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Excel 2002 graphs - need to set X-axis intervals at exact sizes

Q: Excel 2002 graphs - need to set X-axis intervals at exact sizes

Hi guys I was wondering if you could help I am transfering Excel graphs to a Word doc for a report I m putting together The graphs hold various values over a three month period What I need to graphs X-axis 2002 exact set sizes - intervals at need to Excel do is have it so that the graphs go down the page one on top of the other and I need it so that the months which are on the x-axis line up perfectly with each other so that a vertical line could be drawn down the page and each month on each graph would line up perfectly with it The problem I have is that there doesn t seem to be an option in Excel to change the actual size of the month period cells on the graphs I ve tryed sizing the graphs as pictures when they re on Word but I can t get the month cells to line up perfectly with the ones on the other graphs Excel 2002 graphs - need to set X-axis intervals at exact sizes Trying to do this also only causes the text on the graphs to become distorted and look rubbish Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks very much indeed Dan nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Excel 2002 graphs - need to set X-axis intervals at exact sizes

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I use Excel 2000 / 97 and am having a problem with a graph.

I want to track my weight by date (same date each week), so have the following info in excel columns(for example):

'Date' 'St' 'lbs' 'Total lbs'
01/04/03 14 6 202
08/04/03 14 4 200
15/04/03 14 1 197
22/04/03 13 12 194


I can create a graph from this with Date on x-axis, and Total lbs on Y axis.

However, what I would like to do is have St and Lbs (1 stone = 14 lbs) on the Y axis, in steps of 2lbs if possible.

Can this be done?

NB: the closest way to doing this so far that i have found is to use minor gridlines of 1/14 but there must be an easier way surely!!!!

Any help would be appreciated!


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How would I create a graph in Excel that allowed me to have two sets of Y Values? For example, one set of numbers running up the left side of the graph and a different set of numbers running up the right side of the graph. Is this possible?



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How do I produce a sensitivity graph in exel using turnover against profit - i have calculated all the variances i.e. up 5/10/15% etc but not sure to put the information into excel to produce this type of graph - evertime I prduce a graph it just plots 2 seperate lines - please help me as I don't want to have to get the graph paper out and do it by hand

A:Excel Graphs

Can you find, online perhaps, a sample of the chart you'd like to produce? Then, perhaps we can help you emulate it.
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I am creating a weekly line graph in excel, I do not want the info for the weekends to appear, I want the line to stop at Friday and start again with Monday without the line dropping to 0, is this possible?

A:excel graphs

you can do this by missing the Sat & Sun when highlighting the data for the graph
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I have one column that contains dates e.g. 21/03/2003.

Then ten columns going : number . volume .
(number . percentage . volume . percentage.) x2

How do i plot a chart when the data is not next to each other, e.g. date and the last number?

If i filter the source data is there anyway i can plot a graph just of that, and somehow 'lock' onto the dataeven after undoing the filters?

Then how do i get the charts to refresh if i add new data to the sheet?

Your help is invaluable!


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Look at the attachement - Basic graph in excel

Is there any way within excel to fill in the gaps between the lines on a graph in different colours depending which line is the highest?

Thanks in advance for any advice / suggestions


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Just wondering is doing up an semilog graph on excel possible?

A:excel help - is semilog graphs possible?

Sorry, I don't know what that means. John Walkenbach says:

"Create an XY (Scatter) chart. Then double-click the y-axis, click the Scale
tab, and choose Logarithmic scale."

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i have downloaded some statistics from the web in an excel sheet format but i wish to create a graph the trouble is
1/ i am new to charts
2/ there is a lot of info in the chart i wish to make.
and it doesnt come out quite right when i try is there any good tutorial sites or can any body please advise.
thanks in advance
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Can i enter in formation into excel it graphs a curved line and the gives me the function or equation of that curved line.

A:Excel Graphs Parabola

You can't graph functions directly with Excel. You'll need something like Maple or Matlab to do that. You can find trendlines (aka best-fit lines) of data; exactly how you do this depends on which version of Excel you have, which you should specify in your reply.
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I usually don't have problems doing simple graphs but I am this time. When I create a graph and select my data range and labels, my labels are in the middle of the graph. How do I place them at the bottom of the graph?
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Hi I have a very simple question I am quite sure that it is an easy one to answer and I am just being particularly stupid today I have the most basic set of data you could possibly imagine - I have counted the number of 2007 in Excel Graphs newspaper articles for each year I wish to make a normal bar chart of the vertical variety to display this data I have tried a few different things and none of them have worked properly yet First I highlighted the years and the counts and told it to make a graph It tried to put it as two sets of data Then I tried Graphs in Excel 2007 selecting just the counts but then it doesn t pick up the years as the label for the x axis And I can t find the way to change what the x axis is labelled as AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH I am possibly in my rage overlooking the obvious but could someone please put me out of my misery As a side note I just need to make a very brief rant - Why on earth have they suddenly decided that ALL graphs have two sets of data nbsp

A:Graphs in Excel 2007

Welcome to the forum.

Excel has a habit of treating Numerical values at face value so has taken your years as data rather than labels. I'd suggest you change your labels to say xx2006, xx2007, xx2008 etc. then do the chart.

Once the labels have been picked up, you can change back to how you want the labels in the first place.

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I am working on a spreadsheet that pulls information using a Crystal Reports macro. The formula needed is an if statement. I want it to reference the spreadsheet so that it will work for all of the accounts. Basically, if it is a certain date, I want it to display a field on the spreadsheet for the history. If it is past that date, I need it to keep the # for the history and graph. Finally, if it is before the date, I want it to show nothing. I have gotten the field to show nothing, but it gives it the value 0 on the graph. I need to get rid of this somehow and possibly revamp the formula. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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i'm new to this forum...does anyone know how to work excel?? i need to make a graph on alot of information but don't really know how to make sense of it. i know how to do graphs but not really well. i need to give this to my boss by monday and i don't even know where to begin, theres alot of data involved. i really appreciate the help!

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Hi, I have drawn a scatter graph in Excel 2010. Now I want to draw another different graph on the same chart. How do I do this?

A:Drawing graphs in Excel 2010?
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I need to create a graph (line) with two feilds of data. Simple eh? But the data has different figures which go on the category axis. I need the figs for petrol and deisel on the same graph but the engines sizes are different (eg there is no 2.2 in petrol only in deisel) How can I get the info on the same axis and the points that correlate correct. PLS help!!!

A:Excel 2000 charts/graphs

Try this:

Create the graph normally. Then, double-click right on the line for that second deisel. Format series should come up. Click on the Axis tab and choose "secondary axis".
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Hey all. I am using FP 2002 (please dont suggest not to use it because I have to use it. I work for someone & this is what they want.) to build a website. The problem I am encountering is that the font (Arial) is appearing differently from the design mode (which is how I want it to look) than in the preview mode. The font in the preview mode looks smaller & less spaced - which throws all the text off. The whole thing appears just fine in Netscape - but then again it looks small & off (as it does in preview) in IE 6.0. I have it set to be complient for both browsers & for all browsers 4.0 & later.
Any suggestions? Please?

A:FP 2002 - Font sizes differ in IE & Netscape?

can you provide the link to the page in question so we can analyze it?

If it is not online, can you upload it somewhere?

Then we'll have a look.

Font Sizes can be defined in points-pt, pixels-px or percent %

Most of the time I use points.

If FP is anything like MS word in regards of font size definition, it should use points.

All browers will display the same text size slightly different.

All browsers display Bold text different also. Opera displays bold text really fat.
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In EXCEL when you specify a data range EXCEL assumes the first column is the independent variable (x-axis) and all subsequent columns are the dependent variable (y-axis). This makes setting up plots with multiple series easy.

However, if you want the independent variable to be plotted on the y axis, one must set up each series separately, showing what is on the x-axis and what is the y-axis. This takes a lot of time if you have many series on a single chart.

Is there a way to do this easily. One way would seem to set up the independent variable as the x- axis and then just rotate the plot 90 degrees, but I can't figure out how to do this.

I have attached a sample creating a plot both ways: independent variable on x axis
and independent variable on y axis

Thanks for any ideas.
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In Excel, when one has a scatter diagram, and values such as 9.81, 19.62 and 29.43 on the x-axis, how can one get Excel to display the decimal numbers on the x-axis, rather than have 9.81 be set a little before 10, 19.62 be set a little before 20 etc. ? thanks,

Christian K.

A:Excel x-axis numbers

Try building a line chart first using just the y values.

Then select the range on the chart -- you'll get something like


in the formula bar. Click between the 2 commas, then click & drag on the x values (on the worksheet).

If you *must* stick with scatter, try Rob Bovey's free Labeler add-in at

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This exercise has driven me crazy!

All I'm trying to do is draw a bar graph, and have a red line across it showing targeted sales. I'm sure I must be missing something. Some of the explanations I've come across online are fiendishly complex, and I can't get them to work anyway. The obvious one (to me), is to add the target data to the end of the normal data, and change that info into a line graph. However, when I do this, the entire graph changes to a line graph.

Is there a simple way that I am unaware of? The explanations I've come across are going to result in me printing the graph and drawing the line in with a pen at this rate!

I've attached the data I am trying to graph, with the target at the end, any help would be much appreciated!

A:Excel 2010: Target line in Graphs

i have made a custom - combined chart
see attached file

using this tutorial
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I have an Access 2003 form in which there is a bound object box. I set the Source Doc property on form open to import an Excel line/bar chart form an Excel file into the bound object box. It works fine, with one exception: when Access imports the Excel chart into the bound object box, there is a considerable amount of white space between the right edge of the chart and the right edge of the bounding box. Is there a way for me to eliminate this extra white space. I've saved this chart as a picture and copied it to a Work document and to a Powerpoint slide without this problem.

A:Access 2003 Importing Excel Graphs

If it is an Image, you could use an Image Control from the Toolbox and set the Size Mode to Zoom.
You can also "Embed" a Graph in the form by using a Bound object.
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I am copying Excel graphs and pasting them in MS-Word file but always a border comes around the graph with it which I do not want.
Any sugesstions to do away with it quickly!!!!!
Thanking you in anticipation!!!!!

A:A question about importing MS-Excel graphs to MS-Word

You mean the same border as it appears in Excel?

If so, select above the graph (in the chart area), right mouse, Format Chart Area, Border, none.
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Alright Graphs Excel In Of Formatting Quicker 2007 I made the transition to Office at the beginning of this semester and for the most part I've gotten my game back I was really efficient and skilled in and well any high-skilled users know what happens when you initially switch Anyways I've figured everything out but graphs Say I make a graph and the y-axis data ranges from - By default Excel will scale the y-axis to zero In if I wanted to change axis properties I could double click then the properties would be right there Now in I seem to have two options right click gt all the way at bottom axis properties or Format gt little arrow thingy gt Vertical axis oh my the laymen-ness of that one made me cry a little the first time I saw it gt Format selection Oh and if I go this second way every time I click away from the graph and click back I have to click on quot format quot again Quicker Formatting Of Graphs In Excel 2007 despite all of Excel's smartness Is there a faster way to do this I know it sounds silly but right click gt format axis is seriously slowing down my productivity Add to that that once I finally get to the freaking dialogue box I can't just type in a new minimum value I have to check the box THEN I'm allowed to change my axis

A:Quicker Formatting Of Graphs In Excel 2007

I'm guessing nobody knows how to do this, and based on my findings in the other Excel 2007 thread, MS probably removed this feature for no apparent reason. Why they would go to the trouble of *removing* a useful feature I'll never understand, especially when they didn't replace it with anything you couldn't already do.
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It's probably really simple, but I am lost! How do I remove the zero from the x-axis of a scatter-plot? The y-axis runs into the -ve so the zero for the x axis runs straight through the y-axis and looks scrappy. I only want to remove the zero from the x-axis, none of the other numbers.
I know one method would be to remove all the axis labels and insert text-boxes for each tick, but that is a pain when handling the chart.
Someone please help!
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Hi all I use Excel and have been scouring the internet in search of a solution to a problem I have with charts I have a line chart which changes with data that a user puts into a table which has columns and rows The two columns are called Date and Number The chart at the moment plots points in chronological order The chart is set to always get values from the whole table but sometimes all of the table might not be filled in I have managed to get the chart to not include blank cells by using the NA function My problem lies with the X and Y axes If on axis the #N/A X 2003 - showing Excel I include any N A cells in the X Axis category it will still plot them on the chart How can I get the X axis to lengthen and shorten according to how much data I have in the table Also the problem I have with the Y axis is the minimum starting point I have ticked the autobox for minimum value but this Excel 2003 - #N/A showing on the X axis does not solve the problem If I have a low range of data say all my Y values are between and the Y axis will start at If my Y values are between and then the Y axis starts at again Is there any way I can use a formula to say if the lowest value is x then start y axis at x- Excel 2003 - #N/A showing on the X axis quot These problems are proving to be a bit of a hindrance as I am only using a quarter of the graph at the moment so the information it gives is fairly useless Any help would be much appreciated Regards Tom nbsp

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I know it's a basic question -- and I've been charting with Excel for a while; but now all of a sudden when I make a Line Chart with Excel 2010; the horizonital values shown are just sequential numbers of the real X values. How do I get Excel to show the actual X values on the horizonital axis?

Thanks, all help will be appreciated greatly,

/ GE

A:How do I see the X axis values with Excel 2010

Once, I have tried to format axis to show actual values, but I did not succeed. So now I use Data labels. Actual value is shown just above or to the right of each point.
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On my X-axis, I have the year. I have two different values on my Y-axis. I am able to have one value on the left, and one on the right, but my problem arises when I want to switch the sides.

I double click the data, and have tried changing Series Order and adding the Secondary Axis option, but it still stays the same (even if the preview picture shows otherwise)

I have the file attached... it's on the second sheet (Q2) and it's the graph called "Canadian Trade Openness & Custom Duties". I need the Indexed Trade Openness on the left and Normalized Import Duties on the right.

Any help?

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Someone at work is having this problem. He creats a report every week, and inserts a graph that he has created in Excel, into Word. He then can click the graph so that he can edit it, prior to sending out.

However, now he says that its coming up as a picture, not an excel file. If you need more details, I'll ask him.

Its Excel 2000 into Word 2000, on Windows 2000.

Thanks in advance


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Well I am doing my GCSE Chemistry coursework and I need to include graphs with lines of best fit through the points, but the graph needs to curve through the points, missing anomalous points, and basically showing the trend of the points, but not necessarily going thorough every point (as the results wont be perfect), so a line of best fit. I know I can do this on paper but it looks messy and I would much rather print them out as the rest of the write up is being printed out.

I have been using OpenOffice so I would rather use the spreadsheet in that but am able to use Excel if need be, or I would get new software if anyone knows of software that can do this?

So, does anyone know if its possible?


A:I need to make curved line graphs in Excel (or any software) can anyone help?

I don't know about OpenOffice, but you can add trend lines easily enough to a chart in Excel. Just right-click the appropriate line (or dataset) in your chart and select Add Trendline... from the context menu. There are a variety of different functions by which to derive the trend.

Is this what you mean?



The version of Excel to which I'm referring is Excel 2000.
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Does anyone know how to automatically create and open graphs in excel from a form in access? Someone suggested writing a query that would autoatically graph in excel and using the docmd.outputto command to output the graph to excel, I 'm not entirely sure how this works and or what query to write that would automatically do the graphs for me in excel. Please help!

Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Solved: Access to automatically open graphs in Excel?

You can graph it in Excel, but you can also graph it in Access as well.
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Let's see how you go with this problem that I have.

Column A is a list of dates, most recent being at the top. Column B is a list of values. When I make a chart, the X-axis shows the most recent date on the left, which ends up creating a chart that is sort of 'backwards'.

What is the no doubt obvious option that I haven't found yet, to invert the X-axis?

Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Excel - Inverting the X-axis on a chart

I managed to find it myself in the end. For anyone else wondering, the answer was...

Select X-Axis then Format Axis > Scale > Categories in reverse order.

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I made a simple chart plotting economic data from 1960 to present using the year on the time axis. I want to angle the text on a 45 incline for readability.

The Custom angle is greyed out. I can choose the Text Direction (Horizontal, Stacked, Rotate 90 degrees, Rotate 270 degrees) but I want to specify a custom angle.

Why is the custom angle greyed out?

A:Excel - Format Axis - Angle greyed out!?

RESOLVED - The angle can only be set when the direction is set to HORIZONTAL. Thanks.
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Attached is a simple Excel program where a chart is created- Under Chart Options the Y-axis title is input as follows: Y - Axis

In the plot the full y axis title is not printed. It is printed as: Y - Axi

I've had this problem on numerous plots and the only fix I've found is to pad the title with some number of "blanks" and a "period". The number of blanks varies dependent on the plot.

Any known patches or other suggestions?

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Hi folks I have two questions First can I attach an Excel file to a new thread I tried attaching my file but it didn t work Second I can t figure out how to change the Y Axis on a chart to am and pm For instance Sheet s Y Labels chart. on Y Excel a line Axis - Axis time range now prints out from to and I would like them to read from am to am Sheet sY Axis times range from to and I would like them to read from am to pm Sheet s Y Axis times range from to and I would like them to read from pm to pm I selected the Y Axis right clicked and went to Excel - Y Axis Labels on a line chart. format axis For Sheet on the Scale Tab I entered next to Minimum am and next to the Maximum I entered am I got an error indicating that I needed an integer in those fields I then went to the Number Tab Time Section and formatted the field to time ie pm and that didn t work Also when I just highlighted the Y Axis and went to format axis and changed the format all the time changed to on the Y Axis You would think that what I want to do could be done but I can t figure it out I attached the file Thanks for the help Michael nbsp

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Hello, all. Great site!

I am having trouble formatting the Y-axis minimum and maximum values in charts in Excel 2003. When I right-click the Y-axis and go to 'Format Axis' and go to the 'Scale' tab, the values that I enter for Minimum and Maximum do not appear on the chart after I click okay. When I re-open the 'Scale' tab in 'Format Axis', the values have been reset to the auto values chosen by Excel. Any ideas?


A:Solved: Excel 2003 Y-axis chart help

Never mind - I figured it out.
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Please help.
I am trying to graph data that contains the date on the x-axis and the time on the y-axis. The bar graph will show times items were received that day. However, some items are received before midnight and even though they are counted as received on the next days shipment. When graphing this, the bar will go all the way to the top of the graph and does not show that the items were received before midnight (0:00 AM). How can I set up the graph to show the x-axis starting at 0 time but have times going down to noon on the previous day and ending at the top of the graph around noon on the current day?

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I have an excel sheet that is used to generate a graph. The data for the graph (columns) can be anywhere from 5 to 2000 data points. I set up a graph template that will graph whatever data I have from cells A2:A2001. My problem is: If I have only 10 data points, my x-axis will still be 2000 spaces long. If I put in zero or N/A# it will show up as either N/A# or blank or (0), based on the property I set for diplaying zero values. How can I get the x-axis to auto scale to only show the number of data points I have.

I will attach a sample sheet.

Thanks for you help.

A:Solved: Auto expand X-axis in Excel graph

redid some of your formulas....I don't do charts much, so....
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Hi Guys,

I have an issue in excel - I have a graph whose X-Intercept needs to update when I refresh the data in the sheet it works from.

I have tried to run a macro where I copy/paste the required value into the 'Format Axis' --> 'Scale' --> 'Category X-Axis Crosses At' field, but it wont let me do so.

Dopes anyone know how I can get this field to link to a cell in my data? Or some VB code I can slap in which will update the X-Axis Crosses At field from a cell?

Much Appreciated.

A:Macro to Update 'X-Axis Crosses At' field in Excel

Oh and am using Excel 2003
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I am pretty good with most commonly used Excel functions but this is one I can't get. Please help!!!!!

I would like to re-format the way the spreadsheet is set up on sheet 1 to look like it is on sheet 2. I would like all contacts to have all of their info read left to right starting in column A and the move across to the right. So in the end all Business names would be listed in column A and then all owners would be listed in column B. The only way I can figure to do this is to copy and paste each individual customers information.

Maybe there is some sort of formula to build to make things read the way I want? Or I am just not coping and pasting correctly?

Please help!!!!!

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Hi. I'm having big problems with something that might be very easy to do, although I tried (and searched how to do it) without success:

I've got a sheet, with 'Date/Time' as first column.
I can select that column, along with any other to insert a graphic chart into the worksheet and it works fine.
My question is.... how can I make Excel generate automatically ONE CHART for each column, with 'Date/Time' as X axis? I tried some dynamic table/charts but it looks incredibly messy (it's faster for me to create the charts one by one, manually!).
Thanks for your help.
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Hi there I d like to explain the title a bit more since the gamepad reversed X-axis/Y-axis on Solved: problem really isn t with a gamepad but rather with a usb controller adapter I got a cheapo PS controller adapter on amazon recently When it came in the mail I downloaded the drivers and plugged the baby in Everything Solved: X-axis/Y-axis reversed on gamepad seemed to work fine until I realized that the axis axises axis s whatever plural form of axis there is Well they re switched on the right analog stick Say I m playing Tomb Raider on my PC Trying to look up makes Lara look right Trying to look left makes her look down It s a very confusing issue so I tried fixing it in the calibration mode found in the Game Controllers section in the Control Panel but to no avail I m really not sure how to configure this thing to make it work properly Anyone have any advice before I decide to cut my losses and buy an Xbox PC controller nbsp

A:Solved: X-axis/Y-axis reversed on gamepad

Hi there,

Actually, this is very simple. All you should have to do is go into the Windows Control Panel, and choose "Game Controllers". From here, select the controller from the list and click either Configure or Calibrate", depending on your Windows version. This should indeed solve your problem.

Hope this helps.
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Hi guys i ve been working on this project for about a week now and am almost complete I will attach the file so you can use it as an example here s the scenario i have multiple sheets sheets on the first sheet is a questionaire that a sales rep would exact use match. excel - only go into and answer the questions listed once they answer the questions the quot POtemp NY quot sheet will populate in their appropriate headers quot Vendor Name quot quot Location quot etc on the quot POtemp NY quot sheet under the quot Code quot column when a code from one of the vendor excel - only use exact match. lists see sheets quot ampaper quot quot edmar quot quot sterling quot excel - only use exact match. etc is entered it finds the closest match and populates the quot Description quot column with the appropriate information the only problem is with the Lookup function it just finds the closest match I would like the description to say quot Re-enter code quot or something to flag that the code entered was incorrect Another option would be to only allow exact matches and if the exact match wasnt met an error box would show up letting them know to re-enter the data I hope this can be helped my VBA skills are pretty shabby lol Thanks everyone who checks out this post and offers some solutions nbsp

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Afternoon everyone!

As the title suggests, I have some issues with formatting the x-axis of a column graph (the graph is to show air consumption rate over a period of 30 minutes) in Excel 2010 (the file in question is attached). As you can see in the attached picture, the graph currently has the x-axis formatted such that it starts in the middle of the ticks. Ideally, I am looking for a way to start "0" from the y-axis intercept without shifting the graph as is currently the case when changing the horizontal axis options.

Could you possibly help me sort this out? I need to present it for a university project and I'd like to have the graph presented in this manner. It would also help if I could learn the method so I can do this in future. Thank you for your help in advance!

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Hi there I am encountering a problem Charts: Date as Months/Weeks Units Setting X-Axis to & Excel 2013 with Excel Charts in Excel and would be very thankful for your help I am trying to create a stacked horizontal bar chart which plots a timeline of several events in a chart I am finding it impossible to set the units for the x-axis to date month or even year If possible I would like the major unit to month and the minor unit to week From my research it seems this was easy to do in a previous version of Excel so I suspect I am missing something obvious I have attached a dummy document with data and my attempt so far I would Excel 2013 Charts: Setting X-Axis as Date & Units to Months/Weeks really appreciate your help Thank you in advance Katrin Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Enterprise Service Pack bit Excel 2013 Charts: Setting X-Axis as Date & Units to Months/Weeks Processor Intel R Core TM Excel 2013 Charts: Setting X-Axis as Date & Units to Months/Weeks i - CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard Antivirus McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Excel 2013 Charts: Setting X-Axis as Date & Units to Months/Weeks

Any ideas?
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Hello, I have an Excel document, with raw data, which I need to organize into sub categories. I need to find exacts words in column C and return the same words in Column F. Is there a code which would allow me to do that?For Example in Column C I haveCars - AudiMusic - AudioAudi - Q7I would need all the cells with the word "Audi" to be classified as "Audi" in column FThanks :)message edited by PegahKe

A:Multiple Exact Words In String in Excel

How many different words do you have to match?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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Does anyone know how, or if you can, change the font size of your items to choose from in a dropdown box you create? I am only able to change it if I change the % of the total page size and then everything else is way too big.



A:Font Sizes In Excel

As I recall, when you click on the dropdown for the font size, the current box will be highlighted - if so, just type in the new number.

I've even used it with 1 decimal place (for example 11.5) in Excel 2000 and might have done it in Excel 2002.
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I have recently switched to Office 2010 and am converting my old .xls files to .xlsm files. Since I use macros in some of my spreadsheets this seems like a reasonable choice. Any reason to use the .xlsx files? Even for those that don't use macros?

Also, why is the size of the of the .xlsm file about half of the old. xls file?


A:Excel file sizes

Possibly some interesting comments here:
XLSB vs XLSX and XLSM | Windows Secrets Lounge
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I am running Excel97 (SR-1) on a Windows95 PC over a Netware5 network. When some spreadsheets are opened, the font display size is unreadably large (about 72 point) although it is still described as being the default 10 point. This applies to both the data in cells and the row and column headings.

If affected cells are selected and the font size changed slightly (eg from 10 point to 11 point) everything goes back to normal. However, the problem returns when the file is re-opened. This is happening on a number of PCs and none appear to have a virus (checked with latest version of Sophos).

I would be very grateful for any ideas!

A:Large font sizes in Excel.

I get this only when I view in "page break preview". It happens only when I renter that same spreadsheet. Recheck "Normal" under view.
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Does anyone know what drive sizes are supported by Drive Image 2002 Powerquest? What's the maximum drivesize recommended?
Is it possible to use this program in combination with SATA drives?

Symantec bought the company and now it's impossible to find the documentation on

Anyone has experience with this application?

Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Drive Image 2002 Powerquest supports which drive sizes?

The manual doesn't say but I found the DI 2002 FAQ which does say:

Is there a limitation on the size of hard disks I can image with Drive Image 2002?
Drive Image 2002 does not have a limitation on the size of hard disks it can image.Click to expand...

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I'm trying to calculate an account balance after, say 10 years.I want the sheet to display balances with a given intervals, say an interval of two which would display balances for 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2024.I can easily make formula which calculates total account value with interests and stuff, but only if the interval is one (displaying each year between say 2015 and 2020), I can't seem to figure out how to make one that also takes the interval into consideration.What I have right now is this:=SUM(B4:D4) B4 being what is already in the account, C4 is what is being added to the account, and D4 is the interest.=(B4+C4)*G$4 B and C4 I've already explained, and G4 contains the interest percentage.What would I have to change/add to make it calculate the values when taking the interval into consideration?Don't worry if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet ;)

A:[EXCEL]Calculate account balance with intervals and interest

What would I have to change/add to make it calculate the values when taking the interval into consideration?Some type of Date function, like DATEDIF() so something along the lines of:IF(DATEDIF (start_date, end_date, "Y") = 10 , do calculation , do something else)MIKE
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For some reason, the numbers for the left axis are in the middle of my chart and I have highlighted the axis and reformatted to no avail.

How can I change the settings so it is shown on the far left as usual?

I've uploaded a jpg showing the problem.

A big thanks in advance,

/ GE

A:Excel 2010 Chart Left Axis is in middle of chart

Thats the normal default behaviour since you have both positive and negative values on the X-axis - the chart assumes you want to see the value extremes so it places the y-axis at the zero position of the x-axis.

You can shift the Y-axis to the far left by using the format x-axis option, like this:
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Learn about COM interoperability between Microsoft C# and large, complex COM servers. This article shows how to prepare the Office XP COM objects and how to use them in a C# program, and offers some tips on understanding why things have to be done in certain ways.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

To run the sample, you will need the following software installed on your computer:

Microsoft Windows® XP or Microsoft Windows 2000 and related service packs (SPs)
Microsoft Office XP and related SPs
Microsoft .NET Framework and related SPs
Microsoft Office XP Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs)
Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET


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Hey all,

Does anyone know if it's possible to convert macros from Excel 97 (Excel Basic) to Excel XP/2002 (Visual Basic) ? Or do I have to do these manually?

Any help is appreciated


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Hello again unfortunately the issue i going to ask help with is the total same issue that i had last year Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder may also be relate to sizes back details sizes folders to randomly in change Icon's random the issue Icon's sizes randomly change back to details sizes in random folders that this user had Shortcut icons re-sizing randomly My OS had gone crazy and change icon's Icon's sizes randomly change back to details sizes in random folders sizes back to details sizes in random folders last time i had that issue i thought it was solved by this method Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder But unfortunately it only was temporary i had to format anyway so the problem was solved after the format and never appeared again till days ago it not seem to be a virus but it really annoy the only thing i done days ago that was extraordinary for me was to edit some video on windows live movie maker cccp codecs i rarely use WLMM but happened to use it days ago and after that the issue reappear i can't use system restore since i done alot of stuff on my pc and don't want to lose them and also i don't happened to made restore point before the day the issue occurred and the rest are deleted so SR is not a option anyone know what i can do now thanks in advance

A:Icon's sizes randomly change back to details sizes in random folders

No guarantees these suggestions will work but you could give it a try. See if rebuilding the icon cache helps.

Icon Cache - Rebuild

You could also try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two) just in case your system fils got damaged or corrupted somehow. If problems are found, run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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hi there as the title said i have really weird issue here the story goes like that i have sizes details Icons change sizes back to folder specific on a folder named quot Desktop's icons that not in used quot since old XP i used to add all the icons of the progrems that i don't used and use often to it so i will find them right away when i need them even when i format my pc and i backup stuff i also take this folder with me put it again on the new OS and add each icon to it again when i reinstall it progrem anyway long story short and i think it will be right to add Weird xD when i enter to this folder which i used to put on medium icons all this years it randomly change back Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder to details sizes mostly when i Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder close other folder that have details sizes before i enter to this one but not allways the windows keep remeber the icons's sizes and even the windows position and size in other folders so why only this folder just suddenly stop to remeber it own icon's size is it corruption registry or something of sort i also tried to make a new folder with the same name cut paste all of the icons into it and the issue still occur and tried to disable some option that let the system choose what to change in my system's view from look to performance if it have hard time to display anything which is hard for me to believe because i have I and Geforce gtx and the issue still persist i know it just one weird and idiotic issue to make fuss about but i want to know if something is wrong with my system thanks in advance for these who going to help

A:Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder


it seem like it happening in more then one folder and it keep to happened randomly... even the window's size keep getting back to the default size....

it like after some time most of the recent chances that i've done going back to the window's default ... why it happening? = (

there is any way to fix it?
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OS Win Ultimate x SP AMD Athlon x GB RAM In another thread I wrote about how I managed to sizes: Misreported changing sizes issues) Partition (two separate and wipe out my hard drive while using a disk utility that told me my partition sizes were reported incorrectly Screen shot below I told the program to go ahead and quot correct the error quot which immediately killed everything I did manage to recover my data partition and then did a fresh reinstall of Windows However I still get that quot error message quot It's not just Partition Doctor that reports it Partition Master also gives the same error So the question of the day is why am I getting this error Partition sizes: Misreported and changing sizes (two separate issues) Next question is about Partition sizes: Misreported and changing sizes (two separate issues) changing partition sizes I've used Partition Master for years to resize partitions but now not only am I getting these strange error messages but the software reports that it isn't compatible with Win So what can I use to resize partitions Symantec has no new versions of Partition Master I have C and E on one drive C is too big and E is too small In the past I would have used Partiton Master to take the extra space from C and give it to E but can't do that now Windows Disk Management tool will shrink C but not give the space to E So the second question is quot What can I use to fiddle with my partition sizes without having to back up E delete it resize C and then recreate E at the new size

A:Partition sizes: Misreported and changing sizes (two separate issues)

Personally, I'd recommend Partition Wizard as it is far more flexible and functional than Windows 7's disk management utility.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

You need to download the PW ISO and burn it to a blank disc then boot into it to partition your hard drive.

When you're done just boot back into Windows.
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Hello again....I have an Excel 2002 issue. I am trying to put arrows at the end of certain selected lines in cells of an excel form. I found the toolbar for drawings and the applicable "arrow" icon. The problem is that I can't get the icon to activate. It stays shaded so that when I click on it it won't light up. It doesn't matter if I click on the cell line first or not. Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
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How do I " Print Preview" in Excel 2002, without a printer being installed/connected to my computer.
Please guide.
Solution Anxiously awaited

A:Excel 2002

Are you certain you need to have a printer attached to use the preview function?
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I have multiple users that have Excel close on them automatically. It is very easy to recreate on their machines. These are running Windows 2000 with Excel 2002 and Outlook 2003. These are the steps that are causing it:

1. Copy information from Excel
2. Go to Outlook and create a new message or read a newly received message

At that point, Excel will close and they will lose what they have been working in. If they open the email before they copy the information from Excel this does not happen.

Any ideas? We do have SP3 installed for Office 2002 and 2003.

Thank you

A:Help With Excel 2002

I found an interesting solution. I renamed the users profile and Windows created a new profile the next time the user logged on. That has resolved the issue.
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I'm trying to reference some basic formatting and text from Sheet 1 through all other sheets in a workbook.
The reference cells only contain text and highlighting. I think this should be easy to do but I can't seem to figure it
out. Can anyone help me accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Excel 2002-03

Sorry, RandomUser, this is not what you WANT, but it may provide what you NEED. When I want a set of user directions or a framework on all sheets in a Workbook, I set up a template like this:

Open a new workbook.
On Sheet 1, type the common information you want into cells A2 to, let's say, B5.
Go to Sheet 2.
In cell A2, type "=", click cell A2 back on Sheet 1, then hit ENTER.
Drag that cell formula (on Sheet 2) down to A5, then across to B5 (two actions, I'm afraid).
For safety's sake, I always protect that construction, like this:
Select your whole expected work area on Sheet 2, and choose Format-Cells-Protection
Clear the "Protected" tick from the check box.
Then select the template area you want to share, and choose Format-Cells-Protection again
This time check the "protected" box.
Now choose Tools-Protection-Protect Sheet. What do you want to protect? Do you need a password?
Sheet 2 is now a template that you can copy and re-use in that (or any other) workbook, as often as you want.

That's not sophisticated, but it's functional.
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When more than one spreadsheet is open, and you go to close it, Excel will sometimes close all spreadsheets but only asks you to save the top spreadsheet. The others are closed too without warning, and without the invitation to save them appearing. Thus work is lost. If anyone have similar problem or know the solution can you please let me know.

Thanks in advance

A:Excel 2002

Hello kkent,

It depends which 'Close' button you are pressing. I will attempt an explanation in association with the below picture.

Number 1:
This is the APPLICATION close button.
This will close all Workbooks in the current Application Instance of Excel.

Number 2:
This is the WORKBOOK close button
This will close only the currently Active Workbook that is associated with it.

Applying to both:
You will only be asked to save a workbook if you have made any changes to it.

If you hit the Application close button, you will have a fourth option to say "Yes to All". This allows you to say yes, you want to save each and every workbook that is open and close them all. You do not have this option when using the Workbook close button.
This is (mostly) assuming that you are not being acted upon by a third party program/add-in. Results may be skewed if you are using an AutoSave add-in; you can find a list of the installed add-ins by going to Tools --> Add-ins.., where those installed have their box checked.

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My excel was working fine and then one day these items changed and I cannot figure out how to get them back to what they were.

Using Excel 2002

First, when I place an email address or hyperlink in a cell it underlines it like a hyperlink on a web page and then when I click on it the web page or email that is listed in that cell is loaded. How do I change it so these links are not active when I select that cell.

Second I seem to have personalized menus now in the file/Edit/View...... menu. How do I get rid of those. I dislike them in windows and do not want them in excel.


A:Excel 2002

How are you placing the email address/hyperlink in the cell? If you're typing it in, you could prefix it with an apostrophe. Or after you press Enter, pressing CTRL+Z (undo) will kill the link.

I don't follow "personalized menus now in the file/Edit/View...... menu" -- can you post a screenshot?

EDIT: for Excel 2002, I read you can "suppress hyperlink generation under Auto Correct from the Tools menu -- Tools (menu), Autocorrect Options, Autoformat as you type (Tab)".
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Just started to get an error when loading Excel

Microsoft Visual Basic
Compile error
Expected End Sub
Click OK or Help
If I click Help, just brings up a blank white window!
If I click OK, brings up 3 Visual Basic windows..( don't know anything about Visual Basic! ) can close all these and eveything is back to normal..OH.. I do receive another error:

This command will stop the debugger?? can close this, or if I click OK, I am asked to install something from disc??..
When launching Excel, all starts again??
Can someone help and advise how to get rid of all this at startup??

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Moving from Excel 97 to Excel 2002 and notice when saving excel sheets, it saves to my documents, but when emailing a spreadsheet to someone and they go to save as it saves in a file under the temporary internet files.
Is there a registry fix that I can use to change so it can save in my documents? I am using Windows XP.

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Is it possible to use the find and replace option to find and replace TWO or More items at the same time or in the same search ?

Example - Find all instances of 2 and 3 in the same search.


A:Excel 2002 / 2003

No, only one item at a time. Sorry. But you can replace all, if that helps.
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User has Excel 2002. Making edits in Excel doc received outside firm, version unknown. When she tries to save, she receives the following error message:

"Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are
sorry for the inconvenience.

Problem caused by Microsoft Excel 2002: consider upgrading

The problem was caused by Microsoft Excel 2002, which was created by
Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Excel 2002 is in its "Extended Support"
phase. This phase of support began on July 11, 2006. Only
security-related solutions are created by Microsoft for this version of
Microsoft Office."

Excel then shuts down and creates a file which opens as garbage in Excel, Notepad, Ultraedit, etc. I've tried running detect and repair and running the Microsoft 2007 compatibility file and all Office updates. Also tried copying data into a new blank sheet and renaming. Still giving her the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hopefully some one here will understand what I am explaining and know how to fix Okay I have a laptop HP with Win When bought had Help_MS Please 2002 Excel them make it so XP program Microsoft Office would work on win Here is the problem All parts of MSOffice Word Access PP Publisher work the same except Excel Example with MS word I go to c drive then to file folder pick a doc click on it Msword w doc opens in window Now I minimize it Go back to c drive then file folder pick a nd doc click on it it opens up in a separate Please Help_MS Excel 2002 Msword window I can adjust size of windows and move them and open up or if needed Now with Excel when I try to open separate spread sheets they open in the single window one on top of the other I can adjust size of sheets and move one left amp other right but still in single window Sometimes I need or sheets open at a time and having that many open in window is impossible to work with I want excel to open like Word I know there is a setting somewhere that needs changed in excel something like clicking on or off but don t know where it is Below is example pics of what I am talking about Can someone please help Thanks Cynthia O MS Word is in separate windows MS Excel spread sheets will only open in window and want to open like MS Word does separate windows nbsp

A:Please Help_MS Excel 2002

Hi chiavet,
Try maximizing the spreadsheets. Select one of them and click the maximize button, which looks like an empty box in the top right corner of the spreadsheet.

Hope that helps.
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I have a client running Excel 2002. Whenever she opens an excel file or new spreadsheet the program continues to open worksheets one after another. Sometimes in the hundreds of sheets. Could this be a corrupt template. How can I fix this problem


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Here's an unusual problem that just started yesterday. I have a user who is working in Excel 2002 and when she switches to another program (i.e., to check her email), Excel disappears. However, when she attempts to reopen the document, she receives a message that the document is open by her, and would she like to open it in read only. I've checked her computer and the document is nowhere, and does not appear in the task pane under applications or processes. Yet, when she rebooted, she was asked if she wanted to save the changes to the spreadsheet. I've run a detect & repair on her office, and had her copy the contents into a new spreadsheet in case it was corrupted, but it's still happening. Any ideas?

A:Excel 2002 - Disappears!

It's just one document, or all excel documents act like this?
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I have this Excel spreadsheet where I keep an eye on my budget Column A is the description of the transaction Column B is the expenses amount I pay and it s always a negative value Column C is the income amounts going into the account and Column D is the balance Column D has this formula to update the balance IF C D B D C I would like to keep a track on individual expenses like Car expenses Food Entertainment etc but I don t want to add Budget MS EXCEL 2002 columns for each category since this will make the spreadsheet too large to fit on a Laptop screen I wonder if there is a way MS EXCEL 2002 Budget to add a formula in column B which will recognize a word from column A like FOOD In this case if column A contains lets say the key word FOOD the formula will leave the amount in column B but will also copy it to another cell same or different spreadsheet where I will have a table with columns for each category Any other ideas Thanks nbsp

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I have a friend who can not get excel to load a program we use as tournament directors on a game site. he had to get a new computer and it has vista as the operating system. he has uninstalled and reinstalled Office at least twice. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello all,

I am having a problem getting an animated GIF to work in my worksheet.

This is what I have done so far, I open a new worksheet highlight some cells and merge so I can insert the
Next I select -INSERT/PICTURE from file navigate to the file and insert. The picture appears where I have selected to insert, but the GIF animation doesn't work.

Is there something else I need to do?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Excel 2002 Gif Problem

as far as I can't just place an animated gif into a spreadsheet without the help of a browser control (.dll) or something like activeX to help out....a lot of folks like to put animation on userforms and such, but they have to rely on these other tools, and package them with the spreadsheet when they ship it off to users.

Of course, I could be wrong...there's a first time for everything
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I have just upgraded to Office XP 2002 and i noticed that whenever i shared my document the other person that is on Excel 2000 will not noticed that i was in the file already and are able to edit and save the file without me noticing it. When i had Excel 2000 before this does not happen. I couldnt find any resolution on this elsewhere. Any good suggestions from you guys?

Another thing too, after the migration all my comments format is wacky. How do i standardize my formatting for the comments without having to go through each and everyone of them to change it.


A:Problem with Excel 2002

Under Tools, you have three listings you might be able to set it so you can share and track changes.

The First was Share workbook,
The Second was track changes.
The Third was Protection and that has several different settings.

Your other problem I have no idea unless you would copy and paste into another book but then I believe you might lose all formatting.

This might not work but have you tried the detect and repair under Help. I have not had any problem opening 2000 Excel with XP Excel. My comments came out right but then a lot has to do with the way the machines are set up also and the security on each.

Mine is a home PC so that might make a difference.
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One of our fine people here put passwords on his Excel
work sheets. Now be can't find the password(s), he didn't
print the sheets out....


A:Passwords on Excel XP 2002

Sorry, can't verify your situation and I won't help you crack passwords. Most people here probably won't either.
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I have several checkboxes on Sheet that populates Sheet if the checkbox true Depending on the text of A on Sheet then a listbox will populate cell D on Sheet The problem I m having is that I want the screen to stay on Sheet as the user clicks on the checkboxes With the code I m using I m receiving errors Private Sub CheckBox Click If CheckBox Value True Then Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot A quot Value quot Air Emissions quot Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot B quot Value quot Point Source Air Emission quot Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot C quot Value quot NOX quot Else Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot B quot ClearContents End If If Worksheets quot Sheet quot Excel VB 2002 Code Help Range Excel 2002 VB Code Help quot A quot Value quot Air Emissions quot Then Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot D quot Select With Selection Validation Delete Add Type xlValidateList AlertStyle xlValidAlertStop Operator xlBetween Formula quot AirEmissionsI quot IgnoreBlank True InCellDropdown True InputTitle quot quot ErrorTitle quot quot InputMessage quot quot ErrorMessage quot quot ShowInput True ShowError True End With End End If Excel 2002 VB Code Help End Sub Using the code above I receive the quot Select Method of Range Class Failed quot debug in red So I tried this below changes in blue Private Sub CheckBox Click Dim n As Range Set n Sheets quot Sheet quot d If CheckBox Value True Then Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot A quot Value quot Air Emissions quot Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot B quot Value quot Point Source Air Emission quot Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot C quot Value quot CO quot Else Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot B quot ClearContents End If If Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot A quot Value quot Air Emissions quot Then With n Validation Delete Add Type xlValidateList AlertStyle xlValidAlertStop Operator xlBetween Formula quot AirEmissionsI quot IgnoreBlank True InCellDropdown True InputTitle quot quot ErrorTitle quot quot InputMessage quot quot ErrorMessage quot quot ShowInput True ShowError True End With End End If End Sub Now I m receiving the error quot Application -defined or object-defined error quot The debug part is in red Your help is quot greatly quot appreciated nbsp

A:Excel 2002 VB Code Help

I don't do that much programming in Excel, but I'm really familiar with VBA, so I'll take a shot. Seems like you have two possibilities:

1. turn off Echo (the screen updater, check out Excel help if you don't know it), and make Sheet2 the active sheet, carry out the stuff, and make Sheet1 the active sheet, and turn Echo back on. The user will see nothing. I'm not sure if your problem is caused by the fact that the sheet is inactive.

2. name the range you're trying to activate, in your second code example. Then you should be able to set your variable to Worksheets("Sheet2").Ranges("NameOfYourRangeHere"), without too much trouble.

If none of this works, and no one else has a better idea, I can dig into my Excel code archives and see what I can come up with.

kls is gonna rock you. hehe.
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Hey BC Community,

I know Excel 2007-2010 have the ability to open .xml files, but does 2002 have the ability to do so?



A:Can you view XML in Excel 2002?

Excel 2002 enables you to open and save files in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.Above quote from:
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My co-worker have a big excel file, somehow it just stops on row 120 and it won't scroll up to the top of the file or to row 1. I drag to scroll up it just comes back and makes row120 as the top of the file. Has anybody encountered this problem. Please help.
Thank You.

A:Excel 2002 Will not page up

Window - Unfreeze Panes
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I open this excel file and can read numerals, but text is gibberish? I have Win XP w/OfficeXP. However my co-worker can read it no problem with Win98 w/Office97? How do I correct this?

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Somebody help me. Every time I exit out of Word 2000 or Excel 2000 I get an "Illegal Operation" message. If I launch the program and close it again right away without opening a document or spreadsheet, it's fine. If I open a document (Word) or a spreadsheet (Excel), as soon as I close it, even if I make no changes, I get an illegal operation. It's not as much a problem as an irritation because nothing else happens. It just crashes. I'd appreciate any suggestions.



A:OFFICE 2002 (Word & Excel)

Try my Troubleshooting Word, jack. If that works, I'll give you the instructions on Excel:
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A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Excel 2002 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows ME; Windows NT; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP
This update applies to the following product: Microsoft Excel 2002.

To install the update, you must have the following:
Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).
Microsoft Windows Installer version 2.0 or later. Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and Microsoft Windows XP include this version of the Windows Installer.


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My 2002 version of XP Excel has changed the set column headings from letters to numbers. For example, cell "A1" is indicated by a "1" for the row and a "1" for the column and when I click on the cell, it is designated as "R1C1". I would like to get the letter column headings back as the program was originally designed but I cannot figure out how to do this. I have no idea why the set column headings changed to numbers. Does anyone know how to get back the letter designations for the column headings and know why it changed to begin with? Could it have changed because of a virus or because I downloaded the patch to be able to read MS Excel 2007 files?


A:Help with Excel XP 2002 column headings

Hi, welcome to TSG. I don't know what caused it, but to change it back you can go to Tools/Options and select the General tab. The first checkbox should say "R1C1 reference style". Uncheck the box and select OK, and it should return to normal. Hope that helps.
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Please keep in mind I don t know Macros very well and know nothing at all about programming with Visual Basic I have created a sheet with Macros some of which have Ifs Every sheet works perfectly except for the Ifs Example If Current Fuel quot quot Then Range quot J 2002 Ifs won't My MS - Excel Solved: work quot Copy Range quot N quot PasteSpecial Paste xlValues Operation xlNone SkipBlanks False Transpose False ElseIf Current Fuel quot quot Then Solved: My Ifs won't work - MS Excel 2002 Range quot K quot Copy Range quot N quot PasteSpecial Paste xlValues Operation xlNone SkipBlanks False Transpose False ElseIf Current Fuel quot quot Then Range quot L quot Copy Range quot N quot PasteSpecial Paste xlValues Operation xlNone SkipBlanks False Transpose False ElseIf Current Fuel quot quot Then Range quot Solved: My Ifs won't work - MS Excel 2002 M quot Copy Range quot N quot PasteSpecial Paste xlValues Operation xlNone SkipBlanks False Transpose False End If Current Fuel Solved: My Ifs won't work - MS Excel 2002 is a cell name It can contain a or The rest of the Macro works but not the IF nbsp

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I have a terrible report that i cannot modify. It can be any where from 8-20 pages long, but i only want the first page of information

I have built a macro to import the report into excel. After my macro is done its thing it finds the first line of data that i would not need selects the cell.

Now what i am looking for is a macro to either just select the information from A1 to that active cell and copy it into a new worksheet (remember the range of data could be anywhere from 20 to 40 lines or even more, so i cannot have a cell reference to the cell that was found).
Or a macro to select everything from that selected cell to the lst line and deleting everything just leaving me the top lines that i would need)

Is this clear?
Is this possible?

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I would like the dates to be in color on the calendar month parts and to changed when i change the dates at the top of the page.
i change the numbers of days in the top part and the calender changes.
it can be the font or background color that changes.
any ideas folks?
thanks all

based on a spreadsheet

PS the manage attachments on the forum was not working this morning so i posted the website above
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I have Office XP Pro on a 2.4Ghz pentium machine, 512 Mb. Occasionally the following error occurs in Excel, even with just one spreadsheet open, or sometimes lots open, " Microsoft Exel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space" I checked Technet and it said it is a known problem but gives no fix. Anybody any ideas?;en-us;176826

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if M5 = more then 1000.00, subtract 1000.00.

The below is not working properly.

It works if the number is greater then 1000, however,
if the number is less then 1000, it computes negative number.

I desire no computation if number is less then 1000.

All suggestions welcomed.

Thanks, nt

A:Calc problem /excel 2002

Try this:

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Is there a way to print a list all of the named ranges (and their respective cell references) in a workbook? I seem to recall that there was a hidden Info worksheet in previous versions of Excel, but I can't find anything like that in XP...
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Hi All

Need to install the Auto Save add in for Excel 2002, although the option under Add in is no longer there

Please can someone help me as to:

+ where can i get the add-in
+ how to install


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For some strange reason excel is not working properly for me anymore. Right now when I call up a file there is a box highlighted. This doesn't matter what file I call up. If I click anywhere on the page I then get highlighting that never ends. I can not control end or anything else for that matter. In order to do anything on the computer I have to ctrl-alt-del and get rid of excel. Sorry if I am not making myself too clear here. I never did use excel very often and am unfamiliar with most of what it can do. Now I am trying to learn it and it's not working correctly. Can anyone help? Thanks much in advance!

Julei aka jwisecraft

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I have an Excel 2002 issue. I am trying to put arrows at the end of certain selected formatted lines in cells of an Excel form. (This form has many places where I need to allow for dimensions to be inserted in it.....sort of like a blueprint would be.) I found the toolbar for drawings and the applicable "arrow" icon. The problem is that I can't get the icon to activate. It stays shaded so that when I click on it it won't light up. It doesn't matter if I click on the cell line first or not. Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

A:Excel 2002 format issue

Try this, not sure, since I have 2003 but the steps should be close.

In the drawing toolbar, click on the little black drop down arrow next to auto shapes. Choose lines, then the arrow. Then you can just drag the mouse where you would like the arrow to go.
Once you have the arrow, you can click it, to select it, and then the options for different arrow types will light up for you and allow you to change it.
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I have created a worksheet, which I protect and shared among three departments. Can someone tell me while trying to save their work few users get the attached error message?

Thank you in advance!


A:Saving problem (Excel 2002)

Initial guess is that they are all linking to the same copy of the spreadsheet perhaps. Only one user can have it open at one time, you cannot "share" the access to it.

Having said that I would have expected a different message, such as being locked for editing.