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SSD upgrade for Dell Inspiron 2330, is it possible?

Q: SSD upgrade for Dell Inspiron 2330, is it possible?


I was looking to upgrade my Dell Insprion 2330 all-in-one PC to a solid state drive, to improve the performance. Firstly, is this possible? If so, is it practical?

Currently I have the factory 2TB hard disk installed and it seems a shame to loose all that storage space. From what I have seen it may be possible to replace the blu-ray drive with a SSD instead? Primarily I would be looking to run my operating system of the SSD and then use the existing drive for the bulk of my storage. That being said I am not sure if I would want to loose my blu-ray player either. I don't use it all that much, but it is still nice to have it there. I understand I may need to make some compromises to make the upgrade, so hopefully someone will be able to point me in the best direction and tell me whether it is really worth it. My PC doesn't run slow my any stretch, but from what I have seen it can make a big difference!

Thanks in advance,


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Preferred Solution: SSD upgrade for Dell Inspiron 2330, is it possible?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SSD upgrade for Dell Inspiron 2330, is it possible?

Technically speaking, yes you could replace the hard drive with an SSD. I have never changed anything (hardware wise) with an All-In-One unit, but it must be possible. If you are looking to keep the extra storage space, you could take the 2TB hard drive and put it in an external hard drive case and connect it to one of your two USB 3.0 ports. That way you still have storage space to use while keeping your Blu-ray drive and having a SSD for your Operating System and Programs. It wont be as fast as leaving it inside connected with a SATA cable, but it will be better then connecting it USB 2.0 or not using it at all. If you do go through with this "venture", take photos and document what you did each step and then post them up here. May come in handy for someone else in the future.
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I was wondering if I could upgrade the CPU within the Dell Inspiron 2330. I really like the computer. However, I was wondering if I could upgrade the CPU to one with HD 3000 or HD 4000 graphics.
I have the i5 model with 8GB in ram and a 1 TB hard drive. 
This video gave me the idea:

A:Can I upgrade the CPU within my Dell Inspiron 2330?

Hi junior796,
You may upgrade to Intel Core i7-3770S Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz) which comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000 on Inspiron 2330.
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I have the Dell inspiron one 2330 And im not sure if i cant upgrade my processor or not and if i can what options do i have?

A:Dell inspiron one 2330 Processor upgrade?

Any help?
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Hi recently my Dell 2330 wont boot up properly. I press the power button and the light comes on the button and i hear the fan. The screen is a brighter black then after a few seconds the screen seems to go off but still power and fan running. Ive spoken to Dell and done all what they asked. Then today out the blue it came on as normal. I went to run a diagnostics test from a link Dell sent me and it asked me to restart the computer. I did and then it  did what it did before and has not come back on since. They have said it could be the motherboard. Any other suggestions ? Thanks
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Good morning to one and all
I have a question about updating my computer I have a Dell Inspiron 2330 all in one with there specs

Dell Inc. Inspiron One 2330 00
System Service Tag: C8LSTX1 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: C8LSTX1
Enclosure Type: All-in-One

3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i3-3240
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
3072 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Hyper-threaded (4 total)

Board: Dell Inc. 0PWNMR A00
Serial Number: .C8LSTX1.CN7443135507F0.
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
UEFI: Dell Inc. A09 11/02/2012
6018 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM0' has 2048 MB (serial number 3BABC746)
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM0' has 4096 MB (serial number 426E82E9)

I want to upgrade to i5 or i7 with more ram

could someone give me some options please

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Hello,I have a Dell Inspiron One 2330 which was in Windows 8 and has been updated to Windows 10.Having various problems with Windows 10 I would like to put my computer to factory settings has left return to Windows 8.There are multiple partitions on the hard drive which I assume that that should contain image for the Factory Restore.Restore factory manipulations are visibly for Windows 8 and does not work with Windows 10.Can you tell me if there is a way to launch factory restoration after the windows 10 update ?, is there a boot cd that could eventually launched the restoration that is contained in one of the hard drive partitions.Thank you for your help.
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My computer has a virus and i need to install windows back onto my computer. Now my computer came installed will windows 8 pro. I don't know were to obtain a clean version of iso. I checked on Microsoft and the don't have it. All they have is 8.1. IS there any other way I can install windows legally and be able to upgrade back to windows 10?

A:Dell Inspiron One 2330 AIO Desktop

If you already had windows 10 on it all you have to do is download windows 10 and make a bootable copy with there tool.  Then reinstall windows 10, they have your hardware information and that is how it will activate windows again.  There are various threads on here how to reinstall windows 10!
Hope this helps!
You can download from this link
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I have the Inspiron One 2330 with the i3-2130 @ 3.4 GHz
it has the Intel B75 Express Chipset
Is it possible to upgrade the processor to a core i5 or even a core i7 processor?  what issues would I run into? I am fairly proficient at upgrading hardware.

A:upgrade processor in Inspiron One 2330?

Hi Shane,
Inspiron one 2330 supports Intel Pentium Dual Core, Intel Core i3, i5 and i7.
Below mentioned processors are compatible on Inspiron one 2330:

Ivybridge,I5-3550s, 65w, 4c,E1
Ivybridge,I7-3770s, 65w, 4c,E1
Ivybridge,I5-3450S,2.8,65w, 4c,E1
Ivybridge,I5-3330S, 65w, 4c,E1

Please reply if you have any further questions.
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I have a Dell inspiron one 2330 all in one and was wanting to connect it to a mac mini to use ut as the monitor. Does anyone know if the HDMI port is compatible with connecting it to a mac mini?

A:connecting MAC Mini to dell inspiron one 2330

I think the HDMI socket on the Inspiron is an output. Dell says it is no longer available so doesn't publish specs but this review refers to the HDMI connector for driving a second monitor -
I might normally say 'suck it and see' but if I were you I would seek definite information on whether or not you can treat this HDMI socket as an input before you try it.
Chris Cosgrove
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Hello.  I am using the VGA in on my Dell Inspiron 2330 as a secondary display.  It is working great except that every 10-15 minutes it goes to sleep.  I have to turn it back on and select the VGA each time it does this.   Any suggestions on how I can configure this so that it does not do this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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I recently bought Dell Inspiron 2330 AIO Touch with top specs (i7, 2TB,8GB, Win8). Have used it since one month. While browsing web the desktop turned blue saying an error message and that the computer will restart on its own. When it didn't after some time I switched off the mains and restarted it. Now it powers on but even BIOS does not boot or there is no Dell logo also kind of like failed POST while the fan keeps running continuously which used to just run for a second or two when it used to boot normally. It had happened before a couple of times that while watching youtube videos the same error occured but it never failed to restart normally. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

A:New Dell Inspiron 2330 AIO Touch wont start.

Hi Puneetrai,
Try releasing the residual charge from the system. Here are the steps:

Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer including the power supply.
Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.
Reconnect the power supply. Try to restart the computer and check.

If the issue still persists, perform Built In Self-Test (BIST) on power supply. There is a Green LED and BIST Button above the power cord connector. If the LED glows solid green on pressing the button when the system is plugged in to the wall socket the Power Supply Unit is functioning OK.
The power button LED is a bi-color light that indicates the Dell Inspiron One 2330 power state. Please share which state it is in when you try to boot the system:

Solid White
Solid Amber
Blinking Amber

The system can emit a series of beeps during start-up if the display cannot show errors or problems. These series of beeps, called beep codes identify various problems. Please share if hear any specific patter of beep codes on startup.
Hope this helps. Please share the results. I'll be happy to assist you.
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I want to connect another computer to my dell  inspiron one 2330' and use it like a screen. 
But i get the message: no video detected on vga input.
Can you help me?
Thank you
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I have been testing new Insider Preview builds of Window nbsp Everything was working and then Explorer froze up and was not responding I did a CTRL ALT Del and started Task Manager to start Explorer exe But no reaction from the system in response to the keystrokes I was force to manually power off the machine After that now when I power on the it fires up the internal fan and seeks the DVD drive and goes to the Dell Logo screen and just stays there Stuck at the Logo screen Power button stays white in color No matter what I do F and F during power on the PC does not respond at all If I press the space bar a progress line shows up under the logo and F displays in the top right corner If I Inspiron won't past screen 2330 One Dell AIO boot logo press F during that time it does not take me to the boot menu nbsp It just sits there displaying Dell Inspiron One 2330 AIO won't boot past logo screen the Dell Logo and it will stay like that for over hours or more never a response I unplugged the power cord and pressed on the power button for two minutes to discharge static electricity This made no difference This happened a day after my extended warranty expired Last year I had this same issue and Dell sent a guy to my house with a new motherboard which fixed the problem Now one year later my motherboard has died again And conveniently for Dell my warranty elapsed the previous day nbsp What is the deal with these motherboards Why do they keep breaking on me nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron One 2330 AIO won't boot past logo screen

Yes, it was the motherboard.  Dell tech came out and put a new one in and everything is working as it was before the MB failed. Thank you Dell rep Rishi.
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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 2330 from a pawn shop - previous owner installed win 7 Ultimate 64-bit (replacing win 8). I got the activation code and downloaded a good copy of win 7 Ult 64-bit (from MS site) to do a fresh install to delete all his stuff !! Big mistake Cannot connect to internet. Multiple drivers out. Found a LAN driver to correct Ethernet driver but still unable to connect. Not very good at OS level diags (more of a "know just enough to be dangerous" type) Any help is appreciated. Have a laptop connected so can download and load via stick. I entered as much info as I could garner in the "System Specs" page of my profile. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 2330 reverted back to win 7 - missing drivers

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Go to the Device Manager click on Networking select the missing Driver device .. Right click select Property's/Details Tab .. There will be a Hardware ID there search google for the ID that will tell you which Driver you need .. A list of Drivers for your Computer is in the Link below ...

Product Support | Dell US

You should then run Windows Updates it should find most of your Drivers ..
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Hi All,
Can the Dell Inspiron All in One 2330 have two addition monitors hooked up to it (3 in total)?
I had no  problem hooking up a second monitor via VGA out. But can I hook a third. Is there any way?

A:Can the Dell Inspiron All in One 2330 have two addition monitors hooked up to it (3 in total)

Hi Adam,
That VGA port is the only video-out option, so I see no way to run three monitors.
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Hi everybody and Dell,
Wednesday evening i have changed my operating system from Windows 8.1 Pro on new Windows 10 Pro. Dell wrote your system is tested. After upgrade i´ve installed  all new drivers - 5 items. Four are updated successfully, only AMD driver failed to update. Have tryed everything - no matter AMD dedicated graphics card will not work. PC is slow and crashes are coming. Only one thing help me  - I forbid AMD card and system is working only with integrated Intel HD. Please Dell post new driver!

A:Inspiron One 2330 AIO, AMD Radeon HD7650, not working after Windows 10 upgrade?

Assuming you have a 64-bit version of Windows on your system please go to the AMD Windows 10 drivers & downloads page to download their latest drivers.  They released them 2 days ago to resolve some issues with Windows 10.
That should, hopefully, resolve your issue.
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A couple of days ago I upgraded to Windows 10.  There were no issues or errors with upgrade. Everything went smoothly and everything worked for a couple of days.  I powered the PC off and on a number of times over two or three days.  Today when I turned on the PC it began the boot up process the Dell logo appears then the Windows logo displays briefly then the computer freezes on a grey screen.  
Is this a driver issue?   How can I resolve this issue?
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My friends Inspiron One Desktop has been Black Desktop After 2330 Screen Boot Dell One Changing Option Inspiron experiencing problems with the display I changed one of the boot options to boot to hard drive now the computer boots in a black screen and nothing appears It just stays in a black screen The allows you to put hdmi in So Dell Inspiron One 2330 Desktop Black Screen After Changing Boot Option i connected my PS to the computer and switched into HDMI mode and the screen was working find Now i was trying to remove the Dell Inspiron One 2330 Desktop Black Screen After Changing Boot Option graphics card from the desktop but it is soldered into the motherboard I tried resetting the CMOS to reset the the BIOS but still nothing is displaying on the screen I detached the hard drive and booted it up and still the black screen If there is a method i should try please let me know Like I said before the screen was working find Until I had changed a setting in the the BIOS screen Thanks for your support if you can help or interested in helping me

A:Dell Inspiron One 2330 Desktop Black Screen After Changing Boot Option

Do you get any indicator lights that the system is booting besides a black screen?
Are there any lights on the monitor?
Try shining a light to the screen what do you see?
Pressing the screen side buttons for menu does the online display come on?
Try resetting the bios once more. This time completely remove the power cord and press the power on button to clear any voltages left in the system, then clear the cmos/bios pulling the battery. Put the battery back in and reconnect the power and boot it.
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Hi Forumers nbsp nbsp I have an Inspiron and since the hard disk broke and was replaced and after upgrading to Wondows I have not been able to re-install Dell Backup and Recovery It always stop at the first step of the installation process after rebooting saying that access is denied Looking at the various logflies in the installation directory nbsp I can find the following errors - nbsp quot Error failed to close CSTDisk handle GPT quot in the DSLCheck exe log file - various errors like these in the CreateHardLinks exe log file - - nbsp nbsp Error File Not Found C Program Files x Dell Backup and Recovery Components Restore libxml dll - ErrCode - ErrMsg The system cannot find the file specified - - nbsp nbsp Error File Not Found C Program Files x Dell Backup and Can't my denied") 2330 Inspiron on install Dell ("Access is and Recovery Backup Recovery Can't install Dell Backup and Recovery ("Access is denied") on my Inspiron 2330 Components DBRUpdate DsProtectionIndex dll - ErrCode - ErrMsg The system cannot find the file specified - - nbsp nbsp Error File Not Found C Program Files x Dell Backup and Recovery Components DBRUpdate DsProtectionIndex dll config - ErrCode - ErrMsg The Can't install Dell Backup and Recovery ("Access is denied") on my Inspiron 2330 system cannot find the file specified - In the SftService exe log file - - nbsp nbsp Error BOOL CSftServiceModule CreateDBRTile void Temp Link file not found C Program Files x Dell Backup and Recovery DBR lnk - ErrCode - - nbsp nbsp Error failed to close CSTDisk handle GPT Any idea about where these errors are coming from Alternatively what are other good backup recovery SW you may suggest Plain Windows features Thanks

A:Can't install Dell Backup and Recovery ("Access is denied") on my Inspiron 2330

no replies in 7 months.  I have the same problem.
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I have Inspiron One 2330. The fan is quite loud and never stops. I tried to  update the BIOS, but is said that I have the latest BIOS version. What else can i do? 
Thank you

A:Inspiron One 2330 Fan Noise

Hi OPTA12,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please run the on-board diagnostics <<F12> and capture any error codes or message you might receive.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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I have a one inspirion 2330 and the problem is that when turning it on screen and does not give me if I connect a PC using HDMI video gives me another pc and not yours that is what could be? or that would be my problem?

A:I cannot see the screen my pc a inspiron one 2330

Hi Diegoof
Thanks for writing to us.
Do you mean you are getting a display on an external monitor but not on the integrated one?
If yes, then it looks like the screen problem.
Are you able to load BIOS or f12 menu? If yes, please run diagnostics from f12 menu and let us know how it goes.
If the system doesn't load f12 or BIOS menu, then shut down the system , disconnect all peripherals , including power cord, hold down the power button for 10 secs, plug back all and turn on the system and observe.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message
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Hello: I have a Dell inspiron 2330 All in one, about 2 years old.  It is not booting up.  I connected a wired keyboard and tried to push F12 to get into boot options, but I don't think the keyboard is getting power at all.  As soon as I power it on, the screen lights up and then blanks and I hear the hard drive, but nothing happens.  I tested the monitor with my laptop and it is fine.  I recently updated the OS to Windows 10 and it worked fine for more than a month. 
How do I get to the boot screen if I wanted to use my USB rescue drive ? 
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Good morning to one and all
I have a question about updating my computer I have a Dell Inspiron 2330 all in one with there specs

Dell Inc. Inspiron One 2330 00
System Service Tag: C8LSTX1 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: C8LSTX1
Enclosure Type: All-in-One

3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i3-3240
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
3072 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Hyper-threaded (4 total)

Board: Dell Inc. 0PWNMR A00
Serial Number: .C8LSTX1.CN7443135507F0.
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
UEFI: Dell Inc. A09 11/02/2012
6018 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM0' has 2048 MB (serial number 3BABC746)
Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM0' has 4096 MB (serial number 426E82E9)

I want to upgrade to i5 or i7 with more ram

could someone give me some options please


I see this is in the wrong forum it should be in (
PC Custom Builds and Overclocking)sorry about that
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Hello: I have a Dell inspiron 2330 All in one, about 2 years old.  It is not booting up.  I connected a wired keyboard and tried to push F12 to get into boot options, but I don't think the keyboard is getting power at all.  As soon as I power it on, the screen lights up and then blanks and I hear the hard drive, but nothing happens.  I tested the monitor with my laptop and it is fine.  I recently updated the OS to Windows 10 and it worked fine for more than a month. 
How do I get to the boot screen if I wanted to use my USB rescue drive ? 

A:Inspiron 2330 does not start

Thank you for writing to us!
I would suggest you to follow the below steps to boot the system into Safe Mode with networking and check.
Switch ON the system and switch OFF the system 3 to 4 times when the Dell logo appears. This will make the system to go into ?Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options? screen.
Please select Troubleshoot option and choose the advanced options. Now choose the Windows Startup Settings option and then click the Restart button.
When your PC reboots you will be able to boot into Safe Mode with networking from the Advanced Boot Options screen and check if the system reaches the start screen.
If the issue still persists, I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.
1.  Turn on or restart the computer.
2.  Immediately at the Dell logo screen, starting tapping the ?0? key (zero) once a second until the One Time Boot menu appears (if the computer boots to Windows turn the computer off and try again).
3.   At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, PSA+ or Enter ePSA, then press <Enter> to begin the hardware Diagnostics.
4.   Write down any error codes listed. Reply to us with the error codes.
Let us know your findings
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Hello, I have an issue with the fan on Inspiron One 2330.
Issue: The fan pulses consistently. On, off, on, off, on. It doesn't matter what I am doing. I have closed all applications and terminated any robust processes. There is no change.
What I've Done So Far:

I've update the BIOS.
I've checked and cleaned the fan.
I've run diagnostics and both thermal and video fan measures check out fine (plus no other errors).
I've manually reviewed and updated (as needed) most high-value drivers, such as chipsets and video cards.

Any thoughts on what I should try next?
FYI, Windows 10 new install.
Thank you!

A:Inspiron One 2330 Fan Pulsing (Windows 10)

I've the same problem with my Dell. Did you solve this?
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After upgrading my Inspiron One 2330 to Windows 10, my screen flashes about every 10 seconds and this adversely affects some application software. I've tried downloading the latest drivers but the problem has still not been solved. Can anyone help with this please?

A:Inspiron One 2330 Windows 10 problem

I am not sure if the below information will resolve the issue. I searched the internet and found others having the same problem and this is what they say resolved their issue.
Open task manager (Control+Alt+Delete)... under file (top left) "Run new task" ... type msconfig (yes it is hard to type as screen blinks, but it can be done) ... In the new box that opens (it may be behind the task manager box) go to Service Tab .... Scroll until you find 2 tasks that need to be stopped ... (1) Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel Support .... (2) Windows Error Report Service.... Disable these by unchecking .... Click Apply ... Click OK ... If you are prompted to restart, then restart computer .....This is the main issue causing the screen to blink . .. Ironic that the items causing the errors are the solutions designed to report errors to microsoft
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Is there anyway I can use the integrated camera to make recordings? I don't see any software to use.
I want to be able to use the camera to make small youtube videos.
Any help appreciated

A:Inspiron One 2330 Integrated Camera

You should be able to.  If you have Windows 8.x or 10, go to the Microsoft Store and look for video recording software.  I think youtube also has a built in recording thing using flash or HTML5.
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I have a Dell that I have hed ongoing issues with I wavy boot. 2330 AIO pink from display Inspiron and bought in and about months from warrantee end the display began to have multicolored horizontal lines and would kind of phase out It would respond to touch for a second but then begin to get more quot out of sync quot then flash and begin again I contacted Dell and they dispatched a tech to repair it The part took almost three weeks to arrive and the tech another two By the Inspiron 2330 AIO display pink and wavy from boot. time he was done it was at a clear picture again A week later I am out of warrantee weeks Inspiron 2330 AIO display pink and wavy from boot. later it starts all over again I contacted Dell and was told since I was Inspiron 2330 AIO display pink and wavy from boot. out of warrantee and it was quot fixed quot before I must now pay for service Not happy with this reply I shoved it into a corner and forgot about it I am not working to try to get it fixed as I would like to try and use it I have replaced the nbsp LCD Inverter Converter Board as the tech did but this proved unsuccessful This happens as soon as the power button is pushed nbsp I would really like to know and fix this I have been a loyal Dell customer supporter for over a decade and this is really a black eye in my opinion I know I should have kept fighting but kids took precedence of my time Any information would be helpful Picture attached

A:Inspiron 2330 AIO display pink and wavy from boot.

The Inspiron One 2330 has a VGA out port. When you connect a VGA to VGA cable from it to an external monitor, then power on both, does the external monitor also show the issue? If not, then the LCD panel or the LCD cable are defective.
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I have a Dell Inspiron the one with the Core Duo no upgrades since purchase and I don't play many games but I'm interested in gettings these mods for GTA San Andreas which I can play fine right now that enhanced the graphics I am 518 Inspiron Upgrade Dell willing to therefore Dell Inspiron 518 Upgrade upgrade my graphics card So far price wise the GeForce GT seems best for me Mwave Australia Buy Cheap Inno D GeForce GT MB DDR D-Sub Dual-Link DVI HDCP HDTV Fan PCIe in Sydney Australia Online Computer Store That is the link From that you get Dell Inspiron 518 Upgrade an idea of my price range probably nothing over in AUS but preferably around I understand the Dell doesn't have a good PSU either so I could upgrade it I need your advice on the best PSU Price range is about gt AUS I found Mwave Australia Buy Cheap Thermaltake W PSU W in Sydney Australia Online Computer Store and Mwave Australia Buy Cheap Gigabyte Superb W Superb Power Supply mm Fan PCI-E Conn x SATA Power Connectors RoHS ready EPG-P AC - R in Sydney Australia Online Computer Store So main question Would putting a Nvidia GeForce GT in a Dell Inspiron with around W PSU upgrade work Also I don't know much about what my comp actually has uses in hardware like eg SATA or PCIE If I got the PSU in the link the one without SATA would it still work

A:Dell Inspiron 518 Upgrade

This is your machine?
Dell Inspiron 518 Desktop Details

More detailed specs:
Dell Inspiron 518 Desktop Computer (Intel Core 2 Quad 320GB HDD, 2GB) specs and Desktop specifications - CNET Reviews

You need SATA connectors.

Realistically you could probably get away with using your existing PSU, but either of those PSU's you linked would do the job.

However any of the Thermaltake PSU's that aren't from the Toughpower series aren't generally regarded as quality units. I haven't much about the Gigabyte models. Unfortunately quality PSU's have a price to match.

But at least they aren't SHAWS (Never, ever, ever buy a SHAW PSU)

But yes, a 9500GT will work with a 450W PSU.
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The Registry recently became corrupted on my Dell Inspiron and after several unsuccessful attempts at fixing it I am giving up and installing OS Dell Inspiron on 7/8 upgrade Win 9400 a new Crucial GB SSD and Win 7/8 OS upgrade on Dell Inspiron 9400 hopefully upgrading the OS to either Win or But this brings up several questions that I m hoping someone can answer for me A Will this old a laptop run either of these operating systems properly B If so will it run any version of them - Home Premium Pro Ultimate etc C Will it run bit or just bit D Can I do a clean install on a new Solid State Drive And if so do I need to buy an OS upgrade version or a full version I m assuming there is a difference I think I still have the original Win XP installation discs If this project is feasible and I get through all of the above are there any other problems that I am liable to run into Thanks for your time and advice nbsp

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i was wondering if i could uprade my N5030's cpu? right now i have a Pentium(R) Dual-core T4500 @ 2.3GHz with 8 GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system

A:dell inspiron n5030 cpu upgrade

Yes, to a faster Pentium Dual Core or a Core 2 Duo.
No, to any Core i CPU.
Upgrading the CPU will void the warranty, if you have one remaining on the system.
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hello i am currently using a dell inspiron 3847 which ive gotten a couple years back. Now that i plan to upgrade the gpu from a gt705 to a gtx1050ti,  i think i may need to upgrade the PSU as well.  Now i know that  there are other posts about this but i would like to ask if i could buy a corsair VS450W instead of the CORSAIR CS750M (which everyone is recommending) since its a little pricey for me. My current PSU(Dell PSU that came with it) is only 300W. My cpu is a core i5-4460. Thanks :)

A:PSU Upgrade for Dell inspiron 3847

There are specific models that I have tried and they work fine.
lower power versions like the CS550M and CS650M do not have enough 3.3v/5v combined power.

EVGA NEX 750B works fine.
Power supplies that do not have 150W combined on the 3.3V/5V rails may not EVER work or may fail. Note the power ratings on each railThis label is from the NEX 750B1

This is a label from a Dell 525w unit.  Note the ratings on EACH rail not just the total watts.

On many other vendors as the power goes up the 3.3V/5V rails max power GOES DOWN to 100W max.  However in the case of dell 875w unit the power goes UP to 225w on the 3.3V/5V rails.

This is what the NEX 750B1 looks like installed in an XPS 8500
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I have a Vista SP2 laptop that I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 7. However when I pop in the disk and boot to the disk, the files load. But then the screen with the cursor where you should be able to select the keyboard language and the setup screen doesn't appear.

All I get is a black screen with the cursor I can move.

Also the install failed out the first time due to amd manager installed, so I uninstalled it and now every time I try to boot back to vista it says some amdsata.sys error message.

*dell inspiron 1545

Any idea's anyone?
Some work around with linux or UBCD?


A:Dell Inspiron Upgrade Failing

It is a little strange you get such a message, because you really did not alter your hard drive, the files were just put in memory.

Do you think it is trying to continue the Windows 7 install, or some Dell Recovery utility activated and might be involved?

Do you have any recovery F key options that might help, maybe an F8 or whatever Dell uses?

What model is your system, and be exact please.
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I just had a chance to buy the basic edition of Windows 7 on the cheap, so I took advantage even though I'm not sure if it'll work on my Inspiron e1505, which is currently running XP. I checked the minimum requirements on the box, and figured I meet them all so I picked it up. I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, and that seemed to confirm that I can run it. I have a 1.8 GHz processor and 1 GB of ram. The only issue is that my computer is not listed as a Windows 7 compatible system on Dell's website:

So who do I believe? Dell's website or the Windows 7 upgrade advisor?

A:Should I upgrade my Dell Inspiron e1505 to 7?

well if it was me i would would check to see if there is any drivers for 7 for your machine and if there are you will want to get more ram even thow windows 7 will run on 1gb be much better if you had 2gb. but i think you will be better off with xp on that machine.
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Hi, I am looking into upgrading/adding another RAM for my Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop. Is this specific unit compatible without any issues? I need moderators to answer please thanks in advance :)
RAM Link:

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 RAM Upgrade

General rule of thumb:  DON'T use "value" RAM on Dell systems -- if you want Kingston memory,
The part number is KCP3L16SD8/8
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Hello everyone! I have a Dell inspiron 15 3521 i3 4gb with one empty slot and I want to upgrade it with a Kingston HyperX Impact 4gb ddr3 1600mhz. But will the hyperX compatible with my laptop?
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I was looking to upgrade the amount of ram in my laptop. It currently has 3gb and it can have a max of 8 so i wanted to buy this
Kingston 8GB (2 x 4GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1333 Laptop Memory Model KVR1333D3SOK2/8GR

I was wondering if this would be compatable with my laptop. Any help or recondmendations would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 RAM upgrade.

Cant go wrong with Kingston.
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I try to upgrade the ram of my dell inspiron 531, however I don't know which one that I should use. I check the system it said I can either use for DDR2 PC5300 or DDR2 PC6400, I would like to know what is the difference between these 2, and which one that I should use, I tried to upgrade my computer to 4GB ram. And usually I use this computer to do some graphics, and some daily works. Please give me some suggestions, thank you.

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I just picked-up a Inspiron 3847 and I'm looking to upgrade to a solid state drive.
I think I'll need:
2.5" mounting bracket
SATA cable
Will I need a SATA III card or will the existing interface work (I couldn't find clear specs on what the existing interface actually was)?
Anything else I'm missing?

A:Dell Inspiron 3847 - What to buy for SSD upgrade?

You cannot install an SSD as the boot Drive while the original drive is hooked up.
There will be issues.
You can install an ssd after upgrading DBAR to and then making a 16 gig or larger usb flash recovery.
Then install the SSD
and then optimize it.
Then put the old drive back as a secondary.
I Usually recommend INTEL Retail drives for this so that you get Tools for optimization.
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Is it possible to upgrade my ram to more than 4gb ? im still new in the "laptop area of expertise". i was wondering since the highest for windows vista 32 bit can i get windows vista 64 bit and upgrade it to like 6gb
sorry if this sounds stupid

A:Help with Dell Inspiron 1545, RAM upgrade?

You laptops maximum memory might only be 2GB. Look at the laptops specs. They will tell you what the max memory is for that model
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I need to upgrade my RAM in my Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop.

THough, I'm finding it confusing as to what I should buy. says I need: 256MB 144 pin SDRAM, PC100 • CL=2 • Non-parity • 100MHz • 3.3V • 32Meg x 64

But another site said I can't upgrade my model (Inspiron 3800 C500ST) to the maximum of 512k because the unit had to factory loaded with 256 mg which mine was NOT.

So, Does anyone know what the truth is? Does anyone recommend a site where to get the best info and price on RAM Memory?

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So, i just bought this great machine, and everything is working just fine, but i was wondering,
Which Intel cpus does my dell computer supports?
I was specially thinking of upgrading to an Intel Core i5 4590 (right now i have an intel core i3 4150)
can i upgrade without problems?
i am still using the original PSU from dell 

A:Dell inspiron 3847 cpu upgrade?

believe it or not, my dell came with the i3-4150
I have checked since last year, and just recently they started using the new released processors. My local store ordered this dell in october-november 2014

But returnig to my question, those processors that you have listed, do they work with my dell desktop computer?
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Hi guys, I bought an Intel i5-540m cpu to swap with my Intel pentium p6200. What should i do before replacing it. Should i update the bios(Provide the link if yes). Also i want to upgrade my ram , what model should i use.

Waiting for reply,
Arshad Runjaun

A:Dell Inspiron N5040 (Cpu and Ram upgrade)

Or should i but an intel i5-560m ?
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Currently I am using Following Ram Configuration in my laptop
I want to upgrade it to 8 GB. I guess I have single slot & maximum limit is 8 GB.
Can anyone tell me how much will it cost? and where do u have service center in Kolkata, India?
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I have purchased Dell Inspiron 5459 and wish to upgrade its memory with Kingston HyperX Impact Black 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz RAM (HX316LS9IB/8). i will be adding two ram (total 16GB). Is the ram compatible with my laptop ?
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I'm planning to upgrade my Dell Inspiron N5010 RAM from current 3GB(2+1) to 6 GB(2+4).
I heard that some Dell Inspiron Laptops require same RAM to be present in both slots so that the O.S can detect the installed RAM, else only one slot will be detected( ex: 4GB RAM (Usable 3GB)).
So, can I go ahead with having a 2GB RAM in one slot and 4GB RAM in another?
So, can you suggest me any best brand(verified by Dell) to purchase the RAM and also the recommended frequency it should be supporting?

Many thanks in advance!!!

A:RAM upgrade on Dell Inspiron N5010

Hi venkat_bollineni,
This system model supports a maximum of 8GB memory. Memory modules must be installed as a perfectly matched pair to take advantage of the dual-channel memory bus. If not a matched pair, the system's memory bus operates in a single-channel configuration. Basically, when both DIMM connectors are populated, the system has optimum dual-channel performance unless channels A and B have different amounts of memory.

Revert for further queries.
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Hi All, I recently got a Dell Inspiron 7559. It came with a 8GB Skhynix "hmt41gs6bfr8a-pb no aa 1506" RAM stick. I'd like to upgrade it to 16GB. I thought I had bought the same 8GB RAM model from ebay, but I had received an 8 GB Skhynix "hmt41gs6bfr8a-pb na aa 1511". Are they two completely different models because of their different nomenclature? Can I still use it to upgrade my ram? Thank you

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 ram upgrade

There's only one memory socket on this model, so an 8G isn't going to get you an upgrade.  You need a 16G module to upgrade.
These are available, but brace yourself of the price - they're expensive:
(as you can see, going from 8G to 16 causes the price of a module to rise by a factor about five).
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hoping somebody can assit here.  I have an old Inspiron 530 mini tower desktop.  Not sure of the uP or MB model.
Got it new in 2007 and it has been generally a reliable PC, had one raid drive fail which I replaced and recently video card has failed so running off embedded VGA port.  Power supply has just failed and replacing that with one from ebay.
Now I know 99% are thinking buy a new one!  Finances don't allow that but I could probably afford some upgrades if cheap enough. 
Replacement Video card is easy however I'd like a bit more grunt to deal with the new OS WIN10 & associated programs out now so looking at potentially a MB upgrade.
Can anyone advise suitable upgrade option for a Dell MB that that would fit the mini tower and power 300 W supply? 

thanks in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 upgrade options

I suggest an SSD boot drive and a Sapphire 6450 video card rather than a new motherboard. The IO shield of the 530 is non-removable, so you'd have to modify the chassis to fit a different motherboard. And, Socket 775 is long obsolete, so there are no modern choices available (with features like SATA 3 and USB 3).
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Hi Everyone,
I have a new Dell Inspiron 7559:
I use it for work, mainly translation tools, and also for some ocasional gaming (Witcher 3, Cities skylines, etc.).
So I was thinking on maybe upgrading it a bit, but as I´m on a budget I can only afford upgrading the ram up to 16GB or to buy an SSD of 250GB, what would you suggest to upgrade?, which of both would have more impact on the performance?.
Thank you very much!

A:Upgrade Dell Inspiron 7559

If it's running a conventional (or hybrid) hard drive, the SSD will make much more of an overall impact than the memory upgrade.
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Can anyone suggest a compatible RAM for my Dell Inspiron 15 N5010
The system specification is as below:

A:Dell Inspiron 15 N5010 RAM upgrade
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I currently have a Dell Inspiron 3650 "Gamer Edition"
I am looking into upgrading my graphics card. Will the case fit a higher end card such as a 480 or a 1060? I know a power supply upgrade will be needed.
Do you recommend the upgrade if i did go through with it? Possibly a new case, a new card, and a new power supply with the old computer its self?
Any suggestions? Please provide links with suggested parts
The computer currently has the following
Dimensions: 350mm x 154mm x 282.6mm / 13.78” x 6.06” x 11.13
6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz)
16GB Dual Channel DDR3L 1600MHz (8GBx2)
2TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
AMD Radeon™ HD R9 360 2GB GDDR5

The computer -

A:Dell Inspiron 3650 Upgrade

There are a number of pitfalls:
The Dell system includes a proprietary wiring scheme and power supply connector - while you can use an adapter to overcome the latter, the former is not as easy to work with.
If you want to upgrade the case and power supply, figure on needing a replacement mainboard, heatsink assembly, and a retail copy of Windows (the OEM one won't work with a non-Dell board).  Essentially, you're building a new system, carrying over your CPU, memory, drives, mouse, keyboard and monitor.
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I just want to know if it is possible to upgrade the E1705's CPU to something faster than 1.66GHz that I have now. I'm looking for something in the 2 GHz and up range. Plus I would like to know when/if the old E1705 that came with the Intel Core Duo changed to the new one with the Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Now, I'm at work so I can't check my laptop now, but if I have the old Intel Core Duo processor. Would it be possible for me to upgrade my processor to the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

A:Dell Inspiron E1705 CPU Upgrade

That depends on the way DELL made your laptop. Some you can remove the CPU and replace it with higher speed. Butyou got those Dual core ones where you can change the CPU, but doing that will have to be check with DELL online support first. Remember faster CPU more battery life will be shorten. Going from 1.66GHz to 2.0GHz isn't that big of a deal.
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Hi I recently upgraded a Dell Inspiron 1520 from Vista to Win 7. All went fine except l have no wireless Internet connection.

The switch does not seem to work, the wireless Led does not light up.

THe network card does not show in device manager unless l view hidden.

I have installed every wireless driver l can find to no avail.

Any ideas please??

A:Dell Inspiron 1520 upgrade to Win 7

hi did you try this link to help find correct driver .
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My parents have a e1505 which is currently running Vista. I have been debating on upgrading it to W7, but was unsure if it would handle it well. I have keys for XP, Vista, and W7 32bit. I plan on doing a clean install.
It has a T2250 1.73GHz processor with 2gb ram.

All my parents will be doing with it is internet use and organizing pictures and things like that. It's about time for a clean install of any OS on it.


A:Dell Inspiron E1505 Upgrade Adivce

Run the upgrade advisor.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows
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This forum has given me alot of advise on upgrade Dell 1100 memory Inspiron speeding up my laptop I have upgraded my chipset driver and tried to configured my Internet security Kaspersky so that it would not scan Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade on startup and stopped my mail and spam watch since I don t have Outlook This helped some Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade but I still have issues when I m on the internet and downloading files or multi-tasking with other windows open I also have received what you call the BSOD times in the last month when I have had multiple windows open and the internet running for a long time I do not know what the screen said and after seeing the forums on the BSOD I know to see what the problem is when or if it happens again I was thinking of upgrading my memory Right now I have slots with mb in each I was going to upgrade to G After looking at my system configuration I found that I only have of memory left Do you think this will help my laptop run faster It was also reccommended to upgrade the BIOS - I did this from A to A I would eventually like to upgrade my Windows XP Pro from SP to SP Should I do this now or get the memory upgrade and then do it Any advise would be appreciated and please I m not that computer savy so be specific One more thing I was trying to spell check this but found that I needed to download iespell I tried to do this and it would still not work - so I uninstalled it I then decided to go to the iespell website and try again When I tried to do this again it told me that a file from SP was missing and I needed to insert the disk the file was A i Why and what should I do Thanks again for the advise and sorry I was long winded nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 memory upgrade

I figured since I started here I would keep going...I've decided that since I'm upgrading the ram and might as well go the HD too...I have a Toshiba 30g ATA and I'm thinking about going for a Western Digital Scorpio 120G ATA. I read reviews and think this is a good product, but a trust you guys here so I would like your opinion.

I'm also going to clean the Cooling Assembly while I'm inside the computer...This will be the first time I'll do this all myself so if there is any tips or advise that anyone has it would also be appreciated. Thanks again
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I have a Dell 5558 I7 and system is approved for win 10 according to Dell . A few questions: 1)Will the HDD recovery partition and other restore features on the HDD be upgraded to be compatible to Win 10? 2) How would I completely restore the image to Win 10 in the future if there is a problem? I have a both a factory 8.1 OS recovery media and system disks I burned. I would assume I would have to create recovery system disks for win 10 and the factory disks would be obsolete. 3) Are the program compatibility modes the same in win 8.1 and 10 the same. I am running some legacy programs.
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A few days I ago I bought the Inspiron 580 with the i3-550 processor at a good price at one of the local stores that is close to my home. I really don't want to use the onboard video card because its does a poor job for cleaning up streaming video on the internet. I would like to know what video card is recommended for my use. I want a entry level dedicated video card that has decent video processing and also I want to know if there is a way to disable the onboard video when I get a new video card?

A:Dell Inspiron 580: Which Video Card Upgrade

gregpod9 I want a entry level dedicated video card that has decent video processing
You get what you pay for, an "entry level" video card may not be any better than the on-board video, if that is the real problem with streaming video.
The 580 has a PCIeX16 slot for an add on video card.  The stock power supply is only a 300 watt which will somewhat limit you on choices of "HD Video" cards.  The manual does not detail it, that I can find, but on most the BIOS will autodetect a PCIeX16 slot video card and make that the default.  On models that do not autodetect, you can manually change that in the Setup (F2 at POST to access the Setup (BIOS)).
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I want to play games like Total War and the sims at least on med settings. I am going to upgrade the gpu and cpu. But before I buy i want to know if they will make my pc play games like that on med to high. Here is the cpu AMD Phenom II UNLOCKS TO X4 QUAD CORE, HDXB59WFK2DGM B59 3.4GHZ. Here is the graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIe HDMI DVI Mini DisplayPort Video Card.
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any one know or can find out whats the fastest cpu i can put in my laptop here. i have a AMD Athlon(tm) II P360 Dual-Core Processor

dell told me the i3 is the fastest one for it, any ideas?

Dell Inspiron M5030

Northbridge AMD 785GX rev. 00
Southbridge AMD SB850 rev. 40

A:Dell Inspiron M5030 cpu upgrade what cpus?

From what little spec their are you have a AMD motherboard and you are inquiring about a i3 Intel chip. Intel chips don't fit or work on a AMD motherboard and visa versa.
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I want to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 6000 OS from XP Pro To Win 7 home Premium. I heard you can do it but there's drivers issues. Dell says the 6000 is not able to run Win 7. Well I've already bought the Win 7 OS. Can 7 be installed on the inspiron 6000 and run well?
I've already upgrade the ram to 2 gigs but the drivers problem has me worried.

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 OS Upgrade Question

If dell does not have drivers, then I would strongly urge you not to try to upgrade. You will have problems.

check the following tests.

Windows 7 Readiness Test
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows
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Hey there, I'm currently running a crappy 256MB GeForce 8600 GT, it runs pretty well but it's 3 years, almost 4 years old, and new games aren't running as fresh as I'd like..

I'm considering upgrading to a new Palit GTS 450 SONIC OC 1024MB card

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if it will actually be able to run on the stock rig

Can someone show me a diagram of how to attach a 6 pin connector to wherever it goes so I can see if it will all go smooth before I purchase it?

4GB Ram, 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo already upgraded, so please don't say bottleneck is imminent!

A:Dell Inspiron 530 Graphics Card Upgrade


I believe the powerSupply on that model would be the question.......does it have enough power to run that V card correctly?
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Hello Tech guys-I have a dell inspiron 530-2.2 ghz 450 celeron-2 gb ram. It appearantly has integrated video but i would like to upgrade to say 512mb video card.Here is link to specs( ) that i cant understand-lol. I also read somewhere it needs compatible power?Could you please suggest a video upgrade if one is even possible.Thank you very much.

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I have replaced memory in other computers in the past but this new INspiron seems to have an additional step in the process: temp. removal of PCI cards before new mem. install. What"s up with that?
The instuctions are straightfoward enough but is the procedure necessay? Also, the sticks must be installed in a certain order?
Thanks, Doc...

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Can someone help me with the maximum RAM capacity for DELL INSPIRON I15RMT-5124SLV? 
 The factory default is 6 GB RAM with 2 slots. Slot 1 - 4 GB and slot 2 - 2 GB.  I would like to upgrade to maximum memory that it can accommodate.

Thanks, Kamal


Hi Kamal,
Thank you for posting your query here. We?ll surely check and assist you. We request you to share the service tag/express service tag, the name on the account and your email address through a private message, so that we can check for details and provide you with the right information. To send a private message, click on my name and select ?Send private message?.
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Need to Upgrade my CPU!!!! Help!!!!

I have dell inspiron 5100 with 2.66Ghz P4 CPU, I need to upgrade this piece of garbage if possible. Something with better performance and could be overclocked. Please whoever has knowledge about that provide me with a solution
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Last week I purchased a new desktop Inspiron Pro to 10 Failed Windows my to Dell Upgrade 64-bit from Dell com The desktop comes with Windows Pro -bit pre-installed and also Failed to Upgrade my Dell Inspiron to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit came with a free copy of Windows Pro -bit Windows came with the desktop in the form of a DVD that I have picutred Failed to Upgrade my Dell Inspiron to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit here http i imgur com Z N IS jpg Does anyone have experience using the Windows Pro -bit upgrade disc that comes with this desktop Here is the product page for the desktop http www Failed to Upgrade my Dell Inspiron to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit dell com us business p i - - c ebe e e a fe INT I popped the included disc in rebooted the computer and then hit F to boot from the disc The disc ran and I attempted to select the option to install Windows and keep my files that are on the drive It attempted to install but then stopped because there was a quot partition missing quot So instead I then tried another option which was to wipe the entire drive clean and install Windows That didn t work either because drive is locked Here is a link to an Imgur album I created http imgur com a JprJf - This album includes photos I took of the Windows install process so you can see what I am dealing with I considered upgrading to Windows via the icon in the system tray But I haven t done so thus far I wasn t sure it was the best method Will the Windows upgrade I get from that be Windows Pro I d feel more comfortable installing from the disc since they did give it to me afterall And having a WORKING copy of Windows on a disc is good peace of mind for the future There is an astonishingly low amount of search results related to my problem on the internet The official Dell community support forums have very low traffic so I ve yet to get a response from there I was hoping someone here had some experience or advice to offer me Some more background on my end goal This specific desktop came with a TB HDD My end goal here is to swap in a GB SSD I bought separately as the drive that will run the OS and use the included TB HDD for media storage I was advised by a close friend to first upgrade my Windows Pro on the TB HDD to Windows Pro activate it wipe it and then move forward with doing a clean install of Windows Pro on my SSD Here was his reasoning quot if you will use you may need to upgrade the existing install that is on the HDD then once upgraded be sure to verify windows is activated than you can wipe everything and install from scratch on the SSD it should self activate as you have previously activated the upgraded version on the computer i think it is called digital entitlement and you dont need to provide product key during the install part of win on my computers it automatically happened after the installation was done quot nbsp

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Hi all Dell upgrade RAM memory Dell 570 problem Inspiron Inspiron RAM memory upgrade problem System Insprion mATX desktop A bios gJJT motherboard bit windows DIMM slots GB max each Trying to go from to GBI currently have two GB p PC - CL c x DDR - Rx V UDIMM RFB EBJ UE BDF -DJ-F CJI GB p PC - CL c x DDR - Rx V UDIMM RFB Elpida nbsp Current setup everything fine DIMM GB nbsp EPBJ UE BDF -DJ-F DIMM nbsp GB nbsp EPBJ UE BDF -DJ-F UpgradeI acquired a nbsp KVR D N K G Kingston GB DDR Rx PC - U nbsp DIMM damaged and unusable clip and two connector teeth missing I tried the new RAM module Dell Inspiron 570 RAM memory upgrade problem in empty DIMM but PC failed to boot nbsp just blue light The new RAM module is functioning nbsp on own with the original RAM removed and NEW added nbsp Dell Inspiron 570 RAM memory upgrade problem PC boots correctly and module passing all diagnostics f The service manual says Dell trade Inspiron trade Service Manual Recommended Memory Configuration see page one RAM module DIMM two RAM module DIMM and three RAM module DIMM -- Is the service manual wrong Why won t PC recognize the new ram module and BOOT nbsp is slot regards

A:Dell Inspiron 570 RAM memory upgrade problem

You have to install in pairs.  If one socket is bad you will NOT be able to add ram.
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Hello everyone,
I just replaced the failing motherboard in my Dell Inspiron 530, with the same model, G33M02,because an aftermarket board wouldn't work, due to the I/O shield not being removable. and currently looking for a video card upgrade to watch Netflix and YouTube videos in HD format. I don't plan to game with this computer, it was a freebie given to me by a friend, and I'm using it as a spare. The PSU is a 300watt Bestec model. And, processor is an Intel Celeron 420 Conroe-L Single-Core @ 1.6ghz with 2 GB dual-channel memory, 80gb hard drive. I don't plan to spend no more then $50 dollars. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 530, video card upgrade

The Sapphire 6450 is about $40, and it's perfect for Netflix. There was a refurbished Asus 6450 available for $25, but they may all be sold.
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I have a Dell inspiron 15 5548 with a regular lcd (1366x768) and I am planning on upgrading my lcd to a better lcd (1920x1080). On eBay I've found different 1920x1080 lcd screens (touch and non-touch). Is it possible to upgrade to a 1920x1080 touchscreen with my motherboard? 
Kind regards,

A:Dell inspiron 15 5548 touchscreen upgrade

To upgrade the resolution, you'll need the screen AND most likely a new wiring harness (very rarely does one harness work with both resolutions).
To upgrade to a touchscreen, you basically need the entire top half of the system - screen complete with wiring harness, bezel, back cover and hinges -- these parts are not interchangeable with non-touch systems.
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does anyone know what is the fastest CPU i can put in this laptop
I'm assuming its a pIII
Intel sl643 1 GHz in it now
and just wondering why when i go to system info it says 1.7GHz ???
i have it apart, i might as well see if i can upgrade the CPU

A:Dell Inspiron 4100 motherboard CPU upgrade

the mobo may be overclocked. Without an exact motherboard model #, it is hard to tell what can go in your system.
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Will this 4Gb RAM work on my laptop ?

A:RAM Upgrade on my Laptop Dell Inspiron 15R (5520)

Below are the memory specs for your computer. You will need to verify which processor you have installed. Depending on the processor will determine the type of memory to install.
Memory Memory module connector Two internally-accessible DDR3 SODIMM sockets Memory module capacities 2 GB and 4 GB Memory type 1333 MHz DDR3 for Sandy Bridge Processors1600 SODIMM DDR3 for Ivy Bridge Processors Minimum memory 2 GB Maximum memory 8 GB
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Hi would anybody be able to give me any info on upgrading the processor on this laptop? Thanks

A:Upgrade processor Dell Inspiron N7110

Upgradeability depends on what's in the system now.  They were shipped with up to an i7 2630QM CPU.  You're limited to the second-generation Core i CPUs, and if you upgrade from an i5 or lower to an i7, you may need a new AC adapter as well (you'll need 130W or better depending on the GPU in the system, where the i5 will work with a 90W or lower adapter).
Relevancy 64.07%

hi, i have a question, i have a dell inspiron 5555 runing win 10 and i received an update message about bios upgrade a12. is it safe to update? here are some details about the update:
File Format:Windows/DOS
File Name:5455A12.exe
Download Type:HTTP
File Size:6 MB
Format DescriptionThis file format consists of a BIOS executable file. The Universal (Windows/MS DOS) format can be used to install from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT, Windows 9X, Windows ME or a MS DOS environment.

there is no mentioning of windows 10...
so is it safe?

A:bios upgrade a12 dell inspiron 5555

Was it a program that you were running that gave you this message?  It all depends on where you got it from, if it was from Support Assist it most likely is okay, but just want to make sure that you are getting the right one and that it isn't some pop up that comes up on a website or something like that.
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Hiya Ladies and Gents, 

I got to hand a Dell Inspirion One 19T that has been upgraded from Win 8 to win 10.  The speakers have a nice big red cross through them and keep saying that there's no issue and to plug in speakers or headphones.
What I have done so far...
Updated Audio device drivers
Updated Reltek HD codec and general drivers
Checked in BIOS to make sure the on board audio device is enabled
Windows updates
Uninstalled the driver and restarted
Uninstalled the driver and installed from fresh download
Sacrificed a top end calculator to the God of electronics

The last two things I can think of being the issue are...
a) Audio card knackered
b) Restore to win 8 and then NOT doing the update

Any suggestions other than those????
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Hello I did look through similar threads on this site first but the most recent one I found was more than a year old so I decided to create a new Post We have a year old Dell Inspiron MT Just purely because of its age I am about to put in a new Hard Drive amp while doing this I thought to upgrade replace the dedicated Graphics card At the Moment there is a MB NVIDIA GeForce G card in there The Computer is used mainly for business so no gaming stress on it The Card handles two Monitors both Dell FP with a resolution of x At the moment one is on the DVI one on the VGA but I would like to make both DVI to quot Future Proof quot 580 Graphics Dell on Card Upgrade MT Inspiron if we replace the Monitors with larger Higher resolution ones What would be a sensible upgrade Graphics Card I would like to find one that would not require a PSU upgrade as well CPU is an Intel Core i Processor GHz MB GB of RAM onboard Any suggestions much appreciated -

A:Upgrade Graphics Card on Dell Inspiron 580 MT

Hi Eving Traveller
Thanks for writing to us. 
Below are few other graphics card which are compatible with your system. 
nVidia GT220 1GB
nVidia M207 1GB
AMD Radeon HD 5670 1GB
AMD Radeon HD 5450, 1G
You can look for the ports specifications on the vendor website, before you decide on one.
The machine goes with only 300w PSU, so you need not worry about changing the PSU. 
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Hello I did look through similar threads on this site first but the most recent one I found was more than a year old so I decided to create a new Post We have a year old Dell Inspiron MT Card 580 Graphics Dell Upgrade on Inspiron MT Just purely because of its age I am about to put in a new Hard Drive amp while doing this I thought to upgrade replace the dedicated Graphics card At the Moment there is a MB NVIDIA GeForce G card in there The Computer is used mainly for business so no gaming stress on it The Card handles two Monitors both Dell FP with a resolution of x At the moment one is on the DVI one on the VGA but I would like to make both DVI to quot Future Proof quot if we replace the Upgrade Graphics Card on Dell Inspiron 580 MT Monitors with larger Higher resolution ones What would be a sensible upgrade Graphics Card I would like to find one that would not require a PSU upgrade as well CPU is an Intel Core i Processor GHz MB GB of RAM Upgrade Graphics Card on Dell Inspiron 580 MT onboard Any suggestions much appreciated -

A:Upgrade Graphics Card on Dell Inspiron 580 MT

Hi Eving Traveller
Thanks for writing to us. 
Below are few other graphics card which are compatible with your system. 
nVidia GT220 1GB
nVidia M207 1GB
AMD Radeon HD 5670 1GB
AMD Radeon HD 5450, 1G
You can look for the ports specifications on the vendor website, before you decide on one.
The machine goes with only 300w PSU, so you need not worry about changing the PSU. 
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Just received my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (5558) yesterday and I'm thinking of upgrading the Hard Drive to an SSD and wonder what problems if any I would encounter?
Any Bios Settings to change?The SSD will have a smaller capacity than the 1gb HDD it came with.
I would prefer to use the current Licenced version of Windows 8.1 that’s already installed on the Hard Drive that came with the laptop, I know there's cloning software out there but would prefer a clean install. I've made the Dell recovery media using a USB stick would this be all I need to reinstall Windows 8.1 on the SSD?


A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (5558) SSD upgrade

If you have already created a recovery media onto a USB key, That should take care of the licensing issue with 8.1 as the product key is injected into the motherboard, not the hard drive.
Please disable "Secure boot" and ensure the USB boot is enabled in BIOS before booting from the USB key to reinstall Windows.
Thank you
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Good Morning everyone.
Intially,My RAM in my LAPTOP DELL INSIPRON 14R N4010 is 2GB DDR3 .
As my computer performance was very slow,I'm looking for upgrading my RAM now.
The original RAM with laptop is 2GB 1333MHZ SODIMM DDR3,256x64,8k,204 pin(If Im not Mistaken).
Enquires listed at below:
1.May I install a Kingston Brand RAM Memory ( KVR13S9S8/4) at the Second Slot ?And I'm still maintain for the First Slot 2GB RAM.
2.My First Slot RAM Memory is 1333MHz 2GB ,is it suitable to put another 1600MHz 4GB RAM at my second slot?
Any Experienced technicians and experts,pls leave your comment here.
Thx for your help.

A:Upgrade RAM for Laptop DELL INSPIRON 14R N4010.

Hi Ho Xu Zhe,
The Inspiron N4010 system supports dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM with memory speeds of 1333 MHz.

Yes Kingston Brand RAM Memory ( KVR13S9S8/4) is compatible with your system. You can install both 2GB DDR3 RAM on slot 1 and Kingston memory on slot 2.
1600MHz clock speed memory is not compatible your system.

Please let us know if you have any queries.
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I am looking to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 570, once the 600 Watt Power Supply is installed, to the GeForce 900 series but am unsure if I can do this- can anyone answer if my motherboard will support the card?
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I have a dell inspiron N5110 and i am planning on upgrading the ram modules which are rated at 1333hz. i would like to know if the motherboard can support ram modules at higher frequencies, if yes, how much of a performance boost can i expect.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Dell inspiron N5110 15R Memory Upgrade

Faster modules may work but won't increase the speed - 1333 MHz is the limit for memory speed in this model.
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Hi everyone!I want to ask you ...which one CPU i can put to my Laptop .Dell Inspiron M5010Now it's:Athlon II P340 Dual core
Chipset AMD 785GX
Southbridge AMD SB850. I want put now Phenom II 3 or 4 cores.....which one exactly fit? 

A:Dell Inspiron M5010 Upgrade processor

Dell did ship these with Phenom II-X4 CPUs, so most of the Socket S1-G4 CPUs should work.  Stick to models with identical or similar power requirements - installing a CPU that requires more power than the original, is an invitation to system instability.
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I have a Dell 1521 running Vista, I have had no issues with the laptop, it runs great. I wanted to added mmore memory just for and little boost and max out the system. I purchased some Kingston 2 gig ram modules which are compatible for the system and installed them. The Bios does not register that I have 4 gigs of Ram just the normal 2 gigs. I have updated the Bios incase this was an issue and this did not fix the issue. I have reseated the ram, still just the 2 gigs are registered.

Is there anything else that I need to do for my system to resgister the other 2 gigs of ram for the system.


A:Dell Inspiron 1521 Memory Upgrade Issue

Welcome to TSG compman_74? Happy Hunting...

Have you tried the RAM individually? It may be bad.
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This all-in-one desktop has and easily accessible panel for maintenance purposes – so does anyone know if the 12 MB RAM (8+4?)  could be upgraded to 16 MB, and the 32 GB SSD drive be swapped out for a larger SSD drive?
I know I could just buy the 27 inch version with more memory etc but I've had a 27 inch Dell monitor before and the reflection on it was terrible, so bad that I had to return it because I just couldn't use it.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Dell Inspiron 2350 All In One Desktop– memory upgrade?

Hi Gary hobo,
Dell sends a technician only to replace faulty parts on the system. I would suggest you to purchase a 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz memory and contact a local techncian who will be able to replace it.
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Hi I m not sure if this is the appropriate section and inspiron downgrade Dell - 15-3521 Upgrade issues for this but I m working on a friend s nbsp Dell inspiron - that has been unusable for about a month The laptop is about years old and came with Windows and he tried to upgrade to Windows when prompted After the quot upgrade quot the laptop would boot correctly into Windows about out of attempts and when it did boot correctly it would ultimately crash without much explanation He wanted to downgrade all the way to Windows which I have a legitimate copy of so I booted into a Linux Mint Live distro formatted the drive and installed Windows After the installation Windows booted up fine but was incredibly slow and still basically unusable Now after restarting the computer either restarts at the login screen of Windows or freezes on a black screen after entering login info Initially I thought maybe the ram was bad and was just running out of memory but the Linux memtest comes back clean Now I suspect that it could be a bad hard drive but it would be great to get more opinions before I continue guessing
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Hi As laptop dell i'm but Hi, to looking a to inspiron 9100 ram upgrade to I'm 2gb clueless the title says really i m not much of a tech guy as such i have a dell inspiron laptop and it currently has a pathetic mb ram in it I am looking to upgrade it to the maximum it can handle a slightly less pathetic gb ram I m wary of buying gb of ram and then Hi, I'm looking to upgrade to a dell inspiron 9100 laptop to 2gb ram but i'm clueless install it only for it to not boot because it s the wrong type or something I ran the Crucial Memory Tool and it came up with the following specs Maximum Memory Capacity Hi, I'm looking to upgrade to a dell inspiron 9100 laptop to 2gb ram but i'm clueless MB Currently Installed Memory MB Available Memory Slots Total Memory Slots Dual Channel Support Yes CPU Manufacturer GenuineIntel CPU Family Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Model Stepping CPU Speed MHz I ve got my eye on this memory from ebay http cgi ebay co uk ws eBayISAPI dll ViewItem amp item amp ssPageName STRK MEWAX IT Would my laptop run this memory Thanks for any help you guys might be able to give me nbsp

A:Hi, I'm looking to upgrade to a dell inspiron 9100 laptop to 2gb ram but i'm clueless
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Few months ago I updated to Windows 10. I've upgraded memory in my laptop Dell Inspiron 15R 5537. I've installed 2 sticks CRUCIAL CT102464BF160B. As I see it must be compatible with my laptop. But after that my laptop started to fall into BSOD. What should I do now?

A:BSOD after memory upgrade on Dell Inspiron 15R 5537

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you re-seat the RAM and check if the same happens .
Also provide us with the service tag and email address.
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The 1TB hard drive with my system died and I purchased a 3TB replacement but can't get the system to recognize more than 2 TB.  Does the 2305 support UEFI?  Is there some way to overcome the >2TB problem in this computer so I don't have a wasted TB of storage?  I can't even get it to partion into 2 TB and 1TB.
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Hello everybody. Sorry for my english. I have Dell Inspiron 13 7347 (core i3, ram upgraded to 8gb, latest bios). I replace standart dell wifi card with intel 7265 ac/b/g/n dual band wireless (m.2). Install latest intel drivers, but there is warning triangle and error 10 in device manager at wi-fi card and bluetooth adapter. And no wifi networks aviable. I try different version of drivers on Windows 10 x64 and Windows 8.1 x64. Try download from dell support and intel site, but problem isn't solved. Please, help me. Is this card suit for this model of laptop?
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ok i wanted to get a laptop from dell in january specifically the E1705. now its most likely be configured with a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS, Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 (1.60GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB), a well as 1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz. now my question is that when dx10 Gpu's for laptops come out do you think that i would be able to upgrade this laptop with out many issues such a compatibility the rig in general.

P.S sorry that sounding odd i cant think of any other way to say it because i don't know the motherboard they use when making them lol so I'm asking about it here.

A:upgrade ability of a E1705 inspiron laptop from dell

A vast majority of laptops have the gpu on the mobo which makes upgrading impossible without replacing the mobo, and doing so can be very very expensive.
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Hey there, 
I triede looking for a post like that, but couldn't find one so i decided to make one. 
As you probably see, I have an Inspiron 5520 with i7 and a second GPU(Radeon 7670m) with 1GB and I was wondering, if it's possible to upgrade the GPU with one that's more powerful, for example a 7670m with 2 Gb.

Thanks for the help :)
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Recently I bought the Dell Inspiron 7559 (gaming one).
It has the option to add a SSD drive. I bought a m.2 SSD 256gb drive from Plextor.
See link for the version. The BIOS and Windows both don't recognize the SSD.
I have put it in and out several times. Updated BIOS / Resetted BIOS. It just won't recognize it.
Do I have to tweak any settings in BIOS for the SSD slot to "activate"?
I thought this was a plug and play thing. How can I get this to work?
Note: I also have my HDD still plugged cuz it has everything on it (windows etc).
I want to convert windows to the SSD if it CONNECTS EVER.
Help would be appreciate SOOO MUCH.

Thanks in regards.

A:Dell Inspiron 7559 m 2 SSD upgrade failed / not recognized

That's a PCIe SSD -- this system supports mSATA (SATA 6G), not PCIe.  You'll need to exchange the drive for an M.2 SATA/SATA6G version.