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Icon In Tray Showing Internet Connectivity

Q: Icon In Tray Showing Internet Connectivity

I am helping a friend that has a Dell desktop computer that is set up with a Verizon wireless router so that his house has a secured network He is also using an Dell Inspiron laptop I have set up his printer so that it has wireless connectivity My question is that When I go start and look up the tree I find no quot Connect To quot which Internet Connectivity In Showing Tray Icon I would think should offer available wireless networks to select from There is also NO ICON in the tray the little monitors to show that he is online The strange thing is that all works and his connectivity Icon In Tray Showing Internet Connectivity is fine What do I need to do so that I can have the icons for connectivity show in the tray and also for a listing above help my computer search etc when you click on start I ve worked with lots of computers but never seen one to work like this Thanks for any and all help Steve Bell

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Preferred Solution: Icon In Tray Showing Internet Connectivity

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Icon In Tray Showing Internet Connectivity

Easy fixes .

To enable the Connect To listing: Right-click on Start, click on Properties. Click Customize button on Start Menu tab, then click Advanced tab. Scroll down to Network Connections, put mark in Display As Connect To Menu.

To enable the connection icon: Go to Connection, right-click, select Properties. General tab. Put check mark in Show Icon...., click OK.

Should take care of it (I hope).

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I'm helping a friend with a Dell Computer running Windows XP home. For some reason it is not showing the two small monitor icons in the tray that show I am connected to the internet. I had this problem several years back but can't seem to remember how to fix it. I keep thinking that there is a box to check in control panel to show the network connection.

If somebody could help I sure would appreciate it. I've looked in Google but haven't found the anser.

Many Thanks for any and all assistance.

A:Monitor Icons in Tray showing Connectivity

Try here:
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I received a message from a friend asking about the network connectivity icon which can appear in the system tray. It's the icon of the two computer screens. Anyway, they lost their Internet connection and told me that system tray icon had the number '9' in it. I have never seen this before. I've see a red 'X' and an exclamation mark, but not a number.

Where can I find out what that number means? I cursor web search didn't help much. He's running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64-bit).



A:Question about the network connectivity system tray icon

must be dell.

press 'num lock' and "9" will be gone.
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Hello, I am new to SevenForums

Anyway so up until the beginning of the month my networking tray icon was working fine, showing the bars that show for WiFi and stuff... but now it just shows the LAN connection icon with a red "X" on top of it...

System Specs

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1
6GB of RAM
AMD E-350 Processor 1.60 GHz

A:Tray Icon for Network always showing a red X?

Lets try flushing DNS cache and renewing your IP.

Flush the DNS cache and restore MS's Hosts file ...
Copy and paste these lines in Note pad.

@Echo on
attrib -h -s -r hosts
echo localhost>HOSTS
attrib +r +h +s hosts
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh winsock reset all
netsh int ip reset all
shutdown -r -t 1
del %0

Save as flush.bat to your desktop. Right click on the flush.bat file to run it as Administrator.

Your computer will reboot itself.
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in the tray at the right hand bottom side of the screen I usually have my Wireless internet Icon and its just suddenly disappeared I am still connected to the internet but I like to see my connection speed and strength I tray showing Network not Icon Wireless in have no idea how to get it back there I Wireless Network Icon not showing in tray ve tried going to show all connections - gt then right clicking my wireless then propeties and turning on quot show icon in notification area Wireless Network Icon not showing in tray when connected quot that dosen t work I ve also tried the classic drag and drop method but it wont let me Wireless Network Icon not showing in tray drop it into the right-hand side The icon just isn t there anymore its driving me insane I can still see it in network places but i want it back in the tray i m sure this seems abit silly to some people Anyone got any suggestions Also i m using Windows XP Edit I also forgot to say I got rid of an MSN virus that I was dumb enough to accept its the one that says quot is this REALLY YOU then a zip file comes called Picts-XXXX X random number I got rid of it by deleting a file The file was called Jucheck it was trying to hide itself as being a java file and if anyone needs to know how to kill that annoying virus just go to start gt run gt type REGEDIT gt click ok gt then HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run and delete the file called jucheck its location thing should be quot System dllcache jucheck exe quot the restart your computer then delete the rest of the pict files in your C Windows folder also go here HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control and change quot WaitToKillServiceTimeout quot quot quot to quot WaitToKillServiceTimeout quot quot quot and it should be gone lt --- im only saying this because I know how annoying it is nbsp

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I have a laptop with win 10 pro installed. And after about 4 days not using it now the tray icon of avira is missing. But when check on task manager the avira is still working and when i search "avira" and click it the avira windows showed up and the feature there like "update" is still working. Please help.
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Hello I dont have memory problem in vista but as i run the application above it works well but after it has finished automatically restart - I do not see the memory results icon on the task bar - Also I do not tool diagnostics tray showing memory icon not see the action on event viewer The only thing I get in event viewer concerning memory test event is this Code Log Name System Source Microsoft-Windows-MemoryDiagnostics-Schedule Date -Oct- AM Event ID Task Category None Level Information Keywords User AMIRVS amir Computer AmirVS Description The Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool scheduled the testing of the computer's memory to run immediately memory diagnostics tool tray icon not showing Event Xml lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-MemoryDiagnostics-Schedule quot Guid quot e c de-a - f -b db- da fdc quot gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt AmirVS lt Computer gt lt Security UserID quot S- - - - memory diagnostics tool tray icon not showing - - - quot gt lt System gt lt UserData gt lt Schedule xmlns auto-ns quot http schemas microsoft com win events quot xmlns quot http manifests microsoft com win Windows Memory Diagnostic Schedule Events quot gt lt LaunchType gt Manual lt LaunchType gt lt ScheduleType gt Immediate lt ScheduleType gt lt Schedule gt lt UserData gt lt Event gt i read tutorials -How to Run the Memory Diagnostics Tool -How to Read the Event Viewer Log for Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool I tried to run the memory test as administrator but same result What can The problem amp how to fix it Thanks

A:memory diagnostics tool tray icon not showing

Hello Prukeyhi,

It may take a bit before it actual shows up in the Event Viewer since you just ran it.

Memory Diagnostics Tool - Read Event Viewer Log - Windows 7 Forums
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I searched to see if anyone addresses this issue and didn't find a thread for my exact problem, pardon me if I missed it...

I used to have a bluetooth icon showing in my system tray/notification area, which was a nice convenience. It disappeared within the past week or so, I think with the last big update. I made a tile for it on my start menu, so this is not the end of the world, but it bugs me that if I go into bluetooth settings, I have it checked to show the icon in the notification area, but it doesn't show... Does anybody know why this is and whether I might be able to actually have it show? thanks!

A:Bluetooth icon not showing in system tray/notification area?

Try here:
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I am running Windows 7 64bit on a Toshiba laptop.
As you see in the attached photo, the connections information icon shows "wireless connections are available" status even though I am connected! I am connected via hotspot (with a program called Connectify) to another laptop which has wired connection. I have no problems with the connection itself, but only with that status icon's wrong display.

This happend after I installed software for a bluetooth usb adapter. I have searched the web for the same problem and tried the suggested fixes: uninstalled the software, uninstalled the network adapters (wired and wireless), deleted iconchache.db file but none worked for me.
This problem is really driving me nuts so I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix it!


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The icon indicating connection to the WEB is no longer displayed in the system tray. How do I get it back? I am connected to the internet but with out that icon i do not know how to disconnect.

I have gone to Control Panal - Internet Connections but there are no connections listed (?) Could that be the problem - and if so what do I do?

A:Internet Icon not in tray

When you are dailing or connecting from the internet you will find properties button on the dial up window. click and somewhere you will file "Show notification Icon when connected" option click and check it on.

Otherwise go to control panel >> in the left panel click "Switch to classic" then you will find "Phone and Modem Option" where if you look somewhere you will find "Show notfication Icon when connected" then check it on.
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Ok Thank you guys in advanced before I start So for some odd reason today on one of my laptops my wifi seems to not be working Usually I like to go and look at my wifi signal to see Wifi icon system system not tray. showing in up what Im connected to as soon as I boot m computer Well this time I started it up and the wifi system icon will not show up Of course I go to customize to see if its disabled and if I can enable it Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray. Well the option doesn't even show up I restarted the computer and even used system restore nothing seems to work I ran a wireless network troubleshoot and it says Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray. the problem cant be resolved Im on one of my other laptops because I cant access the internet on the laptop So can anyone help me at all Im new to this forum I think but I do have FRST so if anybody has an idea please let me know I will provide all the information I can if you tell Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray. me what i need to get

A:Wifi system icon not showing up in system tray.

Have you checked Device Manager?  Are there any problems noted with the wifi connection there?
Have you tried:
- downloading a fresh copy of the wifi driver from the manufacturer's website
- uninstalling the current wifi software/drivers
- installing the freshly downloaded drivers?
Have you tried to reset tcp, ip, and winsock?
From an elevated Command Prompt run (and press Enter after each command.  Reboot when done):
netsh int tcp reset
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
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How to get the internet icon to get blinking as in win xp ?

A:internet connection icon in tray is not blinking ?

Quote: Originally Posted by panorama

How to get the internet icon to get blinking as in win xp ?

You don' the forum, this has been addressed a few times and most recently this week.
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I've tried researching to figure out why I should allow ZoneAlarm to pass Goback Tray Icon. Any ideas? If you block it, ZA will pester you to allow it. Blocking it seems to have no effect on Internet use.

A:Goback Tray Icon Internet Access (?)

It goes back to the site to look for updates.

ZA will stop pestering you if you check the "remember" box before you say no to it next time.
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I've been using a DSL connection for 2 years, happily. I use the XP standard distant connection (for broadband) to connect.

I realised a few days ago that the tray icon disappeared, but I am still connected. The "display icon" option in the connection parameters is on. I tried off / apply / on / apply but it didn't change.

I can see that I am connected if I open the distant connection window, and this is the only way where I can disconnect it, apart from closing the session or windows. I don't like to open the distant connection window for this.

I was used to my tray icon. I liked my tray icon. I want my tray icon back !!!

Please !


A:Internet connection tray icon lost

Try This.


Control Panel

Network Connections

Local Area Connection


Bottom left click show icon
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Hello This has only been happening the last week or two and while it s not a major problem it is annoying I use a wireless router which makes the proper connection However it has been taking about to minutes lately for this connection to work After it makes the connection everything works fine but various tasks getting programs to open etc prior to that do not open then they all open at once Tonight for example my Microsoft Word worked Freeze and Tasks Internet Connection/Icon Tray fine while the other programs tasks where unable to be Internet Connection/Icon Tray and Tasks Freeze executed Clicking on the connection icon shows you the box but you cannot click on anything as if it s still making the connection or thinking about it I ve run various programs to clean things up AdAware Search amp Destroy Ewido and have removed various worms cookies that might have been slowing it down but I was wondering if there was a way to get it back to the way it was working before Any information would be Internet Connection/Icon Tray and Tasks Freeze appreciated Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Internet Connection/Icon Tray and Tasks Freeze

My computer loads fine, the internet connection is made and then a few minutes later, any of the icons/processes I wish to use will not come up. About 20 minutes later everything opens at once and everything works fine afterwards. I will post more information but any tips or information would be appreciated. I have run the following in the last few days: Hijack This, Adaware, Ewido, Search and Destroy to remove worms/bugs/cookies. However, I'm not sure why it freezes like it does a few minutes after starting up.
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hi im new here i need help with Windows Tray Icons Changer maybe i screwed up or something just went wrong and now i cant restore and no audio and network icon display on 7 How missing to tray icon? Windows restore Tray Changer Icons tray its display quot could not find file 'C Windows system SndVolSSo dll' quot and this Image quot captured png quot Code Start See the How to restore missing tray icon? Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time JIT debugging instead of this dialog box Exception Text System IO FileNotFoundException Could not find file 'C Windows system SndVolSSO dll' File name 'C Windows system SndVolSSO dll' at Microsoft VisualBasic FileIO FileSystem CopyOrMoveFile CopyOrMove operation String sourceFileName String destinationFileName Boolean overwrite UIOptionInternal showUI UICancelOption onUserCancel at Microsoft VisualBasic MyServices FileSystemProxy CopyFile How to restore missing tray icon? Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer String sourceFileName String destinationFileName at W TIC Main Main Load Object sender EventArgs e at System EventHandler Invoke Object sender EventArgs e at System Windows Forms Form OnLoad EventArgs e at System Windows Forms Control CreateControl Boolean fIgnoreVisible at System Windows Forms Control CreateControl at System Windows Forms Control WmShowWindow Message amp m at System Windows Forms Control WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms Control ControlNativeWindow WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms NativeWindow Callback IntPtr hWnd Int msg IntPtr wparam IntPtr lparam Loaded Assemblies mscorlib Assembly Version Win Version Win SP GDR - CodeBase file C Windows Microsoft NET Framework v mscorlib dll ---------------------------------------- W TIC Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file D Application - Software Installer Windows Customization Windows Tray Icons Changer exe ---------------------------------------- Microsoft VisualBasic Assembly Version Win Version Win SP - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL Microsoft VisualBasic b f f f d a a Microsoft VisualBasic dll ---------------------------------------- System Assembly Version Win Version Win SP GDR - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System b a c e System dll ---------------------------------------- System Windows Forms Assembly Version Win Version Win SP GDR - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Windows Forms b a c e System Windows Forms dll ---------------------------------------- System Drawing Assembly Version Win Version Win SP GDR - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Drawing b f f f d a a System Drawing dll ---------------------------------------- System Runtime Remoting Assembly Version Win Version Win SP - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Runtime Remoting b a c e System Runtime Remoting dll ---------------------------------------- System Configuration Assembly Version Win Version Win SP - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Configuration b f f f d a a System Configuration dll ---------------------------------------- System Xml Assembly Version Win Version Win SP - CodeBase file C Windows assembly GAC MSIL System Xml b a c e System Xml dll ---------------------------------------- JIT Debugging To enable just-in-time JIT debugging the config file for this application or computer machine config must have the jitDebugging value set in the system windows forms section The application must also be compiled with debugging enabled For example lt configuration gt lt system windows forms jitDebugging quot true quot gt lt configuration gt When JIT debugging is enabled any unhandled exception will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer rather than be handled by this dialog box End i knew where the missing files is transferred but i dont know how to restore to it original location Image quot png quot Image quot png quot im also attached the image for is there any solution for this run window... Read more

A:How to restore missing tray icon? Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer

Hello bageraz and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'd uninstall the Tray Icon Changer using the forced uninstall option from Revo Uninstaller (they have a 30 day free trial.) Hopefully this will also remove unwanted bits and pieces from the registry.

Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall

Then I'd try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two) to see if any system files were damaged or corrupted by the TIC. If any problems are noted run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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It s kind of hard to explain but I ll do my best When I turn on my computer and it goes to the GUI the internet connection show on takes to the system Internet forever tray icon connection sign. icon on the system tray has an X on it for about one minute During this time I cannot access anything online that involves administrator privileges However since I don t have firefox setup to run as administrator I m able to browse online even though the internet icon still has an X on it Internet icon on system tray takes forever to show the connection sign. Once the X finally turns into the world I m able to access online things that require administrator privileges ie ventrilo I m not sure why this is happening it all began when I connected my wireless HP printer to my router it caused my router to stop working and I had to buy a new router Before the other router broke I was still having these problems with the X for a long Internet icon on system tray takes forever to show the connection sign. time I switched my printer to connect to my computer instead of wirelessly hoping to a void this problem but it still exists Can anyone help nbsp

A:Internet icon on system tray takes forever to show the connection sign.
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Computer HP Pavilion DM -US Network Card Intel Centrino wireless-N Driver is from intel Windows Home Premium Router Asus RT-N U Firmware I have an issue with my network card I connect to my Limited Connectivity of or icon No internet Drop and Random router without any issues however randomly I will lose connectivity The order Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon this normally happens Internet works fine Connected to internet Able to log into router Wireless Icon shows bars Internet stops working cannot log into router Wireless Icon shows bars Internet stops working cannot log into router Wireless Icon shows bars with yellow triangle quot limited connectivity quot At Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon this point two things happen It fixes itself within - minutes or I use Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon the quick key to disable and enable the wireless adapter Once that is down everything works fine until the next time the issue pops up Sometimes this is - times a day other times it seems like once a week While this happens other devices have no issues Only this laptop I believe this has also happened when connected to different wireless network
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Hello I'm using Win bit Recently over the past week or change connectivity Internet in taskbar icon No drops; so I've noticed that the internet connectivity will drop after a little while It can be m or perhaps an hour After this a reboot is required to reconnect The strange part about this is that the icon in the corner that tells you your network connectivity status stays at bars rather than the familiar bars with a caution sign as if there isn't an issue Some tests I've tried after this happened before a reboot ping google Internet connectivity drops; No change in taskbar icon com in cmd RESULT Strangely I receive ping packets back from google which may explain why the status in the corner stays the same telnet to google com on port Internet connectivity drops; No change in taskbar icon and send Internet connectivity drops; No change in taskbar icon a request RESULT telnet acts strangely Characters appear black on black and thus are unreadable I was unable to send an HTTP request to google and thus the result is inconclusive Check facebook notifications in chome RESULT Oddly enough I can receive notifications but I cannot reply nor click on a new link to open the notification After the connection quot drops quot you will not be able to use chrome nor firefox to access the internet Both browsers will send requests that never return packets from the host One guess I have is that the connectivity does not drop completely but drops to a pace that is so slow little information can be loaded My initial response to this was quot I have a virus quot I downloaded AVG ran a scan it found a few viruses removed them from the computer rebooted did another scan and it came up clean The problem still persists What disturbs me is that one of the viruses found on my computer ended up to be a quot patching virus quot a virus that will bind itself to other executables and windows dll files slowly taking down the target computer If this network problem can be attributed to this virus that has been removed then what should my next action be Assuming the virus is not the issue what should my next course of action be What are some good network monitoring tools that can monitor speed and packets sent and received I would like to get rid of this problem as it's an irritating hindrance to my work Thanks Dragos

A:Internet connectivity drops; No change in taskbar icon

It sounds like either TCP/IP network stack or winsock is messed up which is a fairly typical problem but virus problems can look like many things.

If it's a virus problem run more scans.

You should also run malwarebytes to check for more virus's .

Windows security essentials is also worth using.

If you did have a virus it may have messed up the network stack or winsock.

Winsock entries tells Windows 7 how to access your network services. Additionally, your TCP/IP protocol can be corrupted. The TCP/IP protocol is a stack of 4 layers that includes several transport layers, but when this stack is corrupt you will constantly have connectivity issues.

Type or copy each command one at a time into an elevated command prompt then hit "enter" after each one, then reboot your machine.

netsh winsock reset catalog (reset winsock entries)

netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (reset TCP/IP stack)

If it's something on the wireless side then you should install Xirrus wifi inspector. A screen shot of this will show me the wireless landscape in your area and adjustments can be made from there.
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Computer HP Pavilion DM -USNetwork Card Intel Centrino wireless-N Driver is from intel Windows Home Premium Router Asus RT-N U Firmware I have an issue with my network card I connect to my router without any issues however randomly I will lose connectivity The order this normally happens Internet works fine Connected to internet Able to log into router Wireless Icon shows bars Internet stops working cannot log into router Wireless Icon shows bars Internet stops of Connectivity Random No or Limited and internet icon Drop working cannot log into router Wireless Icon shows bars with yellow triangle limited connectivity At this point two things happen It fixes itself within - minutes or I use the quick key to disable and enable the wireless Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon adapter Once that is down everything works fine until the next time the issue pops up Sometimes this Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon is - times a day other times it seems like once a week While this happens other devices have Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon no issues Only this laptop I believe this has also happened when connected to different wireless network

A:Random Drop of internet and Limited or No Connectivity icon

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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PLEASE HELP I AM VERY DISTURBED WITH THIS ISSUE I am also not much knowledgeable on networking so will need step by step assistance sorry Issue I got a new laptop HP s from my company with Windows XP professional SP When I connect to my wireless router modem named Beetel BX ADSL modem I lose internet connection after few minutes approx The wireless Icon says I am connected with excellent signal but I cannt connect to any new page and get icon though connected Loss says wireless connectivity after minutes few internet a an error message quot Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage quot If I open the wireless icon and then press disconnect and then connect to my network the IE starts working but again only for few minutes Few important points as FYI There is no issue when I connect the LAN cord to same laptop it works perfect I still have my old laptop from the company and it doesn t have any problem in accessing the home wireless This wireless issue does not happen in Office there it works smoothly without any issues There are not any wireless connections in y locality except mine and my channel is PLEASE HELP I am getting nuts with this issue Regards Sumit nbsp

A:Loss internet connectivity after a few minutes though wireless icon says connected

Sounds like you did not set the wireless encryption key correctly. You get a physical connection with wireless but if the security keys don't match you don't get to go thru the router ie. no internet. Usually this shows up if you go to a cmd prompt and type ipconfig it either shows zeros for ip [autoassign not enabled] or you get a 169.254.x.x ip which isn't valid for your lan subnet.

Redo your wireless security key on the new laptop
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I turned on the computer and my internet icon has disappeared from my desk top how do I get it back on?

A:internet explorer icon not showing

I just want the icon back on the desk top how do I do this?
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Hello all.
First time here and probably not the last on account of Murphy's Law.
My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (x64).
I installed IE11 with no problems.
Once completed, I rebooted but could not locate the IE desktop icon.
Inspected the Internet Explorer folder. All files seem to be there including the .exe file. After clicking on this IE11 .exe file, nothing happened.
Checked the Control Panel to ensure IE11 was in fact installed and that it was "activated." All in order.
This is a mystery as I have used previous versions of IE without any problems.
Any attempts, to resolve this glitch, will be appreciated greatly. Cheers.

A:Internet Explorer 11 Desktop Icon not Showing

Hello Rattler,

Close your browser. Go to the Start Orb>Search. Type Internet Explorer. Right click, on Internet explorer. Drag and drop onto the desktop. Select Copy here.

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Hey guys im on 56k and just recently got back on the net after finding out i had problems. After typing username, password & dial up no. I connected and all was good till... no icon showed up, i didnt think it connected so i tried connecting again, once i hit dial it just closed down then i realised i actually was connected. I can still do everything on the net but the icon isnt there i dunno what speed im connecting at and cant dissconnect unless i unplug the line or restart the pc can anyone please help me i dont know much about computers and would like as much help as possible

A:No internet connection icon showing in notification area please help!!!


Originally Posted by Spazbite

Hey guys im on 56k and just recently got back on the net after finding out i had problems. After typing username, password & dial up no. I connected and all was good till... no icon showed up, i didnt think it connected so i tried connecting again, once i hit dial it just closed down then i realised i actually was connected. I can still do everything on the net but the icon isnt there i dunno what speed im connecting at and cant dissconnect unless i unplug the line or restart the pc can anyone please help me i dont know much about computers and would like as much help as possible

I do have the same problem, and a search in the MS site provides the info bound to the following link,;en-us;303597

which ain't much helpful. Anyway I am going to remove all the protocols installed, and run windows xp setup once again using the /unattend option so that I wont have to re-install all the software existing.

You can try the same too, incase if you are on Windows XP. Insert the WinXP CD, type the following into your Start->Run dialogue box D:\i386\winnt32.exe /unattend (Assuming your CD-ROM drive letter is D:\) all the best buddy, and incase if you come across any other work arounds, please post it in here.

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Yes, this virus is still out there and somehow it got to me, and on my day off to..
Anyways, I have Webroot spy sweeper and AVG:Free Edition control center. The AVG is always turned on but my WebRoot wasn't. I scanned with both and the Virus icon is still there. Its the one that keeps popping up with a message saying that my computer is infected. Critical System Error! System detected virus activites, they may cause critical system faiulre ect.. My Web Root has not got rid of it after sweeping my system twice. I got a message earlier to install Spysweeper Quake? But I did not. Anyone have any info on how to get rid of this thing? I have no idea how to access my hijack logs. Any easy instructions on how to get rid of this annoying virus icon would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Good morning experts Please help me since I dont know what to do to solve not working icon tray system icon on wlan sound and this This mornig I started wlan icon and sound icon on system tray not working my laptop after a few minutes the wifi disconnected and the yellow dot showed on the wifi icon I tried to click on the icon but nothing happened Tried to click click clik and nothing happens Tried to click on the sound icon and nothing happens Like if they were disabled All the other icons are wlan icon and sound icon on system tray not working working normally I tried ending the explorer exe and run it again from the systems administrator after doing that when I click on the wifi it works but now shows the quot x quot and no connections available This whole thing happens every time I restart the laptop wifi ok for a few minutes then suddendly yellow dot and it wont let me even click on the icon I scanned with panda global anrivirus malwarebytes spybot search and destroy everything clean Please help System info lenovo b core i Windows x ultimate

A:wlan icon and sound icon on system tray not working

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... From the task bar click on customize .. Then turn system Icons on off and make sure the boxes are checked .. If that does not work try the Link below ...

System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 until you restart the computer
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As you can see, it's not very smooth. The white curved lines have bluish spots inside. When I first installed Windows 10 on a virtual hard disk (vhd), nvidia drivers for my gtx 760 installed automatically by Windows 10 and the icon was very smooth. Later, I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 on a Samsung Evo SSD and this time, it didn't install my graphics card driver automatically, I had to download it from nvidia's website. Anyway, how can I improve the look of this icon and make it smooth?
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I am havig some system tray icon problems after installing anti-virus and spyware software. Looking for a fix for the disappearing system tray icons at initial start-up. Quick fix--log off and on again--icons reappear where they should. I am told that this disappearing activity is due to a Windows XP "BUG". What a problem! Any ideas for a secure, lasting fix out there? After the spyware and antivirus software installation, the computer star-up time is now really SLOW too. The software launches seems to be in conflict with each other, or something. Have emachine--T3406, Windows XP Home 2002, Service Pack 2. 1.23 GB RAM.

Thanks, ComputerMaven
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Hello to whomever responds to this thread This is the first time I ve used one of these help forums and my knowledge of computer lingo is limited but I d be greatful if you could help me with this problem A little while ago I downloaded an application which turned out to be a trojan or so I believe Upon opening it I received an error report and my antivirus program Symantec informed me that several items with trojan in their name had been detected and deleted I was also advised Icon Internet Explorer Tray System Protect System Live And Error In Report to reboot my computer System Live Protect Icon In System Tray And Internet Explorer Error Report and after doing so I became aware of a little red shield icon in my system tray Clicking it brings up a question which reads quot Would you like to update your security software and download System Live Protect quot I have not clicked yes because I believe this may be a problem Furthermore whenever I open Internet Explorer there is an error report quot Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close quot I am unsure as to whether these two problems are related but that is my suspicion Is there anything that can be done Thanks for reading

A:System Live Protect Icon In System Tray And Internet Explorer Error Report

I just looked around on the web and there are a lot of folks with this problem but no answer. Use the programs below and let's see what they find. It is definitely something you don't want.Install Super Antispyware. Run it in safe mode. Allow it to quarantine whatever it finds. the online scan for Bit Defender in normal mode. Allow it to quarantine whatever it finds. a Hijack This log in the Hijack This Forum by following the directions in the link below if the programs above have not removed ALL malware. DO NOT post the log in this forum. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------How To start Windows in Safe Mode
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see the attachment for the icon with the exclamation mark.

Even though I have connection to the Internet and my wireless Network is active, the exclamation mark and the accompanying message remain. This morning I have been on the computer for three hours, for example, and I just made the screen shot. This condition has existed on a Toshiba laptop since "day one,' a number of months now.

The icon is of no value, if it doesn't change to "connected" when appropriate.

What is wrong? Can I fix the problem?

Thanks, {redoak}

A:"Tray" icon continually indicates there isn no Internet connection

You can try using msconfig and going to the startup tab to stop that application from starting up.
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So a lot of people are complaining about the Windows icon that shows in your icon tray after the KB which allows you to reserve your Windows copy icon Windows the 10 from icon Get tray Remove the right away Even thought you reserve it it'll stay there In order to remove it you simply have to remove it from the start-up and it's in the Task Scheduler To do this follow the instructions below Edit Added two other methods one of which Method only hides it in the extended icon tray Only Method and Method will prevent it from launching Method - Using AutorunsDownload Autoruns zip from the Sysinternals Suite webpage Extract the content of the Autoruns zip folder where you want then go in the folder right-click on Autoruns exe and select Run as Administrator Accept the EULA on opening then wait for all the entries to load Click on Options and uncheck Hide Microsoft Entries then wait for Autoruns to load the additional entries In the Filter zone enter gwx Entrie related to GWX Get Windows will Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from the icon tray appear Uncheck Microsoft Windows Setup gwx launchtrayprocess Microsoft Windows Setup gwx refreshgwxconfigRestart your computer and you're done To enable it simply check these entries back Method - Using Task Scheduler credits to Dragonlady for the method and instructions Original post http www bleepingcomputer com forums t remove-the-get-windows- -icon-from-the-icon-tray page- entry The procedure has been modified to be more comprehensible and include instructions for both Windows and Windows In Windows click on the Start Menu enter Task Scheduler then click on it In Windows press Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from the icon tray on the Win key S or Win key C keys and click on Search keys to Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from the icon tray open the Search interface enter Task Scheduler and click on it Navigate to the following folder in the left pane Task Scheduler Library Microsoft Windows Setup gwx you can list the content of the folders by clicking on the little arrow on their left From there right-click on each of the task below and select Disable gwxlaunchtrayprocess refreshgwxconfig Close the Task Scheduler and restart your computer To re-enable it simply right-click on these tasks and select Enable instead Method - Hide the Get Windows app iconThis method will only hide the Get Windows app icon from the visible icon tray and move it to the extended one It will not remove it like the two methods above Click on the small upward arrow on the left side of your icon and tray and click on Customize Look for the GWX - Get Windows icon and in its drop down list choose Hide icon and notifications Once done simply click on Ok and you'll be done

A:Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from the icon tray

Oh, is this not a service any more then? When KB3035583 first came out it installed a service called GWX, has this GWX service disappeared today and been replaced by these scheduled tasks? Would other scheduled task managing programs let you disable this: for example windows' task scheduler or CCleaner(startups section, scheduled tasks tab, maybe tick "advanced")?
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i had attached a snapshot of the icons in my icon tray...

pass few days back i found this "X" icon in my tray and i cant remove it and also it doesnt display anything...

please help me....what this icon means? and how to remove it from my sytem?

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Since about 2-3 days ago I been getting in the icon tray the PC and a big red X icon meaning not connected to the internet but the thing is I am connected if I hover over it, it will say connected. I have no idea what the problem could be I'm just hoping I'm not infected by any virus.

System information
Intel Core i3 530 / 2.93 GHz
6.0GB of Ram
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit Edition

A:Internet Icon tray shows "not connected" but I am connected

Hi Negotron,Found a possible answer on Microsoft Answers for you Microsoft Answers Red X on NetworkHope this helps
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I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.

Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

Here's what I mean in graphic form:

It's bugging me to no end. Anyone else had this problem/resolved it?

A:Toolbar on taskbar should only be showing an arrow but is showing icon

Hello thewonkits, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I notice this happens when using small icons for a toolbar. If you like, you could unlock the taskbar, right click on the dotted separator line to the left of the two top far left toolbars (one at a time) click on View and Large Icons, then lock the taskbar to see if that may look ok to you. It will make the top row a bit bigger though.

Hopefully someone may know a better way to hide that bit of icon poking out when locked.
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Really weird, see attachment.. Tried resetting the icon cache. It's like this on all of my desktop icons.. any ideas?

A:White 'File' icon showing over top of normal desktop icon

Hello JingleJangle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It looks like your shortcut arrow overlay icon got messed up somehow. You can use either method in the tutorial below to restore the arrow icon. Method Two is the easiest way with the program.

Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

Hope this helps,
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ever since my last factory restore my network icon shows i am in a local access only but i have access to the web like right now i am on this forum but my computer says i only have access to the not network icon taskbar right icon showing internal network i asked this question in the newsgroup and they said to make sure the services for the network were put down as automatic and that they were started this is the reply i got Double check to make sure that you have the have the Services quot Network Connections quot quot Network List Service quot quot Network Location Awareness quot and quot Network Store Interface Service quot set to Started and Automatic If these are not then it can cause the Network icon to not function properly http www vistax com tutorials -services html Hope this helps Shawn well he was partially right there was something not running and one of them network icon taskbar icon not showing right was manual but it still does the same thing hope someone can network icon taskbar icon not showing right help me also it seems to occur mostly when my aircard is connected it is pcmcia btw it is from t-mobile and i disabled the wifi antenna on the air card since my laptop already has one and it aircard wifi is being a pain because it is trying to connect even tho my laptop antenna is connected which it's why it is disabled edit my apology i wasn't aware that the newsgroup and forum where interconnected but the issue is still not fixed hope someone else has an idea

A:network icon taskbar icon not showing right

*bump* no one can help me further?
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Since yesterdays updates in Win 8.1, I have a Skydrive icon in the system tray. Can it be disabled?

A:Skydrive showing in tray?

Hello Muyfa,

If you like you could hide it.

Notification Area Icons - Hide or Show System Icons and Notifications - Windows 7 Help Forums

If you don't use SkyDrive (soon to be OneDrive), then you could also disable SkyDrive integration to remove it.

Hope this helps,
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Latest driver installed, StarTech USB300WN2X2D, Mediatek/Ralink RT3572L

A:USB Wi-Fi adapter not showing on tray

Is this a driver for Windows 10? I am waiting for one from D-Link for my USB Wi-Fi adapter.
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how do you remove a program from the icon try on windows XP..

program in my system tray keeps dialing the internet everytime i start my computer.. the program isn't in my startup menu.... checked all *.ini files .. no luck

is there a way to manage my system tray

thanks for the help

A:xp's icon tray

If I understand your question correctly, you are referring to the icons in the taskbar (adjacent to the clock). If this is correct, you should be able to right click an open space on the taskbar and uncheck lock taskbar. This will alow you to right click the offending icon and delete it. You can then go back and lock the taskbar again.
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Hello everyone,

How can I move/add Windows live messenger icon ( green man ) from taskbar to system tray ? I cannot see this icon on system tray.Messenger is online but there is not a messenger icon on system tray.

Thank you so much

A:WLM icon on sys tray

Run it in Vista SP1 or 2 compatibility mode.
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I have Windows XP Pro and for some reasons i have no icons in the system tray anymore.

Does anyone know how to get these back?

A:No Icon in the Sys Tray

Check system configuration
Click start and run then type msconfig.
Make sure that on the general tab uve seleted normal mode not selective startup
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I asked this over at Wilders and I thought I'd ask here too. I looked around the Emsisoft forum and Internet for an answer to this. No big deal, I suppose, but I wondered if anyone knows if Emsisoft plans to spruce up the system tray icon. As I said, it's not a big deal, and this program is by far one of the lightest I've used, with great test results to boot, but I like a professional looking icon. Bitdefender, Avast, ESET, Commodo, and even AVG all have professional looking system tray icons. Just wondering. Thanks.

A:Tray Icon

I wouldn't care much about the icon as far as it protects my computer effectively. If their forums didn't help IDK what could.
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Hm........ So I just changed out the case for my computer for better cooling today and did a test boot and saw that EVGA Precision X, Internet, and a few others like Steam are not showing up. It says they are there, but no icons or "tool tips" show up when rolling over. Here is a screen-shot of it:

A:System Tray icons not showing.

Could they be hidden behind the little arrow?
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For some reason whenever there is a program that is supposed to have the system tray icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen it doesn't always show up?? I have to close the process from the Windows Task Manager and restart it, otherwise I can't even get to that program because when i try to open it, it says it's already opened ,but it's not on the taskbar so I cant use it. Can anyone help me? I have windows XP Proffesional.

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I've tried and tried and just can't find it.
Is it possible to have my tray clock showing date aswell? Like it was in xp?

A:tray clock showing date

Hi Nicolai,

Does your tray clock not pop up the date when you move your mouse cursor over it? Other than trying a 3rd party program, I don't know of another way to have the date show on the tray clock.

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Sometimes some icos (as eg. Avast) do not show in the system tray at computer startup.

Restarting the system will sometimes fix the problem. Anyway, it is an annoying isuue.

How can I solve it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Icons not showing in system tray

Are the programs actually starting when they're not showing up in the system tray?
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Is there an easy way to remove a system tray icon?


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so today i installed windows 8.1 for the first time, but i cant find realtek audio in the system tray icon, it installed of what i can see - + on the asus z97 ar motherboard page under drivers and with the cd i cant find usb 3.0 under windows 8.1 but i can with windows 7

A:realtek tray icon and usb 3.0

Go to control panel and find and click on realtek then somewhere in the program there is another small icon to click(can't remember where/which) that brings up a box to put a check for an icon in the system tray.
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I want to COMPLETELY REMOVE the tray icons for a couple of programs while still having the programs running in the background. I've scoured the entire internet and haven't found an answer. I'd just like to point out that I want to keep the program running and I already know you can hide the tray icon from the notification area and that's not what I want to do.
The programs in question are ObjectDock and XNeat Clipboard Manager. Neither have an option in the GUI to disable the tray icon and the icons are pretty useless so I want to remove the icon but keep the program running.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.

A:How to remove a tray icon?

Change behavior to "Hide..." -
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On another computer the icon appeared automatically and I reserved the download OK.
On this other WIN 7 computer altho I have the 2 apparently necessary updates KB3035583 and 2952664 there is no WIN 10 icon appearing after at least 1 day.  There are no compatibility messages appearing as had appeared on another computer because of lack of HDD free space.
So what can be the cause of this 'glitch'? Thanks for advice.

A:How do I get the WIN 10 icon in the system tray?

Hi zzzz I created a thread to receive support for that specific issue. You can see some solutions in the link I provided.
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Greetings One and All I am having a rather annoying problem with Dragon NaturallySpeaking The program recognises my speech accurately and I am tray NaturallySpeaking icon able to dictate almost flawlessly and send commands with no problem My problem is that I am unable to turn my microphone on or off if I have the program in tray icon mode it becomes totally unresponsive to left or right click If for example use it in cling mode I NaturallySpeaking tray icon am able to use the mouse to activate the microphone on the cling mode toolbar at the top of the screen but not the one in the Windows taskbar Just for your information I am running Windows Ultimate service Pack and a Logitech USB Headset microphone Certain things I have done have included Using crap cleaner to clean the tray notification cache Used Windows Control Panel to return icon behaviours back to default Removed as many programs as I possibly can think of just in case there is a conflict I know I can use the program in a certain way but it is not the certain way that I want to use I value my desktop real estate and like as little clutter as possible therefore that is why I use tray icon mode Any help would be greatly appreciated I do apologise for the rather overlong post nbsp
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I am having a problem with Smart Defrag?
I have checked the box which says - load with windows at start up

Well, everytime I start windows, it does not put the icon in the system tray, like it should?
But if I uncheck the box, then check the box again, restart windows it shows in the system tray?
I have uninstalled it, but still the problem exists?
I even made a short cut to the startup folder, but it still will not add the icon to the system tray?

Is there a registry hack, that I can do, to make it show in the tray?, all the time?
Hmmm... Because I am tired of unchecking/checking the load up box...

Can anyone please help me with this?

A:System Tray Icon

Hi Riptorn,
If you can't get a solution within the Vista Forums it might be an idea to ask the question in the Smart Defrag forum.

Software Informer Forum
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I run a program that allows me to minimize a window to the tray in XP.
After I minimize the window I can go into the taskbar propertys and select "custom" and pick the minimized icon and select "always hide"

So here is the problem:
Although this works for almost all programs there are a few that I have to select always hide each time I turn on the computer.
Some windows keep the setting and are alway's hidden but some have to be resetup each time.

Is there anyway to tweak the reg or something so that WinXP remembers the setup? Is there a way to clear out the list of programs that is stored in the always hide selection? There must be a way to control this option.


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I have xp sp2, and i have a problem with this irritating icon in the tray (by the clock). It's a hp logo and whenever i hover my mouse over it, it disappears only to come back when i move the mouse away. If that isnt bad enough, if you leave it (dont hover the mouse over) it flickers in a way, it looks as though it disappears and reappears every 3 seconds. Any suggestions? I'll inclue a picture of the icon from a screenshot. Thanks

A:Annoying icon in tray...

If you click the icon what does it do? If it's a program of some kind maybe you can go into it and find where to turn it off from running in the tray.
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There is an icon that shows up at every start up.
It is a camera application for sure, but I couldn?t find what it is neither from task manager/startup nor from programfiles/x86?
It shows as disconnected, therefore I can?t start the application.
Open property page, special effect, snap shot, zoom, face tracking are all grayed out and the only option is exit.
I couldn?t even make the icon bigger.
Does this sound familiar?
It is a newly installed OS and probably hundred drivers and programs were installed in one day, so it is hard to figure out which one was that.

P.S.: Nothing related, but it is 6 am on a Sunday morning and (I am guessing) a lady, is cleaning the house with a loud cleaning machine.

P.S. 2: I am a new Windows 8 user and I would like to say hello to all from both from seven forums and new from eight forums.

A:How do I know which process is a tray icon?

It's likely ran from C:\Windows\ or C:\Windows\System32\ folder.

Two things:

1) In Task Manager, add the column to be able to see "Command Line"

2) Check this: Startup Items - Manage in Windows 8
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The icon for my network in the system tray is wrong. I am on wifi right now, and it is showing the ethernet with a red x.

How can I fix this?

A:Wrong tray icon

Hello Lloyd,

If you haven't already, you might see if restarting the computer may fix it.

If not, then you could try resetting the notification area icons.

If still not, then deleting the network and setting it back up should.

Hope this helps,
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Want to add a network connection short cut to the task tray for XP home. Is it possible, how? Thanks.

A:How to add icon to system tray.

I'm not sure if you are referring to an icon showing you are connected to the network? But you can do that by going to Contro Panel, then Network COnnections, then right click on your Local Area Connection, and at the bottom of the general tab there is a tick box for "Show icon in notification area when connected" That will put it in your system tray.
If this isn't what you were wanting ask back and we'll get it straightened out.
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Would like to be able to use the power systray icon to change power schemes but...

windows 7 fails, how do i enable this?

A:Power tray icon???

Hello, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Unless your computer is a laptop or a desktop with a compatible UPS backup battery, the Power icon will not be available. If you do have a laptop, then sometimes restarting the computer brings it back.

A workaround is to create a shortcut (right click) for Power Options in the Control Panel (All Items view) to make changing it easier.

Hope this helps,
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I'm setting up a new Dell laptop for someone and there is a square black icon in the system tray with a white "9" in it. Left or right clicking it does nothing and hovering shows nothing. I have already uninstalled and disabled a bunch of stuff but I still haven't figured this one out. I've Googled a bit and although others have seen it, no one has a cure that is applicable on this laptop.
Anyone know what this is?

A:#9 icon in system tray

notification icon for number lock maybe

try turning off numlock (keyboard option on your number keys) see if it goes

this is a long shot but im sure ive seen it before
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My system tray icon of HP Digital imagind Monitor, AVG,ZA and others are there when start-up

but the icon of speaker, my LOCAL AREA CONNECTIVITY, my dsl connection icon are missing at start-up,
i must go first in control panel--> sounds and audio devices--> then tick the box "place volume icon...." then they will appear but not in start-up.
Does somebody knows how to fix this?

thanks for reading

A:system tray icon

okey i guyz, i got the solution in this link
double click no.320
u must use IE so you can download it, if your using OPERA, double click and then keys written in words will come
copy all then paste it in note pad then save it as .reg
double click to merge and reboot

the link above has many feature try to study aa little bit, maybe some of your little probelm can solve it

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Can anybody please tell me what this ICON is in my system tray. I cannot mouse over it, right click it or left click it. I have tried to disable everything in MSCONFIG startup, I have tried Hijack this. The icon changed from a straight line to a half moon and frrom red to greem at times.

A:Can anybody please tell me what this ICON is in my system tray

Dejavu. That's the second one in two days I seen posted. Will try & find the other thread to see if they got a response.
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Ok here is the problem I have a new icon in my systray Icon... Tray Spywarestrike 2.5, with a pop-up baloon that says Your computer is infected Dangerous infection was Spywarestrike 2.5, Tray Icon... detected on your PC The system will now download and install most efficient antimalware program to prevent data loss and your private information theft Click here to protect your computer from the biggest malware threatsIt also downloads and installs a program called SpywareStrike I did everything that was said in a tutorial here somewhere on the board but it didn't help I scanned my computer with AVG Free Ad-Aware SE Personal and Spybot S amp D all up to date and according to them my computer looks clean Seems like it isn't So I'm bringing you this log Hope someone can help me Thanks in advance Here's the log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System Spywarestrike 2.5, Tray Icon... svchost Spywarestrike 2.5, Tray Icon... exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgamsvr exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgupsvc exeC WINDOWS system nvsvc exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC WINDOWS TBPanel exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exeC Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exeC WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exeC PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exeC Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE OpwareSE exeC Program Files Winamp winampa exeC WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXEC Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeC Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Winamp winamp exeC WINDOWS system wuauclt exeC Program Files Opera Opera exeC Program Files HijackThis HijackThis exeO - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dllO - Toolbar Yahoo Companion - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll file missing O - HKLM Run Gainward C WINDOWS TBPanel exe AO - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartupO - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe installO - HKLM Run HP Software Update quot C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe quot O - HKLM Run HP Component Manager quot C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exeO - HKLM Run DeviceDiscovery C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exeO - HKLM Run AVG CC C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exe STARTUPO - HKLM Run OpwareSE quot C Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE OpwareSE exe quot O - HKLM Run OPSE reminder quot C Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE EregEng Ereg exe quot -r quot C Program Files ScanSoft OmniPageSE EregEng ereg ini quot O - HKLM Run WinampAgent C Program Files Winamp winampa exeO - HKCU Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NVMCTRAY DLL NvTaskbarInitO - HKCU Run SpybotSD TeaTimer C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeO - Global Startup Adobe Reader Speed Launch lnk C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader reader sl exeO - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE EXCEL EXE O - Extra button no name - d f - f - d - - c a - windir bdoscandel exe file missing O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Uninstall BitDefender Online Scanner v - d f - f - d - - c a - windir bdoscandel exe file missing O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE REFIEBAR DLLO - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeO - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeO - Plugin for spop C Program Files Internet Explorer Plugins NPDocBox d... Read more

A:Spywarestrike 2.5, Tray Icon...

Hello fulja, Please disable Spybot Teatimer while we use this fix. Here is how to disable it:Run Spybot-S&D in Advanced Mode. If it is not already set to do this Go to the Mode menu select "Advanced Mode" On the left hand side, Click on Tools Then click on the Resident Icon in the List Uncheck "Resident TeaTimer" and OK any prompts. Restart your computer. You can enable Teatimer after this fix is finished.Download smitRem.exe and save the file to your desktop.Double click on the file to extract it to it's own folder on the desktop. Don't run it yet!Place a shortcut to Panda ActiveScan on your desktop. Don't run it yet!Please download the trial version of Ewido Security Suite here: read Ewido Setup InstructionsInstall it, and update the definitions to the newest files. Do NOT run a scan yet.If you have not already installed Ad-Aware SE 1.06, follow these download and setup instructions, otherwise, check for updates:Ad-Aware SE SetupDon't run it yet!Next, please reboot your computer in SafeMode by doing the following:Restart your computerAfter hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, press F8.Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appearSelect the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode.Now scan with Hijackthis and place a checkmark next to each of the following items and click FIX CHECKED:If this Domain does not belong to your Internet Service Provider, or your firms network, these entries should be fixed. Do you know the Internet Provider or Domain ''? If not, fix this entry.O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{9324A382-C59C-4335-B880-782E93DDD79D}: NameServer = HiJackThis.Open the smitRem folder, then double click the RunThis.bat file to start the tool. Follow the prompts on screen.Wait for the tool to complete and disk cleanup to finish.The tool will create a log named smitfiles.txt in the root of your drive, eg; Local Disk C: or partition where your operating system is installed. Please post that log along with all others requested in your next reply.Open Adaware and do a Full Scan. Remove all it finds.Run Ewido:Click on scannerClick on Complete System Scan and the scan will begin.NOTE: During some scans with ewido it is finding cases of false positives.You will need to step through the process of cleaning files one-by-one.If ewido detects a file you KNOW to be legitimate, select none as the action.DO NOT select "Perform action on all infections"If you are unsure of any entry found select none for now.When the scan is finished, click the Save report button at the bottom of the screen.Save the report to your desktopClose EwidoNext go to Control Panel click Display > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Web > Uncheck "Security Info" if present.Reboot back into Windows and click the Panda ActiveScan shortcut.- Once you are on the Panda site click the Scan your PC button - A new window will the Check Now button - Enter your Country - Enter your State/Province - Enter your e-mail address and click send - Select either Home User or Company - Click the big Scan Now button - If it wants to install an ActiveX component allow it - It will start downloading the files it requires for the scan (Note: It may take a couple of minutes) - When download is complete, click on Local Disks to start the scan- When the scan completes, if anything malicious is detected, click the See Report button, then Save Report and save it to a convenient location. Post the contents of the Panda scan report, along with a new HijackThis Log, the contents of smitfiles.txt and the Ewido Log.Let me know if any problems persist.
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I have recently installed ThreatFire 4.0, however the system tray icon appears only occasionally after a system power on or restart. The service is started and msconfig startup has ThreatFire TFTray.exe checked. Any ideas.

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Strange looking icon in sys tray when I start up Windows XP Home. The moment it is approached by curser, it disappears. If left to its' own devices, it will also vanish after a time. Resembles small green handbag/carrying case with another tee shaped device next to it which I can't identify. Suspecting that it might be hostile/unfriendly, ran spybot S&D, Ad Aware and Panda virus scan with zero results. Have tried removing startup items, one at a time with no effect. Can anyone suggest what this might be?

A:Strange icon in sys tray

Can you post a screenshot? Ctrl/Prt Scr (hold them both down for 1 second). Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint. Edit/Paste. File/Save as, and name it. Attach to this thread if you can.
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My mom's XP computer slowed down quite a bit about May I suspect malware but haven't been able to find anything with Icon Missing Tray Avg AVG free Spybot S amp D AdAware AVG antispyware SAS Housecall Bit Defender Panda the last three online--Panda still finds some registry trace from an old problem but doesn't give a location in registry HijackThis or a few of the specialized tools AVG seems to be scanning and updating regularly from the event log except sometimes when the program changes and Mom neglects to check the box for Zone Alarm to allow the new version to update Avg Tray Icon Missing Recently I notice that the control center icon in the system tray does not appear at startup even though all three lines for AVG are checked on the Spybot Startup list The process list has avgemc but not avgcc I can double click the desktop icon and the icon appears in the tray Then the control center window will say it is fully protected but I worry it is only fully protected after I started AVG manually Maybe AVG works differently on ME I quit control center and confirmed quit Then the icon disappears and avgcc goes from close program'' but not avgemc or AVG Test Center Then I started it again from the desktop and the test center appeared instead of control center Choosing the link for control center that screen comes up saying no available components'' for Avg Tray Icon Missing half a second before they fill in the the message says fully protected At what point have I restarted real-time protection when I double click avg or when I choose control center and AVG Control Center appears on the screen and in close program When I minimize control center the id in close program changes to avgcc Another issue with the tray is that the little arrow that unhides the icons sometimes turns into a blank space for a while and it becomes impossible to find out what icons are hidden I can literally find no new entries in hijack this from when the computer was starting up in a normal amount of time back in I think February to mid-May I removed avast from the XP computer because it seemed to be starting some process even though I unchecked all the entries in the startup list On ME the startup list seems to keep avast from running AVG and avast don't seem to interfere with each other's definition files but the avast full system scan maybe would take twice as long if you don't turn off the avg real-time protection and only use avast during the scan Anyway I think I uninstalled avast after the computer had slowed down and avast had not detected anything either rainbow warrior

A:Avg Tray Icon Missing

Yes that has happened to me as well when it does update but there at the bottom of the screen there is no icon. What i did was sent my hard drive to my local computer place and they said that it was caused from power cord failure and had nothing to do with viruses or malware.

Did you try to uninstall it then install it? Or maybe you could try to turn it off then back on...
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I recently installed a prgram to monitor how much i download as i have a 10GB limit. Whereas i got an icon in the tray for a couple of days so i was able to look for myself by utilising the tray icon how much i'd DLD, it's now disappeared and if i click on the program icon in the srart menu i get a dialogue box telling me it's already running. It somewhat defeats the object if you can't see whats going on. I've lookled in system config utility and the box for 'Broadband Download Monitor' is ticked . Can someone please tell me how to get my icon back.


A:missing icon in tray

Try to open the task manager and see if the process for that program is running. If it is right click on it and choose end process.

Also whats the name of the program? I may be able to help further.
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Recently D/L ATI driver Catalyst 3.10. An ATI icon placed itself in the system tray and I cannot remove it. Any ideas?


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hello...i have an icon in my system tray a red circle with a white x in it a message pops up saying along the lines of windows has detected spyware infection click here to protect your computer fom spyware i clicked on it and it started a scan and if i wanted to disopse of these threats i had to buy the product i have had this prob before and got rid by using smitfraudfix but it did not work this time can you please help its doing my head in thanksEdit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:System Tray Icon

I'm 90-100% sure you have a spyware infection AND the red circle with the "X" inside is probably the culprit or a contributor to the problem. You probably picked up a trojan, your browser was hijacked, or some other security flaw in your system was compromised and malware coding was injected.

Have you noticed that your computer is slowing down, or locks up on you?
Have you noticed that your web browser's home page has changed?
Have you noticed that any previously installed AV programs or software is no longer functioning?
Have you checked C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to see if there are new entries in this file? (by default the file should only be 1-2 Kb)

There seems to be a trend which is still pervasive and people just aren't catching on to it. Not sure when exactly this type of $hitware coding started popping up on the net, but its out there and its quite pervasive. Fraudulent spyware injection software which is floating around the Web / Internet, which implants onto your system, it will change registry key information, disable services, enable unnecessary services, disable AV or security software, among other things - all of which will contribute to bogging down your machine.

I would advise that the next time you start up your machine, make note of the supposed spyware infection and simply google it; you'll probably be surprised to find out that this is simply a fraudulent fishing ploy to get you to purchase or download software which will only further compromise your system. Bottom line, DO NOT download or pay for the software that they are advertising or suggesting. In most cases they are just trying to get personal information, including credit card information from you - probably to rob you blind or commit other identity theft related crimes.

Check out what information google mentions on this supposed spyware issue - 9 times out of 10 its trojan and you probably will not be able to remove it as the creator has set it up so that your user account will not have permission to remove the injected code, registry entries, etc.

What you find on google will probably point you to some suggested solutions or guidelines you can follow yourself to clear off the $hitware code. However, there's no guarantee that it will remove every single registry entry, every single .dll, or every single bit of the trojan. What's more, if you have System Restore turned on to monitor your system registry and boot partition, this is most likely where the infection lies. Because this information is reloaded and rebuilt at every startup, even if you delete the files that are present, they will repropagate at startup since System Restore functionality will rebuild the registry and boot partition files based on the information saved in the restore settings which are probably also corrupt.

You can try your luck downloading and installing AVG antivirus and Spybot S&D to locate the threats - but again, there's no guarantee that this will remove the problem as well. Your best bet is to wipe your hard drive and reinstall your OS and application software to ensure that you have removed the threat completely. Then make a good backup or ghost image of your computer that you can store in "removable storage media" that is kept offline so it doesn't get corrupt or infected. You want to ensure that you download and install all available security updates and patches, if you use IE then upgrade to IE 7.0 with available patches. If you use FireFox, you better believe that there are security flaws there also, and you should follow suit on security patches. If you use a filesharing program, you might want to consider toning down your filesharing activity - a lot of $hitware gets passed around through those types of forums as well.

Seriously, i would advise a wipe and re-install just to be absolutely sure - you'll be happier with your syst... Read more
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and lastly sometimes my AVG icon on the system tray hides away does this mean it is still active or inactive or it is okay to be doing so thanks I replaced AVG Free by Avast on my mom's computer because AVG seems would crash quite often with no error message It Problem Tray Icon Avg definitely wasn't under the show hidden icons'' button in the system tray Avg Tray Icon Problem Sometimes it would disappear when the computer was running and sometimes it would just not start at start-up Sometimes daily scans were missed because of this problem I think Mom did learn to double-click the desktop icon to restart AVG which seems then would Avg Tray Icon Problem be fully functional one of the nice things about it you didn't have to restart the computer I am quite concerned that there might be malware causing this problem although I can find no sign in Avg Tray Icon Problem Hijack This and the need for a memory upgrade could partially explain the computer's slowness The downside of Avast free edition is that there seems to be no way to set it to do daily updates and full scans automatically or is it doing updates but not scans--I forget at the moment The on-access protection starts automatically but the scans have only run when I went there Fortunately it isn't finding anything because when Avast finds something it suspects is malware it requires operator interaction to continue the scan and the scan usually doesn't finish before I leave Edit Split topic into it's own thread per request to more easily address the issue Animal

A:Avg Tray Icon Problem

and lastly sometimes my AVG icon on the system tray hides away does this mean it is still active or inactive?? or it is okay to be doing so, thanks.I replaced AVG Free by Avast! on my mom's computer because AVG seems would crash quite often, with no error message. It definitely wasn't under the ``show hidden icons'' button in the system tray. Sometimes it would disappear when the computer was running, and sometimes it would just not start at start-up. Sometimes daily scans were missed because of this problem, I think. Mom did learn to double-click the desktop icon to restart AVG, which seems then would be fully functional (one of the nice things about it, you didn't have to restart the computer). I am quite concerned that there might be malware causing this problem, although I can find no sign in Hijack This, and the need for a memory upgrade could partially explain the computer's slowness.The downside of Avast! free edition is that there seems to be no way to set it to do daily updates and full scans automatically (or is it doing updates but not scans--I forget at the moment). The on-access protection starts automatically, but the scans have only run when I went there. Fortunately it isn't finding anything, because when Avast! finds something it suspects is malware, it requires operator interaction to continue the scan, and the scan usually doesn't finish before I leave.exactly this is what i was trying to get at! when something is hidden in the system tray usually means that application is inactive and not working or so, i thought avg provided real-time protection?? im thinking of changing my whole security package i have installed as everything is useless can anybody help me in this cause i do not want to keep double clicking the avg icon to restart avg its just ridiculous it should be on continuously wihtout having the user to do anything.thank you
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i have Windows XP Pro OS in all pc's at my caffe. i have problem with my one pc it have winXP and mCafee Antivirus 7 fom Network Associates and Microsoft Antispyware Beta installed. the problem is that when i run OS they show only Network Connection Icon in System Tray or it cannot show MS Antispyware Beta Icon and mCafee Antivirus Console icon how i solve that without new installtion.
Plz Help i want to solve this fast.

A:System Tray Icon

If you are sure they are running in the background, you can set the properties of the system tray to always display the icons.

right-click on the task bar and choose 'properties'. At the bottom of the dialog click on 'Customise'. Here you set McAfee and Antispyware to 'Always Show'.

Another problem could be that they are not running. You may need to open MCAfee and Antispyware and set them to run at startup.
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Hello , ive an annoying error with onedrive tray icon , it displays like it's starting up but already runs since system boot up.
Any idea how to resolve it?
Il upload a pic showing it also.

A:Onedrive tray icon bug

If you hover over the icon with your mouse does it saw what it's doing?

Such as:

Uploading, Syncing Files or checking files etc?
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Hello friends,

I am new here.

I need help regarding the tray icon on my PC.

I am using windows 10. I have noticed the tray icon as shown in the image below. It looks like a lock. I cant do anything about it. I tried right click, middle and left click. But nothing opens up. Seems suspicious to me.

Could someone help me please?

Thanks in advance!

A:Suspicious Tray icon!

If you search for the Select which icons appear on the taskbar option in settings it should tell you what it is.
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We recently purchased our first laptop. Several days ago an icon appeared in the task tray for the first time. When the pointer is moved over it, it displays "Synaptic Pointing Device". I'm pretty sure that this has something to do with the touch pad.The icon is just a gray filled shape and neither right or left clicking on it has any effect on it. This isn't a major problem, just an irritation in that I don't know why it appeared or how to get rid of it. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:task tray icon

It may be present whenever the program is running. In that case, getting rid of it will disable the pad. Just use the tray icon hide function to put it out of view.
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Well I've run everything I know of haven't been able to get rid of the little icon Nothing shows up in my startups using msconfig don't know where the little guy is hiding on my computer Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Ahead InCD InCDsrv exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Symantec Tray Virusburst Icon LiveUpdate ALUSchedulerSvc exeC Program Files Belkin Belkin Wireless Network Utility WLService exeC Program Files Belkin Belkin Wireless Network Utility WLanCfgG exeC Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus Virusburst Tray Icon navapsvc exeC Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus IWP Virusburst Tray Icon NPFMntor exeC PROGRA NORTON NORTON NPROTECT EXEC PROGRA NORTON NORTON SPEEDD NOPDB EXEC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC WINDOWS system wscntfy exeC Program Files Logitech iTouch iTouch exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC WINDOWS system rundll exeC WINDOWS system hkcmd exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC Program Files Logitech MouseWare system em exec exeC WINDOWS ALCWZRD EXEC Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpohmr exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpoevm exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging Bin hpoSTS exeC Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXEC Documents and Settings Chris Gleim Desktop hijackthis HijackThis exeR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www alienware comR - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride localhostO - BHO no name - AD - -ABBF- A - B E B F - C WINDOWS system guxbvnb dllO - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO no name - a f- ae- b - -ffe c d - no file O - BHO no name - FE - E- C -A -F A FE D - no file O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA Spybot SDHelper dllO - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dllO - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dllO - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dllO - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dllO - HKLM Run zBrowser Launcher C Program Files Logitech iTouch iTouch exeO - HKLM Run Symantec NetDriver Monitor C PROGRA SYMNET SNDMon exe ConsumerO - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeO - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXEO - HKLM Run opquffk dll C WINDOWS system rundll exe C WINDOWS system opquffk dll yskuenfO - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exeO - HKLM Run Logitech Utility Logi MwX ExeO - HKLM Run IgfxTray C WINDOWS system igfxtray exeO - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS system hkcmd exeO - HKLM Run High Definition Audio Property Page Shortcut HDAudPropShortcut exeO - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run AlcWzrd ALCWZRD EXEO - HKLM Run Alcmtr ALCMTR EXEO - HKCU Run updateMgr quot C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader AdobeUpdateManager exe quot AcRdB O - HKCU Run MSMSGS q... Read more

A:Virusburst Tray Icon

Correction, I found the bad .dll file and fixed it myself :D
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In WinXP I had that two computer internet connection icon in system tray that really helped me to know about my internet connection. In my Win7 there is no such thing, how can I get it ? is there anything like this buried in Win7 or should I get some app ?

A:System tray icon

There's a Network icon in the Notification Area. It has a different look for ethernet and wireless, and neither is the same appearance as in XP. If it does not appear you can Customize the Notification Area to specify that the Network icon always appears.
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I keep turning off Input Indicator but at restart/boot its back (turns its self back on) is this a glitch in Windows 10, any input appreciated

A:Tray Icon resets its self ?

Found it (turn off via Control Panel)
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About six months ago, an icon began to appear in my system tray. It causes both Internet Explorer and Outlook to freeze. Here is the icon: (it is the one on the lower left that looks vaguely like the Network icon with a gold ball near it). When I click/hover nothing happens. It does not re-load at startup. I haven't noticed any particular pattern as to when it appears. Any help would be appreciated.

The Highjack This log is attached.

Alan Miller

A:Odd Icon in System Tray

Hello, alanbartonmille
Welcome to TSF

My name is Billy O'Neal and I will be helping you. (Billy or Bill is fine, if you like.)
Please give me some time to look over your computer's log(s).
Please take note of the following:In the meantime, please refrain from making any changes to your computer.
Also, even if things appear to be running better, there is no guarantee that everything is finished. Please continue to check this forum post in order to ensure we get your system completely clean. We do not want to clean you part-way up, only to have the system re-infect itself. :)
If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing. I would much rather clarify instructions or explain them differently than have something important broken.
Finally, please reply using the button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
Old topics are closed after 3 days with no reply, and working topics are closed after 5 days. If for any reason you cannot complete instructions within that time, that's fine, just put a post here so that I know you're still here. We get a lot of people who simply leave, and if there is no contact for that amount of time I will have to assume you have "vanished" .
We need to run a Scan with DDSPlease download DDS, and save it to your desktop, from one of the following mirrors:This is a mirror
This is another mirror

Disable any type of "Script Blockers" or "Script Protection" installed on your system.
Double click on your desktop.
If prompted by any script blocking tools, please allow any actions taken by DDS.
When prompted to preform an Optional Scan, please select
Two reports will open. Please reply with the generated reports:DDS.txt <-- Copy and paste into your next post
Attach.txt <-- Attach to your next post

We need to scan for rootkits with GMERPlease download and save to your desktop.alternate download site 1
alternate download site 2

Unzip/extract the file to its own folder. (Click here for information on how to do this if not sure. Win 2000 users click here.)
When you have done this, disconnect from the Internet and close all running programs.
Note: There is a small chance this application may crash your computer so save any work you have open.
Double-click on Gmer.exe to start the program.
Allow the gmer.sys driver to load if asked.
If it gives you a warning at program start about rootkit activity and asks if you want to run a NO.
Click on "Settings", then check the first five settings:System Protection and Tracing
Save created processes to the log
Save loaded drivers to the log

You will be prompted to restart your computer. Please do so.
Run Gmer again and click on the Rootkit tab.
Look at the right hand side (under Files) and uncheck all drives with the exception of your C drive.
Make sure all other boxes on the right of the screen are checked, EXCEPT for "Show All".
Important! Please do not select the "Show all" checkbox during the scan.
Click on the "Scan" and wait for the scan to finish.Note: Before scanning, make sure all other running programs are closed and no other actions like a scheduled antivirus scan will occur while this scan completes. Also do not use your computer during the scan.

When completed, click on the Copy button and right-click on your Desktop, choose "New" > Text document. Once the file is created, open it and right-click again and choose Paste or Ctrl+V. Save the file as gmer.txt and copy the information in your next reply.
Note: If you have any problems, try running GMER in Safe Mode

In your next reply, please include the following:DDS.txt
GMER's Log

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I gather that the SP 3 is not that critical and since I cannot get it to download, rather than trying to get it, can i remove the Icon from the tray?
many thanks

A:getting rid of the update tray icon

I don't think you can remove it because I could not find out how.
If you got all other MS updates then you really don't need SP3.

I was reading this thread here.

Then I got the SPBlockerTools from that is posted in the thread.

I ran the SPBlockerTools and it took the icon away from the clock.
Plus when you go to MS Update and it scans for updates it will not show SP3.

Anyhow I had troubles with SP3 and it also slowed things down so I uninstalled it and the PC runs better.
Now I know I will not install it again from MS Update because it will not show up or will I see the icon by the clock about it.
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Hey guys.

Long time nose-arounder first time poster.

Hope this is in the right place to be asking this.....

So the question...

I have AVG installed (version 8.5.287 to be precise) and the system tray icon doesn't seem to have an option to swith it off in the usual places. I like my system tray minimal and this is throwing my feng shui all out of whack.....

I have checked the obvious place which is tools--->advanced settings---->appearance tab but can't seem to find the tick box im looking for....

Any help much appreciated!

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Hey I'm looking for solution but couldn't find any so im writing here. Im using MPC-HC with DirectVobSub (VSFilter), and everytime I load video i get green arrow icon in tray, anothere and anothere one. It should remove old and display new, but it dosnt remove old one. But when i hover on icon it get removed, and only working one is there. Im using same windows with same cccp and before format i didnt have any problem, now i do. It's cosmetic problem but very anoying, and i dont want to reinstall windows just because of it. Any ideas how can i fix it ? I tried reinstallig software, using other version - nothing helped. all my recovery points got same problem so going back wont help

A:Tray Icon not refreshing

There is a problem with the system tray, it does not automatically refresh properly, and it also does not automatically remove old icons.

The only way I have found to overcome this is to use a registry change:

Notification Area Icons - Reset

If you now right click in the system tray and choose "Customize notification icons" you will see that your icons are now up to date and should refresh properly until at some point you have to do it again.

I don't know of any other reliable way to do this. Take care when editing the registry, and always make a backup before you do so.

Regards....Mike Connor
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how do you delete icons off of the system tray at the bottom right corner. so it doesnt take that long to start up and load. thank you.

A:System Tray Icon

The problem is really the programs behind the icons, not the icons themselves. These programs are "startup programs" that automatically run when you start your machine.

There are a couple of utilities that you can use to control your startup programs. My favorite is PC Magazine's StartUp Cop (I don't have a URL for it at hand, but you can Google it); I've seen a recommendation for StartMan (in another forum), available at:

There's also a utility that comes with Windows which will do the same thing but I usually avoid it.

Now for the important part: do NOT turn off all startup programs. If you do, you may well disable something important, so important that you may not even be able to boot your machine. If you mess up, start your machine in safe mode and then use the utility to undo the damage.

Take a look at the startup programs and see if you can recognize them, either by their name, or by their directory. I would recommend turning them off one at a time, to make recovery easier.

Hope this helps...
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How do I know if my Windows 7 computer is using WiFi or its Lan connection? Have both on the computer in question. However I can only see the WiFi status bars in the tray.

I want to ensure that the computer is using LAN when the network cable is connected. It is connected but the tray only displays the Wifi bars.


A:LAN vs WiFi icon in tray

Left click on the network icon in the notification area and choose "open network and sharing" and then select change adapter settings. There you will see if they are both enabled. And if you only want wifi than disable the "local area connection" and vice versa.
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is that posible to hide an icon without stopping its service..
example my Utorrent i want to completely hide its icon ...but it still downloading..
my reason is everytime my little brother is playing he closed my utorrent..
i dont like the windows "customize notification"becoz it did not compeletely hide he icon..

A:system tray icon

Sorry lebronjeff, Utorrent is a P2P file sharing program that we do not support. Please read over the Rules



We believe that the main purpose of P2P programs is to illegally download and use copyrighted material of whatever description. We further understand that there may be legal uses for P2P, but as we are not able to assess a user's intent when he/ she asks for help, we do not support P2P software and we will not assist any user in this regard. This includes but is not limited to Bearshare, Kazaa and many others.
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Hi I noticed someting called IBryte in the system tray on one of our laptops. Looked it up and sounds like its Malware of some type?

Should I remove it and how? I tried but have been unable to..thanks for any help...
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Hi everyone I have a very annoying problem with my computer Anyway the software that is up Software in Tray not is loading showing but System is supposed to load at startup will load like it s supposed to except for one thing Every once in a while a random item that is supposed to be in startup will load but it will not show up in XP s System Tray Also it s not hidden because I ve checked This most often happens with Yahoo or Windows Messenger It seems to only happen with Internet based programs like the ones I mentioned This problem is extremely annoying Often I have to restart the computer just so it ll show up in the System Tray I guess this is a bug in my Windows XP installation I formatted and reinstalled about a month ago and that s when this problem started up again I ve had the problem before but not always The previous XP installation was free of this problem I am assuming it s a bug in XP I have all of the Critical Updates and Software is loading but is not showing up in System Tray did before Software is loading but is not showing up in System Tray too so I don t think an update could be causing this problem although it is possible Anyway does anyone know a solution to this problem It s extremely annoying nbsp
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This has been happening for a while now and in about half of all startups some of my tray icons do not load up It icons not at startup showing tray Random is not particular ones either for example one day the vista sound option might load up and the next day it won't then the next time it will refuse to load up another tray icon but will load up the vista sound option this time I normally have tray icons at the time of startup but due to this it is varying from around to sometimes loading all of them The only thing I can find to do is log off and on again this makes all icons immediately show again which is a relief but also an annoyance and i know this isn't right Another thing that is odd is every time it loads up all icons they seem to load up in a different order Could it be that i have too many icons I'll post my specs but don't think they have anything to do with this Manufacturer PACKARD BELL BV Processor Intel R Random tray icons at startup not showing Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Hard Drive GB Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GS Monitor Generic Random tray icons at startup not showing PnP Monitor Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Build Service Pack vistasp gdr - Any one know what s going on here

A:Random tray icons at startup not showing

Have you checked to see if the process is running even if it doesn't show up in the system tray?
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I always laughed at "those people", you know the ones who will just click on any random email attachment and infect thier computer monthly. Well, it is payback time. I don't know how but I created a monster. I was infected with Privacy_Danger, Ultimate Cleaner 2007, Winfixer & Vista Antivirus2008. After running Mcafee and SpyHunter3 multiple times in Safe mode as well as normal, I believe I have cleaned all the infected files EXCEPT. I am missing my "Programs" Link, control panel, local drive, I display an Active Desktop recovery background and the system tray time shows in Military time with VIRUS ALERT! attached. What have I done, what can I do?

A:Infection Showing Virus Alert! In Sys Tray

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 1alternate download link 2Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button.The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen, click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note: If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Regardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing all the malware.
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I have been noticing a strange problem with my Win bit It does not happen every day maybe once a week or so When I boot up the system and the desktop loads I noticed that all of my security AVG ZA SpyBot etc program icons in the system tray notification area next to the clock don't load I get the network power volume icons but nothing else tray notification showing.. System not icons I should see icons for my security and other start up programs I have loaded but they don't show I have to reboot the system three or four times before the tray icons will show The system works fine otherwise The security programs run fine when they are loaded so they are not the problem System tray notification icons not showing.. I tried a Google search for this problem and came up with this possible solution System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows until you restart the computer However this seems to only apply to the volume power network System tray notification icons not showing.. icons and not my program icons I also found this but it is for Win xp Systray icons missing Windows Problem Solver I don't really know if any of those quot fixes quot can apply to Win Like I said the problem of quot missing system tray icons quot only happens once a week or so YES I DO System tray notification icons not showing.. have notification set to ON That is the first place I looked So that is not the problem Has anyone else seen this happen in Win If it is a program fault by Microsoft is there a solution Thanks for your help Scott

A:System tray notification icons not showing..

Try logging off and logging on without restarting and see if that helps.
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Hi everyone. I have the latest version of Yahoo Messenger on my Windows XP Professional computer. Anyway, it is set to load at startup but many times it does not show up in the system tray. I notice that it is connected while I am on the Internet but the icon is not showing up in the System Tray. It doesn't even show up when I expand the System Tray to show the hidden icons. Why isn't Yahoo's icon showing up? Can anyone help me to make it reappear? I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

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The Network icon in the system tray has a red X on it suggesting the Network is not connected but it is connected Both my sons showing tray Network in system as connected not are connected to the internet just as I am on my PC and my BluRay player Usually and for the last years it has a little blue disc showing that both the Internet and the Network is connected I use it constantly to see if I can connect to the Internet Now it has a red X against it Network not showing as connected in system tray I have tried lots of things over the last hrs to try and fix it but nothing works and on occasion when in the Network and Sharing Centre the whole computer is frozen so that the only solution is to switch it off and on and start again In the Network and Sharing Centre it shows that the Network Discovery is Off but when I go to try and change it it will not allow any change Then it can freeze and nothing can be done at all I assume that Network Discovery should be On In another instance it was saying that another programme was stopping any changes being made Can anyone shine any light on this problem please
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So here's the deal My mom's laptop computer's hard drive just died I in not Icons Windows up tray system showing - 7 ran at-home diagnostics on it tried it on a different computer and listened for abnormal sounds while connected externally I'm about sure it's dead I dropped it Icons not showing up in system tray - Windows 7 off at the local PC repair shop to get a second opinion but while they have it I wanted my mom to have a functioning computer At first I was gonna run Linux off of a USB but I remembered that I Icons not showing up in system tray - Windows 7 had an old hard drive with Windows on it I got an SSD so I no longer needed it I installed the functioning hard drive into my mom's computer and it works just fine Haven't yet installed drivers for everything only the wireless card The problem I seem to be having is that even though the wireless drivers are working and I can connect to the internet through Control Panel the WLAN icon isn't showing up in the system tray -- in fact nothing save the battery and audio icons are showing up in the system tray Is there something I need to install to fix this What could be causing this

A:Icons not showing up in system tray - Windows 7

Hello Caleb, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check using the tutorial below to see if you have Network and any other system icon you want to show turned on.

System Icons - Turn On or Off

If they are grayed out, then see if the tutorial below may be able to help to enable them again.

System Icons - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps for now,