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Graphic card replacement

Q: Graphic card replacement

Hey!! So basically I need a new one and I have decided over what to buy and did some research but I want to check in with you guys just to be sure that the gpu and psu are compatible. This is what I want: GTX 760 2gb Physx CUDA; and my current psu is: Silver Power SP-S650. Never had a gpu that needed two 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors before so I want to be super sure that I got it right )

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Preferred Solution: Graphic card replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Graphic card replacement

Silver Power SP-S650 650W PSU
ATX 12V V2.3, 80 Plus Bronze, Standard, 4x 6+2pin PCIe, 14x SATA, 7x MolexClick to expand...

By the link in the quote you have a PSU with 4x 6+2pin PCIe connectors, and 650W is plenty for two GTX 760 in SLI.
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I start having hardware problems with my graphic card (NVidia GT 750) and I am looking for a replacement.  We don't need a gaming card, but we are doing high end graphic design with Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator, InDesign and so on...Thanks for your help!
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I am nbsp working on my nbsp third nbsp graphic nbsp card for this nbsp system nvidia GT nbsp but nbsp it nbsp is on nbsp constantly graphic replacement card nbsp so nbsp that nbsp can be nbsp expected I nbsp recently nbsp nbsp went to nbsp windows nbsp from windows nbsp nbsp and nbsp would nbsp like to nbsp purchase nbsp a new nbsp card nbsp nbsp I spoke nbsp with nbsp info pny nbsp a nbsp couple nbsp years nbsp ago nbsp while it nbsp was nbsp still windows nbsp and they nbsp recommended According to graphic card replacement the specs this model has an Asus motherboard Benicia-GL E with a W power supply Technically for gaming you can go with either the GTX If the case has room to accommodate it the GTX GTX Ti GT GT You can also opt for the GTX again if the case has room for the card GTX GTX TI GT or GT however these are UEFI capable cards and may problems running in older systems if this is the case then you may need to go with Cards from the series or earlier nbsp My nbsp question now nbsp is nbsp would nbsp these nbsp still be nbsp the nbsp same for nbsp windows nbsp nbsp would nbsp they nbsp plug in nbsp without changing nbsp any info nbsp in computer nbsp and nbsp what nbsp exactly nbsp is nbsp nbsp UEFI nbsp in regards nbsp to nbsp my nbsp question does it nbsp mean can't nbsp teach a old nbsp dog new nbsp tricks meaning the nbsp computer nbsp nbsp nbsp and nbsp also me nbsp any nbsp help nbsp would nbsp be nbsp appreciated nbsp Thank you
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Hi I have a HP Pavilion Elite m9152p desktop and my graphic card went out on me and I would like to replace it, or better yet upgrade it I am not doing a lot of gaming I just want it to work again.
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I have an HP Envy 20 d030xt. It turns on but the screen remains blank. I have two questions. 1) If this is a known gpu issue can I purchase a replacement card through HP? 2) The Hard drive appears to be working. HP is coming out with new AIO pcs on July 1 2016. If I were to purchase one would I be able to send my HD to HP to have the info on it transferred to the new pc? If that's not an option is there a way to do that myself? It has Windows 10 and a lot of info I'd like to have on my new pc.
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Ok I am already sorely regretting buying any machine with an intel graphics card I never ever wish to see another intel graphics card computer I have people who can advise me some on how one replaces such things But even I in my ignorance know that the first requirement is to get the machine open They wanted me to take a pic of the insides to give an idea of my options nbsp Only I can't get the infernal thing open I see what looks like should be an easy open twisty thing but no other screws that look like they open up a side However the twisty thing is utterly impossible to twist Nothing I have is capable of opening it nbsp Someone please tell me how to open this thing up There must be some way and opening up it graphic card replacement that does not require a sledge hammer All I want is a graphics card that works - nbsp I can't even get this one to play older games and that's graphic card replacement and opening it up mostly all I play except star wars the old republic graphic card replacement and opening it up And the last driver update even broke that The cheap intel graphic card is literally the only thing stopping me graphic card replacement and opening it up It meets all other requirements But I can't even figure out how to get the thing open so people can give me advice on what I can replace it with nbsp Please help
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I am not familiar about the knowledge on computer. Is it possible to upgrade the best CPU or graphic card for ProBook 4730s now?If yes, are there any choices provided for me? Present system:- Intel (R) Core i5-2430M 2.40GHz Processor- AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series I hope someone can answer me! Thank you!
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Hi Guys I am getting the BIOS beep codes saying that there is a problem with the graphics card long beep short beeps but there are two graphics cards in my computer So my question is is there any way of knowing which one needs to be replaced I can find both parts online but obviously I don't want to graphic card replacement PSPBUA-00N007 Satellite X200 have to buy both if only one is faulty I have tried starting the computer with both cards just one card and with no graphics Satellite X200 PSPBUA-00N007 graphic card replacement cards and get the same beep code each time Does anyone know if the computer should start with just one card Because that would tell me that it is the first card that is the problem I did search the forum before posting but couldn't find anyone asking this question specifically only people asking about upgrading which is not what I am trying to do - I have found the correct replacement parts for my computer but need to know which to buy Thanks in advance Ben

A:Satellite X200 PSPBUA-00N007 graphic card replacement

> but there are two graphics cards in my computer.

I guess you mean the Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphic card with NVIDIA SLI Technology.
From my knowledge the notebook was equipped with two nVidia Geforce 8600M GT graphic chips. This was possible because of to the SLI technology.
The graphic chip code name was NB8P-GS (SLi)

> Does anyone know if the computer should start with just one card?
I?m not quite sure about that but I guess this will NOT be possible because of the BIOS.
The BIOS of X200 was configured and modified for this GPU and probably the usage of other GPU would not be possible.

> I have found the correct replacement parts for my computer, but need to know which to buy.
I guess all compatible part could be ordered from Toshiba service in your country but to be honest I think this could be expensive fix and probably a new notebook would be a better option.
But of course this is just my personal opinion.
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First of all I don't know too much about computers so use easy language please I have sent in my computer to get repaired and got it isn't my Graphic graphic finds found. Help! card Only integrated card. back yestersay Since then i've been trying to get it to work properly again I can't play any of the games I used to play before I sent it in to get repaired for example Battlefield I can start dota but it looks pretty messed up I can run minecraft though Anyway after a lot of questions asked trying out different stuff and after getting further and further to the end of this problem I've come to this My computer shows me that I have an Graphic card isn't found. Only finds my integrated graphic card. Help! nvidia geforce nforce a graphic card Although it says in the computer description that it SHOULD have a AMD HD GB GDDR My screen isn't plugged in the graphic card since it doesn't recieve anything from there It is plugged directly to the motherboard So from what I understand the nvidia card is the integrated graphic card or am I totally wrong Anyway the device manager can only find the nvidia card and I cannot run any game smoothly on this computer Before I realized this possibility I've tried to download newer drivers for the nvidia card but it didn't help Please help me to get my ADM HD GB GDDR to run I'm trying to google for solutions but I'll give this site a shot Thanks

A:Graphic card isn't found. Only finds my integrated graphic card. Help!

first check they havent stolen you GPU
then check that the 4/8pin pci power supply is plugged into the top left of the motherboard.
then check the gpu has power cable(s) plugged in.
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Hi all Can anyone recommend a reasonable Windows x- or preferably Windows server compliant replacement for a QUAD output Matrox M graphics card that I'm running on a Work Windows Server machine I'm in the process of upgrading the server to Windows server -- for the few apps I can't run on Windows W server I'll keep a Windows server running as a Virtual machine W support Graphic Quad M9140 Matrox replacement doesn't work properly -- nor does W server -- desktop stretch and some other features aren't working yet Matrox support for W seems to be a bit of a long time in coming - the card itself is flawless however --but I MUST get the server up and running ASAP or the Boss will go Bonkers I DO need the Monitor output -- I haven't bought a video card for a while so Matrox M9140 Quad Graphic replacement I'm out of touch with this stuff The card doesn't need DVI or HDMI if it has it OK but MUST be able to drive monitors at X Cheers jimbo

A:Matrox M9140 Quad Graphic replacement

Something like this maybe, - ATI 100-505532 FirePro 2450 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Low Profile Multi-View Workstation Graphics Accelerator - Bulk - Workstation Graphics / Video Cards

or this, - PNY VCQ420NVS-X16-DVI-PB Quadro NVS 420 512MB (256MB per GPU) 128-bit (64-bit per GPU) GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Low Profile Ready Workstation Video Card - Workstation Graphics / Video Cards

on your own for finding one where you are.
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Hi, i'm running window 7 32-bit OS.
My graphic card is (ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics)
My problem is that after i went to, downloaded,uninstall the old catalyst and installed a new catalyst which matches my OS and yet i got this message whenever i tried to run that catalyst.
"No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.
Please install the AMD driver appropriate for you AMD hardware"
can anyone help me solve this problem?

I've downloaded the catalyst alot of times and kept install and uninstall but i'm still having the same problem.
I really appreciate any suggestions..

A:graphic driver can't detect graphic card

Try downloading the driver from HP; select your model from this list Compaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center
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Is there existing external graphic card or video card for integrated laptops

?? or other suggetions ^^
it would be a great help for me hihi

A:Is there existing external graphic card or video card for laptaps

Well they have these but they just give you a port to use.
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Hello. Few days ago i bought a new laptop. HP Notebook 15-ay057nw. Everything was okey but not the graphic card and performance. I can't play games !!! ;/ Laptop uses only Intel HD Graphics. I have the newest drivers in both graphic cards. In BIOS i can not find the option to change graphic card. I set all to "max performance" but still the dedicated card doesn't work ;/Dedicated card in any apps, games are 0%. I try everything and i can not find the solution. Guys please help me i really need a helpI'm giving a prof to this the AMD Graphic card is 0%. In dxdiag the first graphic card is Intel HD Graphics. In the advanced options of resolution the graphic card is Intel. Sorry for my english, i'm polish so my english not the best. Thanks for any help-Best wishes, Luke
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Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

I looked in a shop and they said "a laptop graphic card can not be changed."

Can a laptop graphic card be changed??
(Nvidia geforce go 6150)

Please help
With many thanks,

A:Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

Unless the laptop has onboard graphics, there is no reason why the card can't be changed.

Of course, I am not very knowledgeable with GFX cards, so I can't necessarily tell whether is has onboard graphics or not.
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15 days ago My laptop was unable to boot , when i have formatted it and after installing graphic card driver it is unable to boot again , i tried more than 5 times and even i tried windows 7 ultimate , proffessional and even 32 bit and 64 bit but its not working the momment i instal video driver after installing it requires boot and after boot its unabe to start please help my laptop is not in warranty . serial - [Personal Information Removed]  product number - LZ801PA#ACJ  micro poccessor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

A:video card/graphic card reboot problem

boynamedanurag Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about booting and video card problems and wanted to help. So, if I understand what you're saying, you reinstalled Win7 and the PC boots OK, right? But when you then install a video driver and reboot, it does not boot, right? My guess is that you have one of the old DV6 laptops that has two video chipsets, something called Switchable Graphics.  And the problem with that is that only the HP OEM video drivers will work on that laptop.  IF you install other ones, such as the ones you get from AMD or Nvidia, they will NOT work -- which sounds like what is happening to you. What DOES work is restoring your PC using HP Recovery Media because that will contain the HP OEM drivers.  Media. This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while! Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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Hi all ... I have the nvidia geforce fx 5200 ... it went bad on me after less than four months ... the store agreed to replace it ... got back with the replacement installed it ... let windows get the drivers ... then I started getting all kinds of error messages ...
"igfx tray" stopped
"hkcmd mod" stopped working ...
"dr watson postmortem debugger" error
"windows explorer had to close" error
I went into safe mode in window7 ... I have a dual boot with XP ... I uninstalled the drivers in the device manager ... in the add and remove if the software was there ... I even when into the program files and deleted the nvidia files ... then let windows install the drives again ... still get the same errors. There is nothing in the bios that will disable the on board video ... It must be disabled automatically ... Could it be the replacement card is bad too?

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I have ProLiant ML110 G6  I've bought Sapphire Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR5 card. Before I buy, I've checked compatibility of my PCIe v2 x16 slot with PCIe v3 x16 card. I'ts compatible backwards so I can use v3 card in my v2 slot i MB. But When I was trying to install it I've noticed that on MB is inprinted PCIe x16 45W (I attached photo below).  So can I use this card - in specification is given that consumption of this card is 70W. Can undervoltage break my G card? Maybe I should ure Riser with extra molex pin? x16 slot gives 45W and molex can give 35W = total 80W. What you think
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Product Name: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PCOperating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Hello, Can I upgrade my motherboard with a graphic card. Is it possible?

A:improvement of graphic card (video card)

serzh_shumkov Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wanting to upgrade the graphics on your laptop and wanted to help. Sorry for the bad news, but you are operating under a misunderstanding.  Unlike desktop PCs, laptops do not use video "cards"; instead, they use video chips that are permanently attached to either video modules, or to the laptop system board.  These are not customer-replaceable parts.
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I'm having problems with video streams stopping and games stopping. I was told that I don't have a video card/ graphic card. Which should I get or both. My PC has 736 RAM. I'm thinking of gettin 2G or 1G stick. Would this help or do I need it to run a video card/ graphic card?

Thank You for your responses


A:What is the diffret in a video card / graphic card?

A video card and a graphic(s) card are the same thing. What you have now is an integrated graphics card. Integrated graphics cards have terrible performance. Now, we need to know whether your motherboard has a PCI-E or AGP slot. Download CPU-Z , take screenshots of the tabs called "CPU" and "Mainboard" and post them here.

They should look something like this (the information and logo will be different):
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Are these the same thing? I have an old Dell (as you can see), but I like it. I was told that I could improve its performance by adding a video card. When I look them up, I see pictures of odd-looking devices that in no way resemble a "card." I can only find 2 that will work with this computer. Does that seem right?

A:Video card vs graphic card?

"Video Card" and "Graphics Card" are the same thing.

There are 4 different versions of the 745. A "minitower", a desktop, a Small Form Factor and an ultra small form factor. Which one do you have? It makes a difference for a video (graphics) card.

The minitower will take a PCIe type video card. With the small power supply that can limit you (if this is the model you have). The others versions are even further restrictive as they will require "low profile" type cards.
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My Laptop is Lenovo G580 i5 2.5GZ without graphic card

There is showing dedecated video memory is 64mp

One of my fav. game is not playing, I'm not sure what is the problem

Please confirm me If I can get graphic card or video card for the laptop

A:I don't have graphic card & video card

Hi sunilgupta91,
Are you sure your Lenovo G580 i5 2.5GZ does have a Graphic Card called GeForce® GT 635M ? My friend use to own one but with graphic card. please check it again.
Why you didn't ask before you buy it? BTW, what kind of game are you play?
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I have a D865PERL with some old technology in it and my card I have right now is broken (I think) so I want to get a new video card..

Whats the best card I can get for AGP 8x or PCI 'rev 2.2' slots on my mobo? Im building a brand new PC in about 1 1/2 months but I need something to play Battlefield 2142 on

And by the way, my current card took a hit (I think) when I tried to OC it while playing battlefield 2142, and now battlefield 2142 wont get past the intro screen. So is there any way to test/diagnose my card for problems?

thanks everyone

A:Need replacement vid card

Here are about the best for Agp and you do realize that to is old technology...
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My graphics card and or its fan has become very noisy even after a couple of drops of oil applied to it Helped but still annoyingly noisy Want to replace AGP replacement 8X card it and have been going crazy researching possible replacements online Happened upon this site amp hoping for some suggestions and info First my PC AGP 8X card replacement is a Medion P w GB RAM running Windows XP Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce MX AGP X MB RAM Yeah I know - it s old Normal personal use plus I do some photo and video editing but no online gaming so I need something reliable but not top of the line Have found several possible replacements - mostly MB or MB AGP X cards but some have bad reviews and there are mentions of heat issues Since it IS an older PC what might die next and I don t do gaming I don t want to spend a lot of money on a new card if I don t have to First - is a fan necessary Most newer cards appear to only have heat sinks but I m worried about heat ON the other hand would the absence of a fan keep it quieter IS there a huge difference in the amount of RAM on the card as far as basic display AND the heat issue Any thing else I should watch for or avoid Any suggestions of particular cards or more sites for reviews of cards is appreciated too THANKS nbsp

A:AGP 8X card replacement

First I'll declare an interest: I love the FX5200. It's an old card but I've used about 8 of them in various rigs with no problems at all and they don't cost much, either. You can get them with and without fans. Most of mine were fanless because that IS quieter. A 128MB FX5200 should show a noticeable improvement over a 64MB MX440.
I've used them in Socket A PC's, which run pretty hot but, again, no problems, and a couple of Socket 754 rigs.
When you replace your current card with whatever you decide to use, be sure to remove the old card's drivers and software before installing the new one. The manual will give you full guidance.
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I would like to replace my wireless card for my HP Pavilion dv-7 6163cl.  My system currently has the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000. Is there other options to choose from for my computer or do I need to use the same one?
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Good Afternoon!! I have a XPS 410 and the video card is out,it came with a nvidia geforce 8300GS.My cuestion is can I  replace said card  with a nvidia geforce 210(sxg2101024d2-nm) or Dell nvidia 256 MBQuadro fx3450 PCI-E video card T9099 REV A04
Thanks for your help!!
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Hi, so I had another topic trying to fix a stuttering issue with my laptop's sound ( System-Wide Audio Stuttering ) the stuttering problem went away for a few days and has returned harder than ever. I'm seriously beginning to think it must just be an intermittent failure, and since it's not under warranty (and I don't feel like sending it off to HP due to costs) I was wondering if anyone could suggest something like in the thread title. I mean, unless of course sending it of'll be the cheapest option.

Also, deepest apologies if this is in the wrong section.

A:Looking for a Sound Card Replacement in USB

There are several USB connected sound devices. SoundBlaster makes one.

However, no guarantee that will fix the stuttering problems. Although it is affecting sound, it could be other things in the PC and not the actual sound hardware.

Do a google search for "USB Sound card"
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I need a replacement for my ATI Raedon HD 3650 that burned out and have no idea what to get.Specs here
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My friend is selling me his ATI VisionTek 9600 XT for pretty cheap. The only thing wrong with it is that the fan needs replacement. Few quick questions...

Should I buy aftermarket or oem?

Where can I buy a replacement fan? Online only or a local computer store?

And can i install it myself or should i leave it to a pro?

Thank you!

PS: I need to fix this crap ASAP. BF 2182 awaits

A:Video Card Fan Replacement

You should be able to install it yourself, and I suspect it'll be easier to find an aftermarket model.
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So I was changing my video card from onboard system to dedicated card. I disabled the onboard system thru device manager and changed Bios from onboard to auto. The new card isn't working "blank screen" and the onboard is disabled so now I have no monitor function. Is there any way to recover from this or did I do my computer in?

Dell Dimension windows xp
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My graphic card recently died on me with no warning. I went to order a replacement only to find that it had been discontinued. I don't know enough about pcs to know how to pick out a new graphics card.
This was the card I had:
I can't find it anywhere except on amazon but only can find it used. I don't know what info is needed to help figure it out. My power supply is 650w and I can find out anything else that is needed to help. I would use the tsg sysinfo but I can't use the pc that I am talking about. Sorry.

A:Graphics card replacement

Hello ofmanynames, What is your graphic card budget and what brand do you prefer and i'll suggest one for you.
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I recently had a repair tech put new parts in my PC, but the new Mainboard has onboard video. Do not like it, seems to be too slow. Will it work if I disable the onboard video and then reinstall my NVidia GeForce card that I used to have? Great graphics-it has its own cooling fan. It is a high bit card, I think it will work 100% better. Ok here are my specs-new system-ASUS mainboard M2N68-AM w/NVidia GeForce 7025 / NVidia nForce 630a. 7750 Dual Core processor w/4 MB Ram. NVidia nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet.

Old video card-GeForce FX5200 256MB W/TV/DVI/DDR


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Hi peeps. just a quick question for my next purchase i hope you can help me out with. RMA's my XFX HD 4850 as it was GSODing ebuyer have offered i can purchase a new card in the price of no more than £145 what is the best card i can get my that money at the moment. i was looking at this > XFX HD 5770 1GB XXX Edition GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card <

But im sure they're are probably better cards out there.

Any suggestions?!


A:Graphics card replacement

But im sure they're are probably better cards out there.Click to expand...

Not at that price point, though if you can find a GTX460...
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I have a Gateway MX6650. I was told that the video card needs to be replaced. Currently the laptop has 'Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900'. (DMVT) Supports up to 128mb What would be a compatable video card? Do you recomend a vendor online to purchase one?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A:video card replacement

Being a laptop, it is most likely that the Graphics is integrated onto the motherboard and is therefore not user replaceable.
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I have an older computer with a PNY GeForce 7300GS video card that the fan on has recently started making a noise, so I suspect it is eventually dying. I want to replace the fan (not the card) but every spec I read on the card says "with fan".. no sizes, no dimensions, specs, nothing. I ordered one fan that ended up not fitting the holes on the video card. I would buy a whole new video card but my power supply is only 300W and a lot of the newer cards require more, and its sort of tight on space, so I would be worried about it fitting (also cost is an issue.. the card itself works fine).

As far as I can tell, my exact video card is:

Any help on what fan would fit, or where I can find the info?

A:Video Card GPU Fan replacement

I think this is what you are looking for:
Check the distance between mounting holes on your board is 55-59 mm.
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Hello I have suddenly started having major problems with my PC since I replaced the thermal paste on my CPU and liquid-cooled heatsink for my GPU I m not quite sure what I have managed to do but my guess is that the graphics card is screwed My motherboard does not have on-board graphics to test this theory When I booted up having removed all the old paste replacing it with much better stuff it loaded up Windows like normal When the desktop loaded it was all fractured parts of the desktop appear fine and others completely messed up randomly I restarted the card? graphics replacement Need a computer because Need a replacement graphics card? on top of this the computer froze up This happened a few times before finally I restarted again and the computer booted-up got to the loading Windows screen and after that made all the usual sounds internal that would suggest it was still loading up into Windows but my monitor displayed nothing but a blank screen Any thoughts If Need a replacement graphics card? it is the graphics card can anyone suggest what I can replace the BFG GTX OC MB GDDR Dual DVI HDTV Out HDCP enabled PCI-E Graphics Card with running on a Corsair W HX Modular PSU ATX V v APFC Thank you so much for your consideration nbsp

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I recently got the dell inspiron 15-7000 series 2in1 touch laptop (USA version) it is i5-6th gen but it does not have a dedicated graphics card. I need to run catia, ansys softwares for which Intel HD graphics won't work.I want to add a 2 GB graphics card to my laptop can I.if yes how to add graphics card.

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My graphics card died earlier this week and I'd like some advice as to a possible replacement.

The card has written on it GF FX5500 256MB DDR TV DDI, it has been a good card and worked well. Not being sure what all the description means but I doubt if they're still available, can anyone please advise what I should be looking for as a possible replacement for this card?


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Hello I hope you can help me as I have little enough hair left as it card replacement Graphics is My problem is this I have been provided through my university a pc specifically an Acer Veriton in which there is a Sis AGP graphics card MB with which I am increasingly finding problems and would like to upgrade it However therein lies the problem I bought an ATI Radeon card Graphics card replacement but it won t fit my slim line casing as it has tv-out etc and the plate for housing the ports is about an inch too big Is there any card reasonably priced Graphics card replacement preferably with meg RAM that is the same size as my current one I returned the Radeon where the salesman told me that I would not be able to upgrade the system due to the size of the casing and layout of the motherboard and ports I can Graphics card replacement t even change the casing I phoned Acer UK as there is a yr on-site warranty to ask if there was an alternative card or a replacement model with a larger case but with no luck They gave me in turn the phone number of their hardware providers but alas these also were unable to help as they said they just have a list of components for models and deal primarily with laptops I asked then if laptops being even thinner than the Veriton don t have suitable AGP cards but the question was dismissed Can anyone please recommend a decent graphics card that will fit my system approx inches deep as my local games stores are considering barring me due to the amount of returns on grounds of incompatibility I think they think I m copying them the lastest being SoF which my son got me for Father s Day which refreshes at a rate of about frame per hour thus requiring another filling-in of the returns book tomorrow I hope someone can help me as there s only hours left to save the world Thanks very much Michael nbsp

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I need to replace my Nvidia geforce 9400GT card as its breaking down. Is there a card for about £100 that will be okay for gaming? I play crysis2 but it tells me its not compatible, so I guess it would need to be increased to a 1GB card. I am at a loss what to get and hoping that you guys have some good pointers for me


A:Replacement graphics card

You didn't provide any information or specs about your computer.

I'm assuming you're currently using a 256 MB or 512 MB video card and want to increase it to a 1 GB video card.

What's the wattage of the power supply?

I'm not a hard-core gamer nor an expert on video cards, so I'll leave you with someone else who can assist you better.

You might also consider moving your thread to the "Games" forums.

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Hey guys I am new on this site and I have recently bought a new graphics card and I am having problems with it you can look replacement graphics card MxM at my other post on reddit here http www reddit com r techsupport lling a new graphics card for my laptop will I am even willing to pay someone to fix this haha Some sites say that starting my computer in legacy bios instead of uefi boot might help and not a secure boot Any ideas Ok here is my post Ok so I ve had my laptop for about years now and I love it Its a quot display and is meant MxM graphics card replacement for gaming Its and MSI GT with a i - QN processor and the cards that I have for my computer are both Nvidia GeForce GTX M GB cards and I bought the computer originally off amazon I got it as a graduation present but as many gamers know graphics cards do not last forever especially ones in laptops due to the lack of cooling that is available I decided that after a few times of my computer crashing when I am playing League of Legends where the screen freezes makes a wretched sound and the BSOD pops up that says quot video tdr failure quot it was time to get a new card http imgur com eRGXy W So after that i bought the same graphics card online from ebay here It is a Nvidia card that as far as i can see is the exact same one that came and worked in my computer originally so I don t understand why it is not showing it in device manager I am on windows and I am using UEFI the new bios when trying to find the card but I cannot seem to be able to locate it at all on my computer I know that it is plugged in because when I turn on the computer the chip was producing lots of heat I am happy to answer anymore questions that may help with solving this problem because I want to get this fixed Here is the full album of what my computer looks like and what the cards look like Again I am happy to answer any other questions as to solutions to this problem Imgur is just a picture viewing site that is very popular specs are windows intel i- - QM nvidia geforce gtx M GB GDDR Ram DDRIII GB GB nbsp

A:MxM graphics card replacement

Not too many people want to click on an unknown link. Post your exact system specs here along with what you have already done. Include the exact pw supply you have installed. Do not post "500W" post the exact make and model.

Here is how you properly install a video card;
1 With old card still installed, download the latest driver for your new card
2 Uninstall ALL software based on the old card ie driver, any proprietary software, etc. Do not reboot, just tell it later.
3 Shutdown and pull your old card. Install the new card; be sure it is fully seated. Connect any pw connectors [if used]
4 Pw ON and install the driver you downloaded in step #1. Note do not use the support disk that comes with a video card. It almost always has out of date drivers on the disk.
5 Reboot when prompted. Done.
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I would like to replace the sound card in my IBM Aptive E- IS E AF nbn MHz Pentium II with theatreSound - bit SRS D stereo sound Using Windows I have one parallel and four PCI slots available I am told that the sound card is built onto the motherboard and to add a separate sound card certain pins Card Help! Sound Replacement - need to be jumpered to deactivate the sound system on the motherboard There is only on repair shop in this small twon and neither he nor I can figure out which pins to jump I have not been able to get this info out of anyone at IBM Any info will be greatly appreciated Thanks Beau P S Actually I m not even sure that I need to replace my sound card It sounds great when playing cd s I am attempting to transfer my Lp s to Cd s using quot Spin Doctor quot After several hours on the telephone with techs at Adaptec I m Sound Card Replacement - Help! still experiencing minor quot skips quot Since I have plenty of both Ram and HD memory space these techs have suggested that I have a problem in my sound card Any suggestions will be appreciated nbsp

A:Sound Card Replacement - Help!

Spin doctor is good.

It dont sound like your sound card is the problem to me.

Have you ran defrag lately? One program that I run is Cacheman. It might be worth a try. if you dont like it just turn it off or uninstall it. It gives you 4 choices of optimized cach settings. one is for CD burning.

The IBM web site is a waste of time.$wwwPartNumLookup/_2138E76

Remember the light at the end of the tunnel just might be a train

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Have and acer aspire and wish to upgrade wi fi speed by removing current 2.4 card with 5 g card.I see it and am most able to replace it, just want to be sure I use the correct replacement.  I've read that Acer doesn't have a whitelist in the bios so it should be alright, but which card.  Currently a qualcomm atheros AR956X Thank you

A:Wi Fi card upgrade replacement

I would suggest you an Intel AC7260 card. You also need a dual band router as well for it to work at 5GHz.
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I'm thinking about ordering this card EVGA GeForce GT Video Card - GB DDR PCI Express SLI Support Dual Link Dual DVI HDTV VGA Support at TigerDirect com To replace the current video card because the Vcore voltage is only v instead of as it should be but I'm wondering how that card would stack up I know that there are much better cards available but I don't want to spend all that much Nor am I interested in an ATI card One thing that Video Replacement Card caught my eye is that it says that it is compatible with HDTV what does this mean that it has HDCP The only thing that I can think Video Card Replacement of that would make me spend more is that I intend to buy an HDTV Video Card Replacement and the one that I'm considering doesn't have a DVI connector only HDMI and VGA HDMI would be fine except that on my Acer monitor using a composite cable DVI to HDMI didn't work so I'm unsure about the HDTV also

A:Video Card Replacement

If your not much into video editing or serious gaming your choice will be a fine one. I have a friend using the exact same one and he loves it. He does some picture editing and movie burning. He's using it on Win7 x64. And he loved the price on it as well!

P.S. He has used it on a couple of the newer games as well and says he doesn't notice anything wrong with it. It's holding fine!
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Has anyone here tried replacing the wireless card in their laptop with an 802.11n model? One fly in the ointment is that the laptop only has two antenna connections, and the 'n' card has three antennas. I see varying reports around the web of how this will effect the function of the card. Some say it'll still be better than an 802.11g card, others are not so sure.

It appears that the proper mini-PCI Express card is available, so it's really down to how effective the thing will be with two antennas vs. the three it should have. I have not found any 'n' mini-PCI Express cards with two antenna connections, though I have a D-Link 802.11n router that only has two.

Obviously, I don't want to spend $60 for the card if it's not going to be satisfactory.
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My video card died and I need a replacement for it. I have (or had) an ASUS AGP-V6600 Deluxe GeForce 256 32MB card. OK. Don't laugh. I know its old.

Can someone suggest a good replacement? I couldn't find this card on eBay so maybe there's one out there that is similar.

If it helps, I have an ASUS CUSL2 Intel 815E motherboard.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Hi Everyone I had a XFX HD GB GDDR Dual DVI Replacement Graphics a for Card Looking HDMI DP Out PCI-E Graphics Card Looking for a Replacement Graphics Card for just over a year It failed and I contacted the seller in this case ebuyer com they had it tested Looking for a Replacement Graphics Card and it was indeed faulty They have offered to replace my card but they no longer stock it I can choose any card from their site and any difference in price will be deducted from my account I'm not great with computers could you suggest a good replacement please I do a lot of work with graphics and video I also use my PC for HD movies and games My computer Antec Dark Fleet DF- Case Antec Truepower Quattro W PSU Gigabyte GA-X A-UD R Intel X Socket Channel Audio ATX Motherboard Intel Core i GHz Socket MB Cache Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR Mhz Memory Kit CL V Non-ECC Unbuffered Microsoft Windows Ultimate x Do you think I need more RAM Might as well get it all in the one go Thank you for your time Bleu

A:Looking for a Replacement Graphics Card

What do you use the PC for mainly?

If you use the PC for gaming then you should go ahead and take advantage of their offer and get the best that you can afford the difference of.

For NVidia, I would suggest either the newest, 680, or if that's too much or unavailable, I would go with the 580 3gig. For Nvidia, use EVGA.

For ATI, I would suggest the newest, 7970, or if that's too much or is unavailable, I would go with the 6970. For ATI, use XFX.
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My graphic card is 8 mb and I want to know if I can get 16 mb
this is my graphic card (shared):SiS 630s Ultra AGP Video Controller. If anyone knows please send me a message.

A:graphic card

Do they still make 16meg cards? Would like to know your system first friend.

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Do i install external graphic card to my laptop

A:Graphic card

I am assuming either of these scenario: 1. Either you want to get an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure like Razer Core to plug in graphics card, or2. You're planning to rig your own eGPU enclosure and make it work. Both cases, don't bother. Waste of time.
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Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz
Memory: 760MB RAM
Hard Drive: 34 GB
Video Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Cotroller
Monitor: hp m703 Color Monitor
Sound Card: Realtek AC97

There Should Some Graphic Cards Thats Sortable For My PC I Dont Need A Massive Reply With 100's Of Graphic Cards To Buy I Only Want Two Or Three Possabiltys To Buy Budget Is £80-£150

Perhaps A New Sound Card Also.

A:Help With Right Graphic Card For My Pc.

Your hard drive is actually 40GB... The system restore files (on another partition) take up 6GB. Do you have an AGP slot on the motherboard or just PCI slots?
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what are some of the best graphic cards
I'm thinking of buying a new computer,and i cant decide

A:graphic card

If this is just a general question OK, but if you are looking for something for your comp please show us the specs then so that we don't miss advise you. free stand alone program then, just scan and paste back.

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i have installed nvdia fx5200, 128mb graphic card. but on playing age of empire lll, i get a message that the video card is old and i need to contact the manufacturer. on running the game it stops mid way.
pl advise.

A:graphic card

Well, it is true that that card is a little..... out of date. However it should still be enough to at least RUN aoe3. Minimum requirements are a 64Mb directx 8.0 compatible card. You have a 128mb directx 9.0 compatible.

Have you tried the latest drivers for it? Go here:
and download the latest geforce graphics driver for your system.

If that doesn't work, then give us your complete system stats.

Good luck!
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Sorry, I know nothing about graphic card, but I would like to get one so my characters in the game won't have a triangle shaped head....sigh, anyone knows any site or any link or any suggestion on what graphic i should get? I tried to do a search on internet, every company said their cards are the best...also tried consumer luck either, thank you

A:Best Graphic Card?


Wat do u want an Graphics for??Gaming??if so,Get Inno3D 5700FX TV+dvi(n so on)
u should get this 1 cause

NVIDIA® GeForce FX 5700

128 / 256MB DDR Memory


Powered by nVidia GeForce? FX 57000 GPU

256-bit graphic core and 128-bit memory interface

0.13 micron process technology

Nvidia® CineFX? 2.0 engine

Nvidia® UltraShadow? technology

Nvidia® Intellisample? high-resolution compression technology (HCT)

True 128-bit studio precision computation

Advanced pixel shaders

Supports shading language like for Cg and HLSL

Nvidia® ForceWare? unified software environment (USE)

Nvidia® Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

Optimizations and Support for DirectX9 and OpenGL 1.5

Nvidia® nView? multi-display technology

Nvidia® Digital Vibrance Control? (DVC) 3.0

4 Pixels/Clock Rendering Pipeline

Supports AGP8X interface (2.1 GB/s Bandwidth to System)

Dual 400MHz RAMDACs supports up to 2048*1536 at 85Hz

DVI Output supports up to 1600*1200

Integrated NTSC & PAL TV encoder supports up to 1024*768 resolution

Integrated full hardware MPEG2 decoder accelerates DVD playback

64-phase video scaler

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I have a intel hd graphics card which is 1GB yet I am not able to play gta 4 episodes properly.

A:Graphic card


To run GTA 4 properly you need at least a strong dual-core processor and a discrete dedicated graphics card. Intel Integrated graphics cards are not really designd to run these heavy graphics games.

However, if you post your pc specifications (Processor, RAM, Graphics Card...) and if you dercribe your problem with details, i can try to help you to solve your issue.
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this is my 1st post here,so here goes..
i have a intel 82810 motherboard with an agp i wanna buy a new video card but all 128 mb memory cards are 8x.i wanna know the speed of my agp slot(2x,4x)?
is geforce fx4000 8x card compatible with my agp slot?
i bought my pc back in 2000
if any1 cud plz help me with finding the speed of my agp i wud b much obliged


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I am using Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2, i want to know which Graphic Card will work on board that supports complete Dx9 features.
I can spend <$100 for this card.

I want to play NFS-carbon on this board although i tried playing NFS-MostWanted with lowest settings w/o any graphic card.Click to expand...
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Hey all,

I need some help, a silly little question but how do you find out what graphics card you have?

Thanks, - theMusicMans Son

A:Graphic card?

This utility will tell you what you have inside your PC. Everest Home
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the instructions state i need to change my BIOS from primary Display Adapter to PCIi can not find out how to do that?running vista on an HP computer

A:new PNY graphic card, GT 620

To access the BIOS settings on an HP computer, turn off your PC.Now turn on the computer and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly until the BIOS Setup screen opens.If that doesn't work, restart the PC but this this time press the F1 key repeatedly.
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I want to upgrade my graphic card. I have a XFX 9500 GT 1GB now

I would like to upgrade it to a GTX 260 or a HD 5770. Please suggest me as to which one would be better?

and also I have a motherboard XFX nforce 630i (PCIE 1.0 slot). Can I install any of the 2.0 cards on it?

Please suggest ASAP

A:Best Graphic Card

Quote: Originally Posted by irfan88

Can I install any of the 2.0 cards on it?

PCIe 2.0 motherboard slots are fully backward compatible with PCIe v1.x cards. PCIe 2.0 cards are also generally backward compatible with PCIe 1.x motherboards, using the available bandwidth of PCI Express 1.1. Overall, graphic cards or motherboards designed for v 2.0 will be able to work with the other being v 1.1 or v 1.0.

PCI Express

5770 or GTX 260 - I think I know the answer

If not,
google 'GTX 260 vs. 5770' and you'll have plenty to take in.
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I would like some advice on getting a new graphic card. My system: Intel D875PBZ, Intel 4 3.2GHz, 2gig memory and presently using a Radeon 9800 Pro. Thanks...

A:New graphic card

What interface do you want (i.e. PCI, AGP or PCI-e), what is your budget and what do you want to do, e.g. gaming, video editing etc
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i just bought a Ati radeon 5770. i uninstalled the old video card and driver and put in the new card. when i put it in i could nto find my card in my device manager. it was just a default intel(R) thing. i dont know how i can update my card if it cant find it. please help

A:Graphic card help!

Quote: Originally Posted by link1919

i just bought a Ati radeon 5770. i uninstalled the old video card and driver and put in the new card. when i put it in i could nto find my card in my device manager. it was just a default intel(R) thing. i dont know how i can update my card if it cant find it. please help

Hi and welcome

you cant find it because there is no driver installer. if yoou look in device manager you will probably notice some "unknown device" that have yellow triangles on them. One of them is your video. You need to dl the corrct driver (32bit or 64) and install it
Let us know if you need Help

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I'm contemplating buying a graphic card, but have no clue on which one to get!
I'm not really playing games, mostly for my graphic drawing programs. So looking at my specs what would you guys suggest?


A:Which graphic card?

How much you willing to spend, and what power supply do you have (make and model number)?
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Hi I am using Dell Inspiron R which I bought in march it came with windows now when ever I am trying to play GTA or GTA in the middle the screen starts graphic card shaking and the controls does not work I contacted the rockstar help line and they said it is due to graphic card problem Processor nbsp graphic card nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Intel R Core TM i - U CPU GHz GHz Installed memory RAM nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp GB GB usable System Type nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp graphic card nbsp nbsp nbsp -bit Operating System x -based processor GB HDD pls help me with my problem if I have to increase my graphic card if present what should I do
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Hi,I have Elitebook 8570, and as from my understanding it contain k2000m and Firepro m4000.But i cannot understand how to switch from K2000m to Firepro m4000. How to change the setting from Bios?because AMD graphic driver are also not detecting it. my laptop is just showing k2000m Thank you.

A:Graphic card

Hi: Not according to the quickspecs at the link below... The notebook only has one graphics card. It only has one of the following... GRAPHICSAMD FirePro? M4000 with 1 GB dedicated GDDR5 video memoryMicrosoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.1/4.1+capableNVIDIA Quadro K1000M with 2 GB dedicated DDR3 video memoryMicrosoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.2 capableNVIDIA Quadro K2000M with 2 GB dedicated DDR3 video memoryMicrosoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.2 capable See page 6.
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Hi i am Ripul Sachdeva i have a question in my mind it can be a stupid one though LOLxxx What changes can Graphic New Card u see when u install a new graphic card in ur computer what happened is that i had a older somputer in which there was no graphic card so i got a completely New Graphic Card new computer with good config which is gb ddr ram gb HDD amd phenom x ghz Processor gb ATI RADEON HD graphic card motherboard is msi New Graphic Card GM -e nw the problem iis that i am still feeling no difference with the new graphic card i have installed the driver from the cd and updated the same from the website but still the same result that i was getting with my older system i ahev a inch samsung syncmaster monitor the videos still srent clear enough and the games still arent smoother what cud be the problem the device manager shows no yellow question marks infront of the Graphic card although it was showing two graphic cards one was the HD that i have installed lately and the other one as ATI RADEON HD i tried disabling the but still no changes in video or game quality what cud be the problem ppl and any help will be appreciated as i have spent a lot of money on to this new rig plsssssss help nbsp

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Hello, Im writing now because i think i tryied everything... I have Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and graphic card GeForce 9600GT , before win7 i had win xp and drivers from nvidia website and for an example in Trackmania(game) on all medium\high works perfectly , when i installed win7, drivers installed automatically for my graphic card and in the same game i have now like 50-60 fps and works not so good on lowest preset !

I tryed install drivers for win7 from nvidia website and i cant
sorry for my english :P

A:Graphic Card

Go into Device Manager and uninstall all drivers for your card. Then try installing the drivers you downloaded. Do not restart your computer in the process, because then Windows will automatically install what it thinks are the best drivers.
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Hey guys im going to buy a desktop and have been after a 15 processor but found the ATI Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb Is that good Enough to get good fps in games like minecraft ??
and if you know how much roughly

A:Graphic Card Help??

With an average cpu it runs pretty well and gains about 50-80 fps! Most of the time it runs about 69 fps.
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I got a Geforce 7300GT 128mb currently, but i was given ATI 700x 128mbas a present.

Could anyone tell me which may be better? , ty

A:Which graphic card is better?

the 77300gt is better.
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can someone advise me ive just installed my new graphic card ati x1950 pro agp card.when just installed the new driver and then reboot, before my pc can log onto my account i get a blue screen informing me (the device driver got stuck in an infinate loop )
and at the bottom left hand corner of the screen it says ATI DVAG.

my pc is pentium 4 2.40
1 gb ram
1 harddrive 80 gb
1 floopy
1 cd
power supply is 450watts

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Hey everyone,Im upgrading my graphics carrd from a crappy ATI radeon x1300 and i was just wondering which graphics card to get im on a about $250 can
budget the parts must come from either : or thx in advance =)

A:Which Graphic card??

250 Can or US?

I personally own the 256mb version. Solid performer. If you're a fan of nVidia, the 7900GS is the equivalent, but benchmarks show that the X1950pro outperforms the 7900GS more significantly in benchmarks that it does, while the 7900GS outperforms the X1950pro slightly in the others.

Check the benches at
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Currently installed on my computer is an Intel Extreme Graphics Card and I wish to upgrade this for obvious reasons. I want to upgrade it to a LEGEND Video Card 128MB 9550TD. But my motherboard only supports AGP 4x and this graphic card support 8x. The question I'm asking will I be able to run this card on my computer.

By the way, my computer is a HP Pavilion t124a.

A:Graphic Card

The card will be usable and should not be a problem.
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i hv this compaq dc5000 series standard...want to upgrade graphic card so i can play latest games..
budget is less than 200 as i believe over that its worth to go for xbox or platstation

kindly suggest here is link to config to my comp

your help much appreciated......

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I've been looking to buy an new Graphic Card, I'd like to spend under 100. And still be able to play all the new games coming out with out having to turn a lot of the effects to the low end.
Games such as Aion, D3. Etc.

Anything you guys would recommend? I haven't seen to many I like for under 100 yet.

A:Graphic card.

Don't know your computer specs,so I'm assuming you have
a PCI express X16 slot,hopefully 2.0.
Here is a 9800GT that should do well.
Make sure your power supply can handle it.
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hi, i need advice.

i know Nvidia 6600 GT and 6800 GT better than ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. They are expensive, im going to buy ATI Radeon 9600 Pro but i prefer Nvidia!

i would like know which level of ATI Radeon 9600 Pro with Nvidia MX4000? FX5200? FX5500? FX5900? #


A:AGP Graphic Card

Maybe this will help:
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Hi Guys, 1st thanx for the pointers regarding last thread about my Sapphire Radeon HD 6770

I bought this card to get 3 monitors, and it did that, I think it got a little help from windows anyhoo, as for eyefinity, did get it for a time, but very problematic, and now I don't even get the options, add the fact the playing X3 Albion Prelude was like a ticking clock every tick was a jerk, was the final straw.

So may I ask you all, I need 1 graphics card to run min 3 monitors, and with a bit of gaming on the side, I like the eyefinity idea but it has to work this time round, okWhat Graphics Card.

Win 7 64bit Triple core 3g ram ..... price tag around the ?150 to ?200 gbp

I have checked out a few only I don't know if they run 3 monitors,
Appreciate your help

A:Graphic Card

If you want to try nVidia, I believe that the real 600 series cards (650, 660, 670, and 680 cards, along with the "ti" variants) can run 3 monitors. Web search on nVidia Surround.

Eyefinity is supposed to be better, but whichever work is best for you.
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Hi I am tryin to play a game but it says my graphic card is out of date...could somebody tell me how to update it.....please help

A:graphic card

Which graphic Card is this.. Download and Install the Latest Drivers For your "Graphic Card"
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I have a Compaq Presario 6000, Pentium 4, 2 ghz, the works. but i only have a intel extreme graphics card. its not to bad but games seem to get sketchy at parts in games like warcraft III and Command and Conquer. I want to get a new video card to improve the quality of the games i have now and eventually be able to buy high quality games like Doom III that are coming out some time down the road. What graphic card is the best that is available now and around $150 or $200. Also, does my system have to have some sort of requirements to put them in???

Thanks for your help

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I need a graphics card for my system, but i am not sure what will be compactable for my system.

Heres my system spec

Asrock P4VM890 Motherboard
550Watt Enermax PSU
Pent 4 3.2 Prescott CPU
1 GB Ram

Currently have onboard video, which is rubbish for gaming, i dont have lot of money so i was thinking about something like Asus ATI Radeon X1050 or the Asus ATI Radeon X1550 but i dont want to waste money and find out that they wont work, as i have already bought one and its not working and causes the system to not boot up its was a Connect 3D ATI Radeon X300

Thanks for any help!


A:Need a graphic card

Decent board with Socket 478, DirectX 7 integrated VIA graphics, and a PCI-Express slot.
And PCI Express video card should work... but drivers can be a problem.
You have to disable the video graphics in the device manager, sometimes, when you install a new video graphics card. Then install new drivers using the disc that came with the card, or by downloading new drivers from the video graphics card manufacturer.
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I would like to buy a graphic card so I can play games that support for OPEN GL3.0 or higher.  ALL range of prices.
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A graphic card under 150 euro(190$)....what do u think???

my configuration:
cpu:intel core2duo E6400 2.13 GHz
mb:gigabyte GA-965P DS3
ram:2x1 GB 800 MHz
hd:WD 320 GB


A:A graphic card under 150 eur(190$)......

7900GS. It's a pretty good card for a good bit under $200.
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Hi I have a Dell XPS 8300 with a AMD Radion HD 6670 graphic card, I wish to upgrade the card.
I'm not a gamer but need graphic power when using Photoshop.
Can you recommend an upgrade?.

A:Graphic Card
What are the minimum graphics processor and display requirements?

1024 x 768 display (1280 x 800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512 MB of VRAM  (2 GB or greater of VRAM is recommended)
To use OpenGL acceleration, your system must support OpenGL v2.0 and Shader Model 3.0 or later
To use OpenCL acceleration, your system must support OpenCL v1.1 or later


For help with common Photoshop and graphics processor issues or error messages, see Graphics processor (GPU) troubleshooting.
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Hallo techsupport guys..
I own a Core2Duo ,2gb ram and a geforce 8400gs..
Can u recommend a new graphics card 4 me...I want to play Crysis at medium settings and gta 4 too..
I am partcularly intested in Geforce 9600 gt..My busget is a 100 dollars..
Pls comment ASAP...

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Is it  possible to plug an msi GT 710 NVidia PCI card in the free pci cardslot.or is that only for an SSD pci card. i need that for a second monitor without HDMI Thanksnagienagie 

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A:Graphic card

The BIOS is not the answer. Follow these steps to create a multi-monitor desktop.
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Hey there

I going to buy a new card graphic soon,but I need to know what's the best card for my pc ?

Here's my pc info :

OS : Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate X86
CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
motherboard : Gigabyte Technology Co.,Ltd. (H61M-D2-B3)
Memory : 2x 2.0GB DDR3


A:What's best card graphic for my pc ?

It's a matter of opinion.

Best for what purpose?

You might be limited by your power supply if you want to get a high-end card.

We have no idea about your power supply or intended purpose of the PC or graphics.
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Hi All I'm not really up on the latest hardware so thought I would seek a little help here I would like to upgrade my geforce GS and was looking at the Gt series as my card is a looking card graphic for new a silent version I would really like another silent card Ive had a look looking for a new graphic card around and the only silent one I think will fit my mobo is a Sparkle GT Silent Cool-pipe Model number SF-PX GT D -HPL Cool-pipe Graphics Processing NVIDIA GeForce GT Core Clock MHz Memory Clock MHz Memory Type MB GDDR Memory Interface -Bit Shader Clock MHz Bus Type PCI-Express RAMDAC MHz This is the only one I think wil lfit the MSI neo FR board I have without obstructing the sata ports Is this card worth moving to from the GS I use windows home premium and the only games I play at present are call of duty and call of duty modern warefare I was thinkig that if this card is a better card I can donate my card ot my daughters pc instead of the GS that she uses Thanks for any help offered Mart

A:looking for a new graphic card

Mart, welcome to the forums.

Is this card worth moving to from the 7600GS ?

The 9800GT will eat the 7600GS for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

the only games I play at present are call of duty 4 and call of duty modern warefare 2

If you go for the card get ready to be able to play those at max resolution and max settings (or most of them at max), instead of a low resolution and low settings.
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Hey, I just got my new computer a few months ago, and decided I wanted to upgrade my graphics card, so basicly im not sure if I have a PSI... i updated my specs and what not.
Basicly my range is 80-100$USD.

A:New Graphic's card

An XFX HD-667X would fit in that budget. The PSU requirement is 400W - XFX HD-667X-CNF3 Radeon HD 6670 2GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card
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I want to buy a Graphic card of preferably 2 gb and a RAM of 8 gb ,, Please Help me In Doing so
and I already Have a intel Chipset on my PC , so will The graphic work along with the chipset [the chipset does not already have any graphic card but only 700+ mb graphic memory]

A:RAM and Graphic Card

in graphic card memory size or G.B does not matter
what matter is G.P.U clock speed,memory speed and shadder,pci-e support,amount of power supply needed etc etc
dont buy graphic card only because it has 2 gb of memory
i assume you live in india because of your name
here is a link=,g0i,6sn

select your price range and choose some card and tell u.s we will help you choosing you.
and give some more details about your system configureation.

and for ram same as above give u.s some details about your pc.

sorry for bad english.
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i have a hp a n destop it comes with a ecs nettle -- gt the specs HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications MCP PM-HM Nettle i know i have one pci express x and a pci slot empty i already have a nvdia geforce n force mb it not doing very well in terms of gaming i want to play quantom of solace cuz i bought it withought looking at the reqirments lol but since i am a complete noob with pc but learning fast i need ur help Newegg com - MSI RX -TD EH Radeon X Support up to MB amp MB onboard amp -bit GDDR PCI Express x Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards Newegg com - PNY VCG SXEB GeForce GS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards Newegg com - Galaxy GEE HDFEXN GeForce new graphic card GS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x Low Profile Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards will these work also plz plz plz tell me how to tell if it is capatible note i dont think your gonna get the rebate cuz i never did i also dont know my psu the only upgrade i did was add gig of memory thank you for reading this i know this wastes ur time thank you even more if u reply

A:new graphic card

also. i aim for a 512mb vid card, and is more mb putting less load on your cpu, becuz i saw some 256mb more expensiver than 512mb, is the mb in your video card truly the ONLY thing i should look out for???
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hello I have a gateway GT5672E it has intel 82945G on the mb, with 64mb dedicated system memory and 192 shared system memory with directx 9.0 or better version.I have 2.0gb ram in my system with 2 processor cores 32 bit os.,mb has 1=pci express x 16 connector,1 pci expressx1 &1=pci conventional with a 300 watt power supply what do u think of a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card
i never do games only pictures and videos I can get this at bestbuys for $69.00
thank u in advance

A:Need help with graphic, card

hmm..... that should be ok i guess......
skunksmash, mr needs, everlong..... what do you guys think?
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Yestady i tried to connect my PC to a TV so I could watch movie on a big screen However it didnt work ,after I wannted to connect my PC screen back to my PC it started to make some wierd noise, nothing came up on the screen.
Today everythnig seems to be working fine however my start menu and everythnig to do with graphic seems to be going wierd.
The issue only come up when I have colours set on higest (32 bit). But after i played around with setting it started to work normaly on both 16bit and 32bit but when i go into games this happeneds.

Could someone tell what the issue might be and ho to fix it?
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i got 2 graphics cards

nvidia alladin tnt2 16mb

and ati radeon 7000 64mb

this radeon cost me $50!

andnot sure bout the otherone it was onboard

would the nvidia one work faster than ati??

A:which graphic card should i use..

Hi Deathdealer:

The Radeon has 64 MB, compared to the 16 MB of the Nvidia, so your Radeon would be a better card.

Hope that helps!