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1055T or i5 760, for multifunction server?

Q: 1055T or i5 760, for multifunction server?

Hey guys,

well I currently have two motherboards ASUS M4A79T deluxe, ASUS P7P55D, Which would be best for a web server running Ubuntu 10.10, Apache and Samba for file server. "Home Use"

I'm thinking the 1055T X6 for better future, but I'm thinking i5 for stability. I plan to have 16GB ram since price for ram is cheap.

I also have 5 HDD's including one VelociRaptor 150GB

what do ya think???

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Preferred Solution: 1055T or i5 760, for multifunction server?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 1055T or i5 760, for multifunction server?

In terms of stability, neither the 1055T or i5 are any different, they're both stable CPUs, and a system running either is not going to offer any advantages in regards to that.

I would choose the 6 core Phenom (because of the two or more additional cores) over the i5 (assuming its a 2/4 thread model) though, but both will be more than fine for a home-server type setup. I would also purchase a good aftermarket cooler for a Phenom setup as well, to help keep it cool if its running 24/7.

16GB should also be absolutely plenty of RAM as well.

Equally important (and not commented about in your post) is ensuring your server has gigabit network connectivity though, especially if you plan to be using it as a data/backup server on your home network. If it was me I'd drop down to 8GB of RAM and then purchase a good gigabit switch and router, and cat 5e/6 network cabling (and gigabit NICs if needed) to ensure your network has the best bandwidth and speed possible. Being stuck on 10/100 speeds across your network would in my opinion waste the performance of your server.
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Hey guys,
I'm trying to figure out how to scan stuff to a computer on an HP LaserJet 3330 scanner/copier/printer/fax. The thing is hooked up to a print server on a 100Mb/s network w/about 7 or 8 computers, and I'm trying to get it to scan to another computer on the network. Any ideas?

A:HP multifunction printer on print server

I'm not sure if you can make it scan through a genereic print server..
You most certainly need the bloated, huge and slow HP software to do it.
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I cant get it any higher than 3.6GHz. I set the HT link multiplier to 7 to keep it lower than as soon as I set my FSB to more than 259 it goes into constant restart. The memory is on a lower multiplier and the CPU voltage is plentiful. I just don't get it.

I hardly have a rubbish motherboard either. It cost me 70.

any help??

A:Help overclocking x6 1055t

doesnt matter I solved the problem. a few 7 series boards mine included have a problem where the fsb limit is much lower than usual. mine being about 261. other people have said theres is 251. So Il stick with 3.6ghz then use turbo core on as many cores as possible.
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I would just like some opinions one what CPU cooler I should buy with a 1055T.

Will be Used for gaming.
Will be overclocked.

I have had a look at a few and I could probably make the right educated decision. But I wouldn't mind some opinions .

A:What cooler for AMD Phenom II 1055T?

Might check out this water cooler if you have room for it......
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Hey guys, Been messing with my Phenom 1055t, have got it stable (kinda) around 3.81ghz, when i push it to 4004mhz it lasts about 10 seconds on 100% load torture test, also i notice in crysis warhead the graphics go all patchy when theres a crash incoming - how can i stabilize 4ghz? more voltage? im at 1.4875V atm with 14.00 multi and 286mhz fsb - spread spectrum for cpu on auto and Dram about 1525mhz

TIA Jamie

A:Phenom II X6 1055T Overclock

Have you lowered the ram speed/divider to remove the ram from the overclocking equation?

Next have you set the pci lock?

I would stop wasting time trying to get 4.0 when you are having problems at 3.81. Remember if it is not prime95 stable, it is a worthless overclock. You first need to find out where you start to get errors in prime95 before you attempt anything like 4gig.

FWIW I have my 965 overclocked to 4gig on stock voltage with C&Q enabled. It does take a while upping fsb by 1~2mzh and running stability tests.
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First of all sorry for posting wrong thread because i cant find for Hardware Advice.

Im still deciding what model for intel but not exceeds 200$

Anyone could give me good simple explanation or advice.

OS Windows 7 32bit
3Gig ram
1 Terabyte Hard disk

Mostly i use this for Games.
Can render Video faster.
Open multiple tabs.

Anyone here experts and mods could give me a good advice for processor.

A:Intel i5 650 vs AMD Phenom II 1055T

Just going to suggest the i5-750 for that price range, great CPU for gaming, overclocking, stock usage, power consumption, etc.

Gaming CPU Heirarchy Chart

The i5-650 does have Hyperthreading, but you listed Games 1st, and this CPU will do well on everything

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ok so ive done loads of surfing the net with regards to the above and i 1055t FX8150 vs Phenom OC cant seem to find very much system specs first AMD Phenom II T overclocked to gig cooler vendetta gig Corsair DDR MhZ ASRock FX extreme mobo Gainward GTX gig Mushkin Chronos SSD Tb rpm HDD windows bit HP i bought on a whim a AMD FX core it OC 1055t Phenom vs FX8150 was a really good price and i stupidly didnt do any research into it once the new OC 1055t Phenom vs FX8150 CPU was in i left the OC 1055t Phenom vs FX8150 stock clock speeds and ran a few benchmarks using pcmark vantage pcmark etc etc and saw absolutely no increase in performance what so ever so i ran a few games and monitored the FPS etc and i actually saw a drop in fps compared to my phenom II I tried to overclock the but the heat generation was horrendous but for the short time i was able to use it i still didnt see any performance gain at all i know already that games dont use many cores but i thought i would still see a performance gain anyway with the FX being a newer cpu with different architecture in the cpu benchmark lists that are on the net the is supposed to be better than my trusty old phenom II what would u guys do stick with the for future use or keep the t just so u know i use my rig for gaming thanks nbsp

A:OC 1055t Phenom vs FX8150

The bulldozer line was a disappointment and in some cases performed worse than say a t1090 or t1100. Bulldozer was superseded by the newer fx8350 which actually performs reasonably well; at least on par with a t1090 or t1100.

To answer your question, personally I would run the t1055 overclocked however that is me.
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Just a quick question I need to know to the answer to . Is there an AM2+ Version of the 1055T or will the 1055T AM3 fit the AM2+ socket? If it works would there be much performance diff?

A:Solved: AMD 1055T Socket

Hey there. There are quite a few AM2+ boards that will run the Phenom II x6 1055t. Of course you do really have to look on the manufactures CPU support list to be sure whether they will or not. This board is the cheapers AM2+ board on Ebuyer and it will support the Phenom x6 1055T. Just have a look on the website for CPU support and see if it is listed.

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I recently bought a 212 evo cooler for my cpu, this keeps my cpu at around 30 degrees or under. I've tried overclocking my cpu to 3.5ghz but when i load my pc up, i get a bluescreen with "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" within 2 minutes of being on my desktop. I will attach the Dump files in a zip file with all the other details with the "SF Diagnostic tool"

The latest dump file is the 010913-8455-01

I'm running Windows 8 64bit.
1055t AMD CPU
660TI Nvidia
8Gb ram

A:BSOD When overclocking 1055t Cpu to 3.5ghz.

Turn the OC back until it doesnt blue screen, check your voltages and stuff its not only about temperature
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These seem to be just released so not expecting many results yet but im intrested to know how they compare to intel. And would they be worth getting? The cheaper one here is ?160, and the 1090 is ?250.
But i cant seem to find any decent bechmark results at the momment, any would be appreciated because im intrested in upgrading to this on my current motherboard.

A:AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and 1055T Benchmarks

I read AnandTech's review and thought it was a decent review with decent benchmarks AMD's Six-Core Phenom II X6 1090T & 1055T Reviewed - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News
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Hello everyone

I am intending to buy a Phenom II X6 1055T for my new system. I was originally intending to go for the Core i3 530 clocked at 2.93Ghz, but because the 1055T system would work out to be less than 100 more I am now considering going for it.

What I would like to know is whether I am missing something by thinking that the 1055T is the high end processor from AMD performing at a similar level of a Core i7 but priced almost the same as a mid range Intel processor (for example a Core i5 processor)

Any advice will be appreciated


A:What are people's views on the Phenom II X6 1055T?

I am putting together my new system together as we speak with the x6 1055T and the Asus Crosshair IV Formula. Here is a review using those two components. Check out the performance levels of the 1095T at 4.1Ghz. the 1095T and the 1055T are the same thing just different stock speed., and both OC to the same speed (4.0-4.2) on air. I don't know if you intend to OC or not, but that's what i am going to run it at.

**** the 980X on the chart is intels 6-core...its also $1000.00****
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I've been looking at some CPU's to add to one of my aging computers and I cannot work out the difference between the CPU's, I can only see difference in the Clock speed. I havn't gone to far into checking it's exact specs but that's all I have seen. Is there any real difference?

A:Difference between AMD 1055T, 1090T and 1100T

All of those chips use the same core so yes the difference is clockspeed. Note if you intend to install one of these in an old system, the board must support the 6 core cpus. Just because it is an am3 socket board does not mean it supports all am3 cpus.
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altight all?

im looking to do a fairly cheap upgrade but i am unsure if the CPU mentioned in the title would work with the motherboard?

A:Asus m2n-e SLI & AMD Phenom II X6 Six Core 1055T 2.80GHz

According to the Asus website, that processor is not supported by that motherboard. Click here: Asus
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Hello there everyone recently I bought a Phenon x t a M A T-E and a gb DDr mhz corsair xms memory I installed them with my old xfx GT w Corsair power supply and LG DVD IDE driver plus my SATA HDD samsumg tb and Western Digital gb After much trouble I managed to 1055t Phenom running slow + Solved: x6 M4A78T-E get the system stable I was having constant BSOD due to voltagem Solved: M4A78T-E + Phenom x6 1055t running slow problems it was accusing Memory Management using windows driver verifier I found out a problem with the ACPI driver I updated it and the BSOD went away I managed to update the BIOS and instaled ASUS CPU management tools but now my system is very slow on certain aspects mainly installing unistalling and moving files It took me more than hour to get Maya installed on my old system a M n-e SLI and an Athlon x it would take minutes top Running programs is also slower they take longer to load Can it be HDD problems Or incompatibilities between the MB and the CPU Memory nbsp

A:Solved: M4A78T-E + Phenom x6 1055t running slow

Did you install the chipset drivers ?

Check you have set the correct voltage for that Ram in the Bios.

I have the same Mboard btw.
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Hi all,
Our Canon MF4270 has decided to not receive faxes. Is anyone prepared to recommend a suitable replacement? Must Laser print, copy, scan and fax and be networkable, preferably with a USB stick input.

A:Multifunction recommendation?

Is color printig needed? If so, this is not cheap but would fit your bill I really do like Canon Laser Printers, Mine is 8 years old and has only been through 3 toner cartridges, It is Monochrome only though and is not networked.
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hi... I have a gateway multifunction keyboard with os win2k...I am looking to find the drivers to operate the extra keys...the extra keys are cd, volume, tv, radio, phone, sleep, etc...anybody have a clue...

A:multifunction keyboard

try here for drivers
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I am using Windows 7 Home premium and need help on which multifunction printer to get.

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Hi guys I need help choosing a HD tv that I can also use as my pc monitor So far I ve been able to Multifunction Which HD TV/Monitor? find a good few but can t decide What Which Multifunction HD TV/Monitor? I want is to be able to watch tv play my PS and also use it for pc stuff Does anyone know of any good deals or recommended models So far I like this one http www amazon co uk Samsung-P ef dp return ie UTF amp n amp s electronics or cheaper on http www currys co uk martprd sto mp id Currys Which Multifunction HD TV/Monitor? Google productInformationSection By the way is there a difference as Amazon says full HD and Currys says HD Ready Another model I m thinking of is this one but I m not sure if it has freeview or http www amazon co uk exec obidos ASIN B VAMI - m A P ROKL A OLE Any help would be greatly appreciated Ps Have a great Christmas nbsp

A:Which Multifunction HD TV/Monitor?

Have ordered Samsung SyncMaster P2270HD.

Hopefully its what I expect.
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I'm looking for a good multifunction printer that is under $300. It must have copier, scanner and color fax capabilities and print good quality photographs.
I've been using an HP d135 but it is now defunct and out of warranty.

We use the printer to print CD covers, so it must be able to handle a decent workload and give attractive printouts.

I know there are some good multifunction printers out there, I just don't know how to sort through them all. Any good experiences/suggestions?

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A guy has a multifunction keyboard which works fine as long as he is logged in as the administrator. However, if any other user hits the volume control on the keyboard, it shoots up to max and cannot be changed. If the administrator logs back in, he is stuck too. It only works again if he reboots and logs in again as administrator. He has tried swapping keyboards, reloading multifunction software, and even reloading Windows. Any thoughts?

A:Multifunction volume

I would have the administrator checks his settins and his users.
this is not a hardware problem.
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Hey guys. What i have to do for share my Printer HP 1510 with my brother(Win XP)??? Just click Right button and share THE PRINTER dont work! Windows 7 request a Driver CD, when i put, dont load the drivers and when i?m trying to install, the version is for XP and dont install. What i have to do???

A:Share HP 1510 Multifunction XP / Win 7

Hello diegodiniz,

short answer.
You have to make sure both Windows 7 and Windows XP use the same workgroup name.
Install your printer in Windows 7, make sure it works.
Then in Windows 7, share your printer.
Install additional XP drivers on your printer in Windows 7 (printer properties->sharing tab) , sometimes you need to edit the .inf file of your extracted XP drivers, to make sure the shared printer name equals the printer name in the .inf file. Those drivers are downloaded automatically to your XP machine if you connect to the Windows 7 Printer.

If you need more information, feel welcome in the forum to ask your questions.

Have a nice day!

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Howdy All This is not a problem per se I am seeking information I want to upgrade my multifunction printer to one that uses separate ink tanks advice Multifunction please Printer as I always use the blue up first then have to replace the whole tri colour cartridge whilst there is still ink in it Multifunction Printer advice please I currently use and am very happy with my Hewlett Packard but have been looking at upgrading and the Multifunction Printer advice please one I like is australian a little out of my pocket In my local computer store there are Epson multifunctions with separate ink tanks for australian but the store just wants to sell me something and isn t too good at answering questions The main thing I am trying to find out with little success or maybe I am not asking the right questions in quot searches quot is whether this Epson has separate printheads with each ink tank like the Hewlett Packard does I once had a Cannon printer that the heads died on and it cost me more than the printer to buy a new set I was a Multifunction Printer advice please newbie and the store didn t bother to tell me it would be cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy the print heads I have since found out that not all MFP s have the print heads changed with each ink tank and some just use a built in set which means it gets more expensive in the long run when changing things over or if you have print head problems Hopefully some TSG members might be able to help me or point me in the right direction for links to find out my answers Thanx in advance for any help available Regards Paula nbsp

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Hi I ve been trying to install a new multifunction printer I am using Vista Home Premium on a Dell Dimension E I originally tried installing a Brother DCP- C which is supposedly vista compatible The installation appeared to go ok until I had to plug in the USB cable The found new hardware wizard recognised it had been plugged in yet the installation package went no further I tried different USB cables won't printers install Multifunction and different ports After an hour and a half on the phone to their tech support and checking it worked on Multifunction printers won't install a computer with XP we gave up and sent it back Yesterday I bought a HP photosmart C again I d been told by the selllers it was compatible and it came with a CD saying Vista on it I have had exactly the same problems with that Another hour on the phone to HP tech support and they couldn t seem to fix the problem so I tried ringing Dell The ports work so Dell don t feel it s their problem and I should speak to microsoft Rang microsoft they ll only help you if you bought Vista from them mine was pre-installed on the computer when I bought it so I should ring Dell again I m going around in circles no one seems to be able to help so they keep trying to pass me on to someone else This is my last resort Please can someone tell me what the problem might be and how I could fix it I really need a printer that works but I m at the end of my tether Many thanks nbsp
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I have just purchased the above but the installation has been far Printer MC561 OKI help Multifunction more complex than I expected Installed OKI MC561 Multifunction Printer help from CD using USB connection There was one error that seemed to come from Windows Pro rather than the install program which stated that PCL had not been installed successfully Not sure if this is significant All other software and utilities on the CD installed OK except for TWAIN instalation but all the references in this seemed to apply to connection over a network rather than local printer via USB I have printed successfully from the computer Now I want to learn about scanning using the Automatic Document Feeder Duplex I initialy want to experiment and scan a multipage document to a multipage pdf file The OKI MC561 Multifunction Printer help program that came on the CD that would seem to be the one to use is called quot Actkey quot When I start this up there are options quot Application quot quot Application quot quot Folder quot quot PC Fax quot I select quot Folder quot but then get a message quot Please check that the device is set to remote PC mode quot and can't get any further What does this mean With the information I have provided of my journey so far with this MFP can anyone kindly help I'm not sure if either of the two problems I had during install are relevant or not but most importantly I want to be able to scan Thank you

A:OKI MC561 Multifunction Printer help

Have you tried to uninstall and then reinstall it? Make sure when you install the printer that you install the software first before plugging in the usb cable, doing this can have adverse effects on the installation.
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Has anyone managed to configure the multifunction keys on a HP Keyboard in Windiws 7?
The keyboard option in Control panel does not seem to allow this ?

A:Configure multifunction on an HP keyboard ?

Try this

32-bit driver

64-bit driver

After installing the driver reboot and then go to Control Panel, Keyboard, Buttons tab
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I'm looking to purchase a multifunction Bluetooth stereo headset with a microphone. I'd like to use one device to listen to music and online broadcasts as well as use interactive tutorial programs and the online telephonic services, e.g., Yahoo Messenger. I've been using a wired stereo headset and a separate wired mic with success but too much wired hassle. Any suggestions for such a Bluetooth product? I've seen the Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with microphone, but nothing descriptive enough to assure me it will function as I wish on my Toshiba Tecra 5-M5332.


A:Bluetooth multifunction headsets available?

Toshiba might have a list of suggested accessories.

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I'm looking for a good multifuntion printer that has a very good scanner to scan slides. I considered the Canon MP960 & 970 but the reviews say they don't scan well. Something around $200? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Can any one tell me the best multifunction photo printers that are the best for a resonable price?

A:Multifunction Photo printers,,tq...=21044&pr21044=Less%20Than%20$350&stpdinglp=1
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Hello Everyone.

I have been looking at the Brother MFC-7820N and the MFC-8460N. On the website and brochures at Staples, the MFC-840N has a "1200 x 1200 dpi high-quality print resolution" and color scanning up to 19,200 x 19,200 dpi. The MFC-7280N has a "laser output" of 2400 x 600 dpi and color scanning of 9600 x 9600 dpi.

I know that a higher dpi = higher resolution but why on the MFC-7820N is the laser out not equal: the x-axis being larger (2400 x 600 dpi)? Is there an advantage to this?

Thanks in advance/

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I have a Samsung AM-900 multi-function printer. I recently bought a new PC with Windows XP Pro and now the scan function doesn't work. The printer prints ok so the USB A-B cable seems ok. The printer is an orphan (Samsung doesn't even post the drivers on their website) so they won't be any help. The scan function worked on my old PC with Windows XP Home. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Samsung multifunction won't scan

You're going to have to get the software for that. Did you not get a disc with it?
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in trying to QUICKLY buy a quality 4-in-1 printer, scanner, fax. copier, I went comparison web sites where I saw consumer review after review screaming abt how difficult the installation was for the HP 7310 - and these reviews were from 'technical' people; and how, even on the 2nd or 3rd replacement, there were still problems; they also moaned, on and on, about the customer service.

Since HP is leading manufacturer for this kind of hardware, and this model has all the features I want, I'd like to buy it!

Does anyone have any info on this - any suggestions? I really don't want to spend weeks researching, if possible.


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I have recenlty acquired a Ricoh multifunction device (scanner/copier/printer/fax), and it is functioning as the network printer in my Windows 2000 network with a server and four copiers. I would like to use this device as the network scanner. Would you please walk me through setting this device up as the network scanner? There is not much in this specific to the machine (as I understand it) but rather just the general process of setting up a device as a network peripheral device. Thank you. David

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Hi there,

I am looking to buy a Multifunction Printer in the price range of about $200/100 or more.

Any thing to look out for or Recommendations?

A:Need Advice/Recommendation for a Multifunction Printer

There is a great search engine called GOOGLE...

With that price range, what are you planning to print, copy, scan and fax? Are you running a million dollar (pound) business?
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Hi, I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit PC connected to a home network with other PCs connected. Additionally, there's a network printer (HP Officejet 6310xi) that available on the network. Now when I had my XP PC on the network, I was able to access the printer's printing, scanning and faxing resources via the control software (HP Solution) which worked fine, but it took a great deal of space and resources. Now I have a Windows 7 system, I really don't want to tie up resources with this control software, however, when I use the device wizard, all I find is the printer resource. I am frustrated with HP's only solution is to install the control program and no other way to scan or fax over the network. Isn't there a way to manually install a network device? I mean, technically, you can manually install a network printer with Windows, but why not a network scanner or network fax machine?

A:Manually add a network multifunction printer?

Multifunction devices require specialized drivers to get things working. Sorry, but that's just the price of doing business. You could probably get the printing working, but the scanner and fax won't work at all without the network drivers from HP. You may be able to do some experimenting and uninstall some of the applications and keep the drivers intact; checking the HP site/forum may help - you might get lucky and find someone that's done exactly that.
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I have one of these Epson Multi function printers.

Epson DX9400 Fax

I am having a problem with the black printing. The other colors are fine (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) and the problem occurs only when I print, photo copies print black just fine which is the reason I am stumped. I recently purchased some 3rd party cartridges to save money and this problem started. Well I thought that the cartridges were defective so I got some original Epson brand and the same results. I've tried head cleaning several times and same thing with both cartridges which I know are good because the copies are just fine. It's only when I send a print to it that the black does not work.. Anyone have an idea on what to look for or is it time to chunk it?

A:Multifunction inkjet copies ok but prints are not

"or is it time to chunk it?"...

I would say yes
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i just bought a new Canon multifunction printer. it even has the fax option. i have it connected so it prints from the computer and even sends a fax, but i've lost my Internet connection. i need to connect the multifunction printer with fax, a computer and my phone all on the same phone line. i'm also using verizon DSL. anyone know which line needs to go where? also i noticed after connecting, opening a file took a long time. am i going to need more memory?
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The XP driver for this was pretty good for a typical cumbersome driver from HP. The Vista/W7 driver works minimally and the control panels look great but:
1. Normal vs. Fastdraft print selection results in terrible low density quality.
2. Can't change the default printer selection.

A:HP PSC1200 multifunction printer/scanner

I have found that W7 installs better drivers than what is available for HP m/f printers. If you uninstall your driver and reboot, with the printer attached to your machine, W7 will load a driver that is compatible.
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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy an all-in-one colour laser printer. Haven't had one before, so I'm hoping for suggestions??

- Looking to spend around 3 - 400 GBP.

- Would like seperate CMYK toners, rather than just black and 'colour'

- Also something that has good availability of generic or remanufactured toners to keep consumable costs down.

- Wireless would be nice

Any suggestions, or feedback on different manufacturers / models woulld be very gratefully received



A:Multifunction laser printer suggestions

I bought 10 Samsung 3175FN printers for some home office employees last year, and they have been running very well. They seem to be harder to find, though, so I'm not sure if Samsung is about to replace them with a new model or not.
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The problem is I use the scanning function often and print function occasionally. Hence each time I switch the unit on it goes through a cleaning cycle and uses some ink to do this. The ink cartridges run out even though I may print only 5 - 10 pages. Any way to disable print function with software??

A:Epson cx4100 multifunction problem

That cleaning cycle is required to keep the print head from clogging up, which would result in poor or no printing. I don't believe it can be disabled anyway.
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Is there any method for forcing Windows 7 to find a USB device?

Specifically my Brother MFC-8440 printer, scanner, and fax machine was working just fine in Vista 64 bit but quit when I upgraded my PC to Windows 7.

Windows found a printer device but not the driver. It did not find the scanner or fax devices. I downloaded and unzipped the Vista - 64 drivers and then pointed the Windows 7 printer device to that directory. That fixed the printer.

However, Windows 7 does not recognize the scanner as a separate device. Apparently Windows 7 does not recognize multifunction devices. XP and Vista had no problem with this.

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I have several computers on this new Brother MFC-8860DN printer/fax/scanner/copier and one of them won't print. I've tried everything I can think of, and even gone through all the troubleshooting steps in the Help & Support Center to try to get it printing. This is the only PC that is having trouble, and I don't knoe why!!?!?! Can anyone here help me?

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Windows Troubleshooter says it doesn't have a driver.  I've downloaded it from the Canon site and get the message "already installed."  Where the heck is it, and why isn't Windows 7 able to communicate
with it?  Not an issue with my last Win7 machine.
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Firstly Hello now onto the nasty problem bit I m having a f king nightmare trying to install a Canon MX multifunction printer onto my home pc The installation gets to a point at which it asks me to plug in the USB cable then switch on the printer At this point the windows auto installer tries to take over and returns a message saying that windows has Canon multifunction nightmare ! installation MX310 , found the drivers for my device but there is an error and a timeout has been returned Device manager shows that the printer has been detected but shows it as an quot other device quot with a pair of question marks on components of the printer ie fax and printer Canon customer services weren t too interested after I proved that the printer was working by installing it on an XP machine they basically said it s either a Vista issue or your pc is dodgy Acer just told me to Canon MX310 multifunction , installation nightmare ! do a total recovery Given that computer is only a few months old I doubt there is much wrong with Canon MX310 multifunction , installation nightmare ! it so I m reluctant to do the total re-install especially as my antivirus scans and registry cleaner Canon MX310 multifunction , installation nightmare ! scans have found nothing amiss I followed all instructions relating to the installation ie downloaded latest driver switched anti-virus off firewall off etc Anyone else had any similar problems PC is an Acer Aspire X AMD Phenom x processor gb hd gb ddr Windows Vista bit o s Any help will be much appreciated ps Yes the thing is Vista compatible Cheers nbsp
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I recently upgraded to W7 and just discovered that my multifunction printer apparently doesn't have support for W7 yet. It allegedly works with Vista but not W7. They said the W7 drivers wouldn't be ready until March. I tried to get them to offer a possible workaround..maybe another driver that might work but all I got was the canned response from their support person which didn't give me much confidence I was getting complete information. Anyone happen to know a workaround to get this printer working in W7? Panasonic's only advice was to switch back to XP which isn't very helpful. I have school starting soon and it would suck to have no printer all semester.

Model# - Panasonic KX-MB271 Multifunction Station.

I'm running W7 64bit.

A:Panasonic KX-MB271 multifunction printer support

A very common work around is to install the vista drivers under vista compatibility mode
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I want to buy a multifunction mono laser printer but need some advice I'll be using it for home use any one know a cheap to run machine I know the toner is expensive but I don't do much printing so the toner should last me a year or two

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The software for the Canon MP280 is automatically installed but the scanner is not recognized by programs such as Paperport. When I try to use the installation CD that came with the MP280 it starts the process of installation and gets to the install screen and tells me that a printer is already in use and that I should reboot and try again. The same message comes back after following the install process from the CD again.
Everything works just fine with Windows 7 and I have no idea of even how to begin looking for a solution. Anyone have any ideas on what my next step should be?

A:Canon MP280 multifunction scanner not recognized

thanks for helping
solved link, canon drivers
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Hi all,

Can anyone make suggestions for a good multifunction unit with the following criteria:

Print - Scan - Copy (fax not required)

Black & colour printing, scanning, copying

Automatic document feeder

Networking capability preferable.

Other specs for speed, resolution, etc not so important at this stage.

Most multifunction units I have found that have the ADF also have the Fax component, which is not required as I already have a separate fax.

One I have found is Canon MP750. Any reviews on that or any other suggestions welcome. Network capability would be nice but not essential.

Thanks in advance

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I've been checking on sheetfed or pass-through scanners. Time was, I had a multifunction or all-in one machine with a sheet feeder which I believe worked with the scanner.

Can anyone tell me if there's an appreciable quality or functional difference between document scanning results with sheetfed scanners, and documents scanned through the sheet feeder on multifunction machines?


A:sheetfed scanner vs multifunction with sheet feeder

higher quality if it is not in a multifunction...
and you usually have better software with out the multifunction..
its up to you.
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i Have a problem with cx11nf.let me explain to you.

I have a multifunction printer cx11nf (printer, scanner, copier, fax) when i installed this printer on my computer was working good. but recently in december 2009, the multifunction had a problem (i don't know what happened) but the problem is that when i try to scan from my computer the status bar of the scanning software do not move and the page on the printer pass through ADF very fast and the image never load the status bar of the scan software never move, in addition below the status bar says it will take 1 hour to load the image. this multifunction use tcp/ip protocol, i used the scan thought network.

i'm running windows vista home premiun.

Can anybody help me with this problem.

A:Epson CX11NF Multifunction (scanning issue)

The Epson Multifunction may need to be serviced/repaired
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Hi there I just bought a new Samsung printer model no CLX- series It is a multifunction color laser printer The disc that Samsung issued me with for installation is How new multifunction network? printer I can install Samsung wireless onto not working I have attempted to install it by doing what it says I set up the printer and connected the printer to the wireless router via ethernet cable I searched using wireless setup option How can I install new Samsung multifunction printer onto wireless network? on the disk for the computer on the network It reported back that it could not find it so I was unable to install it wirelessly as it says it is not connected to the LAN network which it is I then plugged it in via USB and attempted to install it via the disc This did not work so I tried to do it through windows This worked and I was able to print from the desktop through the USB This is all good and well but we have other computers on the network and they can t print Any help would be much appreciated We have a netgear wireless router by the way we ethernet ports and attempting to install on Vista There is another Vista computer and Macs on the network nbsp

A:How can I install new Samsung multifunction printer onto wireless network?

To set up the printer for wireless use you need to assign it an IP address which it will transmit for the PC's in the network to log on to. If the printer does not have its own screen it will need to be connected by cable to a PC in order to do this.

If the setup disc will not run get a replacement as you need to install the printer drivers in all your PC's.

If you cannot replace the disc you will have to go the the Samsung site and download the drivers from there that are for your OS's.

As you now have the printer running off one PC you will need to install the printer drivers on the other PC's and then activate printer sharing. If I new what OS you are using on all the PC's I could give more details.
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I have a Brother MFC-460C multifunction Centre. every time i open the controlcenter3 and attempt to perform a function (copy scan or Fax) I get the following error message

'brccMCtl.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I have gone into registry and deleted all other conflicting devices from twain, I have removed virus scanners before instillation.
The install works on my other peer computer in L.A.N peer to peer set up.

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Hi all,
thanks in advance for any help.
Got an epson RX630 multifunction centre. Prints great but the scanner is playing up, don't know what to do.
Havent contacted epson yet but its on my list of things to do.

Scanner used to work fine but it suddenly stopped working.
Whenever you scan all you get is a white page regardless of what you scan, and when you photocopy you get a faint image in a verticle stip in the middle of the A4 page but this fades to white before the edges of the page.

I didn't do it, and i still can't beleive the guy that did it did it, but someone reinstalled windows on the machine without removing it first, and the systems been struggling ever since, the scanner died after this but not immediately.

Any help would be apreciated,

A:Epson Stylus Photo RX630 multifunction center

When you scan it is the picture completely white? Or is there little specs in it?
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A:driver for canon mf5650 multifunction windows 7 64bit

Please access the link below to download a appropriate driver. remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?
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I bought a multifunction card reader (5.25 inch bay, 3 USB ports, SATA port, multi card, and sound) and installed it as I have numerous other hardware. Here is the problem, the computer boots but then hangs after it detects my hard drives. I can't get into the BIOS or anything.
However, when I unplug the USB multifunction connector that connects the device to my motherboard and reboot, the computer reboots into windows. Once Windows is loaded, I can plug the USB connector back into my motherboard and the multifunction reader works as it should (no prompts for drivers). Now, when I restart the computer, it hangs again after it detects my hard drive. Unplug the UBS motherboard card reader connector and reboot and it boots fine. I have tried my four USB motherboard ports/connectors and the same thing happens. Any ideas?

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The scanner function on my MX850 multifunction printer has never worked with Windows 7. My printer is connected via Bluetooth and all print functions work just fine.
I used to access the scan function either via the Scan button on the printer itself or through the Canon Solution Menu "Scan/Import Photos or Documents". Now when selecting the "Scan/Import" button on the Solution Menu, I get the error: The scanner driver supported by this software is not installed.

I've uninstalled all Canon drivers/utilities and re-installed them from the Canon website and still get the same error when trying to access the scan function. Again, all regular print functions work just fine.


A:Canon MX850 Multifunction - Scanner function not operable

Hmm, sounds like a driver problem. But try an alternate approach with Paint. Also, did you try when connected with a USB cable rather than Bluetooth.
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I am getting a color multifunction wireless laser printer primarily for a soon-to-be university student although I am told submitted coursework is now paperless I am not sure Still I might need one for resumes and job applications One that is the most economical on consumables that is toner spend more on the printer less on the consumables right Color I can do the screen-to-paper color calibration if necessary Multifunction only really need the scanner not so much the copier which can be done by scanning and printing right or the fax st century and all maybe I should get JUST the printer and buy a cheap scanner separately wireless and it's probably not convenient to connect a Cat UTP cable to a wireless router if I am going to have the scanner ought to have the document feeder it's really convenient small footprint and not needing a crane to lift it would be nice too doesn't need its own display after all it Recommendation Laser for Buying Multifunction Color Printer Wireless can be controlled through the desktop laptop speed not a factor

A:Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

Replying to my own post:

I found a Consumer Reports 2013 Buying Guide, and in the section on printers, they said to stay away from color lasers...that they were not ready for prime time.

So I went with a color inkjet.

Stay intellectually curious, my friends.
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I have a dlink router model DIR 628, computerr windows vista and a Samsung CLX 3160FN multifunction laser printer/scanner /fax machine. I am trying to set up an email account for the printer so I can scan and e-mail documents. Samsung helped me install the "syncthru" web service but when i enter the IP address that appears on the settings from the printer it does not work. Samsung said to get DLinks to set the router to DHCP which will give us the correct IP address to enter in the web browser. When I access the dlink wet up at I think it says DHCP enabled. Not sure what to do now. How do I find the correct ip address to set up the printer?

A:Solved: Dlink router and setting up e-mail for multifunction printer

is this still a problem

Do you need a fixed IP for the printer or will it use DHCP

You should be able to see the DHCP range in the router settings

Samsung said to get DLinks to set the router to DHCP which will give us the correct IP address to enter in the web browser.Click to expand...

Do you know if thats the IP address that have been given to the printer by the DHCP service
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My Acer laptop is recognising the printer function for this device but try as I might using the appropriate disks I cannot get the scanner or fax functions to be recognised. I've tried the recommended Presto page manager in addition to windows fax & scan but to no avail.....Help!!

A:Windows 7 and Ricoh Aficio SG 3110 SFNw Multifunction printer/scanner

Hi ... Welcome to Seven Forums .... Have you tried the Ricoh Website ? Looks as if they have recent Software ...
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I recently installed a Canon Pixma MP on my Dell P Win K SP and have so far been unsuccessful in getting it to work at all The installation itself seemed to go correctly but in a nutshell Pixma "malfunction" Multifunction Canon MP150 Solved: -- the Solved: Canon Pixma MP150 Multifunction "malfunction" printer will not operate in any of it s quot multifunction quot modes With apologies for what will be a long post I will try to describe the exact sequence of events and symptoms PRINTING After turning the printer on The green quot On Off quot button flashes a single sheet of paper feeds through the printer the printer performs what sounds like a cartridge cleaning the green quot On Off Solved: Canon Pixma MP150 Multifunction "malfunction" quot button light turns steady and the LED readout reads quot quot but the quot Black Ink quot light is flashing also After a couple of seconds the printer makes another quot cartridge cleaning quot type noise the green quot On Off quot button starts flashing again and the yellow quot Alarm quot light starts flashing along with the already flashing yellow quot Black Ink quot light At that time the LED starts flashing alternately between quot E quot and quot quot The paper is however loaded correctly At this time If I attempt to print anything I get an onscreen notice of quot Service Error quot which suggests that I quot Cancel printing and then turn the printer off and then back on quot In the quot Status Monitor quot that appears on the screen if I open quot Ink Details quot on the menu I get the graphic readout of ink levels and the black cartridge shows empty This all seems simple enough I am out of black ink BUT I cannot print using only the apparently full quot Color quot cartridge either I also attempted to fool the ink status monitor by removing and replacing the black ink cartridge -- to no avail whatever I do I get the above sequence of errors SCANNING When I click the shortcut to quot MP Navigator quot it seems to open correctly and by clicking the quot Scan with Scanner Driver quot button at the bottom the quot Scan Gear quot screen opens also I can then access all the option screens but when I click quot Preview quot or quot Scan quot I get the following error message quot An Error has occurred Turn the device off and then back on The Scanner driver will be closed quot Code I can also get the following quot Cannot scan for these reasons - The original may not be set correctly - The protective sheet may be put in place - The lamp might not be warmed up Scanner driver will be closed quot Code According to the manual Error message indicates quot Movement of the FINE Cartridge Holder is blocked quot This does not seem to be the case there is nothing to prevent the cartridges from moving correctly to the far left -- as if for removal and replacement I have also tried the following fix with no results quot If the ON OFF Lamp green and Alarm Lamp orange flash alternately disconnect the USB cable from the machine and then turn the machine OFF and then unplug the machine from the power supply for a while Plug the machine back in and turn the machine back ON Any ideas or other suggestions Thanks Philip nbsp

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Hey All I am working on a server and recently two of their mail accounts have began not sending out email When I first looked into the outbound box the mail I sent out is still pending It usually takes anywhere from minute to several hours to for it Argosoft Outbox to be delivered on ArgoSoft does send Working not Server) Email out emails (mail, and server Solved: Also when Solved: Working on server (mail, ArgoSoft Email Server) and does not send emails out I send out a email to that particular a particular address it will just sit there I have also done scans with AVG and found that it had Solved: Working on server (mail, ArgoSoft Email Server) and does not send emails out I-Worm Bagz D infection I quickly quarantined that infection as to not allow to infect other files on the pc server I have also done a Hijack This Scan please can someone look at this and tell some about what I am making out Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system inetsrv inetinfo exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeInSystray exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files LogMeIn x LMIGuardian exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exe d Program Files ArGo Software Design Mail Server mlsrvnt exe D Program Files ArGo Software Design Mail Server mlsrvctl exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgtray exe C DOCUME admin LOCALS Temp Hijack exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http us rd yahoo com customize ycomp adbe defaults sb http www yahoo com search ie html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http us rd yahoo com customize ycomp adbe defaults sp http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO Yahoo Companion BHO - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files AVG AVG avgssie dll O - Toolbar Yahoo Companion - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - HKLM Run WorksFUD C Program Files Microsoft Works wkfud exe O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Portfolio C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe AllUsers O - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Microsoft Works WkDetect exe O - HKLM Run LogMeIn GUI quot C Program Files LogMeIn x LogMeInSystray exe quot O - HKLM Run AVG TRAY C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run updateMgr quot C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader AdobeUpdateManager exe quot AcRdB -reboot O - Global Startup Adobe Reader Speed Launch lnk C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Global Startup Microsoft Works Calendar Reminders lnk O - Global Startup QuickBooks Update Agent lnk C Program Files Common Files Intuit QuickBooks QBUpdate qbupdate... Read more

A:Solved: Working on server (mail, ArgoSoft Email Server) and does not send emails out

I have decided to close this as email service is being moved to a off site location and that also no one has responded to it. I am grateful to anyone who has looked at it and appreciate your time in looking at.

Thank you very much.
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i am having microsoft windows server for small business server Service Pack iwant to run an application build up with ASP NET amp SQL DATABASE for generating reports we are using crystal reports while running the application i am gettig an error message as File or assembly name CrystalDecisions Web or one of 2003 microsoft small Pack business windows for Service 1 server server its dependencies was not found i tried to copy all the dll files in to the bin folder still the problem is not solved Source Error Line debugging ASP NET files Line -- gt Line lt compilation defaultLanguage quot c quot debug quot true quot gt lt assemblies gt lt add assembly quot CrystalDecisions CrystalReports Engine Version Culture neutral PublicKeyToken fbea e quot gt lt add assembly quot CrystalDecisions ReportSource Version Culture neutral PublicKeyToken fbea e quot gt lt add assembly quot CrystalDecisions Shared Version Culture neutral microsoft windows server 2003 for small business server Service Pack 1 PublicKeyToken fbea e quot gt lt add assembly quot CrystalDecisions Web Version Culture neutral PublicKeyToken fbea e quot gt microsoft windows server 2003 for small business server Service Pack 1 lt assemblies gt lt compilation gt Line Line lt -- CUSTOM ERROR MESSAGES Source File C Inetpub wwwroot HomagIndiaCIS web config Line Assembly Load Trace The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly CrystalDecisions Web could not be loaded Pre-bind state information LOG DisplayName CrystalDecisions Web Version Culture neutral PublicKeyToken fbea e Fully-specified LOG Appbase file C Inetpub wwwroot HomagIndiaCIS LOG Initial PrivatePath bin Calling assembly Unknown LOG Publisher policy file is not found LOG No redirect found in host configuration file C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v aspnet config LOG Using machine configuration file from C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v config machine config LOG Post-policy reference CrystalDecisions Web Version Culture neutral PublicKeyToken fbea e LOG Attempting download of new URL file C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v Temporary ASP NET Files root ed b fca CrystalDecisions Web DLL LOG Attempting download of new URL file C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v Temporary ASP NET Files root ed b fca CrystalDecisions Web CrystalDecisions Web DLL LOG Attempting download of new URL file C Inetpub wwwroot HomagIndiaCIS bin CrystalDecisions Web DLL LOG Attempting download of new URL file C Inetpub wwwroot HomagIndiaCIS bin CrystalDecisions Web CrystalDecisions Web DLL LOG Attempting download of new URL file C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v Temporary ASP NET Files root ed b fca CrystalDecisions Web EXE LOG Attempting download of new URL file C WINDOWS Microsoft NET Framework v Temporary ASP NET Files root ed b fca CrystalDecisions Web CrystalDecisions Web EXE LOG Attempting download of new URL file C Inetpub wwwroot HomagIndiaCIS bin CrystalDecisions Web EXE LOG Attempting download of new URL file C Inetpub wwwroot HomagIndiaCIS bin CrystalDecisions Web CrystalDecisions Web EXE nbsp
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Hi I am having an issue Folder issue, Offline 7 Win Client Flie Server. Server 2003 sync with offline files created offline syncing back to the server I have set up a network share to be available offline on a client computer All files are available offline without Offline Folder sync issue, Win 7 Client Server 2003 Flie Server. issue Here is the issue however If I set the folder to work offline any file I create in the folder when it is offline just disappears when the folder comes back online there are no conflicts or sync failures reported in sync center If I create a new folder offline the folder does sync back to the server Any changes made to an existing file are also replicated back to the server once the share is back online So the issue is only with newly created files when the share is offline I have not been able to replicate this error on any other file server in our environment However I have recreated the issue with multiple shares with multiple Win clients on this file server Steps taken so far Checked and reset permission levels on the share Recreated new shares from scratch for testing Disabled and enabled offline files on the client computer and cleared the offline cache Check various registry entry settings Disabled cashing on the File server Tested with XP the issue does not exist with XP I have spent hours researching this error online to no avail The clients are running Windows Enterprise bit The File server is Server Standard bit with SP Any help or ideas would be most welcome

A:Offline Folder sync issue, Win 7 Client Server 2003 Flie Server.

I've seen the complaints about this problem but with no clear resolution. There are some hot fixes listed that may help, updating to Windows 7 SP1 is supposed to help in some cases but nothing seems for certain.

No way for me to recreate this problem but apparently others have the same problem.

Offline created files disappear after re-connect

Browse by Tags - The troubleshooters and problem solvers... - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Administratively assigned offline files on Win7 client disappear from server (Network Steve Forum)

The Group Policy settings in the next link may have an effect on this problem.
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Hi there,

I've worked for a long time with xampp on Windows and never had this problem.

I try to access PHPmyAdmin and this error message appears:
#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)


A:XAMPP - #2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is n
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Currently we are on an NT network with a few 2000 servers tossed in. Today I learned that the plan is to migrate everything to Linux. Lets assume that this only applies to the servers and that the users will still operate with 98/nt/2000/xp. What are your thoughts on this?

I put this in this forum for a reason. Because I'd rather get the advice from 2000 and 2003 experts who know what Linux cannot replace than to hear the Linux fanboys and anti-Microsoft activists praise it to the high heavens.

What would your concerns be if this was done on your network? What problems have you encountered if you'd tried this? Or what successes? Know of any businesses that have done this successfully?

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Hello All,

I want to dual boot XP Pro , 2000 Server and 2003 Server and wanted to check the best order to instal these OS's?

Can anyone help?
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Just bought 2 new Intel S5000VSA server boards, After building both Pcs using the Intel disc that came with board and even the win 2003 setup disc directly I cant seem to install windows server 2003 without receiving a BSOD during setup. All Hardware is compliant with the board. Please Help

A:Cant install Windows Server 2003 on Intel s5000vsa server board

Strip the system down. One memory stick, no USB devices, on-board video and sound, no sound card and try the OS install again. Reset the bios to failsafe defaults
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Can anyone help me with setting up 515E up 2004 Setting ISA Exchange in Server Server 2003 front and of Pix this network layout with my Pix Firewall Network Layout Pix gt DMZ gt ISA Server gt Exchange Server Users Pix outside IP Address Pix inside IP Address DMZ IP Addresss ISA Server outside IP ISA Server inside IP I ve identified the interfaces IP Address and named all plus the following config global outside interface nat inside nat dmz conduit permit icmp any any route outside I can now access the internet from my ISA Server in the DMZ zone I Setting up Pix 515E in front of ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server 2003 am intending to put the ISA Server out on the DMZ to access the outside world with static dmz outside netmask and then open all traffic to ISA with access-list acl out permit ip any host any access-group acl out in interface outside then I ll give ISA server access to the inside network with access-list acl dmz permit tcp eq access-group acl dmz in interface dmz With the above commands the first access-list acl out was not accepted by pix plus the second access-list acl dmz so if you could please share some light upon my configurations Regards Semisi nbsp

A:Setting up Pix 515E in front of ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server 2003

Here, I scrapped your config. NAT bad/static bad/conduit bad/access-list bad.

no fixup protocol smtp
nameif int xxx outside security 0
nameif int xxx inside security 100
nameif int xxx dmz security 80
icmp permit any outside echo-reply
icmp permit any outside unreachable
icmp permit any inside
icmp permit any dmz
global (outside) 1 int
nat (inside) 1 32768 16483
route outside 1
static (inside,dmz)
static (dmz,outside) netmask << Can't have same IP as interface**
access-list internet permit tcp any host eq 80
access-list internet permit tcp any host eq 443
access-list internet permit tcp any host eq 25
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq echo
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq echo-reply
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq unreachable
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq source-quench
access-group internet in interface outside
access-list dmz permit ip host any << *Read note 1
access-group dmz in interface dmz
access-list inside permit ip any any
access-group inside in interface inside

The above config will nat to You can't static NAT an entire IP to the same as a global (your interface). You can only do this if you NAT specific ports.

The above config will allow internet to reach via TCP 80/443/25. I can only assume you're using ISA for EFE server, and maybe proxy. (Not an ISA fan)

The above config allows your ISA server carte-blanche access. In essence, it's a DMZ by name only. Don't fool yourself.

Don't use conduits, they're deprecated.

Don't use a firewall to permit "any" to your ISA server, actually use it to block inbound ports.

Also, your ISA server shouldn't/can't have two NIC's in the same subnet. That's a bad idea on 10 different levels. IF you're using your ISA server (blech) as EFE / reverse proxy for OWA, and outbound proxy - you might as well keep it on the same subnet as your Exchange server (inside, I'm assuming.) Again, 10 different reasons why it's a flawed security plan.

If this is simply an EFE server or reverse proxy, make sure you don't keep the ISA server part of any AD domain, stick it in the DMZ, and restrict what hosts it's allowed to see on the network that you're trying to protect.

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I'm having issues finding the location of en expired certificate that one of my LDAP servers responds with during an LDAPS bind attempt.

I'm using Linux's ldapsearch to perform specific tasks during user creation but recently discovered the certificate expired. I have renewed said certificate and placed it in the personal store on that ldapserver but after debugging the SSL connection it still responds with the previously expired certificate.

Can anyone tell me where this certificate would be stored on Windows Server 2003. I've found multiple post regarding the store in 2008 but that does not exist in 2003. I've searched the whole store using certutil trying to match the serial on this certificate but can't find it anywhere.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Hello Guys,

Is there a way via scipting to force a pc to refresh their local printer
settings from the print server ? We have enabled Duplexing as the default for
printing ( conserve that paper ! ) for our HP Laserjet printers on the
Print Server, but if a user goes on their local printer settings and unchecks
duplexing, it will not re-pull that device setting from the print server
unless you delete and then re-add the printer on the local machine. Is there
a way to have the printer settings pulled from the server without have to
delete and then readd the locally installed network printer ?
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I don't know if this is help for our server or Excel I am looking for. Here is the issue...

Whenever one lady is logged into a session on our server, she opens a word document that has an Excel worksheet embedded in it. The second she tries to click on the Excel worksheet, Dr. Watson makes a call and hits me with the following message...

Error in Excel.exe
Access Violation (0xC0000005), Address: 0x304632a3

When she tries to just open the Excel program, she gets this error:

Compile Error in Hidden Module: ThisWorkBook

This only happens to her, should I make a new profile on the server for her? Is there something in Excel I can do? I am so lost and MS Knowledge base has been of no help to me.

A:Excel Shutting Down on Windows NT Server (Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe)

Try this,;en-us;Q169718

And this,;en-us;Q172211

Or look here for more,
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I have 2 servers; windows 2000 & windows 2008, I can always access them via XP but my system 7 home can't authenticate. It appears to add the domain name as a preamble my user name in the authentication....does this make sense?

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There is a process running on my computer called csrss.exe
I went to and looked it up and came up with 2 different things. One says it is a Trojan and needs to be removed. The same exact process name also says it is Microsoft client server runtime server and SHOULD NOT be removed.
How I am supposed to tell the difference so I do not make a mistake by either leaving it alone or removing it???

A:Process: csrss.exe (trojan or Microsoft Client Server Runtime Server?)

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The following Structure is a representation PC - IP - FQDN PC DOM LOCAL PC - IP - FQDN PC DOM LOCAL SRV - IP - Server Issue to File 2012 7 Windows Share Server Networking a with FQDN SRV DOM LOCAL - File Share 'FLDR ' USR lt ReadOnly gt SRV has a folder FLDR being shared for read only access to user USR PC and PC Windows 7 Networking Issue to a Server 2012 Server with File Share logged on Windows 7 Networking Issue to a Server 2012 Server with File Share as Domain User USR PC is able to connect to SRV to see and look in FLDR PC is unable to connect to SRV Windows 7 Networking Issue to a Server 2012 Server with File Share to see and look in FLDR Now there are multiple means of connecting to SRV to see the share FLDR The following connections were done in combination with the following methods Method - via logged on Domain User CMD Prompt with 'NET VIEW' Method - via logged on Domain Administrator CMD Prompt with 'NET VIEW' Method - via logged on Domain User Explorer Window Method - via logged on Domain Administrator Explorer Window Connection - via Server Name Connection - via Server IP Address Connection - via Server Fully Qualified Domain Name Now that the stage is set going to the fun part Testing from both PC and PC ------------------------------------------- PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success ------------------------------------------- PC Method - Connection - Fail PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Fail PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Fail PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Fail PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success PC Method - Connection - Success ------------------------------------------- PC and PC being logged in as USR PC is able to connect to the SRV share FLDR PC is unable to connect to SRV except by IP Address as shown in the tests above but as for data connection for some reason it is very slow even though it is on a Gb line nbsp All failures are given in response to Access Denied Error This issue persists after I reboot PC and after I remove USR user profile nbsp I have also tried changing the IP address of the PC and still no resolution Also no local PC accounts such as Administrator or Guest can be used to view our shares as we have removed 'Everyone' from the permissions and have selected 'Domain Users' group in place of it nbsp If you are not in our domain you will not have access to our shares even if you are on our network This issue also just started this past week I have looked for a resolution to this issue and am unable to find one that works nbsp In reality we have PCs on our floor that use a single user to get to this single folder to run an application and only one of them is giving this issue nbsp I'm almost getting ready to rebuild the issue PC from scratch with the image of the other machines nbsp Also the imaging isn't the issue either since I've used the same image and software package for the past two years on this group of machines and this particular machine was in the second batch out of six deployed nbsp Any other suggestions are welcome
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IP Network: Dhcp server works fine. (CISCO ROUTER)

Windows 200o servers, Windows 2000 clients (up to dated, sp4, rollup1 etc) IS6sp1

Some pc's with IP dhcp , works ok
Some pc's with fixed IP, works ok

After changing fixed IP on a client to dhcp-IP, the client can not find the DHCP server.
change back to fixed IP, PC works fine again.

DHP server and other DHCP clients still working fine

Local Area connection status: only outgoing packets, no incoming.

reboot, or ipconfig /renew no solutions

Does someone know this problem ?
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I have a print server running standard sp I have been looking for a way to allow helpdesk staff install 2003 Windows SP2 on Standard server print to install & Server Unable remotely 7 driver and manage printers without logging into the server and Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server without adding them to the admin group So I added them to the power users group and the print operators group that worked fine they were able to UNC servername Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server to the server and install printers drivers as well as uninstall drivers printers ect Now the problem this works great from an XP box but when we try it from a windows machine we get access denied More specifically it acts like it is going to install the printer then when it comes to the driver installation part it fails Printer driver was not installed Access is denied No changes have been made to the permissions I can log into an XP machine with my profile and it works fine log out go to a Windows machine use the same credentials and I get the above message access is denied I am an admin of both machines on the windows machine I have UAC turned off completely Running XP Pro SP amp Windows pro both are bit machines I should also add that I have made the necessary group policy changes to allow printer operators to Load Unload device drivers and under the local policies security options I ensured that the Prevent users from installing printer drivers was Disabled Any help would be much appreciated Thanks

A:Windows 7 & 2003 Server Standard SP2 Unable to remotely install driver on print server

How do you enter the credentials on the Windows 7 machine? I've noticed that you have to use "domain\username" rather than just the username in some cases.
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I own a dell service class machine R-720. In general , the system should display the boot sequence messages during start up . Like DELL logo followed by hard disk, memory details and network card/ Other hardware details etc. Isn't it?
But my machine is not showing any such on screen messages while booting. It stay blank till it enters the desktop screen. What could be the exact cause and solution for this problem? Because of this, I am not able to choose the boot options or anything during boot up. Hoping for a solution to this case.
Thanks in Advance.

A:(Redirected) DELL POWER EDGE R 720 Server - No Boot sequence messages appearing while server start up

Best to post this in the Servers Forum, here:
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I have a Access database residing on one sever and an installation of SQL Server residing Server 2008 gives SQL error Access 2000 Linked from to Server db on another Both servers are running Windows Server I created a linked server using the code below When I run EXEC sp tables ex PropCont I get the following quot OLE DB error trace OLE DB Provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB IDBInitialize Initialize returned x The provider did not give Linked Server from SQL Server 2008 to Access 2000 db gives error any information about the error Msg Level State Procedure sp tables ex Line OLE DB provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB reported an error The provider did not give any information about the error quot I tried changing the code to specify my account information which has Administrative privileges on the domain and I get quot OLE DB error trace OLE DB Provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB IDBInitialize Initialize returned x e d Authentication failed Msg Level State Procedure sp tables ex Line OLE DB provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB reported an error Authentication failed quot Originally I was getting an error that said quot The workgroup information file is missing or opened exclusively by another user quot I found an article on line that suggested I do the following quot Open SSMS Expand Server Objects Linked Servers Providers Double click the provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB UNTICK the quot Allow inprocess quot option quot I did this and I stopped getting that error but started getting the error I listed above however when I went back and checked the quot Allow inprocess quot option was still checked I can t get it to remain unchecked I can t find anything regarding how to specify the MDW file which is located in the same folder as the database file Another article suggested making sure it is checked and also checking quot Nested Queries quot This had no effect I believe the linked server has been created correctly as I can see it and it s properties in SSMS and it shows up in the list of linked servers when I run EXEC sp helplinkedsrvlogin The Access database has been in use for years Users access it through the Access runtime Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated EXEC sp addlinkedserver server PropCont provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB srvproduct Access datasrc lt Server Name gt SharedDatabasesPropCont mdb GO EXEC sp addlinkedsrvlogin rmtsrvname PropCont useself false rmtuser Admin rmtpassword GO nbsp

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I have a SNAP SERVER 110 160G RAID0 running GuardianOS 4.4.049 SP3. It is setup with 6 share folders. One accepts all users anonymous ftp and the others are folders only accessible by local snap admins and specific local snap users. When someone writes a file to the ftp share it gets also written to all of the shares. The server is standalone not in a windows domain or NIS.
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We run a web proxy server on our network for internet access.
On client machines (running Windows 2012 R2) I have configured the proxy server setting in Internet Explorer "Tools\Internet Settings\Connections\LAN Settings" to point at the designated web proxy server.
When attempting to browse websites from IE I receive the "The proxy server isn't responding" error.
Conversely, browsing the same sites via Google Chrome and Firefox (installed on the same client server) return web pages without error.
In addition, if I run Internet Explorer as administrator (Right Click\Run as Administrator), I am able to browse web sites without receiving the error.
It would appear that the issue is isolated to browsing via IE when not run in elevated mode.
Has anyone come across this issue?

A:Server 2012 R2 - Internet Explorer Proxy Server Issue

Hi Dicki,
First, please try to reset the Internet Explorer. Some plug-ins may affect the proxy.
If it doesn't work, please try to perform a network capture on the client.
Please check if the client send the http traffic to the proxy server at the correct port.
If the client has sent the http traffic to the proxy server, please check if there is any warning or error in the proxy server.
To download Network Monitor, please refer to the link below:
Best Regards.Steven Lee Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
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XP Pro SP all latest updates When I reboot I can correctly sync to a time server but after an unknown amount of time it goes back to saying quot The RPC server is unavailable quot instantly after clicking Update Now regardless of what server I tell it to Unable server more) Solved: server to sync (but is time - to RPC unavailable sync to I also noticed that if I view my Solved: Unable to sync to time server - RPC server is unavailable (but more) nForce Networking Controller status then click Properties and go to the Authentication tab everything is greyed out If I hit OK without changing anything I can t change it even if I wanted to a message pops up saying quot An unexpected condition occured Not all of your requested changes in settings could be made quot and just goes back to that window I have to hit cancel to close it These two issues seem to be related since right after I reboot the Authentication tab works normally as well as the time sync like I mentioned above and they both seem to stop working at the same time I have no idea if it happens after something I run or if it s just after a certain amount of time or what Any ideas nbsp

A:Solved: Unable to sync to time server - RPC server is unavailable (but more)

I have the same problem exactly. There is an article at Ed Bott's Windows Expertise ( tyhat discusses problems with the Windows time Server, but nothing he suggested worked for me. It just won't matter what server I choose.
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Windows XP does not assign a WINS Server, DNS Server, or Default Gateway.

Here is the output from ipconfig /all:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Lon Hoss>IPCONFIG /ALL

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : omnibook-6100
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connecti
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-C0-9F-09-00-6D
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address. . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

C:\Documents and Settings\Lon Hoss>

A:Windows XP does not assign a WINS Server, DNS Server, or Default Gateway
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Setup Is Comcast(DNS/ISP/Phone)->D... Computer Connected --> Server(AD/DNS/DHCP/RRAS)F... Server --> Switch --> WIndows Xp And Sever 2003 As Work Station. Problem Is Trying To Install VNC On All Computers Behind The Primary Server 2003. Need To Forward Ports Through Server 2003 to Dlink For Query to Internet: Thanks In Advance
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Every 5 minutes I get this error message popping up under event viewer on a Windows 2003 Small Business Server (all updates etc):

Event ID: 1054

Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (An unexpected network error occurred. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at​
I have done the MS Support site "recommendations", but the Server is pointing to itself for the DNS and the IP address and all that are fine. Not sure why or what is going on here. I can't seem to stop it.

A:Server 2003: (Event Viewer) error every 5 minutes RE: DNS Server
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hi guys!
I just installed Windows 2000 Advance Server recently to a Compaq Proliant ML530 server and found out that the license for this server is more expensive than Windows Server 2003 Standard. The SmartStart CD of the compaq does not support windows server 2003 and I don't want to manually re-configure everything and start all over again. Does Win2K A.S. support Windows Server 2003 upgrade?
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I'm trying to map a drive from an XP client to a UNIX server, but I receive the following error message:

The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred:
The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

The share on the UNIX server is mapped successfully by other PCs, both XP and Windows 7, so the problem must be on the client side.

Any suggestions?
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Hi All Today Proxy server in on my workplace attacked by some hacker Server running Windows Std Edition Service Pack Attack Details A Server help, Server Attack by need Proxy Unknown Hacker, 2003 account created with administrative privilege and while we checked it s logged on with that account strange thing is it s showing built in account 2003 Server Attack by Unknown Hacker, need help, Proxy Server also a exe file called AutoSQL and it started scanning lot s of Public IP s looks like it broadcasting created account is hackp and on event log it showing following successful logon Code Event Type Success Audit Event Source Security Event Category Logon Logoff Event ID Date Time PM User AFT-PROXY hackp Computer AFT-PROXY Description User initiated logoff User Name hackp Domain AFT-PROXY Logon ID x x b fec After initial shock we did scan with Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer it s showing critical update and important update reqd and most interesting part is when I was installing update via Windows update suddenly hacker take my full desktop control accessing my mouse keyboard and cancel update then open Internet Explorer open a site Service Window AutoSql IP Scan Netstat Code Microsoft Windows Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings hackp gt netstat Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ms-sql-s ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ms-sql-s asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf CLOSE WAIT TCP asdf asdf CLOSE WAIT TCP asdf asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf asdf FIN WAIT TCP asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf http ESTABLISHED TCP asdf ESTABLISHED TCP asdf TIME WAIT TCP asdf TIME WAIT C C Documents and Settings hackp gt netstat -n Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP CLOSE WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP TIME WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP TIME WAIT TCP TIME WAIT TCP TIME WAIT TCP TIME WAIT TCP TIME WAIT TCP ESTABLISHED TCP TIME WAIT TCP TIME WAIT TCP FIN WAIT TCP FIN WAIT C Documents and Settings hackp gt Netstat Code Microsoft Windows Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings hackp gt netstat -nr Route Table Interface List x MS TCP Loopback interface x f Intel R PRO CT Network Connection x f Intel R PRO VE Network Connection Active Routes Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric Default Gateway Persistent Routes Network Address Netmask Gateway Address Metric C Documents and Settings hackp gt We hav PIX in our workplace We hav Trend Micro office scan Using Trend Micro Proxy Server Is there any new vulnerability on server Please help urgent nbsp

A:2003 Server Attack by Unknown Hacker, need help, Proxy Server

For instant Recovery, we re format our servers and change it's password, and fully patched with windows update. still now, no further attack..

Any help would be grate..
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The procedure is as follows:
Right-click databases -> Restore Database
I mark 'from device', click the '...' button & select 'File' in the dropdown, then brows to the file itself. Under 'select the backup sets to restore' I check the only checkbox there, then in the 'To Database' I select the name of the database in the file (a new DB name appears there as you select the file).

Then I press OK and receive the error message in the attached file.
I need to be able to complete the import.


A:Problem importing SQL Server 2000 *.bak files into SQL server 2005

Is this at all possible?
Is this the right forum?
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Okay I want to go over pros and cons of some of the things that my boss wants done First off let me explain what we have Users are on a domain system Both laptop and desktop users No users have admin rights Now let me explain what we want to do We want a backup of their My Documents and possibly Help Solved: certain users server! to getting Finally backup this a file Need server. PC's to other directories in the future but we want Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help it to be as invisible to them Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help as possible I looked into the Folder redirection GPO and has a good pro - Simple to impelment I did a test on my own PC did it in about minutes cons - in order to allow laptops to work they would have to have offline folders enabled and synchrnized and worst of all synchrnization won t accept PST s MDB s and Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help other key files that we would need synchronized as well gives errors in the synching process I then thought about a file sync program letting them seemlessly work on their PCs and just sync the files to the file server - Pros Can install a server side client that just polls for connected PC s and copies the files to the repsective places Cons costs money usually does not sync in use files making some of the files be missed Lastly I considered a batch file to run at login - Pros easier to setup to copy things out Cons only runs at login so people could leave their PC up for days and have day old software As well I do not know how to copy only modified files so some people with large files would copy over a ton of data unless I can find a solution for this Anyone else have any Ideas possibly something with all pros and no cons nbsp

A:Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help
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Setup Is Comcast(DNS/ISP/Phone)->D... Computer Connected --> Server(AD/DNS/DHCP/RRAS)F... Server --> Switch --> WIndows Xp And Sever 2003 As Work Station. Problem Is Trying To Install VNC On All Computers Behind The Primary Server 2003. Need To Forward Ports Through Server 2003 to Dlink For Query to Internet: Thanks In Advance