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Solved: Problems with secondary hard drive (E).

Q: Solved: Problems with secondary hard drive (E).

When I had my latest PC built, I had them transfer the old hard drive out of my previous machine into this one as a second hard drive, so I could retain all my old files. I have run into problems lately when restarting my PC, I get a message saying my disk needs to be checked for consistancy
(E) . When I let this check run it ran for about ten hours or so and shut down before completing it's task. I would like to remove or disable this drive so I don't have the problems it is causing. I know nothing about the innerds of a PC, or how to remove a hard drive. Is it possible to disable the drive from my desktop and if so, by doing so, would it cause any problems with the performance of my PC?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Problems with secondary hard drive (E).

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Problems with secondary hard drive (E).

You could leave the drive inplace and just disconnect the cables from this drive. It will then be disabled. The bios will not even detect it. Usually no problems.
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I have a couple of hard drives from previous systems that I'd like to use as slave or USB drives. Vista doesn't recognize them, and they crash the system when I use them as a USB drive. I don't know if it matters, but they have embedded recovery code from the old system. These HDDs were partitioned from the manufacturer so that C: is the data partition and D: was the recovery partition. When using it with Vista, I've tried, cable select mode as well as slave only mode. When using it as USB drive in an enclosure, it shuts the system down as soon as the systems boots up. I don't need the data on the disks. Any solutions?
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i recently added a second hard drive to my system as a seems to work fine until i reset the system....anytime i reboot i can still see the drive but when i try to access the drive i keep getting a mssg saying drive is not formated will you like to format it now ....i have already formated the drive and it has info stored on it...i have done this a cople of times and keep going around in circles.....all help will be greatfully welcomed

A:secondary hard drive problems

how did you format drive
what kind of drive
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I m new to the forums so I ll do the best I can to convey this problem I recently made the mistake of attempting to disconnecting an external hard drive from my DELL XPS while it was shutting down Drive with Problems Hard Secondary and configuring Problems with Secondary Hard Drive some windows updates Not only did I remove the power supply to the external HD I accidently flipped the power switch on my surge protecter while I was doing it Upon rebooting the computer would attempting to configure the updates upon restart as it would have under normal circumstances This process would simply stay stuck on until the system decided to reboot and try again thus repeating the cycle I worked with Dell s tech support for quite a while until they decided to send me a factory image replacement Hard Drive The new HD is working just fine but I have Problems with Secondary Hard Drive not been able to get the computer to recognize the old HD which is now plugged into the second slot in the XPS There are things that on this old HD that I really need and I m hoping that you guys have some suggestions for me nbsp

A:Problems with Secondary Hard Drive

Right click on the drive in My Computer (unless it's not showing there?). Choose properties. Choose tools.

You'll see the options to check the disk.

Otherwise, do it from the command prompt:
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ok i restored my c drive to an earlier time but did not have my d drive restore turned on. now my computer will not read my d drive. i ran some file recovery software and all my files are in tact but will not open in xp. it wants me to format the d drive. is there a way to just do some kind of registry fix or a bootlog i can apply to get xp to read my drive.
by the way in my computer my d drive is regognized but cant open it, when i try it says it needs to be formatted.
man i hope someone can help me with this please i would really appreciate it

A:secondary hard drive problems?please


Why not take the drive back (restore it back) to where you had it and see if everything is O.K. with that. You might even select a date that is not so far back and see if you can do a restore with that and see if your D drive works that way.
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I was having alot of problems with my hard drive, so I bought another one and decided to use the old one as a secondary on my new machine. Oh, while I was at it I incorporated a p4.
Anyway my real problem is that I can not get my old files off my old hard drive to my new hard drive. When I try it takes forever to access anything off it and trying to run scan disk or defrag is a joke. It will sit there idel for ever and then not respond.
All I want is to get the files I need off the secondary hard drive, then I'd be ok with formating it.

A:Secondary Hard Drive Problems

sounds like a failing drive. You had trouble with it so you replaced it and now its giving you problems as a slave drive but everything else has changed in the system right? I had a similiar problem with a 20 gig maxtor - slow as hell but no errors at all, not even a smart failure. I had to be patient with it until i got the data off they sent it away for warranty. If your in a similiar situation formating it won't help.
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ok i restored my c drive to an earlier time but did not have my d drive restore turned on. now my computer will not read my d drive. i ran some file recovery software and all my files are in tact but will not open in xp. it wants me to format the d drive. is there a way to just do some kind of registry fix or a bootlog i can apply to get xp to read my drive.
by the way in my computer my d drive is regognized but cant open it, when i try it says it needs to be formatted.
man i hope someone can help me with this please i would really appreciate it

A:secondary hard drive problems please help

Lets get some more information regarding the D: HDD:

Go to Disk Management and in the upper right pane, post what is shown under the headings, LAYOUT, FILE SYSTEM & STATUS. In the lower right pane, what does it show as the type of partition (e.g. is it blue, for primary?)?

Go to the following registry key and look to see if the D: HDD is registered with a partition signature, as follows:


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Hi I really hope I m problems switched now having Hard drive failure, to secondary, doing this right My TB Seagate hard drive recently preducted it would fail So I backed up pictures drivers etc and switched to my old GB Maxtor hard drive My failing hard drive Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now was experiencing random Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now restarts services terminating data being lost blue screens it also hung on start up and when it loaded the desktop the task bar took forever to load and the screen would randomly go black I m on my Maxtor drive now and while it boots up much faster and according Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now to blarc advisor is considered healthy the screen randomly goes black as well and it seems to freeze The screen only goes black when a lot needs to be loaded or processed If I go on a heavily flash based site for example it wouldn t take it too well The system itself is very old and wasn t always mine I only have it because someone gave it to me when my other old computer s processer died unexpectedly I want to buy a new computer but I can t afford one as of yet so I really want to figure out the problem with this one Everything else seems to be running fairly normally although I DO have to activate this copy of windows for some reason after I installed the new drivers it wanted me to activate it again I m planning on doing that tomorrow by phone because it says this key has been used on this system too much OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation Activation Status Activation Pending days remaining System Name HOME- F D C System Manufacturer GBT System Model AWRDACPI System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date Award Software International Inc F SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C windows System Directory C windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name HOME- F D C Ally Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys As you can see above it wants activated again I don t know why all I did was install the drivers for my graphics card internet and sound Also for some reason the boot ini file on this seems to be corrupt or something Is there a way I could fix that and could it be a contributing problem Also the TB is still hooked up I haven t removed it yet and it s still accessible from this drive I don t know if any of this is needed but I thought I d try to give you as much information as possible If you need anything else please let me know and I ll be happy to give you it EDIT I d also like to add that I ve been getting memory management blue screens Thanks and sorry for the long description nbsp

A:Hard drive failure, switched to secondary, having problems now

I think all you can do is start all over and do another reinstall because i dont think you can just transfer one operating system from one hard drive to another harddrive and have it work or be activated.or you can get restore/recovery disks for your model of computer and unless im wrong those rarely if ever have to be activated unless a motherboard gets changed.
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Just installed a new motherboard and fresh install of XP home. My previous OS was 98SE with the old mobo. None of the drives were changed except formatting the C drive for the new OS. Everything appears to run correctly now except I can't read or write to the D drive (which is the secondary 40 gig hard drive). I have tons of saved info on this drive and need to get to it very badly. I try to access the D drive with Windows Explorer and I get a window stating the disk in drive D is not formatted? How can I get to this info.???


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Hello everyone,
Does anyone know how or where I can find step by step instructions on setting up a Maxtor ATA hard drive as a secondary drive. I know that it does require a jumper to set up as secondary, but that's as far as I've gotten. I need just a litter more help.

The computer is running XP Pro.


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My Pc has a 2 gig hard drive, and I want to add a secondary 2 gig which I already have.

My hard drive is listed as the primary master drvie, and my cd.rom is listed as the primaty slave drive. Nothing is plugged into the secondary port. Can I plug my other hard drive in as my secondary master drive? If so, how would I go about setting this up? Would it automatically detect it, or would I have to do something in the setup to make this work?

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I have 2 hard drives in my pc. Drive C has the operating system install on it and Drive D has my personal files on it. I disconnected Drive D as I think it's about to die but when I disconnect it and then turn the pc back on, Drive C is not being recognised.
I checked the bios settings and it wasn't coming up in that either. So now I have reconnected D drive and it's recognising them again.
How can I disconnect D drive without it affecting C drive with the OP installed on it?
These are 2 seperate hard drives, not 1 partitioned one.
The one i am trying to disconnect is an IDE cable and the one i want to keep connected with the operating system installed on it has a sata cable.
In bios they are both set to master.

A:Solved: How do I disconnect secondary hard drive?

Have you pulled the jumper from the SATA drive?
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Hi My sisters computer broke so I Question Solved: secondary drive? about hard took her GB hard drive and was going to add it to my own PC but then I realized I can only have on internal hard drive So what I did was put her hard drive into my HD enclosure and hook it up via USB cable to store files on it to relieve the disk usage on my main hard drive So Say ive put all my music over to the USB hard drive and im using it SOLEY to store things it dosent run any actual programs I play my music by using Winamp which is installed on my main hard drive you see what I mean So my question is can I completely format her hard drive and clear it of all its old programs and windows XP Solved: Question about secondary hard drive? and still use it as a USB-storage type device without having to install an OS or something If so Solved: Question about secondary hard drive? I already have a program I can do this with but should I format the hard drive as FAT or NTFS I have no idea what those mean Thanks Sidenote Im currently having another technical issue no one seems to be able to help with so if your reading this and want to take a look Click here please nbsp

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Our power was out for weeks and secondary drive crashed hard questions... My - Solved: we re just getting back home When I get the computer on my Avira Antivir is Solved: My secondary hard drive crashed - questions... saying I had a boot sector virus BOO Whistler A on my secondary drive I let Avira take care of it and I thought it was handled but three days later that drive isn t being recognized by Windows It s fully possible the drive just crapped out around the time of the virus so dealing with the virus is a separate thread My primary drive the one with programs and such is still OK but I may need to get a new secondary Recently I went into the booting setup menu and found that the PATA interface cable going to the second drive was off so I turned it on Explorer still doesn t recognize the drive but the setup I can jump into on boot does It recognizes that one is there at least I m just wondering some things -Is there a way to recover the data or get the drive working again Overall I m fine with just getting another drive and am not sweating this loss hard The second drive was just my repository for movies music and documents However it still had a few things like an ISO for Visual Studio I got through MSDN-AA which I no longer qualify for I d rather not hunt for again -Can my computer take a new hard drive My comp is years old along with the primary drive the hard drive that failed is I m thinking I can just buy one and plop it in as long as I have the ports and cables but are there any limitations to my old hardware If so how do I find out what kind of hard drive my computer can tolerate Here s my info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc M CN B M Antivirus AntiVir Desktop Updated No On-Demand Scanner Enabled Thanks for advance for your help nbsp

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well i screwed up my registry, and of all things it was the keyboard driver or something, so theres no hope of fixing it on my computer. ive got the drive hooked up as the slave on a different computer, but i cant figure out how to edit the registry on my drive rather than the primary drive. is there any editors that will open it from a file? any way of decompiling it? theres got to be some way to edit it. also, they are both xp. thanks

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Hi there, I have WinXP Home on an older desktop and am trying to install a second hard drive as the primary is only 4gb! The computer did not come with the op. system disks so I am wanting to clone the HD onto the new one. I have tried to install two different hard drives and each time I connect the new hard drive and start up I have the following problems;
20gb Maxtor D740X-6L : stops or hangs at "verifying DMI Pool Data..."
40gb Barracuda 7200.7 / ST340014A : stops at "Detecting IDE Primary"
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Note: when installing the 20gb hd the system tells me that the CD/DVD drive = secondary
Also Note: that should I need to make changes to the CMOS Setup it is password protected and I do not have the password.


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I'm running Win7 on a computer w/ an SSD boot drive and a 3TB data drive. For some reason, every time I search for a file on the 3TB drive, it says "No items match your search" -- even for files that I know are there. Searches on the boot drive work fine.

I tried rebuilding the index on the 3TB drive, but it didn't make any difference. What else can I try??

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Hello I seem to be having problems with the consistent connectivity of Secondary disconnects. Solved: Drive occasionally Hard Disk my hard drive that I have recovered from my laptop GB Hitachi HTS B A ATA Device I am using a desktop currently I have Solved: Secondary Hard Disk Drive occasionally disconnects. completely formatted it and occasionally check it for bad sectors yet the problem persists that usually when I download file onto the drive or use of items on the drive the process would freeze up and the drive would disconnect My primary disk drive is run on a solid state drive MKNSSDCR GB ATA Device and works normally I do not think it may be a connectivity issue as I have made sure the power connector and the data connector are firmly snug in the laptop hard drive I m not entirely sure on how to recreate the issue as it happens uncontrollably when I m either using some Solved: Secondary Hard Disk Drive occasionally disconnects. files or downloading some files onto the drive Thank you for taking the time to read into this Solved: Secondary Hard Disk Drive occasionally disconnects. issue of mine I can provide more information if necessary nbsp

A:Solved: Secondary Hard Disk Drive occasionally disconnects.

Sounds like a faulty drive. You can test it with the disk utilities available from the drive manufacturer. Run the short and long test. If either test has errors or fails, the drive is faulty. But based on your description, the drive is faulty. Time for a replacement.
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Hello All, I am not a very computer savvy person, but here it goes. I have added a second hard drive to my computer and I installed Windows XP OS. My primary hard drive has Windows 7. My primary drive is connected via a SATA connection and the the secondary hard drive is connected via IDE connection. I have set the jumper "pins" on both drives to match each other. The Bios has the Second hard drive set as slave. Upon start up I do not get an option to select an OS. It automatically goes into Windows 7. What do I need to do so that I can get prompted to chose an OS? Please help. Thanks alot.

A:Can't boot secondary hard drive that has different OS from primary hard drive

Apples and oranges. There may be tricks, but normally dual boots require setups all be on the same type cables and connectors.
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Hi I REALLY hope someone out there can help me Hard as Hard Partition 1T appears Problems! Drive/ Solved: My 8Gigs?! Drive with this I have a failed hard drive stuffed partion and i DESPERATELY need the data from it A computer was brought into me with two hard drives The owner asked me to set up a duel boot with vista and XP on the first hard drive and to leave the second hard drive alone its his backup drive with all his Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?! photos movies etc I was working away as per usual when i noticed the second hard drive was no longer coming up in Windows Explorer Well it was but not correctly whenever i clicked on it it said would you liket to format the drive obviously i didnt want to do that I ran Partition Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?! Magic which showed the drive was only Gigs it should have been T or Gigs Partition Magic also said there was a problem with the drive and offered to fix it I agreed however there was no change I ve run a number of programs to try and fix the drive Acronis Disk Director Server Partition Table Doctor Demo Dtidata Partition Repair Tool MHDD Recover My Files v FileScavenger However all the partition repairers claim that the drive is only Gigs and they can go no further All the File Recovery Programs will only scan for Gigs and thus i can not recover my clients precious photos and videos The BIOS comes up as recognizing the drive as Gigs I really REALLY need the Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?! data from this drive Does anyone know how to fix my problem Thanx heaps in advance Ben nbsp

A:Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?!

I've used ZAR to recover files from a RAID box that seemed to have been corrupted due to a bad power supply.

You might check it out. It's free. Meaning it will only allow you to recover so many files at a time. I bought it, and like it.

They have a forum that is monitored quite often, from the developer too.

Good luck.
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I woke drive gone? Secondary hard up this morning to a problem with my computer it is always left on here Secondary hard drive gone? is the problem On the monitor there was a msg saying book disk failure - insert windows boot disk Now Secondary hard drive gone? the computer has windows xp hard drives - main g slave g I thought for sure that the main drive was gone or it was a cable problem Secondary hard drive gone? so I changed the cable only hooking up the master drive to test it worked so I tried to hook up attach the slave drive and now I get the same error of boot disk failure The computer works fine if I only hook up the master drive but wont boot at all if I attach the slave Is this a slave drive failure if so that sucks as I loose alot of stuff Nothing in the configuration changed as the computer rarely gets turned off the computer worked fine last night but when I got up this morning it was down Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Secondary hard drive gone?

it's a possibility, check in the BIOS and see if it sees the secondary drive.

try to put the secondary drive as primary on 2nd IDE controller. Most likely the drive is gone if it had been working properly. Hope not as that is a rude awakening.
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About 1 year ago I had a second hard drive installed on my computer. Now it has seemed to just not be there according to my computer. When I try to bring a file up that should be there on the d drive it says shortcut not available and the d drive no longer shows up when I look to explore. My luck it has fried itself somehow but is there any simple procedure to check it or something simple that may have happenned to where it isnt being located properly?

A:Secondary hard drive

First thing you can do is boot to a Windows 98 startup disk (floppy) and see if you can access the drive using dos commands.
For example: dir d:

will give you a listing of what is on drive d: if it's present. Let us know what happens or if you need further instructions.
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I have just built my own machine:
windows 98
Fujitsu 20.4g hard drive (default jumper settings)
and would like to use my old hard drive as a secondary one on the new pc.
Could anybody tell me how to do this and the required jumper settings.
Many thanks

A:secondary hard drive

Instructions for installing hard drives can be found here.
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I have a compaq presario 5000. 1.2 ghz celeron, 512 sdram. I have an 8 gig hard drive installed which contains the My operating system,,windows xp. I have a 20 gig that i want to add. Basically what i want to do is keep my 8 gig as the slave with my operating system(Windows XP), and put the 20 as my master. The problem is my comp will only recognize the drive that is mastered. Do i need to upgrade my bios so that my comp will recognize the secondary hard drive?? I went into bios and did the IDE scan, yet it only shows the master drive..Any Suggs>?

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I have a laptop with hard drive ports hard drive Secondary it s own hard drive and Secondary hard drive another hard drive from a dead CPU Both drives fit in the laptop but the native hard drive is loaded with Malware I was using Safe Mode with Networking amp tried running Secondary hard drive Malwarebytes on one drive and it let me scan amp clean both drives So i know this is possible and i m looking for a solutionWhen the screen s full size was smaller than usual i looked up a solution It said i had Malware amp to download Spyhunter which i didn t know was a paid program It scanned the CPU and found a MASS amount of Malware one of them blocking Malwarebytes from working Then i was lead into MWB Chameleon which is supposed to remove MWB blocking Malware It said to click all the links until one works but none of them did After that i found a thread linking me to a multitude of removal programs and that actually worked for a few weeks After that i opened the FRST folder a program i was told to install and the hard drive crashed completely Even when i try Safe mode a Blue screen flashes with a small bit of text amp restarts with no end I m afraid it will destroy the other hard drive if i plug them both into the same laptop Can anyone help me through removing Malware off the main drive,158645.0.html
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hey guys sorry for asking this simple question but i needed some input on this i want to get a secondary hard drive and put it in my cpu i wana put linux on the second hard drive since im not a big fan of windows too much worry over viruses spyware etc anyways here are the specs right now i have Intel pentium III processor MHz MB of RAM windows xp pro my total hard drive space is gigs would adding up a second hard drive be possible on this system i think i should be able to and i think i shouldnt have any problems with the performance secondary hard drive. and secondary hard drive. i plan to partition the secondary hard drive ill secondary hard drive. get and put atleast two operating systems on it ubuntu and maybe something else anyways is it as simple as i think it is or am i missing something here any opinions as to what i should watch out for which hard drive is reliable does brand name matter with these things thanks for the input nbsp

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Hi a while ago one of my hard drives it was C at the time started making a clicking noise so I turned off the pc and sent it away to be repaired but because I wanted to keep everything that was on the hdd I had it setup as a secondary drive instead so I could quickly rescue everything and then chuck the drive Well it was going fine and I nearly had all my stuff of the drive without any problems but now it started clicking again and when it does that it causes my ENTIRE computer so slow down to a snail s pace I copied stuff off the drive onto C and was planning to disconnect the drive from the motherboard until I needed it again as it now works for minutes after booting before screwing up on me Well I disconnected the drive started up and got an error saying Hard Secondary drive IDE DRIVES INSTALLATION Secondary Hard drive ERROR For best reliability amp performance please change the stand alone slave drive to maste System halt I m not even able to use the pc to type this post I m on my laptop Can someone tell me how to boot without that secondary HDD being needed I don t see why I should have to Secondary Hard drive have it connected to boot nbsp

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hi all
my c drive is maxed out and would like to install secondary hard drive.

i have another hdd in another computer that i can use but has os on it.

i know to set it for slave but if i put it in and reboot will it start up correctly
so that i then can go to device management and reformat.

also do i need to partition it or just format? not trying to dual boot i just need
more space.

after sec, hdd is setup how do i move stuff from primary to slave? or will i need to
even do so?

A:Secondary hard drive

Can you format the 2ndary hd, in the pc its currently in ?

Once you do, and it is a "fresh" Hd, after installing it, it *SHOULD* show up in "my computer" as a seperate drive.You should be able to drag and drop any files over to the secondary drive.
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Ast Advantage 9303- upgraded cpu to a 200mmx- 64 mb edo ram- 2 cdroms- Windows 98se
Hi. I'm going to buy a used hard drive (6gb) and install it as a slave drive. I have never done this before but I know where it is supposed to be plugged and I know about primary and secondary stuff. But, I don't know what I'm supposed to do to prepare this drive after I install it . Do I have to install the same operating system on it as what is on my primary drive? OR can I just start my computer and start storing data on it? Im assuming this new drive has been formatted. ( all old stuff errased)

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PC is running the pits so it looks like a total re-install ...question is i have a secondary internal hard drive that i also wish to clean up and start fresh i just click format the secondary drive to erase it?

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Hi, i am trying to fit a 80 gig harddrive into a computer for a friend, he only wants it as storage so i have put it as the Secondary master, there is also a CDRW on the secondary slave. I have these both on cable select. In DOS the harddrive is recognised, it is also found in device manager, but i can't seem to get it to appear in my computer for use.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:New secondary hard drive

Hello and welcome to Techpot.

It might be better for you to connect the new drive to the primary ide channel as a slave drive. If you really must use the secondary ide channel, set the drive up via it`s jumpers as master and then set the cd-rw as slave. Don`t use cable select.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hello I hope someone can help me with an issue I've just come across I bought an LG BH Blu Ray DVD drive to replace my old LG drive I unplugged my pc pulled out the old unit disconnected the two wires connected them to my new unit and popped it back in Too easy right After startup I went to install the software that came with the new blu ray drive and noticed that my secondary of install Ray disappeared Secondary Blu DVD drive after hard drive hard drive was missing from 'My Computer' I have a WD drive as 'C' and a Seagate that is partitioned into E F G etc all that was showing and accessible was the 'C' drive I checked Disk Management and only 'C' and the blu ray drive are there I tried System Restore to no avail nowhere on my pc can I find access or even prove that my other drive even exists even after reboot So again I unplugged and popped off the cover to see if any other wires came loose but everything is as it should be I've scanned the forums and seen similar problems but not the same This is an existing drive that has worked well for over a year not a new install I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree so any Secondary hard drive disappeared after install of Blu Ray DVD drive help would Secondary hard drive disappeared after install of Blu Ray DVD drive be most appreciated Thanks oh I'm running Windows Home Premium bit whatever that means

A:Secondary hard drive disappeared after install of Blu Ray DVD drive


I would double-check both the power and SATA cable connectors between this 2nd disk and the motherboard. Then, when booting, enter the BIOS screen and see if this 2nd drive is listed in the BIOS.

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Please help I am attempting to install a hard drive into my computer I have a Dell Dimension drive hard not Secondary detected It has Secondary hard drive not detected a GB and an GB Drive in it already They continue to operate fine The drive that I am attempting to make a rd drive was originally a Seagate GB external drive It recently stopped communicating or being recognized by my computer In order to save the data on it I have attempted to install the drive internally I do Secondary hard drive not detected not believe that the drive itself has any mechanical problems I have gotten it to spin Secondary hard drive not detected it gets warm and does not make any odd clicking noises I have tried multiple things I have tried to install it into the secondary primary IDE port I have tried to do this with the jumper set both to master and to cs When I do this I am shown that the secondary primary drive is not recognized upon startup It does not appear in device manager or my computer When I go to the setup page it will say either usb device not installed or CD Rom Device not installed I don't know about installing it I thought windows would automatically find the drive and it would just show up I have also tried to take out the secondary master drive the GB used solely for storage I thought that this would be the easy thing to do but when I do this I am told that the computor does not recognize both the primary and the secondary master drive The computor will not boot up when I do this I have done this with the jumper set to slave and to cs I would appreciate any help that can be offered I do not know a lot about computers but will do my best to answer any questions that I am asked Couple of concepts I don't understand partitions bios os setup on or off I can't format the drive because of the info on it but it had previously worked as a usb device so what is going on Again please help

A:Secondary hard drive not detected

Welcome to TSF....

Put the hard drive back into the external enclosure with the jumpers set the exact way they were before removing the drive. Then take the drive with power supply and USB cable to another computer and turn it on and plug it into a USB port on that computer, if it is recognized I would suggest backing up all of the data to a set of DVD's immediately. If it does not get seen or recognized by the other computer then you more than likely have a bad external drive.

Make sure all of the drives are also returned to the computer that were removed and are working OK.
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I've been using Windows 8 CP for couple of days now, and I really like it. But, there is one thing that drives me crazy. I have two hard drives and the secondary hard drive turns off constantly. After not using it for a while, I have to wait for 10-15 seconds before it starts responding. I know that there is a setting in power options that prevents hard drive from turning off, but it seems it only works for primary hard drive... any idea how to fix this?

A:Secondary hard drive goes to sleep

Originally Posted by Morpheus

I've been using Windows 8 CP for couple of days now, and I really like it. But, there is one thing that drives me crazy. I have two hard drives and the secondary hard drive turns off constantly. After not using it for a while, I have to wait for 10-15 seconds before it starts responding. I know that there is a setting in power options that prevents hard drive from turning off, but it seems it only works for primary hard drive... any idea how to fix this?

Hello there!

Have to selected "Turn off hard disk after." to "Never" Power options? If nothing works then try this program. NoSleepHD
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My second drive, 'F', is not accessible (Error: "parameter is incorrect" message when I click on the drive in 'My computer'.)

When I try to run Norton Disk Doctor it gives an error message that it cannot find the "physical characteristics" of HDisk 3 (F) is unable to test the partitions info on that drive." The drive's files system is not recognized.

Yesterday I ran Norton Disk Doctor and Ad-aware to try and repair a re-boot problem and now Windows 2000 restarts, but my backup hard-drive 'F'
(internal) which is where I keep *most* of my files (it's larger) can no longer be accessed. All of the old F shortcuts are converted to point to the 'C' drive, and Drive 'F' now looks like an unformatted drive.

Please please help; my back-up disk is old because it ran out of space.

Many thanks~

A:Secondary hard drive failure

Hi sarah,

Go into the bios and see if both hard drives are recognized. If not, you probably had a hard drive failure.
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Hi Lately I Have been experiencing problems with my secondary hard dive Everyday when I would wake up in the morning and when I would come back from work my computer would be frozen I would have to force restart it Sometimes I would get the error message NTLDR is missing please restart In order to fix this when starting I would tap the F or drive Secondary invisible! hard F- key to get the small popup were I can choose wich device will start the computer then the NTLDR error would be gone now since Secondary hard drive invisible! a week or two my secondary hard drive is missing in device manager and BIOS There is no Secondary hard drive invisible! ways to see it anywhere Even Restorer cannot see it I tried changing the wires listening to the hard drive if there Secondary hard drive invisible! was noises loose plastic things inside etc But everything seems to be ok I once had a broken hard drive but I could still see it in Restorer I really dont know what to do I have all my personnal stuff on this hard drive no operating system Anyone can help me with this Thank you nbsp

A:Secondary hard drive invisible!

Restorer 2000 is a simple undelete utility, it's useless for any real hard drive failure. Please tell me you didn't buy it as there are much better free programs available.

For the initial error, it would appear you had the boot order incorrect in the BIOS and it was trying to boot the wrong drive, you can permanently set a hard drive of your choosing as the boot device.

At this point the drive may be dead, you can try it another computer to see if it gets detected. If it doesn't get detected in another computer then hopefully you had a backup as there may be little you can do to recover it short of buying a 100% identical drive to swap circuit boards and if it that doesn't work then you'd have to send it away for data recovery at a high cost.
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What I would like to do is turn off my secondary drive, so my main (system one) remains running.
Please dont refer me to power management options, as that doesnt let you choose which drive you are turning off.

Looking for system solution in windows 7, or in last case some simple utility, not wanting to buy any extra hdd racks for just that.

thanks for help

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I installed a secondary 160 gb drive to compliment by original 60 gb drive. Set the secondary up a slave and assigned it drive letter :F and it worked fine for years. I noticed itune library (which was on the 160 gb secondary) could not be found. Realized that Drive F was not in explorer. I could see the drive in device manager and in the BIOS. Under Disk Management the drive was not showing up at top, but was listed in the bottom, but I could not access. It had the option to partition, so I selected that option, but did not format. I now see drive F, but it says I have to format to access - which I have not done. Is there any way to get the files off it (assuming they are still there)?

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We are running windows xp, when we turn the computer on it gives us a message secondary hard drive not found press f1 to continue or f2 to enter setup We don't have a secondary hard drive. Any ideas how to fix this??
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Hello friends. I have a strange question.
While running my Disk Space program on my secondary hard drive, it showed me that I have a Recycle Bin on it, that has more than 30 gigs of garbage. But when I click on the icon to browse for it or to open it, it doesn't take me anywhere. So my question is, how do I access my D drive recycle bin?

A:Recycle bin on secondary hard drive?

Hi ExplodingMonkey In order to see the $Recycle.Bin folder on a drive, you have to go in the Folder Options panel, under the View tab and then check Show hidden files, folders and drives, and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (recommended). There you should be able to access that folder. You can delete everything inside it, and you'll be able to gain back 32.9GB of space
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Hello I ve been using Win for a while now no major concerns I have a drive I use as storage which I used to have in my Linux machine as the boot disk I reformatted when I Secondary Hard Access Drive Cannot put it in my Windows machine but left a partition or something so that the computer still wants to boot from it I either have to reboot a few times over or open up the Cannot Access Secondary Hard Drive computer and manually unplug that drive when starting the machine While that is a Cannot Access Secondary Hard Drive headache and something I will want to solve someday that is not why I am here A few days ago I rebooted unplugging the secondary drive to do so Once everything started I plugged it back in heard the whine I Cannot Access Secondary Hard Drive was good Or so I thought Windows wouldn t recognize it I went into Disk management and saw that it was labeled as Disk and I can t re-name it or do anything with it really I ve read up on some fixes but am a bit nervous to proceed on my own as I don t want to wipe the disk I just want to be able to access it So I ve come here for any advice Like what happens if I make it a dynamic disk I have that option at least Anyway thanks for any help on the matter I appreciate it immensely nbsp
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Hey, so after installing my second hard drive, it likes to vanish. It isn't in My Computer or under Device Manager anymore. It seems to vanish during use and restarting usually fixes it, but its getting quite annoying having files corrupted because of it. Any clues why this is happening/how to fix it? Switching cables/ports does not help.
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the other day I accidentally set the partition on my second hard drive to primary. Now I can't have it in the comp or it will try to boot from it, and since there isn't anything on it, it fails. how can I set the hard drive so it doesn't try to boot itself?

A:Secondary hard drive troubles

In Bios Boot Priority click on that drive and disable boot.
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okay its getting really annoying now i have a gb hard drive windows xp pro on my desktop and i bought a gb for DETECTED NOT hard secondary drive my other computer which I reformatted and installed windows professional i dont really use that second computer and im running out of room on my gig so im trying to use that gig hard drive as a secondary I followed the way the jumper cables are supposed to be for master and slave and the secondary hard drive is not being detected I used that secondary hard drive month ago on my other computer as only hard drive and it worked perfect i tried taking off the master drive off hd and using that gig as the master and i got a blue screen saying secondary hard drive NOT DETECTED something about changing hard drive or something cant remember this was like wks ago secondary hard drive NOT DETECTED sorry do you guys think that gig hard drive just doesnt work anymore or is it cuz i have like the most recent updates secondary hard drive NOT DETECTED on my gb hd and on the gb its an older xp pro version dont think thats it but thats what my friend said please help any input would be great nbsp

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i have fitted a secondary hard drive its a deckstar 120 gb 7200 rpm and when i go to mycomputer it only recognises my primary 1 in devicemanager it says its there and working fine

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On my drive Lagging hard Secondary IDE cable I have connectors One going to my quot main quot hard drive one going to my CD drive and one with nothing connected It s there for a second CD drive Secondary hard drive Lagging I hooked up an gig hard drive to the non-used connector This hard drive has no OS I formatted this drive and then moved all of my music from my main hard drive to the secondary drive The problem is when I play music from this secondary drive the song lags Why is this happening Is it something to do with using the CD drive cable for a hard drive Or is it some kind of setting for this drive that needs to be changed Some sort of conflict happening I d appreciate some advice about this All I want to use the secondary hard drive for is to simply store my music and be able to play that music without the lag of course nbsp

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Hello there,

I have a couple of games installed on my secondary internal hard drive. Yet, I can't seem to figure out how to add a shortcut of this game to the metro screen.

I've tried copying the shortcut to the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ location but no luck.

any ideas?


A:Secondary hard drive and apps

It's unlikely that these games will run without re-installing them, because they have to configure the registry and make sure the OS is configured correctly for their needs.

However, to add the icons, just right click on them and choose "pin to start menu"

Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8
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Everything boots fine, but twenty minutes into my computing session, i hear a click and my hard driving spinning down. Then this secondary hard drive no longer is recognized. Why is this and what could i do?

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I successfully installed a secondary 80 gig hard drive into my wife's Compaq EVO computer using Windows 2000 professional. However, I can't map it as a network drive, because it won't show up on the list. This is a secondary hard drive. How do I get the computer to recognize it? Thanks in advance.

A:Installing a secondary hard drive

Is teh drive partitioned and formatted? It must be both before it iwll be recognized for use. Not familiar with Win 2000 but if it has Computer management and disk management check to see if the drive is partitioned, if not right click it and partition the drive. That might do the trick.
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I know this is a stupid question, but I am new to Vista. First new operating system in years. So I'm just looking at my Computer properties and I have two hard drives. One called "S3A6555D004" (C:) which is my main hard drive which has 220 gb in total. I also have another hard drive called "Local Disk (D:)". The D: drive is only 5 GB, and there is nothing in it.

I am just wondering if it is used for anything, and if I could put files in it? I want to put music on a hard drive (even if it's partitioned) and if it's already make a partition for me then there isn't much more I need to do. :)

Thanks for you support!

A:Secondary hard drive on Vista?

Before you assume nothing is in the D: drive - go to Control Panel > Classic View > Folder options > View tab. Scroll down and click on the button for "Show hidden files" and untick the box for "Hide protected operating systems (recommended)".
Go to the D: drive and see if there are any files there - some commercial systems have a partition that is used as a recovery partition with recovery tools to repair or re-install your operating system should the C: drive become corrupted. Usually these are clearly labelled as recovery drives but you never know .....
Oh, don't forget to go back and revert the View settings to how they were!
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Hi all,
I am stumped.  I have a Win 7 desktop with 2 - 500GB HDD's.  One is the OS and the 2nd as a destination for Windows Backup.  I am getting a message that the backup drive (E) is full.  When I open it in Explorer (with hidden files being shown), there are only a few files/folders.  If I "select all", the total space shows as 142 GB.  If I right click the drive (e:), properties show as 493,000,000,000 Bytes used.
Question 1: What am I missing?  Can someone help me?
Question 2:  Why does Windows backup create this situation and can I keep it from happening again?

A:Secondary Hard Drive says "full" but it's not!?

Check your file system with command chkdsk /f. (run cmd with Administrator privileges )
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I am setting up a secondary slave drive for photo storage and want to know if it is normal to have it automatically create an area of 181mgs for the (Healthy (active, OEM partition). I wanted all the drive space dedicated to it. Its only 181 megs out of 1.3TB, but just wanted to know if that is normal.

A:OEM Partition on secondary hard drive?

Sounds like you are a used HDD, which has not been cleaned.

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums
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Ok I recently reformated my system.I am using two maxtors one 20gb and one 30gb.After i installed Win98 SE.When i go to "My Computer" I dont see my secondary(slave)hard drive.I can see it in Device Manager and the bios start up shows it also,I just can't access it.

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I would like to apologize if this is not up to standards for the forum Please let me know what other info I need to provide in order to help resolve this issue This issue is really perplexing me The hard drive just vanishes while I am using the computer There are no error messages or anything of that sort I can't figure out why it is happening and it started about days ago or so I even re-installed Windows Home Premium x and it still not working I have not been able to format the actual drive due to it vanishing at random times There is no entries in the error logs and when i do a diagnostic of the Disappears Drive Hard Secondary drive when it's visible it seems fine I have not changed my BIOS settings before it Secondary Hard Drive Disappears started happening and the only software that I Secondary Hard Drive Disappears installed during the same timeframe was truecrypt I highly doubt that it is causing the vanishing hard drive trick or anything like that since I have not used it on this computer yet and did nothing of the sort Secondary Hard Drive Disappears with the other computers that I have used it on Thanks for taking the time to help if you can or at least reading this

A:Secondary Hard Drive Disappears

Hello Admiral, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check in your Advanced Power Plan Settings to see if you may have the Turn off hard disk after idle option set to X amount of minutes. If so, change it to Never to see if that may help.

Hard Drive - Turn Off Hard Disk After Idle or Never

Hope this helps,
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I recently bought a new motherboard but it only has 1 IDE port for hard drives. My secondary hard drive does not have a SATA port on it either, at least I don't think I saw one. Is there any other way to plug in my secondary hard drive for it to work?

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My laptop has to terabyte hard drives, one which has Windows 8 and one that has Ubuntu 14.04. I use to use Ubuntu quite a bit, but all the more I really use my laptop for is to play games, so Ubuntu has been getting used less and less over the last couple of months. I've thought about getting rid of Ubuntu, and turning that hard drive back into simply being a secondary hard drive for Windows, but I can't seem to find out how to do it? Should I decide to do this, how do I?

A:How do I format a secondary hard drive with a different OS

Does Windows Explorer even SEE that drive?

If it does, you can right click on that drive in Windows Explorer (MyComputer) and select "Format".

Since the drive does not have a DOS or NTFS compatible format, working with it from Windows may not be possible. I've had that problem before, with Linux formatted drives.

I could remove that Linux partition with FDISK, a DOS program that I keep on my DOS Utilities CD.
Then make just one partition using FDISK and then DOS Format the drive, then windows could see it and reformat it as NTFS, if indeed that's what you want.

Personally I keep my extra drives formatted FAT-32, so I can access them and the files I store on them, even from a DOS boot disk. (not so, with NTFS) For instance, most USB Drives come already formatted FAT-32.

If you were local, I could fix that problem for you.

Good Luck, and Happy Holidays
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I am operating a Dell Dimension 4300 using Win XP. I have 2 hard drives one that came with the pc & one I added several months ago. Everything was working fine until recently when I boot up I immediately get a black screen saying:
"Secondary hadr drive 0 not found. Strike F1 key to continue, F2 to run set up utility"

I have gone into the set up utility but really do not see what I am supposed to do there. Also, my CR-ROM/DVD is not working. It is not recognized by the operating system at all - does not appear anymore in "My Computer" or in "Device Manager".

Could the 2 problems be related? What's the fix? Thanks.
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Hi i have took a hard drive from an old laptop that is no longer needed and would like to put it into my desktop I do not need any files from the hard drive i just want to use it for additional storage as my desktop hard drive is near full My desktop hard drive is IDE and the laptop one is SATA when i connect the laptop hard drive and boot up my computer it says detected new device and i can see it in my computer altough after about minute it disappers when i right click my computer and go to manage and disk management the drive is not there so i am unable to do anything there if i go to device manager the drive is listed here I secondary hard drive Installing cant find a way to format the drive so i can use it Any help would be appreciated and if you need any other details i will be here the rest of the night Thanks nbsp

A:Installing secondary hard drive

Jumpers set how?
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Hello I am currently havign issue's with my laptop It is a Sony Vaio VGN-AR E and I just recently replaced its hard drive with a new one The old HD was a GB toshiba SATAII my new one is a GB SATAII rpm faster then my older's rpm I was able to install windows on the new hard drive Drive issue Hard Secondary when it was the only HD in my laptop It works fine now and I tried to add my old broken one into the secondary slot and when i boot up it returns my old issues What happened to cause me to need a new HD was i dropped my laptop while it was on Secondary Hard Drive issue Upon doing a Secondary Hard Drive issue reboot it froze at the windows loading screen Chkdsk reported bad sectors so i rep laced the drive Now when i place that drive back ino the system on the secondary my primary drive gets overided and it freezes at the windows screen again I'd hate to put my old HD to waste I don't mind having an unstable secondary as long as I don't have to trash it MY quesiton is Why does it keep trying too boot into my secondary instead of primary Do I have to do some jumper settings in my laptop somewhere I doubt that since the HD didnt have any Thabnk you for any helpful information and if theres no fix is there anyway to put use to my old HD
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I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. I installed a secondary drive (Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX) today. The secondary drive shows up on the device manager and bios, but does not appear in my windows explorer. I've also included a picture of the disk management below.

A:HELP! Secondary Hard Drive Issue

Hello there viyu!

Sorry to hear you are having some troubles setting up your new hard drive, but it seems you haven't said if you had done any of the steps on initializing and formatting your hard drive. So I will provide a few short steps on how to do so.

1. Hit the start menu and in the search at the bottom type in disk management, I do believe you have it open in the picture already so that is the first thing.

2.Right click on your unallocated hard drive and click initialize this should open up a new menu keep MBR checked off and make sure you have the proper hard drive checked off.

3.After that is done right click on the hard drive again and click format and it should take you through a step by step process which is fairly simple and make sure you keep it on NTSF and then select your hard drive letter.

That should be everything to get your new hard drive up and running, If I have missed anything I am sure some one will correct me or add their advice into what I have missed!

Good luck!
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I upgraded to WinXP not a clean install just the standard upgrade I know dumb on my WinME machine and decided to add an old GB HD for extra storage Both drives my secondary hates STILL! drive! hard XP are FAT and for a while it worked fine Then a while back the system couldn t find the second drive The icon shows up XP hates my secondary hard drive! STILL! i e assigns it a drive letter D but when XP hates my secondary hard drive! STILL! I try to access the drive or any files located on D it tells me the drive isn t formatted I reformatted the whole thing as FAT and it worked fine for a few months now it s telling me it isn t formatted again Usually the problem appears after Scan Disk pops up on a reboot I know XP hates my secondary hard drive! STILL! I m toast when that happens I don t know what is prompting it to flip out but it seems to be persistent There has to be a way to fix it Norton SystemWorks couldn t touch it no big surprise but there must be a way to reestablish the connection I think it s a minor bug but don t know where to start I read on Google about a guy that used some utility to set the drive type as FAT and that worked for him but not sure how he did it exactly Thoughts nbsp

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Hello, I just installed windows 7 and its great except for one thing, my secondary hard drive (not partition) shows up nowhere. (not even device manager or disk management) If I boot back into Vista (Vista and Windows 7 are on same hard drive, different partitions) I can see my secondary hard drive and everything is fine. The secondary drive is just for data (pictures and documents). I have no clue as to why it will not work under windows 7. Both drives are SATA and work under Vista. Drive 2 does not work under windows 7.

A:Secondary hard drive not showing up

Issue solved!

When using a P5Q Pro motherboard, do not connect your secondary hard drive to the white SATA connector.
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Ever since doing a fresh install of Windows 10, in "This PC", my secondary hard drive is not in the list. I have already tried right clicking "This PC" and clicking Manage -> Disk Management, but there is nothing there except my SSD with Windows 10 installed.
I have tried changing SATA cables, SATA ports, but it still does not appear in This PC. I have also tried installing my hard drive on a another computer to see if the files were corrupted. They were not, all files were still the same before the installation of Windows 10. I did not leave the hard drive plugged in during the installation.
In the BIOS, my computer recognizes both my SSD and my hard drive, but in This PC, it's still missing.
Anything else I can do? Thank you!

A:SSD Detected - Secondary Drive (Hard drive) is not

They were not, all files were still the same before the installation of Windows 10. I did not leave the hard drive plugged in during the installation.
Looks like the new os do not reconize the old table sitting on the 2nd drives (or the mbr of the drive).
many ways to correct much work are you willing to do? Like backing up all the 2nd drive to a secondary location, perfrome a 2nd installation who include a format of the 2nd drive  etc etc   you get the idea...
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Hi all I have what I think is a unique situation i just incorrect hard identification of drive secondary upgraded to a newer box with an existing primary drive On my old machine I had XP and Windows K When I used W K my two drives were known as C and F When I upgraded to XP and stopped using W K on the old machine they became incorrect identification of secondary hard drive known as C and D I transferred my two drives C and D to the new machine and in the process the new machine now sees the drive that was my D as the old F drive I know incorrect identification of secondary hard drive this because the files that are available are files that were on the F that I haven t accessed since I upgraded to XP The result is that all of the files that I created in the last or so years are unavailable to me because the new machine thinks the drive is old F drive Pre-XP I did a search and was shown shortcuts to the files but not the files The search also showed the files were on the D drive Clicking on the shortcuts was a dead end invalid path I know this is a pretty crazy thing My regular computer guy has never seen anything like this I hope someone can help Much thanks pcreturns PS I have back-ups to a lot of the files but not all of them nbsp

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500 GB secondary Hard disk (D Drive) : 4 in 1 Acer One 10 touch screen Laptop. The 500 GB secondary hard disk and all data on it is detected correctly at the start of laptop. But any opened application or file which is saved on this Hard Disk keeps on closing frequently often unsaved. These need to be opened again and again. It appears as if the secondary Hard Drive goes into sort of sleep mode. The Key board keeps functioning correctly. What could be the recovery from it? No such problem occurs with primary 32 GB hard disk.

A:500 GB secondary Hard disk (D Drive) : 4 in 1 Acer...

Is it a USB external hard drive? What model? What program are you using to open, close, save files? Jack E/NJ
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Can anyone say how to install photoshop on my secondary hard drive. I have an ssd for windows but keep most of my large programs on a sata drive which is much larger. When I start the installation the wizard tells me it will be put into drive c:\program files x86. Can I change this to g:\program files x86? How?

A:putting photoshop on secondary hard drive

There should be a way to do it, does the installer not give you the option to choose the destination path?
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Hi guys,

Sorry about the title, i was unsure how to sum up this post in such few words.

Basically at the moment i am using Windows 7 Home and will be upgrading to Windows 8.1 in about a weeks time. I currently have Windows 7 installed on a 60Gb SSD and i have a secondary 500Gb Seagate Barracuda for other files. What i am wondering is if i clean install Windows 8 onto the SSD only will i still be able to use the 2nd drive in Windows 8? Basically this drive has a fair amount of music / videos etc and i would like to make to make sure i can use these. I would like to do a clean install and not an upgrade btw.

Thanks for your time

A:Files on secondary hard drive when installing Win 8.

1) Backup the SSD first.

2) Before cleaning Windows 8/8.1 remove secondary 500Gb Seagate Barracuda drive.

3) Clean install Windows 8/8.1.

4) When Windows 8./8.1 is working OK, refit the secondary 500Gb Seagate Barracuda drive.
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I went to uninstall a program today on my secondary hard drive (not my Windows installation drive), it started, was taking forever, so I cancelled it. It turned out it had started uninstalling everything on my second hard drive. I've now lost almost all of my programs (I only install certain games on my Windows installation drive, it's an SSD). I tried a system restore, but it only runs on my SSD, solving nothing. Is there any way I can run a system restore on my secondary hard drive?

A:Restoring installations on secondary hard drive?

Is the secondary drive an external? By design system restore does not work with external drives. In the case of internal drives it works only for drives it is configured for in the system control panel. System restore works by using files stored in what is by default a hidden and invisible system folder in the root of the drive in question. Without the necessary files doing a system restore is impossible. It is impossible to create a system restore point for a time that has past.

In any event using system restore to correct a problem such as yours is something of a long shot.
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I did something to cause my system to be unable to boot.(missing or corrupt fille). Luckily I had another hard-disk with an operable system. I had cloned this disk from my system several months ago. I am now running with the good disk as my C: drive and the broken system as my D: drive. I've transferred MY DOCUMENTS and have access to my data. I would like to try repair the version of windows which is on the D: disk. How do you suggest that I proceed?

A:Fixing windows on a secondary hard-drive

To repair the other installation remove the current good drive and only have the "old" one connected. Boot from the XP CD and do a repair install. Instructions are here on my website.
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for my drive lost secondary hard access to some lost access to my secondary hard drive reason last nite when i was done using my computer i left it on and came back to it this morning i couldnt engage it from sleep for some reason when i held a button on lost access to my secondary hard drive my keyboard i saw the hard drive light come on and stay on same for the computer activity since it didnt start i simply restarted it got to the starting windows flash screen and after that went blank so i did a hard shut down then started it and it ran the check disk thing it looked like it went ok it started up but then the d and e drive did not want to open i shut down the pc unplug the sata plug from both the mother board and switch it also unplug the back of the hard drive and reconnect still nothing i put some screenys of what it looks like dont know what happen its not an old drive and its not brand new if you can think of something let me know please and thanks in advance ev

A:lost access to my secondary hard drive

Right click on the drive, click properties. On the security tab "To change permissions click Edit", click on edit button. Click on System to display it's permissions below, see that Allow has everything checked except for special permission. A Guy
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I have an SSD for C drive, operating system on that and then I have 2 Seagate 2GB hard drives that I keep movies and TV shows, one is D: and the other is E:
Well D is the one that is dying, so I bought another, back up my stuff and thought I could just pull the cables on it and plug in the new one, but noooooooo, the pc wouldn't even boot
Any suggestions?

Ok, I think I see why it will not boot, the D: drive has the system reserve on it? Right?

Anyway I getting rid of this?

A:Secondary hard drive is dying, but how do I swap it out for another?

First, you must mark Disk 2 (C) Active, then

unplug Disk 0 and Disk 1, then

run startup repair until Disk 2 (C) boots on it`s own.

When you installed windows on the ssd, you should not have had the other 2 drives plugged in.
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500 GB secondary Hard disk (D Drive) : 4 in 1 Acer One 10 touch screen Laptop. The 500 GB secondary hard disk and all data on it is detected correctly at the start of laptop. But any opened application or file which is saved on this Hard Disk keeps on closing frequently often unsaved. These need to be opened again and again. It appears as if the secondary Hard Drive goes into sort of sleep mode. The Key board keeps functioning correctly. What could be the recovery from it? No such problem occurs with primary 32 GB hard disk.

A:500 GB secondary Hard disk (D Drive) : 4 in 1 Acer...

Is it a USB external hard drive? What model? What program are you using to open, close, save files? Jack E/NJ
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I've recently uninstalled itunes. When i restarted my PC i noticed that my internal secondary drive was missing. Reboot and still nothing. Powerdown wait 30 sec and swjtch back on: still missing. I finally opened it up unplugged it and replugged it and it found it again.

I then rebooted again and again it was missing repeated steps above same result.

Dont know what to do ant its a hassle to open it up every time.
Windows 7 ultimate. Sata Seagate barracuda 2tb

A:Missing secondary internal hard drive... HELP!

The first thing I would try is uninstalling ITunes and then performing a System Restore to a date before you installed ITunes.

See if that clears up the hard drive problem, then deal with the ITunes installation problem.
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Hi All

I'm new to the forums and hoping that you can help me. I've been searching for an answer to this for weeks now. I recently upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 (upgrade) and now I am unable to index anything not on my C drive. All of my media is on my secondary drive, which is my F drive. I have tried going into Indexing Options> Modify> Show All Locations, but nothing changes. All of my media libraries also show up as "Unresponsive" because of this. Any ideas of how I can get my F drive to be listed so that it can be indexed? Thanks so much in advance!


A:Can't index a secondary internal hard drive

Hello Tyler, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Check using the tutorial below to see if you may be able to add the F: drive to the index.

Index Locations - Add or Remove - Windows 7 Help Forums

Afterwards, rebuild the index to force it to update to have search results include files on F.
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My brother's hard drive got corrupted.

I was able to hook the drive up to my computer as a secondary drive, get all of the important information off, and reformat the drive. Now, I would like to install his OS (Windows XP) on the hard drive.

Unfortunately, I cannot find an easy way to do this. The XP cd just looks at my primary drive, determines that I've already got a "newer" version of Windows installed (updates, etc.), and doesn't let me go any further. It doesn't give me an option to do an install to my secondary, empty hard drive.

What can/should I do?

A:Want to install Windows XP on my secondary hard drive...

I would make the secondary drive the primary drive. If it is formated you should be able to boot from the Xp install CD and go from there.
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Hi guys i m completely new here and i don t know what i can expect but i d be happy if you would look at my problem Overnight I ran a defragment on my secondary hard drive which is my largest one containing WoW and some other after Hard Drive disappeared drefragment! Secondary programs but not windows When i got Secondary Hard Drive disappeared after drefragment! out of bed i looked at the defragment menu and the lower harddrive was not on the list Secondary Hard Drive disappeared after drefragment! anymore Well that wasn t so weird i thought it must have removed it since it s now completely defragment But there was an error message in the lower right corner I don t remember it exactly but it said that there was some file which couldn t be stored on this drive and this might cause some error later on I clicked my shortcut for WoW and windows told me that it couldn t find the program that the shortcut was referring to So i opened My Computer and discovered that my entire secondary drive was completely gone I ve tried rebooting but i just can t see it anywhere It makes little sense to me as does many things about computers and Windows I m using Windows XP Professional I m not sure what other information you could use but i d be really happy if you could help me solve this problem Thanks in advance Pete nbsp

A:Secondary Hard Drive disappeared after drefragment!

Does it show in bios?
Is this a sata drive?
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Well, I recently installed an internal hard drive onto my computer, and it was recognizing it for at least a week or so. But now, it doesn't even show up that it has been installed or being used on my computer and won't let me access it at all. It's not even on My Computer. I tried reinstalling it, but it won't work. What should I do?

A:Computer not recognizing secondary hard drive

Can you hear or feel the problematic drive "spinning up"?

If he drive is not "spinning up" 1st check the voltage on the power source connected to the drive. If the power source voltage is correct, and the drive is not "spinning up", then you may have a defective drive controller board.
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Cant find secondary hard drive.

Hi everybody,

I have a computer with two hard drives, I use the first one for operating system(Windows XP professional) and the second one for storage only. I formatted my primary hard drive and reinstalled Windows, I did not touch the secondary one. After installation, I cant find my storage(secondary drive) anywhere. Did I loose all the data there? Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in advanced for any assistance


A:reinstalled Windows.. cant see secondary hard drive.

Look in Disk Management if and how the second drive is recognised. I sincerely hope you didn't use the silly dynamic disk thing..
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Hey guys this will be my first post here so be gentle Let s start off with my computer specs I bought this computer off of Dell then added some stuff Dell Dimension i Windows XP Pro Intel Pentium CPU GHz A Gb hard drive that came with the computer when I bought it this is the original hard drive Seagate Gb Ultra ATA hard drive my second hard drive that I added Here is the issue ever since I bought the new HD it has been running considerably slower than my original HD For example when I want to copy anything to or from the second HD it would take forever and all other programs including mouse movement would become choppy like mouse movement This is also true when I copy one file from one partition of the second hard drive to another partition on the same hard drive However this only happens to my second hard drive My original drive works fine Is there anything I can do to fix the slowness of my new hard drive My roomates and I have tried various methods from changing cables to changing jumpers to no avail Any suggestions If you need more info please tell me This has been bothering me for quite some time nbsp

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Will I run into trouble connecting a hard drive to the secondary IDE port/cable--the one that's normally used for CD and DVD drives and such? Or should this not be done? I have two hard drives hooked up to the main IDE-0 connector and want to add a third, large-capacity drive to be used for backing up the other two drives, connecting this to the available IDE-1 cable connector--the other connector of which is hooked up to a DVD drive. I would want to put this new hard drive in a mobile rack & tray fixture that would mount in the 5 1/2 drive bay below the DVD unit--or above, depending on how things fit.

Would the computer recognize this as a hard drive even though it would be connected on the same cable as the DVD drive? Or does this mean problems?

A:Secondary IDE port/connector for hard drive

Set its jumper setting to slave and is will work perfectly well!!!!
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i`m so new to all this so i hope someone can help me.....turned on my computer this morning to find that my secondary hard disc drive cannot be F1 to continue or F2 to go into bios to fix it.....i went in there only to find out i dont know what i`m looking at.....i ended up finding out that it needs to be enabled...but how.....then later it all`m going can i get my computer to find this disc drive?

A:secondary hard disc drive not found

Welcome to TSG
BIOS setups are not all the same but usually what you are looking for is in the "Main" heading. Look for something that says Primary IDE master, Primary IDE Slave, Secondary IDE Master, Secondary IDE Slave.

Where the "missing" hard drive should be located in the above scheme depends how it is actually hooked up. If it's on the same cable as your main drive it probably would be the Primary slave. (not sure what you meant by secondary).

The drive may have died but the most common problem is just the cable is loose. Are you comfortable checking that inside the case.
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I own an Hp Pavilion, Model P7 - 14446s PC with a 1 TB hard drive.I want to install a secondary hard drive and clone the primary hard drive on a daily basis.I understand that if my primary hard drive fails, it is a simple procedure to switch to thesecondary hard drive and to continue "computing".What hardware do I need beside the new 1 Tb hard drive and what is the procedure to install the new hard driveand how would I switch to the secondary hard drive if the primary hard drive fails? Thanks,            hpannken

A:Installing secondary hard drive in my Hp Pavilion

@hpannken, welcome to the forum. You will need the hard drive and SATA power and data cables.  You will leave the boot drive attached as it is and connect the second drive to another SATA port on the motherboard.  You can't leave the second drive connected when booting if you have an OS on it.  This can cause conflicts and problems with booting. If the primary drive fails, you would simply disconnect the SATA cables for it and connect the second drive where it was connected. Now, some food for thought.  I never use internal drives for backup.  I have two external USB hard drives and a thumb drive that I use for backup.  They are far easier to connect and don't block airflow inside of the case. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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OK well I built a new computer Bought a GB SATA drive installed a fresh copy of Windows XP on it So Today I decided to take my old GB SATA can't on access secondary files drive hard drive from my old desktop put it in as a secondary drive to get some files off of it Now most of my personal files are in the My Documents folder in the Administrator folder When I try to navigate there on the new computer it says access is denied I did have the Administrator account password protected so I m pretty sure that s why I can t access it Is there no other way other than putting it back into the old machine and somehow unlocking the files so i can just put it in the new machine and take all the data I need from can't access files on secondary hard drive it Also if that is can't access files on secondary hard drive the only way how can't access files on secondary hard drive do I go about making the data available without moving it all to another folder nbsp

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I have a Dell Dimension PIII- After a power outage wouldn t boot Some testing showed bad hard drive I replaced the HD with a Maxtor gb drive At first I couldn t locate my XP Pro disk and being anxious to test the new drive installed Win Pro At that point I could see the IDE controller Original setup had been Primary IDE controller had hard drive in master position jumpered for Master drive hard controller troubleshoot secondary Secondar IDE controller had cd drive in master position jumpered for Master This worked troubleshoot secondary hard drive controller fine with old setup and with new HD and Win Pro I located my XP disk OEM and legal so I wiped the drive and installed with XP CD wasn t recognized Did various tests troubleshoot secondary hard drive controller including adding CD to Primary controller as Slave Works fine that way I assumed the cable might be bad starting with easiest and cheapest That didn t help Tested all cables in both controllers All worked in primary - none in secondary So I assume the controller is the issue I m thinking hoping that it s just a software issue since the secondary controller worked with Win P In device manager in W secondary controller was listed and fine In WXP pro it s not there Since I only have hard drive and cd I can configue both on primary controller and is what I ve done so far to be operational However the darn cable is too short between the primary amp secondary connectors The only way it fits is to have the box open and CD sitting on top The new cable I bought when testing is longer but is the same distance between the two connectors Because of the slots in pc I can t get the two pieces of equip close enough to work I imagine I can get a custom cable someplace but have two problems with that I live in a rural area and will have to travel order on internet to get a custom cable More importantly I want it to work as it should as I may likely want to add additional hard drive Any help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

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A few weeks ago, my old system decided it didn't want to boot up anymore. I wanted to know if i put a new hard drive in the CPU and make the old drive a secondary drive, will I be able to access it?. In other words - because I'm not booting from it anymore, will it be readable?

A local geek told me it would cost between $200 and $2900 for him to recover data from the old drive, depending on how much data was on it and what the problem was (that last figure isn't a misprint - $2900!. That seemed excessive. He also advised me not to spend a lot of money trying to fix a 6 year old system. But I am desperately seeing a way to recover the files from the crashed drive that won't cost me 6 week's salary. I'm not savvy on manipulating the innards of the computer, either.

A:making original hard drive a secondary

Hi debodum,

It all depends what has happened to your HDD.

Can you not take it out and put it on a friends system as a slave, just to see if you can access it?
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I would like to say I inadvertently made by secondary hard drive active.. It was not. Is there a way to make it not active? As it is listed in the BIOS as the non-boot drive, there doesn't appear to be a conflict at this time. But I would like to correct it if possible. Thanks for all assistance.

A:How to make a secondary hard drive NOT Active?

Removing the Active Flag from a Partition
(on a drive that's not used as a boot drive)

Partition - Mark as Inactive

Make sure you choose the correct Disk / Partition !

Open an elevated command prompt in Windows:
1. Click Start Orb
2. In search box, type cmd
3. Right-click on cmd.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'

In the elevated command prompt type in the following commands:

SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the HDD in question)
SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the active partition you wish to make inactive)
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Hi, from whence can I buy a cable: "643638-001 - CBI HDD CABLE SLAVE", or get  desoldering scheme? Bought from here: "" not approached... With gratitude for the response,Valery
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Hello, I'm trying to find out the specs for the secondary hard drive bay in the Pavilion Wave, i.e. the physical form factor (2,5" / 3,5") and interface (SATA?). Does anyone know what it is? Thanks,Mattias
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I replaced my primary hard drive after a major failure and installed Windows XP but now I m having trouble with my secondary hard drive According the My Computer the drive is empty but the Properties tab shows GB of used space Here s what I know Primary drive WD GB PATA drive Listed as E drive GB of GB used This is the new drive where Windows XP is freshly installed Jumper set to cable select Secondary drive Maxtor GB Serial ATA drive Listed as C drive GB of GB used This is the older drive that s coming up empty Jumper set to cable select When I installed Windows XP I had the jumper on the new drive in the wrong spot I copied what was on the busted original drive instead of following the new drive s directions Could that be the problem I tried setting the primary E drive to appears drive Secondary hard empty master and the secondary C drive to slave but the secondary drive is still quot empty quot The letters associated with the hard drives are a surprise The secondary drive used to be G and now it s C I m not sure why the new primary drive is labeled E Any ideas nbsp

A:Secondary hard drive appears empty

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Ok..... im a little confused:

SATA drives don't have Master/Slave Config........

Compare THESE TWO DRIVES to the ones you have... And we will try to establish what were dealing with.

If you do have a SATA drive and you have been setting jumpers on it; Depending on where you have set the Jumpers HERE IS AN OVERVIEW of What you Have been Actually doing.

Its not advisable to install your OS on a PATA Drive they are a thing of the past. if what you say is true, you should Copy any Important Data to a safe location and Install your OS on your SATA Drive, and use your PATA Drive as storage.

But we will cross that Bridge bridge when We come to it.
Could you post your spec please.
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I installed a secondary hard drive in my HP dv8408, which has a two drive bay. The device shows up in the device manager and troubleshooting says it is working properly, but there is no letter assigned to the drive. I would like to assign F, since D is a recovery partition on the primary drive and E is the optical drive. Shouldn't the drive letter assignment have been automatic? Is there some step I have skipped?

HPdv8408 with 2GB of patriot ps2 5300 ram, XP media center 2002 edition, service pack 3.
The primary hard drive is 80GB hitach travelstar 5k100, the new secondary hard drive is a seagate 80GB, I think the model number is 370063768795.

A:new secondary hard drive not in tree, hp laptop

You need to partition and format the drive for windows to see and use it, this is done from the Disk Management utility
See this MS article
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The capacity of my SSD is compromised and I would like to move programs to the secondary hard drive. I also would like to make the secondary the default drive for all my photographs. Are there any tutorials to which I can be directed for assistance. Thanks

A:How to move programs from SSD to secondary hard drive

Hello and welcome fawmaine I don't know if this is of any use to you post #8 may be the stuff you are looking for.

SSD Tweaks and Optimizations in Windows 7

Me I just copy / paste but I could be doing the very wrong thing for all I know