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High pitched noise coming from comp and no use of monitor, keyboard, or mouse

Q: High pitched noise coming from comp and no use of monitor, keyboard, or mouse

I recently got my net back on. I did all suggested driver updates. After installing a game and turning off the comp, when I went to turn it on all I got was a high pitched noise from inside the comp along with no use of my monitor mouse or keyboard. I took the video cards out cleaned them and put them back in, Comp ran fine till I put the game back on the comp. I am now in the same position of high pitched noise along with no keyboard, mouse or monitor.
I have a
Dell 630i quad core
GeForce 8800GT x 2
OS- Windows XP

I have removed each of the video cards and tried running the comp, but still not working same high pitched noise.

Please help!! I want my comp back in working order

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Preferred Solution: High pitched noise coming from comp and no use of monitor, keyboard, or mouse

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: High pitched noise coming from comp and no use of monitor, keyboard, or mouse

"Comp ran fine till I put the game back on the comp. "Click to expand...


Personally, I would call Dell on this one. Who knows, maybe you're still under warranty and you'll get a free motherboard replacement.
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Recently my laptop had a BSOD after which it restardted my computer, it then kept asking for me to insert a boot disc. I turned it off because I had things to do and really didn't want to worry about my computer, later when I turned it on windows started up with no problem at all. However my computer has started emitting a high pitched sound that is very annoying. This may be a hardware question but the sound only started after the BSOD error.

My computer is a Acer Asipre 5940G is that is any help.

Any help with this matter would be wonderful.

A:High pitched noise coming from laptop

does the sound come even on the POST screen i.e the ACER Screen just after pressing power button....??
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Hi I have a Toshiba Sat Pro U and the system itself seems to be working perfectly high-pitched my Prolonged coming from Laptop speakers. noise well About months ago my laptop began to make a noise an unbearable constant high pitched noise The only time that the noise stops is when the laptop is off and for a very brief period when windows starts up The noise seems to come from the left speaker but it continues whether I mute the speakers or not As Prolonged high-pitched noise coming from my Laptop speakers. I always use a speaker connected via a jack cable for audio output the fact that the speakers didn t work didn t really bother me but I HAD to stop that sound or I would have thrown the laptop out of the window I looked on plenty of forums which all suggested disconnecting the speakers from the motherboard but I din t really want to have to open up my laptop if I could help it Since then I managed to Prolonged high-pitched noise coming from my Laptop speakers. disable the speakers using the Hardware tab of the Sounds and Audio devices properties menu of the control panel It was such a relief to find that there was no longer a loud high-pitched noise However it seems to have disabled all sounds including audio output through a jack connection I need to have sound on my laptop but when I turn the speakers back on the beeping begins again I am pretty good at finding causes of problems on my own computer and finding solutions and believe me I ve tried It seems that there isn t much information out there about this problem If someone could please help me with this I would greatly appreciate it Either by telling me what the cause of the problem is or by suggesting a solution to the problem P S If I do need to disconnect speakers from the motherboard could you possibly let me know how Thanks Caleb nbsp

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Greetings all I m writing today because I m a bit nervous about my hard drive It s making a high-pitched noise I thought it might be a result of my other problem but that problem is resolved and my hard drive is still whiny I m currently coming crashes noise drive, High-pitched from no hard using of my sold as a GB gigabytes of space Formatting is simply NOT an option as reinstalls and reconfigurations would take at least three days straight as in hours minimum The weird thing is nothing s crashed yet There s no signs of decreased performance There s really no problem at all shrugs Except for this noise And it makes very very very nervous It almost sounds like it s undulating It s weird Is High-pitched noise coming from hard drive, no crashes my hard drive on the brink of disaster I ve compiled a -CD set of emergency backup files so even in a worst-case scenario I am not losing critical documents Which is good But still I don t want to spend another week of my life watching blue bars go from left to right Please advise EDIT I must mention that I ve been a very bad computer user in that I haven t run defrag on my system in quite a while hides face in shame Could this be a cause of the problem Could defrag or chkdsk resolve the problem Is there a problem at all nbsp

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Hello folks.

I have a high pitched noise coming from my power supply. It happened recently, and it's been lightning around here to boot. It's on a surge protector, but obviously we know that doesn't mean it can't still be hit.

Anyways, I can hear it fine but my dad can't. Before the tumor jokes start, my little sister can hear it as well, so evidently we both have tumors. I ended up unplugging everything from the power supply, including the motherboard, and turned the power supply on and off, and the noise only started when the power supply was turned on.

It still works, but it annoys the heck out of me. Obviously I want to replace it but I'm not sure if I can get an RMA. Is there any risk running it like this?

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I was over at a friends tonight and she has an hp I5 laptop...not sure of the model# and it is getting a high pitch noise that can be heard from as far as about 6 feet away. This is a consistant and steady noise. This just started today. It is running hotter than normal from what she said. The laptop is about 2 yrs old.

I checked one of the fans and I felt some air coming out, and I could hear the fan running, but I had a hard time identifying where the noise is coming from...

What components would most likely be the cause. Certainly the fan, I would think, but what else could it be? I won't risk opening up the case, but is there any additional troubleshooting I should try?

A:high pitched nasty sounding noise coming from laptop

Sounds like a bad fan, higher heat and squealing sound. also check to see if a disk has been left in the optical drive.
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I ve High-Pitched My Noise a Makes Monitor noticed recently that my computer makes a high-pitched sound but there s more to it than that It only My Monitor Makes a High-Pitched Noise seems to appear whenever the monitor is displaying a large amount of white or bright pixels I m talking about having notepad open visiting this website anything that uses bright colors This is by far the most weirdest thing I My Monitor Makes a High-Pitched Noise have come across yet Even more so than my browser disappearing when I change it into windowed mode Can you give me some tips on what I can do on this really strange case Thanks in advance -Tony EDIT Actually it does something different The monitor kind of quot gets used quot to the pixels on the screen and when the colors drastically change i e opening up other windows with dark colors I get the noise again So now it s quot used quot to the bright colors If I visit my darker website it starts making the noise again So what do I do about this nbsp

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Firstly, apologies for the vague thread title, I couldn't think of how else to describe it

Right, when the monitor (rather old 16" Sharp LCD monitor) is showing the colour white (such as a Google search results page, GMail inbox etc.) I can hear a rather audible high pitched buzzing sound, no matter what brightness the screen is on. Any ideas as to why? I'm sure there is a scientific/electronic reason as to why, it's just I'm not sure what that reason is

A:Monitor makes a high pitched noise when showing white.

I have read that the condition can be caused by low quality capacitors.
And I understand the fix (workaround) is to lower the refresh rate as low as it will go.

Also could be the power inverter for the backlight (same reason: cheapness).
Some people say you can epoxy the edges of the inverter to fix this. Not advisable IMHO - just replace it.

And if the backlight is fluorescent, then you could be hearing that common buzz that fluorescent lights make when they are close to burning out.
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I've just gotten a new laptop and once its loaded Windows it makes a high pitched undulating noise, kind of like wooooo-ooooooo-woooooo-ooooooo. Its like having tinnitus!! It's seriously annoying, especially as I use a computer a lot. It's constant and doesn't change if its running off battery or mains (as i'd read some do). I tried to look at the fix mentioned here but the links don't work: Is there anything I can do to fix this???
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I have a ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, when i boot the computer it starts to make a very annoying high pitched noise which just doesnt stop which has force me to remove it. Any ideas on how to fix it?

A:High pitched noise

That is a sign of a defective or dying capacitor.

time for a new graphics card.
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Does anyone know what would noise! high pitched cause my hard drive to make this high pitched shrill sounding almost alarm-like noise It does it occasionally and I cannot connect any certain action to it s happening It definetly is coming from my hard drive not the speakers Sometimes it occurs and then overything kind of freezes up and I can t even shut it down I have to just hit reset I recently had a new hard drive installed with more space because my pc tech friend told me that was probably the reason not enough room But now I have GB with only GB used so that s not it I also had a new fan put in but that wasn t it Like just now--it started again--out of the blue--my cursor just high pitched noise! hesitated and I knew it was coming and then it started Any ideas It s driving me crazy It s loud and makes you want to scream Even my dog leaves the room Help Thanks Angie nbsp

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Basically I just bought a whole load of new computer parts to build into a PC for my brother christmas High pitched going What's here? noise? on gift I ve done it countless times but this time I m getting some bizzare problems I ll list the specs first P E RAM ASUS P P SE motherboard Thermaltake w Powersupply Radeon Pro Gig Seagate SATA HD Now with the stock powersupply Came in the case not the Thermaltake I plugged it into everything and the computer What's going on here? High pitched noise? booted and ran fine EXCEPT the PSU had a burning smell that What's going on here? High pitched noise? was not to my liking w So I put in my w Thermaltake Powersupply and it makes this odd high pitched noise when it s on the on position at the back but the computer itself not switched on Yet if I lay the computer on its side it runs and the sound goes away EXCEPT if I plug in the keyboard it makes the sound again and the computer doesn t boot when the sound is on I KNOW the power supply works What could be the problem here I m seriously stumped All the components seem to be functioning as they should but there s no way a w Powersupply should be overloaded like that Thanks in advance nbsp

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I have a set of turtle beach Earforce PX21 headphones that I bought for my PS3. My PS3 crapped out on me and I didn't really play games on it anymore any way and decided to use the headphones on my PC. When I hook them up I get a high pitched noise coming out of them the whole time. I didn't get that noise when I used it on the PS3. I have an Asus P8Z68-V Pro board and I'm just using the audio from it. I don't have a separate sound card. I've hooked them up directly to the board, I've hooked them up to front of my case(which has a plug for the headphones, and my keyboard has a setup for hooking in the headphones and they all have that noise in them. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.
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Hi there, I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 3 14 with Core i7-5500U and I feel like there might be a problem with the chip because the fan is nearly constantly on and it is REALLY loud, and so far ive only done basic tasks like web browsing and document editing.
Also another unrelated problem I have is that 2-finger-tap right click isnt working on the touchpad despite the option in the settings being ticked.
Please help, I've been really dissappointed in this laptop because of these things and I'm sure it's awesome when it works properly
Admin note; subject edited to be more specific.

Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 3 14 High Pitched Fan Noise

Hello! I'm a first time poster. I bought a Yoga 3 two days ago, and out of the box it has been making this high pitched noise whenever the fan spins. I've read through the existing forums on this issue but can't seem to get anything to work! I love this product so much but this noise is really annoying and I can't live with it! Ill try just about anything now I'm that desperate! This is my 3rd faulty new laptop in less than a month! Thankyou all for your time!
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Hello Guys. Recently i bought a brand new aspire aspire V nitro.The problem is that there is a irritating high noise coming from my laptop very frequently when i am using it.Also, the fans start blowing really intensively sometimes, and then suddenly they are very quiet. I was wondering if you guys have any idea what the problem might be.The thing with the fans is not that bad and i can handle that, but the high pitched noise is really annoying and is holding me off using my laptop sometimes. Thanks in advance, Karsten
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My laptop has been making a high-pitched sound nonstop as long as the laptop is on. It's inaudible if there is other background noise (from a TV or music) but in a quiet place like the library, the noise drives me up the wall. Is there anything I can do about this? It seems to be coming from the left side of the keyboard. I've only had this laptop for two months.

A:High-pitched noise from Inspiron 15R

I have the same problem. I got my Inspiron 15R (N5010) about two weeks ago.
When the laptop is plugged in, the whining sound is not very noticeable. When on battery, the whining sound is clearly too disturbing. Sometimes, even when plugged in the sound is just too disturbing.
I am considering returning the laptop because of this sound.
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I just purchased a Dell 2330 All-In-One, and the computer is emitting a high-pitched noise. It's extremely annoying. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? 

A:2330 All-in-One High-pitched noise.

Can you provide some additional information?  
1.  Does your system make the noise as soon as the system is turned on?  Is the system touching something that is making a vibration?
2.  Is a disc in the optical drive?  If so, does removing it make the sound go away?
3.  Can you describe where the sound is coming from?
4.  Do you recall what, if anything, you were doing when the sound began?  For example installing any new software (especially third-party software) or did you connect any new hardware to the 2330.
5.  Have you updated your software?  Have you restarted your system?
6.  Was the system purchased directly from Dell or someplace like Best Buy?  
If you're unable to isolate where the noise is coming from, I'd recommend taking the system to an authorized service provider.  If you're not comfortable tinkering with opening the system (who'd want to do that on a newly purchased computer?), take it to a service provider.  If it's newly purchased from Dell or authorized seller... you're covered under the hardware warranty.  Please provide more info if you can.  Without more information, no one can make an informed recommendation how to fix "noise."
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Hello everyone I m using AMD FX- W with Gigabyte GA- A-DS I ve been using this CPU on the MB even on the F bios version even though the CPU is not officially supported only the W version and only from F a bios So here is noise high CPU VRM pitched or makes the problem I ran OCCT test and after about minutes or so there is a constant high pitched noise coming from somewhere around CPU area which lasts for around seconds then stops When that happens I can hear the CPU fan slowing down and temperatures decreasing which CPU or VRM makes high pitched noise would normally point to throttling the temps are very low so it s not that After seconds it just comes back to normal the test is still running and after a few minutes it happens again etc However the CPU usage frequency and voltage all stay unchanged I CPU or VRM makes high pitched noise ve checked in OCCT CPU-Z and AIDA at the same time and that is a bit confusing since I don t even know what s happening Could be some safety instructions from the mobo because of CPU or VRM makes high pitched noise the high TDP processor At some point I tried overclocking and I got to GHz with the stock voltage but I can t go any further even with the voltage bumped to V but that s not my primary concern even though it could be that I got a bad cpu example I just mentioned this because the problem could be related as there could be compatibility issues but the CPU is working fine while it shouldn t work at all considering the mobo manufacturers compatibility list I searched all over the internet and I haven t found anyone with the same problem as I m having I found that some people are complaining about coil whine and after searching more on that I can tell that this is not coil whine but more of a high pitched quot beep quot noise not that loud at all that is constantly heard for about seconds So if anyone has an idea what s going on I would be very thankful for any help nbsp
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My PC (Win XP, HP Pavillon Desktop a1340n) has been repaired several times, and the last time I got it back, I plugged the speakers to the sound card (not onboard sound) and there's a high-pitched noise coming from the speakers. It's not a mic problem I don't believe, since the line-in is muted. I left the speakers unplugged for a while and when I went to plug them in the noise wasn't there, but it's recently returned.

What should I do to remedy this?
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I have been having an issue with my mic.When i plug it into my sound card I get a high pitched noise coming from my speakers.The sound card is a audigy2 ZS Gamers addition.I can also hear myself talking through my speakers when i attempt to speak.Thanks in advance

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Have a set of logitech z523 speakers and asus xonar ds sound card,when the speakers are idle there is a high pitched whine coming from them,works fine when im playing music,also when i pause WMP the whine kicks in,anybody any ideas please?

Thank you

A:High Pitched Noise From Speakers


Do you have any other electrical equipment, wireless router etc near your speakers? If so, try turning them off one at a time and see if there is an improvement.

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Hi there,

Ive built a pc and had it up and running without issues till I swapped the CPU zalman air cooler with a tuniq fan, i then noticed im getting a high pitched noise off my pc ever since...... could it be a fan issue.... even tho when i use the fan control it seems the fan does work.....

Any suggestions are most welcome


A:High Pitched squeek coming from pc

Certainly sounds like a fan with worn-out bearings.
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Now I know this question has been asked quite a few times but the results always vary and it appears really dependent on the hw So Recently I have been hearing an interrupted high pitched whistle from the case It is not too loud but interrupts when pitched High whistle PC coming from somewhere I need to ex read High pitched whistle coming somewhere from PC something and concentrate It is not a singular long beep High pitched whistle coming somewhere from PC but series of small beeps When I opened the case I tried to High pitched whistle coming somewhere from PC listen where it goes from it does not appear to whistle from the electric source and CPU Graphics Net card Motherboard are too close to each other to properly determine I tried to listen with a straw but it always appears to emanate from someplace else when using this method I tried to dust everything firm the screws nothing helped The issue started about two or three weeks back I purchased the PC about a year ago and the user have not reported anything similar the last change was adding a new CPU fan about four months ago The Rig Mobo ASUS M N -AM SLV CPU AMD Phenom tm II X T Processor CPU Fan Coolermaster Hyper Evo Ram x GB PC AM Vga AMD Radeon FDD in apacer sln HDD seagate GB sln E C Cdrom DVDRW LG sln Advice very much appreciated nbsp

A:High pitched whistle coming somewhere from PC

That noise could be either:


Is this system OC = overclocked?
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My GPU currently has been making a high pitched noise. It is only when changing the resolution and press Apply

A:Video Card High Pitched Noise

It's usually the monitor that does that rather than gpu!!! It's nothing to worry about unless it gets really!!!!
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Hi guys. I've got another problem. My Lite-On iHES106-2 makes a High-Pitched noise whenever it reads data from CD.

Any idea what's going on?

A:CD/DVD drive makes high-pitched noise

Just learned that if it makes those noise like that... it will or is already dead. What the hell is going on with my computer these days?!? My music hard drive and now my CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive... GOTTA BE JOKING!!
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Since few days ago can hear an eek/whistle from the HDD of my L500-22R which remains permanently.
Should I think about changing the HDD?

Thaks for your support.

A:Satellite L500-22R - High pitched noise from HDD

Sounds like it might be starting to fail.
I would replace the HDD or upgrade to an SSD.
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I recently got a replacement XPS due to my first one having issues with high-pitched noise coming out from somewhere inside Technicians and Customer Service couldn t point out the culprit so they replaced the laptop altogether And now I am having the exact same issue on my replacement 13 High-Pitched making Dell (again) Noise XPS machine Dell XPS 13 making High-Pitched Noise (again) I see from different forum posts that this issue was discovered as early as May June and it is still out there I assume this might be quot standard quot but people don t notice it due to the frequency nbsp For such a premium machine with a pricy tag on it the model I got i GB RAM GB SSD p edition btw was priced at NOK with standard options you d expect such issues to be non-existant if not fixed by now Dell XPS 13 making High-Pitched Noise (again) nbsp I LOVE the XPS in every aspect possible the lightweight construction premium feel and solid performance But I m often in very quiet areas with this machine and the noise drives me insane I m a student What to do

A:Dell XPS 13 making High-Pitched Noise (again)

Hi Karl Sindre Baath Engelstad,
I am sorry about the frustration. I suggest that you flash BIOS from the following link:
Note: While flashing BIOS connect the Ac adapter and make sure the battery has minimum 15% charge as this needs uninterrupted power supply. Do not use the system till it restarts and comes up to the desktop.
In case issue persists even after flashing BIOS to the latest version, kindly send me a private message with the system service tag. Click on my name and click Start Conversation to send me a private message.
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hi im shannon

Iv just finished building my pc a couple of days ago and i cant get rid of this horrible buzzing noise from my speakers.
It starts as soon as the pc gets to the windows loading screen then it is permanently there.
It gets louder with the volume its only once went away for a short time when i was loading WMP and i dont know why.
Iv checked all the other threads and my problem is different to everyone elses please can someone help me out here cheers.

A:A high pitched buzzing noise on my PC speakers

Hello Shannon
My experience with noise in the speakers is that it usually is coming in through the speaker's power adapter, although defective audio cables may also cause the problem.

I would suggest... (in this order)
1. Swap your surge protector for a known good, and see if that resolves the noise.
2. Swap the audio cable (the one that attaches between your speakers and the audio out port on the computer).
3. Swap speakers for known good.
If none of these solve your issue, then it could be a bad sound card in your computer.
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I've noticed a high pitched whining noise that sounds like it is coming from the power supply/GPU, both being less than a month old. The weird thing is, it only makes the noise when I am playing a game, for instance if I tab out, the noise will stop and if I tab in it will start again. I've mainly noticed this on a game called League of Legends which doesn't have high requirements anyways. It's just annoying me and I'd like to know if there is a fix. I'll list some components below, ask if anymore are required.

GPU: MSI 280X 3GB Gaming Edition (Twin Frozr IV)
PSU: 800W Storm Silent
Mobo: MSI B75MA-P45 MATX
CPU: i7 3770 3.4Gh/z (oced to 3.9)
RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX Blu

A:High pitched noise only when playing games?

Welcome to SF. Could the noise be coming from the Twin Frozr?
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Well I only really notice it at night and when things are really quiet,

Its a very high frequency pitch comming from the tower....

The computer is about 4 years old....its been happening for a while now,

Any ideas whats causing it or how to stop it???


A:Really high pitched noise comming out of my computer....

take the side off and see if you can locate where it is coming from,usually a fan
check they are clear of dust
if it's hard to isolate where it is coming from a drinking straw placed next to it will help carry the sound to your ear
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I've gotten this laptop around a month ago and since yesterday, i've been hearing some high pitched noise coming from the laptop. ive tried restarting and shutting down the laptop but, whenever the laptop is turned on, ill hear this noise. How can i fix this?
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Hey guys Need some support so found this forum hopefuly it will help For a few months now i ve been having a high pitched squealing from my PC case I ve tried to hear what it is changed PSU and its still continued doesn t seem to be a fan as i ve stopped them with my finger and it continues or would it anyway I ve thought maybe its one of my harddrives but can t pinpoint it with my ears weirdly enough Strange thing is it does it on certain things For example Emule if emule is on my taskbar and i click it to maximize i ll High squealing pitched case from noise get the squeal for a second same with maximize and minimize but not when I maximize it from next to the clock Also recently I installed Virtual Pool In a window the squealing noise will go on constantly while its my turn yet when the computer player has their turn it doesn t this doesn t happen in full screen at all It does also happen randomly during the day just a random squeal sometimes quiet but then High pitched squealing noise from case may escalate and be loud but end up stopping and coming back Odd practice I know but sometimes i d kick the PC case and it would just stop or lift High pitched squealing noise from case it up High pitched squealing noise from case and move it a few inches and it would stop also but of course come back later It really makes no sense to me Emule is on a different drive to VP too I m just chucking info at your guys hoping you can help me out I have a wav of the sound here http daves-mtf-workshop com music soundfrompc wav It sounds a bit different being recorded on a year old webacm mic but still Thanks David nbsp

A:High pitched squealing noise from case


No one can help?

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problem =
5 year old 32 inch crt t.v makes a high pitched buzzing noise, this happens randomly, it goes away if i put a little pressure on the top, or if i bash it, but it soon comes back.

any thoughts ... thanks

A:T.v makes a high pitched buzzing noise

Open the back of the old CRT television and carefully clean the dust and dirt away from the high-voltage components, usually located on the right side of the chassis looking at the back of the TV. The CRT holds a high-voltage charge where a big red or black wire connects to the glass tube so be careful. The area around the red wire rubber cup can be cleaned using a spray bottle of window cleaner, but again be careful not to get shocked... 25,000 to 30,000 volts can be present on the CRT
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This had never happened to me before, but ever since I installed new drivers for my Soundblaster live! value card, my speakers give off a VERY high-pitched noise when I turn the volume up around halfway to the maximum volume. This never happened to me before. I have no idea how to fix this. Anyone?

A:Speakers giving off very high-pitched noise

souds like feedback do you have a microphone hooked up?
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Hello A few weeks ago I noticed a high pitched noise from my PC speackers I checked them found the noise was being picked up from the computer I added a sound card to move the wires farther away but it did not help I isolated the noise in the upper left hand corner by using a paper towel tube I check all fans and they are not the problem I swapped out the Power Supply and it the noise was still there It is a very high pitched noise like a ringing in your ears drives me nuts It seems to e coming from right around the CPU again I check the fan and it is not the Problems High noise/Boot Pitched problem As of days ago I have started getting Boot up problems I power up the PC and everything runs but I get no Post test Beep and windows does not load I cycle the power a few times and eventually I get the beep and it works so now I need to leave the PC on High Pitched noise/Boot Problems full time with this noise Any High Pitched noise/Boot Problems suggestions This is an older PC years or so and I use it to house some applications and store file on my network Here are the specs Athlon MB PC RAM Geforce FX Diamond Sound card Chaintech AJA MoBo Watt PS Please help Thanks Steve nbsp

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Hello To the one who offers help god bless I own an HP Pavillion DV ca laptop that is speakers out pitched humming noise High of just under one year old At about months of age I started noticing a high pitched irritating humming noise What sparked it I do not know It is a piercing high pitched toned that is very consistent and the same note every time It turns on when the laptop is operating at a higher level eg running a movie and an audio file at the same time It is possible it is related to the harddrive spinning High pitched humming noise out of speakers or the fan spinning However I do not believe the humming noise is a result High pitched humming noise out of speakers of the an inefficient fan or rattling of the casing because when I plug my laptop into my sound system the humming unfortunately comes out of those speakers too almost proving it s not a rattling and maybe even a software problem I sent it in times through staples of which went to HP none of which fixed the problem Staples said they couldn t hear it although upon start up I showed them the problem HP replaced the fan the first time and probably didn t test it and lastly HP replaced the bottom casing and the main board All to no avail I gave specific instructions on how to obtain the hum and I have gotten my laptop back months later in the same condition in which I sent it in Now it is Canada day weekend so contacting HP is out of the question and I think I will talk to some real people who can help me out Please offer any advice you can give I m beginning to wonder whether or not my laptop will be fixed before school begins again Scott Nguyen nbsp

A:High pitched humming noise out of speakers

This hum could be comming from the internal DC charging circuits. Possibly from a power conversion circuit board
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Hello  i bought my V5-591g in september and since day one i have this problem.if laptop is not connected with power plug It make this  Whining high pitched noise.i also notice that touchpad  is not responding well.  i download drivers for touchapd two of them but non of them works correctly. i send it to service, they replace LCD and say to me that they dont hear nothing and laptop is normal. one even said that this could be normal have anyone experienced something like this.
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So i ve had this computer for about a year Windows now and although its specs are falling off it does what i want it to do basically last generation gaming such as quot League Of Legends quot around months ago i first encountered this High noise. with pitched Computer Freeze problem when running a video game Computer Freeze with High pitched noise. or even just watching a youtube video basically anything that would be using the graphics card above basic capacity would cause it to freeze and a high pitched loop would come through either my headset or speakers depending on what i have plugged in The problem has come and gone i had a lapse of around a month where it didnt happen this was after a move of house but i had already tried cleaning the inners for dust with compressed air regardless the problem has returned I have looked around online and found other problems similar however the jumble of information has not lead me to a conclusion or a solution i would very much appreciate anyone who has solved the problem or someone with the knowledge to diagnose it and help solve to provide as much insight as possible Thanks alot nbsp

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Has anyone got BIOS update for this well known Intel CPU problem?

I talked to my local ASP and he always say he will help and he will get this patch. He says, yes next week, then next week then next week..... funny. Authorized "professional" Toshiba service partner.

There is no BIOS update for this problem for 6 month now @ toshiba BIOS download page.

So what should I do if ASP can't help and Toshiba also can not release any BIOS patch for this annoying sound error.

(Please do not close this thread because this is an existing problem!)

A:Tecra S11 CPU High pitched noise RELOADED v2.0

I don?t think your thread will be closed. We are here to discuss about all issues related to Toshiba notebooks, right?

Can you please tell us where do you live and who is your local ASP?
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I have a PC windows XP Home.

My sound jack at the back of my computer doesnt work at all. My jack in the front of the computer changes all the sound that comes from the speakers and makes it very high pitched.

Please help me fix if not both jacks, then just one. I really need the sound.


A:Sound coming from speakers is very high pitched

The computer specs in your profile only show a laptop computer. I have never seen a laptop with audio jacks front and back. Can you please clarify?
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I hear a really high pitched sound coming from my computer, specifically my PSU.
I can only hear it from certain angles, but it is really annoying after a long time of putting up with it. How do i diagnose where the sound is coming from and if it's the capacitor or the fan?

The sound goes away when the PC is off.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Annoying high pitched sound coming from my pc?

This sort of high pitched noise is usually a vibrating coil. Unfortunately coils (aka inductors) are common components on motherboards, graphics cards and PSUs.

Are you 100% sure it's coming from the PSU ? If so there's not much you can do except try to ignore it or get another PSU.

It could also be a worn fan bearing. Try to locate it exactly.
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i wasent sure were to put this so i put it in here.

ok this morning when i went on my computer it was ok but then after i got back from school and went on it, i turned it on, got up to windows and then as windows loaded i had a high pitched sqweeking coming from the speakers, i have tried everything from installing new sound drivers and checking all the cables and still i keep getting this high pitch sqweek.

does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and what i could to to resolve it.

i have a tevion 5.1 surround sound system.

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Ok so basicly the problem is that I keep hearing a really annoying high pitched sound coming out sound computer. High-pitched my coming out of of the desktop computer I don t hear it until I play some games not all of them for like hour Okay so today I was playing my football game on the computer when I began to hear the high pitched sound I pressed ctrl alt High-pitched sound coming out of my computer. del and I found out that my CPU usage was at and after I stopped the game it went down to The game consumed High-pitched sound coming out of my computer. only mb out of my gb ram I think it has to do something with my CPU but could you help me and try to explain me what s the problem High-pitched sound coming out of my computer. of my computer Please if you have any misunderstandings regarding my problem tell them here so I could relate more about it I m not much of a computer wizzard and nor am I a good english speaker but I ll do my best to try to communicate with you I really want to know what s causing this sound nbsp

A:High-pitched sound coming out of my computer.

Remove the left side of the case and watch/listen to identify where the sound is coming from.
HWmonitor should show you the cpu fan speed.
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every time i turn on my pc i being to hear this high pitched screech, at first it is tolerable but as a couple of hours pass by it begins to drive me insane.

all i know is that its definitely not coming from my speakers, it cannot be anything to do with dust problems, since i got this new machine just a couple of days ago (custom built), and its not coming from my screen.

I've tried reconnecting everything in the machine but that did not work. any help/suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated thanks.

my system specs are:
Intel Core 2 Quad, Q8200 @ 2.33ghz
2Gb ddr2 ram
9600gt, 512mb
LG 22' widescreen
DVD Drive
MSI P43 Neo3 v1.1
2 150GB Hitachi HDDs


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One night I come home and I hear a consistent noise coming from my speakers which are built into my monitor I was too tired to deal with it so I turned off my PC and went to bed Next morning same thing After a restart the problem seemed to noise. buzzing high-pitched making Speakers magically disappear Now after another night of my monitor being turned Speakers making high-pitched buzzing noise. off problem Speakers making high-pitched buzzing noise. re-appears I ve tried rebooting the PC and monitor plugging it in and out nothing helps I can still hear all sounds perfectly they re just accompanied by the noise Also just muting my system doesn t make the sound go away so it s not a software thing I suppose And if my PC is turned off or I switch to for example TV or HDMI input the noise isn t there Any ideas Here s my specs using the SysInfo thing - Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P K SE Rev xx MS C B Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Speakers making high-pitched buzzing noise.

Do you have a different set of speakers, or even headphones that you could try in the same port that the speakers making the noise are plugged into? I would check this first. Next, do you have a wireless router, or cordless phone sitting close to your speakers? If so, try moving those further away.
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Hi I m having a problem with my GTS video card it seems that after I boot up the computer minutes after going into windows something in the computer makes a high pitch sound and the screen becomes extremely distorted I m unable to do anything on the pc and I have to reboot I ve checked the temperature of the video card with ntune and it remains under C The fan in the video card stopped working a bit ago and I rewired it to run from the power supply I artifacts pitched Video and high card noise believe this keeps it running Video card high pitched noise and artifacts at My power supply is watts but it did come with Video card high pitched noise and artifacts my case so I m not sure its the best quality Would this be a power supply issue Unfortunately I don t have another pc to check the equipment in Any help would be great P S I don t think I can return this one as I just took it off my friends hands and of course the rewiring doesn t help in that department nbsp

A:Video card high pitched noise and artifacts

What PSU do your have?

450watts is right on the edge to power such a card - and not exactly recommended.

A low-quality PSU will have problems.

Need your brand and model of your PSU. It has that info on the label. If you want, provide stats on its 12v rails.
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I just recived a repacement laptop from Lenovo a few weeks ago. I now have a Ideapad 700-15ISK. I love everything about it, well, exept for a high pitched noise that continues to come out of the laptop whenever it is on. I've made a video with the audio levels boosted for those who would like to hear below. If that doesn't work, here's the YouTube Video. I dont think its tied to the fan, but I can't really tell for sure. It is most noticably coming from the very right side of the computer (looking at it with the screen open, front view). I'd really hate to return this computer, as I've had my fair share of frustration with Lenovo.Any help would be apreciated.Thanks.
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My laptop is 6 year-old (Hp pavillion zt3019ea) and for few weeks now, has started to make this high pitched noise (like a mosquito!) only when connected to the charger.
I replaced the charger with a new one.Same thing. Then that new charger (8 days-old) died yesterday.

I thought I needed to get a new battery but at the same time is it really worth it for a 6 year-old laptop? (the hard drive has been replaced in March)

Thanks for your help!


A:High-pitched noise when laptop connected to charger

For future reference dont ever buy hp again. And the charger will keep dieing and yes a new battery is a good idea.
If you want a new laptop i reccomend an acer timelinex for 800$
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Hi This morning I removed my main HDD to plug it into another PC and transfer some files I have now installed it back in the original PC but it will no longer boot There is only a loud high-pitched sound coming from the PC I have cleaned the inside thoroughly with compressed air If I remove the graphics card the sound is no longer emitted I have had a lot of trouble recently with my computer most notably with my monitor continuous noise. high-pitched power loud on boot up No w/ remaining completely white upon startup Turning the monitor on No boot on power up w/ loud continuous high-pitched noise. off about ten times tends to fix the problem and the monitor will then display normally until the next shutdown startup No boot on power up w/ loud continuous high-pitched noise. I tried the monitor on the second computer and the same thing happened with a white screen that would fix itself after being turned on off repeatedly My main concern at the moment is the loud whining from No boot on power up w/ loud continuous high-pitched noise. my first computer on startup I am not sure where to begin troubleshooting any further does this sound like I need to replace my graphics card PSU or something else PSU HEC- TD-PTE Graphics GeForce GT Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:No boot on power up w/ loud continuous high-pitched noise.

First, the hard drive. Sounds as if you have messed up the Master Boot Record by connecting it to another PC. This can be fixed by I need to know the OS.

Secondly it also sounds as if your graphics card has failed or the fan on it is making the noise which will need to be replaced.

Finally as your monitor is producing the same fault on another PC then it needs to be replaced.
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I have recently built a new comp with the following specs Motherboard Asus Rampage V Extreme BIOS CPU I - K All stock clock PSU Seasonic BSOD random high noise pitched black screen with humming watt Platinum RAM GB Gskill DDR F - C Q- GRR GPU SLI GIGABYTE nVidia GTX Stock clock Monitor Asus PG Q and Dell U H HDD Samsung EVO TB OS Windows -bit System if full water-cooled so all temps are around degrees while BSOD random black screen with high pitched humming noise gaming For the first days the computer has been running fine After days of running this new comp my computer got frozen for the first time I didn't add any new hardware No blue screen just a frozen desktop The mouse cursor was unmovable no keys functional I could not press quot reset button quot no response and my screen went full black and there was a high pitched humming noise This was happening randomly once per day or once within - days Steps I have taken to troubleshoot this issue Completely reinstalled Windows Checked the system for malware with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Checked the system for viruses with AVG AntiVirus Updated all drivers and updated the bios Installed all important and unimportant updates for Win I decided to change my PSU and installed my old PSU Seasonic watt Platinum at the start I was using EVGA Supernova P W After that my system was running fine for a days and today I got two restarts first one with screen freeze and noise and second one only with screen freeze both times screen was full black After that I could only press reset button I checked Event Viewer and I saw a lot of Critical Kernel-Power ID errors Error message quot The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first This error could be caused if the system stopped responding crashed or lost power unexpectedly quot Aslo I did disable quot automatically restart quot within Windows Advanced System Properties but I didn't get any blue screen or anything A minidump is never created when it happens This limits my ability to analyze the circumstances surrounding the error There isn't a lot of info on the net Sure the net is flooded with tons of posts with people having similar event id problems for various reasons but there are very few genuine solutions and I haven't found one that works yet Just to mention that I had problem with windows loading few times Basically after the BIOS screen screen will go black before windows logo with white blinking underscore and nothing was happening After that I manually restarted my PC and loading was fine Thanks to all who read this Any help imput would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks TRAIN- et zip

A:BSOD random black screen with high pitched humming noise


I am extremely sorry that this thread was not attended to. There are not many people in this field.

In case you still require help, kindly respond to this thread and I will be notified via email and you should expect a response from me in 48 hours.
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My XPS 410 has been freezing every time I log on to my name, even in safe mode and as the admin. When it freezes i can still move the mouse but cant click on anything and a high pitch buzzing noise is emitted from the tower. I took the side off the last time it was buzzing so i could figure out where it is coming from. It is coming from a little black speaker on the mother board. I cleaned out the fans and ran multiple virus/malware programs (malware bytes and avira antivir) and still it freezes. i dont know what to do and i need my computer because i am a student. Thanks so much!!

A:XPS 410 freezes and a high pitched buzzing noise is emitted from the internal speaker

Try another key board, I had one that had gotten junk under the keys after a cleaning it was fine. You can check my theory by unplugging the key board when it starts to buzz!

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I bought this speakers a while ago for my older computer and recently i bought this new hp so im using them on my new hp desktop and ever since i bought the speakers they have allways made this high pitched noise .Now my HDD makes the same high pitched noise but not as loud as my speakers make it i feel like the speakers are just transmitting the sound tha the HDD is making but just alot louder?

Thanks for any help in advanced

A:external altec lansing speakers keep making high Pitched Noise

Thats easy to determine if the speakers are causing it or the hard drive is generating the noise, power off the speakers and see if the hard drive's noise goes away.

I would suspect its the hard drive.
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I just bought a Westinghouse LCM-19v7 off someone. Went and picked it up, it was working great.

for like 5 hours.

I started far cry at one point, the screen flickered black (normal it always does that), and then the monitor started squealing.

its lik this high pitched moan taht wont go away.

its wierd though caseu if I'm in internet explorer and the screen is all white it doesnt do it, if it goes black (or a dark color), it does it really loud.

Please help me!

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Hi, I just got this monitor the other day. It's a great monitor and all... when it's on. When it's off or in standby mode, there is a really high pitched ringing coming from inside... only noticeable if the room is quiet, which in most cases it is (night time, can't sleep!)

Anywho, it only happens if the monitor's power cord is plugged in... if I unplug it, the ringing stops within 5 seconds, or if I turn it on, it stops. Either way... the ringing sounds like if you left your TV on... and you know it's on so you turn it off, quite annoying yes.

Anyone know of a solution that might be of help to me? I really like the monitor aside from this.. I'm even resorting to just leaving it unplugged unless I'm using it, so that it won't ring...
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I can't get rid of it. It's like a high pitched squeak or squeal, kinda subtle, but very annoying, as it goes on and off randomly. Does anyone know about this problem, or if its common? Or how to make it go away?
My screen is a regular 17 inch LG screen (not flatscreen).
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My wife's Samsung LCD computer monitor (which has a laptop attached to it) recently started making a high-pitched, mosquito-like sound. It comes and goes, but is there most of the time. If we shut the monitor off and back on, the sound goes away for a minute or so. We've moved the laptop away from the monitor, in case it was some sort of interference noise, but that didn't help. (I do plan to swap her monitor with another in the house soon.)

Is her monitor going bad? Something else going on here?

A:LCD monitor making high-pitched sound

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
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i have a desktop running windows seven. Today there is a high pitch noise coming from it. Is this bad?

A:High pitch noise coming from computer

Is the noise coming from the monitor, or the computer case?
Is the noise continuous?
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Ok so this noise is SOOOOOOOOOO annoying, i can't seem to get it to go away. It's coming from my logitech speakers which work on all the other computers in my house. I've tried using headphones as well and it still makes the same noise. It does go away if I mute the sound though, so I'm puzzled. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!

A:High pitch noise coming from speakers

Pretty sure its a driver issue.

Right click my computer and goto "manage" you will find device manager.

It will load it on the right of the window click the + icons next to "Sound video and game controllers" Print screen this for us.

And post it in a reply
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:approve: ok people i have had this problem for ages now and i am at my witts ebd i have replaces nearl all my parts and i have came to the conclusion that i cant do anymore so here is the problem.

there is hih picted whine oor ping coming to from somwhere reallt close the the processor so it makes me think it is the board and a previouse post said that its was a loose torroid suppressor and they advised to use non conducting silicone glue,

so can anyone tell me where to get and how to apply this gluse to that component thanks

My system specs
Amd athlon 64x2 5000+
2gb ddr2 ram
Nvidia 8800 gtx

A:High ping noise coming somewhere around the processor!!:( GAHH help!!

Rab2140 said:

:approve: ok people i have had this problem for ages now and i am at my witts ebd i have replaces nearl all my parts and i have came to the conclusion that i cant do anymore so here is the problem.

there is hih picted whine oor ping coming to from somwhere reallt close the the processor so it makes me think it is the board and a previouse post said that its was a loose torroid suppressor and they advised to use non conducting silicone glue,

so can anyone tell me where to get and how to apply this gluse to that component thanks

My system specs
Amd athlon 64x2 5000+
2gb ddr2 ram
Nvidia 8800 gtxClick to expand...

Momentarily stop the CPU heatsink fan and see if the noise stops. If it does, have the heatsink fan replaced. I seriously doubt that the noise is coming from anything else
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I think its from the speakers anyway. But even if I turn down the volume all the way the noise still comes out.

Its a subtile noise... that kind of electronic noise that gets really annoying if you are in a silent room. Anyone else having this problem?

A:Satellite A500-14c: high pitch noise coming from speakers?


I know such noise but in my case it was created only by an AC adaptor.

The AC adaptor cable was damage (broken) and therefore such noise has appeared.
But it was really, really low and I could not hear it always? just sometimes an mostly just for a short time?

Anyway, I have tested another AC adaptor and could detect the reason for that?

I don?t know why this sound comes from speakers but in most cases such issues are related to the hardware and should be checked by a technician.
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I think its from the speakers anyway. But even if I turn down the volume all the way the noise still comes out.

Its a subtile noise... that kind of electronic noise that gets really annoying if you are in a silent room. Anyone else having this problem?

A:Re: Satellite A500-14c: high pitch noise coming from speakers?


I know such noise but in my case it was created only by an AC adaptor.

The AC adaptor cable was damage (broken) and therefore such noise has appeared.
But it was really, really low and I could not hear it always? just sometimes an mostly just for a short time?

Anyway, I have tested another AC adaptor and could detect the reason for that?

I don?t know why this sound comes from speakers but in most cases such issues are related to the hardware and should be checked by a technician.
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I just got myself Aspire E-14. I realized that every time during start up, loud noise can be heard from the upper left side of the keyboard.  1. What is the hardware at the upper left side of the keyboard? 2. Will the noise do any harm to the laptop? 3. Is it fixable? 4. Is there anyone here have the same problem?
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Hello everyone Im hoping that a knowledgable not work Keyboard new and comp Mouse on will person here can help Mouse and Keyboard will not work on new comp me before I toss my new computer out the window and possibly killing someone outside on the sidewalk I just recently bought a computer from someone because I wanted a computer that supported PCI-E Gfx cards my current comp only supports AGP I got a great dealon the price and when I went to check out the computer yesterday everything worked fine However once I brought the computer home yeah here it comes and I plugged it in the mouse wouldnt respond I plugged in a keyboard and the keyboard wouldnt respond Windows starts up just fine and it recognizes a USB mouse being plugged in and the keyboard being plugged in but thats it I was planning to format the entire HDD because I think the guy had his quot friends quot copy of XP on there but without the ability to control the comp I really dont know what to do I also tried ALL of the USB ports on the computer to see if it was just a bad port but all of them didnt work Furthermore I thought that maybe all were bad so I decided to plug in a port PCI usb card to see if that would fix the problem Nope From there I thought maybe I could still use the serial port to see if I could try to plug in a keyboard from there and went on an archaelogical dig through my closet to find my ghetto serial port keyboard Found it plugged it in and no dice Ive never encountered a problem where I cant use the mouse or the keyboard and I really have no clue as to what I can do to fix the problem because the computer wont respond Does anyone have any ideas about what I can do to fix the problem What does somoene do when they cant even command their computer to do something I was thinking there might be some conflict from a previous mouse driver or something that was installed but the guy who I bought the computer from is out of the country What can I do any suggestions nbsp

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From time to time, mostly after my laptop comes out of sleep, my mouse (Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000) acts weird. Notably, double-clicking a file on the desktop (left button) brings up the properties menu. In fact, it appears that the system thinks that the alt-key on my usb keyboard is pressed even though it is not. This bug is present in different brands of usb keyboards I tested. Quickly cycling through ctrl-winkey-alt buttons seems to clear the registered alt-key. Any suggestions to correct this behavior? Could the language bar be the culprit? Thanks.

A:Mouse acting erratically coming out of sleep (keyboard issue)

Try another mouse
Go to device manager make sure that mouse and keyboard drivers are up to date and has no yellow warning markers.
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well it didnt use to before, but now its making this very high pitched noise. ussualy it happens after its been on while, or if you turn it off, then turn it back on in like 20 seconds, the noise is real bad

The different noises vary, sometimes its just annoying, others you cant stand to be in the same room with the PC.

Its a constant tone....

the PC has been getting pretty old, but still... if you need any more specific system specs, please ask. Please reply someone!!


A:PC making hgih pitched noise...

sounds like a dying fan.

might possibly also be a dying power supply, but if its really loud, id say its the fan...

you might try opening it, and using a small peice of tubing as a stethascope, check the entire pc for where the noise is coming from.

probably the cpu fan, they seem to have a hard knock life.

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Hi, I have got a problem with my brand new Tecra S11 and hope someone here can help!

After starting Windows a very high-pitched whistling noise is permanently present while working. The noise only stopps, if I really do nothing (ok. now while writing I hear no noiese, so writing seemed to ke OK), but it starts immediatly when opening a programm, scrolling through pages (also internet) etc. The noise also swtiches between different frequencies, which makes it even more nasty!

Does anybody know what to do? Thanks for your support!

A:Tecra S11 - Hich pitched noise

Hi Dr.Doc,

Can you locate where this noise coming from? Maybe it?s coming from the HDD, have you checked this?
Or the AC/DC adaptor is causing this?!

Anyway, normally there shouldn?t be such a noise so I would recommend contacting an authorized service provider in your county. The guys can check this an d repair the notebook for you. :)
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Hi I m a new poster I need some ideas help For the last years I have had the issue below however it has not been an quot issue quot for me and I have just dealt with it A few days ago though I upgraded to a better PC sound system and now I need to try to fix this thing What is happening is that ANY scrolling on my mouse scroll or my speakers---help! distortion havoc create issues noise mouse/keyboard through Scrolling and keyboard scroller or ANY sudden quick mouse movements while in Internet Explorer while listening to music via the internet Scrolling mouse/keyboard create havoc and distortion noise issues through speakers---help! ie on youtube causes a high pitched distorted Scrolling mouse/keyboard create havoc and distortion noise issues through speakers---help! like SCREETCHING through my speakers The odd thing is that if I SCROLL OR MOVE THE MOUSE SUDDENLY Scrolling mouse/keyboard create havoc and distortion noise issues through speakers---help! for a bit longer once the issue happens on the internet while music listening it will quot fix itself quot The screetching will go away Scrolling some more though after it fixes itself will bring back the problem---annoying Another oddity is that the issue only happens while I am listening to sound while on the net I can listen all day to music via say Windows Media Player without being on the net and move my mouse any which way and everything is great But once the net gets going the sound issues get going I have googled the subject TONS of possibilities exist---dating back as early as the year that I could find---so that was like even in the stone ages of PC ie its not some Vista issue or some specific Soundcard issue or something I have tried all I can and am at my wits end I have had the PC HP Pavillion a t for about years As I said the issue has been in the last but I have dealt with it I seem to remember them occuring when I put a new laser mouse and new Logitech keyboard in a few years ago but as you will see below both have been changed back to quot stock quot Here is what I am running Vista bit w service pack GH Pentium Dual E SB X-Fi Xtreme audio Sound Card NVidia GeForce GS video card GB Ram IE upgraded to today to try to fix it Here is what I have done Updated Windows Vista Updated my sound card drivers they did indeed update Ripped out ALL USB devices newer mouse newer keyboard printer and changed back to stock PS mouse and keyboard that came with the PC in an attempt to eliminate IRQ conflicts Updated to IE problem is ONLY when I m on the internet scrolling or quot mousing quot during music Turned off mic and all inputs unused on sound card muted so no feedback can occur Switched from analog out to digital out on SB soundcard digital now runs to external preamp to be decoded Uninstalled all old USB keyboard and mouse software now running ps all the way I mean does anyone have an idea of what to try next From what I have read on the subject there is a possibility of some RFI interference causing this The sound card is indeed right on top of the video card in my PC There are slots above it free I can plop the sound card into if I have to Its just odd that when the PC was new for the st year NO ISSUE LIKE THIS was there Then it appeared So I m just not sure what to try next Any advice would be appreciated

A:Scrolling mouse/keyboard create havoc and distortion noise issues through speakers---help!

Did you try different browser to see, if same problem exist?
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I'm running Windows XP on a Packard Bell and when I turn my computer on, it goes to the login screen but the keyboard does not light up nor send input to the computer screen, same with the mouse - how can I fix this problem?
- I have checked the chords to make sure they are secure…
(Sorry if I am in the wrong form for this type of question, I am very new at this...first apologizes) – Marlee

A:there is no input from keyboard nor mouse when my comp. turns to the login screen
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Hey guys am looking to see if I can find out some ups pitched noice from region lock CPU coming Computer and low information about what is going wrong with my computer I have been having some issues with it since i cleaned it out yesterday and applied some new thermal compound My system has decided that it wants to Computer lock ups and low pitched noice coming from CPU region keep locking up and I Computer lock ups and low pitched noice coming from CPU region cant quite Computer lock ups and low pitched noice coming from CPU region understand why my temps are down low - c idle on the cpu and c idle on the graphics card But anytime I try to run anything on my computer IE games the system will crash compltely and I will have to hold the button down to switch it off I have ran some tests on my RAM and HDD which have come back ok I have also ran tests threw on my graphics card and cpu and it is these that seem to make my computer crash I think that the graphics card issue may be resolved now as it has not crashed on the tests I have ran on it But the CPU tests still keep causing it to crash and still running any game does the same thing Crashing in Windows is not the only thing it is doing it can crash anywhere From post bios all the way threw into windows If I leave my system stable and use low resource applications there doesn t seem to be an issue I would do a cross test with other hardware but not having any other bits of hardware to hand it s quite difficult to do a corss test Would anyone out there be able to help me in getting this issue resolved Thanks nbsp

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ive moved this to hardware, sorry!

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Whenever I record through my line in socket on my sound card there is always a high pitched squeeling noise in the background. Ive used programs to remove it but that also reduces the quality of the sound.
I thought it might be the cooling fans causing it. that is the only thing i can think of other than the card is no good.

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I have been reading around about other threads I didn't quite get an answer... ok I just got a brand new vaio I have been having various problems with it just small trying to work it out... just about everything is fixed except when I run a program I get a high pitched noise... I don't mean just any program I mean programs such as counterstrike, or sometimes a virus scan, I know it's the fan speeding up to keep cool, but is it supposed to make a high pitched noise?

A:CPU fan high pitched

The smaller the fan you have, the higher its pitch.

And a high RPM 80mm fan is pretty high pitched.

The 40mm ones are just unbearable, as I found out today. But I can't remove it as its in my new 24port switch.
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Please i need help i cant afford to pay more money to fix this comp , just last week i paid for the power suply , 3 days ago as soon as u would press the keybord it would not type and it would make the mouse freeze too .Now the comp turn on but not the monitor i get blank screen . by the way i have a sony vaio model pcv1154 .

A:1st the keybord and mouse would freeze now the comp turn on but not the monitor

Does the monitor display the BIOS information when you boot to BIOS ?
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Hi, I'm getting a ridiculously annoying high pitched buzzing coming from my speakers. The buzzing seems to mimic how hard the hard drive is working at the moment. I'm prety sure its not the speakers because i get the same sound if i plug headphones into the slot, but I'm pretty sure its not the built in sound card either because I still get the buzz (although not as loud but still annoyingly audible) from my other USB sound card.

I use an MSI K7N2g Nforce 2, and my harddrive is a 160gb hitachi (cant remember exact modeL)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:High pitched buzzing

Sounds like the speakers may need to be shielded or you need a new set of speakers. Could be the EMF noise is originating from inside the PC as well if the sound card components are not shielded well enough.
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I Have just recently heard a High pitched Beep When I Start Call of Duty World at War And When my computer is Doing Lots Of Things At Once(eg. Running a Game) It Really Bugs Me And i thought it was the microphnone but i disabled it and it continued. Does anyone Know Anything to resolve this?

here Are My Specs:

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Model: Satellite L450D-128
OS: Windows 7 Home premium
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Dua-Core QL-64 2.10GHz
RAM: 4.00GB
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so my current rig is three months old and i am getting a constant high pitched whir when the computer is on, i have tried everything i know and originally came to the conclusion that it was my corsair ax750 psu so i got that replaced and the noise persists
looking for any ideas or help

A:High Pitched whir from rig

Hi ghostops117 and welcome to W7 Forums

The source of the noise is likely to be coming from a fan or from a floppy/optical/HDD drive. Unplug your machine (always do this when connecting/disconnecting internal cables) and disconnect all drives and fans (except for the CPU fan). If you have a graphics card and have also got on-board graphics, temporarily remove the card and use on-board instead. With everything disconnected, power back up. Don't worry about missing OS system prompts. If the noise is no longer present, reconnect one component at a time and retest. If the noise returns, verify by disconnecting the last component connected and test again.

Please let us know your results.
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I have an Advent 7066M laptop running Windows XP. If I connect headphones or speakers to it and try to play audio or video, the sound is too high pitched. Does anyone know what I can do to correct that?


A:Audio Is Too High Pitched

Try rolling back the sound driver from within Device Manager, joebeaven. If this is not an option, uninstall the sound driver and reboot. If the driver is not automatically reinstalled after reboot: "Drivers can be installed from the c:\applications\drivers folder and utilities from the c:\applications\tools folder." This info was taken from here.If your issue started recently, there may have been some form of corruption that has occurred.
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My dad was the last one to use the computer and now he's gone out so I don't know if this problem was there when he was on it, although he didn't say anything to me.

But now that I'm on it, I've noticed the sound output sounds different. When I loaded Windows, the traditional Windows login tune played...but it was all high. It's not the volume settings, it's actually a higher sound, and this is actually affecting every single piece of sound coming out of the speakers on the monitor.

I tried playing a song and the guy's voice is all messed up - high-pitched because of this.

I don't know why it's done this or how to solve it. If anyone can help I would be very happy! Thank you in advance!

A:Huh? My sound is all...different and high-pitched...

That's actually kind of hard to say what that might be. Believe it or not I've had my computer do the same thing, and after doing a spyware/viral scan, it straightened out. So it could be one of many things....just some insight.

I'm sure the more seasoned folks can help you more than I can, but I was just giving some insight.
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Hello everybody I have been having a huge problem this sound High-pitched PC from last month with my computer which I hope someone will be able to help High-pitched sound from PC me with The problem A high pitch squeak sound is coming from inside my PC It appears to be coming from my graphics card or somewhere above on the motherboard I am not a hardware geek at all so in all honestly I really do not know I am almost sure it is NOT coming from my fans or my PSU though it does sound like a voltage problem Here is a VIDEO I filmed of my PC making the annoying sound The facts The noises are random and not related to anything They will appear when I m doing nothing and they will appear when I m doing loads of stuff The noises last between - seconds The noises started occurring AFTER I installed my new SSD http ocz com consumer vertex- -sata- -ssd - I had never heard them before I cannot RMA it unfortunately After installing my new SSD I formatted my PC and installed Windows and that drive Note I am almost sure that the sounds are not coming from the SSD or HDD NO sounds during startup or in BIOS People can hear the sound through Skype EVEN WHEN MY MIC IS MUTED I find this very odd and I hope it might be something to help locate the problem Some days there are sounds all the time but I have tried going hours without sounds What I have tried already I have tried unplugging my secondary HDD I have tried disabling EIST mode in BIOS read it somewhere on a forum I have tried cleaning my PC of all dust I have tried to make sure that all cables are properly connected I have tried connecting the PC directly to a wall socket to see if it had anything to do with that My PC specs Intel Core i K GHz Gigabyte Z AP-D Motherboard GB Memory Kingston HyperX DDR NVIDIA GeForce GTX So that s the specifics of my problem I really hope someone will be able to help me with this Best regards Rasmus of Denmark nbsp

A:High-pitched sound from PC

It maybe somewhat related to the noises mentioned in this thread.
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ok i was messing around with the volume and sound then all of a sudden all the sounds that are played are very high pitched and so i went back and undid everything that i had done but the sound is still the same. any ideas?
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Hello If anybody can shed some insight it would be most welcomed I ve encountered a few things in my computer life but this one well please read My system first off P GHz PE P P W Power Supply some mid size copper fan sitting on cpu ATI x pitched High sound AIW Bluetooth keyboard mouse My cpu used to cook at high temperatures that High pitched sound s prescott for you Went to the store got a case fan compressed air and a new hd Cleaned it up mounted fan and installed hd Didn t really notice it High pitched sound at first but then started to hear this high pitched sound Rebooted same thing Finally can t take it anymore opened the case and it seems to be eminating from near the cpu It usually happens when it s taxed but the kicker is it always happens when i move the mouse It sounds like crickets almost Anybody have any ideas I cannot see it being the new hard drive it is not in use yet original and new are SATA if it s relevant Thanks in advance Richard nbsp

A:High pitched sound

Thats an odd one, I would say it was the HSF (heat sink fan) for your CPU but since it happens when you move your mouse, it must be either the mouse or the CPU itself... Try using a different type of mouse (ie PS2 or USB). If this doesnt solve the problem, check to see if everything is plugged in properly (actually you should do that before mouse)... And if that doesnt work, see if you can swap your CPU over with another one to see if this is the problem.


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I have an old ASUS pc that will not boot-up. There is a rapid, high-pitched beeping, and the green light on the front of the computer is flashing rapidly too. Any idea what it could be?

A:Rapid high-pitched beeping

Depending on your BIOS:
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Every once in a while, my pc speakers make a high pitched ringing sound, and then the system freezes up and becomes unresponsive. I'm not sure if it's related, but I just recently reformatted my whole system. It didn't crash like this prior to the reformatting. I was thinking it might be a heat problem or maybe my drivers, but I don't know, so I hope someone else does. Thanks for your time.

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For the past couple days my computer out of the blue will start making a really high-pitched ringing sound and seems ringing sound High-pitched to slow right down eg - if connected to the web it acts like it s connected at bps There High-pitched ringing sound s a little green light on the front of the computer box that starts flashing the icon above the light looks like little sun It s driving me crazy any ideas on why it s doing this or how to High-pitched ringing sound correct it My computer is a Pentium-S mhz yeah I know LOL and I m running on Windows SE with mb RAM I was thinking of installing a new CPU to upgrade it but now I m wondering if it s even worth High-pitched ringing sound my time I have a sinking feeling this poor old baby s had it The computer was hit by power surges thru the phone lines a couple years ago and I had to replace the modem motherboard and sound card as a result nbsp

A:High-pitched ringing sound

Check to be sure the fan over the cpu is spinning......does the case appear to be warmer than usual?
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My operating system is Win/95b. I get a high pitched squealing staticy sound over everything but CD player. I have an OPTi plug n play audio device. I checked system and it says devices are working properly. It seems the problem didn't start until I installed Win optimizer. So I uninstalled it and re-booted but I still have the same problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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My first attempts at burning CDs from downloaded itunes, or from my music CDs, playback fine on my CD Player. But when previewing music on itunes or a CD on my PC, the vocals are high pitched and nasal. Any suggestions please?
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My T530 laptop has suddenly developed a high pitched whine after using it a few years. Using JGFFTViewer on my iPhone shows that there are peaks at 8khz and 15-17khz. The 15-17khz frequencies are most annoying as they are right at the edge of my hearing. Plugging in a mouse or keyboard into any of the USB 2.0 ports makes the sound louder. Moving both to USB 3.0 reduces the whine. Even without the mouse and keyboard the whine is still audible. I've recently upgraded my bios to 2.67. Could that have caused the issue? I've tried disabling power management in the bios with little to no difference. 

A:T530 High Pitched Whine

I found another app SpectrumView that does a better job and attached a screen shot: Notice the peak at 16khz that approaches the level of the office air conditioning. There is also a peak around 20khz but that is probably inaudible to the human ear.
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Hey I am Pitched Ringing High Sound? wondering if any of you can help High Pitched Ringing Sound? me Originally I had a problem with my Nvidia GTS graphics card the cooling fan came loose and with me still persistently using it then after the fan fell completely off stupid me I know To prevent any more damage I decided to unclip the mains High Pitched Ringing Sound? socket from the graphics card the -pin internal clip so that my computer would automatically boot up with the on-board graphics that my motherboard Gigabyte S-Series High Pitched Ringing Sound? GA-G M-ES L provided The only problem I have got is that every time I switch the computer on there is a very high pitched rather loud ringing sound It s a brand new motherboard so I can t see how anything has broke on that I haven t as yet changed any of the settings in the BIOS nor have I taken the graphics card completely out it s still in the express slot of the motherboard if that can help with the solution to my problem Thanks for any help and if there is any threads relating to this I would be grateful if you could send me in the right direction Thanks again Nathan nbsp

A:High Pitched Ringing Sound?

Obviously the 1st thing to try is remove the installed graphics card.
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My HP Pavilion x360 (11.6") makes a high pitched screeching noise when i turn up the volume.Recently I messed with the settings to get my headset to work.I reset all sound settings and still have a high pitched screeching noise.Please help me asap.