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New motherboard failing to show my card

Q: New motherboard failing to show my card

Just bought a new board and I dont know how to get my geforce gts450 card working

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Preferred Solution: New motherboard failing to show my card

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New motherboard failing to show my card

Have you installed latest NVidia driver pack compatible with your operating system? to expand...
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Im using Windows XP professional SP and ive just installed a new show manager tabs failing Task to monitor on my PC when i had finished installing the monitor i reset the PC and went off using IE to check through some web sites When i tried to open the task manager CTRL ALT DEL it showed something i had never seen before It was showing the service Tab but it didnt show Task manager failing to show tabs the tabs on the top and i couldnt change the tab I tried closing the task manager and opening it again but it acted the same Then with the task manager open i hit CTRL ALT DEL again and it opened a new task manager I rebooted the PC and it made no difference I would really appreciate some help cause because my PC is slow and tends to get jammed its hard to work without the Task Manager Im adding a screenshot of the problem where it shows task managers open and no tabs on any of themThanks in advance

A:Task manager failing to show tabs

Simply double click somwhere on the frame of the taskmanager. The tabs should return.
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Hello everyone this is my first Failing Motherboard? time on the Tech Support Guy forums I ve been having some kind of problem with my computer and I m hoping someone here can help me I m beginning to suspect that something is wrong with my motherboard but since I m no expert I can t be sure that it is the source of my problems I have an ASUS CUSL with a Pentium III E chip At first the problem began when my computer would not boot up one day I would keep hitting the power button then nothing So I opened the case made sure everything was connected properly and it did eventually boot up But the problem persisted intermittently Failing Motherboard? So I figured that I probably had a bad power switch and replaced it Apparently that wasn t the main issue because while I was now getting the computer to boot up it would often just power itself down into some kind of bizarre suspend mode that I couldn t get it out of I would have to literally unplug the computer to get it to completely shut off At this point I thought there must be something wrong with the power supply it was a W unit that I d owned for about years or so So I went out and replaced my power supply with a nice W Ultra Connect power supply Well just when I thought my problems were over I am finding out they ve only just begun Now my computer is doing weird things like when I try to power it down it will go through the Windows shutdown screen but freeze at the very end The hard drive will spin down but the screen will be frozen at the shutdown screen and the fans are still running Again the only way to get it to completely shut off is to kill the switch on the power supply and this is only IF I managed to get it booted up to begin with like this morning In other words it still won t power back on much of the time Another small thing I ve noticed is that my taskbar clock no longer keeps the proper time Is it possible my motherboard is going out on me Could this have anything to do with the the round battery mounted on the board -spadowski nbsp

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA-M SLI-S x x Fri Mar Antivirus AVG Internet Security Updated and Enabled Is my motherboard failing I have optical drives and my Motherboard Solved: Is failing? HDs There is a SATA and IDE of each type The IDE drives are not being recognized I looked in the BIOS and they are not showing there The BIOS is the newest version I also noticed that I cannot do a restart When I try the system shuts down but does not restart I need to hold the power button to completely turn it off in order to start it up The start up is very slow as the BIOS is looking for IDE drives but cannot find them nbsp

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My computer has been stalling for about a second or then going back to working this happens in intervals of about - seconds a spot Motherboard? How you failing do depending if its having a good or bad day or if i run heavier programs it has been doing this since about mid June At first i thought How do you spot a failing Motherboard? it was a virus so i reformatted and it didn t fix it My thoughts are its my motherboard I ve been able to keep it alive for quite a while by How do you spot a failing Motherboard? switching cords and unplugging and replugging in things like ram hard drive and the cd drive but now it How do you spot a failing Motherboard? seems to be at its end Has anyone ever experienced a failing motherboard and did you have symptoms similar to mine Or am i completely wrong and someone knows exactly what the problem is Here are my specs Processor AMD Athlon XP GHz Ram GB OS WindowsXP professional Video Card gforce xfx Motherboard ASUS nforce Ultra A N X-E Deluxe Hard Drive gig Power Supply watts Sound Card Sound blaster Live Digital nbsp

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The PC I'm having trouble with was built in early For a year or so the PSU a to PSU? trying new after failing connect Motherboard Altis A- DX W has been randomly making a high-pitched noise and the USB ports have become unreliable especially with a specific external HDD beeping loudly and the ports not identifying a connected smartphone at Motherboard failing after trying to connect a new PSU? all Figured the problem might be the PSU not giving out enough power So I bought a new PSU Super Flower Leadex Gold W and connected it but on boot the system gave no signal to the monitor The PSU was lit up all the fans seemed to work and the keyboard gave a brief light Then I tried the new PSU on another computer which booted up normally After that I connected the PSU again to the first system but got the same issue After this I checked to see whether it would boot up with the old PSU same issue Double-checked the connections sys fan connector fan in the front of the pc had come loose at some point so plugged that back in and also replaced a data cable that was pinned under the GPU connected that from sata port to I also plugged the new PSU straight to a wall outlet instead of an extension cord to see it got enough power None of this helped At this point I had booted up the system enough times to get the message Warning The previous performance of overclocking is failed and the system restored to the default settings USB keyboard wasn t responsive so I reset CMOS Now after booting up the system continued to loading Windows but while it was loading it the display signal was lost again Any ideas what the issue could be or what to do at this point Thought I d keep trying to see whether the system can load up at all and if it does try it out again with the new PSU Could it be the mobo failing or a GPU or maybe even a memory issue Any help would be appreciated Failing computer specs Motherboard MSI K A Neo System Model MS- according to DxDiag RAM DDR GB Four sticks of GB each DIMM slots amp Corsair CM X - C MHz V CL DIMM slots amp Kingston KVR D N G - MHz V CL GPU Gigabyte Radeon HD CPU AMD Phenom Quad-Core GHz Hard drives in total TB WDC WD EADS- L B GB RPM WDC WD AAKS- D B a GB SAMSUNG HD JJ bought in Working computer specs Motherboard Gigabyte GA- GA-UD H CPU AMD Phenom II X RAM GB DDR GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX
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Dear Support Team,
After erroneous uninstallation of C-Media audio drive, the motherboard CD reinstallation failed & caused serious systemic error & Windows Media Player or any media player cannot read any media file along with CD-ROM/DVD-ROM became crashed & USB 3G Donggle failed to configure, but pen drives are still detected & working . In that situation I downloaded all the motherboard drivers from manufacturer's website & reinstalled but due to the old version of Intel Graphics Chipset(version:, skipped the chipset installation(my version:, but still the WMP cannot play audio files but play saved & VCD video files & USB 3G Donggle still failed to configure, though the CD-ROM detects both audio ,video & software discs. Whereas DVD-ROM only detects the audio CDs & VCDs with in built media players. So, kindly help me to solve my problem. Earnestly waiting for your precious reply.

NB: MyUSB 3G Donggle: HUAWEI E1752
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first off i AN7 help during need abit failing motherboard POST, have a watt power supply amdxp chip ghz i think abit an mobo and some sticks of mushkin ram mb ok so heres the problem over the last years since ive had this rig it has randomly rebooted or times with the siren type sound from the motherboard speaker also whenever i have had to add new abit AN7 motherboard failing during POST, need help hardware be it sata HDD or dvd drives whatever when i try to reboot i get - seconds of fans spinning and then it will die again and the siren sounds goes off this also happened during power outages etc but not when i restarted through windows or the reset button on the case normally after anywhere from mins to hours i could reboot and it would just seem to kick over and startup and then it would run fine for days anyway i went to change a video card today and decided that i wanted to get to the bottom of this problem after a few hours of powering off and rebooting i couldnt get it to boot and it fails at post about halfway through the power up sequence with a CF error which has to do with the readwrite status of the bios from what i have read anyway i took off the mobo and made sure it wasnt touching the case etc cleaned all the part still no boot right now all i have connected are the processor stick of ram and the heat sink took the heat sink off before and noticed the thermal pad was pretty much destroyed after years use i know i need a new one or some paste but my question is is it possible that it wouldnt post boot because of lack of heatsink paste im pretty sure the chip isnt fried and the power supply is definatly good as tested on another setup any suggestions do amd or abit have a fail safe so that if the processor isnt connected to a heat sink through the pad paste it wont post or boot please help thanks first post sorry if it is confusing nbsp

A:abit AN7 motherboard failing during POST, need help

I am just going into a meeting, so I didn't really read the details. I'll come back to you in a few hours, but the first thing you need to do is get some thermal paste.

Without it, the CPU can't transfer its heat to the heatsink. You currently have NO thermal paste/pad? Don't try to turn on your system any more, until you have some thermal paste in there!!
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So I've had my HP DV6000 for quite a while and it has been down with graphics card problems for almost two years. I finally got around to getting a new motherboard for it and got it all put together. I formatted the hard drive so it was completely blank and put the Windows 7 instal disk in and it loads to a certain point and then hangs up and the screen turns into blue and white lines. I'm completely stuck with this. I tried swapping hard drives, reseating the ram and am at a loss.

A:HP Failing to complete OS install after new motherboard

Unless the motherboard was another DV6000 motherboard, then your Windows license is effectively null and void, so do tell a little more about this new motherboard because it may very well be that even if we resolve the one issue, you'd just hit another immediately.
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A few months ago, a weird noise problem started coming out of the computer. I took the comp apart and then found out that the motherboard HEATSINK, not the CPU heatsink was failing. Now this motherboard came with its own heatsink, so I went to some local computer shop and they said that I must call the manufacturer and tell them about it. So I e-mailed Giga-Byte and now I am still awaiting for a reply. What would happen if the fan is fails for the motherboard heatsink? Would it cause any hardware damage or errors around it?

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Hi guys Over the past month I have been getting soft locks on my pc a few BSOD here and there CRC errors when transferring files etc files not opening on the drive - it or drive Motherboard thinking Hard failing, HDD. is my oldest of drives and so I think it s going to kick the bucket The RAM I have in my system was just purchased so I know it isn t that - although I will run memtest on it Hard drive or Motherboard failing, thinking HDD. eventually when I have everything backed up So I have run HD TUNE and the warnings are this only -Ultra DMA CRC Error count Number Date Time Current Worst ThresholdData Temp PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM Current Pending Sector Number Date Time Current Worst ThresholdData Temp PM data column- gt PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM Also there are a bunch of others that say quot OK quot but they have many numbers under quot data quot and quot current quot as well too Let me know if this is abnormal Several photographs have failed to transfer from this drive to my backup drive now - luckily only maybe or out of over but it still worries me - as well the drive I am backing stuff up to now has -Ultra DMA CRC Error count - Threshhold data something But I am thinking maybe this is because I am attempting to back the files up to there No other warnings on that drive As well the bad drive once did not show up under My Computer and also when trying to boot it just would hang and not detect the drive and therefore my OS wouldn t start I Just fixed this by disconnecting the Sata cables to the Mobo then reconnecting - it started up OK and here I am backing up files now Thanks very much for your time sorry this is a bit erratically written Any thoughts or advice greatly appriciated nbsp

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Hi i bought an ebay "Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Hub"
Here --->

after installing it via "PCI-E, USB2.0 9PIN, DC Big 4PIN (3PIN)"
it worked half the time with the provided drivers, a few days later i got the error "Power Surge on Hub Port".

so i disconnected the device but my pc randomly gets stuck on the bios screen and the mouse freezes randomly for 5 secs or so, in other cases mouse is freezes until i have to restart the PC.

Is my motherboard damaged? any solutions?

Here is my pc specs:
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
-Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
-RAM 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 539MHz (7-7-7-20)
-Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. X58-USB3 (Socket 1366)
-Graphics 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (Gigabyte)


A:after installing Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Hub Motherboard failing?

It is possible that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) could not handle the Hub, hence, "Power Surge".
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I guess my video card is crashing. Its old and I play COD4 for hours sometimes. It started crashing today, usually by performing anything video intense, like playing a video file.

Screen flickers and gets stuck for a second. Last few times PC got locked and didn't respond so I had to restart.

Only looking for a quick fix, since I plan on ordering my new system in a month.

There is an 8400GS for $12.99 at Microcenter, probably just pick that up tomorrow, for the mean time.

Any other suggestions?

A:GPU card failing?

Happens to me too at the randomest times. Sad thing is it happened even when the GPU was brand new. Nvidia is losing quality. Quick fix? maybe vacuum your GPU's fan if it has one, clean it of any dust.
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I have posted on this forum a lot about my computer randomly freezing. Well it seems that my computer has been fine, has been left on over night everything works. When I go to open up Diablo or Guild Wars it will freeze right away or maybe somewhere later down the line. Is there a way I can test to see if the games are stressing it too much or if it's failing

I have a ATI Radeon Sapphire XL800

A:GFX card failing?

Try downloading the latest drivers from ATI.
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After installing an EVGA E-GeFroce 2 PCI Video card, the computer won't show the motherboard load screen or the screen that show the ram being loaded, hence, I cannot access the bios. Before I installed the video card I was using the on board video and it worked fine. Is they any way to get this to work without having to reset the CMOS by moving the jumper on the MOBO??

I'm running WinXP Home, 1 gig ram, and I do have a pinnacle Pro-One card installed.

A:Computer won't show Motherboard load screen

I'd start by removing the card and see if the system returns to normal operation.
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I am trying to play Sleeping Dogs in high graphics, i have previously been able to do this, and now when i play in high graphics i get this: see image below:

When i lower to medium graphics it works fine. I have played on high before.

I have 2 Nvidia GTX 560Ti in SLI.

Is there a way to see if one of my cards is failing?

A:How can i tell my graphics card is failing?

Is your graphics card driver up to date? If so, take 1 card out and fire up the game. Turn the settings wide open, and play a little bit, taking note of any performance issues. Take that card out and install the other card and repeat. If both seem to run the game at max settings, you should be ok. Mind you, it's not a scientific test, but if a card is going out, that will probably let you know. Check for a driver update first.
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My sound card will occasionally have problems with cracking and playing audio at about half speed, as if it is lagging when audio is played through the speakers. I tried to use the headphones instead, getting the error "error creating directsound buffer 88780096" while trying to play music through Winamp. I have found that if I reset the directsound buffer through services.msc or reset my PC, the audio goes back to normal before eventually having problems again. Is there a more permanent fix?

My sound is an integrated Realtek ALC888S Audio card, which came in my HP Pavilion 5310y slimline.

Additionally, I've found my PC is running relatively slowly (even after hard drive cleaning and many, virus scans with AVG/Malwarebyes/Spybot). The integrated audio failing is worrying me that the motherboard might have some sort of problem, or may be failing due to age. Should I be worried about this? I appreciate the help.

A:Sound card failing(?)

HP Pavilion 5310y slimlineClick to expand...

Here is the support site for the HP Pavilion Slimline s5310y (AY652AA) desktop.

You should add and save this site in your browser's favorites/bookmarks list so you can quickly refer to it when needed.

It came with 4 GB of RAM and does not support more than that amount, so there's no option to add more.

I've found my PC is running relatively slowly (even after hard drive cleaning and many, virus scans with AVG/Malwarebyes/Spybot)Click to expand...

Go here, then click the large blue "Download Now @ Bleeping Computer" button to download and save AdwCleaner.exe to your desktop.

Close all open windows first, then double-click AdwCleaner.exe to load its main window.

Click the "Scan" button, then allow the scanning process to finish.
(Note: Several seconds may pass before the scanning process starts, so be patient.)

Click the "Report" button.

When the log appears, save it.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE log here.

The integrated audio failing is worrying me that the motherboard might have some sort of problem, or may be failing due to ageClick to expand...

When was the last time the case was opened, and all the dust and debris inside of it was blown out?

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Good day everyone - I have an Alienware x R beast that is about years old Out of warranty that I bought used a year ago Been which how to is tell card failing video a great computer I use how to tell which video card is failing it for business purposes - needed the big screen for my statistics presentations to customers It has GB RAM dual m GB video cards a boot GB SSD separate MB HD etc Pretty powerful computer Anyway it appears that one of the two crossfire enabled video cards is going bad I m getting the horizontal lines across the screen before the machine how to tell which video card is failing crashes how to tell which video card is failing I ve already taken it apart cleaned out the air vents All cooling fans are working fine Sometimes the computer works for an hour then crashes sometimes it works for seconds then crashes Is there any way to determine which video card is the culprit so when I open it up to replace it I m doing more than flipping a coin to guess It is pretty involved to get to the video cards so I d prefer to get it right the first time if possible Thank you Bill Young nbsp

A:how to tell which video card is failing

As I understand the situation and presuming that this is the one display using the two 7970 cards linked by the crossfire bridge, if you open the AMD catalyst control centre and if available click to uncheck as explained below
To disable Crossfire right-click your desktop and select "Catalyst Control Center". On the upper-left click "Graphics", then "CrossfireX". In the main area of the window, uncheck the "Enable Crossfire" option. Click "OK" to accept the changes and close the Control Center.
I think that will then switch to the primary card only.
In view of the difference in the time element - one hour to seconds - I have a doubt that it is the cards
When you reply with the result of disabling crossfire we can explore other possible causes.
I presume the two HDD - not the SSD the 500 MB are GB not that this of course has any relevance to the problem
Were it to be me I would start with a driver rollback on the graphics and I would test temps and voltages
Which OS please if it is 8/8.1 are driver updates via Microsoft - Windows updates - if so I would most certainly examine driver dates and versions.
When it crashes does it produce a dump file, if so send me a zipped copy of the minidump and I will analyse it for you
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Hey I need some help understanding what I will be able to support win my current equipment I have an HP m n MCEPC I m running an AMD Athlon dual core X GHz RAM PAE I m almost positive I have empty RAM slots My current video card dont ask me why the put this POS in is an nVIDIA Geforce le I ve tried running Gears of War and GH no luck GH runs but it sucks I need to buy a new video card and I was searching new egg and there are a lot of Video failing card nice series for Video card failing under dollars esp XfX and MSI I have no idea what to look for with clock speeds or know anything about clocking as is This comp came with a tiny watt power supply but I read on the nvidia site that the minimal power supply is watt So I might need to get a new power supply as well but for now im focusing on the video card Can anyone help explain Video card failing what I need to know before I purchase a card or show me some that I could run now preferably series I have my eyes on at least an seeing as how you can find them on new egg for with a dollar mail in rebate lol nbsp

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I m using a Asus video card failing Possible G SW BST laptop and my GPU is a geforce m The laptop is a little over a year old When playing a single game Garry smod the screen will turn completely green or blue after min or so but only in game I can still move and sounds play as normal but I cannot see anything I can alt tab easily back to the desktop and I can close the process and start the game again just Possible failing video card fine My temp when this happens is only about C I m in the process of updating my drivers just in case and I ve already validated the GMOD install I ll edit this post once I restart and test if this happens again Is this my graphics card dying The only thing I Possible failing video card ve done recently that s out of the ordinary is I put a SSD in my second hard drive bay and am using it as my boot drive so I had to reinstall all drivers and windows I find it strange that it s only gmod that has this issue CSGO ARMA Minecraft saints row all work It s only Garry s Mod nbsp

A:Possible failing video card

So the driver update didn't fix anything, but I narrowed down the cause of the glitch. If I'm in spectator mode and I fly outside the walls of the map at all, it gives me that screen. It's never done that before, but I'm not sure it's a hardware failure because the trigger is so specific. But if this still sounds like a failure please let me know. I don't know all that much about hardware beyond what each part is for.
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I am mostly techy but this one is out of my league...
My wireless has worked fine for a year and a half. Then the router died so I replaced that...twice. Now using a 3 day old Linksys router and all other computers in house are fine but my 1 year 3 month old Inspiron 1501 is having ongoing intermittent wireless issues. Trying to complete a degree and if I keep getting dropped form class I will fail...

Is my wireless card failing even if it says it is "working correctly" and how can I tell and replace if that is the case...


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Ok heres the story... I bought this PC when it was brand new from a friend and it had WindowsXP Pro on it and the exact same hardware that im am running now but back then the PC ran like a dream it booted in 15 sec or less and no problems with my graphics card..... i had to reformat and am now running my own copy of WindowsXp Home and my computer take like 2-3 min to boot and the graphics card fails on me everytime I try to play a game or anything it also does the same thing for the onboard(integrated gfx) on the motherboard....any suggestions my current hardware if it will help is....
Intel Pentium 2.8Ghz HT
Asus P4R800-VM (On board ATi Radeon 9100 IGP)
ATi Radeon 8500
512 DDR Ram

Plz help me if at all possible or give me some kind of insight

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then i play a game on my compuer it always fades to back and pops back up then carshes. in window mode it says the Graphics Card has stoped working but recovered what does this mean? how do i fix this? my specs below

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 450 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 22 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2012 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 782 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 292885 MB, Free - 108931 MB; F: Total - 12317 MB, Free - 5260 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 018D1Y
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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Hi, I've recently had a strange problem with my custom built computer. When playing a graphics intensive game such as Age of Conan or Crysis, after an indiscriminate amount of time in the game my monitor will go black. However the case lights and fans will still run. I can restart the system manually, I have replaced my RAM several times, I believe the problem lies with my EVGA 8800 which runs at 60 degrees ALL THE TIME I believe this may have damaged the VRAM. I already have watercooling on my Quad core CPU (and hope to extend it to my video card) but is it too late for that is it time for a replacement?
-DmonKonStanTine (Thanks)
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My system Intel Core Duo E ghz Gigabyte GA- P-S mobo OCZ w PSU modular gb DDR ram Radeon x mb PCIe gfx xIDE xSATA hdd XP pro Its been a good few years since I was seriously into building tweaking so when I built this system a few years ago when the components were current I just failing? Graphics Card wanted a stable system I got that it was a good game playing machine and rock solid Over the last year though games such as Mass Effect Dragon Age etc started giving me GPU lockups screen goes black gpu recover starts and then locking the system completely I persevered because they were infrequent and tbh I wasnt entirely convinced it was not the games fault I checked temperatures voltages drivers cleaned out dustbunnies reapplied Graphics Card failing? thermal paste and all that No problems Now in the last few days I have been getting much more frequent lockups as soon as I Graphics Card failing? do anything d such as playing quake live for Graphics Card failing? example I have been getting artifacts on reboots after such crashes I have been tracking with SiSoft Sandra ATITool MBM RivaTuner and various programs like that and apart from GPU temperatures being a little high s I still cant see much going wrong One thing I have noticed though is all the voltage monitoring programs show the v line as producing v and occasionally rising to v when I do something like artifact testing through atitool Is it my PSU borked my graphics card or both Its seriously peeing me off at the moment anyway especially as i m too broke to go out and get new components and this lot is almost certainly out of warranty Help comments and questions appreciated nbsp

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Hello I have a CPU AthlonXP Barton GHz DDR memory Asus A V X-X Motherboard ATI PRO Video card I d post the DX page but lost the link in a unrelated operation and XP is hiding it from me This system as it is configured now has worked great for about months The PROBLEM When I boot up the System the Mother board fails to find the video card I get the audio code of one long and three failing on Vid Boot card up short beeps A friend located somplace on Asus web site that this beep sequence indicates the motherboard is ether not finding the video card or the video memory is defective Vid card failing on Boot up In the begining this happen every once in a while now it happens everytime Vid card failing on Boot up To bypass I have to just keep shuting down and restarting until it works Once I am Vid card failing on Boot up past this everything works fine Once I left the computer on overnight and when I woke up it was siting as if I had booted up the syetm and got the error message and just left it It is possible there was a brown out during the night big enough to reboot the system Though usually once it up it will work fine if you have to reboot Its starting it from cold that seems to be when the problem happens The only other thing that has happened once that may or may not be related is the syetem locked up and I got the dreaded blue screen It had a lot techno jargon on it that I did not really understand but the main thing it said was said something about out of memory quot Memory managment error quot I think was the title on the Blue screen I wrote it down but now can t find my note sorry This is what I have tried to remedy this so far Uninstalling and reinstaling the drivers Also got newest drivers at same time as a new one had just come out Physically removing and reinserting the video card Made sure no internal wires where touching the vid card in anyway It seems to me that I have a hardware failure of some kind but if so is it the MB or the video card or somthing eles Thanks Any sugestions on how best to proceed will be appreciated nbsp

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Hi guys,
During the game suddenly some dots appeared on the screen(look attachment I can't explain)then returned desktop everything is fine no dots temperature is normal.When I enter any game those dots appear .There is no overclocking what maybe the problem.XFX 6870 600 watt psu.

A:Graphics card failing

Quote: Originally Posted by xastxast

Hi guys,
During the game suddenly some dots appeared on the screen(look attachment I can't explain)then returned desktop everything is fine no dots temperature is normal.When I enter any game those dots appear .There is no overclocking what maybe the problem.XFX 6870 600 watt psu.

Have you tryed other drivers?

In some casses it might be going bad if it is giving you green dots and large pixels
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Hi Guys I have a Win custom built computer I'm running a Radeon HD graphics card gb ram a gigabyte GA-A M-s v motherboard with a AMD A Ghz processor I had originally had the Possibly Failing Graphics Card cpu overclocked but it lead to some stability issues so I brought it back to default Not long after I started experiencing a weird issue where what appeared to be randomly my monitor would either go blank or blue or all sorts of wonky vertical lines or look like it got spliced and wrapped funny I attached some pics sorry about Graphics Card Possibly Failing the quality Often the sound still works and when the monitor drops my computers fans seem to kick up a notch It seemed to be only when I was on a web browser and never affected any games I ran I tried to hunt down the problem wiping an reloading most of the software wiping the hard drive furmark and memtest Nothing seemed to set it off I swapped Graphics Card Possibly Failing out PSU's for something bigger W now but still the web browsing set it off Recently it started Graphics Card Possibly Failing to drop me out of video games and sometimes it strikes once or twice and then leaves me alone for a few days but its getting really consistent now multiple times per hour When it crashes I reset the comp and I have scoured the error reports but nothing comes up other than unexpected resets and kernel power which I understand is when I improperly shut it down So nothing really monitor related I want to say its my graphics card dying but I really have no idea Anyone here that can help

A:Graphics Card Possibly Failing

Uninstall the graphics card and run on the iGPU for a couple of days and see if the problem persists.
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Hello, My graphics card (Geforce 8600gt 1gb of VRAM) has been failing again and again for the last few weeks. I got it in my new computer (4Core Q6600 2.4ghz 4gb Ram and 500 watt PSU) but in every game I play all the textures Randomize, It has also sometimes happend in iTunes, Like for example I'm playing FC2 All of a sudden the ground becomes a mans face, and the walls become the textures of a gun Or something else. I have also once had the floor on a game (Half life 2) become the album cover for "Steal this album" While running iTunes and the game at the same time.

Just to say, It happens in every game and I have re-installed them all, Please help as I've spent weeks fixing problem after problem only to have this arrise.

A:Graphics card failing in game.

500W you say....what brand?
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I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with my graphics this Is card my sign a of failing? pc The main problem first started a couple days ago where my pc hung completely by that I mean the audio loops and I cannot do anything besides power it off forcefully I hard booted it back up and and it acted fine until the next day where it did the same thing but it freed itself however my screen was black I hard rebooted and acted fine again I booted it up for the first time today and about minutes after it had booted it did it again except I could see no black screen and move my mouse and the audio distorted every couple of seconds however I could not bring up the task manager or anything I have tested for ram issues and there are none I did a clean reinstall of my Nvidia drivers and no fix My windows is up to date I also checked for viruses with both Norton uninstalled after checking and Kaspersky what i'm now running which showed no issues Here are the computer specs Intel core i k Onboard surround EVGA Nvidia GTX ti factory overclocked Asus P Z -V LK Z liquid cooled Windows - bit gigs DDR ram Anybody have any ideas Is this a sign of my graphics card failing? My guess is my graphics card is failing but that doesn't explain the audio distortions If it helps any the first time this issue happened I checked the windows event viewer and one of the errors was nvlddmkm could not found which is a nvidia driver file This had me think to reinstall the driver and by reinstall I just ran the most up to date driver installer and checked the clean install box The error is no longer being shown after doing that but it hasn't fixed the issue

A:Is this a sign of my graphics card failing?

Hey bartrulz! Welcome to sevenforums!

Did u get any BSOD? Because, I don't think that this is issue of your graphic card. Also, can you tell how did you uninstall and installed your old Nvidia drivers? did you use driversweeper to removed all the parts of your old driver and then install the new ones?
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It seems that when I turn on my computer or wake it up from a sleep the image on the screen is vibrating / quivering ever so slightly. However after a minute the image has completely stabilized.

My monitor is a xerox XA7 lcd display which is now 7 years old. My graphics card is a secondhand nVidia GeForce 8600 GT.

What's interesting is that I have an LED TV hooked up to the HDMI out on the graphics card and the image on the TV is always perfect.

So is it my xerox monitor that is failing? Or could it be that just the DVI on the graphics card is failing and the HDMI is fine?

Thanks for your expertise!

A:Either my monitor or graphics card is failing... but which is it?

Can you borrow a friends monitor and test it with your card? Also make and un-make the connections to the card to the monitor to clean and refresh their connections and report back.
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Whenever I run a Game, I get regular freezing followed by a black screen or a screen that says "Frequency Out of Range. Try Other Resolutions." Since I can still hear the audio from the game I assume this is a graphics card issue. I updated the drivers for both the graphics card and the motherboard with no result. I'm running on Windows XP Home. The Graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1650 Pro.

A:Graphics Card failing during Games.

You could have a bad video card. Also possible that it is overheating. Is it clean and the fan working well? Try reseating it also. Do you have a good PS?

What kind of monitor do you have?
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Hello everyone my video card is something that is worrying me because a couple of moths ago my video from prevent card failing? I can How it failed It's a Nvidia GTX m and my laptop is a MSI GT Dominator I've already been through the RMA process and it was replace about a month ago How can I prevent my video card from failing? so here s the deal I am not too sure why it failed but since I had been playing Vanishing of Ethan Carter when it happened I actually think it was still running although I was not playing anymore and since I am quite a How can I prevent my video card from failing? noob when it comes to specs and settings related to gaming I would really apreciate it if anyone could give me the basics just anything that really makes a difference when it comes to this I haven't played anything quot heavy quot when it comes to graphics since then and it is because I would certainly hate the vid card to fail again So If anyone could help me even with a reference it would be great

A:How can I prevent my video card from failing?

GPU's either fail or they don't. You can't do anything about a faulty GPU.
The only thing I would say about gaming on a laptop is to keep it cool as they can run very hot. Maybe invest in one of those laptop coolers which you can sit them in.
Also install MSI afterburner ( just google it) to keep an eye on temperatures. You can even turn the GPU fan up with it to keep it cool.
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Over the last few days Card diagnose? Failing I do Video How - I have been getting random and very intermittent BSOD's for the first time with Win x Each BSOD during the memory dump before rebooting was making a Video Card Failing - How do I diagnose? reference that it couldn't start up my video driver or something in that nature I have a nVidia evga GX with drivers After a BSOD this morning same reference as above windows Video Card Failing - How do I diagnose? rebooted but resolution was x a quick look under device manager showed both GPU's on my GX had been stopped due to a problem with exclamation Video Card Failing - How do I diagnose? marks beside them but oddly I still had a display After the next reboot I couldn't get into windows anymore Not windows or XP or leopard I am Triple Booting I CAN however get in via safemode but my troubleshooting is not revealing much cause in safe mode those drivers are naturally disabled The event viewer under administrative tools showed a kernel-power reference during my last couple BSOD's which I believe is just me hitting the reset button when the computer was freezing up There are no other critical references My initial thoughts is that something in the video card was slowly beginning to go hence the casual BSOD's over the past couple days and now that's it BUT the odd thing is that ALL the LED's on my video card are showing correctly ie if there was some kind of internal problem there are a couple of them that should be showing red or yellow but they are not Anyone have anyway of diagnosing that it is indeed my video card that is failing Could it be the motherboard Also in safe mode in Win I tried reinstalling the drivers but no changes Thoughts Questions Thanks a bunch PS - I have tried startup repair and I have tried restoring to an earlier point No changes I am still in safe mode

A:Video Card Failing - How do I diagnose?

After shutting it down and letting it cool off for about an hour I was able to get back into windows 7 with a normal boot BUT with the issues I described above, low resolution, device manager shows 9800 GX2 has been turned off, the highest res I can get is 1280x1024 and my monitor is not recognized as a BenQ anymore, it just says default.
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Hello people from Bleeping Computer I've been having a lot of random BSODs these past months first they were just random BSODs that happened here and there while I was playing something system intensive BSODs Maybe Random failing - GFX card? but with time they became more and more constant and annoying to the point I had to ask for help I suspect it may be the graphics card due to it starting failing earlier than the BSODs the HDMI port shows no output but I need to be sure before throwing money on a new card To start I will post a summary of my system from Speccy Operating System Windows Pro -bit CPU Intel Core i GHz C Bloomfield nm Technology RAM GB Single-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P T LGA C Graphics W x Hz MB ATI AMD Radeon HD Series XFX Pine Group C It's a Random BSODs - Maybe failing GFX card? Storage GB Western Random BSODs - Maybe failing GFX card? Digital WDC WD AVVS- M B ATA Device SATA GB Corsair Force SSD SSD C Boot Random BSODs - Maybe failing GFX card? disk Windows' here GB Seagate ST AS SATA C GB Western Digital WDC WD EARS- Z B SATA C GB Seagate ST DM - F SATA C GB SAMSUNG HD UJ SATA C Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio Realtek High Definition Audio

A:Random BSODs - Maybe failing GFX card?

Please download BlueScreenView. If you download the appropiate zip file you will not need to install the software.
Extract the files and run BlueScreenView.exe
When the program window opens, select Edit > Select All
Then File > Save Selected Items
Save the report as BlueScreen.txt.  Open the file in Notepad and copy & paste all the contents in your next post.
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I have a MSI Geforce mb NX GS that s been giving me headaches lately XP will only this a sign a and Is of card? artifacting failing boot in safe modes or vga mode and only at the lowest possible resolution and color depth When attempting to boot normally I get past the XP loading screen then video ceases to output and after checking event viewer in safe mode I see it s the infamous nv infinite loop error I ve checked the Ram updated all drivers for card chipset and bios Unfortunately no other computers are available to test the card in Power settings are correct and driver sweeper ensures a clean driver is installed However the fansink has been broken for awhile on the card though I ve monitored the temp closely with speedfan Is this a sign of artifacting and a failing card? to make sure it s not burning Back to my topic the first sign something is iffy is during POST after the initial Bios load screen IDE and Ram detect After that screen the usual Realtek boot message appears but is multicolored instead of the normal all white All subsequent screens appear with multicolored text ex below is this artifacting and a sign the card is failing http img imagevenue com img php image bios lo JPG nbsp

A:Is this a sign of artifacting and a failing card?

Well, it's not normal, but artifacting is usually pixelated, not full letters.
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I m currently using Windows Vista bit and I have recently been getting BSOD In terms of programs and software I haven t really changed anything only updates like windows updates but I have recently installed a new video card months ago This problem have only started a week ago I ve checked my RAM using quot Windows Memory Diagnostics tool quot but no problems were detected I have received a BSOD after Playing a game for a while One time it was a BSOD the other it was just a quot freeze quot it stopped everything including the sound and display Exiting a game and returning to windows Shutting off Windows In this BSOD I got a quot IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL quot message It happened once I turned off my computer then immediately turned it back on that is I usually shut off the main power on the surge protector and power supply after I turned off the computer but this time I just turned it back on right away because I forgot to do something Also once I had an issue of getting the monitor to recognize that the computer is on While the computer was on but the monitor was not receiving any input the computer kept repeating a set of three click-like sounds not like a harddrive due card to video BSOD failing? click but something else For the most part a BSOD never seems to occur as long as do not play any video games but it does still sometime occur when I simply shut off the computer or sometimes after I just turned it on Also I have a BSOD due to video card failing? memory dump file that was created after one of the BSODs this one was after a crash while playing a game What I m wondering is if this issue is due to the video card or possibly something else Any help will be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:BSOD due to video card failing?

If you had sudden shutdowns, then you have file system damage. Be sure to run chkdsk /f to repair them.

This problem usually occurs after a time when heat is involved. Have you checked that the cooling is optimal, no dust, all fans running as they should?

Check with the computer or card manufacturer's site for the most recent driver.

What is the error message?> Always "IRQL..."?

The small dump file does not appear to contain useful information.
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I'll try my from card? or atikmpag.sys BSOD graphics failing best to make this short so you don't have to read a novel If you have questions or need detail I'm happy to answer TL DR BSOD and computer looks crazy see attachments Eventually re-installed Windows Semi-updated software drivers still looks crazy and crashes Is it a software or a hardware problem Basic facts Computer is about years old quot Custom quot build through Cyberpower Yes I know now what a terrible life choice that was I repent Windows Home Premium Bit Issue Computer crashes BSODs when run outside of safe mode and sometimes even in safe mode Display fed through graphics card looks crazy Motherboard port didn't seem to work on first try but going to check what's happening there shortly Prevailing message is atikmpag sys but have had other issues I think by following the rules all crash reports are attached - but please read below Attempts at resolution so far as suggested by sites found while trying amateurish troubleshooting via Google Restarted computer and prayed Deleted AMD BSOD from atikmpag.sys or failing graphics card? driver through Device Manager Downloaded CCC from AMD website and it installed a fresh new driver Used command prompt to replace expanded version of atikmpag sy to BSOD from atikmpag.sys or failing graphics card? windows drivers as atikmpag sys Reformatted hard drive via complete re-install of windows the Sevenforums zip attachment comes from this iteration My big question is what is the source of my problem Do I need to fix some software and if possible how or do I need to replace hardware just a dieing graphics card or an entirely new rig THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP Going a little crazy without my beloved PC

A:BSOD from atikmpag.sys or failing graphics card?

Hiya and welcome to SevenForums!

This is definitely the GPU that is the cause. You need to replace it. That poor little GPU is failing hard time.
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I ll try and keep it short freezing, Computer LAN Solved: card failing because I am late for work Background info Toshiba M laptop about two years since purchase no warranty Upgraded GB PNY RAM from eBay Dual-core GHZ Intel Brother once used laptop on bed and I think the problems may be related to that initial over-heating Hard-drive and CPU running in mid s degrees celcius What is wrong When I use my laptop after a certain amount of time sometimes less than minutes sometimes hour the laptop will freeze The screen will freeze in the exact position is was and remain like that and the computer will be completely unusable frozen When I restart the PC my wireless LAN card does not work hardware manager says the device failed to initialize start up but it is still recognised by the computer The only way to get the LAN card working is to turn off the PC and wait until it cools then restart The LAN card ONLY fails after the PC freezes and I restart The laptop is running hotter than when I bought it Solved: Computer freezing, LAN card failing and the hard drive is quite hot to touch i have the HD case removed The fan appears to be sucking in air from the bottom but there is not much air coming out of the vent and it is quite hot I initially thought the freezing might be caused by the Hard drive so I replaced it with another HD running Ubuntu but the problem still occurs What could be the cause of my problem Overheating LAN card failure Motherboard RAM Virus I don t want to replace a part only to find it was not the problem Please help me narrow down the problem so I can fix the laptop as quickly and cheaply as possible If you need any more infrmation just ask nbsp

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I think either my video card or power supply is failing Recently my computer has been freezing This usually happens when playing video games no artifacts just unresponsive and my system Card? Failing Or Supply Video Power is far above the game req s but has happened while loading web pages or running video as well In addition Power Supply Failing Or Video Card? to this the monitor will occasionally not receive a signal until but it will if I reboot my computer Am I probably correct in thinking my old power supply is starting to fail My computer is - years old other than a new hard drive and I believe my video card is a year or so younger than the rest of the computer TBH I know little of hardware failure symptoms other than what I looked up online so it s just a guess I have also tested the ram already windiag and reformatted re-installed windows to help rule out software Thanks for the help My System please ask if I forgot anything I used DXDiag amp SIS Sandra for this info Compaq Presario SR X Desktop PC http h www hp com ewfrf wc ory amp lc en amp dlc en amp cc us amp lang en amp product ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp - System Manufacturer Compaq Power Supply Failing Or Video Card? Presario System Model PX AA-ABA SR X NA BIOS Power Supply Failing Or Video Card? Phoenix - Award BIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode MoBo - ASUSTek Computer Inc Salmon Power Supply - Bestec W model ATX- - Z Video Card - NVIDIA GeForce MB Temp Info used speedfan to collect info System is not overclocked GPU C up to - while playing games CPU C Ambient C Remote C HD C Temp C Core C Voltage Info I have no clue what any of this means lol V Vcpu V Vcc V v V V V V V Vbat V nbsp

A:Power Supply Failing Or Video Card?

This does sound like it could be a failing power supply, you do have a budget brand one with a fairly low output. I wouldn't have thought that the 6200 would need a big PSU but it might be worth looking to upgrade to around 350 or 400W. It is always good to have extra headroom in your power supply because then you do not risk overloading it.

Others may have different suggestions, but I have personally used an Enermax Liberty 400W in the past and it was a good unit.
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Im having some issues with my pc When i play counter strike as Power Supply or - Video Card Failing? well as most other games I am randomly locking up and either crashing or getting HUGE quot lag quot issues almost like my pc locks up for about - seconds entirely Now i know for a fact that my pc is very much fast enough to run such an old game like counter strike so sweat but ever since i reformatted about weeks ago ive been having this issue along with in game artifacts occuring issues with lighting Power Supply or Video Card - Failing? and anisotropic filtering I calleg BFG tech support and they said it sounds like my PSU is failing I ran prime a couple of times and never once did it say Power Supply or Video Card - Failing? fail all my components pass I have the newest drivers the oldest drivers and everything in beetween Trust me I ts not the drivers I m not overclocked one bit ALL my temps are fine used diff apps to monitor all give same results and i cant figure out this for the life of me I know my video card is fast enough for most games bioshock on med CS S defaults to all maxed except AA and it s Power Supply or Video Card - Failing? starting to piss me off oh and i cant check my voltage for some reason so dont tell me to check them hp motherboard and everything has new correct drivers EXCEPT my chipset didnt have time to dl last night Heres my pc specs AMD socket GB Crucial PC PNY GS AGP MB GB WD HDD CD DVD RW blah blah blah -in- Front Media Reader PCI NIC Gigabyte XXXXX CPU Cooler mm fan Antec Dual PCI Blower Antec Spot Cool Antec mm Case Exhaust Antec cant remember model name Watt PSU Windows XP Pro On a side note no idea if this helps or pertains to the subject about one in every or so restarts my keyboard or mouse or sometimes both dont initialize So I have to plug them in again once windows finishes starting Both USB Razer Diamondback Saitek Eclipse Thanks for your help guys nbsp

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Hi I built my first computer just recently days ago Since the day I have built it I have been getting BSODs I have finally been able to read the dump files It just says that quot Probably caused by atikmpag sys quot So I Card Failing Graphics HD 7770 Erratically determined it was the graphics card I have tried Reinstalling the graphics card drivers Reinstalling windows Currently in progress of installing a beta version of the drivers that was released on May st I wanted to swap the graphics card and see if I still get the error but I don t have another graphics card Also HD 7770 Graphics Card Failing Erratically the HD 7770 Graphics Card Failing Erratically error is erratic for example I spent the entire day on the computer today hours and then it suddenly crashed while I was browsing i e something non graphically intensive Do you think it is a hardware issue and I should just exchange the graphics card Or it might be something else The configuration of the computer is Windows Professional MSI A G Series AM Motherboard AMD FX- X MHZ MB W Sapphire Radeon HD GHZ Ed GB Corsair Force Series GB Solid State Drive Corsair XMS GB PC DDR MH x Seagate GB Serial ATA HD RPM Sony Optiarc X DVDRW SATA OEM Diablotek DA Series w ATX Power Supply Acer G hAbd quot x ms DVI LCD x nbsp

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Hello I just bought new EVGA Geforce GTX 750 ti SuperClocked for my HP pavilion H8-1114 and when I replaced the old GPU wich is GT 520 with the new one, but it dosn't work and the screen freez with the blue HP screen and beeps sound  many times.   I have found the same problem and it's solved here: The exact same problem that I have but my HP desktop is a one year newer than his, so the question is if I do the same thing that sugested to him will be solved? if not would you mind please solve the problem for me. Because I believe there is no issue with my PC hardware and it should work fine. Best regards & thank you-Ken

View Solution.

A:new graphic card EVGA Geforce gtx 750 ti failing on HP pavil...

Hi Ken, Look aon the top back of the graphics card for a switch.  See the below image. You should have received a pamphlet in the box describing the use of the switch (legacy mode or UEFI mode).  If your PC has a version 8 HP BIOS then disable secure boot if set. If your PC is not at a version 8 BIOS level then the switch should be in legacy position.  The pamphlet should describe the use of the switch.
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I have been having more and more problems with windows lately but this one is just too much My screens will randomly turn off and back on Then I see the little message saying that my graphics card driver has failed and recovered I don't really game on my computer Just a few emulators here and there This keeps happening when I am listening to music I use gforce which is a visualizer for windows media player It will randomly slow down and then blink once or twice I am still having major problems with the windows media department Both Windows Media Player and Media Center will take up atleast of my cpu at a time I solved it once but the problem is back with that one I have been forced to use itunes while failing My graphics keeps driver 9500GT) card (GeForce I'm using the computer and listening to music Media Center will hang up all the time I just want to make sure my graphics card isn't going out Its not very old A permanent solution to the cpu usage problem would be wonderful as well Thanks in advanced -Kevin BTW I updated to the newest driver as soon as I noticed it and that fixed it for about a week

A:My graphics card driver keeps failing (GeForce 9500GT)

What you are experiencing is a TDR event (Timeout Detection & Recovery). There are many causes of these events, mostly hardware related. Please read my checklist below and see if you can diagnose your particular cause.

A couple of things jump out immediately. Your specs say you have 5GB of RAM, an odd number. That suggests that you added some RAM at some point. Mismatched or failing RAM modules can cause TDRs. You might want to test those sticks one at a time in Slot 1 before anything else. RAM problems can explain some of your other issues too.

Looking at some of your other posts I see you are running dual monitors also. This could be exposing a defect in your 9500GT that is triggering the TDRs. You should test with only one monitor attached to see if this is the case.

You are running lots of stuff on that box, so I would be as deliberate as possible in doing the diagnostic work.

"Display driver xxxxx stopped responding and was recovered"

Timeout Detection & Recovery (TDR) = "Display Driver Stopped Responding and was Recovered" is a useful feature that started in Vista and is also in W7 that allows the OS to try and recover from a video timeout so that the system does not crash to a bluescreen. Symptoms included a screen flash with the TDR message appearing one or more times or the screen blinking out to black. If the system cannot recover it will crash (Stop Error 116 typical). The issue is that the video card is not responding as expected. The solution is in the: why?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to TDR errors. But the problem is usually found in the local environment (your computer). Finding the cause is a matter of checking every possible cause and uncovering the culprit through a simple process of elimination. By methodically running down a checklist of diagnostic procedures you should be able to find the cause and can correct it.

There are numerous reports of hardware solutions to TDR's. The most common are:
Poor Cooling
Problems with the power supply
Overclocking Issues
Bad System memory or incorrect memory timings
Defective PC Components

The order you do the diagnostics is not all that important. My personal strategy is to do the cheap & easy stuff first, the cheap & harder stuff next, and then the stuff that costs last. But whatever order you do it in you need to check or confirm the following:

Poorly written software and games will cause TDRs. But if this were the case it would affect lots of people, not just a few. Check the game's website & forums for patches and tips.
See if other people in the forums are having the same problem and if they were able to solve it and how.
You could also be asking too much of your video card. Check to see if your video card is tested and recommended for the game/program. Test the game at reduced settings.

It helps if you can isolate the actions that trigger the TDR. Most often it will be an application using 3D graphics. But if the incidents occur constantly it would point more towards defective hardware. If it happens more specifically (just when running Game X) it points towards overheating, settings, software, or driver issues.

You need to eliminate the possibility that your computer has a global problem. You can use a program like Prime95 to stress test your system.
You can run the "Stress Test" for a few hours or overnight. This will not tell you what the problem is, but it is helpful to uncover any issues your system has with instability and cooling.

Running a video intensive game for hours can generate some serious heat and overheating will cause video errors. You can check your temps by looking at your BIOS readings or use a free program like Speedfan SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer .
A real eas... Read more
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Hi guys I ve been reading these and other forums to come up with a solution to my problem but there is nothing specific enough so I thought I d post on here to see if anyone had any ideas First off spec Windows Vista Nvidia GT GB RAM GB Hard Disk Packard Bell Core Duo My computer recently started crashing during playing games I d get a Graphics Crashing - to and 43 Code Failing Load card little yellow exclaimation triangle saying nvtdlm sys or similar driver has stopped working and restarted Once this happens on a reboot the first few screen press f for bios f and so on have the text all corrupt and when windows loads it is back in basic mode Checking the device manager shows my graphics card with a warning sign and the message Windows cannot use the device as the driver reported problems Code Ok so after reading lots of advice so far I ve managed a few times to get Graphics card Code 43 - Crashing and Failing to Load it to all come back reporting ok again and playing games again Then the next day it ll crash again and I ll have to go through the whole process again to get it working again Sometimes for whatever reason I ll have to do the process several times before it works and this can take a long time This is what I do to fix the problem Uninstall Nvidia drivers from add remove programs Unintall display device from device manager Use Driver Cleaner Pro to remove all traces of Nvidia drivers from my machine Reboot machine and let windows do the auto-install thing - this installs the display device as quot Standard VGA Display Device quot Reboot again after quot Standard VGA Driver quot is installed Install latest version of Nvidia drivers Reboot again That usually does it but sometimes for reasons unknown the display driver still appears corrupted and I have to do it all again Some variations on the process above include installing several different versions of the Nvidia display drivers booting into safe mode to do the uninstall amp re-install of drivers using a search util agent ransack to find all nvidia drivers the driver cleaner may have missed - sometimes they appear in windows system driverstore filerepository - but all to no avail I still get the same problem My first thoughts were overheating problem so I installed Speedfan and monitored the GPU temps but they never go above C which I ve read is quite acceptable So I m completely stuck and starting to worry that it s actually just the hardware which is at fault and therefore I need to buy a new graphics card I wanted to check on here first and see if anyone else agrees or has any other suggestions Any help greatly appeciated Ja nbsp

A:Graphics card Code 43 - Crashing and Failing to Load

So no-one has any suggestions on this? I think I'll have to go buy a new graphics card then!

I'd still be happy to hear peoples opinions on the problem.

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I keep having to hold the video card in order to get video. If not I get message, analog dvi flashing on screen
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hey all,

having trouble with the cap card i just bought i've posted a vid on youtube of the exact problem so it's probably easier if i just post the link here,

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Does anyone have any suggestions. I can't get the SD card to be recognized on my toshiba computer?

A:can't get SD card to show up on toshiba

First off, Welcome to TSF!

Have you checked to see if the driver is up to date? I had to do the same on my Acer.
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My grandson's laptop came with a wireless card (Intel Pro wireless 2200b/g).
It shows on the System/Hardware/DeviceManager/Network Adapters.
But doesn't show on the Network Connections list.

And it won't connect to his newly installed Belkin 7230 wireless router connected to his cable modem/ desktop system.

Any ideas?


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I really need help here. I've got a GeForce GTX 460 SSC installed, but when I use Dxdag the only information I got is the name of the video card. No drivers (version or anything). I've installed the lastest divers for my video card, so it shouldn't happened.

I don't know if it's related, but since I've noticed that, some games doesn't work correctly (problems with my Xbox 360 controler), the buttons respond awkwardly.

Anyone out there could help me? Thanx!

A:Dxdiag ONLY show the name of the video card

maybe directx has gotten a little screwy. Do you get the same problem when you launch the 64 bit version?

The first thing I would do is check the system files.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

barring any results from that I might suggest running the driver verifier.
That can be a bit of a process at times though.
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Hi when i used to put my sd card in the reader on the printer my photoshop used to come up with all the pictures that i had taken now the photoshop thing doesnt come up and when i put it up it goes straight to the scanner for no pictures.

if you can help would be great thanks

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Hi, Just bought a new graphics card:

"Gainward Powerpack Ultra/1960 Geforce660GT"

was just wondering if there's anything/site free i can do to show me some good ****/graphics it can do (without buying the latest games)

Cheers guys, Leigh

A:show the power of your graphics card?

d/l some of the demo games
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard TOSHIBA NSWAA Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled Hi So the wonderful people here have helped me out before and I m hoping they can do the same again About two weeks ago I had an incident where randomly my laptop started typing gibberish instead of the actual keys I was pressing For example on pressing quot e quot I got something like quot ce d quot or something It did this in my browser in Skype in Windows password entry and search and in MS Word so I figured it must be a keyboard error I to programs/pages and randomly Keyboard failing open failing m not exactly the carefullest of people so it didn t seem unreasonable that a crumb or Keyboard randomly failing and programs/pages failing to open something had gotten in to the keyboard and was disrupting things I tried various fixes - vacuuming my keyboard attempting to download new keyboard drivers from Toshiba and running MBAM but to no avail Eventually I gave up and went to bed Lo and behold come morning everything was working as normal again and I carried on life as usual Then yesterday I randomly Keyboard randomly failing and programs/pages failing to open got BSODed I made a backup because I was pretty convinced it was a warning sign Then this morning I open my laptop to type in my password and the keyboard is simply not responding When I press the quot Accessibility quot button to get up the On-Screen Keyboard this doesn t work either but when I press quot Switch User quot it re-loads my account I have only got one account and then the quot Accessibility quot button seems to work and lets me use the On Screen keyboard to enter my password When I log on I try to open Chrome and it comes up with the quot Properties quot window It opens when pressing Right Click Open but double clicking brings up Properties Same with all other desktop shortcuts I try typing into MS Word and it works but then I try typing in to Chrome and it also works Then it stops again and upon clicking a link to another page on a website my laptop tries to download the website instead of opening it and right click stops working too I am using a trackpad I ran an MBAM quick scan which found nothing and I am currently running a full scan Now the keyboard seems to have returned to life but obviously this being its second stint of breaking I am hoping to figure out if this is just a problem with my keyboard or with my whole computer and what I should look to do to fix it Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me nbsp

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1 I boot up my computer and try to log in. I get a user profile failed loggon message.

2 I google it and try to follow this guide

3 I boot up in safe mode and everything just goes black and unresponsive. Been like it for about ten minutes now.
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hello, ho can u switch form an installed videocard to an on-motherboard video card? help plz

A:question on switching installed video card and thse form an on-motherboard video card
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i cant install any drivers for my 8800 gt card
when i first put windows 7 it showed about 8 excamation mark in my device manager
it says like this:
This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

now i got it to show only one
but, whenever i tried to install driver for my card its says i dont have that hardware..

any solutions?

Edit: apparently i dont have any graphic driver installed, i dont know how can i see someting on my monitor

A:Windows 7 doesnt show my 8800 gt card

Use Driver Sweeper to remove the native driver that Windows installed from Safe Mode...not the VGA driver, then install the driver downloaded directly from Nvidia.
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Hi, I hope you can help me. I recently tried to run some games on my laptop and keep getting black screens (e.g. running Aion I get to login screen but it's black though I can see and move cursor and hear music).

When I run dxdiag it only shows the Intel HD graphics. But in my device manager I also see a NVIDIA Geforce 310M. I'm wondering if my laptop is set up right, but am not sure what to check?

I attach my dxdiag. When trying to update drivers the system says both are up to date. I did try a new driver from nvidia but it crashed my laptop and I had to restore the old ones back. In device manager the 310M driver is dated 10/02/2010 version:

Any assistance you can offer would be really appreciated and I'm happy to give more info if needed.

A:dxdiag does not show nvidia 310m gfx card

You seem to have Optimus (switchable) graphics.

I have no personal experience with them, but I imagine that you may need to get custom drivers directly from your laptop's manufacturer.


ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download UL80Jt

(32 and 64 bit versions are available. I'm not sure that these are the Optimus drivers, but I expect so.)
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Hi, I have an HP dv5215 laptop. My mom tried to reformat it because it crashed about a month ago. It is restored, but the wireless internet doesn't work. When I press the button for wireless the light doesn't come on. I reinstalled the driver, and i already checked that it is enabled in BIOS. The wireless assistant says it is disabled in the devise manager but when I go there I don't see the wireless card. Is it called something funny that I just don't recognize or is there a way to make it show up?

A:wireless card does not show up in device manager

sounds like the driver is not installed
It should be in Device manager under Network Adapters

do you have any ? ! or X anywhere in device manager ?

but when I go there I don't see the wireless card. Is it called something funny that I just don't recognize Click to expand...

post here exactly what it says

goto the HP support site, download and re-install the driver
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(I'm using windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit)

The graphics card is ATi Radeon HD2400 Pro and uses the memory/hypermemory on mother board to apparently go upto 1 gig, how do i get the system to show me the graphics card memory so i can check how much memory it has assigned to it, with the memory on the card and off the board/hypermemory combined? I dont even know how much is on the card let alone how much its taking from the m/b. I know i have 4gb on my m/b but it only shows as 2.87gb under system details (m/b).

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Hey there

i've tried both dxdiag and system properties in Windows 7 yet both doesn't show my graphic card

my computer is a laptop and this is the one shows up

Lenovo G480
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz
RAM : 8.00 GB
Graphic Card : Inte(R) HD Graphics 4000

this laptop clearly have Nvidia Geforce GT 635 (apparently i cannot post picture of it =/) which its driver have been fully updated

it has no problem on playing games though (Starcraft II, XCOM, Tomb Raider 2013, DMC4)

it just felt weird is all

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I have a SD card in my pc that I use to backup some files on Card show not SD will files Solved: stored Now when I open the card it says that this quot This folder is empty quot Solved: SD Card will not show stored files It is not empty When I right click and select Properties it says that GB used and GB free It is a GB Ultra SanDisk SD card Does anyone know if there is a way to make the disk show the info on the card It is not a big problem because I also have the files on the PC hard drive but I would like to know what happened and can it be fixed without formatting the card Thanks for any help you can give Don Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB L Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gateway IPISB-VR Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Solved: SD Card will not show stored files

If you have been using the SD card for regular back ups it might be worn out, it is not the best thing to use for back ups as the repeated read write cycles will wear it out far quicker than an external hard drive which is the best thing to use.

Try ejecting the card, then take it out of the PC, reboot the system and put it back into the reader. If it still won't show any files then it has probably failed. As you have the files on your PC you have nothing to loose from running a format on it which might get it working again.
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Hello all
I'm Suzy, I dont know much bout PC, soft or hardware. Recently I just bought Creative Xtreem Audio. However, I discovered that the old sound card is intergrated w the ATI motherboard. When I check on Device Manager the current audio card is ((realtek ac97 audio driver)) . Does anyone know how to disable this audio card in order to install the X-Fi card

Thanks a lot

A:Can anyone show me how to disable onboard sound card

Can you pull it out? Or it's onboard? If so, go in BIOS and disable it, or there may be a jumper on the board to do so.
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I have bought HP 15-ac124TX Notebook (N8M29PA) rcently. I was told that it has dedicated(amd r3 m300) graphics memory of 2gb, insted it shows only 128mb. How can I get my 2 gb of amd graphics. please help. thank you

A:Dedicated graphics card actual size does not show

 Hi @upendrabajpai, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I see you are having issues with the size of the Graphics. You are looking at the wrong setting. The total available Graphic Memory shows 2133 mb or 2GB.  You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below! Thanks.
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Hello I have a SDHC GB memory card with multiple video files on it These files all can be played easily on the device in which they were written which was a small camcorder The problem now is however that I cannot access these video files when I place the SD card in my SD Files on do up card Windows in Directory not Explorer show computer and browse the directory with Windows Explorer anymore At one point I was able to access them normally and without issue however in a stint of forgetful frustration I removed the SD card without quot ejecting quot it Files on SD card do not show up in Windows Explorer Directory safely and I assume the information on it has become corrupted The videos however are still there on the card and I can tell they are because they all can still be played on the camcorder device they were created On the camcorder I can browse and play these videos so they still exists on the card It seems that it is just that now I cannot view them on Windows Explorer My question is Since the video files still exist on the card is their any way I can make it so Windows Explorer can re-recognize them so that I can view them on my laptop Just as a little side not when the card directory containing the video files was corrupted all that remained when I tried to go back in and view the videos was a single FILE whose name of which is a bunch o square boxes and of which the computer identifies as having an invalid directory parameter or something when I try to open it Thanks

A:Files on SD card do not show up in Windows Explorer Directory

Hello and welcome Factor mat have you tried plugging the camera into the computer? and access the files like that?

I use SD cards all the time and I always forget to safely remove them but none are ever corrupted maybe the port needs a gentle clean? Thin piece of credit card with some LINT FREE cloth over the the end and a dab of alcohol NOT grog and gently insert the piece of card a few times.
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Is there a workable solution on how to increase this windows experience score is 4.4 and 3d business is 4.5 ?
Sorry not really my area so if there's anything I need to add please be kind
Attachment 300573

A:Adobe spec's show no graphics card installed

Brink split a new question here from a reply on one of his tutorials if it will help anyone,
worth changing these to closer to the recommended numbers or not ?
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I'm running windows 2000 server with SP2 on a Compaq Proliant 1600 with an embedded NIC. I noticed that the ethernet adapter does not show up in the My network places properties. I have tried to get it back with tweekUI, Removing it from Device manager and reinstalling it, and ran an in-place upgrade. I have also disable the embedded NIC and tried adding a new PCI ethernet adapter, it too fails to show up. I can see the card in the command line. I have tried the netsh command to tie an IP address to the adapter and made it persistant, but the changes are lost on mandatory reboot. In order to keep the server up and running I have made it a DHCP client so I can use the machine. All comments are welcome on this one.

A:NIC card doesn't show in My Network Places properties

**** UPDATE **** I found a MS KB article on this and it was the dcom issue that eas the problem
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First off, I like to have "view hidden folders and drives" checked when using Windows 10 --just a preference. And certainly when I uncheck that, this problem goes away, but the question still stands: Why, when I insert a 32Gb SDHC card, formatted as FAT32, does it show up in File Explorer as four (4) separate drives? One is labeled, usable, and has the expected capacity. The other three are of unknown format and zero space. A minor bug, no?

A:Why does a single SDHC card show up as 4 separate drives?

Oh, sorry, dumb question. I was using a Kingston card reader to read my SDHC card. The reader has four slots for various sizes of memory cards. The extra three hidden drives represent the empty three slots. So if there is any bug, it's in my brain.
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I need help with my computer showing that there's a problem with my Dell WLAN card. This happens quite frequent.

A:computer keeps show that theres a problem with Dell WLAN Card

Hi and welcome.

Do you receive a specific error message regarding the WLAN card?

Example: "Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller stopped working and was closed."
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15-in-one smart card reader worked fine under WIN 8.1 but after upgrade to Win10 It does not work or show up In device list. I have looked for drivers but do not know if it's a HP or Realtek unit or whatever. Any suggestions? Regards, Eyvind
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Need some assistance here!!!
Short story: Bought a USB Card Reader & it worked fine on my system. Got a Combo Floppy/Card Reader, removed USB reader, installed Combo Reader, etc & all o OK on my system: all different drives are seen.
Gave the USB reader to my dad, & lo & behold: No extra drives show in My Computer on his system! Device Manager shows the extra drives as being there, & as being OK! Even got the typical "New Hardware found" sound, etc. when I hooked up the unit!! Anybody have any ideas?? Differences between the systems noted below. PS Thanx in advance!

Item My system: Dads system:
OS XP Pro(SP 1) XP Home (SP 1)
Memory 1 GIG 128 Megs
File System NTFS FAT 32

Defragged his system, etc. No Luck!!!

A:No drive icons show in My Computer for USB Card Reader

Are the USB ports enabled in the BIOS. Do they show up correctly in Device Manager?
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Hi; I am an author and print index cards with data on how people can get my book that I distribute on the street in my village. I can set a margin of 0" on all four corners of word 2007 on the index card image of the word processor. The problem is with print preview, the right border is missing the ending text on landscape view. It shows headers and footers when I have a margin of 1/2 inch on all corners. Is there something I have to set on word options with the advanced tab (maybe layout options?) so the data can print near the edges of the index cards? Whatever shows on print preview shows on the printed index card. I have an HP 4360 printer. I have vista 32 bit.

A:Print preview does not show whole index card text

Try 'View' mode, then tick 'ruler' option, then drag the 'first line indent' and the 'hanging indent' to the page edges. This does make the margins 0" but I can't prove if it will print with a similar effect. Hope this helps.
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Hi there So my computer crashed recently so I went to a store and paid them to reformat my computer They reinstalled windows for me but now my NVIDIA graphics card is no where to be found It doesn't show under the device manager or anything I have been trying to google as to how to fix this but I am not quite computer literate and I haven't found anything either Display LCD Size quot Resolution x System Memory System Memory GB DDR Max System Memory GB Storage Storage Capacity GB Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce GT M Sound amp Camera Speaker W Stereo Speaker W x Web Cam MP HD Wireless Wireless LAN b g n I O Ports VGA Yes Headphone Out Yes Microphone In Yes USB Ports Total Multi Card Slot -in- SD SDHC MMC RJ LAN Yes Input Devices Touch Pad Track Point Yes Power AC Adapter W Security amp Safety Security Slot Yes Dimensions System Dimensions L x W x H Inch quot x quot x quot Weight System Weight w Std Battery lb lbs Warranty Warranty Year card not reformatted show does NVIDIA and Recently computer Parts and Labor sorry I Recently reformatted computer and NVIDIA card does not show just copied specs from the samsung site its a NP-RC -so us

A:Recently reformatted computer and NVIDIA card does not show

Dave, welcome to the Seven Forums.

First thing would be to go to the download page for your laptop and get the chipset and video/graphics drivers, as there is a good chance that the shop didn't install them.
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Hi to all,
I recently bought a Scan internal card reader, installed it, my PC recognized it, installed the drivers automatically, also a windows update was available for the card, installed everything & seems to work fine. The reader recognizes all the cards i give it including the USB, however I cannot manage to see the usual removable drives an internal card reader usually displays when it is attached to the PC.

The drive only appears when a card is inserted, is this normal?

Thanks for your help..

A:Solved: Internal Card reader works but does not show drives...

That's not 100% normal, but that's even better than the usual 4 drives hanging around for no reason in the Computer window... I think so, at least. If the reader works, don't worry about it.
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hi i have a dell vostro 220, i put in a evga ( e-geforce 8600 gt ) graphic card,after that i updated the drive for it and now nothing will show up except the biosystems, i can't get the intergrated onboard graphic to work and plus it won't work in safemode either. can anyone help me please.

A:Solved: i updated my drivers for my graphic card and now nothing show up execpt the b

Did the driver come from your manufacturer? What problem caused you to change the driver?

Do you have a Vista DVD? Can you boot to recovery and run System Restore?
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story Okay so here's what happened I Was working on photoshop one day and when i was trying to do more CPU hungry things on it evan cropping the screen started to flicker black and come right after seconds OR evan manager not my nvidia up in show card anymore graphics device will flicker then turn off One day it started flickering and then turned off my nvidia graphics card will not show up in device manager anymore I just though ahh damn But my nvidia graphics card will not show up in device manager anymore then the moniter didn't come on so i tryed another moniter and it didn't work either I Connected the moniter to the onboard VGS my nvidia graphics card will not show up in device manager anymore port well the blue cord port thing and that worked fine What i didn't relise is the computer was now using the onboard graphics card instead of nvidia NOW MY WINDOWS RATING HAS GONE FRO TO BECAUSE OF GRAPHCIS CARD I Have monitors now so i relised i have to fix this problem so i can connect them to my nvidia card -- I took it to people who fix computers they put it in another machine and it worked fine -- NVIDIA CARD WILL NOT SHOW UP IN DEVICE MANAGER TRYED INSTALLED LATEST DRIVER BUT IT SAYS quot The NVIDIA Setup program coult not locate any drivers that are compatible with your currect hardware Setup will now exit quot -- here are my specs Quote CPU AMD Athlon II X Processor GHz AM MB Cache Motherboard MicroATX MB socket AM DDR x DIMMs -channel audio LAN Graphic Card nVidia GeForce GT PCI-E MB -bit DDR MHz x Dual-Link DVI HDTV Fan Memory x GB DDR - Hard Drive GB SATA II RPM Optical Drive BenQ SATA DVDRW Case Fan mm Cooling Fan Software Window bit please help can't play games in HD either

A:my nvidia graphics card will not show up in device manager anymore

So when you took it to these computer repair people, iit worked? Cause to me it sounds like it overheated and might have burned out. Download SIW. Open it up and check in the hardware section. Its the most accurate free program I've ever used. There should be a section for GPU (graphic processing unit).

Let us kknow if its there,
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I have a friend's laptop (Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4040) that she recently got and I can't get the wifi on this thing to work. The built-in wifi card shows fine in Device Manager, but, if I attempt to use it in a network, I get a vague error about driver issues. She got a USB wifi adapter, as well, and the same thing is happening with it. I've installed the drivers from the Toshiba website and made sure they were up to date with Windows for the built-in card and used the CD that came with the on networks wifi adapter to install that driver. Neither adapter shows up in ipconfig /all, either.

Might anyone know where to go next? I could reinstall Windows, but I fear there's something simpler I'm missing.

A:Wireless card(s) show in Device Manager but cannot connect to network

Welcome to Seven Forums,

I'd recommend for you to boot in Safe Mode with Networking by restarting the laptop, continue tapping F8 then select this option. Disable any AV or Security programs, go to Device Manager uninstall the Wi-Fi adapter(s), then reinstall the drivers again.

An update will be nice.
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hi i have a dell vostro 220, i put in a evga ( e-geforce 8600 gt ) graphic card,after that i updated the drive for it and now nothing will show up except the biosystems, i can't get the intergrated onboard graphic to work and plus it won't work in safemode either. can anyone help me please.

A:i updated my drivers for my graphic card and now nothing show up execpt the biosystem
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Recently, I got a message telling me to backup immediately because my hard drive was failing. I pulled out the portable hard drive to do a backup only to be rejected by windows backup at 57%.
The only conclusion I can reach is that the damaged portion of my hard drive is the bit that deals with copying files, because I've tried a manual backup too.
This really freaks me out because I have done some important work in the last month since my last backup that I do not want to lose.
Any help would be much appreciated! I feel like there is no solution to my problem but I really want to try!

A:Failing hard drives and failing backups

Hi and welcome to TSF this might be of help Free Backup Software: Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition - Overview
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Hey guys as you know im building an PC to play Bf3 and I found a 3.0 card but my mobo is a 2.0 can I use that card on that Mobo?

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Hi folks,
My old SCSC based PC lurches on.... Its ASUS P2B-S motherboard has a old Matrox G200 Millenium AGP graphics card fitted....
( The original PII 400 is now a slocketted celeron 1402MHz )
What happens if I were to fit a fast modern x8 AGP card? Would the be any benefit or would the graphics be slowed down to the motherboard's AGP port speed?

Relevancy 41.71%

Hey all. I just want to check something with you.

Can I run a Novatech GeForce 9800 GTX with PCI Express Mainboard - SLI nForce 680i (c55xe) - Intel core 2?

I should be able too correct?


A:Can I run this card with my motherboard?

If the video card is PCI Express x16 or x1 then yes, you can.
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i have a two year old computer,PIII 500mhz 512mb pc100 sdram
i want to upgrade the old graphics card for a newer card with 64mb or ram. but i have a few questions before i spend my money.

the newer card is agp 8x/4x my motherboard im not sure is 2x/4x agp?
also the newer card has DDR ram my motherboard is pc100 sdram?
under resolutions it reads '1024 x 768 (XGA)' What does that mean?
i have a 19" crt and i want to run it at 1024 x 768.

please help

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well, my brother's hdd in his laptop was going bad, it kept failing to boot. so i replaced it with another one. when i turned the laptop back on it started installing all the drivers for his hardware (windows was already installed on the 2nd hdd) and prompted me to reboot. after i did windows failed to start several times. i re-installed windows from scratch, and now his graphics card isn't showing up in device manager and windows cant find a driver for the network or ethernet card.

his specs:
windows 7 professional x64
ati mobility radeon hd 4250
broadcom bcm943225hm (network card)
amd phenom II x4 n9790
4gb ddr3

A:gpu doesn't show in device manager; network card driver install fail


so, i got it to install the driver for the network adapter, but when i search for an access point, i cant see my wireless, in device manager it has "ethernet controller" listed under "other devices" with one of the ! inside an orange triangle
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My graphic card .. nvidia geforce gt 610, 2gb DDR3 .. I'm having a problem related to grap[hic driver or hardware..
when I intalled graphic card driver in my pc.. sooo blue screen appear and show some errors... n my pc continuously restart.. can anyone help me on this issue ..

A:When i intalled graphic card driver in my pc.. sooo blue screen comes and show some errors...

What is the make and model of the computers power supply or the PC?
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This hardware question is about adding in an older NVidia graphics card to replace video new connection card onboard for Install video failing a a the onboard video One error Install a new video card for a failing onboard video connection I'm getting and computer power up is 'not getting signal' at the monitor from the onboard video A sample install of the add-in card to bypass that connection gave a typical blue screen with the message of a new piece of something-- hardware software is not recognized The motherboard has Radeon graphics on the board The add-in card which is used is an Nvidia XFX gotten from a friend who is upgrading My question is this It is known that a hard disk can be migrated from one rig to another by modifying the driver in Device Manager What this does is have Win make a new discovery of the hardware piece Can something similar be done with video in Device Manager or the BIOS on this MSI GM-E model MS Additionally could a reinstall of Win adding in the proper Nvidia driver which I put on a cd solve the problem Or does the chipset simply not support Nvidia I have looked at the specifications manual page and found nothing on it The Radeon info comes from the Everest diagnostic program thanks for any replies

A:Install a new video card for a failing onboard video connection

HD 4540 or HD 5450? The motherboard will support any graphics card assuming it has a PCI-E slot (which it does have). Have you tried disabling onboard video in the bios?
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question... this may sounds like a dumb question, but i was wondering if i was able to use ANY GRAPHICS card with my new motherbaord, a gigabyte... i know absolutly nothing about graphics cards, so iwas looking to all of you fro some extra help!!

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Hey guys any help appreciated I ll try to be as detailed yet brief as possible I was watching a Youtube video and all of a sudden my entire monitor glitches CPU, or Bad MotherBoard, Video Card Ram? flashes blinks then I see weird colored lines running through certain sections of the video and across certain areas of the Youtube page think Super Nintendo when you didn t insert the game cartridge right accompanied by the video skipping not the sound and my mouse also skips Bad CPU, MotherBoard, Video Card or Ram? My monitor shuts off soon after displaying quot VGA No Signal quot but the sound from the video keeps on playing I wait it out and the monitor comes back on but it keeps glitching my mouse keeps skipping and it finally reboots itself Everything seemed fine after that The next day I boot the PC and the same thing happens only this time I manually had to reboot it otherwise the PC would ve just kept running The problem is that when the PC was rebooted the monitor displayed quot VGA No Signal quot however the computer was running - fans and power supply I noticed that I didn t hear the usual beep when I booted it up though So I had to hit the restart button about times waited in between restarts and all of a sudden it booted up properly almost I heard the beep and noticed it had restored all BIOS to factory settings all on its own I had overclocked it by just under Ghz Unfortunately it crashed at the windows welcome screen not windows is logging on So I rebooted once again and finally it booted up properly It ll stay on for an extended period of time hours and hours sometimes I don t even have a problem and the monitor glitch mouse skipping followed by the quot VGA No Signal quot completely black screen will happen at random it seems and only when I browse Youtube or use VLC media player The sound continues to play and the PC keeps running Youtube VLC player both seem to have an effect on it only if I don t browse watch movies within a reasonable amount of time after start up however this is not consistent It s rinse and repeat from there I m posting from the PC in question I m banking that its a CPU issue but your opinions and reasoning are appreciated before I head to the bank I built this PC about - years ago so it s about time for some BS Questions are encouraged Specs Mobo ASROCK -VISTA Ram Kingston GB Video Card Nvidia Geforce GT OC AGP Processor Pentium D Ghz Dual Core nbsp

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My motherboard is a gigabyte 71xe4 and has never caused me any problems with my old gfx card (voodoo3 pci). However i just bought a geforce2 64mb mx400 AGP card and now my pc won't start. I have ensured the card is in the slot correctly and have removed the voodoo. When i switch on i just get the 2-1 beeps (2 quick beeps followed shortly after by another). I assume the pc is believing there to not be a gfx card so how do i solve this?

I am on the original BIOS (there is a prob with win 98 dos mode where the fan stops, there is an update to solve it but i never use dos so i dont see the point in risking my bios on an unnessecary update), will i have to finally update my bios to get it to work? Or is there some other way?


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Hello all

1. I have a asus p5vd2-MX SE motherboard
2. 160gb h.d.d
3. 2gb ram 533mhz
4. intel pentium d 945 3.00ghz

Could anyone tell me what would be the best grahics card for this system?

Thanks Jase

I was thinking of getting a Ati Radeon x1950 pro

A:What would be the best graphics card for my motherboard?

Know anything about your power supply?
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System card, Graphics PSU? Motherboard, Model XPS i Operating System Windows Professional BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM X Card name NVIDIA GeForce GT Chip type NVIDIA nForce i I have attached my DxDiag txt file with more system information I ve been having a number of problems with my PC It started with with some graphics card problems The screen would Graphics card, Motherboard, PSU? glitch up It would vary lines of pixels shifted left and right areas ghosting colors messed up etc Whilst I was troubleshooting this it progressively became worse to the point where the screen became Graphics card, Motherboard, PSU? unreadable or frozen It would error during boot up and freeze by the time if got to the log-on screen Both graphics cards would produce the error independently although it would visually vary between the two graphics cards The motherboard also had a continuous orange LED lit up also It just so happened my brother had the same PC set-up so has some spare parts so I swapped out the cards and his graphics cards seem to work fine no glitches no freezing etc So problem solved Well possibly though now my sound don t work My motherboard has onboard sound so there is no sound card The sound bar moves up and down but nothing comes out the speakers I have test the speakers in both in the back and front audio jacks When plugged in the front it under Playback Devices it seems to not detect the speakers just the quot Digital Output quot When plugged in the back the quot Speaker quot icon under Playback devices continuously flicks between Connected and Disconnected I have tested the speakers with my laptop and they work fine so its not the speakers The lit up orange LED also remains All cables and plugs seem to be secure I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers but that didnt work so to avoid the chance of driver mismatch I reinstalled windows but still no luck My thoughts are that the motherboard is damaged Could a damaged motherboard in turn damage my graphics cards Or is it more likely that something else damaged my motherboard and graphics cards in one fell swoop I find it hard to believe that my gfx cards would both die at the same time just by coincidence and until I can lock down the problem I m worried that these graphic cards could become damaged When I have the chance I might be able to take my brothers motherboard and swap them over and test that but I have never done this before and its not something I d take to doing lightly Does anyone have any advice or suggestions about what could cause the trouble I have been having or best way to proceed Any and all help welcome nbsp

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i have a abit ic7 motherboard that supports agp video cards.i am looking to upgrade my video cards from a nvidia geforce 5700 ultra, but dont know whether to upgrade my motherboard to a pci express, or just put more money into a better agp video card.

A:motherboard or video card?

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

What CPU do you have now on the IC7?
You'd be spending out for 3 major componants,
3. 1x video card/ 2x video cards.

If you want to be able to upgrade with current technology,
Sli/pci-e and have the funds for it, then by means go for it.
I have an IC7-G with a 6800 gt oc and love it.
I believe nVidia came out with a 7800 thats agp 8x!
You may want to consider it too!