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Need help-Excell files

Q: Need help-Excell files

Friends, last year I created a file in windows word Excel format, Today , when I opened it, it did open but the contents are all gibberish and illegible. How can I retrieve the contents in a legible format like English. Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Need help-Excell files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My old Laptop had Office 2000. My new one Office 2007. A number of my old Excell files I have changed from 97-2003 format to the new one.

I burned a Excell file to a cd and put it on my wife's pc, but could not open it with her Excell 2000 and when I did open it it was in symbols, not text. My question is, do my files have to be saved as a 97-2003 format Excell file first before being sent to other people with earlier versions of Excell so they can open them? I had someone email me today that they could not open an Excell file i just sent from my new laptop that I have sent them for years every month from my old laptop.

And is the problem with only old files from my Excell 2000 in my Office 2007 or will I have this problem with even new files I create?

A:Excell 2007 files and Excell 97-2003 compatability problems

For people to open office 2007 files, with earlier versions need to install the Compatibility Pack

So they either need to install that pack or you need to save the files as the 97-2003 format, which I would recommend, since not many people are using Office 2007

You can change the default save of a word or excel file to the 97-2003, its in the options, click on the Office icon and then click Word or Excel Options then Save
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ok.. I have another mystery that we can not solve. In excell out of a room with 25 machines. all done the same time, the same way, same software. Ok here's the problem. If you open excel go to the data menu, click the import external data and then import data. It should open up to a folder called my data sources and 5 files will be listed there. Now this works on 3 machines. The rest all open up to My Documents. If you click on my data files only 2 files are there. However if you go the actual folder under office you can find the data folder and all files are there.

any clues?

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I have a computer running Vista are Files Excell themselves renaming home premium It is working as the main storage computer for other machines that access it s files It Excell Files are renaming themselves appears to be randomly renaming files that have been opened For example on file named quot finantial data quot was being worked on and later when I tried to open it again it no longer was in it s directory Instead there was a file named quot B quot When opened it was the correct file This appears to be only Excell files but we seldom use anything else This problem started yesterday I don t know if it is related but I also can t get several Windows updates to install A couple of the ones that won t update are KB and KB I have run a full scan with AVG I have done a SFC I have tried the updates as administrator and tried installing them individualy The updates don t concern me as much as the file name changes UNLESS they are a symptom of the problem Just in case a Hijack this log is attached Thank you

A:Excell Files are renaming themselves

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below I will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HEREAndPlease download DeFogger to your desktop.Double click DeFogger to run the tool. The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' message will appear Click OK DeFogger will now ask to reboot the machine - click OKIMPORTANT! If you receive an error message while running DeFogger, please post the log defogger_disable which will appear on your desktop.ThenPlease download GMER from one of the following locations and save it to your desktop:Main Mirror
This version will download a randomly named file (Recommended)Zipped Mirror
This version will download a zip file you will need to extract first. If you use this mirror, please extract the zip file to your desktop.Disconnect from the Internet and close all running programs.Temporarily disable any real-time active protection so your security programs will not conflict with gmer's driver.Double-click on the randomly named GMER file (i.e. n7gmo46c.exe) and allow the gmer.sys driver to load if asked.Note: If you downloaded the zipped version, extract the file to its own folder such as C:\gmer and then double-click on gmer.exe.
GMER will open to the Rootkit/Malware tab and perform an automatic quick scan when first run. (do not use the computer while the scan is in progress)If you receive a WARNING!!! about rootkit activity and are asked to fully scan your NO.Now click the Scan button. If you see a rootkit warning window, click OK.When the scan is finished, click the Save... button to save the scan results to your Desktop. Save the file as gmer.log.Click the Copy button and paste the results into your next reply.Exit GMER and re-enable all active protection when done.-- If you encounter any problems, try running GMER in Safe Mode.
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I just upgraded to a new PC; same OS - XP pro sp2. for the first week all was fine now when I click on an excell spreadsheet excell opens BUT does not load the spreadsheet????? I checked all the folders setting and they seem right....whats up??

A:Opening An Excell Spreadsheet But Excell Won't Load It

I am unclear whether you cannot open the spreadsheet from Excel, or on the other hand you cannot open the file on your hard drive by clicking on it there. Does this happen to all spreadsheets or just one in particular? Have you checked the files Properties to see what is under "opens with'?
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Hi I don t really know how to 2000 2007 Excell to Solved: Excell ask Solved: Excell 2000 to Excell 2007 this but here goes Solved: Excell 2000 to Excell 2007 I recently bought a new PC which is running MS Office Pro My old PC has MS Office PRO When I open Excell on my old PC it comes up as quot Microsoft Excell - Personal quot Many years actually many many years ago when I started using macros I vaguelly remember doing something here creating a spreadsheet called personal which is storing all of my macros After I did what it was I did everytime I launch excell it always opens with a workbook called quot personal quot even though I have no idea where it lives It seems like I went somewhere else to set this up WHat I want to do is transfer my settings and my macros from Excell to Excell In other words I want Excell to look and function the same as my old set up I feel like a real dunce here as I don t even know if I m asking the right quesitons let alone know what to search for Can someone help Thanks nbsp

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I am working on a pc that has important wks files created in a very old Works program I believe ver There are about files I am trying to transfer these file to a new computer with MS Office installed I have read on the internet that I can open the files one at the time with Excell and save as xls Two problems with this approach I would have to do this manually one at the time and I tried this and the file files a need xls(Excell) to wks(Works) of batch covert I to will not open without and window asking me all sorts of technical questions I don't understand about the file I believe the reason for this is because the Works files were created with version maybe older and the Office version is much newer I have both and I will include a snapshot of the window that occurs when I try to open with Excell just for your viewing however I would prefer a software program that would simply convert the files I found one who's reliability is in question and it must be purchased for bucks Needless to say I am not going to purchase any software that I will use only once to convert files that are important to someone else not me I would like to help the owner upgrade to Office or Excell will accomplish I need to covert a batch of wks(Works) files to xls(Excell) the tasks he was using Works for and do it better Please offer me suggestions and I thank you

A:I need to covert a batch of wks(Works) files to xls(Excell)

This Microsoft Article should help:
Open Microsoft Works files in Excel - Excel -

and this:
Move from Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office 2010 - Excel -
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Its been a week now since i have this problem that im unable to save MSoffice files on my laptop's C drive I keep on getting the message quot Your changes cannot be saved to quot fxx xxx quot because of sharing violation quot This started when i removed my membership from administrators group to power user and change the owner from me to administrators group i did if for standard security setup in our office for all computers im part of administrator team so i know the admin password anyway Since then im not able to save any MSoffice file on c So far this is the only program that i save (excell, on files word, Unable MSoffice etc) C to know of that wont allow me to save files on c although i tried running a standalone program from D no installtion Unable to save MSoffice files (excell, word, etc) on C required and create a profile or user for that parcticular program then close the program and open it again but the profile is not being created I tried doing it using admin login and it is able to create i can also save MSoffice file on c Funny thing is on the other machine the same standard security set up is working for a power user i tried reinstalling the msoffice XP program but to no avail I tried adding my name again on the administrators group stil not able to save

A:Unable to save MSoffice files (excell, word, etc) on C

Quote: Originally Posted by 2010incubus

Its been a week now since i have this problem that im unable to save MSoffice files on my laptop's C drive. I keep on getting the message "Your changes cannot be saved to "" because of sharing violation."
This started when i removed my membership from administrators group to power user and change the owner from me to administrators group, i did if for standard security setup in our office for all computers (im part of administrator team, so i know the admin password anyway). Since then im not able to save any MSoffice file on c.
So far this is the only program that i know of that wont allow me to save files on c although i tried running a standalone program from D (no installtion required) and create a profile/or user for that parcticular program, then close the program and open it again but the profile is not being created. I tried doing it using admin login and it is able to create i can also save MSoffice file on c. Funny thing is, on the other machine the same standard security set up is working for a power user. i tried reinstalling the msoffice XP program but to no avail. I tried adding my name again on the administrators group stil not able to save.

would setting yourself up with a new account plus admin privileges work..?
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Q: Excell

I know that I can use the "find" feature to look up an item on a particular sheet in a workbook, but is there a way of using find to look up the same item in the entire workbook? It is laborious to have to go sheet to sheet to find an item.


Yes! There is a way!

First, To select all sheets in the workbook, do this:

Right-click a sheet tab, and then click "Select All Sheets" on the shortcut menu.
Then, go to Edit, Find (or ctrl+f)and enter what data you want to find. It will search through the active sheet first and then to the rest of the sheets in the workbook,

I know I can sometimes be unclear. Does this help you?
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Hi I'm hoping someone can answer this question without the difficulty that Excell MS's our friend Bill Gates seems to like to bestow on us when making quot Intuitive quot MS's Excell programing I'm trying to do a Budget on Excel and when I go to quot SUM quot the differences between Income and Expenses it does just that - ADDS them I'm trying to get it to subtract and it adds every single amp MS's Excell time I've going MS's Excell through the complete programing and I can't quot Intuit quot - find anything that will turn it's quot SUM quot which apparently also includes subtraction to S U B T R A C T This happens to me every time I try to make a budget Then it all of a sudden subtracts for no apparent reason leaving me dumb founded as to how someone can end up the amp richest man in the world on such quot Intuitive quot programing that he can't even make it easy enough to find a S U B T R A C T I O N function AGHHHHH Well I quot Imagine quot that trying to figure out how Bill Gates ended up the richest man in the world will be at least as frustrating as to try to figure out how to do a S U B T R A C T I O N formula in Excel However instead of wasting another hour to forever on that how about if someone Enlighten me as to how to do the S U B T R A C T I O N formula in Excel so that we can go back to thinking positive thoughts toward the richest man in the world Bill Gates You know the simple reason you use a computer in the first place to do the calculations for you - a S U B T R A C T I O N formula for a budget in Excel Anyone please Thank you Sincerely John

A:MS's Excell

If you want to use SUM, then make sure the cells involved will go negative.
Sum -50 and 100 will yield 50.
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I need to convert a csv file which the STREET field hes the
Street Number
Street Name
street type
All in the same field (see attacted sample) Column P,
I need the this field seperated into 3 seperate Columns
Street Number
Street Name
Street type

Anyone have any Idea how to do this???

A:Excell Help!!!

Probably won't be perfect, but will nearly get you there:

Insert a bunch (like 10) columns to the RIGHT of that column.
Select Column P.
From the menu, Data-->Text to columns
Choose Space as the delimiter

Now before you go sorting any data, go put headers into those blank column headings (row 1). Then you can sort your little heart out to find idiosyncrasies and move some of the data into the proper columns. I'm sure you'll have stupid stuff like 192 La Jolla Drive, which will break into 4 columns instead of just 3...that's what you'll want to do. Put the headings in, then sort by 10th added column; first AZ then ZA sorts. Nothing there? Delete it. Sort by 9th. Nothing there? Delete it. And so on until you find one that does have some data, then you'll start seeing things like the two-part street name issue.
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I created an excell spreadsheet / database listing of clients we have up here at our offices.

The workbook is spread across 6 sheets for 6 different sections.

Sheet 1-2 and 4-6 print fine. But when I print Sheet 3, it only prints the first 50 or so entries and prints them over 200 times.

Notice the scroll bar in this screen shot, it is half way down the page, but the listings shown are the first 50 listings in that particular sheet. and yes i know i need to update the date !!! shhh !! lol ( note page 202 of 504 )

Also when I open the spreadsheet initially, it looks normal. However, after I do a print preview and close it, it looks like this, with these little dashed lines. ( the dashes start after the last listing on the print preview page )

A:Need Excell Help Please

problem solved.

if anyone else ever has the same issue let me know i can walk you through it.
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Having upgraded from Win 7 Pro I am having problems in Win 10 Pro with MS Excel 2010.

I usually have several Excel windows open, you can select which one to work on by hovering over the Excel icon on the task bar & clicking the one you want. However, recently, when doing this, not all of the open windows are displayed. The only way I can get to the workbook I want is to click the ?Task View? button & select from there.

It seems to be one particular workbook that will not display normally. If I close all other workbooks, it appears.

Anyone else noticed this problem or has a solution?

Terry J
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How do I create a default save to file in Excell

A:Excell 97

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but you can specify a default save location via Tools, Options, General, Default File Location field.
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Q: Excell


I am looking for a way to check the check digit on UPC codes. I created UPC #s for all items but for final IT realization they need a check digit (final number that is derived from a calculation of all the numbers created in the UPC). This check digit goes at the end of the UPC.

Any clues on how can I do this



Ray, can you provide some example numbers please?
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I have been using works spreadsheet for a long time, but our school just went to Office. It worked fine for a week, but now I cannot start a new spreadsheet or even work in an old spreadsheet. All it does when I enter a spreadsheet is highlight cells. It won't even let me close down. I am having to just turn off my computer and then get all those messages about not properly shutting down before closing. I keep all my daily schedules and activities on a spreadsheet and I feel like my right arm has been cut off without being able to use the spreadsheets I need. Can you help? Have I just pushed a wrong button? Thanks for any help!

A:Need help with excell

Hit Start-Find-Files or folders. Type XLSTART in the named box. Select to look in your hard drive and include subfolders. Hit Find now.

More than one folder may come up. Double-click each one and make sure there are NO files in it. If there is, move or delete them. Relaunch Excel.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word
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I have a large spreadsheet workbook in MS Excell '97. I would like to have a rolodex type add-in so that I could click a letter at the top of the page and it would automatically scroll to the start of the names beginning with that letter. I have seen thing like this on some on-line data bases and have heard that something like this is available for Excell.
I am using Windows 98.
Thanks for help and suggestions.

[email protected]

A:MS Excell rolodex

R: I'm sure there would be a VBA solution to this, however, I don't like to use that unless I have to.

So here's a nice idea, assuming your last names are in column A (change the cell reference accordingly):

Only headings should be in Row 1, data should begin in Row 2 and no blank rows or columns in the middle of your data.

Insert a column before column A. Give it the heading "Alpha" or something like that. In cell A2, type:


This formula will give you the first letter in the last name (provided last names are in column b), even if you change the last name. Copy the formula down. Click on any cell in Column a, and hit the AZ(down arrow) button on the toolbar.

Go to Data-Autofilter. This puts dropdown arrows at the top of all columns. Hit the dropdown arrow in column a, and select the letter you'd like to go to. You can turn the autofilter off and on whenever you want. You can leave the filter on if you want.
Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word
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sorry for the length but here goes bought a laptop really liked windows that I have on desk top so went with using both computers so I moved all programs amp stuff from desk top to lap top including office xp which has word excel etc amp works perfectly on desk top but when I transfer excel files excell & Windows 7 from desk top to lap top excel can't open them also notice that on desktop files have the little green excell symbol but when loaded on lap top it dis-appears the goofy part is when I transferred about a dozen files from desk to Windows 7 & excell lap of the files looked the same green icon the other lost the icon amp can't be opened even when I click open with I can't get the excel program to even show up on the list if I click on one of the files that has the green icon it automatically opens with excel hope that's not too confusing also both computers have the same copy of office xp legal and ran micro soft up-dates service packs etc getting by by installing some excel editor free program I found but the excel issue is drving me nuts any suggestion would be welcome thanks bob

A:Windows 7 & excell

Have you tried going one or two steps further than 'Open with' ? 
When you click 'Open with' you should have an option 'Choose default program'. If you click this you will get an expanded box pop up with a 'Browse' button. Use this to find your way to the 'Excel.exe' file in your Office folder in Program files, then make sure that the 'Always use this for this type of file' button is ticked.
This should solve your problem. I move files from one computer to another fairly regularly and on the rare occasions I have had this sort of problem, this process has resolved it for me. If it doesn't work for you, post back.
Chirs Cosgrove
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I need help to figure out how to combine two excel worksheet to produce result. Example
in worksheet 1 is list of names, staff ID, region, district in A B C D columns and in worksheet 2 is a list of the same staff ID, name and comment/reason. Now I want to extract the district and region from worksheet 1 against the same name, Staff ID and reason in worksheet 2. what function in excell can help!

A:Excell function help

Vlookup should do that
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I have an excel question for u. Lets say I want to know the total days something took. I put in the "date" that something started and the "date" that it finished. What do I have to put to get the total of the days from start to end. TIA


A:Excell Question?

FBPerformance said:

I have an excel question for u. Lets say I want to know the total days something took. I put in the "date" that something started and the "date" that it finished. What do I have to put to get the total of the days from start to end. TIA

~KyleClick to expand...

End Date - Start Date
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I'm new to building formulas and need some help. WHen I'm done building my formula the only thing that displays in the cell is the formula itself, not the results.
cell L2 contents: =IF(F2="",H2,F2)

what I'm attempting to do:
if F2 is has no data, copy the contents of cell H2 into cell L2
if cell F2 has data, copy the contents of cell F2 into cell L2

according to what I've read this formula should work. But when I hit <return> after the ), nothing happens. The contents of cell L2 shows my formula.

I hope I'm explaining this correctly. THanks

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I have recently set up my old white box 1 gig AMD Athlon computer for my wife in a little home office. She would love to work on some Excel documents that she brings home from work. However, I do not have an up-to-date version of Excel on my computer, just an old copy of Excel for Windows 95. Is there some kind of workaround that she can use? I don't have the 400 odd dollars for an up-to-date copy of Excel that would be compatable with her work computer.

A:Excell Workaround?

There is something called OPEN OFFICE. Might answer your need. I never used or saw it, but read about it I think in these forums.

Another option is to save the workbooks at work using File/Save and then select Excel5/95 version, or even a dual version. A bit of a pain long term but so is 400 bucks. BTW I think I saw Excel, just Excel, not office, at Staples or someplace for roughly $100 - might have been an upgrade, not sure.
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Hi, THis is driving me crazy. I want to hightlight a section of data in my spreadsheet. I'm hold down the left side of my mouse and move the mouse in a downward direction. Everything is highlighting just fine until I reach the the bottom of what's being displayed on my screen. THan it speeds up. So fast that I go right by the point that I want to stop at. I than try scrolling up and it does the same thing in reverse. Is there a way to control the speed when highlighting data.

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WIndow 2007, XP


I need some help with an Excell formula.

I need to add a new line everytime a particular cell in a line has a certain value.


Prod Teapot ID400 8

If colum D=8, add a new line and populate cell 2B=SP and cell 2C - XXXX. The end result would look like this.

Prod Teapot ID400 8
Thanks in advance.

PS: I don't know how to past my spreedsheed into a post so the colums line up so having to use "." to seperate them. If someone knows a better way to post this, suggestions are welcome.

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Feel free to leave any comments about any of the programs.

A:What is better Excell or Access

Its hard to compare the two. They both are excellent in what they do.
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When trying to open a hyperlink in excell it gives this error message. Your organization's policies  are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info please contact your help desk. This is a home computer not a business computer so i am not sure what to do?
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Hi Everybody

I have an annoyingproblem in my Excel 2003. I will enter numbers like $53.34, $2.70 etc thenafter I go to the next cell the numbers will automatically go the next highestdollar $53.34 to $54.00 and $2.70 to $3.00 etc.

And then when I addtotals in a column the total will also go to the next highest dollar.

Is there anysolutions for this?

Thank You

A:Excell Numbers

Hiya is this any good.
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excell 2007 does not do a total sum since I downloaded the vista ultimate, at first I had the vista home premium and the office 2007 worked well with it, but with the ultimate version I"m having troubles with the ecxell formulas, mainly the total sum?What can i do?

A:excell 2007

??? I have Vista 64-bit with Office 2007. I just highlight the column and select the Sigma symbol. It gives me a total sum (e.g., =SUM(C6:C8) ).

Do you see the autosum symbol? If yes, what happens when you highlight the cells and click the symbol?
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operating system is XP professional
software is office 98
program is speadsheet
When I type the digit 2 in the ones or tenth place in a number, the digit 2 is changed to a five. The way I enter the number 82 is typing "=82-3". The result is 85 shows up in the cell. This occurs when I open a new spreadsheet and immediately type the digit 2.
Has anyone seen this happen before?
Is there a way I could have set all new speadsheets to round, average or something?

A:excell, changing 2 to 5

Could be, though I thought that could only happen after the decimal. I know I've never seen that, and I can't see anything obvious in the Excel configuration that would cause it.
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Is there a way to display zero (or nothing) when datas are missing for a formula? Instaed of #N/A in excell?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 75580 MB; D: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 57499 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G31M-S2L

When I try to clear the print area, I go to Page layout then Print Area and try to clear the are from the drop down menu, however nothing happens. I need to change the current print area and replace it with another. Any solution please?

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Hi to all,
Can you please tell me how i can do a number counter in excell. i have 1 book= 3 sheets and i want 1 counter between the 3 sheets. i produce certificates with serial numbers and have three different types to produce but the serial numbers must follow on. Is it possible please!! i am not so good with macros

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What formula do I use if I have an amount of for example 500 and that is inclusive of 14% sales tax and I want the amount the sales tax alone is

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Ok family,

I need to know how to do the following. I have two list of names (approximately 200 names each). I need to compare the two list to find out what names are the same and what are the new names that have been added to the list.

How would I do this in excell?


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I had a Microsoft pro 2002 pentium 3.00 GHz, 2.99GHz, 480MB RAM. I now have a Micro Soft XP 2002 Dell Dimens DIM300 2.80GHz, 2.79GHz, 512MB RAM. I transferd every thing I had in Word and Excell over however I cant seem to open them now. This computer does not seem to have Word or Excell. Were should I get those?



A:What do I do now? word/excell

you need to install ms office of the disk which came with your original PC if you cant get this you may need to purchase it.

If you don't wish to buy it you could download word and excel viewer off the MS website to view them and download this program open office at it is a free worksuite just have a look at the site
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I am making a form for work and I've got the whole thing figured out, but there is one problem with one of the formulas that is not working out so well.
I've attached the form for you to see.
In the "PRICE" column I've created a formula to look at the "Product" and the "Location" and create the price from that. It is linked to the "Product" tab. However, it will only show the price of which ever line is in the formula and will not let me refer to each line.
For example, the formula is:
So it show the price of product in line 4, not for 2 and 3. It does change with the location like I want it to, just wont change with the product type.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I've been maintaining a log of my stock trading activity using an excell spreadsheet. I don't know why it took me so long to think of this but I know it's possible for me to have the price of the stock automatically update end-of-day...I just don't know how to do it! Anyone who knows how I can set this up please give me some pointers. Thanx!

A:OLE in Excell 2002

Have you looked at Microsoft Money? It does what you want to do automatically.
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I need to put headings in the first row of a excell spreadsheet
for example a1: must be DATE and b1: must be TIME
then I need these headings to stay there while I scroll down
the rest of the rows.
This will enable me to have the headings on top while I am
putting data in line 500 for example.

Can anyone please help me and tell me if this will be possible ?

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hi , any one can help me ? how to copy&paste data cell from multiple work sheets(total 50 worksheets) onto to new work sheets (monthly report)
for sample , on worksheet 1. A1 cells value is 45
work sheet 2. A1 cells value is 32
work sheets 3. A1 cells value is 56
and alll value cells (45,32& 56) will paste to monthly report worksheet
thank raslaffan

A:excell code

excell codeClick to expand...

Sub Macro1()
Sheets.Add Before:=Sheets(1)
ActiveSheet.Name = "Monthly Report"
For i = 1 To Sheets.Count - 1
Cells(i, 1) = Sheets(i + 1).Cells(1, 1).Value
Next i
End Sub

Welcome to the board.
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I am using 3 cells in excel. Cell C2 has a date of 2/10/2010 and I am using cell N2 to add 10 months for 12/10/2010. Cell E2 when filled out needs to go to Cell N2 with 10 months being added to that date and remove/overwrite info that cell C2 had completed. Can this be done?

A:Excell Formatting

can you load sample data excel spreadsheet

not sure i fully understand the requirement , can you explain a little more - or show on the spreadsheet
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Hi is there such a thing as a quick guide to using Excell Spreadsheets/charts ?

Need to use for information figures before end of mth !
Long shot but worth a try......


A:Excell 2000 ?

Open Excel, press F1
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I'm pretty new to Excell and I constantly have to browse through the help section to figure out how to do use different function. I couldn't find any answar to my problem so I figured this is the place to ask.

Now, I'm trying to sum data from the same columns in different sheets, but I can't figure out the formula.

Let's say I want to sum data from columns B22:B28 in Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 and Sheet 4.

How do I write this formula? I have no problems summing from one sheet, =SUM(Sheet1!B22:B28), but when I try to add more sheets to the formula it all just gets messed up.

Hope any of you provides me with an answer!



A:SUM in Excell problem


There is a limit of 30 columns. Just make sure that the cell range is corract with all the puncuations and there is a comma inbetween the ranges. There is no spaces either, like my formula shows.

You don't have to put SHEET1 in if the formula is on SHEET1, though it doesn't matter really, the worksheet will know what to do. Just keep within the formula.
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I have an excell spreadsheet which allows me to enter data in U.S. measurement and then converts to International via a simply multiplier.
I would like to reverse the process and be able to enter International data and have it divide to convert to U.S. but because it's a regresion analysis The graphics are not correct .
Any Excel Mavin's out there?
[email protected]

A:Excell Spreadsheet

Can you .ZIP and post your workbook?
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I can't find excell on my computer,how do I retrieve it?

A:Excell Disappeared

Hello,Have you deleted it by any chance? if you look in program files them Microsoft office it may still be there.If you go to start then search, type excel see if it comes up with any results.Hope this helps
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I have got a document in excel that records the hours that agency work for us what i with formula excell help want to be able to do is put a formula in to calculate the cost But each agency have a different rate and also they have a different rate for nights and weekends So if an agency started at say he help with excell formula would be on day rate up until then he goes on to night rate so it needs to be able to work out when to change the rate Would it be easier to put all the information about the rates in a separate sheet or the relevant information on the same sheet as the agency if i need to set a vlookup table how would i do that in col i have date col name col start time col finish time col total hours worked this is - min for a break that we don t pay them for col overtime worked col cost Which is where i am having the trouble Each agency has a different night start time some start from and some start from but they all finish at how would it calculate say if you started at your night rate started at it would be hours at day rate and the rest at night rate is there a formula that could break it down like that And also on a weekend is there a formula that would be able to tell it was a weekend by the date entered in col nbsp

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Can anybody help to convert Row to Column.


C1 C2
R1 CNU113311 CNU1222,CNU12223,CNU1228
R2 CNU112211 CNU32211,CNU13445,CNU1113,CNU5678,CNU3456,CNU1276
I want data as
CNU113311 CNU1222
CNU113311 CNU12223
CNU113311 CNU1228
CNU112211 CNU32211
CNU112211 CNU13445



Please pase where and how to paste macro as i am beigneer.

Thanks in advance

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Sometimes when I try to save my excell workbook I get the error "Document Not Saved". I have tried to save the document in a different location, under a new name, and as a different type of file (Template etc) but I get the same error. I changed from Office 97 to 2000 and I am still getting the same error message. If I kill the job and load the workbook it will work for awhile but I lose any changes I made between the last save and killing the job, and the error always comes back eventually.
Any incites would be very appreciated.

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How do I get rid of duplicates in an Excell spreadsheet. Some of these spread sheets are 12,000 lines long and I hate scrolling through. Isn't there a command that will eliminate dupes?

A:Excell--Getting Rid of Duplicates

Will you be deciding that a duplicate exists because one row is the same in (for instance) column A, or because all of the values in all of the columns match another record. In other words, when compared to


which of the following will you delete?

1) A......A......A
2) A......B......A
3) A......B......C
4) All of the above.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word
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I run excell 2008 for mac and need assistance with an formula I cannot get right.
If say cell G9 on an invoice sheet ( which is a month like Jan, Feb...) = the corresponding months in say cells E35 through E46 (which are months Jan through Dec on a Revenue tracking sheet) Then put the dollar amount from say cell F24 from the invoice sheet to the Revenue tracking sheet in say cell F35 through F46 (which is next to the months in cells E35 through E46 to correspond with the correct months.
Also add any other invoice totals with the matching months to the correct cells on the Revenue tracking sheet to keep a running tally. I don't know if this is even possible, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have excel 2007 does anybody know how can I make a Pivot table Look like a classis Pivot table layout to be as a default ?

Relevancy 39.13%

Is anyone is an expert in excel 2007?

A:Excell 2007

Hi there,

Is this the same question as the PivotTable question? If so, stay in one thread per topic. If not, just ask your question.

To answer your question, yes, there are Excel experts who are also experts in 2007 as well here.
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I have been trying to figure out how to make this idea work I write a schedule every month that involves - workers I want to be able to put their names on the schedule as i do i get the follow info Number of total shifts number of opening middle amp Closing shifts Number of specific days number of shifts for each shift and days for example if i put Bob in on Thursday at pm Friday at pm and Saturday at pm Sally in on thursday Friday at pm sat at pm I would get a report saying Bob total shifts Total Thursdays Total Friday Total saturdays Total pm shifts Total pm shifts Total pm shifts Sally total shifts Total Thursdays Total Friday Total saturdays Total pm shifts Total pm shifts Total pm shifts So in summary i need to make sure get equal share of Access Help or Excell shifts Names would be drop downs No duplicates allowed on shifts Totals on Days Shifts and total shifts Second sheet Next each worker need to enter Excell or Access Help Hourly info House Excell or Access Help money taken in Tips taken in House Excell or Access Help to tip ratio Time on the floor with House and Tips per hour Cash in and cash out Example of this one attached although I want it to be in a Input Form they can use to enter but not see results More explanation to follow nbsp
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I have an excell spread sheet that i use as my timesheet.For 20 weeks I have inputed the week-end date and this automaticaly cacades the previous week dates underneath in boxes as designed.
Now when I in put the date all I get cascading down are asterix filled boxes.

Is this a Windows Me conflict with office 2000? It has left me very puzzled.I have the correct result on NT,Windows 98 machines
Any help would be vey welcome on this

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Let's say I have datas from a1 to a100. The other cells in column a are empty.
If I clic "insert" "chart" and "finish" Excel create a nice chart and detect automaticaly the filled cells and forget the empty cells.
Now is it possible to ask Excell to automaticaly extent the range if I add more datas in empty cells?

For example, if after creating the chart with only a1 to a100 filled, I enter datas in cells a101 to a150, the chart will display the datas from a1 to a150. is it a way to do this?

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How does one limit the number of avaiable rows and/or columns in a worksheet or workbook?
All at once when I open a new workbook in excell 2000 I have 65512 rows available and when I want to print out only the current worksheet my printer tries to print 100 pages????? or more.
Silly question but can not find the answer in XL Help.
Tks BobA
I can of course just select the area to print but that is a nuisance.

A:Windows Excell 2000

Hi alder343!

The rows and columns are references and the ones that don't get used don't take any room. Usually it's graphics and data that take up the most room, then calculations.

When you print, there should be a setting for printing the 'Selection', the 'Entire Workbook', or 'Active sheets'. Check to see if it is set ok...

If you just want to print a sentence out of a page, highlight(select) the sentence, click File, Print, make sure that 'Selection' is chosen in the print settings, and click ok.

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Hello there!
I am working on a database for work two of the tables are of customers and distributors contact details which are are excell spreadsheets that have been exported from sage.
These spreadsheets are all over the place ie I need to list the postcodes in a form in access but they are not all in one column in the excell sheet!
does anyone know a way, using a macro perhaps, to sort through the excell sheets and putting all postcodes into a certain column???
thanks for the help!

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somehow, somewhere in my excel spreadsheet, i have an automatic link to another workbook. however, i can't find the cell in my workbook with the link so i can delete it.

maybe its in the background somewhere. anyone know how i can find/delete it!


going crazy!

A:ms excell - automatic links

There are many reasons and ways to have the links lost. Equally many to fix. I don't know your workbook, so I can only suggest few things to look at/try before you go crazy

1. Try to find what it links to. If the workbook(s) came by mail and you placed one somewhere, the linked workbook may still be where your mail goes, for instance c:\temp. it would be best to find it, open both books, break the link if you think you don't need it by doing copy and paste value in the cell(s) using the linked data.

2. Similar scenario might be that you copied 1 of 2 workbooks someplace, and the original is still sitting there. Are these your files?

3. On the Insert menu, review named areas. Some may tell you exactly what workbook is linked. The linked workbook name will be in square brackets [ ].

4. On the Edit menu, review the link itself - it tells the path just before it got lost.

5. If you can't find the linked file, the hard way is to set the worksheet to show formulas only instead of normal values, and read the formulas which might well contain the information. The setting is on the options menu.

Do not delete anything, because the spreadsheet is unlikely to work if you break the link.
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I am creating a spreadsheet to keep track of some Bible study material (I am hoping to use Excel rather than a database).

Bible books are not listed alphabetically, so I did a vlookup to assign a book number to a reference. Sometimes it is faster to look things up alphabetically, sometimes by order of book- however, I have not been able to sort the resultant "book numbers" to create the list of material sorted by the way things are arranged in the Bible-- can you suggest a way to do it? (I want to view the material each way as I wish).

For example; Genesis is book 01, Exodus is book 02, Leviticus is book 03, etc. If I attempt to sort the material by book number- nothing happens. (Alphabetically, no problem- because that material is typed in).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Excell- Help with sorting

If your VLOOKUP worked successfully, why not insert a new column to the right of the names, insert a new VLOOKUP in there to lookup the names in your first VLOOKUP but show the numerical values. Then copy and paste special, values to change the new VLOOKUP from formulas to the numerical values. Maybe then cut and paste the numbers to the left of the names, but then you would have a column with numbers and one with names.
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My computer did an automatic update today - and now I can't open Microsoft Excel (where I just happen to have all my business accounts!!!)I also get a message about having to reinstall msi.dll - don't know if it is the reason I can't use Excel.Can anyone help???Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Excell

try using the run command and type
excel.exe /firstrun
and see if that will fire up OK.
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Hello everyone nice to be here. I work for a company that has been updating there applications from Office 2000 to Office 2007. Been some problems here and there but one really sticks out. When people go to open a excell document with a shortcut to that file excell will open but will not display any data. You have to click minimize to get it to do so. I have checked for add ins and updates that might conflict and have not found any. All add ins are turned off by default. My computer I work on does not do it because when I started I did not start with Office 2000 I went ahead and installed 2007. Also I did a fresh install from scratch on my computer most other employees that get a computer have been ghosted from a image.

A:Excell 2007 Problems

Hi nerdboy20

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Does the same behavior occur if they create a fresh shortcut to the Excel file?
If not, the target of the original shortcut may need to be updated or just deleted and recreated.

Let us know what you find.
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I have 2 seperate columns for an address. One is the number portion of the address and the other is the Name if the street. I need these to be in the same column, how?

I did a search and the formula that was suggested did not work. Any suggestions would be great.

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My daughter has managed to lose my FILE and EDIT menu in Excell, when I came to the rescue instead of the usual mouse pointer there was an oblong box which I recognized from editing your menus

Ive been into Customize but cant find how to get back a lost menu. Done a system restore, thats not solved.

Thank you

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I obviously did something stupid recently whilst trying to redo the settings on Word.
Now every time I want to open a Word or Excell file I get the following messages:
Windows cannot find the file etc. etc.
Installation Error: Installation file SKU113.CAB could not be found.
I am then asked to insert the CD of Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003, which I do. But then what do I do?

any hints welcome!

A:[SOLVED] Word and Excell

Often when programs act up you simply uninstall the program then reinstall it. If you still have problems then try uninstalling again with Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems
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Some friends are sending me files in excell and they are not opening in my microsoft works 4.5 spreadsheet???

what can I do? is there a work-a-round?



A:microsoft works 4.5/excell

ask them to send them as *.csv format & works should then recognise & open them.

I assume they are using excell 2000/2002 as works 4.5 opens excell 97 files ok
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Hi I have an urgent problem I have these datas Each list is different and doesn t have all the letter symbols and not in the same order f BC BI X D Total m BC D Total f BC D X AC AN Total etc there are hundreds of lists like that all differents then I have this list of letter symbols that I have to fill in the full list BC AC CC BI LI FI AN AA X U D T I need for each list to look for the in front of one letter symbol and put it in front of the same (urgent!) (another) Excell Formula letter symbol in the (another) Excell Formula (urgent!) full list For example from list one I (another) Excell Formula (urgent!) need to take the in front of BC and copy it in front of BC in the full list Then do it again with BI X etc Then do it again with the next lists to have the following table imagine that are empty cells BC AC CC BI LI FI AN AA X U D Is there any formula to do this nbsp

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Hey everyone, I guess I have a doubt that should be pretty simple for you guys.
Say i have a some data in sheet1, 4 columns with a independent number of rows.
On sheet2 I have a template, and I wanna have that data there too but as I dont know how many rows Im gonna need how do I import that data?
Thanks guys

A:Add rows automatically in excell

I'm not sure I understand your question... could you give a little more detail please?
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Looking for help i hope that the example attached is explanation enough to be able to answer my question. thanks

A:Solved: excell help 2007

as long as only one will have a value in it - =IF(E5>0,H5*20%,H6*20%)
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What i want to do is take a start date and then get it to count the number of days between the end date

IE: A1 would be 12/09/03 A2 would be the end date and A5 would hold the formula.
So if a chart was issued on 12/09/03 it would count the number of days and display in A5 until the chart was returned and the date of return was put in col A2 then A5 Should be blank.

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Is there a function to move around a workbook or to a worksheet.
I know how to use goto and the address bar, I just need to adimate

A:Excell move function

Press F1 to get the help dialogue box type in the text box

Keyboard shortcuts

and you will find a lot of answers to your question.

However, here are 3 that are very useful for switching between worksheets and Workbooks
Move to the next sheet in the workbook.
Move to the previous sheet in the workbook.
When more than one workbook window is open, switch to the next workbook window.
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Windows 10 is giving me problems with excell.
I have downloaded language pack to English uk which has sorted day/mm/yr problem but now I cannot select content to be sorted into date order, so frustrating!!!!!

A:Windows 10 corrupted excell

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Windows 10 is giving me problems with excell.
I have downloaded language pack to English uk which has sorted day/mm/yr problem but now I cannot select content to be sorted into date order, so frustrating!!!!! That's inside settings menu, in country localizations
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Hello,In excellI have a monthly budget spreadsheet column A is the names of my bills, problem is my spreadsheet has many columns and I am always having to slide back to col. A to see what the bill is. Many years ago when I was in school I remember that the name column would travel to your active clo. can anyone help.ThanksGarymessage edited by altuna1968

A:Traveling column in excell

You should remove your email address from your post.Are you talking about freezing the panes so that you can see the first Column and Row? Click in cell B2. Click View, Freeze Panes, and select the option you want.
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Hi, IŽd like to know if it is possible (and if that is the case, how) to use an excel formula that contains if, and, or (all 3 in the same formula).

this is what I had in mind, but I did not get the result I expected.

" =If(Or(And(Psych!R11="+"|Psych!Q8>=4|Or(Psych!O11="-")))|1|"") "

(In this case, eventhough Psych!o11="-" (True), I still get a blank cell as a result instead of a 1.

I do appreciate your help.

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I need some help to finish this formula:

in col A1 I have a start date, col B1 a finish date and in D1 I have the following formula =IF(ISBLANK(A1),"",IF(COUNT(B1),"",INT(TODAY()-A1))) now that works OK, what i want to do is put a formula in E1 that will look at the result of D1 and if it is greater than 10 Put send out 1st letter, this is what i have done =IF(D1>10,"send Letter","") but it puts send letter no matter what is in E1



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How do I combine these two formulas to work in the same cell?



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How would one know how many pixels the width is of a column in excell? Im using Excell 97.

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Hi all,

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday I had a problem with removing Shopathome from my pc. I backed up my Excel files to a diskette in order to use GoBack to restore my pc. I then copied the Excel files back to the hard drive. Now when I try to run a macro Excel accesses the diskette and says that the file I'm using is already open. Is there a way I can redirect Excel to the original macros?

Thanks in advance.


I figured it out.

A:[SOLVED] Excell macros are gone

I figured it out.
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I am having trouble finding an easy way to copy and paste the following data so that it will automatically fill in the correct formula Every fourth row the number increments by one The example below shows rows that refer to Solved: Excell Formula the th row before it moves to the th Solved: Excell Formula row If I were it copy and paste this it would increment every row The paticular workbook Solved: Excell Formula I am working on has rows and columns Every column in a row refers to the same row but sometimes a different page Example IF Summer Input F quot quot quot quot Summer Input F IF Summer Input H quot quot quot quot Summer Input H IF Summer Input G quot quot quot quot Summer Input G IF Summer Input I quot quot quot quot Summer Input I IF Summer Input F quot quot quot quot Summer Input F IF Summer Input H quot quot quot quot Summer Input H IF Summer Input G quot quot quot quot Summer Input G IF Summer Input I quot quot quot quot Summer Input I Thanks Joe nbsp

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I am attempting to move from Quattro Pro 8 to Excel 2002.

With Quattro Pro...


equals 2993.94

With excel same formular produces error..

All cells have same text and/or numbers.

I want the Sum Total of {J601:J621 + K601:K621 + L601:L621}
if {A601:A621} contains MO1


equals 0 and it should equal 2993.94

All feedback welcomed...can not find assistance with the excel help functions with this specific problem.

Thank you, noveltech.

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Hi I have a problem with my excel I use microsoft office I need fields merging Excell to know how to merge files into one lt EDIT by ETAF Take certain cells from Excel and merge them into a Word document examples of word and excel are in a later post and highlighted the cells that needed to be move from Excel and where inserted into Word gt Example I have a Tae Kwon Do Studio Excell merging fields and my students are all doing test I have the test form that I setup in excel and in another file I have the name of all the students How can I insert in the test file the name of the students that are testing Do I have to type the name one by one I am sure there is a way to merge a field to fill the blank on the test paper right if any one knows how please let me know It will be very helpful Thank you Jaime nbsp

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when i am trying to open previously saved excell file by double clicking the file does not open . excell is not able to detect it.i stare at a grey page. however i can browse and open this file .what is the problem

Relevancy 38.7%

I am running Microsoft XP Prof 2002 SP3 with Microsoft office 2007 everything works like it should accept for Excel when I open it it appears to open and directly goes to the minimize position in task bar and never really opens up I have checked for updates none I am up to date I tried repair feature same result I then uninstalled and ran updates same results removed any updates regarding Excel again same result Excel looks to open then goes directly to task bar in minimize state Please help

A:Excell opens in task bar

It might be trying to open off screen. Try using your windows+arrow keys after it opens to move it left or right.
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Hi Guys
Thanks for looking in.
My problem is every time I try to open excell , it tries to open with front page
which it cannot do
I have tried right clicking and "open with" , with no success
Any help appreciated

A:weird excell problem

what happens when you try and "open with" ?
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Is there a way to enter a simple formula or routine in Excell to subtract one date/time from another and get a result in hours:minutes? I have tried several formulas, and got one that works 99% of the time, except when the same number of minutes is in both dates. When that occurrs, the hour is one less. My formula is:


A:Excell Date Math

hillrp said:

Is there a way to enter a simple formula or routine in Excell to subtract one date/time from another and get a result in hours:minutes? I have tried several formulas, and got one that works 99% of the time, except when the same number of minutes is in both dates. When that occurrs, the hour is one less. My formula is:

=CONCATENATE(INT((B1-A1)*1440/60),":",IF(MINUTE(B1)-MINUTE(A1)<0,MINUTE(B1)-MINUTE(A1)+60,MINUTE(B1)-MINUTE(A1)))Click to expand...


B1-A1 and custom format the cell that houses the formula as [h]:mm
Relevancy 38.7%

is it possible to apply some validation so that the same number cannot appear in a column

Relevancy 38.7%

I dont know if it is possible to do this but I have been frustrated with the limitations of the shading colours in Excell.

Just downloaded a template document from and in this document in the shade box it has lots of differnet colours that I havent got in my Excell 2003. (The colours im excited about are 3 shades of grey and pale blues)

I pasted the whole document into a blank one of mine and all the colours changed to purples and bright oranges.

I know you have the option of more colours in word - but where is it in Excell.

Relevancy 38.7%

OK. Say i had a list of strings like this


I need something that will count up how many of each individual string in the range (a2:a<ect>) then return what one has the highest count. In this case, it's "was". I'm tallying votes for the school newspaper. I could use
=COUNTIF(bla:bla,bla), but that requires me to know each value type and then do a function for each, that is VERY inconvenient. So, no countif unless absolutley necessary

If i didn't explain it well enough, just let me know.

Relevancy 38.7%

I have an exported csv file that is a monthly report I need to generate into catagories with page breaks and needs to look SHARP.. Minor calculations, but need ease of use every month.. I am sure someone can do it with macros

Any Takers

Relevancy 38.7%

I have set up table in Excel where employees are listed down the side and SOP s are listed across Excell Simple formulas the top and I enter a in every cross referenced square to indicate they have Simple Excell formulas been trained on each SOP What I would like is to have a sheet that reads this data and then allows me to sort by name what SOP s each employee has been trained on AND be able to alternately sort by SOP and be given a list of employees trained In addition I would like a way to be told what SOP s each employee REMAINS to be trained on I understand the IF function but don t know how to do like a mass check instead of a single cell check Any help is greatly appreciated In addition if you feel I could better be served using Access feel free to explain how I might go about that I ve never used Access before Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 38.7%

Before upgrading to Office SB 2003, I could email as attachment directly from those docs through Outlook Express. Now they automaticly go through Outlook. I do not use OL and do not have accounts setup in OL. How can I get my Office docs to go through OE instead?

A:Emailing from Word, Excell ......

How about Uninstalling Outlook, to see if it makes a difference? I couldn't find the issue on the MS site
Relevancy 38.7%

I do not have Excel---I have Word 2002. Is it possible to download an Excel spreadsheet into Word 2002? I have seen instructions re this b4 but I believe it was a feature beginning with Word 2003. Any guidance appreciated.

A:Excell and Word spreadsheets

Is this what your looking for?
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I have encountered a problem where an excell sheet
Generated on one computer in a network with the proper margins
When opened by a different computer comes up with different margins, column widths,etc and print area changes.

Is there a prefence settig that will cure this?
Or is this a printer driver issue.

I am working on 2000 Pro
Some of the other Workstation are on NT and 2000 Pro