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Laptop keyboard replacement (stupid question)

Q: Laptop keyboard replacement (stupid question)

I have a Toshiba Satellite A350D-005 and I had a major spill on the keyboard, I took the keyboard out and am going to replace it as the whole things is trashed but the laptop its self its perfectly fine. My question may sound really stupid but if I bought a replacement keyboard of a different model would it work? There are some very similar models such as A300D-005 for much cheaper than mine. What would happen if I were to use it?

Thank you,


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Preferred Solution: Laptop keyboard replacement (stupid question)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop keyboard replacement (stupid question)

Your best bet is to dig around on Toshiba forums or just on the net in general. You'll often find that all models in a range will share many of the same parts. See if you can find a part number for the keyboard either from a label or part number on the keyboard or the manual/toshiba website. You'll probably be able to use a keyboard from any Toshiba of that age/range but best double checking first.
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Anyone have intructions on how to replace the keyboard for my Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook 4-1115dx?

A:Instructions For Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Hi, The first manual on the following link does have: Regards.
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I need to replace the keyboard on a Toshiba Satellite 5105-S501 laptop computer. I have searched Toshiba's site without any luck. I have the replacement keyboard, but can't find anywhere that tells or shows how to replace. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Toshiba Laptop keyboard replacement

Can't see your specific model listed but perhaps this "how to disassemble Toshiba laptops" page might be of use? There are a few other similar websites out there judging by the Google search results I got. Chances are you may want to buy a broken laptop on eBay and use it for spare parts as they are often sold. Unless you can get a repair done through an authorised Toshiba repair centre or whatever?
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i have a very faulty keyboard on my philips freevents X50 laptop. I've managed to get hold of a second hand replacement. could someone pls advise on replacing? I've managed to get the old one out and can see the ribbon in a connector, but not sure how to open the connector. ideas please

A:philips laptop keyboard replacement

Not sure of the model but usually the ribbon is help in place by a clip design might be like this link

or may be a flatter design. I think the answer is to carefully look at it check how its being held in place and gently unprise the connector clip.
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Where can I get the inner white plastic part to fix a key on my Pavilion DV7 keyboard?

A:Need a replacement plastic key part for my laptop keyboard. ...

You can start here.  If you plug in your specific model number on ebay you may get a closer match. There are a few different kinds, keep in mind it may be easier to buy a new keyboard, most are only around 15 to 20 bucks.  This guy seems to offer the best selection.
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I joined this board because I am a bit lost.

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-GR390 that my 2-1/2 year old son had all to himself for 3 minutes. To make a long story short (yes, kiddie Home Depot tools were involved!!!), I now have to replace the keyboard and keyboard cover. Here's the problem: I'm a pretty handy guy who has done lots of repairs on computers of varying degrees of difficulty, yet I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the old parts out/off without snapping something or going at every screw on the unit. Can someone please give me some very detailed help? I have found numerous sites giving details and showing pictures of other Sony's, just not my model.

I thank all that can help in advance.

A:Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-GR390 keyboard replacement help.

I don't recommend doing this one yourself. Take it to the shop.
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I have a Digital Elite Group (ECS) G732 (Model # GREEN732E) laptop and my "s" and "d" keys no longer work (a couple other didn't either but I got those back somehow). I have purchased the keyboard but it seems this is not a typical replacement. I am needing instructions on how to install it please. I would greatly appreciate disassembly/assembly instructions as I have searched the web for weeks to no avail as the company I bought the laptop from is unable/unwilling to help and repair people say they are unable to work on this type due to lack of knowledge (at least they were honest with me). Regarding the fan, I was going to replace it while I was in there anyway. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

A:ECS G732 (Green732E) laptop keyboard & fan replacement instructions needed please
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Do Dell UK sell and fit a replacement backlit keyboard in the UK.
My current keyboard has stopped working.
I can't find replacement part on Dell UK website.

A:Dell XPS L702X Laptop - want to purchase and have installed a replacement backlit keyboard (UK)

Dell generally charges repairs for other than mainboard or screen replacement at a flat rate that probably exceeds what a local shop will charge, but you will find the Spare Parts line and out of warranty support here:
They'll generally charge for a repair estimate and then apply the charge to the cost of the repair.    In the US, a keyboard replacement is a flat $149 -- the keyboard itself is likely under $50 and is a user-replaceable part.
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my laptop's touchpad currently go crazy when im controlling it
what do you think is it faulty that i have to replace it or its just my system os, already tried restarting and system restore

what website can i buy this replacement parts and about how much range is this touchpad

my laptop is Acer Aspire 4750G

A:laptop replacement parts question

Try virus scan i know sounds silly.

Uninstall drivers and re install using these ones :

Failing that Is it in warranty ? If it is a problem it may be cheaper buying a spares or repair laptop taking its parts as a last resort.
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Hello, respected Uk community;
This question is regarding my laptop Lenovo ThinkPad
Thinkpad e465.
is a
screen suppose to have some connector or wires to install it after I remove my 1366x768? I found this screen on ebay-it (please check the link below) is compatible with E465 but I want your opinion please because the seller says that the screen does not come with anything else--I just get a IPS 1920x1080p screen ----
click here
A 2nd link from the same seller but with more description and a detailed picture:
click here

A:Laptop screen replacement quick question -

The last screen I replaced came with no connection. Use the existing connector.
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So question laptop, replacement on parts about coffee Spilled I Spilled coffee on laptop, question about replacement parts spilled coffee on my laptop over the keyboard I turned it off immediately took out the power but stupidly left the battery in I wiped it dry left it a couple of hours then tried turning it on It started for a second then turned off again Yes I now realise what a idiot I am for doing this So I opened it up cleared out all the excess coffee I had only spilled the coffee on the left hand side of the keyboard and directly underneath this area is the the fan which didn t seem to have any residue on it and the power board assembly The motherboard was on the otherside of the laptop and free from harm So having cleaned it out as much as possible and let it dry out for days I try turning it on and it won t even start up I m thinking that I may have messed up by turning it on after only a few hours and with pic related being directly underneath and probably covered in coffee it short circuited and ruined it My question is does this mean the entire motherboard and electrical components of the laptop are defective Bearing in mind no coffee was spilled on the motherboard Or might it mean only this particular component the power board switch assembly which connects the power button to the motherboard is broken Will replacing this part alone be enough to salvage my laptop nbsp

A:Spilled coffee on laptop, question about replacement parts

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. As you say - easy to do but a rather expensive cup of coffee
3. Such a problem is I am sorry to say impossible to solve - in an online situation - the only advise that I can offer is
If you are not technically knowledgeable enough to dismantle the laptop and check circuits with a meter - not of course with power connected - then it is a lost cause until you evaluate the cost effectiveness of paying for a computer repair business to evaluate it.
Coffee - water is of course a conductor and will effectively short live to earth - anything could have gone.
SORRY but a real and effective analysis will require professional test equipment and IMHO depending on local rates - you are talking about something in the order of Ģ30 just to tell you it is a lost cause.
Unless it is a valuable - newish laptop I would think your best is to take out the HDD and see if that is a run connected to another computer in an enclosure or docking station
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I'm gonna get this out there, I'm not too computer savvy. I know how to run one obviously no problem but heres my question and I'm sorry if this makes some of you cringe.

I just installed a geforce graphics card into my computer so i can play some counter-strike without the choppiness. installation went fine, the problem is hooking it up. The monitor is hooked up and the only other large port besides on the back of my monitor is a dvi-d port. Now, the video card only takes an s video and a VGA cable. And from what I've found(which is nothing) these two are not compatible. how the hell can i hook this up and with what cables? what am i doing wrong?

Like I said sorry if i made you cringe, please only help me and spare me the cocking off if this wasted your time reading.

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Hi, this is my first post on this board and so far i have found it helpful. I have this problem with my dell laptop, where the keys wont work. Like if im on the internet and i try to push in "k" it wont show up on screen. Sometimes though if i type in "g" it will show up "ga+F+d". This happens with different keys. I dont know if its something i did wrong but plz help me for i am not that experienced in computers. And i dont know how i am supposed to download any key loggers or spyware stuff, for i cant type in anything!!

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I have an external device which uses a keyboard to operate. My question is can I output the key commands from my laptop keyboard to the keyboard input plug on the external device instead of using a seperate keyboard? The device uses a standard pc keyboard.

A:Laptop keyboard question

I am unaware any method to reroute the laptop keystrokes to an external device.

The opposite is OK, an external keyboard will interface with the laptop, but it's a one way thing.
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Alright, I have a Satellite M305D-S4830 toshiba laptop and I had a question about the num lock key.
There is not a key present on my keyboard however, the blue numbers that indicate what could be used by a num lock key are still present.
This leads me to believe that I can still access the num lock option using a different combination of keys. Is it possible?

A:Toshiba laptop keyboard question

try fn+F11, according to the manual this should work

good luck
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Hello All -

I've replaced the HD on my Sony VGN-T170P. I need advice about tucking in the ribbon cable for the keyboard. There is a small opeining 2 inches x 2 inches through which the ribbon is supposed to go and then tuck into a connection on the mother board.

Ribbon is pretty short and I can't seem to get my fingers under the keyboard to tuck it.

Also there is a light brown plastic piece attached to the connector. It doesn't seem to lift (as I read in another thread), so I believe I'm just supposed to push the ribbon cable into place.

Is this correct?

Any tips on how?

Thanks in advance.

A:Vaio laptop keyboard connection question

I Got It!!!!

Right after I posted my call for help, I played with different postions of the keyboard and found a way that I could reach.

The light brown thing rotated, but did not disconnect from the connection. Instead, it rotated 90 degrees up. I slipped the ribboncable in and was able to reach in and down to press the brown latch back 90 degrees to hold the ribbon in place.

Yipppeeeee!!! The "restore" disk is working as we speak....

I hope someone else will find this posting useful.

In a way ...... all I did was ask for help, and the solution showed up.

Cool how the universe works sometimes.

Best to all.

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I purchased a Latitude e5470 laptop without the backlit keyboard and without the extra tracking ball you find in the center of the keyboard. I just have a regular non-backlit key board and then the tracking pad.
I've only seen the backlit keyboard with the tracking ball included. This does not fit my keyboard slot. There is an extra edge under the spacebar. I want to know if I can now buy a replacement keyboard that has the the backlit feature and fits in my keyboard slot.
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I am ashamed to ask this since I consider myself a so-called computer geek, but my screen is very red grain (need to take out less red), I came home turned on cpu and voila, no idea how it got changed. i want to adjust the color, no luck with mionitor buttons, any other choices?

thanks gang

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A stupid and annoying problem just started.
All was perfectly working until 20 minutes ago - I opened Microsoft Word and I noticed I could use the ctrl+shift+left/right arrow to jump and select words; funny fact is that the combinations ctrl+left/right and shift+left/right work just fine. I then checked and this extends to other applications. Besides, the combination ctrl+alt+del won't work - unless i activate sticky keys and press one at a time.
I tried reinstalling the keyboard and it remained the same. I checked sticky keys and the such, but all seems fine.
Any suggestions? I don't think it matters that much, but I am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bits

A:stupid keyboard problem

Assuming your keyboard is USB, is it plugged directly into a USB port on your motherboard, or is it plugged into a hub, monitor port or extension cable? If so, plug it directly into a mobo USB port and see if it helps. Other than that try restarting your system. I suppose there's always the chance that your keybporad is going bad.

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Everytime I boot up my computer and its gonig through DOS prompt and all that it does a check for my keyboard... and since my keyboard is USB it says NO KEYBOARD DETECTED! its really annoying since it takes like 15 seconds off my startup time. Does anynoe know where in my BIOS I am presuming that I can turn this off? I have looked and I have also tried reading the manuel, but if somone has had this similar problem maybe they can tell em where to find where I can turn this off.


A:Stupid Keyboard Check!

Depends on the BIOS and MOBO, if it is 'young' enough to have this....
Look for and enable 'USB Legacy devices' or similar. This will enable the BIOS to use usb keyboard/mouse etc.

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Hi guys. Since I last formated last night, I can't make a ":" with the left SHIFT key. I mean, SHIFT + ; = : but only with right SHIFT. With Left SHIFT, it does absolutely nothing. But the left SHIFT key works withe very other keys, no exceptions.

I'm using the French (Canada)/French (Canada) keyboard layout.

Thanks for helping.

A:Weird/Stupid Keyboard problem

Hi Lebon14.
Is its software installed and updated?
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It's really weird. And i really don't know what causes this. Here's the thing. I have ONLY ONE language and only ONE keyboard layout in settings. Few times happens, that i get US layout of keyboard with z y and switched..etc..but ONLY on random application. example i'm using skype and for no apparent reason i get layout switch. but when i go to start and type in search,, there it's normal. same thing happens in some mmorpg games. so in game it's all wrong at random point it switches itself. in windows is normal though. and in word and everyhere..only thing to do is to restart application or game..and it's ok again.

wth? does anyone have any idea?

A:Stupid anyoing keyboard layout change.

For this one (Left Alt + Shift) to change languages sometime also can not use, Because different setting some computer use (`) , (Left Alt + Shift), Ctrl + Shift) . So we have to use shortcuts according to setting as be low:
Control panel ==> Region & Languages==> Keyboard & languages ==> Change keyboard ==> Advanced key setting==>Change key sequence ==>then click on the bottom as you want it to be your shortcut ==> ok
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Hi, I'm looking to replace the Norwegian keyboard in my laptop with a Russian one as I could not get a model with a Russian keyboard installed here in Norway. I bought the keyboard off ebay and have looked at it and it seems like it will fit in the chassis. I'm wondering if there are any instructions on how to replace the keyboard and maybe some tips on how to avoid ruining anything during removal such as the edges of the top cover. I couldn't find anything in the service manual pertaining to keyboard replacement. By the way, I do realize that I will probably void the warranty by replacing the keyboard but I just really dislike having to type Russian on this keyboard.
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I just placed an order for a P from a US reseller I live abroad but will be visiting in do buy a How for P70? a keyboard I replacement the near How do I buy a replacement keyboard for a P70? future and that's when I'll pick the computer up nbsp This model comes with a US English keyboard but I need a Spanish keyboard backlit I have no problem replacing the keyboard myself but first I have to figure out how the heck to buy it nbsp I've managed to narrow my search down to two parts from this parts list nbsp PA PYWL-KBD ES CHY BL or nbsp PA How do I buy a replacement keyboard for a P70? PYWL-KBD ES DFN BL nbsp nbsp My first question is what is the difference between these two models The CHY code seems to stand for Chicony a keyboard manyfacturer but then who is DFN and are these parts interchangeable nbsp And my second qiestion is how do I actually order one of these parts Using the Lenovo site I get no furthere than here a page which demands my serial number which I don't yet have or know so I can't even find out if a they have one of these two keyboards b what they cost and c if they'll sell one to me nbsp Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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Hello, I need urgent help. My keyboard on HP Pavilion 13-2122ds stopped working, due to a small spill of oil. Where can I buy a keyboard replacement? Do I  have to find a keyboard precisely for this model, or is there an alternative version of keyborad I can find on the market? Thanks so much!
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Just a general question, I spilled liquid on my Acer C720 as a result the keybaord not working, I have been using the online keyboard, which is too slow for typing anymore than a few words, need to replace the whole system as thinik some of the liquid got into that too, and have problems logging in from time to time. I wanted to purchase a wireless keyboard for the interim period, until I can afford to buy a new system, would any wireless keyboard work with the chromebook, or does it have to be a specific typle, I would appreciate any advice or recommendations please. Thank you in advance for your help
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Current keyboard has sustained physical damage and no longer functions, I need to replace it but can't find a replacement part listed in the parts store. Any advice about how I might track one down would be appreciated.

A:Keyboard replacement

Dear Customer, Below is the list:  You can order the part from HP parts store using the link below. Or purchase the part from any computer store. Link:  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Hello, I need to change my keyboard to my notebook.Do you know which is the model that I need? I live in Argentina. Could I buy by the web in US and they send it to me? Thanks for your reply.
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Just a general question, I spilled liquid on my Acer C720 as a result the keybaord not working, I have been using the online keyboard, which is too slow for typing anymore than a few words, need to replace the whole system as thinik some of the liquid got into that too, and have problems logging in from time to time. I wanted to purchase a wireless keyboard for the interim period, until I can afford to buy a new system, would any wireless keyboard work with the chromebook, or does it have to be a specific typle, I would appreciate any advice or recommendations please. Thank you in advance for your help

A:Keyboard Replacement

Hello, You can use this kind of keyboard.
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I bought a new P50 in Singapore but it came with a US keyboard.  I would like to change to a UK keyboard.  I have looked up the FRU number and two are provided, the 00PA317 with the 00PA399 (for the 50s) also given as compatible.  I have found a few options for purchasing the p50s keyboard but very few for the 00PA317.  Does anyone know what the difference is between them e.g. shallower key travel?
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hii, i had purchased my pc about 6 years ago . now some of my keyboard keys are not functioning properly. i need to replace this keyboard with a new one.i purchased this in us.but i am in india now.i dont know where to buy or which model to buy.can you pls suggest me which model keyboard suites my lap and where to buy it  online?
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I ve had this keyboard http www amazon com Microsoft-Reclusa-Gaming-Keyboard-Black dp B MR XWK for quite a while now almost years and it has been quite an adventure The basic UI it came replacement Keyboard with was perfect as I don t Keyboard replacement want to spend hours and hours Keyboard replacement trying to figure out how to open my media player with button Leading me to my basic and very important need for a new gaming keyboard My new keyboard will need to have media controls that open things besides Windows Media Player Ituns Spotify etc I despise WMP and often click to use my music without a thought It s convenient and a luxury I no longer choose to live without I don t care whether the KB is mechanical or Keyboard replacement not as long as the keys aren t squished together raised to ridiculous quot ergonomic quot heights or covered in a rubber that will fade in a few months My reclusa has just one button that the letter has faded from in it s years of use I think that s pretty awesome when world of warcraft is basically just spamming one button for hours at a time I would like my new KB to have macro keys besides the media panel which I m assuming all gaming KBs come with today and as user-friendly as possible I looked up the BlackWidow linked as the quot Unicorn quot KB on MMO s Setup of the Month and found that quite a few people are experiencing issues with keys becoming stuck in some way or another or just failing to work at all something like - I don t want to play the lottery when I m spending this much money on a luxury item The quot Narwhal quot keyboard G seemed fantastic until I realized the keys are TINY smaller than my laptops keyboard This is just unacceptable So all-in-all guys and gals I am looking for your kind help If you ve got the perfect KB or maybe have owned one in the past that meets my needs please post its name model Very much appreciated Also what the hell is the big deal with quot mechanical quot keyboards Req Again Keys that won t fade Keys the standard or close to size Media controls for things besides WMP Easily programmable macro keys Backlit Could be red white and blue as long as it lights up with some form of lighting Not required but would be nice headphone jack that does not cut out any sound nbsp

A:Keyboard replacement

Do you know Google?
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Hi all, new here so give me a chance. some liquid has been spilt onto my wifes laptop.
it has dried out now and works as it should barring half of the keys on the key board not working.
I would like to be able to renew the keyboard myself and have seen the correct one for sale (ebay) i would like to know if this an easy repair to do(with some instructions). My PC is a Packard Bell Easynote R1938 Laptop. can someone help out please

A:keyboard replacement

Yes it is easy.
Get hold of the PDF workshop manual from the web.

It is usually just a case of removing the screws on the bottom marked with a K and possibly prising out the top button bar.

Take care with detaching the ribbon cables though as the connectors aren't of the best design, and can be fiddly.
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I have the model kbrf78171 keyboard. I spilled a sticky drink on it and now it has sticky keys. How can I replace it?
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I have the model kbrf78171 keyboard. I spilled a sticky drink on it and now it has sticky keys. How can I replace it? 

A:keyboard replacement

After looking at your previous inquiries, I took a bold step in the assumption you were still asking about your HP Envy laptop.  So I moved it to the more appropriate Notebook section of the forum.  If you would finally state the exact product number (off the tag),  your likely to get an answer about the keyboard replacement.  Please know that the keyboard is best replaced by a licensed technnician because of the extremely delicate ZIF connectors
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My keyboard is locking up the computer, when any key is struck. All other functions appear to operate correctly. The computer is an old one and used only as a print server for the family.
Question-Since it looks like the keyboard port has failed, may I disconnect the PS2 type KB and install a USB KB? This computer is running XP SP2 on a 333MHz K6. I would have liked to have used the new dual core DELL as the printer server and eliminate the old computer, however, one must run around banging the KB or Mouse to keep Vista awake to support print sharing.

A:Keyboard Replacement

Yes but

You need to set up the bios to Not stop on all errors (ie cannot find keytboard)
In bios sometimes on older PC's have a USB enable option for keyboard (enable it)

You must first shutdown the computer to remove / insert PS2
USB can be connected anytime (prefer off first)

You can have two keyboards at the same time (PS2 and USB) if all else fails.
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can someone please tell me how to replace a keyboard on an ibm thinkpad model570 2644.PLEASE HELP

I went to the ibm website and it will take 7 to 10 days to get the manual.Is there anywhere else i might be able to get help or view instuctions on how to replace the keyboard. THANK YOU

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C588D-S5354 Laptop computer.
Can anyone inform me on how to replace the keyboard. or at least lift it up, to see if a cable has come loose. It suddenly stopped working, and i have to plug in a replacement keyboard to operate the computer.I have been reading that you can remove the trim on top of the computer, where the sound and power button is, but i do not see anything like what was described.
Thank you.

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Hi! Is it possible to replace my HP Notebook - 14-r238tu's non-backlit keyboard with a backlit one?

A:Keyboard replacement

The problem with your desired upgrade is that the systemboard for your notebook won't have the header that supplies power to the backlighted keyboard, so it won't work as expected.
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Hi everyone I know this is probably a dumb probably a is question... stupid This question but it s really bothering me I recently had problems with my computer and had to format the drive Instead of loading XP I decided to return to k When I found out I couldn t access secure servers This is probably a stupid question... still haven t figured that one out - faulty modem perhaps because I couldn t get it to work later I tried to load XP several times I ended up loading all setup files to hd and finally have XP running Now when I boot up my computer I have XP and k as choices along with incomplete xp loading attempts Stupid question How do I remove the incomplete setup listings I didn t want to mess with the ini autoexec bat or any system files until I got an ok from someone who knows more than I do I haven t been using XP very long and I m completely confused actually that s a way of life but I digress Can anyone help me Thank you nbsp

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hi all,this is probably a stupid question to you guys but here goes anyway.Theres 2 users on my pc,me and my son,my site is now squeaky clean and i've cleaned up his site too.He now has protection when hes online but,i'm not sure if i have to download IEspyad to his site or if it'll be there anyway because i have it on my browser.I do know spybot and ad aware found things in his site that they didn't find in mine Its just the IEspyad that i'm not sure about,could you tell me please,i don't trust what my son says,hes not pleased he can't baffle me anymore and do what he wants

A:Stupid question but?

If you look for C:\IESpyAd you will see it in that location for both user prophiles.
Therefore it will be protecting the computer in both user accounts.
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This question can be applied to any version of Windows.

Is it possible to install Windows 10 {or any version} on a 64 GB USB drive & run it from there ?

To me, a drive is a drive.
If you can create a new partition {drive} & dual boot, why would that be different from a USB drive ?

It would be nice if it could be done.

A:A stupid question :(

David, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. Just have to format and partition the USB drive correctly. There are tutorials for portable USB OS drives.

PS: Not stupid question. Questions with answers educate all of us.
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i have pc with asus mobo i am tryin to find out the model number
i have the manual in my hand says p4b on front and e838 in top right corner is one of these model numbers
thanx alot

A:stupid question
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Ok, so I have seen it when say a Bellsouth tech will come to your house and hook his laptop to your desktop to run some diagnostics and I was curious on how do you connect a laptop to a desktop pc? Can you hook one desktop pc to another desktop pc? Sorry for the stupid question. Does anyone have a website that might give me some good details?

A:Stupid Question

If you want to connect two computers you either need to use a crossover cable or a hub or router.

You should probably adjust your experience level here down from Advanced if you're new to computers.
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This is probably a easy fix but I don t know much about computers I am using mozilla stupid really I question......... a have for my browser and when I go on I have a really stupid question......... websites like ebay or even this website everytime I click on something and then go back to where I started I lose my place to where I was I know that may not make sense but that s the best I know how to explain it Like on ebay when I want to look at several different things and I go back it won t highlight what I have already looked at When I used Internet Explorer I was able to see everything that I had already looked at So I wouldn t have to open everything again to know if I had I have a really stupid question......... already viewed that item I know I probably haven t made to much sense but like I said I don t know how else to explain I hope I have a really stupid question......... someone out there understands nbsp

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But if I don't get a good answer my 13 year old son will never give up his notion.

For some reason he believes that it is OK to shut down his COMPAQ SR5010nx Vista computer by using the power on/off button on the front of the chassis. He says that the computer goes through all the same steps as if he had used the normal method. I don't want him to crash his HD so I've told him he must use the normal method until I find an answer that says his method is OK.

So, is it safe to just push the on/off button on the PC to shut it down?


Barking Spyder

A:Probably a Stupid Question

it will, go to power settings in your control panel and you can make sure its setup to shutdown when the power button is pushed.
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Hey, all

I'm in Massachusetts, and I have a friend in Florida. We work together on music projects. My question is this;

Does anyone know how we could connect our computers together to send large files (5-15mb) back and forth, without having to split them, or burn em to disk and mail them?

Any kind of remote connect program, or something like that?
Any help is appreciated, as always!

A:another stupid question

What is Yahoo! Briefcase?
Yahoo! Briefcase is a tool that allows you to store files online and then access them from anywhere. Think of it as an extra hard drive that you can use from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use it to manage files from home, work, or any other location. It's a great way to share files with family, friends, and co-workers.
We give you 30MB worth of space for free, to get you started. That's room for plenty of files. There's no catch -- you just have to be a registered Yahoo! member. Click to expand...

daves01902 said:

Any kind of remote connect program, or something like that?
Any help is appreciated, as always!
DClick to expand...

Most of the Chat Clients out there (AIM, Yahoo, ICQ) have file transfer built into them.
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I have tried searching but I keep forgetting what Im looking for and spend ages just reading the posts.

Im sure I read a tweak guide but cant find it.

anyway a quick reply without abuse will make me happy.

Should the 2 hds be on the same channel master and slave with the cd burner and dvd palyer on the other as master and slave

or should I have 1 hd as master with the burner as slave and the other hd as secondary master with the dvd as slave.

basically Im trying to get the best performance for my video editing which required a fair bit of hd use,

A7n8x deluxe, 1024 ddr gforce 4 ti4200 maxtor 30 gig 7200hd system
Maxtor 120gig split 20 and 100gig
usual other stuff.

Thanks in advance

A:Sorry stupid HD question.

For best disc performance keep the HD's on a different channel to the dvd or cd burner. Each channel performs at the speed of the slowest item on that channel.
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I have an older Dell Laptop CPI-A series...............I have used it for vacations and use dial up on aol.......................well now aol is charging unless you have high speed.........
so is there some way I can update this ole baby so that I can use high speed? Do I need a dsl modem? Do I need a D link?........I ask this because these are things I have at home on the desktop.......................I know Im cheap.....and should just buy a new one.......but really cant choose between a dell or a macbook............have been checking both and still no better off now then I was when I you tech guys....what do ya think?............thanks for the help.........

A:Stupid Question I know

Do you have the port need for a high speed connection
It look like the one for the phone but just biggerl
How old is the laptop.
Which os are you using
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I m saying it s a stupid question because i m sure it s already been asked amp answered a few million times but i m just getting so frustrated with the problem at the moment that i can t focus to read all the other threads about it properly I ve just bought a tv tuner card i question a please Can stupid ask winfastDTV with Ulead video studio Can i ask a stupid question please SE DVD and Ulead DVD movie factory software included amp i can get it to record using it s software stuff but a hour recording ends up at gbs i also can t figure out how to simply split a file to remove the unwanted bits last time i tried i ended up with Christmas patterns around the outside and jingle bells playing in the background and the other files i tried it on now have no sound Can anyone PLEASE tell me the simplest way to end up with a smaller Can i ask a stupid question please file - either in the recording process or a program to shrink the file later and the simplest way to split the file to remove the unwanted ends and ideally the ads too The software i have looks great for advance editing stuff but i just want something really simple - and before the football grand final this Saturday SO annoying i finally have the tvtuner so great picture but i m going to be out while it s on amp i can t fit the file the size it will be onto my computer PLEASE HELP it s driving me NUTS nbsp

A:Can i ask a stupid question please

Not sure as you confused me a bit.But I will try to help some issues along with other people.
First when you capture I assume using Ulead you have a choice before you capture as to what format(quality) you capture it at.Good quality is big files lower quiality is smaller files.Then you want to add titles,cut bits out using Ulead,which you can do but the files you captured will remain the same size.
When you burn to DVD or VCD it will only burn the movie you created in Ulead.
These files take a lot of space and even more when it's rendering to make the disk so you need lots of space.I have added a second Hard drive where when I capture I sent them there which doesn't block up my Primary drive.
As for making titles putting music in and splicing the video you will have to practise as it will take a bit of time to master that took me quit awhile before I got the effects the way I wanted.Also when you start to make the disk,when it renders it will take a long time.
I hope this helps
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I need to make a boot disk, floppy, but without himem or emm. ANY IDEAS as to how, I need to do it to be able to run drive mechanic...

Thanks, geoff

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I was wondering what language does Microsoft, Apple and Linux use to create theis OS's. If anyone knows, please tell me. Thanks.

Cool links:

A:Stupid question!

The biggest virus in the world - Windows!!!
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How do i register my windows xp with microsoft?

A:stupid question

if you are not registered you should have a nifty yellow icon on your taskbar that prompts you to register, if memory serves is a yellow triangle, if not start button>all programs>accessories>system tools> register i believe
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This is probably a easy fix but I don t know much about computers I am using mozilla for my browser and when I go on websites like ebay or even this really have I a stupid question......... website everytime I click on something and then go back to where I started I lose my place to where I was I know that may not make sense but that I have a really stupid question......... s the best I know how to explain it Like on ebay when I want to look at several different things and I go back it won t highlight what I have already looked at When I used Internet Explorer I was able to see everything that I had already looked at So I wouldn t have to open everything again to know if I had already viewed that item I know I probably haven t made to much sense but like I said I don t know how else to explain I hope someone out there understands nbsp

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...A very stupid question, but I really can't think of anything. There's any number of causes for this, but I suspect I have some spyware lurking somewhere on my harddrive, but neither Adaware SE nor a program I decided to use as a last resort, Alertspy, can detect it.

The only two symptoms are annoying popups that appear while connected to the internet, but on their own seemingly at random, and google reloading to a dodgy looking version of google.

Now, the google thing isn't as annoying, but when playing a game, especially an online unpausable one, the game suddenly minimising to display the latest online casino or another solution to popups (ironic, no?), is very, very annoying to say the least.

Any ideas? I'd be very grateful...

A:This may seem like a stupid question...

Have you tried Spybot S&D ?
I also recommend going in the HJT forum in the Security section - read the stickies and post a log. The experts there will find stuff programs might overlook.
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I have a slight problem, and I know it is probably something simple, but I have to ask. my roomate recently brought this computer, and whenever I try to save an image file to the hardrive, it only gives me the option to save as a bitmap or a .art file. and even saving it as a bitmap or a .art file, the image wont show up in the program. how to I go about saving my file as a jpeg? it wont give me the option, and when I try to manually change the file to jpeg, it doesn't seem to work. any suggestions?

A:probably a stupid question

did u try going under 'save type as'?
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I Have a printer/scanner that supports fax. But I don't use dial-up. I have a LAN. Is it possible to use Fax without dial-up?

A:Possible stupid question

Yes. The fax does not use the internet. Just plug it into your phone line and it will dial the number that you want to send the fax to.
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I bought a GeForce GTX260 and so far it's amazing. But I've been told that the resolution on the computer is based on the graphics card. The highest mine goes to is 1440x900. I've seen some go 1900xsome number. Is it possible to get my resolution higher or does my graphics card not allow that?

A:Stupid question...

Hi xxsomethingxx,

The maximum resolution is governed by your monitor and not your graphics card. LCD/TFT monitors have a native resolution, and are best run at this setting. They can also be run at other resolutions, but never higher than the native resolution. Note that you may experience a deterioration in image quality at none-native settings. CRT monitors, on the other hand, can be run at a number of resolutions without loss of image quality, however these too have a native resolution. They also have a maximum resolution.
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I am deleting useless programs and applications from my PC. As not only they are listed in ADD OR REMOVE in Control Panel, but in many possible places I donīt remember or canīt find now, is there in XP a DOWLOADS FOLDER like the one in FIREFOX, where to locate all dowloaded applications and programs in my pc ?

Thanks, Oniro

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so a newbie apologises! I have an MSI mobo hanging about that takes "up to Athlon XP 1900+".. so I thought I would do some trawling about for a cpu.

My question is this: why is the Athlon XP1800+ more expensive than the Athlon XP1900+?

And which one would you guys recommend I get?

Thanks in advance, and once again apologies for a **** type question!

A:Probably a stupid question...

-One answer is demand and supply. Anyway, who cares... how much money do you have?

-The fastest one you can afford.
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A question

Will I be able to see anything on the screen if I don't have any memory or a hard drive hooked up? (I have a gfx card, cpu, mobo and cd-rom).

If I could pop in my gfx card and turn on the comp. Will I see anything? (as you can tell, I want to use this comp so bad!)

Hey, at least a BIOS?

A:A very stupid question

Yes, you should be able to see something...

You'll get an error message telling you that you don't have any ram installed, and you might be able to get into the BIOS...

But why do you want to use the computer when all you can hope to do is browse the BIOS settings?
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I just got like a month ago a barracuda tb hd which gives me of them in my system There are no other HDs They are both in IDE mode After resuming from sleep when I first explore or otherwise use data from the new HD there is an audible click that is louder than I would expect and which I have never noticed on the other HD which is identical model but question HD Stupid I don't know what's normal for a non system HD as it starts It also does this when Stupid HD question the system is first powered down but strangely only if the computer has been off for at least seconds It won't do it if the computer is powered down for less than seconds and turned back on or reset The other HD by it'self does make some sound but nothing compared to the other I have no other problems with the drive My question is is this normal like a power saving drive off thing and the baracudda's just do that or is this an indicator that this drive will soon fail I don't know if the same model actually means they should be identical I'm unsure if they have more than one factory ect If anyone helps then thank you Stupid questions about nothing more than a clicking sound

A:Stupid HD question

Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Power Options. Click "change plan settings" under the plan that's selected. Click "change advanced power settings". Expand "Hard disk". Expand "Turn off hard disk after".

My guess is your drive(s) are set to turn off after 20 minutes? If you're on the machine, then your primary isn't going to shut off because of activity, but if your secondary drive is inactive for 20 minutes (or whatever time is set), then it will shut off.

The clicking you're hearing is the drive coming back... probably. All my secondary drives make a little noise when they power back up too.

Changing the plan setting to never will remove the noise as the drives will always be on and spinning, but you'll lose the power savings.

Having said all that... it's unfortunate you used the word, "clicking" when describing the sound because that's also the sound a drive makes when it's in the final stages of failing... but, it's a real ugly clicking.
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How safe is it to mess with live malware in a virtual machine ?

I would use a second pc but don't have one.

A:Stupid question

The translation was not perfect, so I may have misunderstood your question.
A virtual machine simulates a real machine is completely safe u use a virtual machine for testing, a virtual machine isolates your real system, then you can mess with malware without concern.
Google translator may have failed, sorry.
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ill be on tha internet sometimes, and after a while, tha connection willl get really slow, and it wont let me disconnect, and so i go ta restsart tha computer, and i get this message.. Not Responding, Oplihhqi.exe ...END NOW er whatever, right? so i go look up oplihhqi.exe, and it says its located in tha windows/prefetch folder, so i was wondering, was this something, like, i dont kno. what is this, and what is prefetch? and can i get rid of it harmlessly?

A:stupid question

I am guessing this is Windows XP...

I did some searching on Google...
It's a new technique that XP uses. However, after using XP some time, the prefetch folder can get full of rarely used or obsolete links which can slow down your computer noticeably.

Many people advise to delete the files, as you would with Temp files, etc - every month or so. Anything less than a month can actually slow down computer performance.

Read here:
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I have lost my accessories menu on the start menu

I cant use any of the programs on that menu as i cant get there can anyone tell me how i get it back?

A:Is This A Stupid Question?

presuming your using xp the folder is kept here
C:\Documents and Settings\the name of your folder here\Start Menu\Programs
drag the accessories folder on to start button and when it opens the menu drop it on the all files then drag it to the position you want
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i have an HP Pavillion dv6 series laptop and I already worked out what ram is compatible to upgrade from 4gb to 8 gb. Am i better off buying 2 new 4gb card thingos and replacing the existing one, or can i just get 1 new one and add on to my existing 4bg one. I'm a gas service technician by trade so i understand that electronic modules and pcb controls breakdown or lose performance overtime. i'm hoping i can be a tightwad on this one but if its stupid just adding 1 new part onto the old one then i'll get 2. cheers

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okay, say i use outlook as my email client and i am away from my computer. i put my email account info for a POP mailbox into an outlook program on a computer other than my own and retrieve the mail. it says i have five new messages. this is not my computer, and i do not want them on this other person's computer for them to read, so i delete them. so i go home and check them...and they're gone.

like i said, this is dumb. but is there any way i can get those emails back, or are they gone?

A:stupid question.

In Outlook 2000: Under the properties of you mail account, Advanced tab. Tools-Accounts, double-click the account, go to Advanced tab.

"Leave copy of the message on the server."
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I just bought a usb pci card for my computer and I have the evga nforce 680i sli motherboard. The issue is that the pci interface part on the card is split into 3 parts, but the pci ports on my motherboard are only split into 2 parts and it doesn't seem to fit. Am I just not pushing hard enough of am I stupid?

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On to how many different computers can I load a program that I purchased? I am upgrading from all the freeware bleep programs and actually want to buy some decent cd-burning, DVD-burning software and I have 3 computers. (Two towers and one lap top).
Any opinions on Nero?

A:stupid question?

I've used Nero and liked it very much.As for how many computers you can install it on,it will
usually say in the EULA you have to read before clicking "OK" or "Next" to install.
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But How do I get the Japanese language pack on Windows XP?
Um.. I'm getting this program called UTAU and it's in Japanese
And I'm also learning Japanese..
It's so annoying because it comes out in little blank boxes and garbage.
Can anyone help? ^_^

A:This is probably a stupid question.

Open internet explorer and click tools/windows update
or run windows update from the control panel.
Language packs are usually listed under optional updates.
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I know this is just another stupid question from me, but since I am a complete computer illiterate, I really need some assistance from the talented guys at TSG. My PC was hit by a Trojan Virus whose first effects, amongst many others, was to obliterate the sound. I reformatted the CPU and still there is no sound. Last night I had a GREAT IDEA. I thought that if I take the SOUND CARD out of the motherboard and re-insert it, such action might just work the miracle of bringing the music back. My problem is: WHAT DOES A SOUND CARD LOOK LIKE AND WHERE IS IT LOCATED?

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer my question.

A:Another Stupid Question from me

First off, if the sound was working and you haven't taken the system apart, it's not a physical issue, so removing and replacing the sound card is probably a waste of time. Many systems have the sound built-in to the motherboard anyway, so taking it would would involve a soldering iron!

I suspect the real reason you have no sound is you have not re-installed the motherboard drivers that came with the MB in question. Look in Device Manager and see if you don't see a bunch of hardware with yellow ? indicating they're missing their drivers.
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I'm building my computer, and I forgot which way to put the Ribbon cables, and there isn't anything on the cable itself to show me which way to put it, at least if there is, I'm not sure. My old computer has round cables, and I'm using the new flat ones just because...

I can probably figure it out for the IDE ones because of the Slave/Master thing, but does the floppy one get plugged into the mobo with the side that has a twist or the side without the twist?

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I know that is simple to everyone there, but don' tknow how to adjust my clock on the computer. I go to my computer and time and date, but there isn't an option there to adjust the time. We had a time change and my clock is all screwed up. Sorry to be such a pain, but if someone tells me this I will write it down and not embarrass myself anymore.

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How can I find out if my Java is up-to-date?

A:Stupid Question

It may be display in the Windows Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs or you can use a Java checker, see:
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is it possible you can find files that you recently added for example...Find files that added on august 8 2007..kinda like that...thnx

A:I Think this is a stupid question

I think so, this is not a xp machine I'm on so poke around with the search settings.
When you open search, supposedly there's a helper thing on the left, poke around and there would be options for that.
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hey guys, ive been itching to know, but i want to know what the new windows 7 start up sound is, it's just been bugging the crap out of me lol. on all the videos ive seen, the sound was off, so you couldn't hear it. can someone give me a sound file or something? sorry if this is spamming your boards or anything...

A:stupid question

Here you go Windows Logon Sound (2).zip
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Where can I get internet explorer 8 for windows 7 E rtm ?
I must be thick cos I can't find it

A:Just one more Stupid question

64bit or not?

Edit - F**k it.. lol

Internet Explorer 8: Worldwide sites

You can download the Vista version.
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Stupid question. I think I know the answer, but I want to make sure.

DDR2 1066mhz is for Quad Core processors only, right?

See I have a dual core. AMD 6000+ and going to get some diff memory. right now I have 800mhz ram and my new mobo supports 1066, but correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 1066mhz memory supported only with a phenom processor???

Man I need to post more often in here. I'm only here about once a week and by teh time I come back, all the threads are outdated. haha.

A:ok stupid question

Hello DesoShade,

First, not a stupid question. Read my signature.

The main thing is if your motherboard supports that type of RAM at that speed. It does not matter if the CPU is Intel or AMD, or what model it is.

Hope this helps,
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If, not sure I do, I have a virus and I reinstalled Windows XP(clean install, removed the old version) will it take the virus away or is it still hiding somewhere?

This is an HP pavilion ze2000


A:Stupid Question

As long as you reformat the drive first then reinstall the operating system.
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Is it possible to have 312 MB of RAM? I am pretty positive I'm suppose to have 512 MB of RAM but when i check system properties it says 312. Not sure on mother board but my computer is a compac presario 7360 if thats any help. Does some component use 200 mb of RAM that doesn't register, thus the 312 seen on system properties?

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My girlfriend has a new Dell computer. It's definitely nothing special as for speed or anything. I am buying her more RAM for it since it's God awful slow right now. As long as it's 184-Pin DDR does it matter what brand or anything else it is? Thanks for any help here.


A:Stupid RAM Question?

The brand normally doesent matter... get Kingston.
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My Stupid Question Is Regarding Windows Xp. When U Click On Start, Then Program Files, Sometimes A Program File Will Be Highlighted In A Light Tan. What Does This Mean? Is It Virus Related?

Thank U!!!!!

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how would i go about making an mp3 disc to burn onto a 80 minute car cd player supports mp3 and i want to know how i can burn mp3's instead of using normal minutes.I hear all you have to do is just burn mp3's in form of a data disc and pop it in my car cd this true?

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What is the difference between SD & DDR RAM? Are they interchangeable?

A:Stupid Question About RAM

SD = syncronious dram, most runs at a speed of 100 or 133
DDR = DDR Synchronous DRAM (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM)

DDR and SD are not compatible, sd ram only operaties once per cycle while ddr operates twice doubling the bus speed
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Keep in mind that I know just enough about computers to get me in trouble I bought a really nice new desk It has a built in keyboard pull out for the computer portion However both the top and bottom have door fronts The back is totally covered with wood paneling the space behind the doors is actually pretty roomy I would say x I was able to put my tower and my printer inside of it The back of the tower had about inches between it and the paneling Prior to this my computer was under my Stupid Probably :) .. . Question old desk near my feet and within about inch of the wall Now that the tower is enclosed inside of my desk and near me I notice the fan running My concern is is it running because it s getting too hot in there or am I just hearing it because I m closer to it I bought a small not tiny Stupid Question . .. Probably :) fan and placed it in there with the tower and it seems to blow quite a bit of air although with the doors closed it s just recirculating the air inside the enclosure Am I going to overheat or damage my computer or was the fan running this much before and i just didn t notice nbsp

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this will probably sound dumb to those in the know but here goes nothing. my buddy uses torrent sites on a regular basis to find music and software for free, like the piratebay. here's the question, i heard from someone at work that if you download a song for example, the download finishes, you click play and the song you wanted is indeed playing can the torrent be a fake even though you got the actual song/software/movie whatever "it" may be you were after?
or, if you do click on a fake torrent you will not be able to download anything, the "bad guys" will get your ip address and might send you a letter telling you to stop the "illegal" activity?
what does happen if you click on a fake torrent?

A:stupid question here

This is asking for advice about an activity that is not supported by this forum. In fact such activity and help in using it is against this forums rules.
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I have a dumb question for someone. I had Windows XP Home Edition installed on my computer. However, I was required to upgrade to Windows XP Professional for a class that I'm taking as I needed to install Microsoft Virtual PC.

Anyway, my husband upgraded my OS to Professional with no problem. However, when I asked him what he entered for the Administrator password during installation, he didn't remember. He thought he might have even left it blank. Is there any way that I can find this information stored on my PC? Or is there possibly a way to re-set the password? I know that having a password makes my computer more secure, so I'd like to ensure that I have one -- and that I know what it is in case I need to repair Windows or for some other equally important reason.

I appreciate your help!

A:I have a stupid question. . .

Did you try using a Blank Password.
If the user account you log on with is also in the Administrator Group, you can reset the Administrator Password from that account as well.
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As you can see in the attachment, I am full of processes going on which are slowing down my memory quite a lot, do you guys know how can I disable those unnecessary processes?
Is it correct that those processes labeled "acer" can be disabled while those other named "system" are necessary?
not sure about that.
thank you!!

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I HAVE STARTED A NEW THREAD AS A FOLOW ON: To the indepth problem of no internet connectivity I have tried reseting the winsock and no joy, do have one question..... When i booted up the machine, the router detected the pc and then when i went to login (only one user account), the no internet connectivity lit up, only thing that i can think of is something in the personal settings is blocking this.

THE QUESTION I HAVE IS THIS:::::::: If it is personalized settings that are blocking the access if i set up another user account would this have the same effect? or would they be factory standard settings and allow connection?????

A:Really Stupid Question To Ask

Since you already have a thread on this issue, I'm going to close this one.
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I bought Windows Vista Home Premium at Costco last week and it came in the small plastic case with the red strip sticking out of the top Will someone please enlightlen me I pulled on that ribbon until my fingers started getting sore Then I got pliers and forcefully pulled until pieces of it snapped off I tried unsealing the transparent tape that looked like it held the top and sides together but that to seemed impossible to get started and I figured that I would not waste another five minutes and probabaly fail again at getting the package open The plastic is breakable and that is how I finally got it open Did Microsoft make it so easy even a caveman can open it and am I just losin' it is one. this stupid for no except There question, What does that silly There is no stupid question, except for this one. ribbon do It sure doesn't unseal cases sold at Costco I got some satisfaction by taking up hours of Microsoft Support's time to get Windows Vista installed because it would not accept the product key But seriously I really appreciate that I was able to get someone on the phone and get help from a Microsoft support person who didn't give up when the installation software failed several times during the process Jerry
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I have a few older hard drives that only show their capcities in megabytes. Can someone please tell me how many megabytes there are to a gigabyte?