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Favourite programming language

Q: Favourite programming language

Wich one of this languages you think is the best?

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Preferred Solution: Favourite programming language

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Favourite programming language

Assembler or Pascal for me, can't decide.
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I bought a language CD set, and I do like it. The one thing I do not like is using the CDs every time I want to work with it. I have a Dell inspiron mini 10 with the external CD drive. The reason I bought the mini was for portability, but carrying the CD drive negates some of the advantages. How can I load the CDs on the hard drive and work from it, rather than the CD? I appreciate any help with this.

A:How do I save my language CDs on my hard drive and work from there?

This all depends on the software.
Not all programs let you copy the CD to your HD to make it work. If you tell us what software it is, it may help. What does the program access the CD for? Is there an option in the program, of where to look for certain files?
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Hi guys, I downloaded a movie (Asterix and the Olympic Games) but found that the sound track was in French. I was wondering if there was a way I could change the language of the track or download either english subtitles or sound track and then combine it with the video.

Thank you.

A:Video Sound Language

You won't be able to combine them. Even if it were possible with editing software (it may be) the timing would be off. You have to try to find another copy in English...
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I need to get a new case as i'm moving into water cooling. I currently have a P182 but it has no window

What is your favourite case?


A:What is your favourite case? I need some advice

For watercooling, go for a full-tower ATX case. The Antec Twelve Hundred, Cooler Master Cosmos and Stacker series, and Thermaltake Armor and Kandalf series are among the best choices.

However, for the ultimate in quality, assuming you can afford it, get a Lian-Li case. I recommend the PC-V2000BPLUSII and PC-V2110 specifically.
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Good afternoon to all this is my first try on your site.We have a Hp 3200 all in one,some how my wife has it speaking in some foreign language and we would like to get it back to English.Is there any one out there who can help me.Thank you for any and all help.
Thanx Again,

A:HP LaserJet 3200 language help

All HP drivers here:

Just click Start Detection
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I have a Toshiba M700 tablet PC running Windows Vista ultimate 32-bit edition.

I wanted to run a program that requires me to have the non-unicode language set to Japanese.
I changed it to Japanese, and then proceeded to try and run the program.
Program runs fine.

I tried to connect my bluetooth headset to listen to my music. No luck. I get an error message about copy protection.

What's odd is that if I change the non-unicode language back to English, the headset connects just fine, and it doesn't complain about copy protection or anything.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

A:Bluetooth malfunctions when language is changed

The bluetooth program you have installed is set to work on one user only
By changing the language it thinks you are another user

I think ipod software does that too
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Who can give me the PC8394T Programming Tools?

email removed

A:PC8394T Programming Tools

respect software developers. don't use cracks
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hello, I have a new issue. I got this mobile phone from my german friend, it's used and on german, ofcourse. now I wonder is it possible to change it to english, I've already tried but I cannot find language setup and how can I do that. I'm beginner and if it requires software change i'll need your help. I forgot to add that it is O2 xdaII mini

A:Xda pocket pc language change

I didn't find any settings where you can change the language and I donno if it is possible to do that with the phones software.
you could try to reset the device. press and hold the power on button and at the same time press the reset button with the stylus (see attached pic)
if you need the data try to make a backup first. all data that have not been installed originally will be lost on reset.

you could also ask help & support at for an "english firmware" !?

hope this helps you a little
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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I am new in WinCE and Handheld machine programming.
i have gone through the visual studio 2005 and found Pocket PC emulator but i am not getting how to map keys of handheld device to WinCE in VC++.

i mean we have softkeys on handheld device like 4 arrow keys, one center button and 4 other keys on left and right, what is meaning of those keys and how to simulate those keys to the keyboard.
suppose if i write a program in vc++ for desktop machine then we have mouse and keyboard when any press then window generate WM_KEYDOWN event but what will happen in case of handheld device.
Please let me know in detail or give me some hint or possible sample code to understand the whole procedure.


A:Programming for handheld machine of Symbol on WinCE using VC++(2005)

"Please let me know in detail or give me some hint or possible sample code to understand the whole procedure"...

Have you performed a Goolgle search on thiis?
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Thanks in advance for any help I live in Japan and recently purchased a drivers with issues DVD-RW and drive language dvd-rw drive Iodata DVR-UM A external model It seems to be based on the Panasonic SW- drive It came with a Japanese setup DVD My OS is English and it would not run Where can I get English drivers I think I need the DLA drivers I checked the English iodata site and they do not offer the software for download My computer recognizes the drive through PnP as Mat a sw- but I cannot access the drive I tried installing the drivers off of my working dvd drive but they seem to be language specific They appear in a subdirectory under drivers in the Japanese folder And the drivers also seem to add menu items in Japanese to the tool tip copy to dvd-rw write these files to dvd etc This is what I see on my Japanese os version In addition when I search for drivers to update and put in the location on the dvd windows cannot find any I would rather not have to buy software to get the hardware I paid for to work If there are any other work arounds I would appreciate that too Cheers nbsp

A:DVD-RW drive and language issues with drivers

CD and DVD drives don't need drivers. Is that a SCSI drive?
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I've heard a lot about how knowing programming (java, c++, python,etc) can help you in when using computers . I'm interested in programming but I don't know what to do. I don't know where or how to start. do you need to buy/download software from anywhere? I'm thankful for any help.

A:New to programming, where to start?

What are you interested in doing? Making computer programs/apps for an OS like Windows or OS X? iOS or Android? Or programming robots and microcontrollers? Do you want to create a website or blog? Or something else?

I think the best beginner language is Python. Then you can move onto programming languages based on your interests. If you want to code apps for iOS for example, you would need to know Objective C and a bit of Cocoa (specific language for OS X/iOS).

So, what are you interests?
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My computer can't display chinese characters. When i went to language settings and installed east asian language, it required me to use the Windows SP3 CD. but i don't have the cd. i thought to download the language files on internet, but i can't find it. Does anyone know where to download it? or is there another way to display chinese characters on my system without CD? Thanks for the help.

A:Where to download asian language package for XP SP3?

Last time I had to do this was on a linux system, haven't actually had to do it on a Windows box. Try this:

Once SP3 is installed, change your language settings, and let your system update download the language pack from Microsoft.
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I m in a pretty tricky situation thus I need help from some really helpful TechSpot-members Situation I m about to graduate from my equivalent of High School and I ll keep studying at university level for more years Thing is I want to work at a company which requires quot an advanced knowledge quot in the following learn in successfully one years? following the programming 5 languages Can programming languages system oriented languages C UNIX PERL So I have about years on my hands can any fellow TechSpot-member share his her experience in learning any of these programming languages Will it take more than years for me to become really good with those I have some knowledge regarding C bat-prompt X HTML CSS and JavaScript Are these languages much different from the ones stated above I know the history of UNIX and I have a version of the latest Ubuntu Linux installed on my PC But I have never even written a single command in a UNIX-environment As goes for PERL truth is I have no clue what even PERL is So all in all could it be possible for me to become roughly advanced within these languages environments in years Any tips nbsp

A:Can one successfully learn the following programming languages in 5 years?

I would think that would depend on your learning ability. Another person can't judge that for you, only you can be the judge of that.
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I'm learning how to write websites in HTML and I just learned the <form> command and the different form elements you can use with it. When I set the command to MAILTO:[email protected] it opened up my computer's default mail program. I'm wondering if there's any way to have the information sent to my e-mail without using an external program.

A:HTML form programming

Yes, with the mailto in the href, the client's default email software is invoked, which
exposes the target email address.

The other choice is to send a message to the webserver where cgi programming forms parameters to the sendmail api on the webserver itself. This hides all the email addresses and allows extra data to be inserted in the message.

Instead of an href with mailto, the form action is used to point at your cgi program on the websever to process all the forms data.
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From what I can tell its some sort of programming language.. Anyone know anything about it or where I can get info about it?

A:Off topic, Anyone know what dbr programming is

Ever tried google?? You might be surprised by what info you get from there.
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hey guys, so i'd like to make a small program to assign ips if we need to for lan parties. I got a C compiler called "open watcom" but cant figure it out. whats a good complier for C that runs on windows? whats a good source for C commands? and last is there a way to get the list of variables used for windows? (the variable name assigned to hold the computers IP's)

A:C programming

You are talking to the wrong site for programming advice.
You need to tell us the limits of your programming experience. If you cannot figure out Watcom, you are perhaps not ready to do this.
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I have designed a web site for my company which works well when run on local host. The problem is that when i uploaded it and published it some of the pages gets completely distorted and the language is changed to some asian language.

Below is the link of the site.

Below are the pages which gets distorted

Please tell me if any help

Thank you in advance,


A:Web Page distorts and shows some asian language>> no distortion>> Most TVs allow you to set a SAP- Secondary Audio Setting, meaning the display will be in both the original language such as English and a secondary language such as Spanish. I don't know what your "sap.htm" represents but could it be to show the site in a secondary language?>> looks like botched programming> view the source code.

You can find numerous sites with the ??????, which in both of the problem URLs. Check your programming for errors.
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I'm looking to dive into the art of programming but have absolutely no idea where to start. I have been told that C++ is an option but perhaps its a little too advanced for a begginner? My main purpose for learning a programming language is to caclulate scientiffic formulas etc. and maybe even graphing them at some point: whether that be an output file for Excel or an actual drawn image. Can anyone recommend a language, books, and/or where I can get a hold of some cheap software to get me started?

Thanks for your input!

A:Learning a Programming Language.. Where to start?

Take a course at your local college.
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i m using windows XP Professional So years ago i have installed the japanese ime but back then i had no use for it except type some weird things Now i need it more then ever and the language bar just won t show up no matter what i do and the ime is acting weird Breaking it down for you problem + IME Language Bar Japanese - I have installed all east asian files to computer Language Bar + Japanese IME problem already - I go to control Panel - gt Regional and language options - gt languages - gt text service and input language and japanese is on there - Apparently the language bar button in preference is grayed out so i can t click it - Searched around the web for a solution but none works - So i can t find the language bar to change the language to japanese if i use shortcuts to change languages then what happens is if i type something it switches back to english automatically use shortcut like ctrl shift key or something switches the language to japanese i open notepad but when i type it goes to english and Hiragana is main setting not direct input so it can t be english Anyone got solution I m thinking maybe a partition restore would help but i don t know Thanks nbsp
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i have made a program that will generate a random number until the number i type is generated, but to make it faster i thought it would be helpful to stop the program going over numbers it has already generated, the problem is, i have no idea how to do this.

please help,

[email protected]

A:Programming help - random numbers

what language?

PS > do yourself a favor and remove your email address from above post, this is a public webpage.
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I wish to get entire contents of RAM in Linux and Solaris through C++ Programming... Is there any file or API for retrieving the contents... Please send me as soon as possible or advice some guidelines

A:How to get image of RAM in Linux & Solaris through C++ Programming

You can use the /dev/mem and /dev/kmem devices.
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Hi does anyone knows any god and detailed programming books for win32 api, and visual basic and game programming for beginners!!I bought few books but they all assume that I know win API confusing message handling!!I can program in c/c++ . I need really detailed and well written textbook, if it exsist!Any help would be appreciated.

A:Good Programming books!!

I have book for Visual Basic 6 ( not ebook) : Visual basic step by step from Michael Halvorson. Good book for begginers and professionals.
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What is the best language to write HARMLESS viruses in?

A:Best language

How about asking that somewhere else ?
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Hey Guys

Does anyone know where I could find a site that will help me in scripting Oracle Management Server (SVRMGRL) I really need some help...


A:Programming and Scripting Oracle Management Server

Ever heard about Google? Search for scripting Oracle Management Server
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I'm trying to learn Assembly language but all the tutorials that I've read on the Internet are so confusing. They just go on and on about registers and bytes and don't tell me how to use them in a real debugger. I want to actually learn what they do in real life as I'm learning. Do you guys know any tutorials that are good and easy to understand? I know how to program in C++, Java, and Basic but I don't think that will help me with learning Assembly.

A:Help me find a good tutorial for learning Assembly Language

Uhm.. If you don't know what registers and bytes are, then assemply is plain useless. You might as well say "I want to learn C++, but I don't want to know about variables or classes".

Also, in 99.9% of the cases you don't need to go to the assembler level in debugging. Modern debuggers are advanced enough to let you step through source code and examine variables at the same time.

You need assembler skills if you are debugging routines with no source available or if you suspect compiler errors.
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Hey guys, i hope someone can help me.

I have created several Tables and forms and macros and reports in Microsoft access. they all link to the same databse which is constructed by the tables (certain fields related).

Now i need to integrate that with my Intranet, Google isnt really helping and my brain feels like to guy who played Lord of the Rings: Rise of the WitchKing against me this weekend, :-( LOST and TIRED!!! so if anyone can help??


Thank you very much!!

A:Programming Anyone??

Internet access to a DMBS (eg Access) has this data flow:


the browser[1]
has a web page
usually some < form data >
click submit -------> http GET or POST ---> webserver[2]

---> webserver[2] -- runs the requested CGI program
which accesses the DBMS
reads the query results
formats a HTTP reply
browser[2] <----------------- and writes it to STDOUT

So you need
1) HTML coding for the browser,
2) CGI programming to receive the request (eg PHP,Perl)
3) and an API to connect/query to your Access DBMS
(btw: it needs to be on the webserver, not your pc)
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Hi. Im just wondering if ne1 knows the best programming language to chosse. I've tried dark basic to make 3D games. Im wondering is there any programming language that can do everything. Like make 2D and 3D games, have internet commands, registry commands, system commands. I dont think visual basic. NET can make 3D games. Ijust need some suggestions on any good programming languages.


A:Programming Language

You can make games in anything. It just depends on your skills and devotion.

If you want to make a game worth anything you should choose the language you are the most comfortable with. And also try to get a hold of some realism when judging your skills

You don't even have to use a programming language to make a (not so impressive) game.
Have you heard of tools like "Games Factory", "PIE 3D", Milkshape 3D?
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I know HTML, but i want to move away from that and go into a langauge like VB, C, ...etc. i was wondering what language i should learn and why.

A:What is a good begging programming language to learn?

What do you want to achieve? What is your background? Do you actually have the money to pay for some developer tools?

If you want to write casual Windows snippets then you may want to learn/use VB even though everyone will laugh at you. For simple things in Unix world you can use Perl or TCL.

If you want to get into "serious" programming you want to learn Java and then move on to C++.

If you want to write real applications right away, you may like Delphi..
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I wanted to see if anyone had an idea as to the most suitable tool required to program a basic macro such as this:

* Click on a Desktop icon
* this opens a pre-defined number of IE 6.0 browser windows (IE 6.0 is the only browser my company has certified at this time)
* each window navigates to a specific site automatically
* macro pauses and then uses credentials to log in to the four windows

Basically, I am trying to log into many load balancing devices at a time thru web-based JAVA GUIs, as changes on these devices are often requested at a moments notice and the process of logging into them all is time consuming.

This seems as if it would be very simple to do programmatically, I just don't know where to begin.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Programming IE macros

Easier approach:

Create a HTML FrameSet with four subframes
Each frame contains a description of the target 'attachment'
Each frame contains a LINK
with target="_new" to open a fresh window
and a url to the specific login
​Place the AttachmentCTL.html anywhere you need such access and the desktop
user will still need to login per your infrastructure design.
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normally after i install an extra language from the control panel there will be an "EN" on the taskbar allowing me to switch between languages...but for this computer (acer aspire 4920 running windows xp pro) it does not show up...all i see is the language bar help icon....any ideas?

A:Language bar missing

Run this fix reg file :
You may need to right click on it, and select "Save As"
Once downloaded (to Desktop?)
Right click again on it, and select merge (Yes, ok)
Restart to test all's now ok
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If I were going to start learning how to create different programs, how would I start? Should I start by reading, downloading a program, or what? I tend to suck at learning through reading, so I'd prefer to go through a program teaching me how to program with different "languages"(I guess that'd be what you call them).



Look for something like ITT Tech, DeVry or a community college course
on programming.
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i am trying to create a sort of computer search using C++ ( Dev-cpp compiler ) but i have no idea how to access the hard disk ( or any other drive).

Please help!


A:Need Programming Help!!!


how do u meen u dont know how to get to the hard drive
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I know this probably sounds a bit silly really, but the Language Bar thing on hte taskbar (Win XP Home) comes up, which is fair enough, but i'm looking for a way to make it stay gone, if you know what i mean. I've right clicked on the taskbar a few times and unticked it from the "Toolbars" menu but it just comes up again when i start my pc up. So basically, does anyone know how to get rid of it and stop it coming up again? Thanks if you reply to this.

A:"Language Bar" won't go away


To close the Language bar (using Classic view in Control Panel):
1 Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Regional and Language Options.
2.On the Languages tab, under Text services and input languages, click Details.
3.Under Preferences, click Language Bar.
4.Deselect the Show the Language bar on the desktop check box.

Or from HERE

@="Language bar"

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i just installed pidgin 2.4.1 and the problem is that...i can see all the chinese characters in the buddy list and the screen names of the people in the conversation window...i can also see the chinese characters i type in the conversation window but the chinese characters other people type in the conversation window cannot show there anyway to solve this problem?
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Hi guys, Need some help here.
I tried to change my Language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese (Taiwan), but it keeps popping out a dialog saying ''Setup was unable to install the chosen locale, please contact your system Administrator.' And I am the admisnistrator. What is going on? Why i cant change it? Can anyone help? Thx in advance.

A:Regional and Language Settings.

Welcome to TechSpot

Check here for some info on this:
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Hi All...

At work, i've got to write a complicated quotation program.
The catch is that i've already written it - on a Apple II many years ago in BASIC...

Now ive got to do it all over again for the PC...
But i don't know which BASIC program to use - Ive only heard of Visual BASIC - any others out there...

If anyone can remember far back, i'd like it as similar as APPLE II Basic which is almost identical to the Sinclair Spectrum's Basic..

100 ?"Hello"
110 Input a$
120 If a$="goodbye" then gosub 500
etc etc...

I know i could use emulators, but i'd rather not in this case...

Anyone help me??

A:Which BASIC programming language to use??

Cheers Rick...

Guess i never really thought about that - Yes, if its going to be similar then IT has to be in DOS (command prompt)...

So QBASIC and GWBASIC are the only two that you've heard of??
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I've been doing a lotta stuff in flash lately, but I now I'd like to learn some server-side so I can do really neat stuff.
I know general c++ (I can create cmdline apps), but I don't know how to program for any APIs and I've never used it for anything usefull (well except a bogus-file creater).

So if I'm used to c++ (and actionscript) syntax what would be the easiest serverside stuff for me?

(not sure if this was the right place to put this)

A:Server-side programming for a c++ noob?

"Serverside"? If you mean active content for web pages, then C++ is not the tool for it. You use interpreted languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, TCL or such for that. You can also use Java for certain things if you think that everyone visiting your website has a kickass connection and a fast computer.

If you mean UNIX programming, then there's nothing different to it that normal programming. You include the right headers and call the system functions just like any other.
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Which is your favourite ftp program?

Can you recommend any good programs?

A:Favourite FTP Program?

I like CuteFTP but currently am using FlashFXP. Flash has a lot more options than Cute, but its a bit more complitated to use.
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I am running Win XP Pro and I keep right clicking on the task bar to turn off the language bar but when I restart it comes right back on. How can I turn this off.

A:Language bar

Not quite sure how you get a language bar in the task bar, but I suggest you actually uninstall the languages you do not need. This is at Control panel / regional and language options.
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Hello all From the limited research I ve done on programming languages there are a few things i m aware of I ve read that different languages are useful for different purposes and that programming in general doesn t rely alone on how good the language is but rather how good the programmer is at implementing the code This leads to my questions What are the most popular languages among developers out there From the searching I ve done it seems that C and Java are the most powerful portable popular Am i correct I ve looked at some reviews on C based programming books Languages Programming but I want to get your opinions on what books a beginner like me should get I have a VERY basic understanding of variables and data structures but I don t understand them enough to turn them into something useful http www cplusplus com Programming Languages doc tutorial this is the site i ve been looking at for the most part to learn these basics Is there a book that will help me understand the quot bigger picture quot so to speak because there is a lot of terminology that i don t understand a Without having made a single program I have noticed that I already seem to have a bias towards C C etc As someone who is going into a profession having to do with D modeling visualization animation is my bias valid Or should I give other languages a chance b Maya is coded in C isn t it As always thanks for your time and advise nbsp

A:Programming Languages

Programming languages are as many as human languages so it's not possible to really answer "What's the best". Like natural languages, program languages (PLs) each have their own advantages and disadvantages (French for example).

I might say the biggest move in general in PLs is Object Oriented langauges (OOL), of which C++ and JAVA are a small part of that set. Another fairly useful, but sometimes "awkward" and "clumsey" OOL is VisualBasic. All OOLs deal with Class Modules which consist of Properties and Attributes, or LET and GET actions. Within these languages you can create an example of an Object (a prewritten class module registered within the language) and then set it to a value from a local or global variable. Or act upon some local or global variable with a LET action.

Anyway it seems you are on a similar track of thinking as you have already identified C++ and JAVA as popular and powerful langauges.

Here's a link to some basics of OOLs:

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I want to set up a job that will do the following:

copy C:\folder1 to D:\folder1
copy C:\folder2 to D:\folder2.

I can't seem to find the language to do this.

I plan to set this job up to run once a week. That's the easy part--Task Scheduler. But how do I set up the language or instructions to actually copy from one file to another? If Windows 98 (or XP) has the language or facilities to do this, is there any special name I must give the file with the instructions? And how do I get an icon (the icon can be any old icon I can find) onto my desktop that will be a short cut to these instructions?

A:Windows language or facilities for COPYing files?

xcopy /e /v /c /g /h /r /o /y c:\folder1\*.* d:\folder1Click to expand...

copy it into notepad and save it as a .bat file, then set it to run once a week in the task scheduler

go to the command line, and type "xcopy /?" (without the quotes) to see what each of the switches I've included do.
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my computer cant display chinese any more...
it just shows some random numbers, codes and signs
this is happening on programs, and names of files.
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i am using a friends computer in italy and sometimes websites i cant read because they will switch to italian from english or sometimes i need to do something with windows itself but i cant read the itallian to make the changes. can i change back andd forth between 2 languaes.

A:How can i make language changes in windows

Go to Control Panel, Regional Settings. You should see language settings there, change the languages there and check the websites then. You should see a difference. If not, go to: Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options and there you should see a languages button - press it and see the languages there.

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Title says it all. I tried windows update but no luck. When I see chinese characters they are all blank. When I search on google it gives me links to other websites that I don't trust.

A:Where to get language packs?

It sounds like you have accidentally chosen to never install any language packs. Why don't you trust these Google sites? Do they show as unsafe to enter? Try this:
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why do i only have French in the spelling section of outlook express........TOOL'S/SPELLiNG/ LANGUAGE DROPDOWN MENUE show's only fench this is very inconveniont as the spell checker will not work in english !!!!!! Does anyone have any idear why this is and how i could change it


A:spell check language

This is an extract from the Outlook Express 'help' index under 'Spelling'.

"Outlook Express uses the spelling checker provided with the following Microsoft Office programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have one of these programs installed, the Spelling command is not available."

Maybe the fault lies in the language settings in one of these applications?
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I am running Windows XP. After trying to install Japanese Language support as the non-unicode language I am now unable to log into Windows. I am prompted at the log in screen for my password but the text is all jumbled and you can barely make out what it is. I enter the correct password and it does not prompt me that the password is wrong, the log in box just disappears and then reappears 1 second later. I have called eMachines and they tell me now after waiting a week that the discs are on back order and if not recieved by NEXT Monday to call them back. I am running an eMachines T6522 with Media Center. Do I have any other options than waiting?

A:Language Support Not Allowing Log In

I think there is mistake of adjust display language and it is simple for any IT to recover it throw consol or safe mode.
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Right I have just been handed a laptop that is set to the polish language somehow. A game was installed and since then it has been like this.
The game has been uninstalled and language settings set back to normal (Ireland).
But the changes will not save.

Any help would be fantastic.


A:Windows Stuck in polish language

You could try, depending on the Os

Go into the control panel and find Regionl and Lanuage options, switch to your desired lanuage, hoit apply annd ok, Restart, and see if it worked

best of luck
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hi.. I am just about to buy a laptop in China.. It comes with xp (chinese) pre installed. If i get a copy of the academic price XP sp2 upgrade version shipped from home (australia) will i be able to just install that over the top to get english?

Are there any other easier/cheaper ways to do this?



See if this helps:
and this:
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Hi All !

I bought a Toshiba Dynabook WX-3727 laptop a few days back. It came with Japanese Windows XP Home Edition. I already had Windows Professional (English) Edition with me which I load on the same drive (60 GB came with only one partition) with dual boot option. Now the problem is that I don?t have drivers for the video card (ATI mobility Radeon 9000 IGP) and the flash memory stick reader. So the display is not at all good when I load my laptop in English OS. Also memory stick reader drive doesn?t work with english OS.
I saw on internet that there are some programs using which we can make back up of the drivers in .exe form. So can I make backup of drivers in Japanese OS and try and load the same in English OS ? Will it work ? Are drivers also language specific?Please help me with this?

A:Are drivers language specific ?

Just reinstall the english drivers.
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Ok I know that I have asked this questions before but when I did a search and I look through my old posts I can't seem to find it. Must have been pruned or something and I can't remember how I did it.

Anyway I was wondering how do you diable the Language Bar from being displayed automatically on your Task bar when you log into windows. I know that it isn't a bit deal to just turn it off, but I would like to disable it like I had before and some how I got it to come on all the time now after installing something.

A:How do you disable the Language Tool bar

I had the same problem, and I disabled it... Unfortunately I cant remember how I did it...

I remember rightclicking on the task bar and then going into properties or something. Im on a school computer atm so unfortunately cant have a look due to the retarded system administrator diabling right click... WHAT A NOOB!


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Windows XP SP2
2 keyboard inputs work fine (LAlt+shift), but there is no keyboard language indicator.
I had it,but it's gone. :blush:
How to return it?
Thank you.

A:No keyboard language indicator

In Control Panel, double-click on Regional Options, select tab Input Locales.
Bottom left, tick the box, and you are done.
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A:Windows XP home SP1a language bar

I usually remove the keyboard layout that is not required when installing xp that way it never pops up again but i aint sure how u remove it from desktop
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Am trying to create a program with vb6 about disease diagnosis system please help if we have any vb6 programmers here. thanks.
my email: [email address removed]

A:Programming with VB6

Hmm; Sounds like a decision tree system.

Recommend PHP, easy to learn and lots of built-in functions, including arrays, lists, sort and pattern matching.

If the data is voluminous, you should store the 'facts' in a database (MySQL).
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I am considering getting a Lumia 640 as my first smart phone. One of my hobbies is learning a foreign language and the iPad is really helpful for this. It has been often said that Microsoft cannot offer anything like the apps needed to attract mobile customers. That looks to be true and my occasional use of a netbook running Windows 8.1 has disappointed in relation to apps available. Memrise and Duolingo are two apps that I recently discovered on my iPad and they are very good. The former isn?t available for Windows phone. Duolingo is awful on a computer because of problems with sound recording and speech recognition. It works after a fashion with the Chrome browser but the iPad is streets ahead of my laptop.

Has anybody experience of using language apps and feel able to make suggestions? At present a Windows 10 phone is looking much less suitable for me than an iPhone or Android device.

A:Windows phones and language learning

Language apps are not really used on phones. Less than one percent of people use that function. would advise that you check youtube for assistance.
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I have inherited an HP laptop installed with Win XP and Office 2007. Problem is the Win XP is in Swedish and according to this thread that is incurable.

My question is, would the same language limitation apply to the MS Office 2007 installed in the laptop?

Note: I do not have any CDs and I can barely navigate on this laptop. Wireless is no go. I cannot even see how to run Windows Explorer!

But I felt that if I could find the product key for the Office package installed I could download it again from MS and install it on my own PC and set the language to English then.

Is that too much to ask?


A:How can I reinstall Office 2007 from foreign language Win XP?

you can try magical jelly bean
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Hi to all,

Nowadays every skill has a certification, like MCITP, CCNA and so on. What about the programming? For example, apart from the universal degrees, is there any certification on C++ programming language? Someone that wants to be employed in a e.g., company, will need it so much to prove his ability, I think.

A:Programming certification

In the "old days" you could sit for the CDP language and design exams through DPMA but I'm not aware of more modern certifications other than Microsoft's. A CDP certificate was as good as a doctorate to most companies. As it should be--The tests were pretty tough.
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My boss need to install some software in his Laptop, windows 7 32 bit pro. But when i execute the installer, it come out unrecognized language. I think it is Chinese simplified but when i enable the Chinese simplified, the result is the same. Can someone help me on this.

A:Language not recognize

It could be handy if you told us what you are trying to install.

I don't believe that Windows 7 Pro has a language package.
I believe it has to be Ultimate or higher.
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Finding myself in need of German proofing, I thought I would download the German language from Windows Update. The optional download list has plenty of languages but not German.

Can anyone tell me the procedure for achieving this please?

A:How to add a language in Office 2007?

Have a look at this MS website. You may need to buy a language pack & there is some reference to that there as well.
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Hi Guys,

Let me start off by stating that I'm still trying to learn all the juicy functions you can do with Excel, and I've just gotten myself a little project where I think I can learn but I need some kind of help from you guys.

Basically what I'm trying to do is somehow automate a creation of a report via excel, first method I thought of was to use macros, but since the data that'll be included in the report will be on a different cell each time, macro might not work as I imagined it to be, then I thought of the IF function, I have not yet tried doing that, but would that work? Can you please share your thoughts? Ask me any additional info and i'll try to explain it as simple as I can.


A:[HELP] Programming in Excel 2013

Your description is entirely too vague in order for anyone to offer any kind of help. Can you be more specific as to what kind of a report you want to generate and what data you will be using?

Perhaps you could post a sample of the worksheet with the data and a sample of what you want the report to look like.
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Input a list of positive numbers , terminated by 0 into an array find the mean (average) of the numbers in the array and output the result. Use a subprogram to input the numbers, a function to find the mean, and a sub program to find the results.

Please help I do not understand this at all. Can you please help me?

A:Home work help programming concepts

Sorry but we don't assist with homework. There are many resources available to you on the Internet to find the answers and that is an important part of the learning/comprehension process.

Therefore I'm closing this thread.
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hi i'm new to c programming,i want to show the square or cube of a inputted number,but for this i have to declare a new variable to assign a power function instead of putting it in a printf function,like this:
// // // // //<conio.h>
// // // // //<math.h>
void main(void)
int a,b;
printf("input no:");
printf("square of %d is %d",a,b); //but i want to use printf("// // //",a,pow(a,2)); without declaring "b"
i hope you understand what i'm trying to say,and when i use my program without declaring its gives a result like this:
square of 2 is 0
it also gives the same error with sqrt() function

A:problem with printf in c language

hello, try to initialize a=0 at first , I'm not sure if it will work .
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Need help writing the following program.

Input a list of positive numbers (terminated by 0) into an array, find the mean (average) of the numbers in the array, and output the result. Use a subprogram to input the numbers, a function to find the mean, and a sub-program to output the result.

A:Programming Problem

what software are you using ?
is this an assignment
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Does anybody know good websites to learn programming please ?!!
i wanna learn programming but i dont know how to start and from where to start

A:Help with programming

Might help if you told us what kind of programming you wished to learn.
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Gateway SX2800
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 8.1
Vista is currently installed, and is infected with a virus. It is unable to boot normally or in safe mode. I am attempting to boot into Windows 8.1 from a DVD. It is a known good disc, however I get the Windows 8 logo, and then:
An error has occurred.
DMI Language is error!
Please press [OK] to turn off the computer
I need to get Windows 8 installed and Windows Vista removed.

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Gateway SX2800
Windows Vista SP2
I have Windows SP2 Installed on the machine, it will not boot normally, and it also takes about 10 min. to boot into safe mode. I tried running ccleaner once in safe mode but it will not let me. I have also been trying to boot the machine into Windows 8.1 from a DVD but I keep getting:
An error has occured
DMI Language is error!
Please press [OK] to turn off the computer
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Hi I am a New Boy and spend a lot of time in Belgium using an AZERTY keyboard layout with Vista Ultimate OS installed in American English. So I got to hear about appdata file and wonder if this is where I should look and change Please any advice welcome as it is very frustrating Thanks David

A:CHROME Starts in wrong language

First of all - welcome to BC !
You say Chrome starts in the wrong language, but you don't say which language you would consider correct !  And you give us a choice of three - Flemish, French and American  English.
I  know that the AZERTY keyboard is the de facto French standard - I found this out after I got my e-mail log-in wrong three times in a French internet cafe, then I looked at the keyboard - but if that is the installed keyboard, how is the installed language English ?  Have you tried uninstalling Chrome and re-installing it to see if you get a 'Choose language' option ?
Chris Cosgrove
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Hello, I have Asus X202E Vivobook bought with Windows 8 Japanese OS version. I had the OS switched to English.  Yesterday
I installed Windows 8.1, I can see that the english language pack is still there in the system but it shows unavailable.  I'm unable to switch the OS back to English or read anything as I do not know japanese.

I tried to install another english language display of English (UK) but it's just not working. So for example, if I open
my control panel, everything is in Japanese, whereas before the 8.1 update, I was able to view everything in English.

Could anyone suggest what I should do to switch to english?


A:Language Pack not usable message in Windows 8.1

Download the new 8.1 MUI:


Rename the file to LP.mlc and double click it to install it."A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"
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Hey guys So I live in Ireland and when installing Windows I set some language choices to Irish keyboard and date Windows wrong language Apps Modern title Changing UI installation - after have time but language to English UK In previous installations of Windows such as Windows this did not make apps show up Changing language after installation - Windows Modern UI Apps have wrong title with Irish language titles After removing Ireland from the Language options gt Control Panel - Language some apps went back to displaying in English But other Modern UI Changing language after installation - Windows Modern UI Apps have wrong title apps like the news still show up in Irish titles Have I missed a setting of some sort I have attached a screenshot of my language options just in-case i'm missing something PS I have already rebooted a few times since changing these options Thanks EDIT Fixed The latest batch of Windows updates seems to have kicked it back into English Thanks anyway nbsp Screenshot AM jpg nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp Screenshot AM jpg nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads nbsp metroScreen AM jpg nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads

A:Changing language after installation - Windows Modern UI Apps have wrong title

Glad to hear / read that all is well
Stay well and surf  safe
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Hi Sorry for the silly question but I am really lost with Windows Did a quick search but nothing came up Keyword will only result in how to set input in Win not the problem presented here Here is the issue The short version of the question order secondary Language Non-MS (Set input default) as issue? input is how do I move the display gibberish somehow boxed in red below input method above Microsoft Pinyin while keeping English as my default Display language and Input language Longer version here I use English and Chinese input but the default MS Chinese input is inconvenient so I installed another input software for Chinese input the gibberish above or lets call it method ABCD The order I want is English as my default Input method and display while ABCD as my default Chinese input when I hit Alt Shift should switch from English to ABCD However since I can't get ABCD above MS-PinYing when I Alt Shift it auto switch to MS-Pinyin not ABCD Manually switch from MS to ABCD gets annoying In WinXp Win I only need to manually switch to ABCD once and the system remembers Language input order issue? (Set Non-MS input as secondary default) it but Win for some reason automotcally load the language list on every start up Also in WinXp Win I can delete MS-PinYin while keeping ABCD so I only have English and Language input order issue? (Set Non-MS input as secondary default) ABCD but Win doesn't allow me to do that as I must have MS-input or the second line highlight in green in language perference doesn't even appear There are some additional points details Language input order issue? (Set Non-MS input as secondary default) - I must set Chinese as Language for non-Unicode programs But keeping Format Display to English as same time works fine as there is rd party software display issue - There is no Win version of ABCD input yet I am not sure if that would make any difference - I don't want to use Let me set a different input method for each app window too much work to set for each app and swith in same app doesn't solve issue - Tried Override Display and or Default Input while setting Chinese above English as default in language perferences but doesn't work or maybe I am missing something - Again I want keep OS Display Default to English interface Any ideas Thanks in advance if I don't reply in time Cheers J

A:Language input order issue? (Set Non-MS input as secondary default)

Hello, and welcome to Bleeping Computer.
I can't help you with your specific problem but you may want to look here. Hope it helps.
Under Chinese Input Methods it says to use the Windows key and space bar to easily switch between language inputs.
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Here is a weird one and was wondering what might have been the cause.
I noticed that Skype had changed my language to a language  I could not read.
Unless I hit some weird short-cut on my keyboard to do this it would seem it did it itself.
I managed to change it back to English as I located the Language drop down and set it back to English.
Anyone else experienced this and was wondering if there is any cause for concern?

A:Skype language changed with out me...???

If it only happens the once, I wouldn't worry about it. It could have been some accidental key combination, more likely just a blip in Skype. If it starts happening on a more frequent basis then I would suggest posting a topic in the 'Web browsing and other internet applications' section of BC.
One of the joys (?) of Windows is that strange things happen from time to time !
Chris Cosgrove
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My cmd has a problem with language, i have windows 7 ultimate 64x bit in greek.When i open cmd letters appear like this


What can i do?

A:cmd language problem

Was Greek the default language or you installed a language pack?
After opening the command prompt, try running the command below :chcp 65001
ref :
Also, try changing the font .
Ref :
Post back your observations.
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Hello, after getting too many viruses on this EeePc 1001PX Netbook I am trying to do a recovery but not seeing an English language option and even now when I try to go back to the original windows 7 I am still getting the recovery screen to select the language, what can I do here please? I have a win7 disk with Home Premium but this netbook came with "Starter" edition.

A:Eee Pc netbook recovery language problem?

When you get to screen in the recovery process that asks you to select a language, is there not a drop down arrow at the right hand end of the box listing the default language ? If you click on this you should get a list of all available languages. You should be able to scroll down this list to choose the language you want.
If you use the recovery option on this computer you will re-install Win 7 Starter. If you wish to use the Win 7 HP disc you possess then the installation will automatically format your hard drive as part of the install process. You need to be aware that both processes will wipe out your existing data, so this needs to be backed up first.
The complicating factor is that you say your computer is badly infected and the last thing you want to do is to reload any of these infections when you reinstate your data. To get around this, I suggest you use either empty memory sticks or an external drive but get it or them scanned on a known clean computer to verify they are empty and clean. Then back up your data, then scan your data on these drive(s), again on a known clean computer, before you re-install your data.
Chris Cosgrove
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You probably already addressed this problem, but when I boot up, Windows VISTA I started getting the topic title error message after I installed Microsoft Office Pro 2007. It is not causing any problem but it is annoying each time. Can someone give me some advice.

A:fatal error no language file found

1) Try repairing the Office installation (insert the Office cd and choose the option to "repair")

2) See if anything here helps:
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Hi I have a strange problem on my computer For the causing file boot issues language up Missing longest time after I restart my Missing language file causing boot up issues computer the screen would turn black and wait minutes before showing the Welcome login page I finally did some investigating in the Event log from Administrative Tools and found a couple of Errors One of them linked me to the following http technet microsoft com en-us library cc WS aspx I followed the instructions and changed the Windows Modules Installer in the Services list from manual to automatic and restarted my computer That apparently did the trick and my computer booted without any wait time However a couple of days later when I go to restart my computer the issue comes back and I discover it is back in manual mode again I tried reading up on the error for more details and it seems to be an issue with the Language pack I look at my Language taskbar and realize there are two Languages on it English and Chinese However when I right click it and go to Settings all I see under Installed Services is English I can t seem to remove the Chinese language from my toolbar and I believe this is what s causing my computer to stall as it boots up Does anyone know how I can correct this issue It wastes a lot of my time whenever I need to restart my computer I have Vista Home Premium Thanks

A:Missing language file causing boot up issues

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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I used to have a language bar as part of my task bar, which showed the selected language. This has now become blank and inoperative. When I try control panel--->languages, the button to select language bar is greyed out, and I am stuck in keyboard options. Anybody have a solution for this? Thanks, esmo

A:lost language bar in task bar

Are you saying that the language bar no longer shows up in the task bar?

If so, try this to get the language back in your task bar:

In an empty spot on your task bar, RIGHT click, choose Toolbars.

Click Language Bar to check it. See if it reappears.

If that doesn't work, you could try a system restore to a time just before the issue began.

Start menu/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore.

Choose a restore point-click Next. Your computer will reboot. After you reboot, you will find out if the restore was successful.

If it is successfully restored, try adding the language bar.
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I clicked something and was greeted by malware that created https popups in Explorer.  Below are the my attempts to correct.
1. Deleted the new programs from the change and remove programs. 
2. Ran Mcafee - nothing noted
3. continued to get popups
4. deleted directories with same name "tool bars and extensions"
5. continued to get popups
6. downloaded Malwarebytes and found several pups and quarantined  all.
7. rebooted. 
8. No longer can i log in, language seems to be Arabic.
9. I tried to refresh but would not work- it made me log in. this is where i noticed that the language was set to ARABIC 2. 
The computer boots fine, I cant read the language and my password does not work. 
Would a restore to a restore point reset the langauge? Is there any way to recover this PC?
The computer is a Lenovo laptop, running windows 8.1. 

A:Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

What tool did you run prior to the change?
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I run a small business with 60-80 team members. We do not use any additional Microsoft services such as Active Directory or Domain Controllers. We are planning to provide laptops to our team members with Windows 8.1 OEM Single Language license installed.
Will this license be okay for business use? These laptops will be used by the employees for official business purpose.
Any help / information in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks!
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I run a small business with 60-80 team members. We do not use any additional Microsoft services such as Active Directory or Domain Controllers. We are planning to provide laptops to our team members with Windows 8.1 Single Language license installed. Will
this license be okay for business use? These laptops will be used by the employees for official business purpose.
Any help / information in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Good Day ..
i need to install pack of Arabic language to display , i choose it all ready the as a layout , the problme is when i open movie plyer as popcorn time the arabic language it shown as squars and strange symboles .. how can i prepare this , plaese help me :(

Regrads ..
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Does anyone know if the MUI pack that is to be included in the Ultimate editon if it is available for download yet. I have the RC-1 loaded and would like to try this as well.
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Hello All What I wish to accomplish here sounds fairly simple but I'm struggling to find any answers for this I need to be able to create a script or GPO which changes the default language of the Operating System Windows - Including the Welcome Screen Right now it defaults to en-US and the user can then select the Changing Language Default Script the via language in control panel But what I need is for the default language to be de-DE and then the user has the option to change to English if required I've found some GPO setting that forces the language of the system to German but then the option to change the language is greyed out and the user cannot change it Changing the Default Language via Script I've tried messing with some registry values but there are language entries in a lot of places I tried a bunch of them but they did not take effect The change of default language needs to be at the system level so that the welcome screen is also in that language The OS in use is Windows Enterprise SP The machines will have the language packs installed I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out this simple task but I just can't seem to find anything nbsp Ultimately it's just changing the default value from en-US to de-DE nbsp How this is accomplished registry hacks or GPO I don't mind provided that it requires no user input on the machine We push scripts via Dell Kace Thanks all
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I want to know if there is any method to call up the un-docked Language Bar or language menu pop up with a hotkey or a script, etc? I figure that since windows makes it possible to have the Language Bar undocked and appearing on the desktop, then there must be some code or something to be able to call it up.

Why? Convenience; and the means to quickly target a specific language without having to "alt+shift" and type a few keys to see which keyboard language has been activated until the correct keyboard language appears with the keystrokes.

In our office, we use several languages, and I have the taskbar hidden and am using another 3rd party dock. I would really like to be able to make the language choices pop up and select the language and then minimize the bar without playing roulette with the hot keys.

Thank you
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that button is in the top left corner on logon/lock screen. I tried to find and remove it from authui.dll however without luck

How to remove that button?
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I am trying to free space in my HD and I when through the uninstall process of all the additional languages I had initially installed lpksetup Pack & Disk Space Uninstall/Install Language and after clicking on all the languages I wanted to uninstall the system estiamted that I would recover about GB The uninstall went through fine Language Pack Uninstall/Install & Disk Space bu I did NOT recover any space actually the disk utilization went up by about GB after Language Pack Uninstall/Install & Disk Space windows removed all the additional languages Then I decided to re-install all the additional langugae just to see if the free space in the HD would increase by GB Well the free space went down one more time now by about GB So my HD has additional GB of data on it I have no idea what to do or what folderm temp file to delete BTW I already tried Disk Clean Up Delete all the temp files in all users in AppData Temp I turned off hibernation before I started all this process I ran windows washer and delete all the temp cookies interenet etc files My laptop has always been running an AV Spyware so this is not a Virus or Spyware I already scanned also with Malware Bytes Any temp folder I should take a look to delete any additional file s that are temp or not needed Help is appreciated

A:Language Pack Uninstall/Install & Disk Space

Hello coa132435, welcome to Seven Forums!

This first tutorial is not the regular disk cleanup, have a look and then have a look at these other 2 tutorials linked below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Disk Cleanup : Extended

How to Free Up and Recover Hard Drive Space

How to Speed Up / Optimize the Performance of Windows 7
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Hola... I have a new Lenovo computer that I bought in Mexico, has 8.1 in single-language Spanish pack already installed.  I want to upgrade to 10 in ENGLISH.  It keeps directing me to the Spanish version of the Microsoft site to initiate the
download which I am sure will be in Spanish. What are my options to be able to install an English operating system on this computer, without having to buy one?
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Hi friend
I want to remove Persian language from " Add Input Language part". Bu I don't know how do it.
please help and guide me.

I have captured from it. My mean I want remove this part. Look at the picture

My version windows is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thank you

A:How can I remove a language pack from Add Input Language part?

Why do you want to remove it ?

As long as it`s not installed, it`s not on the PC.
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I wish to enable the additional settings button of the region and langauge which is greyed out. Refer to attachment. How do I enable the additional settings button?
Relevancy 28.38%

I am editing and revising documents that need to be in English (Australian).
I am in Australia, working for an Australian company that has set the default language set accordingly by default:

The Control Panel settings for language and keyboard seem correct (English-Australian and Us keyboard):

There was a thread on this forum with useful advice related to this topic here:

The conclusion from Kari, who seemed to have the most in depth knowledge (and performed the most testing) was that the Windows input language overrides the Office settings (not much use for the Office setting!?).

That said, it would seem that my system is in compliance with the best advice from that thread. However,
I keep getting the automatic spell check flagging words as misspelled according to the US dictionary.

I have selected the entire document (Ctrl-a) and set the proofing language to English(Australian) several times, but the problem keeps recurring.

Any ideas why?

A:Word 2010 Proofing language keeps reverting to English (US)

I may have solved my own problem. I went back to take a snapshot of the proofing language setting:

Then I realised I have probably just been selecting OK instead of "Set as Default" !

If I do that:

the message would seem to suggest that the fault may be with my NORMAL template,
and that it will be fixed if I click Yes.

So, I've done that, I will see if the problem goes away ....

That said, it seems unlikely this is the problem. Why would the current document revert to the NORMAL template settings for content revised/added? Wouldn't it revert to the Office (or apparently maybe Windows) default?

Or, if there is a setting associated with the NORMAL template, is this setting carried forward into the document when it is created? This seems possible, and more plausible that that the document would keep reverting to a language from the NORMAL template .... but if so, where is that setting adjusted?
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I don't know if this is the right place to post but,
I wanna learn network programming and I know that beej's guide is the best thing to choose but,
I can't read much due to personal purposes.
SO, I really need a video tutorial about network programming.
Note : I am an expert C++ and C# programmer
Thanks in advance
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Issue since moving from IE9 to IE11 in the office

I've changed the Language Preference on IE11 to add both of them, English by default
Microsoft Office is already set to use both language

Although using Internet Explorer, we are having an issue where it only seem to spell check one language, giving errors when typing words in the other language.

Read on the internet some people that added both language in the keyboard layout, but that's not an interesting solution because first the French keyboard layout does all the English keys and second people tend to accidentaly switch language while typing
using shortcut or whatever

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated