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Ntfs.sys PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGE AREA bluescreen

Q: Ntfs.sys PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGE AREA bluescreen

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot my BSOD issue by looking at my minidump. That just sounds wrong.

Your help would be GREATLY appreciate....

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Preferred Solution: Ntfs.sys PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGE AREA bluescreen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ntfs.sys PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGE AREA bluescreen

Inside the 1 MiniDump:

Probably caused by : sptd.sysClick to expand...

sptd.sys: Device driver from Alcohol or DaemonTools

My personal feeling is, it's your Norton AntiVirus causing the issue.
But un-installing Alcohol or DaemonTools will fix it
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I have just installed the latest driver from Kyocera for the FS-1020D. I am using the USB connection. This problem has occurred with Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.

When I print the page, the print doesn't start until between 5cm and 14cm down the page (I tried printing off 5 pages, the first page started printing 14 cm down, then the remaining 4 pages left a top gap of 5 cm).

Any ideas?

A:Kyocera Fs-1020D - print starting hal-way down page

Cancel this request - I don't understand why, but after I tried printing from the MP tray, it suddenly sorted itself out and is now printing perfectly from both paper trays!
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I have a Windows 7 HP desktop system that is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable. The system says it is connected, and a ping confirms it is accessing the internet. BUT, all the browsers say the computer is not connected to the internet (tried Chrome, Firefox and IE). All of the Microsoft network adapters (6to4, ISATAP adapter, ISATAP adapter #2, Teredo Tunneling Adapter) shown under device manager cannot start (Code 10). the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller is the only network adapter shown as working properly. What do I need to do to fix this? Let me know if there is any other information needed to help me.

A:Windows 7 computer says connect via ethernet and ping confirms but cannot get to any page

Does your router see this computer on the network?
Are you on Private Network or Home Network?
Is the IP address showing 192.168.x.x or is it showing 169.xx.xx.xx?

NIC network card you can do a few things. You can can disable it and re-able it.
Open dos prompt
type: ipconfig /flushdns
type: ipconfig /release
type: ipconfig /renew

Give this a sec or two.

Now under services.msc (use the control panel and type services)
Select view local services
Scroll down for
DHCP Client (right click and stop it) wait then right click and start it
DNS Client (right click and stop it) wait then right click and start it

If none of the above work go into the device manager. under control panel type: device manager. click on device manager

-Network adapters
-Realtek PCI-e this one uninstall the drivers (BUT DO NOT DELETE THEM)

Two options here.
One: Scan computer for new hardware changes
Two: Reboot the PC

Choose Two, because Windows will re-install the drivers and setup network card settings. for you. The Choosing One would do that same but you really want to flush out any prior issues that got you to this point.
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So I realize that this is my computer telling me that it is not getting a connection to the internet So here is a basic diagram of my setup ISP---- gt Cable Modem----- gt New Splitter---------- gt Asus wifi router working --------- gt Desktop IP also connected to wifi My ISP is Charter Com via a Cable Modem From there I go into a TRENDnet ethernet switch splitter From there I have cable that goes to my desktop one cable to goes Area Local Connection to the upper floor to the wifi router Asus RT-N U The router is working fine and I am currently connected to it I have replaced the TRENDnet Switch every ethernet cable except to Asus wifi router This is where it gets stupid I can disconnect the TRENDnet switch and plug in my Desktop with the IP and it works I have researched this topic via forums for the past month and a half and now after fresh installing windows would like to try and get some input of what other might think is going on I am out of options I Local Area Connection had this setup for quite some time with wired and wifi Local Area Connection but just all of a sudden about - months ago after moving my desk and plugging it all in again it stopped working Here is a text format of Ipconfig of my LAC Configuration for interface quot Local Area Connection quot DHCP enabled Yes IP Address xxx xxx Subnet Prefix xx mask InterfaceMetric DNS servers configured through DHCP None Register with which suffix Primary only WINS servers configured through DHCP None As I said I am now running a fresh install of windows with no Bonjour program on it I have released renewed and about other CMD commands that I could think of The internet options for this adapter are set to obtain automatically I have ran about every malware program I can think of So any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Local Area Connection

Hmm why the splitter BEFORE the router - - that's not the correct way to add a second router

isp==primary router --- existing PC
to add a second router:

isp==primary router --- existing PC
+--- new router
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I have an ancient eMachines T- Intel P- Ghz single core Prescott I m running XP-SP fully updated with the exception of SP- If I install SP I lose the ability to do a repair install My AV product is AVG Free This thing s Loading Firefox Page with Slow my Slow Page Loading with Firefox go to erotica finder Trust me I don t log in to my bank with it Anyway it seems terribly slow at loading pages with the CPU at or pushing usage I can t load more than one page at a time Slow Page Loading with Firefox or I get a quot problem server reset before page loaded quot type error Once the other page s have loaded a simple reload page command establishes the connection Firkefox Slow Page Loading with Firefox ver is the browser of choice with quot NoScript quot installed I just did a repair install of the OS which is the only way I could get it to reload the internet driver Intel Pro That doesn t seem to have helped My question is I want anybody s best opinion as to whether this level of performance is what I should expect as typical with this rig or is it just plain worn out and I should retire it with full military honors nbsp

A:Slow Page Loading with Firefox

Try disabling no script. That may be eating up all your resources and slowing down the loading of webpages. If that doesnt work, try another browser like Chrome. I would try completely clean installing windows rather than repairing it since just repairing will not clear anything such as viruses off of the PC. Malware could be another culprit and clean installation will allow you to wipe it out.
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I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to help with a problem. I am connected to my internet network on my PC through an Ethernet cable, but cannot access the internet through a browser or anything else. This is the second time this week this has happened. I had a separate PC issue early this week which caused me to reinstall windows. I have had the issue with connecting to the internet occur twice now since reinstalling windows, both times after installing windows updates. I resolved the first occur acne by having my ISP come out. I do not know what they did to fix the problem, only that the router was not the source, and he changed something while logged into the modem settings. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Cannot open web page, connected to router

First get a command prompt and then issue these to commands

both should give some answers, neither should timeout or show errors
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So I was starting my laptop when suddenly I found this error :

(BIOS Date:06/08/09 16:37:07 Ver: 1.40
CPU: Inter(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU P7350 2.00GHz

Speed : 2.00 GHz

Initializing USB Controllers .. Done
4096MB OK

Auto-Detecting AHCI PORT 1..IDE Hard Disk
Auto-Detecting AHCI Port 4.. ATAPI CDROM

S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Statues OK

SATA Port4 HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GU10N Devices...

00USB mass storage devices found and configured.

Checking NVRAM....

Not enough space in Runtime area!!. SMBIOS data will not be available

Press F1 to Resume )

I pressed F1 but it didn't resume. I waiting for that NVRAM check but its not getting any results and there's no loading bar to show me the process.
So cannot use my laptop now...

Any idea how to fix it ?

PS. it hard-boot last time I used it because it was out of battery but I didnt install any programs or software..
And I cannot open the Bios setting menu to edit anything

A:Not enough space in runtime area

The bios CMOS battery on the motherboard may have died...
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I have a client that has been asking me about a way to monitor internet activities or to get email addresses for people who use his wifi hotspots He owns a chain of restaurants and essentially wants a system page access? restaurant hotspot for Login that retrieves people s email addresses when they connect so he can send them promotional emails Personally I think this is a terrible idea but professionally I have to give him my opinion I was going to suggest that he have a sign in page that the router directs traffic to before it gives full connectivity to the user Login page for restaurant hotspot access? This page would Login page for restaurant hotspot access? have a user agreement that allows for sending promotional emails I ve seen these at airports and some other businesses and I hate them but this seems to be the least morally objectionable way to do what he s asking rather than implementing a shady web traffic monitoring system I m pretty sure all this would take would be to have the DHCP managed by a server that through the dns sends all traffic to a page that requires registering a login before granting full access to the network Has anyone done something like this themselves or have a suggestion for a method or application that aids in something like this Thanks nbsp
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So it seems as if something has gone quite wrong with my external TB drive All my data seems to be there but RAW NTFS to converted my partitions or MBR GPT must be messed up I ve run a quot Super Scan quot with Active Partition Recovery and it s discovered multiple partitions I only had NTFS converted to RAW one partition prior to this incident I m not entirely sure how to go about this I really don t want to lose TB of data and I am still able to at least see my NTFS converted to RAW files in Active Partition Recovery but NTFS converted to RAW I don t seem to have all that many options to go about fixing the problem WDC WD EZRS ActivePartitionRecovery Disk Disk Management is the drive in question Elements seems to be the one with the bulk of my data The recovery status of each of these partitions are Boot Overlapped partition detected Elements Overlapped partition detected Elements Impossible to place partition having last sector larger than xFFFFFFFF on devices having MBR Elements Impossible to place partition having last sector larger than xFFFFFFFF on devices having MBR All of those recovery status errors will not allow me to recover any one partition I ve tried Gparted Live as well but I m new to doing this deeper hard drive stuff and I m not sure what my next move should be Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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Guys Windows Pro SP -Bit with an ASRock P PRO B Out NTFS There? With MBR As Partitioned 3TB's MoBo that has a UEFI BIOS i - K and Corsair Vengeance Gigs My C D and E partitions are on a GB NTFS SSD with a MBR My present STORAGE HDD is a TB Toshiba with a MBR I recently purchased a Toshiba PH U- I TB to replace the TB I always Ghost with DOS Bootable CDs I make with custom Autoexec bat files I write never Windows I found out from Symantec that Ghost has issues with GPT I found a 3TB's Partitioned As NTFS With MBR Out There? way to make my TB FULLY accessible and set as MBR It s Acronis True Image aka Seagates DiskWizard aka WD s version of DiskWizard It puts an quot Extended Capacity Manager quot in the boot sector so you get one TB and one GB partition BOTH MBR 3TB's Partitioned As NTFS With MBR Out There? See Seagate DiscWizard CloneDisc for drives larger than TB Part- I just found this 3TB's Partitioned As NTFS With MBR Out There? and would like some input before opening the Toshiba TB s box Make SURE the TB is EMPTY as this will wipe ALL data on the drive To make a fully accessible TB with k sector Boot to desktop Open quot My Computer quot in Windows Explorer Click on the EMPTY TB HDD If the factory made some partitions on it delete them all Once it is just one disk right-click it and click quot Format quot Select quot quot quot NTFS quot and quot Format quot Click OK Since the TB is EMPTY it should be real quick It s now ready to be partitioned to your liking up to or so TB s total and is set as MBR The reason that I m posting this is to get feedback from anyone who has used these programs or the quot quot quot NTFS quot and quot Format quot method to see if the TBers work as any other HDD would or are there any quirks that have come up since partitioning your TB Please post to me Thanks in advance for your help Big Al nbsp

A:3TB's Partitioned As NTFS With MBR Out There?

Sorry to say that I've heard from numerous people with 3+ TB's

and they have grave reservations about Acronis/Seagate/WD's

Extended Capacity Manager to get full MBR 3TB HDD's and they

say that the "4096", "NTFS" and "Format" won't work.
Well, I HATE to admit defeat, but since I CANNOT find the

Ghost v11.5.1.2298 from GSS 2.5.1 that DOES see GPT HDD's,

I've concluded that my only recourse is to relegate my 3TB to

GPT and to BACKUP status to my 2TB Toshiba and dusted-off 1TB

Hitachi MBR HDD's that I'll be using as my main drives.
After numerous E-Mails to a bunch of Cloning Software companies,

I've settled on MiniTool Partition Wizard v8.1.1 from (To top it off, it's FREE!!!)

to pre-partition my 3TBer and to do the "Copy partitions from

my 1 and 2TB MBR's to partitions on my 3TB GPT" and use my

Ghost v11.5.1.2269's Make and Restore Bootable CD's to do my

MBR C and D Drive imaging chores.

It's been fun--NOT!
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Hi this is my first thread here on Techspot I ve been wanting to find other people in the area that are interested in overclocking as in area overclockers for Myrtle the Looking Beach well I ve been overclocking since the AthlonXP to my current i K I ve now reached the point where I now need to take the next step in to extreme overclocking delidding L N Dry Ice and would prefer to meet up with others that have experience in these areas as well as just meet new people that have the same interest Personally I ve always been big on breaking DMark records My current build holds the record for Firestrike not extreme with a Core i K and GTX and rd Looking for overclockers in the Myrtle Beach area place for Extreme settings I spent hours trying to get the nd place spot on extreme and to get first I ll need to push the CPU over Ghz which I can t do on air or water Since everyone has their own talents I thought it d be fun to recruit a team and see what we can come up with Plus I may be able to help push your hardware further So if anyone lives in the area and is interested please hit me up nbsp
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My computer battery was replaced by a family member and when I boot up my PC which took about 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I noticed that the 2 harddrives were displayed in the bios as raid drives. The 2 harddrives are SATA. However in Windows when I right click on My Computer and select Manage then Device Manager they appear as NTFS format.

I sure that this configuration has something to do with response.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to restore my raid drive back to 2 harddrives under NTFS without loosing my data. I would prefer a software tool or a step by step solution since I am not comfortable with manually making changes to computer settings.
Thank you for your advice in advance to this frustrating problem
Ntracs (Joe)
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Good afternoon I am sure this has been mentioned on here many times but every time I search for my problem I always get the same results Third party this format this backup your data that Here is what is going on I have a TB external hard drive that is more than full backing up my data via third party software is not an option because to hard external Digital Western drive 2TB Raw NTFS I don t have room to store the data anywhere The copious amount of data on the drive is also why I can not just simply format the drive to change the file system I have also tried a couple of methods involving check disk commands and using disk management neither of these methods have worked out in my favor This problem has really shaken my confidence with computers and troubleshooting up until this point I thought I was pretty well educated on fixing stuff like this but I really can not figure this one out 2TB Western Digital external hard drive Raw to NTFS So here s the summary large hard drive no formatting no backing up the data RAW to NTFS Thank you nbsp

A:2TB Western Digital external hard drive Raw to NTFS

I'm still confused. What is it you want to do?

Try Recuva, if you think your files have been deleted!
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Hello, I'm David, and I am having problems with packet loss. I usually use internet to watch videos, play some games and what not, but recently I started experiencing lags. I googled it up, and then tried to see if my pc had packet loss (pinged -t). I had a 6% packet loss. Then I tried it on my other pc (it is connected to the same router and is half a meter away from other one). It had 0% packed loss. Then I remembered that recently I downloaded some programs and stuff on the pc with the packet loss. Could it be the cause of my packet loss? Thank you to all who at least read my delema.

A:Internet packed loss. (Could it be a programs fault?)

What Router brand and model are you using?
Are you connected wired or wireless?
Are you connected 100mbps or 1.0 Gbps.
Have you upgraded the firmware on the router lately?
Also have you upgraded the drivers on the PCs network cards?
Have you ever power cycled the power on the router or modem?
Any switches connected to the router? If so, try a different port.
Have you tried a different port on the router?

Packet loss in a router means the router started degrading on the ports side.
Device could be overheating or just have duff ports (bad)
In your case you can also.

1. Backup config settings in the Router
2. Do a Factory Reset will wipe all prior settings out
3. Restore Backup config settings in the Router

If all was tried you should consider replacing the router only as option though.
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So recently my machine has been in my backpack travelling with me due few reasons. When I came home today and mounted it all up again, one of my HDDs became RAW system and I am unable to access it. Now Windows keeps insisting that I should format the drive but I really need to preserve most of the saved data.

Iv downloaded TestDisk but have no idea how to use it.

Is there a way to at least recover my files? I really need to get another backup drive to have my important work saved on.

Using Windows 7 x64 Pro.


A:After re-connecting HDD, reset to RAW from NTFS. Fix Needed.

Shall I let Windows format the drive? Would this make me loose all my data?
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I was installing new Windows 7. I didn't touch partition F:\ at all! But there was a problem in installing Windows, after everything got compleated Windows wasn't proceeding from its logo and was getting restarted after blinking a Blue Scereen!
then I installed windows through Bootable USB everything worked that wasn't by DVD but now!

I got check-up for partition F: ! It was showing that "Corrupted master file"
Windows wasn't doing anything after that it was just stuck there So I restarted it!

Now! When I try to open this partition it shows:

Also It wasn't boot-able!
I just want to fix this partition! I tried "GetDataBack for NTFS" it didn't work as all videos It recovered wasn't working
Please Help!
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Hope this is the right forum for this topic I have acquired an NTFS I an with How resize GParted Live? partition do old Pentium laptop It has a GB HDD installed all one NTFS partition and How do I resize an NTFS partition with GParted Live? about GB of software I want to clone the drive on to a GB keeping the existing software so that I can use the GB elsewhere but first I need to resize the C partition down to below GB I have downloaded gparted-live- - and burnt it to a CD but it is unable to resize an NTFS partition It says it needs ntfsprogs ntfs- g The trouble is that even if I downloaded ntfsprogs I would not know what to do with it Presumably it has to be on the CD but to get there it would have to be included in the iso file before How do I resize an NTFS partition with GParted Live? I burned it I am a total Linux ignoramus and if this involves the sort of operation I suspect it is an order of magnitude beyond my IT skills Can anyone give me some idea of what I would have to do Thanks Steve nbsp
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Anyone suggest some upgrades (if any?) for this old beast, current stats:

LAPTOP: Alienware Area-51® m7700
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 670 Desktop Processor w/ HT Technology 3.8GHz 800MHz FSB 2MB
Memory: 3GB Dual Channel DDR2 SO-DIMM at 533MHz - 2 x 512MB / 2 x 1024MB
Hard Drive: 100GB 7,200 RPM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX
Monitor: 17" WideXGA+ 1440 x 900 LCD Display
Sound Card: Intel® 7.1 High-Definition Audio
Mouse: USB Logitech® G5 Laser Gaming Mouse
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)

A:Upgrade suggestions for Alienware Area-51 m7700

Not much point upgrading, that's quite an old machine. You're better off saving up and building a new system.
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Basically im trying to use my hdd on my mac which wont show up in disk utility, desktop or finder.
but on my windows pc it shows so when I try to format it from NTFS to exFAT the message: unable to format comes up what do I do

A:External HDD is not formatting from NTFS to exFAT

Delete the partition and start over.
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I have made a mistake in my computer and I do not know what I did or where I did it to create the screen to become black when I go to a second screen. I can open a website fine, but when I go to a second page it comes up black with only very light grey printing. Can someone walk me through changing this back from black to a more readable color?
Oh, I forgot to tell that I have Windows 7 on this laptop.

A:Opening second page comes up black

Are you talking about an external monitor connected to the laptop?
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Hey guys My internet provider has just recently been switched to Time Warner Cable They came by and hooked everything up to my desktop and my internet worked for that day The next day I had to call technical support and road runner services because my computer says I m connected but I m not sending nor receiving area Missing network connection and local controller any packets Road Runner took me through Device Manager where I noticed a big yellow question mark near Other Devices Network Controller Also after going through my Network Connections there s no Local Area Connection listed The techs responded that they couldn t help me unless I fixed my computer software I have already tried going through Computer Management and checking Plug And Play Services amp RPC Missing network controller and local area connection Services Any other suggestions are much appreciated I m currently working off of my laptop because I can t get online with my desktop Any requested information would just Missing network controller and local area connection be done by my usb flash Missing network controller and local area connection drive Thank you so much for your time nbsp

A:Missing network controller and local area connection

Open device manager. Uninstall those device with ? on them. Reinstall drivers for your network adapter.

What devices are listed under network adapter?
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Hi Everyone Desperately in need of help right now I m now currently unable to load ANY page which requires a login eg Hotmail Youtube any load which a page Can't requires login Login Page Facebook Yahoo Login Page etc I came across this forum and wanted to post a new Can't load any page which requires a login thread to look for help regarding my problem but this forum also required me to make an account BUT since I m unable to load any log in pages I can t load the log in page to my email too I m a computer newbie so I m really at a loss right now This login problem does not only apply to my computer though other computers in my house my iPhone and my PS also have the log in problem with any application or website with requires a login I m guessing it has something to do with either my Router or my ISP But I have no idea where to start or what to do to find out what s the problem I doubt it s a malware or any kind of bug though But just to confirm what can I do Any help is greatly appreciated PLEASE and thanks nbsp

A:Can't load any page which requires a login

JuicyDragon said:

This login problem does not only apply to my computer though, other computers in my house, my iPhone and my PS3 also have the log in problem with any application or website with requires a login. I'm guessing it has something to do with either my Router or my ISPClick to expand...

Good guess; common symptom across multiple devices implies something higher up in the network.
I suspect you have a port problem for port 443, secured http (HTTPS://)

Using a wired connection to your router, launch a browser and enter the router IP address as if it were a URL. This will access the router config page but should prompt for the admin/pwd.

Now you need the Admin-id, password and the IP address of your router, all of which are make/model dependent - - Please post the name/model number of your router so we can continue . . .
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There is a laptop I want to purchase which is described to have an "intermittent graphics fault" where the screen turns green.
I have read that this is definitely a hardware error, some pointing out the video cable as being loose.
I was wondering if you guys are familiar with this problem and what is required to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop screen turns green; intermittent graphics fault

Honestly, I would avoid any laptop that has that issue because you don't know what is causing it and if you have to replace the screen the cost is often more than what you would pay for a new system.

Can you link us to this laptop or give us more details about this unit?
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Hi I have two USB flash drives one is an old Kingston Data Traveler and my new one is a Corsair Flash Voyager They both have the same problem When they are formatted in FAT I can safely remove them through Windows XP s quot Safely Remove Hardware quot program However when they are formatted in NTFS the program says that I cannot remove the USB drive because it is still being used but if I immediately ask the program to remove it again it will So I can remove the drives but it just never works the first time Also it s not true that there s something else still using the drive I even used Process Explorer to make sure Like I said the problem only occurs when the drives are formatted in NTFS Finally if removed safely NTFS when drive cannot flash USB be formatted in I right-click on the USB drive in My Computer and USB flash drive cannot be safely removed when formatted in NTFS eject it before using the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot program it will work That is just time consuming though and I don t know if it s safe to eject the USB drive like that Does anyone USB flash drive cannot be safely removed when formatted in NTFS know a solution to this Thanks for reading nbsp

A:USB flash drive cannot be safely removed when formatted in NTFS

Are you using Windows Media Player?
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I'm missing the "local area connection" for a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop. Hence, I cannot seem to connect to the net.

Anybody got any solutions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Local area connection missing, Dell Inspiron 1300

Is your wireless working? Go under your BIOS and see if the WiFi is enabled or functioning. Download any BIOS updates, WiFi drivers update an etc.. If all is done and you still have the issue. Buy USB WiFi NIC Dongle and test that and see if you can get LAN or WAN connection.
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I installed SpeedFan yesterday, and shortly after I started hearing this barely audible sort of "screeee.. screee" coming from the fan area. I can hear the fan is working fine, and SF says my temps are normal (around 48c to 50c when idle, maxing at just over 60c when streaming video or playing a game) so my fan doesn't seem to be dying. But I don't know anything about computers, so I don't know.

I talked to an ACER guy (my laptop is an Aspire 5252) and he said use an air duster to clear out dust. I did, and I think I did it right, but the little whine is still there.

Do I need to send my laptop in for repairs?

A:Small sound coming from fan area

I have noticed noises like that in a lot of computer components and laptops. For example, my video card makes an audible noise like the one you described that is not the fan during the loading screens of certain games. From what I have read, this is not a problem, and is just a byproduct of current flowing through certain components.
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Whenever i type in my ip address in my internet address bar(192.168.x.y) the page brings me to "Unable to connect" "FireFox cannot establish a connection to the server 192.168.x.y". I have also tried it in IE but it just google searches my IP Address. Also this problem is usually off and on. One day i can get on and the next day it wont let me access the page.

A:Cannot connect to my router's web page via IP address

first, get a command prompt and enter IPCONFIG

the last line shown as the Default address is your router's address.

If that's the address you already attempted, then

download LSPFIX,
install and run from an ADMIN login, reboot the system and then try accessing your router again.
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Hi All,
I heard a noise form my HP ProLiant ML110 G4 tower and it sounded like a fan or hard drive was going on its last leg. I opened the tower and saw the fans running, I shutdown and unplugged the rear fan powered up and still there, tried the cpu fan still there, tried the power to the hard drive and still there, tried the sata cable and power still there. Each time I would put each item back and try the next. I had a ground strap on the whole time. It really sounded like it was coming from inside the cpu heat sink? Where the fan is bolted to. It kind of stopped now, do I just wait for something to fail or does this sound familiar to anybody? Thanks for any help.

A:Noise from CPU area now HP ProLiant

You could remove the CPU's heatsink and fan. Clean off the old thermal paste and apply fresh paste to see if the noise stops
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Hi everyone out there. I have been working on a emachine desktop that the customer could not get there ie to work. Well I did what I had to to find out that the adapter was bad so I replaced it with an usb network adapter. now it is saying that it is connected but ie will still not display the page. I have made sure that the settings are automatically detected. I need serious help. I know it's something simple. I have reset my router and modem and it still displays the same msg. I have a laptop connected to the same router and modem and its connection is fine. On the desktop I'm even able to update programs on the computer but ie just won't work. What could be wrong? Pls hlp!

A:Internet connected, but IE cannot display this page

You might want to check to be sure the browser is not in offline mode, especially if other network functions are working.
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Hp laserjet 5p

Wont print whats shown to be print from adobe reader or paint. I used windows xp drivers to install this. Hp doesnt have drivers for this printer. When I all it prints is 2 pages with one of letters on one and bar of ink on the other.

A:Printer won't print what's shown on the page

Does sound like the wrong printer driver.
Which Windows system are you using? I am guessing you are running Vista or 7, and using an XP printer driver.
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Hi guys, i have recently received a message telling me that a network cable is unplugged. Usually i have this problem with local area connection 2, but it always resolves itself while this one does not. I have tried unplugging my dlink and plugging it back in. please give me any suggestions! Sorry if this sounds dumb to you, much appreciated!

A:Local Area Connection [A network cable is unplugged]

Are using a laptop or desktop, if your on a laptop will say that because your not plugged in the LAN on your laptop which you do not need if it is wireless, but if it is your desktop and you are connect to your router it could be that the NIC card is at fault go into device manager to see if there is any problems with NIC card.

1.Also check your network cables make sure they are in secure.

2. Make sure your network adapter is up to date and working.
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Let me tell you a bit about my set-up. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and my internet connection is via a Bt homehub.
My problem is every time I start up my PC I don't have internet connection.
The only way to get it is to go to local area connection and disable it, then go back in and enable it and then I have internet access.
I have taken screen shoots of whats happening.
Not sure if the file has uploaded so sorry if you don't see it. New to this site so having to get used to it.


Can any one see the word file I attached as I can't.


A:Local Area Connection

Assuming that's a wired and not wifi connection.

Before you boot, disconnect from the BT and let the system present the desktop, then
connection to the BT, wait 30sec and you should have a connection.

Your Firewall should be left active

Like to see the View Connections, but copy the text from this and past into your follow-up:
start->Run->enter IPCONFIG /ALL
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Running XP on 2 computers. Have them connected by a router. I set the router IP to Everything connects great! When I connect to a wireless network, it all connects, but doesn't work ("connection timed out" or "Page not found" errors. The wire connection shows an IP of If I disable my Local Area Network, the internet connects perfectly. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I CAN USE MY LOCAL AREA NETWORK AND THE WIRELESS CONNECTION AT THE SAME TIME! Frustrating to the max! Any network specialists out there who can tell me how to fix this? Thanks!!!

A:Conflict between "Wireless Network Connection" & "Local Area Connection"

berkeleygh said:

Running XP on 2 computers. Have them connected by a router. I set the router IP to Everything connects great! When I connect to a wireless network, it all connects, but doesn't work ("connection timed out" or "Page not found" errors. The wire connection shows an IP of to expand...

You should know that x.x.2.1 is incorrect. For the router address shown, all devices that connect to it *must* be 192.168.3.x where x > 1 and < 255.

I would suspect that you have some static configuration data in the devices.

You want your router to offer DHCP in the range 2->32 (that's more than enough) and
you want all systems to use DHCP for the IP address and DNS settings.

Remove anything in the Alternative Configurations
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i recent got a HIS 4850 i cooler
and did crossfire with my saphire 4850 512mb
i insatlled the 2 cards in my mobo and used only 1 crossfire connector because the new one doesnt come with one. i installed the laters 10.6 drivers and the crossfire x driver. after i enabled crossfire i opened up team fortress 2 and whenever i join a server i get the blue screen and when the game is launch there is a bunch of purple lines. then i installed need for speed shift and i get the same problem. however when i disable crossfire all is good =/
my rig:
asus p5q3 deluxe wifi
antec sonata 3
antec 500d psu
2gb of ocz3g13332gk
and the 2 gpus mentioned earlier
1x vertex ssd 60gb
please help im running out of ideas. thank you in advance

A:4850 CrossFire bluescreen?

You only need one crossfire connector, you can use two but it wont make any difference. try moving the crossfire bridge from the 1st to second crossfire out, or the opposite of where you have it, and see if that makes a difference
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I have my internet connection saying it is connected but whenever I go onto firefox it tells me it couldnt connect.

ipconfig tells me it encountered an error, repairing connection tells me it can't get into tcp/ip settings. I have tried resetting winsock.

I'm currently not at my computer and I'm being forced to rush, so if you need more specific error messages just tell me and I will post with my phone.

A:Local Area Connection "Connected", no net

Post ipconfig /all
You may be connected to your LAN, but not the internet.
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Hi there I just bought a wbr- dlink wireless router My network situation cable modem hooked up to the dlink router with wired desktop PCs and a wireless Wii connecting I bought the dlink because my previous aging router web D-Link wired wbr page 2310 intermittent resolving stopped D-Link wbr 2310 intermittent wired web page resolving functioning and because it was cheap which I diagnosed by D-Link wbr 2310 intermittent wired web page resolving plugging each of the computers into the modem directly D-Link wbr 2310 intermittent wired web page resolving The connection was perfect in that case but neither computer could connect to anything with the router in between I tried switching ethernet cables that were between the router and modem as well So that establishes that neither the computer nor modem had any issues and that the router which performed admirably to this point suddenly died Now on to the DLink router After installing the dlink I immediately noticed a huge difference between how it functioned compared to the previous router For some reason most basic web page connections will fail unless - refresh reloads are done on the page I can t say the connection drops completely as I ve played online video games without disconnection but web page viewing has become extremely painful Is there anything I can do with this router to fix this extreme intermittent web page resolving issue nbsp
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I have Vodafone Prepay Broadband so I do not have to plug in any cables. However, recently my internet will not connect properly. The Vodem connects properly but I do not get fully connected as the two pcs with a globe do not appear on my toolbar and no pages will load. When I "Diagnose and Repair" is when I get the message telling me that Local Area Connection 2 is unplugged. I do not understand this as I should not have to plug in anything but the Vodem.

A:Local area connection 2 unplugged

is it the vodem stick that plugs into the usb port? and please mention your operating system
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Right now i have 6 gigs of ram on my computer and over 10 gigs of page file ram. Do i need that? If i didnt use page file ram, would it make my computer faster or slower?

A:I have 6gb ram. Do I still need page file ram?

What OS are you using? Generally the OS allocates the pagefile. No matter how much RAM you have, a certain amount of pagefile is always necessary.
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Hey there everyone! I'm pretty new to this forum but i really need your help.

Earlier today i experience 2 different BSOD erros at different times, and for no apparent reason.

I'm not sure what the reason is for either of them since i just reformatted earlier today. I have the dump file for each of the BSODs. It is attached.

Could anyone possibly tell me what the problem could be? Thanks in advance

A:BSODs - (driver is mismanaging system PTEs, page fault in non-paged area)

nothing attached.
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I went to turn on my Asus P Q-E and got the following It started up but no single beep or BIOS screen Then it turned off for about Please Direction MB Me Fault Help! 0n In Point Right The seconds then it starts back up but no BIOS screen or beep just power to fans etc I have tried clearing the CMOS swapping out memory PSU other known good one does the same Please Help! Point Me In The Right Direction 0n MB Fault thing with the board RAM I know it s good Video Card Is this symptomatic of a bad CPU Or is this my worst fear - I put the video card from this system into my test bed system which has a slightly different board and now it won t even boot although the original board Please Help! Point Me In The Right Direction 0n MB Fault s lights and the test bed system board lights fire up just fine and I can even do power I O and reset from the board I was literally using this system an hour ago shut it down came back to this Could the card have shorted out and is now cooking every board I try it on Have I just trashed perfectly good boards out over Please Help! Point Me In The Right Direction 0n MB Fault a video card Or could it be a bad CPU That is the only part I have not swapped out yet since I wanted to do that last Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Please Help! Point Me In The Right Direction 0n MB Fault

I've had similar problem once with my existing Intel DP35DP board but with my older CPU i.e. C2D E6600 (Conroe), however after spending hours after hours it turned out that the culprit was CPU; and i only needed to clean it (carbon) and when i put it back in and powered the system ... everything worked perfectly well. It doesn't mean its the same for you; perhaps something is shorting out; I don't think your video card should kill boards as you suspect. It could be something minor like in my case.

By the way, funny thing was I had already ordered a new motherboard (suspecting this one is dead) when i thought of checking on the CPU
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hi guys Fist of all ty for anyone who can help me I got a hp intel core quads mb memory go fail page not able F11 start - PC boot, Discs to not working on Recovery hard drive NVIDIA gs window xp service pack I am having a big problem here I was downloading a codec when this first happen the blue screen stay like sec then pc reboot choice to start fail since they all lead to he blue screen who stay sec and then restart My Recovery disk are been read since i can press see them with my hard disk but when i try to start with it nothing happen but the blue PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page screen for the last hours if try many things if been able with patience and time and focus too see a little bit my error code who looks like i dont know x witch after reading on the internet seem to be x f For now i cannot press f and Reboot when i plug in the pc its unplug if not it only do the same fail by itself for eternity i did deactivated PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page auto-restart but it restart and fail anyway please help me thanks nbsp

A:PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page

when you hit F8 and disable system automatic restart, it still restarts without displaying the blue screen?
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Windows 2000 pro
HP DC5000 MB
2 gigs mem
Ok about a month ago I went to surf the web and kept getting "web site found waiting for reply" but the page never loaded.
I used the win 2k install disk, ran the repair and that fixed it. Yesterday the same thing happened "web site found waiting for reply" but the page never loaded, ran the repair again but this time that did not fix it. Help please.

A:Page never loads

Does this happen on all webpages or just one?
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I keep most on my user data on an external USB (IDE) drive, currently with a FAT32 partition.

I plan to convert it to NTFS, and my main concern is with the ACL. I move the drive between 2-3 different XP machines with different user accounts, and I want to make sure that all files are always accessible to everyone, regardless of what computer I connect it to. On my own computer, I want them to appear under My Documents. Also, if my system crashes, I want to avoid the hazard of not being able to access My Documents if the user accounts crash.

How do I set the ACL in Win7 and XP Pro SP3 to achieve the maximum portability as per above?


A:Portable external HD - NTFS file security issues

This might help:
NTFS Security Issues
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How it happened Was online watching a clip using MS Windows media player latest version I was busy doing something else besides suddenly I saw an error message about something being corrupt in media player right corner below Next I saw was a serious blue screen not like a regular one where you know it will be solved with a detect bluescreen anymore hdd doesn't T43 After restart I restarted my T Thinkpad Next thing that happend BIOS didn t detect my hard drive anymore What I already tried - dismounted my hd IBM Hitachi P N A GB and After bluescreen T43 doesn't detect hdd anymore downloaded all my data using a USB hd-reader device attaching it to another notebook - gt So my hard disk both partitions was accessible without ANY problems - Attempted to reinstall Win XP with the CD but the setup can t find a harddisk - Used Ultimate BootDisk to run Diagnostics only to find out that the tool can t recognize any primary IDE adapter it does recognize the CD-R DVD drive Got also this once after a restart - BIOS error message failure fixed disk Any suggestions about that scenario - BIOS-virus or malware how to remove - Can t imagine that there is such a sudden hardware failure resulting in ide adapter issues it looks like a virus malware attack Your help would be greatly appreciated Thanx Andy nbsp

A:After bluescreen T43 doesn't detect hdd anymore

I had one of these come into my shop with a similar issue. Since the hard drive is not detected in bios, its not a software issue so it's not a virus. So lets take a deeper look. If its not detected in the bios that means its hardware and on a laptop only 4 peices of hardware would have this issue. Mobo, HD, Ram, or physical connection to the mobo. Since its not the HD then check out the ram, if it checks out either take the computer to a specialist in motherboards or look for a dissasembly guide and attempt to check the connections yourself. Take plenty of pictures of what you take apart and what it comes from so you can reassemble it with ease. You can also try jiggling the hard drive in place and seeing if that helps.
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i am getting a pxe-e61:media test failure check cable fault on my hp nx9005 laptop.
i have removed the hdd from the laptop and installed it in my pc as slave using a 2.5 - 3.5 adaptor with psu. it registers in the bios but not in windows. if i then disconnect the main pc hard drive and set the laptop hdd as master and try and install windows xp using the xp cd it states no hdd present

from this i would take it as the hard drive is damaged/dead

any advice welcome, thanks

A:HP nx9005 pxe-e61: Media test failure check cable fault

So you have placed the laptop Hard Drive in place of your Desktop CD/DVD Drive? (as is what I usually do)
And your Windows version cannot see it in My Computer?

With the 2,5" Drive in place of the removed CD/DVD Drive (on its own IDE Cable)
And with the current Desktop system drive still connected (also on its own IDE Cable)

Go to start > Run > diskmgmt.msc > ok
Can you now see your drive?

If so, confirm the Volume type is Healthy and running NTFS (just like your main drive?)
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Hi, I have a fujitsu laptop,,,,which I used to use which my modern via local arena connection,,,but 1 day my friend did something to it and now when I connect the jak the pc does not connect?????now I can't see local area network on my network places,,What happens how can I get it back to work. Br gsmnikki

A:Local area connection help

If you can't see the LAN connection listed under Network Connections, your friend probably uninstalled the driver.

1) Open Device Manager. Do you see the network adapter? Rt click and uninstall
2) Now go to the support site for your computer (e.g. Dell, HP, ASUS, etc) download the network driver and reinstall it
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Hi For some time at least months I have had occasional and sometimes more frequent NTFS errors on one or more of my hard drives My system is an Asus P AD -E Premium mobo Ghz Intel P single core hyperthreading Gigs DDR Mhz RAM BFG NVidia GeForce GTX MB on PCIE WD GB SATA drive configured as SATA on Intel NTFS errors ICH R - Boot Drive bran-new drive Seagate GB SATA drive configured as SATA on Intel ICH R - Backup drive ea Seagate GB SATA configured as SATA on the SIl - more backup these drives are almost yrs old Windows Ultimate on WD GB partition Windows XP Pro on WD GB partition The error I get is the following The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume lt volume name gt This error began when running Windows XP pro I recently installed Windows keeping XP on another partition same physical disk so I have a dual-boot I still get the errors in Win When it started I had a RAID setup using GB SATA drives on the Intel ICH R controller and had an additional GB SATA drive connected as SATA not RAID on the SIl controller The error was always on NTFS errors the single SATA drive on the SIl Now I have the system configured as standard SATA On the Intel ICH R I have configured SATA NTFS errors as AHCI On this controller I have the WD GB bran-new drive which is the boot drive and the Seagate GB drive that is the same one I originally had on the SIl as SATA when I had the RAID system on the Intel ICH R Since it was the drive on the SIl that was always giving me the errors on the old setup and now I am having the same errors but on the new WD drive but with that same old Seagate drive connected to the same controller that the new WD is connected I am thinking perhaps this old Seagate drive is the trouble But would a problem on one SATA drive cause problems on other drives connected to the same controller The more I think about this the more inclined I am to replace the motherboard The system is nearly yrs old and I would really like to get something faster anyway But before I spend any money on another mobo I would like to know what is going on with this one and whether these errors are caused by a hardware glitch on the mobo the HDD or in my OS What do you think Thanks for any help on this issue FW nbsp

A:NTFS errors

first i would replace the sata cables,
2.) do a low level format on the hd, that is giveing u problems.
3.) if the problem still exist, then it may be the mobo.

Low level software = Free software =
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How do you format a 64 gb flash drive in NTFS?

It came in Fat32 but I need to place a 56gb file on it and Fat32 will not accept a file greater than 4gb.

I can get smaller drives to do what I want, but not the 64gb. I would appreciate anyone answering that knows.

A:How do you format a 64 gb flash drive in NTFS

There are so many Google hits to this, I am providing you with a pictured tutorial one:
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I'm plugged into my router (Linksys wrt54g v8) and my connection still says "Limited or no connectivity". I'm running win xp 64 bit sp2. I tried uninstalling my ethernet connection. I've tried winsock xp and it didn't work, I've tried cmd netsh winsock reset. I've tried to repair the connection and it says "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Renewing your IP address" and I've also tried resetting the modem and router. Can anyone help me?

A:Local Area Connection Issues

Was your internet working previous to this problem? If it was, have you changed any settings? Theres a way you can set a static IP, and that would stop your IP from renewing. Also, are there any other computers working on the network?
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greetings from South Africa,
I am very new to forums and do not know the correct protocol.
So be gentle with me?
I have a KM4AM Motherboard and the drivers etc.
I bought and installed two LG super multi DVD drives.
When connecting it up I noticed that there was a cable connected to the old secondart CD dive and appeared to go to the motherboard??
I do not know if I unplugged it - however I get the title of my thread when I boot up.
It says 'new found hardware' - Parrallel device'

Any suggestions please

A:Local area connection. A network cable is unplugged

The "Parallel" device is the port driver for your LG DVD drives. You have 2 parallel ports on the motherboard. The blue port is for IDE hard drives. The white port is for your IDE (parallel) DVD drives. How are you connecting to the Internet? The "Local area connection. A network cable is unplugged" message indicates that there is no network cable connected to the motherboards network port. Your Cable or DSL modem attaches to this port
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I am running a computer using Vista and I just moved it from one room to area fixing network help local Need my another Before moving the computer Need help fixing my local area network I had no problems running both Xbox Live and my internet connection on the computer My connection Need help fixing my local area network is a DSL service through SBC and it runs through a D-Link Router that has slots for ethernet cables as shown below - - - - - There are four immediately next to each other on the left and one set apart slightly farther to the right When I Need help fixing my local area network have my three cables one for the modem one for my xbox and one for my computer in the slots on the left I can connect to the internet through my computer as they are right now but not through my Xbox If I move the cable for my computer over to the slot farthest on the right I can connect to Xbox LIve but I can t connect to the internet through my computer If anybody could provide any sort of solution it would be greatly appreciated EDIT Is there a chance that it could be my ethernet cable While I may have moved the computer from one room to another the only change I really made at all was using a longer ethernet cable for my computer to my router nbsp
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ok here goes to the best of my descriptive powers.

my computer scree is to light, and the graphics are missing. I must have changed something and now I cannot seem to correct it.

its like its missing where to click example if i am on a page i regularly visit i know where
the places are or i guess, if i place the cursor over that invisible point the hand indicates that i can click.

is this making sense? the pages are not vibrant and are blank in places i have a hp 6400
and i am using a usb stick wireless but it does the same thing when wired at work.

thanks please walk me through the steps to correct.

A:Internet web page graphics setting

You might need to reinstall your graphics drivers. These can be found on the HP support site using the model number of the laptop
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Hi I have recently built my own PC but when im using it It constantly freezes for about - seconds then it works again but it Fault) for (Hardware short Computer time a Freezing keeps doing it and the Hard Drive light stays on during the Computer Freezing for a short time (Hardware Fault) freeze and when it starts flashing the computer starts Computer Freezing for a short time (Hardware Fault) working again Some people say I go too fast but I only run one program at a time Also it is a gaming computer so it should be able to cope can anyone tell me what is causing this to freeze Also It takes ages for something to install on the computer My system specs are P K Premium Motherbaord BFG GTX Graphics Card GB Reaper GB DDR RAM TB Spinpoint F Hard Drive W Coolermaster Power Supply Pioneer Blu-Ray Reader Drive Q GHz Porcessor Vista Ultimate -bit One of these is slowing my computer down badly but I dont know which one I have a feeling it could be the Hard Drive because of the Slow Installations and freezes and also the light being on when it does but im not sure nbsp

A:Computer Freezing for a short time (Hardware Fault)

Identical problem here.. hard drive light goes solid and pc just stops for 1 min, still able to move the mouse cursor but cannot slect anything or alt-tab etc. Any alt tab or double clicking is cached up and then all fired off at once when the minute freeze is up.

I'm pretty certain now it's down to my Asus P5K-E motherboard (which is what I assume the original poster has)

I'm looking towards M/Board now as I have swapped drives and changed CPU from Q6600 to Q8200 also switched from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit and still get the issue.

I alleviated it for a while by switching my SATA 300 drive down to 150 mode by setting the jumpers.

Have flashed the P5K to the latest bios with no joy.

Full specs are..
Q8200 Quad
Asus P5K-E Wifi Premium
500GB Samsung SATA300
4GB Ram
lightscribe 20x DVDRW
Sony Bluray Drive (installed after problem had already appeared)
2 x ATI HD3870's in crossfire config.
Windows 7 64bit / WinXP dual boot.
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I am a novice with a lot of computer books to FAT32 converting NTFS? Correct from way of I have a FAT GB C drive partition Volume Label ACER I wish to convert it to an NTFS I have read that Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS? to do this correctly and to prevent the MFT from becoming fragmented that I must first create a new contiguous Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS? placeholder file equal to the expected size of the MFT I want to create Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS? My readings told me quot The default size of the MFT equals percent of the partition size If the partition is larger than GB use GB as the MFT size because FAT drives cannot have a file larger than GB Use the Fsutil command Use the following syntax fsutil createnew c testfile txt and the size of the placeholder file here no parentheses You can use any legal file name quot I understand that GB equals bytes I am over my head here so I do not know the simple things for example where the book said quot c testfile txt quot is that literally what I am supposed to type When it says quot You can use any legal file name quot I wish the book had told me exactly what file name to use for this specific purpose When inputting the size of the placeholder file in bytes do I include the commas Should I round down the file size so as to avoid going beyond the allowed GB size by a few bytes and having the operation fail I would like for you to please tell me exactly what to type into the command prompt window Then when I have created the placeholder file I would like you to please tell me exactly what to type in the command window to carry out the conversion from FAT to NTFS Please used the file name that you told me to use when I created the placeholder file etc I really don t know these things One book said to follow this syntax convert c fs ntfs cvtarea testfile txt Another book said to follow this syntax CONVERT lt volume gt FS NTFS V X CvtArea lt filename gt NoSecurity on this last book I haven t got a clue as to whether the quot brackets quot are to be included or whether command prompt window is quot case sensitive quot and I should capitalize exactly as stated or what I expect that the lt gt are not included This latter book described what the options and switches signified for example V is verbose mode etc Thanks nbsp

A:Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS?

A FAT32 C: drive partition? I'm going to guess you're still running an older version of windows? (like maybe Windows 2000)

I know Vista defrags MFT. I think XP as well (would have to double check XP)

but assuming you really are W2K, take a look here might help provide info for W2k (have you considered upgrading your OS?)
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I have a Windows XP, and an Ethernet Cable is connected to by a wireless router. It says everything is connected to the Internet, but when I try to go on IE, or Firefox its "Page cannot be found" I try refreshing, and still nothing. Right now I'm on a computer that works ( as why I can post this now) but the other one in a different room doesnt work. I'll post any information as needed. Thanks!!

A:Reload this Page Connected but no Internet (Windows XP)


1) try swapping out the cable between the PC and the wireless router.

2) go into device manager (start settings control panel system hardware device manager) and see if your network card is listed.

3) if its listed then click start run and type cmd and press enter in the black box type ipconfig and post the details back here. we can see if its getting an address.

4) if 2 shows and error then right click and uninstall the card and reboot and let windows find it again and it should reinstall it,

I wont go any further until you post back with what you have tested so far, then we can go from there.

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Hi all,
I would like some input from the more learned in the room. Since DDR2 is so cheap, and as someone else in here put it, my enthusiast OCD wont let there be empty dimms on my board, I filled er up with 8GB of OCZ. and 4gb of it is pretty much useless. a while back i read up on turning off the page file. its a strange subject as experts seem to be split on weather this is a good idea or not. from what i can tell the page file is an antiquated relic,like memory mapped IO reservations, from when 64mb was a lot of ram. does anyone have any experience with this? , and know how to use it to increase performance? would like to hear from you. thanks

A:Page file input

modern system use pagefiles!

in fact, the whole system uses the model

program ---> accesses Virtual Memory <---> real memory
This allows large programs to run even when there is only a limited amount of real RAM on the platform.

Using multiple programming model then allows many programs to use the VM
at the expense of stealing memory pages from other programs which are currently not active.

Unless you have x64 hardware, that 8gb is fruitless and XP will limit the effective use to something between 3-4gb.

Don't out smart yourself nor swim up-stream -- just go with the flow and be happy
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I have wireless broadband on my laptop and there is a Protected Mode On, which I think is part of the built in firewall in the trial antivirus programme. It lets me download certain websites like this one, for example, but it won't let me go into Googlemail and comes up with the message in the title.

Is there anyway I can fix this. I googled it and another forum has said to go into Control Panel, Systems and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, Scheduled Tasks. Under "Active Tasks" double-click on "InternetServicesand offers", left click to highlight and press Delete to delete this.

Is this an advisable step to take?


A:Navigation to the web page was cancelled

Is this in Vista, Internet Explorer 8? If so, go to "Tools", "Internet Options", "Advanced", select "Reset"... You might have an Add-On that is causing this problem
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This first started out as a problem installing some of the larger programs such has Adobe CS and Microsoft Office I had a seperate thread on that located here Memory at Fault? Sticks or Mobo failed, Memtest http www techspot com vb topic html After a lot of troubleshooting I believe that my problem exists in the RAM I ran the memtest for both sticks of ram individually and they both failed The first stick will cause my computer to reboot in the middle of the test The other stick I will get a message that says unexpected interrupt Memtest failed, Mobo or Memory Sticks at Fault? halting CPU So here s my question Is the memory sticks at fault or my mobo I want to go ahead and ask for advice so I know if I should buy new RAM or get my mobo replaced These are my specs for my computer AMD Athlon Dual-Core Processor GHz GIgabyte GA-MA -UD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition V SP Corsair Dual Channel TWINX MB PC DDR MHz Memory x MB Can someone confirm that I m using the right memory It s not listed on the Gigabyte s website as one of their supported ones but it also says that many are not listed Any help on this would be great I ve tried testing the memory on other slots with same results and tried cleaning it with an eraser Thanks nbsp

A:Memtest failed, Mobo or Memory Sticks at Fault?

Your board specs say PC2 9600 or DDR2 1200 memory, like this:
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hi all annoying little problem i had a virus called iamfamous dll 1300 Fault Battery Inspiron Meter which i have removed but now Inspiron 1300 Battery Meter Fault my system is working fine or at least i thought i noticed my Inspiron 1300 Battery Meter Fault battery meter is missing from the tray next to the time and date ive googled this a million times every says untick the box in power options to always show then retick ive tried this about times lol next trick was to install dell quickset which still didnt show me how much battery i have left the battery status on dell quickset is greyed out and on my inspiron the fn f to bring up battery meter doesnt work any with a similar problem or someone who has a solution for me please help some screenshots are attached also no more warnings are popping up about critically low battery and so sometimes when power cable is loose laptop will just power down not knowing much about computers but id say mayb theres an error from the pc communicating with windows as its running from battery but wont display info about battery and im on XP professional sorry about the format jpeg was taking ages to upload nbsp

A:Inspiron 1300 Battery Meter Fault

Try doing a Dell restore of the OS
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My friend s laptop recently won t boot and instead shows the BSOD with the following A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer If this is the first time you ve seen this stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow these steps Disable or uninstall any anti-virus disk defragmentation or backup utilities Check Ntfs.sys your hard drive configuration and Ntfs.sys check for any updated drivers Run CHKDSK F to check for hard drive corruption and then restart your computer Technical information STOP x x FE xF A C xF A xF FD Ntfs sys - Address F FD base at F F DateStamp be I have tried booting different ways including from a recovery disk recovery console Windows PE Safe mode Last good config all gave me the BSOD again How can I uninstall any of those things if I Ntfs.sys can t even get it to boot into windows I downloaded and burned an iso of a swiss army Ntfs.sys type disk full of utilities HawkPE- - The PC Tech s Swiss Army Knife Live DVD and it has Linux Slax which did boot but I have no idea what I can do once in there to fix this error I also removed the RAM and reseated in several times Any guidance would be much appreciated I had posted this in the BSOD Help amp Support section but was advised to try this section as it seems that it may be a hard drive issue nbsp


Which Win PE.

The UBCD4Win BartPE will allow you to Scan for Virus and Malware and allow you to use System Restore.

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When composing an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (Vista), the typing never wraps round to the next line; it types as one continuous line from left to right. What do you do to change this back to multi-line?

Thanks for you help.


A:Outlook 2007 (Vista) email page layout

Which format are you using to compose the message? (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text?)
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A few weeks ago we downloaded an updated driver for our video card so that my son could play a particular game. Now everything on our computer is larger in size: our desktop icons, our internet pages, our office software, etc. Is there an easy way to return everything back to it's original size or I am going to have to do it program by program?

A:Quick Question about page size, icons, etc

Right click an open area of the desktop, Left click properties, left click settings, move the screen resolution slider to the right a couple spots and apply. That's how you adjust that.
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Hi, I just pressed the power button on my laptop and the power light came on as well as the battery light and then went off after a second, so I pressed the power button again and it did the same no matter how many times I did it or no matter how long I did it, so I took the battery out of the laptop and blew the pins, left it out for 3 mins and put it back in, and then it worked fine, im using it now, but is there anything that may be causing this.
it is the first time it has happened but I thought if it is gonna be a problem I might as well as get ahead of it.
So does anyone know what is causing this or will it just be dust on the battery

A:Power On Fault

so tell us exact laptop model
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Hello All Can anyone help My PC has had an intermittant problem over the last months or so A distinctive clicking sound emits from the base unit followed by a freezing of my Windows XP and then a blue screen telling me that its taking a memory dump I have to physically power off the base unit to clear the blue screen and then power it back Dimension 5000 Bluescreen Dell up again It usually comes back OK My latest blue screen episode produced the error below BCCode f BCP BCP A C BCP A C C BCP D C OSVer SP Product I have run a chkdsk p in the past but the problem is still there Where is this the memory dump written to and how can it be recovered for analysis As you can probably tell I m not much of a techi and would be grateful if anyone could provide any information Dell Dimension 5000 Bluescreen If anyone requires any more info i will gladly provide it Thanks in anticipation Pete nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 5000 Bluescreen

Try looking here:

Also i would recommend you to run application called MemTest.
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Hello everyone This is my first post I m looking forward to becoming a member of this community Here is my problem I m working on a Windows XP Desktop Dell which is connected to a cable modem using an ethernet cable I also have a Windows Vista Notebook HP which connects to the Internet my secure network wirelessly I use Time Warner Roadrunner as my ISP A month or so ago Time Warner contacted me and asked if A Connection: Unplugged Local Area Cable Network is I wished to quot upgrade quot my Internet service speed for a nominal fee I think it was per month As I am self-employed and frequently upload download large files for my business I decided that this was worth the expense So I agreed to make the upgrade which was done entirely on their end by resetting my modem whole Local Area Connection: A Network Cable is Unplugged process took about seconds Since that time I Local Area Connection: A Network Cable is Unplugged ve had nothing but problems with the wireless connection on the Notebook Any time I attempt to download a large file on to that computer again all done wirelessly the download fails and I lose my Internet connection on that unit e g the small globe icon in system tray which indicates that I am connected to my network disappears and is replaced by a red x or the yellow alert icon At the same time this occurs I get a notification on my desktop PC the one that is connected using the ethernet cable stating Local Area Connection A Network cable is unplugged The outage usually lasts for anywhere from seconds to minutes before restoring itself I have double triple and quadruple checked all of my connections and I can assure you that nothing is unplugged Two calls to Time Warner have yielded little along the way of information or results The first time I called I was told by a snippy tech rep that quot obviously one of your cables it unplugged quot The second time I called I was told that the network card in my desktop was going bad and I needed to replace it Although the second explanation sounds a bit more plausible than the first I remain suspicious Why is it that this problem first manifested itself within hours of my upgrading my Internet speed It never occurred so much as once prior to the upgrade And why does the problem NEVER occur not even once when I am downloading files to my desktop And why do I get errors on BOTH machines when I am attempting to download large files to the wireless machine only A friend who is hardly an expert but who is somewhat in the know seems to think that the problem lies not within the network card but with the ethernet cable itself that it may not be a good enough quality to handle the higher Internet speed He suggests buying a new ethernet cable and seeing if this remedies the problem I m not opposed to that solution but I d like to get other opinions before doing so Thanks so much Mister Winter nbsp

A:Local Area Connection: A Network Cable is Unplugged

First, be sure to update the firmware in the router, the NIC drivers for your wired connectons, and the wireless WiFi driver.

Brand names and model numbers for all network devices may help here.

I've seen cases where this symptom occurred due to the speed of the connection
and as you have just upgraded your network capacity, this may apply to you.

Broadcom 10/100/1000 adapters (and likely any gigabit adapter) set at 1000 flood the simple router and cause it to drop connections.

First try setting 100mb, full duplex and if it is stable stop here

Next try setting 100mb, half duplex and then move to

10mb half duplex.

And why does the problem NEVER occur (not even once) when I am downloading files to my desktop? And why do I get errors on BOTH machines when I am attempting to download large files to the wireless machine only?

A friend?who is hardly an expert, but who is somewhat in the know?seems to think that the problem lies not within the network card but with the ethernet cable itself..Click to expand...

If the wired desktop can run fine, the the cabling is not in question.
The download via the wireless will run much slower than the wired connection
and cause the router to back off -- the speed capacity up to the router is far
greater than the wifi and the problem is in the speed mismatch.

On my Netgear router, I can set the MTU size on the WAN Setup page.
You should have something <= 1500. Personally I use 1492.
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just bought a new computer but had two bluescreens. They appeared at seemingly random times (I was just surfing the web). Found this in the Event Viewer:

Error code 10000050, parameter1 fffffffc, parameter2 00000001, parameter3 b5e474e3, parameter4 00000000.

Error code 1000007f, parameter1 00000008, parameter2 bab38d70, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000.

Attaching the two dmp files that belong to the errors above.

I am running Win XP Professional multi lingual on a Q6600 with 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB 16MB cache hard disk and a Geforce 9800GTX. I am conneting to the internet using a university connection that is plugged in to my computer's on board ethernet device (log in via a VPN solution).

Thanks in advance.

A:Bluescreen (.dmp file)

Inside the 2 MiniDumps:

BugCheck 1000007F, {8, bab38d70, 0, 0}
Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe

BugCheck 10000050, {fffffffc, 1, b5e474e3, 0}
Probably caused by : Fastfat.SYSClick to expand...

Can be related to memory fault in Ram (test with Memtest) or Video Card Drivers (please update all your drivers) or even faulty HardDrive (do a CheckDisk)

I am running Win XP Professional multi lingual on a Q6600 with 4 GB of RAMClick to expand...

So obviously it's Xp 64Bit to run 4Gig of Ram (mind you I believe 3Gig is really way maximum for Xp for anything you're running)
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Yes I have Area Nonpaged Fault BSOD-Page in fallen victim to the infamous alias doesn t really tell you anything code stop error To set up my current state of frustration here s my story A few weeks ago my rig began randomly blue screening and hanging no real rhyme or reason just bam blue screen or hang I began the usual diagnostics restored to previous states ensured current drivers etc ultimately to discover one of my RAM sticks as bad Memtest I replaced both sticks with a different set formatted re-installed the OS long story got the system back to operation Up until today all was good my rig was seemingly running as strong as when I built it Then bam BSOD code with the ambiguous error statement other than codes that I have not been able BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area to find definitive explanation for At this point however I have noticed that the first and subsequent BSs I have gotten are only during video or D applications pretty easy at this point to suspect one of the video cards But before I spend yet another week tearing into my box after I spent what little spare time I ve had in the last two weeks putting it back together I thought I d ask if there is anyone who can clarify the error codes for me or point me in the direction of clarifying them myself googling turned up zip The code STOP x xBAC F x xBAC F x My rig relevent specs Mobo XFX i nVidia chipset most current BIOS CPU BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area E stock voltage and clock GHz RAM Gig - gig dual channel kit OCZ Reaper DDR PSU Corsair TX amp single v rail GPU XFX GTs in SLI drivers OS Windows Xp Pro bit SP all current updates Onboard audio used current drivers - DVD RW drives SATA HDDs totaling Gig all nicely fitting in a well circulating Cooler Master Centurion My guess at the code would be since there are two BAC errors with one followed by an IRQ error that maybe one card is bad Takin a wild shot there but like I said my searches up to this point have been fruitless Any help would be much appreciated TBolt Edit Forgot to mention that following a BS I reboot into Windows normally fine and can BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area stay there for relatively long periods of time so long as I don t do anything too demanding or requiring heavy use of video d sniff video card or driver sniff I ll attach a dump file or two once I figure out how Edit Ah ha here we go attachments nbsp

A:BSOD-Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

Minidumps are most commonly placed in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump

You can upload your dumps, as is, with your posts.
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I'm trying to fix a Toshiba M30 for a friend.. he he

I have looked around a bit and cant really find anything similar to this problem. It has a kinda mixed up mish mash on the display but you can just about see some stuff to navigate around a little

I have reseated the display plugs at both ends with no joy. I dont have another monitor to try but as soon as I have access to one, I will. If anyone has a sec to see what you think..

cheers, surfersaiyan.
OS that you can see is backtrack.

A:Toshiba M30 display fault

The Toshiba has a history of trouble with the inverter. Available on eBay for about $20,,, 18 screws later, it will probably work just fine... Retest in SAFE MODE to see if you get any faint images in low resolution on the screen... or connect another monitor to the port in back. If no monitor there, it may be the system board.
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Hi There is a problem with the background of our monitor My homepage is msn com and to the left side of the screen there is a pull-out version that is stuck there You can t delete it and the web url or any stuff that appears when you get on internet explorer isn t there The page itself is there but none of the other stuff Wierd page msn Picture pressing F while you re browsing except the tab the name of Wierd msn page the url or any of the loading icons are not there and you cannot maximise or minimise it It is stuck on the left side but you can pull it out so that it becomes your full background It appears behind the desktop icons and there are usable links on the page I have no idea on how to get rid of it When you pull it back as far as it can go to the left an inch of it still sticks out I want it gone Gone for good Is there anyone who has a solution nbsp

A:Wierd msn page

Actually I'm a bit confused if you mean within your browser or just sitting on the Desktop.

I'm going to go for Desktop

Start-->Control Panel-->Display-->Desktop (tab) -->Customize Desktop... (button) -->Web (tab)
Delete anything in there (by highlighting then Delete (button))
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I was using SONY Micro Vault 8GB USB Flash drive and it was all well till I formatted it as NTFS. It was already existing with FAT32 and I use WinXP Pro @ office and XP Home @ home. When I insert the drive, I get a popup in the system tray saying 'new hardware detected'. But My computer does not show this drive.

Device manager shows normal for sometime and then after a minute it turns yellow. By this time the system tray baloon says, you have a problem with hardware installation.

I have another flash drive which work perfectly in both the systems.

All started with the format to NTFS. Is there any solutions to reformati it back to FAT32. Can somebody help?

A:Sony USB Flash drive not detected after NTFS formatting

I think by "format" you mean "convert" to NTFS

You cannot go back to Fat32, once converted to NTFS

As for your USB, you could go to Device Manager: (Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc) remove any yellow querried device, and possibly remove all your USB drivers (warning if you remove all your USB devices in Device Manager, any USB mouse or Keyboard will stop working (until restart)

Then reload all your device drivers from your manufactures support website (ie any updated drivers)

You may also need to install the software (if any) that came with your Flash Drive. Just check the Sony webpage for this. (looking up your flash drive)
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Greetings folks This is my first post so Hi to all I got a network connection problem I formatted my pc today because when i turned it on it gave the windows screen and then it said that it can t access Problem/Network Area Connection Loca Problem the quot SYSTEM quot folder so i formatted it since it s been a while since i ve done that like a year and a half After that I tried connecting to the internet by inserting the ip Loca Area Connection Problem/Network Problem address numbers and the DNS I use cable connection it didnt work then i tried chanding the network card number it worked for like minutes but then it stoped it said quot network cable is not plugged quot or something like that but then it plugged i dont know how but no internet connection so i went to check for the network cards and there was like or of them NIC i guess it was written i tried uninstalling them but it didnt work so i disabled them but still there was no internet connection I tried ipconfig all renew etc but still NO PROGRESS So if you may PLEASE help me in this cuz im supposed to give my final thesis at the university at the end of this month Thanks in advance Oh and also stuff like Local Area Connection started appearing S nbsp

A:Loca Area Connection Problem/Network Problem

Are you getting any 'link light' on the card you plug the cable into? Usually a little green light or Amber I think it is on Dell. If you are not I suggest trying a different cable from your modem to your PC.

Also, is your PC directly connected to the modem or into a router?

And when setting your IP address are you going to Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections?
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I would like some opinions on this problem before I tell the guy the drive is bad Is it possible that Seagate s drive diagnostic utility may report a XP Windows 80gb 3112 controller bluescreens Seagate / SII (ntfs.sys) SATA bad SATA bluescreens Windows XP (ntfs.sys) Seagate 80gb / SII 3112 controller HDD because of data controller corruption I know a lot of those SATA controllers are having problems right now Problem System will not boot into Windows XP anymore Worked for a month fine but finally crapped out On bootup it displays the XP logo and blue SATA bluescreens Windows XP (ntfs.sys) Seagate 80gb / SII 3112 controller screens when it loads ntfs sys Symptoms amp Info Attempting to install XP on this system fails Pre-installation blue-screens at ntfs sys depsite having the latest and oldest drivers available BIOS of controller and board have been flashed to latest SATA bluescreens Windows XP (ntfs.sys) Seagate 80gb / SII 3112 controller Controller works properly in device manager when XP is installed on IDE Computer does the same thing with a different controller same chipset and same SATA HDD A different system with an alternative controller same chip does the same thing with the drive plugged in Both systems work when the drive is NOT plugged in Drive works in Windows but since it cannot mount NTFS volumes Who knows Seagate Seatools claims the drive is defective fails SMART tests nbsp

A:SATA bluescreens Windows XP (ntfs.sys) Seagate 80gb / SII 3112 controller

I wouldn't think so: the data corruption happens between the memory and the disk controller. Once the drive gets the data, corrupted or not, the drive circuitry handles the actual writing in the data sectors on the disk.

The IDE and SATA controllers are different.

SMART test sounds like a good final word on the drive being faulty. You might try a win98 boot disk with fdisk to delete and recreate the partitions and then format. Are there any formatting tools in the Seagate Tools? I've gotten a HD to work again by running the IBM DFT low level format tool over and over several times on an IBM drive.
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Good morning So I am receiving the above error debuglog txt is attached But I d like to give some background - I searched the forums and saw many similar problems but just not quite the same I have a Toshiba Fault Page in Blue Area Screen Nonpaged - M -S about - years old running Windows XP S Over the years I ve upgraded Blue Screen - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area the memory several times first from factory Blue Screen - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area mb to mb - just had to add second stick for this then recently from to - the max this laptop can handle required replacing both sticks Prior to purchasing the memory I searched several sites to ensure compatibility I also had a tech at the store verify I ve learned the hard way evil So - supposedly this memory works with my system It was recognized upon install and no problem - surfed the Net all day played my online MMORPG etc no crashes - until I put my laptop into hibernate Trying to come out it said it didn t have enough memory to complete API uhh huh So the next night I just put it to sleep not hibernate - this time I got the error above I ve tested the RAM both pieces together and individually in different slots - multiple times - they are fine apparently I ve even put them into my husband s laptop and fooled around - no problems And as I said this only happens when coming out of Sleep or Hibernate It is not triggered by playing graphic-intensive games I can run the internet games and music apps all at one time without setting off the fan I ve played and played to try to get to the root of this evil My next step thoughts are - change the virtual memory allocation it is way under the recommended and dare I say it resort to one of those registry cleaning apps Could that really be the problem Please help nbsp

A:Blue Screen - Page Fault in Nonpaged Area

you could have registry issues. more than likely it is power management issues.

but try CCleaner. works great anyway
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Hello first of all nonpaged Page in area 0x00000050 fault sorry for my bad english But i hope someone will understand me and will try to help because im out of ideas So there is how it started I ve Bought Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 a new PC recently everything only one thing Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 witch i have old is my hard disk drive with old windows xp installed So i started it installed all drivers and i Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050 was playing a game i dont exactly remember how long but i think it was hours of playing and my pc restarted without any blue screen-of death after that everything was cool and next day it happened again few times so i disabled autorestart function in windows and next time it crashed today it showed me this error PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA STOP X So i tried to search on internet what it cold be and ive found here topic with the same problem and maked dump files same as this guy did and i hope that someone will help Any ideas Thanks Avenger nbsp

A:Page fault in nonpaged area 0x00000050

Try reformatting your hard drive and installing a fresh copy of XP on it
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I have a HP laptop with D-links router. The wifi signal was working for a few months and all of a sudden it stopped working. I have tried to reinstall the router and checked everything i could think of but it still isn't working???? I have windows xp and i checked to make sure all my wireless setup was right but still not able to get internet unless i plug straight into the modem. Please offer any advice you can think of. My ex-boyfriend was good with computers, but he isn;'t around and i don't know what to do. Thanks!

A:I am connected to a wifi signal, but I get "page can not be displayed"

Have you tried reseting your router? If not,

1. Disconnect the router from the modem (not always necessary, but sometimes it is).

2. Find the reset button on your router (you will probably need a paper clip).

3. Hold it for 15-30 seconds, then release and let it set for a minute or less (probably when the power light stops blinking).

4. Do the same for you modem.

5. Once all of "internet," "dsl," light, or both, are on and not flickering, connect the router back to the modem.

Give it a minute or two. Once your hardware components make friends again you may or may not have to run through a basic setup for you router (it depends on the model, don't worry, most new routers are very easy to setup). If it doesn't good for you. Either way, your net should be working. Hopefully, if not, keep posting!

That should fix your wired part anyway, as for wireless you may or may not have to reconfigure something. If it still isn't working, post what model/version your router is.
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I moved into a family apartment and had my landlord hook up my at cable network Local area random unplugged intervals Toshiba Windows laptop to his Lynksys wireless router that everyone in the house is using He gave me a Lynksys USB wireless card also which worked well I was able to connect to the Internet with no problems Last Local area network cable unplugged at random intervals week I had the IT guy at my work hook up a remote desktop server to my computer so I could access my work files from home My work files are not wirelss When I brought my computer home that night I started it up and was on the Internet for about minute when it kicked me offline and then the LAN computer icon on the bottom said quot Network cable unplugged quot Every minute or so the X s on the LAN computer icon go away and it says quot plugged quot again This will last for about seconds and then it becomes unplugged again I think Local area network cable unplugged at random intervals the IT guy changed a setting that kicked me off the wireless router but don t know how to switch the settings back Please help I m not sure if the IT guy even knows what he did nbsp

A:Local area network cable unplugged at random intervals


Software that accesses remote (sometimes mainframe) files often needs exceptions (changes) to the firewall. Your IT guy will either have to do it or give you the directions as to what to enable.
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Hi, I decided to reformate my HD from 0 Because of bluescreen errors, I have a P4VM800 Board with 512MB DDR 333 ram and a P4 1.7 CPU, the thing is that when I try to install XP SP 2 with a new reformatted HD the installer is giving me a bluescreen.

The reasin to reinstall were to get rid of the bluescreen.
I was getting random restars and windowws has recovered from a serious error messages... but after a day I could not make the computer start without a blue screen.

I have changed the memory module for a new one and have removed the wireless card and modem so the only thing conected to the board are the CPU and HD and CDRom. CPU Fan is clean and working perfect.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance.


A:Blue Screen Page Fault in non Paged Area Installing from 0

it seems I am a bit lost about where exactly is the cache memory in the Bios Config...
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What is the default Cluster size setting when formatting a Windows NTFS Partition on a hard disk drive greater than 2GB ?

A:Default Cluster size for NTFS

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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and it is in an almost new condition even thought it is over a year old I recently did a bunch of virus scans thinking Inspiron will laptop not page Dell open IE I had a virus or I was afraid I had one After all the scans I had no virus or trojans at all I ran a powerful program called SDFix After that last scan I lost my wireless Dell Inspiron laptop IE page will not open connection - my IE page won t open In device Manager under Networking I have listings - no red x s or anything - Dell Wireless WLAN Minicard - Broadcom x Integrated Controller There is a strong signal in the green bars in the tray no problem finding the Dell Inspiron laptop IE page will not open signal Just that IE won t open up to a page I also have this Dell Network Assistant and when asked to connect it says I have no problem at all Can you please help me I would appreciate it so much nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron laptop IE page will not open

You are probably going to benefit from a tech or an experienced friend. SDRix has damaged some of your install, and fixing it is not easy for the uninitiated. Were it my machine, I would simply reformat and reinstall using the recovery/restore disk that came with the machine.
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hello everyone uh hey i m kinda msgs, in IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Page and BSOD non-paged area, fault help! plz new to techspot um yeah i realize u guys must see IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and Page fault in non-paged area, BSOD msgs, plz help! these error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and Page fault in non-paged area, BSOD msgs, plz help! messages all day and i m sorry for being repetitive but i m really stuck and i really need ur help i m not really that good with computers and their related problems so plz i really need some advice cool basically i bought a new computer on the st of december its basically meant for work but i did get a nice graphics card cuz i thought i d treat myself to able to play some awesome games out now my specs AMD Athlon X dual Core processor Ghz Ghz of Ram Geforce GT Graphics card Winfast motherboard GXM MA-RS windows xp pro with SP Latest Directx c basically i ve had non stop problems with it the computer basically gives me at least blue screens of death or freezes at least twice a day and all of the blue screen stop errors have been IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL or Page fault in non-paged area errors these errors mostly occur while i m playing games but often occur while randomly on the internet or arbing around windows my brother told me about this site and said i should attach minidumps which i ve done but i had to choose from so i chose one from the th of december the th and one from tonight the th cuz i ve installed different things at different times i did take the computer back to the place i bought it from and the guy pretty much said it has to be the geforce drivers processor drivers or the memory so i got the latest geforce drivers windows updates motherboard drivers lastest direct x c and latest game drivers everything and didn t solve anything infact i thought that the latest video drivers might have made things worse so i went back and the guy ran a video conpatibility application dMark i think to test every aspect of the computer memory cpu and the graphics card and it completly ran through without any problems without crashing or anything infact it totally killed it so the guy said it must be the games i ve been running and it can t be the computer but i ve tried tons of different appz and games and they all do this he had no idea how to fix it also often when the machine gets a blue screen i restart it and it usually crashes again as soon as it gets back into windows once and sometime twice before windows srtas up properly again Error Info on one of the occasions before i took it back i wrote down the stop error info PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA techinfo STOP x XFFFFFFFF X XB DEE CD X avg core sys - Address B DEE CD base at B D D Data Stamp CFC B the problem files are often different too the most recent problem file i got was usbehci sys i have absolutly no idea what to do um after readin though a few threads i read alot about disabling memory caching or hyperthreading and also extending page limits which i didn t undertsnad so i restarted the computer and had a look through the bios but i dont really know what one s to enable disable i thought about having a bash but i thought i didn t really want to mess my computer up any further without knowing exactly which option to change any light on this would be much appreciated aswell as possible the power unit not being adequate for the system i have no idea what power unit i have is there way to find out in windows one stange thing i thought was that i ve run a few different games like half life and ES oblivion and the most problems i vc had is is that it freezes for like seconds and then continues but with a game like company of heroes i can t even make it thourgh the training part withjout it crashing aswell as cold fear which also gives blue screens i dont undertsnad how games like oblivion which are really cpu and graphics intensive give less problems than a game like company of heroes which isn t as intensive just a thought i guess i ve just finished ... Read more

A:IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and Page fault in non-paged area, BSOD msgs, plz help!

usually that error is a conflict between windows and the display drivers.

drivers can be difficult to remove sometimes
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rescent now i have problem in my windows xp stating that
stop: 0*00000050
i try lot to overcome from that problem .. latter i formated the non dos partion via fdisk command but i found that only drive c has been formated and use fat file system and i lost all that my partion d, e, f, previously which have been in ntfs file sysem .. how can i recover that partion from dos any idea for it..

A:Problem in ntfs.sys

I'm not quite getting what the problem is. Could you please explain it a little clearer.

I think you are saying you formatted drives d,e,f in DOS and want to get the data back? Is this correct?
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I use FIOS. I have a static IP address set up. And manually entered my DNS servers which I got from my ISP -verizon.

Everything has run fine until recently about once a day I get 'problem loading page, or wherever took to long to respond'

at this point no sites will load except for home page or pages that don't change and are in my cache

If i flushdns then registerdns it works again till the next day

Just trying to determine what could be the cause for this. It just starting happening in the last week or so

Also when this happens I can ping websites without packet loss, but I can't load them through a browser

A:Problem loading page - resolved by flushing DNS/ register DNS

change the static DNS addresses to use DHCP. This is effectively what you're
doing on a temporary basis with the /registerdns
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Hi thanks for looking,
I have just recently reinstalled windows. When I plug in the lan cable, no LAN connection comes up. I have never had this problem before and usually just doing this will allow me to have internet.
Whats wrong? How can I fix?


A:Local Area Network (LAN) connection isnt showing up in connections

It needs a Driver. You'll need to visit the Motherboard Manufacturers website & download the driver for your model board.

Before you go there, look in Device Manager {control panel / system /hardware} and see if anything else has an exclamation mark - they'll require drivers too!
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Yea u just need to know is this worth it? All i am trying to do is play Some World of Warcraft and you know a few other games. Nothing too Graphic ( example: Battle Field, Fear, Bioshock, ect..) You know games like WoW, CounterStrike, Mabey Warhammer when it comes out. Im ganna be doing digital art on this thing using Adobe photoshop and Corel paint software. As u can see im on a budget so would this be good?

A:Alienware Area-51 m555

It looks decent, however keep in mind it is very hard to modify laptops, and if you were to be doing graphic work, I would recomend a desktop just so you could do modifications as needed, such as better graphics cards... Of course, I am in the same boat, I do graphics, and am looking to replace my laptop (my stuff has to go back and forth from work to home) and that looks like one I would consider

*However, I just went in to add all the pieces and upgrades I would need and it doubled the price, plus some... keep in mind if you are on a budget*
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I have some "bluescreen" errors most of them when i plug USB cabel from phone or hard drive, few times appear when i was playing/watching movie on battery. First time happen when i was trying install "Alhohol 120%" (on battery). Here is some lasts raports, plz any sugests?

BCCode: 44
BCP1: 84AF7B58
BCP2: 00000E71
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

BCCode: c5
BCP1: 00000000
BCP2: 00000002
BCP3: 00000001
BCP4: 81CE88D9
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Thanks in advance.

A:HP Pavilion dv6510ew shuts down with "Bluescreen" error.


Attach some minidumps (crash reports).Somebody will have a look at them.

You can find them in - C:\windows\minidump\
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Hi guys.

I just thought i'd come to you...YET AGAIN...for another computer problem!

You see I recently just bought a D-Link Wireless router and after a couple of games of Warcraft 3 my connection would be lost!

I went to see what was wrong and I found THIS in place of what I normally see to repair.

I tried repairing it but no luck.

I'm being forced to use just my broadband box but it still shows up.

Can anyone tell me what this is?

A:Help with Local Area Connection/Router!

Hum.. That picture is not helpful at all.
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Hi everyone this Hardware My Fault A PC Help On Need Diagnosing is my first post on techspot so be nice My problem is that i started my pc up earlier today and i was prompted with a bios screen asking if i wanted to boot windows normally safe mode or from last known good configuration I chose last known good configuration My pc then restarted and nothing displayed on the monitor so i turned it off and back on and nothing displayed again Anyways im at the point where no matter how many times i try the display will not show The pc sounds as though it starts up but wont load the bios screen I have tried motherboards switching over all the components thinking it was a faulty motherboard eventhough it had worked the previous day I get Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC the exact same problem with this motherboard too I have Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC disconnected all the drives and i still get the same problem My PSU Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC is an antec w which is only several weeks old so i wouldnt say it was a problem with it not supplying enough power to the motherboard The motherboard does not beep at all either So i have no way of finding out whats wrong with it I have left it unpowered and removed the bios battery several times but no change Also my dvd rom will not open whilst connected to either motherboard it will only open when i remove the IDE cable and run it only with power The computer doesnt even show anything with the dvd drive disconnected either I have also tried reinstalling the ram but if it was the ram then the motherboard would beep right My only guess is that it could be the cpu but the fan powers up and there is no bleeps from the motherboard indicating this I would really appreciate any help that you can give And before you ask all the cables have been connected properly Specs are amd dual core skt ASUS a v-nm and the SE motherboard was the original one gb mhz kingston ram gb SATA seagate HDD Empire DVD Writer Geforce gt Antec w PSU Thanks for reading this by the way and thanks in advance to all the replies Its really frustrating lol Ryan nbsp

A:Need Help Diagnosing A Hardware Fault On My PC

It looks to me that you have done a very thorough job of fault diagnosis and i agree with your conclusion that the fault could well be with the CPU.
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Hey, my brothers computer has recently been getting the BSOD with the page error. I did numerous things to attempt to fix the problem (reinstalled windows, updated bios, cleaned out all the dust inside..) and nothing has worked so far.

I have run memtest and it did find errors and i did check the temperatures and it shows the cpu is running hot (even though theres 3 fans inside the computer). I figured I'd check here with the minidump to see if its something you can def find or its the hardware.

The bugcheck was: 0x00000050 (0xbad0b148, 0x00000000, 0x8057e489, 0x00000000).

between the blue screen of death on his computer and the red rings of death on my 360, im hating microsoft right now. any help is appreciated.

A:Blue Screen of Death - Page Fault In Non Paged Area

hey there... Try this.... if u have more than one chip of RAM, take one out and allow the pc to run on the remaining chip/s. Do this for all the chips. One or more of your chips might be faulty.

Also check your PSU to see if its not damaged or just gettin old. PSU's tend to lose power output over time and this might be causing your cpu to run hot. Alternatively put a fan of some sort on top or to the side of your OPEN case. This might help cool down the cpu. lol, this is an old but effective method of prolonging PSU death.

if that doesn't work, check your might be damged

let me know how it goes

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I want to play Warcraft 3 over Local area network, but i don't have a clue what to do.Me and my friend both have cable internet and i'm the only person that has router . thanks

A:How do i connect two computers with local area netwok?

Check out this page. I hope it helps you...
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Hello everyone, I hope this is where i am supposed to post this...

I work from home on a computer that is directly connected to our satelite internet and from that point there is a D-Link wbr 2310 wireless router connected to my computer in order for us to run our second computer in the other room.
I most often will get a bubble that comes up on my computer that states "local area connection unplugged". This happens when the other computer is on OR off. Could this be caused from the wireless router? When i am working i also use a VOIP program that i log into. This does not happen every time but on some days it will happen 2-3 times. The disconnection is not for very long but it will kick me out of my VOIP program and make me reconnect.

Can someone please help with this??

A:Local area connection unplugged

Is it possible to run a day without the router....just for process of elimination? I'm not familiar with satellite myself, so I probably won't be a lot of help, but eliminating things one at a time is usually a help.
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hi there i have a problem with my local area connection for some time now i get this message that s in the title of this thread i tried handling it myself and while doing so i tried to no limiter connectivity connection or Area Local disable or renew my ip that s what i limiter or no connectivity Local Area connection found in some forum while trying that i got an error message saying unable to contact your dhcp server at this point i gave up since i don t really understand too much about this stuff another thing which might be related to this matter is another error i get in my uTorrent program which says that something is limiting my network traffic and download speed really seems a lot slower i tried to open a port on windows firewall but it didn t help i also have Comodo firewall and as far as know the program is allowed to connect but when i tried to test the port via the uTorrent program i got an error Welcome to the Torrent Port Checker A test will be performed on your computer to check if the limiter or no connectivity Local Area connection specified port is opened Checking port on Error Port does not appear to be open Please see www portforward com for more information about how to map a port Please make absolutely sure that PeerGuardian or Protowall is allowing utorrent com in limiter or no connectivity Local Area connection either of those programs Those of you using ipfilter dat should make sure the list does not include the website s IP After making sure of this re-run this test by refreshing the page F first question i have is general what is this local area connection i have another connection running under my isp s name and there s no problem over there are the two problems related what can i do about it but please answer in simple language i m not a computer expert and all the professional words don t mean much to me hope you can help nbsp

A:limiter or no connectivity Local Area connection

You need to go into your router and Open ports for your PC that using using with this program called uTorrents.

Example: - was the pc you're running the software on...

In the Router there will be section called Port Forwarding..

Port# 111111 -to- 19999 (TCP or Both (UDP) for PC

That's how it's done.. If your router is UnPn supported then you don't have to do a thing. The router will setup the port you need. But in the program called uTorrent you need to open the ports 11111 or 199999... Another bit is you can use Port# 111111 to 111111 instead of a range.

Make sure your firewall supports these ports otherwise these ports will be blocked