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PSU issue with the fan pin to pin connector

Q: PSU issue with the fan pin to pin connector

Hey, so I have an OCZ ZT 750 and its one of the units which runs 100% fan noise when ever im doing anything that requires the GPU, ive seen you can run the fan into a molex with a resistor to keep it constant, but what I want to do is, run it to my fan controller, just so I can ramp the fan up if needed, rather than nailing down the performance.

What I found is the fan is a 2 Pin connector, but fan controllers run 3 pins, am I able to run the 2 pin into the 3 pin on the fan controller and have control over it, or does the 3rd pin need to be connected for it to work?
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Preferred Solution: PSU issue with the fan pin to pin connector

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am running WHS 2011 on my server machine and Win7 ultimate on all other computers, come back with same problem on all of them, suggestions ?
WHS issue - YouTube

Thanks for any help

A:WHS connector issue

Try looking in to Event Viewer. Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer and see if there is an error associated with connection.

Also how is the connection configured? Can you ping the server?
Which Firewall are you using?
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Annoying message killing my wireless It s from a long time ago but every time I plug in my Nintendo Wifi Connector with modified drivers to make it like a normal wireless USB AP The message pops up and it stops working It originated from Avast which I DID NOT uninstall but rather lost It was on a hard drive that crapped out on me It was for additional storage NOW the following message pops up it was different but I went in deleted some registry entries bad idea --------------------------- bit MS-DOS Subsystem Connector sounds) it Nintendo as (Not as Issue simple Wi-fi --------------------------- C WINDOWS system command com SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control VirtualDeviceDriv ers Virtual Device Driver format in the registry is invalid Choose Close to terminate the application --------------------------- Close Ignore --------------------------- It use to say something about avast It also appears sometime at random moments like when I m playing games or using a web browser It comes from the process smss exe windows critical Any way to fix this I already tried reinstalling the drives for the Wifi Connector but this damn message ed me over It Nintendo Wi-fi Connector Issue (Not as simple as it sounds) did work before this message started appearing nbsp

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I had a working acer extensa 2200 laptop which had badly damaged hinges, covers, screen, bezel, so I purchased an identical one on eBay that had a dead mobo. I then put the good motherboard into the good body and powered it up last night and it was working ok, except the keyboard wasn't working. I left it charge up the battery last night and then today, took out the keyboard and rectified that situation except now, the power connector is not working. I plug in working adapter and it is not getting power, I tried both connectors from both laptops, no joy. It powers up alright, but only from battery. This is really frustrating as it was working. When I put the adapter into the dc jack, I notice a little flash of light just as it touches it, is this normal, well, I've never seen it before, what does this mean? any advice please?
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Hi all New to this forum so hoping that I am posting in the right place Am running new Win ux with office professional plus -bit version all legal and activated I also have adobe professional Started having issues with using my mouse in outlook and word and then deactivated one add on after another I figured it was adobe given that it does not support office --but after a while the mouse would stop working again though the keyboard works just fine Went through all the addons exchange server business connectivity etc until only the social connector Connector Outlook Mouse 2010 Issue Social left Interestingly when I restart the Outlook 2010 Social Connector Mouse Issue programs the mouse always works at first--but then will stop working after a few minuted whether I am or am not doing anything Finally I have turned off social connector and voila--no issues I thought of all the add-ons this would be least likely to cause issues as it was written specficially for office However it was this add on and it seems as though it would stop working when it finally updated somebody's status The annoying part was that I liked this application So--here is my question Is there anything to do or just wait for an update for social connector Am I the only one having this issue Thanks stefan

A:Outlook 2010 Social Connector Mouse Issue

I found the social connector to be buggy and caused Outlook to be very slow and often unresponsive. Once I removed it, I had no issues. I like the concept, but once I installed it, it wasn't very useful at all.
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Hello I ve just received my brand new XPS this week 8900, connector new Brand XPS USB3.0 motherboard issue in replacement of my Inspiron s which finally died after years of good service realizing my previous post on Dell Community is over years old It s the high-end configuration with GTX video card MB SSD TB HDD I have a small issue with it and would appreciate an outside Brand new XPS 8900, motherboard USB3.0 connector issue opinion on this Yesterday I opened my XPS in order to add an additional HDD In the process I noticed that the GTX fan-case is firmly pressing against the nbsp front nbsp panel nbsp USB cable to the point the plug is slightly bent Moreover the cable is slightly Brand new XPS 8900, motherboard USB3.0 connector issue obstructing the GTX fan I was a bit displeased with this as this is clearly inappropriate cable routing Apart from this all other cables within the XPS are very tidy I removed the GTX this is necessary in order to remove the HDD cage and then realized that the nbsp front nbsp panel nbsp USB cable is indeed too short and the plug is very Brand new XPS 8900, motherboard USB3.0 connector issue wobbly I tried to pull gently in order to detach the cable and find a better way to route it It appears that the USB socket the clear-blue plastic part isn t attached to the motherboard nbsp I noticed the securing clip and while pressing it I lifted the plug slightly mm But the socket would not unclip and would come out together with the plug From fear of bending a pin I pushed the plug back in and gave up trying to detach it Then I installed the HDD and put everything back in the way it was The computer runs fine Both front USB panels work normally tested with an external USB drive nbsp Given that I have already migrated all my data and started using the computer I would really dislike having to send it back just for that unless the issue poses a threat of failure in the future My questions are the following - Is it normal that the plastic bit of the motherboard USB socket is just pressed in not glued to the motherboard If not do you believe that this must be fixed or can I just live with it - Do you think I can replace the USB-panel cable with a longer one is it standard and thus fix the problem for good Thank you

A:Brand new XPS 8900, motherboard USB3.0 connector issue

On mine I unplugged the motherboard end and routed it bent 90 degrees and under the card.  To do this I had to unplug it and leave it unplugged while I routed the cable flat.  Then inserted a GTX960 and screwed the card holder back in.  With the cable pinned down by the card in the back I replugged it into the motherboard.   I agree this cable is too short.  Unfortunately the motherboard connector is microscopic pins which are easily bent or broken off.  While I did this once I would not recommend doing it again.  Its not a standard 20 pin USB3 front panel connector.  
Worse Still the 8900 service manual DOES NOT SHOW Actual pictures of the inside of an 8900.
The black usb cable to the blue 20 pin micro connector on the motherboard is not shown in any pictures.
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I know that isues like this have been covered before but I have not seen a working solution yet I get the following report when I try to sync my hotmail account in Outlook Outlook Connector Version Signed in successfully at Mail Last successfully refreshed at Calendar Last successfully refreshed at Contacts Last successfully Issue - Error Send/Receive. Outlook Connector with 2007 refreshed at Errors Time Error in Mail Error with Send Receive Look for a log in the Sync Issues folder In the Sync Issues Folder I Outlook 2007 Connector Issue - Error with Send/Receive. get message like this The following issues occurred while synchronizing with the server Error Synchronizing Message Error with Send Receive Folder Collection Sync Key f f - - e -bf e- aa a f d Message Collection Sync Outlook 2007 Connector Issue - Error with Send/Receive. Key b dc a - f - f - a - c a df Request POST http contacts msn com ABService ABService asmx lt ABFindAll xmlns quot http www msn com webservices AddressBook quot gt lt abId gt - - - - lt abId gt lt abView gt Full lt abView gt lt lastChange gt - - T Outlook 2007 Connector Issue - Error with Send/Receive. - lt lastChange gt lt deltasOnly gt true lt deltasOnly gt lt ABFindAll gt Response HTTP OK Date Thu Nov GMT Server Microsoft-IIS P P CP quot BUS CUR CONo FIN IVDo ONL OUR PHY SAMo TELo quot X-Powered-By ASP NET X-MSNSERVER BY ABCHWB X-AspNet-Version Content-Encoding gzip Cache-Control private max-age Content-Type text xml charset utf- Content-Length lt xml version quot quot encoding quot utf- quot gt lt soap Envelope xmlns soap quot http schemas xmlsoap org soap envelope quot xmlns xsi quot http www w org XMLSchema-instance quot xmlns xsd quot http www w org XMLSchema quot gt lt soap Header gt lt ServiceHeader xmlns quot http www msn com webservices AddressBook quot gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt CacheKey gt r JFfviu iajRjIvcSARqfR zb aDckpQ xRumCGmcxjYUkW BmmrxeiOR znH RuN NHavHVYrwQOb iWWOAtONdRuhzTzG iYvbdQ rgW PbVapp dfO k c KrTXD CE ydPvUC RvX iGy GtHmC sDE pAMBKloses lt CacheKey gt lt CacheKeyChanged gt true lt CacheKeyChanged gt lt PreferredHostName gt proxy-bay contacts msn com lt PreferredHostName gt lt SessionId gt ab- a - b - af- b e f lt SessionId gt lt ServiceHeader gt lt soap Header gt lt soap Body gt lt ABFindAllResponse xmlns quot http www msn com webservices AddressBook quot gt lt soap Body gt lt soap Envelope gt Any help with trying to sort this would be great nbsp
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Hi. I am new to building computers and have a question on fans. My case has three fans. Two of my fans have both pin connectors and molex connector attached together. How do I power the fans ?- do I need both connections?

A:Fans with molex connector and pin connector

The 3pin connectors are to plug directly in to the motherboard......if your motherboard does not have the 3pin connectors then plug the molex into the power supply
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Hi there. Please view this item

I am confused whether or not the antenna or cable will screw onto my wireless adapter card.

My wireless Adapter card has a SMA connector on it with the screw wedges on the outside rather than inside with a pin in the middle.

Heres a photo of a similar SMA connector -

The brand of the network adapter is the same as the brand of the antenna they are both D Link so youd think they would fit.
will the antenna or cable screw onto that?

thanks, jordan
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I am wanting to install a new video card. It has a VGA and a DVI output on it. The old card has only a EVC connector on it. From there it goes to a Y cable with 2 CRT monitors (VGA connections) coming off of it.

My question is. Can I use a DVI to VGA adaptor and hook both monitors to the new video card and do away with the T cable?

Thanks Bill

A:Can I change from a EVC connector to a VGA connector?

Most definitely. You can down convert form DVI to VGA, but not the other way around (inexpensively, anyway)
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Does anyone know what a Y-Connector looks like? (i.e. the kind which allows you to hook up 2 computer monitors to one CPU.

For example, say there's a 3 ft. or 6 ft. Y-connector - does the split begin after 1 1/2 ft. / 3 ft. (respectively)?

I couldn't find any online diagram of same.


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Probably a simple answer I know.. PC stopped working, Checked power supply it was fine, unplugged everything except the p4 connector, still nothing. Ha unplugged the p4 connector now things come on. The question..Bad motherboard or cpu?

Thank-you in advance
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I noticed on a motherboard there was a 8pin connector but 4 were covered by a sticker...what is the 8pin for and is there a cable i can convert to a 8pin???

A:8 pin connector?

You only use it if your PSU has an 8 pin.

if you really want to use the 8pin here is an adapter,
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Hi, I have two 7800 gt's in my motherboard. I have a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P mobo. I heard that you do not need a sli bridge connector for lower end cards.

But I boot up (both the cards are working, there fans are spinning) and the enable sli configuration box is not in nvidia control panel. Now is this because I do not have a sli bridge connector or is it possible to work without it?

A:Sli Connector

The 790X-UD4P doesn't support SLi, only CrossFireX. ("Ati version of SLi")
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Hi. If I would get a PS2 to USB connector for my laptop, could I just connect a keyboard or would I have to connect both a mouse and keyboard?


A:PS2 to USB Connector

You can just connect the keyboard, the laptop mouse will still function.
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I am about to put together a new (simple) PC. The MB is a Biostar 6200, the processor is an AMD Sempron 2800+. The MB has a socket, which the book says allows 12v to be connected to the processor (??????). A modern PSU has such a 4 pin connector, two black, two yellow wires i.e. 12 volts. I want to use an old PSU which doesn't have the 4 pin connector. Is it necessary?

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I've got a Jaton brand GeForce4 TI4200 video card.
Lost the dang manual, and manufacturer's website is none-too-helpful.
Beside the blue VGA connector, there's a round connector, with 9 pins (female). It's not marked, and I initially thought it was for TV-out (S-Video), but I can't find another on the web that looks similar.

I'm hoping to use it as a TV-out, I guess I'd better figure out what it is first...
Any help will be very much appreciated.
Oh yeah, here's a link to a pic:

Thanks for your time,

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Hi guys,:wave:

I've lost my Cellphone's USB Cable/Connector.
I want to transfer photos, videos, etc. from my CP to my PC.
Is there other way of connecting my CP to my PC?

thank you very much!


Note: my cellphone is Nokia N72.

A:My CP's usb connector

You realize this is a computer forum don't you?

Within 7 hrs you have created 5 new threads and posted 13 posts
You certainly need a lot of help :rolleyes:

I'd say for this one, buy a new cable !
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I'm buying a new PC tomorrow, but I want to keep my 250GB IDE drive in addition to a 250GB SATA drive. The motherboard I'm purchasing has one IDE connector, but I have two IDE devices that I want to connect. There's the 250GB hard drive, and my DVD burner. Will that be possible using just the one connector? I'm not sure what they mean by that, since I know IDE cables sort of have two cables in one.

A:Can I do this with one IDE connector?

If the cable only has one connector then you can buy one with 2 connectors on it.

If they mean that you only have one IDE connector on the board then might be a little trickier.
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i have recently bought a psp/tv cable so i can play things on psp on the tv. the cable has 5 connectors, 1 Blue 1 Green 1 Yellow 2 Red, which of these connectors do i use in the tv? does anyonehave any suggections

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May I direct you to my post on another forum instead of reposting it all?

It seems that either no one knows or cares to reply. Just post any replies here instead of having to sign up over there. Thanks for any help!

A:what is this connector

I am pretty sure that would be an LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) Connector. The fourth picture is your LCD Inverter.
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Hi I acquired for free a dell PSU PSU? is connector? Bad 4-pin the What Dimension E and it it Bad PSU? What is the PSU 4-pin connector? does boot up When I power it up it makes a terrible beeping whining noise and then powers down The power indicator light starts to blink and I can t power up the computer again unless I hold the power button down for seconds Bad PSU? What is the PSU 4-pin connector? or I unplug the power and then push the power button again If I disconnect the square pin connector from the mobo it does not make the beeping sound and the power indicator light stays solidly lit Regarding the PSU pin connector I am getting volts on each yellow wire with a volt meter to the chassis and minus - volts on the black wires I have tried removing and replacing the cmos battery disconnecting the modem card hard dive Its only when I unplug the -pin connector that the computer Bad PSU? What is the PSU 4-pin connector? does not beep and turn off What does the pin connector supply power to Does it sound like the pin connector is good Could the mobo be faulty Thanks Bill nbsp

A:Bad PSU? What is the PSU 4-pin connector?

The 4Pin power connector powers the CPU

But it sounds as though you haven't plugged the power into the Video Card (some 3D Video cards have this, maybe yours?)
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i am using the standard ATX 20 pin power connector that i am using... and is that the new ATX12v connector the 4 pin? and do i use the new 2x2 pin along with the standard connector?

A:PSU connector

two1361 said:

i am using the standard ATX 20 pin power connector that i am using... and is that the new ATX12v connector the 4 pin? and do i use the new 2x2 pin along with the standard connector?Click to expand...

If your board has the 24 pin connector then use the 2x2 with it.

Yes, the square 4 pin is the 12V connector to the MOBO.
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Windows 10 Settings have this mysterious item.

What does the App Connector do and why does it need access to my location, camera, etc....?

A:What is App Connector...?

Have a look at this article. It won't answer your question though.

exceprt :
Microsoft allows you to uninstall App Connector, which seems to support the idea that it doesn’t do anything super important. If uninstalling this app caused problems with Windows 10, Microsoft wouldn’t let you do it so easily.
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I have a question about a P10 connection on my motherboard. I bought a new power supply and the P10 connector is not the same as on the one I removed. The slot is straight with 6 pin holes. The new power supply P10 connector is square with 3 pin holes on top of 3 more. I powered up my computer and it seems fine. I would like to know if the motherboard P10 slot is necessary if you are using an AGP graphics card. Thanks
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I'm going to get this heatsink:

to cool my Pentium D 830 processor. Problem is it needs its own cooling fan and I'm going to get this one:

But the cooling fans all have 3-pin connectors. My mobo's CPU colling fan connector is 4 pin althouth it looks like it could also take a 3 pin where one pin just wouldn't be used. Will 3 pin connectors work? What's the difference?

MOBO is ASUS P5WD2 Premium.

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Please help.
my question:While implementing any standard bus architecture like ISA , our own designs ,is there any standard to be followed while selecting bus Connectors (physical) or we can use any type of connector?

A:ISA bus connector

ISA .. WoW that brings back memories
In theory you should follow the standard set for ISA to avoid interconnectivity problems. In practice , well if the system will be used mainly by you, then it shouldn't matter since you might be able to get away from connection problems by manufacturing your own connectors
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I have a problem. I had an old PC running Win98, and the C drive went bad. I had some photos and music on another drive. I purchased a new computer, running WinXP. I also purchased one of the USB to IDE converters so I could plug the drive with the pics into my new system and recover the pics, etc. My system recognizes the drive being attached to the USB, but I can't seem to access the info on the drive. Am I missing something, or perhaps it's impossible to recover the pics since I'm now running WinXP instead of Win98? Any help would be appreciated, since I'd hate to lose the pics! Thanks,


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Hi, I have purchased a OCZ Stealth Xtream 500W PSU (model: OCZ500SXS2), I have also choosen a motherboard (Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H 890GX Socket AM3 HDMI DVI VGA.. | but this motherboard has a 8 pin CPU power connector and on this PSU I only see a 4 pin CPU power connector (P3):? I need to know if I purchase this motherboard will it be able to work with the PSU and power up an AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 3GHz Socket AM3 125W 9MB Cache.. |
Also read on a website:

"You can plug a 4 pin 12V cable into an 8 pin motherboard and it will sometimes work properly but other times it won't work at all or will burn/melt the connector."

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:PSU Connector help

Take look here:

Kustom PCs 4pin P4 12v to 8pin EPS Connector

8Pin 12V to 4Pin Power Cable : Internal Case Cables : Maplin
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Like many I have CD-ROM problems but mine is a little unusual I have a x vanilla CD-ROM chained as a slave to a master Plextor -A DVD writer Both are on the secondary IDE connector of an Asus P GD board This is the one with the RAID connector possibility on the secondary connector but the default on the Secondary connector is to IDE and I ve left it that way The two hard drives are chained master slave to the primary and are working fine Windows XP SP P Ghz GB RAM The CD-ROM shows up in Device Manager but freezes when I ve tried to read a CD The DVD writer works fine and will show anything when there is a disc in there I ve tried the usual workarounds elminating the 80-pin 40 vs Connector Upper and Lower Filters removing the 40 vs 80-pin Connector drives from Device Manager zilch In Event Manager I keep showing Event paging error and controller error trying to use the CD-ROM The Event explanation says a quot faulty cable quot is the problem but I ve changed cables twice What I m thinking is that I currently have an -pin cable hooked up to the two optical drives and the Asus Secondary Connector which is made for an Ultra ATA port and the motherboard asks for an Ultra ATA signal cable Should that cable be a -pin connector rather than the -pin connector Would that allow the CD-ROM to be read and will the DVD still work Thanks for any help here Neal Lavon Takoma Park MD USA nbsp

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Me bad. Bought a new cheap MB (Biostar tforce 550) which has only one IDE connector.
But I want to connect an optical drive and a spare IDE HD.
I remember that using one IDE cable for the two could cause problems, and a hit in performance.
The first I think can be corrected by putting the HD first. But how big is the performance hit?
Does it only occur when using the optical drive?

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I have a Intel PII 350, 8.6 Gig HD and 128 MB of Ram. I am using Windows 2000 as the OS. I was trying to install a USB modem on my computer when I noticed that my USB connector wasn't installed properly. I uninstalled the hardware and re-installed it using the old and new drivers but still it wasn't working. When I went to the trouble shooting tab, it set that USB connecter not starting up. Would you be able to tell me what the problem is.

A:USB Connector

Enter the bios and make sure usb is enabled, quite possible it's not if your not using anyother usb devices.
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I need some information on the pin configuration of the PS2 connector. Looking at the connector with the Large index slot at the top "12 oclock" position, counting clockwise which pin is "Data", "Gnd", "Vcc", "Clock"? I need this information so I can set up the connector to connect to the mother board. Thank You.

A:PS2 connector

Clockwise from the slot...

Signal: Clock Description: clock

Signal: GND Description: Gound

Signal: DATA Description: DATA

Signal: NC Description: No connection

Signal: VCC Description: +5V

Signal: NC Description: No Connection
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I have an ABIT AX5 motherboard and am running Windows 98. The keyboard connector (PS/2) no longer works. I am wondering is there and can I connect a USB keyboard and have it work? I am in stationed in (US Army)Korea and don't have access to a repair shop (and can't afford a new motherboard).


A:USB connector HELP!!!

Don't know why not, there are a lot of usb keyboards available. The only down side would be no keyboard in dos mode. Windows should be fine though. Here is a list of usb keyboards etc
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well here goes...i have a compaq presario 1900xl-163..(notebook)
and i have been trying for weeks to find the interface cables that connect the dvd and floppy to the thing....
but everywhere sofar ..nothing...

the dvd and the board it attaches to are both 50 pin female.
so the cable needs to be male on both ends...
the drive is a toshiba sd-c2302.
so..if anyone has any idea where i can find this cable it will be greatly appreciated...
ps i tried every way that i know of to get one from compaq but they are very uncooperative..

A:dvd connector has every doo-dad under the sun for computers, that would be a good place to check first. Best of all, its cheap!
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Hello, I'm about to purchase a GTS450 card and noticed it required one 6 pin pci-e power connector. However I only have an 8 pin pci-e power connector. Would this still work?

A:6 pin pci-e connector

Might check your 8 pin connector to see if it is a 6+2.
That means that 2 pins may be removable to allow
use as a 6 pin connector.
Check the cards package content list to see if it includes
a 4 pin molex to 6 pin pci express adapter.
If not,you can buy one pretty cheap.
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I have a ps/2 mouse and a usb laptop. I got a ps/2 to usb connector. and enabled bios to accept ps/2 and turnoff touchpad, but the laptop doesn't recognize the mouse and doesn't turnoff the touchpad. Please help

A:ps/2 mouse to usb connector

You probably need something that connects and converts PS2 to USB, like this
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so i just got my new xfx psu, and it has no 4 pin power connector, for the mobo. i feel like im missing something, because there's no way a 4 pin shouldn't be included. there's plenty of 6 pins and 8 pins, so should i use a 6 pin, in the 4 pin slot? it says the connectors are "keyed" so they'll only fit one way, so it thought using the 6 pin would be ok, if it fit.

A:xfx 550 watt psu - no 4 pin connector?

First of all, post the exact pw supply you are referencing. Post a link to the pw supply if possible.

Most likely you have a 4+4pin connector. If you look carefully at the 8pin connector, you should be able to separate it into 4 and 4. Again post a link to the exact pw supply so I can tell for sure.
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On my current power supply, mycomputer gets past post and it runs fine and everything but when i opened it up recently, i saw the the power supply motherboard connecter connected tothe mother board but 4 motherboard pins were not connected. And my computer still works! Why is this?

And when i go upgrade my power supply do i connect all of the 24 pinsor do i match the pin setup on the picture?

See picture.

A:Motherboard Pin Connector

Hello Kelvin,

Yes, you would connect the new 24-pin PSU connection to the board with all 24 pins. Depending on the PSU you get, it may a one piece 24-pin or 20+4 pin connection. Here's some more detailed information about the ATX motherboard standard and 24-pin connections to help out more with this.

ATX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope this helps,
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I recently purchased a wife antenna and a wifi router to hopefully be able to use my laptop at my boat in a marina that doesn't offer wifi. I found that the cable coming out of the antenna end with a male sma connector while the input to the rear of the router utilizes a lan connector. I looked on line to see if I could find a wifi router that took this type of connector and found none, while almost none of the antennas offer anything but the sma type connector. Why are these devices made with incompatable components? Is there a solution such as a sma/usb or sma/lan connector or should I start over again? the wifi router is a Netgear and I thought I may be able to unscrew the antenna off the back, but it doesn't seem to budge and I'm afraid i'll break it.

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Since I downloaded windows connector in outlook 2007 I have to keep restarting my computer to get my email. Seems the desktop icon path has been corrupted. Someone please advise I need the connector now because of email sending while I am on vacation. It also makes outlook frezze during send/receive.
Thanks so much
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I have an old wireless headset, the Plantronics CS50-USB. The headset worked fine until part of the cable starting having issues. On the picture I've uploaded you can see where I have to bend the cable in order for it to work. I have to use tape to keep it in place but that's just a temporary solution. I don't know what kind of connection is has but I'd like to know if I can fix it before having to buy an upgrade


A:Broken USB connector

I've not seen any user replaceable USB connectors. With that said, the cable is just 2 or 4 pair twisted cable. You could conceivably, simply cut the old cable/connector off, and solder/splice a new cable with connector.
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I can re-wire the connector on the end of the wire if necessary.

Question is, which connections ARE necessary???

Would it be easier to buy a connector at the supply store to splice onto the power button wire?


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Has anyone ever replaced an AC adapter connector in a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop?
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When I first installed a new lcd monitor with a digital connection to an also new video card (nvida 7600 agp), a small rectangular icon would appear during boot process. It shows a picture of a DVI connector along with DVI letters. The thing is lingering longer and longer now, well into windows (XP pro) being loaded and longer. Can anyone explain to me what is going on and how might I help it find what it's looking for...if that's what is happening ?

A:DVI connector icon

It's the monitor. When you shut it off, it doesn't fully shut down does it? Shut down the monitor and unplug it for a few minutes, then try it again. Maybe it will be better, maybe it won't.
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I got the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector to get wi-fi in my Wii and DSi for some pokemon games and it used to Nintendo Connector Wi-Fi USB work fine then it started acting weird At first I had it installed into my Windows XP desktop and it worked okay other than the fact that I would have to take down my Firewall everytime I wanted to use it THen I got a Windows Vista laptop which I am currently using and it caused me a lot of problems The first time I downloaded it it took me hours before it finally worked I don t know what I did differently for it to work but it did and I installed no drivers Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector for it for windows vista because this USB is a Windows XP device So I m still confused on how it worked for a while in the first place Yesterday I went to go into wi-fi on my pokemon platinum game and it said quot No Access Point in Range quot I knew this had to be wrong Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector because I had my laptop opened up and right next to me Then I noticed that it wasn t Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector lit up green and my laptop wasn t connecting it So I popped in my sofftware disk waited for it to reinstall and the weirdest error message popped up quot Internet Connection Sharing error quot I googled it and found multiple of the same situations I used this site to help me out http techforums nintendo com nins board message board id wii internet amp thread id I followed a few steps to different ones and now I am getting different numbers For example last night I started getting quot Internet Connection Sharing error and just a little while ago I got I downloaded the drivers for Windows Vista from this site http ms nintendo-europe com software nintendods winxp en index htm But I was confused with the step process so I deleted it off my computer Or atleast I think I did So any help with this would be wonderful I wasn t sure whether to put this in gaming or networking so I chose here Don t eat me if that was the wrong choice xD nbsp

Relevancy 34.83%

I've got a 1 usb port laptop, and it's become really loose, and when the cable is plugged in it doesn't always detect it. I can wiggle the cable around and I know it shouldn't be like that.
Can this be replaced? Or is there any other way to get more USB connections on this laptop, like an extension that plugs into the serial port or something?

Relevancy 34.83%

In settings - system - apps & features - there is app connector.
What is it?
Can it be uninstalled safely?
Have you uninstallled it?

Googled a lot but not much info on app connector?

Windows 10 app connector and Windows Shell Experience

Some info here.

A:What is app connector in Win 10 & have you uninstalled it?

From what I read you can uninstall it and nothing adverse happens but it seems as though nobody really knows what it does,including Microsoft.Personally I would just leave it alone.
Create a restore point and uninstall it and then let us know if something bad happens
Relevancy 34.83%

I have an athlon II cpu which is listed as supported for the main board, and an athlon II cpu heatsink and fan. However, the mainboard has a three pin connection for the cpu fan, the cpu fan has 4 pins. Is there a work around for this?


Relevancy 34.83%

I want to split for RCA connect output

Relevancy 34.83%

I am using Outlook 2007 and the Outlook Connector to pick up my email, and everything has been going fine until I tried to start Outlook today. I get a message box entitled Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, and containing the following text:
To continue accessing your mail using Microsoft Outlook, you must upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Connector.
\if you choose to upgrade now, Microsoft Office Outlook wil close and restart.
(Upgrade Now) (Remind Me Later)

OK, fine, great. So I click Upgrade Now and Outlook closes, and when I start it again - same dialogue box. I tried System Restore, then using the Office disk, Repair option, then Remove, then Install, all to no avail. Anyone got any ideas on this?

A:Connector Loop

I have the same problem exactly, started this morning, tried to repair, remove and install, nothing's working.

if anyone has any lead on this one, please assist

Relevancy 34.83%

Does a HDMI connection provide both audio and video?

A:HDMI connector?

yes it does. here is an excerpt from WIki of hdmi
HDMI supports up to 8 channels of audio at sample sizes of 16-bit, 20-bit, and 24-bit with sample rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, and 192 kHz. HDMI also supports any IEC61937-compliant audio stream compressed audio streams such as Dolby Digital and DTS and up to 8 channels of one-bit DSD audio, which is used on Super Audio CDs, at rates up to 4x that of Super Audio CD.[18] With version 1.3, HDMI supports lossless compressed audio streams Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
Relevancy 34.83%

What the hell is a SLI connector I had to reinstall my system SLI Missing Connector? because when I got home from work the other night amp powered my pc up I got a black screen and couldn't get past it not even through safe mode I'm running Windows bit Anyway I'm using Nvidia GeForce cards and I'm pretty sure I've had these cards 'SLI enabled' in the past but now I just updated the drivers and it says I'm missing a SLI Connector I've Missing SLI Connector? never seen this message before Is that a piece of hardware Should it have come with the cards or is it a motherboard thing What kind of functionality will I be missing out on if I don't get it In the Nvidia control panel Disable SLI is set by default but I can set 'Maximize d Performance' Just did it the screen went dark for a moment like the computer was about to reboot came back up with no errors and it looks like it's ok but I don't really know how to tell if SLI is actually enabled or not The motherboard I'm using is 'ASUS Socket AM AM AM Crosshair IIV Formula' per Driver Detective

A:Missing SLI Connector?

An SLI connector, or bridge, is used to join 2 NVidia graphics cards together to provide an increase in performance. Although the connectors are standard, the distance between them can vary slightly according to the motherboard and, if the board is SLI-capable, you should have one of these connectors supplied with it.
Relevancy 34.83%

Hello all!
I am playing around with designing a custom built cooloing solution for my pc, sad I know but i want to learn a bit more about electronics.

What i have is an abit kd7a mainboard (yes yes crap I know).

I have a few 3 pin connectors and i would like to power this system from the mainboard if possible, does anyone know what the voltages are without me having to physically check them?

or if anyone has done this before would you power it directly from the power supply or from the mainboard like i propose?

cheers guys and gals!


A:Voltages off a 3 pin fan connector

They're 12 volts. Most boards can't supply a lot of current to them though, so be careful not to add too much load to them.
Relevancy 34.83%

What is the name of the cable that will connect into the small (male) part of this connector ? On this page they mention a Molex Adapter, when I search for Molex Adapter I don't find a female connect with a power adapter.

A:Type of Connector ?

Looks like its to connect a fan to your power supply. The small one is for the fan. The big ones are called Molex connectors. Your power supply should have a cable with that type of connector.

Relevancy 34.83%

The attached image shows the top of my Store update list. Sometime in the last couple of hours an app called App Connector got an update to version When I clicked on the icon, I got a Not Found error message. When I searched the Store from the search box, it couldn't find anything even like App Connector. I GoogleBinged the term and found the same question from past years and evidence that the version is at least a couple of months old.
Does anyone know if this is anything other than a deeply hidden system component whose cloaking device was accidentally turned off today?
Surface Book running rs2 14931.
Relevancy 34.83%

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with a 15-hole connector port and a 7-hole connector port (black). Could someone pls tell me what those connectors are for? Thanks

A:Connector ports?

Which model laptop is it? They're most likely display/communication (COM) ports.
Relevancy 34.83%

You know how some motherboards allow you to plug in an additional 4-Pin connector with the 24-Pin connector? Like, right next to it.

If my power supply doesn't have the additional 4-Pin Connector (I'm not talking about the 12v), can I still run everything safely with just a 24-Pin? Thanks.

A:Additional 4-Pin PSU Connector (PLEASE Help!

I have never seen a 24 pin connector with an additional 4 pin connector next to it. Could you post a pic.
Relevancy 34.83%

hi frnds...

i have a usb connector with me.. i don't know nothing abt its specification and all..its written "inspire" on it...whn i used this extension code it worked properly in some systems... but in some other systems an error message was shown "the usb device was not recognized...One of the USB device attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it"... if anyone knows what the problem is please help me....

A:Problem with usb connector

Did you connect it at the back of the PC or the front?
Relevancy 34.83%

Hey guys,

Im currently using a GA-EP35-DS3L motherboard, and a Tagan 580W psu, with a pentium EE 840 processor, a couple of days ago, I noticed a very bad smell coming from my PC, so I shut it down and opened it to investigate, and saw that two of the 4 pins on the motherboard connector were melted black, the plastic part of one of the pins was completely gone. The worst part was the motherboard was only like 3 months old. Now I dont really know what to do. Is the fault from my PSU or motherboard? If the fault is from my PSU, is my motherboard damaged internally, and vice versa? Because I want to know what parts I should replace, I dont want to spend money on a new mobo/psu if the one I currently have is working correctly.


Relevancy 34.83%

hi i dont know if this is the right forum for this. but i have a usb with a retractable usb connector. i left it sticking to my laptop for days, and now when i removed it from my laptop, i cant pull it down no matter how much harder i press it. it's hard to describe but do you get it? sorry

Relevancy 34.83%

I am building my 7th or 8th computer and this is the first time I've have a real tough problem. By a complicated connection using two power supplies I isolated the problem (got it to POST anyway) to the new PSU ( Sigma Monster 750w) 20 pin main connector which worked when I checked it on an old MB but not my new Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. I bought a Power Supply tester and it shows the -12v slot on the connector is not getting power. Took so long to figure this out that I can't RMA so just buying a new PSU.

Now to my question----I have searched the web and can't find much info---what does the -12v power do and why did the old board not need it? Is it possible to fix the cable or change the connector so I can use this paperweight??
Relevancy 34.83%

ok so i have a 2pin spdif connector going from my graphics card to the sound card. i can't seem to get audio though. i have tried the spdif cable both ways. i have enabled spdif in the audio control panel to. i tried to disable the onboard audio in my bios but that didn't work either. gpu is a nvidia geforce 9600 gso and the sound card is a asus xonar dg. i have a pentium d dual core processor and 2 gigs of ddr2 4300 ram installed as well. the motherboard is a d945gccr. i am sure i missed a step somewhere.

A:spdif 2 pin connector

Just to clarify, you're routing sound from your sound card, into your video card, with the intention of feeding that audio into an HDMI cable to a monitor with speakers? Are you using an HDMI cable? Or perhaps I am missing something?
Relevancy 34.83%

The title pretty much sums it up.....

My 500w psu only has one 6 pin power connector so im looking for the best graphics card that isnt over 9.6 inches long and only requires one 6 pin.

I would be willing to spend 150 if it got me a beast but as far as i can see anything more advanced than a GTS 250 seems to require 2 6pins.

Im looking at nvidia cards as the last Ati didnt work in my system and its irrationally put me off!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Relevancy 34.83%

I am looking for a new power connector for a Dell 1535 Studio laptop.It converts the two female connections from the transformer cord to a cylindrical male connection which goes into the laptop.It measures 48mm long by 11mm diameter. It has the id K1 on the cylinder.Does anyone know where I can buy one? ThanksFrank C

A:K1 power connector
Relevancy 34.83%

My wife's computer - spec build: MoBo MSI A55M-P33 /N1996 / MS 7786 v.1.0. I found a MoBo description (on internet) which says it has a FDD connection. I think I've looked everywhere but haven't found it. Is it there or not?
Relevancy 34.83%

I can't get the drive to acknowledge anything. it spins . . .but i believe the IDE connector may be fried. . .and I can't solder is back together or anything. . . .any ideas or options to get information-documents, pics, etc-off this computer??

A:IDE Connector fried?

i dunno much, but there are 2 IDE slots from your mobo, are you plugged into the proper one? and is your master/slave settings all correct? was it working properly before? do you have smaart enabled? the bios doesnt read it at all? check your bios settings to see if you have it assigned to something other than auto or what it actually is. maybe its something simple.
Relevancy 34.83%

I guess I haven't been keeping up with hardware advances. I recently replaced my Dell Dimension 2390 (32 bit) running XP with a Dell Inspiron 64 bit machine. I had added a Samsung Super-Write SH-S182M DVD+/- RW with Lightscribe in the Dimension. So I took that out before cleaning the hard drive and donating the Dimension to a local charity. Imagine my surprise when I tried to add the Samsung to the new Inspiron and found that the Samsung had a 40 pin EIDE/ATAPI connector and the computer has a much smaller plug for an additional drive. Does anyone know the name of this new type connector so I can order a DVD writer that will fit my new machne? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: DVD connector

Most newer motherboards still have 1 IDE connector.
Sounds like you missed out on that.
The new ones are SATA or serial ATA.
You could also use a SATA to IDE adapter or
an IDE PCI controller card.
Relevancy 34.83%

Hi all,
I recently installed a Zalman-VF1000 cooler:

to my 9800gt and now when i use the left dvi port i get flashing lines all over the screen. When i use the other port its fine. I suspect that port may have been damaged somehow. Are there any suggestions as to how i can fix this or do i have to get a new graphics card?

A:Faulty DVI connector?

Also I just had a crash while playing bf bc 2 (bad company 2) with lots of artifacts after which i had to restart. I hope i installed it correctly. The fan is working and riva tuner says its averaging 35 degrees. Also the chipset is firmly touching the heatsink base with arctic silver thermal compound on it etc. Any suggestions?
Relevancy 34.83%

Yesterday my PC refused to start when I removed my graphics card - hitting the Power On button doesn't start the system running at all

So I did several things. I checked the 24 pin power connector from the PSU to the motherboard and tried to re-fit it again. I also removed the Power Switch connector that connects the switch on the front panel to the motherboard, and re-plugged it in. After that, I managed to boot up the system

I'm just asking out of curiosity, because I suspect that it could have been the loose power switch connector, but what will happen if the 24-pin connector is not plugged in properly? Will the system still start up?

Relevancy 34.83%

I am trying to use a USB to PS/2 convertor for my keyboard(My mouse one isnt working to but It runs fine threw USB), so it wont be as slow, but I think I am missing all my files for the PS/2 connector, if I need files, where can I download them, if I dont need files, how do I fix the connection? The convertor is not borken.

Thank You.

Relevancy 34.83%

How does one tell if their mobo has a 20 or 24 pin power connector (short of opening up the case and looking)?

EMachines T3508 Desktop

Intel Celeron D Processor 356 3.33GHz
533 MHz FSB | 512 KB L2 Cache
300 watt PSU

A:Mobo And PSU: Connector

You really just need to pop the side of the case off and look, unless you know the brand name and model number of your motherboard and can look it up on the manufacturer's website.
Relevancy 34.83%

Ok i have this PS:
And this MB:

I didnt notice that they were different if im looking at it right the PS one is only 4 pin and the MB one is 8. how do i fix this?
Also if the only option is to get a new PS (which i don't want to since i just bought this one) would the 4pin be alright since im only running a 6400 Core 2 duo, i mean thats all that the current MB uses is a 4pin. Or does the plug affect more then just the cpu?

Also will something like this work?

Relevancy 34.83%


I have just fitted a ASUS P5K MoBo , but I have only now realised when I went to plug in the VGA for the monitor that there is no VGA socket on this board , I have a pci E video card but it needs a driver for it to work , but I can not get to a bios screen to set anything ie boot sequence to load windows because I can not get a signal from my video card , I must be missing something here I have never seen a MoBo without a VGA connector on it .



A:New Build PC no VGA Connector

Yes, you are missing something. No driver is needed for a bios display. In fact drivers are not loaded until windows loads so POST data and or splash screen do not use a driver. If you are not getting a display, the very first thing I would do would be to read the guide at the top of the forum. If you follow ALL steps of the guide, you will find the cause of your problem.

Just wondering; why would you build a system with an 8yr old mb??? Is this board new or used? Are you sure the board works ie did you see it run?
Relevancy 34.83%

Doing a little upgrade to the PC I built almost a year ago. I wanted to try the new Sandy Bridge CPU, so I had to buy a new MOBO. I bought the Intel DP67BGB, it arrived today and I see it has an 8 pin power connector for the CPU. No adapters around town so I ordered one on the net. Anyway, I was told in a computer store today that as long as I wasn't overclocking I could run it with just one 4 pin . Want to make sure that's correct before I start rebuilding. Don't feel like waiting until next week for the adapter., but don't want to damage the CPU either.

BTW, the new CPU is Intel i5 2500, 3.3G.

A:8 pin CPU power connector

To be honest I wouldn't risk it. If too much power is drawn there is a chance that either the PSU, Motherboard, or CPU could be damaged and when you have spent that much on new parts it is worth waiting the extra week to make sure that you don't mess anything up. It may work for a while but in the long term it can't be good for the board/cpu/psu.

Relevancy 34.83%

Hi, I have an intel 484 socket motherboard without the video connector. How can i connect it with a monitor?

A:no vga connector on motherboard.

Plug a video controller card that has a VGA output into the motherboard and plug the monitor into the video controller. Exact type of controller card would depend on what kind of expansion interface types are available on the motherboard.
Relevancy 34.83%

In the device manager I get an error for the network connector. It says drivers have not been loaded. Can anyone tell me where to get the drivers? Thanks.

Relevancy 34.83%

Hi sorry if this has been done before
I have come to realise that outlook connector does not seem to be working the last mails it got are from june this year is there any reason i have proly missed as to why and can i fix this ]

Thanks Micky

A:Outlook COnnector

MS has been making changes to Email servers.
If you're using MAPI you probably need to change it to IMAP or POP3.

Office Outlook connector works for me, i have:
MS Office Outlook 2010 and email addresses
Accounts are setup using IMAP
Relevancy 34.83%

Wireless card in a laptop has 2 push on right angle connectors

One has been deformed, so I need another

What is it called - is there an outlet in the uk


A:Whats the Name of this RF connector....

The connector type is "U.FL", though there are several variations so you need to check a datasheet to be sure of proper fit.

Mouser Electronics (, Digikey (, and Farnell ( ship to UK.
Relevancy 34.83%

So here's the dealeo you guys, I should be getting a Thermaltake Fr?o in a couple of days now, maybe next week, overall it looks like a monster of a cooling solution, my only question is: How should I connect the fan connector to my motherboard's CPU fan header?, given that the fan connector that comes with the Thermaltake Fr?o only has 3 pins?

Should I connect it like this?

* * * *
1 2 3 4

Or like this?

* * * *
1 2 3 4

A:CPU Cooler 3 pin fan connector

The connector is slotted and will only fit properly. No guesswork required.
Relevancy 34.83%

Right. I bought a 120 mm fan salvaged from some old server system from my friend with a Coke. It has this funny 2-pin power connector. Any way to connect it to a MB with only 3-pin connectors free? Can I just match the 1st pins and try it out? Would this hurt my system by chance?

A:Solved: 2-pin fan connector

The third wire is generally for fan speed control, so it should work with 3 pin header.
Relevancy 34.83%

Ug. I'm trying to set up a new motherboard in my rig, and I note that the motherboard has only 2 pins for this, wheras the case has a 3 pin connector. There's no room for the extra pin, and the 3 pin adapter is encased in hard plastic as shown. Does anyone have experience with this? What would you do?

A:Installing a 3 pin -> 2 pin connector for PWR LED

there are little tabs - locking the pins in place (they look white in your pic) lift those tabs with a needle or small pic and pull the pins out of the connector
Relevancy 34.83%

I am attempting to build a server and using a supermicro SC733T-450 case and a asus NRL-LS533 motherboard. When you look at the board on the asus site it shows a 24 pin power connector which is what I need for the server case.

However, I ordered the board from and it only has a 20 pin power connector. The manual shows a 20 pin connector also so why do they show 24 pin on the asus site? Did I get an older board or something? The specs on thier site also show a 24 pin connector

So I guess I should return the board and get one with a 24 pin connector or could I get an adapter?


Relevancy 34.83%

Sooo, i just upgraded the psu and to my surprise the old HP power supply came with a weird connector that was attached to the BluRay disk reader, and my new power supply didint hsve the same connector, so now im left with a useless bluray disk reader, any ideas on what to do?

A:DVD reader needs connector

Oh link to my computer
Relevancy 34.83%

Can some one take a look at this link and tel me what J1g1 connector is for . I installed a s3 3d virge vga card and I was just wondering if a cable is supposed to be connected from the card to this connector. My s3 3d Virge card has a row of pins on connector pins on it. Thanks

Relevancy 34.83%

So I bought an ide p ata to sada tonnector for a old drive i have. When I have it all hooked up, it takes me directly to a screen with a bios registery at start up. I'm kinda confused. please help

A:ide to sata connector

What does this bios screen look like? Does it give you options?
Relevancy 34.83%

Hey guys had a fan CPU Dead connector question for you all First the mobo in question is a Abit NF a bit on the older side which explains my problems now but has worked perfectly for me until today As far as I can tell the CPU fan Dead CPU fan connector connector on the MB is dead plugging the fan into another connector works fine plugging another fan besides the cpu fan into the cpu fan connector gives me a non working fan so it simply leads me to believe the connector on the BM itself is dead My question is buying a new mobo isnt an option for me right now and I can easily plug the cpu fan into another connector to get it working but is there Dead CPU fan connector anyway to bypass the computer checking if the cpufan is working before booting up As it stands right now the computer won t boot since it detects no CPU fan even if there is one running in another connector can I bypass this check by any chance nbsp

A:Dead CPU fan connector

generally no. You might be able to get the board repaired, but you're better off replacing it.... tough break.
Relevancy 34.83%


I have a fairly new HP Pavilion which came with one serial ATA drive and has one parallel IDE connection on the mother board. The parallel IDE connection currently connects to two DVD devices using a cable with 3 connectors..

I would like to add a spare parallel drive that I have so I can use this as a backup..

Will my PC support 3 parallel IDE devices via one motherboard connection?
Is it possible to get a IDE Hard Drive cable with 4 Connectors for 3 Devices?
Is there a better way to connect in this 2nd drive?

Thanks in advance for you help..


Relevancy 34.83%

As the title asks. I upgraded from my X800GTO (which had it's own special wire connection) to a 9600GT. I connected my new card with the 6-pin power cable that came with my PSU (36A on the 12v rails).

However, my case leds are indicating that something is being underpowered. I want to test the 6-pin to see if it might be the problem. So what is the voltage for a 6-pin? Thanks.

A:What should the voltage be for a 6-pin PCI-e connector?

The pins should be +12V or 0V (ground). If the wire going in is yellow, the corresponding pin should be +12V. If black, 0V.

If you need proof:
Relevancy 34.83%

Having arrived on the user-build scene only recently I am not up on past power supply standards. I see that most of the new motherboards require the extra + 12 volt power connector and I am wondering why.

What changed and about when did this change first occur?

A:ATX + 12 volt connector

techno_lust said:

Having arrived on the user-build scene only recently I am not up on past power supply standards. I see that most of the new motherboards require the extra + 12 volt power connector and I am wondering why.

What changed and about when did this change first occur?Click to expand...

The extra 12V connector is used to supply the additional power needed for modern processors. It started with the P4s, however many Athlon boards use it also.

Some newer AMD64 and Prescott processor boards use the 24 pin atx connector instead of the 20 pin connector. Again this is to supply extra power.