It hung for about seconds and then couldn t find either drive on the Primary IDE channel So my first impression was that the master drive was at fault Through some trial and error testing I found that actually the slave drive GB is Can I recover my data from my hard drive? the problem The master works fine without the slave attached but as soon as the slave is there it freezes on the POST message Sometimes the GB drive is detected by the BIOS sometimes not It seems to be fairly random when the BIOS can detect it Even when it is detected by the BIOS Windows DOS cannot read from the drive gets a quot cannot read from media quot or some such error I ve narrowed it down to definitely being the slave drive because the same symptoms show up when it is plugged into a different system altogether As a sanity check I have also tried different IDE channels different cables different jumper settings and making the drive settings in the BIOS manually rather than auto-detect - all with the same results So there s obviously some issues with the drive Now the big question is can I get the data on the drive off of it somehow More specifically can I or someone else do that without voiding the warranty and without costing me several hundred dollars I have a lot of game saves and other data on the drive which would be a real pain in the butt to lose but not enough to pay that much cash out Or is there something else that I might be missing Is there some kind of boot disk tool that could maybe access the drive when Windows cannot on the occasions when BIOS can detect the drive Thanks in advance for any help you can provide nbsp

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i recently formatted my 250gb maxtor slave hard drive by accident. It was formatted using the NTFS file system. It had a lot of important data on it and i would like to retrieve it. Does anyone know of a program that would be able to find and recover my files for free? I have tried PC Inspector file recovery and it doesn't recognise my 250 gb hard drive. I looked for the files using Virtuallab, which found the files alright, although, you have to pay to get your files back... which i don't wanna do .
So if any of you know a program I could download for free that would work, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyways....cheers:
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The hard drive is made by a company called "BSE Data Storage" 40 gigabyte IDE. When i try to boot to it, it says S.M.A.R.T Command Failed.

Not sure on jumper settings but when i boot to slave (guessing with jumpers although pretty sure it is correct), windows detects the drive in the device manager but no where else.

I want to extract a few imporant files off the hard drive.

The hard drive makes no ticking or scratching noises, other than the normal noise it should make.

This occured when i was trying to install a printer driver, other than that computer ran fine.

Im running Win XP on the computer and the bad hard drive.

Please Help.


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HI everyoneI have a bit of a problem, that I am hoping someone can provide help on if there is a fix for this.Recently,my external hard drive stopped working, and after taking it out of the case and installing in to the PC to test, spin up is fine and no clicking (thumbs up).The hard drive is a 4TB, and so far it has 3.7TB of data that I have been keeping all my stuff backed up on, which I am nervous about loosing (as you can imagine). Is there a way of activating the unallocated partitions (see image) without loosing the data on the hard drive, or converting the disk back to something that's recognised by the pc again (perhaps, Basic back to Dynamic?)Any help, suggestions or links to software fixes would be hugely appreciated CheersDarry

A:Hard Drive Partitions (Activating without deleting data) ?

The one partition is marked RAW which indicates the file partition table is corrupted. Did the drive originally have one partition and not three?
Try the following. Download and install Partition Wizard. Select Partition Recovery and do a Full Disk/Quick Scan. On every partition if finds double click the partition. Do you see your files? If doing a Quick Scan does not find a partition with files then do a Full Scan. On a 4TB drive this will take a long time.
You need to make sure all your files are listed any partition found. If the drive originally had one partition and one partition is detected with all of your files check the box next to the partition and only that partition. Then Finish, then Apply. If you do not see all of your files then do not click apply. Back out of the program. 
If no partitions are detected on either Quick or Full that shows your files on a double click post back.
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HI everyone

I have a bit of a problem, that I am hoping someone can provide help on if there is a fix for this.

Recently,my external hard drive stopped working, and after taking it out of the case and installing in to the PC to test, spin up is fine and no clicking (thumbs up).

The hard drive is a 4TB, and so far it has 3.7TB of data that I have been keeping all my stuff backed up on, which I am nervous about loosing (as you can imagine).

Is there a way of activating the unallocated partitions (see image) without loosing the data on the hard drive, or converting the disk back to something that's recognised by the pc again (perhaps, Basic back to Dynamic?)

Any help, suggestions or links to software fixes would be hugely appreciated


A:Hard Drive Partitions (Activating without deleting data) ?

Hi and welcome SevenForums,
You might see if either of these see's anything on the disk
Lucid Puppy way to recover files from a non-bootable computer

Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS
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I have a IBM G-IDE hard drive that just died It s making spinning noises After rebooting the computer twice the noise will not go away and now the hard recover Hard to data Need drive: Noisy drive does not come up in the system BIOS All the cables are fine - I tried the HD in the freezer trick hour still nothing - I did a swap of master slave - I tried it on different and other systems - I ve lightly tapped it a few Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data times I was wondering is there anything else I can try Does the freezer trick have to be longer like hours as someone suggested can that length of time in the freezer cause ANY or even MORE damage How many times can a hard drive be put into a freeze Does Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data the freezer trick only work if the hard drive is still recognized in the BIOS Can anyone help or suggest any other safe method for accessing Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data or recovering my data I m not skilled with opening hard drives up swapping parts so that s out to I d like to recover as much data as possible HELP PLEASE nbsp

A:Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data

Welcome to TechSpot

Have you tried the IBM utilities in the Sticky at the top of this forum?

Surf to and check out their utils. They also have a TuffTest-Lite for free to try. It creates a bootup-floppy which will then disect your system and its components.

Do a search in this forum on IBM Deskstar (or rather Deathstar), to see what others have come up with.
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Hi, I suppose you get this all the time but I have searched the internet and have only found one method of recovery.

Basically A virus has destroyed my operating system and I need a method of getting the data my laptop's hard drive. I have tried to install a new operating system using Ubuntu however once trying to install it says that there is not enough room on the hard drive which is understandable as it was pretty much full and when I installed ubuntu onto a USB stick It loaded through however I don't know how to access the original hard drive data when it loads through.

I wanted to know whether if there was an external method of taking the data off using another computer. The laptop is a Satellite A210 - 1C0.

Any Information would be great. Thanks.

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I have two Seagate 7200 hard drives than are no longer recognized by the desktop or by my laptop via a usb/EDI/SATA adapter. These were my backup drives and have all my photos, itunes, and doc files. Rather than speed $1,000 to have the files extracted by a recovery firm I wondered if its possible to remove the storage media from one drive and install it in a new drive box. Say buy a $60 internal drive open it up and remove the disks, take the disks out of the non-working drive and install it in the new internal drive. Is that even possible? Would the circuitry on the new drive even recognize the replacement disks? Would the drives need to be the same GB? Inquiring minds want to know!

A:Can I rebuild a hard drive to recover data

I've heard of people buying the exact same drive (needs to be exact so the PCB is the same) and then swapping those out. I've never heard of people removing the platters and putting in a new drive - I think that would be highly risky if not impossible. Try to find a working drive with the same PCB on ebay, then swap the boards.
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This evening I did a very stupid thing. When I plugged in my external hard drive, I got a message saying that I needed to reformat it. Without thinking, I clicked yes and allowed the darn computer to start erasing my data. As soon as I realized what I had idiotically done, I had another lapse of judgment and unplugged the external hard drive in the middle of the process.

Now I have a hard drive that is still 80% full and no way of reaching the data… Anytime I try to open the drive, I get a message saying it’s inaccessible.

Is there any way for me to recover some of the data still on the drive????

Any advice y'all could give would be muchly appreciated.

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Hello Guru's,
My systemwas suddenly crashed and I askedone of my company person to helpme in recovering the data on my hard drive and he said that his system is not registering(recognising) my hard drive due to which is he unable to restore the data. he suggested to contact one strore who will chargefrom 2000 to 5000 $ and I don't have that much money to recover my valueble data.
Please help me by telling how to recover my data on my hard drive.

Thanks in Advance.


A:Want to recover data from crashed hard drive

Hi Bobby and welcome to TSG.

If the hard drive is not getting detected by the computer BIOS at power up, then it is probably beyond any kind of inexpensive do-it-yourself solution.

If the hard drive is detected by the BIOS but Windows cannot access it, you may have a possibility of recovering all or some of its contents. You connect it as a slave drive in a working computer and then use commercial recovery software. Some recovery software that you can download has a free test mode that will test the drive's contents and gives you a report of what it can recover. You then have to pay for the program before it will actually recover the data.

You say your data is valuable but do not want to spend $2000 to get it back. How much are you willing to spend?
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Ok so my computer has hard drives First one is the C and is used for windows program files ect My second data Recover on unpartitioned hard drive hard drive i use to store my music pictures videos documents etc So i had both hard drives in there running fine and i decided i would reformat the C drive Recover data on unpartitioned hard drive and put windows on it again figuring all the data on the second drive would be fine I was using XP and i put XP on it again but when everything was installed it said that my second hard drive was unformatted So ive tried a bunch of programs to recover the data with no luck I can see that all the data is physicly still on the drive i just think that the partition information or whatever got screwed up somehow My friend told me that i would most likely need to recover the data to another hard drive which shouldnt be too much of a problem i just cant figure out how to do this i am looking at about gigs worth of data i need to recover and the only program i was able to find that would recover the data charged something like a gig and theres no way im paying for my hardrive back If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Recover data on unpartitioned hard drive

"I can see that all the data is physicly still on the drive"
How do you see this?

Try some partition recovery programs:

Partition Repair:

<--(Bootable floppy image)

or file recovery:
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Can somebody please help My C is a WD BB Western Digital gb I ran Disk Defragmentation and when i finished I ran Scan Disk Scan Disk wanted me to restart first With the Restart it never loaded my XP instead I recieved a message to start up in quot Safe Mode quot or quot Safe Mode With Networklng quot or quot Safe Mode with Comand Prompt quot or quot Solved: data on Recover drive hard Normal Windows quot No matter which one I choose my Computer starts up up to the black screen with the XP logo and blue bar showing progress The next moment it just restarts again I think my partition table is Solved: Recover data on hard drive broken I ve tried fixing the problem by booting with XP cd and restore fix with no success It wants me to format the HDD and re-install XP There is no software tool from hard drive manufacturer that I can find I ve even made a old gb HDD as my C master and installed XP on it then connected my gb HDD as slave to try and recover the data My gb is displayed in explorer and Disk Management but it is not accessable How can I retrieve save my data from that HDD Or how can I fix my HDD I will apreciate all help Thanks nbsp

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Hi Help: recover and hard data. Repair drive I m from latin america so excuse my bad writing I ll try to be the clearest I can It s about a Hitachi SATA TB hard drive What happened was that I had my CPU laid on one side and opened I had the hard Help: Repair hard drive and recover data. drive laid over the DVD unit Help: Repair hard drive and recover data. compartment because I was trying to fix up another hard drives and had to be continuously connecting and disconnecting Then I accidentally hit the CPU with my foot lifting it a little and getting hit against the floor the PC turned off then I turned it on again but Windows did not started So I Help: Repair hard drive and recover data. set BIOS to start with another hard drive that has Windows too and let the HItachi connected Like this Windows initialized very slow Then I check on quot My PC quot and Windows did not recognized de Hitachi hd I rebooted and checked in BIOS and there the Hitachi was not recognized neither I tried in another PC and with other cables and nothing changes P D -When the PC is turn on the Hitachi HD feels to start but past seconds it stops Sometimes when the PC turns on the Hitcachi starts to beep intermittently with a seconds interval it is not a mechanic sound and after every beep it s heard a little crack from the HD and the HD remains like this until I turn off the PC Remeber this happens SOMETIMES Please guys help me so I could repair the drive and recover my data Cheers and thanx nbsp

A:Help: Repair hard drive and recover data.

It sounds like you're done with that drive. I guess you will need to use your backups.

Recovery services can almost certainly get the data back, but they can cost into the $1000's.

The hard drive in your computer is in one of two states right now. It's
either going to fail or it already failed. Hard drives are inherently
fragile things with no built in redundancy.
-Chris PirilloClick to expand...
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I recently had my laptop motherboard die and need to recover data from the hard drive. The laptop hard drive had windows 7 installed on it. I would like to hook this drive up to my desktop, which has windows XP, and run the laptop drive as a slave. The laptop also has security passwords set so I will need to take control of the drive in order to access any files. Will this work?

I've done this process several times where both drives were running XP and I had no problems but I'm a little concerned it may not work since my primary drive (desktop with XP) is the older of the two operating systems.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Recover data from hard drive (win 7) using desktop with XP?

Hi speedracer993,
Welcome to Seven Forums.

There should be no issues in slaving the drive in an XP machine, you will then be able to access your data.
What do you mean by "The laptop also has security passwords set"??

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I am trying to help someone over the phone who has some technical ability with his 2 WIN98 (???SE) PC's. Unfortunately I have not used WIN 98 for a
very long time. His problem is that his Logitech PS2 mouse has stopped working on PC #1. It works on other machines and it appears that the computer's PS2 connector is damaged. Both machines have a single hard drive
(IDE interface).
He needs to recover valuable data on PC #1. (Of cource he has no backup!!). Can he simply remove the hard drive from PC#1 and put it in PC#2 (configured as a slave on IDE1 or a master on IDE2)?
Are there any problems with this solution?

A:Move hard drive to recover data

No problems.. If there are multiple partitions on the system drive, then the drive letters may get shifted around, but otherwise everything should Just Work.

Mind you, he could just attach a serial mouse to the broken system..
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On My XP MCE I wanted to print an interesting file and started the CTRL and P When it was taking a very long time to load the data I realized there would be a multitude of pages to print and the only way I could interrupt the process was to power off Upon reboot it kept cycling offering a screen with choices -- Safe Last known normal etc It did not matter which I selected it would cycle and return to that screen Giving up I replaced the HD and now I would like to recover the data I have the failed drive in an external case and when I try to access it I get quot Corrupted file -- cannot access quot The HD with the corrupted file is a WD SATA G Is there software that will allow me to gain access to the data I have the files backed up on another drive but the last back up was two months ago Thank you for considering my question nbsp

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The USB of my external hard drive was broken and I changed to a new casing. However, it did not show up in my computer anymore and did not show up in disk management. I read forums and assigned it a drive name in disk management and clicked new partition. The drive was now visible in my computer but it keeps asking to be formatted. I do not want to erase my old data and so did not format.I want access to this data back again. My hard drive is fine and makes no noises. Someone please help.


A:Recover data from external hard drive?

No guarantee that you'll be able to recover your data. Depends on the size of the HDD, it might take a while for the programs to scan it. Be patient.

Found some posts that might be of help. Good luck.
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Okay not really very good at this but my laptop stopped working so I took hd out and connected it to anotherlaptop through usb lead it appears in my disk management (although it shows up grey instead of black or blue if that makes sense to anyone) but it wont show in my computer I have a load od family photos on this drive and would really love some help and will send out good karma to all who try to help me many thanks in advance

A:Trying to recover data from crashed hard drive

Hi techmichellenot. When you say it stopped working,is there anything on the screen when you power up, or any indication that the system passed it's POST procedure (Power On Self Test), usually indicated by a beep before Windows itself tries to boot up?. Any error messages seen?. Sounds like you put the drive in an external case that can connect via USB. If there is indeed a problem with the disk drive and it's not a physical problem with the drive (maybe a corrupted Windows boot file,etc),your system may have a Recovery procedure that will reinstall your OS without erasing your data files (called a non destructive OS reinstall) as opposed to a destructive which erases everything and reinstalls the OS. I would check your documentation to see if your laptop has such a procedure.
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I am trying to recover data from a laptop hard drive I have removed from a clients Vista based laptop. The system board appears to be bad, but the hard disk appears to be ok. I am using a SATA to USB adapter to look at the hardrive using another computer (running Windows 7) .
There is an icon with a lock on a couple of the directories. One being the Documents and Settings directory. I can't see files in the directory. I have taken ownership of the directory and I see a subdirectory with my name , as if a subdirectory was created because my computer took ownership , but I don't see other files.
How do I recover the data ?

A:Reading Hard Drive to recover data

From reading your post, it appears that you are trying to recover the stuff that is on the HD, documents, pics etc.
I think you may want to start with this software. Download and look around. Your stuff may be able to be viewed.
I think going into doucments and settings will lead to a dead end.
Documents and Settings in Vista and Windows 7 - 4sysops
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Hi all,
Where/What software is the best for recovering data from a crashed hard drive. The drive that crashed was running Win98, but I've got WinXP machines that I can slap that drive into. I don't know much more than that because I have not had a chance to get my hands on the crashed drive, but the data is super important.

Thanks In Advance!!


A:Recover Crashed Hard Drive Data???

Well it depends on what went wrong with it. IF the drive is totally dead - ie does not spin up then there is no software to recover the data - you would need to replace the circuit board or electronics in the drive. If the heads are continually crashing then the same thing goes. If it just has bad sectors or Windows is messed up then you may be able to just copy the data off or use Spinrite.

There are companies that recover data from dead hard drives but they can charge from several hundred to several thousand for recover. This is where backing up your data comes in - it avoids these problems.
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I had a problem last week with my system, which I posted in this forum. Turns out one of my hard drives was the culprit.
I have (had) two internal hard drives on my desktop. I removed the faulty one, and my system now runs properly, but I need the data off of that faulty drive. (I need the data added since the last back up.)

I purchased a SATA to USB adapter kit, but of course it isn't that easy. The drive is not showing up in My Computer.

When I go to Disk Management, it is there... but I can't click on it. (Listed as Disk 1 Removable O: in screen cap)

Can anyone tell me (dumb it down, please) how I can recover my data?

(the drive in question is a Seagate that was partitioned into sections.)

thanks in advance

A:how do I recover data from a non responsive hard drive?

Here's the rule of thumb I've seen.

If the partition is seen and appears to be intact, try to recover the files with a file recovery application such as Recuva.

If the partition is not seen and appears to be gone or damaged, try to recover the partition first using a tool such as Partition Wizard. If that is successful, the files may then be visible and not need recovery.

I'm no expert on either application.

In any case, don't write anything new to the drive.

Hook the drive up in the normal manner and determine if you can see the partition. If no, try Partition Wizard. If yes, try Recuva.

Based on your picture, it looks like the partition is not seen.

You say this is an internal drive, so I'm not clear why you are using that cable instead of just connecting the drive internally.
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Is it possible to recover data from corrupted hard-drive?

A:Recover Data From Corrupt Hard-Drive

Sometimes, yes

Depends on the corruption cause as to mechanical or electronic.
If the data is critical, then there are data recovery companies specialising in that field, but they are not cheap. Think in figures around $1,000 or so
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Scenario My cousin just bought an HP MINI NR from good ol Best Buy He wanted to put a flavor of linux on there dreamlinux to be exact http www dreamlinux com br index html He downloaded the iso file from the website and planned on installing it onto his ntfs-formatted external hard drive gb The problem is that he accidentally installed the distro on the entire hard drive as opposed to a separate partition As a result he has lost all of his data images videos docs etc about GB Is there any way that he can recover this information off of his external hdd I am pretty sure that linux reformats the hdd to ext or something similar so reformatted data external possible drive to it Is from recover hard i don t know if there is any hope because usually reformating completely wipes the hard drive if I m not mistaken NOTE Now when he plugs in his external hard drive it shows up as a cd-rom image see attached image I have tried Is it possible to recover data from reformatted external hard drive the recovery program Recuva but it only seems to recognize hdd s and won t let me scan the quot CD-ROM quot I am using teamviewer to check out his pc at the moment in case any of you experts need more info about the pc Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you very much Please let me know if you need any more pertinent information EDIT I have attached another image from his pc s Disk Management utility It shows DISK as being the actual hard drive with almost the full hdd available AND it shows the cd-rom as something separate

A:Is it possible to recover data from reformatted external hard drive

He most likely can....BUT... itll cost ALOT of money. The hard drive will most likely have to be shipped to a professional with a dust free environment where he will open the drive and pull info from it.

If it is reformatted the information is most likely written over and gone, but ya never know, if he has about 800-1500 to dump on a hard drive, go for it, but I would just assume it is gone.
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Problem:--- When I connect my external USB 3.0 Western digital hard disk to my system, system is hanged. Showing that some external source is added to the system( USB icon in Tray icon ) but not able to see in the system.

Device manager recognizes it as a USB device under Hard Disk, but disk management calls it unknown and not initialized.
No drive letter is shown under my computer. There is no Symptoms like any extra sound, or spinning down, it is showing normal behavior.

Goal: Try to recover my jpgs, doc, and txt files.
It had an NTFS partition and no special software was used to maintain the external hard drive, nor was an operating system installed on it. Just basic files.If it matters, My computer is a windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit DELL laptop.

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Hi please help The computer is an HP a f Windows Vista service pack with a Western Digital WD AAKS- A B drive Last year I started having problems with the wd hard drive I would get error messages and data using disc? repair How from can hard I recover after drive at startup the computer would show that it was scanning the files I realized that maybe How can I recover data from hard drive after using repair disc? the drive was dying so I figured out how to clone it to a new TB drive Things How can I recover data from hard drive after using repair disc? had been ok with the new TB drive until last month My dad had trouble with it and didn t tell me until windows would not even How can I recover data from hard drive after using repair disc? load anymore I was heartbroken I know I should have saved everything to some discs when I had the chance Anyway I used another computer to download a vista repair program made a CD and used the cd on the a f but it didn t seem to work So since the new drive seemed dead I had the idea to use the original hard drive I had cloned from wd and try to repair it and clone it again So I plugged in the original drive used the vista repair disc and thankfully it was working even though it still says biohd- in the smart test I was hopeful because the desktop would load but the problem was that it would take forever to load Yesterday I decided to wait however long it would take until the spinning cursor would go away and see if I could click on programs It took a long time and everything was slow but I was able to access the msconfig and check off some startups and services Then I read online about chkdsk r So I tried that and when I started up again things were faster So I cloned the drive to a brand new drive and decided to save the new one as a backup for now since this one seems to be working again Sorry for all that I just wanted to give a lil info on what happened Anyway while sorting files I realized that instead of having all the files up until October or November of it only has files up until May Did all the repairing delete over a years worth of files If so is there a way I can recover those files nbsp

A:How can I recover data from hard drive after using repair disc?

Hi and welcome,
You may be able to recover some files using testdisk (free and legal) but it depends how over-written they are. Guide here: inc how to run from within Windows.

In the meantime, use those drives as little as possible to improve chances of recovery.
You could try using a Linux o/s called Ubuntu to try to rescue files off the dead drive. Guide here the version of Ubuntu has changed so some screenshots may look different, but the method still works.

Hope this helps?

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Hi, I am usig windows vista SP2 … I just repaired my 250 gb western digital external hard drive from an I/O device error using CHKDSK /F/X. At the end of doing this, there were a question that I don’t remember at this time that cames to my screen … and to finish with this process my answer was No. My external hard drive was repaired but I want to recover the data that I lost doing this things. How may I recover all my lost data? Please help me … I am desesperate.
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G'day All,
I'm having a hard drive problem. My hard drive crashed I've bought a new one have loaded up windows xp pro tried connected my old drive (making a clunking noise) as a slave drive and my computer just hangs at the XP pro openning window and does not advance. If I disconnect the slave win XP opens up correctly. I can't then connect when I'm in windows as it doesn't recognise that i've connected the drive.

I'm trying to recover some data on the old drive.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated? thanks in advance.

A:Hard Drive problem - crashed and trying to recover data

the drive is falling apart right pieces sound like they have broken inside the drive am i understanding you correcty if this is so the drive inside is getting damaged but you can recover the info on it
it easier to take the hdd in to a comp store or teck and they will open up the hdd and take out the disk and put it in a machine that can read it and wala they can recover all info on the disk perviding it not to badly damaged already my cousin had this done when his apt was broken into when he was on holidays and his computer was burnt and smashed to hell he took in the drive i think it cost him like $30 dollors can. and all info was recovered from disk the easiest way
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Hi I am using windows bit OS I am using WINMEND FOLDER HIDDEN v to hide folders on my hard drive During my usage of the hidden folders my system crashed and upon the restart I could not find two of the folders which I hide using Winmend I can find the remaining folders which I hide Winmend software is working as before and I can access the remaining files in it But two of my folders which I unhide and was using at the time of my system crash are now not visible either on my hard drive or in the winmend software When I went calculate the hard drive partition space I found that the data was not deleted and the size is showing including the folders which I cant view How can I retrieve my data back I tried enabling 'view hidden folders' but no use Also tried the command quot attrib -h -r -s s d g quot but no use Can anyone please help me what had happened actually and suggest me what to do hidden on 7 my windows hard How in to drive data recover to recover my data It is damn important for me

A:How to recover hidden data on my hard drive in windows 7

If you have a windows 7 install disc, you could use that to explore the drives.

Why are you hiding data in the 1st place ? And if it`s important, why aren`t you backing it up.
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I have a dell M XPS laptop with Vista Yesterday the computer froze and I rebooted but when it came on it Failed Hard USB Will Drive recover work to - data went to some computer utility screen to repair the Failed Hard Drive - Will USB work to recover data computer cause it would not reboot some new vista program I went through all the steps it could not repair itself or revert to an old saved point Dell guys says the hard drive has failed and is sending a new one but I have important data on there It seems like this is a software or corrupt file error I tested the RPMs and everything on the hard drive and it is fine It failed the read tests He suggested using data savers to recover data but it looks really expensive and I dont think I need it If I connect this SATA HD to a usb converter and plug it into another computer do you think it will work so I can recover my files It might be just an issue with a windows file and won t allow it to reboot I dont hear any noises coming from the HD and think it is running fine Any help would be appreciated How much are recovery services anyway If they do or don t have to open up the hard drive nbsp

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I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre K desktop My hard drive ran out of room and now will not boot I tired using safe mode to delete some old files and I did recover some extra hard drive space but it still will not boot The exe file that starts the Need from to data recover files hard Lenovo drive OS appears to be hidden in a special Lenovo created partition and I am unable to find it in safe mode I hooked my hard drive to another computer using a USB Need to recover data files from Lenovo hard drive device to recover my data files but all of my data files are missing my latest saves I seems that Lenovo creates a special type of file or partition called dynamic buffer I can only assume that my most recent saves are located there and are placed on C drive when I release the dynamic buffer of course did not happen when the hard drive Need to recover data files from Lenovo hard drive became full Lenovo web site has a recovery program but if Need to recover data files from Lenovo hard drive I understand correctly it reformats the hard drive and reinstalls the OS If this is true all my data would be losted My best solution would be to be able to boot up from my hard drive I tried the OS cd to repair the boot problem but apparently it does not know where the special exe file is and nothing is fixed The second best solution would be to find a software program that can extract my data from my hard drive Anyone know of one nbsp

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Hi My friend has a HP Pavilion dv t CTO Laptop with factory installed Windows Hard & the Reboot BSOD! Drive data from to How recover bit The Laptop is only months old I guess after recent auto update of Windows he started getting Blue Screen I have read most of the threads here in this Forum plus few others amp tried to solve the issue without any success All the Recovery Options under F to F failed to sort out the trouble The machine will not start in safe mode also When I am connecting the HD after taking out from BSOD! How to recover the data from Hard Drive & Reboot the machine to another Laptop I can see there are partitions - System G Local Disk H Recovery I HP Tools J this is FAT quot H quot partition is the main partition amp cannot be read Have made a recovery CD from my own laptop bit Win amp tried to recover - no joy I am using a software called quot Damaged Partition Recovery quot by MiniTool Solution Ltd amp can see all the original files amp folders which are residing in the damaged partition But am scared that if I recover the files format the bad partition amp reinstall the HD in the Laptop it may not work I need BSOD! How to recover the data from Hard Drive & Reboot some suggestion as to how to go about it Which are the files which needs to be recovered amp reinstalled in the fresly formatted disk to get back the original OS up amp running I am not a computer literate guy so a BSOD! How to recover the data from Hard Drive & Reboot step by step guide is much appreciated Thanks a Lot in advance

A:BSOD! How to recover the data from Hard Drive & Reboot

Thanks Prett!
The partition does exists, but it is not accessible. I have recovered the entire content of the damaged partition by using the minitool to another external drive but wondering how to reinstall the recovered data (which also contains OS) so that my laptop boots.
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I need to recover from a formatted external hard drive - buffalo 160gb mini-station Turbo USB, FAT32. The formatted external hard drive has been partitioned into 2.

Is still possible to recover back the files?

On related problem - what is the best software to repair corrupted jpeg? using ulead photo explorer 7se, i managed to view the jpeg with full pixels but when I open the file, the picture displayed is only half and the other half is blank gray.

I have plenty of corrupted mov - is there any mov repairer out there?

Thank you thank you for your help and I really hope someone can kindly attend to my question this time.

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Trying to recover some files from bad hard drive using usb to sata hard drive enclosure submitted minutes ago by mdwilson I have an Asus K a I had a Hitachi gb hard drive that failed on me I went out usb enclosure data bad recover to hard from sata drive Trying using some to and bought a new samsung ssd gb hard drive and replace Computer is up and running on Windows My computer has gb of ram I have an TB external hard drive I had most files back up with the exception of a very important pro tools session i was working on right before the crash I need to Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure recover it Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure Before buying a new drive i downloaded ubuntu live cd on a different computer and used it to boot up computer I recognized my hard drive but wouldn t let me quot mount quot to it It also said my hard drive health as quot will fail soon quot or something like that Also Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors somewhere near I went out and bought a usb to sata hard drive enclosure I put old drive in and plugged it into computer with my new drive in it In quot my computer quot it shows the old drive as drive quot e quot And in bios the hitachi is recognized The problem is when I click on the drive it tries opening or loading for several minutes and then eventually says quot E is not accessible parameter is incorrect quot It then also freezes my computer and makes me hard shutdown I downloaded ontrack easy recovery but it says I need a drive large enough to fit all the data on old drive I can use my external but I have important files on it and I don t know if those files would be wiped if I use it to recover Also when I plug both external drive and old drive into computer it freezes ontrack software So I m wondering my best options are I can not afford professional recovery I really just need the one session file folder which probably adds up to about gb Would love to recover some other stuff but it s not nearly as important When my old drive is in enclosure and quot starts up quot it doesn t make a clinking noise and sounds like it is spinning normally What can I do Thank you for responses nbsp

A:Trying to recover some data from bad hard drive using usb to sata enclosure

With that amount of problems
Also, showed that I had tons of bad blocks or sectors, somewhere near 20,000.Click to expand...

recovery of anything is unlikely
see if you can access it from a cmd prompt with admin rights, change the prompt to E:
then if that does show type
see if it will show the data
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I have Western digital WD3200BEVT (SATA 320 GB) hard disk drive in my laptop. Today, it suddenly started making noise as if it is stopping after every ~3 seconds and starting again. The HDD light of my laptop started blinking. I disconnected the Hard disk and put in the USB enclosure and it was behaving the same. And I couldn't access the data anyway (neither when it was connected to laptop, not using the enclosure). And it was not recognised by the computer. I personally believe it is hardware failure.

There are lot of important personal data in that HDD and I don't have back up. Do you know if this HDD is repairable? Or, is there anyway to recover the data?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Hello Everyone help advice needed please I have a HP laptop that had TB c drive i from Drive Hard Data been thats Recover Faulty partitioned partitioned it into two further drives Drive E and Drive F both had been assigned a drive letter weeks ago my laptops hard drive became faulty and i sent it off to repair with Knowhow I asked my data to be recovered before they put in a new one So what they did was only save what was on my C drive which was hardly anything and NOTHING of my other two important drives Recover Data from Faulty Hard Drive thats been partitioned E F was saved at all I phoned them up and spoke to the IT section and they said they will send the faulty hard drive back and for me to return it back to them via the store with an external hard drive so it can be recovered so what i want to know is can the data be recovrerd as EVERYTHING was saved on those two drives I have been told various things One said it cant be recovered because the main C drive was partitioned and someone else said it can be i do regular backups but since begining of this year i have not been able to as i was hospitalised in ICU and everything i did before that i didnt manage to backup and now i fear all that has been lost can anyone reassure me that it will be recovwred

A:Recover Data from Faulty Hard Drive thats been partitioned

As long as the 3 partitions where not over-written by "Knowhow" the data should all be intact and readable to the extent that the drive is readable..

when you get your old HDD back - purchase a HDD to USB external adapter - and you should be able to access the data..
to copy it over to another HDD > that is what they are going to do..
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Help Ok a few weeks ago I got enraged with my laptop Fuj-Siem Amilo Pro and thumped it with my hand right near the lower center - presumably where the hard drive is and well it froze up -after reboot and I got some BSOD blue screen of death message Anyways I ran the recovery console recovered about of my files with chkdsk r after hours and though it did not complete it still rebooted and I was able to boot windows and use my computer so HD data dead hard from to on Recover drive external and dump after two days of successful startups I was trying to repair and re-install the files that were not recovered like MS office stuff Itunes etc when it froze - and I waited for minutes before I had no choice but to turn off at the mains I turned the power back on when I got a quot disk read error press alt Recover data from dead HD and dump on to external hard drive ctrl etc quot and have sincxe tried everything you can do in recovery console to sort it fixmbr fixboot chkdsk said it was fine chkdsk r p - every command relative to the situation when running the recovery console before the DOS recognized my windows installation C Windows now it just says C gt or something like that I went to buy an external hard rive USB Maxtor GB and want to know how I can get the files on this USB drive I need to get that DATA back - and the Recovery console is not going to repair again - stays a for hours and I just want to get this stuff off somehow onto Recover data from dead HD and dump on to external hard drive the HDD nbsp

A:Recover data from dead HD and dump on to external hard drive

try getting your hands on a 'live cd' like Ubuntu or something.

you have to boot your system from the disc, usually by pressing an 'f' key as soon as you press the power button (on my tosh its f12). then select boot from cd, instead of from the hard drive.

you will probably need to have your external drive attached before you start in order for the 'live OS' to recognise it.

then you should be able to view and perhaps even copy your files to the external hdd. you should even be able to format the original hard drive from here too, then you can re-install windows.

lastly try an anger management course. this really was a bit of a rookie error, wasn't it?
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I recently transported my external 1TB Simpletech drive to a friends house to transfer some .avi files.

When i returned home and re connected to my computer the drive wouldn't be detected "J: is not accessible. The File or directory is corrupted or unreadable.

I found a good recovery program. Power Data Recovery 4.1.1 it is fairly fast depending on the amount of data recovered. At least i can reformat and see if it happens again. If it does I will be taking it back

You can find the software on torrent sites if you don't want to pay for it

A:possible to recover data from simpletech hard drive that computer won't recognize

You can find the software on torrent sites if you don't want to pay for it Click to expand...

It is against forum rules to discuss torrents or P2P file sharing, sorry.
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What distro of Linux is the best for booting from and recovering data from an otherwise inaccessible hard drive? I've heard Knoppix is good but in there link I wasn't exactly sure which one I wanted to download, for example what is meant by boot only version?

A:Booting from Linux CD to recover data from busted hard drive

Knoppix is good and so is an Ubuntu disk.
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I have two hard drives on a computer. I started reformatting the secondary drive, which doesn't have the operating system on it, and realized soon after I started that it has some important data on it. It had barely started when I cancelled it. Now the drive needs to be formatted to be used. Is there a program that can recover deleted data from an unformatted hard drive?

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Hello everyone I recently needed to to Drive Hard Data! Need Corrupt/Semi-Formatted Recover - boot to the Command Prompt on my Windows HP Laptop I used the Corrupt/Semi-Formatted Hard Drive - Need to Recover Data! recovery disks I made thinking I could access the CMD from there like I had read online Not finding anything at the main recovery menu screen I clicked on System Reset Restore to attempt to get to CMD from there Ive done a full factory reset times in the past so I didnt plan to actually format my Hard Drive while trying to boot to CMD However I clicked the next button Corrupt/Semi-Formatted Hard Drive - Need to Recover Data! one to many times and without much warning System Restore started to format my main HD I held the power button down to force shut down the computer and stop formatting but I knew damage had already been done I would assume that the formatting I did just erased the file system necessarily to access the actual information without actually erasing much of my files I took the HD out of my laptop and put it Corrupt/Semi-Formatted Hard Drive - Need to Recover Data! into an external enclosure attempting to access the info from another computer the drive shows up but there is no size for it and when opening it it requires another format before it can be viewed If I boot my laptop with the damaged drive in it it will say quot error loading operating system quot so it des recognize that the drive has an OS installed on it Is there any way to recover the files on the HD Im not sure how the file system itself works but it seems like it would be possible to write a file system back onto the HD without destroying its contents Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Corrupt/Semi-Formatted Hard Drive - Need to Recover Data!

Are you positive that it was "formatting"? There isn't usually a format when using the recovery partition for recovery, or the recovery disks. Did it actually say "formatting"?

I suppose it doesn't much matter because even if it had started to restore the disk image, the results would have been almost the same.

About all you can do is scan with recovery software and see if anything remains. You really should try that before messing with the file system or partitions in case all ends up lost.

Files that are not backed up are files you should expect to lose.

The trouble is that anything that would try to "rebuild" what was on the disk would need to include the data that is no longer present to create accurate structures, like an MFT or boot record. But try everything.


Using TestDisk To Repair Corrupted MFT, Repair NTFS Boot Sector (or build a new one if both are corrupted), Or Create Or Restore Boot Sector Backups.

Paragon Rescue Kit
Parted Magic (The best boot CD. Includes data recovery to CD/DVD, network, or USB, Testdisk for partition recovery, audio tests, and much more)
Testdisk Documentation
Testdisk Download
Minitool Partition Recovery
Easeus Partition Recovery
Diskinternals Partition Recovery
Partition Wizard Boot CD
Testdisk Boot Disk
Partition Find & Mount
Free DTIData NTFS Partition Repair Tool


Diskinternals Partition Recovery (Demo)
[email protected] Partition Recovery
Bootmaster Partition Recovery
ZAR Partition Recovery
DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch
Partition Table Doctor
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how do i recover data on a failed hard drive

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I have a FULL Seagate Barracuda tb internal hard drive that just stopped working that I would like to recover the data My big road block in data. not drive Hard Trying died, to recover still but spins recognized. trying to recover the data myself is that my computer is not recognizing that the drive is connected It has not been physically damaged and has not left the computer in the months that I ve had it besides for the rare occasion I add a new Hard drive died, still spins but not recognized. Trying to recover data. part to my computer It is under warranty so whatever I do I would like not to void the warranty so I can have it replaced once I get the date Here is what happened Last night when I tried to move a file to my hard drive it was really slow and and kept giving me errors It finally worked and I started watching the file from the hard drive on my media player Half way through my media player gave me all kinds of errors and the file stopped working After closing my media player I saw that my hard drive seemed to have been disconnected It did not show up in quot My Computer quot I tried rebooting taking the hard drive out and putting it back in and switching which bay I had it in I have a case that allows for hot swapping None of this has worked When I put it in the computer you can hear it working all normal noises no bad ticking or anything It slows freezes up the computer as the computer seems to be trying to read the hard drive but after awhile it seems like it gives up and the computer returns back to normal without recognizing the hard drive I took it to a local computer shop and they confirmed that it now a dead drive They said they should be Hard drive died, still spins but not recognized. Trying to recover data. able to recover the data off the hard drive and put it on another drive for or if it proves to be difficult This is a lot better then the flat fee that Seagate would charge Hard drive died, still spins but not recognized. Trying to recover data. because its under warranty and a hell of a lot better then the to they would charge if it wasn t under warranty But since they both say they should be able to recover the data from it I have to assume there is a way for me to do it from home I have OnTrack EasyRecovery Professional on my computer but I just need a way to get my computer to recognize the drive If anyone can help me I would be greatly appreciative nbsp

A:Hard drive died, still spins but not recognized. Trying to recover data.

Hi zaphenomenalone and welcome to TSG.

Does the hard drive show up in the Bios ? Does it show up in Disk Management ?

Please download and run this TSG hardware utility and paste the result into your next post :-
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I have hard drives currently installed in my computer are seagate sata- g interface easy I pulled out an old IDE hard drive a samsung GB It's set to slave On the 1 1 to Data? ok, MBR? ok. not 2 Partitions, Recover How post and boot screens and the BIOS it indicates the IDE drive is FAT Within Windows it says that it is not formatted It even said it was RAW that's not right So I downloaded EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition and ran it Now it shows Drive as being split into partitions first partition named quot Ho quot shows FAT formatting The second partition named quot applications quot shows no formatting At one point I had this as my main drive and set my default settings in my O S to install all my applications in that partition I set all default folders to point to that drive at the time I wanted to keep my O S on one partition and all my applications photos user data etc on the other so that when I defragged I really only had to keep up with the applications partition since I never changed anything on my main partition Here is a screen shot I would like to save the data on the applications partition I tried a few tools that quot dug quot up my old drives and I did get a few logos application graphics splash screens etc but really not much MBR? 2 Partitions, 1 ok, 1 not ok. How to Recover Data? of value Any recommendations on how to recover lost data on Windows I also would like to convert all drives to NTFS so I can just run CONVERT drive from a cmd prompt right Thanks This rd IDE disc is giving me the most trouble I have another question In my BIOS under SATA settings I have it set to AUTO Should it be set to something else like ALHC or whaetver that is or RAID I am not really running RAID drives here but I never heard of the other option so I was curious about it I also haven't run SATA and IDE together like this and since it's Windows just wondering if there are iissues regarding it Thanks

A:MBR? 2 Partitions, 1 ok, 1 not ok. How to Recover Data?

You can Google for software that restores partitions. There are quite a few of them. I forget the names since I haven't used any in ages.
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WD TB Green Caviar internal HDD Almost a month ago i dropped my hdd from almost feet ht after that it has gone dead not detected even in bios it was giving screeching sounds may be due to some head crash I left it aside and now yesterday when i connected it it showed up but the OS didnt boot no problem i just need the WD Please 1TB my partitions lost me help recover HDD data not the OS Then I connected it as slave drive what i see is only my system reserved mb and C drive are visible and the whole data in C Please help me recover my lost partitions WD 1TB HDD drive is write protected i can copy the data from it but not delete or add anything in it DISK READ ONLY The C drive of Disk in Explorer it is showing as gb only where as in disk management it is showing as some gb which is clear in disk management screen shot and the remaining partitions have gone unallocated I have so much personal data stored in it with out any backup any where The unallocated space doesnt even give the option for new simple drive even i dont want to make a new drive as it decreases the chances for recovery I have started a test disk utility on my drive by reading some forums but it is running deadly slow i dont think it will be of any use any way i will wait till it finishes after midnight it showed some message in test disk quot no of heads cylinders mismatch quot please refer screenshot quot Test disk quot what would that mean Test disk still running Please help me to recover my partitions as i cant afford to invest in any professional recoveries i can assure you that i am a bit techy person so PLEASE GUIDE ME STEP BY STEP PROCESSES THROUGH GOOD SOFTWARES so that i can recover my partitions and backup it Im attaching some screenshots for your reference please ask if you need any more info needed to understand the problem and guiding me for the solution Thanks in advance Looking forward for the HELP

A:Please help me recover my lost partitions WD 1TB HDD

The screech was indication of a hardware failure -- which no amount of software is going to correct or overcome.

The best you can hope for at this point is to be able to recover some files.

I have used RecoverMyFiles from Runtime Software to do such recovery in the past -- but every case is different and there are no guarantees of being able to recovery anything.

You can download the trial from their website and run it against your drive -- let it run overnight for best results. You can then view the files that have been found -- but you have to go online and purchase a license to actually save off the files.
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I am new to posting on the site and I have searched for this issue but come up blank Here is my problem I am attempting to recover data to Accessing hard drive data recover on a secure failing folders from Accessing secure folders to recover data on a failing hard drive a hard drive that is failing - no partition found I have been able to scan and mount the partition NTFS and I have recovered the public folders the issue is with the other two user folders I see they are write protected I am unable to remove the write protection or grant my self even read access to the folders I have mounted them as I said and made an image of the partition which is what I am working on but of course the two folders are not copying to the image as I do not have permission to access them The Drive is an Gig partitioned and formatted NTFS with Windows XP I have tried a rescue CD in the system with no luck and now I have the drive in a an external dock on a different system running Win I am using my Admin Acct This seems to be an issue like the Ransome ware infections where users lose access to their data any suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated Mike Ears Hopin P

A:Accessing secure folders to recover data on a failing hard drive

You sure it's not just a permission issue? Try How to take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP.  7 is pretty much the same. Just takes a lot more clicks.
Oh, and in the future, backup your data to a second physical disk or the cloud. This will avoid the inevitable.
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While installing Fedora 12, it deleted all the 5 partitions i had... currently i have only 1 partition since fedora messed everything up...all the data has been lost... and m not even able to logon to Fedora... i have deleted fedora and m in the process of installing XP... during the installation of XP, i deleted the one partition i had and then formatted it using the NTFS system so that i cud install XP... is there any way i cud recover all the data i had? ... i had 5 partitions with c,d,e,f and z drive... total 500 GB... any help wud be appreciated... also m sorry if this doesn't belong to this section...

A:Recover data from deleted partitions

Features Partition Wizard

The free version includes partition recovery.

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i recently had a balloon on xp pro bottom right corner saying hard drive write failure and all data will be lost. so i clicked ok and all my family photos and cv's and data have gone on my western digital 120 gig caviar se. tried unpluging the ide and power but drive is showing but no data. i've also been on ws website and downloaded and installed drive rescue but still no joy. can anyone help me

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Since my system crashed before I got a new seagate hard drive and copied most of my video picture files to it about gb Yesterday I noticed that when I played one of my video files it would play the wrong one In other words I d double click on one labeled tennis match and would get an episode of The Simpsons instead I thought this was 90% of just Hard drive lost data my strange and tried to run scan disk but it gave me an error message I Hard drive just lost 90% of my data then reset the computer and got a black screen with white words running accross it for about minutes Most of the time it said deleting index entry filename in index digit number of file digit number After that the message quot recovering orphaned file quot splashed all across the screen for about min When the computer started up the drive only showed and change GB of data instead of the gb that was there before What in the world happened and where did my data go I tried the programs quot free undelete quot it didn t Hard drive just lost 90% of my data find anything drive rescue it gave some sort of accessing error and said something like feature not avaliable and file Hard drive just lost 90% of my data scavenger which mostly just found the files for the game America s Army and only video files which were both labelled as pdf docs I am currently running PC Inspector File Recovery Are there any other programs I can try or is there anything I can do to make the data come back Most of this stuff is irreplacable nbsp

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I got missing or HDD with from Read/Recover Data damaged MBR/Partitions called because someone was having recent problems with a computer restarting running slow and locking up repeatedly over the past couple of days Read/Recover Data from HDD with damaged or missing MBR/Partitions It seemed easy enough and now I m stuck with a brick of a Hard Drive and no backup Should have checked for that first I attempted to recover an earlier restore point but got a bunch of error messages about missing parts Read/Recover Data from HDD with damaged or missing MBR/Partitions or files then the PC reset and now the MBR and or Partition table seems to be gone Windows booted before this even if it did lock up a bit My symptoms are as follows - At boot I get quot Primary Master Hard Disk Error quot S M A Read/Recover Data from HDD with damaged or missing MBR/Partitions R T never gave a message - BIOS sees the drive just fine under the settings and advanced settings selections - I attempted to use the recovery console and got this C gt fixmbr Device HardDisk The old master boot record cannot be read - Windows installer can t see the drive Device not found - Using Ultimate Boot CD for Windows I can run the Device manager and see the HD under Disk Drives It shows Manufacturer as quot Unknown quot and Location as quot Location quot The driver provider is quot Unknown quot and it s using Disk sys and Partmgr sys for drivers Drive is listed as quot WDC WD EB- CPF quot in the Device Manager - Also under UBCD I can run MbrFix and tell it to check Hard Drive The drive information shows fine Cylinder track sector byte counts as well as Drive size - Attempting to use MbrFix to display partition information returns quot Function failed Error The Drive cannot find the sector requested quot The same happens when I try to Read state from byte x b and Read Disk Signature - Running the Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics test on the drive returns an error message quot Cable Test Read diagnostics sector error quot Cables are fine and have been switched between CD rom and HD A New IDE was added as well just to check - The WD application shows S M A R T status as Not Available - The same program pulls a model and serial number from the drive Model WDC WD EB- CPF IDE - ERD Commander does not see the hard drive and only shows it s default drive Do not attach Windows partition - Switching to Secondary Master doesn t help any so it s not the cables and it s not the inputs on the Mother Board Normally I would try to clone the drive and see if I could repair the Partition table and MBR but none of the programs I have seem capable of doing that There is data on this drive that needs to be recovered The newest backup is a couple of months old If anyone has an idea please post it up here nbsp

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Hello everyone My apologies if I have posted this in the How with Diskpart-Clean Help recover partitions data? to accidentally. wrong section I am in the middle of a major panic attack and am trying my best to stay calm to get some help This is my situation - gt My Western Digital TB Hard-Disk had partitions i C Around GB operation system - gt Formatted ii D Around GB Used around - GB iii E Around GB Used around GB I had formatted my C Drive to install a new operating system when I ran into some issues with MBR GPT Diskpart-Clean accidentally. How to recover partitions with data? Help conflicts I read a thread where it stated that I Diskpart-Clean accidentally. How to recover partitions with data? Help oughta try to clean the partition which I did but I ended up cleaning my entire disk with all partitions gone I panicked and created a new partition It is gb big and covers the entire hard disk I honestly don't know why I did that Just realised I better stop and ask Diskpart-Clean accidentally. How to recover partitions with data? Help guidance before proceeding I havent done anything after that It had some extremely important files I'm an animator and it has about of my demo reel I was just beginning to back up the important data in my hard disks and this has happened I followed the advice given on this thread diskpart clean by accident need to recover partitions begging ' I have just downloaded the bootable version of Partition wizard I don't have any other harddisks to boot from Just about to boot with USB and see what happens But I would really appreciate help and guidance on what to do to proceed further Any help would be deeply appreciated Please

A:Diskpart-Clean accidentally. How to recover partitions with data? Help

Currently running a quick scan using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Its running at a slow rate. 4% right now. It seems to have detected 3 lost/deleted partitions so far but the partitions sizes seem to be (2.45mb used / 3.01 mb). Guess I will have to wait for it to hit 100% before knowing anything more.I will update a picture of what I get once it completes. Meanwhile, any advice on any other alternatives / procedures I should do will be greatly appreciated.
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This afternoon when I turned on my computer(listed as primary in my PC specs) my Slave Maxtor drive didn't show up. After turning it off and back on 2 times the drive finally returned in My Computer but it changed from Maxtor Drive(I: ) to Drive(H: ). And when you try to get into the drive it reports that the drive is not formatted. Is there a way I can recover the drive with data intact that dosn't involve formating it? If there isn't how can I copy the data on the disk to another harddrive while I format this one?

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I had a message about errors when I plugged in my WD external hard drive. I let the Error Checking run and when it finished it said I needed to format the disk. I cancelled this and looked in my computer and although the drive appeared, no details (i.e. space usage) was present.

I re-ran Error Checking with "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" checked.

After running this the drive appeared properly in My Computer.

However there are many files missing, and the space usage of what is there doesn't match up with what my computer says.

Files I can physically see: ~ 120 Gb.

Space usage according to Explorer: ~420 Gb.

So it looks like tha data may still be there but Windows can't see it???

Any suggestions on possible ways to recover??

Edit: BTW, forgot to say, all this is booted into Win7 not XP on my dual boot system.

A:External hard drive lost data

You may be able recover some of the data with this apps.
Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic
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Hi, I have a WD Elements external hard drive on which I have stored all of my data including photos, music and work. I have been using it for over a year with Windows XP and Vista and have so far had no problems, however today I received an error message saying
'Windows Delayed Write Failed. Windows was unable to save all the data for the file E:\$Mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.'
All of the data appears to have been wiped from the hard drive, however when I open Properties it says that 322GB is still being used. Is there any way that I can recover this data without sending the hard drive away?

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I was using an western digital external hard drive to store (not back up process) images, video, music etc from a windows XP machine. I upgraded to windows 7 machine and could see the files on the wd external hard drive. I then used windows 7 back up facility and now can't see my old files although the memory size indicates they are still there. I've tried Recuva but it just sees the windows 7 back up files and ignores the files I want. I've tried plugging the wd into an xp machine but that only sees the windows 7 back up files. Any suggestions as to how I can see the old files or recover them without paying too much?

A:Lost data on WD external hard drive

Hi and welcome to the forums.

There is a small chance that your files and folders have just hidden themselves. To view hidden folders follow the tutorial at Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide.

At the very least this is a good place to start.

If you have any questions feel free to ask; post back with any results.

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As the title says, I've mistakenly used 'clean' command on my backup drive which is on my Imation external hdd, after the command used, all the partitions on the disk were deleted & the disk went to uninitialized state, I did initialized the disk but there are no partitions on that. Please suggest the way if there is any to recover the deleted partitions

A:How to recover partitions lost due to usage of 'clean' command in win7

The standard recommendation is Partition Wizard bootable disk, from here:

Free Download Magic Partition Manager Software - Partition Wizard Online

Not sure what your chances are and someone else may have other ideas.
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I have a Fantom Titanium GB External Hard Drive USB My desktop was starting to show signs of drive Data. not External all Hard recognized Lost crashing and so I moved all that I could to my external hard drive Soon after my desktop froze and I had to do a hard Lost all Data. External Hard drive not recognized reset in which time it froze at the dell start up screen on reboot and I had to do a hard reset again all the while my external hard drive was attached Now my desktop is back up and running but my External hard drive does not come up on my desktop so I hooked Lost all Data. External Hard drive not recognized it up to my laptop which also does not display my external hard drive The activity light just flashes at a constant rate unlike when it was working it used to flash like a banshee I right-clicked on my computer and went into the manager to see if the external was mis-assigned which it did not display in the manager either Lost all Data. External Hard drive not recognized Any ideas of how to get my data off the external Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Lost all Data. External Hard drive not recognized

Hi and welcome.

I'd try taking the drive out of the external case and slaving it to the desktop computer internally.
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I am running WIN XP Pro (SP2) with a USB attached external hard drive.
The hard drive is attached all the time and is 250gb, it currently shows free space of 157gb.
All the folders appear (including the normally hidden system folders), but they appear to be empty.
Going by the fact that there is 157 gb of free space there should therefore be approximately 100gb of data yet I am unable to see it.
I have run Freeundelete (which didn't work because it couldn't see my external drive (my H drive) and have also run Winundelete which ran successfully but said there were no deleted files to undelete.
How do I go about restoring the files that are there but that I can't see so that I can once again use them.

A:(Apparent) Lost data on external hard drive

A complete reboot and power off / on seems to have fixed this problem.
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During an new OS upgrade involving setting up an gb Me XP dual boot on a new drive i managed to scramble my existing drive which had gb data on a windows Me OS hard drive This was years worth My new dual boot is working a treat but i want to embark on a project to retrieve info ie email addresses downloads etc off my old disc I know its there because the boot discs ie acronis partition magic say the disc is ok but it wont boot no how no way In hindsight i think i must have accidentally revealed hard lost on retrieving data drive Solved: two OS to each other both active and well you get the idea How can I plug it back into an operating OS as a slave and be sure its not active albeit corrupted I dont want to scramble my new working setup Is the fact it won t boot any more good enough Will my existing active drives not see it if it isn t bootable even if it is active Thanks Solved: retrieving lost data on hard drive for any comments nbsp

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My desktop runs XP and I have a Seagate external hard drive which I use for videos While closing down the system in Solved: ?? lost - Hard Data Drive External a hurry I removed the power plug for the external hard drive Solved: External Hard Drive - Data lost ?? too early Before finally closing it gave a message which referred to the drive K and I think included the word re-cycle and a string of numbers It then said that I should save the file elsewhere Not knowing what I could then do I continued with the closing down routine When I re-booted the system it refused to recognise that the external drive existed Does Solved: External Hard Drive - Data lost ?? this mean that I have completely lost all my files Its not an absolute disaster if it does as I m sure that Iwill be able to re-load most of them from the web but if they are recoverable then that would save many hours of work I m abroad at the moment so don t have access to my system for quot trying things out quot but any thoughts or comments polite please - I fully realise that my problem is caused by impatience would be most welcome Soroti nbsp

A:Solved: External Hard Drive - Data lost ??

They aren't gone but something may have been corrupted

-press the windows key
-right click on "computer"
-click MANAGE
-click on disk management under "storage"
-do you see the disk show up anywhere? if so what does it show?

I would start by going to the command prompt and typing CHKDSK /F then let it reboot and run.
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Hello I m kinda new to external hard drives and I can t seem to find the exact answer on this forum or other forums I run windows xp and have an external western digital gb hard drive with FAT but would like to change it to NTFS because I can t seem to transfer file sizes up to gigs into it plus I heard a lot of advantages with NTFS My initial question is will I lose all my data in my external hard drive if I decide to quot format quot it to NTFS I will be able to transfer files larger that gigs when it is formated right I know you will lose your data if you decide not to make a backup if you quot convert quot I have a lot of data already stored in my ex hdd I m just curious if I right click on the ex hdd drive in quot my computer quot and selecting quot format quot to NTFS will I lose my data in the ex hdd Will I need to make a backup or can formating of External to data?) Hard Drive NTFS (lost I just format with my data in the ex hdd And what does the quot enable compression quot and quot quick format quot do under quot Format Option quot I apologize if formating External Hard Drive to NTFS (lost of data?) I didn t find this answer somewhere else nbsp

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I am running WIN XP Pro (SP2) with a USB attached external hard drive.
The hard drive is attached all the time and is 250gb, it currently shows free space of 157gb.
All the folders appear (including the normally hidden system folders), but they appear to be empty.
Going by the fact that there is 157 gb of free space there should therefore be approximately 100gb of data yet I am unable to see it.
I have run Freeundelete (which didn't work because it couldn't see my external drive (my H drive) and have also run Winundelete which ran successfully but said there were no deleted files to undelete.
How do I go about restoring the files that are there but that I can't see so that I can once again use them.

A:Solved: (Apparent) Lost data on external hard drive

A complete reboot and power off / on seems to have fixed this problem.
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Hey I would like to know if anyone knows how to recover data that has been erased completely. I don't exactly how to retrieve it before it get written over again.

A:How Do You Recover Lost Data?

Welcome to Bleeping Computer songoten_01 How did you lose your Data...Did you do a complete restore or a complete reinstall of XP?If you did a restore, most of your files should still be on your harddrive.if you did a complete(clean)reinstall of XP,sorry they're gone.
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I am looking for a program that could recover my lost data from my hard drive. I had to reformat my hard drive to reload windows and I deleted the second hard drive in my computer where my back up data is stored. Is there a program that can get my data back in the folder not by there extension?

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Hi All We have had real problems with our laptop the last month and discovered that our Fujitsu Siemens is not the only one with this No updates or service packs were received in four years and it lost data? Can I recover all came to a head last week Trying to install a new copy of Microsoft Office we found nothing would work We had many conversations with tech help at Microsoft and in the end it was decided that we would have to completely reinstall Vista We bought an external hard drive and thought we had saved everything to this before proceeding Sadly we didn't realise that the saving of our photo folder was only a shortcut so once everything was deleted and Vista reinstalled we put hard drive back in we found none of our Can I recover lost data? pictures in it I am now wondering if there is ANY WAY we can recover the lost pictures Or has it all gone for good months of new born daughter Any help would be massively appreciated Hannah

A:Can I recover lost data?

You will need to use recovery programs like this
How to recover files from formatted hard drives?
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Hello everyone I lost all my data and must to recover it I am hoping any praying for assistance in the recovery of my data it recover to lost all data my and *must* that is quot stuck lost all my data and *must* to recover it quot in my computer I am very distressed because of this and I can use lost all my data and *must* to recover it all the help in the data recovery I could get I m an quot intermediate quot in computer knowledge I will try to make this as short and concise as I can I run lost all my data and *must* to recover it Win SE computer has a floppy disk drive to boot Synopsis of what happened got a virus of some kind First the entire desktop looked quot normal quot but nothing nothing on it was operable double clicking on icons did NOTHING ALL the files in the START menu became unassociated with any program to open amp run them and EVERY SINGLE icon in ALL of the subfolders changed to the quot generic quot Windows quot unassociated quot icon plain white background with the -color Windows Pane A Note All menus could pop open up from the start menu EXCEPT for the quot Search Find Files Folders quot menu that one basically vanished A while later icons disappeared from my desktop the Recycle Bin the My Documents folder and I m not sure what the rd one was could not remember what had been in that spot but it was NOT the My Computer Folder although double clicking on My Computer did nothing Then a short while later My screen flashed for a second or two and then ALL my icons on the desktop suddenly went to the Windows quot generic quot icons as described above with all the files in the START menus the file names were still visible BUT ALL the extensions changed to ones I ve never heard of I do remember some were changed to quot ink quot extensions I did a search of this extension and I do NOT have CorelDRAW and never have At this point I literally couldn t do a thing ALL files and icons were unassociated with any program that would open them the quot Search Find Files quot folder off the START menu was basically gone and my Recycle Bin and My Documents folder had vanished Next I tried to use quot START gt Shutdown gt DOS quot in an effort to reboot in DOS but when I tried that choice from the Shutdown Menu DOS had ceased working too At this point EVERYTHING was basically rendered unusable so I shut down computer completely START gt Shutdown gt Turn Computer Off - this worked normally and the computer shut off then I turned off the power on the surge protector Here s where it gets interesting I waited about minutes and then powered up the computer It sounded like it was booting up normally but then A a screen popped up and said quot Windows is setting up your computer and next B a Setup Wizard screen popped up asking my name I entered it and pressed quot OK quot that was the only choice next was C the Windows License Agreement I quot accepted quot it and pressed quot OK quot and D then the next screen was the one that asks me to enter my Windows Product Key off the original paperwork At this time I figured out it basically was quot forcing quot me to re-install my WIN SE off my recovery CD which in doing so would have re-installed amp re-written WIN SE over all my current data in the machine I certainly did not want to do this reinstall Windows over my data so at this screen I pressed quot CANCEL quot and the machine literally shut-down by itself and since then I have not attempted to turn it back on Soooo at this point in time all my files are currently on my hard drive and they are ALL unassociated with any programs to open them BUT when the hard drive gets powered on it is basically at the quot beginning point quot that asks user to re-install Windows with the Product Key and Recovery CD nbsp

A:lost all my data and *must* to recover it

Take the hard drive out, and install it as a slave drive in another computer or put it in a USB external enclosure and try to read the data.

I'm going to assume the file extensions changed to LNK not INK. You saw lnk which is not a capital I, it's a small L. It sounds like a virus, so the data may not be retrievable, but try the suggestion above. If that doesn't work, you'll have to pay a data recovery company to try, but you have to pay even if they don't recover anything, and it could get very expensive (hundreds of dollars).
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Hello all I have a Seagate GB external hard drive It was dropped last night while plugged in nothing major really but now the majority of Data...Need Lost Recover to its files do not show up in Explorer I do not want to pay an arm and a leg for data recovery services but I m afraid that is going to end up being the case However I am hoping someone on here will be able to help me before I commit to such a financial burden I downloaded GetDataBack last night and it gave me errors related to being unable to read certain sectors Their website told me to make an image of the harddrive and then to try and recover that image instead but it too gave me sector-reading errors Any thoughts Also all of my music files iTunes uses is on the drive I am still able to open iTunes and play those songs that I can no longer see in Explorer nbsp

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Ok so first off let me say I regret ever going to the stupid Geek Squad to fix my computer at all I understand it instantly makes me an object of Recover hard "dead" from drive? data ridicule However I am a jerk and usually can t fix my computer myself So A few months ago my computer was acting all sorts of wonky taking forever to boot up refusing to run simple programs taking forever to connect to the internet wouldn t run even a simple YouTube video etc etc As I desperately needed the computer for school I had an online class about to start I caved and took it to Geek Squad They told me the hard drive was dead and needed to be replaced They also told me it would cost about for data recovery I didn t have any Recover data from "dead" hard drive? this was all done under warranty so I told them to just go ahead and fix it Fast forward a week or two I m at Best Buy picking it up Geek Squad Sign here Oh and here s your discs Me Discs What discs Geek Squad The discs you dropped off when you dropped off the computer Me I didn t drop off any discs Geek Squad Well they were with your computer when we got it Come to find out my two darling sons ages two and four shoved a couple discs into the DVD drive at the same time and without my knowledge Hence my computer did NOT need a new hard drive I m assuming because my kids just clogged it up by trying to force two discs to run at the same time Rather than check this before they ran their diagnostic tests Geek Squad simply chose to say quot failed hard drive quot and replace it Now I m stuck without all my old data I insisted they give me the old hard drive back and they did My question to you all is Is it possible for me to pull the data somehow off this quot dead quot hard drive Or is it possible for me to just put it back in the computer but still keep all the data programs etc I ve been doing a little research and it seems easy enough ha but once I get to that whole quot set it to slave or master quot part I get confused I don t want to screw up the hard drive that the Geek Squad put on here when they replaced it but it would be nice to have all the old data also the old hard drive had a recovery drive D drive for such problems as this so I don t know why they felt it necessary to swap out the entire drive I did make a set of system recovery discs for the old hard drive and I still have them but that didn t include any of my data I m running XP on an HP a n desktop apparently with an ATI hard drive newly installed Any takers nbsp

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My friend has inadvertantly deleted my external Gig HDD and fomatted it into FAT Well he at least tried too It did not proceed with the format always popping up with an error message Guess this is due to the HDD being to large for FAT The drive is an WD MyBook Essential Gig It had and hoefully still does Gig of data on it My friend had it connected to his pc and forgot to unplug it When he decided to re-install his os s starting with SE it for some reason decided that the external drive looked the best to install too So the prompts went through to deleteing the partition and then trying to format to FAT Thats as far lost Solved: recover data!! as Solved: recover lost data!! it got When I plug in my drive and select it it reports that it is not formatted and do I wish to proceed with this Of course Solved: recover lost data!! I chose not too ALL of my critical data and back ups are on this drive Is there any way to retrieve Solved: recover lost data!! this data from the external drive There is Gig of data on it Gig being VERY important information on it The rest I do not care about As opposed to spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a company to fix it is there a way to do this myself Any trustworthy and proven software that you are familiar with Can the drive be changed back to NTFS before recovery Does that matter Any help here is soooo much appreciated and If I can somehow retrieve this data then I may not starve to death for as long as my wifes memory remebers this horrible event nbsp

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HELP!! ohmy.gif
Before doing a clean install of XP Home on a Win ME system, I backed up hundreds of files on 1.7 GB Sec Master and 5 GB Sec Slave Maxtor drives. The XP install reformatted and loaded nicely onto the 60 GB C drive, Pri Master.
Now, XP sees all the files on the 5 GB (E drive) but says that the 1.7 GB (D drive) is unformatted, asking "do you want to format now?" No, I don't want to reformat and loose all the data that's suposed to be there. (The drive was full and readable before axeing ME and installing XP on the C drive.)
Is there any way to coax XP into reading this disk, or some other recovery method?


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Recently I reformatted my pc- upgraded from windows xp to windows 7-however the person who did it, failed to save my files. So he did a file recovery, but I did not get a lot of my files back-mainly word documents and pdf files. I would like to try a good software which can help me to retrieve my files. Some of the most popular are; Stellar Phoenix, R- Studio, Recorver my FIles, Recuva, Data Rescue,
Virtual Lab and Tenoshare Data Recovery. Can anyone give me valuable information regarding these products, which one is the best etc,

A:recover lost data/files

Recuva is the only solid choice that I have any experience with.
Of ccourse...there is no guarantee of success with any program/effort.
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I never use wordpad, but recently recieved an email response with a wordpad doc attatched. I wanted to respond to a number of points in this doc, so I decided to start writing within the doc I had opened at the top of the conversation, instead of writing in a new one.

I clicked "save" multiple times throughout the day but didnt get it finished, so did one final save and turned off the PC. Today when I open that doc back up, its just the original and nothing has been edited or saved at all!! I might have also clicked "save as" aswell, but I cant really find a different save name. Is there any way at all to recover this? I will try literally anythying!! Thanks...
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I was running win 7 with 4 partitions , thought to upgrade to win 10. While installing it didn't allowed me to install. I thought i can run diskpart clean on one partition, selected one volume and ran clean command, but it still cleaned all the partitions. Long story short, I cannot boot my OS until I install OS on freshly created single partition. I was told to use partition recovery apps like partition and mount software, Do I have to install OS on it anyways and once OS is installed, instal the partition and mount software for the recovery?

A:How can i recover lost partition and data in it

NO! Don't do anything that involves the hard drive at this point. You will need to use another computer to create a disk recovery boot disk from a recovery program and use that to boot the computer with the affected hard drive and then let the program do its thing.

This is the program I have used in the past, and I think Brink recommends it too:
[email protected] Partition Recovery restores deleted damaged volumes &amp disks. Freeware Data Recovery Software Toolkit

You can try this one for free, the company is a pretty good company, but I haven't used this software:
Free Partition Recovery Software - EaseUS Partition Recovery.
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When I was uninstalling Aurora, I had no idea that the user profiles were linked to my Firefox's and so I chose to remove all User Profile settings, bookmarks and others. Now my Firefox is brand new without any bookmarks.

How may I recover my User Profile settings, bookmarks and everything else? I have no backup of my bookmarks either.

Recuva doesn't seem to be working for me as well. I need help ASAP.

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Hi, can anyone help,
my system recently crashed,
showing a message " windows can not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system". so I used my XP start up disk which ran the system recovery. I now find that all my files/data is missing and the system has gone back to it's original settings. After searching TSF I see "Getdataback" is an option. Can you tell me is this a good program to use? Will it help my problem?


A:How to recover lost data following system recovery

That's an excellent program but do you have a desktop or laptop? You're going to need another drive to retrieve the data
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I am using an Asus laptop using Windows It suddenly crashed tried Asus, data and boot won't Lost all recover to on the other day It had run out of batter so when I charged the battery and ran the laptop again suddenly I was taken to a screen where I had to restore the laptop to its original factory settings and then lost all my data I then installed and ran TestDisk to try to recover my data After using it to search for the partitions I restarted the laptop Now I am always taken to a Windows Boot Manager screen It asks Lost all data on Asus, tried to recover and won't boot me to insert the Windows installation disc However this laptop never came with one In fact it doesn't even have a CD drive as I would have to buy a seperate external CD drive It also says quot If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance Status xc Info The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible quot Is there any way I can get out of this menu and retrieve my lost data Or should I just contact Asus for assistance

A:Lost all data on Asus, tried to recover and won't boot

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... You could try a Repair Install ... The Tutorial below will guide you step by step ...

Check first that you have the Product Key before proceeding ...

Repair Install
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URGENT HELP NEEDED TO RECOVER LOST DATA PLEASE can anyone recommend the best data recovery software to help me out of a desperate situation I have a GB external hard drive which stopped working shortly after I did a clean installation of windows The power light comes on and message appears found new hardware - looking for drivers but no drivers are found I have been told by to Urgent!! Help data recover needed lost tech support that Urgent!! Help needed to recover lost data I do not need drivers for it and there must be another problem with it and to get in touch with reseller to claim warranty This I have done and they will refund my money if I return the hard drive However my main concern is recovery of the data I really do not want to send it away for recovery because of the private nature of the data If I have to then I will have to So is there any software that I can try I am willing to pay whatever to recover the data bearing in mind my computer is not recognising the hardware

A:Urgent!! Help needed to recover lost data

I have used Stellar Phoenix with success several times before, and it is reasonably priced. Never used it to recover an external drive though. You can download a free trail that will show you what data the software can find(but not recover) before you buy, Partition Recovery Software - Windows Data Recovery for lost partition
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Hi Hope someone can help me Something happened to my hard drive and it ran checkdisk but I guess could not repair it it says there is not enough space to repair it There was about gb free on the drive it was a gb drive The drive is NFTS It is not my boot drive just one of my gb data drives music actually When I ran FileScavenger on the drive all the files are there and when I recovered some to another drive they were fine There are files on it I could transfer all the files off the drive but that would be a lot of work take a lot of time and I would have to buy another drive to put them on So the data is there and - in back? drive access Windows data to hard access get on to Lost how intact just for some reason it cannot be quot seen quot I assume this is file structure table thing issue pardon my Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back? technical jargon MBR FAT not sure exactly Is there a way to rebuild it so that the data can be seen again or do I have to do the transfer dance Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back?

You will probably have to do the "transfer" dance, and reformat the drive. Chances are good that the drive is ok. The Master Boot Record (MBR) may be corrupted. There are utilities out there that can repair the MBR without destroying data
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I have problem with my hard disk's chip of my laptop. How do i recover all datas from it.
Thank you.

A:Recover data from hard disk.

You've not exactly explained the situation very well.
are you saying the laptop is broken or the hard drive itself. "hard discs chip" doesn't mean anything in any lingo lol.

if its the laptop at fault you can buy a usb 2.5" caddy place the hard drive in it and use another computer to recover all of your data and files.

if the hard drive has failed and no longer works, theres little you can do. you could try a caddy like above, placing it in the freezer is an old trick to gain a small amount of life from a dying drive.

I dont mean to go on.. but this is why EVERYONE should back up their data regularly. harddrive failures shouldnt result in manic.. it should be "oh well its all safe on another drive/disc/flash drive" ect
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My T61 is not booting. Can I take out the hard disk and pop it in any HDD and read it from a different computer to recover the data?

Go to Solution.

A:recover hard disk data

Yes, assuming it is not password protected
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I had a 400 MB HDD partitioned in 3 parts. Since the last 3 years the HDD was working fine. One day, the computer simply froze at windows XP boot screen. I restarted the machine quite a few times , but it use to freeze at the Windows loading screen of XP.

Then I removed the HDD and loaded win XP on another HDD 160 GB and made it the primary device. Now when I try to connect the earlier HDD as a secondary slave, the system just freezes and as soon as I disconnet the HDD from the cable, the system starts functioning.

I have a lot of data in the 400 MB HDD. Need to recover the data which is there in D and E partition.

Can anyone tell me the process with which I can recover the data from the old HDD ?

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Hi Recently my GB Seagate Hard Disk faced to Disk Bad Hard recover a from Sata Need data a problem and had to be replaced Am running Win x on my new TB WD Hard Disk However there was some important and slightly sensitive data that I still want to recover from my old Sata Hard Disk Chronology of events before replacement Mid-July Hard Disk was working fine I had Need to recover data from a Bad Sata Hard Disk to go out of town for a month PC was not being used during that period Aug - I returned home but PC refused to boot Even the BIOS screen or the name of the motherboard does not appear Just a blank screen After a couple of hours of replugging in all the hardware and power cables the PC booted and worked normally Aug - PC refused to boot repeated the same procedure of unplugging the hardware etc but this time i noticed that one of the connectors of my hard disk appeared slightly chipped off at the edge cant remember if its the power connector or the sata connector PC Need to recover data from a Bad Sata Hard Disk worked normally after a couple of hours of playing around with the hardware Aug - PC Need to recover data from a Bad Sata Hard Disk was freezing every mouse click was taking a couple of minutes to respond I tried rebooting but the faced the same problem as the previous two times Unplugged the HardDisk and used an old IDE hard disk to figure out if its indeed the hard disks problem The old IDE hard disk worked I went and purchased a new SATA hard disk which works fine now absolutely no issues But i wanted some of my data from the old disk so I tried connecting the old Hard Disk back but cant get it to boot at all Most of the time it does not even give the start up quot BEEP quot sound which my motherboard usually makes on boot But after several attempts I could reach the BIOS part but after that instead of loading windows it just reaches a blank screen with an Underscore flashing on the top left of the screen Also tried using the SATA as a secondary storage to my other IDE old hard disk Strangely my IDE is not loading windows either After the BIOS screen it says quot failed to read from the boot device quot Is there anyway I can recover the data from my old SATA

A:Need to recover data from a Bad Sata Hard Disk

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.
Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online (last one "bootable CD"). Download it and burn it. Boot from DVD. Does it see the SATA-disk? Does it see all partitions?