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ATI Radeon 9800XT replacement question

Q: ATI Radeon 9800XT replacement question

As it appears mine is failing, I'm looking to replace my old ATI Radeon 9800XT graphics card with same product (just trying to keep this old computer going/gaming till I can finally get a new system). I've found several "new" Radeon 9800XT cards for sale at reasonable prices, but they're not made by ATI/AMD. Apparently they ARE made with ATI/AMD chips and GPU's. Can anyone please advise as to whether these cards are comparable to the original product? I was hoping to just be able to swap out the card and not have to deal with driver uninstall/reinstalls. Is this possible with these 3rd party ATI cards or do they use different drivers/software?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: ATI Radeon 9800XT replacement question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ATI Radeon 9800XT replacement question

If the brand of the replacement card is Diamond or Sapphire it's basically the same thing, think there were a few others. If it's a reference design then your existing drivers should work, really need to know the exact brand to be sure.
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I'm pretty sure my ATI Radeon 9800XT has died on my, so my computer usage is pretty limited right now (especially game-wise). Dell is sending out a technician next week to replace the 9800XT with another 9800XT because I'm still under warranty.

My question is- since I'm replacing one card with an identical one, can the tech just pop the new card in and go?

Or do I have to follow the standard procedure of removing the old drivers, uninstalling the card, putting the new one in, installing the basic drivers, and then updating those drivers? Do I have to do anything in Device Manager or delete any ATI folders?

Would my computer let me swap identical cards or do I have to do anything on the computer before he puts the new card in?

It is the exact same card, I have been told.

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Hello, I've had a problem with my Radeon 9800xt 256 for some time now and I'm going to try buying a better PSU. do you guys think low clock speeds (220/320) and a blurry desktop are signs of low power?

Windows XP
Celeron 2.4GHz
80 Gig HD

PS: I've tried every driver possble so it isint driver issues.

A:Radeon 9800xt 256 Help

no....low power means neither your video card nor your computer would work. isn't the 9800XT sotck 365/412?? Download an ATI overclock program such as radlinker

and bring the frequencies up to those specs and see what happens.
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well,, right now i got an onboard S3G video card which is a piece of junk so i have decided to change it. it will be my b day soon so ill ask for a new video card. i was thinking about the AGP ATI Radeon 9800XT. i stil dont know if i could intall it on my computer. ill give some specs

Processor: Intel Celeron with 2.93 Ghz and 29300 Mhz
Ram:512 MB of ram
Hardrive: 149 Gb
Operatin System: Microsoft Windos XP Media Centre
17" Phillips LCD Monitor

well thats all i can think of right now, can anyone gimme some help here? if u need to know more specs to be able to help just ask and ill give.

A:About ATI Radeon 9800XT

Need to know the make/model of your motherboard, as well as your power supply.
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I just got a radeon 256 9800xt And i'm getting the following preformance issues:
-All around low frame rate (game stuttering)
-windows desktop looks a tad grainy/blurry

For some reason the core clock is 385mhz and memory clock 223mhz but its an Ati brand radeon 256 9800xt.

Any help would be greatly appereciated.

Windows XP
Intel Celeron 320 @ 2.4 ghz
1Gig Ram
80 GB HD

PS: could my system be a bottle neck for the card, would it work better in a [email protected] 512 megs of Ram.

A:Need Help with a radeon 9800xt!

that memory clock is a bit low for an 9800xt, just an ovious question, do you have the 4 pin molex connector connected to the card?
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is it suppose to move all the time or at certain times? It's not moving at all in noticed when i removed my side panel today.

A:Radeon 9800XT Fan

I am pretty sure that your fan should be spinning AT ALL TIMES.

Wait for one more opinion. I usually don't like to answer unless I am 100% sure, but as you are possibly at risk of permanent damage, I thought I'd go ahead and offer an opinion.

Stop using it right away.
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Its very easy for me to overclock my graphics card to XT but is the performance gain really worth it?

What are we talking here, 5-10fps?

A:Radeon 9800pro vs 9800xt

The XT has an R360 core and the Pro is R350 so you can get the clock speeds the same but the XT will always perform better. But the XT doesnt have a huge advantage over the Pro.
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The radeon All-In-Wonder cards are going to be on sale this week for $150 and $250.

I tried looking for direct comparisons but couldn't find any.

Is the 9800xt worth the extra $100?


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My specs ABIT KU mobo AMD Athlon w CoolerMaster HS F Gb Corsair XMS PC Gb Western Dig HD master Gb Western Dig HD slave ATI Radeon XT XP Pro watt power supply It started a couple weeks ago with random blue screens saying quot MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION quot and they would come frequently After my computer was off and I would try to boot it it would say something about having to connect the power cable for the XT Of for No signal 9800XT Radeon course it already WAS connected but whenever I reconnected it the computer would boot fine I tried removing the Gb which I had recently installed because maybe it was sucking too much power but it still would bsod on me Then for a while it stopped Now today I have had bsods No signal for Radeon 9800XT and the third one was fatal First time it happened I rebooted normally but when Windows came up it would randomly freeze for a bit and then unfreeze for a bit freeze for a bit then unfreeze and then freeze and blue screen I found out that whenever it froze for that short amount of time any sound I had playing would be repeated like someone stuttering really really fast and then continuing After more restart it did it again And when I tried to boot it said on my monitor quot Please check signal cable quot Meaning it wasn t getting anything from my video card I have tried several replacements- Took out the Gb again Replaced the RAM with my old mb Corsair Replaced the Power Supply with a watt Now I can t replace the XT because I don t have a spare and the KU doesn t have a built in video connector Is the video card the problem Because I ve had it pretty much since it was released Paid for it and haven t had any problems Please try to help me nbsp

A:No signal for Radeon 9800XT


From my experience it sounds very likely to be the video card. However the only true way to know is to borrow another card, it doesn't have to be the same brand, and install it in your system. If it works, you instantly know that it is your video card. If it doesn't, you know that it is probably motherboard related. If you cannot borrow another v/c can you try your v/c in a mates computer?

Also, when trying to boot up with no VGA output, do you get any beep codes from the motherboard speaker?
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Hello everyone I headache ATI Radeon 9800XT m having a major headache with my Radeon XT and was hoping someone here could point me in the ATI Radeon 9800XT headache right direction for a solution My system is a Dell Dimension exactly four years old this month About three months ago strange chequered patterns started appearing in Google Earth though every other application and game seemed fine I ATI Radeon 9800XT headache decided to upgrade to the latest Catalyst release last week and things have gone downhill ever since WIth the latest driver things like scrolling in a browser have become very slow and even moving a window across the screen Google Earth refuses to start now throwing up a dialog box with the title quot DirectX mode not supported quot Also in the DirectX diagnostic tool features such as DirectDraw Acceleration are listed as quot Not Available quot I have DirectX c I ve tried a number of possible fixes that I read in other posts on this forum - rolling back the driver to an earlier release was one as someone said they didn t think the latest ATI drivers did not support AGP However no release I ve tried has worked I d really be grateful if someone could throw some light on what may be wrong and how I might fix it Thanks nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 9800XT headache

I decided to upgrade to the latest Catalyst release last weekClick to expand...

System Restore to two weeks ago
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I ve got an old computer with the original ATI Radeon XT MB graphics card still in it Never had a problem with graphics games or 9800XT Old Radeon dying? drivers until just recently After several months without gaming I finally had the chance to Old Radeon 9800XT dying? play a little but when I launched the game I noticed the graphics were corrupted and quot artifacting quot Trying another game had the same results When not attempting to game there were no noticeable graphics problems Knowing this is an old system graphics card that has many many hours of great gaming behind it I immediately suspected the card beginning to fail However not wanting to shell out cash for a replacement without first making sure the problem was truly with the card I tried a few things I saw on various tech forums to troubleshoot Reinstalled Catalyst drivers - no help Reduced acceleration to X - no help Turned off fast writes - no help Removed card cleaned dust and reseated - no help Turned acceleration OFF completely - made things much worse after determining this didn t help either I returned all SMARTGART settings to their original settings X acceleration everything else ON and rebooted but this time after getting to the desktop the screen went blank and the computer rebooted again After THIS successful reboot I found that the only SMARTGART settings that stayed were the X acceleration and the Fast Writes ON Everything else was turned off Now I CANNOT get back to the settings I originally started with - the computer always double-reboots with all SMARTGART settngs OFF except fast writes and X acceleration Anybody experience anything like this Until I can get a replacement card I would like to get the catalyst settings back to where they originally were as the way things are now quot everyday quot graphical tasks are very slow Would appreciate any and all ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Old Radeon 9800XT dying?

An update:

Looks like the card WAS the issue.

Replaced the card with a new ATI Radeon 9800XT (this one manufactured by SIB-CORP - $50), uninstalled/reinstalled same drivers.

Card is up and running ok.
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Is 9800XT 256 mb better than X800GTO 256 MB?

A:ATI Radeon 9800XT better than X800GTO?


X800GTO = 12 pipelines, 256-bit memory interface
9700/9800 Pro/XT = 8 pipelines, 256-bit memory interface

(By the way the difference between the 9700 Pro, 9800 Pro and 9800 XT is the clock speed in that order. The GPU is the same between the three).

The X800GTO has faster clock speeds, more memory bandwidth, higher fillrate and better shader performance across the boards.
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i don't know much about video cadrs- it's been something i need to study up on that oddly enough i have been putting off. i put a system togethere yesterday that has the new 9800xt in it, and since the customer preferred to set up windows himself, i didn't get to mess with any of the video cards setiings. he is now asking for my help- he is getting very low scores compared to others with the same or similar hardware setup. what could be causing this?
thanks in advance...

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Specifically gigabyte radeon xt s I have an ecs fx-a which is a socket motherboard that supports at least ghz p fsb and hyperthreading It is an alright motherboard but unfortunately before you ask my radeon xt is not the problem because it What a to is 9800xt's? radeon friendly motherboard did the same exact thing with a radeon pro I had before when I activate agp by What is a friendly motherboard to radeon 9800xt's? installing the agp drivers I deactivate agp by disabling in directx it will sometimes crash during regular work and always crash during What is a friendly motherboard to radeon 9800xt's? ANY kind of direct d gaming So what motherboard would you recommend that I don t have to worry about these problems Is there any kind of database in which I can look up what motherboards are compatible to what videocards Thank you in advance p s One of the solutions to video card crashes that I ve read on this forum was to increase the agp voltage which is not something that I can do on my motherboard Go figure nbsp

A:What is a friendly motherboard to radeon 9800xt's?

I know that that 9xxx line of ATI cards had a particular issue with some MOBOs that could be fixed by disabling "fast write".

Maybe try it.
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I'm guessing my PSU isn't getting strong enough. I have a 350w psu, I'm trying to get my radeon 9800xt to work but I'm getting low clock speeds and my monitor always looks fuzzy and some what blurry. I've tried driver after driver and nothing works.

Lower then stock clock speeds, Fuzzy wavy monitor in windows. Is that a sign of weak psu?
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Hi guys,

I will be upgrading from a defective ATI Radeon 9800XT to a new XFX nVidia GeForce 7600GT, for the AGP platform.

When I get the new card, how do I uninstall my ATI card and all the software as to avoid any conflicts during the switchover to nVidia?

Then when I get the new card, how do I get it properly configured? I've never done this before.


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I recently replaced my Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 128mb with a ASUS ATI Radeon 9800XT. I did the same thing and uninstalled old drivers before putting in the new card and installing the latest Radeon Driver. I am experiencing really bad frame rates for this card and they are not much better than the 5200 if not worse. I have tried driver cleaner pro and removed all traces of nvidia drivers but still no result.

Gigabyte Ga-8IPE1000 Pro 2 Motherbard
P4 3.0 Ghz HT
512 DDR Ram
Asus ATI Radeon 9800XT

A:Radeon 9800XT not running as expected

it could be a defective card but it could also be the fault of driver cleaner. other people that used it to clean oout nvidia drivers have had problems after using it. it seems to have a tendancy to take out files it shouldnt. like .dll files.

put your XP disk in your rom drive and open a command prompt. type sfc /scannow this will run system file checker and repair or replace any damaged or missing system files.
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I have an emachines T3265 with an AMD Athlon 3200+ processor, running Window XP Home edition. I recently installed a Radeon 9800XT video card. My questions are how do I enable the AGP, set the aperture size to 128MB, and set the AGP Speed to 8x? I've looked through the video settings and bios, and can't seem to find thise settings. Well, actually I did change the aperture size and AGP Speed, but they don't do a whole lotta good without the AGP enabled. Currently the AGP properties are "AGP Status=Disabled", "AGP Aperture Size=32MB, and "Current AGP Speed=4x".
This is my first post ever here, so please be gentle.

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hi, my first post here, i have had a nightmare with my 9800XT card over the last few months, whenever i install any drivers above 4.10 Cat. it seems to give me blue screens randomly, i have updated my motherboard chipset ect.. As ATI advised me to but still im getting it. Even today while running a 3d Mark test i got a blue screen. My GFX card (In the ATI overdrive panel) says its at 70-80*C outside of a game, In the "PC health" section in the start up the CPU is 30-40*C. I mainly get the problem playing the following Games, Battlefield 2, Joint operations and Blackhawk down. i cant figure this out and thought i would post here.

Im currently using the latest ATi drivers (5.7)

Any help would be grateful.


A:ATI 9800XT Radeon (blue screens, lock-ups, ect.)

The 9800 series cards run very hot. Your card fan may be failing. You can get a VGA Silencer for about $15. It replaces the fan and heatsink and does a great job of cooling the card. You may also need to do a clean install of Windows if you've changed the video driver alot.
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is the 6800 Ultra really THAT much better than the 9800XT?

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Hello All I have been having a problem with my video card ever since I got it I am on my second one now My first card after I got it loaded would give me a blank screen after the Windows Loading screen to try and fix it I did a clean install of Windows XP Pro updated the BIOS updated all the drivers and swapped out my W PSU for a CoolMaster W PSU none of which fixed it so I sent it back and got a new one The new card works Please Problems Radeon Graphic DDR 9800XT JetWay Help! 256MB except I JetWay Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR Graphic Problems Please Help! get discolored lines and in games I get a jumbled i e JetWay Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR Graphic Problems Please Help! triangles and lines picture from time to time I tried using different resolutions and refresh rates and swapping out monitors too but neither seem to help it The card has its own power line with nothing else on it The only thing that isn t up to date i e from this year is the BIOS the newest BIOS I could find was from If I JetWay Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR Graphic Problems Please Help! go back to my old video card GeForce Ultra MB it works fine except for lag in games Could this card be faulty too or am I just missing something If any of you could help I would appreciate it greatly System Specs Windows XP Pro SP Build DirectX c Gigabyte ZXE VIA KT A AMD Athlon tm XP SDRAM PC GB JetWay Radeon XT MB DDR GB SG rpm GB WD rpm LG x x CDRW LG x DVD SB Live Com NIC nbsp

A:JetWay Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR Graphic Problems Please Help!

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

The only suggestion I see,
have you updated the via chipset?
Try this link Via arena Hyperion
Select your OS, read through to find the right one for you.
I hope this helps
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ok so here is my setup i have radeon xt video card and i have a quot mitsubishi lcd dlp tv the model is i believe i bought a dvi to hdmi cable and plugged it into my comptuer and the tv i got it working fine for the most part the max resolution my tv supports is x so i set the resolution to that in computer and everything works fine i can drag windows over onto my tv and they look great HOWEVER when i load any game at all the tv resolution gets reset to like x and my games look ok but could definately look a lot better when i close the Radeon + 52" 9800XT with TV hookups/resolution problems game and go back to my display settings i can t change the resoltuion on the Radeon 9800XT + 52" TV problems with hookups/resolution tv back to x i have reset the whole thing to get it back does anyone know why Radeon 9800XT + 52" TV problems with hookups/resolution this is any tips should Radeon 9800XT + 52" TV problems with hookups/resolution i just exchange tv for a tv with pc input the tv said pc compatible but has no dvi or vga input just hdmi any help would be appreciated nbsp

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I'm a little stuck, i've just bought a ati 9800xt and when i plug it into my K7N2G msi (ms6570) mobo it won't boot, i just get a blank screen. i've been through the bios & done everything i can think of & i can't find where to disable the nvidia geforce 2 onboard chip.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Trting to install ATI Radeon 9800xt on my K7N2 mobo but won't boot - help!

Have you tried setting the Init Display First to AGP Slot in the Intergrated Peripherals section.
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Which should I choose? They all go around the same price...

A:ATI Radeon 9800XT vs GeForce 6800 vs GeForce 6600GT

It depends on which maker, really. But in general, the 6800 is the best of the three listed, followed by the 6600GT, then the 9800XT.
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Hi there I have recently linked up my HDTV to my computer This is working fine and I have had no problem playing small HD video using VLC player which I heard is the best for such things My friend wanted to show me his uni project that s pretty big gig and X1300 for ATI Replacement RADEON have discovered that my current video card is not up to it I have done some research and found some that I think are suitable I cannot Replacement for ATI RADEON X1300 find a way to ensure that it is compatible with my computer My main concern is that I cannot find out if my PC has a crossfire motherboard or something I thought I was good with computers but all this is beyond me I am not bothered about gaming Just playing HD videos with high bitrates I believe I need a graphics card that fits PCI x x slot Is that right My computer is a dimension e Cheers in advance for any suggestions or help nbsp
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The fan on my Radeon 9800 Pro recently started making a lot of noise (its about one and a half years old).
I unscrewed the fan, cleaned it out as best I could, and replaced it. Unfortunately, I lost one of the tiny mounting screws whilst replacing it. Also, it is still making too much noise.

Is there any way to replace just the fan? I bought a case-mountable fan (which screws into a PCI slot) but it didnt do anything.

I have seen these "silencers", like this one. Are they good enough to replace the stock fan (instead of accompanying it). Also, how do they work? Do they fit straight on the graphics card?

A:Radeon 9800 Pro fan replacement?

It replaces the Fan, but you need another slot below the video card, but if I remember correctly the 9200 needs the extra slot anyway !!!
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Hi. I have my HP ProBook 4540s with both integrated intel GPU and HD radeon 7650 M. It seems that my radeon GPU was overheated and dont working anymore. Is it possible to replace that GPU with some new? Thanks for help guys

A:Radeon HD 7650M replacement?

Unfortunately I have the same problem ... the "discrete" video card from AMD is not working any more. I guess I also overheat it during some game ... and now is not ussable... it simply generate blue screens. I had to disable it in safe mode ... or I disable if from bios options. Not sure how to fix this or where can I find this part.
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So for the past few months my fan has been quot popping quot off of my card When this happens I can HD Replacement Radeon Fan Gigabyte for Need 5770 usually hear it Need Replacement Fan for Gigabyte HD Radeon 5770 if not I Need Replacement Fan for Gigabyte HD Radeon 5770 realize it when my card hits c Yes I know not good but Need Replacement Fan for Gigabyte HD Radeon 5770 it's an old card and I'm not particularly concerned about it It's usually fixed by just shoving it back in I tried to finally fix it a few days ago took out the fan completely cleaned it with acetone and oiled it up Cuz I was tired of having my case half disassembled all the time but this just resulted in me completely breaking the fan I contacted Gigabyte they were useless Here are some pictures of the broken fan and the card Imgur The most awesome images on the Internet Now I assume the black piece with the screws that is still attached to the card would be considered part of the fan itself Because initially I thought the fan just like didn't have any screws at all And this confused me because every GPU fan I'm seeing on the net has screws Anyway I would just like some advice before I buy something so if anyone has any links to a fan they are confident would work please post them or better yet if someone has an old fan they don't mind parting please let me know It's mm -pin Does that mean I need a -pin fan or would a -pin fan work Also I would really love to not order something from China and have to go weeks without being able to use my computer EDIT yeah i had to unscrew that other piece Herr Derr Doing so reveals the model number of the fan http i imgur com ZhQu bd jpg Still though when I google the model number T SH All I get are -pin fans but the card is a -pin What do EDIT FOUND IT mm VGA Fan ATI NVIDIA Gigabyte Video Card Everflow T SH Pin from USA eBay SHIPPING FROM NEW JERSEY WHICH IS WHERE I LIVE ASDF FINALLY MARK AS SOLVED YEAHHHHHHH

A:Need Replacement Fan for Gigabyte HD Radeon 5770

Good luck. I haven't heard of anyone replacing a fan on a gpu. Let us know how it goes.
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A little over a year ago a built a system for my best mate which he paid me for It was all pretty slick until his graphics card started throwing artifacts and crashes about minutes into any d game I ve tried replacing the Catalyst drivers DirectX etc At this point I m thinking it has to be the card XP works fine it s just the d engines Also games with a higher d load crash quicker and for card a Radeon replacement Need X1900GT a produce more radical artifacts The card is a connect D Radeon X GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x CrossFire I believe connect D is now defunct Their California office is closed and all emails go unanswered If someone knows how to get an RMA from connect D that s be great As this is unlikely I need a replacement card for my buddy I m just outside of the -year NewEgg return The original card was around I don t think he has that kind of cash to spend anymore so I m looking at - optimally with shipping I Need a replacement card for a Radeon X1900GT know I might not be able to duplicate performance on this budget He plays mostly low-mid intensity games NO FPS but a lot of Need a replacement card for a Radeon X1900GT RTS and Turn Based stuff Total War was a favorite System Specs PS OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI ATX V W MB GIGABYTE GA- I GZME-RH LGA Intel GZ Processor Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA W Slot PCI-Express X Memory CORSAIR GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Monitor Plug DVI Location USA Texas Any advice would be very much appreciated If more specifications are needed I can grab them Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Need a replacement card for a Radeon X1900GT

How about this X1950GT? I think it is slightly better than the X1900GT and is in your price range, $109 before rebate, not including shipping.
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I have a dell xps 400 with 2gb of ram running xp home service pack3. 2.80Ghz.What would be a better upgrade for the replacement of the radeon x300 SE. Thank you.

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Although my new HP a1230n comes with, what appears to be a decent video card. Because it is integrated on the motherboard, would I be okay with staying with this card? I am an older guy who doesn't play hardcore games on my computer anymore. But I do want to do video copying with my DVD burner. And, if I did replace it, would the installation of another card in a PCI slot be going into my device manager and do some disconnecting?

A:ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series replacement

Hi Jakatak,
The HP a1230n's are actually pretty nice machines out of the box. They have PCI-Express slots so you are current with video upgrade capabilities if you ever did want to add a 3rd party videocard. That's an Athlon XP system too with a very fast FSB/memory bus.

As far as the integrated graphics are concerned, the Radeon IGP is actually one of the better integrated chips you can get. They are basically a shared vmem Radeon 7000 in capabilities, so playing a plethora of older DirectX 7.0/8.0 games is possible. They do pretty well in 3d benchmarks compared to other integrated chipsets. Obviously, they are not well suited to modern 3d/directx 9.0 games though.

So if you're not planning on installing any newer 3d games and mainly use the PC for video, audio, web surfing, burning dvd's and only light gaming- the Radeon IGP isn't a bad solution for this.

If you wish to get a fancy, whiz-bang videocard that supports directx 9.0, newest shaders and higher performance- you have a WIDE selection of cards in the PCI-Express you can use. has selections from both ATI and NVIDIA from $110 to $600 depending on how much 3d muscle the games you wish to play need.
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I have an nbsp Inspiron R nbsp Intel i - Ghz Threads turdo boost GHz M cache ATI Radeon TM HD - GB gb Dimm DDR MHz we don t use for gaming rarely used like new DAUM BMB DO nbsp printed on board nbsp QTFMZE nbsp UM MB printed on sticker on ram not sure which numbers are part number for the mother board I have video problems that Dell tech say is in the ATI card they said it is not available now as it is end of life they can not help They didn t give me any advise on what to ATI Radeon Inspiron card replacement? 17R do now So i thought I would try this forum I would appreciate any advise thank you nbsp I have been searching the net for a new card I am getting differing contradictory opinions on how I can fix this laptop it is rare It apparently has Intel HD graphics on CPU so i think this means it has Dedicated and Discrete graphics nbsp ark intel com Intel-Core-i - M-Processor- M-Cache- -GHz a Can the computer run on Intel graphics if the ATI card is removed if has screws and large heat sink i have not tried to remove it yet presuming it can be removed Can I remove problem solved nbsp b get new ATI nbsp card nbsp www laptopinventory com nbsp has the card and they say it can be replaced However other Inspiron 17R ATI Radeon card replacement? ebay Aliexpress sellers say it cannot be replaced they are trying to sell me new boards but numbers arnt the same Who is right c replace the whole mother board including video card Expert technical advise would greatly be appreciated Thank you in advance P s this is the second time an ATI card has let down a perfectly good laptop never again I seams many people have trouble with this brand shame on you Dell for using inferior hardware nbsp
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Anyone know where I can get an exact replacement fan for the ATI Radeon x1300? The fan has committed suicide in my card, and I'd like to replace it without spending more than the card is worth.

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I dont know how to see what 6700 card it is but the fan on it fell apart (I got the PC back in 2014). I'm trying to find a replacement to but have no idea what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:AMD RADEON HD 6700 series replacement fan?

There is no such thing as fan for a card that is the same for all vendors everywhere forever.
A 6770 would likely have a Dust buster type fan and getting a new one from the OEM that made the card will likely cost more than buying a new card.
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My gaming computer turned in February and now that it s no longer under warranty things are going wrong This week in the middle of a project the machine rebooted on its own It restarted but shortly after did replacement PSU question it again and again I still have free tech support and two tech s offered help on what could be causing it First I replaced the cooling system thinking the PSU replacement question one installed failed and the cpu was overheating doing it It still rebooted I purchased software called Hardware Monitor to see if the power supply voltage was bad but it seemed ok then I swapped out the memory in case there was a bad stick It still rebooted My support tech feels it still could be the power supply and suggested I replace it I was told that I would need to buy the exact model and that buying any other would require a complete rebuild of my PC Since the computer is years old the power supply isn t sold anymore I was wondering if it s true that my computer would need to be completely rebuilt if I bought a PSU that wasn t the same The power supply is a Enermax Galaxy EVO w model egx ewt My computer was made by Digital Storm More system details available if needed nbsp

A:PSU replacement question

1. What hardware do you have in your system that needs such power? We need your hardware specs: CPU, GPU, amount of RAM, drives, etc.
2. Why does he believe a complete rebuild is necessary because that particular psu isn't made anymore? Is it a special size? If your case is to standard specs then see point #3.
3. Who is this support tech? Does he work for Digital Storm by chance? Check these psu's that will more than meet your power needs: 600479299&IsNodeId=1&name=1200W - 1499W
4. Before you spend any $ find someone who has a digital volttage meter and test your psu to see if that is really the cause.
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In test 2 of Memtest 1.86, I began to receive errors, the red lines and many of them.

Secondly, a quarter of my downloads through Internet Download Manager v5.09 end up corrupted; previously, I read somewhere, frequent re-downloading would have to be carried out due to bad RAM but I'm not sure this applies here. I don't think the problem is with IDM though, I've been using the software for months without problems until recently.

Thirdly, if indeed the RAM is rotten as I suspect it to be, which 1GB DDR RAM, considering my hardware specs, should I replace it with?

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I've had sporadic issues with freezes and I figured out that it's because I have a w powersupply in a rig with a new video card recording interface drawing power new ram cpu etc The computer in question is HP Pavilion a w I bought a Elite Power Watt ATX Power Supply Installed it and was not able to get a steady stream PSU Question Replacement of power eg sometimes it would turn all the way on with a few things plugged in sometimes it wouldn't there was never any consistency I tried resetting the CMOS removing the bios battery not plugging in any extra peripherals etc and was never able to get any consistency Im thinking I just bought a dud and will be fine after returning it after work for an identical model PSU I wanted to check with everyone and see if somehow I bought the wrong PSU type or there's anything extra that I should try that it might be my fault anything just getting one last check-in before i return the PSU btw model information on the PSU my rig are Micro Center - Cooler Master Elite Power Watt ATX Power Supply RS -PSARJ -US HP Pavilion a w Desktop PC - HP Customer Care United States - Replacement PSU Question English

A:Replacement PSU Question

I wouldn't take it back just yet.

You now have 2 power supplies--old and new.

Do you get one set of problems with the old one and another, different set of problems with the new one?

Or do you get the same set of problems, with both the old and new power supplies?

Power supplies are not easy to troubleshoot without special tools, so it's best to have 2 on hand and compare the problems with each. It is possible both are bad, but I would NOT assume so.
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A quick question to basically gather some information..

This Laptop (VGNN130G) came with 2 x 512mb sticks. Does one have to upgrade 2 x 1GB or can it be one 1GB stick and leave one of the 512mb sticks?

Question being, do u have to always place 2 sticks with the same capacity and speed etc or...speed remaining the same the capacity of the two sticks can be different.

Many thanks

A:RAM Replacement Question

Quote: Originally Posted by BadHairSpray

A quick question to basically gather some information..

This Laptop (VGNN130G) came with 2 x 512mb sticks. Does one have to upgrade 2 x 1GB or can it be one 1GB stick and leave one of the 512mb sticks?

Question being, do u have to always place 2 sticks with the same capacity and speed etc or...speed remaining the same the capacity of the two sticks can be different.

Many thanks

Can be different. Ram is cheap and having 2 gigs is far better than 1.5. go for the 2x 1gigs

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My WD5000AAKS-00TAM0 hard drive decided to give up the ghost a couple of nights ago. Seeing as it needs to be replaced, I am having a tough time deciding which model I should replace it with.

Should I find another HDD with the same build as my old one, or get a new model? (Still a Western Digital)

I've had these two in mind: (For a family computer/casual gaming. Keep in mind, some suggestions said as long as the GB storage and RPM matched with the old one, there's no difference)

Western Digital WD Green WDBAAY5000ENC-NRSN 500GB SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital WD Blue WD5000AAKX 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

A:HDD Replacement Question

You want the "Blue" drive. The "green" is a power savings drive, which means it spins slower and shuts off to save power all the time. Great for storage, bad for running windows on.
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I'm thinking of replacing my old v570 laptop CPU to a more newer model. The socket type is FCBGA1023, PPG. Is there any suggestions?

Go to Solution.

A:V570 CPU replacement question

Dear Spanich,
Welcome in lenovo community,
No option to upgrade the CPU, you can only upgrade the 
Ram up to 8 GB
HDD up to 1 TB
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I recently had a black screen issue on my sons Inspiron 660s.  We ordered a DELL USB recovery drive, replacement  (WD1003FZEX) hard drive, & Dell approved compatible upgraded CPU (i3450s) & GPU (Radeon HD 7750).
- - Can we install all the new hardware & then follow the recovery USB steps, or do we have to install them 1 step at a time, after we use the USB recovery drive...??
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Is there any way to replace a USB key dongle with a software solution I purchased Question Dongle Replacement a software package about six months ago that insists on using a dongle for security I run this program on both my desktop and laptop swapping the dongle as needed While I m not worried about the desktop running with the dongle it s the laptop that is a concern Since I m on the go alot I sometimes forget to grab the dongle as I m heading out the door and usually remember it when I sitting in the airport waiting for my flight The key is so small I m always afraid that when it s plugged into the laptop that it will get accidently bumped and not only wreck the dongle but also damage the laptop s USB port Small things are toooooo easy to steal This package cost my enough already and I don t feel like shelling out even more money for a another piece of plastic with a red light Any solutions or ideas would appreciated nbsp

A:Dongle Replacement Question

What exactly do you need from it? A drive encrypter?
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Maxtor 541Dx 5400rpm,20GB,ultraATA/100 3.5 series with 1GB RAM died and I would like to replace it with something cheap. PC is a 2002 Gateway
I have found on the net some refurbished and recertified ones either IDE or SATA 40GB
with 2MB RAM for approx $17.

Which should I consider or not. I really don't want to spend much as my son gave this
pute to me and all I use it for is email and reading stuff on the net.

I will load WXP home on it, version 2002, and then get AVG and then update at MS.

This is the 1st time I have done this so need some help. I have the Maxtor out and
ready to buy and install another.

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We have an HP All-In-One unit that originally came with Windows about a months ago We upgraded to Windows in September and it's been running great unit a few days ago when we got the following boot message - SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure Failing Drive SATAO Failing Attribute B It would not boot into Windows and would only take me into the troubleshooter I went to a command prompt and ran chkdsk f after which it did let me restart the computer and although it seems to be okay that same msg still appears at boot It's just not preventing me from successfully getting into Windows any longer So if I have to replace the A Basic HDD Question Replacement drive what do I do to get the OS back to Windows We of course have no Windows disk or even an disk If I put a new HDD in the unit and turn A Basic HDD Replacement Question it on will there be some facility for allowing me to get W back Without a disk Or even We have everything important backed up on an external TB A Basic HDD Replacement Question drive so taking it back to factory settings is fine with us Even if we have to go back to I assume we could always re-upgrade couldn't we

A:A Basic HDD Replacement Question

Hi, having activated Win 10 on your PC, you can simply replace your HDD, and clean install Win 10 (x32 or x64 as you like). There should be no need to enter a license code. (I didn't have to). Worst case you'd need to contact MS, which should be relatively routine.

You don't have to reinstall Win 8.

Your best approach is to create a Win 10 install disk and proceed from there. Why? You can subsequently use it
a. as a boot disk
b. for an in place upgrade repair (see tutorial section) - a real plus feature in Win 10.
c. It's one download.

Personally I would skip updates while installing.
As soon as you have your drivers configured, and a working environment, use disk imaging and create an image.

Now, you have backups, great. But have you started to use disk imaging yet? (3rd party program recommended widely here for this).
- allows you to back up complete disks/partitions
- would have allowed to to put a new disk in, and recover your PC EXACTLY AS IT WAS when imaged, in under an hour. A massive time saving.
- you can mount the images and extract files
- you can update your images (updates are smaller and faster)
- can provide a migration route to a new PC by restoring to dissimilar hardware, or, as I've just done, 300 + programs, settings etc in about 3 hours (a lot of that processing the data).
- allows you to restore a non-booting PC to the state it was in when you created the image in under an hour without tech assistance. (Hardware faults excepted).

Macrium Reflect (free) doesn't support incremental imaging, but is extremely competent if a bit geeky. Currently I like O&O Diskimage 9 (not free) rather than Aomei Backupper (free is ok)

You need a large external disk, and you must create the boot medium and ensure your BIOS/UEFI is configured or can be configured to boot from it.
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I'm planning to replace my monitor to a 19" flat screen.

As I use my PC mostly for business and ocassionally onlinegaming, could someone please tell me what specifications should I look for with the replacement.

Thank you

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I currently have a Geforce 8200A motherboard and i want to get a 780i sli is vista going to recognize the motherboard or am i going to have to reinstall everything over again ?

A:Motherboard replacement question

No just a Repair

Vista Repair:
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Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to view my post My LOL haha Emachines w went poops due to the dreaded power supply failure taking the mobo with it as well I have had NO luck with emachines support on replacement questions I would like to Question Replacement Mobo purchase a new mobo that will still allow me to use my restore CDs I was told that a mobo of either the same type or manufacturer would work with my restore Cds so I do not have to purchase Windows that would start to get expensive I was hoping to upgrade to a superior board if possible in this scenario And one dumb question do Mobo Replacement Question new mobos come with the processor or is that a stand alone purchase me not too smart lol Thank you everyone for you help and I am glad to see such a helpful community -Aaron Here is all the specifacations on the computer Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition CPU AMD Athlon XP Processor GHz with QuantiSpeed architecture Monitor Bundle eMachines quot eView s Monitor quot Viewable mm dot pitch Chipset VIA KM Memory MB DDR PC Hard Drive GB HDD Optical Drive x Max CD-RW Drive quot MB FDD Video S ProSavage integrated AGP slot available for upgrade Sound AC Audio Network Mbps built-in Ethernet Modem K ITU v -ready Fax Modem Peripherals Standard Multi-Media Keyboard -Button Wheel Mouse Amplified Stereo Speakers Ports Other USB ports on front Serial Parallel PS Audio In amp Out Mic-In amp Head Phone jack on front PCI slots available Dimensions quot W x quot H x quot D nbsp

A:Mobo Replacement Question

if you still have the origional hard drive it should have windows and should be configured to your hardware (mobo) and no, your motherboard does not come with a new prossesor you will have to swap a few things from your old mobo onto your new one, no windows installation is required, if you want you can send me a private message and we can discuss this further
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HD on my HP Vista went south and I have a new one ready to install. I have the recovery DVD's that I made when the machine was new. I also have a set of recovery DVD's that I had ordered from HP.

MY question is; are these two sets of recovery disks identical. I'm trying to avoid all the bloatware that comes with a new installation.

Which set is best or does it make any difference.

A:Solved: SATA HD replacement question

Stick to the ones you ordered as in the past when i created the recovery DVD's they managed to become corrupt somehow. Probably easier to use HP ordered disc for time saving possibly. Good luck.
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I just bought a new 1TB hard drive. and the full install of windows 7. i want to take the HD1 as seen in the pic. and wipe it clean so i can install it in the empty bay for extra storage. then i want to install the new HD. and install windows 7 on that drive. can i do that? plus i have all my photos that i take on the HD2. will i lose any of it when i do the switch around? or should i unplug it. then after installing windows 7 i can plug it back up?

A:Hard Drive replacement question

I would temporarily disconnect HD2 so there is no way you can inadvertently wipe it or install Windows on the wrong drive.
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Hi All,

I've fallen in with some extra laptop ram, and I want to confirm whether or not it is compatible with my computer before using it.

The lable on the stick of RAM that is IN my computer now says:

KR 0426

PC2700S - 25331 - AO
M470L3224FT0 - CB3
256MB DDR PC2700 CL 2.5

The lable of the stick that I would like to replace this with is:

512MB 2Rx16 PC2 - 5300S - 555 - 12 - A3
M470T6554EZ3 - CE6

Will this work? Can I replace the former with the latter?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi has anyone repaired bad caps in a Samsung 226BW LCD Monitor ? I want to verify which way the Pink and Blue Cords should be reconnected, should it be, Pink/Blue, Pink/Blue ?

A:226BW Cap Replacement Hookup Question

does this help any?
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I have a IOMEGA AC Adapter that still works however Question AC Replacement IOMEGA Adapter - I noticed a small tear you can barely see it on the wire I IOMEGA AC Adapter - Replacement Question noticed if you move the wire in a certain way the AC Adapter will not power the IOMEGA Hard Drive It will only work if you position the AC Adapter in a certain way in the left position The plug works just fine but I would like to buy a replacement AC Adapter The details relating to the IOMEGA AC Adapter is Model KSAD W US Input - V Hz A Output V A The IOMEGA Hard Drive itself is Make Iomega Model MDHDU I think I did a search on Google com using the model number of my IOMEGA AC Adapter So far I found the following things interesting MEMOREX KSAD W US AC Power Adapter DC V IOMEGA AC Adapter - Replacement Question - A http www ebay com itm MEMOREX-KSAD W US-AC-Power-Adapter-DC V- - A- Date accessed - - PM - Pacific Standard Time Search IOMEGA AC Adapter - Replacement Question engine used Google com Search term used KSAD W US See Also NEW AC Adapter For Memorex KSAD W US I T E Power Supply Cord Charger PSU http www amazon com Adapter-Memorex-KSAD W US-I-T-E-Charger dp B DGUHQH Date accessed - - My question is Will any of the replacement AC Adapters in the links websites above work for my needs If so then I ll just go ahead and buy one online If the AC Adapters in the links websites above are not for my needs then what AC Adapter would you recommend at this point Besides I m actually looking for a brand new External Hard Drive Western Digital Drive anyway I just need a new plug so that I can make the file transfer process easy The current hard drive I have only contains just files such as word documents music files videos and etc nbsp

A:IOMEGA AC Adapter - Replacement Question

Any adapter with the same model number should work. I found some cheaper ones on, try searching there with the model number.
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Hi all First time on this forum found it hoping someone here could help me Bezel Question Simple Replacement answer a real simple question I cracked the screen on my laptop and the person replacing it Simple Bezel Replacement Question later told me that the bezel around the screen was in fact cracked as well and if we were to replace that screen Simple Bezel Replacement Question it would be loose and likely break again Long story short I have to drop another - Another part of the hassle is my lack of knowledge with things like Simple Bezel Replacement Question this The mentioned laptop was an HP Envy Sleekbook my model being the - us link http www amazon com HP- - us- - -Inch-Sleekbook-Black dp B AU IA The site I found a possible replacement bezel on was Ebay http www ebay com itm New-HP-Envy Laptop Housings Touchpads amp hash item c e e b and I seem to trust it however this was for the - us model my model nowhere to be found other than on the HP partsurfer So tl dr would a - us bezel fit a us laptop and would it be safe Also if it doesn t fit where could I find the right bezel Is the partsurfer which offers no further information on the part other than the name be a reliable resource Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Simple Bezel Replacement Question

If the screen sizes are the same for those two models the the bezel will fit.

I've often replaced laptop screens and often have used screens from completely different models as the all tend to use a standard screen anyway. Buying a screen for a particular model is the expensive way of doing it.
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So i purchased a Aspire E E - G from newegg because i Aspire replacement E... battery regarding Question in needed a new laptop and didnt want to spend a Question regarding battery replacement in Aspire E... lot of money What never occured to me untill after i paid for it was if the battery was replaceable from further research after newegg shipped it to me I found out that it may not be I am wondering if someone could tell me that if the battery goes bad can i send the computer to acer and have the battery fixed or am i basically going to have to purchase a new laptop when it Question regarding battery replacement in Aspire E... dies I need a reliable laptop with a battery that is replaceable because i will charge my machine a lot If the battery is truly non replaceable then I was wondering if I should ship the computer back to newegg get a refund and look for a acer laptop with a battery that i can replace nbsp Thanks for any assistance nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Question regarding battery replacement in Aspire E...

First thing you need to check, the laptop you have purchased from Newegg is under warranty or not. To help you check this, please find the link given below and enter the laptop Product Serial number on the warranty status box: If it is under warranty, you can claim the replacement for battery, please find the link below to contact Acer Support Center: If the laptop is not under warranty, it is recommended to approach Newegg for replacing the laptop. If you are planning to buy a new laptop, it is suggested to buy from HP or Lenovo or any higher configuration of laptop from Acer brand according to your choice. Hope this will help you.

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my laptop's touchpad currently go crazy when im controlling it
what do you think is it faulty that i have to replace it or its just my system os, already tried restarting and system restore

what website can i buy this replacement parts and about how much range is this touchpad

my laptop is Acer Aspire 4750G

A:laptop replacement parts question

Try virus scan i know sounds silly.

Uninstall drivers and re install using these ones :

Failing that Is it in warranty ? If it is a problem it may be cheaper buying a spares or repair laptop taking its parts as a last resort.
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So i purchased a Aspire E E - G from newegg because i needed a new laptop and didnt want to spend a lot of money What never occured to me untill after i paid for it was if the battery was replaceable from further research after newegg shipped it to me I found out that it may not be I am wondering if someone could tell me that if the battery goes bad can i send the computer to acer and have the battery fixed or am i basically going to have to purchase a new laptop when it dies I need a reliable laptop with a battery that is replaceable because i will charge my machine a lot If the battery is truly non replaceable then I was replacement in E... regarding Question Aspire battery wondering if I should ship the computer back to newegg get a refund and look for a acer laptop with a battery that i can replace nbsp Thanks for any assistance nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Question regarding battery replacement in Aspire E...

First thing you need to check, the laptop you have purchased from Newegg is under warranty or not. To help you check this, please find the link given below and enter the laptop Product Serial number on the warranty status box: If it is under warranty, you can claim the replacement for battery, please find the link below to contact Acer Support Center: If the laptop is not under warranty, it is recommended to approach Newegg for replacing the laptop. If you are planning to buy a new laptop, it is suggested to buy from HP or Lenovo or any higher configuration of laptop from Acer brand according to your choice. Hope this will help you.

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Emachine T hello on newegg com is there a motherboard that would be compatible for my computer or any other sites that would sell cheap motherboards and not ones that are for one Thank you ---------------------------------------------------- Here s the computer info CPU AMD Athlon XP Processor GHz with QuantiSpeed architecture Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Home Chipset NVIDIA nForce Memory MB DDR PC Hard Drive GB HDD Optical Drive DVD RW Drive Write Max x DVD R x DVD RW x DVD-RW x CD-R and x CD-RW disks Reads x Max DVD-ROM disks Reads x Max CD-ROM disks x Max CD-ROM Drive quot MB FDD -in- Media Reader USB Secure Digital SD Smart Media Compact Flash Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO Micro Drive Multimedia Card Video NVIDIA GeForce MX graphics AGP x slot available Motherboard T2865 Question. Emachine Replacement Sound nForce -channel Audio Network Mbps built-in Ethernet Modem K ITU v -ready Fax Modem Peripherals Premium Plus Multimedia Keyboard -Button Wheel Mouse Amplified Stereo Speakers Ports Other USB ports in back in Media Reader Serial Parallel PS Audio-In amp Out Dimensions quot W x quot H x quot D nbsp

A:Emachine T2865 Motherboard Replacement Question.

Any motherboard you get will be compatible because you might have to start fresh using only the computer's case. You will have to obtain a copy of XP or Vista because any eMachines discs will be useless. You will need to replace the power supply... If by chance, you find a board that will take your old processor and memory you will save some money there
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A350D-005 and I had a major spill on the keyboard, I took the keyboard out and am going to replace it as the whole things is trashed but the laptop its self its perfectly fine. My question may sound really stupid but if I bought a replacement keyboard of a different model would it work? There are some very similar models such as A300D-005 for much cheaper than mine. What would happen if I were to use it?

Thank you,


A:Laptop keyboard replacement (stupid question)

Your best bet is to dig around on Toshiba forums or just on the net in general. You'll often find that all models in a range will share many of the same parts. See if you can find a part number for the keyboard either from a label or part number on the keyboard or the manual/toshiba website. You'll probably be able to use a keyboard from any Toshiba of that age/range but best double checking first.
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Hello, respected Uk community;
This question is regarding my laptop Lenovo ThinkPad
Thinkpad e465.
is a
screen suppose to have some connector or wires to install it after I remove my 1366x768? I found this screen on ebay-it (please check the link below) is compatible with E465 but I want your opinion please because the seller says that the screen does not come with anything else--I just get a IPS 1920x1080p screen ----
click here
A 2nd link from the same seller but with more description and a detailed picture:
click here

A:Laptop screen replacement quick question -

The last screen I replaced came with no connection. Use the existing connector.
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I hepled a friend with a new build--the old computer is a Dell Dimenssion 4300S with a Pentium 1.4 Ghz processor--it runs very slow because it has only 256K Ram and is running XP. It has a capacity of 1 Gig.

So I have various upgrade options. I could just buy one stick of 256K and add it to the one open slot, but that would be mixing two different modules. I could also add two new 256Ks, or add a 512 to the existing, but then again have a mixing. I could of course add two 512s and have it maxed out. Price ranges between $25 to $120 with those various options.

She wants to keep this puter for a backup for the teens. What do you recommend? Willl 1 Gig make a big difference over 512? Should I put in new memory? Etc.

A:Question on Memory replacement on Pentium 1.4--mixing and how much needed?
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So question laptop, replacement on parts about coffee Spilled I Spilled coffee on laptop, question about replacement parts spilled coffee on my laptop over the keyboard I turned it off immediately took out the power but stupidly left the battery in I wiped it dry left it a couple of hours then tried turning it on It started for a second then turned off again Yes I now realise what a idiot I am for doing this So I opened it up cleared out all the excess coffee I had only spilled the coffee on the left hand side of the keyboard and directly underneath this area is the the fan which didn t seem to have any residue on it and the power board assembly The motherboard was on the otherside of the laptop and free from harm So having cleaned it out as much as possible and let it dry out for days I try turning it on and it won t even start up I m thinking that I may have messed up by turning it on after only a few hours and with pic related being directly underneath and probably covered in coffee it short circuited and ruined it My question is does this mean the entire motherboard and electrical components of the laptop are defective Bearing in mind no coffee was spilled on the motherboard Or might it mean only this particular component the power board switch assembly which connects the power button to the motherboard is broken Will replacing this part alone be enough to salvage my laptop nbsp

A:Spilled coffee on laptop, question about replacement parts

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. As you say - easy to do but a rather expensive cup of coffee
3. Such a problem is I am sorry to say impossible to solve - in an online situation - the only advise that I can offer is
If you are not technically knowledgeable enough to dismantle the laptop and check circuits with a meter - not of course with power connected - then it is a lost cause until you evaluate the cost effectiveness of paying for a computer repair business to evaluate it.
Coffee - water is of course a conductor and will effectively short live to earth - anything could have gone.
SORRY but a real and effective analysis will require professional test equipment and IMHO depending on local rates - you are talking about something in the order of 30 just to tell you it is a lost cause.
Unless it is a valuable - newish laptop I would think your best is to take out the HDD and see if that is a run connected to another computer in an enclosure or docking station
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Hey all.

I have a Radeon 9200 on meh old dell computer and my brother plays some online games with it. I just wanted to know how to turn off AntiAliasing. His games lag a lot because of the graphics card so I need to know how to turn it off to make gameplay smoother. Thanks!


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Q: 9800xt

I just wanna no what the difference is between this:


That, cus the price difference is very differnt, with the second one being like over 100 cheaper, am i issing somethin......maby a brain?....anyway.....


Wow, not only is it cheaper, but look at all the games it comes with!

I'd call and be sure it's got the full 8 pipes (could be an "SE" or something w/ only 4 pipes, and possibly only a 128 bit DDR bus.) and wide 256bitDDR bus. If so, don't delay, that's a great deal. But you are correct in being suspicious
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Hi all I know this has been posted on here many times i have a qosmio x - and the gfx card has overheated and needs a reball no one wants to do it and ebay reballers cant give any garantee as mxm b is fairly new to them and they have never reballed one before Its a gtx m what i was wandering is if i can downgrade the - nVidia GTX 560m Qosmio - question replacement faulty X770-107 gfx card as im finding it hard to find a gtx m for less that and its not worth paying Qosmio X770-107 - nVidia GTX 560m faulty - replacement question out that much i can get a gtx mxm b from alienware and reading on here says the bios is not compatable or issues there is also a quadro m m or a gt m mxm a it seems as no one seems to have replaced these cards only someone tried to put a gtx m which is different chipset and newer tech any help would be appreciated even if its a qosmio x whould the gfx card work from that think they had a max of a gtx m in them thanks in advance simon

A:Qosmio X770-107 - nVidia GTX 560m faulty - replacement question

I?m afraid another and different GPU will not work properly.
From my experience the BIOS will not handle such new device properly.

Of course this is just an assumption because I never tried such GPU replacement.
But according to different suggestion from people who tried to replace the notebook?s GPU, mostly its an compatibility problem between the GPU and motherboard/BIOS.

Therefore in case of GPU problems, it?s not worth to replace only the GPU because the costs are immense.
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Hi i am running windows xp and the HIS radeon 6770 is direct x 11 and from what i recall windows xp dosent support 11 or 10. So am i wasting this cards potential if i cant use direct x11 or 10? computer specs:
Motherboard - ECS RC410-M
Hp Pavilion a1324n
1gb Memory
Inter Pentium 4
Ati Radeon Xpress 200
Has one Pci express 2.0X16 slot AND 1 free Pci slot
My power supply is a HIPRO -D3057F3R max output power 300W ,19A on 12+ rail

A:HIS Radeon HD 6770 question

First thing's first: you shouldn't try to run a 6770 with that PSU. You'd need a 450W+ unit from a reputable company at least. Upgrade your PSU before you do anything else.

XP wouldn't be the thing that drags your graphics down; it would probably be the rest of your system. A Pentium 4 is going to be a major bottleneck. As annoying as this might seem, if you're looking for more performance, it might be time to look into a major (and probably money-consuming) upgrade . An AMD fusion based system is probably the way to go if you're looking to save money; a CPU (with GPU onboard)/micro ATX mobo/RAM set shouldn't cost more than $250. Keep in mind that these motherboards probably won't take IDE HDDs though ... and now, HDD prices have gone up. Ergh.

EDIT: Haha, I just read your earlier thread. .
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Whats the difference between a ATI Radeon 8500 LE and a
ATI Radeon 8500 ?
What does the "LE" mean and which is better?

A:ATI Radeon 8500 Question.

the 8500 LE is the "limited" version some of the features of the 8500 are disabled on the LE version. they are disabled by the bios and there are bios's flashes that can renable those features if your brave enough to risk trashing your card if the bios flash goes bad.
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I have the Radeon X1900XT. It will not recognize my TV. How do I force the card to turn on the TV video output so I can use my computer on my TV? The only way I can seem to get it to turn on is to unplug all monitors and I am tired of doing it.

A:Radeon 1900xt question.

First thing I'd do is make sure you have the latest drivers, Catalyst 7.2 was just released.

Then if you open up the Catalyst Control Center you'll have options to enable additional displays and there's also a Force TV Detection option that may help.

But there may be a two display limit on that card, so you may need to disable one of your LCD monitors.
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Howdy Before I start I will list system specs AGP Radeon Question 128 9800 Pro Windows Pro SP AMD CPU Enermax W PSU KT Ultra MB MS- Has x AGP Support Radeon Pro mb DirectX c Gig of Ram ---------------------------------------------------------------- I went and installed Max Payne today found it in a bargin bin for like dollars so figured why not Anyways When it finished Radeon 9800 Pro 128 AGP Question installing it told me I did not have graphics acceleration turned on which seemed odd to me so I booted up DirectX Diag and decided to check it out I just got a brand new Western Digital HDD and reloaded my system so I figured perhaps I hadn t updated something yet Now something that has always bothered me Win k has always detected my video card has Radeon Pro Radeon Pro - Secondary not sure why this one is there Anyways I am using the newest Catalyst Drivers I have never had a problem with them so I just always update to that version over the omega But to get back to the Dxdiag results So I run Dxdiag all the tests check out as usual DDraw acc is enabled D D acc is enabled however sure enough AGP Acceleration is greyed out and disabled telling me that it s quot Not Available quot This should not be the case So I goto my bios which I even flashed and updated the bios recently to the newest amibios v and check out the AGP settings the AGPMode is locked to quot AUTO quot not even giving me the options between what SHOULD BE x x x Auto So my questions are thus How do I enable my AGP Graphics Acceleration in Dxdiag How do I get my options to show up in my bios for AGPMode Now the video card is brand spanking new My old one the fan gave up on me and ATI replaced the entire card for free within day I might add so it s not the card The spec s on the card SAYS it supports x AGP here http www hothardware com viewarticle cfm articleid amp catid The Specs on my MB http www neoseeker com Articles Hardware Reviews msikt index html So I assume there is either A A driver issue B Some setting I have not turned on turned on that is giving me a problem Please help Thanks in advance Elec Jester P s I have also just updated with the newest VIA in chipset drivers nbsp

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Recently bought the GPU and realised that my current power supply wasn't quite good enough, so I went and bought an "emergency" PSU locally. Specifically an 850w PSU by Power Zone.

Now the GPU is amazing but sometimes I struggle to run some games on full settings, such as Assassins Creed 4, Shadow Warrior, etc. , and obviously I bought the card with intentions of running games on ultra with decently good FPS.

Now to the point, is it the PSU that could be holding me down? The recommended wattage on the AMD site stated it to be 750w. and I do believe that my system specs are pretty much good enough.

I'd also like to point out that a friend recently got a Radeon 7950 and claims to run above mentioned games on full settings with no problems. Again so he claims

Also included dxdiag info

A:Question about AMD Radeon 7990

May we ask what you and your friends PC specs are? It could be other variables at fault.

Never mind! Just noticed the specs are listed in the txt file.
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Hey all I was just wondering before I make my purchase if a XFX Radeon HD would work with my W PSU it s from DELL and I hear they underrate their power supplies so it might be somewhere in the s hopefuly It s been running my power guzzling mb x PE and PSU question XFX - HD 4770 Radeon after checking some wattage consumption charts it shows that they are pretty close in terms of wattage Also I hear that the is great for low power consumption I m running a Intel E Ghz Dual Core with GBs of RAM What are your thoughts Does anyone have success stories with DELL XFX Radeon HD 4770 - PSU question PSUs They reason I want this card is because of the power to performance ratio as well because i m not interested in upgrading my PSU as i ll just replace the whole PC another year or down the line with the new i stuff I m just looking for a temporary boost in performance P S My PSU has only -pin connector but I believe thats all I need Thanks nbsp

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Hey I just have a quick question and maybe a dumb one. Anyway is an X800 CrossFire Edition the same as an X800XL?

A:Radeon X800 Question

Crossfire is ATI's equivalent to SLI. So, I think the crossfire edition is a little worse than the XL series

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Hey everyone, I have a question, does anybody know if the Radeon HD 5870's HDMI port is audio only or can I run it through my monitor's picture and get display too?

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I bought my ati 9800 pro (oem) some months back and have enjoyed using it thus far.
However, with two imminent blockbusting titles only weeks ( I hope) from release and with the introduction of new cards by nvidia and ati, am thinking that its time I upgraded again but I can't afford any of the new cards, being limited to a maximum 200 budget, however, I'v noticed that the 9800xt range of cards have come down to a more reasonable level but my question is - would upgrading from a plain 9800 pro to a 256 meg 9800xt show a significant leap in performance or should I save up for the x800 series?

A:9800 to 9800xt

I'd save up Vega. If you have a 128mb card then the upgrade might make Doom 3 a little smoother to play but to be honest I don't think a 9800 Pro -> XT upgrade will do that much for your performance. You would be better off with an Arctic Cooler for the card and overclocking it a little. You can see a comparison between stock and the arctic cooler (available from about 12 online) here. Might even get you up to 9800XT speeds.
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I DLed radlinker and was wanting some tips on safe speeds for it. thanx

A:overclocking 9800XT

Speeds vary with each card. You can't jsut set a guaranteed overclock, it depends on what kind of memory the card uses, and the environment it's in. Try just upping the core and memory 5mhz at a time, running a benchmark of some sort, and if it works, keep going higher. Once you start to see artifacts, back down a bit.

Also, check out this. It's a tool that automatically raises the core and mem speeds, and tests for artifacts. Just let it run for a while, and it should find a stable speed.
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hi i have an asus 9800xt and it worked for a week, and now the colors are really messed up. i have tried 2 different monitors so that isnt the problem and i've tried the drivers from the cd and the catalyst drivers off ati site. anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be?

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I've been thinking about upgrading my video card and am wondering which card to go with. From reviews it seems that Radeon has the edge right now, but i was wondering what some actual consumers thought of them... thanks

A:9800xt vs fx5950

I don't have any experience with Nvidia cards....actually had been running an ATI Radeon64 VIVO for a long time and currently running a Sapphire 9600 Pro and a Radeon 9800XT on my machines. I've been happy with them all and have not had any driver issues. Normally I will update when new come out.

On the flip side, many of my friends that HAD been running Nvidia cards have come over to ATI and been happy. But it's all going to be on personal preference....there's a lot of happy Nvidia owners as well....many of them here.

Just my $.02
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Would a mobo with PCI-E that says'Supports only PCI-E VGA Cards (AGP not supported)'

Take a ati radeon 9800xt or will i have ot buy a new card for a board using PCI-E

A:PCI-E mobo take 9800xt?


I am asuming that the 9800xt is AGP. SO no it will not work with PCI-E

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Hi guys recently i have been 9800xt and CPU OVERHEATING!!! having a few troubles with my computer rebooting and locking up etc st thing i noticed was this bad noise coming from my graphics card CPU and 9800xt OVERHEATING!!! xt the noise was coming from the fan which had stopped spinning properly and sometimes getting stuck this was causing my card to reach temperatures of up to degrees celsius idle and up to degrees whilst in games today i downloaded a program called motherboard monitor which shows me the cpu temperatures my cpu is overheating as well at degrees celsius According to the program my case temperature is at degrees celsius and i am running a single exhaust fan Have tried removing the side case and the temperatures are still the same The cpu fan seems to be running perfectly fine btw I highly doubt that this has something to do with my case heat seeing as ive tried without a side panel and room temperature is fairly average I have also installed the latest omega drivers for my ati card currently As far as overclocking goes i havent touched a thing however i did buy my pc privately so the builder s may have overclocked it As you may be able to see i am not very good with computer hardware however i do understand most things lol PLEASE HELP Currently running p ghz gig ram xt P s motherboard Win Xp home nbsp

A:CPU and 9800xt OVERHEATING!!!

Pull the fan off the cpu, wipe off the thermal grease and re apply new stuff.

Replace fan from card as 120 is close to replacement time... Card is close to burning up.

Go into your Bios to check temps as MB monitor is motherbord specific
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well i posted in another thread but for days i got no response i just upgraded from a mb geforce fx to a mb radeon xt now just like ydiss i was expecting some serious upgrades in the form of FPS i play americas army however after i uninstalled all of my nvidia omega drivers then used driver cleaner uninstalled my installed my xt and installed the ati omega drivers problems 9800xt i noticed a DECREASE in FPS while playing americas army i need help AMD Athlon ghz mb pc ram ATI Radeon xt 9800xt problems gig Maxtor HD ASROCK K S GX mobo w power supply I was thinking this might be the problem if not im thinking it could be a bottleneck in my system somewhere well i looked into my bios my agp aperture was at mb so i set it at i went back into bios found that my primary display was PCI so i set it to AGP then i found that the speed was set at auto so i set it to x lastly i found fastwrite was enabled so i set to to disabled still no dice http service futuremark com compare k nbsp

A:9800xt problems

i love how everyone is jumping to help me. i hate these forums *sobs*
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Since I did a clean install of my hard drive recently I ve been having a problem with my graphics My Specs Windows XP Athlon XP ATI Radeon XT AGP ASUS A N X-X Motherboard Symptoms -When I open up a video file pause it then open up a second video file the second video file will play as normal with a grainy texture over it -When I go into the catalyst control center and try to change D options the previews will be all messed up and make my screen go black forcing me to restart the comp -Various menus in a game called Maplestory flicker which makes playing the game very annoying This game uses DirectX btw What I ve Tried Already -updating to my mobo s latest chipset drivers -reinstalling the latest ATI drivers I tried both the stand alone card driver and the entire on 9800XT Odd problem catalyst software package -reinstalling DirectX The odd thing is that I haven t changed any of my hardware around at all since the last time I did a clean install The only thing different was is the new case I transferred everything in to The reason I had to do a clean install just recently was because the contents of my hard drive somehow got messed up in the process of moving it and I couldn t do a windows recovery Also I should mention that the grainy video problem doesn t happen when the catalyst drivers are uninstalled Any advice would be appreciated nbsp

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I read everywhere the 6600GT wins in benchmarking, but is the performance level noticeable?

I've narrowed my search down to these 2 cards.


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Ok, i have an ASrock P4i45GV as a motherboard with pentium question is, will it be compatible if i slotted in a Radeon 9800XT(8X/256mb/256-bit) into it?...cause I'm thingking of buying one('cause of the reviews)....Will the radeon 9800xt be compatible with my current motherboard?.....this are some specs from my pc.....Hard disk:200GB..Power:400watt..Ram:760mb..Windows:XP...Please Help!!!

A:9800XT Compatible?

Well...ummmm...I couldn't say. If your board has an AGP slot at 4X or faster, fine. Otherwise, don't buy it. Also, do you have a fast processor? At least a...maybe......2.2 or better processor speed...otherwise, don't get it. Your CPU will be a data bottleneck, am I correct?
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I cant seem to get the 2 screws under the video card out, it seems to be on there very very tight, any recommendations or another way to get them off? I dont want to break anything.

A:Removing 9800xt FAN help!

have you looked for instructions in the internet? a google search will surely yield useful information. you may not have real 'screws' but rather locking pins that look like them but function differently, which are common these days for VC HSF assemblies.
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i just bought a graphics card off ebay is it an old card will it play the latest games here is what the seller says about it New ATI Radeon XT MB DDR TV Out DVI + tell 9800xt if this me here - ati true look please is AGP x please look here + tell me if this is true - ati 9800xt Retail Box This Card is being please look here + tell me if this is true - ati 9800xt sold for GET YOUR HANDS ON ONE OF THE BEST VIDO CARDS AVAILABLE IN UK NOW Cheapest Price on Internet Buy now before they are all gone XT is the best version of ATI series Introduction The series we all know just how successful it s been and how all the die hard gamers have parted with large amounts of money to play the newest and the most bad games at the highest resolutions at all the top detail settings Image quality on the XT is what we have come to expect from ATI flawless D quality is excellent with bright and vibrant colours Additionally DVD playback is crystal clear D quality is no different to the naked eye from the Pro and is therefore first class No other card on the market can match the speed and IQ of the XT Specifications Chipset GPU Radeon XT Core clock Mhz Memory Clock Mhz PixelPipelines Memory Size MB Memory Interface -bit Memory Type DDR D API DirectX DirectX OpenGL OpenGL Interface AGP X X Ports VGA amp DVI amp TV-Out S-Video Out General Features RAMDAC MHz Max Resolution x Hz SLI Supported No Operating Systems Supported Windows ME XP System Requirements Intel Pentium III II Celeron AMD K Duron Athlon Athlon XP or compatible with AGP bus configuration MB of system memory AGP X X Slot Package Contents Radeon XT card S-Video Cable S-video to VCR for tv out CD Driver Manual Power Cable Condition Brand New sealed in Retail Box IS THIS TRUE WILL I BE ABLE TO PLAY THE LATEST GAMES LIKE OBLIVION FEAR PREY WITH THIS CARD MY SPECS amd athlon ghz cpu asrock k upgrade vm socket mobo elixir mb ddr pc pin ram temporary gb samsung sp c sata hard drive IF I GET MORE RAM COULD I PLAY THE LATEST GAMES ON HIGH DETAIL SETTINGS THANK YOU nbsp

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Hi all from Australia OK l will have question/s Radeon games PC Hi, l and regarding 5450 some Hd on my try to explain properly what my problem is Basically l bought a secondhand computer around weeks ago Now this PC Hi, l have some question/s regarding Hd Radeon 5450 and games on my PC is nothing special it just has gb intel core duo x ghz of speed and gb s of Ram And it has a Radeon HD graphics video card My post today is mainly about this graphics card And firstly l just want to say that l use the PC l bought for studies web surfing and playing PC games I m a huge PC game fan and l usually play old games from the s and s so DOS games and some PC games up until There are just a few games l wish to play that were made in the last year or two So l want to ask would my graphics card be able to handle these games And first of all l know the radeon hd isn t the best graphics card I ve done research on it and l absolutely have no interest in playing games like Crysis or whatever or modern warfare l think its called so l don t have much of a need for high demand battle games or real intense gaming I just prefer the games from what l mentioned above mainly adventure gaming etc This is my take on it from memory the radeon hd was released around years ago so does that mean it would be able to handle any game or most games before it was released I mean this card l know isn t the latest and greatest but it should still do the trick it s still a graphics card If you understand what l mean Meaning the card is only a few years old and surely it could handle pc games around And of course games from the s And lastly I m trying to decide if l should upgrade to a better graphics card for my pc game needs is it worth doing it for my choice in gaming And does a better graphics card necessarily mean a better game graphics I guess what l mean is if you play old Dos games or s games would the games graphics look better or much different if l played them with the radeon card or some more advanced card I m guessing no because dos games are very old and those games run on a completely different system but l would like your take on it So to sum it all up the questions I m asking are Would my radeon card be able to handle my choice of games Would it be fair to say that the PC games released before this card was released would run ok on my PC Simply because the card is only around years old and most games l wish to play were released before the card was released And finally the question about whether there would be much difference or improvement with graphics regarding old games s games etc And definitely finally lol l am sorry for the long post or if these question s has been discussed before or even if they seem like stupid questions l m just finding it hard to decide whether to upgrade or not and would be grateful for some insight Thanks very much bye Aaron nbsp

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DOes anyone know if any manufacture is planning on releasing the video card in agp version?
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I just bought a HP laptop which has a Radeon HD integrated graphics chipset - the website said it could & question memory HD 3200 Radeon use up to mb RAM which is fine for what I want Unfortunately there are a few things I don t quite understand It s currently set to use mb RAM and there s no BIOS option that lets me increase this to use the full Nowhere on the system can I find an option to change it from to the full When I look at the settings it shows as taking mb of the gb total RAM on the laptop and holding it as quot available graphics memory quot - it s then using mb of this and the there s another mb showing as quot shared system memory quot which doesn t appear to be available to the rest of the system In case that sounds unclear there s a screenshot here showing the graphics screen and here showing system memory breakdown As a result of it looks like I have a laptop which has gb of RAM and an ingegrated chipset shich SHOULD use up to mb for graphics but it s currently only got gb of RAM available for system usage a mb graphics chipset and gb of RAM sitting around doing nothing When I google the chipset Radeon HD 3200 & memory question it says it has up to mb graphics memory which fits with the figure I have showing but nowhere does it explain how to increase it to use mb rather than the current mb nor what the rest of the mb is actually used for if anything It s a long while since I read up on IGPs so I may be missing something obvious - can anyone help nbsp

A:Radeon HD 3200 & memory question

The 1150MB is similar to the AGP Aperture size on older systems, its memory above and beyond what is manually allocated to provide extra texture space for the video card. This memory is only used when needed and not in use otherwise by the system.

Have you looked in the ATI Catalyst Control Center to see if you can increase the shared video memory there?

And most important what is the exact model of the HP laptop from the sticker on the bottom?
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Hi all

i am about to buy a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB DDR AGP and i got a question will it fit in my PCI bus? i got a Nvidia GeForce 420 MX at the moment. i heard the power supply to the pc has to have some sort of connection with the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro when fited in. i got a HP Pavilion 400 pc with windows xp home editon, 256MB AMD Athlon 1800+ 40gig HD.

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Which distrubitor / manufacturer is better for a cheap ATI Radeon video card:Asus, Celestica, Power Color, Sapphire? What is the difference? Some recommendations for about $100.
Which manufacturer of HD is better? Seagate has a 5-year warrenty but if I get a serial WD it is 3-yr warrenty. Is it worth it for a serial HD?

Another: Is the Lite-On SOHW-1213S Duel Layer any good or is the Lg 4120 better? Or maybe another brand.

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Hi, I'm looking to purchase this GPU (])
Do you think it will work with my 300w computer, a lot of people in the reviews seem to be saying it'll work with a 300w PCU. Of course, I can upgrade to a 400w if I need to but I'd rather save the money as long as it'll work well with no problems on a 300w.