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External Hard drive not loading

Q: External Hard drive not loading

My computer recognizes that the hard drive is there as local disk E but wont actually load. I can get it to load on my tv but it wont play my movies. Please help it has a lot of important things on there,

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Preferred Solution: External Hard drive not loading

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: External Hard drive not loading

You could try running chkdsk /f in command prompt to check and fix errors on your drive.
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I have a Samsung s2 1tb external hard drive.

Today when I hooked it up to my laptop it would not load. It will shows local F drive when it usually will say samsung Drive.

A pop up box will then appear stating "you need to format drive"

I know if I reformat it I will lose all my data which I will not do.

When I look in device manager it states that the external hard drive is installed.

I attempted to go through start menu and type cmd then F: and it states "The volume does not recognize this system file. Please make sure all required system drivers are loaded and the volume is not corrupted."


A:Samsung s2 external hard drive not loading showing local disk F drive

With the external drive connected, Go to Disk Management (Start > type: "computer" > click on Computer Management > click on Disk Management)

Determine which disk is the external drive.
If the external drive shows here as a healthy volume, Right click on the large box to the right of the "Disk 1" / "Disk 2" lable and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

If there is nothing but a grey box or "Unallocated Space" next to the disk number then Right click on the disk number (the box) and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

Change the drive letter to anything else > OK.

If you can't do any of the above post back. If you can post a screen shot of the Disk Management window that can help.
Do not initialize the disk or format it or you will lose your data.
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I recently copied a lot of pictures off my iPhone and my wife's samsung phone onto a STOR-RIGHT external hard files of Slow External hard on loading drive drive Now when I open some of the folders the previews of the pictures don't load and the external hard drive almost seems to 'go to sleep' Also when I try to copy them back over to the laptop even one by one it takes around - minutes to copy one picture I have scanned one of the folders with Sophos and it returns the below error messages Returned SAV Interface error xa scan failed I have downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run a scan with that and it returned the below PUP Optional Babylon A PUP Optional Softonic Slow loading of files on External hard drive A PUP Optional Monetizer I have quarantined these but from what I have read they don't seem to be that malicious I'm wondering if my external hard drive is corrupted as I've tried to scan this drive for viruses and for errors and it just seems to never make it to the end I am concerned as all our photos are on this drive

A:Slow loading of files on External hard drive

Could be something else, but it could also be that the hard drive is dying. Don't do a bunch of scans or things to stress out the drive. Focus on getting your files off it. Make sure you are using the fastest usb port available on your computer (newer computers sometimes have one or more usb3.0 ports and mostly usb2.0. Older computers might have some usb1.0 ports which are the slowest).
I would connect it to a totally different computer in case it's a problem with the laptop causing this. In any case, precious files should not only exist in 1 location :|
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So I have a pretty hard loading. infinite External or drive "hanging" well not old but it's not a product they carry anymore external hard drive and I had some issues with it in the past mainly the usb port not being soldered on properly and falling off so I just received all my replacement cords for it and ran it it took forever for it to load up External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading. which I felt was understandable seeing as there's like GB on it but when I go to like drag one item from it it'll take more than minutes and if I cancel it it just loads and loads and loads I don't know what it's doing External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading. but when it's like that I can't do anything with it and to actually make it browse-able again I have to force a shut down hold the power button And External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading. the files I am trying to move are just MB so they shouldn't even be taking this long I have quite a few files I wish to save otherwise I'd just format the whole thing but I can't when it just hangs onto the loading Is there a way for me to save these files I tried to upload them a hosting but it freezes when I do same with dragging the images into windows paint Please help I just tried to upload some of the pictures to mediafire and it literally froze my web browser nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by notsotechsavvy I stand corrected apparently this portable hard drive is not done frustrating me just yet Pretty sure I forgot to mention what portable hard drive I have and here it is The problem I'm having now is that I managed to save the files I needed from it and I formatted it just a few moments ago but now if I access say like a picture or a video from my hard drive there is only one file there so there is absolutely NO reason for this hard drive to be slow it will take forever for it to load open my windows picture preview thing actually stops responding and so does any other opener That's what it's sitting at currently and will stay like that If I were to save that video onto my C drive and open it there it would not have any issues but anything has issues opening from the hard drive I have to often restart it so it stops loading and so I can use explorer without it not responding I figured maybe I don't have the drivers or something so I went to the Seagate website and downloaded their driver software thing it allowed me to check my hard drive for any issues and such It came up clean and apparently my hard drive is functioning properly So I don't have an answer for this Allow me to show you what my Windows Media Player currently looks like and how it'll stay until I force my computer to restart

A:External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading.

Fill out all of the System Specs in the lower left hand corner of your message. If we know what is in your PC it will help to better figure out the problem.
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Hi there,

I won't get too deeply into the harrowing saga of how two external hard drives of mine died within days of each other. Rather, I'll just say that I would like to do a virus scan on several external hard drives (including/especially the one I just got to replace the others). In other words, I want to find out if there was a virus or something in the material that I'm putting on the hard drives that makes them die. Could this be possible? If so, how can I conduct a virus scan specifically on the external drives?


A:Scanning an external hard drive for viruses? External Hard drive DRAMA!

In My Computer . . right click the external drive and select Scan with { name of AV }
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Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

A:Satellite click mini not reconising external hard drive or external DVD drive

Originally Posted by rachel.nickells

Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

Is it usb powered? If so does the hard drive spin up? Are there any clicking noises from the drive?
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I want to get an external hard drive dvd burner combo if there is such a thing To make this question as simple as possible I need a drive/dvd-rw External OR Solved: combo? External drive Hard Hard hard drive that my camera can be plugged into with the firewire I also need the hard drive that is able to plug in to the USB slot on my computer Solved: External Hard drive OR External Hard drive/dvd-rw combo? because my new Dell doesn t seem to tolerate a firewire card which I installed and then took out and returned to the store It froze my computer and I tried everything to stabilize it but had no luck It did work long enough to download min or so of video and I burned that onto a cd Thats when I found out I had a dvd-rom not a dvd burner long story I know Sorry I just want to figure out the most economical way now to save my movies and burn them to dvd also using either another external dvd burner or maybe there is a hard drive dvd burner combo Or should I just get two separate externals Again I need the hard drive burner to plug into my computer with usb Then the firewire from the camera would go into the hard drive burner to download the movies nbsp

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Hey a Hard Drive Drive External an please! 80gb Enclosure, Zune help in Hard Putting guys My Zune gb stopped working a while back It wouldn t charge So I thought I would take Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please! out the hard drive and use it as an external gb hard drive So I bought an quot ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it All appears good with the installation When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on amp the disk starts spinning Then Windows Vista does the whole quot Install new Hardware quot thing and calls it a quot Disk Drive quot and a quot USB Mass Storage Device quot and says hardware is installed and ready for use But the problem is I can t seem to access the drive I can t find it anywhere It doesn t show up as a drive I can use or anything I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn t it couldn t find it either I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it but the Mac doesn t recognize it as anything Back in Vista Using Device Manager Vista notices the drive under the quot Disk Drives quot option as a quot Disk Drive quot and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft since it has the Zune firmware on it but I can t do anything with it And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists I can t reformat it or anything Can anyone help me I thought I read somewhere that the problem is the zune firmware Is there anyway I can wipe it Please help I have spent hours searching online and can t seem to get anywhere If I have posted this is in the wrong forum I am sorry Thank you Timothy nbsp

A:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!

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I am trying to move all my files from my computer to my new external hard drive, but whenever I try and move a file over 4 GB in size i get this error message...
"The file is too large for the destination file system"... anyone know how I can get around this so I can move those files over?

A:Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Get ahold of some software that will break up the file into chunks.
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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive
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I need an external hard drive for taking regular backups of all of my data.
When i searched the internet I got two options:
1. Porable HDD [high cost, slower speed but don't need external power]
2. Desktop HDD [low cost, higher speed but need external power]

I want to know that...
1. Which hard disk's live longer? Porable or Desktop.
2. I heared that pulling off USB cable of Portable HDD may cause data lose because it also supplies power to hdd.
What will happpen if Power goes off from Desktop HDD? Will my data/Hard disk remain protected?
3. Level of safety of data on moving or shaking on both Desktop and Portable HDD.
4. Can we install os and boot from portable and desktop external hdd?

A:Need Advice : External Desktop Hard drive vs Portable Hard drive?

Unless you really need to go portable with a Laptop .. I'd not use a USB powered External.
You cannot boot from a USB External .. But there's another option if you're capable of physically changing HDDs ..

Get a good external Enclosure (with a fan for cooling) .. Install a good HDD ... with a 5 year warranty
and make the HDD in the enclosure a bootable backup .. where you could swap HDDs if/when needed ..
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I recently formatted my c drive and now i am reinstalling all the software. I keep all the setups of software in my external hard drive. For installing the software I coy the setup folder of the required software on my laptop, then install it.

Is straightaway installing the software by accessing the external hard drive okay? Does it make any difference in the installation time or any reduction in life of hard disk performance.

Or should I always install through my laptop hard drive?

I am running windows 8.1 pro

A:installation software from external hard drive or internal hard drive

Your method is as good as any. If it works, keep doing it.
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I have an hp pavilion laptop and I bought a simplesave external hard drive so I could put my ArcGIS programs on it, instead of it slowing down my actual laptop. So when I installed it, I sent the files to the G drive. Great, they went there, but I cant open the program. What did I do wrong?


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Looking to buy an external hard drive for backup. This will be used only to backup data periodically. This is certainly a good price ($140):

I've never heard of it. Anyone have any experience with that brand?

A:Opinions on BeyondMicro External Hard Drive?-or recommendations on External Case?
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So I want to clone one external 2TB with another. So one drive is the main use one and another the backup one. So I copy everything over to backup and i store the backup at another house and then I start using the main: deleting and adding/editing files. What is the best software or whatever to allow me, after some time, synchronize/clone the externals again without deleting all on the backup drive and recopying? (main to backup) and make them clones again? ..Adding and deleting or replacing any nonidentical files.. Like where i can press a button on some software and it do the work for me.
Sorry if this is confusing

A:Best external to external hard drive synchronized backup plan?

There's a bunch of applications that can do that.

They all work pretty much the same way, but would differ in how easy they are to understand and configure---the interfaces would differ and the help files would differ.

I use FreeFileSync from

Others are Syncback, Folder Clone, Karen's Replicator, FBackup, Second Copy, and Synchromagic.

You should be able to configure them to do one or the other of the following:

1: If you delete or modify a file on the "original", it will also be deleted or modified on the backup.

2: If you delete a file on the "original", it will be retained on the backup. If you modify a file, both the modified and unmodified file will be retained on the backup.

It's up to you which choice you prefer. I use the first method, which is often called "mirroring"--one drive is an exact match of the other.
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I have one external hard which has 3 patitions for long time and it was working with no problem till I fill up one of the partition. Now when I connect to my PCs (2000 and XP) using USB it just shows me 2 partition and does not load 3rd partition. Device Manager also shows all 3 partition and says all are helth, but not able to explore. How to access the 3rd partition? Please help I have lot of data on that partition which I don't want to loose.

A:One partition on external drive not loading

Someone please suggest something.
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I have a DAP (Digital Audio Player) where uploading to the main drive (F) has become so slow that it took 20 minutes for one MP3 song.
An entire Album that use to take 3 minutes now takes 1 1/2 hours+ because it also keeps freezing.

However the Sata card in the DAP (drive G) works normally.

I went into Properties and found that the drive's "last run" said never run... and "current status" said optimization not available.
In tools I've scanned the drive and the results say it's working fine.

Should I wipe the drive with cCleaner?

A:Loading Onto External Drive Has Become Slow

Once again...close to a hundred reads and zero response...I'm seeing a pattern.

Trust me I did Google first and tried all sorts of "fixes" that didn't work before I posted here.

Moderator...please delete this thread.
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Hi guys I'm new on any sort of Drive an Internal like External acting Hard Hard Drive forums so go easy if it's a stupid question but here goes Me and my brother built me a new computer from scratch he did the building - i did the watching To cut a long story short - I purchased an internal hard drive from Overclockers UK It's a Samsung TB drive I also have a Solid-state drive in there as my primary hard drive that Windows was installed on and a couple of programs are installed on My storage disk the TB disk is for all my music films etc Whenever I drag and drop a file into the Samsung hard-drive - it copies it rather than moves it instantly When I had Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive a laptop I had external hard drives and this is the way it copied files onto them Does anyone know how I can get the Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive internal drive to stop acting like an external drive Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive

This is the way it works. I have an 80GB SSD and an internal HDD and the same happens if the file/folder is large enough. If you just copy a few MBs, you will not see the window with the green stripe running. But if e.g. you copy 500MBs, you will see it. It physically moves the data. That is different if you copy on the same volume from one folder to another. Then it only makes an entry in the MFT.
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I am unsure about what happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive... Let's say the internal HDD was your only laptop HDD and you replaced it with a SSD. If you convert your old internal HDD to an external HDD, what would happen when you open it up on your newly installed OS (on the SSD)?

I am trying to download a new OS but us my old internal HDD as an external drive just to access specific files. However, I don't want any other data/programs/settings/etc. downloaded onto my new SSD. Do I need to delete my old OS when I convert my old internal HDD into an external HDD or does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?

If anyone is able to clarify these questions that would be fantastic!

A:What happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive?

does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?Click to expand...

it will just be seen as a data drive and you would need to goto the directory for your data
it wont run as an OS at all
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I earlier posted about the Aspire AST -UP A be internal external Can drive hard full used hard drive? for having GB hard drive I since then contacted Aspire chat support Apparently not being tech savy we didn t realize gb hard drive only c drive is able to be used the d data drive holds the programs to run the computer I didn t mean can I use the external hard drive internally I meant if I hook it up externally would it work in place of the internal hard drive Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? that is nearly full except for around GB So unfortunately the computer Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? isn t as big as you believe But I wanted to know if I purchase I was looking at Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive? western digital elements TB external hard drive Can we use it for this computer It will not run itunes or anything like that but we can obviously go online My brother wants to buy a new computer but I know that is probably not the way to go Should we get an internal hard drive installed and other memory or something or can we use the external hard drive I would appreciate any informed help on this since we do not no technical info on computers Can t really afford to buy another computer right now Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive?

If you want to take out the drive from external hard drive case and install it in your desktop/laptop, then usually you can. Usually external hard drives are just ordinary hard drives accompanied by some extra controller to make it able to "talk" via general ports (e.g. USB). However I am not familiar with digital elements 2TB , so I can not confirm it. But I do have WD external drive, which I had positively confirm that its real drive is just ordinary hard drive.

Note that if you decide to do this, I suggest to find experience people to work on extracting the drive. If you do it yourself you will risk to damage it, and you don't want that since usually opening the closure means voiding the warranty.
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I had been using my Hitachi 320g external HD for 2yrs.It had not problem until yesterday I transfering some files from my Drive C to Hitachi HD when the computer hang.I unpluged the external HD and restart PC.When I pluged in the external HD again it was recognised as interrnal HD.I've problem accessing the files.The PC detected it was FAT32 since my system was NTFS and asked me to reformat my external HD.I tried connect to other PC but no different.
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I currently am running windows x bit and I am thinking of copying my entire hard drive consisting of C amp D drives using a total of GB of space nbsp And wanting to external as Drive Complete drive a Copying to hard b... an Hard get a Western Digital External Hard Drive with TB Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b... of space nbsp I have been led to believe that windows has a utility called System Image Back Up Utility located in the Control Panel nbsp I have also been led to believe that this can be done completely using a bit by bit copy of the entire hard drive programs files drivers apps utilities etc nbsp But I can not fine enough info on doing this And there are still questions such as How do you transfer the copy from the external hard drive back onto the PC if it should completely crash I do have a five disk recovery set I made when I purchased my PC but still want an additional source of a back up system nbsp I can not find the procedures for copying the copy from the external hard drive to the crashed PC and are ther better and Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b... safer programs out there to use instead of the windows system Image back up utility nbsp I would add that I am somewhat of an intermediate user useing PCs since windows but there are obviously issues that I need to research before attempting something this complicated and advanced nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp Thanks in Advance Solved View Solution

A:Copying Complete Hard Drive to an external hard drive as a b...

A description of System Image Backup can be found here.  If you want both C and D, I would suggest a clone program. Both Seagate and WD offer a free Disk Wizard Program. With the cloning process, you use an external case to perform the clone.  When disaster strikes, you swap out the drives, and continue. Personally, I make clones of my primary desktops every 30-45 days.
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Hi, for nearly a year now I've been using a Buffalo 500GB external hard drive.
Just yesterday though, after unplugging it from my PC, using it on another Windows 7 machine and then attempting to reconnect it the my PC, it began to show up on My Computer as a Local Disk rather than an external. In addition, when I try to access it, it gives me this message: E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. My question is, is there any way to return the drive to it's original state or recover the data inside? The data is of extreme importance.
Thanks for any help.
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I have an internal hard disk not in use ,and I would like to make it as external disk !
I looked on the net and I found I should have the " encelsure " butt I think I wont find it here in my city .
So is there another way ? like usb -esata cable ?

A:how to make your internal hard drive into and external hard drive ?

Firstly, where are you based (Which country)? I would get the part of the internet, I trust we are talking about a 3.5" drive? Do you have an esata port on your pc? I would get something similar to this, I think: - Buy CiT 35M17SEF 3.5 inch SATA / USB / Firewire / eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!
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I purchased an External Harddrive (160gb Seagate) to backup all of my files from my old computer running (Windows 98SE). I downloaded all 13 files successfully from Seagates web site and now when I use the new hardware wizard it recognizes the new drive but will not load the drivers. I get a Number 28 error? Please help so I can get my data to use on my Windows XP machine. Thanks!

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I m not sure if I should have put this in quot Hardware quot or not so I am by far a professional at this so hang in there with me if I confuse you A few months ago my children broke the screen on my laptop and for a few weeks I was trying to use the External Monitor so it would show up on a monitor my sister gave me Well I finally got that up and working however now when I connect my external hard drive to the laptop it will not show up on the desktop monitor The external hard drive is Western Digital This external monitor is a new thing for me actually I knew you could do it but with Help Hard External External and Monitor Drive didn t try it as an option until my nephew - who is much younger than me - thought of it lol Anyway I have Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive pictures and such on my external hard drive that were put onto the external by Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive the very laptop I am using I m not totally sure of the montior I am using all I can tell you at the moment is it s a Dell The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A S the laptop has Vista Home Basic bit and I believe the desktop monitor is running with Vista too but I m not sure if that s important since it is only serving as a quot view quot Anyway I would love some help with why the drive may not be working with this set up Thanks Kerri nbsp

A:Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive

This may seem like a silly question, have you tried the HD on another PC to see if the issue is with that?
Also, are you saying it's not showing up in 'My Computer', or are you not getting the option to open files?
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Gday I have Hard & Paragon Hard External Disk Suite Manager Drive USB emailed Paragon and am awaiting there reply but you guys seem to know a lot more and try and solve the problem Up to this point I have used either Acronis or Paragon for my backups I prefer Paragon over Acronis mainly because the restore by Paragon is far quicker I have both bootable CD's but in this instance I would like to concentrate on Paragon I downloaded Paragon's Advanced Recovery CD Build Put it in my rom and booted looked at a black screen for minutes Removed it and rebooted it got stuck at the loading of Vista then I got another black screen no hard drive movement Rebooted again this time with the regular Paragon bootable CD It booted into the recovery console Now this is where things go from bad to worse I tried finding my OS after a lengthy period I received an error disk i o fault no operating system found Now disk is my external hard drive where my backups are kept So I rebooted with the CD in went into the recovery console and clicked on quot safe restore quot after playing the waiting game I get a message disk i o fault Took out the Paragon CD put in the Vista one tried a repair but there was no OS to repair So I installed Vista and because I didn't want to have to reinstall all of my programs again yer lazy I know but that's what backup's are for Checked with the fresh install that my two external hard drives had there drivers and were present They were both accounted for in Vista So put back in the Paragon bootable CD got to the recovery console tried a quot normal restore quot and once again got disk i o fault So I tried a quot safe restore quot same error message Back tracked to see if my OS was still there and IT HAD GONE So again I installed Vista checked with the fresh install that my two external hard drives had there drivers and were present They were both accounted for in Vista Put back in the Paragon bootable CD got to the recovery console tried a quot safe restore quot and once again got disk i o fault Back tracked to see if my OS was still there and IT HAD GONE AGAIN So yet again I installed Vista this time I tried copying over the latest backup to a partition that the Paragon recovery console could read Tried again and yup you guessed it lost the OS again this time the error message was disk i o fault Once again I installed Vista this time however I installed the Paragon software initially it wouldn't find my backups but I was like a dog with a bone and eventually got Paragon Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite & USB External Hard Drive to locate them This time I tried a restore from the Windows environment crossed my fingers my eyes and my legs eventually Paragon said it needed to reboot to continue the operation I rebooted and the recovery looked promising but I could not sit there and watch it waiting for it to fail so I went and watched the TV for a couple of hours I came back to my PC and OMG shock horror EVERYTHING WAS BACK Now for the question I have used the recovery console before and it found my USB external hard drives why this time could it not Footnote I also tried my Acronis bootable CD it loaded then the screen went black I have since done a backup to my external just to make sure it was still viable it worked without a hitch I also did a backup on a partition that is on a different hard drive to my OS just in case I run into this problem again Whether or not it will be read is a whole different story

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hi there..

my name is Anis...i just bought external hard drive 500gb...but after I formatted's just about 400++ gb can be used..i would like to to use the extra/reserve space for my ext hard disk?by any means, i want to fully use my 500gb space for the external...please help me...thank you...

A:How to fully use the extra hard disk space for external hard drive?

It should have about 465GB, what are you seeing?

You will not have 500GB due to the conversion between binary and decimal for reporting sizes.
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Seriously need help External hard disk causes hard drive failures amp OS crashes The thread is rather long Only read what you think important Skip the rest We have a serious but mysterious problem We have spent already one week but drawing a blank Two hard drives drive External failures & need causes disk crashes hard OS hard help] [Seriously have been crashed and failed unreadable One [Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes computer has hung a few times unexpectedly and had one weird restart no memory dump produced I suspect all the recent problems have to do with the new USB external hard disk Buffalo MiniStation Lite HD-PE [Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes U Formatting USB external hard disk Originally I would like to [Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes use the program given by Buffalo to format the external drive once but we failed We simply used Windows to reformat the drive into NTFS I did not use the TurboSpeed advertised by Buffalo or run its free program Case A Multi-transfer causes system crashes The first time we met the problem We were trying to help a friend to backup data on an old drive about a few years old We plugged in the Buffalo USB portable hard drive and transferred a whole lot of files to the drive Several cop cut-and-paste operations were active at that time The whole system completely froze up It doesn t respond at all Only a hard restart could help Restarted Tranferred again Several cop cut-and-paste operations were active Hard drive crashed - the beginning of the nightmare Windows restarted Chkdsk was running Saw many lines of messages with quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot Chkdsk run very long time perhaps a hour or so complaining that some couldn t be fixed some okay Initially I thought it was simply because it so happened that the hard drive failed in the middle of transfer But the same nightmare occurred when we tried to plug it into another computer Case B Open folder causes system crashes I plugged in the Buffalo USB external hard disk on a laptop computer I tried to check if transferred files were safe I have no ideas how to check but it looked okay Some files were transferred to and from the external hard drive I made sure only copy-paste operation was active this time Then computer hung for a while and displayed Blue Screen of Death I recorded the message on a piece of paper but it was lost later Restarted I believed chkdsk was automatically run and fixed some errors found not too sure about this I resumed the work I made sure only copy-paste operation was active this time The system hung this time when I double clicked on a folder to see what contents inside Another Blue Screen of Death popped up later KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR x xC E xC E x x C Info on this BSOF http support microsoft com default aspx scid kb en-us Q Computer restarted Chkdsk was automatically run Nightmare again quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot quot File segment record XXXXX is unreadable quot Chkdsk attempted to fix the problem but it complained quot not sufficient space quot Then I received STOP C a Unknown Hard Error Oh my gosh What s up I don t believe it so happened AGAIN the hard drive failed when some actions were performed between the hard drive and the USB external hard disk I started to feel something went very wrong Is it virus Case C Scanning for virus causes system crashes Searching on the net didn t find any case which was similar to mine I tried again on a new computer Fresh Windows copy New hard drive less than year old Only a handful of programs were installed I downloaded Avira and did on-demand scan for my internal hard drive first No virus was found Was I safe now I plugged in... Read more

A:[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
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Hi I have Windows XP Last week my internal hard drive had a mechanical failure and had to be replaced I have a Memorex aka Imation external hard drive that I used to back up my files The first back up I ever did was a full back up of all programs and files and since then I have backed up incrementally Once my new hard drive was installed and operating system etc restored I plugged in my external hard drive drive from hard Restore hard external drive and tried to restore my files I started with the folder from my first back up and clicked Quick Restore I followed the instructions and it appeared to be restoring my files but at the end of the process there was no visible difference I tried restarting my computer but again no change to the hard drive content My external hard drive came with a brochure but it only talks about how to back up files not how to restore them What am I doing wrong Cheers Bec nbsp
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I'm looking into purchasing a hard drive enclosure/external hard drive...

What's the difference? I have three spare hard drives here; two are clearly marked IDE; and another one that looks like it's probably IDE. But in the stores they have 2.5inch and 3.5inch. what's the difference?

I measured one of the drives, and the "front" side of it is like 4 inches...or is the 2.5/3.5 the diameter of the physical "disk" inside of the enclosure?

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My old lap top crashed so I took out the hard drive and put it in an external usb case. I would like to delete everything off of it from my old computer and have a clean hard drive but am not sure how to go about doing this. Is it ok to just simply delete everything? Or is there a process I need to go through? I have tried searching this on google and can't find much helpful information. Any help would be great thanks


A:Turning old hard drive into external hard drive

if you want to wipe everything then right click on the drive and format it. it may tell you to format it when you plug it in but if not then to wipe everything right click on the drive and format it. it should show under the hard drives list
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When i try to backup my files using windows 7 backup function i get an error message at the very end, usually an hour or more, that says the backup yo my external hard drive was unsuccessful because a file on the C drive could not be found? I've tried for the past 2 weeks and the same thing happens over and over again.

A:backup of hard drive to external hard drive

With a lot of external hard drives, they are unfortunately formatted as FAT32 for compatibility with other OS's and systems. FAT32 cannot handle a single file over 4GB
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I am looking to buy a new hard drive to store data (mostly games and pictures). But I'm not sure which type of hard drive to buy. Could you please help I want to be able to transfer the data to my laptop also.

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I have a USB external hard drive that I keep all my documents etc on had it change Hard Drive back - Letter - to External Drive unable changed for years I upgraded from Vista Home to amp Home Premium then had to upgrade recently to Professional to run my Sage Through all these upgrades my ext drive ran fine Occasionally the drvie letter would change if I had something else plugged into the USB this was External Hard Drive - Drive Letter changed - unable to change back always easily corected in disk management by changing the drive path The connection on the case packed up so I had to get the External Hard Drive - Drive Letter changed - unable to change back drive put into a new case now when I plug it in the drive is assigned G instead of F I tried to change the drive letter allocation in Disk Management but it won't let me as the program still thinks I have a second ext hard drive which is labelled F I suspect this has happened because when the usb connection broke the drive was disconnected suddenly instead of a proper eject How do I get Disk Management to remove the inactive drive - i can't find any obvious way - eject delete etc are all missing when I click on tools or tasks If there is no easy way then how do I stop program updates for Adobe etc failing because they can not find the F drive I don't know why they look at that drive anyway Help

A:External Hard Drive - Drive Letter changed - unable to change back


Welcome aboard.

Try this:

Download V 0.8.1 from

Drive Tools for Windows

Unzip to a folder. In it you will have two folders Win32 and x64, each containing DriveCleanup.exe for Windows 32bit and 64 bit respectively.

Now unplug all the USB devices from your PC (except of course the Keyboard and mouse), right click on the appropriate DriveCleanup.exe for your system and run it as an administrator.

This will remove all non-present drives from the registry.

Reboot and then plug-in your external drive.

The drive will be installed and hopefully you should be able to assign any free drive letter to it.

Please report whether it resolved your problem.
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I have a very straightforward question I am running WinXP Pro drive NTFS? a read VISTA format drive,or have I to to the hard FAT32 external will do on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA My internal hard drive is NTFS file system and the external drive is FAT My data backed-up perfectly However I understand that VISTA is NTFS only for the drive that it s installed on which in my case will be the internal drive I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive and using the external drive solely will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS? for backing up data I don t want to back up my data externally upgrade my PC to VISTA and then discover that I can t access the data on the external drive Here s my only question will VISTA work with a FAT external drive or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS before I attempt to connect it to VISTA awaiting your replies - I ll appreciate all the help I can get nbsp

A:will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?
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I have heard that enterprise hard drives are more reliable than the standard hard drives in retail or consumer computers. I want to get an external hard drive for extra storage and backup purposes. My desktop and notebooks are the typical computers that are sold to retail customers. Will there be any problems having it access and drive an enterprise hard drive in an external hard drive case? I am thinking to get a fairly large size around 1T so I figure it would have its own power supply and not be powered by the USB drive. Data access will probably be via USB and/or eSata.

A:enterprise hard drive as an extra external drive-any problem with this idea

I believe Enterprise drives are more performance based then reliability based. The mechanics are still the same. Usually an enterprise application requires a fast drive, something like a 16MB cache and 15k RPMs is the norm, even if the drive is only 150GB, put those in RAID and you have a very fast access source for a large network.

There of course are slower, and larger backup drives, and tape backups as well... but again I can't imagine that they are any more reliable, if the two drives are comarable in other regards. SATA is Still SATA, though Fibre and SAS might be more reliable than SATA or PATA.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron laptop I have an image of the entire hard drive that I created when I first got the computer using Acronis TrueImage and I d like to restore that image returning the laptop back to that fresh clean original state I ve done this two or three times before and it worked great each time But now there s a problem Normally I would in boots as when drive external but laptop hard Primary recognized isn't drive used connect to the laptop a USB storage backup drive that has the disk image boot the laptop from a Rescue Media CD created by Acronis then restore that disk image from the back-up drive onto the laptop s HDD When I tried it this time round the laptop s HDD was not listed in TrueImage at all I created a new rescue media disk tried it again and got the same result I then took the HDD out of the laptop connected it to Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive an adapter kit that let s you power up and plug in the drive via a USB port and external power supply and tried the same procedure using my desktop to run the operation Same result The drive was not detected by Acronis The drive does not seem to spin up at all Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive when it is connected Keep in mind the drive still works when installed in the laptop -- it boots into Windows XP etc When I plug the drive into my desktop the drive does not show up in Disk Management Start Right-click My Computer Manage Disk Management It doesn t show up in either of the two right-side windows so there s no way I know of to format it or do any work on it in Windows When I go to Device Manager Disk Drives I see quot USB Device quot for that drive and under Properties it is listed as quot Disk Drives quot for quot Device Type quot and its status says it is working properly So what I don t get is it works fine when it is in the laptop boots into XP etc but when connected as an external drive or when the laptop is being run off of CD the drive can t be detected and not on just one computer but multiple Is it junk Any ideas nbsp

A:Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

It's a power issue. Had the same issue taking a 2.5" laptop hdd and attempting to hook up w/ a passive usb sata hdd cable. my recommendation is to use a powered usb sata cable. like this one: having proper power will allow the USB bus to detect and power the hdd correctly. Hope this helps, take care!
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Is it possible to have pre-installed vista on your internal drive then buy a new external drive, install XP on it and then boot that drive to use XP?

A:Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Yes this is possible as long as your BIOS supports booting from USB.
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Hello Recently bought a new Laptop D External files Change Partitioned Hard to back up from Drive Drive? and went through all the setting up process one of which was Change back up files from D Partitioned Drive to External Hard Drive? Windows back up At the time I just went for the partitioned drive option but after a week I've decided to buy an external Hard drive for my back ups instead My questions are Can I easily change the destination of the back up files Do I just delete everything on Drive D once I'm backing up to an external Hard Drive or will Windows give me this option when I change to external Hard Drive The Back up is done on a schedule so how do I get on when the date passes Will it ask me to plug my external Hard Drive in the next time I boot up Finally I'd like to back up our Desktop too running on Vista Can I just partition the external Hard Drive and keep our laptop and Desktop backed up on the same hard drive Cheers Matthew

A:Change back up files from D Partitioned Drive to External Hard Drive?

Hi Matthew -

You don't need to partition the HD to keep your different backups on it.

The WindowsImageBackup file needs to be named only that and in the root of the external to reimage from the booted DVD or Repair CD, however you can click on it to see which PC it is for.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Backup User and System Files

I don't like the way Win7 file backup works so I drag the active User folder from each computer here to external once per month, then update the backup image every few months. You may decide to go Manual after trying the automated backup, since you'll need to move the external to catch the backup anyway.
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xp cannot find it disk manager can do format and no drive letter help please thank you permalink robtonet Registered User Join Date Apr Posts OS xp help trying to initialize an external hard drive on xp home ed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i may not know enough about the problem to completly describe it but i will begin an gig external hard drive was given to me it was rebuilt on a win system my home edition of win xp--reconginzes it as disk - in disk manager however it is not formatted or able to be found and does not have a drive letter assigend to it i logged on as quot administrator quot in safe mode to see if i could get the drive path settings option to maxtor external hard drive drive and by letter undesignated unformatted come up in disk manager i could not-------does any of this make any sense to anyone that option still does not come up under user or administrator in disk managment--so it is unformatted and has no drive letter thus xp cannot find it OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model ME System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp sp rtm - quot User Name Time Zone Central Daylight Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys and here it is the maxtor HID-compliant mouse HID VID D amp PID C D amp CF B amp amp Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter amp REV maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter amp AAA amp amp E Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp AAA amp amp E Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - A PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp AAA amp amp EA Intel R FB FBM USB Universal Host Controller - B PCI VEN amp DEV B amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp AAA amp amp EB Intel R FB FBM USB Enhanced Host Controller - C PCI VEN amp DEV C amp SUBSYS C maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter amp REV amp AAA amp amp EF MAXTOR L J USB Device USBSTOR DISK amp VEN MAXTOR amp PROD L J amp REV amp USB Human Interface Device USB VID D amp PID C D amp F D amp amp USB Mass Storage Device USB VID C B amp PID BCF USB Root Hub USB ROOT HUB amp F amp USB Root Hub USB ROOT HUB amp A B amp USB Root Hub USB ROOT HUB amp A EC amp USB Root Hub USB ROOT HUB amp DBF amp USB Root Hub USB ROOT HUB amp E B A amp it is on the system and the system reconginizes it but i cant find it click on it and it is not in my list when i open start and explore devices any help -------it apparently needs to be formatted with nfts or fat i am lost i am afraid this will be a sort of convuleted email tag deal so thanks for you help-------robtonet yahoo com

A:maxtor external hard drive unformatted and undesignated by drive letter

What size is the hard drive?

Do you know what motherboard you have?

STEP 1: CHECK POWER (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Verify that the drive light and the light on the AC adapter (power supply) is illuminated normally.
It is sometimes necessary to contact Technical Support for troubleshooting and/or possibly to replace the power supply if it behaves unusually.

STEP 2: CHECK CABLING (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Confirm that your USB/Firewire cable is firmly connected in a port that is on the rear of your desktop computer (if you have a desktop).
Try another USB or Firewire port.
If your drive is powered only by USB, such as the FreeAgent Go, the Maxtor OneTouch mini, and the Seagate Portable drive, then the drive's cable has two USB connectors. Try connecting both of the free USB connectors into a USB port for maximum power availability.
Avoid connecting the drive via a USB hub for now.


Follow these instructions to ensure that your installation of Windows XP/2000 has been updated to the latest Windows Service Pack.

Right-click on My Computer and choose Properties.

The System Properties window will appear. On the General tab (which will be at the front), see the "System:" information.

For Windows 2000: Update to Service Pack 4.

For Windows XP: Update to Service Pack 2.

Allow your computer to complete the installation of the Service Pack.

Reboot the computer and connect the drive. Turn it on and see if the drive is detected now.

STEP 4: CHECK DISK MANAGEMENT (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Check Disk Management to see if the drive is detected there.

Right-click on My Computer, select Manage, select Disk Management.

Check the upper window to find whether the drive letter is present.

Check the lower window to find whether the drive is detected (such as, Disk 1, Disk 2, etc).

If it is detected as with a drive letter, verify no other device is already using that drive letter. If it is, change the drive letter of the external drive to some unused letter (click here to see more instructions on how to do so).

If changing the drive letter is not possible or the drive does not have a drive letter at all, attempt to reformat the drive (click here to see more instructions on how to do so). This will erase any data on the drive, but since the drive is brand new, there is nothing to erase on it.

If it is still not detected, proceed to Step 4.

STEP 5: CHECK DEVICE MANAGER (click for expanded instructions further down the page)

Verify that your Windows installation contains the most recent Service Pack.

In the left column of Computer Management, click on Device Manager.

Look for the drive?s model number/name in Disk drives (a category under Device Manager).

It will probably not be there. If it is, test the drive on another computer if you can.

If it is not there, check under Other devices (a category under Device Manager).

If under Other devices an Unknown device appears, double-click on it.

Under the General tab, we would expect to see "This device is not working properly" and either (Code 28) or (Code 10).

If Code 10 appears, the drive has most probably failed.
Double-check that you have installed the most up-to-date Windows Service Pack.
Verify by trying the drive with another USB cable or port, or on another computer.
If none of this gets the drive detected, you can begin a replacement order online, or, since the drive is new, you can usually exchange the faulty unit for a replacement at your place of purchase (please contact the place of purchase for a full explanation of their policy regarding returns).

If Code 28 appears, you will need to test the drive on another computer. If the drive works fine on another computer, follow the procedure in this Knowledge... Read more
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i can't get my puter to read the data on an external hard drive. wants me to format it even though it recognizes the drive letter i gave it when i did format it. don't want to lose the 100+ gigs of data i have on this drive.

A:my computer recognizes the drive letter but not the data on external hard drive

Does the external drive work on another machine?

Also, while the drive is still connected, can you go into Device Manager (right-click My Computer, click on 'Manage...', click on 'Device Manager') to check for any yellow exclamation marks or red crosses next to anything in there?
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I have a 2TB Western Digital My Book Essentials, it's filled with tons of old photos, movies, docs, games, and I'm scared to think of what else. The SATA to USB connector broke on it, so I took the drive apart and put it inside my computer. I opened up device manager because it wasn't showing up automatically and the 2TB is showing up as unallocated, I'm freaking out now because I'm scared the data was somehow deleted.

What do I do?

edit: I realize also this isn't directly related to Windows 8 (besides the fact it's the OS I'm on), but I don't know where else to post it. I'd also like to say that I had a really deep feeling the drive was going to break continually for about two weeks before it happened, so if you have a similar feeling about something, don't ignore it!

A:External hard drive shell broke, salvaged internal drive

As long as your hard disk is still spinning & recognized by Windows, the data in your hard disk is still there, just the File Allocation Table got corrupted, You'll have a good chance to recover your data. What you need is a data recovery program, I use this program in the past:

Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products

In the mean time, leave this hard disk alone, do not initialize or format it when Windows offers to do so.
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My External Hard Drive (My Book) was always Drive letter F.

I went to sleep and woke up to find Windows 7 Pro had updated and rebooted and I was welcomed by my login screen.

Consequently now my My Book external HDD now reads as Drive letter G.

I went into Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Drive letter F is not available.

F is assigned to a drive that does not exist and never has. I am confused. I only have one CD drive and it says now that I have 2 even though the one addressed as F doesn't have any information. If I click on F it says "Insert Disk"

A:External Hard Drive (F) Drive Letter changed to G - Can't change back

Update: The mysterious other CD Rom drive seems to be MagicJack.

I did some research but the following tech help did NOT work as you can see by the previous post picture that it doesn't not show it up in Disk Management:

MagicJack/Support Resources/How-To/Assign Drive Letters - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
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I am trying to re-install xp pro on my Toshiba Notebook with an external DVD drive. I am able to boot from the drive and the blue "windows setup" screen begins to load.

After I press enter to set up Window XP, it says "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your comptuer...Press F3 to quit.

I am stumped. If I quit setup and I can reboot and load my original windows. Therefore, the hard disk is present and works fine.

How do I get the windows setup to see the hard drive and proceed with setup?


A:Solved: Install Windows with External Dvd Drive - Hard drive not found?

It is usually because the installation cannot recognise the SATA driver for the hard disc
If you have a usb drive load from Toshiba the sata controller drivers
so on the screen for the install you press F6 load drivers and then load the sata driver from the usb - I say usb as I presume you do not have a floppy drive
OR you can include them in a reburnt CD using nLite but that is a longer way round the problem

OR you can TRY try this

Enter your BIOS/Setup Utility
Locate the Serial ATA or SATA configuration section
I’ve seen this section called ‘On Chip Config’ on some Phoenix Award BIOS

On Lenovo/IBM ThinkPads it’s in Config > Serial ATA (Sata)
Change the mode of the SATA controller from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility
Save & Exit
Reboot and begin the Windows Setup again.
If Windows Setup successfully detects your hard disk this time then go ahead and perform the Windows Setup.
When Windows setup completes change the mode back to AHCI in the BIOS
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Hi all,
I recently bought a WD My Book Essential Edition external hard drive and wanted to change it from FAT32 to NTFS. I was following instructions given on WDs website, however the directions weren't entirely clear (of course only noticed after the fact). I right clicked on My Computer, clicked manage and used Disk Manager. The instructions said to find the drive, right click on it and click delete partition. It didn't mention however, to do that with bottom part of the screen and not the top. So, I think I just deleted the logical drive.

It shows up on the device manager and the "Safely Remove Hardware" window, but the drive letter no longer shows up under My Computer.

Is there a way to fix this? Or did I just buy a $120 paper weight?



A:Solved: External Hard Drive - Deleting partition, but accidently deleted logical drive
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hi guys. the external hard drive, here at work, cannot be detected by any of the computers. my thoughts are that the data was wiped clean. i've removed the hard drive from the case and installed it onto my computer as a slave drive. a) how can i view if these files still exist. and b) if they are missing, can you recommend a software recovery program?

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Hello all I have a technical background Primary hard drive, USB make use external an and a bootable you Can Drive as hardware control systems but am by no means a threat to any IT guy who actually understands DOS Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive Greek or different OS platforms In that regard I will claim ignorance with a smidgen of knowledge---just so you know who you are dealing with and will correspondingly dumb down your answers to my level slightly smarter than a pile of rocks when it comes to absorbing this type of information I have a Dell GX GHz computer with Windows XP Pro SP that is replacing my older MHz machine I have painfully copied all programs files and added the peripheral hardware printer scanner modems to make this a duplicate replacement computer system with an addition monitor I have read all the posts for making a bootable flash drive stick Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive and made both a Hirens bootable stick three different sticks Sandisk GB Kingston GB and a generic GB and a BartPE bootable CD disk my eyes bled and the hammering base drum in my head has subsided I m Scotch Irish German with no desire to conquer the world drink every Pub dry and do it for little or no money but I am stubborn hard-headed and tenacious to a fault My goal is to make a stand-a-lone Seagate FreeAgent USB self powered external drive a working replacement quot main drive quot for my computer with it s own operating system XP Pro SP I used the Seagate software to clone the C SATA drive to this USB drive NTFS The reality is to have a cloned external hard drive that could be used to boot a computer and clone a new internal hard drive if the original SATA drive had a mechanical malfunction I don t want to just backup files but all programs drivers and the same OS The USB drive works as a duplicate storage device with all files and information that the SATA drive holds when one does a normal boot The USB drive won t boot after the BIOS has been changed to USB device priority in the boot file The sticks do but not this hard drive I assume it lacks either the boot ini files that the sticks need or that the USB recognition function for a hard drive come later in the boot sequence and thus is not recognized Obviously I don t understand this stuff or I could fix it myself In my readings of boot problems on this site I noticed a topic about multiple partitioning of a stick as well as fooling the DOS into thinking the stick was an actual internal hard drive thus assigning drive letters for the primary and remaining volume It is a guide in the guide forum actually a post to a link lancelhoff multi-partition USB flash drive in windows Is this the approach to use or am I mixing apples with oranges and doomed to fry something l nbsp

A:Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive


not sure what you are trying to acheive, from what ive read you cant get windows to boot from an exteranl usb hdd no matter what you do.

if its just for disaster recovery then do what i do.

you can ,make flash sticks bootable but i never could make a HDD bootable using windows, so i took the drive out of the enclosure and put it in my laptop, i booted from a win98 cd and fdisked and formatted the drive then sys'd it to make it bootable, i copied ghost onto it and wrote a small autoexec.bat file to set ghost running at boot up.

i then booted from it with it plugged into the laptop and ran a disk clone to a file onto the USB HDD.

when i want to restore it i just image the drive in from the USB HDD and im done.
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I have an old BYTECC hard drive enclosure Trying to use it on an older XP system for back up Got a bunch of G hard drives I can use The OS will detect the external drive is connected and powered up arrow shows in the tray for a USB drive checked the device manager and it sezs the drive is there and operating properly recognizes it but does not assign a drive letter AIDA sezs it is there but same deal shows no drive not External letter a Solved: assigned drive hard drive letter I ve tried four different hard drives with the same results I know the hardware works on other computers this particular computer USB works with other canned external drives it reads a Solved: External hard drive not assigned a drive letter flash memory stick as a drive no problem I know the BYTECC is set up properly should be the same as with other computers Works ok on a Win system What could be the problem Is there something to tweak I do know this XP system would not read hard drives that had been formatted on non-XP computers before Don t exactly know what systems Solved: External hard drive not assigned a drive letter all these drives were formatted on Isn t making any sense to me at the moment Doing it just like I did on the Win system with other drives everything worked as it should Thinking I could try to slap one of the drives in as a slave and try to format it that way hopefully can get it to be read as a USB drive instead Any help greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: External hard drive not assigned a drive letter

If the drive shows up in Disk Management (Start/Run/diskmgmt.msc/OK), right-click the drive icon or the area showing the drive below, select "Change drive letter and paths". In the next window click "Add". Next window click the radio button for "Assign the following drive letter". Select a drive letter. Click OK.

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I recently purchased a western digital T My Book Essential to and external for an drive drive suggestions hard software to back up Need quot automatically quot backup my PC s internal hard drive and a Passport Need suggestions for software to back up hard drive and an external drive External drive I have that contains my media files I installed WD s Smartware software on my PC and learned that it will only backup my hard drive I also noticed that it seems to consume alot of processor capacity computer running much slower with it attached and my computer won t start up when attached When I Need suggestions for software to back up hard drive and an external drive called WD about my concerns they indicated that there is rd party software available that will allow me to automatically backup both my internal hard drive and the passport and may not require as much processor space they wouldn t provide specific recommendations They also sent me instructions on how to adjust my PC so that it Need suggestions for software to back up hard drive and an external drive won t try to boot up from MY Book interesteingly enough I ve never had this problem with my passport I have not yet had a chance to try their recommendations Suggestions on a good rd party back-up software would be appreciated Thanks

A:Need suggestions for software to back up hard drive and an external drive

Acronis has a good reputation.
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well i just got a brand new WD Elements basic storage 1tb external hard drive. my plan was to create a back up image of my laptops hard drive and instead created a clone. my computer no longer recognizes the drive as an external hd but as replicated computer and recovery drives. i just want to wipe the drive but i cant locate it. i did find it on disk management but i cant delete all the parts and it would not let me format it. i can format the cloned drives just not the the external drive as a whole. some help would be amazing
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My Fujitsu Amilo Li1705 laptop has been reaching full capacity (80gb) for a while so I decided to get a new hard drive.

I've updated the RAM from 1gb to 2gb with no problem.

My hard drive has arrived but with no cables, instructions etc. and searching the web has proved just as unfruitful as most sites refer to external hard drives.

I don't have an external disc so was wondering if there's any way of copying everything over. I've heard of temporarily taking the CD drive out to have the two drives at once but wouldn't know where to start.

Any help/ instructions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


A:Replacing Fujitsu hard drive - how to copy without external drive?

Obviously you did not build a Recovery Disc originally?

You can just order a Recovery Disc from HERE

If your machine is not supported, then then sometimes the Fujitsu forum members will help, at Their Forum

That's 3 ways of getting your Recovery media. I hope it helps
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i'm using windows 7, my external hard drive shows up in my devices and printers section but it won't show up as a drive, so i can't view any files in that external hard drive. if i put a memory card in, it shows up as a drive and a flag shows up for when i want to unplug that drive and it asks if i want to remove my external hard drive too.

normally when i turn on the external hard drive it autoplays but it doesn't do that anymore.

i don't understand why it shows up in my devices and printers but not as a drive when i open windows explorer.

i've looked into the external hard drives properties and it all says that the device is working properly.

A:problem with external hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Go into Control Panel (classic view) ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management.

In bottom-right pane, if you see a horizontal band representing a drive with no drive-letter assigned to it, that's the cause of your problem. You need to give it a drive-letter:

Right-click that horizontal band and choose "Change drive letter and paths".
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I have read the related thread from earlier this month - External USB Hard Drive Not Recognized and wonder if anyone can help with my issue I am also curious what everyone thinks Problem and Hard Flash Drive External Drive Recognition of the end of that thread regarding a better cable - Maxtor tech support External Hard Drive and Flash Drive Recognition Problem did not confirm that story for me Is that in fact a better cable than what Maxtor ships with their drives I have a month old Dell month old external hard drive and month old flash memory All work separately However when I have the external hard drive plugged External Hard Drive and Flash Drive Recognition Problem in and working and then plug in the flash memory it will not be recognized If I have the flash External Hard Drive and Flash Drive Recognition Problem memory plugged in and working and then plug in the external hard drive it will not be recognized The only difference is that in the first case the external hard drive will continue to be readable by XP while in the second case XP doesn t lose touch with the flash memory but it will show it incorrectly as empty Both externals and all ports are USB The flash drive is assigned to E The external had been assigned to E as well but I have now changed it to P I am on a network so F through O are taken The PC is a standard university issue Pentium quite a bit of memory and capabilities but nothing excessive The external drive is a Maxtor Personal Series Gb USB The flash memory is a Mb Dell Memory Key nbsp

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Hi My external hard-drive stopped working yesterday This is what s happening I Solved: before External the you can F: it. hard-drive:...format disk drive in use plug it in as usual then it says quot You need to format the disk in drive F before you can use it Do you want to format it quot I m thinking it s more than likely an issue of having pulled out the usb cable without clicking safely remove Yesterday I actually got it working again briefly by typing quot chkdsk F R quot into command prompt Now when I do that it doesn t work it says quot The type of the file system Solved: External hard-drive:...format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. is NTFS Unable to determine volume version and state CHKDSK aborted quot And when I double click on F drive in my computer it says quot F is not accessible The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable quot Are there any other options besides using some sort of data recovery tool I d rather not do this just because it takes a long time nbsp

A:Solved: External hard-drive:...format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.
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I got errors from Google that my computer had a virus but nothing I ran could find a virus then the machine would not boot It would get to point about the time windows tried to load and hit a blue screen When it rebooted it would ask if I wanted to boot normal or safe mode and then start the whole fail blue screen over I tried taking the drive out and connecting to my other machines as an external hard drive When the drive connects to my other machines it brings the other machines down hard - blue screen exactly as if I had tried to boot on crashes external Trying drive Hard - all connect as Crash to Drive the original machine The goal is Hard Drive Crash - Trying to connect as external drive crashes all to get the files off the bad drive I was just shocked that connecting it to my laptop or my other desktop took those machines down just like I was trying to boot the bad drive from the original machine I am open to suggestions on recovery of any kind The original machine is a Dell XPS Intel Core i - processor Windows bit The drive is a Seagate Tb The machines I tried to connect faulty drive to as external hard drive were both Win The external hard drive bay is Sabrent USB to SATA External Hard Drive Thank you

A:Hard Drive Crash - Trying to connect as external drive crashes all

There may be a couple of vectors to the virus. One for the boot sequence, another as an autorun in its root folder. I would try usb tethering the drive to a machine on which autorun or autoplay is completely turned off (as in, no exploration), or maybe better, run a Linux live session off a usb stick or dvd. I recommend LinuxLite.
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Hard drive crash enquiry
My hard drive recently crashed on my desktop running XP and due to the discontinuation of support for XP, I decided to upgrade with a new motherboard, memory, hard drive etc., now running Win 8.1, which has been working fine so far. My problem is that there is data and pictures on the old hard drive which I would like to recover. Can someone advise whether it would be practical to re-install the failed drive along side my new HD in my desktop and reboot as normal and then try and access the failed drive like an external drive? I have already tried booting from the failed drive alone which did not get past the BIOS stage before switching off. Any suggestions would be helpful.

A:Create an external drive from a hard driveHard drive crash

IIf the drive is Sata I or II then you can get a USB 2.0 Docking Station for around $20. Plug it in the USB port and slide the drive in. See if you can read it. If it doesn't work the dock is still handy to have.
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I purchased a Western Digital gb external hard drive My Passport Essential I think a few years back with the idea that I would use it as a backup to my main computer and or an alternative hard drive storage for my music But I have been sadly deceived and luckily I have only used it as a sync temporary access drive when I needed to print stuff away from home Well the time has come to upgrade to a new computer with more space and speed etc than current and I have been trying to find ways to transfer my existing files across In my search I have stumbled across many forums websites that advise the WD external hdd and the preinstalled software WD Sync Dmailer Sync a hard backup Use as external drive drive Digital Western whichever it is now is not suitable as a backup drive and that if the computer is erased and at any point resync ed the data on the external hdd Use Western Digital external hard drive as a backup drive will be deleted Also many people advise they have lost files as a result of computer crashes etc and cannot retrieve the files from either their WD hdd or their computer All of which has prompted me to start this thread Can anyone please tell me is there Use Western Digital external hard drive as a backup drive a way to Transfer my files to my new computer using the WD external hdd NB Not as important as I have alternative methods may start another thread Turn the WD hdd into a back up drive without purchasing the Dmailer Backup software NB I am not opposed to buying new software but I feel I have been quot done quot by a highstreet actually retail park computer store and I don t particularly want to purchase a product that has more limitations Register my new Use Western Digital external hard drive as a backup drive computer with it so that I can wipe give this computer and give it away Alternatively wipe the WD hdd and start all over again I have contacted Dmailer already but patience it not my strongest point specs current windows XP gb hdd memory unknown celeron M processor new windows gb hdd gb memory core duo processor - both laptops notebook nbsp

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I have an external hard drive and a 1GB travel drive that I use interchangeably between my work laptop and home PC. My traveldrive no longer is saving documents (I get a file permission error) and when I looked at the drive, the Traveldrive was opening as an F: drive, now it is showing G: drive and is not working correctly. Help! I have a lot of work on the traveldrive and am no longer able to save info. on it UGH!!! How do I get it back to F: drive?

A:external hard drive and travel drive changed directories

Hello & Welcome to TSF

this sounds like a driver issuse

try this

now what i you need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now scroll down to your (USB Device Tree) and uninstall all that it is shown / then shut your sysem down compleatly then unplug all (USB Devices) then rebot your system 2 to 3 times

this will cause Windows to rebuild the (USB Device Treee & Drivers)

now try hooking up your (USB Devices) and see if they work properly

then get back to us
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I have a new, clean hard drive. Is it very difficult to install Windows 7 on it?? Thanks in advance.

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A good friend of mine asked me to speed up a Not Drive Loading Hard R60 computer that was given to her recently Lenovo R When I first cut it on it booted to windows had windows xp professional fine but windows was painfully slow due to never being cleaned So I decided the easiest way to speed it up would be to reformat it I used a program I hadn t used before to completely wipe the hard drive and it worked fine Once that was done I put a fresh XP boot disk in which is working on other computers and it booted fine from the disk However when I tried to install XP it came up with an error that said quot No hard drive found R60 Hard Drive Not Loading windows installation cannot continue quot So I went into the BIOS reset all the settings and tried again Same quot no hard drive error quot The BIOS reads the hard drive correctly and I even put in a disk with some hard drive tools and modified the partitions just to make sure the hard drive was properly connect All of those modifications worked fine But when I try to install XP it still gives me a hard drive not found error So I put the hard drive in my Lenovo and reformatted it again and installed Windows XP worked flawlessly through my laptop The hard drive booted XP perfectly on my computer but when I put it back in the R it stops at a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left Again the BIOS reads the hard drive RAM etc and all the settings were reset to default so the hard drive is working but the R will not load windows despite being able to modify the hard drive using other software I ve tried multiple XP boot disks as well still quot no hard drive found quot Any suggestions Thanks

A:R60 Hard Drive Not Loading

1) Sounds like you are using one copy of XP on multiple systems. That violates the EULA
2) You need to install the sata driver(s) for the original system to see the hd
3) You cannot install XP on one system, switch hd's, and expect the 2nd system to boot.
4) You should have formatted with the XP cd during the installation routine
5) I'm thinking your friend might have done better elsewhere
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Run a small computer repair shop -- had problem wiping and reloading XP Home on computer. Finally checked hard drive and found over 20,000 errors. Ok, installed new hard drive and now XP (new retail out of box) only gets so far in setup after formatting and loading files and then get message "cannot find file". If I skip --shortly finds another file cannot load, etc. until finally cannot continue with setup. Someone said sometimes power supply can cause problems - installed new power supply and get same results. Tried another CD drive and still have same problem. What do I look for and why can I not install XP.? Appreciate any input. Thanks

A:Loading XP on new hard drive

Ralph Stegner

This is often a faulty RAM problem.

If you have more than one stick of RAM (256MB or more) swap them over or take one out and try again with only stick #1. If it does not help or makes things worse swap the sticks and try again with only stick #2. This will identify if you have a bad stick.

You can put either of these free programs on a floppy and test the RAM


Windows Memory Diagnostic

Memtest on CD
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Hello, I need to replace the Hard Drive. I am of average computer knowledge. Talking with Dell. it doesn't sound very difficult to install the OS win7 using a USB media and the F12 key. Then add in the Drives from my disk I have. Does this sound correct, or will this turn into a nightmare?

Thank You....
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I did a System Restore on my PC to an earlier date, and the used space doubled on my C;/ Drive, which of course reduced my free space accordingly. What causes this, and how can I regain my free space? Thanks

A:Hard Drive loading up

Try empting all the TEMP folders. What O/S is this? This might determine the correct answer to your question.
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I am having difficulty with my ASUS SDRW- D S-U external optical drive My computer is an ASUS UL A notebook with Windows The strange thing is that it was working initially but now issue drive optical external Driver with detection/loading SDRW-08D1S-U ASUS a few days later it stopped working for some reason If I go to My Computer I can see my harddrives C and D listed Driver detection/loading issue with ASUS SDRW-08D1S-U external optical drive but not my optical drive If I go to Control Panel and click on Devices and Printers I see my optical drive listed under Devices as SDRW- D S-U with a small yellow triangle icon with an exclamation point on it If I double click on it and then click on the Hardware tab it states at the bottom Device Status Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing If I click on the Properties button it basically says the same thing with the addition of Code I have tried updating the driver and it states that I have the appropriate and latest driver I have tried disabling and enabling driver I have tried right clicking on the icon and Troubleshooting Finally I tried uninstalling the driver And then when I plugged the drive back in it states that the Device driver software was not successfully installed I am using the supplied USB Y cable with both ends plugged in I have tried it also with only one of the two ends plugged in and also with regular non-Y configuration USB cables I will add that I never installed the original software on the CD that came with the drive I was about to install it when I found that it decided to quit cooperating But it doesn t make sense that it was working initially I installed Microsoft Office on CDs using the drive and now has stopped working for no apparent reason Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Driver detection/loading issue with ASUS SDRW-08D1S-U external optical drive

No replies yet...I guess there is no easy fix for this... I'll probably put up the drive for sale and get something else...
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I was trying to get rid of a persistent Vundo infection yesterday I turned the PC off to reboot when I though I was going into safe mode and went into regular mode instead Now it thinks one of my external drives is the C drive On boot hard system external thinks drive drive is I am getting a message that it system thinks external drive is hard drive cannot recognize find the system windows config file I m paraphrasing I used the repair utility to get to the C prompt which is pointed at the external drive and checked the drive letters I don t think the PC bios knows the hard drive is there I tried going into setup and reverting to factory installed configuration and that didn t change anything I could not get it to recognize the hard drive The PC is a Dell Dimension about years old Dell support out of hardware warranty but will provide phone support said that I should reinstall windows but it will wipe out whatever is on the hard drive They suggested finding a data extraction service I m not against that but I d like to see what I can do to get at the REAL C drive beforehand I do have the factory Windows disk although I am not sure of my product key I also saw the material on windowsinstall com about getting it to recognize the C drive but that seems on the edge of my technical expertise Does anybody have any other suggestions Thanks a lot nbsp

A:system thinks external drive is hard drive

I do have the factory Windows disk, although I am not sure of my product key.Click to expand...

There should be a sticker on your Dell somewhere .. that will tell you the Code for your OS.
Most likely .. you will not need this code to use your Dell recovery CDs

Using the Code finders will not work for the OEM installs in a Dell, HP or others.

I'd remove the drive (at 5 years old) and install a new one .. and recover it.
Then ... there's ways to read the old HD and extract your data from it.
Here's one way >>
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I ve connected an external USB drive but when I go to My Computer it shows it as a network drive In addition it gives it the same name as the mapped network drive that already exists there When I change the name of the external drive there it then changes the name of the mapped network drive so again they both have the same name although the drive letters are different Any ideas how to make the external drive appear where it belongs in My Computer under Hard Disk drives I m also seeing some other odd behavior on this computer and since External as up drive hard drive network shows a it may be related I ll mention it When I first opened my Computer it showed the same networked drive repeatedly with every letter from F thru Z I deleted them all except one but now every time I reboot I get a logon connect dialog that asks to reconnect one of them So with each reboot it is adding back one of the duplicate mapped networked drives that I had deleted I expect it will eventually end up with all the alphabet letters like it was when I first sat down at this computer My main concern is to get the external hard drive to appear where it belongs Thanks nbsp

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I bought a new Dell M3800 laptop and it worked fine for three month.
One morning it refused booting. The Dell Windows Recovery CD will not load either Just goes to black screen.
I tried everything I could think of and everything I found on google with no luck.
Yesterday I removed the HD and connected it as an external drive changed the Boot options and it worked.
But it still will not boot when connected internally. The Dell diagnostic tool does not find any problems.

Dell M3800.
SSD 250GB drive.

Please help. What could be causing this?
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My C: drive only has a 9.43G capacity and I only have 240MB of free space left. I bought a 500G external hard drive, but I need to know if I can transfer all the files and programs from the C: to the external hard drive? Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

A:Transfering c drive data to external hard drive

You can transfer all your data files safely - the operating system (windows XP Pro) should stay on an internal drive and I wouldn't attempt to run programs from your external drive - internal hard drives are quite cheap and easy to install - I would be inclined to get a bigger internal drive into your computer and use the external one for portability and back up purposes.
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Hi Guys!
I need some help. I purchased an external hard drive per TSG help. Thank you. Everything has been working so far. I leave the Seagate External Hard Drive plugged into my USB port, which identified it as being on the E:/ drive. Anything else will be F: drive. Suddenly, the Seagate External Hard Drive is coming up as the F: drive location

I placed some programs, such as the Wise Disk/Registery Cleaner, onto the external hard drive to free up limited space on the C: drive. The shortcut indicates the E: drive so the computer is preventing the Wise Disk Cleaner from running. I have unpluged the external hard drive and shut the computer off several time. Nothing changes the drive's location.

Any suggestions????
Thank you.

A:External Hard drive changed drive location

Hi Siam, you can choose what letter the drive should show up as. To do this, go to:
Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management and click on Disk Management.
On the right in the bottom pane you will see a list of your drives. Find the external hard drive and right click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths... then click on Change and you can select E: from the drop down and click OK.
Hope that solves it...
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I have had two Maxtor external hard drives fail on my wife's PC. Each one has only lasted 18 months or less. Even though the backup process was easy and automatic I am considering going with a Flash USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Thumb-type Drive to manually backup important files and images. Is there anything wrong with this method of backup that I'm unaware of?

My wife's PC has genealogy software with lots of files and associated images, etc. (for over 40,000 people), which is about 10GB in size. It is this information that needs to be backed-up whenever additions/changes are made.

I am thinking about replacing the [most recently] expired Maxtor external hard drive with either a 16GB or 32GB Flash USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Thumb-type Drive. Is this a reasonable method for backup? Which GB size would you recommend? Brand?


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I am running Windows Vista.I am using a 1TB Iomega Backup Network Drive.I have tried using the Windows backup and restore program to backup my drive and get the following problem:I then entered some password I found and get:the system cannot find specified path 0x80070003I have the same problem if I use the program it came with Retrospect. This is driving me nuts. any help appreciated.
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Hello there, I seem to be having an issue with my external hard drive. I am running XP Home edition, 2002 service pack 2. The drive is a Maxtor One Touch III Mini 80gb. The computer is recognising the external hard drive in the in the "Computer Management" area and its stating that the external hard drive is an extended partition and it also does not have a drive letter ie. F: associated with the partition. I cannot get into anything within the drive and I have some very important photos, and school material on there.

Is there anything anyone can suggest because I think I have tried everythinh else!

A:External hard drive no longer represented by a drive

Hi .

The only function of an extended to contain any number of smaller partitions, which are called/designated logical partitions. Or, to put it another way, the only way to have any logical to create an extended partition first.

An external USB hard drive is normally not formatted as an extended partition. There is no need for it, nothing to be gained, since an external hard drive is used as one big storage cabinet.

External hard drives may be formatted as either FAT32 or NTFS file system, with the partition created being a primary partition.

If you have an external drive that does not reflect a drive letter in Disk Management, please post all the info reflected (in Disk Management) for that drive.

If the drive had previously been properly recognized and it now reflects nothing but unformatted space...either your enclosure or the drive inside the probably going bad.

The actual hard drive can be removed from the enclosure.

I...not necessarily you...I would remove the drive from the enclosure and attach it directly to the motherboard see if the motherboard/BIOS/Windows can properly recognize it if directly attached.

In the event that the drive itself is failing, your logical recourse is to attempt to use data recovery software of some type to reclaim/recover data files on the drive.

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Hi guys I have a problem whereby an external hard drive won t assign a drive letter automatically I have used Disk Management many times to drive drive assign -- hard automatically External assign it manually but when I disconnect amp reconnect the drive I have to go through it all again in order to read External hard drive -- assign drive automatically the disk i e it doesn t automatically assign a drive when reconnected Does anyone know what I can do to restore the quot plug amp play quot nature of my drive It is a Samsung Story TB USB version Maybe not important but the reason this problem started was because one of my friends took photos videos at my wedding and he has a Mac so I formatted the drive External hard drive -- assign drive automatically with Mac Drive to copy all the stuff across When I got it home and had copied everything I re-formatted the partition as NTFS Viewing it in Disk Management the only partition on the disk is the NTFS volume and there doesn t appear to be any errors Thanks Tys nbsp

A:External hard drive -- assign drive automatically

See if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers
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Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series
I have this laptop. My question is why would you sell a computer with 32GB hard drive when you know the OS will take up 20GB? How am I supposed to use this computer? I can't upgrade the HD and why should I buy an external drive for a laptop?
I am so utterly confused.

A:Can't use laptop because Windows 10 is using 90% of the hard drive, what can I do besides using an external drive?

This isn't a true notebook - it's a glorified tablet/internet appliance.  It's fine as a Windows substitute for a chromebook, but forget running anything demanding on it -- it's designed for a single purpose:  to be inexpensive.
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i have a freecom external hard drive. it was working fine until one day it decided to stop working.

this light on the drive lights up but i can't hear anything working inside it. and now it won't show up as a drive when i open windows explorer.

please help?

A:External hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Hi have you tried it in another computer to see if it works there
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I recently bought a new computer, the hard drive only had 320 gb of storage though, so I upgraded to a 1TB hard drive and made the old hard drive into an external.

The first time I plugged it in, it crashed my computer, so I cleaned it using disk part. Now my computer wont open it at all. It doesnt show up on "my computer" or on other computers either. Its simply inaccessible.

So what can I do?

A:Old hard drive isnt working as an external drive

Have you looked in Disk Management?
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I purchased a Sabrent 3.5 IDE external drive case so I can put in a Western Digital 500gb PATA drive. When we plug it into the USB port, it starts to recognize the drive and Windows 7 says that it is installing the driver and then we get the message driver installed failed. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this recognized?

The manufactures website says the drive is recognized up to a 3tb and supports Standard Desktop 3.5″ IDE/PATA Desktop Hard Drives. It is a model ECS-U35K


Paul DiModica

A:External Drive case not recognizing hard drive

Hello dimodical,

Try opening up Disk Management with the external drive connected. See if Disk Management see the drive or not. If it sees the drive right click on the drive and try to initialize\format the drive.

Hope this helps
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My question is in refrence to external hard drives. Is there an external hard drive out there that has similar properties to that of a flash drive. What I mean by this is can I get an external hard drive that I can drag items to it to save and just as easily access the file by opening the drive. So far I have two external hard drives and they are both similar in the fact that I can back up my files on them but I can't access them on the hard drive itself, I would actually have to recover files on my computer. Can anyone enlighten me on this issue.

A:External hard drive similar to flash drive?

Yes there are lots of external USB hard drives out there but I find even on Newegg that alot of them get crappy reviews for having bad software or not syncing correctly. They can get into very large sizes however like up to 2terabytes or more depending on what your budget is
That is a 640gb external hard drive pretty simple to use just plug it in and store your stuff. including data files for when you backing up your pc. Personally I shop at Frys Electronics they always have good deals but newegg has a big selection and sells things cheaper than Frys alot of the time

Apparently I need 5 posts to start doing links so below this post is the link to the external drive
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I'm having trouble getting Windows x RC Build to a as hard accessible Seagate drive external drive not recognize my Seagate quot External Hard Drive GB Model ST EXA -RK It is connected through a Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive USB port on my Asus K V SE Motherboard - running an AMD Athlon GHz and GB of RAM Currently this hard drive when connected appears in Device and Printers as as quot Device quot named Desktop Right Click - gt Properties shows that it is a storage device Device Manager recognizes it as a Disk Drive and calls it a Seagate Desktop USB Device - no conflicts Under Computer Management - gt Storage - gt Disk Management the drive appears as Disk - Basic and Online statuses If I try and assign it a drive letter I get the following quot The operation failed to complete becasue the Disk Managment Console view is out of date Please refresh the console view quot Only one conflict exists in Device Manager - I have one Unknown Device under USB Controllers When viewing that device it gives me a Code error Thoughts Thanks in advance Ollie

A:Seagate external hard drive not accessible as a drive

Has it been initalized & formated?
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I just formatted my 2nd hard drive which had xp on it as well as my first. I only use it for storage now and not an OS. but when I boot my computer it's still asking me to choose an OS. how can I get that removed? and just automatically load my one and only os?


A:XP keeps loading 2nd hard drive at boot

Start->Run->MSCONFIG-> select BOOT.INI click check all boot paths. You can change the timeout to 0.


Original XP boot.ini

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
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I wish to re-install Windows Vista onto a new hard drive on an HP Pavilion Notebook Entertainment DV6000 se laptop from 2007.  Now, the laptop came with Vista pre-loaded.  The laptop did come with a System Recovery Disc.  My question is: does this disc contain Windows Vista that I need to load onto the new hard drive? GaryRob

A:Loading Vista onto a new hard drive

Yes assuming the new hard drive is at least as large as the old one, that System Recovery Disk is exactly what you need to restore the PC back to factory condition. Just tap F9 as you power up with the disk in the drive and select the DVD drive as the boot source and follow on-screen prompts. You are going to need to do lots of updates, but you will have a working computer.
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Here's a screen taken on my comp,performance shows that my hard drive is jumping. No idea what is causing it. It started happening when I formatted my Partition Drive then made it into Free Space. I undo it but the problem is still there.

A:My Hard Drive is loading every 1 second,but no programs are on?

Hi Lyceum

I'm not exactly clear on what you meant by "I formatted my Partition Drive then made it into Free Space". Did you mean to say that you reformatted a logical partition that had files on it, and that viewing it afterwards shows the partition as formatted (in NTFS or FAT32), and completely empty (100% free space)? . . . Or?

What tool(s) did you use to reformat? Partition Magic? Windows XP Disk Management?

The activity could be harmless activity such as the Windows XP Indexing Service (when it runs, it should show up in your processes list in Task Manager as "CISVC.exe" --- "Content Indexing Service"), or it could be malware-related. Did you reformat as part of a pest-removal?

Scan for malware as thoroughly as you can, just to be sure. Scan with as "thorough" or "high" settings as your antivirus and antispyware allow, and scan from both normal and Safe modes. Include rootkit scans, too ---

If you find evidence of a serious infection, try the 5-Step Security Checklist ---

Run Task Manager to check on your running processes, and then identify any you are uncertain of --- ---

If you want to see if it's the Indexing Service that is tripping things up, you can disable that fairly easily (you actually uninstall it, using Add-Remove Programs in the Control Panel -- and re-enable it by reinstalling it) ---

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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My HP Pavillion running Win7 crashed this morning. I had no choice as to purchase a new system - an Asus - which runs Win8. I pulled my hard drive out of the old system and installed it into an empty slot in the new system.

How do I now pull the information off of my old hard drive? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Loading a Win 7 hard drive in a new Win 8 system

First make a folder in your windows 8 called Old computer or Win7 or whatever you want.

make a shortcut to that folder on your new Win 8 desktop

open that folder, if you grab to top left of the title bar and drag it allll the way right it will situate itself on the right half of your screen

goto computer doubleclick the windows 7 drive

left click and drag the upper right side of that folders pane and drag it alllll the way left to fill the left half of the screen

doubleclick users

find the usernames you want to save and drag it into the folder you just created on the right

This will copy pictures, music, videos, settings, etc...

Its best to copy it all then filter out what you dont want..

After all is done scan your Win 7 drive for errors and viruses, if it finds errors or viruses and fixes them, your system may boot again when you reinstall it..

Dont delete anything until you know everything you want is in your new computers backup/win7 folder

Once all is done we can work on fixing your Win7..

Good luck..
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My compaq presario s nx had a virus i attempted to reinstall Windows XP but in the middle of the installation where you choose what partition to install the Windows loading drive not Hard OS the computer starting restarting over and over again I attempted booting from the CD and it wasnt possible and i attempted booting from the floppy and it wasnt possible and i could not reach a command prompt so i took out the hard drive from the compaq put it in another computer and was able to boot up from a floppy and i installed Windows Professional then installed Windows XP i didnt have floppy setup disks for XP Once the OS was installed i took the hard drive back out and reinstalled it in the compaq but the operating system doesnt load I can only access award bios setup utility and thats it then i just have a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner How can i fix this help nbsp

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When you soft load a hard drive, what does it mean?

A:What does Soft Loading a Hard Drive mean?

It means Restoring your Computer back to factory Settings ....
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I dropped my Compaq F761US and broke the screen and additionally messed up the hard drive. I have the screen repaired and a new hard drive to install, I can only assume that I will have to purchase a new version of Vista Home Professional to load in the machine. Any thoughts?

A:Loading Vista on new hard drive?

Seems worth reading, .

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that recently had a corrupt hard drive. I bought a new WD hard drive to replace it, turned the computer on with the windows 7 CD in the disk drive and had it boot from disk. Windows loaded files and I was able to get through a few steps until it wanted the drivers. I put the drivers disk in and I got an error message saying
no signed device drivers found
I tried another CD since I have 2 of the same laptop and this CD didn't work either. Everywhere online says it's corrupt disks, but I have a hard time believing that since I tried 2 different disks and still get the same message. Am I doing something wrong?

A:Loading new hard drive trouble

Can you allow w7 to completely install, then do the drivers? That's how it works on an older Dell Vostro 1000 I have. It is a Dell OEM disk?
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Okay I just spent the last couple Drive Windows XP detected when not loading Hard of hours trying to handle the problem myself but it looks like I have to reach out and hope that somebody can help Moving right along my roommates laptop decided to stop working all together it would bring her as far as the desktop Hard Drive not detected when loading Windows XP after she logged in but it would not display any of the desktop shortcuts or the start menu bar at the bottom of the screen sorry if I am being too descriptive After several restarts I broke down and began to reinstall the Operating System using the disc that she had with her laptop I don t really know for sure if it will work considering it is a burned copy of Windows XP Pro SP and there is no key for it Moving right along once again I was able to run the XP install up until it reached the startup for XP it then restarted and ran through the installation like it was going to do it again but this time it stopped and said it could not detect the hard drive I had to restart the computer and checked the BIOS and lo and behold it is not detecting a hard drive She does not have any of the driver or recovery discs for her laptop and the discs I have do not work I received a message indicating that the discs were specific to the type of computer When I attempt a repair of Windows XP I receive the same message that the hard drive is not being detected I checked the hard drive to see if it was securely in place which it was with all four screws holding it in the slot Once I checked that I ran through the motions as stated above but ran into the familiar brick wall of no hard drive If anybody can offer me a little bit of advice or instructions or pretty much call me a dumb ass if I am missing something obvious please feel free to drop me a line

A:Hard Drive not detected when loading Windows XP

brand and model of the laptopNewer oem laptops with sata drives often have the sata driver pre-installed. Older versions of xp oem and generic or retail probably don't.Give us the serial number and model (hp) or service tag (Dell) or whatever is on the sticker that looks like (insert brand) support reference numbers and we can figure it out.Are the docs, music and email backed up?If the bios doesn't see the drive there is a good chance it is dead. A sata drive can be hooked up to any computer with a sata port open on it. An Ide drive needs an adapter to mount it as a slave for testing on another system.
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Hey. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I got a new HD (WD) and formatted it successfully and then loaded Win XP to it successfully or so I thought.

The desktop can't recogize my broadband connection (connected straight from the wall to the pc). Why is this???

Also, the display settings are so whacked that I can't get a smaller resolution. I assume this has to do with my video drivers, but of course, I can't download anything without the Internet.

Any thoughts???


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Hi all I m a newbie here and would appreciate some advice with a slightly tricky setup problem - Here s what I know My HP Pavillion laptop has a confirmed MoBo problem and so the internal DVD drive doesn t function So I have an external x USB DVD drive for movies loading new software etc This has worked fine for the past couple of years or so I have a full retail version of Vista on DVD I know that Vista won t boot on an external DVD drive I have available an external USB SATA HD enclosure I have another fully-functioning Desktop PC running XP Pro which I can use if necessary for any data transfers Here s what I d like to know I ve got a new SATA Hard Drive because the old one died and I need to put the Vista OS onto the new drive so I Solved: Vista Drive Hard onto new Loading get the HP laptop running Solved: Loading Vista onto new Hard Drive again Can anyone give me some advice on how I can get a new Vista OS install onto the new HD I can either install the new HD directly into the Laptop or put it in the external enclosure to make the data transfer Thanks very much in advance for any advice Steve nbsp

A:Solved: Loading Vista onto new Hard Drive

Well, if it is the laptop's internal SATA that died, I would put the new one inside the laptop,

You say Vista cant boot from your external USB DVD drive. Maybe you can try making a bootable USB stick. See below: