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Laptop Graphics card suddenly not detected

Q: Laptop Graphics card suddenly not detected


I bought a laptop this time 2 years ago. Suddenly wile watching a hd film in bed my laptop over heated and then crashed. So I waited then booted up again and now my good graphics card is not working
It is not being detected in device manager at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?

some details on laptop and graphics card. cost me a good bita dosh so would like to get it fixed
Chassis & Display Vortex Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
Processor (CPU) Intel® Core?i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-3840QM (2.80GHz) 8MB
Graphics Card AMD® Radeon® HD 7970M - 2GB DDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 11

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Preferred Solution: Laptop Graphics card suddenly not detected

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop Graphics card suddenly not detected

Ouch if the laptop over heats and shuts down and not recognized again it could actually be physical damage to the video card. Another way to test if the video card has completely failed is by plugging an external monitor into the display port on the laptop. It could connect via hdmi, vga, or possibly display port. If a picture appears on the monitor then it could possibly be software related if you dont see a picture the video card has failed for sure. If it has failed you will more than likely have to replace the motherboard. In rare chance the video card may not be intergrated to motherboard but I doubt it. If you know someone that could whats called (re-flow) the video card
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Hey everyone How r u all Nice to meet u all well my friend bought a laptop it has on board graphics and also a additional nvidia graphics now when I run game the on board graphics card is getting detected and not the nvidia card I tried in bios but in the display part there are only options is optimus whic allows bot nvidia vga and intel vga to work and the other one allows only the intel vga to work so is there a way to make games recognise nvidia or can I disable onboard graphics through device manager laptop model lenovo ideapad z graphics card Nvidia geforce gt Solved: On board Detected Graphics card Graphics not m and one more thing In one of the game I checked PES it shows as its using onboard graphics and I tried arkham city and tried enabling hardware acceleration physx but it said Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card the laptops hardware doesnt support it one more thing I just went to nvidia control panel and in there d settings and there global settings its written there preferred graphics processor is integrated graphics and I couldnt change Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card it Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card can I disable the onboard graphics card in device manager thanks nbsp

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This afternoon I turned on my video no HELP! my longer card is detected! suddenly pc and the tower came on but the monter light went amber I was confused at first thinking that maybe my monitor got unplugged So I checked all the HELP! my video card suddenly is no longer detected! connections and it still would not come on So finally I hooked up the monitor to the onboard video card and it came on Once I loaded up the pc I quickly realized that my video card geforce mx PCI was not being detected I went into the device manager and it was not even showing that it was in the pc So I shut it down and removed the card and then put it back in It still did not detect it I am completely lost I can t imagine why my video card would suddenly just lose its detection like its not there and it is The only things that have happen is that there was a thunderstorm the night before but I have my pc on a surge protector I recently updated my sound card and that is it Can anyone tell me how to fix this if possible nbsp

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Hey everyone How r u all Nice to meet u all well my friend bought a laptop it has on board graphics and also a additional nvidia graphics now when I run game the on board graphics card is getting detected and not the nvidia card I tried in bios but in the display part there are only options is optimus whic allows bot nvidia vga and intel vga to work and the other one allows only the intel vga to work so is there a way to make games recognise nvidia or can I disable onboard graphics through graphics not graphics card Onboard detected device manager laptop model lenovo ideapad z graphics card Nvidia geforce gt m and one more thing In one of the game I Onboard graphics detected not graphics card checked PES it shows as its using onboard graphics and I tried arkham city and tried enabling hardware acceleration physx but it said the laptops hardware doesnt support it one more thing I just went to nvidia control panel and in there d settings and there global settings its written there preferred graphics processor is integrated graphics and I couldnt change it can I disable the onboard graphics card in device manager thanks nbsp

A:Onboard graphics detected not graphics card

Hi , The option is the one where the nvidia card and intel on-board are shown, and the BIOS should select the nvidia card as priority if it can, and has a choice.
It's sometimes known as 'Primary Video' & the option is called PEG.
Make sure you save the settings when you exit or they won't be changed from before.
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brand new video card working suddenly no longer detected I ve new Brand video longer card detected suddenly working... no been piecing together a new system slowly over the past three weeks finally went out and got the finishing touch today a new graphics card ASUS EAH GB HDMI http au asus com products aspx l amp modelmenu Put it in loaded drivers from disc then loaded Brand new video card working... suddenly no longer detected new drivers downloaded from ASUS website specifically for this product In retrospect I now realize that I should have uninstalled the old first prior to loading the latest but I think that is moot at this point for reasons below So rebooted switched the monitor signal plug from the on-board graphics to the new card configured settings then was curious to see what it could do so started trying out a D game Everything seemed to be working fine spent about an hour then all of the sudden screen went black Was not a hard crash I thought it was at first but the computer was not shutting down so I realized I had just lost video So I shut it down then switched back to the onboard graphics booted up and then one of the supporting softwares that came bundled with the card which starts up on system start up popped Brand new video card working... suddenly no longer detected up a Brand new video card working... suddenly no longer detected window saying that the device was not detected Apparently Vista is not detecting it Though the fan on the vid card still spins and the LEDs flash when I power down or up I have a window on my case so can see it So shut down opened case double checked that it was in the PCIe slot firmly double checked the auxiliary power connection Then plugged the monitor cable back into the card booted up and still no video Each time booting up wold again get teh window from supporting software a temp monitor for the vid card that there was no device detected So did some research uninstalled all graphics drivers completely using Vista s control panel quot programs and features quot to do it Including for the on-board ATI Rebooted and now the device manager no longer shows the new graphics card device either So I verified that both vid card and mainboard make use of PCIe as opposed to PCIe http www ecs com tw ECSWebSite Pro nuID amp LanID I checked my power requirement according to the eXtreme calculator http g imagehost org view Untitled The result is W Factor of Safety W So I think that the PSU is ok I read this quot All pci-e power supplies must have amps on the v rail and be efficient only variance is wattage quot I don t know exactly how to interpret the specs on my PSU here is my spec sheet for PSU http www acbel com PDF P PC SingleiPower- jpg I think it means I have only Amps on the volt rails but perhaps that is offset by having three volt rails I have two pin aux connectors for vid cards coming from my PSU so I just tried swapping them thinking that perhaps I somehow damaged the circuit of the first by attempting to draw too much power No luck the vid card is still not detected no plug-n-play new hardware found window nor is it shown in the device manager where it was when I originally installed it The fan and LEDs on it are still working I also tried the -pin connector that plugs into the M-board near the PCIe slots - just quickly plugged a spare fan in on one of the other pins form the same branch it spun and I think that s a parallel circuit so that one should have power too Then I turned off my onboard video in order to attempt to force Vista to detect my card at the PPCIe slot That didn t work so am now without any video I will reset the cmos in order to restore bios defaults to recover the onboard video After that I will try installing the card into the second PCIe slot the mainboard manual does not give any indication as to which one to use if using a single vid card so perhaps switching slots will help Any other ideas suggestions sa to how to get Vista to detect my new graphics car... Read more

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Hey there I built my PC a little under a year ago Everything has been working perfectly until yesterday All of the sudden my graphics card s fan has been crazy loud Like its not a quot fan running faster that usual quot loud It sounds like its having issues running as the sound also sometimes fluctuates throbs if you know what I mean At first I could get it to stop by rocking my PC back and forth once or twice and another time I did it on accident when I started to move the PC to get ready to open it I took out the card and got rid of fan loud suddenly Graphics card as much dust as I could It worked fine again for about hours then it started up again I ve been reading on the internet where people are having the same problems and had to replace the fan I m hoping I don t have to do that as there doesn t seem to be a way to even open the graphics card up Here s Graphics card fan suddenly loud a link to a video I recorded to show people the sound youtube dot com watch v VHeqK Z x E It s a Radeon HD The noise is seriously getting irritating as I can t even use the computer without it making noises Not to mention that I m worried I ll have to spend a lot of money to take care of the issue FYI I m not very hardware savvy nbsp

A:Graphics card fan suddenly loud

Hi, to me that is common in CPU and Laptop CPU fan, it just suddenly loosens and you either need to open it and clean it or buy a new one, it happen more often in Laptops, but u should also know that will also happen if its up-side-down.
Best thing is to get a new one, but if u want you could try opening it and clean with an alcohol, then smear in a simple light grease... that will smoothen it again... but being that you are not a hardware savvy, then i thing get a new one...
Hope that helps
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I bought a Nvidia Geforce gt some time ago and it ran perfectly for Broken Graphics Suddenly Card over a year with no problems until just recently it garbles all graphics when I use it I switched back to my integrated graphics card and my computer runs fine tried installing all the new drivers for it and remove reinsert it to find no difference I lost my receipt and box disk that my graphics card came with so this is my last resort before having to buy a new one I am running Windows Xp and I m using is a PCI-Express slot for my graphics card The Graphics Card Suddenly Broken exact things I see when I restart my computer are Gateway Logo no garbled graphics - gt red lines all over my screen - gt black screen and hearing the windows start up Graphics Card Suddenly Broken sound Using the nvidia card I can get into safe mode but the screen choosing safe mode is a series of garbled symbols When in safe mode i can browse my computer fine but the red lines are still in the background Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hi Guys 
can anyone help with this problem ? 
I have laptop (ASUS K52Jc, win7 Home premium 64-bit) with ( NVIDIA 310m 1gb ) the gc was working, but suddenly I can't find it ! Not even in device manager under Display Adapter. I keep getting this message telling me that it'is not there when I try to access its control panel . so I restored the system by a backup image, and the whole thing disappeared   there is no sign of the graphics card ! So now it is working on the intel chip  . 
* ( I contacted both Nidia & Asus, but they're useless )

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A:My Graphics card ( Nvidia ) suddenly disappeared !! help

Hello - Please post a snapshot with Speccy for more system details -How to Publish a snapshot with Speccy <<--Follow Bleeping Computer Directions Here Extra - Is this causing your computer any problems at this time ?? Thank You -
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I just bought a new computer from Acer it was fitted with Work New Want Card To Graphics Suddenly Doesn't Nvidia s Geforce G since I had a GT lying around I placed it in the computer It worked for about a week then suddenly quit When I hit the power button the fans start turning but the monitor says there s no video input I thought it was the GT that New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work was malfunctioning so I fit it into my other rig surprisingly enough New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work it still works The new New Graphics Card Suddenly Doesn't Want To Work Acer computer still works with onboard graphics though I bought the Acer M Here s the link to the computer s page http www acer com sg acer product d e c att amp ctx att k amp CRC Here are the computer s specs Intel G Express Chipset Intel Core Quad Processor Q GHz MB L Cache FSB GB Ram GB S-ATA HDD Nvidia GeForce G Acer said it was quot Probably incompatible with the motherboard quot I doubt so since it worked for a week nbsp

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Hi I need some help with my graphics card My current graphics card is nVidia Geforce LE which came with the computer Card Suddenly Working? Graphics Stopped that I got not too long ago I have Windows Vista Home Premium -bit GB of RAM GHz So it should be compatible as it was working before I don't know what exactly happened but I left my computer on over-night checked in the morning and realized that my Windows Vista Premium theme changed to Win Vista Basic theme Then I checked Windows Experience Index to Graphics Card Suddenly Stopped Working? check my base score and the result was The Graphics windows aero and Gaming Graphics dropped from to all in one night but other categories were ok My D screen saver is now getting an error quot The screensaver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatible with Direct D quot And I can't play any games either because of this graphics issue I looked for solutions in yahoo answers and already tried to reinstall the latest drive from the nVidia official website reinstalled DirectX rebooted my computer and scanned for any spyware with Norton Internet Security My last solution might be to recover from the Recovery Drive or send it for repairs but I'm going to lose some files documents that are important Not hoping to have to do this So I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this problem Thanks in advance

A:Graphics Card Suddenly Stopped Working?

Hi, transpark, and welcome to the forums.

Have you tried running the GPU-Z utility from to see what it reports about your card? It could be that your card overheated, or has over heated to a point of failure....

Instead of recovering (which would fix a software issue, but it seems as if there really is not a software issue), I would find someone who has an old card and borrow it to see if your card has simply died....
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I bought a gt last year in july it s been running real good since then not overheating or anything the perfomance was good enough but today it suddenly stopped working I just installed a new anti virus AVG then Card Help Graphics suddenly.. working Stopped here Plz uninstalled it again So after unsintalling I restarted my Pc just Graphics Card Stopped working suddenly.. Plz Help here when the monitor turned off and the CPU restarted my GPU completely stopped working and there was nothing being displayed on the monitor The Monitor was turned off but Graphics Card Stopped working suddenly.. Plz Help here the Windows restarted amp was still loading Only the GPU became Dead suddenly So i checked the plug and all other things restarted multiple times But nothing helpe it s dead I opened my system The Card was fine no high temperatures on the external body usually Everest showed that it stayed around - degress underload Also the card was fully seated in the PCI Express slot So what can be the Problem Even though my gt was inserted in PCI Slot I pulled out my monitor s VGA display from the GPU and connected it to Onboard Graphics Plug This is where i was surprised to see that the Monitor started displaying everything Onboard display is ON even though My card is still inserted in PCi slot as it used to be Suddenly Why isn t my PC detecting my Gt now Now i ve pulled out and inserted my GPU in PCI slot many times tried to everything i could Nothing worked It s dead This is so heartbreaking for me I was so happy Yesterday I got Rainbow Vegas I played it only once today for a few mins Perfomance was great amp the game is lovely but i had to finish installing my anti virus and other things So i closed my game amp just after a minutes my GPU becomes dead Why do we get a - year warrantly for something that does not even work for year without any problems Previously I had similar problems with my GT It started freezing after a couple of months then it too stopped displaying anything The company never repaired it or sent me a new proper working one So i bought this Gt What i wanna know from you guys is that has anyone of you ever experienced such problem Is it possible that my Graphics card is still Fine May be something is wrong with the motherboard or the Slot or may be this operating system im working on Any possibilities any solutions for this I can t spend money on a new GPU now I haven t even told my faather about this or he s gonna kill me this time amp I don t wanna go to my retailer He s just gonna take this GPU from me then clean it amp return the same non-working GPU after more than - months Sorry about my english nbsp
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I ve had my laptop Advent Vista Premium Intel Core Duo Processor Ghz for about months and it s been fine until recently The monitor that I use instead of my laptop screen became quite blurry and now has an Input Not Supported message bobbing around the screen At first I assumed it stopped working! Graphics suddenly card was because the monitor was bust it wasn t very expensive so Graphics card suddenly stopped working! I downloaded the latest drivers for it changed the settings and did everything that seemed to have fixed the problem for others but to no avail Very recently I went into Games and got the following message after trying to start a game quot Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver which could slow game performance Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that hardware acceleration is turned on quot Could this be related to my monitor problem Sorry for being such an idiot at these things Anyway I checked the hardware acceleration and it was at top I then downloaded and installed the latest drivers but it still didn t work When I try to run Sims which used to run perfectly I get an error message saying quot Failed to find any DirectX c compatible graphics adapters in this system Please make sure you have a DirectX c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer quot Don t know what to do anymore Sorry for the looooong post thought I should be specific and it s the first time I ve posted anything on the internet for support but I m at wit s end It s a UMA Intel GM Graphics Card Please help Thanks in advance nbsp

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Wow so I just received my new in the mail today and guess what it doesn t work Well here s what I did so far I uninstalled all nvidia graphics drivers which I used for my gso Rebooted to complete installation Disabled onboard video drivers Shut off computer Installed into motherboard Booted up Now I don t get any video from the card outputs itself so I used my onboard video output to log into windows I tried installing the CCC but the installation failed or something like that I check the device manager and there detected card not Graphics isn t any sign of the showing up Now I m a little scared and not sure what to do The appears to be powered cause my computer is x louder with that damn fan Its just that it won t be recognized by device manager and the drivers won t work Thanks guys Edit When I installed the I had to move the hard drive and cd sata cables from the first and second port to the third and forth ports Whenever I boot my POST says your system last boot fail or POST interrupted Please enter setup to load default and reboot again I press f to bypass this Also when I go into system for some reason it only detects GB of RAM I have bit windows lt -- it only started happening since the new graphics card was installed Reinstalled Windows same damn problem Also I m starting to think that the graphics card is defective as even the bios cannot recognize the card on boot And I believe that is the reason for the Graphics card not detected POST failing nbsp

A:Graphics card not detected

Also, when I go into system, for some reason it only detects 3.87 GB of RAM... I have 64 bit windows 7 <-- it only started happening since the new graphics card was installed.Click to expand...

That's probably because your onboard video is allocating some of it.
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My motherboard had quit working on my system so I bought a new one to replace it At the time the motherboard was working my GPU was as well detected fine fans running playing games Now that I ve replaced the motherboards they re the same model my GPU isn t being detected The fans are spinning and the pins are connected so I know it s powered on The program TechPowerUp GPU-Z version is showing my Graphics Card as the quot Microsoft Basic Display Adapter quot I ve tried using AMD s autodetect utility but it says it can t find drivers for my system When I attempt to plug my DVI cable in to my GPU I don t get a signal When I plug it in to my motherboard I get Card Graphics not detected a signal Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Pro bit Processor AMD FX tm - Six-Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A L-M USB Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled The GPU is supposed to be detected as a XFX R X Thanks for any assistance nbsp

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Hey all Cant Second detected not - card graphics SLI seem to get the two Nvidia GTX to show up in my device manager I only get the one And there doesnt seem to be any SLI option in nvidia control panel l My Specs OS Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit CPU Intel R Core TM i - K Quad Graphics Nvidia GTX Motherboard P Z -V Memory gb Corsair DDR PSU Corsair TX Watt I was using a WATT PSU before so I upgraded to WATT PSU in hope it would easily cover it both GPU s are fitted in Second graphics card not detected - SLI the PCI-E amp slots as directed by the manual Ive tried running one card individually in each slot to see if its the slots but the GPU s work in both slots and same is said for both cards they both work individually There doesnt seem to be any options in the Mobo bios ive tried updating it to the latest version still no avail Ive tried uninstalling all drivers using drive sweep then reinstalling drivers version latest for one graphics card in PCI-E slot then taking it out and installing the drivers again for other in PCI-E slot then putting them both in Again no joy Ive got the little strip thing that runs between the slots on the outside of the graphics cards forgive cant remember name Tried with or without that Seriously stuck anyone got any clues nbsp
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So recently my Pls] Detected [Need Help ? Getting Not Graphics Card laptop felldown and got damaged I managed to fix the screen etc etc nbsp nbsp But Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls] when I rebooted it back and when I tried to open Catalyst Control Center it said No amd graphics driver installed or is not functioning properly Please install the amd driver appropiate for your amd software nbsp nbsp And in the dxdiag it shows only MB of graphics instead of G or smtng and in the Device manager it Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls] shows only Display Adapter for AMD Radeon G nbsp Along with these all the swtichable graphics option in the Catalyst Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls] Control Center were gone nbsp Im sure I have installed all the right drivers provided by HP for my laptop model and I tried reinstalling them each time nbsp Also when I ran the AMD AutoDetect Utility for dricers it detected my GPU as nbsp AMD Radeon HD G and not nbsp AMD Radeon HD M nbsp nbsp So Is the graphics card broken If so is there any cheap way to fix this instead of replacing the whole motherboard nbsp Here are the Specs nbsp of my laptop nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp PS My internal Graphic Card is nbsp AMD Radeon HD G and My deticated Graphics Card is nbsp AMD Radeon HD M nbsp Please help I dont even know what the problem is yet nbsp

A:Graphics Card Not Getting Detected ? [Need Help Pls]

Do you see two video cards (display adapters) in the control panel? Seriously, it would be odd for the motherboard to get damaged so that only the discrete video was bad...I would think if that got physically damaged the computer would refuse to boot up. I might suggest a reinstall of the operating system. I suspect software corruption resulting from the fall. You can also try to run a full UEFI diagnostic by tapping F2 as you power up. Let's make sure the hard drive is not damaged. What damage was done and what did you fix already?
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Hi I ve had excellent success getting help from this site in the past so I thought I d give it another go I recently bought a new graphics card for my also new compaq presario computer My com came with an nvidia geforce integrated card and I card Help! New not detected, graphics bought an nvidia geforce gt card Literally the day before I got this new card a friend brought over a gt card and threw it in my computer the card auto installed on startup and worked like a charm Starcraft looked great So with great confidence I tried installing my when it came in the mail today I plugged it into the only viable slot pci x or something and turned on my computer and there was no option to auto install drivers Not to be deterred I threw in New graphics card not detected, Help! the included install cd and installed the drivers that way but to no effect My computer still in no way recognized that the card was there I checked this by clicking run in the start menu I m running windows btw and typing dxdiag which is something I saw while googling around for help The resulting window said that currently my card was the card included with the com So after closer inspection I saw a power cable that came with the card it had pins and I saw only one possible place for it to be plugged into my New graphics card not detected, Help! psu so I plugged that in Now when I turned my computer on the moniter would not display anything the power light would glow or orange instead of blue whether it was plugged into the graphics card itself or in my computers VGA input Before without the graphics cards power cord plugged into the psu the moniter at least worked with my regular computers VGA slot My two cents on what s going on To me it seems like when the power cord is being used the graphics card is finally powered and therefore all I d need is to accept it installing the drivers like I did with my friends card although I ve already installed them with my install cd but the moniter can t display anything cause it s not yet installed I don t know what to do if I use the power cord I can t see but if I don t the card isn t detected Help I m posting this from my phone so I can give better info if needed soon nbsp

A:New graphics card not detected, Help!

Bump? Sorry I'm not good with computers if there is any major info I missed let me know and I can get it for you. I appreciate any help immensely.
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Hi just installed win 7 upgrade from vista on my sony LT1S.

Now video wont play

no blu ray or dvd play back or live tv through media center.

I have just checked my win exp score and it has come down to 1.0 !

Graphics -nothing listed

Gaming graphics-not detected

dedicated graphics memory-0mb
dedicated system memory-0mb
shared system memory-0mb

I have unistalling the driver,on restart it says it is loading standard vga driver.

I have tried loading the driver froom sony and Nvidia but no joy

All was fine before the upgrade.

Has anyone got any ideas (i have asked sony support but after previous experiences i am not holding my hopes up1


A:Graphics card not detected

Go to device manager, right click the graphics adapter in question under display adapters, choose properties, details tab, change dropdown to hardware ids. Copy and paste what is there to here.
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Hey I need help with my computer as i cannot play the Sims anymore I get the following error Failed to find any DirectX c compatible graphics adapters in this system Please make sure you have a direct X c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer The application will now terminate I ve looked all over not Graphics card detected forums trying to find an answer but none have helped I ve run dxdiag and it says that there is no device and that the system is using the generic video driver Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer I don t know where it s gone wrong and this is all i know about my system Specifications SOLTEK System Model ERV BIOS Version American Megatrends Graphics card not detected Inc T Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Version x Family Model Stepping Speed MHz Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Hardware Video Card null DirectX Version DirectX c Any help would be appreciated the Sims used to work perfectly fine before Thanks nbsp
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I bought a new graphics card for my pc (Sapphire Radeon HD5570) and is not detected by my motherboard.I m running an ASRock conroe1333-d667 motherboard.
I tried so many things to make it work..I formated my pc, I changed settings in BIOS and made PCI-E primmary video adapter, I removed and inserted again the CMOS and still the card is nowhere in the device manager...I also want to say that the graphics card fan is working...plz help me because i m starting getting mad!!!

A:My graphics card is not detected...

Whoa, why did you do all that? Flash the BIOS with "ASROCK Conroe Bios 1.83 (or newer)" and "Save and Exit" BIOS R3.0&o=BIOS
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This is probably a silly question but it has been frustrating me for a while now I have recently bought a new PC with two video cards one nearer the bottom of the tower Not Card Graphics Detected and the other closer to the top The lower one works fine but I really want to use the other one as it has an HD connector and I would like to try it with my monitor using an hdmi to hdmi cable The problem is that I cant seem to get my system to Graphics Card Not Detected detect Graphics Card Not Detected it no despite my best efforts At the moment I Graphics Card Not Detected am using an HDMI-DVI cable which I suppose is as good but one of the reasons I bought this PC is because of the second video card withthe HDMI connection Could anyone please let me know how to solve this Any advice offered is greatly appreciated OS - Windows Vista Ultimate x Processor - Intel Core Quad Q at Ghz Memory - Gb RAM Video Card In Use - Nvidia Geoforce Undetected Video Card - Nvidia GeForce NForce i Please see attached Image though I m not sure how helpful it is nbsp
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I have a Gigabyte AMD socket AMD 2 Motherboard with a onboard graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 6100) but recently i bought a new graphics card GIgabyte Geforce 7200 GS.
I have place it in and tried to change the bios by disabling the onboard graphics card but there wasnt a definate option. There was 2 options that refered to graphics cards in Advance Bios Features, the two were; Init Display first and Onboard GPU.
In the Init Display first, there was 3 options, PCI slot, Onboard VGA or PEG. (which do i select?)
In the Onboard GPU, there was two options, Enable If No Ext PEG or Always Enable ( of course Enable If No Ext PEG but is this the way to disable it?)

When i put the card in and insert the plug to the graphics card, my monitor would not detect the graphic and the screen would remain black.

Any Ideas? Thanx in advance

A:New graphics card not detected

You should select PEG display first. This may sound kinda dumb lol, but does your new card have a power connector on it (it may be a 4-pin normal connector, or the new PCI-E 6 pin connector)?

If so, check it out, also you might want to try to reset the BIOS.

And BTW, welcome to TS
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My computer has a video card (NVidia) intergrated with the mother board and for some reason my computer refuses to detect and use it. I have tried reinstalling drivers, and still does not work. I am getting very frustraited and would very apreciate some help. 

A:graphics card not detected with 23k-121

Hello @TheNikachu, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are not seeing the integrated graphics chip, despite trying to install drivers. I am happy to help with this. When you check in device manager is there any entry at all for the graphics adapter? Is there anything showing up that is an unknown device?  If so try removing the unknown device and then scan for hardware changes, from within device manager. Let me know if it pull up the graphics adapter or not. If it does, then try using the HP Support Assistant, to find and install the correct driver. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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I just had a friend send me an agp video card I followed the installation instructions that came with it but when I plugged the monitor into the new card there is no video detected I am not very smart with computers as far as tech stuff goes so I had a couple friends of mine who know a lot more than I do try and help They really couldn t figure out the problem either They re not looking at it I guess so kind of hard to figure out the issue I ll give information on my computer motherboard type as well as graphics card type below It is an AMD Athlon Processor GHz MB of RAM Running windows XP home edition service pack The graphics card is a Radeon HD Pro The motherboard is K V-MX S I m not sure what else to put as far as computer information I tried a few different things like disabling the display adaptor in device manager and when looking in BIOS it was set to AGP for primary graphics display or whatever If it ends up that it is the card itself can anyone tell me what Not AGP Detected Card Graphics kind of graphics cards would be compatible with my computer so I can go and purchase one I want to be able to play games Thankyou Anyway if someone could help me I would really appreciate it Thankyou nbsp

A:AGP Graphics Card Not Detected

I'm a little unclear on what you did. Are you saying you plugged in the monitor to the Radeon HD 2400 while the PC was still running? If I've misunderstood that, then when you boot up the PC, you are seeing the motherboard splash screen and can get into the BIOS? If so, then it just won't boot into Windows? Could you clarify?
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Hey there guys Background story trying to get my brother's old computer working It's a Falcon Northwest and the graphics card in it is an Nvidia GTX M I formatted the HD and installed a clean version of Windows on it The graphics card that appears in the dxdiag and display device etc was a quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot From what I read up on it it seems like Windows defaults to this when it cannot recognize the card I attempted to download and install the appropriate drivers from the Nvidia site but upon running the installer it gives me a quot No compatible hardware found quot I read that I would first have to uninstall the quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot in order to properly install the correct drivers so I went ahead and did that However instead of listing the standard vga now it just lists quot n a quot No card shows up anywhere really The Nvidia installer is still unable to install the drivers still doesn't find compatible hardware The computer is either a or Falcon Northwest DRX If you have an suggestions on something I haven't tried yet please let me know Basically everything I've found is quot install the proper video card drivers Detected Card Graphics No quot but that doesn't seem like it's gonna fly

A:No Graphics Card Detected

Quote: Originally Posted by duen

I read that I would first have to uninstall the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" in order to properly install the correct drivers, so I went ahead and did that.

No, you don't have to do that.

Quote: Originally Posted by duen

However, instead of listing the standard vga, now it just lists "n/a". No card shows up anywhere, really.

It will if you uninstalled the standard VGA driver.

Was this card with this machine from day one, so it was a known working card with the original set up?
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We bought a GeForce 9600 gt graphics card online and got it in the mail and installed it. Then we needed an adapter, so after some research, we got one. I have a dell inspiron 530.

I tried plugging the monitor cord into the new card spot, and the monitor stayed black, like in power save mode, so I plugged the monitor into the motherboard again. I've looked on the GeForce site for the bios, but the site says it can't detect the hardware.

I know I need to download something for this to work, but I can't get any information that's helpful on the matter. Could you guys help me out?

A:Graphics card not detected?

Hi did you install the driver for the card
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My graphics card is not being detected by windows xp. I was using the computer and was installing a windows update when the computer monitor just turned black and the signal got lost. I rebooted the pc but the monitor still didn't receive a signal. I connected the monitor to the onboard graphics plug and went to device manager and the graphics card didn't show up under display adapters. After uninstalling the drivers and updating the bios it still doesnt show and I tried reinstalling new nvidia drivers but it says the nvidia setup program cannot locate any drivers compatible with your hardware and it just closes. Video card: Nvidia 8600gt
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i have a dell n5010 it came along with windows 7 since i formatted and installed ultra my graphics card integrated amd radeon is not detected,,installed the drivers as well instead i have a vga one giving a max of 12x7 resolution
one more thing i had a 64 bit home now i have ultra 32 it because of that?

its similar to this problem
Graphic Card not detected after format; drivers can't be installed

help plz!

A:graphics card not detected

As best as I can find, Dell has no listing of Windows 7 32 bit drivers, they only have 64 bit drivers. Perhaps if you could contact them, they could provide you one. Is there a reason you switched to 32 bit from 64 bit?
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I recently had to reinstall XP and since then my graphics card (Geforce FX 5200) isn't detected in device manager, although the monitor is plugged into it and works fine.

Is it likely to be something to do with the motherboard drivers because I had to reinstall the onboard sound drivers for it?

I tried to install the latest Geforce drivers but the program said it couldn't detect a viable card either.

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Hey guys. Recently, i've tried to open halo (which has always worked) and it's saying that i need to installed DirectX, or i may have my hardware acceleration turned off. Since then, i've re-installed directx 9c, re-installed my graphics card drivers, and nothing has worked.

When i run Dxdiag, and click display, even though it says "no problems found" it still says "not available" next to all of the settings in "directx features". None of my games will work at all.

Graphics card : Radeon 7000 (stupid agp motherboard)
C-media sound card
1gb DDR Ram

Any suggestions would be great

A:Graphics card problems. Suddenly not recognising DirectX

Try uninstalling Direct x and re-installing it....
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G Express Chipset Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P G -M LE - card detected PSU Graphics problem? not Rev X x MF A G Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled Hi I m pretty Graphics card not detected - PSU problem? new to opening computers and adjusting their hardware but recently tried to install a graphics card into my desktop computer The only graphics card at the time was the onboard one I tried to install a Sapphire Radeon HD PCI-E card I disabled rather than uninstalled the onboard graphics card doing this on the device manager I put the new card in it seemed to click into place and I m sure it was in all the way I plugged the monitor into the card s VGA port turned it on and - no image appeared on the screen I plugged the monitor back into the onboard graphics card port and an image appeared When Windows loaded it did not detect any new hardware I looked on the internet and some people seemed to suggest that I should go into BIOS and somehow tell the computer to look in the PCI-E slot for a graphics card there I couldn t find any settings that allowed me to do that - making me wonder if other people have the same BIOS options that I do Opening up the computer again the fans on the card it s a half-height card for a slim desktop case hence fans plural seemed warm which I thought must mean that it was taking power But eventually I took a look at the PSU and say that it said Total Output Power W The card however had minimum requirements of W Ah I then removed the card again as I understood that taking more power than the PSU could provide would damage the components Okay so these are my questions which I would be very grateful if anyone could answer Does it sound like having too small a power source is my only problem Would the result of too low wattage normally be that the rest of the computer would start up as normal but that the new graphics card would not work and not be detected If I were to get a new PSU - it looks as if the case is designed to fit a PSU of a specific shape Would a higher wattage PSU necessarily be physically bigger Or should this not be a problem If I were to replace a W PSU with say a W PSU then assuming equal levels of efficiency would the W PSU draw twice as much power from the mains for all of the time that the computer was on Or would it just draw as much power as it needed for whatever it was doing at the time If the graphics card were plugged in would it be drawing its full ration from the PSU all of the time or would it only go up significantly when it was being used for demanding activities such as playing games If it is just a matter of getting a new PSU I think I ll do that but if it just leads to me having to get loads of other things upgraded as well I might have to give up as I m only expecting to use the PC for a couple of games anyway Thanks very much if anyone can help nbsp

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Hello I am having problems with a Graphics detected longer no being card ASUS GTX gb I have only been using this card for to years with slight overclocking Yesterday while I was playing a game CS GO my computer shut off as if it had lost power and then tried to restart itself after a few seconds and seemed to go in a restart loop I held the button down and found that I was getting no signal to my monitor but could tell I was booting into windows I plugged into Intel integrated video and and my screen started working so I opened up Graphics card no longer being detected device manager and only the integrated video was showing up under display adapters I have swapped graphics Graphics card no longer being detected cards with an older computer I can't seem to get a signal from the in the older build while the old AMD that I put in my newer machine is working just fine The fans on the spin normally and led lights next to the power connectors light up normally I Graphics card no longer being detected called ASUS support and confirmed that the card is out of warranty I'm not sure if the problem with the graphics card is something that could be easily troubleshooted on this forum and fixed but I figured I would give it a shot before I go out and buy a new graphics card If you have any suggestions please let me know

A:Graphics card no longer being detected

When was the last time you cleaned it?
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Hi I recently upgraded Graphics Card Detected Not Nvidia Being to Windows Professional -bit Everything was working fine and dandy until one day I turned off my computer I Nvidia Graphics Card Not Being Detected have a dual monitor setup One monitor was connected to the integrated graphics card on the motherboard while the other monitor was connected to the Nvidia Geforce GT When I turned the computer on the next day the monitor connected to the GT stayed in a black screen I discovered the Device Manager stopped detecting the graphics card altogether as well However when I hit the windows P button to extend and go into screen resolution it shows monitors However the one connected to the GT says quot Another Display Not Detected quot and the resolution is grayed out When I move my mouse over the mouse goes onto the other screen even though it does not detect the graphics card and the monitor is black I have tried and searched EVERYTHING I have found MANY other people with the same problem and no solution I switched monitors to make sure they both worked I have gone into the BIOS and switched it to load the PCI Express graphics card instead of the onboard g-card there is no option to disable the onboard g-card in BIOS I went into the Nvidia Management options to make sure it was set to allow dual displays I have installed older drivers tried compatibility with Vista unplugged and replugged the graphics card Is there anyone out there who has actually solved this problem Does anyone have any unique ideas Thanks

A:Nvidia Graphics Card Not Being Detected

By any chance did you install the NVIDIA beta drivers? If so they are broken for the 8600GT right now (been documented EVERYWHERE)

The only way to fix it is to system restore back before the driver was installed OR a reinstall of Windows
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I have a Lenovo z ideapad laptop which has a Nivdia GT M graphics card and an Intel R HD graphics Currently running Windows nbsp nbsp It had recently come to my attentoin by graphics not l... my being detected Nvidia Card is that i was getting a significantly lower FPS when gaming upon further investigation i Nvidia graphics Card is not being detected by my l... realised that the games were all running using the Intel graphics and not the Nvidia I then realised that i was unable to open the Nvidia control panel I immediatley tried to find some solutions and as i had not updated the drivers in some time i went to the Nvidia website to try and download the latest driver for my graphics card after i uninstalled the previous versions using DDU and of course the installation failed in the first step displaying an error message saying ''The graphics driver could not find compatible hadware'' I also tried to install older versions of the driver compatible with windows but it still displays the same error message Geforce Experience did not work and reinstallation of it failed nbsp nbsp 'Display adapters' in device manager only shows the Intel R HD graphics and does not show any signs of the nvidia graphics card i have also read in other forums that people have found their drivers under 'other devices' but this does not appear for me in device manager It's almost as if the Nvidia graphics card never existed nbsp nbsp I finally visited the lenovo website to try and find the drivers here as i thought they may have been modified slightly for it to work on the laptops nbsp nvidia driver for Lenovo Z nbsp However form what i saw the latest drivers i could find only supports up to windows and was released in What would happen if i tried to install this driver on my windows device nbsp nbsp nbsp I also found a video detailing how to edit the INF files to allow the computer to recognise the GPU but im afraid of messing with those things and My VEN ID was which he mentions in the comment that that ID would pose a problem when carrying this process out for reasons i dont know nbsp https www youtube com watch v HKwFHU ka I nbsp I am unsure of exactly when this problem arised and so i cannot use the restore points However i do know that i never had this problem when running windows and the graphics card ran perfectly should i consider rolling back to windows if its possible nbsp As of now I'm stumped and wondering if i should factory reset my computer and pray something good happens i only know the very basics about computers so this has me worried Apologies for the long message any help would be MUCH Appreciated Thank You nbsp CPU intel R core TM i - QM GHz nbsp nbsp
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Well I'm not sure if my graphics card fits either because when I plug it in to the PCI-E x16 slot, the gold teeth still show.

Any thoughts? Cheers.

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Hi This is my first post on this forum so sorry if it is in the wrong place I have just upgraded from Solved: Detected Graphics Not Card Vista to XP I have an Inspiron and everything has went smoothly apart from installing the graphics card drivers I have an Nvidia GeForce GT Solved: Graphics Card Not Detected graphics card and I tried installing the drivers from the dell website but they won t work since I don t have vista I have tried a few from the NVidia website and other websites and they haven t worked I keep getting an error message saying there are no drivers on my Solved: Graphics Card Not Detected pc which will work with the hardware or something to that effect I was told that my graphics Solved: Graphics Card Not Detected card probably isn t getting picked up since it isn t showing in device manager What can I do If you need any more information about my machine just ask If you do recommend drivers make sure they are for XP not Vista Thank You nbsp

A:Solved: Graphics Card Not Detected

First things first going from Vista to XP is not an upgrade it's a downgrade. The "problems" with Vista where overblown and a computer made for vista works perfectly fine with it.

If you can see your monitor then the computer is picking up the graphics card, it's likely listed as a generic VGA device or something like that if you don't have the proper drivers installed.

You need to go to the Dell website or the Nvidia website and download the Windows XP drivers for the GeForce 8600GT.
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First let me say I know my system is old its dated and I have a feeling its on its last legs or something My system spec custom built pc about years ago Pentium ghz processor MB Ram Windows Home basic bit OS Graphics card ati radeon hd pro My issue a few days ago my system Solved: Graphics being Card not detected started having Solved: Graphics Card not being detected major problems Windows wouldn t load kept crashing wouldn t even defrag or run anything ect So I decided to reinstall windows vista I have very little knowledge of computers I know defrag registry cleaner and antivirus And how to download crap Thats about it So Solved: Graphics Card not being detected I reinstall windows and after a few hours of messing around I seem to get everything up and working again It defrags I can run programs and internet and everything seems awesome Then I try to run Oblivion I get an error The game was able to play before I reinstalled windows I googled the situation--and after a bit of digging I discover my graphics card is disabled I ve spent all of this weekend trying to figure out how to reinstall my graphics card now I have the original cd it came with--tried running that once or twice and no go I go to the site and install all the drivers Nothing I try completly deleting everything ATI related and clean my registry then I try reinstalling the drivers--still nothing Graphics card is not detected by device manager I try installing that ATI Tool thingy---doesn t even pick it up Then I read that going into BIOS and Solved: Graphics Card not being detected disabling integrated video should work--so I go into bios and nothing says integrated video--but I have an integrated devices menu so I go in there and disable everything I can find--start up my comp and try to reinstall the card one more time--still nothing I m out of ideas You guys have any suggestions I really hope my card isn t dead---it needs to last me until I m done with school---just one more year - - Edit if by some horrible stroke of luck my card is dead anyone know where I can find a simillar card that will run oblivion doesn t have to run it on max that is in a college kids budget nbsp

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Dell GX270
500w Power Supply
2.4 GHZ Pentium 4
2048MB RAM

I recently installed a third party video card, so I can function with a dual monitor landscape deal. However, my on board video card is not detected. I tried downloading drivers from intel and dell. All say files are corrupt or missing. I can easily splurge the 4 bucks for a dvi/vga adapter, however I'd rather just stick with what I got. The back of my PC looks like a Fire Marshall's worst nightmare. The neighboorhood would probably be evacuated. Anyways, suggestions? Quick fixes (other than a hard adapter)?


A:On Board Graphics Card Not Detected!!!

It is probably disabled it the BIOS.

The BIOS may be auto configured depending on which video adapter has the screen cable plugged into to.

See if you can enable it in the BIOS.
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I know this question is asked a lot but my question is whether or not my computer can handle my new graphics card, if my computer isn't detecting the graphics card because it's DOA or just installed wrong. as far as research goes my computer should be able to handle the graphics card, it came with a AMD Radeon R9 200 and i tried installing a MSI Radeon R9 270. As far as physical difference between the graphics cards the R9 200 had 2 PCI-E power sockets, the new one only has one. would it be not enough power? outdated hardware? i installed the driver it came with and made sure i uninstalled the old one but still detects my old GPU.

Apevia X4 Dreamer
Processor: AMD FX™-8320 eight-core Processor 3.50 GHz
Ram: 8.00 GB
System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
X16 PCI-E 1
MSI 760gm-p34

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SO i just upgraded from vista to Windows 7 on my Laptop and now my g.c. wont be read like alot of others. Ive tried going to nvidia and find a drive but none work. they keep saying there is no card that can be found and all that fun stuff so if any one can help me id appreciate it.

Gateway FX Laptop
Model # P6831
Proc Intel core 2 duo t5550 @ 1.83 GHz
Video card i know its a Geforce 8800m but dont know if its GT or GTS

A:HELP!! Same problem as many. Graphics card wont be detected!!

Quote: Originally Posted by JoeyDynamite

SO i just upgraded from vista to Windows 7 on my Laptop and now my g.c. wont be read like alot of others. Ive tried going to nvidia and find a drive but none work. they keep saying there is no card that can be found and all that fun stuff so if any one can help me id appreciate it.

Gateway FX Laptop
Model # P6831
Proc Intel core 2 duo t5550 @ 1.83 GHz
Video card i know its a Geforce 8800m but dont know if its GT or GTS

Have you checked BIOS to see if the card is enabled?
Ken J
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I recently updated from Vista to Windows I installed all some of my old games Victoria and Mass Effect to be specific and neither works I checked my graphics settings and according to the Device Manager I only have the quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot I know this is wrong I've played dozens of games on Vista and never had this problems I've been looking around some old forums and apparently this is quite a common problem BUT I bought my computer and years ago and I have no recorded nor can remember what exact model my graphics card is I seem to be in a catch I need to install a driver for my PC to recognize my graphics card but I need to be able to know what my graphics card is in order to do that but since my computer can't Graphics Windows Detected not 7 - to Updated Card detect it in the first place I have no idea which it is It is all quite frustrating and I just want to be able to play my games

A:Updated to Windows 7 - Graphics Card not Detected

Brand and model number?
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Hello people of Bleeping Computer!
This is my first time posting here and I have encountered an issue on my computer. About a week ago I some how managed to pick up the ZeroAccess rootkit. Instead of battling the rootkit, I decided to reinstall Windows. Now I reinstalled Windows three times today because each time I reinstalled Windows, my graphics card was not detected. Instead for my AMD R something graphics card I have the default one named "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter." Previously on my other copy of Windows which was infected, my graphics card was detected and everything. I would really appreciate some assistance on this issue I am facing.
Also, I have not installed Windows Updates yet but I don't believe that will help, I will update this thread once I install the updates.
I have yet to hear from you guys and your support and all suggestions are appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Graphics Card Not Detected After Reinstallation

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 in hope to fix this issue?
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my windows 10 pro cannot recognize  nvidia card and only intel card avilable in device manger the second gpu card not showing .. i tried the leastest drivers from nvidia and lenovo drivers but nothing helps
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I have the Asus-N61JV notebook with Nvidia Geforce GT 325M grpahics card on Windows 7 32 bit. I downloaded the version 197.16 driver from Nvidia. By default my notebook detects the driver as standard VGA graphics adapter. The Chip type is detected as ?Intel(R)Ironlake Mobile Graphics ChipSet?. Now when I follow the manual driver installation the message I am receiving is ?Installing this device is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that iy is compatible with your hardware?. ? , I thought of ignoring this message and proceed with the installation but then paused to check if any one else is facing the same problem. Any idea?

A:Nvidia Geforce GT 325M graphics card is not detected

Well, if you want to install the latest driver for this graphic card, you can find it here.


Or you can try the one available on the Asus website.

It should work just fine either way, despite the message.
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I guess a little background is necessary GT) Graphics not Card Solved: being (GeForce by New 9600 PC detected because I may be on the Solved: New Graphics Card (GeForce 9600 GT) not being detected by PC wrong road Solved: New Graphics Card (GeForce 9600 GT) not being detected by PC altogether I was on my computer when the monitor lost its input so I did a hard reboot and when I restarted it the image came on for a few seconds before losing input again I figure it must be the Graphics card overheating so after leaving it off for Solved: New Graphics Card (GeForce 9600 GT) not being detected by PC a while I see that it s now receiving no input at all so I go buy a new one When I took out the old card GeForce also I think megs it s fan wasn t budging so I figured it might have just been overheating due to that but now I m not so sure I just installed a GeForce GT as well as a new stick of RAM because hey why not but that s working perfectly and it s not picking anything up I realize that I ve still got my on-board card so I plug my monitor into that and now it s working but nothing I try is detecting the new card though I know it s on because I can hear the fan When I try to install the drivers off the CD it gives this error quot The Graphics Adapter installed in this System is not compatible with the current set of drivers quot Then it directs me to PNY tech support page but I m like eh I ll ask Yahoo Answers because hey again why not Ok that s all I know to say but there may be some information I m neglecting Let me know if you need anything else Also this is the first time I ve tried installing a card so it may be something obvious and I hope it is but try not to be disappointed I m only one man EDIT Oh also I tried BIOS chose PCI and it s still defaulting to the on-board I ve also downloaded the drivers from nvidia com but it s just popping up with another incompatibility issue nbsp

A:Solved: New Graphics Card (GeForce 9600 GT) not being detected by PC

Something to try: Get into the BIOS and disable the on-board video in there. Save the changes and then turn off the computer. Install the new card. Connect your monitor to it and turn on the computer. Let us know your result.

This worked for me. See this thread:

What part of the world are you in?
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Hi I've been having a bevy of issues with my computer ever since I restored it after getting a virus After reinstalling W I've never been able to play a single video game on my computer really defeating the purpose of an Alienware When detected Acceleration Windows not Direct3D Graphics by disabled, Card I try to run Unreal Tournament the error Direct3D Acceleration disabled, Graphics Card not detected by Windows message Direct3D Acceleration disabled, Graphics Card not detected by Windows reads CRITICAL ERROR Please enable Direct D acceleration You can do this by starting dxdiag and enabling it in Display tab after installing DirectX b or later and latest drivers Woohoo So I went to dxdiag and it says that DirectDraw Acce Direct D Accel and AGP Texture Accel are all disabled I went to see what the graphics card is because I forget and Windows can't even tell me what card it is I have no clue Also I can't even use the ethernet port on the computer to hard wire a internet connection I have to use my wireless usb plug in from Netgear Help please Windows Home Premium bit Intel i Quad Core GHz GB ram Unknown graphics card

A:Direct3D Acceleration disabled, Graphics Card not detected by Windows

Quote: Originally Posted by aceylone777

Hi, I've been having a bevy of issues with my computer ever since I restored it after getting a virus. After reinstalling W7, I've never been able to play a single video game on my computer (really defeating the purpose of an Alienware). When I try to run Unreal Tournament 2004, the error message reads CRITICAL ERROR: Please enable Direct3D acceleration. You can do this by starting dxdiag and enabling it in Display tab after installing DirectX 8.1b (or later) and latest drivers. Woohoo. So I went to dxdiag, and it says that DirectDraw Acce;, Direct3D Accel, and AGP Texture Accel are all disabled. I went to see what the graphics card is, because I forget...and Windows can't even tell me what card it is. I have no clue. Also, I can't even use the ethernet port on the computer to hard wire a internet connection; I have to use my wireless usb plug in from Netgear. Help, please!

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Intel i7 Quad Core @ 1.73 GHz
4 GB ram
Unknown graphics card!

Sounds like you need a few drivers, beginning with the ethernet and graphics drivers.

I assume that an Alienware laptop has a service tag, like other Dell products. Take the tag information to You'll end up here:

Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

Switch the OS choice to Win 7 X64. Entering the Service Tag should cause only updates for your specific hardware to appear. (The M15X laptop appears to have been built using either AMD or nVidia graphics.)
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Hello all Recently my computer under gaming conditions started exhibiting graphical issues in which issues / dxgkrnl.sys) detected BSOD other card graphical often (Graphics not and black white squares would appear on the display area before crashing This progressed to more serious graphical issues frequently resulting in BSOD I took the video card to a friends card where it came up with the same similar errors Error on Device Manager only thing I can think of now is possibly to flash the video card BIOS OS amp Original Windows Home Premium x OS Version OEM - BSOD and other graphical issues (Graphics card often not detected / dxgkrnl.sys) Although I don't think there are any changes Hardware Age All Years Broke years to the day CPU Intel i- k Video Card Nvidia GTX Mother Board ASUS P Z -V LX Memory x Kingston DDR GB PC PSU XTREMEGEAR W Sorry that I haven't provided logs from Performance Monitor as my video card is currently sitting in a box beside me - but just say if they are required and I'll pop it in and give it a whirl Any help confirmation even if of death of the video card would be amazing Thanks in advance

A:BSOD and other graphical issues (Graphics card often not detected / dxgkrnl.sys)

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i have a geforce fx 5200 8x agp 128 mb graphic card. it worked fine for me for about an year. but now suddenly only 64 mb of video ram is detected by my system. i checked the 'dxdiag' dialogue box and it also shows only 64 mb of video ram. reinstalling the drivers, the card itself and tweaking different bios settings has not worked for me. what to do? how can this happen? can a part of video card memory just die like this? if not, then what can i do to restore the 'hidden' 64 mb of it? any answers, suggestions etc. will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

A:GeForce Nvidia fx 5200 128mb graphics card, only 64 mb is detected?

I haven't looked up the specs on your card, but usually they are split in two ie 64 + 64 = 128Meg . Even though it's only one card.
I know my 512Meg Vid card does this. It reports two cards in Device Manager as 256M (even though it's only one card)

I don't know all the ins and outs, but I suppose it's faster doing it this way
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First I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but as it's kind of a general problem I didn't VGA, has card USB, Laptop problems suddenly with reader... know where else to post My old laptop is a HP Pavilion g -sp I bought it about and a half years ago and stopped using it regularly in november Before that the only problem it had was the headphone jack it stopped working so I just bought one of those cheap usb sound card adapters and it was enough Meanwhile more stuff started occasionaly failing for no apparent reason first the sd card reader then the vga connector and the USB ports all that on the left side of the laptop Besides the headphone jack nothing else was permanently not working and I thought that maybe something was Laptop suddenly has problems with VGA, USB, card reader... loose after I sent it to be cleaned up about a year and half ago Yet today the usb port on the right side started to fail too I don't know if it's related but as I was writing this it just had a driver power state failure BSOD while it was restarting it's unusual I don't understand much about hardware so I'm not sure about what to do is there anything I can do or I need to send it to somewhere to be fixed If so would it be very expensive

A:Laptop suddenly has problems with VGA, USB, card reader...

First thing I would suspect, especially in a laptop, is a failing hard drive. Yeah, I know they looked like hardware failures, but they all use drivers, and if the driver files get corrupted, then the devices won't interface properly anymore and will look like they are failing.

You should find out the brand of your hard drive, go to their website, and download and run whatever disk health checking software they provide.
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It is a Medion laptop about 4 years old with XP Home SP2

Can't connect via Wireless, even though the drivers are installed for the card in Device Manager and the icon says "One or more Wireless networks are detected - click this ballon to connect"

Windows is being used as the Wireless Utility and no wireless networks are listed, even though other laptops can detect them

Ipconfig says Media Disconnected about the Wireless Card in command prompt

The wireless light is switched on by pressing Fn and F1


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I have a Toshiba Satellite a135-s4527. It has a Realtek 10/100 ethernet card in it, and an Atheros wireless card.

My ethernet card doesn't show up in device manager, but the wireless card does.

I went to and downloaded the appropriate drivers for Windows 7 and my model of computer and installed them, but the ethernet card still doesn't show up in device manager and I'm limited to wireless connections.

Can someone tell me how to get my wired connection up and running?

A:Laptop: No ethernet card detected?

the ethernet card might be faulty.. you can look at the option of running a hard ware test or just use usb converter for internet connection
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My samsung 16GB memory card is not getting detected in my laptop.
Even if I connect through my phone data card it's not detected. But it is working properly in my phone. I have been using it for 2 years.

A:Memory card is not getting detected in laptop

MerissaWalker said:

Have you tried it on other computers?Click to expand...

yes, even then it is not getting detected
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I recently installed XP on my HP laptop after I got tired of Vista. Everything seems to be working fine, except that I can't find the appropriate sound drivers because there is no sound card detected on the laptop. When I run dxdiag, it tells me to download the appropriate drivers, but I downloaded all the drivers on HP's website for my model of laptop (HP Pavillion 9640US) and I still don't have sound. I also don't even know what drivers I even need. Is there a way to find this out?

A:No sound card detected on laptop

The audio drivers for your model on HP support are Vista only!

Try these.
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My laptop (envy m6 1162la) was not using the graphics card (AMD Radeon 7640M). I tried reinstalling the software AMD Catalyst but it wasn't detecting it either. I checked the windows device manager and the graphics card was greyed out (had to turn the option to show hidden devices because it wasn't showing). I tried updating drivers but it kept showing an error message (Code 45). Then I followed the steps in this guide and tried uninstalling the device, rebooting and reinstalling. Now it's not even showing in the manager, and I can't find the driver download page in the HP website. I also checked the AMD legacy software (catalyst) because it said it included the old drivers, but no luck so far. I'd appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks in advance.
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I have just reformatted a Acer Travelmate 2420 and have windows running, after installing all the drivers from the acer website i now have network problems, the device manager shows an exclamation for ethernet controller but there is nothing about the wireless card which is internal, meanwhile i cannot use the |Cable connection either and doesnt detect when a cable is plugged in even thought it says the driver is installed! what do i do i cannot connect to windows update because i cant connect to the net and am not sure who manufacturers the wireless card!

Thanks, Olly
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Hey guys,

I've got a Aspire V3, with a GT 730m and Intel HD4000 inside it. My problem is as the title states, my system does not recognize the GT 730.

I've had the laptop for 2 and a half months now and I had no problems for the first month, but since then my card has caused a great amount of frustration.

It's at random, but the problem starts with the card crashing, a BSOD and then the system not recognizing the card. My fix for getting the laptop to re-recognize the card is hooking up a monitor and then uninstalling the Intel card and then rebooting it a time or two.

However this time I am unable to get it to detect the card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:"An Nvidia graphics card was not detected in your system."

It sounds like a hardware issue to me unfortunately.
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Mates I'm using Windows 8 and I have NVidia GeForce GT550M as graphics driver but my laptop does not see my card although I have installed graphics driver. Is it fixible or not ? If yes, how can I fix it.

I think, It must be written that "GeForce GT 550M" not Intel Graphics Driver and;

in here, the green thing have to be connected with GeForce 550M part, doesn't have ?

A:My Laptop Does Not See My Graphics Card

Does not anyone know this ? Please help me.
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hi all

I have a toshiba laptop
Mobile Intel 945GM
128 Mb

i cann't run many games on it

Win Xp_pro_SP2


can I change this Graphic Card
or add another one..

or overlaod it

what can i do?

need help please

A:New graphics card for laptop?

It's a laptop, you can only upgrade ram and hard drive, nothing else.
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Im looking to buy a new graphics card for my laptop but I am unsure what graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard model.

Could someone please enlighten me as to what type of graphics card would be best suited to my motherboard, my budget is around $300 but i would be willing to spend more if required.

My laptop model is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZV5200

Other information.
Athlon 3000+
1024 DDR RAM
Nvidia GeForce4 420 Go

Thanks in advance.

A:New Laptop Graphics Card

I think we have had at least half a dozen of this same thread already. Please! Don't think that you are somehow original! With 99% probability someone has asked your question before and you can find the answer by using the amazing "search" feature.

As a rule you cannot replace the graphics on laptops. Only some very special models have replaceable cards or PCI(-E) slots. Some docking stations have PCI(-E) slots too. I really doubt that your consumer laptop fits into any of these categories.
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I recently bought my girlfriend an ACER Aspire 6920G laptop from PC world, yea i know first mistake,
But i was wondering if its possible to change the ATI HD 3650 512mb graphics card to a nividia one???

Any help woiuld be greatly appreciated,



A:Laptop Graphics Card?

It depends on whether or not the graphics card is on board or a seperate unit, if I understand the situation correctly.
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im thinking about buying a new laptop for when i go to university but it needs to be able to run maya 3d animation software.On mayas system requirements page they recommend a Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card but i have absolutely no idea what that is.

(full maya system requirements link.)

what i want to know is what should i be looking to for when i buy a laptop please keep in mind that im trying to keep within a budget of £400.

could a Nvidia Geforce 8200 card run maya? or is it too low spec

the laptops im looking at are like these...,35750,90633&webid=399077&affixedcode=WW+,35750,90633&webid=397209&affixedcode=WW+

any good?....any recommendations?

all replies are apprieciated

A:laptop/graphics card help

The one at £347.41 will run the it but how well I not sure......
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My Problem is that I am going to buy a laptop (A Toshiba Satellite A105-S2081) from TigerDircet. The site says it has an ATI Radeon® Xpress 200M graphics card.

My question is. Is this a good card for movies and games?

Like could it play Guild Wars, Oblivion, AOE 3, BF2, and the big MF *FEAR*

I dont know anything about laptop graphics cards or what its equvalent to in nVidia cards. ATI is like another language to me

Thanks for the help.

A:Graphics card for a new laptop.

The 200M is the chipset. It has onboard graphics that are derived from the ATI X300. The X300 is not much of a graphics card. Not sure where this performance falls compared to an X300. Chances are it's lower or about the same.

Here's some more info on the chipset:
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Can you install an upgraded graphics card on a laptop or is it not practical?

A:Laptop Graphics Card

Only if the graphics card in the laptop is upgradeable in the first place. Some higher-end (mostly gaming) laptops, but only some. Most laptops come with onboard graphics and are not upgradeable at all.
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Just wondering, as I have a good processor and am going to upgrade the memory on my laptop, as to whether you can upgrade the graphics card on a laptop? I have a Samsung V20 2Ghz Pentium 4 with 248MB Ram (at the moment) and Intel Graphics card, which is rubbish and why I want to change it.

I just wondered, seeing as a good bog standard (better than Intel shite) card is quite cheap, whether you could put it in a laptop or not.


A:New Graphics card in laptop...?

Nope, 99% of all laptops have the video integrated into the motherboard. There usde to be options for docking stations where you could add an external video or other card to. Might be worth a look on samsung's web site.
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Hi,GuysMy Question Is That Can I Add A Graphics Card To My Laptop Pavilion G6 Core i5....I already Have Upgraded My Ram To 8 Gb......I Hope You All Will Get On This Very Soon...And Give My Instant And Accurate Results.......

A:Can I Add Graphics Card To My Laptop?

Abd17 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Unlike desktop PCs, laptops do not use video "cards"; instead, they use video chips that are permanently attached to either video modules, or to the laptop system board.  These are not customer-replaceable parts.
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i Was wondering if i could add a graphics card to this lap top in the future i know most laptops can not but this one has some evidence that you may be able to Thank you for your help
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Hiiii Thanks for taking the time to read So I was in school today talking to a friend about CoD WaW And He was telling me his laptop was too slow And I was saying mine was also lagging when playing it And he was telling me he was getting a quot laptop PCi graphics card quot to make it run better I had no idea what a PCi card PCi card? Graphics Laptop :/ is So my first question is What is a PCi slot port thing On my laptop on the side there is this small little button and then a press it in it extends out and a little slot beside it is then open lt lt lt Is that the PCi port Secondly Can I get Laptop PCi Graphics card? :/ a new graphics card I wanna play games on my Laptop without having to buy a new computer And If I could do this could anyone reccommend a good cheap PCi graphics card For Media and gaming Thhaankks for reading oh and sorry if this is in the wrong section Btw Im using a Toshiba Satellite L with windows vista home premium nbsp

A:Laptop PCi Graphics card? :/

its actually a pcmcia slot, i wish it was that easy to upgrade a video card in a laptop but it cant really be done unless the video memory is shared. you can adjust how much memory is allocated for the video card in the bios, hope that will help.
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Alright guys, this looks like one of the best places to post this question and couldnt find much using the search.

I was wondering what you would recomend as the best graphics card within ?50 - ?120

My system specs:

Vista Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1
Acer Aspire 5735
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU @ 2GHz


Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
1.28GB Adapter RAM
Hope that gives you enough to go on. I have no idea about graphics cards but Ive just got into PC games and want to be able to play them all quite well.

Thank you in advance

A:Best Graphics Card for my laptop?

Hi Jacob and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but you cannot upgrade the graphics capability of a laptop as the GPU is part of the motherboard.

What you could do is to upgrade the memory of your laptop so that you have the maximum amount installed that is supported.
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Just joined this forum and I need some advice and hope someone can assist me?
I have an Advent 7003 pentium 4 windows xp home edition 2000mhz processor with 40gb hard drive
It has a S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR installed and having just bought a new game I find it will not work (Lara Croft - Angel of Darkness)
I have been advised that I will need a graphics card?
If so :-
1. Is it possible to fit a graphics card to my Advent 7003?
2. If so which would be the best one to get?
Any help gratefully accepted

A:Graphics card for laptop

Most laptops are not meant to be used for gaming and thus have no capacity to upgrade anything other than memory or a hard drive. I would bet your graphics card is built into the motherboard and cannot be upgraded. I have however seen docking stations that allow you to add an external video card or other peripheral but I would hazard a guess Advent has no such thing.
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I've got an HP Pavilion laptop. Is there any way to install a better 3D card? Externally somehow? Thanks.

A:graphics card for my laptop?

I'm not a laptop expert but I don't think it's possiblt to upgrade VGA cards on such a computer. I might be wrong. Check out the HP site & see what you can find out there.
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i have installed this new videocard gt 430, i reinstalled graphics driver but windows shows microsoft basic display adapter as current display does not detect gt 430
my monitor is plugged in videocard but detected as basic display adapter and not detected as gt 430 and my game lags what should i do

A:display plug in graphics card (has display) but does no detected

Where did you get the driver from ?

Did you find a Windows 10 driver for that card ?

What did nvidia come up with, what driver did you install ?

GeForce GTX 430 | GeForce
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So I was wondering, is it possible to change my laptops graphics card to a better one?

And then I also was wondering what I can do to make it faster? -I'm going to change the hdd to a 96Gb Kingston SSD HDD and I'm also going to get 2Gb more ram but what else can I do?

"My laptop"
thx 4 any advice!

A:Is it possible to change my laptop's graphics card?

Well I doubt you can get a mobile gpu off the shelf(I have never heard of it).
BTW you might as well consider buying a new laptop....
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Hello,I wanted to ask if the graphics card from my laptop HP Pavilion dv6-2009eo could be changed with one from HP Pavilion dv6-3121sl  (it is better,and can support Dx11,unlike the one i have,i don't change the laptop cause the motherboard is byebye)so i want to change:from: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 Series Graphicsto: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics

A:Can i change the graphics card from my laptop?

No there is no video card. In both cases the video is soldered to and part of the motherboard so if the motherboard is dead on the dv6-3121sl there is no video card to salvage and swap over to the older laptop. Sorry.
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I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop Core Duo T GHz MB Cache GB Ram with Nvidia M graphics card I do not play games Graphics Laptop Replacement Card at my laptop but recently the Graphics card chip overheated and it silently went out of order Yes it overheated with just normal operation of Windows making the laptop out of display at all The laptop ages more than two years and there is no Dell certified service center here However I have options to replace the burnt chip from a local service center But as I don't Laptop Graphics Card Replacement play games with the laptop I would like to have Intel integrated graphics now instead of a heat prone NVidia one But is it possible with a laptop to replace the graphics chip I mean for my desktop I can easily get off my D graphics card and turn the onboard integrated intel graphics on But in case of my Dell laptop which came with M graphics chip is the intel integrated graphics chip still Laptop Graphics Card Replacement there And can I just disable the burnt chip open the laptop cover and plug the display cable to the quot apparently present there quot Intel Chip I am not acquainted with laptop motherboards actually By the way if any intel graphics chip is not present there can I have a Intel Chip may be GMA or something like that on it instead of a new heat prone M In fact one local service center offered me to replace the burnt chip for a new one for around But I do not find the real price of a M chip anywhere Could anyone give some hints Any form of suggestion is welcome I am looking forward to hear from you

A:Laptop Graphics Card Replacement

There's a lot of information on your system at

If I understand the specs correctly, you have an Intel 965PM chipset, without integrated graphics. (Another version uses the 965GM chipset, with integrated graphics, but that's not what you have.)

I doubt that it's practical to convert to the chispet with built-in graphics, but you could ask your repair shop. The performance of the nVidia graphics is probably much superior, but you appear to not benefit from that.
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System Dell Inspiron E Graphics card nVidia GeForce Go GS Integrated graphics on mobo I think so yes or else disabling the above video card would ve blacked everything out right My laptop gets to the black Microsoft Windows XP boot screen the one with a progress bar below the logo that has blue dots scrolling across it in threes then the screen dies out just before it reaches the login screen I restarted booted into Safe Mode disabled my GeForce restarted again and got all the way to home base albeit with -ugly Graphics Is Dead? Laptop my Card graphics as mine s a quot widescreen and x does it absolutely no justice Enabling the card from there killed the screen dead so I m pretty sure by now my GeForce is busted but can anyone confirm this for me just so I can be sure Also is there anything I can do about the current crappy graphics like installing video drivers for the Is my Laptop Graphics Card Dead? integrated mobo graphics Or did Dell rip everything quot extra quot out when I chose the high-end graphics card nbsp

A:Is my Laptop Graphics Card Dead?


your card is outputting a refresh rate or monitor size that the screen cant handle, you need to start in safe mode and apply the lowest setting such as 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 and check the refresh rate is set to 70 hz,

then reboot and change the size back to a normal setting.

The other easier way is to start in safe mode and remove the card in device manager, then reboot and let windows reinstall it.
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I use Vista Home Basic 32bit
I want to upgrade Graphics card in my laptop
My Laptop is Presario A900

Can Someone Help me please, Do send me the emails at REMOVED

Himanshu Dave

A:Graphics Card Upgrade in LAPTOP

First get rid of that email. If you dont, you will have so much spam, you will be able to get rich selling it by the pound.

That being said

How to Find Drivers
search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone - will help you search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- - if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.
- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads
To remove any left over driver remnants, especially from graphics cards, use driver sweeper Guru3D - Driver Sweeper
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weeks ago i bought an XPS M laptop off Ebay with a faulty gfx card quite cheaply with the intention of swapping out the card in my I The card is a GF GTX with mb ram now the series of laptop cards are notorious for failing due to heat so after a little research on the matter graphics repairing card a laptop it appearred there was a little trick you could perform to get these cards working Well i thought i had got nothing to lose so why not give it ago heres how remove card from laptop remove the heatsink and backing plate by undoing the retaining screws and gently prising apart remove all traces of thermal paste repairing a laptop graphics card from gfx and ram chips using rubbing alcohol Place in a pre heated degrees C oven on a stiff piece of card for mins only per side mins total turn oven off and leave oven door half open or half closed for mins refit heatsink backing plate and thermal paste i used as and replace in laptop the test i used prime to stress the card a few swear words thrown in to make it more stressed and it passed So i was sceptical at first thinking what a stupid thing to do but it works The laptop has been running now for hrs continuos with no probs the temp is degrees C using I Kgui fan controller so if anyone wants to try this method i say give it ago you have nothing to lose

A:repairing a laptop graphics card

Remove the card? Do both laptops have an mxm? I'm curious about this. Most laptops tend to have the darn thing soldered in or part of the mobo. Also, why are you sticking it in an oven >_>
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 HelloI'm sorry to disturbI am using Google TranslatorBurned my laptop graphics cardModel hp dv7 3067clModel graphics cardATI Mobility Radeon ? HD 4650 (M96) with up to 2815MB totalavailable graphics memory with 1024MB dedicatedA few questions Datm1: This laptop graphics cards were interchangeable or are not interchangeable2: If you were interchangeable graphics cardsTell me were the following link for my video card hp ++ 3067cl + ATI + Mobility + Radeon + HD + 4650
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Sooo, my HP G42-476TX's dedicated graphics (Radeon HD 6370M) is broken, kept getting no displays and fuzzy screen and random hangs. Its out of warranty and a friend of mine told me he knows a guy who can either fix it or replace it if it cant be repaired anymore for about 100 to 115 USD. Anyway, my question iss, would it be worth it to get it fixed or replaced? And is that even possible? Lastly, is it even safe? Thanks guys.

A:Laptop Graphics Card Question

Really its up to you whether what's worth it or not. It depends on how much the laptop is, how much do you care, and are you willing to spend the 100-115 to repairs the video card. If you think its time for an upgrade get a new laptop or desktop of you feel you can still get a few more years out of this laptop repair it. If this was me I would just grab a new laptop
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I ve already read through a few tech support forums before registering here so i know the general consensus is quot NO YOU CAN T UPGRADE GRAPHICS CARDS IN LAPTOPS quot lol But I ve read a few forums where they say some computer models and newer laptops DO have upgradable graphics cards and I have not found any specific information on whether it s possible in MY laptop or not So here goes I bought a Toshiba Satellite A -S about a month and a half ago It s got Windows upgrade card a laptop....? in Graphics Vista and the ATI Radeon X graphics card Problem is EA Games says that the Sims is simply not compatible with this graphics card for whatever reason and it causes all sorts of trippy graphics glitches during gameplay Everything s fine for about minutes and then I get angular graphic shadows that obscure the screen Sims heads in Graphics card upgrade in a laptop....? other rooms away from their bodies etc I ll admit it I m Graphics card upgrade in a laptop....? not incredibly computer savvy when it comes to tech specifications and I figured the X graphics card would work EA says the X and X would work so logically Now I have a new laptop that I like for everything else but I can t play my favorite game Aside from quot go buy a new laptop with a better card quot LOL does anyone have any ideas Am I incredibly lucky and this happens to be one of the laptops I can upgrade Are there any external graphics cards dunno if such a thing exists or something I could plug into a USB port to make the Sims playable Thanks for any help or advice you can offer me Danielle nbsp

A:Graphics card upgrade in a laptop....?

You cannot upgrade the graphics card in that system. Laptops with upgradable video cards are usually expensive and it is a feature advertised prominently on the box and on the laptop, itself (stickers and such).

If it had video upgrade capability and you purchased it new, it would have been a sort of in-your-face brag you couldn't miss if you read the box and the stickers on the unit.
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Can i upgrade my graphics card on my laptop ? L2W56EA#ABU

A:Can i upgrade my graphics card on my laptop?

No sorry. The video chip is a part of the motherboard, soldered in and there is just no means to remove it and replace it with something else. This is true of 99.5% of laptops.
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My laptop just doesn't seem to perform as well as it should. I wonder sometimes if it's always using the graphics card correctly, or at all.

Here are the specs:

Samsung NP880Z5E
2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
AMD Radeon HD 8700M series

For a case in point, I can't even run Heroes of the Storm on the lowest graphics settings without serious chop. That just can't be right.
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I have a Dell 6000D laptop with radeon X300 on board graphics module. I am currently running Win 7 home premium.
I ran a test to see if it would run Win 10, the results failed because of the X300. I checked and it has the current driver.
Is it possible to use a USB graphics card to make it run Win 10?

A:external graphics card for laptop to run win 10

That thing is ancient. While I suppose it would be possible to use a usb to vga adapter to hook up an external graphics card, Idk how well they work. For the best experience you would want a usb 3.0 port which I know that thing does not have. There is also no guarantee it would pass the test, until I looked just now I didn't even know you could do usb to vga/dvi/hdmi. I am unsure if the test would take a usb graphics card and if it did that doesn't remove the x300 from the computer, you MIGHT be able to uninstall it and get lucky. But the honest to god truth is you should get a new laptop. Even if it were possible it isn't worth it :P
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Does External graphics card laptop increase the gaming performance ?

A:External graphics Card For laptop

Yes to an extent, but for the price you might as well buy a gaming laptop to begin with.

The price of the systems can be moderately low now if you use the basic GPU Dock station that can help but they lower the performance of said card and usually can only be used easily from home.

But to answer your question, yes it will.
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I have a Toshiba A200 Satellite 1.73 GH, 1G RAM Laptop running Vista home basic with a Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family. I am having problems running game programmes on the computer because i don't seem to have the correct type of graphics card installed. I wanted to know is it possible to have a new graphics card installed on the mother board? Is this a difficult thing to do? $$$. Or is there anything i can do to enhance my existing system? I have seen that ASUS has an external graphics card but have not been able to locate one. Is this a possible option. Any advice would be welcome.

A:can i install new graphics card/laptop
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can i get a external graphics card for my laptop I can use usb or lan connectors Ive looked for one for a while and don t even know If it can be done my laptop is nice but could use a graphics upgrade I have a ati mb onboard mb and something browed ram but the clock is slow and it gets very freezy when get for external can a you card graphics laptop a you play any thing better than battle field I get fps with bots and high graphics it also hates lots of dust rain and gun smoke also can I get a mobo processer thats ghz to change with my ghz moble turion have seen better ghz processers but only for mobo athlon class motherboards my system is ghz kb l kb l cache AMD Turion Mobile MK- Gb ddr ram dvd x write speed x read speed GB hard drive mb atiRadion express with hypermemory MB Wlan lan modem usb specks found on dxdiag windows system info and the Ati control center at least dxDiag and ATI have the correct info model ACER Aspire - with upgrades nbsp

A:can you get a external graphics card for a laptop

No there is no such thing....
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I recently bought a Toshiba equium laptop. The spec is 3.2ghz, 512 RAM, 60gb hdd and a cdrw and a dvdwr. It has a ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000 OR 7200. It dosent fulfil my gaming needs and i wish to upgrade to something higher spec in the mobility range for laptops. And im just wondering if i can upgrade my graphics card inside my laptop.

*Many thanks to people who reply *

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Well basically, my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L500-19z
My graphics card is a crappy Mobile Intel series 4 family chipset.

I originally bought the laptop at Christmas (2009) for everything: Social Networking, coursework, a little gaming etc. But at the time I didn't think it was rubbish for big games (such as Dragon Age: Origins).
So anyway, I was wondering if it is actually possible to replace my graphics card?
I'm looking at the PNY NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS PCI-E Graphics Card, but is that even compatible with laptops?

My game is quite laggy, it's OK 50% of the time but it gets quite annoying when you're trying to battle and it takes about 5/10 seconds for an ability to actually work (if it even does!)

Are there any graphics cards out there that I can use? Or can I even replace my graphics card, or increase the performance of my game?

Thanks in advance


A:Replacing the graphics card in my laptop? :/

Sorry,laptops with integrated graphics can't be upgraded.
Even laptops with dedicated graphics cards can usually
only be swapped with the same card due to proprietary design.
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Is it possible to upgrade an Intel graphics card in my Toshiba Satellite a100 PSAA8C-0FH00E laptop? It's because I can't run Halo 2 or NFS: Carbon, so I want a 512 MB instead of my current 128 MB. My friend said it's impossible since The Intel video card is integrated into the motherboard or something. Sorry, I'm a total noob with hardware. Thanks!

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I got Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO Mobile V5545 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 - 128 MB. I want to know if it is possible to upgrade it to a better one.

Thank You