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Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R

Q: Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R

I purchased a refurbished HP blank DVD-R on music not 11 Windows Player will Media burn DC Core Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R Duo E GHz with a DVD -RW drive I am able to write music to a blank DVD-R using ImgBurn but Windows Media Player and will only write to a blank CD-R It will playback the DVD-R that I create on ImgBurn The DVD Device is HL-DT-ST Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R DVD RAM GH L The Operating System is XP Pro I had to purchase a DVD Decoder from Roxio in order to play a DVD movie in Windows Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R Media Player Is there something else that I need to purchase to write music on a blank DVD-R Or is there some setting that needs to be changed Someone suggested that WMP does not write to DVD-Rs but I have WMP on a PC with Vista and it writes to a blank DVD-R with no problem I wrote to the DVD-R on the Vista PC and I was able to read it on the XP Pro PC I just cannot write it on the XP Pro According to Microsoft WMP is supposed to write an audio file to a Data Disk nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R

1. I would check current firmware version for the DVD and look for a firmware update
> Use Nero Infotool to see current drive info incl. firmversion and look if updates available

2. See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters

3. You might also try a DVD+R disc

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Oh! i also just noticed you posted in the Introduce Yourself forum. Next time please post in the forum for topic
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I have been having this problem for weeks. I can't get my computer to burn music. I can burn data, not music. I usually burn with media player, but now when I try, it acts like it will, and then quits about 2 seconds later and goes back to how it would be if I never hit "start burn". I have already tried uninstalling the driver, and re-installing it, this didn't help. I have service pack 2, but what should I do? I couldn't look up anything on the microsoft website either....


A:Media Player won't burn music! HELP!!!!!

Have you tried reinstalling Windows Media Player?
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Im mad that my My Music folder is empty, how do i put my windows media player music in it? whenever i download music i just go to "Add to windows media player", how do i bring that to "My music", thx

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

i do it manually. if you right click the name of the song in your windows media player, and find the file location, go to that location, and manually dragndrop that file into your my music folder
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i tried to drag it but it wouldt let me

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

What version of Windows do you have and which version of WMP?

What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to put music files that are in My Music into the WMP library?
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Hi: I was trying to record from a radio station a recording of someone I know who has written a music piece and by mistake I saw urge and downloaded the program. When I realized I did not want this program, I deleted it. There was a message not to do it--that it would block other users from logging onto the computer (Which is a violation of the anti-trust laws) however, I did not listen and deleted the entire program from the program files. Now I cannot get any music from the radio site and it has blocked real player. MSN should be sued again.HELP!!!
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I have just bought on-line, will only transfer music files with Windows Media Player 10.   The instructions for the music player, Samsung YP-Z5, says that you can only transfer files to the player when Windows Media Player 10 is installed on the pc, which you have to instal with the installation CD.  I have Windows Media Player 11 and Media Monkey on my pc, that I use for my other music player and Windows Media Player 12 and Media Monkey on my laptop.  Does that mean that the version 11, I have on my pc will be rolled back to 10 then? isn't that going to mess up my music.  I don't understand why it is an older version of Windows Media Player as I can't use it on my laptop. Can anyone help please.
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trying to burn a cd through Windows media player as I always did (been about 6 months since last time without any problems)... it goes through all the motions and after done a window pops up says "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while burning the file to the disc" .. I tried differnt discs Maxell CD-R and a Memorex DVD-R both of which I have burned music onto the same batches before. I also played a music CD from the D driver and it payed music so it does work that way. I have had browser issues with IE11 and reverted back to IE9 just last week (below is the link to that forum discussion) I tried to get internet help with microsoft and had no luck with thier fix it tool. Can someone help me figure out what is going on here?

A:Windows media player won't burn cds

Have you tried using another program other than WMP? Try that, and if that doesn't work, it could be possible that the burning feature of your cd drive my be broke. A friend had lent me a spare CD/DVD burner of his for my build and while it reads discs just fine, burning doesn't work at all. It will appear to work but the disc never burns properly.
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Hi All; this is my first post. Hope you can help. Windows media player11 works great until I try to burn my "burn" list, then I get a message at top to connect to a recording device and restart burn. I have gone through the setup several times and both CD & DVD burner are set up as default on media player. I have also unistalled media pl ayer 11 back to the basic and reinstalled. Any suggestions

A:windows media player 11 won't burn CD's

Some things you can try:If you recently installed some burning software, uninstall it.Use the fix given on this Microsoft page.Use a different brand of CD/DVD.Clean the laser using one of those drive cleaning kits (or if it is a laptop, carefully wipe the laser with a soft dry cloth).Open the Device Manager (Start > Run > type "devmgmt.msc"). Locate the CD/DVD drive, right click on it and select "Uninstall". After it has uninstalled reboot the computer (it will be automatically reinstalled).
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I have been using windows media player to burn cd mixes for some time andd all of a sudden it isn't working properly. I click burn cd and it says burn complete but when i try and play cd it says blank cd. So i put the same cd back in the drive to try and re-burn and it says put in blank cd. I don't know what's wrong or what happened

A:windows media player won't burn cd's

Can you play or read other CDs?
Your drive may be deceased.
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Hi, all,

Up to a few months ago, I was able to burn CDs using Windows Media Player, but when I try now, it doesn't work. The mp3 files get written onto the CD, i.e., Windows Media Player makes it all the way through the CD-burning process, but whenever I try to play the CD in my car or (re)play it on my laptop, I don't get anything. Is there something wrong with my burner? drivers? Windows Media Player? Do you have any suggestions for (i) how to pinpoint the issue and then (ii) how to fix it?

If you need any additional info, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance!

A:Can't burn CDs with Windows Media Player

When you say they won't re-play in your laptop, is this the same computer that burned them, or a different computer?
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[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=4]Hello ~I have been downloading songs from 360 Share Pro and burning them to a CD using Windows Media Player with no problem until recently. I can listen to songs; just not burn them. I get the message:Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to the player.I am completing my on-line schooling as a Medical Transcriber so recently downloaded the Start Stop Universal Transcribing System onto my computer. I'm afraid to mess with anything so I sought out your advice.Also, my Start Stop Universal Transcribing System case files will play with Windows Media Player, but are not working with my transciber's foot pedal, which uses Real Time.Thank you for reading this,Rhonda ~

A:Can No Longer Burn Cd's With Windows Media Player

What you're going to have to do is use another burning software and see if you can still burn. Try DeepBurner It's FREE.Install it and then try to burn something. If you can burn, then you know it's the WMP with the problem. If you still can't burn anything, then it's probably an issue with drivers and (or) certain programs.
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Hello All,

I have the free limewire on my Computer. I have downloaded several songs & today I put them on Windows Media Player so that I could put them onto a CD. Well I formatted the CD & when I push Copy to CD this is what comes up.

Adaptec Easy CD Creator Plug-In
No CD recording devices found on your system

What's up with that my son has always copied things to CD's maybe MOM just doesn't know how.

I would appreciate any help I can get. My son has on here Directcd [Drive E] if that means anything.

Angie 67

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hello all...would love some help please..have done a search but cant find trying to burn a cd..i can drag my music to the box on the right/or click n add to burn list..but the start burn box wont light up..have tried everything i no.tried downloading new version,but said it cant because i have the latest version...any help would be greatly appreciated...ta..Z

A:windows media player wont burn

What is the source of the files? What is their format?
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Have 100's of oldies in there and can't get them to burn.
Have Windows XP Home.
Music was down loaded for disc I purchased over the years.
After I have selected a "Playlist" it starts to burn it then stops and says it cant finish process.
I tried several different free media programs and also have Nero Express.
Nothing worked.
Finally was told to try Itunes.
It would only transfer a 1/4 of the music. It burned a disc from that just fine so my hardware is working.
I think that Windows has protected the rest of the music that would not transfer.
How do I get around that?

A:Windows Media Player wont let me burn CD

What format are these files, mp3 or something else? Are you trying to burn a regular audio CD?

Try burning again with Nero, save the error log and post the log, but edit out the line with the Nero product key.
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for some reason when i download music from youtube and convert them to mp3's the mediaplayer wont burn the tells me an error has occurred....and neither does burnerxp wont do it i bought this thingy called eSan Audio CD burner and it worked once...and im trying to make a music cd to listen to when i go fishing at 4 in the morning tomorrow and i cant because it says it burning but the disc drive wont eject..and its not giving me any results or nothing....

A:Windows Media Player Wont Burn?

Downloading music is illegal, but, purely educational purposes... You could import the music into an iTunes playlistand try burning it (the playlist) with iTunes. Or, maybe try using a different CD, perhaps that one is defective. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it for free from Apple's Website, it's a great media manager.
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Hi there I am uncertain whether this has been asked before however I recently approximately month ago Purchased a new Laptop with Windows CD's Solved: Media Player 12 Burn Windows won't Bit O S and Windows Media Player pre-loaded Windows Media Player has no problems with playing all my music however now I Solved: Windows Media Player 12 won't Burn CD's ve finally decided I wanted to burn some music onto CD s and when I ve attempted to do so the following error message has come up quot WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER CANNOT BURN SOME OF THE FILES TO INVESTIGATE THE PROBLEM CLICK THE ICON NEXT Solved: Windows Media Player 12 won't Burn CD's TO THE FILES IN THE BURN LIST quot When this happens I hit ok as there is never any option other than troubleshoot help which have never provided answers as to why this is happening After doing so there is never any icon next to any of the song s I tried to burn to my CD It also comes up saying burn complete I have currently tried using other Blank CD s and I end up with the same result Now I have contemplated whether uninstalling Windows Media Player would resolve the issue however I would rather not at this stage as I am uncertain whether this would resolve it and would rather be certain by finding out off others Mainly because I don t want to spend odd minutes only to find I am still in the same situation So if any one could kindly give some feedback as to how I could resolve this issue or verify that uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Media Player will resolve the issue it would be greatly appreciated also I have a CD DVD Burner Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: Windows Media Player 12 won't Burn CD's

The error would seem to indicate some of the files cannot be burned. Typical cause would be some of the files contain DRM of some sort.

Try a different burning application.
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With help from this website, I was able to detect and remove a virus that made my keyboard skip and allowed pop-ups to happen even tho I had blockers on.
I'm a happy camper cause my PC is working fine now - except - I can't burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player. I can burn one using iTunes, but not WMP. I have always used WMP to burn my audio CDs since I've had PC without problems.
This CD drive can play all my CDs - just can't burn one

Also, I can back up data files using this CD drive.
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i can play wavs on windows media player11 but cant burn them . a thing comes up can;t open i can burn everthing but wavs

A:windows media player 11 can't burn wavs

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

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I put a blank cd in the cd drive and it's not recognizing it because the start burn button is grayed out. Somebody please help me!

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Trying to burn songs from my computer to a CD-R. Apparently I removed the 1st CD when it was only 99% finished. That was hours ago. I have shutdown which required that I "force Media Player" to shutdown. Now when I try to burn another CD I get this message: "WMP cannot burn to the disc because the drive is in use. Wait a few minutes for other burning tasks to comlete & then try again." I've waited hours. I've forced a shutdown. I've restarted and shutdown again and left my PC off for about 10 minutes. I've reinserted the CD that was 99% finished when I inadvertently removed the CD. I've tried a new CD. I've tried to reburn the same tunes. Also, there is nothing on the CD at all. Thanks for your help.

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Hi - Iam having touble audio Windows Media Player burn won't burning audio files from my windows media player it begins to burn and then I get a bubble from my task bar that warns about low disk space The burning only goes for anywhere from one to five songs worth then stops When I click on those that didn t burn I get a window that reads quot Windows Media Player cannot burn the files because there is not enough free disk space to store the temporary files Delete some unneeded files on your hard disk and then try again quot I did this and when I Windows Media Player won't burn audio go to my computer it shows Local Disk C Total Size GB Free Space KB Local Disk D Total Size GB Free Space GB After I had removed files the difference showed in Disc C also when I go to properties of Disc C it shows no free space so I don t know which is correct I have bought an external hard drive and that doesn t seem to have Windows Media Player won't burn audio helped How do I sove the problem Windows Media Player won't burn audio -- where do I need to make space -- and is there a way to do it that I am unaware of HELP I need to resove this as quickly as possible as it is affecting my business And thank you in advance for any help you can give nbsp

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I am running windows 7 home premium 64
I am using Windows Media Player 12 an trying to see what cds have been previously burned, is there any kind of log or history file or temporary burn file that I might be able to check that will tell me?
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Hi I have an Hp Pavillion 8.1 64 Bit 4 gig memory. My windows media player does everything fine but it won't burn cd's. I have tried fixing any errors by running CKHDK scan. I tried doing the windows fix on the windows help pain and noting.

Can someone please give me a hand


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Hi I am trying to move document files and music files from a Dell to a Mac computer I wanted to convert WMA files to MP files burn them to a CD and move to the Mac I thought I figured out how to change them to MP s but after checking some box off somewhere they were still showing up as won't Media Player troubleshooting? My Windows WMA files Plus my CD player won t allow me to burn I used to be able to burn with it and not sure why it won t any more I build a list to burn put a blank Memorex CD-R MB CD in the player I hear it start spinning in My Windows Media Player won't troubleshooting? the left side My Windows Media Player won't troubleshooting? pane of the WM window it reports burning in progress but nothing is happening on the list side that it is starting to burn Then it disappears and I get a message that there are no items on the CD Well I know that I just put a blank CD in I am not clicking on the Rip button so I know it is not that Any suggestions Thanks adam nbsp

A:My Windows Media Player won't troubleshooting?

I forgot to mention...I checked the free space on the hard drive, and I have 21GB still free. So I know it isn't that.

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My sons laptop was down and I wanted to put a new AV programme on. The only way I could think of was to download AVG onto MY pc, and then burn it to disc. The only burning programme I have is Windows Media Player which burns music fine but I was stuck as to what to do with dragging and burning this programme onto disc.

If Windows Media Player does not burn programmes, then what free programme is recommended for XP that doesnt take up much space?

A:can windows media player burn programmes?

You can burn to a CD in Windows XP and DVD in later versions without 3rd party software.Example for Windows XP:
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After much trouble getting Windows Media Player to "see" several music files, I finally was able to burn a CD for use on a common stereo player. All tracks are short because they are simply sound effects for use on stage. I create a burn list of 1Music, 2Music, etc., through 25Music. I end up with 1Music through 23Music, but short the other two.

I'm getting panicky in that I must have these for play rehearsal soon. Please help.

A:Windows Media Player refuses to burn more than 23 tracks

Try CDBurnerXP. It's free and intuitive to use. Don't worry about the "XP" in the name. It's regularly updated and works on Vista/W7/W8

Edit: To burn a standard audio CD just select Audio Disc then drag and drop the files on. It can convert mp3 and flac on the fly.
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I have a brand new laptop which I've burned a couple of cd's with using Windows Media Player.   Last week I tried to record music on a DVD-R and wasn't successful (of course).  I then bought the correct disk, a CD-R, but now the default burn setting is on Data Disk, and it won't record music in the 'Audio CD' format.  Please advise how to change this default setting.  Many thanks!

A:Changing Burn Format on Windows Media Player

I don't use this program but since you say machine is new I will guess win7 with media player 12
Here is tutorial
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I have been burning discs for a while and have recently started using Memorex CD-R discs. Today I tried to burn a disc and for the third time in windows media player, it has completed but when I try to play it in a cd player or in the car - it does nothing and only shows one track. No errors occur when I burn it and there is plenty of room left on the disc. However, the process occurs quite quickly so maybe this is part of the problem. I really don't know.

Can anyone help me solve the problem?
I would really appreciate any help received.
Thanks in advance

A:Windows media player won't burn audio cd's properly

Try different burning software, CDBurnerXP and InfraRecorder are both good freeware programs.
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This didn't happen before, then it recently started only letting me burn certain cd's, now it wont let me burn any at all without the sound going awful and crackly. I'm not running any programs in the background and my disk drive isn't damaged. Does anyone know how i can fix this problem it would be really helpful? All the other sounds on my computer are working fine.
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So, I haven't had any problems before, but now I just don't know what's happening. Let's say I take a few songs and try to burn them onto a blank Memorex CD-R disc. Once all files were burned to the disc, I could listen to it anywhere. But now, I can't unless the radio/CD player has the MP3 capability. On my old boombox, it skips the songs, until it just stops. But when I put the CD onto a computer or my dad's CD player, it works fine. How can I make it work everywhere else?

By the way, didn't know where exactly to post this, which is why I posted it here.
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I have Windows Media Player for Windows 7 and when trying to burn a CD I get a box saying the player can't record some of the tracks and to check the icons next to them to investigate the problem. However, there are no icons next to any of the tracks. The first time I burned a disc there were a couple with icons next to them and apparently there were licensing issues, so I deleted everything that had an icon next to it and didn't have a problem for the past several discs I've burned. But now I'm getting this box again with no icons and although every one of the songs on the burn list have either been ripped from CDs or downloaded from Amazon. I've read all the other posts on similar problems but don't see one on this specific issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Note-I reset my PC to manufacturers settings in December I did this to clear out all the junk that had accumulated on my PC over the years since I bought it It s a Compaq model number CQ F After Solved: discs burn Windows Media Player using Can't reset I reloaded three applications and all the windows Home Premium updates When I tried to burn a cd yesterday I kept getting this error message- quot Windows Media Player encountered an error Solved: Can't burn discs using Windows Media Player while burning Verify that the burner is connected properly and that the disc is clean and not damaged quot I had no problem playing cd s or ripping tracks from cd s I decided to do an experiment today I tried to burn a disc using iTunes It worked perfectly That leads me to believe that the problem is a software issue related to either the hardware CD player on my pc or my version of Windows Media Player I m guessing during the reset something got purged that I need to reload in order to burn cd s using WMP Any suggestions on a possible fix nbsp

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hey can someone help me with a query ?
I wish to download music from you tube to a blank disc from my laptop .
I have windows 7
ive been trying for ages but cant quite get it

A:burn music off laptop to a blank disc

howdy, and welcome to TSG.

Unfortunately, Youtubes terms of service prohibits exactly that, so to do so would be illegal. Therefore, I'm going to have to close this thread.


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When I play music in WMP 10, it goes flat. like, the notes do. they go down in pitch. i tried it with winamp and realplayer and they dont do that. Why is WMP doing that?

A:Windows Media Player, music goes flat

Do you use any of the "Enhancements" (View -> Enhancements -> Show Enhancements) by any chance? There's 1 there called "Play Speed Settings", perhaps thats set to something other than 1.0/Normal.
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I'm not able to play music on the Windows Media Player on my HP Envy laptop, and I was wondering if you could help.  The Media Player was working fine the last time I used it - a week or so ago - and the audio is ok - I can still play CDs &
DVDs.  When I click on a song from my library I receive the error: "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file."  I tried to troubleshoot the problem and then tried a few solutions I saw online, but haven't had
any luck.  It's a WMP 12 for Windows 7.  Do you have any suggestions?

A:Windows Media Player Won't Play Music

Is Media player 12 unable to play all files or some files? Please make sure the files you are playing are without damage.
File types supported by Windows Media player:
Please attempt to uninstall and reinstall Windows media player.
Uninstall the Windows Media Player:

Go to Start and in the search type "Turn Windows features On or Off".Click on "Turn Windows features On or Off".Browse to the Media Features and uncheck the mark in front of Windows Media Player.Restart the computer
Reinstall the Windows Media Player:

Go to Start and in the search type "Turn Windows features On or Off".Click on "Turn Windows features On or Off".Browse to the Media Features and place a check mark in front of Windows Media Player.Restart the Computer.

Andy Altmann
TechNet Community Support
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How to transfer 1 GB of Music from Windows Media Player Version 8.0 To another PC with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 8.0.

My 1st Dell Inspiron 8200 with Windows XP laptop was unrepairable after 7 months and now they sent me a new one.
Inspiron 8500.

Thanks for any help

A:Xfer Music from windows media player to another PC

Welcome to TSG.

If you have a CD burner find the files and break them into two CDs – Maybe 680Mb on the first and the rest on the second. Record them as Data and not audio. Put them the same place in the new computer they were in the old one.

They sent you a new one and let you keep the old one? Are you trying to move the music from the 8200 to the 8500? Does the 8200 work?

If you don’t have a burner you could connect the two computers with a null modem cable and transfer the data. Null modem cables are cheap and come in parallel and serial. DB25 is parallel and DB9 serial. If you have both ports available the parallel is faster. Do a search for “Briefcase” in the XP help files as it is probably the easiest way to transfer the data.
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Right I recently installed nero on my computer and it has taken over all my music files as default..

Is there any way to set it back to windows media player as I prefere the software better than nero show time..

A:Setting all music to windows media player

WMP > Tools > Options > File Types

either select them separately or 'select all'.
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title sums it up well. every time i open windows media player it says there is no meidia available for a few seconds then it starts updating the library for about 15 min untill it finds all my music and adds it to the library. heres the issue every time i close windows media player it forgets all the music that was in the library and next time i open it it has to refind all the music over again. this is ratehr annoying because when im streeming my music to my xbox i have to open wmp 20 minits before i start playing it on the xbox or the xbox wint find the music. if i close wmp while the xbox is streeming the xbox will stop playing the music and all the music become unavailable untill i reopen wmp and let it sit 15 min while it refinds the music. what can i do to make this stop?

A:windows media player keeps forgetting music

any ideas? i would like to fix this
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How do you play windows media player or get music in windows 10 like using windows media guide and playing internet radio?

A:Windows Media Player ,or Groove music

Did you already read this? music to Groove on Windows 10 PC,157278.0.html
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After upgrading to WMP 9 Windows Media Player does not play music CDs. WMP works fine, only music CDs and files with extension cda does not work at all. Error message is:

"Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file. Be sure the path is typed correctly. If it is, the file does not exist at the specified location, or the computer where the file is stored is offline."

Hardware is OK besause WinAmp plays normaly. Something is wrong with WMP. But what?

Thanks a lot

A:Windows Media Player does not play music CDs


This may be simple but sometimes the simple things are what we miss. Have you tried going to the tools menu and then to options, from there "file types" tab, and make sure that the "music cd playback" is checked, if it is Im not sure what it could be. One thing about that message, if indicates to me that evertime you insert a cd into your machine it searches the internet for something it doesn't need to. One more thing, check the media library tab in the same menu and make sure that the "update my music files" option is unchecked. Just an option you might try.

Good Luck
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I cannot play any music using windows media player it displays an error quot windows media player cannot play the file because there is a problem with Media Player music using play Cannot Windows your sound device there may not be a sound device installed in your computer or it may be in use by some other program or it may not be functioning properly quot but using windows media player i can play mpegv videos but without the soundI can play music using other player i have just tried playing it with quick time Cannot play music using Windows Media Player player it plays fine i can ear the sound from my speakerif i run the dxdaig test it shows an error quot windows cannot find dxdaig exe make sure you have typed the path correctly quot and if i try to manually open dxdaig exe then the dxdaig window opens but along with the window i get an error pop up could not get basic sound info result code xxxxxxxxx invalid arguments then again one more error gets poped-up problem getting extra sound info result code xxxxxx invalid arguments i started getting this problem from when i was infected by a virus becoz of which i was told to delete many files using my av s but now there are no more viruses malwares as all the problems have got solved except this oneearlier i never had any problems with my windows media player I have the realtek HD audio manager installed i have tried testing sound using it and yes the sounds can be heard from my speakers

A:Cannot play music using Windows Media Player

You might want to re-install DirectX, as it appears that the virus has messed with DirextX on your system.After installation is complete run dxdiag.;displaylang=en
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I used to use WMP a lot because I like how Media Windows App, Music Player Zune, it automatically organized my music then I started using Zune to play music but Music App, Zune, Windows Media Player not organize and now I want to use the Windows Music app and am running into some problems I have a subscription to Xbox Music and apparently it looked at my Music App, Zune, Windows Media Player playlist and music on my desktop and sent them Music App, Zune, Windows Media Player to my Xbox Music so it can stream the songs from Microsofts server to my laptop and Xbox which I like The problem is it is redownloading all the MP 's I have as DRM protected WMA files of a lower bit rate often and then the DRM doesn't update and I can't play the songs even though the mp 's are perfectly fine How can I get it to stop downloading the drm protected wma files of mp 's on my desktop and have the Music App play the mp 's instead Can someone clear up how the system picks up my mp 's and adds them to a list that I can stream to my Xbox Music devices Does it only pickup play list or all of my music gt Is it possible to have mixed play list with mp 's and wma I am also getting an error eveytime it tries to play a drm protected wma claiming I am logged in somewhere else which I'm not so the Xbox Music server is completely useless on my desktop

A:Music App, Zune, Windows Media Player

maybe you can see if this document helps you out:

it'll probably do a much better job than me of explaining.
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My computer used to play music CDs, but now won't. When I try, I get a message saying "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the CODEC that was used to compress the file." These are commercially produced CDs, and they'll play on my car player. WMP will play other verbal audio recordings I've made, but won't play copies I've made of commercial CDs.

I've uninstalled a number of programs, and wonder if I might have deleted a file that was a shared file.
When I click on the Web Help button of the message, it just takes me to a general Windows 7 screen.

How can I find out if I'm missing the codec, and if so, how to find out what it is so I can download it?
I have an HP Pavillion Elite computer with Windows 7/64 Home Premium.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Media Player won't play music CDs

I would suggest you run the Microsoft fixit and check.
Fix Windows Media Player video, and other media or library issues

Next try, System Restore, go back to a time before you uninstalled those programs.

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Hi Looking for some support on saving music. I copied some files to my hard disc into a folder called "Music4" Tried to load it into Media center. Despite appearing to do everything correctly, doesn't seem to upload into Media Center?

Anybody got any suggestions?


Dublin, Ireland

A:Windows Media Player ...saving music

"Tried to load it into Media Center"

What that mean exactly?
Does it mean put it into Windows Media Center (the Operating System)? If so how are you trying to do this?
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Windows Media Player 11 - share my songs?


Can you tell me how to share the music on my main pc with a laptop that is networked to it please.
Went to - Library - media sharing But could not see the laptop (although it is visible in Network places)
Should I be doing something else?
Also do I have to add all the music files to the laptop? As a large folder Or can I just click on the links??

A:Windows Media Player 11 and sharing my music

Why don't you try sharing the files on the network. If your computer is networked properly then they should show up in network places. Right click the file, then click on the sharing tab and click share on network. (These instructions might be wrong as im not booted in windows right now.) If they are all in the same directory, i.e. My Music, then you can just click play all when you navigate to the folder in My Network Places. Alternatively you could select the files you want right click them and click play with windows media player.
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Hello I have a windows xp pro sp with all updates as far as i know gb ram gig hard drive radeon ati video card forgot model number amd not sure why i listed my pc specs but ehh why not anyways the title says it all but to break it down the problem is when i go to play my music in windows media player it will make this terrible screaching sound and thats for all music no matter what file extension it is avi wmv mp etc after the screaching sound the music will sound very low then slowly it will begin to make the volume louder and louder till it gets to the correct volume setting that you set it on computer or physically on the speaker i have tried to see if other media players does this such as quicktime and itunes and they work fine its only when playing in windows media player does it give me that screach sound at the beginning of everyone music movie then it sounds low after a few minutes it will get loud again and sometimes get low volume then it will increase the volume whats the matter anyone could it be related to Divx which media windows playing music player not 11 right i do have it installed on my machine however i am not sure if it all started when i installed divx wasnt really paying attention nor was i using windows media player when i installed divx please help its really annoying and would love to get this fixed Thank you

A:windows media player 11 not playing music right

Sounds like (no pun intended), your audio driver needs to be reinstalled. Drivers do get corrupted especially when you remove programs that require audio support.
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I hope I'm putting this in the right spot.
This is the first time I tried to rip a music cd. The ripping part seem to go alright. I put them in a mp3 format. My question is, why are the files bigger after they are ripped?
When I look at properties on the music cd it says the whole music cd is only 18kb.
But the ripped files are 39.9 mb. What's up with this? The MP3 are supposed to be smaller. I even tried to copy the music cd to a folder to check the size, but it was the same thing. Plus, they wouldn't play after I took out the music cd out of the cd rom.
The music file types are cda.
What's going on here?

A:Windows media player 10 and ripping music

Well, I figured it out if anybody cares.
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i none of my music will play in windows media player. my audio files are mp3 and wma.

anyone else have any problems like this???

the music will show up in my library but it wont play. it plays with winamp but not wmp

A:windows media player and my music library

Hi TwoTabs, welcome to the forums, install this codecs and will play almost anything. - Windows 8 Codecs - WMP12 Codecs
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Is there any disadvantage to using Windows Media Player to rip music from a CD? Are there better applications to use that are also free?

Relevancy 76.97%


For some reason, while playing music in Windows Media Player, the music often stops playing in the middle of a song, only to continue playing 10 seconds or so later. My CPU hasn't had significant load on it either... and this problem has only started happening recently. The only thing that I can recall that may have caused it is installing the Intel Chipset 945GM drivers, but even after reinstalling my sound card driver the issue persists. My computer is a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4727, and the sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio. Thanks in advance for the help!

Also, I don't know if this is related or not, but MIDI files sound very strange (incorrect instruments) when played under Windows Media Player; they play fine in QuickTime however.

A:Music Halts in Windows Media Player

Well, with my experience with my Creative X-Fi Gamer card i learned that either vista or the driver likes to pick just one program as a playback device. Say im playing Crysis, or Counter-Strike, with music on. I will minimize and it will stop, then maximize and it starts. This doesnt really help at all, but i just wanted to put it out there.. xD
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windows media player won't play music had harddrive that would not boot up installed it as slave drop and dragged music to primary harddrive device manager shows that multimedia audio controller did not install properly. i have windows xp home i have a chaintech ct-7njl6 motherboard with onboard audio i downloaded the drivers for the audio from chaintech but they did not install properly. what should i do?

A:windows media player won't play music

Did your computer come with a disk from the motherboard manufacturer?? After you reformatted your hard drive, did you install the drivers for the board from that disk??
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Hello I have a windows xp pro sp with all updates as far as i know gb ram gig hard drive radeon ati video card forgot model number amd not sure why i listed my pc specs but ehh why not anyways the title says it all but to break it down the problem is when i go to play my music in windows media player it will make this terrible screaching sound and thats for all music music windows right not player media playing 11 no matter what file extension it is avi wmv mp etc after the screaching sound the music windows media player 11 not playing music right will sound very low then slowly it will begin to make the volume louder and louder till it gets to the correct volume setting that you set it on computer or physically on the speaker i have tried to see if other media players does this such as quicktime and itunes and they work fine its only when playing in windows media player does it give me that screach sound at the beginning of everyone music movie then it sounds low after a few minutes it will get loud again and sometimes get low volume then it will increase the volume whats the matter anyone could it be related to Divx which i do have it installed on my machine however i am not sure if it all started when i installed divx wasnt really paying attention nor was i using windows media player when i installed divx please help its really annoying and would love to get this fixed Thank you nbsp

A:windows media player 11 not playing music right

Siten0308 said:


I have a windows xp pro sp3 with all updates (as far as i know)Click to expand...

Let's find out for sure.

Start > Control Panel > Automatic Updates
Click the link for "Windows Update Web site".
Click the Custom button

What results do you get?

Siten0308 said:

could it be related to Divx, which i do have it installed on my machine however i am not sure if it all started when i installed divxClick to expand...

First, try removing Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 in Add/Remove Programs, then reinstall it. Does the problem continue?

If so, try removing DivX. I do not think it is causing the problem, but could not hurt to try. Does it still continue?
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I recently got a Zune and for the Zune software to work, WMP needs to work. A few months ago, it stopped playing music altogether. Not one song. It won't even play anything off of a CD, or on the internet. I was probably on the phone with Zune for 7-8 hours for them to tell me they couldn't help me. I was then connected to Microsoft, who told me I could call Acer or pay 60 dollars plus tax to Microsoft for them to help me. I called Acer and they said I would have to pay $60 per 30 mins. I don't have that kind of money right now and i just want my WMP fixed!!
Can someone help me please!!

A:Windows Media Player not playing music! please help!

Here's an answer that someone found (seems like alot of trouble to me, syncing music to Att phone then back to,,,,)

I suggest reinstalling the Media Player. Click Start, type Turn Windows features on and off

Uncheck the player, apply, restart Windows, recheck, apply, restart Windows.

The above may be a quick fix that won't last though?

Have you tried the free "Jet Player" - there's not much it won't play or burn and it will run circles around WMP.

Hope this helps as it seems you have found what others have - (it may be awhile before Microsoft decides to deal with this issue)
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My computer used to play music CDs, but now won't. When I try, I get a message saying "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the CODEC that was used to compress the file." These are commercially produced CDs, and they'll play on my car player. WMP will play other verbal audio recordings I've made, but won't play copies I've made of commercial CDs.

I've uninstalled a number of programs, and wonder if I might have deleted a file that was a shared file.
When I click on the Web Help button of the message, it just takes me to a general Windows 7 screen.

How can I find out if I'm missing the codec, and if so, how to find out what it is so I can download it?
I have an HP Pavillion Elite computer with Windows 7/64 Home Premium.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Media Player won't play music CDs

I would suggest you run the Microsoft fixit and check.
Fix Windows Media Player video, and other media or library issues

Next try, System Restore, go back to a time before you uninstalled those programs.

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Suddenly I can't play music CD's in either of my CD Drives (Lite On LTN483S and HP CD Writer 9100).

I used to be able to. Now when I place a CD in either drive Windows Media player ( and REAL Player) both say that they can not read digital formats and I need to switch the CD Drive to analog in order to play the music.

So, in media player (V 9.0) I go to Options, then Drives, I see my CD Drives listed. When I choose properties to make the changes, nothing happens.

Has this happened to anyone else??

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Trying to organize my music now I m using Windows XP with Windows Media Player I was wondering if you could edit video file tags so they show the Artist and Title tags like the audio files do I can add videos to my play lists but you can t sort & Player Media Music Tags Windows them out by Artist They only go by the file description At least that is what is going on with the AVI files I also Windows Media Player & Music Tags have many video s in FLV MPG WMV and more They are just music video s and I would like to be able to sort them the same way I do my music files So is there any way to do this I have one tag editor program Windows Media Player & Music Tags but it won t open the video s And in windows media player when you right click on the video you can t click on quot Edit Windows Media Player & Music Tags quot because it is grayed out Anyone know a way or a program that I can use to edit these tags nbsp

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I am running Windows with the latest version of WMP Everything runs properly including use of the music library for playing tracks burning ripping and syncing except if any editing is done to the file metadata Occasionally I will purchase some music from Amazon which is in the form of several separate single mp tracks by the same artist They will play fine Player music Media files not recognising Windows as they are but I would prefer to have them together as one album So I edit the metadata to include the same album name tag for each track After saving this the tracks all appear in the library as one album which is just as I intended The problem is when WMP is opened again after closing it or shutting down the computer all the tracks have disappeared from the library and WMP refuses to recognise them again If I delete the tracks and copy them back into the same place again they appear perfectly fine in the library until WMP is closed Then they disappear on Windows Media Player not recognising music files running it again I have checked all the tags comparing them with other music tracks that are recognised and I can see nothing wrong I have checked all the sharing permissions for the folder in case anything was changed there and I have indexed the folder Windows Media Player not recognising music files and run a search to let Windows know it s there The unrecognised music tracks are in a folder which is included in the library alongside all the other tracks that play ok and I have used Apply media information changes from the organize tab in WMP menu Nothing seems to convince WMP that the files exist Even after manually opening the folder in WMP and playing the tracks they still don t appear in the library I m out of options on this one Anyone ever come across this before Thanks nbsp

A:Windows Media Player not recognising music files

Try rebuilding the WMP library to see if that helps.

I would also check the tags on the Mp3 files with Mp3tag to see if the data is accurate.
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I have recently upgraded from V7 to V9. I now find, (& it may be nothing to do with the upgrade), that on trying to download music from a link in a site I get the following error message... "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the server is not responding" It then goes on to say that the link may be at fault, but it happens with many links so I think the problem is with my settings. I have tried to sort it out through the help screen but... well you know what I am going to say! Can anyone lead me through it please?

Relevancy 76.11%

Ok I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. I have all my music on and separate drive then my OS. my music is on drive R:\. when I open media player all my music and play lists are there and I can play them. I set up sharing on my R:\ drive music folder and have media player set up to share music with remote computers. when I open media player on a remote computer and access my main it sees my play lists and the sample music that came with the system. none of the stuff on my R:\ drive is visible. I can see the music if I connect to the computer through the network places and access it through the shared folder. but I like the play lists. why won't media player share?

A:Share Music on a different drive with Windows Media Player

I'm guessing here but I think it has to do with Microsoft observing the restrictions imposed by the DRM of music. I believe they are taking the approach that your use of the OS and network to circumvent the DRM is your responsibility but they are not going to provide software that has features specifically designed to violate DRM.

I noticed, for example, that the PVR function within the Windows Media Center will not allow a network drive to be used as a destination for recorded TV programs. I can only use a local drive as a destination. After recording to a local drive, there is no problem using Explorer to move a recording to a network drive but since the network drive cannot be designated as a location for the recorded program, it also cannot be used as a source location for Recorded TV playback. Ironically, I can designate a network drive as a source or destination for the Video Library (usually a location for user created videos) and any videos located there, including recorded TV programs, are visible and playable as part of the Video Library.

I haven't actually tried to access any of these network located items from a different PC on the network but I expect I would find the same restrictions.
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I am trying to sync my music library with my Galaxy S3.

In Windows Media Player 12, I have the My Music folder added to my WMP library. I connect my phone and set up sync with my sd card inside the phone.

When I click start sync, it immediately says sync succesful but has not transferred anything.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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I have some 250 photos of my son's wedding saved to my hard drive under 'My Photos' and 6 appropriate songs also saved there under 'My Music'. Presently I have only been able to play them simultaneoulsy using Widows Media Player my manually synchronising them. Is there any way I can save the joint synchroised presentation to a storage media such as a DVD so that I can play it on my own and other computers plus my own and other DVD players for members of my family and friends. I might add that this is for purely person use and there is no intended commercial application.

A:Photos / Music Presentation using Windows Media Player

this is an old article,
but still worth a read:
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I have a problem when I am listning to music it skips a second like I am running something on the hard drive, but when the only think I am doing is the music.

I have a

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (Laptop)

1.6GHz Core2 due

I have 2 hard disks, one windows runs off and the other for pc backup and storage. I though I could solve the problem by moving the music to the second hard drive as windows does not usally use it but the music is still skipping, it is not a massive jump but is noticable and anoying.

Please help


A:Jumping music in Windows media player and iTunes

Seems it is just iTunes that makes it jump, windows media is ok.

Relevancy 76.11%

Hi 'MY Music' had about 50 albums and mixed tracks.I had a problem with the computer, I cleaned it, and I found that my music folders had moved to WMP I thought I had lost them. I did a search and not one track is named on my two hard discs, but I found them on WMP There seems no way to get them back. OK I can play them but all the ones put together by me are now split up all over the place. Is there a way ?
Thanks for any advice

A:Solved: Windows Media Player has grabbed all my music

eehhh windows media player is like a parasite... but where not here to talk about the program... first off..what do you mean by "cleaned it" because there's no reason that "cleaning it" will move or delete your music files... unless they were supposed to be quarantined... but that's not the case.. ok having a little trouble understanding you.. you can't find the files... but (this is the part I'm confused) if you open media player they are in your library... and most importantly they play?... ok well if i got that right..than fear not cause the files have to be somewhere as windows media player can play them... so they MUST be somewhere... the first thing that i can think of is perhaps the reason that you "cleaned" the computer (idk what the issue was) has made your files hidden... these files are normally not visible to you... i would set the computer to show hidden files and look where they used to be... if still not there do a search again but in search options click search hidden files IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOW HIDDEN FILES DO SO, EVERYTHING PAST THIS IS HOW TO

To show hidden files open my computer (or any other folder) and click "tools" than "folder options" if using Win 7 or Vista(you shouldn't be posting in the xp section...but i forgive you ) you need to press the alt key with the window open to show "tools"
after clicking "folder options" a new window will open, click the "view" tab then in the "Advanced settings box" find "hidden files and folders" and click the radial button(the circle to the left) of "Show hidden files and folders" finally click "Ok" your computer will no longer hide files from you and you can try to find them Note: Files that are marked as hidden will show up as a washed out or "dim" icon
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.50GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294331 MB, Free - 105768 MB; D: Total - 10911 MB, Free - 1729 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30CB
Antivirus: Norton 360 Premier Edition, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Hi I just want to know how to get my songs into the music folder from window media player, it won't even let me send the songs from Media Player to a flash drive either???

A:Solved: get songs into 'Music' from windows media player

you could copy all your songs to itunes-then from itunes to your music folder
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I recently upgraded Media Player V.9, and it seems to have created problems with my prefered player - Music Match. When I now use Music Match the sound is very distorted. It (Media Player) actually moved, and renamed some of my music files. Any help to get me back to Music Match will be appreciated. Thx

A:Windows Media Player conflicts with Music Match??


When you say media player has renamed your files, do you mean the program which opens the Mp3,s, example they once were opened by MusicMatch, but now they open in media player?

If this is the problem:

Open Windows Explorer -> open the folder which holds your music (my music) -> press the shift key and right click on a mp3, on the drop-down menu, select open with, then tick the little box at the bottom left of the box "always use this program to open this type of file" and select MusicMatch, then your Mp3's will open in Musicmatch.
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I recently updated to Windows Media Player 11 and I am finding it to be very confusing. The thing I want to do right now is to make it shuffle my music as it plays it. How do I do that?

A:Solved: How do I get Windows Media Player 11 to shuffle my music? wmp11, on the top where the classic menu is select play>shuffle.

if you can't see the "classic menu"...rt. click on the top bar of the player...view>classic menu

or just rt. click on the top bar of player(by where the back and forward arrows are)>shuffle
you can also do it from the individual playlists if you have playing>show list to the name of the playlist on the right there's a drop down menu that has the "shuffle list now" option
Relevancy 76.11%

A friend of mine upgraded to windows media player 11 and now she cannot play most of the songs she has on the computer that she downloaded, is there any way to go back to the player she had and get her songs back? Any help would be most grateful.

Thank you

A:Upgraded To Windows Media Player 11 And Now Can't Play Music

Is there a specific type of music it won't play? Does it not play MP3s, or WMAs or WAVs? If you hover the mouse over a couple of the music files that don't work, are they all of one type? If they are, you can easily convert them to a working format using Erightsoft's Super software.
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Hey guys, I've had this problem for ages now can anyone help? When I play music on Windows Media Player (I have tried no other software) it jumps (music stop for 1-2 seconds and starts again) could this be a codec problem or maybe ram?

My laptop has 1Gig of ram and is running Windows Vista Home Premium edition. 80Gig hard drive and an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor.


A:Music Is Jumping On Windows Media Player (vista)

Mike, Hope someone answers this problem as I have been experiencing the same thing on all music played - even when no other program is running
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On my machine, in Network & Sharing Centre > Advanced Sharing Settings, media sharing is disabled.

The 'Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service' is also disabled.

However, when a Vista machine was on my network, a pop-up appeared, saying "Windows Media Player found: MY-PC" (where MY-PC is the name of my machine). How can I stop this from happening?

A:Windows Media Player sharing my music without permission?

in wmp there is a stream tab, between organize and create playlist , click it and it will open a pop up, select more options and then the allow or disallow sharing your media with " my -pc" should be in there,or the vista machine .depending which one you are using.
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Hi All. I have an Acer Aspire which I use as a media machine, mostly music. I have an internal LAN which connects several devices, including a Sony Bravia smart TV. Windows Media Player on the Acer serves my music to the Bravia. This has worked just fine.

But, of course, I had to upgrade the Acer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It seems a new version of WMP may have come with Win10. It searched for, and found all my music, and seems to have organized it just fine. However, when I access the music now from the Bravia, the songs within each album are sorted alphabetically instead of sorted in the order in which they were recorded on the album. I much prefer to have them sorted as they were originally recorded. I have searched for solutions to this issue and come up empty handed. Does anyone out there have any ideas?
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i have samsung note 3 and lenovo G580 *specs below*
when use the nearby devices option on mobile i can access music , pictures and videos on my laptop and listen to them without any problem
but when i try the reverse via windows media player it lists the music files , videos and pictures but can't use any of them and this message appears

i made sure that the PC is allowed to the mobile files
just to mention : windows media player can play shared music from other PCs on the network

A:windows media player can'y play music via network

Are you trying to share music to other computers? Or are you trying to share to some device connected to a tv?
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could someone tell me if its possible to move music files from itunes to win media player11 ?

A:moving music from itunes to windows media player

If the songs in the iTunes library are M4P files, like songs purchased from the iTunes store, they can not be moved or converted directly to any other software player. You can use iTunes to burn music CDs of the files and then RIP them back to your player of choice.

EDIT: I am forgetting my manners. Hi angelkat, and welcome to TSG.
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How do I edit a section of music (ex. I need 1:41 through 2:55 of a music selection) in windows media player? I cannot figure out how to do so. Or do I need to save the file somewhere else to accomplish this? I did try AVS Audio Editor but it added a voice logo to my file. I cannot at this time, purchase anything b/c I need it just for this project. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows XP.


A:Solved: editing music in Windows Media Player

troyward said:

How do I edit a section of music in windows media player?Click to expand...

You can't edit music with WMP, but you can with Audacity, a good freeware audio editor/recorder. Get version 1.2.6.
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PLEASE HELP!! I was managing my music in windows media player and I accidentally clicked delete. Not only did it delete music in the library, but it also deleted ALL MY MUSIC ON MY COMPUTER!! How do I get it back? I have checked the recycle bin and it is not in there at all.

A:PLEASE HELP!!! Windows Media Player deleted all music folders!!

Nevermind, I finally found where the music was deleted to. Please delete topic.
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I get a message "wmp cannot play the file. If the file is located on the internet connect to the internet"

This happens even when I am connected to the internet.

A:windows media player 11 won't play internet music file

Is WMP 11 set as the default player? Check in Set Program Access and Defaults.
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Got a new computer at work (Dell Optiplex 760 w 3.25 GB RAM - running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3). When I try to play my music files (originally downloaded from purchased CD's on my old computer) on this new computer through Windows Media Player the sound is stuttering. Randomly. My IT dept. can't figure it out. I was running WMP v. 9 and today I updated to v. 11. It doesn't matter. Still stuttering. I have little Bose desktop speakers. When I go into the control panel on my computer and click on the "sounds and audio devices" icon it says SoundMax HD Audio. I'm assuming that's the sound card? The music files are local on my hard drive. It's driving me crazy....and I'm not a sophisticated computer user. Help. Thank you.

A:Windows Media Player stuttering when playing music files

I have the same problem with the same computer. Haven't been able to fix it either.
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Hi guys I have a problem and I can't find an solutions on Google and my brain is running dry of ideas so here I am On Friday I was at a hotel so wasn't connected to the internet for once I opened WMP as usual and tried to click to my library and it jammed up I exited tried again a few times it kept jamming I restarted it still did it So I tried opening one of my files directly and while WMP opened and didn't jam the will Player internet play Windows connected if only to music Media 10 it said it couldn't find the file and to check the network location it was on was available 'cept it's all on my Windows Media Player 10 will only play music if connected to the internet HDD not a network None of the files need licenses to play either they're all ripped off my CDs I opened the same file in VLC player and it played just fine I then connected to the wireless network at the hotel just to see if that would help I didn't pay for any of it so in theory the only information I could get from it was The Cloud page and Myspace Yet the act of being connected to ANYTHING suddenly made WMP work properly again Now I haven't played music while not online for a long time so I have no idea when this suddenly became a problem Does anyone have any suggestions My laptop is totally up to date with all the latest updates barring WMP itself--I hate WMP and refuse to download it I could just use VLC when I'm offline but I'd rather not all my playlists etc are in WMP and I'm prefectly happy using it I'm kind of annoyed it's decreed that I can't play my music offline though what does it think it's playing at ramble Hope you guys can help If you need more information I'll be glad to provide it

A:Windows Media Player 10 will only play music if connected to the internet

I am no expert but when it comes to things like this the best thing to do is just to reinstall WMP10, To me it seems that a config file is corupt and only works on a network connection. I may be wrong but i would back up all of your playlist and music to a external hardrive. delete all the music from your pc, reinstall WMP10, add you music back to your pc so the paths are refreshed, re apply your playlist and you should be good to go. This is just a last resort attempt.
I saw that noone commented on your post so i thought i would atleast put my two cents in.....even if there not right.

*** if you do take my advice and the problem still is there, go to the registry with regedit, find the WMP10 value and delete it****

then reinstall....

Thats the best to my knowledge.

**to back up playlist click here***
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I have the latest version of Windows Media Player (9) but I am now unable to open an music files or video files. Last week I defragged my machine, I'm not sure if this did something. All my video and audio files worked before this. It keeps saying that the file is corrupt. When I click on more information it says:

0xC00D1199: Cannot play the file

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I have been able to download and play music through musicmatch up through the end of May The last month when I try to download music I get a error message quot An eror occurred while trying to license your Musicmatch download The Musicmatch License Server cannot process the request quot I can play music in my library from CDs that I have copied When I try to play music that I downloaded and was able to play successfully before it plays for seconds then I get quot error c d d quot I have had Norton try to help me bhinking it was a problem with my internet security and antivisus but apparently it is not SI don't think it's a problem with Musicmatch because we have it on our laptop cannot downloaded windows play or media musicmatch music player on and there is no problem When I try to play the downloads on Window Media Player I get an orange quot quot and it won't play at all I have SP and haven't added cannot play downloaded music on musicmatch or windows media player any cannot play downloaded music on musicmatch or windows media player new programs I've gone in and tried to adjust various settings I've probably messed some other things up

A:cannot play downloaded music on musicmatch or windows media player

Illegally downloaded music will not recieve support here.

If you disagree with my judgement you may send me a pm and we can discuss it from there.

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When I try to play music in either windows media player or winamp, computer only plays couple seconds and then wont play anymore. Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall and same thing happens. Can someone help me figure out what the problem is. Thanks

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I have a PC Windows Vista Home Premium I have ripped over CDs from folders... want rearranging my Windows is Media don't music to I Player this happen my collection of royalty free music and spent nearly hours categorizing each track by dragging each music track from it s folder that was Windows Media Player is rearranging my music folders... I don't want this to happen created by ripping in Windows Media Player version I also change various information in the properties to suit my needs My problem is this I create a new file folder for each style of music drag and drop each song from it s original folder eventually emptying it I continue this procedure with each disc s folders and at some point all of a sudden the screen redraws and I see the original rip folder full again all the properties have been restored to original and upon checking the songs I dragged to the new folders are no longer there This has happened several times now and it appears as though it s going to be fruitless to attempt categorizing all the music into special folders I would say that WMP is doing this and I can t find a way to stop it I assume that WMP is going online and updating my music information I like that when I m ripping but once ripped I want nothing to be changed if I should want to make it different Surely Microsoft will have a way to let me do what I want right Are there suggestions tepeco nbsp

A:Windows Media Player is rearranging my music folders... I don't want this to happen

same problem

Hi, I'm having the same problem with WMP rearranging my folders. Have you figured out what is causing it??? I went through every WMP option menu and could not find anything. Thanks!!!!
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Every time I turn off windows media player and open it back up the music disappeared. It doesn't auto scan the folder. I have to take out a file and put it back in to get it to re-add it, then it adds everything else again. This is really
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Hello I have recently installed a new webcam and to use this on offline!! Media Solved: Player play music won't my Windows Skype I had to update my drivers So I think I did this and now my webcam is working BUT here is the problem I have burnt CD s onto my Media Player and it has always played them back fine NOW when I go to play my music it says that I have to be connected to the internet I ve Solved: Windows Media Player won't play my music offline!! never had to be connected before to listen to my music so i m very confused as to why it s saying that now Can you help please Below is my systeminfo I believe Hope to hear from you soon Regards Sarah Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R M processor GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R GM Solved: Windows Media Player won't play my music offline!! GMS GML Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard To be filled by O E M To be filled by O E M To be filled by O E M To be filled by O E M Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

A:Solved: Windows Media Player won't play my music offline!!

Open the Windows Media Player. Click Tools > Options... > Privacy.

You might need to uncheck boxes in there:
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WMP cant or wont put my music files into the library. I think I've tried everything, but I dont know what I dont know. Can anyone please help me with the problem? Files can be played singly , just wont go into wmp library.

A:(Resolved) Windows Media Player-wont load music

Problem solved...uninstalled wmp, DL'd winamp...all ok!!
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The windows media player on my computer stopped working after i fixed my previous problem. (See it Here)
It will not let me open any type of media. I made a video to show exactly what is wrong.

Video is Here:
or Here (when available):
or Download:

A:Solved: Windows Media Player 12- Will not play music or video.

try reinstalling the windows.. the best way..
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Please help This is my first post and I am not the most computer savy person so please if my edicit is wrong or more info is need just let me know I have a GatewayGT with Windows Vista and Windows Media Player I use it to listen to music or watch downloaded movies or what not I also use it to stream my digital media to my PS to listen to or watch in my living room Then one day plays longer files Windows music Media no Player it just doesn t play my music files any more It still plays all video files just fine but any time I try to play a music file it says An audio codec is needed Windows Media Player no longer plays music files to play this file To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web click Windows Media Player no longer plays music files Web Help I have the CCCP codec pack installed on my computer and have never had any troubles I updated that pack and tried installing the klite pack as well but those don t seem to help I really don t think it is a codec problem Most of my music on my computer is from c d s though I have some that are downloads Itunes plays my music library just fine but won t stream to the PS Most of the music files are MP s Technical Support Info Windows Media Player Version Operating System Version System Locale en-USService Pack User Locale en-USBuild Lab vistasp gdr - Geo ID United StatesType WorkstationDRM Version Architecture x Indiv Version Processors Media Player Binaries NameVersionNameVersionNameVersionwmp dll wmlaunch exe wmpshell dll wmplayer exe wmpband dll wmpsyncmgr dll wmploc dll wmpcm dll wmpconfig exe wmpps dll mpvis dll wmvcore dll wmpeffects dll wmpdxm dll mf dll Other Binaries NameVersionNameVersionNameVersionmshtml dll NLAapi dll PSAPI DLL dsound dll sensapi dll NSI dll IEFRAME dll schannel dll WS dll URL dll credssp dll WLDAP dll LameACM acm rtutils dll NTMARTA DLL DivXa acm TAPI dll PROPSYS dll l codecp acm NETAPI dll USERENV dll msadp acm rasman dll SETUPAPI dll msgsm acm RASAPI dll MSIMG dll msg acm wmdmps dll WMASF DLL imaadp acm SqmApi dll Secur dll quartz dll PortableDeviceApi dll urlmon dll qcap dll PortableDeviceTypes dll iertutil dll odbcint dll wpdsp dll Normaliz dll COMDLG dll msxml dll WININET dll ODBC dll shdocvw dll SXS DLL MFC dll apphelp dll rsaenh dll kswdmcap ax wship dll jscript dll vidcap ax wshtcpip dll CLBCatQ DLL d d thk dll mswsock dll gdiplus dll d d dll SSDPAPI dll dwmapi dll ksproxy ax WINHTTP dll dbghelp dll devenum dll upnp dll SHELL dll lvcodec dll dhcpcsvc DLL OLEACC dll drmv clt dll WINNSI DLL WINMM dll msnetobj dll DNSAPI dll MSVFW dll windowscodecs dll dhcpcsvc DLL VERSION dll wmerror dll iphlpapi dll OLEAUT dll mfps dll cewmdm dll SHLWAPI dll mlang dll mswmdm dll COMCTL dll msdmo dll FirewallAPI dll ole dll DXVA DLL midimap dll AVRT dll POWRPROF dll MSACM dll uxtheme dll EVR dll msacm drv USP dll WINSTA dll imagehlp dll LPK DLL ATL DLL MSASN dll msvcrt dll wmpnssci dll CRYPT dll MSCTF dll MSVCR dll WINTRUST dll IMM DLL MSOXMLMF DLL ksuser dll GDI dll upnphost dll wdmaud drv USER dll slc dll thumbcache dll RPCRT dll mdnsNSP dll MFPlat DLL ADVAPI dll winrnr dll audioeng dll kernel dll pnrpnsp dll AUDIOSES DLL ntdll dll napinsp dll MMDevApi dll rasadhlp dll SAMLIB dll Audio Codecs TypeNameFormatBinaryVersionACMMicrosoft IMA ADPCM CODEC imaadp acm ACMMicrosoft CCITT G A-Law and u-Law CODEC msg acm ACMMicrosoft GSM Audio CODEC msgsm acm ACMMicrosoft ADPCM CODEC msadp acm ACMFraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer- Codec professional l codecp acm ACMDecode AC and DTS audio ACMDivX - Audio Compressor DivXa acm ACMLAME MP Codec v - LameACM acm ACMMicrosoft PCM Converter LameACM acm Video Codecs TypeNameFormatBinaryVersionICMMicrosoft RLEMRLEmsrle dll ICMMicrosoft Video MSVCmsvidc dll ICMMicrosoft YUVUYVYmsyuv dll ICMIntel IYUV codecIYUViyuv dll ICMLogitech Video I i lvcodec dll ICMToshiba YUV CodecY tsbyuv dll ICMCinepak Codec by Radiuscvidiccvid dll ICM ivx MPEG- Video Codec IV ivxVfWCodec dll ICMx vfw - H MPEG- AVC codecX ICMXvid MPEG- CodecXVID... Read more

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I've downloaded music and normally it appears on my windows media player, but it hasn't. it's in my download folder, and plays through windows media player when I click on it but doesn't appear if I just click on windows media player.
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Sorry for my stupid question, but why cant i player iTunes purchased music movie with Windows Media Player? Also no luck when i tried to edit them with Windows Movie Maker

Driving me crazy! any computer savvy please give some advice?

Thanks in advance!

A:play iTunes music movie with Windows Media Player

Hello pixelly, Welcome!

I am unfamiliar with iTunes and its storing procedures, but what format are the movies stored in? There are a number of good free programs that will let you convert from 1 type to another. I recommend Any Video Converter.
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how do i find and reattach licenses to windows media player (wmp) files after a crash that required me to reinstall windows 2000? without these "licenses" my music won't play! i paid "Microsoft help" to tell me that i was supposed to have backed up these "licenses" that they attached to each of my own cds that i loaded on my system! now they say that there is nothing they can do. file recovery utilities that i bought did not help. i could not play the music with another player like real player or winamp. they did not work when i converted the wma files into mp3's. HELP!!!! (thanks!)

A:help! reinstalled windows media player won't play music after a crash!
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I ve been burning CD s for some years so I expect that from time to time a CD won t I Music Solved: CD's burn my in won't CD play Player play in one CD player but is fine in another My own Solved: Music CD's I burn won't play in my CD Player discs have always played Solved: Music CD's I burn won't play in my CD Player in the CD-player in my car though - until recently Not any more Solved: Music CD's I burn won't play in my CD Player I used to use Roxio Easy Media Creator but switched to CDBurnerXP to see if that would make any difference It didn t though I love the software I also checked for updates and found I could update the firmware for my Toshiba CD DVD drives But the updates didn t make any difference Can anyone suggest where I might look next for a solution to the problem Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel Pentium III Xeon processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation DG GT Antivirus Norton Premier Edition Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

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i have windows media player 10 and i t worked fine until suddenly i launched it and tried to play them music i had bought from msn. it takes ages to open and then says secure storage protection error restore licenses form a backup. i haven't backed any licenses up so wot can i do now

A:Solved: Windows media Player Dosent play my purchased music

the answer is to delete the folder contiaing the liscences