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Sennheiser HD 202 sound not working

Q: Sennheiser HD 202 sound not working

I have a sennheiser HD 202 and I am not able to hear any sound from the right side. I have to hold the cable in a position rhen it works. So what shall do now? Is there any chance of bringing it to normal state?

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Preferred Solution: Sennheiser HD 202 sound not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sennheiser HD 202 sound not working

It's probably one of the wires inside the headphone lead has broken.
Does the same problem happen on all devices you plug the headphones into?
Or just one thing, say your PC for instance? (could it be a laptop headphone socket?)
If the problem is with all devices, ipods, pc's etc, then it's the headphone lead broken inside. If you can solder small wires and parts, you could change the lead yourself, but if the headphones are less than a year old you should return them under guarantee.
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First my specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate English
Headset: Sennheiser Worldwide - PC 350
MSI P35-NEO-F, Intel P35 (Realtek onboard soundcard)

I let Windows 7 install two drivers (High Defintion Audio Device and Realtek High Defintion Audio), I then installed this driver/software MSI Europe ? Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more (Realtek High Definition Audio Driver at the bottom)

The sound is working, but my microphone wont work. It worked on XP with the same driver, but there is no sound coming when I speak. The volume indicator is also not moving.

Here is what the sound settings look like in Windows 7 and Realtek HD Audio Manager:

It doesnt matter if I use stereo mix or anything else. It doesnt change

Any ideas?


A:Sennheiser PC 350 microphone not working

Right click the speaker icon in the system tray. Recording devices. Set the mic to be the default communication device.

Hopefully you are plugged into the back of the machine. If not, use the other setting shown for front.
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Microphone - The microphone stopped working recently, it was picking up sound but when I used any program no sound was emitted. So I re-installed the driver for it, then the microphone and the headphones stopped working.

Headphones - After I re-installed it's driver it stopped working

Also when the set is plugged into the computer the "Recording Devices" panel freezes

If anyone can help please post below.

A:Sennheiser PC 363D headset not working

Plug in the unit (USB) and then go to the Device Manager. It should be listed in the Sound section. Uninstall the unit, but do not uninstall the drivers. Disconnect it from the PC and restart Windows. After Windows has started, connect the unit and Windows should detect and install it. Then see if it works.
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Hi guys, I'm new to the forums.

I recently bought (3-4 months ago) a fx-6802 desktop and a sennheiser pc 31 headset to play videos games and stuff.

Everything was working quite fine until 2 hours ago.

My headset mic stopped working all of a sudden. So I searched google for everything that could help me. Did like 4567 modifications witht he realtek drivers.

Uninstalled and re-installed all realtek drivers, but no results.

Any help is appreciated obviously

Since it was working fine since then, could it be that my headset is broken ( It's relatively new)

I can still hear sounds pretty well with my headset but mic stopped working all of a sudden.

A:Gateway fx6802 + Sennheiser pc 31 mic not working

The first step when something is working and then doesn't work, such as this, is to use the System Restore function and restore the PC back to a date when it did work. That solves many problems. System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. Give it a try.
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I bought the Sennheiser HD 202 headphones and they were working fine for about 7 months. Then they stopped working. Should I toss it or try to fix it? There are probably a lot of ways to fix them but I found this so far:


A:Sennheiser hd202 headphones stopped working

Depends on what is actually broken and your technical abilities. In any case, as they are already broken, it can't hurt to try.
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Does anyone have issues with audio on their headsets? What I mean is I just bought a Sennheiser PC 350, and I have a weird audio problem that is pretty annoying on my left earpiece. Whenever I tap or rub up against the wire connecting to my left earpiece is get a loud tapping or rubbing noise played into my ear, like I'm wearing a stethoscope. If I tap on the wire behind the mute/volume control box on the headset it doesn't make any noise, only on the part from the mute/volume control box and wire leading up to my headphones. Is there anyway to fix this issue?

A:Sennheiser PC 350 Problem? Win 7?

don't tap or rub above the mute/volume control.

take it back if they are new.

I've got a 6 year old pair of Sennheiser PC135 USB that I use daily and don't experience what you are.
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Ok so i m an absolute newb when it comes to headphones and headphone technology but im getting a nice pair of cans for christmas I have a - budget but the is pushing it id Sennheiser HD280 Pro prolly have Sennheiser HD280 Pro to pay for some of that I was looking at the Sennheiser HD Pro and was wondering what opiniong you guys may have of them I have relatively poor hearing in that I cannot discern the differnce between and kbps in MP s I mostly listen to trance progressive that sort of thing so im looking for a pair of cans that have Sennheiser HD280 Pro a good bass response I dont know if that makes any sense im a newb I just know that in trance the bass line is critical to sound At any rate what info can you guys give me about these headphones Another thing is and im sure you ll all grill me for this but looks are important to me I do not like the look of grados and say what you want if Sennheiser HD280 Pro im spending on a pair of headphones I want them to look nice case closed P But yeah any advice you can give on these headphones things I should look for for my needs etc assuming that for the time I will not be purchasing an amp They will be used mostly for travelling though sometimes at the comp What do you guys think of open back vs closed headphones in this respect as well O and the source is either my sony minidisc player MZ-RH or my comp for music and the occasional gaming not FPS so environmental changes in sound like is there gunfire left right in front etc does not maatter on a SB Audigy ZS nbsp

A:Sennheiser HD280 Pro

That headseat does not have a very heavy bass line but it's very impermeable to the outside world. They're the kind of earphones you'd want if you live in a very noisy environment (subways nearby, etc.).

You might be better off looking in Sennheiser's DJ earphones.
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i recently bought a pair of sennheiser pc150's to use for gaming purposes
i have an audigy 2 ZS sound card, and the sound quality is perfect, but not the microphone. when i talk to people using ventrilo, or even just use a sound recorder and play it back, my mic skipps and theres lots of backround noise and static. does any1 know how to fix this? i cant find any sennheiser support forums. Thnak you

A:sennheiser pc150's problem

G'day CG, it sounds like you may have the mic level set too high, do you have a mic level setting? Try rightclicking your speaker icon in the tray near the clock > audio properties, then with luck you may find a microphone levels setting. Try reducing it.
Some boom/mic headset combos also develop problems with wiring being stretched causes a similar problem.
They need careful handling.
cheers, qldit.
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Just purchased headphones and plugged in to my Computer (Windows Vista) and all I get is static.

Any suggestions?

A:Sennheiser Headphones RS120

Have you tried other headphones on that same plug?
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I've been having intermittent luck getting the mic to work on my Sennheiser PC350. It worked at one time or another with DragonNaturally, Skype, and gmails phone service. Now it doesn't seem to want to work at all. Even though, as you can see in the attached image, Windows shows that the 'device' is working. Also attached, but not shown, is my Logitech Quick Cam Pro 9000. This has a mic built in and it functions properly.

Any ideas where I should look to solve this mystery?

A:Xonar DX & Sennheiser PC 350 Not Cooperating

I'm not certain that it will fix it, but select the Properties button on the Sound Properties and make sure that "Use this Device" is selected in the dropdown window. Then on the Listen tab, make sure that "Listen to this device" is not checked. On the Custom tab, make sure that "Microphone Boost" is selected. On the Levels tab, make sure that the volume slider is at 100% and that the mike is not muted. Then go to the Asus Audio Center and try enabling AEC and check that the volume is 100% there also. If none of these help, then I would suspect that the mike has a problem, and may have to go RMA, if under warranty.
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I recently got a new microphone a Sennheiser Mic on too way static. has but Sennheiser mic boost quiet, with it is G ME after looking at the great reviews of it online I plugged the headset into my computer and Sennheiser Mic is way too quiet, but with mic boost on it has static. the quality of the headphones was absolutely fine However later on I decided to test out the microphone and I noticed a very constant soft static in the background After doing some research online I found that the source might be the Decibel booster in the levels tab of microphone options I turned the booster completely off with the actual volume at and the mic became barely audible After turning my system sound all the way up I listened to it again still fairly quiet but there was no more static So that means my options are to have a good quality but low volume voice or a bad quality but high volume voice I looked up mic tests of people with the same microphone as me on Youtube and their mics are absolutely fine They have no static in the background at all their voice is at a good volume and they review the great quality of the mic I'm hoping to either find a solution to this problem or at least find a way to increase the volume without using microphone boost Please Help

A:Sennheiser Mic is way too quiet, but with mic boost on it has static.

Are you using the correct Dell supplied Sound Driver?

Can you try the headset/mic on a different PC to see what happens. Also, have you used a microphone before with the PC and did it work OK?
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Hi there,

I recently got some new Sennheiser PC350 headphones and I'm having some problems with the microphone.

When I was using a ?2500 gaming computer the microphone worked perfectly, crystal clear sound quality. But I'm now using a ?300 laptop and everytime I use the microphone on skype/games/steam etc. the sound is always really distorted.

I'm not sure what to do. And the headphones are in perfect condition so I don't think its a hardware issue

Please help! Thanks!

A:Sennheiser PC350 microphone problem!

Can no-one help?
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I have one of these headsets connected to each of my computers, and I frequently am listening to one rig, while working on the other. For the most part, this works fine, except when something on the "silent" computers peeps or squeaks. This activates the transmitter on the rig that I don't want to hear, which causes interference with the signal from the other. It then remains active for a minute or two.

I know that I can mute the rig, but I'm not sure that will work, because I noticed that when I had shutdown one rig altogether, that it's headset transmitter sent out random signals. The only way that I can think of to prevent that, is to unplug the transmitter, but that would not be convenient. Anyway, I'm just looking for the best and most reliable way to manage this situation.

A:Dual Sennheiser RS140 Operations

Quote: Originally Posted by seekermeister

I have one of these headsets connected to each of my computers, and I frequently am listening to one rig, while working on the other. For the most part, this works fine, except when something on the "silent" computers peeps or squeaks. This activates the transmitter on the rig that I don't want to hear, which causes interference with the signal from the other. It then remains active for a minute or two.

I know that I can mute the rig, but I'm not sure that will work, because I noticed that when I had shutdown one rig altogether, that it's headset transmitter sent out random signals. The only way that I can think of to prevent that, is to unplug the transmitter, but that would not be convenient. Anyway, I'm just looking for the best and most reliable way to manage this situation.

If they're on the same frequency (which it sounds like they are) there's not much you can do besides cutting power to the offending transmitter altogether.
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Hokay I got this headset for Christmas Merry Christmas by the way D and for some reason the mic doesn't work I don't think the mic is broken as I tested another mic and my computer picked up nothing from that one either I've been searching around for a couple of hours now hoping to PLEASE Help! Mic Doesn't Sennheiser Headset PC-150 - Work, find a solution but I've found nothing of use Now I definitely don't have the mic muted I have the input volume on full the mic isn't muted on the headset's control but still nothing Something odd happened during one test though I was doing the mic test in Windows for like the th time and for the first time the input bar showed that something was going in When I spoke into the mic or tapped it the bar didn't move at all but it was there for the first time non the less So yeah microphone no worky Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Sennheiser PC-150 Headset - Mic Doesn't Work, PLEASE Help!

Please, I've scoured these forums and nothing I've found fixed my problem :( I'm pretty desperate, pluse my normal headphones have better sound quality than the Sennheisers but I don't to upset my GF by not using the Sennheisers (she bought them for me), so it'll be frustrating to have to totally downgrade my headphones with no advantages at all :(
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NCIX has marked down their PC363D headsets to $199.99, an apparent $150 worth of savings. Does anyone else own or have experience with this headset? Are they worth shelling out the 200 dollars for? Any opinions would be appreciated.

A:Sennheiser PC363D Headset - Good Buy for $200?

I dont have any experience in thoose headphones. What are you going to use them for? Do they have to be headsets or are you just looking for a pair of good headphones?
If you are then theese are on sale and yeah.. It will probably be the best 174$ you will ever spend. : Philips O'Neill CRASH Virtually Indestructible Over-Ear Headphones SHO9207/28, Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Electronics
Thoose headphones. Are crazy strong sound wise and they are like they say. Virtually indestructable.
They can take 1500Kg of pressure on them, The coord will never break unsless you brake the contact.

I own their little brother the Construct. I have been extremely rude to them. I have breaked one coord but that was a contact damage. I have broken my iPad becouse of it too, It sat in my ipads headphone jack. I dropped the ipad and it fell into the contact. The contact smashed a hole in the ipad but the contact was fine.. yeah.. They are strong..
Also.. My headphones Drivers/speakers are weaker than the crash that i showed you.
The crash is a lot better in terms of sound compared to mine. But mine is so strong it have already beaten everyones headphones in school. Like when they put them on they are just sitting still their eyes slowly open more and more and their mouth is wide open of suprise..

take a look on them and see. If you absolutely need a headset then tell me

I got theese
Otherwise. The ones you listed is extremely solid spec wise. But they will NEVER EVER withstand as much as the ones i mentioned
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a few weeks back, my Sennheiser RS140 stopped working after a momentary blackout in a thunderstorm. Since it was out of warranty, I replaced it with a RS120, because it is compatible with the RS140 headset. Yesterday was another day of thunderstorms, and again the RS120 failed.

I have another exactly like it on my HTPC, which has never been effected, and the only difference is that it is connected to an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, and unlike my desktop PC, it doesn't even have a UPS connected to it. By process of elimination, it seems obvious that the Asus sound card is passing some kind of spikes to the headset. However, the 5.1 speakers are not effected by this, and continue to play normally.

Is it possible to have some kind of inline surge progector on the headsets speaker cables?

A:Asus D2x Frying Sennheiser RS120/140

I don't know of any surge protection for headphones, but if you use a surge protection device on your mains power this should prevent the majority of transient spikes as a result of lightning strikes in your area. If a strike hits very close, it may fry some things anyway.

Something like this;

4-way extension lead, surge protection, 2.0m: Kitchen & Home

Regards....Mike Connor
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I have Sennheiser RS 45 wireless headphones, and after a few minutes of use( wmp, winamp etc) the channel light on the charger goes off, and whatever I might be listening to is interupted by the less than enteraining sounds of German radio. Battery is fully charged, as is spare, and all cables are where they should be.

Has me baffeled, sure it has

anyone have a clue

A:Sennheiser headphones with radio interferance

Check your headphone's manual to see if you can change frequency. It look's like your headphone's frequency matches pretty good with the radio waves of that German station...Interference is causing your 'phones to goof up.
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Hi folks,

I am looking into getting a decent set of headphones for my computer. It is primarily for gaming.

I have narrowed my choice down to Sennheiser PC350 and the Razer Barracuda. Both look really good to me and receive largely positive reviews.

Does anyone use either of these and can offer some advice etc? Also, is anybody using the Xonar sound card for gaming?

Thanks in advance
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Just got my guitar pro 5.2 on my computer,
And the sound isn't working when i push play,
This has also stopped working on powertabs,
I found that my SndVol32.exe was missing and re-installed it,
Still not working, any suggestions would be very very appreciated!

A:Sound not working on programs that use a midi sound file (Guitar pro, power tabs etc)

Doubleclick on the speaker icon in the system tray. Click Options then Properties, check all the boxs to show all the volume options. Then click ok. On the main speaker screen, make sure nothing is muted and everything is turned up (Microphone and CD Player shouldn't matter).
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After closing a tab sound hear thing! a Lost a after computer can't shows sound crash, working but heavy google chrome window my pc had a crash during this crash the second of the song that was playing repeated til the pc rebooted After this tho I no longer have any sound at all from my computer I'm running windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack installed My speakers work Lost sound after a computer crash, shows sound working but can't hear a thing! I checked them with my mp player and the pc isn't on mute or turned down to zero The strange part that confuses me tho is that the sound mixer window shows audio levels when i do play music or youtube but even with volume at full blast there is no audio as a work around for the time being i've set my pc to broadcast my pc's audio and then just use my lap top to tune into my station to listen to my music but this is getting old really Lost sound after a computer crash, shows sound working but can't hear a thing! quick when i check Lost sound after a computer crash, shows sound working but can't hear a thing! my sound card realtek high definition audio in device manager it says 'this device is working properly' is it possible my soundcard broke fried and it still showing it fine with audio levels moving

A:Lost sound after a computer crash, shows sound working but can't hear a thing!

I've seen that before. Try uninstalling then re-installing the drivers. Worked for me.
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changed integrated sound card for Sound Blasster Live but it is not working right. It shows up in the device mnager, but when I go to Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Sounds & Audio Devices, it shows that there is NO AUDIO DEVICES.....why. I am running Windows XP Pro, on a P4-1.8, which has an Asus motherboard model P4S333.

A:changed integrated sound card for Sound Blasster Live but it is not working right

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First. Go into your bios, and disable your onboard sound, and save and exit bios.

Once your computer has booted up, go into contol panel, and double click the sounds and audio devices icon.

Click on the audio tab, and set the sound playback device to your new soundcard.

Do the same for the sound recording device. Click on the voice tab and do the same. Click apply/ok.

Make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your new soundcard, and that your speakers are plugged into the new soundcard.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have installed Win XP Pro SP had Win installed and couldn't run half my games Now the games run fine but no sound I know this is because I'm relying on the on-board sound on the I have been told by my brother-in-law who used to own the pc Realtek motherboard card On-board no working sound sound not [SOLVED] - installed as the soundcard broke months ago was a Creative Soundblaster or AWE Compatible WDM and was removed When I installed Win XP yesterday everything runs fine but no sound In the Device Manager I [SOLVED] On-board sound not working - no sound card installed have problems with the Other Devices -Audio Device on HD Audio Bus Code PCI Simple Communications Controller Code Unknown device Code Sound Video amp Game Controllers -Creative Soundblaster or AWE Compatible WDM Code I don't understand why it's even picking up the sound card when it's not plugged in The dxdiag is as follows ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name GENESIS Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp rtm - Language English Regional Setting English [SOLVED] On-board sound not working - no sound card installed System Manufacturer DIXONSXP System Model MS- BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Radeon X Pro Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI Radeon Graphics Processor x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV A Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ati dvag dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size [SOLVED] On-board sound not working - no sound card installed bytes WHQL Logo'd n a WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD ati mtag sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B EE - C - CF- C- E BC CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x C Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Video Accel ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D ModeWMV B ModeWMV A ModeWMV B ModeWMV A Deinterlace Caps E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch C C - FB - F - - BF EE D Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive C DAD-CCBC- B- C - CF F A Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive E FF-B - B-BCF -BCB E F Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Enabled DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Creative Sound Blaster PCI Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp RE... Read more

A:[SOLVED] On-board sound not working - no sound card installed

Thanks anyone who had a look - I had a look at the Audio HD Device again - the Code 10, and it let me re-install the drivers this time, which it never did before. At least I have sound now!!!

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Dell OptiPlex 9020 All In OneWindows 7 ProfessionalThis computer is only a few months old, worked fine up till about a week ago.  Nothing new has been installed.  i went to the dell support page and typed in my service tag and updated sound driver and video drivers.  still no sound unless i disable the sound card and then enable it again.

A:Sound not working unless i disable and the enable sound card

If only a few months old it may have a defect. Normally parts should last for years and not change in a few months.Still, to eliminate a possible software issue, use the system restore to go back to a earlier time. Try two days back, then four days and so on until you find the critical point where something was changed.IMO you must report this to Dell as soon as possible.,152257.0.html
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Hi, I'm asking for your help to get my sound back. I'm not getting any sound from my speakers whatsoever, but when i checked my device manager, my computer says that my sound drive is working properly and is up-to-date on its driver. I recently lost my sound after installing a Logitec Quick Cam Pro 5000. What do I do?

A:Not getting any sound... But computer says my sound drive is working properly?

do check your volume [might be muted or volume down]; likewise, check your audio connections
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motherboard is MK8T89-000LC
Sound Card is SBLive! (WDM) Audio Device
OS is Windows 7
After I installed Windows 7, the soundcard I was using couldnt be used. I dont wish to buy a new sound card if i dont have to, so I am wondering if I could get my onboard sound to work. can someone help me out? thanks.

A:motherboard sound not working, sound card not recognize, help please

It sounds as though the driver for the sound card doesnt work on windows 7. Also I think that the driver for the motherboard audio will most likely not work either. It is hard to find drivers for windows 7 because hardly any one is using it yet. Have a look for your sound card drivers and see if they are ok to be used on windows 7.
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okay, so i redownloaded windows xp and now my sound is not working. I clicked sound and looked at my drivers and i have ATI High Definition Audio Driver and its working properly, but it says i have no sound card and the volume is greyed out?? help please. my speakers work perfectly fine, i can play music on my itouch on the speakers.

The specs on my computer are
Windows XP
Intel Pentium 4 650
Dell E510
0WG261 Motherboard
Chipset: i945P/PL/G/GZ

A:okay, so i redownloaded windows xp and now my sound is not working. I clicked sound a
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Hi first of I love your website here and everybody is so helpful I posted here about a working buttons missing sound not icon & Sound year back and I got help right away Anyways I ve been having Sound icon missing & sound buttons not working this problem where my sound icon won t appear in the system tray When this happens I can t adjust the sound using the buttons on my laptop either I can usually fix this problem by doing a system restore to a week or two ago but it seems like everytime I restart my computer I get this problem again I usually just put my computer on standby Sound icon missing & sound buttons not working I wasn t having this problem for a while because I never turned off my computer standby but I just got a random BSOD while watching a youtube video and when I restarted my computer the same problem occured no sound icon in system tray and I can t adjust sound with buttons on laptop I ve tried many different things from simple stuff like going into the control panel and checking quot show sound icon in tray quot to stuff like editing the registry I tried googling how to fix this problem Well I ve had this problem for about half a year and I m officially sick of it If any of you know how to fix this I would GREATLY appreciate it Thanks in advance

A:Sound icon missing & sound buttons not working

Hi -
Can you still access the sound area and volume controls via Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume control
and adjust those slide controls -

Thank You -
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So my sound has recently stopped working. What I did was I uninstalled the driver and restarted my computer and the sound worked then it stopped working after that. The sound options are grayed out and I am unable to hear. Could a virus be causing this? Everytime I turn on my computer I always get 35362.exe and random numbers like that. What type of virus is this? Is this a cause of this?>

A:Sound stops working after Windows XP Introduction sound

I have also lost sound after an XP upgrade. I was told it is because the sound card in 8760C will not work with XP and I need to install a new sound card.

I took the back off and everything is so covered and hidden (multiple screwed on panels with no obvious way to remove them). I used a flash light to get a better look at the sound card and it looks customized for HP. It does not look like the Dell sound card I pulled from another unit.

So... where can I take this PC to get a pro to replace the sound card with something that works? Dallas, TX
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Hi as stated in the subject I am unable to hear any sound from my speakers since upgrading to the windows bit I followed the other post that I found on this but I still cannot hear any sound I have a dell inspiron The hardware ids from the device manager are HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS E amp REV HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS E I have installed the realtek drivers and they as working but I still get nothing but a slight hiss from my speakers I have tried them on my laptop and they work fine Does anybody know what might be causing this I am half tempted to get a new sound card but I am reluctant as it says my existing one is working it just seems to have forgotten to tell the speakers If card sound drivers no but as still show working Sound anybody knows a fix for this I really would be eternally grateful Many thanks Mike

A:Sound card drivers show as working but still no sound

Let's start by right clicking the speaker icon in your system tray and select playback devices from the options...right clik on the speakers and set as default. You can select to disable the independent headphone jacks if the speakers are plugged to the sound card. Then clik on properties and go to the levels tab at top. Set the slider to 100%. Go back to the playback devices window and select Configure button. Test the individual speakers by clicking on them one at a time.
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My computer had some malware issues and some browser redirect issues probably from before the more recent malware I ran a full MBAM scan to get rid of Internet Security I also ensured the exe and dll files were no longer present I also ran a HijackThis scan and did manual removals + sound Defender working hosts not Windows working Access disabled file not to + So far it looks like Internet Security is gone but Access to hosts file disabled + Windows Defender not working + sound not working I'm still getting Access to hosts file disabled + Windows Defender not working + sound not working redirects youtube doesn't work not Access to hosts file disabled + Windows Defender not working + sound not working found -ngix and I can't access edit move do anything to my hosts file I tried safe boot as well and I still can't edit I attempted some command line stuff to try to give me access to the file but it doesn't work Also read-only and hidden are checked in the properties but it doesn't let me edit those either I get an access denied error My lone O line from the Hijack log is something with localhost nothing suspicious Any idea on how to fix this Windows Defender doesn't open It says something like quot failed to initialize handle is invalid quot It's listed in the Startup tab of msconfig and enabled Not sure if it's related but my sound has recently stopped working as well I know it's not the speakers built into monitors as I tried brand new ones and they didn't work either In the mixer I can see the audio levels fluctuating when watching a youtube video for example but I don't hear anything I've toyed around with settings and everything in my audio control panel but still nothing Thanks in advance

A:Access to hosts file disabled + Windows Defender not working + sound not working

If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer, you could try uninstalling it, deleting all files (so in your profile and program files), and then reinstall.


In regards to Windows Defender, it sounds as if your registry is damaged and/or core files for defender. That said, have a look at this: Error message when you try to start Windows Defender on a computer that you recently upgraded to Windows Vista: "Application failed to initialize"



A bit more information in regards to your system specs, setup, etc., would be helpful.

Do you have more than one output port on your computer? If so, try plugging your speakers into that and see if it works.

You might need to recheck your sound/audio settings in Windows, just to check it is outputting to the correct device.

If no success, try uninstalling/reinstalling (or just updating) your soundcard driver.
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I have started having an issue over the past week config drivers etc not changed in months where sound will randomly not be output by HDMI System config specs Win SP all patches nearly a stock install only running WMC and XBMC Only rd part not working it HDMI Sound working? - randomly test gets in settings stuff installed are SpeedFan an ATI drivers problem occurs if Speedfan is running or not system runs hrs per day auto shutdown at night Dell Optiplex GB RAM Core Duo E SSD - no swap file HDMI is the default and only sound device enabled disabled all others in OS History was working perfectly for over years One Win rebuild in that time Updated video card once and drivers occasionally Symptom Approx half the time when I start up WMC or XBMC sound output via HDMI does not HDMI Sound randomly not working - test in settings gets it working? work The other half of the time it works fine -- to get it working I can open Sound CPL and run quot test quot Sound will play through HDMI and all is fine usually the rest of the day but sometimes it has the problem again if I don't use the system for several hours -- it never faults stops working while in use only on initial XBMC or WMC startup again system is always running hours before I start the apps Any ideas

A:HDMI Sound randomly not working - test in settings gets it working?

This sounds like a problem with the video driver pack (also includes hdmi audio driver)
I would completely remove what you have now then download and reinstall the latest fresh again.
It could just be a glitch in the matrix so to speak.
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So recently the sound on my desktop and my laptop has stopped working For seemingly no reason I really don't understand it I first noticed it with my desktop The sound just randomly stopped Sound Randomly Desktop and on Laptop Stops Working Working and working But not entirely It's really strange Sound on Laptop and Desktop Randomly Stops Working and Working and complicated what's been happening so bare with me while I try to explain it as best I can PC First time sound stopped working on PC Restarted computer sound came back no issues Second time I woke up to find VLC frozen Sound wasn't working I restarted VLC No sound Found out that there was no sound on the computer at all When I'd try to increase the volume on VLC it would only change within an interval of ten percent So it was at percent initially Would not let me go below but not above Sound didn't work anyway Restarted sound returned VLC working fine Third time I was playing Dragon Age Inquisition Sound worked fine using my headset Turtle Beach Went to speakers to lay down and watch some shows on VLC No sound on speakers Switched to Turtle Beach again sound returned Restarted VLC now suddenly no sound on VLC OR speakers Had to restart computer no issues after restart Laptop First time sound stopped working used the quot disable audio and reenable audio driver quot didn't solve anything Restarted sound came back Sound stopped working again same day restarted sound came back The next time I restarted the audio driver Realtek and then I shut down Explorer and then restarted explorer via the task manager Audio started working again Did same steps today sound not working Will have to of course restart my laptop One thing I noticed If there is something currently playing the sound won't go out for it even if sound goes out elsewhere So I had VLC running constantly and I could hear the sound from VLC while suddenly the sounds from everything else on the computer stopped working However once I restarted VLC sound stopped Only until restarting the computer or waiting for it to work again does the sound come back Other Info I find it weird that this is something happening to both my desktop and laptop at the same time I did a malware bytes sweep of my desktop found nothing Drivers are up-to-date My desktop is custom built I can't remember the MOBO right now but it's only a couple years old The laptop is about or years old at this point The computer seems to recognize that speakers are hooked up but when I would try and do tests it would say it cant' do sound tests So it HAS to be a driver problem it seems and not a MOBO issue Especially since my desktop the sound comes via USB

A:Sound on Laptop and Desktop Randomly Stops Working and Working

Update: I'm not at home to test my PC, but I think I discovered the issue. It seems to possibly be a glitch or something with flash player.

After watching an episode of Daily Show on Hulu, I went back to Tumblr and saw that a video didn't have sound, and then all sound on my computer was suddenly gone. I then tried something out, and shut down flashplayer. That temporarily brought sound back.

But it quickly went away.

Then I shut down Firefox and flash player entirely, and sound comes back even when Flash Player comes up.

What could cause this?
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I have a dell inspiron n4010

Basically the sound doesn't work unless its in a hdmi or headphones. It won't play sound out of the laptop itself. I've updated the drivers and checked the bios, and it seems to be enabled. What can be the problem?


A:Sound is not working on laptop. Drivers updated, still not working.

Digital Audio (HDMI) Is the standard Windows driver for sound. You need the realtek drivers which can be found here -

Download the driver (listed under audio).
Make sure the on-board audio is on in the bios, disconnect from the internet, uninstall all sound drivers and reboot.
Install the driver you downloaded and reboot.

An then reconnect to the internet. (This prevents Windows from reinstalling the Digital Audio HDMI before you can install the correct audio drivers).

Post back and let us know how it goes
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I ve been using a used PCI Sound Blaster for about a week and found that no Replaced sound working, but sound device everything it was slowing down my system and providing same sound quality as the on-board sound C-Media AC I have added the Sound Blaster after i Replaced sound device everything working, but no sound formatted the computer I uninstall Creative tech from add remove programs removed sound blaster from device manager and removed creative registry folder When i Replaced sound device everything working, but no sound removed all sound blaster drivers the sound Replaced sound device everything working, but no sound was still working I turned off the computer then i removed the sound card I went to my motherboard page and got the sound drivers on their website and it is the correct drivers cause i used it before I rebooted and the on-board sound drivers show up in device manager and it says its working properly I have done the following I tried all three sound ports with three different devices and none of them produced sound I loaded a system restore point to when my sound was working and it didn t work still Windows Audio services is started automatically My on-board sound card is listed in sound and devices properties Volume is turned on max and nothing is muted My on-board sound card is the only playback device listed I showed all hidden devices in device manager and there is no yellow or red mark in sound video and game controllers On-Board sound card is enabled in bios I have the latest Directx although i installed it when i had the Sound Blaster I reinstalled the C-Media drivers several times I think this problem is caused by old sound drivers from sound blaster not being deleted properly When i was deleting my Sound Blaster drivers i went to Creative s website and found how to uninstall their drivers but one of the steps asks to put the sound blaster CD in and run CTZAPXX EXE But my CD does not have that file and some of the folders it asks for maybe because this Sound Blaster is really old My Motherboard is Asrock P VM and my on-board sound device is C-Media AC nbsp
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i have lost the sound icon on the bottom right side of the screen and also the sound on the PC is now not working i found SNDVOL32 and try to run but comes up with the message below:

There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, Click Printers and other hardware, and then click Hardware.
this program will now close

after i have done this i got back Realtek HD Audio Manager but the sound comes out funny like an echo what can i do do get this back to normal?

please help

A:LOST sound icon and no sound working

go to sound and audio devices in control panel in the properties window click place volume control on the task bar once you can open the sound controls check none are in mute option.
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I left my computer on while on the pause screen of Fallout and it eventually fell asleep when I came back a moved the mouse to wake up the computer but nothing happened the monitor said there was no signal even though no wires were moved I unplugged the DVI cable and I also had to unplug the wire that sends sound from the PC to the monitor If I remember working Sound says all Even hardware though is my related sound No PC correctly I put the sound in last The monitor turned on no problem but Fallout lagged heavily for a bit and I noticed there was no sound The lagging was something I expected I'm not sure if this piece of information helps but No Sound Even though PC says all my sound related hardware is working I did get a message a couple days ago saying my PC had overused memory or something I think it was related to my RAM after I woke up the computer when I had Fallout paused and when I saved the game when I had that issue the file was corrupted and I couldn't load that save I have tried the typical stuff like restarting shutting down and checking to update drivers All the cables are plugged in correctly and none are loose My PC claims that my stereo and headphones are working perfectly and that isn't true because no sound can be heard whether I am using headphones or I am using the monitor's speakers I hope I provided enough information for anyone who is willing to help I won't be able to do anything until the morning because it is rather late here on the East Coast but thanks in advance to anyone who responds
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Hi there im in need of help please sound is not coming out from any external audio devices from my computer and from my computer itself. The digital audio device is called:



A:Sound is displayed working on my pc but no sound coming out.

Go to device manager and see if there are any yellow exclaimation marks?

Also, make sure you do not have it muted.

Do you have another set of speakers to try on the computer?

Try running system restore.

Go to the control panel and check if the sound is working.

Try the speakers on another computer.
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Hi for some reason or another my sound isn t working For a few weeks sound would only come out of one speaker or the other but never working, sound Sound suspect not card both Eventually no sound came Sound not working, suspect sound card out at all no matter Sound not working, suspect sound card how i balanced them or twiddled around with Sound not working, suspect sound card the wires I thought it was just a problem with the speakers so I plugged in some speakers I have on my other computer which work very well but they didn t produce sound either I m fairly convinced that this is a problem with my sound card but I don t know how to go about fixing it without getting a new sound card altogether If anyone can direct me to a patch or installer or some way to fix it so that sound comes out of even one speaker that would be awesome Here are my specs from DXDIAG in Run If you need anything else please just ask Device Name SoundMAX Digital Audio Device ID PCI VEN DEV ESUBSYS REV I believe there s more to it but it s cut off so I can t see it Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Default Device Yes Drivers Name smwdm sys Version English Date WHQL Logo d Yes Other Files Provider Analog Devices DirectX Features Hardware Sound Acceleration Level on a slider bar Full Acceleration

A:Sound not working, suspect sound card

I would do the following. download the latest driver from your motherboard manufacturer. Go to device manager and uninstall the device driver, then uninstall the device. restart the computer. Ignore the new hardware found wizard(cancel out). run the driver program. Check to see that the device is now present in device manager. check your sound. If nothing is coming out check your sound properites in the control panel to be sure your device is selected as the playback device, the volumes are up and there are no mute buttons checked.

edit: if none of that works you may need to add in a sound card to an expansion slot.
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sound on my XPS isnt working so i check my hardware and i find this.
how do i fix it?

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well everything is plugged in and stuff, but the sound doesnt come out. do i need a driver for it? if i do where can i get one

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My speakers are working, as I can hear system sounds. But when I use software tht gives off sounds, nothing. I checked Control Panel "sounds" and it says there is "no audio device". Somehow my audio device has been removed r not working. The little speaker icon in task panel bottom right is gone. Any ideas what to try, in order tio get sound back?

Thanks so much,


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Alright I just put working not error/sound Sound my PC together and I expected Sound error/sound not working there to be some minor problems but i figured I could handle them now however I can't seem to get audio running just constantly comes up with this error Problem signature Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name svchost exe AudioSrv Application Version Application Timestamp Fault Module Name VIASysFx dll Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp c fd Exception Code c d Exception Offset d OS Version Locale ID Additional Information e Additional Information f b f f e dd dd a e Additional Information fd Additional Information d f fab d d d cd ada I did have audio on initial boot but after drivers and windows got installed I lost all audio Now I did do some reading through the other various problems people have had with this and tried multiple solutions from those threads before posting I also get a DCHP error resulting from the same dll file and I haven't been able to figure this out It is an on board Audio Any help would be awesome I manage to figure this one out shortly after posting I just uninstalled the VIA HD Audio manager and all the drivers Using stock windows drivers seems to be the ticket to fixing my issue
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ok i have the creative, soundblaster 16 awe32 sound card, my last computer was totalled form nowhere and then when i got my new computer it didn't have a sound card at all. so i switched the creative sound card to my new computer.. it worked just 3 days ago now it isn't working. can someone help me? i tried thec reative website and it didn't give me any help, i tried placing the card in all slots it could fit, and still nothing... what more can i do?

OH! and it's a code 10 error

A:I am in need of serious sound card help! my sound ain't working

Try another sound card
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Hello I have a motherboard rs m-m amd athlon processor gigs memory gig hard drive ATI saphire video card i cant get no but not working, on ac97 sound working? its SOUND i am pissed it was working but now i can sound not working, but on ac97 its working? not trace back when did it stop working so i cant help you there what i can say is after i installed my video card drivers for a ATI radeon saphire video card that may be when the sound stopped working for the regular windows master volume the little speaker on the button right hand corner next to the clock but when i go to ac sound test it works fine however going to windows it does not work how do i get this frigen sound to work from ac to windows so i can have sound again i have tried different speakers so please dont ask that i have looked at the drives on device manager uninstalled and reinstalled with the latest drivers for the motherboard still the same problem i done the basics drivers says they are fine and working plus i have sound on the ac sound test tool i know it has to be some configuration on the ac or somethign i am missing please help very frustrated and want to get sound Thank you nbsp

A:sound not working, but on ac97 its working?

So you get sound under the control panel for AC'97 but not in Windows?

Have you made sure that your computer is using the correct sound device? Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio. Make sure it's using the correct driver.
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Hi there, My sound is not working. I only have a HDMI Sound output. However, I don't have any HDMI Output in my computer. I reinstalled windows a couple of times lately, but i don't know for sure if thats the problem.
Right now im using Windows 7 32-Bit, My hardware specs are: CPU: Intel Duo 2 Core. Graphics Card: AMD ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. Any help or such will be Very much appreciated

A:Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

the HDMI sound is most likely off your GPU but that series seems to not have a HDMI port so that is odd. If you can make sure your onboard audio is on in your BIOS and also run the tool on this page so that you can update all your system info for us. System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong topic sound is My no sound but working there is I looked under tech support but there wasn t a category for sound here goes I had my computer fixed about a month ago and it is working great the only thing is that the sound isn t working This is what I cancelled out so far I tried plugging in different speakers or headphones My drivers are up-to-date Nothing is muted when I check my Playback Devices Here My sound is working but there is no sound is what I have as far as sound Digital Audio S PDIF that is what is checked and that s the only one available But when I go to Control Panel System Device Manager this is what I have listed Sound video and game controllers- - High Definition Audio Device - NVIDIA High Definition Audio x there are four of those listed When I right click sound video and game controllers and select scan for hardware changes my computer starts to say installing driver updates and then it fails this is what comes up and I have no idea if it relates to my problem There is a yellow button quot quot next to Coprocessor under Other Devices and it says quot Device driver software was not successfully installed quot No driver found for coprocessor Then under Coprocessor Properties it says quot The drivers for this device are not installed Code quot A little background on my computer- it was broken with a nasty blue screen and my friend fixed it for me I had to have the motherboard replaced He threw in some other stuff too but may have messed with the sound I m not sure Here is my system Rating Windows Experience Index Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz RAM GB System Type -bit Operating System Sorry if all the information isn t there I m not that much of a computer guide but I ve been at this for a while trying to fix it Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advanced Anthony Edit- I forgot to mention that when there is sound going on the volume panel is indicating that it is working but nothing comes out nbsp

A:My sound is working but there is no sound

Sounds as if you have at least one driver not installed.
Try downloading and installing the free program at;
It will scan your pc and tell you what is missing.
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I had my computer fixed about a month ago and it is working great the only thing is that the sound isn't working This is what I cancelled out so far I tried plugging in but there is sound no My sound is working, different speakers or headphones My drivers are up-to-date Nothing is muted when I check my Playback Devices When I click on the sound while something is being played like a My sound is working, but there is no sound video or song it indicates that there is volume activity going on but nothing comes out Here is what I have as far as sound Digital Audio S PDIF that is what is checked and that's the only one available But when I go to Control Panel System Device Manager this is what I have listed Sound video and game controllers- - High Definition Audio Device - NVIDIA High Definition Audio x there are four of those listed When I right click sound video and game controllers and select scan for hardware changes my computer starts to say installing driver updates and then it fails this is what comes up and I have no idea if it relates to my problem There is a yellow button My sound is working, but there is no sound quot quot next to Coprocessor under Other Devices and it says quot Device driver software was not successfully installed quot No driver found for coprocessor Then under Coprocessor Properties it says quot The drivers for this device are not installed Code quot A little background on my computer- it was broken with a nasty blue screen and my friend fixed it for me I had to have the motherboard replaced He threw in some other stuff too but may have messed with the sound I'm not sure Here is my system Rating Windows Experience Index Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz RAM GB System Type -bit Operating System Sorry if all the information isn't there I'm not that much of a computer guy but I've been at this for a while trying to fix it Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advanced

A:My sound is working, but there is no sound

Dragulan, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Actually you don't have the drivers for the onboard sound installed. A couple of things you said give it away,

Sound, video and game controllers-
- High Definition Audio Device
- NVIDIA High Definition Audio ( x 4 ) there are four of those listed.

Here is what I have as far as sound: Digital Audio (S/PDIF) that is what is checked and that's the only one available.

The first is the onboard sound and is using the default Windows driver, and needs the corerect driver The Nvidia audio (all 4 of them, and still no idea how or why that happens) is likely from a Nvidia video card that has its own built in audio for passing audio over HDMI.

That the digital audio/spdif is the only option in the Windows playback properties is the second give away. Once the proper driver is install for the onboard it will show up with the proper name and connection options.

Can't tell you what driver you need as you didn't list the make and model of your motherboard, probably Realtek but there are a couple of others.

As for the coprocessor driver, that sounds like you have a Nvidia chipset based motherboard, which if that is what it is you need to install the Nvidia chipset drivers to fix it. If you could post up the make and model of your motherboard we can point you in the right direction for both the chipset and audio drivers.
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i got a Compaq presorio cq70 and the sound will only work for about mins or less, i have try to installing drivers but no luck can any one help me on this

A:sound not working need help???

For Clarification:

Your sound works for a minute and then stops?
When does it work, when you first boot?
Does it work after resuming from Hibernate?
Does it stop working in the middle of playback?
Does it stop for all sounds or just whatever you happen to be using?

The more details you provide about when it works and when it doesn't, the better.
Also, are you using Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, NT, 98SE, 98, 95... ?
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First things first I'm running Vista Ultimate -bit with SP I'm using my onboard sound card Realtek High Definition Audio according to device manager A couple of months ago I tried Sound Not Working to change my sound settings by going to sound in control panel I made the change I wanted to I would say what it is but this happens no matter what I change but whenever I clicked OK or Apply it would switch to the Enhancements tab and highlight the line with the checkbox labeled quot DC Offset Cancellation quot and that box would be checked Even if it wasn't checked when I clicked OK or Apply I was annoyed by this but lived with it but a couple of days ago my sound stopped working I assumed it was a driver problem but no such luck I Sound Not Working tried updating it rolling it back un-and-reinstalling it I even downloaded it from the site and installed it manually In device manager and Sound in Control Panel it says everything is working fine so I doubt it's a hardware issue But when I go to volume mixer it says quot No audio device is installed quot When I mouse over it it shows the speakers symbol and says volume

A:Sound Not Working

I hate to double post, but...bump.

If you can't fix the problem with my inability to change sound settings, that's fine. I just want my sound to work again.
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Hi I usually work with my sound on mute using the button top right on my key board Today I went to unmute and it wouldn't work the icon on my screen still shows that it is muted I then right clicked to see Sound working not if there was a problem and the trouble shooter says that the device is not installed So I found my realtek sound driver and it says it's installed I then went to the Realtek site to see if I needed an update for the driver I downloaded and installed it to Sound not working a point but a message comes up saying that there is no device for this driver Now yesterday I used my quot winzip system utilies suite quot to do some maintenance which I do about once a week It cleans out the registry and checks for driver updates I'm not sure if this may have caused the problem or not but I'd appreciate any help in getting my sound up and running again As an extra bit of info in case it helps somewhere along the line whilst trying to sort the problem I clicke don quot levels quot and the new page was blank and also when I was in windows help I tried to click on quot click here to open volume control quot but nothing happened Thanks all Anya

A:Sound not working

Hi Just to let you know, that I went back to restore point that was before I did my maintenance and the problem is resolved.
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I m having issues with my sound I just reformatted and downgraded from Vista to XP yesterday At first the sound worked however after a while it stopped working perhaps after I installed updates I ve tried checking the Volume Controls Not Working Sound and it says no audio device is detected I ve tried updating the drivers but no changes I ve tried system restoring back to the very beginning of the changes but no I ve tried uninstalling Service Pack and going back to Sound Not Working SP My sound device is detected in quot Device Manager quot and it says it is enabled and working fine Interestingly I can only hear sound coming from my speakers in my driver s Audio Manager Realtek HD Audio Manager by listening to the quot D Audio Demo quot In any other programs there is no sound and for the Windows sounds all I hear is an annoying Sound Not Working beep coming from the internal speaker This shows that my speakers are indeed working My laptop is Sound Not Working a Toshiba Satellite A -AH and my sound device is quot Realtek High Definition Audio quot Anyone know what s up P S - here s some screenies that may help - http i tinypic com rz c png

A:Sound Not Working

Hello and welcome to BC.Where have you tried to update the drivers from?Also, can you perform a windows update?The event viewer may give some more information.1. Click Start select run2. Type eventvwr.exe3. Press enter4. Search through the groups for errors and warnings.5. Double click on each error and or warning.6. Locate the copy to clipboard button, (under the two arrows)7. Let us know what you find. (paste the results)
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Hiya Alright getting to the problem right away the not Sound working sound on my computer hasn t been working for about a week now I ve been trying to find a way to fix this for hours at a time every day but nothing has been working There s a red x over my speaker icon which is how I first came to notice the problem When I opened my volume mixer to see if I had put Sound not working the volume on mute it told me that there was no audio Sound not working device installed I have installed a new audio driver realtek high definition audio When I hover my mouse over the speakers it now says Volume and the icon still has that red x I tried Sound not working setting the speakers to default as I ve heard you re supposed to do but the button is grayed out I don t know what to do Any help would be wonderful Thank you so much ahead of time if you can help me fix this problem

A:Sound not working

Your audio is probably corrupt
What is the make and model number of your computer or sound card?
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I recently formatted my drive and installed Windows XP Sp2 over my linux OS. Everything is going just fine. Until I tried listening to some music When I go into my ctrl panel and into my sounds and audio devices properties, it says no audio device. But I can't figure out HOW to enable an audio device for it. My speakers are built into my monitor. Please help a noob in need


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I have done
Right click the My Computer and select Manage, then select Device Manager. none of the audio devices have a yellow
question mark next to them .

Also just checked general sound settings.

at control panel and click on Sound and Audio Devices, and checked the setting and made sure the volume isn't muted or set low.but sound still not working

A:Sound not working

Something to check.

Start/Control Panel.

Open Sound and Audio Devices.

Volume tab, click on Properties in Device Volume.

Play control should open.

Click on Options/Properties. Place a checkmark by everything, click OK.
Back to Options/Advanced Controls.

If under any of the categories, you see Advanced click on that, if a box opens that has
OTHER CONTROLS/1 Digital Output Only* check if it's unchecked. (if you see Advanced in the panel Volume Control, you won't need to check any other advanced settings.)
If it's unchecked, check it.

Open up a player, add a music file, do you now have sound? If you have to, plug the speakers into every port on the card and see if it works.

*it may have another number. If it does, check or uncheck it.
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All of a sudden my sound doesn't work. I go to the control panel and click the sound and volume options and it says under the volume tab "No audio device" And that has never happened before. What can i do? And what caused this?


A:Sound not working

Have you tried re-installing your audio drivers?
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I installed windows 8 on my PC 3 days back. The problem i am facing is that it's sound is not working. I heard we don not need to install additional software to make sound working. But this is not working in my case.

Please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance
Reyna S
Content Management at WeAreHolidays

A:Sound is not working

Welcome to eightforums Reyna.Would you please,fill in your system specs,would really help.What sound card are you using?Are you done updating Windows?Does device manager show installed sound devices?Do you have any indication of a song playing but no sound comes out of speakers?You sure you have plugged your speakers-headphones to the correct output,usually the green one?
Some food for thoughts...
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i recently erased my hard disk and installed windows 98 again also .installed the sound cd software. but when i play music on REALPLAYER it shows the music played but cannot here any sound.
please help have checked the cable connections also.

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It use to work until I get new drivers but after that i uninstalled it and reinstalled it so I can't roll back =(

Im using C-Media CMI8738/C3DX Audio Deivce or is it C-Media AC97 Audio Device

Googled it and lots of other people have problems too.. How can i fix this?

A:Sound not working

Go HERE and read my post.

You will notice a link to the free Everest programme. It will give you lots of info about your system.

Go to your mobo manufacturers website, and download the correct driver for your onboard sound.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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The actual speakers on my laptop work but when I try to put in headphones, the sound doesn't change from speakers to headphones. Help?
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I have a gateway laptop pc. Just today, all the sound on the computer stopped working, both the speakers and the headphone jack. I tried re-installing the driver, but that didn't work. Everything I can find says that the driver is shown to be working just fine. However, still no sound, and when i try to play files in Windows Media Player, an error message comes up saying that either the speakers are being used, not installed, or not working. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix the sound? Thanks

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I had this weird issue of sound coming out of both headphones and speakers so I uninstalled the Realtek drivers. I downloaded the latest Realtek drivers from the HP site and tried installing it but it isn't? Like it unpacks some stuff and then the installation window won't pop back up  I'm pretty sure those drivers are for my laptop.
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for some reason my sound isnt working i've tried reinstalling the drivers and everything and its intergraded on the a8v-e se motherboard i cant figure out the problem maybe you guys can.


A:Sound not working

Good time to upgrade to a standalone sound card.
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My sound wasnt working and I tried everything To make a long story short I went out and bough new speakers Logitech Z- s And a new Sound Card Audigy ZS I uninstalled all my old drivers and my old sound card Shut my system Help. working not Sound Please down unplugged it and turned off the power supply pulled the old card and booted back up to make sure everything was still uninstalled it was so I powered down again and plugged in my new Audigy ZS and plugged my new speakers into it booted up it found all the stuff and installed all the Software for it I have the recent drivers for my card Device manager sees that I have a card in there and says it is working properly however my sound is still not working At all I went Please Help. Sound not working into the BIOS and set PCI Slot s IRQ to since that is the Default IRQ for Sound but windows still tells me its set to Please help me im desperate I have of sound equipment and no way to use it nbsp

A:Please Help. Sound not working

What OS are you running on? What type of connection from your soundcard are you using? SPDIF? What types of source sound files are you using? Wave/MP3, MIDI, DVD? After your drivers are installed if you look in Device manager does everything appear to be okay?
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the sound on my apple notebook is not working but when i plug in head phones it does <i dont think there is a problem with the speakers because it started to work again once then stopped >>>need help
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Onboard sound will not play CD or wav files etc
I installed a Creative Live card still no sound, the sound options in volume are greyed out.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

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Sometimes I am watching a movie on my PC and all of a sudden the sound goes away on everything and I have to restart to get it working again. Anyway to fix that so it won't happen anymore?

A:Sound not working

More info is needed for someone to try and help you.

First, please fill in the "My System Specs". Second, does this ONLY happen on movies? and if so what program are you using to watch the movies?
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I reformatted my computer, downloaded my sound drivers, and still no sounds.
I have the motherboard soundcard, and an additional sound card( which i dont know what type/brand it is ). Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. My computer is a HP pavilion 533w.

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Hi, in the hardware forum, I made a post about my video card and how it is not working properly since there are blotches of random colors everywhere and with games, there are random polygons everywhere. The determined that it was probably the video card but maybe the mobo. Today, I tried to rig up my sound for the first time, and it didn't work. I installed the drivers and codecs but it still didnt work. Is my motherboard faulty or is it a software problem still? Btw, I have soundblaster Live! 24bit integrated sound.

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I have been searching the internet for while for an answer and haven't found anything.
A week ago the sound was working fine. All of a sudden it stopped working. When the comp starts up the start up sound skips. I can't play cds or mp3, even internet audio files don't play.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the speakers but I don't think the problem is with the speakers...
Can someone please help!

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Could someone please help me with getting my sound back on my laptop. The volume is up all the way but no sound. any ideas on where i can start to get sound back?


A:Sound not working :(

u might want to check the device mgr and check hardware to see if u have any yellow question marks under the audio. if so then hit the thing at the top that says update driver and it should find the driver u need. if it doesnt go to the mfgr of the computer u have such as dell, ibm, hp, etc website and look under support drivers and downloads for audio for the model of computer that u have. in the task bar near the clock do u have a volume symbol showing? if u dont thats why u have no sound and u need the proper drivers so that u will have sound. hope this helps u.
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ok my sound is pissing me off. I can hear everything (in bad quality) but I can't hear voices, such as my raid in ventrilo. I also cant hear the audio on youtube videos.
Help please?

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I just upgraded to windows 10 and the sound isn't working. I've uninstalled the driver and rebooted, nothing. I tried automatically updating the driver but it told me I was all ready using the best driver for this device. I went looking for the most recent driver for the sound card but I'm having trouble finding it.

The laptop is a few years old, it's a toshiba satellite. The sound card is listed as Conexant SmartAudio HD driver version dated 2/21/2011. I checked Toshiba's site but they didn't have an updated for the sound card. I checked Conexant's site but couldn't find anything about downloading drivers from the site.

When I go to Sound -> Advance and click on Test it tells me can not play test tone. I hit restore defaults but this didn't work either.

A:Sound not working

This worked for some.
Solution: #Windows Driver installation timeout issue (0x800705b4)
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I've done all the trouble shooting. Deleted drivers and installed them, check to see if there are drivers or conflicts, wires connected and such. The problem started when I tried to plug the jack that regularly goes into my monitor into a red sound slot (belonging to those red white and yellow av input things). Didn't think it could hurt but the sound hasn't been working since, even for the head phones. Have no idea what to do help would be greatly appreciated.

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my foxconn 945p7aa audio drivers wont install on windows 7. Am i missing something?

A:sound not working..

Hi Klemmy369 Welcome to the forum
Are you using the right driver? have a look here; Foxconn Support - Download
I have tried to get the right motherboard 945p7aa-8EKRS2 if not you will have to select the right one as there are two choices
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Gday guys and Girls.

I'm looking for some help with a sound issue, It randomly stopped working.
A large LED LCD TV is my main monitor, HDMI connected. The sound is no longer working with playback from the PC. TV speakers work fine, PC audio works fine, drivers are up to date, I've tried everything I can think of. Please help, I'm not so slowly going mad!


A:Sound not working

If I understand your issue correctly, your TV is no longer outputting any sound?

Did you recently update your video card driver?

Under the Speaker Icon in the bottom right, click Playback Devices. Is the TV listed as default?
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my sound was working this morning and now its not my speakers work and my pc not muted and the device manger says theres nothing wrong so why is it not working for me

A:sound not working

Sound Troubleshooter

If you have them, uninstall and then re-install your audio drivers. Sometimes this will fix a glitch.

Check that the Windows Audio service is set to Automatic and Started (Start => Run and type in "services.msc" {without the quotes}).

If it's missing, download and run this fix:
Line 371 - Left

Open Device Manager (Start => Run and type in "devmgmt.msc" {without the quotes}).
Expand System devices, and check that 'Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator' is present and is "working properly".
During the routine you may see "Driver is enabled but has not been started".
If it's not present, or not "working properly", or you get the above message, see at the end of this post.
If it's a case of no audio just on certain websites (flash video). Read the following:
If you have DirectX installed, go to Start => Run and type in "dxdiag" {without the quotes}
Run the Sound tests.
If you don't have it, you can download DirectX.
If it's a case of no audio at all, and you've ruled out any audio driver problem, then run these routines:
(You may want to print this off.)

First the hardware ... check that your card is being recognized by your computer.
Right-click on My Computer and select the Hardware tab.
Click on the Device Manager button and scroll down to Sound, video and game controllers.
Click the + sign to expand this section and make sure that your sound card is showing and that there are no yellow ! exclamation marks and no red X's against any of the devices listed.

If all is OK, proceed to check your software settings:

If you have a music file that's fairly long (10 minutes) or you can set to Repeat, open it and start it playing so you will know if you hit on a solution.

Go to Start => Control Panel => Sounds and Audio Devices.

In everything below, be sure to click the OK button after every window.

First, under the Volume tab
Check that the Device Volume slider is at least one-third way across.
Check that the Mute box is cleared (unchecked).
Check that the box Place volume icon in the Taskbar is checked.
Click the Advanced button.
Check that there are no Mutes and that the levels are at least one-third way up in all sections.
Click the Speaker Volume button and check that the levels are set somewhere in the middle.
Click the Advanced button.
Check that Speaker setup has Desktop speakers selected.
Click the Performance tab and check that both sliders are set to the far right.

Next, click the Audio tab
In the Sound Playback section check the selected Default Device. It should be set to your sound card and not your modem or anything else.
Click the Volume button.
Check that there are no Mutes and good levels (none at zero) for at least Volume, Wave, CD Player, etc.
Click the Advanced button. This is the same as you saw in the Volume tab, but re-check it anyway.
In the choice of speakers, Desktop speakers should be selected.
Click the Performance button.
Check that both the indicators you see are set to the far right.

Next, click the Hardware tab
In the list you see, highlight (select) your audio device from among the listed hardware (drives and other stuff).
Click the Properties button.
Check to see if it says "This device is working properly". If it doesn't we're looking at a driver problem.
Click the Properties tab (not the Properties button).
Expand the Audio Devices item (click the + sign) and select (highlight) your audio device.
Click the Properties button.
Check that the round "radio button" for 'Use audio features on this device' is checked.
Beside Status: it should say "Driver is enabled and working properly".
If no joy so fa... Read more
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This is what I get when I try to play something on on windows media player.
"Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly."
And i cant play any sound at all. :angry:Not even the start-up noice works. So I went to "control panel", "sounds speech and audio devices", then i clicked on "sounds and audio device." in the 'volume' tab, it says: "no audio device" please help me! thanks in advance. oh, and i dont know if this is important but i am using a 4 month old emachines with XP.

A:Sound Is Not Working...

Have you call eMachine to see f there are any known issues?
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me.

Last night the sound on my computer was working fine, but this morning I can't get any sound at all. I've tried different media players, checked the wires on my speakers and tried headphones, but nothing works.

I do play my music quite loud, could that have done something?

Thanks for your time.

A:Sound not working

Check in "Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices", Audio tab, that the default device for Sound Playback is correctly set.

Also check there are no problem items shown in Device Manager.
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Hey people, just having a problem with my sound and I don't know if it's a software problem or a hardware problem.

The speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner isn't on mute and the sound is on quite high, the monitor's volume itself is ok, infact it's at 100. It works ok when I put in headphones or erephones (or whatever they're called, like what you use with an MP3 player).

The only time it's ever restored itself is when it suddenly muted when my pulled my erephones (?) out. It suddenly started working again ages later on it's own. But it didn't do that again for days after.

As you may have guessed, I have my speakers inside my monitor. I really don't know what the problem is.

A:Sound isn't working

Try to right click on the sound icon on the bottom right corner, then try to choose Sound.

Try to choose the Speakers, and then click on the Set Default. See whether it is working now?
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For some reason my computer just doesn't produce any sound. But when I turn on my computer and the VAIO word comes up(because my laptop is a Sony), it will have a tune. But once I enter windows, it just have no sounds. For example, itunes, internet, msn and others don't have sound. I checked if I muted the sound in control panel and I made sure it isn't. Then I went to Device Manager and made sure my audio properties under device usage is "Use this device (enabled)". And now I am stuck. So are there any other methods to fix my problem? Thank you

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I just reinstalled XP Media Center onto my computer. I don't have any of my driver disks. My sound doesn't work. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

This is what dxdiag says about it


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On some files (namely episodes of anime), sound isn't working, I am getting this from a fairly reliable source so I'm pretty sure the video is fine. Recommendations?

A:Sound not working

This forum moves pretty fast, BUMP.
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I own an HP Pavillion DV8000 laptop. Just recently the sound quit working on my laptop. I am pretty sure its not the speaker wiring, because the sound doesnt work through headphones either. The lights on the mute button turn on and off, indicating that it is working, and all of the sound is turned on under the sound part of the control pannel. Any thoughts to why this could be happening? I am completely stumped. Thank you for anything information you could provide me with...


A:Sound Not Working

This could be a driver issue try running a update to the sound driver.

Has this ever worked on the Laptop?

If it hasn't then this is most likely the cause. Use device manager to see if this is marked as a Un-Known device.
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Sound not working : No Audio Output Device is Installed
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I have a intel DG41WV mother board system. The sound was working fine, When i reinstall the windows7 sound is not working. i connected the speaker in the right jack.

 sound.jpg   61.66KB
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Hi, my sound isn't working and I have tried re-wiring everything and making sure everything is plugged in but still no luck. I tried installing some drivers but it keep on crashing my computer (tried 3 times). When i go to control panel and audio and sound devices nothing is their but I have a speaker plugged in, that means it is a driver issue. Can you please help me this. Thanks!

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Hello all, so after my XP being broken down to pieces by a nasty virus, i decided to finally go around and install my vista business i got through my school (informatics student, it was free, legitimate though)

anyways, to get to the point, i can't get my sound to work, i tried installing the newest drivers, older ones, xp ones, nothing works, even though "the computer tells me it does" (like, that green "soundbar" goes up when i'm playing a song or anything)

my motherboard is an ASUS P5VDC-X with onboard soundmax audio

also it asks me to install my "multimedia audio controller"?

i'm pretty lost here, help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

EDIT: forgot to mention, i'm running service pack 1

A:Sound not working?

So are you running vista or xp?
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I believe I have deleted my sound driver on my computer. I was removing some programs from the add/remove programs area and when I clicked remove I thought I missed it because it didn't remove so I clicked it again. As I clicked it a second time it removed the next thing below it. Immediately after I had no sound. Can anyone help this over clicking computer illiterate gal restore her sound?

A:How to get sound working again?

Well this might be tricky with Windows 200 but what you would want to do is go to the website of the company that makes your computer (Acer, Dell, HP, Emachines, etc) they shouldhave a help and support section track down your model and download the drivers for your model. Access the device manager (The program that shows you the status of all the devices attached top your computer) r-clicking on "My computer" and selecting properties, then select the hardware tab and choose device manager.
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I need help, my PC isn't playing audio, except for the built-in buzzer. I have tried reinstalling drivers, yet to no avail. My DxDiag is attached, and screenshots are below.

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Hey guys.

A couple of days ago the sound on my pc suddenly stopped working, i have checked the hardware and everything is working and installed as it should be - ie - drivers, soundcard, sound properties and speakers and cordless headphones work also. This was frustrating me so i wiped my drive and reinstalled everything including all the latest drivers and software, when i plug my speakers or headphones in the pc recognises that a jack has been inserted.

Anyway i'm at a dead end and some fresh ideas would be much appreciated.

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Running Windows Vista.

External speakers but sound won't work.
Tested the speakers on another computer and they work fine.