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Can I convert bit rate of an MP3 file without burning to CD and back again?

Q: Can I convert bit rate of an MP3 file without burning to CD and back again?

Don't know where to put this, so I"ll put it under software.

I have an external drive where I've archived my CD collection at 320 kps to maintain the sound quality. I want to reduce the bit rate to something like 64 or 128 kps in order to put them on my MP3 player, since it's only 1 GB in size (it's a flash drive) and I can't afford 12+ MB size songs. The only way that I can think of converting them to a smaller size is to burn a CD, then turn around and rip it at the lower bit rate back to my drive.

Can anyone tell me an easier way to compress them without having to burn a CD?

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Preferred Solution: Can I convert bit rate of an MP3 file without burning to CD and back again?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I convert bit rate of an MP3 file without burning to CD and back again?

Try that
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hi everyone,
i really need your help. my computer is running windows xp pro sp2 and i have a video of my sons birthday its plays using windows media player. i cut the file and pasted it by mistake in tasks under windows files and it changed the format and now i cant open the file. please i really need this video if anyone can tell me how to change it back
ps i tried to do windows restore and that didnt help

A:file converted and i cant convert it back

What do you mean by "tasks under windows files" ?

If the video file is still there you may only need to rename its extension as .avi or whatever extension it was before. To see a file's extension in windows explorer go to tools => folder options => view and untick hide extensions for known file types.
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I have some files which were internet shortcuts, for some reason they are now "Website" files. I cannot open the website from them, can anyone please tell me how to convert them back to Internet shorcuts please

A:How do I convert a "Website" file back to an Internet shortcut

If you select "save as" in the browser, you will save the html file (sometimes along with associated content).

If you click and drag from the URL to the desktop, this will create a web link. You can also right-click on a web page link, and select "save link as" as another method to saving the link instead of web content.
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Hi... i am just wondering if there is some problem with my cd rw... recently i tried burning some cd and there some error like cyclic redundacy problem and some burn cd cant even be read and took long time to response and the cd can only burn up to a max of 15x... Well... few years ago... i could burn up to 40x and there is no problem like wat i am experiencing now...

btw... i been doing lots of burning previously and could this be a problem??

A:My burning rate has drop...

maybe due to age and starting to die... but try this troubleshooter, after each step try again:

[right click my computer>properties>hardware>device manager] remove all dvd/cd drives in that list. reboot.

goto the driver's manufacture website, download and install the latest firmware for it.

try on a different machine

try different media/brand....
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My CD-RW is being used as a slave to the CD-ROM drive as the master. The transfer rate it is using is PIO and I can't change it to DMA. Is that OK or do I need to change it and if so how do i go about doing that? My CD-RW is a 52x24x52x, my discs are 48x writable and it take 12 mins to burn at 24x and I know thats not right. Please Help if possible.

I'm running a 750Mhz anthlon/duron CPU with 256 Ram and Windows XP Home Ed.

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i am getting a little annoyed of the BSOD that i keep getting after i burn using a convert x to dvd and i have been on this site research the problems and i have used the memtest+86 and the mem test comes out fine and i did a last know good configuration and nothing has changed and i have the blue scanner view and here is was i have been getting..

011912-15272-01.dmp 1/19/2012 10:02:36 AM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000d1 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000008 00000000`00000000 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40 NT Kernel & System Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Microsoft Corporation 6.1.7601.17640 (win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506) x64 ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40 C:\windows\Minidump\011912-15272-01.dmp 4 15 7601 262,144

can someone please help me

A:BSOD after burning useing convert x to dvd

Hi joset1985,Have you recently installed, updated, or changed any thing? Check that you have all the critical updates for Windows as well as the ones from the manufacturer of your computer.If the BSOD happened just after using the Convert x I would look into this program as possibly causing the driver conflictCheck event viewer and see if you can find a source for the error'>How To Use the Event Viewer AppletLook in Device Manager and see if there are any red X's or yellow !..Right click on 'my computer'..Click 'manage'...Click 'device manager'..If you see a red X..the driver is disabled ...A yellow ! means there is a conflict....The following link will walk you through how to use device manager...What is the Device Manager?Paulineedited to add convert x as possible problem
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Any burning software which directly can use DVD software to burn mov file to DVD video without using a separate converting software first ?
Does Nero Vision Express 3.1 work or DVD flick ?


A:Burning DVD software convert Move to DVD video ?

not that i know of
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Hi everyone,
Would anyone know what program or tool I would need to convert mp3 pro back to its original mp3...?Any help on this matter would be Appreciated...


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If I'm not in the correct sub-forum then can someone point me in the right direction ?
Anyway, I have a collection of music video's on DVD downloaded from various web sites and I would like to upload these video's so web users can in turn download them. Share and share alike and all that.
Is there a way that I can convert these music video's back to the format they were originally downloaded in e.g. mpg, mpeg, avi etc ?

A:Convert back

can't help with rules
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Something happened to my hdd and it changed from NTFS to RAW and lost its drive letter
I ran the free version of EaseUS data recovery and although it said 100% free after 1 hour it found akll my files
But when I went to transfer those files to another drive it said the free version only allows 1gb of data recovery.
So much for 100% free
I really cant afford the paid for version and so I tried Recuver instead.
That wont work because it says I must format the disc which obviously will lower my chances of recovery
Can anyone suggest a free, no catch software to get me through this
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I upgrade on one of my machines, and to pull it off, I had to convert my user account to a full blown Microsoft account. Now that I am all upgraded, I cannot figure out how to convert back to a non-Microsoft account. Anyone have any idea?

A:How to convert back to a non Microsoft account after 8.1?

Hello musiclover,

The tutorial below can help show you how to switch back to a local account.

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8
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Replaced old dc5000Mt with another one and it has NTFS on it I want
to covert it to FAT32.went into cmd to try to convert it but it tells me that
It is invalid or incorrect file.Can anyone suggest something.

A:convert NTFS back to FAT32

jcTAZMAN said:

Replaced old dc5000Mt with another one and it has NTFS on it I want
to covert it to FAT32.went into cmd to try to convert it but it tells me that
It is invalid or incorrect file.Can anyone suggest something.Click to expand...

You will either have to reformat your hard drive or you can use a third party utility such as Partiton Magic.
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Gals and guys i am changing jobs at 50 and am going back to school and need help converting a pdf file to microsoft word to finish my assessment, any ideas????(Moderator edit: post moved to more appropriate forum. jgw)

A:help to convert a pdf to microsoft word and back

Hello,Here you have a free online pdf to word converterPdf to word converterEnjoy Regards, Max
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help! i install a Picture program MCI photo suite and it converted all my pictures to their own Files!! so now when i look at my picture files it has the Photo suite icon instead of the Infraview Icon!!

So now when i click on my pictures it opens up that MCI photsute program with that photo
how do i convert eveything back to normal!

thanks in advance!!

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It's a long story but basically my dad's computer was lent to someone and is now stuck in Chinese It's running Windows XP Professional according to the computer Help info - although the Microsoft sticker on the bottom says it's Windows XP Home but I ran the Windows Update and it seems to be genuine software and when I go to the Chinese English! convert to cannot from back Regional Options and Languages control panel cannot convert from Chinese back to English! I am not able to uncheck the quot Install files for East Asian Languages quot option under the cannot convert from Chinese back to English! Languages tab It is grayed out and I cannot do anything I have already changed everything else I can to English and removed the Chinese options but for some reason everything still comes up in Chinese except I finally managed to change Internet Explorer to show up in English Can anyone help please Thanks PS My dad cannot find the original Windows XP CDs PPS I cannot read Chinese But I can go back and forth between my computer and the laptop to compare icons

A:cannot convert from Chinese back to English!

it sounds like someone installed a chinese version of windows,i spent not hours but days on a similar problem last year and they ended up having to purchase and english version and install it
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I had to install itunes for a plugin on a site and in the process of the installation/using it, it converted my entire library of mp3's to some kind of itunes format.
Yes, I know its my fault - I got hasty. I need to recover from my haste.
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I've been using an online Word to PDF and back conversion tool called Zamzar for quite a while and which is very good, but it has an input limit of 100 mbs which I sometimes exceed.

Appreciate details of any programmes or suggestions as to how to raise this limit as high as possible.

Many thanks in advance....

A:Best programme to convert word to PDF and back ?

I do not understand why you need to do it in such a complicated way? Here's how I do it, first Word to PDF "conversion" by selecting Save As PDF from Word:
No additional third party tools needed. Then PDF to Word "conversion" which I do by opening a PDF document in Word:
Word then tells me the PDF will be converted to an editable Word document:
I click OK letting Word to do that and in a couple of seconds I can edit the document in Word, saving it when done however I want to, as a Word document or for instance as a PDF.

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I have several avi and mp4, mov files which other people had converted from DVD. I am wondering if I can convert these files back into DVD format and restore the original quality then burn them to DVD. Has anyone been able to do this?

A:Can I convert an avi back into a DVD and restore original quality

Nope. You'll never be able to get those back to the original quality. But you should be able to get them on dvd at near or the same quality they are currently in.
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I had a win7 installation, x64 and recently I installed windows XP, quit w7 for a while. I have a big problem, I have a 160GB SATA2 Maxtor HDD, I first formatted/part'ed when I had installed windows7, and now being back to my xp I cannot browse the partition, the driver letter appears but I cannot access the information, i put the drive in another computer running w7 and all the data was accessible. I tried like a ton of part. managers and no luck so far. If anyone kows

My question is how can I convert my partition back to NTFS from extFS or WinFS??

Google didn't helped me at all, it's been 2 days since I am looking for a solution to this, no result on google (or this forum or other forums for that matter) will give me a compatible partition manager/tool or I am unable to find the keywords for it.


A:How to convert my partition back to NTFS from extFS?

I'm a bit confused, neither extFS or WinFS are among the format options in Disk Management, so how did they get formatted in that fashion at all? If you used a partition manager or some Unix OS to format, then I would use the same to alter it.
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I need convert/save Excel files into the ASCII comma delimited text files. It needs to be in this format in order to upload healthcare data to the CDC (NHSN).

Thank you.

A:How to convert/save an Excel file to ASCII comma delimited text file

File - Save As. Change Save as type option at the bottom...
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I have a group of files I created in Microsoft Works Works Doc. 3.0 to file word Convert Microsoft processing File word processing and spreadsheets I have the original files on Floppy Disc Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File Scan Disc and on my Hard Drive I have tried coverters and the best results I have received are partial or full text with symbols Nothing with the original documents creation form and font style I have been told that the only true way to Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File see these files in their original form is to run the files through Works with Windows with MS DOS before Windows had its own operating system Is anyone out here running Microsoft Works with Windows on top of a MS DOS operating system These files should open in their original form and then are able to be save in DOC format All helps are Welcome Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA nForce i Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- PVM-S H x x Antivirus Norton Security Suite Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Regards it me nbsp

A:Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File

ࡱ����������������>�� ���������������������������������������������R�o�o�t� �E�n�t�r�y�������������������������������������������������������������F������������@‚•K����������M�a�t�O�S�T�����������������������������������������������������������������������������€x•K@‚•K����&#... Read more
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Hi All I have a win sp x install with a second drive managed after back Convert Basic create to GPT attempt mirror? to Safely by Windows backup with Convert GPT back to Basic Safely after attempt to create mirror? daily full backups enabled I wanted to migrate my boot partition quot Disk quot over to a new SSD drive quot Disk quot and started to by creating a mirror of the c volume I used disk management and it prompted me to convert Disk to dynamic which I did and the mirror was created I can boot off Disk listed as Convert GPT back to Basic Safely after attempt to create mirror? quot secondary plex quot but Convert GPT back to Basic Safely after attempt to create mirror? I can't pull Disk since only the C partition was mirrored and not the quot system reserved quot I tried quot fixing quot Disk by using a system recovery disk but I still can't boot from it without Disk in place I found some technet instructions on how to properly do this on x using diskpart to recreate the MBR and BOOT partitions on the target disk BEFORE converting both discs to GPT and then mirroring the relevant partitions I would like to revert Disk back to Basic and try again but it seems like to do this the quot Windows quot way I would need to wipe all the volumes and restore from my backup recovery discs I would like to leave this as a quot last resort quot just in case I run into any problems restoring is there any other way to safely restore Disk to quot basic quot from quot dynamic quot I've seen some rd-party software that claims to do this but am not sure if it's safe or if I will FUBAR the entire disk As a related question is there any way to reach the original goal creating a mirror and then removing Disk if Disk is already dynamic

A:Convert GPT back to Basic Safely after attempt to create mirror?

Just to follow up...I wiped Disk 1 using diskpart -> clean, and then in disk mgmt I was able to create a new mirror starting with the "system reserved" partition and then the "C" partition. The "c" partition is now "resynching" from Disk 0 to Disk 1.

Will this work now that I have the "system reserved" volume mirrored to Disk 1 along with "C"?

What I'd like to do is power down, pull Disk 0, boot from Disk 1 and eventually remove the mirror, so I'm running on Disk 1 exclusively. Will this work or am I headed for a world of pain?
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Hello everyone,

Thanks for taking time to read my thread; I was wondering how I can convert a wav file into mp3 and also can I can convert an mp3 file into a media that I can play on Windows Media Player or Realtime or into any other format? Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Solved: Can I convert mp3 file into windows media file?

You'd only want to convert a wav to any format you want to use. Going from a lossy format (such as mp3) to say wmv (another lossy format) you will lose signal degredation, and end up with a audio file you wouldn't like. Most any old audio editing programs should allow you to save in .mp3/.wmv etc.

Might look at
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Hello - I want to take wav files off an SD card and convert them for use on any CD player. I have been told to convert wav files to pcm files which come under the umbrella of "redbook files" - all confusing and still can't do it. I have Nero 7 and do not know how to go about this. I transfer the files from an SD memory card to the Vista PC and know that I cannot just drag them and hope they'll convert. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:convert SD card wav file to file playable by any CD player

If you have Nero, all you should have to do is burn an Audio CD and add the WAV file to the compilation. No converting by you needed.

Open Nero StartSmart, select "Make Audio CD" from the Audio tasks, click Add and browse to where you have the WAV file and Add it to the compilation, close the Add window and you shoudl that the audio file has been added. Click Next, give the CD a title and click Burn.
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I have a sound file in Palm PDB format created in the Palm Voice Memo program I moved it from the Palm device to the Windows desktop PC Problem is I cannot find any way to convert this to any format readable by the Windows system I moved the file from the Palm s internal memory to its SD card because the Palm Voice Memo application would not allow it Palm Convert PDB a file Windows-readable to a file to be copied to the SD card so now it is no longer in the Convert a Palm PDB file to a Windows-readable file Palm s internal memory neither can it be put back into the Palm s internal memory in any way that the Voice Memo program can recognize it If I could get it back into the Palm s Voice Memo program I could at least play it but it is more desirable to just convert it from PDB to WAV or MP or any other Windows format I ve been working on this problem off and on for several weeks and have no solution I would even be willing to pay someone to do it for me if anyone can nbsp

A:Convert a Palm PDB file to a Windows-readable file

After weeks of off-and-on trying, I finally used a combination of words in Google that got me to a solution and I'm posting it here in the event someone else might need to do the same thing:

How to Convert PDB to MP3

Programs needed:
Clie Picture Converter
Mobile Media Converter
Both are freeware programs downloadable from the internet.

Go to your Palm data folder on your PC. Something like
C:\Program Files\Palm\[user-name]\Backup

You'll find files like [xxxxxxxxxxxx]_Vpad.pdb

These are the VoicePad files.

Copy the files you need to a temporary folder

Open Clie Picture Converter, and drag the files from the temporary folder to the Clie Picture Converter window.

New files with .JPG extension will appear in the temporary folder.

Rename these *.JPG files to *.AMR files.

use Mobile Media Converter to convert the .AMR files to .MP3 files.

This is what worked for me.
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My son plays basketball for an out-of-town college and I can download the radio broadcast games from the audio streaming over the internet into asf files using software called WM Recorder and WM VCR The broadcasts can be as long as hours and the player be ASF to a file file Convert a read CD on that normal asf file for a single game can be over mg I want to burn this file onto a regular CD that I can listen Convert ASF file to a file that be read on a normal CD player to on a normal CD player such as a CD player in a car I used software called Riverpast Audio Converter to convert the asf file to a wav file but neither the asf or wav files work in my CD player I can playback either file asf Convert ASF file to a file that be read on a normal CD player or wav through Windows Media Player on my computer and they work fine How can I listen to these downloaded broadcasts on a normal CD player I understand that I may have to split the file as I was told that a normal CD can only play back up to minutes of audio nbsp

A:Convert ASF file to a file that be read on a normal CD player

fow3 said:

I used software called Riverpast Audio Converter to convert the asf file to a wav file but neither the asf or wav files work in my CD player.Click to expand...

Your half way there with the wav file. Now burn it to a CD in CDA (CD audio), Nero or a freeware burner program will do that for you.
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I am trying to burn a bootable backup image of my harddrive to cd. The problem i am running into is that the image i created with Ghost is about 1.4mb in size. Is there a way i can split the image in two pieces and still have a good bootable set of cds ??


A:Burning back up image

Do you mean 1.4gb?
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This seems to be an ongoing debate topic Transfer File Rate (Vista x64) with little light shed onto it Truth be told this is one area where I'm File Transfer Rate (Vista x64) completely confused In my personal situation I have three total USB external hard drives used for various purposes Most say that it's because I saved money by getting USB and NOT the File Transfer Rate (Vista x64) beloved Firewire drives that it's so slow However given my specs File Transfer Rate (Vista x64) I'm feeling that there's something missing that could should be remedied This is a wild a m guess but would tweaking the Pagefile settings affect this sort of thing I'm not all about quot hiking-up quot the priority level of Windows Explorer via TaskManager useless However perhaps I heard it somewhere but the Pagefile idea seems to click but again that's a second area I rarely tweak for find reason to mess with I've got GB DDR RAM TB HDD Intel Core Quad Q GHz a pop and of course the external drives Something's gotta be missing here Anyone care to help revisit this issue ANY input except the sarcastic or rude would be greatly appreciated THANKS in advance

A:File Transfer Rate (Vista x64)

Are you asking would tweaking the pagefile speed up your file transfer rate over USB?
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Hi all As the title suggests I am struggling with my file transfer rate I'm hoping the answer is something obvious that hopefully I have missed but i will explain further I have PC's linked directly in a LAN PC is running Windows Home Premium - bit PC is running Windows XP Home Edition - Service Pack Both computers have the same Workgroup PC has x Hard drives one of which I have set up as a quot Shared quot hard drive PC I have changed in 'Advanced sharing settings' - network discovery public folder sharing file and printer sharing turned on Also File sharing connections is on Enable file sharing for devices And I have turned off password protected Lan win7+xp) (between Low file rate transfer over sharing Those settings are for both Home or Work and Public I can t figure out why I have such slow file transfer rates if anyone can help I would Low file transfer rate over Lan (between win7+xp) really REALLY appreciate it I have been looking all over the net for a solution but can t Low file transfer rate over Lan (between win7+xp) find one Please and thanks for any and all help If you need any Low file transfer rate over Lan (between win7+xp) further info I will be happy to give it I m not the most technical person but I will try my best XD

A:Low file transfer rate over Lan (between win7+xp)

is this a common problem, ive been searching the net, seems other people have the same or similar problem but it doesnt look like there are any solutions.
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Hello, new user, please bare with me... I have Windows XP, using WavePad to record some content off my INNO (XM) mp3, through sound card.All that I've recorded is now in Windows Media Player 11, about half of my recordings will burn onto a cd. The rest will show an error as it attempts to burn (Error: Windows cannot open...). I clicked on properties, and the difference between those that will burn and those that don't is, the Bit Rate - able to burn those with 1.41mpbs, the problem files show the Bit Rate as, either, 0 kbps or 32 kbps... Please explain how I can change the bit rate to the 1.41 mbps that media player likes. I have taken the "bad" files back to WavePad, split the file and for a few of those, the first half of the split file now shows the 1.41 mbps and the 2nd half will still show kbps...? Thank you, for your help.

A:Help changing Bit Rate of audio file

Hi coachtt,

I used this program to test out what you are asking for. It succesfully changed the bitrate to what I wanted. You can tell the programe which bitrate you require or give it a VBR.
I tested it on my PC today to make sure it works. I tested it on Windows 7, so you shouldn't have any problems with XP.
The program has a 15 day trial on it, so if you like it you could buy it, but there are probably a lot of free programs out there that will do the same thing. I'm pretty sure that VLC Media player can also do this, but I have never tried it with audio.
Let me know if you have any problems.
My advice would be to re-sample the 2nd one to the bit rate of the first one, then you shouldn't have any issues with joining. or re-sample them both to something like Bitrate:320 and Samplerate: 48000
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If this is illegal, please delete this thread immediately, and I apologize for the mistake.

I own a 100% legal copy of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and I've recently realised that repetitive use of the disc has created cosmetic & possible deeper scratches in the CD. I was wondering if it is legal/possible to burn a copy of this using a basic CD-RW drive and a CD-R disc? I vaguely remember trying, but I think I came about an error of it saying I had the files on my harddrive and not on a disc and therefore wouldn't run. Is there anyway to make Nero burn straight from one disc to another without two drives or anything like that?

Thanks for any help offered,

P.S- Yaaaay, newest two game threads for me

A:Solved: Burning a back-up copy

TSG can't help with copies...

Short answer, yes it can be done..
If you have one drive, it will need to be "ripped" to your HD first.
(That's about all I can say on that issue. )
But.... If the game is a DVD it won't fit on a CD...
And most games have a copy protection that will check for the original CD to play.
So in order for a backup to even work, you would need even more "illegal"* programs to make it work.

*I say illegal, because it's bypassing a copy protection, it's still one of those "grey" areas.. TSG just avoids it all together.

Just remember, to most companies.... NO "Backup" is allowed.
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I want to attach a zip file (which contains .exe files ) in Gmail.

But Gmail can't attach .exe files.

How to convert the zip file to jpg using command prompt

You can suggest me another way also

A:How to convert a .jpg file in to zip file and vice versa?

Have you tried just renaming the file and giving it another extension, like TXT and telling the receiver to change it from TXT to EXE?

And, how did a JPG get into this equation?
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Hey there! Was wondering if anyone could help me out with converting a jpeg to a dst file. Trying to get a logo on a hat. Thought I'll ask here. Thanks!

A:How to convert a jpeg file to a dst file for embroidery

Hi pegs1731, and welcome to TSG.

Due to copyright concerns, members are no longer allowed to make DST files for other members.

There may be free programs that will allow you to manually digitize your jpeg file to create a DST file. More automatic programs may be available, but they are not cheap.
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I want to convert a PDF or Picture file to OVL (overlay file). Will sombody tell me the solution.

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I realize that there are a number of commercial programs that claim to be able to do this conversion. Since this is for a one time individual use I was hoping to find something more affordable. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

A:How to convert OST file from Outlook 2003 to PST file?

Maybe you should try to do everything yourself without using software? read first what recommendations gives Microsoft.
If nothing happens, then I can advise you to use Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. This is a good and reliable tool, which I myself use.
Also, I think that this information will be useful to you.
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Convert Excel file to CSV file For free, If possible..

I need to do this So I am able to upload it to my webbased business,
which is run on netsuite.

Can anyone suggest a site that offers a free Exl to CSV converter
I have seen the converter run from with/in excel, that would be the best

let me know

Thank you Very much in advance.

A:Convert Excel file to CSV file (For free?)

F12 brings you into "Save as" and one of the options is for a CSV or comma separated values file format.
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I downloaded xvid, but I don't really know how to use it.
Is there a program out there that is good at converting .mov to .mp4?

A:How do I convert .mov file to .mp4 file with good quality?

Try WinAVI MP4 Video Converter.
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I'm using win-98, writing software in foxbase and compiling with clipper to make exe file under dos environment.

in some report, i make TEXT FILES to view reports.

I would like to export these TEXT files directly to excel, how can i do it ??


A:convert text file into excel file

If they are comma delimited files, use text-to-columns to separate the data into different columns.
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how do you convert an image file into jpg file?thank you.

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i have read my manual it seems that i have to use a cd compact disc digital video which i assume i can .divX .avi mpeg how file file convert or to to easily purchase hi i have a sony camcorder i copied the contents of the video camcorder onto my computer my computer automatically saves it as a combination of modd files and mpeg move files now i want to burn a cd so that i can put that cd into my toshiba dvd player attached to my computer i want to ultimately view and hear the contents ot my sony camcorder onto tv my toshiba dvd player says that it will play mp jpeg divX how to convert mpeg file to .divX or .avi file avi files on a cd compact disc digital video how do i do this i how to convert mpeg file to .divX or .avi file have been using nero which is not one of the above files the result is that i can see the video on the dvd player but i can not hear it i have also been using only a cd compact disc recordable is it that the cd compact disc recordable is not the same as a cd compact disc digital video or is it because the nero file is not a divX or avi file if i have to do this correctly what do i do what is the difference between the two cd types i am going to buy the video one today but once i have that what kind of encoding softward do i need i dont want to buy it as this is a two time event only i saw that there are free downloads on cnet i also tried the windows media encoder but that does not make divX or avi files can you please guide me step by step beginner steps language on what to do thanks this is a simple goal for me but a very complicated path to get to the viewing and listening of this onto my tv thanks tesuque isthen it says the file must be i researched what each is it seems that avi and divX are for videos but that avi is really the file type i should use as divX seems to be more commercially made videos ok so then i discovered that there is encoding softward that i need i found something on microsoft - window media encoder so if i am correct i should use window media encoder to encode the camcorder video content to a avi file on a cd nbsp

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my computer had a problem a few weeks ago and i had to either format it or install a new windows on top of the old one so i installed a new windows ontop of my old one coz i dont wanna lose all my stuff programs then i had back cant burning install nero i Solved: to install back most of the programs in my local disk even Solved: i cant install back nero burning though its there including ahead nero luckily i have the cd when i tried to install it it said theres and older version of it found on my computer and it needs to be deleted in order to install the new one so i just clicked remove then it said quot the wizard was interrupted before Nero could be completely Solved: i cant install back nero burning installed your system has not been modified to complete installation at another time plz run setup again quot so i did again and aagain and again it did the same thing so i searched for ahead nero on my computer and deleted all of them i think so what should i do so i can install nero burning rom back nbsp

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The following intruder events have been logged by my Embed in number Rate and file header ANI HTML 0 Realsure Desktop Protector after which the Application Protection Stopped Image ANI RateNumber DoS Intruder linhost prod mesa secureserver net Denial of Service This signature detects a specially crafted attack using a rate number set of in the ANI file header which can result in a denial of service HTTP IE HTML Embed Overflow Intruder NT Critical Issues This signature detects a specially-crafted HTML EMBED directive that could allow a remote attacker to overflow a buffer and execute arbitrary code on a victim s computer I have downloaded Microsoft-recommended patches to cure the problem but the Application Protection still remains Stopped on my Realsure Desktop Protector in addition to which I get redirected to other web pages at times when I am on the internet My Spyware Doctor software shows no spyware until that point but after my internet navigation gets taken over in this way I run Spyware Doctor and it shows several spyware infections which it cleans amp until the next time my internet navigation gets taken over and so on I would like to know how to get rid of the HTML embedded directive which allows buffer overflow and stop the attack where rate number is set to in the ANI file header All the advice I have seen so far has been to patch the problem so that Security is strengthened against attack but what if the attack has already taken place and intruder files are already on my computer amp how can I get rid of them I have edited my original message submitted yesterday to include My Rate number 0 in ANI file header and HTML Embed hijackthislog after Rate number 0 in ANI file header and HTML Embed going thru the HTJ tutorial My apologies for not including this earlier I realised i would have to do this after reading other posts Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System wltrysvc exe C WINDOWS Rate number 0 in ANI file header and HTML Embed System bcmwltry exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe c program files common files logitech lvmvfm LVPrcSrv exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files ISS BlackICE blackd exe C Program Files CA eTrust EZ Armor eTrust EZ Antivirus ISafe exe C WINDOWS system CTSvcCDA EXE C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C Program Files Spyware Doctor sdhelp exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files CA eTrust EZ Armor eTrust EZ Antivirus VetMsg exe C WINDOWS ehome ehtray exe C Program Files Java j re bin jusched exe C windows system hpsysdrv exe C WINDOWS system hphmon exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C WINDOWS system CTHELPER EXE C WINDOWS AGRSMMSG exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C Program Files Creative SBAudigy ZS DVDAudio CTDVDDet EXE C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C WINDOWS system wltray exe C PROGRA BTHOME Help SMARTB BTHelpNotifier exe C Program Files btbb wcm McciTrayApp exe C Program Files CyberScrub Privacy Suite Scheduler exe C Program Files CA eTrust EZ Armor eTrust EZ Antivirus CAVTray exe C Program Files CA eTrust EZ Armor eTrust EZ Antivirus CAVRID exe C Program Files Logitech Video CameraAssistant exe C WINDOWS system ElkCtrl exe C WINDOWS system LVCOMSX EXE C Program Files Spyware Doctor swdoctor exe C Program Files Spam Monitor SpamMonitor Exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C PROGRA HELPAN Pavilion XPEWWBF plugin bin pchbutton exe C Program Files Logitech Desktop Messenger Program Logi... Read more

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So if my router is reporting my max line rate is mbit s but the actual rate getting to the router is mbit Router data than rate max rate higher reports much s then what does this suggest An Router reports much higher max rate than data rate Open Reach engineer did visit to check everything was where it should be both at my home and at the street cabinet Resulting in moving the router next to the socket where the line comes in to the house initially the speed was getting around mbit s after he had organised things better He did say though the connection may go slower or faster over days its been a month now My ISP is Sky and I am subscribed to Fibre Pro the best they offer - their estimate to my house was mbit s Since then the highest rate I've seen is mbit down and mbit up So since I've subscribed to the highest speeds Sky will offer me I doubt I'm getting capped The internet from outside has been cutting off each sometime around pm maybe theres a bad line somewhere between my house and the cabinet What do you guys think What are some possible ideas what's going on Thanks Danny

A:Router reports much higher max rate than data rate

Shared line problems. It's pretty rare for you to actually get the speed advertised. There's a lot that goes into an internet connection, like the link speed for the devices. Applications that monitor, or check traffic can of course slow it down. But the most common cause is a shared line. For example:

You and 12 of your neighbors order the 100mbit service. Your ISP uses a 1Gbit line for all of you. You can get 100Mbits, as long as 2 of your neighbors aren't using it at all, even if the others are using up all of their speed. But if all 12 are on at the same time, it balances, and some people get a drop in speed.

It's all pretty standard practice with ISPs. As far as the dropoff at 9PM, that's usually caused by a gateway/modem reset. That's when they renew their IP lease. Some even do a full power cycle as well. Check your modem/gatway logs at that time to see if it shows any information about reconnecting (usually the easiest way to tell is the time is incredibly wrong until it gets the correct time from the ISP)

Maybe it's different in the UK for the shared line. Maybe there's not a questionable cloud of "Up to 100MBits!!!***" there with some bullet points saying you won't always get it. But almost every time here, that's the case.
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Dear Friends:

Maybe someone can advise me on this. I know that in the past, when you bought a new computer, a back up disc to reload windows was included, but that no longer happens. When I bought a new computer myself, I was given instructions on how to actually make my own back up discs with my computer. Apparently each new computer has the capacity built in to burn one back up disc. Now I would like to do that for my childrens computers, but do not know how. Is there anyone who could help with some instructions? Thanks for your consideration. By the way, they both have Compacs


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Hi, To have maximum performance of the monitor, i tried to change the refresh rate of monitor from 60 to 75 hertz. But on going to the advance menu and monitor, there is no hertz to select, it is set to use hardware default settings. thereis no drop down menu showing the hertz. How to have thoses hertz.
I remember seeing those hertz sometimes back. My OS is window 7 ultimate

A:I could not change the refresh rate of monitor as no rate is there

Could i expect the reply. Why refresh rate is absent
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is my file transfer rate normal or has it gotten slower for my hard disc drive I have bumped my knee into my computer and heard a scratching sound and guest it might be the hard drive since its one thing that spins when I copy big files like gb from one folder to another the transfer rate starts at around mb s drive my is rate file normal transfer slower? hard it disc or has gotten then drop down to and stays at around mb- mb per second I never pay attention to my transfer speed and is my hard disc drive file transfer rate normal or has it gotten slower? don t know if its like this has it gotten slower what are you other guys folder to folder transfer speed its the internal hard drive for my desktop specs below hard drive specs Manufacturer - Western Digital Part - WD AAKS Capacity - GB Interface - SATA Gb s Cache - MB RPM - Form Factor is my hard disc drive file transfer rate normal or has it gotten slower? - quot ------------------------------------------------ System specs Operating System- Windows Ultimate -bit SP CPU- AMD FX- C Vishera nm Technology RAM- GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard- Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd A-D P CPU C Graphics- SyncMaster email protected MB ATI AMD Radeon R Series ATI AIB C Storage- GB Western Digital WDC WD AALS- L B ATA Device SATA C Optical Drives- ATAPI iHAS Y ATA Device Audio- High Definition Audio Device nbsp

A:is my hard disc drive file transfer rate normal or has it gotten slower?

That sounds normal for copying files back to itself. Speeds always start off higher while the buffer is in use.
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Today I bought a movie from Itunes. But it's a m4v file and my tv doesn't accept this file.. so i need to convert it.
I usually use freemake video converter but this one does not support m4v files.. does not work because the file is too big
Can someone please help me? I've been searching for an answer for hours...
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I have a Pdf file. I want to copy all those things. So, when i tried to Convert it to Doc file. It require Password.So, it's a encrypted file. How can remove that Password or How to Decrypt that Pdf file??? If anyone found the Solution Please post Here.
I tried Many Pdf Password recovery softwares. But it takes too long time. it's not suitable one to recover the password.

A:How to Convert a encrypted pdf file to Doc file

Let me see if I understand...
You are asking for help to "crack" a password, on someone else's intellectual property?

Techspot does not support warez / cracks / piracy / illegal use of software.
This is, very probably, the only reply you will receive.

OTOH... Adobe's reader does allow you (in most cases) to select text, copy and paste...
The password is there to prevent you from modifying the original document.
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My sister posted a .docx file on a site for the rest of us to see. None of us have Word 2007 and could not open this. I then downloaded a converter from the Microsoft website and was able to open the file. However, there was supposed to be a decorative border around it and a message came up telling me it could not show the border and wanted me to put in a cd with Front Page on it. I do not have that and my sis says she did not use front page to make the border. Does anyone have an idea how I can view the border? Also, is it possible for her to save this file as a regular .doc so we can all see it?

Thank you in adviance

A:Convert docx file to doc file

Your sister can save the file as .doc in Word 2007 easily. Tell her to use 'Save as' and choose to save as Word 97-2003 document from the list.
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I am trying to find a way to take a WIM file from WDS, and convert it to an ISO image, so that I can use the ISO to install into VMware machines. I've read the many posts on how to convert a discover.wim to an ISO, but this doesn't work for what I'm trying to do.

Any suggestions on how to get a captured WIM converted to an ISO?


A:How to convert a windows WIM file to a ISO file

what OS is in the WIM? It might be easier to redownload as an iso image.
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I have an Apple Mov movie that I want to comvert to a MS mpg movie. How do I do this?

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hey how can i convert the flash files(.fla) to another format (.swf)
plz suggest me any method or software
thnx for that

A:convert the fla file to swf file format

I would try Super > it seems to convert anything! I havent used .fla files but I have made swf files with it so I know it definatly makes them!
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Is there a piece of software that can convert a gif file to an Icon File? How do I convert a gif file to a icon file? John
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hiii am hitesh i had a question that is how to convert 3GP file to a movie file?

A:how to convert 3GP file to a movie file

There are plenty of converters available. Just search google for "3GP Converter" and you'll get plenty of hits.

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i m new to this forum and have only initial knowledge of excel. I want to make prog similar to the given in screen shots attached , in which we are inputing two values and on pressing ok a message cpmes " a tfm file has been placed at c drive" . But I want to input three values . Can you help me in making this prog explaining in detail.

A:how to convert excel file into .txt file

Hi, welcome to the forum.
It is nice to look at thumbnails and screenshots but this doesn't explain at all what you want, need.
But now you expect anyone reading this to understand immediately what you need?
What kinf data is it, what do you need / want to achieve with it and not less iportan which version of Excel are you using?
The screenshot look like Excel 2003
A sample with dummy data and a clear and consice explanation makes it easier for someone wanting to help to do so.
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I have several .bss files created with early Dos versions of PC-File. I have a PC_file Version 8 but FConvert will not open the .bss files. How can I view these .bss files?

A:Solved: How to convert PC-File .bss file to .dbf

If it is a proprietary format, you need to use the program that created them. If they are a standard format with a different file ending, you would need to find out what that ending is. But for starters, just in case it is a text file, or at least readable as text, try a text editor.
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Hi All,

I have converted one USB DRIVE as CDROM.But the file system is FAT,i want to format it as CDFS filesystem.please help me to convert

Please suggest me to solve this issue in vista.Is there any software tool to convert FAT to CDFS.

Thanks and Regards,

System Analyst.

A:convert FAT file to CDFS file

Hello, welcome tho TSF

There is a utility at the end of this post that might help you
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I created a VHD Backup in Windows vista. I replaced WIndows vista with Windows XP Home SP2. I want to recover the VHD files. How may I do that?

A:Convert Vhd file to BKF

VHD files can only be converted in Windows 7 or Server 2008.
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Does anyone know of any software or method to take a self-extracting exe file and (de)convert it to a zip file? I've just learned of a method to create a portable app for my thumb drive; but it presupposes a zip file as input. I have a number of paid-for applications that I would like to "portabalize", but they all came as downloaded exe's.

Thanks for any help provided,
Dick Y

A:How convert exe to zip file?

Hello Dick Y,

Are you able to extract the files from the exe file normally, then just ZIP the extracted files?

Hope this helps,
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I am trying to export my .ost file into a .pst -- but the process always terminates after I get to about a 6.2GB size of the .pst -- any idea what's going on?

A:how can I convert ost to pst file?

3rd party apps get around this. I'm hesitant to recommend one over others.
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So I found some 4 year old VBC files on my laptop from when I had a free trial of Vodburner. What I'm trying to figure out is how to convert them to a playable .MP4. .WMV, or .ASF without purchasing software ie: Vodburner who will only convert it if you buy their $100 program. Help? :S

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How can I convert an outlook OST file from a deleted exchange account to a PST without having to spend a fortune on a some conversion software.I have found a few programs that can do it but none of them work with Outlook 2003.

A:Convert OST file to PST

Lots of help here:
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Hei friends,
I hope I am in the right Forum ?
Need some help, dunno if it is possible but def worth a try and request Members help.

I wish to rip, in .dat or mp3 file. from a VCD disc which has PBC ?, When we play on stand alone player>TV, I have the option to play/pick ALL songs, scenes, trailer etc
I do not have/see this option when I play via my PC !, Is there any software which can show/allow me to rip songs from the Menu. I cud ofcourse use a splitter, but sitting and picking songs at various places takes a wee bit of time. A shortcut wud have helped.
SS of the VCD menu is attached.
Apprec yr time and tips. Thx again.
Cheers .)

A:Rip or convert file from a PBC VCD

is it write / copy protected?
are there drm issues?
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i have a .bas file contains macros, Now i want to copy this to VB project to convert into .exe file, so that i can call that .exe file from other application.

If u have idea, let me know.

Thanks in Advance

Nagarajan S
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To use a game I need to run a .exe file to clean some files and folders (a zapper) When I try to execute this .exe or I get a B2e (batch to exe?) error or it does not run.

Can I convert this . exe to a .bat file with atool?

Thanks in advance
Vista SP2

A:How to convert a .exe to a .Bat file?

A batch file with extension BAT is converted to an EXE file using many tools available on internet. These tools offer many types of options like : protecting the batch file, encrypting its contents etc, allow extraction using a custom switch etc. Thus it becomes nearly impossible to extract BAT from EXE. So chances of extracting a BAT file from an EXE are very low and there is no clear method to do so unless you are the person who created the EXE in the first place.
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Can somebody tell me how I can convert a publisher file to PDF?
I have Abode Acrobat 6.0 Professional, Distiller and pdf4free.

A:How to convert a pub file to PDF?

I think I got it know, I used pdf995.
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Hello there,

I have an audio file which is an ASF File whatever that is ?

I need to convert it into MP3

I usually convert things to MP3 using a program I downloaded off the Internet called Switch.

However this time Switch will not convert it for some reason.

I do not know what an ASF File is !
Is ASF the codec ?

Anyway I would really appreciate your help in converting this audio file

I look forward to hearing back from you

Regards Richard Milner.

A:ASF File how to convert to MP3 ?

ASF is an Advanced Streaming Format. I believe the file is actually a link to the music file on the internet.
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I am trying to convert a *.dtf file from Q&A for DOS into ANY other format. For example a *.dbf, *.txt, *.cvs, *.xls, *.wk*, etc.

I have searched and searched on the internet and I can find companies that want to charge me to convert the file, but nothing that will simply help me convert it. I've looked for a Q&A ODBC driver so that I can connect using an SQL-type application, but no such luck. I've downloaded the latest MDAC from Microsoft and still no luck.

Can anyone help me????

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I have a wmv file I would like to burn to a dvd. It was downloaded from the net so I don't need to edit or change anything. Just want to get it on a disc so I can play it on my TV. Any help out there?

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Ok, i been kinda looking around in this here forum and google but im not either finding the right info or not understanding it.

I use PowerISO i just wanna make it where i can Take my CD/DVDs and turn em into 1 EXE File. I rather just use my discs once and put them back in case then have to open em and risk a chance of them getting scratched (children running around playing reflections on the wall ) i been getting em ready to put some into DVD Format so i can have only one disc hold the data but i have a few hard drive i can use to make into one EXE file i figure i do that do incase who knows what happens

Post a Thread or just post a quick easy to use direction on how to do. Thank You for Reading this Post! Have a good one!

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Hi Guys,

How to convert .3gp file to .mpg?
Thank you

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Hi I have a bat file that i want to convert it into an exe file with an icon.
I tried converting it first time using a program,but norton internet sec says that it's a virus.
So how do I convert the file in cmd?

A:How to convert a bat file

See if this helps:

Advanced BAT to EXE Converter - Freeware compile batch files to exe

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Hi , I have a video that is a .flv file. Is there a free converter/viewer? thanks..

Relevancy 47.3%

"Try changing the suffix from .tmp to .jpg. If there are lots to do then you can change them all in bulk by using a simple command line from the command prompt - post back if you need info on this."How to do it? message edited by atankent

A:how to convert file .tmp to .jpg

It appears that the original poster already knows that the .tmp filesare actually .jpg files. When it isn't known, some image viewers canrecognize that a file is actually a file type it can display, while otherscannot. IrfanView is a free image viewer that has been around formany years that can detect, display, and rename files with incorrectfilename extensions. I don't know whether it can rename in a batchmode, but I wouldn't be surprised if it can. -- Jeff, in Minneapolis
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I had a 2007 Exchange environment that no longer exists. There is no Exchange server and no backup anymore. I have a local *.OST file on user's computer. I need to convert this file into a PST so I can recover calendar, contacts, etc... Is there a native Windows way of doing this? Do I have to purchase a utility to achieve my goal?

A:How to do I convert OST file to PST?

you can get a free OST viewer
I have not seen a free OST to PST yet
Download Free OST Viewer - Best OST File Viewer To Open And Read File
How to View Outlook OST Files Without Outlook Installed Using OST File Viewer
Relevancy 47.3%

Looking for a program that would convert a PDP file. Any help would be nice.
Relevancy 47.3%

I have some IOO, IO1, IO2, etc and MD0, MD1, MD2, etc files.  I have no idea what these files are.  I usually watch video files.Is there a free software to convert these MD0 and MDF and IO files to video files (avi, wmv, mpg, mp4) so I can use WMP or VLC to play them?
Also let's say the MD0 file is 1 gb and the MDF file is 2 gb. Does it mean it will be a 3 gb file when combined?
If that is the case, why not just make one file 3 gb instead of separating it to a MD0 and a MDF file?
Relevancy 47.3%

I've been sent a file with a wps extension and have tried to open it using various programs in office XP. It does open but along with a lot of garbage in the document. Ultimately I'd like to have this document saved as a txt file but don't know how to go about converting it. Can anyone help?

Relevancy 47.3%

I have some work saved on a usb which saved as an ODT file and I am unable to read it when I open it. Is there anyway to convert it so I will be able to read it and send it to another email address?

Thanks Denise
Relevancy 47.3%

Does anyone know how to covert a UIF to a file that i can actualy enter and see the contents of the file I have tried MagicIso 5.3b221with no success and i can't find anything else that is supposed to work.
Relevancy 47.3%

Is there a way to convert G media, used by apple and sony clie
to windows wmv

A:convert file


Is that the file type? If you're not sure, can you rightclick on one of the files, and choose Properties. What is the extension?


Relevancy 47.3%

ok, ok, ok...
i'm new @ this, but i've been trying to BURN this stupid thing forever. I have a movie, Aladdin... its in AVI form, and i need to get it to DVD so i can fit it on a DVD...
i've tried a couple of things... one took me 40hours to do half the movie... and it ended up with no sound...
can someone plz help me in what to do... maybe i'm doing it all wrong!!

Relevancy 47.3%

Are there any programs that can convert a GIF image into a ICO file ? Thanks

A:Convert GIF file to ICO

Irfan View is a great, free, graphic viewer, which will allow you to convert from gif to ico, as well as many other formats.
Relevancy 47.3%

I've been using Fraps to record videos and WMM 8Windows Movie Maker) to render and upload it to Youtube.
But just today I wanted to render again an .AVI file but WMM didn't recognize this file. So I wanted to convert my avi file to MP4, maybe ( whyever lol ) WMM stopped accepting this file. I downloaded FormatFactory and wanted to convert my AVI to MP4 but it didn't work too. So I think that my PC is messed up.
Can someone help me?

I use Windows 7
Relevancy 47.3%

Does anyone know where I can get a simple, free converter to convert MP3 file to WAV file?

A:Convert MP3 to WAV file

Audacity should be able to do that
Relevancy 47.3%

Hi all,
Quick question if you please,

I have a WMV Windows Media Player file that I got off the Internet and was wondering if there is any program that will let me convert it to another format so I can put it on CD/DVD for playing on my DVD player that is attached to my TV??

Thanks a bunch!

Relevancy 47.3%

Hello, I have a PNG that I'd like to convert to a DST file and saw a previous thread that the photoshop file had to be a clean bmp file which I think I have, but I'm trying to use Embird to digitize and I feel i may be using the wrong program. I was hoping for some advice.

Thank you in advance!

Relevancy 47.3%

i have tried so many different ways as they told on to convert those mkv files
but failed

would any one please help me out here

A:How To Convert Mkv File

What is your file? audio or video?If it's a video file, try this:if you have installed matroska you should be able to convert with tmpgenc.just search for mkv and you will get lots of tips like this trick to doing the conversion is to make sure that you have the correct codes. You can get them at:FREE Codecs, from what I've read, it would be much easier to convert to MPEG instead of .AVI.These links may also help:How to convert .mkv file to .avi file? to MPEG
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How do you convert pdf files like adoby acrobat to something you could burn into a slide show on a dvd or cd.

A:convert pdf to a file I can put on cd or dvd

You burn it just like any other file
Nothing special needed
Relevancy 47.3%

Hi, I have a AVI file which I want to convert for viewing on TV (to VCD/DVD). i tried using nero, but all it gives me is a blank screen w/ some "no signal" screens. Win AVI just crashes.

it seems to be this particular AVI file, b/c i tried other AVI files, they convert fine.

I have DIVX codec too. Also, I can watch the video using Windows Media Player, but i just cant seem to convert.

A:Avi File Won't Convert

Is the AVI file you are trying to convert using the DIVX codec you have? DivX AVI are quite different and might need to be converted to a normal AVI first, then to VCD/DVD.