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Laptop power terminal replacement

Q: Laptop power terminal replacement

Hey guys, got a question that I wanted to see if anybody could answer. I'm coming to you from my PS3, because yesterday after having to "wiggle and jiggle" the power cord to get my laptop to charge, it finally crapped out. I'm pretty confident that it's the power terminal (located on the motherbored) and possibly the cord also.

To fix the issue, I'm hoping I could just buy a new, but different terminal and cord so I don't have this issue again. Ideally I'd like to get a cord like the mac, but I realize that is a long shot. So i'm hoping I can just get a good, solid cord/terminal.

My question(s) is/are can I replace the OEM power cord/terminal with a non OEM? How would I find the watt/amperage my laptop needs?

My laptop = Gateway MC7801u

Thanks guys!

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Preferred Solution: Laptop power terminal replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop power terminal replacement

What has probably happened is the solder connecting the DC in port to the motherboard has cracked. Since it is soldered to the motherboard, to fix it you will need to re-solder the connections or buy a new motherboard. There is no way you could replace it with a mac-style port (magsafe) without some serious modifications to the AC adapter and your laptop.
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I recently misplaced my AC charger for my IBM Thinkpad T20 TYPE 2647(PentiumIII 700mhz 128mb ram 60g hd XP Home svc pack 2). After pricing new ones I looked to Ebay and found MANY with different specs than what is on my machine. The ID sticker shows the power requirements as 16v 3.36a. I viewed a few chargers advertising 16v 4.5a and assume they would not fry my power supply but am not sure. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.
Thanks, Brad

A:Replacement Laptop AC charger/power cord

They should work fine. As long as the supply is capable of providing the rated current for your machine, any excess will simply not be used. The supply will only provide the power you require, up to it's maximum capacity.
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Hey guys I ve got a Sony Vaio FE GP laptop and a while ago I started experiencing weird problems with the graphics Pretty much what was happening that during startup or a short time after startup the screen would jumble up and the computer would freeze I had it checked out by multiple techs and ended up replacing the motherboard That particular problem was fixed but now when I power on my laptop it sometimes doesn t start all the lights go on and stay on but it never posts etc and when it does start after even power Vaio problems has MB laptop replacement it works fine for a while until it freezes this could be after more than an hour of use It seems that my initial problem was fixed with the replace but the thing is that my laptop battery is extremely poor it will waste in less than minutes on its own Having said this Vaio laptop has power problems even after MB replacement I don t see how this should be affecting the power of my laptop at startup cause this happens even with no battery attached and it s running off the adapter exclusively I m running XP on the machine btw I just want it to power on everytime and NOT freeze while I m Vaio laptop has power problems even after MB replacement using it Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Vaio laptop has power problems even after MB replacement Thanks in advance nbsp
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Recently I cracked the screen on my acer aspire e5-573g-59c3. I bought a new screen and attempted to replace it. Yet, now my computer neither turns on or lights up its led to show it is charging. I took out the battery and held the power button down to no avail. Is my computer dead?

Computer is only 4 months old.
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I need a replacement power cord

A:Re: HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement

Hi @Deejay011,Welcome to the HP Forums! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that you need a power cord replacement. Please check this document for the power cord replacement:HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution". If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos. Regards,
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Some power cords for HP and Compaq and mini notebook computers sold from September through June may be part of voluntary recall and replacement program launched on August nbsp The impacted power cords have the potential to overheat posing a fire and burn hazard nbsp To see if your cord may be affected look for a LS- marking molded into the connector that plugs into the AC adapter nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp If you see a LS- marking please go to nbsp http www hp com support PowerCordReplacement nbsp nbsp nbsp Please note that there are two parts needed to charge your laptop nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Cord Safety Replacement Power Laptop Recall HP and nbsp nbsp nbsp The first part is the power cord that plugs into the wall nbsp Figure nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp The second part is the adapter Figure nbsp HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement HP is ONLY recalling the power cord used with HP and Compaq notebooks and mini notebooks and accessories such as docking stations See Figure nbsp To qualify your power cord and request and replacement go here nbsp Since power cords for laptops are compatible you can use another power cord with your AC adapter until the replacement one arrives nbsp

A:HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement

None of the links shown in your post are active. I have three HP notebook cordsets with the LS-15 Marking, and I don't have any other compatable cords at the moment since these are the first IEC 60320 C-5 (Mickey) cordsets we have. All the rest are IEC 60320 C-13 cordsets which seem to be more prevalant in the USA. What is the timeframe for getting the replacement cordsets and the links working? What is specific warning signs of possible trouble with the cordset?
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My power supply bit the dust and I was wondering if it was safe to replace it with a higher wattage supply. The one I had was 300 watts and I was thinking of going with a 400 watt power supply. Is this okay or risky?

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Does anyone know where to get a AOpen SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY model no: FSP145-50NI or if there is a replacement for this model?

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Am looking to get a new power supply to replace my Hiper Type R 580w that seems to have ran out of life. Looking for around the same wattage (asus power calculator reckons I need around 450w), not looking to spend ridculous amounts of money.

Any suggestions??

A:Replacement power supply?

Here's an OCZ 550 Watt modular PSU with a combined 50 amps on the +12 volt rails for $65: ($44.99 after M.I.R.)
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I currently have a dell dimension 4600i with a 250watt power supply. i want to upgrade to at least a 400watt but im wary of picking one that wont fit in my pc. does anyone know of any power supplies that are better for dell pc's? they way dell built the computer does not allow for any hardware bigger than the original to fit. thanks for any help

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The section of my adapter has frayed near the point where it plugs in and I have to practically baby it to keep it charging This is a huge problem especially considering that I'm planning to go off to college soon There's so many counterfeits on the market and I'm afraid that I may get one that'll just give me grief In middle of the school year I may not even have enough to buy a new cord so this is a big deal for me nbsp Yes I have looked it up and what came up were forums about how to avoid counterfeits I - replacement help a... G50-45 a finding need power which served to confuse me While they recommend that buyers should avoid marketplace retailers like Amazon Sears and Ebay they don't exactly say nbsp where nbsp exactly to go There's a bunch of shady websites besides these retailers and I'm not really finding anything too solid at a more legitmate distribution channel nbsp nbsp Of course I'm willing to spend some money It's just that the - price tag I've been seeing for the cord on relatively trustworthy sites seems steep especially considering that I got the laptop power cord incl for a few years back It hasn't given me any trouble but it's hard to justify spending of its original value on a cord I want to spend something from to nbsp nbsp Thanks for the help nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity nbsp

A:G50-45 - I need help finding a replacement power a...

Lenovo does not actually make the power supplies themselves, they buy them from the manufacturer shown below (taken from page 87 of Lenovo G50-45 Hardware Maintenance Manual) , so just about any quality 45Watt/20Volt/25 Amp adapter will work, but some of them, as you noted, are not very well made. It looks like the Chicony ADLX45NCC3A is the only one still available directly from Lenovo. You can get a new Chicony ADLX45NCC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN) 36200610 for $46.53 from Lenovo Encompass parts site (Note that it is out of stock till 5-10-2016) Chicony ADLX45NCC3A from Lenovo Or you can order it from for $29.88 (cannot verify that it is original, but it is fulfilled by Amazon, so if not, Amazon will stand behind it.)  AC adapters Table 8. Parts list?3-pin AC adapters  for G50- 30 G50- 45 G50- 70 G50- 70m Z50- 70 Z50- 75 G50- 80Description                                                                                                Model No.Delta ADLX45NDC3A 20V2.25A adapter                                         36200245 Liteon ADLX45NLC3A 20V2.25A adapter                                       36200246 Chicony ADLX45NCC3A 20V2.25A adapter                                   36200247 Delta ADLX45NDC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN)                                  36200602 Liteon ADLX45NLC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN)                                 36200606 Chicony ADLX45NCC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN)                              36200610   <<-- Still available from LenovoDelta ADLX65NDC3A 20V3.25A adapter                                         36200249 Liteon ADLX65NLC3A 20V3.25A adapter                                        36200251Chicony ADLX65NCC3A 20V3.25A adapter                                    36200253Liteon ADLX65NLC3A 20V3.25A adap(CMN)                                  36200607Chicony ADLX65NCC3A 20V3.25A adap(CMN)                             36200611 Lenovo G50-30/G50-45/ G50-70/G50-70m/Z50-70/ Z50-75/G50-80 Hardware Maintenance Manual Good Luck
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Boldfisherman: My Fujitsu N3010 Power plug is broken,I am looking for Part, one repair shop wanted to sell me a complete motherboard, It is a shielded pin connector to motherboard.
I read postabout opening computershell, if I read this correctly one must remove keyboard, How?
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I had a power strip go bad during the night which I believe fried the power supply on my  computer. The power supply had that burnt, electrical smell coming from it. I replaced the power supply and now when I push the power button to turn the computer on,  all of the fans will turn on for about a half of a second as the switch makes contact, but then turn off and the computer doesn't boot. I suspect the power button is bad as well. It's like it starts to make contact when I push it, and then nothing.  Any suggestions on what may be the problem? If it is the power button/switch, can this be replaced, and if so, where can I get a replacement?
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I have a Samsung laptop, and not long ago I bought a replacement AC power adapter from Rocketfish. However, the adapter tip - the part that plugs into the laptop - accidentally broke off yesterday and now I need a new one. The adapter tip just snaps on and off from the power/adapter cable, and the package came with about ten alternate tips of varying sizes (none of which fit my laptop).

Can I get a replacement tip somewhere without having to replace the entire expensive adapter power cord? I would think someone would sell it, as it just easily snaps on and off. All the various online posts I've seen seem to suggest that I need a soldering kit and workshop to get it done. But if that's the case, why does it just snap on and off?

A:Replacement tip for AC power cord?

Did a quick Google search for "RocketFish tips" and apparently Belkin is a RocketFish partner and carries replacement tips:
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Swapped out the older ASUS motherboard when it apparently died - was also told that by a repair shop A sympathetic person donated his quot old quot ASUS P WD complete with PCU and RAM and heat sink for the cost of shipping so went to work He said he had upgraded to a more powerful setup and that this all worked when he removed it and stored it I had upgraded the power supply a few years ago to an ULTRA d watt when I added a couple Replacement up won't power motherboard drives and it always seemed to work I printed out the instruction manual for the P and not having done a lot of work on PC s for some years other than adding drives etc followed it very closely The plugs from the case were labeled so I m pretty sure I got the power amp interrupt switches case lights and fans etc all hooked up right Also the main cable to the board from the power supply and a secondary power supply cable to a socket near the CPU Also got the C drive EIDE and the additional SATA drives hooked up to the board and Replacement motherboard won't power up to the power supply and believe I have them right Maybe a question on the C drive There a set of sockets for EIDE drives incl one designated as a Primary and another Primary socket for an Replacement motherboard won't power up IDE drive If I recall my C drive is an EIDE so I should have connected to the right socket on the board Even if not shouldn t the CPU and case lights and fans power up When the big moment came to hit the switch it was an anti-climax Nothing happened The only sign of life is the green power LED on the board no CPU fan or anything No case lights or fans either I checked all the connections I mentioned and believe I have them right Being there s virtually no sign of life other than the green LED power light when I switch on the power supply could it be the power supply may have been the problem the whole time How can I test it - I have a digital meter Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:Replacement motherboard won't power up

Short the 2 power switch pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver.
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Can anyone recommend a really quiet fan replacement for an ATX power supply?

A:Power Supply Fan Replacement?

Here is a good site for this kind of hardware comparison, though you will have to search for a place to buy the brands mentioned or others...
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Recently the fan on my Help Power Replacement Supply W Cooler Master Power supply started to make increasingly loud noises Upon investigation I found that the fan was locking up and then fighting to spin I tried dusting down the system but had no luck in getting the fan to function properly So yesterday I went out and purchased a new W Antec Power Supply Power Supply Replacement Help to replace it I powered down my system shut off the power supply and removed the power cable Power Supply Replacement Help With an ESD strap tethered I documented the connections removed the cables and replaced the Cooler Master with the new Antec PSU I then Power Supply Replacement Help powered the box back up heard it post figured it was fine and put my monitor back on it This is where my problems begins My system configuration is as follows motherboard nforce sli vid card GTS RAM GB DDR HD two GB raptors in a RAID for my OS HD two GB k drives in a RAID for storage PSU W Antec OS Windows XP When I power the box up all fans are active the hard drives spin up the mother board posts normally and displays the quot FF quot status on the motherboards LED indicator signaling a normal boot process The BIOS runs and I see it detect my two RAID stripes and it indicates that they are healthy It gets to the boot from CD check and goes to a blank screen It does not progress any further I am not of the opinion that the old PSU somehow damaged some system components as the actual power output was fine and my system functioned as expected it was just the fan making nosies that spurred this replacement I thought maybe removing the power caused the motherboard to lose its settings and changed the boot order to boot from my second stripe which is just for storage Logging into the BIOS I confirmed this was not the case At this point I am kind of at a loss any suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Power Supply Replacement Help

The only thing I can think of is you maybe unseated something a bit when reconnecting stuff. With the power off of course go through and reseat all the power connections, data cables, and add-on cards.

Any reason you didn't just replace the fan in the PSU rather than the entire PSU? Maybe put the old one back in temporarly just to see if it works still.
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I have a Dell Inspiron with an extended life battery that sticks out the back a little The power cord is dying - works intermittently I have a potential replacement cord that came with a different laptop I d like to use However I am uncertain if this may cause problems or even be unsafe First concern The current non-working power cord has a hexagonal cross-section male end that plugs into the laptop The replacement cord has the more typical round cylindrical end The replacement cord does fit in the laptop and it is not apparent physically that it is a problem Second Concern The current non-working hexagonal cord input matches the input on the replacement round cord as expected since they re U cord Power replacement S cords meant for U S power sources However the output is not Power cord replacement the same current non-working hexagonal cord output DC V A replacement round cord output DC V A Will the higher amperage of the replacement cord cause a problem especially a potential safety issue The laptop is left plugged in for long periods of Power cord replacement time unattended I d hate to start a fire Can someone with more electrical knowledge let me know if my concerns have merit or is my little but more than zero knowledge of electricity creating a concern where there should be none nbsp

A:Power cord replacement

gr7070 said:

First concern:
The current, non-working, power cord has a hexagonal (cross-section) male end that plugs into the laptop. The replacement cord has the more typical round (cylindrical) end. The replacement cord does fit in the laptop and it is not apparent, physically, that it is a problem.Click to expand...

If the cord will fit the plug without changing polarity, you don't have a problem there.

gr7070 said:

Second Concern:
The current, non-working (hexagonal), cord input matches the input on the replacement (round) cord, as expected since they're U.S. cords meant for U.S. power sources. However, the output is not the same.

current, non-working (hexagonal), cord output: DC 19.5V 3.34A
replacement (round) cord output: DC 19.5V 4.62A

Will the higher amperage of the replacement cord cause a problem, especially a potential safety issue? The laptop is left plugged in for long periods of time, unattended. I?d hate to start a fire.

Can someone with more electrical knowledge let me know if my concerns have merit or is my little, but more than zero, knowledge of electricity creating a concern where there should be none.Click to expand...

As long as you operate at the same voltage and supply enough current you will be fine. Same voltage as in DC or AC and the same number value for the amount of voltage.

Current values (3.34A) can be higher as long as the are not lower, your device will only draw the current it requires. If the device requires more current than is available, this is where problems start to arise.

I could go into more details but I will spare you the other un-known language. LOL

gr7070 said:

The laptop is left plugged in for long periods of time, unattended. I?d hate to start a fire.Click to expand...

I'm not going to tell you that it's not possible for it to start a fire but it's highly unlikely. The most common effect would be frying components on the inside of the power supply or PC. You might smell the components afterward but usually nothing more. As long as you stick with the same voltage and the same or more current, you shouldn't have any issues.
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My power supply has weakened and I need to replace it. when I turn my PC on an orange light now comes on the blue light doesn't come on. The fan powers up and down repeatedly. Basically where can I buy a power supply unit for the HP pavilion? I'm Having difficulty finding one.
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I have a ThinkCentre M81 which has been regularly shutting down without warning and then re-booting.A technician saw that the power supply does not appear to be the correct type and suggested that I replace it.The M81 manual indicates that the model is equipped with a 280w power supply.  The Lenovo website lists a 240w power supply as the replacement model for the M81.Will using the 240w power supply cause the same problems?Why doesn't Lenovo offer the 280w power supply that it indicates comes with the machine originally.Thanks.
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For and HP Computer. The power supply model is a Hipro HP-2537F3R and is 250W. I thought that just any ATX power supply would work but i talked to a local vendor and he told me that I have to find one that is specifically made for HP or Compaq Computers because of some kind of difference in Wiring. Is This true? He can get me one at a decent price, but its gonna take him about a week and i was hoping to get one sooner. So i wanted to see if there was anything compatable that i can get locally. Thanks.

A:Trying to find a replacement power supply.....

HP uses a small form factor psu as in all the ones I have replaced. They are ATX psu's but to get them to fit your case you may want to wait on the other guy as in if it does not work you can return it on their business for getting you the wrong part and not be stuck with something you can't use.
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I recently replaced the power supply model AP15PC56 after it blew up with part number 404472-001. now the cpu won't boot up. when I connect to power it makes 4 short beebs and the indicator lights red. what could be wrong?
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The figure eight keeps getting a looser and looser connection to the adapter. Not sure if it is the adpters or the figure eights. I have two of each and they are both doing the same thing. I have to wiggle them around for a while to try to get it to start charging. Anyone else have this problem? Can you please tell me if I just need a new figure eight? If so, what kind? Since it's out of warranty now, I am hoping that someone can help. (It's becoming a hair pulling situation :l sigh) Thanks so much!
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I had some intermittent shut downs before the power supply finally totally crapped out I have replacement supply start power a after No an HP Pavillion I No start after a power supply replacement first bought a watt supply from Tiger direct but it wouldn t fit in my case BUT I did hook it up and make sure that the computer started up and ran ok It ran fine NOW to replace that the only thing I could find that would fit was a W diablotek My problem is this Now when I hit the power button the power supply fan turns on but nothing else When I turn it off a power surge spins the cooling fan and the cpu fan The side note would be that when I was putting in the power supply the heat sinc was in the way When I pulled it out I didn t realize that the cpu came out with it I jacked up the cpu when reinstalling the sinc I bent some prongs I have replaced it with the identical cpu and still have this problem Any ideas nbsp

A:No start after a power supply replacement

What was your power supply wattage that you replaced? Did you test to see if the Diablotech is functional, i.e. test it with a multimeter?
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I replaced a bad power supply on my custom built desktop running Vista Business. Everything is up and running except for the audio. I deleted the hardware in device manager and let Vista detect it and install the driver, but that did not help. I did go through all the basic troubleshooting tips without any luck. The sound is onboard and it is enabled in BIOS.

Anyone got any ideas?
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I have an ASUS essentio and the power indicator light broke. Where can I find a decent replacement?

It was connected through a 4 pin molex.


A:Where can I find a replacement power light?

Quote: Originally Posted by Megaman0

I have an ASUS essentio and the power indicator light broke. Where can I find a decent replacement?

It was connected through a 4 pin molex.


sorry I cant help but have you done a google for that.?
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Hello, I have replaced the power supply on a Gateway PC. The PC starts to boot then hangs with the message "no response from MSD". I think I may not have re-connected all the devices properly, or, not plugged in the power to somewhere. Rather than start troubleshooting I thought someone here might know that specific error code so I can go directly to the problem. Any help? Thanks.

A:Gateway Power Supply replacement

Sounds like there is no signal from the video card. How far along in the POST does it get? I am also not sure if Gateway uses standard ATX power supplys, you may need to get one directly from Gateway. Compare the pinouts from the old PSU and the one you just put in and see if the voltages are all the same with the same number of pins. This would be the connector that clips onto the motherboard.
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I just recently replaced an old power supply that had died on me. After I put a 600w in, the computer lags pretty bad. It wasn't lagging prior to the replacement. Any ideas?

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The section of my adapter has frayed near the point where it plugs in and I have to practically baby it to keep it charging This is a huge problem especially considering that I'm planning to go off to college soon There's so many counterfeits on the market and I'm afraid that I may get one that'll just give me replacement fo... I a finding adapter need power help grief In middle of the school year I may not even have enough to buy a new cord so this is a big deal for me nbsp Yes I have looked it up and what came up were forums about how to avoid counterfeits which served to confuse me While they recommend that buyers should avoid marketplace retailers like Amazon Sears and Ebay they don't exactly say nbsp where nbsp exactly to go There's a bunch of shady websites besides these retailers and I'm not really finding anything too solid at a more legitmate distribution channel nbsp nbsp Of course I'm willing to spend some money It's just that the - price tag I've been seeing for the cord on relatively trustworthy sites seems steep especially considering that I got the laptop power cord incl for a few years back It hasn't given me any trouble but it's hard I need help finding a replacement power adapter fo... to justify spending of its original value on a cord I want to spend something from to nbsp nbsp Thanks for the help
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I created a topic not long ago about my power supply getting ready to die on me I thought I would get as much out of it as I could but I went ahead and replaced it with OEM Dell power supply W a few days ago It wasn t hard to swap out the old one and put the new one in but trying to get the CMOS battery out was a chore unto itself I took a picture of the inside configuration and wrote down where everything was supply things going replacement Weird power on after connected so I would get it all back together right When I got the everything hooked back up and plugged it back in to start it up I got an amber light on Weird things going on after power supply replacement the power button It turned on anyway and when it did I got the infamous quot Diskette Drive failure quot screen That s not a big deal and I fixed that in the BIOS controls I also had to reset the date and time Here s where it s getting tricky I can t get either optical drive to read anything Before they were working fine The system does recognize both the DVD ROM and the DVD RW drive and says they are both working fine When I put a disk in they start spinning normally but the Windows dialog box asking me what I want to do never comes up I tried to do a systems restore and got the dreaded quot An error has prevented windows restore from working quot box with the red X I wonder if something is wrong with the registry I know I have both the optical drives connected right One is plugged into SATA and the other into SATA just like they were before I can t figure out what is going on I was planning on replacing the hard drive too but if the DVD drives aren t doing anything then I doubt I can install Vista from the disk I really have no idea what to do about this Any help would be awesome nbsp
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Recently I replaced the power supply in Computer supply booting not replacement. after up power my computer and then my computer refused to bootup When I try to bootup my computer just turns on and nothing else My monitor screen doesn t even get a picture which I m assuming means that it isn t getting a quot signal quot The monitor remains black with nothing ever showing up not even the text during the bootup screens Computer not booting up after power supply replacement. and the little light on a monitor that indicates that it is quot on quot just flashes like they do when you shut off your computer and forget to turn off your monitor So I replaced the video card with a spare one Same problem I ve used a different monitor Same problem And I have also used a different harddrive But as you guessed it Same problem I ve reseated all my Ram the CPU and all of the ribbon connections about times to ensure they did not come loose during the power supply change Still nothing As a last resort I reinstalled my old power supply system which was working but old and NOISY and it never helped Any suggestions I m at my wits end Thanks for any assistance I need an adult drink nbsp

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Hello All I have a HP DV US Pavillion DV with Vista Home Premium on it and I am of w/Scorpio Power HDD Seagte Replacement Failure - trying to go to XP Dual booting is too much of a ruckus and I do not like it anyways so I bought a Scorpio to install it on When I installed the Scorpio it initially would not detect the drive so I disabled SATA Auto in the BIOS and it then recognized it So I start to install XP formatted fine copied sys files fine but when I got to the actual GUI install it asked me if I wanted to install a driver for my battery which could possibly disrupt installation so I choose yes and anyways and Replacement of Seagte HDD w/Scorpio - Power Failure it proceeded fine for about a minute then power failure Tried again and again and same thing I put my Vista HDD back in a Seagate GB and things worked fine I have read something about having to manually load the drivers for the nVidia RAID chipset Replacement of Seagte HDD w/Scorpio - Power Failure as the ones XP Install loads do not suffice I could not find any problems about the battery so please ANY help would be greatly appreciated Thanks a lot
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I usually leave my machines on permanently as they are set to download and install updates overnight, only switching off the monitors. Went on holiday and turned everything off but on my return the XPS would not respond to the power button - green light on the PS is on, but dim, amber light on the motherboard is on. Reseated the power cables, no change. Jumpered the green cable on the 24pin connector to a black one - PS fan starts up, but still no boot up. I suspect the PS is faulty but I am having difficulty locating an exact replacement - proprietary ones do not seem to have all the necessary cables.
I have found a 'Dell DW002 H750E-01 XPS 630 750W 24-Pin Power Supply' online - can anyone say if this will work in the XPS Studio 435mt?
Or can you suggest an alternative?

A:Replacement power supply for XPS Studio 435mt

A Dell OEM 475W Power Supply PSU For Studio XPS 435 MT / 8000 / 9000 Systems Part Number: F217J, VP-9500073-000, can be found Here:
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I was wondering what replacement options there are for this unit. I've asceratined from checking posts that not being able to boot up and a flashing orange power light indicate the possibility of death and this, accompanied by a fortnight of power surge warnings on the isb hub convince me time's up It's a second machine but I'd really like to maintain access to the programs I've loaded. The posts indicate the the quality of components in this machine is pretty ordinary so a non-Dell solution would be good.

A:Solved: Replacement Optiplex 745 power supply

I've had good luck with these guys:
There's also a lengthy list of Dell PS's here:
Email support is good also.
PS testers are cheap:
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Why is it so difficult to identify & purchase a replacement (UK) Power Lead and AC Adaptor. There are hundreds available on, but none of the market place sellers can say definitely if their item would be compatible with HP 15 r030na. Most disappointing is that even the HP approved suppliers on HP Parts store don't even bother to reply to enquiry email asking if they have a UK compatible Power Lead + AC Adaptor. Is there NO ONE @hp who can resolve this problem.???

A:Extremely Difficult to get a replacement Power Lead and AC A...

Hi, One simple way: turn the charger up-side-down and check part number and order from HP UK or Amazon UK. For the AC lead/cord, any good electical shop can tell you which one is standard in your country. And FYI, your machine uses HP Smart AC adapter:65-W non-PFC EM HP Smart AC adapter (for use in the People?s Republic of China and India only) 714657-00165-W, non-PFC, 4.5 mm (for use in all countries and regions except for the People?s Republic of China and India) 710412-00145-W non-PFC, non-slim HP Smart AC adapter (for use in all countries and regions except for the People?s Republic of China and India) 741727-001 Power cord (3-pin, black, 1.00-m):? For use in Australia 755530-011? For use in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa 755530-021? For use in Denmark 755530-081? For use in India 755530-D61? For use in Israel 755530-BB1? For use in Italy 755530-061? For use in Japan 755530-291? For use in North America 755530-001? For use in the People's Republic of China 755530-AA1? For use in South Africa 755530-AR1? For use in South Korea 755530-AD1? For use in Switzerland 755530-111? For use in Taiwan 755530-AB1? For use in Thailand 755530-201? For use in the United Kingdom and Singapore 755530-031 Regards.
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Laptop spec HP Model HSTNN-C CCeleron ghz gig Ram Windows Vista Home Basic nbsp Last year I started having trouble with my HP 's power supply At first it was occasionally not charging the battery when the laptop was running This would mean that the battery would drop to zero charge and the laptop would suddenly switch off The problem got worse until the point where it would on sometimes charge and only if the laptop was turned off nbsp I put the problem down to bad capacitors in HP530 supply Failed replacement power the charger and nbsp decided to get a Failed HP530 replacement power supply replacement nbsp I got an official HP replacement from the High Street The part number for this was - nbsp The part looks completely genuine very much like other HP chargers my friend's have nbsp I plugged it in to my laptop and it worked great for two days of very moderate use Then on the third day nbsp I plugged it into the wall socket and switched it on to get nothing There was no light on the laptop to indicate it was charging and the icon on the Windows bar did not even show that the charger was connected I tried it with a different power supply to wall socket cable and it stroll did not work nbsp At this point I switched off the plug outlet at the socket disconnected the laptop power plug from the laptop and removed the plug from the plug socket on the wall After nbsp I had removed the wall plug and it was well clear from the socket nbsp my hand touched the two non-grounded prongs on the plug and I quite a big electric shock nbsp To be honest I am getting pretty disappointed with HP products My girlfriend recently had an HP Compaq which had a drive and battery fail in the first year of use which required replacements to be issued and the laptop to be out of action for a period Now all these problems with power supplies Are HP known for using poor quality components Power supplies should certainly not be failing within years of purchase and without question they should not be shocking people within the first couple of days of use nbsp Can anybody advise me what my next step should be It is going to be a pig to go back to the retailer who was based at the other end of the country and I certainly think HP should take responsibility with this item seeing as it has to be be a manufacturing fault or design flaw that caused the issue nbsp Robert

A:Failed HP530 replacement power supply

Yes they're not so good at fiability - all their cheap or main-stream products (laptop, printer) I bought from them dissapointed me faster then the competitor's, in the same amount of time. They sell a laptop 20-50 dollars less than others (similar specs), but on the long run you loose, because the product fails faster.Never bought expensive HP stuff, so I can't say anything about those.
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Just replaced the battery in my XPS 1340 and found out I have charging issues. When I plug in a charger, Windows sees it but won't charge the old total depleted battery, instead, runs off ac power. Tried a different charger and a new battery with 30% charge but same results. As a last chance effort, I replaced the male prong power adapter in the computer. Now Windows doesn't see the charger and will not run on ac. 
Is there something in the Bios that needs to be done to fix this or am I to assume it's a motherboard issue and retire this little workhorse.

A:Battery not charging after power adapter replacement

Dead batteries cannot be charged. Remove the dead battery and try using just the original dell adapter that came with the laptop alone. You cannot use other models adapters or batteries.
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I need to purchase a replacement power cable for this laptop/notebook (UK mains to the Notebook).  Please could anyone help me identify which one I should buy?  I'm struggling to use the website functionality with Product number, Model or Serial number, and I've called HP Support but just keep getting cut off!
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2 days ago the power outlet that my computer was placed into was kinda half exploding. And the "lightning protector" that was attached into it died. I was trying to connect the computer to a different power outlet , and the computer won't turn on.
Not sure what happend... So Idk what to do... Should I buy a new power supply and see if everything is ok? Or just give the computer to some lab and have em to "make it work" ??

A:computer died / power supply replacement

Anyone? No sense? It's not like a genius question. Just kind of a "your opinion"
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I determined that I needed to replace the power supply after it went bang on switch-on. I replaced the power supply and restarted the PC. Silly me I forgot to connect the mouse and keyboard. The PB booted OK to the XP user login screen but as I had no way of controlling it I had to switch off. On restart (this time with mouse and keyboard) it reached the first XP screen with the progress bar but then it rebooted itself before reaching the user login screen. Only safe mode now works. Can anyone advise as to what might be causing the problem and potential solutions.



A:Reboot Problem Following Power Supply Replacement

try last known good configuration from safe mode
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Could anyone please tell me how I fit a new power port in my Toshiba Satellite T110-121.
My daughters boyfriend was going to replace it, but they have since split up.

A:Power port replacement for Satellite T110-121


The replacement is very, very tricky because you have to disassemble the whole notebook unit.
You have to remove all parts before you will get access to the motherboard and to the DC in cable.

I don?t think you can do this without any step by step instruction and guidelines.

As far as I know and as suggested in this forum, the maintenance manuals are not available for common notebook users. Such manuals are released only for authorized service technicians and I think you will not be able to download such manuals but I think you can search in internet for some useful information and details.

For example you could take a look on website and could look for Satellite T110/T115 series how to disassemble such units.

But such disassembling is your own risk!
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I just lost my adapter and power cord for my Folio 13t-1000.    Tried to order from HP parts but neither original 613149-001 nor replacement 693715-001 is available.   Have tried Amazon for 3rd party but reviews look sketchy.    Any insight on what will work and where to order it is appreciated.   I'm desperate.
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I have my brothers laptop and have replaced the screen for him It may not be relevant but I have also installed an SSD hard drive I removed the broken screen will HP Envy on 6-1006sa not screen power after replacement to get the part number to be able to order a new one While I was waiting for the new screen to be delivered I connected a monitor via the HDMI port and installed Windows Pro anti-virus and anti-malware software along with numerous windows updates All worked HP Envy 6-1006sa will not power on after screen replacement fine and the laptop had been HP Envy 6-1006sa will not power on after screen replacement rebooted several times nbsp However I powered it off connected the new screen using the four HP Envy 6-1006sa will not power on after screen replacement screws to hold it in place then powered it on The power light illuminates for anywhere from - seconds then goes out and that's it nbsp I attempted the hard reset prodecure I found posted on the boards to no avail nbsp I have also disconnected the battery and reconnected it disconnected the CMOS battery and reconnected it and finally removed and reseated the two memory modules installed nbsp So I am unable to confirm the new screen definitely works but on the other hand it looks like it could be a motherboard failure just coinciding with the screen being replaced nbsp Is there anything else it could be or I can try nbsp I am confused as the laptop has been running the past two or three days while I have installed new hardware and a new OS Help

A:HP Envy 6-1006sa will not power on after screen replacement

If you disconnect the new screen what happens? Will it still boot and display out to the HDMI?
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Oh those Best Buy geeks...
My parent's pc died on them and they took it to get serviced...3 weeks later, it came back with a new power supply, but the computer is awfully, awfully slow (it takes 10 minutes from.startup to load internet explorer). Factory reset has done nothing...did they touch something they shouldn't have?

Posted via Mobile Device

A:Computer slow after power supply replacement...

You would have to ask them for a list of that which they did.

What brand, model, model # PC, or same information for the motherboard?

Computer specs would be helpful.

Which ;power supply was it: brand, model, model #, wattage? Same for now?

If you aren't happy, take it back & have them install a new power supply and politely insist that they demonstrate it to you before you accept it back.

Start the computer, note time from start to desktop appearance or log in screen appearance.

Start the computer in safe mode & do the same.

To start in safe mode, start > run
type: msconfig
boot.ini tab
put a check in "safe book"
exit without restarting
Shut down.
Turn on.

Post your time logs here.

See #17 at for an example.

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I check my laptop power card no in AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program  and found my AC power card is eligible for replacement, But what about my Adapter, Due to power card fault my adapter get faulty, one day my adapter goes faulty by making small blast in it. So HP have to replace both AC power card as well as Power adapter. Yesterday  I got my AC power card only so please make replacement of Adapter also.
My order details given below:-
Order Number  [edited order number by moderator]
Order Date   08/31/2014
First Name:   RAVI  
Last Name:   [last name was edited by moderator]

A:HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement P...

I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages, this post has instructions.
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My power adapter to my Y500 Idea pad is messed up. The wiring inside must have gotten damaged somehow and is now faulty. It only charges my laptops when angle in certain positions, or goes in and out. It's the 170W AC adapter one, but is there really a difference in using one of the small Wattage Adapters? The 170W one is just way out of price-range for me so I'm looking for one of the cheaper versions. I found one online that is "Y500 AC Adapter 90Watt 19V 4.74A". Would that work with my laptop?  I don't understand how different wattages affect my laptop (I'm assuming it affects charging time) so any help is appreciated. I generally keep my laptop plugged in with the battery removed, so I don't have to worry too much about charging the battery, if that's any help.Thank you!
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Hello Forum nbsp I've just managed to break the head of my nbsp HP Envy Spectre - tu power adapter cable nbsp The power adapter is one of those HP travel adapters W - - with interchangable heads nbsp I called HP Australia and various HP suppliers to Replacement Envy HP power Spectre cab... 14 adapter (14-3011tu) see if I can get a replacement interchangable heads or even a whole replacement adapter however no one has them in stock well they have the base power pack but not the correct head and no one know when they'll get extra stock Replacement HP Envy 14 Spectre (14-3011tu) power adapter cab... nbsp nbsp Do anyone know if there is a similar HP laptop that uses the same long mm adapter head as the nbsp HP Envy Spectre - tu I'd like to buy one so that I can hack together a new interchangable head cable whilst I wait for new OEM stock to come in nbsp nbsp PS I've already ordered a few of the aftermarket adapters off eBay that clam to fit the Envy Spectre however they are a few micronos too thick to fit in the socket nbsp Image below just in case you're having the same headaches as me Replacement HP Envy 14 Spectre (14-3011tu) power adapter cab... nbsp nbsp http support tmg com HPEnvyPlusAM jpg nbsp Cheers Solved View Solution

A:Replacement HP Envy 14 Spectre (14-3011tu) power adapter cab...

Hey grainass, This is a hard part to find for some reason. I have confirmed personally with customers that this part number is the correct replacement for the DC cable that connects the power brick to the notebook.  687530-001 Click here to go to the HP Parts Store. At the top you'll see the Americas tab highlighted. Click on the Asia Pacific tab and choose Australia below. On the next page, in the Search by part number box, type in 687530-001 and press Enter. Then you can order it online or call the HP Parts Store at the number listed. Really hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions!  -------------------------------------------------- Anyone else looking for a Spectre 14-3xxx replacement DC cable can use this part number as well. Just choose the appropriate country on the HP Parts Store link and post any questions you have.
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My Powersupply is going and need to replace it.  DO the Corsair CX750 ? 80 PLUSŪ Bronze Certified Power Supply CP-9020015-NA or the CX600 ? 80 PLUSŪ Bronze Certified Power Supply CP-9020048-NA have the required connections to work with my HP?  Can I upgrade to the 750 or stay with a 600?ThanksJ
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Ive just fixed a friends PC as it was starting up and then 1 second later stops (only CPU fan spin) so i tried resetting the CMOS which i doubted would work but it didn't take long and of course didn't work. So its the power supply. Then i sent away for a new PSU for them id used a number of times before (the brand not the actually power supply) and installed it and booted the first time fine but as i though it had lost the date and time. Now i didn't think much of it so i unplugged it and took it round and it did it again. So how can i stop it?. It just looses the date and time but they are no way computer literate and would implode if i mentioned using the BIOS so any thoughts?.

A:Replacement power supply looses date and time

Replace the battery on the motherboard?
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Hi all I had a problem with my power supply earlier today and I established it was faulty so I went out and replaced it The installation was a breeze all the plugs right in etc etc Like clockwork So I go to turn the machine on and everything is Power Supply Replacement/Display Card Issue going I can hear feel the HDs I can see the active lights on the DVD CD drives etc etc except no picture I ve tried reseating the cable in the card Nothing The monitor acts as if the tower is putting out nothing Power Supply Replacement/Display Card Issue I have an older video card which I can put in to test that Power Supply Replacement/Display Card Issue card but I doubt it s that card I have absolutely no idea what is going on The craziest thing is that the whole computer was working fine about hours ago Anyway so my computer works but I just can t see anything so if someone could please offer up some help that would Power Supply Replacement/Display Card Issue be unbelievable Although I am not quite at the point where I don t know what else to do and have to bring it in to repaired I am almost there So HELP Thanks Everyone helped a lot last time Purp EDIT I have tried using an alternate Video Card to no avail And btw both were in the AGP slot nbsp

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Do anyone know a authorized service partner of Toshiba where i can oreder a
DC Power Jack Connector for Toshiba Portege R830 Series

in the UK??

please help

thank you
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Looking for recommendations for a good replacement PSU for my Studio XPS 8100 that will easily fit in the case and be more robust than the stock 350 watt PSU which is beginning to act flaky. This PC is Windows 10, Intel i7, 2.93 GHz, not used for gaming- just general office use.
Any sugesstions will be appreciated!

A:Studio XPS 8100 Good Replacement Power Supply?

Looking at Corsair CX Series, either 430 or 500 watts. Thoughts?
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i have been searching everywhere, i cant find a replacement!!
i'm trying to fix an all in one PC, 2013 model (going by the HDD manufacture date) but have no idea what model the all in one PC is.
took it apart and found that the Sata/Power cable combo had burnt, so need a replacement, been searching for 3 days online and cant find one.
Cable is labled
VBA00_HDD_CABLEDC02001MU10VSO 13/02/30 J
Sata and power connector side (goes into HDD)Motherboard connector endDamage
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:C540 - Sata/Power cable burnt, replacement??

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I am assuming that you have the C540 model?  If there are no labels with the model number on the outside, the first page of the BIOS Setup screen will list the model number.
In doing a quick search on the Internet using the part numbers I found two U.S. sellers with the cable.  They are available, but pricey.  Here are the two I found......
There was also a previous discussion concerning the C540 and this cable.  Some users made their own using using a plain SATA cable.  Here is that discussion....
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Hey, About 5 months ago i decided to swap my HDD for an SSD, for some extra speed. However, when opening the laptop i broke the ribbon cable off the power button board. In the last 5 months i tried buying a replacement from ebay. I have bought boards from 3 different sellers, and not one of them worked. They all showed the same behavior; plugging and then unplugging the cable from the motherboard started the computer, and as soon as i put the cable back in, the computer shut down. I used a multimeter to see what was going on, and it turns out the new boards did not switch anything, whereas the original board switched when the button was pushed (of course). Is there a way i can purchase an official replacement?  Thanks in advance!
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Hi I was recently the victim of a power surge that fried my multi-adapter plug When I tried to boot my system lter and the LEDs in the case flashed for a second and went dead I then stripped the whole computer Power components surge damaged bad (troubelshoot or replacement parts. even taking apart the PSU Once I put everything together again the system booted fine again There was no indication that the system sustained damage and everything functioned as usual Later while playing BF I noticed that There was some type of lag where the graphics would momentarily hang en then quot rubberband quot back hardy noticeable I contributed this to internet lag Then I noticed that this also happened in offline games however not always I then made peace with the Power surge damaged components or bad replacement parts. (troubelshoot idea that some components might have taken damage from the power surge and ordered a new mobo chip and ram The only parts I did not Power surge damaged components or bad replacement parts. (troubelshoot change out was the HDDs and the PSU and the GPU Granted the I upgraded from an old Power surge damaged components or bad replacement parts. (troubelshoot phenom II the NEW MSI Z -G GAMING LGA Intel mobo required both the Pin quot CPU quot connectors from the power supply That being the only notable difference between old and new configurations I assembled the new components and tried to boot the PC As soon as I hit the power button the mobo LEDs the Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer GB LED's and Corsair GS lights up and the system fans spin to life however there is no image on the screen Nothing I then Removed my Powercolor GB and connected the DMI connector to the MOBO screen output and booted still no display I then removed Module ram then swapped it out with another still no dice Fairly sure it's not the ram I disconnected on of my HDDs swapped it round with another and tried different SATA ports on the Mobo No dice I disconnected all the PSU plugs and and reconnected them and everything lights up and spins up but no image displays I have also noticed that the CPU does not get hot warm at all So I am not sure if the new components are faulty and or if the PSU is faulty Any ideas how I can determine troubleshoot without buying unnecessary replacement components

A:Power surge damaged components or bad replacement parts. (troubelshoot

Well, gonna try another PSU tonight
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I've been unable to find a replacement power cable (part number: 574638-001) for my HP Spectre Ultrabook 14-3200ea. It looks as if the tip is very specialised and all online stores I've found it at look nothing like mine. Of the previous similar issues here, the links provided no longer seem to work.
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Need to replace cable port and can't seem to find replacement part in UK - only from America.  Any suggestions??

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5547 DC Power Jack Socket Port and Cable - replacement part in UK???

Hi JS246 ,
What is the exact issue on the system? Have you checked with another Dell OEM power adapter? Is the current adapter working fine? Is the adapter frayed?
If you have isolated the source to be indeed the dc power cable, then assuming there is no warranty on the machine, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
If you are looking to replace the parts yourself, then you could contact a 3rd party Dell parts seller - they ship parts to UK. Or check on Amazon UK -
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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I use a Pavilion dm4-3050us for work in customers homes.I like it because it has a small screen, battery last 6 hours and it is very light &portable.I want to know what is the closes laptop to this presently in the line. Thank You
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I got my problem identified as a bad CPU on my laptop but couldn't get help on how easy of a fix it will be. So I was suggested to start a thread here. I have never replaced the CPU on a laptop so I need to know what information somebody that can help will need to push me further on in my quest.

A:CPU replacement on a laptop

Hi there
While some things on a laptop are usually pretty easy to change -- for example swapping the HDD for an SSD , changing the keyboard (tricky but usually do-able) or adding more RAM - or even on an OLDER laptop changing the DVD device, I'd really leave this operation to a local repairer -- look in your equivalent of the ONLINE "Yellow pages" for these sorts of trades people. You would probably need to remove the motherboard which is a fairly NON TRIVIAL task on most laptops.

I've opened enough computers in my time -- and I've learned when to leave well alone - you might also need some specialized tools for this job too.

Note also just swapping the CPU for a faster one won't necessarily bring better results. Things like Internal Bus speed will limit the improvement - so just replacing an i5 with an i7 won't necessarily give you what you expect (apart from more heat and higher power consumption. - On almost ANY conceiveable laptop from a Netbook upwards the BEST performance you can get --always assuming there is sufficient RAM in the computer is to fit an SSD. !!)

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I am trying to find out how to determine if there is an alternative to this part (a000295340) for my L55t-B5278 Toshiba Laptop. Its the LCD lid/case/clamshell cover. The part # is for a silver covered lid. I don't care if the replacement is black I just need it to be compatible. I have no idea how to find out if there is an alternative to the silver or how to determine if its compatible.

Of course in a perfect world I would just go with the original silver but the only ones i can find are $140 (YIKES!).

A:Laptop LCD Lid Replacement HELP

Have a look in here...
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For those of you who work/have worked in tech shops or have had a similar situation, how much would it cost to have a replacement laptop screen installed.

I already have the replacement screen and just need it installed.


A:Laptop LCD Replacement

If I remember correctly, about $350-400 including the screen itself.
So reckon about 100-150 for labour.
Get a good set of screwdrivers and DIY. It's not THAT hard!
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Seagate 320mb drive died so it needs to be replaced.  my original reciovery disks are for Windows 7 64 bit but I already upgraded to Windows 10 prior to the issue.  I purchaed a SSD (480mb) to replace this drive but I didn't know the exact process to replace and reload back to the original configuration (not converned about losing personal pictures as they were backed up prior to the crash. Can anyone expain to me how I adjust the BIOS to recognize the SSD and then reload using my recovery CDs?  I really didn't want to restore Windows 7 but I didn't make recovery disks after I upgraded to Windows 10. Appreciate anyone's help.

A:G42 Laptop HD Replacement

JKBlair You don't have to do anything special for the laptop to see the SSD -- just connect it in place of the HDD. Then, insert the first of the recovery disks into the DVD drive, close the drive door, and boot the PC. It should then present instructions for doing the restore. Since you are using recovery media, that should automatically reactivate Win7 one the restore is done and you connect again to the Internet. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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I have a 5 year old laptop, hp dv6 2170 ep which has a i5 520m, i was wondering if I could make an upgrade to an i7. Both are socketed cpus but i'm not sure if bios could accept this upgrade. I have a i7 820qm in mind that i found in aliexpress for 65 dollars. Is this upgrade possible?
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I would like to improve my Lenovo 3000 series storage capacity while keeping it fully mobile. Thus I'm
researching for a hasle free HD replacement. The choose of my election is Toshiba new HD MK7559GSXP.
The current HD is Toshiba MK1234GSX.
Both are of exactly external dimensions. The difference, to my humble knowledge is the INTERFACE:
The old one's ATA 7; the new one's ATA 8. Does it matters?

Can someone out there be of any help?


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Hey guys,
My mom recently went away and I realized her laptop HD was failing (the msg would come up everytime you start the comp). Long story short I got a version of Windows 7 and burned it to a DVD+R BOOTABLE DVD. SO i COnnected her new Hard drive and there is nothing on it so I figured that a bootable windows 7 CD+R would help install the new copy of windows on the new hard drive. All it does it make some noises like its trying to run the DVD and then says please insert bootable disk once again. It is a bootable disk i thought? I used powerISO burned windows 7 to DVD+R disk but still will not install windows on the fresh HD. Help? I think? Idk what else to do.

A:HP laptop New HD Replacement HELP!

It would be best to get a machine specific disk to re-install Windows on that machine, if you call HP they can supply it for you. Sometimes for a nominal fee.
If the machine has a Windows serial number on a sticker on the underside you could use a standard Windows image, but you will have to search for your drivers from the HP website.
Make sure you are creating a disk with your ISO image, not copying the data to disk. They are very different functions.
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Hi everyone!

I have an Hp zv5000. The hard-drive needs to be replaced, however, I know NOTHING about a laptop HD so I am now asking for help. How do you shop for laptop hard drives? Are they all standard like a desktops? Do certain brands work with certain models? Are the hook-ups (Pin Count) the same? Thanks for your help!

--Daniel L

A:Laptop HD Replacement

laptop hard drives fit in a caddy. You will need to power down your laptop, and unscrew the the caddy from the case. gently remove the caddy with the HD on it. Some makers like Toshiba also have an adapter that plugs into the pins on a hd. IF so, gently remove it. You will need it later.

When shopping for HDs for a laptop, speed is important. Most HDs on laptops are unbearably slow. Get a 7200 speed or faster. you will need to specifically shop for a LAPTOP HDs. Note the Size of your HD. Generally they're 2.5 in physical size.

the next important consideration is capacity. Since few laptops allow more than 1 internal HD, get a big HD. You can later partition this drive into small partitions if need be.

Faster hard drives also improve battery life when using batteries. Since they read faster, they access less thereby using less juice. You won't notice much of an improvement, but there is a tad improvement. To really boost battery life and performance overall, add RAM instead.

Generally you shouldn't have any issues with 3rd party brands, just remember, you will need to connect the adapter (if any) and the tray onto your new hard drive before sliding the tray and re-screwing it back in.

Once you have completed this operation, format and install your OS and files as normal.

There are some laptop hard drive makers that have converter kits. You basically clone your OS and files to your new HD before installing the HD. You then can use your old HD as an external, spare drive. These are nifty and I have one.

Ensure when you slide the caddy with your new HD into the computer to do it gently and not to bend the pins. USE the adapter if it has one. If you don't it won't work and in the worse case sceario, you'll bend or break your pins on your new HD. very bad.

good luck!
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I hope this is the right forum. Does anyone know or know where I can find out what motherboards are interchangeable with the 900mhz HP Pavilion n5415 laptop? Or does it have to be an exact replacement?

A:Laptop MB Replacement

Exact replacement. Laptops are specific to each model in this regard.

Could be an uneconomic outcome for a laptop of that age?
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How difficult or tricky is it to replace the harddrive and battery on a Gateway laptop? It looks as though the components should swap out fairly easily but are there problems I should look out for? This is a Gateway model 400VTX. Thank for any help!

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Hello,I have a hp laptop but accidently my HP laptop screen got broken. Now, my laptop's warrenty in expired. Can you help me with the proper guidence for my HP laptop screen replacement. Thanks in advance. 

A:Laptop Screen Replacement

   Need the full model number. There are lots of x360s including ones with different sized screens. Touchscreen? Post back if you need help with that:
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ok so i had a samsung laptop die, so i removed my SSD, sent laptop back recieved the replacement.
i put my SSD in the laptop but it will not read my SSD at all, it just goes straight to bios.
same laptop so everything should work since the drivers will be for the same hardware..

I hooked up my SSD as a external to another pc which reads it fine so SSD is fine, not sure why it wont boot with the SSD? or read it.

SAMSUNG Series 3 NP350V5C-T02US
SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD250BW 2.5" 250GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

A:How do i get my SSD to work in my replacement laptop?

Quote: Originally Posted by skuzzzzy

ok so i had a samsung laptop die, so i removed my SSD, sent laptop back recieved the replacement.
i put my SSD in the laptop but it will not read my SSD at all, it just goes straight to bios.
same laptop so everything should work since the drivers will be for the same hardware..

I hooked up my SSD as a external to another pc which reads it fine so SSD is fine, not sure why it wont boot with the SSD? or read it.

SAMSUNG Series 3 NP350V5C-T02US
SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD250BW 2.5" 250GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

You didn't boot the other PC I am guessing. = The SSD has different drivers than is required in the replacement PC. This tutorial should get your PC going again. Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer
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Has anyone here tried replacing the wireless card in their laptop with an 802.11n model? One fly in the ointment is that the laptop only has two antenna connections, and the 'n' card has three antennas. I see varying reports around the web of how this will effect the function of the card. Some say it'll still be better than an 802.11g card, others are not so sure.

It appears that the proper mini-PCI Express card is available, so it's really down to how effective the thing will be with two antennas vs. the three it should have. I have not found any 'n' mini-PCI Express cards with two antenna connections, though I have a D-Link 802.11n router that only has two.

Obviously, I don't want to spend $60 for the card if it's not going to be satisfactory.
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I'm trying to work on solutions for a friend with a Toshiba A15 S127. The display has gone dark. I believe it is the backlight that has gone out since I can vaguely see the desktop when I shine a light on it and the funtion-f7 didn't make it brighter.

I have two concerns regarding purchasing a replacement display.

1) Is it relatively straight forward to replace. I have cracked the case on an old Thinkpad and a Mac laptop so I don't mind trying, I just want to understand the risks first.

2) Several online articles indicate that the inverter may also be the cause of this problem. Is the inverter part of the replacement display or part of the main casing internals? I hate to spend to much on a display only to find I have to spend more on an inverter or have I got this pattern backwards.


A:laptop display replacement

Could be either the inverter or the backlight, no easy way to tell except by replacement. That often means its cheaper to have it done in a shop, rather than buy both parts.

Grtting the laptop apart can be a problem unless you follow the disassembly instructions (if you can get them), but having it still work when reassembled is even more rare...
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I've heard that you can replace videocards on larger laptops, i've got a sager with a d900k motherboard and i'm wondering just how difficult is the install? is it as easy as in a desktop?

A:Laptop videocard replacement

What model number is your laptop?
Generally speaking, VGA card replacement in laptops is not practical unless this thing is designed that way.
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I am owning one dell inspiron laptop I had a problem with my laptop LCD dead pixel and it My Reg: replacement panel Laptop LCD got replaced with some refurbished panel just before months after one month of replacement the screen started to show some problem flickering freezing again I raised service request this time I asked them to replace a my own lcd panel after serviced as per the technical Reg: My Laptop LCD panel replacement support they are ready to replace the part with another refurbished one they can t replace it my original panel or new one which I didn t ask reasons they are saying is like my laptop is old so Dell policy not supports to replace a New Panel to it OK no problem what I am asking is to get me the original part of my laptop after serviced There will be no age problem or dell policy issue Because I know how much I cared my laptop And I don rsquo t want someone rsquo s unknown parts that too after refurbished state Get my laptop rsquo s own part after Reg: My Laptop LCD panel replacement serviced Because as you see after fixing a refurbished part it is not even passed at Reg: My Laptop LCD panel replacement least a month most common warranty period then how much I can blindly trust it again This is my personal laptop So I don rsquo t plan to spend another big amount just after the warranty period expires I have more months remaining my warranty with Accidental cover insurance nbsp nbsp Location Coimbatore India Laptop Model Inspiron

A:Reg: My Laptop LCD panel replacement

When I had this same issue in the past it had to do with the inverter board going bad and not the screen itself.  Problem is getting a tech to understand your issue well enough to find the actual problem.  The main issue is when the screen is replaced the board is re-seated it buys a little time where it seems to work again :/.
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HP ENVY 17-j010tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)I cannot a replacement battery in AustraliaCompanies who say they can do, are asking for an extra $250.00 in handling costs. 4 plus weeks for delivery!

A:laptop battery replacement

The following link to a source for a replacement batteryfor your notebook in Australia quotes $95.00 Australian dollars.
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I have a Toshiba laptop - a Satellite A -S model replacement to it the Fan laptop does model? same for be - have It s an older laptop so the fan I want to replace is hard to find and expensive Is there any way a different model fan could be used in its place Perhaps just an A without having to match teh S part Or even a non-Toshiba fan altogether Problem is that although the computer starts up fine after a few moments it shuts down My sources tell me that it s almost certainly a fan issue that to keep it from overheating it just shuts it down I ve seen the Youtube videos of what it takes to replace the thing and I m not confident enough in myself Fan replacement for laptop - does it have to be the same model? to take the entire computer apart to swap it out But I don t want to pay full retail for a fan either that a repairman will charge So I thought I see if I could just buy the fan myself at the cheapest rate then get a repair guy to swap it out with me only paying a labor charge Btw what kind of rate would I expect to pay for a laptop fan replacement I have no idea nbsp

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Can I use a different Asus model LCD screen or do I have to get
replace with the same model?

And could someone kindly tell me where I could source a second hand one

A:Replacement LCD Laptop screen

Usually,you would need to stay with the same type.
Would be helpful if you had a part number,as I believe
asus laptop parts are made by someone else.
I have seen a lot of LCD screens on Ebay.
Might do a search there for your models screen.
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Toshiba Satellite Laptop
17" WXGA+ TruBrite 1440x900 R (Glossy)
SP Media Center Edition Ver. 2002
XP Pro Service Pack 3
Intel T1300 @ 1.66 GHZ
0.99 GB Memory

Vertical mulitcolored lines across the screen. Hooked it up to my screen, no lines...researched it...there is a problem with these screens and warranty will replace for free, but warranty is expired. Question is..

Is it a problem with the screen itself or the inverter? Or do i replace both possibly?

How do you know whether or not its your inverter or the screen itself...

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Is it easy to replace a motherboard in a pc

A:Motherboard replacement in my laptop

In a PC? Yes. In a Laptop? No, unless you have experience. Most times you would be stuck replacing it with an exact duplicate of what you have now. Cases may look the same but on closer look there are differences in the cases according to model, and the cases are pretty much designed to have a particular motherboard installed.
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Hi, my sister recently cracked the screen on her laptop, a Fujitsu-Siemens L1310G. I'm looking for a replacement screen to install, which looks easy enough. But I need so help understand exactly which screen I should be buying as a replacement. The manual lists the following specifications for the existing damaged screen:

Panel size: 15.4" TFT WXGA, 1280x800 pixels

Will any screen that matches these specifications work? Or do I need to find any other specification details?


EDIT:for spelling

A:Replacement Laptop Screen

Go here:

Scroll down to: Amilo L1310G CLAA154WA01 (CPT TFT)

click that and at top of page is info

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How do you replace an intergrated modem on a HP pavilion notebook? Thanks.

A:Laptop modem replacement

Hi Roho,

Intergrated means its part of the motherboard. So you would then have to replace the entire motherboard. Its cheaper and easier to just buy a PCMCIA modem and disable the intergrated one.

Paul V
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I need a new battery or charger for toshiba laptop A105-S2101. The battery is a PA3451U-1BRS and its a DC 14.4v 2000mah.

Well first off the battery wont hold or take a charge. Everytime I unplug it from the wall the laptop goes off too. The lights do come on the laptop showing that its charging.

2nd thing is does voltage matter on battery replacement? I cant find 14.4 replacement thats cheap. All ones I find 10.? volt with 4000-4400mah on ebay.

A:Laptop battery replacement

You need to use the same battery, and the same charger voltages. High capacity batteries usually have a higher mah figure, but I would replace them like for like.

Batteries are never cheap, and they do wear out - some faster than others, but eventually they all die and stop holding charge.
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I installed a new replacement battery(MU06XL) in my laptop. Nothing happened. Does it need to be charged first? Or was it supposed to be charged when I received it?
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Hi, I'm trying to replace a busted lcd screen for a Compaq Presario CQ60. It seems there are more than one possiblities for this part. Could someone point me in the right direction? Here are the specs I have so far.

Compaq Presario CQ60
s/n 4CB927HKVW

15.6 "
Model No. B156XW02 V.0

Connector bottom right
No webcam


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Hey guys & gals,

Someone brought me a Dell Inspirion 1150 and it looks as if the HD is shot. (I reinserted the HD several times and it still would not recognize it) The HD is an Hitachi 08K0851 with UDMA 100. Does the replacement drive have to be UDMA100 ? ATA or IDE won't work ? I'm just looking for suitable replacement.

A:Dell Laptop HD Replacement

That appears to be a bog standard 2.5" ATA 100 IDE drive.
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Hey Guys, just trying to get some info.

I need to change a HDD in a Vaio VGN-N130G

The system came originally with a 80GB with a 1.6GHz processor

I ve narrowed down the HDD to the following 2: ( to be honest mostly due to budged restraints!!)

Western Digital Scorpio Blue (WD1600BEVT) 160GB SATA 5400 RPM 8MB or

Seagate ST980813ASG Momentus 7200.2 Mobile Hard Drive - 80GB, 2.5", 7200RPM, 8MB, SATA-300

Now space considerations wise...I believe an 80GB would serve the purpose of the use of the computer more than adequately.....if so would u say the performance benefits of the seagate being a 7200rpm drive would be more advantageous...

or would the 7200 be more of a drain or create issues with cooling, resources etc..

many thanks for your time and view points on the issue..

A:Laptop HDD Replacement Choice

if space isn't an issue i'd go with the 7200RPM drive. you'll get a slightly noticeable performance boost. and in the future if you need more space the cost of external drives is dropping pretty quicly.
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The hard drive in my Toshiba laptop is reported to be failing. Can I replace Toshiba MK 5065GSXN ATA with a SATA drive?

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I've got my old Compaq Armada M700 Laptop and the battery is totally shot, so I figured it's time to get a new one.
However, I'm a bit weary about buying a new one, I dont want to get stuck with a bad one. Has anyone else ever bought a battery for this laptop? If so, could you tell me where you got it from?
I've seen a lot on but none have reviews, and I don't take that as a good sign. I take it I'd only want new instead of used right?

Here's my hardware specs, if it matters:
700mhz P3
8MB ATI Rage Mobility
XP Pro
80GB 5400RPM HD
I also use a Linksys wireless card

A:Replacement laptop battery....

If a battery is legit it's going to come with a warranty and therefore even if it fails the warranty will allow a replacement unless of course you abuse it but I haven't had any problems with my laptops batteries. I don't run the same system but most laptop batteries warranties are about the same.
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On my taskbar I have a message saying that a replacement battery is needed. My computer is so very slow and I am curious if this is the reason for the slowness? I haveto use the computer with it plugged in at all times otherwise I will lose power within 8 minutes.