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Sound Card Weird Problem

Q: Sound Card Weird Problem

Hello ,
I have a very strange problem with my sound card and Here is the details ....
My sound Card was working well the day before ...I was just recording from line in and running the audio recorded from line in and no problems occurred ...
Next Day I found that there is no sound and the speaker and the line in and microphone all not working and showing that they were "Not Plugged In"
I tried to reinstall the driver and I even tried to reinstall the windows But this was useless . I also installed the new driver but didn't work
the sound manager showing that they are working fine but ther are not plugged in
and the weird thing is that the optical port "which is part of the sound card " is working fine this means that the sound card isn't faulty or burnt out ??
this is the picture

please Help me .........
thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Sound Card Weird Problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sound Card Weird Problem

Is it that you have selected Digital Audio (S/PDIF) as 'default'. so the speakers cannot be, at the same time.
Right click on 'Speakers' icon, is there an 'Enable' option?
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I'm using an audigy 2 zs, just updated the sound card by downloading from creativelab. I have a problem with the card in windows 7 though:

I like to get the treble all the way up, and the bass up a bit, it makes things sound alot nicer. But, everytime I do this, the voices of characters when I watch DVDs or play video games become really low, everything else sounds great though, its just dialogue between characters thats just so low you have to put your ear right next to the speakers to hear them or something, then music from the background is blasting loudly in my ear...the treble and bass setting never gets properly saved also, everything I restart the computer, they get reset.

anyone else experiencing the same problem? It was like this in the beta for me also...

A:Weird sound card problem

You're having 5.1 difficulties. Or you are only using 2 speakers when the sound output needs 6 of them for how you have it set currently.

Check the settings in the driver's app for that. There are users with Creative gear. They could guide you or suggest an alternate driver.
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I m trying to fix up an older pc for a friend The motherboard is an Weird sound problem card Asus MEW-AM v an Asus HP hybrid the OS is XP Pro SP The motherboard has no onboard sound so I added an un-branded sound card which had been working OK in a Win pc Its chipset is Fortemedia labelled FM -AU The only labelling on the card itself are the words VER but it also bears a paper sticker that says SP The installation software for which I ve got several sets of XP drivers inserts audio and joystick drivers After the drivers are installed the card tests OK either by using the ForteMedia Control Panel which has been added to the system tray and which can speak the words LEFT and RIGHT when you click TEST or by using any of the standard Windows control panel sound bytes Everything seems normal The weirdness kicks in after the first boot Instead of the familiar and melodious Windows startup music all that can be heard is a sound that might be generated by a weasel who s been half strangled and hung up by his testicles All other sound tests produce similar results that is every sound that worked before the boot now won t Maybe it s the drivers though Weird sound card problem I ve tried all the ones I have without any change Perhaps it s because Windows moans during the install about them not having been approved by Microsoft though that s a common enough message that rarely seems to mean a lot One thing I did note is that when I use the ForteMedia Control Panel after the boot which had worked pre-boot and try to run a test it crashes and a Windows Error report pops up But even if I use msconfig to prevent the ForteMedia Control Panel from further starts it doesn t help Neither does disabling Windows Audio in services disabling the FM joystick controls in System or shifting PCI slots Any suggestions will be gratefully received nbsp

A:Weird sound card problem

did you try kicking it?... Just kidding... it sounds (he, he) like youve tried everything i can think of, other than replacing it. I havnt tried personally, but im sure you could find an old cheap ($25-30 USD) sound card, online or garage sale, or even try calling your local pc stores and asking if they have any old or used ones lying around. Good Luck, and have fun!!!!

p.s. if all elce fails, try kicking it. If it doesn't make it work, maybe it will make you feel better...
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Ever since I upgraded from Win 98 to Win 98 SE, I've been having problems trying to play MP3's. First of all, Windows, AIM, and other sounds can still be heard while I'm playing MP3's, which is a behavior I do not want. I can't figure out how to fix this. When I open the Windows Audio Mixer, the controls I get are: Speaker, Wave, Microphone, Line, CD Player, and Synthesizer. The controls that I used to get with my old version of Windows, I think, were: Wave, Microphone, External Line, CD Player. Also, often when I open a file or an application, Winamp makes a crackling noise on top of the song that I'm playing at the time. If it makes any difference, I have an Avance ALS100+ sound card. Could someone help me out? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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Now here s some info Xp home speakers work sometimes meaning the only time they do produce sound is when I run dxdiag and under the music tab they will play when i choose my realtek ac audio tab Under the Microft Synthesizer tab and direct sound i get error messages Sound Devices Problem Weird Sound ------------- Description Realtek AC Audio Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID PCI VEN amp DEV C amp SUBSYS F amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name ALCXWDM SYS Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Weird Sound Problem Full Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX Listen Src Yes Yes I DL Listen Src Weird Sound Problem Yes Yes Sensaura ZoomFX No Registry OK Sound Test Result Failure at step DirectSoundCreate HRESULT x No driver --------------------- Sound Capture Devices --------------------- Description Realtek AC Audio Default Sound Capture No Default Voice Capture No Driver Name ALCXWDM SYS Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail Date and Size bytes Cap Flags x Format Flags xFFF ----------- DirectMusic ----------- DLS Path C WINDOWS SYSTEM drivers GM DLS DLS Version Acceleration n a Ports Microsoft Synthesizer Software Not Kernel Mode Output DLS Internal Default Port Realtek AC Audio Software Kernel Mode Output DLS Internal Registry OK Test Result Failure at step Activating the IDirectMusicPort HRESULT x No driver please help pullhair gif I should mention too that I tried microfts help instructions and well NO help there I can t do any of their suggestions because everything is greyed out under sound controllers etc

A:Weird Sound Problem

Did you recently update or install anything pertaining to your motherboard. What type of MoBo do you have?
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i tried downloading ourTunes so as to share music in my residence hall. my music was playing perfectly fine through iTunes. then, after downloading some music, i started to play it but everything came out choppy and distorted, as if i were listening to it all underwater with lots of bubbles in the way.
i got rid of ourTunes but now the music i already have is coming out funky.

any ideas?
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Basically, everything works, except for voice chat.
Whenever Skype is launched, or Teamspeak, or even the Steam calls, it completely crashes the sound of the computer.
It's not the output devices, or the automatic volume lowering from communications, it just completely stops every sound.
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Basically, everything works, except for voice chat.
Whenever Skype is launched, or Teamspeak, or even the Steam calls, it completely crashes the sound of the computer.
It's not the output devices, or the automatic volume lowering from communications, it just completely stops every sound.
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I'm having a weird sound problem on a Dell Inspiron 700m laptop.

On startup, the sound/microphone doesn't work on the laptop. Checking "Control panel", "Sounds and Audio Devices" doesn't show any problems, neither does right clicking on "My Computer", "Properties", "Device Manager", "Sound, video and game controllers" show any issues. All seems to be working normally.

To get sound/microphone to work, I have to install the latest sound driver that I downloaded from Dell before sound is restored and the microphone will work. The downloaded file is a standard Installshield executable file, not just driver files.

The problem is, however, after shutting down and/or restarting the laptop, the sound/microphone is not working again, and I have to re-install the driver again to get it to work.

Any idea what's causing this problem?
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I have XP and IE7. I use Google chrome. For no apparent reason I can no longer get sound on You Tube and some news videos on Google news. Some new videos work. Facebook videos seem to be fine. This also is occurring on my wife's computer, linked wireless to my main computer. This happened about 3 days ago and I'm at a loss. I am not a real "techie", but I can follow directions and learn.
I hope you good folys can help.

A:Weird sound problem

This happened to me a couple of days ago on Youtube. For some reason, mute was on. I didn't do that. So I turned it off and that fixed it. That's what you should do. Check to see if mute is on.
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hy heres my problem.
Yesterday I instaled windows 7 ultimate.
And after I installed it i noticed the sound was a bit weird, so i updated my realtek driver, but it didn't do any diference.
il post the sound testing here.ítulo.wav
plz help me!

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well, i just realized that i have no sound in certain areas, like on yahoo messenger, windows games, like spider solitaire and you tube . i do have sound in the rest like winamp, or bs player, so i can listen to music or watch movies . i checked and the sound is on, on all the aplications, and also on my laptop, i have an IBM thinkpad R40. but i can't hear it .in device manager the sound devices are working properly or so it says, and i can't see any exclamation signs or anything else . so what could be the trouble with this ? i installed codecs , windows media player, flash player, what else could there be? please help !!!

A:Weird Sound Problem

Do you have the latest Java?
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Okay this is the weirdest thing. When I go on the computer all the little sounds are there, like the AIM noises for example, but when I try to play a song it doesn't work. I go to Volume Controls and I noticed the Wave bar is all to way down. So I move it back up and I can then hear the song. I try to play another song, and it goes back down. What do I do to fix this stupid thing, thanks

the farm

A:Weird sound problem...

closing duplicate, view this thread
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I recently installed Mozilla and Qtime , almost everithing is ok except that ANY sound (file, cd Net) is like playing in a different frequency (lower), this is not happening in other computers.
XP- home , integrated audio, working fine in all other programs.
Thanks in advance
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i kinda got my sound card working... but its weird.. i got to this site which has SOUND in the site and i can hear it, but when i try to play a song i downloaded or play a game with sound it doesnt work

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a few months ago, I opened up a .exe program (a game) to find that there was no sound in that program. I closed out of it and went on the internet. There was sound there. Certain programs such as my SNES9X emulator and minecraft work, but most .exe applications do not have any sound. I have absolutely no sound with internet, although when I play certain games like Runescape, much like the downloadable version, has no sound. This has been bothering me for several months now, and I would like to get my sound up and running again as soon as possible.

I have a Windows 7 Intel 64 bit laptop, and I don't seem to have a sound card installed. I've run the windows diagnostic for audio errors, but no errors came up.

Please, this is becoming a constant problem, and I do not wish to spend money on a repair.

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well my sound has been working fine until the past few days. i would be listening to songs, and a certain insturment would drain out and i can't hear it. however i can hear all other instruments perfectly.

for example the song revolution by the beatles, i could hear only the vocals and the drums perfectly, but the guitar and bass are really faint.

this happens on many other songs too.

also when i record the song using the "what you hear" feature, on AIM's recording feature, and then play it back, i can hear all the instruments fine.

A:Weird sound problem please help

anyone? please help
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Ok, so I reinstalled windows XP on my older computer, and the sound will not work at all. I have installed all of the motherboard drivers and sound drivers. Nothing is muted, and onboard sound is enabled in the BIOS. The weird thing is, the microphone actually records. I have tried every plug in the back for the sound. The headphones i'm using work as I have tried them in other things, and they have worked on this computer in the past. This is REALLY confusing me. There are also no conflicts in device manager, so everything SHOULD be working. Here are the specs:

Asus a7v8x-mx motherboard
Socket A 2500+
512 samsung ram
8x CD burner

I have reformatted several times in the past, but I have no clue whats going on with this.

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My sound crackles and pops it seems like their is some sort of delay and problem weird sound or slow motion going on too It is hard to tell because the sound is weird sound problem sooo distorted This happens whenever I play any type of audio VLC FL Studio Window s Media Player even system sounds I figured getting an external sound card would solve the problem so I bought a creative X-fi notebook card and I am getting the same thing from it I have messed around with just about every setting in the control panel and nothings working I have updated drivers as well I experience the distortion crackling through the built in speakers headphones line out to external speakers however I can still burn cds and render audio in FL studio whether or not that matters I am not sure OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Turion tm X Dual-Core Mobile RM- AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Graphics Microsoft Corporation WDDM Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Quanta None Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Updated and Enabled nbsp
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This is my first post so if I have Problem! Weird Sound help... Please posted this in the wrong place feel free to correct me Onto the problem I m not sure if my issue from a few days ago is related to this problem with my sounds but since I know relatively little Weird Sound Problem! Please help... about computer diagnostics I ll post from the quot start quot of the problem On Friday I was working on my computer just checking emails and I put in a new CD to play I doubt the CD had anything to do with it but I got a quot STOP MESSAGE quot blue screen from Windows XP now I have only seen a screen like this once before and it was on my laptop at work before the hard drive went bad I didn t get to write down the whole error message But I know the bottom of the screen talked about dumping physical memory I let the computer sit for several minutes restarted it started VERY slowly offered to send Dell a message about a quot recovery from a serious system error quot and then the computer worked normal All files intact I shut down and headed out of town But I bought a flash drive while I was out so that I could back up all my stuff in quot my documents pictures quot just in case the hard drive is having issues going bad The computer is only about a year and a half old Dell Dimension Got back home today Computer loaded normally Copied all important files to my flash drive Tried to open a video in my flash drive let it play through windows media player AVI file from digital camera No sound So I went into the device manager No exlamation or red Xs No sounds will play Not even system sounds However the sounds played when the computer was first started up Shut computer down Checked all cables Everything plugged in Restarted Sound working Played an AVI file It worked with sound Closed AVI file Opened nd AVI file No sound And again all system sounds gone too Is this a problem with the flash drive conflicting with something What can I do I looked at another thread that recommended running the dxdiag Went to the quot sound quot tab and clicked quot Test DirectSound quot This was the result --- DirectSound test results Failure at step User verification of software HRESULT x error code I don t know what that means ANY IDEAS Please respond in simple terms I m a pretty basic user nbsp

A:Weird Sound Problem! Please help...

Can you manage re-install of drivers
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ok, this is a weird sound problem. Whenever I open an MP3, I can hear the music from all four speakers (which is normal). However, when I switch windows to another task, the sound only comes from my front speakers.

Switching back to Winamp (which is playing the MP3) I once again get 4-channel sound.

I wish to have the sound coming from all channels all the time....what exactly is causing this problem?
Thanks to any responses.

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I have a very weird problem with my laptop
i have a SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK2 laptop , i bought it like two weeks ago , and i have this weird problem on it ....
sometimes when i turn the laptop on , the speakers just dont work , and i have to restart the computer , i even sometimes have to plug it off the power source and replug it back again for the speakers to work
whats even weirder is that it happens occasionally , so i cant go to the seller and wait for a miracle to happen so he can notice the problem

can somebody help me

A:a weird problem with sound on my laptop

Hi, Check for sound drivers. Download the latest drivers for the sound card.

check this link. you will find all the drivers for your laptop here.

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Ever since I got my second Video Card and went SLI I have had crippling sound problems After playing for a with sound Sound work HELP! fine) and problem card audio (onboard SLI while all sounds get replace with a high pitched squeal This is only with games not music using WMP DVDs using WinDVD and only with my sound card not the HELP! Sound problem with SLI and sound card (onboard audio work fine) crappy onboard sound which has no problem Some games may play for three minutes others for close to fifty before this consistently happens It seems to be simply subsistuting all sounds with this annoying noise HELP! Sound problem with SLI and sound card (onboard audio work fine) I quit the game it goes quiet HELP! Sound problem with SLI and sound card (onboard audio work fine) but music is now affected and DVDs have NO sound Single GPU works fine either card either PCI-E slot sound card in either PCI slot still causes the problem I recently got a newer better sound card but it does the exact same thing I think it may be either a video card issue or the motherboard Is it something to due with the way the video card handles sound Or the motherboard HELP I really like the improved graphics on a relative budget that SLI brings and don t like being hobbled like this Tried Turning down Sound Card Acceleration with the old card didn t help My Computer Old Alienware Case Asus P N SE SLI-Deluxe Inter Core Duo E Corsair PC mb Maxtor GB rpm EVGA NVidia GT KO mb video do have different bios s on the card SoundBlaster X-Fi Gamer Extreme old card was SB Audigy Sony DVD writer Dell wfp monitor nbsp

A:HELP! Sound problem with SLI and sound card (onboard audio work fine)

i have simular problem my soundblaster live wont run sound when plugged in but tbh sound isnt all that big wen u have 5.1 sourround, so i just used the on-board audio
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I've been working on this computer for about 5 hours now trying to get the graphics card to work. It's my friends computer, and he said he bought the motherboard, and it came with a "nvidia geforce 7025 / nvidia nforce 630a" card. It USE to work in the past, but ever since he upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, (It says the software isn't genuine), the card won't work!.. I've tried EVERYTHING.. From auto detecting the needed drivers, uninstalling them and reinstalling them.. But NOTHING works. The onboard works, but when I change the cord over to the card port, .. My dell monitor goes from the "self test" screen to a blank black screen, with the power button being orange, not green.)..

Device Manager sees the card, and says it's working properly.. but it's not!

I don't know what to do anymore!.. Any suggestions?

A:Weird problem with graphics card!

Welcome to the forums.
Where did he get his copy of Win 7?
Has he done windows updates?
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Hello guys. It's been a long time since I last used my desktop computer because I moved to another country and I wasn't able to bring it. Now my mom asked me to fixed it so that my sister can use it. I'm just having a weird problem with the display because sometimes the screen will go black for a few seconds and then it will appear again. After it appears again, an error below appears saying something about a kernel failure but it has successfully restarted. I updated my graphics card driver but it still happened. My graphics card is a Palit GeForce GTX 550Ti. Any clues to this?

Edit: Looks like other users have been experiencing this issue too. I just saw it after I posted this one.

A:Having a weird problem with my Graphics Card

Sounds obvious but try uniistalling the driver and reinstalling Drivers | GeForce

The temps would be good to know too. Speccy - Download
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Hi everyone I m new to the forums and I m having crashing problems with my computer I have a Radeon Pro and the rest of my spec s are at the bottem of the post Here s a list of what makes my card problem Weird video computer crash opening Internet Explorer Right clicking my the recycle bin and emptying it Weird video card problem Clicking on quot turn off my computer quot in the start menu opening windows update And all games under DX Weird list huh If I turn Hardware Acceleration all the way off everything works fine but I can t play games and that s not acceptable I tried reinstalling DX c and my ATi drivers and nothing Weird video card problem has worked There s no error after my comp crashes not that I know of at least and I ve tried disabling all backround programs and that didn t help I don t know what to do it seems like I ve tried everything please help Processor AMD Athlon Processor GHz Memory MB RAM Video Card Radeon Pro Mobo Asus A V Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack nbsp

A:Weird video card problem

There maybe a error code but it crashes too quick for you to see.To see it if there is one Press the Windows Logo key + Pause break keys together and click the Advanced tab and under Startup & recovery click Settings and under System Failure uncheck Automatically Restart now when it crashes hopefully and error code will be could also try lowering your screen resolution and see what affect that has.
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I bought a new graphics card for my desktop yesterday. it;s the NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS. I put it into the slot marked "PCI x16", hooked up the VGA monitor cable, and turned the PC on. The screen stays black, and the light on the monitor stays orange(supposed to be blue) When i hook my monitor onto the onboard vga slot, the monitor works fine.

My roommate tried my card in HIS computer, and it worked. we have the same power supply, so i eliminated that as a problem. I put his graphics card in my pc and it worked fine. what could the problem be?

A:Weird problem with graphics card

ooh, im using a Dell Inspiron 531S. I know dells arent for gaming, bu it's what my budget could afford. this is the only upgrade i have besides more RAM.

Also, my tower is a slim tower.
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I have a Belkin wireless card b for almost years Yesterday I turned my laptop on and Windows XP Pro said new hardware device is found which is my wireless card Problem Wireless Weird Card But the problem is the name of the device it is Ru y rps Wyru uss tur utw r Qtptur attached br The dashes are squares actually So the device manager also show is like it That s why windows can install deriver original driver from CD won t work b c Windows says it couldn t find the driver br Of course no network connection is present When I choose Belkin driver from driver installation the device driver shows Weird Wireless Card Problem Belkin but says cannot start the device and no lights on the card I installed uninstalled scanned for virus trojan looked hijackthis nothing br Maybe related sometimes my sound icon next to the clock disappears and never comes back if I dont do anything Also sometimes my zonealarm icon in the taskbar becomes a black rectangle icon and also my virus programs icons disappears from time to time It all sounds like virus but I ran F-secure and Norton trial version both with the latest definition files Also all spyware stuff Ad-aware and spybot has the latest update always br Thanks for the help Do you think it is windows xp getting weird or it is the card malfunctioning or maybe the motherboard is messed up br Good luck div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div class attachedFiles h class attachedFilesHeader Attached Files h ul class attachmentList SquareThumbs data-thumb-height data-thumb-selector div thumbnail a li class attachment image title untitled JPG div class boxModelFixer primaryContent div class thumbnail a href attachments untitled-jpg target blank img src data attachments -b c bad d a jpg alt untitled JPG a div div class attachmentInfo pairsJustified h class filename a href attachments untitled-jpg target blank untitled JPG a h dl dt File size dt dd KB dd dl dl dt Views dt dd dd dl div div li ul div div div class messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor div class privateControls span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members ayayla class username author dir auto ayayla a span a href threads weird-wireless-card-problem title Permalink class datePermalink span class DateTime title Apr at PM Apr span a span div div class publicControls a href threads weird-wireless-card-problem title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a div div div id likes-post- div div li li id post- class message data-author bearone div class messageUserInfo itemscope itemscope itemtype http data-vocabulary org Person div class messageUserBlock div class avatarHolder span class helper span a href members bearone class avatar Av m data-avatarhtml true img src data image png base iVBORw KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAGAAAABgCAYAAADimHc AAADiElEQVR u dW aYADG acH lIQBFEcnqLR MU zW W e b kPsftvNnC Z JRJPAEChQItPbCbHWRgBihV PlfNpASfvRt dNEN dABu dEfgUEIAAjAAEYAQjACEAARgACMAIQgBGAAIwABGAEIAAjAAEYAQjACEAARgACMAIQgBGAAOz yePegSAIeP yd DX P Pheh alo o Uro KzRzrfgft Eep WryQEY pAURSiiCCUkQ dUpGZjWF Ko W T jvNShUPQfRRWFTzdXMPe joEQeAQdJsaLQtNy x JAlCbqmQgn frz RBzPNtewn d X HzbLbkw wViwjd b t TcXKYgrL RTEa NwsUsUYStXaWPbLIehXTcvGl wpPvX ta mec IKgKZQOFstG LTETgSgKBAiqYsXouVoKqwoBgspuOz bQrJMgCDnB W XQIEFSzM GeL sWQQIIiUkY kh bWtVK D xOxMadpoSwt RNd vo syRlnwuMqJEuI mEsJOLILCQhS LXl fzaExBcPPvQFsrWawtZoZ n ty bnozzKQ MEuAOKlVr PjlGP trnxGhQeA dZVOuNx sVlJqN dXuDuYTcUxT IEGGYD cbNY gkCQjJMmIRvWtFVNdU G v j Et y wQYtULZGHhVMhmLYmstg hE NtfSkN GQvygNtV zaaFpjXbydlz cZ DyjUT w yeLGzgWR u vpJBsWzA rNEcVPnJS Hj Sn HBtx wff aMCVidXHyl QnZzHOcVGsdN AWUjGCRBkVbP MjCsqV TNAKMuXa TY xAcZUv chJn JeqIAtD wNqOS AgZ PXs oOPN nQBAlYtGemzJXQz WQoAR zUVz fWerbf TOaj opYuAPJ lYTs hY kRkiT s xRhWE CTBKT JJxKP zYelKEJTFETCat nQBstC ff e Eq yh AeHEBU xDVtZHea hN H hut ge d nIz pR BIkzDHwclFCbnTS zTHx SADX C HmzHgWE Ua UKgYU EcUM kkv gwctQAjACEIARgACMAARgBCAAIwABGAEIwAhAAEYAAjACEIARgACMAARgBCAAIwABGAGmop... Read more
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This problem started yesterday At first (any) card problem with wireless Weird the wireless card was not being detected at all by Windows I m using Windows x after several reboots it would sometimes get detected but with some error I tried taking the card off and put it back on it worked Weird problem with (any) wireless card but after about half an hour it stopped again I thought it could be a problem with Windows so I formatted my PC and installed it again After that I used the card for something like two hours and left the laptop on for a download after waking up it had stopped worked again and this time it wasn t detected at all even after several Weird problem with (any) wireless card reboots I assumed it was something wrong with the card so I took another laptop took its wireless card and put on this laptop at the first boot it was detected the driver was installed and Windows asked for a reboot after reboot it was not detected again Don t know what else to do now nbsp

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I m Video Problem Weird Card having a very strange problem with what I think is my video card Everything was working fine until a fuse got blown on the circuit my computer is plugged Weird Video Card Problem in to When I tried to turn it back on everything seemed to be working fine it boots fine and even reaches the windows desktop but only moments after loading the desktop the screen becomes all distorted to the point where nothing is recognizable It s like a static image of distorted graphics so I can t see the mouse moving or anything like that For the few seconds that the desktop has loaded before it becomes distorted everything seems to be functioning normally as in I can move the mouse around and click things but once it freaks out the computer basically becomes completely non-responsive The computer does seem to try and fix it screen goes black after a while but comes back the same as before but no matter how long I ve let it do this it doesn t seem to help The video card is an Nvidia GeForce GX I don t think it s a virus since I recently wiped the HDD and reinstalled windows a few weeks ago I also don t think it s overheating because while it does seem very hot to the touch the fans are running like the normally do Any suggestions nbsp

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Forgive me if this sounds uninformed, I am not into computers at all.

I have recently switched from Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit to 64 bit. Now whenever I listen to music on youtube or after I download it, it sounds differently then it used to. I'm not even sure how to describe it... It's still possible to listen to music but the music, especially the vocals, sound way deeper. Is it supposed to be that way and is there any way to make it sound the way it used to?

A:Weird sound problem after changing from 32bit to 64bit

Hello and welcome Ivan now mate to start with some system specs would be helpful because we need to know what your audio is driven by for example plus what you are using for a sound output ? speakers ? headset etc so please see this post back.
System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hi everyone I m a newbie here but the standard of advice and helpfulness seems very high so here goes I was running a GF with no probs at all Then I installed fresh memory replacing x with x and at the same time put in a more powerful fan for the card which was tending to overheat This required taking out and then replacing the card Ever since then the card won t work It seems to function in a basic sort of way the video output is from the card not the MB and its Weird unistallable graphics problem card name is flashed up on start-up But everytime i launch windows xp I get an install new hardware message and all attempts actually to load the NVidia drivers fail I usually get a quot bad data quot message at this point even though I have tried several sets of drivers and downloaded frsh ones On device manager and dxdiag Weird unistallable graphics card problem the card is not showing up at all under display all I get is a yellow -ed quot VGA device quot not named under quot Other devices quot running generic drivers I ve tried Driver Cleaner and I ve put in a cheap alternative card an MX GF and get exactly the same problem so I don t THINK it is a card malfunction Does anyone have any smart ideas cos I ve tried everything I really don t want to do a re-install of XP as I ve got loads of photos music and documents on the HD Thanks a lot to any of you who can think of anything C nbsp

A:Weird unistallable graphics card problem

Run a memory test to make sure your new RAM is OK.

Wouldn't hurt to try a PCI video card in case you messed up the AGP slot somehow.
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Hi all. My computer has a very strange problem with nvidia graphic cards. For some reason they dont work in Windows 2000 or XP. They work perfectly in 98 though. When i try to use an nvidia card in my computer with either xp or 2000 it says "This Device Could Not Start (Code 10). Yet any other brand works fine. I tried to install new graphic card drivers but that didnt help. Could this problem be with my bios? Do i need to flash it? Or is my motherboard not compatible with nvidia video cards? The motherboards chipset is the VIA Apollo PRO 133.
Ive tried both a geforce MX440 and a Vanta LT but they both do exactly the same thing.

These are my system specs:
Windows 2000 Pro SP4
Intel Pentium III 800mhz
192MB Ram
10GB Hdd
Nvidia Vanta LT 8MB AGP

Thanks, Nissanman

A:Weird Nvidia Video Card Problem

You have a very old/outdated motherboard and system. If you can get along with any other card besides the Nvidia cards, go ahead and use them. I really doubt if a bios upgrade is available for your board
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My computer started doing this a couple of weeks ago When I power it does not send a signal to the monitor I have removed all internal parts with problem monitor graphics Weird card and except for the PSU the processor RAM and vidoe card and it still does the same PSU - OKIA w new CPU intel dual core RAM gig Video - geforce LE mb MOBO - p m Weird problem with monitor and graphics card pro-m rev I replaced the PSU it now has a OKIA watt PSU Weird problem with monitor and graphics card and reseated the RAM CPU and video card and still the same The vidoe card requires an additional Molex Weird problem with monitor and graphics card connection for power I found that if I disconnect this then the computer monitor and video card are operational however when i loaded the driver for the geforce card it did state the Molex connector was not connected so the card was lowering its performance due to this When I reconnect the Molex connector on the vidoe card everything hangs up again and no signal to the monitor this mobo does have on board vga I tested that and it works fine any idead on the graphics card issue Thnaks nbsp

A:Weird problem with monitor and graphics card

Time to change Video cards... assuming you have already downloaded driver updates.
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ok so i have a dell dimension that i had to upgrade to windows vista because this monitor i have only works with vista My desktop uses an INTEL network card I have gotten the appropriate driver software for it this same software worked on this same desktop when trying to run on the same operating card...I weird help need serios with network problem system But this software keeps telling me quot No Intel r adapter found present in this computer quot now im certain this is an intel network adapter because it worked before and i ve seen somewhere in details it claiming to be Intel I have no idea why its doing this the software i am using is PROVISTA EXE and worked previously i just messed with my system yesterday and had to do a clean reformat I tried googling the problem but was confused to what people were discussing with quot inf quot files and such If any experts can light some knowledge on me i would extremely appreciate it thanks in advance nbsp

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I m hoping some of your photography experts out there has come across this problem I have a gb memory stick pro duo I also have a gb memory stick pro duo Both of them worked fine for a long time Suddenly my gb stick will not work in my Weird Memory Card Solved: Problem card reader When I insert it nothing happens for Solved: Weird Memory Card Problem a moment Then the quot found hardware quot noise you know that little double tone that sounds when you plug or unplug something starts going off and on off and on So I opened up My Computer to view the drives The drive letter for the card reader would appear disappear appear disappear I opened up the device manager and looked under the disk drives No errors showed there but upon inserting the gb card Solved: Weird Memory Card Problem and watching I would also see the disk drive for the card reader appear and disappear appear and disappear This would happen until I removed the card upon which the card reader would behave normally Very occasionally if I just happened to double-click the drive for the card reader at just the right time an error would pop up saying that there was an I error though that error would not pop up voluntarily I put my gb card in the reader It worked fine I put my Micro SD card from my phone in the card reader Worked fine I formatted the problem card and the reader device would read it fine The very FIRST time I inserted it After the first insertion it would go back to behaving weird I formatted it again took some pictures inserted it again and same thing it would read it the very first time then after that--weirdness If I hook the camera up to the computer via it s dedicated USB cord it works fine and I can do whatever with the photos But I don t want to have to hook it up to the computer to view or copy images that just sucks the life right out of the batteries And it s less convenient Anyone have any ideas on what could have suddenly went wrong with this card Thanks nbsp

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Before I mention my problem I want to clarify that this is a new incident The program used to work perfectly before I use a USB G Datacard Specifically Huawei E F E FH E FH- The weird problem which is a bit difficult 3G occuring with Weird problem Data software card my to put in words that occurs is when I open up the software Mobile Partner exe to connect to the internet and then start working on other programs the Weird problem occuring with my 3G Data card software software window always gets put in front Like how in task manager there is an option bring to Weird problem occuring with my 3G Data card software front But this software has an automatic bring to front Even if I minimize the application which makes it go in Weird problem occuring with my 3G Data card software system tray still my other apps get deselected Like if I try typing something in notepad it doesn't let me type continuosly It always deselects the notepad window and I have to select the notepad and start typing again And the intervals which it allows me to write are very short So it is kind of frustrating But as soon as I close the application everything goes back to normal I scanned with malwarebytes and also the Microsoft Securty Essentials but I see no virus or anything Also because of it my CPU usage starts shooting upto which normally stays under It also sometimes takes upto MB memory which I don't know is normal or not Edit Currently using GB RAM I definitely think it is not normal
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Okay, about a week ago, my other PC would say Network connection unplugged, the lights on the network card were not on at all but the internet ont his pc worked so I figured it had to be the network card which was the problem.

So I purchased a new network card and installed it. That also, did not fix the problem. No lights would come on it. So i took it out, and installed it in a different PCI slot and voula! It worked. So I am going behind the pc to put the air shields on the empty PCI slot, go back up and it stopped working. No lights on the new network card at all again. So it worked for one minute and then stopped. So now I have no idea what the problem could be..please help!

A:Really weird problem, got new network card, put it in dif. PCI slot, worked for 1 min

Okay, I think I figure it out, I went and fiddled with the network cable connecting to the card and if i pushed the RJ-45 connector into the slow it would work but if i let it go it would stop so obviously, it's the cable. Does anyone know how to fix that part now?
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This is a good one Sorry for the length I have an ASUS motherboard in my home-built machine It has regular PCI PCI-E X and X slots I use a D-Link WDA- PCI wireless card and has been working great in the past and card) interference problem video (WiFi Weird few months with WPA encryption to my D-Link router I also have an ATI All-In-Wonder PCI-E X card and has been working great as well I Weird interference problem (WiFi and video card) decided to change to an NVidia card because I don t want the TV Tuner built-in the ATI anymore since I am getting a satellite TV tuner instead and I don t want to have two tuners in the same machine Now here s the problem As soon as I installed the NVIDIA card my wireless card stopped working I mean the wireless card will find the signal and often times will quot connect quot and get an IP from my router but when it comes to using the internet there s no data transfer at all I tried to ping my router and I only got quot Request time out quot messages in the CMD window Sometimes I would get a VERY high reply time like ms or ms normally I should get reply Weird interference problem (WiFi and video card) times about only ms but most of the times it times out I took out and reseated both cards and I saw some improvement but still very bad ping times Yes my wireless card Weird interference problem (WiFi and video card) antenna was securely connected and my signal strength was Excellent the whole time My laptop sitting right next to me would have no problems at all trying to ping my router so the router is not the problem here I started touching and pushing my Nvidia card in the slot while I looked at the ping times and I noticed how the ping times fluctuated from very bad to good depending on the position of the card I guess Without a screw securing the Nvidia card I was able to play a bit with it The Nvidia card is two slots away from my wireless card so I figured I would separate them more I have another PCI-E slot in my motherboard so I tried that and put the wireless card in the PCI slot furthest away from the Nvidia card Still didn t make a difference Bad ping times all the time So I decided to put my ATI card back in the computer and removed the Nvidia card Now the wireless card was happy again and ping times were fine around ms I went back to the Nvidia card just to confirm and once again my ping times were screwed up in the ms range or timing out Now here s the interesting part I took both my Nvidia card and my wireless card and installed both of them on a different computer a Gateway machine with a Core Duo on an Intel motherboard I was expecting the same problem to happen but it didn t The wireless card was happy ping times were great and the Nvidia card was working fine I am getting a replacement of the Nvidia card just to see if it makes a difference What the hell could be happening here Why is the Nvidia card causing problems with my wireless card only in my computer but not in another computer nbsp

A:Weird interference problem (WiFi and video card)

Well, here's the happy ending to my story. After exchanging my NVidia card for another, and also updating the BIOS and upgrading all the motherboard, chipset, NVidia and D-Link drivers to their latest versions and realizing none of these solved the problem, I decided to change my wireless card.

I exchanged my D-Link WDA-2320 PCI wireless card with someone who has a Linksys WMP54G PCI card and problem solved! My D-Link card lives happy in his machine, and his Linksys card is happy with the NVidia card in my computer!

Lesson learned: Some combinations of hardware just don't get along!
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As some of you might remember a few weeks ago I had a problem with sound after I built a new PC and kept my old Win installation using sysprep Onboard sound issue with new PC build The problem was that the volume levels were off and instead of having a normal flatline volume were you could hear everything clearly at a good volume level certain sounds were too quiet to hear and others were deafening I came to this forum and after a few responses I decided to do a fresh installation of windows which only did a little to help the particular sound perrsists sound Sound problem new after even card problem Figuring it was a problem with the onboard sound I bought this ASUS XONAR DG Xonar DG Sound Card - Newegg com After I installed the sound card the volume problem persisted and was pretty Sound problem perrsists even after new sound card much exactly the same as before Thankfully this time though there was a setting in the device's audio center called quot SVN quot which is smart volume This setting actually did fix the problem a little and the sound was a lot closer to how I remember it being on my old HP pavilion SVN is not without it's own problems though Now there's clicking noises audio drop outs stuttering and general low quality with that setting on What's more in most games I've played the voices are hard to hear and tend to be drowned out by music or background noise Even though these problems sound bad it's more tolerable than it is with the SVN settings off Without that setting the volume issue goes right back to how it was before I installed the sound card Some might say I'm picky but I know something is wrong with the sound it's not Sound problem perrsists even after new sound card at all like it was on my old PC which had perfect sound I am very very frustrated with this whole thing there has got to be something I'm missing The sound card has nothing to do with the onboard sound correct It is a separate sound device on it's own so why does it have the same exact audio issues as the onboard sound It should be fine without having to turn SVN on so what's the deal Is it my headphones I can't imagine what's causing this and if there is no solution I'm prepared to give up and deal with it

A:Sound problem perrsists even after new sound card

Not all sound is at the same volume level. One MP3, for example, can be louder or softer than another. Same way with wav audio files, audio from the internet, audio on DVD's, etc. System sounds can be at different levels from different programs, and same way with streaming audio from the internet.

I have Audio CD's, both commercial and burned that have different volume levels between songs.

I have a home recording studio and when I mixdown songs, I do it to a preset level. I then run them through an audio editior and set them all to the same reference level. Then when I burn an audio CD all the songs are at the same (or nearly) same volume level.

BTW, when you installed the separate sound card, did you disable the on-board audio in the BIOS? If not, there can be conflicts and varying problems.
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After I installed Windows 7,I started having a problem with sound.My sound card is onboard Realtek High Definition Audio.The problem is,sometimes I hear a "cht pht" while listening to music,radio,game on computer.After noticing this problem,I installed the latest drivers of Realtek,but nothing changed.Also I tried installing my motherboard's sound driver,but again nothing changed.Then I tried a previous driver cause I heard that it works better but nothing changed.Also I tried using other speakers,but nothing changed.I tried playing with sound settings,including "block all sound effects" but I still have the problem.

What can be the problem,this problem started after I installed Windows 7.

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I am reading a Windows tweaking guide which covers the possible performance drop in major peripherals shared IRQ's can cause I checked and see that my X-Fi shares the same IRQ with This Sharing: Is Card/Sound Card Vid Problem? A IRQ my GTX Physically mobo slot placement the graphics card and sound Vid Card/Sound Card IRQ Sharing: Is This A Problem? card are as far apart as possible I could shift the X-Fi to a PCI slot that is closer to the GTX but I'm not sure if that would change its IRQ assignment Seeing as all I use this computer for is gaming should I be worried EDIT More Information I can see there are devices which shouldn't even get IRQ assignment as they aren't used which is very frustrating ISA SCSI RAID Host Controller ISA Primary IDE Channel PCI Creative SB X-Fi PCI NVIDIA GeForce GTX PCI Silicon Image SiI SATA Controller Vid Card/Sound Card IRQ Sharing: Is This A Problem? PCI Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller PCI Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller I use a single IDE for my DVD burner the secondary IDE channel is disabled I don't use a RAID configuration any SCSI devices and my HD's are SATA So why are list entries amp allocated IRQ's EDIT Slight Update I can disable any of these which frees up the IRQ but I'm not sure if removing the SCSI RAID Host Controller or either Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller would present any kind of problems

A:Vid Card/Sound Card IRQ Sharing: Is This A Problem?

After thinking about it I remembered that Daemon-Toolz mentioned its need for the SCSI/RAID driver during its installation. SO I uninstalled the program and the SCSI/RAID Host Controller entry disappeared from the list and was replaced by Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System. After rebooting my system the X-Fi moved to IRQ 19. The X-Fi has IRQ 19 all to itself and the 8800GTX shares its IRQ with the Silicon Image SiI 3531 SATA Controller.

Now my only question is am I at any kind of performance disadvantage because the X-Fi is now farther back in the IRQ list?
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My computer that very rarely crashes at all just started BSODed out of the blue today get it I have absolutely no clue on what is going on except for that it maybe has to do with some sort of overclocking because when I start Windows in Safe Mode the computer doesn't crash or make weird lines which is another problem The computer makes weird horizontal lines all over the place It also happens in the BIOS but again not in Safe Mode for some reason I have no clue on what is going on so I will weird on event card lines problem? and BlueScreen Video monitor. just leave you PC magicians this Problem Signature Code Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP BCP FFFFFA B F BCP BCP BlueScreen event and weird lines on monitor. Video card problem? OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Tufda AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online http go microsoft com fwlink linkid amp clcid x If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt I can also take a picture of what the lines look like if you are curious But for right now thanks in advance and have a happy new year

A:BlueScreen event and weird lines on monitor. Video card problem?

Welcome to 7F tufda, please follow the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions .
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Can anyone help me please A few days ago when i tried to play an audio on my computer it was making nonsense sound like crackling or something like that this was just when i was running any file including movie or music and when it was supposed to have some normal voice inside the speaker A few days later i had a noisy screen not a voice noise the screen was like in grids and the grid lines were made of display SCREEN, card problem, BLUE the root!? is sound :-( where problem! white dots This happens not only after windows boot but from the first moment i power the system on during boot process as well as when in windows window After a short time in windows the BLUE SCREEN appears and says nvlddmkm sys not working properly well this is about nvidia VGA driver i guess BUT if it s a driver problem i shouldn BLUE SCREEN, display problem, sound card problem! where is the root!? :-( t have it while in boot and when windows has not yet started what was that sound problem then are these two problems related to each other I ve checked the monitor it works well with other systems and also this chasis has the same problem when connected to other monitors it was a long time i hadn t opened the chases to try to fix these problem i opened it and found it completely dusty i thought this may have caused overheating problem and thus the motherboard damage which BLUE SCREEN, display problem, sound card problem! where is the root!? :-( has led to my quot ONBOARD quot SOUND and also nVidia VGA defects i checked the bios hardware check after about minutes of system turned on it showed deg Celsius Anyone can suggest me anything have you had similar problem before what do you think i should take for a check the VGA or the MOTHERBOARD i ve assembled the system about years ago by myself and every component is serviced by a different company MY OS IS WIN MotherBoard asus with onboard sound VGA nVIDIA M i don t remember or maybe G PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME HERE nbsp

A:BLUE SCREEN, display problem, sound card problem! where is the root!? :-(

helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, no one here?
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I just installed a new Ensoniq PCI sound card. My old card was onboard, an AC '97 or something. I changed the jumper settings (J7 from 1-2 to 2-3) My computer is an eMachine eTower 633ids.

Here's the problem...the sound skips. But it did this before I even installed the new card. That's why I bought a new card, because I thought it'd make the skipping disappear. There's this game that came installed with Windows ME, a pinball game, and the sound skips in that. It also skips repeatedly in the game "USAF". We're talking major skipping. The CD doesn't have a single scratch on it.

So I disabled the old sound card via the device driver. Am I doing anything wrong? My sound doesn't sound any different, and it's making me really mad.

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recently when i attempt to play a music file an error screen appears on windows media player. to resolve this i have to go to my sound card driver and reinstall it in order to hear music. i have to do this after every time i start my laptop, and although it only takes 2-3minutes it is annoying me as i shouldnt have to do it.

any ideas on how to help would be much appreciated,

A:sound card problem...???

Do you get the same error code/message using Dell Jukebox, or Realplayer. Originally I was going to say does Windows bootup during startup okay or are you receiving an error code. Is your sound card onboard or plug n play. Try going to manufacturers website to upgrade the latest driver(s). Also try installing Version Tracker Pro for driver issues
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Hi Guys!
I could use some help. I have an ASUS p5q SE2 motherboard, which after the windows 10 update would not launch VIA HD. The sound was not working, so I bought a Sound Blaster sound card. After installing it in the computer, I disabled the integrated sound card in BIOS, installed the drivers, but only the front panel headphone jack works, there is no sound on the 5.1. Can someone please help? Thanks

A:sound card problem

I do not see any Software drivers for this VIA since Windows 7 in 2009. Did the VIA drivers get updated from Windows and did you check Device Manager under Sound,Video and Game controllers to see if it was listed ?

No need to disable integrated Sound device when installing a PCI sound card. How are you hooking up this new card to external speakers and which model Sound blaster card did you purchase ? Usually front jack will only work for integrated card unless hooking PCI card to a motherboard connector i believe.
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Does anyone have anyidea why XP refuses to allow a sound card to work in my system The original sound card quit a few weeks ago still have not figured out card problem... Sound what event might have caused this and after some investigation I concluded it might Sound card problem... be a bad card Bought another went through the install XP sees it and then loads drivers and when I go to Sound card problem... Control Panel--Sounds I still see no audio device even though in the quot Hardware quot section it lists the sound card and reports it's working properly I've tried everything but hand stands to get these sound cards to work but it's not working out Something in the registry I think is quot getting in the way quot of the sound card but I have no idea what that could be XP seems to load the drivers successfully but quot Sounds quot tabs in Control Panel is greyed out and saying there is no no sound devices When I check the hardware device tab I see the CM PCI device and according to XP the device is working fine I'm out of ideas why I can't get a sound card to work on my system all of a sudden Perhaps a problem in the registry What could I look for Does XP have any quot repair quot utilities I might use Sound card gurus needed - Thanks David

A:Sound card problem...

Stupid question ... you have a new sound card. Have you called tech support or thought about taking it back?
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I hope I explain this right. I installed a new sound card into a computer that is used to run a program called Media Play. It is used for a school channel that broadcasts school ads over cable and also plays the weekly football game the following week. Anyway after installing the new card the music that plays for the ads work fine. When the game starts to play the software acts crazy and turns down all the knobs to off. The line in where all the sound is coming from does not work until I go in and turn the line in back up. No matter what I do every time the scheduled game starts it turns it down so no sound comes on. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? Thanks. I will try to contact the company that sold us the computer but they are not easy to get a hold of.

A:Sound card problem.

Check the options in the software that you are
using to play the game video.
It is probably taking over control of the sound card.
Look in there for audio settings and presets.
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Hi... first of all....WHat happend here!? i had to re-register!!!
anyways.....I got this crummy A-sound card while i get my Sound blaster..since my other messed up. IT works alright...sounds crummy. but thats ok. THE mic works in everything i have (roger wilco, Msn.) except CS says something about it being in use or something...and i cant use it in CS. I wanna know why it says that. gameport doesnt seem to work....I connect my joystick.....AND it wont find it....i tell it to use the "sidewinder 3D pro" but it says not connected...but i try some other 3-axis, 2button thing..and it works i have all the drivers for it...but it wont work. Help is greatly appreciated.....Jebuz

A:Sound card Problem in CS (MIC)

Originally posted by jebuz gameport doesnt seem to work....I connect my joystick.....AND it wont find it....i tell it to use the "sidewinder 3D pro" but it says not connected...but i try some other 3-axis, 2button thing..and it works i have all the drivers for it...but it wont work.Click to expand...

so the computer can't detect your sidewinder3d at all, right? or is it just not working?
if it can't detect anything at all, have you got it to work on other machines? other OS's?
does sound like the sidewinder has a faulty/damaged connector.
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when i use the headphone socket as a send to a PAsystem or amplifer it sends some interferance noise/internal leaking type noises into the amp/pa it creates a loud buzz
realtek sound card toshibaA200 laptop
my 10yr old toshiba laptop satelite has maestro sound card,and no probs,would a new sound card in the new laptop help stop the problem.both laptops are set the same.

A:sound card problem

is a sound card something i have to get installed in my laptop or is it downloadable.the laptop with probs says its realtek,could you point me in the right direction for something thats good for playing mp3s,eg the name of a good sound card
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Although I'm new to posting, I have been "hovering" around here for a while. Since you guys give the best advice, I thought I'd try one out on ya! :rolleyes:

Finally upgraded the PC and added on the 5.1's with an AOpen Cobra AW-850 sound card. Everything works absolutely fabulous - in only ONE user profile. The other user profile sees the card, drivers, etc., but even system sounds don't work. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing under the non-working profile to no avail. Both profiles have administrator access. Running Win XP Home. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All -

A:New PC New Sound Card Problem

As a troubleshooting measure,see what happens if you create another profile.Does it work in that ?
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Hi all I have a headache with my recent problem I have a Creative SoundBlaster sound card installed in a Pentium Mhz which runs Windows XP SP The sound card used to work fine Recently the volume icon in the taskbar tray keeps card Sound problem muted off and on all the time When I double-click it to open the Volume Control window I see the Mute All checkbox keeps checked and unchecked continuously I can hear sound from the sound card but of course it s not perfect due to the muted off activity I installed Ubuntu on a different partition and Ubuntu detected the same problem The sound icon in Ubuntu kept muted off and then back on all the time So the problem is not with Windows I bought a new sound card and installed it in the machine I saw the same problem When I installed the new sound card in a different computer it worked So the problem Sound card problem is not with the sound card I don t know what s going on here Is it something with the motherboard or something else Can anyone help me with this Thanks nbsp
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A few days ago i noticed that my sound is not working, so i thought my soundcard (built in)was not working so i bought a Creative 5.1 soundcard but after fixing and installing this i noticed that even this is not working. My system is a Intel P4 with Windows Xp.

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can someone help.

i had to crash and reinstall on my computer.
i dont have any of the original sound drivers for it to install.

in the booklet for the mainboard, this is what is said concerning the sound:

"onboard 3D SOUND PRO meets PC98'SPEC and supports HRTF Positional audio, direct sound 3d with AUREAL 3D driver, software wave-table synthesizer, and digital audio interface (SPDIF IN/OUT)"
Can anyone please help me. i need the sound for my cpu.

any help is greatly appreciated.

take care

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Okay. Yet another problem with hardware. I have a sound card and in my old computer it used to work. But when I put it into another computer I had with windows XP (The either computer had Windows 2000) it stopped working. I tried to update the drivers but that didn't work. I tried going to the manufacture website and their drivers installed something called C-media which didn't make the sound work. So now I am stuck with s=a soundless computer. The type of sound card is: ESS 1969 PC I audio Drive (WDM).

I think that's it. I doubt it because the driver isn't even installed so it might be something else. I'm not for sure.

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My computer came with a creative/ensoniq 3D Wavetable sound card. I need to reinstall drivers for it but have no disk. I have been to the ensoniq and creative sites, as well as half a dozen others (drive sites). I have downloaded several drivers that should have worked. Here is my problem. I install the drivers, reboot and get a message to insert the ensoniqaudiopci disk, which I do not have. The only option here is "ok" so I click that and get options to point to the drive and folder where the data being looked for is at. I have pointed to the folder to which I extracted the drivers program but no files were found. I am lost here. Any help for me??

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I am having a problem with my sound.

It started with the Far Cry demo and the full version of Singles. The sound seemed very distorted and for lack of a better term, "messed up." Sound would seem laggy, jittery, static, and the like. My sound card plays music and other games fine, but all the new games I am getting don't seem to work. This includes Doom 3, which I get NO sound for at all. The outsourced tech support did me no good so I am turning to my most valuable resource, the internet, for help. I would appreciate any troubleshooting advice you can provide.

My computer, FYI, has;

AMD 64 3400+ Processor
1 GB PC3200 RAM
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
Dual 80GB HDD on a Raid-0 Array
Windows XP Home Edition

Thanks for your help
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Hi I am currently running on windows xp and is using SoundBlaster Live for my sound card however since this time where I turned on GTA the sound all of a sudden got messed up now whenever sound with card Problem I speak into the mic I hear echos all the time but Problem with sound card the other person in CS for example cannot hear the echos then now its gotten worse even the mp s I play have this weird added echo anyone got any ideaS I tried reinstalling the drivers it didn t do much I checked for driver updates and there are no updates available NOte I also have some weird problems with msn messenger I can t do voice convos because only I can hear myself thru the mic I ve tested this with Netmeeting and the very same thing happened the other ppl cannot hear me but I can hear myself and this didn t apply to CS or games that use mics its weird someone help plz nbsp

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I was having problems with my puter not loading windows completely.After a long time playing around with it,I found a problem.I disabled the sound card and it loads OK.Question I have is,sound card is on the motherboard.Can I install a sound card seperately or do I have to replace the motherboard?I have not worked much on puters but thought I would give it a shot.It is an old one and I am getting a new one and thought I would keep this for the kids to play on.So if I do any more damage,no big loss.

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When I use VOIP or just record anything using my mic, everyone hears every sound I hear. This includes sounds from in the game I'm playing, music I'm listening to, and echos from them talking to me. An example would be me listening to music while talking on ventrilo, when I hold down the talk button, they will hear the music I'm listening to, but amplified to about twice as loud.

I recently purchased a new headset, thinking it was a problem with my old one, but I'm having the same problem. Is this a sound card issue, or just some settings I need to adjust?

BTW, I am using Realtek HD audio onboard sound.

A:Sound card problem

I don't know about your sound card, but mine has an option in the Mic Advanced settings called Mic Boost(+20dB). When I have this option turned off, only something right next to my microphone can be heard. When this option is on, it becomes way more sensitive. I would deduce that with a headset microphone, this option should be turned off, if it exists. And also, the Mic's playback volume control should be muted so that feedback doesn't occur.
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I have an M Audio Delta AP Multi sound card on my PC - it was installed when I needed a better sound card than the original Realtek AC97.Now I just want to use this pc with some desk top speakers instead of studio monitors.Originally my monitors were connected with twin phono leads,but my desk top speakers only have a green mini jack, but since I've connected them I'm not getting any sound!

Only my M Audio card shows in the device manager,but my Realtek card was there for a short time now it's disapeared.My speakers worked for a short while when listening to music but I lost my sound when I went to watch a film.I downloaded Realtek again but it hasn't shown up in the sounds and audio devices.Any advice would be appreciated....I'm not very technical by the way ....

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Using WinME, AMD 1.8 cpu, Mb MSI K7N2Delta. Used Aopen Cobra sound card for 3 months and started getting system lock up errors, have to reboot. Audio works in websites but music CD causes critical system error.
Installed new sound card Sunami Diamond DT-688 and get the same lock up. Windows bootup has no sound. Just wondering why these sound cards don't work. Sound blaster card seems to work ok.
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Well I posted a couple of weeks card problem possible sound ago about a problem with my sound being static-y and skipping and I had been reinstalling my sound driver and it was working and it s been fine since the last time But last night it started possible sound card problem skipping and I thought that it was just because I was about to get booted from my wireless connection But I bring my laptop back upstairs when I m heading up to bed and go to put some music on and it is skipping still And in a few minutes I accidently possible sound card problem knock it with my knee and it falls like a foot to the ground and after that it is the most skippy static-y it s ever been I reinstall the driver and reboot and nothing I try to watch a youtube video and it s doing it on there too normally it doesn t really affect that too much So I try to reinstall a video driver and that doesn t work Do I need a new sound board or chip or whatever it s called I remember in the last post I made someone said that that is something that could be bought easily Is it Is there anything else I can try before I either buy a new sound card or send it back to Gateway to get fixed nbsp
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I am having a problem with my sound card All was fine until I downloaded a program online called Turnbite an audio converter and as soon as I Problem Card Sound installed it I Sound Card Problem had no sound so I uninstalled it but still had no sound Looked in my device Sound Card Problem manager and there were yellow exclamation marks on my CD and DVD drives and on my sound card Realtek AC Then I removed them from device manager and the exclamation marks were gone when I rebooted but I still have no sound I DL updated drivers for my sound card but that did not help When I go to control panel gt sound and Audio devices gt properties There is no sound card listed and everything is ghosted in the properties I can t do a sound test or anything in there My sound card is still listed in device manager and it says quot it is work properly quot I am running XP and my soundcard is on the motherboard I tried doing a system restore but it won t let me restore to before I installed Tunebite Any help would be appreciated P S there is NOT a check in MUTE Thanks Val nbsp

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HI Frnds

I had used intel board previously.Unfortunately the board was carshed and ia m using Zebronics 845GV Chipset board now.I am not sure it is new or old board.i am facing a problem in sound card.I had installed all the software for the sound card and it was fine.Though i can't hear the volume in the speakers.What may be the proble.Plz hepl me

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i recently upgraded form windows vista to windows 7, ever since then my sound card (SB X-Fi Xtreme audio) hasn't worked

i have tried downloading the latest drivers for it and my computer says it has them but still nothing, i have also tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it without any luck.

i was wondering if it was possible to get it to run using the drivers from xp or vista and if so how would i go about doing it?

A:sound card problem

Go to start/control panel/sound.
On the playback tab,make sure speakers(sounblaster extreme) is set as default.
If not,click it then click set default.
Any other audio device could have been set as default during the upgrade.
Like HD audio on a video card.
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i installed a new sound card in my computer windows xp pro w sp asus motherboard viakt series amd xp anthlon ghz processor mb ddr ram mhz gb western digital hd geforce mx mb video card sound blaster live LS xp recongized the sound card after installing it and i installed the drivers from the cd but every time i resart my computer or turn it off i have no sound i can go to control panel sounds and audio devices and it says no audio device installed but i can go to my computer right click go to properties device manager then i go to sound and game controllers and unistall the sound card which is installed and it says it is working properly then i scan for sound problem card hardware changes it reinstalls the sound card and says it is installed and ready sound card problem to use then i have my sound back but my problem is that it wont stay installed and i have to unistall it every time i turn my computer off or restart it any help will be greatly appreciated this is driving me crazy nbsp

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I’m trying to connect a record turntable (AT-PL50) to my HP PC computer, Windows XP. I can get a signal using the microphone jack and record satisfactorily through the Cakewalk software but, of course, only in mono.) I can't get a signal using the stereo inputs. I've been into Control Panel, selected various inputs, used volume sliders, set the turntable to pre-amp on and off. Any ideas would be gratefully received!

A:Sound Card Problem

In which stereo sound card slot do you connect the turntable to? Is it line-in? Make sure that you are using a stereo jack to connect to the sound card. If you use stereo jack make sure it's not damaged by replacing it or by connecting it to another device as they tend to have faults in my experience.

As for microphone getting mono signal is normal (but according to your post you already know)

Also, did you set your sound card/windows to select line in to get signal?
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I have a Yahama OPL3-SAx WDM Driver sound card (am I even saying that right)??

When I go into MSN Voice option it says:
It is not possible to use a microphone and speakers at the same time with the half-duplex sound card in your machine. You may need to contact the sound card manufacturer to update the device driver."

My sounds microphone (mic & handset), and speakers all work fine in other programs. I feel like I might of checked something once that said half-duplex. Does anyone know where this setting is.. or better yet, how I can solve this problem, even find out if my sound card actually IS half-duplex, not full??

A:Sound card problem

I'm not sure if it is full duplex of not. If not, it won't work. The fact that it works in other software doesn't mean much - those programs may simply support half duplex.

You can try the latest drivers from here - they may help:

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money
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I hope I explain this right. I installed a new sound card into a computer that is used to run a program called Media Play. It is used for a school channel that broadcasts school ads over cable and also plays the weekly football game the following week. Anyway after installing the new card the music that plays for the ads work fine. When the game starts to play the software acts crazy and turns down all the knobs to off. The line in where all the sound is coming from does not work until I go in and turn the line in back up. No matter what I do every time the scheduled game starts it turns it down so no sound comes on. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? Thanks. I will try to contact the company that sold us the computer but they are not easy to get a hold of.
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Well I presume it Sound Card problem s a sound card problem Recently for some unknown reason the sound will just cut out randomly whilst playing mp s whilst playing games or playing system sounds The sound will just stop working and the computer has to be put into standby or restarted to get the sound working again When trying to play and music or sounds whilst the computer is without sound like an mp in WMP - the CPU sticks and runs at until windows media player is stopped or closed The it returns to normal until sound needs to be played again I have tried updating the drivers through update driver in device manager and also by using the system recovery disk supplied with my computer to revert the driver back to the original driver supplied with the computer Both appear to have not Sound Card problem solved the problem Trouble is I don t know whats causing it it appears to be totally random and doesnt occur specific to one file or game or program It just randomly decides to stop working Device manager doesn t report that there is a problem with the device so I m a bit stuck as to what to do Thanks nbsp

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Hello and how are you I am new at this forum And i need some help For about a week i have been trying to solve this sound card problem While trying to solve that problem another problems get started maybe because of Card Problem! Sound downloading wrong drivers or etc Actually i do not know exactly First of all here is details about my system below ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Board Ver A VMS V DBB MSI Micro Star Inter Sound card CMI PCI- ch-LX HRTF DAudio MJP R- UGG DH Model no L- - C Sound Card Problem! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I downloaded all drivers and do everything Sound Card Problem! else but it Sound Card Problem! still seems not working Now it says quot This device can not get started quot Code ------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the way there is another problem about VIA ATA Channel I downloaded necessary drivers but it says quot windows can not start this device because of not downloading necessary driver quot Code ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last problem While starting windows i see a window which says quot A concessionary occured while trying to open C Windows system NvCpl dll NvStartup quot ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Please help me with this problems If you can tell me step by step what i should do it will be better Thanks for your time and help Sincerely Inanc nbsp

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My friend gets the error message: "a device id has been used that is out of range for your system" and it pretty much told him his sound card is messe dup because it plays no sound. He's just using Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio probably from his motherboard. He's got Windows XP and I told him maybe he should reinstall it. I'm not very good at the hardware aspect and am wondering what he should do. Thanks

A:Sound Card Problem

The soundcard's drivers may need to be reinstalled or updated

Maybe from the SoundMAX website:
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Hello out there, I was hoping someone could please help me with a problem with my sound card/driver. I accidentally erased it from my harddrive ....and have no idea how to get it back or re-install it. I have Windows 98 and I believe my sound card/driver was Aureal Vortex...Do I have to buy new software to re-install or can I download of the internet?...any help would really be appreciated...thank you in advance.

A:Sound card problem

You can probably download the drivers from the internet. However to help us help you please include your system specs. Including Processor, Mobo (system model if an off the shelf-ei Compaq, HP, Emachines, Dell,etc.) Ram, and such.
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I formatted my computer and installed windows Now I can t get the sound working In device manager it says the device is working correctly but there is no sound When I try to play a wave using Windows Media Player I get an error basically saying that the sound card is not available or is not working correctly If I try to play an MP it plays through without the error but no sound Error is I also tried WinAmp and still got the error When I go to Card Problem Sound quot Control Panel quot -- gt quot Multimedia quot -- gt quot Audio quot the tab is not enabled so I can t change Sound Card Problem anything there I tried downloading the drivers and they seem to intall correctly but I get the same problems when I try to play sound files Also there is no volume control icon in the system tray I did install drivers that put the icon in the system tray but locked up the computer when I tried to play files so I uninstalled the drivers again I did the windows update and installed the drivers from that I also have the latest DirectX Would something need to be changed in the bios or somewhere The card is VIA AC and Windows Does anyone have any Sound Card Problem ideas I am really stuck Thanks nbsp

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OK here is the deal I have a Sound blaster Live LS card and it stopped working about 2wks ago, I have no clue in to way this has happened? I have tryed the following:

*Tryed to Update it but there is no driver updates for it,
*I have tryed to uninstall it and reinstall but the only thing I get is the start up wave for windows Xp.
*I have also checked the main sound bar and everything is set right.
*Checked for spyware/adware and viruses.

Does any one have any ideas?

A:Sound card problem

Try this:

Remove the card in Device Manager and shut down

Remove the card from the motherboard and restart without it.

Download the most current drivers and install them

Shut down and reinsert the card on the motherboard

Startup and let Windows "discover" it and load drivers.

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Hello I was using a program called Auslogics Duplicate to remove a lot of duplicate files from my computer and I believe I deleted a file that made my sound card work I left this go for a few months and then decided to try to fix it I found out that I could have gone back Card Sound Problem to system restore if I would have done this earlier but it is to late for that now I have gone to Dell to try to find a driver but nothing worked I have a dell dimension e When I open the windows media player I get quot Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a Sound Card Problem problem with your sound device There might not be a sound device installed on Sound Card Problem your computer it might be in use by another program or it might not be functioning properly quot When I look on the sound and audio device properties the message states quot This device cannot start Code quot I went through the trouble shooter removed the hardware and tried to reinstall It reinstals but it shows a yellow next to it so it is not functioning The document states that your computer came with a cd to install this device problem is I do not have the CD Any help out there It is a IDT High Definition Audio CODEC location is nbsp

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I have a Sound Blaster Live!5.1 Soundcard and have been running the Creative programs that came with it.

One of the options is you can change the envionment of the sound.

Recently the system got stuck on Hall reverb and all the options vanished. Not even the reset default option turned off the reverb.

I recently installed Adobe CS and Adobe Audition 1.0

I have tried reinstalling everything that came with the soundcard but it didn't seem to work

Any Suggestions?

A:Problem with Sound Card

that happens with my creative sound card, but it fixes itself when i reboot. puke:
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Recently my computer was serviced for technical problems My then master hard-drive a Maxtor Gb Card Problem Sound was switched with my then slave drive an HP Sound Card Problem Pavilion Gb in-order to correct a boot error Although the boot problem is corrected and for the most part the computer is behaving normally my sound-card is not being recognized as hardware Thus I cannot listen to music or any sound for that matter I ve tried to change the default audio device through quot Sounds and Audio Devices quot in the control panel however the only quot recognized quot audio device is the built it voice modem which obviously can t play sounds My theory is that the sound-card is already being used by my former master disk the maxtor thus is unable to be used by the new master drive the HP Also now that I ve reviewed my System Information not only is my Sound Card not recognized but so too is my Intel Graphics Card Any help would be extremely appreciated - lukx nbsp

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All of a sudden for no reason I can think of, the inbuilt speakers on my sisters computer stopped working. Earlier (a few hours before it stopepd working) the speakers were working fine. We did not do anything.

We have tried external speakers, headphones, everything but no sound. The only time I can hear anything is when I push certain haedphone hard against my ear. Even then I can barely hear anything.

it seems as though the sound has been turned way down so I can no longer hear it.

Come to think of it, it may of stopped working after a windows update. I'm running windows XP.

Any ideas?

A:Sound Card Problem...

First I would go into Device manager and refresh sound drivers. If that does not work I would go to manufactures site(Sound card or Computer) and download and install drivers. (If you do this you need to delete your current sound drvers first) Good luck!
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Hi all,
I just got a SoundBlaster Live 5.1 sound card for Christmas. I also bought some surround sound speakers which sound great.I used to have the SB PCI 128 sound card.

Heres the problem I ran into:

When I restart the computer, before the windows splash screen, I see this writen:

SB IRQ conflict with PCI IRQ
Creative SB16 emulsion driver not loading.

Anyone now how I'd go about fixing this

A:Sound Card Problem, Help

That's the driver for dos, if you don't play dos games don't worry about it.

If your running win98 you should be able to go to start/run/type msconfig and press enter, go to the startup tab and find it and uncheck it.
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Hello All I tried to install windows xp on my system and installed While installing the system restart and I am unable to install the sound card driver I downloaded the driver from here And my system configuration are Operating System new amp server roles System Model Windows XP Professional Service problem Card Sound Pack build Install Language English United States System Locale English United States Installed PM Circuit Board b gigahertz Intel Pentium kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Not hyper-threaded Board Intel Corporation D GLAD AAA Sound Card problem - Serial Number IMAD Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Intel Corp LY A A P Drives new amp drive encryption Memory Modules c d Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space SAMSUNG CD-R RW SW- B Optical drive TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S J Optical drive quot format removeable media Floppy drive SAMSUNG SV H Hard drive GB -- drive rev QP - SMART Status Healthy Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot J G has MB Slot J G has MB Local Drive Volumes new amp volume encryption c NTFS on drive GB GB free d NTFS on drive GB GB free Operating System is installed on c Network Drives None discovered Users mouse over user name for details Printers l quot vis s n AN HHAW July Bus Adapters Multimedia Intel R DB DBM USB Enhanced Host Controller - CD Intel R DB DBM USB Universal Host Controller - C Intel R DB DBM USB Universal Host Controller - C Intel R DB DBM USB Universal Host Controller - C Multimedia Audio Controller Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device Virus Protection Group Policies AntiVir Desktop Version Virus Definitions Version Up To Date Realtime File Scanning On None discovered Communications new amp connection speed amp status Other Devices Smart Link K Voice Modem amp Intel R PRO VE Network Connection primary Auto IP Address Gateway Dhcp Server Physical Address E CB Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Networking Dns Server Intel R Graphics Chipset KCH Driver Intel R Graphics Platform SoftBIOS Driver Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Microsoft PS Mouse Generic USB Hub USB Root Hub x nbsp

A:Sound Card problem

If your motherboard is the Intel D845GLAD listed above, the Realtek HD driver you downloaded won't work, unless you possibly have a separate audio card that uses it. You need the Sigmatel AC97 driver here: XP Professional*&DownloadType=Drivers
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I have recently had a problem with my hard drive, although now that seems to be ok. I reformated my computer and first my graphics card wasn't working properly, but that was fixed too, the thing is that now my sound card has backfired. I installed the driver from the C Media website, installed XPcodec pack, but nothing is working. I even took out my sound card and put it into a different slot on the motherboard and it still doesn't work. There is no sound. The speakers still work.
My sound card is CMI 8738 4CHL PCI
Please help!
Thank you

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I use to be able to connect an audio cable from the phone jack on my boom box to the Line-In jack on my computer's sound card to copy over a cassette on my computer so I could transfer it over onto a CD. Is it possible for that part on the sound card to become damaged????

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I have a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live LS sound card.It works great and is installed correctly.its made for a Surround Sound 5.1 system also by Creative Labs.The only problem is that when im not doinhg anything or the computer sits idle and even when listening to music,it starts to liie crack over the speakers.Can anyone help me?

A:New Sound Card problem

could need to reinstall the drivers, also you may want to check their website and verify that they do not have a more updated driver
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OK, I think I have a soundblaster x-fi mb from creative. My surround sound 5:1 speakers, when I use windows to test them, they work fine. All of them. However, when I play, for example, a music clip which is supposed to test them I find that the 2 at the sides of my room dont work. When I played a game however, I heard a small sound coming out of them. I suspect that I jsut have to go into the control panel and change the volume. I think.

When I try to open the console launcher it says this:
There are no supported audio devices available. You need to close the application. Click OK to close the application now.

I need help, I tried to re install the drivers but that didn't seem to do much.

A:Sound Card Problem

You need to post the make and model of your computer or laptop. Plus system specs. This way someone can help you better.
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I have a Athlon 900 on a azza motherboard. I have a SoundBlaster Live! Value sound card and a Matrox 450 dual Head video card. When I play games such as Diablo II and Myth II, my sound goes out and is replaced by a high pitch and then my computer freezes up and I have to reset. I have tried moving my sound card away from the video card. Didn't work. I freed up my system resources to 95%, didn't work. I removed my sound card to see if it actually was that, and The computer didn't freeze. Can anyone help me?

A:Sound card problem

Hi chaneyclan, and welcome....

Take a look in the control panel, system, device manager and look for anything that may be trying to use the same IRQ as the sound card......
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when i play my songs that i have downloaded in winamp (or any program for that matter) some songs have major distortion, but others are as crisp as they could ever be.

its always the same with each particular song, it never varies.

i have adjusted the audio properties of my sound, the speaker volume itself and turned the 3d effects on/off.

is it just that my sound card isnt up to the job and/or broken?

any advice would be appreciated....the sound card that i have is still the basic one i got with my pc 3 years ago........


A:sound card problem or not?

If the same files do the same thing everytime, I would say the files or the download is bad. The card probably is fine.
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I reinstalled xp and everything went ok, so i installed GTA3 and realize theres no sound, so i go to windows media player and play a sample song and a box comes up saying "no audio hardware is available or it is not responding" so i go to control panel/sound and audio devices/volume and it says "no audio device. This is probly normal so can someone tell me how to fix it??? Also after reinstalleing xp and clearing my hard disks, is there anything else i should do??? any adjusting or makeing sure of things??? thanks a bunch!

A:YET ANOTHER PROBLEM...........Sound card!

also...........i have a eVGA display driver installation cd, i popped it in and it said through the install that xp did not support this i exited the setup and never installed it! What is this??? i dont think it was even installed on my computer, so should i install it??? second, i have a motherboard disk tha says it has the

-cyberlink video and audio applications
-PC- cillin 2000 anti-virus software
-asus pc probe
-asus live update

I dont think this was installed either, i havnt put the disk in.............what should i do???