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Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

Q: Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

Hello I have a Dell Inspiron laptop I have an image of the entire hard drive that I created when I first got the computer using Acronis TrueImage and I d like to restore that image returning the laptop back to that fresh clean original state I ve done this two or three times before and it worked great each time But now there s a problem Normally I would in boots as when drive external but laptop hard Primary recognized isn't drive used connect to the laptop a USB storage backup drive that has the disk image boot the laptop from a Rescue Media CD created by Acronis then restore that disk image from the back-up drive onto the laptop s HDD When I tried it this time round the laptop s HDD was not listed in TrueImage at all I created a new rescue media disk tried it again and got the same result I then took the HDD out of the laptop connected it to Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive an adapter kit that let s you power up and plug in the drive via a USB port and external power supply and tried the same procedure using my desktop to run the operation Same result The drive was not detected by Acronis The drive does not seem to spin up at all Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive when it is connected Keep in mind the drive still works when installed in the laptop -- it boots into Windows XP etc When I plug the drive into my desktop the drive does not show up in Disk Management Start Right-click My Computer Manage Disk Management It doesn t show up in either of the two right-side windows so there s no way I know of to format it or do any work on it in Windows When I go to Device Manager Disk Drives I see quot USB Device quot for that drive and under Properties it is listed as quot Disk Drives quot for quot Device Type quot and its status says it is working properly So what I don t get is it works fine when it is in the laptop boots into XP etc but when connected as an external drive or when the laptop is being run off of CD the drive can t be detected and not on just one computer but multiple Is it junk Any ideas nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Primary hard drive boots in laptop but isn't recognized when used as external drive

It's a power issue. Had the same issue taking a 2.5" laptop hdd and attempting to hook up w/ a passive usb sata hdd cable. my recommendation is to use a powered usb sata cable. like this one: having proper power will allow the USB bus to detect and power the hdd correctly. Hope this helps, take care!
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I have a 500 GB WD USB 2.0 External Hard drive that worked perfectly that i used to store music, movies, family pictures, family home videos, TV shows everything. And one day out of the blue it just stopped showing up on my computer. I never did anything out of the ordinary or anything. I plugged it in and i hear the HD running, light is on and i even hear the prompt sound on my laptop go off. But the HD itself will not show up on my laptop. I have ALOT of stuff on this i need so any information on helping with this will help!!!!

A:My WD USB 2.0 External Hard drive not being recognized by my Laptop

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,

Can you please post a screen capture image of your Disk Management screen?

1. Click Start
2. Type disk manage
3. Click 'Create and format hard disk partitions'
4. Maximise the window, then take a screen capture image.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hi all.

I've got an old seagate freeagent external hard-drive. I've installed and uninstalled it now a few times, it get recognized, but I can't get into it. I've tried giving it a letter in disk management, but then I have to format the drive, which obviously means that everything that's on there will be gone... could really really use some help with getting into the drive.


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hi, I have a Toshiba store art 3.5 (I think) that can connect to my old pc running windows 7 just fine but it can not connect to my brand new Dell laptop (can see it in in device manager but not open it in any way I've tried to). I need my external to save my files from my laptop on and a new one is out of the question. also formatting the external drive should only be a LAST resort!!

if you do have a solution please explain in detail as far as you can? Computer stuff can be a bit confusing to me sometimes...

because I can see it in device manager on my laptop I updated drivers but it only said that the best drivers where already installed.

ask for any other info needed, and if necessary explain how to get it please.

A:Toshiba (store art 3.5) external hard drive not recognized by laptop?

make sure that the device is not blocked by checking the properties of it in device manager
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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?
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I got new Desktop recently, Lenovo K450e, and when I went to plug in my external HD, Seagate 500GB, it didn't show up in either My Computer or Disk Management and there are no exclamation points next to the drivers suggesting that I would need a driver update. I plugged it into other ports on my computer with no luck but when I plug it into my laptop it works fine. I have read so many different forums with no luck. My computer is a Windows 8.1 intel core I7 processer.

Thank you

A:External Hard drive not recognized in My Computer or Disk Managment but it is on my laptop

Make sure you update and apply all the Windows updates before trying to use this new computer. You can run Windows Update manually for this
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Hello all I have a technical background Primary hard drive, USB make use external an and a bootable you Can Drive as hardware control systems but am by no means a threat to any IT guy who actually understands DOS Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive Greek or different OS platforms In that regard I will claim ignorance with a smidgen of knowledge---just so you know who you are dealing with and will correspondingly dumb down your answers to my level slightly smarter than a pile of rocks when it comes to absorbing this type of information I have a Dell GX GHz computer with Windows XP Pro SP that is replacing my older MHz machine I have painfully copied all programs files and added the peripheral hardware printer scanner modems to make this a duplicate replacement computer system with an addition monitor I have read all the posts for making a bootable flash drive stick Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive and made both a Hirens bootable stick three different sticks Sandisk GB Kingston GB and a generic GB and a BartPE bootable CD disk my eyes bled and the hammering base drum in my head has subsided I m Scotch Irish German with no desire to conquer the world drink every Pub dry and do it for little or no money but I am stubborn hard-headed and tenacious to a fault My goal is to make a stand-a-lone Seagate FreeAgent USB self powered external drive a working replacement quot main drive quot for my computer with it s own operating system XP Pro SP I used the Seagate software to clone the C SATA drive to this USB drive NTFS The reality is to have a cloned external hard drive that could be used to boot a computer and clone a new internal hard drive if the original SATA drive had a mechanical malfunction I don t want to just backup files but all programs drivers and the same OS The USB drive works as a duplicate storage device with all files and information that the SATA drive holds when one does a normal boot The USB drive won t boot after the BIOS has been changed to USB device priority in the boot file The sticks do but not this hard drive I assume it lacks either the boot ini files that the sticks need or that the USB recognition function for a hard drive come later in the boot sequence and thus is not recognized Obviously I don t understand this stuff or I could fix it myself In my readings of boot problems on this site I noticed a topic about multiple partitioning of a stick as well as fooling the DOS into thinking the stick was an actual internal hard drive thus assigning drive letters for the primary and remaining volume It is a guide in the guide forum actually a post to a link lancelhoff multi-partition USB flash drive in windows Is this the approach to use or am I mixing apples with oranges and doomed to fry something l nbsp

A:Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive


not sure what you are trying to acheive, from what ive read you cant get windows to boot from an exteranl usb hdd no matter what you do.

if its just for disaster recovery then do what i do.

you can ,make flash sticks bootable but i never could make a HDD bootable using windows, so i took the drive out of the enclosure and put it in my laptop, i booted from a win98 cd and fdisked and formatted the drive then sys'd it to make it bootable, i copied ghost onto it and wrote a small autoexec.bat file to set ghost running at boot up.

i then booted from it with it plugged into the laptop and ran a disk clone to a file onto the USB HDD.

when i want to restore it i just image the drive in from the USB HDD and im done.
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Acomdata HD500HE5-72 is recognized as a CD drive.
In device manager it shows up as "XG3813V VGS5265 SCSI CdRom Device"
Unable to access information stored on it....
Please help.


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I have a brand new just out of the box Dell Inspiron 2200 running XP SP2. I just got it yesterday but have done all the windows updates and virus updates. The problem is my Maxtor external hard drive is being recognized!!! I get the message saying USB device is not recognixed, One of the USB devices one this computer is malfunctioning, windows does not recognize the device. I know it is NOT the hard drive as it works fine on 4 other machines all running XP SP 2. I can not understand this!! I have called Dell but they have NO idea what is causing the problem and act as they don't believe my drive even works!! By the way it has an external power supply and the USB cable that connects it to the computer. I would really really appreciate any help you can give me!!!!

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I have been trying all day trying to get my external hard drive to be recognized by WinXp but its not working and really beginning to annoy me.

I check the Device Manager and can see my Maxtor HD there, but when I click My Computer its not there.

Also when I click the USB controllers in device manager I can't see the USB Mass Storage, whereas I can see all the other USB devices.

Also when I click the Manage and then Disk Management I can only see my C Drive and no other drives.

When I plugged the USB cable in it said 'new hardware found' but thats all it says, I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried everything.

Hope somebody can help me.

A:External Hard Drive not recognized

See this Guide Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive

Let us know if you still need further assistance
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So every time I plug my external hard drive in it pops up with a message saying it is not recognized. This is followed by a message saying device driver not installed correctly.

I have tried uninstalling it from the Device Manager section and then plugging it in (this worked shortly after the first time I did it but has not worked again since). Also there is another section under the Device Manager heading called other devices that does lists Ethernet Controller, PCI Device, SM Bus Controller, USB Controller, all have the yellow exclamation mark next to them.

Windows has been unable to find any device driver update either when I try. Any suggestions? Sorry if this question isn't laid out well this is my first time on these forums. Thanks for your help!

A:External Hard Drive not recognized

Welcome Mr Griffin

What is the make & model of the Ext HD ? Did it come with any install CD/DVD ? Have you checked the website of the mfg of the Ext HD for any updates ?
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Hello all Wishing praying hoping for some help Fist My Hardware HP Pavilion a n Windows XP Home V SP AMD Athalon X Dual Core GHx GB of RAM USB External Hard Drive Western Digital My external drive Not Recognized Hard USB Book TB My issue I ve bought the External Drive just over a month ago I went to rip a DVD to a folder on the drive and noticed that the drive USB external Hard drive Not Recognized was not listed in my options I then went into that drive to explore the contents and everything I d USB external Hard drive Not Recognized had there previously did not show up First instinct was to Restart Windows Restarted but during process it would continually get stuck on the blue HP setup screen in the bottom right corner were options for thing similar to this Computer would not respond to any command F F n whatnot Finally unplugged all USB devices and manually restarted computer and it booted up just fine Plugged all USB devices aside from the problem HD and no problelm Plugged problem drive back in and got the quot USB Device Not Recognized quot warning I ve also plugged this same external drive into my laptop running Vista and get the exact same warning message as well Just wanting to know if A If I ve lost all my data stored bummer lots of converted VHS tape files still have the hard copies though B If there s a chance my data is still on drive what can I do to get it working again Thanks for any help Holler back any further info I may need to provide nbsp

A:USB external Hard drive Not Recognized

If the drive isn't recognized on multiple PC's, there is a hardware fault with the drive.

If it's under warranty, have it serviced or replaced.

It's possible the HDD itself is still good, but the enclosure is faulty. In which case, you can remove the drive from the enclosure and connect to the PC internally, via a USB adapter, or in another enclosure. Note: opening the enclosure will VOID your warranty.

Live and learn. You should have at least one backup copy of all data that you don't want to lose.
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I have a toshiba external 200G hard drive. It was used on a Dell computer which ran Windows XP. I now have a new computer which runs windows 7. However when i connect the external hard drive to the new computer i start to experience problems with the files on there.

So there are a number of directories, my pics for example. When I click on it you can see the pics on some of the sub folders when you view via icons. Some you cannot see the pic, just shows a generic shot. When you try and open the pics / jpegs you get an error saying image not found, check 'full pathname / file' exists. The same is true for all files, docs etc

I have been able to load the same pics and docs via a cd, so it is a problem with my new pc recognising the hard drive as opposed to a problem with the files

Any ideas ?

A:External Hard drive Not Recognized

Quote: Originally Posted by MarkBmouth

I have a toshiba external 200G hard drive. It was used on a Dell computer which ran Windows XP. I now have a new computer which runs windows 7. However when i connect the external hard drive to the new computer i start to experience problems with the files on there.

So there are a number of directories, my pics for example. When I click on it you can see the pics on some of the sub folders when you view via icons. Some you cannot see the pic, just shows a generic shot. When you try and open the pics / jpegs you get an error saying image not found, check 'full pathname / file' exists. The same is true for all files, docs etc

I have been able to load the same pics and docs via a cd, so it is a problem with my new pc recognising the hard drive as opposed to a problem with the files

Any ideas ?

In the tutorials section of this Forum... check out the various information on "Taking Ownership" of the files. If they were owned by the System account on the old machine you're likely to have problem accessing them.
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I have a "Fantom Drives-Green Drive" external hard drive I'm trying to install.The green power light is on and the hard drive is running. The computer does the double-beep when the hard drive power is turned on. But when I open the computer window, it does not show up under removable storage devices. The hard drive worked with another computer. I have a Dell Inspiron w/Vista Home Premium. I need an answer a neophyte operator can understand. Thank you, Vespa

A:external hard drive not recognized

Right click on Computer, Choose manage, then click on disk management with it plugged in and see if it is showing up there. Or post a listing of what is showing up.

It may be showing up with no drive letter. If so do not format and do not initialize to avoid data loss. Report back.

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Hi I am totally new to this but figure my blonde brain will be able to fix the problem if it is possible. I have an HP notebook dv 9700 PC, however the problem lies with my external hard drive, Being blonde... I dropped it on a hard floor and my computer will no longer detect it. I'm sure this question has been posted many times and sorry to bring it up again, but I have been reading through so many posts on so many sites and have found nothing that seems to work for me. Any suggestions? Thank you so much-Kirah

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EDIT Resolved some how I purchased an external hard drive enclosure and put a Western Digital hard drive in it The hard drive was from another computer and I need the data on it so formatting it is really not an option The external enclosure I bought said I needed to have it set to master to get the hard drive Drive External Not Hard Recognized recognized I did this but it did not work I finally tested the hard drive External Hard Drive Not Recognized with the jumper on every setting and finally got it to work with what I External Hard Drive Not Recognized believe to be the cable select option The hard drive was finally recognized on the computer I cam currently typing on Both computers in this story are Windows Vista I attempted to move the hard drive install it on another laptop When ever I move it to that computer it installed the drivers then it said Windows needed an update and to restart I restarted it and it said quot Installing update of quot for a good hour before I finally held External Hard Drive Not Recognized down the power button and forced it to shut off Upon restarting the computer it stalled out I forced a shut down again and this time removed the hard drive and it started up fine When it came back on I plugged the hard drive in again This time the quot safely remove hardware quot icon in the taskbar showed up but when I go to quot My Computer quot there is no hard drive there I tried going to Admin tools gt device manager and seeing if the volume disk partition was recognized there but it is not It still shows up in the device manager as quot USB mass storage device It says the driver is fine but I do not believe this to be the case I am thinking that maybe the initial hang up on shut down caused the driver to not be installed exactly correctly Whenever I go to the device manager and attempt to uninstall the USB Mass Storage Device it says quot Uninstalling quot but it just sits there forever never uninstalling it I am at wits end Does anyone have any ideas I think the best place to start would be to remove the possibly faulty driver but I do not know how since it keeps hanging up EDIT Resolved some how
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I have a WD 1.5 TB external hard drive that is about 6 months old, and it suddenly is not working on either of my computers. One computer is Vista, and the other is XP. The ext hard drive shows up in device manager, and it says it is working properly, but it no longer shows up in My Computer so I cannot access it. I tried to assign a drive letter to it by right clicking (as was suggested in another forum) but this will not work as the only option given when I right click is "help."

Anyone have any suggestions for me? Please?

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Yesterday, I backed up everything on my computer because I was going to restore it and format the drive. So I transfered everything over to my Seagate 500gb hard drive.

Once I finished formatting and reinstalling windows, I installed all my neccessary chipset drivers, ect.. and connected my external hard drive but it wasn't recognized. It shows up as connected and the green light is on, but nothing in "my computer". I tried to set my external drive to a letter in disk management but it doesn't give me the option. Please someone help, I have tons of movies, music and school work on my drive and need it to be transfered over.

Here are some pics to understand the situation.

A:My External Hard Drive Isn't Recognized

The drive has probably no drive letter. Try to assign one with (under Partition tab > Change Letter):
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I have a Seagate 100GB external hard drive that was working fine. It was NOT connected to the USB and took a fall of about 2-3 ft. Now, the blue light still comes on but the computer does not recognize it. I have tried it on three different computers (Windows XP and Media Editions). The device manager does not see it either. There is a very, very faint buzz that comes from the drive but no rattling. I wouldn't have noticed the buzz had I not put it right up to my ear. There are about 300 edited pictures I want to get from it and that is all. (I was taking the drive to my computer to make a DVD when it fell!) HELP PLEASE!!!

A:External hard drive not recognized

Since it didn't work on three computers, the problem is obviously with the drive especially given the fact it hit the ground. I've read some posts here about putting a drive in the freezer as a possible method of reviving a dead drive, but I've never tried it. Most likely you'll have to send it off for professional data recovery.
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Okay so this is driving me crazy because ALL of my important files are on my external hard drive and I need some Drive External Recognized Not Hard answers I recently recovered my computer Acer Aspire Windows Vista because External Hard Drive Not Recognized of viruses and like I always do I unplugged my external hard drive and it was working fine before I recovered When I log back on afterwards my computer says it recognized there was new hardware plugged in makes the sound it does and even installed drivers but when I tried to pulled up my hard drive in Computer the driver letter didn t pop up I tried plugging it into my roomate s computer and it did the same thing I tried going to Device Manager and there was nothing there to work with HOWEVER when I went to Computer Management gt Disk Drives it shows my hard drive there and says it s enabled I don t understand what s going on but if I can t get my hard drive to work again is there someway I can recovery my files because I need them Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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Hello I have a Seagate TB Free Agent GoFlex Desk external hard drive I had this drive for only about months amp while carrying it I slipped amp the drive fell about feet I now get only intermittent beeping when I try to hook it up amp the computer does not recognize the drive except only once under device manager as a generic usb volume I had started the process of backing it up last night but simply decided to go to bed after getting some of it done I have tried most of the basic steps but thus far have not been able to get any success accessing my files Tried re-starting the computer amp drive no success Tried removing the hard drive recognized not External hard drive from the encasing amp hooking it up with a SATA to USB cable no success Tried hooking it up internally to a desktop computer no success Tried any number of software tools including seatools amp PC file inspector recovery no success I find myself wondering if my data is truly irretrievable I would be most grateful if anyone can help Oh amp I did try looking for the solution in any number of thread posts on many forums still no success nbsp

A:External hard drive not recognized

Well it wasn't an SSD, so it's probably broke after a two foot drop....There are businesses who specialize in Data retrieval and it's not cheap...How much is your Data worth to you?
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Today I was using my Sata external harddrive like i always do. It was plugged into my Macbook and I was editing something in final cut. I had to eat dinner so I ejected my drive like usual and closed my laptop. After dinner i plugged my external back in to continue editing the project and an error message popped up saying "This drive is not readable" or something similar. I plugged it into my XP system and i went to Disk utilities and the drive is recognized but it says its empty. How can that be possible? All i did was unplug the thing. When I try and click on hte drive it tells me I need to format it. I had about 140 G of files on there, is there anything I can do (if the drive needs to be formatted) to get those files off?


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Hi I was just wondering if anyone can help me out I have a Seagate gb external hard drive which was working fine up until today when I accidently dropped it slaps self As a result of it falling the usb cable was pulled out rather roughly It wasn t switched on when I dropped it so I hoped it would be ok but when I started it up and plugged it in to the computer the usb quot device hard drive not recognized External has malfunctioned quot message came onscreen and that was it Nothing happened Now my computer won t recognise it at all External hard drive not recognized when it is plugged in despite the fact that the hard drive itself does seem to be working green light on powering up as normal no External hard drive not recognized weird noises or the like I have tried using it on two different computers with different usb cables but nothing is happening Anyone know if this can be fixed If it can t is there any possible way for me to get my files back I have about gb of stuff on the drive at the moment including some important university work Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:External hard drive not recognized

That suggests the cable is damaged. Try another cable while we hope it isn't the usb port itself.
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Finally bought new computers. took old xp sp3 hard drive and turned into external drive. plugged it in and it powered up. plugged into laptop with xp sp3 installed. got the two beep tones, said it recognized new hardware, installed drivers, said it was ready to go. went to my computer. nothing was listed. went to device mgr.,saw external hard drive listed as no problems,ran trouble shoot, came back as working.still not listed in my computer.clicked on safely remove hard ware. It was listed there. removed it and rebooted and tried again, with the same results.any ideas on what i might be doing wrong or what is missing. Thanks for any help, mrvince

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OK I had an accident the other day with my WD Passport GB USB drive I ve had the drive for two years and it s never given me problems Well unfortunately I dropped Drive External Hard recognized... not it accidentally at work and Windows is no longer recognizing it All External Hard Drive not recognized... I really External Hard Drive not recognized... care about is being able to recover my files When I plug in the drive it makes a series of whining sounds unlike any I ve heard External Hard Drive not recognized... before I m accustomed to clicks but not this buzzing whine After a few moments Windows recognizes a quot USB Mass Storage Device quot but does not AutoRun the drive and does not assign it a drive letter The drive is powered up as the blue light shines I simply cannot access it The drive is not appearing in disk management though quot USB Device quot does show up under device manager After right clicking on USB Device I choose properties Under General it indicates it as a disk drive with no manufacturer information at quot Location quot It states that the device is working properly Under Volumes all fields are blank When I click quot Populate quot it states quot Disk Unknown Type Unknown Status Unreadable Partition Style Not Applicable Capacity MB Unallocated Space MB Reserved Space MB quot Clearly there is a connectivity issue I ve also run a chkdsk on the drive letter typically assigned to the drive with no results I ve plugged the drive into both my home and work desktops and my laptop with the same results I ve tried different USB cables with the same results I ve removed the protective cover and looked over the parts and nothing seems to be broken or out of place Again All I care about is being able to recover my files This drive contained about GB of music plus my wedding pictures personal documents and research for a book I m writing nbsp
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I had an external hard drive that was working fine for about two months, then suddenly stopped working. The power light still turns on when it's plugged in, but it isn't recognized by disk management or anything. I tried it on a friend's computer and got the same result.

What are the odds of it being fixed if I send it in for repairs, and how much would that cost me? Failing that, is there any way to retrieve the stored data?

A:External hard drive not being recognized

Want to add a bit to this. When I plug the hard drive into the USB port, and only later power it on, the computer makes the "ba-dum" sound it makes when recognizes a new device, but the drive still doesn't show up anywhere.
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I get the following error when I plug in my external hard drive.
If I click on the bubble, then
When I double click on Unknown Device, then

I have been using this external hard drive for years and not once has it required any extra software. It does not have a power cord but only connects with USB.
It is not showing up in Disk Management or Device Management (except for the Unknown Device under USB Controllers). However it has its blue light on and the drive makes its usual working noises when I plug it in. So its not dead I'm sure. How do I get it on My Computer?

A:External Hard Drive is not recognized

Can you try it on another USB port, ideally one on the back of the PC (ie. not a USB hub and not a port on the front of the case)

Also can you try it on another machine?
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My husband just recently noticed that one of his hard drives was not being recognized by the computer. We've tried unplugging and replugging it from both the computer and the hard drive itself, turning the power on and off, restarting the computer, and testing it in my computer. I know it's still working as the computer makes the 'Ding' noise of something being connected, but then the drive doesn't show up in the 'Computer' folder. Unfortunately, he's not sure what make or model it is as there are no markings at all on the HD. Can anyone help? Thanks!

A:External Hard Drive not Recognized

Has it been bumped or dropped?

Does it appear in Device Manager or Disk Management?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management

or go to Start > Run, and type:

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I have a sata 500 GB hard drive from Seagate that just won't get recognized. I've been in Disk Management, I've scanned the disk, I've rebooted, and Disk 1 is there, but the message is it's offline--and after I did the reboot I got the message that the hard drive USB had been recognized--but it ain't there. Or at least I can't get into it. Rats!!!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

btw I already have over a 100 GBs of back up on this hard drive.



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One of my external hard drive have been used for a year. Several days ago, it suddenly can't be recognized. It showed in computer management as "not initialized". I plugged it into two of my computers. The result is the same. It seems it is not a ubs driver or cable problem. I tried the software "Recover my Files". After fast format recover, it found all my files. So, I think the problem is not big. But "Recover my Files" need to save the files to another hard drive. I don't have extra space for those files. I wonder if there is another way to let the external hard drive to be recognized. Thanks a lot.

A:external hard drive can't be recognized

First off, screwing around with the drive and "trying" to fix it may actually result in the loss of those files. If you can recover them now, I suggest you do that BEFORE you attempt any repairs. I'd at least recover the most important ones before any attempted repair.
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I have a new HP Pavilion desktop running Windows 8. I had a second hard drive on my old computer that contains important tax documents I need to retrieve. The old computer is currently defunct. An IT person I used to work with suggested an external Hard drive enclosure would be my best bet. I bought that and installed the drive, but when I plug it into the USB, my computer does not recognize it. I'm not a tech person and I'm lost with Windows 8, as it's nothing like what I'm used to. I've tried different cables and different ports with no luck, and have invested hours trying to make this work. Can anyone help?

A:External hard drive not recognized

Try it on a different computer.
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I bought a Seagate external hard drive 2tb and for the longest I was unable to get my PS3 to recognize it. I found out It had to be formatted to FAT32 but the hard drive was too big. So I had to partition it so I can format it in Fat32. U have to convert some GB to MB about 32000MB for 32GB. It worked!!!! Im not computer savvy at all, I got the directios and did it myself.... If I can do it, then U can do it too sucka!!!! LOL

A:2tb External hard drive not recognized by ps3

An easier way would be to use Swiss Knife program and format the 2tb hdd with a quick forma tin fat32 in under a minute .
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Hi all,

This is the issue:

It is a dell inspiron 500m, i'm trying to connect a new WD external drive250 (wd2500me) gb on it. but the external hard drive is not recognized by the pc. I tested it on another pc and it is working well, i also test the usb ports on the 500m and worked well with usb sticks.

i contacted dell and told me that the harddisk is not supported, i need to get another external or another motherboard ...ppfffff

aslo this external doesn't required drivers..
after trying several times i got a message that said something about low voltage or something..

anyone who can help me?

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any suggestions if my external is not coming up in windows xp sp2? Its a western digital 500 gb. I have extremely important data on there that I cant lose!!

A:external hard drive not recognized

Does the drive appear in Device Manager or Disk Management?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.
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Hi, I have just tried to format my 80GB External Hard Drive to FAT32 as I wanted to use it on a Sony Blu-Ray player, I did this on a Windows Vista Laptop. About an hour after I started fomatting it I got an error message saying that the "Volume is too large for FAT32"

Edit: Thought it would be prudent to add that I attempted to format it using the cmd program.

So I plugged the hard drive into my Windows 7 computer however now my computer cant even recognise the hardware as an external hard drive. It thinks that it is a CD Player of some kind. This means that I cannot simply format it back. And I have my suspicions that I managed to delete the format that was already on the Drive (NTFS)

Can anyone help? I am really struggling here.

A:External hard drive not recognized

When attempting to format a FAT32 partition larger than 32 GB, the format fails near the end of the process with the error you received.

Either Partition the drive 32GB FAT and the rest leave non-partitioned or you could do 32GB FAT x2
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As the title suggest my external Seagate hard drive is no longer being recognized by my system The information on this is absolutely critical to me- I am a DJ and Producer and this particular drive contains all of my song stems acapellas instrumentals sample kits and also backups of every program I use as well as my OS backup I just recently moved into a new apartment and my drive worked fine before the move days ago I do not Hard recognized Drive External not think I bumped it or damaged it seeing as how I always put them in safe places on the go and it is now no longer working Here is what I can tell you External Hard Drive not recognized so far The device has been connected to usb ports and works on none The device has been connected to my secondary OS watered down live performance side on my cpu- a whole different OS but same hardware The device has been connected to a nd computer My other drives in addition to all of my DJ usb equipment work well All devices have been power cycled rebooted etc etc The device is recognized under Disk Manager as quot disk quot and when I try to change properties I cannot I try External Hard Drive not recognized to quot initiialize quot the drive and get quot data error- cyclic redundancy check quot There is no famous quot clicking noise quot I have taken apart the case and cleaned the contacts on the HD's board with an eraser to no avail The device has been connected to a powered Multi-TT usb hub and does not work though my other HD's do Note I notice that under normal circumstances a green quot power quot light is lit when a device is connected to the hub This light turns on for my other HD's but NOT for this one That is the most detailed description I can give at the moment The device is not recognized right away as a USB Mass storage device- it takes a little while for the system to recognize it This worked quite literally days ago and does not work now with no system changes I need this to work badly or at least be able to extract the info to another drive Edit Now correctly reflects circumstances

A:External Hard Drive not recognized

Have you plugged the device into a USB port and not the hub? Also, check disk management again, look at the bottom portion of the page and see if it is there. It may have just lost its drive letter.
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OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Turion tm X x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Go Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Motherboard Wistron B Hi everyone OK so i was running Vista on this computer and everything was starting Drive External recognized not Hard to run extremely slow IE and safari would External Hard Drive not recognized hang and the only way to fix that was to close all programs and start again I d done numerous amount of scans using AVG Spybot Adaware i d done Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragment programs the last i tried was chkdsk i left it go overnight the next morning Windows would not boot up at all it got to the black screen with the arrow in the centre and that was it i also left External Hard Drive not recognized it on that overnight i read that after chkdsk windows may take some time to boot to find the next morning still on that same screen I do leave the laptop on pretty much as were always using it I replaced the drive and installed a fresh copy of XP to get me going and purchased an external hard drive housing to try and recover the data off the Vista drive when i plug it in the drive does the installing drivers part then when i go to my computer its not there I ve also looked in Device manager and its not there except when i unplug it it flashes for a second then disappears it doesn t show in disk management either Do i have a corrupt drive Can i try to run chkdsk f on the drive thats not visible The reason i ran vista in the first place was because i got a WD MyBook TB drive and XP wouldn t recognize it could this also be why the drive isn t showing up the new external drive software are only suitable for vista and Any advice is greatly appreciated Thank you in advance Clinton nbsp
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I have a Compaq Presario w/ AMD Athlon XP300+ processor @ 2.17 GHz, and 448 Mb RAM, running XP with all the updates. I bought a 160 Gb extrnal drive to back up some files. During an AVG system check, I discovered the hard way that my USB port, the one that the hard drive was plugged into, has an intermittent short, which resulted in a write error to the external drive. The 'safely remove hardware' was on. Now, I can't access the drive. The drive is getting power - the green light glows and the device hums. I have tried everything which has appeared on this site regarding Device Manager, etc., without success. I have plugged the drive into another computer - a Toshiba laptop - and it isn't recognized there, either. How can I get my drive, and the data stored thereon, back?


A:External hard drive not recognized

There may be other solutions/fixes but I have had one external that "died". I opened the case, removed the HD itself and installed it into a computer. The HD itself was still working, but apparently the electronics circuit board in the external case had died. I had to spend another few dollars to replace the external case.
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I just hooked up a second external drive (simpletech). When I first turned it on it worked great. Now, whenever I boot up, my system doesn't find the new drive F). If I turn the drive off then back on my system finds it. Any idea what's going on here? My 1st external drive has never done this. Running XP Pro. Thanks for any assistance.

A:External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Forgot to mention it's on a USB 2.0 connection.
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Hello People's,
I saved the Hard Drive from my old laptop...bought an external hard drive...
hooked everything up correctly...can hear the enclosure running...light is on...
but my PC [running Windows XP] does nothing!
No pop up windows or anything.
I am a real layman at this stuff, so can someone explain to me in simple terms what to do to get this thing up and running.
Thank You.

A:External hard drive not recognized

Run a diagnostics on the drive.


Use a desktop and connect the drive directly to your motherboard using IDE or using S-ATA.
Sometimes, failing drives will now show up via a USB connection. Alternatively, check to see if the drive is seen on another OS such as Linux or Mac.
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I have an external Aluratek hard drive connected via USB 2.0 on an XP system. I cannot get windows to recognize the drive. The drive is NOT recognized in the Computer Management section. In the Device Manager it shows up under Disk Drives as "USB Device", and under the USB Controllers section as USB Mass Storage device....I know this because these two items disappear when I unplug the drive. I can hear the "bing" noise windows makes when I unplug or plug in the device, I see these line items under device manager, but I cannot see the drive in My Computer and can't access it. I also did the Fix.reg update and deleted all USB items from device manager and rebooted. Didn't work.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

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I recently re-imaged my laptop (WIN XP home) and am now having problems getting my Maxtor external drive to be recognized. I am using a USB 2.0 adapter PCI card (made by ST Labs / NEC). The card is recognized in the "hardware wizard", however, when I plug the hard drive into the card, and turn it on, nothing happens. I have downloaded and installed whatever drivers I THINK I need for BOTH the drive and the card. I DO have XP service Pack 2 installed, but I'm not sure if this is the issue.

Can someone please offer some suggestions?

A:Cannot get USB 2.0 External Hard Drive to be Recognized...

Removable flag?

You should not have needed any special drivers for a USB 2.0 device under Win XP. My recent USB drive was also "missing in action" after being attached. The installation manual neglected to mention one small detail: To make sure the drive is flagged as "removable".

Open your Windows device manager to see if the drive shows up under "disk drives". If so, examine the properties for the USB drive and see if you have a "removable" check box. A USB external drive should have a check in this box. Reboot and see what happens.
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I have an Iomega external hard drive that has always worked in the past. Today I plugged it into my computer and nada. The computer doesn't acknowledge it all and it's not listed when I open up disk management. I tried a different USB cord and a different computer, but it still doesn't work. The little blue light is on on the hard drive, but it doesn't sound like it's running (none of the usual whirring sounds it would make). Any advice?

A:External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Hi, there are two possibilities here, either the hard drive has failed or the circuitry in the enclosure has develpoed a fault.

Remove the hard drive from the enclosure and (if you have access to one) hook it up to the internal connections of a dektop PC. Or, purchase a USB Hard Drive Adapter (about €10) from a computer store or eBay and then plug it into the USB connection on any computer and see if you can then access the drive.
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Recently re-formatted the computer due to virus issues..all updates does not recognize our Simple Tech 320 GB external hard drive that was recognized before..lots of pics on it!! WHen you go in "My COmputer" it does not exist when it is plugged into the USB ports..any suggestions or is all hope lost??

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Have a Simple Tech 160gb external hard drive that I have used in the past without problem. Now when I plug it into any of my 3 windows xp pc's, the usb recognizes the drive and it shows up listed in Device Manager under drives, enabled and working properly, but does not show up under My Computer or under right click My Computer to Disk Management-- where I thought I would find it and simply give it a driver letter that may have been missing.... no such luck. What has happened.

A:USB external hard drive not recognized

The drive case may be malfunctioning. Remove the drive and attach it via USB or another case and see if it functions.
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I have a My Book Essential TB External I'm on Windows x After I updated I've been getting a lot of bugs and extreme lag I would click on the drive in WD Hard drive External recognized not My Computer enter my HD password and the drive would open up with all my folders etc But then when I wanted to drag folders from my External onto my PC hard drive it would freeze up and automatically quit Windows would no longer show the External as attached to my computer No matter how many times I click on the icon in the task bar for WD SmartWare it will never come back up I have to restart my PC everytime so WD External Hard drive not recognized I can renter the External I then WD External Hard drive not recognized installed all WD software from the Control Panel didn't change anything or help at all I have no clue what to do or what has happened but my External HD is pretty much useless right now I have very WD External Hard drive not recognized important files on there I need to get access to this immediately Please help EDIT Now my PC has trouble recognizing the External I tried it on my Laptop also it doesn't show anything It shows up under disk management sometimes For example it'll show up then simply disappear Finally after restarting my PC a bunch of times and switching USB ports back and forth this CD DRIVE E icon appeared for the WD UNLOCKER Whenever I try and double click on it to open it up the green bar appears to load as seen below then the icon just disappears it will not open anything When the quot CD Drive E WD Unlocker appears like above my external HD will briefly appear under DISK MANAGEMENT It shows up then just goes away along with the E drive icon I don't know if the USB cable that connects the External to my PC is bad or not My external was working an hour before all this happened so I don't understand what is happening Also when I click on quot Devices and Printers quot an icon appears with quot My Book quot This is what is shows My External does light up when plugged into my PC and turns off when removed I can hear a ticking sound which sounds like the HD working All these problems seemed to start after I updated to WD SmartWare I even unistalled all the WD software For some reason whenever I try to install quot WDSmartWare Software Upgrader for Windows quot it just sits there and hangs doesn't do anything

A:WD External Hard drive not recognized

Hello bal1985 and welcome to Seven Forums.

You say "after I updated" you began having issues. What exactly did you update and can you undo the update? If this doesn't help you might have some damaged or corrupt drivers for your external HD. You can check the Western Digital site for the latest drivers.

WD Support / Downloads / Select Product

Another possible problem is if the USB cord got switched out. Sometimes a longer cord causes a detection problem ( data and/or voltage is compromised.)

Also, something may have scrambled the assigned drive letter causing the drive not to be recognized. Try changing the drive letter.

Please post back and let us know if anything helped solve the issue.
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I am running Windows 7 on a Compaq laptop and have a Western Digital 1TB external hard drive that I have used successfully for about a year now. I tried to use it tonight and I can't see it in My Computer. However, the safely remove icon shows up and I can see the hard drive in devices and printers. I tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it and rebooting, and nothing. As a last resort, I used a Linux liveCD, and WAH-LAH!! Works like the day I bought it. I hate the thought of getting out a liveCD every time I want to use the hard drive and switching the OS isn't an option. What can I do to get it to work in Windows?

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I have been trying all day trying to get my external hard drive to be recognized by WinXp but its not working and really beginning to annoy me.

I check the Device Manager and can see my Maxtor HD there, but when I click My Computer its not there.

Also when I click the USB controllers in device manager I can't see the USB Mass Storage, whereas I can see all the other USB devices.

Also when I click the Manage and then Disk Management I can only see my C Drive and no other drives.

When I plugged the USB cable in it said 'new hardware found' but thats all it says, I can't seem to get it to work. I have tried everything.

Hope somebody can help me.

A:External Hard Drive not recognized

Have you tried one of the other usb ports ?
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i tried converting my external har drive from fat32 to NTFS using : Type Convert Drive letter : /FS:NTFS so I entered "convert G: /FS:NTFS"

at the end it said data error cyclic redundancy check
after this my computer stopped responding and i had to do a hard restart.
after this the hard drive was not being recognised at all,not in device manager also.

the hard drive does have power and the light goes on,it also makes the sound when it is being read.

please assist

A:External hard drive not being recognized

Only suggestion I can think of is to go into Device Manager and uninstall the Mass Storage Device under Universal Serial Bus controllers. If it does not show up you may have to show Hidden Devices and see if you can then.

Let it reinstall the drivers for it and hopefully it'll be recognized.
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I have a Seagate Free Agent and suddenly I can't access it. When I plug it into the usb port I get a message that says:

A device in the USB Port has malfunctioned windows does not recognize it.

I need to find some way of getting the data off of it.

I have several laptops, but the one I am using is a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Vista OS.

Please let me know what I can try.

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I've got an external hard drive that plugs into the computer via USB. When I plug it in, windows says "found new hardware" and "hardware is ready to use".

But when I open windows Explorer or "open" and try to access something on the drive, it does not show up. The whole drive does not show up.

If I open windows defragmenter, or Partition Expert, it does show this drive as Drive "L", capacity 57gb used 42gb. So it is seeing it. Why can't windows see it so that I can use it?

This drive is a regular internal IDE H/D which is mounted in an external case. Last time I used it (to copy a backup to) it was fine.


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Hi, i just have upgraded my hard drive from HDD to SSD, now when i have connected my old HDD to the USB port, my laptop couldn't able to read it at all. but my other portable drive is working perfectly fine.

A:External hard drive not recognized

Hi, Your old HDD still has its "signature" therefore (a) you need to use other computer to copy/move files and re-initiate the old HDD.(b) if you don't need data/files from old HDD you can re-initate the old HDD. The following link shows you how to re-initiate HDD: Regards.
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Greetings to the Group - While copying files from the pc to the external hd, the power went out. Since then, the pc won't recognize the USB external hd, even though the USB works other applications fine. And it doesn't make any difference which port I use for the external hd, the pc won't find it. I ran the diskmgmt.msc program and it doesn't find the hd either. All I get is the little icon by the clock to "safely remove hardware". When the hd is on, the system won't run other applications, like a brower, the RUN program, Control Panel etc. What happened and how can I fix this? All help is appreciated.


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Hi My Acer netbook has developed some kind of fault and I am unsure as to what I ought to do The netbook does boot to BIOS and also will boot up from an external drive but will not boot normally I am thinking of replacing the hard drive but don t know if there could be something else wrong it says sometimes that it can t read it and from this I am not sure if there is something else wrong if I change the drive does it sound as though things will work I realise that there s not much to go on here but would appreciate a point of view there are also a couple of other intermittent faults such as certain letters and numbers not working and then everything is fine for a while but this hard drive thing has be wondering if it is time to get a new device Hope you may be able to help or give some advice Many thanks in advance Steve

A:Boot to BIOS and boots from external disc but not from Hard drive

Hello Steve and welcome to Seven Forums.

It's possible that something may have damaged or corrupted the boot info contained on the hard drive. One of the Forum experts prepared this troubleshooting guide for failure to start issues. It's time consuming but has helped many solve startup problems.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Another possibility is that your Acer has a hidden recovery partition. If it does, another option could be to restore your computer to factory specs. It would erase everything on the hard drive and make your machine exactly like it was the day you brought it home from the store. It's called the eRecovery Management Program.

Acer Support - Answers, E-Mail, Chat - How do I restore my computer using the eRecovery Management program?

Please post back if anything helped or not, or if you have any other questions..
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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive
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My WD Elements external hard drive was working great until one day it failed to be recognized in explorer. I've tried it on multiple PC's and it does the exact same thing. It shows up in device manager as properly working and also even shows up in devices and Printers and BIOS and Windows will allow me to eject it. I've tried using Recuva to recover my data but the disk still doesn't show up. I can't use CHKDSK because it doesn't have a drive letter. Is there anything I can do? and more importantly, is there any way I can recover my important data from this drive?

A:External hard drive not recognized on anything other than device mgr

Have you gone into the Disk Management tool to see if simply right clicking on the volume to change drive letter would initialze the drive again? The drive may be being seen as offline in the block on the left side of the item there you right click on to select the online option.

That would be a fast option included in Windows. Recuva wouldn't work without an active volume to begin with. When any Windows option won't work you then need an alternative option for data recovery such as a live Linux distro or other live from disk type. Note the 2009 thread for using a flash drive to make up a live data recovery disk. Using the "Other OS" For a USB Rescue Device?

The first thing however would be trying to see if you can get the drive initialized if it is showing up in the DM there. Often with removable drives and devices like flash drives or memory and memory cards SD cards on cell phones, digital cameras, etc. you need to keep a specific drive letter assigned to the drive or device to be instantly recognised each time you go to replug it in.
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Can not view my external usb hard drive. I have another usb drive installed without issue. The invisible drive appears to be "dead". Check with Voltage Meter and the power supply for the drive is working. Is there any way to recover the data? Luckily I have the data backed up on another drive.

A:Seagate External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Does the drive show up in computer management? Go to start>Computer>(Right click)>Manage?
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Vista External USB hard drive not recognized But no problem in XP I have a TB Hitachi USB device that has no problem on my XP Laptop but I can not see the device BUT! USB drive hard External recognized vista not in Vista Ultimate bit Just installed http zentimo com external usb manager on both machines On the vista machine it tells me quot Hitachi HDS ALA USB Device quot but status says the drive without media quot vista External USB hard drive not recognized BUT! I unplug from Vista and plug to XP and have No problem seeing and using Here is what zentimo tells me on the Vista side Internal UserDeviceNameWithDriveLetters Hitachi HDS ALA USB Device Sys DevicePnPName USB VID amp PID CE D F Sys FriendlyName Hitachi HDS ALA USB Device Sys DeviceDescription USB Mass Storage Device Sys LocationInformation Sys DeviceInstance Sys HardwareID Sys DriveLetter Sys VolumeLabel Sys ulProblemNumber Sys DeviceClassGuid fc e -c - cf- - Sys BusType BusTypeUsb Internal DontShowThisDevice False Internal IgnoreStopAllCommand False Internal ImageName Flash drive blue Internal UserDeviceName Hitachi HDS ALA USB Device Internal IsCardReader False Internal IsProbablyFixedDrive False Internal DeviceIsDisabled False Internal DeviceIsSafelyRemoved False Internal DeviceWasDisabledByProgram False Sys VolumesList UniqueVolume number VolumeName Volume b c de -c f - df-a f- fa d VolumeMountPoints VolumeInformation VolumeLabel VolumeSerialNo MaxComponentLength FileSystemFlags FileSystemName debugGetVolumeInformationExecTime Ticks VendorName Hitachi HDS ALA USB Device MediaType PhysicalDriveName Device HarddiskVolume IsActiveVolume False Internal PhysicalDeviceLink ------- Physical Device level ------ DeviceInst PnPName USB VID amp PID CE D F VendorName DEVICEDESC USB Mass Storage Device LOCATION INFORMATION HARDWAREID SPDRP CLASSGUID fc e -c - cf- - ParentDeviceInst ParentDevicePnPName USB ROOT HUB amp FBD amp ulStatus A ulProblemNumber Capabilities DN REMOVABLE Flag True DN DISABLEABLE Flag True DN WILL BE REMOVED Flag False DN HAS PROBLEM Flag False DN LIAR Flag False CM DEVCAP SURPRISEREMOVALOK Flag False CM DEVCAP DOCKDEVICE Flag False CM DEVCAP REMOVABLE Flag True CM PROB DEVICE NOT THERE Flag False SPDRP PHYSICAL DEVICE OBJECT NAME Device USBPDO- SPDRP UI NUMBER BusType BusTypeUsb DeviceType Unknown device type DeviceNumber ------- Physical Device level ------ DeviceInst PnPName USBSTOR DISK amp VEN HITACHI amp PROD HDS ALA amp REV D F amp VendorName Hitachi HDS ALA USB Device DEVICEDESC LOCATION INFORMATION HARDWAREID SPDRP CLASSGUID d e -e - ce-bfc - be ParentDeviceInst ParentDevicePnPName USB VID amp PID CE D F ulStatus A ulProblemNumber Capabilities DN REMOVABLE Flag False DN DISABLEABLE Flag True DN WILL BE REMOVED Flag False DN HAS PROBLEM Flag False DN LIAR Flag False CM DEVCAP SURPRISEREMOVALOK Flag False CM DEVCAP DOCKDEVICE Flag False CM DEVCAP REMOVABLE Flag False CM PROB DEVICE NOT THERE Flag False SPDRP PHYSICAL DEVICE OBJECT NAME Device SPDRP UI NUMBER BusType BusTypeUsb DeviceType FILE DEVICE DISK DeviceNumber DevicePath usbstor disk amp ven hitachi amp prod hds ala amp rev d f amp f -b bf- d - f - a c efb b nbsp
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I don't know if I'm in the right forum, but I really need help. My Verbatim 1TB External Hard Drive isn't being recognized on my computer. I have Windows XP on my laptop. Please help!!!

A:Verbatim 1TB External Hard Drive not being recognized?

Welcome to TSG jordan, Hope you find some help and provide help to others when you get a chance. Thats how the community works!

I assume the device connect with a USB? Fisrt I would verify the USB jack is working (plug something else into it?). Then report back with some information about what you have tried to make this hard drive work. Its hard to give advise\solutions without some information.
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Hi all I recently purchased a Adaptec USB drive enclosure and popped in a Western Digital drive Problem is that the PC does not mount the drive The Safely remove device icon comes up but XP Pro won t recognized hard USB drive External Solved: not stop the drive so it can be unplugged Solved: External USB hard drive not recognized I tried this Solved: External USB hard drive not recognized in my backup unit with Win SE installed the drivers there before plugging in the machine these drivers were not installed in XP as it s supposed to automatically recognize it and essentially get the same problem The hard drive is already partitioned and formatted and if I install it in a PC the drive otherwise works perfectly According to manufacturer s directions it supposedly needs to be done again It shouldn t My old USB external drive that I had used drivers for xp and worked fine before I broke it I am totally at a loss as to why the hard drive is not recognized in XP or SE Sincerely Mike T nbsp

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So basically my external hard drive was acting up and I was Anymore Drive External Recognized Not Hard going to disable and re-enable it to try and solve the problems I went to Computer Management - gt Disk Management and disabled Disk which was the HDD External Hard Drive Not Recognized Anymore To disable it I right clicked the disk External Hard Drive Not Recognized Anymore and went to the properties I went to the Driver Tab which lists Driver Details Update Driver Rollback Driver Disable and Uninstall I clicked the disable option It disappeared and whenever I plug it in it doesn t show up anymore The HDD is the Screenplay HD from Iomega and the drivers are located on the HDD itself The HDD still works because I plugged it into my MAC From there I just erased everything and set it up to use FAT so it would be compatible with both systems The HDD shows up under the USB Controllers except as a quot USB Mass Storage Drive quot now and the menu to do anything with it doesn t pop up Any idea how to re-enable it It seems that I need to find some unallocated partition in Disk Management and add a new disk However there is no more unallocated partition It also seems I need to download third party programs to create an unallocated partition Help is very much appreciated and I will be here to answer questions

A:External Hard Drive Not Recognized Anymore

Solved. If anyone else has this problem, try:

It will reappear with a different name under the disk drives(which is why I didn't realize it in the first place). Just enable it and you should be good to go.
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I have a Issue with My WD External harddrive where it will recognize on My PC but it will not be Recognized on my mothers PC. Its pluged in by USB and Pendrives work on her PC just fine. What could be the problem?

A:WD external hard drive 232GB not recognized

What is your mother's PC? Windows XP, Service Pack3?
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Hi I have an external hard drive from WD MyBook TB that has been working almost perfectly since recognized not hard drive External anymore I got it approximately half a year ago The only problem was that the usb connector seemed quite loose and I sometimes needed to reconnect it for the hard drive to work Now for some reason a few days ago I had to reconnect it on the hard drive s end and I had to force it a bit Even after that everything worked Then a day or two later I see a message from windows telling me quot I could get more speed if I connected the drive to a USB port quot or something like that btw it was connected in a USB port Since then I haven t been able to get the hard drive to be recognized by Windows for more External hard drive not recognized anymore than or seconds I have succeeded by pressing on the hard drive s connector but now it just seems like the port is completely loose inside the external hard drive which means that I basically can t seem to get the cable completely plugged in the port Also after a few tries at reconnecting it the computer started to shut down External hard drive not recognized anymore every time I connect the hard drive to the computer I have tried connecting it to other usb ports although not on a different computer I don t have access to another computer right now but I will try it as soon as I can My laptop is an Asus N JQ-X and my OS is Windows bit Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

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After stinking days my external hard drive is refusing to show up on my computer now External anymore. hard help not Serious recognized drive please! I used it just fine last night but when I plug it in today nothing Nothing s recognized and the drive doesn t do its usual red flickers So far I ve tried not using the extension cable didn t work so I test the cable it works I get a different cord and plug it into my hard drive and nothing shows up It powers up just fine but it just doesn t do anything when I plug it in It s starting to sound like a failure External hard drive not recognized anymore. Serious help please! in the USB part but I have no way to be sure I can t get it replaced by my store because it went past my day replacement plan since they took weeks to ship it to me - - It s a GB Western Digital USB Firewire drive and it s going out the window if I can t get it to work Please help me reclaim of my life nbsp

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Turion tm II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD M G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Quanta Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Hello Almost a year ago I purchased an Ironkey H TB external hard drive for my laptop because I was getting very low on space and my computer had become extremely sluggish and slow I followed the instructions to the longer My hard is recognized. no external drive letter and implemented my username and password All was well I used it from time to time without any incidents or problems Until yesterday when I plugged it in and clicked on the access folder and instead of being able to input my information in order to unlock the device and gain access to my stored files My external hard drive is no longer recognized. I received the following message instead quot The image on this device does not contain a proper end user license agreement Please halt usage of this product and contact your administrator to fix the image and apply it to your device quot I contacted both Ironkey tech support and spoke to a rep who sent me a link which referred me to Microsoft After over hours of trying their step by step instructions and the nd accidental call disconnect I was no closer to getting this issue resolved But from what I could gather from what both reps told me and doing searches reading articles on the Microsoft website it is a network mapping issue where there was a collision between the letter drives that were assigned when I first connected the external hard drive to my computer and how my computer either changed that assigned letter or deleted it or something like that This is speculation based on the few bits and pieces I could understand I even downloaded a hotfix from Microsoft that supposedly dealt with this kind of problem but I could not get it to run because it was created for Windows XP I would really appreciate any feedback about how to straighten out this mess At this point I m not even sure if this problem can be fixed let alone how to do it But if there is I am good at following steps So I hope this is the case Thank you for you time and attention in this matter and I thank you in advance for any suggestions you can provide I look forward to hearing your responses nbsp

A:My external hard drive is no longer recognized.

Hi Welcome to TSG Forums,

Is your computer connected to a network domain? Have you also tried to plug the external drive to a different computer?
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I installed an external hard drive on my Dell computer. If I go to "manage" on My Computer click on device manager - it shows the drive under hard drives. When I go to Disk Manager the external drive is shown as "healthy" with one partition and a drive letter. The drive does not however appear under My Computer hence I can't write to the drive.
I have changed USB ports, renamed the drive, re-booted the computer and a number of other attempted fixes. Nothing works. There is something in my OS that is blocking the display of the external drive under My Computer.

Any suggestions - help would be greatly appreciated.
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  it keeps telling me its been migrated to ini files,so i imported I i downloaded wizsards,i tried reformateing,went to manuf.,web page downloaded everything they offered but cant get drivers to redownload
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I have a Buslink model FW60 72E but when I connect it to my computer it is not detected. I can't get it to recognize it at all. My computer is a 64 bit desktop with a quad core Intel i7. It has Windows 7 OS. Any ideas?

A:Buslink external hard drive not recognized.

It may just need to a drive-letter assigning to it:

Make sure it's connected to PC & power supply.
Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management
In the bottom-right panel, find the ribbon which relates to the Buslink drive (no drive letter, and it may say "Raw").
Right-click that ribbon & choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths"
Click "New"
Choose a letter.
Click OK
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I have a Fujitsu Handy Drive that I was using to store iTunes music/ movies. After iTunes crashed while it was writing to the drive, the drive hasn't worked correctly.

It immediately slows down my entire system when plugged in, and then is sporadically recognized in "My Computer." As soon as I try to click on it, it again slows down everything and may or may not proceed to next step.

Check Disk utility crashes when I try to run it on the drive, and Fujitsu Diagnostic program shows the drive as an option (without a serial number) but doesn't allow me to select it to run a scan.

Is there any hope?



A:External Hard Drive only Partially Recognized

Sorry, it sounds like the drive is shoot, is check disk won't even read the disk then it is probably corrupted. If you don't care about what is on the drive (you can re-download all of you iTunes data) then you can reformat it. Even if you do reformat it you can download software that reads previous formations of the drive and try to recover your data that way, but there is a chance that it could be unreadable.
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both my externals are perfectly fine they work on my other computer Originally when i plugged them into my laptop the Found New Hardware wizard problems more USB Hard not -> External now recognized Drive would startup but be unable to do anything I searched and actually posted in another solved thread and ended up External Hard Drive not recognized -> now more USB problems doing this Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX REG -------------------------- cut after this line -------------------------------- REGEDIT HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Session Manager Environment quot DEVMGR SHOW NONPRESENT DEVICES quot quot quot -------------------------- cut before this line -------------------------------- Double click on FIX REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question Unplug ALL USB devices Open Device Manager View Show Hidden Devices Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished Also if a Storage Volume doesn t uninstall ignore it and move to the next one If you have a yellow with unknown devices uninstall all of the entries there External Hard Drive not recognized -> now more USB problems as well When this is done reboot TWICE Reconnect the USB devices and see if they re recognized properly Click to expand i did that and rebooted twice but now External Hard Drive not recognized -> now more USB problems the USB ports don t work at all The Found New Hardware wizards opens up automatically after booting up even when there is absolutely nothing plugged in please help thank you nbsp

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When I plug my external LaCie hard drive into its USB 2.0 slot, Windows makes the "ker-plunk" sound it's supposed to make to signal something has been plugged in. However, my computer doesn't recognize it consistently. It's supposed to be the E drive, but it keeps showing up at J, K, L, down to Z. Anything but E. My USB Mass Storage Device utility doesn't show any drive at all. When I use Windows to try to reassign the drive letter in Computer Management, no options are shown in the drop-down menu. Strangely, according to the Filemon utility, when I plug in the device, Photoshop Elements seems to be doing something in the background. (I get a million entries that begin with PhotoshopElemen:1444, including many references to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\TWAIN.LOG). Any ideas?

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Hi I have a huge problem with my external Hard Drive It s a Seagate Expansion TB The Seagate Tech Support told me I have to send it back for replacement but that would mean losing all the External not Computer by Drive Hard recognized my data The Problem Yesterday it started making a click-clacking noise after which it stopped and wasn t recognized by the computer anymore I tried different USB ports and even a completely different computer At first it seemed to install the drivers and it showed that it s ready to use When I tried opening the My Computer it didn t see it I looked in the Device Manager - didn t find it there If I connect the HD now for a while it makes a beeping sound which is not too loud similar to the tone you d hear in the receiver when External Hard Drive not recognized by the Computer you call someone on the phone and then it stops The data and power cables are ok I have a green light on the hard drive I also tried a data recovery program as I read that it might be able to see the drive but no such luck Very desperate as I really don t want to lose my data Worst case I d like to try and erase all the info if possible before sending it for a replacement as the data is very sensitive and personal and I m afraid of identity theft Please help nbsp

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My HP Pavilion dv longer Drive no Hard recognized External - cx laptop no longer recognizes the external hard drive It worked fine until the internal drive died and I had to replace it The first time I hooked up the external drive after the new internal was up and running a message appeared acknowledging the external drive and said that something needed changing to make it run faster It also said that it would make the change in a few seconds unless I told it to stop Who doesn t want a faster drive I let it run Now I cannot access the drive at all It appears in Device Manager but not in Computer I have been External Hard Drive no longer recognized searching and searching for an answer I tried changing the drive letter from H to G but ended up with both H and G as its name There is probably a simple solution to this problem However with my luck I might do something terribly wrong if I keep on fiddling around with this thing Any help would be appreciated

A:External Hard Drive no longer recognized

Have you checked to see if it shows up in device manager; and if it does; is there a ? mark or ! by it? Cause if that is the case; then that means there is either a driver issue and or a possible hardware issue. If not i would try updating the driver(s) for it; if it shows up in device manager.
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I have a WD external HD that I have used for several years as a backup drive. It's a WD3200. It recently disappeared from my list of available drives. I checked in on several computers with the same result. I cannot see it listed among the drives in my computer or explorer, but I can see it listed in the devices. When I plug it in, I can hear the drive wind up and then slow down. The computer chimes repeatedly, acting as if it is recognized over and over. I checked it under Disk Management and each time the computer gives the chime, it briefly shows up as a listed drive then disappears so fast that I cannot read the info on it. Suggestions?

A:WD External Hard Drive No longer Recognized

I would extract the drive from the enclosure and connect it internally directly to a desktop machine and see if it is recognized and works. If the drive works connected internally to a desktop machine then the problem is most likely a problem with the enclosure interface adapter.
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Recently, my computer has stopped recognizing my western digital drive. The strange thing is, my PS3 reads it just fine, to the point where I can play movies and what not off of it just fine.

When I plug it in, the lights on the drive light up, and I can hear/feel it working, yet under 'my computer', there's nothing.

I also tried it in another computer, and again, it didn't show up.



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Hello, I have 32 bit Windows Vista, I use an external 250GB external hard drive that I have never had a problem with until last night. I was messing around on my computer last night, everything working perfectly, I went and brushed my teeth which took about 15 minutes, and when I came back suddenly there's a message that says windows cannot recognize this device, and a dialog box comes up and says that I need to reformat it. I pretty much stored everything on that(200 GB worth of data), not to mention i have a seperate linux install on there. I tried it another computer with the same results. I'm lost as to what caused it, and if there is anything I can do to save the data, Is there anything I can do? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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I have a USB 2.0 Notebook enclosure that I have been using. It worked great with this old 10 gig hard drive I was using. I purchased a new 40 Gig drive and I cannot get it to be recognized in "My Computer" It shows up in device manager as soon as it's plugged in. I also get the balloon pop up saying it's installed and ready to use. Is there something I have to do to make it recognizable.


A:Solved: Cannot get USB 2.0 External Hard Drive to be Recognized

Yes, Partition and Format it.

Right Click on My Computer and Select Manage. Then select Disk Management and you shoudl see the new drive. Right click on the name of the drive and Initialize it. Then right click anywhere on the drive space and choose to Partition it. You'll also be given the option to format it and assign a drive letter.
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I have a Fantom Green Drive II, 1TB eSATA/USB as one of my back up drives. I purchased a SATA to eSATA plug for the back of the computer but the drive is not recognized when I connect it up with the eSATA cable. Once I pluged in the USB cable it was regognized and working. Is there something I have to do for it to be working as eSATA, the bus speed is 1500Mbits/sec vs 480Mbits/sec for USB.

A:External Hard Drive Not Recognized in eSATA

Sometimes the eSATA port has to be enabled in BIOS. And some eSATA ports require that the drive be attached and powered on when booting the system. This is particularly true if you aren't running your hard drives in AHCI mode.
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Hi, my laptop is no longer recognising my external hard drive. Only happened today. Acer laptop, seagate 1TB hard drive(external power source). When plugged in, the HD acts like it has been recognised and begins to boot up as it were(green light comes on it front, spinning sound). But the computer does not acknowledge it. Not in my computer, device manager, or disk management. The HD is also no longer recognised on anything else either, be it media player or xbox360. I don't know what my laptop has done it to stop it working/recognising it, would love some help as i have lots of work and pictures etc on it.

Fingers Crossed


A:External Hard Drive no longer recognized

Do you hear any unusual noises from the external when it is spinning up? If nothing else recognizes it, the problem may not be with your laptop. Have you heard any clicking noises from the external?
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Hi i'm new for this.......
and i got problem with my brothers WD external hard drive, it's not recognized in my computer, my brother says "it lost the drive letter or may be some files broken" he had some knowledge about that but we can't fix that one. does any body know about that then help out of this problem.

A:WD external hard drive not recognized on system

Quote: Originally Posted by shivaadepu

Hi i'm new for this.......
and i got problem with my brothers WD external hard drive, it's not recognized in my computer, my brother says "it lost the drive letter or may be some files broken" he had some knowledge about that but we can't fix that one. does any body know about that then help out of this problem.

Hi And welcome to the Forum.
Why does your brother say "it lost the drive letter or may be some files broken"
Does it not get recognised on his PC?
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I bought a new external hard disk box, and put my old hard disk in it. The old hard disk was formatted with a c: and d: drive, but my soft and windows only recognizes the c: drive, the other d: drive is ignored. Weird. Any suggestions?

A:External hard disk, only c: drive recognized

Even disk management ( if you're using XP ) doesn't "see" it?
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I have an 80 gig external hard drive (simpletech) that is not eing recognized by My Computer. I recently got this new laptop and all my old songs from my other comp. are on this disk, so it is important to keep the files, and not format. My device manager shows an Unknown Device but i cannot figure out what to do. I have also gone through the my computer 'manage' key, and it shows an unlabeled drive, but i am unable to rename or edit the drive. please help.


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Recently I restored my computer to the factory default because of software hangups and not being able to remove games that I had bought loaded etc Vista would not allow some games to be removed So I decided to reload the computer as it came from the factory PRIOR to I did a backup of all my pictures on a WD bb external hard drive The drive worked great and the pictures were there Then I deleted them from my computer hard drive along with a lot of other old files Now restored the computer recognizes the external drive in CMOS and in the device manager and shows it to be working properly and has the latest driver But when going into Computer the drive is not shown It shows my hard drive C amp D hard drive but shown as C amp D and the card reader drives removable and the DVD drive but no external drive In disk Management the drive is shown as Disk basic and online but when right clicking on it the little window does not give me the right to change drive letter or path No matter what I do I cannot access this external drive The disk shows power is on and it seems to be spinning Anyone s help would be Vista drive external recognized in hard not greatly appreciated nbsp

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western digital ptb my book external hard drive purchased 4/11 is no longer recognized by windows xp
(dimenson c521-service pack 3).

contents [that matter most are around 60gb of audio files] appear to be intact. using the same usb cable contents were recognized by windows 7 and select files in different batches copied from external to 7 c drive.

the only sign of an xp problem was 5 days of low virtual memory messages. at that point xp local disk free space was approximately 15%.
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I have an 80GB USB Hard Drive that I connect to my computer to store files but for some reason, just recently, it has stopped showing up in the 'My Computer' folder. It shows up as a device in device manager 'Maxtor S ABRE USB Device' but I don't know how to open it.

How can I open my External Hard Drive to access the files without it popping up in the 'My Computer' window?

A:My External Hard Drive is recognized but won't open

go to disk management under control panel and refresh the drive in there.
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Hello All,

I have an external 1.5 TB harddrive that windows will not recognize. Disk Management sees the drive but I cant access it through My Computer.

I have photos that I would like to keep on this drive so any help to retain this would be appreciated.

Under disk management the only option that I see on the drive is to format...



A:External Hard drive not recognized in Windows 7

You may want to format it if there is nothing on the external drive already.
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Hi, gud day!

It's been a month that my external hard drive could not be detected in my laptop. the light still lights up when i connect it via USB cable but nothing appears on the computer. I also tried connecting it to different computers and cable and it is still not recognized... I also check it on disk management and it is still not visible. is my hard drive damaged? is there a chance I could retrieve all my files?

A:WD External Hard drive not recognized in my computer

See Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive The post contains a wealth of data. Hopefully, some of it can be applied to your situation
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I have a Seagate GB external hard drive connected to my XP PC by USB Everything was working fine for several months but for some reason the drive is no longer recognized as being connected to the computer I have a bunch of things on that drive since I use Drive recognized systerm External Hard the longer no by it primarily as a External Hard Drive no longer recognized by the systerm backup to the External Hard Drive no longer recognized by the systerm C drive Any pictures music or documents that I just want to store are placed on that drive Now the computer doesn t recognize that this drive is connected so all of the data stored here is not available to me What happened I have unplugged and replugged the USB cable back in but nothing I also have a couple of flash drives plugged into the computer and there is no problem accessing them I suspect the drive is still under warranty but that doesn t help me retrieve the info on it much of it being sensitive private personal stuff Can any one help me I really need to access that information Dennis nbsp

A:External Hard Drive no longer recognized by the systerm

it may be the box, psu or usb interface that is faulty and possibly the drive is still OK
you may be able to take the drive out of the box and put it into a PC as a slave and copy the data - depends on if its a 3.5 or 2.5" drive
or buy a new box and put the drive in the new box

make and model numbers wouyld help
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First Hard External Drive by recognized my Help!!!!????? no longer laptops, of all I sincerely believe my external Hard Drive really is working based on having this problem before Before this point I would sometimes get the following External Hard Drive no longer recognized by my laptops, Help!!!!????? error message but a few more tries and the external Hard Drives would be recognized But now the laptops know something is getting plugged in to the USB ports but say USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned windows does not recognize it I have Laptops they are Majik HP Compaq p Windows XP Updated ghz GB RAM quot GB HD DVD-RW USB Ports Majik HP Compaq p Windows Updated ghz GB RAM quot GB HD DVD-RW USB Ports The external I have is a Seagate FreeAgent Desk TB External Hard Drive S N GETBE V I get the same message from windows on both laptops I have tried unplugging it waiting and plugging it back in unplugging the power and plugging it back in plugging it into different USB ports rebooting the computer after making these changes And I still can t get access to my Seagate External HD Thanks for any help I can get majikwiz nbsp

A:External Hard Drive no longer recognized by my laptops, Help!!!!?????

Couple things to try first.

Possible bad cable. Swap out the USB cable with another, hook up to laptops & see if it detects properly.

Connect the drive to a friends computer & see if it recognizes correctly. If it doesn't the problem is with the Seagate. If it does detect, then the problem exists with your laptops.

Post back.
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My WD My Book essential external hard drive suddenly won't get recognized by the computer. It's about 2-3 years old. When I plug it in, I hear the machine inside starting up and the white light starts to blink for a few seconds then it stops. When I connect it to the PC, sometimes the PC reads it but after 1-2 minutes, it automatically disconnects and the PC won't detect it anymore. Sometimes, the PC doesn't read it at all. The hard disk starts up fine though.

Is the hard disk just overworked? Should I just let it cool down for a few days?

I look forward to helpful comments. Important files are in there. I almost filled up the 1TB of space D:

Thank you so much!

P.S. My PC has Windows 10.

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This hard drive has worked fine with my computer for a while now. i recently reinstalled the os onto my machine, and proceeded to obtain all of the necessary drivers to get it back to normal again. however, all of my backed up files were on this external hard drive. when i plug it into the computer (via USB) it is recognized under disk drives in device manager. it still doesn't show up anywhere else, and i can't access it. i tried plugging it into a laptop, and it was the same story. Anyone got a fix? thanks