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Favourite programming language

Q: Favourite programming language

Wich one of this languages you think is the best?

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Preferred Solution: Favourite programming language

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A: Favourite programming language

Assembler or Pascal for me, can't decide.
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Hi. Im just wondering if ne1 knows the best programming language to chosse. I've tried dark basic to make 3D games. Im wondering is there any programming language that can do everything. Like make 2D and 3D games, have internet commands, registry commands, system commands. I dont think visual basic. NET can make 3D games. Ijust need some suggestions on any good programming languages.


A:Programming Language

You can make games in anything. It just depends on your skills and devotion.

If you want to make a game worth anything you should choose the language you are the most comfortable with. And also try to get a hold of some realism when judging your skills

You don't even have to use a programming language to make a (not so impressive) game.
Have you heard of tools like "Games Factory", "PIE 3D", Milkshape 3D?
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what to go into programming which is the best language?

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I would like to join the up and coming programing revolution - but don't know what programming learn for the future (which would be the easiest and best language to learn ).



A:Which Programming language is best

It all depends on what the application is. In the earlier days and to some extent today - COBOL is for business applications, Fortran is for scientific programming - that's the legacy.

Start with C. Learn an assembler language - Intel would be best. While your at it learn to drive a symbolic debugger for C which can look at assembled instructions, set breakpoints, watch points, change memory, and step through source code statements until the program blows up at the problem in your program - and you can inspect the flow of data in the program to find out how it caused the problem.

As a part of learning C, learn data structures - which is fundamental to programming in any language. Learn about arrays, linked lists, trees and other advanced data structures like cactii and BTrees.

Learn advanced topics like threads and how to synchronize independent data events for parallel programming - that will be the future - check out Intel's Nehalem processor due to debut in late 2008 at Ars Technica web site.

The learn about inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction with private and public classes of instances of objects in C++.

For Artificial Intelligence learn Lisp, or Scheme.

For Logic Programming learn Prolog.

You can learn Java, but it is best applied at the mobile device level - although some corps. use it for applications on the Web which is somewhat top heavy from reports.

If you want to do systems software engineering, learn more about hardware, and study Computer Language Theory, and Operating Systems like Unix/Linux Internals.

Search the Software Development forum for posts initiated by my member name, lotuseclat79, and the keyword Memory - I recently posted links to a series of excellent articles on the topic of what every programmer should know about memory written and posted on another website.

-- Tom
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i was both an applikczations and a software progra,mmedr. ik'm thinking of getting back to
of getting back to edp. the first thing to do is to learn a language. thed c hoices i want to
learn are c++, c#, visual c++ or java. what do you suggest. please feel
to offedr cyourf own suggestions. thank you.
mord carr

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hi guys! can you recommend me some good programming language for beginners just like me? my friend in school recommends Turbo this a suitable language for beginners to learn?

any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks guys...

A:Programming Language

I would suggest firstly is to make decision - what do you want to program, or write code for..? Cause different languages are good for different purposes, for example if you to write for mobile programming then Java would be used... and so on... All C languages are good as well as Java, the principles are mostly the same, the sintaxis are different.
It's difficult to suggest which is the best car..? Since it depends what are you going to use it for..? Same here, do not rush, think what you want to do and then go for it, all languages have tutorials, dedicated to language websites, forums, books and so on. If you love maths and you know it good programing is for you, not much of help though... but...
Good luck!
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I am new to programming, and I want to to web based programs, and want to know what's the easiest programming language to go hand in hand with html ?

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I have a 15 yo son who wants to learn how to program. He has played with Delphi and lot of the on line games. Unfortunately my experience goes back to the heady days of Pascal , basic and assembler so I can not give him sound advice.

I notice here the two most common "starters" are VB and C++. Are these two good to learn on or should I guide him to another language if these are to hard.

Appreciate the help


A:Programming Language for a 15 yo Son

Leopard is a good place to start. It is a relatively easy language to learn and he can produce his own exe's. It may be too basic for him, but you can take a look at it. And the price is right.

Philosophies vary on whether it is a good idea to learn a language that may be very different from what a full-fledged and more commonly used language is, but the principles of programming are very much the same. My own experience seems to be that learning a language like BASIC09, even though greatly different from later C++, actually informed it and allowed for greater flexibility with the new language.
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I've decided that I want to pick up a second programming language. I haven't messed with Java in a few months (life is busy etc. etc.) and I think I want to learn something new anyways. I've been looking at C# and C++ but I'm very interested in trying my hand at UWA development (just something to play with) but I'm unsure which would be the best option. What are the pros and cons between the two?
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I am new to the computer start programming What with language should i programming field in fact I don t know a single thing about all the different languages I love web design and a webmaster if you will but I want to start programming computers instead of just websites now I m a th grade homeschooler and I have a good amount of free time which I spend just lazying around I would like to go into the field of video game programming but i know I have to learn plenty of other stuff as a base first I found a wonderful book that will start me off in game programming but I first need to learn the basics of application programming I would like to learn C C and C but I m not sure What programming language should i start with if I should start out with that because my brother a computer science major said those would be good to start out with but I also need to learn other languages Could anyone please recommend a few languages that would be good for me to start out on a few more for an Intermediate level and some books that could help me learn them Thank you

A:What programming language should i start with

If you go to the Programming forum, you will find several discussion threads from people asking the very same question. The most complete discussion is found here:, after reading the comments there, you have further questions, then simply append them as a reply to THAT thread.Regards,John
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Well ive been wanting for awile to learn to program, and in 2 years i got a highschool java class im going to take,but i wanna get a head start, or at least know some programming. What would be the best language to learn first (also concerning one thats not real hard), java, c,c+,C++,c+++, visual basic? Also, whats a good book to read on learning whichever language you think? Thanks

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Hi All...

At work, i've got to write a complicated quotation program.
The catch is that i've already written it - on a Apple II many years ago in BASIC...

Now ive got to do it all over again for the PC...
But i don't know which BASIC program to use - Ive only heard of Visual BASIC - any others out there...

If anyone can remember far back, i'd like it as similar as APPLE II Basic which is almost identical to the Sinclair Spectrum's Basic..

100 ?"Hello"
110 Input a$
120 If a$="goodbye" then gosub 500
etc etc...

I know i could use emulators, but i'd rather not in this case...

Anyone help me??

A:Which BASIC programming language to use??

Cheers Rick...

Guess i never really thought about that - Yes, if its going to be similar then IT has to be in DOS (command prompt)...

So QBASIC and GWBASIC are the only two that you've heard of??
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My examination is just over and I've three months of leisure in hand.I want to learn 'something' during this period.To be precise,I want to learn some programming languages.But the problem is that I don't know nothing but BASIC.Which programming language should I learn? C language?I'm being advised that C is the mother of all languages and I should go for C.Is it true that if I can master C,I can master any language?

PSlease don't give perfunctory answers.Your opinion is precious to me.

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I want somebody who can help me with python tutorials.please help.

A:python programming language

Hi mohani,

Welcome to TSG!

The Python programming language tutorial is located at: The Python Tutorial.

I suggest you read the first link at Wikipedia for an overview of the language, and then the tutorial link.

-- Tom
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During college days our batch collected data of all in the same batch and wanted to build a database. While the database should contain permanent datas like names, dob, fav things n stuff. There should be a coloumn where present contacts can be added.
Could someone help me decide which language i could use so that i can achieve. If any have played Football manager, i was looking at something like that. I believe that uses XML. But what should i use as database.
The main thing of all i have no depth knowledge in any programming but being a computer graduate jus know the basic.
Pls help.

A:HELP: Choosing right programming language

I wouldn't get to complicated with this and use something like MS ACCESS. Really a simple excel spreadsheet would get you started. Seems there was a sample database that did this??

If you Google 'contact freeware' you may find something ready for you to use. No reason to re-invent the wheel.
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There are many languages and platforms out there to choose from. Which one do you use? Why? What features do you like from it?

I prefer Java because it is platform independent. But generally use VB6 if my programs are for the PC only.

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I’m looking for suggestions as to what programming language or application to use that is reasonably easy to learn so as to build a simple, easy to use and flexible Personal Information Manager with proper programming standards. The PIM won’t need a lot of fancy whistles and bells in its initial version but may need to expand just like all applications seem to do. I've already done an outline of what I want it to do. Of course, I own several PIM's but most are either too rigid or too cumbersome by trying to be everything to every user. As always, TSG members are the ones I reach out to.Thanks in advance.

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hey guys, i've been really wanting to get into this, but just haven't had time. i have a 2 week break now and really want to sink my teeth into this stuff. i'm looking at coding in Windows (XP) if that makes a difference. i'm really interested in making my PC more efficient, i've noticed a lot of stuff on batch programming being mentioned. would this be ideal for me?

thanks guys

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If I wish to start learning about computer scripting/programming, what is a good beginner's programming language to start with?

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I want to write a program to handle inventories. As parameters, I have decided the following rules at the outset:

1. It should be Excel based
2. I do not want to learn or use any code
3. I do not even want to use VBA, or create macros

I have been looking around at sites like Tersus, and want to go down this route. Has anyone used VPL, or could point to a discussion that would help me decide which program/software to use?

I have XL with Windows 2007.



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I was wondering if you coulde show me some websites where I can learn how to code. Also what would you reccomend?

I am a novice, all i know so far quite well is html and mIRC.

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I am trying to make an application for mobile devices. I am aiming my device at my android mobile (purely for testing purposes). But would like it to be compatible with as many mobile devices as possible (if this is possible).

Can you recommend a progamming language for this? I am willing to use anything.

I'm mainly a BASH programmer, but I also have limited VB.NET experience.

It will be a mobile telnet/SSH client to connect to my server, and will need to issue remote commands to a server.

Any ideas on approach are welcome guys, I want it to be the most streamlined system I can make, and I, by no means claim to be an expert in this area.

Thanks in advance

A:Best programming language for mobile
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I would like to begin to learn programming. What would be the best one to learn; what is the dominant programming language now?

A:Solved: What programming language?

Hey mate, do a search on the forums about discussions related to learning programming languages.

Mods: Perhaps you could dedicate a sticky to this?
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I need to be able to create a program that will make random math problems up to but not including algebra (maybe really simple algebra, like 5+5=x). Also word problems. Does anybody here have any ideas of languages that would be good to start with?

note: already have a book on C++ programming I'm poking through.

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Hi all,
I am taking college classes, and my first programming experience of any kind was last semester, with an intro to programming class. This semester I am taking the first part of a two-semester class in Java. I am finding it pretty difficult. I am wondering if it is just me, or is picking Java (out of any other language) sort of hard to learn for a first-time programmer/total beginner? Was there an easier one I could start with? I want to go for a BA or MA in Computer Science, and one of the requirements to get into either program is two semesters of java. In addition to reading Java Programming by Joyce Farrell for class, I bought Java For Dummies as sort of a preparatory book. Would anyone recommend any other Java books that they've read?

A:First programming language - Java


Welcome to TSG. Java is hard, right, but that is just at the beginning. After that if you pay enough time, effort and attention, it will not. For an example, when I was writing my first hello world program(one year before), I told my lecturer I am not gonna MAKE IT. I told him I am not gonna make a single WORKING program in my whole life time. But that was the beginning. Now I am on my way to make a program which will work based on the user's voice. See, that is now. At the beginning anything is hard, even the world's most easiest thing. But, when you do it with courage and attention, it will become a hobby and of course easy.

And there is another thing I learn t from my self based experience. That is, do not limit your self to the text book. Learn by searching by your self. Always try to become a challenge to other people by trying to get more knowledge than them (yes, education is a competition). And to be honest, I made contacts with lot of Java programmers in all around the world, and that is the golden knowledge base of mine(One of my friends in TSG was my first Java helper) . Their knowledge always helped me whenever I am stuck. You also do it by sticking up with TSG and other technical forums.

Love your failures, they will tell you where you will get wrong. Never get disappointing by saying that is hard. Whenever you find something new, and if you can try it out, do it. Do not wait until your lecturer asks you to do it.

Help your friends to learn Java. Their mistakes will show you unbelievable nice points! Correct their code for them. Do not wait until they ask for help, just jump and help .

In programming, it is pretty much normal to forget something you have learnt. Who cares, just go through the books and refresh your knowledge rather than worrying about your memory loss. People forget, that is why the books are written.

Create programs by your self. Do not wait until your lecturer ask you to do, because they may never ask! Don't think your homework as a homework. Do it for your knowledge, not because the pressure given to you, do it for your own knowledge.

If you are interesting in Java books, I recommend "Head First Java" book. Buy the latest version of the book (The latest was 2nd edition which covered Java5. Now Java 7 is up, they might have updated the book too. But it doesn't matter, the basics has never changed, and will never change!!). I recommend it because it is written by Kathey Sierra, the Java promoter and Java game developer, who is working for Sun Java Corporation (Now Oracle) and Bert Bates. And it is a production of O'Rielly, who did a good job for Web 2.0.

The other best resource is internet. In most cases I refer, because they have very good and understandable Java examples. Apart from that, use google
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Sorry everyone I hope that all of my posts are not becoming a nuisance I want to get experience in IDEs Language Programming Solved: many of the programming languages that are out there including Web programming languages My main problem is that the college I am going to does not offer a lot of the languages And for those that they do offer the classes are few and far between when it comes to scheduling because many of the students are too afraid of ruining their GPAs by taking them I know of sites where I can learn some of the programming languages but I have just one question Are there any IDEs out there preferably freeware for Perl Java COBOL and such I have tried Googling for this but I have not found anything I have found answers to a Java IDE but I m not sure which the best one for me to download is Once again I apologize for my enormous amounts of posts or so it seems to me Thanks for any help and guidance nbsp

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I'm looking to dive into the art of programming but have absolutely no idea where to start. I have been told that C++ is an option but perhaps its a little too advanced for a begginner? My main purpose for learning a programming language is to caclulate scientiffic formulas etc. and maybe even graphing them at some point: whether that be an output file for Excel or an actual drawn image. Can anyone recommend a language, books, and/or where I can get a hold of some cheap software to get me started?

Thanks for your input!

A:Learning a Programming Language.. Where to start?

Take a course at your local college.
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i was just wondering what language is good for a starting video game programmer (which language should i learn first???)

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For example the Linux kernel?

A:Are OS Kernels created with programming language?

psam3 said:

For example the Linux kernel?Click to expand...

Yep. C is used for some, like Unix and Linux and assembly language is used for others. I believe a mixture of assembly language and C is common in kernel development.

You can download the Linux kernel source here and read it, if you want.

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For software development, quite a number of languages are in use now-a-days, e.g Visual Basic, Java, C, C++. Is it possible to hazard a guess as to which language is ' the most used ', then the ' next most used ' etc. This I am interested in knowing because ,then, I can pay attention to these languages accordingly. I am a retired person and learning all the above mentioned languages at random. Perhaps, then, I can discipline myself in devoting my attention and time. I shall be grateful if someone can throw some light on this.

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Hello. I'm trying to decide which windows programming language to learn. (Is "windows programming language" the correct description?) I don't have any specific projects in mind yet, so a language that would be broadly useful would be good (and Free would be even better!)

I have done quite a lot of programming in non-windows languages, i.e. Basic and Fortran 95, I've done a bit in C and a tiny bit in Pascal some time ago. Way back in the dim recesses of my memory I did use Visual Basic with Win 3.1, but I understand that Visual Basic is rather restricting and not such a good one to go for.

I would be grateful for advice.



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I know HTML, but i want to move away from that and go into a langauge like VB, C, ...etc. i was wondering what language i should learn and why.

A:What is a good begging programming language to learn?

What do you want to achieve? What is your background? Do you actually have the money to pay for some developer tools?

If you want to write casual Windows snippets then you may want to learn/use VB even though everyone will laugh at you. For simple things in Unix world you can use Perl or TCL.

If you want to get into "serious" programming you want to learn Java and then move on to C++.

If you want to write real applications right away, you may like Delphi..
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I use Microsoft Office 2003. My operating system is XP. I want to learn a programming language but can't figure out which is the best to learn. If I learn VBA, am I learning a dead end language that will be useless if my company upgrades to later version of Microsoft Office or a newer operating system. Does Visual work with 2003?

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Why Parrot is Important.

Think writing a compiler is difficult? It is—unless you use Parrot, a complete compiler construction kit. With Parrot, crafting a new programming language is as easy as authoring a new website.

Quote Reference: Why Parrot is Important (Linux Magazine)
"Good tools lower the risk of trying out new ideas. Spending 10 years implementing a radical new concept in programming languages, alien to users of existing languages, is a daunting prospect. Spending a few weeks, on the other hand, is quite tolerable. Successful experiments can quickly go on to solve more problems, while the unsuccessful ones can be quickly set aside, applying the lessons learned to the next language."Click to expand...

-- Tom
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Introducing C++11: Next iteration of programming language passes review.

This past week in Madrid, Spain, the next iteration of the C++ programming language, C++11, passed review by the technical standards committee.

"The purpose of standardization is not language features; the purpose is to make C++ code faster, more reliable, easier to write, easier to maintain, and easier to modify. Now that we know what the standard looks like, we can start programming with it. Compilers are already implementing many of the new features today."

For more details, please see the C++0x FAQ.
Click to expand...

-- Tom
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Carnegie Mellon releases ROBOTC2.0 programming language for educational robots.

Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy announces the release of ROBOTC2.0®, a programming language for robots and an accompanying suite of training tools that are easy enough for elementary students to use, but powerful enough for college-level engineering courses.

-- Tom
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I have an idea for some interactive "flashcards", an educational program, where you test/educate yourself for vocabulary words.

My question is "What computer language should I try to develop this in?"

I visualize that the program would just be text display text, but it would be nice to display some graphics.

About 30 yrs. ago I did some programming in Basic & Fortran. You can get Basic, Python, or Scratch on-line for no charge. The learning curve would also be less in those languages.

If some publisher would be interested in the idea, would he want it programmed in Java, C++, or Visual Basic? or would Basic, Python, or Scratch be good enough?

I am retired, have a lot of time, but few financial resources, and this project is a labor of love rather than a professional move.

Any advice will be appreciated,
Thank you

A:Programming "Flashcards", in what computer language?

Microsoft gives several compilers for free, in my opinion, since you know BASIC, then develop the application with Visual BASIC. Personally, I prefer the C languages, such as C++ and C#, since I find the syntax quicker to write than BASIC.

Python and Java are based around C and C++ too.

Personally, from developer forums and Q/A, I've seen most people develop in C# or C++.
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Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System can help you take advantage of the productivity enhancements in the Microsoft .NET Framework to extend Microsoft Office Word 2003 and Microsoft Office Excel 2003 using Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#. The tools include new Visual Studio .NET projects for creating code behind Word documents, Word templates, and Excel workbooks.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: TabletPC, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit

.NET Framework
Office 2003


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First problem?

Windows can not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows Root>\system32\hal.dll Please re-install a copy of the above file. Invalid Boot file Boot from C:Windows.

Second problem: When I attempt to re_install the above Hal.dll file through the XP Cd setup i get the following message: Welcome to Setup (Blue Screen) When I push the R for Recovery console I get this message "Set up did not find any hard drive in your computer"

How do I repair the second problem?

Please help!!

Thank You


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Hi everyone,

my lists website address on Favourite in IE. its mixed up. i would like this lists make A-Z. How to that?


im grateful if anyone help me.


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What browser do you use most? Tell everyone in the comments.
Myself, I use Firefox. It's safe, fast and has lots of useful features.

A:What's your favourite browser?

Topic already covered well here:
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Anyone have a game that just blew them away with the background music? There are lots that have been really good, but what were your fav's?

My list:

Medal of Honor: AA - love the main theme. I have it in my iTunes library.

Metroid - original nintendo. Just cool.

and the REALLY obscure one:

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones for Turbografx 16.
I think it was just the first level of the game when you get the Nova Suit for the first time, but the music always got me pumped. The rest of the game was pretty terrible though.

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Do anyone know how to backup the favourite in firefox?

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Hi, just put your top 5 (or less) favourite ps2 games like this:

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance,
Mortal Kombat: Deception,
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks,
Scarface: The World Is Yours,
Final Fantasy X.

Also please use proper grammer


A:Favourite ps2 game?

Suikoden 1
Suikoden 2
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy 7
Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 3
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Just wondering what your favourite software is??
mine is Adobe photoshop and Nero. I thought it would be interesting and informative to know what other people think. Both of mine have given me many hours of enjoyment.

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Hey people, as a dinosaur I stupidly clicked on the windows update and it downloaded ie9 onto my laptop. So far so good, but do you know the little star thingy ma jig in the top left of the screen that holds all your favourite sites. Well its gone and i'm buggered if I can find it anywhere ?

Am I about to become extinct or is it hiding somewhere else. Please help. Thanks in advance...........pete

A:where has my favourite star gone

By default it is over on the right hand side next to Home and Options.
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i am looking for a ftp client which provides encrypted file uploads. Have you worked with one of the mentioned or can you name some good alternatives?

A:Your favourite FTP Client

Filezilla FTW.
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Which is your favourite ftp program?

Can you recommend any good programs?

A:Favourite FTP Program?

I like CuteFTP but currently am using FlashFXP. Flash has a lot more options than Cute, but its a bit more complitated to use.
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Strange one this, mt favourie icons are being populated b y the wrong icons, couple of examples:

Wikipedia and Google are showing the ebay icon, and my bank HSBC is showing the scalextric icon.

Any ideas, is this to do with windows 7 or ie8?

Thanks in advance

A:Favourite Icons

Welcome to Seven Forums joelpeyton. More information please. You say your favorite icons. Where are these icons located? A screenshot is always helpful as well if possible. Just generally, without knowing, I can suggest rebuilding your icon cache:

Icon Cache - Rebuild

A Guy
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Hello, is your favourite firewall which is light and free?

Thank you in advance

A:Which is your favourite firewall?

Comodo firewall if you are more than a novice user..
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Hello, is your favourite firewall which is light and free?

Thank you in advance

A:What is your favourite firewall?

Comodo firewall if you are more than a novice user..
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I installed Windows 8 Pro and installed an additional language(let's say it's B) pack, changed system display language to B, and system locale to B.

And I got infinite BSOD after installing some drivers(not related to language pack, just I made mistake installing old programs), so I 'refresh'ed the system.

Guess what, after the refresh, system display was set to English(united kingdom, which is default), AND system locale remained as language B.

This is the problematic part;
1.I CANNOT change system display language to B, it says it's unavailable.
2.The system regards the language pack is already installed because I can still use B as system locale.
3.I cannot reinstall or remove the language pack. LPKSETUP doesn't detect B.

SO i'm pretty much stuck, and I don't want to reinstall just to change the system display language.

Is there any solution to this(removing/reinstalling language pack)?
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I found this official link 1 hour ago after searching for 2 years.

I own an Office 2007 Student Pack in Italian - but I'm used to excel formulas in English,
and to have all Office in English. The interface being in Italian it's a pain.

Microsoft 2 years ago discontinued the support for language pack support,
I was pointing there to change interface every-time I had to reinstall.
The PC Main Disk crashed, and over the pain to do the full install of everything,
I discovered that I was stuck with an Italian Office !

Now they came back and offered a good solution ... full download of the older Office version ... any language.
(only 32 bit)
Hope it will help some other People out there !
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I found this official link 1 hour ago after searching for 2 years.

I own an Office 2007 Student Pack in Italian - but I'm used to excel formulas in English,
and to have all Office in English. The interface being in Italian it's a pain.

Microsoft 2 years ago discontinued the support for language pack support,
I was pointing there to change interface every-time I had to reinstall.
The PC Main Disk crashed, and over the pain to do the full install of everything,
I discovered that I was stuck with an Italian Office !

Now they came back and offered a good solution ... full download of the older Office version ... any language.
(only 32 bit)
Hope it will help some other People out there !
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Hello All Please understand the scenario quot We are developing a web based software that Regional Language Problem setting Supporting Language Greek by in German as is used in FleetServices to process some driver and vehicle files that contains activities like driving rest etc So the problem is that when i got a driver vehicle file in German language and i try to transfer it to server it fails if my regional setting is set to Greek Language But i am able to transfer driver vehicle file if my OS's Regional setting is other than Greek Problem in Supporting German Language by setting Greek as Regional Language quot So my question is that why German language is not supported by operating system only if my regional setting is Greek it is working fine if regional setting is other than Greek Is there a bug in Windows XP or Visual Studio or we are doing something wrong If there German language is not supported by Greek OS then please refer my some url where such information is available which clearly speaks that this scenario is not at all supported If it is supported then please tell me how to support it I would be very-very thankful to you
Relevancy 43%

hello ppl

This is sachin..and as this section is for gaming so i wanna share a game with you...which is my favourite..

Game= MaxKo
This is a private server of knight online and is a Mmorpg if u guys like rpg games then u must try this game...This is a very cool server with more then 200 player online..very nice GM's...24 hour support..Full on pk server

I m playing on this server since 5 months now..and i left main knight online game for this server..a must play cya in nick in game = SLAUGHT3RR

you can see this video if u want to know abt the game (YouTube - MaxKO)

Relevancy 43%

Basically, post what's your favourite browser and why.

I have firefox because I love the way it's set out and all the add-ons that can increase the speed, for example fasterfox.

A:Favourite Browser - Post your's here

Opera 10.5x for me. It's fast, it's rendering engine is great and it has so many features.

Like for example:
- Opera Turbo
- Opera Link
- Mail Client
- Torrent Client
- Opera Unite
- Widgets

And of course the very useful 'Click to login' button to log in with one click on websites.

The UI and all the themes are appealing aswell.
Relevancy 43%

Recently, I upgraded my browser from IE6 to IE8. Now it takes FOREVER (> 1 minute) for the Add Favourite box to come up when I click on Add to Favourites, especially when adding the first favourite from a new window, or when browser is first opened. I am running XP with Service Pack 2. My husband is running IE8 on his laptop (Vista) and on his desktop (XP), and doesn't have this issue. We have compared all our settings, and I've changed mine to correspond to his, but I still have the problem. I'd just dump IE8 and go back to IE6, yet that's not really a viable option, as several websites I visit frequently -- primarily YouTube -- say they will no longer support IE6 in the very near future. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any and all help anyone can offer!

A:Adding Favourite in IE8 very slow

Hey, this is Feran with the IE Outreach Team. Try managing your add-ons or even running IE with add-ons disabled. To do this go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) and let me know if that helps. Or in IE you can go to tools ->manage add-ons and try manually disabling add-ons (such as those with more than .2 second load time).
Relevancy 43%

My favourite menu vanished. Instead total program menu inserted in favourite menu. I don't know how? If I try to delete it, it gets deleted from start>program also. Please help me to remove it.

A:Favourite Menu Vanished

Sorry I don't fully understand your problem?
Which favorites menu disappeared and what do you mean by "total programs"?
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Please tell me your favourite freeware game? Mine is Air Assult 2 and Mad Truckers. You can find them in : (there're some more nice free games)

A:What is your favourite freeware game?

Bin Laden Liquors

And ...
Relevancy 43%

Hey all,

I've been playing more and more BF2142 lately, and have noticed myself with a distinct preference to playing on the EU side. I just find the weapons and vehicles to be 'tougher' and 'meaner' if that makes any sense. This got me thinking, 'is there a division among BF2142 players towards one faction or another?'

Let's find out what players think of the game!

BTW - if you contribute to this poll, post your favorite weapons, etc.

A:BF2142 - Your favourite faction?

I've only just started playing 2142 as I've been playing BF2 for the last two months, and I can't get used to it! I've only just got the hang of BF2 and there's a big difference IMO between the two. I don't like the idea that you have to unlock the defibs; if you're a medic you should have that kit already.

Maybe I'll like it the more I play it. Who knows?!?!?!
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This seems to be a peculiar problem. There is a financial site I use and whichis important to me but I can hardly ever login successfully. A few weeks ago I wrote to the CEO to ask if someone would fix it for me and he was great and for a while I was able to login. Now its no go again.
Can anyone suggest what might be causing this. I have no other login problems with the many sites I use which require it. I don't think itis anything to do with cookies as I have checked this and all seems well.

A:Can't Login to a favourite site

What's the site?

I suppose it could have something to do with you internet security settings or your firewall. Have you tried changing your security settings to default?
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Yesturday I found out my laptop had the everyones favourite virus.. Its Ramnit A virus About a month before this I had gotten a windows command processor virus which I thought had been deleted as my computer was no longer slow or had any popups and did not detect any further viruses My computer has been fine since then I havent Its everyones favourite virus.. noticed any chances however yesturday I decided to download ESET online scanner just to make sure everything was still okay I have AVG but I dont exactly think much of it Anyway ESET reported that I had two ramnit Its everyones favourite virus.. A viruses and adwares which I quarantined and deleted However from what I gather about ramnit is that its pretty much the big cheese in viruses and that it replicates so that when you delete it it reappears And the best way is to get rid of it is to reformat the laptop Is there truely no way to get rid of it completely without reformating Also sigh I used my USB on my infected laptop which I then used on another computer I read the virus can transfer to computers this way I checked the computer with ESET which I used the USB on and it did not report any viruses do you think it is clean or is the virus hiding Should I no longer use the USB just to be sure Once I found the virus on my laptop and deleted it I turned off internet connection and shut it down and have not booted it up since and if there is no cure im going to reformat it but I dont have the time to do that right now but I need to get some documents from that laptop how can I do this without using USB Is the laptop safe to use without internet connection I just need to read through some word documents I dont use any bank information or any other important stuff on that laptop Ive read some stuff about the virus but im not sure if it deletes documents or corrupts files the longer it stays on the laptop Im not sure how long its been on my laptop if it installed with windows command processor then probably about a month but it hasnt done anything yet Wow this has gotten long but I also wanted to know if anyone knows why AVG did not detect it at all And if reformating what files can I take from the laptop Im not sure what exactly is corrupted Thankyou and sorry for the essay

A:Its everyones favourite virus..

Try reading this article on the limitations of anti-virus.
"pretty much the big cheese in viruses and that it replicates so that when you delete it it reappears?"
This is pretty much true for all viruses, and replication is how they are defined.
If a process is running actively in RAM, it can create multiple copies of virus files, so the process needs to be stopped first. Most removal tools will do this, or you can use a tool like rkill for this.
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I'm using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. When I save a webpage to favourites, two favourites are saved. One has the title and a blank URL, and the other has the URL as the title and a blank URL. I've tried unistalling Internet Explorer, but I can't because SP3 was installed since.

Any ideas?


A:Favourite won't save properly

If you want to try solving by uninstalling SP3 and then IE8, see this URL:
You cannot uninstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 after you install Windows XP Service Pack 3
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What is your favourite Anti-Malware program?

A:Favourite Anti-malware?

Since no one program can catch everything, I don't have a favorite.I use several:a? freeewido security suiteAd-AwareSpybot S&DSpywareblasterSpywareGuard
Relevancy 43%

Hi i hope you can help me with this problem.
my son plays runescape or something,but for 2 days he gets an error message which reads-
The instruction at "0x10094c3b" referenced memory at "0x00dac3d8".
The memory could not be "read".
click on ok to terminate program.
thank you in advance.

A:Son Can Not Play His Favourite Game

We'll need a bit more information. The exact name of the game would help - as would the make and model of the system that he's using.

Often these problems can be solved by uninstalling and then reinstalling the program (game). Make sure to get all the updates for the game also.

If that doesn't fix it, then there's more troubleshooting that's needed.
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I like Office XP the best, i didn't like 2003 because it's too blue, the toolbars well it kinda look like an ocean. with icons. i like the toolbar 3D look, but just too blue. I know you can change the colour to green or silver, but it'll then be too green or too silver.
XP looks normal.
I didn't mind office 2000.

I didn't like office 97 as the word functions word awful. Glad they improved.

A:What's you favourite version of office?

office 2000 is my best version... but i am having to
learn office 2003 as it is becoming the standard platform
at my workplace.


Relevancy 43%

Mine is without a doubt IE I value my privacy and I do not trust ANYTHING NEW especially from Microsoft They have become quite intrusive The only difference between IE and newer IE versions is the newer ones understand more CSS thats it You can have IE in quot protected mode quot version? Whats favourite your the same as the newer IEs if you want by changing your security zone setting to HIGH thats what the newer IEs do for this so called quot Protected mode quot Its funny how they say quot LOOK THIS NEW SECURITY FEATURE quot Protected mode quot Whats your favourite version? quot WHEN IT FACT THERE IS NOTHING NEW ABOUT IT AT ALL I currently use MyIE for general surfing as MyIE is even prettier then IE It has tabs etc I dont use IE directly very often but IE in my opinion IS THE LAST GOOD VERSION OF IE The newer ones are not as customisable are more ugly and i dont think anyone can say FOR SURE that it doesnt spy on you I am quite big on privacy

A:Whats your favourite version?

You're apparently very blinkered in your opinions. Since IE6, successive versions have greatly improved page-loading times & much better security even without the protected mode being enabled.

Not to mention tabs. IE6 doesn't have them. As far as I'm concerned that alone is reason enough to hate it.
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Which theme and which extension do you like the most for firefox/mozilla

Addon- Stumble Upon
Theme- Modern Pinball (for thunderbird too)

A:Favourite Theme/Extension

Themes: Aquatint or Saferfox
Extensions: Autohide, TabMix, SessionSaver, FoxyVoice
Relevancy 43%

I'm using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. When I save a webpage to favourites, two favourites are saved. One has the title and a blank URL, and the other has the URL as the title and a blank URL.

I posted about this before, but the thread was closed.

A:Favourite won't save properly

I followed the advice in the last thread, deleting the 'Favorites' folder and creating a new one, and I disabled all the add-ons, but it made no difference.
Relevancy 43%

Hi All

My favourites on my tool bar is about 20 miles long. The only way I can see to empty is one by one but I will be ready for my bus pass if I do that
How can I empty it all at once?
Is it actually stored as 'yellow' folder somewhere and I just empty it in the normal way? I have tried to search for it but it doesn't find it.
Help appreciated

A:how to empty favourite folder?

I just remembered i asked this before so tracked down my old thread - NOW SORTED!!!
Relevancy 43%

All i want to know is how to set up an icon/button (without any text) at the top of my internet browser which links me onto the corresponding website..
Can anybody help me out?

A:Simple favourite buttons...

Why no text?

In Firefox you can drag the Favicon in the link toolbar down to your Bookmarks toolbar. Then Right Click on the Simple Favourite Button and select properties. Remove any text from the name field.
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Running Windows XP service pack 3, on an IBM laptop T60
At boot time I get the sdearlydelete file can't be found, skipping autocheck.
While is seems harmless, I don't know if it is; it is definitely a nuisance.
I've read the posts on this forum and the solutions seem too complicated and prone to errors.
If Spyware Doctor is the culprit, would it be easier to re-install the software and then use a good uninstall product to remove it? Woulld this work?
Please advise.


Relevancy 43%


I need to get a new case as i'm moving into water cooling. I currently have a P182 but it has no window

What is your favourite case?


A:What is your favourite case? I need some advice

For watercooling, go for a full-tower ATX case. The Antec Twelve Hundred, Cooler Master Cosmos and Stacker series, and Thermaltake Armor and Kandalf series are among the best choices.

However, for the ultimate in quality, assuming you can afford it, get a Lian-Li case. I recommend the PC-V2000BPLUSII and PC-V2110 specifically.
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I have been installing Portuguese PhotoStory 3 on my windows 7 machine.

It install OK. I reboot. When I invoke Photostory 3 I am expecting to find it in Portuguese, ... but its still in English.
I used the official PhotoStory3Portuguese(Brazil).msi

Here's the question:
Even if I install the Portuguese version, does it still look at the OS language when invoked and say "well, your OS is in English so I am going to display in English" ?

(ps: I have the same issue on my XP machine...)

A:Installing foreign language software on an English language win7 OS?

Could you please share a link for that msi-file, if that is possible?
Relevancy 43%

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Relevancy 43%

what a terrible title, sorry for confusion but needed help in regards to those topics.

issue is, there are a lot of program that comes with multiple languages we can choose during an installation, and there are software thats just in english no matter what, and then finally the software that uses system default system locale. now when im in 1 locale english, everything is fine however as soon as switch, the software that uses system locale changes and I don't understand it anymore. I have emulator that runs old school N64 games on computer and they can only be executed when in japanese locale but when i do that, my intel HD4000 graphics software all becomes in japanese.. along with multiple other things in context menu.

how do I switch all these software that defaults to system locale to just English? pls help, thank you!

A:software default language, window language, system locale

Download VMware (VMPlayer) and run your N64 games in a Virtual Machine with a Japanese language set
Relevancy 43%

My current workstation is running WIN XP PRO SP At one point it was being used by my Russian stepson who put a bunch of games etc on it that were in Russian After my own computer motherboard failed I cleaned this workstation up but didn t reinstall windows yet as I was hoping that this wouldn t be necessary Unfortunately when I tried to install the setpoint software from Logitech the splash screen and install instructions come up display install/updates in wrong specific Language language. in Russian The same thing also occured with one of my HP scanner programs Although I have the language settings set to English I Language specific install/updates display in wrong language. do have the Russian keyboard language support also available so that my wife can type in Russian sometimes But even though I have the language set in English and it displays on the task bar as being in English unless I switch it to Russian Language specific install/updates display in wrong language. I can t download updates etc on the software that is quot language quot aware NOTE I have called Logitech who didn t have anyone in their support area who could help me We found one older version of the setpoint software that was showed up mainly in English although a few of the choices for location etc were displayed in a Russian language drop down list even then I am guessing that there is some registry entry etc that the logitech and some HP software look at in order to provide a universal install program and the techs I talked too didn t know about Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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I will start this thread. Would be quite interesting i think
1) Antivirus ---> Avira (Excellent when using a lot of Flashdrives and as an overall scanner/detector. False Positives very minimal...)
2) Malware/Spyware/etc removal tool ---> Combofix (THE best) combined with SuperAntiSpyware + ESET Rogue Applications Remover
3) Rootkits --> Tdskiller
4) Auto Start Program Detector (used for detecting Automaticly Startup Programs) Sysinternal's "Autoruns"
5) THE best (only in MY eyes folks) Permissions Detector of files AND registry ---> Sysinternal's "AccessEnum"

A:What does your favourite cleansing tool kit consist of?

Primary Tools:
Norton 360
Windows Disk Cleanup
Auslogics Disk Defrag
Secondary Tools:
Junkware Removal Tool
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool
ESET Online Scanner
Windows Repair (All in one)
Temp File Cleaner
Relevancy 42.57%

I'm trying to open a particular website from the 'Favourites' bar on my desktop MSN browser, this is what opens. How do I get around this?

A:Problem trying to open a 'Favourite' website.

Delete the old unworkable favorite & add a new one.

Unless the site went out of business...

What site is it, if you don't mind my asking ?
Relevancy 42.57%

Here I would like to know whatv your favourite type of game is... then later add a poll. My favourite is FPS (First Person Shooter) not frames per second.

Relevancy 42.57%

One of the features I like in Windows 7 is that I can customise the Favourite Folders that appear in the save options. For example I can in include any folder in the save list for most applications. This works for microsoft Word, IE etc. However some applications like Adobe reader and a few others do not have my favourite folders when I go to save. They just have the basic: Recent places/Desktop/Libraties/Computer/Network. Does anyoner know of a way to include my favourite folders in the list for Adobe reader and these other applications as well?

Kind Regards


A:Favourite Folder Save Options

There are a couple of ways you can do it:

Folder Menu 3

Filebox eXtender download

You can also change the default settings in the save dialog;

Common File Dialog Box - Customize Places Bar

Regards....Mike Connor
Relevancy 42.57%

I have a new HP Envy Win laptop a Compaq Presario CQ Win which has been screwed-up by free Upgrade from Win Critical Error - Failed Start Icon and my Old Favourite an XP desktop When my IE on the XP was XP my Favourite Old of give the life Trying to kiss given the boot by many sites and at that time I had no interest in Chrome etc I gradually stopped using it I continued to give it TLC though I needed to get it up and running again as there were many Print Shop de Luxe documents saved on it and pdsl is not accepted in WIndows I've Trying to give my Old Favourite XP the kiss of life got it running and was immediately surprised when a Microsoft Update was installed - I thought that MS had finally dumped XP I then scanned with Norton - no nasties - so my next step was to run sfc scannow I got a Windows File Protection window quot Please wait while Windows verifies that all protected Windows files are intact and in their original version quot I now know that Windows File Protection prevents programs from replacing critical Windows system files Then this WFP window appeared quot Files that are required for Windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL cache Insert your Windows XP Professional Service Pack CD Trying to give my Old Favourite XP the kiss of life now quot I clicked on 'More Information quot and it told me that I'd either inserted the wrong CD or else my CD Drive wasn't functioning My quot System Properties quot tells me that I have Windows XP Home Edition not Professional version Service Pack Trying to give my Old Favourite XP the kiss of life I was one of many users whose PC early in I think was screwed up by the SP Update - I have AMD and the Update was for Intel Thanks to HP again I think I took advice for forum experts and as far as I was concerned I had SP but it seems now that I haven't My XP came pre-installed so I have no SP CD So three questions Am I correct in thinking that the AMD fiasco has caused my current problem Wouldn't Windows Update have kept nagging me to install SP What can I do about it please Thanks Sorry this is so long but I thought the background info is relevant
Relevancy 42.57%

Hey, i've recently been playing around with the "Favourite Links" in the navigation pane of Explorer and adding quite a few shortcuts etc.

When i try to add a link to a program it works, but the shortcut dissapears off of the navigation bar. Interestingly enough if i open the folders panel and then click "more" under the favourite links the shortcuts are displayed. What i want to know is; is there a way for me to keep program shortcuts on the favourite links pane?

I've attached some screenshots to illustrate the situation.

Rename&Media Converter are both utilities i only ever use when browsing files, so it would be nice if this worked.


A:Favourite links and Program Shortcuts?

(p.s. the first screenshot is to illustrate that the links don't show on the favourite links panel, the second shows that they are actually there).
Relevancy 42.57%

if u would like 2 share ur fav mouse pointers/cursors ,please attach pointers in zip/rar format as well as a screen shot of them......

mine fav are xz bone pointers.....

A:Share your favourite mouse pointers....

I'm very fond of the token cursors myself, both white and black. =)

Relevancy 42.57%

I have Windows XP professional service pack three, but i can`t understand the
instructions inside because the language of the installer is not English, i don`t know what language is it..

Please tell me what to do.
How can i change the language of the installer ?

A:how to change the language of operating system to English language

you can get english version of service pk3 here Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download - Softpedia
Relevancy 42.57%

I have Windows Vista Home SP2,
I need to change PC language from Norvegian to English,

Thank you.

A:My Windows Vista is Norvegian language, I need English language.

If you have the multi language installation disc, you can change the language during a reinstallation. If it is a Norwegian only, then you are stuck unless you can borrow an English installation disc and activeat with the key that is on the COA sticker (on the bottom of the laptop).
Relevancy 42.57%

I downloaded the Win10 Home single language ISO for a clean install on a new build PC and skipped the activation step during install. Now I need to activate. If I purchase a copy of Windows 10 Home in store or digitally, will I be able to use the product key in my current install without need to re-install?

I tried to phone MS support about this and they were utterly useless!


A:Activate single language edition with multi language key?

As long as you buy the version you installed they you should be fine.
Relevancy 42.57%

Hi friend
I want to remove Persian language from " Add Input Language part". Bu I don't know how do it.
please help and guide me.

I have captured from it. My mean I want remove this part. Look at the picture

My version windows is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thank you

A:How can I remove a language pack from Add Input Language part?

Why do you want to remove it ?

As long as it`s not installed, it`s not on the PC.
Relevancy 42.57%

I downloaded the Win10 Home single language ISO for a clean install on a new build PC and skipped the activation step during install. Now I need to activate. If I purchase a copy of Windows 10 Home in store or digitally, will I be able to use the product key in my current install without need to re-install?

I tried to phone MS support about this and they were utterly useless!


A:Activate single language edition with multi language key?

As long as you buy the version you installed they you should be fine.
Relevancy 42.57%

Hi there first time posting although I have visited your site many times in the past I'm running windows x localized to Greek and with Greek display language The core language is English and I installed Greek through windows update Recently I came across a problem that pretty much is described by the thread's title As a result the program files folder is displayed in English instead of Greek Other folders like in language folder is files display Program language than different users and program files x are displayed in Greek I've done some research and someone was suggesting that the problem relates with the desktop ini file in the program files folder In Program files folder is in different language than display language that case desktop ini was missing and the problem was solved by creating another one mine is ShellClassInfo LocalizedResourseName SystemRoot system shell dll - In my case the desktop ini file is not missing Things I've tried First I change the display language to English then back to Greek rebooted no luck Second I uninstall Greek language rebooted then I reinstall through windows update rebooted same result Third I deleted desktop ini file from program files rebooted still English program folder Fourth I used system restore and I selected a date before the problem occurred and then I decided to ask to this forum because guess what the problem was still there That was truly my last resort I know it's not a big problem but it's driving me crazy So any help would be hugely appreciated Thank you in advance

A:Program files folder is in different language than display language

It seems to me that it would have to stay English (or the language the coders named it) as the programs look to those folders and their exact names/wording for files to use. If someone made for example call of duty then translated duty to Greek and the code looked for duty, it would only find the translation and it would fail to find the thing its looking for.

I have no info to back this up but its my theory as why things like documents can change but not program files folder names.