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Recommend me a monitor for gaming?

Q: Recommend me a monitor for gaming?

I'm looking for a new monitor for gaming and general use

I want something with a fairly fast response time, probably around 22" and as for budget, well, as cheap as possible really

I'm in the UK
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Preferred Solution: Recommend me a monitor for gaming?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am looking to upgrade my monitor for playing games like Crysis or COD- I currently have this;

....but the colours look a bit flat compared to my 42" LCD TV and the response rate isn't great.

I am ideally looking for a widescreen 20" monitor for under £150. What brands should I look out for, which ones should I avoid?

Any suggestions/recommendations welcome!!


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I am getting ready to get a new cpu for my computer and I would like a recommendation for a decent cheap gaming cpu I could get around $150. Right now I'm looking at this one - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz 4 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor HDZ965FBGMBOX
I'm not looking for anything outstanding though as long as its better than my current
AMD Athlon II X2 215 processor.

A:Can you recommend a good cpu for gaming?

That's the same cpu I have in my system.....runs every thing well GTA 4, Mafia 2, and Flatout......

Some of the chips are very good over-clockers....but not mine

You haven't filled out your system spec's so I can't tell if you have a AM3+ board....
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Well, I am looking to build a gaming pc that runs fairly demanding games like Grand Theft Auto IV and BattleField 4 on high settings with at least 60 FPS.

What do you recommend for parts?

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I've been searching for headsets lately because once the night time rolls around I have to shut my surround sound off because my family is sleeping. I've been looking at the astro a30's but after reading reviews I hear that the bass in them is not too good. I preferably like good bass. And the thing I like about them is that the mic is detachable and the headphones can be used with mp3 player.

Anyone have a headset they particularly like or heard good thing about? Let me know!

I will primarily be playing BF3, but would like to use with mp3 player as well (will still look into headsets that arent meant for this)

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Now that I have finally compiled my final list of components for my new gaming system I want someone to recommend me a nice looking gaming case. The case should be able to hold an 8800GTX.

I've been looking everywhere for a suitable case and I've had my eye on the sexy NZXT Trinity but it doesn't seem to be sold anywhere?! Anyone know a UK retailer that still sells this case? If not can anyone find me a cool suitable looking sexy and black gaming case with a side transparent window?

I would really appreciate. And I am extremely grateful for the help you guys gave my in my last thread

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My LD GF has sent back two Gateways for DVD amp gaming problems At the bottom are their specs She wants a notebook primarily for DVD watching CD listening amp gaming at least quot screen We re starting at but could go up to What I for play, Recommend notebook gaming, DVD-CD etc. want her to do is check at Best Buy CompUSA Wal-Mart etc - settle on what she wants amp I ll send her the She wants me to shop around on the Net which is what we did for our Gateways to get the best Recommend notebook for gaming, DVD-CD play, etc. deal whereas that is now the last thing I want us to do So I am asking for guidance on the best performance media amp gaming notebook at the best bargain- Pleeeease I m not totally against buying over the Net so links are welcome Here are the types of games she plays- THIEF GOLD Sims Planescape Torment Beyond Divinity Arcanum Doom even DOS-based Perdition s Gate Old School s- s games The first notebook Gateway NX Model M T Display quot WXGA Widescreen Max Res Processor Intel Core Duo T GHz Memory MB Mhz DDR Memory - MB Hard Drive GB RPM SATA Hard Drive Optical Drives CDRW-DVD Combo Drive Video nVidia GeForce Go MB Sound Integrated Sound I O Ports USB Ports - IEEE FireWire Port Network Ethernet a b g Wireless Pointing Device Touchpad Media Reader -in- Digital Card Reader Battery Cell Li-Ion Battery with Power Adaptor Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP Software MS Works Suite The latest one- Gateway NX X GHz Recommend notebook for gaming, DVD-CD play, etc. Core Duo T Processor quot WSXGA Ultra Bright Screen MB Memory GB Hard Drive Cell Battery NVIDIA NV M MB Video x DVD Writer g Wireless Networking Windows XP was changed from Vista Thanks to all who can help nbsp
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what kind of keyboard do u guys use?? is this Logitech MK700 Wireless Desktop Keyboard & Laser Mouse nice for gaming?? i am not too content with my last set and looking for a new one now. so happend to find this one. looks nice. kinda love it. but i am not sure it is that good. what about its performance?? is it a nice buy?

A:recommend me a decent gaming keyboard??

My personal opinion is always wired rather than wireless keyboards and mice for gaming.

I have always been a fan of Logitech mice and am currently using a G500 which is a nice bit of kit in my opinion. keyboards I have never been that bothered about, I am using a pretty bog standard one at the moment and it does the job as far as I am concerned.
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What are the best gaming laptops out right now? After e3 last week, I feel the need to change my surface pro 4 now that some games coming will now be compatible with WIndows 10.. its a great way to play and go.

A:any thin gaming laptop you can recommend?

Originally Posted by onysi What are the best gaming laptops out right now? After e3 last week, I feel the need to change my surface pro 4 now that some games coming will now be compatible with WIndows 10.. its a great way to play and go. check this list : Best gaming laptops of 2016 | Windows Central
And this one: MSI announces new Windows 10 gaming laptops at Computex 2016 | Windows Central
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Want one that is quite big (not too big) with a fast surface for playing games like CS and COD4


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I've been having intermittent problems with my mouse, here's the topic.
Buying a new one is a must, to hunt down the source of the problem more easily.
So which mouse do you guys/gals use & which would you recommend for gaming/general use ?

A:Recommend a good gaming mouse

Razer, and Logitech are my first two choices for gaming mice, from there it is all about how much money you want to spend. Personally I like mice that give you a switch that toggles the dpi on the fly. That way you can have it super sensitive for gaming and not so sensitive for non-gaming uses.
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Hey all I have a Toshiba quot Satelite quot M -S Machine name TOSHIBA-USER Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer TOSHIBA System Model Satellite M BIOS Ver PARTTBL Processor Genuine Intel R CPU T GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name Mobile Intel R GM Express Chipset Family Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip type Intel R Calistoga Graphics Controller DAC type Internal Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS FF video do Which recommend? you gaming card amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ialmrnt dll Driver Version English DDI Version Which gaming video card do you recommend? or higher Driver Attributes Which gaming video card do you recommend? Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes I play The Sim all looks good plays well most of the time My problem is if a place an elaborate house in the game it will crash due to the graphics I really need to upgrade my video card or whatever Lap tops use Help Obi-Wan your my only hope quot S quot V V nbsp

A:Which gaming video card do you recommend?

You normally can't upgrade video cards in laptops. Unfortunately, they really aren't the best choice for gaming. You're kinda stuck with what you've got.
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Looking for a recommendation for an all-around amazing joystick or controller, maybe something that can serve as controller for Nintendo 64 roms/emulation -- but also one that can be used to play arcade fighters. And one that can connect over usb.

Any thoughts?
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I am interested in updating my video card that will support current video games such as Halo 2, Crysis and so on. Based on my current system, I don't know what would be a compatible card that would not take alot alot of money to give my video card a boast.

My laptops current system is:

Gateway T-1625
Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
AMD Turion 64 x2 dual core mobile technology TL-60 2.00 ghz
ATI Radeon x1200 series
4 gig ram
320 hard drive
HDMI out

A:Please Recommend a Laptop Video Card for Gaming

Let me start off with I'm not sure if you're looking to buy a laptop or upgrade the graphics card. If you're wanting a laptop then I may be able to help.

I work at Best Buy so I don't usually search around the internet too much for laptops, but for the best gaming laptop I would recommend almost any of the ASUS products.

If you can stand to wait I would wait until they have any of these three on sale (If it's $200 off original price that's the cheapest you'll get it):
Asus - Laptop with Intel? Centrino? Processor Technology - Black/Coppery Gold - X83Vb-X1
Asus - Laptop with Intel? Centrino? 2 Processor Technology - Espresso Brown/Khaki - X83Vm-X1
Asus - Laptop with Intel? Centrino? 2 Processor Technology - Black - G50Vt-X1

Just my opinion
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I want to buy a gaming desktop already built. But I'm on a budget. I need one that lets me upgrade the parts like the GPU in the future. I want your recommendations on buying one.

Someone said I'd do fine with an i5 and Nvidia 960 for now and upgrade to 970 later.

Please post links and prices. Thanks.
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I have a dell dimension e521 with the following

AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2.00GHz
2.00 GB Ram
XP Media Center ver 2002 SP 3
NVidia GeForce 7300 LE

Looking to Upgrade my video card so that I can play games like GTA IV.
Price wise below or around $150 us

Dell recommends this card - retails from dell Canada at $99.95 Canadian dollars
Radeon HD 4550 512 MB GDDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card

just wondering what those of you in know think of this card and any other recommendations you might have.

I will give more detailed info on my system if you need it.


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Hello Guys I have a quot Dell S W monitor which I had purchased over years ago I am looking for a new monitor now That Recommend a monitor monitor was ok nothing great Infact I was running a batman movie in my new Vaio laptop yesterday and my desktop The difference in quality was easily visible The white and good colours reflected in my laptop LCD screen was diff that what monitor showed It s Recommend a monitor white was not white and quailty of output was so so My main purposes - movies tv shows - software development work - gaming but not often - Max Budget - Size quot or quot I have a vaio laptop x and at times when I am at home I would want to connect my laptop to the monitor so that I can use it to work on my office documents etc And other times my monitor would anyways be connected to my PC An HDMI port would be great but its not that important The brands I would consider is DELL Samsung LG amp Viewsonic I am keen on dell ultrasharp monitor For e g DellTM UltraSharp U HM is costing while quot is costing What should I do for I want a very good display I live outside US so sites like newegg etc won t be helpful in terms of price I will appreciate your help Thanks Cheers Jack nbsp

A:Recommend a monitor

Dell or Samsung would be my choice. The Dell prices are not bad but I can buy a 32 inch LCD 720p/1080p TV for that price.
My 32 inch Sony Bravia 720p was only $320 and HDMI hookup makes it a great laptop companion for movies or whatever.
Good luck.
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I just got a Dell M B quot monitor The size is great and the picture is decent except for that it s blurry as heck it s worse near the middle Text is hardly readable in that screen portion The edges and corners are alright but still not too sharp http forums us dell com supportforums search ticket Recommend Monitor? a KO YpkWHMZDU - amp submitted true amp q Blurry M I hope that wouldn t be advertising or anything but it seems this is a common problem among the M Others reported this and nothing was ever done Yes I ve tried degaussing changing settings and resolutions and whatnot and nothing worked It s about four years old and came from my parents I guess I m getting a new monitor now Any suggestions A few things I m looking for Hopefully no more than I saw the M for as low as so I m hoping a quot decent quot quality monitor of similar size can Recommend a Monitor? be found quot or quot would be preferable This was a replacement over a quot small but darn was it sharp I m looking for it to have a DVI hookup option but this isn t essential I m stubborn and don t want to shell out a whole lot so I m going to say try and stay CRT I Recommend a Monitor? also just had a quot and want to go bigger without killing the cost When it comes to monitors only seeing is believing so any personal descriptions on a particular monitor are welcome I really just want a decent monitor without too much cost becuase I m saving for a new build a bit down the road and I already have to replace a P that died on me so I have to go a bit low nbsp

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I'm getting a new mac soon and want to keep cost down by not getting an apple monitor right off the bat. I love them don't get me wrong I want to get one in the future but need to keep the cost of the loan down as much as possible.

I would like to know if anyone has a quality monitor they recommend for a good price. It doesn't have to be flat screen although I would prefer one. I know of the formac monitors and I'm considering them but would like to see what you all think.

Thanks for the time.


A:Anyone have a monitor to recommend?

Any monitor will work with the MAC... just need an adaptor cable (why do they bother?)

What size? 17" 19"

Go to sams, get a 19" CRT for $189 - flat tube. Add $30 adaptor.

Buy a LCD 17" for $400 - add $30 adaptor.

Samsung, NEC, Mitsubishi are quite good.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a good LCD monitor. The most important thing to me is that it should have the least effects on eyes, the god damn CRT really strains my eyes after using the pc for a few hours !

Also, surfing the net is more important to me than playing video games ( incase it makes any difference in choosing the right monitor for me ! )

My budget = maximum I can pay is 250 US $

So, which monitor do you guys recommend ?

Thanks in advance.

A:please recommend me an LCD monitor

Well, there's no certainty that the eyestrain is due to the CRT, just to get that out of the way right up front.

When looking for a particular item, I typically visit these sites regularly, usually at least once a day. A good deal on a brand name will come along shortly.

More Stuff 4 Less

Tech Bargains

Deal News
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I need to get an inexpensive flat-screen monitor to replace my dying old CRT monitor. I do not need super big or very fancy. Anybody out there love theirs?

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I need a new monitor to go with my Radeon 5970. My current one, a Phililps 170S 17" has served me well, but it's too old for modern standards.

Here is what I want from my new monitor.

-As wide as possible
-Full HD support
-3D compatible, as far as I know that requires like 120Hz refresh rate
-As high contrast ratio as possible
-2ms response times
-Should be able to plug digital or HDTV cable into it
-LED or something similar
-Optional other extras like speakers and webcam and touch-screen are always welcome but I can live without them.
I am not sure if such a thing even exists. I have tried looking on eBay and I have seen all these features in different monitors but never in one place.

Basically, I need a modern mid-to-high end display to go with my high-end video card. I am quite lost.

Help me, please.
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Hi guys!

I need to buy a 19" Square (4:3) LCD monitor with good response time. Which do you think I should go for.

Viewsonic VX922 with 2ms response time seems to be impressive and has good reviews on the net. How do you think it is or is there some other even better in the same price tag.

Please let me know the make and the model number of the same.

PS: I am not interested in Widescreen monitors.

Thank you.

A:Recommend a good 19" LCD Monitor

You can;t go far wrong with that monitor.. cheap, responsive and an all round good monitor I would say you had made a good choice yourself
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Anyone out there have experience with/ recommendation of a 4 monitor graphics card? With the possibility of getting 2 of these cards and expanding to 8 monitors? Linux compatible?
I know it's a bit of an ask, but I'm going around in circles on the interwebz.
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Sorry for the long text I m trying to send as much information i have Hello forums A few years ago i built a new gaming pc because i wanted to be able to play high quality games But since day i ve had nothing but problems Whenever i play one of my high quality games such as quot Assassins Creed Tomb Raider Battlefield or Primal Carnage quot the monitor goes completely blank showing a quot no signal to signal No gaming monitor/colorful monitor when to crash Solved: monitor quot sign after gaming for between minutes to up to - hours The monitor sometimes also shows different color stripes either Solved: No signal to monitor/colorful monitor crash when gaming for examples orange pink or grey The sound of my friends on skype usually keeps going for about seconds before going silent the sound of the game shuts off instantly or goes in a loop or starts with a loud buzzing sound The fans and the LED s on my pc are still going but i can t control anything on the pc making me have to force restart my pc on the power button I ve been on this forum before talking to this guy who is helping me but he s been quite busy lately so i need some extra help I ve updated all drivers to latest i never overheat the GPU does not go over C when gaming and CPU never goes over C either I ve upgraded my W powersupply to a W power supply and is one of the highest rated best performance power supplies you can find I tried to RMA my graphics card but they found nothing wrong with it and sent it back I bought two new sticks of RAM GB each still crashes I thought it was my HDMI cable between the monitor and the pc turns out it s not I ve also tried to underclock my graphics card by and increased my fan speed to when gaming It still crashes I ve never OVERclocked anything Here are my specs Motherboard ASRock Z M mATX Harddrive GB Western Digital SATA- MB RPM Processor Intel Core i K Ghz Graphics Card Gigabyte HD GB GDDR RAM G Skill Sniper GB DDR PC MHz CL x GB Power Supply W Seasonic X-Series PLUS Gold Thanks in advance nbsp

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The title basically says it. I'd like to get a monitor that works as a monitor with my Macbook Pro (I'll just get a HDMI connector) for general computer use, but one that is also suitable for gaming with PS3/PS4 with a low input lag as I like my competitive gaming, but also doubles as a TV, so has a tv/freeview tuner installed too.

Wasn't sure where to put this topic so went for random, anyone out there have any advice?

A:Monitor suitable as a monitor, TV, and gaming

It might help someone here to help you if you told us what country you are in, approximate screen size desired, and the most amount of money you are willing to spend.
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I picked up a new LGe Monitor (L196WTQ), installed proper drivers and set everthing up.
It produces garbled desktop icons and a marquee like box around my mouse that flickers inconsistantly, images on my computer and the entire web are all completely fine.
Games like World of Warcraft are flickering, garbled, and some things just shouldnt be there. Perhaps it has something to do with the Graphics Card? I have a Radeon 9800 Pro.
Below is what I mean by "Garbled".

Could someone help find my problem?

Oh yes, my screen size is 1440x900 and at 60hrz

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I need some recomendations on getting the best gaming monitor in the150-200$ price range. I really don't know anything about monitors, if you can give me the basics on what to look for I can do some of my own hunting. Also Id appreciate any links to monitors in this price range you peeps recomend.

A:Gaming Monitor

not sure about price range, but i'd be looking for:
19" widescreen tft
Resolution: 1440 x 900 (very minimum native)
Refresh rate of <8ms
DVI input
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Hi, some games only display in 1024x768 minimum, but their text and graphics look so small on my 17" monitor that I get eyestrain and have got to get a bigger monitor.
I think LCD's have replaced CRT's nowadays, so I think a 22" LCD would be fine, but shall I get a square screen one or a widescreen?
I only want it for playing games and flight simulations, nothing else.
Wouldn't a widescreen stretch the picure out and make it look funny?
What sort do you all use?

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Im buying this Dell UltraSharp 2209WA 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

Its my first lcd , my lovely superbright diamondtron mitsubishi has finally bitten the dust

Ive done a bit of research and this is the monitor for me

problem is i know lcd's display best at their native resolution and for most things ill be running at at 1680x1050 , however with my current rig (and my upgrade being pushed back due to needing a new monitor) ill struggle to game at this res

so will it look/perform ok at 1280x1024 ingame? until i upgrade?

A:New gaming monitor

Hi archie

I use the Samsung 226BW which is a 1680x1050 monitor. Any game i play that my graphics card cant handle at 1680x1050 i lower the res of that game to 1280x800 in the games menu.

As 1280 is pretty close to 75% of 1680 and 800 is pretty close to 75% of 1050 its the settings i use for games like Crysis Warhead etc. You'll see when you get the monitor what is best but a setting of 1280x1024 will give you 76% and 97% of your native resulution and will make the image appear distorted
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Yay my Chimei 22in monitor died after 4 years of good service​I paid about 350 for it when brand new​im looking around that same price range for a gaming monitor that will be running crossfired 6900s​im happy for a true 22in monitor but would be happy to go up in size if the price is right​thanks for the suggestions guys​

A:New gaming monitor

24 inch 1920x1080 is now the default monitor. No point going smaller. They cost <$200.

Other options include:
- Taking a risk and spending ~$300 on a 2560x1440 27 incher from eBay. Techspot has it on Xmas Shopping List.
- Spending a little more and getting either a 27inch 1080p monitor, or a productivity-oriented 1920x1200 monitor.
- Check out Dell website for more sizes and resolutions. You're gonna be paying for it, though.
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Hey i just built my first every gaming computer. I'm looking to buy a monitor under $200, it can be 19", but not 17". I want it to be decent. i've looked but i don't no what exactly im looking for... so help is appreciated, thanks!

A:monitor for gaming rig

Do you want widescreen or non-widescreen?

EDIT: If it's okay to be widescree:
If you want non-ws:
You can actually ger a good (by looking at the numbers) 22" monitor under 200 (after rebates): or
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Hi folks, my monitor blew up and I was looking at LCD monitors. I can't afford most of them, but was wondering about a couple that were in my price range. Is 21ms acceptable response time for gaming? This is the one I was checking out:

Also found Acer one with 20ms in the same price range:

Otherwise, I guess I'll stick with CRT for now.


A:LCD Monitor for Gaming Help


Really it's confusing, some people complain of 8ms and 12ms lcds ghosting, while other people get 25ms lcds that they say have no ghosting at all. I think it has more to do with the quality of the lcd.
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Right now i have $486 saved up for a new monitor. I will be using the monitor for mostly gaming, but i will also like to watch Blu-rays on it later when i buy a PS3. I have been eying the Dell UltraSharp U2410 24" monitor for a while now, Is there anything else i need to take a look at first.
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Is this a good gaming monitor? It is a Sceptre brand so I guess I can trust them.

The one thing that I like about this monitor is its 16.7 colors. I guess that means it's an 8-bit monitor right? I am planning on buying from or I just want a monitor that has good picture quality and fast response time. Should I get this monitor or can anyone recommend one that is better?

A:Gaming monitor?

16.7 million colors is 32-bit. It looks like an alright monitor. 8ms is the highest response time you would want on a gaming monitor.
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My spec are in my specs thingy. Nvidia 275 video card. Whats the best monitor I can get for around 200$? My video card can support way over 2560x1600 , how much do you have to spend to break the 1920x1080 barrier? Are they even worth it?

Also I am somewhat interested in a 3d monitor setup but they look pricey and I have no clue if they are worth it.

A:Best gaming monitor for $200?

Are you looking to game at that resolution? The GTX 275 will find it difficult to play GPU-intensive games at or over 1920x1080.
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Thinking about getting a 120hz monitor to replace my current 60hz monitor, I have the money to pay for it;

Just need to know if it's worth it and if it even makes that much of a difference.


A:Monitor For Gaming

I would recommend a Benq Monitor
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Just purchased a Mitsubushi 17" LCD monitor Model NXM76LCD. It has both analog and DVI input capability. My previous experienece with LCD monitors and games was very disappointing and I ended up taking them back. This Mitsubiishi unit works as good or better than my old Trinitron 19" CRT monitor. So far I've run M$ Combat Flight Sim (1,2 & 3) Descent 2 & 3 and M$ Midtown Madness. Video quaility is excellent. Native resolution is 1280 X 1024. Running it on and older Dell XPS R400, P2, 384mb SDRAM with an ATI Radeon 64mb AGP graphics card. OS is Win98SE. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a DVI cable (it didn't come with one) and see if that makes any difference.

Just wondered if any one else has tried this one out. Would welcome comments/questions.

Regards - Ray

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I want a large lcd to play games and watch movies (as well as other computer tasks)

This one seems awfully cheap for $430 for a 32" :

Is it worth the extra $170 for this one with better specs?:

I've seen a Protron (Ultra) 32" and I noticed no problems with it, It wasn't as bright or responsive as my current 19" widescreen lcd but It looked alright. I always hear bad things about generic brands.

Will there be a noticeable difference so great that the extra money would be well spent?

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I'm Looking to buy a Gaming monitor but i'm not sure which one to get. My Budget is 550$, i want it 27 inches or bigger. Any suggestion

A:Best gaming monitor

Hi, Welcome to 8 forums.

How about this? BenQ High Performance Gaming XL2720T 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor: Computers & Accessories
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I'm curious if the monitor in the link below is bad for gaming? I really don't know anything about monitor specs, so could someone please give me an idea on the quality of this monitor? I'm sure it's a good monitor, I'm just a little worried about the refresh rates of flat-screen monitors since I play online games a lot.

DELL E172FP 17-inch Flat Panel Color Monitor

Thanks for any help

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Looking for new set of dual gaming monitors. I like Samsung and ASUS. 22-24 inch is what im looking for. two monitors. Loads of mixed reviews of everything. Willing to spend around ?200 each. Any advice on whats best would be greatly appreciated.

Looking at Samsung S24A350H

or the 22 inch version.

A:New gaming monitor!

Get the Samsung 24's and don't look back. Maybe make sure they have universal mounting points for a riser stand and a possible third monitor later ! The Asus's are sweet but I would go with the Sammy's, I went with LG's and I wish I had waited for the prices to fall on the Samsung's.
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Ok so for the past week or so I been lookin for a nice new monitor and I finally decided on these few...
This is for gaming, and just general stuff..but I want something good for gaming too definetly.

Samsung SyncMaster 17" 730B

LG Flatron 17" L1720PQ

Hyundai ImageQuest B70A

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Hi, I want to buy LG 34UM68-P 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor. I want to know is it perfect for gaming?? If someone is using this monitor let me know more about it.
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My current Laptop has a 17" wide-screen display set at 1920x1200. I have been told that my Graphics Card would never support that display but I don't want to have to keep changing the display settings every time I want to play.

Therefore is it okay to run the game in a window set lower, say 1440x800 for example?

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Looking for a 24 inch matte finish monitor for around the £200 mark, main usage is games. A litle web surfin etc.

Please advise.

AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 6400+
Nvidea 8800gts 512
4 gigs RAM

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Hi there I have a KDS CRT quot true flat monitor now I like it but it really takes up way too much room My girlfriend hehe yeah I know monitor gaming. Need new help for shopping for says I should get a flat panel I have heard lately that some of them are actually better for gaming than CRTs I went to Need help shopping for new monitor for gaming. Frys here in California Orange county and I did not understand some of this info For example there was a Sony with the following Contrast ratio Pitch M MS response Need help shopping for new monitor for gaming. time also it had an extra britenes feature that is exclusive to sony it made it real brite This monitor was quot It was on sale for about What do the numbers mean What should I be looking for What is ideal for gaming NOW what monitors do you recomend My price range is about up to I play at x I would prefer at least if not larger monitor size Also it needs to have a good picture to play DVDs as the puter setup is in the bedroom and girlfriend likes to watch movies in bed If at all possible please paste links to teach me about these features and what they mean If you have some best pics for monitors please post em Thanks way in advance nbsp

A:Need help shopping for new monitor for gaming.

I'll start by trying to give a crash course in LCD.
Contrast ratio-- level of "blackness" and brightness ( sorta ). The higher the number the blacker the black and brighter. If you look on an LCD you'll notice that it's not quite black black if the contrast ratio is something like 350:1 or bright for that matter. So the higher the contrast ratio the better.
Pitch-- distance between pixels displayed. The lower the number the crisper the image.
Response time-- time that the LCD needs to " paint" the screen ( again sorta). Anything above 18 ms , you'll cry when playing ( it introduce ghosting or frame skipping).
Now if you're a true gamer ( DOOM III, etc..etc.. ) NO LCD CAN COMPETE with the good 'ol CRT. Since it seems you got cash i would suggest something like a Mitsubishi 22" Diamond Pro ( basically anything with a Trinitron tube). True, it's heavy and bulky but the pic... mmm.. like butha.. . Too bad Sony got out of the CRT production since they used to be the best.
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Hi there.

I have a 24 inch monitor and I am looking into getting another screen for a dual set up. My brother let me borrow his 24 inch HDTV/monitor and the picture looks great. I was thinking about getting the same one but before I do I wanted to make sure I am not overlooking things.

Are there any concerns about using a HDTV rather than a monitor? Are their things to be worried about a year down the road?


A:Monitor vs HDTV for gaming

Technically no, just open some things with small text to see how clear the picture is, most TVs are not made with sufficient resolution to handle small stuff. Keep in mind that most games want to run on the primary display so you'll probably have to make TV primary and if it's not good enough for small text than you may have problem or would have to move applications to your now secondary display.
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Just wondering if:

And some more info on it here:

Would be a good monitor for gaming? I mainly play WoW and CS right now.

So I was just wondering if it would look as good, or near as good a monitor ment for the computer?

My graphics card is a bit older: CHAINTECH SA5700L Geforce FX5700LE 256MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card

Will my computer be able to handle this monitor and World of Warcraft?

Thanks in advance.

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I've been trying to pick out a big monitor for gaming, and my friend recommend this LG W2600H-PF 26 inch widescreen LCD monitor to me, the lowest price we found for it is a deal for $550. But I haven't tried any LG Monitor before, how do you guys think? Anyone have any experience on it?

A:26" gaming monitor

IMO, this is a much better deal for the same price. You'd get a bigger monitor for the same price and specs.
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I would simply like to know what is best Gaming Monitor for Price quot is fine I have done a search in the forums and have read so much that I am totally confused lol These are among the list I have compiled HELP I am so lost Great Gaming Monitors quot Diamondtron for best Price? Monitor Gaming is What AG monitor Mitsubishi Diamontron Plus quot Sony G MAG quot PureFlat PF-s Philip p FD Trinitron inch however mine came in a HP P so it s the same monitor just different boxes Any quot Samsung flat-screen TUBE monitor Samsung SyncMaster What is best Gaming Monitor for Price? quot CRT Monitor with DynaFlat Screen Model DF The Iiayama Vision Master Pro Vision Master Pro ViewSonic P f Eizo T Sony A FP ------------ Over Priced Samsung s SyncMaster DF --------- nicely Priced As of right now I am possibly looking at the Samsung SyncMaster quot CRT Monitor with DynaFlat What is best Gaming Monitor for Price? Screen Model DF at Best Buy for no S amp H charge Am I close and when are those darn LCDs going to be ready for gaming AND affordable nbsp

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I was thinking about buying a LCD monitor but I heard that they arent as great for gaming as CRTs because of refresh rates and clearness. Still my bulky CRT needs to go so i was just wondering wat kind of refresh rates i want and contrast ratio and so on. I use my comp for gaming with games such as CS:S, BF2, AOEIII, and Oblivion as well as for casual use such as web browsing typing up word documents ect. Please help.

A:What specs for gaming monitor?

How much can you spend?
Remember the basic rule: You get what you pay for

There are some great LCD´s on the market, but if you want very good image quality, and no ghosting, you have to pay for that. Also, to get the best image quality, you should use the LCD at its native resolution. Of course you can use it at other resolutions, but the image quality won´t be the best.
Unfortunately, if you want a big monitor (17" or 19") and want to use the native resolution, you need a powerful computer to run the games smoothly at those high resolutions.

If you, like me, don´t have a cutting edge machine, look for a 15" LCD. Its native resolution its 1024x768. That should tax too much your machine.
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Hey all,
I'm moving into a cramped apartment with 3 other people next year and won't be able to make room for my behemoth of a CRT monitor. (plus its a pain to move it around)

So, I'm planning on getting a LCD monitor to replace it, strictly for gaming purposes, and was wondering what you guys could recommend! I really have no idea where to start.

My gaming rig is top-notch and I'm willing to spend around $500 for the monitor. Oh, and I prefer quality over size.
Any comments, suggestions, and recommendations welcome!

A:Gaming Monitor Recommendation?

Bumpy bump.
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Hello, I am looking to upgrade my old 19" Dell monitor with a new flat panel one. Can someone breakdown or point to a place the explains all the specs for these new monitors. Thank you......

A:Things to look for in a gaming monitor?

1. Contrast Ratio, EX= 800:1 or 1000:1, 1000:1 is better. and 2nd, response time. Just like latency, 5ms is faster than 6ms, ect.
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My setup is
intel i7-3770
8gb ddr memory
windows 7

I mostly play fps but will play other types of games some, would like play on high settings too

which of these would be better for gaming? Asus 239hp vs dell u2412m? the asus is 180 on amazon and the dell is 250

A:Gaming PC monitor, IPS or 120hz?

120HZ: Amazing in FPS games. Only 'works' if you give it more than 60fps from your GPU, which with a GTX670 you'll be pushing it in the latest games..

Games look really fluid on 120Hz and are more responsive to mouse movement. They are also only 24inch 1920x1080 resolution.

IPS: They look really pretty, have amazing colors, have wide viewing angles. Usually are limited to 60Hz (Yamakasi Catleap OC ones go higher), have a lot wider variety of recolutions and sizes.
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The cheaper, the better.
I don't need a large monitor. I don't care for them in the slightest.
19" is what I'm shooting for. That makes it 4 inches larger than my laptop's already decent (for me) 15 inches.

And even if I did want a larger monitor, I'd have nowhere to put it.

I was looking at this model: ASUS VW193TR

It has a lot of good reviews, except one guy who had a bad experience with it.
I'll take that as an isolated incident.

A different guy mentioned that it wasn't for gaming.
I could understand that maybe it doesn't excel at gaming, but I don't see why it would be bad for gaming.

The refresh rate looks decent, and the response time is within the 2ms-5ms gaming range.

Is there something I'm missing?

A:Decent gaming monitor for under $150?

So did you buy this monitor? I use a 24" Samsung SyncMaster 245bw. I might be able to fit a 32 inch monitor on this desk though
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OK I am trying to set up a 6 monitor eyefinity setup using two r9 290x GPU. I want to cross fire the GPU s and then plug 3 of the monitors into 3 of the 4 ports that are on the GPU and then plug the other 3 in via a port hub utilizing the last plug in on the gpu. My knowledge is limited so I have questions regarding this method. For one would this even work? 2. Would I be able to max out most games using this method? 3. Is there an easier way to do this?

A:Setting up a 6 monitor gaming rig

Scooby Dude said:

OK I am trying to set up a 6 monitor eyefinity setup using two r9 290x GPU. I want to cross fire the GPU s and then plug 3 of the monitors into 3 of the 4 ports that are on the GPU and then plug the other 3 in via a port hub utilizing the last plug in on the gpu. My knowledge is limited so I have questions regarding this method. For one would this even work? 2. Would I be able to max out most games using this method? 3. Is there an easier way to do this?Click to expand...

Let me put it this way, it can work as stated on AMD's website using a multi DP output hub.

To answer the second question though is a no you would not most likely be able to max out most games in this methodology. You will probably be able to run a game like Tomb Raider for instance at high settings but maxing out with 6 displays is pushing it.

The easiest way to do this is the only way...Basically buy the 3 way DP hub, hook up your monitors with adapters to whatever output method your choosing, then hookup the rest.
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This has been happening for awhile but haven't pursued because I haven't been playing games and happens only when I play games. The monitor goes blank or call it a flash for a second (probably less) and can be really frustrating when playing a game. Has anyone come across this problem?


A:Monitor blanks out when gaming

First thing I would check would be my refresh rate. It sounds like you might have it set too high for the resolution you are playing at.
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I am using a KDS 19" CRT with sony Trinitron. I was thinking about getting a Flat Panel LCD or Digital. What is best for Gaming and WHY? I guess they (flat panel) are good for saving space but I cant tell if there is a difference in picture quality. I am thinking about upgrading my monitor to something larger (if there is one). Can you suggest name brands and type as well as your opinion?
I have a good system with a Gforce4FX for video card and the games I play are Everquest and Counterstrike and Heroes and other such...Please give me your pix.

Thanks in advance..


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So this is the nd time this has come up so I wanted to get some extra opinions on this Last night i goes gaming Monitor during to sleep was playing WAR Online my computer had been on for most of the day and running perfect when all of a sudden my monitor just goes into hibernation It just went black displayed the no DVI signal and refused to respond when attempting to do anything to bring it out of hibernation the only solution was to reset the computer Via the button The first time i have come across this problem was actually a month ago when i first updgraded to the new Nvidia drivers i had been using nvidias Performance package as well for overclocking of my GPU After upgrading to the monitor would cut out upon starting the Monitor goes to sleep during gaming computer up right after windows loads i d see my desktop background for a second then the monitor would shut off I knew at this time that it had to be the drivers i uninstalled everything to do with my Nvidia drivers including the Performance software for overclocking ran Driver cleaner Pro and reinstalled and have been fine now untill last night Im sure this is not a heat issue with my Graphics card as i was running GPUZ to monitor gpu heat after the first time it happened last night My Gpu temps were around c idle and c max under gaming load heres my sys specs Asus P K Deluxe Intel Core Quad Q running at ghz gb OCZ Gold DRR at mhz x Seagate Barracuda gb in Raid BFG GT OC Antec Case Antec Neo Power w PSU Win xp pro sp
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Going to University so need a flat screen, CRT is simply too bulky for the box-room they call student housing .

I'm looking for a new LCD monitor that will not ghost or blur in fast moving games. I was hoping to get one with a 12ms response time but it seems they don't make 15 inch models with this (or not that i can find). So I'll be happy with 16ms as long as it is a good make. I'm looking at 15 as apposed to 17 inch models simply because for the price I probably cannot afford a good 17 inch one, whereas I can buy a really good 15 inch model that will look lovely for my games.

I live in England (UK) and am looking to spend hopefully around £250.

Any suggestions?
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So recently I've bought a small samsung tv and used hdmi cable to connect it to my laptop. My question here is that everytime I play games on my main monitor ( laptop), and try to click on a browser or skype on my second monitor, it refreshes by the screens going black and game being minimized on the main monitor. Is this suppose to happen? I hear that some second monitors are suppose to refresh but I believe I saw some people who takes control of the second monitor while main monitor has games on (streamers). It is my first time posting so if there are any more information needed, reply please

Also, if this is the wrong section to put in, I will handle it as well.

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I just received my Alienware x51 (the $1,468 model) and I need help choosing a monitor. I've been searching for monitors for days and I'm having lots of trouble. I'm looking for a monitor with 144hz refresh rate, high quality picture image(would that be 1440p? i have no clue.), 1-5ms response time, resolution above 1920x1080, and 27-28 inches. I have $500 to buy the monitor and if one of the things I listed aren't that important, I can discharge or downgrade it. Please help!!

A:I need help choosing a gaming monitor

you can get something like this:

for gaming the response time should be as low as possible, i havent seen much difference between 1 and 2 ms but between 2 and 5, there is a significant differance.

the higher resolution you use the worse FPS you will get, simply because the gpu has to render more, that will mean you never hit 144+ fps on 2k/4k resolutions
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I got 2 questions about a monitor with 7ms I'm dying of buying:

1) Is a monitor with 7ms response time good for gaming? Will there be noticeable lag?

2) Would a monitor with 4ms be as unnoticeable in lag as one with 7ms?
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Hello, everyone. I've been looking around for a new monitor. I'm on a budget. I've found some list websites like Best Gaming Monitor 2016 - Budget, G-Sync and 4K Monitors & Best Gaming Monitors of 2016 - that say the BenQ RL2455HM is the best budget monitor. What do you guys think?


A:Best budget gaming monitor?

I have only had one expierience with a benQ but it was many many years ago and I wasn't at all impressed, AsRock used to be a low end MB company and now make some really good MB's so maybe they've ranked up, just keep researching and see as many reviews as you can when you find a model you like in your budget.
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Hello all,

My monitor has recently stopped working and it has increased my need to buy a new one.

I am doing my university studies through the internet and so I use my computer a lot. I also use my computer to play video games so I figure if I am going to buy a new monitor I might as well get a really nice one for gaming as well.

Please if any of you have bought a monitor recently and you think it's perfect or if there are any suggestions on what monitor would be good to buy for this purpose then let me know.

I'd also like to know if there are any monitors I should stay away from.

many thanks,

A:Good Gaming Monitor for £150-£250 ($240-$400)

There are many monitor brands available from LG, ViewSonic, Samsung, HannsG (to name just a few). Like everything else, there will be monitors of varying quality across their ranges. I see that you've set yourself an upper price limit of ?250, and you should be able to buy a reasonable monitor from most manufacturers for that.

The best thing to do is to go round some computer shops and view any prospective monitors in action, and make your own judgements on what you actually see, after all you're going to be the one using it.
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I got 2 questions about a monitor with 7ms I'm dying of buying:

1) Is a monitor with 7ms response time good for gaming? Will there be noticeable lag?

2) Would a monitor with 4ms be as unnoticeable in lag as one with 7ms?
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Can you recommend a good but low priced monitor for gaming? One with g-sync would be cool. Keep in mind I'm on a budget.
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Hey guys and gals. I wanted to know if this monitor,,
is a good buy or not. If not, can some of you please tell me some of the best affordable (up to $500) gaming monitor to purchase. Once again I turn to you peeps in time of a major purchase for me and don't expect to be dissapointed. Thanks iin advance.

A:New Gaming Monitor questions

Specs look good, however I have not heard of the mfg. Others may have comments on their quality.
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What about this one?

Got any other suggestions? No more than 22'inches


A:Looking for a new monitor good for gaming

Asus are fine, as are Samsung and Dell. In any case, as you are looking at TN panels, they are all about equal. Just watch for models with the "2ms" rating and you should be fine.
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Good evening

I recently went out and purchased a Benq rl2450H monitor with the intention of using it as an external monitor for my HP Pavillion G6 laptop however, when 5 minutes into a game of Counterstrike: Global Offensive, my laptop shut downs without any notice.

I have attempted to use lower in game resolutions and aspect ratios. I have also attempted using VGA and HDMI connections but to no avail.

My graphics cards drivers are also up to date. This problem has me stumped. It may be that the graphics card can not handle this and if it is the case is there anyway I can reduce the pressure it puts on the Graphics Card.

Thank you in advance.


A:External Monitor and gaming

The PC shutting down would indicate a hardware fault. The external monitor would not cause the laptop to shut down.

Typical causes of shutdowns are a fault with the power supply or motherboard. It could also be heat related, but they you would also typically get an alarm before/during the shutdown.
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So iv had this problem for a while and have put aside my pc and been using my g OMGMYLOVE But it s time I start to focus on this since Iv already Monitor losing while gaming :( signal put so much money into it iv just been lazy with a working gaming Monitor losing signal while gaming :( laptop So while I game my monitor will shut off and the pc will stay on I have not a clue as what it might be I thought it might be from running crossfire cards but I put them in seperetly and it still happens It s odd I played bf all on Ultra and nothing happend but the second I start Monitor losing signal while gaming :( playing dirt BOOM Or crysis Im running a w Psu with a i g sddr and a Msi x pro Mobo Oh and HIS iceq turbo X s and in Xfire Iv run some test with OCCT but it s kinda like another language to me Maybe I could post them on here and someone could help me Im about to purchase a in hopes that does something Im sure nothing is faulty But who knows Thanks anyone who might be able to lend a hand nbsp

A:Monitor losing signal while gaming :(

Okay, if you have on-board HD Graphics, make sure it's driver is loaded and set on "AUTO". In the bios disable C1E in the CPU section and make sure that PEG is set as the first graphics device
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I'm building a computer from scratch and need good monitor(gaming) help picking a a decent monitor to go with it something on the cheap side that is still help picking a good monitor(gaming) pretty good I've decided to go with an ASUS monitor as the have the most value for money IMO I've narrowed down the list to two monitors The first has doesnt have inbuilt help picking a good monitor(gaming) speakers whereas the second does First has a contrast of but the second has only - does this make much difference Other than those two points the monitors are basically the same thing with different designs first monitor ASUS MS H quot Ultra Slim Widescreen LCD Monitor second ASUS VH H quot Widescreen Full help picking a good monitor(gaming) HD LCD Monitor the thing that i don't like about the first one is that due to its ring stand which looks amazing its very unstable and easily falls over also due to the design of the stand the screen is constantly tilted back at about a degree angle So which should i get

A:help picking a good monitor(gaming)

Sorry, no need to help anymore, ive decided.
Thanks anyway
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Hi I m looking for a flatscreen monitor of or inches preferably D and vNivia D Vision compatible x resolution and should be good for gaming first person shooter mainly watching movies and desktop work such as photo editing so good colour 3D a please choosing Advice monitor in gaming accuracy should be considered Can something please advise me on a good monitor to choose I m based in UK so the product must be available here At the moment there s no budget in mind yet I have a few Advice in choosing a 3D gaming monitor please questions if they can please be answered they ll be great in helping my decision Will I compromise anything eg picture quality in choosing a D omnitor over a non- D monitor eg if on a D monitor I play a game in D and I have the monitor s D option switched off either because the game doesn t support D vision or if I m not in the mood to play a game wearing D glasses will the game still appear as good as if I was playing on a non- D monitor I was told from several sources that inch monitors are not truly x resolution even though they re advertised to be they re really x maybe because of the limitation of the screen size True x resolution can only be achieved on monitors inches or above Is this true Forgetting D for now I heard that TN monitors are better for gaming because of their low lag time but the drawback is that colour quality is greatly compromised making the monitor no good for photo editing or graphics work For this reason IPS moniitors are recommended but those are no good for gaming because of their long lag time Are there ANY IPS monitors good for gaming too eg is response time related to lag time or are there more factors to to take into account I have seen this IPS monitor Asus ML H quot IPS LED Monitor with a ms response time so I m wondering if this is a reliable factor for gaming If a game plays at fps then the screen should refresh every ms to keep up with the framerate so would any response time less than this mean that the monitor is good for gaming Or am I thinking this wrongly Still on the topic of IPS vs TN is IPS better only because it has a wider viewing angle than TN If I view a TN monitor at its best angle will the colour be just as good as with an IPS monitor Or is IPS always give better colour image quality even when a TN monitor is viewed at its optimal angle Some sources recommend the Asus VG HE D monitor but I m concerned about its glossy screen whereas other monitors have a non-reflective screen Has anyone seen this monitor or anything similar and does the glossy reflective screen pose a problem especially when viewing something in D Thanks nbsp

A:Advice in choosing a 3D gaming monitor please

You can get a Samsung 3D Widescreen LED Monitor (23") for around $420 or a Samsung 3D Widescreen LED Monitor (27") T27A950 for $520, they are to best monitors for not too much cost
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i play games like call of duty aw titanfall and bf4 _20141228_Weekly_Ad&em89=998576&mm89=1048966

A:Solved: Would this be a good gaming monitor?

Seems decent if you're not getting it for the speaker feature at 2.5 Watt that is not a great sound feature.
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I recently purchased a Targa LCD TV to use as my 2nd monitor on my Dell Dimension 8400. It is connected to my NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS video card using a DVI to HDMI cable. Is it safe to run anything else from the Targa LCD TV while still connected to my PC? Specifically a gaming console.. If so What steps can I take to cut the risk of frying my video card?

A:Solved: 2nd monitor to run a gaming console as well?

Most, if not all, modern TV's have multiple input ports, so that you can have multiple devices (DVD players, Video game Systems, etc) hooked up at the same time. Your computer is just another device. Because each set of ports has it's own station (VGA, Video 1, 2), the devices shouldn't interfere with each other. There should be no way a 360 (or other device), could effect your video card, just because both are plugged into your TV.
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Hey guys,

Do any of you have a recommendation for a good monitor for gaming as well as watching movies and such?

My budget for that is $100-$200 a little over is fine.
Also my computer desk can only fit a monitor no more than 22 inches WIDTH due to the wall and other stuff. So any size monitor less than 22 inches by width will be good. And I would definitely want a full HD monitor with HDMI.


A:Good monitor for gaming and movies?

anyone? plz? lol
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Having watched some youtube videos of Battlefield and DiRT on 3 screens, I think I am sold on the idea of triple monitor gaming.

I'm looking to get IPS monitors with low input lag, low response times and relatively thin bezel. I'm also looking to get more into photo editing hence the IPS route. The Dell U2312HM seems to satisfy those criteria, does anyone have experience with this monitor?

Price isn't really the biggest concern, just want a great setup to last a long time. I have no interest in 3D gaming (tried some PS3 games on my 3D TV, not impressed) so don't have use for a 120Hz monitor. Also it's not like I could afford a rig which would run BF3 at 5760x1080 and 120fps anyway...

A:Triple monitor gaming suggestions?

first of all it would help if you gave us your complete system specs.
gaming on 3 monitors will need a pretty powerful graphics card.
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Graphics card(SAPPHIRE 7950 3GB with Boost) does not indicate any error, it never gets above 50C, there are no artifacts, and it runs smooth as butter when it works(Hitman Absolution and Shogun total war 2).

CPU doesn't overheat either, my NH-D14 keeps it(3930k) cool at below 50C at all times.

Fixes already tried:

Changing SATA cable on SSD
Reseating GPU/Power connections
reinstalling drivers/installing new drivers
updating BIOS
underclocking GPU.

Does anyone have any help?

There are no bluescreens, error codes, or anything of that sort, it freezes the frame and a loud buzzing comes from the monitor.

Games are all installed on the SSD(Intel 520 Cherryville 180GB)
Games ran through Steam
new build, used less than 5 hours, max.
After turning off the computer for a period of time, it'll let me play for 20-ish minutes, but then trying to reboot and play again results in near instant crash(2-5 minutes of play).

A:Freezing and Buzzing from monitor during gaming.

we need system specs also detailed PSU information
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It very funny that there is a 9.2" gaming monitor for xbox360, I saw it in a discussion:
Do you think it will be good for gaming?? Personally I think that's just too small though the picture of the monitor looks nice.

A:9.2" gaming monitor for xbox360

picture? It's too small to see it...

Like the others on the forum, I would not buy it unless you are looking for something portable.
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So I ve been hunting around trying to find a bigger badder and sexier monitor to hook up to my gaming laptop to game on In the past I ve had a inch hooked up to it and I loved the experience So to new :) a use on for monitor gaming Debating laptop my now I m trying to find one I can hook up to it along with using a mechanical keyboard for when I m not mobile and in my usual spot in Debating on a new monitor to use for my gaming laptop :) my house So Debating on a new monitor to use for my gaming laptop :) with that Debating on a new monitor to use for my gaming laptop :) said I have come down to the following two models and I m not sure if there is a big difference other than the sizes I will say I am mainly a RTS and MMO player I do occasionally play one rd person shooter cough cough don t laugh Battlefield Heroes ha but nothing outside of that Also I plan on playing somewhat close to the screen so a good looking monitor but its not crucial So here are the models BenQ RL HM http www amazon com gp product B HSKSMI ref ox sc act title ie UTF amp psc amp smid ATVPDKIKX DER BenQ GW HM http www amazon com BenQ-GW HM amp qid amp sr - amp keywords benq monitor So what do you think nbsp

A:Debating on a new monitor to use for my gaming laptop :)

I would recommend using S231H (2012) was DCM 120,000 and now the S231H (2013) is DCM 100,000. 250cm Brightness on both models. I use two of these in dual systems.
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I'm running a dual monitor setup on an NVidia graphics card. Last night, I just started having this problem where the mouse curser won't 'lock' to my primary monitor when I'm playing a video game. In other words, the mouse is free to move around both monitors. If I click while the mouse is on my secondary monitor, it minimizes the game. This starts to get annoying really fast, especially on games where it takes a while to minimize. I have looked around the forums here and can't seem to find any information on how to fix it. If anybody can help me get this back to how it was before, it would be appreciated.

A:Multi monitor gaming problem

I would assume this is a video card driver setting, check your drivers (maybe update them) for a setting that prevents the mouse from switching displays during games. Many times there is an option for creating a profile for specific settings for specific applications, if possible setting up a profile would be the best option.
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Hello everyone. I need some advice on some of the best 17/19 inch Flat screen CRT monitors. I am mainly a hard core gamer and want to upgrade to a new system by first getting a new monitor. I have around 550.00 dollars to spend on one(but if I can save some of that it's fine with me I really like the Sony 19 ' Trinitron Monitors because they have a nice, sharp image. However, the two aperature grill "tie wire" shadows lines slighty annoy me. Is there any other monitor out there that doesn't have these lines and is either equal or better in image quality and sharpness? If it's cheaper than Sony, I am all for that because it seems Sony Monitors are expensive. If someone could tell me which one they suggest and the link where I could purchase it I would greatly appreciate it.

A:need advice on excellent gaming monitor

Don't get a flat screen if you wnat to do serious gaming...they won't handle it. And for $500 you would be hard pressed to find anything of any real quality for that little cash. I would look at Viewsonic monitors..they have always been fairly good and have a good warranty.
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I plan to get a gaming desktop with Nvidia 970. I need to buy a good but affordable gaming monitor for it. I got some questions...

1) Is a monitor with 144 Hz really necessary for gaming? Will 60 Hz suffice?

2) Can you recommend a good but very affordable gaming monitor?
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Hey All

Ive been looking around for a TV/Monitor at PCWorld/Comet etc and theres too many comparisons like one TV has 50hz , one has 100hz but then one has a better contrast ratio etc.

I saw this IILYAMA monitor on Misco:

Would this be a good monitor to use my Xbox 360 on ? and would it run in 1080p mode and not 1080i like most of them ?

If not this monitor, is there a good TV/Monitor you could reccomend for me ? Thanks

Budget of £350

A:Looking for a new monitor for gaming/general pc usage :) [UK]

It really does depend on what your mainly going to use it for. As a rule if you want a TV you really need to stick to 100MHz, 50MHz is fine but sometimes on things like football you get an unwanted shadow with the TV trying to catch up with itself.

What your looking at with Iiyama is more of a monitor rather than a TV, I was quite surprised to see the 1ms response time that is very good most are 5ms and you pay quite abite more for 2ms. I would be tempted to check if the description is accurate.

I would recommend any TV made by LG I have had LG flat screens for the past 5 years and they have never failed me. I haev a 24" LG monitor for my PC and a 40" LG TV in my living room!

For £350 at the minute you can get a very nice TV/Monitor, I would stay away from high street shops though and stick to online retailers try
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Hi all,
I was wondering if it was possible to run games(mostly Modern Warfare 2) on the two monitors I have set up, one is 1280x1024 and one is 1680x1050, my graphics card is a 4850.

A:Dual Monitor Gaming with Different resolutions?

You can but you have to run both screens at the same resolution, which is going to be 1280x1024 for you.
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What is the name of the software like the picture i uploaded for benchmark while in gaming?

A:Benchmark Software that monitor CPU, Ram and GPU in gaming

Here is a tutorial for MSI Afterburner.
How To: In Game CPU, Memory, Motherboard Monitoring Overlay | Overclockers Forums
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I plan to get a gaming desktop with Nvidia 970. I need to buy a good but affordable gaming monitor for it. I got some questions...

1) Is a monitor with 144 Hz really necessary for gaming? Will 60 Hz suffice?

2) Can you recommend a good but very affordable gaming monitor?

A:Whats Your Suggestion for a Gaming Monitor?

What's your budget for the monitor.. that's going to be key for getting help on this.

Brand wise I love Viewsonic.

Edit: Check this out:
Five Best Budget Computer Monitors

Best Gaming Monitor 2016 - Budget, G-Sync and 4K Monitors
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I plan to get a gaming desktop with Nvidia 970. I need to buy a good but affordable gaming monitor for it. I got some questions...

1) Is a monitor with 144 Hz really necessary for gaming? Will 60 Hz suffice?

2) Can you recommend a good but very affordable gaming monitor?

A:Whats Your Suggestion for a Gaming Monitor

1) Not necessary at all; it's generally nice to have for all games, but it can be very desirable for specific genres such as FPS (first person shooter) and racing games. Keep in mind that unless you have a very good setup a lot of games won't be running at 60fps anyway (dependent on graphics settings).

2) Personally, I game on a random 60fps 24" 108p monitor that I bought about 8 years ago. It's not amazing, but it's perfectly good. My recommendation will be to just get something in the price bracket of $150-200 to begin with, and get something fancier and nicer down the road if you find that the basic one isn't good enough. You can then always use the basic one as a second monitor.
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Hi All

For about nearly a week now I've been experiencing issues with my monitor suddenly displaying "No Signal" while playing League Of Legends for around 30 min. The PC is still on and everything is running but sound completely shuts off and monitor turns black and displays no signal. My CPU temperatures are roughly at 45 Degrees C while idling but have reached near mid 60s during gaming. Haven't changed anything or installed any new programs within the past 3 months.

I have allready tried using a different HDMI cable and the problem still occurs. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

My Specs Are:
Gigabyte Z77-D3H
Intel Core i7-3770K
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
2TB Storage Space
8GB Ram
Cooler Master 600W PSU
Running Windows 8.1
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I like leaving my 2nd monitor on for monitoring system temps and such, but some games do not lock your mouse in the main monitor, and accidental clicking on the other will minimize the game, often with disastrous results. Does anyone know of a program that will lock my mouse in one screen?