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Laptop keys sometimes don't work

Q: Laptop keys sometimes don't work

Hey guys

I have a problem with my laptop.
Sometimes the space bar, n and enter key stops working. When this happens, I can usually hit the button a few times and the key finally registers. It happens randomly and quite often. But sometimes I can type for hours without it happening.

I have not spilled any liquid on my laptop and I haven't dropped it. The problem started randomly a few months ago.
Does anyone know what could be causing this?

The laptop is an Asus K55V. It is nearly 3 years old

- Fred

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Preferred Solution: Laptop keys sometimes don't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop keys sometimes don't work

Hey Fred,
Not sure if this might work that well, but give it a try! If it doesn't..go to a technician...its probably the best idea.

Shut down the laptop, removed battery and cable for a moment, press and hold the start button for 60 seconds... and replace the battery.. start the lap top.

Hope this helps!
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I have a Gateway M-6817 Notebook and the "P" and the "[" key won't work on the keyboard. The keys push fine just nothing happens when pushed. Are there like two keys to some sort of circuit that would make just those two stop working? Any help is appreciated.

A:2 keys on my laptop don't work

Sometimes just cleaning out a keyboard does a world of good. It might be just dust underneath the pads that are causing the issue. If that fails you may be looking at a new keyboard. Jazz
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Several keys in my laptop keyboard don't work: delete, 7, n, b.What can I do to fix the problem?

A:Several keys on my HP laptop don't work

Try an external usb keyboard to rule out any problem with the motherboard keyboard controller. If the external works go into device manager and uninstall the keyboard as a device and reboot to let the driver reload and replace the old driver. These are admittedly not real likely to work but cost nothing so worth a try. If none of that works, then we need to discuss a keyboard replacement and for that we need your full model number, color and language of the keyboard.
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I have problem with keyboard, its doing mistakes and some buttons doesn't even work.

First, after computer get wet by tea, my computer shut downed and doesn't start like a hour and a half. After that computer starts, I was top of the day until I saw that my keyboard is f***ed up.

Any tips please?

A:Laptop got wet, some keys don't work

Shut it down and dissassemble it as much as you are comfortable doing, then put it in front of a fan. A space heater on the lowest setting if you have one.

Unfortunately for you, you did about the worst thing possible after spilling a drink on it. You should not have tried to turn it back on. You should have left it off until you were reasonably sure everything was dried inside, and you should have tipped it upside down to get all the liquid possible out of it asap.

You might be able to take it mostly apart and wipe down everything with some high percentage isopropyl alcohol to clean it up some.

Alternative is to use a USB or bluetooth keyboard. But I wouldn't recommend running that system without making an attempt to clean up any residue left inside.
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Hi So I bought from iBuyPower do keyboard work laptop's not on keys Some my a laptop a year ago It's been pretty good overall Very fast but there were a Some keys on my laptop's keyboard do not work few quirks with it here and there Sometimes it randomly blue screened but those problems went away after some driver Some keys on my laptop's keyboard do not work fixes But then after about six months the keyboard started to behave strangely--specifically some keys do not respond on the bottom part Some keys on my laptop's keyboard do not work of the keyboard I used KeyboardTester here to figure out which keys were not working for sure Keyboard Tester And here are the results The following keys do not work unless I press hard really hard on the key Left arrow numpad's and left arrow right control The following keys absolutely do not work as far as I can tell as hard as I'm willing to press Left control fn windows key numpad's home end I could care less about home or windows I can work without those But my muscle memory works with left control and fn is a very useful key to have But I absolutely need my left arrow key to work without a hard press A while later something broke in the laptop that caused it to stop charging and after taking it in to Supergeeks for repairs it seemed that not only did it stop charging but the jack thing that is used to take in energy from the character was FRIED and the motherboard itself may have fried too when they tried to boot the laptop it displayed a pure white screen so we ended up sending it to iBUYPOWER directly since it was still under warranty We didn't do so at first because we heard that sending it in could take weeks It indeed took weeks Eventually we got it back That's where I am now today Good news The laptop works Bad news The keyboard is even worse Before all of the keys worked if I pressed hard enough tilted the laptop slightly in an odd way But now some as stated above absolutely do not work And I literally just got this back from them What's going on Help I'm at a loss Extra information The problem keys are all located either on the bottom left ctrl fn window the mid-bottom right right ctrl left arrow the bottom right numpad or the top right home end of the keyboard
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As the title says, the shift keys on my laptop stopped working. I turned on my laptop and thats all - they weren't working anymore. I did the keyboard check but nothing...

A:Shift keys on my laptop don't work

"Keyboard check" you mean a clean check? Make sure it looks clean, you can use alcohol swabs 'isopropal alcohol' 70% is okay but the more isopropal alcohol the better it cleans. Spills can cause a key to short out and most likely result in buying a new keyboard. Roaming pets can accidently doing a 'bad thing' over a keyboard and noone would even think of it. One thing you can check and see is if there are any warning signs or yellow symbols in device manager. This indicates that your OS is having trouble reconizing this device. However, you can try an external USB keyboard and see if that replicates the issue. In the mean time you can run the On Screen Keyboard ( Press the <windows key> and <R> at the same time to bring up the run command, type <osk> and press <enter>). Hmm... another thing you can try... initialize the 'sfc /scannow' in a command prompt. This will replace any missing files. Hope something works out for you. I'll be here if you need more assistance and information.
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I have a Dell laptop at work, I'll have to look up the specific model, that runs on vista home premium. Yesterday, the "i", "j", "k", "m", and space bar stopped working. Any thoughts on what may be wrong or how to fix it??

A:Dell laptop with keys that don't work

i think its just problem in function[Fn] keys.
are you check it using press Fn+num lock key.?
try it
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The following keys on my HP EliteBook Laptop sometines work and sometimes dont.2, w, s, x

A:Some Keys on my Laptop Sometimes dont work

Plug in a USB keyboard the next time it happens to test the PC. Press the same keys on the USB keyboard. Do they also not respond? If that is so, there is an issue with the notebook's system board  Power on your notebook and immediately begin tapping the F2 key.  The HP PC Hardware Diagnostic  UEFI utility should open. Click on Components and then click on the keyboard selection. Click on Run Once. Please post your result here in your thread. If the result is a fail, it means one of a few things. Either there is a sticky substance (sugar from coffee, tea or a soft drink) on the keyboard or there has been a failure at the keyboard connection on the system board or a problem exists on the system board.   A Warranty repair will resolve the issue. Write down the failure ID and contact HP Customer Support by email or chat.
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keys would not work. removed power, started again and got systems page and up/down arrows would not work. started again and windows xp appeared but pressing enter did nothing. tried again tapping f8 and xp again appeared and hitting enter got me to the signin screen. but i cannot sign in because the keys do not work. thanks.

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I have been having problems lately with some of the keys on my laptop keyboard. Sometimes when I press some of the keys they won't work, and sometimes pressing a letter once will make it register twice in a Word document. The laptop is about 4 years old, and I know that you can't do anything really about a laptop KB since it's built in, but is there anything I could try to see if I can fix the problem? It doesn't happen all the time...maybe I just need to buy some KB cleaning supplies to try and get under the keys?

Thanks in advance..

A:Keys on laptop keyboard won't work?

I had a HP that had similar problems, and it was indeed a bad keyboard. Luckily for me it was still under warranty. For low tech cleaning, you might try some compressed air to blow out dust/hair etc around the keys. If it is a bad keyboard, you may be able to replace it yourself.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 710m with XP Pro SP3. When I press any of the number or letter keys nothing happens in Wordpad or any browser or anything requiring letters. The keys make sounds when pressed (a Windows sound) and some close open windows and stuff like that. Also when I left click on icons, they stay selected after I let go of the buttons. I checked in the Regional settings and it's all set to US keyboard. I think this has happened to me a long time ago on another computer with XP.

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as others have experienced, with the exact same keys, the t, y, backspace and shift keys are no longer working on m lenovo laptop. can anyone help?message edited by Clareisaac
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I own a hp stream 11 laptop and i have done nothing to it, all of a sudden 8 of my keys including my windows key have stopped working, this includes; h, g, esc, F4, F11, Backspace, and apostrophes. These keys only work once in a while, and sometimes i have to copy and paste the letter to do it. I hope someone answers this because i am tired of copy and pasting.
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My laptop continues to type 3s! I can't get any other keys to type. Cannot backspace or delete. Help!

A:My HP laptop continuously types 3s. No others keys work;

Plug an external USB keyboard in and see if that's the same. Most likely the keyboard itself has failed.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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the right hand side keys dont work including backspace which just broke somehow and works when the cover thingi is removed. all other keys such as enter delete home page up page down the arrow keys etc do not work. this happend all of a sudden please help!

A:HP Imprint laptop right hand keys don't work

Have the keyboard replaced
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Its been like this for 3 days, my enter, ctrl, up, left, right keys doesn't work. I tried them with on screen keyboard and there it worked. I am having a hard time without these keys and i replaced this keyboard like 7 months ago. Can someone help me with this
Sometimes they do work but they only work one time and than they act weird (like my mouse clicking when i hover on something) backspace working by itself when i try to write something

A:Some keys in my laptop keyboard doesn't work

Ninetails mate try running these for starters.< if necessary include the /f switch in the command line as per Option2

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
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Within the last week my Sony Viao laptop keyboard started acting up. The dash key, delete key, home key, no. six key, and a few others just don't work anymore. More and more are not working.

I use it everyday, several years old. I do eat food over it occasionally. Tried cleaning under the keys. Didn't fix.

A virus (I had a recent virus attack so bad had to reformat hard drive; but keyboard worked immediately afterward).

Any guidance greatly appreciated. I'm afraid I'll soon lose all keyboard functioning and will be up the creek. I don't have a lot of money, can't just buy a new computer.

Sony Viao laptop
PIII, 25six ram
11 gig hard drive
Windows 2000 pro final service pak rollup

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I have an Acer Aspire 8935G with W7 HP 64 on an SSD and Vista HP 64 on an HDD. The Fn keys controlling the display brightness control work on the Vista boot but not on the W7 boot. All the other Fn keys function as they should on the W7 boot. The Aspire has an OEM ATI Radeon HD4670 graphics card. I've tried all 3 available driver versions for the card & OS from AMD but these two Fn keys won't work. Any ideas what's going on here? Do the W7 drivers override or deactivate the Fn brightness control keys?

A:Fn Keys for Laptop Display Brightness Control Don't Work

I realise that the following link is for a different laptop, but it might open some ideas for troubleshooting:
[N120] Win7 and 'easy display manager' for brightness & volume controls (when dual booting) - FIXED
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Hi guys I have a laptop emachines for like year the model is a mini with inch screen model M and the specs are Intel Atom CPU N on work doesen`t Enter, emachines. space keys and Help! touchpad a Please laptop GB of DDR video card included and OS Windows THE PROBLEM is that Enter space Enter, space keys and touchpad doesen`t work on a laptop emachines. Please Help! keys and the touchpad doesen t work and I can t boot up the OS I m blocked at Windows Resume Loader because I have to press Enter to continue further WHAT I DID so FAR Enter, space keys and touchpad doesen`t work on a laptop emachines. Please Help! BIOS - tried to change something but didn t know what so I got out of there by turning off the laptop NEW WINDOWS OS I have a flash drive with Windows on it and I pluged it into the laptop but when I got to the part with select language and keyboard the ENTER and SPACE and the TOUCHPAD didn t work pressed all the keys on the keyboard hoping to a key with a function similar with ENTER didn t work ain t any WHAT CAN I DO Please help nbsp

A:Enter, space keys and touchpad doesen`t work on a laptop emachines. Please Help!

Do the keys work in the BIOS? If not, I'd suspect a hardware fault.
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Hi, Any help will be possible. I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302, and some of my keys on the keyboard doesn't work. What can i do to fix this issue? I have a windows 8 operating sys.

A:Some Keys work and some keys on my keyboard doesn't work

This is not a software problem.
Your keyboard needs to be replaced. You can get another one from Ebay. Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 keyboard | eBay Here is a video explaining how to replace it:

You Tube
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Hi, Any help will be possible. I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302, and some of my keys on the keyboard doesn't work. What can i do to fix this issue? I have a windows 8 operating sys.

A:Some Keys work and some keys on my keyboard doesn't work

This is not a software problem.
Your keyboard needs to be replaced. You can get another one from Ebay. Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 keyboard | eBay Here is a video explaining how to replace it:

You Tube
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Hello guys I have this problem with my laptop Recently the quot Shift Keys quot of my keyboard do not work with some keys meaning I can't capitalize some letters while I'm typing or use some characters on the keyboard like lt gt etc Some of them work with the quot left Shift quot some of them work with the quot right Shift quot some of them do not work with either one I have to work my way out with the quot caps lock quot key SYSTEM SPECS Processor - Intel Celeron GHz Cores O S - Window RAM - GB WHAT I TRIED On Task Manager I quot End Task quot on Skype It worked once Tried it again it did not work Updated keyboard drivers - Windows said - quot Drivers n this device were up to date quot Tried quot Start On-Screen quot it did recognize the keys with won't Keys" work "Shift some quot Shift quot key some I believe that is not a problem related with the keyboard hardware Did a System Restore to a point that I knew that the was working properly Any advice will be appreciate Thanks in advance

A:"Shift Keys" won't work with some keys

This happens, the keyboard needs to be replaced. What is the make and model # of your laptop?
If you go to Ebay, you can search for your make and model # and purchase a keyboard. If you go to Youtube and type in your make and model # and type Replace Keyboard, you will find a video showing you how to replace it.
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I have an Acer C720. It got wet. I 7turned it upside down and dried it out but some keys still do not work: t, h, 7, 8. Any suggestions? TIA.
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i have a hp laptop bbbbbut thee nnnn keys c keys space bbbar do not work . help
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I installed win 7 x86 on a sony vaio vpceb36fg. Everything seems OK but the Fn keys. The combination of Fn+related keys work only for sound volume and screen lock button and not for others!

How to get all Fn keys worked please?
Is it needed to install any tool/utility?

A:Fn keys don't work

You need to Install the following ...

Sony Shared Library

SFEP Driver

Setting Utility Series

Vaio Event Service
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My F keys don't work and i need it to go into safe mode.
I know there's another way but i tried it before and i got into some serious problems.
So is there anything i can do to make those keys work?

My keyboard is doing fine ; nothing is wrong in the hardware.

Thanks for the help

A:The F(eg. F8) keys don't work

Do you by chance, have a Microsoft keyboard?I found this, that might help:Q: My F-Keys don't work, how do I fix it? (#7721)       A: The Microsoft keyboards now have an F-Lock button. The default is for the F keys to be off. If you need to use the F keys to install windows or get into BIOS the F-Lock button has to be pushed in the beginning of POST. Microsoft's idea was to allow keys to do more than one operation.      If you really hate this feature, this F Lock Key Information site offers a zip file that will turn this 'enhanced' feature off and explains how it works.
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Hi vd54! And welcome to TSG. I Have to ask.. Why would you upgrade from Win 7 to a Raw Technical Preview? You need to realize that the Technical Preview is constantly being updated. It is after all a raw OS.

I,m hoping that you haven't destroyed you restore partition. Please post the exact method you used to update your OS. Also please post the exact make and model of your Toshiba.
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I have xp sp3 desktop. i've used some hot keys to go straight to some key-E goes to windows exploer, contr-pause to device manager. Lately, win key-E does not work anymore. ..but device manager does. i checked keyboard drivers and all OK there. Any clues why this happens?

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I installed win 7 x86 on a sony vaio vpceb36fg. Everything seems OK but the Fn keys. The combination of Fn+related keys work only for sound volume and screen lock button and not for others!

How to get all Fn keys worked please?
Is it needed to install any tool/utility?

A:Fn keys don't work

Your laptop came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit so I'm curious as to why you decided to install a 32 bit version.

Laptops, particularly Vaios, have specific functions assigned to keys. On yours you were previously able to surf the web and play DVDs without booting up into Windows. To regain all that you've lost will take quite a bit of work. The utilities you need will be on a Sony support site. However, sometimes things have to be installed in a particular order before they work. It took me a long time Googling, downloading utilities and experimenting to get everything working when I reinstalled the OS on my Vaio.
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Hello, the a,d,g,i,m and k keys in my laptop suddenly stopped working, but they work for about 1 to 2 minutes when I start my laptop every morning, then after that, they won't function for the rest of the day even if i restart. They don't work in safe mode too. I tried to update the keyboard drivers, uninstalled and installed it but to no avail. I want to at least know why it works when i start my laptop in the morning.

A:My a,d,g,i,m and k keys won't work

Do they not type at all or does some thing else get typed?

Have you checked the regional setting to make sure the are correct?

Have you tried a different keyboard?

Cleaned the keyboard?

Depending on the keyboard you may have to hold another key to get something to appear.
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Certain keys do not display a character when typing. The "o, l, 9 & the period". Other forums had mentioned maybe malware. Ive already run Spybot but it did not correct the problem. I?ve included the Highjackthis logfile for viewing

A:Certain Keys Do Not Work

Hello there and welcome to Bleeping Computer's security forum.I see a clean log here, there are no signs of malware or anything that may cause the keyboard problems you are having. I recommend that you post your question in the following forum as you will recieve better help there. Let them know you have had your Hijackthis log checked, and it isn't a serious security issue.Windows XP Home and Professional
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a lot of keys will not function properly on my laptop

A:w,a,s,d,f keys don't work

That is a common sign of a bad keyboard. Likely needs to be replaced. Are you under warranty?
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I have a strange problem and I can't find solution on internet. My 2 years old son was watching cartoons on my Laptop, he got excited and start hitting buttons on the keyboard. Some letters and numbers stooped working even arrows sure what to do?

I have restated the laptop took off battery and did so many things What should I do?
please help

Thanks for your help

A:Laptop Keyboard main keys not working on Acer laptop

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

It is not hard to replace the keyboard.

See these search results for pricing and "hot to" videos.
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Hey everyone, my lap-top is dell latitude d630, like the title says some keys don't work and i don't know why.First it was ESC key,then F1 and now "A".I've opened it and clean it from behind but nothing. Thanks.

A:Keyboard certain keys don't work


How about the onscreen keyboard or an external?
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I was trying to disable driver signature. After restarting the computer, I cannot press F7 to disable as the keys on the keybord do not work. I cannot also press Del or F11 to enter the BIOS and choose BOOT methods as well.Once the computer is finished booting, the keyboard works fine.Why it does not work before booting?It is a USB keyboard.,158155.0.html
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I have a P50 laptop and you can toggle the Fn key on or off by pressing the Fn+Esc keys to enable/disable the FN Lock function. When you enable FN Lock function the Esc key turns on a green light for the FnLk function on the Esc key. The FN Lock function allows you to now use the Alt+F4 keys to close applications.

A:Disable Fn Keys for P50 and allow ALT+F4 to work a...

I have a P50 laptop and you can toggle the Fn key on or off by pressing the Fn+Esc keys to enable/disable the FN Lock function. When you enable FN Lock function the Esc key turns on a green light for the FnLk function on the Esc key. The FN Lock function allows you to now use the Alt+F4 keys to close applications.
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I have a new HP Spectre x360 with Windows 10 and Office 2016. I do lots of document editing and have always loved using the Home and End keys to navigate in my emails and other documents, but they don't work on this computer with the OS and software I have installed. Instead of moving to the beginning or end of a line, they only move one space in each direction. I need to figure out how to fix this and so far have not found anything out there to help. I have only one working hand, so unless there is a "permanent" fix, I would prefer something that doesn't require holding down the Windows key (for example) and some other distant key. Thanks!
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Hello -

If you open the properties for a shortcut, you can specify a keyboard combo which I would imagine will execute the target. They do not work at all on my system. Is there a setting somewhere that I don't know about?



A:Shortcut keys do not work

HI Type Shortcut Keys in the Help and Support shortcut in your Start Menu and it will tell you how to use them. I just had a quick glance but it mentioned they worked with the control/alt keys and maybe you did not get them straight. Peace Mal
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I spent quite a while troubleshooting a problem in a program I'm working in, only to realize that Lenovo forces you to press the Fn key, before you can use the F keys the way other computers use them without the Fn key. Is there a way to reverse this behavior? I went into the Control Panel and got the Keyboard window, but didn't see any way to configure this. Can I change this behavior?

ThinkPad Edge E555, AMD A10-7300 1.9 GHz quad core, 8 gigs RAM

A:Change the way F keys work

I saw this. I'll give it a shot and see if this solves it.  

ThinkPad Edge E555, AMD A10-7300 1.9 GHz quad core, 8 gigs RAM
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Keys t,u,p,j,1 and 3 only work 10% of the time.

Do I need to download a driver??

A:Some Keyboard keys won't always work!

Are you using a wireless keyboard?
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I stopped by my friend s house yesterday and ended up trying to fix keys work Magic don't his roommate s computer The guy has a MHz system running XP and it is eaten up with all bunch of crap I mean you have to wait for like seconds for the start menu to pop up after you click on it So the first thing I did I ran good old Adaware and got rid of like things But it was still slow as hell So I tried to run msconfig to clean up his start up And couldn Magic keys don't work t do it I tried running regedit and nothing as well It just pops up and immediately closes Then I went for Ctrl Alt Del to see what is running in the background Magic keys don't work but that also closed right after it opened So basically I can t run anything from the run menu and the magic keys don t work This is the first time I ve encountered this and was just wondering if anyone knows what might have caused it I mean Microsoft would probably love to disable these keys but I m pretty sure they are not there yet Or are they thanks dima nbsp

A:Magic keys don't work

Have you tried running msconfig from safe mode? That will stop all of the processes from running
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Dont know if this is the right section for it, but oh well.

My problem is that some keys on my keyboard doesnt work, which is a little bit annoying. Mainly the Apostrophe (which i use alot) and the squigly thing next to the *1* key.

I tried another keyboard but i got the same result.

A:Some keys dont work.

Go to Control Panel/Region and Language. Go to Keyboards and Languages tab and click Change Keyboards. Make sure you have the Keyboard for your Region (ex) Keyboard US, or wherever you are from. Also do the same in the Advanced Key Settings tab.
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All of this started a few days ago. Suddenly, some of my keys stopped working.
They work sometimes and they go out.
It's like on and off.
Here are the keys
(q,u,t,p,j,1,3,left arrow and maybe a few others.)

I'm new here btw.
Thanks for the help in advance.

A:Certain keys dont work


Sounds like a bad keyboard.

A bit of computer info, perhaps (e.g. fill in the "specs" in your profile), might help.

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One of the keys on my fujitsu n series lifebook will not work. I can depress it but the correspondin letter does not appear. Can I fix this myself?

A:One of my keyboard keys won't work

Try popping off the key and cleaning underneath.
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I bought a new inspiron n5110.
I want install windows 7, but in booting, when says "press any key to boot from cd/dvd", none of the keys do not work!
pls help me

A:keys don't work on booting

This seems strange. As you are getting the message for booting from DVD, the BIOS boot order is correct. This means that there is no input from the Keyboard. If the machine is a Desktop then disconnect the Keyboard and reconnect it properly. Try and reboot and press another key to boot. If the same thing happens then contact the vendor and ask him to help you out.
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Sorry to reply in English, but when I write in German get a message that my "message contains profanity"

I also have the Bios version 1.6

The FN keys don`t work. On the suggestion of a Technician at Toshiba, I should update the Bios.

I have all the above problems too. Can`t install because of Admin rights.

Really desperate for this update. My screen is very dark and the FN keys would solve this.


A:Satellite Pro M30 - FN keys don't work

If the FN buttons don?t work then I recommend installing the Common Modules.

You can find this tool on the Toshiba European driver page.
The Sat Pro M30 seems to be an older notebook model and therefore the drivers can be found in Archive!!!
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So my problem is that two keys doesn't work ( dash and Backspace ).

I there any way to test if my keys are broken ?


A:Two keys don't work, like Dash

If they don't work using Shift, they probably don't. Try in Wordpad and some other text processor. You can also try ONscreen keyboard, it should match your keyboard layout.
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I'm using the "On screen keyboard" to write this.

The letters e, d, c, t and b aren't typing. I cleaned it out and it's 100% clean. I reinstalled the disk that it came with and tried moving the receiver around. I changed the batteries and that doesn't help either. It's a keyboard from Dynex and it came with a wireless mouse but I threw it away but that's not what is causing this problem. The keyboard has been like this 2 months after I got it.

A:Some keys on keyboard won't work

If you already threw the mouse away... Is it time to try another keyboard?
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Hello, I recently tried to do work on my laptop and I realized some of the keys wouldn't work at all. I tried almost everything. I check to see if I had sticky keys and filter keys all were deselected. I even removed battery for awhile nothing worked. When I hit the shift key for question mark I get " / " instead of a question mark. My number keys won't work except for 5 and 6. Also the only numbers that won't work is O,L,P,H,I,U, and etc. Please help 

A:keyboard keys won't work

According to the message you have recently posted I would like to confirm that this is a hardware issue and the whole keyboard assembly needs to be replaced to resove the issue.  I strongly recommend you to Contact HP Technical Support over the Phone for further assistance to get your Notebook diagnosed and serviced by an authorized HP Certified Engineer You can also Check your warranty Here to verify the warranty status  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K
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Some keys of my keyboard don't work. These keys are F1,F2, ..., up to F12. What should I do? I'm waiting for a reply. Thanks.
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On A New Laptop, In Word, The Contol Key Would Not Work With F3 Spike And F4 For File Exit. I Tried Seeing If A Scroll Or Number Lock Was On. Nothing Works. Control Keys Works With S For Save And P For Print. Any Ideas Why? Thanks.

A:Control Key Not Work With F Keys

Some newer keyboards have more functions built into the Function keys. If your laptop has additional functions (like my MS Office keyboard has things like "Undo", "Redo", "Reply" etc) then perhaps your Function keys are in that "F lock" mode. If it is in that other mode, the Function keys are not F1, F2, F3, etc., they are those other functions.
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A friend of mine gave me a Gateway Solo Model 2500 notebook computer. The battery needs replaced and the hard drive needs to be reformatted and some of the keys don't work. They are not sticky but do not work. The keys include both shift keys, the K, I and 8 keys and the "@" key. I can't set up for email because the "@" key doesn't work. I tried using compressed air but it doesn't work. I contacted Gateway and a very nice rep at first stated she would send me something regarding removing the keyboard and "reseating" the keys and then said she couldn't. Does anyone have any ideas re: how to get the ksys working again? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Some Keys Don't Work

Anyone have any ideas on this one? Thanks.
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So, a few months ago, I got a brand new HP computer(with windows 8, if that helps). I've never had any problems, except for one time when it screwed up the time somehow, but anyways; The up and down arrow keys don't work. At all. They don't scroll, they don't move anything up and down, nothing. Not the normal arrow keys or the keys on the number pad. They've only done this for a little while, a few days maybe. On day they worked fine, the next, nothing. I don't really think it's the keyboard itself, because on the number pad, 8 and 2 work fine. just not as arrow keys. Yes, I tried pressing num lock. Nothing. Along with that, I attempted to see if the up and down keys worked with the on screen keyboard- Still nothing. The left and right keys work totally fine. I don't know what to do, and this it /really/ frustrating. Please help! 

A:Up and Down Arrow Keys Don't Work

Hell DesiMarie,Welcome to the HP Forums.I see that your up and down arrow keys aren't working correctly. I will try to help you with this.To start could you please provide the Model and Product number of your computer?    How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?From there, take a look at this document to see if it's able to help you out: Notebook Keyboard Troubleshooting (Windows 7). Please let me know how this goes. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.

I worked on behalf of HP.
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Sorry if this is a stupid question; I don't really do Windows anymore, someone has just asked me!

If I have a desktop with a Windows XP license key on the back, can I use any copy of the same version of Windows XP to reinstall it? For example, the student license one I get free from uni?

Just curious.

A:How do product keys work?

Short answer...Yes
Assuming that no major hardware such as mother board as been replaced on the target computer.
Assuming that the install medium is not designed specifically for one brand/ model of computer.
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Some of the FN keys (FN + F5, F6, F7, F8, F10) on my Compaq Evo N600c won't work. Also, the internet, email, search, and home page keys at the top of the keyboard won't work either. However, all of the other FN keys (FN + F2, F4, delete, end, etc. ) on the keyboard work along with the regular keys. What is wrong?

A:Some of the FN keys on my computer won't work

Have you been to the manifacturer's web site? Sometimes there are additional keyboard drivers to be downloaded for specialized keys on laptop keyboards. If a laptop.
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I'm just wondering if an OEM key will work with a non-OEM installation because I just got an Acer laptop with an OEM copy of XP installed on it, and I'd like to reformat it but I'm not sure if I'll be able to use that key. I also don't want to reinstall XP using the OEM CD. Does anyone know the answer to this?

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I am a gamer and when i press my f keys they function normally, but i would like it to where i have to press fn so the function, because it is very annoying when i press f1 and the help screen comes up in the middle of a game. 

A:Getting the f keys to only work when i press Fn

Hi, You can change the default action as follows. Shut down the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Bios option ( f10 ), then make the change shown in the document on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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I have a chrome book and the keys k,i and 8 don't work how do i fix them

A:The keys k,i,and the number 8 don't work

Hi, Have you tried a can of compressed air yet ? Just use it and blow to the area first. Regards.
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I tried cleaning out my keyboard, lifted the space bar, when I heard a crack and something popped up - apparently I dented the layer below. Now several keys no longer work - left alt, some function keys, comma, period, slash, semicolon, A, X, C and N. Might it be that the matrix broke? I have an Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (vn7-791g-73aw), the keyboard glows red. Once I press any key it lights up, but now, when I press the broken keys, it doesn't. Can I fix this on my own without fiddling or will I have to give the laptop away for repairs?

A:Several keys no longer work

You will probably need a new keyboard which you should be able to fit yourself.

Found one on Ebay UK :-
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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 and the FN key doesn't work when I try a combination such as FN + F1 etc...

FN + F1-F12 doesn't do anything I've tried them all including pressing it a few times to holding it for a long period of time.

Am I missing a driver or something?

So confused.

A:FN keys doesn't work

have a look at this thread ...
good luck
Toshiba Support Forums: Satellite C660 - What driver for ...
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I have had this chromebook now for about three months, and all of a sudden three keys do not work. I don't know what to do, and I cannot afford to replace a BRAND NEW laptop. It is extremely annoying, because the only way to get these letters to work is to apply quite a bit of force. If there was a way to take the keys off and clean them, maybe it would help, but someone help. !

A:HP Chromebook "K" "i" and "," keys will NOT WORK !

I purchased an HP Chromebook also in December and suddenly the I and K keys quit working too. Any fixes anyone? Thanks.
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I use ACBLSCORE to calculate results for Bridge matches. The programme has different meanings for different function keys. For example, F3 would ask for the name of the players, while F4 would compute the results. With the new i7 laptop that I have now (WIndows 7 home premium 64 bit), however, this has changed, and I need to press fn+F3 or fn+F4 for the keys to operate. Is there a way so that the programme works as it is supposed to, without the fn key? Many thanks.

A:Solved: F1 to F12 keys work only with fn key

Look for a key labelled "F LOCK"
See this:
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don't know if you can help me or not. What does it mean when certain keys on my laptop don't work. The a,s,d,k,c, the down arrow and the full stop only work sometimes. if i push on the keys hard enough they sometimes work. have vacuumed. tried uninstalling and re-instsalling. any help would be appreciated. using a virtual keyboard is driving me nuts. unfortunately i dont have a spare keyboard to use.

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My laptop is a 3 year old HP Probook 4520s. For about one year the "Fn" key hasn't been working and just yesterday the keys "Q A Z CAPS LOCK TAB 1 ESC" stopped working for no reason. I'v tried re-installing the driver but still nothing. any idea how to fix this?

A:Some keys on keyboard don't work

It sounds to me like its the keyboard itself. Depending on how old the computer is; certain letters could just be wearing out which means the keyboard most likely needs replacement.
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Hi everybodyI cant go to bios menu in my laptop(HP Pavilon G Series)When turning on I press ESC key ...i can see menu but function keys dosn't work!
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I'm using a HP Wireless Elite v1 as my keyboard. Couldn't be happier with it, except today I noticed that the driver/program that makes the multimedia keys work was eating up my CPU. Is there a way I can get them to work without it under 8.1? It does recognize the volume buttons, but that's it.

Thanks in advance
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After upgrading to windows10, fn keys won't work. I have reinstalled all drivers. I have reinstalled launch manager, and can see it running in the task manager. I have also tried reverting to an older version of launch manager. Is there anything else I can do? What's bothering me the most are the backlit keys. The light does turn off itself after 30ish seconds, but I want to turn it OFF! HELP ME!

A:V5-571G - fn keys won't work (tried everything)

Hello, May be this version for Windows 10 64-bit:LaunchManagerAcerLaunch Manager8.00.811615.8 MB2015/08/20DownloadAbout the backlit function, have you tried loading the default settings in the bios setup utility.
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I have been having problems keeping my touchpad and keyboard functioning after taking my laptop apart. In the first instance, my touchpad stopped working a couple weeks after the dissection. I took the computer back apart, and re-secured the touch pad jack in the motherboard connector, and it worked again.

The second instance, which I havent been able to solve, is the keyboard keys. Certain keys will stop working after some short time after taking apart the computer, usually a couple hours to a couple days.

I have tried readjusting the keyboard jack in the motherboard connector, also have tried turning off the computer and taking out the battery for a while.

Please help

Its an HP Pavilion dv5000 with Windows XP

A:Help! Laptop keys stop working after laptop dissection

Also Ive noticed that all of the keys that aren't functioning are clustered in one area on the keypad.
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Hi I have a really old Toshiba laptop and spilled coffee on it now most of the keys won't work I tried cleaning it. What should I do?

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Hello, my brightnes key (F11-F12) are not workig for a while..anyone know how to ix it? i have a Z40-70 laptop,can you please halp me? 

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My cursor won't work whenever I press any keys (although it does if I press either the alt, CTRL, FN, or win keys), and it will stay stuck for about a second after I press a key. Does anyone know what to do?
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Happy Thanksgiving US residents!
The keyboard that came with my family's eMachine, has buttons that don't work. The buttons are the extra features such as copy, paste, open internet, adjust volume, etc. Those extra buttons don't work but the standard keys do. Is this a driver issue? How can this be fixed?

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I have an Asus Eee PC 1005 HA series, with Windows 7 starter. Whenever I turn it on it displays the grey asus screen with the phrase "press F2 to run Setup, Press TAB to display BIOS POST Message", however, when I try to press either F2 or TAB, the computer does not react. Ctrl+Alt+Del, do not work, and neither does Esc. Please Help!
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I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 experiencing a problem with the first lettered row of keys on the keyboardNone of the letters (QWERTYUIOP) work but:The ESC key worksThe number keys work & their special character equivalentsThe F keys (F1, F2, F3 etc.) workThe TAB key works (same row)The curly braces ({}), brackets ([]), backslash (\) and pipe (|) keys work (same row)All other keys on the keyboard workI'm thinking this may be a hardware issue but wanted to check with the community for other guidance.Is there by chance an IdeaPad diagnostic ISO that can be used to check components like this?
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My Yoga 2 11 keyboard all of a sudden has keys repeating or putting in letters and characters and sometimes keys won't work at all.I have run Antivirus and Malware and restarted many times.  same thing Does anyone have any ideas?  Your suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated
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Hi,After upgrade to Windows10, function keys like dim and mic on/off have stopped working. I've installed all drivers, and there is no unknown device in system manager.How can I fix it? Model:HP ProBook 440 G3P5T15EA#ABU
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What can I do to make special keys like (at) and (euro) working again? Because of that falt I am not able to write my correct email adress nd I am not happy about that. I need someone's help!€)-sign-don-t-work
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I have this keyboard:

Sometimes I will be doing something and some keys will become unresponsive. As in I press the key but it does not function. Most commonly it’s the “g” and “h” key that stops working. However I am fairly sure it is not the keyboard because sometimes I can unplug the keyboard from my tower and replug it in and the keys will start working immediately. Sometimes not. I tried downloading and installing the latest driver off their site and it just overrides the current one. I did it many times so the driver is there. Any ideas?

A:Sometimes some keys on keyboard dont work?

The link you provide is not pointing to a keyboard.You could try cleaning the keyboard with some presured air.
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This is a bit of an irritation really - despite the rest of the keyboard working fine, the 'F' keys do not work at all. Its a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0a apparently, and I'm using it on a XP Home SP2 computer (they didn't work on SP1 either!). I've reinstalled the driver for the keyboard to no avail, and there is no new driver available. I really havent got the faintest why this happens, but if anyone could help I would appreciate it.

A:Solved: 'F' keys on keyboard do not work

Is there a F lock key?
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Some shortcut keys work after restart and some do not The items in the top list must be reassigned after each restart The items in the bottom list still work after restart Not much in existing forums about this My keyboard seems to be fine with the most updated drivers Any other ideas These shortcuts DO NOT work after restart Ctrl Alt Shift cmd Ctrl Alt Shift regedit Ctrl Alt Shift msconfig Ctrl Alt Shift msinfo Ctrl Alt Shift f a particular OneDrive folder Ctrl Alt Shift f Firefox Ctrl Alt Shift g folder of all program tasks ED BA - E - E- C- E C Ctrl Alt Shortcut restart don't (Win 8.1) work after Keys Shift l latin language config window Ctrl Alt Shift h a particular word document Ctrl Alt Shift m Microsoft Xbox Music app Ctrl Alt Shift v Microsoft Xbox Video app Ctrl Alt Shift k camera app Ctrl Alt Shift end Advanced Startup BIOS UEFI But these shortcuts DO work after restart Ctrl Alt a Microsoft Access Ctrl Alt e Microsoft Excel Ctrl Alt n Microsoft OneNote Shortcut Keys (Win 8.1) don't work after restart Ctrl Alt o Microsoft Outlook Ctrl Alt p Microsoft PowerPoint Ctrl Alt u Microsoft Publisher Ctrl Alt w Microsoft Word

A:Shortcut Keys (Win 8.1) don't work after restart

these shortcut keys you listed do not work on my PC either.
Where do you set these keys?
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I have a Toshiba M45-S351 and the following keys do not work-

All F keys except F1
All vowels
lower keys

I tried to run the recovery disk for Windoes XP and I couldn't choose what to do because I can't type 1&2. Now when I reboot, it tries to boot off the disk and says "media failure: check cable". I took the keyboard out, unplugged the cable and put it back and I still can't use the above keys. I updated the driver to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Keyboard vowels & other keys don't work

Sounds like you need to take your laptop to a professional.
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Many of the Windows Services like audio and wi fi, on my windows 7 laptop don't work. The Fn keys don't work either. I looked at the Windows Services. Many of them are disabled. Instead of re-enabling them one by one, is there a quick way to return all the Windows Services to their default settings?

A:Windows Services and Fn keys don't work

Hi there is something here but i have never used it so you would do so at your own risk Reset All Services For Windows | SheNaNigans
it would probably be safer to do it manually one by one
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When you right-click a shortcut, then click Properties, there's an option to set a Shortcut Key (for example, Ctrl+Alt+letter key) to run the shortcut from the keyboard.

I've tried this with shortcuts on my Start Menu, Desktop, and Quick Launch toolbar, but I can't get it to work consistently. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Does anyone know what's up with this? Or is it just a known Windows frustration?

Thanks, Ander

A:Making shortcut keys work?

It works fine here... I don't know what to say
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Version 39.0.2171.96Platform 6310.68.0 (Official Build) stable-channel nyan_blazeFirmware Google_Nyan_Blaze.5771.63.0I bought my father a chrome book for xmass from bestbuy and the keyboard keys 8ik, arn't working 90 percent of the time. Im looking to get this problem to work.

A:8ik, keys only work 10% of the time on my chromebook

  Hi @nathan2484 ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have looked into your issue about your Chromebook and issues with keys sticking. You can power the Chromebook down by pressing the power button for 20 seconds. Then pressing it again to restart it. Here is a link to help adjust the keyboard input on your Chromebook. You could reinstall Chrome OS which takes it back to factory settings. Make sure you back up all data or it will be lost. You can contact Chromebook here. Hope this helps you. Thanks.
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I was streaming some anime then out of nowhere my computer blue screens, it restarts fine, windows runs fine but a few letters on my keyboard stopped working. Windows 7 is OS dell inspiron n5010 is my laptop. P,o,i,u,w,e,r all do not work on my keyboard there might be a couple more that i have not noticed. no i don't remember the error sorry it was too fast. I scanned using advanced system care 5. It fixed a lot of bugs among other things but i don't think it did anything to help my situation.


A:Bluescreen once, keys dont work.

System Care will only damage your system. It will do more damage when the system already has a problem. Use System Restore to get an undamaged registry back and remove that program.

Start > Run: sysdm.cpl
Under the Advanced tab, Startup button, uncheck the box that says to automatically restart so you can read the blue screen next time.
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I've just bought a Satellite C50Dt-B-105 with windows 10.

I have a problem with the luminosity keys (F2, F3). They don't work. Same while usin Fn key.
I went in the toshiba option panel to change the function of these keys : Standard mode or holding Fn key but both solutions don't work.
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I spilled some liquid on my Acer Aspire 5720 laptop & now some keys no longer work. Any help on how to fix the keys if it's possible would be appreciated. TIA

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I have a Satellite Pro A300 with Windows Vista Business and some of my FN stop working.
I've already tried to re-install Value Added Package but it changed nothing.

Can anyone help me?

A:FN keys don't work on my Satellite Pro A300

>... some of my FN stop working
How to understand this?
Which FN keys are not working anymore?
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Hello, i have a problem with my laptop some keys doesn't work, the key "O", "P", "L". if I press 'P' it types 'op' and if it shows the wrod ';l' instead of 'l'.   sometimes it works properly,and somtime no.  I want to know if it is a hardware problem or a software problem??? or whats the solution?