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NTLDR is missing. Hard Drive Failure.

Q: NTLDR is missing. Hard Drive Failure.


Old Dell computer running Windows XP that was never backed up and I am trying to recover files and photos. I get NTLDR is missing when I boot. I've used Testdisk/Photorec to try to recover my data but when going through the recovered data it seems to be all system files that I know nothing about. I used Ubuntu on the Dell to run Testdisk. I also hooked up the hard disk to my laptop with a hard disk adapter and got the same results.I also ran a NTLDR boot disk but ended up with the same NTLDR is missing message. I dont have a XP recovery disk. Anybody that has had this issue please help!

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Preferred Solution: NTLDR is missing. Hard Drive Failure.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: NTLDR is missing. Hard Drive Failure.

Trobles86 said:

I also hooked up the hard disk to my laptop with a hard disk adapter and got the same results.Click to expand...

If you have access to another PC or laptop then you can connect the hard drive in to that machine and get the files you wanted to recover from your hard drive in there.
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Ok, so this is my first post here. Excuse my virgin placement of this topic here. I have been using the great site to resolve many issues over the years, but this one has got me to the breaking point. Here goes, have a lenovo G560. Came with 7 but later was upgraded to 10. Long story short, after finding viruses and a highjacker, I removed drive and backed up personal stiff to external drive. While in my dock I formatted all the partitions and merged as one since I couldn't get to factory partition in windows anyway. Now I get lenovo screen with no boot order options to boot from my windows seven disc. The real problem is the black screen with ntldr missing comes up. Can't get into bios at all. Sorry for the long post ANY idea's? Thankas in advance.
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Hello I have read most of the of the post on ntldr missing but have not found the answer We are getting a message quot NTLOADER MISSING HIT ANY KEY TO RESTART quot A friend has an old Gateway Plll mhz they use in their business The need to update there software and will require GB of ram drive NTLDR Hard Help! Missing, Moved the Gateway can only handle Mb They are using Windows Pro with fat So they purchased a used HP Compaq Desktop d convertible Intel Moved Hard drive NTLDR Missing, Help! Pentium GHz to meet the ram requirement The quick answer Moved Hard drive NTLDR Missing, Help! was to just move the hard drive to the newer computer When we do we get the error quot NTLOADER missing hit any key to re-start quot when I hit enter the screen just blinks and gives same message I put the hard drive back in the old computer and it boots just fine It just wont boot in the newer computer I can hit F when I reboot and go in to the BIOS and see all the settings I just can t get past this point I tried to see if it would boot to a safe mode menu but it won t If I put the W k CD in the drive I can boot to the CD currently the newer PC has Mb I have not increased the ram yet I m thinking this is a BIOS problem I just don t see anything that jumps out as a wrong setting What am I missing here Thanks nbsp

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I have read many posts about this here but many of them talk about WinXP I also have read some solutions but want to have some verification before I proceed Here is what happened I have hard drives connected to the computer They are of varying sizes and brands Hard drive is a gb Maxtor this originally had the OS on it but I deleted all and installed Win on hard drive this was a long time ago Hard drive is a WD gb Hard drive is a WD GB I had Hard drive set up as the master due to the OS being on this a long time ago When I installed the OS on hard drive partition delete missing is hard drive ntldr after I forgot to change it to the master so it was still set as a slave and number in the boot order So after that this was the standing order first to boot--- hard drive misc data only second---- cdrw third---- hard drive with OS on it Fourth---- hard drive misc data only This worked fine with no problems at all until I decided to delete all partitions on hard drive This hard drive had not been used for a long time anyway and the data on it had been cloned to the hard drive into ntldr is missing after hard drive partition delete partitions It should be noted that I was using Roxio s Goback personal edition until now Before deleting the partitions on hard drive I had to disable GoBack I did that and used Partitionmagic to delete the partitions on hard drive When I clicked quot Apply quot it reminded me that this partition was set as active and if I deleted it than I would have to set another partition as active So I set hard drive as active it contains the OS and rebooted for the changes to take affect This is when the problems started At this point the computer said on boot up NTLDR is missing press any key All hard drives were showing at bootup by the way When I pressed any key Windows will boot up fine So I changed the drive configuration around to look like this hard drive was moved to CDRom moved to last in boot order Hard drive moved to Hard drive moved to So Hard drive with OS on it was now the Master and active and the others were all slaves As I said Win boots up just fine after the NTLDR is Missing press any key message comes up Now if I Enable GoBack the computer becomes unbootable and gives a non system disk error If I disable GoBack I still get the NTLDR message but it will boot I have done some research and think I know what to do Please help to verify this Since the Hard drive was cloned on to HArd drive the following files are probably on Hard Drive NTLDR NTDETECT COM BOOT INI I could copy them to hard drive but using a Boot CD I do not have a floppy drive Or To use a boot disk to start your computer follow these steps Create a Windows boot disk that contains the following files Ntldr Ntdetect com Boot ini Ntbootdd sys Modify the Boot ini file to point to the correct hard disk controller and to the correct volume for your Windows installation Insert the boot disk into the computer s floppy disk drive and then restart the computer Copy the Ntldr file the Ntdetect com file and the Boot ini file from the boot disk to the system partition of the local hard disk Since Win will bootup without a problem after the NTLDR is missing message comes up the problem must be easily fixable These are the two solutions I have seen that seem like they should work Should I do this or not nbsp

A:ntldr is missing after hard drive partition delete

still looking for advice.
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My friend's computer had some sort of melt down Drive [SOLVED] after Missing formatting NTLDR is Hard for no reason where she could no longer log [SOLVED] NTLDR is Missing after formatting Hard Drive onto her computer None of the Safe Mode options worked at all not even Safe Mode itself At the time [SOLVED] NTLDR is Missing after formatting Hard Drive she had Windows Vista on her computer She wanted me to put Windows XP Home Edition on her computer instead so I salvaged what I could from her computer using her hard drive as a slave on my computer and then I formatted her hard drive When I hooked the hard drive back up to her computer and inserted the Windows XP Home Edition disc all I got after turning it on was an quot NTLDR is Missing Press Ctrl Alt Delete to restart quot error message Her computer doesn't appear to be detecting the CD-ROM drive at all as nothing whatsoever comes up concerning the disc Nothing appears to be wrong at all in the BIOS settings The CD-ROM drive is the first boot source The CD-ROM drive light blinks a number of times upon booting and then just turns off Am I supposed to make a boot disk to fix this or what I have Windows XP Professional on my computer so I can't make it directly from my computer And I can't put XP Professional on her computer because it has conflicts with her computer for some odd reason Last time we tried that her sound went dead and wouldn't come back until she installed Vista After Vista her graphics went huge and couldn't be changed She had Home Edition once and everything was just fine before a meltdown that time What am I to do about this NTLDR problem and how to I finally get Windows XP Home Edition installed on her computer This is stressing me out beyond belief and she can't hire a technician because she doesn't have the money to do so

A:[SOLVED] NTLDR is Missing after formatting Hard Drive

ntldr is a system file of your windows the only thing is that you need to repair your os.. and if repair will not work just reformat it....
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I am trying to replace a Hard drive in a Dell computer - installing a Western Digital. I have Windows XP. Upon starting my computer, I receive an error message "NTLDR is missing Press Cntrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Every time I restart I get the same message.

How do I get Windows XP installed and get past this message?

Thanks in advance,

A:Replacing Hard drive - NTLDR is missing error

This link is a good place to start. Is this a clean hard drive with nothing on it?
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Had a dual-boot system Win on drive XP on drive installed Got an NTLDR is missing error on the primary WD drive on which eSATA hard Win drive missing crash WD is 7 NTLDR Win was installed XP wouldn't boot either because the MBR is on the primary drive Win 7 WD eSATA hard drive crash NTLDR is missing So I had to reinstall XP and all the software on the nd drive and test in original and another computer Worked fine When plugged into the motherboard the Win eSATA drive is not recognized by either of the computers in the BIOS It won't boot and I can't even look at the drive to see the contents - it's a non-entity as far as Windows is concerned I plugged it into a Mac with an external eSATA to USB adapter and the Mac saw the drive but said that it was unreadable and asked if I wanted to format the drive Since I thought I might want to try to recover files I didn't Anyway to see the contents of this drive with Windows and recover them or does it seem to be dead from the description

A:Win 7 WD eSATA hard drive crash NTLDR is missing

Go here: WD Support / Downloads / SATA & SAS / WD Caviar Black and download the "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD)" > Choose the .iso file to download > and burn a bootable CD from it.

Then test the drive with the diagnostic.

The download I linked to is for a Caviar Black SATA drive . If you have a different type of WD drive then go back one page and choose it.
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PC XP wont boot says NTLDR missing I wonder if anyone could give me any advice about need ntldr to missing/hard too drive corrupt.. bookmarks backup how to salvage my firefox bookmarks from my system which wont even boot the bookmarks are all i need to salvage from the c drive as ntldr missing/hard drive corrupt.. need to backup bookmarks too my downloads files and documents are safely stored on my nd hard drive My home PC windows XP died a death the other day playing up wont boot now says ntldr is missing wont even boot up in safe mode it doesnt get as far as giving me an option tried swopping cables around and stripped bare to the basics needed to boot but no such luck there either Boots up with a unix live disc but i noticed it cant detect the c drive on the system altho it does in bios I even tried copying the ntldr files across from a cd during a windows repair option with the windows disc in the cd drive and booting from cd and with the cursor prompt where i tried to follow this advice off the web quot Copy the files NTDETECT COM and NTLDR from your Windows XP Setup CD i folder to your C Drive by typing these commands and hitting Enter after each line copy d i ntldr c copy d i ntdetect com c If it prompts to overwrite type Y quot It just tells me that it cant find the file when I follow those instructions So i typed chkdsk which informs me that the volume appears to have one or more unrecoverable problems It appears my hard drive is screwed and i have to bin it i think but i have very important bookmarks on that hard drive loads in fact that i had forgot to back up HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP nbsp

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Hey all Came across a problem recently on my month old rig Specs are in my profile Anyway I had hard drives set up my main SSD which runs Windows a USB external terabyte and a gig SATA Western Digital I believe the gig SATA was failing or malfunctioning I was getting error messages that the drive was bad a while back but never got around to fixing or removing it because I was lazy and it still worked read write I kept some junk media and files missing Windows blue 7 issue/NTLDR drive crash/hard booting screen on it but other than that didn't touch it Well Windows 7 blue screen crash/hard drive booting issue/NTLDR missing my rig started acting funny a few days ago I thought it might have been a worm or malware I ran my usual combination of programs and security I Windows 7 blue screen crash/hard drive booting issue/NTLDR missing like to keep my system pretty clean I did find a few threats but took care of them I hadn't ran them for a bit so I thought nothing unusual Well my PC started crashing randomly and giving me issues until time I noticed my gig SATA was corrupt or something All the data on it was gone and it was reading gig instead of gig I was still able to read write to it though Still kept having the crashes and freezing I removed the SATA wiped the SSD and re-installed a fresh copy of Windows Everything went without a hitch Windows runs fine everything went normal Computer is running beautiful but I am still having a crashing issue It happens randomly Happened twice when watching movies off my external and twice now while just browsing the web The system will freeze forcing me to manually restart or it will freeze and a blue screen will pop up saying the system crashed and it's dumping memory yada yada and force me to manually restart If I leave it to restart on it's own it will boot and I get a variety of boot error messages NTLDR is missing press CTRL ALT DEL to restart or some other boot message Once I manually restart Windows will start up normally but has recognized it shut down improperly I read it might have something to do with my boot order or the external so I removed that off the boot order list and made sure my SSD was my main hard drive and boots first I checked my system and CPU temps everything seems normal I am not sure what it could be I have a fully clean install The only thing rolling over is all my media files on my external But could my external really cause the system to crash like that I have no idea what it is and it seems Windows will run fine for a determined amount of time A few hours or more until it happens randomly Doesn't seem to be a pattern I also read NTLDR is only associated with Win XP and BOOTMGR is for Win so I don't know what is going on there I am going to take apart my machine later and check all the cables and everything but this is a pretty new machine with no previous problems I keep it clean but it's not to say I don't get malware viruses But if it was that you would think the format would take care of it And if it was my corrupt SATA causing it through the boot manager order that would be solved by removing it So far it's been hours and Windows is running fine Anyone have a scrap of an idea or had this problem before I know it's a bit vague and could be many things but I think it has something to do with my hard drives or it's a virus worm but I don't see how Thanks UPDATE Windows freezes around every hour or so forcing me to manually restart If I leave it frozen it will restart itself after a while giving me the quot NLTRD is missing quot error

A:Windows 7 blue screen crash/hard drive booting issue/NTLDR missing

Have you done an anti-virus scan?
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System Info Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Notebook Model HP Compaq tc EN UT ABA Processor Type Intel Core CPU T Processor Speed MHz Processor Stepping Cache Size L L KB Memory Size MB ROM Date ROM BIOS Version F serial number Notebook Asset Tracking Number blank Video BIOS Revision Keyboard Controller Version Battery Serial number I recently attempted to restore to a recent system restore point from within Windows but was returned a message upon restart that the attempt had been a failure i forget the exact wording of the message I then tried using a restore point previous to that one with the same result After trying a handful of different restore points I ran PC Recovery F at startup and tried some of the options available including creating a new backup of files Each time it attempted to reformat and restore it would complete the formatting part but then encounter failures in the extraction process quot Problem in extracting process Can't open filename quot at dozens of different files on a particular sector of the process and eventually stall somewhere on a different file filename varies on each attempt for hours at a time until I shutdown and rerun Now when I run PC Recovery the only option aside from backup is the Initial Recovery Point which fails in the above manner Since my failed attempts at running PC Recovery from F at startup I have been unable to boot I receive PC failure, missing, NTLDR BSOD Recovery the error message quot NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart quot every time Using F to enter Setup I can NTLDR missing, PC Recovery failure, BSOD run the HD self test but on the very first test in the series it returns with quot Failed to read drive quot message I inserted the OS NTLDR missing, PC Recovery failure, BSOD CD included with my notebook quot Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack quot and attempted to boot from it but it runs Windows Setup loads the NTLDR missing, PC Recovery failure, BSOD files and then returns the x B BSOD error message with suggestions to scan for viruses run checkdisk etc all of which would require Windows to load right and I cannot proceed from this screen I have two identical notebooks the quot healthy quot one I am using to post this thread and can stomach the loss of one of them but would like to be able to access the personal files backed up on the data partition of the quot sick quot one at the very least What should I do next Thank you for your help in advance

A:NTLDR missing, PC Recovery failure, BSOD

boot off of the XP CD and get to the Recovery Console. There type in chkdsk /p and hit enter. the Check Disk Utility will try and fix any file errors. Your recovery partition probably has bad sectors, which Check Disk may be able to fix. Or they hard drive is failing.
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I am hitting some snag w our hardware and software and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing input experience if you have ever come across this issue Our computer HP Pavilion a n was not starting a couple weeks ago It would get past the BIOS screen Life Suck at You Failure, NTLDR is Boot Basically Disk Missing, and then nothing I decided to perform a system recovery by partition NTLDR is Missing, Disk Boot Failure, You Basically Suck at Life as I have done several times in the past This time however there were problems performing a system recovery At about of the recovery I get a million error messages that say quot error cannot copy file H windows SMINST etc quot When I get through the error messages by pressing quot NTLDR is Missing, Disk Boot Failure, You Basically Suck at Life retry quot copying and end the system recovery by partition after a million error messages I get a screen that says NTLDR is missing press ctr alt del to restart I was told this was either a NTLDR is Missing, Disk Boot Failure, You Basically Suck at Life problem with the hardware or software Assuming the latter I ordered new system recovery disks from HP After loading the disks and changing the boot device priority I get an error message that says quot disk boot failure quot press ctr alt del Thus I figured this issue is with the hardware I bought a new SATA hard drive from Best Buy and took out the old one and put the new one in its place Now I get the error message quot Disk boot failure quot press ctr alt del to restart I tried removing the battery to reset the BIOS I still get the same error message Please help-I could really use any input

A:NTLDR is Missing, Disk Boot Failure, You Basically Suck at Life

enter Bios again and verify on the harddisk screen that SATA is disabled or switch to ide drive. then try reloading with the recovery disk and report back results...
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two weeks ago i was bought a Fujitsu B series lifebook computer About days ago I had got that virus stating I had a quot processor running at degrees quot quot hard drive clusters are partly damaged quot quot must scan to fix this issue quot yatta yatta yatta and some other classic virus jive talk i cant computer support.. no or rom drive, issue floppy drive, with is featuring missing" drive "NTLDR cd flash remember at this moment At first it kept bothering me about the scan then it started popping up windows in short succesion then i couldnt access my other files then my desk top went black and was reduced to icons start menu was obliterated try combo fix trend micro some other reliable programs but i would either down load them and they d disappear or in "NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support.. the case of combofix it would load then exit out quickly It reached a point were i just couldn t boot my computer up "NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support.. anymore NTLDR was missing it said I am not sure if that virus deleted it or if the computer and its hd were just old and wore out It was from the flea market I cant get past that error msg there is no flash drive boot up option on this old thing i have no floppy drive with it it has no cd rom drive ive heard the external usb cd rom drive cant be used to boot it up but im not percent sure Someone else with the same notebook reported "NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support.. that it would not allow usb cd rom drive boot up I have been told network boot is an option but i was told thats just to access it after its turned on and its not what i think its for I was told an hd switch was a good option but i dont know how to remove the hd from the fujitsu and i dont know if it uses a special connector cable I have an acer aspire but I dont know if it would work in that laptop I am not sure what to do at this point with it I am not even sure if im posting this in the right section but i know I m on the right site because a top contributer at Yahoo answers directed me here and I have seen the main site giving input on other issues rocking the technological world Mod Edit Edited content to make more readable understandable Hamluis

A:"NTLDR is missing" issue with computer featuring no cd rom drive, floppy drive, or flash drive support..

i think im past infected moderator. saying im still in the infection stage is like telling someone with cervical cancer to take the HPV vaccine..
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Ok I ll start off with my hard drive config NTLDR First Now Hard Missing, Error Disk Maxtor GB Partition GB C Partition GB with Windows XP Pro D Maxtor GB Partition GB G So that being said I ll continue I recently acquired a -bit processor so I decided to try out the -bit version of Windows I backed up everything on C and moved it to G Then I deleted First NTLDR Missing, Now Hard Disk Error the C partition and installed Windows XP -bit version on that partition Then I decided that I really didn t like it so I ran the Windows Setup disk and deleted the C partition created it again and voila No more XP Then I tried to boot back First NTLDR Missing, Now Hard Disk Error into my original version of XP Pro and it gave me the quot NTLDR is missing quot error Reloaded XP on the C partition copied NTLDR from the XP cd over to my D drive deleted the C partition and just left it alone this time Now I get an error with something along the lines of quot HARD DISK ERROR Restart Computer quot So I figured it was in my best interest to stop there and not do anything else Any suggestions Oh and for some reason my admin password isn t working I m pretty sure that I used the one I have written down since I installed it like and months ago when I got my new mobo and processor But this means that the recovery console is out of the question Unless there s a way to retrieve that password nbsp

A:First NTLDR Missing, Now Hard Disk Error

Ok. I copied the information from my boot.ini file on my original windows install to a boot disk. Now I'm in my original version of Windows, but it won't let me delete and reformat the C: partition (the one that had XP 64 on it) because it shows up as system partition in the disk management tool.
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I have tried all the disk boot ups and also resetting my boot points nothing is working NTLDR missing del,alt ctnl to restart, get same message, wont boot, have i crashed my hard drive? I newbie on doing tech on computers so bear with me with a simple spoke answer PLEASE.... Thanks to all who can help.

A:Ntldr missing no cd drive now

Last try with this: Hiren's Boot CD
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I have an interesting problem. I accidentally shredded an essential document (every essential document containing bridge in the filename, to be specific) because I was having some trouble getting rid of some spyware. I recently bought a cannibalized pentium II from an office which closed or upgraded, and it has no cd drive. So now I can't startup because NTLDR is missing, but I do not have the Windows XP startup disc and even if I did, no CD drive to put it in. I know the missing files are all files containing bridge (unless my disc was just destroyed by spyware) but I don't know if there's any way to download necessary files and startup using a diskette. Can this be done?

A:ntldr missing and no CD drive

What exactly is your problem? And what do you mean by - shredded an essential document? You shred paper files, not computer files.

Your Pentium II computer is a separate problem, but you jumbled everything together.

The NTLDR is missing error is a common one. Is it a notebook computer or a desktop computer? If it's a desktop computer, just buy any cd drive and you will be good to go. If it's a notebook computer, you could buy a cd rom drive for that model computer.

If the computer will let you set a usb port as a boot device, you could also use an external cd rom drive.
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OK, I have a problem with the startup sequence. NTLDR is missing, and I had to buy a used CD-ROM and borrow a Windows XP CD to fix my new old computer. I tried starting up from the CD-ROM and a screen comes up telling me no operating system is found, and a graphic showing a diskette prompting me to put a diskette in the disk drive. What could this mean?

Does this mean I'm using the wrong version of XP? (I don't know what version is on the PC I bought)
The CD I borrowed is bad?
The CD-ROM I bought does not work?
Or something else?

A:NTLDR is missing, and now I have a CD drive

Take a read of THIS and see if that helps.
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Hello On my pc I had one drive with Windows on it and one drive with Windows XP on it Windows was on drive C XP was on D They were set up so I could choose which one to boot to at start up I wanted to get rid of the entirely so I edited the boot ini just removing the entry for windows after restarting the computer everything was fine going directly to XP so I wanted to format the drive so I could use it as additional storage which I did using norton partition magic NTLDR formatting Missing, XP win leaving after drive is and 98 drive I then shut down my computer turned it back on and I get an error saying NTLDR is missing what should I do the now formatted blank drive is still as C must the c drive always have the OS in it am I going to have to convert everything on my D XP drive so that it is C if so how or what NTLDR is Missing, after formatting win 98 drive and leaving XP drive do I do to get back to using my XP again on drive D nbsp

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Here is my situation About months ago I had fixed up my computer got new a harddrive upgraded the processor and videocards Drives blame? Missing Dead error. is to NTLDR Hard yadda yadda Only problem was I haddn't been able to use the computer for months It was sitting at my old house and unfortunately I never got to confirm if it actually worked I had it shipped overseas and they butcherd it The case was badly smashed the internals were a mess I had to reconnect everything It was bad Now for the best part Every time I boot up I get the NTLDR is missing I read up on some fixes and found that pretty much I can only boot from the DVD drive I am using a repair disk and when I get to the repair options I get a Problem quot Problem has occured Cannot repair quot I am running command prompt I can't access anything but the D drive All other options do not seem to work Is this ultimately indicative of a dead hard drive If it is fixable is there any ways besides a full reformat

A:NTLDR is Missing error. Dead Hard Drives to blame?

I am marking this thread as solved because I heard the click of death. Being a stubborn man, I managed to get the event to repeat itself a few times.

8 years and 8 months down the drain because of the US postal service.
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This will be the third time this has happened since Christmas and nobody has a clue what has happened I hope this is the right forum for this post To try and cut a long story short- Decided to build a computer I am new to this and dont know much themselves. changed NTLDR is missing letters Drive but got help putting it together Worked fine for a week or so then wouldnt boot Got NTLDR file missing errors Took out TB drive found it faulty dealer replaced it Installed new drive it was faulty from the off I could hear it and was changed for a different make of drive TB Now weeks after install and working fine I turn off one night turn on the next morning and the computers asking for a boot disk Went to do a reinstall over the top of the old OS and discovered that what was my C drive with Windows XP was now the E drive and the D drive with XP was now the C drive Drive letters changed themselves. NTLDR is missing And it wont boot up from it because quot NTLDR is missing quot I have a feeling this is what happened to the first install but I never noticed the drive letters Any idea what may have caused this Hardware- Asus P Q Deluxe Motherboard CPU Intel Quad Core Duo Q overclocked to Zalman Reserator V Fanless Water Cooling System X OCZ GB Reaper Mhz PC Memory Coolermaster W Real Power M Powersupply BFG GTX OC Graphics Card TB Samsung SATA HD GB Samsung PATA Drive GB Seagate SATA Drive Creative Fatlity Platinum sound card Internal card reader PCI-Express x FireWire and x USB Ports I O Card Sony DVD Rom Drive LG DVD Drive Dual boot if it would ever work properly Windows and XP nbsp

A:Drive letters changed themselves. NTLDR is missing

Hi Chegwell,

My first reaction to this is that the battery that holds the PC's BIOS settings (and system date, etc.) whilst the machine is switched off, is faulty.

Try accessing the Bios (usually by hitting DEL or F1, F2) while the PC is booting, set the hard drive priority to SATA, save and reboot.

Good Luck,

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I have four hard drives. When I plug one drive in, and boot up, I get the NTLDR is missing error message. What do I do to diagnose and fix the problem?

A:NTLDR Is MIssing error message with one drive

Looks like I have a bad hard drive. I tried the drive in an external drive bay and the drive was not detected. I tried the drive in yet another drive bay and this time the drive was detected. I will post back when I know more.
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Ok, I accidentally moved around some files and, after restarting i am now receiving:
NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt +Del to restart.

I've gone through other forums but all i find is that one can fix the problem by using a boot disk. This is where my problem arises. Years back my floppy drive broke and never got around fixing it. I'm running windows xp, floppy drive is down, how can I fix this problem?


A:NTLDR is missing AND floppy drive is broken

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Yes it can be fixed using the Windows cd.


Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hello all,

newbie here, someone can help me out :). My desktop sudden won't turn on then I replace the power supply and power is back on however i see this message when screen boot up.

"Hard-disk drive failure
Diskette driver 0 seek failure"

press f1 to continue and f2 to enter SETUP. If i press F1 go back to the message above.

Dell Inspiron 530s desktop, window xp

many thanks

A:Hard-disk drive failure and diskette drive 0 seek failure

If you've verified that all devices are plugged in to power and the correct cable (ie floppy cable for floppy and ide/sata for HD), then it's possible that the power supply failing could have damaged the circuitry on the drives.
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Hi, I have an older computer (Sony vaio desktop).

I had an 80GB main drive with Windows XP on it. I would sometimes attach a 160GB drive as a slave and use it as extra memory.

Lately I wanted to try to use the 160GB HDD to install XP, but when I set that drive as "master" and try to have the computer load the XP setup cd I get a "NTLDR is missing" message.

The drive was formatted while It was a slave drive.. so its empty..
How can I get this to work?

I've set the "Boot to CD" in the BIOS but It will not read any of the 3 CDs I have (In ok condition). Windows 98, Windows XP Pro CD, Or a Windows XP Upgrade CD (for at least the recovery section)

What can I do?

A:[SOLVED] New Blank Drive - NTLDR is missing error.

Your CD drive is not reading the CD's you have and it is skipping the CD drive and trying to boot from the HDD and there is no NTLDR file on it so it fails.
To use the XP Upgrade CD, you have to first install Window 98 and then put in the XP upgrade CD in while booted to 98.
Try your XP Pro CD on another computer and see if that boots. If so, then either the CD rom drive is not set as First boot device in the Bios, or the CD drive is not reading the disc. Try another CD drive. If the CD boots, you should see the message, press any key to boot from CD.
If the disc does not boot on another computer then the disc is not bootable. You can create a new disc using nLite.
YouTube - ‪Windows XP - How to Use nLite to modify Windows XP installation disk for automated install‬‏
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Hello everybody I m new here and I found a lot of useful information already However I am at a loss as to how I can solve this problem It boot Attempted from Missing SATA NTLDR drive, is similar to other problems yet not quite I will explain First my specs Custom Built Unit Cooler Master Casing ASUS M A -T MoBo Dual Core Attempted boot from SATA drive, NTLDR Missing - MoBo has one slot for IDE and the rest is SATA gig Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD s Initially set as slaves gig Attempted boot from SATA drive, NTLDR Missing Seagate IDE HDD initially set as master Now that we have that bit of information taken care of here s the issue My gig IDE showed signs of imminent failure I had no money to buy another hard drive immediately so I partitioned one of my g hard drives and re-installed on that one I currently use this new installation which is D instead of C I attempted to remove the IDE drive and kept receiving an NTLDR missing press ctrl alt del to restart error After doing some researching here and other places I discovered that this shows up when trying to load from a non-bootable device and that Windows by default loads the NTLDR file into the C drive and if unable to find it will not know what to do I wanted to name the drive to the new partition quot C quot but of course there was already a drive with that letter so I had to go with quot D quot Do i have to change the drive letter to quot C quot If so will all of my program installations files etc - reflect that change I don t want to leave this bad drive in my PC because when it fails and you know it will I don t want the rest of my system dependent upon it you know Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys n gals nbsp

A:Attempted boot from SATA drive, NTLDR Missing

Your 750G is not bootable thus the NTLDR missing error.

More info on how you partitioned your 750G HDD. Download PARTINFO, extract and run. Post screenshot.
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I attached a hard drive as a slave to my computer and I went to command prompt and formatted the drive using format d:.

When I put the hard drive back into another computer as the master drive, I get an error message saying "NTLDR is missing" in command prompt. I tried to search on google, but I can only find solutions for systems that already have Windows installed on it.

I changed the boot device priority in the BIOS, but I still couldn't get the Windows XP to boot.

Not sure what to do...

Thanks for you help.

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I am getting an quot NTLDR is missing quot message on bootup but the origin of the problem is I think different from the other NTLDR problems I've see on on this and other forums because it is not related to the main system drive In fact when I remove the problem drive -- the E drive or in other words not the system drive -- the computer boots Different drive non-system issue: NTLDR by caused hard up Different NTLDR issue: caused by non-system hard drive fine I thought that perhaps that this two-year-old disk was dying or that there were some bad sectors but I've checked the disk for errors in Windows Properties gt Tools gt Check for Errors and have found no problem I've also tried different cables and SATA ports always with the same result Finally I tried a System Restore My other hard drives run fine And the problem drive reads just fine when I connect it through a USB hard drive deck I would prefer not to play with the Windows MBR since the system seems fine when I don't use the problem drive So here are some questions why am I having this problem Does a non-system drive have its own boot record or MBR that could be causing this problem If so is there some way of editing or replacing it Is there any other kind of fix that I'm not seeing Thanks

A:Different NTLDR issue: caused by non-system hard drive

Check your BIOS boot order.
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I know im suppose to get an NTLDR is missing error when i try to install a new hard drive with data on it already. Is there anyway to install this new hard drive without getting that error? Does the drive have to be blank? I really dont want to reformat the drive. btw it was used as an external hard drive...through usb 2.0.

OS: Windows XP Pro sp2
HD: Seagate 200 gb 100-PATA
thanks in advance.

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The other day I was Similtaneously External Drive + Hard HDD failure Failure workigna t ym computer when it started to show tell tale signs of HDD failure and then would not boot could hear thrashing and clicking etc when trying to read it I was pretty annoyed about that but I thought oh well its all backed up just need a new HDD So got a new one ordered all specs reccommended by the computer manufacturer installed by a preofessional too was going well new OS flying along nicely so I went to my external HDD to transfer some data Uppon trying Hard Drive failure + External HDD Failure Similtaneously to open my tb external HDD I realise windows cannot read it although it is Hard Drive failure + External HDD Failure Similtaneously shown in quot device manager quot as a usb sotrage device My other lapotop wont read it nor a mac nor linux even with force boot command I then go to my emergency backup gb hard drive with a small fraction of my important stuff Hard Drive failure + External HDD Failure Similtaneously on it this gb hard drive WAS readable when I installed my new HDD with OS on it but I went to the tb first as it had more on But now even the GB hard drive cannot be read by a selection of computers I then plugged by GB Nokia N in and now it cannot even be read Complete disaster I have tried chkdsk macs reading all drives linux force boot commands I am quite scared that my new gb OS hard drive will fail soon too but I dont know what is causing this please any help much appreciated Regards Steve nbsp

A:Hard Drive failure + External HDD Failure Similtaneously

What OS?
Look in Event Viewer/System for any red marks that may provide clues.
I understand the initial drive failure. but the subsequent failures suggest a major problem with the computer itself. Power supply, memory IDE controller, motherboard?
A virus could do this. There may be some rogue file on the external drive.
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Had this laptop for about 6 years, had a few issues in the past, but nothing major like this. After, I ran a system dianostic, the result shown that the Hard drive short DST failed. Not totally sure how to do a recovery, I do have the Recovery Discs, so I searched up how to run the discs; turned on the system- press f11-  window loading files- window starting- then it just stuck on a window blue screen with nothing but the cursor. Can I even use the Recovery Discs? I want to replace the old HDD with a new SSD, but I'm not sure if I have to install a new OS or can I recover the old hard drive OS and transfer to the SSD?

A:Hard Drive failure (Hard Drive Short DST Check: Failed)

DST:Fail means  the hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced. If you are still in warranty HP will send a replacement. If not a retail laptop SATA hard drive can be used. Just be sure to get one of at least equal capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Discs. It can be larger, but not smaller capacity.For instance if you have a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB hdd but not a 320GB hdd.
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So I had gotten up this morning and was on my failure failure? Drive Hard or Boot computer fine and dandy for a couple Hard Drive failure or Boot failure? of hours and left for class at around PM When I return at around I turn on my monitor and there s a blinking underscore on the top right of my screen I went ahead and made a startup repair disc for Windows but it could not find anything wrong with the system I then went into the ACER factory settings utility on the same disc and both options gt Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults Restore your PC to factory default status All data on C drive will be deleted gt Restore Operating System and Retain User Data Restore only the operating system of your PC to the factory defaults Files from your user accounts will be transferred to C Backup This option will not remove persistent viruses or malware Are grayed out I assumed that this could only be because it wasn t detecting my hard drive I went into the setup menu in the BIOS and I see gt IDE Primary Master Not Detected gt IDE Primary Slave Not Detected gt SATA Not Detected gt SATA Not Detected However when I start up the computer it says it s automatically detecting my SATA drives I honestly have no idea what the difference between IDE and SATA mean or if my computer not detecting the IDE drives even means anything Maybe I never had IDE drives I am a total noob in the hardware department Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Goomba

A:Hard Drive failure or Boot failure?

Please post the complete computer model,details or specs. next time. Did you try loading default settings in your BIOS configuration?
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Hey guys and gals I was trying to backup some files yet another issue My external hard drive enclosure appears Hard failure. failure. Possible Drive Enclosure Possible HD to be malfunctioning Or it could be the SATA drive itself You see when I try to turn it on the computer can t read it Perhaps it was a power surge or something IDK Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations Tomorrow I ll try to take the computer apart and Possible Hard Drive Enclosure failure. Possible HD failure. test the drive itself I have a limited number of SATA interfaces on my motherboard and one of them is connected to the OS HD I hope it is o k there are some recent Possible Hard Drive Enclosure failure. Possible HD failure. backups I don t want to lose Would be a pain to ask for those last few documents at work and rescan them Guess I am going to need external backups It is a Manhattan USB EATA Enclosure large internal HD Model Number unknown I knew I should have invested in more storage Well my weekly backup was today even though I normally backup files right after nbsp

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I am having a serious problem with my pc.Windows disk is showing me these following errorsBoot sector of the hard drive disk is damagedBad sectors on hard drive or damaged file allocation tableRead time of hard drive clusters less the 500 msHard drive doesnt respond to system commands40% of hdd space is unreadableWhat does this mean and can I fix itI cannot access my documents folder or other programs Any Help would be greatI tried the defrag thing but it didnt workEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum, at the recommendation of forum staff. ~ Animal

A:Critical Error Hard Drive not found. Missing hard Drive

When you say "Windows disk". Can you give a little better description of just what\where the warning message is coming from?

You "tried the defrag thing but it did`t work".

Where did you go to access the defrag? What does "it did`t work" mean?

The reason I am asking these questions is not to give you a hard time. There is a virus going around that is very similar in it`s behavior.

I am just trying to find out exactly what it is we are dealing with.
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I have been getting a hard disk failure message on my Sony Vaio windows 7 laptop since past few days. So today I took a backup and decided to revert to factory settings.
While doing that my laptop suddenly shut down and when I tried to restart it, the error message comes

Ctrl+Alt+DEl to restart.

And when i try to restart the same msg comes.

I dont have any windows 7 installation cd as windows 7 came installed in this laptop.

Please help

A:Hard Disk Failure & Boot Manager Missing


I have been getting a hard disk failure message

A hard disk failure message means, well, that the Hard Disk Drive has failed. Trying to reinstall on a failed HDD will also end in failure. You need to contact your computer manufacturer and see if they have a recovery CD you can get, or get a Retail DVD of Windows 7 or 8 as well as get a new HDD to replace the failed one.
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I have three hard drives A B and is missing" drive disconnected is when secondary "NTLDR Solved: C A has the operating system and B and C are secondaries I only have enough IDE things to run either Solved: "NTLDR is missing" when secondary drive is disconnected B or C I ve been running A and B I need to access C so I disconnect B and plug in C they detect correctly in BIOS on boot I get the error NTLDR is missing press Ctrl Alt Del to restart Why is this the drive that I disconected doen t have the OS on it I ve tried changing the boot order to be sure I ve tried booting A by itself the only way to get the machine to boot is to connect drives A and B Any explaination solution I know I could re-install windows but I don t want to I ve also tried fix MBR and fixboot from the recovery console I need to be able to boot A and B together or A and C together depending on my needs Thanks in advance for your help -Nick nbsp

A:Solved: "NTLDR is missing" when secondary drive is disconnected

NTLDR is one of the main files neccessary to load ntfs file systems (win2000/xp)
have to assume that file is on one of your drives for some reason.
You may need to disconnect the drive you don't want and repair the installation.
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If someone could PLEASE PLEASE help me.. I have all these pop ups telling me that I have hard drive clusters, Proble with IDE/sata HARD DISKS..I have Windows Vista and I am affraid that I may have lost all my photos and all my documents... Can someone help me PLEASE!!!!
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For my wife's computer her hard drive has failed and will lose Windows 10 please advise best method to resolve and restore computer use with Win. 10 after drive is installed with her original Win.7 (now called illegal)
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Hi Everyone I'm hoping to get some help I had a power outage while my WD Elements TB Hard drive was on I wasn't accessing it but apparently that was enough I had a lot of important data on it but losing External "Bad failure. after Hard power disk" Drive failure hope after unsuccessful attempts to use PhotoRec to get items off it It doesn't show as accessible in MyComputer but is detected I've included what it shows under the quot Manage quot view of the drive I've also tried MiniTool Partition but it doesn't seem to be able to fix the partition I've also tried Partition Bad Disk and it just shows the whole TB drive as one bad block It won't let me fix it either Does anyone have any other bits of advice I'm at a loss as what to do It seems the data is not recoverable I can't figure out how to get it to show or even how to use it again Please see attachments I'm grateful for any ideas help please Thank you

A:External Hard Drive failure. "Bad disk" after power failure

Hello dime5150. Welcome to the forum

In PW, did you try "Rebuild MBR"?
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I have a system with Seagate hard drives two are ATA and System? 2nd or the Failure - Drive Is Drive Hard it the two are PATA A few months ago I had a problem with one of the PATA drives which was less than several months old It was returned and exchanged with a recertified drive Within two months it began 2nd Hard Drive Failure - Is it the Drive or the System? to fail in the same manner as the first I would hear a very faint beeping sound coming from the hard drive and the event viewer in Windows would reveal the following An error was detected on device during a paging operation After that error the device would disappear from the system Upon rebooting it would reappear I used the Seagate DOS utilities to examine the hard drive and it detected a bad sector I repaired the sector but the same problem occurred As a consequence I removed the drive the system appears to be functioning normally without it and I have asked for a replacement drive Could I be having a problem with my system Or have I just had two bad hard drives back-to-back With the first drive I returned I was able to retrieve my data by putting it into a USB enclosure It appeared to function okay in the USB enclosure even though it did not work when attached directly to the motherboard I have not tried this yet with the drive that just failed It s a bit puzzling and I wondering if there is a way to check my system Processor Model Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Speed GHz L On-board Cache kB ECC Synchronous ATC Mainboard Bus es ISA AGP PCI USB FireWire MP Support CPU s System BIOS American Megatrends Inc Mainboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc P C -E Chipset ASUSTeK Computer Inc Unknown Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total Memory MB Video System Monitor Panel NEC MultiSync Monitor Panel NEC MultiSync Adapter RADEON SERIES Adapter RADEON SERIES - Secondary CD-ROM DVD TSSTcorp CD DVDW SH-S D CD X Rd X Wr DVD X Rd X Wr Logical Storage Devices MB quot Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space PLEXTOR DVDR PX- A CD-ROM drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive ST A Hard drive GB -- drive s n LJ K EM rev SMART Status Healthy ST AS Hard drive GB -- drive s n NF RQE rev SMART Status Healthy ST A Hard drive GB -- drive s n PM EV G rev AAD SMART Status Serial Parallel Port s COM LPT USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Enhanced Host Controller - DD USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - DE USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Root Hub USB Controller Hub USB Composite Device FireWire Controller Hub VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse Microsoft PS Port Mouse IntelliPoint Human Interface HID-compliant device Human Interface USB Human Interface Device MultiMedia Device s Device SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Communication Device s Device Intel R EP V Modem Operating System s Windows System Microsoft Windows XP Home Version Service Pack Network Adapter s Network Drivers Enabled Yes Adapter Intel R PRO CT Network nbsp

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I have a year old macbook that slid off my bed and onto the floor Not a hard drop by any failure Hard drive means It has done this before and was fine Did Hard drive failure this over the weekend and got the flashing question mark After trying all of the suggested fixes I pulled out the HD to see if maybe I knocked it loose I have tried to hook it Hard drive failure up externally and nothing It clicks not loud but does click Of course I didn t have a backup I m not so worried about most of the hd but there were pictures on there from before my mom died Any suggestions as to a reputable place to send this for recovery I don t think I m in any hurry I know it s going to cost a ton I m just going to sit on it until I have the spare cash I m hoping I just broke some of the mechanisms inside the drive Thanks nbsp

A:Hard drive failure

I've heard people recommend this company.
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Hi All, I have seen a few posts on here for this however I also am getting a Hard Drive Error warning when I boot up. Hard Disk SMART Check : FAILEDFailure ID: Q4NDBW-67E85D-QFPK1F-60EB03PRODUCT id: B3K20PA#ABG My problem is that this laptop is 4 years old and predominantly stays at home in the office and is certainly never thrown around and abused however this is now the SECOND Hard Drive Failure in 4 years!! The first instance was repaired under warranty however this one wil not be according to HP Support. It is not even so much the cost as getting all the programs back in situ after the drive has been replaced! Is this the best I can expect from HP? a replacement hard drive once every 2 years, is that considered acceptable? it really isnt in my world. Craig
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Recently when starting my computer I get to the initial Windows screen as Windows XP Pro is loading then I get a real quick blue screen and then my computer restarts this goes on and on If I put this hard drive as a slave to another hard drive that also has Windows XP Pro windows says this hard drive Drive Hard Failure??? is not formatted and asks if I want to format it The hard drive label is also different then it used to be now says local disk or something to that effect If I boot using a dos boot disk I can see my data is still there though not in long file names My questions are as follows Is this likely a problem with Hard Drive Failure??? my MBR Can this be easily repaired If this is due to a hard drive that is failing is there a program that can be run from a floppy that will alow me to transfer my data off the hard drive preferably while keeping file name intact gig is a lot of info to transfer via dos commands Any suggestions would be appreciated I am guilty of the not practicing what I preach back things up regularly Thomasm nbsp

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Hello Folks This past August i purchased a Dell PC It has gig Hard Drive Last Hard Help Drive Failure/Please night while finishing up some work Hard Drive Failure/Please Help my PC froze Because i couldnt move i rebooted my Hard Drive Failure/Please Help machine After i rebooted my PC was stuck in the Windows XP boot screen The screen where that little blue bar scrolls just before the PC boots into windows It wouldnt boot into windows I decided to reboot again and again it just shows the windows xp scroll bar trying to connect I then called Dell i was asked to boot up and press F to do a diagnostic It came back showing quot Failure quot The Dell quot Guru quot epxplained to me that my hardrive had failed on me I asked what could cause something like this to happen they told me it was a quot factory defect quot and that someone from dell will be out to my house to replace my hardrive within days My question to you folks is this I have tons of MP files Data and files that i have in my PC that i cannot lose Im not really educuated on what to do when these things happen Granted dell wiill come out and replace my hardrive for me but what about all my files What can be done to save or may e transfer to the new harddrive I have tried to get into safemode to do a system restore but the system will quit on me and freeze Any help on this would be so much appreciated Thank you in advance folks -Michael Phoenix az nbsp

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Hello I have just been informed by my pc running win that my C drive is about to fail and I need to back up and change the hard drive I have never been able to get the backup to work from day one error x keeps win 7 hard drive failure popping up and it will not work anyway I do have a new gb sata HD available to replace the faulty one so does anybody know of a way I win 7 hard drive failure can fit the new drive into bay two and transfer the info from C to D so that I can remove the old C drive and use the new drive in its place sorry if this is not clear but i need to make a new C drive any help will be greatly received I just hope I can solve it before the bloody thing packs up It will take me god knows how long to reload everything so any help will be greatfully received many thanks peter

A:win 7 hard drive failure

Hi Peter,

The sooner the better.

Attach your new HD , make a couple of partitions - the first big one for 7 , the second to store the image you are about to make.
D/L Macrium free - install it - run off the Linux based boot disc - boot it to make sure it works ok.

Make an image of your current HD and store it on the second partition on the new HD.

Boot the macrium cd - restore the image from the 2nd partition to the first on the new HD.

I suggest Macrium as it is the quickest and installs fast without a reboot.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
[ I assume it is the 125gb drive containing your o/s that is causing the trouble?

If you don't have another drive bay/sata lead , take out the other HD ( I assume the 500gb one ) and put the 160gb drive in it's place - then do the above. ]

Good luck.
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Hi everyone.

I've got a pretty big problem with my HD. I just bought a new one and after adding it and then turning my computer on there was some sort of surge and for some reason the origional HD cannot be read anymore. It doesnt get detected by the BIOS or anything. I've no idea what the cylenders, sectors etc the HD details were so can't input those. Is there anyway to find that out? I've messed around with Slave and Master Drive configs but it wont work. I had a lot of important info stored on that drive. Please help with suggestions.


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So I think my hard drive may have finally failed me. My computer was freezing a lot, usually a couple minutes after start up. It's also freezing during chkdsk. I did the diagnostics thing from the boot menu and the hard drive test failed with error code 0146, which probably is some way of telling me my hard drive crapped out. What's odd is that when I go into the bios setup, it still detects my hard drive (it shows my primary hard drive as my 320gb hard drive) so I assume it somewhere detects my hard drive. So I guess here's my questions
1. Is my hard drive really dead? Or is it something else perhaps?
2. Seeing how I havnt made a backup of anything, is it possible to recover any data. I heard something about getting another hard drive and an external closure and doing something with that.

Thanks for the help

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I recently fdisk'd, formatted and installed an OS on a person's computer. The next week he returns it to me the error I recieve is: invalid system disk...

It's like somebody and fdisk'd and deleted the primary DOS partition.

Can this be hard drive failure?

I've already started over again. Could I have tried something else?

A:Hard Drive failure?

Howdy IdleGuy...

That is strange, unless it may have had some sort of virus...

You also may want to go the hard drive manufactures site and download the diagnostic program and run it on the drive...
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I recently (4 months ago) installed an additional 80 gig hard drive on my PC. Yesterday it seemd to fail on me. When I click on the drive my computer freezes and only a hard reboot will work.

I have tried using Norton Utilities and it also freezes part way through the diagnostic test on the drive - the strange thing is it performs all the initial tests, but freezes the computer about 10% into the directory by directory test.

Does anyone have any solutions on how to overcome this problem or it the hard drive finished? Its an all music hard drive thats about 60% backed up.


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The other day my laptop was working, but the next day i turned the laptop on to find the loading time was about 45 minutes. Then i picked it up to move it then the laptop slipped out of my hand and the screen went to colourful lines. So i turned it off and back on again and it said hard drive failure with one beep at the power on self test. Is there any chance it could be fixed or a full hard drive back up off you guys? I really need files off the hard drive. Thank you

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one of my hard drives failed, I am using runtimes getdataback to restore what I can, but I am wondering if anyone knows why it did this...
I figure it overheated, but I don't know.

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Aloha A couple of days ago I installed a new Maxtor GB rpm ultra ata hard drive My original Drive Failure Hard (HELP) hard drive was a GB rpm drive and I followed the install instructions My new drive is now my primary c drive which work ok and my d original drive just died I think I see the D drive using my explorer but when I click on it a message says d is not accessible I really don t think that the drive is dead because I was using Drive Image to try and copy c to it but an error message came up so I had to click ok to remove the message When I rebooted a message came up saying primary slave drive failure and it started doing scandisk Hard Drive Failure (HELP) After that was completed the computer booted up and the explorer shows a d but I cannot access it Next I wanted to update my Norton rescue discs but now it gives me this message Drive Overlay Detected Rescue disk has detected that your hard disk uses a Dynamic Drive Overlay DDO Rescue disks cannot repair hard disks that require DDO If you are sure that your system does not use a DDO click yes to make a rescue disk Otherwise click no to close Hard Drive Failure (HELP) rescue disk What is a drive overlay and how did it get there and what can I do to check if it is really there If it is there how can Hard Drive Failure (HELP) I make rescue disks All suggestions and replies will be appreciated TIA Mahalo doogdoog Win SE Tyan S Trinity MOBO ram nbsp

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I have a Compaq PC that is giving me an HAL.dll missing or corrupt error. I would like to reformat the hard drive but I have emails that I would like to copy to another hard drive before I erase everything. I hook the hard drive to a IDE 2 USB and connect it to another XP machine. I can see the contents of the HD and I can browse the hd but when I go to copy the folder I get an error which says Access is denied. Can someone please help me???
Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi, everybody

I got two porblems

1st - I have a 500gb GB Sata Hard Drive this was inside a Lacie External Drive I purchased, I took it on a buiness trip with me and my once I got back home I plugged it in and it just made a clicking noise. I serched around the internet and tried the freezing trick no luck.

2nd- I have a 80gb IDE drive it had alot of information on it and it went corrupt, I formatted it and tried to use it but I still encountered problems it would not work, I transferred data over to it and tried loading them it would either dissappear of the drive or would not open and become corrupt.


A:2x Hard Drive failure

try a disk check to verify they format correctly
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I have a 80GB hard drive as slave and a 40GB as Master. Recently i just booted the computer as usual and i discover the 4 partitions on the 80GB have become corrupt
the drive names has changes to funny symbols and names,
Even the folders names have become funny symbols and characters and are not assesible. i have so many files and folder on that drive. Someone told me it is a virus attack. Any help on what i can do to recover the files in the partitions + even if i try to format it refuses to format the drives.
its also slowing down my computer, tho currently i have disconnected it.

A:Hard Drive Failure

I believe your best approach would be to download your Hard Drive diagnostic tool, to test for any errors.
Please click here-->

Here is Delpart
I've used it many times for stubborn partitions removal

Here's some info on it:

Or use Gparted Boot CD (ISO) here-->
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Hello! I am new here and am using another computer from our homestead to post because....
My 3 year old Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista seams to be having a hard drive issue. I was told to reinstall Windows Vista. It is currently almost 5 hours later, and I have no idea if it's even continuing the process because the screen has been black (with a functioning cursor when I move it) for more than 3 hours. It is also hooked up to the internet for current Windows updates.

I have PC tuneup software that was installed. I also have tried to do the hard drive test through Dell's support, but it fails.

Is this time frame normal? I wish I could tell you the technical specifics about the computer. I do know it is 3 GB memory, 2.0 GHz dual core Pentium processor. If my computer does resurrect itself, I will definitely add more specs.

Thanks for reading!

A:Hard Drive Failure?

Lets begin the testing.
Sounds like it is hard drive or other hardware.
Lets see what happens if you try in safe mode.
Boot the computer as it begins to boot, or should be, rapidly hit f8 many times. What happens?
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I have recieved a Hard Drive Failure error. 90E23L-7NV88W-GXPSLJ-60CE03 Product F3E94AA #ABA1720 Smart Hard Drive detects imminent FailureFaling Drive SATAO  Failing Attribute #B8I have only had this for 14 months and would hope this is not a true error.
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Hi all

slight problem with my pc, its randomly failing, once the computer is booted after about 30 seconds onto the desktop, the computer will randomly fail to detect the hard drive and you can hear whinges from the pc as if its failing, the hard drive indicator will no longer show hdd activity and the computer will freeze completly and restart. it will then reboot and show up "detecting ide drives" for about 10 seconds, then find it, and then the computer whining will start and restart.

I found leaving the computer off for a while will then get to the desktop before it does the same thing

my guess is either hard drive failure or faulty cables or motherboard?

i really dont know anyone care to shed some light.

A:Hard drive failure?

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables, especially the power connector, but its likely the drive itself. I'd be 100% sure you have any data backed up or the while drive backed up or cloned. Then I'd be looking at replacing the drive.
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Hard drive short check failure ID: M4VATW-6NX88D-MFGJXG-60QN03    product ID: E0K02UA#ABAFailure happened after attempting to perform a restore to factory setting following infection with Watch Dog. Operating system had been updated to windows 10 (free 64-bit) from windows 8.1 Original OS was windows 8. Everything was working fine until WatchDog. Can not reinstall windows, restarts over and over.Am I salvagable? Any help would be greating appreciated.
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Well this is more of less like a warranty question I was wondering my hard drive. Has failed and I bed to recover some data from the hard drive with external hard drive 2.5 sata connector if I did th would it void my warranty?
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My slave hard drive Maxtor Diamond Max 60gb is not shown in the CMOS, when I reboot system I am getting a series of continues beeps. My first hard drive which is maxtor 82gb works fine and is the master drive, help would be appreciated as I have alot of files on my slave drive.

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I left the computer on standby last night to wake up to an over heated computer in the hard drive mousepad area I lifted the lid and hard rebooted it since I thought it was the usual Graphic card failure blah blah and it took me straight to the windows recovery Instead of right to failure? Hard drive the windows loading screen The computer has been acting normal no clicking screeching and what not from the drive I haven t installed the latest updates since usually Hard drive failure? they usually cause problems on the computer anyway So Now It says I have a bad Hard drive failure? drive Well heres the other news I have a live UBUNTU cd to run on it to see if something could possibly be wrong with the drive It finds theres no OS boot on the disk But my desktop installed it just fine Live disk is Also I am trying to boot to another hard drive external and it doesnt recognize it Is this a Bios problem Or did the hard drive really die Also How could it die without possibly giving off symptoms of dying Also I don t have an enclosure for this drive so I cannot get the bluescreen off that appeared last night Since USUALLY thats why theres a black screen Edit Is the hard drive dead Is the bios messed up Why won t it let me use Live CD Good news everyone I get the following error code - when I run the diagonistic test in the computer However I am trying a system restore Edit anyone have any suggestions Its not giving up It keeps trying to repair but It keeps giving kicking itself out and not repairing D OH CI dll Audiodg exe And Bug error A some other partition let me in thank fully and I got a good look at the debug CI must have corrupted so hard it wont reboot anymore System Restore There is a nasty virus that corrupts the boot sector of a hard drive and will give this error among others Still do some reading over at Dell as this seems to have happened to others Read this on a forum Um Avast Malwarebytes Zone Alarm how can this possibly happen I have things keeping this computer defended How can something slip through if this computer is updated except for the last update and SP Is there really a win sp Or is it a fake Start Up repair is taking a while Why is it acting so slow Finished and said it couldnt repair Ubuntu is unable to run it gets to the Heron and stops working the hard drive makes some ODD noises around this nbsp

A:Hard drive failure?

Go to Seagate's website and burn their SeaTools hard drive diagnostic utility to a CD. Place CD in drive, reboot, test will take over; run short and especially long DST.
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First off thank you for taking the time to check out my problem TSGF has a solid reputation so I hope someone will be able to help me I apologize if a question like this has been answered already I never found an answer pertinent to my situation after searching the forums System Info Dell XPS Laptop m Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium -bit Intel C D help FAILURE Can DRIVE HARD me? anybody T Can anybody help me? HARD DRIVE FAILURE GHZ GB SDRAM inch LCD amp MP Camera x NVIDIA GeForce M GT MB GDDR GB RPM SATA Hard Drive External Hard Drive Western Digital TB My Book Can anybody help me? HARD DRIVE FAILURE Essential Edition model number WDH U N GB of GB used mostly as pictures lots of music games and laptop backups Problem A few nights ago I left my laptop on to finish downloading some torrents with BitComet with the files saving to my I drive the external disk This morning before I had woken up my dad came to the desk I was using in the family room to plug in his laptop and to make space on our overcrowded outlet he unplugged my laptop My laptop has Can anybody help me? HARD DRIVE FAILURE poor battery life and on High Performance it lasted even less time When I booted up this morning after plugging it back in initially Vista didn t want to load Eventually it did after I left it charging for a bit and on startup a message popped up telling me about a BlueScreen error that had occured I can t remember what it asked but I clicked Check Later Anyways at first my external hard drive wasn t being recognized at all and was having trouble staying turned on after some time and a reboot I switched its power supply to another outlet and finally the EHDD stayed on blue light stayed lit However on any Vista or XP computer dad s laptop and desktop whenever I try accessing the drive now which is now called Local Disk not Ryan s Book anymore it tells me in Vista that Drive I must be formatted before it can be used do you want to format now and for a while it said Cannot Access Parameter Incorrect in XP Drive E is not formatted do you wish to format now I have about gb of irreplaceable files on this drive and gb of so-frikin-tedious time-consuming-and irritating-id rather not have to replace files on it including my Music collection countless programs and games total value around at least It you catch my drift formatting this drive and losing all that information would be my FINAL option As some added information I ran chkdisk I in CMD Prompt got this Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Ryan gt chkdsk I r The type of the file system is NTFS Volume label is Ryan s Book Fixing critical master file table MFT files with MFT mirror CHKDSK is verifying files stage of Deleting corrupt file record segment records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed File record segment is unreadable le records processed Deleted corrupt attribute list entry file records processed with type code in file Deleted corrupt attribute list entry with type code in file Deleting corrupt attribute record quot quot from file record segment Deleting corrupt attribute record quot quot from file record segment Deleting corrupt attribute record quot quot from file record segment Deleting corrupt attribute record quot quot from file record segment Deleting corrupt attribute record quot quot from file record segment Deleting corrupt attribute record quot quot from fil... Read more

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My laptop became stuck at 100% on a windows update, so I had to turn it off and on again. It got stuck a second time and I repeated the process but now I've got hard drive failure.I've been able to get into my laptop and back up files but not sure how to fix the issue. Can anyone help resolve this for me?Failure Id: GXG41K-6AD865-MFPX1F-60FR03

A:Hard Drive Failure

IvyGames wrote:..  I've been able to get into my laptop and back up files but not sure how to fix the issue.Hi, That is a good news. Sadly to say: Most of the time the 24 char failure id indicates the HDD is failing and need to be replaced. Is it still under warranry ? If Yes, please call HP for a replacement.In the US: HP technical support: 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region please click the link below to get the support number for your region.    Regards.
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My laptop became stuck at 100% on a windows update, so I had to turn it off and on again. It got stuck a second time and I repeated the process but now I've got hard drive failure.I've been able to get into my laptop and back up files but not sure how to fix the issue. Can anyone help resolve this for me?Failure Id: GXG41K-6AD865-MFPX1F-60FR03

A:Hard Drive Failure

Hi, Double post. Please use: Thanks.
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Hi there,

I am trying to repair a friends laptop. It does not boot at all, however the hard drive does try to start with. It sort of does one rotation as if its about to do something then stops. I get no screen activity whatsoever, however it has flashed something for about a milisecond, once or twice.

I have removed the hard drive & plugged it into my other PC with a USB adapter. I have scanned and removed a few viruses using symantec. I can access all system & user folders like this, and everything seems in order. I tried putting it back into the laptop after that, but it still does nothing apart from the first spin. The CD-Rom drive opens and the Wireless light is on, but the Hard Drive Activity light never comes on.

Please could someone advise what they think it could be.... never some accross this before!!

Thanks alot

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So a while back I bought a new hard drive and installed Drive is gone? MBR Hard failure...Now a new copy of Windows XP on it Basically I've been dual-booting two copies of Windows XP although I really only use the copy on the new drive Today my old Hard Drive failure...Now MBR is gone? hard drive began spinning without stopping and my whole computer started lagging Unfortunately my old drive has finally failed I've had it for a good years heh But like I said before it doesn't really matter because the copy of XP I use is on the new Hard Drive failure...Now MBR is gone? drive Unfortunately I didn't realize that it DOES matter because the MBR is on the old drive that died To make matters even more confusing I've been running my quot new quot copy of XP that is on my new drive as a slave drive Now when I try booting into Windows I get a lovely quot reboot and select proper boot device quot message I've tried everything I've removed my dead drive and Hard Drive failure...Now MBR is gone? made my new drive to the master drive slot but I still get the same message I've tried running FIXMBR and FIXBOOT from the WinXP Recovery Console and that hasn't helped either Also the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS so it's not a faulty cable or anything like that I don't think Does anyone have any ideas It's really late and I'm desperate and tired P

A:Hard Drive failure...Now MBR is gone?

put the drive back into the slave position and run
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Ok so heres whats going on.... When I go to play a game on my computer it will only go so far then my screen goes black and then the monitor goes into standby (flashing yellow light)... So yah what do you guys think it is..

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My friends laptop - a Dell 8600 - decided to stop working the other day. She went to turn it on and it displays a boot device failure saying that no hard drive is detected.

Before this happened, there were no problems with the HD - no bad noises, no blue screens, nothing!

I tried using Spinrite and APR and neither saw the hard drive. It basically doesn't exist to the computer anymore. I took it out and attached it to another computer via a IDE to USB cable. Windows doesn't detect the HD no matter what.

I also tried running chkdsk in BartPE and it returned this message:

cannot open volume for direct access

What the hell happened?

A:Hard drive failure?

Its pretty safe to say that the drive went up. Whenver you suddenlyget messages about the hard drive not being found, boot device failure, etc., its agood sign that the HD kicked the bucket. To make sure I'd suggest running a diagnostic on it to see if it reveals anything. But I'm fairly certain that the HD is gone.
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Hi everyone, my external hard drive fails to power up and I don't know how come. I'm fussy when it comes to powering down and removing hardware from systray and I can't work out why this Buffalo 1TB failed on me.
Thanks in anticipation for any help

A:Hard drive failure

If it's not powering up, then the power pack the enclosure is faulty.
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Tuesday morning computer is displaying a "Hard Drive Not Found Error. Install Hard Drive and Operating System. Purchased system in January 2016. Still Under warranty.  HP Pavilion 550-153wb Desktop. Windows 10 32-bit. 1 terrabyte HD. Any ideas? I am sure I am looking at a new hard drive.

A:Hard Drive Failure

Can you still see the DVD/CD drive under the BIOS in boot device priority? If you can, then it is not the motherboard but much rather the drive. Did it all of a sudden just flat out die after working fine before? If that is the case, the control board on the HDD must have died. If you could tell us the model of the hard drive, I can find a replacement board, then you can either install it yourself (a couple screws and a ribbon cable) or take it to a PC store to be fixed and do not fall for anything else they tell you it needs.

I don't run HP, I just like helping others!FX6300 / Biostar TA970 / 8GB ADATA DDR3 / MSI HD 7950 / Corsair RM850 / Sandisk U110 250GB SSD and 2x WD Velociraptors 300GB / Antec 1100 V2 / NZXT Respire T40
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i have a platnum series usb 2.0 hdd enclosure and when i stuck my 120 gig hdd in there i loaded it up and when i goto explore it i get this errer "I:\ is not accessible error performing inpage operation " does anyone know what this is or anyway to fix it


A:Hard Drive Failure

Please Google: error performing inpage operation

You'll find a bunch of articles describing various possibilites that could cause this error. Some don't sound related to the environment that you have described???

BUT you may find something that does fit.
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DELL INSPIRON E1405 with Operating system Windows XP

My problem begins after I press the power button, a blue screen pops up before I can login. I ran a preboot diagnostics (PSA+ Pre Boot Test) and there was a hard drive read failure, error code 0F00: 0244 with blocks 6419553, "555" "556" "561" read uncorrectable data error/media write. Furthermore during a verification test I received error code 0F00:1A44 Block 6419553 "555" "557" "561".

A:Hard Drive Failure

Get a new hard drive. You may still be able to image it unless the damage is too extensive.
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i have a problem with my Intel Prescott 2.8 GHz 1 gig of memory I have a segate forty gig HDD as master and Maxtor 200gig as slave both have been working well for six months until this morning.Now windows XP Pro will not recognize the slave drive,the messages I get are (do you want to format drive now/yes-no)when checking properties of drive it states correct size but raw file system.There is over 120 gigs of data that I cant acsess can anyone help

A:Hard drive failure

you might want to open up machine and take drive out of the case and try to run outside of same.See if you can get your data, it may be a warping problem from overheating drive.physically touch the one side of it ,do you feel it running
if not sometimes a light tap on side may get her going.
some of the newer drives circuit boards use spring type contacts and they can make a bad connection from vibrations.
I have recovered many bad!!! drives this way and they are still working today Maxtors in general are noted for being on the low end of hardware not the lowest ,but close
my 2 two top picks are seagate is no. 1 and western digital no.2
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I'm not particularly good with technology however Possible Failure? drive Hard a lot of my friends have told me that before long my hard drive will fail nbsp My pc has been running slow and I can no longer run most applications including things like Microsoft Word without continous moments of not responding Games that once ran smoothly now pause constantly and sometimes crash my laoptop alltogether Sometimes it can take up to five minutes for them to start up in the first Possible Hard drive Failure? place and loading webpages are super slow even though the wifi is working fine nbsp Windows also freezes quite often Last night I was drawing on Paint Tool Sai and suddenly the entire laptop froze and said my PC ran into a problem about an hour later It never started gathering information so I had to shut it down nbsp Sometimes when I try to start up my laptop it sometimes says that there's something wrong with the hard drive Nowadays it's very rare for me to be able to start up my laptop without running into that error If i'm lucky it'll start up if I try again to restart nbsp The final issue I've noticed is with the space on my c drive It's diffucult to explain so I'll post a picture below nbsp Is my hard drive really failing or is this something I can fix

A:Possible Hard drive Failure?

Phantomsylveon llo;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about possible hard drive problems and wanted to help.If your drive is failing, there is nothing you can do to fix it and the sooner you copy stuff off, the better chance you will have of being able to save information before it dies. Please follow the directions in this link for testing your hard drive: that confirms your drive has failed, then you need to replace it.  Please report back if that is the case.Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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I restarted my system after changing the password but it never came back on. All I see is the drive light flashing a red light and the screen flashes. Please help.

A:possible hard drive failure

themark326 wrote:I restarted my system after changing the password but it never came back on. All I see is the drive light flashing a red light and the screen flashes. Please help.Sometimes electrical components needs to have all power sources removed and reintroduced to work properly.  Try performing a hard reset first, if it doesn't work then we'll move to the next step.  To Perform A Hard Reset Shut down the computer by going to the Start menu and selecting shut down. (If you have no display, hold the power button down for  5 seconds); (if the computer doesn't power on, move to the next step)Disconnect the AC Adapter from the notebook.Remove the battery from the bottom of the notebook.  There will be a switch/button to eject the battery.Wait at least 1 minute with all power sources disconnected.Re-insert the battery and reconnect the AC Adapter and then attempt to power on the notebook.  In order to help you further, could you please provide us with more information about your computer? What exactly is it doing? Are there any error messages appearing? Have you made any changes to the system?Please post the specific model number or the P/N (Product Number) for your computer. Instructions for finding your HP P/N are here. This will help us locate resources, drivers, and identify correct parts for your specific model.
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I have a PC and the Hard Drive has "failed." It was running Windows XP and in the middle of working on it, it just flickered and went to a black screen with an error message.

Since, I have gotten a new hard drive and got the computer up and running again. We do, unfortunately have a lot of information we need to get off the older drive. The BIOS recognizes the drive if i connect it as a slave. I also have an external connecting cable that I can connect to the hard drive and then to my laptop via USB and it recognized new hard ware and it shows in the device manager, but it does not show in My Computer as a drive.

Are these good signs? How can I recover the data on this drive?

A:Hard Drive Failure :(

These are not good sings.
How much do you want to spend to get the data off? This can get expensive but can be done.
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I have a compaq armade 4120. It has windows 95 in it. It also has a program for my work called superv however this program does not effect my problem. when i go to have windows 95 come up i get an error that says intellisafe has found an imminent failure. Because of this windows does not load. that is as far as the computer goes. I have not had it online although it has the ability to do so.
Is my whole computer gone. Or is there any way of saving it.


thank you

A:hard drive failure

You can remove the hard drive and install in another computer as a slave and then see if you can copy any important files.
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My Notebook fails to load, during System testing I am recieving a Failure ID: GLQ7MX-71W846-MFPV61-60QP03. Product ID: g2V63UA#ABA What are my options. Any suggestions will help.
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I have a peculiar issue that happened with my laptop while in the process of backing up it suddenly froze and i was forced to restart it After Hard otherwise or Failure? Drive restarting it i was greeted with a black screen and a message quot Missing Operating System Hard Drive Failure? or otherwise quot A couple restarts later and now it's stuck as quot Reboot and Select Proper device or insert boot media in selected boot device quot I attempted to fix my Hard Drive Failure? or otherwise computer using a system image iso on a USB External hard drive but System repair cannot fix it none of my existing system images work Strangely when i attempted to use the command prompt function i could not find my OS drive and when looking up the drive letter C i was getting my storage drive which is normally D and the D Drive game a message quot This device is not ready quot The Bootrec exe ScanOs detects no windows version installed It seems the bios still recognizes the OS drive though Intel ssd I'm not sure if this is just some very peculiar windows issue created by terrible timing or my SSD has died for a second time but this time without any warning Took the drive out tested it on another computer the entire drive is Unallocated Attempted to enable it as its not initialized but i get a Data Error Cyclic Redundancy

A:Hard Drive Failure? or otherwise

Welcome to the forums Len19,Startup Repair
From my knowledge, the BIOS has checked all the devices for a bootable sector, but could not find one, this may due a corrupted boot sector or damaged boot files.

You could try using the diagnostics for your SSD.Intel? Solid-State Drive Toolbox
Here's some general troubleshooting steps:Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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I got an Avira popup warning of malware. i said remove. Then I got windows xp recovery popup of critical hard drive issues. I said fix, it showed defraging. Then it said 5 critical errors could not be fixed. Advanced module needed purchase? The error is (installed IDE/SATA hard disks. restart system, which I did but am getting same windows xp recovery window. Also when i went to programs it said empty. Also keeps making that error sound

A:Hard drive failure

I got an Avira popup warning of malware. i said remove. Then I got windows xp recovery popup of critical hard drive issues. I said fix, it showed defraging. Then it said 5 critical errors could not be fixed. Advanced module needed purchase? The error is (installed IDE/SATA hard disks. restart system, which I did but am getting same windows xp recovery window. Also when i went to programs it said empty. Also keeps making that error soundYour HDD is not failing your system is showing the classic signs of the XP Recovery Virus, Hopefully some one will be along to move your post to the relevent malware section.Iain.
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I need some help in getting an issue resolved regarding a problem I am having with my hard drive I have a Compaq Presario Desktop computer Model US purchased from Circuit City ticket in Topeka Kansas the store has since closed I purchased the extended warranty which covers all hardware until The hard drive is Drive Failure Hard a Maxtor GB model H serial V JDJ C June I received the following error when I booted up Error Hard drive detects imminent failure I contacted City Advantage Computer Support the support service for Circuit City at - - - I dealt with two service agents Jason and Andy My case number is They first had me do a complete scan of the hard drive which I did and no errors were reported Then with Hard Drive Failure the help of Andy I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled the operations system Windows ME using the Restore to Factory Condition CD that came with the computer The error still persisted and I was informed that there was nothing more they could do until the drive actually failed I appeared Hard Drive Failure to be having more system lockups than normal and twice I booted up and got the message operating system not found I used the Windows Start up Disk and was able to then restart the computer and everything was normal On I called City Advantage again and talked with David and Sam They had me do another complete scan which again showed no problems with the hard drive Again I was told that the drive had to fail before they would replace it This was case On I contacted Compaq email support as I continued to get the error when I booted up They informed me that the best was to check the integrity of the hard drive is to run the IDE DPS Self Test They told me that this test works by determining whether the hard disk is the source of the fault I ran this test by entering the BIOS and the test failed stating that the hard drive was defective and needed to be replaced The email support from Compaq was labeled KMM V LOKM I continued to experience lockups failure to shutdown and operating system not found problems All this time the error continues to appear In March I reformatted my hard drive again and restored to factory condition and reinstalled all my software and hardware peripherals The error remained and April my system froze while I was opening Outlook Express I could not force it to shut down so I had to manually turn off the power When I booted up it went directly to scan disk but was unable to do the scan due to the many restarts I also noticed that a calendar software program I have been using for years was missing all my data I exited to DOS and ran a complete scan there and it reported no drive errors or bad sectors I called City Advantage on April th but got the same response I called back on the th and talked with the Customer Relations Supervisor Bobbie and she informed me that the error I was getting was built into the hard drive by the manufacturer as a warning that the hard drive could fail because of the number of hours logged I had never heard this before but do not have enough knowledge to know if it is true or not Earlier in the year I had talked with a service person at Best Buy about another problem and I asked him about the error I was getting and he said that when they get a problem like that they just replace the hard drive no questions asked I need help getting this resolved It is possible that there is nothing wrong with my hard drive but it seems also possible that I may suddenly loose everything I keep things fully backed up using Norton Ghost Image but if I need a new hard drive I would like to know even if I have to buy it myself nbsp

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This is a strange one - A customer's Seagate Hard drive Failed.
The first indication was smoke from the power supply on startup.
When I replaced the power supply and turned the unit on the Hard Drive pulled the power supply down so much the lights on the tower dimmed. The HD appears to be drawing LOTS of current but doesn't spin up. I've replaced it and the computer's OK. The HD is still under warrenty. - Here's the question - What would cause this in a one year old drive? Have you ever heard of this happening before? It's a first for me.

A:Hard Drive Failure

Just a guess but, with a power surge if the motor is fried and locked solid it would draw large amounts of current.
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one of my computers died on me; it's a primary 200 gig divided into 2 partitions; i tried to repair with ERD but doesnt seem to work; if i chkdsk it on another working computer, where should i hook it up to or does it matter? it has an ultra ata pci card on it

also, what other tests can i do before i know that it's completely dead?

thanks very much

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I got a drive off e-bay, its a udma 4.3 gig. My old drive is 33 dont know what this 4.3 is. I put it in the puter checked bois and it showed up, put in win.98se boot disk, fiskdisk and formatted everything went ok until i got to the windows part where it ask for your numbers. i had to do it 4 times beforeit took. After that it started to install drivers and just set there and didnt do anything. I rebooted and it started scandisk got to 99 percent and just set there wouldnt go no further. any comment on this anyone.

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I've received a couple of BSOD's in the past, but never paid attention to them. (Just remembered the BSOD's were for faulty software when I got my new webcam recently. Fixed that issue.) Just recently my hard drive has made a few clicking noises, but I checked if it was plugged in correctly. After I took the SATA and power cable out and put them back in, it hasn't been doing that. It also didn't want to boot and I had to use the start up repair. It took forever to complete, but that could be due to actually having a few problems. Just recently I got HD Tune though to make sure everything was fine. I have a few errors in there and I'm not exactly sure if I should be worried or not. I'm about to buy new computer parts and I'm not sure if I should be worried to get a new hard drive or not.

A:Hard drive failure soon?

Hi and Welcome to SevenForums,

Clicking noises from HDD's are usually indicative of a problem. The HDTune utility suggests as much, but I can't tell how serious it is. In this case, the best option is to suspect an imminent failure, and act accordingly.

The first thing to do, is to make sure you have an external backup of any critical files, if you haven't already done so. Next, lets run a few tests to see how critical the issue might be.

1. Click the Start Orb, and in the search box type cmd
2. Right-click on cmd.exe, and choose Run as administrator
3. In the cmd window that opens, type chkdsk and hit enter

Once it completes, copy and paste the contents of the window here. Depending on what chkdsk shows, we might have to run it again using a different switch to mark any damaged clusters as un-useable, but lets first see what a normal chkdsk reports.

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My laptop (Sony Vaio) froze up a couple of days ago. I went to reboot and it displayed a blue screen with text for less than a second then restarted again. It continued cycling through until I powered off.
I reinstalled Windows XP; however that will not boot either. It says a different file is either missing or corrupt every time I repair xp and boot. One time it did boot but all I got was the desktop background and the mouse pointer.

I tried to use CHKDSK, but it will not go past 0%.

Is this hard drive failure, some other problem, or what???

A:hard drive failure????

Yeah your hard drive has definitley failed. Whenever you get messages about corrupt files, you know your HD is failing. And the fact that CHKDSK can't scan it would seem to support that.
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Hello to All You may remember a problem Failure? Drive Possible Hard I had assisting my cousin get his laptop running He actually went Possible Hard Drive Failure? and got a WD backup drive He has been running good Has a tendency to overdue the AV scans Malware Scans and CCleaner Scans Anyway he booted yesterday and a timed to start on quot Boot Normally quot with safe mode and safe mode with network etc screen came up He advised he got logged on and ran everything for anything with no luck Every time he reboots - times it came up as described I had him do a chkdsk When it finished it booted normally and has several times since Since this is the condition the computer was in prior to me helping him a month ago I thought as a minor leaguer that I'd inquire with the forum members Is it possible his toshiba laptop which originally ran Vista he got it dumped for W Home Premium has the GB Hard drive beginning to croak Or am I missing something Thanks for any assistance glennc

A:Possible Hard Drive Failure?

Has a tendency to overdue the AV scans, Malware Scans and CCleaner Scans.

A good place to start. Update and run the active AV.
When done download, update and run full scan with Malwarebytes.
Might as well leave Mbam on his lappy as it would appear they will need it often.
It is an on demand scanner so won't interfere with the active AV.

Run Windows Disk Cleanup as Administrator first and get rid of all the internet Temp files etc.
That helps a lot. There is always unwanted junk in there if it builds up over weeks.
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While surfing the net, a windows error message popped up saying I had an hard drive failure, and I needed to re-boot, which I did. The pc started up ok, but half of the icons were missing, then the desktop went black. Windows allowed me to get into control panel, and system restore. I restored the system to a previous date, and everything seems ok, exept a few icons on my desktop. They are greyed out. Although greyed out, I can still access them. There's only a few. They are documents, mp3's and folders. What could have happened? One of the folders contains photos, which are also greyed out, but I can access them.
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I am trying to determine if I really have a hard drive failure I m running XP pro While running EXCEL this morning my computer froze Could do nothing but turn the power off and re-boot Upon Hard Drive Failure?? re-booting prior to getting to the Windows screen I got a message about can t find the hardware Re-booted again this time it said there was a problem with the hard drive and it ran a check disc Hard Drive Failure?? Took about hours While it was running it said there were about to problems - had to do with the IE temporary files It finished and booted to windows XP I thought all was ok Finished by Excel work Printed it out ok Came back later to a black screen with the same initial message about can t finding the hardware I called Gateway - Tech adviser had me run a program from the Recovery disc that checks the hard drive Program said hard drive failed Tech rep said I need to get a new Hard drive Is this correct or are there other possibilities Gateway cs tel MHz Pentium FAT GB Hard drive Right now its checking file system complete One message quot The size of the PAGEFILE sys is not valid quot Any help would be much appreciated john nbsp

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I hope y'all don't mind if I piggy back onto this discussion because my computer has just generated the same error message I followed Never Say Die's advice and d l'd the HDDScan utility Here are my attributes And the results from the short test which at least were encouraging I think I note that my drive appears to be having quot Spin Retry Count quot issues and I wonder if the problem might be related to the drive's operating temperature The computer's case has a thermometer and it's showing a relatively cool degrees F So can you offer any comments This popup is annoying Even after I click on it to get rid of it it pops up again a few minutes later so I guess it isn't going away by itself I don't suppose a little drop of machine oil on the drive's spindle would do any good would it Come failure Hard drive to think of it I don't even know if the spindle's end is exposed I got a question -- will the windows warning popup indicate Hard drive failure more than one partition if they're all part of the same drive In this drive's case the warning mentions Hard drive failure the quot C quot partition but the drive has three partitions I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot Also regarding the OP's worries about backing up his drive I did this recently with my laptop I bought a larger hard drive for it and used a Hard drive failure Linux iso for this The iso included several utilities including a cloning utility It also came with Parted Magic which I ended up having to use as part of the cloning process The cloning utility did exactly what it said -- it duplicated the old drive onto the new right down to the old drive's size The rest of the space was unallocated So I used Parted Magic to reclaim this space Worked like a charm but it just took a while The cloning utility took about six hours from start to finish Sorry I don't know the name of this Linux utilities collection I just wrote quot Parted Magic and other utilities quot onto my disk's sleeve It's bootable though so you just have to make sure your DVD CD drive is set to bootable and you're all set

A:Hard drive failure


Since you know how to use PartedMagic that can help us here.

Boot into PartedMagic.
After PartedMagic loads, double-click the Disk Health icon on the desktop and then double-click the icon for your hard drive.
Next click the ERROR LOG tab and let me know if there are any entries and if there are let me know what the rows say.

A picture is fine or if you are connected to a network you can use Firefox from the PartedMagic desktop to log in here and and copy and paste the error log results into your reply.

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i am attempting to help a friend who's hard drive has failed and he had not backed it up!!!!!
i have installed win2k on a new hard drive for him and connected the old hard drive as a slave. using Nero i have attempted to copy the necessary data from the old hard drive but get a message about not finding the path when i try any open up various files on the drive.....
it appears to me the hard drive is dead and all data is lost.
are there any utilities i can use to try and recover the most important documents? someone has suggest to me norton utility but this seems a waste of money.

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OK so I know enough technically to be dangerous but hardware has Hard Drive Possible - next? Failure What never been my strong suit We had a few power outages here today and now one of my computers is hosed Basically it goes through the BIOS and then stops dead in Possible Hard Drive Failure - What next? its tracks The BIOS has an IDE diagnostic tool and when I run it against the primary hard drive it tells me quot Failed - Return Code quot Which I take to mean that my drive is hosed Fair enough I have another PC so I do have the possibility of swapping this drive into another PC to look at it further I keep backups on an external hard drive using a product called Argentum Backup and I was also using a program called Acronis TrueImage to take images of the whole drive although I m not sure when the last time that ran was So what would you recommend I do next On a semi-related note what precisely is the point of surge protectors Possible Hard Drive Failure - What next? if they don t protect your equipment from um POWER SURGES Thanks very much Steve nbsp