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Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

Q: Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

I was just curious if the was good card for a low end system? I really only play CS 1.6 and use the net to look up football and movies!! i got 50 dollar gift certifacate to best buy so i thought i would get this video card!!!

1.9ghz athlon xp
1.5 gigs of ram
A-bit nf7 mother board
audigy soundblaster
pny Geforce 256mb video card
500 watt power supply
Windows xp sp3
160 gig WD 7200rpm
40 gig 7200 rpm

That is what im runnning!! I kidna wonder if the 2 gigs of ram im using is making the 256 meg video card lock up my computer!! Not really sure what the deal is though lol!!

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Preferred Solution: Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

I personally think you'd be better off getting a Geforce 8400GS, or ATi HD4350, or Geforce 210GT for that kind of money. I've no idea which is better of the three, but they're all under 50 bucks.

I would have recommended the HD4670 if it wasn't over 100 bucks, which is shocking given the price I paid for it here in the UK a year ago!
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friends,i want to hear about gaming performance of geforce 6200 (256mb)card from those using that card,before buying it.please help.

A:to anyone using geforce 6200 video card

I bought a pny 6200 hoping to get one that could be unlocked into a 6600. To my disapointment i got the 64 bit version and i wasnt impressed by the performance in the latest games, high resolutions are simply not possible. It wasnt long after i ditched it and got a 9700 which im more than happy with for now.

Obviously if you do buy one and get 128bit version then it will be a different story.

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Yes Iv read the sticky and Iv read all sorts of peoples experiences and guides on this The new drivers do not work ocing my card This is my first time trying to oc If I move the memory or core at all Ill crash in dmark Others have had this problem and the nvidea driver has worked for pci card video a e-geforce 6200 Ocing them I just tried it and it didn t work for me Does anyone know a proper driver or better program than riva tuner I can use to oc my card I only have pci slots btw Yeah I know I can get a new mobo n card n all that I know you can clock this card I followed the steps I must be having the same problem a lot of other people are having Or heck if anyone knows how to unlock the other pipelines that would be nice But the only thing close to being able to unlock this card that Iv read is a Ocing a e-geforce 6200 pci video card theory on flashing the bios which I have no idea how to do but will do If told how and its not to hard or dangerous Out of the - hours I spent reading forums only sources said its possible Neither told exactly how was wikipedia and the other was a yr old post Without oc Ocing a e-geforce 6200 pci video card my mark is Its nv a a pp vp with ddr which is supposedly unlockable http accessories us dell com sna etail aspx c us amp l en amp s dhs amp cs amp sku A I have a watt psu Nvidea e-geforce pci card link to card above pent gig ddr ram dell dimension nbsp

A:Ocing a e-geforce 6200 pci video card

I'm not sure if you can overclock with that dell.
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I just wanted to share with anyone my experience with Windows I couldn't get my GeForce to run Windows Aero in Windows Every driver installed in fact didn't even get my GPU to start Thanks to a tip by quot johngalt quot I used DriverMax to save the working driver in Vista and brought it over to Seven I used an older driver to have complete Aero experience beware one driver I had gave me clear windows but no clear taskbar make sure you have complete aero However Vista updated and Aero stopped working So I rolled back to a driver from I used DriverMax to export it moved the DriverMax installation and driver exported file to my Seven partition and restarted I booted into Seven installed DriverMax registered and then imported my Nvidia driver Took secs After a reboot I went into System Aero running 6200 AGP GeForce 8X 512MB Windows Solutions Center and did the Aero Theme Wizard It evaluated my GPU and Windows Aero popped up in all it's glory It really does make a difference It sets the mood I don't know what it is about it I like really fancy and appealing GUIs and aero is the best by far It's neat clean and gorgeous If there is anyone running the same or similar card or having a similar problem I will gladly make a step by step tutorial

A:GeForce 6200 512MB AGP 8X running Windows Aero

Again, credit where it is due - see Windows 7 driver solution
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I purchased a Dfuzion LE graphics card about a months ago Driver Video on problem 6200 Geforce LE Card and installed it on a brand new Nvidia based MSI K N Neo -f motherboard with AMD X Processor I am running Windows XP with all Driver problem on Geforce 6200 LE Video Card of the latest updates After installing the graphics card and the driver from the included CD I went to the Device Manager and looked under quot Driver problem on Geforce 6200 LE Video Card Display Adapters quot It said I had an Nvidia GeForce LE Graphics card I uninstalled the driver and went over to www nvidia com and downloaded the latest driver for the GeForce LE and installed it I went back to the Device Manager and it said the same thing as before Thinking that maybe the card might have accidentally gotten switched at the factory and it was actually a GeForce LE instead of a GeForce LE that was in the box I open the case and looked at the card itself to see what was written on it It very clearly say GeForce LE on the graphics card itself I decided to leave well enough alone If the card was working okay why worry about what it say in the device manager But the problem is that everything is not alright Certain graphics applications run just fine where others cause the system to crash and yet others reveal definite graphics problems Distorted text wrong colors etc All of these programs were working fine before I installed the Dfuzion GeForce LE card So the bottom line is something is wrong I have uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics driver over times all with the same results I have uninstalled the programs and reinstalled the that are having problems and nothing changes Do you have any idea what the problem might be Here are a couple of link to screen shots of the ditorted text I am talking about http s onlinehome us soe distortedtext jpg http s onlinehome us soe distorted text jpg nbsp
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I saw a 6800 on newegg for a pretty good price, its the eVGA Geforce 6800GS 256-P2-N386 Video Card - Retail, is it any good? will it run with my pc? cud im play the latest games if i got it? heres my specs:

anthlon 64 3500 venice
2x 256 MB PC3200 DDR SDRAM
windows xp home edition
pci express slot
250 gb hard drive

and here is a link to my mobo:

well wud this card run on my pc, and is it a good card? i might also need a new PSU seeing as my current one is only 300 watt, and i dunno if i got money for that, also if i had more cash i wud add another 512 mb ram, in case, what kind of ram do u guys think I should get?

A:can my system handle the eVGA Geforce 6800GS 256-P2-N386 Video Card - Retail

Yes your motherboard could run it, yes it is a good card, yes you will need a new psu (I suggest the Antec TruepowerII 550) and yes, you need more ram. You have enough ram to run all of the modern games, but only in lower settings. If that's ok, then get the card and a psu.
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Im am new to this so please be bear with me.
I have just installed a new GeForce 3d fusion 6200 graphics card to my Dell Optiplex GX 280 (to enable Call of Duty 2), originally graphics was an intel intergrated.
No problems with install, installed drivers and COD2 plays no problem.
Since install when I install a DVD (default player is Power DVD) it freezes. I installed NVDVD which came with the 6200, still freezes.
Video playback from the internet on media player also freezes.
Do I need to just tweek something. I have had a look at settings but nothing obvious jumps out at me.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


A:GeForce 6200 video freeze

Hello and welcome to techspot!

Just need to clarify something first. You say when you go to play a movie, it freezes. What exactly do you mean when you say it freezes?

Your entire computer freezes up on you? Or is it just the software you are using to play the movie? As much detail as possible please, and we'll try and fix you up :grinthumb
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when my old graphic card went kput installed geforce 6200 512mb ddr2 when i switced on to update drivers all i got was black screen no windows. so cant install new drivers and cant get into safe mode to uninstall old drivers. need help any ideas please (have got drivers on cd )

A:geforce 6200 graphic card

When the computer is starting up, before getting to Windows, press F8 a few times and then select "Last Known Good Configuration" to see if that helps or not. Another thing you can try is when pressing F8, using the Windows Recovery Environment to perform a System Restore.
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I am looking to upgrade my PC. Ideally, if I can re-use any of my current hardware I would like to so I can save a few quid.

I currently have a GeForce6200 running in my PC. This sits on an AOpen, MATX, MK77M-8XN, SktA, FSB400/DDR333/S-ATA/ATA133, S & G & LAN, ViaKM400 Motherboard, running an AMD Athlon 2500+ CPU.

I am looking to upgrade to an AMD Phenom X3 8450 running on an Asus M3A ATX AM2 770 SB600 8Gb DDR2 SATA 2 Raid GigaBit LAN Audio Motherboard.

Can anyone tell me if my GeForce 6200 graphics card would be compatible with this new set up?


A:GeForce 6200 Graphics Card

You are probably using an AGP graphics card now and the new motherboard supports PCI-e graphics cards so if that's correct then no, it is not compatible with the new motherboard.
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I'm looking at upgrading to an agp 8X geforce 6200 card, will this give me any performance increase, or should i just stay gaming with my geforce 2 mx 400 (pci)?

And, yes I am aware that it's an old sucky card blah blah blah, but just answer my question.
I Don't game much so $30 is about what i want to spend for the amount of gaming i do. THe rest of my system (consisting of a 3ghz overclocked celeron and 512mb ddr ram) will be bottlenecked by really good video cards too and i don't wan't to go all out, because i game little if any on the weekends.

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Hey guys,

I recently got this video card, Nvidia GeForce 6200. Great video card for the price, however as i read in the reviews....The drivers that came with it do not support video play. I was told to get the driver 84.21 for this video card. However, I've searched and can not find any driver I can download in relation to this. If any one can help, i would greatly appreciate it.


A:Nvidia GeForce 6200 Video Driver

For the most current support, download the newest drivers from nVidia's website. You can find them here:
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I ve read a few of these topics before on 256mb Problem OC GeForce pci BFG 6200 Video this website but do to the clutter nothing helped About I have a BFG GeForce OC mb pci Graphics Card A Video Bios ForceWare Version My comp is a Presario SR WM Everything else works fine but when it comes to playing videos in i believe any format the computer will slow way down the computer is so slow I can t really keep track of cpu usage - I m guessing - and when I press ctrl-alt-del then hit cancel the problem disappears However youtube videos work just fine wtf Okay so before I m told to uninstall use drivercleaner net and reinstall I d like to try any other possible solutions I m uneasy to obtain drivercleaner net s software because you have to pay for it I have a pet peeve when it comes to providing personal financial information online so right now I m not diggin it Is there another driver cleaner program I can use that I can download for free and that works just as good Is using that driver cleaner the best way to reinstall Lastly should I downgrade to this ForceWare version Or is there a better option http www nvidia BFG GeForce 6200 OC 256mb pci Video Problem com object winxp k html Thanks nbsp

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I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Video card that I recently did a driver upgrade on. The driver version is Dated 10-14-07.

I just did a PC Pitstop Performance check and the results show LOW video performance of 14.42MPS. This SUCKS!

A similar test run just (2) weeks ago showed 93 MPS. I'm pretty sure that was with the old driver.

Why would a new driver KILL the video performance ????

See system specs in my sig.

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i have intel accelorator 900 onboard and have aquired the 6200...prob is i get gate logo and xp load bar screen and then nada...why? do i need to disable the onboard graphics card ? gaming runs along nfs:black edition ,psychonauts,juiced, high end graphics it worth changing the graphics card ?

A:Gateway 831gm & Geforce 6200 pci card

gateway and 6200

well i dont know how much more specific you want....get gateway logo and xp loading screen and then nada.........that means after that i have a black welcome screen no desktop screen....nada
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I ve been trying to play both Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Sid Meier s Pirates Constantly getting blue screen and then a reset I meet requirements for both games There have been many problems and solutions I ve found to do with this I assumed it was my power supply because I wasn t sure if I had the required Watts According to the tech at emachines I do However I don t trust him because he said my ram was 3DFuzion's card with Problems Geforce 6200 PCI pc and on their site it says my pc should have pc It may have been a typo because he kept trying to sell me pc ram later on Outdated video drivers I have the drivers and I ve already tried the latest ones Neither help me out of this particular predicament and the Problems with 3DFuzion's Geforce 6200 PCI card latest ones are bad for playing movies I read somewhere in a forum here to make sure I had my chipset drivers squared away and something about problems in the AGP driver Here s the link http www techspot com vb topic html -it s the last post by EVALDS Not sure which drivers I would need or where exactly to find them Installed some kind of Intel driver for my chipset having to do with VGA graphics Think the program that installed was Intel Graphics Hardware Accelerator somewhere along those lines That did help with the problem a bit but didn t eliminate it This still could be a possibility as a solution I thought my ram MB less than the requirement for Obliv could have something to do with it Though I think the requirement for Pirates was like MB but I can t be sure Lower the hardware acceleration helped a bit not a permanent solution or a very good one Lower video settings in games Well I m at in Pirates and very low for Obliv It helps but not a permanent solution I m fine sticking with these settings but they don t do too much to help I ve seen reviews that accuse this card of being made cheaply and far too unstable to be actively used in gaming However people have apparently been running Oblivion Doom as advertised on the box of the part Quake and I believe a more recent Unreal Tournament game This leads me to believe that it is something wrong on my part I ve been looking everywhere got almost no info from nVidia or DFuzion I m going to call the tech line at DFuzion hopefully at least get some more ideas or even a bit of expertise in the field I know I only spent like bucks on this but come on My integrated graphics ran Pirates better than this thing I cannot let myself believe that this is all the card has to offer which is why I ve come to you all I ve been searching for hours upon hours straight trying everything and I would be eternally grateful for any support you could provide If you need a link to any sites involved in this case basically the ones I ve viewed in my travels please contact me at either msn- lordofzwergs aol com which is also my email address or aim- crappyname Here s tons of info not sure if it ll be useful to anyone Time of this report Machine name IONICWENIS Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer eMachines System Model D GVSR BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode Card name NVIDIA GeForce Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d No WHQL Date Stamp None VDD n a Mini VDD nv mini sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- - A C CB Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG B ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D ModeWMV B ModeWMV A Deinterlace... Read more

A:Problems with 3DFuzion's Geforce 6200 PCI card

I'd say there's a very high chance it's your power supply. Many Emachines have very poor power supplies. It seems a large quantity of emachine power supplys fail right around when the unit is 2 years old. I'd replace the power supply and see if that helps.

Here's a pretty good power supply, that isn't too expensive.
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Hello. I have been looking online and researching for a while now, and was very close to buying the GeForce 6200OC. Just now I found the GeForce 8400GS in PCI slot form, with 512mb.

Staples: GeForce 8400GS [ Can't do "hot link", under 5 posts. ]

I have two questions I would like to ask, first off is this card real? And if so where can i find the specs, suchs as: core clock, memory clock, memory interface, and RAMDAC's speed, and if it will run on WinXP? Seco )nd, if this card is real, are there any other newer/faster cards out in PCI form? I would like to stay with GeForce if possible, ive had good luck with them so far. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


A:PNY GeForce 8400GS PCI 512MB Card


I am buying it in 2 fu**king weeks. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG

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Hi could anyone recomend where i can get just a fan for this nVIDIA GeForce 6200 AGP Video Adapter card .

It is really noisy ,i have took it out and cleaned it and even added a little oil ..was quiter for a while then back again.


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Today I bought a Geforce 6200 graphics card because my computer met all the requirements. When I installed in my computer and turned the power on there was a beeping noise and the computer screen was black. I don't know what I did wrong. My guess is my computer is not compatible or somethings up with the card or dirvers, I really don't know since this is my first time installing a graphics card. The requirements of this graphics card is: petium 4/III/II/celeron, AMD K6/Athlon. An Agp 8x or 4x motherboard. 256mb of memory at least. windows xp. a minimum of 250w power supply.
I have a AMD Sempron 3100+ 1.8ghz, an agp slot 3.0, 8x. a 250watt power supply. and windows xp. If you could help me out in any way I'll be very greatful. Thank you for your time.

A:Problems installing Nvidia Geforce 6200 agp graphics card

Power cable out
Push in the on switch (releasing all internal voltage)
Touch the frame of the computer (inside - and don't shuffle your feet -antistatic issue)
Take the card back out
Boot up with original onboard video
Go to system bios
Confirm 1st startup set to AGP
Change the meg to 256
Save and exit
Turn off the computer
Reseat the AGP card (push in securely - goes in a long way)
Put the monitor back to the AGP
Power cable back in
Turn back on
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Help! I can't get past this error message in my installation process.:

" Demo32 has caused a divide error in module QUICKTIME ..."

My System specs.:

System: Dell Dimension XPS(T) (desktop)
Processor: Pentium III (600 mhz)
O.S.: Win98 S.E. (32 bit)
H.D.: 30 Gig Maxtor
Memory: 384 MB (ddr1)

It says: "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

I have Quicktime and Quicktime 3.0 on my system.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated...I'm trying to get some beloved old games running again. (I.E.,Thief(gold),Serious Sam(1st and 2nd editions),etc...

A:Solved: PNY GeForce 6200 graphics card installation problem

It looks like you are using an installer utility that comes with the graphics card that is causing a problem.

Let's try installing the driver a different way. Insert the install CD and exit the install utility if it autoruns. Open Device Manager (right click MyComputer, click Manage, click Device Manager). Right click the unknown graphics adapter and click Update Driver or install.

If the hardware update wizard asks to connect to the internet, choose No. Then choose install the software automatically. Windows should find the driver on the CD and install it.
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hey there,

so i've got this new nvidia geforce 6200 agp graphics card. i've fitted it into my motherboard and now i need to install it on my computer but the cd that was supposed to come with package is missing. i bought the card from a compusa closing sale so i can't return it and get one with the installation cd included. when add hardware wizard pops up it says "the hardware was not installed because the wiard cannot find the necessary software." the installation cd includes: geforce drivers for microsoft, microsoft directx 8.0 and 9.0, nvidia demos and desktop wallpapers. can i just go to nvidias website and download a driver and directx9 then direct the hardware wizard to those downloads instead of the missing installation cd? what should i do?

A:missing installation cd for nvidia geforce 6200 graphics card

Get the driver here:
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it has a 250w PSU

I've been trying to upgrade an old coimputer to run Windows 7, so far it works really great, but the intel graphics are really shitty, so I bought an EVGA GeForce 6200 256MB PCI card to install. problem is, whenever the card is installed the computer won't boot, and is stuck on this screen:

I pulled out the CMOS battery to try to reset it, but no dice.



A:Dell Gx260 will not boot when PCI GeForce 6200 card is installed

Dell bios's are very picky. You may need to change some Bios settings before you install the new GPU.
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Hello I just bought new EVGA Geforce GTX 750 ti SuperClocked for my HP pavilion H8-1114 and when I replaced the old GPU wich is GT 520 with the new one, but it dosn't work and the screen freez with the blue HP screen and beeps sound  many times.   I have found the same problem and it's solved here: The exact same problem that I have but my HP desktop is a one year newer than his, so the question is if I do the same thing that sugested to him will be solved? if not would you mind please solve the problem for me. Because I believe there is no issue with my PC hardware and it should work fine. Best regards & thank you-Ken

View Solution.

A:new graphic card EVGA Geforce gtx 750 ti failing on HP pavil...

Hi Ken, Look aon the top back of the graphics card for a switch.  See the below image. You should have received a pamphlet in the box describing the use of the switch (legacy mode or UEFI mode).  If your PC has a version 8 HP BIOS then disable secure boot if set. If your PC is not at a version 8 BIOS level then the switch should be in legacy position.  The pamphlet should describe the use of the switch.
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Well i got $130 and i am looking at this right here.....

is that good for the money and i only got a 300 watt PSU and it says

Minimum of a 300 Watt power supply

so i think thats good for the money how about yall ??

One more thing im getting this couse i wont to play Oblivion .....think this will do the job i got

AMD Anthlon 3500+ 2.2 ghz and 1 gig of ram

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So as the title says it I m buying an EVGA Gefore GTX Ti DS superclocked http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo Buying TI superclocked card GTX EVGA DS Geforce have a 560 an question amp CatId I m just not sure what power supply to get I m thinking about this one here http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId only problem is the card has pci e six pin plugs on it Will that power supply be fine The card comes with Buying an EVGA Geforce GTX 560 TI DS superclocked card have a question power adapters specific name escapes me right now shows pictures on site with card Also I chose to go with a premade store bought pc from gateway this time Last time bought pieces and had a friend build it for me I had to get it at bestbuy for certain reasons this time Anyways I have a gateway FX - e so that s another concern I don t know if that power supply has enough things for my computer Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Buying an EVGA Geforce GTX 560 TI DS superclocked card have a question

The PSU is one of the most important parrts of your computer. Don't go cheap. Seasonic or Corsair make quality PSU's. 600w to 650w should be sufficient for your computer if it is a quality PSU.
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i am thinking of buying a dell xps 420. There is a choice of graphics cards and i cant decide between two of them, the ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4 or nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB. I have really no idea which of these cards is actually better for playing games like cod4 and C&C. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Steve

Oh just in case you need to know this is everything i want to get with it
- Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB)
- Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium w/ Digital Cable Support SP1
- 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4 DIMMs
- 1TB Performance RAID 0 (2 x 500GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM HDDs)
- Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + 16x DVD+/-RW w/ dbl layer write capable

A:Solved: ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4 or nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
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I have a Dell XPS Special Edition Card upgrade XPS the to GeForce GTX EVGA Graphics Dell 960. 8900 to Looking my in that I purchased a couple months ago I would like to upgrade Looking to upgrade the Graphics Card in my Dell XPS 8900 to EVGA GeForce GTX 960. the Looking to upgrade the Graphics Card in my Dell XPS 8900 to EVGA GeForce GTX 960. OEM GeForce GTX that it came with to a EVGA GTX I have the Dell XPS i - k processor gb memory tb HDD gb m SSD cache Dell UP D monitor and Windows Pro I will be adding a second Dell UP D monitor soon and later will add an SSD and move the OS and applications to that My needs aren t gaming Primarily I do business applications MS-Office including Access and Project finance and investing and a lot of nbsp photo and video editing nbsp The photo editing software will use the GPU if I upgrade EVGA suggested either of the following based on what would fit http www evga com Products Product aspx pn G-P - -KR http www evga com Products Product aspx pn G-P - -KR These cards are almost identical except is quot long has BIOS nbsp fans and uses watts for nbsp is quot long has BIOS nbsp fan and uses watts for nbsp I thought I would nbsp replace the graphics card myself but once I opened the case I wondered if either card will even fit nbsp I ve seen that other people have swapped out their graphics card so it must be possible When I look in my case the existing graphics card is a single slot nbsp Both of these cards are dual slot nbsp Also it looks like there are some transistors right next to the existing card nbsp When you install a dual slot card does the new card just straddle the transistors underneath Lastly given these two cards and the XPS case is it possible to put the longer card in nbsp Is it worth the extra nbsp gain an extra BIOS and fan at the expense of a longer card and watts Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated thanks
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Just wondering before i buy. Dont wanna come home and find out its not compatible with vista.

A:Does the eVGA e-GeForce 7300 GS Graphics Card compatible with Vista?

What do you mean by compatible ? Do you simply want a card that will allow you to enable the Aero effects of Vista ? Try looking in this LIST.
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i have a nvidia geforce 6200 256mb g-ram card which fits into the agp x8 slot.

when im in the middle of things say aim or the internet etc i get lost of red blocks and shapes flying all over the screen, if i move the card about a bit while switched on they do sometimes stop and all is back to normal, im not sure if this is to do with heating or the slot itself?

any suggestions


A:NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256mb ram 64bit ddr2 graphics card 8X AGP slot

Something is loose.
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Hi all

Im thinking of getting a new vid card for christmas, ik now that the new DX10 cards are on there way out so im thinking of going with an EVGA card to step up in 90 days
im looknig into the 7900gs 160 dollors or 7900gt 210 dollor

now the big question is can i step up to the 8800gts in 90 days under that programe? if so is it a smooth transaction in general to step up??


A:New Video card (calling evga card owners)

has anyone done the programe
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3DLabs Wildcat VP990 Pro 512MB AGP 8x Graphic Card w/ 2-DVI & S-Video
holy cow!

and.. there's a $2000 video card.

A:512MB video card

I'm happy with my raidon 9200/128. For serious, exciting and realistic gaming with intense graphics and realistic adversaries I simply jump on my motorcycle and try to get to the mountains without getting hit.
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I just got my EVGA GeForce 7800 GS 256MB AGP video card a few hours ago and it didn't come with the installation CD and manual (yes, I've checked the box thoroughly). I think it's gonna take about a week for my CD to arrive, so I was wondering if I could install the video card without it and if so, how? Thanks in advance.

A:EVGA video card came with no CD

Yes, you can....all you have to do is disable the current drivers, shut down the computer, and then install the card. When you turn the computer back on, go to, and then download the latest drivers .
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Hi all,

on my girlfriend's pc I just installed a Nvidia Ge Force 6200. After rebooting, Seven installed the driver "Nvidia Ge Force 6200 - WDDM etc."
I instead installed latest Nvidia drivers from website (280.26). After this, windows performances show a score for Windows Aero only of 2,0. My question is: installing the latest drivers from website, is really better than keeping the ones installed by Seven? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English. Bye.

A:Doubt about best drivers for Nvidia Ge Force 6200 AGP 512Mb Ram

lucatomjoad, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Just installed one of those in my kids computer to replace a dying 9800 Pro (step backwards in performance, but $30.00 was cheaper than a new computer), and it gets the following,

Can't say how it would do with the latest as I avoiding using it after seeing some of the comments about the 280.26 here and elsewhere so went with the previous WHQL driver,


Also what was in it before and did you remember to uninstall the drivers for it before making the swap? If you did uninstall the previous cards driver, depending on which chipset is on the motherboard it may also take a re-install of the AGP driver (part of the chipset drivers, not from the cards driver) for the new card/drivers to work properly.
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I will be building a gaming pc and I cant decide between these two cards. I was going to get the 8800gt but I've read that they get really hot because of the single slot cooler. What I want to know is how much cooler the gts is than the gt and how much faster it runs. Also what do you think is a better brand, evga or bfg?

A:evga 8800gt vs bfg 8800gts 512mb (G92)

Choose a 8800GT with a dual cooler design. Difference in price is about $50~60 between the 8800gt and the 8800gts/512. At least both are now under $300.

Heres a good review:

gee.. not much difference. :0
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my computer has 1gb and i got a 512mb radeon X1650Pro
can my computer handle it right now i got 609.99 mb available so is my computer going 2 need more ram or is the 512mb the ram to run the games? it says 512 mb of availble system memory or more on the box so do i need more?

A:can i run a 512mb video card on a 1gb computer?


I think your a bit confused

your PC has 1GB of ram, this has nothing to do with.....

Your Video card which has 512MB of ram......

The system ram (1GB) is used by the PC for its own use.

The video card has its own memory of 512MB so that it can process video graphics without the need to use the PC memory.

Clear ??

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I know that my system is outdated compared to nowadays PCs but it is really sufficient for my humbled needs and it was working fine under XP but when I jumped to Windows 7, I found out that video performance is so poor in a strange way (same exact videos played great under windows XP) and after i did a lot of exhaustive goggling, I just came up with that the reason might lie in the combination of using a DX9 card under windows 7 (PS I'm using the latest 195.62 driver from nvidia). Can someone give the drivers that came up with windows vista 32 so that I try them on the hope that it can help with the performance issue.

PS I use realplayer (and I tried different players but still same performance issue) and Klite codec pack

A:Poor performance of video files using 6200 AGP card

Hi, see if there is anything here that might help you.

Install AGP Drivers for HD 3850, 3650, 2400 PRO
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This is for a friend who is having trouble w/video card. If anyone can answer or help out, with the given information I am copying below, thank you very much. Of course, if further details are required or requested, I'll provide, accordingly.

Nidia e-geforce 6200, Video Card.
ddr2, 256 mb, pci.

I got my video card installed but my games all crash when i try to run them.
when i boot up the computer with the nvidia i cant get more than 4 colors unless i boot to safe mode then i get 32 bit color???

256 mb ram "stock dell2350 series"
I dont have the "resource cd"
pentium 4 1.6 ghz.
windows xp home sp3, 55 gb hd

the video is "pci" I only have 3 pci slots.

its an intel mother board. i dont know the model of the mb. but its the same one that came with the dell. update;
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Hello guys, so I've had this video card for awhile now but it's been really buggy. The main reason is because the disc that came with it (the exact one shown here had some kind of indention on it preventing from being read at all. I tried using drivers of all sorts on the nvidia and EVGA site and all of them end up in failure. As in, the screen stays blank right before the Windows welcome screen or everything loads up but when scrolling, the screen lags and doesn't move to the next frame smoothly.

So can someone point me in the right direction for drivers or some other kind of fix I'm not seeing?

A:EVGA Nvidia 7600GT 512MB AGP Driver

You might have the right drivers, just the wrong settings. If the screen is blank until windows loads, then the onboard video card is still enabled. You can probably disable it in the bios. As for the scrolling....What is your refresh rate set to? Right click > Settings tab > advanced > monitor. If it's at 60 try changing it to 70 or vice versa.
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I was looking at the EVGA Nvidia 7950GT KO 512MB GDDR3 for my Dell 8400.

But it comes with a 6 pin power cord, how come?

Shouldnt I be able to slap this into the PCI-E slot and be good to go?


A:EVGA Nvidia 7950GT KO 512MB GDDR3

Nope, it needs extra power. PCIe can only supply 65W (I think...) the card requires more than that.
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i bought this video card yesterday to replace my Onboard video. and for some reason in games i get 4-5 second long lag spikes. they ocur randomly but very often. i dont freeze the game just gets extremely slow.

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The following is a video I have recorded of some gameplay on my computer http youtube com watch v WjRJ VIqTIY My problem is severe error - pro 512mb Video card x1950 graphical glitching using the MSI X pro with a Dual core E and gb s ram You will notice the glitching on the video despite the low bitrate It appears as bright colourful squares and also black blocky squares Video card error - x1950 pro 512mb This is the glitch that is currently ruining all d applications on my pc I have tried it all changing to older drivers re-installing the latest drivers removed side of case and put fan up to with ATI tools During idle card is at about degrees celsius and when running Kane and Lynch dead men as above it will go up to about degrees celsius This is pretty normal for a card I would have thought so despite advice that perhaps it was overheating in my card I m inclined to think that with the case off and fan to those glitches should have at least subsided and they haven t Even during DVD playing you get strange pattern type blocky squares around the side of the picture and it s always there Card isn t even six months old yet Do you think it may be a faulty card Thanks for any help provided nbsp

A:Video card error - x1950 pro 512mb

What is the EXACT make, model and revision of your motherboard? What is the EXACT make and model of your power supply? Please post links to both the board and the power supply.
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2 questions really... Is it hard to replace the fan/heatsink on the card? Is it done? If so, what kind of fan/heatsink am I looking for?
I'm planning to overclock it, not severely, just slightly if any.
Did some scouring on the forums and some searching, couldnt find an answer so anything that will lead me in the right direction would be awesome.


A:Aftermarket Cooling options for EVGA GeForce8800GTS (G92) 512mb

At this point I'm going to say finding an after market cooler should be fairly easy, but I don't have an example yet.

The review.

The product. but not in stock at Newegg at the moment.
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Is this a good card to buy because it's on sale for 129.99 or should I buy 9800 pro its cheap too but x1600 must be better.. but a few reviews show that 9800 pro was always the best so what should I choose?

A:ATI Technologies Radeon X1600 Video Card, 8x AGP, 512MB GDDR2

I have 450 watt power supply and 1 agp slot with 5 pci slots and radeon 9800 pro is very cheap now than back then works well puts all high resolution on cs:source and I dont know if I should get it or not and x1600 sounds way better than 9800 pro so I should just buy x1600 instead?
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Motherboard - Gigabyte z x Gaming CPU - i k Video Card - EVGA GTX SSC Power Supply - Corsair W Ram total amount and number of sticks - GB GBx sticks in slots Windows version and if it s or bit - Windows Professional bit I just got this built yesterday I m trying to run CSGO and I m trying to stream CSGO I am NOT getting the results I expected at all So many people are telling me how I should be getting more on maxed out settings and how they have similar builds or the same and are getting much higher Powe Video EVGA 4790k Gigabyte i7 Gaming SSC 970GTX Motherboard - Card z97x - CPU 5 - Right this moment I may get near fps with no stream with the stream I ll be around and get a constant - variance my fps vs servers fps if I understand it correctly I almost had the same fps with no variance on my old rig i amp Radeon HD I m so lost on what could be wrong this is brand new nbsp

A:Motherboard - Gigabyte z97x Gaming 5 CPU - i7 4790k Video Card - EVGA 970GTX SSC Powe

sorry. wrong title. can be deleted.
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I just had this card installed, and i am now having problems with video's down loaded from the web. The video picture colors are all off, sound is fine. I Am using Windows XP pro. It/videos work intermitantly?? Mostly dont,,, PC Games and still pics are just GREAT. Any ideas on how to fix. I have fiddled with different things but nothing changes the video color quality.

A:New, Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256Mb Video Card and have problem with down loaded video

Ah, my sounds not to be a video card problem, but more of a codec issue. make sure your codecs are up to date and if that doesn't work, post your system specs.
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I shuold be able to max out Halo, and NFSU2 right??? Because my frame rates are sloppy and i can't put anything on high..

A:GeForce 6200...

6200 can deliver only abt 15 frames/sec in halo using in1600x1200mode.
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Hey all!

I'm new to the forum and lookin for a bit of help. Here's the deal: I'm running Windows 7 on a notebook with a GeForce Go 6200. No aero, and under the Device Manager, the video card shows up as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". I tried going through the Nvidia drivers online but they apparently don't offer drivers for the Geforce Go 6 series.

I took a look at the thread about issues people were having with the regular GeForce 6200 card here and tried some of the things people suggested but i'm no better off.

Who's got a solution? Thanks for any help.

A:Win 7 & GeForce Go 6200

Hi Alejandro,
Have you tried to make Windows to find a proper driver online?
I'm using the Geforce Go 7300 on my laptop and after the installation I had the same problem you have. I just went to the device manager (right click on "computer", then properties and "devise manager" on the left column, open the "display adapters", right click on "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and "update driver software", then "search automatically for updated driver software" and it should search, find and install the driver (if available)

It worked for me, I hope it works for you.
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Hello all. Is there anyway of telling which geforce 6200 can be unlocked to a 6600? Ive noticed some have heatsink fans and other have just a heatsink.

The one i am thinking of buying is the pny verto 6200

What do you think?

Regards Sean.

A:Geforce 6200. How to tell?

I got the leadtek a6200td, and unlocked it, but I can't find it for sale anymore. I think I heard that that chaintech 6200 might be able to, but It's anyone's guess, I got lucky. You want to get a nv43 core, and an early revision (a1, a2, a3), as this is the same core as the 6600 and 6600gt, but some newer 6200's have the nv44 core which can't unlock, it's made with only 4 pipes, and no more.
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My PC spec is:

Windows Vista Business
Pentium 4, 3ghz
1.25ghz RAM
80gb HDD
geforce 6200 PCI gfx card

I was wondering why my windows experience score for graphics are:

2.4 graphics
2.6 gaming graphics

I thought they should be better than that, is there a driver i can download to optimize my score?

If not, can anyone recommend a PCI card that will get the score higher than 4?

Or can anyone recommend a motherboard and gfz card compatible with my pentium 4 processor.

thanks very much

A:geforce 6200

Originally Posted by munday63


My PC spec is:

Windows Vista Business
Pentium 4, 3ghz
1.25ghz RAM
80gb HDD
geforce 6200 PCI gfx card

I was wondering why my windows experience score for graphics are:

2.4 graphics
2.6 gaming graphics

I thought they should be better than that, is there a driver i can download to optimize my score?

If not, can anyone recommend a PCI card that will get the score higher than 4?

Or can anyone recommend a motherboard and gfz card compatible with my pentium 4 processor.

thanks very much

That score is about right for a 4 pipe PCI card, not as low as I would expect. I believe that (but someone may know better than I) no video card that isn't at least AGP or PCI-Express will not crack a 3 on the WEI.
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Im considering of buying this because its on sale for $88.99, i know its mostly 149.99 on some stores. Im just wondering if its any good? Will i be able to play BF2 on a good quality settings with this? Currently I have a GeForce FX5200 (which is OK but dated), I'll be waiting for some comments before i buy this item.

A:PNY GeForce 6200

A 6200 would be better than a 5200, but for the same price, you can get a 6600, if you don't mind buying online.
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Hi, i have a Geforce 6200 AGP 8x 256mb on an Abit is7-v2 (i know i need a new one), and it keeps freezin for a few seconds and then comes back, I was just wonderin if anyone knew how to fix it. Thnx

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Hi there.

My specs are:

2.5 ghz intel
geforce 6200
1 gig ram
350 wtt pwr supply
Atl Audio
80 gig hddr

Hi there i play cs 1.6 and i recieve between 40-60 when there are more then 10 ppl in a server. When i hit smoke or combat my fps decreases. I have done all the basics. vsync off, developer 1, cmdrate 100, updaterate 100 , rate 2000, Anitilzing off, updated drivers/spyware cleaner. My computer should run more then 60 fps, can someone please help? If i have a ****ty audio card could that decrease fps? I have also updated my chipset drivers. Could any bio information be wrong? PLEASE HELP

I have ran out of ideas on how to increase my fps

A:Geforce 6200 OC 256

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

May not be your system, just the latency of the web/game server.
Isp and other things could be causing it too.
Unless the game is real intensive audio or you're have driver issue with
it then the sound card should'nt be cause low fps.
What OS and what ver of video driver?
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I recently installed a new graphics card and all seemed fine but when I try to watch streaming video, it uses up 100% of my cpu. ??

A:GeForce 6200

How much RAM do you have?

Is this streaming video?

What program are you using to watch the video?
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Hi guys..
Got this card recently.. I have a Intel P4 3.0 GHz and 1 GB of Ram.. I recently also updated my SMPS to 440W..
The problem is when the card is "ON".. Windows XP freezes halfway when its loading.. I read many forums but not many ppl have the same issues.. Most of em suggested to reload `ol drivers.. I've tried the latest one 178.24, 175.19 and 81.95.. Still the same problem occurs.. The best part is the comp only works in Safe Mode with good graphics.. Thats really sad..
Waiting for some "Good" help plz.. Im pissed with this problem.. Btw ive not done any settings in my BIOS.. so if thats to be done then plz do let me know..
Thanks & Cheers..

A:Nvidia geforce 6200

Well, if the card works fine in safe mode and not during a normal session than I would say it's most definitely a driver issue. Here's what I would try...

Boot into safe mode with card installed... make sure it's seated properly
Run Driver Cleaner Pro (download from Guru3D) to remove old drivers
**You may want to consider reinstalling/updating chipset drivers too**
Go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the driver entries from there (clean up)
Restart the computer; boot into Safe Mode again
Reinstall the latest drivers for the video card **after chipset drivers if you chose to update!!**
Restart the computer again; see if it boots normally

If the video card still doesn't work, you might have to update directX or download some Windows updates. I'd say if nothing works after that point, ask for an RMA... might be faulty vRAM or something.
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hello I hope I am in the right place I just bought a GeForce 6200 graphics card I installed it meaning I put it in my computer when I booted my computer up it saw the card but it only went as far as the chipset allowed. I could see the computer was loading and am sure it went to desktop but the screen remained black after chipset stuff did their thing how do I gt card to work please so can install drivers lol I thought I followed the manuel directions to the T well hope you can help thanks oh and I have a on board video card the thought crossed my mind I may need disable it first what are your thoughts on that too please

A:Nividia geforce 6200

Try leaving the card in and start in safemode by immediately tapping F8 on startup and choose safemode.......while in safemode install the drivers and restart the PC.
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Well i've had this video card for about 10 months, recently my Steam launcher has been telling me my drivers are out of date. I have also been working on my computer to try to fix a few quirks, in the process i had the brilliant i dea to go on a hunt for new drivers. The Nvidia site told me to go to Add/Remove hardware and remove the old drivers, so i did, when i try to reinstall the new drivers nothing happens...i click on the .exe i downloaded straight from the site but it does NOTHING. I would really appreciate it if someone could lend a hand.

Right now I'm running off my onboard card and its a huge pain, is there anything i can do?

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Recently bought a new computer. Its a gateway, AMD Athlon 4600 Duo, 2 gigs of ram, 300 watt power supply, running with windows vista premium. It had a geforce 6150 integrated video card. I replaced it with the card in the title. Now any kind of application that requires video memory simply doesnt work. Even the chess game that comes with the computer, ill make a move, then it locks up, screen goes black, then it unfreezes, and i get an error message saying Display driver (forget what it says here) stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I have the newest drivers that a BFG tech support told me to get, I removed the integrated card in the device manager. Cant seem to fix this issue, starting to think the video card might just be defective. Anyone have a clue what I can try next?

A:Problem with Geforce 6200 256 RAM OC

91.47_forceware_winxp2k_english_whql, get these drivers and try them.
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Bfg GeForce Oc mb Pci card w fan I ll be playin guildwars lets say and I alt tab or hit windows key and ill do this back and forth to look things up sometimes The computer will freeze momentarily then it will give me a blue screen with some (PCI) BFG Problem OC Geforce 6200 crazy error number on it and something about dumping all BFG Geforce 6200 OC (PCI) Problem the memory also i cant read all of it because it is cut off on the right Ive contacted Bfg when I first bought the card and told me to update all my drivers and I had them all updated to the best of my knowledge Recently Ive Reformatted my computer also ive used the Nvidia Driver tool which tells you the right one Ive also used about other drivers all of which yield the same result with a Fatal Error On a side note it was a upgrade from a Ge force Fx mb which i had no problems with at all Only real noticeable upgrade was my brother could use d stuff on solid words better Ive also recently Installed a Pci Soundcard Ive heard this can seriously degrade performance Well Thx in advance Ive got the error with file Nv disp and it says its gotten stuck on a infinite loop nbsp

A:BFG Geforce 6200 OC (PCI) Problem

So anyone ever have this problem i did put new info.
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Hello there just got done installing the Win Beta and updating all of my drivers There's one that's still giving me troubles though my graphics 43 Code GeForce 6200 card I've got an XFX GeForce MB AGP x This is the second time I've had an issue with this card I powered off my system plugged the card in and rebooted I didn't touch anything in the BIOS as my old Radeon worked fine before I log on to Windows and I get the 'Installing Device Driver' or whatever popup It runs installs says everything is fine but I need to restart for it to take effect so I do I get back into Windows expecting some Aero windows to greet me but no In Device Manager I have the little yellow It says quot Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code quot This also happened in Windows GeForce 6200 Code 43 Vista Ultimate SP The rest of my system Intel P GHz with HT Asus P P -VM Motherboard GB Corsair ValueSelect RAM GB WD SATA HDD Please help I'm willing GeForce 6200 Code 43 to do anything to this machine like I said it's a brand new install so I've got nothing important on it

A:GeForce 6200 Code 43

Hi, Ezcal, and welcome to the forums.

You are probably getting a conflict from the old ATI drivers. Use - Downloads - 1.5.5 - Driver Sweeper to remove the old ATI drivers.

See - Driver Sweeper for instructions on how to use - I *highly* recommend using the app in Safe Mode.
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Hi there.

I am having serious problems with my Geforce 6200 and I wondered if anyone knew the best thing I could do to get it to work. I am on a dell dimension 2400 and using an inbuilt intel extremegraphics card. On installing my new graphics card, the windows loading screen comes up, and then the screen goes blank. The card only seems to work without its drivers, and even then it is using an incredily low resolution and looks bizarre on the screen. How can I make it work? not even the most recent drivers have rectified this problem. It would be preferable if i didn't have to reformat. Thanks for any help you might have for me

A:PNY Geforce 6200 difficulties

have u disabled the extremegraphics? to get any graphics card to work this is going to be the first thing u have to do. I do not think u will get the drivers to install until the on board video is uninstalled.
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hey guys have one problem...
will nvida geforce 6200 LE pci-e work in 4x agp
jus ma friend has asked about i don know much..
so please help soon

A:geforce 6200 query

No. AGP for AGP only and same for PCI-e as well. It would be helpful if it did work that way!
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Geforce 6200 keeps causing bluescreens. Ive tried several different drivers and cant get a good result.

A:Cant get a driver for geforce 6200

here is the message i get once i reboot if it helps
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA8005D604E0
BCP2: FFFFFA600220F5F0
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
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Ok so if you own a Nvidia GeForce 6200 and your in 7, you probably know that there are many problems. But why? I thought Windows 7 was suppose to be the Sucesser to Vista. Everyone complains about how vista sucks but when i installed the very first time The drivers were installed correctly, and i had Aero in Windows Vista Ultimate. So if Windows 7 is suppose to be the "fix" of vista Why doesn't This driver work in 7 but works great in vista?

A:7 Just doesn't Like GeForce 6200?

running my 9800gtx+ I have no problems now I am using the right driver, maybe experimenting with drivers might solve your problems
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I just bought this card,after installing it it would run perfectly for about an hour,then the computer freezes,and in gameplay I get the weirdest lagg.I already uninstalled the old one which was a Geforce 5200.this card is suppose to help fix my freeze and lagg problems but it worsens it,any suggestions?Specs are-AMD 64 3400 processor,RAM 512mb,200gb harddrive 7200 rpm,Nvidia Geforce 6200 turbo cache

A:Nvidia Geforce 6200

Check for overheating.

Also check that your psu is putting out enough power for your system.

If it`s a cheap generic psu. It won`t be capable of putting out anywhere near it`s rated output. Even a good quality psu will only achieve around 70% efficiency.

Look at this psu wattage calculator HERE

Regards Howard
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the card worked fine when i was using xp, but i recently upgraded to vista, and now its not working at all. my device manager gives an error for the card that says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" bfg supprt didnt help much. and the card is vista compatible, so please help. when it comes to this stuff, im pratically a noob. here are some basic info about my computer (other than it sucks):
dell dimension 3000 series
OS: vista home premium
Intel Pentium 4, 3000 MHz
2gb ram

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hi. when i try to watch videos on my computer using the nvidia geforce 6200, the computer slows down considerably. i also have another graphics driver in my computer...the Intel 82845G/GL Graphics Controller. i disable the geforce and restarted my computer and was able to watch videos but when i enabled the geforce and disabled the intel, i was unable to watch videos. what should i do? thanks.

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I am running an AMD Athlon xp 1.6ghz with an asus chipset and 512 mb ram
I just installed a XFX Nvidia Geforce 6200 256 mb in an agp 8X slot
But whenever i try to run a game like NFS Most wanted,the comp restarts everytime.
Please Help..

A:Problem with Geforce 6200 256 mb

You didnt mention installing drivers, I'm thinking that since you know what your chipset is, more than likely you know enough to install drivers. But just in case you didnt...
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just recently bought a new card from the company bfg tech... its a geforce 6200 oc pci card.. anyways went through the proicess of getting rod of the old drivers and installing the new ones and once all was said and done i would have problems with my screen. whenever i would open any menus or touch the start menu every dropdown would cause the screen to go black for a second start back up and then do it again every time i select a different menu. sometimes after cluttering my screen up with so many menus the computer would freeze up completely. i had to reformat to be able to use the computer again because i would be unable to see what i needed to click on to uninstall the drivers and reinstall the old ones. any help to get this card working would be greatly apprecated thanks.
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My Geforce 6200 pci will freeze when I try to play a game and the onboard graphics never did that. I know a lot of other people are having the same problem so please help. I know its not temperature because I took off the cover and had a fan blowing on it and it still freezes. I dont think its the psu because other people with 400w+ psu's (250w minimum) still have the same problem. Please help.

A:Geforce 6200 pci freezing

You should first download the latest drivers and install them.
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Been wondering I have 250 bucks to spend on a vid card. Still can't decide whehter to pick up a 6200 or a 6600. Was gonna go with a lower end 6800 but figured that wouldn't be a good idea seeing that the 6800 GT crushes both the 6800 and 6800 ultra. And on top of that pick up either the 128MB or 256MB??????

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I've bought a new Geforce 6200 AGP 4X with 256MB of memory
I'm running XP with SP2 on an AMD 1.4gh with 512MB of Ram

I am unable to run a number of applications some like the 3D Home design crash once i try to render the house in 3D. Others like Max Payne or Return to Caste Wolfenstien crash or fail on startup.

I have downloaded the latest drivers for my graphics card and i'm running DirectX 9

DirectX Diagnosis tool reports no errors.

Most error messages like the one below are less than helpful.
0xC000001D: Illegal Instruction

Any suggestions on where to look for a fix would be appreciated.

SIMS to and older games like Riven work fine on this graphics card.
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so i have a pretty outdated system
and i am thinking about upgrading it over the holidays.
i am adding 2 gb ram and am looking for a pci (not express)card tht can run aero for around 50$. i am upgradeing from my wimpy little ati raedon 9250.

would this card be capable of running aero?

With the research ive done on numerous websites i think this card should be able to get the job done.
but im just making sure that anyone doesn't know anthing different.
also if there are any other better deals out there let me know.

any feedback is appreciated

A:Nvidia Geforce 6200

Yes you will be able to use the aero feature and vista will run better with 2GB of ram instead of your 512MB of ram now.
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I installed my NVIDIA GeForce (PCI 256RAM) Video Card today, My PC metst all the system requirements but when i try to run halo 2 or refresh my performance score they run for about 1 minute then my monitor shuts off and the pc restarts after another few minutes.

I thought it was the power supply but its a 250watt which it the minimum requirement to run the card...

Ive got my hard drive, a CD Burner, DVD Drive, Floppy Drive, PCI Sound Card, Internal Sound Card, and the GeForce 6200 Video Card all running. (also internal video card but its disabled)

Am i running to many things for it to manage the power to all of them or what?

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Greets guys n gals, not much of a forum person myself so please be kind to me. thanks.

question i have is concerning my pci geforce 6200 128 ddr, what psu is preferable for this card and my machine?

CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 515
(2.93GHz, , )
Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Memory: 512MB DDR
Hard Drive: 250GB HDD1
Optical Drive: DL 16x DVD±RW
Media Reader: 8-in-1 (USB 2.0, Secure Digital? (SD), Smart Media, Compact Flash, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO, Micro Drive, Multimedia Card?)
Video: Intel® 915G Graphics Media Accelarator 9001
Sound: AC' 97 Codec 6-channel Audio
Network: 10/100Mbps built-in Ethernet
Modem: 56K V.92 SmartLink SL1900
Peripherals: 105+18+key+ PS/2, 2-Button Wheel Mouse, Amplified Stereo Speakers
Ports/Other: 7 USB 2.0 ports (2 in front, 4 in back; 1 in Media Reader), 1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 2 PS/2, Audio-In & Out
Dimensions: 7.25"W x 14.125"H x 16"D

thanks for your kindness.. catch you soon.. p.s. let me know if you need any specific details..

A:Pci Geforce 6200 128mb/ Psu!?

Hello and Welcome to Techspot!

If in the near future, you want to upgrade your machine, THIS PSU will handle anything you throw at it.

If it's a little pricey to you, then THIS one is an excellent choice.

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I have 3 24 inch monitors, two on a ATI Ra. HD 3450 that work fine but the last one on a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 will not pick up drivers (tried 306.23, 306.02 and 304.79).

Need help.

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Okay i changed my old video card into this NVIDIA GeForce Now i am unable to watch any movies using Window Media player NVIDIA 6200 with Problems GeForce or any other programs that allows me to Problems with NVIDIA GeForce 6200 watch movies with It happens that when i load a movie it will just freeze When I crl alt del things would change back into normal On the other hand when i want Problems with NVIDIA GeForce 6200 to play a specific game such as Rise of Nations it will have the same problem as the movie freeze in the beginning of the intro However when i play counter-strike Condition Zero it works perfectly My computer is showing that the video card is not recogniznig it or the yellow exclamation mark beside the quot NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller quot When i want to load this hardware in my add hardware wizard this shows up quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code quot Man i don t know what kind of stupid problem this is but i would like to have Problems with NVIDIA GeForce 6200 it fix and get this video card working so i can watch some movies wth it PLEASE help out here THANKS nbsp

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I recently upgraded my video card from a crap nvidia to a geforce not amazing but cost effective ever since then my computer has not been able to consistently resume from hibernation This first started happening with an XP install but I have recently updated to Vista Business Edition I am pretty sure that it is not the operating system because I had the same symptoms with XP and Vista I have tried using rd party hibernation utilities I have deleted and recreated the hibernate file I have messed hibernation, 6200 Problem with geforce with the ACPI and various power settings in the BIOS all to no avail The system will boot past the loading screen but when it gets to the login screen all I see is a black screen The computer is still running but I can t see anything This happens until I reboot and delete the hibernation information The weird thing is is that if I hibernate it and resume it within seconds it comes back up Problem with hibernation, geforce 6200 fine - any longer and no beans I have the latest nvidia Vista drivers and have updated about every other driver on the computer My mobo is MSI K mmv GB Corsair mem Seagate SATA HDDs IDE CD DVD drives and a piece of crap network card Problem with hibernation, geforce 6200 I got from my grandma Sorry for the long post - any suggestions nbsp

A:Problem with hibernation, geforce 6200

I realize that my vid card ain't very good - I didn't really want to sink a whole lot of money into my old socket 754 AMD mobo! Anyway, the hibernation would not work when vista/XP was first installed, so I would assume that uninstalling the current drivers would take it back to those. Is there some kind of a diagnostic I could run on it? What exactly do the ACPI settings do?
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Hi all, my first post on this forum

I have just installed Windows 7 on my PC who have a Geforce Turbocache 6200 (128 meg / PCI-E)

And aero don't seems to work. When i launch an evaluation test, i says "Could not measure video playback".

I have the latests drivers from Nvidia, (191.07).

Also, in dxdiag, neither Directdraw or AGP are enabled.

Any help are welcome

Thanks !

A:Geforce 6200 Turbocache - No aero

Right click desktop, choose personalize. Near the bottom should be a link to troubleshoot Aero. If not, choose an Aero theme if you can.

AGP texture acceleration should be disabled for you since you are running a PCI-e card.

Otherwise, does device manager show any errors for the card or does it say it is running well?
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Hi all,

having problems with my GeForce 6200 graphics card. In device manager under display adapter it an exclamation mark appears, when i click on the properties option a message stating this device has not started and a code 10 error appears.

How can I fix this problem? I have tried uninstalling, installing, disabling, enabling, updating the driver.


A:GeForce 6200 code 10 error

Have you got your Mainboard ChipSet Drivers Installed

Try This
Open this app.and click on Clean the Registry

The other thing to try is to simply uninstall the drivers, reboot and let Windows use the basic built-in graphics driver. If the error still occurs then it may be a BIOS setting or even cabling or the way the card is seated that's the issue.


Select the Driver tab, click Update Driver, then select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and manually select the correct driver.

Make sure you have completely uninstalled the previous driver first..

Hope this helps
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i recently purchased the GeForce 6200 LE 256MB to retire my old GeForce4 MX4000 64MB video card.

and also i also been reading about the LE series of the GeForce line, calling it the "Lame Edition".

Although i have seen a increase in my 3D games, so it shouldn't be as bad as most proclaim it to be.

so, i just need a bit of insider on this...

is it really worth having??

A:NVidia GeForce 6200 LE (is it good to have?)

Shadow: Here is my two cents. If YOU are happy with it, what difference does it make if the reviewers say it's a Lame Edition?
The same holds true with all your hardware,
unless you want to spend all your time and money being on the cutting edge, which is always just one step ahead of you, and so is impossible.
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Hello, i just bought an Nvidia Geforce 6200 256mb, because my Nvidia Geforce 2 Mx400 64mb overclocked and gave up.

I installed the card, i installed the drivers (91.47), and i have 9.0c

But for some reason, sometimes, for no reason, my monitor gets no signal, and i have to reboot my computer, also playing games is impossible..
Does anybody know what problem i have, and how to fix it

A:Problem Nvidia Geforce 6200

Use drivercleaner. Firstly uninstall your drivers, reboot. Then go to google type in DriverCleaner. Download the Pro version. Install, and for at the top of drop down box select the following. NVIDIA. Press start. After it is done, go back to the drop down box and select NVIDIA WDM, and press start.
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Hi all,
I just bought the nVidia GeForce 6200 LE 256 Meg card.
I had the ATI 9600 128 meg before.
I launched World Of Warcraft and everythiung is crazy slow! even at resolution 1280 X 1200 (with my ATI I play at 1600 X !200)
I have the latest driver.

What is happening???
please, help!

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Intel Pentium 4 3.2ghz
1GB kingston ram 3200
Geforce 6200 128mb AGP 8X
Windows XP Pro SP2

My CPU should run fear at least on low, right? I've turned resolution down to 640x480, turned everything to minimum, turned anything that had to do with shadows off, and it glitches very, very bad. When I start up the game, the intro is even glitchy. When I'm in the menu, when I mouse over an option, like new game, it takes a good second for it to actually execute. I've never had this problem with any game before. This comp runs HL2 with everything on high with AA and AF, with an easy 100fps. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hello everyone
Now i am telling you a problem lasted with more than a year and i tried many solution but i didnt manage to solve it
I bought year ago AGP Geforce 6200 but it caused all games to hang
Each time i open a game that using a little high graphics the PC hangs
The strange thing it worked on other Pc smoothly so i supposed that this card conflicts with motherboard
I was having gigabyte motherbaord and i replaced it by Biostar motherbaord to test the change on this card -but the problem remained
What the reason of that problem and how can get that card working

A:Geforce 6200 game freezing

You need to specify model and version of the motherboards.
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ive been messing with it for like hours installing and uninstalling everything to try to get this card to work i got it 6200 problems inatalling e-geforce out of the box and installed it and installed the drivers it didnt work so i read e-geforce 6200 inatalling problems up and saw that i should disable the built in video driver so i disabled e-geforce 6200 inatalling problems it and reinstalled everything it still didnt work i would get a screen to come up with my monitor plugged in to the new card but it was just my desktop background with no icons or bottom start menu bar i could right click but nothing would open except the nvidia program it was also still in the simple color mode even running threw the card i thought it might be the monitor drivers becasue this is not the original monitor that the computer came with so i got the right drivers for that and that didnt solve my problem it is a e-geforce pci card by the way just incase i didnt mention the type of card man i would really appreciate some help on this im lost does my card need a power source it looks like there is an input on the card but i couldnt spot a spare power source cord in the computer it looks like a two prong in put pretty small anyways thanks for all the help my system info is Property Value Manufacturer Intel Corporation Model D GVSR Version AAC - Serial Number FCSR Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation Chipset Model G GL GV Brookdale Host-Hub Interface Bridge A -step South Bridge DB DBL ICH ICH -L LPC Interface Bridge SMBus Intel Corporation DB DBL SMBus Controller ICH ICH -L A step E h CPU Intel Pentium Cpu Socket Socket X Processor Upgrade Max CPU Speed MHz System Slots PCI OnBoard devices Video Enabled Intel GMCH AGP Graphics Controller Ethernet Enabled Intel Ethernet Device Sound Enabled Intel ICH Audio Device Memory Summary Location System board or motherboard Maximum Capacity MBytes Memory Slots Error Correction None Use System memory Maximum Memory Module Size MBytes Warning Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed thanks for any help nbsp
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I just got this GeForce 6200 PCI card when I installed it into the computer it seemed to be working fine, however after I loaded the drivers I get black almost pixle like dots on the screen like it cant draw everything, almost like it does not have enough power. The card calls for a 250W power suply I have a 400w so Im sure Im good on power. When I uninstall the drivers the dots go away, when I reinstall they comeback So im kinda sure its the drivers I was just seeing if anyone knew of a better set of drivers for this card or if I should just get a new card. The dots do not appear when Im playing games. Thank you in advance!

Oh by the way im running Windows XP

A:GeForce 6200 OC BFG Tech Problum

Got a new graphics card instead, I got the BFG Tech 8500 GT works great with no problums!
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I have just been reading on the internet that it is possible for a user of a geforce 6200 to unlock and extra 4 pixel pipelines, so 8 pixel pipelines instead of 4. Now this is something i would love to do, but don't know how. Can anyone help me

I'm using an Asus Extreme N6200TC which supports and is currently on 256MB. I have already overclocked it from "Core: 350MHz to 454MHz, and Memory 1.10GHz to 1.42GHz". An extra 4 pixel pipelines will help me survive the games i play today until i can afford a 8600GTS/ or GT, or a mid range R600. But on my budget it may take some time.
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Hi all. I recently read about video card volt modding on the internet and would like to try this out on my card. It is a GeForce 6200 (as you have probably already worked out). I would like to overclock my core higher then 450mhz. Does anyone know of some safe volt mods for this card?


A:Need help volt modding GeForce 6200

RivaTuner v2.06 is the easiest way to overclock that video card, it is a free software, u can Google it and find it. now keep in u're mind that it is going to run hotter. and if u overclock too much it might not run.
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hi everyone,

my friend got new pc computer Dell Dimenison 3000 had only 4 pci slots, no AGP, so just pay new NVIDIA GeFORCE 6200 PCI 128MB, so im setup for friend, but wont working, when i have disblad on driver adapter then turn off pc, put installed new graphic card, then turn on pc, its fine so i put CD drive to installed, then fine so restart pc, then backup but suddenly its blank at all!!, try again but same thing!

Any idea?

i wish his Pc should have AGP but....

im grateful if anyone help me.
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I have problems with my Video Card, I know that the problem is not Hardware, Cause the card works Fine with XP. |||Video Card: nVidia GeForce 6200 (PCI)(BFG) Motherboard: Azus P4S333|||
A High Graphics game i have suggests its a Directx 10 error, i was wondering if you could help me to get rid of DX10 and help me get DX9.0 on my system. I am currently running Vista Home Basic, but i am upgrading to Buisness in literatly 2 hours from now. my dad just left to buy it! If i do figure out that the Problem with this Card is not a Driver Issue but instead a DirectX issue, it will help alot of ppl. Do a Serch on the net. Bunch of ppl have the same problem!

A:nVidia Geforce 6200 Issue

Originally Posted by TimmyTim2

I have problems with my Video Card, I know that the problem is not Hardware, Cause the card works Fine with XP. |||Video Card: nVidia GeForce 6200 (PCI)(BFG) Motherboard: Azus P4S333|||
A High Graphics game i have suggests its a Directx 10 error, i was wondering if you could help me to get rid of DX10 and help me get DX9.0 on my system. I am currently running Vista Home Basic, but i am upgrading to Buisness in literatly 2 hours from now. my dad just left to buy it! If i do figure out that the Problem with this Card is not a Driver Issue but instead a DirectX issue, it will help alot of ppl. Do a Serch on the net. Bunch of ppl have the same problem!

You can't get rid of DX10, but you can install DX9 from here
Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime

Your card is an entry level card for DX10, so it will work with DX10, but probably won't play too many of the newer games, if any. It is basically to give you access to the Vista Aero component.

Try downloading and installing the latest Nvidea driver for your card here

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

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Alright I have an older work system that I bought the above graphics card for The system works perfectly before the card When I BFG 6200 Geforce - Issues Hardware install the card in the case the system boots Once I install the driver Windows locks at the Starting Windows screen black with Windows Logo Safemode boots so I can delete the driver I can then get back into windows Ive installed the driver from the disc etc and still nothing I m at a loss I can t find any section of my BIOS to disable the onboard When I disable the Onboard VGA and reboot the AGP now doesn t work but the onboard still does This could be the issue I noticed there is not VGA adapters listed when I have the AGP card in and the onboard working Any help would be greatly appreciated I may just go back to XP Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Hardware Issues - BFG Geforce 6200 Enterprise Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Lenovo S FXMTIU x Hardware Issues - BFG Geforce 6200 x Antivirus None nbsp