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Solved: Renaming all files in a Directory

Q: Solved: Renaming all files in a Directory

I know how to change each file name individually but I was wondering if there was a way to cycle through the directory and change the file name. I have about 40 files, that I re-use on a weekly basis, and the naming convention they use is 1111_Name_Date.xls, I tried using the Right Function and taking the Right, 4, but the bad part is sometimes it is more than just 4 Leading characters. The only thing I want changed is the Date on the end. I want it to remove the old date, and add today's date. Is this possible?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Renaming all files in a Directory

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I renamed a directory and created a new shortcut to the executable. But, after I renamed it, I could not get into the software. Double-Clicking on the executable would flash the hourglass and then nothing. I was able to start the program from the backup CD with no problems.

When I renamed the directory back to what it was I was able to execute the program.

Why would that happen and is there a setup/control file on the computer that is incorrect? A registry issue of sorts? I have renamed the directory for this software multiple times on other computers with no problems whatsoever.

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I have a user with that just got married and needs to change her last name. If I do a rename in Active Directory, how long does it take for this to replicate throughout the system. In the past, we always seem to get hosed up a bit because the system still remembers the old information in some cases (i.e. updating global address books, contact lists, e-mails getting to the right source). Any advice would be appreciated.
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Hi to anyone who can advise me files Renaming Solved: MP3 please I have loads of MP files Solved: Renaming MP3 files that are Solved: Renaming MP3 files all correctly titled Solved: Renaming MP3 files with name and year When I want to burn any to an audio CD I put the chosen ones in a folder and then add etc just in front of the titles This makes it easier when adding to Roxio Nero for burning I don t always get the order as I want it in one go so I therefore have to keep changing the sequence What I mean is I then change number to then maybe a different number agin to change the order to get it exactly as I want them to play on the CD before eventually burning Can you please tell me if keep renaming the files in this manner will actually harm the quality of the MP s It s just that lately I have noticed that some files sound a little bit bubbly and when I go and check on a backup disc the ones in question seem to sound better or OK I am sure it isn t my imagination What I used to do is put the MP s in order once copied to Nero but this takes far longer than getting the order right beforehand if you see what I mean I look forward to hearing from anyone Maureen nbsp

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I have a new PC and I am having trouble renaming files. For example jpeg pics and downloaded video clips. I right click on the file or picture and then a menu appears. I select rename and a little box appears and allows me to type in the new name but when I hit the enter key I get a warning that renaming the file extentiion may make the file unreadable and gives me an option of yes or no for renaming.
If I select yes the icon changes to a square with little coloured bits in it and the square has the top righthand conner folded over. The file will then not open.
On my old computer I changed the file names and picture names with no trouble with the right click method but now I can't.
Please can somone help.
I have xp home installed.
Thanks XBR.

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I have an RCA Lyra MP3 player. When I download an audio file from a website I belong to (I am a paid member, it is not illegal and it's not music) it downloads by a certain name that the website has given it.

I then change the name on my computer and copy the file to my player. When I go to play the file the original name of the file is still there on the display. The name always begins with the name of the website and this player has a very small display so if I don't change the name I will never know what I am listening to.

If I open up the player contents on my computer it shows the filenames that I have given it....but when I play the files I see the original filenames.

This is very frustrating. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Hi, I hope you can help me. Yesterday I noticed a strange problem occuring when I try to rename files. I get a message saying "If you change a file name extension, the file may become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?"

If i click yes, it converts the file into some unusable file that i can't open.

I thought the problem may have been caused by a program I tried called CCleaner, which includes a registry cleaner. However, I kept backups of the deleted registry entries, and restored them when I noticed this problem. But that failed to solve it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have had problems with the msvcrt dll file causing crashes in Adobe After reading for possible fixes I tried renaming msvcrt dll in c windows system to msvcrt Renaming & Solved: msvcrt.dll files deleting old with the intention Solved: Renaming & deleting msvcrt.dll files of pasting in a different version of msvcrt dll Whenever msvcrt dll is renamed or deleted however a new one is automatically regenerated If a msvcrt dll file is present a newer version cannot be pasted over it as an error comes up that the file already exists Somehow can t remember now I did manage to get a different version of msvcrt dll into the folder So then I had the original msvcrt dll named msvcrt old and the pasted in version was msvcrt dll This didn t fix my problem however so then I tried changing back This is where my new problem is - I can t change back to the old version of msvcrt dll If I delete the existing new dll file a copy is automatically regenerated I can t replace it by pasting over it If I delete it a new one is generated I can t rename the old file to msvcrt dll as I get the message that one already exists I tried rebooting and looked for a command prompt but I only appeared to have an option of safe mode with prompt which was a command prompt within safe mode windows I tried deleting and renaming there but the process was not allowed How can I change these files back or how do I get to a proper DOS prompt nbsp

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Hello I am trying to make a batch file that can rename all files in the folder with a new name which contain the last modified date time and digits of randomly generated number with the format YY MM DD HH MM SS jpg I tried to google myself but I do not know what to do with the results Here is what I have at the moment The following batch command renames my files with a [SOLVED] help [batch need files file] renaming bunch of random numbers Used most of the code from here Code ECHO OFF SETLOCAL EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion FOR F quot tokens quot A IN 'DIR A -D B' DO IF NOT A nx SET Use xA SET NewName random random random random random Use RENAME quot A quot quot NewName quot Then I found the following from here which can identify the last modified date for [SOLVED] [batch file] renaming files need help me Should be relevant to what I need Code FOR IN file to be queried DO ECHO File Name Only n ECHO File Extension x ECHO Name in notation sn ECHO File Attributes a ECHO Located on Drive d ECHO File Size z ECHO [SOLVED] [batch file] renaming files need help Last-Modified [SOLVED] [batch file] renaming files need help Date t ECHO Parent Folder dp ECHO Fully Qualified Path f ECHO FQP in notation sf ECHO Location in the PATH dp PATH Lastly I found this from here It has the option for me to define digits so it seems useful Code set number for L j in do set number random number So how to combine them and create what I am looking for Please help

A:[SOLVED] [batch file] renaming files need help

is it just me or there is no Edit button? anyway,

I just found this, which could be extremely useful
Rename Files to Match Date/Time Stamp |

In their example, they compiled the following

FOR %%V IN (%1) DO FOR /F "tokens=1-5 delims=/: " %%J IN ("%%~tV") DO IF EXIST %%L%%J%%K_%%M%%N%%~xV (ECHO Cannot rename %%V) ELSE (Rename "%%V" %%L%%J%%K_%%M%%N%%~xV)
with some rearrangement (if i got it right)

FOR %%V IN (%1) DO (
FOR /F "tokens=1-5 delims=/: " %%J IN ("%%~tV") DO (
IF EXIST %%L%%J%%K_%%M%%N%%~xV (
ECHO Cannot rename %%V
) ELSE (
Rename "%%V" %%L%%J%%K_%%M%%N%%~xV
The code in the example above did no work right out of the box, so I used some of it, combined with what I had earlier and made the following. This one do not generate random numbers.


FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A IN ('DIR /A:-D /B') DO (
IF NOT %%A==%~nx0 (
FOR /F "tokens=1-5 delims=/: " %%J IN ("%%~tV") DO (
RENAME "%%A" %%L%%J%%K_%%M%%N%%~xV
but it did not work, and in return,

A duplicate file name exists, or the file
cannot be found.
A duplicate file name exists, or the file
cannot be found.
Press any key to continue . . .
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I recently built a new pc and I am using Windows 7. I work with a large number of jpg files. Most of the time I rename these files by using a date format such as 2010.11.08. I have noticed that when I use the date format in Windows 7--such as: 2010.11.08-- and hit the "enter" key the files are renamed: 2010.11 (1) etc and NOT the complete date (2010.11.08 (1) ---if I use a date format such as 2010-11-08 OR if I rename the files 2010.11.08 a I don't have that problem. This problem only happens when I rename a group of jpg files (more than one)?it does not happen if I rename only one file. I never had this kind of problem when I was using XP?Is Windows 7 different in this respect????

I have exhausted my FAQ files and have not been able to get an answer to this question.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7-renaming groups of jpg files with date format 2010.11.09

At a guess - it is interpreting the last part of the date format (eg .08) as a file extension. However when you go to rename just one it ignores the extension.

Go to Start -> type Folder Options press enter -> go to View tab -> scroll down and untick the box beside "Hide extensions for known file types"

Then go back to the folder with the pictures in it and you may be able to see where the missing part of the file name has gone.
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I need some help in figuring out how to copy a whole bunch of files from a directory tree to a single directory. I looked at all the xcopy switches, but none of them look like they will do what I want it to do. If I use the /S switch, it will keep the directory structure. Any ideas?

A:Help with copying files from a directory tree to a single directory

Do you have XP up & started? Why not just go into explorer, highlight all you need (CTRL + A to highlight everything), copy & paste?
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I have a 10 files that have all been categorised into about 40 folders. These files have been damaged.
I have a backup of all these files, but they are not categorised and sit in a single directory.

Does anyone know of an easy technique to batch replace the damaged files with the originals?

Cannot find any apps to do such a task.

A:Replace files in multiple directory, from a single directory

Easy one:

Built in command part of Windows. Open an elevated Command Prompt and type:

replace /?
Here is how:

Folder with Backup files:


Folders with corrupt files:


Replace c:\data\backup\*.* e:\finance\statements /s
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So i have 3 files i cannot delete after uninstalling a game. I also cannot rename the folder they are in without windows explorer not responding and i have to restart explorer.

I did take ownership method but that froze up to. I went into safe mode, and tried it that way - also didn't delete, it equally froze up.

I have attached an image of the delete attempt - it just gets stuck like that.

I'm out of options - please advise on what i should do ?

A:Files won't delete in directory - can't rename the directory either

What is drive F? Is it a flash drive?
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I use my old Lenovo laptop to run WAMP and Wordpress. Recently the networking has gone haywire and I can't even connect to localhost, even though it pings back and Apache says it is on port 80. I've tried loads of fixes. I suspect network devices are dead as well.

If I re-install XP is it possible to use the update files in the WINDOWS directory to update it if it can't connect to the net? If so is there an automated way of doing this as there are 200+ of them?

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Note Currently have installed but needs to function on versions of Excel Im making a seperate file that needs same 2007. Solved: Files Excel the directory List in to read stuff from Solved: Excel 2007. List Files in the same directory other excel documents but where there will be many documents to choose from I would like a button to choose the file once you have chosen the file it reads the name of it and fills out the rest of the new document eg files encluded funky xls dave xls wilma xls thisnewfile xls eg in thisnewfile xls in cell quot a quot need a drop down menu or selectable section to choose one of the other excel documents out of the ones in the same directory or if option to add from a diff directory from that i need it to display the actual file name in cell quot b quot i need to grab the information from the document chosen in quot a quot but from quot sheet cell a quot so that will vary depending on what document you choose in cell quot c quot i need to grab the information from the other document but from quot sheet cell a quot and so on man thats quite difficult to explain but i hope you get the idea and can assist im really sure its possible This will need to work on a number of different machines and will need to search for the files automatically in the folder where this file is going to exist this also needs to be a one file item the other users are unlikley to be able to do anyhting else nbsp

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Hi guys,

I need to compile a list of the contents of two external hard disk drives, which is estimated to be about 3000 or so folders. what is the command I should use to make Windows automatically generate a txt?

Item is worth noting that in this directory there are also a mix of different filetypes, what I need are only the names of folders AND files in the root directory.

For examplary purposes, let the drive be called D:\, a folder in the root called \FOLD and a file in the root \BILL.doc.


A:[SOLVED] Command Line: List files and folders in a directory?

Hello Bill!

So you don't want to recurse, or you do?

Will dir E:\ do the trick, or not, and why? You could then pipe it dir E:\ > %userprofile%\Desktop\test.txt

Otherwise, look at OTL:

Click the NONE button, paste this in, and click RUN SCAN:


If you want recursion, you need to use /FP.

Good luck!

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Hello everyone Take it easy on me i am a total noobie I have a new increment nTH directory Solved: file C# - and every to files Text WPF Export simple WPF App in C that exports data from SQL to individual TXT files It works great except it dumps all the data in one single directory I am trying to figure out how to have it create the TXT files in a different directory every Nth file For example - if i have text files it dumps them in one DIR and ideally i would like it to create files and then increment the DIR So it would do something like C txtdumps text txt files C txtdumps text txt files C txtdumps text txt Solved: C# WPF - Export Text files and increment every nTH file to new directory files C txtdumps text txt files C txtdumps text txt files C txtdumps text txt files C txtdumps text txt files and so on any suggestions on how i can accomplish this This is what it basically looks like Code FileName rdr GetString text rdr GetString if string IsNullOrEmpty text continue filePath filePathOut FileName ToString quot txt quot if System IO File Exists filePath using sw new StreamWriter filePath sw Write text sw Flush sw Close count nbsp

A:Solved: C# WPF - Export Text files and increment every nTH file to new directory

You have all the pieces, just need to append filepathout with the appropriate increment when the condition is met.

Edit: If this is going to be a continuous thing you'll need to get a count of files in the latest directory.
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I'm running Windows 7 x64 on a desktop PC. I download pictures, and rename them using the rename process in Windows Explorer. When I rename pictures in the folder, they'll have the name like pic (1) pic (2) pic (3) and so on. I can rename pictures until I reach pic (10001). At that point, Explorer no longer automatically increments them. The renaming status bar turns red, and an error message says: "The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder". I am however, able to manually enter numbers higher than 10001, so I'm not sure what the error message is referencing.
Is there a registry entry, or environmental variable that I can increase the value to be greater than 10001?
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I have a huge directory of 200,000 html files. When I access the directory my system cannot handle that number of files in Windows Explorer. I have tried various search tools but it seems those tools cannot handle that many files either. I need to be able to search through the files and find needed content. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this many files. I noticed Gutenberg Project has 40,000 files or more on a CD which I can easily browse. How do I make a search engine or search tool to search a large number of files?

Thank you in advance.

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Greetings, I'm looking for a way to rename files via windows right click shell, a hidden windows setting or power toy, that will allow me to rename two files that already have identical names, but different file extensions, to a new but still identical name, without windows adding in an incremental number in parenthesis to the second file. I know I can just manually remove the added tag by hand however I have about 18,000 files to rename and am trying to cut down the amount of time it takes to do this. For example if I have two files, one is named thisdamnsong.cdg and one is named thisdamnsong.mp3 and I want to change them to thissong.cdg and thissong.mp3 without windows causing thissong (1).mp3 to occur. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Renaming files

Best freeware I have found so far,
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Ok, so there are two options: You can either make windows show file extensions like file.exe, or you can have it hide known extensions, like file . What bothers me, is why isn't there an option that hides everything but click to rename it, the extension shows up?

Is this possible?


A:Renaming Files

Quote: Originally Posted by AlexRD

Ok, so there are two options: You can either make windows show file extensions like file.exe, or you can have it hide known extensions, like file . What bothers me, is why isn't there an option that hides everything but click to rename it, the extension shows up?

Is this possible?


Alex, I don't believe that I have ever seen that. I firmly believe that the default should be to show file extensions instead of hide them. Big mistake and a great opening for the virus and trojan creators..

Just my opinion..

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I have a user who uses a laptop at home to VPN into the network so he can work from home. Everything works fine until he tries to rename a file. His computer gives him the error basically saying he is using invalid characters. He has tried to rename it very simple names (1, test, etc.). He can create folders and copy files into them and delete them but he just can't rename them. As soon as he gets back into the office he is able to rename folders and files using the exact same username and password he is using from home. Any ideas why he can't rename files and folders over the VPN?

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When I rename multiple files which are already organized by number or alphabetical order...that previous order is lost. The files though renamed, are assigned a new and random oder. How can I retain the previous sequencing when renaming multiple files?

A:renaming files

You can't unless you rename them individually. The Explorer will always append a number to your name when you rename several in one strike.
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I would like to know of a program that would let me remove the current name of files in a folder and replace the original filename with a number that represents how many files there are (goes up by one for each file). What's an app I can use that'll do this and how do I do this using that app?

Thanks in advance,


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I am trying to completely rename an exe file using Resource Hacker. In the "version info" group there is the following information (shown with my edits in bold below). The problem is that although the filename, file description and icons are now the way i want, the name of the window that opens is still not changed.

Is there anything ive missed? Thanks for the help

BLOCK "StringFileInfo"
BLOCK "040904B0"
VALUE "CompanyName", "Sibelius Software"
VALUE "FileDescription", "Sibelius 6"
VALUE "FileVersion", ""
VALUE "InternalName", "Sibelius 6"
VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright (C) 2003"
VALUE "OriginalFilename", "Sibelius 6.exe"
VALUE "ProductName", "Sibelius 6"
VALUE "ProductVersion", ""
VALUE "FileName", "Sibelius 6"

BLOCK "VarFileInfo"
VALUE "Translation", 0x0409 0x04B0

A:Renaming .exe files

The name of the application Window could be stored anywhere. It could be in the resources, hard coded in the exe file or stored somewhere else. Every application is different.
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Can any one help me? I try to rename my files/folders and upon typing in the new name I hit enter and the new file name won't appear until after I either close the window and re-open it or I refresh the window. Same thing happens when I right click and create a new folder, the folder won't appear until I refresh and then I name it and have to refresh yet again. This is getting quite annoying.

I don't know if it's a program that I have, a registry key that's corrupt or what. I seem to remember this starting after my computer did it's Automatic Updates, but I don't want to remove the wrong updates/programs/registry keys and mess up my computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


A:Renaming Files Don't Appear Right Away

Try going here and downloading and running this scan see if it fixes it the problem -- If not, tell me... I'll try looking into it too.
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When I rename a file in XP, right click - rename
the extension doesn't change.

i.e. renaming test.text to be .dat becomes test.dat.txt

How can I quickly change the entire name and extension ?
I have been going to DOS to rename it.

A:renaming files in XP

do you have on a right click the option to "open with"? If so...choose .dat association

If not... highlight & then hold down the shift key down & right click & choose "open with"
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In windows vista, when I wanted to rename files in a folder all I had to do was right click on one file, rename it and click tab to move to the next file to rename. I didn't have to right click every single file, click rename, type the name, press enter and then move on. This has become a huge problem for me in windows 7 and I cannot seem to find an answer of solution to this problem.

I open a folder that has 27 pictures; I want to rename those pictures in a consectutive order, but in the order I want them to be; for example: R2290-01 and I want that exact style to follow through until R2290-27. I am okay with renaming every file by hand, but I want to be able to "TAB" between them and not right click and rename everytime.

HELP ME PLEASE! This is driving me absolutely nuts.

A:Renaming files

If this is a common thing for you, might I suggest a completely different approach.
Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility
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When I rename a file on my computer, I just have to type in the name only and the extension (file type) is maintained. However, another employee in our office has to actually type in the new name with the extension. I'm thinking they must have something set differently somewhere in Windows XP. Can anyone help?

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how would i go about renaming a file from filename.something to filename.mp3 =P
thx for any help i get

A:renaming files

NOTE: I may be incorrect but try this(I think I am incorrect, but its worth a shot).

just change the ".something" to .mp3

EXAMPLE: metallica.avi, delete ".avi", type ".mp3"
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I've copied my itunes folder to an external drive as a backup now want to change the folder name but am not allowed .I am the administrator & permissions are set to full control . What do I need to do?

I have Vista home premium

A:Renaming files

Try this.
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i now have roughly 4000 mp3s and i wanted to make a list of all of them,but at the end of each song on the list i want it to show what cd its on,i use file grabber to make the list,so when i put in a cd and load the list into file grabber i want it to say"song title"cd1.then i would load in another list from another cd and i want it to say"song title"cd2etc etc,so when i have my master list of all my music and i want to hear a song it will tell me cd to look there a way to add an extension onto a batch of songs without renaming all of them.i hope i made myself clear on this---i use win 98

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Hi guys,

I have a bunch of mp3 files that I recovered off a bad drive but the file names are "File001, file 002" and so on.

The attributes of the file still show the file name, album, etc. Anyway to have all the files automatically renamed according to their titles?

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Alright, since I got my computer back from a computer services place to get upgrades installed into my computer, everytime I try to name or rename a file, it says:

If you change a file name extension, the file may become unusable.

Are you sure you want to change it?

I know you have to add the file extension at the end (txt, exe, zip, etc.), but my how do I make it so I don't have to add the extension at the end every time?


A:Naming/Renaming files.

double click or goto My Computer (AKA enter windows Explorer.)

goto Tools > Folder Options > View (Tab)

in the list of advanced settings, find "Hide Extensions For Known File Types"

make sure that box is CHECKED.

that should solve it.
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It seems that while trying to rename a file, particularly an *.html by right clicking my laptop keeps running, then goes to a blue screen and finally have to turn it off/on again. I've tried it 3-4 times with no luck. Please help if anyone else has had this problem

A:Renaming files in Explorer

Try opening an elevated command prompt and running sfc /scannow. If that does not work, you may need to do a Repair Install.
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If I m not in the correct sub-forum then perhaps someone can point me in the right direction This problem is a wee bit problem Renaming Files difficult to explain but I ll try I have a folder called Aircraft Photos and at the moment there are photos in this folder After downloading the latest photo opening the Renaming Files problem folder and clicking on View then Arrange Icons - By Name I noticed that many of the Images had swapped names Now when I try to Rename the images back to their original name it seems to have a knock-on effect Renaming the file to original name will change the name of another file image elsewhere in the folder So I m just running around in circles I tried restart but to no avail Just before the restart I noticed a message that said something about a problem with an add-on maybe Photobucket Renaming Files problem but I couldn t read it all before the restart begun There was also an error report to send Please help nbsp

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I have a computer running Vista are Files Excell themselves renaming home premium It is working as the main storage computer for other machines that access it s files It Excell Files are renaming themselves appears to be randomly renaming files that have been opened For example on file named quot finantial data quot was being worked on and later when I tried to open it again it no longer was in it s directory Instead there was a file named quot B quot When opened it was the correct file This appears to be only Excell files but we seldom use anything else This problem started yesterday I don t know if it is related but I also can t get several Windows updates to install A couple of the ones that won t update are KB and KB I have run a full scan with AVG I have done a SFC I have tried the updates as administrator and tried installing them individualy The updates don t concern me as much as the file name changes UNLESS they are a symptom of the problem Just in case a Hijack this log is attached Thank you

A:Excell Files are renaming themselves

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This version will download a randomly named file (Recommended)Zipped Mirror
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I've been computing for about 10 years now and never really tried to change an mp3 file name... Until today!!
You can't do it!
So I figured I would try some shareware renaming apps.... Holy Crap! Batch-conventions,&//&( Stuff!
I just want to right click and rename the file.

Is there an easy way?

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i have a problem renaming files with long filenames. in fact, it won't even let me delete or copy or cut them.
i think this may be the problem: windows doesn't have a problem with letting me write long filenames. it does have a problem if i try to move these files into another directory (an error message comes up saying that the file name is too long to move). but i think the problem is that it DOES let me rename the folder that the long filename is in, rendering the file inside useless to me. (i don't actually know if this is the problem, i'm too scared to test my theory).

but anyway, i was wondering if there was any way of renaming my file. i've tried downloading a renaming program but that didn't work. is there something i can type into the 'run' thing?

A:problems renaming files

You can try doing it from a command prompt. If the file names are very long (>255), then you masy have better luck using the "command" console rather than the "cmd" one. Rename the files first with old 8.3 DOS names and then rename them from within Windows.

Start by going to Start > Run, and typing:
cmd <Enter>

Navigate to the folder where the files are and use the "ren" command to rename them.

If that doesn't work, try using "command" instead of "cmd" in the Run box.
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My document files seem to be named incorrectly and I cannot seem to rectify it. An example of my problem is: I save a file into Documents and the name comes up as
C:\User\Lis\Documents\Documents\Documents\Documents\Documents\Documents\Documents\Documents\File Name (Currently there are 13 Document folders, a similar number of photos and contact files).
I have tried deleting the empty files and lost them, then I tried to copy and paste the files into to the previous document folder with the same result.
Can you help me. Thanks Lis

A:Locating and renaming files

Your folders are too deep for windows to handle correctly. I saw the same problem that was created by an end user on my windows 2003 file server. How'd you pull off mucking up your folder hiearchy like that? I would like to know because I can't even duplicate what some of you users are doing. It's actually amusing and befuddling at the same time.
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when renaming either files or folders the current file/folder name disappears completely and the new name does not appear until after renaming is completed. this happens in both "my computer" and "windows explorer". running win nt 4.0 w/sp6a. what is causing this?
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When i formatted it i chose the name "Haunted" now i need to change it to something else. I renamed my C:\ easy enough but im not sure on how or if i can change the USER File name.

Thanks ^_^

A:Renaming The User Files

See answer by Kari.
created a new user but docs still saved in old user
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I've encountered a problem with files seeming to randomly rename themselves...

I have a "fileserver" (just a seperate box with a large sata HD) to store my music on, which I then access accross the network using winamp. The problem is that for some reason the files randomly rename themselves to their MS-DOS equivalent name, eg. Bloodhound Gang.mp3 becomes BLOODH~1.mp3. This obviously causes problems with my playlists as the files now have different names so the tracks get skipped.

Both machines are using XP Pro, and I've tried making all the files read only but this hasn't had much effect.

I'd appreciate any suggestions...

A:Files randomly renaming themselves

I am no expert, but when it renames files it is using the old file system instead of the Xp 32bit or Win NT file types.

you may need to find out your HD file type and change it. JMHO
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Does anybody know how to rename a bunch of files in Windows 7 while ignoring the filetypes at the same time? In Windows XP this wasn't a problem, no matter what format the file had, the numbering would continue anyway. In Windows 7 the numbering starts over again when a file has a different filetype format.

For example:


file (1).jpg
file (2).mov
file (3).wma


file (1).jpg
file (1).mov
file (1).wma
file (2).jpg
file (2).mov
file (3).jpg
file (4).jpg

I want the numbering to continue in Windows 7... (NOT have multiple number ones or two's)

A:Renaming files issue

I always use a renaming utility like this one cause Windows 7 won't do that with it's native renaming utility:

Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility
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Firefox 64 bit (Namoroka 64 bit) keeps renaming my files every time I download them. It adds a (x) suffix to my files, which is very annoying.

Here is how it goes: I download a file, it keeps the original file name. But watch this: I delete the file from the folder it was downloaded to, I download it to the same folder and it renames it to myFile(1). Same for the next times: myFile(2), myFile(3). Remember, the original file is no longer present, yet it renames it like there was some file name conflict, which there isn't. What's more: it does this for all my other files! Keeps adding (x) suffix like there was a conflict.

So why does it keep doing this and how do I fix it? Thanks

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I want to update my music files with album info and art but everytime I do this, WMP also renames my files. I have them the way I like and do not want them renamed in any way.

Under Retrieve Information frm the Internet I have checked "only add missing information". Is this all I need to make sure the files don't get changed?


A:Stop WMP 11 From Renaming My Files

patetc said:

I want to update my music files with album info and art but everytime I do this, WMP also renames my files. I have them the way I like and do not want them renamed in any way.

Under Retrieve Information frm the Internet I have checked "only add missing information". Is this all I need to make sure the files don't get changed?

PatClick to expand...

That is the way I have mine. Nothing should get moved or renamed if all you have checked is that one box.
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I have several hundred pictures that I recieved from a professional photographer for our school. All of the files have odd extensions such as .56, .86, etc. These numbers are actually part of out 10 digit id numbers. Is there a way to rename the files and keep those numbers? Or change the association of the file? I have tried several different ideas and the only one that works is the assoc command.

assoc .56=jpegfile

But then to do another i have to change the extension

assoc .86=jpegfile

The only problem is that every picture has a different 2 digit extension. Is there a way to select all of the pictures without entering the exact extension?

A:Renaming files using batch

rename *.* *.*.jpg
should do this for you but copy a few pics into a folder to test it gives you the result you are after before runing it in the folder that you have all of the pics in
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I have 10 or so files in a folder:


i would like to rename these files:

I have the code to change each file seperately,

' Sub Rename()
' Dim FileName As String
' Dim NewFileName As String
' On Error Resume Next

' FileName = "C:\folder\file_01_01_01.swf"
' NewFileName = "C:\folder\newfilename01_01_01.swf"
' Name FileName As NewFileName
' End Sub

but i was hoping for a slick way to do it all...
any help...

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Ok im having a problem with my network. I am an accessing a pc on the network, if I rename a file or copy a file the change wont show up unless I refresh the screen. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

A:Moving, renaming files on another pc

Won't show up, or doesn't show up as quickly as you would like?
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i have a load of file in a directory that are called "A Branch.doc", "B branch.doc" and so on, so they all have the word branch at the end.

Is there an easy way to rename them all and remove the word "branch" from the file name.

I tried in command prompt:

ren "*branch.doc" "*.doc"

but no joy, any other thoughts?

A:Renaming lots of files

There are a bunch of freeware renaming utilities you can use. A couple are ReNamer and Rename Master.
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I have enabled everything so that when the song is renamed in the media
library it renames it in the folder as well. The problem is i want a very
subtle difference in the way it renames them and i've tried looking under the
rip music tab and the file name button, but it doesnt allow me to do what i
want to do. This is how it looks:

Artist-Song Name

and i want it to look like this

Artist - Song Name

just that extra space between and after the -
is there anyway to do this?

A:question about renaming files on WMP

I don't think you can do it with WMP but you could use a general file renamer like Rename Master or a tag editor like Mp3/Tag Studio (if they're mp3's).
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I want to rename multiple files in W Can I please get recommendations for a reliable freeware or shareware utility I have a series of Word files all in a common folder named quot ABC variable doc quot I want to change them to quot AB same-variable-as-before doc quot Going to a DOS prompt through Windows didn t work I tried quot ren ABC AB quot and got no change Well I did get a change -- it changed the case and gave me abC at the beginning of each filename instead of ABC It didn t get rid of the C as I wanted I rarely have need for this but a shareware utility may be worth getting if the price is reasonable Reliability and ensuring the stability and security of my business system is of paramount importance though which is why I m asking for multiple Renaming W98 in files recommendations here for what should be a rather simple task in theory Renaming multiple files in W98 I m very security- and stability-conscious Thanks JK nbsp

A:Renaming multiple files in W98

I have a (freeware) utility called "Lupas Rename" that works quite well for batch renaming. The only problem is that I've forgotten where I found it, and the help file lists no URL. Try doing a Google search to find it...
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I have a rather... interesting error, whenever i try to make a new folder, i can, just as long as i leave the name as new folder, but then when i want to rename, it gives me the "The file or folder does not exist" and i cant rename, what happened? Or what can i do? Running Ultimate here, 32bits.

A:Renaming folders and files.

After you have made the new folder, guess you have right clicked on it and checked that everything under Properties looks AOK?

Maybe clear the READ ONLY attribute and try again though you shouldn't have to do this really!

You could also try copying another old folder and pasting it onto the appropriate source (C) and try to rename it. Again this is kinda messy and should not be necessary.............
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I'm currently in the process of putting all our old VHS tapes to MPEG format (then some of them will be put on DVD)

For some reason, I'm having quite a problem renaming them from thier default alpha numeric code to what I need to, it will tell me it can't rename the file because it is already in use/being viewed (it isn't) even when viewing a DIFFERENT video file with VLC media player or no file at all. Anyone know why?

A:Trouble renaming video files

You are using a TV card to import the VHS tapes to your computer, right?
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Hi, I have xp service pack 2. When I try to rename a file i get a warning that changing a file extension may cause the file to become unusable. If I go ahead and rename it anyway the file instantly changes format to one windows won't recognize. Is this a virus? Do I have a setting on or off that i shouldn't? Is windows possibly corrupt? Any help would be appreciated.

A:renaming files causes file to reformat

Hello and welcome to TSF

Click Start => My Computer, on the menu bar click Tools => Folder options, click on the tab View, tick the box hide extensions of known file types, click Apply => Ok.

Try renaming a file now.
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i am archiving many old mac files from an nt server. the mac files' names contain a slash that appears as a |(pipe) symbol on NT. DOS sees it as a ? and i can't rename multiple files. i cannot copy these files to a cd unless i rename by getting rid of the | symbol or i replace it with a - (hyphen). right now, i am doing this one file at a time, and we are talking thousands of files. i tried rename wiz, but that understood the symbol like dos (?), and wouldn't work either. i need to be able to rename many files at once. can any one help?
thanks - staatsk

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I'm trying to delete and/or rename some of my music files that are located on my C: drive under My Documents/My Music and I keep getting a sharing violation error message on some of them. Some I can delete or rename just fine, but others I get this error message. Any suggestions?

I have Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1.


A:Deleting or Renaming Music Files

You could try unlocker.
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Does anyone know how to Copy,Rename, External Files Within Access 97?

I used to know but when your 900 years old your memory does tend to go!!!



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Hello again, colleagues all,
A friend of mine on the other side of the world emailed me with a Vista problem which I am submitting on his behalf (I am an XP person and know nothing about Vista).
In XP there is a feature whereby if you select a group of files in a folder, right-click, select Rename and then edit the first file to a name terminating in a number, XP will rename all files to have the same prefix but a sequential number suffix. My friend says that this does not work in Vista.
Any advice from you gurus out there ?

A:Group Renaming of Files in Vista

Hi Jim

It works for me in Vista Home Premium - I just tested it. I selected a group of three files, then selected Rename, typed in the new beginning name (this will at first appear to only be renaming the first of the batch), and then pressed Enter = the view will Refresh, & all the files should begin with the new name & have an incremented number in parenthesis.

If it's not working for your friend, have him check that he has ownership of the files (or administrative rights, at the least). With all the User Accounts Controls built into Vista, that might be tripping things up for him a bit.

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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Has anyone else encountered this abberration?

A:W7 randomly renaming files on desktop

I have not. What name(s) does Win 7 change the files to?
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Has anyone ever figured out how to solve the slow response in Win7 when renaming files? There's quite a bit out there in net world about this issue and I have the same problem with my new computer. You can reboot and all is well...for a few days and then slow again on renaming files.

A:Slow response when renaming files

Hello jberenyi.

I've been using Windows 7 for a quite a while and I don't now nor ever have had any "delay" when I re-name folders / files; can you give us some examples what you're referring to?
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I can't open .EXE files in Windows 8.1 Pro without renaming the file to .exe

The exe file downloads as _exe and not as .exe

I thought I had malware so did a clean install of Win 8.1 Pro to 8 Pro and updated back to win 8.1 Pro did not help but for a short time period
Simply stated I can open an exe file only if I rename it from _exe to .exe

I have not idea how to fix this

It is more of a minor nuisance to rename every exe file....but I hope someone has a cure

I have searched this website prior to posting and have Googled but only the file name change seems to allow me to open a .exe file

Thanks in advance

BTW: There is a fix from Doug Knox but that is not applicable to Win 8.1

A:Can't open .EXE files in Windows 8.1 without renaming

Let me add that my UAC settings are the first notch down which is the default
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I have a bunch of folders containing photo sets, and each folder has a file named "cover.jpg" and I was wondering is there a program that will copy the "cover.jpg" file and rename it to include the folder name where it was copied from so that I end up with a folder containing


where SET01 is the name of the folder from which the cover.jpg file was copied from.

A:batch coping and renaming files

Do you still need this solved. I think I can put something together for you.
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I have a folder here with a few hundred files from which a careless user over a long period of mindless use, removed the extensions.

Is there a way to add an extension to large batches of files in a single operation without changing the part of the name before the dot?

I really don't want to have to do this to several hundred files one-by-one.

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Currently have 3 Drives F, G & H and Windows XP is been installed on F Drive and G and H Drive has all got Games and Softwares Installed.

When I try to do a clean install on H Drive (200 GB Free) it says Windows have found Old Windows Install Files and this would be re-named to Windows.old, now i dont have any Windows files installed on H Drive it has got games with like this H:/Program Files/Games is this the reason why it saying older windows files found and I dont want to renamed them as it would mean re-installing all games over again.

Any helps on this.

A:Install - files renaming to Window.old

Hello Dinjo, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You would need to install Windows 7 on a separate drive or partition than the H: drive if you want to keep the games and software installed on it. However, you will still need to reinstall the games in Windows 7 though. Installing Windows 7 on the H: drive would not keep the games intact after installation.

Hope this helps,
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Setup: Win 7 Home Premium SP 1 x64 on Dell Studio 1558.

In most directories, if I rename "file.jpg" to... "file.JPG" and hit return to commit the change, "file.jpg" is the result.

When I go to rename "file.jpg" again and the text is highlighted, awaiting my input, "file.jpg" turns into... "file.JPG", as I had originally renamed it.

If I rename "file.jpg" to... "file1.JPG", the change commits. I can then rename "file1.JPG" to... "file.JPG" without any problem.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? And what's the difference between upper and lowercase extensions anyways?

A:Renaming Files/File Extensions

In Windows, an extension is the same regardless of uppercase or lowercase. However, if you move this file to a Linux file system, JPG is not the same as jpg. *nix operating system files are case sensitive.
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For the emails I keep within Outlook 98, I would like to change/re-name the "subject" so that I can better know what the email is about. Is there a way to do this? One solution is to re-send the email to myself with a new subject heading, but perhaps there is something even simpler than this? Thanks.

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Hi guys newbie question searched the mobo Renaming BIOS files? forum but couldn t find any I wanted to flash my mobo MSI Neo Platinum BIOS to the latest in an attempt to solve my BSODs too much to elaborate here I first used MSI s Live Update utility but was not really convinced it did a completely clean job didn t seem to update DMI pool Anyway to do it myself I used Winflash no FDD Here s the thing Winflash reads bin BIOS images while the image on MSI s website is a b Is it okay for me to change the extension such that Winflash can read it That is to say BIOS image files are like text files e g no Renaming mobo BIOS files? matter Renaming mobo BIOS files? what extension you call it it s still a text file and will open correctly with any text editor Actually I ve got ahead and done it but am wondering if I did the right thing PC seems to boot and function normally though Still have the BSODs but I think it s just because it was a mess to start with gonna put in a fresh OS soon nbsp

A:Renaming mobo BIOS files?

Yes, the BIOS files are raw binary images and it doesn't matter what you call them.

Of course there may be some proprietary solutions that use some weird format of their own. Such a file would result in an immediate error message from the BIOS flashing utility of course.
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This is probably small to most people and maybe many prefer it now, but when manually renaming a file the extension is not highlighted forcing me to have to perform a second manual operation to highlight the whole filename.

It is the 'rename' function but I use it to copy and paste the entire file name. Like I said it is probably a minor thing to most, but I do this many, many times a day so if there was anyway to have this function behave like it did in all previous Windows versions I would like to know how to do that.

Thank You,
Mark Agnum

A:Renaming Files - any way to include the extension

Originally Posted by MarkAgnum

This is probably small to most people and maybe many prefer it now, but when manually renaming a file the extension is not highlighted forcing me to have to perform a second manual operation to highlight the whole filename.

It is the 'rename' function but I use it to copy and paste the entire file name. Like I said it is probably a minor thing to most, but I do this many, many times a day so if there was anyway to have this function behave like it did in all previous Windows versions I would like to know how to do that.

Thank You,
Mark Agnum

Hi Mark,

Youe need to have the show file extions in the Folder Options checked to see the extensions.

Here's how:
1. open Folder Options (Control Panel or Tools in a Explorer(not IE7) window)
2. click on View tab
3. Uncheck Hide extentions for know file types
4. click OK to apply

Hope this helps,
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Hello Got another batch file question I think I m close but I m overlooking something I have some logging that will get the date of today when I log off But now if I log off twice the file won t rename filename already exists So I came with a script to just add a number behind the file if it already exists And here is the problem it doesn t work but I can t seems to find out why it won t work Hopefully an extra pair of eyes can help me out This is what I got so far echo off set Batch not double file renaming files but jaar date set maand date set dag date set restartvar if exist quot D test HardwareMonitoring jaar - maand - dag txt quot goto restart else goto shutdown restart if exist quot D test Batch file renaming files but not double HardwareMonitoring jaar - maand - dag restartvar txt quot set A restartvar restartvar goto restart else ren quot D test HardwareMonitoring hml quot quot HardwareMonitoring jaar - maand - dag restart txt quot shutdown ren quot D test HardwareMonitoring hml quot quot HardwareMonitoring jaar - maand - dag txt quot The first file that is in that folder just renames so no problems there It seems there is a problem in the restart loop Hope that you can find the solution to my problem

A:Batch file renaming files but not double

isn`t there anyone who knows what goes wrong with the script?
Really thought I overlooked something simple...
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if i reinstall windows using the setup cd, and i rename programs files to say programfilesold

and then install windows again. will it keep this programfilesold?

or does windows 7 save the program files anyway when you custom install to the same drive

*Just found out it saves them to Windows.old*

A:*Reinstall* Will renaming program files keep my stuff

This doesn't really belong in "Crashes and Debugging" forum.

Yes, it basically shoves everything from the original install into the Windows.old directory prior to installing the new Windows. I've personally had varying success with just moving things over from the Windows.old directory to the new created directories, but often times it works out very well. Just make sure to not copy over whatever bugged out your system and required you to reinstall Windows in the first place.

Details on the whole thing are mentioned in the tutorial here.
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As the title states, whenever I right click on a file, beit on the desktop or in a folder somewhere, it can take anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds before I can click on "Delete" or "Rename". When I try clicking on one of the two, my CD drive (or hard drive?) starts spinning and it won't let me click on my desired action until it's up to its "cruising speed" in RPM.

Can anyone help with this issue?

(Running: Windows XP SP2)

A:Right-click hangs when deleting/renaming files

Have you hear the noise every since you got the PC? DO you run Anti Spyware and Anti Adware programs on you system weekly? When is the last time the Anti Virus program was updated? Have you tried Checkdisk/Scan Disk to be sure there are no errors on the HDD? Have you deleted Temp files and cache files? When is the last time you defragged the HDD?
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Trying to get a program FREEPDFXP to work the other day I arrived at point viewing the procedure below It came from a Eudora Help page My question however has to do not with getting FREEPDFXP working but with the reasons behind the instructions in the Help file Re Step If you rename those files how is whichever program that might need them going to find them Also re Step how does renaming a aren't when Renaming things working Files file correct a problem I ve run into this more than once I wish I could specify a particular problem where the solution says quot rename a file quot but I don t have one at the moment -------------------------------------- MAPI is not working Document ID HQ ISSUE MAPI doesn t Renaming Files when things aren't working work I can t install MAPI when I double click on the Renaming Files when things aren't working icon nothing happens If I set Eudora s MAPI options to always nothing happens SOLUTION You may have a few corrupt MAPI files on your computer Your best option is to rename the Windows MAPI dll files NOTE You might need to reinstall any programs you have that are currently using MAPI as Renaming Files when things aren't working well The first thing you need to do is close down all applications Search your hard drive for the following files and rename them mapi dll mapi dll Restart your computer Search your hard drive for the file swmapi exe Double click to install it Open Eudora go to Tools Options MAPI Set quot Use Eudora MAPI server Always quot Reinstall EIS and perform a HotSync NOTE If you cannot see your HotSync Conduit you will need to do the following Close all open windows search your hard drive for the file called win ini Open it and add the following lines MAIL mapi mapix Restart your computer and perform a HotSync again nbsp

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I have several hundred photos that I am in the process of copying multiple times and renaming them to a different name for uploading to a website They are all being renamed to product numbers and multiple product numbers can use the same image I am currently doing this through a with .bat and renaming using Copying characters special files bat file where I use a command to copy and then rename the same jpg image to different file names This works perfectly Copying and renaming files with special characters using .bat for product numbers that follow the normal Windows naming convention i e abcdef jpg abcdefg jpg but there are also product numbers that have a in the part number To get this to work and upload via FTP I save a jpg by using the character f for the However when trying to do that through bat it doesn t recognize f as being valid It does copy and rename the file but drops the when renaming the file Here is an example of the command in my bat file In the example I am copying SHCSB L jpg to different jpg files C SHCA fB Copying and renaming files with special characters using .bat L jpg etc The bat file does make jpgs but C Copying and renaming files with special characters using .bat SHCA fB L jpg is copied as C SHCAfb jpg since it doesn t recognize the charge copy quot C Users RobPC Desktop Photos SHCSB L jpg quot quot C Users RobPC Desktop Photos C SHCA fB L jpg quot copy quot C Users RobPC Desktop Photos SHCSB L jpg quot quot C Users RobPC Desktop Photos C SHCA fB L jpg quot copy quot C Users RobPC Desktop Photos SHCSB L jpg quot quot C Users RobPC Desktop Photos C SHCA fBR L jpg quot Is there another way of using bat to create the file name the way I need it to be created with the f Sometimes I need to create hundred of jpg and going through and renaming them manually is more time-consuming than I would like it to be nbsp

A:Copying and renaming files with special characters using .bat

Seems putting a forward slash in file name is wrong approach. Number one, its not a legal character in a windows file name. The forward slash also looks like the division slash, its likely to screw up things on other platforms as well. I recommend a dash.
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I do not want to start a new thread hence I am dropping my comments here.

My Windows explorer was preventing me from renaming and deleting files and it was quite a pain until I discovered this thread: Windows Explorer hangs when deleting or renaming files

Problem solved!

p/s: I joined this forum just to say thanks, very much appreciated help!
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I have a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop which I would like to sort by category.

I could open a folder for each category, but then I would end up with a bunch of folders which will partially defeat my purpose of cleaning my desktop.

On my old Mac, I was able to sort the files by putting one or more characters at the beginning of the name and the shortcut for that file would appear at the top of the list. One character was the "space" but Windows does not appear to allow this character at the beginning of a just erases it.

Does anybody know where I can get a list of allowed characters?

A:Renaming files to change the sort position

I use the underline . . _
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I've ripped music off 2 CDs a few weeks ago and renamed them '(Artist) - (Song Title)' for each file and put them in my Mu Music folder. Suddenly at random times though, WMP11 decides to rename it to what it was originally called when it was ripped, '(Track Number) - Song Title)'. I recognized that it usually happens when I drag new songs into the My Music folder or when I rip new songs. WMP keeps renaming the files I've ripped even though I keep renaming them back to how I want them. So now I have like 20 songs called "01 - (Insert song title)", "02 - (Insert song title)", when I just want it "(Artist) - (Song title)". Does anybody know how I can get WMP to stop automatically renaming my files, because it's getting very annoying. Thanks.

A:Wmp11 Automatically Renaming My Music Files

Hmmm. I don't use WMP, but try this.
Go to Tools->Options->Click on the Library tab. On the bottom there should be a checkbox saying Rename music files using rip music settings. Uncheck it, and see if that helpers. If you're encountering more rename issues, try unchecking some of those too.
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So I'm renaming some songs but when I do this I get this message:

But my filename is not that long! Here is how long I can make it before my keyboard does not enter characters. They just don't show up when I type.

Please tell me how to not see this message.

Thank you

A:renaming files - file name too large? how to disable this?

Chances are that the name you selected had invalid characters. Stay away from punctuation characters in the filename. Among the characters you cannot use are:

: \ ? / > < *

There probably are others, but I don't recall offhand what they are.

Names are allowed to be VERY long, so it's probably the "not valid" portion of the error that applies, not the "too long" portion.
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This problem probably occured while trying to establish a Internet Connection Service ICS beteen a Desktop running WIN XP Pro and a laptop running WIN K in the last few days but I Problem Renaming Folder or Deleting Files, m not entirely sure This problem pertains to the C Documents and Settings DC Local Settings Temporary Internet Files folder There are currently files within this folder Right clicking any of the nine files to view it s properties indicates Expires None Last Modified None Last Accessed AM I CANNOT Problem Deleting Files, or Renaming Folder delete any of the nine files If I try to delete one nothing happens No deletion or error message All nine of the files show an quot Internet Address of quot hcp system quot with various extensions xml htm css bmp If I look at the properties of the quot Temporary Internet Files quot folder It indicates Size MB Size on Disk MB Contains Files Folders It also indicates that the folder is read only and cannot quot check quot the quot Hidden quot box grayed out If I try to Delete the folder I get a error message indicating it is a Windows system folder and cannot be deleted It also cannot be renamed If I go into CLI mode and go to the quot Local Settings quot directory and do a quot dir quot command The result is that the quot Temporary Internet Files quot directory is not listed The only directories listed are quot Application Data quot Apps quot amp quot Temp quot I have tried to delete the files in Safe Mode without success Thanks for any help in resolving this problem Albert Resolution Cleared IE History nbsp
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Hi all,
Have just discovered a "new" problem on a Vista machine and wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Especially on a bulk-rename utility that might help (linux or windows OK for the util).
Something has gone through the entire system (system and user files) and renamed the majority of the files to filename(number).ext, eg winload(49283).exe.  Each file seems to have a unique and sequential number.
Because of this, the system fails to boot.
I'll attach a directory listing from the affected windows folder (again, not just the windows folder).
I've fixed a hell of a lot of machines for people over the years. This is the first time I have seen something like this. Am hoping someone else has?
Thanks in advance for shedding any light on this.
(And no, system restore is not an option - that's also been affected to some degree!)
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I scanned in a ton of documents (from different sources) into .tif format and am looking for an app that let me preview the image so that I know what the document is, and then rename it right from the same window.
That way I can easily browse the files and rename them based on what documents they are ( tax return, loan document, legal document, etc ).

Google keeps recommending batch rename apps, but that isn't what I am looking for at all.

A:App for Previewing and Manually Renaming Image Files

Many freeware apps will allow you to do this ... Including things such as Picasa & Irfanview . Probably easier than finding a decent add-in for windows explorer
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Hi there What i describe below doesn't always happen but it does lots of times let's say I delete a folder it will tell me that problem and Renaming and files folders deleting access is denied a program is using it to solve that I have to open another Renaming and deleting folders and files problem folder or click on an image then go back to the folder I want to delete Renaming and deleting folders and files problem and delete it That's annoying Annoyance Renaming this is all over the network here's what I do Open randomly named folder to check content Go back up one folder level to rename the folder according to content ERROR Folder is in use by another program not specified please try again Try opening another folder and then going back again to rename originally wanted folder sometimes it works Wait - minutes before renaming Okay no wait I just tried to rename a folder without even going into the folder ERROR quot The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program Close the folder or file and try again quot That's very very annoying W ultimate x Thanks in advance

A:Renaming and deleting folders and files problem

Quote: Originally Posted by antoniomc

Hi there

What i describe below doesn't always happen but it does lots of times:
let's say I delete a folder.... it will tell me that access is denied, a program is using it.... to solve that, I have to open another folder, or click on an image, then go back to the folder I want to delete, and delete it. That's annoying.

Annoyance #2: Renaming (this is all over the network) here's what I do:

1. Open randomly named folder to check content.
2. Go back up one folder level to rename the folder according to content.
3. ERROR!!! Folder is in use by another program (not specified), please try again
4. Try opening another folder and then going back again to rename originally wanted folder... sometimes it works.
5. Wait 5-10 minutes before renaming.

Okay... no wait!! I just tried to rename a folder without even going into the folder....ERROR!! "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program. Close the folder or file and try again."

That's very very annoying
W7 ultimate x64
Thanks in advance.

Hi AntonioMC! Welcome to SevenForums! Have you got any back-up software running (e.g. Acronis True Image,Norton Ghost etc.)? As this may be using the files.

If I helped, click the scales above my post and click I Approve.
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after installing a Canon printer driver, I am now getting an error:

Cannot access C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink the file directory is corrupted.
I have tried running scan disc and it doesn't work and have tried from the command window and it stops 73% through and say can't go any further to maintain system integrity. I have also tried restoring from a back-up but it wont let me as well.

Any suggestions?

A:C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink corrupted file directory

I have a similar problem, see other thread with same title.
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I have been trying to install Microsoft Office and keep getting an error

Cannot access C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink the file directory is corrupted. I have tried running scan disc and it doesn't work and have tried from the command window and it stops 73% through and say can't go any further to maintain system integrity.

Any suggestions?


A:C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink corrupted file directory

Hi tonedef -

Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista Support!

What version of Office are you trying to install (e.g, 2003 or 2007)?

Have you changed any file permission settings or "Taken Ownership" of any folders/files?

The "scan disk" that you mentioned running... was it "sfc /scannow"? If not, click on START | type cmd.exe in the Start Search box | right-click on cmd.exe | select Run as Admin

In the screen that comes up type the following:

sfc /scannow (space after sfc) - press ENTER

Let this run. Try Office re-install.

Good Luck. . .

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Thanks to anyone who can help I've searched for this topic and haven't found anything that worked for me I posted this topic a couple days ago but just now it didn't show up sorry if I've double-posted I'm trying to download itunes for the first time but I get the error in the title when I try to run the itunes setup exe file When I cancel I get quot The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory C Program Files Apple Software Update The installation cannot continue Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator quot I checked and confirmed that Files\Common directory Files with error to occurred attempting create C:\Program I am the admin on my PC and all accounts are set up with full access privileges to these folders I also tried rebooting in safe mode and logging on as quot Administrator quot and running the exe from a flash drive I think I had similar problems loading an XP Office Upgrade a few months ago I finally just gave up I have Spybot Search and Destroy it says I'm clean for whatever that's worth Please help Thanks again

A:error occurred with attempting to create directory C:\Program Files\Common Files

You are mostly likley on a limited account.
Are you using Xp
Are you the only account. There are other reasons but lets look at this option first

Go to control panel use accounts and click on your user name , it will say if you are and admin of the machine or you are using a limited account.

Take alook at that and post back
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When I try to install any programs like skype and the last part of the installation I get an error occured while attempting to create the directory: C:program files\ common files
why is this happening? but more importantly how do I fix it?
Thanks for any help given
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An error accurred while attempting to create the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files
wont let me install some programs like msn i dunno why..

A:error accurred while attempting to create the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files

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Or copying them or anything else that starts by right-clicking warning renaming Windows Disable when files Security 7 on them These are files on my network drive which is not AFAIK accessible from outside my network at least I can t access it except when I m connected at home or Disable Windows 7 Security warning when renaming files using a VPN client so I m pretty certain that these files are safe-and the warning Disable Windows 7 Security warning when renaming files isn t telling me that they re unsafe anyway just that they re an unsafe type i e zip files So I m open to either of two solutions-trust files on that network drive or disable the warnings for actions that don t involve running the files All the tips I ve found so far involve disabling the warning entirely for all files or all files of a given type and I don t want to do that If because I lost my mind or maybe let my kids use my PC which would be an indication that I d lost my mind I try to copy run a file from outside my network then I d like to get the warning-so I don t want to disable it entirely But if I m just copying files to from my network storage then I don t need the flipping warning Can I disable it for that Thanks Not sure whether this s b Security or Windows -feel free to move it if it s in the wrong forum nbsp

A:Disable Windows 7 Security warning when renaming files

I don't get a warning about renaming zip files. Are you sure that is a Windows warning?
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Nero 8 keeps saying stuff about not being able to rename files or it's renaming files or something and saying the burning process isn't completing properly because of it.

Makes some disks, especially music ones, unusable.

Is it just the file names are too long or something?
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since quite some time, I have a weird problem. When moving or renaming files on a Samba shares using my Windows 7 x64 machine as a client. These files always end up in the share's root folder because in the corresponding SMB packets, Windows 7 only sends
the filenames instead of the full paths. More details can be found
I tried it with a new Windows install in a VM, and then it works. So, I assume that some hidden setting in my main machine is incorrect. Reinstalling because of this is not an option.
What might cause this strange behavior?
With best regards,

Regards, Patrick
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I have been noticing randomly delay or lag in my Windows Explorer whenever I do operations such as create new folder or files, copy/paste files, or rename files.

By lag, what I mean is that lets say I rename a file from "File A" to File B", I don't see the change in the file name instantaneously. It takes few seconds I have to press F5 to refresh the window to actually see the changes.
I am running on Windows 8.1

A:Lag/Delay in Explorer when Renaming Copying Creating Files

I joined the forum to bring up the same complaint.

I 'upgraded' last week, from Win 7 HP sp1(different laptop) and from win 8 to 8.1 (this laptop via Windows Store).

Superfetch and indexing are not turned off. Accessing files in various devices seem to take forever compared to win 7.

Yesterday, I spent some time using the file explorer to rename and organize files on an external hard drive. Soon enough, the system came grinding to a slow crawl. Bringing up task manager took 'forever'. Eventually, it showed the explorer utilizing over 2GB of memory (6GB total in system). After closing the explorer window, the memory was not released. I had to restart explorer.exe to release the memory. Once I replicated the event, I began to wonder if this is unique to my machine or inherent in the OS.

I generally use XNView as my file manager. But, it wasn't performing as well as it should, or as well as it had been with Win 7. That's why I tried to bypass the middle man in XNView.

With Win 7, the external devices spin down after time has passed. There would always be lag while the accessed device spin up. With Win 8.1, the spin down seemed to be next to no time passing. I spend 5 to 10 seconds being careful in what I'm doing with the files, I have to deal with the lag before the action takes effect.

In summary, there is the explorer 'memory leak?' and the quick spin down of external devices, both affecting the performance of the file explorer.