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Inaccessible Memory on Cloned Hard Drive

Q: Inaccessible Memory on Cloned Hard Drive

I cloned my failing hard drive (a 160gb) to a new one (500gb). The installation seemed to go smoothly enough (it was my first time though) as it just required me to stay grounded and remove about 4-5 screws. When I loaded the PC up it wouldnt start the first time so I had to a Windows repair, which didn't seem to do anything except now it worked (it said it failed or something). I then had an issue with Windows 7 claiming to not be genuine although for one reason or another that stopped. Now my issue is that I am unable to access the additional memory of my new hard drive, I am able to access the cloned portion but not the rest (about 316gb). Any help would be appreciated, my PC is a Dell Latitude E6400 if that helps.

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Preferred Solution: Inaccessible Memory on Cloned Hard Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Inaccessible Memory on Cloned Hard Drive

Hello there,

It is absolutely normal not to see the rest of the free space in the moment. When you clone a drive you create the exact same image of old drive on the new one. This includes the size of the original HDD. However if you go to Disk Management ( type diskmgmt.msc in the search in the start menu and hit enter) you will see that you have one partition of 160GB and the rest of the space will be listed as unallocated. To use it you have two options ? you can create a second partition or you can extend the original one to take all the available space.

To create a new second partition just right-click on the unallocated space and select ?New Simple Volume?. This will starts a wizard to guide you through the rest of the process. First it will ask about the size of the partition. To use all the remaining space just type in the same value you have for Maximum disk space. Click Next.

Then you will get to choose and available drive letter to assign to this partition. Choose one and click Next.

Then you get to the Format partition window. You should choose ?Format volume with the following settings: ?. For the file system is best to leave NTFS. Allocation unit size as default. You can also put a label for the volume here. Then tick the box for ?Perform a Quick Format. ? Click Next. Then Click Finish. And you're done.

If at any point Windows pops up with the following message ?The operation selected will convert the disk to dynamic... are you sure you want to continue? ? click NO as this will most probably make your Windows unbootable and you will have to reinstall it.

If you want to extend the existing partition right-click on 160GB partition and select ?Extend Volume?. It will start the wizard and will only ask about how much space to add. Just select the maximum available space here and click Next, then click Finish. Once done your existing partition will be bigger and you'll be able to use all the space on your new HDD.

Hope that helps.
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I lately installed windows xp sp2 on my Desktop, that's after i've seen The Blue Screen Of Death on my service pack 1... After successfully installing sp2, I deleted the previous OS (sp1) but, the administrator account folder still exist on the pc, i am unable to access it nor delete, i'ts contents include my previous music, videos and movies (these i can't access or use at all) taking up to 40GB memory of my hard disc...

Please help get rid of this unaccessible folder...., or even better, recover the files in it
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I purchased Apricorn DriveWire to help me clone my current 120GB hard drive to a 320GB hard drive.

I think I successfully cloned my HD to the new one.
Only problem is when it was done, I did not unplug my 320GB hard drive when I rebooted my laptop. I guess the OS settings got modified.

So I wanted to see if everything worked, so I reopened the software I used (Apricorn EZ Gig II) and clicked on Clone Disk. I get an error saying
"you have only one drive. this program is designed to work with two or more drives".

It no longer recognizes my 320GB hard drive being plugged into my drivewire.... HELP!!!!!!

A:Cloned Hard Drive

To add to the matter, I put the hard drive in my laptop to see how it would boot up.
I get test diagnostics that appear. Nothing else...

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just cloned my hd from 80 to 120 but my dell laptop still reads 39% empty same as before what can i do to get it to read the hd right?

A:Cloned my hard drive

Maybe you simply cloned your 80GB partition onto a 120GB drive so you now have unused disk space. You may just need to resize your partition

You can use EASUS Partition Manager freeware to easily manage the partitions on the drive (including a resize if needed)
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About a month ago I decided to get a much bigger hard drive GB but theres no way I have time to reinstall everything so I decided to clone my existing hard drive I tried acronis and the clone went superfast and put everything onto a single partition the full size of the new disk - when I tried to boot up Cloned Drive Hard with the disk it didnt boot It got to the pale blue screen that usually says welcome but instead it had a small windows XP logo and that was it it didnt go any further I contacted support and they were no help so last Cloned Hard Drive night I tried another free software hdclone - it took about hours but I actually managed to boot up from the new disk - but the new drive had a single partition the exact same size as the old one and the rest was unused space - no problem I though I ll just extend it with diskpart - which I did and now windows wont boot from that disk again - with the same issue as it did with the acronis migration So I resized the partition back down to the original size and it still wont boot up from that disk nbsp

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Having successfully cloned my C drive to a removable drive (Thanks for your help on that), I would now like to access some of those programs on a different computer via the USB port. Since the other computer is somewhat smaller than mine, I'm reluctant to try out of fear that I'll crash it or worse.

Can this be done?

A:Cloned hard drive


Apart from some very simple programs such as Solitaire and freecell. This will not work.

The host computer would need the programs installed to have all the correct registry settings and files to run the program(s)

Things would also be very slow.


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I have two hard drives in my computer, one as a master and the other as a slave. After being infected with a virus, one drive crashed (I think I may have accidentally cleaned out something that shouldn't have been cleaned). So, in an attempt to save the information on the drive, I switched the two around. For a short time, I was able to access all the data and files on the infected drive, but then it came back as inaccessible.

Currently, the drive is listed whenever I click on the My Computer icon. But whenever I try to access it I get the message "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." Is there a way to fix this, even temporarily, to retrieve the data before reformatting it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Hard Drive Inaccessible

Didi you set the jumpers on the drives appropriately?

Does it boot into Windows on the master drive and have you made sure there are no viruses anywhere in both drives?
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Yesterday a friend gave me two hard drives (2x OEM Seagate 250Gb 7200rpm) taken from 2 cable TV recording boxes.

When i connected them to my pc (one in SATA, other in a external USB case) they appear in BIOS but not in windows. In Disk Management they are shown has unknown, not initialized (i'll try to translate the names since my windows isn't in english), the partitions not attributed and without free space!

When i click in initialize a error appears:
"Is not possible to complete the request due to an e/s* error"
*maybe in english that word is different...

After appears this error:
"Data error (error cyclic redundancy)"

I already tried to format them in Ubuntu and failed.

Are the disks locked to the boxes board? Or is there a way to recover the disks to be used normally?

A:Inaccessible Hard Drive

They are most likely fully encrypted -- cable TV outfits do that to external drives so you can't copy off the media files stored on them.

I have had some luck running Seagate Low Level formatting against drives. You'll need to go to the Seagate site, download and install their hard drive management app (I think it's called SeaTools) -- and see if it finds the drives. You then should be able to do a low level format with that app. After that, you'll be able to format the drives.
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Query drive access problem.docxWin7 64 bit.

Am having trouble accessing internal backup drive.
Completed filesync with FreeFileSync but now get error message including "file or directory is corrupted or unreadable" when I try to read backup drive.
However Macrium Reflect system check shows no errors and counts the directories and files.

The problem is not limited to FreeFileSync as external drives when attached give an error message and can only be opened by running on another machine where they are good and then afterwords work on the main machine. Its as though something is being reset by the second PC which allows access when attached to the first PC.

I have attached snips of the FreeSync issue with more information.

Any ideas?

A:Hard Drive inaccessible

Mat try this as I use it to access drives without having to boot to Windows and get back some of your data in manner


Makea bootable Ubuntu disk

Setthe BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you ascreen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY

Whenit is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in thepic .

Openthe drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settingsyou may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source orother installed drive doing this.

Iam not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this methodboth on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data fromusing Windows.
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Hi i recently just got a new computer with windows and I can t get my hard drive to work The hard drive is a Seagate Barracude I m using a SATA HDD Enclosure and I want to Hard PC on new drive inaccessible recover files from the hard drive The hard drive was originally in my old computer I unplugged it and put it straight in the enclosure The hard drive that was originally in the enclosure a WD works fine I ve Hard drive inaccessible on new PC reconnected it and it still works like it should Hard drive inaccessible on new PC I can see it under device manager as a disk drive called quot ST QE ZC USB device quot but there s nothing in disk manager I did get disk manager to work at one point I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it worked but when Hard drive inaccessible on new PC I tried to allocate a disk number it lagged and the window became unresponsive it has not appeared in disk manager since I ve tried to look for a solution on dozens of other forums but I can t find anything please help nbsp

A:Hard drive inaccessible on new PC

Try hooking up the drive to the PC's internal connections, make sure you support it so no part of the pc case is in contact with the hard drives circuit board. There is usually a spare power supply connector and you will have the old SATA connector from your old PC. You should then be able to transfer the files you need and format the drive for future use. I am not sure why you cannot read it in the external enclosure but this is probably due to it having your old operating system on it.
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My computer crashed and now I am unable to reboot I transferred the hard disk Seagate Barracuda GB to an older backup computer where I set it up as the slave drive Although the computer recognizes the hard drive it shows up in Device Manager and Computer Management I can t access it through Windows Explorer it doesn t appear on the list of drives in My Computer When I view the drive in the Computer Management utility it does not have a drive letter assigned to it In the Disk Management utility I Hard Inaccessible Drive can see three partitions for the drive - Hard Drive Inaccessible a GB FAT healthy EISA partition a GB NTFS Healthy Active Partition and a GB FAT Healthy Unknown Partition I tried to assign a drive letter to the partition but the menu Hard Drive Inaccessible choice was greyed out By the way when I put my good hard drive in as the master HD in the computer the bad hard drive came out of the computer won t boot When I put the bad HD in my backup computer as the master HD that computer won t boot I can only boot using my good HD in my backup computer Please help I have critical data on this hard drive nbsp

A:Hard Drive Inaccessible

Just curious, what does one have to do to get a response? I've started 3 threads over the last two weeks, and have yet to get a single response. Has the number of posts outstripped the ability of moderators to keep up?
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I put the old HDD from previous puter in new one ages ago.
Now it has stopped appearing on 'my computer'.
Can't get at it. Tried a few things.

I think I was tidying drive and deleted old windows folder.
I guess the driver for the HDD was in it and that's why I can't get in.
It's a Western Digital Caviar ACA 34300.

Any ideas please????

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I got pop up in utorrent says a directoy is corrupt I drive inaccessible hard start to run chkdsk hard drive inaccessible on that drive in this case in have drive letter E I click on computer then go to the drive right click properties tools check now it sayts the drive is need to to forced to dismount I click on ok then in comuters the drive just show the letter not size or disk meter In the open windows on task bar I did not see scan disk running or maybe I accidently closed because I was switching between several programs I thought restart pc the drive will show again but after restart the drive does not show up it says E is not accessible the file or directory is corrupted and unreadabe I tried to start pc times still same I downloaded Partition Wizard Home Edition minitool partition wizard home edition and running it it showing my files are still in the drive but not accessible in windows I also run chkdsk in recovery enviroment but still says disk is corrupt chkdsk cannot continue how to solve this problem note a user missunderstood my question and simply closed my posting thought this is torrent related issue it is NOT it is windows software and system hardware related if you think it is torrent related or do not understand the words here then don t read it let other people read it nbsp

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2TB hard drive becomes inaccessible,

As I try to access my 2TB hard drive I got the message that says that the hard drive is inaccessible (attached). What is weird that this happens while I was accessing it and editing one of my Word files. No physical damage has occurred at all.

What might be the issue here?

Thank you



A:2TB hard drive becomes inaccessible,

First if possible back up all data on the HDD.

Test the HD with maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan.

Then run a full Disk Check.

This will either confirm the HDD good, repair the HDD, or pronounce it dead.
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Okay here's a weird one And of the searching I've done it seems others who've had this problem have had encryption which I don't Problem When I click on my H drive or try to access it from the command line it gives inaccessible after drive drive (apps - stored upgrade Hard run) on me an access denied error However Hard drive inaccessible after upgrade - (apps stored on drive run) all of the applications that I have installed on that drive run without issue So there is some access there See attached images The first shows the hard drive state in diskmanager and in windows explorer The second image shows the minecrafter launcher profile that it is stored in H and the application running proving that there is some access System Home built PC C GB SSD for OS E TB HDD for file storage and backup H TB HDD for large applications and video editing files All drives are Simple Basic and none have encryption All use the SATA connectors Process I had Windows Home bit with among many other things Comodo Internet Security Virtualbox ImageDisk During the upgrade process I noticed that Windows during the upgrade ran the file system check and fix quot problems quot on the H drive Side note Having forgotten to uninstall Comodo before the upgrade I did not have network after the upgrade The fix was non-trivial as I had to use a second computer to download the unofficial comodo uninstaller Reboot Uninstall the network devices Reboot And once Windows was up and running it reinstalled the network devices and the network was available Still whether before or after the Comodo uninstall and reinstall the uninstall of ImageDisk or the uninstall of the Virtualbox network device I have no access to the H drive If I have missed any information please ask and I will try to provide Are there any suggestions on what I can do to unlock my secondary drive

A:Hard drive inaccessible after upgrade - (apps stored on drive run)

In the second image, you can see that there is a doubled blue arrows on the Minecraft icon. I've read that this means that file or files are compressed. Would this have an effect on my H: drive issue?
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I'm cloning my hard drive onto another one, but I'm not exactly sure what the process is for setting the cloned one as my No1 drive. My old one is on its last legs and I'd rather use it for my less important things. What will happen when I disconnect my old one from my computer and only have the new one on it?

Will everything be literally the exact same on the new one? Same partition names and everything? And if so, can I then reconnect my old one and use its 2 partitions just like normal in addition to the 2 new cloned ones in My Computer? And won't those partition names conflict?

Any help on what I should do for this transition would be greatly appreciated, thanks

A:How do I change to a cloned hard drive?

If cloning goes OK you will have exact copy of old hdd on a new one.
Then you can disconnect an old drive from the mobo and the system will boot from the new drive.
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OK, this has me stumped. I use Acronis True Image 2012 for cloning my hard drive. I have two internal drives, drive C: and D: as my back up/Cloned. Now what takes place after I clone my drive is that both drives will be identical in size as in, 63Gigs each; but after using the computer for 10 minutes or so, the D: drive will now show 53Gigs. Why? Where is 10Gigs going?

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I have Windows 12 Pro installed. I cloned my 160 gig Samsung HD to 500 GIG WD drive.There were three cloned partitions. When I look at the partitions under computer I find C,D,E,F,G,I. Since I don't need double the information can I format the partitions from the Samsung drive without problems?

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Have a system that had a hard disk drive that was going bad I took the opportunity to clone the drive to a new drive and all went well in the process The hard disk drive is larger than the old so I went to expand the partition to use all of the drive space I have attempted this with Acronis Easeus and Partition Magic None of the utilities will expand the partition stating that there are bad Bad Hard Blocks Cloned Drive blocks on the drive I then formatted the new Cloned Hard Drive Bad Blocks drive again and ran some tools Cloned Hard Drive Bad Blocks against it to ensure everything was OK I then proceeded to mirror the data again with the same results I have tried to run chkdsk f to clear up any issues without success Is it possible the my clone quot cloned quot the bad blocks in the MBR or physically I would appreciate any ideas on how I can quot remove quot the bad blocks so that I can expand the partition John nbsp

A:Cloned Hard Drive Bad Blocks

OK, it is a mistake to partition or format the destination drive when using acronis. This will cause drive letter problems. Here is what I would do;

1 Download and run the drive maker's utility for checking the drive. If it checks OK, then there is usually an option to zero fill the drive or sometimes this is called a LLF [low level format]

2 Now that the drive is zero filled, boot with the acronis true image boot CD. Select your source [old] drive and destination [new drive]

3 Select the advanced option so you can change partition sizes. I would keep the same percentage or you can choose to resize to whatever you want.

4 Once finished with the clone process, shutdown DO NOT reboot with both drives connected. After you shutdown, either pull the old drive out or just pull the pw connector.

5 Now pw ON and make sure everything is OK ie drive letters correct, partition size, etc.

Since your old drive is failing, you would not want to reconnect the drive and use it for storage or anything.
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I got an imminent hard drive faiure warning during boot up. I immediately purchased a 1TB hard drive and cloned it with SpotMau. The clone appears to be an exact copy of the original, and now the original hard drive has failed. The cloned copy will not boot after installing it in the computer. The original hard drive was XP and I upgraded it with Vista Home Premium upgrade package. When I tried to use the disk to repair the cloned hard drive, it required a previous version of windows to do the repair function. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Cloned Hard Drive will not boot.

ofladrt-have you got another machine you could hook the drive into as a slave?If you can do that to save documents to disk,save them there.It kinda sounds it's the long road but it may mean full reset(format) with xp and then upgrade to vista.
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Hello there Please could someone give me a brief bit of help to use Ophcrack The thing is the spare drive on my PC & drive Inaccessible Ophcrack hard also has a copy of Windows on it with a password as well This spare drive was originally the Windows system drive on an old PC that I Inaccessible hard drive & Ophcrack do not have any Inaccessible hard drive & Ophcrack more Unfortunately it will not boot up as main boot drive because all my PC settings are setup for my current hard drive amp when I tried to boot up the old hard drive the PC keeps on restarting itself Accessing the drive as the spare drive will let me go as far as - local disk E Documents and Settings Owner However when I click on Owner a box comes up which says E Documents and Settings Owner is not accessible Access Is Denied I presume that is the old password stopping me I left old data on there which it is quite important that I get access to I look forward to hearing back from you Regards Richard Milner nbsp

A:Inaccessible hard drive & Ophcrack

The access denied error is a permissions issue, not a password issue. Good thing, or the Forum Rules. wouldn't allow me to help.

This is normal when moving a hard drive to a different PC. Follow the steps in this article and you should be good to go:
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP


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having some issues with vista
i opened up my dell inspiron notebook and my desktop had changes, background same but no icons on desktop, also the widget's on the side for rss feeds not working but internet was. anyways, since desktop icons gone i replaced by clicking and dragging 110gbs of video out of my folder and onto my desktop, watched an episode of the wire and shut down the computer thinking nothing of it. when i started it back up, it booted me back to my normal screen with my icons on it but without any avi files in the folder, all .avi files had been erased! now here'e the kicker, the video files are still on my harddrive taking up space but i cannot find the stuff anywhere, what happened and how can i recover these files. I am the only person on the computer and have admin privileges. Please help me get acccess to my files.

A:Files still on hard drive but inaccessible pls help

Have you done a search for the file type and View > Details? This should show you the location, ie: another profile desktop.

When you look under c:\Users and expand the profiles, do you see the files on any desktop?

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Hello Windows was giving me fits so I pulled the hard drive I installed windows on a new drive Later I went back to get my data and could not copy data from my music folder All other folders were accessible I removed the drive came back later and the drive is detected by windows malware? it Hard inaccessible is - Drive but says it needs to be formatted first Of course Hard Drive inaccessible - is it malware? I did not format or initialize the drive I booted into a linux os The drive mounts and shows my folders though it shows all folders as being empty I installed clam av and tried to scan but did not see an option to scan the whole drive only folder at a time The drive does not click or make any unusual noise I am wondering if this is or could be malware I am considering booting from a win cd to recovery console and running fixboot and fixmbr Then trying to access from windows If no then run seatools If yes backup critical data and scan with removal utility I normally like combofix Please post recommended steps I don t want to do something in the wrong order and make it worse Any advice would be greatly appreciated I have backups of most of my data but some of it would be very disappointing to lose Thanks Mark
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Hi all Today I completely ruined my day by opening a virus from a download At least that's what Virus: hard drive inaccessible I think The download came from usenet and was posted by Yenc-pp-a amp a in case someone might be familiar Virus: hard drive inaccessible with him her At first I tried installing the programme yesterday whilst I did not have an internet connection This did not work This morning I tried to again whilst being online About a minute after my computer shut down and Virus: hard drive inaccessible rebooted Unfortunately the reboot couldn't start windows I can access a command prompt from the recovery on my x drive but that's about it Recovery itself is not available either Subsequently I brought my computer to a support shop They tried to access the hard disk first of all to try to save my data When that did not work they tried to format the disk and reinstall windows They were unsuccessful as there is no way for them to access the disk The disk itself is running and when plugging it in to another computer windows plays a sounds indicating something has just been connected Is there anyone that knows what to do I can't access my pc so the specs I can't give you It's an HP Pavilion DV - ED XD EA with windows home premium

A:Virus: hard drive inaccessible


Welcome to TSF.

I'm K27 and I will be assisting with your malware issues.

Please DO NOT run any scans/tools/fixes on your own as this will conflict with the tools we are going to use.

Please Print or Save to Notepad all instructions and please follow them carefully and if there's something you don't understand or that will not work please let me know and we will go through it together.

Please DO NOT use this system for anything apart from visiting this forum and other sites I direct you too, as this will only make the cleanup process all the more difficult.

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed. This is to free up my time so as to continue to help others. If you need longer to reply, then that is fine, but please to let me know.
Do you know if the Repair Shop checked the drive for failure? Exactly what program did you try to install?

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Over the course of time an external hard drive has become inaccessible when my laptop is running Win 7.  The files on it were generated when my laptop was running XP.  When I first installed the Win 7 drive I could see everything on the drive.  I decided to move the files to a new external drive and that's when my troubles started.  If I put the XP drive back in I can access the old external drive and see all the files.  I can send files from the old drive to the new drive when my laptop is running XP and access them, but the files do not show on the new drive when the laptop is running Win 7.  So I guess I have two problems, one for each external drive.

A:Inaccessible external hard drive files...should be viewable by any O/S, at any time...unless they are stored in the XP Docs & Settings area.
If the files are in My Music, My Photos, etc...then you have to take ownership when the O/S being currently not the one used when creating the files/folders.
What is fhe file path for those files that cannot be seen in Win 7?
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The other day on boot up I received an quot lsass exe error invalid parameter quot screen Clicking quot OK quot just continued the boot up and error message in a loop This has been a common problem for folks Although I could not determine due to the state of the system if in was a virus or a corrupt file I was finally able to coerce after many varied attempts an overlay install inaccessible from drive files hard of XP Pro However all that was files inaccessible from hard drive on my hard drive dissapeared programs settings files Although when I went to reinstall some items Adobe Acrobat for example it stated that it was still resident on drive Further when I went to do a defrag it stated that it was not needed probably because of the small amount of recent installation but the graph showed gigs of space taken up my original gigs and the new install So the original installed volume is still on the drive yet I can not see it or access it Any thoughts as to how to retrieve this info Also will accessing it reintroduce the lsass error I have the data backed up separately but am concerned about accessing that because of the lsass my current thinking is that if it is a corrupt file then it is in the original XP Pro install but if it a virus it may be resident with the data I tried searching for some of the files but they did not show Thanks William nbsp

A:files inaccessible from hard drive

The virus version uses a capital > L < Lsasss.exe ( Sasser virus )

Probably slaving to another comp, running a virus check & copying the HD contents over, is the best way to go.

Slave it to another HD/comp ( no need to bolt it in, just cable it & leave it outside the case ) & copy your stuff onto the other HD.
You may have a choice of jumper settings on the master HD, such as master with slave or ms.
Now put it back in your comp ( change the jumper, back to where it was )

You can now use a recovery program or registry repair.

55 Best Free Data Recovery Utility

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry that Prevents Windows XP from Starting, in 10 minutes or less.

Damaged Registry Repair and Recovery in Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry That Prevents Windows XP from Starting;EN-US;307545
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Greetings W Community I have external hard Inaccessible Hard External Drive: drives Drive K and Drive L I was working with some files on Drive C when the audio signal of an external device being added or removed sounded out of nowhere Now Windows does not recognize Drive L When I try to access the drive I am told that External Hard Drive: Inaccessible I must reformat the drive in order to use External Hard Drive: Inaccessible it I also External Hard Drive: Inaccessible get an error message saying that the drive is inaccessible because of a quot Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check quot I disconnected and reconnected the drive No change Then I tried to use the quot Safely Remove Hardware And Eject Media quot app It said it couldn't eject the drive because it was quot still being used by another device quot It said that in order to eject the drive I would have to shut the app that was still quot using quot it But I have no idea what could possibly be quot using quot it I did several restarts and repeated these actions Still nothing What ever caused this did not effect Drive K but I disconnected it just to be safe This is a TB Drive and it is nearly filled with irreplaceable data Please tell me there is a way to access it Thanks

A:External Hard Drive: Inaccessible

When you disconnected/reconnected Drive L, did you try using a different USB port? Do you have another USB cable you can use? Any luck in recognizing the drive?

It's possible that something might have happened to remove the drive letter from Drive L. With the computer turned on and with Drive L connected, could you post a screenshot of your Disk Management. It might give a clue as to why Drive L is no longer recognized. (Very important to follow the instructions in Step 5.)

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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not sure if I should post this here or on the OS board but here goes. I cloned my win xp hard drive so I could run xp on my 2nd pc. I cant get it to boot up.Im assuming it is because of win xp. I'm running a DFI mobo CM33-TL

A:Cloned hard drive for new mobo, won't boot

If the hardware is different than the computer the drive was cloned from then it won't work. It needs to be formatted and installed with the hardware that the drive is currently in.
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Trying it clone and switch my 500GB drive with another 500GB drive with Aomei Data Backuper.  When finished and switched in my computer, I get a no system error when booting.
I used the clone option and it finished successfully.  All the original files appear to be there.


A:Systems error with cloned hard drive.

I used the clone option and it finished successfully.  All the original files appear to be there.
Does this mean that the is no problem now?
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Hallo everyone I bought a Western Digital gig HD plugged it in caddy to a USB port and used WesDig s own Data Lifeguard prog to clone the still-installed gig drive to the new HD Took out the installed the tried to boot Immediately after the PC maker s screen quot error loading OS quot appeared Ctrl Alt Del took me into setup but nothing I dare do had any effect I think the problem might result from my failure to remove my bios password before cloning didn t understand the required method so left it installed I either need to blank the new HD totally including the hidden recovery partition and redo the clone or to correct the fault in the existing clone to enable the drive boot won't hard cloned Vista New drive to boot Note - the cloned drive shows all files and OS correctly when viewed as an external USB device so it seems as if the only fault is in the boot Can anyone please send me some -proof amp jargon-free instructions about fixing my problem I read about quot fixmbr quot amp quot fixboot quot but can t find them Are they Dos commands in WinXP perhaps You see I m a relative novice at this robjn nbsp

A:New cloned hard drive won't boot Vista

The new HDD dont have any Sata drivers installed for the new HDD. Reinstall the old HDD and boot from it with the new HDD still hooked up by Sata, reclone the old HDD to the new one.
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I am trying to completely clean out an external hard drive which was last used to make a clone of my computers drive In trying to do this I seem to have run into two problems one is that when I made the clone the drive hard a Format cloned drive external was split into Format a cloned external hard drive separate partitions which now show up separately on my computer I would like to turn the whole thing back Format a cloned external hard drive into one drive Second my computer seems to be treating the drive strangely whenever I try to safely remove it I am told the generic volume can t be stopped even if every program has been closed also when I first tried to wipe it using the quot wipe data quot tool in the free version of EaseUS Todo backup which was the same program I used to make the clone I was given an error message I don t know if this is even possible but the only thing I can think of is that because the drive contains an exact clone of a fully functional computer hard drive it is being treated differently by the operating system Any help would be great thanks Other info lenovo sl laptop running windows vista and the drive in question is a Lacie rugged all terrain hard drive nbsp

A:Format a cloned external hard drive

Never use any "wipe" tools unless you plan to destroy the drive. Some have been unusable afterward. There is never a need to wipe a drive you plan to keep.

There is no reason to "safely remove" a drive whose contents you do not care about. Data loss is a non-issue. Just unplug it.

A cloned drive will not work properly unless connected to the machine identically to the way the original was. It has the same drive letter and is set up to replace the original. It sees a different hardware environment than the original.

If it is truly a clone, then it will have the same partitions and structure as the original. It will also be a system drive due to the presence of a page file. Use a bootable CD to remove the partitions and create new ones.
Parted Magic disk partitioning, PC repair, and file recovery tool (Bootable CD or USB image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.

This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.
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This thread is a follow-up to this thread

OK, I have decided to reinstall XP to make all of drive C available, since only 60 gig is available now because the original drive was 60 gig. In addition, the appearance of bad sectors on the new drive is an issue.

My question now is whether I need to reformat the good drive which will be the boot drive. If I re-install XP, will the new re-install of XP reformat the drive or do I need to do a reformat as a separate procedure?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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I have cloned my old 40GB hard drive using Norton Ghost 12 and the new hard drive (also 40GB) will not boot.

I have set the new hard drive as active and set it to master.

I have also removed my old hard drive.

Does it matter that my old hard drive was labelled system amd the new one is labelled active in disk management?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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Hey all Bought a new Gig Seagate Hard-Drive to replace my Maxtor Gig Hard-Drive Plugged it in the second Solved: :( Cloned boot Won't Hard-Drive; HDD Solved: Cloned Hard-Drive; Won't boot :( slot and powered it up as the slave to the master ie the maxtor is master seagate is slave and used Windows Disk Management to activate it format it to NTFS same as Maxtor and then used this to clone it That worked fine however when I remove the Maxtor and attempt to boot up from the Seagate BIOS detects it I can set it as master but any time it attempts to boot from it or I ask it to boot from it it demands that I quot insert system disk and press enter quot as if it s booting from the CD-drive I thought maybe I need to somehow changed Seagate which is F to C But I have no idea how to do this or what I m missing here I mean surely the straight clone should just think it is the C Cheers Chris nbsp

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I purchased Apricorn DriveWire to help me clone my current 120GB hard drive to a 320GB hard drive.

I think I successfully cloned my HD to the new one.
Only problem is when it was done, I did not unplug my 320GB hard drive when I rebooted my laptop. I guess the OS settings got modified.

So I wanted to see if everything worked, so I reopened the software I used (Apricorn EZ Gig II) and clicked on Clone Disk. I get an error saying
"you have only one drive. this program is designed to work with two or more drives".

It no longer recognizes my 320GB hard drive being plugged into my drivewire.... HELP!!!!!!

A:Cloned Hard Drive - Rebooted with HD plugged in. :(

To add to the matter, I put the hard drive in my laptop to see how it would boot up.
I get test diagnostics that appear. Nothing else...

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I am running Windows 8.1 and it appears that my hard drive needs to be replaced. When the machine is turned on, frequently there is a slight screech and I feel it?s best to replace the hard drive.

How do I make an exact bootable copy of the hard drive on a new hard drive and simply replace the drive with the new drive without having to reinstall Windows 8.1 or other programs and without affecting any of the files currently on the machine? If cloning software is required, are there any free programs I can download?

A:Replacing hard drive with a cloned copy

I know of no free image backup software to restore to dissimilar hardware.

Two good programs are Acronis True Image 2014 Premium or Macrium Reflect Pro. I have used them in the past.
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I was extracting an archive through Winrar on my extra hard drive the 'D' drive when suddenly my computer began to freeze and shoot up temperature I could not close down Winrar through alt F Crash + Hard drive Inaccessible Winrar causes nor close out it through Winrar + Crash causes Inaccessible Hard drive the quot X quot on Window's GUI nor open my cmd Command Line nor open my Task Manager So I was force to shut down my computer via the power button Next I started up my computer everything is working correctly no errors or any weird crashes or freeze except for an inaccessible hard drive my 'D' drive is completely unusable now When I click on Winrar + Crash causes Inaccessible Hard drive it it stall for a LONG time and some kind activity happens because I can see my computer shut up process power and ram usage but then I get a message saying quot The disk in drive D is not formatted Do you want to format it now quot Event Listener states the following Source Application Hang Category Event ID quot Hanging application WinRAR exe version hang module hungapp version hang address x quot Is there anything I can do to restore my drive besides just backing up it to IMAGE file and trying to restore my files through the image file because I can not lose any data on that drive and I don't believe that a simple extraction causes my drive to become quot inaccessible quot BTW this drive is not even an year old nor has it EVER given any issues at nor has it been damage in any way My computer does NOT have a virus because it doesn't have Internet access Windows XP Profession SP x Broken hard drive The extra 'D' drive WinRAR Sugi

A:Winrar + Crash causes Inaccessible Hard drive

Well Sugi, no matter what you believe, it happened.

Making an image to have a copy of VERY critical files sounds like a good plan.

Then run chkdsk /f /r on that drive.
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I have searched high and low for a pre-published solution to the issue I m having but I can t seem to find an answer As so many other first-posters have said I d greatly appreciate an answer or a link to totally inaccessible drive Solved: hard one I ll say now before I forget quot Thank You quot I have a Seagate Barracuda TB about full all media non-boot drive that was purchased about - months ago and up till yesterday was working fine Here s my specs MoBo Asus P Solved: hard drive totally inaccessible Q Deluxe CPU Intel Core Quad Q RAM GB Crucial Video eVGA NVidia GeForce GT Superclocked Optical Pioneer BD-ROM DVD CD Writer Optical Philips DVD CD Writer with LightScribe HDD GB Western Digital Raptor RPM SATA boot HDD Seagate TB SATA this drive is the problem HDD Western Digital TB SATA OS Solved: hard drive totally inaccessible Windows Vista Ultimate -bit PSU Corsair w This drive does NOT appear in My Computer Disk Management BIOS OR when hooked up as an external drive to the machine detailed above to an XP Home PC to my MacBook I can hear the drive when connected to power It died out of the blue as they say My computer was on everything working as expected I left for a short while I m talking a few hours maybe and when I came back my computer was off No power outages that I know of or anything like that My Googling has led me to believe that there might be a firmware issue - but I haven t confirmed that nbsp

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Hey everyone this is my first time posting on here I hope you can help me I ve had my external hard drive for a while now and it hasn t given me any problems until recently For some reason now when I attach the external and turn it on it is very slow in recognizing the data with the Autoplay window that pops up and then if I try to access the drive it will only let me go so far and then stops responding I think the data itself is safely on there because all the file names show up in the Autoplay window and sometimes I can get all the way into the folder before it Hard External Inaccessible Spontaneously Drive stops responding The only other thing I ve noticed is that the Spontaneously Inaccessible External Hard Drive light on the external goes from dark blue to like a light green blue and I noticed that when it s dark blue it seems to be connecting and the computer can read and the light blue is on when it s not I guess my question is what s going on with this thing Is it easily fixable Is my data truly safe And if Spontaneously Inaccessible External Hard Drive nothing else will I be able to take it to someone or replace the enclosure to retrieve my data I m really worried here and I anxiously anticipate a responce Thanks nbsp

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I have bought laptop with ore installed windows 7 premium 64 bit. It came with a 320 gig hard drive. I have upgraded to a 1 tb and using seagate disk wizard I cloned the 320 hd to the 1 tb. But ever since then the 1 tb hard drive boots fine to windows but the explorer keeps crashing and restarting several times. I have tried running an sfc scan and presently running a chkdsk scan. If there is any help on what I can do to sort this out would be much appreciated

A:Windows explorer crashing on cloned hard drive

This is after last sfc scan. The scan completes but cant fix 2 files as shown in text. Does anybody no how to fix this please .....
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Hi recently upgraded the hard drive in my laptop from a gig drive to a gig drive using Seagate s discwizard tool The cloning went smoothly The new hard drive worked flawlessly after install I ran a defrag to clean it up and when I went to turn it on the next morning magically windows would no longer boot So I cloned it again and this time it worked wonderfully for a couple of weeks I thought maybe something just screwed up in the original cloning So yesterday my computer loads updates from Windows update I installed them all thinking nothing of it went to turn on my computer tonight surprise surprise windows is missing some files and the computer won t boot So having drive problems windows hard New update cloned I swapped the drive out and put the old one back in and I m wondering if anyone knows what this might be before I go through the whole cloning process again Any help New cloned hard drive having windows update problems is greatly appreciated I m really tired of swapping out drives Thanks nbsp

A:New cloned hard drive having windows update problems

I assume you have checked and the bios of your machine does support drives of that size.

Next have you tested the drive with seatools diagnostic?
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I was able to sucessfully clone my HDD, and am typing this post on my newly installed HDD.

But if i click on the drive properties, the capcacity still says 277 GB. What do i need to do so windows will recognize that I have a 1 TB drive?

If i have to do partitions, I will. But Id much rather keep everything as 1 continuous C drive.

Thanks again for all your help in getting me this far

A:Cloned to a larger hard drive, but not seeing more free space

Look into Disk Management. You will find a lot of unallocated space that you can add to your C. Right click on C > Extend Volume.

If you are not sure what you are looking at, post a picture of Disk Management and we'll have a look.
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Hi all I have a simple question and first off a disclosure I haven't done any system imaging before If my purpose is to clone an internal HDD Fujitsu GB with about GB drive replace external HDD hard to cloned internal an A used on an old Compaq laptop to an external hard drive WD Scorpio Black GB so that I can actually SWAP them A cloned external hard drive to replace an internal HDD when the need arises ie install the WD in the laptop should I expect a an exact copy of the internal drive including OS A cloned external hard drive to replace an internal HDD programs data AND boot files b the above to be done with either Acronis as provided by WD or Macrium Reflect Also since I have extra space on the WD drive should I use it as a plain back up of data as well on a separate partition or restoring an image works best on one simple partition Now here's the kicker I read on this and other forums about perfect Image Creations but definitely not perfect Image Recoveries Is there a way to test it Testing it as in disabling the internal hard drive thru BIOS and starting Windows from the external drive is that possible I think not Thank you
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Hi I just bought a new tb HDD to replace my ancient gb one Since I'm overall very happy w my Windows installation I decided to clone instead of install fresh and used Macrium Reflect to clone one (cloned) w/ boots drive; old Switched only to in plugged new hard the drive Upon switching from the old to the new one I was disappointed to encounter a bluescreen boot error after the Windows logo and spinning symbol had been displaying for a few seconds Error xc e system service exception Trying to boot into any variety of safe mode gives the same result I didn't think this was an MBR issue based on how far into the boot process it happened but I tried repairing rebuilding the MBR anyway and it didn't change the problem The weird thing is that when I plugged in my old drive to boot to it and troubleshoot my system actually booted to the new clone drive and it works perfectly - exactly like the old one did - but it only works like this with the old drive plugged in See this image http imgur com YVhKAqX Obviously the new drive is the larger C which is correctly flagged Switched (cloned) to new hard drive; only boots w/ old one plugged in as system active primary etc D is the old drive Before I cloned and switched the old drive was C I suspect the issue might have to do with the un-lettered mb recovery partition I didn't clone over from the old hard drive but I'm not sure Everything looks to me like the C drive should boot on its own but it just doesn't I'd appreciate any insight into this Thank you

A:Switched (cloned) to new hard drive; only boots w/ old one plugged in

It is not the recovery partition that is the main issue. Your boot sectors are on the wrong drive.

This should sort it out,

1) Disconnect old HDD.

2) Boot from Macrium Rescue Drive, select restore tab, and click "fix windows boot problems", then it should list your C drive. If not, stop and come back for more advice.

3) Then click next, finish and boot sectors will be rebuilt.

4) Set pc to boot from new HDD in bios.

5) boot pc and check it is working ok.

6) Now the slightly tricky part is the Recovery Partition is on the wrong drive. Windows does not actually need that unless you decided to reset your PC. However, as you use Macrium, you can simply create an image backup of your C drive, or reinstall from scratch using the standard MS iso anyway. On my tablets, I always delete that partition and use image backups to an external drive instead.

You can backup and restore the partition to the disk with C drive using Macrium, by shrinking the C drive but you have to do something else to 'connect' it. TBH not really worth the effort.

7) reconnect old HDD, backup data temporarily to new HDD, and format old HDD, then copy data back.

Finally, I strongly advise you shrink the C drive significantly e.g. to 300GB or so, and create a large data partition. That way when you need to make an image backup of the C drive, it will be a lot smaller, and can be recovered independently of the data.
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I cloned my Gig hard drive onto a Gig one with HDClone and everything went fine I tested each out in another machine and they both seemed to work fine However I currently have the Gig hooked up by itself drive Solved: as as old up my size shows same hard one! Cloned and it s still reading it as only actually Gigs What happened Some background The PC I normally use is a Compaq Presario with a Gig HD I have a newer Compaq a Presario S NX with a Gig HD that has a busted power supply I took the and plugged it in to my PC as a Slave and wiped it clean successfully I didn t however do anything to the pins I just connected the proper cables Then I used HD Clone to clone my Gig to that one which also was successful I took the out so I could test the and it worked fine Then I put the into the other machine along with the power supply and it recognized a bunch of new hardware from the new machine and also worked fine Not wanting Solved: Cloned hard drive shows up as same size as my old one! to use the smaller drive I switched it out with the Now it still works but it s only reading it as a Why did this happen and how do I fix it nbsp

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Okay it basically looks like this:

I've had this trouble for a while with the part of the hard drive and it's starting to really bother me only having 60gbs of space on my hard drive.

If anyone has a clue what I could do to fix this please respond.

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I've just installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on my new laptop and when I checked my computer only one local disk was visible. When I checked disk management, this was the one shown. The disk has no name and file type.

I don't know what to do. Thank you for helping me!

A:Hard Drive Healthy and a Primary Partition but inaccessible

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

That's the link to the photo
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have a win Asus laptop all software is legit and legal the original primary Gig Seagate HD was going bad Bought a newer lager Toshiba Tb to replace it Used Acronis Disk Director Home to clone primary drive to the new drive Home installed. Prem. cloned, Hard Win7 HD switched them powered up and everything seemed to be ok Then when I open Office Outlook the images for the emails don't show when Hard drive cloned, installed. Win7 Home Prem. I save an image from online the name use to show up automatically in the quot save as quot as it was online but now I have to type is in manually checked and now windows update wont run but Microsoft security essentials does cannot check for updates as it is not running it ask me to reboot but same click on fix windows update in the control panel or try run maintenance task and get the error message quot a problem is preventing troubleshooter from running quot same on most of these type task yahoo email and websites don't store the login any more and have to enter manually each time also when I try to download attachments the save save as etc appears but when I click it nothing happens I know if I had moved everything to a different pc the license would have issues but this is not what happed here Everything is legit as bought except I had to replace the HD need help and don't understand since everything was good to go before and nothing is pirated on my laptop also passwords for websites don't get remembered or ask to remember any longer Thanks

A:Hard drive cloned, installed. Win7 Home Prem.

Welcome to SF. I had a look around and this link could be a good read. I've had much better image successes with another clone program but I'm sure the Acronis is more then capable as well. The program I use is linked below:

EZ Gig IV Cloning Software with Data Select for Windows
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Wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way to verify that my Win7 PC has digital entitlement for Win10.
I have cloned my hard drive onto another hard drive, as the original is making noises, and it might be time to end its life.
I upgraded to Win10 on the original hard drive, then rolled it back to Win7. That meant that i could upgrade to Win10 again at a later time.
Then I cloned the hard drive.
I can see that Win7 is activated on the new HDD, but i want to know if it has the digital entitlement to upgrade to Win10, or whether that would have been lost in the cloning process (or whether the change in hardware will prevent an upgrade - which I doubt).
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I swapped my 320 GB Hard drive for a 1 TB hard drive. Used Acronis True Image WD to clone the drive. Seems to be working OK except when I tried to update windows. It comes up with " Cant update because service is not turned on." So I went to Services to check it and it is showing that it is running. Kinda lost as to what I might have wrong here. Any help I sure would be great full.

A:Solved: Cloned Hard Drive, Than replaced HD, Now can't update windows
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 I had a failing SSD and cloned it to a larger  SSD via a USB with the new SSD being external at the time.  I installed the new SSD into the laptop and it will not boot without a boot disk in the CD/ROM. 

Gives a Boot Device not found and lists external several times along with unknown error.

I have been through the bootrec fixes and the BCDEDIT without success.
Can this issue be fixed?

Steve in California
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Hello Apologies in advance as some of the exact details or sequence may be off I m trying to recall most of this from memory over the last few screen, after swap hard BIOS inaccessible drive Black weeks I have a yr old Dell XPS One all in one with the following setup Windows upgraded from Windows several months ago TB Seagate Baracuda SATA Drive - w operating system installed on it GB mSATA LITEON SSD - configured by Dell to be used as a caching drive using Intel Smart Reponse Technology i - OS processor Computer was functioning without issue until I received this error on startup Black screen, BIOS inaccessible after hard drive swap one day quot NOTICE - Hard Drive SELF MONITORING SYSTEM has reported that a Black screen, BIOS inaccessible after hard drive swap parameter has exceeded its normal operating range Dell recommends that you back up your data regularly A parameter out of range may or may not indicate a potential hard drive problem Strike the F key to continue F to run the setup utility quot Striking F or F would do nothing If I hit F and tried to run the Dell diagnostics on the hard drive it would immediately return the same error I could not bring up option to boot in safe mode either Basically any action I tried would bring me back to this same error I assumed the error was due to the TB SATA driving failing and purchased a new TB Western Digital Black SATA drive to replace it with After removing the TB SG drive and replacing it with the TB WD drive I powered up the computer and received the same error again This time though I was able to load the boot menu via F which I could not do previously I attempted to change the boot order so that the computer would boot from the Windows recovery USB drive that I had from Dell but I could not get this to load In the process of trying to boot the computer from the USB drive I changed the boot mode from quot UEFI Boot Mode quot to quot Legacy BIOS boot mode quot I m pretty sure this is the point I tried this but it could have been later After making this change I got an error that there was no hard disk detected or no bootable drive something to that affect and was told to press Ctrl I This brought me into the Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Option ROM - screen Here I could not select any options except exit Create RAID volume delete RAID volume etc were all unselectable The new WD drive was listed with a Status of quot Non-RAID Disk quot and the GB SSD was listed with a status of quot SMART Event quot This lead me to think maybe the SSD drive was the actual culprit so I then removed the SSD drive leaving only the new WD SATA drive in place of note I never accessed this screen with the old TB SATA drive so I don t know if a SMART event was associated with that drive but I assume it is highly unlikely both drives failed simultaneously Restarting the computer with this setup I no longer recived the quot Self-monitoring system quot error but instead got a Blue Screen error that my PC ran into a problem and needed to restart with the error code quot Inaccessible Boot Device quot It restarted on it s own gave this same error a nd time then restarted again gave a new blue screen error that unfortunately I cannot recall as it only stayed on the screen for a few seconds restarted again then the screen went black and I could not load anything at all I then removed the new WD drive and installed the original TB SG SATA drive thinking that maybe the SSD was indeed the problem since removing it got rid of the quot self-monitoring system quot error When I did that however I still got a black screen on startup The computer is definitely receiving power the monitor appears to function can flip between HDMI source or PC source and see those options displayed on the screen but the Dell logo no longer shows and all the function keys do nothing The motherboard does not make any loud audible beeps but makes several more muted dull beeps on startup if that makes sense I wouldn t even call them q... Read more
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I got a 'windows root system hal dll missing or corrupt' error message on external drive missing/corrupt, hard inaccessible system32/hal.dll my laptop Nothing using the recovery disc worked and reinstalling was not an option so I got an enclosure and hooked up the hard drive to my desktop to try to fix it that way The computer recognizes the extra drive but I can't get in to it It says it's 'not formatted would you like to format now' Well no I don't want to system32/hal.dll missing/corrupt, external hard drive inaccessible lose anything This is what I wanted to attempt to do- Display contents of system folders Show Hidden Files and Folders UN-check Hide Protected OS Files Go to D open Boot ini in NOTEPAD remove the Extra OS system32/hal.dll missing/corrupt, external hard drive inaccessible s added with option Close and Save changes to Boot ini Go to My Computer Right click on D select SEARCH D Search All or Part of the File Name hal Hal dll may or may not be found in D WINDOWS System either way it s no good A working copy of hal dll WILL be found in C WINDOWS ServicePackFiles i COPY THAT FILE D WINDOWS ServicePackFiles i hal dll And Paste it to D WINDOWS System folder if it asks to overwrite say YES It's the only thing left I haven't tried but how do I access the drive Is there a way to backup the files and then format Is the hard drive just totally This seems to be a very common problem with XP but no one has any answers Also when I checked 'Properties' on the drive it said 'File System RAW' I don't know what to do

A:system32/hal.dll missing/corrupt, external hard drive inaccessible

found this
What to do if HAL is missingDid you ever get an error message that says "HAL.DLL is missing or corrupt"? HAL is the Hardware Abstraction Layer; this is the operating system component that XP uses to interact with the hardware. If this file is really missing or corrupt, you won't be able to boot into XP. Often, though, this message appears when the real problem is a misconfiguration of your BOOT.INI file (the file that tells XP's boot process where to find important files.) If you get this message, try the following before you resort to reinstalling XP: Boot from your XP installation CD. Press the R key when you're given the option. R=Repair. Press the number that designates the installation of XP that you want to repair (if you only have one instance of the operating system, this will be 1). Type bootcfg /list This shows you the entries in your BOOT.INI file. To repair the file, type bootcfg /rebuild Type Exit
for raw
in disk management run the error check on the drive
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Greetings to you at Bleeping Computer On Saturday June th I installed a new and larger Western Digital hard drive I downloaded Acronis True Image WD Edition software from Western Digital's website and used it to clone my old hard drive onto my new hard drive I removed the old hard drive My computer is about years old it is running Windows Vista Home Premium Now when I try to open Windows Mail the following happens I get a window titled Windows Mail Storage Recovery that says Recovering the Windows Mail Database That window disappears and I now get a window titled WinMail exe that says Windows mail could not be started The application was unable to open the Windows Mail message store Windows Mail was unable to locate its message database If you've Mail Cloned Hard wont & Installed open Drive - New Windows move the database files to a new location click OK to Reset the database path to that location Otherwise click Cancel to proceed any existing messages found will be available under Orphaned Accounts x I click on the OK button and I get a Window titled Browse for Folder which already has the Windows Mail folder highlited I click on the OK button and I get a Window titled WinMail exe that says Windows Mail could not be started The application was unable to open the Windows Mail Message Store Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full x I click on the OK Installed & Cloned New Hard Drive - Windows Mail wont open button and I get a Window titled Windows Mail that says Windows Mail could not be started because MSOE DLL could not Installed & Cloned New Hard Drive - Windows Mail wont open be initialiized When I click on the OK button the window closes I currently have GB of RAM and GB of free space on my Hard Drive so I don't think that I am running out of memory or that my disk is full This is the first time I have ever Cloned a drive are there typically problems after cloning a drive Another thing I noticed was when I was trying to search it wasn't finding some files I know are there Should I Rebuild my index Please help

A:Installed & Cloned New Hard Drive - Windows Mail wont open

Well...a cloned drive is an exact programs that worked before should work on the cloned drive, assuming no drive problems.  I'd have to assume that problems now...were problems before the clone was made.
Why did you change drives and clone?
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link.
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Hey all I recently upgraded from Windows to Windows and I'm loving it EXCEPT for this one problem I'm "Local Hard Disk" External inaccessible, Drive becomes having Immediately after I upgraded my external hard drive WD Ext HDD TB was missing from quot External Hard Drive inaccessible, becomes "Local Disk" My Computer quot I never had any problems with this HDD before I upgraded and the file-system is NTFS The external drive is visible in Disk Management however there is no letter assigned Right clicking on the drive's partitions in Disk Management shows every option grayed out except for quot Delete Volume quot Upon seeing this I attempted to use diskpart to assign a new letter however in diskpart the partition type is listed as quot unknown quot and when I attempt to assign a letter diskpart says quot there is no volume specified quot Listing volumes in diskpart only seems to list the volumes on my internal drive not the external one After reading some articles on similar problems I tried using the program quot MiniTool Partition Wizard quot to assign a new drive letter and it seemed to work The drive showed up in quot My Computer quot with the correct name and letter with all my data intact In Disk Management all the drive options were still grayed out but because I could access my drive I figured the problem was solved However after a short amount of time the drive became inaccessible In quot My Computer quot the drive's name changed from quot cmluepke tb external F quot to quot Local Disk F quot Clicking on quot Local Disk quot results in an error message At this point in time I can use quot MiniTool Partition Wizard quot to assign a new letter but after a variable amount of time - minutes the drive will become unavailable again Other things I have tried in order to solve this problem used many different USB ports plugged the external HDD's power cord directly into the wall rather than into power cord uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the HDD and for USB Mass Storage Device in Device Manager checked bios couldn't find options pertaining to the external drive ran chkdsk I have read into similar cases and heard that quot Delete Volume quot should fix the problem however I don't currently have a way to back up this much data I simply don't have space for tb of stuff anywhere else If that is really the only way to fix it I understand I just figured I'd check and make sure there wasn't anything else I could try before I delete and reformat Anyway sorry for the long post Let me know if you need any more information or if you have any ideas of things I could try

A:External Hard Drive inaccessible, becomes "Local Disk"

I had this exact same problem with a 16GB Toshiba thumb-drive a few days ago.
I'd been having heat-related shutdowns, and believe this to be what caused the issue in the first place.
Deleting the volume, then re-creating it allowed me to format and assign a drive-letter.
But yes, I did lose the (non-critical - a recorded TV show) data.
I'm not aware of any other 'fixes'.
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So the machine I am working with is a consumer line Dell Inspiron E with Windows XP Media Center and the latest A bios It came with a GB sata hard drive that was almost full and wanted to upgrade to a larger drive I grabbed a brand new Seagate GB hard drive I booted up Acronis and attempted to clone to from a GB drive to a GB Everything looked perfect It saw all four partitions from the source drive and once done showed that for the destination as well I shut off the computer install the new hard and proceed to boot The computer attempted it. Virus cloned of Disk drives. Permanently HPA Locks Modifies damaging and hard Hard to boot but then received a stop x b error unmountable boot volume for those unfamilar Common issue when cloning disk so Virus Permanently Modifies HPA of Hard Disk cloned and Locks it. damaging hard drives. I proceeded to boot to an XP disk so I could repair the Windows install Once it booted up I noticed the drive was shown as a GB hard drive the brand new GB drive I restarted the machine checked the bios and it saw the drive as a GB hard drive I pulled the drive and hooked it to four other machine that all stated the disk was now a GB hard drive We checked disk management booted to several hard drive testing tools and even poped it into a linux environment Virus Permanently Modifies HPA of Hard Disk cloned and Locks it. damaging hard drives. The drive had been Permanently changed to a GB disk To my disbelief I started investigating I tried another GB new hard drive this time with ghost booted from win Same process everything seemed perfect Reboot dosnt start I check the BIOS This drive as well has been Permanently changed to a GB Keep in mind at this point the original hard still boots perfect Goes to Windows just low on disk space Next attempt I try to clone the drive in a different environment to rule out the possibility the machine was causing the issue I pulled the hard drive and grabbed yet another hard drive i have two I need to RMA now I cloned the disk using a Windows based Ghost and it succeeded as well I looked through the partitions and data and everything looked fine I loaded the disk into the machine and got an quot XLDR ATA Error quot I decided to go straight to bios and the replacement drive GB this time is alos a GB hard drive I have now bricked three perfectly working hard drives I have formatted diskparted and everything else inbetween I had to find out what the problem and decided to dig a little deeper I took one of the GB cloned drives I had and I grabbed a copy of MHDD and proceeded to check the drive out After a little digging I found out that HPA had been modified to show this smaller size I had found where it recognized the full limit of the drive The command NHPA resets the drive back to it native max address limit IT attempted to run but failed I tried to unlock the drive and that didnt work either I tried a tool to manually set the sector count back to it s original size and that failed as well So that s most of the story Here are some details Iv e discovered The problem persist once the drive is inserted into the machine and turned on Once cloned the cloned drive shows a RAW filesystem I have used different branded drives and sized drives Western Digital GB Seagate GB Samsung GB It changes the drives serial number to quot j quot where is often random letters or numbers Orginal Drive Sector Count - Cloned Drive Sector Count - Please ask any questions that you need I am trying a few more things to see if I can get this working I have also found this fourm that is about pages long unresolved that may be helpful In the fourm they talk about a Dell Media Direct issue that im more than familiar with I don t think this is what is causing the issue as I have the latest BIOS A and I did the clone in another unit and the same thing still happened http www computerhope com forum index php topic htmlMy personal thought is that a boot sector virus is doing this Help me with your thoughts

A:Virus Permanently Modifies HPA of Hard Disk cloned and Locks it. damaging hard drives.

After some more research I have figured this out. I can post what the fix was if anyone is interested. It was NOT a virus, it was Dell Media Direct.
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First, sorry if I'm a little slow with some of this as I'm moderate with my computer knowledge.

Earlier today I had 517 gb of memory available in the C drive. I restarted my computer earlier today and once it restarted I saw I was down to 1.84 gb. I ran crap cleaner already and did a quick scan with malwarebytes but no answers.

I also noticed a new file listed named c:\END. When you open this with notepad it says "conduitok"

There also seems to be ads and a new toolbar listed in IE. Any ideas how to find out what the heck is going on here?


A:Hard Drive Memory disappearing and c:\END appearing in c drive


welcome to the forums. The c:\End you can right click and delete. I would run Malwarebytes (free edition) and adwcleaner.

Also look here

Remove toolbars in IE
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now im a computer tec and i know that memory cards and hdd are sold as quot base quot like gb mb to them instead of mb but im revisiting this question because i was looking into this for some time now and there are some people claiming thats its possible to use drive? memory drive/ on flash a to all Nearly Possibility hard use more then actual memory on these devices now i saw a thread a while back cant find it now though but these people say that its possible with some mods Possibility to use Nearly all memory on a flash drive/ hard drive? to get more memory out of your device now from what i remember this apparently does not go without risk They say if you push it too far you could damage your Drive card I believe this is possible because on Compact Disk and dvd's some drives have a quot overburn quot feature This overburn has a ability to burn a little past the standard limit at your own risk one more thisn i remember is that this was mainly done in the linux OS anyone know anything on the subject
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now im a computer tec and i know that memory cards and hdd are sold as quot base quot like gb mb to them instead of mb but im revisiting this question because i was looking into this for some time all drive? a drive/ use memory to Nearly flash Possibility on hard now and there are some people claiming thats its possible to use more then actual memory on these devices now Possibility to use Nearly all memory on a flash drive/ hard drive? i saw a thread a while back cant find it now though but these people say that its possible with some mods to get more memory out of your device now from what i remember this apparently does not go without risk They say if you push it too far you could damage your Drive card I believe this is possible because on Compact Disk and dvd's some drives have a quot overburn quot feature This overburn has a ability to burn a little past the standard limit at your own risk one more thisn i remember is that this was mainly done in the linux OS anyone know anything on the subject
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A few days ago my memory stick was used by a co-worker to save some files from another computer When it came back to me it was obviously infected with some kind of virus I have done a number of things deleted many exe files that had been saved to look like folders the folders have been hidden somehow some way other than Hide Folders ran McAfee Virus Scan on the memory stick and it did not find anything AVG free anti-virus nothing Anti-spyware programs Spybot Spywareblaster SuperAnti-Spyware AdAware Spyware Doctor -- all USB files [Moved] stick memory inaccessible infected, show nothing Just to be clear if there was a folder before that was named quot Photos quot now instead there was a EXE file with the name Photos exe I use Display USB memory stick infected, files inaccessible [Moved] Extensions so it was immediately obvious to me the virus had replaced my folders with itself All the file sizes of these exe files were exactly K There were about folders replaced this way which was all of USB memory stick infected, files inaccessible [Moved] them Now in the past when a similar virus has infected my USB all I needed to do was scan USB memory stick infected, files inaccessible [Moved] it with McAfee which would kill the virus one file at a time and then after that go to Explore Tools Folder Options View choose Show Hidden Files and Folders the virus had selected Do Not Show Hidden Files and Folders All the old folders which had been hidden would then reappear This time when I do that the lost folders don't reappear My first reaction was that they had been deleted by the virus However when I go to Explorer and right click on my USB memory stick drive it shows up as drive E there it shows mb used free on the memory stick I only had about mb of files left on this memory stick after deleting all the exe files As a double-check I also deleted everything else that was still left on the USB memory stick so there should be nothing left totally empty Well no Now when I right-click on the USB in Windows Explorer it shows mb used I think that the files were hidden on the USB in some new way that is not just hidden folders The virus may also have hidden itself in there but that's just speculation Any ideas how to fix this Any help would be appreciated I should tell you that I already sought advice on another tech forum and they just suggested trying programs called Flash Disinfector and ClamWin neither of which had any effect At this point the main problem is that the files on the memory stick are not accessible The virus has hidden them in some way other than Hide Files and Folders in Windows Explorer At my job I was able to 'explore' the memory stick using ACDSee's built-in explorer feature - and was able to see that the old folders at least are still there Later when I scanned it at home using ClamWin as it scanned I saw that it was scanning many of the old files I had on there SO the files and folders are still there Just not accessible So if you offer some help please first address this one of how to access the hidden files and folders and not how to run different kinds of anti-virus software If this behaves the way the previous virus did then deleting those exe files got rid of the virus already Also I think whatever is preventing Windows Explorer or most other programs from exploring the USB stick probably will also likely prevent any anti-virus spyware software from accessing the concealed files and folders The other forum where I asked about this seems to be stumped -- nobody is replying anymore about it at this point THanks for any help Billermo

A:USB memory stick infected, files inaccessible [Moved]

One more clue: I was able to use ACDSee to COPY the contents of the USB Memory stick via ACDSee and paste them into a new folder on the desktop. That worked to a degree. If I right click on that folder it shows it contains 167mb. However if I open it, nothign appears to be inside it.

In this case and in every case above, I have already tried goign into Windows Explorer: Tools: Folder Options: View: Show Hidden Files and Folders and clicked Apply and OK. Doing that has had no effect. Everythign remains hidden.
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First off PC specs AMD Phenom II x processor - Ghz GB DDR RAM Nvidia N GTX GFX card GB SanDisk SSD Windows bit So here is the problem I had a Western Digital GB SATA drive that was starting to quit on me So using an Ubuntu live CD I cloned the gig drive onto the gig drive I only had used approx GB on the old drive so had LOTS of free space It seemed to clone fine and after removing the old drive the computer booted up fine no errors running super fast Windows also recognizes it as a solid state drive it doesn't show up in the defrag list However I just noticed that it's showing the space on the drive as incorrect It shows up as GB free of GB so pretty much the same size as the old drive the motherboard's bios shows it correctly and my linux CD shows it correct as well Any way I can fix this in windows without a reinstall of the OS

A:Problem after having cloned drive. (showing incorrect space on drive)

Maybe you can try to clone with Macrium free
Try loading defaults in BIOS
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I messed up by making a cloned SATA drive instead of just doing an image back up. Now, because it's recognized as a real system drive, I can't get to it to make it a backup drive with an image vice a clone.

A:How do I change a cloned SATA drive to use as a backup drive

Sorry to hear you are having issues Beaner...

Not sure how politically correct that name is either... LOL!

I messed up by making a cloned SATA drive instead of just doing an image back up.

What application did you use to make this "Clone"?

Now, because it's recognized as a real system drive, I can't get to it to make it a backup drive with an image vice a clone.

Can you boot into your OS? If yes, can you see both the old HDD and the Cloned HDD? If you can positivly ID the cloned drive just format it and start again!

I can give you more details once you give me more details!
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I'm just wondering why my hard drive memory increased from installing a game (Fate)?
It went from 44 gb to 44.4 gb, is there a reason to this?

A:my hard drive memory went up

Which one went up, the free space or the used space?
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Well I got all my info backed up finally thanks to you guys here, and now I have a new hard drive to install. At the store I also bought my self a new stick of memory. And my question is should I install the mem or the hd first, the same time or does it matter?


Win 98 2nd
600 Mhz Proc
192 ramm

A:Hard Drive VS Memory

I see no problem with doing them both at the same time
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Hey, this is my first post so please bear with me.......
My hard drive memory is really low. I regularly clear my temp files which improves matters a little but not conclusively. I really cant understand why it is so low as i use an alternative drive for storing all large files such as music and photos, and do not play games so have no large programs installed. its showing 9% free but it should be over 50% i think.
I would be very grateful for some help here. Many thanks

A:low hard drive memory

Three things to do to find the cause
Update your anti virus, then run a full scan
Download, update and make a full scan with malwarebytes

If Negative

Take memtest
Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums

If memory is ok test with clean boot
same for Vista
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I am running windows xp on a hp pavillion desk top
A friend is sending me another hard drive and some more memory.
Can I connect two hard drives or should I just keep the other as a spare.
Is memory the same as ram( a stick that I can just put into the slot)
I am not new at computers but I am not knowledgeable about this

A:Hard drive\memory

You can connect the hard disk together and you find a standard cable has a spare plug too. There is a small jumper to connect two pins together for you to select

(1) Master
(2) Slave
(3) Cable select

Some manufacturer has another setting for a master working alone. There should be small diagrams on the disk showing the three positions of the jumper.

Best way is put both hard drives on cable select. The one goes to the end plug is alway the master and the one to the middle plug is automatically a slave. With one drive only alway plug to the end of cable.

Ram is a solid state memory (no moving part) while hard disk is like a record player with moving parts. Both give storage but the latter is for large volume of data that does not disappear when you switch off the machine.
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I partition & formatted my hard drive, when I check to see memory on my computer icon, most of the memory is gone, how do I retrieve the memory back?

Relevancy 53.75%

I would like to install a new motherboard, CPU and memory in my current computer using my current hard drives and current Windows XP.

My question is, can I install the above items in my current case and just hook up my current hard drives and have my current configuration of Windows XP boot? Or will Windows XP not allow a boot up?

OR, if is install the MB, CPU and memory, will I have to reinstall XP?

Thanks for advice,

A:New MB, CPU, Memory and Old Hard drive

I believe that if you were just changing your cpu and ram, you would be OK to keep you're current copy of windows, however I have always had to do a new windows install when I have got a new mobo.
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Hi I would be work hard will new Disc Cloned machine not in very grateful if someone could help with this I recently cloned my hard disc which has Windows and Ubuntu Linux installed in order to transfer it to a new faster machine The software that I used would only clone the Windows partitions so I cloned them and then created partitions for the Linux distribution and installed it I then tested the new hard disc in the machine I had just used and found that the new hard disc behaved exactly like the old one I then transferred the clone to the new computer Cloned hard Disc will not work in new machine and when I started it up I got the menu offering me a choice between Windows and Ubuntu When I selected Ubuntu the new machine booted into Ubuntu but when I selected Windows it got as far as quot Starting Windows quot and the coloured quot bits quot started to move and then it stopped When I rebooted I got a choice between quot Boot Windows Normally quot and quot Run Startup Repair quot I chose the latter and after about minutes Windows announced that it could not repair the problem I then inserted the Windows installation disc and chose quot Repair Computer quot and selected the command prompt and 'bootrec fixmbr' which didn't work them I did quot bootrec fixboot quot that didn't work either Next I ran Paragon Rescue which said that it had fixed the problem but it hadn't - Windows still would not boot What is there left to try to get this machine running If anyone could help I would be very grateful

A:Cloned hard Disc will not work in new machine

chriscs, your problem is most likely that the drivers for the hardware on the old machine are trying to run the hardware on the new machine. That does not usually work very well. You are allways better off doing a clean install (Clean Install Windows 7)
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I am doing a favor for a friend. Her hard drive was failing so I cloned it using HD clone onto a new one.
Vista boots fine but none of the services seems to be running.

Upon starting you get the error message: windows cannot find c:\windows\SMINST\Components\scheduler\STService.exe
when I try to browse the files via windows explorer I get the error message "Class not registered"

When trying to open Word the error message:

Problem with shortcut "the windows installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance"

Basically besides the OS nothing can run

I tried running system repair off the vista recovery CD but it has not helped.

Any suggestions?

A:Multiple errors on cloned hard disk

Kinda sounds like the cloning process wasn't totally successful. What did you use to clone it?
Was it same brand HDD?
Was it larger or smaller than orig. boot HDD?

Lots of things could cause problems, including improper cylinder alignment, etc.
Some cloning prgms can really mess stuff up if don't know what ur doing.

The disk mfg will have simple cloning prgm, that should work for basic transfering all data from one disk to another.

BUT... if data on old disk is not ALL READABLE (IOW, the HDD is too far gone - esp. stuff from the OS), it'll never work right. The cloning prgm can only transfer what it can read.

You can try diff cloning software - I'd use the mfg's., then look on, for good, free HDD cloning software.
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Need help to find out when was the hard disk installed to the PC. In order to keep track of the hard disk life span.

Thank !
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Hi !
I am using IOmega EGo SuperSpeed 2.5 Inch 1 TB External Hard Disk .

I bought it something like 2 months ago, it was running fine till yesterday , but now whenever i connect it to my laptop, a windows message prompt gets prompt up saying "You need to format the disk in drive:G before you can use it."

i tried running CHKDSK but it didn't work, when i ran CHKDSK it said, "Unable to determine the volume version and state. CHKDSK Aborted

I surely can not format my drive as it contains some important data related to my studies and academics .
So plz tell what to do
Plz reply ASAP !!!!

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I'm using Windows 7 and I have four hard drives (C, D, F and G). They were all working fine until the D drive started having some problems so I decided to replace it before it failed. After replacing the drive I'm not longer able to access drives D or G. When I go to My Computer only C and F appear. I have tried restarting many times with the hard drives connected one at a time and with different combinations of hard drives connected, but I can only every get drives C and F to show up.

Please can someone suggest what I can do to get them accessible?


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Forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong forum Hopefully if I did a moderator will move it to the right place I've got a Dell Inspiron running Windows I just opened a my computer window and noticed that I have almost no space left on disappearing drive Hard memory is my C drive I've got GB free of GB down from GB left just a few weeks ago I have no clue how I've chewed up that much Hard drive memory is disappearing hard drive space This is my work computer and I don't use it for anything other than internet access and word processing I run Chrome and Word Perfect for word processing The only data intensive folder I have is My Pictures and it's got about GB At the same time it shows I've got GB free of GB on my D drive local disk So here are my questions Does anyone have any idea why I'm losing so much space on my C drive I don't have a lot of stuff loaded on this computer and certainly my Word Perfect documents aren't gobbling up that much space Can Hard drive memory is disappearing I move folders into the D drive to start using space there

A:Hard drive memory is disappearing

Have you recently run a disk cleanup tool? There is one built into Windows. Type "Disk Cleanup" into the start button search box.

Windows gradually gets larger to some extent through updates. But mine is under 30 GB and always has been.

How much space do you have allotted to System Restore. That can be reduced to save space if needed.

Do you use hibernation? If not, you can turn it off and save gigabytes equal to the amount of RAM you have.

Are C and D on the same hard drive? If so, you can in effect take space from D and give it to C.

You can also save files to D directly, but that probably would involve some manipulation of your "user" folders.

How large is your C:\users folder?

If possible, post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.
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My wife's ACER 5100 has lately slowed WAY down. It takes forever to boot and do anything. When it does finish booting the memory is 80% used up and the hard drive light is constantly flashing... I ran CCleaner and Easy Cleaner, as well as a full system virus scan. Any clue what the problem could be and how to fix it? I have attached the hijackthis log, but after that have no clue
Thanks for any suggestions.


A:Memory is all used up and hard drive ia always busy,,,

I see in your log that she has pcap installed. This is used legitimately in network monitoring/diagnosis software to capture info flowing across the wire. If you have never installed such software, I would deem it suspicious, as capturing network traffic can reveal account #s and other juicy things of interest to hackers.
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Have a question regarding how to get memory off of external drive. I want to delete all memory from my hard drive. How do I do this? Thanks.

Relevancy 53.32%

I've just had a Corsair SATA 120Gb hard drive installed in my new computer. Trouble is when I checked how much memory I've got it said that it's only 111Gb in total with 67Gb free! I understand that a big chunk of memory would be taken up with basic systems memory, but it said I only have a drive with 111Gb in TOTAL, not the 120Gb as it says on the box! Can anyone explain where all the memory's gone?

A:Missing Hard Drive Memory?

For the record, memory and hard drive space are two separate things. That being said, hard drives have always had lower actual sizes than advertised. For years, the explanation was printed on the sides of the boxes, but it's become common knowledge, so the warnings typically aren't printed anymore.

A gigabyte isn't 1000 megabytes, it's 1024 megabytes. A megabyte isn't 1000 kilobytes, it's 1024....and so on. 111 GB of actual space on a 120 GB drive is normal.
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I've been having a problem like so many others with mysteriously disappearing hard drive space It has been rather full for most of the time I've had it i have lots of music and pictures but it's never been an issue Lately though it's been in the red the least amout of disk space i've had is something GB left help! Drive Memory. Disappearing Hard please of I tried deleting programs deleting restore points disk cleanups and that Disappearing Hard Drive Memory. please help! sort of thing like everyone else has suggested and it seemed to work for a time and then I ran a disk defrag Disappearing Hard Drive Memory. please help! and all the sudden more and more memory was disappearing each time i would refresh the window I stopped the defrag deleted some more stuff and it seems to be stable at I was wondering what exactly I can get rid of to get more memeory I am not very computer illiterate and am afraid of deleting files and programs I need and was wondering why in general my memory was filling each time i would refresh the page It's a dell inspiron with vista home basic if that helps Thanks so much

A:Disappearing Hard Drive Memory. please help!

First lets be sure that the memory is being used for legit purppses
Run a full Anti Virus Scan
Download and run a full and updated malwarebytes
How to Fix Shrinking Disk Space in Vista ? My Digital Life
applicable to Vista
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i have been having lots of problems with my hard drive C and D drives .it tells me my hard drives are full even after i have defraged it ! can anyone help me?

Relevancy 53.32%

Somehow adding 1Gb mem (2x512Mb) causes my PC to either reboot spontaneously or not see my HD at bootup.

I remove the additional mem and it boots and runs fine (note: running with just the two new sticks is fine as well).

The bios is reading all new mem correctly at POST.

A:Adding memory -> can't see Hard Drive?

It's obvious that the two sets of memory are not going to play well together.
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With reports from Computex 2007, several prototype products were coming out. One was PQI's "Flash Hard Drive 256 GB". I suppose this is similar to SSD. Anyway, if you use Flash HDD or SSD, do we have need for traditional Memory in their conventional slot then?

A:FLASH HARD DRIVE to do away with memory?

Considering that a flash drive has a latency of ~100000 ns versus ~50ns of DDR2 RAM and you have ~100MB/s throughput versus ~6000MB/s of DDR2..
Relevancy 53.32%

I'm using Windows 7.
My D: Drive has 11.6 GB of space. It says that it is now 98.6 MB free of 11.6 GB. However, the contents inside the drive only add up to 1.26 GB. How do I fix this problem?

A:Solved: Hard Drive Memory

Used TreeSize Free to find out the other 10 GB.
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Hello guys ,I wonder if someone can help me.I bought a laptop few days ago ,OS windows 7and 320 GB hard drive,I am losing so much memory more than 35 GB so far without instaling any thing on it ,I just did the recovery disc thing when I started ,I'd love to know where did this memory go ?thanks

A:hard drive memory loss

Why is this thread marked Solved? Did you find the solution to your question?
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I am struggling with my hard drive memory on my laptop.

Im really struggling because I am unable to do things on my laptop now.

I have an acer aspire 4920 Laptop. Intel core 2 duo processor T5250, I have 120GB of memory. 1.5GHz, 867 MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache. 2GB RAM. Thats all I know really.

In My C Drive I have 49.5GB of space and only have 2.93GB of space left.
In my D Drive I have 49.5GB of space and only have 6.92GB of space left.

I only have like 20GB at the most of music and photos etc but have hardly any hard drive memory left. What is happening to the rest of my hard drive memory???

I would like to know what to do to free memory up on my hard drive???

I dont understand why I have this problem of lack of space If I hardly have any media stored on.

Please could someone help me.

Relevancy 53.32%

Just bought an external hard drive with 160GB memory. I tried to download all of my present hard drive file 32GB to the external one. It transfered 4GB and then I got an error message saying "you have either run out of space or the backup file is too large for the disk. Note, if the disk is formatted with FAT32 the maximum possible size for the backup file is limited to 4GB."
I have no idea what all of this means. Can you help me? I have windows XP.

Relevancy 53.32%

I'll soon be installing 2 additional memory chips, an extra parallel port and a second hard drive in my Compaq Presario 5461 with Win98-v2 OS. I want to do this all at the same time.

I've read that whenever something like that is done, I should back up everything, and make note of all my BIOS settings BEFORE I even open up the tower to install the new components.

Is this true?

Where do I find and record the BIOS settings for my Compaq??

A:Installing Memory and Hard Drive

When you bootup your computer, it'll usually say something like "Hit DEL to enter Setup" during the RAM count. This would be the BIOS. As for whther to backup, yes!!!!!!! There's a good chance a screwup will happen, whether your fault or not.

Just remember, i could be wrong.
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I m in the process of fixing a horribly infected computer so the most logical thing to do is to reformat but the Hard Memory Missing drive problem is after the reformatation i found that the other partitions were infected and to make matters worse they re-infected to my surprise the partition i JUST formatted virus scan of the reformatted partition showed approx Missing Hard drive Memory virues bugs trojans so the genius in me thought that i could just delete those partitions and Missing Hard drive Memory re-allocate them into the c drive and then reformat again when i tried that the d e other probably infected partitions did NOT became unallocated space instead they just disappeared so when i look at the windows setup reformation screen it only recognizes my C drive to be active even when i use various other programs to look for the other partitions they exist and can be restored but only to replace the C and will not recognize the full hard drive memory of gigs Currently my computer stands at this status C gigs Recognized allocated windows xp installed cleaned of viruses because d e are missing D gigs missing windows xp installed inactive used to originally take out important files after the initial virus issue c drive did not have enough memory to carry another copy of Windows XP probally still virus e gigs missing just memory probally still viruses Of the gig hard drive only recognized So my problems is i m missing gigs it should have been unallocated space when i deleted the D E drives but they re not there how can i restore the D E Drive or re-partition them into c I will write in the stats of the computer later but generally it s an old computer approx - years old don t remember nbsp

A:Missing Hard drive Memory

If all else fails, reformat with Fdisk. Check your disk manager (start>control panel>administrative tools>computermanagement>disk Management), and do a print screen.
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A friend of mine has a Maxtor 120gb hard drive that has beem formated and reformateded and also partitioned. The problem is this-- He recently had a new computer built and took this drive out and had it installed in his new box BUT the drive now will only seem to format to 40gb. No matter what he does it will not go back to 120 gb. Any ideas what is going on? He sure doesn't want buy another new H/D.

A:Solved: Hard drive memory

What are the specs of the new system?
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I just installed WINXP PRO on my fujitsu lifebook c4230 laptop, and I'd like to add or upgrade more memory on it because it's still running slow. i installed xp from a clean slate and deleted WIN98 permanantly. As I was searching thru google for memory. I found something called "Memory" and another called "Hard Drive" What should I buy to get more memory on my laptop so windowsXP can perform flawlessly and open my programs in a snap! Below is a few information specs I got from the system information.

Total Physical Memory: 64.00 MB
Available Physical Memory: 9.75 MB
Total Virtual Memory: 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory: 1.96 GB

What's the difference between physical and virtual memory? and what's the difference netween memory and hard drive?

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I would like to upgrade my hard drive to a SSD and also upgrade memory. I have a HP model 15-g010dx laptop/

A:Upgrade memory and hard drive to ssd

Roozell Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Both are certainly doable. Here is the Maintenance and Service Guide for your laptop: Memory and drive information are on page 2. As to memory, there is only one slot, and it will hold a memory stick up to 8GB. As to SSD, any 2.5" SSD should work without problems. The Easiest way to migrate to an SSD is to use one with the same capacity as your hard drive, connect the SSD to the laptop using a USB-to-Hard-Drive cable, and use a "cloning" app to migrate the contents of the HDD to the SSD. When this is done, all you have to do is then swap the SDD for the HDD in the laptop. My personal recommendation is to use a third party tool known as Macrium Reflect to do the cloning. What I recommend is the following:1) Download and install Macrium Reflect (MR)2) Connect the new drive to the PC using a USB drive adapter3) Follow the instructions in this link: Shutdown the PC when done5) Swap the drives and reboot the PC. You should boot from the new drive without any problems. Good Luck
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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with a 60 gig hard drive and 1 gig of memory. I run AutoCad and do drawings for my cabinet shop and the hard drive is almost full. If I bought a new 320 gig hard drive what's the best way to transfer the data? The only discs I have are the ones Dell sent with the original CPU. I have read in other posts that there is some times a problem reloading the operating system if you don't have the original retail installation disc.I have Carbonite service but I don't know if that will help or not.
Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I've been building cabinets for 30 years but I'm only 7 years old in computer.