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Installation after downloading

Q: Installation after downloading

I am using XP home and not sure what to do when I have installed something. It tells you to exit all open windows - what does that cover.

I have Avast antivirus, Zonealarm, microsft antispyware, spybot S&D, Spyware blaster and Kodak running - do I have to exit all of these (surely I will leave myself unprotected). I have just been closing a few of them down but would really like to know the correct thing to do = do I also have to come off the internet?



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Preferred Solution: Installation after downloading

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Installation after downloading

In general, "Close all open windows' refers to items that are actually open on the screen or things running in the menu bar. It does NOT refer to things you see in the systray (system notification area - generally lower right).

You should NEVER have to disable your antivirus or firewall to download or install an application. You *may* have to tell your AV and/or anti-malware apps to allow the installation, as they may be watching for and notifying you of this type of activity.
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Hi fellow techspotters,

odd thing has happened to my friend, whos pc I have handbuilt. Every time he starts downloading lets say 1gb or bigger file his RAM starts to fill up. No processes are visible to be the cause. Cpu usage stays on normal level, but the ram just keeps on filling. Until it is throttled by capping on 8gb and he is forced to pause the download and reboot the machine, and the RAM is cleaned.

I posted this under networking, because I doubt that it is a hardware related problem.
The numbers go some like this. 8gb of RAM = 20gb of download -> cap -> restart -> ram clear -> restore download. And the RAM gets used oddly like its ment to behave like this. Does it store something on the way?

It isnt actually a problem, my friend can cope with it. But I as a builder of the PC would really like to solve this. I have never encountered such memory behavior with downloads before.

Screencaps of the situation available when I get home from work.


A:RAM capping while downloading large files

Does the machine have an anti-virus installed? And if so, does memory usage have the same effect with or without active scanning?

When monitoring Task Manager, which process is using the memory allotment that appears to be accumulating? Killing the process should clear memory usage by that process.

Forgive me as I beat around the bush, not really knowing what to say.
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Hi all Apologies in advance for such a long post I headaches + installation = hardware New Win7 don t know if I just have a corrupt New hardware + Win7 installation = headaches Windows Ultimate installation or what but this all started three weeks ago or so after installing new hardware specifically New hardware + Win7 installation = headaches motherboard Asus A M-A New hardware + Win7 installation = headaches processor AMD A K and RAM Kingston HyperX GB DDR Since I had the extra RAM slot I also put in one of the Aeneon XTune GB DDR I have from before the upgrade The sticker on it says it s but it shows up in BIOS POST as Since then I ve had the following problems Internet Unable to establish any connection at all when using the ethernet cable plugged into my Cisco Linksys EA Router I can connect wirelessly but that connection is lousy and I m not sure why especially since the router is only about feet from the computer To be fair the lousy wireless connection is something I was dealing with since before the hardware upgrade Windows reinstall which is why I finally gave up and bought a ethernet cable the computer used to be in a different room though on the same floor of the house The problem with being unable to get any type of connection when plugged in started after reinstalling Windows and then doing something like updates and then moving the PC to the new spot I made a point of moving the tower myself just so that I could be sure nothing happened to it so I know there was no physical damage done because of dropping or otherwise banging it around at all I ve checked the ethernet cable that runs from the modem to the router as well as the one and neither of them appear to be damaged at all I ve also tried plugging the one into all of the ports on the back of the router in the event that one of them just bit the dust somehow but nothing changed Any thoughts on how I can either get my wired connection working again or what might be making the wireless connection so horrible For clarification on quot horrible quot I m not talking dial-up speeds but some sites either load slowly or not at all sites that load up just fine on every other device in the house - specifically cell phones and iPod an Xbox a Wii and a laptop My connection to Battle net for playing WoW Starcraft II Diablo III is also pretty lag-tastic My NIC is an onboard Realtek GR PCIe Gigabit LAN controller according to the motherboard manual In terms of anything that may be interfering with the wireless signal there s a metal support post and a metal I-beam a few feet from where the router currently sits though it was previously or so feet from both Other than being in close proximity to those the room is wide open I was told that water can interfere with a wireless signal and we do have a lot of ground water under around the house can anyone verify whether ground water can degrade the signal so much over such a relatively small space Hard drive partition issues Until the upgrade when the computer just wouldn t boot presumably because Windows couldn t handle dealing with such big hardware changes all at once I had Windows installed on a partition on a TB Western Digital drive Since I had to reinstall anyway I installed Windows to a partition on a smaller but faster TB Seagate drive Up until this afternoon when I installed Seagate Discwizard one of the partitions on the big drive was inaccessible showing up in disk management and a couple of rd-party hard drive utility partitioning programs as simply quot unallocated space quot Since this afternoon though that partition is now showing up as a completely separate hard drive in disk management AND as quot unallocated space quot on the drive it s actually a part of I m a little leery of just leaving things as they are and using that partition since it s showing up different ways Discwizard only shows that partition as a separate drive there is no quot unallocated space quot showing on the TB drive Is this something I sh... Read more

A:New hardware + Win7 installation = headaches

Update: Wired connection issue is fixed. I have to (sheepishly) admit that I completely forgot to install the router via the CD that came with it. The lousy wireless performance is still a problem, though, as well as the hard drive/partition issues.
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My old hard drive was a sata drive but it failed so I had an old ide 80gb barracuda 7200rpm drive that I wanted to install windows on but when I load the windows installation and goto custom it wont show my drive. My bios detects it its just windows . I tried using diskpart and even formating the drive to ntfs witha complete whip but still no luck .

A:Windows installation can't detect my ide hard drive?

Perhaps the hard drive's jumper setting is incorrect. Are there any other IDE devices connected on the same cable as the HDD?
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I have an old Acer Aspire m3100 desktop and the case to it is broken, I have another case for it but I do not have the installation manual to show me how to reconnect all of the connections from this other case. How can I get or find the diagram showing how to make all connections to this motherboard. I'm trying to restore this computer for my grandson? any help would be appreciated, I've tried contacting Acer but they won't help unless the computer is under warranty and their third-party support doesn't do hardware issues?? I also downloaded a manual from online but it doesn't show the right info.

A:Motherboard Installation manual

Check this is the right motherboard.

The manual is available in the support and downloads section.

Case wiring is pretty standard in most cases (no pun intended). Any details you have about the case your switching to would be helpful.

Motherboards mostly have the names of sockets screen printed next to them.
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Hey, today i just got a new 4gb memory stick to add to my computer, currently i have 2 2GB DDR3 1333 RAM sticks.(These were both Kingston Memory Sticks) I then added a 4gb DDR3 1333 Ram stick (Crosshair) to the motherboard and made sure they were firmly placed in and it was all fine, I then turn on the computer and find that the motherboard starts beeping once then two beeps after and the Screen is blank, and my mouse & keyboard aren't responding. My current OS is Windows 7 64 Bit, so i shouldn't have a problem installing new ram to my system...
I'm not sure if this is a problem with 2 different brands of sticks or what.. but the fans are running for my Graphics card (I don't have onboard graphics available)

AMD 1055t X6
ASUS M5A99XEVO Motherboard
ATI Radeon 5570

Any help anyone? Thanks

A:Problems with RAM installation

The motherboard does not like that 4GB module. Have you tried the 4GB by itself? If the 4GB module won't run the computer you'll have to stick with 2GB modules. How many memory slots are on the motherboard? ASUS motherboards are notorious for being very picky about memory
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Hi All,
Firstly thanks for reading, I wanted to build a new system some time ago but circumstances have pretty much stopped that for now so I have decided to just update a few things in my old work horse starting with the hard drive, I have with your advice on an old thread purchased a Samsung SSD 840 along with W7 Pro 64bit. I assume I just unplug my existing drives and plug this one into sata 1 and install the OS ?? or do I, is there a procedure I need to be aware of first, I.e. bios settings etc ?
Thanks for any advice as I am a total noob with SSD's, it came with a disk also, do I need this ?

A:First ssd installation procedure ?

You've got it right. Just make sure to enable AHCI mode in the BIOS.

And don't ever defrag it haha.
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Any help would be great.. I have just started a fresh copy of widows xp and during the installation setup my keyboard has stopped working... Got through entering the key but with 33 minutes remaining and stuck at the screen ( personalize your software ) thing have gone bad..I have no keyboard function and can only use a mouse when plugged in... Oh forgot to say its a Acer Aspire 3000 laptop.. Thanks in Advance
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When I want to download (using IDM) the minitool partition wizard bootable iso file for partitioning from boot, I face the below message and can't do it.

I putted the message image below.
What's the problem please?

A:Problem when downloading Minitool partition wizard

Try to download it again from official website directly via:
Any more problem, you can simply contact the tech support via: [email protected]
Hope this can help you.
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So I bought a new CPU installation problems CPU an AMD Phenom II x socket AM absolutely not AM which I read was compatible with my AM socket GA-MA X-UD P a Gigabyte brand board So I tried installing it and when it booted up it got to the BIOS boot screen CPU installation problems I think its called a Post screen and it either sits there or restarts itself in perpetuity I let it sit there doing that for about minutes to see what the problem is and it seems that particular CPU was only compatible after a BIOS update So I throw the old CPU back in download atBios and the update install put the new CPU back in but it hasn t really made a difference at all still sits at the BIOS boot atBios says the BIOS is up-to-date and there isn t anywhere in the BIOS itself to confirm that so the mobo and CPU should be friendly with eachother I want to know if there are any other factors I need to know or I ve skipped when doing this I thought it was a simple process of swapping them in and out but if there s more to it or my computer isn t up to scratch in some way I was hoping for some answers and maybe a solution Other specs Windows Pro x w PSU Gbs of Mhz DDR Corsair RAM Nvidia GTX My old CPU which I have running is an Athlon x Thanks in advance nbsp

A:CPU installation problems

You may have to upgrade your power supply to 650 watts or so...
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Hello, again. I recently got a new hard drive called WD (Western Drive) Scorpio 1TB. So, I set it up and stuff on the back of the computer. As flip it over and and turn on the laptop I want to hopefully see a good sign. Rather, I see nothing with a Black screen and annoying 'Beeping' sounds! I tried many times to put the windows 7 disk in and it would not work and go back to the black screen and beeping noises. Please, help!

Model : Dell Inspiron N5030
Hardrive : WD Scorpio Blue 1tb / 8 Ram / 5400 RPM

A:New hard drive installation failure

Perhaps it isn't the hd that needed replacing.

(need some background/details before any real help can be given)
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I recently reinstalled Windows 7 because of most of my configs didnt work for some programs and because of computer speed. Before the reinstall I got 1.8mb/sec on downloads, now I get 10-30kb/secs

Any problems?

A:Slow downloading

1st: Check your Ethernet cable, make sure it's terminated on both ends correctly - make sure it's ends are tight and there is nothing physically wrong with it. If it doubt replace it.
2nd: perhaps the network card is failing, swap it or install a pci one & see if there is a difference.

Hope this helps, take care!
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Hi somebody can help me ? when i try to install soundmax appears
The audio driver files do not support your computer hardware
Note: if you uninstalled audio software without restarting your PC restart now then run this setup again.
But this driver i had it before reboot my pc and now it doesnt work.
My audio is integrated in motherboard and the motherboard is asus p5lo2.

A:SoundMax installation error

Download this driver - the blue download button.
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I have a GF a mobo I bought installation Details issue. inside. RAM some ram a while back and recently one of the sticks kinda stopped working so I sent for a replacement During that time I had gig sticks of ram in this mother board working fine Today I got my replacement stick from kingston and I put it in the th slot and went to boot the computer It would start up but no display on the screen and none of my usb hardware mouse keyboard would come on I removed the stick went back to my old RAM installation issue. Details inside. configuration and got the same issue Finally I started changing how many sticks I RAM installation issue. Details inside. had in what configuration and found that if I had only sticks in the computer would start fine no matter which sticks were in But as soon as I go to add a rd stick of RAM no matter which stick it is I would get the same issue as above Computer starts but no display or USB What could this problem be nbsp

A:RAM installation issue. Details inside.

What OS are you using?
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So I ordered parts for my first-time PC build and unfortunately my liquid cooling unit is arriving last now I assume my PC will run fine without it as long as I don t overclock is there any reason why I installation cooler help Liquid should wait before building Liquid cooler installation help it I do plan on overclocking then although I need help doing that as well Also all the guides about building a PC I looked at made no mention of additional cooling units so I was hoping someone could point me to one or advise me Here is my build and I bolded the cooling unit I am getting Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe MKNSSDCR GB-DX quot GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive SSD Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALX GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Corsair Carbide Series R Black Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ASUS P Z -V PRO GEN LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS XFX HD- X-CNDC Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC HP X Multiformat DVD Burner Black SATA Model i LightScribe Support CORSAIR H CWCH Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX V W ATX V v EPS V v PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply nbsp

A:Liquid cooler installation help

CPU gets hot while it's running, even when it's not over-clocked. You can use the stock cooler until the H100 arrives. Before replacing the stock cooler w/ the Corsair, you'll need to remove residual thermal compound on the CPU. Looks like the H100 has thermal compound pre-applied.

There's a brief installation video on Corsair's site, have you checked it out?
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Upon dismantling my laptop I discover that the cpu is pasted to a copperish sheet which is in turn attached to the underside of the fan housing. I'm assuming the three pieces are connected with thermal paste.
I am having trouble reseating the cpu while attached to the fan so I wanted to dismantle it and seat it and reattach to fan housing with thermal paste.
Am I on target here with my thought processes or is there something tricky in this manuevering I am overlooking or ignorant of?

A:PCG-FRV37 CPU installation

Vaio PCG_FRV37 cpu fan

So do I pry up these cpu and copper heat sink or just slowly drop alcohol to loosen the compound? On the reverse side to reseat the cpu since the pins were bent on removal ( not expecting this type of setup) I have to try and straighten the pins...sink the cpu and then layer the compound, heat sink, compound then fan housing on top. Am I on track here? I've attached a pic of the fan. I could just sometimes kick these designers that make it more difficult for us....
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I recently bought a video card and installed it into my computer However every time I try to install the software I get this card - video error installation driver display standard with VGA Setup message Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup Click to expand I m completely confused because I m using a standard VGA driver Windows automatically installed it after I disabled my integrated graphics I can t figure this problem out and get the video card to work on my computer so any tips would be hugely appreciated Video Card Info Video card Visiontek Radeon Video Card MB PCI w DVI Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error TV-OUT from TigerDirect ca tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Software VisionTek Radeon ATI System Info Windows Manufacturer Acer Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor LE- GHz Installed memory RAM GB MB usable System type -bit Operating System Screenshots Installation error message i photobucket com albums g wandering alice Computer atiproblem jpg Device manager i photobucket com albums g wandering alice Computer Devicemanager- jpg nbsp

A:Setup display with standard VGA driver - video card installation error

You went into your BIOS and disabled the integrated graphics? Um you might try a free program like Driver Sweeper to remove whatever remains of the old video drivers. For some reason the new video driver installer does not see your new video card.
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Hi all i have what porbably are dumb questions but i need clarification all the same please i just bought a XFX HD GPU upon your recomendation and was wondering if i should uninstall all the nVidia stuff in add and remove except the driver before i remove the card or just remove the card install my new one then uninstall the nvidia stuff I have a spare gigabyte GT GPU which i would like to give to my dad as he has an old Pack-Bell iMedia which he uses in the lounge to watch Uninstall for installation? drivers fresh GPU films on and browse the net Uninstall drivers for fresh GPU installation? The PSU in this old machine is only a watt and the GT reqiures a w minimum but as he wont be playing games or doing any photo editing etc only watching mp films would the PSU still power it reason i ask is it has a HDMI connection and his stock card is the old blue pin plug so i thought is would get a better pic using my new card also the GT is mb and the stock one is only mb Your thoughts please Thanks Lee nbsp

A:Uninstall drivers for fresh GPU installation?

1. Yes, you can remove all the Nvidia components through Add/Remove, although it's probably easier to download a utility such as Driver Sweeper which will remove the driver, PhysX, HD audio, Update etc in one move... Just remember that the system will likely revert to a lower VGA (640 x 480) screen resolution.
You can then power down, replace the card and install the driver/catalyst control centre etc.
Once you're up and running it would pay to bring up the Device Manager, click the "View" tab and check "Show hidden devices", then expand the "Display adapters" heading. If your previous card shows up -right click and select uninstall.

2. You say that your dad's computer is an "old Pack-Bell..". Power supplies gradually lose their effective output over time as components in the power supply wear, so his 250w PSU is likely much less. The GT210 isn't a power hog by any means (30.5w max) but picking up a suitable (and relatively cheap) PSU might be a good investment in any case, especially if the computer/PSU are 5+ years old.
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I had to recently install a new hard drive into a computer. The graphics card is a Radeon HD 3650 and I have been looking for drivers for it. Since the person who originally bought the card threw the box with the disc away i had to download the drivers and installation from online. I downloaded all the drivers and catalyst and when i go to install the products it appears to install and even says finished but when i look it doesnt seem to actually install anything at all even on a restart. The catalyst control center doesnt show up on my start menu and the graphics card still appears as uninstalled in the device manager. Does anyone happen to know what the problem is or how to fix it?

A:Radeon HD 3650 driver installation problems

Where did you download the drivers from?

If you haven't, get them from or

Be sure to select express install during installation.

But before you try it again, remove the previous drivers.
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Hi guys i just want to ask some of you people that are good in computers.
I got a dell Xps 15 like a week ago.
When i tryed downloading WoW on it the downloading rates would go to about 900kbs and then slowly drop it less then one, and the cycle kept going.
Also im trying to download starcraft and im not getting the same 900kbs that i got on WoW,im only getting 200-300kbs.

Is this because of my computer or my internet ?
Sorry that im a computer noob
Thanks in advance

A:Downloading rates dropping

who is your ISP? frequently they will apply a QoS to specific ports to preserve bandwidth for other users - - -
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I have T Mobile broadband which allows me to use mb per day which is enough for what I use the internet for However something is downloading between mb mb every week or so when I log on I have checked Macfee and Windows data of Unexplained downloading update and both are set not to download any updates automatically and I have checked the remaining software on my PC but can t find anything else which is downloading Unexplained downloading of data The Task Manager doesn t show me anything either Is there anything included in Windows Home edition which downloads data that I m unware of It would be great to indentify what is downloading this data since my daily limit is only mb and afterwards I am getting locked out as I have downloaded too much Is there an option in Windows Home edition which allows me to see what is being downloaded and from where or any software which will do this Your help is much appreciated nbsp

A:Unexplained downloading of data

Your T-mobile provider may be able to identify this phantom down loader for you. There are many Windows 7 updates initially, including Service Pack 1. This would be an issue for the firewall and not the antivirus program
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Hello As stated in the title I get the quot Verifying DMI Pool Data DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT DISK AND PRESS ENTER quot This only happens when I have both cables going from board to harddrive to DVDroom The wide flat one IDE i think it is called doesn t change anything no matter if i change order or the cable itself The other one sata for power is the f ckup No matter what order its in he cannot be in the DVDroom at all because then i get the message and I cant Yes installation disk another attempt DVD boot about failure, but a driver figure Yes another disk boot failure, but about a DVD driver installation attempt out where and how to change that cable for Yes another disk boot failure, but about a DVD driver installation attempt a new since it goes into the giant box under forgotten its name Now I have searched long and hard for solutions Ive changed the order of boot countless times in any variation I could think of Note I do not have the disk my comp asks for also a problem I remember looong ago I had the same problem on my other stationary computer but that got fixed by wiggling the cables a bit This Yes another disk boot failure, but about a DVD driver installation attempt time Im about to stress myself hairless over this All I want to do is to have a DVD-room its basic yet impossible gt gt gt Pls share your solutions the other sites been about other stuff like raid and sathio or something- makes me confused Here s some info System Intel R Core TM CPU GHz GHz bit windows Gb ram Motherboard GA-x -DQ ADVANCED BIOS FEAT First Hard Drive Second CD Room Third Disabled nbsp

A:Yes another disk boot failure, but about a DVD driver installation attempt

It is spelled DVD ROM, DVD RAM or CD/DVD drive. Are both the DVD and the hard drive IDE (Big 40 wire flat cable)? If you can't boot with the DVD drive connected, check to see that both the IDE Hard drive and the IDE DVD drive's jumpers are set in the CS (cable select) position. You can set the IDE hard drive to (M)Master and the IDE DVD drive to (S)Slave. They can not be the same, except when setting to both drives to CS. The giant box is the power supply. You can buy Molex 4-pin to SATA power connectors...
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well i tried to install RAM into my Pc turned on and mi MSI mother board said there was something wrong whit the i choose use defult settings...after that i got a black screen whit a white "-' flashing and then nothing happend.

i turned of my pc and removed the new ram and reboot..

after the MSI motherboard logo appers y get the same black screen with the '-' flashing

i dont know what to do..i tried loading defult settings from BIOS and dint work

A:Black screen after RAM installation

I'm not trying to criticize, but it would be helpful if you could phrase your words better with proper spelling and punctuation.

So let me get this straight, you have a PC that ran normally. You decided to add more RAM, but when you did, the BIOS told you that there was a CMOS error. You reset to default settings and now there's a blinking dash and then a black screen. Thinking the new RAM was the problem (a logical deduction), you took the RAM out, but the same blinking dash to black is happening.

Is this correct?

Please put more information about your PC. More specifically the models of the components and the last stable boot you had.
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Hello everyone,

I recently bought some components to upgrade my pc. These consist of a new cpu, motherboard, video card and psu.

The main issue I'm having is now in games my FPS is lower in games, and freezing even.

The cpu is - AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
Video card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
Motherboard - Asus m4a785-m

Everything runs fine except for the frame rate and some flickering.

I've updated everything, or atleast thought I did.

Hopefully you guys can help, thanks so much!

A:New Installation - PC is worse!

Do you have your nvidia card selected as your display adapter? Thats the only thing I can think of? lol sorry if this is a stupid answer.

Or check your nvidia control panel to make sure your settings are set right.
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I have a Dell Dimension running XP SP I bought it used It only had a Western Digital GB IDE drive so i decided to upgrade I purchased a Western Digital GB IDE drive When i opened my case i saw that the ribbon only had one plug on it i e it did not have the Master and Slave plugs so i purchased a new IDE ribbon I put the existing hard drive on the Master plug and the new hard drive on the Slave plug I have also checked the jumper positions on the drives according to Wester Digital s website when starting up the computer does not recognize either hard drive BIOS says something like quot No bootup drives were found please insert boot disc and press F or press F to enter setup quot when i go into BIOS i have everything for the IDE drives set to AUTO Bios does not seem to be detecting the hard drives I am lost at this point if anybody can help me out it would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Hard Drive Installation Problems, please help

First check that the 40GB drive, installed in the master position, (far end of the cable), will still boot, if installed by itself on the new cable.

If you intend to install the OS on the new drive, install it singly, and try using your restore discs to get up and running.

Many times when something like this happens, you need to attend to boot order, in the BIOS, "Boot Menu".

I don't know why "auto" drive mode need be set. If we're dealing with actual IDE drives, then IDE mode, (if it exists) should be set.

At the age of this machine, does the motherboard have SATA ports?
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Hello everyone,

I am new here and hlping that someone could please help me with my problem. I have a acer aspire 5810tz , I was running windows vista but upgraded to windows 7 my internal microphone stop working. I downloaded the drivers for the realtek microphone and restarted my computer. Well the microphone works but the internet will not. I have a data card that I used thru alltel to get online. If I remove the realtek driver that I added my internet goes back to working. I am not understanding what I am doing wrong. I went to acer and that is where I am doing loading the drivers from so I dont think I have the wrong drivers. Could someone please help me with this problem.

A:Downloading drivers and Internet not working

That is a common problem with ACER... VISTA Drivers and Windows 7 drivers are different, and they generally do not make updated drivers for machines designed for VISTA and converted to Windows 7
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Ok I am at the end of ideas I have a Compaq mini c netbook and cant for the LIFE of me figure out how to install xp onto it Ive tried many ideas and methods and cant get a single one to work The thing came installed with xp on it but all the crap that is pre loaded onto it ugh I hate buying premanufactured pc s The thing is slow now so I would like to start fresh I have a usb dvd drive and my xp home cd bluescreens when it tries to load my xp pro cd is fine but it says quot setup cannot find any hard drives installed in this pc quot I have tried using Nlite to integrate SATA drivers into the disk I have a feeling that the disk is to old to recognize the sata controller in the pc but the modified disk doesnt say quot press any key to boot from cd quot it just goes to normal windows load Windows does detect the drives but the pc is under powered intel atom ghz gig XP + Mini installation Compaq ram not gonna work so well eh I did xp s install through the current xp install but when I choose to boot quot windows xp home setup quot it says quot error reading from disk XP + Compaq Mini installation quot wtc do I do - - the tech support guy from hp said quot oh well to install an OS onto an hp computer you need to buy our special disk quot last ideas I have - trying to use Nlite again or connecting a floppy disk through USB to put the drivers on a floppy and load that nevermind I dont have a USB floppy gt gt Edit - Burned the img with ImgBurn rather than Nlite directly and it works Formatting the hard drive lets see how the install goes Case closed for now I think nbsp

A:XP + Compaq Mini installation

Uh oh, the thing bluescreens when booting. Booting into safemode doesnt change anything. What the heck happened?

Edit - I have a copy of Hiren's Boot CD -

I feel this will be instrumental in getting the laptop to work. - Same stop error that I am getting, meaning the driver isnt installed. Thing is, i dont know how to install the driver manually and tell windows how to find it. Or would I have to create a whole new boot disk with Nlite?
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I have a VAIO VPC computer with Windows 7 operating system. I was installing the software for my Palm TX Organizer, and when it came to connecting the device to the computer, I received the message that the system was locating the drivers for the device and then informing me that no drivers were available. When I tried to sync the device through the palm program it will not recognize the presence of the device. I uninstalled and downloaded a new version of the program from the Palm website encountering the same situation when I connected the device to the computer.

I have also experienced this same situation with the installation of Tunes Plus to allow for the uploading of my iPod music onto iTunes on the computer, I continually get a device not present message.

Can anybody out there throw some light on this problem?

A:Program fails to recognize devices after installation

Windows doesn't need drivers to detect a Plug and Play device.

So forget about drivers for the moment....

1) You don't say how you connect the device to your compute. I'll guess USB???

2) Then start with the basics: Are you hearing the USB ding/dong sound affect as you should when connect / disconnect a USB device????
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Just installed a fresh copy of Windows Downloaded all updates and installed all of the latest drivers Everything seemed to work perfect I have one SATA drive for my data and two IDE CD amp DVD Both IDE drives worked fine Out of no were they disappeared off of my device list and they longer function The both flash during boot but then are no longer seen in bios or in Windows I was Windows longer no CD/DVD installation sees IDE of New 7 drives able to open up the case pull the power plugs out put them back in and then I was able to open close the drives but Windows still did not see them It is as if Windows is disabling them Please help Thanks Drive Setup SATA Master Gb Hard New installation of Windows 7 no longer sees IDE CD/DVD drives Drive - Windows IDE Master CD R W IDE Slave DVD R W BIOS SETTINGS Onchip SATA Controller Enabled Onchip SATA Type AHCI Other options available Native IDE amp RAID Onchip SATA Port Type As SATA Type Other options available IDE I ve switched the settings many times in an attempt to get the drives to be seen No luck nbsp

A:New installation of Windows 7 no longer sees IDE CD/DVD drives

Try this fix from MS:
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Hey everyone, i have a problem with my sound card (probably). Ok here is the story .
I had windows xp he 2003 but my computer was full of some bugs and slower than ever so i decided to fromat my HDD.However my pc wouldn't boot the windows cd.So after making some "modifications" at the boot,ini file my pc wouldn't longer get into the windows. So i took a hitachi HDD from an acer aspire laptop that was broken(the laptop) and tryed to format this one.(The hitachi HDD had windows vista when on laptop) . So i now installed windows 7 ultimate and averything is just fine but one thing.I don't have sound, i tryied to download and install some drivers from realtek site but nothing happened.Pls give me any suggestions of what to do. oh and i forgot mention that i already tryied installing its own drivers.. but nothing.

A:Sound problem after Windows 7 installation

See if this might help Reference Guide to Help Setup and Troubleshoot Windows Audio and Sound Cards. Then let us know
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How do i install or upgrade the memory of this printer??

A:Kyocera FS-C5100DN memory chip installation

Most Kyocera's use a special memory configuration. You gain access to the slot to it is beneath the top part of the case, usually on the right side... which sometimes has to be accessed by removing screw drivers. If it is accessible, there is a diagram or photo on the Kyocera website for each model.
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Formatted a machine at work because of hal.dll error and reinstalled windows - everything is ok now as it's working but when booting it asks me which windows I want to boot from, the new one which I've just installed or the previous one which still contains the hal.dll error.

I can't understand this because the format completed 100% and took a long time as well.

How do I get rid of it?
What did I do wrong?
Is this detrimental to the running of the computer?

A:Formatted C: - old installation of XP still apparant?

i'll answer your questions in reverse
Is this detrimental to the running of the computer? = NO
What did I do wrong? = NO IDEA
If you have more than one drive, you have possibly installed OS on another drive
Did you delete partition and create a new drive from RAW format or the originial boot.ini file is still going to be present.
How do I get rid of it?

There's a hidden file in the root of your boot drive that not many people know about, called "boot.ini". It controls what happens at boot time. In the past the thing to do was to edit this file manually, but that's no longer necessary.

Right click on My Computer, and select Properties. Now click on the Advanced tab. In a section labeled Startup and Recovery click on the button labeled Settings. You should now be looking at a dialog: refer attached

Click on Edit to edit the startup options file (aka boot.ini) manually. That should open Notepad with something similar to the following from my machine:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptOut
C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" /cmdcons

In this example, you can see that I have two options to choose from when I boot: Windows XP, and the Recovery Console. I'm guessing you have an additional line for theOS Setup that you had trouble with it. You can simply delete that line.

And if you're tired of having the computer wait 30 seconds for you to choose an operating system, you can also change the timeout value,

Save that file, and when you next reboot you should no longer have that additional option.
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I ve looked through the forums and I ve seen several threads that address this issue but mine seems to be unique since the answers that worked for everyone else don Digital my Western book installation t work for me I hooked my new WD My Book Pro up to my PC but I can t get it Western Digital my book installation to show up anywhere that I can use it I shows up in my device manager and it also installed the WD Button in my task bar but when I left click on it the drive is grayed out I looked in my Disk Management section and it s not listed there I even did a hardware scan just in case There are a couple of things I noticed in my Device Manager First my C drive is located at and my nd internal drive D is located at My MyBook is located at Location Could it be interfering with my C drive somehow Do I need to mess with jumper settings on my SATA internal drives Second is when I click on properties for my MyBook then to the Volumes tab and hit populate I get the error quot VOLUME INFORMATION CANNOT BE FOUND THIS MAY HAPPEN IF THE DISK IS A OR ON A WIN MACHINE quot I am running WinXP Pro on a Dell E ANY help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance I have screenshots if you need them I just can t post them yet since I m a n b nbsp

A:Western Digital my book installation

It could be defective. Try it in another PC.
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i just bought an nvidia Ge force 9400 gt and tried installing the drivers and i get an error message that says
(the nvidia setup program has detected that one or more Microsoft hardware installation wizards are active. do you want to continue with setup? click yes to minimize setup until you complete or cancel the other installation wizard(s). click no to exit setup.)
the installation wizard is trying to automatically install the hardware but if i go into control panel/administrative tools/plug and play and disable plug and play like i was told, the program says that there is no available graphics adapter but the original error message telling me other installation programs are running is gone. how am i supposed to install these drivers if windows is trying to install them with another program? How can i disable hardware install wizard so that it doesnt disable the graphics adapter PLEASE HELP!

A:Windows hardware installation manager overrides my Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT install

Follow these steps to install your new graphics card:

1. Download the latest drivers for your card. Clean all old video drivers from your system. You may use Driver Sweeper if you wish.
2. Shut your PC down and put the new GPU in the motherboard slot.
3. Start up the system and change your primary graphics adapter in BIOS to PCI-E (assuming you have a PCI-E card) or PCI / AGP.
4. After logging in to Windows just close the Hardware Installation Wizard when it comes up. Double click on the drivers you downloaded and it should be installed without any issues.
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Any build that I have done the case has been designed with the PSU top mounted. However, the latest trend has been cases with the PSU mounted on the bottom. I am looking at purchasing a new case for a new build and the PSU will be installed on the bottom.

What are the advantages? Anything to be aware of? Thanks.

A:Cases Designed for PSU Bottom Installation: Advantages?

Having built a few systems with bottom mount PSU's (including my own 800D and Lian Li's) I'd say the principle differences are:
1. Most modern bottom mount cases have divided interiors (thermal zones)- the "floor" of the main mobo compartment channels air to chipset/graphics card more efficiently.
2. Bottom mount provides better cable hiding and cable management (providing that there is sufficient room behind the motherboard tray and adequate cut-outs in the tray)
3. Centre of gravity is much lower
4. If the chassis has top mount fans then heat dispersal is good. A top mount PSU is ingesting warm air.
5. Most bottom mount chassis I've used have better clearance/less cluttered space above the motherboard tray, thus a better arrangement for larger aftermarket CPU coolers.
6. If watercooling, a roof mounted radiator is much more effective than a vertical mount-it will also make for a cleaner complete-in-chassis install -Assuming of course that the chassis roof is capable of accepting a rad.

That's about it.

BTW: If the bottom mount PSU chassis is a full tower then checking out the cable length for the motherboard 24 pin and EPS 12v on the PSU before final install could be an advantage.
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I have dell dimension 4600. I want this pc to connect my tv. my tv have s-video. so i bought Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 64mb S-Video Card DVI AGP G0770. I fix the card in slot and start the system. now my monitor is not working. but i connected to tv.

when i remove the card from slot, now monitor working great.. I need both to work. because for watching movies only i go for tv. other works need to use monitor.

how to solve this issue.

please help me.

thanks in advance.


A:S-video installation problem in Dell Dimension 4600

Right-click on the desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel. See if you can adjust the settings to allow you to watch TV and use the computer at the same time
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Just recently my internet stopped working properly using IE and Firefox. It runs only little slower than normal until i start to download something, like an attachment, or I try watching a video (youtube, netflix...) then my computer slows down immensely. When i'm downloading the attachment or doing a speedtest i watch the download start at 400+ kbps and rapidly decline to 15-30kbps. And then my whole internet is slowed down. I already went through the 8 step guide getting rid of viruses and malware in another forum and was cleared to repost my issue in another area. I have tried turning the modem off and unplugging it for awhile. I have a wireless router, but I tried plugging the modem directly into the computer and still had the same issue. I also tried downloading a demo on my PS3 and found that the same thing is happening there as well. Please help!!

A:When i start downloading my connection dies

Have you talked to your ISP?
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Hi, i've been bothered by this problem. Everytime i try to install ATI Radeon graphics card on my computer, it says "an unknown error occured. please restart ATI Catalyst Install Manager". I've been thinking where or what is the error. i've changed my OS thinking it will work if changed. By the way here's some question:

>is it possible to install ATI Radeon driver w/o it's card?

>can it be installed with an Intel 82945G graphics accelerator driver AGP?

here's my system specs:

OS: windows xp pro 2002 sp2
RAM: 1016 Mb ram
Sound: Realtek high definition audio driver
Processor: 2 intel @ 3.00 Ghz processor
Directx: Directx10 prefix

please help me! i can't play the games i want Thanks a lot for the response
if someone could read this who is from the philippines contact me if you can help pls... here's my number > 09129110983

A:Big problem with ATI Radeon driver installation

You could try running Driver Sweeper and then installing the ATI drivers. See how that goes.
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Hello everyone

I need your to help install my sata 2 HD.
I have an Intel DQ35JO motherboard and i try to install a second HD Seagate 500gb Sata 2.
I have already a 80gb Sata1 drive My motherboard support only Sata1 HD but when i went to buy a second one at my local shop the salesman told me that i shouldn't have a problem at installation if i buy a Sata 2 Drive ( it should be recognized ). I installed it and when i boot my PC stuck and doesn't loading windows. I 've already tried to put a jumper at the disk but nothing happened. This is the second Sata 2 HD that i bought ( i thought that the first one was broken).

Does anyone knows why is this happening?

Thanks in advance

P.S Sorry for my english

A:Sata 2 HD installation problem

Model Number


Can you post the model number of teh drive
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I just got a new graphic card ATI Radeon HD Series I installed it but I think I forgot something When I opened my computer you have those strips black white The black one is where you put your graphic card right Well there was another thing on one of the white plugins Is that a graphic card and was I supposed to remove it Another problem is when I did put my graphic card in and update my drivers my sound all of the sudden stopped working I don t think I have a sound card unless the card on the white Graphics card installation help plugin is it but other than that the device manager lists -Audio Codecs -Legacy Audio Drivers -Legacy Video Capture Devices -Media Control Devices -USB Audio Devices -Video Codecs than when I check Control Panel gt Sounds and Audio it says I have nothing connected I normally use my Insignia Speakers which Graphics card installation help are correctly plugged in etc Blah I m not a computer wiz Thanks to anyone who helps nbsp

A:Graphics card installation help

Did you have a graphics card before, or were graphics integrated (part of the motherboard)? I assume by you saying you updated the drivers, your computer recoginized that you installed the card? Or did you possibly update drivers for integrated graphics & sound?

This card plugged into the white there a cable from your monitor to that card? Do you know what model your motherboard is?
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A friend of mine brought me a fujitsu siemens laptop amilo pro with a Samsung Sata HM II hard drive that was not logging into windows xp I ve put it into a usb case and run a virus scan on it that cleared the virus and the disk was working properly When i logged in windows i ve notice so many spyware that i tried to format the drive immediately On my friends laptop the win xp installation disk wouldnt recognise any installation Windows drive my recognize cannot hard hard disks so i ve Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive tried installing it on the drive as an external usb drive from my laptop The installation failed with a blue screen for hardware failure I bought a new hard drive Samsung SATA HM HI that i Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive partitioned and formatted primary NTFS Neither XP or Windows installation recognize it i can work on it from my laptop as an external usb drive i ve Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive run several diagnostic tools from my friends laptop with a boot cd and every software recognize it give me details scan it for errors The bios even recognize it I need to install an OS on it any ideas or suggestions i ve been working for a week on it its getting exhausting nbsp

A:Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive

Is the hard drive seen in the bios? Is the SATA controller properly enabled and configured in the bios?
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I did a fresh install of Linux Fedora and discovered that this new version of Fedora doesn t like my Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card I tried numerous installation techniques but they failed every time I scoured the forums for answers but no single answer would work Finally I rearranged the steps from a graphics Linux card Installation on of Nvidia SOLVED Fedora 12 couple of different forums and it worked If you re having trouble getting your Nvidia card installed in Fedora then give this a try Let me know if it works Nvidia Driver Install for Fedora Edit the boot grub grub conf file using Gedit Open a Terminal Window Login as Installation of Nvidia graphics card on Linux Fedora 12 SOLVED superuser enter quot su quot at the command prompt and press Enter You ll be prompted for your password Type it in and press Enter Paste Installation of Nvidia graphics card on Linux Fedora 12 SOLVED gedit boot grub grub conf into command prompt and then press Enter Find the kernel line in the grub conf file It will say something like kernel vmlinuz- - local fc x Installation of Nvidia graphics card on Linux Fedora 12 SOLVED ro root UUID XXX rhgb quiet After the word quiet paste nouveau modeset Save and close the grub conf file At the Terminal prompt paste setsebool -P allow execstack on and press enter At the Terminal prompt paste yum --enablerepo rp g install kmod-nvidia uname -m xorg-x -drv-nvidia-libs i xorg-x -drv-nvidia-libs x Exit all instances of Terminal Reboot Well that s what worked for me I m running Fedora in x screen resolution using my Nvidia GeForce GTX card It looks great Hope this works for you too Best of luck Stevizard nbsp
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Good morning. Last night after installing a new/oem SATA dvd drive into my PC, the monitor will no longer come on during boot. Even after unplugging the dvd drive, the monitor will still not come on though i'm getting my normal beeps and processing from the pc itself. Any suggestions?

A:Monitor won't come on after installation of new dvd drive

Try unplugging the monitor data cable
Removing the computer power cord
Holding in the computer ON button for 30 secs
Securely plugging the Monitor data cable back in
Then securely putting the computer power cord back in
Then turning on

If that doesn't work, sometimes I've had to open Desktop computer cases up
And then refit the the addon Video card (if you have one)
Then do the above again
Then turn on

I hope this works
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I ve recently had to reinstall windows xp on my dell as there was an unrepairable error with the xp operating system that could only be fixed by a fresh install and cleaning the entire hard drive I installed windows without a problem and all the onboard drivers for the motherboard however when i came to install my X-Fi Soundcard i haven t encountered several errors and i just can t find anyway of fixing the problem The strange thing Titanium Installation X-Fi for Issues is before i reinstalled windows i had this soundcard working perfectly for over a year First of Installation Issues for X-Fi Titanium all when i was installing the software drivers from the cd onto the hard drive the installation froze at Installation Issues for X-Fi Titanium at updating windows system files So i had to close the installation and remove the parts that it did put on the hard drive using a registry cleaner I then tried another install and this time i did it in safe mode which in this case allowed everything to install without any crash and finished the installation and asked me to restart When i restarted the control panel icon was in the bottom right but there was no sound When i double clicked it it stated there was no audio device present How was this possible when i had got my soundcard in my pci express port And before this question is asked no i don t have my onboard sound enabled and the drivers for it were uninstalled When i went onto the sound devices window it had the X-Fi soundblaster logo under the sound device however when i clikced onto its properties there was no way of changing the system volume it only had options for inputs volumes and levels and i don t think even these were working correctly Under the codecs tab in sound the X-Fi driver was present The thing that confuses me about this whole situation is that before i reinstalled windows i had this soundcard working for over a year Why has it stopped working now A hardware error but it was working literally a few days ago just before i had the windows blue screen error which i believe is completely unrelated to the soundcard Or is this a software issue Is there some missing files that i need on my machine before i install this soundcard This problem is really driving me insane if you can help me out you d be doing me a big favour If you need anymore information on this situation i can tell you more Please help me i want to listen to my music again nbsp

A:Installation Issues for X-Fi Titanium

Did you install Service Pack 2 (or 3 )

Did you try installing all the other drivers first?
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Hi everybody.
I have a problem. I m young in age and I was downloading porno from limewire. While I was doing that my laptop crashed. It s not that I a virus or sth cause I had problems with my computer for a long time. But my question is that if my mon, who knows about computers, finaly make it and start my pc, will she see that I had limewire downloading porno? About the pc, it says that it was not properly shut down so it makes an efford to recover and then it crashes and starts all over again. Please, please please answer cause I ll go nuts.
Thank you!

A:My laptop crashed while I was downloading


oh dear you are in a mess arent you.?

if your pc savvy mum gets the pc going, limewire will start only if set to start when the pc logs on to a desktop, if it doesnt you should be safe...

If it does then its time to come clean with your mum and admit to what you were doing, i dont know your mum but if you need to download porn at an early age then your mum needs to do some explaining so you dont get the wrong idea about sex...

If you happen to have the XP disk to hand you could try booting from it and choosing to do a repair, this happens when the profile is corrupted and cant load.

Good luck and stop downloading porn, you can do all that later in life, for now go outside and play hide and seek like most kids.
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ok. i purchased a western digital 320g hard drive and am attempting to install. my computer recognizes the drive but when i get to the partition screen, it has 2 unpartitioned spaces. 1 of those spaces has a 76mb capacity and 1 has a 131 mb capacity even though i am installing a 320g drive. the second issue is that it is showing a previous install of windows(i think) on my d: drive. i would like to totally wipe everything out and start new. i formatted the drive i installed onto the 131 mb unpartitioned space hoping it would recognize the 320g after it formatted but it didn't. it loaded windows onto the drive and now the windows screen where it loads just stays on and never goes to a desk top. i think i really screwed it up this time

A:Please walk me through sata installation and xp partition

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

* Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files
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Hi Im a first time poster here having some graphic card problems My specs AMD Athlon MHz MB x DDR-SDRAM NVIDIA GeForce FX MSI K T Neo-V MS- Card problems Video Installation PCI and AGP bus Please dont laugh lol anyway as you can Video Card Installation problems see I have a crappy video card so I just purchased an EVGA NVIDIA GS AND a new psu watt should be plenty to run the card So I uninstall the old drivers even use Driver Sweeper to Video Card Installation problems make sure install the new card and drivers everything is fine until reboot then I get a totally pixelated screen Its neon colors and cant read anything on it btw its a PCI card so it says and I have both PCI and AGP bus slots and bios is set to both I also installed this Video Card Installation problems just a week ago from a previous that went out So the installation went fine with this one Im not able to post a screenshot because it s my first post but I do have one on photobucket Strange thing is I go into PC Wizard to see or BARELY see what its saying about the card it is saying its PCI E at least I THINK it says that I tried getting into my bios and no luck I have a razor keyboard and no matter what key I hit I cant access bios What do you think is wrong is it the graphics card itself Just got it from Tiger Direct hmmm I really cant afford to spend any more money Im a single mom and it was bad enough buying a psu and card HELP nbsp

A:Video Card Installation problems

If it's a PCI card just set your primary video adapter to PCI in the BIOS. Any idea what the temperatures are like?
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Okay, I need help with this. I can't seem to install a front fan, it shows it can fit but there are things that block it. Is there anything I need to unscrew? Those who have done this let me know, pictures will help a lot.

Location: Front bottom right side

Marked it with red and green, ignore everything else...just pay attention on the location part.

Marked red as what blocks it
Marked green as the spot where it would fit without it being blocked.

Thanks in advance.


A:NZXT Apollo case - Front fan installation

It looks like you might have to pull both video cards, (at least to lower one), and the drive cage between them and the fan position. Since the photo lacks sufficient detail, I can't say for certain if that cage is in fact, removable.

Also, another thing I'm not seeing how open the front of the cage facing the fan is, to permit airflow in the first place.

Some cases have removable front panels, but the fan still goes in from the rear. (The case front comes off for cleaning the filters that are sometimes present).

You should hit the product page at Newegg; Then follow the links to the manufacturers product page. Maybe you can download the manual.
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I did installed vista ultimate.I installed sound driver.But my problem is only 4 speaker is working .CENTRAL / SUB is not working.i configured Intel audio studio and tested but didnt work.Please give ur suggestions.THnaks in advance..

Mother board : INtel D945GCL

O.S : vista ultimate 32 bit

Speaker : creative inspire 5.1

driver version: IDT high definition audio codec

A:Sound problem in creative 5.1 inspire after fresh installation of Vista

can you please run a Dxdiag report?

1) Press on the "Windows Vista" button normally found at the bottom left hand corner of the screen

2) Select "Start Search"

3) Type "dxdiag" in the box and press the return/enter button on your key board.

4) Select the "Save All Information". Sometimes, you will be asked if you wish to check if the drivers are "digitally signed". Should this message appear, choose "Yes"

5) Save the file to a place on your machine where you can easily locate it again e.g. your desktop.

6) Attach the file in your next reply.
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Am trying to install Mcafee on my kids pc from my account which tells me I have 3 remaining downloads of the program.

This is the message I keep getting:

"Your PC does not have enough memory to begin the installation. Your product requires 128MB of RAM."

I checked the C drive and it says that I have 15.9GB of free space.

I reinstalled Windows XP and tried it all over again but keep getting the same message.

Ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance!

A:Not enough memory to start installation of Mcafee?

RAM refers to the memory modules on your PC.
It is different from the HDD.
If you could post your PC specs, we should be able to spell things out for you.
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Ok, so I got a hp xe3 omnibook that i wanted to install windows xp pro on. Now I tried the cd on my desktop and it worked fine. I put it in the laptop and set it to boot from cd and all i get is "_" that blinking sign and nothing happens. Idk what's going on because I know the cd works fine.

A:HP xe3 omibook won't boot windows xp pro installation

Is the HPxe3 Optical drive good?
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Ok so my old vid card crapped out and I had to replace it Np or so Black installation & screen? Driver I thought I bought the XFX Radeon HD on the box it also says quot AGP x quot and quot GB DDR quot I get the thing home remove the old video card and it s drivers then install the new one and as soon as I install the drivers for the new card my computer won t start It takes about - reboots in order to get past the black screen I have uninstalled the drivers cleaned them in safe mode restarted again for good measure and then reinstalled the drivers from the disk I have tried this same procedure several times I have tried using the drivers from the XFX website but according to them the card is too new and therefore the most recent drivers are not yet compatible with it I have a watt Mushkin PS motherboard is an ASUS A N X Processor AMD Athlon XP MMX D Now GHz MB Ram and I m running Win XP Pro The place I bought the card from has replaced the card itself once so I know that is not the problem There is a message when you install the drivers from the disk that basically says it was never tested with windows and they don t know if it s all that stable I have contacted XFX they say the drivers are fine with windows So now here I sit I have tried everything Driver installation & Black screen? you can think of When I bought this video card I made sure it was compatible with the motherboard because I know Driver installation & Black screen? that my computer is a few years old my bf built it a few years ago for gaming I have installed the video card correctly bf was watching me and he s the one who builds our computers The place I bought the card from basically says quot bring in the computer and pay us to make it work for you quot Does anyone know what is wrong nbsp

A:Driver installation & Black screen?

Look on the motherboard manufacturer website to assure that you have the latest Chipset drivers... there are sometimes two for some Asus boards.
Describe how your old video card crapped out? Perhaps your motherboard is going to the happy hunting ground?
But I suspect the problem will be found in the motherboard manual at the ASUS site.
The big mystery: What did the place where you bought the card say when the second card didn't work either?: Did they not offer to give your money back?
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First here are my specs Board Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA-M SLI-S Processor gigahertz AMD Athlon X Dual Core kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache -bit ready OLD memory card NVIDIA Geforce GT it worked but color was distorted happened a few months after I installed it and so screen GeForce GSO, 9600 installation on black I finally got aroudn to purchasing this GeForce 9600 GSO, black screen on installation new video card NEW card XFX PV-T O-ODF GeForce GSO GB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card it won t let me post GeForce 9600 GSO, black screen on installation links because I don t have five posts or greater but you can search the exact same card at newegg I got it but it is a quot recertified quot card would that mean anything I get it home my old card used just a VGA plug in to my monitor and the new card is only DVI so I had to go out and buy a VGA to DCI adapter which I did Now however I get everything plugged in I turn on the PC and NOTHING Black screen monitor is on but nothing shows up Fans are running on the video card it s in tight Absolutely nothing So next I plug my old card back in It works like before Hmm Put the new one in nothing again So I played around with the VGA DVI adapter since my old card has a VGA slot and a DVI slot I put the monitor with the adapter into the old card and with the adapter it started working for a minute and then went black I wiggled it around a bit nothing So I unplug the adapter and put the VGA back in it works So at this point I m not sure what to do Is it just the adapter brand new just bought it or the video card If it s the video card what are my options As far as I know my motherboard SHOULD run the card Also I did not uninstall the drivers from the old card prior to plugging in the new is this even worth the attempt Very frustrated Thanks for any help you can give Derek nbsp

A:GeForce 9600 GSO, black screen on installation

Forgot to mention I have a 350W power output, would that mean anything?
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i have a core to dio p4m9mp JETWAY motherboard with 3gig ram , 2,66 processor! Now my problem is that I bought a GeForce 9600 GT 512mb PCI e screencard but if I take out my other screencard and install the new one my screen does not come on! I dont know what I am doing wrong ??? Can someone please help ??

If I put back the other screencard then everything is fine !

Does the new screencard need power as I have seen a power input on the back of the card!

Specs of my mother board is as follows:Support Intel LGA775 Conroe Processor .
VIA P4M890 + VT8237R.
Support FSB 1066 / 800 / 533MHz.
Inte grated S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro Processo.
Single Channel DDR2 533 / 400 Memory DIMMs.
1 PCI Express x16. 1 PCI Express x 1 , 2 32-bit PCI .
Support 4 IDE and 2 Serial ATA Devices with RAID.
8 USB2.0 Connectors Embedded.
AC 97 6 Channel Audio CODEC
VIA 10/100 LAN Supported.
Micro ATX Form Factor.

A:Geforce 9600 installation problems

The NVidia guides on their website are pretty complete for dealing with installation problems of the GeForce 9600 GT. We assume you have gone through all of those steps, but you might want to re-read them now, and go through it all again.
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Hi guys

Well i bought a Radeon 9600 Pro & when i first installed it in my computer , ( i have a compaq presario S5010AN by the way ) , everything was big & i just had to connect to the internet to get drivers but i couldnt connect so i restarted my pc but then it just showed coloured lines & squares . I cant see anything but those colours then the monitor will just turn off . The fan goes but i dont know whats the problem ?

Could someone pleasee help me ?
Im desperate !


A:Coloured lines on monitor after graphics card installation

Your Radeon 9600 Pro must be installed, before it can work for you. Most are supplied with a driver disk. When that is not available, you must download the drivers... but you can use another computer or connection to do that, then transfer them by CD or flash drive.
Are you certain the 9600 Pro will work in that Compaq Presario? Will the power supply support it?
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I recently purchased a Dekcell CPA-1084 usb webcam. It came with the driver and applications CD. I have loaded the driver numerous times and attemted to use the camera. Each time, I get an error message stating, " Sorry, you have no video capture hardware". For some reason, my system will not recognize the driver for the camera. For the webcam to be such a simple item, this is a very aggravating problem. How can I get my system to recognize the camera and successfully instal the driver? Thank for any help you can give.

A:Webcam Installation Issues

No USB drivers are needed with many USB devices including cameras. Delete the driver and clean your system using free CCleaner, Glary Utilities and Malwarebytes. Plug in the camera and see if it is properly detected
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Ok so to start off I have pretty much no experience with computers so bare with me I m using a card installation help Need with please video computer I got for Christmas and it was used it looks quite old it is a Dell and my OS is Windows XP The motherboard only had PCI slots so I got a EVGA GeForce GS with MB DDR video memory from Tiger Direct Before I bought it I had an onboard graphics accelerator or something like that I did Need help please with video card installation research on how to install it tried it and when I booted it up it worked fine until I got to the welcome screen then it was just a blank screen but I could hear it starting up I booted it up in safe mode and it was working I installed the drivers and figured I could start it up normally and it would work but I still got the blank screen when I tried It will still boot in safe mode no problem though I have no idea where to start like I said I have no experience with this if you need any more info just ask any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Need help please with video card installation

Sometimes very difficult change-over, depending on the Dell model.
Please tell us more about the Dell Service Tag, or the hard ware configuration... particularly the weak spots such as the power supply, memory installed, hard drive, and age.
Some Dell Dimensions and Optiplex desktops are very limited in what you can to to update your video graphics... but there are some configurations that will work...
Whether they will boost your video graphics to what you hoped, depends on too many things.
Please tell us more.
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Ok well after installing both my new video card and new PSU my computer would at times lose picture and I would have to restart I discovered a big problem I have now is that my GPU is overheating like crazy It idles around - C and climbs to - C seconds after I run a game before settling around - C this is all with fan speed supposedly set to My CPU also seems hot as it idles around C and goes up to C after being at full load for a few mins The Psu + PSU CPU+GPU videocard installation after overheating I bought had a fan on the bottom instead of at the back like my old one I don t know if that messes things up but it is facing my video card fan I CPU+GPU overheating after videocard + PSU installation don t know much about computers so does anyone know if there is anything that I can do to potentially fix this heating problem I tried testing it without a cover but the temps were pretty much the same I uploaded some pics to help http www megafileupload com en file pics-rar html Thanks for the help I used EVGA Precision and SpeedFan to check temps My Comp Stats Windows Vista bit AMD Athlon X Dual-Core GHz GB RAM DDR Sparkle Geforce GTX GB new HP Nettle Motherboard http h www hp com ewfrf wc document lc en amp dlc en amp cc us amp docname c CORSAIR CMPSU- CX W new EDIT My CPU seems to be idling at around C now with both cores going to about - C after playing a game for minutes nbsp

A:CPU+GPU overheating after videocard + PSU installation

Is the new video card crammed in its space with little or on airflow around it? You will need to get some additional cooling into that OEM case
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First off i'm really no good at anything like this so don't expect me to know all the computer jargon etc.

I just recently bought a GeForce 8600 GT PCI-E when I inserted it into my computer
(which is an Intel Dimension 4700 with no upgrades done to it since bought new) and turned the computer on the light on the monitor went orange as thought the computer was off but the screen was on.

I've been reading around other threads and the specs for this computer should be able to comfortably run the GeForce 8600 and i'm completely stumped after spending a few hours fiddling. The computer runs fine on the old graphics card.

If you need any information about the computer etc. please ask and i'll try to help all though don't count on me


A:GeForce 8600 installation problems

of course we need specs, we cant read your mind
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Hi All,
I have an PC having AMD Athelon XP 2100+(1733MHz), 512DDR SDRAM and MS 6382E VER:3 Motherboard. A few days ago, old processor (athelon xp 2000+ 1667MHz) stopped working so i bought the new one as above. After installing it was showing the speed of 1300MHz(1500+) as motherboard was set at 100Mhz FSB. After changing jumper setting to 133mhz its showing the right speed but doesn't allow to install XP professional. It hangs while copying files or gives an error message 'page fault in nonpaged area' during installation when askfor the option to set up windows in a drive. At 100mhz fsb, we can install xp succesfully and works fine but computer freezes if changed to 133fsb afterwards.

A:XP installation problem

Unless you have a more recent (V3) manual suggesting otherwise.
I think you are pushing your board past its limits...
The specs on your board say...

support up to... 1.5 ghz processorClick to expand...
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HELLO everybody,

i recently installed an ATI radeon 9200 graphics card ( i didn't buy it, found it )
I tried searching for drivers but wherever i go and install the driver, the installation
gives me an error message saying setup was unable to find components that
can be installed on your current hardware or software configuration. Please make
sure you have the correct hardware or software.

I know i installed the card propely but i guess i am missing some software or it could be my integrated graphics chipset that has done something.

Please help!

A:ATI Radeon 9200 driver installation problem

The 9200 is no longer supported by ATI/AMD's recent drivers so you have to use older versions. It depends on your operating system as to which one. For Windows 98 use Catalyst 6.2. For Windows XP use 6.11 or older. I think for XP try 6.7 first.
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Hi hopefully you guys can help me I have a hp mini netbook and i decided to reinstall windows to make sure everything i didnt want on the computer was off Now during the installation process someone disrupted my computer and i had to do the whole setup again There are steps on the windows xp discs setup When i did the setup for the second time the setup did the collecting information process it did the dynamic update and it also did the preparing installation But when it gets to the XP Windows failure installation installing windows step it always says setup will complete in aprox mins and a few mins later an error Windows XP installation failure occurs that prevent setup from continuing It specifically says one of the components that windows needs to continue could not be installed and the semaphore timeout period has expired i ran the setup at least times and got the same outcome I cant start windows now because it always loads the laptop automatically into the restarting setup process when the computer turns on and it always restarts when the error occurs Do you guys have any ideas nbsp

A:Windows XP installation failure

GParted Live CD/USB/HD/PXE

Live ISO 95.5 Meg (cannot fit on floppy!)

Free ImgBurn ISO burning application Download:
Or use your own burning software (Nero?)

Once the Live CD is created, start your computer up with the Live Gparted CD in the drive, and "Boot" from it. Then remove all the partitions

Once completed, start the Windows install process again
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So I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li2732 And the old 250Gb HDD just went blank and now when i try to install windows xp pro on it the setup starts but it says:

---Windows XP Professional Setup
Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

Make sure any disk drives are powered on and properly connected
to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is
correct. This may involve rinning a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic
or setup program.

Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3.

I can see that the computer can find the hdd in the bios and when i ran a ubuntu live cd it also found the hdd..!

I have tried with an other (60Gb) HDD and I have also tried with Windows 2k and Vista Ultimate but I just get the same result with it...

So What to do..?

A:Amilo Li2732 Windows Installation problems

Partition and format the new hard drive on another computer. You can puchase or borrow an external USB 2.5 inch enclosure to do this
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Hi Guys My power supply recently died after about months of use so I upgraded from W to overheating Supply Power card installation Graphics following new a W unit Since Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation a couple of weeks after installing the new PSU my Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation machine has been getting hella hot and performing poorly as a result Now my new PSU fan blows downwards as opposed to straight out the back of the base unit like my old one However the fan is really bloody big and not generating much heat iself so I m surprised if this is causing the whole issue From feeling around the hot areas seem to be the socket in the back of the PSU where I plug in the kettle cable and the GFX card Checked the temps too and indeed the graphics card is burning up somewhat So it looks like the graphics card is definitely the problem but I don t see why my new PSU would be causing this Any ideas Details below CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core Quad Q MHz x Motherboard Name Asus P N-E SLI PCI PCI-E x PCI-E x DDR DIMM Audio Gigabit LAN IEEE- Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce i SLI System Memory Gb Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX MB Motherboard C F CPU C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GPU C F These are temps after minutes of gaming all are around - C not gaming GPU Diode C F GPU Memory C F GPU Ambient C F --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cooling Fans CPU RPM Chassis RPM Chassis RPM GPU RPM Many thanks for any advice p nbsp

A:Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation

must of distupted the airflow or got some dust clogged up into the GPU cooler causing it to over heat. what temp is it reaching whilst gaming?
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My web cam is not working, I have the installation cd with me but still the camera does not get installed. Thinking that my installation cd is not working, i downloaded the webcam driver from the web. BUt still the camera does not get installed.
My camera is LEBECA PC CAMERA (Panwest)
E-C023-04-1875 (B)
When i click the PC camera from my start menu, it says that i do not have the video hardware, and when i click the lebeca viewer it does not show any image...
Please help me...
thank you

A:Problem with Web cam installation

Hi Asbhu

If you're struggling to find the appropriate driver for your webcam, try this link ... ....

From the info that you've provided however, it seems to be more of a hardware issue to me. When you plug the cam in, does the computer recognise that a new device has been plugged in? Your USB slot might be faulty or the cam might be damaged as well. Try different slots and see if it gets recognised. Do get back to us and let us know if you manage to sort out your problem. Good luck!

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I just installed this card and when the bios screen comes up during boot-up, the screen is "static" or just lines, after the post/bios screen is done it goes black for a second then the lines come back, instead of the windows boot screen.

i have gone into my bios to make sure i had my agp set as the default video and set the speeds as low as i can get them. just a note the MB is a mini-board. i am not getting any beep codes other than the normal beep.

would not previously installing the drivers prevent it from displaying the post/bios startup screen? or is there something else that may be causing the "static" instead of the video?

A:New installation: ATI x1600 pro agp

What was the previous video card or on-board video in the system?
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Hey kids I ve got a problem PC new up CPU installation Freezing/Locking after here at work with a computer that I ve been PC Freezing/Locking up after new CPU installation using for a little over a year Here are the specs Mobo Gigabyte IPE -GL rev Intel i P i P chipset CPU Intel P Prescott GHz MHz FSB MHz FSB Freq RAM MB DDR-SDRAM x GPU nVidia GeForce MB HDD Maxtor L M SATA GB PSU Eagle W OS Windows XP SP So I ve used this thing just fine for about a year now no problems Seeing as how this computer is my work machine I needed to upgrade the CPU because of all the Photoshop Illustrator work I do So I decided to get an Intel P GHz MHz FSB I installed the chip and the fan perfectly and booted up The computer POSTs and enters Windows fine But I noticed that it completely locked up after five minutes I rebooted and tried again This time I lasted ten minutes before I had to reboot Upon the third boot I did nothing but browse the internet Firefox and I thoroughly enjoyed thirty minutes of that But once I tried to do something that involved quot real quot math - archiving some files using WinRAR calculating the scale of an object in Illustrator or using my RIP - the computer would freeze I then removed the new CPU and replaced it with the original which is working fine I m usually pretty good at troubleshooting my own problems but I have to admit that I m stumped I changed absolutely nothing except for the CPU and I really have no clue as to what s going on Any ideas nbsp

A:PC Freezing/Locking up after new CPU installation

Which P4 3.4 did you get? Different cores have different voltage requirements and it's possible it is not compatible with the motherboard. Another possibility is the power supply isn't providing sufficient power when the PC is working harder. The new processor uses more wattage than the older one.
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I need to change my cellular, but don't want to get rid of some old nice pictures I have on my Kyocera KX16, so I bought a data-cable via eBay that came with a CD. The cable plugs in on the side of my cell, and has a USB connector at the other end. SETUP was then run from the CD and there was an app called QPST that installed on my laptop. With that done, I went to check the posibility of accesing the data contained of my mobile phone but nothing happened. Reading some more, I realized one more app was needed. KPD v3.1 was then found on the web and installed it, but when run it keeps saying no phone is connected to the desktop. What am I missing?

A:Downloading pics from Kyocera KX16 to my laptop

probably drivers to see the phone.

Can you see the phone under my computer in windows?

if so, try cutting and pasting the files?
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Hey there,

So, I bought a new graphics card and installed it. Old card was a Nvidia Geforce 7900GS, new one is a Gigabyte Geforece Series 9500GT.

Now, my computer won't boot up, claiming 'reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device.'

I'm running XP. I can get into my Bios, but nothing seems to help. I CANNOT get into safe mode, no matter when I hit F8. I've read in some forums that sometimes the hard drive is not recognized, and this may be the case, since in my Bios Boot menu under HDD Broup Boot priority it says 'not installed'.

My old graphics card had a slot that the hard drive plugged into. The new one does not, but even switching back to the old does not help.

Any ideas?

A:Can't boot after graphics card installation/Bios not detecting HDD?

"My old graphics card had a slot that the hard drive plugged into"... Are you talking about a black, black, red, yellow 4-wire power plug? You need to make sure you plug this back into the hard drive
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Hooray Please excuse USB Bootable flash on - Success images drives installation the interruption as I rejoice in victory over a task I ve been working on for a while This one was Bootable installation images on USB flash drives - Success important and I didn t find it documented elsewhere on the web so I thought I d share it here In our environment we have a hodgepodge of computers We support grad students laptops as well as University purchased computers so what we see runs the gamut from Dell Optiplex desktops to something that was on sale Bootable installation images on USB flash drives - Success at Costco When OS decay and resulting system instability or hard disk failure results in our having to reinstall the operating system there s no telling what type of machine it will be so we can t use snapshots of baseline computers This necessitates using OS install discs We use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit MDT Beta to be precise to create a single DVD that we can use to for unattended installations We ve set it up so that we can install Windows XP or Vista Business along with all of our standard applications Firefox Thunderbird Java runtime Flash player Acrobat Reader PrimoPDF Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and some UNIX interoperability programs as well as applying our security templates and defragging the hard drive I ve added in both Office and Office as options because what we install depends on what they had licensed By now though you ve probably guessed that it s outgrown a DVD and it would be nice to have Adobe and other products available as well Enter the need to be able to drop the resulting ISO onto a flash drive and have it bootable Ideally I d like to have an GB flash drive using SLC memory for maximum data transfer rates As I wrote this I footed from a flash drive formatted and installed Windows and all the basic applications including Office in just over minutes It simplifies things tremendously for our techs and allows us to focus on helping people rather than sitting around watching progress bars move left to right In case any of you would like to do the same here s a summary of what needs to be done It s incredibly simple but I didn t find it well documented so I wanted to share it here Feel free to post this or pass it along as you see fit the idea is to disseminate information as broadly as possible not try to claim credit for anything In order to make your flash drive bootable run the following commands from the command line diskpart list disk select disk or whichever disk is your flash drive clean create partition primary select partition active format fs NTFS quick assign exit Now you can use DaemonTools www daemon-tools cc or a similar utility to mount your ISO image and copy the files to the flash drive Open the virtual drive containing the ISO image and copy the files to your flash drive and you re done It really is that simple If you haven t tried MDT I strongly encourage doing so It s quite easy to use and very very useful If you re getting ready to play with it I ll offer one piece of advice Use a simple naming scheme and don t filling all the version info The problem with filling in all the fields is that many aren t changeable later That means that when a new version is released you have to delete the application and start over It s a pain If you leave it more generic you can just drop the new files into the application directory and tweak the installation command as necessary My naming convention goes like this Common AppName XP AppName Vista AppName It s easy to rearrange the order that applications appear in by editing quot C Distribution Control Applications xml quot Grab the entire application section you want to move and paste it where you want it I have a couple of other applications that I haven t been able to coerce into participating in the silent install theme and I drop those down at the bottom of the list That allows the silent installs to finish and leave just one or two simple p... Read more
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i got this sweet computer (piece by piece) off of tigerdirect.comand built it all myself.
everything seemed to be working fine until i installed windows. it gets through the initial part running off the cd and all the way through the product code. but very near the end it always throws this blue screen error code: 0x0000008E.

if i understand correctly, that code generally has to do with memory. windows xp supports up to 3 gigs of ram and i am only using 2.
i've tried taking sticks out, relocating sticks, even tested both ramsticks. they both work and windows just isn't.

cpu: intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz 3mb 1066fsb
mobo: xfx nforce 630i w/ onboard geforce 7100
ram: corsair twinx 2048mb pc6400 ddr2 800mhz
psu: atx switching power supply 450w
gpu: onboard geforce 7100 128mb

A:Newly built rig blue screens during windows installation

your ram may not be the correct brand and type recommended for the motherboard. RTFM
you may also need a bios update. Read the updating bios guide in the guides forum.
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OK guys bear bare with me on this one I got my new case the other day and I want First build issues motherboard installation to install my mobo The case has a detachable plate to put it it on and it looks like this be warned - big images On the right hand side it has six of these two you can t see in the first picture Then it has three of these on the left hand side Now my case instructions say to line the First build motherboard installation issues mobo holes up with the case holes which seems obvious but First build motherboard installation issues doesn t mention screwing anything in But if I don t then the thing will just drop off as soon as I lift my case up As you can tell I m at a loss really with what to do and I could use any help at all There is a gap for the IO shield in the case so I know which way the board should be oriented but I don t see how I can screw anything into the holes on it when there are those other bits from the case plate coming through them My motherboard is ATX and my case is ATX or mATX compatible - Apologies for the poor picture quality Thanks nbsp

A:First build motherboard installation issues

Don't you just "pop" those standoffs into the motherboard holes?
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I've been using a Geforce 6200 oc PCI for my video card. However, my uncle recently gave me a Geforce 6600gt agp video card. I tried to install it and then realized that it has some sort of power cable that you need to plug in for it to work. I cannot find any plug in that wil fit the power cable. I'm using a Dell Dimension 8250 with an Intel 850e motherboard. Any help is appreciated.

A:Geforce 6600gt AGP installation issue

I believe that card needs an ordinary 4 pin molex power connector.
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The following is the error message when I try to install my daughters games on my computer. I went into the folders of the game and installed the DirectX 9.0c but still continue to get the message. I just had to have my hard drive replaced and the geek squad used my recovery discs etc. to install the hard drive and hardware. My daughter used to be able to play all these games, I was running Vista but they installed Windows XP when they re-did my computer. My graphics info is a Trident Video Accelerator 96XX/938X. Can you help me?

Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate.


A:Downloading Sims games and others

If it worked before, it should work now. You might need to install the latest driver for your Trident graphics as the message said.
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I have a DELL Vostro 200 and am installing my first PCI-E graphics card:
ASUS Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT. 256mb

My monitor is a VGA monitor and I am using a DVI-D to VGA Monitor Converter to connect the monitor cable to the graphics card. I am uncertain if this is the right converter.

When I switch the PC on, I have a complete blank screen on my monitor. It doesn't power up to show anything.

I know the PC boots up normally, I can even click to login (although blind) so it all works except I can't see anything.
The PC definitely detects the graphics card as I am currently using the integrated graphics card to write this and on bootup I get a message telling me that I should be using the new graphics card.

Please help with advice if you can.

A:Graphics card installation problems

there is a spot in most bios to tell it whether to use the onboard video or pci video. check out your bios setting/
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Greetings everyone I recently purchased a Jaton Nvidia Geforce dforce - video card card after Computer freezes installation video new to replace the Geforce MX - that was previously installed Now my PC is consistently freezing up requiring a re-boot I cannot alt-tab or ctrl-alt-del Initially I installed the card without connecting the supplemental power I was prompted Computer freezes after new video card installation that I hadn t done so and that the card would set itself to allow for this I left it configured like this for a few days and had no problems When I finally connected the supplemental power from the PSU bundle with pin connector the freeze ups started occuring The cursor won Computer freezes after new video card installation t move and no keyboard commands work Occasionally two or three times out of maybe the computer will re-boot itself This happens mostly on the internet once in windows and never while I m playing a game I ve only played - games with the supplemental power connected however I ve done the power supply calculator and it said I only needed - W of power I m hoping my processor isn t too weak to run it like that I ve only now come to realize that the Sempron is AMD s quot budget quot processor and not in-line with the P s or Athlons I ll list my system specs below and anxiously await what I m sure will be some great advice Let me know if you need more info AMD Sempron GHz video card said I required a Pentium or comparable but I couldn t find a cross reference anywhere I looked SOYO SY-KT Dragon plus MoBo Kingston MB DDR PC chips MB total KVR X C A Nvidia Geforce dforce - AGP X Maxtor GB RPM HD Generic CDRW Rexpower PX- PSU mm cooling fan Windows XP nbsp

A:Computer freezes after new video card installation


All budget psu's (like the one you have) (no offence) never run at the quoted Wattidge. Your rexpower 400 is probably running at noway near 400 watts.

The main problem is the fact you dont have enough power, If you buy a PSU like Antec Truepower or Enermax they will allways do what they say on the box. If you need help selecting a PSU then just post back.

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Hello guys,
I'm a newbie here..I seem to have this problem with my computer...
it seems to have a blank screen after I install new Ram, the screen remains blank on boot up. It dosent even load bios or show the XFX logo. I am trying to up grade it form 2gb to 4 gb.
Here are my system specs.

Motherboard : XFX 680i Lite
CPU : Intel Pentium Dual Core @3.0Ghz
O/S : Windows XP SP2 /W media center edition
Ram : 2 GB OCZ Sli ready 6400 DDR2 (I got the exact same thing to upgrade)
ViD : GeForce 8800 GTS
Power Supply: 650watts SLi Ready.

I assembled these my self ... so if any one could help me out on this ...thank you very much.

A:Blank screen after boot up ... after new ram installation...

When you remove the new RAM does it boot okay?

If you remove your old RAM and install the new RAM does it boot okay?
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setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.

this error shows every time i try to install winxp on my brand new pc. all cables are inserted perfectly.. please help me..

the specs are
SATA seagate barracuda 500gb 7200.11
Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L
2GB Ram

A:During XP installation, cant detect hdd

Seems like your missing the SATA drivers. You can download the drivers here....

Put all the drives on a floppy disk and on your next XP install, hit F6 at the very beginning which will allow you to load these drivers.
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Ok, i had a blood iron P35 mobo and it suddenly fried...i bought another of the same mobo and hooked it into my system.

I made SURE that all of the settings in teh Bios is the same when setting up the RAID and the raid controller thing on the mobo even says that the partition is recognized and bootable, however, i cannot get it to gets to "Invalid boot disk" and WILL NOT load into windows.

I do not wish to reformat if at ALL possible, i'd be losing some stuff that would do some major damage, so basically i need to know if its possible to reinstall teh HD"s to the same mobo type but not the same, exact, mobo without formatting them.

Any help at all will be appreciated,

A:Need Help with Raid 0 Installation

I think your only option is to format the drives a re-create the RAID array
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Hello,I just installed a new copy of windows xp sp2 onto my laptop (dell c510/c610 latitude) in middle of installation of remaining time period 34 min LCD flickers 2 times and hang ....this is the problum
please any body help me....

A:Dell c510/c610 latitude installation problum

Try installing Windows from an external USB CD drive
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I have broadband 1.5 mbps
When i run the speakeasy speed test it shows that too roughly 1.5 mbps, however when i am downloading stuff i always max out at about 50 - 60 kbps.
When i am downloading torrent files i know it depends on how many seeders you have and whatnot but i noticed it doesn't matter if i have 1 file downloading or 10 at any given time, it adds up to roughly 50 - 60 kbps.
I even opened up limewire while also downloading the torrent file and it split it up between the 2 programs each downloading at about 25 - 30 kbps.
How do the isp come up with their figure of 1.5 mbps?

A:Downloading speed

well, your ISP must be using same method as Speak Easy as you say they both arrive at the same numbers?

But that measurement speed test arrives at 1.5MB is the download transfer time the calculate between you and a server physically shorter distance to you (then your other internet data requests) which is downloading a file of fixed size. So it becomes just math of size/time for your download rate.

Now, all that said, all your file transfers aren't under the same conditions as the speed test where, for one thing, you are using a server close to you. So testing with their server over short distance vs. unknown server far away doesn't account for:
- delays due to routing the data back/forth around the world
- the data server on other end (as well as communication servers in between) may not all be as fast as the one at Speak Esy for your test
- various other internet unknowns... which you can continue to investigate but for the most part are not probably due to your ISP. And your ISP can't deliver data any faster then the speed of the slowest link along the back/forth network path your data has taken.
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Hi everyone I have a problem with my laptop obviously I have an Acer Aspire WLMi Been working fine so far sort of I bought it in summer It came with GB hdd of wich freeze during OS installation and Keyboard touchpad Win GB is win xp bootable recovery partition Keyboard and touchpad freeze during Win OS installation which I never removed because I used it Keyboard and touchpad freeze during Win OS installation every time and it worked excelent In summer came the first problem my web cam stoped working but I was fine with it and decided to wait a bit more with the warranty because I have a yr warranty This summer my Keyboard and touchpad freeze during Win OS installation cd burner stoped doing it s job as it used to It burns DVD s and sometimes better quality CD-s I realize it s getting older so ok I get over that as well Five days ago I get into a little bigger problem Whatever OS that I install it is not working as it should If I try to install win xp from cd next thing happens it goes trought the proces as always but comes to the quot instaling devices quot point and then my touch-pad and keyboard freezes but the proces goes on Final result is that I cant enter the win xp serial number Even my power button stops working so I must force shutdown it by unplugging the cabel and removing the batery When I try to install from bootable partition It goes trought the first phase of moving files to C and copying or whatever but when it restarts it does not recognize the win xp instalation so it does not contuinue whit it Interesting thing is that once I even managed to go all the way to the quot enter user name quot point but you guessed it my keyboard is frozen and I cant enter quot at least one user name quot When I install ubuntu from cd instalation goes excelent keyboard works as well as touch-pad The problem is that ubuntu is not working as before Sometimes freezes completly or it does not recognize usb stick BUT I repeat keyboard and touchpad work just fine When I try to install Vista from DVD Instalation goes fine sort of On some point my keyboard and t pad stop working but one good thing about Vista at least in my case is that it doesnt require you to enter serial key or if you want you can do it with on-screen keyboard So I go al the way trought installation and log on to vista First seconds my touch pad works and then it s off Interesting thing is that touch pad as well as keyboard work BUT If I want to write a letter I have to press verry hard and wait few seconds t pad - I move it by finger but you can see the reaction after a minute The thing is that I continued to receive this messages about one of my USB hub not working which I received formerly in working installation of win xp Things that happened beffore this I had a dual boot Win xp home - installed from my recovery partition working fine with all drivers except web cam Few months back I started receiving messages that one of my USB hubs is not working correctly and that it cannot recognize device So it keeps poping up all the time I keep it up and move it to the side so it stops buggin me I didnt think that could be a bigger proble and still dont because everything functioned Then I installed NOD something ver probably infected because I downloaded it from some torrent and from that point on my laptop is not as it was before I rebooted once and it worked ok But few hours later when I rebooted again it didnt want to log on to win xp so I decided to reinstall windows but since then I didnt manage to do that ubuntu LTS - worked excelent before this USB recognition everything LAN internet never froze BTW in all installations my external usb mouse works fine This is the first time this has happened to me I tried all combinations deleting and formating all partitions except the recovery partition instaling xp then Vista instaling Vista then XP then unix all the combinations several times NOT working I dont know what to suspect because keyboard and t pad is working in lin... Read more

A:Keyboard and touchpad freeze during Win OS installation

Well it's still under warranty (I think)

Anyway Ubuntu works perfectly
Windows does not

Is that the general drift ?

Have you confirmed all your driers are up to date?

Hae you tried the Acer Disk Formatter ?
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Hey ppl, Hendrich again. Before my previous ATI RAGE 128 PRO issue was fixed (Thnk You! ^^) but now I've got another one.

:dead: Yea, great, another one.

Anyways, when I try to install the driver for my card, it gives me a message saying that "Your video card does not match the driver provided by the installation" and then it closes. I want to know how I could install the driver for that card. Here is where the driver was:

Here is the page of where I could get the drivers for my ATI Card:

(I picked Windows XP - Home/Professional then I picked Legacy [discontinued] then I picked Rage 128/Rage 128 PRO)

I have Windows XP Professional SP1 Version 2002. I was thinking maybe I should remove my driver then re-install again? No? Hopefully your ideas will be better then mine.

A:ATI Rage 128 pro driver installation problem

You really running SP1 this time?

Will try gettin to the bottom of this! I'll download and look into those ATI drivers to see what the driver installation is doing/looking for and compare to what ya got (Tho driver install files aren't always the easiest thing to interpret but give it my best shot)

I need collect detailed info on your current hardware and drivers

Click to download and run devcon.exe. It prompts to extract some files. Indicate folder C:\devcon. Verify it creates C:\devcon\i386\devcon.exe
Save my attachment devcmd.txt to your Desktop
Change its filename to devcmd.bat and double click to Run it
It creates a file devcon.txt on your Desktop. Please attach it in your next post.
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Hello everyone I don t know if this is the right forum for me to ask but I don t know whereelse to post this thread I have different issues that I need help from any quot guru quot here When I run the checkdisk from tool tab It runs ok on phase but at the end problem Check & installation disk of phase it finally says quot unable to complete test or Check quot but when I used TuneXP to check the disk in the beginning it says quot warning F parameter not specified running chkdsk in read-only mode quot other than that warning it doesn t say anything else till it finish So I m just wondering if my hard disk is really ok before I start defragmenting it I also plan to defragment the boot files using ultra fast boot optimization and pagedefrag too but not sure if these actions are really safe considering the above checkdisk result The second problem I have with my laptop is whenever I try to diagnose problems using DELL s original Driver amp Check disk & installation problem Utilities CD my pc just shuts down by itself after a few minutes running the diagnostic I tried a couple times checking different areas but it always turns off at no regular time The same thing happens everytime I try to re install the windows xp operating system using the original CD from Dell Fyi I am using Dell Inspiron m laptop with Home windows xp I really don t understand what s going on so could anybody help and would really appreciate if you can guide me through Thanks Ken nbsp

A:Check disk & installation problem

kenaki said:

Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is the right forum for me to ask but I don't know whereelse to post this thread.Click to expand...

Never fear asking something in here its what we do for fun...

kenaki said:

I have 2 different issues that I need help from any "guru" here.Click to expand...

Not sure if i count as a Guru but here goes...

kenaki;61 47761 said:

. When I run the checkdisk from tool tab. It runs ok onphase 1 but at the end of phase 2 it finally says : "unable to complete test (or Check) " .Click to expand...

Thats because it cant lock the disk and access it fully as there are programs that are constantly writing to the disk...

kenaki;61 47761 said:

. but when I used TuneXP to check the disk, in the beginning it says " warning : F parameter not specified, running chkdsk in read-only mode " other than that warning, it doesn't say anything else till it finish.Click to expand...

again its running in read only mode as it cant lock the disk due to programs writing to the fisk

kenaki;61 47761 said:

. So I'm just wondering if my hard disk is really ok before I start defragmenting it . I also plan to defragment the boot files using ultra fast boot optimization and pagedefrag too but not sure if these actions are really safe considering the above checkdisk result .Click to expand...

To run defrag in full mode use the /f parameter when issueing the command, so its chkdsk /f at a dos prompt, you will be told it cant lock the disk and ask if you want to schedule a disk check at reboot, answer yes and then reboot.

kenaki;61 47761 said:

.2. The second problem I have with my laptop is whenever I try to diagnose problems using DELL's original Driver & Utilities CD, my pc just shuts down by itself after a few minutes running the diagnostic. I tried a couple times checking different areas but it always turns off at no regular time .

The same thing happens everytime I try to re install the windows xp operating system using the original CD from Dell.
Fyi, I am using Dell Inspiron 700m laptop with Home windows xp. .Click to expand...

Not sure what's causing that to happen though, it sounds as though it may be a power fault perhaps the test is consuming to much current and it shuts off.. someone else may have a better idea, out of interest have you tried contacting Dell about the problem.

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If i were to get a new hard drive for my laptop i would have to install my windows xp on to it from my old hard drive. Would I be able to do this? Would the Windows software allow me to install Windows Xp on two different hard drives?

A:New Hard drive and Windows XP Installation

unless your laptop allows two hard drives to be connected at the same time, you have to use a Windows installation CD. Your laptop should have the activation code on the underneath so all you need is to borrow one from a friend. Does your laptop not have a system restore CD? This would work too.
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I am getting ready to purchase the GeForce 8800 (link: ) but I have a few questions about installation.

#1 From the picture, I see it requires to use a power cable for extra power. I know one part goes in the back of the card itself, but where does the other half go? I don't see any port like that on my motherboard or PSU.

#2 I know it also has to use a PCI express 6pin cable. My harddrive uses one currently, does this mean I need another for the graphics card as well?

On a side note, I'm also getting a new PSU. Is the installation simply plugging stuff in where the previous PSU sockets were, or is it more complicated? (I've checked to make sure the main connecter matches the mobo)

A:GeForce 8800 GTS (G92) Installation Help

the newegg link does not work so I can not see what u are asking about the card. as war as the psu, yes just plug in as the first is, and the plug on the video card are not the same as the hard drive.
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can anyone help me and give me a step by step on how to install the software for
rhine II fast ethernet for windows XP Pro I come across some drivers but nothing seems to work? can anyone help me out in this matter.

A:Ethernet software installation

Here is your correct driver for Asus k8v-x motherboard Windows Xp
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I recently purchased a Gateway FX7026 that camewith Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit. However, I decided would try to roll it back to windows XP. Initially, I tried the system boot installation but after loading the files forinstallation, I was met with a blue screen stating that I should check any new hardware settings(Hard drives) and controllers. I formatted both hard drives (both 320 gigs) and tried the install. Same error. I'm using all SATA drives (CD included), however I have tried using IDE on both CD and HD's however I always get the same error. I even went back and installed Vista back on one of the drivesand had no trouble. I have run diagnostics and benchmarks on all the hardware and it's all good. I'm just beginning to wonder if the motherboard is XP compatible which seems kind of dumb. Any suggestions?

A:Windows XP installation Failure on Gateway FX7026

I'm using all SATA drives (CD included)Click to expand...

you mean the Vista required Sata harddrive CD ?

You need to search online for the driver for your Sata drive (the F6 part) that Xp recognizes

The last part is semi dumb !
It is possible that once Xp is loaded, you may not find all the Xp drivers for your m/b, but that's about all.
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looking for support

nvidia display driver installation --> stop at 0x00000116

installations of various versions of nvidia display drivers don't complete,
during the reboot I receive error message on blue screen, specified with

stop at 0x00000116

in standard vga-mode the system runs

BIOS: default setting

what happened befor:
I played Vanguard after a patch, screen went into black, affecting all
system, so was forced to do cold reboots.
I decided to re-install display-drivers, which resulted in the discribed
issue. Re-inbstalled VISTA 64 home premium afterwards, but didn't
bring any news.
installations of different versions of nvidia display drivers don't succed
as well.

googled stop at 0x00000116, but getting almost links to quite
outdated threads not including hints seeming useful.

thx a lot for your time in advance

A:Nvidia display driver installation = stop at 0x00000116

If you would please, tell me your graphics card?
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I really like using firefox, I love the tab feature.

The problem that Im having has been going on for a couple weeks now. I download a lot of political video clips. When the download finishes, I get a notification that says download is complete while the video starts. This usually freezes up my computer and I have to reboot.

my OS is windows ME
Im using WMP 9

This doesnt happen when I use IE


A:Downloading video freezes up

how can I disable the notification when the download is finished?
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I bought a new CX7400 Epson printer and cannot successfully install it. After the disc programs, driver installation and software installation complete, a Found New Equipment window emerges. The wizard tries to help with the hardware installation only to tell me it can't find the software for this printer. I tried everything including a manual install but I have reached the point where I keep going around in a circle. It does not say anything about an old driver only that the software is not installed. Anyone have a fix, Zeroscape?

A:CX7400 Epson Printer Installation

use the wizard, when the found new hardware wizard pops up, you should select "have disk" then select the location for the driver, from the disk. Or.....

Here is the correct driver in case yours is out of date
(depends on operating system)

You can download the driver to your desktop. Select "add hardware" through the control panel. Select Printer -> Epson -> select your model if there

When asked where the driver is for this software select have disk, and then navigate to the location that you downloaded the driver to.